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1 ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv Hm sse sszzhm-cni Vol: 7 l Book No. 1 l 2017 August 16 kzmx{ y Zn\m-iw-k-Iƒ \-h-`m-c-x \nà½nxn- m-bn H- p-tn-cp-i : cm-jv{s-]-xn ]n-s- p a-cn- -Xv 71 Ip-cp- p-iƒ- t]pv : 2 \yp-u -ln : \-h-`m-c-x \ncv-an-xn- m-bn K-h-s pw P- \-ß-fpw H-Øp-tN-c-W-sa- p cm-jv- -{S-]-Xn dmw \m-yv tim-hn- v. ""am-\-ho-i-x \- cm-py-øn-s Un F F t]m-se-bm-wv. A-Xv A-hn-`m- Py-L-S-I-hp-am-Wv. B am-\- ho-i-x Dƒ-s m- v th-ww \mw \-h-`m-c-xw si- n- -Sp- p-hm ''. C- y-bp-ss ]p- Xn-b cm-{ -]-Xn-bm-bn Np-a- X-e-tb- -ti-jw B-Zy-sØ kzm-x-{ y-zn-\ A-`n-kwt_m-[-\-bn A-t±-lw cm- Py-tØm-Sv ]-d- p. \mw t\-sn-b kzm-x-{ yw \n-c-h-[n cm-py-kv-t\-ln-i-fpss Nn-\-{X-[m-c-I-fp-sS sshhn-[y-hpw Xym-K-]q -W-am-b Nn- m-[m-c-i-fpw A-[zm-\- hpw \n-an-ø-am-wv. A-h-cn \n- pw aq-ey-]q- W-am-b Du - w \mw Dƒ-s m- v cm-{ \n-cv-an-xn- m-bn H-cptß-Ww. A-t±-lw Xp-S - p. [m-cv-ao-i-aq-ey-ap- \-bß-fpw A-[zm-\-hpw A- -S- ap- hn-izm-k-hpw ]m-c-º-c- K-X im-kv-{xo-b k-tω-fn-x \o- -hp-sa- mw `-c-w-iq-shpw P-\-ß-fp-am-bp- \- _- -Øn \n- m-wv D- m-ip- -Xv. ]-c-kv-]-cw A-dn-bm-sX h \-K-c-ß-fn A-b - mcm-b Xm-a-kn- p- -h D- v. \-jv- -S-am-b ]-c-kv-]-c ku-lr- Z-Øn-s Du-jv-a-f-X \mw ho- \-Ωp-sS X-s hn-f- m-t - W-sa- p 2500 h jw ap t] Ku-X-a _p- ]-d- n- p- -Xv Hm -Øp \-h-`mc-x \n -an-xn-bn \mw 125 tim-sn hn-f- p-i-fm- -Ww. {Km-ao-W-hn-hm-l-ß-sfbpw A-Xn-e Du-jv-a-f-X-bpw s -Sp- -Ww. Pn F-k n bpw t\m- v ]-cn-jv- -Im-cw \-S- m- n-b-xp-sa- mw D-Nn-X-amb Xo-cp-am-\-߃ B-bn-cp- p. A-h \- m-bn \-S- m- p- I-bpw sn-bv-xp. sf-iy-hpw ssa-{xn-bpw A-Xn-s a-l-xzhpw \mw Xn-cn- -dn-b-ww.\mw A-t±-lw Hm -an- n- p. s] - Ip- n-i-sf Pm-Xn- pw a-x-øn- \pw A-Xo-X-am-bn H-cp {Kmaw ap-gp-h X-ß-fp-sS a- fm-bn Im-Wp- a-l-xz-hpw A-t±-lw Hm -an- n- p. k-lh -Øn-Xz-hpw ]-c-kv-]-c kvt\-l-hpw sim- v hn-hm-l߃ H-cp \m-sn-s B-tLmj-am-bn am-dn-b Im-e-sØbpw, F- m C- v km-aqln-i aq-ey-ß-fn I-cp-X-ens _- w Im- m-\n-s - pw A-t±-lw Hm -an- n- p C- y-bn ªq sh-bn sk-bnw \n-tcm-[n- p sim-e-bm-fn sk-bnw -ªq sh-bn - C- y-bn \n-tcm- [n- p. \n-c-h-[n Ip- n-i-sf B- fl-l-xy-bn-te- v X- n-hn- sk-bnw \n-tcm-[n- -W-sa- v ti-c-fw Dƒ-s -ss-bp- kwÿm-\-߃ h-e-sc \m-fp-ifm-bn B-h-iy-s - p-h-cn-ibm-bn-cp- p. I-gn- Zn-hkw ]- n-a _w-km-fn c- p Ip- n-iƒ-iq-sn sk-bnw I- fn- p B-fl-l-Xy sn-bv-x-xns\ Xp-S - v in-ip-tj-a h- Ip- v a-{ n ta-\-i Km- n sk-bnw \n-tcm-[n- -Ww F- p B-h-iy-s -Sp-I-bm-bn-cp- p. Kq-Knƒ sk - n \n- pw, tkm-jy ao-un-b-i-fn \n- pw K-bn-an-s en- v \o- -W-sa- v ti-{μ k - m \n -tz-iw \ -In.

2 - FUn-t m-dn-b Ip-cp- p-i-tf am- v : - kxyw \nßsf kzx-{ -cm- pw... tem-i-cm-{ -ß-fp-sS kw-l-s-\-bm-b bp.-f. A-kw-ªn-bn N - sn-bv-xp, thm-s -Sp- n ]-Xn-aq- n-s\-xn-sc ap- -Øn-aq- p thm- p-iƒ F- hy- -am-b `q-cn-]- -tøm-ss-bm-wv sb-lq-z-\v ]-e-kv-xo-\n kz- -am-bn H-cp cm-pyw ÿm-]n- p sim- m tem-i cm-{ -߃ A-\p-a-Xn \ -In-b-Xv bn-{km-tb H-cp cm-{ -am-bn cq-]w sim- A- v ap-x-te Np- p-]m-spw In-S- p- cm-{ -߃ bn-{km-tb-s\ t\m-hn- m Xp-S-ßn-b-Xm-Wv. bn-{km-tb cm-{ - n-d-hn hn-i-zo-i-cn- p sim- p- s_ Kq-dn-tbms td-un-tbm {]-kw-k-øn-\n-s- v Cu-Pn-]v-jy hnam-\-߃ h -jn- p- t_mw-_p-iƒ s]m- n-sø-dn- p- i- w tiƒ- m-am-bn-cp- p F- m sf-iy-cm-{ -kw-l-s-\-bpss A- -sø \n-kw-k-x ]-e-kv-xo -C-t{k _- -Øn Iq-Sp-X hn- -ho-gv-øn. k-i-e-pm-xn-i-fpw C-t{k -\p t\-sc bp- w sn-øm h- cpw F- v ss_-_nƒ ]-d-bp- p. A- v H-cn-S-Øpw \n- pw C- t{ken-\p H-cp k-lm-bw e-`n- n-. A-Ø-c km-l-n-cy-øn X-ß-fp-sS ]n-xm- - m {Iqin- tb-ip-{in-kv-xp-hm-wv X-ß-fp-sS c- -I F- 'k- Xyw' b-lq-z Xn-cn- -dn-bpw. "Rm sb-cpi-te-an-s\ Np- p-ap- k-i-e-pm-xn-iƒ- pw H-cp ]-cn-{`-a-]m-{x-am- pw; sb-cpi-te-an-s \n-tcm-[\-øn- A-Xp sb-lq-sz- pw h-cpw. A- m-fn Rm sb-cpi-te-an-s\ k-i-e-pm-xn-iƒ- pw `m-c-ap- I- m- n h-bv- pw; A-Xn-s\ Np-a- p- -h-scm-s bpw ITn-\-am-bn ap-dn-th-ev- pw; `q-an-bn-se k-i-e-pm-xn-i-fpw A-Xn- p hn-tcm-[-am-bn Iq-Sn-h-cpw.-' (sk-j -øm-hp. 12: 2,3).- {In-kv-Xp `q-an-bn B-bn-cp- -t mƒ X- n hn-iz-kn- b-lq-z- m-tcm-sv ]-d- p "F-s h-n-\-øn \n-e-\n - p- p F- n \n-߃ hm-kv-x-h-am-bn F-s in- - m-cm-bn, k-xyw A-dn-bp-I-bpw k-xyw \n-߃ kz-x-{ -cm- p-i-bpw' sn-øpw F- v ]-d- -t mƒ X-߃ A-{_-lm-an-s k- - Xn A-s - pw A-h B - pw Zm-k- m-c-bn- n-se- pw b- lq-z-cp-ss a-dp-]-sn. tb-ip D-t±-in- kz-x-{ -yw A - w-iq-sn hn-i-zo-i-cn- p, "]m-]w sn-bp- -h F- mw ]m-]-øn-s Zmk B-Ip- p. Zm-k F-t - pw ho- n h-kn- p- n-, ]p-{x-t\m F- t - pw h-kn- p- p. ]p-{x \n-ß-ƒ v kz-x-{ w h-cp- Øn-bm \n-߃ km- m kz-x-{ m-cm-ipw'. ]m-]-øn-s A-Sn-a-XzØn \n- p- kz-x-{ -am-wv tbip-hn hn-izkn- p- in-jy - p- -sx- p "k-xyw' Xncn- -dn-bp-tºmƒ \n-߃ kz-x-{ -cm- pw. am-\-h-cm-in-sb ]m-]-øn \n- pw ho-s -Sp- n-\m-bn {Iqin a-cn- p D-b -sø-gp-t\- tb-ip-{in-kv-xp-hm-ip- "h-gn'bneq-ss k- -cn- p-tºmƒ ]m-]-øn \n- p- kzm-x-{ yw F- "k-xyw' A-dn-bp-hm-\pw B k-xyw ]-I-cp- "Po-h ' \n-xy-x-bmsw pw \mw Xn-cn- -dn-bpw. C-ß-s\ kz-x-{ -cm- -s - X-s in-jy-sc tn - p-hm th-kw h-cp- I -Øm-hn-s \m-a-øn G-h - pw "ss{ikv-x-h F-gp-Øp-]p-c-bp-sS' kz-x-{ -Zn-\ B-iw-k-Iƒ. ip`-nn PÃn Imbw-Ipfw _n\p hs- m-t cn *]-cn- m-\-sø I-hn-bp- ssz-h kv-t\-lw* ap- -Øp I-fn- p sim- n-cp- Ip- p s]-s - m-wv A-Ω-bpsS I-Æv sh- n- p A-Sp-Ø ]-d-ºn-te- v Hm-Sn-b-Xv... A-Ω ]n- m-se Hm-Sn-sb- n-epw A-h \n- n-... ]-d-ºn-se s]m- - n- W- n-te- m-wv A-h A-Sp-Ø Im F-Sp-Øv sh- -Xv... A- Ω \n-e-hn-fn- p sim- v A-h-s Iq-sS- m-sn... a-i-s\ I-øn In- n-sb- n-epw B am-xm-hn-s i-co-c-øn In-W- n-ep- mbn-cp- I-ºn- -j-ww Ip-Øn- -b-dn.. c- w hm -s m-gp-iptºm-gpw A-Ω Ip- n-s\-sh- -Øn-s ap-i-fn D-b -Øn- n-sn- p.. i- w ti- v A-b -hm-kn-iƒ Hm-Sn h- p Ip- ns\ Po-h-t\m-sS ]p-d-sø-sp-øp... A-t m-tg- pw c- w \- - s - p B am-xm-hv a-c-w-øn-\p Io-g-S-ßn... B am-xm-hn-\v A-dn-bm-am-bn-cp- p Xm A-]-I-S-Øn -s - Sp-sa- p F- n- pw X-s a-i-s\ c- n- m-\m-bn kz- w Poh A-h ]-cn-xym-kw sn-bv-xp... C-Xm-Wv ]-cn- m-\-sø I-hn-bp- ssz-h-kv-t\-lw.. A-Km-s.. Xn-cn-sI {]-Xo- n- msx a- p- -h - v th- n k -h-]-cn-xym-kw \-S-Øp- kv-t\- lw... {]n-b-ap- -h-tc A-tX kv-t\-l-am-wv Im -h-cn Ip-cnin \-ap- v Im-Wm I-gn-bp- -Xv... ]m-]-øn-s s]m- - pgn-bn ho-wp t]m-b \-sω Po-h-\n-te- p ssi ]n-sn- p-b - Øm A-dn- p sim- v X-s Po-h _-en-b - n- tb-iphn-s ]-cn- m-\-sø I-hn-bp- kv-t\-lw... ssz-h-øn-s ]p-{x-\m-b tb-ip {In-kv-Xp-hn-s c- w k-i-e ]m-]-hpw t]m- n \-sω c- n- p- p.. tem-i-sø hn-π-h-߃ sim- v Iogv-ta a-dn- m A-t\-I A-h-X-cn-s - n-epw kz- w c- w \ -In a-\p-jy-s\ c- n- -Xv kv-t\-lw sim- v tem-iw Io-g- S- n-b I -Øm-hm-b tb-ip {In-kv-Xp am-{x-am-wv.. hn-iz-kn- p- -h c- {]m-]n- pw... ]n-s-ªp a-cn- -Xv 71 Ip-cp- p-iä- ap -`-c-w-i Øm- ƒ- pw C-t m-gp- -h - pw Cu Kw A-hn-tS- p ]p-d-s - n- p- v \p ti-jw Cu Zp-c- -Øn \n- pw ssi-sbm-gn-bm I-gn-bp-tam? tcm-kw C-hn-Sp-sØ am-dm hym-[n-bm-wv. ti-{μ k - m Cu c- -Øn F- m-cv- pw ]- n-t.-.-? 4000 tim-sn cq-] Nn-e-hm- n-bn- pw In-g- ta-j-e-bnse G-gp Pn- -I-fn Cu tcm-k-sø h-cp-xn-bn \n - sjm-c-jv-]q : I-W- p-iƒ ti- p sr- n \n - p- `m-c-x a-\-km- n. D-Ø-cw ]-d-bm _p- n-ap- p- `-c- Øm C-Xp-h-sc I-gn- n- n-. P- m Pz-cw ]-S - p- W-Iq-Sw. I-S- m-{i-a-ww I-gn-bm-Ø {]-Xn-]- cm-{ ob- n-iƒ. I-gn- aq- p Zn-h-k-ß-fm-bn a-\-km- n- h -j-øn-\n-s-bn P- m Pz-cw _m-[n- p aq-δm-bn-cw ]n-sn- {]-tz-iw B-Wv sjm-c-jv-]q. I-gn- ]-Øp sb sr- n- C- y cm-{ o-b A- -co- w A-Xm-Wv.- Ip- p-߃ a-cn- -Xm-bn- m-wv I-W- p-iƒ.- D-Ø {]-tz-in-se tjm-c-iv-]q-cn-se _m-_ cm-l-h- Cu ]n- p-i-fp-ss s]m-en- Po-h-\p-Iƒ- p ap-\v- Zm-kv k - m sa-un- tim-f-pv B-ip-]-{Xn-bn a- ]n X-e-Ip-\n- p \n - p-i-bm-wv cm-{ w C- v. \-hkv-xn-jv-i Pz-c-Øn-\p Nn-In- -bn-en-cp- 30 Ip- n-iƒ Pm-X in-ip- ƒ A-S- w 71 Ip-cp- p-i-fm-wv B-K-kv- Hm-Iv-kn-P In- m-sx a-cn- p F- hm -Ø sr- -temss-bm-wv tem-iw ti- -Xv. Ip-Sn-»n-I-sb Xp-S - v kz-ime-b-øn s]m-en- -Xv. C-Xn 30 t]-cv a-cn- -Xv 2 Zn- Xv 4 ap-x D- H-cm-g-vN- m-e-øp Cu H-cp B-Xp-cmcy I-ºn-\n B-ip-]-{Xn-bn Hm-Iv-kn-P hn-x-c-ww \n - h-k-߃- p n. Ip-Sn-in-J-bm-b 64 e- w \ -Im- Øn-b-tXm-sS-bm-Wv a-wn- q-dn-\n-s-bn Ip- n-i-fp-ss Iq- Ø-Xn-s\ Xp-S - v kz-im-cy I-º-\n ]p-jv-] sk-bn kv \n -Øn-sh- hn-x-c-ww ]p-\x-ÿm-]n- m e- -a-c-ww kw-`-hn- -Xv.- bp.]n. ap-jy-a-{ n tbm-kn B-Zn-Xy-\m-Yv A- p X-h- w cq-] A-Sn-b- -c-am-bn \ -In. A-Xp-t]m-epw snøm Cu a-lm Zp-c- w D- m-ipw h-sc D-Ø-c-hm-Z-s - W {]o-xn-\n-[n-i-cn- tem-iv-k-`m a-fi-ew B-Wv sjmc-jv-]q. Iq-Sm-sX C- y {]-[m-\-a-{xn {]o-xn-\n-xo-icn- p- a-fi-e-hpw cm-{ -]-Xn-bp-sS kw-ÿm-\-hpw bp J h- m hn-x-c-ww \n -Øpw F- m-bn-cp- p I-º- -h A-\m-ÿ-Im- n. 10 e- -Øn Iq-Sp-X Ip-Sn-in- ]n F- -Xv B-Lm-Xw h-ep-xm-ip- p. B-ip-]-{Xn-bn \n B-ip-]-{Xn-bp-am-bp- I-cm. F- m Cu Xp-I Hm-Iv-kn-P hn-x-c-ww sn-bp- I-ºn-\n- v 64 e- w 69 e- w D-b - n-cp- p. ]-Ww \ -In-bn-s - n Hmcq-] Ip-Sn-in-J h-cp-øn-bn-cp- p. C-tX Xp-S - v I-º-\n Iv-kn-P hn-x-c-ww \n -Øp-sa- v A-h A-[n-Ir-X - I-gn- bm-gv-n hn-x-c-ww \n -Øn-sh- p-i-bm-bn-cp- p v I-Øp-\ -In-bn-cp- p. ]-e-h- w {]n -kn- -en-s\ t\- F- m-wv dn-t m - v. F- m ]-I-cw kw-hn-[m-\-øn cn- v I- p F- pw F- m I-Sp-Ø [n- m-c-]-c-am-b B-ip-]-{Xn-bn th- -{X Hm-Iv-kn-P kn-en- -dp-iƒ k-ao-]-\w B-bn-cp- p {]n-kn- -en-t -Xp F- v I-º-\n G -s]-sp-øn-bn-cp- -Xm-bpw Pn- m a-pn-kv-t{s- v cm-po-hv B-tcm-]n- p- p.- du-tx-e ]-d- p. \-h-pm-x in-ip- -sf Nn-In- n- p- A-XnZm-cp-W-am-b Im-gv-N-I-fpw {]o-xn-i-c-w-ß-fp-am- hm -Un-em-Wv ]-Xn-t\-gp Ip- n-i-fp-ss a-c-ww kw-`hn- -Xv. a-kv-xn-jv-i Pz-cw _m-[n- p Kp-cp-X-cm-h-ÿ-bn cn- p- -Xv. a-c-w-a-s- m-wv Ip- p-ß-fp-ss i-co-c-hp- Wv kw-`-h-øn-s A-\p-_- -am-bn D- m-bn-s m- n- B-b tcm-kn-i-sf t{]-th-in- n- p- hm -Un B-Wv am-bn ss_- n-epw Hm-t m-bn-epw B-ip-]-{Xn-bn \n- A- p-t] a-cn- -Xv. P-\-d hm -Un 8 t] a-cn- - v a-s-ßn-t m-ip- am-xm-]n-xm- -fp-ss Zr-iy-߃ I-cf-en-bn- p- p. A-Xn-\m-h-iy-am-b Bw-_p-e -kv ku- Xm-bn A-t±-lw ]-d- p.- Hm-Iv-kn-P In- m-ø-xp-sim- - - pw a- p-im-c-w߃ sim- m-wv Ip- n-iƒ a-cn- -Xp F- m-bn-cp- p B- b-dm-gv-n-bm-b-xn-\m Bw-_p-e -kv ku-i-cy-߃ H- I-cyw t]m-epw H-cp- m k - m ap-xn-cp- n-. 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A-sX k-a-bw A-ta-cn- \o-b-{ -\- Øn-ep- Zzo-]m-b Kp-hm-an-te- v Xn- -fm-gv- N an-ssk sxm-sp- p-sa- p Hu-tZym-Ko-I sim-dn-b hm -Ø G-P -kn-bm-b KCNA dn-t m - v sn-øv-xp. X-s ssk- \o-i-tcm-sv X-øm-dm-bv \n-ev- m sim-dn-bbp-ss su-tam-{im- n-iv ]o- nƒ-kv dn- -ªn- ns G-Im-[n-]-Xn Inw tpm-mv D D-Ø-chn- -Xm-bpw dn-t m - p-iƒ h-cp- p- v. Article "Your GOD whom you constantly serve will HIMSELF deliver you" Dr. Deepa M Nebu "Then the King gave orders, and Daniel was brought in and cast into the lions' den. The King spoke and said to Daniel, "Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you." Daniel 6: 16 Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon besieged Jerusalem. The King ordered the chief of his officials, to bring some of the sons of Israel to educate and teach for three years, at the end of which they were to enter the King's personal service. Daniel was one among the youths from Israel, in whom was no defect, who were good-looking, showing intelligence in every branch of wisdom, endowed with understanding and discerning knowledge, and who had the ability for serving in the King's court. God gave Daniel knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom. Even he understood all kinds of visions and dreams. The King told, I have not found a man like Daniel who had every matter of wisdom and understanding. When God bestows his knowledge and wisdom on us, God will surely make the authorities and the people around to realise the talents God bestowed on us. Let them speak out that there is no other God than our God. Let us utilize the wisdom and talents God granted on us for exalting our Saviour. Daniel was an Israelite, so he made up his mind that he would not defile himself. We too being the ambassadors of the Almighty should have a firm decision that we will not defile ourselves in any manner. We should be always pure in the sight of God. Certainly, God will be pleased in us and will make us to be one of the wonders. God wants us to be a shining star for his glory, honour and fame. Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The King answered Daniel and said, "Surely your God is a God of Gods and a Lord of Kings and a revealer of mysteries, since you have been able to reveal this mystery." This is how God uses his children for the glory of God and eventually make the ruling classes to praise our God. There is no other God than our God. Let us reveal it to others through all our deeds and words. Surrender ourselves in the mighty hands of God Almighty, he will obviously use us for his Glory so that the name of our God will be praised and honoured. Daniel was cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire for not worshipping the golden image that the King has set up. Daniel said to the King, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and He will deliver us from your hand. But even if, He does not, we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up. The furnace had been made extremely hot, the flame of the fire slew those men who carried God's men but Daniel and his friends fell into the midst of furnace of blazing fire still tied up. The King saw four men loosed and walking about in the midst of the fire without harm. The King addressed them you servants of the Most High God, come out and come here. The whole kingdom saw in regard to these men that the fire had no effect on the bodies of these men nor was the hair of their head signed, nor were their trousers damaged, nor had the smell of fire even come upon them. When situations arise like a furnace of blazing fire and even the condition would be extremely hot ever before in our life, believe and proclaim that the God whom we serve can deliver us from whatever situation we are in. Nothing is Impossible for our God. Even if he does not, let his will be done in our life. This should be our decision when we are in trails and temptations. God will never leave us alone in any circumstances. He is always there with us more than a friend, our blood-relations and our family members. Don't doubt on his mighty works. Whatever comes in our life is not for our destruction but for the glory of God. He will be there even in the midst of the hottest situation to deliver us and he will rescue us in such a way that the smell of the fire haven't reach to us. The flame of the same fire will destroy who brought us to it but our father in Heaven will be with us in the extremely hot furnace to protect, guard and rescue us. What a mighty God we serve! Let the world say God has sent His angel to deliver his people. Even though Daniel was thrown in the den of lions, God has send his Angel and shut the lions' mouth and they had not harmed him. Daniel trusted God. We should trust our creator. He is able to guide us, safeguard us and bless us with all Heavenly blessings. What else more do we want? Even if we are fallen into dreadful pits like Daniel, God will safeguard us so that we won't be harmed at any cost. Whatever circumstances we are in, Trust in God Almighty, he is responsible for what all are happening in our day to day life. Even the hairs of our head are numbered, even a hair will never fall down without the knowledge of our creator. Let our fellow beings say, "Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you. He is the living God and enduring forever, And his Kingdom is one which will not be destroyed, And his dominion will be forever." When God chooses us we should distinguish ourselves in the midst of the surrounding where we are associated with. We should be faithful in regard to all undertakings we are correlated with. Wherever we are we should cultivate a habit of personal prayer in our life. Prayer is the time separated for the communication with our God. God loves his children to share their good and bad times with him as a good friend. He loves our companionship. The best instance is seen in the book of Genesis, God used to come down to the Garden of Eden to have conversation with Adam and Eve who was his creation. Ravens neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable we are than birds! God want his children to dwell in him in all the state of affairs. He will surely show us the path to go through. His words are always a lamp to our feet and light to our path. His paths are always without any short comings and will always be righteous. There is no other God like him, whom we can trust. He is the God who is Alpha and Omega who knows the beginning and end of all our statuses. If God is all we have, we have all we need. Do not fear. Our God is great enough to meet all our needs. God is everything for everybody, everywhere, every time and every way. Nothing is Impossible if God is on our side. Good times, Bad times and Everything in between, God will never leave us alone. There is no pit so deep that God's Love is not deeper still. God's mercies are new every morning. When we are lost, God is the way. God has perfect plan for our lives. Lord will guide us, watch over us, encourage us and loves us. Faithfully follow God, and we should inspire others to do the same. Every struggle in our lives has shaped us into the person we are today. Let's be thankful for the hard times, they could only make us strong and understand God Himself would come to deliver us. Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted. God is good all the time, He never changes, He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. With God we can leap over all walls. When life knocks us down, Jesus picks us up. The God will go before us and will be our rear guard. "From six troubles He will deliver you, Even in seven evil will not touch you" Job 5:19. "But the salvation of the righteous is from the LORD; He is their strength in time of trouble" Psalms 38:39.This is the promise of our God. We should overcome all our struggles with a victory as God Himself is on our side to deliver us and He is our strength in the time of our trouble.

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8 8Camps with Kraisthavaezhuthupura Media Partnership HmW-hmc Iymºp-Iƒ K R A I S T H A V A E Z H U T H U P U R A. C O M

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