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1 B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India March 2012 Vol.19 Issue 3 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal Printer & Plublisher Dr. Rejith Anand Executive Editor Dr. G. Anilkumar Resident Editor Dr. Tom P. Paul MEMBERS Dr. G. Vinod Kumar Dr. V.G. Udya Kumar Dr. Ram Mohan Dr. A.K. Manoj Kumar Dr. Saji. P. R Dr. M.Prasad Dr. Raja Hari Prasad Dr. P.K.Anil Kumar Dr. Krishna Das P.K Dr. Satheesh Warier ZONALCO-ORDINATORS Dr. Aby Philip Dr. Dineshan P.M Dr. A. Jayan Dr. Sudheesh. M.S Cover : Chandramohan Layout : Sign perambra The managing Editor apta, Ayurveda Bhavan, XVIII/2A PB No.93, Angamaly mob: D -S w 2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 4 {Kojva EXp... {KojvaNcy tum. ]n.-si.hn B\µv tum. hn.-kn.-zo]v tum. atljv tum. kvanx.-f.hn 13 ]cn-c- -W-Øns ap K-W-\-Iƒ.. tum. C. DÆn-Ir-jvW 17 GI-{[p-h-ssh-Zyw... tum.-hn.-pn.-d-z-b-ip-am 19 Btcm-Ky-ta-Je... tum.-hn-t\m-zv.-f 27 ]dbq \n߃ B s m- -amwv? tum.-fw.-{]-kmzv 31 Huj-[-k-ky-Irjn amdp ho Ww tum.-kn.-]n.-\m-cm-b-w 33 Bbp th-z- m-cs tcmz\w tum. Fkv.-thWp 35 \nth-z-\-߃ t m_ Bbp thz s^ãn-h tum.-kp-`mjv Fw. 41 Bbp thz hm Ø-Iƒ ]pkvxi ]cn-nbw Annual Subcription: Rs. 250/- DD in favour of: Apta payable at Angamaly Disclaimer:The views and opinons expressed by various authers in good faith and are not necessarly those of the publisher

2 FUn-t m-dn-b imkv{xo-b-amb Bbp thzw {]N-cn- n- pi tum. k\n Ip-am (No-^v F-Un- ) ss]-xriw, kmw-kv-im-cn-i-ø\n-a, ]m-c- ºcyw Xp-S-ßn-b-h G-Xp k-aq-l-øn-s bpw ssh-im-cn-i-xe-sø kv-] -in- p- -h-bmwv. C-h \n-xypohn-x-øn-s {]-tbm-k ko-a-bv- p- n h-cp-tºmƒ ]-e-t mgpw i-cn-sx- p-i-fpss ]-cn-k-w-\-bv- - p-dw ssh-im-cn-i-x-bv- v ap -Xq- w e-`n p-t]m-cm-dp v. A-\p-jvTm-\-ßfpsStbm B-Nm-c-ß-fpsStbm Im-cy-Øn-em-Iptºmƒ C-h a-\p-jy - v {]-Xy- -Øn A- ln-x-am-bv h-cm-dn. F- m B-tcm-Ky kw- _- nbm-b hn-j-b-ß-fn CØ-cw k-ao-]-\- ߃ Ku-c-h-X-cam-b {]-iv-\-߃- v Im-c-WmamIm-dp v. \ΩpsS kaq-l-øn tpym-xnjw, hm-kv-xp-hn-zy Xp-S-ßn-b-h hn-izm-k-øn-s X- e-øn am{xw \n-e-\n - p-tºmƒ B-tcm-KycwK-Øv C- y-bpss kw-`m-h-\bm-b B-bp - th-z-am-wv im-kv{xw F- \n-e-bn C pw {]-tbm-k- -a-am-bv \n-e-\n - p- Xv. B-bp -th-z-øn-s D- -hhpw hn-im-khpw an- Øp-I-fp-sSbpw A-\p-`-hhnh-cW-ß-fp-sSbpw, bp- n-nn- -I-fp-sSbpw C-h- F mw B-kv-]-Zam- n-bp- {]-tbm-k-ß-fp-ssbpw N-cn-{X-am-Wv. h -Øam-\ B-bp th-z cw-køpw C-h-bp-sS kzm-[o-\w \n-e-\n - p- p v. B-Sv am- n-bw XpS-ßn ssl-ss-iv Bflo-b hym-]m-c-øn-\phsc h-f- q-dp- aæm-b ti-c-f-øn B-bp - th-z-øn-s t]-cn ]-ehn-[ A-cp-Xm-bv-a-Iƒ \-S- p- -Xn-s ]- mø-ew ta kq-nn- n- s - -XmWv. A- m-z-an-iv co-xn-bn B-bp -th- Zw ]Tn- v Nn-In- n- p- -h A-[-a -amcpw I- S-] th-j- m-sc D-Ø-a- m-cmbpw Nn-{Xo-I-cn- m- \p- {i-ahpw ChnsS \-S- p- p v. Nn-e ]- cn-ÿn-xn au-en-i-hm-zn-ifpw Nm-cp-Itk-e _p- n-po-hn-ifpw C-Ø-c- m-cp-ss A-I-º-Sn-ta-f- m-cp-amwv. 2 I-gn- Im -\q- m- p-im-e-am-bv \-Ωp-sS \nc- -c {]-h -Ø-\-^-e-am-bv C-Ø-c- m-cp-ss hym-]\-sø \n-b-a-]-c-am-bv t\-cn-sm \-ap- v I-gn- n- p v. F- m Cu A-Sp-Ø Im-e- Øm-bv C-h ]-e-]pxn-b t]-cp-i-fn \n-b-ahn-cp- Nn-In- m {]-h Ø-\w \-S-Øn-hcp p v. If-cn Nn-In-, D-gn- n Nn-In, kq- ^n-nn-in-, {Zmhn-VNn-In-, B-Zn-B-bp th- Z Nn-In-, ] a-cp- pnn-in-, t{km-{xnn-in- Xp-Sßn-b t]-cp-i-fn \-S- p -Xv hym-p A-bp th-z Nn-In- -bmwv. Aw-KoIr-X B- bp th-z a-cp- p-iƒ X-s hym-p-t]-cp-i-fn sim- -em-`-sa-sp-øv hn-ev-]-\ \S-ØpIbpw Bbp thz NnIn m kt -X-ßsf ]pxnb t]cp-i-fn Ah-X-cn- n- p-ipbw snbvxv P- \ß-sf Nqj-Ww snøp-i F -Xm-Wv C-h-cpsS \n-b-a-hn-cp- {]-h -Ø\ ]cn-]m-sn-iƒ. C y-bv -IØpw hntzi cmpy-ß-fnepw CXc sshzy-im-kv{x-߃s m w Btcm-Ky-cw- KsØ hnhn[ {]iv\-ß-fn CS-s]-Sm\pw Ah-bpsS ]cn-lm-c-øn-\m-bp {ia-ß-fn ] m-fn-i-fm-hm Ign- Xpw B[p-\nI A m-z-aniv ] m-ø-e-ap Bbp th-z-nn-in- -I-cpsS {]h Ø\^e-am-bm-Wv. Cu cwksø Kuc-h-X-c-ß-fmb ]T-\-߃ pw Kth-j-W-߃ pw Ch t\xrxzw \ Inh-cp- p. hkvxp-x-iƒ CXm-bn-cns adn- p {]N-c-W-ßsf AX ln- p Xc-Øn Ah- K-Wn-t - n-bn-cn- p- p. B-bp th-z {]-N-c-W-Øn-\m-bv ta-f-iƒ \-S- Øp- C- me-øv im-kv-{xo-bhpw P-\-ln-Xhpam-b B-bp -th-zw {]-N-cn- n- m-\pw, I-]-S th-j- m-sc k-aq-l-a-[y-øn Xpd- p Im-Wn- m\pw \mw {i- n-t - n-bn-cn- p p. apta

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12 12 apta

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15 s\- p-dn- v hym-ip-e-s -Sp-I-bpw sn-tø- -h-\m- Wv B-bp -th-z-nn-in- -I. ]-cn-ÿ-xn-xn {]- h -Ø-I F- p te-_ sn-ø-s - {]-txy- I-Po-hn-I-fp-sS am-{xw {]-iv-\-a- {]-Ir-Xn-bpw ssp-h ssh-hn-[y-øn-\p-ta - p- B-Lm-X߃. ssh-zy-k-aq-l-hpw C-Ø-c-sam-cp l-cn-x- Ip-e-Øn-s `m-k-am-th- n-bn-cn- p- p. C-e- - -sb sxm- -dn-bp- -h-\m-wv ssh-zy-s\- pw H- cp I-p- p- q-hn-s A-{]-Xy- -am-h ap-x B-tKm-f Xm-]-\w h-sc-bp- {]-Ir-Xn {]-iv-\- ß-fn A-h B-i- -s -Sp-sa- pw I-cp-Xp- - Xp-sIm- m-wv tk-xp-am-[-h-s\-t m-ep- -h C-Ø-c-Øn {]-Xn-I-cn- p- -Xv. A-kw-kv-Ir- X h-kv-xp- ƒ \- -s - -Xn B-i- -s -Sp- H-cp sxm-gn -Iq- -am-b- H-cp ]q-ºm- -bp-ss Nn-d-I-Sn sim-sp- m- v sim- p-h-cp-sa- p I-cp- Xp- ]- -bp-ss Im-h - q- -Øn-e-Wn-tN-tc- h-cm-bm-wv l-cn-x-ip-ew C-h-sc t\m- n- m-wp- -Xv. B {]-Xo- \n-d-th- - -Xv Im-e-Ønt\m-Spw {]-Ir-Xn-tbm-Spw sn-øm-\p- I-S- m-sv am-{x-am-wv. B-bp -th-zw D-]-tbm-Kn- p- \q-dp-i-w- n-\v {Z-hy-ß-sf-sb- mw t\-cn -]-cn-n-b-s -Sp-I-sb- -Xv n-{]-km-[y-a-. F- m X-\n- v Nn- In- -\-S-Øm B-h-iy-am-b {Z-hy-ß-sf-sb- n-epw A-h-bp-sS kzm-`m-hn-i Np- p-]m-sn ssh- Zy-\v Xn-cn- -dn-bm-\m-i-ww. tam-tu sa-unkn-\v H-cp A-h-iy-a-cp- p ]- n-i (Essential drug list) D- v. B-bp -th-z-sø kw-_- n- v cm-kvt\-c-fim-zn, Kp -Kp-ep-Xn- -Iw, [m-\z- -cw, A-`-bm-cn- w Xp-S-ßn G- -hpw Iq-Sp-X hn- ph-c-hp- Hu-j-[-tbm-K-ß-sf A-h-iy-a-cp- p- I-fp-sS ]- n-i-bn s]-sp-ø-twm. Hu-j-[ \n - Ωm-W-Øn-\v G- -hpw Iq-Sp-X A-f-hn D-]- tbm-kn- p- Ip-dp-t m- n, Iq-h-fw, Im- p-]-s-hew, A-ar-Xv Xp-S-ßn-b A-kw-kv-Ir-X a-cp- p- I-sf Dƒ-s -Sp-Ø-tWm F- kw-i-b-ap-b-cmw. a-cp- n-\p-am-{xw tn -t - p- ta -a-cp- p-ifpw C- m-cy-øn ]-cn-k-wn- -Ww. Nn-In- - I-s Ip-dn- -Sn-bn H-cp {Z-hy-Øn-s B-hr- Øn, G- -hp-ta-sd D-]-tbm-K-s -Sp-Øp- \n - Ωn-Xu-j-[-Øn-se L-S-I-sa- \n-e-bn-se B- hr-øn F- n-h- I-W- n-se-sp-øv A-kw-kv-Ir- X a-cp- p-i-sf ap -\n -Øn-bp- H-cp A-hiy-a-cp- p-]- n-i B-bp -th-z-nn-in- -I-cp-sS ap -I-øn D- m-bn-h-tc- n-bn-cn- p- p. sf.bp.kn.f Im- -K-dn A-\p-k-cn- v H-cp kwc- -W-ap -K-W-\m ]- n-i hw-i-\m-i `o-j-wn t\-cn-sp- k-ky-ß-sf kw-_- n- v C- v \ne-hn-ep- v. A-h-iy {Z-hy-ß-sf kw-_- n- v C-Ø-c-sam-cp I -k -th-j {]-tbm-dn- n-enkv- v D- m- p-i-bpw A-Xp-{]-Im-cw A-h-bp-sS kp-c- -bpw kp-ÿn-c-e-`y-x-bpw D-d- v h-cp-øp- I-bpw th-ww. B-bp -th-z-sø \n-e-\n - Øm th- n-am-{x-a- \-Ωp-sS l-cn-x-ss]-xr- I-Øn-s kp-c- - p-th- n-bpw... ]p-xn-b ]w- n B-cw-`n- p- p. B-]v-X-bn A-Sp-Ø e- w-ap-x tbm-k-hn-nm-cw Hu-j-[ hn-nm-cw F- t]-cn ]p- Xn-sbm-cp ]w- n B-cw-`n- p- p. Cu ]w- n-bn \-Ωƒ ssz-\w-zn-\ Nn-In- -bn Iq- Sp-X-em-bn D-]-tbm-Kn- p- Hu-j-[-tbm-K-ß-fn-se tn-cp-h-i-fm-b k-ky-ß-sf-bpw a- u-j-[-ß-sf-bpw {]-txy-iw {]-txy-iw hn-i-i-e-\w sn-øp-i-bpw A-h-bp-sS k-ky-imkv-{x-]-c-hpw B-bp -th-zo-b-hp-am-b hn-h-c-w-ß-fpw, A-`m-h {Z-hy-ß-fp-sS D-]-tbm-Kw, {]m-tz-in-i-am-b hy-xym-k-߃ Xp-S-ßn-b F- m Im-cy-ß-fpw hn-i-z-am-bn hn-i-i-e-\-hnt[-b-am- p- p. Nn-In- -bp-ss {]-tbm-k-cw-k-øv \n- v aq-en-i-i-fn-te- p- A-t\z-j- W-am-Wv C-Xn e- y-an-sp- -Xv. hm-b-\- m-cp-ss hn-e-s - kw-`m-h-\-iƒ {]-Xo- n- p- p. March

16 16 apta

17 GI-{[ph sshzyw F.-kn.-F- v.-b _n nse e yw tum.-hn.-pn. DZ-b-Ip-am (sa-º kn.-kn.-sf.-fw) C- y-bn-se B-bp -th-z-a-s- -ap- A-tem- -Xn C-X-c ssh-zy k-{º-zm-b-ß-sf ]m -izh -I-cn- p-sim- v C-hn-sS A-tem- -Xn Nn-In- -bn A-[n-jvTn-X-am-b G-I-{[p-h B-tcm- Ky-c- m hn-x-c-w kw-hn-[m-\w \-S- m- p- - Xn-\m-Wv _-lp-cm-jv-{s I-º-\n-Iƒ {i-an- p- - Xv. A-Xn-\v k-lm-b-i-c-am-ip- X-c-Øn cm- Py-sØ \n-b-a-kw-hn-[m-\w t]m-epw s]m-fn-s gp-x-s -Sp-I-bm-Wv. ]p-xn-b tz-io-b B-tcm-Ky a-\p-jy-hn-`h-i-ωo-j _n- n-epw Cu k-ao- ]-\-am-wv {]-I-S-am-Ip- -Xv. C- y-bn 1970 {]-[m-\-a-{ n {io-a- Xn C-µn-cm-Km- n \-S- m- n-b C- y ]m- v \n-b-aw C- y- m - p am-{x-a- tem-i-sa-ºm- Sp-ap- Zp - -e P-\-hn-`m-K-߃-s - mw k- lm-i-c-am-bn-cp- p. Cu \n-b-a-øn-s ]n -_- e-tøm-ss-bm-wv C- y A-h-iy-a-cp- p -]m-z- \-Øn kz-bw-]-cym-]v-x-x ssi-h-cn- -Xv. F- m Km- p-i-cm-dn H- p-sh- -txm-sp-iq-sn C- y ]m- v \n-b-aw A-{]-k- -am-ip-i-bpw \-Ωp-sS Hu-j-[ hy-h-km-b ta-j-e _-lp-cmjv-{s Ip-Ø-Iƒ- v Xp-d- p In- p-i-bpw sn-bv- Xp. A-Xn-s\ Xp-S - v A`q-X-]q - -am-b Huj-[-hn-e-h - -\-bn Xp-S-ßn-b ]-cn-wm-aw C- v C- y I-º-\n-I-sf _-lp-cm-jv-{s Ip-Ø- I-Iƒ hn-gp-ßp- A-h-ÿ-bn-se-Øn-\n - p- p. A-tXm-sSm- w-x-s X-ß-fp-sS hn-]-wns -Xn-sc D-b - p-h-cm-hp- X-t±-io-b-_-Z-ep- I-sf H-gn-hm- p-i F- X-{ -am-wv C-t mƒ \-S- m- n-sim- n-cn- p- -Xv. Nn-In- A-Xo-h k- o -Æ-hpw sn-e-th-dn-b-xp-am- p-i-bpw A- Xv Z-cn-{Z P-\-hn-`m-K-߃- v Xm-ßm-\m-hp- n- F- n cm-py-sø B-sI sim- -b-sn- v C jq-d -kv kw-hn-[m-\-ap- m- n ap-s- p-ap-x Xn-cn- p ]n-sn- p- -Xn-\p- ssh-iy-x-{ -hpw \mw I- p-i-gn- p. B C -jq-d -kv ]-cn-c- A-tem- -XnNn-In- - p am-{x-am-bn ]-cn-an- X-s -Sp-Øn A-tem- -Xn B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn-te- v P-\-ß-sf B- n-sx-fn-bn- p-i-bm-wv cm-jv-{so-b kzm-ÿy _o-amtbm-n-\-bn-eq-ss sn-bv-x-xv. C- h-sb- mwx-s Ir-Xy-am-b Xn-c- -Y-b-\p-k-cn- v P-\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ A-dn-bm-sX A-h-sc-sIm- v A-h-X-cn- n- p- -Xn-\v Ip-Ø-Iƒ- v kwhn-[m-\-ap- v. ]-e-t m-gpw a-l-ø-bm a- pe- yß-fm-hpw ]p-d-sa{]-n-cn- n- -s -Sp-I. F- m {]- iv-\-߃- pw Im-c-Ww ti-{µ-\-b-am-sw- v ]- d-bp- ti-c-f-øn-se C-S-Xp-]- K-h -sa v F.]n.F hn-`m-k-øn-\m-bn \-S- m- n-b k-a- {K B-tcm-Ky-C -jyp-d -kv]- -Xn-bn-epw C-tX k-ao-]-\-am-wv kzo-i-cn- -Xv. Nn-In- - v Im-ip \ -ti- _m- y-x C -jyp-d -kvi-º-\n- Iƒ- m-bn- p-iq-sn A-Xn \n- pw B-bp -th-zsø H-gn-hm- p-hm k - m-dp-iƒ {]-txy-iw {i- n- p. A-Xm-b-Xv B-bp -th-zw Nn-In- n- - W-sa- n P-\-߃ t]m- - n \n- pw Im-ip ap-s- -Ww. A-tem- -Xn-bm-sW- n ku-p-\yhpw. A-ß-s\ ku-p-\y-am-b-xp-sim- v B-hiy-ap- -Xpw C- m-ø-xp-sam-s P-\-ß-fn A-Sn-t - n- -s - p. B-tKm-f-h-Xv-I-c-W-Øns\-Xn-sc X-t±-in-b_-Z-ep-I-sf Ip-dn- v {]-kw- Kn- p \-S- p- -h -t]m-epw X-\-Xpssh-Zy-k-{º- Zm-b-Øn-s Cu {]m- -h-xv-i-c-ww I- n-s - p \-Sn- p- p. am-{x-a- A-tem- -Xn am-{x-am- Wv im-kv-{xo-b-am-b ssh-zy-k-{ºm-zm-b-sa- pw B-bp -th-zw A- -hn-izm-k-p-sn-e-am-sw- pw {]-Jym-]n- p- te-j-\-߃- v \- {]-N-c-Ww March

18 \ -Ip-I-t]m-ep-ap- m-bn. Ip-Ø-I-I-fp-sS kzm- [o-\w Ip-Ø-Ihn-cp- {]-ÿm-\-ß-fp-ss X-et m-dp-i-sf-t]m-epw kzm-[o-\n- p- p F- -Xm- Wv C-Xn \n- pw a-\- n-em-t - -Xv. F- p-sim- v C-{X I-cp-X-tem-sS X-\-Xp _- Z-ep-I-sf X-S-bp- -Xn-\v C-h {i-an- p- p F- tnm-zy-øn-\v H-cp D-Ø-c-ta-bp- p. Iq-Sp-X tcm-kn-iƒ D- m-hp-i-f- -Xv Hu-j-[ hy-h-kmb-tem-_n-bp-ss B-h-iy-am-Wv. B-bp -th-z-øns e- yw a-dn- pw. tcm-kw C- m-ø km-l-ncy-øn-epw B-bp -th-z-øn-\v {]-k- n-bpw \ne-\n - p-ap- v. ap-s- p-ap-x Xn-cn- pin- -W-sa- n C-hn-sS {]-ta-ln-i-fpw lr-zvtcm-kn-i-fpw s]m-æ-ø-sn-b- m-cpw H-s D- m-h-ww. A- Xn-s -Xn-sc \n - p- -h-sc H-gn-hm-t - -Xv Ip-Ø-I-I-fp-sS B-h-iy-am-Wv. Cu H-gn-hm- en-s G- -hpw H-Sn-h-e-sØ D-Zm-l-c-W-am-Wv \m-j-w I-Ωo-j t^m lyq-a dn-tkmgv-kv t^m sl -Øv _n B-tcm-Ky ta-j-e-bn-se tum-iv-s,\-gv-kv, ^m -a-kn-ãv Xp- S-ßn-b hn-`m-k-ß-sf \n-b-\-{ n- p- Iu kn-ep-i-sf H-cp s]m-xp-\n-b-a-øn-s ]-cn-[nbn sim- p-h-cp- -Xn-\m-Wv Cu _n- p-sim- v D-t±-in- p- -Xv. F- m A-Xn \n- pw B-bp-jv hn-`m-k-ß-sf ]q -Æ-am-bpw H-gn-hm- nbn-cn- p- p. Cu \n-b-aw \n -h-nn- p- -h-cm- Wv `m-hn-bn B-tcm-Ky ta-j-e-bn Aw-Ko- Ir-X km-t -Xn-I hn-z-kv- -cm-bn ]-cn-k-wn- s -Sp-I. B-bp-jv hn-`m-k-߃- m-bn {]-txy- I _n ]-cn-k-w-\-bn-ep-s - v ]-d-bp- p-s - n-epw H-cp \n-b-aw B-tcm-Ky ta-j-e-bv- v sam- 18 Ø-am-bn A-h-X-cn- n- p-i-bpw A-Xn B-bpjv hn-`m-k-ß-sf Dƒ-s -Sp-Øm-Xn-cn- p-i-bpw snøp- -Xv t_m-[-]q - -am-wv. A-s - n Cu _n- v A-tem- -Xn hn-`m-k-øn-\p am-{x-am-bn F- p ]-d- p-sim- p-x-s A-h-X-cn- n- -ambn-cp- p. C-Xp-h-gn Cu _n- v \n -h-nn- p- h - p-am-{x-am-bn F- m tz-io-b B-tcm-Ky ]- cn-]m-sn-i-fpw ]-cn-an-x-s -Sp-Øp-I-bpw sn-øpw. C-Xn-\-Iw X-s sa sl -Øv B-Iv-Snepw C-tX k-ao-]-\w \mw I- -Xm-Wv. A-ßs\ ]-Sn-]-Sn-bm-bn C-X-c k-{º-zm-b-ß-sf H-gnhm- n H-cp G-I-{[p-h B-tcm-Ky c- m kw-hn- [m-\w C- y-sb-t]m-se H-cp h-en-b cm-py-øv \-S- m- n X-ß-fp-sS hn-]-wn kp-c- n-x-am- p- I F- -Xm-Wv Ip-Ø-I-I-fp-sS A-P-. A- Xn-eq-sS ]-Sn-bn-d- -s -Sp- -Xv \-Ωp-sS ]-c-ºcm-k-x ssh-zy k-{º-zm-b-am-b B-bp -th-z-hpw. A-Xn-s\ Xn-cn- -dn- v X-\-Xv _-Z-ep-I-sf kwc- n- p- -Xn-\p- Pm-{K-X P-\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ- p D- m-ti- -Xm-Wv. C- -gn- Un-kw-_ 22\v cm-py-k-`bn A-h-X-cn- n- Cu _n hn-i-z-am-b N - -Iƒ- p ti-jw ho- pw ]-cn- K-W-\- m-bn-h-cpw. ]n- o-sv tem-i-k-`-bn-epw C- Xv A-h-X-cn- n- -s -Spw. Cu A-h-k-c-Øn _n- n-se A-]m-I-X-Iƒ P-\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ-hgn ]-cn-l-cn- p- -Xn-\v \-ap- v A-h-k-c-ap- v. A-ß-s\ h-cp- -]- w F- m hn-`m-k-ß-sf-bpw Dƒ-s -Sp-Øn _n A-h-X-cn- n- p- -Xn-\v ip- ]m -i sn-øp-i-bm-wv th- -Xv. A-Xn-\v B-hiy-am-b {]-h -Ø-\-am-Wv A-Sn-b- n-c-am-bn \mw G-s -Sp-t - -Xv. B]vXbn-te v tej-\-ßfpw hm Ø-Ifpw Ab-bv p-tºmƒ ae-bmfw am -dp-iƒ (ML-Ravathi Size 11) epw Cw ojv am -dp-iƒ (Times New Roman Size 10)epw t]pvta- -dn sss vsnbvxv Ab-bv p-i. t^mt mkv.jpg As - n.tiff t^m am- nepw snbvxv kn.un Btbm C -sa-bn hgntbm F m-am-khpw 5 mw Xnø-Xn- p-apºv Ab-bv p-i. am -dp-iƒ kvim snbvxv Ab- m-xn-cn- m {i n- p-i. C -sa-bn snøp-tºmƒ k_vp-œ-tim-f-øn hnjbw kqnn- n- p-i. No^v FUn-, B]vX, Bbp thz `h, ]n.-_n.-\-º 93, A -amen , Fd-Wm-Ipfw t^m : apta

19 Btcm-Ky-ta-Je ]c-kv]ckl-i-c-w-øns sim w tamu tum. hnt\m-zv.-f (I ho-\, ]ªnIv sl Øv k_vi-ωn n) ti-c-f- n-se B-tcm-Ky-cw-Kw A-Xn-th-Kw amä- Ä- v hn-t[-b-am-hp-i-bm-sw- -Xv A-hn-XÀ- n-x-am-b h-kv-xp-x-bm-wv. B-tcm-Ky-ta-J-e-bnse Cu am-ä- Ä B-tcm-Ky-I-c-am-b co-xn-bnâ B-tWm F- -Xv h-kv-xp-xm-]-c-am-b hn-i-i-e-\- n\pw kw-hm-z- n-\pw hn-t[-b-am-t ---Xp--v. F- nâ- -s -bpw Im-em-\pkr-X-hpw H-gn-hm- m- \m-hm- -Xp-am-b Cu am-ä- Ä- v ap-jw Xn-cn- ªp-\nÂ- m-sx B {]-hm-l- n-\v H- w tncp-i-bpw A-Xn-sâ Kp-W-h-i- Ä {]-tbm-p-\-s - Sp- p-i-bpw sn-t ---Xv Im-e-L-«- n-sâ A- \n-hm-cy-x-bm-wv. A-Xp-sIm--p X-s \-½psS Np-äpw \-S- p- Hm-tcm N-e-\- -fpw k-kq- vaw \n-co- n- p-i-bpw hn-e-bn-cp p-i-bpw sn- m³ B-bpÀ-th-Z k-aq-lw X- m-dm-ti---xp--v. B-bpÀ-th-Z-hpw km-aq-ln-i B-tcm-Ky-hpw C-X-c ssh-zy-im-kv-{x- -fnâ \n pw hn-`n- -ambn k-a-{k-am-b Im-gv-N- m-sm-wv B-bpÀ-th-Z- ntâ-xv. ti-h-ew tcm-k-nn-in-õ am-{x-a-ã B-tcm- Ky-kw-c- -W- nâ {]-[m-\w F- Xn-cn- -dnhv k-l-{km-ð- Ä- v ap³-]v X-s a-\-ên-em- n {]-tbm-k- nâ hcp- n-b im-kv-{x-am-wv B-bpÀ-th-Zw. -\-½p-sS im-kv-{x- nâ k-hn-kv- X-cw A-Xn-{]m-[m-\y-t m-ss hn-h-cn- n-«p-å Zn- \-N-cy, E-Xp-N-cy, -k-zv hr- w, P-\-]-tYm-²zwkw F- n-h hy-àn-x-e B-tcm-Ky- n-s\m- w km-aq-ln-i B-tcm-Ky-hpw F-{X-am-{Xw {]m-[ym- \y-am-sw- v hn-h-cn- p p. Im-em- -c- nâ Cu im-kv-{xw ssi-im-cyw sn-bv-x-hà B-[p-\n- I ssh-zy-im-kv -{X-co-Xn-bn Nn-In-Õ-sb hy-ànti-{µo-ir-x-am- n- oà- p F- -Xv ]-d-bm-sx h-. B-[p-\n-I ssh-zy-im-kv-{x- nâ B-tcm-Ky- nsâ-bpw tcm-k- -fp-ss-bpw km-aq-ln-i, km-¼- n- I, kmw-kv -Im-cn-I, {]m-tz-in-i L-S-I- -fp-ss kzm- [o-\-s - p-dn- v- -]nâ- m-e- v h-f-sc hn-i-zam-b ]T-\- Ä \-S- p-i-bpw km-aq-ln-i ssh- Zyw F- H-cp {]-txy-i ssh-zy-im-kv-{x-[m-c X- s cq-]w sim-åp-i-bpw sn-bv-xp.f- mâ C- Xn-\v k-am-\-am-b h-fà- -I-tfm K-th-j-W- -tfm \-½p-sS im-kv-{x- nâ D--m-bn-à F- -Xv tj- Z-I-c-am-Wv. A-Xp-sIm--p X-s Im-e-{I-a- nâ B-bpÀ-th-Z- n-\v Nn-In-Õm-cw-K- v ap-¼p--mbncp- km-aq-ln-i taâ-t m-bv-a-bpw km-aq-ln- I B-tcm-Ky-{]-iv-\- -fnâ B-bpÀ-th-Z- n-sâ km- n-[y-hpw A-h-K-Wn- -s -«p. -C- v tem-ihym-]-i-am-bn \-S- p- tcm-k-{]-xn-tcm-[ {]-hà- -\- -fn-epw ]-IÀ- -hym-[n \nà-½mà-ö-\ b- Ú- -fn-epw B-bpÀ-th-Zw DÄ- -ss-bp-å C-Xc ssh-zy-im-kv-{x hn-`m-k- Ä ]mà-iz-hâ- -cn- -s -«p. -Im-e-{I-a- nâ km-aq-ln-i B-tcm-Kyw F- {]-Xn-_-²-X-bn \n- pw D- -c-hm-zn- - nâ \n- pw B-bpÀ-th-Z Nn-In-Õ-IÀ kz-bw hn-«p \nâ- m³ Xp-S- n. H-ä-s -«Nn-e kw-cw-`- Ä H-gn- p \nà- n-bmâ- -B-bpÀ-th-Z k-aq-lw s]m-xp-sh hy-àn ti-{µo-ir-x Nn-In-Õ-bn hym-]r-x-cm-bn. ]-cn-jv-ir-x tz-io-b -b-tcm-k \n-b-{ -W b-ú-hpw B-bpÀ-th-Z k-aq-l-hpw `m-c-x- nâ -b-tcm-k \nà-½mà-ö-\w F- e- yw ap³ \nà- n ti-{µ-kà- mà tem-imtcm-ky kw-l-s-\-bp-am-bn tnà- v 1992 ap-xâ \-S- n-em- n h-cp- B-tcm-Ky ]-²-Xn-bm-Wv-]- cn-jv-ir-x tz-io-b -b-tcm-k \n-b-{ -W ]-cn- March

20 ]m-sn (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme). tz-io-b X-e- nâ X-s B-tcm- Ky-{]-hÀ- -I-cpw hn-hn-[- -k- -² kw-l-s-\-ifpw C-Xn-sâ `m-k-am-bn {]-hà- n- p hcp tic-f- nâ B-tcm-Ky-h-Ip- n-sâ \n-b-{ -W- nâ {]-hà- n p- kw-øm-\ -b-tcm-k skâ B-Wv Cu {]-hà- -\- Ä- v t\-xr-xzw \Â- Ip -Xv. K-h -aâ v Aw-Ko-Ir-X -b-tcm-k \nà- -b ti-{µ- -fnâ tcm-k \nà- -b-hpw tem-imtcm-ky kw-l-s-\ Aw-Ko-I-cn- Nn-In-Õm t{]mt«m-timä A-Sn-Øm-\-am- n-bp-å Hu-j-[ hn- X-c-W-hpw B-Wv Cu ]-²-Xn-bp-sS Im-XÂ. Huj-[ hn-x-c-w- n-\m-bn sx-c-sª-sp- -s -«ti- {µ- Ä D-]-tbm-K-s -Sp- p p. t\-cn-«p-å \nco- -W- n-\v hn-t[-b-am-bn am-{xw {l-kz Ime-t - v a-cp v sim-sp- pi(directly Observed Treatment, Short Course- DOTS)F- -Xm-Wv A- h-ew-_n- -s -Sp- co-xn. kà- m-cn-s\ Iq-Sm-sX hn-hn-[ k- -² {]-hà- -I-cp-sS-bpw kw-l-s-\- I-fp-sS-bpw tk-h-\w Hu-j-[-hn-X-c-W- n-\m-bn- -D-]-tbm-K-s -Sp- n- hcp p. tem-im-tcm-ky kw-l-s-\ Cu ]-²-Xn B-hn-jv- I-cn- p-t¼mä X-s Nn-e amà-k \nà-t±-i- Ä- v A-\p-k-cn- m-i-ww F- v \nà-t±-in- n-«p--v. C-Xp am-{x-a-ã, G-sXm-cp hn-[ {]-Xn-tcm-[ {]- hà- -\- Ä \-S- p-t¼m-gpw B {]-tz-i- nsâ {]m-tz-in-i-am-b {]-txy-i-x-iä I-W- nse-sp- pw- -A-hn-Sp-s P-\- Ä- v kzo-im-cy- {]-Z-am-b co-xn-bn-epw A-hn-sS {]-Nm-c- n-ep-å C-X-c ssh-zy-im-kv-{x im-j-i-fp-ss Iq-Sn ]- mfn- w D-d- p h-cp- n-bm-i-ww- -B-tcm-Ky {]- hà- -\- Ä \-S- nâ h-cp-t ---Xv. F- mâ ZuÀ-`m-Ky-I-cw F- v ]-d-b-s«, \-½p-sS \m-«nâ C- -d-ª am-\-z-þ- Ä ]m-en- -s -«n-ã. \n-ch-[n tbm-ky-cm-b Nn-In-Õ-IÀ {]-hà- n p- B-bpÀ-th-Z ta-j-e-bn-te- v Cu ]-cn-]m-sn-bp-ss hn-i-zmw-i- Ä I-S- p sn- n-ã. A-Xn-\v {]-[m- \ hn-e- p X-Sn-bm-bn \n- -Xv A-sÃ- nâ \nâ p- Xv ti-c-f- nâ C-\n-bpw ]-cn-jv-i-cn- -s -Sm-sX \n-e-sim-åp- ]-»n-iv slâ- v B-Îv (s]m-xp-p-\m-tcm-ky \n-b-aw) X-s -bm-wv. - Hu-j-[ hn-x-c-w- n-\pw hn-h-c ti-j-c-w- n- 20 \p-am-bn B-tcm-Ky-h-Ip- v {]m-y-an-i sa-un-  hn-zym-`ym-k tbm-ky-x-iä t]m-ep-an-ãm- -h-sc h-sc Cu ]-²-Xn-bp-sS `m-k-am- n-b-t mä \mw am-än \nà- -s -«p. H- w C- -cw ]-²-Xn-I-fp-sS `m-k-ambn km-aq-ln-i {]-Xn-_-²-X sx-fn-bn- phm-\på {i-a- Ä \-½p-sS `m-k- p \n pw D--m-b-Xp-an-Ã. F- mâ Im-äv am-dn ho-im³ Xp-S- n-bn-cn p p. B-bpÀ-th-Z k-aq-l-s B-tcm-Ky-ta-J-e-bn A-h-K-Wn- m³ I-gn-bn-à F- bm-ymà- yw ]-e-cpw a-\-ên-em- n Xp-S- n-bn-cn p p. \-½psS ta-j-e-bnâ kw-l-s-\m-x-e- nâ C- -cw {i-a- Ä B-cw-`n- -Xv sim-ãw Pn-Ã-bn-em-Wv. \nc- -c-am-bn Pn-Ãm X-e- nâ Pn-Ãm -b-tcm-k ti-{µ-hp-am-bn \-S- B-i-b-hn-\n-a-b- n-sâ ^- e-am-bn B-bpÀ-th-Z ta-j-e-bn-se Xm-Â]-cy-ap- Å tum-îà-am-sc Cu ]-²-Xn-bp-sS `m-k-am-bn k-l-i-cn- n- p -Xn\pw- -A-Xn-sâ B-Zy-]-Sn-bmbn sim-ãw Pn-Ã-bn ]-co- -Wm-Sn-Øm-\- nâ- -C-Xv- -\-S- n-em- m-\pw [m-c-w-bm-bn. F.Fw.F.sF. sb kw-_-ôn- n-s-t m-fw kw- L-S-\m X-e- nâ h-en-sbmcp t\-«w X-s -bm- Wn-Xv. C-Xn-sâ B-Zy-L-«-am-bn Hu-tZym-Kn-I tbm-kw sim-ãw Nn- - -S tlm-«â jm CâÀ-\m-j-Wen h- v 07/03/2012 _p-[-\m-gv-n \-S- p. -btcm-k \n-b-{ -W hn-`m-k-s {]-Xn-\n-[o-I-cn- v tum. jn-_p _m-e-ir-jv-w³ (\m-j-wâ sa- Un-  I -kä-«â v, tem-im-tcm-ky kw-l-s- \), tum. Ir-jv-W-th-Wn (Pn-Ãm Sn._n. Hm-^okÀ), Pn-t\-jv emâ (Pn-Ãm tim-þ-hmà-un-t\-äà, A- -b t{]m-p-îv)f- n-h-cpw B-bpÀ-th-Z sa- Un-  A-tkm-kn-tb-j³ Hm-^v C- y-sb {]- Xn-\n-[o-I-cn- v kw-øm-\ P-\-d sk-{i-«-dn tum.c-pn-xv B-\-µv, ap³ kw-øm-\ {]-kn-uâ v tum. än.f.k-enw, tum. hn-t\m-zv F³. (I ho-\à, ]-»n-iv slâ- v k-_v I-½n-än), tum.c- Lp-\m-Y³ ({]-kn-uâ v, sim-ãw Pn-Ãm I-½n-än) tum.kp-tc-jv _m-_p F- n-h-cpw `m-c-xo-b Nn- In-Õm-h-Ip- n-s\ {]-Xn-\n-[o-I-cn- v tum. hn.si. i-in-ipamà (Pn-Ãm sa-un-  Hm-^o-kÀ, sim- Ãw), tum. ]-ß-IpamÀ F- n-hcpw tbm-k- nâ apta

21 ]-s -Sp- p. {]-kv-xp-x tbm-k- nâ D--m-b NÀ- -I-fp-sS A- Sn-Øm-\- nâ kà- mà ta-j-e-bnâ \n- pw kz-im-cy ta-j-e-bn-se F.Fw.F.sF.Aw-K- - fnâ- -\n pw sx-c-sª-sp- Øm-]-\- -sf tum-«v-kv ti-{µ- -fm- n Aw-Ko-Im-cw \-ev-ip- - Xn-\pw B Øm-]-\- -fn-se- -tum-îà-amà- v C- Xn-sâ `m-k-am-bp-å km-t -Xn-I ]-cn-io-e-\w \Â- Ip -Xn-\pw Xo-cp-am-\-am-bn.B-Zy-L-«]-cn-io-e- \-]-cn-]m-sn amà- v 14,16 Xo-b-Xn-I-fn sim-ã- v \-S- p- -Xn-\pw Xo-cpam-\n- p-i-bp--m-bn. A- Xn-t\m-sSm- w \mw ap-t m-«p h- {]-[m-\ \nàt±-i- -fn-sem- v ]-cn-]m-sn-bp-ss cq-]o-i-c-w k- an-xn-bnâ (kw-øm-\ X-ew ap-xâ Xm-sg X- ew h-sc) F.Fw.F.sF.bp-sS-bpw `m-c-xo-b Nn- In-Õm-h-Ip- n-sâ-bpw {]-Xn-\n-[n-I-sf DÄ- -Sp- - W-sa- -Xm-bn-cp p. A-Xpw D- -X-X-e NÀ- - IÄ- v ti-jw A-\p-`m-h ]qà- -am-b Xo-cp-am- \w e-`n- psa- v tum.jn-_p _m-e-ir-jv-w³ D-d- p-\â-in. n-\n-  sa-un-kn³ ssi-im-cyw sn- p- `qcn-`m-kw tum-îà-amà- v H-cp]-t C- -cw B- i-b-k-xn-i-tfm-sv s]-s«- v s]m-cp- -s -Sp- -Xn- \pw DÄ-s m-åp- -Xn-\pw _p-²n-ap-«p--m-tb- mw. A-Xp-t]m-se ti-h-ew Hu-j-[-hn-X-c-W ti-{µ-am-bn am-{xw X- -fp-ss Nn-In-Õm ti-{µ- -sf am-äp- -Xn-se-XnÀ- pw D--m-hp- -Xv kzm- `m-hn-i-am-wv. kzm-`m-hn-i-am-bpw ]-cn-]m-sn-bp-ss `m- K-amIp- -Xn-eq-sS `q-cn-`m-kw tum-îà-am-cpw {]- Xo- n- p -Xv B-bpÀ-th-Z Hu-j-[- Ä - b-tcm-k-nn-in-õ-bp-ss `m-k-am- n D-]-tbm-Kn- p - Xn-sâ km-[y-x-i-sf- p-dn- m-wv. F- mâ \mw a-\-ên-em-t -- Nn-e h-kv-xp-x-iä D--v. tz-io-b -b-tcm-k \n-b-{ -W ]-cn-]m-sn-bp-ss `m-k-am-bn \-S- p- {]-hà- -\- Ä F-Ãmw X- s {]-Xn-tcm-[ {]-hà- -\- -fm-wv.g-sxm-cp {]-Xn-tcm-[ {]-hà- -\- Ä- pw 4 L-«- -fp--v. tcm-kw _m-[n- p- -Xn-\v ap-¼v A-Xp-X-S-bp-I F- -Xm-Wv G-ä-hpw {]m-y-an-i-hpw ]-c-a-{]-[m-\- hp-am-b IÀ- -hyw. tcm-kw h-cm³ km-[y-x-bn- Ãm- -hà- pw C-Xp-h-sc tcm-kw _m-[n- n-«n-ãm- -hà- pw tcm-k-im-c-w-am-imhp- L-S-I- Ä (Risk factors) D--m-bn hcp- -Xv X-S-bp-I F- - Xm-Wv B-Zy-L-«w sim--v D-t±-in- p- -Xv (Primordial prevention). C-Xv tcm-k-{]-xn-tcm-[- n-sâ H-cp \q-x-\ B-i-b-am-Wv. c--mw L-«- nâ tcm-kw h-cp- -Xv X-S-bp- -Xn- \på ap³-i-cp-x-ep-i-fm-wv(primary prevention). C-Xp-X-s H-cp {]-txy-i k-aq-l- n-\p th--n- tbm (Population strategy) A-X-sÃ- nâ tcm-kkm-[y-x Iq-Sn-b hn-`m-k- n\p th--n-tbm (High Risk strategy) {]-txy-i-am-bn X- m-dm- n-b-xm- Imw. tcm-kw _m-[n- -hà- v B-Zy-L-«- nâ tcm-k-ia-\- n-\p th--n \-S- p- {i-a- -fpw tcm-kk- oà- -X-IÄ Ip-d- pp- -Xn-\p-Å-{]-hÀ- -\- -fp-am-wv aq- mwl-«w (Secondary Prevention). Cu L-«- n-em-wv- - -b-tcm-k \n-b-{ -W ]- cn-]m-sn-bp-ss- -kp-{]-[m-\ `m-k-am-b tem-im-tcm-kykw-l-s-\ \nà-t±-in- p- X-c- n-ep-å hy-h- Øm-]n-X-am-b Nn-In-Õm t{]m-t«m-t mä A\pk-cn- p-å Hu-j-[- -fp-ss {]-tbm-kw DÄ-s -Sp- -Xv. Nn-In-Õm-ti-j-hpw Nn-In-Õm-km-[y-X-IÄ- - pd-t - v tcm-kw aqà-ñn- p- A-h-k-c- n-epw im-co-cn-i ssh-i-ey- Ä ]-cn-an-x-s -Sp- p- - Xn-\pw ti-jn- p- B-tcm-Kyw \n-e-\nà- p- - Xn-\pw D-t±-in- v sn- p- - -{]-hà- -\- -sf (Rehabilitation) \m-emw L-«- nâ s]-sp- mw (Tertiary prevention). taâ- -d-ª 4 L-«- -fnâ aq- m-a-xp L-«-am- Wv -b-tcm-k \n-b-{ -W ]-cn-]m-sn-bn-se G-ähpw {]-k-à-am-b-xv. ap-¼v ]-cm-aà-in- -Xp t]mse \n-c-h-[n K-th-j-W- -fn-eq-ss ^-e-{]-z-sa- v A-k-µn-Kv -[w sx-fn-bn- -s -«-Xpw tem-im-tcm- Ky kw-l-s-\ Aw-Ko-I-cn- -Xp-am-b Hu-j-[- Ä DÄ-s -Sp- Nn-In-Õm t{]m-t«m-t mä B-Wv C-hn-sS D-]-tbm-Kn p- -Xv. A-Xp-sIm--p X-s A-Xn t`-z-k-xn-iä h-cp- p-i A-km-[y-am- Wv. -B-bpÀ-th-Z Hu-j-[- Ä Cu ]-cn-]m-snbnâ ap-jy-[m-cm Nn-In-Õ-bn D-]-tbm-Kn- p-i A-km-[y-sa- v km-cw. F- nâ ]n-s C- -csam-cp ]-cn-]m-sn-bnâ ]- m-fn-iä B-hp- -Xp sim- -v B-bpÀ-th-Z k-aq-l- n-\v F- p {]-tbm-p- March

22 \w F- tnm-zyw kzm-`m-hn-i-am-bpw D--m-tb- mw. -{]-tbm-p-\- Ä ]-e-xm-wv. C- -c-samcp ]-cn-]m-sn-bnâ ]- m-fn-iä B-hp- -txm-ss B- tcm-ky-cw-k- v B-bpÀ-th-Z- n-\v \n-c-h-[n km- [y-x-iä Xp-d- p In-«p-I-bm-Wv. C-Xn-sâ B-Zy c--v L-«- -fn-eq-ss tcm-k {]-Xn-tcm-[ {]-hà- - -fnâ ]- m-fn-iä B-Ip-hm³ \-ap- v I-gn-bpw. \-½p-sS ap-¼n-se- p- -h-cnâ -b-tcm-k _m- [n-x-sc Xn-cn- -dn-bp- -Xn\p-Å km-t -Xn-I k- lm-bw Cu ]-cn-]m-sn-bnâ ]- m-fn-iä B-hp- - hà- v Pn-Ãm -b-tcm-k-ti-{µw D-d- p \- ÂIp p. \n-e-hnâ tum-«v-kv Nn-In-Õ- v hn-t[- b-cm-hp- -hà- v a-äv A-\p-_-Ô tcm-km-h-ø- I-fn A-h-cp-sS Xm-Â]-cymÀ-Yw B-bpÀ-th-Z Hu-j-[- Ä \-ÂIp- -Xn-\pw A-Xn-sâ ^-ew B-bpÀ-th-Z Hu-j-[- Ä H-cp L-«- n-epw D-]- tbm-kn- m- -h-cp-am-bn Xm-c-X-ay- n-\v hn-t[-bam- p- -Xn-\pap-Å Hcp A-h-k-cw Iq-Sn C-Xv Xp-d- v X-cp p. `m-hn-bnâ -b-tcm-k Nn-In-Õm s{]m-t«m-t m-fnâ DÄ-s -Sp- m-hp- B-bpÀ-th- Z Hu-j-[- -sf I-s-- p- -Xn-\pw A-h-bp-sS ^-e-{]m-]v-xn A-f- p- -Xn-\pw a-äp-ap-å hn-i-zam-b ]T-\- Ä \-S-t --n-bn-cn- p p. -btcm-k \n-b-{ -Ww kw-_-ôn- ]p-xp- n-b hn- sxmgn taj-e-iƒ... t]pv 3 XpS... \- m-sc \n-b-an- v cm-hn-se ap-x ssh-in- p-hsc {]-h -Øn- p- ÿm-]-\-ß-fm- n am- n-sb- Sp-t - -Xm-Wv. s]m-xp-p-\m-tcm-ky-{]-iv-\-ßfn \-Ωp-sS im-kv-{x-øn-s km-[y-x-iƒ ]- c-am-h-[n {]-tbm-p-\-s -Sp-tØ- -Xp- v. A-Xph-gn k-aq-l-øn-s B-tcm-Ky kw-c- -W-Øn- \v A-\n-hm-cy-am-b ti-{µ-ß-fm-bn B-bp -th-z kn-kv-s] -k-dn-iƒ am-d-ww.-b-bp -th-z Nn-In- -bv- v C -jp-d -kv ]-cn-c- \ -Ip- Imcy-Øn k - m {In-bm-fl-I-am-bn {]-h -Ønt - -Xm-Wv. ti-{µ-k - m-cn-s Un-^ -k,v sd-bn -th ap- X-em-b h-ip- p-i-fn B-bp -th-z hn-`m-kw B- cw-`n- -Ww F- p-f-f \-Ωp-sS Zo -L-Im-e-ambp-f-f B-h-iyw t\-sn-sb-sp- m Iq-Sp-X k- Ω -±w ti-{µ-k - m-cn sn-ep-tø- -Xm-Wv. 22 Úm-\-ta-J-e-IÄ \-½p-sS k-aq-l- n-\pw A- \p-`-h-th-zy-am-hp- -Xn-\pw Cu ]-c-kv-]-c k-l- I-c-Ww A-h-k-c-sam-cp pw. C-sXm-cp Xp-S- w am-{x-am-wv. \n-c-h-[n {]m-tbm- Kn-I _p-²n-ap-«p-i-fpw F-XnÀ- p-i-fpw hn-hn-[ ta- J-e-I-fnÂ- -\n- pw D--m-hp-I kzm-`m-hn-i-am-wv. H-«-\-h-[n K-th-j-W- -fp-ss ^-e-am-bn am-{x-ta \-½p-sS im-kv-{x- n-\v B-tKm-f-X-e- nâ kzo- Im-cy-X e-`n- p-i-bp-åq F- bm-ymà- yw \mw DÄ-s m-å-ww. A-Xn-\m \-s½ tx-sn-sb- p- C- -cw A-h-k-c- Ä ^-e-{]-z-am-bn hn-\ntbm-kn- v ti-c-f- n-se B-tcm-Ky-ta-J-e-bn H- cp \nà- m-b-i kzm-[o-\-i-àn-bm-bn am-dm³ B- bpà-th-z- n-\v I-gn-b-Ww. A-Xn-\m-bn Çm-L-\ob-am-b {]-hà- -\w Im-gv-N-sh- F.Fw.F.sF.sIm-Ãw Pn-Ãm I-½n-än-bpw {]-txy- In- v Pn-Ãm {]-kn-uâ v tum. c-lp-\m-y-\pw {]- txy-iw A-`n-\-µ-\w AÀ-ln- p p. Cu {]-hà- -\w am-xr-i-bm- m³ a-äp Pn-Ãm I-½n-än-I-fpw BÀ-Ö-hw Im-«-Ww.]-co- -Wm-Sn-Øm-\- nâ B-cw-`n- k-l-i-c-w- n-sâ sim-ãw tam-uâ \m-sf tem-i-a-dn-bp- a-säm-cp ti-c-f tam-uâ B-I-s«. A-Xn-\m-bn \-ap- v Im- n-cn- mw...ip- ` {]-Xo- -tbm-ss-... {U-Kv-kv I -t{smƒ hn-`m-k-øn C -kv-s]- Iv-S -am-cp-ss Iq-Sp-X X-kv-Xn-I-Iƒ kr-jv-snt - -Xv Cu hn-`m-kw Iq-Sp-X Im-cy- -a-am- m A-\n-hm-cy-am-W.v kv-s]-jym-en- n n-\n- p-iƒ km -h-{xn-i-am-i-ø- co-xn-bn hn- Zym-`ym-k k-{º-zm-bw ]-cn-jv-i-cn-t - n-bn-cn- p- p. C-Ø-c-Øn H-t -sd hn-i-k-\w B-bp -th-z ta-j-e-bn D- m-ti- -Xm-Wv. A-Xn-\p th- n-bp-f-f {]-h -Ø-\-߃ \n-c- -c-am-bn G- s -Sp-Øp-sIm- n-cn- p- kw-l-s-\-bm-wv B- bp -th-z sa-un- A-tkm-kn-tb-j Hm-^v C- y. tum-iv-s -am - v Iq-Sp-X sxm-gn-e-hk-c-ß-fpw am-\y-am-b th-x-\-hpw e-`y-am- p- - Xn-\p-th- n-bp-f-f {]-h -Ø-\-߃ Ku-c-ham-bn G-s -Sp- p- -Xn-\v \-Ωp-sS k-aq-lw H- - s - m-bn A-Wn-tN-tc- -Xp- v. apta

23 March

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25 March

26 26 apta

27 ]d-bq, \nß-fm s m- -amwv? tum. -Fw. {]-km-zv kp-t\-{xn B-bp -th-zm-{iw& dn-k - v sk,xr-iq G-sd k-hn-ti-j-am-b k-µ -`-am-bn-cp- p F.Fw. F.sF-bp-sS 14 m-a-xv kw-ÿm-\ k-tωf-\-øn-s `m-k-am-bn P-\p-h-cn 22 mw Xn-ø-Xn \- S- A- m-z-an-iv tbm-k-øn-s D-Zv-Lm-S-\-th-Zn. c- v hn-in-jv-s hy- n-xz-ß-fp-ss km- n- y-am- Wv B k-µ -`-sø k-hn-ti-j-am- n-b-xv. H- cmƒ ]-fl-`q-j tum. kmw-]n-t{xm-u. hn-h-chn-x-c-w ku-i-cy-ß-fp-ss-bpw \q-x-\m-hn-jv- mc-ß-fp-ss-bpw Im-cy-Øn C- y {]-[m-\ a- { n-bp-ss D-]-tZ-i-I-\m-W-t±-lw. c- m-a ]- fl-`q-j s{]m-^. _n.fw. sl-uv-tk. hn-iz- {]-i-kv-x-\m-b lr-t{zm-k Nn-In- -I, a-wn- m D- -X hn-zym-`ym-k A- m-z-an-bp-ss ap ssh-kv Nm -k-e, {K-Ÿ-Im-c, {]-`m-j-i F- o ta-j-e-i-fn-se- mw {]-i-kv-x. {io-am kmw ]n-t{xm-u-bm-bn-cp- p D-Zv-Lm-S-I. A-t±l-Øn-t -Xv "A-b-Ym - km- n- y'-am-bn-cp- p. Z -ln-bn-en-cp- v ho-un-tbm tim -^-d -kv h- gn tim-gn-t m-s k-tω-f-\ \-K-cn-bn-se Xn-c-»oe-bn {]-Xy- -s - p-sim- m-wv A-t±-lw D-Zv- Lm-S-\-I -Ωw \n - -ln- -Xv. {]-`m-j-w-sø-øp- S - v A-t±-lw Nn-e tnm-zy-߃- v a-dp-]-sn]-dbp-i-bpw sn-bv-xp. ]n- o-sm-wv tum. sl-kv-tu kw-km-cn- -Xv. A-t±-lw Ip-d- v t\-c-sø-ø-s ÿ-e-sø-øp-i-bpw {io.]-t{xm-u-bp-ss D-Zv -Lm- S-\ {]-kw-kw Ip-td-`m-Kw {i-hn- p-i-bpw sn-bv- Xn-cp- p."km-aq-ln-im-tcm-ky-øn-\v B-bp -th-zw' F- -Xm-bn-cp- p Cu N - m-tbm-k-øn-s hnj-bw. t\-c-sø kq-nn- n- c- p-t]-cpw Cu hn-j-b-sø A-{X {]-[m-\-am-bn ]-cn-k-wn- p-sim- v kw-km-cn- p F- p txm- p- n-. kw-lm-s- I A-Xv {]-Xo- n- n-cp- p-an-. B-bp -th-z-øns km-aq-ln-i-km- n- yw G-Xp X-c-Øn hne-bn-cp-ø-s -Sp- p F- -Xm-Wv X-ß-fp-sS {]- `m-j-w-ß-fn C-cp-h-cpw {]-[m-\-am-bpw ]-cm-a - in- -Xv. C- m-cy-øn C-cp-h-cp-tS-bpw k-ao-]- \-Øn-se hy-xy-kv-x-x-i-fm-wv b-ym - -Øn Cu N - m-tbm-k-sø A-\p-]-a-am- n-b-xv. tum. kmw]n-t{xm-u H-cp km-t -Xn-I ]- m- Ø-e-Øn \n- pw h-f - v `m-c-x-øn-s B- kq-{x-w-cw-k-øv X-t -Xm-b C-Sw I-s -Øn-b H-cp {]-Xn-`m-im-en-bm-Wv. `m-c-x-øn hn-h-c-kmt -Xn-I hn-zy, ss-en I-Ωyq-Wn-t -j F- o cw-k-ß-fn hn-π-h-i-c-am-b Xp-S- -ß-fp- m- nb Bƒ F- \n-e-bn-em-wv A-t±-l-Øn-s {]-i-kv-xn. "C-t m-th-j ' (\q-x-\m-hn-jv- m-cw F- v A-b- X - -a) F- -Xm-Wv A-t±-l- Øn-s a-{ w. B-bp -th-z-sø kw-_- n- v (]-Xn-hp-t]m-se) A-t±-lw G-sd Kr-lm-Xp-c-XztØm-sS-bm-Wv kw-km-cn- -Xv. sh- -hpw sh-fn- -hp-an- m-ø X-s _m-ey-im-e H-Uo-in {Km-a- Øn G-Xp hn-t[-\-bm-wv ap-ø-»n X-ß-sfsb- mw A-tcm-K-Zr-V-Km-{X-cm-bn h-f -Øn-sb-Sp- Ø-Xv F- v A-t±-lw B-th-i-tØm-sS Hm - sø-sp-øp. F- m Im-ew am-dn-bn-cn- p- p. C- Xv B-tKm-fo-I-c-W-Øn-s Im-e-am-Wv. B-bp - th-z-øn-\v ]p-xn-b Im-e-Øn-\-\p-tbm-Py-amw hn- [w \n-e-\n - -W-sa- p-s - n h-en-b am- - ߃ h-cp-øn-tb ]- q. F- mw X-߃- p I-gnbpw F- au-vy-øn-en-cn- p- ssh-zy- m-cmbm t]m-c. G- -hpw Ip-d- -Xv ]-Øp tcm-kß-fp-ss Im-cy-Øn-se- n-epw X-ß-fp-sS Nn-In- mco-xn-bp-ss im-{xo-b-x Ir-Xy-am-b ]-co- -W-ßfn-eq-sS ( n-\n- {S-b ) sx-fn-bn-s -Sp-tØ a-xn-bm-hq. P-\-Øn-\v B-bp -th-z-øn hn-izmkw D- m- n-sb-sp- m a- p h-gn-bn-. A-h - v hn-izm-k-an-s - n Im-cy-߃ _p- n-ap- mbn-øo-cp-i-bpw sn-øpw. am-{x-a- H- -bv-s m- - March

28 bv - m-bn C-cp- n- pw Im-cy-sam- p-an-. Iq- w tn - v, D- -Øn, F-s - n-ep-sam-s sn-øm-\mbm c- -s -Smw. tem-i-am - - n B-bp -th- Z-Øn-s ÿn-xn A-{X-sbm- pw B-im-h-l-a-. C-Xv am-d-ww. Nn-In- -I hn-h-c-km-t -Xn- I hn-zy-bp-ss hym-]-\-sø X-߃- -\p-iq-e-ambn D-]-tbm-K-s -Sp-Øp- Im-cy-Øn B-th-itØm-sS C-S-s]-t a-xn-bm-iq. F- p-sim- m- Wv B-kq-{X-W-ß-fn B-bp -th-zw ]-cn-k-wn- -s -Sm-sX t]m-ip- -Xv? C-Xn-\v i- -hpw \- b-]-c-hp-am-b tem-_n-bnw-kv th-ww. C-Xn-\v _yqtdm-{im- p-i-fpw cm-jv-{so-b- m-cpw am-{xw t]m-c hn-j-b-hn-zzm- m-cm-b ssh-zy- m-cpw H-cp-sº- n-d-ß- Ww. F-ß-s\-bm-Wv A-tem- -Xn- m X-ß-fpsS Im-cyw km-[n-s -Sp- p- -Xv F- v I- p-]-tnbv- -Ww. A-h-cp-am-bn tn - p {]-h -Øn- mhp- n-s-sø- mw A-ß-s\ sn-ø-ww. ]-c-kv-]- cw i- n-zu -_-ey-߃ a-\- n-em- n G- -hpw tbm-pn- tk-h-\w tcm-kn- v \ -Im k-l-icn- p-i-bpw th-ww. k - m-cn-s `m-k-øp-\n- pw th- -{X k-l-i-c-w-hpw k-lm-b-ß-fpw C- m-e-øv B-bp -th-z-øn-\p e-`n- p- n- F- n A-Xv B-bp -th-z Nn-In- -I-cp-sS t]m-cmbv-a-x-s -bm-sw- pw A-t±-lw A - -i- -bn- m-sx ]-d- p. A-t±-l-Øn-s {]-kw-k-ønse {]-[m-\ kw-k-xn-i-sf C-ß-s\ kw-{k-ln- mw. 1. B-bp -th-z-øn ]m- m-xy-am-xr-i-bn-ep- n-\n- {S-b-ep-Iƒ [m-cm-f-am-bn D- m-tb Xo-cq. 2. hn-h-c-km-t -Xn-Ihn-Zy X-߃- -\p-iq-e-am- n am- p- -Xn B-bp -th-z ssh-zy- m a-\- n- cp-ø-ww. 3. B-kq-{X-W cw-k-øv kzm-[o-\w sn-ep-ø-ø- co-xn-bn tem-_n-bnw-kv \-S-Øp- -Xn H-cp-sº- n-d-ß-ww. kz-x-{ -`m-c-xw kr-jv-sn- n- p- Nn-In- -I-cn F- m-e-tø-bpw an-i- -h-cn H-cm-fm-Wv tum. _n.fw. sl-kv-tu. F- m B \n-e-bn am- {X-a-, an-i- A-[ym-]-I, Zo -L-Z -in-bm-b `-c-w-i -Øm-hv, {K-Ÿ-Im-c, {]-kw-k-i F- o \n-e-i-fn-epw A-t±-lw F-sd {]-i-kv-x-\m- 28 Wv. G-sd {i-t -b-am-b H-cp kw-k-xn B-[p-\n- I ssh-zy-im-kv-{x-øn-s an-i- -sx- p tlmjn- -s -Sp- ]-e ap-t - -ß-fp-tS-bpw \n-in-x hn-a -i-i-\m-wv A-t±-lw F- -X-s{X! A-t±-l-Øn-s hn-e-bn-cp-ø-en B-[p-\n-I ssh-zy-im-kv-{x-sø \n-b-{ n- p- -Xv a-cp- phym-]m-c-am-wv, ]-W-am-Wv. A-Xp-sIm- p-x-s A-Xn-\-\p-Kp-W-a- m-ø G-sXm-cp k-{º-zm-btø-bpw X-I - p-hm A-Xn-\v a-sn-bn-. B-[p- \n-i ssh-zy-im-kv-{x-øn-s ]-e k-ao-]-\-ßfpw A-Sn-ÿm-\-]-c-a-bn ]n-i-ip- -Xm-sW- v A- t±-lw \n-co- n- p- p. A-t±-l-Øn-s A-`n-{]mb-Øn a-\p-jy-cm-in- m-i-am-\w {]-Xym-i \ - Ip- H-tc H-cp- k-{º-zm-bw B-bp -th-z-am-wv. A-Xv F- m ssh-zy-im-j-i-fp-ts-bpw am-xm-hm-wv. B-bp -th-zw ssi-im-cyw sn-øp- -h ITn-\-{]- b-xv-\w sn-øm k- - -cm-im-ø ]- w Cu a-l-øm-b k-{º-zm-bw H- pw-x-s {]-tbm-p-\- -a-a- m-sx h-cpw F- -Xm-Wv A-t±-l-Øn-s B-i-. B-bp -th-z-øn Ir-Xy-am-b ]T-\-Kth-j-W-߃ D- m-tb ]- q. F- m ]m- m- Xy-ssh-Zyw A-\p-im-kn- pw-t]m-se-bp- K-thj-W-am - -ß-fn A-t±-l-Øn-\-{X hn-izm-kw t]m-c. K-th-j-W-Øn-s G- -hpw an-i- am-\-zfi-am-bn D-b -Øn- m- p- Randomized Controlled Trials(RCT) {]-Xn-Zn-\w s]m- -Ø-c߃ ]p-d-øm-bn-s m- n-cn- p- H-cp X- n- msw- v D-Zm-l-c-W-k-ln-Xw A-t±-lw hn-i-zo-icn- p- p. hy- n-sb im-co-cn-i-am-b H-cp X-e- Øn \n- p-sim- v hn-i-i-e-\w sn-øm-t\ B- [p-\n-i ssh-zy-øn-\m-hq. F- m Im-cy-ß-fpsS \n-p-ÿn-xn a-\- n-em-ip- -Xn-\v C-Xv sx- pw ]-cym-]v-x-a-. C-Xv B-[p-\n-I K-th-j-I - p-xs t_m-[yw h- p sim- n-cn- p- kw-k-xnbm-wv. A-Xp-sIm- p X-s A-{]-Im-cw Nn- s -Sp-Øn-bn-cn- p- n-\n- {S-b-ep-Iƒ D- mbm-te B-bp -th-zw im-kv-{xo-b-hpw kzo-im-cyhp-am-iq F- hm-z-k-xn Im-ºp- -X-s - v A- t±-lw X-s {]-`m-j-w-øn-ep-s-\o-fw k-a - n- p. ssh-zy-im-kv-{x-n-cn-{xw-]-cn-tim-[n- m ]-e \n -Æm-b-I h-gn-øn-cn-hp-i-fpw D- m-bn- p- -Xv Single case studyi-fn \n- m-sw- v Im-Wm- apta

29 \m-ipw. H-cp I -t{smƒ {Kq- p-am-bp- Xm-c-Xay-am-Wv Nn-In- -bp-ss ^-e-{]m-]v-xn \n -Æ-bn- p- -Xn-s am-\-z-fi-sa- p I-cp-X-cp-Xv. F- psim-s - m, Ir-Xy-X-bp- I -t{smƒ {Kq- v F- -Xv G-sd Ip-sd A-km-[y-am-b Im-cy-am- Wv. A-Ø-c-Øn-sem-cp I -t{smƒ {Kq- v hn-ikn- n-s -Sp- p- Im-cy-Øn -t m-epw B-bp - th-z co-xn-bn-ep- tzm-j-nn- -bm-ipw Iq-Sp-X k-lm-b-i-cw. tzm-j-{]-ir-xn ap -\n -Øn c- mfp-i-sf Xm-c-X-ayw sn-bv-xm A-Xv 90 i-x-am- \w Ir-Xy-X \ -Ip-sa- n C-t m-g-sø n-\n- {S-b-ep-I-fn A-Xv 9 i-x-am-\w am-{x-tabp- q. B-bp -th-zw ssi-im-cyw sn-øp- -h A-tem- -Xn co-xn-i-sf am-xr-i-bm-t - -Xn-. F- m im-kv-{xo-b-am-b Nn- F- -Xv H-gn-hm- m-\m-hm-ø-xp-am-wv. C-Xn-\v ITn-\-am-b {]-b- Xv-\w Iq-Sn-tb Xo-cq. Zu -`m-ky-h-im C-Xp- m- Ip- n-. tum. sl-uv-tk-bp-ss {]-`m-j-w-øns {]-k- -`m-k-ß-sf C-ß-s\ kw-{k-ln- mw. 1. a-\p-jy-cm-in- v {]-Xym-i-\ -Ip- H-tc-sbm-cp ssh-zy-k-{º-zm-bw B-bp -th-z-am-wv. 2. B-[p-\n-I K-th-j-W k-t -X-߃ an- -Xpw s]m- -bpw am - - n-s B-h-iy-߃- p-th- n B-kq-{X-Ww sn-ø-s - n- p- -Xm-Wv. A- h-sb im-kv-{xo-b-x-bp-ss A-f-hp-tIm-em-bn kzo-i-cn- p-iq-sm. 3. B-bp -th-z Nn-In- -I k-a - n-x Nn-Ø-cmbn X-ß-fp-sS k-{º-zm-b-øn-s Ir-Xy-X-bpw {]-tbm-p-\- -a-x-bpw h - n- n- p-i-bm-wv th- -Xv. A-tem- -Xn K-th-j-W k-{º-zm-b-øns ]n-d-si-t m-ti- -Xn-. 4. B-bp -th-z-øn-s hn-i-k-\-øn hn-lm- X-am-bn \n - p- -Xv a- m-cp-a-, B-bp -th-z- m X-s -bm-wv. Cu c- p {]-K- -cpw Xn-I- pw hy-xy-kv-x-ßfm-b Im-gv-N- m-sp-i-fm-wv A-h-X-cn- n- n- p- -Xv F- -Xv hy- -am-w-t m. C-Xn-te-Xm-Wv kzo-imcyw? B-tem-Nn- v D-d- n- v ]-d-b-s, s{]m-^. sl- Kv-tU-bv-s m- -am-wv F-s \n-e-]m-sv. A-Xv B- bp -th-z-øn-s b-ym - k-ø tx-sn-bp- A-t\z-j-W-Øn-\pw a-\p-jy-cm-in-bv- m-i-am-\w A-Xn-s {]-tbm-p-\w e-`y-am- m-\p- {]-h - Ø-\-߃- pw h-gn-sh-bv- p- p F- hn-izmk-am-wv A-Xn-\p- t{]-c-iw. tum.]-t{xm-ubp-ss h-gn hn-i-k-\-øn-\p-x-ip- -Xm-sW- - Xn kw-i-b-an-. ]-t A-Xv D-Xv-]- ti- {µo-ir-x-am-b, tim - -td- p-i-fp-ss \n-b-{ -W- Øn-ep-, ssh-zy-øn-s am-\-hn-i-x-sb \n-ckn- p- X-cw hn-i-k-\-sø- - n-bm-wv hn-`m-h- \w sn-øp- -Xv F- v Rm B-i- -s -Sp- p. {]-Xn-h -jw B-bp -th-z-øn-eq-ss k-am-l-cn- mhp- hn-tz-i-\m-wy-am-wv {]-[m-\-sa- n \n- - b-am-bpw A-Xp-X-s -bm-wv am - w. B-Xy- n- I-am-bn A-Xv Ip-sd sl -_ D - - -ß-sf am - - n-se-øn- p-s -X- m-sx Im-X-em-bn a- s m- pw kw-`-hn- m-\n-s-bn-. B-bp -th-zw hn- `m-h-\w sn-øp- A-Sn-ÿm-\ k- - -ß-sf- - n A-Xn-\v _- -sam- p-ap- m-im-\n-s-bn-. hy- n-ti-{µo-ir-x-am-bn, Po-hn-X-ssi-en- v ]-c-a-{]m- [m-\yw \ -In-s m- p- k-ao-]-\-am-wv B- bp -th-zw F- h-kv-xp-x A-hn-sS ]-cn-k-wn- s -Sp-I-bn-. Im-c-Ww A-Ø-c-sam-cp k-ao-]-\- sø H-cp D-Xv- - -am-bn hn-i-kn- n- m-\p- km-[y-x Xo -Øpw hn-c-f-am-w-t m... tum. sl- Uv-tK-bp-sS co-xn, ]-t, B-bp -th-z-øn-s B-flm-hn-s\ sxm- -dn-bm Nn-In- -I-s\ \n - _- n- p- p. A-Sn-ÿm-\ kn- m- -߃ ]Tn- p-hm am-{x-a- kz-b-am-n-cn- p-hm-\pw P-t\m- ]-Im-c-{]-Z-am-b X-c-Øn {]-N-cn- n- m-\pw H-cph-s\ {]m-]v-x-\m- p- Z -i-\-am-w-xv. F- m A-Xv ]p-d-tim- p- \-S-Ø-a-. im-kv-{x-sø a- Xm-fl-I-am-b B-Nm-c-]-c-X-bn X-f- n-sp- -Xp-a-. a-dn- v, {]-tbm-kn- p-d- kn- m- -ß-fp-sS _- e-øn ]p-ø k-a-ky-i-sf A-`n-ap-Jo-I-cn- m-\pw A-Xv ssh-zy-s\ {]m-]v-x-\m- p- p. C- t m-g-sø Im-cy-߃-s m- m-wv Rm tum. sl-uv-tk-bv-s m- w \n - m Xo-cp-am-\n- p- -Xv. C-\n ]-d-bq, \n-ß-fm -s m- -am-wv.? March

30 30 apta

31 Huj-[-k-ky-Irjn amdp ho Ww tum. kn.-]n. \mcm-b-w B-bp -th-z Hu-j-[ \n -Ωm-W-Øn-se {]-[m- \ L-S-I-am-Wv Hu-j-[ k-ky-ß-ƒ. B-[p-\n-I Im-e-Øv cm-k Hu-j-[- q- p-i-tfm-sv A-{]n-b-hpw k-ky-p-ß-fm-b Hu-j-[-ß-tfm-Sv {]n-b-hpw h-f - p-h-cp- Im-e-L- -am-wn-xv. am-dn-h-cp- km-l- N-cy-Øn h - n- p-h-cp- B-h-iy-ß-sf i-cnbmw-h-æw {]-tbm-p-\-s -Sp-Øm C-Ø-cw Huj-[-ß-fp-sS kw-c- -W-hpw ]p-\-cp-xv -]m-z-\-hpw A-Xym-h-iy-am-Wv. \-Ωp-sS \m- n a-cp- p \n - Ωm-W-Øn-\m-h-iy-am-b Hu-j-[-k-ky-ß-sf {]- [m-am-bv B-{i-bn- p- -Xv h-\-ta-j-e-sb-bm-wv. F- m h - n- p-h-cp- h-\-\-io-i-c-w-hpw A- im-kv-{xo-b-am-b k-ky hn-`-h kw-`-c-w-hpw Cu ta-j-e-bn \n- v Hu-j-[-߃ ti-j-cn- p- - Xn-\v \n-b-a-]-c-]-am-b \n-b-{ -W-߃ G -s - Sp-Øm Im-c-W-am-bn- p- v. C-hn-sS ]-cn-lm-cam-bv \-ap- v ap-t m- p-sh- m I-gn-bp- -Xv imkv-{xo-b-am-b Hu-j-[-k-ky-Ir-jn-bm-Wv. \n-ehn B-sI kw-`-cn- p- k-ky Hu-j-[-ß-fpsS 16% am-{x-ta Ir-jn-bn-eq-sS D - m-zn- n- m I-gn-bp- -Xv. Cu A-f-hv h - n- n-t - -Xv Ime-L- n-øn-s B-h-iy-am-Wv. Cu B-h-iyw ap- n I- m-wv B-bp -th-z sa-un- A-tkmkn-tb-j A-Xn-s 14 m-a-xv kw-ÿm-\-k-tωf-\-tøm-s-\p-_- n- v Ir-jn-hn- m-\-ti-{µw, `m-c-xo-b Nn-In- m h-ip- v, h-\w h-ip- v, tlm- n-iƒ- an-j F- n-h-bp-ss k-lm-b-tømss l-cn-x-ssh-zy-iw Hu-j-[-k-ky-Ir-jn- m-cpss H-Øp-tN-c 2011 Un-kw-_ 21\v s]-cp-h- Æm-aq-gn-bn sh- v \-S-Øn-b-Xv. Cu kw-k-a- Øn Ir-jn- m ]-cn-ÿn-xn {]-h -Ø-I, B- bp -th-z tum-œ -am, Hu-j-[-hym-]m-cn-Iƒ, am- [y-a {]-h -Ø-I F- n-h ]-s -Sp-Øp. Huj-[ k-ky-ir-jn-bp-ss km-[y-x-iƒ (tum: F. cm-a-n-{µ ) Hu-j-[ k-ky-ir-jn-bp-ss km-t - Xn-I h-i-߃ ({io. {]-Im-iv.sI.hn.sI) Hu- j-[-k-ky-ir-jn {]-tbm-k-cw-kw {io. t_-_n tpm-k-^v (\m-km- -Pp-\ sxm-sp-]p-g) F- n-h hnj-b-߃ A-h-X-cn- n- p. {io: am-xyp (ko-\nb k-bn n-ãv si.hn.si), {io.a-xn P-b-{io (A-kn.Ir-jn U-b-Œ ) F- n-h tam-u-td- - - am-cm-bn-cp- p. aq-sm-sn i- -c ssh-zy, a-[p-h- \w cm-l-h ssh-zy, {io. N- p- p- n F- nh Cu ta-j-e-bn-se A-\p-`-h-ß Ir-jn- mcp-am-bn ]- p-sh- p. Hu-j-[-k-ky-߃ im-kv- {Xo-b-am-bv \n -Æ-sb sn-tø- -Xn-s B-h-iy- I-X Nq- n- m-wn- -s - p. D-Zm-l-c-W-Øn-\v Huj-[-Kp-W-ap- Iv-kv-Xq-cn a- -fn-\v ]-I-cw \nd-hpw `w-kn-bp-ap- a- - q-h Ir-jn-sN-øp-Ibpw, hn-]-w-\w sn-øp- -Xpw, a-e-xm-ßn F- t]-cn s]m-xp-hm-bv A-dn-b-s -Sp- Hu-j-[-s - Sn h-s- ti-c-f-øn A-ÿn- -X Nn-In- - bn D-]-tbm-Kn- p-tºmƒ sx- ti-c-f-øn {]-k-h-c- - m-bv D-]-tbm-Kn- p- p. F- m H- tc t]-cn-ep- Cu Hu-j-[w b-ym - -Øn hy-xy-kv-x-am-wv F- -p-am-{x-a- h-s- ti-cf-øn D-]-tbm-Kn- p- a-e-xm-ßn hn-j-kz-`mh-ap- -Xpw ]p-d-sa ]p-c- m am-{xw D-]-tbm-Kn- p-tºmƒ sx- ti-c-f-øn C-tX t]-cnep- k-kyw A-I-tØ- v I-gn- m-\pw {]-kh c- -bv- pw D-]-tbm-Kn- p- p. {]-Nm-c-Øn-ep- t]-cv am-{xw t\m- n Hu-j-[w {]-tbm-kn- m A-Xp-aq-ew A-]-I-Sw X-s D- m-hmw. Hu-j-[ k-ky-ir-jn t{]m- m-ln- n- m-\m-bn B-bp -th-z-h-ip- v, Ir-jn-h-Ip- v, h-\w-h-ip- v -, X- t±-i kz-bw-`-c-w ÿm-]-\-߃ F- n-h-bp-ss kw-tbm-pn-x-am-b {]-h -Ø-\w B-h-iy-am-sW- v sk-an-\m A-`n-{]m-b-s - p. G-sXm-s Huj-[ k-ky-ß-fm-wv Iq-Sp-X-em-bv Ir-jn-s -tø- -sx- pw A-h-bp-sS \-So h-kv-xp- -fp-ss e- `y-x, Ir-jn-bp-tS-bpw kw-`-c-w-øn-s -bpw XpS v t]pv 44 March

32 32 apta

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34 5 Zn-h-kw sa-un-kn-\ πm v-kv 10 Zn-h-kw dn-tkm - v kv-]m am-t\-pv-sa v 5 Zn-h-kw I-Ωyq-Wn-t -j & t]-gv-k-wm-en- n 2. bp-h tum-iv-s -am ]p-xn-b-xm-bn Xp-S-ßp- ÿm-]-\-ß-fn-te-bv- v H-cp \n- n-x k-abw hn-z-kv-[-cm-b B-bp -th-z tum-iv-s -am-cp-ss tk-h-\w e-`y-am- p-i. 3. bp-h tum-iv-s -am B-h-iy-s -Sp- ap-d-bv- v A-h-cp-sS {]m-iv-so-kv \-S-Øp- ÿ-e-ßfn sa-un- Iym-ºp-Iƒ hn-z-kv-[-cp-ss t\- Xr-Xz-Øn \-S-Øp-I-bpw A-Xn-s Xp-S - bph tum-iv-s -am - v e-`y-am-ip- co-xn-bn \- S-Øp-I. 4. h I-º-\n-I-fp-sS G-P -kn-iƒ Xp-S-ßm- \m-bn B-Zyw F-Sp-t - ] -t -kv Izm n- n Ip-d-bv- p-i. 5. ti-c-f-øn H-cp Ip-Spw-_-Øn H-cm-sf- nepw B-bp -th-z Nn-In- -bn-te- m-i -jn- p- ]-cn-]m-sn-iƒ B-kq-{X-Ww sn-øp-i. 6. dn-k - p h - p-i-sf G-tIm-]n- n- p- co- Xn-bn tim-tf-pp-iƒ- v ]p-d-øv H-cp ÿn-cw kw-hn-[m-\w G -s -Sp-Øp-I. 7. ]n.pn I-gn- hn-zym - n-i-tf-bpw dn-k - nt\m-sm-`n-ap-jy-ap- tum-iv-s -am-tc-bpw tn -Øv H-cp dn-k - v k-an-xn cq-]o-i-cn- p-i-bpw dn-k - v t{]m-p-iv-sp-iƒ X-øm-dm- p-i-bpw sn-øp-i. 8. C-ß-s\ X-øm-dm- p- t{]m-p-iv-sp-iƒ Xma-kw-hn-\m-\-S- n-em- p- -Xn-\p- k-ω -±w k - m-cn-epw a- pw kw-l-s-\-iƒ ap-jm- n-cw sn-ep-øp-i. C-ß-s\ h-cp- t{]m-p-iv-sp-i-fn [m-cm-fw bp-h tum-iv-s -am - v {]m-xn-\n-[yw In- p-i-bpw sn-øpw. 9. Hm-tcm h -j-hpw 5 e- w t]-sc- n-epw A- bp -th-z-øn-te- m-i -jn- m-\p- ]-cn-]m-sn- Iƒ B-kq-{X-Ww sn-bv-xp \-S- n-em- p-i. 10. kw-l-s-\-i-fp-ss t\-xr-xz-øn B-bp - th-z ÿm-]-\-߃ Xp-S-ßp-I C-h-bn G-sX- n-ep-sam-s \-S- n-em- m kw-l-s-\-iƒ {i-an- p-tam F- -dn-bn-. ]-s C-sXm-cp N - -bv- v Xp-S- -an-s-ww. A-Xp-X-s R-߃- v H-cp ]p-ø-\p-w -t -Ipw. (R-߃s - mw ss[-cy-am-bn ]-d-bp-i-bpw sn-ømw. C- cp-]-øn-sb- p h-b- m-ip- -Xn-\p ap -t] R- ߃ I-eym-W-Øn-\v X-øm-dm-sW- v.) 34 apta

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44 44 apta

45 Iq-Øm- p-ip-fw G-cn-bm k-tω-f-\w Iq-Øm- p-ip-fw G-cn-bmk-tΩ-f-\w Rm-b-dm-gv-N D- -bv- v 2a-Wn- v {io-[-co-bw B-bp -th-z B-ip-]-{Xn-bn -sh- v tn - p. tum. hn-p-b \-tß-en-s A- y- -X-bn tn - tbm-k-øn tum.hm-kp kzm-k-xw B-iw-kn- p. kw-ÿm-\ {]-kn-u v tum. hnt\m-zv Ip-am-dn-s\ tbm-k-øn B-Z-cn- p. Xp- S - v tum. B -Wn tpm-kv "Treatment protocol for Rheumatic disorders' F- hnj-b-sø A-[n-I-cn- v CME A-h-X-cn- n- p. ]p-xn-b `m-c-hm-ln-i-fm-bn tum.am-wn tpmkv ({]-kn-u v), tum.{io-im- v (sk-{i- -dn F- n-h-sc sx-c-s -Sp-Øp. Dist. CME in Cardiology F-d-Wm-Ip-fw en- n ^v-f-h lm - v si-b sk A- -am-en-bn sh- v lr-t{zm- K-Øn {i- n-t - {]m-y-an-i Im-cy-ß-sf- p-dn- v CME \-S-Øn. 2 a-wn- v tn - tbm- K-Øn ^m.sk-_m-ãy h-s- pw-]m-sw A- y- -\m-bn-cp- p. Pn- m{]-kn-u v tum. tzhn-zm-kv sh-t m-sn {]-kw-kn- p. Xp-S - v tum. Ãn-PntPm-k-^v (HOD Cardiology), tum. kptc-{µ (\m-j-w dq-d sl -Øv an-j ) F- n-h lr-t{zm-kn-bn sn-tø- {]-Y-a ip- {iq-j-sb- p-dn- v Demonstration t\m-sq-iq-sn m-s -Sp-Øp. 80 t] ]-s -Sp-Øp. tim-x-aw-k-ew G-cn-bm k-tω-f-\w & CME \v IMAHm-Un-t m-dn-b-øn -sh- v cm-hnse 10 a-wnap-x 2 a-wnh-sc G-cn-bm CME \-S-Øn. tum.{]-k- -Ip-am-cn "Female Infertity' sb- p-dn- pw, tum. kn.-un. k-ltz-h 'Jaundice' s\- p-dn- pw tum. kn.-un. Ir-jv-W-Ip-am tbm-k-hn-nm-c-øn "]-tsm-e- I-Sp-tcm-ln-Wym-Zn I-jm-b-sØ' p-dn- pw ms -Sp-Øp. {]-kn-u v tum.s_- n `m-kv- c-s A- y- -X-bn tn - tbm-k-øn tum.hn-p-b \-tß-en, tum. C- q- v, tum. Sn.-]n. l-cn-ir-jv-w F- n-h kw-km-cn- p. March

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47 Book Review BIRD S EYE VIEW ON RADIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS OF SPINAL DISORDERS&THEIR PANCHAKARMA MANAGEMENT DR.SHIBU VARGHESE. Finally a dream come true.there was a real need of a book explaining radiology and it s interpretation to Ayurvedic practitioners.this book deals the subject in a simple and quiet effective manner.begining with the introduction to X-Ray,it covers the topics cervical and lumbar spine disorders,various infections of spine, malignancies,auto immune diseases of spine and metabolic disorders resulting spinal diseases.a Brief description also explained how to adopt various modes of sneha sweda kriyas and pancha karma accordingly to each topic.fractures,pott s disease(tb of spine) and malignancies are often missed in clinical diagnosis.this may mislead the physician and will make condition of the patientworse and damage the reputation.to avoid this situation physician should be well versed in radio diagnosis.there is no doubt that Dr.Shibu s work is a commondble step towards this direction.let us hope he will include the topics regarding CT Scan and MRI in the coming editions of this book. Dr. K.V. Syam Lal 28þmw t]pv XpSÀ km-t -Xn-I h-i-߃, hn-]-w-\ co-xn-iƒ F- n-h-bn im-kv -{Xo-b-am-b B-kq-{X-Ww D- mth- -Xp- v.a-æn-s -bpw a-\p-jy-s -bpw B-tcm- Kyw \n-e-\n -Øm k-lm-bn- p- Hu-j-[-kky-Ir-jn t{]m- m-ln- n-t - -Xv A-Xym-h-iyam-Wv. l-cn-x-ssh-zy-iw 2011 ap-t m- p-h- B-i-b-sØ C-ß-s\ kw-{k-ln- mw. Hu-j-[ k-ky-ß-fp-ss k-ky-im-kv -{X-]-c-hpw B-bp -th-zo-b-hp-am-b \n - Æ-b-hpw h - o-i-c-w-hpw sn-bv-xv B-h-iy-amb \-So -h-kv-xp- ƒ e-`y-am- p-i. A-h-bp-sS B-hm-k-hy-h-ÿ- pw Hu-j-[ Kp-W-Øn-\pw A- \p-tbmpy-am-b Ir-jn-co-Xn-Iƒ B-hn-jv-I-cn- p- I, kw-`-c-w-øn-epw kw-kv-i-c-w-øn-epw imkv-{xo-b-am-b co-xn-iƒ {]-tbm-p-\-s -Sp-Øp-I. C-h-bp-sS hn-]-wn kp-ÿn-c-am-bv \n-e-\n -Øm- \p- \-S-]-Sn-Iƒ kzo-i-cn- p-i. Cu cw-k-øv {]-h -Øn- p- hn-hn-[ G-P -kn-iƒ {]-h - Ø-\ cw-k-øn-\v G-tIm-]-\w D- m- Ww. March

48 48 apta

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s]s -t mkvxp kaqlw H n p kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-04-2018 2018 April 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 09 Kottarakkara Page

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2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni

2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India May 2012 Vol.19 Issue 5 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar 09946986421 Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal 09349944767

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CONTENTS. 24 A-Xym -Ø-h-hpw A-tim-I-hpw 27 io-x-im-ew h-cp-tºm-ƒ C-\n-bpw hm-bn- -s -Sm-Ø

CONTENTS. 24 A-Xym -Ø-h-hpw A-tim-I-hpw 27 io-x-im-ew h-cp-tºm-ƒ C-\n-bpw hm-bn- -s -Sm-Ø Open Your Eyes 9 \m-sf-sb t\m- n- m-wm 12 t\-{x-hym-bm-aw 15 dn-{^m-iv- o-hv k -P-dn 16 tlm-an-tbm- -Xn-bp-sS I-Æn-eq-sS 18 se -kpw s{^-bn-apw 20 k -th-{μn-bm-wmw \-b-\w {]-[m-\w 22 an-gn-i-fp-ss ku-μ-cyw

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C ybn thcpd- n- p ^mkn-ãv kºzvhyhÿ \nco- Ww [ C-Xv A-k-ln-jv-Wp-X-bp-sS cq-]-øn-epw A-{I-a-Øn-s cq-]-øn-epw {]-Xn-^-en- mw [ t\m v \ntcm-[\w, Pn.-F-kv.Sn, \oxn BtbmKv C ybn thcpd- n- p ^mkn-ãv kºzvhyhÿ ^m-kn-ãv A[n-Imchyhÿ `-c-w-iq-s-øn-s

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hmcni C- y-bp-ss B-tcm-Ky-I-c-am-b \n-e-\n -]v B-{K-ln- tz-io-b t\-xm- -sf- mw {i-an- n-cp- -Xv H-cp {]-txy-i hn-`m-k-øn-s

hmcni C- y-bp-ss B-tcm-Ky-I-c-am-b \n-e-\n -]v B-{K-ln- tz-io-b t\-xm- -sf- mw {i-an- n-cp- -Xv H-cp {]-txy-i hn-`m-k-øn-s 1 hcn kwjy hmcni 22 BKÃv 2014 ]pkvxiw- 13 hn-zym-`ym-kw: c-l-kya-p- -Iƒ c-l-ky-an- m-sx `m-c-xo-b P-\-Xm-]m - n- v hn-zym-`ym-kw N-cn-{Xw F- n-hbn c-l-ky A-P- -I-fp- v F- -Xv s]m-xp-hn D-b - p-h- B-tcm-]-W-ß-fm-Wv.

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sk -Ip-am-dn-s A-`n-ap-J t_mw-_v

sk -Ip-am-dn-s A-`n-ap-J t_mw-_v VOL.9 ISSUE 28 JULY Member E-Edition THE A-Z MAG OF US MALAYALEE For Private Circulation JULY 08, 2017 1 UNITED STATES PRESS AGENCY 08, 2017 www.azchavattomonline.com Azchavattom Inc., P.O. Box 823, Sugar

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{]m - -\mkw-k-aw Xn-cp-h- -bn

{]m - -\mkw-k-aw Xn-cp-h- -bn kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-03-2018 2018 March 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 08 Kottarakkara Page

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ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv Hm sse sszzhm-cni Vol: 7 l Book No. 1 l 2017 August 16 kzmx{ y Zn\m-iw-k-Iƒ \-h-`m-c-x \nà½nxn- m-bn H- p-tn-cp-i : cm-jv{s-]-xn ]n-s- p a-cn- -Xv 71 Ip-cp- p-iƒ- t]pv : 2 \yp-u

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krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w)

krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w) krjvsn ns sszhntimt±-iyw (Jp -Bs imkv{xhymjym\w) s{]m^. ]n. F. hmlnzv sf.]n.f v. Sh t]mtãm^okv tdmuv, Xriq 1 t^m : 0487 2426476, 9847367074, 9447201551 No parts of these publication may be reprodiced,

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Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq

Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p ]m-ã sp ]m-ã si. Pn tpm-k-^v tpm- ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm- Uv C C -Uy ti-c-fm tã- v Iu -kn sk-{i- -dn-bm-bn ]m- Ã sp tpm-k-^v ho- pw sxsc- -Sp- -s - p. tã- v Hm-h -knb- d-h. kn kn

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Icn-kvam- niv apt w s]s -t mkvxp {]ÿm-\sø _e-s -SpØn: _nj]v dmt^

Icn-kvam- niv apt w s]s -t mkvxp {]ÿm-\sø _e-s -SpØn: _nj]v dmt^ 20 sabv 2018 hmeyw. 24 e w. 10 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne Bcm-[-\m-Km-\-߃ kwko-x-ta-f-i-fm- -cpxv tim- -bw: B-cm-[-\-bn kw-kotxm-]-i-c-w-ß-fp-ss i-_v-zw hnizm-kn-i-fp-ss i-_v-z-sø- mƒ

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv. sk]v w-_

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv. sk]v w-_ 1 sk]v w-_ 2016 \yp hn-j t^m F sn-bv- n-mv thƒ-uv ]p-kv-x-iw 16 e- w 13 sk]v w-_ 2016 Xm-fp-Iƒ a-dn- p-tºmƒ 4 5 10 12 13 15 17 19 21 25 FUn-t m-dn-b tum.tpm-kv ]m-d- -S-hn A`n-ap-Jw P\-{]n-b-s\m w tiw

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D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw: bm-ymà- y-sa- v?

D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw: bm-ymà- y-sa- v? 05 ]-{Xm-[n-]À- v- ]-d-bm-\p-å-xvbp-àn-hm-zn-i-fp-ts-x-ã im-kv-{xm-h-t_m-[w! 1439 k^à ]p-kv-x-i-w 16 e- w 03 ]wàn-iä 04 hm-b-\- m-cp-ss- kw-hm-zw- 50 hnip-²- ]mx 10 ap-kv-x-^m X³-hoÀ D-IvÂ-þ-D-d-bv-\ kw-`-hw:

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]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn

]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn ]nkn-\m v 2018 Pqsse 5 8 hsc t_mã Hcpßn ]mã s_ty tpm k I ho-\ t_mã : A-ta-cn- -bn-epw Im-\-U-bn-ep-ap- s]-s -t m-kv- Xv k-`-i-fp-ss sf-iy-iq- m-bv-a-bmb ]n.-kn.-f.-f.-si.-bp-ss 2018 tim -^-d -kv t_m-ã

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]mã _n\p tpm v. ti-c-f-øn-se s]-s -t mkv-xp

]mã _n\p tpm v. ti-c-f-øn-se s]-s -t mkv-xp 20 2015 Pq MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 20 e w. 11 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-06-2015 ka-im-eni ]{XnI A-ta-cn- -bn a-e-bm-f-h-k-

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kphntiji bm{xbmbn ho-sv k-μ -in- p-am-bn-cp- p. X-s a-c-w hm -Ø A-dn- v H- _m-a C-ß-s\ Szn- v sn-bv-xp. ""Ata-cn- -bn-se

kphntiji bm{xbmbn ho-sv k-μ -in- p-am-bn-cp- p. X-s a-c-w hm -Ø A-dn- v H- _m-a C-ß-s\ Szn- v sn-bv-xp. Ata-cn- -bn-se kphntiji bm{xbmbn {]Imiv ]n. timin tim-sn- -W- n-\v P-\- ß-tfm-Sv kp-hn-ti-jw {]-kw-kn- v kp-hn-ti-j-sø A- -cm - - Øn P-\-Io-I-cn- _n- n-{k-lman-s\-t m-se a-s m-cp kp-hn-tij-i N-cn-{X-Øn C-. kp-hnti-j-k-xy-øn-s

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`-b-sø Io-gv-s -Sp-Øpw: d-h. tum. tpm si.am-xyp

`-b-sø Io-gv-s -Sp-Øpw: d-h. tum. tpm si.am-xyp 20 2015 sk]v- w_ hmeyw. 20 e w. 18 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-09-2015 sf-.]n.kn. an-uv-sh-ãv do-pn-b k-tω-f-\w ]m-ã jm-pn Zm-\n-tb D-Zv-Lm-S-\w sn-bv-xp {]-kw-kn- p- p. t^m-t m: ^n- n cm-pp,

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am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ

am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ 20 hmeyw. P\phcn 2019 25 e w. 02 ka-im-eni ]{XnI MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne ` 4.00 am-[y-a-߃ k-xy-øn-s s]- -Iw D-b -Ø-Ww: tum. sk-_m-kv- y t]mƒ si._n. sf-k- v Ipº-\mSv: "Xn- -bp-ss,

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EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty, Pr. Roy Cherian, Pr. Abraham Mannamaruthi (Editor)

EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty, Pr. Roy Cherian, Pr. Abraham Mannamaruthi (Editor) k`m hm -Ø-Iƒ F m am-k-hpw 5 mw Xo-b-Xn- p-apºv Hm-^o-kn F-Øn-t - -XmWv tej-\߃, A-`n-{]m-b߃, hm -Ø-Iƒ Xp-S-ßn-b-h A-b-bv-t - hn-emkw EDITORIAL BOARD: Dr. T.P. Abraham Pr. K.T. Thomas, Pr. V.J. Thomaskutty,

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sf.]n.kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ -kv a-s-ßn-h-c-hn-s -bpw ]p-xp- -Øn-s -bpw kw-k-aw ]n.-kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ kn-s

sf.]n.kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ -kv a-s-ßn-h-c-hn-s -bpw ]p-xp- -Øn-s -bpw kw-k-aw ]n.-kn ^m-an-en tim -{^ kn-s 20 hmeyw. \hw_ 24 e w. 22 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA tim bw: am txmωm«olmbpss ss]xriw Dd- n- p-ibpw AtX-k-abw {_m W ss]-xr- Iw Dd- n- p-ibpw sntø- Xv k`-bpss ]pxp- -Øn\v AXy- m-t]- n-x-am-sw

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s]-s -t m-kvx-tcmsv am v tnmzn- p

s]-s -t m-kvx-tcmsv am v tnmzn- p 1 05 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA BKÃv 2014 e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 18 e w. 15 hne `.4.00 Published from

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DHWANI MAY - DECEMBER 2018 59 60 DHWANI EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor: Noble Thomas Senior Editor: Surendran Nair Executive Editor: Thomas Karthanal Content Editor: Vinod Kondoor Associate Editor: Akash Abraham Literary Editor: Shalini

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C m-anse \yq\-]- -amwv. sf.-f-kv : {^m kn-kv ]m

C m-anse \yq\-]- -amwv. sf.-f-kv : {^m kn-kv ]m 20 2016 sk]v w-_ hmeyw. 21 e w. 18 hne `.4.00 ka-im-eni ]{XnI MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-09-2016

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]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn

]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn 2018 APRIL 238 VOLUME 21 ISSUE No. 238 Published from THIRUVALLA on 01-04-2018 ]pgi-sf c- n- m H-cp ]p-xn-b]- -Xn A-{_-lmw s_ -l l-cn-x-tk-\ ÿm-]-i {]-kn-u v- P-e-kw-`-c-W-Øn-\m-bn ]p-gbn Ip-fw-Ip-Øp-I,

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aounb ao v P\phcn 19\v

aounb ao v P\phcn 19\v FIvkv{]kv sldmƒuv 1 Christian Cultural newspaper For Private circulation only 12 Pages Vol. XI Issue 51 2018 November-December 95--- maxv Ipº-\mSv I h j Ip-º-\m-Sv: C- ym s]-s -t m-kv- Xv ssz-h-k-`-bp-ss

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hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page 8 Annual Subscription ` 150/-

hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page 8 Annual Subscription ` 150/- kxy-k- -X-tbmsS! kss[cyw!! kq va-x-tbmss!!! hmb-\- mtcm-ssm w Hcp NphSp ap n Published from Kottarakkara on 15-01-2018 2018 January 15 MONTHLY Registered News paper VOL. 7 Issue No. 06 Kottarakkara Page

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sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp

sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp - sf.]n.kn Im-\-U- do-pn-b- cq]o-ir-x-ambn {]-kn-u v: ]m-ã s]-\n-tb sn-dn-bm, sk-{i- -dn: ]m-ã s_- n am-xyp Im-\-U do-pn-b `m-c-hm-ln-iƒ sf.]n.kn P-\-d {]-kn-u- v ]m-ã tp- -_v tpm-wn-t\m-ssm- w ssm-dm

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Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered

Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM Reconsidered Climate Change Reconsidered Lead Authors Craig Idso (USA), S. Fred Singer (USA) Contributors and Reviewers Warren Anderson (USA), J. Scott Armstrong

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Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw

Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw ssj-pp txm-a-kv Rm-d-bv- I-gn- \q- m- n-s G- -hpw h-en-b {]-txy-i-x hn-h-c km-t - Xn-I cw-k-øv D- m-b Ip-Xn- v Nm- -am-wv. C- -s\- v A-[n-jvTn-X-amb km-t -Xn-I-hn-Zy-bv- pw A-Xns hn-im-k-øn-\pw c- v h-i-ßfm-wp-

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Ata-cn- -bn dneokv s^{_phcn 1-\v \n ΩmWw ae-bmfnbmb hnivs G{_lmw

Ata-cn- -bn dneokv s^{_phcn 1-\v \n ΩmWw ae-bmfnbmb hnivs G{_lmw 05 hmeyw. P\phcn 2019 25 e w. 01 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA -sim- p- m- tim {K-kns\ Zp _-e-s -Sp-Øm kn]nfw (Fw) _n.-sp.-]nsb klm-bn- p- p. si apc-fo-[-c k, tim {Kkpw _n.-sp.-]n.bpw Htc h

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aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv

aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv 1 05 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2017 HtŒm_ e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com hmeyw. 22 e w. 19 www.marupacha.com hne `.4.00 Tel. +91 469 2634321 \yq-u -ln: F-s

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live.

Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live. Sk Nw k j v #07 WINTER 2011 Fm Ow C W! W w bk w v b v m m b k w v m m Y w m m w v v m! T P C Sm B, T C, Gvv H K R w b v M C S A Fbk w v YI v v w m bk m b m w A H O w bk w w v w m m b m v qk w I w k ABC

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]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw hns-hmßn

]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw hns-hmßn 05 s^{_phcn 2018 hmeyw. 23 e w. 03 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA hne ` 4.00 ka-im-eni ]{XnI maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Published from Thiruvalla on 05-02-2018 ]mã n.-fkv. G{_lmw

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Zv-LmS-\w sn-øp-i-bm-bn-cp- p A-t±lw. hn-iz-zo-]w A-hm -Uv kn-f-kvf-kv sk-{i -dn dh.-

Zv-LmS-\w sn-øp-i-bm-bn-cp- p A-t±lw. hn-iz-zo-]w A-hm -Uv kn-f-kvf-kv sk-{i -dn dh.- 20 \hw-_ hmeyw. 22 e w. 20 hne `.4.00 Published from Thiruvalla on 20-11- MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 {InkvXy FIvkvt]m U ln-bn kam-]n p {InkvXy

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P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 J A R T a l s o c o n c l u d e d t h a t a l t h o u g h t h e i n t e n t o f N e l s o n s r e h a b i l i t a t i o n p l a n i s t o e n h a n c e c o n n e

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hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw

hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw 102 A[ym-bw 5 hmà- m-hn-j-bhpw B-Jym-\-t`-Zhpw A-dn-hv A-\p-`-h-am- p-i-sb- {]m-yan-i Im-gv-N- m-sv hmà- -bnâ {]-Xn- ^-en- n- p- Zu-Xy-am-Wv hmà- m-h-xm-c-i³ hmà- m-jym-\- n-eq-ss \nà-h-ln- m³ {i-an- p-

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Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw. 70 a n-e y _-[ n-cà! \nd-hy-xym-k- n-s\-xnsc ]mìà s ³ {_qt«m GRACE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTED.

Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw. 70 a n-e y _-[ n-cà! \nd-hy-xym-k- n-s\-xnsc ]mìà s ³ {_qt«m GRACE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS WANTED. Zn fullfilling tkmä the great commission... hn À NOVEMBER 2017 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3 Ncn-{X- nâ \n pw _ nk nb p w FU nb p w a mä p p A cw Bßc bv v hmà m]{xni C-d m-\ nâ I q-«k v-\ m-\ w e-ï³: tem-i N-cn-{X-

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 G{]n 2017 ti-c-f-øn-se s]m-xp-hn-zym-`ym-k ta-j-e i- ns -Sp-Øp-I C-t m-g-sø k - m-cn-s {]-Jym-]n-X e- y-ß-fn-sem- m-wv.`-c-w-i -Øm- -fp-ss A-{i- -aq-ew A-t[m-K-Xn-bn-em-bn-cp-

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ss{ikvxh `h-\-߃ Aø- - m-cpss CS-Øm-hfw

ss{ikvxh `h-\-߃ Aø- - m-cpss CS-Øm-hfw 05 hmeyw. Unkw_ 2018 24 e w. 23 MEMBER: NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA F. kmw \n-xy-x-bn -sim- p- m- Ign sxmæqdp h jambn Rm i_-cn-a-e-bnse Ac-h-W- m-bkw Ign- p- p. Ac-h-W- m-bkw t]mse C{X-bpw {]i-kvx-amb

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Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region

Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-U region atoshi Inomata Institute of Developing Economies ETRO Development of cross-national production linkages, 1985-2005 1985

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aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw

aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw aebmfw 21-12-2016 a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw t]- À 1 bq-wnäv 1.1. `m-tjmâ- - n-sb- p-dn-

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2013 reserved. Copyright

2013 reserved. Copyright Copyright C 2013 reserved C Copyright of the sketches, monograms, logo and other materials used in this story to create pages as they appeared in the periodicals, belongs to the respective publishers of

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The Evolution of Outsourcing

The Evolution of Outsourcing Uvy f R I DCmm@URI S H Pj H Pm Uvy f R I 2009 T Ev f O M L. V Uvy f R I, V99@m.m Fw wk : ://mm../ P f B Cmm Rmm C V, M L., "T Ev f O" (2009). S H Pj. P 144. ://mm..//144://mm..//144 T A b y f f by H Pm

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sk]v w-_ \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv

sk]v w-_ \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 sk] w-_ 2017 C- -gn- kzm-x-{ y-zn-\-øn-s X-te-Znh-kw ti-c-f kwÿm-\ sk-{i- -dn-tb- n-\p ap-ºn km-[mc-w Im-Wm-Ø H-cp D-]hm-k ka-cw \-S p. kzm-x- { y-øn-s 70 h -j-߃ ]q -Øn-bm-Ip-tºmgpw A- h-k-w-\-bn I-gn-bp-,

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176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s

176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s A g la di ou s F. L. 462 E l ec tr on ic D ev el op me nt A i ng er A.W.S. 371 C. A. M. A l ex an de r 236 A d mi ni st ra ti on R. H. (M rs ) A n dr ew s P. V. 326 O p ti ca l Tr an sm is si on A p ps

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Whitney Grummon. She kick started a fire in my soul Teaching me a tool to cleanse my mind That ll last a life time. That s how I will remember

Whitney Grummon. She kick started a fire in my soul Teaching me a tool to cleanse my mind That ll last a life time. That s how I will remember W Gmm S kk f m T m m m T f m T I mmb N m p f p f f G L A f b k, b k v M k b p:, bb m, m f m, v. A b m, f mm mm f v b G p. S m m z pp pv pm f, k mk, f v M. I m, I m, fm k p x. S f 45 m m CMS, I p mf,. B

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HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING. C y-bpss ]pxn-b cm-{ ]-Xn-bm-bn sx-c-s -Sp- s - {io. cmw -\m-yv timhn-μn\v Znhy-hm -Ø-bpsS

HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING. C y-bpss ]pxn-b cm-{ ]-Xn-bm-bn sx-c-s -Sp- s - {io. cmw -\m-yv timhn-μn\v Znhy-hm -Ø-bpsS h Øam-\Øns kºq- -ÆX Vol. XV Issue 4 3 4 2 -\mw {In-kv-Xp-hn X-s -tbm? HOUSTON SURVIVED HISTORIC FLOODING American Corner 5 6 Health Corner NEGLIGENCE ss n-fn-eqss Znhy-bm{X ss nƒ Iznkv BtKm-f hm Ø-Iƒ hm

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t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk

t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk - KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 09 sk]v w-_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- apf- pg: ti-c-f-øn-se s]- t m-kv-xv ssz-h-k-`-iƒ- v 100 h -j-sø ss]-xr-iw B-Wv A- h-im-i-s

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ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv

ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv - ss{ikvxh Fgp-Øp-]pc \yqkv Hm sse sszzhm-cni Vol: 9 l Book No. 1 l 2017 October 02 N v Hm^v tkmuv ti-c-fm kv -t - v - P-\-d I -h -j ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm- Uv C C -Uy ti-c-f kvt - v 95 m-a-xv P-\-d

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NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn

NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn 16 m-axv t\m Ø-ta-cn- sf.-]n.-kn.^manen tim ^-d kv NXp Zn\ ktω-f-\-øn-\mbn Umfkv Hcpßn dh. t n h Kokv {_Z Ae-Ivkm- tpm v cmp Bcy- - n \mj-w aounb I ho-\ Um-f-kv: t\m -Ø-ta-cn- -bnep- C- ym s]-s -t m-kv-xv

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MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn. A- pe- w t] 1 20 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 19 e w. 04 hne `.4.00 Published from

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m

]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA ON 05-11 - 2017 hmeyw 13 e w: 11 \hw-_- 2017 Price Rs. 10/- Annual Subscription RS. 100/- Ih tãmdn ]utcm-ln-xy-øn-te v asßn-t m-ip- `- - m ssjpp txmakv Rmd-bv

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GUIDE. mirfieldshow.com. Sponsored by. Orange Design Studio.

GUIDE. mirfieldshow.com. Sponsored by. Orange Design Studio. GUIDE mfhw.m Sp b O D S. Fh F m F C 1 3 5 7 9 b f M MIRFIELD COAT OF ARMS Th m w ff Fb 26, 1935. Th m f h mp f h w m h m. Th p S Jh H, wh pp h Pp h 13h h b f h ph hh. Hv W H Wh h? O, h wm mh, hp h f h.

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T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t

T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t T h e P r o j e c t T H E P R O J E C T T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S A r t i c l e P a g e C o m p r e h e n s i v e A s s es s m e n t o f t h e U F O / E T I P h e n o m e n o n M a y 1 9 9 1 1 E T

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Early Years in Colorado

Early Years in Colorado Rp m H V I 6 p - Bb W M M M B L W M b w b B W C w m p w bm 7 Nw m m m p b p m w p E Y C W m D w w Em W m 7- A m m 7 w b m p V A Gw C M Am W P w C Am H m C q Dpm A m p w m m b W I w b-w C M B b m p W Nw

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I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D IS L A M I C E C O N O M I C S I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D E x p l o r a t i o n s i n A g-b eanste d S i m u l a t i o n S a m i A l-s u w a i l e m 1 4 2 9 H 2 0 0 8 I s l a m i c D e v e l o p m e

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Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn

Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn Ip-º-\m-Sv I -h -j- H-cp- -߃ Xp-S-ßn ]mã tp _v tpm tpm Ip-º-\m-Sv: `m-c-x-øn-se s]- -t m-kv-xv B-flo-b kw-k-a-ßfn G- -hpw {]-[m-\-s - Ip-º- \m-sv I -h -j-\v H-cp- -߃ B-cw-`n- p. C- y s]- -t m-kv-xv ssz-hk-`-bp-ss

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h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner

h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner m m i s t r * j i ega>x I Bi 5 n ì r s w «s m I L nk r n A F o n n l 5 o 5 i n l D eh 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? { D v i H R o s c q \ l o o m ( t 9 8 6) im a n alaa p ( M n h k Em l A ma

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Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031

Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 Parts Manual For parts or technical assistance call: USA: 1-800-327-0770 2013/05 B.0 2031-109-006 REV B www.stryker.com Table of Contents English Product Labels... 4

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Pqsse 2017 a-zy-\n-tcm-[-\-a- h -P-\-am-Wv R-ß-fp-sS \-bw F- p {]-Jym-]n- p-sim- v A-[n-Im-c-Øn h- ap- -Wn C- t mƒ a-zy-ap-x-em-fn-bm-bn am-dn-bn-cn- p-i-bm-wv. a-zy-]m-

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0# E % D 0 D - C AB

0# E % D 0 D - C AB 5-70,- 393 %& 44 03& / / %0& / / 405 4 90//7-90/8/3 ) /7 0% 0 - @AB 5? 07 5 >0< 98 % =< < ; 98 07 &? % B % - G %0A 0@ % F0 % 08 403 08 M3 @ K0 J? F0 4< - G @ I 0 QR 4 @ 8 >5 5 % 08 OF0 80P 0O 0N 0@ 80SP

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List of Products and Services from A to Z

List of Products and Services from A to Z S B D P C :K F m IT 4 9( ) 6 98 7 5 89 9 I m. m @. T w : x F P S. S C q m q m : w ( 2 3 V) W S P -T m m w b ydnhk -C y w S C D y w w y yw x b M P L b m 2 1 9 L P S m A Z W b w y w mb xb ( / A) ( w b /

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M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7; ;J zy U;K z< mj ]!.,,+7;

M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7; ;J zy U;K z< mj ]!.,,+7; V 3U. T, SK I 1393/08/21 :,F! 1393/10/29 ::!n> 2 1 /M + - /E+4q; Z R :'!3Qi M $,7 8$ 4,!AK 4 4/ * /;K "FA ƒf\,7 /;G2 @;J\ M $ 4 65\ K;$ 5, 65\ M $ C! 4 /2 K;$ M $ /+5\ 8$ A5 =+0,7 ;* C! 4.4/ =! K;$,7 $,+7;

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Discovery Guide. Beautiful, mysterious woman pursued by gunmen. Sounds like a spy story...

Discovery Guide. Beautiful, mysterious woman pursued by gunmen. Sounds like a spy story... Dv G W C T Gp, A T Af Hk T 39 Sp. M Mx Hk p j p v, f M P v...(!) Af Hk T 39 Sp, B,,, UNMISSABLE! T - f 4 p v 150 f-p f x v. Bf, k 4 p v 150. H k f f x? D,,,, v? W k, pf p f p? W f f f? W k k p? T p xp

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FAIR FOOD GRADE 8 SOCIAL STUDIES ICONIC EDIBLES LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! FAIR FOO GRAE 8 SOCIA IES ICONIC EIBES IGHTS CAMERA ACTION! F F G Egh Icc Eb gh Cm Ac! I h w: cm c fm b q f h S F f Tx. Az h cb f v c hc gp. cb vpm h c h q Amc c. W, pc, cm b cc b f h Tx S F. m w f j v

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OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9

OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9 OH BOY! O h Boy!, was or igin a lly cr eat ed in F r en ch an d was a m a jor s u cc ess on t h e Fr en ch st a ge f or young au di enc es. It h a s b een s een by ap pr ox i ma t ely 175,000 sp ect at

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For personal use only

For personal use only F y Cy R Lm ACN 140 087 261 353 Rkby R Sb WA 6008 www.y.m. 9 h A 2018 CANYON GRANTED THE MINIM MARTAP BAUXITE PROJECT IN CAMEROON HIGHLIGHTS: Th Gvm f Cm h Cy x m m h Mm M Bx Pj Cm Pv w f h Pj f vy, hh,

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Fgp- p-]pc. Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni. F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- ss{ikvxh DECEMBER 2018

Fgp- p-]pc. Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni. F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- ss{ikvxh DECEMBER 2018 Fgp- p-]pc ss{ikvxh Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni 8 2 0 1 9 F-Ãm- {]n-b- hm-b-\- m-à- pw{in-kvxp-a-kv -]p-xp-h-õcm-iw-ki-ä!- Hcp Hm sse³ IpSpw_ amkni Vol: I Issue: 10 DEC. 2018 (For Private Circulation Only) CHIEF

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N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp

N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp - - - KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 11 \hw-_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- N v Hm^v tkmuv C C Uy I Wm-SI tã v ae-bmfw dopn-b `mc-hm-ln-isf sxc-s -Sp-Øp 25 ]pxnb {]h

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Dispelling Myths. The PLEA. More Joy in Heaven! Vol. 30 No. 2. Win a class set of Morley Callaghan s. See page 8. Teachers: more joy

Dispelling Myths. The PLEA. More Joy in Heaven! Vol. 30 No. 2. Win a class set of Morley Callaghan s. See page 8. Teachers: more joy P: Dp M T PLEA V. 30 N. 2 T p m bj m v b. U, m q m mp. I mp m z ppm b w v p mm m. T m p, wv, m p w - v pv, m- v. T T PLEA k U Tw Skw E Lw 30 m w C p m wk, b b m q m. T: F m m pp p p, k U P, PLEA m p k.

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KpW-ta-³-a-IÄ hyxy-kv-x-xsb A-S-bm-f-s -Sp- p- p

KpW-ta-³-a-IÄ hyxy-kv-x-xsb A-S-bm-f-s -Sp- p- p _nkn\-êv s{]m-ss^â hy-xy-kv-x-amip-i F- mâ A-Xn-\À w a-äp-å-h-tc- mä an-i- -Xm-bn F-s - nepw \Â-Ip-hm³ R- Ä- v km-[n pw F- m-wv. C-Xph-sc-bpÅ Io-gvh-g- - -fnâ- \n pw hy-xy-kv-x-am-bn, D-bÀ Kp-W-ta³-a B-kz-Zn-

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FICH~:s lciithyo\l~~trio~es.

FICH~:s lciithyo\l~~trio~es. PB FCNyM UNLP T g vg wk b b y y g b y F wk v b m b v gz w my y m g E bv b g y v q y q q ó y P mv gz y b v m q m mó g FCH CTHYOTROES P W P -C b } k < HP- qe q< - - < - m T

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C{k-tb {][m-\-a{ n s_ -an s\x-\ym-lp, Cdm {]kn-u v Al-ΩZv \npmzv

C{k-tb {][m-\-a{ n s_ -an s\x-\ym-lp, Cdm {]kn-u v Al-ΩZv \npmzv KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 10 HIvtSm_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- C{k-tb v/s Cdm³ anun CuÃn A n-] Xw ]pi-bp p I-gn- 33 h -j-am-bn A- n- ] - -Xw t]m-se s]- n-sø-dn-

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]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp

]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA ON 05-10 - 2016 hmeyw 12 e w: 10 HIvtSm-_ 2016 Price Rs. 10/- Annual Subscription RS. 100/- ]mã kn.-kn. txmakv Npa-Xe Gs -SpØp ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm-uv

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-$! " #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -./ ( 01! 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7 +,,

-$!  #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -./ ( 01! 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7 +,, ((((( +,-. ()* $%&' "#! : :!, %& ' ()*+ $ " -$! " #$%&! ' () * +,,,)* -. ( 01! '% 6):7 -$'1& '*6 )78 %&! +,, 79.& 2* '3*4 0 (A 6>* & ' BC D$!E.?@$* '*! ;4 6 %&! +,,.: - 1?* 'F! %&! '3*4 -$ ):7

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5 H o w t o u s e t h e h o b 1 8

5 H o w t o u s e t h e h o b 1 8 P l a s r a d h i s m a n u a l f i r s. D a r C u s m r, W w u l d l i k y u bb a si n p r hf r m a n cf r m y u r p r d u c h a h a s b n m a n u f a c u r d m d r n f a c i l iu n id s r s r i c q u

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elegant Pavilions Rediscover The Perfect Destination

elegant Pavilions Rediscover The Perfect Destination Pv Rv T Pf D W... T O Lv! Rv p f f v. T f p, f f, j f f, bw f p f f w-v. T f bk pv. Pv w b f v, pv f. W, w w, w f, pp w w pv. W pp v w v. Tk f w v k w w j x v f. W v p f b f v j. S f f... Tk Y! 2 3 p Pv

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IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF JESUS IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF ESUS 9 I p m m 10 A I d m Ad m m m 11 H F p m b pw m m m m b w 14 I m wd d wd d m wd m I m wd 15 M p m wd b p m m 16 T wd I m 17 S m b ; wd 18 A m

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Coolsicles. Chicken Tenders. Hearty Beef Stew

Coolsicles. Chicken Tenders. Hearty Beef Stew Cck T M B Cck P Cc Hy B Sw D Ec, Ec pp y y cc y w C F K TM c p b y by N Fz R F Ac (NFRA) pp w cc pc Y M Ip (YMI). T p y cc w $50 pp y c ( ). C F K TM p c b cc, p c, b pyc cvy. I w y wk b pv w v w pc w

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hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv

hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv 2018 MARCH VOLUME 21 ISSUE No. 237 Published from THIRUVALLA on 01-03-2018 hni-k-\-øns t]cn tbip-hns\ hn -cpxv sim-lna: hn-i-k-\-øn-s a- d-hn tb-ip-hn-s\ hn - -cp-sx- v \m-km-em v _m-]v- n-ãv N - kv Iu

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Strategies to Prevent Amplified Mold Growth in Schools. Glenn Neuschwender P.G., President Enviroscience Consultants, Inc.

Strategies to Prevent Amplified Mold Growth in Schools. Glenn Neuschwender P.G., President Enviroscience Consultants, Inc. Pv Ap M Gw G Nw PG, P Ev C, I!" Bk G U L H U & W Nw p A Iv T W T L Nw E W Lv z 30 F F M b b N (p:// p =BENB & x & _ 60 NJ, w k N O I T A 4 TEAM DUC D/E N COVE A B RING G IL pp WHER LON 241 2 E 8 C q Y

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f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^1 ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 i!;g + 5 ;* \ C! 1+M, /A+1+> 0 /A+>! 8 J 4! 9,7 )F C!.4 ;* )F /0 u+\ 30< #4 8 J C!

f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^1 ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 i!;g + 5 ;* \ C! 1+M, /A+1+> 0 /A+>! 8 J 4! 9,7 )F C!.4 ;* )F /0 u+\ 30< #4 8 J C! 393/09/0 393//07 :,F! ::!n> b]( a.q 5 O +D5 S ١ ; ;* :'!3Qi C+0;$ < "P 4 ; M V! M V! ; a 4 / ;0$ f;g,7k ;! / C+!< 8R+^ ;0$ Z\ \ K S;4 "* < 8c0 5 *

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Blues. G.S.P.T. Blue. U7233 Blue with a green face and slightly red flop. H.S. Indo Blue

Blues. G.S.P.T. Blue. U7233 Blue with a green face and slightly red flop. H.S. Indo Blue Bs C Bs C p.s.p.t. B U7233 B wh fc shy fp. H.S. I B U7235 O s sh b h fc fp. vs cs bh s mc cs. Apps vy y wh s mm k s bs. Occ B U7046 B wh fc fp. Az B U7048 B wh vy fc fp. L.S. B U7276 Us cs mx cccy whs,

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Contents FREE!

Contents FREE! Fw h Hu G, h Cp h w bu Vy Tu u P. Th p h pk wh h pp h. Th u y D 1 D 1 h h Cp. Th. Th hu K E xp h Th Hu I Ch F, bh K P pp h u. Du h p, K G u h xp Ch F. P u D 11, 8, 6, 4, 3. Th bk w K pp. Wh P p pp h p,

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I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o

I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o u l d a l w a y s b e t a k e n, i n c l u d f o l

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< < or a. * or c w u. "* \, w * r? ««m * * Z * < -4 * if # * « * W * <r? # *» */>* - 2r 2 * j j. # w O <» x <» V X * M <2 * * * *

< < or a. * or c w u. * \, w * r? ««m * * Z * < -4 * if # * « * W * <r? # *» */>* - 2r 2 * j j. # w O <» x <» V X * M <2 * * * * - W # a a 2T. mj 5 a a s " V l UJ a > M tf U > n &. at M- ~ a f ^ 3 T N - H f Ml fn -> M - M. a w ma a Z a ~ - «2-5 - J «a -J -J Uk. D tm -5. U U # f # -J «vfl \ \ Q f\ \ y; - z «w W ^ z ~ ~ / 5 - - ^

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Help parents get their kids settled in with this fun, easy-to-supervise coloring activity. A Fun Family Portrait... 3

Help parents get their kids settled in with this fun, easy-to-supervise coloring activity. A Fun Family Portrait... 3 K u R C d C! m m m k m u y g H p u R Cd C g d g b u d yu g p m d fu g f pg m g w Tk yu C g p D Ng kd pg u bk! T y g b fm dy m d md g g p By pvdg ud d ug yu u f D Ng Cg v, yu b pg up g u d g v bf W v pvdd

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Last 4 Digits of USC ID:

Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Chemistry 05 B Practice Exam Dr. Jessica Parr First Letter of last Name PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Name: Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Lab TA s Name: Question Points Score Grader 8 2 4 3 9 4 0

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>> Taste from our extensive collection. >> Meet the chefs and producers. >> Connect with our team to chat

>> Taste from our extensive collection. >> Meet the chefs and producers. >> Connect with our team to chat P j S h 2016 Sy, Mch 20 TH 10 m - 5 m My, Mch 21 ST 10 m - 4 m Wh S Cv C >> T m xv cc vy w >> M h ch c bh m w m vv c >> Cc wh m ch b wy c w y b Shw b q. R h Mch 18h www.wvchw.cm Ah c m h Gk wy my wh c

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RNI. No. KERMAL 2002/9730 RGN. # KL/KTM/66/ Price Rs. 10/- per copy Pages 8. DΩ F_-t\-k

RNI. No. KERMAL 2002/9730 RGN. # KL/KTM/66/ Price Rs. 10/- per copy Pages 8. DΩ F_-t\-k {InkvXob ]{Xwwww.sdpathram.com 1 October 2016 Vol.14 Issue 19 RNI. No. KERMAL 2002/9730 RGN. # KL/KTM/66/2015-2017 Price Rs. 10/- per copy Pages 8 t\m Øv Ata-cn sf]nkn Cutà dopn-b I h j HIvtSm_ 7 apx \yqtbm

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\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016

\yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016 1 \yq hnj t^m F sn-bn- nmv thƒ-uv 1 Unkw-_ 2016 ae-bm-fn-i-fpss Pohn-X-Øn KpW-]-chpw ka- {K-hp-amb am -߃ p XpS w Ipdn kn.-fw.- Fkv anj-\-dn-am-cpss BK-a-\sØ tic-fob kaqlw F pw IrX- -Xm-]p-c-kcw Hm an-t

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Foothill Productions

Foothill Productions Mk Gm F P F P fm - m-m p mpy. F P pv p v : m p p f fm v v vpy ppy p m p b/mk vpm. T m f b : Pv y py jb mk w ppy vp pf -w mmy vb m p v p py m. Pv m w vp p f b. E fy y pf v m v pm. V Iy 12345 EL MONTE ROAD

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N v Hm^v tkmuv ticfm tã v I h j Bcw-`n p

N v Hm^v tkmuv ticfm tã v I h j Bcw-`n p N v Hm^v tkmuv ticfm tã v I h j Bcw-`n p N v Hm^v tkmuv ticfm tã v 96- m-axv P\-d I h j tã v Hmh kn-b dh. kn.kn. DZvLm-S\w snøp- p sszh-k-`sb \bn- - ap Hmh kn-b am... ]mã bp. (1964 65) ]mã ]n. kn. Nmt

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Tracing High-z Galaxy Kinematics

Tracing High-z Galaxy Kinematics T H- Gxy K v b k q Ey Wk THE KMOS 3D TEAM PI: NM Fö Sb D W, JT M, S Wy, E Wy, K B, A B, R B, G B, J C, R Dv, M Fb, M F, R G, S Kk, J Kk, P L, D L, I Mv, E N, D R, R S, S S, LJ T, K Tk, P v Dkk, + I C T!

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