12:22a f Walt Rostow;. I. "7:53a f Secretary McNamara : 7:55a Breakfas t 7:59a f Walt Rostow. 8:04a t Walt Rostow. 8:12a t I Secretary Rusk,

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1 VHITE HOUSE Date Februar y 13, 1967 SENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON DIARY President began his day at (Place) The White House Day Monday Time Te /*S- h r e 1 : 1 Activity (include visited by ) In Out Lo LD 12:22a f Walt Rostow;. I, 1, _ _.., "7:53a f Secretary McNamara : 7:55a Breakfas t 7:59a f Walt Rostow 8:04a t Walt Rostow. 8:12a t I Secretary Rusk, 8:35a. t General Maxwell Tayl or(en route to the office) ' [ General Taylor calle d back later when the President was in the Cabinet Room and the President directed that he be asked to come and join the mtg in the Cabinet Room. I i / \ ~~ \ ~ 8:29a 10:45a! To the Office - and to the Cabinet Room w/ J Jacobsen off record ~ i In the Cabinet Room, the President joined: $$ i /_ Th e Vice President. _^ J I General Earle Wheeler Hon. Foy Kohler u Under Secy of State Katzenbach /*!/' William Bundy ^ I i\ - Secretary McNamara 9:32a. \ General Maxwell Taylor joined the above mtg

2 'HUE House Date February 13, 1967 ENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON MARY resident began his day at (Place) - The White House Day _ Monday T--" T f 0P r h r T^ 1 Activity (include visited by) t In Out Lo LD _. ' ' i ' - 10:45a To mjdr's room where he talked to George Christian and Tom Johnson then to Oval Office w/ Geo Christian an d Tom Johnson ~10:55a f Hon. Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1) 10:57a t Joe Califano (pl) The President put mayor Daley on "hold" to call JAC / ' 1 11:35a 11:40 a,' \ OFF RECORD: j ; Senator John McClella n and two members of his staff: : C ', James aa»x Callaway,. j f\s Steve Stephens (from mjc) -} r ' j The Senator presented to the President a red leathe r bound copy of the U. S. Senate _ j I Committee on Government Operations -- hearings and reports - for the establishment j j of the Department of Transportation.

3 THE WHIT E HOUS E Date Feb 13, 1967 PRESIDENT LYNDO N B. JOHNSO N DAILY DIAR Y Mr The Presiden. bega n hi s day a. (Place), Th e Whit e Hous e _ Day T-- Telephon e Entry Tun e for t Expendi - j^o :. Activit y (includ e visite d by ) tur e Code In Ou t L o LD ""ll:55a f Secretar y McNamara (b. 1) 11:57a_. _ Walt Rostow.,..,_,_! E - Monda > n H a v y 12:20p t Wal t Rostow (pl ). CS 12:22p 12:30 Th e Vic e Presiden t an d Mrs. Humphre y ~ VPau l at 12:35p 12:30 Mrs. Johnso n 12:30 C < "^ vicky Sfc ^ Solomons on (Victori a Lynn ) --Th e Vic e President's grandaughter= = Vicky i s si x years ol d an d i s I in Washington for a short visi t n Pres s an d photog s i n as Vick y presented th e President a Valentin e an d a box o f cookie s w/ her grandparent s an d t o film yth e puppie s joined, an d th e President gav e Vick y a stuffe d pupp y w / flopp y ears, ir _ **^ a TV spot wit h th e Advertising Counci l o n Menta l Retardation simila r t o the on e the Presiden t did las t year w / th e mentall y retarded child. Shortl y afte r he r birt h i t wa s discovere d tha t sh e wa s a mongoloi d child. Sh e attends a da y school fo r retarded childre n i n Minneapolis--th e Louis e Whitbec k Escsexx. Fraser School. Th e valentin e presente d t o th e president wa s ma. made by her an d th e other student s o f the Fraser Schoo l J - (L^ 12:28 p f Secretar y McNamar a (b. 1) ' ' I 12:29p t, Wal t Rostow (pl) ' 12: 30p t t Georg e Christian (pl) _ ' (L -12: 31p L Secretar y McNamar a (b. 1 ) ' 12:32p t M W (pl) i

4 -.!...., I. ^..!. IH I. «.. I II..11. I. T~+***^*im II I-, I ^.-.,!-. II...1.III.I-,,. :*~~f,. I.,... -II.. I. ^^ n I ^ I...., ^.,_ r ^.-.11 I... I..!..,. tone Housf Date Feb 13, 1967 ENT LYNDON B. JOHNSO N MARY 'resident began his day at (Place) The White House Day _Monday / Tune Telephone f or t Activity (include visited by) In Out L o LD 12:40p To mansion for LUNCH w/ Mrs. Johnson The Vice President and Mrs. Humphrey j Vicky Solomons on in the first floor dining room 1:35p The President to the Oval Office. ft w/ The Vice President 1:36p (JX^ Hon. Ramsey Clark, Acting Attorney General \ Hon. "Steve" Pollack, "Advisor for National Capital Affairs Stephen L Louis Martin ^ ' [ Harry McPherson Joe Califano Cliff Alexander A i -. _s~ '. _. / i : 2:02p i President to Cabinet Room to meet w/ Civil Rights Leaders j w/ above group j j - joined by 1 1 -^ jf Secy 1 John Gardner j j j ^K/ Secy Robert Weaver J Hon. Steve Shulman, Director & EEOC Stephen J Roy Wilkins Executive Director NAACP

5 ^1.,... fj^ _. I , I_f^.. _._.._.,, r_, _, -, ^ -. j m - - _-_- -, - J " - L _. - -^ T. _ - _ f KITE HOUS E Dat e February 13, >ENT LYNDO N B. JOHNSO N DIARY Resident bega n hi s day at (Place ) Whit e Hous e Day _Monday -P. Telephone _ Tune f t Expend. - ^. Activit y (includ e visite d by ) tur e In Ou t L o Lt f Cod c / A. -Philip Randolph Vice-President, AFL-CIO _ I / Doroth y Height, America n National Red Cros s ^ / Clarenc e Mitchell, Directo r TM-» i Washington Bureau NAAC P JM/sl : Rev MmlfUmime Patric k A. O'Boyl e. Archbisho p of Washington ; *~t Fathe r Theodor e M. O'Boyl e, Pres. Notr e Dam e Universit y \ And y Biemille r, Legislativ e Director, AFL-CI O \ Barbar a Jorda n - first negro member of Texas Senate \ Joh n Doar, Civi l Right s Division, Dept. o f Justice : I Roge r Wilkin s, Communit y Relations Service, Dept. o f Commerce i PM G Lawrence O'Brien 2:25p I REv. Walte r E. Fauntroy, Souther n Christian Leadershi p Conferenc e I Whitne y Youn g _ discussed proposals unde r consideratio n b y th e Administration ; th e \ Pres. invite d thos e participating to exchang e view s w/him on each of those proposals; the y exchange d ideas abou t economi c problems, ^ education and health, employment, legislativ e problems. Th e President 3:45p Presiden t int o mjdr's offic e readin g ticker s t o submi t a message o n civil right s Wed. 3:46p Presiden t int o Ova l Offic e o f this week. 3:48p 4:10 p i Georg e Christia n joined ~l/~ ~~ I ' 3:49p t_ J Wal t Rosto w (pl) 3:52p 4:12p i Harr y McPherso n \ " 4:10 p Clif f Alexande r 4 d r! _ i i 4:10p Joe Califano 4:12p Louis Marti n -3:58^ j Wal t Rostow I 4:12 p Marvi n Watson y ' /* 1! '

6 /HUE HOUS E Date February 13, 1967 >ENT LYNDON B. JOHNSON DiARY 'resident began his day at (Place) The White House Day Monday Time TC f C or h r e. Activity (include visited by) In Out Lo LD "3:59p f William S. White 4:05p t &- Secretary McNamara 4:25p To MW's office -- then immediately returned to his own office accompanied by MW _. 4:55p _t George Christian (pl ) L_,.,, 4:57p George Christian in 4:58p t Walt Rostow (pl) i i, ^5:00p - To mansion w/ Col. Cross and MW for ARRIVAL CEREMONY fo r Emperor Haile Selassie o f Ethiopia \ for mf asked Symington gist

7 VHITE Hous e Dat e Fe b 13, >ENT LYNDO N B. JOHNSO N DIARY president bega n his day at (Place) Th e White House Da y Monda y Time Telephon e f o r t 1 : ]. Activit y (includ e visited by ) Remarks by the President

8 HUE HOUS E Dat e Feb 13, ENT LYNDO N B. JOHNSO N MARY Th e Whit e House Monday resident bega n hi s day a t (Place ) Da y Monda y T- Telephon e Time f t Expend. - 1 Activit y (includ e visite d by ) tur e In Ou t L o L D Cod c 5:35p T o Ova l Offic e 5:45p T o mjdr's roo m - askin g tha t a wire b e prepared for an d sent to Mrs. Harr y Truma n on her birthday. the n to Ova l Offic e 7-1 ^ m 5:55p 6:10 p I OF F RECORD : Fran k O'Connor, NY C (former Democrati c candidat e fo r Governo r o f NY) Mr. O'Conno r aske d t o se e th e President t o discuss cit y problems o f Ne w York, an d th e coordination o f Democratic effort s i n Ne w York. 6:15p t Wal t W. Rosto w (pl) 6:30p t Georg e Christian (pl ) j / \ ' i 6:39p i f Joh n Be n Shepperd, Austin--returnin g th e President' s cal l o f several days ag o 6:42p f I Marvi n Watson (pl)--remindin g th e Presiden t tha t th e Assistan t Secretaries wer e meetin g i i n th e Stat e Dept. tonight--presiden t sai d woul d rather no t go. 1 1 ~T~.. 7:03p j i Presiden t t o th e mansion, sayin g he wa s tired, ha d a headache, an d wa s goin g t o be d I. 7:0 7 reporte d upstairs

9 - ^^ Februar ^HITE HOUS E Dat e y ENT LYNDO N B. JOHNSO N DIARY 'resident bega n his day at (Place ) Th e White Hous e. Day Monda y ' Time Telephon e Activity (includ e visite d by ) In Ou t L o L D ^ _ bowlin g 7:30p t Operator--"Cal l Mrs. Johnso n i n th e ^fjj^j alley an d tel l he r I am upstairs. Als o have th e doctor com e up. " 8:13p t Mrs. Johnso n i n the bowlin g alley - i _8:17p t Douglass Cater 8:50p. r t_ Georg e Christia n _, 9:30p DINNE R w/ Mrs. Johnso n 9:37p t Wal t W. Rosto w / r - ~ 10:30p. t Dal e Meeks, LB J Ranc h ' ' ' ' 10:30p Th e Presiden t retired : - : ^ _ ;

10 Date February 13, 1967 The White House Day MONDAY. Activity (include visited by) E Today - announced the appointment by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia of the Board of Higher Education to the Federal City College. Members announced: Berl I. Bernhard; Louise Steele; Kermit Gordon; Gertrude Martin; Edward Sylvester; Adele Alexander; Charles Horsky; Jane Wirtz and Wm Bryant Today announced the appointment of the 9-member Board of Vocational Education t o the Washington Technical Institute. Members: Emanuel Piore; Asa T. Spaulding; Otto Pragan; Herbert Robinson; J. Hillman Zahn; Geo. M. Bunker; Geo. L. P. Weaver; Roy Dugger and Samuel M. Nabrit.