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1 Vol. 06 No. 83 ONOUTH COUNTY'S NEWSPAPER... SNCE 878 ONDAY, ARCH 0, 986 Remins of crew found Serchers locte Chllenger section By JAES FSHER Orlndo Ssntinsl County mountie T county'* only mounted policemn wins co-strring role in new krte flick due to begin filming in New York City next month Orgnized crime nvestigtors rt) probing lbor rcketeering t trie Port of New Jersey in the wke of report tht orgnized crime hs retined its grip on the wterfront despite mssive crckdown decde go : 6A Oilcotts O for honw heting oil re plummeting, but consumers re ttill being chrged unresonble rte* A World Officils ousted Corzon Aquino is considering procliming revolutionry government to foroe out officil* ppointed by Ferdinnd E. rcos S Ntion The future is now bing imgined by the Air Force following longrnge study dubbed Project Forecst, including super cockpit tht turns the pnot's visor into rodmp S New record holder. ekkhy s now being recognized s the oldest person in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records S Business TWA strike The g tsndnl' union on strike ginst Trns World Airlines sys it is witing for the compny to return to the brgining tble. The irline s cutting fres by up to 30 percent n n effort to keep ts customers S Sports BBSBBVXN. First outing Dwkj O*, 966 Cy Young Awrd winner for the New York et*, mde hi* 968 pitching debut ginst the St. Crdinls n the ts' exhibition gme win in St. Petersburg, Fl 7C Color Oomtos > Commentry (A cniinbtwnsjni ou CAPE CANAVERAL, Fl. Rescue divers hve found Chllenger's crew cbin nd some remins of the seven stronuts mong debris scttered on the Atlntic Ocen floor, NASA nnounced yesterdy. Relted story, pge B Spce gency officils would not disclose how mny of the crew members hve been found or the condition of the remins. The cbin ws found Fridy by divers who were checking out the source* of sonr redings. On Sturdy, divers positively dentified the wreckge s the cbin nd dentified "crew remins," sid NASA spokesmn Hugh Hrris. Fmily members were nformed then, he sid. The crew comprtment is in bout 00 feet of wter 25 miles northest of the Cpe. NASA would not revel the exct loction, but the Cost Gurd yesterdy ssued wrning for se trffic to sty well wy from two-mile recovery re in tht vicinity. Depending on wether conditions, the recovery opertion could tke severl dys, Hrris sid. S CREW Pg* 0A rish spirit blnkets Belmr By CALi THOAS The Register BELAR There were enough emerld green hts, cps, neckties, cots, lcks, shlrt nd shoe* n the crowd dogging in Street yesterdy to outfit n rmy of leprechuns. or thn 86,000 people lined the borough's streets yesterdy for the 3th Annul St. Ptrick's Dy Prde, sid prde spokesmn Jy Scott. "Newrk's prde never even comes close," sid Scott. "They might hve more people mrching in the prde, but we've got the bigger crowd wtching t. This is the biggest nd the best prde n the stte." The prde begn round :30 p.m., fter Se Girt resident John F. Kelley's singing of the rish ntionl nthem "The Soldier's Song" nd the U.S. ntionl nthem. Set PARADE PgsA Hndicpped teen ccuses twn of discrimintion By CAUE THOAS The Rtgtstof ATAWAN The stte Deprtment of the Public Advocte is nvestigting complint mde by twn-aberdeen Regionl High School student who clim* the district s discriminting ginst him becuse he s hndicpped. ichel O'Kne who hs musculr dystrophy nd l confined to wheelchir clims school officils discriminted ginst him lst week when they told him not to report to school lst ondy nd Tuesdy to tke series of stndrdised chievement tests. All students except high school seniors nd those who re mentlly hndicpped or lerning disbled re required to tke the tests, sid Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Hll. The trts provide seprte eon* n reding, lnguge rt*, mthemtics, socil studies nd science nd provide n estimte of generl lerning bility, ccording to memo sent to prent*, which ws signed by the district's tsting coordintor, Ptrid Cunninghm,, nd Principl Robert leney. The letterddressed to prent* nd dted Feb. 26 stted tht students would be scheduled nto remedil clsses for the next yer f they filed to tke the test "ichel hs contcted us nd we will be investigting hi* cse," sid Lucy Johnson, field S*ATAWAN Pig* 0* Your business wul do more business n our Bustne* Directory in tody's Clssified section. LEADER OF THE CORPS Drum jor Richrd Brun of the Friendly Sons of the Shillelgh, from Old Bridge, leds the Bgpipe Corps down Belmr's in Street in the city's nnul St. Ptrick's Dy prde 8* photos, pge 4A. DSCRNATON CHARGE High school student ichel O'Kne clims he ws discriminted ginst with respect to tking stndrdized chievement tt. Shuttle fmilies stunned By JAY HABUHG Orlndo Sentinel Friends nd reltives of Chllenger's crew members rected to news tht serchers hd found remins of the stronuts with emotions rnging from relief to nguish. NASA sid yesterdy tht divers found the crew comprtment Fridy. Spce gency spokesmn Hugh Hrris sid he did not know how mny of the stronuts might be nside. "f it's true, there s relief. There hs been feeling of incompleteness," sid Ellen Jrvls of Orlndo, Fl., stepmother of pylod specilist Gregory Jrvls. 4, of ohwk, NY. She sid her husbnd, Bruce, ws surprised to lern tht trie remins of his son my hve been locted. The Jrvises sid they do not know wht to do bout memoril services until they hve more informtion. Although NASA sid fmily members were notified Fridy, Jrvis sid they did not her nything until reporter clled them yesterdy. Other reltives were in the sme position of not knowing yet wht to do. "We need to tlk bout it," sid ry cnir of Atlnt, sisterin-lw of mission specilist Ronld cnir, 36, of Lke City, S.C. "The whole fmily will hve conference cll nd mke decision." cnir sid her fmily ws notified by Cheryl cnir, widow of the stronut. Lind Reppert of Almed, Clif., stepsister of mission specilist Judy Resnik, 36, of Akron, Ohio, sid fmily members hve been too shocked by the news to feel ny sense of relief. " don't think we feel tht," she sid. "Just surprise." Reppert sid fmily members See REACTON. PgelOA Where'8 the betf? nfowljlshyjries, sys Hrvrd doc NEW TOW (AT)- rrvjscn Rsi swtvt sx tdrt-o-p Swieh nd W theckenorflj Fk»wwJr*Jt riot**»v^bw>«-*kets.0uf - Joke! «VOT Jokel *«*! Jokettfovsi ikim AeUo rnin Front P riu imm Send something niceto *how you Red the Help Wnted columns get remits. Attrct 68,000 redcre. The Directory of Florists l u> todys Clssified section er with your d here, on the Obitury Pge. "The fvors* Bhr Slutes Kemburg. 26* off dinner totownresidentsou> week-on-pri ,

2 2A The BeHter OQAV. ARCH PEOPLE Bigoted undertones? JEW YORK (AP) Brry BeUfonte, who recently decided ginst seeking U.S. Sente set, sys he believes he could hve beten incumbent Sen. Alfone D'Amto if he'd hd the bcking of powerful blck leders. The entertiner told Newsdy in n' interview published Sundy tht his possible bid got cold reception from the city's top blck leders becuse "'m not from club nd don't sit in the bck rooms." " hve no time to get cught up in'the flypper of Hrlem politics/' he sid. Belfonte ended 0 dys of specultion lst ondy when he nnounced tht rtistic projects such s forthcoming docudrm bout blck South Africn leder Nelson ndel would keep him from seeking the Democrtic nomintion. H. Crl ccll, former stte sentor from Hrlem nd politicl ssocite of U.S. Rep. Chrle Rngel, sid blck leders, including Rnge), probbly would hve supported Belfonte if he hd decided to run. But, he sid, "You cn't put together cndidcy in week." ^brighter dy LOS ANGELES (AP) One yer fter the relese of "We Are the World," the orgnizers of the rock benefit for hunger relief hve rised $44.5 million nd sy they re confident they will still meet their initil gol of $50 million. According to n udit relesed Sturdy, the directors of USA for Afric hve spent or llocted 9 million for immedite relief in eight Africn ntions nd hd committed 24.5 million for longterm projects. About $900,000 hs been spent or llocted for hunger relief efforts in the United Sttes. ost of the money cme from "We Are the World," written by Lionel Richie nd ichel Jckson nd recorded by 46 strs from Bruce Springsteen to Kenny Bogen. The mount collected s of Jn. 3 ws shy of the $50 million tht orgnizer Ken Krgen nnounced s gol shortly fter the single ws recorded. Funds re still coming in, nd rty Rogol, the project's executive director, sid he believed the gol would be met. The song won Grmmys lst month for song, record nd video of the yer. Shpe up, kids! STOCKBRDGE, ss. (AP) Bonnie Prudden, who nerly 30 yers go rised eyebrows by getting people of ll ges to exercise to music, is still keeping them jumping t ge 72. She doesn't think much hs improved in the condition of the ntion's children, but she hs some encourging words for older Americn. iss Prudden lunched swim progrm for infnts t the Detroit YCA in the 950s, nd helped bolster sgging membership by mking the orgniztion coed. President Eisenhower formed the President's Committee for Youth Fitness fter she reported. her study with Dr. Hns Krl, which showed Americn children were less fit thn Europen children. She served on the committee's dvisory bord for three yers before resigning becuse she felt nothing ws being ccomplished to improve Americn children's helth. "The condition of the child is much worse. t's even worse t birth becuse there re more drinkers, there re more on drugs nd there's more stress now on women," she sid. iss Prudden is revising some of her 20 books on fitness to tke into ccount culturl chnges nd people who either overexercise or who do the wrong kind of exercises. n book for middle-ge people, iss Prudden sid she tries to dispel myths bout ging. "The fter-60 crowd re the lst fit Americns. They re the only ones who plyed outdoors, they re the lst ones to not go on school bus. They hve bsic body which you cn reclim," she sid. THE WEATHER Sweet ichel. LOS ANGELES (AP)The 4- yer-old girl who received school chum's hert in Jnury hs hd big wish come true. Donn Abioek, her mother, ry, nd friend, Jennie Chvez, spent Sturdy fternoon with Donn Asock ichel Jckson wtching movie, plying with the pop superstr's pet chimpnzee, Bubbles, nd touring his home. "He ws sweet," iss Ashlock, of Ptterson, sid in telephone interview Sturdy night. Jckson shred lunch of cheese enchilds with his guests but resisted their ttempts to persude him to perform during the 3Vi-hour visit. "He ws too embrrssed," sid iss Ashlock. iss Ashlock, who suffered from degenertive hert condition, hd months to live when she received the hert of Felipe Grz, 6, on Jn. 6. Grz died Jn. 4 when blood vessel burst in his hed. He hd told his prents tht if he died, he wnted iss Ashlock to hve his hert. Jckson red bout her cse nd lerned how she wished to meet him, sid spokesmn Bill Bry. The singer pid for the trip nd for ccommodtions t hotel, sid publicist Normn Winter. A lerning experience BLOONGTON, inn. (AP) Former Vice President Wlter ondle, the 984 Democrtic presidentil cndidte, ccused the Regn dministrtion Sturdy of "trying to svge" eductionl progrms. ondle, visiting his home stte to ccept the Friends of Eduction Awrd from the innesot Eduction Assocition, lso sid federl cuts to eduction show " pttern of contempt for intellectul vigor nd ccurcy." "This dministrtion is trying to svge eductionl progrms," ondle told the techers union. During news conference, ondle sid, "While the dministrtion is using rhetoric tht suggests they're for better eduction, mking recommendtions tht re costless, in the mentime they've got gret big x out nd they're trying to obliterte the federl role in support of eduction." n presenting the wrd, EX President rti Zln sid ondle, 58, former U.S. sentor, hs long record of supporting eduction. The wrd is only the third such honor the group hs bestowed in its 25-yer history. Well deserved CORONADO, Clif. (AP) Dr. Jon Blk ws honored for his efforts for world pece during ceremony tht lso sw ctresses Jne Wytt, rene Ppp nd Dme Judith Anderson receive wrds. Slk, who developed the Slk polio vccine, received the Jlhn Sdt Pece Awrd on Fridy t the third nnul Living Legcy Awrds bnquet, in recognition of his contributions to globl pece. n ddition to continuing his medicl reserch, Slk hs written extensively on issues of wr nd humn survivl in the nucler ge. The Womn of Courge Awrd went to Bree Wlker, who overcme physicl hndicp to become n nchorwomn on Sn Diego sttion KGTV She suffers from syndctilism, disese tht cuses severe mlformtion of person's hnds nd feet. Other Living Legcy honorees included Anderson, Ppps nd Wytt; French writer nd publisher Antoinette Fouqne; poet nd writer y Angelou; Dr. Anit Flgneredo, founder of the Friends of the Poor orgniztion; nd civil rights ttorney Ann Gntlerrei The Women's nterntionl Center, nonprofit, privtely funded orgniztion bsed in Sn Diego, presents the wrds ech yer to cknowledge humnitrin efforts. rs. Sdt, widow of slin Egyptin President Anwr Sdt TuifcAV tlk nd honorry president of the ^* * center, ws mong the wrd presenters during the ceremony t the Hotel Del Corondo, ttended by some 800 people. ASSOCATED PRESS PARTYNG PRNCESS Princess Croline of onco is ll smiles upon her rrivl t the onte Crlo Sporting Club for the Christin Dior fsion house gl Sturdy night. Jmes Rooevelt ccepted specil cittion wrded posthumously to his mother, former first ldy Elenor Rooevelt. mperil visit NEW DELH, ndi (AP) Prince Henrlk of Denmrk rrived here Sturdy on six-dy visit s hed of Dnish Red Cross delegtion. After his rrivl on commercil flight from Frnkfurt, he lid wreth t the memoril to ohnds K. Gndhi, the leder of ndi's independence movement. During his sty, Prince Henrik is expected to meet with Prime inister Rjiv Gndhi nd Vice President Rmwmy VenkUnun. TERRE HAUTE, bid. (AP) There's only one wy to sound like turkey, experts sy, nd tht's to think like one. "When 'm in the woods, 'm trying to think like hen turkey... wht she's sying to him (the mle turkey)," Joe Cles of Flrlnd sid Sturdy during the ndin Turkey Clling nd Owl Hooting Contest. He didn't win. About 70 competitors clucked, kee-keed, yelped, purred nd hooted for pnel of five judges nd n udience of bout 400 people during the contest, sponsored by the ndin chpter of the Ntionl Wild Turkey Federtion nc. t ws the first contest for 4- yer-old eliss Plmer, who cme with her fmily from Rleigh,. Her fther, Dle, ccompnied her onstge. She smiled nervously but gve the nnouncer wht he sked for: First cluck nd purr, nd lter yelp. COPLED BY Kren Splewk The Welhtr for 7 p.m. EST, on., r. 0 HighTmpcrlurs Wether Elsewhere Rn Showers Snow Flumes Occluded > Sttionry ' rine Forecst nsqun to Cpe Henlopen to 20 Nuticl iles Offshore Winds southwest 5 to 20 knots tody. Southwest B to 25 knots tonight. Wether, fir tody. Showers nd thunderstorms likely tonight. Visibility, over 5 miles tody, 3 to 6 miles tonight. Averge ses, 2 to 4 feet tody. Outlook for tomorrow, chnce of morning showers. Fir in the fternoon. Winds west 0 to 20 knots. The Register (SSN ) Pietd by Tnt Bd Bnk Relm Eud «lir by John H Co* snd Henry Cly UnO. B n»m» Wl. Sweeny. HJ 0770 fchlilohn ThAd d **** to tf» utt of tj it* but t» ntptpv owl t AP nws ser * <* r»c«>... ndmui. to Auc Btnu ol CRuWmn. rt» Nn> wond Orl poeug grd Hd 0770 njtrwd r* plsiii * ubonpm "T Nlionil W«th«r S«fvict NOAA. U S O«pl of CofliiTWC* ^ OnVWt Tfc t» J? 3W J jstfwn OO 2200 OO "ier j# nr lor ooeee iludr* rs nd miry pironn* - * ol A m Horn. <y by Cw - y md Sundy fl irsok Sdey Sundy or* 7S cnt; Ot) gf gmjf copy Cown Dory 26 cnto; Sundy Xtcqls PpSTASTtft Snd «*» chni lo T xifr * O Son 520 Bd Sr.. N.J 0770 rt mcron md THE SUNOAV REGSTER t j H by THE *DBANK REOO- Jersey Shore Prtly cloudy tody. Highs round 60. Showers or thunderstorms likely tonight. Lows round 50. Chnce of showers tomorrow morning. ostly sunny tomorrow fternoon. Highs 60 to 66. Extended Fir Wednesdy. ncresing cloudiness Thursdy. Chnce of rin Thursdy night nd Fridy. Low tempertures in the upper 30s Wednesdy, in the low 30s Thursdy nd in the low 40s Fridy. Highs in the upper 60s on Wednesdy nd Thursdy nd m the low 60s on Fridy. Tides Sndy Hook TODAY: Highs, 7:37.m. nd 7:67 p.m. Lows, :33.m. nd :55 p.m. TOORROW: High, 8:6.m. nd 8:34 p.m. Lows, 2:3.m. nd 2:34 p.m., For Red Bnk nd Rumson bridges, dd two hours. 8e Bright, deduct ten minutes. Long Brnch, deduct 5 minutes. Highlnds bridge, dd 40 minutes. TODAY: Sunrise: Sunset: 5:67 p.m. TOORROW: Sunrise: 6:5 m. Sunset: 6:68 p.m. Tempennur ndicte prevtoue dy > ori nd overnight low to S u. EST. Albny Afcuquerque AmrWo Anchorge AiheviUe AtHcCHy Auitm Bltimore BWng Bkminglum Btmvck Boiton Brownsville Bufflo BuJngton.Vt. Ctpr Crorltton.S.C Gneneston.wv Ctwlon.N.C. Chtynn Chicgo Cincinnti Clevelnd Cdumtt.S.C. Coiumbu.Oh Concord,N.H. De«e-Ft Worth Dyton Denver Dtoin Detroit Dukittl El Pso EvnvtH Firbnks Frgo FlgtH Grnd Repe QrlFH Qfnsboro.N.C. Hertford Honoi Jckon.e. Junu KneeeCHy LVg UtORock LotAngkn Louwt ktnd-oblll lu ple-stpul New Orlens New York Nork.Vt. Nonn Plne Oklhom City Omh Orlndo Ptmdlphi PorOnd.e Portlsnd,Or. H UPrc 9.4 m 7 cdy ft n is cdy 25 cdy 57 3S cdy cdy cdy 23 ooy OS cdy 70 5 cdy cdy S s » OS rn cdy rn m cdy <* cdy cdy cdy m m m Or m rn ody m ody ody m l ern ody cdy n m ody ooy m ody * cdy m ody 9 44 ody m 69 6 ody m cdy m cdy ody m ody S3 66 dr 36 3 m 3 28 n ody ody rn ody ooy 72 8 ody ody ody 3 22 ody m 28 7 rn 24 8 rn SS m 29 7 m Rleigh Rpid City Scrmento St Louis S Pn-Tmp Slt Lke CKy Sn Antonio SnOigo SnFrndoo SenJun.PR StSt ri Shrevepon Sioux Ft Spokn Syr cute Topk Tucon Tul* Wi rr ody ) ody n cdy m cdy ody m ody 2 6 S3 n m cdy ody m 7.2 m cdy ody cdy ody Njttwwl T>mp<ntuf> Extrwn High Sturdy - 89 degree tt Buckeye. Art i. Low Sundy morning bkw lro t Houl ton. m *x>rfl«j. Ut>r, President & Publisher CHff Sehwnun, Editor Chri«s. DZuttor, Circultion Director WANTTOSUCU? Cll or :30.m. to 6:00 p.m., ondy through Fridy Subscription Rtes: Home Delivery: $.55/week. Diry & Sundy H delivery sligrttty htgher. WONT orr you* f wurpiper hsn't bm delivered by 5:00 p.m., cll before 8:00 p.m. for sme dy delivery. The office is open from 8:30.m. to 6:00 p.m. ondy through Fridy. Sturdy nd Sundy 7- A f you do not hve delivery by 8:30 on Sturdy or Sundy cll us by 0:00.m. WANT TO ADV trt ST Clssified Advertisino Deprtment Disply Advertising Deprtment... ondy through Fridy, 8:30.m. to 5:00 p.m. ASSOCATE) PRE8S CLOUDY Yesterdy's wether stellite photo shows frontl clouds stretching from Texs to the Dkots nd upper idwest. Clouds nd showers cover the Rockies with mid nd high clouds over northern Cliforni. A bnd of clouds extends from the Gret Lkes to the Northest. The Register DEPARTENT HEADS ext 286 rtillllb W. HtetH. Controllor nrht SH, Production Director Crol Wt*. Promotion Director HAVANCWSTFT For Locl, Business nd Obituries cll our City Desk t ext 200,20,220 Lifestyle nd Your Town, cll xl 265 Sports txl s Photogrphy ext 246 NQHH WTH A CTONVf KistlwpolkYOTrwRestwtocorrectlleTrorsor fct nd to clrify w misunderstnding creted by rticles. Corrections nd clrifictions will pper on Pge 3A. nformtion should be dirctd to tne City ^ Desk, ext. 200, tywwadwcouwtt Clssified Advertising: Disply. Advertising: ex txl 286

3 The Nu«fc«cr Bill would limit libility eenton The Sente Energy nd Environmentl Committee lst week p- proved legisltion sponsored by stte Sen. Prnk Pllone Jr., D-onmouth, which would limit lndowner libility where public ccess hs been required ss s condition of regultory pprovl or by greement with the sute Deprtment of Environmentl Protection (DEP). Pllone sid tht pssge of the legisltion is mjor gol of DEP's Divisions or Costl Resources. "The bill would llevite the fer of reprisl by njured prties nd encourge the coopertion of owners, lessen or occupnts with the DEP in providing public ccess res. t is prt of n effort to mke public ccess n cceptble prctice to those who often question its fesibility due to libility issues." The bill pproprites 60,000 nd now heds to the Sente Appropritions Committee. n chrged in theft : JARLBORO Lwrence R. Fredell, 32, of 406 Ocengte Ave., Ocengte, ws rrested rch 4 nd chrged with two counts of burglry, 4 counts of criminl trespsss nd 6 counts of theft from construction site. He s ccused of steling more thn 0,000 in pplinces nd building mterils from construction sites t the Prk Chteu Development here over the pst seven months. Police sid Fredell hd worked s pinting contrctor t the site t the time of the thefts. Fredell ws rrested fter serch of vcnt house st 406 Brook Forest Drive, South Toms River, recovered pplinces nd construction mterils lleged to hve been tken from construction sites nd in Summit nd Est Brunswick. A serch wrrnt ws issued by Ocen County Judge Robert H. Doherty Jr. The mtter ws investigted by Detective Chrles A. Hycock nd nvestigtor Brin Hll. Berkely Township nd South Toms River police sssisted in the rrest Snd wnted for beech Two locl legisltors nnounced yesterdy they hope to secure clen snd dredged from n re ner Erle Wepons Sttion mmunition pier for beehful long the northern onmouth County cost. The democrtic legisltors, stte Sen. Frnk Pllone Jr. nd Rep. Jmes J. Howrd, sy they expect report from the Nvy within month on the bechflll option. Pllone sid bout 3.2 million cubic yrds of snd will be dredged in nd round the pier, the Sndy Hook Chnnel, nd west round Sndy Hook into the Atlntic Ocen. "The snd from the Sndy Hook Chnnel hs been identified in the pst s clen fill nd ws used for the federl bechflll project t Sndy Hook's beches few yers go," Pllone sid. Pllone estimted tht from 2.6 million to 3 million cubic yrds of the snd from the Erle project ws clen fill which could be dumped on onmouth County beches. Towns to receive the snd would nclude Se Bright, onmouth Bech nd Long Brnch. As prt of the project uthorised in Howrd's Omnibus Wter Resources Bill, $40 million in federl funds would be vilble for bech restortion t onmouth Bech sd Ses Bright nd for new feeder bsch in Long Brnch. The mesure pssed in the House of Representtives lst yer. "t mkes sense tht the Army nd the Nvy should get together on this project by coordinting efforts so tht money nd time cn be sved by everyone concerned," Howrd sid. The Army Corps of Engineers is currently involved in the $2 8 million design nd engineering for the feeder bech project. The sute hs lso committed $3.76 million in mtching funds from the 983 Shore Protection Bond Act to rebuild the sewll in Se Bright nd onmouth Bech n conjunction with the Army Corps. The legisltors estimte the Nvy would spend between $4 nd $6 per cubic yerd to brge snd from Erle to the mud dump site s is presently proposed. Pumping the snd to county beches would cost bout $3 more, but might be sving "n view of other lterntives such ss the use of offshore snd," Pllone sid. BN would help oofty JTON The Sente Revenue, Finnce nd Appropritions Committee tody pproved legisltion sponsored by Sen. Prnk Pllone Jr., D-onmouth, tht would use Csino Revenue Funds to finnce congregste housing services to senior eitlsens residing in duster prtment houses or homes close to ech other. Pllone sid the progrm will provide mels, housekeeping nd personl cre, sd fcilitte the estbuhment of support networks mong senior eitlsens. "The progrm is n expnsion of the existing congregste housing services progrm which is limited to the elderly living n subsidised senior cltis There «need for such services mong senior dtises living in privte prtments or single-fmily homes who do not hve their rents subsidised. "The legislture's Csino Revenue Fund Commission, which ssued ts finl report n December, recomnded tht eeiiw revenue funds be used to finnce such progrm." Pllone sid the gol of the progrm s to ncrese cceselbllty to ness* cre s cesteffective lterntive to nninnieiihmiuii for fril nd socilly solted esrty while enhncing their ndependence nd qulity of life. The bill s scheduled for vts tody. NAE: Victor "Buddy" Amto VTAL STATSTCS: 3 yers old. Single. HOETOWN: Colts Neck RECENT ACCOPLSH- ENTS: Recently hired by the Hzlet Police Deprtment s prt-time mounted police offleernd lnded co-strring role in mrtil rts movie. By KEVN HKChTTTC The Register COLTS NECK As the county's only mounted policemn, nd s the owner of mini-mrtil rts empire, Victor "Buddy" Amto might seem bit blse bout winning co-strring role in new krte flick due to begin filming in New York City next month. Not so, the prt-time Hslet mountie sys, csully thumbing through script in between clsses st his Kensburg-bsed krte cdemy. "'ve got pretty big prt in this film. 'm reslly excited bout t," Amto, seventh-degree blck belt, sys. "They're letting me keep my nme. 'll get to ply New York City police detective nmed Amto." Tlk bout typecsting Amto is prt-time privte detective licensed with the stte. However, the film, still untitled, won't be Amto's first ppernce on the silver screen. He hs hsd supporting roles in two other mrtil rts movies. Despite tht, Amto nd his trusted steed, Buck, hve enjoyed bit of celebrity sttus ss the only members of Hzlet Police Deprtment's mounted ptrol; n fct, he's the only mountle in the county. nfltblejun "Ask ny kid in town. They ll know Buddy nd Buck," sys Amto, who hs been petrolling Vetern's Prk nd the surrounding re for the pst two nd hlf yers, job Amto considers "60 percent public reltions nd 40 lw enforcement." " lwys get clls from techers who wnt me to hve Buck t the prk t certin time so they cn show their students. Or else Boy Scout troops who wnt to ern merit bdges in horsemnship. don't mind, it's prt of the job. men, how mny kids do you see running up nd petting ptrol er?" Although he's been riding horses ever since he ws boy, Amto didn't tem up with the 7-yer-old qurterhorse until five yers go when he rescued Buck from life s trck pony st onmouth Prk. Tody, the pir hs become regulr fixture t locl prdes s well s vitl prt of the township's lw enforcement bureu. When n 8-yer-old epileptic ws lost in the woods severl yers go, Buddy nd Buck sved the dy. And when police receive clls of hunters n the Ntco Lke re, the pir re usully the first on the scene. He took his first krte lesson st the ge of 6 while still living in Long slnd. By the time he turned 8, Amto hd opened Amto's Krte nd Wepons Acdemy in Kensburg, hedqurters for two other mrtil rts studios n rlboro nd Etontown. Doer's Profile will pper every ondy in The Register. f you know of n interesting person in onmouth County who deserves recognition for job well done, let us know. Send us brief biogrphy of the person nd his or her ccomplishment. Plese include your nme nd phone number. Send the informtion to Doer's Profile, The Register, Register Plz, Shrewsbury DYNAC DUO Victor "Buddy" Amto nd his worker, Buck. Amto is Hz's nd onmouth County's only policemn. THE AEOWTER/C AROUNe E. COOtO At left, V.J. Scilino, 3, Hzlet, ttempts to blow up blloon while he wits to tke prt in the student/prent ctivity night t Rmn Vlley Softool recently. At right, he gets kick out of relesing the ir into his er. Kensburg cndidtes promise chnges; tf KCTH HKCCTTE Ths Register KEANSBURG About 70 citizens gthered t the Byshore Senior Dy Center on in Street yesterdy to show their support for two newcomers in the rce for two open sets on the Borough Council. The residents, young nd old, spent their Sundy fternoon tlking with the cndidtes nd offering support t n nforml meeting sponsored by the Committee to Elect Onnie Conley nd Keith cpdden. Conley, yrtle Avenue, nd efdden, Orchrd Street, hve lunched n underdog T"f for two open ssts on the five-member, non-prtisn council. They wlu be chllenged by ncumbent Councilmn Stephen Cogriff, Deputy Borough nger George Kuffmn, Berd of Eduction President Jeffery J Kegley, Housing Authority Chirmn Edwrd T. Hely nd Berd of Eduction member Hugh Gllgher, none of whom ttended the mid-fternoon meeting. Citing lck of direction in borough ledership, both Conley nd cfdden sid yesterdy tht they hope to restore sense of "community spirit" nd volunteerism" n their tiny byslde CALL NOW!! FOR OUR LOW HHK borough. "The people wnt to get involved. The spirit s there. t Just hs to be rekindled," cpdden sid Both cndidtes hve vowed to expend the borough's tx rete rectivting the Kensburg C h mber of by mking the borough to privte enssrprte.

4 u The Re (filter ONDAY ARCH Belmr prde brings out rish, rish in ll of us Continue* from Pigs * Those mrching in the prde included 20 bnds including seven prize-winning bgpipe bnds 0 flots, severl re fire compnies, first id squds, cheerleding squds nd school bnds, compnies from locl dnce schools nd Prde Queen Jill orrlssey, 9, of Spring Lke Heights. Although Oov. Thoms H. Ken ws scheduled to be mong the honored guests in the reviewing stnd, he hd to cncel t the lst minute nd did not ttend. His chief of stff, Edwrd R. cglynn, cn tell the governor ll bout it tody. " cn't get over how mny people turned out," sid Prde Grnd rshl cglynn, s he dodged Hershey Kiss cndies being tossed to the crowd by group of mrchers. " just think it's terrific nd 'm honored ws selected." Although mny prtiers sneking swigs from beer bottles behind the bcks of Belmr's finest might disgree, the purpose of the prde ws not to offer re residents reson for getting intoxicted. "We re here to celebrte our rish heritge nd honor St. Ptrick, the ptron sint of relnd," sid Prde Committee President George ccormck. "t's not just dy for people to go out nd prty like lot of people might think." There were lso others who seized the opportunity to mke few dollrs. erchnts hwked soft pretzels nd sods, thousnds of green blloons, hundreds of St. Ptty's Dy pennnts nd flowers. Even the pizz ws green. "t's food coloring, sid Willim "Whyte" dign, of Don's Pizz King, locted on in Street behind the prde reviewing stnd. Don's hs been offering its green crusted pizz for ll 3 yers of the prde's history. "There's lwys lot of people here hppy, crefree nd rrely is there ny trouble even with the mount of people round here during the prde," dign sid. "And fterwrds, it gets better. People go nd dnce their little behinds off." Even those of non-rish descent got into the St. Ptty's Dy spirit. "We're not rish we're Polish so we hve to do our best to compenste," sid Glen Suchecki, who long with his twin brother, Crig, donned green fright wigs, green polo shirts, lime green ties nd mirrored sunglsses for the occsion. Crig even insisted his nme ws "O'Suchecki." " think this is gret lot of people getting together nd hving good time," Glenn dded. Rumson resident Terry Rowett described the prde s "pretty cool." " love the bgpipes," Rowett sid. "And like the grnd mrshl. He's got the bet. He's got good rhythm. The prking ws terrible. hted the prking. Everything else ws fntsticlly lovely." LQUOR OOOO GREEN PUN *- n photos, clockwise from top toft, 6-yer-oW Shnnon urry of Spring Lke fixes her hir during brek in the prde. She mrched the prde route with clssmtes from St. Ctherine's School in Spring Lke; Kim cdowell, left, 4, Belmr, nd Shnnon Trvers, 4, Wll, gt into the spirit with some fcil shmrocks Brin O'Kyne, Old Bridge, plys his bgpipes to the cheers of the crowd; nd two unidentified prde wtchers get btter vntge point from the second floor of in Street Liquor store. Photos by r rk Gostin lounty block grnt suffers cuts ; WASHNGTON Rep. Junes J. D-N.J., sid tht on- County stnds to lose t one-third of its Communi- Development Block Grnt 9) funding this yer becuse the "misplced budget priof the Regn Admiiusi nd the cutbcks necessiby the Grnun-Rudmn, which Howrd opposed.' "The locl street nd sewer l tht these grnts normlly rill either go unddressed or f be pid for on the locl level i property tx increses,"»rd. "These needs re fly more deserving thn the -to-order hmmers nd cof- *The locl street nd sewer repirs tht these grnts normlly fund will either go unddressed or will be pid for on the locl level through property tx increses.* t Jmes J. Howrd N.J. Democrtic rpresntstiv* feepots tht seem to be recurring feture of the defense budget" n nnouncing onmouth County's fiscl yer 986 CDBG llotment of 2,27,460, Howrd noted tht the mount ws $950,000 less thn lst yer. Officils of the Deprtment of Housing nd Urbn Development, which dministers" the grnts, told Howrd the onethird reduction ws being imposed on grnts ntionwide nd tht some dditionl funds might be vilble t lter dte if Congress tkes certin ctions. The officils sid the cut ws the result of the president's request to defer 600 million in the block grnt progrm under the Ormm-Rudmn legisltion, which Howrd voted ginst n December, nd other budget cut* nticipted in fiscl yer 867. Howrd is co-sponsor of legisltion to kill the president's deferrl request. f both houses of Congress pprove the legisltion, some of the funding could be restored to onmouth County. This yer's grnt ws pproved for work in 43 loclities, which is to include housing rehbilittion, street mprovements, public fcilities nd improvements n wter, sewer, flood nd dringe fcilities. STRETCH LO TO J.F.K. «79 90 ROUND TRP Prom Red Bnk. Colts Neck, Freehold, Rumson nd surrounding res. Some loctions slightly higher. -Btr-Coldr TV-VCH- -VDEO OVES- (20) j

5 t OHOAY. ARCH POLCE LOG Aberdeen Vndls smshed the windshield of 982 Dtsun pickup truck prked n front of Lkeshore Drive home sometime between 2:30 nd 7.m. rch. Ptrolmn John F. Jurewicz investigted. A 6-yer-old Holmdel girl reported tht her pocketbook ws stolen from cr prked n the cdonld's prking lot on Route 36. The bg is vlued t 30. Jurewicz investigted. A Huffy BX bicycle vlued t $80 ws stolen from Second Street yrd sometime between 7 nd 9:46 p.m. on rch. Ptrolmn Brin Dougherty took the report. Pour tires were stolen from new Cmro prked n the lot t Future Chevrolet, Atlntic Avenue nd Route 34. Police hd no estimte on the vlue of the missing tires. Ptrolmn Ronld L. esr nvestigted. Dphne Scott, Brown Plce, ws chrged with frud on rch 3 for llegedly writing six bd checks for more thn 400 from closed ccount. Scott llegedly pssed the checks t the Grnd Union store on Route 34, police sid. A court hering hs been set for 2 p.m. rch 20. Detective Sgt. Joseph Booket nvestigted. A Rndll Wy home ws burglrized sometime between 8:6.m. nd 3:5 p.m. on rch 6. Burglrs entered the building by prying open sliding glss door. A stereo disc plyer, cssette plyer, video cssette recorder nd portble rdio tpe plyer were reported missing. The totl vlue of the missing items ws 642. Ptrolmn Richrd Derechilo investigted. Etontown Joseph D. Plendrno, 26, of Ocen, nd Willim. Ziellnski, 29, of Old Bridge, were rrested nd chrged with possession of cocine, mrijun nd nrcotic prphernli on rch. Nichols Webster, 22, of Throckmorton Avenue, ws rrested nd chrged with criminl sexul contct, terroristic threts nd possession of under 26 grms of mrijun t the Pthmrk supermrket, Route 36, on rch 2. Webster llegedly pinched girl's behind nd mde threts such s "'m going to get you." Jmes Lockbum, 23, of Neptune, ws rrested nd chrged with possession of hndgun on rch 4. George J. Strong, 42, of 4 Willow Ave., ws rrested nd chrged with shoplifting 36 worth of merchndise from the B. Dlton bookstore in the onmouth ll, Route 36, on rch 6.. Rocky Turner, 24, of Neptune, ws rrested nd chrged with shoplifting glsses, vlued t $6, from A4S deprtment store on rch 6. April Ellis, 2, of Asbury Prk nd Long Brnch, ws rrested nd chrged with shoplifting $28.96 worth of merchndise from JC Penney's on rch 6. Someone entered four prked crs t the A4B Grge on Route 36 nd stole n undetermined mount of stereo equipment either Feb. 26 or 20. Someone smshed the rer window of cr prked on Snd Springs Drive nd stole fishing ger, vlued t $729, on rch between 0 nd 7 p.m. Someone stole cssette recorder, vlued t $960, from Video Concepts n the onmouth ll on rch between 7:30 nd 7:46 p.m. Two men, climing to be mintennce workers, were llowed entry to n prtment on Etoncrest Drive, t which time they displyed hndgun, hndcuffed nd ggged the prtment dweller nd robbed him of $3. The victim reportedly escped from the prtment while the robbers were there. The men were described s two white mles in their 20s. The incident took plce rch t 8:30 p.m. Police re nvestigting. Someone pried open the door of n prtment in the Country Club Aprtment complex nd stole csh nd Jewelry, vlued t $,0, on rch 2 between 6 nd 7 p.m. Hzlet Police re investigting suspicious blze t the Hzlet Drive-in on Feb. 28. Detective John urphy is investigting. A wter min brek ws reported by n Annpolis Drive resident on rch. The wter compny ws notified by police. Someone plced six pck of empty beer bottles behind Lmmers Street mn's cr the evening of rch -2. Holmdel Andrew Lottlmer, Trumn Drive, Bricktown, ws rrested nd chrged with driving while under the influence of lcohol on rch. He ws stopped by Ptrolmn Willim Witting on County Route 520. A Holmdel High School student's cr ws dmged while prked in the school lot on rch 3. The rer window of the vehicle ws broken. Ptrolmn Lwrence oulton s investigting. Someone took severl windows from Job site on Wlngte Terrce, Klngbrook Esttes, on rch 4. The vlue of the windows is pproximtely $,200. Witting is nvestigting. Someone took 600 feet of pipe from the Job site of the reconstruction of Vn Schoick nd Hollnd Rod. The theft is believed to hve occurred the weekend of rch nd 2. oulton is investigting. twn A Crteret womn cme into police hedqurters on rch 7 to report tht her pocketbook ws either lost or stolen from J.R.'s br nd resturnt. There ws no money n the bsg. but her wllet contined severl credit crds. A Glen Grdens prtment resident reported tht her home ws burglrized sometime between 0:30.m. nd p.m. on rch 6. The thieves entered the home by prying open s front door 040 U.S. ndividul ncome Tx Return HD85 lock. About $40 in Jewelry wss reported missing. Ptrolmn Ernest Koztur nvestigted. A Hzlet mn reported tht his 978 BW ws broken nto in the twn Trin Sttion prking lot sometime between 7 m nd 0:40 p.m. Feb. 28. Nothing ws reported missing but the gnition lock ws broken. Ptrolmn Jmes J. Wlker took the report. Two fire helmets were stolen from borough fire truck which ws prked long Route 79 n front of the Freneu Firehouse between 7 nd p.m. on Feb. 27. Kosztur took the report. iddletown Joseph Henhw, 24, Asbury Prk, ws rrested on rch 6 nd chrged with possession of wepon nd trespssing fter he llegedly refused to leve the' Cumberlnd Frms store, Cmpbells Junction, Belford. Police sid they found kitchen knife n his possession. Ptrolmen Nel Hnsen nd Joseph C. Cpriotti nvestigted. A 2-yer-old Juvenile ws observed throwing rocks t cr driven by iddletown womn ner the corner of Clubhouse nd iddlewood rods. Ptrolmn John T. HiU took the juvenile to police hedqurters. The Juvenile ws lter relesed into the custody of gurdin. A bus cught fire t the Keeln Bus Co., Route 36, on rch 2. Dmge to the vehicle ws estimted t $3,000. Detective Brry Grimm is nvestigting. onmonth Bech Scott Rittmn, 9, of Ocenport, ws rrested rch nd chrged with driving while intoxicted fter Ptrolmn Richrd White stopped his vehicle on Route 36. Rittmn lso ws chrged with refusing to tke Brethlyzer test. Ocen from kitchen tble drwer, the Rufus onroe Jr., Sum-loctiomerfield Avenue, Asbury Prk, of which only she knew, ws rrested nd chrged with two counts of burglry on rch 2 n reference to two incidents n the Wnmss section of Ocen Township. He is being held in the onmouth County Jil, Freehold. Ptrolmn Glenn Herrington nvestigted. A locked 978 red Pontlc ws stolen from the prking lot on the south side of the Seview Squre ll sometime between 6:46 p.m. nd 7:60 p.m. on rch 4. The registrtion number on the twodoor vehicle s 802-YZE. Ptrolmn Neil ngenito is investigting. Gerkhne Griffin of Ocen ws rrested nd chrged with frud for llegedly writing bd check to The lndy Shop on Route 36 on rch 6. She ws relesed on summons. Ptrolmn ichel Pembleton investigted. A pickup truck prked by Sers in the Seview Squre ll ws vndlized with spry pint sometime between 2:0 nd 2:20 p.m. on rch 6. Ptrolmn Brin OGbney s investigting. A burglry occurred t Fun & Gmes in the Seview Squre ll when someone cme n through n outside door in the mll nd into the store office either rch 2 or 3. Nothing ws reported missing. Ptrolmn Jeff Lyton is nvestigting. Red Bnk A Tower HU Avenue resident whose home is up for sle reported tht money nd number of tems were tken from his residence either rch 6 or 6. Reported missing were $,200 in csh, ll in $00 bills, $26,000 in trvelers' checks, one inolt cmer vlued t $360, one 8-inch gold rope chin t $600, one gold brcelet t $350, one gold ring with initils J.B. vlued t $600, nd one herringbone chin t $400. Ptrolmn Robert J. Kennedy s investigting. Someone dmged nd stole tems from motorcycle prked n front of Red Bnk Rditor, West Front Street, on rch 6. Among the missing items were Crig A/F stereo cssette deck vlued t $69, speker vlued t $40, Hondline motorcycle helmet with scrtch on the right side, vlued t $ 39, idlnd CB rdio nd ntenn vlued t $69, nd Fox rdr detector vlued t $29. Detective Joseph Hoffmn is investigting. An pprently irte motorist hs been ccused of Jumping out of his cr nd kicking the left side of nother motorist's Jeep, dmging the vehicle, in n ncident on rch 6. The unknown subject is described s white mle, round ge 20, with reddish or blonde hir nd ruddy complexion, wering blck lether Jcket. His cr hd the New Jersey pltes AKV30P. Hoffmn s nvestigting. A brick ws thrown through storm nd nterior window t Breslow's News Service, Leonrd Street, on rch 4 or 5, but there ws no serious dmge or njuries. Ptrolmn Richrd Coutu is investigting. An Oklnd Street womn told police she hd $32.44 tken n n ncident rch 6. The theft occurred while she ws out of the house n the fternoon or erly evening. Kennedy is nvestigting. Someone broke nto Levine otors, sple Avenue, either rch 4 or 6. A window ws broken n the building nd the office ws ws rnscked, but nothing ws reported missing. Sgt. A. Abbtemrco is investigting. n s Feb. 2 ncident reported lst week, s motorist whose cr ws prked t the rilrod sttion Lot B told police tht rdr detector nd vrious tpes were stolen from her cr. Detective Sgt. Gry Wtson s investigting. Someone used sledge hmmer to brek nto cigrette mchine t Brod Street business, but it ws not known if nything ws tken. Ptrolmn Ernest VnPelt s nvestigting. Severl pieces of fire deprtment equipment, ncluding size 42 fire cot, with s lrge "L" on the bck for Liberty Hose Co., vlued t $676; pir of gloves, fire hood, Scott fce shield, nd New York helmet were tken from vn on clren Street sometime between rch 2 nd 3. VnPelt is the investigting officer. Thieves broke into cr prked on onmouth Street nd took Rich 8mm projector nd Cnon 36mm cmer, totl vlue $380 on rch 3. Ptrolmn Joseph R. ilko s investigting the ncident. A ptron t the The Little Krut resturnt, Oklnd Street, stole witress' tip money in the mount of $6, nd lso filed to py for the one drink he ordered. Kennedy s the investigting officer. Someone broke into Westside Avenue home on Jn. 3 nd took Technics Stereo, vlue $60, Pentrtx cmer, vlue $60, nd Koren silver pendnt necklce, vlue $26. Kennedy is nvestigting. Someone broke into home on South Street sometime between Feb. 27 nd rch 2 by prying open bck window nd breking lock. tems tken nclude vrious "knlckknck," two suites n contining new sheet nd some clothes. The thief left smll ir conditioner, blck nd white television set, s clock rdio nd briefcse by the bck door, which ws still open. Sgt. Brd Dupree is lnvestlgtng. Tinton Flls Anthony Silv, 36, Westwood Avenue, Long Brnch, ws rrested t 2:40 m Feb. 28 nd chrged with driving while intoxicted nd reckless driving fter his vehicle ws pulled over by Ptrolmn Joseph llno on Shrewsbury Avenue. Silv lso ws chrged with speeding nd driving while his license ws suspended. A court hering hs been set for tomorrow. Pul J. Burit, West Sunset Avenue, Red Bnk, ws rrested t 2:3.m. rch 3 nd chrged with driving while intoxicted nd reckless driving fter his vehicle ws pulled over by Ptrolmn Dvid Gonzlez on Shrewsbury Avenue. Burit lso ws chrged with refusing to tke the Brethlyzer test nd speeding. A court hering hs been set for April 8. About $260 ws tken from the br t the Tinton Flls nn, Wter Street, nd reported to police bout 2:30.m. rch 2. ilno investigted. A mn wlked out of the Pour House, Shrewsbury Avenue, on rch 2, without pying for drinks nd food in the mount of $.46. Ptrolmn Gerld Doln took the report. A rdr detector vlued t $ 26 ws stolen from cr prked t the New Shrewsbury Rcquet Club, Gilbert Street North, on Feb. 27. llno investigted. OBTUARES flilissrts, Lse J. llli N LeoJ.Glgnske Leo J. Glgnske of iddletown died Sturdy n Byshore Community Hospitl, Holmdel. Born in Brooklyn, r. Qlgnske lived n Rhwy before moving to iddletown nine yers go. He hd worked in the public reltions deprtment of Sterling Extruder in South Plinfield before his retirement n 976. He ws s drummer with the Al Kll Big Bnd, nd lso with music groups n iddletown. He ws s communicnt of St. Ctherine's Romn Ctholic Church, Holmdel. Surviving re his wife, Elizbeth DeDeo; one son, John D. Glgnske of iddletown; one dughter, Jne A. Culfleld of North Edison; nd four grndchildren. The John E. Dy Funerl Home, Red Bnk, s n chrge of rrngements KBOfioiot TBBALS Srtt H. ol d SB* on Hi». S. ko U» f. tttm «D> niliinm re vr T WOT Fun mnbt»w» iilii it «m «T iiiimjii O Bft. VWon Tun* H J F H Chnk. m ««FN SL. K A Little Silver resident trveling est on Newmn Springs Rod reported tht hl windshield nd rw pssssngit side window ws smshed by Juveniles throwing rocks on rch. Dmge ws estlmsted t $,000. Ptrolmn Thoms Burton nvestigted. Vndls pulled milbox nd post from the ground n front of Cknrerdle Circle home nd hung it in tree on rch. Ptrolmn Scott cdonld took the report A milbox vlued t $26 ws stolen from n front of n Apple Orchrd Drive home on rch 3 Ptrolmn Joseph Boeltrn took the report. Union Bech Five pirs of designer Jens vlued t $60 were stolen from clothes line st Prospect Avenue home on rch 6. About $600 n Jewlery ws tken from Hug Street home by burglrs who pprently entered through n unlocked front door on rch 4. A petty lrceny netted robber $96 from Prk Avenue home on rch 5. Detective Joseph Nppi sid the money hd been n womn's pocketbook, which ws not stolen. A hndbg nd dress were stolen from n unlocked cr prked n front of Clrk Avenue home the lst week in Februry. West Long Brnch Drew cleod, 9, of Neptune, ws rrested by Ptrolmn Dougls Hvtlnd on chrges of being n unlicensed driver nd giving flse informtion to police officer on rch. cleod ws relesed on his own recogniznce A 9-yer-old ws chrged with being n underge drinker t the Br Bomby on rch 6. The teen-ger ws rrested during n nvestigtion by the stte Alcohol Beverge Control unit Borough Detective Richrd E. Sthl nd Ptrolmn Ross Ucitr ssisted the stte ABC unit. Berth* H.TibbU Berth H. Tibbls, >, of led Bnk died Sundy m the edi Center in Red Bnk Born in Est Ornge, rs. Tibbls lived in West Ornge nd Westfleld before moving to Red Bnk eight yers go She ws school techer t the Derborn orgn School in Ornge. Surviving re one son, Dougls. Tibbls of Wetfle; one dughter, ry T. cnnus of Little Silver; thirteen grndchildren; nd two gret-grndchildren. The John E. Dy Funerl Home, Red Bnk, s in chrge of rrngements Bcrnlce. Terody Bernlce rie Terody, 69, of New York City died Sturdy n Beekmn Downtown Hospitl l nhttn. Born in Stfford, Conn., rs. Terody lived n New York City for over 50 yers Surviving re her husbnd, ichel Terody; three sons, John Terody of West Kensburg, Stephen Terody of Brooklyn, nd ichel Terody of Tmp, P., two brothers, ichel Oordxk of Holmdel, nd Albert Gordzlc ot Old Bridge; three sisters, Ann Pcylowsky of rylnd, ry Sdowtd of Est Kensburg nd Josephine Frledlleb of West Kensburg, nd six grndchildren The Lurl Funerl Hone, Hzlet, is n chrge of rrngements FWBU HOSPfTAU HWWTZVAW DDLETOWN Hwy. 3S. kjdtetown Flowers Spek From the Hert KOCH Florist & Gifts 70 Hwy. 38. tdtfstown, N.J. 077W "/ovstown* F/nesf" W. Front 8, TK- Your lull ssnloe ftsrs - W» or* Colonil Flower* E. front Street, d Sink 74-4««ttn Whpn i prmq F low< - < R m» ' Plnt! '' i - pi' i. i y o u i F o r i' bout fhe

6 NEW JERSEY T. ARCH Oil prices down but higher thn expected By ART DANELS Associted Press Wholesle prices for home heting oil re plummeting, but retilers re chrging customers "3 or 4 cents more thn is resonble," n officil in the New Jersey Deprtment of Energy sid. However, n industry spokesmn sid fuel oil delers hd to keep some of the extr profits to mike up for incresed costs nd n full bloom smller gins erlier in the heting seson. According to stte survey of 0 heting oil delers, wholeslers chrged n verge of 69 center per gllon of No. 2 heting oil in Februry. The verge retil price ws 97.2 cents. n December, the stte's. million homeowners using heting oil pid n verge of.2 per gllon, compred to $.22 in Jnury. "We expect it to go down further," sid Dr. Bhrt Ptel, son ol Somers Point mkes finl S Jtr'ngements for her disply t the Phildelphi director of deprtment's Division of Plnning nd Engineering. "t could go down to 86 cents." Current retil prices re "bout 3 or 4 cents more thn is resonble," Ptel sid. He noted tht n verge profit mrgin is 26 cents per gllon, while the survey showed mrgins of more thn 38 cents. "There's still significnt mount of money tht cn be pssed on to consumers," Ptel sid. "f the messge goes out to the public to shop round, there Flower show which opened yesterdy ASSOCATED PRES8 iwmkers to help out collegues Press UNGTON Two New ' congressmen, both sid to eing the governor's Job in re pooling their politicl i this yer to ssist poten- Democrtic collegues. J. Florio of Cmden nty nd Robert G. TorriceUi of t County scheduled Stte- ; news conference for tody the formtion of ' Jersey Congressionl Cm- L Committee. 3 sid the committee will be c tnk" nd offer ides nd to Democrts who : to run for Congress. it's n issue-oriented effort," Florio, who is expected to run yer for his seventh House The committee will "tlk bout where we're going nd how we're going to get there," dded Torricelli, two-term congressmn who is considered one of the prty's most mbitious nd ggressive politicins. The lwmkers emphsized they would not try to rise funds or offer consultnt-style dvice. "We re not in the cmpign mngement business," TorriceUi sid. Rther, they sid, the committee would focus on rming new gurd of Democrts with updted "There's need to go to new genertion of prospective Democrtic cndidtes," sid TorriceUi. "t's designed for new genertion of cndidtes." The committee will offer seminrs nd other trining, nd my bring in some Democrts from outside the stte to shre ides. "Get some thinking people, some experts in," Florio sid. The orgnizers denied they were trying to hel wounds inflicted since the drkest dy in the recent history of the Democrtic Prty in New Jersey Nov. 6, 986, when Republicn Gov. Thoms H. Ken defeted Democrt Peter Shpiro by. record-breking mrgin. "Obviously, nobody ws prticulrly hppy with the outcome of the lst election," sid Florio, who himself lost to Ken four yers erlier by the smllest mrgin in recent history. The two congressmen lso sid the committee ws not formed to help the eight New Jersey Democrts n the House to get reelected. "ost of the Democrtic incumbents re in pretty good shpe," Florio sid. will be pressure on delers to lower their prices." He sid the survey showed tht prices rnge from 76 cents per gllon to s much s $.0. He sid oil prices hve been t the lowest level in three yers becuse OPEC the Orgniztion of Petroleum Exporting Countries hs been unble to mpose production limits on its members. Fred Scco, spokesmn for the 430 oil delers represented by the New Jersey Fuel erchnts As- socition, sid delers hd to bsorb 9 cent increse in wholesle prices t the beginning of the winter seson. "Almost'to mn, they didn't pss it ll on to customers," he sid. "They te it on the wy up. Wht they're doing now is tking (prices) down in stges to mke up for it." He sid fuel oil delers nd truckers hve lso been hit with libility insurnce premium increses of 00 percent to 400 percent. Tht dded between 3.6 cents nd 4.6 cents to the retil price per gllon. He sid new federl regultions by the Environmentl Protection Agency hve hit delers with the costs ssocited with testing underground storge tnks for lekge. onitoring wells must be dug, pressure tests performed, nd in some cses electronic monitors instlled, he sid. He sid there should be more price decreses, but return to 25 cent profit mrgin is "very unlikely" this seson. nsurnce industry ner disster: gent By BOB chwh Associted Press WASHNGTON Pushed by lwsuits, including two lndmrk cses with roots in New Jersey, the nsurnce industry totters on the brink of clmity, ccording to New Jersey businessmn who heds ntionl group of insurnce gents. Lwmkers, litignts nd society in generl must reconsider the limits of insurnce coverge, sid Jmes H. Dvies, president of the Ntionl Assocition of Professionl nsurnce Agents. "The deep-pocket theory hs run its course," sid Dvies, explining tht even the welthiest crriers don't hve the resources to py multimillion-dollr libility wrds. Dvies, of urry Hill, visited the cpitl recently with collegues from round the ntion to discuss with lwmkers wht is now known s "The Libility Crisis." Soring Jury wrds to injured plintiffs hve prompted crriers to rise rtes stronomiclly, or drop coverge ltogether. Doctors hve stopped treting some ptients, Americn otors hs stopped mking Jeep "CJ" sedns, nd trils in Yellowstone Ntionl Prk hve been closed becuse rngers fer libility suits in connection with grizzly ber ttcks. n New Jersey, severl municiplities re fced with the loss of Somebody is going to get hurt. There's going to be penlty.»» Jmes H. Dvies president ol nsursnos orgniztion libility protection. Some shore towns considered closing their beches lst summer when their insurnce rn out. Even insurnce gents in the Grden Stte re being told they cn no longer gej coverge for "errors nd omissions," the industry's equivlent of mlprctice. Rep. Jmes J. Florio, D-N.J., chirmn of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trnsporttion nd Tourism, is holding continuing herings on the dwindling ffordbilty nd vllbilty of insurnce coverge. Two of the most drmtic libility cses re linked to New Jersey, Dvies sid. Residents of Jckson Township sued the Ocen County community for helth problems tied to pollution of their drinking wter from municipl lndfill. The residents won whopping Jury wrd of more thn $5 million, which ws then reduced by two thirds on ppel nd is now pending before the stte Supreme Court. The ssetos gint Johns-nville ws once so entrenched in New Jersey, tht its Somerset County home bore the compny nme nville. The town remins, but the compny renmed nd relocted s protected under bnkruptcy lws from clims brought by sbestos victims. At Dvies' office, just miles from nville, he estimted he's received n sbestos clim once week in the lst yer. Dvies sid finding n nswer to the crisis wiu not be esy. "Somebody is going to get hurt. There's going to be penlty," he wrned. One possible solution include cps on jury wrds, which Dvies opposes becuse they could br some legitimte compenstion. Rther, he proposed two chnges in nsurnce rules: sttute of limittions on some clims, nd penlties for frivolous "fishing expedition" lwsuits. n the nville cse, for exmple, the compny's insurnce crriers provided routine coverge while never dreming sbestos, then stte-of-the-rt product, would be brnded s cncer thret, Dvies sid. "Wht this did ws throw the mrket into chos," Dvies sid. But, while regultory chnges re needed, Dvies sid society must begin to rethink wht insurnce is supposed to do, nd whether crriers should be required to ber the burden of ll "t's not strictly n insurnce industry problem," Dvies sid. FB investigting mob ctivities on wterfront NEWARK (AP) n the wke of report tht orgnised crime hs retined its grip on the wterfront despite mssive crckdown decde go, n FB officil confirmed yesterdy tht investigtors re probing lbor rcketeering t the Port of New York nd New Jersey. "To sy nything further would Jeoprdize the investigtion," sid ichel. cdonnell, spokesmn for the FB in New Jersey. n 976, federl nd stte gencies nd the Wterfront Commission of New York Hrbor hd lunched n investigtion into lbor rcketeering on the Est Cost. The probe, known s UNRAC, ended in 98 nd resulted in dozens of prosecutions of lbor leden nd members of orgnized crime. n report relesed lst week, the President's Commission on Orgnised Crime chrged tht since the end of UNRAC, little hs been done to keep orgnized crime from infiltrting businesses long the wterfront. The current investigtion is being conducted by the Wterfront Commission nd "other prosecutoril uthorities," Nichols Scoppett, New York's representtive on the pnel, told The Str- Ledger of Newrk. New Jersey's commission representtive, Conrd Koch, ws out of town nd unvilble for comment, sid womn nswering the telephone t his West Ornge home. The president's commission sid n its report tht "despite the success of the UNRAC investigtion, the Genovese crime fmily continues to mintin firm hold on the New Jersey wterfront through one nterntionl Longshoremen's Assocition leder." The report did not identify the Genovese fmily member or the LA vice president llegedly under his control. The pnel lso sid the Gmbino nd Genovese orgnized crime fmilies mintin control over LA locls 84 nd 804-, the two unions tht run wterfront ctivities in New York nd New Jersey. LA President Teddy Gleson hs denied for yers tht the nterntionl is being controlled by orgnized crime. "Lon shrking, gmbling nd bribes to obtin jobs re still prevlent n the Port of New York-New Jersey," the commission reported. enwhile, Scoppett sid he ws opposed to expnding the Wterfront Commission's powers. The pnel, which ws creted more thn 30 yers go to regulte employment nd combt crime on the Job, only hs Jurisdiction over compnies nd employees within,000 yrds of the port. "Qtdte cndidly, this re hs more investigtive nd prosecutortl firepower thn ny other re cn think of," he told The Str-Ledger. Jerome Klied, the gency's executive director, sid most compnies operte within the,000-yrd rdius out of economic necessity. However, he confirmed tht one compny solved its problems by moving out of the gency's Jurisdiction. According to the presidentil report, the wterfront commission denied stevedore's license to compny clled rine Repir Services nc. in 980 fter one of ts investors, Vincent rino, ws convicted n kickbck scheme. Also involved in the Stten slnd, NY-bsed compny ws Thoms Bilotti, whom the report identified s n underboss n the Gmbino crime fmily After the license ws denied, the compny moved to fculty Just over,000 yrds from the nerest ctive dock, the presidentil commission sid. "n this wy, Bilotti circumvented Wterfront Commission regultions which excluded convicted felons from employment within,000 yrds of n ctive dock," the pnel sid. 0,000 scientists return to Atlntic City for convention i rtantjc (> poi il Uon of this resort will nerly ofble for s week s 30,000 ch«i*l nlysts from more thn 50 utries ttend the Pittsburgh Coi efence which turned its bck on tftjntic City lst yer becuse of V '»ck of hotel rooms, n i sid yesterdy. (Atlntic City officils)," sid con- W. Richrd They bent over bckwrds. their own conditions.' tht the onto ni isndll»munon during tody with ceremony to be ttended by yor Jmes Usry nd stte Sen. Willim Oormley, R-Atlntic The conference ws held in Atlntic City from 980 to 984, but orgnizers turned to New Orlens in 985 becuse the resort's csino hotels did not provide enough rooms nd some other fculties were substndrd, Howe sid. This yer, csino hotel opertors hve "cooperted 00 percent" in providing rooms for conventioneers, sid Howrd Persin, executive director of the city's Convention Center Authority. He sid csino officils would like to ccommodte conventions Sundy through Thursdy d sve rooms on the weekends for high rollers, but re beginning to relize tht their resturnts nd stores cn lso benefit from conventions, sid Persin. n nother effort to bring more conventions to the resort, the Greter Atlntic City Hotel-otel Assocition hs begun to inspect nd ccredit fculties, sid Persin. Under the progrm, the ssocition will steer convention businesses only to those motels nd hotels tht pss inspection by the orgniztion. Howe, ssistnt chirmn of the chemistry deprtment t the University of Pittsburgh, sid tht some conference prticipnts hd complined in the pst tht their drd. "The city, the stte nd ll the municipl gencies combined to mke them (the conference prticipnts) feel welcome to come bck," sid Persin. Hows sid the city mde bout 7,200 hotel rooms vilble this yer, compred to bout 5,000 rooms t offend lst yer. Still, conventioneers will hve to be bused in from Cherry Hill nd Phildelphi, he sid. The number of prticipnts from other ntions incresed "considerbly" from lst yer,' prtly becuse of n effort by the U.S. Commerce Deprtment which is reviving its old Foreign Buyers Progrm, sid Howe. Under the progrm, the deprtment contcts U.S. embssies nd consulstes nd sks them to invite foreign scientists to specific conventions in the United Sttes. The progrm ws cnceled severl yers go, but the Pittsburgh Conference is now being used to rectivte it, sid Howe.. yer,,062 chemicl nlysts from 6 countries ttended the conference. Howe sid the number ws much higher this yer, but dded tht the finl count ws not yet vilble. During the conference, conventioneers cn choose from more thn,00 technicl courses on subjects such s sbestos nlysis, cometry explortion, robotics nd phrmceuticl nlysis, Howe sid. - n ddition, some 2,000 exhibition booths hve been set up st the Convention Center, fitwimg new devices for enemies! nlysis, Howe sid.

7 .ARCH io. 966 Thcstogtotr 7A N.J. drug seizures rose in '85 min corridor. They either hve to mny of the drugs by stopping The Attodttsd Puss go through New Jersey or go wy crs long the stte's highwys,, out of the wy." especilly the so-clled "Cocine - The number of mjor drug rrests nd the volume of nrcotics According to the ltest sttistics linking the Delwre emoril Alley," the stretch of highwy seized rose drmticlly lst yer on the bttle ginst drug trfficking, the federl Drug Enforcement pike. Bridge nd the New Jersey Turn- in New Jersey s the stte,continued to serve s "corridor" for Agency rrested 25 mjor drug the flow of drugs up the Est suspects in 986, compred to 57 enwhile, the mount of mrt-! Cost, stte police spokesmn in 084. Jun seized hs decresed from' 4,06 pounds in 984 to 684 sid yesterdy. pounds in 986. THE STATE GOP leder sys no to polygrph TRENTON (AP)- The tute Republicn chirmn hs chnged his mind nd will not tke Ue detector tet to prove tht he did not try to coerce n Assembly cndidte nto withdrwing from the rce. An ttorney for OOP chief Prnk Holmn lt week informed legisltive committee investigting the incident tht his client cnnot tke the test becuse he is tking mediction for high blood pressure, ccording to report in yesterdy's editions of The Str- Ledger of Newrk. The ttorney, Herschel Kozlov, sid the mediction would mke ny test result "invlid." enwhile, the stte Division of Criminl Justice hs closed its investigtion without filing ny criminl chrges. Sen. Edwrd O'Connor, D- Hudson, the chirmn of the Sente Judiciry Committee, sid he is stisfied tht Holmn did not force Alice Holipf el to withdrw from the Assembly rce lst yer. The committee held four herings on the llegtions. Hobpfel's telephone t her Crnford home went unnswered yesterdy. She hd lleged tht Holmn told her tht unless she withdrew from the rce, he would see to it tht her nomintion to the stte school bord ws blocked. Holmn denied he thretened Holzpfel who styed in the rce nd lost. Her nomintion to the school bord ws pproved without difficulty. n December, Holmn nd Holzpfel greed to submit to lie detector tests. Womn found strngled t hotel ATLANTC CTY (AP) An utopsy yesterdy found tht womn whose body ws found in room t the Cesrs csino hotel hd been strngled, police sid. The womn, in her mid-60s, ws tour guide from New York City nd ws lst reportedly seen live bout 5 p.m. Sturdy while working t the hotel, sid Lt. Frnk Romnelli of the Police Deprtment's jor Crimes Division. Romnelli sid hotel employee found the womn's body t 9:30 p.m. Sturdy in fourth-floor room in which no guests were registered. He sid he did not know the womn's identity. An utopsy erly yesterdy morning by Atlntic City edicl Exminer Dr. Donld Json determined tht the womn hd been strngled, Romnelli sid. The lieutennt declined to comment on possible motives or suspects, or to sy whether investigtors believed the womn ws killed t the hotel or elsewhere. Kren Tuso, spokeswomn for the csino hotel, declined to comment when reched by telephone t her home yesterdy. She referred questions to police. 33 kilos of cocine found in truck CARNEYS POlfT (AP) Stte police yesterdy seized 33 kilos of cocine hidden in box in the bck of rentl truck, trooper sid. The truck ws stopped on Route 40 fter the driver llegedly chnged lnes illeglly, sid Trooper Don Philippi of the Woodstown brrcks. The highwy which links the Delwre emoril Bridge nd the New Jersey Turnpike hs been dubbed "cocine lley" becuse stte police frequently find drugs in crs they stop for motor vehicle violtions. The truck ws driven by Ruben Rmirez, 3, of imi. The pssengers were identified s Gldys olin, 26, nd Arpro Vlsquez, 30, lso of imi. They were chrged with possession of cocine with intent to distribute nd ordered held on tl million bil ech t the Slem County Jil, sid Philippi Ṗhilippi sid the truck ws stopped shortly fter p.m. Rmirez greed to serch fter he could not provide proper ppers, sid Philippi. The cocine ws hidden under personl items in box in the bck of the truck which hd New York license pltes, Philippi sid. The estimted vlue ws (.32 million. Lndfill owner sys he, too, is victim By KTTY DUAS Knight-Ridder News Servict GLASSBORO Wht Nick Lipri knows bout the workings of chemicls nd toxic wstes could probbly be summed up in two words: not much. So it to incredible to him tht the lndfill he operted for 3 yers hs been nmed the worst toxic-wste site in Americ by U.S. government gency. "They keep sying it's the worst in the country. There's no reson for tht," he sys. Even more incredible, sys Lipri, 74, is tht he hs been treted like criminl by his own government government tht he sys hs defmed him nd sued him for crimes he did not commit. "t relly ruined me," Lipri sid recently. "'ve lost lot of money, nd my nme hs been mud ever since. Oh my God, it's been terrible." For more thn 20 yers, he sid, his life hs been series of skirmishes with little respite bttles with the stte of New Jersey, with the U.S. Environmentl Protection Agency nd with stigm tht will not go wy. The Lipri Lndfill. ntu Township. Gloucester County. Worst toxic dump in the ntion, sys the EPA. No. on its Superfund clenup list. Lipri relizes tht despite his nsistence to the contrry, history will no doubt portry him s the villin of the Lipri Lndfill. Tht stigm, he sid, his eyes brimming with ters, he does not deserve, becuse he did not brek the lw. The stte of New Jersey sid not only tht he rn good opertion, but lso tht hi* lndfill ws the best-run in the stte, Lipri sid. But, n 07, the stte chnged its mind. t closed the lndfill nd, n 073, sued him. like the people who Uve ner the lndfill, who sy they nd their children re victims of cncer-cusing chemicls from the lndfill, Upri sid tht he, too, is victim of the government nd of misunderstnding by the community nd the news medi, who often portry him s n ogre. As result, he sid, he hs lost just bout everything he owns in trying to clen up the lndfill, s the federl government ordered him to, nd in pying ttorneys to represent him in n pprently endless string of lwsuits. "'m Just hoping don't lose my house," he sid. "t's the only thing 've got left." He moved to Olssboro, where he still lives, bout SO yers go. He nd his wife, Crmel, rised three dughters there. n 068, he dug snd-ndgrvel pit on his lnd nd got permission from locl uthorities to operte the lndfill. "At the time, you relly didn't need tht, but wnted to do it right," Upri sid. The lndfill site is 42 cres, next to Wilmer Zee's pple orchrd. The dump itself covers seven cres. "From the beginning, they inspected my lndfill," Upri sid of the stte. "t ws Just smll thing. Everything n smll wy, you see," he sid. Severl compnies hd pproched him bout using hi* pit to dump their trsh, he sid, nd he told them tht if the stte would pprove their request to dump their trsh n his lndfill, he would gree. Among the compnies tht used the dump were the Phildelphi-bted chemicl firm of Rohm A Hs Co., s well s Owens-llinois nc., Owens Corning Fibergls nd Columbi Records. Rohm * Hs ws the primry dumper, ccording to Upri. Upri sid his dumping opertion ws " smll thing. ws only getting 76 cents brrel (in dumping fees) 00 cento towrd the end." Upri sid tht fter he begn operting the lndfill, the stte followed up by nspecting it regulrly, nd ech time, it ws given top mrks. "The stte of New Jersey is corridor stte, min rtery to New York nd New Englnd," sid stte police Cpt. Joe Kobus. "otor vehicle trnsporttion of the illegl contrbnd mkes lt Pressing the flesh So fr this yer, the DEA hs rrested 36 mjor delers nd seized,800 pounds of cocine, compred to 363 pounds lst yer. From 984 to 986, the mount of cocine seized incresed by 334 percent. During the sme period, Qov. Thoms H. Keen shkes hnds with Beverly Coombs during the nnul Republicn Lincoln Dy Dinner Sturdy night in Portsmouth, N.H. Although Ken sid he does not pln to run for the mount of confiscted heroin jumped ninefold to 80 pounds, ccording to DEA sttistics. The stte police nrcotics squd's undercover investigtions yielded 800 rrests lst yer, up 0 percent from 984. They seized 6.6 pounds of cocine, up more thn 30 percent over 084. n ddition, 24 pounds of methmphetmines, or speed, were confiscted, up 84 percent from 084. "We're getting more nvolved in methmphetmines nd cocine," sid Kobus. "Cocine is more prevlent thn ever before." Stte police troopers seized "n our cdemy, we hve nrcotics courses for municipl police officers to get them in their res to enforce the lws especilly concerning mrijun," Kobus sid. ASSOCATED PRESS president while he ws in the stte with the erliest primry, he ws shking hnds nd tlking politics. Driver not to blme: crsh victim OUNT EPHRA (AP) Edwrd Prvin ws left severely njured but not bitter from the cr ccident tht killed Phildelphi Flyers' golie Pelle Lindbergh, who ws leglly drunk when his cr smshed nto wll. "t ws bd ccident, nd lt hppened," Prvin sid. "t ws fst cr, but nobody ws to blme." The 28-yer-old Prvin, who ws quoted in Sundy editions of the Phildelphi nquirer, ws in com for nine dys fter Lindbergh's Porsche 930 Turbo crshed into concrete wll beside elementry school in Somerdle Nov. 0. Lindbergh ws pronounced brin-ded within hours of the 6:30.m. crsh. A second pssenger, Kthyleen cnel, 22, of. Ridley Prk, P., lso survived the crsh nd suffered njuries to her liver nd her spleen. Prvin, brtender nd rel estte slesmn before the ccident, disputes reports tht Lindbergh ws too drunk to drive. Lindbergh's blood-lcohol ws 2.4, more thn double the legl intoxiction limit of.0. "No, no, no, Pelle ws not drunk," Prvin sys. " ws in frek ccident." Prvin sys Lindbergh ws not hevy drinker, nd tht the golie hd not drunk enough to ffect his driving the night of the ccident. Prvin suffered broken nose, shoulder nd ribs, ss well s hed injuries. He sys he doesn't remember ny detils of ccident md did not lern of Lindbergh's deth until 26 dys fter the ccident. Lindbergh's fince, Kerstln Pletsch, broke the news to him, Prvin sid. Prvin nd the 26-yer-old Lindbergh becme friends through Prvln's fther, Edwrd H. Goode pologizes for OVE hndling KnlQht-Ridder News Ssrvics PHLADELPHA yor W. Wilson Goode, in n unemotionl television ppel lst night tht he billed s "hert-to-hert tlk" with Phildelphi, pologized gin nd gin for the wy his dministrtion hndled the y 3 OVE siege nd pledged tht the hrshly criticl findings of the OVE commission would "serve s blueprint" for government overhul. As he did lte lst week, Goode emphsized tht he ws grieved deeply by the deths of five children who, long with six dults, were trpped in the OVE house s flmes engulfed t nd destroyed 60 other houses. The fire ws triggered by police bomb dropped from helicopter fter OVE members could not be routed from their twostory rowhouse in gun bttle in which police fired 0,000 rounds of mmunition., Goode, whom the OVE commission criticized s "grossly negligent" for pproving the police ssult, sid y 3 "ws the most trgic dy in my life." "Ech dy, Uve with ts memories. think often of the five children nd six dults who lost their lives," Goode sid in the seven-minute speech. " wish tht y 3 hd never hppened but t did, nd m sorry for tht. " m, s fther, especilly grieved by the loss of the children. When think of the OVE children, weep for them nd for their fmilies. A prt of me died with those children, nd to their fmilies, nd to ll of you, sy 'm sorry." As he did in n interview lte lst week, Goode steered cler n the speech of ny mention of his plns to seek re-election next yer. A week go, Goode sid there ws "nothing connected with the OVE event" tht would lter his hopes for second four-yer term. Goode on Sundy night limited his remrks bout his future to issuing ple for "your help nd for your support to mke Phildelphi ll tht lt cn be." " m not sking tht you forget y 3 cnnot," he sid. "... sk ll of you who re concerned bout our future to join me in chieving our gols. Together, we cn mke it work." Nor did he nnounce specific chnges designed to prevent disster in the event of nother confronttion between the city nd n rmed rdicl group. Such mesures will be nnounced ondy t n.m. news conference to be televised Uve n Phildelphi from City Hull. The myor ndicted he would outline plnned reorgniztion of the city deprtments tht plyed role in the OVE confronttion. Prvin, the co-owner of the Borden Relty Co. of Cherry Hill. As soon s Prvin ws well enough to be relesed from the hospitl for weekend, he went to the Flyers prctice rink to wtch the tem scrimmge. " miss him, obviously," Prvin sid. "He hd will to live nd he ws gret guy. t's sd tht someone who hd so much to live for died t 26 yers old." No lwsuits hve been filed in connection with the ccident. Shortly fter the crsh, Prvln's lwyer sked Superior Court Judge Pul A. Lowengrub n Cmden to prevent ny grges from destroying the wreckge of Lindbergh's Porsche before n expert could exmine it. Lowengrub grnted the lwyers' request nd severl extensions, the lst of which expired Thursdy. Attorneys hve two yers from the ccident to file suits before the sttute of limittions expires. 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8 The Register E$tbluhtd in 878 Published by the Red Bnk Register A Price Communiction Corportion Newspper GEORGE J. LSTER, President nd Publisher CLFF SCHECHTAN, Editor JANE PODERARO, Associte Editor ANN H KELLETT, News Editor RCHARD NC0LETT, Sports Editor PAELA ABOUZED, Ltfestyle Editor CARL D. TORNO. Chief Photogrpher 986 The H«J BK± R«g»Ui Al Rignu R*TV«8A ONDAY, ARCH 0,986 EDTORAL'S Lb's future is cloudy The good news is tht the rine Lbortories will remin t Sndy Hook t lest for while. The worrisome news is tht the federl government is still looking t lterntive loctions, nd is even considering the option of shutting it down ltogether. The Ntionl Ocenic nd Atmospheric Administrtion (NOAA), the prent gency, hs dvised Congress tht the lbortory prtly destroyed by fire lst Sept. 2 will sty where it is for yer, while the officils study the possibility of moving it somewhere else, keeping it where it is or closing it. Rep. Jmes J. Howrd, D-N.J., who hs been fighting to keep the lbs, ws plesed with the report. "t gives us more time to prepre sound proposl nd convince the NOAA tht mintining the Sndy Hook lb is clerly in the gency's best interest," Howrd sid. As we've sid before, the lbortory is rel sset to onmouth County nd the entire region. Not only does it provide some employment opportunities, but it lso serves s wtchdog over our bdly polluted OTHER VEWS costl wters. rine scientists t Sndy Hook were the first to "go public" nd lert residents of the metropolitn re bout the dngers of dumping in the ocen. They were the ones who, more thn decde go, introduced words like "ecology" nd "food chin" into the vocbulry of onmouth County. But the problem is tht some other people think it's rel sset, too. The Universities of Delwre nd Rhode slnd would love to hve it. Rutgers lso would like to be involved with its mrine reserch. enwhile, the NOAA sys substntil federl budget cuts loom in Wshington nd could men the lbs would be closed permnently. Or, they could be consolidted with other lbortories on the Atlntic. At this point, prospects for keeping the lbs t Sndy Hook nd functioning seem to be cloudy. Our hope is tht Howrd, long with the rest of New Jersey's elected representtives, will keep the pressure up in Wshington in order to keep the lbs on Sndy Hook where they belong. No comprison President Regn is wrning of "strtegic disster" if the Nicrgun rebels mny of them lredy discourged re left in the lurch. He wnts Congress to provide tloo million more for their stlled, five-yer-old fight to dislodge the Sndinist government. f they lose tht fight r. Regn predicts dire consequences. He predicts Soviet militry bses "two dys' driving time from Hrlingen, Texs," the erosion of frgile democrcies surrounding Nicrgu, thretened Pnm Cnl nd refugees flooding into the United Sttes. He compres wht the United Sttes should do in Nicrgu with the democrtic uphevl tht dumped the rcos dicttorship in the Philippines. t is strined comprison, equting populr, non-violent Filipino uprising with, in Nicrgu, n rmed, U.S.- sponsored insurgency never tested t the polls. t equtes * clerly independent, democrtic force in the Philippines with, in Nicrgu, n uncomfortble colition of democrts nd former gurdsmen directed by the CA. r. Regn's forecst is frightening nonetheless. But re the threts rel or fntsies nurtured by ideology? And, rel or phony, is sending tx dollrs to the contrs the best wy to protect U.S. interests? Though the Soviets hve supplied the Sndinists id tht ngu insists ws solicited to fight contrs their interest in full-blown Nicrgun bses is highly specultive. Nicrgu, in fct, hs offered to negotite the removl of Cubn nd Soviet dvisers if the United Sttes will roll bck militrily s well. As for subverting the neighborhood, it cn be rgued tht the growing Americn militry presence in Hondurs, for instnce, is distorting democrcy there. And Cost Ric nd Guteml hve clled for pece tlks not more guns to reduce regionl friction. El Slvdor's insurgency, while it is supported to some degree by ngu, probbly will continue s long s tht sd country is unble to ensure justice nd wider politicl nd economic opportunity. Any serious chllenge to the Pnm Cnl cn nd will be rebuffed by vstly superior U.S. militry might. Any regime would hve to be suicidl to try it. And the refugee problem is here nd now, excerbted by economic forces fr more wide-rnging nd complicted thn politicl developments in Nicrgu. The President's proclimed rtionle for embrcing the contrs comes up wnting by rel-world yrdsticks. His logic is more pprent if n unspoken gend is considered tht investment in the contrs is test of support for committing U.S. troops towrd n ultimte gol not simply of democrcy, stbility or strtegic dvntge but the overthrow of regime tht won't dnce to Wshington's tune. t is the wisdom of tht gend not the President's pnic-button bluster tht Congress must ssess s t votes on more contr id. And to tht gend, Congress must sy no. Phildelphi nquirer The wrong solution The time: Tomorrow. The scene: A gint federl clinic where chemists test humn urine for evidence of illegl drug use. Stnding in line t the door, specimen Jrs in hnd, re 2.7 million federl workers,.7 million. soldiers nd silors, nd 23 million others from Jnitors to executives employed by privte firms doing federl work. The line is long it contins nerly twice s mny people s the entire ntion of Austrli. This ridiculous scenrio could occur if the government dopts fr-too-sweeping drug-test pln proposed this week by the President's Commission on Orgnized Crime. A rmed by the mgnitude of the mob's Ucl( drug.profits, the commissioners sid tht-ll employees of the U.S. government nd of federl contrctors should be trgets of "suitble drug testing progrms." Not content with proposing drug tests for ll federl workers, the commissioners lso suggested tht the rest of privte ndustry follow suit. Tht could dd the USA's entire working popultion to tht long, long, long line. The commissioners' lrm s understndble: Drg trfficking brings crooks n income of s much s 0 billion yer, while the buse of drugs nd lcohol costs U.S: industry O billion yer. Police efforts hve filed to stop the producers nd distributors of llegl drugs, so the new trget: the But in proposing drug tests for millions of workers, they re proposing police stte. Work-plce drug tests mke sense only when there is cler, on-site evidence of drug buse nd when employees know tht testing is requirement of employment. Tests do not mke sens* when ordered willy-nilly for ll workers, with no hint of drug buse. And they re especilly onerous if demnded by Uncle Sm, who is supposed to protect us from unresonble serches, not order them himself. Others would tke the opposite tck. nsted of subjecting millions to urinlysls, they sy we should Just leglize illegl drugs. Tht would be trgic mistke. The USA suffers enough grief from buse of our legl drug, lcohol. The lst thing we need s nother mindnumbing substnce sold over the counter like cndy. As new USA TODAY poll shows, we re fed up with drugs. People re tired of the rndom violence, the broken fmilies, the school filures tht stem from drug buse. They wnt ction. The right scenrio is two-pronged. First, don't give up on pursuing producers nd delers; hlt U.S. id to countries tht refuse to fight drug growers. Second, go fter the customers but not by blnket drug-testing: Tech people to sy no to drugs., nsted of forcing millions of workers to prove they re innocent, the government should be fighting the guilty the creeps nd criminls who push illegl drugs. USA Tody LETTERS TO THE EDTOR Toocic wstes should be burned in less populted res of stte To the Editor: New Jersey seems to hve progrm designed to "spred-the-pollution" so tht every prt of the stte shll receive its shre of the filth produced by the industrilized northestern sector of the stte. A number of residentil communities in south nd centrl New Jersey hve now been designted s potentil sites for hzrdous nd toxic wste dumps nd incinertors for stte wide wstes. y concern stems from the fct tht m resident of one of these commuities, specificlly Tinton Flls, nd s one who ws born nd lived most of his life in New Jersey, nd, finlly, s professor of orgnic chemistry for the lst 27 yers. t seems to me tht the full impct of this move upon the helth nd sfety of lrge portion of the humn popultion of the stte hs not been fully considered. Combustion of industril sovents nd otherflmmblewste in such incinertors will lwys be incomplete, llowing some mount of voltile orgnic mteril to escpe into the tmosphere some of the time. Some of these mterils, such s polyhlogented hydrocrbons re known to cuse neurologicl dmge to the humn fter cute or chronic respirtory exposure. These sme mterils re lso hptotoxic tht is, they cuse liver dmge. Polyhlogented ethers such s dioixin not only my cuse cncer but my lter the genes nd ffect untold genertions. With n lredy trnished reputtion s the site of "cncer lley", cn New Jersey fford more specultion on this very sensitive topic? Furthermore, every incinertor will lwys produce lrge mounts of noncombustible nd post combution residul mteril, over period of time, which will, presumbly, be "stored" t the sme site. The solid wste will undoubtedly become reservoir of toxic substnces being leched out into the soil during future decdes. The potentil effect of this upon the wter supply cn only be source of continuing nxiety to the residents of lrge re surrounding such site. Then we come to the trnsporttion problem! With the increse in trffic or ll types (trucks, trins nd other crriers) of toxic wste to ech of these sites goes the incresed probbility of toxic wste spills in moderte to hevily populted res. Will evcution scenrios reminiscent of trin derilments involving chlorine spills in Louisin nd prctice drills in New York involving nucler power plnts be common plce? Do we wnt to Join nstitute, West Virgini or worse, Bhopl ndi. Now tht we hve mentioned the unmentionble... wht bout the scenrio where sprk from one of these incinertors sets off the conventionl explosives stored in nvl rsenl locted within less thn qurter of mile of one of these proposed incincertor sites? How bout the explosion of the "conventionl" mmunition setting off nucler wepons which re known to be present t the sme depot? To sy tht some of these scenrios re frfetched s to forget the lessons we should hve lerned from Three ile slnd nd The Chllenger! The combintion of corporte need to show qurterly dividend nd bureucrtic ncompetence nd cllousness hs been shown to be dedly for those who trust n their enlightenment, competence nd sensistivity. One of the privte firms tht hndles this type of work, nd quite possibly the one tht will be chosen to do it in New Jersey hs n byssml record of millions of BLOO COUNTY mm *KS. WOEK.... m/rw JBTUSTfH Tom.. dollrs of fines for violtions such s mixing dioxin contining wste with pitch nd selling it to be used in the pving of rods in town in issouri! would not Uke to be one of the present uthors of this pln either! Wouldn't it be fr sfer in the long run, both politiclly nd more mportntly in terms of humn helth nd sfety, to spend the 3 to 00 million dollr "crrot", intended to convince the communitites nvolved tht they should ccept these sites, on building rods to more isolted res within the stte which could more sfely be designted s wste disposl regions. Why is it less dngerous to trnsport it mny miles through hevily populted stte to n eqully populted re for disposl? spek s privte citizen with, perhps, little more knowledge of chemicls nd chemistry thn the verge lymn. Adm. Agulr, PhD ProfoOf wid Chslnrn p y Fbgh DtekHnon Univntty dison Use eduction funds to educte To the Editor: A revolution hs strted in the U.S. nd the opening shot ws Grmm: Rudmn. Americ is rebelling ginst wste nd misuse of public funds. Even if Grmm Rudmn fils the test of constitutionlity, it will be followed by other similir legisltion. Budgets for eduction re going to be prime trgets. President Regn hs decried the fct tht the costs of eduction hve more thn doubled in 'he lst ten yers while the qulity hs declined significntly. f we do not find wys to use the eductionl funds more efficiently ll Americ will be the loser. When red bout or see on television how serious the Jpnese re in their efforts to educte their young people technologiclly, nd how we now hve to sk them to limit their exports to us, my pride n Americ suffers severely. As somewht mture observer (ge 70) of the eductionl scene, think the dministrtors of the eductionl environment hve been tking their lessons from the Pentgon. They re more interested in their own self ggrndlzment thn in turning out qulity product. There is lmost no wy to mesure their productivity, either qulittively or quntittively. n onmouth county, N.J., we cn see very good exmple of misdirected use of eductionl funds. School-ge children re bused to school s it is impossible to hve the schools within wlking distnce of the children, nd yet the hierrchy of Brookdle Community College is investing significnt mount of money to estblish n extension site in the city of Asbury Prk. The rtionle for this is tht it is disdvntge re (more thn 46 percent of the people re on welfre). Wht the potentil students of Asbury Prk relly need is convenient trnsporttion to mke it prcticl for them to get to the Brookdle cmpus, where they could hve the dvntge of much greter choice of subjects nd schedules, tutoring, counseling, librry nd gymnsiums. m sure tht they would welcome chnce to get out of Asbury Prk nd enjoy the beutiful Brookdle cmpus in Uncroft. t ws suggested to the hierrchy of Brookdle tht they might try to encourge txi nd bus compnies to explore the possibility of providing vn pooling to mke it esy for people who hd no trnsporttion vilble to them to get to the min cmpus. Experience hs shown tht this type of opertion works very well, nd benefits everyone, with no disdvntges. The decision mkers t Brookdle nd other similir institutions would do well to tke heed nd see tht funds committed to eduction re used to educte. Joseph Summit nlpn Vote for Kensburg's children This is n open letter to the residents of Kensburg. Election time is drwing ner nd once gin we hve the sme old fmilir cndidtes who promise residents the world but fulfill nothing. Two yers go, we elected yor Wlter Frley, Deputy yor Aln LFoe nd Councilmn Edwrd Hlter. These men promised bright new future for Kensburg, especilly its children. n the course of those two yers, however, the borough hs been t stndstill. During their cmpigns, their two biggest promises were to clen up the town nd revitlize recretion for our children. At tht time, there were eight public works employees in Kensburg. Tody, there re three. Plese explin how the town cn be kept clen with only three workers when, Just two yers go, they climed tht eight ws not enough? We lso cn't understnd why our children hve nothing to do. According to cmpign promises, borough children hve mny lterntives. The only problem s tht no one cn find the recretionl fcility provided by the myor nd council! Where is it? ybe the reson tht children re being picked up for loitering is becuse, mmtimmyikkionim mi unmet. &mwk im TBf-rVr." AhV UtthY HtV tunfoknblkomch PKK Cii CfHJO Kttm mm nmr., 7%/ mumte unbeknownst to us, recretion is now being held in the borough police sttion, formerly known s the John F. Kennedy Community Center. Did nyone ever think to sk borough voters if they wnted their recretion center nd preschool turned into Jllhouse? As you cn see, the children of Kensburg hve been severely shortchnged! t's time to stop cheting our children. The only resource left for them is eduction nd slowly tht too s being ersed. These children re vitl prt of our community, s they represent our future. We will ll hve to work hrd nd stick together to ensure their hppiness nd well-being. Plese help us to give Kensburg bck to the people. The future of this community lies in your hnds. Only you cn mke t or brek it, so plese, for the ske of our children, vote wisely! The children re the future of Kensburg. y Thoms P. Cick wwry winwf Ksnsburo TTi«i nil rm nrrr rniiihilnu n null n UuKtmtmrn Bord of Eduction. by Berke Brethed mi- WPTKHi mwm, imnmr

9 0,986 COENTARY Pentgon got toilet lid it lwys wnted WASHNGTON All but lost n the upror over the $640 irplne toilet lids tht Lockheed Corp. sold the Pentgon is the underlying responsibility of the rmed" services' specifictions writers. t ws their insistence on unique design nd cpbility to withstnd nything short of nucler holocust tht gve Lockheed the opportunity the compny would sy the necessity of chrging so much. After ll, there re thousnds of much cheper toilet covers performing dequtely n civilin nd militry ircrft, in conditions no more stressful thn those experienced by the Nvy P-3 submrine hunters for which Lockheed supplied the 54 lids. As the compny never tires of pointing out, the fmous toilet cover is "fr from simple, onepiece molded item." ts government-decreed specifictions, ccording to Lockheed, cll for " complex, thermo-formed polycrbonte shroud" tht requires three "stlffeners nd supports'! nd bout 40 ssorted hooks, rivets, screws, nuts nd wshers. The compny's public reltions cmpign to shed the opprobrium nd ridicule imed ts wy got n unexpected boost from President Regn recently. n n interview with The Wshington Post whose crtoonist, Herblock, hs stirized the sitution by repetedly drwing Defense Secretry Cspr Weinberger wering $640 toilet set for collr the Commnder-in-chief sid, "There wsn't ny 600 toilet set." This, of course, is techniclly correct. The item in question is lid, not set, nd Lockheed udit showed tht its ctul cost ws "only" $ But then the compny shot itself in the foot when its in-house newspper reported tht 30 mnufcturers invited to bid on the toilet cover declined to do so. The cler impliction of this disclosure, s Lockheed spokesmen were hppy to explin, ws tht the compnies "knew they weren't going to mke buck" if they tried to produce toilet lids for less thn Lockheed's price. Jck Anderson The trouble ws tht the Lockheed story ws simply wrong. Only 4, not 30, compnies hd been invited to bid, nd of those only one ws sent bid pckge for the toilet cover lone. The rest were invited to bid on the whole toilet ssembly. Lockheed's press gents didn't bother to correct the erroneous impression given in their originl story. Why not? "t ws only fter medi ttention hd wned" tht the PR. people discovered their error, our ssocite Tony Cpccio ws told. Besides, "the reporting in the pst hs been one-sided, with ll kinds of misrepresenttions the other wy," compny spokesmn sid. Even the lme explntion tht "medi ttention hd wned" is suspect. We've seen memo from Lockheed to the Nvy Air Commnd clerly indicting tht only one compny hd been specificlly invited to bid on the toilet lid lone. t ws dted three weeks before the story in the Lockheed in-house pper first roused the medi's interest. Lockheed press gents cling stubbornly to the ide tht their filure to correct the error w trivil. "s there big difference between 4 nd 30 compnies?" sked one spokesmn. UNDER THE DOE: Congress hs ts own "no pss, no ply" problem. Rep. Willim Whitehurst, R-V., resigned s chirmn of the congressionl Pge Bord's eduction tsk force when pge with filing cdemic verge ws reinstted fter few well-plced phone clls from her congressionl sponsor, Rep. Lindy Boggs, D-L. Rep. Vic Fzio, D-Cllf., the Pge Bord chirmn, wrote Whitehurst tht the wiver of the required 2.76 grde point verge ws "the most just determintion of the question t hnd." He noted tht the pge cme from " hrdworking fmily not known for its socil or politicl nfluence," nd tht "her cdemic performnce showed mrked improvement... lrgely due to her own dediction nd hrd work." rs. Boggs plyed down the importnce of her clls to friends on the Pge Bord. Clling the pge " drling girl," she sid, " would hope they would know me well enough tht would never recommend someone who didn't deserve the position." EYE ON THE KRELN: The Soviet Union continues its quiet efforts to win over vulnerble Africn ntions with esy lons for militry hrdwre nd trining. Their ltest trget is Nigeri, hrd up becuse of the drop in oil prices. Nigerin Air Vice rshl brhim Alf told Western militry officil recently tht 80 percent of his country's pilots nd flight engineers re being trined in the Soviet Union, on the cuff. Jck Anderson, syndicted columnist, wrote this with Joseph Sper. Regn is slick slesmn»» SADY GRADY WASHNGTON When it comes to selling stuff on television, you'd hve to rte Lee lcocc, Frnk Perdue, Colonel Snders nd Chuck Yeger mong the ll-strs. But for silky delivery nd glorious hype, no video peddler cn mtch Ronld Regn. n the lst five yen, whether his dministrtion needed to sell X missiles or Regnomics, the White House cry ws inevitble: Get the Glpper on the tube. This time his underlings hve hnded Regn one of his toughest cses selling $00 million pckge for Nicrgun rebels clled "Contrs." Even old Dr. gic my hve trouble crcking skepticl Congress not to mention disenchnted populce bored with Regn's Contr commercils. Every yer Regn pints glowing picture of the CA's rgged proxy rmy, which he clls "freedom fighters" in clss with George Wshington. Every yer he depicts red horde overrunning Sn Antonio city limits if Congress doesn't dish up more millions. t's like selling n Edsel or New Coke or Tylenol cpsules. The slesmn's slick, but the product is Uttered. Doggedly, though, Regn clled for lights, cmer, ction for yet nother "Sve the Contrs" blltt. The cmpign will surely climx with prime-time Regn TV spiel. For n opening shot, White House medi mven invited network cmers to loom onto Regn's meeting n the Ovl Office with Contr leders. f you expected hrd-bitten, grizzled commndos wering jungle ftigues, toting mchine-. guns nd festooned with grendes, forget it. The Contr trio Alfonxo The slesmn's slick, but the product is tttered." Robelo, Adolfo Clero nd Arturo Cruz could hve been lobbyists for the Ntionl Assocition of nufcturers. Tht's not fr from the mrk. Robelo mde millions selling the vegetble oil in which Nicrguns cooked tortills. Clero once hd the monopoly to bottle Coc-Col in ngu. Cruz is former Sndlnlt mbssdor to the United Sttes who is tresurer for Wshington bnking gency. Not exctly jungle guerrills. This once-prosperous trio, which fell out with the Dniel Orteg regime yers go, re front men nd fund-risers for the Contrs. So they listened hppily s Regn gve his sles pitch: f he didn't get his $00 million ($70 million in wepons), Congress would "open up Soviet militry bses on Americ's, doorstep, threten the Pnm Cnl nd inugurte mss migrtion inrch to the United Sttes by thousnds of refugees." Regn knows little exggertion never hurt sles. Without the $00 million, he pictured Red terrorists "just two dys driving time from Hrllngen, Texs." Whether Regn's foreboding scns the police chief of Hrllngen (pop. 46,623) l unknown. But the president's doom-sying is running nto sles resistnce on Cpitol Hill, where sentors nd congressmen usully loyl to Regn re sking nsty questions. Wht will the $00 million buy? Are the Contrs relly n effective force? Will more Contr id led to more civilin deths, more repression nd Soviet weponry in Nicrgu? Will it budge the stlled Contdor pece process? Why, when Congress is sked to cut every progrm in sight, pour wepons money nto this jungle sieve? Elliot Abrms, the Stte Deprtment's ggressive point mn, ws not entirely convincing when he prried with White House reporters on such riddles. "There re bout 6,000 Contrs inside Nicrgu now," sid Abrms under questioning. "Tht's down 2,000 from yer go. They need weponry, food nd boots. There re nother 26,000 who'd fight f they hd supplies. Tht would relly spred the Sndinists thin." "To use phrse from nother U.S. wr," sid reporter, "is there light t the end of the tunnel? "Sure, two things will hppen. The Sndinists will be pressured to the pece tble. Or the people of Nicrgu will turn nd defet them." "You tlking five yers, 0 yers?" "Something n the mid-rnge," sid Abrms. "Perhps three yers." Such iry ssurnces hven't dented congressionl doubts. The skepticism by one Sente pnel drove Secretry of Stte George ShulU nto tble-pounding rge. So the bttle moves to videolnd group of Regn loylists will spend $.2 million on 30-second "Sve the Contrs" TV spots. n trouble, the White House crew will certinly pled: Get the Qlpper on the screen. Even Dr. gic my not be ble to sell second-hnd wr. Sndy Qrdy writes for Knight- Ridder Newsppers. You cn't plese them ll There re very few things tht interest everyone. Tht mkes it difficult for mgzines, television shows nd writers in generl to ttrct lot of people. Newsppers don't hve the sme problem becuse they cn print lot of different stories in different sections of the pper nd ignore the fct tht none of their reders re going to red ll the stories. This comes to mind becuse when get up in the morning, turn on rdio Brin gve me for Christms. t sticks to the shower wll nd is designed to be impervious to wter. t's one of those rre Christms present gimmicks tht turned out to be useful. All wnt from rdio erly in the morning is news summry, short feture on helth, money or entertinment nd the scores of the gmes 'm interested in. Rdio's problem is tht no one is interested in hering the scores of 80 bsketbll tems nd tht's wht they give you. m just brely bsketbll fn nd m certinly not interested in whether Upsl bet Junit or not... especilly by how much. couldn't cre less whether or not Southwestern ichign bet Northestern Texs by 84 to 73. m very imptient, to the point of turning the rdio off, with ny nnouncer who reds the nmes of long list of colleges, mny of which 've never herd of, before he gets to the one or two tht interest me. don't know wht rdio sttion should do bout this. f it hs 00,000 people listening, suppose four or five might be interested in the Upsl- Junit score but the sttion shouldn't forget tht leves 99,996 of us ywning. Long lists of bsketbll scores must be even more nnoying to people listening who hte bsketbll. The scores of spring trining bsebll gmes leve me cold. The so-clled "ll-news" sttion listen to "we PEtoPfs eee U A W P -fr Jf compounds its own problem by insisting tht its nnouncers give the scores the hrd wy. They sy, "UCLA triumphed over USC by score of 9 to 87. The University of Arizon eked out victory over Orl Roberts, 04 to 97, nd the University of Knss tripped Arknss, 84 to 79. n the Est, Brown whipped Yle, 63 to 67, nd the Redmen of St. John's downed the Georgetown Hoys 02 to 96. Villnov scored n upset victory over the Virgini Cvliers, 9 to 86." Andy Rooney Are they trying to entertin me or give me the scores? 'm not entertined by strined synonyms for "bet." n the mgzine business, the new trick fot"' ttrcting n udience in recent yers hs been the : specilty publiction. A mgzine is often no longer simply bout sports, t's specil mgzine devoted exclusively to footbll, ping pong, scub diving or mountin climbing. Unless you're n irline pilot, plumber, stmp collector or rug wever, you don't relize how mny specilty mgzines there re devoted exclusively to flying, plumbing, stmp collecting nd rug weving. Th-re l nothing in the rug weving mgzine bout plumbing becuse the editors relize not ll of us re interested in everything. ' 've mde the mistke of buying some wood- ' working tools from mil order house in the pst yer nd now 'm on every miling list for every publiction there is specilizing in tools, wood, furniture, crfts, brss hrdwre nd mrquetry. 'm bout s nterested n ll those ctlogs s m in the scores of ll those bsketbll gmes. Andy Rooney is syndicted columnist. Hving the flu holds the secret to concentrtion Bv A OHTBOHY The influenz hs mrvelous effects on the humn brin. (For ll we know, t my hve wonderful effects on whle brins, but how could we tell?) t does two things. t mkes you ncpble of coherent thought, nd it llows you to concentrte utterly. The flu * something like Dr. Johnson's remrks on being sentenced to hng in fortnight. As soon s remember why m twing bout Smuel Johnson, finish tht. At ny rte, when one hs the flu one cn wtch the dytime television or red ll the words in the newsppers. Personlly, do not like to wtch the television of the dytime. nfluenzbrin is incomptible with dultery, cncer, bortion, sttutory rp*,' chicnery, trnsvestism nd impotence. Those re fit subjects for someone who cn mintin coherent strem of consciousness, not for someone with heightened powers of concentrtion. When it turned out tht the nurse with cncer ws not the one who hd seduced the wife of the doctor who wss wering her clothes while she ws plying tennis with the plumbing inspector, turned off the television set, s there s nothing more pinful thn to find out tht you re concentrting very well indeed, but not on the sme progrm. Wht mot prticulrly like bout reding ll the words n the newspper is tht t is still the sme newspper when you wke up nd strt reding t gin. Thl leds to gret del of repetition, but t is bettor thn trying to remember which nurse mrried the mpotent intern. There is something ctully wonderful bout newspper when you re ner deth's door nd no one cres becuse they think you just hve the flu nd will be better n fortnight nd so they don't sit t the bedside nd hold your hnd nd tlk bout the old dys. The newspper never goes out shopping when you hve the flu. t Just lts there on the bed nd comforts you. Also, it never, ever, chnges progrms while you re sleep. The bet story n the newsppers during the entire medicl crisis w one n the New York Times bout concentrtion. t sid tht very importnt medicl reserchers (who wire probbly not impotent, trnsvestltes or dulterers) hd been studying the psychologicl effects of ntense concentrtion. write "probbly not" becuse few dys of dytime television hs mde me very suspicious, nd lso becuse some people regrd those behviors s desirble nd m in no mood to offend nyone. The psychologicl effects re good, they sy. When you relly concentrte, you chieve stte of enlightenment nd pure plesure. The reenhrs' fvorite exmple ws mn who hd pent 40 yers on n ssembly line tightening screws. Every dy he got up nd went to work except when he hd the flu nd when he got there he tried to think of wys to tighten the screws even better nd fster. And he concentrted so hrd on this tht he liked his work. Bomember, this ws n the New York Times, not in Prvd. Wht depressed me, nd dmit to being esily depressed when hve the flu nd no one sks me who they should nvite to spek t the memoril service, ws tht the medicl reserchers hd such boring list of ctivities which cuse you to concentrte nd fed better: tightening screws on n ssembly line, plying bsketbll n the NBA plyoffs, things like tht, things you nd cn't do, or wouldn't do. hve hd this precise sense of plesurble heightened wreness on severl occsions nd, on reflection, it seems tht indeed w concentrting extremely hrd. sy "on reflection, becuse it hd never occurred to me tht the fun ws coming from the ct of concentrtion, thought it w coming from the trout. Yes, the trout. Depend on' ' it, there is nothing like knowing tht >: trout fly s floting over trout to concentrte the mind. The whole world disppers, the breeze stops blowing, tile ': leves stop rustling, the wter ceses to" ' lp t the boots nd the entire humn ' - consciousness hs no object but dollr's ' worth of fethers floting over blnd,;'' bony, cold-blooded bit of flesh with brin the size of dried pe. y mistke, when trying to explin., trout tuning to those sme people who ; did not notice tht ly t deth's door.,, with the flu, ws tht kept telling thes* bout the trout, when should hve been,, telling them how well hd been concen- ' trting. Then the second line of the obitury.., hedline could hve ld "Concentrted, wonderfully" rther thn "Devoted-, ngler.".,,, R. ontgomery writee for the Bottom. Otobe.

10 HA The Register ONDAY. ARCH 'm getting pretty tired of hering tht for n excuse." twn But, Hll conceded, "t ws n ContinuedfromPge A honest mistke." BULLETN BOARD Crew mins nd compre the evidence with informtion bout the condition of the crew comprtment, Continued from P»oe A nd possibly will be ble to develop scenrio of wht hppened representtive with the stte Deprtment of the Public Advocte, "There is no question tht he The gency would not describe should hve been llowed to tke the condition of the cbin, but to the crew during nd fter the the test," Hll sid. "t ws n Division of Advoccy for the Developmentlly Disbled. "We will Sentinel, "The comprtment ws "There's usully the evidence unicipl meetings NASA source told the Orlndo explosion, he sid. ccident nd we corrected it s soon s we found out bout t. be contcting the district to determine whether he is getting Fir Hven Council, 8 p.m., courtroom, Borough Hll, 748 TOOAY in resonbly good condition. you need to mke these kind of We're very sorry bout wht hppened, but pologies don't ws led to believe tht if there sttements (bout crew free nd pproprite eduction." River Rod. seem to be enough for him." were multiple pieces, there were scenrio) once you put ll the ColU Neck Plnning Bord Workshop, 7 p.m., meeting room, not mny pieces." lnfoantion together," the O'Kne, 6, sid he ws with The Elm Drive resident sid Town Hll, Cedr Drive. group of his friends on Feb. 26 even though he ws permitted to The 2,526-cUblc-foot crew pthologist sid. Hilet Bord of Eduction 8 p.m. t iddle Rod School, when he ws told not to report to tke the test, he fers the district comprtment, two-level cbin n deference to the crew's fmily members,' NASA will mke no iddle Rod. school on the testing dys by the will not use the results of his test with storge re for equipment Holmdel Township Committee 8:30 p.m. meeting nd 7:30 techer's ide ssigned to bring scores nd plce him in clsses nd computers, is seprte cocoon-like structure inside the sttement yesterdy until "re- further comment beyond its brief p.m. workshop, unicipl Complex, Crwford's Comer Rod. him to clsses. tht re not t his level of bility. Cndidtes for the Keypoit Bord of Eduction will spek t " ws humilited," he sid. " body of the shuttle orblter. covery opertions nd identifictions re complete," Hrris sid. Becuse of his hndicp, he only meeting of the Keyport Centrl School Prent-Techer's m not stupid not nerly 'm Astronut remins will be tken cn ttend school for the first six Assocition t 7:30 p.m. in the school's multi-purpose room. not n honors students but do to the Ptrick Air Force Bse The explosion ws triggered by periods of the dy. The school is Bed Bnk Plnning Bord, 8 p.m., Council Chmbers, Borough pretty well." Hospitl where representtives of lek of superhot gses nd required by lw to rerrnge Hll, 32 onmouth St. The next dy, letter ws sent clsses to give him ccess to ny iddletovrn Township Committee, 7:30 p.m., Town Hll, the Armed Forces nstitute of flmes from the right O'Kne's prents, reiterting course he chooses within Kings Highwy. Pthology will ssist with identifiction, Hrris sid. determined wht cused the rocket, but experts still hve not Wht the ide hd told him. But, reson but O'Kne fers he my Long Brnch Zoning Bord of Adjustment, 8 p.m., City Hll, fter reding the memo sent to the be plced in clsses tht re Brodwy. When Chllenger exploded nine mlfunction. mjority of the students nd lerning the rmifictions not tking uling. corner of Del nd onmouth Rods. on Jn. 28, it is likely tht the crew with cockpit voice recorder like convenient to the school's sched- Ocen Township Council workshop, 7 p.m., librry building, miles high 73 seconds nto flight The shuttle ws not equipped the test would incur, O'Kne becme upset. The twn Reconscious immeditely nd did not but it did hve n intercom record- O'Kne sid he is sking for n TOORROW members were knocked un- tht used on commercil jetliners, nvestigtion into the mtter to Knnuon-Flr, Hven Regionl High School Bord of Eduction, 8 p.m., librry, high school, Ridge Rod. gionl High School junior begn protect not only his rights, but feel nything during the fll or t ing system tht would hve been, questioning why he wouldn't hve impct with'the ocen, su recording crew comments strting lso the rights of ll hndicpped Fir Hven Plnning Bord, 8 p.m., courtroom, Borough Hll, to tke the tests when he hs been students who follow behind him in 748 River Rod. militry pthologist who sked t some time before lunch, sid tking them ech yer for s long the school district. Hxlet Township Committee, 7 p.m. workshop, unicipl not to be nmed. NASA spokesmn Terry White. s he cn remember. Hll, iddle Rod. " think tht's something tht's White did not know how exposure to slt wter might dmge One school officil told him he "'m doing this for nybody else didn't hve to tke the test becuse n ide hd to be in the O'Kne. "A lot (of the people with who should follow me," sid Holmdel Plnning Bord, 8 p.m., unicipl Complex, likely to be true," he sid. Crwford's Corner Rod. Pthologists will study the re- the tpes if they re intct. /"> clssroom with him. While O'Kne hndicps) don't wnt to fight for Keyport Borough Council regulr meeting, 8 p.m., Borough is confined to wheelchir, nd their rights. Some re embrrssed nd some ren't wre of Hll, 8-20 in St.! Se Bright Plnning Bord meeting, 8 p.m., t Borough Hll, must be brought to clsses by. their rights." Ocen Avenue, Se Bright. Rection techer's ide, he sid he needs no Long Brnch Council, 6:30 p.m. nd 8 p.m., City Hll, ssistnce in clss nd»cn write He lso intends to bring his Brodwy. Continued from Pge A sid. by himself. concern t the public meeting of West Long Brnch Plnning Bord, 8 p.m, Borough Hll, 96 hve not me plns for memoril service. " don't know if tht fmily of mission specilist Ellison Fred Fujimoto, friend of the the Htwn-Aberdeen Regionl Another person told him he Poplr Ave. Bord of Eduction scheduled for will be done t ll." didn't hve to tke the test becuse he ws indvertently plced Onizuk, 39, sid the discovery 8 p.m. tonight in the Brod Street Friends of the crew' members will cuse more sdness in Kon, Elementry School. sid they were nguished over the Hwii. on mentlly incpble list. A third school officil, he sid, "We would encourge him to discovery of remins, Wring tht "f they do find the remins of told him the oversight ws "n come nd get it off his chest," Hll Committee OKs boting bill the shock will men mote grief for Ellison, it's going to strike something new. t will strt gin." honest mistke." Finlly, on Feb. sid. " feel we re very sensitive survivors. TRENTON A mesure sponsored by Assemblymn Anthony rine Police to purchse sfety 27, fourth school officil told to his needs. We hve done everything we cn to help him nd we're. Villne Jr., R-onmouth, tht "They've got to go through it ll equipment nd py printing costs Fujimoto sid he hd ben him to report to school on the dys over gin," sid Bob Burrows, plesed to see the reltives begin of literture to be used for boting the testing would be held, he sid. very much concerned bout him. would promote boting sfety in who tught shuttle pilot ichel to come out of mourning recently. sfety eduction. wish he would tell us wht we cn " tlked to four different the stte won relese tody from Smith, 40, to fly in their hometown " hte to see this hppen." do to help him better." "The best protection ginst people nd got four different the Assembly Lw, Public Sfety, of Beufort, N.C. The other crew members were O'Kne's response: "Plin nd wterwy ccidents is prevention," sid Villne. "And the best excuses," O'Kne sid. " kept Defense nd Corrections Committee Burrows sid he wished for the shuttle commnder Frncis simple: All wnt is the eduction hering it ws n honest mistke, fmily's ske tht no remins Scobee, 46, of Auburn, Wsh., nd deserve nothing more nd wy to ensure prevention is would ever be found. " ws, it ws n honest mistke. After ll Ṫhe bill would pproprite techer Christ cauliffe, 37, of nothing less." these yers of honest mistkes, $70,000 to the New Jersey through eduction." hoping they hd vnished," he Concord, N.H. Beef Continued from Pge A Beef tllow is "highly sturted," chemicl clssifiction for fts tht led the body to produce cholesterol nd decrese its bility to brek down nd excrete unused cholesterol. Cholesterol is leding cuse of hert disese, the ntion's gretest killer. Neither Howrd Johnson's nor Kentucky Fried Chicken used beef ' tllow. But Howrd Johnson's fries were mde with plm oil, which is more highly sturted thn tllow, nd Kentucky Fried Chicken used hevily sturted vegetble oil, the mgzine sid. The Associted Press ws unble to get comment from the compnies yesterdy s telephones rng unnswered t their hedqurters. But The Boston Globe reported Wednesdy tht, two dys erlier, Burger King hd switched from frying mixture tht ws mostly tllow to helthier ll-vegetble oil combintion to fry fish nd chicken. Science Digest quoted cdonld's spokeswomn Terri Cpstosto s defending the compny's frying technique. "We use the highest qulity of beef nd vegetble shortening, nd the reson we use tht shortening is becuse it produces the highest qulity finished product nd the best-tsting one," she sid "We plce gret del of emphsis on ssuring tht the products we give our customers not only re of the highest qulity but hve the highest nutritionl vlue possible nd still mintin the tste customers wnt nd re going to buy," she dded. Dniel Levy, director of the crdiovsculr lbortory t the Frmlnghm Hert Study in sschusetts, sid he ws "stonished tht in this dy nd ge, given our helth consciousness, resturnts would use beef tllow." n his tests, Scks mesured the rtio of unsturted to sturted fts. The higher the rtio of unsturted to sturted ft in. substnce, the less dngerous it s to the rteries. Scks found cdonld's french fries hd 0.9 unsturted-to- sturted ft rtio, while its fish ws. nd its chicken.4. Burger King's french fries were rted 0.8, its fish. nd its chicken.4.,, Howrd Johnson's french fries logged 0.8 rtio. ts Fishermen's Whrf products (dms, shrimp. nd whiteflsh) were rted 4.7. i Kentucky Fried Chicken hd rtio of 2.3 for its french fries nd to Originl Recipe fried chicken. n November, Wshingtonbsed nutrition group urged fst food resturnts to stop using beef -ft for frying, or t lest list it on lbels to wrn consumers. -The Center for Science n the Public nterest cited severl compnies, including cdonld's, Arby's, Wendy's, Burger King, Popeye's, Hrdee's nd Big Boy. Consumers "re not obliged to buy our product," Denny Lynch, spokesmn for Wendy's, sid t the time. "f we give them french.air tht doesn't tste good, we cn't expect them to buy it." ENTHOL 00Y3 nxj."!«".,0 mg. mcobne. FLTER looy7 ng. "tir"..2 «g. nttinr.. pw ognto by FTC flrthod. SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNNG: Cigrette Smoke Contins Crbon onoxide.

11 NATO ORLD B ROBOTS AT WORK Using "telepresence" technology, under study by Air Force Systms Commnd, humn opertor, upper left, ASSOCATED PHESS would be ble to'feel" wrench in robot's hnds nd "see" the mintennce pnel through the robot's eyes. Project Forecst ilitry looks into the next century By NORAN ACK AP ilitry Writer WASHNGTON mgine robot, complete with hnds nd deployed in spce, tht responds utomticlly to commnds from the ground, llowing its controller to ''feel" nd "see" exctly wht it does. Consider new type of nti-proton propellnt so powerful tht spcecrft could cut weeks off plnetry flight, or super cockpit tht would literlly turn pilot's visor into rod mp, ncluding displys of enemy forces nd essentil flight dt. Scoff you might, but those nd other projects now re officilly being imgined by the Air Force following long-rnge study dubbed Project Forecst. Begun lst summer, Project Forecst brought together experts from the Air Force nd industry for wht turned out to be eight months of brlnstorming. Their chrge ws to "brek wy from conventionl thinking nd look t wht s technologiclly possible." T ' think bout every 20 yers the Air Force needs to do tht sort of exercise," sys Gen. Lwrence A. Skntze, who oversw the study s hed of the Air Force f Systems Commnd. The first Project Forecst ws conducted, in 963 t identified severl nsw Aquino considers revolutionry rule By GUEL C. SUAREZ Assorted Press ANLA, Philippines President Corxon Aquino is considering procliming revolutionry government to force out officils ppointed by Ferdinnd E. rcos, her deposed precedessor, her spokesmn sid yesterdy. "Tht's ll under study. She's still weighing things," spokesmn Rene Sgulsg sid in telephone interview. He ws responding to reports tht Politicl Affirs inister Antonio Cuenco sid t news conference: "n few dys, President Aquino will declre tht ndeed there is revolutionry government.'' The Philippine News Agency quoted Cuenco s mking the sttement Sturdy in Cebu, 300 miles southest of nil. rs. Aquio, who ssumed the presidency in nerly bloodless "people's power" revolution tht toppled rcos Feb. 25, hs been pressured by some of her dvisers to proclim revolutionry government. By doing this, she could oust rcos-ppointed officils who hve questioned the legitimcy of her power. n sttement published yesterdy in nil newsppers, rcos' -New Society ovement prty urged rs. Aquino's government to "reconsider its reported pln to constitute tself s revolutionry government." The New Society ovement sid t reconlsd hex s president nd pledged to support her in the Ntionl Assembly, in which rcos' prty holds two-thirds of the votes. rs. Aquino delivered her first Sse PHLPPNES Pge 4B nside Ntion/World THOUSANDS ARCH Tens of thousnds of pro-bortion mrchers rlly in Wshington, D.C. to proclim the right to bortion, nd n orgnizer sys the crowd ws mny times lrger thn one tht stged n entt-bortion mrch nn 2 SUCDE SSON? A Eurcpen-sponsorsd spce probe heding (or HHey's comet my be meeting its doom, scientists sy The stetrte s to gt closer to ths comet thn ever before, nd tht could sel ts fte 2 WALDHE CHARGES Another news rticle bout former UN Secretry Kurt WWheim. sys it hs more evidence the former diplomt ws membr of me Nzi prty during Work) Wr «... 2 URDOCH'S TROUBLES Rupert urdoch, me nterntionl medi tycoon, hs thousnds of ngry visitors to his Wdding, Engkind ptnt, nrwny of whom h# ffrsd vufwn ho movtd hit British oowt~* popor yroup from Flt stroot to his fortress-tike, electroniclly dvncsd plnt 2 QASOUNE PRCES - A leding expert ion the energy industry sys his survey of gsoline prices tows tht consumers will continue to py les t the pump nd tht price wrt r springing up m some plces 2 TWA STRKERS <- The irline cut fres, nd i beginning to restore flights s contrct negotitions with flight sttendntspper to hve stlled. chinists re honoring the picket line, but mngement sys Us keeping flights stoft without them 2 OH. TAX?-t ppers not for mported os becuse declining prices hve perked up the economy nd there is politicl rekic- WindrN. Domtic o pf oduosrs re not plesed } 2 AD NEWS SC hppens when compny hs i setbck n semings or horror story such s Johnson A Johnson's Tylenol tmpering? Some nvestors find dimond witing to be scooped up 2 technologies tht were considered revolutionry t the time, but which did become relity. Among them were reusble spce vehicles, extr-lrge crgo plnes, composite mterils nd high-bypss jet engines. Lst month in his Stte of the Union ddress, President Regn drew ttention to one of the predictions from the ltest project hypersonic Jetliner, dubbed the "Orient Express," tht could fly in low Erth orbit from Wshington to Tokyo in two hours. The Air Force clls tht the Ntionl Aerospce Plne. From the militry's stndpoint, Skntze sys such plne Sss 2st CENTURY ASSOCATED PRESS FRST PALACE SPEECH With elcnng plce in the bckground, Philippine President Corzon Aquino mkes her first speech there. Centenrins People over ge 00 in U.S. popultion, in millions ONDAY, ARCH 0,986 NASA 'loose, inefficient,' expert sttes By PAUL KCER AP Aerospce Writer WASHNGTON NASA's mngement system s "loose nd inefficient" nd provides no "cler-cut chin of ccountblety," mking t ill-equipped to run n opertion like the spce shuttle progrm, n expert who hs studied the gency for 6 yers sid yesterdy. Ersmus H. Klomn, consultnt who who studied NASA while employed by the Ntionl Acdemy of Public Administrtion, lso sid, however, tht the Ntionl Aeronutics nd Spce Administrtion is well-designed for reserch nd development projects nd is, despite its fults, one of the best mnged gencies in government. Klomn sid NASA's orgniztion leves ech of its 20 field centers in sttes with "good del of utonomy," but there is fundmentl confusion in how the centers report on projects nd in the workings of the chin of commnd. He sid ech NASA fcility, such s the rshll Spce Flight Center in Albm, or the Johnson Spce Center in Texs, opertes ndependently in some wys, but lso hve elements tht report directly to NASA hedqurters in Wshington. "The system seemed to be working well," Klomn sid. But fter reviewing testimony given to the presidentil commission investigting the explosion of spce shuttle Chllenger, "there re resons now to believe tht the wy the shuttle opertion system works leves good del to be desired," he dded. The min problem, he sid, is tht "it's loose nd inefficient system tht doesn't provide for cler cut chin of ccountbility." He sid engineers re orgnized in the centers in wht he clled "multi-mtrix system." Tlent is extrcted from the mtrix nd Th ere re resons now to believe tht the wy the shuttle opertion system works leves good del to be desired. ft Ersmus H. Klomn consultnt ssigned to complete certin projects, often in coordintion with engineers t other centers. Ech of the center groups report on their projects to directorte in hedqurters nd "the center directors re somewhere in between." "This is well-suited for oneshot projects," he sid. "But with n opertionl system, such s the shuttle, they need different orgniztionl set up." The filure by the rshll center to communicte to stronuts t the Johnson Center their concerns bout the spce shuttle solid rocket booster my be result of the orgniztionl system, he sid. " do think there is n inherent risk in the wy the centers re set up for this type of communictions filures," Klomn sid. NASA, he sid, mde mistke in giving the impression tht the shuttle opertions hd become routine. Even though there hd been 24 successful shuttle missions before Chllenger blew up on Jn. 28 nd killed its seven crew members, Klomn sid the opertion of the shuttle "hd never reched the point" of being truly routine nd opertionl. "The people in NASA knew the risks." he sid. Sse NASA Pge 48 Aid to Contrs debte goes on By BRYAN BHUUY Associted Press AKNG 00 According to the US Census Bureu, the number of Americns rving to ge 00 nd beyond hs increeed more thn nine-fold since 940 nd win multiply nerly 20 times more by the yer WASHNGTON President Regn sid yesterdy he would push for House pprovl of his proposl to send up to $70 million in rms to Nicrgun rebels, but hinted he would listen to offers of compromise. "'m going to do my best to convince the House tht we should hve this. The lterntive is unthinkble," Regn sid. He ruled out compromise tht might dely id for severl months, but sid he ws "willing to tlk nd to find out how we cn get some prcticl id to them in order to pressure the Sndinlst government into negotiting for democrtic pece." " would hve to wit nd see wht someone offers, who would then obviously be shring our concern getting bout democrtic solution," Regn sid s he returned to the White House from the presidentil retret t Cmp Dvid in rylnd. Regn is seeking $70 million tht could be used for wepons nd $30 million in non-lethl id over 8 months for the Nicrgun rebels, known s Contrs. His proposl nd dministrtion ttcks on those who oppose it hve drwn hrsh criticism in Congress, nd severl legisltors urged the president to moderte his position nd rhetoric before the House votes on it on rch 9. " think the request of the president will be defeted in the House on the 9th nd then think See CONTRAS Pge 4B She's the oldest SAN FRANCSCO (AP) ry "mie" ckinney ws born the sme yer s oper superstr Enrico Cruso, nd ws pproching middle ge when Hliey's comet pssed by the Erth in 90. Now 2, she might be the oldest person in the world, sy officils of the Guinness Book of World Records. Her gret ge is ttested to by bptisml certificte n musty record book in the Cthedrl of the Blessed Scrment Ctholic Church in Scrmento ry Elizbeth Wllce, bom y 30, 873, bptised the following Oct. 5. when Shigechiyo zuml, previously recognized s the world's oldest person, died Feb. 2 t ge 20 in Jpn, the Guinness Book nmed the new title-holder with verifible documents ss Ann Ells Willims of Wles, born June 2, 873. Tht ws three dys fter rs. cklnney's blrthdte. Cyd Smith, n ssistnt editor of the Guinness Bosk, sid n telephone nterview he received copy of her certificte Fridy. He sid tht until Guinness gets eqully documented proof tht someone is older, the editors will recognize rs. ckinney ss the world's oldest living person. The Sn Frncisco Exminer published copy of the certificte yesterdy. "We cn't be sure she's the person tht's going to be in the book," sid Smith, dding tht three other people in the United Sttes clim being oldest, but tht none hs sent documenttion.

12 2B.The BegUtcr DGEST Lebnese guerrills kill sreli soldier ART, srel (AP) Lebnese guerrills pbbprently trying Co infiltrte srel mbushed w sreli rmy ptrol yesterdy in southern Lebnon, killing one soldier nd wounding five, the militry sid. The militry sid two guerrills were killed nd third escped. Hj. Gen. Ori Orr, hed of the rmy's northern commnd, sid on srel rmy rdio it ws the second guerrill ttempt to enter srel in eight dys. He sid guerrills in southern Lebnon hd begun cmpign to cross the border nd strike t sreli civilin settlements. The incident occurred erly yesterdy morning three miles north of Zrit in the srelidesignted security zone inside Lebnon's border, the commnd sid.. An sreli soldier who ws in the mbushed ptrol nd identified himself only s Chim sid the ptrol chrged the guerrills s soon s they sw them. "One (guerrill) ws killed in the first burst of fire. The other, who hid in some bushes, ws still live nd strted to throw grendes t us," Chim sid on rmy rdio. A soldier who identified himself s Dnny nd sid he heded the ptrol told the rdio one guerrill yelled "Allh khbr!" or "God is gret!" s he threw grende. "Things re getting complicted in south Lebnon," Dnny told the rdio. "They're (the guerrills re) beginning to gin courge." sreli troops in rmored personnel crriers crossed into southern Lebnon nd brought out the body of the ded sreli, Cpl. Yisrel Sdn Nfh They ls evcuted two wounded srelis. Three others, irlifted erlier, were in serious condition in the neurosurgry deprtment of Hif's Rmbm Hospitl. The troops brought with them the bodies of the two ded guerrills, whom they identified s rdicl Shiite oslems. Six sreli soldiers hve been killed nd 6 injured in southern Lebnon since June. n ddition to sreli soldiers, bout 2,000 sreli-bcked South Lebnese Army militimen ptrol the security zone. Post describes covert militry pnel WASHNGTON (AP) A White House officil sid he could not confirm published report yesterdy tht sid the Regn dministrtion hs set up secret committee to coordinte U.S. covert militry ctivities round the world. The committee ws ctivted in recent months in prt to mke sure the White House nd Stte Deprtment, rther thn the CA, hve the ultimte control over U.S. secret diplomcy, the Wshington Post sid in yesterdy's editions. White House spokesmn Ed Djerejin sid Sturdy night he hd no informtion bout the lleged committee. " hven't herd of it before," he sid in telephone interview. The committee, sometimes clling itself the "208 Committee" becuse it meets n room 208 of the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House, keeps trck of vriety of locl conflicts worldwide where U.S. nd Soviet interests clsh, the newspper sid. CA spokeswomn Kthy Pherson lso sid she could not confirm the existence of the 208 Committee. The Post sid the CA's nnul budget for secret militry opertions fr exceeds $600 million, figure higher thn t ny time since the Vietnm Wr. U.S. covert involvement in third-world struggles hs been prt of the ntion's foreign policy for mny yers. Such opertions under the Regn dministrtion hve been reported in Afghnistn, Nicrgu nd other countries. The most recent trget of the 208 Committee hs been the Libyn government of Col. ommr Khdfy, the Post report sid. English mrch on urdoch ppers LONDON (AP) About 4,000 fired workers nd sympthizers demonstrted yesterdy outside the est London printing plnt of newspper publisher Rupert urdoch nd 25 people were rrested, police sid. The totl number of rrests over seven weekends rose to 26 since urdoch shifted his newspper production from Fleet Street to the high-technology, fortified plnt t Wpping. His News nterntionl Ltd. sid tht production ws norml despite the trouble outside the gtes. Some 2,000 women bcking the four unions ffected by urdoch's firing of 6,000 workers t his old plnts mrched to Wpping to mrk nterntionl Women's Dy. They were joined by women from mining communities involved in the yer-long col strike tht ended yer go nd the crowd outside the Wpping plnt, including fired workers, ws estimted t bout 4,000. Witnesses sid most of the demonstrtors dispersed pecefuly but lter scuffles broke out nd rocks nd bottles were thrown when police horses were used to keep picketers wy from truck crrying urdoch's two weeklies, The Sundy Times nd News of the World, from the plnt. The Sundy ppers, long with the dlly Times nd Sun, were trnsferred to Wpping to be printed electroniclly by members of the electricins' union. The fired workers were in four other unions tht rejected urdoch's demnds to reduce the work force nd move to the new plnt. Yosemite mountin climbers rescued YOSETE NATONAL PARK, Clif. (AP) Three mountin climbers pinned by bd wether in Yosemite Ntionl Prk were rescued by helicopter yesterdy, officils sid. The three hd plnned to spend severl dys climbing to the top of Hlf Dome, grnite promontory tht rises 4,800 feet bove Yosemite Vlley, sid llory Smith, spokeswomn for the Ntionl Prk Service. They got within 800 feet of the top Fridy when the temperture plummeted nd rin lshed the wll, she sid. They could hve frozen to deth if they remined on the rock, s. Smith sid. Rngers were lerted Fridy, nd cler wether llowed rescue yesterdy morning, she sid. The climbers were identified s Steven Bosque, 3, of Sn Frncisco, nd ichel Corbett, 32, nd John lddendorf, 26, both of Yosemite. Peruvin generl, president fce off />UT UTO, Ecudor (AP) Fired ir force chief Gen. ^ Fr Frnk Vrgs Pzos ws wrned yesterdy to pecefully vcte the nt ir bse where he took refuge two dys erlier or fce militry showdown. Vrgs Pzos rebelled with bout 200 officers nd troops Fridy fter President Leon Febres Cordero dismissed him for insubordintion for demnding tht the defense minister resign. Since the dispute strted, only wr of words hs gone on in this Colordo-sized South Americn country. The new ir force chief, Gen. Jorge Andrde, told Vrgs lte Sturdy n television ddress from Guyquil to surrender or "py the consequences nd tke the responsibility for them." Vrgs Pzos supporters who ccompnied him to nt suggested yesterdy n honorble exit be provided for the generl, who ws lso chief of the Armed Forces Joint Commnd. They sid in telegrm to Febres Cordero tht they recognized the dismissl of Vrgs Pzos "is irreversible nd we respect your decision," but suggested he "should leve with ll the honors he deserves." n his television brodcst, n which he ws ccompnied by ll the ir force generls, Andrde sid Vrgs Pzos' position ws one of 'Tnk insubordintion" tht should be "resolved through strictly militry mechnisms nd procedures." Ecudor's Congress hs styed in session since Fridy night "in defense of democrcy," nd its president, Averroes Bucrm, sid he ws willing to ct s meditor. ONDAY. ARCH 0.96 Thousnds mrch Pro-bortionists stge rlly By BRAN BARGER Associted Press WASHNGTON Tens of thousnds of women from cross the country converged on Wshington yesterdy for n bortionrights mrch tht took them pst the White House to rlly on the steps of the Cpitol. "The numbers gme is over," declred Elenor Smel, president of the Ntionl Orgniztion for Women, NOW, which sponsored the mrch. "The silent mjority will be silent no longer." n Jnury, nti-bortion groups stged ntionl demonstrtion in Wshington, which drew 37,000 people. Police estimted the crowd yesterdy t between 80,000 nd 86,000, ccording to District of Columbi police officer Steve Lngford. But olly Yrd, NOW leder, estimted the crowd t 26,000, declring it "the lrgest demonstrtion for women's rights in the history of the United Sttes." Lngford sid one nti-bortion demonstrtor ws rrested in front of the White House nd chrged with disorderly conduct when he broke through police lines nd rn into the midst of protesters, holding wht he climed ws n eight-week borted fetus. To chnts of "Not the church, not the stte, women must decide their fte," the mrchers wlked lmost three miles through city streets before rlly on the steps of the Cpitol. The mrch ws prt of lrger effort by women's rights groups to counter wht they describe s Regn dministrtion ttempt to reverse the 973 Supreme Court decision leglizing bortion. The groups lso sy the dministrtion is trying to undercut fmily plnning prgrms which do not renounce bortion. Tody, hundreds of women re expected to lunch congressionl lobbying cmpign to remove n ON THE ARCH Some of the thousnds of people who mrched in Wshington, DC, yesterdy in support of bortion. Orgnizers clim the rlly nti-bortion rider from the proposed Civil Rights Restortion Act. Next Sundy, similr demonstrtion is plnned in Los Angeles. Erlier in the dy, Judie Brown, president of the nti-bortion group, the Americn Life Legue, nnounced plns for cmpign imed t pressuring the Ctholic Church for the excommuniction of Ctholics supporting bortion rights, beginning with Smel. Brown sid she wrote letter to Bishop John R. Keting, of the Arlington, V, Diosese, urging him to "tke pproprite ction" ginst Smel. Smel lter sid, " belive millions of Ctholics support free, ASSOCATED PRESS ws nerly three times lrger thn n nti-bortion mrch lst yer, lthough ttendnce figures vry, choice nd tht bortion nd birth control should remin legl. Frnkly, think m in the minstrem of ly Ctholics.". "f they strt to excommunicte ll the people in this country who believe it should remin legl option in plurlistic society, it would be millions," Smel dded. A 'suicide mission' to Hlley's comet By GEORGE BOEHER Associted Press DARSTADT, West Germny High-tech trcking equipment in this centrl West Germn city will give the world the closest pictures yet of Hlley's comet on wht could be suicide mission for the Giotto stellite. f ll goes s plnned, the Europen Spce Agency control center will begin receiving rdio signls of the first pictures Thursdy t bout 2 p.m. EST s Giotto pproches the fmed comet. Four hours lter, the stellite will move to within 30 miles of wht s believed to be the core of Hlley's comet, opertions center spokeswomn Ri Weilnd sid. t will be the closest encounter ever of mn-mde stellite with comet. rs. Weilnd sid the pictures will be mde vilble to the news medi s soon s possible, but delys my occur becuse the cmer being used is prt of n experiment. "t's relly funny," rs. Weilnd sid. "When it (Hlley's) returned in 90 everyone ws scred to deth. Now we're going right up to t" The comet, nmed fter English stronomer Edmond Hlley, is the oldest known to mn. Descriptions of its sighting were reported more thn 2,000 yers go. Lte in the 7th century, Hlley correctly clculted its regulr return to the Erth's solr system every yers. On tour of the ESA buildings, 2 miles south of Frnkfurt nd hidden from nerby highwy by groves of pines, reporters could see opertions personnel studiously working t computer terminls. The tour ended in the nervecenter of the complex, where Lwerence Ford, the on-duty ground controller, ws checking communictions circuits nd monitoring semi-circle of disply terminls used to trck Giotto. The biggest dnger to Giotto Will 2 (Soviet Unton] crrying 2d Americn dul detector rch 9: 2,000 miles be circle of dust clled the com, which extends Op to 62,000 miles from the comet, Ford sid. With Giotto trveling t bout 42 miles per second, dust prticles will bombrd., the stellite t speeds 60 times fster thn bullet shot from gun, scientists sy.. At those speeds, grin of dust cn slice through 3-inch thick sheet of luminium, nd Giotto my be destroyed before it cn get close enough to tke pictures of the comet's nucleus. As result, the prt of ESA's stellite fcing the comet is protected by double shield designed to vporize the dust prticles before they cn dmge Giotto's vluble equipment. Scientists think the comet's nucleus is mixture of dust nd ce few miles in dimeter, nd describe it s dirty snowbll. ore Nzi chrges ginst Wldheim By ROLAND PRW Associted Press VENNA, Austri A newsmgzine published second document yesterdy purporting to show Kurt Wldheim ws Nzi storm trooper in 938, but the former U.N. secretry-generl denied the llegtion. Wldheim, who s the People's Prty cndidte in the y 4 presidentil election, lso produced documents tht he sid proved he ws never Nzi. The rch 0 ssue of the Vienn mgzine Profit, vilble yesterdy, reproduced 946 "Diry of the Procedure" on Wldheim's ppliction for n ttorney's license. Tht diry s printed by Profil contins reference to questionnire dted April 24, 940, with the entry: "NSDAP (Nzi Prty) not yet possible, since (drfted) n militry service" nd "SA Reitersturm (Nov. 8, 938)," designting membership n n equestrin group of the Nzi storm troopers. n Profil interview, Wldhejni sid he ws never member of the SA or the Nil Student Union nd did not personlly fill out the questionnire. '"Such things hve gin nd gin been tken cre of by my fmily or by friends, becuse ws t the front (with the rmy). t ny rte hve not filled t out," Profil quoted Wldheim s sying. A week go, Profil published militry registrtion crd mentioning Wldheim's lleged membership in the two Nd groups. On Tuesdy, the World Jewish Congress nd The New York Times reported Wldheim hd been member of unit ccused of committing wr crimes n the Blkns. Wldheim sid he hd worked only V n rmy trnsltor nd ws nnocent. n television pnel discussion, Wldheim sid "defmtion cmpign" ginst him "hs been plnned for months (nd s) centrlly controlled" by his politicl opponents. He lso sid ccustions tht he hd been nvolved in the deporttion of Greek Jews nd hd tken prt n fighting nti-nzi prtisns in Yugoslvi "come from brod controlled from Austri." "Gentlemen, would like to emphticlly te tht this is ll untrue," Wldheim sid "Should this continue," he sid, he would lke legl steps ginst "such insinutions." ' Wldheim dded tht s Jurist, he did not wnt to nme people behind this "slnder cmpign,' stopping short of suggesting t ws the governing Socilist Prty. ichel Grff, secretry-generl of the People's Prty, sserted Sturdy tht persons "dose to the Socilist ledership" hd orgnized the "trsh cn cmpign" ginst Wldheim. n the television discussion, Wldheim lso produced wht he sid were two documents proving his innocence. One messge, written by the World Wr Nzi governor of "Gu Nlederdonu," now the province of Lower Austri, sid Wldheim hd "through his bosting, proved his htefulness towrd our (Nzi) movement." t sid Wldheim, like his fther, ws n dvocte of the pre-wr government, nd contined no reference to Wldheim's lleged Nzi membership. The second document ws declrtion dted Aug. 29,945, in which Socilist Prty district officil of the Lower Austrin town of Tulln sid he hd "come to know Dr, Wldheim, during his mny yers in Tulln, s n upright Austrin, who ws lwys committed to n ndependent Austri." n the Profil interview, Wldheim sid he hd never tken prt in nti-prtisn combt n Yugoslvi. He lso sid he hd never even herd of the deporttion of Jews in Greece: " ws with the stff of the Army Group, nd'our commnd (hedqurters) ws not in Slonik itself but severl kilometers outside t Arskli on smll hill. hrdly ever got into town."

13 NEW BUSNESS Shrewsbury gets Comtel Systems FREEHOLD Comtel Business Systems, nc., distributor of Toshib electronic telephone equipment to smll nd medium-sized businesses throughout centrl nd southern New Jersey, nnounced the opening of sles nd service office t Suite 06, 69 Avenue t the Common in Shrewsbury. Through Toshib's rwly-ssigned distribution progrm, Comtel's third office will serve onmouth, iddlesex, nd Ocen counties. A fourth brnch is plnned for September. Comtel's Toshib telephone systems feture modulr expnsion cpbilitynd phone eomptbility cross systems, nd re bcked up by (6 billion leder in high technology industries. Dr. Dewiler ssumes denture prctice DDLETOWN Dr. Phylli. Dewiler hs tken over the denture prctice of Dr. Aln Lowenstein t 38 Tindll Rod. Detwiler is 9T0 grdute of Hrvrd School of Dentl edicine who completed generl prctice residency progrm t the Luthern edicl Center n Brooklyn, N.Y. She holds sters in Public Helth degree from Columbi University. Previously, she owned privte prctice n Westchester County, N.Y., while working s post of ssocite director of Dentl Residency Trining t the Jmic Hospitl in Queens, N.Y. Three yers go, she left those positions to prctice in n Americn mnged hospitl in the iddle Est, from which she recently returned. Detwiler now plns to combine her prctice nd reserch interests with those of Lowenstein, whose,000 cse study of the Swiss blde denture is prcticlly complete. The two doctors will offer 90-dy money bck gurntee of ptient stisfction. Prker Personnel opens in Hzlet HAZLET J.P. Prker Personnel lc. nnounced the opening of its office in the Airport Plz Office ll. The firm focuses on plcing people office, ccounting, bnking nd dministrtive sles positions, mong others. ost positions py under 40,000 nnully. echnic Street school trnsformed RED BANK ugene Fishkind of eehnlx Associte! nc. nnounced the opening of Riverview Professionl Plx, n office nd commercil complex locted t 66 echnic St. The three-story office complex offers 23,000 squre-feet of wheelchir-ccessible office spce divided into suites rnging from 800 to 3,000 squre-feet. The renovted building is the former echnic Street School, which ws built in 87. Acker & Jblow Textiles expnds E AST ORANGE Acker * Jblow Textiles nnounced it will open its first Est Cost distribution center t 60 Entin Rod in Clifton. The compny will lese 28,000 squre-foot office building for full-service distribution center trgeted t the locl lbor mrket for stffing. Besides the new Clifton site, the compny opertes distribution center in Los Angeles. BW to build North Americn offices RNCETON BW of North Americ, the mrketing rm Pof BW AG, will begin construction of new 200,000 squre-foot North Americn hedqurters building in Woodcliff Lke in the spring. The structure will be mde up of three pproximtely equlsized, rectngulr modules set in stggered row on the 2-cre site. Conference rooms, coffee sttions, restrooms, nd stirs will be locted t the joints between the porcelin nd glss-covered modules. Visitors will enter t one end of the structure to plnted, skylit trium reception re, nd continue to office res vi wide, skylit nd plnted corridors tht will bisect ech of the modules. Open wells to the floors below will serve s visul links. Completion dte is set for December, 987. f yon hve new product, buttneu or compny brnch, send the nformtion to Frnces Lyiuun, Business Writer, The Register, Register Plz, Shrewsbury, The nformtion most be received n our office t lest 0 dys prior to publiction. Be sure to nclude phoe number for dditionl nformtion. Photogrphs n «ot returnble. tems will be published on spce vilble bsis every ondy. Compiled by Frnces Lynm rket plyers find good news mixed with bd By Hero Brstntwrg Chicgo Tribune NEW YORK Good compny, bd news. Tht's one wy to ply the mrket these dys, nd certinly wy to pick up some wfully good stocks t brgin prices. Here's how it works: When compny not ny compny, but good, solid performer hs been rocked by some kind of bd news, nything from poor ernings forecst to something terrible like the Tylenol scre, wit until the stock hs stbilized, then buy it. n theory, s long s the mrket continues to fly, the stock should rebound. Even if the rlly doesn't continue, though, you could still wind up with premium stock t discount. Tke Johnson & Johnson, for exmple. ts stock strted sliding the dy fter it ws rocked by Tylenol severl weeks go, with the discovery of cynide-tinted cpsules n New York. Providence, R. -bsed HT nvestors nc., which keeps n eye out for good compnies beset by troubles, took look t t. "We clled round nd sw there ws supply out there, but our contcts on the street told us not to buy, to wit dy," reclled Hnk Greenlef, HT's president. "We sw the stock stbilize on the second dy, so we bought it. Since then, it's recovered couple of points." Similrly, fter Estmn Kodk's stock tumbled recently when t ws forced by court ction to bndon the nstnt cmer business, HT wr there. After series of restructurings nd writeoffs, the stock fell to the mid-$40s, when HT bought it. Then, two weeks go, ts stock shot up to the high 50s fter t ws the subject of tkeover rumors. HT sold it. Another exmple is nterntionl Business chines Corp. ts stock hs been off recently on poor ernings projections. HT recently bought the stock t $6, nerly $0 below ts recent trding level. On broder scle, HT, which mnges more thn billion in ssets, is trying to void purely cyclicl compnies. As it clers out its current portfolio of overvlued holdings, it's trying to find compnies tht service ndustries slted for big growth. There re some exceptions to Greenlefs cyclicl rule. For exmple, he likes Cummins Engine. "t's compny tht hs hd high return on cpitl, hs ton of csh, s n cquisition cndidte, hs reshuffled its ssets, hs huge exposure brod nd hs 03 percent of ts mrket" t hs something else Greenlef likes: t still hsn't been fully priced by the Gsoline price wrs erupt LOS ANGELES (AP) Retil gsoline! prices continued to decline in the pst two weeks, sprking price wrs in few cities, oil industry nlyst Dn Lundberg sid yesterdy. "There's no generl retil gsoline t price wr going on in Americ, but there re lmost dozen cities in... the mrkets we survey ll 50 sttes tht show exceptionl below cost gs price competition," he sid. Lundberg, publisher of n industry newsletter, surveys retil gsoline prices round the ntion every two) Weeks. The Federl Horn* Lon ortgge Corpofiliofi's incomt of $362 million, nd net ol 2S7 million, mte ties tw st yer n lit 6 yr hhlory. For n* lst thrt y«rt, nnul ncreses in incomt hve been round 00 million or more. Freddie c did not becme subject to txtion until Jn., S., FRCDDK AC'S NCOE The ltest survey showed the verge price t self-serve pumps of leded regulr t 90.3 cents, regulr unleded t cents, nd premium unleded t.26. The ntionl verge for ll grdes of gsoline ws.0374, down more thn 7 cents gllon since Feb. 2. "Tht's deep ntionl drop," Lundberg sid. n Denver, Lundberg found one sttion selling regulr t 62.9 cents gllon. n onticeuo, Ky, which is not surveyed by Lundberg, prices mported oil levy f ciiig rough times yfrss srcbsft) Chicgo Tribune, The president toyed with it. Lwi Lwmkers sfegurding federl coffers degroups bted it. Specil interest from cross the country prded witnesses some for nd some ginst it. But Just weeks fter plummeting oil prices prompted its resuscittion from the grveyrd of legisltion tht never,ws, the oilimport tx ppers ded. Sen. Robert Pctwood, R-Ore., chirmn of the Sente Finnce Committee, hs ndicted tht such tx wont be prt of the committee's effort to drft tx overhul pln this spring. And President Regn told reporters lst wek tht he thought n oil tx "would hve bd effect on the economy." j Both hd publicly considered the tx n erly Februry. Their rejection of coiutept tht hs been proposed mny times since the oil price run-up of the 970s cme fter recent testimony by lwmkers nd censiumer nd ndustril groups tht tx on imported ou would Umtnte the dvntge to U.S. lonsumers of the oil price collpsi. Their testimony wi s so negtive tht the re-emergen of the tx "my sy more bou the despertion of the Finnce Committee for n ttrctive quick At thn bout industry support" 'or it, sid Wyne Gble, director of Wshington-bsed Citizens for Sound Economy, one of the more vocl opponents of the tx! ndeed, the committee lst week moved on to discuss such unlikely revenue-rising prospects s tx mnesty. But within the oil industry, debte over fee itiy ncrese if there isn't quick «to slump tht hs reduced the price of oil on the open mrket by, bout 60 percent since November. Some oil industry officils sy the price decline hs begun to shutter mrginl wells. They dd tht, if the slump continues, they my look to the government for help in the mnner o the frm industry, with n oil- mport tx being their rescue pro) ol. And no one s denyirtg tht the tx, by skimming the svings to consumers s the prices of oilrelted products fll, would rise lots of potentilly deficit-shrinking money. Roger enu, cting ssistnt secretry of the Tresury, testified tht the two most prominent tx proposls might rise $26 billion to 36.7 billion from Those two proposls one sponsored by Sentors Dvid Boren, D-Okl., nd Lloyd Bentsen, D-Texs, the other by Bentsen nd Sen. lcolm Wllop, R-Wyo. suggest tht benefits would ccrue differently to segments of the industry pumping crude thn to delers of refined products, including gsoline. The former proposl would increse nominl triff on imported crude oil by $5 brrel nd would increse lrger triffs on refined products by $0 brrel. The triffs would begin to dispper s oil prices exceeded $26 brrel. The ltter proposl, however, would link n excise tx to sliding "survivl" price gurnteeing the industry's welfre. However, some oil industry officils oppose the tx, nd lwmkers nd consumer groups in northern sttes probbly will hrden their opposition s the benefits of cheper oil work through locl economies. "An oil import fee is nothing less thn poisoned rrow imed stright t the hert of the economy of the Stte of Rhode slnd, nd the New Englnd nd Northestern sttes generlly," sid Sen. Cliborne PeU, D-R.. The oil-mport tx is the subject of philosophicl wr between the sttes. t would insulte the U.S. oil ptch from further dmge from flling oil prices, but it would men higher bills in the northern U.S., with ts hevier consumption of heting oil nd other petroleum products. Tht is the epicenter of n economic erthquke, sy economists: Hundreds of thousnds of Jobs might shift to the Southwest ss the oil ndustry recovers, nd energy intensive businesses in the North retrench or fold becuse of high-fuel costs; infltion originting in higher fuel costs might retrd growth n the northern sttes with their hevy industry; nd businesses using hydroelectric power, gs or col might flourish r their cost dvntges grew over businesses using oil. dropped to s low s 29.9 cents lst week during price wr between two sttions, then went bck up to 69.9 cents for regulr. Elsewhere, Lundberg sid, regulr ws selling t 69.9 cents in St. Louis, 70.9 cents in Detroit nd Atlnt, 7.9 cents in ndinpolis, 72.9 cents in Colordo Springs, Colo., 79.9 cents in Sn Frncisco nd Portlnd, Ore. Lundberg ttributed spot price wrs to "one or two mverick delers, one or two mcho-bound delers who suddenly see chnce to drmtize themselves." The delers do it by pssing long to motorists ll of the wholesle price reduction nd up to third of the tke-home mrgin, Lundberg sid. "Tht mens tht such (pricewr) pockets will be of very short durtion, nd the restortive process will be very swift indeed," he sid. "e-too pricing" spreds loclly becuse of the psychologicl impct on delers when they see ll the business going elsewhere. "When delers see motorists wrpped round city block twice they pnic," he sid. TWA wlkout tlks stlled, fres reduced By ROGER PATTERSON Associted Press The flight ttendnts' union on strike ginst Trns World Airlines sid yesterdy it ws witing for the compny to return to the brgining tble, while the irline cut fres by up to 30 percent in n effort to keep its customers. The union, menwhile, sid none of the mchinists who mintin TWA's irplnes re crossing picket lines, but the compny disputed tht clim nd sid supervisors were helping keep ircrft in shpe. The ntion's sixth-lrgest crrier clled off hlf its flights when the 6,000-member ndependent Federtion of Flight Attendnts went on strike Fridy, but dded some flights yesterdy. "We hve mde the mngement nd the federl mediting tem wre tht our negotiting committee is vilble to meet with them when they wish," union spokesmn John Crouthmel sid yesterdy in Knss City, o. He sid the offef to resume tlks ws mde Sturdy but tht no reply hd been received. TWA yesterdy cut fres 30 percent for flights leving from U.S. irports between rch 7 nd rch 27, nd 20 percent for flights between rch 28 nd the end of the yer. The tickets must be bought by rch 27 to qulify for either discount. "Bsiclly we wnt to let our pssengers know tht we re flying," sid TWA spokesmn Lrry illird "We're going to keep the customers we hve. We don't wnt them strying off to our competition." The irline lso offered,000 bonus miles for ech flight flown during the strike by pssengers in its frequent-flier progrm, nd sid it ws providing free hedphones nd refreshments on flights The flight ttendnts struck over demnds for wge nd benefits concessions from TWA, which reported loss of $93. million lst yer under pressure from low-cost competitors nd declining trffic. TWA won concessions erlier this yer from its 6,000 pilots, who signed no-strike contrct nd gve up 34 percent of their wges nd benefits. But the ttendnts re counting on support from TWA's 0,000 members of the nterntionl Assocition of chinists, who gve up 6 percent in their contrct. A recording t the A office in Knss City sid mchinists "hve every right to respect legitimte picket line." Crouthmel nd union spokeswomn Brbr Steffen in New York City sid 00 percent of the mchinists hve honored picket lines cross the TWA system. "t's tremendous boost becuse flights re not going to be getting out, without the support of the mchinists," Steffen sid, "simply becuse they hve no one to service the ircrft s fr s fueling it nd doing ny kind of mechnicl jobs tht need to be done." Jerry Nichols, TWA's senior vice president for ground opertions, sid 93 percent of the mchinists crossed the picket lines on West Cost bses Sturdy nd 87 percent crossed lines in the Est. But Nichols sid no mchinists crossed the lines Sturdy in Knss City, TWA mintennce center. He sid mngement employees filled in. Ed Hunter, TWA sles mnger for New Englnd, sid none of the 60 mchinist union members who normlly work in Boston hd been reporting to work. He lso sid supervisory personnel were doing routine mintennce, dding: "The FAA re doing periodic checks nd we hven't hd problem yet." HOGTsS VSONARY A try of introculr lenses re exmined t trie OLAB pln, Johnson & Johnson division in Covin, CW., prior shipment ore thn 90 percent ofg ll ptients who hve ctrct surgery hve such tense put in the eye. The tenses tke 0 weeks to mnufcture.

14 4B The Be ster ttttoat ARCH st century Continued from PiQt b would offer "the speed of ret pone of n ntercontinentl bl lutic missile nd the flexibility nd recllbuity of bomber." The hypersonic Jet, however, l just one of bout 70 "primry reserch thrusts" identified by the forecst group, Skntie sys. Between 2 nd 20 of those inititives hve been singled out for concentrted study nd reserch, he dded. Strting n fiscl 988, the fourstr generl explined recently, '-the Air Force hopes to begin setting side bout 0 percent of its 2 billion sdence nd technology budget ech yer for forecst projects. Skntie outlined some of the predictions during briefing lst month. Among the technologies now considered possible re: Bemotely controlled robots tht cn work in spce or other dngerous environments. The robot's hnds could be moved through nstructions from the ground, Skntze sys, "nd the opertor of the hnd cn ctully get the finger-feel of wht the robot is doing. There re indictions tht this is something tht we cn fesibly do." A super cockpit using computerized rtificil intelligence systems tht would mke it possible for pilots to control Jet fighters much fster nd mneuverble thn those of tody. The system could include threedimensionl visul disply tht would be projected on the pilot's' helmet visor, simultneously showing the outside terrin, enemy threts like missiles nd essentil irplne operting dt. Anti-proton ccelertion. n theory, enormous mounts of energy cn be produced by bringing together positively chrged proton from hydrogen tom nd negtively chrged nti-proton. Such nti-protons hve been produced in Europen prticle ccelertors, but scientists don't know how to collect nd store them or control the rection. The "swrm." nsted of relying on smll numbers of highly cpble nd expensive stellites for nvigtion, communictions nd surveillnce, this concept clls for putting up lrge numbers NASA Continued from Pge B K o m n emphsized, however, tht " still hve high regrd for the NASA tem. NASA hs some of the most competent nd dedicted people you will find nywhere." n report Klomn prepred lst October, he sid NASA's mngement is "vstly different" from the erly yers of spce f.ight. The close scrutiny by congress nd by the Generl Accounting Office forces "mngers t ll levels... to devote excessive mounts of their time nd energies to the filing of forms nd writing of reports, sid Klomn, who hs since left the cdemy. "During NASA's erly dys," Klomn sid n the report, "decisions were mde t ll levels of mngement on timely bsis, but tody's decision mking process moves more slowly nd ponderously. Wheres key individuls or smll groups took responsibility for decisions in the put, tody tht responsibility tends to be spred out mong lrger groups or committees." As result, he sid, ech level of mngement ttempts to keep tighter control nd uthority. "Thus," sid the report, "NASA hedqurters progrm offices exercise wht the field centers regrd s micro-mngement, nd the working reltionship between the two levels s strined." Despite these negtives, Klomn concluded, "NASA! stnds out s one of the best run gencies n the federl estblishment" nd the NASA workforce s "n elite corps." Stellite swrm ASSOCATED PRESS A network of smll, inexpensive stellites, known s swrm, would replce more costly nd vulnerble systems, ccording to n ide by the Air Force Systems Commnd. t is one of mny futuristic concepts the commnd is dreming up. of nexpensive stellites, pyrmidl in shpe nd 2 feet on side. ndividully, ech stellite couldn't do much. But n electroniclly connected "swrm" w.ould be highly cpble n the ggregte nd less vulnerble to enemy ttck. Using exotic mterils to produce smller, hightemperture jet engines. Skntze sys it ppers possible to build verticl tke-off Jet tht could come close to mtching the high performnce of conventionl jets. Engines re now foreseen tht would offer thrust-to-weight rtio of 20-to-l insted of 8-to-l "by the end of the 990s," eliminting the high fuel consumption tht now limits performnce, he sid. Non Notice t hereby given (hit the Bord of Eduction of kknetown Township win hold pubtc hering on ttw finncil sttement nd proposed budget for tht school yer , t hert set forth, between 8:00 P.. nd 900 P... on Tuesdy. rch 8th. 986 n the idddtown High School North Librry, 63 Tindl Rod, ktrjetown. New Jersey. Sid budget w be on ft nd open to the public between the hours of 8:00 A.. nd 4:00 P.. from rch 0tti, 986 to rch 8th, 966 t me Office of tht Assistnt Secretry/Assistnt Superintendent for Business. Bord of Eduction, 59 Tind Rod. Wdtetown, New Jersey. PAUL W. BENNETT. H.S.B.A. Assistnt Secretry/Ailetnt Superintendent tor Butlnett SCHOOL DSTRCT BUOOET STATE E NT FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR itss-st PwpOnlW. TTO t> To BOrDn PL 7-35CKOXV2 PL 4-42 (WcWdJ-2). Of "T-TOTAL... TCmttf Loctf lm liy... l-totalkn* 27-2 P..N... Cp Ouikv d. TOTA CAPffAL OUTLAY LOCH T«x H i, tauf lut-totat J6-J7. OmnWATip.. TOTALB Tow Fr* ttkmm 7/i/et.. "-r^ssl ElfCcilUNl4L45 J-CUmCTEKPfSE t S.00 >: 3&t S2t t.7tO.00 t.7700 HS.77t O00, J J00 i.tot;j» 4OJ ,400 REVENUE8 4l.0t tmst ,700 N.3U0 vooo.ooooo SOX.2.4 0JSS.0 0 tto 'S3 i.otroo 2S.24.nxi ,3300 5O.33tO0 4..0O "li 27J0O0O 292,0000 t O O 7.too 3773 moo 40. moo SO.280O.00 S.7700 t.770o O.0O utoo.4sj.«oo S0J.00.2U.00 nuitoo m^iioo S.OOOOO St4,34;0O su.on«j4tj * t,07t tit Contrs ^ Continued from Pgt B there will probbly be some kind of nejntirtnn behwi the sdmin- ttrtion nd members of both prties of both houe in order to try to rech different pproch," sid Sep. Richrd A. Gephrdt, D- o. "The Sndinists hve sid they will gree to throw ot the Soviet nd Cubn dvisors, nd gree not to run rms to other countries in the region," Gephrdt sid on the ABC-TV progrm, This Week Philippines - Continued from Pig* B speech t the lcnng presidentil plce yesterdy, telling bout 6,000 women celebrting "nterntionl Women's Dy" tht she plnt to nnounce price cuts soon on unspecified goods. "t ws women who knelt n the pth of oncoming tnks nd clled the bluff of the dicttor, nd t is womn who stnds here before you tody s the president of new, free nd proud Philippines," rs. Aquino sid. She ws referring to civilin throngs who brred the pth of tnks nd soldiers rcos tent to ttck rebellious militry forces who supported rs. Aquino. Thwrted, rcos fled to Hwii bord U.8. Air Force plne with his fmily nd close ssocites. Sgulsg sid rs. Aquino will move her office to the plce grounds tody. Austrlin Foreign inister BU Hyden, who flew nto nil lst night, will be mong her first officil cllers there tody. Since tking power, rs. Aquino ht worked out of building S-t t-tt Fwrtd AfQptfN i.moo njutoo J3J73J4O00 744t.t.00 7.JS30O 7Jt ,lt.l7tOO O, 0t(W : U0O ««;oiooo 24<t»» 24*** JO * SO AP'KlfftuVnottS SS , OO 70.40) 7H40O ituoo i3>oooo oooo 2J0 mootoo SSioo i.otijttoo FOO ASTO mmmmm ftsss »«"isftoo SOO pcto tmrnot w.tnffflft 344G0 wt.toftflff 07.7O0 7.7SUt O 3200 tm.7t2.00 O0 N7,7SU S.00O00.04t\OOO SS4.0OO tjoo J4SU , S.09 22U4OU t4tl 00 42j7t,4it oo mimt With Dvid Brlnkley." "We hven't clled their bluff We ought to do tht first." Other members of Congress urged compromise bsed on the condition tht the dministrtion seek to negotite n greement with Nicrgu's leftist Sndinist government before rming the Contrs. " find t difficult to possibly understnd how the dministrtion cn tlk to the Soviet Union, for exmple, communist country, cn tlk to Chin, for exmple, communist country, nd refuses to tlk to Nicrgu, tht s rxist-leniist regime," sid Sen. Edwrd. Kennedy, D-Hs. "Negotitions might sot be successful. But thi hs bsiclly turned its bck o tht process," Kennedy ssidion CB8' interview progrm, "Fce Pce the Ntion." Rep. ichel Brnes, D-d., on* of the most outspoken opponents of Regn's proposl, wrned tht rming the Contrs "s going to led to decision of whether or not to send in U.S. troops." "f we go down this rod towrd incresed militry confronttion n Nicrgu, t leds lmost nexorbly towrd the commitment of U.S. forces, becuse even the CA nd the Defense Deprtment, concede tht the Contrs re not going to succeed n their objective," Brnes sid on the NBC interview progrm "eet the Press." Elliott Abrms, '*» -secretry of stte for inter-americn ffirs sid Regn would pressure undecided congressmen to bck bis proposl. "The president is not looking for compromise t this point. The president is looking for 28 votes n the House," Abrms sid on NBC. " think tht very lrge number of Democrts nd Republicns re looking for wy to give militry support to the resistnce forces becuse they wnt to stop the Soviet penetrtion of the Americs," he sid. "There s wide split mong Democrts... owned by her fmily n the kti finncil district. She hs sid she plns to work but not live t the plce. Erlier yesterdy, the Philippine News Agency lso quoted Cuenco t sying rs. Aquino plns to drft new constitution to be. submitted to voters for rtifiction t the sme time elections for provincil governors nd town nd city myors re held next November. The constitution would replce one encted by rcos in 973 tht gve him powertojil opponents indefinitely without tril nd to mke lws by decree. t would lto give rs. Aquino's government constitutionl legitimcy, Cuenco ws quoted s sying. Cuenco ws reported to hve sid tht procliming revolutionry government would end confusion over the tenure of locl officils. The officils' terms expired rch 3, but lw pssed by the Ntionl Assembly under rcos permits them to hold office until new elections n y. ny re going to vote for ilitry support for the Thi dely n lending id to the Cootr becuse "every month's dely l getting the militry eetettce they need... is nother month for Soviets nd Cubn* to kill democrtic resistnce fighters. t is nother month for Soviet helicopters with their Cubn pilots to go round slughtering people n the field of bttle." Sen. Christopher Dodd, ppering on NBC, predicted compromise. "Wht hve found in the lst five yers is tht if President Regn... cnnot get exctly wht he wnts, he l willing to bck off little bit nd try nd work out something." sid Dodd, D-Conn., member of the Sente Foreign Reltions Committee nd frequent critic of Regn's policy. Two of Contr leders, Alfonso Robelo nd Adolfo Clero, sid their movement needs U.S. rms, prticulrly nti-ircrft n ntitnk wepons, to mintin force of bout 26,000 fighters. They denied reports tht Sndlnlst forces hve driven the Contrs out of Nicrgu into neighboring countries, nd they nsisted tht up to 8,000 guerrills continued to operte in the Centrl Americn country. rs. Aquino, however, cnceled the elections. Aquilino Pimentel, the minister for locl governments, hs been nming their replcements, move widely criticized even by some Aquino supporters. Justice inister Neptli Gonzles hd sid forml proclmtion ws not needed becuse t ws obvious rs. Aquino ws in power by virtue of revolution. Sguisg sid the questions rs. Aquino s considering re whether there is still need to formlly proclim revolutionry government nd defining its objectives nd durtion. The news gency lso quoted Cuenco s proposing cretion of commission tht would negotite with communist rebels nd grnt them mnesty on condition they lsy down their rms. However, West Germn news mgzine relesed n nterview Sturdy in which rs. Aquino ws quoted s sying the hd contcts with communist rebels but could not rech n greement on cese-fire with them O00 i477j0. (44J 00 ljxt SS400 2J74J00 jifisooo USTSTOO O.4444.O0 t>m JJt4*70O0 (7.4400).237»2» 00 3J0AOO >.4tA000«3J.7 7J00 2*Ut3_00 3 UlUOt 4..0t JJ J37.7mOO sriooooo noooooi toouo 0*OOO) 3J4S7J) 3.7O.00 4JO7J000O nrottn TvoiTot grostoo mjuun uuoobo»744fltl 0O37JW,OJ.0O3WOt, t..00 K.O0Q JX.0O S.7400 itttoo fjjo j&jtloo g tmootoo OTOO TJtTJt *tm TOUtOO tiohojo 7H.7J0,t,W7 0» i t t7.4t004(Ll> »Jt00 StO jtito UD uwnuo

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County ol onmouth Bt of Nw Jerey s losowt SECTON : The nnul tlre lor t yr 6SB ot t Kowg employees ot the Bord ol Heth o the TownWp ol Admlnltrtlv Clrk to * Bord Attorney ( Rowrr ol vitl Sutuuc ~ $ Oputy Hgitrr ol vitl ileuh.... ( C l e r k / T v p i t «4 00 to W00 pr h SECTON 2 AH ir nd wg hrem h b rtrove komjnury.8bs SECTON 3 AS OrOHnc or prti ol O* w» th pioillor ot m Orokrnc ll tke ertect mndleiry upon W outmctwn nd pg ccordhg» w Thlorgng Ordinnce w mtrducd nd pd t Hr t rolng t nng 04 me Bord ol nn ol lh Townhip ot Hokndl held on rch nd wi b conldrd lor Hl pg nd doption t meetmg ol ld Bord ol Helth to b held on April t Town H. 4 Crwford Comer Rod. Hokndl. Nw Jersey. «730 P.. t which mm nd pce n prron dewing to b herd thereon writ t given fun opportunity Dorothy A Burger. Secretry rch NVTATON FOP. SWS Nonce hereby green thi SEALED Ud be recned to. t purchse ol ( Pick-up or tm rck body truck by the Housing Authority 04 the Borough orwgnnds. BU w«b received t 7:30. pry^sjmjen rch Sti '» t f olio* ottn Housing Au*ior«yo«ti Borougn ol High lnds, f Wrwtg. AyriGe. Highlnds. Nw Jerey t which n nd pce t bu < b pubcly ond nd reed loud. Spocon my be obtd S Biddr «i person t the office t Aurr? 25 Wrwuch Avnu. Htghnd. Nw Jry BU must be mde on tundrd proposl torm or compny letterhed: Bids nil b n ku nvop. g t nme ol the bk>n outside ol the envelope, ddrmsed to lh 28 Jersey Th Housing Authority ol the Borougn ol rlgnd reserves the rk/l to rkkt ny nd s bids or D wive ny nrmts where uch informlity not detrimentl lo th Del mtereti ol the Authority No bid ns b withdrwn lor period ol tuty (60) dys tuoequent» the opening ol me ot without conenl ->l th Authority Th succeesrm ksr will be required to tumh mnu nd wnensee or sid vhic. t ORDER OF THE OUSNG AUTHORTY OF THE BOflOUGH OF WOHLANDS rch 0, t l Ls) tltvet The yor nd Council ol t Borough ol Un Silver n r- WHEHtAb. B dditionl mount we. b npffinhtml lor t purpo* et fcrti btow. incresing m loll pproprtmon tor euen purpo from wht ouk) otherwise b premdee under in* nttslone ol V. Cp. jo t term oetow: Pece - Svtee Wgs Amount Adopted X Apy Borough Attorney. compewwe Tkiding tor pro- elorl srvto lor the yer ConKon S pursunt lo HS neureneesjuoflementt ndr640a5 t leicusu.c.c AmounO Th* itoun U nd oontct re on»j nd vnb lor pubic inspection n me uroe SHver Borough drk Omce StephnQ Qreenwood Admmlrtor/Crk rch >l Ocwport ORDNANCE PURSUANT LOCAL CAP LAW CONi THE 986 UNCPAL OF THE BOUROUQH EANPORT. N THE OF ONOUTH, NEW _ PL 976 C. 88- tm Locl Cp Lw. provided mt n tfpreprtion of in budget iwcbwiunn the mdo r«it txj n tlw svnvutofv tlw. ttt ny yt>v m vtveh ux3 irxii ri xcedt 5% wtttvi suthontsk] by ordinnc*. nd WHEREAS ht >rxx rtt tor h» bvn cruiwd by ins DWeKtOr Of lf>«dlvibkxl Ol LoOtl Oovrnn*«n S«'vic«* in f* D*>ptVtnHii o! Community Attin it 9% nd WHEREAS lh Borough Council ol m Borough ol Ocsnport itrvds it dvitt nd n>ck5wy lo mct <<» '9W budut by roof th*>n 3". ov«r th«pf«ki y«t- ni ppropfihonfc, tn lh mirti ot profnoting th«hjth. tly nd wili ol ttw omnt, nd WHEREAS- lh Borough Council ''By dtrmms iht 6*. Kicftttu m lh bwilgi lor tid yr, mounting to «u *38 93 m >o»t of tn incr«m finl ppropnuon pfmrtd by 5*n Cp tt dviubt nd ncttiy nd Orrmuri ot th S unicipl Budget b pproved nd dopted mcreemg Url eppropruone u uirimid by PL 983. C 4 nd t preecrieed bov. (nlority or th hjs uthonid mmbrinp ol true Governing Body lterntively BE T FURTHER ORDANED Amount Hoi Adopted mt cermd copy ol tt ordlnnee mtroduod b Hd «*fi SU7.BO0 07 NOW. THEREFORE. BE T th Director ol t Dton o* ORDAWteo by Borough ol Locl Government Services CouncH ol th Borougn ol within 5 dvt ol introduction nd BET ALSO ORDANED tt OQrtinetd OQspV Of tflbb CdAVlCtt. upon Hl doption w» t r- GOftfeKl ^FOO tocuclx) f #)CO, bj riled wwi tud Olrctor wwi 9 dy lr ucri doption. NO- TCE Of PEN04NOOBDNANCE Th uiuknc* pubnlted hriwht meoduodnd psted upon Wt renq t th meeting ol th yor nd Council ol th BOfOUQtl Of Ocemnpoft. n tfi County ol HonmouS. Nw Jery rid on rch S. BS n «H be further conkkjrd tor finl 240Rumeon 24ORumon 240Rumeon _0. petge, lr pubic hering inereon. t meesng t sen yor nd Counc lo b hu n the Borough Hn m lid Borough on Urch20 *66 omr««6:00 o'clock P... nddurtng t «rek prior to nd up to nj ncluding the d ot uch meng. copis ol tld mrjrnus <8 b mds i Hlili t tie Crk' 0- c to members of t generl puoec who nl requet eme PATRCA L V BOHOUOH rch 0 NOTCE NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN to the legl voters ol the School District of the Borough ol Rumson n me County ol onmouth nd the Stte ol New Jersey, tht Public sttng ww be held in ttwhorry ot the Forrestdle School, Forrest Avenue, t 8:00 P.. on the evening ol rch 9.986, for the purpose ol conducting public hering on the following budget tor the school yer SCHOOL DSTRCT BUDGET STATEENT FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR H-«7 VPupsOnRol 3. Pnvj School Pcennn 4 Pupe Sm to Other Oumcn *>O Btnc tprpfhi ij stfs Locl TiLvy Tutttn lifhmnni BUB-TOTAL (U s 8 t m ) Bwl He8 Equsuton Ak). Otir Su AklS SUB-TOTAL Revenue H t F e e Surc PL (Voctionl J-2) P.L»7-35C>pir PL»7OSChpr2 PL S4-42 Hncppd J-J) SUB-TOTU. Tew Ciem tinmi TOTAL 0OT SERVCE TSlllin Unniii TO Fre Binc 7(/64 * or (-) Adjutmnls Enr Cokjmn 4 L«45 J- CURRENT EXPENSE Senet HHl Other Eipsnet-Heth SUB-TOTAL OerFbdCfrgt Tujon-Spsdl - SUB-TOTAL SUE' Perop mp. ini Perop mp-other Ew sssi SS mumcfcy n" tmt ny n- SpeeOi-Otw Ew cr m sid budget to5% over the prevwut yer mi pf^ti Home ln. Snt Heeouro Bm Slr«tt to tuh Rtoureenm.O*ttrEi» B» TsUnt 4-50 PL W3. C 49j- Sue-TeW mending toe* c»p Lw. pecjelprokk-f. prmmunlciplibioinc ~ o tnef nl cproprrtione by Look n clulfled for the bet lectlo of employment opportunities rluble. S.C E -SW onpuouc Tt«tboo»t Nonpuc Auwry Srviot.. NonpuoHc Hendlcppd Srvice SUB-TOTAL ;., SS4-BS Anoopeted (Decrete) REVENUES Sept 28. 9*4 Sept Sepl 30. S CSmsllll SS4-S5 Actul Aneook (Decre) S WS4 W J2B S O , ) 5.SS J S UO0 06, » 3* n (40) 45, A PPflOWi AT ONS es.tsoo : *4.00 2O.2O0 2 js.:s» 46, , J O * S J.54 iss , *485 rrnsknm/ rvd X8 Trntiiin/ Revkd ftrne. Out) Appropr Eipnriret Apprp. (T'Sr. Our) Apprp (780000) ( S4.0OO i 27.5O0O *0000 S3.7OO.OO ( , O.57».57 X X S X J O.X 3.28SX 63, ,57000 S.0OO.0O , KX.66*487 W S.S06X X (2.X00) X00 3X (7XX) 0^ « X00 457X X X K S8X * 30, (750 l 62.S580O (8,00000) n.eooooi , ) , , , SO0 0O HO ) 36O0O t , * S ( OO OO , ( Free Approprition Blnces 6/30/85 (horn th AurJ Amount pproprited <o dopted FY Budoef >i-iililioni mount ppropno during FY 8S-66 Fi Appropnlior, Blnces 6/30/66 lel.) Amount ppropnled m FY Free Approprinon Blnces 8/30/67SS)., The complete budget will be vils Forrestdle School. Forrest Avenue, be' rch ^ *4' , SO 0000» Q S6Jt7.00 3,56 3 mjmst 2, ) t\2.n * X J74S , O X.4* X W J0.X.402 X 48.X 64.77S.X 88.S7S 364XX X.*27,62.X X X XX XK * , * S XX XX 0.X K 360 X.0XX 6.6XX , , S3O.0O 232J J , ) i ooo * ,440, _ _ X ,5644 3, *09 3, j ,436, ' S , RECAPTULATON OF BALANCES (J-ii Currnt Eip {50 00O00 2/ OOO Spetun SchooUor SpeDiProt (J-2J ij " Cpitl 484 ) ( lor oxmintiur Hy ins public t the Bord Secretry^ Office, jeen the hours ot 9 00 A.. nd 4:00 P.. from rch to Dvid C Jones. Bord Secretry Rumson Bord ot Eduction O»'er Hvei NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN lo the legl voters of the School Ossot of F*- Hven m the County of onmouth nd the Stte of New Jersey tht Public eeting w be hetd n the porujoki ciswoom t Kr«D*Nvood School on Hence Rod n the Borougn of Fir Hven t 800 P.. on the evening of rch for the purpose of conducting pubc hering on the foeowingtjrtflxtor the school veer OCO To SPupt Debt Service Aid Type TOTAL orrsntrki TFurHA is Totl Free BUnoee 7//64 During *84-*5 Enr cokim 4 Ur 48.. SSSTmtCB llli Tlllltilll SJTorTrV. ssrl "STOO Sriet-SecSCkir Aet 48, C*r6rstork> 2,20000 ritxiok khoolub SAuro-Vul n reching Suppee jertipeme TOT«L SUB-TOTAL Silmt COrcStnlot ole PurclWOe^ OUSTBpwm.. SUB-TOTAL rmsnji CoSSuor,... TueWptoti. ub-tot. BUVTOT. slllit ntii rmnss SUB-TOTAL SupplementSlry SpeeVStri Home ni-sir«t H m other E. 55 S400.K FOB THE SCHOOL VtAK itt-, (404X00) 840*4704 REVENUe* Sept 28 9*4 Sept 30, 986 " " " ^ * ) X (3200) 7900) X 4424S7X 7.274X , X X X 20478X 5.579X 24, *5, JX X 58406X *JXX J7X 2243 X * X 22.8* X 827X K Trenlertm/ Heed * Trnetjrti/ Appropr (Trne Outl Appropr Eipndur Apprp (Trns Our) O0 0O00 HJ0000 4JT0.47 4J00.00 _ X X 29, XX 40, X 'Soxx fijss 2.8X.X 2204X 8.4OO X 6.0O0 44KX X 'ilosx 2644X.K !J»:iS X 4XX.8XX 75.OX , S ,277, *87 5OJOOO0 2J J0O.O0 9, , X.X &.8S.SS ( ) K.X 4O.0OOX 264K.X, XX 404XX SXX XX DC 256.2XX 5 0O00O X 6.5KX.2XX 7.7XX X.X 75.0XX X XX U 2.6 X XX , X *8 74 5X0 5X X X 4.4XX S00.X X X 33.0XX mil S , XX 84XX 7.X0X 8, KK 56, X0X S.0XX 740SK 200X 6i2fO''».i. 80. 2.SXK 4000 X0i' P'L'S"''firlpir ) X 38, OO0O P L Clotr 2) (3200) X 2JO0 0O PL94-4J(HnScp d)' X U8-TOTAL (78.00) 6, , JQ000 "88 SUB-TOTAL Test) Ctrl jit U- S t ^ Bukng Tim riiit menu PrnotV ml Te D TOTALS S.880X X JJSJ _^ 6, , X (7B34) X 50, X.X X0. 24X40 484x X ,487 X X 25.X0X 25.0,487 X.457 X B2.X ,6*2 X T tliio ' X JwneJO.96 TlHlH Him ee«8llll J»»3O.68S 423X FVjlon Trnporteeon A«' Ad totl Speoi Schooitor SpclProi. JXX 6.0XK UK X40 6* 7S.OO X * * S7.X X 26,0 X.7oox BS X 224X 7.86.X 30.X0X 7444* ~mju SX S8.783 S.2S40 B4448X X 404(40 048*40 50.QX.X 4*8440 3S JOOOO J08-00 ljoooo 57, U09-K ,368,5» ioftoo J0OJ , XX 4.8XX 4.4XX 43.4XX 26.S90X 2S4B0.X 626X0 X X 3400X J0S.X X X00 iiiii XX liissx XX 4S.000 7S4XX 2754KK O.K 7 0X00 t join 6JX.X X S t.oxx X XX J J2.2X00 22JO0 33.0XX sjoon 3.0XK XX 22.4XK 74X00.0X00 ll.oxx 7X80 6.0X 60JKX X X 6.0XX 7.5XX, XX.09)0.XOX X 0O0 X06 ss X eO_X X X 643X S73J64J0 2,65643 X JO400X so.ooox * ,72* ppww csmbst. W 7*5f«> W "t4.22s5 8ifo3833 Arnouo.tppropi.d eoopdfv p Budget (78.0X00) OO AddBonTsce neoped durt F FT F Free Appropneon Stwii 6V30/sl ieet.) J Amont unt tpproprieled oprld 0 FV 98-S7 8S (780X00 (78.0X00) [7S0OOX) ApproprB 308 /30/87 () 286,2574lj < The o g y p Secrety of the Bord ol. Knoltwood School. oo. Hnce Rod, between the hours of 9:00 A.. nd 3:00 P.. weekdys from rch h 3, through t h April Ail Violet Kennedy. Secretry Bord ol Eduction SS73.JP Cpu! Cpttl n

16 68 The 984. Country Out) Api otdc*- ly l Dn grrd nitln wn m RnT oortngboi ol nn» Borough Hrl oofl ol ttonfcwn rcn S. B t 6Borough Hl t 00 P Tint mng w D K rqusl rnw mcrt oy in grd upon S%. du n cpitl improvmnn nd/or hrdship. Pl tk turthr rtotlc tht ny mtrltd prty my com nd D hrd t my to df t sid pudhc hnnp Edwrd Gmtwn Country Club A.0C rch 0 S Loop Brnch ueucnonci A PUBLC HEARNG FOR THE PURPOSE OF DSCUSSNG AN APPLCATON ON BEHALF OF THE CTY OF LOW) BRANCH TO THE NEW JERSEY STATE DEPARTENT OF EN- VRONENTAL PROTECTON QREEN ACRE9 TRUST PRO- GRA FOR A LOAN ANO FUND - NO TO CONSTRUCT THE THRD PHASE OF THE OCEAN- FRONT PROENADE FRO COOPER AVENUE AND SEA- VEW AVENUE ON OCEAN AV- ENUE N THE CTY OF LONG BRANCH THE PUCLC HEARNG WLL BE HELD ON FRDAY. ARCH PLEASE TAKE NOTlCf.»W t :00 p> on th K) dy ol n*.»..< m Hd Bnk uwlbuidoo.onmouoi sm Bnt, NOT Jng. Bord ot AOtutmnt «nof hmg on tn prtwy nd nl pln ppkon ol X Alln J By AWAHA J. ; rch 0» g Wee) Lon Brnch OWNCt * ORDNANCE APPnOVtNG NmdriionOdTt tunon tn l CREASE N» FNAL APmrsbdppnon «D gmn PROPRATONS ny to b hrd. roduod: Feruryie.» d Bnk Bord of Adm. undr dt ol August Approvl rch 6.SCS gnmd U nd hb<> Ptd rcn S. t* lutmm. >rlno. tsvit. g Frnk Sorrntno Th olutron doptd Oy tn Rd Bnk Bord ofadkimnl on AujgtiS. ujgt. Arm R drk ttuwi twm-tngnni m-.tngnning t u «rino pecy m pecy Borough CW suopct to nd uumgm upon rch 0 onroouth County BnrJo Avnu. which «Donmoum County Prk Syprn loobd n tn right ol wy ol sid ADNSTRATVE OFffCES. Brldg Avnu: Thompon Prk, Nwmn logmr with such othr vrinc t my D t form n d - Jpnno Rd. Uncron. Nw Jr- tn on th plns tutxnmd try th it, igee AT OOO A N THE AJ documott. plnt, corrpondnc nd supporting COUNCL CAUCUS ROO ON THE THRD FLOOR OF THEdt LONG BRANCH UNCPAL BULDNG. 44 BROADWAY LONG BRANCH. NJ () pnung. whr 5. r propod nd 477 po r required; nd (b> th propod cnopy long pplicnt Thr r cnln wzvrs which r lnuskl. nd r t uggtprl nd shown on At plnt suommd by lh pplicnt, A lr n ot lo plns tr lor th purpo ot noorprtog tn tm hrm oy rtrnc tn tor pmwiiilnti nd BL_ t. pprovl my D mpdd by th pubc in th offlo ot m Sc rtry ol th Bord ol dktt RCHARD A BOVE mnt. in m Dmnt ol Di u ECONOC DEVELOPENT., mclpl Building, during hr rg- rch 0 (0 OS mr * Dum * ums hours. ZAOER FUCHS. LECKSTEN. 239 Rd Bet*! KAUFF NEEDLE NOTCC TO iorb NOTCE l hrby gn mt H H 6O "'» b rcmvd by lh yor nd Council ol m Borough ol Rd Bnk lor m toll i s UNFOR RENTAL 9 ELECTRCAL SERVCES SAD Ud r n b hnd oitvrd to lh Borough Adntmntrtor nd rd n pubw t th Council Chmbr. Borough H. 32 onrmuth Strw. Rd Bnk. Nw Jry no ltr thn 2:00 P.. Prvng ttm on r ch 2. i» No B w* b rcd or ocpd through» lt.bus «b rod nd ntnmd only t th* plc nd Wn i dignd hrm. COPLETE torm ol Btd r Anornyt lor th. AppHcntl Tnodor 0 Sour Elrn SOUTHS By ABRAHA J. ZAOER rch NOnCt TO WORt rtotoiliioyglvnlhil d Ud «b nvd byth onmouto County Bord olhe- t'ning body o mke n tppoin mnt o th vcncy on th S OF VARANCE ' AS REQUESTED AS PROPOSED on N t m omo ol mbrighl Council This meeting it g Purchsing Agnt. 32 onmoutn open lo tn public Stuctul A bulkng 0 prosnt tpront sirt. Rd Snk. Nw Jry iry Lrton (2) inimum unoccupied 30 prcnt Copit ol wmcn my b. Borougn CWrk nd open tptce Prking n by propctlv Euddrt Fb (3) Prking n front yrd front yrd rs m hour ol»:00 A nd 4.00 P.. BDDERS wm U without ny Hrtlnn. mndmnl. or condon m Propol Form tchd io th Spcmetlonr Tn B Propol «Sfb compl th mnnr dlgnld mrln nd rmrd by m tpcidctlorn n win b ndord by th Bkjdr wtm Nm. AddrB, P)«n Numbr. nd to mrkd indlcl m itm lor wch th tubmmd. Dvry u dr- 24 S.. Bright pultc NOTCE PLEASE TAKE NOTCE ml n yor nd Council of th Borough of S Bright. N J. will hold specil mung or Wdntdy Fb p m in th Counci Chmort ton E Ocen Ave S Bright. N.J Th puipo ol mit spcii miing is to rciv t lgtl optnton nd lor lh go' 239 Red Bnk PLEASE TAKE NOTCE, mt on m 20th dy ol rch. 9 l me Rd Bnt unicipl Bunding. 32 onmoutn Strt. Rd Bnk. Nw Jrty. th Zoning Bord ol Adkitmnt win ho public hering on me ppliction CART BATTERES 4. LEA8N0 OF FAR LAUD (AT DOFWOOir. PARK. HON- OUTH COUNTY, N.J.) Bid Oocumni. mokxtng m- ttruoon To Btddtr. compw Pln nd Sprt»r,nr«. nd propol Form my D odtmd oy - s n Dkrt m AD- NiSTRATTVE OFFCES ol *» Uonmoutn County Prk Sylm. Thompton Prk. Nwmn ' Re., Uncrort. Nw Jr. nd 4:30*P., ondy CountyPrk Syittm «men ol nnon Commtslonri D pk» uch blddr. Th «~7«rCou^ PrkSymm tor plcing fj pokel n the mt. ndnot torthe oropr nd Omtry dtfcrry o«uch pckt But mut b ubmm on me s-s^^c^us'srss Rcrtlon Commllonr. i»»f d t t o pno nd Dtor tht hour mnond Dov» AJ Dkn r ii*rl lo 2 h onmouth Couy od ol Rur«i Commllonr rn n rlgnt to tv ny orm m. Or to rjotm, or b nd to wrd oonticttin whosor n prt. f defied m th nol Bord k> do 5«The jnmou*y ZJZSrWm ngt. to ho bw. tor ny roideyl prior» wrd A ixr ire io be rected to me Purohmg Depnmnt it STmBoKdofrUc retion Cuiimillonrl ol m propol, term... prodd provided or _. n County ol onmouth xct ihjin) m n mnnr Roet W. ghw, Chirmn dinld nd required Dy lh JmeeJ Tnjncer. Dlrcior spcmcons. Bid suomtttto Bob O. Cm. Purchtng Agnt mut D ncsd in ld rch 0 *»04 UtJlBS«vr Utvr UWevc NOTCE Of A HEARNG ON A CONDTONAL USE VARANCE. STE PLAN ANO ASSOCATED HARDSHP VARANCES N THE ATTER OF THE APPLCATON OF Exxon Corportion U.S.A., P O. Bo«W. 00 U S flout 9. Undn. NJ 07O TO WHO T AY CONCERN: Your rt r»r toy notmd mt ppliction hs Dn md to rh Bord ol Arjkittmnt ol lh Borough ol Lim Sltvr tor conditionl u vtrtnos from tn lrrnt ot Aitjot X nd X, BcUoris 9.4 nd 0.9, rpscitvry. ol th Zoning Ordnot ol m Borough ol Lim SHvr. so s io prmlt th oonttructlon ol t gtohn rvt sttion nd rplr gwg. ThprrrHt r locd t 72oerne*lAvnu. Utts S»«t)r. nd known Lot /4.2/4.3/4 shown on mtx p ol th Borough ol Un SWrr ( PrnH"). 6««on ht lto potd tor th pln pprovl in ordr to contruct now gttohn ttton to D xtso on m Pinils. This ldwy w rplc n xrtmg Euon nno sttion which wt) D dmothd. Exxon mk pphcon lor m tlorttw mnrttttonl ut vrlnc. prummry nd tlntl m or lt pln pprovl nd th vsrlncs rquttd htrtin Th nw sttion s dtignd to rj»miiuw ttty nd thtic nd rduos trtttlc congsoon, ir pollution nd lir htrds Th modmlid sttion WW Dflr chnnt tr title, rtouclng tn totl numosr ol drhrwy currntly nrlctng m Ptmt. lw. mgrtj W»ftBgni>wtlpriyrnnjowi rid gr w D olrty mrkd to mk tory nvntincion Dy mv fnoionnq puoic. tchnotogy. mmrmlilng lir nd < Th nw ldtly't gtoum tnk new win incorporn. th islti ~^- h.i.rd. A.ut of ihe rt vpor recovery tyttm will be insuned Th» Duljng. ssl tructur. - hre to l BOCA rqulrmntt Th nw fclltty will b ttrctrvly lnrjtcprj nd roubnly mlntmd Dy Exxon m«. ~. p..^..^.. n ddwon lo gton kn. mmor utomods* rpkr w«d t»ttm t th ltlon A typicl work crw wout mcluot on mchmc nd two pump ndntt pciljlng m minor rplrs. lw. ny. vtnet rtmtmmg on tft Prml Th prnt pln c tors prking tpo n ccordnc with tht Zoning Ordmno. Th rvtc ttion wh mintin operting hours comorbl to K mrinxylilkjri m th r. rkttng conditions win turthr dlln th ctul ure ol opertion. Th Prnm is loctd m s B-2 Zont in which tnnc slwon r prmmd conditionl u (Sction 0 9 ol Amok) X ot m zoning drtrtot rgultlon nd n prticulr, fiupctton 0-2 nd D-3 tntrtld "Conditionl U: tud ct to th provisions ol ArttO X ol m chpttr ) n ordr to conttruct th nw fculty Dov st lorth. tn Applicnt m rgurr m loowlng vtntnet which r "bulk vrlncs ' which th* Bord ol Adlustmsnt hs th uthority to grnt, purtutnt to th Lnd U Act NATURE in Kktttton, tw following Blgn wtwlncw»' r«q«uil*d NATURE OF VARANCE A3 REQURED Dittnc* to pu«.c«brnch Av*>nu«D, P S i O Pric«Stn 0 NumtT of D Stgni c. Ar«of ttgn inctudlng fffem d Aggrsgit* *»gn r«prking n rni yrd ol tringulr lotrtr A3 PROPOSED ol th undrkjnd. t «**» Bm nd plc u > titnwd nmd prtons igntd sir n Prgrph 2 bov AH otvn n opportunity lobe S9 qur hrd S rnlug win bgln l But mult ocompmd by lt 8 00 p m.. n th third floor Council Chmbr or o 7 oi of lh t* plns p* d U on ohh» ol B Bond or CrtSnd Chck A tpciflc dthnttoo of tfwon»» rr)ult<l * oonutn*xl on p*g» 6 drwn to th ordr ol th EHxon by Ff6wck Th loction of C nriyntr, P.E PE n ddon to ttt bovv-rsqu- bovvr ritl. Exxon mik* ny tnd u mepremises in l ' j * * Borough or Rd Bnk lor r>ol it * ^ tn» Bord ol Adfuvnrrt, lh nunlclpi ' lnd " u (w ' or loning ' ordlnnd " of J th quesnon l m C P Zoning, DH- - mn (0%) tn prcnt ol m Borough of Lttttt SHvr. trlct. t hown on th Tx p Th Bord of Adtuitmni of th Borouoh of Lmto SHvr hu nxd Thurxly, lh 2C> dy of-rch, mount of th B. Fikir to Block 7. Lot 4. more commonly 9 i th Borougn HN. Propci AvwHt. Lim suvr. t $ P th im% nd pic* for thhhrtg comply wtm ny itm kttd n th known 36 Rrvrtkt Avnu Sporllctlon or ntrucuont to on itii* ppucnon' (Nw Jnwy Stle Highwy *35] BUdr my b cu of r ciion of m B Th ppcnt klng C ^ ^ -- drk of th Borough of lt H You r nrby rxrtitt»d mtjr you r prtvttqd to b prnt t td mttng, tnd you > "Twin Ohl." opponunttv to tohrd AH documnti riting to t pp«c«non my b xmind during* rquir SUBSSON of B w b biimt hour* in th Offlo of th C if UtO -^tutvr, Borough "" Hl, Propcf ' T * Avnu. Vrince lor dntlty.. only Ofhei ponurd tt cknowldgmm Lim Sitvr. Nw Jry vrlno tuch it hrght nd lt* comor t comoer by th BKr tht h will comply pln pprovl w b ppnd tor B»y with Chptr J7 ol Pvefc t litetdle Lw t pprovd 23 Jun t>75 Th itedle A Protettlonl Corportion purpo ol th vrince * VENDOSS rqmrlnd copw ol wh b 0 consider tn ddition of m B Documrrl tnrough th twenty - four unrtt US lt mutt flrtt forwrd AH ocumntt rwng to mu chck in m mount ol twnty- ected by HlpWntd S HlpWntd Due to rpid expnsion We Need ore Crriers n HAZLET Cll Hrry Luther The Register An Equl Opportunity Emptoyv /F Boys & Girls Ern Your Own oney! Ltin tin nd ern monty llini mwippr lubii i iptloni ttr school nd Sturdys lor tin R«niiter We will trin you in newspper techmiiu. pick you up nd tke you Home Eicellent chnce to gin sles experience f you re selfmotivted, honest nd dependble, we wnt you on mir tem you r yr or or cll 2-U / 9-S0 The Register O l f DATA PROCESSNG SYSTES OPERATOR Full Time/Flexible Hours Permnent position in our bookkeeping deprtment for experienced individul. Apply in person. The Register One Register Plz Shrewsbury, NJ 0770 An Equl Opportunity Employer /f. ARCH OffORTUmES ir n n nmm nmm ff ff dil d UtAiw tt OfmJtttlUfl Ae)A^ TlsW sfj^ktoh tjbbbttt ^f^vfltvi^jti kwj^ FWV jtlfxy ljw^ ^"j^sfj^f ptttvwt ^ fo>r»w crrtr sn lh f * tt, rxo ^ ihb^ n s "To Apply eontct ' r. DZuttr or r. Robns PART TE/FULL TE COPOSNG The Register hs n opening for someone to lern pste-up n our Composing Room. For informtion & nterview. Cll Toni Ntrcol The Register PART TE AL ROO W hve openings for prt time evenings; nserters in our ll Room. Contct ike Pol or John Koelw The Register One Register Plz Shrewsbury, NJ 0770 An Equl Opportune Employer /f TELEPHONE SALES Sles Persons Needed on-fri St 25 hours Hourly rte plus incentives Apply t The Register One Register Plz Shrewsbury. NJ 0770 An f qul OpportuftrfrkrrtelOTrr r» AKE T YOURSELF Sl-tl kx* kk Hurt until you go into cbotvcuk grv you lots ol lidom Ey lop h houldtr luckl Sil U H tor wn wntrn O VX uch ptlrn for PUot nd t s LAURA WHEELER Ndlecnfi Depl 6 ll*4f lrvllw f^wlijl'j 5 NUcrtl Cilog - 50 plus gi* 2 * 50«B 4 n Creer Opportunity in Advertising SALES Ar you mtretd n crr nd not just job? Do you hve xprlenc n clsl'led dvrtling l? Th Register hs n exclrem opportunity tor n dvrtling spce ccount executive. W r looking lor n ggressive prson lor mis lucrtive territory Th right prson could move up quickly while erning slry nd incentives. you r interested in crr n clssified dvrtling sles, lk meeting people, hve n ggressive sles-minded ttitude, write in strict confidence to r. Robert Ouidore. Tn Register, Register Plz, Shrewsbury. N J Equl Opportunity Employer /F Rel Estte Creer Nights Come find out everything you need to know bout rewrding creer in rel estte sles. FREEHOLD AREA Thursdy ARCH 3 7:30 P.. DDLETOWN AREA Thursdy ARCH 20 7:30 P.. Cll tody to reserve your set ARE YOU SHOPPNG FOR A JOB? j you Hv dose by, r Hommkr, Cottge Student ex ut seeking mmov te employmenttosupplement your kicome, we offer good py rtes to ndhrule who cn work Full or Prt Time on Flexible schedule : CHECKER ARKER ATERAL HANDLER NO EXPERENCE S NECESSARY. Will Trin. APPLY N PERSON ONDAY THRU FRDAY BETWEEN 9A-4P STENBACHS FASHON DSTRBUTON CENTER nchtr Wy Wl Ce)tOOtOWilt NCW (WTeWy E Opporwy frrwoytr /F errill Lynch C»L A F J% t4 Tru trrmn uitdr* m your* to tw tor trction of w rte* CO. U nn. * no. nd oooon HN So RN't QN f s LPN's QPN't ADS Explore the opportunities Contct the prticipting recruiters in this DRECTORY, nd plese mention The Register WANTED! 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Th blc ktj* nd troduced: FDruery 9. 9 Du to npnlon proodui for lnocp plntp u w t rcti 5. 9 g nd oonirucon mui b PURCHASER Epnno CARRERS NEEDED Approvl) rch qu-d. f you r wrld n prfrrd o n Vunwtoti PjlFrnk tr. For nmct rght pooourng tn pl cn ToOtrfn REGSTER yor ron Crl7i-2OO n-sbtwn i-pm LANDBCAPC And lwn compflep COOK - Evnlng. pn to DDLETOWN AREA Ann R Clrk Plese mnlun THE REQSTER ful m. ful m m urnmr Epny wnu tut Um nto End FourWndOr Borougft Clerk " * " ' * "» «Rgjter working condron. slry comsunohwyel rcn 0 on Bnr* Rturi rnploymmd "" H w/xpnno ptu S o&kr Or ov Apt* r*w onmoutn Bd AUTO BODY PERSON - «LANDSCAPE PERSONNEL PROGRAERS OTrCK Formn nd crw. Hrdworking Cll NCK Requeiu tor quottions r quty conctou* mdhridul whh f being ohcltd by the County ot AUTO PARTS Sto oo pnno for plnting nd oononmoutti Deprtment ol Equip- portunny m growing locl Co trucon C tor m r ment nd Trining/JTPA ortictvtor Auto Peru l leking ltr 5pm RUSON pnl iieement (ncluding pnd it* cuelomer b Cn FAR HAVEN certifiction, letting, rvd courwe.lawn ANTENANCE ini w t contnbuter? Cll ing) t>t-th-(ob trining (OJT), in hv N J drfvr* kcnc Own PLANYOUR -44k tor John nnporttton Epnno itrtution] ** trining (CRT), Cll SUE CAREER UTO PARTS Counter cuiiomued trining tor economiprfrrd. Cn flr pm ip/dnver, Automotive bch clly diudvntoed onmoutn PRO-EDP. n lot of «JO* but ound plus but not nory. County residents fifty -live 55 Fu LAWN ANTENANCE whrcn on l right for you? W benems pid Slry p*m yen ot ge nd bove hv ovr twnty vr of dt BELFORD Th County ot onmoutn re ommison One Stop Auto nd nory C proolng pnno. Our uck prts Cd for ppt ccepting comprehensive bids sk for OcjmWck LEGAL RECEPTONST Ep Butne* * FREE to prtnod nd seprte btdt for >> ctivities Cll CHRS dt prooor under this RSQ A compieie AWNNG/CANVAS WORK C l u pctiept of the RSQ my b START TODAY or nd rum ptcheo up t 550 Cookmn Avuttr*. pnm mkr*. opratlantc HGHLANDS vlo 73 Brod S Red Bnk. NJ nu. Room 29. Asbury Prk, r*. mlr. uphollrr. PRO-EDP AREA: 0770Atl J Poftr NJ Detween t h e hours of nd you now Fu or pn 0 Hgnwy #36 CmrSt 9m-4 30 pm Your quotes must t buy mrin loction ELEGAL SECRETARY Superior NJ 0774 be received no lter thn irch jno prfrrd but not r- ChtnutS twnty yr* ol oomg ttj 4 tpnnoe required 4. 9 on or before pm uird Cn» on-frl tlilng rr l gw Non-moker up to (350 nd CUFFWOOD BEACH Request tor ddrtonl infor2s-444o benefit* it qulified Submit re- REPORTERS mtion concerning this RSQ d 0 Bo AHTENRS - Wntd buy cover municipl government cmrstrt should be referred to veroon S '" returnt good hour WoodmrStrt meeting* tor Th Oey Rgllr cdonld. Administrtive Coorpy C l «7 2 - T j 5 l B k t o r LEGALSECRETARY Otc- Some perienc* nory dintor t the bove ddrss or BSwood nngr Pyment pr rticle Pl don tphon. word pro by ctling (20) cll Snd reeurnee nd work clng(woro). nnotion j> Crol T Perry ARENDER - /F Fu«nd ABERDEEN mpt. to Jen Foderro. City prlnc prfrrd Smll hrm Acting Dwector n tn. Apply m pron t 8 Editor. Box O-408. The Dty Hd Bnk r Bnm* rch 0 SiiSS lit 309 hwy 35. Ckftwood. NJ Rgitr. Shrowtbury. N.J S^Sid-^ ATTENTON! ATTENTON! "DON'T JUST FND A JOB... R. FRED BETTS on thru Wed 0A-4P 2 - o n. t 7 or U n - l t o BWTCHOAiO OPERATORS 3pm ndt F. hr* Ep prf but not nory UtT BE JEPENOABLE Ct SWTCHBOAPD O OP PERATORSt 3- Sun 3- >. bvtlttt ChlCr Bbvtlttln. BABY STTER on. Tu. BABYSTTER - Uit pn. dnglr rnn pron C l m W6» fter k tr Wim C ABVStTTER Fktw r- "sn turtv Bcnf- Hwno ' tnd i - p j g urn 5pm t on wll owot otder her wnemp home H rtrnoo NOUSEKEEPtR Help w/cndren Ed working ^ \ TEACHER t ADE - For Bpnurry u y 54 Sltuttons Knn.«_r»ol CHfLDCA E-Twoboveg2 Jewieh hodyv end nd irttione nd 4 mo nd tol df liluii Wnted Frnl mommy work* You mut Cm-ioo nd b wngtowork m my BABY STTER m SOLCTOR your homo nd rtmnu Oood on to two dy pr wk. hour on-fn to four wk per month C rtr iici nd loving pron C4W-9S9B Bnk r. C tr CLEANNG BY KAREN Hnmn'TTrm nrinl n * FULL TE -- VY» m mpereon H wx Refrnu C rm d wmg tt t torl u l CLEANNG WOEN Wth* to ctmvi your home Emrv tflcinl. rkbt Ecl rt* womn to cre tor 3 - Let u do your yr ok) n my kttuwii CLEANNG dly work Experienced n Skrjy ul b pt to ty wn children wn prent* trvel nd nn lunli vl wti ctv Bo u 490 c/o The Rglli OnRiuliii Plt Shrwtbury. NJ NJ WATERS/WATRESSES Br flr pm k tor For urgeone oftlc nr on* moui fl.dlcl Cntr Some e pnnoo noory nd rtr c Ct SECRETARY Prt m weekend poron vltl. m bu*y rel Ve Eprtno HOE CARE COPANON Cre ry. wtjm (ih7i-oo Equl Opportune Emok ir/f TRANEE - *m >m pron for SCHOOL BUS DRVER Fu unvpn m C t Jn t 77-3 SECRETARY Ful m. buy Lw offio. p. hbk. Ct rion 0-3 t t42 OO C Tony SECRETARY/RECEPTONST Fouk-Prton RHor VAN DRVERS tr tchool Okhurl offto Ct Donn t run.ohour Appro 4 hour dty. Atuluiilttcj verde (7-94 EDCAL SECRETARY vn w/rterno nl ne prtntor2tooyjr.n- Fn Setry 75/w Pl ct bore 0A or ttr 7P WATRESS 4 te. t noon C blwn 4-pm t 7t7-t» WATER/WATHESSS pennced m help. App? no nd Un dwng bcyound llblnour CtV-7496b- C EDtriNG/PROOfREADNO Don m my home riueonpts. ey*. etc Hnjniv qulrfld. Wi pick up nd dever Ct nr 6 P EDUCATED WOAfT wnt* to do n Lord work, m bred of wht the world offers Epenenced «i counekng wr be ic Apm 3 Cn b wy from home 2 weeks t km* Wrtl U J C H t P O Bo 23 Ooeenport. NJ We Hve The ERCHANDSE Wkdv g on-fn SECRETARY - Wntd Pn WAfTRESS/WATERS - F u l bm EVES 26< «2 flr 6pm time dyti nd pejrt time ntyhi SEROUS - tur midd m Apply m pron t Duff' 3 dividultowork n Wrping Dpt HWY 36. Cftwood. NJ 0772 n Tt m. w w trin Stn 4 00 pr hr Apply n pron b- WATRESS/WAiTER - > pnncd Srving food nd twn 9-4 t 490 Ftornc Av coce Buy Rd Bnk ruronbcti. lurnt Dy. nlgnt nd wkservce TECHNCAN O> end Apply i prontocopper bumr nd om ir uundhk img Kettle. i Rrvru AviTltd Fun compny bnn E- B NJ pnno prftrd. Cn Ed WATRESS - Apply n pron ogrtn 2*-3200 only Cornucopi Rurnt 9B SEWER CLEANER Ridn pl P Kyport Hl. princd. tu/pn Bm WEWHJ.TRAN mut hv drhrrs Loding rrpinni looking lor 2»4 3 6 or 2-5O64 popl who cn work» SEWNG OPERATERS For hr/wk rypmg on our peronl TON Ught fndutrll he tem vuwnld ts^not told within ARTENDER Z /F T We're Equl Opportunity Em250 O t h f PubHc NottC9» dr nd ponwr vry computer* convrtkig uttwrs Tmporry pennced Phone ployer. /F good py for prtod opr the A m 0 dy* ol your petid cutillwd *d mnuenpt. To b coniujitjl NOTCE OF OPEN tr Union bnfft C ECOE A FANTASA REP " w/our lyptung ytm you REAL ESTATE SALES W Wngton Apt. PUBLC EETNG until rn your d 0 A D D T l O N A t 74 -OOUm 3 30pm d fenpene nd morl Ern mul type t leee! 90 wpm chv 2 powon vcl for n complince with th guide Wyndm curtfy nd b ble to pick up ond t popl mcr D A Y S A B S O L U T X V FREC SHEET ETAL NSTALLER lines of the Open Public eeting " 3 * *** work 2 or 3 Hmoe week your potnul-c Drrh A- For HVAC contrctor Ep SEA BRGHT Act. Chpter 23 of the Pubic Wleild nd rum bout odt. Shrwbury nory. Top py nd b Cn CHRS Lw* of 975. th Township of KXXKEEPNO Lrge Red youreert to UnHrty Qrphrc y»t«ti l mot motd whum 0 C Dv Ocen Bord of Eduction, m thf lnk nsurnce Agency F i * W Lincoln Av. Ajr-c HrghREAL ESTATE County of onmouth. Slte ol nrge bookkeeper/oornptroeer. tn/ti. cvh mm t * w t i n» yjw i. SHPPNO AND RECEVNG tnd. NJ. Aim Typing Opt NO weed tti trncome tr? ANN Th # Rl Eut Compny m New Jersey, hereby gives notice omputer *p ttsentij. ehol EATON TOWN phone ott pt. f»» rmrnediete temporry tn work). On of m top 4 ftlo to the residents of the Township ni slry, benefits, future Re- LONG BRANCH buy mnufcturer siqfffent lor fnn ntl women ti w> kj pr ) *r fit «* ntyf tn th Rd Bnk r Th bt of Ocen School District tht sume to (nurno. P.O. BO ONOUTH BEACH rn Loding, u who wnt to rot up m* ilvt trining progrm fn Rl Ett. Specil P u» c eeting of tne2764. Ocen. NJ Bbysitting OCEAN TOWNSHP tockmoiqued ul nd go to work now No f. no A fnndty r n Nwty cnd. Bord of Eduction w t f b he Child Cr* ELBERON contrct, ctn viork. or n old pro, w r pndtng. on Thursdy. rch t BOOKKEEPER/SECRETARY 30-5 nntrporrt P in th uditorium of the ull time Permnent posrtm tn WE8T LONG BRANCH BABYSirTnvQ don m my 43 OUbrt S t Norm {Off School District Administrtion mn office Cttorppointment SONQ ECHANCS t LABOR- kkmiii nne Lov mfnf v«e Sbrwbury AvX42-4<24 2 COZENS. Rnor. Burfdtng. 63 onmoutn Rod. on -Fn i0m-6pm ERS n A womn mul b Cll BLAKE E«c urmture, Srving tnduiji m w o ndtnclnty OwtvrJ/Oprld. Okhursi, N j The purpose of DALY t - 7 SUNDAY 3 River Rd Fir Hvn thi* meeting is to hold * pubhc production C WWkdy 74l-7(0 hering on the tenttive school BOOKKEEPER - Fu chrge. RVER PLAZA budgt for the» 967 school nowrtedg ol one write system. rctor of furhn furhn HotHrlw rcto yer, nd lso to dopt s hn p through generl ledger, RED BANK CF7e«OO.»-i Now i* h Un to tk dvncf.7e7-«oo.»-i budget whtch will be presented to must possess net orgnztg of our trining progrm 4 ARNE ECHANC th legl v o w s of the School Dis- tonl shirt* eiic opponunrty. CLFFEOOEWAV w» now inirvtwing for fu trict i h nnul school uction c slry, mjor medicl nd NUTSWAPHD mur tucc C for dt** n tob tuning A p r i l Ewnlcfi wfl b held on the 5th of dentl CN SOUTH LAKE DR lrmi Rfnr* prtnod ory ul know g April. 966 PAOEDR nd dtl ngi nd fcfrlc Dted rch 0. 9S6 REALESTATE AcBv oftlc n BOYS/GRLS ALEXADR ytm Rpry m wnng to Sr- Cott Hck. H o n r HARBOR OREENS RD ARSHALL D CONKLN EN/WOEN v k ngr. P O Bo on School Business Dulo our rpid g r e u h w hv BANKST - ' NJ077S0 Ampt floor m* rtnl t t rly morrng ntwppr roul HltRd. mopnr. C Crl l 2rs 0 $.58 vhbt in your r. C ARNA Cll ARK STOCK/COUNTlS PERSON Ofo tody you Buy mnn wrtrou nd wnt mony. fln nd itr RECEPTtONST/CASHER 500 Dtjck 37* > lcmti counr pron. f) xpnon Wntd to work rn m dlofcfhneen 4 Sons, me. 22 N dujl mut hv cr. CALL US W cn mnutcw w m n c i o - 3 on F rrvp Fu Co. pid bnt Storg HAZLGT --AnirftoNj TAR LEOOCR Fd t NJ rum by etur i type* of norktfjook*. Apply in pronl Sohwrt* Plmr Av r> n m n r m i l i EACHERS OVNG NC Chryr. pfvmouti jd. 4 ckjtcti t trvel bg*, comc N NEW JERSEY lnl Suppm nd Suboorrc E ARfNAHCLP t c* te. Ct W front S Rd Bnk uj,. lor iff Townmp ol Oon Crmn Now fring tor W _ ree mi F«Hnti WOtVOUAL PACKAOE- 0 t i ' AiJtorHv onmoutti D4O CAfPENTiY Clrk ton W nd bottom pmtr. RECEPBROKER SccU A. B. D. WtHJOW. County. N J Outll En Hudon 'tr wjcer. boet otrier, nrj ^entontst/swttchoard»40 Ecnddtnl form 6 P U u C ACCOUNTANT door. U o n. Bt. kygnt. PoAv. rt yrd workr. Cn on-fn OF For ctrv offlo BnK vil OVNO EXPERENCE ryaccounng dck Cuttiplm nome remodlbuln rupon rqul DnlOf bf C Tony USC N OTON W r w mg Free *tn<t* Futy mnoour. Cn RECORD C t. Or ECHANCS HELPER - Sm RECEPTONST - 2 hour* btor S Burd C lor illl J i l l rrrrb. BromtyOr. ANAGER EvrynOrfftjne. 5J0-934«ruck» qtpmnt. pply n prlv price' Cn Dnny r 6.9,0.,2.3.4 i j TV DD fu r us s Brin t Smcor EqupuBtkkwomino./Dopi c 420 ARTSTS llondndfjuttoyourti dfttoort TAX PREP By former HS Cll HARRY Anthony liio 747-fO Wntdtorm Fir Hvn R Agent 4 yr sp Enroled to LOOOS-ART-QHAPCS 75 Odd Job. For fr H T ot tt ofho Pl wrtl Th prcoe before RS Ct An RECEPTONST - Ndd fu«fbo CONCEPT (owtko lor ppt 542 -W75 Rgitr. P O Bo O-47S. On time t Duty uto repir hop ECANC-FuomOnd TO COPLETON Odd Outtr*. pmong. vrc SUPER PHE- SEASON SAVWOS Appty n pron ls onmouti Rtr Pli Shrwbury. NJ dll p C Jn The Register RO8ATO/ABERLE work, le Oukty No iob -toe Cuom ouwy ocklng ESt. Rd Bnk on-fn i-4pm tor cxmhdntil vjrirlw. A P An Equl Oppty Emptoyr /F pry rjuoned» crfted deck* ECHANC Sm ngi. 6 Lot nd Found rmy 74-2O AJre ^ Apply m pron porcn Free et H3-«79. Appy pro t Little Sfvr RECEPTONST - Buey rel e. UBQLAR/FBE ALARS ELECTRCAN Sml buemets 442 Rc tt offlo. Ful m Exprtno Ep mtr* nd nno Rcr. 26 Ayr* Lrv L S>FREE FOUND ADS growing fu ft no nd eprtencd ALL» l m of Kmn lilri Kfrid CALL FOUR BARTENDER A l ODD JOB SERVCE vr. NJO773B At nnc to our communny popl Compiv wg nd n k w to grow in out. 506 c-jocfcy SrvBd ot Wkk» Prt t SEASONS C Trcy *5 Th O*/ RgnUH ( offering C 7 3 * - 2 u wddtng-f; Stock. Hit. Srvto Co. 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Cl BENTWOOD CHARS (4) nd Adult Communiu yn ok) $300 Cn worfc 29-Si«*r vrd. $850 month plu iw ERCURY CAPR 7* AP. t t * S200 Ci JEEP WAOONEER 74' HGHLANDS COTTAGE BourHy Cn 284-8*4 ttr V-O, PS, PS, A/C. nw hul Onng rdy tor POOL TABLE 8ft Officil li whi drkr*. Run good PS.PB, BROWNNG 0/U. SftW modl 4rmiUdoJi.$400 ytm Oood oond $900 RUSON Flrt ttm ottrd?clcto Prp$400 or b/o Cl Attr 5pm t A/C. ro. 9 0 or bl oflr.rwntftton 00 3-brrl 2bdrmrtpptlno$400B COUNTRY LVNG m O lrm vn k for John. Cn tlr Spm w/cop Unflrd 74-6S7 rtr 03 Rntl* to Jut Rntt Bkr io cikxi rvwry rmoo CORVETTE ditom Conv USTANO 5pm. = WAFV Hustmiy uirw HtOHLANDS Twin Hohtt 3-bdrm. vi olh.on hdy ln NSSAN 84 pick uo W/cp tr r mi **. ut - n y ctchr Shre nd rt*. pd non, xel oond 7 PB. PB. uto. ' oondo. oon viw, tuty nd wx to ichocrt Hrdwood CAERA inolt XQ- 35 ttgn $299* Ugntd. non-rrow *47. HOE omo dnlng don $279 Unlightd $229. 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Good oond r AGENCY REALTORS FORD VAN *72 Hvy Duty OVNO Ommg room lt. 2h CHl4* * 3O2V-6 Engm. EllDlllnl workrwlgrtor. bot w/trhr, k of odd nd AffVWCfS RcorSoond ng conton. Aklng S nd. 87 Abrtk 3 m *, ommg room, t in ' " n. dn. 00 ft. lot knd Pl cn (00 up Cn l i n n 8*3-0967,73*-4800 FORD S * piingir OVWQ Frir. couoh.,sr»/>bl530-29*7 lmp. took), ok) roord, K WOUTOWN Chol Vn mi (,000. Cl Hot Pon Cht Cn or ht offer. OOul l. H» ldt DOLETOWN S 290 Trucks* k Orrvr $46 doming SU ATLANTC HGHLANDS Ldvir rng*, nw drhrwn- Grg, tlin md 7fl OrndFfhr ly grdn pnmnt nmng Ak tor Ry. ril nrshd Ciirriinl, FtS Clock, nw conowon Pl c $670+ H/HW ndudd. CH R room. Wlk to Nw York bu. CHEVY-Cht»*», 4 dr..4 9* or XLT. 4 whl drlv. nt lro. pd., & n i / m hour of 7-0 pm rr. OOO or o/ojs - * * *. ta ATLANTC HQHLANOS 92 NATURAL CUSHON SOFA tt Av, 2nd floor 2 bdrm. H CHEVY Bkur K6. vry Oupkn. 5 rmjrird lor kld B. Chrom 6 formic dmfl ncl $440 V, mo. c. No pn. good oond,, 4 whl dr., ntd ODLETOWN For CHEVY CrieV 74-28*7 rnrweoclim.. buru. nd.000 ml. R *. Hdjty Skr mor AJ quty m mcm conred BANK Qrt tooki. 2 EATONTOWN bdrm pt. Cl S44-0SV druon. CTi7-*490 vto bunding h g nt W Hem* Ort, CHEW S OL BURNER - Our! EconoH AkS7^^«.t7 nd hot wtr doo o trnpora H *. EJB ud t on convnd t lbon \Vt mo. c no pt. C* g 0. C 74-2* 3* or DDLETOWN _,. _ rt -^ ^r^i^^p»ll«fcfc^rf^fc*** VSSUGL "* t-mm sssi j_ j.^»»l l ** * - ' r r 3 ST«T TWNBROOK UNON BEACH? «Xr.,S^SS?trS 2TB^47 5tr ss., ssf- HONDA AATCSonsle rscr m. mm C suss* "" "* 7 - gsssr DDLETOWN AVS msstm gg il l

19 S EXTRA c ONDAY. ARCH tem tournment begins Thursdy Duke, St. John's top seeds in NCAA By DOUS TUCKER AP Sports Writer KANSAS CTY, o. (AP) Duke, St. John's, Knss nd Kentucky were given No. seeds yesterdy when the NCAA nnounced its 64-tem field for the men's college bsketbll chmpionship tournment.. Duke, 32-2 nd the No. tem n The Associted Press Top 20, drew the top seed in the Est Regionl, while second-rnked Knss ws mde No. in the rquette denies drug problems RACNE, Wis. (AP) rquette bsketbll Coch Rick jerus confirmed yesterdy tht one university plyer hs been rndomly tested for drugs, but sid there ws no drug problem on the tem. "We re concerned nd hve been concerned bout the dngers of drug use," jerus sid n n nterview. "We took decisive ction." jerus would not disclose the nme of the plyer, but the Rcine Journl Tunes reported n its Sundy edition tht ike Dvis, reserve forwrd, ws subjected to severl rndom tests this seson nd pssed ech one. "Lst yer, we verified tht one plyer hd used drugs," jerus sid, reding sttement. "We were concerned t the time for the well-being of tht plyer nd we took decisive ction to help tht plyer del with his problem. Confidentility precludes further comment regrding tht plyer." The newspper sid Dvis, Junior from Chico, Clif., confirmed the report tht one plyer ws' being spot-checked for drugs. The Journl Times reported tht sources sid Dvis ws the plyer tested. But, when sked by the newspper to identify the plyer, Dvis sid: "No comment." Efforts by The Associted Press to rech Dvis through university officils were unsuccessful. There w no telephone listing for him in the rquette University student directory. The Journl Times lso sid in its copyright story tht nterviews with "five current nd former Wrriors plyers nd others closely ffilited with the bsketbll progrm" indicted tht drug buse, prticulrly mrijun, ws problem on the bsketbll tem. But the bsketbll coch lso sid there ws "no demonstrtive evidence" of drug buse on the rquette bsketbll tem, which finished its regulr seson with los Sturdy night to DePul, ending with n 8-0 record. "Since 've been here, we've hd 00 percent grdution record (mong bsketbll plyers). don't think we could hve drug problem nd 00 percent grdution rte," jerus sid. Erlier Sundy, rquette Athletic Director Hnk Rymonds sid the university didn't hve forml drug testing progrm. "We don't hve drug testing progrm t rquette to test thletes," Rymonds sid, but he dded: "f coch felt need for something, See rquette, PgeK idwest nd third-rnked Kentucky ws No. n the Southest. St. John's, rnked No. 5 behind North Crolin in the Top 20, ws shipped to the West Regionl s the No. seed. First-round gmes round the country will be plyed Thursdy nd Fridy, with second-round ction Sturdy nd Sundy. The Atlntic Cost nd Big Ten conferences ech lnded six tems in the field, expected to hve the richest pyoff in NCAA bsketbll history, with more thn $800,000 going to the tems tht mke the Finl Four in Dlls on t We feel very good bout our field. t ws not ny esier this yer thn it hs been in the pst.»» Dick Schultz Tournment chirmn 3+ V * 4 READY TO FGHT iddleweight chmpion rvelous" rvin Hgler clinches his fist while stnding next to Sonl Cole, Cesr's Plce employee dressed s Cleoptr. Chin wtches 'JuXiong' dominte Super Bowl XX By TERRL JONES Associted Prsss Writer PEKNG (AP) Willim "the Refrigertor" Perry nd the Chicgo Ben tomped their wy through millions of Chinese households yesterdy s they rolled over the New Englnd Ptriots n telecst of Jnury's Super Bowl Gme. Perhps 300 million Chinese more thn the entire popultion of the United Sttes wtched the first Americn footbll gme shown n this country of.040 billion people, ccording to Chin Centrl Television. Tht Electric Refrigertor is relly something. Wnfl Zh#n]lng Chinese footbufn "t's fierce, t' ntense," 02-yer-old Zhu Yongn sid s she wtched from her bed in Peking's Dongcheng district. "'ve never seen nything like it, nd don't get it t ll." Chinese cll the sport "Gn Ln Qiu" (Olive Bll) becuse of the shpe of the footbll. Highlights of the "Cho Ji Bel" (Super Cup) between the "Ju Xiong" (Gint Ber) nd "At Quo Zhe' (Ptriot) tems were produced by TL nterntionl Corp. of Chicgo for CCTV. "We try to ntroduce ll sports of the world to our viewers, nd Americn footbll l fine sport, so we're showing t," sid Shi Qtdn, n editor t CCTV. The Chinese network didn't hve to py to televise the NFL gme, but it erned money from commercils before nd fter it. This week's edition of Zhongguo Dtnhi Bo, the stte-run newspper, hd front-pge story ntroducing the gme, plyed lst Jn. 20 n New Orlens, nd told reders tht U.S. dvertisers hd pid more thn million for one minute of precious ir time on Super Sundy. Hung Ylng, 6, who lives in the sme bck-lley courtyrd s the centenrin Zhu, sid it ws gret fun wtching the gme nd she would love her school to form tem. "Did you her tht?" She giggled, turning wy from her fmily's color TV. "They Just clled No. 72 the 'Din Bingxing' (Electric Refrigertor)." Seventy-two is the number worn by the 308- pound (36-kilogrm) Perry. Chinese refrigertors re bout hlf the size of their U.S. counterprts nd re mong the most coveted household possessions. "Tht Electric Refrigertor's relly something," sid fellow courtyrd dweller Wng Zhenjing, 27, who works in Jewelry fctory. "They sid he ets four whole chickens for lunch." Wng, self-described sports ddict, sid he rushed home from work Sundy fter hering his collegues tlk bout the gme, which the Bers won " thought it w Sturdy nd ws disppointed tht missed it," he sid, sitting in the tiny brick room he shres with his wife. "At lest sw the second hlf." The 90-mlnute brodcst begn with videotped mesge from Winston Lord, the U.S. Ambssdor to Chin. t ncluded greetings to the Chinese people from President nd former sports brodcster Ronld Regn. "Although the sport s profit-mking business ech tem l privtely owned the people of ech city tke gret pride in their locl tems," Regn's messge sid. "All this, of course, dds to the excitement." n Chin, the communist government controls ll sports ctivities. A Chinese sports nnouncer chttered wy ntensely, explining tht footbll l the United Stte's fvorite specttor sport nd tht mny Americns spent six to seven hours wtching the Super Bowl nd pregme nd poetgme ctivities. ost scenes showed drmtic psses nd rushes, but there were fleeting glimpses of, fns nd bouncing cheerleders. it rch 29. The title gme will be in rch 3. Top-rnked Duke will fce lssisippi Vlley of the Southwestern Athletic Conference t Greensboro, N.C., on Thursdy. Knss, on Thursdy in Dyton, opens the idwest Regionl ginst Kith-seeded North Crolin A4T. At Long Bech, Clif., in the West Regionl, St. John's fces 6th-seeded ontn Stte on Fridy. n the Southest Regionl, Kentucky will meet No. 6 seed Dvidson t Chrlotte, N.C., on Fridy. * v^l^br f W *^* % 4^^ i Vi*' «r v» "Osjj)^, 4 ids % ASSOCATED PRESS Hgler will defend his title tonight in Ls Vegs ginst chllenger John ugbi. See boxing roundup, SC. Ech regionl ws seeded through 6 by the nine-mn Division selection committee. "We feel very good bout our field," sid committee chirmn Dick Schultz, Virgini's thletic director. "t ws not ny esier this yer thn it hs been in the pst. We spent bout three or four hours on the first 55 tems nd the rest of the time on the finl tems. There is tremendous mount of prity nd you look t fine, minute points." Twenty-nine bids went to utomtic qulifiers s conference regulr seson, or postseson tournment chmpions; Among the 35 t-lrge entries were two independents, Notre! Dme nd DePul, nd Clevelnd Stte, whose id-continent Univeristies conference does not get n utomtic bid but lso ws selected. Among the tems left out of the 64-tem field were Boston University, 2-9; Firleigh Dickinson, 22-8; Pn Americn, 20-8, nd former bsketbll titn UCLA, 5-3. Schultz sid tht severl tems got t-lrge berths with im- See NCAA. PgeSC Villnov wins C4A trck title PRNCETON (AP) Villnov, led by long sprinters Chip Jenkins nd Edwin odiibedi, used the sme drmtic script s it hd in 985, nd won the C4A ndoor Trck nd Field Chmpionships yesterdy by cpturing the finl event, the mile rely. The Wildcts, with odibedi nd Jenkins individuls winners erlier running the finl two legs of the rely, won the rce with meet record 3 minutes, 2.38 seconds. Those 0 points, coupled with victories by Jenkins in the 400-meter dsh in meet record :0.65, odibedi in the 500 in 47.4 nd Sen O'Neill in the,000 in 2:24.97, long with fourth-plce finishes by J.J. Clrk in the,000, Gerry O'Reilly in the mhe nd by the two-mile rely tem, gve Villnov totl of 52 points. Going into the mile rely, Villnov triled Perm Stte by eight points, But the Nittny Lions didn't hve tem in the rce, so the Wildcts needed victory to win the title. Penn Stte wound up second with 50 points, nd Boston University, George son nd Georgetown tied for third with 42 points piece. The mile rely ws run in two sections, nd nhttn won the first section in 3:4.90. Tht ment tht Villnov, in the second section, hd to better tht time. The Wildcts did in record fshion, smshing the meet mrk of 3:2.9 set by Seton Hll in 975 n winning the tem title lst yer, lso by two points over Penn Stte, Villnov hd to win the mile rely, while the Nittny Lions hd to finish fourth or worse. n tht rce, Penn Stte wound up fourth Before winning the mile rely nd the chmpionship for the second stright yer nd 20th time overll since 957 the Wildcts hd'to overcome much dversity. Sturdy, rtin Booker, the fvorite in the 55- meter high hurdles, reinjured hmstring during the trils nd filed to qulify for the finl. Sundy, John Keyworth, considered strong contender in the 3,000 but who hd been suffering from food poisoning during the pst week, finished 0th nd lst, some 29 seconds behind the winner. After the 3,000, Boston University Coch Pete Schuder climed tht Keyworth did not guns n honest effort nd protested to the meet's Jenest Effort Committee. The committee, consisting of coches Art Golden of Bucknell nd Roy Chernock of Willim & Hry, greed with Schuder. ifclton (tetopteyvr. Berry is top plyer GRBEN8B0R0, N.C. (AP). Wlter Berry, fifth-rnked 8%. Johns ledtg scorer nd rebounder, ynslsmsr ws nme* winner of the 0th John- Wooden Awrd s She ntksi's top college bsketbll phqrsrte the Lo. AAge*ss Athletic Ctsfc. Bsrnr, ««.*ltj«tor, cei vedsvotss from nre dor.000 sports wrtersd bresjsv cster to become the in imi stright Redmn to win, swrd. Chris ullln won t lst' yer. Duke' Jshngr Owktg shed sstss with «U TO followed by Urn Bis rylnd with S46. Berry y wtm TSflslw ths, fro om Wooden, Wooden. th.» former coch, in Uitgsts «9 S«ses* sd tnly wwnred the» Jm's Btg lst tnnriiisi < Syrecw. Dnw "Pert" hot Jot baffon Ttootksr North Crolin, Ufsrd, ndin, smlns Ksnssj Prie*, Geortt Crry, Virgini fenfiftrp

20 The Re Syre wins first L.A. rthon LOS ANGELES (AP) Ric Syre of Ashlnd, Ore., is dmnt the more mrthons, the better. Syre, who won the Long Bech rthon month go, dded victory yesterdy in the inugurl Los Angeles rthon. " tend to recover well from mrthons," Syre sid. " ntend to continue it. As long s there is gol out there for me to chieve, 'll go for it." Syre intends to continue his demnding schedule, sying he'll run gin in five weeks in mrthon t Stmford, Conn. On Sundy, he drew wy from the leders midwy through the rce nd-held on in convincing fshion. " Just went out nd tried to feel comfortble the first prt of the rce," Syre sid. " Just triedu> run s even pce s could." Syre, 32, crossed the finish line n 2 hours, 2 minutes, 59 seconds, cler winner over n estimted 8,200 runners, the lrgest first-yer mrthon field in United Sttes history. Gidmis Shhng of Tnzni ws second in 2:3.27, with Rod Dixen of New Zelnd, winner of the 983 New York rthon, third in 2:4.48. Nncy Ditz, the fvorite in the women's division, ws the first womn to finish, with time of 2: Christ Vhlensieck of West Germny ws second in 2: gd Hnds of Belgium ws third t 2: "t ws little wrm for me tody, ws relly nervous bout the temperture," Ditz sid. Ditz sid she did not keep up her erly pce in the rce's ltter stges, but ws fr enough in front not to be worried. " ws on pce t the hlfwy point," she sid. " strted to slow, but ws comfortbly in the led, so wsn't worried." Syre, winner of eight mrthons, took the led t the 0-mile mrk. He hd 29-second led t the hlfwy mrk nd built his dvntge to more thn V4 minutes with eight miles left, with Dixon tking up the chse. Shhng, winner of two mrthons in 984, took over second plce fter 20 miles, with Syre still in front by more thn minute. Syre's finl time ws personl best. His previous best ws 2:3.22, which he rn in his victorious Long Bech rthon on Feb. 2. The world record is 2:07.2, set by Crlos Lopez of Portugl in April 985 t the Rotterdm rthon. For Ditz, her clocking ws off her personl best or 2:3.36, which she rn in the 986 Cliforni rthon. Gup ply stlled EXCO CTY (AP) The deciding mtch of first-round Dvis Cup ply between exico nd West Germny ws suspended by drkness yesterdy in the fifth set, with ichel Westphl nd exicn ntionl chmpions Leonrdo Lvlle hving split the first four sets. The winner of the exico-west Germny series will fce the United Sttes in the qurterfinl round July The West Germns hd tied the round 2-2 erlier Sundy when Wimbledon' chmpion Boris Becker crushed Frncisco ciel 6-3, 6-, 6-. The second singles mtch of the dy ws suspended by umpire Vic Seixs, former Americn Dvis Cup str, s drkness fell over the Germn Club courts. The mtch is to resume ondy with Lvlle hed 3- nd up service brek in the fifth set. Westphl took the first two sets 0-8, 6-3 before the young exicn, the Junior Wimbledon chmpion, won the next two sets 6-3, 6-4. The two bttled through the first 6 gmes of the opening set before Westphl previled. kowski wins Todd DDLETOWN tt kowski of Roselle Prk took the led erly nd hd little trouble winning the 0th nnul E. urry Todd Hlf-rthon yesterdy. The rce strted t Brookdle. Community College nd the 3. mile course went through prts of iddletown Township, Holmdel nd Colts Neck. kowski won the rce in one hour, 9 minutes nd 4 seconds. Gry Slv of Red Bnk ws distnt second in :2.23. The women's rce ws much closer with Kren Kowlenko of New Brunswick just edging out Lulu Weschler of Colts Neck. Kowlenko ws timed in :26.44.Weschler hd :26.63 clocking. Overll, 40 runners finished the rce. BREAKNG THE TAPE Ric Syre of Ashlnd, Ore., suffering from bleeding feet, breks the tpe to win the first Los Angeles rthon ASSOCATED PflESS yesterdy in Los Angeles, Clif. The rce fetured more thn 5,000 runners who rced through neighborhoods throughout the city. Services set for etzger CHCAGO (AP) Funerl services re scheduled for tody for Bert etzger, n All-Americ gurd on the 930 ntionl chmpion Notre Dme footbll tem. etzer died Fridy t Huudle Hospitl. He ws 77. He gined ntionl ttention s the "wtch-chrm" gurd on the lst footbll squd coched by the legendry Knute Rockne. etzger weighed 62 pounds during his plying dys, nd the nicknme ws lter pplied to other smll linemen. Until etzger, Notre Dune never hd plyed gurd who weighed under 60 pounds, ccording to newspper ccounts of the er. He sid lter tht his speed nd gility kept him from injury. Rockne clled him the best he hd ever seen t the right gurd position. etzger plyed on the 928, 929 nd 930 Notre Dme footbll tems. He ws n All-Americn on the 930 squd, cited by mny one of the best college footbll tems ever. After receiving his bchelor's degree t Notre Dme, etzger worked s milkmn for Bowmn Diry Co., delivering milk from horse nd wgon n suburbn Ok Prk nd River Forest. euger worked t the diry for 43 yers, serving s mnger of retil sles nd s director. Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; two sons nd two dughters. ONDAY, ARCH 0,966.. Writer :: suffers =. in rce, By RCHAHD BENKE Associted Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) Almost 0,000 of us strted the first City. of Los Angeles rthon. ost of. us finished it, experiencing every thing from intense pin her it rivls childbirth to wild, crzy exhilrtion.,, We hd succeeded in n effort we hd worked so very hrd t for..' long time not Just four hours, on Sundy fternoon. rthoners don't hppen in dy. When t ws over wnted to t hug somebody, but it's big city, lot of people, nd there wsn't soul knew t the strt, long, the wy or t the finish. yor Tom Brdley ws the only fellow recognized, nd he ws up on riser 60 feet wy from us t the strt. The phenomenon of being Just nother fce in nother crowd is,. fmilir, mundne. But fter mrthon, feelings re mgnified. wnted to cry for the joy, the pin, the loneliness, the beuty of the whole event nd for the fct tht my leg didn't give out on me, though it thretened to severl times long the lst six miles. hd hurt it trining just two. weeks go, nd it hd bllooned up to the size of hlf-gllon bottle of sod pop. For couple of. dys ws on crutches, fering stress frcture hd tken me out of the rce. But X-rys nd bone. scns were negtive. Along the wy streets so fmilir to me over the yers felt sw the city for the first. time, the people. Thousnds of them, cheering, cjoling, Joshing us long. Wide-eyed boys who wnted the runners to trde high-fives s we went by. slpped few, hnds. A Plyboy bunny in rednd-white-striped leotrd gve., me pper cup of wter. The milepost wter sttions generlly were life-giving. Like horse nering the stble, my body. sensed when it ws bout to receive the next dose of ERG, drink tht replenishes drinedoff body chemicls. A Chinese drgon nd iss Chintown nd her court wel- - corned us fter the first few miles. A mrichi bnd plyed s we pssed Olver Street, the historic site of erliest Los Angeles. Koren music greeted us in Koretown. As we crossed Holly-. wood nd lter s we dipped nto, southern Los Angeles ner emoril Coliseum, rock ' n roll blsted us on our wy. After mile 20, mny dropped out. At the end, we were told our time nd given little brss mrthon medl nd frozen fruit br. And s n ll mjor events in Los Angeles, this one ended in trffic Jm. NFL owners tckle hevy gend in Plm Springs By ANGELO CATALD Knight-Ridder Newsppers When the Ntionl Footbll Legue owners get together in Plm Springs, Clif., for their nnul meeting this week, they will confront bulky gend encompssing everything from drugs to hedbnds. A gret mny legue mtters should be resolved, lthough the owners re plnning to wrestle with number of controversil mtters. During series of sessions, the owners will, mong other things: Discuss strtegy for deling with the $.3 billion ntitrust suit filed ginst the NFL by the United Sttes Footbll Legue. Confer with officils of the Plyers Assocition bout the possibility of strengthening the NFL drug progrm. Discuss the prospect of incorporting cble television into the NFL's brodcst pckge when the legue's network contrcts expire t the end of the seson. The most drmtic rules chnge under considertion will be the long-stnding proposl to use instnt reply to help officils with difficult clls. Lst week, the legue's Competition Committee formlly endorsed the ide nd recommended tht instnt reply be used for ll gmes, from the preseson through the plyoffs, next seson. Under the proposl, n extr officil would be sttioned n the press box nd would monitor the gme on television. When he spotted possible error by the officils on cll involving sideline, n end zone or chnge of possession, he would signl for dely in the gme nd then review the reply. f he found "ndisputble visul evidence" s the Competition Committee termed it tht the cll ws wrong, he would hve the uthority to chnge t. Tex Schrmm, the Dlls Cowboys' president, who serves s the chirmn of the Competition Committee, sid lst week tht he expected the mesure to pss esily, lthough pssge would Egles' Edwrds quiets trde tlk By EL0 CATAD Kntght-Ridder Newsppers After 3,000-mile trip from cost to cost, the whispers floted into one of Herm Edwrds' ers nd right out the other. So, s his voice crckled over the phone from Seside, Clif., lst week, he couldn't help but snicker t the ltest rumor tht his nine-yer creer in Phildelphi ws over. "'ve herd tht one before," he noted. " know ll bout this stuff bout me going to Atlnt nd plying for rion Cmpbell gin, nd it doesn't men thing to me. As fr s know, 'm still member of the Egles." These ltest rumblings re more product of deductive resoning thn ny genuine ttempt on the Egles' prt to trde the legue's oldest (3) strting cornerbck. Logic suggests tht Edwrds' cushion pproch to covering wide receivers is not suited to the ggressive bump-nd-run style of new coch Buddy Ryn. As result, the conventionl wisdom is tht the Egles will try to trde Edwrds, who is free gent, to tem tht would better pprecite his bend-but-don'tbrek philosophy tem, for exmple, like Atlnt, where Cmpbell now serves s defensive coordintor. Nothing seems to hve quieted the whispers, not even Ryn's sttement tht he thinks Edwrds cn mke n djustment to the new defensive style, nd tht he holds the oft-mligned vetern cornerbck in high esteem. "ost of my creer, there's been this misunderstnding bout the wy cover my position," Edwrds sid. "f ws plying off mn, it ws. becuse of the system, not becuse tht ws the only wy knew how. " plyed lot of bump-ndrun in college, nd don't see ny reson why cn't do it gin. As fr s 'm concerned, my Job is n Phildelphi, not Atlnt, until her differently. "Sure, hve n llegince to Coqh Cmpbell; still think he's heck of coch. But respect Buddy Ryn, too. Bsiclly, Just wnt to ply footbll." Asked if it would be difficult to leve the Egles fter so long, Edwrds ws quick with reply. "The truth is,.couldn't leve," he sid. "The fns wouldn't know who to boo." The recent disclosure tht lmost one in six of the college plyers t n NFL tryout the week fter the Super Bowl tested positive for drugs could hve serious effect on the order of selections in next month's drft. "There's no question t's going to be fctor," Egles generl mnger Hrry Gmble sid. "For us, it'll be very serious considertion. We'd very much like to void bringing n guy with problem.'' Plyer gent Jim Solno who hs been in the business 7 yers sid he hd refused to represent "t lest dozen" plyers during his creer becuse he discovered tht they hd drug problems. " monitor the money," he sid. "f see n nordinte mount going out, try to find out why. But n some cses, tht sn't even necessry. Sometimes you Just look t them, nd their eyes re s big s hlf-dollrs. "So when get somebody new now, lwys give him the sme spiel. First, tell them how it ffects them physiclly, nd fter tht tell them how much money they're going to mke in their creers. "Then show them figure nd sy, Tht's how much you'll mke f you sty clen nd tht's lso how much you'll lose f you don't.'" The news lst week tht Willim "Refrigertor" Perry would be prticipting in Wrestlemni pro wrestling show to be sired on closed-circuit television April 7 didn't muse the Chicgo Bers' front office, but Perry quickly put their fers of njury to rest. Perry told Bers generl mnger Jerry Vlnlsi tht he would be in the ring for only bout 30 seconds, nd ll he would be required to do s to sit on somebody. "We've been ssured tht it'll be choreogrphed so there's no chnce of injury," Vinisi sid. ncidentlly, Perry will receive 60,000 for his work. The word out of Atlnt is tht Cmpbell is losing his fight to get the Flcons to use their No. 2 pick in the first round to drft Oklhom nose tckle Tony CsUls. Coch Dn Henning is sying now tht he would prefer Purdue qurterbck Jim Everett. require 2 of the 28 tems to vote ffirmtively. Among other mtters under considertion will be: A rule tht would penlize the home tem 6 yrds if, fter repeted ttempts hd been mde to quiet the fns, the visiting tem still ws unble to run n offensive ply. The proposl clls for * witing period of five minutes before the penlty s ssessed. Further experimenttion with rdio helmets tht would mplify the qurterbck's clls nd mke it possible for ply to go on regrdless of crowd noise. The NFL hd technicl problems with test of the new technology lst preseson nd s expected to try the helmets gin PENTAX SP0RT3S* Auiofocus Cmer this summer. However, use in regulrseson gmes would not come before 987: Expnsion of the roster size from 46 bck to 49. Schrmm is n outspoken proponent of such move, but 9 tems voted ginst t the lst time it ws brought up. t doesn't figure to pss this time, either. A restriction on tem huddles long the sidelines during timeouts. Cincinnti coch Sm Wyche pioneered the sideline huddle lst seson, nd number of opponents complined tht he shouldn't hve been llowed to summon n entire unit from the field. There is some support. for bnning the prctice. Sport 35 Automtic focusing nd exposure Compct, sett-contined design Smll enough to fit n purse, pocket or briefcse * Built-in flsh for indoor photogrphy D R N S Photo Shop. nc. i *. - The Complete Photo Shop 5 Wllce Street Red Bnk, New Jersey 0770 Tel: (20)

21 . ARCH COLLEGE ACC top spot rests firmly in Duke's lp GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) Duke hs been rnked No. in the country for two weeks. New the Blue Devils re No. in the Atlntic Cost Conference. "t feels good to hve Duke on top in the ACC gin," center Jy Blls sid fter the Blue Devils defeted Georgi Tech in the 33rd nnul Atlntic Cost Conference tournment yesterdy. rk Alrie hit n eight-foot jumper from the bseline with 44 seconds left nd Johnny Dwklns dded two free throws with seven seconds left to give Duke its first ACC title since 980, when the Blue Devils bet rylnd. "t's thrill for us," Dwkins sid fter scoring 20 points for Duke, 32-2, nd being nmed the tournment's most vluble plyer. "t's something 'll never forget. "We couldn't sk for much more," he sid. "We've hd remrkble yer." Alrie sid it "ws hrd to believe we won it." But Alrie, two of five seniors hoping to ride the ACC crown to n NCAA chmpionship, sid he would hve hted to hve herd the critics if the Blue Devils hd not won. "f we'd hve lost, think it would hve been one of the negtive spects of this tem," sid Alrie, who scored 7 points. " think we would hve been remembered s the tem tht plyed well in regulr seson gmes but when it cme to the tournment it folded. "Tht's one thing tht's gret bout this win, not only tht we proved we could do t to ourselves but to everyone else," he sid. "There's nothing nybody cn sy now." Alrie sid it ws prticulrly grtifying to win the ACC title in yer in which the legue is so strong, with four tems rnked in the Top 20 going into the threedy tournment. He lso sid this yer ws different thn in 984 when the Blue Devils lost to rylnd in the finls. "Two yers go, when we mde the finls, everybody ws ptting us on the bcks nd sying wy to go," Alrie sid. "We weren't expected to win. "This yer ws different. No one ws ptting us on the bck," he sid. "We expected to win nd everybody else did, too." Both Dwkins nd Alrie sid being seniors mde the title even more importnt. "There ws pressure to win becuse this ws our lst yer," Alrie sid. "This ws our lst time round." Duke led t the hlf, but the Yellow Jckets rllied to tke led with.08 left. The led chnged hnds nine times in the second hlf before Alrie's jumper from the bseline gve Duke the led for Rood Dwkins then seled the victory with two free throws fter he ws fouled while rebounding Crig Nel's missed 3-foot jumper with nine seconds left. " wouldn't sy felt lot of... pressure t the free throw line," he sid. Dwkins sid he felt his erlier missed free throws he hit six of nine helped him on his finl trip to the foul line. "Tody, wht occured to me ws tht missed lot of free throws nd the... percentges were in my fvor," Dwkins sid. " just sucked it up nd got ll the ftigue out of me could nd shot them." BLOCKNG FOUL John Sltey (22) of Georgi Tech reches over to block shot by rk Alrie (32) of Duke in the Atlntic Cost Conference North Crolin A & T tops E AC PHLADELPHA (AP) Clude Willims nd Tom Griffs scored 4 of North Crolin A A T's lst 6 points to led the Aggies to win over Howrd University in the iddle Estem Athletic Conference chmpionship gme yesterdy. Triling 46-37, top-seeded North Crolin A A T's Lee Robinson hit Jumper with 4:26 left in the gme to bring the Aggie* to within Howrd then rn off three stright points on bsket nd Riders chmps inswc DALLAS (AP) Texs Tech gurd Tony Benford scored 2 points nd Dewyne Chism dded 6 yesterdy to crry the underdog Red Riders to victory over Texs AA University in the Southwest Conference Post-Seson Tournment chmpionship gme. The defending chmpion Red Riders, who finished fifth during the regulr seson, received n utomtic bid to the NCAA Tournment with 7-3 overll record. The second-seeded Aggies, one of the SWC's regulr seson trichmpions, dropped to 20- for the yer. Benford's lst bsket cme with 8:03 to go but Chism picked up the scoring lck. He hd two slm dunks nd hit three free throws s the Red Riders bet bck n Aggie rlly Tech freshmn Stn Gy hit three free throws in the finl minute of ply nd Ry rvin settled mtters with two fret throws with 0 seconds on the clock. Tech's tough defense held highscoring Don rbury, who hd verged 22 points per gme, to only 6. Winston Crite dded 6 for the Aggies, who hd beten Tech twice during the regulr seson. Jimmie Gilbert hd 3 for AA. Benford, who devted the Aggies from outside throughout the first hlf, hit 20-foot jump shot with second left to hnd the Bed Rnters 32-3 led t ntermission. The first hlf surprise for AA ws Al Pullim, who cme off the bench to score 0 points, eight over his per gme verge. Tech outcored AA 6-4 to strt the second hlf nd the Aggies could never recover. Benford ws nmed the most vluble plyer n the tournment. free throw by Rob cllvine to boost Howrd to with 2:34 remining in the contest. North Crolin reeled off 3 consecutive points to move hed, 62-48, on free throw by Griffs with 23 seconds left in the gme. High scorer for the Aggies ws George Cle with 4. Robinson hd nd Griffs nd Willims ech hd 0. ike Hmpton hd 2 points for Howrd, nd cllvine hd. North Crolin A A T is now Howrd, second-seeded in» AY UversKy of Kn gurd Kellogg, center, squeeze* through double by Urtverslty of ow Stte gurd Jeff ZL - (4) nd forwrd Jefl Gryer (44) ASSOCATED PRESS Bsketbll Tournment chmpionship gme yesterdy in Greensboro, N.C. Slley ws chrged wtth foul on the ply. the contest, drops to V. 76, Pririe V. 58 JACKSON, iss. George vory scored 26 points yesterdy to led ississippi Vlley Stte to victory over upset-minded Pririe View, giving the Delt Devils the Southwestern Athletic Conference chmpionship nd berth in the NCAA tournment. n winning for the ninth stright time, Vlley, 20-0, ended the longshot bid of Pririe View, winner of only three of 27 gmes before it scored two tournment upsets. ississippi Vlley will meet top-rnked Duke, 32-2, in the first round of the NCAA tournment. Pririe View, 6-26, never led but mnged two erly ties before three-point ply by rk Colemn gve the Delt Devils 7-4 led. vory scored 6 points s Vlley buut hlftime led. Vlley, which finished third in the SWAC regulr seson, outcored Pririe View 6-6 in the second hlf. during first hlf ction in the Wg Bght Tournment chmpionship gme yesterdy n Knss City, o. Crds tke etro J LOUSVLLE, Ky (AT) Wgner scored 3 freshmn center dded 2 til mil** s the No. Loeievutei defeted loth-rnked Stte in the < gme of the etn bsketbll tournment ] Louisville, 26-7 nd the regulr seson chmp, receives the legue's utomtic berth l the NCAA tournment. emphis Stte, lso the regulr seson runner-up, dropped to 27-5 t ws emphis Stte's third gme in three dys The Tigers esily ousted South Crolhn in the first round of the tournment, but hd to go to the wire to edge Florid Stte 73-7 on Sturdy. Louisville received» first-round bye, the mnhndle*' ' Cincinnti Sturdy. A 6-2 Louisville bnt t the strt of the second hlf opt led with»:66 emphis Stte twice trim Louisville dvntge to points, but the Tigers, poor shooting, could closer. Wgner, senior gurd, ws of 5 from the floor nd nine of K) from the free-throw line He et* hd seven rebounds. ' Willim Bedford, eme Stte's 7-foot center, hd t points, while Andre Turner hd 6 nd Bkenrille Holmes S. emphis Stte mnged only of 76 field gols for 37 percent, while Louisville shot 68 percent on The Crdinls ls se rebounded emphis Stte 44-3V Louisville, behind 60 percent shooting from the field, held led t intermission fter first-hlf tht hd seven ties nd four led chnges. Knss king of Big Eight KANSAS CTY, o. (AP) Dnny nning scored 23 points nd held Knss together in the finl minute yesterdy s the second-rnked Jyhwks cupped ow Stte 73-7 in the finl of the Big Eight postseson tournment. The Cyclones stole the bll under the Knss bsket with five seconds left nd swept downcourt, but officils clled trveling violtion on Sm Hill t the buzzer before the ow Stte could put up shot. HiU fell to the floor in disbelief. Knss, 3-3 nd expected to be the No. seed in the idwest Regionl of the NCAA tournment, led by s mny s 4 points in the second hlf nd ppered to be in control when Greg Dreiling bnked hook shot t the 5:4 mrk for led. The Cyclones stged 7-0 comebck, cpped by Ron Virgil's bsket tht mde it with 2:40 left. nning, the Big Eight plyer of the yer, then rebounded n NCAA ow Stle miss d ws ft 36 seconds lter by Virgil 6-foot- sophomore hit free throws for 7-67 before Jeff Gryer brought owe. Stte gin to within two bsket t :46. t ws nning gin for the Jyhwks. nning, the tournment's ost Vluble Plyer, scored on n eight-footer m hevy trffic with :26 remining. Hill then worked free for n uncontested dunk shot with 4e> seconds left. Jeff Homcek, first-tem All-Big Eight gurd, grbbed the bll wy from Knss' Cedric Hunter in the chotic finl seconds. The Jyhwks, the regulr seson Big Eight chmpions, clinched the legue's utomtic berth in the NCAA tournment by preventing the Cyclones from putting up shot. Dreiling nd Ron Kellogg echhd 2 points nd Hunter scored for the Jyhwks. ow Stte, 20-0, got 26 points from Gryer, 6-6- sophomore forwrd. Hill hd nd Homcek eight. Continued from Pge C pressive victories in the finl week. "There were severl tems with big wins the lst week of the seson tht were on the fence," SchuKz sid. He specificlly mentioned DePul in this group. Schultz predicted tht prity would become evident in the first-round gmes. Survivors of this coming weekend's preliminry rounds will dvnce to regionl competition t four sites: Houston in the West; Atlnt n the Southest; Est Rutherford, N.J., in the Est; nd Knss City in the idwest. Strting times for first-round gmes will be nnounced on ondy. n the Southest Regionl t Bton Rouge, L., on Thursdy, t will be second-seeded Georgi Tech ginst No. 5 rist; No. 3 emphis Stte vs. No. 4 Bll Stte; No. 6 Purdue vs. No. Louisin Stte, plying on its home court; nd No. 7 Virgini Tech vs. No. 0 Villnov, the defending chmpion. First-round ction in the Southest t Chrlotte Fridy ncludes No. 4 lhnoto vs. No. 3 Pirfleld; No. 5 Albm vs. No. 2 Xvler, Ohio; nd No. 8 Western Kentucky vs. No. 9 Nebrsk, mking its first-ever NCAA ppernce.. " n the West t Ogden, Uth, n Thursdy, second-seeded Louisville meets No. 6 Dremt;. No. 7 Brdley tckles No. 0 Texs-El Pso; No 3 North Cre- Un fces No. 4 Uth; nd No. 6 Albm-Birminghm plys No. issouri. n the West t Long Bech on Fridy, t will be No. 4 Nevd- Ls Vegs ginst Northest Louisin; No. 6 rylnd vs. No. 2 Pepperdine; nd No. 8 Auburn ginst No. 9 Arizon. Other first round gmes in the Est Regionl t Greensboro en Thursdy re fourth-reeded Oklhom ginst No. 3 ) estern; ; No. 6 Virgini g g Ne ; 2 DePul; nd No. 8 Old Dominion vs. No. 9 West Vkfv Ftret-round ction hi the t Syrcuse, N.Y., on vs. No. 6 Brown; No. 3 ginst No. 4 Clevelnd No. 7 Nvy ginst No. 0 nd No. 6 St. Joseph's en Richmond n the idwest»> ton on Thursdy, ether Bis round gmes re fourth m Georgetown ginst No. S Te Tech; No. 6 ichign 8tte sgit No. 2 Wshington; nd No. t JeksenviUe vs. No. 8

22 The Register ODAY. ARCH 0,986 NBA King leds jftet victory K tfast RUTHERFORD (AP) -Albert King scored 28 points nd ;Otis Birdsong dded 27 s the Jersey Nets defeted the enix Suns 5- in n NBA _ jsundy. King collected 2 points in the fourth qurter to help the Nets overcome deficit. The Suns led before Birdsong nd King hit successive jump shots to give the Nets led with :6 to go. Alvn Adms's foul line jumper pulled the Suns to -09 with 52 seconds remining, but Birdsong connected on running jump shot with 33 seconds to go. ' Two free throws by Adms with 4 seconds left cut the deficit to 3-, but King iced the gme with two foul shots five seconds lter The Nets led by s much s 4-22 lte in the first period, but the Suns closed it to t hlf time s Thompson scored 3 in the second period. Buck Willims dded 20 points nd 4 rebounds nd ike Gminski scored 9 points for New Jersey. For the Suns, Bernrd Thompson scored creer-high 9 points nd Ed Pinckney dded 6. The gme mrked comebck for Drryl Dwkins, who mde his first ppernce for the Nets in 6 gmes. But he plyed only five minutes in the first hlf nd scored two points before injuring his groin gin. Bulls 4, Knlcks 0 CHCAGO George Gervin took over seventh plce on the ll-time NBA scoring list with 27-point effort nd Sidney Green connected for creer-high 3 points Sundy in leding the Chicgo Bulls to victory over the New York Knick. Gervin, who now hs 26,397 points, moved pst John Hvlicek, formerly of the Boston Celtcis, who hd scored 26,396 points in his creer. Chicgo ws hed t hlftime. Green then combined with Gene Bnks for 7 points in the third qurter to enble the Bulls to tke n led into the finl period. The Knicks cut the deficit to 03-99, but four free throws by Gervin nd three-point field gol by Kyle cy ended the New York thret. The Bulls broke three-gme losing strek nd delt the Knicks their 6th setbck in their lst 9 outings nd their eighth consecutive defet on the rod. Jmes Biley collected 24 points to led New York in scoring. Tten 20, Pcen 02 PHLADELPHA Although oses lone scored 34 points, Coch tt Guoks found the 76ers' defensive performnce, nd lone's 7 rebounds, more encourging s Phildelphi took step in shking slump. The Sixers locked up position in the plyoffs for the th stright yer Sundy nd broke three-gme losing strek by defeting the ndin Pcers. The loss ws the eighth of the lst gmes for the Pcers, who hve dropped 0 stright gmes in Phildelphi over the pst three sesons. "Our defensive lertness nd gresslveness ws much better tody thn it hs been," Guoks sid. "Hopefully, this is step in the right direction for getting our confidence bck. We were filling the lnes tody nd we don't lwys do tht." The 76ers outrebounded the Pcers overll nd 20-6 offensively. They lso forced ndin to commit 8 turnovers. Bobby Jones noted tht few would consider the Pcers formidble opponent. "They don't hve tht good of record, but think it's step in the right direction, the wy we plyed tody. We executed well nd controlled the tempo," Jones sid. w* 8 A WNNER Boston Celtics' center Bill Wlton ) looks to Shoot over Chicgo's Dve Corzlne in recent Ntionl bieitotf Assocition gme. After yers of plying college nd EXTRA EFFORT Rookie Ed Pinckney of the Phoenix Suns tkes deep breth s he bttles for position ginst the New Jersey Nets' Buck Willims (52). Action took plce in the first qurter of the NBA contest t the edowtnds Aren in Est Rutherford. Jzz coch unhppy with Dntley flreup PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) AU- Str forwrd Adrin Dntley's sttus with the Uth Jzz is being evluted following Coch Frnk Lyden's decision to send him home to Slt Lke City before the Jzz-Tril Blzers gme here Sturdy. Lyden ws to meet with club president Dvid Checketts nd co-owners Sm Bttistone nd Lrry iller lte Sundy, Checketts sid. The Jzz coch sid his ction ws not n officil suspension of Dntley, the third leding scorer in the NBA with 28.9-point verge. ASSOCATE) PBiSS professionl bsketbll on the West Cost, Wlton hs found complete hppiness with the Celtics, currently sporting the NBAs best record. "The big thing ws wnted to seprte him from the tem nd myself until we could sit down nd discuss it with the owners," Lyden sid. An exchnge reportedly took plce between Lyden nd Dntley in the Jzz locker room following the tem's win in Phoenix Fridy. The upshot of the converstion ws tht Lyden instructed triner-trveling secretry Don Sprks to mke rrngements for Dntley to go directly home rther thn continuing on to Portlnd for the Jzz's fourth of five nights on the rod. Wlton hppy in cold Boston By WLLA R RNAHD AP Bsketbll Writer BU Wlton spent his life on the West Cost until this seson, when he moved to Boston fter being trded to the Celtics by the Clippers. How is he djusting to life in the Bst? "'m not used to freezing to deth in zero tempertures," sid Wlton, who lives with his fmily n Cmbridge, cross the Chrles River from Boston. "But wouldn't trde being in Boston for 0 yers worth of Cliforni sunshine." > Wlton, 33, is frequent visitor to Hrvrd Squre nd rides his bicycle long the bnks of the Chrles. "This to gret plce for my fmily nd me to live," Wlton sid. "One of the things 've lerned in my life to to pick the right neighborhood, nd the fmily sitution here to just wht we need." Wlton to wering No. 5 on his uniform. The lst Celtic to hve tht number ws John Thompson, now coch t Georgetown. Speking of the Celtics, they hve hd 46 consecutive nonlosing months since Lrry Bird Joined the tem for the seson. Pour times, they hve finished month t the.600 level. Spud Webb sid fter his All- Str wtknri triumph tht he hs been n bout 0 slm-dunk contest* since college nd hsn't lost yet. Since Webb's Ail-Str slmdunk success, his gent. Bill Blkeley, sid tht he's received 5 to 20 clls dy from merdl interests. But Blkeley to being creful. "Spud doesn't wnt to cpitlize on the fct he's smll," Blkeley told the Dlls Times Herld. t cn't be sid tht referee like Luermn gives preferentil tretment to str plyers nd coches. Since Jn. 3, he hs been on the officiting crews tht ejected Lrry Bird nd Coch K.C. Jones of the Boston Celtics nd Ervln "gic" Johnson nd Coch Pt Rtley of the Los Angeles Lkers. Lst ondy night, Luermn dded Houston's Rlph Smpson to his ejection list, nd when Coch BU Fitch rgued tht dismissl, Luermn's prtner, Jess Kersey, kicked Fitch out, too. NBA tems hve 'n verge of 6.4 plyers who were originlly drfted mong the top 4 picks n ny yer, but the Centrl Division-leding ilwukee Bucks hve legue-low of two on their current roster. Terry Cummings w picked second by Sn Diego in 882, nd Sidney oncrief ws the fifth selection by ilwukee in 079, but the Bucks' next highest pick ws Rndy Breuer, chosen 8th in 984. Phoenix is bck in plyoff contention fter n 0-9 strt, but the losing strek ws quite shock to rookie Ed Pinckney, who ws big put of Vlllnovs NCAA chmpionship tem. ' "Our tem got off to horrendous strt," Pinckney sid. "t's tough to ccept losing nine stright fter wht we did t 'Nov, but then relised we hd 70 gmes to go." Sixers' roller-coster seson on down slide gin * S OTOR T'T" 'swst Newsppers The 7 *en en tke solce bi the fct tht the NBA seson s vtry long nd tht the problems they re experiencing BOW could be long forgotten by the first week of June. : But right ROW the Sixers hve relpsed into the fink tht plgosd them t the beginning of the Json, getting nother reminder tht they Just ren't wht they sed to be. j They hd their bunt. They won 8 of 20 gmes over one stretch, But w tht rel or ws it emorex? Ws it sprred by nothing more thn the fierce pride of those tctjwtosd to success or ws t n indiction of how good this tem cn truly be? The possibility hs risen tht this ltest stretch of uninspired, bsketbll could be due to reemergence of the sme problem tht cused the Sixers' troubles in October uncertinty. Tht erlier uncertinty developed becuse of the questions surrounding Andrew Toney "s fitness for duty. Coch tt Guoks dded to the uncertinty by trying different plyers nd tinkering with the substitution ptterns. Both those fctors hve returned. Bob cadoo to trying to find his niche in the Sixers' system. The sttus of Toney, who remins on the injured list despite ssurnce from Dr. Joseph Torg tht his feet hve recovered from the stress frctures he suffered in the seson, to still uncler. ost of ll, frustrtion hs developed in the wke of hertbreking loss to the Los Angeles Lkers on ntionl television nd bck-to-bck losses to the Atlnt Hwks, whom the Sixers hve not beten in four tries this seson. The loss to the Lkers cused Ouok* to repet something he hs hrped on ll seson tht his tem cn't stnd prosperity. t responds only to dversity. "When we get cornered or re being beten," Guoks sid, "we get ngry. Tht's good sign, but t's tough wy to ply n this legue." Consequently, the Sixers re n dogfight every night, whether they re plying the Boston Celtics or the Golden Stte Wrriors. Sixers cptin Julius Erving chose to look t the sitution differently. "t's good to feel like you're world beters nd hve ll tht confidence," Ervtg sid, "but humility to necessry, too. A lot of good cn come out of it, if you work with it." Tht's probbly very true of sesoned plyers like Erving, urice Cheeks, Bobby Joes sd mybe oses lone, but younger plyers like Chrles Berkley the glue tht bonds the Sixers need positive reinforcement. With the schedule n their fsvor, n srpsrkwcej bunch like the Sixers should regroup. ost of their remining gmes re t the Spectrum. Denver coch Doug oe commented recently on how robust former Sixers coch BUly Cunninghm looked now tht he ws out of coching. oe, in his own comicl wy, expressed fer tht Cunninghm might return to combt duty. "BUly" too dumb to relise how good he's got t," oe sid. "'m very frid he doesn't nve enough senss to sty out "There's only one thing 'd rther do Uln coch (Ses Sixers, PgttC

23 ONDAY. ARCH K NHL Cpitls slip pst slnders LANDOVER, d. (AP) Crig Lughlin nd Bob Gould scored second-period gols yesterdy to brek - tie nd give the Wshington Cpitls 3- NHL victory over the New York slnders. The Victory gve the Cpitls the sweep of home-nd-home series nd improved their record to t moved Wshington, t lest temporrily, into first plce in the Ptrick Division, point hed of Phildelphi. The Flyers, who met the New York Rngers Sundy night, hve plyed two more gmes thn the Cps. Lughlin scored t 7:25 of the second period, when his centering ps from behind the gol line hit the heel of the stick of goltender Kelly lrudey, then deflected off Hrudey's left skte nd nto the net. t w Lughlin's 2st gol of the seson, creer high. Gould, who like Lughlin hd scored in Sturdy's 6-2 victory on Long slnd, deflected Lrry urphy's drive t 3:68 to give the Cps 3- led. t ws the only Wshington gol scored t even strength. Detroit 3, Clgry 3 DETROT Kelly Kisio scored short-hnded gol erly in the third period Sundy to complete Detroit comebck nd help the Red Wings to tie with the Clgry Flmes in Ntionl Hockey Legue gme. With Dwight Foster off the ice for interference, Kisio dug the puck off the bords to the left of the Clgry net nd skted in untouched to tie the gme t 2:37 of the finl period. Detroit hd the best scoring opportunity in overtime when John Ogrodnick fired 26-footer off the post. Klslo's gol ws his 4th of the seson nd his fourth in Detroit's lst three gmes. The Flmes, who hd won five or their lst six gmes, gined -0 dvntge two minutes into the gme on Al clnnl' 0th gol of the seson. But Ogrodnick scored on power ply t 2:46 of the second period to tie it. Joel Otto nswered for Clgry with power-ply gol less thn two minutes lter nd Jim Peplinkis unssisted tlly t 8:29 put tie Flmes hed by two. Wrren Young scored his 2st gol with 24 seconds left n the second period to pull the Red Wings within one. Oiler. 7, Kln«. 3 NGLEWO0D, Clif. Glenn Anderson scored three gols nd dded two ssists nd Jri Kurrl hd two gols Sundy to led the Edmonton Oilers won their seventh stright, posting victory over the Los Angeles Kings. Anderson, notching his fourth ht trick of the seson nd 5th of his creer, scored his first gol of the gme midwy through the second period to give the Oiles 4-3 led. He dded two more gols, giving him 48 on the seson, in the finl period s the Oilers pulled wy. Kurrl, the NHL's top golscorer, rised his totl to 66 on the seson with gol in the opening period nd nother in the third. Pul Coffey nd Wyne Gretzky ech scored one gol for Edmonton. Gretzky lso dded three ssists to rise record totl this seson to 39. Bob ongrin, Sen ckenn nd J.P. Kelly ech hd one gol for Los Angeles, which dropped its eighth stright gme t home. The loss ties dub mrk for consecutive defets t home set in 97. The defet ws the Kings' 23rd t home this seson, eclipsing their previous record of 22 losses n seson st in Jets 6, Penguin. 8 WNNPEG, nitob Doug Smll scored two gols s the Winnipeg Jets bet the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bengt Lund holm, Rndy Crlyle nd Brin ullen lso scored for Winnipeg, which won its third stright gme since Generl nger John Ferguson replced Brry Long s coch lst week. ullen scored into n empty net fter Pittsburgh pulled golie Roberto Romno in fvor of n extr skter in the lst minute. Golie Dn Bouchrd mde 2 sves for the Jets, who re third in third in the Smythe Division with record of rio Lemieux scored two gols nd Hoe nth hd the other for Pittsburgh, which remins in fourth spot in the Ptrick Division with record of Romno mde 22 sves for the Penguins nd mde severl excellent stops to keep the score close in the third period. SENT FLYNG Denis Potvm of the New York slnders trips up ike Grtner of the Wshington Cpitls with his stick during ction in the second period of their Ntionl Hockey Legue gme ASSOCATED PRESS yesterdy in Lndover, d. Potvin ws given two-minute penlty for tripping on the ply. Brber quiet bout number 'snub' BvALKOnGT Knight-Rioder Newsppers When Bill Brber plyed the gme, he skted his wing t both ends of the ice nd sid little, other thn to y he ws hppy to be in Phildelphi. So, when sked if he ws upset tht his No. 7 ws not retired during the ceremony honoring him lst week t the Spectrum, he rected in the sme wy he hd plyed the gme. Tht ment shrugging off ny controversy nd telling everybody tht he ws just hppy to be ib So wht if his number wsn't up there with Bobby Clrke's, Brry Ashbee's nd Bernle Prent's? However, the fct is tht mny people feel the Flyers slighted Brber. No doubt it ws tough cll the Flyers didn't wnt to set precedent by retiring too mny numbers. Then gin, Brber is the leding gol scorer n their history, with 420. Not only tht, but n this er of frequent plyer movement, Brber mnged to sty nd str with the sme tem for 4 sesons. He scored 40 gols or more five times nd ws 60-gol scorer once. He represented the Flyers in the All-Str Gme six times nd performed in interntionl competition severl times. He strred not only n his sttistics but in his consistency. Add to tht his plying for two Stnley Cup chmpions, nd you've got strong rgument for flying his number from the rfters. The Flyers sy tht Brber will be honored in plnned trophy-type re in the Spectrum, something tht probbly will resemble "wll of fme." Nice, but he deserves more. After ll he did, shift fter shift from 972 through 984, mny people feel tht BU Brber got short-shrifted t the end. The New York Rngers n becoming substntilly improved hockey tem, but they still re flling out of the plyoff picture. When former Flyers ssistnt coch Ted Stor took over the Rngers this seson, his nnounced gol ws.500 seson. They've lredy ccumulted four more points (66) thn they did in ll of lst seson, when they finished with only 62 lowest in the history of the frnchise. However, lst seson the Rngers mde the plyoffs, nd this seson they re in grve dnger of losing the fourth nd finl plyoff berth to the vstly improved Pittsburgh Penguins, who led the Rngers by three points. f the Rngers do miss out on the plyoffs, the blme probbly won't fll on Stor. Thn is good chnce, however, tht generl mnger Crig Ptrick will be out of the picture, nd you cn expect Phil Esposito to be front-runner for tht Job. A recent feture rticle in Sports llustrted on Pittsburgh's rio Lemieux begn by decribing Lemieux s popping open cn of ron City beer. Nice mgery, but Lemieux l only 20, nd the legl drinking ge n Pennsylvni s 2. GOLF Andy Ben cptures Dorl in plyoff win over Green A (AP) Andy Ben, given life when Hubert Green bogeyed three of the lst four holes n regulstlon ply, won the Dorl-Estern Open yesterdy with birdie putt on the fourth plyoff hole. Ben, runner-up lst week, nd the vetern Green, the current PGA chmpion, ech finished the regultion 72 holes t 276, 2 shots under pr on Dorl's Blue onster course. The victory w worth 90,000 from the totl purse of 600,000. Green won $54,000. Green plyed the lsst 8 holes of regultion n pr 72, despite his struggle ovedr the finl four. Ben shot 69 in the gusty winds, despite some uncertin putting. Ben, now the only three-time winner of this event, nd Green, mtched prs over the first three holes of the sudden deth plyoff Green mking gnt sve from bunker on the third before Ben, red-hired guy clled "Li'l Abner" settled it on the fourth plyoff hole. " ws gld to see it won by birdie," sid Green. "t wn't very good to see professionl golfers scrmbling round like we wen doing, 3-putting nd hitting nto the wter." The victory ws the 0th of Ben's creer nd his first since the 984 Greensboro Open. He lso won this title in 977 nd 982. Grm, the third round leder, hd 2-hot led with four holes to go in regultion. But he nd Ben ech 3-putted for bogey on the 6th. On the 6th, Green mde bogey from bunker nd hl led ws down to one stroke. On the 8th, fter Ben hd drive into the right rough, Green hooked his tee shot into the wter. He dropped out, put his next nto bunker nd cme out to bout 5-8 feet. After Ben hd 2- putted for pr, nd n pprent win. But Green rpped his putt into the bck of the hole for the bogey he hd to hve to force the plyoff. "t w gnt putt, gutty putt. knew it ws n the moment he hit t," Ben sid. Tom Kite, former Dorl-Estern winner, missed his chnce for spot n the plyoff when his putter went sour over the lst few holes. " hit the bll very, very well nd couldn't even seem to scn the hole with putt," Kite sid fter n 8th hole bogey hd dropped him one behind. " plyed much better thn the 7 posted. t ws very disppointing dy," he sid. Kite finished with 277 totl nd w tied for third with Hrk O'er. O'er, never relly in the title hunt, hd 66 in the gusty winds nd scttered 0 3' cross his crd. t ws nother two shou bck to c O'Grdy nd ike Sullivn, tied t 279. Ech hd closing 70. Jck Nlcklus struggled to 76 nd completed the tournment t pr 288. Tom Wtson hd 76, including 40 over the bck, nd w t 286. Juli nkster tops Alcott by one to win Kemper Open PRNCEVLLE, Hwii (AP) JuU nkster, winning her first tournment in three yen on the LPGA tour, cptured the Women's Kemper Open yesterdy, finishing with 2-under-pr 276. One stroke behind nkster wss 982 chmpion Amy Alcott, with n -under-pr 277. Tied for third t 0-under-pr 278 wen rc! Bosrth nd Chris Johnson. nkster won $46,000 for first pke, Alcott $27,760, while Johnson nd Bozrth won $8,000 ech tt their third plce tie. nkster went nto Sundy's finl round s the coleder, tied with Bosrth with 0-under pr 206. On the 492-yrd pr-6 6th hole, nkster threeputted for bogey, dropping bck to 9-under-pr. " think the key to this mtch w the 8th hole," nkster sid. " birdled nd rci bogeyed." nkster birdled gin on the 0th nd th holes to tke the led by two strokes. Her fourth shot on the 382-yrd pr-6 8th hole stopped Just one nch from the Up. " nelly thought 'd mde t," nkster sid. "But 'll tke the pr." Alcott sid she did everything she could to cstch nkster, including plying s greslvely she could on the, 8th hole. "y only thought in going into the 8th ws to hit on the firwy nd mke t n three," she sid. " only know one wy to ply,.nd tht's ggressive." Alcott strted Sundy's round with n 8-underpr 208. She birdled the 4th, 4th nd 8th holes, giving her 3-under-pr 69 for the dy nd n - under-pr 277. SANDY 8HOT Juli nkster, keeping her eye on mebs^.wstsoutofsridtrpttheptinowihe Golf Course yesterdy n Honolulu. nkter ws AStOOTO* ttempting to rech the green on the fifth hole n the finl round of the LPGA Kemper Open lo

24 6Q-' The Register ONDAY. ARCH BASEBALL Andujr fights 'troublemker' imge JOAQUW THEN AND HOW Pitcher Joequin Andujr, center, '' ts restrined by utmmrti s he tries to got t umpire Don,' Denkinger during the S world Sextos. Andujr, then of the ' St. Louis Crdlnels, ws upset by Denktnger's home plte clls l, is St. Louis ws mnhndled by Knss City n the finl gme. ASSOCWTH* Below, Andujr, since trded to the OeWnd A's, exchnged the lineup crds with Denklnger fter the two shook hnds before Oklnd's exhibition gme Fridy n Phoenix, Ariz. Andujr pologized to Dennger for his Series outburst PHOENX, Ariz (AP) Joquin Andujr sys his reputtion l lk* chep ftershve: t precedes him nd it's irritting. "'m not s troublemker like the ppers sy every dy. never tie in my life. Tht's why i nve trouble," sid the 88- yer-oh) Dominicn piteher, cquired by the Oklnd A's lst December n trde with the St. Louis Crdinls. "You know nobody tlks bd bout me n St. Louts. 'm not going to sy 'm good guy or bd guy, but f you wnt to know, Just go to 8t. Louis nd interview nybody you wnt. 'll py you tl million f you find nybody who sys Joquln is bd guy. We will find out this y-sr if 'm the kind of guy you put in the ppers or not." Andujr's nme, indeed, hs been mking hedlines. Ltely, it T s becuse of Commissioner Peter Ueberroth's one-yer suspension of Andjur nd six other plyers whose nmes were linked to drug use. However, they ll cn still ply if they donte 0 percent of their slries to drug-prevention progrms. The seven must lso submit to rndom drug testing for the rest of their creers nd volunteer 00 hours of drug-relted community service n ech of the next two yers; Although he hsn't nnounced his decision, Andujr hs indicted he will comply with Ueberroth's ruling. " wnt to get over everything," he sid. Bsed on his 986 bte slry of.6 muon, his 0 percent "voluntry contribution" would be tl 6,000. He hs to Ht out the strt of the "seson nywy Tht's becuse he ws fined»b00 nd suspended 0 dys by Ueberroth for bumping umpire Don Denklnger hi the seventh gme of the 966 World Series. The right-hnder rgued two' close pitches n the fifth inning nd ws ejected from the gme, which the Crdinls lost lt-0 to the Knss City Royls. "'m no* the only one who's ever rgued with n umpire,'' Andujr sid. "When " to kin n 'm not the only one who's ever rgued with n umpire. When George Brett tried to kill n umpire, nobody mde big del out of it. jouin Andufw A'spwitr': The only thing 'm going to chnge l 'm going to tlk to sports writers more." When the A's pitchers nd ctchers reported here Feb. 2! for the first dy of drills, Andu- Jr wsn't mong them. He didn't rrive until 0 dys lter becuse of "vis problems" slid orgnizing youth bsebll legue n Sn Pedro de Krcorie, his hometown in the Dominicn Republic. " hve bout 0 legues, (ges) 6 to 8. Every dy, hd to get up t 7 o'clock i the morning to go to the stdium nd tlk to 300 kids. got out bout 3 o'clock n the fternoon," he sid. "Nobody sees tht. Everybody sees the bd prt t Joquln." When he ws trded to Ok" lnd, Andujr sid he knew nothing bout the club OR itt world chmpionship yer* in the mid-970s. So h«sked his Sn Pedro neighbor, A's shortstop Alfredo Griffin. The two re now plying on the sme tem for the drt time since they were in the Dominicn youth legues. Besides Griffin, Andujr knows some other A's, ncluding first bsemn Dusty Bker, designted hitter Dve Kigmn nd outfielder Steve Henderson. He's not worried wht the others thikof him "When you re good guy nd you re friend*, you dont need to know nybody. Everybody'! going to know you," Antgsr sid. "But f you re bd fy. nobody's going to tlk to you A's nger Jckie om 'm s populr," he dded With lugh. "ybe becuse of the beutiful nme Joetrin- Everybody loves to write bout Joquin." & Andujr "l bsiclly generous, compssionte guy nd fiem»oynt. We re not going to try mi chnge his personlity. There's no hrm n certin mount of flmboynce." Tht's good becuse Andujr sys he doesn't end to chnge. "You hve to be the sme Wy. f chnge, might lose 20 nd win one.* His records the pst two/ sons wen 20-4 wl 2-2. " will be the sme Joquln Andujr, pitching the sme wy pitched in the Ntionl Legue. pressure off the j pitchers. 's ll for st He wnts to. nd we wnt m to pitch, i esiest thing in the w«r will be to give guy with s bility the bll every five dn nd tts t loose," oore sid. " hve ll the confidence in the world tht he cn fill this rot*. There's no qushim boutk success over the lst couple yers. He hs lot of pride nd think there's nother side to Usldnl." Andujer sid leving the Crdinls wee difficult [ of s, feelings ft WKWqr Herog. " tove Whitey. He's» gret mn,!miss him. Whey'sUke fther to me," he sid. brtf beck some cigrs for him every yer from the Dominicn." Hi gift for oore is personl. "y hert nd my rm." Dve Collins finlly finds home with Tigers LAKELAND, Fl. (AP) For guy " ws on good club t Toronto (in leding off. don't wnt to shut off his work hrd. They don't hve to be policed. nrho hs chnged his ddress five times bses," Collins sid. " stul feel cn 984), New York nd Cincinnti, but this speed. So tht's wht we're going to do." On some clubs, the best plyers try to n the lst six yers, Dve Collins seems run." is n wesome bllclub the top 25 Tht's the kind of tlk Collins likes to pce themselves, especilly in the spring, rery much t home in Detroit uniform. However, Collins sid he doesn't intend to ttempt mny stels in guys. men, you're tlking bout the her. Becuse he ws with the Blue Jys but not on this club." Collins, 33, who cme to the Tigers in club tht dominted bsebll in 984." when they chsed the Tigers throughout Lst seson, Collins sw his btting fee Nov. 3 trde tht sent Brbr Grpefruit Legue exhibition gmes. Collins hs stolen t lest 24 bses in 984, he ws close enough to see the verge drop to.27 nd he stole only 29 irbey to the Oklnd A's, lredy hs " feel don't hve nything to prove," eight of his mjor legue sesons nd thrill of the Detroit victory. bses. He feels, however, he ws mnged poorly t Oklnd. He lso lost out given the ledof f spot in the btting he sid. " know the pitchers in this tht's why the Tigers wnted the 5- He thought he would tste it ll in by nger Sprky Anderson, legue. wnt to leve here April 6 foot-0, 70-pound switch hitter in 986, but the Blue Jys needed bullpen in numbers gme when it becme umping longtime No. hitter Lou helthy." Detroit. He stole 79 bses for the Reds in help nd the A's demnded Collins in pprent the A's hd to find wy to get rhitker to the second spot in the lineup. 980 nd stole 60 whue hitting.308 for exchnge for Bill Cudlll. Now tht he's Dusty Bker's bt into their lineup. f tht hppens, nd if he plys ; " feel more t home here thn ny- the Blue Jys in 984. bck with contender, Collins is nxious ere 've ever been," ssys Collins, nd "Lst yer, cme out of the gte fst, nything like the wy he plyed for The Tigers hven't hd nybody stel to help the club get off to good strt. fet's sying ntouthfull becuse the then they Just took me out of the lineup," Toronto in 984, t's cinch Collins will 60 bses since Ron LeFlore in the lte " think bsiclly this is hungry bn hs lso mde stops t Cincinnti, Collins reclled. "They Just didn't ply never feel mismnged in Detroit. 970s. bllclub," Collins sid. " think they Hew York nd Toronto. me the rest of the yer. They relly never Anderson sid Collins will shre some " wnt him in the lineup," Anderson wnt to prove 984 ws no fluke. Tems ' ' feel fortunte to be over here," sid why." time with Lrry Herndon n left field, but sid. " wnt wht he cn do for us in the gered up for Detroit lst yer. Tht ws Cntos sid. " feel this is the best club Which is ll the more reson why tht he will probbly spend more time s lineup. definitely fctor in their fll. 've ever been on. Collins is ecsttic bout being Tiger. designted hitter; he hits better thn he "Dvid doesn't know nything but "The everydy plyers on this club " think should be ble to stel 60 fields. i [Hevy impct expected from drug cluse frans orning News, POPANO BEACH, Fl. Lter this Sweth, rbitrtor Tom Roberts will listen :to the jor Legue Bsebll Plyers eocltion grievnce over the inclusion ' drug-testing clsuses n plyer condecision figures to hve the : impct on the gme since Peter * bolished the reserve cluse in 976 opened the wy for free gency. en Roberts mkes his ruling, he will effectively estblish the foundtion for mjor legue bsebll's drug policy. f he rules n fvor of the clubs, Roberts will give them the green light to demnd drug cluses n contrcts, estblishing sportwide drug-testing progrm. f he rules in fvor of the plyers, Donld Fehr, executive director of the LBPA, will hve the hmmer n efforts to put drug pln to work. "The rbitrtor will sy yes they cn or no they cn't nd won't sy word more," Fehr sid. "'ll consider it closed." The LBPA is getting some closing words in, though. The union is still upset tht during the World Series the owners cnceled the Joint drug policy. The policy included cluse in which tem could sk plyer to tke test. f the plyer refused, his cse would be herd by Joint review council, nd if the council decided testing ws in order, plyer either hd to submit or ws suspended. Despite tht the owners voted unnimously to disbnd tht progrm, the union blmes the decision on Commissioner Peter Ueberroth. "Tht's not wht Ueberroth wnted," sid rk Belnger, Fehr's specil ssistnt. "He couldn't use it for publicity. t wsn't his bby. He's on his wy someplce. don't know where, but he's going to try to use the plyers to get there." Under the pln recently nnounced by Ueberroth, clubs will not be involved in the testing of plyers who hve cluses in their contrcts except for the Bltimore Orioles, who lredy hd worked out the detils for their progrm. Ueberroth sid the testing will be hndled by Dr. Tony Dly, who ws the vice president of medicl ffirs for the 984 Los Angeles Olympic Orgnizing Committee, nd results of the tests would be privte between Dly nd the plyer. Not even Ueberroth s supposed to be informed. "f plyer's tests show he used drugs, there re no penlties," Richrd Levin, spokesmn for Ueberroth, sid. "t is hoped tht the doctor nd plyer together cn tke cre of the problem. t's very personl thing." Just how much did the injuries to the Cubs' strting rottion hurt the tem lt yer? The Cubs were 6-37 in gmes strted by Scott Snderson, Dennis Eckersley, Rick Sutcliffe nd Steve Trout, nd in gmes without the four... Sndy Alderson, vice president of the Oklnd A's, sid he expects Joquin Andujr to be role model for the A's pitchers. "He's very tough competitor who pitches every four dys nd htes to come out of gmes," Alderson sid. "t l qulity mny of our young pitchers need to develop." Andujr hd 0 complete gmes with St. Loul lst yer, the totl of the Oklnd stff.

25 OwOAY, ARCH BASEBALL ets pound Crds, 8- ST. PETERSBURG, Fl. (AP) Dwight Gooden mde his 986 debut with three scoreless innings nd rookie Stnley Jefferson hit home run s the New York ets took dvntge of three St. Louis errors en route to n 8- victory over the Crdinls yesterdy. The Crdinls, the Ntionl Legue's best defensive tem lst seson, committed three errors on popups, leding to seven unerned runs. Jefferson, rookie from the Bronx, N.Y., hit solo homer which ignited six-run eighth inning off Joe Boever. Tim Corcorn ccounted for three more runs with double. The Crds scored off nonroster pitcher Rndy Niemnn cme s result of Jerry White's scrifice fly in the sixth scoring Jose Oquendo. Bob Forsch pitching the middle three nnings, fter rookie Crig tthews one-hitted the ets, llowed two unerned runs in the sixth. Oquendo, plying shortstop, dropped pinch-hitter Len Dykstr's led off pop fly. Dykstr then stole second nd dvnced to third on Jefferson's infield hit nd scored on Wlly Bckmn's scrifice fly. When Curt Ford dropped Gry Crter's pop, Jefferson scored. Oriole* 8, Ynkees 2 A The Bltimore Orioles scored three runs in the ninth inning, two on home runs by rookies Ken Gerhrt nd Jim Trber, to bet the New York Ynkees. All the Orioles' runs cme off Brin Fisher, who pitched the lst inning fter Joe Niekro, Dve Drbek nd Tommy John llowed only four hits over the first eight innings. Gerhrt nd Trber homered with one out nd then Fisher set up the winning run by dropping throw t first bse on ground bll by Tom O'lley. John Stefero, nother rookie, drove in the gme-winning run with single to right Held fter pinch-runner Rex Hudler went to second bse on John Shelby's infield out. The victory enbled the Orioles to split pir of weekend gmes with the Ynkees, the first for both tems. Brve* 4, Expo* WEST PAL BEACH, Fit. Bob Homer singled twice nd drove in two runs to led the Atlnt Brves to n exhibition bsebll victory over the ontrel Expos. Crig curtry, trying to rebound from disppointing yer in the minors, picked up the victory by pitching two scoreless innings. curtry gve up two hits nd hd no wlks or strikeout*. Twin. 7, Bed. 5 ORLANDO, Fl. Roy Smlley's two-run homer with two outs in the ninth nning gve the innesot Twins victory over the Cincinnti Reds n exhibition bsebll. Alex Snchez' short scrifice fly for his third RB of the gme mde the score 5-5 in the ninth. On the next pitch, Smlley blsted ike Smith's fstbll over the wll in right field with rk Dvidson bord. The Reds hd tken 6-3 led on home runs by rookies Terry Lee nd Wde Rowdon n the seventh nning. Lee's solo shot tied the gme 3-3, nd Rowden lter hit two-run blst to left center. Tiger., ld Sox LAKELAND, Fl. ike Lg nd Nelson Simmons ech homered to bck the combined sixhitter of Dve LPoint nd three other Detroit pitchers Sundy s the Tigers bet the Boston Red Sox in Grpefruit Legue exhibition gme. LPoint, obtined by the Tigers n six-plyer trde with Sn Frncisco in October, worked the first three innings. He llowed one hit nd wlk, but double ply nd cught-steling llowed him to fce the minimum nine btters. The Tigers scored four runs n the first nning off Boston righthnder Roger Clemens nd got five more in the seventh off itch Johnson. t ws Clemens' first live competition since August, when he hd surgery on his right shoulder. ' '.' '.".**" *~ ' ' * HGH FLYNG TGERS Detroit's Doug Bker gets upended by Boston's Glenn Hoffmn during double ply n the first nning of yesterdy's Bow et offer for AAA mngeril stint LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) Lrry Bow could be t spring trining with the New York ets, who wnted him to return s utility infielder But fter 6 sesons s strting shortstop, even n offer of 300,000 yer couldn't convince him to be prttimer. nsted, the 40-yer-old Bow is strting over, s mnger of the Clss AAA Ls Vegs Strs. Though the slry doesn't come close to wht wht he ws erning, Bow sys he doesn't cre. "f the money ws importnt would hve signed with the ets," he sid. "They offered me good contrct, but just didn't feel could be prt-time plyer." He lso turned down n offer by the ets to mnge their Clss A tem, preferring the Strs, the top frm club of the Sn Diego Pdres. "This is gret opportunity with expnsion coming up in the mjors," he sid. "To strt out t Triple A level s bout s good s you cn do." He tkes over tem tht finished lst n the Pcific Cost Legue Southern Division with record lst yer, hd trouble scoring runs nd, t times, seemed disinterested in plying. Bow promises tht will chnge. " plyed ggressively nd pln to mnge ggressively," Bow sid. " expect my plyers to go out nd bust their rer ends." Bow sid his lck of mngeril experience shouldn't be hndicp; he's been prepring for the Job ever since his 970 rookie seson with the Phildelphi Phillies. " never thought 'd lst more thn yer or two in the big legues so lwys figured 'd get into coching," he sid. "'ve lerned lot wtching mngers during my creer. A guy like Chuck Tnner cn mke.220 hitter think he's hitting.660." The fiery Bow hd rocky finl yer in the mjors, opening the seson feuding with Chicgo Cubs nger Jim Frey, while rookie Shwnon Dunston briefly took over his strting shortstop job. The Cubs eventully trded him to the ete, where he ended the seson plying only spordiclly nd btting.234 with 6 runs btted in. " mde up my mind when signed the contrct with the Cubs tht it ws my lst contrct," sid Bow, who erned $600,000 lst seson. Bow proudly points out tht his creer wsn't built on tlent, but on hrd work nd determintion. n 979, he set mjor legue record for the highest fielding percentge by shortstop in single seson t.90. " got the most of my bility, plyed hrd," he sid. " plyed more gmes s shortstop in the NUonl Legue thn nyone, nd lwys gve 00 percent, whether ws feeling well or not." Tht's the kind of ttitude Bow wnts his plyers to hve. " wnt to see if guy hs hert," he sid. "'ve got briefcse of scouting reports, but won't go by them. know f someone red mine it would sy he cn't run, cn't throw, cn't hit. would never hve plyed in the big legues." Bow sid he'll give his plyers lot of leewy, with few rules nd even fewer fines. Plyers wlu be llowed to stel or put the hit-nd-run on themselves until they prove they cn't come through. "f 've got guys who cn stel bses, they're on their own," he sid. " ply to ply ggressively no mtter the score. won't let tem getting n erly two- or three-run led dictte the gme to us." Bow dmits he doesn't know if he cn do the job well enough in the minors to get to the mjors. " hven't even thought bout the mjors," he sid. " my find out t the end of the yer don't like mnging or wsn't good t t. But if do nd m, then hve gret opportunity." Plying first bse next stop for 'r. Five for One' Hyes CLEARWATER, Fl. (AP) f Von Hyes hd s druthers he wouldn't be plying first bse for the Phildelphi Phillies this son. "f hd my choice 'd be bck in center field," sid Hyes, who four yers lter still is referred to by Phildelphi fn* s "r. Five for One." n 982, the Phillies strtled bsebll's winter meeting whn they cquired Hyes from Clevelnd for nny Trtllo, George Vukovlch, Julio Frnco, Jy Butler nd Gerry Wlllrd. Even Hyes will dmit tht in the three ensuing seson he hsn't mde nybody forget Ted Willims. He hit.266,.292 nd lst yer 263. On defense s center fielder he didn't even mke nyone forget Grry ddox, who ws sitting on the Phillies' bench. nger John Felske, not exctly thrilled with Hyes' defense, decided to try the 6-foot-5-lnch outfielder t first. The Phillies went into the trde mrket nd cme up with rookie Ut Thompson for center. Now, Felske mde the chnge: Thompson n center, Hyes to first nd ike Schmidt bck to third from first. This ccomplished severl things. t mde utility infielder or possibly minor leguer gin out of Rick Schu, top prospect who lst yer ws brought up from Portlnd n the Triple A Pcific Cost Legue to replce Schmidt. Schmidt is bck t third where, t 36, there is possibility he my be step slower. Wht hppened to the theory tht plying first would sve wer nd ter on Schmidt's legs nd prolong the slugger's creer? And Hyes, who hs plyed ll three outfield positions, s t first, position he lst plyed regulrly t St. ry's (Clif.) College. He plyed first n six gme* t Chrleston, four with Clevelnd, severl tunes n spring trining with the Phillies. "t will be chllenge. 'm not going to win ny Gold Glove, but think wiu surprise some people," sid Hyes. He mkes t der tht while he would prefer center field, he's redy to do wht Felske thinks will help the dub win. ASSOCATED PRESS Grpefruit Legue contest t erchnt Stdium in Lkelnd, Fl. The Tigers defeted the Red Sox -2. A NEW LOOK Lrry Bow. n ll-str shortstop for Phildelphi, who finished his creer with the Cubs nd ets, lens on bt white witching spring trining drills t the Sn Diego Pdres' cmp n Yum, Ariz., recently. Hll picks tody 7Ci; TAPA, Fl. (AP) The lte Bill Veeck, one of bsebll's mo*t colorful owners, fiery mnger Leo Durocher nd former Boston Red Sox second bsemn Bobby Doerr hed long list of cndidtes being considered tody for Hll of Fme induction by bsebll's Veterns Committee. The 8-member committee six Hll of Fmers, six bsebll writers nd six current or former bsebll executives votes on executives, umpires, mngers nd plyers whose eligibility in the nnul bsebll writers' election hs expired. Lst yer, the committee chose former plyers Enos Slughter nd Arky Vughn to enter the Hll of Fme long with Lou Brock nd Hoyt Wilhelm, the writers' selections. The Veterns Committee cn choose two people ech yer, but t lest one must be plyer. Plyers initilly become eligible for induction five yers fter retirement, sty eligible for writers' considertion for 6 yers, then must wit three yers before becoming eligible for selection by the Veterns Committee, This yer, Willie ccovey, the former slugging first bsemn for the Sn Frncisco Gints, ws chosen by the writers in his first yer of eligibility. Voting by the Veterns Committee is not mde public, but indictions re tht Veeck, Durocher nd DoerT were mong those with considerble support yer go. Others known to hve received support lst yer include Vic Willis nd Glen Wright, who plyed before the turn of the century; plyers Bbe Hermn, Phil Rizzuto, Ernie Lombrdi, Crl ys, Jimmy Dykes, Tony Lrzri, nd ickey Vernon; Negro Legue plyer Ry Dndridge; pre-900 Ntionl Legue President Willim Hulbert; Brney Dreyfuss, influentil owner of the Pittsburgh Pirtes during , nd umpire Al Brllck. Bow pssed up chnce to ply nother seson with the ets n order to mnge the Pdres' AAA minor legue frnchise m L Vegs

26 8C BOXNG OHDAV. ARCH 0,966 Sims belts Collins LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) Bobbie Sims knocked John Collins down twice, then bttered him with combintion of rights before referee Dvey Perl stopped the scheduled 2-round middleweight fight t 2:46 of the first round yesterdy. Sims, the younger hlf-brother of undisputed middleweight chmpion rvelous rvin Hgler, cptured the United Sttes Boxing Assocition middleweight title with the quick victory. He lso erned June 23 right ginst three-time chmpion Roberto Durn, which promoter Bob Arum sid could led to bouts ginst top-rnked middleweights. "Anybody who wnts shot t Hgler hs to go through Robbie Sims first," sid Arum. Collins, defending his USBA title for the second time, ws hurt by Sims combintion bout minute into the fight nd the chllenger quickly took dvntge of the opportunity. Sims put Collins down to one knee with left hook bout 30 seconds lter, but Collins quickly got up nd took the mndtory eight count. He ws not to lst long, however, s the southpw Sims moved in with flurry tht lmost put Collins down gin n the comer. Sims followed with two rights tht plced Collins ginst the ropes nd ws ruled knockdown by Perl. Collins, of Chicgo, ws defenseless from tht point, getting hit with brrge of right hnds before Perl moved in to stop the fight. " think the referee stopped it t the right time," sid Collins. " just never recovered fter tht right hook." A. computer count of the punches confirmed the dominnce of Sims, who lnded 3 of the 62 punches he threw. The count showed Collins connecting with only seven of his 8 punches. " plnned for 2 hrd rounds," sid Sims. "t just hppened the wy it hppened." Hgler looks pst ugbi» ARANE FREUSH Knight-Riddet Newsppers ASSOCATED PRESS ONE ROUND ONLY Chllenger Robbie Sims, right, hs USBA their title fight t Cesrs Plce in Ls Vegs. Sims defeted middleweight title holder John Collins cornered yesterdy durinq Collins in the first round with knockout to tke the title. Whitker one-rms wy tovictory HAPTON, V. (AP) Lightweight Pernell "Sweet Pe" Whitker, who hd won six of his seven previous fights by knockouts, found himself without his min wepon, powerful left hnd, in his victory over John ontes yesterdy. " hurt my hnd round the fourth round," sid Whitker, who posted 0-round unnimous decision in the ntionlly televised bout. "t kind of froze up from tht point on. never stopped throwing it. just wsn't throwing it with uthority." Whitker, who won gold medl in the 984 Olympics in Los Angeles, moved to 8-0, going 0 rounds for the first time. Six of his previous victories hd come by knockouts nd the longest ny opponent hd lsted with the resident of nerby Norfolk ws six rounds. " feel better bout myself going 0 rounds thn would hve by knocking him out erly, which 've done with lot of other people," Whitker sid. ontes, of Whittier, Clif., dropped to His three previous losses hd ll come to opponents who were rnked n the top 0. ontes' most recent fight ws 0-round loss lst July to former World Boxing Council junior lightweight chmpion Cornelius Boz-Edwrds. ontes sid Whitker mtches up well with mny of the other top-rnked opponents he hs fced. Whitker sid his hnd ws exmined by physicin, who sid there did not pper to be ny broken bones. Whitker sid he plnned to fight gin s scheduled April 2 ginst n s yet unnmed opponent. Whitker begn the ntionlly televised fight s the ggressor, leding with his left on nerly dozen occsions in the first round. ontes nswered ech time with combintions of his own, nd continued to counterpunch effectively until the fourth round. Lte in the round Whitker pinned ontes ginst the ropes, but ontes used series of left jbs to get out of trouble. idwy through the fifth round, ontes ppered to be momentrily stggered by Whitker left, but he continued to trde body punches the reminder of the round. Curry keeps title TORT WORTH, Texs (AP) Donld Curry mde his first nd lst defense of the undisputed welterweight chmpionship yesterdy nd frenzied hometown crowd loved every minute of it. Not tht there were mny minutes to enjoy. Curry cught Edurdo Rodriguez of Pnm with crshing left-right to the hed nd knocked him out t 2:29 of the sewcond round of scheduled Bround fight. The stnding-roomonly crowd n the 8,600-set Will Rogers Coliseum rored ts pprovl. "The crowd mde me little nervous," sid Curry, who ws more wed by his enthusistic reception thn by his opponent, whose wkwrd style helped get him through the first round. But when Curry found the rnge erly n the second round, t ws obvious tht his reign s welterweight chmpion would continue. t lso will end soon. Curry plns to move to the junior middleweight division nd there is tlk he will chllenge ike ccllum, the World Boxing Assocition 64-pound clss chmpion on June 23 in Ls Vegs, Nev. Curry's gol is three world chmpionships nd tht could men big-money mtch ginst rvelous rvin Hgler, who defends the undisputed middleweight title ondy night t Ls Vegs ginst John ugbi. " m definitely looking forwrd to fighting rvin," Curry sid. "ccllum first, then Hgler." When the end for Rodriguez cme, the chllenger remined on the floor for lmost five minutes fter being counted out by referee Hubert Erle. After the fight, Rodriguez, who left the ring on his own power, sid he couldn't get up becuse "it ws muscle crmp." " think it ws left hook," Curry sid. Curry brought the crowd to its feet when he hurt Rodriguez with left hook to the jw 40 seconds into the second round. Shulerfights Philly imge ByULVON Knight-Rker Newsppers LAS VEGAS, Nev. From their sets on the dis Fridy, t wis impossible for either of them to cknowledge the other's presence without crning his neck to peer reund the lectern tht seprted them. And neither mn did, of course. mpeccble in hndsome gry suit, Thoms Hems discussed tonight's fight, which will mtch him ginst Jmes Shuler, with words tht were lmost deferentil. Undisputed middleweight chmpion rvin Hgler, his bld hed hidden under red bsebll cp nd his intense eyes hidden by sunglsses, ws defint. He begged to differ with his opponent on the progrm, John ugbi, who hd dred suggest tht the rvelous middleweight ws n old mn. Neither Herns nor Hgler referred to the collision course tht they lmost certinly were on. For brring n upset in the pir of ttrctive middleweight fights to be held here tonight, the two foes will fight gin. The contrcts lredy hve been signed, lthough promoter Bob Arum cutions tht they re provisionl. He hs gone so fr s to select dte June 23 lthough Hgler hs hinted tht the June dte would be too soon. And Arum hs selected site: the sme Cesr's Plce where ondy night's fights will tke plce, nd where Herns-Hgler ws held. Arum dds tht tht June fight, of course, will be stged between the winners of their respective bouts, tht until lte ondy night there will be no gurntee of Herns-Hgler remtch. But brring n upset, the two foes will fight gin. t s with fscintion nd recll of their April S fight tht the boxing world wits the remtch. For from these two fighters, one expects the sme sort of furious chemistry tht chrcterized the 8 minutes nerly yer go, when the two men stood toe-to-toe for lmost three rounds nd slugged s if hell-bent on survivl. The disturbing mges linger: the blood streming fnml cut on Hgler's forehed, nd Herns sgging like rg doll to the cnvs, the stuffing knocked from him by three rights. Hgler hd predicted tht he would cut Tommy Hems down like tree. "See tht tree ril," he sid fterwrd. This s wr, Hgler insisted during the post-right news conference. ybe the two were lunched on their collision course long before they stood n their corners nd eyed ech other lst April. n the hype tht preceded the fmous fight, rvin Hgler spoke often of his fierce desire to hold on to wht ws his, the tngible evidence of the chmpionship belts nd the ntngible knowledge tht he ws the gretest fighter in the world. "f hd lost," he sid fter the Hems fight, "'d be stnding here with nothing." Perhps he gurds his territory so fiercely becuse he grew up with little more thn nothing. He ws ftherless loner who rised pigeons on the bck porch of his mother'shome in Newrk, N.J. For three dy* during 967 riots in tht city, he nd his fmily de their wy bout their five-room prtment on their bellies in order to void stry bullets fired on the streets below 'THE BEAST ASTER' "rvelous" rvin Hgler sports cp reding "the bust muter" during trining euion recently n Plm ASSOCATED PRESS Springs, CNf. The cp refers to John "The Best" ugbi who will be Hgler's opponent tonight in Ls Vegs. LAS VEGAS, Nev. They re dnk, sunless plces, the ir hevy nd stle. Swet stins the floor n drk, congeled puddles, nd the only sound is the muffled whump of men punching nd being punched. They re the stuff of legend, those Phildelphi gyms, becuse they re the bttlegrounds for the best fights the public never gets to see. You wnt to prove yourself in boxing, tht is where you go. Phildelphi gym wrs re fbled. "ybe tht's the problem," Jmes Shuler suggested softly. "We bet up on ech other too much. For free. Then we don't hve much left to tke out ginst the rest of the world." Shuler will fight tonight. Not for free nd not in crmped, musty Joint with nobody but cornermen wtching. No, this one will be in bck of Cesrs Plce nd in front of 6,000 people high on blood lust, with few million more wtching on closedcircuit TV. But when he climbs into the ring, Shuler will crry with him n extr lod. You won't see it, but t will be hevier thn n nvil. t is the phrsse "Phildelphi middleweight." t is something tht follows fighter round, stndrd of comprison by which people utomticlly mesure him. t is like being identified s "former Helsmn Trophy winner." Expecttions re rised. So is skepticism. Judgments become hrsher. Boxing people spek of Phildelphi middleweights the sme wy shrk experts tlk bout gret whites. A decde go, Phildelphi hd the mrket on middleweight* cornered. There ws bsd, bld Bennie Briscoe, who never took step bckwrd in the ring. There ws Eugene "Cyclone" Hrt, whose punch ws wrecking bll. And Willie "The Worm" onroe, slick, quick, one of only two fighters to bet rvelous rvin Hgler. And, finlly, Bobby "Boogloo" Wtts, who might hve been the most promising of ll. He ws the only other fighter to bet Hgler. But for ll their promise nd ll their potentil, none of them ever becme chmpion. They ll fell out long the wy. They succumbed to the streets, to tempttions, to bd luck, to worse mngement, to frek injuries, to clubbing ech other senseless n Phildelphi gyms becuse no one else wnted to fight them. He hs tried to mke it work for him, like cttle prod. "The dys don't wnt to get up nd do my rodwork, remember wht the people re expecting," he sid. "The dys wnt to be ny plce except in the gym, getting my lumps nd bumps, remember wht they sy. So try to use tht. "They sy to me, 'OK, tht's enough with the speed bg.' So sy to them, 'OK, then, let me go two more rounds on the hevy bg.' lwys wnt to do more. lwys push myself, becuse know tht there will be time n the ring when 'm gld tht did." Tht time s t hnd. i

27 ONDAY. ARCH 0,966 Thel*glter RECREATON Study defends long distnce running : * * *.-: Cup rcing imge grows By TONY CHABERLAN Boston Globe FREANTLE, Austrli According to Qnts irlines, there re t lest 0,000 Americns lredy booked for flights to Perth, nd Fremntle, sometime during next yer's Americ's Cup rcing tht gets under wy in October. Judging from their interest in Americ's Cup, there's pretty good chnce most of them re fmilir with Newport during its Americ's Cup heydy, one tht is perhps gone for good. These dys, with the condo sprwl hving tken over the wterfront, it's hrd to imgine Newport ever gin being ble to host the Cup, especilly with the tremendously incresed worldwide prticiption. Gone is the dy when the Americ's Cup ws merely stylish Victorin bckdrop in the city of mnsions. The Americ's Cup is rel interntionl sport now, nd the Western Austrlins, government nd ll, re working hrd to mke this city of Fremntle clled "Freo" by ntives suitble venue for THE EVENT. The most frequently sked question by ntives here is n inevitble: "How do we compre to Newport?" For strters, Newport nd Fremntle re roughly the sme size, bout 30,000 ntives. Both re ocen ccess points to lrger upriver cities, Providence nd Perth, whence gret sums of money flow both wys. Perth is just bout 6 mites upriver, city of bout million tht is connected to Fremntle by wter Terry service, buses, nd trins every hlf-hour. Like Swiss trins, these wit for no one nd run on time. Both re working wterfronts, though Fremntle f is busier thn Newport. The lrgest fishing fleet in Western Austrli resides here nd uses the reltively smll mn-mde hrbor right long with the ychts. Just beside this hrbor is the mouth of the Swn River tht runs to Perth. Ner the mouth is tremendous docking fcility for this, the lrgest nterntionl shipping port in Western Austrli. A lrge prt of this industry is in sheep nd wool. As mny s five freighters my be stnding off the river on ny given dy, witing for dock spce, nd thus the offshore wters re lwys rther busy with commercil trffic. The bech life is bsolutely splendid, with snd shore stretching north nd south s fr s nyone could possibly go. From the city of Fremntle, both trin nd but. service run out long the beches. The ndin Ocen wter is semi-tropicl wrm with good surfing wves to the north, s you get out of the lee of the reef nd islnds tht protect Freo nd the locl boting. Yes, t is hot. The verge Jnury-Februry temperture is 87 degrees. But round middy, just s the interior desert gets heted up, strong Sebreeze will cool things off to the 70s nd mke life very livble. The wind is nmed the Fremntle Doctor becuse of its heling powers. CHCAGO (AP) Long-distnce running my slow bone deteriortion linked to ging nd, contrry to populr belief, does not pper to ncrese tendencies towrd rthritis or Joint problems, new reserch indictes. "You don't hve to quit" running, sid Dr. Jmes F. Fries, progrm director for project studying runners t, Stnford University edicl Center. He nd fellow reserchers compred 4 distnce runners ges 50 to 72 with rndom members of the community who were or similr ges nd bckgrounds but hd spent little or no time running. The subjects 8 mtched femle pirs nd 23 mtched mle pirs were questioned bout their medicl histories, were given exmintions of their Joints nd hd X-rys tken of their hnds, lower spines nd knees. Forty of them lso hd computerenhnced X-rys tken of their lower spines to determine the minerl content of their bones, reserchers sid. "Runners hd significntly higher (40 percent) bone density in both mle nd femle groups," the reserchers sid in their report in the ltest Journl of the Americn edicl Assocition. The finding supports previous reserch indicting exercise such s wlking nd running my wrd off osteoporosis, n ging-linked condition ssocited with loss of clcium from bones. Osteoporosis, which reduces bone density nd mkes bones more porous nd brittle, prticulrly strikes women fter menopuse. The reserchers lso found evidence contrdicting the belief tht the pounding runners'joints tke my reduce spce n the joints, thus incresing wer nd ** Runners hd significntly higher bone density in both mle nd femle groups. Stnford study Journl ol AA ter nd cusing or ggrvting osteorthritis, progressive joint disese lso ssocited with ging. n fct, they sid, "There ws ncresed width of Joint spce in runners in both the mle nd femle pirs, but the difference ws not sttisticlly significnt." SALNG, SALNG Americ sils the finl windwrd bet of Februry's 2-meter chmpionships off Perth, Austrli, with torn ine Brook Frm helps locl spring shows kick off seson COLTS NECK Kthy nd Leo Conroy hosted the ine Brook Frm Horse Show here Sundy s entries, though not overwhelming, were substntil enough to fill ll eight chmpionship divisions, nd exhibitors welcomed the opportunity to get their mounts out nd into competition in preprtion for the hevily scheduled showing seson just hed. Entries ppered, t first glnce, to be re-cp of previous sesons, except for n occsionl switch to more chllenging division. ost notble of these ws in Short Stirrup, no longer dominted by Ptti Grmn nd Peppermint Ptti, who hve moved up to Children's Hunter. Chris Crideo nd Frnley Gry Flnnel executed the biggest sweep of the show, with three firsts nd -second for 8 points nd the Short Stirrup chmpionship. Resenfc, with eight, went to Lorinn Buckridingysterious Adventure to first n Wlk/Trot, nd second in NJPHA Equittion. Only one point seprted chmplon nd reserve n iden/novice Equittion, with the tri-color going to Amy Stryhs, who hd two firsts nd third for 2, while Leslie Abrms hd two seconds nd first for nd reserve. Limit/Open Equittion sw Anne Tinsdle nother close rce, with Jessic Drrow plcing first, second nd third, for ten points nd the chmpionship, followed by Dn Nnkervis, with first, second nd fourth, for nine nd reserve. Dvid Orlndo ws NJPHA Silver edlist, while Cndy Verderos won the blue n NJPHA Children's Equittion. Children's Hunter sw good competition, with eight points the most ccrued, resulting in chmpionship tie. The tri-color went to Polris Pride, ridden by Abbey Hudson, with first nd second over fences, while reserve went to Cndy Verderos's Clliope, with first over fences, nd second under sddle. The second sweep of the dy cme in Adult Equittion/Hunter, s Cindy Young rode Pge One, ppropritely nmed entry of Arlene Newmn, hone sports columnist for the Asbury Prk Press, clened up with three wins nd fourth for 6 points nd the chmpionship. Pge One ws not even mildly thretened by Everything's Bosle, big grey ridden by Kiln Uchrtn, who finished with one second nd two thirds for seven points nd reserve. Schooling Hunter' hd only three entries per clss, the minimum llowble for chmpionship wrd. Exit Left, ridden by Lurel Bell for owner Leslie Vn Arsdle, won two out of three, nd second, for the chmpionship, with 3 points. Dodi Eckert's Something Specil lived up to his nme, s the hndsome chestnut finished with two seconds nd first for points nd reserve. Open Hunter with five entries, sw nother close division rce. Vn Arsdles Snekers tied with Leslie Clrk's Bnn Fish with ten ech. Snekers wss chmp, with first nd second over fences, nd third under sddle, while Fish took reserve with first nd third over fences nd second under sddle. Windtryst picked up n esy 2 points under rider Rosemry Affeld, tking the Plesure chmpionship by winning Open Plesure nd Bridle Pth Hck, nd plcing third n the NJPHA clss. Reserve went to Dncing Ber, ridden by Jenine Beck to first, second nd third plce for ten points. According to the Conroys, they re looking forwrd to offering dditionl shows s the seson progresses, when nd if Leo cn find tht elusive 'open dte' on the clendr! Reserchers did find n incresed tendency mong femle runners for the formtion of spurs, or smll bony growths, in the spine nd knees, but the spurs did not crete symptoms, Fries sid in telephone interview. n generl, the non-runners hd more trits ssocited with joint problems incresed thickening t the ends of bones, incresed spur formtion nd more nrrowing of joint spce, the reserchers sid. Distnces covered by the runners totled 2,647 miles over men of 9.2 yers, breking down to weekly verge of 26 2 miles per runner for the entire period. The comprison group, which included S people who hd done some running, covered,263 miles over 8.3 yers, or bout one-tenth s much, the reserchers sid. ASSOCATED PflESS minsil. nterest in the Americ's Cup competition, which begins in October, hs grown in recent times from its dub sttus of yers pst. Sixers Continued from Pge 4C tht's retire. Unfortuntely, hven't reched Billy's sttus. 'll probbly be doing this forever. f you look t it objectively, if s got to be tking yers off your life." oe is blue-collr coch. He wers jens to cnlchols Aren nd chnges into his "coching uniform," suit he keeps in his office, before ech home gme. ilwukee coch Don Nelson, who is bucking for more relxed dress code for coches by wering snekers t courtside, nd Uth's Frnk Lyden re lso in tht srtoril ctegory. At the other end of the spectrum is Lkers coch Pt Riley, who looks s if he Just wlked off pge of GQ mgzine when he coches. rquette Continued from Pge C coch might ct on his own if the thlete consents." Sources lso told the newspper tht the coching stff ws considering implementing mndtory drug testing next seson. Rymonds confirmed Sundy tht n d hoc study committee of the rquette Athletic Bord ws looking into the possibility of implementing such progrm t the school. jerus sid he s proponent of such progrm. The Ntionl Collegite Athletic Assocition plns to conduct mndtory drug testing for ll of ts chmpionship events strting next seson. The newspper quoted tem sources s sying tht Dvis signed contrct from jerus lst summer which clled for the plyer to submit to rndom drug tests dministered by Dvid Leigh, the men's triner t rquette, with positive test resulting in Dvis' dlsmlsl from the tem. Leigh, when contcted t his home Sundy evening, refused comment bout the report " cn't comment on t. Everything hs to come through the university," he sid. The newspper sid tht, ccording to n unidentified source, Dvis hs been tested "bout "We've wnted to mke it cler... tkt J we don't consider the present crosx-j* sectionl tudy s definitive," Fries sid. ' "The things we sy dd to n encour*-. ing literture. But longitudinl studies'; re required to settle the question.", * Longitudinl studies re those involving subjects selected before the strt of the process being studied, rther thn in the middle of it. They cn vert * tht might be found in cross-sectiol < study when, for exmple, people who quit running becuse of injury re not - represented. n relted reserch in the journl, Dr. Richrd S. Pnush of the University of Florid t Ginesville nd collegues compred the prevlence of degenertive joint disese mong 7 mle runners who hd men ge of 66 nd 8 mle nonrunners with men ge of 60. ceboters find joy in the cold DELAFELD, Wis. (AP) As soon s the three steel runners bit into the ice of Upper Nshoth Lke, one thing ws crystl cler: this dy would be n iceboter's drem come true. A midwinter thw hd melted the snowy surfce of this inlnd lke 26 miles west of ilwukee, nd ' the return of freezing wether creted cler field for siling the little "DN" icebot tht ws built in - bsement bout 26 yers go. A push from the stem sent the bot gliding wy. from shore, nd the wind soon cught the single sil nd strted the crft slowly towrd the fr side of. the lke. Then the wind's full force struck, nd the bot. took off, ccelerting until the three runners bet stedy "rt-tt-tt over bumps nd sent spry of ice chips into the fce of the silor t the helm. As gust hit, the force of the wind sent the bot up on its front nd right-side runners, lifting the left-side runner bout 4 feet off the ice. "Let out sil, ese it out," the silor told himself s he gently pid out the sheet line tht controls the sil. The left runner returned to the ice, nd the bot shot wy, crossing the lke bout 0 times fster thn most wrm wether silbots ever could, then coming bout for speedy return trip. The little bot, mde up of 2-foot hull, crosswise runner plnk ner the stern with runner t ech end nd mst crrying 60 squre feet of sil, is designed to go up to bout 60 mph. But the little "DN 60" nmed for The Detroit News, which first populrized the design s home workshop project in 937 is slowpoke compred to mny of the icebots rced on Pewukee Lke, Lke Genev nd dison's Lke endot The fstest of ll the icebots re those of lh»: Skeeter clss, front-steering model tht crries 76 squre feet of sil nd uses stremlined hull bout «27 to 29 feet long. "They sy they cn go five times fster thn the wind," sid Pul Krueger of dison, secretry- -; tresurer or the nterntionl Skeeter Assocition. < "There's times when they sy they've been clocked t 40 mph," he sid. "They regulrly go up to bout 00 when rcing." The Skeeter design revolutionized the sport when it first ppered on Lke Genev in the erly 930s. Yers before, the common icebot ws huge crft, steered with tiller on stern runner tht used tremendous sils nd sometimes recorded speeds of 00 mph, mking them the fstest vehicles of their time. The lumbering crfts first hit the ice of the Hudson River s long go s 790 t Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The i big bots, mny of them owned by welthy Esterners, begn rcing in 88 for the ce Ycht Chllenge Pennt of Americ. Tody, however, only reltive few of the oldtime stern-steering bots re still in use. "Pt Riley spends more on hircut thn do on sport jcket," crcked Lyden. "t's hrd to dress me up. y shirts lwys hng out the bck. get my hircuts the sme plce Trk (Nevd-Ls Vegs' bld coch Jerry Trknln) does. Actully, Trk only gets estimtes.",' After getting tremendous exposure nd chmpioning the cuse of short people the world over by winning the NBA slm-dunk contest lst month, Atlnt's 6-foot-7 phenomenon, "Spud" Webb, hs become the newest commercil erse. ' ' Among those clmoring for his services re Coc- Col, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, cdonld's, Church's Fried Chicken, Gtorde, Wheties nd Americn Airlines, i five times" this seson nd pssed ech test. t sid one plyer, when sked how mny members of the tem use mrijun on regulr bsis, sid "t lest six." Another plyer nswered,. "nine of the 2. hve bsolutely no doubt bout tht," the newspper sid. One plyer lso told the newspper tht members of the tem hd smoked mrijun before some gmes this yer "but not big gmes" nd tht some plyers on the tem hd used cocine, prticulrly fter "big wins." Asked bout reports of widespred mrijun < use, jerus sid: " don't know if it occurred t i ll." Plyers interviewed for the story "requested nonymity to void reprisls nd protect thw i plying sttus," the newspper sid. "Like everyone in sports tody, we t rquette' University re concerned nd hve been concerned. for mny yers bout the dngers of drug use," jerus sid n the sttement. "We hve brought n outside spekers to tlk to the plyers s prt. of continuing drug eduction progrm. We've i mde literture nd counseling opportunities vilble to ech nd every plyer.".

28 OC The Register OY. ARCH SCOREBOARD HORSE RACNG S THE BLEACHERS HOCKEY Freehold Entries: Post time p.m. E A omnlum (C Fuco) 3 ny Al Lou (A Ondo) 8 CkHon Opportunity (T Folr) 4 Wl Oi Cumin is Loony) 9"gn Ynk ND) 2 Sooty (K! OrnU O Btdonlno) 7 Nncy Ed V FuOO) AEl Soummplon Emy kr) AE2 Dl Vl <F Bvol) 3 P* 9jm H 2 Thnr Loo (H Fon) 7 Elgnl To Eighty (R Vine!) 8 Undo Fro* (V Fuco) - 9 H H F Wrn.) -. Trk*y A 0 LuB) Our Prii Tony ( OPro) 3 Tn Rdp (J Clrry) 4 F w lrgo (J ngri) AEl Drby Augutu. (J kigrl) AE2 Couroou Bumr (H Kly) T *t\ooo /W turn 3 Jr. Sumy (P Vroruy) Brkr Bu (J Oiorgln) i Pm ui (F Conn) 9 H H Prino (E Loony) 4 RoyltoNn ( Fgnron.) 9 Lnmcn (R F.) DOnnv nfnncv \n fwki).» 2 Oucc Lou (L Conln) AEl Sir Oorg ttty (R Tumr) AE2 k UKC P co) J-J J «-2 J S- 7-2»-2 4- *-' (-2 H BASKETBALL -PWpt NoJriy WNnglon AUnu Dmut Clwlmi CNcgo lastn COmNCB WUTUN CONPUWHCf « V» it J m Ot UUn Ort «fn 0,0 4 9tr Son J OK) 0 'HiU.ll O0 U Sd)... 7 D i Tim io Bo) Ch T TK R Aobon) 2 Wht Fool Wort P O,) 0 ~m«(t ' S F> (J ) J Qrouroo L Conlni, AE Juroy B (D Howrd) AE2 Txt) rp (J SonwK).»o UNO Ct Um) Big Buok (H K«y) 7 Ryu H K>y) 5 Auburn Boy (J Bgg«i> dyp snow m mgruit) 4 Skk V (T Ckmknlng) 2 Dm O (P Bunimm). 3Khg Oonuku). AE Loro. Bort (W *rnnn) AE2 Hppy By <fl Drt) «k tw OUOO H/W 0B0/ 4 Rono Jot VvourU) Clu (J lloln(li) 7 AmoU Hnovir ( Lnolr) Jc lyn SO (T LBrc) 2 On. top Clor (H Fton) A Jt Erie (R vmoi.. 0 Oo Dvid (H FSton) _... Dutn J (H K» AEl Cur R «m P* 0U00 Hm 3 Dr Longo< (B Cow Nn B O (A Brnrd) 4 Al Dimond (W Brnhn) Th* 04 tm cnon lor m Nonl Cogll AOvjc AcoHtlcn Okm mn' bktbl loummnt wn r -lm toummnt roord m pnh. rwnbr toummn pprno. m lt»r n lm pprd m n toummnt nd» numbr ot oonculm yr n lm h pprd n m toummnt Akron (0-0) Drm (0-0) OuU (0-0) SnAntono OVtFd 0-0) ScVmnto » orgtown l»-9) PoeDn Oorgl T» 4-2) «,LA.Ukri no (4-0) (3-0) (3-) V, S(-2) LACtppn oks K-cnond pyofi brm zm WNngun 0. Bon 00. OT Aonuiii.uklOO Houtun 20. Sn Antoro 7 LA Lkr 22. Oumnj 2. 2OT PorUnd 04. wn 90 Qokn SU 30, Cv 20 Tumi'OJm N» Jry 5. Phomin pndtmi 20. n 02 Chicgo 4. N» York 0 Orwr t L A Cport. (n) Dw t Scrmnto. (n) LA lkr t O. n) Plunb l Dn p m Bo«ion l O. 0 p.m. Sl l Ooldn S U 0-30 m Cnd l Nw York p m Dnvr l Atn. 7:30 p m Pndlph t ndin. 7:30 pm. Nm Jry t Chicgo.» 30 p m Beton t ouwon. 30 p.m LA Cppr l LA Lkr. 030 p.m Sn Antonio l Scrimnto. 0:30 pjn. Al -Bonnghm (5-5) ArUon(2-4) Art-UH R<* (0-0) Auburn (2-2) Blsm 0-) Brdy S-4) Bro««in 0-) C«ndStt 0-0) D«on 5-5] OPm (4-7) Kn (24-9) Kntuoky (90-27) lcuwnnio-0) lou««(27-20) nt(o-o) rynd -0) mpni Sit (-9) Wn. on» 3-3) UWgnli-O) SO 0-5) SH.»(0-) N»y 0-7) NorU(O-O) Nw.-utViio-«) Norm Cnn (38-20) N Cr«A»T( N Crom 9(2-) NELoulilnW-i) Normtm (3-4) Now Dm (22-23) OunomO-7) OW Dominion (0-3) Fuenmond(2-) St. Jom' (0-0) Si Joiph' i-7 9yrcu (4-4) t S «**. Lt Con Bromo (0 Kumr) Lon Boy (H K8y) i A O Bum (R FUksmoL oon Founn (S DCmpl) o Tomr (H Kr - ) *- AEl J w wyehmr* ' 2- Emy OUppr S OCrnplj JO- 3 Jo, Ro (J Strtoro). 7 Our Hppy Hrbor (J ilohyw). SumoZon ( Unwr) lord Solhy (H Won) 7-2 urry. Nw. N ( kr) 3-4 AA Shprd (H K*» 0-5 Slnt Victor (H Kly) 0- AEl Blck Jck Forwood (NO.0-2 n, F» OJOO S- Shdy Hit (W lky) Jonm Pony( 20-7 Hppy Oorgl NO) 2 Thnk You Sm (0 Wton) 8 SpOy Dbulnt (R Turcon.) 3 Qntk. Promw 0 Nrluwtl Bd CrN <H F«on) 0- t Skd Oy (8 DCi 4- AEl Tn Of Vour Lit Wi Ps* 92.0 Cn 0-3 Jon, Jo* (A K.«* 0-4 Sue Comm ( 0-7 Ch Wombk) L So 0- i Chnl D (K Alton).. 8 Dn* Knight (R Pouo). 7 Okot (H Fwn) konlon EgN (L 3u) 4- Our Good Nw. (K Wnkk). 3- AEl Shkr. Shdow W Oo) Cn 0(9 S 9* * Tmp (0-0) T«Tcn (3-8) Tu-B P (0-7) Tul-4) rth (0-0) VNnov (30-7) Virgini (-5) Virgini Tch (4-S) Wtl Virgin 0-3) W Kmoky (0-2) Xvr. ONo(0-2) *96 3 0*9 i *09 7 *94 9* *9 903 n NCAA tdn Tn dlng lor m NCAA DUn mn' bkbill toummnt ACT. Duk. 2. Syrou. 3. ndin. 4. Oklhom 6. Virgini ii 9 «. St S Joiph. h 7, N N«vy 08.O Ok) Diio Dominion» WUVkolni 0. Tukuj..Richmond 2. OP«J Ntmlm, 4. O»Hnd8t.. 3, Nonhtm 4. Cvnd 8t. 0, 0, Brown Brwn. w. 0. SWAC chmpion 0OUTHCA0T. Kntucky 2. Oorgl Tch. 3. mph) 8«4. nol. 6, Abm. 0. Fwdu. 7. Virgini Tcn B. Wtn Kntucky. 9. Ncnk. 0, Vmnov. LouWn SU 2. Xvr, Onto 3. FUriWd. 4. B SU 5. nt. 0. Ovkon s S Bob nd Clrence fil to impress the Olympic Snctioning Committee with their "synchronized rchery." Tom m coqr«oy S J USuKV. ti O-08-7O-279 Tom Pumr *0 D*l Froi. 93.SOO 00-7O-7*-**2* Ed FW t-w Krnrt. 93, *-70-2*. Km. 2. ichign. 3. No** Dm 4, BoKry woun. WoWn »»-7-2* Oorgown. 0. ongn Sun. 8. Nor* Crolin SU 7. km Stn. 8. Jckom. 9 Tmp*. 0. rt rtoncn, 93 J00 Ry Floyd. * *2. Oo. low*. 2. Whmgton. 3. Tui DougT«j*,$t\S7 8*-** (2 Tch 4, Arkn-untook. *. Akron. 8. Norm kl Donld, U *2 CronAlT BooOdr.9.S7l **-7t *2 on PulAilngr.**.«7l 74-O7-*9-72-2*S Kr. Brown, 9O.S7 *-0* *2. St John. 2. Lou. 3. Norm Crtn. 4. rn.n i Vg. 5 rylnd. «. Aiom- DA WOrlng. 98*7 «*-*7-7-7B-2B2 Bimngni. 7. ftdy.. Auburn. Artion. 0. <romud*holl,(29 O»-7-7S-7-2*9 Tni Fl Po. joun 2. PupUli. 3, 5. OhL 0. S 6*L D Hndron iftat Amkr DwkB 7-4 O- 5«2* fc " i oul-oirympi nwinnij Onrg Tch 2* (8r).Ouluit4(*».Nrry>.Ali Oorgl Toh2»prlo7).Oi*i2mnoiriiin.rin»4.Tel Fou*-or»T.22.0u7 Tcf ' Onch AU42 A (AP) - Finl Kor nd mony-wmnno Sundy n m $ Dont-EUm Opn o> Toumm on tj 0,-030 yrd, pr 72 Bu omtr ODur t m Dorl Country Ckib (i-won uddn d*m plyow).-andybn. $00, uort Orn. 9S4.0OO rtor. $20, Dnny Edwro. 99 J2S Tom Ottmnn. $2^478 UmiHikky.e.47 Cnn. Prry, tt.478 Tom Wton, $2,478 Tony S LomnFtobn. $2,47 WoOulouoA DdEdwrd. $,700» Humn. $,790 *-*»-72-7t2* * rs-*7-oo-7»-u 7-**-7-742*4 t-tt-70-74* O J0* /J ** *0 *»-7S-7S-7-2*0 74-8* * ** OO ** J-3** *8 B * 7J-*7-70-7»-2*l 72-O*-*»-7*-2*0 7-O»-7*-7-2«7 75-8* »7 72-** *7»rlH«tli kwi OnSor.,9.260 Boolonr.iJO* JC.Snd.HJ09 3m.ttNok. $,200 6». 5. 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Vncouv* 3 r» of OA » 308 Vigton 3. N.v. Wndn Clgry 3. DoW3.H' VAmlpg 5. PUbugh 3 Edmonton 7. Lo Ang 3 Bufflo 4. Nw Jry 3 Phtdph4. NY Rngri 8t lom l Chicgo, (n) TdyOm Hrttord t onvl. 7:36 p.m. TmWO NY. Rngr t Nw Jry. 7:39 p.m Ptturgh l WiNnglon. 7:35 p.m Vnoouvr t Qubc. 7:36 pm Clgry t Nr. llndr. 005 pm Buffo t St. Lom. 036 pm. Edmonton «Wnou. 0:35 p m. 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29 STYLE 3 ADVCE 4 ENTERTANENT 6 D Lte on Sturdy night, 'm sitting in Long Brnch pizz prlor with 2-yer-old womn know. We're shring slice of pizz. The evening hd been filled with fun nd frivolity, including getting lost driving through North Jersey for n hour fter prty. But now comes the moment of truth. "How old re you," she sks? "'m 26." "26," she sys. "When men get to be tht ge, don't they strt wnting to get mrried. sn't tht true?" "Huh," growl bck. These re tough times for single men. All round us, there is pressure ' to be mrried. The insurnce industry considers us clculted risk. "26 is the cut off ge," stte officil recently told me. "The insurnce compnies figure if you hven't gotten mrried by then you're probbly homosexul nd re t greter risk of ctching life thretening disese." n syndicted dvice columns, we're told we re unhppy if we re single. "On hppiness scle, mrried men re t the top, followed by single women, mrried women nd lstly, single men," Dr. Joyce Brothers recently wrote. Wht re we to do? suppose we could tke refuge in our numbers. Census figures show tht out of 83,900 dult men living in onmouth County in 980,54,929 were single one out of every 3.34 men. Tht figure does not include men who hve been divorced or seprted, either. But fce it, there is no sfety in numbers. As Jmes Thurber once sid, if you believe there is sfety in numbers, look t sheet of fly pper. The fct of the mtter is, there re thousnd resons to get mrried tody. The resons to sty single re becoming few nd fr between. For exmple, there re those not-so-subtle economic pressures to get mrried. These tke the form of the investments nd mteril gins offered mrried couples, prticulrly ones where both members work. Among them re the opportunity to buy house, reduced uto insurnce rtes, improved credit nd income tx breks. Sure, there re single people who enjoy these menities. know of some single men who hve bought homes. But these homes re smll, in out-of-the-wy plces, not the clssic luminiumsided split level in suburbi, not tht chunk of the Americn Drem. The glory of being single, the freedom, lso seems to be fding from the Americn psyche. t used to be us single men were immune from the ticking of the biologicl clock tht plyed hvoc on our femle counterprts. We took pride in the stories of the 90-yer old mn who fthered son. There ws never ny hurry. Now, to her Dr. Brothers nd the insurnce industry tell it, we re the old mids, leding lives of quiet despertion. Bck then, there ws tht imge of the jet-setting, swinging bchelor, the guy who trveled round the world nd ended up in precrious situtions with strnge nd beutiful women; those Jmes Bond types who subscribed to wht our elders disprgingly referred to s the "Plyboy philosophy." They seem to hve disppered. Also, there re the imges of mrried life from our childhood. As school children, those of us who cme of ge in the 960s were hrdly tught to "be fruitful nd multiply." The theory of the popultion boom sid there were lredy too mny people on the plnet. At home, mny of us endured the bitter dissolutions of our fmilies in divorce. By the time we were grown, the work plce hd lso chnged drmticlly. To get hed, we now hve to work longer hours. The dys of the stright 9 to 6 Job re vnishing. Leisure time is shrinking. Where s there time for mrrige nd home life n ll of this? "Chris! Chris!" The womn sitting cross from me t the pizzeri ws lmost yelling now. "s something the mtter? why re you so quiet?" hd pprently drifted off into one of my protrcted trins of thoughts. "No," replied, looking down t the cogulted pizz crusts on the tble, "nothing tht good wife couldn't strighten out." Chrii Hnd's column, tkm look t the quirkier sidti of lift in onmouth Count*. KEEPNG WAR Adele Hrding, crossing gurd for the borough of Shrewsbury, keeps wrm while witing t her post t the corner of THE REGSTER/CAROLNE E COUG Sycmore Avenue nd Route 35. While enjoying the sunshine, Hrding wited lst week to ssist children going home from school for lunch ONDAY. ARCH The witing finlly is over By DAVD O'RELLY Kmght-Ridder Newsppers PHLADELPHA Five yers hve pssed since Ken Arnold first scooped up his infnt son, Nichols, in his rms. And it ws five yers go tht he first held his bby dughter, Ruth. " lwys knew would love them," he sid the other night. "But my biggest surprise ws how quickly nd esily fell in love with them. just never imgined it could be so viscerl. So powerful." The memory of those moments when they first held their bbies cn still rock Arnold, plywright, nd his wife, Susn Viguers, just s they rock the minds nd herts of thousnds of doptive prents. The joy is surely s gret for biologicl prents. But those who must wit only nine months for tht specil moment will never know the triumph tht doptive prents feel when fter yers Of infertility, flse hopes, legl tngles nd despir wrinkled little fce becomes prt of their lives t lst. For Arnold, now 4, nd Viguers, 42, the "pregnncy" lsted seven long yers four yers spent trying to conceive, nd three even more difficult yers spent trying to dopt. Hving hd vgue fers tht she would not feel quite s bonded, quite s "mternl" towrd dopted children, Viguers, like her husbnd, ws stonished t how the doubt vnished once Ruth nd Nichols becme theirs. " would go through infertility thousnd times to hve these two children. Not ny children. These two children," she sid. She hs written book bout their experience, "With Child," published by Hrcourt Brce Jovnovich. And for Viguers, n ssocite professor of English literture t Phildelphi Colleges of the Arts, to sy tht she is willing to go through the nguish of infertility is testimony to the depth of her love. "nfertility becme metphor for kind of personl sterility blekness tht pervded everything," she sid. When the ct died, when Arnold's plys filed, when the cr wouldn't strt, it ll seemed to hrk bck to their inbility to conceive. Did friends seem wry, s if something were vguely wrong bout them? They weren't sure. But s sterile 974 turned into n infertile 975, nd on to n empty '76 nd '77, her jelousy of pregnnt couples nd newborn infnts turned into crushing nxiety. At lst, fter four yers, they decided to dopt. "And the doption ws fully s wful s the infertility," she sid. "Now, there re esy doptions nd difficult doptions, just s there re esy nd hrd pregnncies," she hstened to dd. But the nermisses in doption were even more hert-wrenching thn the miscrriges. n 978, they got word through their lwyer of pregnnt 6- yer-old who ws soon to deliver nd ws prepred to surrender the child for doption. Were they interested? ndeed they were. They redied bby's room, bought clothes nd blnkets nd dipers. At 4.m. in erly September they got cll from the lwyer. "Congrtultions," he sid. "You hve son!" The biologicl mother signed the first of the relinquishment ppers, nd so Arnold nd Viguers t lst dred to give him nme: Jonthn. Friends brought bby clothes, her students rejoiced, nd they begn to move furniture into the "nursery" word they hd not yet used. But the next dy their lwyer clled, nd Arnold nswered. There ws long puse, Viguers reclls, nd finlly her husbnd sid: "Then it's ll over?" t ws. Jonthn's biologicl mother hd decided to keep him. "t ws like stillbirth," Viguers reclled. Compounding Arnold's nd Vigeur's doption nxieties ws ngging guilt over their wish to dopt helthy Cucsin infnt, rther thn minority child or one of the thousnds of ill, disturbed or retrded children needing homes. Ultimtely, however, light fell into ll this drkness, nd when it cme it shone brightly indeed. n December 980, while Viguers ws getting her monthly pregnncy test t the hospitl, she ws told of Tiwnese teen-ger who ws being prepred for lbor. The fmily ws determined tht their 4-yer-old dughter give up the bby. Another mircle rrived in the mil, four months lter: drk, poorly focused Polroid photogrph of " smll, solemn bby on nun's lp" rrived from Colombi, South Americ, where they hd pplied for doption yer before. By August they hd brought home Ruth sickly, quiet child who grew hppy nd well within months. Do not pnic, your child hs gone punk _ nb.^m ~rr! "' ohue. phse. The other rgument is tht children ost punkers nd hevy metlers ren't f prents hve problem witli with their ty L0HEN20 ltft cn become bsorbed by the music, which problem children, Bodenhmer stressed. child's punk or hevy-metl lifestyle, Bck Lot Angeles Dily News promotes nti-socil behvior nd, in some Some kids, known s "posers" in the in Control urges prents to persude the instnces, stnism. Lter, they might hevy-metl nd punk subcultures, tret it child to give it up. Sometimes ll it tkes is LOS ANGELES Your child rrives rebel ginst ll forms of prentl nd s fd they dress the prt nd listen one-on-one discussion. Other times home wering Quiet Riot T-shirt, with societl uthority. to the music, but they don't dopt the ntisocil behvior. But others, the "be- "f the child won't do it on his own, the drstic mesures re clled for, they sy. otley Crue lbum tucked under his rm. Counselors from the Bck in Control Teen mgzines with ctor ichel Fox on Trining Center urge prents to tke hrd lievers," become delinquents. n his lectures to PTA groups, socil workers, school nd remove the posters, the lbums nd the prents hve to go into the child's bedroom the cover hve been replced by such titles line right from the strt. The orgniztion, s Creem nd Circus. Now t seems every bsed in FuUerton, Clif., tkes punk nd counselors nd lw enforcement officils, clothes," Pettinicchio sid. "Then they weekend night s Hlloween, s your child hevy-metl lifestyles seriously. Bodenhmer emphsizes tht it is mpossible to tell which teen will cross the hir cut, or to the hirdresser to get the hve to tke him to the brber to get his doffs the birthdy wtch nd the polo shirt "Tlk with him right wy," dvised for lether bnd with spikes nd drk Drlyne Pettinicchio, n Ornge County boundry from merely dopting punk style color chnged." lether Jcket. probtion officer who co-founded the to delinquency. The child my lso hve to end reltionships with punk or metl friends, she Wht's prent to do? Are these teens center. "Pull out tht lbum nd educte For 0 yers, Bck in Control hs been who re nto punk nd hevy metl the the kid s to wht those lyrics men. Show counseling prents bout how to define, set sid. "onitor his wherebouts," Pettinicchio sid. "Know who he's with, where he's flower children of the '80s, or s t him the symbols nd the signs, put it ll in up nd enforce rules bsed on intense lifestyle tht could led them down pth perspective, nd then sk them if this s prentl supervision. For instnce, if your going nd wht he's doing. Drop him off filled with drug nd lcohol buse nd something they wnt to buy into." child is trunt, you might hve to wlk nd pick him up. Sometimes it mens going delinquent behvior? Should prents tret Wht the child might ultimtely dhere him to school nd ttend clss with him. out nd stying with him." it s pssing fd or tke chrge? to is vlue system tht sys "Don't let "We show the prents'they hve right Bodenhmer sid some kids will use There re different schools of thought in nyone tell you wht to do; getting stoned to be in control. 't's my kid, my house, if every excuse to get round the rules, so the debte. One contends tht teens who is OK; steling, bshing (ssult) nd don't help him, who will?'" Pettinicchio prents hve to be prepred to put forth- dopt punk nd hevy-metl lifestyles re robbery is OK," wrns Greg Bodenhmer, sid. "Kids will obey rules if they're clerly mjor effort to chnge their child's behvmerely pssing through n dolescent co-founder of the center. stted, enforced nd consistent." Se Punk, PsgsSO ''. wsn m i. but tht trsti» *

30 20 The Register LESTONES ENGAGEENTS ONDAY, ARCH 0, 9 Keppler-cKernn Hynes-Cook Bennett-uench. LTTLE SLVER The enggement of Leslie Virgini ckernn to Krl Keppler is nnounced by her prents r. nd rs. W. Gerrd ckernn, Grden ftod. Prents of r. Keppler re Dorothy Keppler, Wylnd, N.Y., nd John Keppler, Scottsville, N.Y. The bride-elect ws grduted from Red Bnk Regionl High School, Berkeley School, Woodbridge, nd ttended Endicott College, Beverly, ss. She is employed by Relted ngement Corp., N.Y., N.Y. r. Keppler is grdute of Wylnd Centrl High School nd Alfred Stte College, N.Y. He is employed by Grummn Aerospce, elville, N.Y. The couple plns to wed in rch of 987. iller-johnson ASBURY PARK ry Gy Johnson nd Csey iller, Bergh Street, nnounce their enggement. iss Johnson is the dughter of Ken nd Dprothy Johnson, Lke Orion, ichign. r. iller's prents re ; Gerld nd Sue Ann iller, Ligonier, ndin. - The bride-elect ws grduted from Pontic Ctholic High School, ichign, nd Bll Stte University, uncie, ndin. She will be joining the stff of The Register, Shrewsbury, s reporter in the ner future. Her fince is grdute of West Noble High School nd lso Bll Stte University. r. iller is the ssistnt lifestyle editor for The Register. No wedding dte hs been set. Bker-Kienzle SENOLE, Fl. The enggement of Lis Ellen Kienzle to Jmes Crl Bker is nnounced by her prents Chrles P. nd Phyllis N. Kienzle, formerly of Lincroft, N.J. Prents of r. Bker re elvin C. nd rgret Bker, Youngstown, N.J. The bride-elect ws grduted from University BRTHS of Texs nd ttended University of South Crolin. She is resle specilist for Homequity, nc. Her fince is grdute of University of Delwre nd University of Virgini where he erned his sters degree. He is n engineer for Texs nstruments. A y wedding is plnned. WATERFORD, P. r. nd rs. Dniel H. Cook re hppy to nnounce the enggement of their dughter Kthleen Jnet Cook to Robert Price Hynes. r. Hynes is the son of r. nd rs. Robert P. Hynes of Hrrisburg, P. iss Cook is the grnddughter of r. nd rs. Willim G. Domidiou of Little Silver, N.J., nd of the lte r. nd rs. Robert L. Cook of New Shrewsbury, N.J. She is senior t Dickinson Lw School nd is employed t cnees, Wllce nd Nurick in Hrrisburg. Her fince is n ttorney with the Consumer Advoctes office in Hrrisburg. A y wedding dte is plnned. Slecht-Acquro LONG BRANCH The enggement of Virgini Ann Acquro nd Robert Shermn Slecht is nnounced by her prents r. nd rs. Willim Cleerdin, Grnd Avenue, nd Ed Acquro. r. Secht is the son of r. nd rs. John Slecht, Buttonwood Drive, Shrewsbury. The bride-elect ws grduted from Long Brnch High School nd is ttending Seton Hll University nd will grdute this y with degree in elementry eduction. Her fince is grdute of Red Bnk Regionl High School nd Allince College, Cmbridge Springs, P. He is the superintendent for Brekwter Cove Condominiums nd is self-employed in home mintennce. The couple plns to wed in October of 987. Finck-O'Neill PORT ONOUTH The enggement of Crol Ann O'Neill to Adm Robert Finck is nnounced by her prents r. nd rs. Willim O'Neill, Hudson Avenue. r. Finck s the son of r. nd rs. Adm R. Finck, Ceder Avenue, Leonrdo. BRCKTOWN Jne uench nd Norbert uench, Tuckerton, N.Y., nnounce the enggement of their dughter Theres E. uench to Dvid J. Bennett. Prents of r. Bennett re Art nd Sue Bennett, Fir Hven. The bride-elect w.s grduted from Keyport High _ School nd is employed by Dr. Dvid. Drout Red Bnk edicl Assocition. r. Bennett is grdute of Rumson-Fir Hven Regionl High School nd is employed by Silverton Ychts, rlboro. An October wedding is plnned. Elsenbeck-honey DDLETOWN Announcement is mde by Ellen. honey, Cherry Tree Lne, of the enggement of her dughter rgret honey to Stephen J. Elsenbeck. r. Elsenbeck is the son of Jmes nd Dolores Elsenbeck, Jeffersonville, P. iss honey, lso the dughter of the lte John F. honey, ws grduted from iddletown High School North nd Brookdle Community College, Lincroft. She is employed by Long Bech slnd edicl. Center. : Her fince is grdute of ethcton High School, Fir view Villge, P., nd. North ontco Voctionl' Technicl School, Lnsdle, P. He is crpenter foremn for Advent Construction, nhwkin. The couple plns to mrry in the Fll. Connell-Ronchetti iss O'Neill ws grduted from iddletown High School North nd is employed by Nvesink House, Red Bnk. Her fince is grdute of iddletown High School South nd Se Girt Police Acdemy. He is employed by Highlnds Police Deprtfc>, Fl. Victor nd Florence Ronchetti nnounce the enggement of their i dughter Christin ri Ronchetti to Christopher Connell. r. Connell is the son of Sheil Connell, Willow Street, iddletown, N.J. nd the lfrte Philip P. Connell. iss Ronchetti ws grduted from iddletown High School North nd is ttending Brookdle Community College, Lincroft, N.J. She is employed by Supermrkets Generl, Corp., Etontown, N.J. Her fince is lso grdute of iddletown High School North nd is employed by Twin County Grocers, Edison, N.J. The couple plns to wed in September. Your not teeing double thiiis Dvid nd Jy cgovem.ioniol Jm* nd ry cgovem, Atlntic Highlnd.. They w i celebrte theif seventh birthdy on rch 2 EDTORS NOTE: There* nothing more hertwrming thn pic t re of hppy bby, especilly on his or her birthdy. f you'd like to we your* riling on these pges, tend picture of your child to the Living section of The Register t lest two weeks before Us or her birthdy sd we'u be hppy to nclude t mong the other* we're inting tht week. VEW EDCAL CENTER Bed Bwik r. nd lire. Rymond Fgin (Vivin Cresci), Gyle St., iddletown, son, Feb. 8. r. nd rs. Jmes Lewis (Heidi Engler), WllkncVBt., Keyport, dughter, Feb. 8. r. nd rs. Steven felice (Kren Wright), Concord Ave., Leonrdo, dughter, Feb. 8. r. nd rs. Arthur Porter (Frncine Curtiss), Pinebrook Rd., Etontown, dughter, Feb. 8. r nd rs. rk Vetterl (Susn Schffroth), Cyyg Ave., Ocenport, dughter, Feb. 8. i r. nd rs. Robert Hulsizer (Jonne Shroeder), Seeley Ave., Kensbury, son, Feb. 8. > r. nd rs. Wen-Yu ' Hsieh (Emily Wng), Union Hill Rd., nlpn, dugh- *t. td* rs. Robert nnix (Odette Kmenitzer), orris, Ave., Lkewood, dughter, Feb. 9. r. nd rs. George cqueen (Tml Thompson), Leonrdville Rd, Leonrdo, son, Feb. 9. r. nd rs. Dniel Wlsh (Nncy Dugn), Bllntine Rd., iddletown, son, Febt 9. r. nd rs. rten Ld* mn (Robin Kplowiti] Strtford Plce, orgnvllle, dughter, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. Dvid Guttormsen (Aleen rtin), June Terrce, New onmouth, dughter, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. Willim Cody Robrt John Fddlr, on of Bob nd Sun Fddtor, Uncroft,wi sjjirsiisi *-* mmnanit kis4k«4e>u A tktk 4Q cowdrr m» tocon wnny on rc (Robin cnus), int St.,. Kensburg, son, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. Jeffrey Fung (Siu Lun Lm), Angel Ave., Cliffwood, dughter, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. John Vn Fechtmnn (Jenette ccloskey), Shoe Drive, Highlnds, dughter, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. Brin O'Lery (Dine Lynch), Borden St., Shrewsbury, son, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. ichel Liptk (Ctherine Jorsney), E. Lincoln Ave., Atl. Highlnds, dughter, Feb. 20. r. nd rs. Willim Stck (Shelly rgosin), Wshington St., twn, dughter, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Robert Applestot (Lorrine Zielinski), West Sylvni Ave., Neptune City, dughter, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Ronld Wite (rguerite Douglss), Brook Ave., Little Silver, son, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Willim Trudell (Jen Worrll), Holly Ave., West Kensburg, dughter, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Peter Veling (Jne Peterson), Birch Drive, Shrewsbury, son, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Frederick Rudolph (April oench), First Street, Keyport, dughter, Feb. 2. r. nd rs. Willim G b el (Ann Csmssim), Grove P., Kensburg, son, Feb. 22. r. nd rs. ichel Johnson (Susn Ferguson), Arcde Grdens, Old Bridge, son, Feb. 22. r. nd rs. Willim Nortrup (Doreen Collins), Shore Rd., Union Bech, son, Feb. 22. i r. nd rs. rk Pluchino (ri Biley), ' Cnyon Woods, twn, dughter, Feb. 22. r. nd rs. Seth Dvis ' (Lucy Sid Utti), iddle Rd., Hzlet, dughter, Feb. 22. r. nd rs. rtin, Pollck (Donn Edwrds), Strthmore Grdens, Aberdeen, son, Feb. 22.

31 .ARCH The Register STYLE You niml, you: * CUKNCE FETERSEN Chicgo Tribune CHCAGO Jcques Yves Cousteu's nme cme up the other dy, nd reclled hving lunch with him yers go n Chicgo celebrity-hunt resturnt. Three of us listened s Cousteu, the only celebrity n our group, tlked bout sex. t ws his theory tht Americns, unlike the, French, were sexully nhibited becuse they bthed too often nd used deodornts, scented lotions nd colognes to remove, suppress nd msk the nturl odors of the body. The nturl scents of ll mmmls, the underwter explorer sserted, were powerful sexul ttrctnts; humn perspirtion, he sid, ws n phrodisic, though virtully unknown s such to ' Americns. Yet from the mid-950s until the beginning of the 980s, when herpes nd ADS intervened, Americns becme t lest s sexully ctive s the most cosmopolitn Frenchmen, nd s the sexul revolution thrived, so did the frgrnce industry. The U.S. perfume business in 980 reported nnul revenues in the neighborhood of 2 billion. Now tht fers of chronic disese nd hideous deth hve tken some of the fun out of being seductive, the frgrnce ndustry, perhps sensing trouble hed, hs disptched brigdes of young women to the isles of Americ's better deprtment stores to revitlize the ntionl libido. Armed with spry bottles of cologne, these crck troops wit in mbush for unsuspecting shoppers. The mn who ventures into store to buy gift for his wife is likely to emerge smelling like gift for his wife. For time, shoppers were zpped with Andron, Jovn cologne clculted to drive humns nto frenzies of lust over members of the opposite sex. Andron contined synthetic equivlent of lph ndrostenol steroid found in mle swet. Alph ndrostenol ws sid to be pheromone. Pheromones (pronounced FEER-oh-mones)re chemicl secretions tht trigger powerful sexul ttrction. nsect species re peculirly sensitive. Willims Continued from Pg 0 wrote letter to n cquintnce supporting his mother's decision bout the lobotomy. Whether Willims delibertely dissembled or simply hd lpse of memory is still open to conjecture. Leverich, friend who produced Willims' work, is understndbly reluctnt to revel wht he hs lerned bout the lobotomy since his discovery is one of the mjor reveltions of his book. But he does not think tht Willims' version of events ws deliberte flsehood. "emory plys very strnge tricks on people. The trnsporttion of fct nto fiction is so nterdependent. The mind breks up nto frgments mny, mny things." Leverich believes tht the letters show conclusively tht rs. Willims ws not the monster Willims pinted her s, point Dkin repetedly emphsizes. "Tennessee would get fmily fcts mixed up with his work," sys Dkin. "Tennessee reched the point tht he didn't know fct from fiction. Tht ws wht mde him gret rtist but strined his fmily reltions. He horribly libeled my mother." Another group of letters, uctioned on Feb. 4 t Sotheby's n Punk New York, revel how strined nd complex Willims' fmily nd other personl reltionships could become. Sold for 6,600 nd lso heded for the Hrvrd rchive, they go bck s fr s 929 but minly cover the 960s nd 70s. They show Wigims moving from the innocence of high school grdute tol the world-weriness of n utterntionl celebrity beset by demons perhps only he- could imgine. They lso show hid s n effective prose stylist even n the most csul written communiction. n 929, he writes to his grndfther, WE. Dkin in Clrkdle, iss., of > momentous event n. my qi w - my grdution" ftom h h chool. H«sys he might tk course in shorthnd nd typii g, will continue to study Ltin jid hs bought tuxedo. - But mid the plesntries is glimpse of the Tennessee Willims to come, s he tells hjs grndfther tht he, hi* nd Rose hve been to see tli ply "Strnge nterlude." then offers brief but i nlysis of the wy the i the ply show the different-* between wht people sy end. wht they "THNK U relity," The most telling of the ltest Continued from Pg* 0 during the pst severl yers lor. This includes complementing sid kids Join these groups hevy supervision with love nd brek wy from the fmily ffection. tor ffection nd support might not be getting from "Prents re tking something prents. importnt wy from the child Children should not be stopped nd hve to replce it with something," he sid. "They hve to groups s long s they ttend from ssociting with these rech out nd touch nd sy, ' school, void drugs, obey lws» love you.' They need to spend time ren't behvior problems, he sid with their child nd bring him f the child's behvior becomes bck n the fmily." nti-socil, however, compromise The center hs worked with nd negotition re clled for -rnot stripping the child of his punk bout SO to 200 "metlers," punkers nd their prents during or hevy-metl identity, he sid. the pst severl yers. Pettlnicchio sys her system of prenting nce, the child will resist (tret- "We feel f you focus on pper- hs n 80 percent success rte, ment)," Butterworth sid. "t's lthough the center cn't document tht figure. up their grdes, they cn keep the best to mke del. f they keep "The progrm cn be very successful when the prents put in lifestyle s rewrd (to chnge mohwk (hircut). f prents us* the work," she sid. behvior), tht's strong rewrd." But some counselors believe prents don't need to pnic the Bodenhmer disgrees. Hit minute n Ozxy Osbourne potter thinks prents must be willing to ppers on their child's bedroom de-punk nd de-metl the child wll. "There's lwys going to be completely. Otherwise, the child some mild rebellion tht's OK," wu hold onto every little bit left sid Dr. Chrles Esplin, director s Wrongly s he would if ne wen of counseling nd guidnce for the llowed to hold onto everything. Lot Angeles Unified School District. "But tome of these kids get Butterworth sid mny young relly nvolved, nd prents hve people who follow punk nd to come on strong." hevy metl lifestyles led productive Hve.. The district hs never surveyed Brin Slgel, 26, strted listening to hevy-metl music 3 yen the number of schoolchildren nvolved in punk or hevy metl, bt go. Now he's president of his own Esplin believes the number is record compny, etl Blde Records n Resed. smll. Of the children who re, perhps only one-fifth re discipline problems, he sid. mintined B-plus verge n "'ve never been in trouble nd Punk nd hevy metl constitute merely phse of would like to see me in suit, but school," he sid. "Sure, my mother dolescence, much like the hippie she knows my compny s doing movement in the 960s, sid psychologist Robert R. Butterworth, living." well, nd 'm mking n honest who co-directs the Contemporry Dori Net nd Lis Zbro of Psychology Assocites n Shermn Ornd Hills, Clif., both (7, sid Oks, Clif. He hs counseled they broke wy from metl bout SO punkers nd metlers crowd becuse drugs becme too A mle gypsy moth cn pick up few molecules of femle moth pheromone, bombykol, from distnce of two miles. The mle's instinctive response * to locte tht femle nd mke little gypsy moths. Not surprisingly, the discovery of pheromones n lower nimls sent reserchers off in quest for humn pheromone universl eu de 'mour nd in 980 tem of British scientists t the University of Wrwick discovered lph ndrostenol. Although the British refused to clim gret powers for their discovery, Americ's mvens of mrketing hd long known tht, even when contrdicted by experience, hope springs eternl in mtters of love nd lust. The result, fter 0 million promotionl cmpign, ws Jovn s 983 introduction of Andron. Although there ws never scientific reson to suspect tht mle pheromone would ttrct mles, Andron ws sold s women's s well s men's cologne. n testimonil to Jovn, 32-yer-old womn, who hd smelted Andron on 70-yer-old physicinreported: "The scent went through my body... wnted to let my niml instincts run free... y eyes were lighted with lust... y mouth strted to fill with sliv." Otherwise, frenzies of lust hve been exceedingly rre. ndependent scientists believe it unlikely tht nyone will ever discover or devise scent tht by tself sexully ttrcts ll women or ll men to ny members of the opposite sex. Humn sexul n, they sy, is too complicted. Just s i cnnot exist in physicl vcuum, neither! they perceived by humns n psychologicl [Hum.!'A sexully rousing perfume for some could be, "i ssocition, repulsivesmell to others," "_ l Hber, professor of psychology t the University of llinois t Chicgo, who specilizes in i nd perception. "With enough prctice or conditioning, we cn get tv like lmost ny kind of smell, or get to dislike it. "Tht doesn't men tht some smells don't hve group of letters were written fter the yers hd tken their toll on Willims n 963, he revels his feelings bout the deth of his longtime friend nd lover Frnk erlo in letter to his mother nd Dkin. " hve been very depressed over the loss of Frnk. t ws so wful to wtch young person so full of vitlity before slipping so stedily wy nd trying so despertely not to fce t. "'m gld to sy he returned to his fith t the end nd received the lst scrments Just before he died, nd tht the deth ws sudden." But even t such somber moment he cn lighten burden with humor. "Now hve to go bck to New York for the Tllulh (Bnkhed) production of 'ilk Trin' (his ply "The ilk Trin Doesn't Stop Here Anymore")," he writes in the sme letter. "And hve been sddled with Tb Hunter in role tht spent whole yer rewriting for serious ctor.... Cn you think of some wy cn get Tb Hunter out of it?" References to Rote form constnt thred through the correspondence. A 966 letter to his mother csts further doubts bout his public ttitude towrd hit stter's condition: "You must much prt of the scene. These dy*, they listen to such bnds ss the Scorpions, ron iden, otley Crue nd Triumph, dress up n reveling outfits nd hng out t the Country Club, populr hevy-metl hngout n Resed, Clif, But they lso hold down prt-time Job*, help their prent* round the house nd excel in school. Dori hs been ccepted to the University of Cliforni t Los Angeles nd Lis to the University of Cliforni t Snt Brbr. nitilly, Judy Zbro, Lis* mnuwr, didn't wnt her dughter nvolved n hevy metl. She doesn't understnd the music nd doesn't like the wy her dughter dresses for night out. She worries, stout the type or people her dughter might be ssociting Wttk t the club. " didn't like her getting into t," he sid. "But wnt her to be D-dJusted, nd don't think prents who hold their children C.B.S. SUPERARKET 36 AN ST. KEAN8BURG PORK 7Q0 CHOPS**'. ' Pick ny 3 Numbr i you cn ply from 7.m. to 0 p.m. 7 dy* mtk ARC A CLA CENTER Perfume mkers strive to stir your instincts strong ffective qulities for most of us. There certinly re lot of smells tht most people find ttrctive or repulsive, but lmost ll our rections re lerned. "There re some smells tht, without ny experience or trining, ll cts will void. We don't hve ny like tht becuse evolution hs simply gone the other wy. For mn nd for some of the primtes, though not ll of them the mechnisms for sexul ttrction, mte determintion, nd mting re bsiclly psychologicl." Sys Richrd Fy, professor of psychology t Loyol University of Chicgo, who specilizes in sensory systems nd physiology: "The humn olfctory system is often sid to be primitive; it seems to hve been left behind. t's lso possible tht the olfctory system evolved erly nd becme very efficient right wy, solving the problems it hd to solve, nd tht ws the end of ts evolution. Smell is definitely sense you cn live without; it's certinly less importnt to humn survivl thn vision or hering." Perfume mrketing sells imges, much of it imed t trining humns to ssocite the product with love, romnce, lust. Accordingly, Revlon is introducing Scoundrel usk spry cologne, sid to be "unmistkbly femle, undenibly provoctive"; seductively posed Jon Collins lets you know tht she "never met scoundrel didn't like." Prfums nterntionl Ltd. evidently hopes mgzine reders will ssocite Prfum Decdence with Helmut Newton photogrph entitled "L'Ultime Seduction." "ndulge in it now... Order tody!" reds n ccompnying hrd sell. n behlf of Le Jrdine de x Fctor, however, ctress Jne Seymour counsels, "f you wnt romnce, you hve to come on soft." Revlon's three Fleurs de Jontue frgrnces conjure up womn of voltile morous inclintions: Lotus de Nuit is "for seductive moods." Rose de i is sid to be "tender, quietly lluring." ris de Fete is sid to be "s fresh s the first wildflowers." n dspek, "fresh," whether pplied to bottled frgrnces, sops, shmpoos or tmpons, hs lwys signified "devoid of nturl odors." think of Rose s being s hppy s we could possibly mke her. feel tht Rose is coming out onto certin plteu in her life. Of course we know tht recovery cn't be hoped for, but we ought to be hppy tht she is reltively t pece with her circumstnces. Tht is no smll thing n nybody's existence." n the lte 960s, Willims went through nother of his life's gret trums when brother Dkin hd him committed to the violent wrd of Brnes Hospitl in St. Louis. Hevily dependent on liquor nd drugs, Willims ws slipping fst into insensibility. But he insisted he ws in control of himself nd never entirely got over the experience or forgve Dkin, whom he subsequently cut out of his will. n 970 he ws Just reching the point where he could discuss the mtter with Dkin: " m Just beginning to feel the return of little sympthy for you. Not too much, but good del considering! "t is hrdly ccurte to sy tht you 'sved me' by putting me n the violent wrd of psychitric hospitl where hd three convulsions in single morning becuse of cold turkey withdrwl under the cre of sdist resident-physicin nd bck will hve well-djusted children." But sometimes children do go over the edge. Ann, B, of Tujung, Clif., ws hevily into punk two yers go. She used such drugs s mrijun nd LSD nd skipped school regulrly. " don't like school; don't like them telling me wht to do. lern more on my own," she sid.., Ann sid she would bng her hed ginst wll or cut herself " would guess tht most people buy the imge or the lbel," sys Hber "f you hve highly tuned sense of smell nd hve pid close ttention to frgrnces, then you would be ble to discriminte in the sme wy tht some people who hve fine sense of rt cn discriminte when buying pinting. f you hven't got it, you'll buy the nme; you'll look t who pinted the picture, nd tht will determine if you like it or not " For whtever reson womn my think she hs bought perfume, she is tking chnce. How would mn know tht prticulr frgrnce represents, sy, the "seductive mood" of Lotus de Nuit unless the womn tells ll or, less likely, he himself hppens to be prfum connisseur? The object of her intentions my respond exctly s the would-be seductress hopes, but more likely he will respond more powerfully to qulities she did not buy in bottle: her fce nd figure, her legs, her brins, her personlity, whtever complex of trits rouses him. She my remind him of womn in his pst tht he wnted but could not hve; she my only remind him of om. The dnger is tht he my be repelled if she hppens to choose frgrnce tht, for whtever reson, hs unplesnt ssocitions for him. en tke the sme chnces when they buy cologne. Not ll women re ttrcted to English Lether or Old Spice or usk, nd even if they were, it is not ordinrily enough to induce lust for someone she thinks is nerd unless she hppens to be ttrcted to nerds. Even the most vricious perfume merchnts counsel ginst using more thn hint of ny scent. They know, s Hber puts it, tht "ny stimulus tht becomes very intense immeditely becomes unplesnt." To smell like rose is one thing; to reek of roses is quite nother. Tht fct is both boon nd curse to the elderly, whose sensitivity to scent shrply declines. They re thus protected from the overperfumed. But for the sme reson does the perfume of some women whose gry hir hs turned to blue often precede them, like Cyrno's nose, by qurter hour. three pompous neurologists, two of which were indifferent t best, nd one of them unmistkbly hostile." He sys his New York doctor told him the hospitliztion ws unnecessry, goes quickly on the offensive, scolding Dkin bout his filed ttempts t politics nd finlly returning to Rose: "You'll never go through nything like wht Rose nd hd to go through unless you wreck your life by repeted Quixotic dventures. You blme me, conveniently, for your disppointments in your lw prctice nd yet you continully set out gin on hopeless forys into the politicl ren." A couple of prgrphs lter, he offers his prting dvice: "You cn hve good nd useful life while m still living, if you lern to live with the truth. t's hrd thing to live with but to live without it is hrder." n reply, Dkin defends his ction in hving Willims committed enclosing letter from Jmes Lughlin, Willims' publisher, who greed tht the hospitliztion ws necessry nd pleded for return to the cordility tht hd once united them. With their exchnge of letters, the brothers ppered to hve to keep from striking her mother when they fought. Her mother kicked her put of the house once, but Ann's' problems only got worse. After 24 yers of therpy with Butterworth, Ann's behvior hs improved, her mother sid. They hve come to n greement: Ann is permitted to listen to punk music, dress nd wer her hir the wy she wnts nd socilize with her punk friends. n exchnge, she must ttend school. resolved their differences, but Dkin now sys the wounds never relly heled. His brother, he sys, "tried to ply both sides of the fence when hd him locked up." Willims went bck on drugs fter the hospitliztion, but to keep Dkin off the scent, ffected renewed friendship. At the end of Willims' life, Dkin sys, the strin ws still there. How much of Dkin's ttitude towrd of his brother is bsed on sibling rivlry is nother question the biogrphers will hve to consider. Leverich sys tht Willims ws very lert n his finl months nd could not hve continued to function in the theter hd he not been. He ws busy settling finncil mtters, lmost s if he hd presentiment of his deth. "You once told me," Dkin wrote Willims, "you would rther not be live thn to exist in the physicl, mentl nd emotionl fog tht hd enveloped you." Oh Peb. 25, 983, the fog enveloped Willims with inescpble finlity. He ws found ded in his New York hotel room. He hd choked, still highly disputed medicl report sid, on the cp of medicine bottle. f obey her curfew nd bstin from drug use nd violent behvior. Ann's mother sid her dughter still shows some resistnce, but things re much better thn they were two yers go. " wnt to get (Ann) to dulthood in one piece," she sid. "f cn keep her from doing permnent hrm to herself nd get her n eduction, think she cn be fbulous dult." Dr. Ruth Strting rch 5 in the Living mmmm^^^m section of The Register, Dr. Ruth Westheimer will nswer questions from reders bout love, sex, nd intimte reltionships. Ech Sturdy nd Thursdy you cn enjoy Dr. Ruth's unique blend of humor nd frnk common sense. Don't miss this specil feture. Strting Sturdy, rch 5 in The Register

32 40 The Register iv. ARCH 0. ADVCE Dr. Joyce] Brothers Power cn be hrd to give up Der Dr. Brother*: y husbnd l retired militry mn nd it's been very difficult for him nd for me. The problem l not the O of income, lf his loss of power. He w lwyi n ggressive type of mn, but becuse he hd o mny other people to bou round he didn't bother me or our children. Now, he drives s wild giving orders he expects to be followed without ny discussion. He's mpossible. T.C. Der T.C: Losing power, especilly the power tht comes with the politicl or militry scene, is very difficult to tke. People hve different needs for power nd those ttrcted to politics or the militry usully hve exceptionlly high needs to control. This doesn't men tht ll people with power re neurotic. Wshington psychonlyst Dr. Hrvey Rich hs exmined militry officers nd polticlns nd concludes tht often those with gret del of power re very helthy. They enjoy money, ply, sex nd re reltively troublefree. The helthy individul who gins power loves it. t's longdelyed fulfillment of wht he's been striving for ll his life, Dr. Rich sys. While there's lot of psychologicl stress tht comes with hving power, there's probbly lot more tht comes wiht powerlessness. Right now, tht's wht your husbnd is feeling. While neither you nor your children should hve to fll in line like obedient toy soldiers, it would be helpful f you could be understnding through this difficult period. Try to help your husbnd find n interest tht will consume his energy. t sounds s if he's bored nd mybe he needs professionl guidnce in this period of trnsition. Der Dr. Brothers: used to be known s sweet-tempered young womn but tht's no longer true. don't need nyone to remind me of this, lthough my mother frequently does. know t's true. 'm moving hed in my creer, but ever since moved to the city seem to hve gret increse of rge. Sometimes, don't know where to torn nd end up screming t the wrong person. D.H. Der D.H.: t's not surprising tht you hve more nger in the city. There's more provoction for it there, there re more things to get in one's wy nd we hve less control over our environment. We're constntly reminded of wht we knew nd didn't like s children, nd tht is tht there re lot of others out there who wnt the sme thing we do, nd most of the time we cn't hve our wy. We ll hve nger, but we need to lern to del with it in constructive wys, for our own good s well s for the good of others. We need to remember tht the old suggestion for counting to ten, or sometimes twenty, before we screm is more pt to get us further in terms of wht we wnt, nd it simply mkes plesnter world for everyone. Recent studies hve concluded tht the let-it-ll-hng-out theories of rge merely serve to produce more, not less nger. Almost nobody wnts to live in world of enrged, hitting, screming people. One of the mny problems tht exists n this violent society is tht, s you mention, we often end up screming t the wrong person. The innocent re Just s pt to get hit s re the guilty. We don't hve to ct on our ngry impulse, we cn wit until it psses. Birds cheer up grden By KTTE HOES AND GARDENS A yrd without birds singing, chttering nd performing their ', flying ntics is lcking n nterest nd excitement. Lndscping to invite birds into your yrd re-, quires creful plnning. Select vriety of trees, shrubs, nd ' flowers tht will provide nturl food sources, offer hvens for nesting, nd give shelter ginst predtors, suggests Better Homes & Grdens Grden des. Give plnting preferences to the seed-, nectr- nd fruit-producing plnts tht re fvored by wildlife. Blckberry, rspberry, honeysuckle, viburnum, flowering quince, highbush crnberry, dogwood, privet, mock ornge, ' yew nd rugos roses re few of the fruit-bering shrubs tht t-. trct birds. Plnt trees such s horse chesnut, redbud, hwthorn, sweet gun, mulberry, nckberry, mountin sh nd flowering crb. These trees produce n bundnce of seeds, nuts nd fruits for summer, fll nd winter feeding.. Annul nd perennil flowers lso cn provide food supply ' throughout the summer nd fll months. The seeds of sunflower, mrigold, zinni, poppy, ster,. disy nd cosmos re some of the fvorite bird ttrctors. To supplement the diets of your winged diners, hng bird feeders filled with such fre s sunflower seeds, nlger seed, penuts nd whole corn. Becuse birds depend, on these feeding sttions during the winter, keep them replenished. Birds cn't survive on food lone. To ttrct thirsty birds to your yrd, locte birthbths or other wter-holding continers n res tht n firly open but still protected by nerby trees nd shrubs. Hving well built blrdhouse is ' the bet wy to ttrct holenesting birds like wrens, flickers,. bluebirds, purple mrtins, chickdees nd woodpeckers. Be sure your houses re built to fit the type of bird you wnt to ttrct nd re locted where the bird will feel most comfortble. Birds' tstes in loctions re s vried s the sizes nd types of structures. A wren, for exmple, likes its home to be suspended from tree brnch. ost other songbirds, however, prefer their houses to be firmly nchored to post or tree. Wrens re mong the esiest to ttrct to your yrd. These tiny, energetic birds bubble with song nd nervous excitement nd re joy to wtch. Wrens lso re good for decresing the nsect popultion n your yrd. Wrens require slightly smller house nd much smller entrnce hole thn mot birds. You might even consider mking slot insted of round hole. f you do use slot, mke it to inches high nd 3 nches long to ccommodte the long twigs wrens use for foundtions for their nests. f you mke roundentrnce hole, it should be no Digger thn inches in dimeter. A lrger hole will dmit lrger, les desirble birds such s English sprrows nd strlings. ke the house 4 nches squre nd bout 7 nches high from the floor to the inside bottom of the roof. Cut the entrnce hole 4 to 6 nches bove the floor. Consider drilling -inch holes n the front pnel between the roof nd the entrnce hole. This provides sufficient ir circultion for young birds without creting drft. A couple of H-inch holes drilled n the floor of the house will llow dringe of ny rinwter tht my collect. To prevent n uninvited invsion from predtors, hng the house 6 to 0 feet bove the ground. When building house for your wrens, use only wood, never metl. Use dull colors when pinting or stining, or leve it nturl. Plce houses n n open re. Avoid * fnlliint' (*Tr shde. Cwll UuTTne Houses ellliei fter the htching seson or before the birds strt rriving n the spring. Help body keep its clcium Are you giving your bones the clcium they crve or simply consuming more clories? According to n rticle n the rch issue of Womn's Dy, women my be contributing to their own clcium deflcit, despite weil-lntentloned efforts to supplement their diets. n order to successfully fight osteoporosis t's mpertive to know how other substnces ffect clcium bsorption, for exmple: f you needed nother reson to quit smoking this is it. Nicotine ctully promotes bone loss. Keep lcohol consumption t or below moderte levels. mbibe too hevily nd it becomes toxic to bone cells. Too much protein cn ctully decrese clcium bsorption. Limit service stows to two to three Wht beutiful birthdy present DEAR HELOSE: hve received so much help nd enjoyment from your column tht 'm sending n hint. t's not household hint but hint of hppiness for gift in my cse, birthdy present. y dughter nd dughter-in-lw gve me "dy of beuty." Wht pmpered dy hd, strting t 9.m. nd ending t 5 p.m. hd fcil, mnicure, pedicure, nd permnent with instructions on hir cre nd setting. A delicious lunch ws served t noon. lso hd mkeup session, nd ws given chrt of the colors used nd instructions on pplying them. 'm hoping this will give others the incentive to mke mother s hppy s t did me. now wke up excited s know how to continue to look s good s did on my big dy! Hugs, Edn Grbe How thoughtful of your dughters nd such fn) A rel ego booster besides! Wht womn wouldn't love such dy. Thnks for shring your "present" with us nd shre hug with your dughters. Heloise Button sorting Der Heloise: f you re sver of items such s buttons but cn never find the ones you wnt, try this: Just use empty pill continers which re see-through, then sort buttons by sizes, color or whtever. Put ech group in seprte pill continers. You cn then see wht buttons you need without rummging through the whole mess. keep the continers holding my buttons in gllon glss jr which hs lrge opening t the top (with lid) then store the Jr in hndy plce. Ruby Tiuell bet little ones wold enjoy plying with your collection. Heloise Boos* deodorizing Der Heloise: To help in deodorizing room, try using cedr chips which re vilble t pet stores everywhere. Just put tome of the chips in bowl or cn nd plce them wherever desired. A plesnt frgrnce of cedr will permete the room. Teres Rioux Ky clenp Der Heloise: To clen up n egg which hs broken on the floor, grb the slt nd sprinkle it liberlly over the egg- Wit one minute or slightly longer. With pper towel wipe up the egg. Clens up clen s whistle. Hzel Werner Bby bibs Der Heloise: Cloth dipers mke the nicest bibs. Just fold fresh, clen diper n hlf nd clip t behind the bby's neck with clothespin. The diper covers more re thn regulr bib which is especilly helpful when bby strts to feed himself. Also it is much esier to get on nd off. J.H. Plus yon cn just throw it in the wsher! Hugs, Heloise Preexing met Der Heloise: When buying chops, cut steks, cutup chicken, etc., spred the pieces on cookie sheet, cover with plstic wrp, nd plce n the freezer until slightly frozen, then put them in freezer bg nd freeze. Now, when you wnt only two or three chicken livers or whtever, you don't hve to thw the whole pckge. Esier to hndle nd sves lots of time. Hmpton ALASKA nd Expo '86 Our own Escorted Cruise-Tour June 3-2,9 «rs> $ Tz Compte loin our personlly escorted Air/Se group. Air; mels, specil fetures, including our own escort Nturlist nd Cousteu Society Representtive. Cll for free brochure nd informtion. COLPTTS Trvel Center 476 Brod St. Shrewsbury, N RHAPSODY Ever mgined. ntroducing Lew Line's Len Lines CokHltwy progrm is for you. By design, you get results in few short weeks. Plus you get to et the foods you love. And just s the nme implies, its Qufcsk'N* For clsses n your re cn S.Tti.STeSor One lime for lifetime.'' Ann Lnders Bbies cn tlk t n erly ge Der Reders: A few weeks go printed letter, from mn who hd n rgument with his wife. Her mother told him tht she (his wife) strted to tlk t 6 months. He sid he didn't believe t ws possible nd sked me to check. y uthority, chief of the Division of Behviorl Peditrics t Northwetern's School of edicine, sid t ws "mprobble" becuse the musculture of the mouth nd throt is not sufficiently developed t 5 months to permit rnge of sounds to form words. Plese note, the doctor sid "mprobble," not impossible. A few dys fter tht column ppered ws hit with lod of letters from Brents who hd their own stories to tell. Here re some smples of wht my week hs been like. Der An Lnders: Before the bubud strt* to wve your eolm l his mother-in-lw's fce, wit to come to the defense of tie ldy who clims her dughter tlked t 5 months. All the children l our fmily tlked erly. The youngest ws my niece, who sid "Dddy," "bye bye," "bottle" nd "bth" t SH months. t ws considered no big del l or fmily. D.., Awbrn, Clif. Der Ann Lnders: don't cre wht yor uthority from Northwestern edicl School sys, my son, t ge 6 months, ws sitting in his higk chir when my slter brought' in bouquet of spring flowers.' He pointed finger t the bouquet nd sid s plin s dy, "Pretty!" We were dumbfounded. C.L.D.. Clinton. ine Der 'An Lders: Or firstborn son showed signs of being srecocios t S months. When he herd music tht plesed htm he smiled. (No, t wsn't gs.) He did not like rock nd roll Whenever he hord t to cried. When we plyed hevy metl to scremed. At 4Vi months he could sy "m," "Dddy" nd "NO!" Or second SOB didn't sy word tu to w months old. His first utternce ws fll sentence: "Don't go 'wy." EJ., OsJesborg,. Der Ann Lnders: At 8 months our dughter wlked nd pottytrined herself. One dy, she stood t the door nd sid, "Goodbye, Aunt Lillin." O.K., Ls Vegs Der Ann Lnders: ws mzed tht yor expert did ot believe child of 5 months cold pronounce words. Or dughter, who l BOW 4 yen old nd reding t second-grde level, strted to tlk when she ws 4 months old. Her first word ws "bby." w psychology mjor nd gret believer l prentl nfluence. When ws pregnnt red slo.d to my unborn chud, being creful to pronounce ll words slowly d distinctly often ptted my belly nd sked, "Are you listening?" After the seventh month the bby responded l the form of hrd kick. m convinced tht mothers cn communicte with their unborn bbies nd tht fetus cn lern while l the womb. 8.L.P. n Crthge, o. Der Ann Lnders: y mother thought ws destined to be genius becuse t 6 months clled my dd by his nme, "Herb." Dd sid wsn't tlking, ws belching. om hd to dmit ws no genius when flunked kindergrten. F.W., ilwukee, Wis. There l big difference between cold nd cool. ABB Lders shows yo how to ply t cool without freezing people ot l tor booklet, "Teen-Age Sex Te Wys to Cool t." Send 80 long, self-d- Ann Lnders, P.O. Ben H, Chicgo, llinois en. S THE REGSTER'S "BG FOOT" SWEEPSTAKES s Anns -BG FOOT', the monster truck of movie, television, nd truck pull fme, is coming to the edmrinds on Sturdy, rch S, t :00 P.. f. U prt of the U.S. Hot Rod Truck Pull ChnkUonsps feturing the "Bttle of the onster Trucks". GRAND PRZE winner of the sweepstkes will climb bord for ride on "BG FOOT* during the "Prde of onster Trucks". Ten FRST PRZE winners will receive pirs of select tickets, specil souvenir progrm, nd Hot Rod poster. Don't miss out on the fun. All you hve to do to ln on the ction is fill out the ttched entry & nd mll t to; The Register, c/o BG FOOT. One Register Pln. Shrewsbury. NJ The drwing will be held on Thursdy. rch 3,986. GOOD LUCK BG FOOT Sweepstkes Entry Form An you Rsgn AO. TO: the (Ugmter. c/o Bte Foot One Register Ptw. Shrewsbury, NJ. 0770

33 ', ARCH 0,996 Tkeftefiter YOUR TOWN Service Slutes THE REGSTER/RA ARK GOSTW WORKNG OVERTE Above, three students of the Leonrdo School fterschool enrichment progrm prctice plying the recorder. Their techer is Sue callister. On the left. Joey Robeck, fourth-grder, works on his nme in clligrphy clss. Other ctivities in the six-week progrm nclude rts nd crfts, dncing, computers, drmtics nd woodworking. The progrm will culminte on rch 26 with disply nd stge production of tlent. The progrm, which tkes plce from 3 to 5 p.m. on Wednesdys, is sponsored by the Leonrdo School PTA. LTTLE SLVERWyie H. Robert*son of Lind J. Roberts, 79 Rumson Rod, nd Hrry Robert, nhttn, N.Y., tu ccepted for enlistment n th U.S. rine Corps on Jn. 9. He deprted for recruit trining t the rine Corps Recruiting Center, Prris slnd, S.C. on Feb. 5. Roberts is scheduled to complete his bsic trining there on April 30. He is 986 grdute or Red Bnk Regionl High School nd ttended Brookdle Community College lst fll. EATONTOWNArmy Spec. 4 Disy R- Ptterson, dughter of Oscr nd Disy R. Cho of 430 E. Rochelle Ave, Ls Vegs, Nev., ws involved in NATO-sponsored exercise by prticipting in the Army's return of forces to Germny (REFORGER) nd the Air Force's Crested Cp exercises. Ptterson s communictions system specilist with the 3rd Armored Division in West Germny. Her husbnd, Army Spec. 4 Robert J. Ptterson, is the son of Robert W. nd Brbr O. Ptterson of 9 Firwy Ave. LTTLE SLVERArmy Chief Wrrnt Officer Christopher Clrk, son of Louise C. Clrk of 47A Cheshire Squre, ws involved in NATO-sponsored exercise by prticipting in he Army's Crested Cp exercises. Clrk is mintennce test pilot with the 3rd Attck Helicopter Bttlion in West Germny. He received n ssocite degree in 979 from Embry Riddle Aeronuticl University, Dyton Bech, Fl. ABERDEENAirmn Philip K. Gmbs, son of r. nd rs. Philip N. Gumbs of 60 S. Atlntic Ave., hs grduted from Air Force bsic trining t Lcklnd Air Force Bse. Texs. He is 982 grdute of twn Regionl High School, Aberdeen. RED BANKSecond Lt Jll L. EUegood, dughter of Stephnie K. EUegood of 22 Hubbrd Prk, nd ichel S. EUegood of 8 Scenic Ave., Point Richmond, Clif., hs been commissioned s second lieutennt under the Army's Erly Commissioning Progrm. SHREWSBURYSpec. 4 Theodore L. FrweU, son pf Theodore FrweU of 82 While Rod, nd rcell Sunders Of Rurl Route 2, Veron, o., hs been decorted with the second wrd of the Army Achievement edl t Fort Brgg, N.C. FrweU is rdio opertor with the 4th Air Defense Artillery. His wife, Deirdre, is the dughter of Steve nd Brbr Ruzick* of 26 Orchrd Plce, Little Silver He s 980 grdute of Red Bnk Regionl High School, Little Silver. DDLETOWNSpec. 4 Jsm A. Koch, son of Jnet R. nd Robert J. Koch Sr. hs prticipted in Tem Spirit '86, Republic of Kore/United Sttes Combined Forces Commnd sponsored exercise held in South Kore. Koch s n infntrymn with the 4th nfntry t Schofield Brrcks, Hwii. He is 983 grdute of iddletown High School North. OAKHURST Second U. Jies Csmlino, son of Anthony J. Cslino of 53 Lemon Court, nd rinne Willimson of 69 Semn Rod, West Ornge hs grduted from U.S. Air Force puot trining, nd hs received suver wings t Vnce Air Force Bse, Okl. He is 984 grdute of ontclir Stte College HOLDEL Cdet Kmrt L. tfio, son of Ptrick nd Doris ggio of 7 Deer Pth, recently begn four-month term s regimentl supply officer, thereby chieving one of the highest positions in the cdet chin-of-commnd t the U. S. ilitry Acdemy t West Point, NY. KEANSBURG Airmn J A. O'Couor, son of Jmes nd Kthleen. O'Connor of 9 Brookside Ave., hs grduted from Air Force bsic trining t Lcklnd Air Force Bse, Texs. Hslet Fire commissioners to meet Tuesdy The Bord of Fire Commissioners of Hzlet Township will meet on the second Tuesdy of ech month strting Tuesdy. Ail meetings will be held t North Centervule Fire House, 372 iddle Rod, t 8 p.m. Registrtion begins for recretion Registrtion for Hxlet's preschool'recretionl progrm for 3- through- 6-yer-olds opens Wednesdy for residents nd Thursdy for non-residents. Those presently enrolled in the on-going progrm will be registered erlier. Prents of new registrnts must bring the child's birth certificte, mmuniztion records nd sttement from the doctor pproving the child's ttendnce. Sessions re held twice weekly with the prent selecting dys of the week nd times of the dy, either mornings or fternoons. Curriculum coordintor is ry Lou Vogler, certified erly childhood techer. Detils of this miniml fee clss my be obtined by clling the recretion office t Keyport PTA meets tonight Keyport Centrl School PTA wiu hold ts generl meeting tody t 7:30 p.m. n the Centrl School Cfetorium. Nomintions for officers of the PTA for the school yer will be held. Also, the evening they will hve ' "eet the Bord of Eduction Cndidtes Night." All re welcome to ttend. There will be bnner wrd nd 0 presented to the clss with the most prents n ttendnce. Group plns meeting.the monthly meeting of the Support Group of Seprted nd Divorced Ctholics will be held t the Rectory, Lower Room, of St. Joseph's Church, ple Plce, on Tuesdy t 7:30 p.m. The feture of the evening will be thei Rev. Ronld Beovin with Ufcnten Guided edittion For informtion, cll Colts Neck Group to discuss smll businesses The Women in Business Committee of the Western onmuth Chmber of Commerce presents "Smll Business: t's tter of Survivl", with guest speker Gelorm "Chomie" Persson, president/owner of Little Silver Repir nd Persson Outdoor Power Equipment, 8.m., Thursdy t Colts Neck Country otel, 92 Route 34 South. Fee $3. For informtion, cll Nonmouth County University Women to meet Wednesdy ented by Henry E. Kordes, estte plnning specilist of the lw firm, Kordes nd Clyton, Brielle. The meeting is open to the public. For further nformtion contct Sheil Lord, 0 Devon Court, Ocen Township, i Cerebrl Plsy group to host csino night United Cerebrl Plsy Auxiliry of onmouth * Ocen Counties, invites you to Night t Csino Plce Fshion Show nd Dinner, Wednesdy t 7:30 p.m. t st Brunswick Chteu. n keeping with the Csino theme, one of the mny rffle priies will be weekend t Cesrs Plce, Atlntic City, (2 nights, 3 dys). Fshions will be shown by Ldies Choice, nlpn, shoes The Jersey Shore Brnch of the Americn Assocition of University Women will hold its brnch meeting on Wednesdy t 7:46 PA., t Holy nnocents Church, Route 33 nd West Bngs Avenue, Neptune.. The topic of the progrm will be t plnning. t wlu be presby Wyne Stevens, nlpn, ( nd eyewer by Visions of nlpn. There will be mny door prizes nd free gift for everyone. Tickets cost $22... For more informtion cll Sherry or Gre Wll Librry to conduct bby-sitting clinic A free bby-sitting clinic wul be held in two prts t the onmouth County Librry's Wll Township brnch. Old ill Shopping Plz, Route 36, Se Girt, both session begin t 7 p.m., Thursdy nd rch 20. Boys nd girls re nvited to lern how to be n effective bbysitter nd cope with emergencies. Those who ttend both sessions will be wrded certificte. THE HEOtSTiR/ED BHETT QUEST SPEAKER Grce Rondeu of Big Brothers of Red Bnk, ws one of the»peker during inistry Awreness Week, held recently t St. John Vinney High School. A slte of spekers spoke to the students bout their personl involvement in mininstry. A pid directory of coming events for non-profit orgniztions Rtes 3 76 for three lines for dy (t.00 ech dditionl line), $6.00 for three lines for two dys (.SO ech dditionl line), $6.50 for three Unes for three dys (2.00 ech dditionl line), 7.50 for three lines for four or five dys (2.25 ech dditionl line) for three Unes for six to eight dys (2.60 ech dditionl ttne) for three lines for nine to ten dys (3.00 ech dditionl line) for three lines for eleven dsys. Bch dditionl dy.00, ech dditionl line Dedline A. two dys before publiction Cll The Dlly Register, , sk for The Dte Secretry. ASCH 0 ONDAY The onmouth Orgn Society presents concert of populr orgn music feturing "Clre Fox" n ever populr rtist on rch 0 8pm t Buck Smiths in Est Kensburg NJ. Admission 3.60 t the door no reservtions necesssry. The Highlnd Community Center AuxUry will be sponsoring St. Ptricks grocery bingo. At the Community Center. Doors open»t 6pm. bingo strts t 8:00pm. Admission.60. Cll ARCH WEDNESDAY Red Bnk Knights of Columbus. Corned Beef nd Cbbge dinner to \ be held t the Counsel Home, 200 Fir Hven Rd. Fir Hven, NJ. Serving from 5-8pm Dontion dults 6.50, children under 3 (3.00. Tickets t the door. Rumge k. Temple Beth Ahm, 660 Uoyd Rd. Aberdeen. 9m.- noon. Clothing, housewres, linens nd more. ALZHEER'S SUPPORT GROUP. Tom ArgmUeri, esq. to pek bout legl ssues. 8-9:30pm. st Prtsbyterln Church, 266 Hrding Rd. Red Bnk CU for info. ABCH * THURSDAY Bus trip to PhUidelphi Flower Show. OBOirini by onmouth useum. Lunch t the Grden Cfe, bus leves useum psrung lot 8:30m. returns 8pm. embers 28, non members 3. Covers bus trnsporttion, dmission nd lunch. CU for info uwn ED Chinese uction t Uoyd Rd. School Aberdeen. Doors open 7pm. uction 8pm. Specil prises plus TV nclude* refreshments. For nfo cll ARCH >-4- THURSDAY * FDAT "Our students work, tht is wht mkes us the best" sm the director of the Thompson ply; Flower Drum Song. rch 3 t 2:30pm, nd rch 4 t 8:00pm. t Thompson Junior High School. Only 2 ticket CU for ny questions. (ARCH 4 THUR8D AT Quest. A weekly forum for single, divorced nd widowed dults. Discussion, dncing A refreshments. Dnce clss vilble st Unitrin Church, 476 W. Front St., Llncroft, 7:46pm. Admission limited to the st 200. Dontions 4. n our 9th yer. ARCH 4- TUD A Y SATURDAY AAUW Used Book Sle, St. Andrews Episcopl Church, By Ave., Highlnds. Fridy 4-7pm., Sturdy 0m.-4pm. Lrge choice of books nd records. ARCH S SATURDAY St. Josephs PTA will hold s Spring fle mrket nd crft show. 0m.-4pm. in the school uditorium. ple plce Keyport. COLTS NECK HSTORCAL SO- CETY'S 33RD ANTQUES AND COLLECTBLES SHOW. 9:30m.-4pm. Cedr Dr. School, Cedr Dr. Cott Neck. Over 70 delers. Admission.60. ini mels served. For nfo cll Asbury Prk Chpter of the Brber Shop Society presents t's 33rd nnul wve of hrmony t 8pm. Ocen Twp. High School, West Prk Ave. Tickets t the door. Feturing "Rhyme Rhythem 4 Song", "Stge Four" Qurtets nd "City Lights" from the Sweet Adeline Chpter s well s fifty mn chourus. ARCH B > S SATUDAY * SUNDAY ndependent Fir* Co. Belford will hold weekend crft show St. * Sun. t ndependence Hll, 90 Hwy. 36 corner of in St. Belford 9m.-Bpm. with brekfst nd lunch served t snck br. Don't miss New Jersey's finest crft people t out nnul Ester Show. CU for further nfo. ARCH S SUNDAY onmouth Symphony Orchestr 3pm. t Count Bsle Theter, onmouth Art Center, 99 onmouth St. Red Bnk. Ouest soloist; ichel Ddsp, clssicl guitrist. Conductor; Roy Gussmsn. Ticket 6 st box office rtes vilble ARCH *0 THURSDAY The onmouth County Prk System sponsers s Shell Crft Workshop. Thursdys, rch 20, 27, nd April 3. Holmdel Prk Activity Center pm. 20. CU ARCH tt SATURDAY AuxUry of Arthur Brisbne Child Tretment Center of Kensburg will hold t's nnul fshion nd luncheon show t Lkeside nor, Hwy. 36, Hslet, t :30m. For tickets cll Connie Cunniff or Doris Wlling The Holmdel Historicl Society's 2th nnul ntique show will be held from 930m 4pm t the Holmdel High School, Crwford Comer Rd. Prkwy exit 4. Lunch -3. Admission THROUGH ARCH DOLLAR BAG SALE through rch 3 Clico Ct Thrift Shop. 00 Kings Hwy kletown. Open Tue., Wed., nd Thurs. 0-. ARCH 4 ONDAY The Ldles AuxUry of The Red Bnk Elks will hold bus trip to Secucus. Leve Boro Bus st 9m or Ami. 4 FRDAY Bus trip to NYC to see the CRCUS by the Open Door of the Bvshore Are. 7:S0pm. show. Exc. sets dult, (22.60, children or 88S-OS70. APRL SATURDAY Ldies Auxusry 8th nnul fle mrket t Fir Hven Flnhouse. CU for reservtions. JULY 4-2 SATURDAYS Red Bnk First Bptist cruise to Boston, Cps Cod Cnl, Nov Scoti, Ssgosny Fjords, Quebec nd ontrel, lev. Bovee, Chplin. TeL

34 The Register OHOAY, ARCH ENTERTANENT With her biogrphicl novel, Ptti Dvis drops cting By UNDA DEUTSCH Associted Press LOS ANGELES For long time Ptti Dvis pretended she wsn't the president's dughter. She dropped the nme Regn nd used her mother's miden nme. She wrote songs, lived with rock str, tried to become n ctress nd evded politicl ssues. All tht's chnged. eet the new Ptti Dvis, uthor of thinly disguised utobiogrphy tht my set teeth on edge t the White House. Clled "Home Front" (Crown, 6.96), the book my well be the first bckstirs romn clef by presidentil offspring. Ptti Dvis hs turned her bck on Hollywood. She' stopped struggling to crck the movie business, hs settled nto hppy mrrige nd hs undergone psychonlysis. Plus, she no longer cres if people recognize her s Regn. " don't know if it ws conscious decision or grdul cceptnce of this s prt of my life," she sid. " told myself, 'You're not going to get wy from this. So you might s well ccept or del with it nd try to do something with it. " relized these things tht hppened to me were interesting," Dvis sid in n interview, "nd thought mybe cn tke them nd mke something cretive nd entertining out of them." Her book, written with the help of novelist ureen Strnge Foster, is the story of Beth Cnfield whose fther, rdio nd TV pitchmn, becomes governor of Cliforni, then president of the United Sttes. The nterior monologue chronicles Beth's resentment of politics nd her prents' efforts to cope with her 960s style rebellion which s mnifested by sexul experimenttion, brush with drugs nd involvement in the ntl-vietnm Wr movement. Some of this, Dvis sid, ws invented. For instnce, she ws too young to be involved n Vietnm protests in college but reserched the ssue for her novel. " don't think this book is ny more utobiogrphicl thn ny other first novel," she sid. "You drw on wht you know. But wht know is little more conspicuous thn wht other people know." She suspects her prents hve not red t, lthough she hs sent them copy. " see nothing they wouldn't like in it," she sid. " think it's very honest portryl of fmily in the lte '60s nd erly 70s. Except for their visibility, they're not very different from other fmillles t tht time." Nncy Regn's press secretry, Eline Crispin, sid the first ldy hd red the book nd quoted her s sying, "As my husbnd sid, it's novel piece of fiction." Crispin lso sid the Regns "hope tht Ptti finds writing stisfying." At the hert of the book l Dvis' fer nd lothing of politics which swllowed up her fther nd their fmily life. n poignnt pssge, she reclls her fther ddressing n ssembly t her elementry shcool. " remember being proud of him nd t the sme time frightened," she writes. "Whtever t ws tht mde him so specil ws the reson 'd never be ble to keep him ll to myself." While other teen-gers might hve loved the limelight, she writes of scrunching down in the bck set of limousine so no one would see her or riding up front hoping she would be mistken for the chuffeur's dughter. Of her fther's inugurtion s governor, she writes: "t seemed like scene 'd wndered into by mistke... felt like the outsider." Why did she hte it ll so much? "t strted coming into our lives t very young ge," Dvis sid. " ws lwys looked t s somebody's dughter before even knew who ws. ws looked t s n ppendge. think kids like to strt out with clen slte. But for s long s cn remember people hd preconceptions of me." She tried to go her own wy in the 970s. She wrote songs nd spent four yers s the live-n girlfriend of Egles guitrist Bemie Ledon. She becme n ctress but won only few minor prts n productions which sought to cpitlize on her fmily ties. She spoke out for the ntinucler movement nd, when sked, sid she ws pro-choice on bortion dimetriclly opposed to her fther's views. These two positions remin unchnged lthough she sys she now chooses to work "behind the scenes" for the nti-nucler movement becuse her public presence distrcts from the ssue. "Reporters would lwys wind up sking me, 'Hve you tlked to your prents bout this?' t would get down to the gossipy level nd they would lose sight tht we were tlking bout the end of the plnet." Two events pper to hve turned her life round. She underwent psychonlysis nd she mrried Pul Grilley, yog instructor who encourged her to write. " got little spoiled. got lot of cretive stlsction. Every dy there ws something to get excited bout, line or prgrph. Tht's relly rre to get n cting unless you're eryl Streep who gets gret roles ll the time," she sid. Only good script with Juicy role could lure her bck to cting, Dvis sys, nd tht role Just might be one she knows quite well. Ptti Dvis 'Guiding Light' dims with news of Bert's deth By LYNDA HRSCH ALL Y CHLDREN: Phoebe nd Enid plot to bring Robin nd Wde together. Dr. Stone tells Cliff tht Nin cn't fce the fct she ever wnted to shoot Donn. Ross hits the ceiling when Ellen revels Adm gve them the Chteu Supper Club. Td stunned when rin returns stting she received n erly prole for Zck's murder becuse of fvor she did for the wrden. Phoebe sks Wde to move into the mnsion. Td thinks rin cn give him informtion on becoming rel estte broker. Hillry nervous t the prospect of Td hving nything to do with rin. n New York, Eric forgives Jeremy for ny indiscretion with Ntlie nd the two vow to sy " do" s soon s possible. ANOTHER WORLD: Jke nd Vicki re trpped in mine cve-in. Spotting Vicki nd Jke's motorcyle nd cr, Neil hides the vehicles. Css continues to put on puppet shows for delighted Kthleen who hs no ide Css is the puppeteer. Kthleen decides to proceed witl. therpy with the hope of wlking gin. Sensing Chris nd Nncy re on the outs, Dr. Pmel Bondl moves in for the romntic kill..j. welcomes Lrry bck to the police force. Brittny fers Ctlin will lern she's preg- on. A Tues. Fmily Dinner Specils Chicken or Vl Prmigin rvcd with J ip*gr>«l!> nd fruiter nnt by him. AS THE WORLD TURN8: Crig plns to reopen Croline's, with Us s prtner. Sierr blks t Tonio's desire to strt fmily right wy. When Shnnon gets mjor stock dividend Erl offers to mnge the fund. When Steve fires crew member for coming on to v, hir the crew wlks of f Job. Betsey tells Steve they must iron out differences before they hve nother child. Holden tells Lily he turned down college scholrship becuse his fmily needed him to sty round nd provide income. rci ccuses Kim nd Frnnle of premeditted murder. Psychitrist thinks rci my be psychotic. Frnnie doesn't recll she stbbed Doug to deth. Doug's will leves everything to Frnnie. Frnnle unble to give quick response when Brin proposes mrrige. Lucind involved in cr crsh. CAPTOL: Jordy believes Leenne hs sister nd plns to find her in the hopes of sving Leenne's life. Leenne tells Jordy she wnts child by him so fter she's ded Jordy will lwys remember her. After returning Clriss's ring, sying she'll need it one dy, Wlly clls Bxter dd. Clriss tells Bxter to quit trying to protect her, she'* strong independent womn. nscription on Leenne's wtch leds Jordy nd Trey to believe her fmily ws n show business. Thoms tells Slone he understnds why she wnts rk nd Clriss together. With Bxter clered on ttempted murder chrge in rk's shooting, Tyler grees to defend Jenny. D.A. tells Jenny she could fce one yer to life imprisonment for the shooting of rk, who she thought ws Josh Hrrington. Center to sponsor ltch key progrm A progrm on ltch-key kids will be held on Wednesdy from 7:30 9 p.m. t the Howell- Jckson edicl Center, Rt. 9 South. Sponsored by the Wellness Center t Freehold Are Hospitl. Pre-registrtlon necessry. For informtion, cll the Wellness Center Sop Oper Updte DAYS OF OUS LVES: Shne nd Ptch eger to cler Bo of espionge chrges. Relizing her ttcker is n, eliss pplled when n suggests it ws her fult he becme rpist becuse she left him for Pete. Regining consciousness following cr crsh, Kimberly relieved when Croline tells her Victor is not her fther. Robin ngry when ike misses consulttion nd she sees him with ttrctive womn. Robert fights with his brother Eli over their previous struggles s Europen Jews. Victor demnds Pete sell lcohol t The Jump. Lerning Kimberly ws considering bortion, furious Shne doesn't stick round for n explntion. GENERAL HOSPTAL: Sen tells Ann she should ly off Lurelton cse for the time being. n n ttempt to mke Edwrd think Sen's compny success, Sen plces phony d in the New York Times. Jeff tells ike he hs secret bout Ginny. Jeff finlly tells ike the story when ike grees to give him video cmer. Jeff sys he herd Rick nd Ginny rguing bout Ginny's one-night stnd with Derek. A hurt ike clls Ginny trmp. Terrl leves the gs on in the kitchen fter tking sleeping pills. An unconscious Terri s rushed to the hospitl. Ted swers he does not wnt Terri to die. Ann lerns the initils on the pendnt re T.O., Terri's first nd middle initils. GUDNG LGHT: Fletcher dmits to Clire he's flling in love with eve. Alex discovers Simon's fingerprints nd plns to hve them run through the FB to lern his rel identity. While Simon's telling Jesse his fther wlked out on him, he relizes Alex hs bugged the room. Rev finds despertely U bum who refusestolet her cll doctor. Finding her missing enggement ring round the bum's neck Rev relizes he, not Kyle, sved her the Crl A. Qugli night she triedtocommit suicide. indy furious when Kurt sks Bethtokeep n eye on her in L.A. Clire tells Briggs she hs personl rewrd for him if he gets proof positive Rick into drugs. Ed returns home with news of Bert Buer's deth. Clire nd Ed pln to fight for icheue'scustody. LOVNG: Doug nd Shn flling deeper in love. Dne tells Anne he's movingtol. A.towork for Rebecc but will return. Trlsh contcts Curtis so he'u know tht she's sfe, nd sys tht she is with Steve nd plnstosty with him. Av thrilled tht Curtis Jelous of ny contct she hs with Jck. ONE LFE TO LVE: When Tin's denied set on hospitl bord, she nsists her dontion be returned. Vicki tells Pete whoever plyed tpe Nicki herd s Dr. Polk's killer. Luring Lrry to house by thretening suicide, Trcy locks him in secret room with lis the Dobermn stnding gurd. When Tin sks Pm to move intounfir with her, As suggests Pm come home with him. STAN'S HOPE: When Dkot bed scene with ggie, horrif Jill ccuses ggie of being trmp. Frnk believes Jill hs overrected nd she dmits she cn't help it; when Dkot's round nother womn she gets Jelous. Devlin continuestocome ontojck. SANTA BARBARA: Sntn nd son greetomrry so she cn gin full custody of Brndon. Thinking Eden hving ffir with Cruz, Kirk considers killing Eden. With Hitin divorce n hnd August wnts Lioneltoturn over ll his rtwork rtworks she thinks re priceless nd which he knows re worthless. Ted turns to Gin's cousin Hiley whn he lerns his former girlfriend Lken s engged. Nick furious when his prtment s rnscked nd his photo equipment stolen. Unwre Dyln hsriggedtbles n house's rvor, Wrren loses il his money. C.C. lerns Eden s pregnnt. SEARCH FOB TOORROW: After telling Lloyd she s pregnnt, Liz tells him she wnts divorce. Us lso tells Hogn their reltionship cn now merely be friendship. Stu returnstohenderson lerning tht the Cldwell house hs been destroyed. Sunny dubs the new prtment where everyone is living "Liberty House." Jo nd Stu re skedtobe mnger nd cretker. ovie Timetble informtion *or * nwtnwni < pfovtoco by htw opf tofi. 9tno» mod y»,u. to ). m m 'CCmmsJnOBO PfcH twtomw ON m» "B58Bh nhcw * Oo<y»un»yo-i>l ' '5»» LVC THBAT W* Adu* F«(XXX) oonuou* (rorn noon throuoji:30 P -6 Adu«m (XXX) oondnuou* from Cg. ()7:46, O YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Suddenly relizing Jck ws Jill's cbin lover, John goestoundsy, who won't confirm or deny. A crushed John cries bitterly. A smug Ky, believing Jill penniless, keeps offering Jill Job. Brock helps cheer Ashley who's still devstted becuse bby Victori clled her witch. Amy tells Tyrone she needs timetothink over his mrrige proposl. Lynd Hirtch's column, keeping you up to dte on the sop*, ppers every ondy in The Register. -WOOLS TOWN Avw oua ctnta «- ««i»io?r- ( ~- ' * 00 HSTOSSUt PLAZA CSSDSA ProynPhk(PO-9)745. S Nmtsxeounv C4SHA - 8 " " (P. 7:«s. «(B) :50. 3*0. (t) 2*0.'iie,\40. 7:30.»20 WHO HAS HEARD FRO THE GOOD TOOTH FARY? Wht l the going "rte" thw dys for the "good tooth fin" m leve under thepir pillow for bby tooth? Nobody seems to hve dsfinite nswer to this question. We hve herd s high s dolli for first tooth nd down to s low s nickel for third or fourth While we re not sun of the worth of tht old tooth we do know tht the new permnent tooth t relly priceless nd should b treted ccordingly. t tut to lst n ever-lncrsini lncrsiiuj lifetime. Wi ly prod>"i tht your dentist recommends unends for good dentl YOT OR YOUR DOCTOR CAN PRONE US who JW sd dunsy Hs* rtrs ejrj. Kpmt mny wjl rdy OR stor tfiir Bttk Bsds. _ Wo wloons) roustts for delivery service nd chrts eeoou. uwwbjry Phrney THE SUEWSBHH.V SH9P8 74-sf rlhur «n A Hurry At Fttxn ttw Foxtrot 4wtd \Atz to th# oh to osnsul Tngo A^nttn,tr»pro*3ioni dsn<» nstructors t n Arthur urry Ski cn show you howtoput Km n your : n your il _ 'C«us tody nd lom to dno th«fun nd osy Arthur urry wy )(nmnj SPECAL NEW STUDENT OFFER 2 LESSONS UfTEDTCOWLY 2 Brod St. Red Bnk

35 ONDAY. ARCH T< Register 7Q ENTERTANENT Television Listings 8:00 NEWS O B OFFRENT STROKES HART TO HART HAPPY DAYS USA CARTOONS 8:08 «> DOWN TO EARTH :» TOO CLOSE FOR CO- PORT Andrew it tken by eml«grsndmolhr during on* of uriel's photo Hi torn REPORT ibu8es8 TOO CLOSE FOR CO- FORT ortr, lbor pins tin oil with bid not* wtwil * uck pino blocks their wy to th hopttll. TC OW **H"Ten- nese* Chmp" (064, Drm) Shelley Winters. O.w.y mm- SHOW OVC **ti :Scrtt" (882, Drm) Hln Lindsy. Ann Cmpbell- Jont. 8:38 SAFE AT HOE 7 00«CSSNEWS ^ NBC NEWS THREES COPANY iabcnewsn PYtUO ( THE UOVEAKEflS Di rectors King VWor, Hnry King, Hnry Hthwy, Roubn moulln nd trvyn Lefloy dlku th Hollywood o) th 30i nd '40. SAFOROAOSON BB-A-S-H USA WD. WU WORLD OFALS SeWRESTVWQ 7 05 ARY TYLER OORE 7:30 0 WHEEL OF FORTUNE A WWLYWEO OAE 'A-S'H ENTERTANENT TO- NWHT nlsrvltw with KthrinRo. S CHANCE OF f ' * 'Sssl & f -ss*. THEWS ' LSEK WKPOCNAT ARAOtSSO B SANFORD AND SON m SCARECROW AND YOUAOAD F AOAZ A tour ot ohocoll lctory n &*- lrtnd: Lind dry ("0* l"). LFESTYLE! OF THE RCH 4FAH0US/tl WorWl KtV Hw SpcUl Eitrmotui UKSTYLCS OF TOE RK AND FAOUS: TW WORLD'S BEST VlHt to the world' bt hotslt. resturnt nd rorts with poerencee by Chr, Jon ColHnt. John Forythe, orgn Flrchlld. John cenro». Donn ills. Pul wnn. Rogr oon, Brook* SniW nd Lomt 8wN. OVK ***H "Pow Tlk" (9. Conwdy) Rock Hudson. Doris Dsy OVK **li "Ey 0 Lur r" (078, yelry) Fy* Dunwey, Tommy L Jons USA WRESTLNG TC OVE * * * "Around Th* World n 80 Dy" (066, Advntur) Dvid Nlvn, Shniy c- Lln. SHOW RON HOOD Whn King John blisvsi tht Robin Hood's llhr. h* Erl ol Huntingdon, hs piottd to put him undr witch's spn, h ordr th rl' kitlon. AATEUR BOXO Qon Qkw mrhnl from Th* Felt Forum t dison Squts Qrdn. rtsosd 3/7) f^' ~9 V % ' ti > s». \ jf SPWJ BOS O NBA VUWTBAU. Boten Cttte i DsKss v*rk*s(l»e) dr* dmire thsr lthsrs louknoutlwd kld. k> *terso. USA AUTO RAOQ NAS- CAR Lt odl 60 OV* * **"Stte Ol The Ukw" (948, Coewdy) Spencer Trcy, Kthrine TH HE SrWCH TRACY S^fr ^ LEOACY: A Trtl by THE STBCSJ TRACY LEGACY: A TRBUTE BY KATHE HEPN Kthrin* Hepburn hot this tribut to Spenoer Trcy nmnlng th* cter's crr. EUubeth Tylor, Bun Rynoe. ickey Roony. L rvin snd Angls Lsnsbury srs mong th* r r*m*m> bring Trcy, 9:00 KATE t ALLS All,.. iob-mnisd d w up n nwpnonl ctlon of t S5 W *DRE QRAY Judg* Hnd prsm th cdmy to rsvl ths dstlls of his son's dssth: Sllgnt. chrgd wnh th murdr. trsvsis with Elizbeth to ANBSALS TAXJ CAR8OH-8 COEDY CLASSCS BARNEY ELER ffl NATONAL GEOGRAPH- C EXPLORER F.stursd th mking of wfldtte documntsry. rchivl lootg* ol Theodore RoovN' trip o th* Amsion bsin: th mking ol Tbsco on Louisin's Avry slnd Tom ChspW hosts.. BENNY HLL USA ALFRED HTTCHCOCK HOUR TC OVK * * * "Th* Four Son" (««t. Comdy) Aln Aids, Crol Bur tt SQ UNTOUCHABLES Nw Ortos to cl.s, hl SO REWOTON 8TEELE An nm nd <H)ur* out who l ttt* reel mrd*r*r Strs Lloyd Bridgs. Alc Bldwin nd Hl HoVook. (Prt 2 of 2>Q t Two, " fjtehere, Drm) \ Fsrrsh Fwct, CoU**n Oewhurst. OVK ***» "Som Like it Ht" (S, Conwdy) Tony Crtl. Jck Lmmon SHOW OVE ***H "Th KWng Fle" (984.. Drm) Sm Wlrton. Hslng S. OOT. 4 0 NEWHART Dick's upt whn book h wrot uhd*r n smd m is rtct- *d by his pubhstwr Q ftos CAONVt LAOEV w ithesat Hi uto ccldnt my sd to Steeie'e rrt on suspicion of murdr. (R) B BEST OF CARSON From Jnury B slngr Lmd Ronstsdt nd *«rt*m*r Joy Bishop loin host John nv Crson n str*o (R) DYNASTY J ABC NEWS OHTUNE BZARRE Skslchss y - - looking: ssnlor citlisn shopwtsrs: door-to-door pychitrlt. S HONEYOONERS OVK **"Th dol" (9ee. Drm) Jnnlfr Jons. lchl Prks COLUBO SHOW OVK ** H "os cow On Th* Hudson " (984, Conwdy) Robin Willims. ri ConchH Alon- ONDAY 7:00 O O o o oo ^# t ESPN HBO USA TC SHOW SQ CBS Newt NBC Newt Compny ABC ews Pyrmid Jefiersons ovt. Snlord.T oore 'A'S'H SpoGtr. ovie Anirnt ovie Cont'd "Secrets" Cont'd Wrestling PRE TE 7:30 8:00 8:30 Fortune Nee4y*jedt 'A'S'H EntTorg Chnce nd. News cnek / Lehrer WKRP Srrtord Benson Bsketbl Frggle Rdio 990 2:00 so HEAOLBK CHASERS HAWAFTVE-0 _8TARTREK USAEDOEOFNHr SO HARNESS RACO FRO THE EADOW 2B LATCQHT WTH DA VB LETTERAN Schd uld: comedin Robrt Klein; lo. stupid pt tricks n stro COEDY TONGHT Qussts: Crusher Comic. Eric Komd. Louis DuArt. Susn Jrmy. (R) BARBOUR REPORT (Prmlr) USA THAT OWL *«o OVK * "Lg" (963. Drm) Owen vs. j V'-ili'* JV i W \ - \ w-- r Screcrow And rs. King You Agin Peo. Hrdest* Newt Vl 9:00 KttiAJt Dress Gry ovie: "urder By The Brret" FmtyFtud 9:30 Newhtn H^_i.. "D**^n Tevt Wtlrnni' HOVVV. DWWJtWl WD TTUPcll ovie: "Some Uke t Hot". LHestytes Ot Th Hen And Fmous: The World's Best ovtk-powtk" The Spencer Trcy Legcy NBA Bsketbll: Boston Celtics t DsHs vericks ovie. "Eyes Ot Lur rs" Cotge Bttttt Arteon Stte t Texs ovie: "The flmingo Kid" Wresting ovie: "Around The World n 80 Dys" RoblnHood Amteur ftdn don, John Herd. 2:SO«Y8TERY "Adv*ntur* of Shrtock Hotow : Th* Red-Heded Legue" Arts. newering chritble or ntitlon' d. Jbu Wii son is suspicious wtwn h* l promld s lrg wn ol money lor copying n encyclopedi, g :00 REAL ESTATE SE- CRETS OVK **H "Dnvr And The Rio Qrnd" > - (2. Wetwn) Edmond O'Bneil, Strling Hyosn ' Q JOE FRANKL COEDY BREAK ffi OVK ** "Strnge Ldy n Town" (966. Wi- rtl) Qrs*r Oron. Dn Andrew*. «A HOLLYWOOD essoer j '4? Jumble ovie: "TheKimgFields" TC OVJ * "He* And Dul" (i»b3, Drm Juli Christie. Orte Scc C. LOVELUCY OVE **«"Com*r*d" (5. Advw tors) Dick Pow.u, Wlts USA SECOND CASH FLC EXPO S* SHOW OVE * "W*rrk> Ol The Lost World" (tees Adventure) Robert Qy Persi Khrbtt. OBJ CBS NEWE NKTWATCH Unecrmble these lour jume, on* letter to ech squre, to lorn tour ordinry worfl KERA V, OSPOT n GNBUL Ti i) TPPEC u u Yesterdy's 0:00 CgneytLcei * nd. New. The Sint News Kids n Crisis Auto Rcing 0:30 Newt ovie Animls Txi town Kid" (H7S. Aduenlur*) Shirly Yu. AKundw FuSnsng Si OVE *** "About Fee*" (B. usicl) Gordon ecftee. Eddie Brck SOU) OOLD Sched- : uuxt i** Cmpbell (co hoel). Robsn Tsppw. ABC. Shell* E, Bltnor. lley. Jper ey. L 00. Rlchi* (WVHW) n st*r*o ; fcsofl SEN CASEY DEUWARE VALLEY FORU USA JONAK AKER ' 3 008) OVK *** Chws' For ies Bishop" (94. Drms) rth Scott. Willim Qrgn OVE** "The Chin 3:0 SHOW OVE «! ) THAT BCWA8 ffl WORDOAE s by Henri Arnold nd Bob L WHAT THB LY WHO OWN6P THB 9WKXTER Now rrnge th circled letters 0 form the surprise nswer, uggeeted by th bovs crtoon VERY r irrm (Answers ondy) Jumbles BLOAT EXULT ABOUND SALOR Answer Wht good pir of hndmde should be BUtlT T0"LA8T" PASS E THE SUNTAN LOTON This group of turtles crowtiing Orlens seem to be enjoying the sun. Both the turtles nd visitors to onto log in the swmp exhibit t the Audubon Prk Zoo in New the zoo enjoyed the plesnt spring wether lst week in New Orlens Your Horoscope Bridge Advice By Stell. Wilder ONDAY, ARCH 0 Born tody, you re highly curious individul There is nothing bout the world or Us inhbitnts tht you do not wish to know more bout, nd will no doubt pursue such knowledge throughout your lifetime. You re n excellent converstionlist, there is very little bout which you cnnot tlk with genuine - or feigned - uthority, nd you hve n cute bility to persude nyone of nything You must lke cre tht you do not spend your whole life rguing both ides of ny given issue Tke stnd' You hve been endowed with gret mny tlents, though your verstility my, ultimtely, prove, your very wont drwbck, for the tendency my be to drift bout, exploring this ol- tht, without ever relly sinking y6ur teeth into ny one thing Ate* born on thle dte Je»- uto *. Amextc* po* trry pkbjevo, owr. To e wht is in or for you tomorrow, find your birthdy nd red the corresponding prgrph Let your birthdy str be your dily guide TUOAV, ARCH tics, brgining, ply Urge pct in tody's delings - but be sure yo«do not compromise your idels GEN (y tl-jie ) - Tke the time to enjoy the little things tody. Do not let your crving for ccomplishment become ll-con*umin«cancer (JB ti-jiy n> - Tt> dy my prove to be mjor turning point s fr s creer, dediction re concerned. Think things out. LEO (July 3- Aeg U) - Romntic developments keep you on your toes tody! Do not, however, let them knock you off blnce. VRGO (Aug. Zl-Stt. t) - Use cre when deling with older fmily members tody. Be willing to ccept n unfmilir point of view. LBRA (Sept. U-Oet tt) - Evening hrtnp tbt solution to mystery presented during morming hours You my hve further questions, however SCORPO (Oct. U-Nv. tl) -Stick to your (Bo tody; do not let scre tctic*- get the better of you. You hve much t stke SAGTTARUS (New. ix-dec. ) -- Time spent lone should prove unusully vluble tody. Quiet medittion revels tret mny choices FBCBS (Ft*. lsreh U) - Do "J^^JSf *J^J»> ^ e^wrtu-e^enuorteterdydtcuu DDnoUet ^Prtdett thebu-^o AJUES (rch tl-aprih)-you AQtAJUUS (J. H-F*. ) - Fi suddoly find yourttu with more ^ ^ mies re bwdnt tody orltv - nd responsibility - thn Do not let the initil shock lettn your L.-J * - * fnt " -!.. _ ikii ' * "Are we wht we re, or re we wht people think we re?" my friend Burt Hrks sked s he shoved tody'' bnd under my nose. Ett ruffed the first club nd returned the queen of dimonds to the ce. Declrer promptly led the ce of trumps, nd rk* dropped the jck. Declrer noted tht the queen nd nine were still out "f you hd the queen-jck, you'd drop the queen," South told rks. "After ll, you're lwyer." ASON ABLXr LAN South therefore plnned to ruff dimond in dummy nd return trump to finee with the ten, plying Bt for both misting trumps. But Hrks ruffed declrer's tg of dimonds, defeting the " hd to drop the Jck becuse 'm bridge plyer, not becue 'm lwyer.'urktoldme.'flpuy my low trump, only the queen-jck re etui out, nd South' only chnce for the lm i to led the "He ment it compliment," ssured my end. "Who but s lwyer would be clever enough to find the right ply?" DALY QUESTON You hold. Q8 5<?085 2OQJ»85J*None. Prtner opens with ens hert, nd the nest plyer doubles. Wht do you sy? ANSWER: Bid four herts. You, b»ve only five points in high crds, hut the void suit should be worth nother five points. f prtner hs firly decent hert suit of five or more crds, he doesn't need much else to bring in nine or ten tricks. f he cn't mke contrct of hi own, your shutout bid my top the opponents from finding their best South deler Both ides vulnerble J9 9J QJ9852 NOBTB 763 9KQ O03 A07643 AK042 9AS3 OAK64 Q OQJ9852 None Ssjt Wst Ntt lst le> Pts 24 Pts 30 Pw 4» Pst 5* Dbi Pst Pss 59 Pss 6e) Dbi All Pte Opening led-*q A reckt Oe te tutj wthte y Attel Sslew f vtl- leldlg stsev elf-jlkhtl *k lft lilf W tlfcslli fjb^^bsw*bj ^VH W VV^^PVS^SJ tp OBwl* weu e kt, l cn el tit nitttil. fjo. ts, L sli,cal 47 Tkwl *n*n strt SS Ckf 0 ThToV- NWWl Too 'li 3 Dsl 4S*7b 6 Pl hck SEntto 0 Ope nkwk TVrst t Aefce UDr H "Ci nl Lcey"*w» U H H TeKpfd. tl "-Cmer" ZT Hey dwr ZSBrry Eseepeem S Wrsr* TV l ttkl S Tope 40 nnnn r>it,inn«n unit; nnnn j n n r ui inn nnnnn r* unnn tii'i iiiif.-ii nun Hniinn rtinnm unnni.i HU Hree Ulllllt, r.intin nnnnn w\u\^ vsm swoen ejt $S"Ue«-lo


ROB EBY Blinn College Mathematics Department

ROB EBY Blinn College Mathematics Department ROB EBY Blinn College Mthemtics Deprtment Mthemtics Deprtment 5.1, 5.2 Are, Definite Integrls MATH 2413 Rob Eby-Fll 26 Weknowthtwhengiventhedistncefunction, wecnfindthevelocitytnypointbyfindingthederivtiveorinstntneous

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11.1 Exponential Functions

11.1 Exponential Functions . Eponentil Functions In this chpter we wnt to look t specific type of function tht hs mny very useful pplictions, the eponentil function. Definition: Eponentil Function An eponentil function is function

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Minnesota State University, Mankato 44 th Annual High School Mathematics Contest April 12, 2017

Minnesota State University, Mankato 44 th Annual High School Mathematics Contest April 12, 2017 Minnesot Stte University, Mnkto 44 th Annul High School Mthemtics Contest April, 07. A 5 ft. ldder is plced ginst verticl wll of uilding. The foot of the ldder rests on the floor nd is 7 ft. from the wll.

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Section 7.2 Velocity. Solution

Section 7.2 Velocity. Solution Section 7.2 Velocity In the previous chpter, we showed tht velocity is vector becuse it hd both mgnitude (speed) nd direction. In this section, we will demonstrte how two velocities cn be combined to determine

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fractions Let s Learn to

fractions Let s Learn to 5 simple lgebric frctions corne lens pupil retin Norml vision light focused on the retin concve lens Shortsightedness (myopi) light focused in front of the retin Corrected myopi light focused on the retin

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Arithmetic & Algebra. NCTM National Conference, 2017

Arithmetic & Algebra. NCTM National Conference, 2017 NCTM Ntionl Conference, 2017 Arithmetic & Algebr Hether Dlls, UCLA Mthemtics & The Curtis Center Roger Howe, Yle Mthemtics & Texs A & M School of Eduction Relted Common Core Stndrds First instnce of vrible

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Intermediate Math Circles Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Finite Automata II. Nickolas Rollick a b b. a b 4

Intermediate Math Circles Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Finite Automata II. Nickolas Rollick a b b. a b 4 Intermedite Mth Circles Wednesdy, Novemer 14, 2018 Finite Automt II Nickols Rollick nrollick@uwterloo.c Regulr Lnguges Lst time, we were introduced to the ide of DFA (deterministic finite utomton), one

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Turing Machines Part One

Turing Machines Part One Turing Mchines Prt One Hello Hello Condensed Condensed Slide Slide Reders! Reders! Tody s Tody s lecture lecture consists consists lmost lmost exclusively exclusively of of nimtions nimtions of of Turing

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5-A5 Using Systems of Equations to Solve Word Problems Alg 1H

5-A5 Using Systems of Equations to Solve Word Problems Alg 1H 5-A5 Using Systems of Equtions to Solve Word Problems Alg 1H system of equtions, solve the system using either substitution or liner combintions; then nswer the problem. Remember word problems need word

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For the percentage of full time students at RCC the symbols would be:

For the percentage of full time students at RCC the symbols would be: Mth 17/171 Chpter 7- ypothesis Testing with One Smple This chpter is s simple s the previous one, except it is more interesting In this chpter we will test clims concerning the sme prmeters tht we worked

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Picture Match Words. Stopping distance

Picture Match Words. Stopping distance Tuesdy: Picture Mtch + Spelling Pyrmid Homework [the hndout for it is two pges down] Mterils: 1 bord + 1 set of words per 2 students (totl: 12 of ech) Routine: () once the Pictionry is completed; pirs

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Properties of Integrals, Indefinite Integrals. Goals: Definition of the Definite Integral Integral Calculations using Antiderivatives

Properties of Integrals, Indefinite Integrals. Goals: Definition of the Definite Integral Integral Calculations using Antiderivatives Block #6: Properties of Integrls, Indefinite Integrls Gols: Definition of the Definite Integrl Integrl Clcultions using Antiderivtives Properties of Integrls The Indefinite Integrl 1 Riemnn Sums - 1 Riemnn

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Math 8 Winter 2015 Applications of Integration

Math 8 Winter 2015 Applications of Integration Mth 8 Winter 205 Applictions of Integrtion Here re few importnt pplictions of integrtion. The pplictions you my see on n exm in this course include only the Net Chnge Theorem (which is relly just the Fundmentl

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CS103B Handout 18 Winter 2007 February 28, 2007 Finite Automata

CS103B Handout 18 Winter 2007 February 28, 2007 Finite Automata CS103B ndout 18 Winter 2007 Ferury 28, 2007 Finite Automt Initil text y Mggie Johnson. Introduction Severl childrens gmes fit the following description: Pieces re set up on plying ord; dice re thrown or

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Interpreting Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem

Interpreting Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem Interpreting Integrls nd the Fundmentl Theorem Tody, we go further in interpreting the mening of the definite integrl. Using Units to Aid Interprettion We lredy know tht if f(t) is the rte of chnge of

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4.4 Areas, Integrals and Antiderivatives

4.4 Areas, Integrals and Antiderivatives . res, integrls nd ntiderivtives 333. Ares, Integrls nd Antiderivtives This section explores properties of functions defined s res nd exmines some connections mong res, integrls nd ntiderivtives. In order

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Duality # Second iteration for HW problem. Recall our LP example problem we have been working on, in equality form, is given below.

Duality # Second iteration for HW problem. Recall our LP example problem we have been working on, in equality form, is given below. Dulity #. Second itertion for HW problem Recll our LP emple problem we hve been working on, in equlity form, is given below.,,,, 8 m F which, when written in slightly different form, is 8 F Recll tht we

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12.1 Introduction to Rational Expressions

12.1 Introduction to Rational Expressions . Introduction to Rtionl Epressions A rtionl epression is rtio of polynomils; tht is, frction tht hs polynomil s numertor nd/or denomintor. Smple rtionl epressions: 0 EVALUATING RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS To

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Sample pages. 9:04 Equations with grouping symbols

Sample pages. 9:04 Equations with grouping symbols Equtions 9 Contents I know the nswer is here somewhere! 9:01 Inverse opertions 9:0 Solving equtions Fun spot 9:0 Why did the tooth get dressed up? 9:0 Equtions with pronumerls on both sides GeoGebr ctivity

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Problem Set 9. Figure 1: Diagram. This picture is a rough sketch of the 4 parabolas that give us the area that we need to find. The equations are:

Problem Set 9. Figure 1: Diagram. This picture is a rough sketch of the 4 parabolas that give us the area that we need to find. The equations are: (x + y ) = y + (x + y ) = x + Problem Set 9 Discussion: Nov., Nov. 8, Nov. (on probbility nd binomil coefficients) The nme fter the problem is the designted writer of the solution of tht problem. (No one

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A-01 Basic operations

A-01 Basic operations Appendix Clcult skills Bsic keys Key Use Key Use +,,, Bsic opertions ( ) + / Enters negtive numbers Equls sign, gives the = nswer b c Enters frctions. Deciml point ( ) Enters prentheses DEL Deletes previous

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Section 6: Area, Volume, and Average Value

Section 6: Area, Volume, and Average Value Chpter The Integrl Applied Clculus Section 6: Are, Volume, nd Averge Vlue Are We hve lredy used integrls to find the re etween the grph of function nd the horizontl xis. Integrls cn lso e used to find

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Algebra Readiness PLACEMENT 1 Fraction Basics 2 Percent Basics 3. Algebra Basics 9. CRS Algebra 1

Algebra Readiness PLACEMENT 1 Fraction Basics 2 Percent Basics 3. Algebra Basics 9. CRS Algebra 1 Algebr Rediness PLACEMENT Frction Bsics Percent Bsics Algebr Bsics CRS Algebr CRS - Algebr Comprehensive Pre-Post Assessment CRS - Algebr Comprehensive Midterm Assessment Algebr Bsics CRS - Algebr Quik-Piks

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Chapter 0. What is the Lebesgue integral about?

Chapter 0. What is the Lebesgue integral about? Chpter 0. Wht is the Lebesgue integrl bout? The pln is to hve tutoril sheet ech week, most often on Fridy, (to be done during the clss) where you will try to get used to the ides introduced in the previous

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7.1 Integral as Net Change and 7.2 Areas in the Plane Calculus

7.1 Integral as Net Change and 7.2 Areas in the Plane Calculus 7.1 Integrl s Net Chnge nd 7. Ares in the Plne Clculus 7.1 INTEGRAL AS NET CHANGE Notecrds from 7.1: Displcement vs Totl Distnce, Integrl s Net Chnge We hve lredy seen how the position of n oject cn e

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Solution for Assignment 1 : Intro to Probability and Statistics, PAC learning

Solution for Assignment 1 : Intro to Probability and Statistics, PAC learning Solution for Assignment 1 : Intro to Probbility nd Sttistics, PAC lerning 10-701/15-781: Mchine Lerning (Fll 004) Due: Sept. 30th 004, Thursdy, Strt of clss Question 1. Bsic Probbility ( 18 pts) 1.1 (

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How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique?

How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique? XII. LINEAR ALGEBRA: SOLVING SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS Tody we re going to tlk bout solving systems of liner equtions. These re problems tht give couple of equtions with couple of unknowns, like: 6 2 3 7 4

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Operations with Polynomials

Operations with Polynomials 38 Chpter P Prerequisites P.4 Opertions with Polynomils Wht you should lern: How to identify the leding coefficients nd degrees of polynomils How to dd nd subtrct polynomils How to multiply polynomils

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GRADE 4. Division WORKSHEETS GRADE Division WORKSHEETS Division division is shring nd grouping Division cn men shring or grouping. There re cndies shred mong kids. How mny re in ech shre? = 3 There re 6 pples nd go into ech bsket.

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Student Book SERIES. Time. 10:15 am. Name

Student Book SERIES. Time. 10:15 am. Name D Student Book :5 m Nme Series D Contents Topic Telling time (pp. ) o clock nd hlf pst qurter to nd qurter pst five minute intervls pst the hour five minute intervls to the hour digitl coded clocks pply

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MATH STUDENT BOOK. 10th Grade Unit 5


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1 Online Learning and Regret Minimization

1 Online Learning and Regret Minimization 2.997 Decision-Mking in Lrge-Scle Systems My 10 MIT, Spring 2004 Hndout #29 Lecture Note 24 1 Online Lerning nd Regret Minimiztion In this lecture, we consider the problem of sequentil decision mking in

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Chapters 4 & 5 Integrals & Applications

Chapters 4 & 5 Integrals & Applications Contents Chpters 4 & 5 Integrls & Applictions Motivtion to Chpters 4 & 5 2 Chpter 4 3 Ares nd Distnces 3. VIDEO - Ares Under Functions............................................ 3.2 VIDEO - Applictions

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Equations and Inequalities

Equations and Inequalities Equtions nd Inequlities Equtions nd Inequlities Curriculum Redy ACMNA: 4, 5, 6, 7, 40 Equtions EQUATIONS & Inequlities & INEQUALITIES Sometimes just writing vribles or pronumerls in

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DA 3: The Mean Value Theorem

DA 3: The Mean Value Theorem Differentition pplictions 3: The Men Vlue Theorem 169 D 3: The Men Vlue Theorem Model 1: Pennslvni Turnpike You re trveling est on the Pennslvni Turnpike You note the time s ou pss the Lenon/Lncster Eit

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CS667 Lecture 6: Monte Carlo Integration 02/10/05

CS667 Lecture 6: Monte Carlo Integration 02/10/05 CS667 Lecture 6: Monte Crlo Integrtion 02/10/05 Venkt Krishnrj Lecturer: Steve Mrschner 1 Ide The min ide of Monte Crlo Integrtion is tht we cn estimte the vlue of n integrl by looking t lrge number of

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Name Ima Sample ASU ID

Name Ima Sample ASU ID Nme Im Smple ASU ID 2468024680 CSE 355 Test 1, Fll 2016 30 Septemer 2016, 8:35-9:25.m., LSA 191 Regrding of Midterms If you elieve tht your grde hs not een dded up correctly, return the entire pper to

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Review Factoring Polynomials:

Review Factoring Polynomials: Chpter 4 Mth 0 Review Fctoring Polynomils:. GCF e. A) 5 5 A) 4 + 9. Difference of Squres b = ( + b)( b) e. A) 9 6 B) C) 98y. Trinomils e. A) + 5 4 B) + C) + 5 + Solving Polynomils:. A) ( 5)( ) = 0 B) 4

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Worksheets are in PDF format, so students can easily print out and work on them right away.

Worksheets are in PDF format, so students can easily print out and work on them right away. This worksheet hs been creted for teengers ged 10 to 17 yers old with CEFR level rnging from A1 to B1. The exercises were creted by the EF English First cdemic tem to help students prctice their English.

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Lecture 3: Equivalence Relations

Lecture 3: Equivalence Relations Mthcmp Crsh Course Instructor: Pdric Brtlett Lecture 3: Equivlence Reltions Week 1 Mthcmp 2014 In our lst three tlks of this clss, we shift the focus of our tlks from proof techniques to proof concepts

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3 x x 3x x. 3x x x 6 x 3. PAKTURK 8 th National Interschool Maths Olympiad, h h

3 x x 3x x. 3x x x 6 x 3. PAKTURK 8 th National Interschool Maths Olympiad, h h PAKTURK 8 th Ntionl Interschool Mths Olmpid,.9. Q: Evlute 6.9. 6 6 6... 8 8...... Q: Evlute bc bc. b. c bc.9.9b.9.9bc Q: Find the vlue of h in the eqution h 7 9 7.. bc. bc bc. b. c bc bc bc bc......9 h

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PHYSICS 211 MIDTERM I 21 April 2004

PHYSICS 211 MIDTERM I 21 April 2004 PHYSICS MIDERM I April 004 Exm is closed book, closed notes. Use only your formul sheet. Write ll work nd nswers in exm booklets. he bcks of pges will not be grded unless you so request on the front of

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Vyacheslav Telnin. Search for New Numbers.

Vyacheslav Telnin. Search for New Numbers. Vycheslv Telnin Serch for New Numbers. 1 CHAPTER I 2 I.1 Introduction. In 1984, in the first issue for tht yer of the Science nd Life mgzine, I red the rticle "Non-Stndrd Anlysis" by V. Uspensky, in which

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Physics 9 Fall 2011 Homework 2 - Solutions Friday September 2, 2011

Physics 9 Fall 2011 Homework 2 - Solutions Friday September 2, 2011 Physics 9 Fll 0 Homework - s Fridy September, 0 Mke sure your nme is on your homework, nd plese box your finl nswer. Becuse we will be giving prtil credit, be sure to ttempt ll the problems, even if you

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1 Probability Density Functions

1 Probability Density Functions Lis Yn CS 9 Continuous Distributions Lecture Notes #9 July 6, 28 Bsed on chpter by Chris Piech So fr, ll rndom vribles we hve seen hve been discrete. In ll the cses we hve seen in CS 9, this ment tht our

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Answers to the Conceptual Questions

Answers to the Conceptual Questions Chpter 3 Explining Motion 41 Physics on Your Own If the clss is not too lrge, tke them into freight elevtor to perform this exercise. This simple exercise is importnt if you re going to cover inertil forces

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Acceptance Sampling by Attributes

Acceptance Sampling by Attributes Introduction Acceptnce Smpling by Attributes Acceptnce smpling is concerned with inspection nd decision mking regrding products. Three spects of smpling re importnt: o Involves rndom smpling of n entire

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Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Saylor 111

Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Saylor 111 Frction versus rtionl number. Wht s the difference? It s not n esy question. In fct, the difference is somewht like the difference between set of words on one hnd nd sentence on the other. A symbol is

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Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry Midterm Review Packet

Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry Midterm Review Packet Nme Dte Advnced Alger & Trigonometry Midterm Review Pcket The Advnced Alger & Trigonometry midterm em will test your generl knowledge of the mteril we hve covered since the eginning of the school yer.

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5 Accumulated Change: The Definite Integral

5 Accumulated Change: The Definite Integral 5 Accumulted Chnge: The Definite Integrl 5.1 Distnce nd Accumulted Chnge * How To Mesure Distnce Trveled nd Visulize Distnce on the Velocity Grph Distnce = Velocity Time Exmple 1 Suppose tht you trvel

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MA 15910, Lessons 2a and 2b Introduction to Functions Algebra: Sections 3.5 and 7.4 Calculus: Sections 1.2 and 2.1

MA 15910, Lessons 2a and 2b Introduction to Functions Algebra: Sections 3.5 and 7.4 Calculus: Sections 1.2 and 2.1 MA 15910, Lessons nd Introduction to Functions Alger: Sections 3.5 nd 7.4 Clculus: Sections 1. nd.1 Representing n Intervl Set of Numers Inequlity Symol Numer Line Grph Intervl Nottion ) (, ) ( (, ) ]

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Math Calculus with Analytic Geometry II

Math Calculus with Analytic Geometry II orem of definite Mth 5.0 with Anlytic Geometry II Jnury 4, 0 orem of definite If < b then b f (x) dx = ( under f bove x-xis) ( bove f under x-xis) Exmple 8 0 3 9 x dx = π 3 4 = 9π 4 orem of definite Problem

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CS 188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fall 2018 Note 7

CS 188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fall 2018 Note 7 CS 188 Introduction to Artificil Intelligence Fll 2018 Note 7 These lecture notes re hevily bsed on notes originlly written by Nikhil Shrm. Decision Networks In the third note, we lerned bout gme trees

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Administrivia CSE 190: Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction

Administrivia CSE 190: Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction Administrivi CSE 190: Reinforcement Lerning: An Introduction Any emil sent to me bout the course should hve CSE 190 in the subject line! Chpter 4: Dynmic Progrmming Acknowledgment: A good number of these

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Distance And Velocity

Distance And Velocity Unit #8 - The Integrl Some problems nd solutions selected or dpted from Hughes-Hllett Clculus. Distnce And Velocity. The grph below shows the velocity, v, of n object (in meters/sec). Estimte the totl

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Designing Information Devices and Systems I Spring 2018 Homework 7

Designing Information Devices and Systems I Spring 2018 Homework 7 EECS 16A Designing Informtion Devices nd Systems I Spring 2018 omework 7 This homework is due Mrch 12, 2018, t 23:59. Self-grdes re due Mrch 15, 2018, t 23:59. Sumission Formt Your homework sumission should

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AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 1999 Free-Response Questions

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 1999 Free-Response Questions AP Physics C: Electricity & Mgnetism 1999 Free-esponse Questions The mterils included in these files re intended for non-commercil use by AP techers for course nd exm preprtion; permission for ny other

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Reinforcement learning II

Reinforcement learning II CS 1675 Introduction to Mchine Lerning Lecture 26 Reinforcement lerning II Milos Huskrecht 5329 Sennott Squre Reinforcement lerning Bsics: Input x Lerner Output Reinforcement r Critic

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What else can you do?

What else can you do? Wht else cn you do? ngle sums The size of specil ngle types lernt erlier cn e used to find unknown ngles. tht form stright line dd to 180c. lculte the size of + M, if L is stright line M + L = 180c( stright

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Recitation 3: More Applications of the Derivative

Recitation 3: More Applications of the Derivative Mth 1c TA: Pdric Brtlett Recittion 3: More Applictions of the Derivtive Week 3 Cltech 2012 1 Rndom Question Question 1 A grph consists of the following: A set V of vertices. A set E of edges where ech

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Name Solutions to Test 3 November 8, 2017

Name Solutions to Test 3 November 8, 2017 Nme Solutions to Test 3 November 8, 07 This test consists of three prts. Plese note tht in prts II nd III, you cn skip one question of those offered. Some possibly useful formuls cn be found below. Brrier

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Tests for the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates

Tests for the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates Chpter 437 Tests for the Rtio of Two Poisson Rtes Introduction The Poisson probbility lw gives the probbility distribution of the number of events occurring in specified intervl of time or spce. The Poisson

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This chapter will show you. What you should already know. 1 Write down the value of each of the following. a 5 2

This chapter will show you. What you should already know. 1 Write down the value of each of the following. a 5 2 1 Direct vrition 2 Inverse vrition This chpter will show you how to solve prolems where two vriles re connected y reltionship tht vries in direct or inverse proportion Direct proportion Inverse proportion

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Section 5.1 #7, 10, 16, 21, 25; Section 5.2 #8, 9, 15, 20, 27, 30; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 13, 16, 28, 31; Section 5.4 #7, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29, 40

Section 5.1 #7, 10, 16, 21, 25; Section 5.2 #8, 9, 15, 20, 27, 30; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 13, 16, 28, 31; Section 5.4 #7, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29, 40 Mth B Prof. Audrey Terrs HW # Solutions by Alex Eustis Due Tuesdy, Oct. 9 Section 5. #7,, 6,, 5; Section 5. #8, 9, 5,, 7, 3; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 3, 6, 8, 3; Section 5.4 #7, 8,, 3, 5, 9, 4 5..7 Since

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Physics 1402: Lecture 7 Today s Agenda

Physics 1402: Lecture 7 Today s Agenda 1 Physics 1402: Lecture 7 Tody s gend nnouncements: Lectures posted on: HW ssignments, solutions etc. Homework #2: On Msterphysics tody: due Fridy Go to Ls:

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HQPD - ALGEBRA I TEST Record your answers on the answer sheet.

HQPD - ALGEBRA I TEST Record your answers on the answer sheet. HQPD - ALGEBRA I TEST Record your nswers on the nswer sheet. Choose the best nswer for ech. 1. If 7(2d ) = 5, then 14d 21 = 5 is justified by which property? A. ssocitive property B. commuttive property

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Chapter 9 Definite Integrals

Chapter 9 Definite Integrals Chpter 9 Definite Integrls In the previous chpter we found how to tke n ntiderivtive nd investigted the indefinite integrl. In this chpter the connection etween ntiderivtives nd definite integrls is estlished

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How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique?

How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique? XII. LINEAR ALGEBRA: SOLVING SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS Tody we re going to tlk out solving systems of liner equtions. These re prolems tht give couple of equtions with couple of unknowns, like: 6= x + x 7=

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MATH 115 FINAL EXAM. April 25, 2005

MATH 115 FINAL EXAM. April 25, 2005 MATH 115 FINAL EXAM April 25, 2005 NAME: Solution Key INSTRUCTOR: SECTION NO: 1. Do not open this exm until you re told to begin. 2. This exm hs 9 pges including this cover. There re 9 questions. 3. Do

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p(t) dt + i 1 re it ireit dt =

p(t) dt + i 1 re it ireit dt = Note: This mteril is contined in Kreyszig, Chpter 13. Complex integrtion We will define integrls of complex functions long curves in C. (This is bit similr to [relvlued] line integrls P dx + Q dy in R2.)

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Std. XI Commerce Mathematics & Statistics - II

Std. XI Commerce Mathematics & Statistics - II Written s per the revised syllbus prescribed by the Mhrshtr Stte Bord of Secondry nd Higher Secondry Eduction, Pune. Std. XI Commerce Mthemtics & Sttistics - II Slient Fetures Exhustive coverge of entire

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SUMMER KNOWHOW STUDY AND LEARNING CENTRE SUMMER KNOWHOW STUDY AND LEARNING CENTRE Indices & Logrithms 2 Contents Indices.2 Frctionl Indices.4 Logrithms 6 Exponentil equtions. Simplifying Surds 13 Opertions on Surds..16 Scientific Nottion..18

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and that at t = 0 the object is at position 5. Find the position of the object at t = 2.

and that at t = 0 the object is at position 5. Find the position of the object at t = 2. 7.2 The Fundmentl Theorem of Clculus 49 re mny, mny problems tht pper much different on the surfce but tht turn out to be the sme s these problems, in the sense tht when we try to pproimte solutions we

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19 Optimal behavior: Game theory

19 Optimal behavior: Game theory Intro. to Artificil Intelligence: Dle Schuurmns, Relu Ptrscu 1 19 Optiml behvior: Gme theory Adversril stte dynmics hve to ccount for worst cse Compute policy π : S A tht mximizes minimum rewrd Let S (,

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Lecture 1: Introduction to integration theory and bounded variation

Lecture 1: Introduction to integration theory and bounded variation Lecture 1: Introduction to integrtion theory nd bounded vrition Wht is this course bout? Integrtion theory. The first question you might hve is why there is nything you need to lern bout integrtion. You

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Pre-AP Geometry Worksheet 5.2: Similar Right Triangles

Pre-AP Geometry Worksheet 5.2: Similar Right Triangles ! re-a Geometr Worksheet 5.2: Similr Right Tringles Nme: te: eriod: Solve. Show ll work. Leve nswers s simplified rdicls on #1-5. For #6, round to the nerer tenth. 12!! 6! 1) =! 8! 6! 2) = 18! 8! w!+!9!

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Ph2b Quiz - 1. Instructions

Ph2b Quiz - 1. Instructions Ph2b Winter 217-18 Quiz - 1 Due Dte: Mondy, Jn 29, 218 t 4pm Ph2b Quiz - 1 Instructions 1. Your solutions re due by Mondy, Jnury 29th, 218 t 4pm in the quiz box outside 21 E. Bridge. 2. Lte quizzes will

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( ) 1. Algebra 2: Final Exam Review. y e + e e ) 4 x 10 = 10,000 = 9) Name

( ) 1. Algebra 2: Final Exam Review. y e + e e ) 4 x 10 = 10,000 = 9) Name Algebr : Finl Exm Review Nme Chpter 6 Grph ech function. Determine if the function represents exponentil growth or decy. Determine the eqution of the symptote, the domin nd the rnge of the function. )

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Ch AP Problems

Ch AP Problems Ch. 7.-7. AP Prolems. Willy nd his friends decided to rce ech other one fternoon. Willy volunteered to rce first. His position is descried y the function f(t). Joe, his friend from school, rced ginst him,

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Mathematics. Guide

Mathematics. Guide 568536 - Mthemtics Guide - Contents Question Item Objective Type Skill 00 ALG.0.04 Multiple-choice nswer Applictions 046 ALG.0.04 Multiple-choice nswer Concepts 3 050 ALG.0.03 Multiple-choice nswer Concepts

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SAINT IGNATIUS COLLEGE SAINT IGNATIUS COLLEGE Directions to Students Tril Higher School Certificte 0 MATHEMATICS Reding Time : 5 minutes Totl Mrks 00 Working Time : hours Write using blue or blck pen. (sketches in pencil). This

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Language of position. 1 Follow the instructions to show position. 2 Follow these instructions to draw: Circle the child in the middle.

Language of position. 1 Follow the instructions to show position. 2 Follow these instructions to draw: Circle the child in the middle. Lnguge of position 1 Follow the instructions to show position. Circle the child in the middle. Put cross under the child on the left. Circle the ug on the fr right. Put cross ove the ug tht is etween the

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Continuous Random Variables

Continuous Random Variables STAT/MATH 395 A - PROBABILITY II UW Winter Qurter 217 Néhémy Lim Continuous Rndom Vribles Nottion. The indictor function of set S is rel-vlued function defined by : { 1 if x S 1 S (x) if x S Suppose tht

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Picture Match Words. Protons Debris

Picture Match Words. Protons Debris Picture Mtch Words Orbit Nucleus Protons Debris Trnsport Element Fusion Cosmic Infltion Electrons Density Mterils copyrighted by the University of Louisville. Eductors re free to use these mterils with

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STRAND B: NUMBER THEORY Mthemtics SKE, Strnd B UNIT B Indices nd Fctors: Tet STRAND B: NUMBER THEORY B Indices nd Fctors Tet Contents Section B. Squres, Cubes, Squre Roots nd Cube Roots B. Inde Nottion B. Fctors B. Prime Fctors,

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2.4 Linear Inequalities and Problem Solving

2.4 Linear Inequalities and Problem Solving Section.4 Liner Inequlities nd Problem Solving 77.4 Liner Inequlities nd Problem Solving S 1 Use Intervl Nottion. Solve Liner Inequlities Using the Addition Property of Inequlity. 3 Solve Liner Inequlities

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Purpose of the experiment

Purpose of the experiment Newton s Lws II PES 6 Advnced Physics Lb I Purpose of the experiment Exmine two cses using Newton s Lws. Sttic ( = 0) Dynmic ( 0) fyi fyi Did you know tht the longest recorded flight of chicken is thirteen

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PART 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE Circle the appropriate response to each of the questions below. Each question has a value of 1 point.

PART 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE Circle the appropriate response to each of the questions below. Each question has a value of 1 point. PART MULTIPLE CHOICE Circle the pproprite response to ech of the questions below. Ech question hs vlue of point.. If in sequence the second level difference is constnt, thn the sequence is:. rithmetic

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The steps of the hypothesis test

The steps of the hypothesis test ttisticl Methods I (EXT 7005) Pge 78 Mosquito species Time of dy A B C Mid morning 0.0088 5.4900 5.5000 Mid Afternoon.3400 0.0300 0.8700 Dusk 0.600 5.400 3.000 The Chi squre test sttistic is the sum of

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Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Reinforcement Lerning Tom Mitchell, Mchine Lerning, chpter 13 Outline Introduction Comprison with inductive lerning Mrkov Decision Processes: the model Optiml policy: The tsk Q Lerning: Q function Algorithm

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Fall 2017 Exam 1 MARK BOX HAND IN PART PIN: 17

Fall 2017 Exam 1 MARK BOX HAND IN PART PIN: 17 Fll 7 Exm problem MARK BOX points HAND IN PART 3-5=x5 NAME: Solutions PIN: 7 % INSTRUCTIONS This exm comes in two prts. () HAND IN PART. Hnd in only this prt. () STATEMENT OF MULTIPLE CHOICE PROBLEMS.

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Goals: Determine how to calculate the area described by a function. Define the definite integral. Explore the relationship between the definite

Goals: Determine how to calculate the area described by a function. Define the definite integral. Explore the relationship between the definite Unit #8 : The Integrl Gols: Determine how to clculte the re described by function. Define the definite integrl. Eplore the reltionship between the definite integrl nd re. Eplore wys to estimte the definite

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Riemann Sums and Riemann Integrals

Riemann Sums and Riemann Integrals Riemnn Sums nd Riemnn Integrls Jmes K. Peterson Deprtment of Biologicl Sciences nd Deprtment of Mthemticl Sciences Clemson University August 26, 203 Outline Riemnn Sums Riemnn Integrls Properties Abstrct

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Spring 2017 Exam 1 MARK BOX HAND IN PART PIN: 17

Spring 2017 Exam 1 MARK BOX HAND IN PART PIN: 17 Spring 07 Exm problem MARK BOX points HAND IN PART 0 5-55=x5 0 NAME: Solutions 3 0 0 PIN: 7 % 00 INSTRUCTIONS This exm comes in two prts. () HAND IN PART. Hnd in only this prt. () STATEMENT OF MULTIPLE

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We partition C into n small arcs by forming a partition of [a, b] by picking s i as follows: a = s 0 < s 1 < < s n = b.

We partition C into n small arcs by forming a partition of [a, b] by picking s i as follows: a = s 0 < s 1 < < s n = b. Mth 255 - Vector lculus II Notes 4.2 Pth nd Line Integrls We begin with discussion of pth integrls (the book clls them sclr line integrls). We will do this for function of two vribles, but these ides cn

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IMPORTANT. Read these directions carefully:

IMPORTANT. Read these directions carefully: Physics 208: Electricity nd Mgnetism Finl Exm, Secs. 506 510. 7 My. 2004 Instructor: Dr. George R. Welch, 415 Engineering-Physics, 845-7737 Print your nme netly: Lst nme: First nme: Sign your nme: Plese

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This lecture covers Chapter 8 of HMU: Properties of CFLs

This lecture covers Chapter 8 of HMU: Properties of CFLs This lecture covers Chpter 8 of HMU: Properties of CFLs Turing Mchine Extensions of Turing Mchines Restrictions of Turing Mchines Additionl Reding: Chpter 8 of HMU. Turing Mchine: Informl Definition B

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Lesson 1.6 Exercises, pages 68 73

Lesson 1.6 Exercises, pages 68 73 Lesson.6 Exercises, pges 68 7 A. Determine whether ech infinite geometric series hs finite sum. How do you know? ) + +.5 + 6.75 +... r is:.5, so the sum is not finite. b) 0.5 0.05 0.005 0.0005... r is:

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PHYS Summer Professor Caillault Homework Solutions. Chapter 2

PHYS Summer Professor Caillault Homework Solutions. Chapter 2 PHYS 1111 - Summer 2007 - Professor Cillult Homework Solutions Chpter 2 5. Picture the Problem: The runner moves long the ovl trck. Strtegy: The distnce is the totl length of trvel, nd the displcement

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