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3 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor: Noble Thomas Senior Editor: Surendran Nair Executive Editor: Thomas Karthanal Content Editor: Vinod Kondoor Associate Editor: Akash Abraham Literary Editor: Shalini Jayaprakash Sub Editors: Mathew Cheruvil Viji Kurup Ajith Ayyampilly Dinesh Lakshmanan OFFICE BEARERS President Mohan Panangavil Vice President Toms Mathew General Secretary Sam Mathew Joint Secretary Tomy Moolan Treasurer Shibu Varghese Joint Treasurer Thomas George WOMENS FORUM: Women s Forum President: Smitha Abhilash Women s Forum Secretary: Julie Mathew BOARD OF TRUSTEE BOT Chairman: Mathew Cheruvil Vice Chairman: Paul P Kuriakose Secretary: Rojan Thomas Current President: Mohan Panangavil Ex-Officio: Sajan George EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Abhilash Paul Ajith Ayyampilly Amit Nair Antony Manalel Biju Joseph Binu Mathew Boby Thomas Diaz Thomas Dinesh Lakshmanan George Vannilam Gigi Paul Joseph Mathew Jules George Kalayil Manoj Jaiji Manoj K. Warrier Mathew Cheruvil Noble Thomas Osborne David Paul P. Kuriakose Prashant Chandrasekar Prince Abraham Rajesh Kutty Rajesh Nair Rojan Thomas Sajan George Elengikal Sanju Koithara Sreekumar Kambath Sudarsana Kurup Surendran Nair Thomas Karthanal Vinod Kondoor President's Message Mohan Panangavil... 2 FUn-t m-dn-b : t\m-_nƒ txm-a-kv... 3 {InkvXpakv BtLmj߃... 6 t\m_nƒ txmakv Zo-]v-Xamw kv-a-c-wiƒ... 9 a-t\m-pv si hm-cy Xym-tKm- z-eam-b {]-bxv-\ hn-p-b߃ txma-kv Ip-gn me C v A-am-hmkn hnp-b-ir-jv-w aæq icnbpw sx pw Pnj _njn A`bm - niƒ a-tlμ A-XnYn c-hn hm-cnbøv am-dp- ti-cfw; am-dm-øa-t\m-`mhw AUz. Sn.sI. cm-a-ir-jv-w ]p-g-sbm-gpi-s am-en-\y-ap- -ambv {io-]m Δ-Xn B. B- nƒ P-\m-e-bv- -cp-in A-h-\pw Rm-\pw tim-in a-e-bn Im\U A-]-cn-NnX : dn-pp Im-am n Ip n-h-f-iƒ ]-d- Xv a-rv-pp ]n. Haunted House For Sale!!!! Madhav Nair The Red Roof Samgeev DMA s Journey Sam Mathew Detroit Malayalee Learn Malayalam! Learn Kerala! Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud Crooks Inspired to Care Rajesh Kutty Pe] Δw knμp h -Kokv Payasam Recipes Julie Mathew, Kerala Christmas Cake / Fruit Cake Smitha Abhilash 1

4 2 It is with great pleasure I say that DMA is completing the year 2018 with several new milestones. This year, we had the opportunity to serve the less fortunate in Kerala on several occasions. Early in the year, DMA donated funds to help families of the OCKHI cyclone victims. More recently, we undertook a massive fundraising effort to help the Kerala flood victims. The Executive Committee members coordinated this, with our Charity Chair at the helm. Several Indian organizations supported our fundraising efforts. DMAsuccessfully raised closed to $100,000 thus far towards Kerala flood relief, with donations continuing to roll in.we have already begun to deploy the funds, implementing several projects to directly help the flood victims in various capacity. Projects include building homes for those who lost every thing there and distribution of meal kits to several hundred families in the disaster hit areas. In April, we held our annual Star Show fund raiser event. A talented team of artists from the Kerala film industry performed under the leadership of actor Biju Menon. This program was a grand success. Many new sponsors contributed to the event thanks to the effort of our Executive Committee members. This year s DMA summer picnic is another event I would like to highlight. The rookie Executive Committee members who coordinated the picnic showed their leadership ability by conducting it in a smooth and effective manner.the large attendance reflects the enthusiasm of the community for this annual event. This year we also held several successful community outreach and charity initiatives. DMA and Women s forum members along with the youth continue to regularly volunteer at the soup kitchen. DMA volunteers also worked on our yearly undertaking of the Adopt -A -Road project early in the summer, both on the East and West side of Detroit. The successful events would not have been possible without the enthusiastic and able support of a talented and energetic Executive Committee. I am proud of and thankful to each and every one of them. One new outreach program we introduced this year is a partnership with the Kairali Cricket League, which conducts tournaments in south east Michigan. Additionally, we sponsored the Detroit Eagles Volley ball Club s National tournament in Pontiac. Through these sponsorships, we strive to encourage and empower the next generation Keralites of our community.the ability to set higher levels and the DMA Executive Committee s commitment to excellence will ensure a rich and rewarding platform for new members to showcase their uniquetalents. As a non-profit organization, DMA will continue its work with several more charity and community outreach events along with other cultural events in the coming years. The incoming Executive Committee is talented and as determined as ever to take the association to the next level in And now,it is that time of the year when the whole world is ready to embrace the 2018 holiday season. Our 2018 Christmas program will be the culmination of a fabulous year for DMA.With winter knocking at our door step and every one looking forward to various holiday events, DMA is proud to present to you our 2018 Christmas celebrations, Vinnile Thaaram.Our members and their friends have prepared a beautiful Christmas evening for you.this is filled with music, drama, dance, and of course a sumptuous Christmas dinner for every one to enjoy.we want you to return home after the Christmas program with the satisfaction of having witnessed one of the best function that we were able to offer. DMA thanks each and every one of you for your continued support for years to come. We stay true to our vision for the community. DMA s vision-"dma strives to be an organization where current and future generations of Malayalees can express and celebrate their heritage together, and use that plat form to engage and connect with their communityboth locally in USA and internationally in India - through various social and charitable activities, bringing our worlds closer together.'' Mohan Panangavil President, Detroit Malayalee Association

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17 - DHWANI ti-jw D- m-b H-cp a- n-ß X-e-b B- sw- m-wv t{x-kym-ω ]-d-bp- Xv. H-cp cq- ]-bv - p th- n B-bn-cw cq-] I-f-bp- kz- `m-hw Imc-Ww s]-ß-ωmcpw A-fn-b- mcpw G-g-be-Øp h-cn. tkm-^n-sb t{]-an- p si- n-b-xm-wv. Imcyw km-[n- m A- s A-sX an-sp- -\m-wv km-_q -\p F- v tkm-^n F-t mfpw ]-d-bpw. Aß-s\ tkm-^n B-kv -]-{Xn-bn \n- v Xn-cn- p ho- n-seøn. H-cp ]m-sv Im-e-Øn- \p ti-jw A-Ω-bp-sS I-øn X-e h- v h- b-dn Im-ev ti- n A-h kp-j-am-bn D- dßn. C-S-s -t mtgm Ip-cy- Ah-s Im-ev F-Sp-Øp am- n AΩ-sb A-h-\n \n- v A-S -Øn am- p -Xv A-h D-d- -Øn A-dn- p. F- m C-{X B-temN-\. Rm Xn-cn- p h -Xv th-sd am -K-an mø sim t? tkm-^n A-bm-fp-sS s\- n-se tcm-aß-fn kv-t\-l-tøm-ss hn-c-tem-sn p. c- mgv -N I-gn- m \o ]-tg-xv t]m-se B- Ip-sa mwv tum-œ ]-d- Xv. kp-tc-tj- B-kv -]-{Xn h- -t mƒ th-sdm-cp kv t]m k-sd i-cn-bm- n-bn- p v. A-ß-\msW- n H-cp am-k-øn-\p- n Xn-cn- p t]m-imw. tkm-^n hn-c-ep-iƒ Ip-cy -s s\- n \n pw F-SpØp. Rm-\n-\n t]mtwm A- mbm. C-hn-Sp-sØ tpm-en C- t mgpw D- -t m. \nß-ss hn-tk-ss Imcyw t\m- nbm-tem. A-Xm-hp-tºmƒ Iº-\n tpm-en B-bn-cn- p-a-t m. tkm-^n {]-Xo- -tbm-ss A-bm-sf t\m n. I-eym- W-Øn-\v ap -t] F- p am-kw ku-zn-bn s]m-cn-sh-bne-øp ]-Wn-sb-Sp-Øp Po-hn- X-Øn B-Zy-am-bv hn-b -Ø A-bmƒ \ntj-[m - -Øn X-e-bm n. Rm t]mbm C-hn-Sp-sØ Im-cy-߃ B-cp t\m- pw. km-_p-hn-s Ip- p a-\- n A- -s\ ]- n-bp- A-Ω- n-bp-ss hm-n-i߃ sx-fn- p h p. A-bm-fp-sS I-bv- Iƒ simxn-tbm-ss Ah-sf X-tem-Sm Xp- S-ßn-b-t mƒ tkm-^n km-_p-hn -S-tØm- p Xn-cn- p In-S p. F-\n- v o-w-am, B-tcm-Ky-an m-sx s]-s - v Xn-cn- p t]m- Im ]- n. A-hƒ H-cp hmin-tbm-ss ]dicnbpw sx pw Pnj _njn Um km-_p... AΩ- n I-øm-seta ti-dn \n- v hn-fn Xp-S-ßn-bn-cn- p p. F-hn-sS t]m-bn In-S- p-hm-twm Cu sndp. t\-cw \- m-bn C-cp otem I -Ømsh... h-cp- -Ω- o... Iq-bv... \o C-tßm- p hm... \n-\- n- p Rm h- n- p v. AXpw ]d- p t{x-kym-ω ]-ip-hn-s ]m-{xøntem- p _m- n h- I-t mfmw Iq-Sn H- gn- p ho n-tem- p ti-dn t]m-bn. km-_p ]p-gbn-tem- p H- q-ss t\m n. C-cp pw Hm-fhpw H- n- p sh- -Øn Xnf-ßp t]m-se Ah-\p txm- n p. ]ns I v si- p Nm-Sn ti-dn ho n-tem- p \- S p. F-Øn-bt m a-pn-t{k- v... Cu C-cp - Øp F-hn-sS em-øn A-Sn- m t]m-tb- p-hm-cp p. Ip-cy- cm-hn-se h-cptºmƒ Rm ]d- p sim-sp- -swm v. A-Ω o, Rm A-tΩ-sS A-Sp-Øv \m-sf \n-t m-s... A- -s Iq-sS t]mbmtem A-ºSm, C-\n \n-\ pw Iq-Sn ]-\n h- m C-hn-sS t\m- m B-cm D- Xv. A-hn-fn- Mv H-cmgv-N I-gn-bp-tºmƒ h-cpw. an-\n-bm- t m A- - \n-s A-tΩ-s\ Im-Wn- m B-iq{Xn sim- v t]msb. Hmtcm Im-e-t -Sv A m-sx- p ]-d-bm\m. s]-tcss ÿm-\w t\m- n H-cm-gv -N I-gn- n A- -sø pw A-hƒ- p kq-t -Sm-bn t]mbt m F-s I -Øm-th...Xn-Æ-bn kotdm hm- v _ƒ-_n-s sh-fn- -Øn Xnf-ßp- Xn-cp {l-z-b-øn-s cq-]-øn t\m- n t{x-kym-ω ]-cn-x-]n p. km-_p A-tßm- v t\m- n-b-t mƒ I -Øm-hv Ahs\ t\m- n Nn-cn- p t]m-se txm n. A-h s]-s - v I-Æp-Iƒ h-en- p \n-etøm- p t\m- n A-Ω- o-ss Ip-cn-ip h-cbn tn - p. Ip-g-ºn-s a-w-ap- A-Ω- n-bq-ss I- ºn-fn s]mx- p H-t m-ss tz-l-tøm- p h- en- n- p ap-gp-h A-S- m ]- m-ø P-\- ]m-fn-bn-eq-ss A-h ]p-d-tøm- p t\m- n In-S- p. A-tΩ-sS I-bv Xe-a-W B- n si- n ]n-sn- m-bn-cp- p B-dp am-kw ap -]v h- sc Ah-s D-d w. ]n-s -bm-wv tkm-^n F- Ah-s A-Ω Zp-ss_-bn tpm-en- p t]m-bxv. Ip-cy- F- Ah-s A- - H-cp-]m-Sp t]-cp-ss Im-ev ]n-sn- m-wv tkm-^n-sb A-tßm- v A-b- Xv. _n m-kv t\-gv-kv B-bn K-h -sa v B-iq-{Xn-bn tpm-en-bp- Ah-s A-Ω Aß-s\ Cc- n i-º-f-øn A-d-_n-bp-sS {]m-bam-b AΩ-sb t\m- m t]mbn. bm-{x A-b- p- t\-cw A-Ωbpw km-_phpw am{xw Ic- p. H-cp h -tjm- n- v X-I - p I-S- Øn-s tam-fn I-Sw ti-dn \n - p- Ipcy- k-am-[m-\-tøm-ss tkm-^n-sb t\m- n Nn-cn p. C-cn- p- -Xn-\v ap -t] Im-ev \o- p- t{x-kym-ω ]p-xp-xm-bn ]-Wn-bp- H-cp ho-sv kz-]v-\-øn I- p sim- bn apøn. Aß-s\ bm-{xbmb tkm-^n B-dp am-k-øn-\p ti-jw sss-t^m-bv-uv aq - n- p Xn-cn- p \m- n FØn. C-t{Xw hr-ønbpw sh-sn pw D- H-cp \m- n C- hƒ-s ß-s\ A-kp-Jw ]n-sn- v F- v t{xkymω tum-œ-tdm-sv tnm-zn p. B tnmzyw Zp-_m-bn-se tum-œ-tdm-sv sn- v tnm-zn- m A-h-tcm-Sp ]-d- tijw, c-l-kyam-bn C-hn-sS F-Øn-bn m-bn-cp- psh- n tkm-^n A-hn-sS A-kp-Jw Iq-Sn a- cn- p t]m-tb-s\ F- v Iq-sS h- \-gvknt\m-sv ]d- p tcm-jw sim- p. c- p Znhkw Iq-Sp-tºmƒ t{x-kym-ωbpw km- _phpw tkm-^n-sb Im-Wm t]m-ipw. A- tω-ss A-Sp-Øv F-{X \n- mepw Ah-\p a-xn-bm-in. Xn-cn- p _-kn-\p- k-a-b-am- Ip-tºmƒ H- h- m-wv t{x-kym-ω Ahs\ Iq- n sim- v t]m-ip- Xv. k-a-b-øn- \v ho- n F-Øn-bn-s - n ]ipw BSpw F mw ]- n-wn B-Ip-sa- v B-tcm-Sv ]-dbm. Ip-cy- A- p s]-æp-߃- v 15

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19 p Ip- n-s\ si- n ]n-sn- p. ]n-t - v kp-tc-tj- h- p. ]p-xn-b Ip-sd t]- -dp-iƒ i-cn-bm- m-\p- -t{x. AI-Øp t]m-bn tkm-^n-bp-ss ]m- v- t]m pw a pw t]- -dp-ifpw h -Xp X- ptºm-fm-wv Ip-cy- C-Sn-Øo t]m-se H-cp Imcyw A-dn- Xv. B H-cp ^-b A-{]- Xy- -am-bn-cn- p p. ho-sv ap-gp-h A-cn- p s]-dp n. t]- -dp-iƒ F mw B-kv-]-{Xnbn h- v Ah-s I-øn G - n -Xv t{xkym-ω km- n B-Wv Xm-\pw. ]n-sn- n m- Ø ai-s I-gn-hv ti-sp Imc-Ww F mw \- in- p F- v ]d- p t{x-kym-ω Ip-cy s\ No-Ø hn-fn- p I-c p. tkm-^n F- v snø-ww F- -dn-bm-sx km-_q -s\ C- dp- n ]n-sn- p. ]n-s c- ma-xv H- n \n- v Xp-S-ßm Ip-cy- {i-an- mepw aq- p am-k-øn-\p- n tkm-^n c- m-axpw K - `n-wn B-b-t mƒ D-t]- n-t - n h- p. th-sd \n-h -Øn C m-sx Ip-cy- \m-ep sim w K -^n t]m-bn I-S-ß-sf mw H- v H-Xp n. ]n- o-sv tkm-^n-bp-ss sndn-b i-º-f-øn sr-ßn sr-cp-ßn \oßn. A- Xn-\n-S-bn F-t m-tgm- t{x-kym-ω-bp-ss Nn- {Xw Xn-Æ-bn Xn-cplrZ-b-Øn-\p A-Sp-Øv C-cp- p kotdm hm- n-s {]-Im-i-Øn Xnf-ßn \n p. ************************* sp-tdmw where are you tam-s\... \o-\ t]-sn- p ]-d-ºn Iq-Sn Dd-s hnfn- p sim- v \-S- p -Xv tiƒ- mw. Mammaaa... I am here sp-tdmw Xn-cn- p Dd-s ]-d- p. Rß-sS A-Sp-sØ-Øn-b-t m-tg pw \o-\ B-[n ]n-sn- p I-c-bm-dm-bn-cp p. km- _p... tam-s\ Iq- n-sim- p t]m-h-w-mn-ev H- v ]-d-bm-bn-cp- n-s. Rm i-cn pw t]-sn- p t]m-bn. B-cv Iq- n. A-h F-s ]pd-si h- sx-t ssi-bn-en-cn- p- ai-s\ \o-\-bpss A-Sp-Øp sim-sp-øp km-_p ]-d p. Rm ]-d- n-t A-h-c-hn-sS Im-Wpsa p. I v si- p I-b-dm ]m-sp-s]-sptºmƒ \o-\-bp-ss ]pd-si h tkm-^n ]-d p. Rm F- m ho n-tem- p t]mhphm. t\-cw C-cp- p-s -\v ap -t] sim- ns\ Ip-fn- n -s A-s X-s A- n-sn ]ndp- m C-hnsS. sim- n-s\ I-Sn- pw. AXpw ]d- p A-hƒ Xn-cn- p \-S- p. F-Sm C-hn-sS C-cp- m-ev I- {]m-wn- Iƒ H-s \n-s I-Sn- p i-cn-bm- psa. ] -sø t]m-se A n-t mƒ. F- p I-Sn- mepw ]-\ow tlm-kv-]n- -epam. tkm-^n Ah-s\ t\m- n ]-d p. A-Ω C-\n C- hn-ss X-s Xm-a-kn -. F-s Iq-sS t]msc. km-_p H-cp \n -_- _p- n-tbmss tkm^n-tbm-sv ]-d- p. \o H-cp sim- m-cw s]m-sem-cp hospw ]- Wn-Xn- v Bcpw Xm-a-kn- m-\n m-sx Fßs\ i-cn-bm-ipw. h-ey ho- n Xm-akn- m B-{K-ln- -h-sc mw t\c-sø t]mbn. tkm-^n hn-j-a-tøm-ss ]-Ip-Xn- p h- p \n -Øn. Ip-cy -s kz-]v-\w \n-d-th- m am-{xam-wv ]pd-øp t]mi-ww F- H- hm-in ]pd-øp km-_p ssa t\-gv-kv B-b-Xpw, A-b -e- n t]m-bxpw Hs. ho-sv ]- Wn \S- p sim- n-cn- p-tºm-gm-wv Ip-cy- s]-s - v kv -t{sm- v h- p a-cn- p- Xp. ]n-s A-\nb-Øn sim- n-s bpw A-hs bpw I-eym-Ww I-gn- A-t mƒ ap- X tkm-^n-sb c- p t]cpw am-dn am-dn hnfn- p- p. \n\- v \n -_- amtwm Rm hcmswm p? tkm-^n km-_p-hn-s\ t\m n. A-Ω F-s Iq-sS C m-sx F-\n-s m-cp k-am-[m-\w C- km-_p sn-dp- -Øn-se t]m-se A-Ω-bp-sS I-bv ]n-sn- p hn-c-ep-iƒ Xn-cpΩn. \n-s hm-in A-s F-t mgpw \- S- n- p q. Aß-s\ F- n Aß-s\ \o \o-\-tbm-sp ]-d-t m. A-hƒ-s m-cp sim-g-t mw C. H- cmfpw Iq-Sn sp-tdm-an-s\ t\m- m-\p -Xv A-hƒ- v H-cp k-am-[m-\am. F-Sm I- m A- t mƒ \n-s sim- n-s\ t\m- m B-Wv F-s sim- v t]m-ip -Xv As. tkm- ^n Ip-{kXn-tbm-sS A-h-t\m-Sv tnm-zn- p. Aß-s\ F- n Aß-s\ F- mbmepw H- -bv - v Aß-s\ A-Ω kp-jn-t -... A-t mƒ Cu ]p-g-bn t]m-b F-s ]m v-t]m -t m.. km-_p H-cp \n-an-jw A- n- p \n p. A-Ω- -dn-bm-am-bn-cp-t m? Ah-s i- w hn-d p. BZyw hn-nm-cn- n. ]-s A- m-b Ip-Sn- p h- p H- h- DHWANI A- v ssh-in- v Rm C-hn-sS h- n-cp- p A-t mgm Cu I v Iq- n A-d-_n-bn F- gpxn-b k- n I- Xv. A-Xn-em-bn-cp- t m ss^epw t]- -dpw H-s C-cp- Xv. ]n-s \n-s C-S- p tnmzyw ti- t mƒ F-\n- p-d- m-bn Rm Xn-cn- p t]m- Im-Xn-cn- m \o H- n- Ip-cp-Ø ti-sm p. F- mepw \n-s H-cp Imcyw tkm-^n Nncntbm-sS Ah-s I-hn-fn X-tem-Sn. B-iq-{Xn-bn G-P pw A- - \pw kwkm-cn- p- Rm ti- m-bn-cp p. B ss^-en B-Wv kw`-hw F- v ]n-sp-øw In n. ]n-s B _m-skm-ss F-Sp-Øp C-hnsS sim-s m-s -t mƒ h-eyω- n hn-fn- t mƒ H- G-dp sim-spøp. H pw B-tem- Nn- n A-t mƒ A- - -\-dn-bm-am-bn-cpt m? G-bv \o BZyw A-b -e- n F-Øn F- v hn-fn- p ]-d- cm-{xn-bn-em-wv Rm Cu I-Y ]-d- Xv. BZyw ]p- n- mc-s ap-jw H- v snma- p ]n-s H-scm- Nn-cn B-bn-cp p. ]-d-t m- n-cn -th tkm- ^n-bp-ss I-Æp-Iƒ Xp-fpºn. I v si- n C-cn- p- A-h-fp-sS a-sn-bn X-e h- p km-_p B-Im-i-tØm- p t\m- n Zq-sc kotdm hm- v _ƒ-_v t]m-se Xn-f-ßp- \- -{X-Øn-\v ap-i-fn Iq-Sp- ta-l-øn-\p A- -s ap-j-am-sw- p Ah-\p txm n. Ip-cy s Hm -a-bn kz-bw \- -am-bn-cn- p tkm-^n-sb I- -t mƒ kv-t\-l- Øn-s sx- p-iƒ- p a-[p-c-am-sw- p Ah- \p a-\-kn-embn. 17

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21 a-tlμ A`bmÀ- niä hr-øn-bp- X-d-tbm-Sp-Iƒ ]-Xn- ]q-ap-j-øn-s \ne-øv Np-a-tcm-Sv tn -s m-cp D-dp-ºn -]-S ap-t -dn-s m- n-cn- p p. F-tßm- m-wo A-`-bm - n {]-hmlw? F-t Rm Nn- n- p q. A-h- A-h-cp-sS Po-hn-X-bp- -Øn-em-Wv. F- nepw a-\p-jy-cp-ss `q-]-s-øn A-h A-`-bm - n-i-fmwv. G-Xv \n-an-jhpw D-dp-ºn -s]m-sn-bp-ss t_mw-_v h -jtam e- v-a-w-tc-j-bp-ss ssa-\p-itfm sim- v B-{I-an- -s -Sm-hp- -h A-Sp- -f-bp- w I-gn-s -Øp- `m-cy-bp-ss I -ap- n A-h F-{Xbpw Ipd- v k-a-b-øn-\p- n t^m -kv sn-ø-s -Sm C-S-bp- v. `m-cy hr-øn-bp- ho-sv F- `-c-w-iq-s-øn-s kq- n- p-im-cn-bmwv. H-cp km-ºm-dn-s Xn-f C-Sth-f a-xn A-sXm-s kw-`-hn- m. Nq-ev, Ip-, tim-cn DHWANI F- n-ß-s\-bp- a -±-t\m-]-i-c-w-ßfpw k- -amwv. A-`-bm - n-{]-hm-lw C-t mgpw k-po-h-amwv. D-dp-ºp-Iƒ-s m-cp a-løm-b e- yw D-s - v txm- p p. A-h A-h-cp-sS ho-sv hn- n-d-ßn-b-xm-hww A-s - n ho- n-te-bv- p- h-gn-bn-em-hww. G-Xv \n-an-jepw B-{I-an- -s -Sm-hp- A-h-cp-sS Po-hn-X-Øn-\p th- n i- -ap-b -Øm Cu Rm t]m-epw h-cn-s - sr- -sem pw A-h-cp-sS ap-t - -Øn e-h-te-iw Im-Wp- n. A-Sp- -f-bn \n-s -Øp- Ip- -dn-s ko - m-c-øn A-sXm-cp Xo-h- n t]m-se txm- n p. 19

22 c-hn hm-cnbøv A-XnYn 20 c- p Zn-h-k-am-bn a-g Xp-S-ßn-bn v. AXpw txm-cm-ø a-g. a-g-bp-ss hc-hv A-dn-bn- p sim- v B-Im-iw I-dp-Ø-t mƒ X-s Id- v A-Xn-s ]m- n-\p t]mbn. ]-Xp-s ]-Xp-s C -sh - D-]-tbm-K-iq-\y-am-bn. sam-ss_ t^m-wp-iƒ \n-i- -ambn. sam-øw s\ vh - pw t]mbn. A-\- amb tem-iw Np-cp-ßn- p-cp-ßn shdpw A- q-d-sn-bn F-s ho- n H-Xp-ßn. ]-I H-cp hn-[w I-gn- p Iq n. ]-s cm{xn B-b-tXmsS F-s a\- v A-kz-ÿ-am-Im- Xp-Sßn. C-s - m-bmepw ss]- n sh- w h-cp-sa- v txm- - Wn m m. I-d- n m-sx A-h-sc-ßn-s\-bm tam-t m A-Sn- - WXv. IS-I-sfm pw Xp-d- n- n m- m ti- Xv. \m-e- v t_m- n sh- w ta-sn- mw- m A-Xn\pw h-gn-bn m-xmbn. F-s Po-hn-X-Øn I- n- n. Cu Pm-Xn a-g. h m-ø I- w Xs. F-{X ko-cn-b-epi-fm Im-Wm ]- m-xm-bxv. A-Sp- -fbn- \n pw `m-cy ag-sb i-]n- p- p v. A-Xn-\v F mswm-cp a-dp]-sn ]-d-tb- -sx- -dn-bm-sx Rm P-\ I-ºn- I-fn ]n-sn- v ]p-d-tø- v t\m- n \n p. B-Imi-Øv H-cp \- {Xw t]m-ep-an. {]-Ir-Xn-bp-sS \n- -lm-b-x A- -Im-c- Øn-s A-l- m-c-øn-\v B- w Iq n. ]pd-øv a-g-bp-ss i- w am{xw Rm ti p. A-t mƒ sh- w sh- w k Δ-{X Xp- n Ip-Sn- m-\n -s{x F- v ] mtcm ]-d -Xv Rm Hm -Øp t]mbn. H- w F m-ap- v. ]-t H- p-an F- kxyw F-s t]-sn-s -Sp-Øp-Ibpw sn-bvxp. Iq- n-en- sh-cp- In-s\-t m-se Rm ho- n-\p- n A-tßm- p-an-tßm pw \- S p. C-\nbpw a-g Xp-S - m ho-sn-\-i-tø- p Iq-Sn sh- w I-b-dp-a-t m F- `oxn-tbmss. F-Æ Xo - p F- -dnbn- m-s\- a- n hnf- v ap-\n- p I-Øm Xp-S-ßn. Rm- \-t mƒ AI-sØ I- n-en sn- p In-S p. Xn-cn pw a- dn pw F-t m-tgm D-d-ßp-Ibpw sn-bvxp. Btcm hm-xn-en ap- p- i- w ti- m-wv ]n-s Rm-\p-W - Xv. ]-Xn-hp t]mse Rm ap- n-se Np-a-cn Xq- n-bn-cp- t m- n-te- p t\m- n. kotdm _ƒ-_n-s sn-dp-sh-fn- -Øn ka-bw Im- Wn- p X- n-cp- t m- v A-{]-Xy- -am-bn-cn- p p. t m- v am-{x-a F mw iq-\y-am-bn-cn- p p. B-sI C-cp- p am-{x-am- Wv Np- pw. A-t m-gm-wv ÿ-e-im-e-t_m-[w Xn-cn- p In n-b F-\n- v "Hm -Ω' h- -Xv Id- v t]m-b Im-cyhpw c- p aq- p Zn-h-k-am-bn s]bv-sxm-gn-bm-ø a-g-bp-ss Im-cy-hpw. X-e- bn-w-bv- -cp-in h- n-cp- tsm -s -Sp-Øv Rm ka-bw t\m n. ]p-e -s aq- -c awn. Cu t\c-øv B-cm-Wv hm-xn-en ap- n hn-fn- p- Xv. I- nen \n pw H-cp Im Rm Xm-tg- p h p. h m-ø X- Wp v. Im-en-s R-cn-bm-Wn h-sc sh w. ]pd-øv t]-am-cnbp-ss i- -tlm-j߃. D- n `-b-øn-s ti-fn-sim v. F mw H-cp-an- p tn - -t mƒ Rm i-cn pw H- v sr- n. H-tc Xm-f-Øn Iq - w h-en- p-d-ßp- `m-cy-sb Rm X- n-bp-w Øn. D-d- -Øn Im-Wp- kz-]v-\-ß-fp-am-bn In- m-cw snm p- a-i-tf-bpw. sr- p-hn-f- n-s {]-Im-i-Øn Rm In-S- p-ap-dn-bn \n pw ]p-d-tø- p h p. A-t mgpw D-d- -Øn-s sndnsbm-cw-iw F-\n- v Iq- n-\p- m-bn-cp p. Rm hm-xn-en-s Ip- n-ifpw sim-fp-øpw A-gn- m Xp-Sßn. Hm-Sn-s - v hm- Xn Xp-d- - mt m A-k-a-b-amWv. AI-Øp \n pw `m-cy ]-d p. sh- w Iq-Sn- qsn h-cn-i-bmwv. sr-cn-bm-wnbn \n pw A-Xv ap-t m-f-sa-øn-bn-cn- p p. ho-sn-\p- n sh w Hm-fw sh- p- Xpw ]p-kv-x-i-ßfpw I-S-em-kp-I-fpw A-Xn H-gp-Ip- Xpw Rm ts-m - v sh-fn- -Øn I p. B-sI ap-ßn-bh-\v Ip-fn-cn F- ]-g-s m n-s ss[-cy- Øn Rm- hm-xn Xp-d p. ]pd-øv I-Øn- p ]n-sn- sagp-ip-xn-cn-bp-am-bn H mw \n-e-bn-se Xm-a-k- m-c\m-b i- - - tpm-jn \n - p p. ]- v Rm Cu skm-ssk- n-bp-ss sk-{i -dn B-bn-cn- p-tºm-gp m-b H-cp hm- v X - -Øn-\v ti-jw F-\n- bmtfm-sv hen-b tz-jy-am-bn-cp p. A-bm-sf Im-Wp-tºm-sgm-s Rm ap-jw Xn-cn- v \-S- p-i-bm-bn-cp- p ]-Xn-hpw. B a-\pjy-\m-wv C-t mƒ F-s ap- n \n - p- -Xv. A-k-a-b-am- Wv kq- n -tw F- `m-cy-bp-ss ap- -dn-bn- v ho pw Rm ti p. Rm-\-bmƒ- v ap- n ]m-xn Xp-d- hm-xn-en ]n-sn- p \n p. A-sc bm... k-_v- m {Ku- v ^v-tfm taw ]m-\n Kp-km tl. ^n -`n Xpw tkm-cm-sl Iym B-cmwsk. N-sem... A-Xymh-iy km-[-\-ß-fp-am-bn th-kw ]p-d-tø- n-dßq. _m-cn-jv tpm -sasl. tzm Zn _-μv tlm-s\ hmem-`n \-lo sl. sa-gp-ip-xn-cn-bp-ss sh-f-n- -Øn Rm-\m ap-j-tø- p X- s t\m- n \n p. F-\n- v F-t m-sp X-s ]p- w txm n-b \n-an-j-ß-fm-bn-cp- p AXv. F-s I-Æp-I-fn H-

23 cp \\-hv ]-S p. F-s m-s tbm \- -s -Sp- -Xn-s Zpx- Jhpw F-s ms tbm Xn-cn- p In- n-b-xn-s k-t m-j-hpw I-e - \-\hv. Rm-\-t±-l-Øn-s he-øp Iøn-sem- v sas sxm p. Ip- -t_m-[w sim- v F-s hn-c-ep-iƒ hn-d- p. A-t mƒ H-cp-]m-Sv A - -ß-fp- H-cp Nn-cn h-cp-øn-s m- v A-t±-lw ]-d- p. N-sem N-sem... P Zn. ]m- Im Upw B-[m Im Upw G.Sn.Fw. Im Upw ]ns A-Xym-hiyw am-dm-\p- Nn-e h-kv-{x-ß-fp-am-bn R- ߃ A-bmƒ- v ]n- n \-S p. H mw \n-e I-gn- v c- mw \n-e-bn-te- p- ]-Sn I-b-dm Xp-S-ßn-b-t mƒ ]n- n \n- pw Rm-s\m-cp tnmzyw ti p. `m-bv km-_v... B- v tem-iv Ilmw Pmc-lm sl. tpm-jn-bp-ss `m-cy- ap-gp-h Xp-d- n- hm-xn-en- v ap- n \n- v tnm-zn- p p. Du-... ssd- v Rm ]-d- p. tiymw-... B- v _q K-bm Iym sb l-am-cm J sl. C- hn-ss H-cp-]m-Sv ÿ-e-ap v. B- v A- B-bn-tb\. Ccp-ssI-Ifpw \o- n A-h Rß-sf A-I-tØ-bv- v kzmk-xw sn-bvxp. ]n-s H-cp I-øn k- nbpw a-dp-i-øn a-i-tfbpw ]n-sn- v \n-d-an-gn-i-tfm-ss t]-sn- p \n - p- F- s `mcy-tbmspw A-h ]-d p. t_tn... a-øv tcm\m. lw tl\m. Ntem A- -. tbtøm B- v- m-`n J sl. H pw ]-d-bm-\m-hm-sx Rm-\-t±-l-Øn-s ssi-iƒ Iq- n- n-sn- p. A-t mgpw A-bmƒ ]-d p. A-`ntØm B- v ta-cm ]-tum-kn sl. ]-tum-kn am- {Xa, sa-l-am sl A-Xn-Yn sl. A-Xn-Yn tzthm `-h F -s \-Ωp-sS kw-kv-im-cw \Ω-sf ]Tn- n- n- p- Xv. txm-cm-ø a-g-bnepw Iq-cm-Iq-cn-cp- nepw A-h R-ß-fp-sS ap- n sa-gp-ip-xn-cnbpw ]n-sn- v tz-h-zq-x-sc-t m-se \n p. B sh-fn- w ]-I - p X- A-dn-hp-am-bn Rm-\-h-cp-sS ap- n sxm-gp-xp \n p. F mw \- -s -Sp-tºmgpw km- z- \-Øn-s hn-f- m-bn sh-fn- -am-bn h B \ A-b - mcp-ss ap- n R-߃ X-e Ip-ºn- p \n p. A-dnt m A-dnbmsXtbm Rm-\-Wn- Rm-s\- `m-h-øn-s ap-jw-aq-sn Xm-t\ A-gn- p howp. 21

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28 ]p-g-sbm-gpi-s am-en-\y-ap- -ambv 26 {io-]m Δ-Xn B. ti-c-f-øn-se P-e-t{km-X- p-i-sf- p-dn- v Nn- n- p-tºmƒ, I-cn-ho-c- m-cpss Kmw-`o-cy-tØm-sS D-b - p \n - p- ] -Δ-X-\n-c-I-fpsS, Im -ta-lß-sf NqSn-b aq - m-hn \n pw sh- n-\q t]m H-gp-In h-cp- A-cp-hn-Iƒ ]-e h- gn-i-fn-eq-ss k- -cn pw a- p ]-e A-cphn-I-fp-am-bn kw-k-an pw cq-]w sim-, \m - -Øn-\m-ev \-Zn-I-fp-tSbpw A-h-bpsS B-bn-c-Øn-e-[n-Iw h-cp ssi-h-gn- I-fp-tS-bpw bm-{xm-\p-iq-eam-b P-e-]m-X- I-fp-tS-bpw X-Æo -Ø-S-ß-fp-tSbpw Im-bep-I-fp-tSbp-sam-s A-Xn-a-t\m-l-c Zr-iyß-fm-Wv a-\- n-se-øp- Xv. ]t, C- \n F-{X \mƒ CØ-cw Im-gv-NI-sf B- kz-zn- m-\mhpw? C-\n F-{X-\mƒ \-Zn-Iƒ Cß-s\ \n-e-\n - pw? ]p-g-bp-ss Xm-fw H-cn- -se- nepw {ihn- Ww. H-gp-Ip- ]pg-sb D- p-t\m- Ww. F- n-te ]p-g F- m-sw- -dnbm\pw A-Xv \-ap- m-bn Im-Øp kq- n- p -Xv F-{X-tØm-fw h-ep-xm-sw- v Nn- n- m\pw km-[n q. ti-c-f-øn-se ]pg-iƒ Iq-Sp-Xepw D- -hn- p -Xv ]- n-a- L- -Øn \n pw C-S-\m-S sn- - p- p-i-fn \n- p-amwv. C-S-h- m-xnbpw Ime-h -jhpw kωm-\n- p- P-ew kw-`-cn- p-ibpw `q-k -`-P-e-am-bn kq- n- p-hm `q-an-sb k-lm-bn- p-ibpw sn-øp- -h-cm- Wv ]p-g-ifpw X-Æo -Ø-S-ß-epw. A-Ws - p-iƒ ]e-xp si- n XS- p \n -Øptºmƒ ]p-g sn-dp-xm-ip p. ]p-g ap- -]v H-gp-In-bn-cp- `m-kw P-\-߃ I-tø-dp p. A-h-cp-sS sxßpw I-hpßpw πmhpw amhpw \- p-]n-sn- n- p-ibpw Ir-jn sn-øp- Ibpw ]-Xn-sb- -Xn-sb ]pg-sb a-æn- p \ni-øn C m-xm- p-ibpw sn-øp p. A-W-s - p-i-fn-eq-ss-bm-wv ssh-zyp-xn D-Xv -]mz-\w \-S-Øp- Xv. AXp-sIm- v A- \n-hm-cy-am-bxpw A-Xym-h-iy-am-b-Xp-am-b A-W-s - p \n -ΩmW-sØ F-Xn - p - Xv H-cp ]-cn-[nh-sc {]m-tbm-kn-ia. F- nepw H-gn-hm- p-hm ]- p- -Xm-sW- n Ah-sb H-gn-hm p-i X-s -bm-wv \ - Xv. A- F- n, \m-sf ssh-zyp-xn D-Xv- ]m-zn- m-zn- n- p-hm ]p-g Im-Wn. ]p-g- I-fp-sS a-c-w-sa- v B-hm-k-hy-h-ÿ-bpsSbpw a-c-w-amwv. A-W-s - p-i-fn \n pw H-gp-In-sb-Øp- ]p-g-bp-ss timjn- `m-k-sa- nepw \-ap- p kw-c- n- mhp- -XmWv. F- m Nq-j-W-Øn-s Xojv-W-am-b, `o-i-cam-b A-h-ÿ-bm-Wv A- h-ti-jn B P-e-tØmSpw \mw Im- p- Xv. ]p-g-bp-ss A-Sn-Ø- p-i-fn... ]p-g-bpss a-sn-ø- n P-ew ip- o-i-cn- v F-Øn- p-hm ]p-g At\-I h -j-ß-fm-bn Im- Øp h- a-w-epiƒ, bm-sxm-cp Z-b-bpan m-sx kzm - -em-`w am{xw e- y-am- n sim- -b-sn- p- Im-gv-N (\n-b-a-øn- s X-S- -ß-fp-s - n Iq-Sn-bpw) km- [m-c-w-amwv. a-w-ep-iƒ hm-cn-\nd- v sndp-h- -߃ C-cp- n-s a-d-]- nbpw A msxbpw ]p-g-i-fn-eq-ss b-ty- w k- -cn- p p. ]p-g-bp-ss B-flm-hm-Wv A-h tim-cn-sb-sp- p- -Xv. C-cp-I-c-I-fp-an-Sn- v... A-SnØ- p \nd-sb K -Ø-ß-fp-ambv... ]-Xn-\m-bn-c- -Wv h -j-ß-fm-bn cq- ]-s -Sp- B-hm-k-hy-h-ÿ X-I - v... ]p-g a-c-wm-k- -bm-bv hn-e-]n- p p. C- \n-bpw A-Xp ti- n-s - p \-Sn- m Cu X-e-ap-dbpw h-cp-x-e-ap-d-ifpw Zm-l-P-e-Øn- \m-bv ]n-s-bpw. ""]q-gn-a-w-en ]- n-cp p ]q-øm-t -te-sd- -fn- -Xt? Ipfn-temcp-tam-f-Øn ap-ßn apßn p-fn-bpw P-]-hpw I-gn -Xt? I-fnbpw Nn-cn-bpw I-c- n-ep-ambv -gnbpw \-c-s\m-cp b-{ -am-bm, Aw-_, t]-cmtd, \o am-dn-t m-tam? A-I-sebm-sam-c-gp- p Nm-embv? "Ip- n- p-dw ]mew' F- X-s I-hn- X-bn I-hn C-S-t»-cn tkm-hn-μ -\m-b `m-c-x- p-g-sb- p-dn- p ]m-sn-b-xm-wnxv. ]- g-b-im-e-øns Hm -Ω-bn C- v ]p-g-bnse Ipfn-tcm-f-ß-fn ap-ßn- p-fn- phm ]p-d-s - m \-sω Im-Øn-cn- p-i, Xz-Ivtcm-K-ßfpw a- v A-kp-J-ß-fp-am-bncn- pw. I-hn B-Ip-e-s -Sp- Xv, `m-hn-bn ]p-g-sbm-cp A-gp- p-nm-emiptam F- mwv? F- m `m-c-x p-g am-{xa, tic-f-øn-se F m \-Zn-Ifpw A-gp- p Nmep-I-fm-bn am-dn-s m- n-cn- p-i-bmwv. \- Zn-I-fpw, X-Sm-I-ßfpw Im-b-ep-Ifpw F- p

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34 32 DHWANI A- m-b-\p- -t m. ]q-ø ]-W- m-c. A-øm-sS A-l- m-c h -Ø-h-am-\w F-\n- v Xosc ]n-sn- n-. A-bm-sS tam Cw- o-jp-ao-un-b-ønem-w-t{x. A-Xp-a- tim- n-ßn-\p t]m-sb- pw. tidn-b- w ap-x tam-s\- p-dn- p- s]m-ß- w ]-d- nem-cp- p'. "\n-s Cw- o-jp ao-un-b-øn ]Tn- n- m-\pw tim- n-ßn-\p hn-sm-\p-sam- pw F-\n- v ]- n-bn-s -Sm. \n-\- -dn-bm-a-t m Ip-sd h -j-am-bn Ir-jn-sbms tam-i-am'. "sh-dp-sx F- n-\m C-sXm-s ]-d-bp-t A- m. F-\n- v hn-[n- n- p-f-f-x-sw In- pw...a-s Un-{Kn- v tn-cpw. sa-un-kn am-{x-a- -t m tem-i-sø G-t mw h- y s{]m-^-j.' "\o ]-d-s i-cn-bm tam-s\, ]-s F-\n- nsxm-cp hm-in-bm, \n-s D- m- - m-cp-ss ap -]n- \- ap- pw H-cp hn-e th-ww, \-Ωp-sS ho- n-epw th-ww H-cp tum-œ...im-iv sim-sp-øv hn-sm F-\n- v ]msßm- p-an- ti-t m'. "ti-c-fw, sk v tpm -kpw, sh- q-cpw, F F-^v Fw-kn-bpw, H-s t]m-bn... C-\n-bpw C-Xv am-{x-tabp- q H-cp {]-Xo- '. Rm F- mw ti- v In-S- p. F-\n- v A- p-xw. km-[m-c-w A- A-[n-Iw kw-km-cn- n-. R-߃ ]-Xn-s\m- p a- ƒ- pw A- -s\ t]-snbm-wv. 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38 JANUARY-APRIL 2018 Ip n-h-f-iƒ ]-d- Xv 36 a-rv-pp ]n. Xp-em-h -j- - -\n-d- s\-sp-ºmt»-cn-bp-ss a-æn hn-am-\w InX- p \n- -t mƒ A-h-fp-sS I-Æp-I-fn sndnsbm-cp \\-hv ]-S - p. Cu-izcm, F- v ss[-cy-øn-em-wv Xm Cu \m- n h- Xv. C -se I- gn t]m-se F mw. H-cp ]p-e -Im-te I- p-w - kz-]v-\-øn-s Nn-d-In-te-dn Im-X-߃ Xm- n F- n-\m-bn-cp- p Xncn-sI-bp- Cu bm{x? F-Sp-Øp NmSn Cu Xo-cp-am-\w F-Sp-t - -Xn m-bn-cp p. Xm a-d- m {i-an- p-, F- m Zn- \w-{]-xn Iq-Sp-X sx-fn- p h-cp- Nn- {X߃. C-hn-sS F m-hcpw F-t m-ssm- w F mw a-d- n-cn p-tam? C -\m-j-w Fb -t]m - n \n pw H-cp Im ]n-sn- p X-s sim- p {Km-a-Øn-te- v. H-cp Ime-Øp X-s F mam-bn-cp- X-d-hm- n-te v. ]pd-øv C- -se-s bvs-xm-gn- p -a-d- a-g-bp-ss \-\hv. H-cp X-Wp-Ø Im- n I-Æp-Iƒ X-\n-sb A-S p. F.kn th- F- v ss{u-h-tdm-sv ]-d -Xv Xs Cu Ip-fn -a apj-øv X- m-\mwv. Ir-{Xn-a-Ø-Wp- n ]px- p aq-sn- -gn- ]-Xn-\m-dp h -j-߃. B I-cnº-Sw Iodn am- n C- n-xm kpte-j `m-kv-i ]-gb {io-ip- n-bm-bn am-dp p. H-cp ]q-ºm- ]yq- -bn \n pw D-bn -sø-gp-t - p- em-l-h-tøm-ss. A-h-fp-sS I-Æp-I-fn H-cp a- p-xp- n t]m-se B Hm -Ω-Iƒ Nn-d-I-Sn p. Xn-f-ßp- ]- p-]m-hm-s-bn X-Øn- -fn- _m-eyw... Xp-ºnI-sf ]n-sn- pw, A- q- Xm-Sn ]-d- n- pw, ap-ø -s s\- nse Nq-Sn I-Y-Iƒ ti- p-d-ßnbpw, ap-ø-»n-bp-ss ssi-hn-c -Øp-ºn Xq-ßn A- tºm- n- p ap- n hw-ßn A-Xn-cm-hnse si n-b Xp-f-knam-e Nm -Øm sim- Sp-Øpw, h-f - p h- \n-j-i-f- bm-b {io- p n. A-Ω Np- p-iq nb tzm-i-bp-ss kzm-zv F- m-sw- -dn-bm A- hm-cn- Ø-c-W-am-bn-cp p... F m-hcpw sim- n- p h-f Øn-b cm-p-ip-amcn, A-Xm-bn-cp- p Ahƒ. A-h-fp-sS F m hn-ir-xn-iƒ pw in- hm-ßp- H-cp sim- p Iq- p-im-c\pw A-hƒ- p- m-bn-cp p. A-h-fp-sS Ipt. {io-ip- n- v G- -hpw C- w Ipt - -s\-bm-sw- p ]-d- m F pw km-[n- p X-cp-am-bn-cp- p B ]mhw. Aß-s\ I-fn- p \-S- _m-ey-øn \n pw Iu-am-c-Øn-s Xp-Sn- n-te pw ]ns bu-h-\-øn-s \n-d-øn-te pw A- hƒ Nph-Sp sh- -t mƒ B I-fn-Nn-cn-Ifp-sS A - w amdn. B-Zy-sØ ap-j- pcp I-hn-fn I- k -Sw sim- v A-ΩptN- oss I-eym-Ww Iq-Sn-s - p ]d- p hm-in ]n-sn- {io- p- n-bp-ss I-hn-fn \p- n-s m- v A-h ]-d p. Fs {io- Ip- n- v I-Æv s]-sm-xn-cn- m\m Cu ap-j- p-cp-hn-s Ip- p-]m-spiƒ. Bcpw Im- Wm-sX B ap-j- p-cp-hn-s\ Xm-tem-en- pam-bn-cp- p A-hƒ ]n- o-ss- pw. B-Zy-am-bn Zmh-Wn Np n-b Znh-kw I- øn Bcpw Im-Wm-sX C- p X- Np-h- Ip- n-h-fiƒ, ]n-s t m A-º-e-ap - sø B -Ød- p Xm-sg \n- v Nm Ønb N-μ-\-Øn-s X-Wp v, Im-hn hnf- p sh- p- A-hƒ- p t]-sn am-dm Bcpw Im-Wm-sX Iq- v \n - p -Xv I- a -sn-cmxv. H-s bpw B {]-W-b- Øn-\p km- n-i-fm-bn. Su-Wn-se tim-tf-pn D-b - hn-zym- `ym-kw tx-sn t]m-b-t mgpw Ah-\p Xmev-]cyw \m- n P- nxzw hn-fn-t m-xp- h-bepw ]-dºpw kw-c- n- -em-bn-cp p. A-h-cp-sS I-eym-W- mcyw ho- n N - bmb-xv h-f-sc-s -s - m-bn-cp p. ap-d-{]- Im-c-ap- I-eym-Ww A\yw \n- n-s m- pan G- m... Ah-\p Ah-sf a-xn F- v A - n h- p ]-d- Xpw PmX-Iw tn - Øv sh- v A- Xo-cp-am-\n- Xpw F mw A-hƒ A-dn-bm-sX B-bn-cp- p. AØ-h-W A-hƒ A-h-[n- p h - Xv H-cp k-t m-j hm -Ø-bp-am-bm-Wv X- \n- p Zq-sc H-cp hen-b I-º-\n-bn tpmen In- n-bn- p v. ct m aqt m am-k-øn- \p- n tpm-bn sn-øww. A-t mtg pw dn-kƒ pw h-cpw... F- m-bmepw tim-gv-kv I-gn- -t m. k-t m-jw sim- v F m-hcpw a-xn a-d- -t m-fm-wv A- 36

39 Ω A- m-cyw ]-d- -Xv... tam-sf Ip- t\m-ssm- p tnm-zn- n- m-hmw... A-h C-hnSsØ Im-cy-ß-sfm-s hn- p A-tßm-s ms hcm. A-h-fp-sS I-Æp-Iƒ Pz-en p. F-s Im-cy-߃ a-s m-cm-tfm-ss- n-\v tnm- Zn- Ww. A-bmƒ F-s B-cm. ]-Sn IS- p h- Ah-s Im-Xn Xo- -\ t]m-se B hm- p-iƒ h- p ]-Xn p. H-cp \n-an-jw B ]-Sn- \n - ew \n B Im-ep-Iƒ ]p-d-tim- p sas h-en p. ]m-s-øn-\p \-Sp-hn-se h-gnbn D- -Nq-tS- p hmsn-b s\ -\m-ºp-iƒ Ah-s I-Æp-\o-cn-\p ssi-te-kmbn. \o - -W-ß-fm aßn-b I-Æp-I-fn A-hfp-sS A-I - sx-fn- p h p. Ip-t - m F- hn-fn-i-fn h- am w, sxm- pcp-ωn \-S- m sim-xn- C-S-\m-gn-I-fn Cg- p ho-w C-cp v, A-h-[n-Iƒ- n-s-bnse ssz -Lyw, Aß-s\ ]-e-xpw... A- hƒ k-ωm-\n- B-Zy Npw-_-\-Øn-s Nq- Sv Ah-s s\- n InS- p s]m n. ]- Xp-s A-h X-s am-f-øn-te-bv - v Dƒh-en-b-s p. Ipsd Hm -a-fp-ambn... ]n-t Zn-h-kw B ho-sp-w -Xp H-cp \n-e-hnfn-tbm-ss-bmwv... ]- -h -Æ- n-fnbp-ss ]m- p \n-e- Iq-Sp t]m-se A-h-fpsS ap-dn-bpw, A-hn-sS A-hƒ D-t]- n- Ip- n-h-f-ifpw A-\m-Y-am-bn In-S- p. ]-Xn-sb A-hƒ kpte-j `m-kv-i F- ]-cn-jv-im-c-øn-s Ip- m-bw F-Sp-Ø- Wn p. `m-kv-i F- X-s Im-ap-It\m-sSm w Hm-Sn-t m-b cm-{xn-sb- p-dnt m -Øv A-[n-I-sam pw A-hƒ ]-cn-x- ]n- n. A- m-dp h -j-߃ Aß-s\ A-h a-s m-cp cm-py-øp kz- w km- {ampyw si- n- -Sp-Øp sim- v I-gn p. tim-so-iz-c\m-b ` -Øm-hn-s ]-Xv-\n-bmbn hen-b H-cp D-tZym-K-ÿ-bm-bn A-hƒ X-s Po-hn-Xw B-tLm-jn p. F- m an- cm-hp-i-fnepw A-hƒ ]-g-b {io- p- n-bm-bn \-\p-ø {]-`m-x-ß-fn ]-et mgpw Ip- n-h-f-iƒ kz-]v-\w I- v sr- n-bp-w - p. s]m- n-ø-i - Ip- n-h-f-i-fn \n pw c- w C- p ho-gp -Xv I- p I-c- n- p v. B c- w X-s lr-z-b-øn tim-dn h-c- ap-dn-hn \n mtwm F- t m -Øv hn-xp-ºm-dp v. GtXm H-cp tim- Wn a -sn-cm-xpw, Ip- n-h-f-i-fpw, C-S- \m-gn-bpw, A-º-ehpw Imhpw am-bm-sx In- S- p. 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A- q -s Nm-cp-Itk-c Im-sem-Sn- p H- cp aq-e-bv- v In-S- p p. ]q-apj-øp Xq- p-hn-f- n-s sim-fp-øp Bsctbm Im- p -Xv t]m-se txm n. sxm-sn-bn-te- nd-ßn-b-t mƒ A-h-fp-sS Im-ep-Iƒ hn-d p. ]n- sh- v \-S- h-gn-iƒ A-hƒ- p A- ]-cn-nn-x-am-bn txm n. s]-s - v A-ßv Zqsc A-hƒ A-Xv I p. h-cn h-cn-bm-bn \m-ev A-ÿn-Ø-d-Iƒ. Np pw Im-Sv ]n-sn- p In-S- p p... ]-s A-Xn si- p t]mb Xn-cnbpw C- p ho-gp- F-Æ-bpw. D- n \n- v A-dn-bm-sX H-cp txß. k- y a-b-ßm-dm-bn-cn- p p. A-hƒ sas ]q-ap-j-tø- p I-bdn. F- v snøpw F- v H-cp cq-]-hp-an. s]-s - v ]n- m- ºp-d-sØm-cp Im-sem- ti- p. X-s I-ÆpI-sf A-hƒ- p hn-iz-kn- m-\m-bn. I-øn F-Æbpw hn-f- p-ambn H-cmƒ. sa-en- pw-ßn Xm-Snbpw ap- Sn-bp-am-bn H-cp {`m-. A-bmƒ A-ÿn- Ø-d-bn hnf- v sh- p p. A-hƒ- p `-bw txm n. A-bmƒ ]-Xp-s Im-hn-\- cn-in-te- p \oßn. A-hƒ ]-Xn-sb ]n- m-se sn p. A-hn-sS A-bmƒ sn-cm- Xp-Iƒ sx-fn-bn- p p. A-h-fp-sS txß ti- p A-bmƒ Xn-cn- p t\m n. Po-h \- -am-bn-s m- n-cp B I-Æp- I-fn s]m-sp -s\ sh-fn- w \n-d- Xpt]m-se. A-h-fp-sS I-Æp-Iƒ \n-d-s m-gp-in... m-hv ]n-sn- \m-gn-i-a-wn-bn-se \mhp-t]mse sa-s sa-s A-bm-fp-sS \m-hp-iƒ N-en- p... ""{io- p- n...'' Im-ew X-s I-c-hn-cp-Xv Im-Wn B ap-jw Im-e-an-{X I-gn- n pw A-bmƒ- p H-cp sndn-b kwi-bw t]mepw txm- nbn. A-hƒ Ic- p sim- v A-bm-fpsS A-Sp-tØ-bv v Hm-Sn-sb-Øn. s\-t m- Sv tn - p \n p. I-Æp-I-fn \n pw Xo-cm-\- -ß-fp-sSbpw simsn-b ]- m-øm- ]-Øn-s bpw s\mº-cw A-W-s]m- n-sbmgp-in. DHWANI "'A-`n-\-bn- p a-sp-øp Ip-t m, F- \n- v H-cp Zn-h-k-sa- nepw B ]-g-b {io- p- n-bmh-ww'' A-bm-fp-sS Np- p-i-fn H-cp Nn-cn sx-fn- p. A-h H-cp-an- p Im-hn hnf- v sxfn p. Xn-cn- p h-cp-tºmƒ A-h-fp-sS I- øn tim-dn h-en- apƒ-s -Sn A-bmƒ ]- Xn-sb ]n-gp-sx-sp-øv I-f- p. \o-dp- I- øn A- -s -Sn tx p. Ip-t -\v H-cp am- -hp-an. A-hƒ sim n. ]q-ap-j-øncp- v I-Y-Iƒ ]-d p. A-bmƒ X-s a- Sn-bn \n pw ]-g-b Ip-sd Ip- n-h-f-isf-sp-øv A-hƒ- p \-evin. A-hƒ B- -cy-s p. Rm h-cp-sa- v Fß-s\ A- dn p. F-s - nepw \o h-cp-sa- v F- \n- -dn-bm-am-bn-cp p. A-hƒ s]m- n- c p. A-h-fp-sS I-hn-fn \p- n-s m- p A-h hn-fn p, {io- p- n... B cm{xn ]p-e - -t mƒ A-hƒ sr- n F-Wo p. ap- n H-cmƒ. B-cm... F-hn- Sp- m... "Rm kp-te-j... C-hn-Sp-sØ BWv. Ip-sd Im-em-bn h- n- v.' ""Hm... a-\- n-em-bn.. a-\- n-em-bn... Ipsd ti- n-cn- p- p... ]-cn-lm-kw Xp-fp-ºp- hm- p-i-fn A-bmƒ ]-d p.'' ""C-hn-sS Ip-t - D- m-cp p. A... D-Æn-Ir-jvW. ta-tes-sø e- nb-tω-ss Cs m Im-Wm-\n.'' ""\n-߃ F-s m-s -bm ]p-e-ºp- Xv. Abm-sfm-s a-cn- n- p \me- p h -jam-bn... A-h-cp-sS ho-ssm-s hn p.'' a-\- n-em-si I-dp- v \n-dw ]-S - Xp-t]m-se. ap- n Im-Wp- -sxm-s I-dp-Øv N-S- \n-g cq-]߃. ""'Cu hospw Cß-s\ In-S- p-ibm. ]mºpw ]-g-pxm-c-bpw \nd- p hr-øn-bm- m t]mepw B-cp-an. D-Æn a-cn pw h-sc F pw h- p hr-øn-bm- p-am-bncp p. \me- p h -jw ap-t Ft m H- cp ]-\n h- m-w-bmƒ a-cn- Xv.'' ""\n-߃ t]m-iptºm C-sXm- p hn- n- p s]m-t m-fq'' A-bmƒ ho pw F- s mtam ]-d p. Xm kz-]v-\w Im- Wp-I-bm-bn-cp-t m... ]-s A-ÿn-Ø-dbn F-Æ h- n-bn-cp- n A-t m-gpw. ]q-apj-øp s]m- n ho-w Ip- n-h-f-øp- piƒ. A-h-fp-sS ssi-ø- -bn A- -bp-ss ]- \ndw. \o-dp- p ssiø-. A-hƒ Xn-cn- p t]m-hm-s\-wo p. ho pw kpte-j `m-kv-i-dn-s Ip- m-bw F-Sp-Ø- Wn-bm X-øm-sd-SpØp. a\- v ap-gp-h Ie-ßn a-dn- n-cn- p p. Xn-cn- p t\m- -th ]q-apj-øp A-bm-fp-sS \n-g cq- ]w sx-fn- p h p. s]m- n- n-s- Ip- n-h-f-i-fn \n pw c- w C- n- p ho-gp- p. Im-hn A-t mfpw Im-sem- -Iƒ \ne- n-cp- n. A-ßv Zq-sc A-ÿn-Ø-d-bn H-cp Xn-cn sx-fn- p \n p. ho pw B - t m th- n Im-tXm Øv. IÆpw \- v... 37

40 38

41 Haunted House For Sale!!!! Madhav Nair ASKING PRICE: $88,888 BEDROOMS:12 BATHROOMS: 10 Description; Buy this house if you dare! If you don t, don t come near, but if you do then you ll have the time of your life or the end of your life. So when you enter you might spot some bones but don t worry after sometime that might be you. When you go into the living room you ll see a tv and some bloody windows it was from our former owner who was a bloodthirsty vampire. Relax! You ll meet him later in the night. When you go up stairs you ll see your rooms but not room 6. It s occupied by the devil, but if you do go in you ll come out without a head. When you go outside you ll see graves. That s where our zombies live!chilllllll! They only comes out at night and they will only eat your brains if you don t cover your head. At last, the bathrooms, that s where the gooey monster lives. Hey, he s nice, but if you get on his nerves you re going to wish you didn t go to that bathroom. So have a great night!oh no! A great fright!!! 39


43 SHORT STORY DHWANI The Red Roof Samgeev Uncle Korah is not my uncle. But he was Uncle Korah to all villagers. He was an old man of probably years old. My parents called him Korah Mavan. About 50 years ago old people were respected in our village. Korah Mavan had a fair complexion. His grey hair was uncombed. He had sunken eyes. His face was pale and sad. He had deep wrinkles on his cheeks. He did not have a beard; but he was always rubbing his unshaven chin and cheeks with his left hand. He was always holding a cane with brass ribs on both ends. He used to wear a white dhoti with a long towel folded and wrapped around his neck and shoulders. The shade of the long tail of the loin cloth he wore under the dhoti was visible behind the dhoti. My childhood girlfriend was Chippie. She could not contain her laughter when she saw Korah Mavan wearing his dhoti with the shade of the tail under it. She would go behind Korah Mavan. She would point her fingers to the shade of the loincloth tail and shout: Appooppan has a tail. Then she would explode with laughter. Appooppan means the old man or a grandfather like man. Korah Mavan did not like Chippie. He used to call her naughty girl. Once Korah Mavan raised his cane in the air and shouted. You, naughty girl, you will get good spanking. Korah Mavan's words provoked Chippie. She shouted. Appooppan has a long tail. Appooppan is a monkey Once Korah Mavan gave me a warning. You are a good boy. You should not be friend with that naughty girl. But I liked Chippie. I liked her very much. She was not the most beautiful girl of the village. She did not have rosy cheeks and ruby lips. But she was a pretty girl. She had light dark skin and sparkling eyes. Her eyes were always shining. Her flowing hair had a special fragrance. Her mother used to prepare special oil for her hair with special spices. We would play under the shadow of the magnificent Jack fruit tree. I was 'the man' of the house, and chippie was 'the woman'. We had ten children, all the chicks and kitten and puppies were our children. The woman will make curry with corn husks, seeds and wild leaves. The man would go to the field with plough, yoke and oxen and return in the evenings with muddy trousers. In some days the man would be wearing a towel wrapped around his waist with a loin cloth under the towel. The loin cloth had long tail. Chippie had a fascination for the long tail. She will burst into laughter when she sees the long tail. I did not know where Korah Mavan lived. Maybe in a far end corner of my village, or maybe in a nearby village not far from my house. There is a high cliffy mountain almost in the middle of my village. The high rock in the mountain is called Chathan Rock. I am sure that Korah Mavan's place was beyond the mountain. My friend Babychayan told me. You can see Arabian Sea if you stand upon the Chathan Rock. He promised to take me over there some day. I wanted to climb upon the Chathan Rock and view the Arabian Sea which is 15 miles away from my village. My heart was filled with excitement. I like to take Chippie also to the Chathan Rock. I am sure that she will be thrilled to go to Chathan Rock and view The Arabian Sea. But my mother did not like the idea. She told me that it was dangerous to go over there. The mountain was a piece of jungle. There are wild animals there, including venomous snakes and wild foxes. Not only that, there is a small shrine on the mountain. The shrine belonged to a pagan community of the village. Christian children are not supposed to go to a pagan shrine. Why my mother is so mean? I did not get the answer. Perhaps Chippie's mom also may be mean. My house was on the bank of a rice field. A small thatched house it was, not much bigger than a hut. The thatching was done with braided coconut leaves. The thatched roof should be replaced every year. The roof re-thatching day was a festival day for the house- hold, especially for the children. There will be a feast in the house. There will be cooked rice and a variety of side dishes. Achar, Avial, Poriyal, Sambar, Kalan, and many more. The cooked food will be served on spread banana leaves for the community people who helped in the effort of thatching the roof. There will not be any cash wages. The community help was free except the feast. The most attractive dish is Payasam. It is the sweetest dessert. Uncle Mathai used to cook the Payasam. He has a special skill to make the delicious dessert. I wish our house had a stronger tiled roof. I heard my mother's desire to have a better roof. Tiled roof is stronger and safer than thatched roof. The red roof will be more beautiful too. But a tiled roof is expensive. The estimated cost of the tiled roof is ten thousand rupees. My parents are primary school teachers. Ten thousand rupees an amount too big to afford for my family. There will be wild storms in certain summer nights. Heavy wind and rain in the summer nights are scary. In those days my mother will be very scared because the heavy storm could 41


45 blow off the thatched roof. It happened one or two times. But I like the heavy rains. It is a pleasure to play in the flowing rain water with Chippie. Chippie's face in the rain is beautiful as a lotus flower ready to bloom. Korah Mavan used to visit our house once in a month. My mother used to give him Kanji whenever he came to our house. Kanji is the rice soup made for the family. The food could be served as a breakfast, lunch or supper, or any time of the day. The food was served in a porcelain bowl. The bowl had blue lines like stretch marks around its belly. There will be a side dish too. In most days the side dish is Beans Thoran. Sometimes there will be an additional dish, delicious Coconut Chutney. After finishing the Kanji meal Korah Mavan will slip into his usual conversation with my mother. Every morning, it is my burden to feed three people. Two children and an adult. The children are like ravens. How can I feed them, Thankamma? I am an old man ready to go to my eternal home. He raised his eyes and hands to the sky as if he was invoking some spiritual power to answer his complaint. Thankamma is my mother. As a bystander leaning upon my mother I was listening to their conversation. Korah Mavan was living with his daughter and two grandchildren. The daughter is a divorced woman who took refuge in her father's house with her two children. The burden of feeding three destitute human beings fell upon the old man. I felt sorrow for Korah Mavan. The deep wrinkles on his cheeks were channels of melancholy, I thought. For a moment I was angry at Chippie too. She should not have teased the old man. Let me go home Thankamma, before the rain. Korah Mavan finished his conversation with my mother, and he is ready to depart. He looked at the sky again. He paused for a while. He was expecting something else. It was customary to give a monetary gift also to Korah Mavan whenever he visited our house. The gift was usually an amount of five rupees. It was not a small amount for us. My parents were low income Primary School teachers. My mother will hand over the money to me. I will put it in the shivering hands of Korah Mavan. It is my right to give the gift. Korah Mavan will hold the money in his hand for a few moments. Then he will cross himself in the Eastern Tradition. He will put his right hand upon my head. He will close his eyes for some time and plunge into a slight meditation. I could hardly see his lips moving. But no sound will come out of his mouth. Blessing of the old people will bring prosperity into the house. It was the philosophy of my mother. My parents have earned ten thousand rupees. They took almost ten years to earn the amount. They used to deposit a small amount every month in the Post Office Savings Bank. I have seen the Pass Book of Post Office Savings Bank. It was a small book, six inches long and four inches wide. It had numerous Post office seals on each page----round Postal seals in printing ink. Save a little money each month and deposit it in a Government bank for safety reasons. It was the economic philosophy of my parents. Roofing tiles---two thousand Back tiles---one hundred Ridge tiles---fifty Corner tiles---ten Spike tiles---four My father and Kesavan Asari calculated the quantity of tiles DHWANI required to put a new roof over our house. Kesavan Asari is the Chief Carpenter in our village. He is an old carpenter. H & C tiles are good quality tiles. We can purchase them from Ithikkara factory. The place is not very far. Kesavan Asari said. But there is a big problem. My house does not have a road approach. How to bring the heavy load of tiles into our vicinity? We can bring the load up to Pichakkadamukku in a lorry. Kesavan Asari said. Pichakkadamukku is an old name of an old town. The new name is Nellikkunnam. Picha founded the town with a humble beginning almost 150 years ago. He started a tea shop there. Kesavan Asari is an old man like my grandfather. They know many stories. But the Herculean task is to bring the tiles to our property. Nellikkunnam is one mile away. Headload transportation is very labor intensive. Our community people will help. My mother intervened. She always had practical wisdom. Our community people are friendly. They support each other. Korah Mavan visited our house again after two weeks. He looked more tired. His dhoti and shoulder towel were not very clean. He looked at the red tiled roof of our house again and again. He could not believe what he saw. I noticed the shade of grief and anger on his wrinkled face. As soon as he entered the house he sat on the bare floor. He used to sit on a short wooden bench in the dining area. My mother was surprised to see Korah Mavan sitting on the floor. She exclaimed. O No. What is this? Mavan sitting on the bare floor in our house? How come you are not sitting on the bench? Am I not a beggar, Sarreh? The beggar sits where he is supposed to sit. Korah Mavan's answer was a puzzle to me. Sarreh means Madam Teacher. Korah Mavan never called my mother Madam Teacher. She was Thankamma to Korah Mavan till today. Why are you talking like this Mavan? You are not a beggar in this house. My mother asked. She compelled Korah Mavan to sit on the bench. My mother gave him Kanji in the porcelain bowl. The bowl had blue lines around its belly like stretch marks. There were three side dishes this time thoran, coconut chutney and pappadam

46 Korah Mavan finished the food faster than the usual time. It looked like that he was unusually hasty. He did not plunge into his usual conversation with my mother. My mother gave me the five rupee note which I slipped into the shivering hands of Korah Mavan. His customary gift from my house. It is my right to give the gift. Korah Mavan did not put his blessing hands upon my head. He did not cross himself in the Eastern Tradition. He did not close his eyes. His lips did not shiver with chants of prayer. He did not pose in meditation. He took his cane that had brass ribs on both ends and walked out of my house. After walking a few steps, he looked back into the red roof of my house. I and naughty Chippie standing under the shade of the magnificent Jack fruit tree watched Korah Mavan walking away like an exclamation mark along the mud bunds embanked as a pedestrian walk way in the vast expanse of the rice fields. It looks like Appooppan is sad and angry. Why? I heard the quizzical murmur from Chippie's lips. I said. I do not know. We do not know most of the things happening around us. I remembered the words of my father once told me. The poor village school teacher said. Man's heart is deeper than the deepest trench of Pacific Ocean. The pedestrian walkway in the expanse of rice field looked like two parallel lines. The exclamation mark diminished into a dot and then disappeared where the parallel lines meet. 44

47 Sam Mathew General Secretary Detroit Malayalee Association DMA s Journey 2018 As a team with a deep commitment and passion for Kerala and Malayalam, we at DMA have enjoyed witnessing so many signs of progress over many years. Compared to a typical DMA calendar year, this year has been a bit different because of the focus DMA placed in helping the victims of the devastating floods Kerala experienced in decades. The new office bearers of DMA took office in January 2018, under the leadership of President Mohan Panaghavil. Many thanks to all my fellow officer bearers, Shibu Varghese as Treasurer, Toms Mathew as Vice President, Tomi Moolan as Joint Secretary and Thomas George (Chachi) as joint Treasurer. Women's Forum, an integral part of DMA was under the strong leadership of Smitha Abhilash as President and Julie Mathew as Secretary. We achieved our goals, only because of the ongoing support and guidance of Board of Trustees under the leadership of Chairman - Mathew Cheruvil, Vice-chair - Paul Kuriakose, Secretary -Rojan Thomas, Ex-officio Sajan George and current President- Mohan Panangavil started with our first official executive committee meeting on February 3, The whole year's road map was discussed during this meeting and lot of emphasis was put on our yearly charity activities, fundraising efforts and cultural events. As our yearly fundraising effort, DMA hosted a well-attended star show at Lakeview High School on April 28th, After the star show, DMA was gearing up for one of our marque Onam program to be held in September. But we decided to cancel the Onam celebrations this year to grieve with our fellow brothers and sisters in Kerala, who were badly affected by the record flooding that happened in Kerala in Mid-August. Immediately after the cancellation of the Onam program, we put all our efforts into fundraising activities to help those affected in Kerala. Under the leadership of Rajesh Kutty, our charity Chairperson, DMA was on a mission to help Kerala flood victims. We also executed community outreach efforts with the help our media chair, Mr. Surendran Nair which helped us reach and work with all our Indian sister organizations, here in MI. While the main Executive Body was focused on fundraising activities, our Women's Forum team was helping with many charity activities that DMA undertakes on a regular basis. Serving meals at Soup Kitchen and Adopt-A-Road event were well appreciated by the community. Adopt-A-Road is a family event for DMA where we clean Dequindre Road between 14- and 16- mile road and Novi Road between 8 Mile Road and Grand River. DMA's annual picnic was held on June 16th, 2018 at Fire Fighters Park in Troy. It was a fun filled picnic with many activities for kids and adults. Sincere thanks to all the team members who made this year's picnic a memorable one for all who attended. We have a tradition of having the newest executive members to assist with organizing the picnic. This year under the leadership of TomiMoolan, newbies Manoj Warrier, Jules George and Amit Nair went over and beyond to make sure everyone had the best experience. By the time you read this article, DMA would have showcased one of the best Christmas program in the Malayalee community.this year's program is themed after 'VinnileTharam'. Planning and practices are happening as I write these closing remarks of our journey this year. Our hard work, dedication and our genuine and ongoing activities in participating in charitable causes helped us raise close to $100,000, 100% of which will be dispersed directly to the most flood affected families in Kerala. As our work continues and expands, we are eager to deepen existing relationships and create new ones. Let me end by thanking all our readers and well-wishers and welcome you all to be part of DMA. 45

48 Detroit Malayalee Learn Malayalam! Learn Kerala! In the last edition of Dhwani, we introduced "Detroit Malayalee" section for everyone who is interested in learning Malayalam, which is the official language of Kerala. In that section, we studied vowels, consonant letters and vowel signs. Thank you for all the positive feedbacks that we received for our last section. In this edition of Dhwani, we will learn how to combine vowel signs with consonant letters and also some combination letters. The vowel signs â (m), (n), (o) are placed to the right of a consonant letter to which it is attached. The vowel signs ç (s), (t), ai (ss) are placed to the left of a consonant letter. The vowel signs o (sm) and ô (tm) consist of two parts: the first part goes to the left of a consonant letter and the second part goes to the right of it. The vowel signs u (p), û (q), r (r), au (u) are also simply placed to the right of the consonant letter. v Vowel Signs 8 I + t = ti kaa 1 I + m = Im kaa 9 I + ss = ssi kai 2 I + n = In ki 10 I + sm = sim ko 3 I + o = In kee 11 I + tm = tim ko 4 I + p = Ip ku 12 I + u = Iu cow 5 I + q = Iq koo 13 I + w = Iw come 6 I + r = Ir kru 14 I + x = Ix KA 7 I + s = si k 15 I + = Iv kku 46 A B C Cu D Du E F G sf H Hm Hu Aw Ax I I Im In Io Ip Iq Ir si ti ssi sim tim siu Iw Ix J J Jm Jn Jo Jp Jq Jr sj tj ssj sjm tjm sju Jw Jx K K Km Kn Ko Kp Kq Kr sk tk ssk skm tkm sku Kw Kx L L Lm Ln Lo Lp Lq Lr sl tl ssl slm tlm slu Lw Lx M M Mm Mn Mo Mp Mq Mr sm tm ssm smm tmm smu Mw Mx N N Nm Nn No Np Nq Nr sn tn ssn snm tnm snu Nw Nx O O Om On Oo Op Oq Or so to sso som tom sou Ow Ox P P Pm Pn Po Pp Pq Pr sp tp ssp spm tpm spu Pw Px Q Q Qm Qn Qo Qp Qq Qr sq tq ssq sqm tqm squ Qw Qx

49 A B C Cu D Du E F G sf H Hm Hu Aw Ax R R Rm Rn Ro Rp Rq Rr sr tr ssr srm trm sru Rw Rx S S Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr ss ts sss ssm tsm ssu Sw Sx T T Tm Tn To Tp Tq Tr st tt sst stm ttm stu Tw Tx U U Um Un Uo Up Uq Ur su tu ssu sum tum suu Uw Ux V V Vm Vn Vo Vp Vq Vr sv tv ssv svm tvm svu Vw Vx W W Wm Wn Wo Wp Wq Wr sw tw ssw swm twm swu Ww Wx X X Xm Xn Xo Xp Xq Xr sx tx ssx sxm txm sxu Xw Xx Y Y Ym Yn Yo Yp Yq Yr sy ty ssy sym tym syu Yw Yx Z Z Zm Zn Zo Zp Zq Zr sz tz ssz szm tzm szu Zw Zx [ [ [m [n [o [p [q [r s[ t[ ss[ s[m t[m s[u [w [x \ \ \m \n \o \p \q \r s\ t\ ss\ s\m t\m s\u \w \x ] ] ]m ]n ]o ]p ]q ]r s] t] ss] s]m t]m s]u ]w ]x ^ ^ ^m ^n ^o ^p ^q ^r s^ t^ ss^ s^m t^m s^u ^w ^x _m _n _o _p _q _r s_ t_ ss_ s_m t_m s_u _w _x ` ` `m `n `o `p `q `r s` t` ss` s`m t`m s`u `w `x a a am an ao ap aq ar sa ta ssa sam tam sau aw ax b b bm bn bo bp bq br sb tb ssb sbm tbm sbu bw bx c c cm cn co cp cq cr sc tb ssc scm tcm scu cw cx e e em en eo ep eq er se te sse sem tem seu ew ex h h hm hn ho hp hq hr sh th ssh shm thm shu hw hx i i im in io ip iq ir si ti ssi sim tim siu iw ix j j jm jn jo jp jq jr sj tj ssj sjm tjm sju jw jx k k km kn ko kp kq kr sk tk ssk skm tkm sku kw kx l l lm ln lo lp lq lr sl tl ssl slm tlm slu lw lx f f fm fn fo fp fq fr sf tf ssf sfm tfm sfu fw fx g g gm gn go gp gq gr sg tg ssg sgm tgm sgu gw gx d d dm dn do dp dq dr sd td ssd sdm tdm sdu dw dx 1 I + I = kaa 2 \v + I = nka 3 \ + \ = nna 4 N + N = chcha 5 R + R = Nja 6 P + R = nja 7 ] + ] = ppa 8 S + S = tta 9 W + W = Æ nna 10 X + X = Ø ththa 11 b + b = ø yya 12 e + e = lla 13 i + i =» shsha 14 i + N = shcha 15 \v + ] = º impa 16 \v + S = inda 17 \v + X = indha 18 \v + Y = Ÿ intha 19 \v + [ = ndha 20 d + d = itta 47

50 48 48

51 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud Crooks 10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people every year. They often combine new technology with old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information. Here are some practical tips to help you stay a step ahead. 1. Spot imposters. Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity, or a company you do business with. Don t send money or give out personal information in response to an unexpected request whether it comes as a text, a phone call, or an Do online searches. Type a company or product name into your favorite search engine with words like review, complaint or scam. Or search for a phrase that describes your situation, like IRS call. You can even search for phone numbers to see if other people have reported them as scams. 3. Don t believe your caller ID. Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake caller ID information, so the name and number you see aren t always real. If someone calls asking for money or personal information, hang up. If you think the caller might be telling the truth, call back to a number you know is genuine. 4. Don t pay upfront for a promise. Someone might ask you to pay in advance for things like debt relief, credit and loan offers, mortgage assistance, or a job. They might even say you ve won a prize, but first you have to pay taxes or fees. If you do, they will probably take the money and disappear. 5. Consider how you pay. Credit cards have significant fraud protection built in, but some payment methods don t. Wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram is risky because it s nearly impossible to get your money back. That s also true for reloadable cards like MoneyPak, Reloadit or Vanilla. Government offices and honest companies won t require you to use these payment methods. 6. Talk to someone. Before you give up your money or personal information, talk to someone you trust. Con artists want you to make decisions in a hurry. They might even threaten you. Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, consult an expert or just tell a friend. 7. Hang up on robocalls. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report it to the FTC. These calls are illegal, and often the products are bogus. Don t press 1 to speak to a person or to be taken off the list. That could lead to more calls. 8. Be skeptical about free trial offers. Some companies use free trials to sign you up for products and bill you every month until you cancel. Before you agree to a free trial, research the company and read the cancellation policy. And always review your monthly statements for charges you don t recognize. 9. Don t deposit a check and wire money back. By law, banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take weeks. If a check you deposit turns out to be a fake, you re responsible for repaying the bank. 10. Sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC at ftc.gov/scams. Get the latest tips and advice about scams sent right to your inbox. If you spot a scam, report it at ftc.gov/complaint. Your reports help the FTC and other law enforcement investigate scams and bring crooks to justice. Source:

52 INSPIRED TO CARE DMA CHARITY REPORT The DMA Family were one of those who were directly and indirectly impacted by the floods in Kerala. Directly because two of our executive members were on the ground when the floods hit that fateful day on 15 th of August. Our members lost contact with one of our own families, due to the power outage and the inability physically reach them. However, as God has always been kind, we eventually established contact with them after 4 days. Rajesh Kutty Meanwhile, simultaneously two significant actions were taking place One, the other member and has family who were on the ground in the midst of the floods, with the help of about 35 local volunteers reached out to more than 400 families in the Alappuzha district and made sure, their immediate basic necessities including food grains were being distributed. The Second, the DMA team here in Michigan, went on an overdrive mode to raise funds for the much needed and severe impact that ensued in the following days, as history had it. 50

53 The team spent countless hours knocking doors of several of the organizations, supporters and well-wishers in the metro Detroit area, lining up fund-raising events, across the state, from Grand Rapids, to Flint to Lansing. The end result: it would be an understatement to say that we were overwhelmed with the support, concern and caring assistance that was provided to us by the multitude of organizations far and near. All of them went out of their way to lend us their helping hand, and the fundamental reason why they did that was because they knew for a fact that DMA had a rich history with helping the community both in the metro- Detroit area as well as in Kerala. And there would be no better means to reach out to the Kerala Flood victims than the community- outreach-credible Detroit Malayalee Association. Our decades worth of reputation with a focused and consistent approach in supporting those need, truly spoke for itself during this hour of need for our fellow brothers and sisters in Kerala. A core team of members constituted by DMA, is very diligently working putting in a lot of hours to ensure the money transferred to India is clearly legal following the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of Govt of India) regulations, each of the project is carefully evaluated after a local-onsite visit assessment is done, and made sure it follows the guidelines constituted by the executive committee, including following up on a weekly basis and providing and reporting the progress and status of each of those projects, so that each of the projects are 100% transparent to members of DMA and larger public, about the mode of disbursement, legal transfer of funds and its effective implementation to benefit those in real need. The team is now currently working on implementing a series of 26 different projects acrossmultiple districts of Kerala with disbursements totaling over $100K, touching over a 1000 affected people directly. Among the long term impact projects, include, Building6 homes from scratch ground up across multiple locations in Kainagiri; Cheruthonni; Ponnani and Palakkad; Re-building and maintenance work on 6 shelters for under-privileged children at Viveka Chandrika Sabha School; Support for 15 students whose families lost their livelihood in Puthenvelikara; Support for a Civil Services student who became homeless due the floods in Venmani; Re-building of a school in Puthenvelikara. Building 17 small scale day-trading stores for 17 merchants in Cheruthonni. We take this opportunity, to sincerely thank the members of the following organizations from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us during this calamity. The Hindu Temple, Canton India League of America (ILA), Michigan Tamil Sangam, Troy Mata Tripta Ji Gurdwara, Plymouth Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Canton Sikh Society of West Michigan, Ada Lansing Gurdwara Guru Nanak Mid-Michigan Sikh Sabha Society, Grand Rapids Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Livonia DHWANI 51

54 Pe] Δw knμp h -Kokv Cu InfnhmXnensemcnØncn bpw Np nte nsbøpw sh ]ndmth, I pthm \o thymahmxmb\ß sfms Xpd p apgpinsbmcqgnbn exnepw ]camw as mcp {]fbw? A ]n enhn ka`mh\ X AarX{]hmlw, B{ibw \o pw Icßfn, AW v ]nsns mcm s\ nepcp pt]m kpzrvw \S p Xo sømcm Npaen.. I pthm \obcn ndmth axøn \ndøn axnepiƒ Xo m mspiƒ F mapss mgpipw alm{]hmløn kvt\l\uiiƒ sx pta XfcmXq pw IcpØm Ic߃ I pthm? C mbva X, ]inbsßm q n \n pw \nda\ p \o psamcp ]nsnb w \o It m? I pthm ssisabv ad tlmcm{xw bxv\n pw RßsSbcpabmw bphxsb? \neb s]cpwsh s SpXn X ap n A\ayio j\mw a\pjys\ I pthm? 52

55 PAYASAM RECIPES PAYASAM RECIPES Julie Mathew, DMA Women's Forum Secretary ADA PRADHAMAN INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Ada (75 gms) 250 gms Jaggery 2-3 tsp Ghee 1.75 cups Medium thick coconut milk 1.25 cups Thick coconut milk 1-2 tbsp Tiny coconut slices A handful of (thengakothu) Cashew nut 2-3 Cardamom crushed INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cook the ada in 2-3 cups of water, till it becomes soft. Strain the ada and wash it in cold water to remove the stickiness. Add 3 tbsp of water to the jaggery & melt it. Strain the melted jaggery. 2. In a deep bottom pan, combine melted jaggery, cooked ada & 2 tsp of ghee. Cook on low - medium heat till the mixture becomes thick and start separating from the pan. Add medium thick coconut milk. Cook on medium -low heat and stir in between. When the coconut milk reduce to half the quantity, add thick coconut milk and stir well. Cook for 3-5 minutes. 3. Kindly note that the payasam will thicken itself later on, so after adding thick coconut milk, do not keep it for a long time. Add crushed cardamoms, just before removing from the gas. 4. Heat 1 tsp of ghee in a pan & fry the coconut slices & cashew nuts. Add it to the payasam. Serve hot. MATHANGA PAYASAM (PUMPKIN PAYASAM) INGREDIENTS 550 gms Pumpkin measured with skin, grated Pumpkinchopped in bite size pieces gms Jaggery 2.5 cups Medium thick coconut milk cups Thick coconut milk 1/2 cup Coconut bits (Thengakothu) Cashew nuts 3 Cardamom crushed 3 +2 tbsp Ghee INSTRUCTIONS 1.Soak sago in water for half an hour. Drain the water. Cook the soaked sago in cups water till it becomes soft / glassy. It will take around 10 mins. Drain the water and rinse under cold water to remove the starch. Keep it aside. 2. Melt jaggery with 1/2 cup water. Strain and keep aside. 3. Heat ghee (3 tbsp) in a wide and deep pan. Add grated pumpkin.cook on lowest flame for mins, till it becomes tender. 4. Add melted jaggery to cooked pumpkin. Mix well. Continue to cook on low flame, till the mixture i almost dried and starts leaving the side of the pan, around mins. 5. Add medium thick coconut milk, bring to boil. Simmer and cook till it's reduced in qty and it becomes thick in cosistency. 6. Add thick coconut milk and mix well. Continue to cook on low flame for another 7-8 mins. Add crushed cardamom and remove from fire. 7. Heat ghee (2 tbsp) in a small frying pan and add the chopped pumpkin pieces, till it becomes golden in colour. Drain and fry the coconut bits, till it becomes golden, followed by the cashew nuts. 8. Garnish the payasam with fried pumpkin pieces, coconut bits and cashew nuts. SEMIYA PAYASAM/ KHEER INGREDIENTS 1 cup Vermicelli / Semiya 100 gms approx 2 ltrs +1/2 cup Milk refer notes 1 tin Condensed milk refer notes for sugar substitute 1-2 tbsp Sugar optional 1/2 cup Cashew nuts & raisins each 3 big Cardamom crushed 2.5 tbsp Ghee INSTRUCTIONS 1. If using sago, soak it in water for half an hour. Drain the water. Cook the soaked sago in 2 cups water till it becomes soft / glassy. It will take around 10 mins. Drain the water and rinse under cold water to remove the starch. Keep it aside. 2. Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a bottom heavy pan and roast the semiya till golden brown. If you are using roasted semiya, just fry for 2-3 mins, till the raw smell goes. 3. Add milk (2 ltrs) to it, bring it to boil and simmer. Cook till semiya is fully done, around mins. Keep stirring in between. 4. Add condensed milk and stir, till it is well combined with milk. Cook for 4-5 mins. Do a taste test and add sugar, if required. 5. Add crushed cardamom and remove from fire. 6. Heat 1/2 tbsp ghee in a pan and fry the cashew nuts, when it becomes golden brown, add raisins. Add the fried cashews and raisins to payasam. Serve hot or chilled. 53


57 PALADA PRADHAMAN INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Ada 2 cups Full fat milk 1 1/4 cups Water 1/2 tin Condensed milk 200 gms 2 tbsp Sugar optional (refer notes) 1 tbsp Chopped cashew 1 Crushed cardamom 1/2 tbsp Ghee INSTRUCTIONS 1. Combine milk, water and condensed milk in a pressure cooker. Add washed ada and stir well. Bring it to a boil. Once it boils, close the cooker and put on weight. After first whistle on full flame, reduce flame to low-medium and cook for 5-6 whistles. Switch off the gas. 2. Keep it closed till pressure drops, mins. Check the consistency of the payasam and also whether ada is cooked. Keep in mind that payasam tends to thicken as it rests. If the ada is not cooked well or if you want a more thicker consistency, keep cooking on low flame (without the lid) and stir in between. 3. Heat ghee in a pan and fry the chopped cashews till golden brown, add this to the payasam. Also add crushed cardamom. Serve hot, warm or chilled. PAZHAM PRADHAMAN INGREDIENTS 1 kg Ripe Plantain / Ethakka / Nenthrakaya cut into bite size pieces (refer notes) gms Jaggery refer notes 2.5 cups Thin coconut milk 2 cups Medium Thick coconut milk cups Thick coconut milk 4 Cardamom crushed 3-4 tbsp Ghee Cashew nuts 1/3 cup Coconut bits (thengakothu ) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Melt jaggery with 1/2 cup water in a deep pan and keep aside. 2. Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a wide and deep pan. Add sliced banana pieces and fry on low -medium flame, till it begins to brown. Reduce flame to lowest and mash the banana pieces with a wooden spatula or a potato masher. You can mash it slightly so that there is some texture or mash it completely like a paste. I mashed it slightly, since I prefer that texture. 3. Strain the melted jaggery and add to mashed banana. Keep stirring in between. Cook on low flame, till the mixture becomes thick and starts leaving the side of the pan. Add 1 tbsp ghee to the mixture and mix well. Add thin coconut milk and bring to boil. Reduce the flame to low-medium and cook till the mixture is reduced in quantity to a thicker consistency. 4. Add medium thick coconut milk, stir and bring it to boil. Keep cooking on low-medium flame till the mixture becomes thick. Reduce flame to lowest and add thick coconut milk. Mix well. Continue to cook on low flame for 5-7 mins. Remove from fire. 5. In a small pan, add 1 tbsp ghee and brown the cashews first, drain it on paper towel. In the same pan, add more ghee, if required, add coconut bits and fry till it turns golden brown. Add crushed cardamom and fried cashew and coconut bits to payasam. KADALA PARIPPU PRADHAMAN INGREDIENTS 1.5 cups Chana Dal / Bengal gram (kadala parippu) gms Jaggery refer notes DHWANI 4 cups Thin coconut milk 3 cups Medium thick coconut milk 1.5 cups Thick coconut milk 1/2-3/4 cup Coconut bits (thengakothu) 3 Crushed cardamom 1/2 cup Cashew nuts 3-5 tbsp Ghee INSTRUCTIONS 1. Wash chana dal. Heat 2 tsp of ghee and roast the dal on low flame in a pressure cooker, till the nutty aroma comes 4-5 mins, make sure you dont brown it. Add 3 cups of water and pressure cook, till it's done (refer notes). 2. Mash the cooked dal using a wooden spoon. If you prefer a small bite, dont mash it too much. However if you prefer a smooth texture, mash it nicely. 3. Melt the jaggery by adding 1/2 cup of water. Strain the melted jaggery and add it to the mashed dal. 4. Cook the melted jaggery and mashed dal in a wide and deep non stick pan, on low flame. Cook till the mixture becomes thick and the melted jaggery is almost dried. Make sure you stir it in between, to prevent it sticking to the bottom. Add 2 tbsp ghee and mix well. 5. Gradually add thin coconut milk to this and mix well. Bring it to a boil. Simmer it on low flame till the mixture reduces to almost half the quantity. Add medium thick coconut milk and stir well. When it boils, reduce the flame to the lowest and cook till the mixture thickens, mins (it can take longer also) 6. Add thick coconut milk and stir well. Do not boil. Keep stirring and cooking on low flame for 5-7 mins. Add crushed cardamom powder. 7. In a small pan, heat the remaining ghee and brown the cashews first, drain it on paper towel. In the same pan, add more ghee, if required, add coconut bits and fry till it turns golden brown. Add this and the fried cashews to the payasam

58 KERALA CHRISTMAS CAKE / FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS FOR SOAKING: Mixed fruits 3 cups Rum / Brandy I used dark rum 1.5 cups FOR CARAMEL: Sugar 1/2 cup Water 1 tbsp Warm water 1/4 cup FOR CAKE: Plain flour 2 cups Baking powder 1 1/4 tsp Baking soda 1/2 tsp Sugar 1 cup + 2 tbsp Unsalted Butter 250 gms 1 cup + 2 tbsp, room temp Eggs 4 room temp) Vanilla essence 2 tsp Jam I used apricot 1 tbsp FOR SPICE POWDER: Cloves 2 Cardamom 2 Cinnamon A small piece Nutmeg A small piece INSTRUCTIONS Soaking of Fruits I used a combination of sultanas, seedless raisins,currants & candied orange & lemon peel. I didn't chop the fruits & used it as such. You can use dried fruits of your choice. If you are using dates/apricots etc; chop it into Smitha Abhilash, DMA Women's Forum President small pieces & soak it. I soaked it for almost 1.5 months. Try to soak it for a minimum of 1 week, at least. Shake the jar of soaked fruits once in a while. Caramel Preparation: Combine 1/2 cup sugar & 1 tbsp water in a sauce pan. Heat it & let the sugar melt. When the color of the melted sugar becomes dark brown, remove the pan from fire & add 1/4 cup warm water to this. You need to be very careful at this stage since the water tends to splash & can cause burns. Bring it back to the heat & boil for a few more mins, 3-4 mins. Remove from fire & let it cool completely. You can prepare the caramel in advance & refrigerate it. Check out the caramel picture at Annita's place, if you want to get an idea about the colour. Spice Powder: Grind all the spices with a pinch of sugar, to a fine powder & keep aside. Cake Preparation: Preheat the 180 C for mins, before baking. Drain the soaked fruits & keep aside. Retain 4 tbsp from the drained liquor. Toss the drained fruits in 1-2 tbsp of flour. (This will prevent the fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake). Sift the plain flour with baking powder & baking soda. Powder the sugar & keep aside. Separate the yolks & white of the eggs. Beat egg whites till soft peaks form. Keep aside. Beat the egg yolks & add the softened butter to it. Beat it till it forms a smooth paste. Add powdered sugar to this, gradually. Beat after each addition. When it becomes smooth add vanilla essence & cooled caramel & spice powder & beat again. Add the sifted flour in 2 batches. Beat after each addition. Add jam & combine. Fold in the beaten egg whites in 2 parts & combine till no white streaks are visible. Fold in the soaked fruits & 4 tbsp of retained liquor. Grease the baking dish (refer notes) & line with baking paper. Pour the batter into the prepared tins. Bake in the pre heated oven for mins or until the skewer inserted comes out clean. The baking time can vary depending on the oven & also the size of the tin used. Alcohol free version: Soak 3 cups of fruits in 1.5 cups of fresh orange juice. Leave it room temp. The rest of the recipe is same. 56

59 57

60 58 Global, Tiruvalla Ph: /

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s]s -t mkvxp kaqlw H n p kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-04-2018 2018 April 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 09 Kottarakkara Page

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{]m - -\mkw-k-aw Xn-cp-h- -bn kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-03-2018 2018 March 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 08 Kottarakkara Page

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sk -Ip-am-dn-s A-`n-ap-J t_mw-_v VOL.9 ISSUE 28 JULY Member E-Edition THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE For Private Circulation JULY 08, 2017 1 UNITED STATES PRESS AGENCY 08, 2017 www.azchavattomonline.com Azchavattom Inc., P.O. Box 823, Sugar

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CONTENTS. 24 A-Xym -Ø-h-hpw A-tim-I-hpw 27 io-x-im-ew h-cp-tºm-ƒ C-\n-bpw hm-bn- -s -Sm-Ø

CONTENTS. 24 A-Xym -Ø-h-hpw A-tim-I-hpw 27 io-x-im-ew h-cp-tºm-ƒ C-\n-bpw hm-bn- -s -Sm-Ø Open Your Eyes 9 \m-sf-sb t\m- n- m-wm 12 t\-{x-hym-bm-aw 15 dn-{^m-iv- o-hv k -P-dn 16 tlm-an-tbm- -Xn-bp-sS I-Æn-eq-sS 18 se -kpw s{^-bn-apw 20 k -th-{μn-bm-wmw \-b-\w {]-[m-\w 22 an-gn-i-fp-ss ku-μ-cyw

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D -S w 2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 4 {Kojva EXp... {KojvaNcy. 13 ]cn-c- -W-Øns ap K-W-\-Iƒ.. 17 GI-{[p-h-ssh-Zyw Btcm-Ky-ta-Je... B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India March 2012 Vol.19 Issue 3 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal Printer & Plublisher

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hmcni C- y-bp-ss B-tcm-Ky-I-c-am-b \n-e-\n -]v B-{K-ln- tz-io-b t\-xm- -sf- mw {i-an- n-cp- -Xv H-cp {]-txy-i hn-`m-k-øn-s

hmcni C- y-bp-ss B-tcm-Ky-I-c-am-b \n-e-\n -]v B-{K-ln- tz-io-b t\-xm- -sf- mw {i-an- n-cp- -Xv H-cp {]-txy-i hn-`m-k-øn-s 1 hcn kwjy hmcni 22 BKÃv 2014 ]pkvxiw- 13 hn-zym-`ym-kw: c-l-kya-p- -Iƒ c-l-ky-an- m-sx `m-c-xo-b P-\-Xm-]m - n- v hn-zym-`ym-kw N-cn-{Xw F- n-hbn c-l-ky A-P- -I-fp- v F- -Xv s]m-xp-hn D-b - p-h- B-tcm-]-W-ß-fm-Wv.

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C ybn thcpd- n- p ^mkn-ãv kºzvhyhÿ

C ybn thcpd- n- p ^mkn-ãv kºzvhyhÿ \nco- Ww [ C-Xv A-k-ln-jv-Wp-X-bp-sS cq-]-øn-epw A-{I-a-Øn-s cq-]-øn-epw {]-Xn-^-en- mw [ t\m v \ntcm-[\w, Pn.-F-kv.Sn, \oxn BtbmKv C ybn thcpd- n- p ^mkn-ãv kºzvhyhÿ ^m-kn-ãv A[n-Imchyhÿ `-c-w-iq-s-øn-s

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ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv

ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv Hm sse sszzhm-cni Vol: 7 l Book No. 1 l 2017 August 16 kzmx{ y Zn\m-iw-k-Iƒ \-h-`m-c-x \nà½nxn- m-bn H- p-tn-cp-i : cm-jv{s-]-xn ]n-s- p a-cn- -Xv 71 Ip-cp- p-iƒ- t]pv : 2 \yp-u

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv. sk]v w-_

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv. sk]v w-_ 1 sk]v w-_ 2016 \yp hn-j t^m F sn-bv- n-mv thƒ-uv ]p-kv-x-iw 16 e- w 13 sk]v w-_ 2016 Xm-fp-Iƒ a-dn- p-tºmƒ 4 5 10 12 13 15 17 19 21 25 FUn-t m-dn-b tum.tpm-kv ]m-d- -S-hn A`n-ap-Jw P\-{]n-b-s\m w tiw

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2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni

2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India May 2012 Vol.19 Issue 5 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar 09946986421 Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal 09349944767

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Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq

Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p ]m-ã sp ]m-ã si. Pn tpm-k-^v tpm- ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm- Uv C C -Uy ti-c-fm tã- v Iu -kn sk-{i- -dn-bm-bn ]m- Ã sp tpm-k-^v ho- pw sxsc- -Sp- -s - p. tã- v Hm-h -knb- d-h. kn kn

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krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w)

krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w) krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w) s{]m^. ]n. F. hmlnzv sf.]n.f v. Sh t]mtãm^okv tdmuv, Xriq 1 t^m : 0487 2426476, 9847367074, 9447201551 No parts of these publication may be reprodiced,

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Icn-kvam- niv apt w s]s -t mkvxp {]ÿm-\sø _e-s -SpØn: _nj]v dmt^

Icn-kvam- niv apt w s]s -t mkvxp {]ÿm-\sø _e-s -SpØn: _nj]v dmt^ 20 sabv 2018 hmeyw. 24 e w. 10 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne Bcm-[-\m-Km-\-߃ kwko-x-ta-f-i-fm- -cpxv tim- -bw: B-cm-[-\-bn kw-kotxm-]-i-c-w-ß-fp-ss i-_v-zw hnizm-kn-i-fp-ss i-_v-z-sø- mƒ

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]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn

]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn ]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn ]mã s_ty tpm k I ho-\ t_mã : A-ta-cn- -bn-epw Im-\-U-bn-ep-ap- s]-s -t m-kv- Xv k-`-i-fp-ss sf-iy-iq- m-bv-a-bmb ]n.-kn.-f.-f.-si.-bp-ss 2018 tim -^-d -kv t_m-ã

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]mã _n\p tpm v. ti-c-f-øn-se s]-s -t mkv-xp

]mã _n\p tpm v. ti-c-f-øn-se s]-s -t mkv-xp 20 2015 Pq MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 20 e w. 11 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-06-2015 ka-im-eni ]{XnI A-ta-cn- -bn a-e-bm-f-h-k-

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`-b-sø Io-gv-s -Sp-Øpw: d-h. tum. tpm si.am-xyp

`-b-sø Io-gv-s -Sp-Øpw: d-h. tum. tpm si.am-xyp 20 2015 sk]v- w_ hmeyw. 20 e w. 18 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-09-2015 sf-.]n.kn. an-uv-sh-ãv do-pn-b k-tω-f-\w ]m-ã jm-pn Zm-\n-tb D-Zv-Lm-S-\w sn-bv-xp {]-kw-kn- p- p. t^m-t m: ^n- n cm-pp,

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]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn

]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn 2018 APRIL 238 VOLUME 21 ISSUE No. 238 Published from THIRUVALLA on 01-04-2018 ]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn A-{_-lmw s_ -l l-cn-x-tk-\ ÿm-]-i {]-kn-u v- P-e-kw-`-c-W-Øn-\m-bn ]p-gbn Ip-fw-Ip-Øp-I,

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am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ

am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ 20 hmeyw. P\phcn 2019 25 e w. 02 ka-im-eni ]{XnI MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne ` 4.00 am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ si._n. sf-k- v Ipº-\mSv: "Xn- -bp-ss,

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Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered

Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM Reconsidered Climate Change Reconsidered Lead Authors Craig Idso (USA), S. Fred Singer (USA) Contributors and Reviewers Warren Anderson (USA), J. Scott Armstrong

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kphntiji bm{xbmbn ho-sv k-μ -in- p-am-bn-cp- p. X-s a-c-w hm -Ø A-dn- v H- _m-a C-ß-s\ Szn- v sn-bv-xp. ""Ata-cn- -bn-se

kphntiji bm{xbmbn ho-sv k-μ -in- p-am-bn-cp- p. X-s a-c-w hm -Ø A-dn- v H- _m-a C-ß-s\ Szn- v sn-bv-xp. Ata-cn- -bn-se kphntiji bm{xbmbn {]Imiv ]n. timin tim-sn- -W- n-\v P-\- ß-tfm-Sv kp-hn-ti-jw {]-kw-kn- v kp-hn-ti-j-sø A- -cm - - Øn P-\-Io-I-cn- _n- n-{k-lman-s\-t m-se a-s m-cp kp-hn-tij-i N-cn-{X-Øn C-. kp-hnti-j-k-xy-øn-s

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hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page 8 Annual Subscription ` 150/-

hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page 8 Annual Subscription ` 150/- kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-01-2018 2018 January 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page

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EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty, Pr. Roy Cherian, Pr. Abraham Mannamaruthi (Editor)

EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty, Pr. Roy Cherian, Pr. Abraham Mannamaruthi (Editor) k`m hm -Ø-Iƒ F m am-k-hpw 5 mw Xo-b-Xn- p-apºv Hm-^o-kn F-Øn-t - -XmWv tej-\߃, A-`n-{]m-b߃, hm -Ø-Iƒ Xp-S-ßn-b-h A-b-bv-t - hn-emkw EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty,

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s]-s -t m-kvx-tcmsv am v tnmzn- p

s]-s -t m-kvx-tcmsv am v tnmzn- p 1 05 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA BKÃv 2014 e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 18 e w. 15 hne `.4.00 Published from

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sf.]n.kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ -kv a-s-ßn-h-c-hn-s -bpw ]p-xp- -Øn-s -bpw kw-k-aw ]n.-kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ kn-s

sf.]n.kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ -kv a-s-ßn-h-c-hn-s -bpw ]p-xp- -Øn-s -bpw kw-k-aw ]n.-kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ kn-s 20 hmeyw. \hw_ 24 e w. 22 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA tim bw: am txmωm«olmbpss ss]xriw Dd- n- p-ibpw AtX-k-abw {_m W ss]-xr- Iw Dd- n- p-ibpw sntø- Xv k`-bpss ]pxp- -Øn\v AXy- m-t]- n-x-am-sw

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C m-anse \yq\-]- -amwv. sf.-f-kv : {^m kn-kv ]m

C m-anse \yq\-]- -amwv. sf.-f-kv : {^m kn-kv ]m 20 2016 sk]v w-_ hmeyw. 21 e w. 18 hne `.4.00 ka-im-eni ]{XnI MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-09-2016

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aounb ao v P\phcn 19\v

aounb ao v P\phcn 19\v FIvkv{]kv sldmƒuv 1 Christian Cultural newspaper For Private circulation only 12 Pages Vol. XI Issue 51 2018 November-December 95--- maxv Ipº-\mSv I h j Ip-º-\m-Sv: C- ym s]-s -t m-kv- Xv ssz-h-k-`-bp-ss

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D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw: bm-ymà- y-sa- v?

D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw: bm-ymà- y-sa- v? 05 ]-{Xm-[n-]À- v- ]-d-bm-\p-å-xvbp-àn-hm-zn-i-fp-ts-x-ã im-kv-{xm-h-t_m-[w! 1439 k^à ]p-kv-x-i-w 16 e- w 03 ]wàn-iä 04 hm-b-\- m-cp-ss- kw-hm-zw- 50 hnip-²- ]mx 10 ap-kv-x-^m X³-hoÀ D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw:

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Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw

Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw ssj-pp txm-a-kv Rm-d-bv- I-gn- \q- m- n-s G- -hpw h-en-b {]-txy-i-x hn-h-c km-t - Xn-I cw-k-øv D- m-b Ip-Xn- v Nm- -am-wv. C- -s\- v A-[n-jvTn-X-amb km-t -Xn-I-hn-Zy-bv- pw A-Xns hn-im-k-øn-\pw c- v h-i-ßfm-wp-

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Ata-cn- -bn dneokv s^{_phcn 1-\v \n ΩmWw ae-bmfnbmb hnivs G{_lmw

Ata-cn- -bn dneokv s^{_phcn 1-\v \n ΩmWw ae-bmfnbmb hnivs G{_lmw 05 hmeyw. P\phcn 2019 25 e w. 01 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA -sim- p- m- tim {K-kns\ Zp _-e-s -Sp-Øm kn]nfw (Fw) _n.-sp.-]nsb klm-bn- p- p. si apc-fo-[-c k, tim {Kkpw _n.-sp.-]n.bpw Htc h

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aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv

aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv 1 05 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2017 HtŒm_ e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com hmeyw. 22 e w. 19 www.marupacha.com hne `.4.00 Tel. +91 469 2634321 \yq-u -ln: F-s

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2013 reserved. Copyright

2013 reserved. Copyright Copyright C 2013 reserved C Copyright of the sketches, monograms, logo and other materials used in this story to create pages as they appeared in the periodicals, belongs to the respective publishers of

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sk]v w-_ \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv

sk]v w-_ \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 sk] w-_ 2017 C- -gn- kzm-x-{ y-zn-\-øn-s X-te-Znh-kw ti-c-f kwÿm-\ sk-{i- -dn-tb- n-\p ap-ºn km-[mc-w Im-Wm-Ø H-cp D-]hm-k ka-cw \-S p. kzm-x- { y-øn-s 70 h -j-߃ ]q -Øn-bm-Ip-tºmgpw A- h-k-w-\-bn I-gn-bp-,

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hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw

hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw 102 A[ym-bw 5 hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw A-dn-hv A-\p-`-h-am- p-i-sb- {]m-yan-i Im-gv-N- m-sv hmà- -bnâ {]-Xn- ^-en- n- p- Zu-Xy-am-Wv hmà- m-h-xm-c-i³ hmà- m-jym-\- n-eq-ss \nà-h-ln- m³ {i-an- p-

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]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw hns-hmßn

]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw hns-hmßn 05 s^{_phcn 2018 hmeyw. 23 e w. 03 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne ` 4.00 ka-im-eni ]{XnI maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Published from Thiruvalla on 05-02-2018 ]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw

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Zv-LmS-\w sn-øp-i-bm-bn-cp- p A-t±lw. hn-iz-zo-]w A-hm -Uv kn-f-kvf-kv sk-{i -dn dh.-

Zv-LmS-\w sn-øp-i-bm-bn-cp- p A-t±lw. hn-iz-zo-]w A-hm -Uv kn-f-kvf-kv sk-{i -dn dh.- 20 \hw-_ hmeyw. 22 e w. 20 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-11- MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 {InkvXy FIvkvt]m U ln-bn kam-]n p {InkvXy

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017 ti-c-f-øn-se s]m-xp-hn-zym-`ym-k ta-j-e i- ns -Sp-Øp-I C-t m-g-sø k - m-cn-s {]-Jym-]n-X e- y-ß-fn-sem- m-wv.`-c-w-i -Øm- -fp-ss A-{i- -aq-ew A-t[m-K-Xn-bn-em-bn-cp-

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ss{ikvxh `h-\-߃ Aø- - m-cpss CS-Øm-hfw

ss{ikvxh `h-\-߃ Aø- - m-cpss CS-Øm-hfw 05 hmeyw. Unkw_ 2018 24 e w. 23 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA F. kmw \n-xy-x-bn -sim- p- m- Ign sxmæqdp h jambn Rm i_-cn-a-e-bnse Ac-h-W- m-bkw Ign- p- p. Ac-h-W- m-bkw t]mse C{X-bpw {]i-kvx-amb

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sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp

sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp - sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp Im-\-U do-pn-b `m-c-hm-ln-iƒ sf.]n.kn P-\-d {]-kn-u- v ]m-ã tp- -_v tpm-wn-t\m-ssm- w ssm-dm

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t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk

t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk - KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 09 sk]v w-_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- apf- pg: ti-c-f-øn-se s]- t m-kv-xv ssz-h-k-`-iƒ- v 100 h -j-sø ss]-xr-iw B-Wv A- h-im-i-s

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING. C y-bpss ]pxn-b cm-{ ]-Xn-bm-bn sx-c-s -Sp- s - {io. cmw -\m-yv timhn-μn\v Znhy-hm -Ø-bpsS

HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING. C y-bpss ]pxn-b cm-{ ]-Xn-bm-bn sx-c-s -Sp- s - {io. cmw -\m-yv timhn-μn\v Znhy-hm -Ø-bpsS h Øam-\Øns kºq- -ÆX Vol. XV Issue 4 3 4 2 -\mw {In-kv-Xp-hn X-s -tbm? HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING American Corner 5 6 Health Corner NEGLIGENCE ss n-fn-eqss Znhy-bm{X ss nƒ Iznkv BtKm-f hm Ø-Iƒ hm

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aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw

aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw aebmfw 21-12-2016 a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw t]- À 1 bq-wnäv 1.1. `m-tjmâ- - n-sb- p-dn-

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ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv

ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv - ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv Hm sse sszzhm-cni Vol: 9 l Book No. 1 l 2017 October 02 N v Hm^v tkmuv ti-c-fm kv -t - v - P-\-d I -h -j ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm- Uv C C -Uy ti-c-f kvt - v 95 m-a-xv P-\-d

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NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn

NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn 16 m-axv t\m Ø-ta-cn- sf.-]n.-kn.^manen tim ^-d kv NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn dh. t n h Kokv {_Z Ae-Ivkm- tpm v cmp Bcy- - n \mj-w aounb I ho-\ Um-f-kv: t\m -Ø-ta-cn- -bnep- C- ym s]-s -t m-kv-xv

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176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s

176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s A g la di ou s F. L. 462 E l ec tr on ic D ev el op me nt A i ng er A.W.S. 371 C. A. M. A l ex an de r 236 A d mi ni st ra ti on R. H. (M rs ) A n dr ew s P. V. 326 O p ti ca l Tr an sm is si on A p ps

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Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live.

Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live. Sk Nw k j v #07 WINTER 2011 Fm Ow C W! W w bk w v b v m m b k w v m m Y w m m w v v m! T P C Sm B, T C, Gvv H K R w b v M C S A Fbk w v YI v v w m bk m b m w A H O w bk w w v w m m b m v qk w I w k ABC

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P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 J A R T a l s o c o n c l u d e d t h a t a l t h o u g h t h e i n t e n t o f N e l s o n s r e h a b i l i t a t i o n p l a n i s t o e n h a n c e c o n n e

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T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t

T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t T h e P r o j e c t T H E P R O J E C T T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S A r t i c l e P a g e C o m p r e h e n s i v e A s s es s m e n t o f t h e U F O / E T I P h e n o m e n o n M a y 1 9 9 1 1 E T

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Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn

Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn ]mã tp _v tpm tpm Ip-º-\m-Sv: `m-c-x-øn-se s]- -t m-kv-xv B-flo-b kw-k-a-ßfn G- -hpw {]-[m-\-s - Ip-º- \m-sv I -h -j-\v H-cp- -߃ B-cw-`n- p. C- y s]- -t m-kv-xv ssz-hk-`-bp-ss

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Early Years in Colorado

Early Years in Colorado Rp m H V I 6 p - Bb W M M M B L W M b w b B W C w m p w bm 7 Nw m m m p b p m w p E Y C W m D w w Em W m 7- A m m 7 w b m p V A Gw C M Am W P w C Am H m C q Dpm A m p w m m b W I w b-w C M B b m p W Nw

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MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn. A- pe- w t] 1 20 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 19 e w. 04 hne `.4.00 Published from

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Last 4 Digits of USC ID:

Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Chemistry 05 B Practice Exam Dr. Jessica Parr First Letter of last Name PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Name: Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Lab TA s Name: Question Points Score Grader 8 2 4 3 9 4 0

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List of Products and Services from A to Z

List of Products and Services from A to Z S B D P C :K F m IT 4 9( ) 6 98 7 5 89 9 I m. m @. T w : x F P S. S C q m q m : w ( 2 3 V) W S P -T m m w b ydnhk -C y w S C D y w w y yw x b M P L b m 2 1 9 L P S m A Z W b w y w mb xb ( / A) ( w b /

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N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp

N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp - - - KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 11 \hw-_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp 25 ]pxnb {]h

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Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region

Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-U region atoshi Inomata Institute of Developing Economies ETRO Development of cross-national production linkages, 1985-2005 1985

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]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m

]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA ON 05-11 - 2017 hmeyw 13 e w: 11 \hw-_- 2017 Price Rs. 10/- Annual Subscription RS. 100/- Ih tãmdn ]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m ssjpp txmakv Rmd-bv

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IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF JESUS IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF ESUS 9 I p m m 10 A I d m Ad m m m 11 H F p m b pw m m m m b w 14 I m wd d wd d m wd m I m wd 15 M p m wd b p m m 16 T wd I m 17 S m b ; wd 18 A m

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017 a-zy-\n-tcm-[-\-a- h -P-\-am-Wv R-ß-fp-sS \-bw F- p {]-Jym-]n- p-sim- v A-[n-Im-c-Øn h- ap- -Wn C- t mƒ a-zy-ap-x-em-fn-bm-bn am-dn-bn-cn- p-i-bm-wv. a-zy-]m-

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0# E % D 0 D - C AB

0# E % D 0 D - C AB 5-70,- 393 %& 44 03& / / %0& / / 405 4 90//7-90/8/3 ) /7 0% 0 - @AB 5? 07 5 >0< 98 % =< < ; 98 07 &? % B % - G %0A 0@ % F0 % 08 403 08 M3 @ K0 J? F0 4< - G @ I 0 QR 4 @ 8 >5 5 % 08 OF0 80P 0O 0N 0@ 80SP

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Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw. 70 a n-e y _-[ n-cà! \nd-hy-xym-k- n-s\-xnsc ]mìà s ³ {_qt«m GRACE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTED.

Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw. 70 a n-e y _-[ n-cà! \nd-hy-xym-k- n-s\-xnsc ]mìà s ³ {_qt«m GRACE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTED. Zn fullfilling tkmä the great commission... hn À NOVEMBER 2017 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3 Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw _ nk nb p w FU nb p w a mä p p A cw Bßc bv v hmà m]{xni C-d m-\ nâ I q-«k v-\ m-\ w e-ï³: tem-i N-cn-{X-

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Fgp- p-]pc. Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni. F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- ss{ikvxh DECEMBER 2018

Fgp- p-]pc. Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni. F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- ss{ikvxh DECEMBER 2018 Fgp- p-]pc ss{ikvxh Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni 8 2 0 1 9 F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- Hcp Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni Vol: I Issue: 10 DEC. 2018 (For Private Circulation Only) CHIEF

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Solutions and Ions. Pure Substances

Solutions and Ions. Pure Substances Class #4 Solutions and Ions CHEM 107 L.S. Brown Texas A&M University Pure Substances Pure substance: described completely by a single chemical formula Fixed composition 1 Mixtures Combination of 2 or more

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I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D IS L A M I C E C O N O M I C S I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D E x p l o r a t i o n s i n A g-b eanste d S i m u l a t i o n S a m i A l-s u w a i l e m 1 4 2 9 H 2 0 0 8 I s l a m i c D e v e l o p m e

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Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start.

Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. Name: Lab Day and Time: Instructions 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. 2. This exam is closed note and closed book. You are not allowed to use any outside material while taking this

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02/05/09 Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Dr. Jessica Parr

02/05/09 Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Dr. Jessica Parr Chemistry 05 B First Letter of PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Exam last Name Name: 02/05/09 Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Dr. Jessica Parr Lab TA s Name: Question Points Score Grader 2 2 9 3 9 4 2

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Ir]-bpsS k`-iƒ tic-f-ønepw

Ir]-bpsS k`-iƒ tic-f-ønepw 1 lm-te-eqø 411 VOL. 18 ISSUE 20 c m-bn-c-øn\v tijw tic-f- Øn hym]-i-amb \yq P\-td-j k`-i-fpss ]n p-s -bm-bmwv dmun- s{kbvkn\v tic-f-øn thtcm- -ap- m-bn-cn- p- -Xv. {]apj \yq P\-td-j {]kw-k-i-cmb tpm temd

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016 ae-bm-fn-i-fpss Pohn-X-Øn KpW-]-chpw ka- {K-hp-amb am -߃ p XpS w Ipdn kn.-fw.- Fkv anj-\-dn-am-cpss BK-a-\sØ tic-fob kaqlw F pw IrX- -Xm-]p-c-kcw Hm an-t

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]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w

]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w sk]vxw-_ 21-27 ]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w thz`mkw : aømbn 28:18-20; bmt m_v 5:7,8; skj. 10:1; aømbn 3:11; shfn. 18:1; 19:11 16. a\x]mthmiyw : ""F m ktlm-z-c-

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Whitney Grummon. She kick started a fire in my soul Teaching me a tool to cleanse my mind That ll last a life time. That s how I will remember

Whitney Grummon. She kick started a fire in my soul Teaching me a tool to cleanse my mind That ll last a life time. That s how I will remember W Gmm S kk f m T m m m T f m T I mmb N m p f p f f G L A f b k, b k v M k b p:, bb m, m f m, v. A b m, f mm mm f v b G p. S m m z pp pv pm f, k mk, f v M. I m, I m, fm k p x. S f 45 m m CMS, I p mf,. B

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KpW-ta-³-a-IÄ hyxy-kv-x-xsb A-S-bm-f-s -Sp- p- p

KpW-ta-³-a-IÄ hyxy-kv-x-xsb A-S-bm-f-s -Sp- p- p _nkn\-êv s{]m-ss^â hy-xy-kv-x-amip-i F- mâ A-Xn-\À w a-äp-å-h-tc- mä an-i- -Xm-bn F-s - nepw \Â-Ip-hm³ R- Ä- v km-[n pw F- m-wv. C-Xph-sc-bpÅ Io-gvh-g- - -fnâ- \n pw hy-xy-kv-x-am-bn, D-bÀ Kp-W-ta³-a B-kz-Zn-

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GUIDE. mirfieldshow.com. Sponsored by. Orange Design Studio.

GUIDE. mirfieldshow.com. Sponsored by. Orange Design Studio. GUIDE mfhw.m Sp b O D S. Fh F m F C 1 3 5 7 9 b f M MIRFIELD COAT OF ARMS Th m w ff Fb 26, 1935. Th m f h mp f h w m h m. Th p S Jh H, wh pp h Pp h 13h h b f h ph hh. Hv W H Wh h? O, h wm mh, hp h f h.

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f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^1 ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 i!;g + 5 ;* \ C! 1+M, /A+1+> 0 /A+>! 8 J 4! 9,7 )F C!.4 ;* )F /0 u+\ 30< #4 8 J C!

f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^1 ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 i!;g + 5 ;* \ C! 1+M, /A+1+> 0 /A+>! 8 J 4! 9,7 )F C!.4 ;* )F /0 u+\ 30< #4 8 J C! 393/09/0 393//07 :,F! ::!n> b]( a.q 5 O +D5 S ١ ; ;* :'!3Qi C+0;$ < "P 4 ; M V! M V! ; a 4 / ;0$ f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^ ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 "* < 8c0 5 *

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C{k-tb {][m-\-a{ n s_ -an s\x-\ym-lp, Cdm {]kn-u v Al-ΩZv \npmzv

C{k-tb {][m-\-a{ n s_ -an s\x-\ym-lp, Cdm {]kn-u v Al-ΩZv \npmzv KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 10 HIvtSm_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- C{k-tb v/s Cdm³ anun CuÃn A n-] Xw ]pi-bp p I-gn- 33 h -j-am-bn A- n- ] - -Xw t]m-se s]- n-sø-dn-

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OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9

OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9 OH BOY! O h Boy!, was or igin a lly cr eat ed in F r en ch an d was a m a jor s u cc ess on t h e Fr en ch st a ge f or young au di enc es. It h a s b een s een by ap pr ox i ma t ely 175,000 sp ect at

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5 H o w t o u s e t h e h o b 1 8

5 H o w t o u s e t h e h o b 1 8 P l a s r a d h i s m a n u a l f i r s. D a r C u s m r, W w u l d l i k y u bb a si n p r hf r m a n cf r m y u r p r d u c h a h a s b n m a n u f a c u r d m d r n f a c i l iu n id s r s r i c q u

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I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o

I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o u l d a l w a y s b e t a k e n, i n c l u d f o l

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Chemistry 2 Exam Roane State Academic Festival. Name (print neatly) School

Chemistry 2 Exam Roane State Academic Festival. Name (print neatly) School Name (print neatly) School There are fifteen question on this exam. Each question is weighted equally. n the answer sheet, write your name in the space provided and your answers in the blanks provided.

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Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start.

Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. Name: Lab Day and Time: Instructions 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. 2. This exam is closed note and closed book. You are not allowed to use any outside material while taking this

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Chemistry 185 Exam #2 - A November 5, Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start.

Chemistry 185 Exam #2 - A November 5, Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. Name: Lab Day and Time: Instructions 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. 2. This exam is closed note and closed book. You are not allowed to use any outside material while taking this

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CHEM 108 (Spring-2008) Exam. 3 (105 pts)

CHEM 108 (Spring-2008) Exam. 3 (105 pts) CHEM 08 (Spring-008) Exam. (05 pts) Name: --------------------------------------------------------------------------, CLID # -------------------------------- LAST NAME, First (Circle the alphabet segment

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-$! " #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -./ ( 01! 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7 +,,

-$!  #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -./ ( 01! 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7 +,, ((((( +,-. ()* $%&' "#! : :!, %& ' ()*+ $ " -$! " #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -. ( 01! '% 6):7 -$'1& '*6 )78 %&! +,, 79.& 2* '3*4 0 (A 6>* & ' BC D$!E.?@$* '*! ;4 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7

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>> Taste from our extensive collection. >> Meet the chefs and producers. >> Connect with our team to chat

>> Taste from our extensive collection. >> Meet the chefs and producers. >> Connect with our team to chat P j S h 2016 Sy, Mch 20 TH 10 m - 5 m My, Mch 21 ST 10 m - 4 m Wh S Cv C >> T m xv cc vy w >> M h ch c bh m w m vv c >> Cc wh m ch b wy c w y b Shw b q. R h Mch 18h www.wvchw.cm Ah c m h Gk wy my wh c

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Secondary Support Pack. be introduced to some of the different elements within the periodic table;

Secondary Support Pack. be introduced to some of the different elements within the periodic table; Secondary Support Pack INTRODUCTION The periodic table of the elements is central to chemistry as we know it today and the study of it is a key part of every student s chemical education. By playing the

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Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031

Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 Parts Manual For parts or technical assistance call: USA: 1-800-327-0770 2013/05 B.0 2031-109-006 REV B www.stryker.com Table of Contents English Product Labels... 4

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The Evolution of Outsourcing

The Evolution of Outsourcing Uvy f R I DCmm@URI S H Pj H Pm Uvy f R I 2009 T Ev f O M L. V Uvy f R I, V99@m.m Fw wk : ://mm../ P f B Cmm Rmm C V, M L., "T Ev f O" (2009). S H Pj. P 144. ://mm..//144://mm..//144 T A b y f f by H Pm

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(C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 1

(C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 1 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 1 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 1 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 2 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 2 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 3 (C) Pavel Sedach and Prep101 3 (C) Pavel Sedach

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FAIR FOOD GRADE 8 SOCIAL STUDIES ICONIC EDIBLES LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! FAIR FOO GRAE 8 SOCIA IES ICONIC EIBES IGHTS CAMERA ACTION! F F G Egh Icc Eb gh Cm Ac! I h w: cm c fm b q f h S F f Tx. Az h cb f v c hc gp. cb vpm h c h q Amc c. W, pc, cm b cc b f h Tx S F. m w f j v

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 sabv 2018 sabv 2018 2 \yp hn-j t^m F sn-bv- n-mv thƒ-uv ]p-kv-x-iw 18 e- w 9 sabv 2018 Xm-fp-Iƒ a-dn- p-tºmƒ 4 5 8 _-Z -am -K-߃ I-s -Øn-bn-s - n h-b - n-fn-iƒ F m-bn-søpw ]-d- p-b-cpw. FUn-t m-dn-b

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hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv

hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv 2018 MARCH VOLUME 21 ISSUE No. 237 Published from THIRUVALLA on 01-03-2018 hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv sim-lna: hn-i-k-\-øn-s a- d-hn tb-ip-hn-s\ hn - -cp-sx- v \m-km-em v _m-]v- n-ãv N - kv Iu

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CHEM 10113, Quiz 5 October 26, 2011

CHEM 10113, Quiz 5 October 26, 2011 CHEM 10113, Quiz 5 October 26, 2011 Name (please print) All equations must be balanced and show phases for full credit. Significant figures count, show charges as appropriate, and please box your answers!

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2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn

2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 5 6 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 7 8 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 9 1. Annual

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CHEM 10123/10125, Exam 2

CHEM 10123/10125, Exam 2 CHEM 10123/10125, Exam 2 March 7, 2012 (50 minutes) Name (please print) Please box your answers, and remember that significant figures, phases (for chemical equations), and units do count! 1. (13 points)

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]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp

]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA ON 05-10 - 2016 hmeyw 12 e w: 10 HIvtSm-_ 2016 Price Rs. 10/- Annual Subscription RS. 100/- ]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm-uv

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N v Hm^v tkmun\v I Æm-S-I-bn Bÿm-\-a-μncw \ne-hn hcp p

N v Hm^v tkmun\v I Æm-S-I-bn Bÿm-\-a-μncw \ne-hn hcp p KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA ON 5-05-2014 hmeyw 9 e w: 5 sabv 2014 Annual Subscription RS. 100/- N v Hm^v tkmun\v I Æm-S-I-bn Bÿm-\-a-μncw \ne-hn hcp p -_mw- q : N - v Hm-^v tkm- Un-\v

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M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7; ;J zy U;K z< mj ]!.,,+7;

M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7; ;J zy U;K z< mj ]!.,,+7; V 3U. T, SK I 1393/08/21 :,F! 1393/10/29 ::!n> 2 1 /M + - /E+4q; Z R :'!3Qi M $,7 8$ 4,!AK 4 4/ * /;K "FA ƒf\,7 /;G2 @;J\ M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7;

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