,0. U,. 1 ~ Table of Contents . :..!.~, ""t'r..:: 14 ' Part AoWning Diagram Part B'WiringDiagram, Operating In~etion~ forlab EWiiWnem.

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Download ",0. U,. 1 ~ Table of Contents . :..!.~, ""t'r..:: 14 ' Part AoWning Diagram Part B'WiringDiagram, Operating In~etion~ forlab EWiiWnem."


1 0:0 - " D [ D. 0. U. o ' : D..;. ab Gudees "b Schedue' Tabe o Conens - ' ab" Voage Reguaon oa Snge Phase'Transonner ab Handou WnngDagram ab #2 oad-speed Characersc o a DC Moor ab Handou Par AoWnng Dagram Par B'WrngDagram r- ""'r..:: "'... :..!. '.J. ab-.3 AC ndnon"moorperonnanre "ab Handou'.. '. WungDa ab #4 SynchronQus'MQQr' : ab Handou Par AWung gram Par B WungDagram.... :.e. : Operang neon orab EWWnem 'Sandard Machnes....'. : ' ' ': "o "-.;.' o WRM-DO-3A Wound-RoorMoor Speca Machnes OG '" SM-00-3A Synchronous Machne DM-OOA DCMachne A-6 B- B-2 r a._.

2 ( '. : Accessores. MGB-OODO Bedpare C-. Transormers. J.- : -" T OO-3A TraDsonnerDemonsraor 0.3 {..-.. oad Uns R-00A Rcssanceoad B- RC-OO.RessanceReacancc ead B-2. Meers. 'ACVA:!OO AC Meerng Pane F-2. ACWM00 WameerPane F-4 DCVA-m DC Meerng Pane F-S.Mode723 Bench Tachomeer F-O :.j. Pow Suppes. BPS-00-P-3 Power Pane '--'.[ C'

3 ..'...C. ab Gudenes. Gradng -" '.:. Sudensrequred o compee aour abs. Faure o compee he!cpor oany o he bs<w'su'm an ncompee. 2.. Bch.ab por wjjeworh 30 pons. Two pons w be deduced or each day ae. 3. The gra4g' o. 8.bsw be bas on he oowng n hs order: Wo.kandcacuaons gudemes aove'are oowed easy o oow and read and presenaon. ab ReReQu mens TherepqrsDjs ucudehe oowng (mbs order):..q)ver.pa:cudnge course numbrsuden namcan': dae mn n. ':2. nroducon' r.!. 3. Fe-aquesonand answers. 4:. abqd's()s 'd 8SWers..5.Comocuaedand expermena daa (meanng abuarand.emphcac>mparson). 6. C()ncusans'::.... '.... 'j '.. 7. AppndX rcudng.ab handou wrng dagrams and ab daa shees. Be sure o aea gures$abes and secons. Daa PresenaoD. abeagraphs wh capons ndcang'wha he pos"represens. 2;' ncude abes or boh axes. '-- 3. here arewoorm<>re graphs on.he same po ncua egend. 4. abe abuar daa. -c" S.Aways specy uns. (; C

4 '!r::''';.s"':;'''''';';.;;;:;-';':::-:::::!;''';:;''''':;';:;"""";;>;.;''.!;:'::;:'!';";;;::'.g;:;;"'-:;;';"' ';;:;::::::";c.:; """"::::::::"":..'''''NN'"No''''"''''''''''''''J [!.: '. J J ;. Beore ab Meeng ab Meeng Beore ab Meeng 2 ab Meeng 2 Beore ab Meeng 3 ab Meeng 3 Beore ab Meeng 4 ab Meeng 4 Beore ab Meeng 5 ab Meeng S. ab Schedue Revew he ab Eqpmen shees n he back ohe manue nroducon o he ab Do Pre-ab rom # Par A Ge Pre-ab checked o.. - Penonn expermen rom he ab Exercse.. Wre ab # repor. DoPre-ab rom-ab #2. Don'orge Pars A &-B Turn n ab # repor. Ge Pre-ab check o. PerOnn expermen rom ab #2 ab Exercse. Wreb #2: repor. Do Pre-ab rom ab #3. TUm n ab #2. repor..ge Pre-ab-checked o. Perorm expermen rom ab #3 ab Exercse. Wre ab #3. Do Pre-ab rorab #4. Turn n ab #3 repon. Ge Pre-ab Checked o... Perexpermen rom ab #3 ab Exercse. Wre #4-.rcpor. :. '-.. ( 2.

5 =- - :-..."--_..-.._..u.._.._ " O' <)" '" ( p. ab # Voage Reguaon o a Snge Phase Transormer O.bjecve The objecve.o hs ab s o.correae he cacuaedvomgereguaon oa snge phase!. ransormer wh he reguaon observed n he aboraory and aso o make "genera observaons abou ransormers. ('. Pre-ab. J. ' ' r!. (... The aboraory ransonncr: s o be used as a 220/0 vo ransormer (see Fgure ). The seres mpedance reerred o he 220 vo s4e" s.approxmaey (24+j2)0. Fgure.. Sae he voage and curren reaqonshps o an dea ransormer s some reasons why rea word ransormers are no dea Dene voage reguaon. 4. Assumng a purey ressve od cacuae and po he reaonshp beween secondary ennna voage (V2) and secondary curren (2) or a 220 vo prmary voage (V) and a maxmum secondary curren (2) o2 amps. 5. Draw a crcu dagram showng how he reaonshp beween secondary voage and curren can. be measured n he aboraory. ndcae sources varabe oa vomeers and ammeers. ab Exercse. Connec he crcu'rom he Par wrng dagram. 2..Record enough readngs ov2 and 2 o compare wh cacuaed vaues. 3

6 .... ' Cacuons 'and.comparsons. '. Compare he expermena. and.cauaed resus. ' eacu hevoageguaqn.". 3.. Why was he excaonchnoncuded n he cacuaons? Dd negecng hs excaon branch cae any probr JDS? ".".: ;:. '.. ". r; -.. :... 4

7 . ' ab # Wrng Dagram -...POVVER PANE aoy.ac AC4O-o4W.AC "A" A:; PA o.'sov.dc sec PRJ..'UV.DC sec 0 0 EJ GJ E GJ 0 [E]. 0 GJ o o 2OV.AC A B o N A.8 C. N :. '- ----# ECONoARY _ (.. 4

8 j"!. ' ab #2 oad-speed Characersc o a DC Moor r. Objecve The objecve o hs ab s o deennne he oad-speed characerscs oa DC moor. Par A The DC machne w be ron as a geneaor a a consan speed.- The armaure.ressance (Ra) w '-- becacuae4 o asss n pong be.s}eed VSa annaure curren.pre-ab s '. Cacuae a synchronous moor's roor speed (=60 HzN=20*/p) or a machre wh our. poes and ora machne wh sx poes. 2. Cacuae he vaue abacc em <Ea) ora DC moor (Ka = 6.944e-2 V/RPM) :wh aroor.speed;o 800RPM wh aroor speed o 000 : and wh a roor speed. o0 RPM. 3.. Draw acrcu da oadc machne conneced as a separaey exced generaor (show -ressance. ndcance and voage; he ed nducance and ressance;d he varabe:ressve oad). Show how. o connec a vomeer o measure armaure voage and bow o connec a' ammeer ome8sure annaure curren aboraory Exercse.aboamy Seup..ConneC he DC machne as a seey exced generaor and connec he synchronous.macrneas a moor' as shown n ab #2 Par A Wnng Dagram. 2. Mechncay coupe he wo mach.nes 'so ha he synchronous moor drves he DC generaor. 3. Se he synchronous-machne o 'ND START 4.. TurD on he man AC power. S. Tmn he syncronods machne ed voage (0-50 VDC) o poson '3'. 6. Se he synchronous.machne o '$YNCH RUN'. 7.' Make sure he roor speed s 800RPM. aboraoy Measuremens. Measure open crcu armaure voage (back em) and ed cmren as he DC machna ed.(.. voage (D-.25VDc) s ncreased. Use ed curren () ncremens o abou 0.05 A and vary 5

9 {. ' up o 05A. 2. Se bedcmachn's ed:voage o a vaue abrngs he open crcu annaure voage o 2SV. 3. Measure he anna curren (aand aure voge(va> as he'ressve oad s ncreased Do no exceed an anname curren o2a Record e;ough pous o phheva VS. n characers'c. Cacuaos& Quesons '.... {. ' Po back em versus ecuten.! 2. Po ure ennna.voagc versus armaure curren 3. Cacuaa vaeorannaureressance (Ra) rom he sope ova vs.a : :'"::'.. 4. ap#pose does he synchronous machne serve o Par A Par B' ' The DC ma9bne w be ron as. a DC shun mo?r The spee4vs. armaurecurrencharac w 'be' mcasjc?d andpoed and he eeco anna reacnon w be evauaed. " Preab. DraJhecrcudagram oa DC shun moor. 2. Dehe anna.e reacon. 3. Cac'naeKaorV=Ea=25.V a 800 RPM. { 4 Deveop a reaonshp ospeed as a une() oann!-.n. Use he vaues o V and KaW rom above and assume ha annaure reacon s neggbe.. " aboraory Exercse 2 '--. abomoyseup.'.".... Se he ()..S0 VDCknob o poson '3'. 2. Se he synchronous machne o.. 'SYNCH RUN. " 3. CoecbeDCmahne as'a shun moor and he synchronous.mhne"as a 3-phase AC generaor as shown'n ab #2 ParBWrng Dagram. 4. Connec he varabe hreephase ressve oad o he oupu ennnas o he synchronous ) machne. The ressance ohe oad w be ncreased o pace a mechanca oad 'on he DC. moor (drawng more curren hrough he DC moor's armaure). 6

10 . r " "'"-'" aboraory Measuremens s. J.. J Uoupe he wo machnes. 2. Turn on man power. 3. Se he PC armaure voage (by usng he 2S VDCknob) o 2SV. 4. AdjuseDC machne ed 'rheosa o oban a no-oad speed o 800 RPM. Measure annaure voage and aure curren a no-oad. 6. TUrn heo-2s VDe knob down o sop he moor (eave he ed rheosa as was se). 7 Coupe 'he moor and'he gener8.!m;. 8. Tmn h 0-25 VDe knob up o ncreas armaure voageo 2S. 9. ncre he oad on "he synchronous gceraor.. For each 3-phase oad swch. record he annaure curren and he speed. Cacuaons.. Cacuae he power consumed by he DC machne a no.oad.(no-6ad osses).! 2. Po speed versus.aure cocren (a) rom cacuaedvanes'usng Rarom Par A and.a = 0 :.: - o'.s A; (b) usng expermenadaa.gahered n Par B. CoPpare he wo pos. C ; ": """' C 3. H he vaueo Kac>.decreass whhgb"annaure curren how s he speed eeced? 4. How coud one expan he ercnces'beween de expermena and heoreca pos? Shoudannaure reacon be negeced? Use gures and/or msraons o suppor your answer. 7

11 '. j.. ab #2P A Wrng Dagram'.{. '-. '-.: PQVER PANa.. 0 O N.NJ 2OV.AC.. MAHAC PA o.5ov.dc SEC PA. o.2sv.do SEC 2OV.AC '""W O' 0 0" 0 [QJ [::J 0 0 A. B C N 0 'N A B "C Q 0< g : " 0 8

12 { ab #2 Par B Wrng D.agram POWER PANE 0 0 O 0 0.! 20VAC' OV.Ao-so-W 2OV.AC MAN.AC PA O SOV.DC SEC PA'. o-25v.dc SEC!OV.AC EJ EJ A B C N o '"N A B C N +. + g 000"0' 00 0'000.. Q DCMACHNE... : :.0. { e.. 2J20V FEACTANCEOAO- AO ONY J ud J 9

13 :.' ;. ab #3 nducon Moor Perormance (.. Objecve... '. Tho"'objecve o hs ab s o undersand h wdamenas o a 3-phase nducon moor-o g. vaues wh measured vaues:".... Pre-a))' cacuae he parameers oan nducon;moor.equvaen crcu and o compare he cacuaed '" (. Wha are he wo ypes 'oroo's used m'ac nduconmoors' 2. Gve he.equaon or SYDchrono: speed. Wha s he syn?hronous speed or a our poe AC :.. d-qc<>.nbne (sanda erecfje)? '. 3. Dene sp or an nducon moor. he.synchronous speed s 800 RPM and he sp (s) s. 0.0 wha s he roor speed? s == 0.: : -'.. # 4. Draw a power ow dagram or an AC nducon oor. 5'. Draw.a"orque VS spd.curve or a ACnducon moor. Wha s he orqu prodnced a synchronous speed (Ns)? '" C' DescnDe no-oad es and he bocked roor or an nducon moor. Whas he vaue osp or a Bocked oor Tes? 7. Draw he EEE-recommended equvaen crcu Cacuaons " Gven he oowg es resus: j. No-oad es: ne voage.= 20 V " necuxren :.O:77 A.. ( pupower = 52 W. - Bocked-roor es: ne voage 60V J ne'curen:::.7 A "'- npu power == 00 W :D Aso gven: saor rance (R) =5.3 Wphase synchronous speed (COsyn) =88.5 radsec (Rember ha you are wordng:wh a 3-phase machne.) 0 "...!

14 ::: :;:::::::: ::':-:'::::::::::-=::::":::.:::::.:::.:::. ::: :.._. -:.::: :..:.:..:..: ::: :::.::..:.::: -: "... _ :. _ _..... ' a. /0 <. Cacuae he parameers o he EEE-ended equvaen crcu 2. Cacuae he nducon moorno..}pad roaona o.. 3. Cacuae'2 PF Fn; Pu E and TouQr.sp vues a:gng rom 0 o O (wh 'sep sze 0.0); (Pon =Pmech - Pro and Tou = Tmech> 3'... o oupuorque versus speed. : '..4. Po power aco versus.oupu: powe. 5. po AC)ne curren versus oupu.power. 6 Po ecency versus oupu pow. ' abor aor.y' Exercse abgraoy Seup. j. '- J. SUP 'he'.oc machne as a sepey.exced generaor wh varaberessance oad bank and he wodroo moor as an nduon moor o drve he DC generaor. (Connec he nduomoorsaowndrgsu a dea con.8uraon). Ths s shown n he ab #3 Wrng Dagra".' 3. CQX?:awa"mee o measure power no he duconmoor.. 4. CoDnec'DC meers o.:measure DC generaor nndavoage and armaure curren 5. Connec AC ers'o;measw:ene o neura voage and ne curren aboraoxy Memens...' J. Mechancay conpe he nducon moor o he DC generaor Brng he 3-phase AC voage o 20.V (ne o nra) When he nducon mo-or s runnng (around 783 RPM) brng he n c machne ermna ".' o up o 25 V.. :4 :uucn movues ooor sped voageneo.neura (V(-n) ne CUTen ' '...'. "..' ;. (O and.pr.oone_.pe (W). '.... ':" RCCC?d DC generaor vaues vaues ovoage a ermna (VVand armaure curren (a). 6. Frs ake a se omeasuremens wh a he ressance swches o... TheD; connuerecordng as hejoad s ncreased up o AC ne curren o.5 A. Do no.. exceed.hs curren.m! '..... [ '.. CacaonS...o... Cacuae vaues or Pn Pou PF. E adtou. d... '. :Pn'='3W.. ' PoUVo:>c)ja +'ara Pr PF= W.! (V(-n)'* ). :.

15 --.. Tou;= Pou*602nN 2. Po :()upu orgue versus speed.. ( - 3. Po p0-er.aorveu ouppo!er. 4. Po AC ne curren voupu.power. ' 5: Po cncy versus:oupupqwer..'.. 6. Conpe:he resus whecacuaed resus CommeJ on'he wsdom obuyng an nduon moor havng a sgnjcanygreaerp.orse power rag han Srequed o' dohejob { '.- ' ( r [ r... 2._

16 ( {'. (. "ab #3 Wrng Dagram PO'NERPANa V.AC «N.AD4O-4W 2OVoAC MAN"C PA o-an.dc.- SEC PA 002V.DC SEC 2OV.AC GJ EJ []] 0 GJ 0 0 A 8 C N Q j..... (. ' 4. o r. 3

17 a!) #4 Synchronous Moor j Objecve. The objecve o ab s o examne he ermna characerscs oa synchronous moor under!. -08('and no-oad condons. Pre-ab -... Whasan mporan eaure osynchronous moors?. Dra"ar;equvaencrcu modeor a syncnypous.moor. ShowE Xs Ra av and he ewndng. 3. Descrpe he open-ercu es.. s measured? Wha s vared? Skech he crcu. 4. Descne he shor-crcu es. Ma s measured? Wha s vared? Skech he crcu 5. 'Skeeha openrcu ch8racrs:c add a shor-crcu characersc. Show a (raed) V. (raed) ad.a moded argapne... aboraory Exercse.Par A The open-crcu and shor-crcu ess w be perormed o deermne vaues r Xs and.usng he synchronous machne as a generaor.. Procedure.. Connec he DC machne as a seexced shun generaor :88 shown n ab #4 Par A g dagram. 2 Coupe he DC machne o he syn6nous machne. 3.. Se he 0-25 VDCbob o zero. : 4 Se he 0-50 VDC knb o zero.. 5 e. Se he synchronus mace o 'Nn START' Brng he DC.cbne ermna voage up o 25 V and adjus he ed rheosa o oban a.speed o 800M. 7. Se he synchronous. machne o 'SYNCH RUN'. 8. Perorm he open-crcu es: Wh he synchronous machne's ermnas open measure he ( voage across he wndngs (V00) as ed curren () n ncreased. ncrease he ed curren' '""- r.. '-.: 9.' by ncreasng he DCvoage across he ed wndng. Vary rom 0 o An ncremens o O.A Se o zero. 4

18 {.. ( 0. Perorm he shor-crcu es: Shor he ph wndngs o he synchronous machne and pu '. an ammeer n seres wh he shored wndngs. Measure he average wndng.curren (sc) as (. - ; -. n ncreased. V rom 0 o A n ncremens oo.a. Cacuaons. 4. V = Voc =20 VcaJua Xs :and K.(Xs =Voc sc andk= Voc ) 2. P6::'avs..(a ={V--K*) Xs ) Par B.. ' The annaue.currenw be measured ag':ed curren s vared under oad and no oadconcons.. -'... Connech"sySe as sbownn he ab #4 Par Bwrng dagram bu do no coupe he synrq-neohe. DC machne 2. Senhechronousmaco 'ND STARr..3. Thn b.e6-s0vnpknobo poson co Tum':ODmapoVer.' ( S. S he syncn"pnbusmachne q. 'YNCH RUN;. The moor speed shoud be 800 RPM. 6. Measure:a and ':.as s vare up o A.!. oad Procedure ' )'. TUm oman power. 2. Mechancay coupe'he synchronous machne o he DC hne. 3. Se' rs nne swches 'o he ressance oad o 'ON'.. 4. Se he-chrononsmachne o 'ND START'. "5. Turno -mwer. 6. Tun heo-s0vdc'knob o poson '2.0'. 7. Se.heo-25VDC'knoboposon 9 8. Se he synchronous machne o "SYNCH RUN'.. The moor speed shoud be a 800 RPM. 9 Measure a and as s vared up o A. r.. Cacuaons. Po a V8. or oad and no oad condons and compare wh ccuaed graph. 2. s here a besed'curren a whch he synchronous machne shoud be operaed?. 5.

19 '-.. J.! r.. - S..-.. ". ab #4 "ar A Wrng Dagram POWER PANE 0 0 o o 20VAO OVACJJ4.4W 20V.AC 0 0 PA. Q.25V.OC sec 20V.AC [ 0. o A.B C NON ABC N + "..+ Q { '. ( :. - u.u :.. open-ercu es shor-crcu Cs r. : 6

20 r... ; '-- ab '#4 Par B.Wrng.Dagram ( r ".. 4 ; r :. ;. J.. ( (! (! (.. ) { 7

21 :':.:;;:-"""_r_".'''''''ma:'.--'''''''''''- ''-_ _ ---_ _----''' ''' - _._.._-_._-.... :.&.. SERS00 OPERATNG'NSTRUCTONS MODE WRM-00-3A WOUND-ROTOR MOT.OR A-6 GENERA: The WRY-00-SA s a hree-phase our poe; wound-roor moor"conssng o a saor wndng and a roor wndng whdp rngs and brushes.. A hree-poe.. crcu breaker aso provded n he ermm.8 box. The nomna rangs o he r. moor ar crcu breaker are sed beow:..j SPECFCATONS: ; :! MOTOR: Wmdng;Type Wound Baor & Roor Horsepower /3HP. Speed 75QRPM Voage 20SV S A or 860V-s+..Y.. Frequency- 60Hz '- Rang". Connuous Fu oad Curren.7 Amps CRCUT BREAKER:! " Type o Operaor Rocker Swch No. o PoeS Three Overoad '!)pe Therma Trp Rang 2.DAmpS Rese Mehod - OW- o Rese r. '- OPERATON: To operaehe -00-SAas an nducon moor make he connecons shown n Fgure Roae he Wound Roor Speed Conro b o he maxmum ress ance n couner:cockwse drecon... Wh a h ce n he roor cr... ca he moor-w'deveop maxrum sarng orque and mnmum g cur {. ren: Pwh' up he rocker swch on he.crcu breaker" sar qemoor. The moor w ac;ceerae.up o speed. The rheosa provdes"he msans'ovg he r moor's Qeed.orque "characerscs. The eec o he reosa ncreues wh ncreasng oad on'he moor. {. : "."...;.- ; F;NGNEERNG CORPORATON MANuACTUReRS OF EQUJPM!NT 'OR EDUCATON AND"NDUSTRY P.o. Box 563 Eas ongmeadow MA (43) (800) Pax: (4SS2S-44

22 . '" a... ' :.:{::.:'::':'::;:';:;:::'::::::':::::;:--::::'::::::"::':"::;:;.:":=:.-:::.:::.::..:::.:.. ::..::::.;:..:::::.:::::='::"""_ _w _..--_ _......_ A.:s Can' r WRM-0o-3A ;... J 2 3 j...'- ' r. Q M A "6 C AC NPUT SPPY' M2 S2 520 M3' (. WRSe-00. FGURE ENGNEERNG CORPORATON MANUFACTURERS 0= EQUPMENT OR EDUCATON AND NDUSTY P.O. Sox 563. Eas ongmeadow MA -0028' (43) TX 9$-0$426 Jrax; (43)

23 '). '::-{:::=::;3:7.=S:E;=-::;';:':-7.=:.:.:;;:?;.E;:;':': ''';.W:: h:'::;-:::".::::'::::::::':::;'::::':::':::'::'-":::'':'::-::':::':::::':::'::':'':':'::" :.-... :.::: :':':-:-=:':::::::::':'.::. _ :.o'''h '''''- _''- --_ '''''''''' HHH..... B- r. S'ERES 00 OPERATNG N'STRUCTJONS (. r '- ( ( }.! GENERA: SPECFCATONS: MODE SM 00 3ASYNCHRONOUS MACHNE The SM 00-8A s a hree-phase our-poe machne conssng o a wye/de saor and 8 quadraure roor havng a DC ed wndng and a damper wndng. A hree-poe crcu breaker and a ND ST.ART-BYNC RUN swch are provded n he ermna OOx:- RangS onow: SM-00-3A MOTOR &ATERNATOR: Speed - Voage Max. Amben Temp... nsuaon Rang 800 RPM 208/20V-B+-4W 4 (047) Cass B Connuous '- CRCUT BREAKER: Type oor No. opoes Overoad Type Trp Rang Rese Mehoa Rocker Three Therma 7amps OFF" o Rese ;...{ (. - ' r ;.: r. ATERNATOR: Power- oad Curren Fe Excaon MOTOR: HorSepower Curren Frequency 250 was. 0.7 amp (nomna) :Separae 6 amps./8 HP.7 Amps 60Hz.' ENGNEERNG COAPOR'ATO'N ---MANUR RS EQUPMENT OR EDUCATON ANO NDUSTRY P.o. Box 563 Eas ondow. O028. (43) X'95-S426 Pax: (43)

24 :;::;:..;::':-":::: :::::::::::' :; ::::::::::::;'::::-::::::;::;==;a.";;;:;'::-:: ''': ';-''''' '':':::''.:::':'''''.:_..._ :...4.-'-. _.:.. _.... ' p.. '. r B-0on. ". r"...'.. OPERATON Th proper connecons or operaon 'o h' SM.00-SA ' a conous (SYNCHRONOUS moor are shown n Fgure. Wh ebn he SYNC RUNposou MOTOR):'. ze he varbe DC suppy and adjusbepu voage rom zero up o.. h vaue whch eauses amp o ow hrough he 'roor. urn he swch o he ND:'START PO$on and Sar he moor by oggngbe'crcu breaker o 'he ON'poson.. WJ.en he moor reaches.do Qad j)eec' move he swch o he SYNC RUN poson..the roor w hen synchronze wh he nn and Je moor wd be.mrng a" exacy 800 RP!v' Used o demonsrae he Wrous cs o syncronous moors. +VARAB DC _suppy STATOR ;'. A-e'J-----"'CJ AC' u 2 YBT " J.3T3 c-o--<r ROTOR r.. ABC AC SUPPY NPUT VARABE' + DC SUPPY FGURE SM-0o-3A AS A SYNCHRONOUS. MooR. 'ENGN'EERNG CORPORATON. "UACTURERS OF EOUPMNT FOA EDUCATON AND NOUSy!.o. Box S63 Eas ongmeadow MA 08. (43) TX Pm (43) S2S-474 ;.' r

25 r OPERATON B- Con. The proper &nn o operaon or he SM-00-SA as an aernaor are!aternator):' shown. n F8Ure Wh ese connecons made and he swch n he SYNC RUN'poson drve he aernaor a 800 RPM Wh a suabe prme mover. Energze he' DC Voage suppy and ncrease hesuppy'.s oupu o bcrease he sernaors oupu voage o he desred vaue. Togge he crcu breaker.e ON. ppson o connec he aernaor's oupu o he.oad... Used o demonsrae he characerscs o a poyphase aernaor o he saonary ar r maure ype. may aso be used as'he oadng devce when esng he var '- ousmoom. + VARABE j.. DC _SUPPY & ṛ.. ROTOR SATOR (. r.. (._:.. A a c AC SUPPY OUTPUT VARABE DC SUPPY FGURE 2 SM-0o-3A AS AN ATERNATOR... r [:. J;NGNEERNG CORPORATON..' MANUFOF EOUPMENT OR E0UCAOH AND NOUS'RY P..o. 563 Eas ongmeadow MA (49) SS.S98 n.x Pax: (43)

26 B-2 SERJES00. OPERATNG NSRUCTONS..: omoode 'DM DDA DC 'MACHNE GENERA: The DY-0OA s a wo-poe compound-wound machne g o a shun ed a seres 'ed and an armaure wndng. A shun ed r and wo-poe sare' swm are aso provded n he-ermna box. 'ngs oow: SPECFCAnONS: MACHNE: J Shun Fed Ex.: 25V nsuaon: CJass F Max. Amben Temp.: 40 C (04 OF) Rang:'.Conn.0S Speed: 800 RPM nomna Shun Seres Compound wodjoc?r: 25V' 'S.OA /8 HP Shun Seres Compound wound generaor: 25V 2A 250KW RHEOSTAT:.. '-- r r. - - [ Ressance: Power: Curren: Taper: Fuse: Mnmum Ressance. Poson: STARTER: Type 'o Operaor: No. o Poes: Overoad Type: Trp Rang: Rese :Mehod: 800Ohms 00 Was O.575 Amps n e.ar. A SJo Bo Togge Two Therma 4.Amps Push Togge down ENG-NEERNG. CORPORATON'. r MANUFACTURERS OF eoupueht FOR EDUCATON ANO'NOUSTRY P.o. Box 3J Eas ongmeadow MA 0028". (43) 52:5-3?8 n.x 9S-S26. Pax: (43)

27 .. B-2 Can. J '- ;.. FUNCTON: OPERATON: (DC MOTOR) The prmdrj uncon or he DC moor s o. demonsrae he characerscs o shun seres anc; compound moors 8Y aso be uhzed as a prme mover when esj;g a geeraor"or aernaor. Usng.he DC moor or hs PurPose has he advanage hbe speed may be hed consan by 8djusng Je shun ed rheosa aer each oad sep s apped. The -proper connecons or operaon as a CUDuave compound DC moor are showd.n Fpre. Wh heseoonndons' made he moor may be sared by movng he sarer swch ogge up o he ON poson. s good praeoe o sad he moor wh he shun ed rh n s mnmum ress.ance uy COW poson o provde m 8a ;mum sarng orque andmdnum sarng Curren. The moor may hen be adjused he desred speed 'by'adjubngbe ed rheosa or varyng he ne voage. RHEO. 25VDO SUPPY! 2 [>-----.r--.r""-o OPTONA SERES FED O'VERTER + 25V DC SUPPY FJURE (DC MOTOR) r_ ;;-----; ; r... ENGNERNG CORP-ORATON ".MANUFACTURERS OF FOR EDUCATON AND NDUSTRY 'P.O. 'RM '. ;.A T.nncnnM'dMA. MA -nn'a. (.4' S..gR."x Q.4.6 :AY! (4''!?_;..7'"

28 r.:;:;:::.;..m."':-::'':''- '' '' ''' '-: : :..: ;:::.:;::. ::.::...:- :- -:: ::::;.=:= :;. ;...:...:..:. _--_ _---'."_ _-_."_._. " " '.. " '. B-2 Con. "FUNCTON: The DC generaor s pary u2ed" o demonsrae. he characerscs... o sh:un seres dconpound genors. s asousedase oadng devce. when esng he varus moors. OPERATON: JD'C GENERATOR!." c'. TheCODnecons or operaon as a cmnuave C(;)pod ncgeneraorareshown n Fgure 2. Wh hese conneco ;' DdeJ drve he gen#-aapproxhnaey800rpm wh a suabe pe mover; Wh heeq.rheosajns J8Xmum ressance. uycocm poson energze he:5v DC ed suppy. Roae he ed rheosanhe."c<}uner.. cockwse:dr$can o'ncrease he oupu voage o he'..desred ' vaue. Swch O he overoad ' swch o connec he generaor's oupu o he. ressance oad.. r ".: '. :. '!. r: r ; : [ + 5 DC W OUTPUT RHEO. ARM SERES }------J------{"'-..0{'" J FGURE 2 {DC GNERATOR) 2 T2 ENGNEERNG CORP.ORATON.. MANUFACTURERS O eoupu&nt FOR EDUCATON AND HOUSTRY ' " ; o-o--+ 5VDC 230W. :. ".""". o '. P.o Box S63 Eas ongmeadow -MA (43) S2S-398 TX p (43)

29 " "" _._ ::::.;.-'.:-'." _ _.-.---_. C-.. S.ERES: OO-.OPERATN G NSTRUCTO.NS :'.. MODE MG B. 00DG BE.DPATE :.. The MG Bedpaeconsss o a heayy s babe n0 on vbraon pads. The ""- 'GENERA: r uncon o:he.bedpae s oee he quck'mounng dcoupmg o he wo' ndvd macbdoes o orm a compee mor-:pneraor se.:!;pwohreaded 'hpd down)ocks d wnged screws'are'provdecoseeurehe F ca:jnps whch hod "benbcbnes.mounng boards. A coupng.guard and wo sha 'gwrrds are p.} vded. o phesudenrom accdeajogorgwres0 roa '- ng})ars. The guards. are qucky mouned by nserrg reamer. CUpS nt9sn. hease.. :...! -. (..... The procedure or moung and ;oupng he machnes. o he base s as on:.. Ajus each wng screw 02- e wo screw camp hodown ocks o he op o s hreaded sud. -" "0' 2. Pace each chne so ha he rear o he base s resng agars he h.d rear camp on he - MGbase. " 8. Sde machnes Jboara un er'coupnganps are cenered over cen sos. " 4. ber rub. coupnng seeve o'one o he mac:dne's copng mgm... ' 5. Sde rejnng machne's coupng ange no-he oher sde o coupbg seeve. 6. Check.o'.be Sure ha e couphg guard w cover coupng when nsered no one o he pas areener sos. :..' 7. pace ron camp or each o machnes agans he ron or he wo macbd5 bases. (-... s 8. Fpr ghen us 9 he wo screw camp hod-down bocks. : 9. Moun coupn add sha guards by ocang approprae reaner cps n sos so ha coupng. s der coung guard and sh s covered by a ha guad.... -!.... "#".:... r r.. " ENGNEERNG COR'po'TbN WHuFERS EOUPMENT FOR EDUCATON AHO"NOUSTRY P.O.BoxS63"ongmeadoW.MA (43)'S2S.398 JC9S.S426 Pax; (43)

30 r 0. Con. r The Dounugs now compee and. whau eecred he machnes w ron smoohy and quey due :0 he exceen properes ohe exbe coupng. c...:'4 r.j! c z C.)o z. "CD.c r.. -:. A ::.. a z o...!. :.. j' r.-..."... "'r" [ ENGNEERNG- COR PORATO-N. '...MNUA<:TURM O OUPMNT OR EDUCATON AND NDUSTY P.O. Box 569 Bas ongmeadow {43) TX Fax: (43)

31 " " " <) <) 3 ::";:':;;:':'::':;:.:;'. : 3X ::;::: r:s.-: -;:5:o.::;:'"W:!;:: ::'r:::::'::::;-:.::::{e ::;:-: :; ':: :::': ':X::::::'":::':::::':::::::::'::::':::7:::":' :':" :...:.:.::::::.:.: _ - -- ' '. SERES 00 -:OPERATNGNSTRUCTONS 0-3 r MOD;-0o..aA TRANSFCRJER O'EMONSTRATOR GENEjA: The T.OO-8As o hree Snge-phase bansormers w m.jpe prmary and secondary aps ermnaed a:pnrecepacon he ron o he un. Each o he hree rornersmay be.used ndependenq Or he hreemay.nercon neced mseresnpqmnej or.n many pojyph8se'cbnguraons.....: EacbraDsormer s. a)voamperesa 60 Herz. has wo prmaryd. wo secod.daqwnd.b Each o.he prd87 wndd:as800 urns o No. 24 gauge-wre and JS m-20'voa 0.5 amperes. Onewhdng's apped a 82 vos o.provde. Sp(86.6$).he wo. wddnp..68r. Each or he.secondq7 wndh.p us00rns ono. 2 gauge wre and s:raed 60 vos;.0 ampere. One :wndng Js appbd a «vos. o pvde a Sco ap'or he wo wndngs n seres. Shown'beow are he voage rangs or.he varous aps or each o he hree. rads ormers. ----pmmaay---- o 32V 20V 0' 20V ' H- H2 H3 4 " j. [. X X2 X3 X4 X5 X8 X7 o 2V 24V 60V 0 44V 60V ---SECONOARY-- r ENGNEERNG CORPO"RATON r! 'a.wwfacnmes OF QUPMENT FOR EDuc;ATON AND WDUSRY P.O. Box S&!...cmgmeadcw.'MA; (4) S2S 99 TX 9SS426 Fax" (43)

32 ." r. " E-.& SE RES 00'OPERATNG NSTRUCTONS MODE ' R 00A RESSTANCOAD J J-. GENERA:. The R-OOA's."'varabe ssance un used o appy'a ressve0a4 ogenera. "r ' ors or aemaors. One un may be used n snge-phase appcaons or"a bank '. o mae uns' may be combhed. nq Wye or DeaCOn'JDDS or hree phase appcmods. TeR-OOA moduces ress!e.oad..sequend seps r " desgned o prod.cb approxmaey equa pcremejs ojoad '. The SPST " oge swches are numbered and mus be' cosed n nuder"order'odecrease The" oa ce or he cobecedrs.(. may be" COmpued "he.equaon: ". '- =R+R+8 The ConowngO equaons may be used o deemune he "power dsspaed rom a measuremen o oad' curren.or voage:. P=E = = ".. & Where "p (&p) = 8 x'epb!ph (or baanced oad) P=PnWab E =yoage nvob =" Curren"n Amperes R =Ressance n Ohms P(Sp) = ToaPower or Three-Phase H ==' Voage per Phaser oad Bank ph = Ourren per Phase ooad Bank. r " c r & ---'... ". r '-.. J : FROM AC OR.DC SOURCE ret _ :...."".: ENGNEERNG CORPORATON -- UANUFgas 0= SJUPUDT pucatoh ANO NOU$Y.P.O.Box563. Easodow;MA p028. (43) TJC95-S426 Pax: (43)'

33 r!! "e- '. j 4. _..!... '. ' '. GENERA: SERES 00 OP ERAT NG NSTRUCTONS MODE RC-00RES STANCE-REACTAN CE OAD The RC;.00 s a varabe ressance and--reacance- (eher ducve or capac-: ve) ud ha y be used _o appy. a ""sngpmse or a hree-phase oad The remsve oad (w can be or boh AC.cd DC) s conroded by sz SPST ogge swches.e8ch o whch pus 2000 ohnao ressance n parade or a hree phases smuaneousy..the ressve-oad:s hereore aways baanced. The oa ressance n eac ph8.se equas ohms dvded by he Dumber o swches cosed. For exampe: wh wo swehescosedbe oa ressance-s 000 ohms; rh ausz cosed ohms. Each or he hree :reacance oads' (used orac o). separa.evused a amp s conroed by "a knob ha varshe degreeo ead and 8.g. A cockwse roaon'o he knob appes;. ead.g power acor (capacve).od whe a counerc roaon appesa.aggng power acor (nducve) oad. There s DO padapped whenhe.-knob s n md poson. ". The rgh range graph.beow may be o approxmae a O8 power acor eadng or aggng:. E-2 5..'-. App a ressve oad. 2. Read.he n-phase curren h rom -he ammeer. 8. From he R vaue on e horzona.base o he graph rave vercay o he pon where nersecs he 0.8 PF (oa amps)' ne. 4. From hs pon rave horzonay o he reacve curren wuez. 5. Adjus he ve oad un he x ammeer reads hs vaue o reacve cur... :ren.. r.. { : [ T'..3 SOURCE 6. To oban a ced oad n a hree-phasecongaraod repea Sep -5 or he.oher wo.. J "'-' ;-.. r '..' RES. OAD REACT. : OAD. oj #. /.'. '".('" 0'" o. O v a ".c'".-' o o <? o+++"""""" "" H""*ooo++:""+--ror++.-w+ -'=====:: rq..../-...&......"&.;...uo RESSTVE AMPE:RES:. en w.n:: w C :E «= u «?... ț". " EN GNEERNG' CORP ORAT ON. MANUFACTURERS OF EOUPMENT FOR EDUCATON AND NDUSTRY.o. Box 563# Eas ongmeadow MA O 028. (43) nx Fax: (43)

34 E-2 Con ( DA POSTON ( QJNTRC OCKWJSE) o NDUCTANCE 'Hemy 2.7n HnrY 6..Hnry HeJry.:..85Heo}' 9. 74H <Hey '.'. 57 Henry -2.5 Henry Henry Hemy :HQY Henry Henry ' HenY DA POSTON (COCKWSE). CAPACTANCE 0.69 F' 57 J.F JF J J.F :J.' j ' p.f ;JF JF 0 8J.F F: F ' ).F' J.F pf :' J.F: J.F #.!.. ENNEERNG CORPORATON ----MANUACTURERS OF-EOUPMSNTQ EOUCATJON AND NDUSTRY r P.O. Box'S63.Eas ongmeadow 028. (3) (800) Fax: (43) 5274

35 H ;;::::;{:;"'[:r:;;;::.::s=.:!:: ::.;j!:e:'::": ::::.:;"s:.:.;::.:;::;::;:::..:';.::.:::;..::.:::::;::::.::::::::::::.:::.::.''':"""''''''""::::::.::::.::::.:.""_.."-.n-: _ : F-2.. J } {. SERES 00. OPERATNG NSTAUCTONS '. MODJ: ACVA-0()ACMETE'RNG"PANE..... GENERA: The HAMPDEN Mode ACVA-OO consss o wo AC ammeem and one AC vo meer;a or he meers. are doae..pro8ced agans: overoads as hgh U 000%.. The meer s:cc#8 whn :!:8%' wue 'he ammeers' are accurae. whn ±29D or W scae deec?on..the' mershave. he oowng ranges: r...'ac Vome::' Oo 00OO Vs AC Amme '. OJ'Q.5248-Amps. r!... :.' '- OPERATON:.;. AC.AMMETERS:. Connec. he ammeer n seres so ha' he enre AC curren o be measured passes hrough he er. The es ead. rom he dark bue' ":!:" bndngpos.s conneced o one. sde or he Dne and he es ead rom he Qrange bn pos o he oher.. ( 2. e choce or measurng range s e wh he range swch. Four ranges are avaabe: O an 0-8 amperes. 8. Se he range swch on he 8 ampere range Deore urnng on he power. a.) When o measure moor curren pu a jumper ead beween he Wo bndng.poss.o proec he movemen.rom he arge nrush..curren a sar. Ths jumper s removed aer he moor has sared _ ENGNEERNG CORPORATON. MANUFAC;TURERS OF rpupmcnt F()R EDUCATON AND NDUSTRY.P.O. BoxS63 Eas ongmeadow. MA 0028 (43) TX 9>'5426 Pax: (43) S2S-474


37 F4 r SERES oo..operatngnstbuctons '';':. :. -.' - _- ; _. _. - ' e. -;. _":;.MODE"ACWM- GO WATMETER.. :PANE. GENERA: The.AMPDEN Mode ACWM 00 consss arwo u-rangewameers and.bechesh-hr operaon. Eac has e.oowng ranges:.'.; {).:o /3006/200W (50/300'Vos 2.4/8 Amps)!. OPERATON: Measure waage by 'conn8cng a wameer.vomeer and. ee8sshownn. Fg8.. The -#MPs:;On mus.o be.. conn n "seres- wh he oa.d and-he "VQ..TS" con mus be.qon J "pru9e""wh he oad. The OrrenCos are {. r proeced agans overoads by dodes... '... :.. -FGURE {' WATTMETER CONNECnONS 4' J. ' :ENGNEERrN.G CORPO:RATON _ MANUFAcnJRERS OF equpment FOR EDUCATON AND N0USTY. [ P.o. Box '563. Eas ongmeadow MA 0028 (3) nx Fax: (43)

38 F-4 Cen Each waeer has Wo 'Voage mnp. (50 and- 800V) Roang.he range -swcrounercockwse. rom "OFF" engages he 50 vo range. Roamg he _range SWch coqkwse rom "O" engages he 800 vo range. Vomeer's readd.g o deermne he appropre-range.' Uze he. r.... Each wameer has hree curren rangs (2; 4 and SA). Roang he range swj;ch'rom Oengages he Samprargebs. he wamer readsbeow. r 8C8. and he ammeer ndcaes ha he 4 amp rang w no be e9 ec: he 4; anp :range.-..' he mne agan reads beow ba scae and 'he ammeer.ndcaes ha he 2 amp 'rang w no be exceeded. he 2 amp range may beseeced. Fg.e 2Ddcaes be CODDeco requred wh a hre&pbase Jree.wre oad. (. } J -.. 3g3W. npu B Baanced oad ( : c o-- FGURE 2 WATTMETER CONNECTONS 3 ( The oa.wabge s he sum o he wo meer readngs P and P2.. '- When' pow n a ced "oad s mured n hs er; he ndcaon or he wo eers 'V'PT be he same. excep a Dy power acor.. -. When he power acor o he crcu s ess han' 509b. he poner o meer P w reverse. To oban:.oa waage n hs case" reverse he curren connecons o mee: P. -hen subrac he reag ormeer P rom hao meer P2.. The wo-wameer':mehod canno be used wh as-phase 4-wre oad. Three wameers are n ha case. e"ng'neerng C ORPORATON -----w-nufactureas OF EQUPMeNT OR educ:a.toh NCO NOUSTAY P.o. Box 563. Eascmgmow.M (43) :. 9S-S42 Pax: (43)

39 0 F-4 Con. ".. J POWER FACTOR: Gven a baaced oad heower a or ean"be. -demned rom he wo wameer m;h6c -.' Power u:r equws he cosne o h! pmrera.cor :phase ange. The phase ange JUay.be cacaaed -rom-he -oowng_equaon: J.... an +. ='32 '(:(P2P)/(P2+P) r :.;'. BDe hpoweraeb wherep2 reprs her'"he'wowj.rengs.when:bepower aeo:;'oher "had upy. 8qash'cosme ohe.phaseangep.poweracor may aso be deerjnnedromhe.raoo.hewo w.meerreadngs. Thegraph bow shows he reaonshp. beween he :power.acor.andhrao PP2.. r ț '- r. { ""-'..- Rao = cos {30 + +> =! dos ( > P2.N. r... Power"Facor o 8 Baanced 3phas oad rom Rao o PP2. '-co.! '... ". r - ENGNEERNG" 'CORPORATON ".! AC:TURERSOF.EQUPMENT FOR EDUCATON AND y P.Q. S63;&s ongmead. MA' 0028' (43) nx Pax: (43)

40 ; r F-5 'r..seres 00- OPERATNG NSTRUCTO-'JS... '... MODE DCVA-00 DCMETERJNG PANE GENERA: e HAMPDEN Mode DOVA-OO consss o wo?c arnneej;s and wo DC vomeers. A.o he meers'are dode-proeced aga)s.ov8roads.ss :hgh as : ':'-. and are accurae Whn ±2%' o u seadeo. '. Th m 'hve he oow.' ng r&nge.s: " : DC Vomeers: '().'5/50 Vo' DC Ammeers: 0-0./2.5/5 Am (. OPERATON: DC AMMETERS:.'Connec he ammeer n seres so ha he enre DC curren o be Jesured passes4 hrough he meer. The es d rom he ed "+_ meer"bndng pos mus be CODDeced o he mos posve sdeoche ne and he es oad rom he back ". meer bndng pos o he oher sde The choee o measurng range s se wh he range -seecon.swch. Four ranges are J avaabe: 0 '" "0.5 o md 0-5 amperes. 8..Se he range swch on he 5 'ampere range beore urnng on he power;......"6!...&_0. :EN G N E E R NG CORPO R AT () N e. _'_ UFAeTURERSOF EOUPMENT FOR EDUCATON ANa woustrv r-: P.o. Box 56S &s ongmeadow. MA 002B. (43) 525;S8 TX 9s:.5426 Pax: (4s)

41 F-S'Con. r. } -- a.>.. he curre'pser han 5 amperes he needewd move o-scae. TuRN OFF POVER MEDATEY. AJ excepon o hs 'may be on moor sarng. Momenary curren' nrush may exceed '5 ampe bu heneede'mnedaey drops back 'o norma.. b.) he neede moves downscae urno he power and reve he moor eads. c.) he curren s greaer han2.pamperes bu ess han '.amperesread he meer on he.5 scae and mupy here8dngby 0. ':;- d) he Curren s greaer D.'amperebu'ess'han 5 amperes urn'he knob o he 2'05 pere range; Bead he mec' onhe 2.5 scae drecy.he cu s ess han ampee.urn he ku()b Obe pere range. :... e.) he. n; sgreae;h 0.5 ampere bu ess han. ampere read he meer On aq:'and m4p;yc>u.readng by 2. r;) heenten's ess baa'-o. anpete) urn he bob o he'o.5'ampere range. Read he meer drecy on:he'o.6 scae. D'C "VOTMETRS:..!. Connec h'e'vomeern parae w.h he DC voage o be measured. The 'es ead 'rom he'meers'.red ""bndngpos mus"beconno he posve erm8and he one rom he bj8ckc.-bddng 'us be conneced o henegave'ermna.":.. 2. Se he ogge swch o he 50 vormge. a.) he meer downscse reverse he eads. b.) he voage s er han 75 vos and ess han 50' vos read he voage drecy on he 50 scae. ' c.) he voage s 'ess"han 75 vos.se he oge swch 'o 75 vo range and read he meer drec em 'he 75 scae. ' (.!. :... [ ' ENGNEERNGo 90RPORATON -----MANUFAeTURRS OF QUPM NT OR EDUCATON ANO NDUSTy P.O. Box 563 Eas ongmeadow. MA (43) 52SS98" o.x Pax: (43)

42 '.' 0 r [--"'.. '{---.r-... "".....: r-"""'..r r... r:". r-" r-: r -- r"-" r -... r : :. ;.'....' ' '" (.._. '. {_ oo ( '." [ - (._ -.- : :. MODE-723 rachomer. DESCRPTON :. MODE 723 s h9uaedn a gh bue pasc' case; he case s provded wh a reacabe sand o perm easy vew o he dspay. MODE 723 Tachomeer's'range s rom: 00 RPM o.9999 :RPM!'...' PRBARATONFOR USB. vo ypes o reecve arges are supped. They are: No. -2 whch ar dsc-shaped Y2 a b.ack and Y2 sver coor. The dsc. s used on he end o a sh'a o aow sensng ha roaon No s a gray gass beaded pe The. pe s apped o roang suraces exep he end o he shas '.. Bach o hes reecve arge apes can bec;>rdered separaey by par number or combnaon as par number To appy arge ape:.'.' : '. Cean he surace o he roang objec. Tape w.not hod on oy or djry sur{aces. Appy a sma pece o ape on he cean or sha Cnd.Try o eave o he sha dameer uncovered o oban he 'mos conras beween gh and dark. POWER SuPPY - MODE 723 usessv AC50/60 Hz 220V AC can be supped ordered. 'Power consumpon 8 was. Use a grounded oue; pug he power cabe supped wh he Tachomeer. TO kead SPEED - Hod he Phoo-eecrc Pckup (oen caed he probe) beween " o 25" rqr he arge ape. Use' he gh. beam as were a hgh and am he beam a he arge ape. The dspay w show he RPM.. ": MANTANCE-:CHE KNO(JrERATONPom he probe owardauo ep h DspaY-w be 7:OQ.. on 60 Hz: 6000 ± on;50 Hz The bub.nb.emode 02 prob s GE 22.2x. (ourpar number O-0STo rp.ae; remove he 'Wo.Aensesromhe...J.are end'o. he probe'he amp sqcke- can 9wbe removed.' Tace9Hebumed-oubUb.and repa<; Reversee proess ():r:e'e).beheprobe.. Takecare ha hbub mcenered n s o uer.... h '; :.: Ạ.:.'. :.;..... :....:.. ".....: '.' e.. '..;..... dudmaj9rvce become neary. 'pease pack he nsrnen secureyajj;s:p o us Wh a descrpon ohe probenr encouered Use "JJP.S prepad when shppng....'.. ".M:!'TEK. _ ' '. - ':.::<::: 7..:'.::.:.?:.: "' "". '. :..:'.::. MANSED&' G-EN DVSON 860() SOMERSET' DRVE" ARGO F TEE?HON:';(83).36-7s3. " '0 ""_._'-""_ - --_._ ;.; '"..

43 .. <> <> ".: " SERES.-00.:OPE'RATN NSJRUCTONS'.MoDE HMS-00-PP-3 POWERPANE MODE PS()"P.3 POWER' PANE.... e HAMPDEN Mode HMB-OO-PP-.8s eecrcayodenca o 'Mod BPs..oo GENERA: q PP:'''hederencesn.he.dbO9r 'bebousngs. "F.acb.P9wer pane. 'r. consss o 9US power suppes raed or'use whhampcm!>oonao machnes and or eneraabaraoyppds. pu power o208/20y & 4Wshro!gh a ws-ock pow.ccmsuppedwj he un. Thr.Qowng-b:proecedvoage souroesare'avaabe: : F;ec20VAC. 5AuWodpex recepaces 2OVAC. snge-.pjase2-oa.. FX208/20VACphase 4-wre5A. VarabJe 0 24o4QVAC8-9A.. '.. -Var8beO 50vnQ-(A soaed RMS '. Varabe 0 25VDC 5.Q! -soaed RMS. OPEBATON:'TouSe he power pane (S um "ON".:MAN AC crcu breaker Ths w meheman AC pno Hgh and 9nergze he our-pn P suppyng x.208!20vaoree-phase power. Th oher xeddje su?phes may. hejbe.energzed as requred. n each : case a po.p ndcaes h$:edon. When. en.. epmg... he va'. a>..e. U.P..P.esJ rs ae he'voagecqnro.o.b..o ho. e... exreme COW (mnmum'oupu) poson. Then urn "ON- he a e cr. cu (boh nc BEc). A cockwse 'Oa:on o' he vocpnro '--' : 'r. r. J"'"' NOTE: :: eause he voage abe. a he approprae Pa.' age. oo'bob Or he'0-208/20v hree-phase suppy s ed a he nd or he housbg.. an.yrespp!s..r-eveoaded. one or more crcu breakers may rp OFF". A-' ways urnhe' Va.rabe suppeso' zero and 'remove he C8.usao he oyeroad beore rese ng he crcu em. " ṭ. A pndg. groun4 oennod"s' provded a each end or he pane Or'groundng he roang macbn.... [ ENG'NEERN.G CORPOR.ATON -----MANUFACTURERS OF ecuapment R)R EOUCATON AND NDUSTRV." P.O. Box 563 Eas ow da 9028' (43) S25-S9 n.x 9' Fax: (4) S2S-44