sk -Ip-am-dn-s A-`n-ap-J t_mw-_v

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1 VOL.9 ISSUE 28 JULY Member E-Edition THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE For Private Circulation JULY 08, UNITED STATES PRESS AGENCY 08, Azchavattom Inc., P.O. Box 823, Sugar Land, TX Tel: (281) Fax: (888) sss kv si.hnfbn sim- n:\-sn B-{I-an- -s - ti-kn ap-jy-a-{ n ]n-w-dm-bn hn-p-b-\v G-sd {]-iw-k-bpw P-\-Iob-X-bpw In- p- -Xpw tim-fn-f- w kr- n- p- -Xpam-b- -A-d-Ãv- -H-gn-hm- m-\m-hn-s - pw F- m ""Ip-g- -sam- pw Iq-Sm-sX c- -s]-sp-øm-sa- pw''\-s Zneo-]n-\pw \m-zn -j-bv- pw ap- Jy-a-{ n ]n-w-dm-bn hn-p-bs hn-iz-kv-x-\m-b A-`n-`mj-I D-d- v \ -In-b-Xmbn kq-n-\. ap -Iq Pm-ay-Øn-\p {ian- -s - pw A-t]- X- p- -txm-ss A-d-Ãv th- K-Øn \-S-tØ- n h-cpsa- pw A-`n-`m-j-I \ - In-b D-]-tZ-i {]-Im-c-am-Wv Zneo-]v A-S- -ap- -h ap -Iq Pm-ay-Øn-\v {i-an- m-xn-cn- p- - Xv.t\-c-sØ Zn-eo-]pw \m-zn -j-bpw Im-hy-bp-sS A-Ω iy-a-f-bpw ap -Iq Pm-ay-Øn- \p {i-an- n-cp- p. F- m ap-jy-a-{ n-bp-ss hniz-kv-x-s D-]-tZ-iw A-h-sc ]n- n-cn- n- p-i-bmbn-cp- p. A-d-Ãv H-gn-hm-In- F- -dn- -txm-ss, A-{Ian- -s - \-Sn sh-fn-s -Sp-Øn-b 22 tim-sn cq-]- bp-ss _n-\m-an C-S-]m-Sv A-S- -ap- km-º-øn- I Ip- -Ir-Xyw X-e-bn h-cm-xn-cn- m-\m-wv \o- w \-S-Øp- -Xv. P-\-{]n-b-X \- -s -Sp- -Xn-s Iq-sS k-º-øp Iq-Sn t]m-i-cp-sx- e- yw sh- m-wv \o- -߃. A-d-Ãn-em-Ip- -h-cn H-cm-sf am- p-km- n-bm- n sx-fn-hn-s _-ew h -[n- n- m-\pw km-[y-xbp- v. H- mw {]-Xn kp-\n -Ip-am-dn-s\ C-t mƒ ho- pw tnm-zyw sn-bv-xp-sim- n-cn- p-i-bm-wv. kp-\n ho- pw P-bn-en-te-bv- p a-s-ßp- -Xn-\p ap-ºv A-d-Ãp- m-ipw F- p X-s -bm-wv kq- N-\.\-Sn-bp-sS hn-hm-lw ap-s- p-i F- -Xm-bn-cp- p Kq-Vm-tem-N-\-bp-sS D-t±-iw F- \n-e-bv- p hm -Ø {]-N-cn- n- -Xv s]m-eo-kn-se Nne-cm-sW- pw hy- -am-bn. am- [y-a-߃- p hn-h-cw \ -Ip- ti-{μw Ir-Xy-am-bn sx- n- m-c-wm-p-\-i-am-b hm - Ø \ -Ip-I-bm-bn-cp- p. \n-e-hn A-d-Ãv \-S- -Xn- \p ti-jw Pm-ay-Øn-s Imcy-Øn-epw t{zm-l-i-c-a- m-ø co-xn-bn ti-kn-s s{^-bv-anßn-epw C-S-s]-Sm-\m-Wv hn-iz-kv- X-s \o- w. C-Xn-\n-sS- -ti-kn Zn-eo-]n-s A- d-ãn-\v km-[y-x Ip-d-s - pw \m-zn -jm, A- p- Æn F- n-h-cpƒ-s -ss G-Xm-\pw t]-sc-bm-bn-cn- pw A-d-Ãv sn-øp-i-sb- p-ap- - -kq-n-\-bpw ]pd-øp h- n- p- v. X-e-ÿm-\-Øv C-t mƒ \-S- p- \o- -߃ B Zn-i-bn-em-Wv. A-Xn-\v Np- m ]n-sn- p- -Xv C-cp-h-cp-sS-bpw kp-lr-øm-b F-Un- Pn-]n-bm-Wv". -Zn-eo-]n-s\-Xn-sc sx-fn-hp-i-sfm- pan-s - pw- \n-e-hn-se ÿn-xn A-\p-k-cn- v Zn-eo- ]v A-d-Ãv sn-ø-s -ts- -Xn-s - p-am-wv t]m-eokn-se D- -X-cn H-cp hn-`m-k-øn-s \n-e-]m-sv. a- p- -h-cp-ss (10 mw t]pn XpS-cp p) sk -Ip-am-dn-s A-`n-ap-J t_mw-_v {]-ko-z ]-fl sim- n: a-x-xo-{h-hm-z-sa- v ]- d-bp-tºmƒ B -F-kv-F-kv C- t F- p tnm-zn- p- -Xn Imcy-an-s - pw ti-c-f-øn-se a-x Xo-{h-hm-Z-sØ \n-b-{ n- m ap- nw k-ap-zm-b-øn-\p- n \n- p-x-s {i-a-߃ D- m-i-wsa- pw ap t]m-eo-kv ta-[m-hn Sn ]n sk -Ip-am. a-e-bm-fw hm-cn-i-bp-ss Hm -sse {]-kn- o-i-cn- A-t±-l-Øn-s A- `n-ap-j-øn-s c- mw `m-k-ønepw hn-hm-z-am-im-hp- \n-c-h-[n \n-co- -W-ß-fp- v. \-Sn-bp-sS ti-kv A-t\z-j-W- Øn-ep- -Xv F-Un-Pn-]n _n k- \v-[y-bp-ss ]-ªn-kn- n à p A-t±-lw ]-d- -Xv h hn-hm- Z-am-hp-I-bpw A-t±-lw A-`n-ap-JsØ `m-kn-i-am-bn \n-tj-[n- p- I-bpw sn-bv-xn-cp- p. A-Xn-\p ]n- m-se-bm-wv c- mw `m-kw h- cp- -Xv. C-S-Xp Xo-{h-hm-Z-sØ t\-cn-sm ]m -iz-h - -cn- s - -h - v \- Po-hn-Xw sim- Sp- p-i-bm-wv th- -sx- pw sk -Ip-am Nq- n- m- p- p. sffkpw B -F-kv-F-kpw X-Ωn H-cp Xm-c-X-ay-hp-an-. H- cp ap- n-an-\v kz - -Øn t]m- I-W-sa- n Pn-lm-Zv \-S-Øn-tb ]- q F- v ]Tn- n- p-i-bpw B Pn-lm-Zv F- -Xv a- p- a-x- msc ap- n-am- p-i-bpw A-ap- oß-sf sim- p-i-f-bp-i-bp-am-wv F- pw ]-d-bp- n-s-øm-wv {]-iv- \w h-cp- -sx- v sk -Ip-am ]-d- p. ti-c-f-øn \q-dv Ip- n-iƒ P-\n- p-tºmƒ A-Xn 42 ap- nw Ip- n-i-fm-wv. P-\-kw- Jym L-S-\ Cu co-xn-bn t]mbm (12 mw t]pn XpS-cp p) {]-hm-kn-iƒ- n-s-bn B -F-kv-F-kv {]-h -Ø-\w i- -am- m \o- w dq-_o-\ A -Xm-^v Pn-±: ku-zn A-td-_y-b-S- -ap- Kƒ-^v cm-py-ßfn {]-hm-kn-iƒ- n-s-bn B -F-kv-F-kv {]-h - Ø-\w i- -am-im c-l-ky \o- w. C-Xn-s `m-kam-bm-wv _n-sp-]n kw-ÿm-\ sk-{i- -dn si kptc-{μ tem-i tbm-k Zn-\-Øn ku-zn A-td-_y k-μ -in- -sx- -dn-bp- p. kw-l-s-\m {]-h -Ø-\- ߃ i- -am- m-\pw ]m - n-bn-te- v P-\-ß-sf B- I -jn- n- m-\p- \n -tz-i-߃{μ {]- h -Ø-I - v \ -In-bn- p- v. {]-hm-kn-iƒ- n-s-bn a-tx-x-c ap-j-ap- kw-l- ]-cn-hm-dp-im-cp-ss G-tIm-]-\w, _n-kn-\-kp-im-cp-ambp- k-l-h -Øn-Xzw h -[n- n-, kw-l-]-cn-hmdp-am-bn B-`n-ap-Jyw ]p-e -Øp- ap- o-ß-sf ]m - n-bn-te- v A-Sp- n- Xp-S-ßn-b-h-bm-Wv B -Fkv-F-kn-s Kƒ-^v ta-j-e-bn-se {]-h -Ø-\-ß-fpsS {]-[m-\ e- y-߃. C-Xn-\p ]p-d-sa km-ap-ln-i {]-h -Ø-\-ß-fn ]m - n {]-h -Ø-I-sc k-po-h-am- m-\p- \n -tz-i-ß-fpw tz-io-b t\-xr-xzw \n -tz-in- n- p- v. dn-bm-zv, Z-amw ta- J-e-bn kw-l-]-cn-hm A-\p-Iq-e {]-h -Ø-I h - j-߃- v ap -]v X-s km-ap-ln-i {]-h -Ø-\w Xp-Sßn-bn- p- v. {]-hm-kn-iƒ- n-s-bn ti-{μ k - m X- e-øn k-lm-b-߃ B-h-iy-ap- -h - v ti-{μ t\- Xm- -sf t\-cn- v hn-fn- p-hm-\p- {]-txy-iw A-\p-a- Xn-bpw tz-io-b t\-xr-xzw \ -In-bn- p- v. C-Xn-\v ti- {μ hn-tz-i-im-cy a-{ m-e-bw t\-cn- v ku-zn-bn-se Nn-e Fw-_-kn D-tZym-K-ÿ - v {]-txy-iw \n -tz-iw \ - In-b-Xm-bpw A-dn-bp- p. ap- o-ß-fp-ss s]m-xp B-tLm-j-ß-fn ]-s -Sp-Øv kw-l-s-\m kzm-[o-\w h -[n- n- m-\p- {i-a-߃ \-S- Ø-W-sa- v Kƒ-^n-se {]-h -Ø-I - p- \n -tz-iw. kp-ssh-zn-b-bn-se s]m-xp C-^v-Xm-dn si kp-tc-{μ ]-s -Sp- m {i-an- -Xv Cu \o- -Øn-s `m-k-am-wv. kp-ssh-zn-b ]- n-tbm-s-\p-_- n- v a-e-bm-fn-iƒ- mbn {]-txy-i `- -Ww X-bm-dm- p- C-^v-Xm-dn ]-s -Sp-Øv am-[y-a-{i- ]n-sn- p-]- m-\m-bn-cp- p \o- w. sim- -s - ss^-k sim-sn- n ]-Xn-hm-bn F-Øn-bn-cp- -Xv kp-ssh-zn ]- n-bn-em-bn-cp- p. ss^-k h-[-t -kn-se {]-Xn-Iƒ- v \n-b-a-klm-bw \ -Im-\p- ]-W- n-cn-hp Iq-Sn e- y-an- m- Wv kp-tc-{μ F-Øn-bn-cn- p- -sx- v km-aq-ln-i am-[y-a-ß-fn-eq-ss hym-]-i-am-bn {]-N-cn- n-cp- p. C- txm-ss C-hn-S-sØ C-^v-Xm-dn ]-s -Sp- m A- \p-h-zn- n-s - p hy- -am- n \q-dp-i-w- n-\p a-ebm-fn-iƒ X-Sn- p-iq-sn. ss^-k-en-s kp-lr-øp- f-s- w \n-c-h-[n-t] H-Øp-tN - -txm-ss-bm-wv _nsp-]n sk-{i- -dn \o- w D-t]- n- -Xv. Kƒ-^n kw- L-]-cn-hm A-P -U \-S- m- m-\p- \o- w I-cp- Xn-bn-cn- -W-sa- v hn-hn-[ a-e-bm-fn kw-l-s-\-iƒ {]-hm-kn-iƒ- v ap- -dn-bn- v \ -In.


3 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, \-gv-kp-am-cp-ss th-x-\w h -[n- n- m Im-cp-Wy A-S- -ap- k-lm-b ]- -Xn-I-fn \n- pw ]n -am-dpw; ss{]-h- v tlm-kv-]n- A-tkm-kn-tb-j N-º- p-fw aq-ew h- w-i-fn: B-bm-]-d-ºv ]m- n Np- -\v In-co-Sw sim- n: kp-{]ow tim-s-xn hn-[n- v A- \p-kr-x-am-bn \-gv-kp-am-cp-ss th-x-\w h -[n- n- m k - m-cn-s Im-cp-Wy ]- -Xn-bp-sS B-\p-Iq-eyw kz-im-cy B-ip-]-{Xn-Iƒ h-gn e-`n- n-. Im-cp- Wy-bv- v ]p-d-sa, k - m-cn-s a- p Nn- In- m k-lm-b ]- -Xn-I-fn \n- v ]q -W-am-bpw ]n -am-dp-sa- pw ti-c-f ss{]-h- v tlm-kv-]n- A-tkm-kn-tbj {]-kn-u v tum. ]n-si ap-l-ω-zv d-jo-zv ]-d- p. k - m-cn-s\ k-ω -±- Øn-em- n \-gv-kp-am-cp-ss k-a-cw s]mfn- -Sp- m-\p- {i-a-øn-em-wv am-t\-pvsa p-iƒ. \- w k-ln- v Nn-In- m k- lm-b ]- -Xn-I-fp-am-bn k-l-i-cn-t - -Xn-s - v `m-c-hm-ln-iƒ ]-d-bp- p. C- m-cyw 10 mw Xn-b-Xn Xn- -fm-gv- \-S- p- N - -bn k - m-cn-s {i- bn -s]-sp-øpw.k-a-cw sn-øp- \-gvkp-am - v A-\p-Iq-e \n-e-]m-sv k - m kzo-i-cn- m B-tcm-Ky C -jzd -kv, cm-{ o-b kzm-ÿy _o-a tbm-p- \( B -F-kv-_n-ssh), C-kn-F- v-f-kv B-e- p-g-: B-th-i-I-c-am-b N-º- pfw aq-ew-h- w-i-fn-bn B-bm-]-d-ºv Ø-h-W-sØ h- w-i-fn ko-k-wn-\v cw-`n- p- Cu th-k- m- n-tem-ss C- ]m- n Np- -\v cm-p-{]-ap-j t{sm-^n. Xp-S- -am-bn. a -k-c-߃- p-ap-ºp P- \-Sp-`m-Kw, N-º- p-fw, B-bm-]-d-ºv h- e-tlm-j-bm-{x \-S- p. B-d- p-f D-Xr- -ß-fm-Wp ss^-\-en a -k-cn- -Xv. m-xn h- w-i-fn I-gn- m ti-c-f- P-tem -k-h ko-k-wn-\v B-cw-`w-Ip-dn- Øn-se ]p-cm-x-\-am-b P-tem -k-hm- v ]-º-bm- n \-S- N-º- p-fw aqew-h- w-i-fn a -k-c-øn B-dp Np- W-t -{X-Øn-se hn-{k-l-{]-xn-jvt-bp- Wp N-º- p-fw. A-º-e- p-g {io-ir-jv- h- -ß-fpw 10 I-fn-h- -ß-fpw am-bn _- -s - p- -Xm-Wp h- w-i-fnsb- n-epw a-x-t`-z-a-t\y \m-sn-s D - Dƒ- -ss 16 h- -ß-fm-Wv a -k-cn- -Xv. an-yp-\-am-k-øn-se aq-ew-\m-fn B- k-h-am-wn-xv. em-ep-hn-s d a-i-fp-ss h-k-xn-bn-epw sd-bv-uv Xp-S-ßn-b ]- -Xn-Iƒ A-h-Xm-f-Øn-em- Ip-sa- v C-tXm-sS D-d- m-bn. 35 e- w _n-]n-f Ip-Spw-_-ß-sf Dƒ-s m- n- p-sim- v \-S- m- n-b ]- -Xn-bm-Wv B -F-kv-_n-ssh. kw-ÿm-\-sø 178 kz-im-cy B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn B -F-kv- _n-ssh ]- -Xn B-\p-Iq-eyw e-`y-am- Wv. F- m ]- -Xn-bn \n- v ]n am-dm-\p- Xo-cp-am-\-Øn-em-Wv B-ip- ]-{Xn D-S-a-Iƒ se Nn-In- m ]m-t -Pm-Wv 2017 epw B -F-kv-_n-ssh h-gn B-ip-]-{Xn- Iƒ- v \ -Ip- -Xv. am-dn-b km-l-n-cy- Øn C-Xv Aw-Ko-I-cn- m I-gn-bns - \n-e-]m-sn-em-wv am-t\-pv-sa v. ti-{μ-kw-ÿm-\ k - m-cn-s kwtbm-pn-x ]- -Xn-bm-b B -F-kv-_nssh-bn hm -Uv Nn-In- -bv- v 500 cq- ]-bpw sf-kn-bp-hn-\v 1000 cq-]-bpw am- {X-am-Wv kz-im-cy B-ip-]-{Xn-Iƒ- v e-`n- p- -Xv. kn-tk-dn-b-\v I-gn- am - v h-sc 6000 cq-]-bm-wv \ -In-bncp- -Xv. ]uc \yq-u -ln: I- - -W-t kp-am-bn _- -s - v B -sp- Un t\-xm-hv em-ep {]-km-zv bm-z-hn -sd a-i-fpw Fw-]n-bpam-b an-km `m-c-xn-bp-ss U ln-bn-ep- h-k-xn-bpw ^mapw Dƒ-s -ss aq- p ÿ-e-ßfn F -t^m-gv-kv-sa -dv U- b-d-œ-td- v(c-un) sd-bv-uv. _n- \m-an kz-øv k-\v-]m-z-\-hp-ambn _- -s - v an-km `m-c-xnbpw ` -Øm-hv k-ln-te-jv Ipam-dpw B-tcm-]-Ww t\-cn- n-cp- p. G-I-tZ-iw 1000 tim-sn cq- ]-bp-ss _n-\m-an kz-øp-i-fps - v B-tcm-]-Ww D-b - txm-ss-bm-wv an-k-bp-ss h-k- Xn-bn-te- v sx-c- n hym-]n- n- -Xv. sd-bn -th a-{ n-bm-bn-cp- Im-e-Øv A-gn-a-Xn \-S-Øn-sb- m-tcm-]n- v I-gn- -Zn-h-kw sf-sn ta-j-e-bn tpm-en sn-øp- -h - v hn-hm-l am - - n hn-e-bn-sn-bp- p sim- n: kw-{`-an- n- p- hm -Ø-I-fm-Wv Cu-bn-sS-bm-bn sf-sn hy-h-km-b-cw-k- Øp-\n- v ]p-d-øp-h- p-sim- n-cn- p- -Xv. ]-e I-º-\n-I-fn -\n- m-bn C-s m- w e- - -W- n-\v Po-h-\- m-sc H-gn-hm- p-sa- m-wv G- -hpw H-Sp-hn -h- hm -Ø. C -t^m-kn-kv, ss-iv a-lo-{μ, F- v-kn-f, tim- n-k v, hn-t{]m F- o `o-a- m-cpss t]-cp-iƒ Cu ]- n-i-bn {]-Xy- -s - n- p- v. cm-py-sø A-`y-kv-X-hn-Zy-cm-b tim-sn- -W- n-\v bp-h-xo-bp-hm- -fp-ss Po-hn-X-kz-]v-\-ß-fn C-cpƒ-]-c-Øp- kw- `-h-hn-im-k-ß-fm-wv sf-sn ta-j-e-bn C-t mƒ D- m-bn-s m- n-cn- p- -Xv. 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4 4 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE 2017 Pqsse 8 $ 1192 anyp\w 25 Pn-F-kv-Sn:A-\n- n-x-xzw, B-i-b- p-g- w; hn-e- -b- -hpw H-scm- w cm-pyw H-scm- \n-ip-xn-sb- ap-{zm-hm-iy-øn-s A-I-º-Sn-tbm-sS \n-ip-xn G-Io-I-cn- v hn-e-s m- -sb \n-b-{ n- v, hn-e- p-d-hp- m-ip-sa- pap- kp-μ-c hm-kv-zm-\-hp-am-bn,t\m- p-\n-tcm-[-\w t]m-se,ap-s m-cp- -ß-fn- m-sx N-c- p tk-h-\ \n-ip-xn (Pn-F-kv-Sn) \-S- n-em- n-b-xv h {]-Xn-k- n-bm-wv cm-py-øv kr- n- n-cn- p- -Xv. -Pn-F-kv-Sn \-S- n-em- n- -H-cm-gv-N I-gn- n- pw hn-]-wn-bn F- m cw-k-øpw B-i-b- p-g- -hpw A-\n- n-x-xz-hpw hn-e hy-xn-bm-\-hpw Xp-S-cp- p. D-b - \n-ip-xn-bp- D-Xv- - -߃- v hn-e D-b - -t mƒ, hn-e Ip-d-bp-sa- v I-cp-Xn-b-Xn-s\m- n-\pw hn-e Xm-gv- n-. 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C-Xv {]-tam-j-\-s - pw {]-kv- Xp-X tc-j-sb ap -\n -Øn hy- -am- p-i-bm- Wv l-co-jv hm-kp-tz-h P-\p-h-cn-bn {]-tam-j In- n-b {io-dm-an- \v A-Sp-Ø {]-tam-j C-\n 2022 am-{x-amsw- pw l-co-jv hy- -am- p- p.ssl-t m-s- Xn-bn ti-kv P-bn- -Xn-\v ]n-t - v Hu- v Hm-^v A-P- -bm-bn ÿ-ew am- -Øn-\v D-Ø-c-hn-s - n, A-Xv \ym-bo-i-cn-s - n ]n-w-dm-bn hn- P-b k - m-cn-s Ip- n-x Xm - -cyw a-\- n-em- m h-en-b _p- n-ap- n-s - pw l-co-jv hm-kp-tz-h s^-bv-kv-_p- v Ip-dn- n hy- - am- p- p- v. AZCHAVATTOM THE NATIONAL NEWS WEEKLY OF MALAYALEES IN USA Publisher: Sally Kakkanatt Chief Editor: Dr. George M. Kakkanatt Editor: Titus K.Vilayil Executive Editor: Joyce Thonniamala Associate Editor : Dr.Manu Chacko Assistant Editor : Nibu Vellavanthanam News Editor : E. V Paulose Special Correspondent: G.Shankar Dallas Bureau: Reji Thomas New York Bureau: Sunny Kallooppara Marketing Manager: Johnson Kanjiravila Advisory Board: Harikrishnan Namboothiri, Joy Thumpamon, Varghese Chamathil, Sujan Mathews Kakkanatt, Adv. 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5 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, Uo- A-cp km-ap-th ]u-tcm-ln-xy ÿm-\m-tcm-l-ww Um-e-kn Um-e-kv- am -tøm-am N - v Hm-^v Um-e-kv (^m -ta-gv-kv {_m- v) C- S-h-Imw-K-hpw Ip-dn-b- q sx-ßpw-txm- -Øn h -Kokv tpm - F-en-k-_-Øv tpm Z-º-Xn-am-cp-sS a-i- \p-am-b Uo- A-cp km-ap-th h -Ko-kn-s ]u-tcm-ln-xy ÿm-\m-tcml-ww Pq-sse 15 i-\n cmhn-se F- v a-wn- v ^m - ta-gv-kv {_m- v am -tøm-a N - n sa- {Xm-t m-eo-øm ssd- v. d-h. tpm-k-^v am -tøm-am-bp-ss ap-jy-im -Ωn-I-Xz-Ønepw `-{Zm-k-\m-[n-] ssd- v. d-h. tum. sf-k-iv am ^n-se-iv-kn-t\m-kn-s k- l-im -Ωn-I-Xz-Øn-epw \-S-Ø-s -Sp- p. Xn-cp-h- am -tøm-am N - n ssd- v. d-h. tpmk-^v am _ -W-_m-kv, ssd- v d-h. tum. txm-a-kv am Xn-sam-Øn-tbm-kv F- n-h-cp-ss Im -Ωn-I-Xz- Øn \-S- ip-{iq-j-bnem-wv A-cp km-ap-th Uo- ]-Z-hn-bn-te- v {]-th-in- - -Xv. Zp-_m-bn P-\n- A- cp am-xm-]n-xm- -tfmssm- w C-cp-]-Øn-b- v h -j-߃- v ap-ºm-wv A-ta-cn- -bn-se-øn-b-xv. bq- Wn-th-gv-kn- n Hm-^v ss-iv-k-kn (Ume-kv) \n- pw ss-en-i-ωyq-wn-t -j F -Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv _n-cp-zw t\-sn-b A- cp B-flo-I hn-j-b-ß-fn {]-I-Sn- n- Xm-ev-]-cy-am-Wv ]- -Xz ip-{iq-j-bn-te- v Xn-c-s -Sp- p-hm k-`m t\-xr-xzsø t{]-cn- n- -Xv. t\m -Øv A-ta-cn- m bq-tdm- v `-{Zm-k- \-Øn \n- pw am -tøm-am k-`-bp-ss ]q -Æ ]- -Xz ip-{iq-j-bn-te- v {]-thin- p- ]-Xn-s\m- m-a-tø-bpw Um-ekn \n- pw A- m-a-tø-bpw ^m -tagv-kv C-S-h-I-bn \n- pw aq- m-a-tøbpw ]- - m-c-\m-wv A-cp km-ap-th. Pq-sse 15 \p \-S- p- ]- w-sim-s-ip- {iq-j-bn ]-s -Sp- p- -Xn-\v F- m-htc-bpw -Wn- p- -Xm-bn am-xm-]n-xm- ƒ A-dn-bn- p. `-{Zm-k-\-Øn-se hn-hn- [ k-`-i-sf {]-Xn-\n-[o-I-cn- p ]- - m C-S-h-I-P-\-߃ F- n-h-cpw {]-txy-i ip-{iq-j-bn-epw Xp-S - v \-S- p- hn-ip- Ip -_m-\-bn-epw ]-s -Sp- -Ww. R-߃- p ssz-h-sø th-ww; {Sw-]n-s lr-z-b-kv-] -in-bm-b {]-kw-kw t]m-f- v-: kzm-x-{ y-hpw hn-izm-khpw \n-b-a-ß-fpw N-cn-{X-hpw hy- n-xzhpw N-hn- n-sa-xn- -s - Z-im- -߃ \o- I-Ωyq-Wn-Ãv `-c-w-øn Iogn \-c-i-bm-x-\ A-\p-`-hn-t - n h- t]m-fn-jv P-\-X {]-Xo- -Iƒ ssi-hn-sm-sx [o-c-x-tbm-ss Xn- -bp-ss ta P-bw t\-sn-b-xn-s\ {]-iw-kn- p sim- p A-ta-cn- {]-kn-u v tum- Wƒ-Uv {Sw-]v Pq-sse 6 hym-gw \-S- Øn-b lr-z-b-kv-] -in-bm-b {]-kw-kw hm -skm-bn-se {I-k -kv-in kv-iz-bdn X-Sn- p Iq-Sn-b P-\-Iq- w l -jm-ch-tøm-ss-bm-wv kzm-k-xw sn-bv-x-xv Pq c- n-\v hm -skm-bn B- Zy-am-bn t]m-fn-jv t]m-]v tpm t]mƒ c- m-a hn-ip- _-en-b - n- txm-ss I-Ωyq-Wn-Ãm-[n-]-Xy-Øn-s X-I - -bp-ss B-cw-`w Ip-dn- p-i-bm-bncp- p-sh- v {Sw-]v Hm -Ωn- p. hn-ip- _-en-b - -W-Øn-\n-sS t]m- v \-S-Ønb {]-kw-k-øn-\p-ti-jw e- - -W- n-\v t]m-fn-jv P-\-X-bp-sS I-WvT-ßfn \n- pw D-b - -Xv R-߃- p k- º-tØm, A-h-Im-i-ß-tfm H- pw X- s th-, ssz-h-sø am-{xw a-xn F- {]m -Y-\-bm-bn-cp- p-sh- v I-ctLm-j-߃- n-s-bn {Sw-]v ]-d- p. t]m-f- n-te-bpw bq-tdm- n-te-bpw A-ta-cn- -bn-te-bpw P-\-X C-t mƒ {]m -Yn- p- -Xpw C-tX {]m -Y-\ X- s -bm-wv {Sw-]v {]-Xym-i {]-I-S- n- p. ta- v t]m-f- v t{k- v F- B- iw-k-tbm-ss-bm-wv {Sw-]v {]-kw-kw D- ]-kw-l-cn- -Xv. t]m-f- v k-μ -i-\w C-cp cm-py-ß-fpw X-Ωn-ep- _- w Iq-Sp-X i- -s -Sp-Øp- -Xn-\v C-Sbm-b-Xm-bn t]m-fn-jv {]-kn-u pw A- `n-{]m-b-s - p. \yq-u -ln, hm-jn-mv-s F-b C- y hn-am-\ k -Δo-kv B-cw-`n- p ]n.-]n.-sn-dn-bm hm-jn-mv-s : \yp-u -ln-bn \n- pw hm-jn-mv-s-wn-te- p- F-b C- y-bpss B-Zy hn-am-\w Pq-sse 7 \v bm-{x Xn-cn- p. F-b C- y-bp-ss A-ta-cn- bn-te- p- A- m-a-sø k -ho-km- Wn-Xv. \yp-tbm - v, \yp-hm - v, jn- mtkm km -{^m -kn-kv-s m Xp-S-ßn-b \m-ev ÿ-e-ß-fn-te- m-bn-cp- p C-Xp-hsc F-b C- y k -ho-kv \-S-Øn-bn-cp- -Xv. C-μn-cm-Km- n cm-pym- -c hn-am-\- Xm-h-f-Øn \n- pw 238 ko- p- t_mbn-ßv 777 F-b {Im-^v- m-wv. C- y Aw-_m-kn-U \-h-tx-pv i -a, F-b C- y sn-b -am (tem-l-\n) ]- -Pv {io-hm-kv-x-h F- o {]-ap-j-cp-am-bn hmjn-mv-s-wn-te- v ]p-d-s - -Xv. 195 F- twm-an, 35 _n-kn-\-kv m-kv, 8 ^-Ãv m-kv ko- p-i-fm-wv hn-am-\-øn-ep- -Xv. B-gv-N-bn aq- v Zn-h-kw k -ho-kv D- m-bn- p-sa- v tim-ta-gv-ky U-b-d- Œ ]- -Pv {io-hm-kv-x-h ]-d- p. Pqsse am-kw 90 i-x-am-\w ko- p-i-fpw dnk -Δv sn-bv-xp I-gn- -Xm-bn F-b C- y h- m-hv A-dn-bn- p. lq-ã, sem-km- -kv F- n-hn-s-ßfn-te- p Iq-Sn F-b C- y k -ho-kv B-cw-`n- p- -Xn-\p- ]- -Xn D-s - pw A-t±-lw Iq- n-t -Øp. I-gn- h - jw bp-f-kn-te- p- F-b C- y k - ho-kn \n- pw 3200 tim-sn cq-]-bp-ss d-h-\yp D- m- m I-gn- p. X-te h - j-tø- mƒ 17 i-x-am-\w h - -\-hm- Wn-Xv.

6 6 Ata-cn- - JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE lq-ã sk v ta-co-kv a-e- -c Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv tz-hm-e-b Iq-Zm-i 21, 22 Xo-b-Xn-I-fn si-f- v-f -F I -h -j-\p sim-sn-bn-d-ßn Un-t{Sm-bn- v-: B-[ym-fln-I-X-bpsS-bpw I-em kmw-kv-im-cn-i ]mc-º-cy-øn-s -bpw i- n hn-fw- _-cw sn-bv-xv ti-c-f ln-μq-kv Hm-^v t\m -Øv A-ta-cn- -bp-ss I -h -j-\p sim-sn-bn-d-ßn. hntz-i cm-py-øp \-S- G- -hpw h-en-b a-e-bm-fn ln-μp Iq- m-bva B-bn am-dn-b I -h -j kw-lm-s-i an-i-hn-s Im-cy- Øn A-ta-cn- -bn \-S- G- -hpw an-i- -Xm-bn. ssh-zn-i Z -i-\-øn-s _-lpkz-c-x kw-_- n- v hn-hn-[ sk-an-\m-dp-i-fpw {]-kw-k-ß-fpw N - -I-fpw D- -X \n-e-hm-cw ]pe -Øn. kzm-an t_m-[m-\- μ,kzm-an Nn-Zm-\-μ-]p-cn,tUm.F.tKm-]m-e-Ir-jv-W,[m-ir-jv-w, {]-^. hn a-[p-kq-z-\ \m-b, tum ]-Zva-Ip-am, a-æ-sn l-cn Xp-S-ßnb {]-ap-j-cm-wv B-[ym-fln-I hnj-b-߃ ssi-im-cyw sn-bv-x- Xv.h -W-i-º-f tlm-j-bm-{xtbm-ss B-cw-`n- \m-ep Zn-h-ksØ I -h -j \n ap-sn-tb- v, Xm-b-º-I,I-Y-I-fn, sx-øw, tam-ln-\n-bm- w,ip-sn-bm- w, Hm- -Xp- Xp-S-ßn-b I-em-cq- ]-߃ A-Xm-Xp cw-k-sø {]- i-kv-x A-h-X-cn- n- p. \r-ø- \r-xy-ß-fpw kw-ko-x k-z-kp-ifpw N-Xp -bp-k-ß-sf Zr-iy-h - -cn- p- \r-tøm- -h-hpw bp-h-tam-ln-\n ku-μ-cy-a- -chpw am-xr-i-z-º-xn-i-sf I-s - Øm-\p- \-f-z-a-b- n a- -chpw H-s I -h -j-\v D- - h-om-b ]-I - p. Io-gn- w D-Æn- Ir-jv-W,I-em-a-fi-ew in-h- Zm-kv, ]- m-hq {io-ip-am amcm,tum \o-\ {]-km-zv,i-ema-fi-ew a-t\m-pv Ip-am,I-ema-fi-ew kp-ip-am-c, Pn-jv-Wp \-ºq-Xn-cn, hn-p-b tb-ip-zm-kv Xp-S-ßn-b-h I-e {]-I-S-\w \-S-Øm-s\-Øn. kq- Ãm kp-tc-jv tkm-]n, tlm-fn-hp-uv \-Sn C-jm X hm F- n-h-cp-ss km- n-[y I -h -j-\p Xm-c-tim-` \ - In. sn- -ta-f-hpw in- m-cn taf-hpw ]-cn-]m-sn-iƒ- v Xm-fs m-gp- v \ -In hn-h-c-km-t - Xn-I-cw-K-Øpw B-tcm-Ky-ta-J-ebn-epw hn-p-bw ssi-h-cn- {]- ap-j a-e-bm-fn kw-cw-`-i-cpw _nkn-\- v {Kq- p-i-fpw ]-s -Sp-Ø {]-^-j-w k-ωn- v {]-txy-i- X-bm-bn-cp- p. bq-hm- -fp-ss {]m-xn-\n-[y-hpw ]- m-fn-ø-hpw {i-t -b-am-bn. {]-kn-u v kptc-{μ \m-b, ssh-kv {]-kn- U v hn-t\m-zv _m-lp-te-b, sk-{i- -dn cm-tp-jv Ip- n, tpmbn v sk-{i- -dn Ir-jv-W cm-pv, {S-j-d kp-z -i-\ Ip-dp- v, tpmbn v {S-j-d c-lp \m-b, snb -am cm-tp-jv \m-b, {S-Ãn sn-b -am jn-_p Zn-hm-I-c, ssh-kv sn-b -am c-xo-jv \mb Xp-S-ßn-b-h t\-xr-xzw \ -In. 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C-S-h-I-bn-se ap-gph hn-izm-kn-i-fp-ss-bpw, C-Sh-I sa-{xm-t m-eo-ø A-e-Ivkn-tbm-kv tam sbu-tk-_nb-kv, ap hn-im-cn-am-cm-bn-cp- d-h. tpm Ko-h -Ko-kv, d- h. tpm-jzm tpm -Pv C-t m-gsø hn-im-cn d-h. ]n.fw. sndn-bm, _n -Unw-Kv I-Ωn- n, hn-hn-[-h -j-ß-fn-se am-t\- Pnw-Kv I-Ωn- n Aw-K-߃ Xp-Sßn-b-h-cp-sS ITn-\ ]-cn-{i-a-^e-am-bn- m-wv ]p-xn-b si- n-shpw ÿ-e-hpw hm-ßp- -Xn-\p km-[n- -Xv. jp-k -em -Uv kn- n-bn-se sh-ãv s_ -t^m - v - Hmƒ-Uv dn- v-tam -Uv tdm-un-\p a-t[ybp- s_ -Iv-\m- v (9915 Belknap road, sugarland, tx ) tdm-un-em-wp ]p-xn-b tz-hm-e-bw. im- kp-μ-c-am-b ÿ-e-øv B-td- -tdm-fw hnkv-xr-xn-bn-em-bm-wp ]p-xn-b tz-hm-e-b k-ap- -bw ÿn-xn sn-øp- -Xv. 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7 F-Iyp-sa-\n- s -Pn s^-tem-jn- n-s t\-xr-xz-øn ssh-zn-i Iq- m-bv-a \-S-Øn THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, 2017 Ata-cn- - 7 lq-ã : C- y {In-kv-Xy F-Iyp-sa-\n- I-Ωyq-Wn- n Hm-^v lq-ã -Pn s^-temjn- n-s B-`n-ap-Jy-Øn ssh-zn-i-cp-ss Iq- m-bv-a A-\p-{Kl-I-c-am-bn \-S-Øn. lq-ã-wnse hn-hn-[ F- n-kv-tim- k- `-I-fn-se ssh-zn-i ]-s -Sp-Ø Iq- m-bv-a Pq-sse 4 \v snm-δm-gv- ssh-in- v 7 a-wn- v sk v txm-a-kv C-hm -P-en- tz-hme-b-øn h- m-wv \-S-Ø-s - -Xv. d-h.tpm -k D-Æn- Øm {]m-cw-` {]m -Y-\ \-S- Øn. 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8 8 JULY 08, 2017 tz C- - sim-º-øv... THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE \n-b-a-k-`-bn {]-txy-i tªm- m-bn-cp- v C-cp ap- -Wn- pw H- -a-s - v sx-fn-bn- v,_n-j- p-am-sc _n-sp-]n-tbm-sv A-Sp- n- v,am-xm-hn-s\ kq-nn- n- p- tdm-km ]q-hn-epw \- -Xm-Wv tkm-am-xm-hn-s\ kq-nn- n- p- Xm-a-c- q F- v ]-d- v,u -ln-bn sn- n-d-ßn-b h-gn Pn-F-kv-Sn-sb A-\p-Iq-en- v am-wn-b-sn- B a-wn-bp- -t m, A-Xv cm-{ o-b hn-zym - n-i-fp-ss F- m-e-tø-bpw kv-s]-kn-a-\m-wv.a-{ n-ÿm-\w Im-Øn-cp- ti-c-f-øn-se k-i-e _n-sp- n- m - n- pw sim-sp-ø In-gp- n-epw h-ep-xm-wv I-Æq ko- n a- -cn- -Ww F- B-h-iyw.I-Æq-cn-se Iq-Sn-tb- ta-j-e-bn tim- -b-øp th-cp- -h-cm-wv `q-cn-]- w. _n-sp-]n thm- p-i-fpw \n-e-hn tim -{K-kn-\p t]m-bv-t -cp- In-g- I-Æq thm- p-i-fpw tn -Øv am-wn A-h-X-cn- n- p- B I-W- p Iq- I- m G-Xp tam-zn-bpw k-t m-j-øn-s A-an- v s]m- n- pw.i-w- p- m- m am-wn-sb B-cpw ]Tn- n- -cp-xv. sh-dpw I-W- p Iq- -en, _-P- n tim-g Im-Wn- p F- m-tcm-]-ww t\-cn-sp- I-W- p Iq- n am-wn-b-sn- -t mƒ Iq- n-b I-W-s - mw sx- n-b-xv Sow Ip-Ω-\-Øn-\m-Wv s]m-xp-a-cm-a-øv a-{ n[-I-c-s\ t]mse "Pm-X-I-tZm-jw aq-e-ap- 'hn-hm-z-ß-fn s]- p-g-ep-i-bm-wv "A-Ω'{]-kn-U pw Nm-e- p- Sn Fw-]n-bp-am-b C- -k v.ti-c-f-øn tdm-uv \n -an- m ]-Ww \ -Ip- tem-i-_m- n-s D-tZym-K-ÿ-s\ ""\o-t{km''f- v hn-fn- - Xm-Wv kp-[m-i-c-s \m- p-]n-g-bpw Krl- n-g-bpw.\-sn B-{I-an- -s - -Xn-\v tijw C- -k v \-S-Øn-b {]-kv-xm-h-\-ifn-se kv-{xo-hn-cp- ]-cm-a -i-ß-fm-wnt mƒ tz-io-b h-\n-xm-i-ωo-j-s h- sc hn-a -i-\-øn-\v Im-c-W-am-bn-cn- p- -Xv. 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9 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, am-dn-b-txm-ss C-Xn-te-Xm ap-tkm-fn-\n, G-Xm ln- v-e F- m-bn tem-i-øn-s kw-i-bw. tam- Zn-bm-tWm {Sw-]m-tWm Ir-jv-W A-tXm C-cp-hcpw A - -\-\pw Ir-jv-W-\p-am-tWm F- m-bn Im-cy-߃. A- tz-io-b-am-bn Nn- n- v A- zm- \-h - ssk- m- n-i-x-bp- m- n-b am-wn- mtwm, hn-i-zo-i-c-w-øn-\v ]m-sv tem-i-øn-te-bv- v t\m- q... sf-kn-kn-s i-{xp-hm-cv. \-Ωƒ sh-dp-sx C- y-bp-ss C- m-h- -Øv Nn- m- m-sx tem-tim-ø-c-am-bn Nn- n- q i-{xp-hn-s i-{xphpw an-{x-am-wv ]n-xm-th F- p ]-d-bp-tºmƒ tem-i-c- -I-s\ tam-zn-bn t]m-epw Im-Wpw hn- Uv-Vn-I-fm-b k-`m t\-xr-xzw. ]-s, hn-tz-i- Øp \n- p h-cp- ^- n-\v tam-zn-bn- ]q- m-wv k-`-bp-ss {]-iv-\-sa- v B - m-wv A-dn-bm-Ø-Xv. k-`-bv- v th- -Xv H-cp a-[y-ÿ-s\-bm-[m-I-c-s\ s]m-se-bp- a-[y-ÿ-\- ti-t m.a-xn-epw ap- n-b C-\w X-s th-ww. am-wn-sb ]p-wym-f-\m- n-bm ti-{μw \-S-Øn X-tc- -Xv A-hn-sS ]-d- m a-xn-b-t m. 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10 10 JULY 08, 2017 kv-{xo-iƒ-s -Xn-sc tam-iw ]-cm-a -iw ; C- -sk n-s\-xn-sc A-t\z-j-Ww Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw: a-e-bm-f Xm-c kw-l-s-\-bm-b A-Ω-bp-sS {]-kn-u pw Fw-]n-bp-am-b C- -sk n-s\-xn-sc h-\n-xm I- Ωo-j A-t\ -Øm-k-tΩ-f-\-Øn kv-{xo-iƒs -Xn-sc tam-iw ]-cm-a -iw \-S-Øn-sb- -Xm-Wv C- -sk ns\-xn-sc-bp- B-tcm-]-Ww. h-\n-xm I-Ωn-j sn-b -t]-gv-k tpm-k-ss^ I-Ωn-j U-b-d-Œ F.bp. Ip-cym-t m-kn-\m-wv A-t\z-j- W-Øn-\v \n -tz-iw \ -In-bn-cn- p- -Xv. \-Sn-am-sc- p-dn- p- ]-cm-a -iw A-]-e-]-\o-b-am-sW- pw A-h ]-d- p. \-Sn-sb B-{I-an- kw-`-h-øn, \-Sn- v F-Xn-cm-b-Xv Dƒs -ss-bp- ]-cm-a -i-߃- v H- -am-ipw C- -sk n-s ]- cm-a -i-hpw A-t\z-jn- p- -sx- v F.bp. 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11 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, sim- n: {]-Xn ]-d- I-Y hniz-kn- v am-[y-a-߃ hm -Ø \ -Ip- -Xv I- v P-bn-en-en-cp- v km- m ]ƒ-k kp-\n t]m-epw H-cp ]-t C-t mƒ Nncn- p- p- m-ip-sa- v \-Sn Imhym am-[-h.h-cp {]-Xn ]-d-bp- hm- p-iƒ- v hn-e I - n- p- am-[y-a-߃ Ip- n-im-ew ap-x A-dn-bm-hp- X-s -bpw Ip-Spw-_-tØ-bpw C-t mƒ th- -bm-sn sim- n-cn- p-i-bm-sw- v Im-hy Xp-d- -Sn- p. \m-sf k-xyw ]p-d-øv h- v X- ß-sf- mw \n-c-]-cm-[n-i-fm-sw- v t_m-[y-s - m Xn-cp-Øp- - Xv sim- v am-{xw ]-cn-l-cn- s -Sp- -X- am-[y-a-߃ C- t mƒ D- m- n-b ap-dn-sh- pw A-h Nq- n- m-[y-a-ß-fnepw am-[y-a {]-h -Ø-I-cn-ep-ap- hn-izm-kw \- -s - p. F-t mgpw A-h-tcm-Sv k-l-i-cn- Xm-cß-sf X-s -bm-wv C-t mƒ a- \:]q -Δw th- -bm-sp-[ytNm-Zyw sn-ø-en \m-zn -j-bp-ss t]m-b hn- v ho- pw Xn-cn- p h- p sim- n: ]-Xn-aq- v a-wn- q t\-cw \o- p \n- s]m-eo-kns tnm-zyw sn-ø-en Ip-g- w kw-`-hn- -Xv \m-zn -j-bp-ss kw-km-c-ti-jn- v. 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12 12 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE 2019 cm-lp-en-\v ]-I-cw {]n-b- Km- n Cu ku-lr-z Xo-c-Øv... C-{k-tb k-μ -i-\-øn-\nss {]-[m-\-a-{ n \-tc-{μ tam-zn-bpw C-t{k-en {]-[m-\-a- { n s_-\ym-an s\-x-\ym-lp-hpw l-tz-d-bn-se Hmƒ-K _o- n. Pp-ss\-Zn-s sim-e-]m-x-iw; ap-jy-{]-xn A-d-Ãn ^-co-zm-_m-zv: l-cn-bm-\-bn ]-ip C-d- n ssi-h-iw kq- n-s - m-tcm-]n- v s{s-bn-\n Pp-ss\-Zv F- bp-hm-hn-s\ sim-e-s -Sp-Øn-b ti-kn-se {]-[m-\-{]-xn ]n-sn-bn-em-bn.a-lmcm-jv-{s-bn \n- m-wv C-bmƒ ]n-sn-bn-em-b-xv. 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13 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, ]p-xp-ssh- n-se \n -Zn- sf-h-kn πm -dn-s\-xn-tc k-a-cw sn-bv-x-h-sc a -Zn- t]m-eo-kv \-S-]-Sn-bn {]-Xn-tj-[n- p k-a-c-k-an-xn kw-l-sn- n- {]-Xn-tj-[-kw-K-aw D-Zv-Lm-S-\w snøm-s\-øn-b kn-]n-sf t\-xm-hv B-\n cm-p, ssl-_n Cu-U Fw-F -F-bv- pw \m- p- Im - p-sam- w ap-{zm-hm-iyw hn-fn- p- p. kzm-an-bp-ss enw-kw to-zn- ti-kn \- w-xn-cn- v ss{iw-{_m- v B-im-e-X Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw: kzm-an Kw-tKim-\-μ Xo - -]m-z-bp-ss P-\- t\-{μn-bw ap-dn- ti-kn s] -Ip- n-bp-ss-bpw k-tlm-z-cs -bpw sam-gn tc-j-s -Sp-Øn. ti-kv A-t\z-jn- p- ss{iw- {_m- v D-tZym-K-ÿ s] -Ip- n-bp-ss ho- n-se-øn-bm-wv samgn tc-j-s -Sp-Øn-b-Xv. ti-kn-s hn-hn-[ L- -ßfn sam-gn am- n-bn-cp- s] - Ip- n, t]m-eo-kn-s \p-w ]-cntim-[-\ B-h-iy-tØm-Sv hn-k- "\n-ß-tf- mƒ I-Sp-Ø cm-{ o-bw A-t±-l-Øn-s I-øn-ep- v, B-jn-Jv A-_p Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw: ap-jy-a- { n ]n-w-dm-bn hn-p-b ap-ºv ]-d- hm-n-i-ß-fneq-ss ap s]m-eo-kv ta-[mhn Sn ]n sk -Ip-am-dn-s\ ]-tcm- -am-bn hn-a -in- v kw-hn-[m-b-i B-jn-Jv A-_p. k-a-im-en-i a-e-bm-f-øn- \v \ -In-b A-`n-ap-J-Ønem-Wv kw-l-]-cn-hm cm-jv- {So-b-Øn-s\ ]n- p-w-bv- p- co-xn-bp- {]-kv-ym-h-\- Iƒ A-t±-lw \-S-Øn-b-Xv. 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14 `-c-w-ßm-\w: A -t^m -k-xo -Ym-S-\-tI-{μ- Øn hn-ip- A -t^m -km-ω-bp-ss Xn-cp-\mƒ 19 ap-x 28 h-sc B-tLm-jn- p-sa- pw Xn-cp- -a-ß-fpw `- -P-\-ß-fp-sS km- n-[y-hp-am-wv C-hn-Sp-sØ B-tLm-j-am-bn am-dp- -sx- pw Xo - Ym-S-\ ti-{μw sd-œ ^m. am- Xyp N-{μ -Ip-t, A-Uv-an- \n-t{s- d-h.tum. txm-a-kv ]m-d-bv-,Œ ^m. Ip-cy h-cn- -am- F- nh ]-{X-k-tΩ-f-\-Øn ]-d- p. 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A-Ø-cw Im-cy-߃ A-an- -kv Iyq-dn-sb-bpw kp-{]ow-tim-s- Xn-sb-bpw t_m-[y-s -Sp-Øm-\m-Ip-sa- hn-izm-k-øn-em-wv cm-p-ip-spw-_w. A-tX-k-a-bw \n-e-h-d Xp-d- -W-sa- n kvt^m-s-\w th- n-h-cp-sa- -X-S- -ap- {]-Nm-c-W-߃ A-dnhn- m-bv-a aq-e-am-sw- pw km- y-s -Sp-Øp- p. {io ]-fl-\m-` kzm-an t -{X-Øn-se `-c-x-t m-wn-em-wv C-Xp-h-tc-bpw Xp-d- p ]-cn-tim-[n- m-ø _n \n-e-h-d. A-Kkv-Xy ap-\n-bp-ss k-am-[n k- - -hpw C-hn-sS-bp- v. c- p X- m-wp _n \n-e-h-d-bn-ep- -Xv. C-Xn c- m-a-sø A-d K -`-Kr-l-Øn-s A-Sn-`m-Kw h-sc F-Øp-sa- m-wp hn-izmkw. N-cn-hp {]-X-e-Øn-eq-sS B-bm-k-s - p am-{x-ta C-hn-tS- p I-S- m I-gn-bq. Iq-Sm-sX Iq- I-cn- ]m-fn-iƒ D- ]-tbm-kn- p c- m-a-sø A-d-bn-te- p- {]-th-i-\w \n-b- { n- n- p- v. kz -Ww, sh- n I- -I-fpw ]-{ -t m-fw C-cp- ºp Pm-dp-I-fn \n-d-sb kz -W \m-w-b-ß-fpw B-`-c-W-ßfpw kz -W a-wn-i-fpw C-hn-sS kq- n- n- p-s - m-wp tigv-hn.f- m A-d-I-fpw Xp-d- p I-W-s -Sp- p \-S-Øm-\p- tim-s-xn hn-[n- p hn-t[-b-am-bn _n A-d-bpw Xp-d- m {ian- n-cp- p. 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15 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, Saudi Arabia Australia Bahrain Qatar Kenia New Delhi ti-c-f-øn-se \-gv-kp-am-cp-ss k-a-c-øn-\v tem-i-øn-s \m-\m-`m-k-øv \n- p-ap- ]n- p-w bp- -Im-e-Øpw k-am-[m-\-im-e-øpw tem-i-sø- m-bn-s-øpw \n -Wm-b-I tk-h-\-km- n- y-ß-fm-wv \ß-fp-ss-bpw th-z-\-bp-ss-bpw tcm-k-ß-fp-ss-bpw C-cp- n - -km- z-\-øn-t -bpw B-izm-k-Øn-t -bpw ]-cn-n-c-w-øn-t -bpw- -sh-fn- -{]-l -j-am-im kz-b-ap-cp-in-øo-cp- kv-t\-l-kv-] -iw tcm-kn-i-fn-te-bv- v \o-fp- hn-ip- -I-c-߃.hn-ti-j-W-ß-fn am-em-jm-im-c-ap- Cu k-a - -W-߃ sxm-gn ta-j-e-bn-se I-Sp-Ø Nq-j-W-Øn-s Po-hn- p- c- -km- n-i-fm-wv.p-\m-[n-]-xy-ti-c-f-øn C- pw sim-sn-b Nq-j-W-Øn-\v hn-t[-b-cm-ip- A-Sn-a-h -K-am-Wv \-gv-kp-am.a-h D-b -sø-gp-t - p-i-bm-wv.f- p-a-wn- q tpm-en,f- p-a-wn- q hn-{i-aw F- p-a-wn- q hn-t\m-zw F- A-Jv-f-tem-I sxm-gn-em-fn-bm-\p-iq-ey-øn-\m-b- \-gv-kp-am k-a-c-cw-k-øn-d-ßn-bn-cn- p- -Xv. am-\y-am-b th-x-\w- - A-Xm-Wv A-h-cp-sS {]m-y-an-i{]ow tim-s-xn hn-[n- an-\n-aw i-º-f-am-b cq-]- p-th- n-bp- \ym-b-am-b B-h-iy-am-Wv ti-c-f-øn-se kz-im-cy-ta-j-e-bn {]-hr-øn- p- \-gv-kp-am B-h-iy-s -Sp- -Xv.tI-c-f-Øn Iq-en- -Wn-sb-Sp- p- C-X-c-kw-ÿm-\ sxm-gn-em-fn-iƒ- v e-`n- p- Zn-h-k-th-X-\w t]m-ep-an- m-ø \n-kz- -\n- -lm-b Nq-jn-X.C-h-cp-sS \n-e-\n -]n-\p th- n-bp- k-a-c-sø h -Ko-b-h-Xv-I-cn- m-\m-wv am-t\-pv-sa p-i-fp-ss-bpw k-`m A-[n-Ir-X-cp-sS-bpw {i-aw. Nn-In- m-cw-k-sø I- -h-s- m -s -Xn-sc-bm-Wv C-h-cp-sS k-a-cw. H-cp a-x-øn-s\-xn-sc-b-. bp- -Im-e-Øpw k-am-[m-\-im-e- Øpw tem-i-sø- m-bn-s-øpw \n - Wm-b-I tk-h-\-km- n- y-ß-fm-wv \ß-fp-ss-bpw th-z-\- bp-ss-bpw tcm-k-ß-fp-ss-bpw C-cp- n - - km- z-\-øn-t -bpw B-izm-k-Øn-t - bpw ]-cn-n-c-w-øn-t -bpw- -sh-fn- -{]- l -j-am-im kz-b-ap-cp-in-øo-cp- kv-t\-l-kv-] -iw tcm-kn-i-fn-te-bv- v \o-fp- hn-ip- -Ic-߃.hn-ti-j-W-ß-fn am-em-jm- Im-c-ap- Cu k-a - -W-߃ sxmgn ta-j-e-bn-se I-Sp-Ø Nq-j-W- Øn-s Po-hn- p- c- -km- n-i-fm- Wv.A- p-h -jw ap -]v h-sc kz-im-cy ta-j-e-bn kw-l-sn-x-c- m-xn-cp- C-h-cp-sS \n-e-\n - n-s {]-iv- \-߃ C-hn-Sp-sØ t{s-uv bq-wn-b-\p-iƒ-t m ap-jy- [m-cm cm-{ o-b ]m - n-iƒ-t m {i- -sn-ep-tø- hn-j-bw t]m-ep-am-bn-cp- n-.p-\m-[n-]-xy-ti-c-f- Øn C- pw sim-sn-b Nq-j-W-Øn-\v hn-t[-b-cm-ip- A-Sn-a-h -K-am-Wv \-gv-kp-am.a-h D-b -sø-gpt - p-i-bm-wv.f- p-a-wn- q tpm-en,f- p-a-wn- q hn-{i-aw F- p-a-wn- q hn-t\m-zw F- A-Jv-ftem-I sxm-gn-em-fn-bm-\p-iq-ey-øn-\m-b- \-gv-kp-am k-a-c-cw-k-øn-d-ßn-bn-cn- p- -Xv. am-\y-am-b th-x-\w- - A-Xm-Wv A-h-cp-sS {]m-y-an-i{]ow tim-s-xn hn-[n- an-\n-aw i-º-f-am-b cq-]- p-th- n-bp- \ym-b-am-b B-h-iy-am-Wv ti-c-f-øn-se kz-im-cy-ta-j-e-bn {]-hr-øn- p- \-gv-kp-am B- h-iy-s -Sp- -Xv.tI-c-f-Øn Iq-en- -Wn-sb-Sp- p- C-X-c-kw-ÿm-\ sxm-gn-em-fn-iƒ- v e-`n- p- Zn-h- Cu I-cn-b-dn-te- v h-cp- -Xv Rm _n-f- n \-gv-knw-kv aq- mw h -jw ]Tn- p-tºm-gm-wv B-Zy \- gv-knw-kv k-a-cw ti-c-f-øn h-cp- -Xv. F-s ÿm-]- \-Øn-se A-[ym-]-I-cpw am-t\-pv-sa v {]-Xn-\n-[n-Ifpw A- v m-kn h- v R-ß-tfm-Sv ]-d- -Xv k-a-c- m tnm-zn- p- i-º-fw \ -Im am-t\-pv-sa v X-øm-dm-sW- pw F- m A-Xv h-i h-bv- m-sx A- l- m-cw sim- m-wv A-h k-a-cw sn-øp- -Xv F- p-am-wv. am-{x-a-, tcm-kn-i-sf ]-cn-k-wn- m-sx apgp-h t]-cpw k-a-c-øn-\v t]m-bn F- pw A-h ]-d- o-cp- p. ]-t k-a-c-sø Xp-S - v A-Xn-s t]- cn hn-zym - n-i-fm-b R-߃- v A-h X-s \ -In-b n-\n- Uyq- n-bv- n-s-bn-em-wv R-߃ H-cp \-gv-kn-s Po-hn-X-hpw, k-a-c-øn-\n-d-tß- n h- km-l-n-cy-hpw t\-cn- v a-\-kn-em- n-b-xv. F- n-\m- Wn-ß-s\ tcm-kn-i-sf I- -s -Sp-Øn k-a-cw sn-øp- sx- v A-h-tcm-Sv tnm-zn- B-fm-Wv Rm. A-t m-gm- Wv A-Xym-h-iyw th- \-gv-kp-am-sc Uyq- n- v hn- psim-sp-øp-sim- m-wv A- v A-h k-a-cw sn-bv-xncp- -Xv F- v A-h t\-cn- v t_m-[y-s -Sp-Øn X- - Xv. F-{X-sbm-s ]-d- n- pw am-t\-pv-sa v hn- p-ho-gv- N-bv- v X-øm-dm-hm-sX h- -t m-gm-wv K-Xy- -c-an- msx A-h - v k-a-c-øn-\n-d-tß- n h- -sx- v R- ߃- v a-\-kn-em-b-xv A-h-cn Nn-e-cp-sS i-º-f-øns h-ep- w Xn-cn- -dn- -t m-gm-wv. sh-dpw c- m-bnc-hpw c- m-bn-c-øn A- q-dpw cq-]-bv- v tpm-en snbv-xn-cp- _n-f- n \-gv-kp-am-sc R-߃ A-hn-sS I- p. A-h-cp-sS km-e-dn tã- v-sa v I- -t m-gm-wv R-߃ t]m-epw A-Xv hn-iz-kn- -Xv. A-Xp-h-sc k-ac- m-sc tam-i-am-bn I- n-cp- R-߃, C-Xv \n-e- \n -]n-\v th- n-bp- k-a-c-am-sw- v Xn-cn- -dn- - tum.tpm Pv Fw.Im \m v k-th-x-\w t]m-ep-an- m-ø \n-kz- -\n- -lm-b Nq-jn-X.C-h-cp-sS \n-e-\n - ]n-\p th- n-bp- k-a-c-sø h -Ko-bh-Xv-I-cn- m-\m-wv am-t\-pv-sa p-i-fpss-bpw k-`m A-[n-Ir-X-cp-sS-bpw {iaw. Nn-In- m-cw-k-sø I- -h-s- m - s -Xn-sc-bm-Wv C-h-cp-sS k-a-cw. H-cp a-x-øn-s\-xn-sc-b-. A-Xp sim- m- Wv k-a-c-ap-j-øv \n- v H-cp \-gv-kv- - - F-gp-Xp- Cu k-xy-߃ a-e-bm-fn-isf- n-epw a-\- n-em-t - -Xv. Xr-»q-cn-se H-cp kz-im-cy B-ip-]- {Xn-bn tpm-en sn-øp- H-cp _n-fn \-gv-kv B-Wv Rm. Xr-»q Pn- bn-se X-s H-cp Dƒ-\m-S I -j-i Ip-Spw-_-Øn-em-Wv F-s P-\-\w. I -j-i-\m-b ]- bpw A-Ω- n-bpw aq- v s]- - -fp-a-s-ßp- H-cp km- [m-c-w Ip-Spw-_-am-Wv R-ß-fp-sS-Xv. ho-sn-s sn-ehp-iƒ Iq- n-ap- n- m ]m-sp-s]-sp- F-s ]- -bv- v H-cp ssi-øm-ßm-ip-sa- pw Ip-Spw-_-sØ c- -s]-sp- Øm-\m-Ipw F- p-ap- hn-nm-cw sim- pw, -ssz-hn-iam-b Cu sxm-gn-en-t\m-sp- kv-t\-lw sim- p-am-wv Rm \-gv-knw-kv s{]m-^-j-\n-te- v h- -Xv. ]Tn- D- S-t\ H-cp tpm-en In- n kz-]v-\-ß-sf- mw k-^-e-am- mw F- Nn- -tbm-ss-bm-wv A-t m B-tdm e- w cq-] sim-sp-øn- m-bm-epw Cu tim-gv-kn-\v tn-cp- -Xv. π-kv Sp I-gn- D-S-s\, C-t mƒ tpm-en snøp- Xr-»q-cn-se kz-im-cy B-ip-]-{Xn- v Io-gn {]- hr-øn- p- \-gv-knw-kv tim-tf-pn-em-wv Rm _n-fn \-gv-knw-kn-\v tn - -Xv. F-s -t m-se X-s -bm- Wv F-t m-ssm- -ap- H- p-an- kp-lr-øp- -fpw

16 16 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE t\-gv-kp-am - v A -l-am-b th-x-\w D-d- m- -W-sa- v I -Zn-\mƒ am tpm -Pv B-e-t -cn R-ß-fp-sS k-a-cw R-ß-fp-sS k-a-c-sø a-s m-cp co-xn-bn h-f-s m-sn- v \p-w {]-N-c-Ww \-S-Øp-I-bm-Wv F-s B-ip-]- {Xn-bn-se A-[n-Im-cn-Iƒ. ]-cn-n-c-ww th- tcm-kn- Iƒ- m-h-iy-am-b \-gv-kp-am-sc hn- p-sim-sp-øp-sim- m-wv R-߃ Pn- m ti-{μ-ß-fn k-a-cw sn-øp- -Xv. F-s ]- F-t m-sv ]-d- -Xv, H-cp ÿm-]-\- Øn-s\-Xn-sc k-a-cw sn-bv-xv A-tX ÿ-e-øp X- s tpm-en- v t]m-ip- H-tc-sbm-cp hn-`m-kw \n-ßfm-bn-cn- pw F- m-wv. cm-hn-se k-a-c-hpw cm-{xn ss\- v Uyq- n-bpw sn-bv-xv k-a-cw sn-øp- F-s t m-ep- -h-sc I- v F-s Nn-e kp-lr-øp- ƒ ]- d- -Xv, C-Xm-Wv R-ß-fp-sS s{]m-^-j-\pw \n-ß-fpss s{]m-^-j-\pw X-Ωn-ep- hy-xym-kw F- m-wv. C-h-cp-sS H-cp B-tcm-]-Ww, ]p- -Øn-\pw A-h-K-W- \-bv- pw D- H-cp Im-c-Ww, \-gv-kp-am - v hn-h-c-ans - m-wv. ]p-xp-xm-bn h-cp- lu-kv k -P- m a- cp- p-iƒ sx- n-sb-gp-xp-tºmƒ A-Xv Xn-cp-Øn i-cnbm-b-xv ]-d- p-sim-sp- p- \n-c-h-[n \-gv-kp-am-sc Rm I- n- p- v. B-ip-]-{Xn A-[n-Ir-X ]-d-bp- - Xv, \-gv-kp-am-cn-s - n-epw B-ip-]-{Xn kp-k-a-am-bn \-S- Øn-s m- v t]m-im X-߃- v I-gn-bpw F- m-wv. F- n- pw Cu k-a-c-sø A-h C-ß-s\ t]-sn- p- sx- n-\m-sw- m-wv F-\n- v a-\-kn-em-hm-ø-xv. ]-e-cpw R-ß-tfm-Sv tnm-zn- p, \n-߃ `q-an-bn-se amem-j-am-c-t \n-ß-fn-ß-s\ k-a-c-øn-s\m-s C-dßm-tam F- v. ts- v Hm-^v kn-\n-a-bn-se ]m -h-xn-bpkz-im-cy B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn-se \-gv-kp-am - v kwÿm-\ k - m \n- -bn- p- th-x-\w D-d- p-hcp-ø-w-sa- v kn-tdm a-e-_m k-`m ta-p B - v-_n-j- v I -±n-\mƒ am tpm -Pv B-e-t -cn. \- gv-kp-am - v A -l-am-b th-x-\w \ -Im-sX I- tøm-en- m B-ip-]-{Xn-Iƒ Im-cp-Wy-{]-h -Ø-\- ߃- m-bn ]-Ww sn-e-h-gn- p- -Xp t{]m- mln- n- -cp-sx- pw A-t±-lw ]-d- p. I-tØm-en- m k-`-bp-ss B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn \-gv-kp-am - p Xv A-t mƒ am-{x-am-wv i-º-fw ]-cn-jv-i-cn- m-sa- v 2012 D-d- p- \ -In-b-Xm-Wv am-t\-pv-sa p-iƒ. F- m 2016 s^-{_p-h-cn-bn Xp-S-ßn-b th-x-\ N - -bv- v 2017 Pq-em-bv am-k-am-bn- pw H-cp Xo-cp-am-\-hpw B-Im-sX h- -t m-gm-wv a- p am -K-ß-sfm- p-an- m-sx C- t mƒ Cu k-a-c-øn-\n-d-tß- n h- -Xv. tpm-en ]T-\-Øn-\v ti-jw ]Tn- A-tX ÿm-]-\-øn X-s -bm-wv tpm-en- v I-b-dn-b-Xv. A-Xn a-s m-cp I-Y-bp- v. {]-Xn-I-cn- m H-cp km-[y-x-bp-an- m-ø s] -Ip- n-i-sf am-{x-am-wv A-h tpm-en-s -Sp-Ø- Xv. B h -j-sø G- -hpw Iq-Sp-X am - v hm-ßnb hn-zym - n-\n-bm-bn-cp- n- v Iq-Sn F-s A-h hnfn- n-. A- q- -Øn I-eym-Ww I-gn- c- v t]- c- m-sx tpm-en- v I-b-dm-\m-hm-Xn-cp- G-I s] - Ip- n Rm-\m-bn-cp- p. G- -hpw A-h-km-\w ssi-øpw Im-epw ]n-sn- n- m-wv A-h-sc-s tpm-en-s -Sp- m X-øm-dm-b-Xv. ]Tn- psºm-tg I- p- n Im-Wp- tam-iw Im-cy-ß-fn Rm {]-Xn-I-cn- p-am-bn-cp- p F- -Xm-bn-cn- -Ww A-Xn-\v Im-c-Ww. a- p- -h -s - mw C-cp-]-Xv an-\n- psim- v I-gn- C -hyq F-s Im-cy-Øn H- c a-wn- q \o- p. a-s m-cp Im-cyw, sa-bv \-gv-kp-am-sc X-߃- v th- F- p ]-d- p-sim- v F-s _m- n-ep- \m-ev B -Ip- n-i-sf A-h-c-hn-sS tpm-en-s -Sp-Øn-. A- h-cp-ss ssi-øn \n- v B-dv e- w cq-] hm-ßn ]Tn- n- n- mm-wv Cu A-Xn-{I-aw. A-hn-sS ]Tn- m tn - -s m-tg C-X-h-tcm-Sv ]-d- n-cp-s - n C-{Xbpw ]-Ww \- -s -Sp-Øm-sX Po-hn-X-sØ \-s m-cp \n-e-bn-se-øn- m A-h - m-ip-am-bn-cp- p. Rm hn-zym-`ym-k tem F-Sp-Øv ]Tn- H-cm-f-. F-s ]- kz- w `q-an hn- m-wv F-s ]Tn- n- - Xv. ]-t F-s Iq-sS-bp- `q-cn-]- w t]-cpw tem F-Sp-Øv ]Tn- -h-cm-wv. ]-Øp h -j-am-bn A-hn-sS tpm-en sn-øp- F-s H-cp kp-lr-øn-\v km-[n- p- hn-[w \ym-b-am-b th-x-\w \ -Ip- p-s -Wp hn-iz-kn- p- -sx- pw A-t±-lw ]-d- p.k-aq-l-øn-se {]-[m-\-s - ip-{iq-j sn-øp- \-gv-kp-am - v Po-hn-X-Øn-\m-h-iy-am-b \ym-bam-b th-x-\w e-`n-t - -Xp km-am-\y \o-xn-bp-ss hn-j-b-am-bn Im-W-W-sa- pw A-t±-lw A-`n-{]mb-s - p. ti-c-f-øn B-ip-]-{Xn-Iƒ \-S-Øp- \n-c-h-[n-bm-b C-X-c a-t\-pv-sa p-i-fpw C-tX \n-e- ]m-sv ssi-s m- -W-sa- pw A-t±-lw ]-d- p. C-{X-bpw h -j-ß-fm-bn- pw A-h-fp-sS tem-wn-s C- cp-]-xv i-x-am-\w t]m-epw Xn-cn- -S-bv- m km-[n- n- n-s - v ]-d- m \n-߃- v Nn-e-t mƒ A- p- Xw txm- mw. 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17 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, Sharja Newziland Qatar Jedda Ireland Muscat Al Moosa, KSA Mumbai ss U-b-tem-tK F-\n- -h-tcm-sv ]-d-bm-\p- q. "am-em- J F- t]-cv am-{x-ta-bp- q, F- m A-h-cp-sS Pohn-Xm-h-ÿ \n-߃-s m- pw A-dn-bn- ' am-[y-a-ß-tfm-sv R-ß-fp-sS k-a-c-tøm-ssm- w \n - p- am-[y-a- - k-aq-l-am-[y-a kp-lr-øp- -sf kv-t\-l-tøm-ss Hm - p- p. ]-t Cu k-a-c-ß-sf h-f-s m-sn- p- X-c-Øn Nn-e ap-jy-[m-c am-[y-a-ß-fn-e-s- w h-cp- {]-N-c-W-ß-fn F-\n- v Zpx-Jw txm- m-dp- v. F- m ap-x-em-fn-am-cp-ss Im-iv hm-ßn Io-i ho - n- p- A-Ø-cw B-fp-I-tfm-Sv k-l-xm-]w am-{x-ta-bp- p. \-gv-kp-am-sc- p-dn- v A-]-hm-Zw ]-d- p-\-s- p- \n-߃ H-cp Zn-h-k-sa- n-epw G-sX- n-ep-sam-cp B-ip-]-{Xn-bn t\-cn- v sn- -Ww. H-cp \-gv-kv sn-øp- tpm-en-sb- m-sw- v I- v a-\-kn-em- -Ww. F- n- v hn-a -in- -Ww. K-Xn-tI-Sv sim- v sn-øp- H-cp k-a-c-sø ]n- p-w- p- -Xn-\m-Wv A-Ø-c- m {i- n-t - -Xv. A-Xn-em-Wv H-cp am-[y-a {]-h -Ø-I-s am-[y-a [ -aw C-cn- p- -Xv. 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18 18 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE \yqkv ta \yqkv ta ln-a-p l-cn B-ep-h-bn-se H-cp km-[m-c- W Ip-Spw-_-Øn P-\n- tkm- ]m-e-ir-jv-w F- bp-hm-hv kn-\n-a-bn F-Øn-b-t mƒ Im-Øn-cp- -Xv P-\-{]n-b \m-b- I-s knw-lm-k-\-am-bn-cp- p. tim-tf-pv Im-ew ap-x-ep- {]- b-xv-\-hpw- -an-an-{in F- I-ebp-am-Wv Zn-eo-]n-\v kn-\n-a-bn kz- -am-bn H-cp C-cn- n-sw t\-sns m-sp-ø-xv. G-jym-s\- n-eqss Zn-eo-]v A-h-X-cn- n- "tim-an-t m-f'bpw an-an-{in Xm-c-ß-fm-b A-_n-tbm-Spw \m-zn -j-tbm-spw tn - v C-d- n-b "tz am-th-en sim-º-øv""hm-w-øn-\n-s-bv- v ]p- p-i- -h-sw' t]m-ep- ]m-c-un Im-k- p-i-fpw a-ebm-fn-i-sf H-Øn-cn Nn-cn- n- -Xm-Wv. I- -bv- v \n- m- Wv Zn-eo-]pw \m-zn -j-bpw kn-\n-a-bn F-Øn-b-sX- n-epw h-f-sc s]-s - v X-s \m-zn -j-sb sh- n Zneo-]n-\v ap-t -dm I-gn- p. 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C-tXm-sS C-cp-h-sc-bpw Ip-dn- p- tkm-kn- p-i-fpw i- -am-bn. F- m F- m A-]-hm-Z-߃- pw hn-cm-a-an- v 2009 Im-hy hn-hm-ln-x-bm-bn. ]-t B hn-hm-l _- -Øn-\v H-cp h -jw t]m-epw B-bp- v D- m-bn-. C-cp-h-cpw ]n-cn- p. C-Xn-\v ]n- n ]-d- v ti- -Xpw Zn-eo-]n-s t]-cm-bn-cp- p. C- txm-ss Zn-eo-]n-s Ip-Spw-_ Po-hn-X-Øn-epw A-kzÿ-X-Iƒ X-e-s]m- n. -hn-hm-l _- w ]n-cn- Im-hym am-[-h-s c- mw h-c-hpw Zn-eo-]n-s \m-bn-ibm-bn "]m- n A- - ' F- Nn-{X-Øn-eq-sS-bm-bn-cp- p C-d-ßn-b "kn-sf-un aq-k' F- Nn-{X-Øn-eqsS-bm-Wv Zn-eo-]v kn-\n-a \n -Ωm-W cw-k-tø- v I-S- p- -Xv. Zn-eo-]v X-s \m-b-i-\m-b Cu Nn-{Xw h- º ln- m-b-txm-ss a-e-bm-f kn-\n-a-bn \- \m-b- I-s\m- w \- \n -Ωm-Xm-hpw B-bn Zn-eo-]v am-dn. 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C-Xn-\p ti-j-am-wv Zn-eo-]n-s Ip-Spw-_ Po-hn-X- Øn h s]m- n-sø-dn-bp- m-b-xv. tkm-kn- p-iƒ- v hn-cm-a-an- v 2014 Zn-eo-]pw a-rv-pp-hpw ]n-cn- p. C-tXm-sS-bm-Wv Zn-eo-]n-s Po-hn-X-Øn-se I- -Im-ehpw Xp-S-ßn-b-Xv. a-rv-pp-hp-am-bn ]n-cn- ti-jw Zneo-]v A-`n-\-bn- "dn-mv am-ã ' F- Nn-{X-hpw h hn-hm-z-am-bn. C-Xn kv-t\-ln- s]-æv D-S- n t]m-bt mƒ ]-I-cw A-h-fp-sS t]-cn- v ]- n-sb h-f -Øp- H-cp I-Ym-]m-{X-sØ-bm-Wv Zn-eo-]v A-h-X-cn- n- -Xv. C- Xv a-rv-pp-hn-s\ A-[n-t -]n- m-wv F- hn-hm-z-hpw D-b - p. C-\n H-cp hn-hm-l-øn-\v H-cp- -a-s - v B- h -Øn- v ]-d- Zn-eo-]v kz- w a-i-sf km- n-bm- n 2016 Im-hym am-[-h-s\ hn-hm-lw sn-bv-xp. 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19 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, "A-Ω' {]-kn-u v C- -k v A-h-Im-i-s -Sp- -Xv t]m-se a-e-bm-f kn-\n-a-bn F- mw "" o o-\-."im-ãnw-kv Iu- v'\v hn-t[-b-bm-sb- n am-{x-ta a-e-bm-f kn-\n-a-bn ]n-sn- p \n - m ap \n-c \-Sn-am - v t]m-epw\n-a-bn A-h-k-cw A-t\z-jn-s -Øp- bp-h-xn-iƒ \n-c- -cw "Im-Ãnw-Kv Iu- n;\v hn-t[-b-cmti- n h-cp-sa- v sh-fn-s -Sp-Øn-b-Xv sx- n- y-bn-se ap \n-c-\m-bn-i e- v-an dm-bv B-Wv.F- n- m-wv 'A-Ω" {]-kn-u n-s 's]m- -I-fn"tam-iw kz-`m-h- m-cm-b \-Sn-Iƒ In-S- -]- n-s - p h-cm-sa- kv-{xo-hn-cp- ]-cm-a -i-am-wv C- -k n \n- p- mb-xv.tkm-jy ao-un-b-bn-epw s]m-xp cw-k-øpw \n-in-x-am-b hn-a -i-\-øn-\m-wv C- -k v hn-t[-b-\mb-xv.''f- mw o, o F- -h-im-i-s -Sp- C- -k v C-sXm- p hm-bn- p t\m- p-i. A-t m-g-dn-bmw k-xym-h-ÿ sh-fn-s -Sp-Ø-ep-am-bn- 12 \m-bn-i-am A-Ωp- kzm-an-\m-y A-h-k-cw \ -Im Iq-sS In-S- -W-sa- B- h-iy-hp-am-bn kw-hn-[m-b-i-tcm kq- \m-b-i- m-tcm -Wn- p- -Xn-s\-bm-Wv kn-\n-am tem- I-Øv Im-Ãn-Mv Iu- v F- t]-cn- v hn-fn- p- -Xv. C-t mƒ a-e-bm-fn-iƒ- pw G-sd kp-]-cn-nn-x-am- Wv Cu ]-Z-{]-tbm-Kw. ]-e \m-bn-i-am-cpw kn-\nam tem-i-øv X-߃- v t\-cn-ts- n h- Zp-c-\p- `-h-ß-sf Ip-dn- v sh-fn-s -Sp-Øn- -gn- p. sim- n-bn \-Sn B-{I-an-bv- -s - ]- m-ø-e-ønem-bn-cp- p ]-e-cp-ss-bpw sh-fn-s -Sp-Ø-ep-Iƒ. Im-Ãn-Mv Iu- n-\v ]p-d-sa kn-\n-a-bn-se ]-e-cn \n- pw D- m-b Zp-c-\p-`-h-ß-sf Ip-dn- v \m-bn-iam X-s sh-fn-s -Sp-Øp- p. ]-Zv-a-{]n-b X-\n-bv- pw X-s ss{u-h-dn \n- v tam-i-amb A-\p-`-hw D- m-bn F- sh-fn-s -Sp-Ø-ep-ambn ]-Zv-a-{]n-b cw-k-øv F-Øn-bn-cp- p. sim- nbn \-Sn B-{I-an-bv- -s - ]- m-ø-e-øn-embn-cp- p ]-Zv-a-{]n-b-bp-sS-bpw sh-fn-s -Sp-Ø. kw-`-h-øn ]-cm-xn \ -In-bn- v bmsxm-cp \-S-]-Sn-bpw D- m-bn- F- v \- Sn ]-d- p. kn-\n-am kw-l-s-\-i-fpw au-\w ]m-en- p. kn-\n-am sk- n A- \p-h-zn- hm-l-\-øn-s ss{u-h-dn \n- m-wv tam-iw A-\p-`-hw D- m-b-xv. C- m-cyw kw-hn-[m-b-i-t\m-sv ]-d- t mƒ, F-\n- v A-\p-Iq-e-am-b Xo-cp-am- \w F-Sp- p- -Xn-\v ]-I-cw au-\w ]men- m-\m-bn-cp- p kw-hn-[m-b-i \n -t±-in- -Xv. 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20 20 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE P-\-߃-s m- w: tum.{io-dmw sh- n- -cm-a F- pw P-\-߃- v th- n: A-Yo-e A- p- A-b -hm-kn- v \-S- m h-gn-b-\p-h-zn- m-sx `m-cym-]n-xm-hv si- n-b a-xn s]m-eo-kn-s\ D-]-tbm-Kn- v s]m-fn- v \o- m-dn-se ssi-tb- -sam-gn- n- p- -Xn kp-tc-jv Ip-am-dn-\pw E-jn-cm-Pv knw-kn-\p-sam- w cm-pp \m-cm-b-w kzm-an-bpw D- m-bn-cp- p. C-t mƒ D-tZym-K-ÿ `-c-w ]-cn-jv-im-c(hu-tzym-kn-i `m-j)h-ip- v {]n -kn- sk-{i- -dn-bm-bn cm-pp \m-cm-b-w-kzm-an H-Xp- -s - p. A-gn-a-Xn-s -Xn-sc k- n-bn- m k-a-cw \-S-Øn P-\-ß-fp-sS lo-tdm B-b tp- -_v txm-a-kn-eq-ss-bm-wv ap-jy-a-{ n ]n-w-dm-bn hn-p-b,xm - -A-gn-a-Xn-hn-cp- -s\- C-ta-Pv kr- n- -Xv. F- m-en-t mƒ B - pw th- m-ø sf-fw-pn-bp-ss X-e-h-\m-bn H-Xp- -s - p, A-t±-l-hpw.tIm-gn-t m- p-im - v "I-f-Œ t{_m ' B-bn-cp- p {]-im- v. P-\-In-b {]-iv-\-ß-fn P-\-߃-s m- w, P-\-߃- n-s-bn \n- v- -Xo-cp-am-\-sa-Sp-Ø {]-im- v,a-w am-^n-b-sb sxm- -t mƒ ]n-w-dm-bn hn-p-b-s I-Æn-se I-c-Sm-bn.C-t mƒ eo-sh-sp-øv ho- n-en-cn- p- p.x-an-gv-\m- n \n- pw I -Wm-S-I-bn \n- p-sa- mw F-Øp- hn-j dn-iƒ-s -Xn-tc-bpw I-dn-]u-U-dp-I-fn-se am-b-øn-s\-xn-tc-bpw ap-jw t\m- m-sx \-S-]-Sn-sb-Sp-Ø-Xm-Wv `- y-kp-c- m- I-Ωo-j-W B-bn-cp-\p-]-a sn-bv-x A-]-cm-[ \o-xn U-b-d-Œ-dm- n-bm-wv A-\p-]-a-sb H-Xp- n-b-xv.]m-h-߃- v ho-sp-h- p \ -Ip- sse-^v an-j ]- -Xn-bp-sS Np-a-X-e \ -In-bm-Wv ]n-w-dm-bn t\-cn- v A-Yo-e A- p- -sb F-d-Wm-Ip-f-Øv \n- v si- p si- n- -Xv sss kv si.hnfbn cm-pp \m-cm-b-w kzm-an,tp- -_v txm-a-kv, A-\p-]-a,"I-f-Œ t{_m'{]-im- v,a-yo-e A- p-,tum.{io-cmw sh- n- -cm-a - - -k-xyk- -cm-b D-tZym-K-ÿ - v ti-c-f- Øn,]v-W-dm-bn hv-p-b-s `-c-w- Øn Io-gn c- -bn-t? H-cp cm-{ o-b in-]m -i-iƒ- pw h-g-ßm-sx ap- Jw t\m- m-sx \-S-]-Sn kzo-i-cn- m D-tZym-Kÿ - v kzm-x-{ yw \ -In-b ]n-w-dm-bn k - m an-sp- -cm-b c- v sf-f-f-kv Hm-^o-k -amsc-bm-wv C-t mƒ H- -b-sn- v sx-dp- n- n-cn- p- - Xv.`q-am-^n-b-s -Xn-sc i- -am-b \-S-]-Sn kzo-icn- -Xn-\v ÿ-ew am- -s - c- v t]-cpw k-_v I-f- Œ -am-cm-wv F- -Xpw {i-t -b-am-wv. t^m - v sim- n k-_v I-f-Œ A-Yo-e A- p- -bm-wv B-Zyw sx-dn- -Xv. 200 tim-sn-tbm-fw hne-a-xn- p- `q-an X- n- v I-s -Øn-b-Xn-\p- - k-ωm-\- -am-bn-cp- p C-Xv.X-e-ÿm-\-Øv sse-^van-j ]- -Xn-bp-sS ta-[m-hn-bm- n-bm-bn-cp- p ÿm-\-n-e-\w. aq- m-dn ssi-tø- -Øn-s\-Xn-sc ap-jw t\m- m-sx \-S-]-Sn kzo-i-cn- -Xn-\m-Wv tz-hn-ip-fw k-_v-i-f-œ {io-dmw sh- n- -cm-a-s\ C-t mƒ sx-dn- n- n-cn- p- -Xv.Fw-tªm-bv-sa v U-b-d-Œ-dmbm-Wv ]p-xn-b \n-b-a-\w. _p-[-\m-gv- \-S- a- { n-k-`m tbm-k-øn-em-wv C-Xp-kw-_- n- v Xocp-am-\-sa-Sp-Ø-Xv. am-\- -hm-sn k-_v I-f-Œ - m- Wv ]-I-cw Np-a-X-e.d-h-\yq h-ip- v ssi-øm-fp- kn-]n-sf-bp-ss A-\p-a-Xn-bn- m-sx-bm-wv c- p t]-sc-bpw ÿ-ew am- n-b-xv. 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21 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, C-{k-tb-ens -d I-S -Øo-c-ß-fn tam-zn X-cw-Kw ho-in. C- y {]-[m-\-a-{ n \-tc-{μ tam-zn-bpw C-{ktb {]-[m-\-a-{ n _- -an s\-x-\ym-lp-hpw \-Kv- \-]m-z-cm-bn I-S -sh- -Øn-en-d-ßn ku-lr-zw ]- ph- -Xpw A-]q -h-am-bn-cp- p. C-{k-tb tam-zn-sb ]p-w-cp- k-a-b-øv C- y `q- m ssn-\ apt m A-Xn -Øn-bn-se tum-i-emw ]ot-`q-an-bn ssn-\-bp-am-bn kw-l -jw cq- -am-bn-cn- p-i-bm-wv. kn- n-an-se A-Xn -Øn-bn hn-\y-kn- n-cn- p- C- y ssk-\y-sø ]n -h-en- n-s - n I-Sp-Ø {]- Xym-Lm-Xw t\-cn-ts- n-h-cp-sa- ap- -dn-bn- pw ssn- \ \ -In. P -a-\n-bn-se lmw-_ -Kn C- -se \-S- {_n-ivkv ({_-ko, d-jy, C- y, ssn-\, Z- n-wm-{^n- ) D- -tim-sn-bn ]-t \-tc-{μ tam-zn-bpw jn Nn -]nw-kpw tzm-ssj-i-zr- p-i-sf A-\v-]-c- n- p. C- cp-t\-xm- -fpw ]-c-kv-]-cw ssi-sim-sp-øpw {]-kw-k- Øn B-iw-k-I-fpw {]-iw-k-bpw hm-cn-hn-x-dn-bpw k-l-i-c-ww hm-kv-zm-\w sn-bv-xpw ]-c-ky-ku-lr-zw {]-I-Sn- n- p. 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22 22 JULY 08, 2017 I-Y jmpp. C.F. THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE I-S - -c-bn B-bn-c-I-W- n-\v a-\p-jy-cp-ss Im-e-Sn- m-sp-imƒ Ip-g- v a-dn- p In-S- p- p. Im- m-sn a- c-߃- n-s-bn, {h-w-ß-fp-, s]- bn v t]m-b kn-a v s_- p-i-fn {]-W-b-߃ B-flm-hv ssi-am-dp- p. kq-cy-s Nq-Sv A -]w Ip-d- n- p- v.i- -e- n I- -h-s- m-cpw, sf-kv- {Iow hn -]-\- m-cpw P-\- q- -Øn- \n-s-bn-eq-ss s_ ap-g- n \-S- p- p. \- hn-i- p- v. ap-jn- j - n \n- pw, hn-b - n-s - -Zp -K- -ap-b-cp- p- v. _m-knepw, I-h-dn-ep-ap- v Ip-sd-tb-td h-kv- {X-߃. F- mw ho- n sim- pt]m-bn A-e- n-bn-s-ww. I-h-dn-epw, _m-kn-ep-ap- h-kv-{x-ß-fn \n- v- -te-_ dq-an-se {]-k-h c- -Øns -bpw, a-cp- p-i-fp-ss-bpw cq- -K- w A-Sn- p- p- v. A-bmƒ ]-Xn-sb _m-kv Xp-d- v t\m- n. H-cp s] -Ip- n-s\ h-f -Øn-sb- Sp-Ø Xo-{h-X-bp-sS c- - -d I- nbm-bv In-S- p. B-ip-]-{Xn-bn `m-cy-bp-ss A-Ωbp- v. `- -Ww hm-ßn sim-sp-øn- m-wv t]m- -Xv. aq-ø a-iƒ kv-iqƒ hn- v h-cp-tºm-sg-bv- v ho- n-se-ø-ww. c- m-a-sø a-iƒ I-S - -c-bn-se a- W-en Hm-Sn- -fn- p- p- v. -Ip- p-hm-h-sb Im-Wm-\p- sim-xnbm A-h-fn- v kv-iq-fn t]m-bn-. Im- m-sn-bp-ss X-W-en hn-i- h- b-dp-am-bn- -A-bmƒ a-e - p In-S- p. B-`-c-W-ß-tf-Xp-an- m-ø `m-cy-sb A-bmƒ I- p. Im-Xpw, h-b-dpw, H- gn- v.... th-z-\-tb-td k-ln- -Xns ssz-\y-x-bpw B ap-j-øp- mbn-cp- p. F- n- pw A-hƒ ]p- n-cn- p. A-h-fp-sS A-Sp-Øv Ãq-fn-en-cp- - - A-bm-fp-sS X-e-bn-epw, I-hn-fn-epw A-hƒ X-tem-Sn.I-Æp-Iƒ \n-d- v ]-Xp-s tnm-zn- p. ""sh-i- v-wv t m? sh- -Xpw I-gnt m?.: ''Duw "" : tim-{ m-œ km hn-fn- n-cpt m?.sz-h-sk-s{xm-bn ap-s-s -Sv- v- Wq... C-\n k-am-[m-\m-bn-t?.d-æn h- n-t?.: A-h-fp-sS C-S-Xv `m-k-øv tnm-c \nd-am-bn H-cp ]n- p ss]-x. A- hƒ X-s No- n I-cp-Xn sh- sh- Xp-Wn-bn s]m-xn- v. A-hƒ A-bm-fp-sS- -I-Æp-I-fn-te-bv- v B-gv- n-d-ßn. a-\- n-s {]-bmk-ß-fn, I-\-ep-I-fn {]-W-bw \n-d- p. ap-f-fn- p h-en- H-cp Nn- bn I-b-dn A-hƒ tnm-zn- p. ''tam-\m-bn- m-t..? H-cp Xm-ßm-bn- v k- -Sw t m?"" ''F- m-s tam-sf...?. A-ßv-s\m- pw ]-d-b-t?.. Ωv-sS D-Æy-t...?: `m-cy-bp-ss I-Æp-Iƒ \n-d- v I- hn-fn-eq-ss H-gp-In. A-bmƒ I-c- n-. A-h-fp-sS ap-sn-bn-g-i-fn-eq-ss A- bmƒ hn-c-tem-sn- p. A-h-fp-sS I-Æp-\o Im- m-sn-iƒ- v ao-sx Iq-Sn s]-bv-xn-d-ß Z-ß-fp-sS ta-l-߃ B-Im-i-Øv \n-d- v Xp-fp-ºn. tam-fm-wv tnm-zn- -Xv. ""F- n-\m A- I-c-bv-Wv..?'' A-hƒ B-sI D- p P-e-Øm \- \- n-cp- p.ip- p sh- n ]m-z-kc-߃ a-w X-cn-I-fm Xn-f-ßn.. A-bmƒ tnm-zn- p. ""tam- v sh-i- v-wv t m?..'' ""C- - m...'' ""tam-fn- v kv-iq-fo.. ]q-hm- v \msf So- No-Ø ]-d-tbm?'' ""C-.. Rm-º-d- p Ip- p-hm-h h-c-w sz-h-km- v'' ""tn- n h-cp-tºm-sf-bv- pw \-Ωp- v ho- n-se-ø-ww. sim-d- q-sn t\-cw tam-fv I-fn-t m. A- -\n-hn-ss D - vtsm..'' A-bmƒ c- p ssi-bpw ]p-d-intem- v Ip-Øn I-S-en-te-bv- v t\m- n-bn-cp- p. ho-sn-\v Cu am-k-sø hm-s-i sim-sp-øn- n-. aq- v X-h-Wbm-bn D-S-a-ÿ tnm-zn- p- p. c- p ho-spw H-cp-]-d-ºn-em-Wv. H- v h-en-b-xv D-S-a-ÿ-s, sn-dn-b-xv A- h-cp-ss ]-g-b ho-sm-wv. C- v cm-hn-se-bpw.. tam-sf kv-iqfn hn-sm t\-cw ssh-in. tnm-dv Nq-Sm-dm ^m-\n- p. hn-c-ep-sim- v X-s tnm-dn-f- n-b-t mƒ ssi-hnc s]m- n.b t\-c-øm-wv D-S-aÿ h- -Xv. j - n-sm-sx h-sn-ip- Øn ]n-sn- v hr-. I-gp-Øn h- en-b kz -W-am-e. hn-c-en \- X- Sn- H-cp tam-xn-cw.z-b-bn- m-sx A- bmƒ ]-d- p. ""Cu t\-c-øpw ^m-\n- m.. i-cn-bmhn- m- m..'' ""tam- v tnm-dv sim-sp- m-\m-wv amam.. t\-cw ssh-in-b sim- m.. s]- s - v Hm-^m- mw '' D-S-a-ÿ Xn-cn- v ]-d-ºn-te-bv- v \-S- v t]m-bn. Im-e-Øv A-ßns\-bm-Wv. A-bmƒ Ip-d- v t\-cw \- S- pw. C-S-bv- v a- ƒ- v kv-t\-ltøm-ss Ip-sd Nm-º- -bpw, t]-c-bv- -bpw.., sim- p-h- v sim-sp- m-dp- v. D-S-a-ÿ-s a- -sf- mw th-sdbm-wv Xm-a-kw. Cu h-en-b ho- n A-bm-fpw, `mcy-bpw am-{xw. * I- p-ºn B -Øn-c-ºn-b Xn-c-ame-Iƒ Ip-Ωm-bw ]- n ]n-sn- \-Jß-fp-sS sxm- -Sp-Øv h-sc H-gp-In h- p. a-iƒ h-en-b k-t m-j-øn-em-wv. _m-ey-im-ew F-{X kp-μ-c-am-wv. {]-bm-k-ß-fpw-iq-ss ]-gp- m-bv h-cp- Hm -Ω-I-fpw C-s - n,hm? ms\m-cp-]m-sp- m-ipw. h -j-߃ I-gn- v C-hƒ Hm - sø-sp- pw. F-s Im-e-ti-j-hpw, Cu Im- m-sn a-c-ß-fpw, P-\-ß-fp-sS Xn-c- pw. A- v... B -Øn-c-ºp- H-cp I-S.. A-h-fp-sS B-flm-hn hn-jm-z-tøm-ss Xn-c-X- pw. cm-{xn-ifn, P- -Øn-s I-\-Ø C-cp- p- Iƒ- n-s-bn,sn-dn-b Xm-c-I-ß-fpsS {]-Xo- -bn Po-hn-t - n h- Cu A- -s\ A-hƒ kv-t\-ln- p-am-bn-cn- pw. A-bmƒ- v I-c-b-W-sa- v txm- X-I-cp- -Xp-t]m-sebpw. hn-i- v A-bm-sf X-f -Øn. Pohn-Xw ho- pw a-s-tß- ho-yn-ifn A-bm-sf Im-Øn-cp- p. Xn-c-Iƒ- v i- n Iq-Sp- p- v. a-iƒ Xn-c-Iƒ- v A-cn-Iv ]- n A- I-se-b- m-sx Hm-Sp- p- v. h-en-sbm-cp K -`-]m-{x-am-bn B-Imi-hpw I-S-epw am-dn. sim-gp-ø c- w \n-d- Xn-c-am-e. A- -sb t]m-se H- n-]n-sn- H-cp {`q-w-am-bv a-iƒ am-dp- -Xv A-bmƒ I- p. X-s h-en-s -Øn- m-\m-hm-ø Po-hn-X-Øn-te-bv- v `w-kn-bp- I -]o-en Xp-d- v A-hƒ t\m- n. Ip- p-ssi hn-c ]n-xm-hn-\p t\- sc \o- n. th- P- -ß-fp-sS I-W- n- m-ø a-c-w-øn-te-bv- v A-hƒ t]m-i-s. A-bm-fp-sS Nn- -Iƒ aq - -tb-dn-b B-bp-[-ß-fm-bn. H-cp s] -{`q-wsø C- m-bv-a sn-øm A-bmƒ X- øm-sd-sp-øp. B Xn-c Im-e-Øn-s h-en-sbm-cp {]-Xo- -bm-bv A-bmƒ- v.. txm- n. a-c-w-øn-s Xo-\m-ºp-Iƒ Xn-c-Ifn {]-Xn-^-en- p.

23 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, `m-j-bn-se ]p-xp-sam-gn {]-tbm-k-ß-fm-b X- v, t]m-ãm-i, tx- v Xp-S-ßn-b-h-sb Ip-dn- v P-b-cm-Pv hm-cy Fgp-Xnb- tej\-øn \n v. 'sam-gn'iƒ tiƒ- m `q-an-a-e-bm-f-øn-se F- m {]- P-I-fpw I-Æpw-Im-Xpw Iq - n- n-cn- p- Im-e-am-Wn-Xv. tiƒ- m-ø ]-e-xpw Im-Wp- Im-ew. tiƒ- n- p- Im-ew. I-f-I-f 'sam-gn' {]-`m-x-am-bn F- v Xp-S-ßp- tpm -k am-ã-dp-ss H-cp ]m- p- v. (t{]-a-ko-x-߃) 'Ip-dp-sam-gn' ap- - q-th... F- m-flm-hn-em-si... F- ]m- pw \mw ti- n- p- v. C- pw tiƒ- p- p B `m-h-ko-x߃. k-en -Zm-bpw tn - v H-cp- n-b kq- Km-\w. ]m- n-se 'sam-gn'iƒ F-t m-gpw tiƒ- mw. k-aq-l-am- [y-a-ß-fn-epw, ]-{X-Zr-iy am-[y-a-ß-fn-epw 'sam-gn'i-fp-ss k-xy-hpw an-yy-bpw A-dn-bm eo-sh-sp-øv ho- n-en-cn- p- -h-cpw D- -s{x. C-t mƒ Po-hn-Xw A-{X kp-j-i-c-amb H- -. \-Ω-sf B-cv {i- n- m F- v H-cmƒ- pw ]- d-bm-\m-hn-. F- m-h-cp-ss-bpw t\-sc, I-Æp-I-fpw Iym-a-d- I-fpw H-fn-Iym-a-d-I-fpw 't^m- -kv' sn-bv-xn-cn- p- p. kq- n- v kw-km-cn- n-s - n hn-hm-z-s -cp-a-g-bn \-\- v Ip-Xn-tc- n-h-cpw. sn-fn-bpw sx-dn- pw. F-{X k-a-b-am- Wv A-\m-h-iy-am-bn \mw ]m-gm- n- -f-bp- -Xv? A-Xp-sIm- v \-ap- -ev-]w \ -aw ]-d-bmw. 'Nn-cn' H-cp Nn-In- -bm- W-t m. \ -a-øn-s N-c-Sn a-t\m-[ -a-øn-s ]q- ƒ tim - Øp am-e-bp- m- n t{]- -I - v k-a - n- p- hm-n- I'sam-gn'bm-Wv F-s sxm-gn. k-z- n-\v ap-ºn \n - p-tºmƒ F-s - n-epw ]p-xn-b \ -a-߃ t{]- -I - v ]-I - p \ -I-W-sa- m-wv F-s F-t m-g-tø-bpw Nn-. I-gn- B-gv-N Xr-»q-cn 'Ko-Xw kw-ko-xw' kw- L-Sn- n- kw-ko-x k- y-bn ]m-sm-\m-bn Sm-tKm Zmkv F- Km-b-I h- n-cp- p. h -j-ß-fm-bn C- y-bpss a-lm-km-b-i ap-l-ω-zv d-^n-bp-ss ]m- p-iƒ a-t\m-lc-am-bn B-e-]n- p- -bm-fm-wv Sm-tKm Zm-kv. Sm-tKm Zm-kv \r-øw sn-bv-xv ]m-sn-b-t mƒ h I-ctLm-jw D-b - p. ]m- v Xo - -t mƒ A-h-Xm-c-I-\m-b Rm th-zn-bn-se-øn. s]-s - v H-cp \ -aw txm- n. tic-f-øn _m-dp-iƒ Xp-d- Zn-h-k-am-bn-cp- p A- v. 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24 24 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE a-e-bm-f N-e- n-{x Xm-c-ß-fp-sS kw-l-s-\-bm-b "A-Ω'bp-sS A- u- n - -D- m-bn-cp- 12 tim-sn cq-]-bn H -]-Xp tim-sn B-Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v, ti-{μ k - m {]-Jym-]n- I- - -Ww sh-fp- n- ]- -Xn-{]-Im-cw ]n-sn-s -Sp-Øp.]-Ww \- -s -Sm-Xn-cn- m Xm-c-cm-Pm- - m X-s cw-k-øn-d-ßnsb- n-epw h-g-ßm B-Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v X-bm-dm-bn-. C-tXm-sS Cu ]-W-ap-]-tbm-Kn- v ]m-h-s - -h - v ho-sp h- p-\ -Im {i-a-ap- m-sb- n-epw A-Xpw hn-p-bn- n-.c-xn-\n-ss {]-[m-\-a-{ n-sb t\-cn- - v kw-`-hw hn-i-zo-i-cn- m Xo-cp-am-\n-s - n-epw C-Xv \-S- n-s - pw t_m-[y-am-b-txm-ss ]n-g-b-s-bv- m Xo-cp-am-\n- p-i-bm-bn-cp- p. F- m - -]n-g-bm-bn B-Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v Cu-Sm- n-b-xv sam-øw Xp-I-bp-sS 80 i-x-am-\-am-bn-cp- p. C-tXm-sS 12 tim-sn-bp-ss k-ºm-zyw aq- p-tim-sn-bm-bn Np-cp-ßn. A-Ωp- kzm-an-\m-y a-e-bm-f N-e- n-{x Xm-cß-fp-sS kw-l-s-\-bm-b 'A- Ω"bp-sS A- u- n - -D- m-bn-cp- 12 tim-sn cq-]- bn H -]-Xp tim-sn B-Zmb-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v,ti-{μ k - m {]-Jym-]n- I- - -Ww sh-fp- n- ]- -Xn-{]-Imcw ]n-sn-s -Sp- Øp. -]-Ww I- psi- n-b-xv ]p-d-ødn-bm-xn-cn- m Aw-K-ß-sf t]m-epw A-dn-bn- m-sx Xmc-cm-Pm- - m-cp-ss t\-xr-xz- Øn-ep- 'A-Ω"bp-sS \n-ehn-se t\-xr-xzw c-l-ky-am- n h-bv- p-i-bm-bn-cp- p. Nm-cn- -_nƒ Hm -K-ss\- tk-j-\m-bn c-pn-ã snøm-xn-cp- -Xm-Wv ]-Ww \- -am- m C-S-bm- n-b-xv. Xm-c-߃ tã-pv-tjm \-S- Øn-bpw kw-`m-h-\ kzo-i-cn- pw k-am-l-cn- ]-Ww \ne-hn-se t\-xr-xz-øn-s A-{i- -sb Xp-S - v \- -amb-xv kw-l-s-\-bv- p- n s]m- n-sø-dn- v C-S-bm- nbn- p- v. A-tX-k-a-bw kw- L-S-\-bn-se {]-[m-\n-i-sfmgn-si ]-e - pw C-tX- p-dn- v Im-cy-am-b A-dn-hn-s - m- Wv kq-n-\. \-Sn B-{I-an- -s - kw-`h-hp-am-bn _- -s - v Zn-eo- ]n-t\-bpw \m-zn -jm-tb-bpw tn-zyw sn-bv-x ]- m-ø-e- Øn \-S- F-Iv-kn-Iyq- ohv tbm-k-øn C- m-cy-am- Wv {]-[m-\-am-bpw- -N - sn-bv-x-xv.tim-sn-iƒ \- -ambn-cn- p-tºmƒ \-Sn-s -Xncm-b B-{I-a-Ww N - snøp-i-b- th- -sx- \n - tz-i-am-wv F-Iv-kn- yq- o-hnep- m-b-xv. A-Xp sim- m- Wv \-Sn-bp-sS hn-j-bw N - sn-bv-txm F- am-[y-a- {]-h -Ø-I-cp-sS tnm-zy߃- v ""A-Xn-epw h-en-b hn-j-b-߃ N - sn-bvsx'' v C- -k v a-dp-]-sn ]-d- -Xv. I-W- n -s -Sm-Ø ]-Ww kq- n- -Xn-\v B-Zm-b-\n-Ip- Xn h-ip- v t\m- o-kv \ -Inb-t m-gm-wv "A-Ω'bp-sS t\-xr-xz-hpw C- m-cyw {i- n- p- -Xv. kw-l-s-\-bp-ss c-pn-kv-t{s-j-\n {]-iv-\-aps - v Hm-Un- -amcpw ap- -dn-bn- v \ -Im-Ø-Xv Xm-c߃- n-s-bn I-Sp- Ø B-i-b- p-g- am-wp- m- n-b-xv. ]-Ww \- -s -Sm-Xncn- m Xm-c-cm-Pm- - m X-s cw-k-øn-dßn-sb- n-epw h-g-ßm B- Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v X-bmdm-bn-. C-tXm-sS Cu ]-Wap-]-tbm-Kn- v ]m-h-s - -h - v ho-sp h- p-\ -Im {i-aap- m-sb- n-epw A-Xpw hn- P-bn- n-. C-Xn-\n-sS {]-[m-\-a-{ nsb t\-cn- - v kw-`-hw hni-zo-i-cn- m Xo-cp-am-\n-s - n-epw C-Xv \-S- n-s - pw t_m-[y-am-b-txm-ss ]n-g-b-sbv- m Xo-cp-am-\n- p-i-bmbn-cp- p. F- m - -]n-g-bmbn B-Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn h-ip- v Cu-Sm- n-b-xv sam-øw Xp- I-bp-sS 80 i-x-am-\-am-bn-cp- p. C-tXm-sS 12 tim-sn-bpss k-ºm-zyw aq- p-tim-snbm-bn Np-cp-ßn. 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25 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, \n-b-a t]m-cm- w Xp-S-cp-sa- v A-Ω \n-e-hn-se C -Ãn- n-bq- v U-b-d-Œ tz-_-an-{x an-{x kp-lr-øpw {]-Xn-bp-am-b s{]m-^-k-sd kw-c- n- m-\p- {i-a-ß-fm-wv \-S-Øn-h-cp- -Xv. a-iƒ-s m- w \n-b-a-t]m-cm- -Øn-\v Xm F- m X-c-Øn-epw Iq-sS \n - p- p-s - pw ti-c-f-øn-ep- A-Ω ]-d- p C -Ãn- n-bq- n tn - a-iƒ dm-kn-ßn-s\-xn-sc {]-Xn-I-cn- -t mƒ C-sX- mw kn-\n-am C -U-kv-{Sn-bn ]-Xn-hm-sW- p- {]-Xn-I-c-W-am-Wv C -Ãn- n-bq- n-s `m-k-øp-\n- pw D- m-bn- p- -Xv. C-t mƒ a-e-bm-f kn-\n-a-bn-epw A-Xn-{I-a-Øn-\n-c-bm-b kv-{xo-sb H- -s -Sp-Øp- -Xm-Wv \-Ωƒ I- -Xv. a-e-bm-fw ^n-enw C -U-kv-{Sn-bp-sS H-cp ]-cn-t -Zw am-{x-am-wv F-kv-B -F-^v-Sn-F A-Ω ]-d-bp- p. 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26 26 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE 1. C- y {]-[m-\-a-{ n \-tc-{μ tam-zn A-ta-cn- {]-kn-u v tum-wƒ-uv {Sw-]n-s\m- w 2. \-tc-{μ tam-zn d-jy {]-kn-u v ]p-sn-s\m- w 3. ssn-\-bp-ss {]-kn-u v jn Pn ]nw-kv kp-\m-en ta-t\m C- y-bp-am-bn H-cp G- p-ap- -en-\v Xp- \n- m A-Xv ssn-\ kz-bw i-h-ipgn txm- p- -Xn-\v Xp-ey-am-Ip-sa- v \- b-x-{ hn-z-kv-z.bp- w c- v cm-py-ßfn-epw h {]-Xym-Lm-Xw kr- n- p-sa- n-epw C- y- v tem-i cm-{ -߃- n- S-bn-ep- ]n- p-w ssn-\ t]-sn-t - -Xv X-s -bm-sw- m-wv \-b-x-{ hn-z-kv-z-cpss hn-e-bn-cp-ø.]m- n-ÿm, D-Ø-c sim-dnb F- o cm-py-ß-fp-ss ]n- p-w am-{x-am-wv bp- -Øn-te- v Im-cy-߃ am-dn-bm ssn-\- v D-d- n- m-hp- -Xv. F- m C- y-bp-ss ÿn-xn A-X-. ]-c-kv-]- cw `n- -X-bn-ep- tem-i h i- n-i-fm-b A- ta-cn- -bpw, d-jy-bpw h-sc C- y-bp-ss A-Sp-Ø kp-lr-øp- -fm-wv. C-cp cm-py-ß-fp-am-bpw C- y- v A-bp-[ C-S-]m-Sp-I-fp-ap- v.ssn-\-bp-am-bn \- _- -Øn-ep- d-jy- v C- y-bp-am-bn ssn-\ G- p-ap- -en-\v Xp-\n- m k-lm-bn- m ]- n- - v am-{x-a- C- y-sb k-lm-bn-t - n-bpw h- cpw. Im-c-Ww A-\-h-[n h -j-ß-fm-bn C- y-bpss hn-iz-kv-x-\m-b B-bp-[-ssk-\n-I ]- m-fn-bm- Wv d-jy.c- m-cyw A-Sp-Ø-bn-sS C- y {]-[m- \-a-{ n-bp-ss d-jy k-μ -i-\-tøm-s-\p-_- n- v tem-i-øn-\v ap -]n H-cn- Iq-Sn sh-fnhm- -s - -Xp-am-Wv. ap -Im-e-ß-fn \n- pw hy-xy-kv-x-am-bn H-_ma Im-e-L- w ap-x A-ta-cn- -bp-am-bpw C- y h-f-sc-b-[n-iw k-l-i-cn- m-wv ap-t m- v t]m-ip- -Xv.ssk-\n-I B-h-iy-߃- p- bp-t m-]-ic-w-߃, bp- -hn-am-\-߃ Xp-S-ßn-b-h-bn-epw C-t mƒ ]-c-kv-]-c k-l-i-c-ww Xp-S-ßn-bn- p- v.{]-[m-\-a-{ n \-tc-{μ tam-zn-bp-ss A-ta-cn- d-jy k-μ -i-\-ß-fm-wv C-cp cm-{ -ß-fpam-bp- _- w sa- -s -Sp-Øm G-sd k-lm-b- I-c-am-b-Xv.ssN-\-bp-sS A-b cm-py-ß-fm-b `q- m, P- m, hn-b- v-\mw Xp-S-ßn {^m -kv, {_n-, C-{k-tb, Hm-kv-t{S-en-b, P -Ω-\n-h-sc C- y-bp-am-bn i- -am-b _- w \n-e-\n -Øp- cm-py-ß-fm-wv.{io-e- -bp-ss k-lm-bw t]m-epw C- y-s -Xn-cm-b \o- -Øn-\v ssn-\- v e-`n- n-. A-tX-k-a-bw B-W-h-i- n-i-fm-b C- y-bpw ssn-\-bpw kw-l -j-øn-te- v t]m-bm ]m- n-ÿm A-Xn -Øn-bn Ip-g- -߃ D- m- thƒ-uv hm- v D-Ø-c sim-dn-b-bp-am-bp- A-ta-cn- kw-l -jw cq- -am-hp-i-bpw P- m-\pw Z- n-w sim-dn-b-bpw A-ta-cn- -s m- w F- n-\pw k- -am-bn-cn- p-i-bpw sn-øp- km-l-n-cy-øn C- y- -ssn-\ kw- L -jw s]m- n ]p-d-s - m A-Xv ssn-\- v h-en-b {]-Xn-k- n-bp- m- pw.d-ø-c sim-dn-b-sb A-ta-cn- k-jy tk-\ B-{I-an- v Io-gv-s -Sp-Øn-bm A-Xv ssn-\- v e-`n- p- Xn-cn- -Sn am-{x-am-bn-cn- n-, ta-j-e-bn ssn-\-bp-ss \n-e-\n - n-\pw sh- p-hn-fn-bm-ipw.c-ø-c-sam-cp k- o -Æ km-l-n-cyw A-`n-ap-Jo-I-cn- p- -Xn-\m C- y-bp-am-bn ssn-\ C-t mƒ tzm-iv em ta-j-e-bn-ep- m- p- kw-l - jw H-cp bp- -Øn-te- v F-Øn- n- - m- Wv \-b-x-{ hn-z-kv-z Nq- n- m-wn- p- -Xv.A-Xn -Øn-bn C- y k- m-l-samcp- p- -Xn-\v k-am-\-am-bn ssn-\ ssk-\n-i hn-\ym-kw \-S-Øn-bm-epw C- y a-lm-k-ap-{z-øn ]-S- - -ep- Iƒ C-d- n-bm-epw H-cp G- p-ap- -en-\p- 'ss[-cyw' ssn-\- v C-t mƒ D- m-in- - v X-s -bm-wv hn-e-bn-cp-ø. m-\p- km-[y-x-bpw C- y ap- n Im-Wp- p- v.a-ø-c-sam-cp km-l-n-cy-ap- m-bm ]m- v ssn-\ km-º-øn-i C- S-\m-gn X-I - m-\pw ]m- v-a-[o-\ I-ivao ]n-sn-s -Sp- m-\pw _-eq-nn-ÿm kz-x-{ y-am- m-\pw C- y {i-an-t - psa- m-wv A- m-cm-{ am-[y-a-ß-fpw dnt m - v sn-øp- -Xv.\m-t m tam-u ssk-\n-i i- n ssn-\- pw ]m- n-ÿm-\p-sa- Xn-sc A-ta-cn- -bpw C- y-bpw ap -ssi F-Sp- Øv cq-]o-i-cn- p-sa- B-i- -bm-wv C-t m-gsø ssn-\-bp-ss {]-tim-]-\-øn-\p ]n- n-se- pw ]-d-b-s -Sp- p- v. 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27 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, "A-Sn-ÿm-\-]-c-am-bn F-Un-Pn-]n _n k- y-bp-ss ]-ªn-kn- n Ã- m-wv ti-kn-ep- -Xv. A-h-cm-Wv F- mw sn-øp- -sx- p h-cp-ø-ww. A-Xn-\p- {i-a-am-wv. A-Xp-sIm- v B ti-kv Nn-e-t mƒ Xp-e- pt]m-ipw. A-t\z-j-W kw-l-sø \-bn- p- sf-pn Zn-t\-{μ I-iy-]n-s\ H- pw A-dn-bn- p- n-.k- y-bpss sn-bv-xn-i-sfm-s B-sc-bpw A-dn-bn- m-sx kz- w C- -{]-Im-c-am-bn-cp- p. 13 a-wn- q tnm-zyw sn-øp- I. kz- w So-an-t\m-Spƒ-s -ss B-tcm-Spw H- pw ]-d-bp- n-. C-sXm-cp h-en-b ti-km-w-t m. A-Xn-s am-[y-a-{i- ]-c-am-h-[n D-]-tbm-Kn- m-\p- {i-a-am-bm-wv Rm Im-Wp- -Xv" sk -Ip-am ]-d-bp- p. \n-tem-^ d- m bp-h-\-sn sim- n-bn B-{I-an- -s - ti-kn C-t mƒ \-S- p- -Xv \-S- p- -Xv A-Sn-ÿm-\-]-c-ambn F-Un-Pn-]n k- y-bpss ]-ªn-kn- n Ã- m-sw- v ÿm-\-sam-gn- Un-Pn-]n Sn-]n sk -Ip-am. Zn-eo-]n-s\-Xn-sc C-Xv h-sc H-cp sx-fn-hp-an-s - pw A-t±lw ]-d-bp- p. k-a-im-en-i a-e-bmfw hm-cn-i- v \ -In-b A-`n-ap-J- Øn-em-Wv sk -Ip-am-dn-s {]-Xn-Ic-Ww. 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28 28 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE Pq aq- mw Xn-b-Xn-bn-se kp-{]ow-tim-s-xn hn-[n-tbm-ss Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv hn-`m-kw D-S-a-ÿm-h-Im-iw kz- -am- n-b tim-e-t -cn ]- n X - -Øn-s Xp-S- w Io-gn-t m-s-xn-i-fpw ssl-t m-s-xn-bpw h-sc In-W- p {i-an- n- pw Xo-cm-sX X - w \o- p. ti-kv \-S-Øm C-cp-]- -hpw s]m-sn- -Xp tim-sn-iƒ; 1995 kp-{]ow tim-s-xn hn-[n {]-Jym-]n- n- pw kw-l -jw Xp-S - p.a-sx A-h-ÿ X-s -bm-wv ]p-xn-b hn-[n- p ti-j-hpw kw-pm-x-am-bn- p- -Xv sss kv si.hnfbn ]-Xn- m- p-iƒ \o- \n-b-a-bp- -߃- pw kw- L -j-߃- pw A-S- p-]q- -ep-iƒ- pw H-Sp-hn-em- Wv tim-e-t -cn ]- n-t -kn Hm - Ø-tUm-Iv-kv k-`- v A-\p-Iq-e-am-bn I-gn- Xn- -fm-gv-n kp-{]ow tim-s-xn hn-[n-bp- m-b-xv.. kw-ÿm-\ `-c-w- Øn-\p-t]m-epw X-e-th-Z-\ kr- n- p- X-c-Øn a-e- -c k-`m X - w amdn-b-xv tim-e-t -cn sk v ]o-t -gv-kv B -Uv sk v t]mƒ-kv ]- n ti-{μo- I-cn- m-wv.f- m ]p-xn-b hn-[n-tbmss k-am-[m-\-hpw k-a-hm-b-hp-a- kw-l -j-am- Wv kw-pm-x-am-bn- p- -Xv. Io-dm-ap- n-bm-b ]- n-ø - -Øn Pn- tim-s- Xn-bp-tS-bpw ssl-t m-s-xn-bp-ts-bpw A-\p-c-Rv-P- \ \o- -ß-sfm- pw ^-ew Im-Wm-sX t]m-hp-ibm-bn-cp- p. \o- \n-b-a-bp- -߃- m-bn Hm - Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv hn-`m-kw X-e-h ]-cn-ip- _-tk-en-tbm-kv am -tøm-a ]u-tem-kv Zzn-Xo-b _m dn-en-py Ø-tUm-Iv-kv- -bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-k-߃ s]m-sn- -Xv tim-sn-i-fm-wv. H- w kw-l -j-ß-fn-epw tikp-i-fn-epw Ip-cp-ßn \q-dp I-W- n-\v Po-hn-X-ßfm-Wv h-gn-bm-[m-c-am-b-xv.f- n- pw- -hn- p-ho-gv-n-bv- v bm-t m-_m-b- -Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv hn- `m-kw C-\n-bpw k- - -a k-`m-x - w B-cw-`n- -Im-ew ap- X X-s tim-e-t -cn ]- n-bn-epw `n- -X D-S-se-Sp-Øn-cp- p. tim-e-t -cn- m-c-\m-b ap-dn-a- -Øn _m-h-sb ImtXm-en- -bm- n a-e- -c-bn Im-tXm-ent - v ÿm-]n- -Xm-Wv Im-c-Ww. C-tXmsS A-t ym-jym ]m-{xn-bm - o-kn-\v hn-cp- -am-bn \n - p- -h-sc ]- n-bn {]-thin- n- n-s - v 1913 D-S-º-Sn-bp- m- n-b ]- n- m - -a-cn- p- -Xp-h-sc A-t±-l-sØ ]- n-bn I-b- n-bp-an-. a-e- -c-bn k-`m k-am-[m-\w \n-e- \n Im-e-sam-gn-sI tim-e-t -cn-bn-epw kw-l -jw ]-Xn-hm-bn. bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-kw X-e-h B-_q tam s_-tk-en-tbm-kv txm-a-kv {]-Y-aw _m-h a-e- -c-bn-se ]- n-iƒ 1934 `-c-w-l-s-\ {]-Imcw `-cn- -W-sa- Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv k-`- v A- \p-iq-e-am-b 1995se kp-{]ow-tim-s-xn hn-[n h- bp-s-t\ tim-e-t -cn ]- n-bn-se ssh-zn-i-\m-bncp- bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-k-øn-se ^m: k-j-dnb C- n-t m- n-en-s\ ÿ-ew am- n-b-xm-wv kw- L -j-øn-\pw \o- \n-b-a-bp- -߃- pw h-gnsh- -Xv. Xp-S - v bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-k-øn-se ]- n ssi- m-cm-b si.f-kv. h -Ko-kv, sn-dn-b- ]-t{xm-kv F- n-h 1913 se D-S-º-Sn {]-Im-cw ]- n-bp-ss \n-b-{ -Ww X-߃- v \ -I-W-sa- m-h-iy-s - v \n-b-a-\-s-]-sn B-cw-`n- p-i-bm-bn-cp- p. C-Xn-s Xp-S - -bm-bm-wv C-t m-g-sø kp- {]ow-tim-s-xn hn-[n. kw-l -j-sø Xp-S - v Zn-h-kw A- S- p-]q- n-b ]- n 1998 G-{]n 18 ap-x 2005 Pqsse h-sc-bpw ]q- n- n-s- p Pq-sse-bn s]-cp- m-fn-s `m-k-am-bn Xp-d- ]- n kw-l - j-sø Xp-S - v ho- pw A-S- p ssl-t m-s-xn hn-[n-sb Xp-S - v C-cp-Iq- - pw B-cm-[-\- m-bn Xp-d- p sim-sp-øp. Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv k-`- v A-\p-Iq-e-am-b sslt m-s-xn hn-[n-sb Xp-S - v 2011 ho- pw kw- L -j-ap- m-bn. tim-s-xn hn-[n \-S- m- -W-sa- B-h-iy-hp-am-bn Hm -Ø-tUm-Iv-kv hn-`m-kw Im-tXm-en- -bpw B-cm-[-\ kzm-x-{ yw B-h-iys - v bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-kw Im-tXm-en- -bpw ]- n- v ap- n \n-cm-lm-cw B-cw-`n- p. C-tXm-sS k - m C-S-s]- v ]- n ho- pw ]q- n. bm-t m-_m-b hn-`m-kw \ -In-b {]-txy-im- \p-hm-z l -Pn-bn 2016 G-{]n-en kp-{]ow tim-s-xn C-S- m-e D-Ø-c-hn-eq-sS c- p Iq- - pw B-cm-[-\ kzm-x-{ yw A-\p-h-Zn- p. Cu ti-kn-s hm-zw ]q -Øn-bm- n-bm-wv P-Ãn-kpam-cm-b A-cp- n-{i, A-an-Xm-`v-tdm-bn F- n-h Pq aq- v Xn- -fm-gv-n cm-hn-se hn-[n ]-d- -Xv. A-tX-k-a-bw Cu hn-[n-bpw tim-e-t -cn-bn-epw a-e- -c-k-`-bn-epw k-am-[m-\-hpw k-a-hm-b-hpw D- m- p-i-bn-s - m-wv C-t mƒ e-`n- p- kq-n- \-Iƒ.k-`-bn k-am-[m-\w ÿm-]n- m sszhw \ -In-b A-h-k-c-am-sW- ]-cn-ip- _- tk-en-tbm-kv am -tøm-a ]u-tem-kv Zzn-Xo-b _m-h-bp-ss A-`n-{]m-bw X- n bm-t m-_m-b hn- `m-kw cw-k-sø-øn- -gn- p.b-cm-[-\m-e-b-߃ kw-c- n- m C-S-h-I-tXm-dpw kw-c- -W-k-an- Xn-Iƒ- v cq-]w \ -Im bm-t m-_m-b k-`-h - nw-kv I-Ωn- n Xo-cp-am-\n-{]ow tim-s-xn hn- [n-sb B-Z-c-thm-sS-bm-Wv k-` Im-Wp- -sx- nepw hn-izm-k-]m-c-º-cy-ß-fn \n- v hy-xn-n-en- p- km-l-n-cyw Aw-Ko-I-cn- m I-gn-bn-.\q- m- p-i-fm-bn hn-iz-kn- pw kw-c- n- pw ssi-amdn-bpw t]m-cp- B-Nm-c-ß-fpw B-cm-[-\m-e-b-ßfpw A-t ym-jym-knw-lm-k-\-hp-am-bp- A-t`-Zy _- -hpw kw-c- n- p-sa- m-wv bm-t m-_m-b k-`-bp-ss \n-e-]m-sv.

29 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, jm-\n {]-`m-i-c-\pw kn- p kq-cy-ip-am-dpw ]-d- -Xv a-t\m-c-a Nm-\-en-se "]-d-bm-sx h-ø'bn jm-\n {]-`m-i-c-\pw G-jym-s\- n-se I-h tãm-dn-bn kn- p kq-cy-ip-am-dpw a-e-bm-f kn-\n-a-bn-se B-W-l- -sb "ssi-im-cyw' sn-øp- p.a-ω-bp-ss F-Iv-kn-Iyp- o-hn c- v kv-{xo-iƒ am-{x-am-wp- -Xv. H-cmƒ hn-a -kv I-f-Œo-hv Aw-K-am-b c-aym \-ºo-i, a-s m-cmƒ Ip- p ]-c-ta-iz-c.a-ω-bp-ss hm -Øm-k-tΩ-f-\-Øn H-cp I-tk-c t]m-epw sim-sp-øn- Ip- p-hn-\v. F- m-se- m, C-c-bpw B-tcm-]-W hn-t[-b-\pw H-cp-t]m-se-bm-sW- v ]-d-bp- Hm-tcm \m-b-i-\pw ]n- n-epw Hm-Sn-sb-Øn I-ø-Sn- v B - p hn-fn- p Ip- p ]-c-ta-iz-c!. C-Xm-Wv kn-\n-a tem-i-sø an- -hm-dpw kv-{xo-i-fp-ss km-am-\y _p- n-bpw enw-k-t_m-[-sø- p-dn- p- [m-c-w-bpw. C- -sk v H- pw ]-d-bn-. ]-d-bm-\p-f-f {Xm-Wn-bn-. Im-c-Ww Cu a-\p-jy H-cp ]m-h-bm-wv. 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30 30 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE I-gn- am-kw ssn-\-bn-se bm snw-kv k-^m-cn ]m - n H-cp I-gp-Xsb Po-h-t\m-sS c- p I-Sp-h-Iƒ- v `- n- m sim-sp-ø-xv h-en-b hn-hm-z- Øn-\p h-gn-sbm-cp- n-bn-cp- p. I-Sp-h- Iƒ I-gp-X-sb B-{I-an- p- -Xv k-μ - i-i-sc X- -a-bw Im-Wn- m -th- -nbm-bn-cp- p k-^m-cn ]m - v A-[n-Ir-X-cp-sS B kml-kw.c-xn -sd Nn-{X-ß-fpw ho-un-tbm-i-fpw tkmjy ao-un-b-bn {]-N-cn- -txm-ss kw-`-hw h-en-b ti nt In \ h Ø-am-\w... sx- n-\p ]-cn-lm-cw I-gp-X-bp-sS {]-Xn-a hn-hm-z-am-bn. C-Xv k-^m-cn ]m - n -sd U-b-d-Œ t_m -Un h-en-b s]m- n-sø-dn- pw Im-c-W-am-bn. H-cp Hm-l-cn-bp-S-a-bp-sS \n -_- -{]-Im-cw ]m - n I-gp-X-bp-sS {]-Xn-a ÿm-]n- n-cn- p-i-bm-wn-t mƒsn-bv-x sx- n-\p ]-cn-lm-c-sa- -Xp-t]m-se. Im- n \n- pw P-\-k- m-c ta-j-e-i-fn-te- v C- d-ßp- ]m-ºp-iƒ ho-sn-\p- n-epw hm-l-\-øn-\p- nepw I-b-dn-bn-cn- p- kw-`-h-߃ ]-Xn-hm-Wv. F- m C-Ø-c-Øn \m- n-en-d-ßn-b H-cp s]-cp-ºm- ºv I-b-dn- q-sm sx-c-s -Sp-Ø ÿ-ew thym-atk-\-bp-ss N-c- p hn-am-\-am-bn-cp- p. B-{K hn-am-\- Øm-h-f-Øn F-F -32 hn-am-\-øn -sd h-e-xp Nnd-In -sd A-Sn-`m-K-Øp \n- p-am-wv Ip-cp-ßn-b \n-ebn s]-cp-\v-]m-\v-]n-s\ I-s -Øn-b-Xv. A-[n-Ir-X A-dn-bn- -X-\p-k-cn- v ]m-\v-]v ]n-sp-ø- m F-Øn-t - s - n-epw A- p a-wn- q \o- ]-cn-{i-a-øn-\p ti-j-am-wv ]m-\v-]n-s\ ]p-d-sø-sp-ø-xv. ]m-\v-]n-\v ]-cn- p-i-sfm- pw kw-`-hn- m-xn-cn- m h-f-sc {i- n- m-bn-cp- p ]p-d-sø-sp-ø-xv. C- y-bn-epw ]m- n-ÿm-\n-epw {io-e- -bn-epw Im- W-s -Sp- tdm- v ss]-x F- C-\-Øn s]- Sp- ]m-\v-]m-wn-xv. 108 Bw-_p-e -kv Po-h c- n- m am- {X-ap- -X-, Po-hn-Xw Xp-S-ßm -Iq-Sn-bp- - Xm-Wv. c- p h -j-øn-\n-ss 108 Bw-_pe -kn-\p- n P-\n- -Xv 4,360 Ip- p-߃ ,955Dw ,405 Ip- n-iƒ- pam-wv Bw-_p-e -kv ]n- -søm- n-em-b-sx- v I -Wm-S-I B-tcm-Ky h-ip- v ]p-d-øphn- p kw-ÿm-\-sø A-]-I-S-a-c-W-\n-c- v Ipd-bv- p-i F- e- y-tøm-ss {]-h -Ø-\-am-cw-`n- 108 Bw-_p-e -kv k -ho-kv Iq-Sp-X {Km-ao-W kv-{xo-iƒ- m-wv k-lm-b-am-b-xv. A-Xp-sIm- p-x-s in-ip-a-c- W-\n-c- pw K-Wy-am-bn Ip-d-s - v I -Wm-S-I k - m ]-d-bp- p. {Km-a-{]-tZ-i-ß-fn ho- n {]-k-hw \-S-Øm-\m-Wv B- fp-iƒ {i-an- p- -Xv. {]-k-hw hn-j-a-i-c-am-sw- p txm- p-\v-t]m-gm-wv C-hn-S-Øp-Im Bw-_p-e -kv hn-fn- p- -Xv. A-t m-tg- pw B-dp a-wn- q ]n- n- n-cn- pw. sxm- -Sp-Øp- Xm-eq- v, Pn- m B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn-te- p t]m-ip- h-gn-bm-wv {]-k-h-ß-sf- mw \-S- n- p- -Xpw. A-Sn-b- -c km-l-n-cy-am-b-xn-\m an-i- ]-cn-io-e-\w kn- n- \-gv-kp-am-cm-bn-cn- pw C-Ø-cw Bw-_p-e -kp- I-fn-ep- -Xv. tem-i-øn -sd hn-hn-[ `m-k-ß-fn B-Nm-c-ßfp-sS `m-k-am-bn hn-nn-{x-am-b ]-e-xpw \-S- m-dp- v. C-Ø-c-Øn B-Nm-c-ß-fp-sS `m-k-am-bn H-cmƒ ap- X-e- p- n-s\ hn-hm-lw sn-øp-i-bm-wp- m-b-xv. sa-iv-kn-t m-bn-se km s]-t{um lp-hm-sa-ep-ebn-se ta-b-dm-wv X -sd \-h-h-[p-hm-bn ap-x-e- p- n-s\ kzo-i-cn- -Xv. I-gn- Zn-h-kw B-Nm-c-]- c-am-bn C-cp-h-cpw hn-hm-lw I-gn- p-i-bpw sn-bv-xp. C-hn-sS-bp- ao -]n-sp-ø- m - v Iq-Sp-X `m-kyap- m-im-\m-wv Cu B-Nm-c-sa- m-wv hn-i-zo-i-c- Ww.ap-X-e-sb hn-hm-l h-kv-{x-ß-f-wn-bn- v a-t\ml-cn-bm- n-bm-wv a-fi-]-øn F-Øn- -Xv. Xp-S - v hm-zy-ta-f-ß-fp-ss A-I-º-Sn-tbm-sS ta-b ap-xe-sb Po-hn-X-k-Jn-bm- n. F- m-h -j-hpw ta-b C-Ø-c-Øn ap-x-e-i-sf hn-hm-lw I-gn- m-dp-s - -Xm-Wv {]-txy-i-x. hn-hm-l-øn -sd ho-un-tbm C-t mƒ tkm-jy ao-un-b-bn ssh-d-em-bn amdn-bn-cn- p-i-bm-wv. I-S-em-a-I-fp-sS F-Æw Zn-\w-{]-Xn Ip-d-bp- kml-n-cy-øn-em-wv a-lm-cm-jv-{s k - m A-ß-s\- sbm-cp Xo-cp-am-\-sa-Sp-Ø-Xv. I-S-em-a-I-fp-sS ap- -ti- J-cw I-s -Øp- -h - v 5,000 cq-] ]m-cn-txm-jn- I-am-Wv a-lm-cm-jv-{s h-\w-h-ip- pw ar-k-kw-c- -W h-ip- pw kw-bp- -am-bn {]-Jym-]n- n-cn- p- -Xv. A- h - v "I-k-hv ]p-c-kv-im ' \-ev-ip-sa- pw k - m {]-Jym-]n- n- p- v. a-lm-cm-jv-{s-bp-ss Xo-c-ß-fn I-S-em-a-Iƒ Iq- tøm-ss ap- -bn-sm h- n-cp- p. F- m, I-gn- H-cp ]-Xn- m- n-\n-ss C-hn-tS- v B-a-Iƒ ap- -bn-sm F-Øp- n-. 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31 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE JULY 08, Fw.Sn.bpw a-[p-hpw - F-gp-Øn-s -bpw A-`n-\-b-Øn-s -bpw Ip-e-]-Xn-Iƒ i-xm-`n-jn- -cm-hp- p. Pq-em-bv 15-\v Fw.Sn.bp-sS-bpw sk-]v- w-_ 23-\v a-[p-hn-s -bpw F -]-Øn-\m-emw ]n-d- m-fm-wv. ko 61 _n F-gp-t - v B-Im-iw-ap- p-am-dv _m- p- n X-e-bp-b -Øn \n - p- p. A-t m-gm-wv Im-Wp- -Xv; kp-sse-am-\pw th-sd-bpw Nn-e \m- p-kp- -I-fpw A-Sp- p-i-bm-wv. a- s m-cp-h-gn- v a-ω-zv- m. A-h A-bm-sf- - v \n - p- p. A-h-i-\pw \n- - lm-b-\p-am-b Ip- m-en th- v th- v F-gp-t -ev- p- p. Im-ep-d-bv- p- n-. A-bm-fpw Im-Wp- p, X-s k-lmbn-i-sf. _m- p- n: I-Æq-cv P-bn-ev B-Wp-߃- m- v t_m-[yw- sn-e-cv- v- v ti- n- p- v _-ss. _m- p- ow s]-æ-. D-k-dp- B-Wp-ß-fp-s - n h-cn-s\-sm. P-\n- m H- co-kw Nm-h-Ww. A-Xn- m-bm-epw _m- p- n- v ]p- m. a-ω-zv- m-bp-ss [ -a-k- -Sw. B-cpw C-f-Ip- n-. A-h - v ap-ºn-eq-ss [o-c-x-tbmss X-e-bp-b -Øn- n-sn- v _m- p- n \-S- p- p. 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32 32 JULY 08, 2017 THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE k-a-im-en-i cm-{ o-b-hpw kw-`-h-ß-fpw hn-jb-am- n Nn-e hy- n-i-fp-ss Po-hn-X-I-Y ]-d-bp- Nn-{X-am-Wv Sn-bm. ssi-im-cyw sn-øp- hnj-b-߃ Ku-c-h-X-c-am-b-Xp-sIm- v kn-\n-a-bp-ss aq-uv H-cp F -ss-bv-\-dn-t -X-. Bƒ-ssZ-h-hpw _n-kn-\-kpw F- ap- Jy-{]-ta-b-tØm-sSm- w C- y-bn-se s]m-xp-k-aq-lw Ku-c-h-am-bn N - snøp- ]-e hn-j-b-ß-fpw kn-\n-a-bn I-S- p h-cp- p- v. tkm-amw-kw, Pm-Xnkv-] -, hn-izm-kw, a-xw, a-x-{k-ÿ-ßfp-ss hym-jym-\w A-ß-s\-sb- mw. sxm- m s]m- p- hn-j-bw B-scbpw s]m- n- m-sx A-h-X-cn- n- p F- -Xm-Wv Pn-sb Ir-jv-W-Ip-am-dn-s kw-hn-[m- \-Øn-se hn-p-bw. sk -k t_m -Uv k - n- ^n- - v \ -Im ssh-in-b-xn-\m X-s Nn- {Xw hn-hm-z-am-im km-[y-x-bp-s - v A-`yq-lap- m-bn-cp- p. F- m A-Ø-cw hn-hm-z-߃- v kn-\n-a-bn C-S-an-. a-x-{k-ÿ-ß-sf i-cn-bmbn a-\- n-em- n-b-h-cpw A -[-k-xyw am-{xw a- \- n-em-ip- -h-cpw a-xw I- -h-sw sn-øp- -h-cpw a-x-hpw hn-izm-k-hpw hm-ßm Xn-c- p Iq- p- h-cp-sa- mw Nn-{X-Øn-ep- v. A-a A-Iv-_ A-t m-wn F- Nn-{X-Øn-\p ti-jw ]r-yzn- -C-{μ-Pn-Øv k-tlm-z-c-߃ H- n- p- Nn-{Xw Iq-Sn-bm-Wv Sn-bm. ]- m-`n-cm-a-\mbn C-{μ-Pn-Øpw A-kv-e ap-l-ω-zv B-bn ]r- Yzn-cm-Ppw F-Øp- p. th-z-߃ ]Tn- v, ]Tn- n- v kn\na Po-hn- p- ]- m-`n-cm-a-\pw A- m-lp-hn-s A-\p- {K-lw ap-x - q- m-bp- A-kv-e ap-l-ω-zpw I- e- n. F- m ]r-yzn-cm-pn-s I-Ym-]m-{X-Øn-\p- C -s{sm-u-iv-j ]- v A-h-km-\w h-sc A- ß-s\-X-s \n-e-\n -Øp- -Xn kwhn-[m-b-i hn-p-bn- p- n-. a-lm-i-bv `-K-hm F- D-{K thj-øn-em-wv kn-\n-a-bp-ss Xn-c- -Ym-Ir- Øv Iq-Sn-bm-b ap-c-fn tkm-]n F-Øp- - Xv. ]- m-`n-cm-a-s `m-cy Aw-_-bm-bn A- \-\y-bpw h-kp- -cm-tz-hn-bm-bn ]-fl- {]n-b-bpw th-j-߃ \- m- n. kp-cm- Pv, ssj tsmw Nm-t m, ]m-cn-kv e- v-an, cm-lp am-[-hv, c-hn-kn-mv F- n-h sn-bv-x sn-dp I-Ym-]m-{X-ß-fpw {i-t -bam-bn. `q-cn-`m-k-hpw D-Ø-tc- y-bn Nn-{Xo-I-cn- Nn-{Xw a-t\m-l-c-am-bn Iym-a-d-bn ]-I -Øn-bn-cn- p- - Xv k-xo-jv Ip-dp- m-wv. D-Ø-tc- y ]- m-øe-am-b-xn-\m ln-μn kw-`m-j-w-߃ [m-cm-f-ambn I-S- p-h-cp- p. th-z-kq-iv-ß-fp-ss-bpw D-]-tZ- i-hm-iy-ß-fp-ss-bpw B-[n-Iy-hpw t{]- -I-s\ a- Sp- n- pw. e-um- v, \m-kn-iv, ]p-sw, apw-ss_, {]-bm-k, cm-tam-pn ^n-enw-kn- n F- n-hn-s-ß-fn-em- Wv kn-\n-a Nn-{Xo-I-cn- n-cn- p- -Xv. hy-xy-kv-x-amb kw-ko-xw H-cp- n-bn-cn- p- -Xv tkm-]n kp-μ-dm- Wv. an-i- H- mw ]-Ip-Xn-bpw X-c-t -Sn- m-ø c- mw ]-Ip-Xn-bpw tn-cp- Nn-{Xw Nn-cn- n- m-\p- -X-, Nn- n- n- m-\p- -Xm-Wv. {]n-b-z -i-t -bpw \-Sn en-kn-bp-ts-bpw a-iƒ I-eym-Wn kn-\n-abn-te-s -Øp- -Xv G-sd \m-fm-bn F- m-h-cpw Im-Øn-cn- p- Imcy-am-Wv. ap-ºv ]-e-x-c-øn-epw hm -Ø-Iƒ {]-N-cn- n-cp-s - n-epw I-eym-Wn kn-\n-a-bn-e-`n-\-bn- m t]m-hp- hm -Ø tz-io-b am- [y-aw ]p-d-øv hn- n-cn- p-i-bm-wv. 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A-`n-\-bw am-{x-a- A-h-X-c-W-Ønepw X-t -Xm-b ssi-en kr-jv-sn- I-em-Im-c-\m-Wv c-ta-jv ]n-jm-c- Sn. an-an-{in th-zn-i-fn kv-yn-cw km- n-[y-am-bn-cp- ]n-jm-c-sn kn- \n-a-bn-se-øn-b-t m-gpw an-an-{in-sb Iq-sS sim- p \-S- n-cp- p. F- m an-an-{in-bn \n- pw kn-\n-a-bn-te- v Np-h-Sp am-dn-b Xmcw kw-hn-[m-b-i-\m-ip- p-sh- p- dn-t m - p-i-fm-wv C-t mƒ ]pd-øp-h- n- p- -Xv. kw-`-hw k-xy-am-sw- v ]n-jm-c-sn X-s kv- Yn-co-I-cn- n- p-ap- v. kw-hn-[m-b-i-\m-im-\p- X-øm-sd-Sp- n-em-wv Xm-s\- v c-ta-jv ]njm-c-sn ]-d- p. {]-ap-j Cw- o-jv am-[y-a-øn-\v \ -In-b A-`n-ap- J-Øn-\n-S-bn-em-Wv Xm kw-hn-[m-b-i-\m-im t]m-ip- hn-h-cw Xm-cw A-dn-bn- n- p- -Xv. kn-\n-a-bp-ss Xm-c-\n -Æ-bw ]q -Øn-bmbn- n-. A-Sp-Øp X-s kn-\n-a-bp-am-bn _-\v-[-s - Iq-Sp-X Imcy-߃ ]- p-sh- m I-gn-bp-sa- pw ]n-jm-c-sn ]-d- p. en-sbm-cp [o-c-x Iq-Sn-bm-Wv. Po-hn-X-Øn F-s - mw I- -X-I-fpw th-z-\-i-fpw A-\p-`-hn- m-epw A-Xn-s\ ss[-cy-]q -hw t\-cn-sm-\p- I-cp-Øpw a-[p Im- m-dp- v. 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H-cp B-Œ F- \n-e-bn Iq-Sp-X-em-sbm- pw sn-øm-\p- kv-tim- ]v C-\n-bp-s - v txm- p- n-. h-f-sc hy-xy-kv-x-amb Ip-td I-Ym-]m-{X-ß-sf Cu sse-^v sss-an-\n-s-bn A-h-X-cn- n- m I-gn- p. A-ß-s\-sbm-cp `m-kyw h- f-sc Ip-d- p-t] -s In- n-bn- p- p. A-Xn Xr-]v-X-\m- Im I-gn- n-s - n Rm-s\- p a-\p-jy-\m-wv'' a- [p-hn-s hm- p-iƒ. C-S-bv- v Fw.Sn.bp-sS F-gp-Øn-s\- p-dn- pw a-[p Xnc- n. '']p-xn-sbm-cp I-Y F-gp-Xm-\p- H-cp- -Øn-em- Wv Rm. Ip-sd-bm-bn F-gp-Xm-dn-. {]-ta-lw I-Æns\ _m-[n- -Xn-\m ap-º-sø-t m-se Iq-Sp-X-em-bn hmbn- m-\pw I-gn-bp- n- '' Fw.Sn. ]-d- p. Fw.Sn.bp-sS Ir-Xn-I-fn G-sd C- -s - -Xv G-sX- v a-[p-hn-t\m-sv tnm-zn- m A-t±-l-Øn-\v H-cp a-dp-]- Sn am-{x-ta-bp- q: ''C- -s -Sm-Ø-Xm-bn H- p-an-. hn-s-]-d-bm t\-c-am-bn. Fw.Sn.tbm-Sv bm-{x-tnm-zn- v a-[p 'kn-xm-c'bp-ss ]-Sn-bn-d-ßn. A-h-cp-sS l-kv-x-zm- \-Øn-\v Xo-{h kv-t\-l-øn-s C-g-b-Sp- -am-bn-cp- p. ]-g-b H-tcm -a-bn-se- -t]m-se a-[p ]-d- p: ''Fw.Sn. sb Im-Wm Rm-\n-\n-bpw h-cmw. ''kn-xm-c-bp-ss ap- - Øp-Iq-sS in-c- p-b -Øn ku-ay-\m-bn a-[p Im-dn-\-SptØ- v \-S- p-t]m-ip- -Xv ]q-ap-j-øp-\n- v Fw.Sn. t\m- n- - p. F-gp-Øn-s Ip-e-]-Xn-bp-sS a-\- n B t\-cw hn-cn- Nn-{X-ta-Xm-Imw. ap-d-s -Æn-se tii-h -Ip- n-tbm, \-K-c-ta \-μn-bn-se cm-l-h-t\m, am- p-km- n-bn-se Ir-jv-W -Ip- n-tbm, hn-øp-i-fn-se D- Æn-tbm, sh- -Øn-se am-øp-æn-tbm... C-sXm- p-am- Im h-gn-bn-. Hm-f-hpw Xo-c-Øn-se _m- p- n-x-s bm-bn-cn- pw. _m- p- n-bp-ss I-cp-Øpw ss[-cy-hpw kvt\-l-hpw C- pw tnm - p-t]m-im-sx a-[p F- A-`n- \-b-ip-e-]-xn-bn sx-fn- p-\n - p- p- -t m. Courtesy: `m-\p-{]-im-iv- Mathrubhumi