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1 SP 5 í;, PERODCAL READNG ROOM SEPTEMBER 8, 95 THE AMUSEMENT NDUSTRYS LEADNG NEWSWEEKLY (; ; PRCE: 25 CENTS do SPep Sells Recods VMle Opetons 40 Fce Red Quz on Cost; Eght Mssng Numbe Expected To Co Opete n UnAmecn Pobe unseved Whle the U S mshls offce efused to evel the dentty of those who hve eceved summonses, nmes of the eght pesons wee mde vlble fo publcton n the hope tht they wll len theye beng sought fo subpoens Those unseved who could not be locted nclude Leon Becke, John Mlle Novlle Cutche Pul Tves John Wesley, Geoge Tyne Pul Peln nd Joe Losey Rep Donld L Jckson (Clf) who wll pesde, sd he expects (Contnued on pge 40 CNE Sx Dy Count Tops Mllon Mk TORONTO, Sept Attendnce t the Cndn Ntonl Exhbton hee hopped well bove the mllon m: Thusdy (30) when 8,000 boosted the count fo the fst sx dys to The totl ws,000 bette thn the,:29,000 tbulton fo the coespondng peod ye go Fou dys showed ncesed ttendnce, whle two showed deceses The Fdy (24) openng pulled 05000, down 2,000 fom 950, nd Study (25) cked up 274,000 totl, comped to fo the dy lst ye Mondy (27) ws Chldens Dy nd Wos Dy, nd new ec (Contnued on pge 54) Snoff Heds Dve Fo Feedom Cusde $467 PER MNUTE WEATHER NEWS: Publshes nd RADO NFORMS WEATHERMAN Dskees Eye Y Thts WPX Pce Fo Gden Spots NEW YORK, Sept WPX, hee, s skng $640,000 o moe fom clents fom the sle of ghts to the 7 Mdson Sque Gden spots events to be tele vsed ove tht stton begnnng n Octobe Stton s wllng to HOLLYWOOD, Sept Ap peddle the pckge, tme nd tlpoxmtely 40 pesons hee wll ent, to one bnkolle o to cut t be clled to testfy befoe the up between 4 dffeent clents t House Un Amecn Actvtes $47,398 ech fo sponsoshp of 26 Commttee when hengs pob hlfhou segments ng Communsm n Hollywood WPX would eceve , open hee Septembe 7 Ths s wee 4 dvetses to mke n ddton to eght who emn themselves vlble fo the tn "Tme" Buys Jp Specl NEW YORK Sept Tme, nc, ths week sgned to bnkoll full hou dmtc oneshot documenty on You Stke n Jpn, whch wll tet wth the sgnfcnce of Jpns ole n wold ffs The show s set to wth the concluson of the Jpnese pece tety next week Busness, whch ws plced thu Young & Rubcm, wlt v the TV netwok of the Amecn Bodcstng Compny fom 0 to pm nest Fdy (7) dem style sponsoshp del contemplted Ech of the 4 theefoe would py 8,823 pe hlfhou show, o $467 pe commecl mnute On the schedule e 35 Rnge hockey gmes, 22 Knckebocke po bsketbll contests, fve nghts of the odeo, sx nghts of the hose show, two nghts of the dog show, 8 Rove hockey gmes, 20 college bsketbll gmes, nd nne post seson tounment clshes of top bsketbll quntets They wll be televsed on Studys, Sundys Tuesdys, Wednesdys nd Thusdys nd n occsonl Mon dy Ths seson, howeve, no tck events wll be shown The decsón of the Gden not to llow the televsng of tck s beleved to be the esult of the poo tck gtes lst seson WPX s sd to hve pd substntlly moe thn 8500,000 fo the 7 Gden ttctons Lst ye, ts two mjo sponsos of the events t the en wee the locl Chevolet deles nd Webste Cgs These undoubtedly wll be p/led the del fst Jmmy Powes wll hndle plybyply nd commenty on ll the gmes, sssted by speclsts fo the hose show, dog show nd odeo The stton wll mntn specl studo t Mdson Sque Gden fo commecls nd nnouncements SALT LAKE CTY, Sept A specl lette of ppecton fom the U S Wethe Bueu ws ened fo KSL hee by engnee Cut Nel son When sudden volent stom blew up n the vcnty of KSLs towes Nelson phoned the Wethe Bueu fom the KSL tnsmtte, locted on the edge of the get slt deset sevel mles west of the cty on the hevly tveled est west oute The Wethe Bueu ws ble to get out wnngs to plnes ppochng the Slt Lke pot, nd to vous felds n the vcnty whee plnes, pked outofdoos needed te down potecton The couse of mjo stoms e foecst ccutely by the Bueu, but, unpedctble squlls of consdeble volence often come up n the mountn es dung the hot months Vude Lves, Moves Uptown NEW YORK, Sept The RKO Colonl, uptown, t 62d nd Bodwy, my be the next thete to get the Plce shows of 0 cts nd pctues f cuent plns go thu The de s cu (Contnued on pge 42) CBS Rdo to Sell One Shots On Bg Tme Nght+Pogms NEW YORK, Sept Advétses wll now be ble to puchse netwok do tme on oneshot bss ove the Columb Bodcstng System nsted of Flms o TV, "ts Moves" NEW YORK, Sept Bg HOLLYWOOD, Sept Gen Dvd Snoff hs been pponted Rogell, fst mjo studt poducchmn of the 95 Cusde fo ton exee to nvde the TV flm Feedon fo Gete New Yok, feld (fome RKO Pctues po t ws nnounced by Gen Lucus ducton chef now Jey Fbnks D Cly ntonl chmn of the Poducton, exec veepee), fnds cusde move mkng the sme whethe Genel Snoff wll hed fo TV o the thete Accodng fundsng nd membeshp dve to Rogell, sme technques used hee to suppot the opeton of n mkng thetcl flms when Rdo Fee Euope, bemed t the ppled to tele flms wll esult Communst enslved people be n top dwe poduct He feels hnd th on Cutn A futhe tht the sme component pts objectve s the ttnment of _funds tht go togc" n mkng good to estblsh Rdo Fee As, to thetcl flm must be pesent be do the sme wok n the FEst (Contnued on pge 6) ssumng the 3 week contct stndds n bodcstng The bluepnt to cete new ptten of do sles s expected to ccomplsh two thngs: Revtlze the peddlng of AM tme, nd ech out nd ttct new clss of sponso t s the ntl contbuton, n hs new post, to do sles of Howd Meghn, newly desgnted pesdent of CBS do The web s usng s ts well bted lue Red Skelton The nme comc cn be puchsed on the ente netwok, except fo Sd few mkets ledy bought by Noge, fo,523,500 pe hlfhou show, ncludng tme nd tlent The pospectve bnkolle thus s ssued, ccodng to CBS pessentton, of 94 pe cent covege, nme, nd pme tme, Wednesdys 99:30 pm, pecedng Bng Cosby Besdes ll ths CBS hs geed to thow the mpessve foces of ts sles_ pomoton deptment completely behnd ny puchse of hlfhou segment t s undestood tht Skelton wll only be the fst of the pogms to be offeed to dvetses, but CBS s begnnng wth the comc becuse t wnts to put ts best foot fowd The success of ths pln would (Contnued on pge 5) Petllo Puts On Fnl Touch CHCAGO; Sept The Amecn Fedeton of Muscns, thu Pexy Jmes C Petllo, ths week nnounced fnl cton tken y Petllo td the ntonl executve bod on numbe of mpotnt esolutons, pssed by the AFMs ntonl conventon n New Yok (The Bllbod, June 6) The muscke unons Wshngton counsel kyoed esoluton tht ttempted to show tht l censng ctvtes of pefomng ghts socetes, such s "Amecn Socety of Authos, Composes nd Publshes nd BM; hut (Contnued on pge 5) Rpd Gowth Spots, Shows on Locl Outlets Ae Mnstys of de NEW YORK, Sept_ Sles of ecods v do hs mushoomed nd s now beng cefully wtched by both the dskey nd publshng fcets of the musc busness Volume of busness beng done s " closely guded secet, but s known to be hevy, fct whch s ndcted by the quck gowth of compettve opetos Ledes n the feld e the Ml Ode Netwok the Tops Dskey nd Glgno, nc, the ltte Chcgo dstbuto who s cedted wth sttng ths type of ml ode busness bout one ye go A numbe of smlle opetos hve been queyng Hy Fox, publshes gent nd tustee fo nfomton eltve to tes on tunes used n the dsk pckges The ledng opetos e ll dong legtmte busness, wth publshes thus f ppently stsfed wth oylty etuns The Ml Ode Netwok, Tops nd Glgno offe pckge of fou dsks contnng totl of 6 top (Contnued on pge 4) Vendes Move Mgs, Books By S HOROWTZ NEW YORK, Sept Wth Redes Dgest suffcently encouged by pelmny tests to mp hevy expnson of ts vendng pogm, othe effots to futhe the sle of pnted mtte by mechncl mens hve suffeed setbcks Cowles publshe of the bntm pctue weekly Quck, hs just bndoned ele plns to extend con mechndsng tls, t ws leno" ths week Redes Dgest, on the othe hnd, hs defntely commtted tself to moe elbote tls The mgzne hs odeed new btch of equpment fom the mnufctue the ntentonl Mutoscope Copoton And these e due to (Contnued on pge 74) 25 RADO TV REVEWS HERE NEW YORK Sept Moe thn 25 new n etunng do nd televson shows, kckng off the 552 seson, e evewed n ths ssue Mny of these evews e nutshelled n new fetue clled Cpsule Comment n the televson do evew pges ths week See the NEW AM MODEL "D" on Pges 808

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t Qtte few to eh, e í`t: we feeeuns w tm egn hd S (nod X on ed be ll to t fo dttl HOLLYWOOD he ndd t_ e lo Pt m Fed o OW te Joe tdl Pn mon Le entetve fn RM ttune, fog le t/^l,wtdnm e w,ucl l lest Wl the F^e sym"tw A»m t" tenty WZTkM oft mnte h he eyeeol Sne A, 5,4, of Mt mth pm fo the Cectsllsnel Lg:BsK s lel meñtul y o k,g o long Nx de tl gut Owlof bectmt te, ee ny tcklng n, but Co bee eh elg doo the cuen dedlyy Shoe Hsu M 6 top dstbuton Now V0 M, env" teeth De yes Ms t7 n nd Jety we : Qute sue whets nd he ttn?n of two of the td skt Pen le the pttbf7 butte" s, Look fo C o t, *mten of the os` el le Wde f FCC MY ld nc 4+ d M" B tke depoot n Wy wll tke pem Splembet 4 po ty flm( so Aéu_ the mddle el fth mld Wngel l nesto e ss Tee p p442 et Cow &lmb, toe the ~cove" oome W the $0 mllhn dm use Ps S0 thete& begn to new" Lt tl oe pet Pctue Busness d Qelly, mnly ello he Wy, tht wee fo Yen Plmed one of the de thee duk the le 7^ fcdo _ tet deoelt!tne td, new ntvl e: tke ly ft l wets by f t pvnwt 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22 22 MUSC THE S LBOARD SEPTEMBER 8, 95 7 THE BLLBOARD Musc Populty Chts HORQR ROLL OF H T5 F_ 4 e, CAPTOLS WRTNG AND SNGNG SENSATON 4 L W The Ntons Top Tunes m 5~ N,, M m M w w w wg,4 w n vlw No ws x +w ow 55 *wed nm 4\ wl PR t leuse uf Yon S w 4 5~ m 4 O 40 e ng W wm ~ u n WO ffl xa,44c3 e Gomm t e y uy 545 l w 2 Come OD A y Home 5~ S 45/5555MM w Ow 40 MOn ntlt 4l 0 /Nn + N ~s w 4, f, t ~ t Y Swe / f 44 y M 0th Y4,4 yw0 5~ le04 L S f, 4 mc f ww 3 3 Too on, N 4 L5~ 4 44 N M ~N sts J44 mow M e4 fw C d t5~ W 54R V t N /,0c cyw cfy,yk,9 M6` w, ~4 N Y t o 4 S G m mo lms LA Suel olels A d f e OJ wy N efn NM 4` e m n w ewe K 4 w Ow* 55055~ e wont go 5 M n«f * f C fys l,` N m sy (, 6 C sp : 4 m,, , tolefsl Wtt of!he W, > U m V4 S * NKtA usclumh >NWS wn w 4 M w N fo m l m :, 6 V Tuly Tuly F w F_/ N Jw WO" N[W4 W 4/ w{ :z o+ e 5 54M ms d w,, t G N /w M m b M V w,m t woes fywllllp 55 U4ld 45~ w 5 *l m O p N v T HE B cv p 5 0 <ov 6 0y90 MHCp "BUSS tcooy O$E tóp5nd6 V5 otts CENTRAL SONGS, NC 4527 Sunset Blvd Hollywood 27, Clf tss, c o OOP 7 Shuyh (Sc DU ~T t S N NM) e <Y s v 00 G ttf7 9," NyE /N + w, J wnn n 0íN Y, N C N 0w S5~ An 0 N 7 á Get des NcM 5}4 L fe fw / « , / 5440 RfíC uhnm tl 4 f, w:n! Colt, (old leum, w4 R J W í vlwk t f / e S el JO s lw 5~ vm vyl 5~ S N 0 The lold s /Blng fo the Sunse w b / bum G004w ts omms: R e Cw 4 L, t S 5~ wbl J w \ S e = wahunc S f G M 0+ 05~ N/w u 9,f + 4 up N 545 ~ s4, / w M w A + mm* s

23 , SEPTEMBER 8 95 TNEBLLBOARD MUSC 23 94/ DEALERS! OPERATORS: DSC JOCKEYS! COMNG UP FAST! Week Endng SEPTEMBER8, 95 Hot Selles bsed on Actul Sles Repots "MN AK 0004q "woee 5 A uf wow feue Fe U0 / L MA l 6,[3L O OU S tests /ls _ FlTs _ 0_F Lá" "005 TONDO le,p{ (n 777_7)7 yf TES RUNG ME N DOY d, FLAW 7oqp, Lee ~3 Md mo _73$_Jt73 /p4o 3gtjRS! POPULAR TAf SOLS S wutx 0, N 086 9TS/FBWG" ts NO t M F _tlt 73 oo w 5 N Ol M "C40" Cb 4E de5ld,?tl tlmts Elltlütt TOO" M KN Ce 4 0 "/w NM 7E N" A5 O 560 lues" Los 7M ed NW, fod _lft _ls le(osf t 00" HMfE 0MN05 SOMOA W Bun we et 5! SE3 SMfMf mm Pd nd My fod _S7_F597 tma MT 0" MU M00 NW M LT Sun 70_, 7 "M F00 u5" St Wen _70J DN TT fol T UNDO MT KN" 2MA MT t /e Nuns nu GMT DO,B le TOUO *MU 9E /6C Moe Lve 757 _ ML M s eeewe ben _St _ 57 WESTERN & FOLK 0 ll6 "05 Mn fl P peteen _745 ls TN l 00 KM 08DDT" 5 TKO t0e, KAK", Uee Olel SL_,750 w MMSSSW L «S Ml 5 lgcxeeen _S7_f/S7 AM 0 00E" lws w bt, Nk Del, J ON«ROM" 7 SHTE (*ow MeN fb loq COMM ML" "Ml MA 63 f Ls* C (U LO MOON HE"7EH MX: lb BUS" By L4M " OU 4 faot" 6 f0 N5 fln 5uew_LY Nde TM M ( SUM" 5 OwM _077_577 M B C O R o 37 m 730 T THE BG ONE TO WATCH! togethe fo the fst tme ytokmg SSTff 7 V e 744 sm, 375 ROSBY tett t k nn OKLAHOMA HLLS ndask ME COUNTRY AMO FOLC L 9000 KENTUCKY AND YOU JMME SKNNER ltl &mkt Sof~ JOURNEYS END NEW RELEASES ON Cp/eO/ ow Tney72f? TWSTY Me,Wlm! toe,(le SL LAC = TWEETYS TouTAT l UT= 7u l44t RAKES NGHT WATCH ^, NUT ll 06 MOO PE ( NcJ L7/, 4B J/Qf/, R fmae4fen NM LCs4 TERE TWG BMWHSM J ^ OUT Of A SUMMED MAMA ") WOOS /0ÚYR,o LYRG A LT AS SUMMER RHS TO AU ee MPS M 7"""":»:: m W wn Awe = MME Unt LOTUS 0 OOe9(M COMO A 50([ M/ÁB4/Tl JULE //llañ THE /RTe 00,7 suns ` 4 :C WAT TO Wt YOU pedl T 5m BAN PPE > V m `" m m w, w CQY Ott A R eouse SOUND OR ne, n MA/T A MU AMA 0/ TEACe MU 0 OKT MT n,,u 3" :M, fttssle BUMS,n f, ROCKALL TO/ 55 TO Sl

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31 EORD, C C,, e SETEMtER S 95 THE SLLEOARD MUSC 3 THE BLLBOARD Musc Populty Chts Advnce Rhythm & Blues Recod Releses w 4 le_ MgYl 0 e4 note m ~M n M A s nw M n e ) N e e 4> o4 tew / UnW 0A4 j7 C+ ee) p,6 A++ w W em J7,/ A Y/ t t tk+m e 444,h (mow N 4J e _ :l M K) y Wl 5 9Nn \4 YM Nels ~SO M, d 4e Tw fww twl )_ t fs t p455 ~RS 0 YM y 4 W 55 YY Y7 00~4 sm eu 504 ~~ ~59 \f! te, 9~~,s 7Y," n ~~»4 set SAVOY DOES BOTH RECORDS BOTH SDES T AGAN!," H**T*S% tov00 54 LTTLE SYLVA W5 7eNLd 0 "LTTLE BOY" 44 "HOW LONG MUST BE BLUE" BOTH SDES PCKED BY BLLBOARD THE ORGNAL! NO SURFACE NOSE CLEAR AS A BELL SAVOY 6 7 "S CTS NO)// 444 t HEART AND SOUL by THE j{/ Ott ` Rhythm & Blues Recod Revews 7R6bNS6 g` Kee Tw We 72 7L773O4 FOUR BUDDES c s CO,nc «_ 4 cy N SS AM 00 Oes só 6600óe YN LARKS l L4 Sd* G 4= Mket St Nenk, N: J ^ Mn : Y 0 e7 Lelo GG 62 6 á s ndoylktynold 3 CdEFOLAC 7:d nle M /0 Ls c,+ Wí 5 n o CHORD COMMS +, e y Tdpe ep s w S FRST 4NY MT how 7/74727,R, AN w Y 5 tl y}c_weey4 u,, W t 4~ e e w mow w w7c 4 S 0w ~ ` 54 Ky F Ye e ~S o«~ n *p ^J ~~ PAUL GAYtá á YJd _ Y Dl K M~~ 0,,y,:!: 4Neqn~l ey S 6ssss6s l S C Lb~ ^h Yoo 4Tce** /t llmle C :~ 5""74" o l e 5 ~44 fl w ",, 5 ~um k Y+ e Y w ; " j; f,, BNNEY 8 SMTH CO flt eke S7, NEW Y0 7, NY dn, Wee AsN l US (ed4, Cn nd S/ 6w049 7TTTt``TLvA ATTENTON, DEALERS AND OPERATORS ONLY MANDASN S5KT7 t Ob SOLOBLEMS _ VE /Y USNG OUR O Et STOPRSERVCE 4:»449 end Ctng Rced to Dffcult nd TT7tty Poblem U B Yeu e Clsd Bevel Let Us Do All Rout***HuuL end noon Aound DLL le se Veleu Hc LOVE R TNR xtes CET ALL THE LATE HTS WHEN YOU WANT THN WE CAN SUPPLY ALL SPEEDS 7 Sh4P 24 Hoene Ho Ses)sleHe Reel Odes All loe Nelnl o fe Oye e5 W eelessle P7* Pet Recod YeYeeWU 6 l klb* Th An yens L Club Otl You MODS/ lackson TRY wke ewe OUR SERVCE AND YOU WONT USE ANY OTHER moo l Pí0,, t _,M w _ MMC C ONESTOP tecolth SERVCE t t_dl N YSY / nsmm AV 5~0~ 50 T WM, N J A bu 44q AT= w ton Ccho! b ecods enewed boe ex pomos the opltln of L membe of The BUlbod musc stff who vtewed lbe ecod ARTST 4F:, Ol/ NO RAY O VACS WY Mw s MM 00 54et y Yn _w AA WOL«Y, 4,0w m Ue WA 7" nay 6w ~54 F W + L P New t0 4M U b /T StTY w ^ o ~~\ NO 5», 00~~~t5~~ 5 4_, 4 ~9~9e le UAW E) H J24, SVv n+hb`,4pw ~d 04~" 0 w e n, 5> **AV* M, t9~~m 4 C 5(4 A0~ y 4~4 4~~ 0+5 M w w L4 C Mums 5W7 n,lyl! V 4 t»5 bw M 4 wy, Y fo ~To, e 4 MllY 4 L~ J T E eó5 q ~e ñm _T«5y u : : A,l sj Tt,NPS COMMENT e 74=747)7 : ó ; 4we H70 66/ {t G3 e e Ap Ngh, ~ W* 707L N70 / Y Y+ Y+ 5 NY q e n L C SMOKY NOW SW e Gel Nd 6T03667 M 50t 42 w* ebb emon e L++R MeeLp4 7D 72N70 LV tw tvn + Mw el +6 e N/ Dyo P n _L M p w be t~ w e Von Y ~woo _ \ wt L4, 0 e!, Me Ñ ~ 99 Snd d we 4 M M w w sw t l /K L u JO, 27 ~0 e, u NU LW ecn M 4 Wm w 7 n c w DNA 4/0H A M 0 + ~9~ we t ew ( 0 MNT MAUSS Al, 64 U OROLS o C04 77T F Z ONNNY 073ORK Hse Newe M wa M wu 2»M~ ~v_ ~mg Yc7 wn M44e s m, 6AeR 7,74704 _ T N te v d5 z wc 6sdjt 6w 7e7A6770 Yen,_ t, e A _ L4 e ws 4 04w m 4 ta e~ 7 Ó VMd, SN 62440f:, /tbc4l: 0 t e?j M 0 mom t A M t +Yxys n W L:< Y 4jS M e Y ) j 6007/6 54, ,34242 RECORDS SEPA SLUES :CKl *,6 S WA5T,4C /5} e TOY ~NCO e0040 N)5 445 YY:SONTE lthr TN pn TOT RM MN 544 T6Y HR Lf4N 4 WAMM T4 C0A 40 faesuw 000C e*7 *MST Etn olc LTTY9 4,44 YV ~WATT OW COSe T 0An sm 05 Asp ~SA 445y4 TRP 440: e mown YAM CAMT *CUT e0 TOY 0:5 d Y444 q 4 cem en 55Nt e *M DELUXE tny (n0y namo DU C** ek TOWS ~ S SS SUYTc,AM elems W50~ ee EM 5 FOLK W ESTER*, E ATN mod CHLE 000 T0 00 SWFT V4CM e mown ww, 4M 5 S m DON E: 5 :40Oe *554 LOTS { TM 097T4 UASM V SOON M) tl5 bll ll* Mk* KE!L V WA70559 M TO A OATACM TO WALL CON 0 to es 0,sKe MAT C9 LOSS YOU 4T eat nfo RECORDS e É 2 E NC

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34 S 34 MUSC THE BLLBOARD SEPTEMEER B, 95 cw64t,records "HUMMNG BRD" coupled wlt "LET YOUR CONSCENCE BE YOUR GUDE" f JOHNNE nd JACK 4 w 504, / THE BLLBOARD Musc Populty Chts Most Plyed Juke Box Folk (County & Westen) Recods 5044 pw AOV 35, 50 A, Re,e gwl p 0 t, ++ wt 4A p/ d 0«54454 Otl A4 F0 te, w~we ww 55504!wl/24 WAR 90 AY MOUSE W YOU E Aold / ALWAYS MF btty FMd 454/ ,43055 m4tt 7 3 MY BOW l00tlf RBA WHen( el7q3[cl 45) WAMT TO BE WM YOU ALWA5 L hhu Dq40/et /SN Hoek t3xl2e5 3 5 S ETS YE A TE Cool (705e4, U0 W3,7HM 7 6 á MOM AU DAD S WU7 ht 447ee /27 (> CTK SUT EluES AlllyN b Ad Vnte07t: (UN 7 : CATT HftY R L W#n K 0445:~ M MOOR GdSnA, l vl7354 4t7e» SOMEh,T, OLD, MEW L e VRLYlpl MS S 0 0 EA M D! YYEEY e! be onc,m w» 7t7s7, 665"7e0 5o CultlR U M J o 4, =y7,w, na M p n w 50 0 NM/ AM t * p MMNE4 p w M ue p 0 w MA ET=,Oebt2:v 04M 5 60 WW 8 eel bo0w5,, W 7s ese KM 4Po:pS Lp(p 7{ 4t774 y N "` Y t`o `,d "TWO ROADS" coupled Wth "MAKN LKE A TRAN" fetung PEE WEE KNG 4 h OW W«toys 4745 (VOR é / l 0 REC RDS NC CHCAGO LLNOS bt,2f7ká44elg ~4_ JEBS FRST RELEASE GONG UP! UP! UP! "d" 300 "Dktown Shuttes Bll" "Bg Blue yes" 3002 "Petty Lttle Bells" e "Mmduke the Spook" 3003 "Jn Me Blues" [}4 wen l Pelt (dults Dot e3oo l Deb A/el RV«Fe Hk Mten > n4"04et e77t AVALAeLt /O4 DsnV/Oe WA7W[t,NOM JEB RECORDS, NC 374 L 5(0 AWL t]caco le, e0, VM/ MN44 YOUR AMERCAN RED CROSS S ALWAYS THE AFTER TRAGEDY STRKES

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36 96 MUSC THE BLLBOARD SEPTEMBER 8, 95 A Sensolonl New Delco Recod! Musc y n u :v 5;,, 4 ts THE BLLBOARD Musc Populty Chts Recod Revews NM : l u] m N e Rv Bbel s DteRlNd lyl f w ~ft + y ft + ~Om 90OO TOPS e09 XC[u[NT 7079 GOOD 4069 SATSPACTORT L` 4 l Wu Ms/ e M w w w w w 9 mud Un 4 N u4et et % w w +e Wog s t«awet k qt t woe e+j ~ot M6 L w wld S, \e,mfyl R e t ty R w, ~/ ll Aq _ Ech of the ecods evewed be xpeo Ow opnon of tne melber of The Bllbod muc stff who evewed tb ecod A{T$T LAF AND NO ROBOT Q LEWS wana Ye tl Tf:YE3 COMMENT POPULAR b S70OSS CY+ n en log tty 6e 67606e w g w «w TA SA Gen MUM OCONNRL WA 5, Ne / pwomb wl n N o Como tm l y :No,~bo, ` RAN WARRp e N Dew T Y Sc us e 55 tw w e t l,y sl Y g F s et TM Tee N w ee Nn Weft the OR CÑAL The OH ;MAL THE ORGNAL Veson of the ntons newest Song Ht on Vcto Lbel TS NO eo 02 9 nd THE GRASSHOPPER Delco (78 RPM) nd (45 RPM y V b/w "ARZONA MOON" by the FOUR ACES nd btwng AL ALBERTS Vcvl 40 nw A D/M6d by PALDARECORD 8406 Lyons Ave, PMldeph 40, P, Phone Stog 9986 Co W L"^ The OECAL The ORGN L

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38 COLD, 3$ SNusC THE BLLBOARD SEPTEMBER 8 95 _ 5! _N BLLBOARD musc Populty Chts t77,5 W The M,G M ognls tht e Whoppng Fsts n Sles! Johnny DESJ*OND\, Blly ECKSTNE4 At LUND Robet Q LEWS Tommy EDWARDS l THE Hnk WLLMS // 70 q NAME 4 \ WANT TO BE NEAR YOU 4 WH SEVER CHANGE 7 74M_0MM s vmm ENCHANTED AND Met of 0d4) NE GOT MY MD ON YOU 7 M MOM 07 C 9 MGM WSH WUL N THE COOL, COOL COOL OF THE EVENNG MOM 0$ MOM 507$ OOVHERESA YOUR HOUSE THERE SHE GOES 7 M0GM0 45 MOM 0 FS Alt N THE GAME AL OVER AGAN 74 HMMCe MM MOM 007 FCpRDS AVE 7 NE 7N COLD HEART DEAR JOHN 70 /MMOM S NESOME WHSTLE CRAZY NEART 7 MM MOM 054 4S,MMM0M 04 N ENtfRANMEN YDRK v, NY The Bllbod Pcks Y 4,04 0 M 044 mle ot wn 0W bd M / w 40 M M wt;m R uw 9 u 00 MLA CALLA os P Sl w SO 0 VD A6A wc nom 00 "mw b how b w 44 0/ w 5 04 MO M q M Fte Ago 0 N wm0 Mww Ve9 q 0 0 ^w w bn w Dlt w,n sns w,n M My M >w 0 NM M 0 07 O ON w t 444, 400 ~Ml 0 00w W 4w ol7 w b 47 Mow ( TMd! SDá Eq Mlm Y M / 00 w wy l M^4C M O 0 MO 4 n en ALL N 0 LASE Tmmy Elnnb DM Skye 0 WY, O4 w 09 9v Mewl wa M ow C R WW00 Wn 0 l The Dsk Jockeys Pck N ww w w W w0 Cl w 04 7 eel MN 0 4 S w D90 0Mp 7q d 40 77, OO 0w 9L LK V S tn 4 n ~R 0[ 00LY 0040/ wn _ nnon 7473 MU 0 44 M0 ~l n, w0 P 7774 G t 404 g PO /o M CV 4 00e7/ 4/ l 4l l 504 so, 0 M d 0700 Ot ~ 7N 7 n40 t w Y 9 ~ M The Retles Pck :L 5 4 h bw tw N+ : [ / / wb N4 N44 t w w S w4 MJ n b M :of w owns, 0 00 V Y R l Pw 04,K J 9000, $E Tow 900e M VS ~ 4C W MU M TO 0t N 4 Y WW 7 00 Gbw 0070, suns ll 045 ol p9 0 wll! *74 MMll h ~M 04 0t0Y0 The Opetos Pck /(9 b w 0M S MM NeNM n 0b4 m" 0 0 en mp9 M PM0 00 w 0 w 0 00 W ,00 W J M 049/0 WO 40444K9 M w n 77O 6600 ua 0MP M tut4m/ 4/ ,_5 co, M, 72 S e h9m A0 0 /00 0y 040 CMOb M W /n e L0 4 + L! The County nd Westen Dsk Jockeys Pck 4u w 4 w 4NMb w Mow M OW o O0 W wy 0 /0 Ow 0 low OM ^ j / 0 A / :44 70M00T0»C w 00 MU NOtl 07 /4440 wb 77O A mmc 07 7M !p 4 4,70 WWtf Y v9w N M 6 WW 0004 n n h 0 l n 0Mv J0 J w 4M

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96 2 tamano nl 96 CON MACHNES FONT DENY DESTNY CASH N WTH THE "D" e / THE BLLBOARD SEPTEMBER 8, 9S We hve the new A M Model "t come n nd exmne ts host of new money mkng fetues ts loded wth plygettng pull tht shoots enngs sky hgh Yoú U be plesed to fnd mny new mpovements nd ddtons tht men huge opttng svng Dsplyed?(ow t t OuHedqutes Ronoke Vendg Mchne Exchnge, nc 63 COnh A 860, Vlwl Phone: W/ueon Rd N W, Ronoke, V, Phone: 38 W Wshngton Chdetlon, W V P hone: 303 SPECAL CLEARANCE ON USED MUSC PuN% e W SL/OXt VA» NTC :4LWn %t Zt stecst5 nlnlclot: w4» to ;Soo :::á ~Pod S lo, 35, AM MO Mí N W S b Se V 20 ~AA MM 20 W534 f 20 W44 00 WMMw S u AM S 0 WMb tu* LOO 0 conow/ UST [CVMT GOTTM WLLOWS AM* MVO O7THYT00 nt4e RR EW0 F t/rm y 40 WALTHAM STLCCT BOSTON MASS, "73ANO{S RS 7 tyu h4,wd,y, n :yl ," ," ,"N 0 fó Pns Acde Equpment 8 Musk Equpment NEW EQUPMENT ON OUR FLOOR WRTE TODAY FOR OUR ~egdsnow W YYO/Af MlVnR z n Nnw [4w, 4 EXPORT PRCE LST AND HANDY ORDER FORMS ` w+ 0 lmw V/ :A4 AM, f A fjj h> 04J00 w l M Y m comm WLLAMS GENCO NTM GA/Se,220 WM W 0tdAA CAM X Vtt SV/ W44 = /JM lat tc M VM CO0ON00 0/VTwT 9Y A ALL 34035! CM2 ALA< tt uts o (MONO 099/ 22,2 Ult;4 /0\50 w:gam, ÓG 6343E TBn E ts6h W O K á á wnycxnq WOMQ ú A 23 WST K0 MY* S/ w MN T b ~SUS 4 Clo \wamtfc, W+{ 0w OW 44 N 40g 4M S YOU CANT BEAT THESE SHUFFLE ALLEY VALUES!! NA\Y, ANuu CM l V ~nb HS 00 Nl CAY MAO /NWU plta lb, VNn0 pent SUZY 70 MUT0 C4OSw 40 A4U SM tl [M M CY 3700 AO< w M 0 / w K P 2/ 03 VMYptN N CO 7700 MN Mw 0YC00 CO!NY w W W YlAMf NM HpM V[ í00 tm, 00 M ob M ww N /603 «4m 4 Jw want w, \ w C C! «V» C T PM t, ñ wo, [, w u 3w +» REDD DT40TG CO lk 4 00 MMY N AM Y MUST UNLOA D SACRFCE F M;M,Ñ» w, 3, 4 ww W~ C w pw0 ; w n,«f Úw =w+vú M e (+ n Yw N M+ M, : C,44 4 w: 0 0, M w 44 0 wn!e MN Tn, MM u AMM,W so 0 MF, 0L, K C SPECALTY CO * t* 7 t 4 sw ns n buy McGnns * CDO htt s ELO7 0E0 u JL V ;,D R O S E M y7 twlw 0t l/ L OJUER QECDf0TMRE0 EOYPEY CA/, Cl C, AM, :/ R nt: OUR 3UM, C ws n Ñ J, LtlM HBO s J + y M w N C N n en es, C,w n w \ M vy k + w»,_:: x,: M h, U Ñ 0 J u» 0T L, NÑtM M, RUM Utl * M n, SHUFFLE n Mtt TYPE M BOWLNG Y f0 CAME S M # 00/ ~::l4 w l wno W 4n = WPH E MMtN4MV O[/0/4N OF W SSW KíEO TO DBW3T[ t tr 66Nts { ÍTT Y3 x u,,l e0 N v _Í Ml toy McGNNS CORP AVC lato000 L Kb mlp50 CLONT 0/ FOREGN BUYERS Al h CMes REMEMBER! FOR EXPORT n NTERNATONAL f q o DM OMLOS ftso t p DAVE LOWY G CO: A w, w w C+wY NTERNATONAL WANTED AMUSEMENT C Pkhust Steet, Newk 2, New Jesey D _ EXPORTERS Bgelow MPORTERS W u / h SALESMEN WANTED T0 w own ^: w l í: T w :Y n N_M 4Yl C4 0% d/t ~ /PM

97 /! 4,, SEPTEMBER 8 95 THE LSOARD COSH MACHNES 97 AM NEW MODEL D :, x ;n l l, [, T `,,+, ; 4» ) CHRS NOVELTY COMPANY ST PAUL STREET BALTMORE 2, MD PHONE; MULBERRY 367 PO DA,e,,{LANTEE //// BUY REABHUTY PHONOGRAPHS \y y MCOS DY D 0N 0w MCNAMM OV54D WOWS 7A95 M40D DSTRBUTNG CORP 5bv0 PellO/y D clon 72 Rü vp EAST,n,,, M 7 "ACUSL NY 0E 304 _ tomnerecondvoned BALL PNBALLS l 0 N N M A 0 \ Hen N ledyo NtlMl P ` 4 ` ll, dw AtAJ s / d5 Too 45 76tll wwt JOE ASH = ee nw M _ph t íw ` :tsíwj wm :Nw FN W, nymy"yw YsM N S! MN,, f; tn, Y NM Vow 4 SKtAE d \w, \OMOV L f wlth O C\\t O \K L t! 4\ 0 O AMUSEMENT MACHNES N +,,L^ :, ` tyol 4/ N 0e2 C 99 Ow Me W N+ts»w w P R AC Rt, 4!0,RMM 2 M ue Áv» v N4 ttlátwíóñw vt47m NN /HE ww Nt t45 NN,, 50 :Vw y4w O>A N ín ul,nk O w0 M7Y4» ls 0 My w KNh4 7 :DlvA N» ^ wyt WM»,,, n oy 5 t+ `sl:lm+ 49 ND 5 Aw» /7 MM fn A <OP!fTbO 8 AMEE 7Yt ( ll, E` EtM (4 _ `wm M+» 4 WA NtCTD lonstd NWl 9 CA4 7 AtStND / MY/K CON0000 W 25 0UTtt RO404T Net t K N 4 WC A M7 Lt 4 o /79 t / /4 N tm 474t 99 M 7M /4 tu *9 u n 7440 _ t HM SW t2f / 4 374, tm, N 0N N LO AWN M C/ / UM 0MN /e S AYWt M MsY MURO lc W, ^ 9w j lly7 `«~«, YM N S Y 5M ss SW N N /944 Od M wo OwfG WM DSh O w 09~Y 9999! S9 Wlt N 40 to» 04,u N M NM H; w WALL BOX SPECALS 0 5 S w WL2H,+7 f +} 5lN 7 n /449094/44t M b7 t9; S3 K 40 /3 t070 00/,, BM / WAN cso µaµ, C4í0 W /304/ N M 0 DAVS NEW cbl degrn NEW M b t+, NEW snpld mplfl* NEW e9np ope*on NEW teble áf bts co7 : _ d P A, See the New AM Model "D" t WESTERN STATES DSTRBUTORS :S EAST TM* SOUTH ST f4t PARR CTY, UTAH Pb f 02 TS TOPS N SHUFFLE GAMES! Chcgo Cc/h Q "HORSE SHOES" 0c OR 20 PLAY OR 2 PLAYERS CAN`EE OPERATED N ALL 43 STATES EASY SERVCE FEATURES PLAYER APPEAL

98 u Fogw 9 CON MACHNES THE SLLSOARD SETMEER t 95 :,, GOTTL E BS _ v6os;, W D E OPEN ACTON! ANMATED NDAN TARGET "btes the dust" when ht scoes ponts Non Sequence "WLD" HOLES nd "WEST" ROLL OVERS ncese VALUES, ( 4 SUPER HGH SCORE "POP" BUMPERS FLPPS ORDER FROM YOUR DSTRBUTOR OW! W 4050 N KOSTNER AVE CHCAGO S, LLNOS "Thee o w omtlt fo Omen o OPERATORS é WAKE UP! L/ ff bme Y Yq n e tr M MM WE // Elde 3 m Ew! put b4 wma/,de dln d* wmmfto, Mft Yltsol M se lt ss~ NM M we sl O M_s / hlsfs MU W M MR n MFe M KONS OW llt 4 5% / Cl MSt WT ned E\ lt 0M MU M NM lü ntl Men netts O w 56wt0 N e *MU* e Wlls 0e WPM Of mu,wx0 Nun PRM " Qutn coo for,, +«,, WASH 3T5 BY MTCHELL nw SMASH HT 04Qo LG c l?ow ota ltln o e7 N /744O T0pAl lo M w nw w w w ww w `, M N w j A 74 nl Y cm y ; q wlt «A/ GAGm 0 +vuu uas / 0 w, Mee _ 39, E _ASH HT o2f 4 + uct u scot L 4 0 " " W tut 0 w ww OANT M M w «M m w 4 y bn/ T 7 ~C MO, ww 7 M«`,(,g Mt g077 ll ll P` el de () T ems A d e CO 9 s Y (o Kl Kehl el Y:J S("` 299 t > + _ TM u m scm flee **m SZAS0 Tm 40(4 M w L t, Mw Zé MTCHELL COMPANY 47: "": f SMASH HT t8 /07tMA/MC C PONT o,a 0vy0TAW A w : Ne,~w w / C t" T y M :4,, s w+ N l_ «^ ^ : e 453! 5 0 Te;" A Y _ F,77, p 9 G! m dn Slb! NS WAD m ü e ObR _ M ~ eh" G

99 ll/üh SETEMtER 8 95 THE /ll/oanu CON MACHNES n!!, L t 0 Q Mght s well gve up, gls! THEYRE PLAYNG JAYBU RN E ls HAS MORE A C T O N LOUE Sez: Competton doesnt bothe me E HAYBURNEtS! Eveybody emt ORDER NOW FROM YOUR DSTRBUTOR,,cu cw» CREAtoR Of ""), OEP6\ PEA APSAL ew W tuopt Atl+ C,CFo x u,oo AM NEW MODEL D de ne gets,t ;TO t 5, 5 $ 0 WESTERN DSTRBUTORS 326 ELLOT AVE, SEATTLE WASH PHONEt GARFELD S W 6TH AVE PORTLAND 5, OREGON PHONE: ATWATER 7565

100 S`wt v~ uw 00 CON MACHNES THE BLLBOARD SEPTEMBER 8 95 AM NEW MODEL D"",_ + U L t ~5:> Es con veddeo ogullo que nos complcemos en pesent elfonogofo del futuo Fel su tdckn, AM NCORPORATED ofece el Apto Muscl nsupeble, eompoldo de nuesto ben We poudly pesent to ou fends l! oe the wold the phonogph of the futuo, equpped wth the fmous AM mechnsm nd occonnpned by ou wellknown woldwde AM sevce, Wte to: conocd sevco mundl Djse o: j l "/Lt,(p 4l,k!! EXPORT DEPARTMENT 400 WEST MADSON STREET, CHCAGO 6, LLNOS CABLES; AMNC TELEPHONE: FR/+kl(n FOR BETTER BUYS BETTER BUY NOW 0geC v4uo/, Fe* /040 AN VC0R COUNTER GAMES NEW 223 S E 0d ~en $2450 FOREGN BUYERS elao All Ntl 4250 A M/4M Sí OUR 32 YEARS Of RELABLE SERVCE GUAR ANTEE YOU THE FNEST CON OPERATED 4 / cltle 345 d"smn 2450 low POMO MRA GAME EQUPMENT WE ARE EXPERENCED N EXPORT d Pt >un 4954 "AFRCAN GOLF" PACKNG AND SHPPNG ALL OVER THE ARCADE EQUPMENT M: olw O 0 O Y L w ` b M w M wwnv n t 474: S+ wmw wt: Z WORLD "w«: 0é `«yj`,cc6 WRTE OR CABLE YOUR REQUREMENTS ele M w nm2 MM w Ecl S00 B D LAZAR CO Dvs SoOÓ :w A,w _n, T + ñwy v: Mw tlltwtm 0«Y M 635 FFTH AVENUE N `w,:«ñw^ c «: w t: nw í: M u q t 03 (DAA s»u, wpwal PTTSBURGH, PENNA CABLELACO w : 34 Rodees Yww e MS Oledsw t,í o +:n N tn, íw^: w«n W M \ Ow OÑ :`: é: `: w` Ñ, s, zo y [ M Mt;y í,w us / Wá EE7 : w úw e n vww =Y, w f M «N w jn M MM oyw«w CA 44 tm /M kg!m NF n f4, S* 4 v,4 Q«wt Ol 4, 44 GA hw,w 4 /0 OLSHBN DST CO n 00 0Mn : = hnc\~~ í 4 M t 0,_,_0b\, E co N *, USED PN GAMES,,«,/, MACHNE EXCHANGE, NC ntx 44n W 0C2S PROSOECT AV CEVt$N0 s,oíllo / sm h 4t 48 GSSR Y!M, ttw o w dw,, The Amceln Red Coss k You 24 Hou Fend n w w nt n,w Dítt nd MíseT / w 44, _ MÑ \ / t: len d S3_,` JbyAU ltle llve 9t!, Compny N Hube Dstbutng n L / C 503


102 02 CON, MACHNES THE SLLLOARD SEPTEMBER 8, 95 N ycstm",5c pepsf s F_, _y ` ` w "Í L, ; : ; y:,4é#, "`Y + A R Nk,, NSVRÉS EXTRÁPL AAP P EAAND 4 EXTRAPROFTS, %=4 4 2; \ : o,,j,;! f" Ít` { / Om FROuS "N LNE" SCORES Popul 3nlu,e, qnlne n 3 n lne ckes n up stoe system to t cons fo ttcts bus? ply = $ scoe sectons S Lulls s plyes We«, {Mye scoes only n selecced sectons, but stoes lght up n ll sectons to tntlte nd nsue epet {dy nd plenty of tnpk secton ply J = NEW T "EXTRA BALLS" DEA [jutu RTY dl tl,s (toftpoved ply ppel el Tuf Kng PLUS MEW FUTURE PLAY SHUFFLE LNE 4 SNUffLE60WLNG ACTON PLUS "N LNE SCORNG ~ \_SS ` ;>>l y \ _ +eº 979 n "t Ake shoutng bst, 3 hlls, cns to ply butem ply fo ^u7 depost els elesed on blls, mystey bts Loh by te My ply of mny 3 bos blls, «sn; s s desed ( y totl Lunch, o( 3 ext checks blls pone e elesed plyes vege pe 2 to gne to S tud ext ne wnnn cols wnnes CONEY SLANDcombnes the pen6tpeoved ply+ppl nd enng powe of BRGHT LGHTS wth the fmdmtng new Emu Blls Fttute tht nsue* pmy of ext Coles evey gme Becuse eey gme plyed s cfth ennee olnewnoe plyes Cnt pn up the oppotunty to clnch *:Hoe wth en bts Ty CONEY SLAND tody Youll be mghty gld) Jtl MANUFACTURNG COMPANY DVSON Of LON MAN,CeNG CO0OS BELMONT AVENUE, CHCAGO 5 LLNOS


104 _ m 7:4,~ 4 M Tf: /, l Po y{! 54 +: _ 3`,, n d zn SEEBURG Seten Q tck MUSC SYSTEMS VV ARE SETTNG NEW STANDARDS OF COMPARSON N TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LOCATONSSEE YOUR SEEBURG DSTRBUTOR 00NDA ~SC SYfTSMS fnt t07 A P W6 COeOfAT,pN 300 N Doen St 0c,22«, f FF `j e AT 45 RPM wddb 00 f n k poem d,d cw db M p^q t 7 d 45 M ~cm" Wn í`` éfoe/74s7w írstcom"fck *vote

P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 J A R T a l s o c o n c l u d e d t h a t a l t h o u g h t h e i n t e n t o f N e l s o n s r e h a b i l i t a t i o n p l a n i s t o e n h a n c e c o n n e

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T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t

T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t T h e P r o j e c t T H E P R O J E C T T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S A r t i c l e P a g e C o m p r e h e n s i v e A s s es s m e n t o f t h e U F O / E T I P h e n o m e n o n M a y 1 9 9 1 1 E T

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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Uniform Circular Motion

Uniform Circular Motion Unfom Ccul Moton Unfom ccul Moton An object mong t constnt sped n ccle The ntude of the eloct emns constnt The decton of the eloct chnges contnuousl!!!! Snce cceleton s te of chnge of eloct:!! Δ Δt The

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What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach? 1_1. My name is Phil - lip Spoon- er, and I ... "-- -. "a...,

What do you think I fought for at Omaha Beach? 1_1. My name is Phil - lip Spoon- er, and I ... -- -. a..., 2 Wht do you thnk ought o t Omh Bech? Fo STB Chous Text tken om testmony beoe Mne Stte Congess by hlp Spoone dgo J=60 Melss Dunphy Sopno MN m= " Good mon ng com mttee Good lto Teno 0 4 " L o" : 4 My nme

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176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s

176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s A g la di ou s F. L. 462 E l ec tr on ic D ev el op me nt A i ng er A.W.S. 371 C. A. M. A l ex an de r 236 A d mi ni st ra ti on R. H. (M rs ) A n dr ew s P. V. 326 O p ti ca l Tr an sm is si on A p ps

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Chapter 5: Your Program Asks for Advice.

Chapter 5: Your Program Asks for Advice. Chte 5: You Pogm Asks fo Advce. Pge 63 Chte 5: You Pogm Asks fo Advce. Ths chte ntoduces new tye of ves (stng ves) nd how to get text nd numec esonses fom the use. Anothe Tye of Ve The Stng Ve: In Chte

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_ J.. C C A 551NED. - n R ' ' t i :. t ; . b c c : : I I .., I AS IEC. r '2 5? 9

_ J.. C C A 551NED. - n R ' ' t i :. t ; . b c c : : I I .., I AS IEC. r '2 5? 9 C C A 55NED n R 5 0 9 b c c \ { s AS EC 2 5? 9 Con 0 \ 0265 o + s ^! 4 y!! {! w Y n < R > s s = ~ C c [ + * c n j R c C / e A / = + j ) d /! Y 6 ] s v * ^ / ) v } > { ± n S = S w c s y c C { ~! > R = n

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P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 p r o t e c t h um a n h e a l t h a n d p r o p e r t y fr om t h e d a n g e rs i n h e r e n t i n m i n i n g o p e r a t i o n s s u c h a s a q u a r r y. J

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Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch.

Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch. Wnn f gn ht Wnn Song A g t ht Tn ong to A k g wnd A ong d no. no Sh Wnn Wnn th Wth. y t d to A ong k t Bg gn y H go wth Wnn Whn h f. wnd ootk H Wu Wu th t. Ptu Dtony oo hopt oon okt hng gd ho y ktod nh

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OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9

OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9 OH BOY! O h Boy!, was or igin a lly cr eat ed in F r en ch an d was a m a jor s u cc ess on t h e Fr en ch st a ge f or young au di enc es. It h a s b een s een by ap pr ox i ma t ely 175,000 sp ect at

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THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EO IRIS u blic Record. Key I fo mation. Ma n: AIR MATERIEL COMM ND. Adm ni trative Mar ings.

THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EO IRIS u blic Record. Key I fo mation. Ma n: AIR MATERIEL COMM ND. Adm ni trative Mar ings. T H S PA G E D E CLA SSFED AW E O 2958 RS u blc Recod Key fo maon Ma n AR MATEREL COMM ND D cumen Type Call N u b e 03 V 7 Rcvd Rel 98 / 0 ndexe D 38 Eneed Dae RS l umbe 0 0 4 2 3 5 6 C D QC d Dac A cesson

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Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031

Parts Manual. EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 EPIC II Critical Care Bed REF 2031 Parts Manual For parts or technical assistance call: USA: 1-800-327-0770 2013/05 B.0 2031-109-006 REV B Table of Contents English Product Labels... 4

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L...,,...lllM" l)-""" Si_...,...

L...,,...lllM l)- Si_...,... > 1 122005 14:8 S BF 0tt n FC DRE RE FOR C YER 2004 80?8 P01/ Rc t > uc s cttm tsus H D11) Rqc(tdk ;) wm1111t 4 (d m D m jud: US

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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{nuy,l^, W%- TEXAS DEPARTMENT OT STATE HEALTH SERVICES TXAS DARTMT T STAT AT SRVS J RSTDT, M.D. MMSSR.. Bx 149347 Astn, T exs 7 87 4 93 47 18889371 1 TTY: l800732989 www.shs.stte.tx.s R: l nmtn n mps Webstes De Spentenent n Shl Amnsttn, eby 8,201 k 2007, the

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12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development

12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development U PL & EET E 28 Vel ee eded 2 P.. ) LL EET T E 2) PPVE E ) ET E ) e e e e eded eebe 2 Plg & g eeg b) Bldg Pe e: eebe ) PUBL FU ( -E TE): g be bg bee e Plg & g eel ll be de ll be e. 5) UEETFEEBK: ) be ll

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I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D IS L A M I C E C O N O M I C S I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D E x p l o r a t i o n s i n A g-b eanste d S i m u l a t i o n S a m i A l-s u w a i l e m 1 4 2 9 H 2 0 0 8 I s l a m i c D e v e l o p m e

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". :'=: "t',.4 :; :::-':7'- --,r. "c:"" --; : I :. \ 1 :;,'I ~,:-._._'.:.:1... ~~ \..,i ... ~.. ~--~ ( L ;...3L-. ' f.':... I. -.1;':'.

. :'=: t',.4 :; :::-':7'- --,r. c: --; : I :. \ 1 :;,'I ~,:-._._'.:.:1... ~~ \..,i ... ~.. ~--~ ( L ;...3L-. ' f.':... I. -.1;':'. = 47 \ \ L 3L f \ / \ L \ \ j \ \ 6! \ j \ / w j / \ \ 4 / N L5 Dm94 O6zq 9 qmn j!!! j 3DLLE N f 3LLE Of ADL!N RALROAD ORAL OR AL AOAON N 5 5 D D 9 94 4 E ROL 2LL RLLAY RL AY 3 ER OLLL 832 876 8 76 L A

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THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EO 12958 THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EO 2958 THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EO 2958 THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW E0 2958 S T T T I R F R S T Exhb e 3 9 ( 66 h Bm dn ) c f o 6 8 b o d o L) B C = 6 h oup C L) TO d 8 f f

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ME306 Dynamics, Spring HW1 Solution Key. AB, where θ is the angle between the vectors A and B, the proof

ME306 Dynamics, Spring HW1 Solution Key. AB, where θ is the angle between the vectors A and B, the proof ME6 Dnms, Spng HW Slutn Ke - Pve, gemetll.e. usng wngs sethes n nltll.e. usng equtns n nequltes, tht V then V. Nte: qunttes n l tpee e vets n n egul tpee e sls. Slutn: Let, Then V V V We wnt t pve tht:

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h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner

h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner m m i s t r * j i ega>x I Bi 5 n ì r s w «s m I L nk r n A F o n n l 5 o 5 i n l D eh 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? { D v i H R o s c q \ l o o m ( t 9 8 6) im a n alaa p ( M n h k Em l A ma

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Help parents get their kids settled in with this fun, easy-to-supervise coloring activity. A Fun Family Portrait... 3

Help parents get their kids settled in with this fun, easy-to-supervise coloring activity. A Fun Family Portrait... 3 K u R C d C! m m m k m u y g H p u R Cd C g d g b u d yu g p m d fu g f pg m g w Tk yu C g p D Ng kd pg u bk! T y g b fm dy m d md g g p By pvdg ud d ug yu u f D Ng Cg v, yu b pg up g u d g v bf W v pvdd

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How to Use. The Bears Beat the Sharks!

How to Use. The Bears Beat the Sharks! Hw t U Th uc vd 24 -wd dng ctn bd n wht kd ncunt vy dy, uch mv tng, y, n Intnt ch cn. Ech ctn ccmnd by tw w-u ctc g ng tudnt cmhnn th ctn. Th dng ctn cn b ud wth ndvdu, m gu, th wh c. Th B cnd bmn, Dn

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Let s celebrate! UNIT. 1 Write the town places. 3 Read and match. school. c 1 When s your birthday? Listen, check and practise the dialogues.

Let s celebrate! UNIT. 1 Write the town places. 3 Read and match. school. c 1 When s your birthday? Listen, check and practise the dialogues. UNIT L clb! Sud Bk pg W h w plc. l c h m c u chl g w m m l p p c p k 7 b 8 l y. L, chck d pc h dlgu. Rd d mch. c Wh yu bhdy? Wh d h flm? Wh p wuld yu lk? Hw much h dg? Wuld yu lk g h pk? D yu lk c? 7 Wh

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Copyright Birkin Cars (Pty) Ltd

Copyright Birkin Cars (Pty) Ltd E GROU TWO STEERING AND EDAS - R.H.D Aemble clue : K360 043AD STEERING OUMN I u: - : K360 04A STEERING RAK :3 K360 045A EDA OX K360043AD STEERING O UMN Tl eque f embl f u: - mm Alle Ke 3mm Se 6mm Alle

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ADORO TE DEVOTE (Godhead Here in Hiding) te, stus bat mas, la te. in so non mor Je nunc. la in. tis. ne, su a. tum. tas: tur: tas: or: ni, ne, o:

ADORO TE DEVOTE (Godhead Here in Hiding) te, stus bat mas, la te. in so non mor Je nunc. la in. tis. ne, su a. tum. tas: tur: tas: or: ni, ne, o: R TE EVTE (dhd H Hdg) L / Mld Kbrd gú s v l m sl c m qu gs v nns V n P P rs l mul m d lud 7 súb Fí cón ví f f dó, cru gs,, j l f c r s m l qum t pr qud ct, us: ns,,,, cs, cut r l sns m / m fí hó sn sí

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"The Crescent" Student Newspaper, December 31, 1935

The Crescent Student Newspaper, December 31, 1935 D @ x Uy "T c" Npp c 12-31-1935 "T c" Npp Dc 31 1935 x Uy c k : p://cx/_cc c x Uy c ""T c" Npp Dc 31 1935" (1935) "T c" Npp Bk 1403 p://cx/_cc/1403 T Bk y p cc y c D @ x Uy ccp c "T c" Npp y z D @ x Uy

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TUESDAY JULY Concerning an Upcoming Change Order for the Clearwell Project. Pages 28 SALLISAW MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY SPECIAL MEETING

TUESDAY JULY Concerning an Upcoming Change Order for the Clearwell Project. Pages 28 SALLISAW MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY SPECIAL MEETING SSW MUCP UTHOT SPEC MEETG TUESD U 2 200 0 00M SSW WTE TETMET PT COEECE OOM EPPE OD GED Mg Cd T Od 2 Dc Quum 3 c B P m B P h H W Eg Ccg Upcmg Chg Od h C Pjc Cd d Cc d Ep Ph Pjc Pg 28 dju Pd u 22 200 Tm

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Ash Wednesday. First Introit thing. * Dómi- nos. di- di- nos, tú- ré- spi- Ps. ne. Dó- mi- Sál- vum. intra-vé-runt. Gló- ri-

Ash Wednesday. First Introit thing. * Dómi- nos. di- di- nos, tú- ré- spi- Ps. ne. Dó- mi- Sál- vum. intra-vé-runt. Gló- ri- sh Wdsdy 7 gn mult- tú- st Frst Intrt thng X-áud m. ns ní- m-sr-cór- Ps. -qu Ptr - m- Sál- vum m * usqu 1 d fc á-rum sp- m-sr-t- ó- num Gló- r- Fí- l- Sp-rí- : quó-n- m ntr-vé-runt á- n-mm c * m- quó-n-

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H STO RY OF TH E SA NT O RY OF E N G L R R VER ritten for the entennial of th e Foundin g of t lair oun t y on ay 8 82 Y EEL N E JEN K RP O N! R ENJ F ] jun E 3 1 92! Ph in t ed b y h e t l a i r R ep u b l i c a n O 4 1922

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Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region

Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-U region atoshi Inomata Institute of Developing Economies ETRO Development of cross-national production linkages, 1985-2005 1985

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I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o

I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o u l d a l w a y s b e t a k e n, i n c l u d f o l

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Ah, gentle Jesu. su! Ah, gen. Ah, gen. su! that. Who. doth. call? that. that. Who. doth. that. call? I a sin - ner that oft doth fall. Mer. oft.

Ah, gentle Jesu. su! Ah, gen. Ah, gen. su! that. Who. doth. call? that. that. Who. doth. that. call? I a sin - ner that oft doth fall. Mer. oft. Verses, if not burden, John Lydgte (d.1451) tle su 6 tle tle s ner tht t doth Who Who fll. is is tht tht tht tht Sherynghm Fyrfx Book (c.1500) BM Add MS 5465 doth doth Mer s ner tht t doth fll. 11 Lord

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! -., THIS PAGE DECLASSIFIED IAW EQ t Fr ra _ ce, _., I B T 1CC33ti3HI QI L '14 D? 0. l d! .; ' D. o.. r l y. - - PR Pi B nt 8, HZ5 0 QL


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PHY2053 Summer C 2013 Exam 1 Solutions

PHY2053 Summer C 2013 Exam 1 Solutions PHY053 Sue C 03 E Soluon. The foce G on o G G The onl cobnon h e '/ = doubln.. The peed of lh le 8fulon c 86,8 le 60 n 60n h 4h d 4d fonh.80 fulon/ fonh 3. The dnce eled fo he ene p,, 36 (75n h 45 The

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Chair Susan Pilkington called the meeting to order.

Chair Susan Pilkington called the meeting to order. PGE PRK D RECREO DVOR COMMEE REGUR MEEG MUE MOD, JU, Ru M h P P d R d Cmm hd : m Ju,, h Cu Chmb C H P, z Ch u P dd, Mmb B C, Gm Cu D W Bd mmb b: m D, d Md z ud mmb : C M, J C P Cmmu Dm D, Km Jh Pub W M,

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FIRST PART OF BOXER NAME FIRST PART OF BOXER NAME FIRST PART OF BOXER NAME FIRST PART OF BOXER NAME. Find the initial of your first name! M L L O P B O V D 1 0 1 4 1 8 W K # 4 O N H O H O D Y C N M 9 1 5/1 0 4 5 P P L D O N 1 5M N B nb /N m /N N m n o/ h p o n w h ou d ndp p hm f o hd P V C Wh Y oundb nb WHY ODO b n odu n ou f ndw om n d

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Can't Buy Me Love. (Medley of Hits by the Beatles) ...*.e.s... ..*.6..e.. NHAL LEONARD'

Can't Buy Me Love. (Medley of Hits by the Beatles) ...*.e.s... ..*.6..e.. NHAL LEONARD' 00216056 STB US $2.95 Cn't Buy Me Love (Medley of Hts by the Betles) Here Comes the Sun In My Lfe Cn't Buy Me Love Chorl rrngement by udrey Snyder Instrumentl rrngement by Pul Murth vlble for STB, SB nd

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I;;"" I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5" i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT

I;; I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5 i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT 5 ;; _L_ 7 9 8 A Ll(;O '{ L _ OFFCAL RETURNS GENERAL ELECTON RAmE 98 9 w ;; (k4(ap 'A ' lee S'T'lTE 5'C TU AS c ; _ l6l>'

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6.6 The Marquardt Algorithm

6.6 The Marquardt Algorithm 6.6 The Mqudt Algothm lmttons of the gdent nd Tylo expnson methods ecstng the Tylo expnson n tems of ch-sque devtves ecstng the gdent sech nto n tetve mtx fomlsm Mqudt's lgothm utomtclly combnes the gdent

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Calculus 241, section 12.2 Limits/Continuity & 12.3 Derivatives/Integrals notes by Tim Pilachowski r r r =, with a domain of real ( )

Calculus 241, section 12.2 Limits/Continuity & 12.3 Derivatives/Integrals notes by Tim Pilachowski r r r =, with a domain of real ( ) Clculu 4, econ Lm/Connuy & Devve/Inel noe y Tm Plchow, wh domn o el Wh we hve o : veco-vlued uncon, ( ) ( ) ( ) j ( ) nume nd ne o veco The uncon, nd A w done wh eul uncon ( x) nd connuy e he componen

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35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3

35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3 - - - - ff ff - - - - - - B B BB f f f f f f f 6 96 f f f f f f f 6 f LF LZ f 6 MM f 9 P D RR DD M6 M6 M6 M. M. M. M. M. SL. E 6 6 9 ZB Z EE RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ ZM 6 F FP 6 K KK M. M. M. M. M M M M f f

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Exam 2 Solutions. Jonathan Turner 4/2/2012. CS 542 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

Exam 2 Solutions. Jonathan Turner 4/2/2012. CS 542 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms CS 542 Avn Dt Stutu n Alotm Exm 2 Soluton Jontn Tun 4/2/202. (5 ont) Con n oton on t tton t tutu n w t n t 2 no. Wt t mllt num o no tt t tton t tutu oul ontn. Exln you nw. Sn n mut n you o u t n t, t n

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CANADIAN RAILROAD HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION NDN RROD HSOR SSOON NOEOED NOEORD MONRE ND MONREND E ::fs S R:: ROH :; OH NO NO 63 - -- --- - ---------- ---- -- -- - 956 G ::6 ; - R HY NO E OF N N :S!;G NG : MGg R M g R H w b H m 92 py - B : p j Dg

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FICH~:s lciithyo\l~~trio~es.

FICH~:s lciithyo\l~~trio~es. PB FCNyM UNLP T g vg wk b b y y g b y F wk v b m b v gz w my y m g E bv b g y v q y q q ó y P mv gz y b v m q m mó g FCH CTHYOTROES P W P -C b } k < HP- qe q< - - < - m T

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Please turn in form and check to the office by Monday, December 11 th. HomeGoods. American Express. Lowe s. American Girl. Macy s.

Please turn in form and check to the office by Monday, December 11 th. HomeGoods. American Express. Lowe s. American Girl. Macy s. Wh d v p u h w f? B v Sp d m u v h hd, h d ju h wh u m fm b f u PTO! Sp p h M f d. If u d mh h d fm, h u h Bm f vb. Th hudd f h. W w b d hd d du Md, Dmb 11h d v bf h u Fd, Dmb 22d. F d v $100, u p f hm

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Available online Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 2016, 3(6): Research Article

Available online  Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 2016, 3(6): Research Article Av www.. Ju St E R, 2016, 3(6):131-138 R At ISSN: 2394-2630 CODEN(USA): JSERBR Cutvt R Au Su H Lv I y t Mt Btt M Zu H Ut, Su, W Hy Dtt Ay Futy Autu, Uvt Tw, J. Tw N. 9 P, 25136,Wt Sut, I, E-: 65@y. Att

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COMP 465: Data Mining More on PageRank

COMP 465: Data Mining More on PageRank COMP 465: Dt Mnng Moe on PgeRnk Sldes Adpted Fo: www.ds.og (Mnng Mssve Dtsets) Powe Iteton: Set = 1/ 1: = 2: = Goto 1 Exple: d 1/3 1/3 5/12 9/24 6/15 = 1/3 3/6 1/3 11/24 6/15 1/3 1/6 3/12 1/6 3/15 Iteton

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fur \ \,,^N/ D7,,)d.s) 7. The champion and Runner up of the previous year shall be allowed to play directly in final Zone.

fur \ \,,^N/ D7,,)d.s) 7. The champion and Runner up of the previous year shall be allowed to play directly in final Zone. OUL O GR SODRY DUTO, ODS,RT,SMTUR,USWR.l ntuctin f cnuct f Kbi ( y/gil)tunent f 2L-Lg t. 2.. 4.. 6. Mtche hll be lye e K ule f ene f tie t tie Dutin f ech tch hll be - +0 (Rece)+ = M The ticint f ech Te

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E-Companion: Mathematical Proofs

E-Companion: Mathematical Proofs E-omnon: Mthemtcl Poo Poo o emm : Pt DS Sytem y denton o t ey to vey tht t ncee n wth d ncee n We dene } ] : [ { M whee / We let the ttegy et o ech etle n DS e ]} [ ] [ : { M w whee M lge otve nume oth

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Years. Marketing without a plan is like navigating a maze; the solution is unclear.

Years. Marketing without a plan is like navigating a maze; the solution is unclear. F Q 2018 E Mk l lk z; l l Mk El M C C 1995 O Y O S P R j lk q D C Dl Off P W H S P W Sl M Y Pl Cl El M Cl FIRST QUARTER 2018 E El M & D I C/O Jff P RGD S C D M Sl 57 G S Alx ON K0C 1A0 C Tl: 6134821159

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glo beau bid point full man branch last ior s all for ap Sav tree tree God length per down ev the fect your er Cm7 a a our

glo beau bid point full man branch last ior s all for ap Sav tree tree God length per down ev the fect your er Cm7 a a our SING, MY TONGU, TH SAVIOR S GLORY mj7 Mlod Kbd fr nd S would tm flsh s D nd d tn s drw t crd S, Fth t So Th L lss m ful wn dd t, Fs4 F wd; v, snr, t; ngh, t: lod; t; tgu, now Chrst, h O d t bnd Sv God

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N C GM L P, u u y Du J W P: u,, uy u y j S, P k v, L C k u, u GM L O v L v y, u k y v v QV v u, v- v ju, v, u v u S L v: S u E x y v O, L O C u y y, k

N C GM L P, u u y Du J W P: u,, uy u y j S, P k v, L C k u, u GM L O v L v y, u k y v v QV v u, v- v ju, v, u v u S L v: S u E x y v O, L O C u y y, k Qu V vu P O B x 1361, Bu QLD 4575 C k N 96 N EWSLEE NOV/ DECE MBE 2015 E N u uu L O C 21 Nv, 2 QV v Py Cu Lv Su, 23 2 5 N v, 4 2015 u G M v y y : y quu u C, u k y Bu k v, u u vy v y y C k! u,, uu G M u

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SAMPLE LITANY OF THE SAINTS E/G. Dadd9/F. Aadd9. cy. Christ, have. Lord, have mer cy. Christ, have A/E. Dadd9. Aadd9/C Bm E. 1. Ma ry and. mer cy.

SAMPLE LITANY OF THE SAINTS E/G. Dadd9/F. Aadd9. cy. Christ, have. Lord, have mer cy. Christ, have A/E. Dadd9. Aadd9/C Bm E. 1. Ma ry and. mer cy. LTNY OF TH SNTS Cntrs Gnt flwng ( = c. 100) /G Ddd9/F ll Kybrd / hv Ddd9 hv hv Txt 1973, CL. ll rghts rsrvd. Usd wth prmssn. Musc: D. Bckr, b. 1953, 1987, D. Bckr. Publshd by OCP. ll rghts rsrvd. SMPL

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the king's singers And So It Goes the colour of song Words and Vusic by By Joel LEONARD Arranged by Bob Chilcott

the king's singers And So It Goes the colour of song Words and Vusic by By Joel LEONARD Arranged by Bob Chilcott 085850 SATB div cppell US $25 So Goes Wods nd Vusic by By Joel Anged by Bob Chilco he king's singes L he colou of song A H EXCLUSVELY DSTRBUTED BY LEONARD (Fom The King's Singes 25h Annivesy Jubilee) So

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X-Ray Notes, Part III

X-Ray Notes, Part III oll 6 X-y oe 3: Pe X-Ry oe, P III oe Deeo Coe oupu o x-y ye h look lke h: We efe ue of que lhly ffee efo h ue y ovk: Co: C ΔS S Sl o oe Ro: SR S Co o oe Ro: CR ΔS C SR Pevouly, we ee he SR fo ye hv pxel

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Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License

Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License Trn Up A Chld 2000 Pul Mrxhusen All Rghts Reserved Dedcted to Stu Tetz for 30 yers of Luthern techng mnstry Free Prse Lcense Ths lcense does NOT supercede or replce the rghts of the composer(s) under Unted

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DENTON & HASKINS MUSIC CO. INT VICTOR RECORD. No t Kg, ehw-j.5 NE W. [mill, B ROAD-WAN" liettin0 now knouf, Y-C) she.

DENTON & HASKINS MUSIC CO. INT VICTOR RECORD. No t Kg, ehw-j.5 NE W. [mill, B ROAD-WAN liettin0 now knouf, Y-C) she. ehwj5 Somebody stole ny Gl, Somebody stole mg Pl Somebody cme kntook he w She ddnt eqen sy she ws The ksses tes so Loved [mll, lettn0 now knouf, And Gee, KNOlf tht Would come to she me f she could see

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CAT. NO /irtl,417~ S- ~ I ';, A RIDER PUBLICATION BY H. A. MIDDLETON CAT. NO. 139-3 THIRD SUPPLEMENT I /irtl,417~ S- ~ I ';,... 0 f? BY H. A. MIDDLETON.. A RIDER PUBLICATION B36 B65 B152 B309 B319 B329 B719 D63 D77 D152 DA90 DAC32 DAF96 DC70 DC80 DCC90 DD6 DD7 DF62 DF91

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AN ALGEBRAIC APPROACH TO M-BAND WAVELETS CONSTRUCTION AN ALGEBRAIC APPROACH TO -BAN WAELETS CONSTRUCTION Toy L Qy S Pewe Ho Ntol Lotoy o e Peeto Pe Uety Be 8 P. R. C Att T e eet le o to ott - otool welet e. A yte of ott eto ote fo - otool flte te olto e o

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On Fractional Operational Calculus pertaining to the product of H- functions

On Fractional Operational Calculus pertaining to the product of H- functions nenonl eh ounl of Enneen n ehnolo RE e-ssn: 2395-56 Volume: 2 ue: 3 une-25 wwwene -SSN: 2395-72 On Fonl Oeonl Clulu enn o he ou of - funon D VBL Chu, C A 2 Demen of hem, Unve of Rhn, u-3255, n E-ml : vl@hooom

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Extra Sales Opportunities

Extra Sales Opportunities Ex S Opp 3 G S T Mxm S! Sgh--Bk Jmb 40 NEW Bbc Bd 9cm: Rmy ffc, Thym Ach Gd (x2) NEW G wh G 9cm: Rmy ffc, Thym Sv P (x2) NEW J Og 9cm: Og Vgd, Og H & Spcy, Og m Gd NEW Md Tw 9cm: Sv Pp, Thym Ach Gd, Og

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ON THE EXTENSION OF WEAK ARMENDARIZ RINGS RELATIVE TO A MONOID wwweo/voue/vo9iue/ijas_9 9f ON THE EXTENSION OF WEAK AENDAIZ INGS ELATIVE TO A ONOID Eye A & Ayou Eoy Dee of e Nowe No Uvey Lzou 77 C Dee of e Uvey of Kou Ou Su E-: eye76@o; you975@yooo ABSTACT Fo oo we

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< < or a. * or c w u. "* \, w * r? ««m * * Z * < -4 * if # * « * W * <r? # *» */>* - 2r 2 * j j. # w O <» x <» V X * M <2 * * * *

< < or a. * or c w u. * \, w * r? ««m * * Z * < -4 * if # * « * W * <r? # *» */>* - 2r 2 * j j. # w O <» x <» V X * M <2 * * * * - W # a a 2T. mj 5 a a s " V l UJ a > M tf U > n &. at M- ~ a f ^ 3 T N - H f Ml fn -> M - M. a w ma a Z a ~ - «2-5 - J «a -J -J Uk. D tm -5. U U # f # -J «vfl \ \ Q f\ \ y; - z «w W ^ z ~ ~ / 5 - - ^

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Beechwood Music Department Staff

Beechwood Music Department Staff Beechwood Music Department Staff MRS SARAH KERSHAW - HEAD OF MUSIC S a ra h K e rs h a w t r a i n e d a t t h e R oy a l We ls h C o l le g e of M u s i c a n d D ra m a w h e re s h e ob t a i n e d

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CBSE , ˆj. cos CBSE_2015_SET-1. SECTION A 1. Given that a 2iˆ ˆj. We need to find. 3. Consider the vector equation of the plane.

CBSE , ˆj. cos CBSE_2015_SET-1. SECTION A 1. Given that a 2iˆ ˆj. We need to find. 3. Consider the vector equation of the plane. CBSE CBSE SET- SECTION. Gv tht d W d to fd 7 7 Hc, 7 7 7. Lt,. W ow tht.. Thus,. Cosd th vcto quto of th pl.. z. - + z = - + z = Thus th Cts quto of th pl s - + z = Lt d th dstc tw th pot,, - to th pl.

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Week 8. Topic 2 Properties of Logarithms

Week 8. Topic 2 Properties of Logarithms Week 8 Topic 2 Popeties of Logithms 1 Week 8 Topic 2 Popeties of Logithms Intoduction Since the esult of ithm is n eponent, we hve mny popeties of ithms tht e elted to the popeties of eponents. They e

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Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live.

Sticky News. Also our Facebook page is now live. Sk Nw k j v #07 WINTER 2011 Fm Ow C W! W w bk w v b v m m b k w v m m Y w m m w v v m! T P C Sm B, T C, Gvv H K R w b v M C S A Fbk w v YI v v w m bk m b m w A H O w bk w w v w m m b m v qk w I w k ABC

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Copyright Birkin Cars (Pty) Ltd

Copyright Birkin Cars (Pty) Ltd e f u:- 5: K360 98AA RADIATOR 5: K360 053AA SEAT MOUNTING GROU 5:3 K360 06A WIER MOTOR GROU 5:4 K360 0A HANDRAKE 5:5 K360 0A ENTRE ONSOE 5:6 K360 05AA RO AGE 5:7 K360 48AA SARE WHEE RADE 5:8 K360 78AA

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Future Self-Guides. E,.?, :0-..-.,0 Q., 5...q ',D5', 4,] 1-}., d-'.4.., _. ZoltAn Dbrnyei Introduction. u u rt 5,4) ,-,4, a. a aci,, u 4.

Future Self-Guides. E,.?, :0-..-.,0 Q., 5...q ',D5', 4,] 1-}., d-'.4.., _. ZoltAn Dbrnyei Introduction. u u rt 5,4) ,-,4, a. a aci,, u 4. te SelfGi ZltAn Dbnyei Intdtin ; ) Q) 4 t? ) t _ 4 73 y S _ E _ p p 4 t t 4) 1_ ::_ J 1 `i () L VI O I4 " " 1 D 4 L e Q) 1 k) QJ 7 j ZS _Le t 1 ej!2 i1 L 77 7 G (4) 4 6 t (1 ;7 bb F) t f; n (i M Q) 7S

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68X LOUIE B NUNN PKWYLOUIE B NUNN PKWY NC B v Lk Wf gmt A Ix p 86 12'W 86 1'W 85 56'W 85 54'W 85 52'W 85 5'W 37 'N 68X Ggw LOI B NNN KWYLOI B NNN KWY N 36 58'N WAN p 1 36 56'N utt' v vt A S p 4 B v Lk Bg Stt Ntu v BAN 36 52'N 36 5'N p 2 Spg B

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Lecture 9-3/8/10-14 Spatial Description and Transformation

Lecture 9-3/8/10-14 Spatial Description and Transformation Letue 9-8- tl Deton nd nfomton Homewo No. Due 9. Fme ngement onl. Do not lulte...8..7.8 Otonl et edt hot oof tht = - Homewo No. egned due 9 tud eton.-.. olve oblem:.....7.8. ee lde 6 7. e Mtlb on. f oble.

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I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o u r n a l o f E l e m e n t a r y E.7 d u, c ai ts is ou n e, 1 V3 1o-2 l6, I n t h i s a r t

I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o u r n a l o f E l e m e n t a r y E.7 d u, c ai ts is ou n e, 1 V3 1o-2 l6, I n t h i s a r t I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o ue rlne am l e not fa r y E d u c a t i o n, 2 0 1 4, 1 37-2 ( 16 ). H o w R e a d i n g V o l u m e A f f e c t s b o t h R e a d i n g F l u e n c y

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PHYS 2421 Fields and Waves

PHYS 2421 Fields and Waves PHYS 242 Felds nd Wves Instucto: Joge A. López Offce: PSCI 29 A, Phone: 747-7528 Textook: Unvesty Physcs e, Young nd Feedmn 23. Electc potentl enegy 23.2 Electc potentl 23.3 Clcultng electc potentl 23.4

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The Hilltopper-40 a compact 40M CW transceiver. Offered by the 4-State QRP Group

The Hilltopper-40 a compact 40M CW transceiver. Offered by the 4-State QRP Group T H-4 m 4M CW v Offd b 4-S QRP Gu N: 2M v w T H-4 Tv KSWL v 8 Ob 28 u: u v: 7 73 MHz Tu: Hz /2 Hz Tm w uu: W m Rv u dw: x 6 ma Sz: 43 x 39 x 7, w 8 z u-d k- w O--f CW d, mb md A/B b, 8-3 wm Adjum: BO m,

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Energy Dissipation Gravitational Potential Energy Power

Energy Dissipation Gravitational Potential Energy Power Lectue 4 Chpte 8 Physics I 0.8.03 negy Dissiption Gvittionl Potentil negy Powe Couse wesite: Lectue Cptue:

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[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo

[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo [L D W W D k /%// / j } b w k w kk w b N b b k z w - k w k k b b b b b w k b k w S b b- K k D R w b k k kk k w w "b b z b bk b w wk w kk w w k b b b b q V /VSRN O R S R SON - H R VL 11 N 11 q HK NONL KONDON

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Software Process Models there are many process model s in th e li t e ra t u re, s om e a r e prescriptions and some are descriptions you need to mode

Software Process Models there are many process model s in th e li t e ra t u re, s om e a r e prescriptions and some are descriptions you need to mode Unit 2 : Software Process O b j ec t i ve This unit introduces software systems engineering through a discussion of software processes and their principal characteristics. In order to achieve the desireable

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IO Gender and natural history

IO Gender and natural history LNA HEBNGER Gede d tul hty The tylu f the fele [plt] the v hle the vulv d the Veu epd t the t Thu the uteu v d vulv ke up the ptl the e tht de btt ve t ll the fele pt f plt A f e e e eed quk lk euh f Ppu

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Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard

Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard Hol Gd Chcllo Adld o Hdly Fdy d Sudy Nhs Novb Dcb 2010 7p 11.30p G Fuky hs Chss Sso wh h Cw fo Chuky Cusd Fdy Nhs $99pp Sudy Nhs $115pp Tck pc cluds: Full Chss d buff, 4.5 hou bv pck, o sop. Ts & Codos

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AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 WAYS G d f p k. S ff f Ld d v wd, T k bck! I gbg dvu, u c w g d w g, f uk uk d d b d b. Yu Exp fu c, pc d, w wdd d d! W f pb u, d ck dd d, u b pc ju! Pp bk cfd g F Swdp Cuc dd. FSC p v pb, c bfc d cc vb g f

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i t 1 v d B & N 1 K 1 P M 1 R & H 1 S o et al., o 1 9 T i w a s b W ( 1 F 9 w s t t p d o c o p T s a s t b ro

i t 1 v d B & N 1 K 1 P M 1 R & H 1 S o et al., o 1 9 T i w a s b W ( 1 F 9 w s t t p d o c o p T s a s t b ro Pgm PII: S0042-6989(96)00205-2 VR, V 37, N 6, 705 720,1997 01997 E S L Pd G B 0042-698997$1700+ 000 P M L I B L P S M S E C S W A U O S R E R O 1 f 1 A 1 f fm J 1 A bqu g vy bd z gu u vd mvg z d,, -dg

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r.----: -- w_ The J rivrri5 Co. ìroadwaytiieatre BLDG,fiEWYORK 136 NORTH NINTH 3T., PII1LA,PA.

r.----: -- w_ The J rivrri5 Co. ìroadwaytiieatre BLDG,fiEWYORK 136 NORTH NINTH 3T., PII1LA,PA. : w_ The J VRR5 Co ìroadwayteatre BLDG,fEWYORK 36 NORTH NNTH 3T, PLA,PA Wods by Athu Longbke Ty Ths On You Pno Honey Wll Long Fo You Musc by Ed Edwds Pno, ^ He the stem bot whs tle blow ng, Tht mens good

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Son. H orace Gleeson. B o o s e y & (a. N? I IN B" N?2 in Db N 3 in E» N 4 in F. TKe Words and. M usic. 9 East Seventeenth Street.

Son. H orace Gleeson. B o o s e y & (a. N? I IN B N?2 in Db N 3 in E» N 4 in F. TKe Words and. M usic. 9 East Seventeenth Street. N? N B" N?2 n Db N 3 n E» N 4 n F 4 3» 3 SUNG BY J ohn McC o c k Son X / 7 TKe Wods nd. M usc by H oce Gleeson ce 6 0 c en ts ( n e t ) B o o s e y & ( 9 Est Seventeenth Steet. New Yok 295 R e g e n t

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Exterior Building Renovations

Exterior Building Renovations xterior Building enovations Fifth treet Henderson, 0 Project : 0-0 ate: J, 0 OPL O L H F O O P L uite 00 outheast hird treet vansville, ndiana 0- :.. F:.. H POJ LOO HH VH OMMOWLH JFF J XH M V OH M FFH

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Crowds of eager worshippers trooping into the venue

Crowds of eager worshippers trooping into the venue LvWld Cv A lld y F uv Fdy m Juy ldg wk Fbuy, ud l gd LvWld Cv A Lg, Ng, l lg mg w P C ggd, Am F Ml Lv. Hly G-dzvu w Ld' y my. Adg P C, dd' ll mg. Ld lly lld m...h d l; w H wd. Cwd g w g vu AN APPNMEN WH

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--- Deceased Information. A1ry't (Ay't olll n5. F\ease turn page ) lslamic Community Center of Tempe. Please print all information clearly.

--- Deceased Information. A1ry't (Ay't olll n5. F\ease turn page ) lslamic Community Center of Tempe. Please print all information clearly. A1y't (Ay't lll l uty ete ee lese t ll t lely. Deese t st e Mle e s t\e Lee De Bth Age Dte Seultv t\ube h :;;"' :;...".::.."'t ' ' ue uetttte ube use Deth Heste Als ( y); he t vle hve lll be use t etg

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Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No

Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No xhibit 2-9/3/15 Invie Filing Pge 1841 f Pge 366 Dket. 44498 F u v 7? u ' 1 L ffi s xs L. s 91 S'.e q ; t w W yn S. s t = p '1 F? 5! 4 ` p V -', {} f6 3 j v > ; gl. li -. " F LL tfi = g us J 3 y 4 @" V)

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A Dynamical Quasi-Boolean System

A Dynamical Quasi-Boolean System ULETNUL Uestăţ Petol Gze Ploeşt Vol LX No / - 9 Se Mtetă - otă - Fză l Qs-oole Sste Gel Mose Petole-Gs Uest o Ploest ots etet est 39 Ploest 68 o el: ose@-loesto stt Ths e oes the esto o ol theoetl oet:

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Chapter I Vector Analysis

Chapter I Vector Analysis . Chpte I Vecto nlss . Vecto lgeb j It s well-nown tht n vecto cn be wtten s Vectos obe the followng lgebc ules: scl s ) ( j v v cos ) ( e Commuttv ) ( ssoctve C C ) ( ) ( v j ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( (v) he lw

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Emigration The movement of individuals out of an area The population decreases

Emigration The movement of individuals out of an area The population decreases Nm Clss D C 5 Puls S 5 1 Hw Puls Gw (s 119 123) Ts s fs ss us sb ul. I ls sbs fs ff ul sz xls w xl w ls w. Css f Puls ( 119) 1. W fu m ss f ul?. G sbu. Gw b. Ds. A suu 2. W s ul s sbu? I s b b ul. 3. A

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The Evolution of Outsourcing

The Evolution of Outsourcing Uvy f R I DCmm@URI S H Pj H Pm Uvy f R I 2009 T Ev f O M L. V Uvy f R I, V99@m.m Fw wk : ://mm../ P f B Cmm Rmm C V, M L., "T Ev f O" (2009). S H Pj. P 144. ://mm..//144://mm..//144 T A b y f f by H Pm

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CITY OF TIMMINS BY-LAW NO CITY OF TIMMINS BEING A BY-LAW o uhoze he Copoon of he Cy of Tmmns o mend By- lw No. 2014-7561wh Rvesde Emeld ( Tmmns) Popey Holdngs Inc. nd he benefcl owne Rvesde Emeld ( Tmmns) Lmed Pneshp s epesened

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A B C D E F G H I J K 3 5 6 7 8 9 0 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Cu D. R P P P 3 P 4 P 5 P 6 P 7 M ASHP 33 P C PAP P C PAP AP S AP S P C PAP P C PAP ASHP 3 AP C AB AP C BC AP C AB AP C AB AP C AB AP C AB M ASHP N405, 9 C S I 9 C S I 9 C S

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