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3 Tec hnical Se ri es No. 7. (IlIfIITIIlnmealtb Institute ()f Biological (ontrol Inola n Sl::, ion. Bangalore. Indl. U. S. DEPJ\J{TMENT OF. \C R1 CU LTU Rli. ]{EVTSION OF THE T'\CIIINIJ).E () F AMEHIUA NOHTlI OF MEX]( ~ (). FAl\III,Y OF I 'AH...\SITI C TWO \\' I N U]<;I) I.N ~E(;T~. D ~ W. C OQUILL ETT. WASHINGTON: G-0V },; )GNl\1~!'I '1' 1'It I N '1' IN ( i- (I}<,J,' l G E,

4 LETTER OF TRAN$MITT AL. U NITl 1) S ~r.a..l'e S J)EP.A..Rl'MENT OF A GRlCTTLTURl, DrV)SION 011' BN'I'01IWLOGY, Wasliin.r;ton, D. O., Jllne:J, 1!)7. SIR; I have the honor to suomit for puulication t he seventh of t il e te(lblli cr.~1 l:lcrics of lmlletins of t his Divi!>ion. It lw,s been prcp ~~red by Mr. D. 'w. Ooq uillott, of tile olliee force, aut! consi"ts of a revi ioll of tile s pecies of the parasitic flies belollgillg' to tlje family TacLiuida:, whicb occur in the United St<~tes and Oanada. '}'uo dcsirabilit,yof such n. r evision of tltose economically importall t fli es lws been apparent to all workers in ecollomic as well a.s systematic entouiology fo[, liia uy years. They are alilolig tile most illlportan t enemies of Dlany of our ](Jost illjul'ious in sects, alld their cllaraetel's arc so obscnre tlit.t W01'l; e1's lmve had tlle g'l'eate!>t dif11 clll ty iu separating one spccies from anothel', and the result is that tue litemtul'e of ec01lomic entomology in particular couta;ins mauy wrong,leterminations a nd a.bsolute misstatements based upon suc11 enollcous lh.mcs. Dl.lriJ1g the htst eighteen y(.~ars lllany Rpecics of TachilJicln~ have becll rearcd at this oftice fi:om iu.iuriolls ill sects which were being stndied. It lias beeu heretofore impossible to Y'ccord the rcsults of the c l'ctitings, on account of the coufusiol) which existed in this family, aut! ill its original conception t his study of tllo g'l'oil)l was undertaken in onlei' to enable 118 to recllrd t he resnlts of this bi(.)logic work. The rcconls are 110W givell iu tho shape of two ta.ules-ollo of par-asites and hosts and the otber of host!> lwd pal'asitcs- :tllcl a gl:ljice at these ta.bles will be illstantly collviu dllg as to the importallt alld belleficial rille wbich these lllse ts pla.y.,,\ itb tlte clear and I'ystematic cliug-no es of t ht) genera a11<1 species W11ic1l Mr. Ooquillett has prepared, ~~u y ecollomic entomologist should be able to determine just wllltt species of '!.'acbina flies are ass,isting llilll in llis work against injurious iusects. Hcspectful1y, )JOJI. JAMES WILSON, Se(}1'cla~'Y of A g1"'i oult~tl'c. L. O. HOWARD, ]j]ntomologist.

5 CONTENTS. rug-e. Natnre nnll ROOpO of the worle l-hti>i t,r of t h o jamily '1'u olliui,1 fl ior a ll (1 thoir horts , ~. 9 Pamiji tos auli their JJOsts _ Hosts autt their parasites Classificatiou Torms nsell in d08uri hing '1'rwhiniunl Titulo of gonel'a...." , SystemMic fll'l'llugoment of' tho gen om SYllOPSOS of tljo Sl) OI~ios..... _.. _ 42 Index to genera awl species _..... _ (/

6 ]~EVISION OF 1 HE TACHINIDr1~ OF \MERICA NORTH OF ' MEXICO. NA1'URE AND SOOl'E 0 10' 'I'UE WOH,K. l 'he presen t papel' is th e result of several yean,' stuuy, and is ba e(l upon the large!?el'ies of specimens colltltined ill tile Natiollal Museuill collection, maiuly rec'eived from this office, snpplcillen t d by those ill m.v own aud those received for study add idontijicatioll from vn,l'ioll s correspondents, <L1nong whom may b ~ mentiolled: Mr. O. W..)Oi.l1lS0ll, Dr. Garry den. RonglJ, Mrs. A. 1'. 'Slos on, Dr. W. A. Nason, Mr. Oharles l~,obert s(ni, Mr. Theodore Pergande, Mr. l~. H. Ollitteudell, Prof. H. h. W eed, M'I'. R. W. Doalle, allel VAbbll B( p;in. ~r)le series in the Nationa.l Musenm eollection is especially v~~ lu al)le, co ntaining as it does a, Jr~I'ge llumber of bred Rpeeimens, whic!l, mol'c tban anytlliug' else, enables us to. correctly.iudge of the extel1t to which the varioul'l specimens of the same species will vat'y among tllclllselves. 'rhil:! col lhctioll ajso contains a duplicate set of a series of specimens sent to Brauer and Hergenstamlll, of Vieu ll a, A nstria, ill exchallg'e for n, named series of European form s, a nd the latter lll1ve been very val ' nable for comparison wit,h our own generl'l, and species. These autllorfl returned llames, principally gelleric, of the series seut to t llem, au(~ in the following' pager I have indicated' these identifications as "in litt." Mr. O. n. T. Townsend kindly sent to the Musoum cot.ypel'l of many of Ilis!leW pecies, and Mr. Ohm'les ]{ol>ertson generously donated specimens from tile same series as those from which Mr. Townsend, described several of hi s new forms. The region covered by this paper includes all of this country Ilortll of Mexico, bllt does Dot talce in any of the West J ndies. W hen the faunas of these two region s llave beeu carefull y compared with out' OWll, many additional species will no doubt be foulld to iuuu,bit two or even all of tllese regions. HABITS OF THE FAMILY. Among the fifty odd families iuto which tile Diptern, of this country have been divided, the Tachinidre is by far tile most I>eneficial, jaclged fr'om the standpoillt of all agriculturist. 'I'l l only otber family tin) at all competes \vith it for this honor is the Syrpbidro; but in thil:l family '7

7 8 only it comparatively small number of genera are directjybeneticial by preyiug upon plaut lice, and eveu ilt this respect their services could in most iustances 1.>e dirpensed with, since, as a general rille, the plaut lice are held in check by the larvre of ladybinls assistell by several kinds of internal parasites belonging' to the bymenopterons families BracolJid ru, Oynipida~, and Chalcididre. So fa,r as n,t present known the Tachlnid:n prey UJ)Oll living insects only, and by far the gl'ea,ter litunber of these are the leaf eating' cater pillars of butterfiier aud motbs, a group tllat contains a large number of our most iujnrious insects; and the nl11ube1's of theseclestroyed in a single season by these parasites is almost beyond computation. Unlike the pftrasitic Hymenoptera, each species of wlilch as :,}, rille colltines its H,ttacks to a sillgle group which in some cases ir restricted to one genui'l, it liot illfrequently happells that the same species of Tachiua fly a,ttacks several difl'ereut families of insects, while quite a 11l11D bel' are _known to attack two and ev!3u three different orders of iljseets--i.jepid.optel'a, Hymenoptera, aud Coleoptera. 'l'his lias been observed not only in onl' own couut,j'y but also in Europe., At present, only five different orders of insects-the three a1.>ove mentioned and the Orthoptera and HemipterfL-are ktlown to be attacked by the Tachinid!D in this country, but in Europe several cases are }'eported of their also attacking Diptera of tlle famjly Tipulidffl. Tue Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, and Diptel'l1 are preyed upon in their pre, paratory stag~s only, whereas it is usually only the adults of t.lje Orthoptera, Hemiptera, and Ooleoptera tbat are attacked. The tachinid eggs are attached by fi, viscid substauce to the surface of the host, and tbe full grown larvm nsually ellter the earth to 11ass through their transiol'lllat ions. TIw lal'vm are of the usual maggot for III, large and truncated at otle end alld tapering to a point ill the oppol:'ite direction. Pupa,tioll talres place in tbe harc.lened skin of tile larva, which assumes a nearly cylindrical form with rounded ends, and is known as a puparium. In issuing, the adult fly breaks away the entire end of the puparium. It was formerly supposed that any caterpillar upon which olle of the e flies had fastened an egg was doomed to certain destruction, hut actual observation bas shown that this is not always the case, since in many im:tances the ca.terpilla,1', by molting or casting off its skin, rids itself of the egg before the latter has hatclled out and the yonng larva made its way iuto the body of the catp,rpi11ar. III this respect the parasitism of these insects is not so certain as is the case with those hymenopterous parasites which puncture the body of their victinl alld deposit the egg within. In regard to the possession aud exercising of that faclllty commonly termed instinct, the Tachina flies appear to ue far behind the parasitic Hymenoptera. The latter seem to be able to ascertain, by a touch of their antennru wbether or not an insect IHIS already been parasitized, and ollly rarely insert au egg ill the body of an insect that already

8 9 contains an egg or 1arva of a pf1rasite, nor Itn,s one of them been known to consign a greater numbei of egg' to a ll i ll sect thau t1le number of larvre which tllat ill sect call maintain. On the contrary, a Tachiw1 fly lias repeatedly been known to attach to a calm'pillar t111'ee or fotu' times as many eggs as t he number of larvie the caterpillar can maintain. Owing to tllis fa,ct, a great mally taclliuid larvm luust n 'cessarily perish for want of food, wbilo several wbich have barely ll ad a sufficient quantity to keep t hem alive will be co llsiderably dwarfed in size, as compared to t heir more fort,unn,te brothers, and thus it will sometimes ]Ia,ppell that!'lome of til e adu]t flies will be ollly one-hall', and in rare instances even only one-third, as long as others which were tbe progeny of' the same parent. Oertain Rystematic wl'it,ers, who have had no expel'ienr.e in rearing these fiies, by great stress on a difference in size a,s indieative of a distiuct species; bu t our breedillg records have (tbulldantly. delnoll stra,ted the fact that one specimen may be fully tllree times as long as an other and yet both belong to one and the same species. ~'.A ClI lnid FLIES AND l'iieir 110S1'S. The following is a; list of the 'racbina flies t }l ~~t bave been bred by this Division, together with the hosts from whicll they were bred. By fbi' the greatel' lltlmbcr of these were reared in t he department insectary, in chargo of Mr. Thea. Pergande...A. few additional species, sped Ill eus of which lj!we been studied by tbe writer, arc included in th is li"t. Of the publislled records, only t.hose arc includ('.d whel'e the flies llrtve been bred from otber bosts than those from wbich tlis Division ;tud its col'respondents luwe feared them; sll()h species are indicated by asterisks (.. ) in addition to the names of tlle persons who reared tbem alld to the published references. A few of the breedillg records, wllich. are evidently erroneous, are prcceded by a mark of interrogation ('). The list is in two llarts, arn10ged alphabetically: PCl1'a8itcB. I.-PAIlASl'I'lCS AND THEIR HOSTS. H08t insects..acomyit1 clentnta COl] _ Chortopbaga viriuifabciatl1 DeG. BrOll by T. Porgande June 26, 1877, from an aclnlt nollocted Jnno 11 at St. Lonis, Mo. AdlDontia demylus Wa~k. LophyrllB auuotii Loac)!. las11 (1.Juno 24, 1882, from a larva collected by E. A. chwarz, in Maryland. Lophyrus lecontei Fitch. JSBuell May G, 1886, from a larva collocte(l ljy T. Perga,ll!le in VU'ginia, October 19, Allmontift retinim Coq Retinin sp. Bro(l.April 17, 1888, by A. KoebeJo, Abmeda, Cal., from (l, caterpillar found in a bud 011 Pinlts j.nsj,gni8. AmolJia uistiu ctll.tuu!1i.acronycta daotylina (}I ote. Issued Maroh 24, 1884., froul a caterpillar collected by A. Koebelo I1t l101derness, N. H., September 26, 1883.

9 10 Aphri(t ooyptemta. 1'oWIL.... Oarneade& mossoria HalT. Ureu by C. V. rli'er, Pullmftn, \Va8h. Arcltytas I11HIl ih Faul'.... Clisiocampn californica Stretch. (Gilletto, T)'alls. Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XXll, p. 70.) Aroh.rtaH 'Iterrima De8!1. Acrouycta olloidentnlis G. & ll. Issliod August 13, 1883, frol)1 a ohrymlis collected July 10 IJY A. Knobele ill Virgiuin.. lhlronyct1.t OVltttt Grote. Issued May 13, 1886, from a caterpillar received fl'om.]. G. J~a rlow, adot, Mo. Corul'it sp. Brod by O. Lug-gel' April 11, 1874, from. (I catorpillar receivell from G. W. Letterman, 00 to bel' 12, Lt\goa orispat,a Po.v1,;. lssned JUIlO 5, 1885, from a cocoon received O()tober 22, 18H4., from.j. M. SlJaf fer, Keokuk, Iown. AlJot.Ler isslled February 15, 18fJO, froll, a couoon collect tl ill WaRhingtou, D. C., ill Scptember, l 88H. Bolvosia. bifnrcl;tta Fabl C ithol'oui.a regl1lis Fall1'. JK8ued.Tilly 17, 1873, 1\11<1,JUUIl 2,J, DryoCfiIl11M rl1uiclllhb Ji'a./)). Brod August 15, 1872, byo. Lugger, at St. Louis, Mo., frolll a. catorpillur oollected.1nly :~. HemileuclL Bp. B recl in 1889 ljy A. Koobelo, fro,u a Cll.t 'l'pilhtl' found a.t Lan'a,ster, Cu,). BelvosiH. IInil'l1scin.ta Desv... Loncauiu linipmlota Hm'l'. Bred iu 1896 by M. V. Sliugerla.J1(l, n.t Uhaca., N. Y. ]jiolllyia. g-corgim i 11.,f' Jlel'l/... Caloaom:l ca.litlu11i Fa.ln. Brod h.\' A. F..B1ll'I-!:f)SS JUDe 28, 189 ;, fro II, II> IJelltle found.tllne 6 at Am llq'l'st, Mass. C1\1080u\a pol'ogriul1toj' O,ter. Ured uy tho writ"w JUDO 25, 188H,,~t L()~ Ang()les, Cn.l. ; t ho tndliuid pn]lnria wore found iu a dond bootie.jnuo 17. lliel'lu.l'ipoza tl(ll1~tl~ l, uell!... ADlloflhuis pictu, Pack. CHs.ioOlLmpa (IOIJRtricta StreIch".Bred in JllUUl1r.V alld ]~ehr n t~ I' Y, 1891, by A. KoolH'llo from oltter}lilbrs colloct-ell at St, Helen,\, Cu.I. Clisiocampa thoracici.' StI etch. Urod ju 1890, by A. J{oeuele, from.l'atoltjillara collected nt Glen E llen, Cnl. Ha.lisidota. edw::l.1:dsii.l'aok. 13rod by the writel' at Los Angeles, Gal. Lell"nrcti:l. a.cnell D, ll.1'li. (fr. E.lwlw(ls, in Locw'a Dipt. Amor. sept. iljdig., out. X, No. G7.) llrachyeoull~ d,widroui 0 0'1 '... Rombuk fervirllt~ ]l'ab,. J3J'tld lj,v Dr. A. Davidsoll, LOij Aug los, 1\1.; tho t,nchinid 11ll'VlIl fed on those of tho Bo mhu!!. Cohtl,o.l'ir\ uinbl'otio:l) S I,imel.. Dii\broti a 12'puud,n.t,t Oli ". Issne.l August 3,1889, from adult beetleti collected by T. Pergallde in Washingtoll, D. C. Din.broticl1 soror t'v. Bred by tho writer.jllly 5, 1888, nt Loa.A ligoles,.cal.; the tachinid lurva. jsau(l(l from all 11dnlt beetle Jlln 21. AnoMler issl1eu A ngnst 15 (tnt1 was chu,nted to no fiy An'gnat 28. Other llills ia8uo(1 August 29 and 31. Also bred ill,juno, 1889, by A. 1\00bel0 from llll adult colleoted ju Santa Clara County, Cal.

10 11 Celntoriu. uiu.broticm shlltcr.... Dill-brotion. vittntn Fab. Erell.Tnly 21 rll.icl August 5, 1 97, by F. H. Chittcnuen from au allult collected at Bl'oolc1aull, Md. Cb mtogmui!l crcum t'. d. W... Agrotis sr. Brell.July 11, 18R8, hy the writor froth It oaterpillllr fon nei.jnno 2 :t.t Los AngeleR, ClIl. Tnouiocnmpo. tufuln (;, otl:. Broil July 29, 1888, l.y tho writor from a O(Ltol'l,i1br fonnd.juue 9 at LOA Angelos, CII1. Ch miogmtlill H1ou ti<-.ola J/igot... CU l'u Ol~<1eB sp: l1rtlil hy W. G. \ VfLit, I,ailna, N. Kona, TIawfLii. l'cl'itlromu, sa.ncia Tr-ll cu. Issnod,T,mo H, um:., frolll a Clll'YSll.lis roceive(1 Muy 1:1 from WiUilllll Chappelow, Mouruv ia., Cal. ]'yramtlis cnl'lli\i t:i1m. ]trocl by t'110 writol' nt LOR Augolofl, C,\]. Cistogaatcl' imllulcnlutn. J]Jocq *(~) L ol]e,mia li.tdpllucta 1111'10. (1"01'1',\8, 'Psycho,.TuIJe, lr!l3, p. 4(;G. ) CI'Yl, tolll oig, nill. ti,c nt.i R lra,71.:... LlI,()llllostel'lI l1 itn'orslt nm"" 1"8 Uoo1 ~1a.1 () h 23, 18!lS, f rom a.n adnlt l'plltlo eo lle C'(,ed by'!'. ] 'or g-auilo, in Miloy, J8\)2, H.t WlI.sllingtotl, D. C. Eehinomyia. alg-ons lfitlll.... ]:la.rloll a I ig)licolor aile". (Gil/otto, 'l' M. Am,,1" F.Jlt. Soc., Vol. XXII, p. 70. ) Epigriwy ill fl oril1e n s i ~ Town..P lnc1 ;'~ 8p. 131'Oll by T. D. A. Coe1;"ru11, Mosilla, 'N. M.ox. E upbvl'(lcera cl l1l' il'ejlnir.iljelv'l AcronycbL La UlltllIf'lis (;'''CII. 1s8 11e<1 August 8, 1882, from l1 caterpillar colloctnl July 23, hy A. 1(00- hele, in \ irg ioia. Ag mnlis vlijliu'{i Lin'l/. Broil ScptemuOl' ] 2, 18BS, hy ])1'. A. ])n.vj,lrou, Los Ange les, UII1. Aletja argillacea l[lwb. I SR ll oil Aug-nat ]1, 187fl. AuiMotlL sellntoril1 S. S A. 1 B811 0,1.J une 13, 1R80. Ar.atllra celtis Bd. -Lee. (H iley, ill SClltldol" R.Bllt ~ torl:li er of Now Eughmtl, Vol. nl, p. ]922.) ApM,lIm cl_yton f/,l. L~c. 13l'utl hy H. A. Morg'uu, Batoll ROlIgu, L a. Areti'1 <loeta W("lI.-. Brod.J nne 26, ]883, fl y t ho writer lit Atlf1heilll, Cal. Cemtomi(L\lpm R(J';,[UZ. JS~ li etl,jilullul'.v 7 alld Octol,('l' 5, 1894, llull.j anuary 5 Imu 26 oml. 1:'elll'1UU'y 20, Chl'ysol11 (ll'ljjjliltipullctata Sa.y. 13roll JII.ly14, 1872, h y O. Lugger from It ltll'va founu July 1 nt St. Louis, Mo. C]isioOfUIl]J o. clisstriu Hnel!. Brod by C. H. ]"eruald, Amhorst, Mass CrocotarllbiellJltlal'ia Tr/l, b. I RB ued October 25, 1882, from n 'aterpiljaj' eolit.ctoll Ma.rolt 15 liy A. Koeuele at Archer, FIl. Datana contraotn. Walk. ' Bred August 30, ]886, by F. M. W e bster, Lafayotte, Ind.; oue cntel'l'ilhtr bore 115 f\.llother 131, n thinl 213, (mu a. foluth 228 eggs of the 'l'achiull fi y. ElI.Ipl'otiaBtimulea Clmn. Issued.July 24-,188[1, from u c('coon receivecl September 3, 1884, frow J. B. Smith. Montioello, Ind.

11 32 Euphoro(;om o]nripennis Jlf,,ICq Epilachna borealis Pabl. nrcd by D,. R.iley, Scp tllmltm: 10,1871, fcomu, lal'\ ' i~ coji!)ctfld August 18 ill New Yorl( or Now.Toraoy. :EuboliDII ' ap. Bl'eel by A. KO(;Jbel e from a caterpillar [o lmd OIl P"OB01)'iII jttujlo1'a in I'anamint Vl1llt y, Caiiforniu" jn ];'oitill herilia OI I)i e. J~81'1o(1 May 11,13, alld 18, 1895, from catol'l)ijlars recail-ed April 13 frow I V. D. Ki(jJ'olf, Ja.cks(lo, 'I'elln. Also JUliO G, 180::;, f!'o m a caterpillal' l'ecoivocl May 8 from S. MenilJ, l\'fille In Motte, Mo. Hal isidotn. tob8ellatl~ S. 'S- A. Issued August 24,1.89(;, from tt.;atol l'ilia'l' roceived Augnst, 1 ii'om L. Coll ins, )Irooldyn, N. Y. Hurrisinll amel'icall11 HlII'I'ia. JS8necl J mlo 26 and 27, 18!11, fr('1ll n. c:ttel'pilln.r reeei yod.j llno 1::1 from.t. F. 'W ilson, :rlln1all, Oa. llcmil oucn, artemis Pewk. IssuodApl.'il30,.18f) I, froju II cl.lterpi ll M" reeohou June G, 189:3, froth '1'. D. A. CO(lklll'ell, T,a~ Crllces, N. Mex. H ernilellca llj oetl"~ WI'ig itt. nro!1.j , 11187, by tile writer fmlll!t cl1tol'pillat (Jollectctl April 12 1l1l[1t Riverside, Cal.; the tltcllinid l:.ll'\'lt issued,l \)ue 5. J,ftgon. sp. Issuo,l OctohoJ' 3, LOl,hYl'llS Ap. J~8ued Mal'ch 5, 1889, frolil It llll'ytl l'ecoh'ed Heptcmuor 28, 1888, from G. W. J\1:1I'ti ll, C hatt ttn oo~l1, 'rell1). Mamllstm trifoji i Roll. Bred.July 4, 1876, b y T. Pergande 1i'om II caterpillar T(\oojyoil.JUlIO 8 ("'om M. G. GI~ li t, l'a,rlisville, Mo. IHslIllrl NO\' ClIll,(l1' 17 and 18,1881, from a ClLtt;lrpilln.r collectocl OotolJer Hl by Dr. Howard iu Wnsiliugtou, D. C. CEdernusia. ~oueinlla S. <\'. LI. nred August 2;~. 1876, by T. l'(~rgn,nue from It ca,terpillltr l' ()ci'vc(l Angllst 16 from.johu Burritt, East (. ~ n.ut o n, Mo. Ol'gyill lcll oostigm:l. S. 15' A. Issue(l Septelll bel' 21, 1895, from cllt.ys:l.1is M llectecl Septom bel' G; a,uel Septombor 23 from n. chrys:),lis collect ed SeptoJUl)er 6; and Se'ptem b or 24 from cli,terp ilinrs collected Sortem~ltlr 4, 7, ~Llld 11; ad(l Sept"mlier 30 from ft ()u,tm'pmnr cnu()ctecl SepteJlluel' 11,1895. Alao issue(l April 16 ami in Jnly, 1 9(). All Wllre from Ol'gyin~ collected n,t " 'ashiugtou, D. C., l)eptatu, OUCH. Bl'od J nly 2, 1886, by the writer n.t Los Angel es, Cal.; t ho tltebblid lnrvlt issneel.tnne 2. Vallossa Ilntiopu Linn. (Dimmock, in Soudder's Butterflies of New Engh.~nel, Vol. HI,}> ) EutrL~:t mnsurin. Walle Ln,ohnosterlill. [l.rollutll Smith. Issued Ma,rch 12, 16, and 23, 18f)5, from an adult beetle collected in W:1s)li.ngtou, D. Exoristn. fbffin i ~ Full.... Arotitl.' sp. Issued December 16,'18, ami' 10, 1889, frow n, catorpijl:].l stn.tod to lie E Ul'opean, reeeh'ed December 2 from O. Lugger, St. Anthony Park, Minn.

12 13 Exorista blcmd:.t O. S... Euclea cippus Ol'amt. l ssuetl.tuue , from a Clttol'pill:tl' oollectocl Octohor 9, 1883, 1,y A. 1\:00, bole, iu Virgiuifb. 'NisouiarJes brizo RIl. Lee. (Scudder, ButterOies of New E nglltnd, Vol. III, p. 1!J19.) ' PYI':, rneis ual'dni LiN'll. (Riley, Cllu:ldiali Ento mologist" Vol. XIX, p. 16:'1.) Exorist a hoarmi:l) Cog BOllrmin, p,\mpiuarilt GuO'll. I RRlled ::\optomber 12, 1883, froul a clltcl'pilllll' r eceived A Ilg llst 1'1 1'1.' B. Smith; Cotnit1, M:tKS. Lo);ostoge simi),,!is r; li on. lsmued July lg, 1886, from it chrysalis rocoi"o(l from W. F. Avet w, CaUl don, Ark. Exoristu, ccmtomi'l' COI[ Clwatomiu. 1l1ldulos:l. W(Ilk. BrOIl May 28, 1S7ii, by ])1'. Rile.v, from u. cnterpillul' fountl Octobol' 2, 187.t, at St. Louis, Mo. Omplw,loc.el'a o(l.l'iosa LorI. l~ s llod.j nj y 2, 11{92, J I'OlU a cal,erllllllll' received from \V. S. Nowlon, O ~ weg(), Kans. POII\pdi,t sp. IsstlouMI~'y 28, l R89, from flo (:tltol'pii IlI.r fo und b y II. All isoll OIl :1 ])[wkborry troo iu Or to b el', Hi88, nt Fort Worth, 1'ox. Pyl':tl iu. I SS ll Od ill Septombol', 1890,1'1' ( ltt(ll'. pi1l31' COlwd Oll poison ivy by,j. G. Bnrlow, Cadot, Mo. ExorisLa Cl iw l to?!'l Amnhnis pict,a P( Bred in 1882 uy the wl'itor at A n"hoiu1, Cll!.!\l'\:tia.clo<:tn, JfaU... Bro,l Jnuo2G, 1883, hy t ho writ61' n.t A1HLh oim,cll,i.; t ho tachinid larvaisbut tljlilh1l7. Exorista eotlflnis Fall ". e ll t'~" s o p l t;1ljlls :l(authoid e8lioi~d. (81 itu1ul', E uto \i('al Noli'S, Docombel', 1891, 1" 1[18.) DOtldrohiulls ho\l'ardi lj!la,,.. ISHll od Apri l 20, fro ljl a c'ttorjlilj a.r received April 10 Ih,w.1. W. TOIllUUY, 'l'llcsotj, Ariz. Lyc:.enrl exilis Boi8it. nl' e d 'u~7 'l'. D. A. Cockorell, Lns Crnct's, N. Mox: * L YC1l' mb psondo;rgiol1ls Btl.-Lee. (ScnddOl', Buttor Hies o f New Englttnd, Vol. Ill, p. ] 920.) LyuUl ll a 8]'> (,,1 MIIY 24, 188G, fl'0 1l1 a catorpil. lar fcl llliu on a b icl ory tj'oo.mas 9, by T. l'ol'grmde, iu tho District of Cuillml,iu. ' Thecla (\alllnu8 ITu uu. (Sau)JU.,1 8, Call. E nlodlo!og ist, Vol. XIX, p. 16G.) Exol'ista elldl'ym 1'own.. _....,AcrOIl)'utn h alllamoli6 011cn. Issuou Au ~n~t 8, 1882, from a catl'l'tjillltl' fol1dl1 b y A. Koobo16,.1 uly 23, in Virginia. Ael'onyetlL luteicoma C. 4' R. Bl'od by DI'. Riley Doc(lrnl)er 31, 1871, at St. Lonis, Mo. ACl'onyct a S]). Brud Apl'il 11, 1874, by O. Lugg r, fruj[l a Clttcl'pillnl' colloctotl ApJil 5, 1873, at St. Louis, Mo. I ~8 ucd J Ill.V 24, 1882, from u. catol'pillllr fou1)(l by A. Koebele, July 9, on a u oak tree at Hyltttsvillo, Md. Another issued Ma.y 10, 1883, fro m a ('atel'pillaf found on an oal tl'oe. Agrotis YpMilou Rott. Issned Fcuruary 15,1875.

13 14 El'oriHtaoudrYlll TOW1' Alypia oct,orno.cujoota Hneb. Issued June 2, 1884, f.i om (1 caterpilb1' 1'0 'O[\-OU from Missoll1'i. Euclryu.s unio Ebtvu. 13to(l by T-r. S. Jewett, Dayton, Ohio. Hctex'omtmpa marthe8if~ ', allt. Bred l,y O. Lugger, at St. Lonis, Mo. Hyporchit'ia io ll'a.b. l~sue(l May 31, Pymmeis atalanta Linn. llred by P. S. Sprague,.Boston, Muss. Exorista Haviroatris v. d. rr..... I...,tg on. opernularls S. of- L1.. baned JUllO 30, 1880, from a OOCOOll recei,'ed March 4, from R. S. Tllt'l1or, Furt George, Fla. Also JaUU'11'y 21 alld 22,1889, froul a caterpillar ro"eh' IHl f rom T.M. McMeokin, McMeekin, Fla,. Also Deocml'Ul' 3 and 4, l 88!"), fl'om a cn.terpiunr ret"ui " crl fronj Dr. Neal, FJol'itln; nui! J Ill y' 31, 18DS, frolu a CO (;OOII received front E. W. HogorR,,)onnings, Vn.. llrod May 11, 18!)), by fl. E., :Vuc!1, Agricllltm'al Oolleg!), M.i~~i8sippi. Issuer1 Jnne 2, l>i9g, fl'orn uuoterpi1lal'8 collecteu. NovombfJ.l' 2:,,1895,!'.V E. A. Schw:l.l'y., I,t Victoria. Tex. EXOI'.ista I'll Lilia n. S. _... _ CliBi octhllrill tbol'11cici1 8t-I'010ll. Breel in 1890, by A. 1\0obelc, 'at Ulen Elleu, Cal. J [adelja npli,mi I'orutis Gl oll). Iss lied May 16, PYJ'lIln eir ItLal,1t1 tit Li'" I.. (l'bl'ris und Suuddor, (:1I,n. E n Loulo)og'ist, Y (I]. XIX, 1)' lg2. ) J~xo l'i sta gl'i~eo Uli c>1i I R I'. d. Jr. (lrg-y in lellcoatig-rua 8",. ~r' II bb. Issued.Jllly 17, 1896,, ii ou, a cocoon colle, ttltl il) 'NlIsliingtoll, D. C. ExoriRta isi" OQ'1 '-'".... l saiuol'1l 3,ta 0.,1' 1{. Issl1 tlll.june 16, 18k6, f1'0 1l It uatol'pillu"l' collected Septembor 29, 1885, l,y O. Lugger. l:xoribt;alobejiw CIJIJ Acro ll.l'ct:~ h ltllln.ljjeji s (/lt01l. lasutlil.a llgllbt 8, 11:182, ff'om a caterpillm' collectell 'by A. lc'ocbelo in Virgillia. ACl'Oll,l'cta Jobolilll Onen. 18sI1ed April 21, ACl'O ll yntll BI'. IssLlod.,J uly 28 ant1!!l, U!82, from (1 cnterpill,u' found Oll alj ofi,k tree in. Mnrylancl, Jllly 2, l.y A. ]I:oobel t!. Org'yia leuco"tigma S. <S' A. Issuod July 21, 18D7, I'rollJ u, eouoou coneotod in "\Nashiugton, n. C. Exoristn potioht.:t, 00(/. _.... Lopb,nus sp. Issued Juno 23, 1883, from it larva couected,)lil!o 3, l)y I r. niloy, in Virgin in. Exol'i~tn pyste Walk..... _ltypouoilh "ta lliultipunctollll Clo".. IBSUtl<l :&0 :Iud 23, 188J, from a cntorl'illllr collected J ""0 1, uy.l\. Roouele, in "\Vashil1gtolJ, D. C. MillO<lla ithliginella Zell. Issneu July fi, 1886, fi:oln n caterpillar reoeived from O. S. Roberts, Oxford, Inc1, AUl1,hUle 18, 1897, from a caterpillar I'UuoiYe(l,Jnuo 10, from W. A. F ib])er, MOBello, Mo. l'~1 J'lJJid. bsullu June 22, 1886, from a catorllillar fol1nd May fi, on i1 hickory tree, by T. PtlrgaJlde, l),t W" hington, D. C. AlBO October G, 189G, froul tt eatorj)illal' found August 10, on cn,bbage, by n. 1\1. S im on~, ChllorlestcD, S. '. "- Theel,. fl,utolyt'us Eif1tl. (, in Scm](1ll"r's Buttorflies of Now EI)gland, Vol. Ill, 1) )

14 15 EXOI'iBta pyste Tortriciu. Issuod.Jlme 26, 1 8D, from u. caterpillar fouuu June 21, 011 a couar tree by IT. '1'. Fuchs, Tiger Mm~, Tex. Exorista v ulgaris Pall ~ 1'iori8 I'll,pro Linn. (Lintnor, CltH. Eutowologist, Vol. XIX, p. lfh. ) Pyrausta p ellitajia Ol'Ote. (Forbe~, Pyscho,,T1Iue, 1893, p. 1(;7,) FJ'Outiult aletiw Biley.... _ Aletia flot'gillaeon Hltcb. rssllou Novemh'lr 23, I 78. Also lll'(~d AUgURt 21 to 31, 11<80, l,y,h, n, Hllbb ani, n.t COlltol'villo, Fla. Corum sp, 13re(l l,y A, 1\:ool)ele from II, cnterl'il]tw {ottrltl on willow n,t Los AugolcB, Cltl. Das.)'lopha a,llgniutb S, ~)' A. Bred b y K 1l ll l'gubs, 130,,01'1.1", Muss. ITali ~ i<1ott\ mti culata ITa1'!', Bred ill Felll"lllll',\', MarciJ, allc1 April, H;89, by the \\,ri ter lit Lo~ Aug-elos, Cal. Halisi(lot:1 tollst l\lltll S.,f' A, lssuoll AUgllRL 1<1 ""d 15, lspg, i'rom n cntorpiilar J'oeoivtltl fl'''lll L, Uol lill~, Rt'ooklyn, N. y, LU,gOfL opercllhll'is S. S' A, Iss...,,(l ovtlmber 27, 18!Jl, from It (lntel'pillar rccciyoll Novomber l:.l from H. Stlll'ell S, BI'UZlll'irL, Tox, Orgyil1 loucost,igl" n. S,!I" A. Iasned Stlptembor 18, ] 89fi, ["O'l) ll cate]'l'i1l:r.l nollocto([ Sept~mber 7; alj(i SO})tol1lbcr 20 from a c,.torpi)lilr collected eptolllber 5, tho tachinid IIH'va huving' is811ml. optmn- 1)01' 9, Also Sept-eml,o!' 23 [,'011, a cocoon ('ollented Soptflmher 6, Also Soptomber 30 frollt a!!aturpil Jar uollected flepteml,er ]3; tho ta.chillhl ltll'vu. Issned SCl,telnbol' 1.8, 1891). j\ 180 i~s l )(Jtl ill.janllary, Febrnary, and J" ly, All W<>I'O from OFgyia colled.ctil1t Washillgt.OIl, n. C, ]!'rolltiulb u.rchippivol'l1 Will.... Agl'otis ypsijotl Rolt. Cli~iouatUl ' IL collstl'icta St.'etch, llreu b y Dr. A. Davidson, Los AIIg'clos, Cal. ClisioCl1mp'1 }lluvialis D,I/(Il'. 131'0(1 ily C. V. Piper, P IIIIIllI111, W"sh, J),.nu,is fn'('hipilus 1<hIJ'l'. )\1'0(1 b y C. \",. JOII1l8011, Pltihdolphin., Pa,; and ',V, Pip!)]', P nllml1tl,,,\7 a~h. LaphygrnfL fl.twimacn latll Tfm"v. 188'11 od May 2D,1897, [rom a caterpillar Ttlccil'" d May 17 from S. A. l)ell~o, Sail Bel'ltarc1iuo, Cu.l. rymm(:jia om aui Li." "l. ilred l,y tlji) writtlr at Los Augelos, Gal. ryl'o,trl OiM cilryc Iflwb. BI'(;d February , by A. Koebeltl, AlulJI!ltllt, 'ILL; also 1)1.'0<1 l,y the writor at Los Angeles, Cld. Froll t,inlt armigm',. Gog _. IJeliothis arrnigor H7Icb, Bred J IIUO , 1,.)' tuo writer 'Lt Los AItgelos, Cal.; the t.:wuinitl ltu'va issnecl J uue 1. Yl'OntilllLfrellchii Will Auisota sanatoria S. 9' A. lssttcc1 in Angust, 1879, :md Jnno 21,1880, Also July7, lg,ls, llnd 22, 189G, from caterpi lilli's colloctf'<l hy F. C. Pratt a t LAk9- Jllnq,!Ii!I., Seytember 2, 1S0ii.

15 16 Frontino. fronchii Will..... AlliMot!~ virginieusis n1'l11!!. Issued liby27 o.ndjulle 7,1874. AttacHS oecropin. Lin?!. 131: <1 Maroh 17, 1890, by G. Valentine, Har!l.lnontowll, N..T. Atiiacns sp. TIred Jnnc 21,1891, lly the Wl'iter, from a Cecropift like COCOOll on Ceanothu,8 sp., nenl' Los Angeles, Cal.; the t!whiuid larva issued May 26. BOlllbus sp. Bred frolu a nest; Call iuln. Cerntowiu. eatnlp[,l' lioi8d. Iss110d in August, 1890,.from a caterpillar coll octed ill the District of Columbia. CHheroni[\' regal is Fa,u1. Clisiocarnplt umeri cana ltmt. Issued.July 17, 1893, frool a cocoou r eceived J nly 14 frolll G. 13. King, Lawronco, Mass. Clisiocampa californic!. St'l'ctcit. Ih'ecl in May, hy A. Koouoltl, Alatnedo., CuI. Clisiocampn. COllstricta Stretoh. 111'0(1 J.u1y 5, 1889, by the Wl'itl!l', from a'pill:t1' collected MI'y 5 neat Los Angele~. Cal. Clisiocampa rlisstria Huev. (Hltfvey, rsycho, May, 1801, p. 85.) Cli~ioMJ!I'p11 thol'ucica St-/ etoh. TIred in 1890 by A. J{ocbelc frau) a catel'pij]af found at Ghm Ellen, Cal. Dasylopba anguina S.,Y-.A. ilrell by E. Burgess, 13(II'orly, :MI.S8. DatulJa lijilj'istm lj1'tt1 1!. I~~lJed May 2, 21, 25, and 30, HlU. Also SeptewbBl' 11, 1893, and.july 17 aml AUg-llst 6, 1!5!J4, froru cat:orpilhu's l'o<.:oivod July 2<1, 1893, frolll A. W. BuLlor, BI'ooleville, Iud. ] httu,ljii ~p. I~8ue(1 Muy 28, 1875, [!'Oil) a caterpillar 1 'OUllU on '1 birch tl Otl.. Di8~o8toint <.:a1'01ill l' Lj,ml. 'l'hl'co wel'o b1'od April 22, 1874, uy O. Lngger, 1'1'0111 atlults collocto<l l\t St.. L01~is, Mo., tho l'l'oviot1s yom'. J)l'yocalllj'llt J'IlUiclln<la 1>'111/1'. ISAuod June 30, 1890, frolll a caterpillllr collected by F. C. Pratt, July 11,1895, at Lltl(eland, Md. ]~ uchlllte~ ogle ljnw!i. (Forbus, IJsyche,.June, 1893, p ) Heiio t ijis ::trjlliger lltwv. Hyporc]'Jil'in io Fltlw. Broli Octol,tlr 11, 1879, hy G. n. French, Cilrbondale, Ill. Hypso1'vplm hol'lijos n :li,ev. Issued July 18 und 23, Iehthyul'lI iuelusl1 Hlwh. DrOll March 11, 1875, by O. Lugger, from a caterpilhl.r collocted at St. LOlli.,;, Mo., the previous yel\l'. Also ured in 1889 by P. M. Webster, I,afayetto, Inli. lssned Jnly 27, 1893, from [L oocoon reoeived Jilly 18. Ol'gyin, lollcostignm S. g' A. Issued in.july, 1896, ["om catorpilluj.'s collectod nt'washiugton, D. C. "P"l'ijio tllrj1tl8 Limn. (Scl.ldllcl', Butterllies of New Eughlud, Vol. III, p )

16 17 }~rolltiua frllncbii rrm Pyrnliu. Issuod Apl'il28 awl May ii, 1883, frolll cat tlrpillars fouut! Octnl'or 20, l X82, IIU llll illdel' f,1' 0 ill Virginia. 11,Y A. l\ool,e!e. P Yl' <Lm c is cal'(lui Linn. 1l1~,,1 loy F. M.,"Voh Mf,er j 'l'nwusollu';n lilt. " 'chizu1'11 unicnrnim.,f'.d. (P. A.Mal hltt;, Psyche, Decollluel', 18!l1, p. 187.) SUllIl'illtU\\S r.ol'isyi Inl'u!I. 1\1'011 hy A. KoouOltl, in 1887, fro II I,..catlll'l'illa.r [(H illel at St, lieloua, Cal. TtlJ,,~ l'olyl.' lo ollllis G"ml/" hsllod Novem!'er 15, 1882, [Hul MILY 3, 188,L Also bred by S. Halely, Catil ",isr II, I'a. l<'j'olltiilil irrof)lliet.a W,r/./,;.. Papilio tlooa ~ L inll. I HS II Oll Fel)rllar~ r 28,1880, iroljl II cb1'ysali" rua,d"od.jan",,,'y 27 frollt l'ruc,.j. 11. CoutRtock,.J ac](soil\' ill 0, Fill, E'l'outina violontn Wltl/.... J'h ilawpc!ur dtis Linn, Brot[ Octolotll' ~, ] 88'[, l,.v T. J'el'g'allllc, [1,t,,',"sitiug' toll, I I. C. \ ' uncsh'l n.utiop1l JAlln. (Riley, ill t'cuci,ltl1"h Bllt, t",rllic~ of Nnw EI.lg-l:tn(\, Vol. ] [I, ]I ) (:ollia c'"pi(,,,t.u. /ICO...., 11 [t<1011 [1, {10VllB(lttrix /j1'(icc. ]\\'ecl.1 Illy 2(1, ll'!lo, liy C. ].'. G illetto, Amos, Jow". Laphyg-llIlL frllgiper<l:l S. [' A, JIl'oci ill 18KO by 1.)'ue Kt[1,l' l illg, S lilili y~ i(l tl, Ark. PtlridrOllHl BILuci.. iil/eu, TSHIl OU,) IIUO 1-1, lku5, fi'01i1 a catl' rpilhl' r tl"l,i\'oll May 13 from,\-vili. Cba,I'Po, low, MOllrovia, Clll. ' Hillll'uJla fnlvicoruiij Coq AcritliidW. IHsllml Ma)'(;11 4,11584, [ nllllll )I 11 I'ari nlll founa ajdollg" lot: IlHL ()gga at ljos(:u'yon, N. H., SeptelllUCI'14, 1883, uy A. KOI>loelc. J-Iyphautl'opl>:lga hyph:llitl'i<l' Town Encatcl'vn, "ariari.. U, ote. ('I'OWlI8Hlld, Peycho, AP1'il, 1 8!'1:~, p. 2il8.) H ypualltl'ia ctljl oa 11) I/,r!!. Br(jll1,~ r C. U. '1'. Town. Benit, Sopl oll,be1' 1, 18!J1, at L1L~ Crllcl{8, N. Mex, ' VIII1"88Il wilbe l'li Uodl. (G illotto, 'l'l'illl~. Amor. Ent. SOl:', Vol. XXII, p, 75,) fiy!,oatonll \l!11'uat;. Cory... Coptocycla chw Ill.. Fuur. BrOil froid a Im'va, ill.j Illy, 1897, h~' W, (:..rolillsoll, College, Md. Disonycll l1 Xlllltholllf lwilil ])al1n. Hr~t1.June 26, 1H97, l)y F. H. Chittolld!m, from all adult ljootlo colloctod!lt, '~l a8! ';li gtn ll, V, C. liypoetelll1 lloriuollsis Tuwn... Blast(l1Jn. ~ i 8 lluuilella Ze1l, (1.,June 26,189[;. Scilizocllra ol'ell:t XOl't. lssned A Il~ u st In and SIl'P' t e mbcr HI, 23, and 27,1887, from Jal'V tl\ receivell AllglI ~t 18 from C. \\'or ok1 0, Ocoall /Springs, M iss. HYPo8tona tortricia CO"...'i'ol'tricirl. Iheel August 15, 1890, b y the writer from 11 Mtorpillnr folinel Jl1Jy 26 ill :.L nes t of Jiluvee 011 Solanum doitgiu8i [1,t Loa Augole8, Cit!. HypostenQ. val 'i:tbili~ COl]. Cltrpoca.psa. }loulolllllln, IIi'll". J'yransta p onitltjis Grofe. bsuecl August 15,1883, from a caterpillar collectod Angl1st I, by A. KoeheJe, ill Wasbillgton, D. C. 'fenthre<1inid. I a8 notl May 27, 1884, frolu a Jr.l!'va follncl on an awer tree ; l~l B o August 20, 11196, from n lltrv1l.[ou+ld Oll I1Jomwa pand1tratlt ijt Mis 535!)-.c o ~Qlll't,

17 18.J uriuia lllctalli< :t Jlc.n EOl':l11 t1wri'1 B(lJ' iholji!~ Bred.J , 18S0, b y Vl'. Turnor, Port Oeol'go, l l'l n.. LeijkiulJlilua t,oj) cm Wi."cl... 1'Y1'a1id. Tssllu,l :Jll1 y 3, 1885, from :~ caterpillar folllld b.v T. Pergande, Ma.y 30, ou a fern i ll Vir ginitlr. Lillll" ' ''' ~'i'' <',,"11... Htll... AgJ'otis }' )lsiloll J~(ltt. ilm,] JlI1y ]9, 1887, by tlt(l w ritlll' fy'oi11 II "fl,terpillar fccoiyed.)nne 7 from Ml'~..i\1. St ll tt'orrl, Na.p:t COll"ty, Cal.; t ho tncbini<l ]'1l'V". is"''of1.j IIl.Y 1. Cam eu ti os messorin. [J(wr. ]1l'e<1 uy C. V. ] 'ipor, PUll lll:lll, \\':l sl,. M'1C"I ""rl,i" pri HI,iM W"I/,,,...._.) Jalisidota. :" gl)ll tll,('a. ]'(l.vk. I"s l1 od,lnne ~, H;H;i, fj'o lll [I, c<ltol'pill:1l' r"cei\'ud 1I1ay 1~ fl'fh" A. 1\0. 1'1'116, AUro, ". 1\lil]s, O J'og. LiUl ncolios 8]'. (CoII,,,tool,, P"ycll,.Julle, 1 ~!J2, ". ~7". ) l\ l l~hiljl!j ' '', " "lit.l' hi:.. '/'(1' ~ ElIlitc hi", l'iue",l'ill, JoIil uh. (G illett,(i, Trans. Allier. };" t. S()c., Vo l. XIX, ) ' 1I Yl,h nlltl'i ll, o"d tm J)1 /II Y. (Jo'orhoR. l'ay('he,.j nne, 189;1,1 1 41;7. ) Mu~ i" o r a, 11I,I'oi<l1l'1I /10."' Arz:lIl ta. 0111il) llll t,l, G.,f'R. Jssnell 'Mn.y 12 Iw<113, l~:l, lind.j line 2 1., 188<1. IIy,]rwcia, nitch. G I/ cn. JR8 ueu.july 2G, 1890, from a c:llcrpilj:n l'ecuived.july 2:; from F. A. Drowu, Everlltt, Muss. llia,mil'om tll ll t l' l'o<1 illill'li'iiii1 1~1t ( " ' /"..."""""... "..,. Tell tll1 C'<liniu. (Hn.rrillbrtou, Trans. Al liei'. Eut. SO,!., Vol. XIX, p ) Micl'ophthn]1ll1111isj l1u, tl1 lri"fl.. Lad JlI llstcrn/1 al'r nntn. SmUh. lsrn ed Ootoher 15, 18f1l, fl'lllll II pllparillrll follndin t h e skin of 11 1nl'va AIIgnst 12, by T. Pergande, nt ' nshington, D. C. Myill ph lts i lll"nol~ Wiell Bt0n.ninuij 1l11SicllS Sa'!I. laslled.j11ly.22, ChalcodermliB 81'. Bred lly R. A. Morgan, Baton R.OIlg'tJ, La. C0l1otrt1 <:11elu8 jllglallclir l,co. Issned Jll1y 16, 1 ~(j, fl'lldl '.1 la1'\'a fol1l1duy T. Pergande in Washington. Also J UllO 29 aut! 30, 1896, from a ][1,1' 1' 0. l'eceivod June 2 from.j. O. B[~rlow, CiLdet, Mo. (~)Le ll callit~ ll nipnll ()t(~ Ha1v. (Forues, Psyclle,.Jnne, 18!l3, 1' ) Sph OllOpbol'1ls. parvlllus O-yll. (Foruos, loco cit.) Myioph lls il1 robustn Coq SpLeuophol'llS l'obnstl1s Horn. Bred in October, Ul8G, by A. Koelle]c, from It lilrl'a founrl Itt LOB Angeles, Cal. O ()YP t O l':~ carolillll).ih'8(! A ridiidid. (Forues, Psyche, June, 1893, p. 46G.) (')LeUCalJitl unipullct(l, HalO. (Forbes, 10c. cit., p. 466.) P:tf'~l ~ ' ''l'll tlh\hn l1 A Il ol'idensis 1 '()/(li/... JS0c101)tn. e1cg(1n8 Sill" Brod b y Dr. A. DI1YidsOll, Lo~ Angeles, Cal. POloplL'na cemolltarina Drury. Bred b y the writel' ill-qctoher, 1891, 14 speoimells from a JI >s t foul1l\ Novollluor 11, 1890,110(11' Rillcou, Cal.. Also bl',l.fuly 28, 1892, by Dr. A. Dav idson from tho Il ljijt of It burrowing wasp nt Los A..1)~e les, 0( <'(1 Jll1y , froid il n e t receiyod tha.t day frolu A. Oemltll', Wilmington 181(1nd, Ga.

18 -19.~DI IJftb Instilute of BiololJiclIr r...;t... dian SlIU:fo S lviiuu., n. an,a/ore. India. P i~ch Y01)h th lllmil R f1 0 r i (t on 8 is 7Q"1tL " TrYl'ox y loll POlit"lli SIl,Y. ( \Vobst,er, 111'111. Ohio Exp('r. Statiou, Techuiea.l Series, Yol. I, No. S, p.1(;8.) Pncb y tl]lhtball.lm BBi~ Uib tu ~Jlfl"i fl. I 'e lop a' ll ~ comujl ta r illb D,'u,, //. HrC'tl IJ,I' H.-n. l1"h. Lanl, A " g ust VI, frolll a, nost col louw,l ILt l'olll;or ville, Fla. Trypoxyloll 8J1. ]11'0,1,J uly H, 181)0, Ly E. A. Schwu.r?, from :I, II ost folt.nll at n e rkclo~ ', \\T. Va. l':iliy, ri a. peuitlliiti C,,!J....I'yrn.nstn ponital ia U.,.ote. nrfjll,juih, 1, J87ti, hydro Wl oy, at St, LOII.iH, Mo., from a ",',tel'pillar eol- 11'cttJd tuo l'rii \'ioll~ yonr. Al~o breo May I ii, 188:;, by Miss M. E. Murt.foJ(li, Kirkw... d, Mo. l'ajlzeria ralliculj1 /<'((/),'.... ll~ phall trin, " "IIO:L ])"II"f/. Brod Apri l 1;{, 187,1, by O. Lllgger, lit Rt. LOlli~,.Mo., from 1I eocooll 1'01111(1 O"L.. hcr 2(1,lSn. Also iss li (I,! frol1l a, catorl'illnr coll emcd ill \\' :l sijillgtou, I). C. HyplllLutrj" Ap. Issued March 2[;,,11,1 30, 18!:J(j, from c" [ tlrjlill :Il'~ collodoll AIIg-IiRt 11', tho!), (In a l'u1' ~irjj ruon tr 'e at Hiycrl' i",,-, li1i1., ll y T. Porgnlltlo. Phoricl)luta sequ:lx fr.1l..... _ ~ NOU[, li 'L fonnietl, Ta'll8ch. (Cook, Notosoll I njuriolls Irl Rtll\tR, ) Not>tui cl. Hl'cll in,) n,i,)', 1!lil!l, 1JY A. 1\:01 1>0Iu, from '" cnterp;nhl' collect"d lit SU llllll it, ('u]. ]'!Joro()tlra coru~tocki Will.... _ ~ LOl'hyrns sp. (Forues, Payubo,,) nne, 18H3,' 1' ) Mega,tuywu8 y ucca, l:ci.-li'c. Bred M",rch H, , 1ly O. Ln/-ig-ul', from a, 1111pa.l'iUln rucciyilt1 from Sout.h Carolill :l.. l SS liotl March 21 a.lltl 26, 1R!J2, from n, ch,to1'l)llbr l'tlcclve(1 from.1. H. MellichaUlT', n,nffton, S. C. ~ J'yr,msta, Jlonit(Llia (:1 Ot6. (Furbos, J'SY(Jh ll,,i \luo, 1803, p. 467.) l'horocon\, 001'Y1'1\Or", W,lf,!!.. Doryphom 10.1lIle:\tu Sit!!. ht!litlll July 30, 1897, from :, larva coll"o:ttlll by Fl'af\k ljolltuu at 13cr WYlI, Md. Vanossn, HoutioT''''.Lin1l. Brod Ily ])1'. HiJtlY, a,t tlt. Loujs, Mo. P horoctll'a lcuc:111iw Cog... LenclLll ia nnipnncta. I:Ia.w. J~ ~ li c d.jlllltj 4., 1!j!!6, from a e",terpilj:u' roueil'ud Ma y 4 f l 'OIIi J. O. MIL() ke \', Hip1oy, TODU. L oxostege s imilalis lshlltiu,j Ill y 7 'lua 9, 1888, frou1 caterpillars ro()llivell f1'01 11,\V. F. Ayera, CaJllden, Ark. 1' 1111roco1'a JllUT:1 13i!/ot..... _.... TOI trix citrana F'CI II. IIrot! uy t bo writer Muy 13, 1887, from a cll,turpillar co llec~cd Ap ril 28 at 1,011 AnguIea, Ca]. l'bul'ocera sauudel'si: fri ll.... ' Argynnis cybele Fal)l"' (Riley, iu Som](1er's llut ter(iie ~ of New Englanil, VoL III, p ) P borocem to.rtl'icis COII... TOl'tl'i id. TIrcd by '. P. Gillette, frl.lul a caterpillar follnd on a cb erry tree in Micuigau. rjoc'toph lllelis8opodis ()0'l.-.. Melisso})Ils 1Miferrealla WI&h1lt. III~ll d.tuly1!j,1892. Als!) ured J uly 20, 18!J3, b y MiMS1I1. R l\1 l1l'tfej(lt, Kirkwoo<l, Mo. bsned May 5, 21, 25, and 28, 1!J4, from oaterpillars culleeted itt AI)ril l.y T. Pergande in Wash.ingtoJl, D. C.

19 20 'Psouuochs.'ta ILl'gcntifJ'olls Goq.. ilontbyt:icl. 131'6u by tho wri.t or M(~y 23, ~,J, I1l1d 3D, 18()O, from a co;tel'pill,1i' f"11l1d May 20 feeding Oll li (;h en~ Oll all applu treo at Sa,nta BM'l)",rlL, Ca,]. Pseudochmta J.ymlicli~ (;"'1... Pyn~litL Issued Mal'cl, 24,1880, fron, a cat.el'piliur fllnutl i n u. Ul'"t (If 10al-08 Oll au oak troe. Senutniuilb tdliueata I'. (I. W.... ( f) LOlicullia uuipnllctll JIu'w. Cror1'C8, 1'aycll o,.tune, 18!J:l, p. 4Jii.) Sphocius spociosnk 111'111'Y. 1 ~8l1()tl Aug- llst 7,1890, ff'tl lli it, I1 HRt fou lltl A II g' IlRt 0, by '1\ l'el'g;:1i111e, in 'Wash in gton,1). C. Si ph,," u, 1'IUHi,," (;"' J 1II Ria t:f1lij'urni ca. SP II!lf l'. Bred lj ~' t h e writc']'.july ' ~. 18!12, at LOB AllgoJes, ('ILL; tbo t,aciliui(l b l'l' a is'' li u<l.j (Ill" 18 fl'u"'1l ("~to l 'pi li a r col 1 o(;tod,j nu u 17, S i' :t n " " 1.I~ lia 11l'H p"ridal'"cjl "'ill.' Elltlaml1B tityr Jl s Fa))')', (IT:1l'l'is, ill SCIlc]clor's Hntto,!li l'~ of 'ell' Eng-laud, Yol. III, p ) S t.lll'llli l~ IIllli fl' O ll ~,I'"l!.: Ecp:lIlth()l'in. sc"'il)ollin. Stoll. llrecl 'by II. G. Hnb \n,l'cl,,~t ('(lut,un'illo, F I (~. Leucn,rl'tin, ac;r",n, ])I"IJ.1'!I. 131'oel.1UIH) 21) (C,ncl.Tnl.y 2, 1881, '10,\' ])1'. Hiley, from a catorpilhtl' )'ocoi I'OU.Julle 11 f "oll' A. 1'. nutlet', Col1l,u1>i",. s. C. I~8"tlI1 liil.ll'('lt :W!~lJd :lg. 1883, frum :L COI'OOIt 1'0- coil' erl Mar,,;1t 9 frow :Ml's. A. I '~. HlIsl" S HU.)Os(;, Cnl. Also ured hy MI'A, W. Religm', l-i nrtforcl, COllll. T ~S ll Ct l,l,we lg, ] ><85, f rolll It cocoou )'0- coiv(jll fl'om 111 Ill'pby Brothol's, l'f1rih, Tox. Stlll'llliit cli ijt. iuct,n J')T,;fld......,.Pl'ot"PIl,I'C:U "<JI"" ij nll,d l, Bred JUI)" I, ]880, 1..y G, n. l"l'(lu l'h, (:al'uomlalo, nl. l rot."l':1i'ee.i "" ";d,,tlu~i8 JJ II,tl. 1>1'0<1 SoptOluuor 7, IHH!J, h,y C. J I. T. TOWllS<1l1l1, Kingsj,nn,.1 :1JUaic-a. Sl'hillg'i(1. T881l0cl MI~Y H, 188B. fnllll It catel'pillar J.:Olllltl Oil a u usu tree b y G.]f. li atl,awn.'y, J'a,l"stine, Tr~ x. A],o NOI'CllJUe r ~ L, IHH3, from a caterpillar l'ecoil' <Jd from tit" Ralll l) sonrctl. Htul'IlJin. hal'i'is ill ll1 nih/.... r-rlll'j'isillllo (tj[l ol'icllu!t llard.. Issneu Ootob er ft S tnl'lli i,~ lllljllimttli ', )1 '. ()orllt om il~ ItlU~' llto l' ]]IL ~ ". J~" " ocl Mit)' 2H H,ud :31, l:<ki. C"ratIJIIJia, nh(l,dlj ~" Iran, Bretl MaJ'(']' 11, 1875, uy Dr. HiloY"at f-\t,.louia, ]\10. fro," f1 (J'~te rpill ar culleot;e11 1Le prel'ioll~ seasoll, Also issuod.j nly '},7 :~n(l 2H, I '!ls, ])eilop l,j lt~ lille"t,~ Fa,M. llrocl O(;tober I, 18!)2, by H. A. Morg'f1Il, BlLtOH Rongo, L:~. HOlUi] J)I'II1'!I. lssnen Septemuer 25. I'bila,lUl' o]ns n.chomoll ]h lll'y. 18 ~ p ocimell s woro ured from ouo chrys:. Lis October 18, 18 '], by M iij~ M. E, Mllrtfolclt, 1\:il'kwool1, Mo. Protoparco cltl'olin,\ Linn. Bred May 17, 1880, by 0, n. ]< ron ch, C:ll'bondll,]e, JlL AIR... i ilh llcd Docemher 21l 1891, frolll n chj'ysalis collected Joyomuer 21, b y Dr. Riley, in Colot:Il(10. l'j'ot:ol'lil'co 01110\18 n /( ~ b. B rod ill April, 1871, by Dr. Riley, at '. t. Loni8, 11 0, rj'()top,~l'c (li n :.!: 11 lat:. ["ab"" l ssned Jnnn/lry 2G I1ULl 27,1882, fro)ii II, (' ],') '8" li ~ r ('o ivo c1 Docembor 17, 1881, f1'om,j, ', Neul, Archor, F la..

20 21 Rtul'llIia ployciotl i8 C OI)... Phycio(le" "po Tg"tl c.1 (lctooci' 7, 18S!), from Il> rater pillar collected SeI,temho1' Iii, by T. j'ol'gl\lil1., at Pine~ ' Poiut, ~Jd. Stlll'lllin sell j,,"m' (.(If Scllizul'It il'oll1(l'li' JlQl(h/. li1'ed ill l\iay, IH!):;, b~ ' C. V. J'iper, Pnllman, \\'a81o. 'l'liehina. luella II'ud Acl'ony... lit }IO}l1l1i Jo'iIe!/. T~ R I",!I P-optf'llIbel' :W aud necembel' 7, I H74. Arctia phyllir:t ))"'''',1/. l ~" " e,l AVTil 7, lh82, fl'odl 1\ <:" tol'pillor ('ollected ~ I n l' c lo J;;, loy A. 1\001",]t;, ftt Archo]', FIll". ( ~ lisio cnml,n, disstl'in II/l e/l. ( I 1 ".1' \' oy, 1'R.I'''Ioo, Ma,y, ]till!, I'. H'I.) Cli"io('lIlnpa SjI. TH8ne,1.1 nl~' In, 1888, 1'1'0111 0, "/1.(,('1" l'illal'i'occiyollfl'fllil ]o:v:t IlHI" "I, \\'."0. AI"" O(' l oloor 1, J 1-\8, frolll oll" )'cc('ivf(1.lull 25,1'1'0111 'I'. J I. ( 'ock('.l'oll, \VeRt Cliff. ('olo. llmd lly tb o II'ril ol' 1'1'0111,\ on tcl'l'i11al' follud ou au Oltk two JI OII I' Lo" Angtl l"s, ( 'a l. C]isioellllllllL t 'l, or;wi (:n, SI.1 clrh. Brod jlj lh!)o by A. J.;:oeIJ ele, jrolfl II. (,'11,t,r'l'l'ilJllr foi1i1,l nt (:Ion El lon, e",]. L~ li cn1'~tia ac1''''~. jln,.,.!!. hrod.'l ul,\' 6, 7, 'til" H, b y F..1-'. CI.'8VCC()OIlJ', Ollag-n., 1,0,1\8. 01'g'~ ' irl l"ii"(irt;i g-nh1 S. S.I. lijslio(l Sopt,fllnh(II' 16, ll-\!l", froul a co.!)() )),,,.llertoll Fkptol\lill'ol' 7,,rt Wa~ l liug-1,nl\, U. C. Al~n i~slltl,l ill.luly,lx!lfl, from' piljltl's collected ill \,1,,' BltlllO locali Ly. PorLlwtl'it1 (li Hl"LI' Liml. ( 1"oTllultl, Tho (lypaymntlj, p.:si.) P~"'I' lonrcti:t i~li,l", l1 n, S. If' A. ls81wtl :1 II li e 14. llmd.j uno 10, 18!12, b y W. Brodie, TUl'onto, ClIJIlu]a. THebi ll)), 1'0hllAtn. '1''''11>11" Ag'l'oti~ YPtij]oll nol.t. I S8 l1 ctl Apl'il 12. un:\. CJi s io<!il.mpn s p. Hrod ]'y A. Ko ' I'flJo fro II I (,ater pillars collected in Sonol11 a C01luty, Cal. T'Ulllilla l'llstic:t Fal/ ~ Tcnthretl illj(l. ( Hnrrin,!!tou, 'l'i'ili IA. A nl()l'. Ent., no., ",,1. XIX, p.!!8o.) Tri.111lJ]lllom llliace lli U,,'].... AdisoplHLucs JllisecllllEl (:'I ole. Bt ( d ill l 8HIi, IJ Y A. K(J..TJele, al; Los Angel. a, Ca], 'l'rkliopotlll p ellu i1)"8 Ftf.lil'... A nartt tj'istis })cu. I"sn,,11 SeptClu Iolll' I:.! n.11i1 '13,.l.x9 I, from an a.dna, recoivod ('rolll M. I'. Hama.rd, Ktllll1f1tt Squltre, Pit. 1'ricloopo,b 1,lnmilleA b'n.1>r... Dis80stt-im,'(mllstaSt, 1.. Urea by A. K,,(, \J(ll~, AIIg-net 30, 188i, fl'om :en n.rl.ult. ollede.l a t Rt.l:J olena, Cal. \Vintllcruin.,I" ]lrl"tulllta ]1',, ' 1'1.... Alypia octoiljiio' IIJ"tn. II nelj. ]sslied Jllly 28, 18fl7, frolh a catel'pilla r r oceived.july 13 from" C'. (1. Griswold, BrooklYII, K. Y. Att'.1CIlS C(I() I'o]lia Lill'll. Bred IIy Dr. H.iloyat St. Louis, Mv. Rombycid. ISBn,.1 O. tol)er 21, 1882, from n cator ]lillar foun d Oil a hirclj troe. Datalla ministl'a J)1 '.I'I'!I. " DeiJephiln lilloata J,'a,br. (RiJay, Call. l~ gist, Vol. XIX, p.165.) Fill t ia berilis (h'ot~. IS811!'u.J 11 lie 6, 189", from n. <:!~tt'rt ' i ll :tl 1'0('ojYod Mn.y S fcolll Spencer A-'lclTill, MWO ]11 Motte, Mo.

21 22 Wi IlthclO ia 4-pnBtnlntt~ J1'allr... lialisitlotu. tcsbcllata S. 4' A. l as ned Allgnst 14, 1896, fl'o II I n. caterl,il1lll' renei " fl U Augnst 1 from L. Oollins, Br'ooklyn, N. Y. Hemaris diffiuis Bainl. (Forbes, Psyche, JIIU(\, 1893, p. 467.) LILJ1hyglDtL fl'll/,ripcrda s. 9" A. LOllcrmia l1llipuncta TTa'll'. Jasned <Tune 12, 13, 14, und 18, 1879, from ('olloctod by Dr. Tlowflnl llenr I Ol'tSWOllth, Yn.. Also, Augllst 12, l R80, from 11 f'ater]1ill:1r rocei v,,1] Angllst 2 from II.. A. Ayres, i>tilh ill 0, 'Va. Also.Juno 21,22. li)i(l 23, 1894, from on.terpillal'a ro('ei "ed.jlino 7, fl'om E. 1'. Hatcbel', Chester, 1'n. All(l.July 23, limn, froul n. ca t()l'pillar eollocte(l ut Ag:'1WU.JlI, Mf.~SB: Also hred in 189G, by M. V. Slingerland, Jtb["":1, N.Y.. Ol'gy ia leuooatigrua S. S' LI. Iesneu in Oct,ober, 1895, anti April 14, 18!ln, from cf),tel'j1illal'b colleoto(1 a.t Washington, ]). C. Periclroma salloi[l 7ft/oli. Isaned J nne 10, T'I'OtOPI1I'CO celoub l1l1cb. 1:Iroll in April, I8n, l,y DI'. Hiley, 1'1'0111 :1 catnl'pillar collooled tho 111'Ol'iOtls year at St. LOllis, Mo. Telen. l)olyphornub C1'Q.Jn. Issued May 29, IH82, fl'um 11 eatel'pill:w collecte,[ Septemhor 5, l8r1, ll y n. P. Mftlln, ill WIl,shiJlgtOll, D. C. 1l.- llo~'i' f! AND TU Ir. I R 1 AI\A SITJj~ 8. I 'l'he hl'f'i'dill::!,'(wol'ci "" UJ'O ojilitt\jd i ll l,hi.. ] llh'l, of t lu) list.. I ITu~t ;,1JR60tS. Para8itcs. liymltnoptera. BOI:nbllS fet'virlns Paili'.... RJ'achyoO[UfI lltl\tidsolli Ooq. linmhu8 sp ,'('ontiu:IJ'rtlllchii Will. ISOllollta ojegn,lls Smilll. :... PuC)IYOllhtI.Hllmns flor i(l en8ik 'l()uit/,. Lo},hyrns n]jhotii Lcarh. _..... Arlmonti:t cl emylub!ralk. Lopbyrlls Jo"ontoi Fit, " Allmontia!lemyillfl W(t17.;. LopbYl'llB Ap.._... _... _.. E uphoj ocera claripollllis Ma, II. Exoristl1 peliiol:ttn 001]. ] 'h(ll'ocent coll1stocki Frill. Polopmlls comeutn.l'ius nrlll!i.... Pt1c!.tyophtlm1wlIB fiol'idellsis 1'otvn. PII.c hyophtllltlnllls aig-iiilt ll s.1ifci{]. Sohi7.0 oo1'u. obuna NOI t Hypostena fiol'idonsia Towu. Sl,iteeitls SlltlOios lis D ' III!I.... _. Sonotainin. tl'ilinen tn ",. (1. W. Tonthl'odinid _.. HYl'ostena val'iaitilia 00'1. * Masicel'(I. teutlrcdiuiuarum Toto". 'l't1chiml 1'I1sticn Phil. 1'l'ypoxylon politlltn (t!i.. _... PMLyol,lJthnlmus Jlorid(lilsid T",on.. 'l'l'ypoxyloll ap. _. _... _ 'ac]JyophthnlrotlH s'i{]. 1Ilt.~fl f'tltlt A. }.llf18t1 tj'istir /1(10... Triohopo<1n. I' nlliped Fabl.

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26 pymlid... Leskiolninllt tunera TI'1crl., PSOl!c]odw,tn pynt1itiis Co'!. Py,'aIIlei8 atulan t,:i. / "..... Exol'iBtl~ eudrym TolV'II.. "Exori6ta flltilis (), S. Pyramois canllli Lin"lt.. Chmt,()g'mdia lliouticola ]/-iiioi. "Exorista hll11111a O. 8, Frontina l1!chippivorn. lj~i1i, *Front,int, i'l'onchii Will. Pyrameis car yo FlIwb Fl'ontilla nn'hippi\'orl1, /rifl, J'ymllstrt 1)onita1i" n,'otl'..,.... *l;xorirtil v1llgaris TPrlll. Hypost.m., y!wio.l,ilis ( '''1/. Pa.nzel'ia poll ita lis C(JI[. >],hofoccm "olljsiocki rn.ll. Pyrrhn.l'ctia is,'v~ll:t S. If' I [... Trtchina VIolin WCIlk, Rotinilt 8]) Adulontia rctini m C()lf. Schizum ipcld"w,"j11\ ]Iollhl... I:>tllrmiu Kchizllrw C()q. Scb.i7.Ul'(' IlnicOl'nis S. 1" A FroIJtilia f'rotlchi i IFill, SlIlerint,hus cel'isyi Kidl!i... " " FroIJt.inl1 fl'eoellii Will. SpLill~it ,,...., Stnl'mil, <1isti nota Wi.ed. TaellioclIoiripa. rlli'ulit U"ole...'" Cbmtogmdin erehrn 1'. (I, W. To1un polyphollills C1'tl1n.... FrOlltill 11 frollultii. 1f"i/7. ''''' inth"milt 1,p"stuhtft Fa",'. Thocla ILl1tO)YCU8 j;'dlv Exorista l'ysto Trnlk, T III'cla calanlls Hudl......ExOl'iKta confljtis Pilil. Tortl'ix cij,ranil Pe"I1.... '..l'hoi.'o,,('ra.]hll'v :~ ]i;'aul.. 'l'ortl'icid... Exori"tlL pyste lj'n/k. ~ ~ of lfokjofclt (1dnIf 27,"Ian 5..,lon. a.~10i" Indl. flyfjo~ton!l tol'tricis (;O({. l'lorocora tortri cia ('og. VallC8~:t, n.ntiopa. Linn ElrpbOl'oCerlL claripoulii" ]Jlu,cq, FrolltilltL dolent.. Jrall;. PltoTOCOl'a dljry pl,nrm llill:!/. VlIlless'1U1ilbol'ti Goat HypbantrophaglL Lypho.utria, TOllln. OLASSIFICATION. Probably no sing-ie family of Diptera has rec;eivell grcn.ter co nsidera tion in Europe t lmll tlle T'1cuill ida', and yet, Rtmll gc a!'l l h is may seem, no 0"1101' family at the presellt time is in greater disorder. evera,l fluthors a,ceord them ollly Rubff.L1uily rauk, but it appeal's dosimble to consiliei' thorn as a distinct family, n,lthough their relatiollsuip to the Dexidm and Stwcophagiclm is a very intimate olle. They ma.y he rccogrlized by the bare, or at least never I'hunose, antellllal nrirta. They ar co rn monly divided into fivo Sllbfami lies, n.nd these }HWO oy one or two wri~ors even been accordod family rank. The characters employed in separating them are as follows: AI"lomell dcstitutll of st, 1l1UCl'o('brotw: With only four a.bdoldinal RegmentR '"... GYIl\l)o801IliJlre. With fivo or ~i abdominal Mlgntent,s......'Phasiul(l. Ahdomen hullring steut macl'ochmtfl' : With only 1'0 111' auilominn] segments,... '"... ' "..... TachiniuIJ'. With ft vo n.bo1omillll.l seglllents- Aholonl6n not olnvato......,.... '.. '... Pb:millll'. AboloDlOll clavate, nan'ow at the 1)118( OCYllteriu(I.

27 2R This c]assificu,tiou look!';' vel',\' lli(:e 011 paper, but wben we l.wd r talw to apply it to Ule specimens t,lt e ll1selvf\s, t hou the difficulty,tl'i8es. hi t.ll e fil'!';t pl:we, in ma,ny F!peeies tile rnacrocll :l:\t:l', are so reduced ill sir,e t.l lat it is ])0 easy matter 1,0 decide as to whetller they should be considered as In,Lcl'och:l't:c or simply as uristly bail's. The il again, tlte mllles of several Rpeei es have five v irible abdominal segmcnt.s, wh ile t heir femalefl It:we only four; :l.i1d, cojlversely, the females of a few species have jive :LillI tljcil' m a l(~ s ollly t()til'. This difference ifl due to ti le grea,ter or lesr dcveloplu clit of what. ill those with onlyfonr a.hdominal seg' m(~ u ts, ii'i t Il e fi rs1; I:H:lg'H1(',lI t o f' tlie g-elli t,tlia, a ni] ai'i 111iR vh,ries in s ize ill t he d'ifl'erellt species, it ii'i ]lot always eh.ry to decid e a.s t,o wh e Lll(~ l' to rcg'arc] it as belrm gi ll g' to tlw gcl li tal ia, or al'l fo rming a d ii'itill ct abdominal seglllent,.i II at leart oue g.'c!l ll S ( 1I clli.)'lla), t ile f()llrth allll olijinu.j seg'liiellt is flo redllced ill I'li z('. as to n,ppear as a 1l}wt of tbe genitalin, ami t ll1l i'i t here are apparently olil y tln'ee al)(lomilla.l segments. 1'ltese cl iffen:mces, t ll ercfott', are dcve]opliicntal l'ulijel' t'lmu Rtl'lletnral. If t h('lre were dilfereneer ill h<lbitfl hl't\,ecn t hese snhfalllili ei'i th ere would 1,1t('11 he SOllie ren,son for retailli ll g' tliei'ie divisio ll s, hnt the llilferenees :U'O KO slig'll t, t hat t her bardly e ll tel' iuto t his consideration, TllllS t li!'1 'raebiniu:e arc k110\l'li to a,tt:tek tho JJYUlcl1optel'lI" Lepidoptera, ])i]ltera., Oolcoptel'n, and Or1..hoptera, lint llot Hcmiptera; the Pha~ i n m and Ocypi.el'iJl;t \ attaek' tlje Colcoptera, 01'1;jlOptera, :md Hemiptera; tlj e GYJll1l0S0millfl' attack tlwlieujiptera only, and the P ltal1 i l1 i1' t Il e Oo leoptera. It will t hns he Keen tklti a.ll of t lt flse EHl bfa,lllili er, with t he cxee]>tioll of t he (}Ylllll osomin:(', attack Ooleoptera; t lt at :'I,ll except the Tacbiniwl" and Phatlil1: 1:\ llrey llpoll t lj e ITemiptera.; wllile tl!e Ttw,ltilli 11 :1\ is the only (l ue k nown to attack t llh Hymenoptera, Lcpidoptora, ;wtl Diptera. III poillt of llumbers the 'l'aebil1 ill :l" outlllllnbfll' all of t Il e other s ubfamijies put tog'etller h y at le,tst fifteen species to OLIO, all d to t ll is fad alone is apparently!lue t he gren,ter diversity ill regard to thei l' ho Nts. The most recent a1..t(' I1I]11, at a dassitlcation (If the ~'a,ch illidm of t he world is by Branel' ami J3cI'g'etJstam lll, of Vienna, A ustria. 'l'hese a.uti IOl'fl, wllo are Ile w workcl's in t his fi(ll(!. ll ad at: 'CSN 1,0 t he types of mostofthe 8peciel' de!;cribe(l by Meigen, Wiedcmallu, Sehiuer, HOlldaui, Jaennicke, and Kevernl by l\1ac(]n:wt, anti their figure!'; anel redescriptions of ma ll y of t he speci 'S can ])ot but prove to b great flid ' to flltul'e students of t his group, In tbe first part of tboir work I they tln'cw togetller ill o ll e mass the five families: ffistrid rl~, Tachillidm, Dexidm, Sarcoplmgid:e, a lld.m.nsddro, and out of this chaotic mass they erected jifty-jive families, which were duly given family llames; but this classifi cmioll did not prove satisfactory to t he a nt hol's, so i ll t he 1,hird or lant part of t heir systematic work tbey aga1l1 threw a ll the. familitl into one a,nd divided i t i nto s'i,r.ty groups, whiell tlley call sections. I PnUliAh (,t1 in Ul e ])cllkscl.ll'iftou (lol'l\ial ; u(}iii",t i ", ' Il -N " i ij~ench a. ftli cb" ll 'll1.8s0 tlel'l\..(\isediuh tlll kttdoillie dol' \,\rissell Bohaiten fur 1889,

28 29 So f,w as our own fn.uoa i~ 'ollcerucd, tho s p e(lie~ are too nearly J'CIate(l to one llllotller, both strnetnl'a ll y 'I.IHI also in J"(~gard to t heir i)abits, to permit of bei ng selja,rated into s(lhlijel' groups with any (legr'eo of satisfactiojl. 'l'erms USED IN Dl1;S<TRnHNG 'l'auhln1d.tl1. Only a few terms elllployed ill the ])l'escllt work willrcc]_llil'(i i11l expla.. UH,tion, since in 1Il0F;t C;Lses til e tel'lil s used ill dcl';ig' II!Ltillg' t Il e V:1riOllS part.s of t he Rpecim cji S are t,)jc S;LIlH_\ :LI'; t hos(i e luploycll ill t JI H othej' depart/ments of' entolllolog'y. The term Ilw('rochfl'tll: i~ usc(l to tl(\sig. JliLtc the st,ont Uril-ltle,.; whi<:l; :ll'i,.;(' f'1'01ll a convex allli ll"ua1jy poli ",hed blli:le; lliey are 1'1Ig'lllarly tll'l':wg\\!l in pairs, 1'011'1:', or otllerwif<e, autl ajt( I1'd ex(:eijcll t speciii (: and R(!llletilll(\1:-i evell g'cllcric characters. Tile.Ii'ontal, uristles ;1n3 composed of' two row" of j'hl(:1t maerocllll'!;h', wllich tlescclld from the very top of tlj(~ ll catl to or L 'Jo\\' t he iljl'el'tioll or t he a Jlt,enJla~. 'l'he ()(:cllwl' Ill'isill'8 an' coljlpos(,ll of a pail' of Iu :wl'ocha t:l\ lllllcecl ~LD10ng the ocelli, but t lley :1,1'('. abseljt ill stweml sphdes. The 1J1'!Ji t (/,ll)/ "i8tl(j.~ are tw,1 0 1' Hlorc pairs (If ii)fw;li'd Jy din,('ted filacroc;]j ;di(\, situl),ted betwep:l1 t ll(', i'rollta'j uristle:-; aller tllo eyes; tll('yarc 1l SIWlly 11l'esClIt ill female speuimells, alld I'Ullll'times ahi(l ill the lu ~dl 'K..BelleaUl the a lltelllm~ is ~1 en.vity kllown,18 t ll(-\ jllci((l r]('l)1'cssil} li, uolludcll all t llp sider by the facial 1 'irlr/f'-~ ; a.t the lower t'ulls of t he rillgeo;, is a ]In ir of JlHlCl'ocha:t.;e called i,lle, 'ci l}'r i8,~a ~, ~rl l e c!u:f:7.'s ar('. betw('eu tlje lower e )J(ls of the eyes a lld til e opcljillg of t lw moll th. Tile {l.nfennrc, :LS wcll al-l their two o.1"istw, arc always I:ouljlo:;ed of Lhl.'ec,ioiuts, out HometiJlleS tlj(~ hasal joi Ilt is extrc llll~ ' l y short. Oil i,he t hotax t lle two rows of m:lc)'ocluetal oj Il ' ~ lle milhlle of the tl O['''Ufil are kilowll as ar'rost-ir;!ta{, a lj d the uext two roil's arc the dol '.wr,l, all bong-ii these fullr rows are sol1letimes call ed t he r7()rs() ' I:t:nt1 nl.. ~ ; these r0w~ llsually extelld. the entire lengt.h of tue t horax, Chose ill frout of t ile transverse sutl1l'e beiug- ualled t il e PJ'w8tttU'l'al alit! those beldnd. it tile postlmtura,[; l)llt whell t he l atter tel'lll is Hsed ill the accotnpallying pages it applies to tuosc ill t h e Oltter rows olil y. Tile row 011 eitllel' sille of these follr is call ed t il e,j'; this row sometimes extonds ill front of the tra,usvel'"e sut ure by a sin gle IlHtcl'och:utn, whiuu has l'e('ei v('d t Ile ll:l,mc of the ]!rw/int'uj'ttl infr'fhtlal' bristle. One Buropeall a nthor, Mr, Gil'schncr, proposes to sepluaijc the 'rn.clliuidm iuto two g'i'ollps ~LCcot'dillg to whether t lds IJl'istl e is pt'ereut or absent, but in!solli e of am' species it is present j ll some spccillleljs but auseht; in others t hat belong to tlte same species; tllis cllaracter, t her efore, is not of "pecific, much less of subfa mily, iml)ortance. The IIf,enwplclI,ra,l macro elj ret.e are sittlated ou the upper part (If t he transverse, mol'e or le s t riangula.r, piece located on tile sides of tlje thol'ax uetween tile front aud lj) idclle COXtH; wheu ollly olle is present, {,ljil:l js t he posterior; when two, t he!i;e are the anterior allcl tbeposterior; when tin-ee, 'two ar e ill front anu oue bcltillcl ; n,nd when foni', t h l's :tj'e ill a <10Wl1\ ardly cnrvillg row. '1'he macrochrutm on the dorsuill of t he u.lldomen arc called discal

29 30 wh.en situated near tlle middle of the length of the segment, Itud mar.qinal w)jt>lllocatcd near its posterior ljiargin. The veins and cells of the wil1gs are e ~tl1eu. by the same terms as in the otller families of Di ptera, except thfl,t the first posterior cell is com monly called the apioal, and the portiou of the fourth vein beyond the bend is sometimes termed the ap';'oa,l oro88vein. TABJ_E OF GENERA. 'rhe ollly attempt at publ isltillg a synoptic tau Ie, compririug all of the genom reported as occllrring ill Nor tli A rn el'iea, in tllflt C. H. T. 'l'owliselltl, ill tire Pro 'eedings of tbe l~ otolllolog-ieal Society of Waslriugtoll I aud ill the Trallsactiolls of tile Americall ElitolllOlogic; 11 Bod-. ety.2 '['hat. in the former publicatioll if! a reprint of the taule givell by Dr. Schiuer,] and that ill tue latter a reprillt of til e olle uy F. M. Va.ll del' Wulp, 1 both JUodificu ISo as to <:olllpl'isc only tljc North American genera. As the ftlltlloi' llill liot have access to specimens of many of tljese genera, and as t.he eljal'<lctcl's he tlt!es,tj'e in li1any cases Hot of specinc, much less of gelleric, Va.lIlC, the result is not altogether tmtisfactory, and 1 have t Li erefol'e coiirt,rncted an entirely uew table, wlieb, bowever, iucludes only those gellera. from America north of :l\lcxico ot'wllicu I bavc exami ll ed repl'ci'lentatives. A list of the rellhtili' illg genera l'el)(n-ted f r'oili tl;is region is goi veu at the end of Lite titule. III some cases doubt will arise as to wbicll section a given gellus should be referred, but in such cases, at least so 1',11' as they occur to the writer, the geuus it! placed in both sections: 1. AlJdomon provided with true macrochrl'tm. _ _. _... _ Abdo[uell,lestituto of )li acrochwtw, npioal cull euding at or neal' tho lix t,remo 'viugtip eo... e Upper siue of I\buomlln vilry cou vex, tlljdolllou slil>hemis].1berical, sides of face lja1'l~ _- ; _. _.... _'" _ 3. 1 JppUl' Aide of [lb(lmnen fl:1t., or the ab,lomeu olougn,led aucl cylindrical Autellufn not r eaching lower thinl of face... _..... _.... (p. ;1.2) Ci8toga8tcl'. Anteuum reaching lowest Ii ftb of' ft~ ue, 01' evell lower... (p. 43) Gyntl1Q801l1 a. 4. lliu,l tibi:n olltwflrdly uot oiliate with BllflleB _._. _ Hind tibiw cilin.te with liearly erect 8calos, 8ides of face bare.. (1). 47) l1'iohopoda. 5. Siuos of bce uul'a. _.. _. _ _.... _... _.. 6. Sides of' filee bristl~ r, third (Lnd follrth vcins allnost e'lually convcrging towur,l thoil' tips, which meet 01' almost meet Ott h othol'..... (p. 4.9) Gy1ltM]Jhalli.a. 6. Pl'ob08cis at most slightly longer thall th ' h ond, gonio ltl:1te near the base 01111'. nnteuul'c at most roaching slightly bolow mit1tlle of face, apical oel! ol08ud, the petiole at lo"st twil)e lis long t\s the small 01'08B,' oin _... _". _ Proboscis bri",t[o like. alluost as long as the body, geniculate net11' tho baso and also noal' tbe middle... _... _... _.....(p. 49) EI!~i}J7r.ona. I Vol. II. pp. 92 to 9H; April 2, Vol. XIX,.p) to 14.1; JUIII'" ~ Fn, l1lla. AustriactI, Diptef(L, Vol. 1, IIp. l,xx to LXX!; <:BiologitL Oontl ali ArnerictlDI\, Dil'ternl Yo1. 11, I'p. 5 j;o 7,!lod 4.1 to:14; 1888uuu1890.

30 31 7. Sides of front hairy except 11 DfllTOW space t~loug eaoh eye...(p. (14) AlopllOra. Sides of front bare exoept two or throe rows of hairs along clteh side of the frontal vitta....., (p. 4(1) l 'h,01"a,, fha. 8. Palpi present, well dt;>velopod PulIli absent or rudimentary, bcial ridges never brigtly on more t hun the lowest fourth, first Yt;> ilj liaro Eyes hare, or with iuuistill nt, short, 8PI\)"80 llairs '" E yes distinl;tly IUliry, apical coli Cll(liug far bofor the wi ngtip, sider of f!leo blue, upper edge of third (ll)tmjnnljoiut ('Oll\\:w o... (p. 86) Lin.n(fl7ny ia. 1(l. Ftlce on tlte sidtls [lead ng IlILiTs or 1I11... rocllmtm.. : '"... II. Face 011 the siues h:1re H. 11. Ilonll at tho vibris.'l;(l(ul loug us::tt halso of 1II1tontla-, api":}1 ('(jji cnlling Ji,,' bof'o l'll tho "xtrellle wi ng-t,ip JTe:1!lat vihrissm IJlllc:h shorter LImn at '[lase of alltennn', ~ i d('ij off,tr o hnl'o (lx('oj,t,tho )'ow,,[throe or [om: m:wroch:rt,u Oil each ; api":11 ('H ll tl nuillg d080 to t he ext!'ome wingtip ( p. 120) At r0)j"ollalpus. 12.,~rith oue or mol'o stont maoro..,h,-"t m on oad) s ide of f'l"() near lowor emt of the oye : Without such macl'oeh retll', bouy very robust..... ( p. H5) EJialpu Each side of the b ee beariug (lu O rO('h H' t,l1, ljotly slender.(p. 139) 1'r;o"ol1"om. Each siue bearing two 01' threo macl'ocb r()tm, botly ]'oljil~t... (p. 14.0) C"l)ho c(, a Probosei~ at most ooly slightly longer tlmu height of )'oall IJrobosc:is over twi('e tls' )ollg as height of IHlutl, l,oatl at "ibrism:u longer than at ba80 of antennm, apieal (.ell lidding close to tho wiu~tip... (p. 73) lj"hkin. 15. diam ter of head at the vibrisstt as long us lit base of l111 tell II "' 16 Horir.o utu.l diau](itor of ljljncl a t vibris8h' mn on allor-tol' thall at bilge of liutclilii IJ, apillal cull open, endiug coosiuern.bly bofol'e t ho extreule wingtip.. ( p. 66) El"I'ia. ]6. Api('I~1 ccli open, eolling at the extl'eme wingtip (p. 67) AJli1IQl'~ ' Api"",l ('ell closerl, its petiole longer than the smull crossyoill, ending f.lf before thc extreme wiugtip (p. 86) OC!llJtCr-a. 17. First vein bare First "ein wltolly or pal tly bristly, two or luore pairs of frontal bristle below hase of anteunm, Yibrissm Ilearlyon a lovel with front!ldgo of oml margin, IIntennm rea('hing n,t loastto lowt'lst fifth of fftce '1.. Eyes hare OJ' with indistinct short sparse hairs , 20. Eyos distinctly llairy, head at the "ibries'" noticeably sborter th :1n!~t base of alltenlll.~, sirles of faco baro, l1picl\1 rell open FacittlriLlgos bristly on more tilan the lower half, third vein IJearing from one t.o three bristles Dear its bil (p. 65) I-Typocitu)ta. Facial ridges never bristly Oil morq than the lowest fourth, third vein bristly more tban halfway from buse to tho 8Ulall cros8vein... (p. 90) EX01'i8toicio Diameter of h ead at vibl'jss'" 3alolll; as at bn,90 of auteon", Diameter of head at vibrisrul J.lOticeabls shorter than at base of a ntennr.o 'fi,p of apical oell far bofore the extremo tip of wing Tip of apical cell at or close t o tit.., extreme tip of wiug Penultimate joint of aristll over throe times as 10llg US broau, facilll ridges never bristly ou more th:lil tho lowest fi fth (p. 57) PlllCtop8. P enultimate joint of arista not, or ouly slightly, longer than brotld, flteial ridges - liristly 011 at least tho lower half... '.". (p. 59) Cltwto1)"lcJl A.pical cell open Apical cell closed and long I)etiol:Lte (p. 126) Meiac/twta. :.!4., irles of face destituto of rows of maorochmtlt\ ' ides of face each bearing 11 rllw of mul;rochwtrb wbich rl(18('owla almost to the lower!lud of the eye , (p.127) Cltwtoplagln.

31 _ Beut! of fourth vein furnialied witil [110111' a]1peutlllgo, hintl or088vein unusunlly oblique, lowost froutal uristles <lirtlct"d.jowllwanl, prollobcis thick, 'Beshy, h,l",u:.. ltj.i'w'... (p. 78) Pla{Jia. Bend of fuurth vein clertitlite o f all a.ppend~.lge, )IiLH] ci'08sveiu n oarly at right angier to t llo [oul'th VtliH... (p. 11 8) l1o"!jhia. 20. Potll th v(lill " tlditlg I1t or.:lohll to tho extl'ctll!j tip III' wing Fourth I'oin Ollllillg-loRB tllall lirdfwa,y from tip "I' sccond vein tn the extl'olllo tip.,j' 1\' iug, ]ll'llb08cie BIen dol', hllwllll voi'y SIIlIdl, lowo ~ t, Jront:.l ljri ~t le8 diro('totl 11]'W1<I'I ,... (p, 78) Sipho/'la!Jia. 27, Thinl I'Bi Il hristly I,t ]OIl,Ht ldmost to tho HllJlLll (Tosa"oill, 1'f01l08Ci8 at li10st only sliglllly lougel' j,ha.lllitjig h t 0(' 11,,:1,1...,... 28, ' I'llird "oiu hristly ou IURS ibllti {l1i,, thil'd or I,h o,liht:1tlc<1 from its IHlso to tuo snllllll'l'()s8"oill, I'l'ulluHcis twino :~~ 101lg' ItS I"' ig-ht of 1101"1.. ( p, 74 ) "_'l'iy'rilll!lill. 21', Al'isl'L ],llilohcout, tho 10[l g(j~t MCHJ'<:oly Illtlf':l.8 IOllg lis tb" g roatost dialllotor of illo 1L1'i~ta )\ I'i ~ t:l, l.",rli'i IIg sbort 1ll1ira, Lllo 10llgtJ"t of which "1'0 slig-btly long-ill' thau its g-l'oat " >It Ii il.llllctl 'r (1', (i7) J,~"i.'iu 'l/l, illllt. 211, I-'ronl,,,,1 I'ilt" next tllll II,lItonll 'l' ul:l:lrl y 1'0111' tilllos as wiele us eithor ~itltl of tuo front" third ",>ill IIt"'OI' 111'istl,l' to thij ~ltlldl cl'os8"tlill, k(:lltollulll houriug ouly two pail'll (If IOll g ma,l'gillal IlIa,cl'onlla,t,,,, (1" 5!l) J,a,Hio'1/ 6/U'a, I-'rollt,1l1 vitta lloxt tbo anlounu> at 11I1I ~ 1, twico am wide ali oith(j1' side nf tbo fl'out, t llij',l I'I,ill IlI'iktly "hllost t(l its til', S('Utul1 l1l1l bo.\r illg' j,hroe pair ~ of long' lilai' gillrli IIlIIC1'OCUH'tm (p, u~) Aatia, 30. ]0'''''''"11 til luwur h alf I)f i ts si,lct< "'H'C... i!j. VILe" hearing- LUlLOl'oellilltUJ 01' tlriatly hail's on ILt Im,st a llortioll o f tlll.l lll~lf of its s id 's Ti]' of' tj.l'iclii en" f:li' l'(jfol'o tho (JAtrol llo t,i), of' wing.... <lo, Ti)' of tlpil'ili,, 11 1I~ 01' ()l()~t) to t h (J llxtl'thii(j tip (If willg, 1'1'01HJH"iH h uyon,l the IIIIM:l1 lll'iicllbtioll at Jllost ollhv ~l i gl'i,ly 1011gor tban Lc ig'ht of boa d...,... il:.?, :3:l, Ah,lOlIlOl.l RII1,oPII'lIl O, l'hi'tl y (II' \Vllolly (lovorod wiill g- 1':l y i ~lj pollon , A litloilloll 11l1'g'lll,I' 01' wllolly shining IIUtl,If)"titllte of poll oll.. (p. 50) jjl!jioljlta~ia, ~3, Ey"" hat", or wi Lh iutlihlincl" 8hOl't, SP' II' HO b'1ir l. J ~ye" distinctly ha,iry, antedlili' II~ lollg il K tbe fa,oc, fa(ji,d ri(lgus HO"tlt' 1II'iHtly on Dlllro 1 hilil thl.l lowost f(lllrth (p. 52) En/a81una, 3 1. Frontal hristlc~ to t.liolllltllljul' of frollt (1110 to thl'o" pair" 1,ell ollotb liar, of "litou 11/1' i a,lit<>li11' I' at IOIl SL thl'eo follrtha :I" lung as tllo filgo )o'l'ontlll hristlos c1i 'S<lO Il(ling' ljollt' ath 1,tI"'" of alltellwll; Itotelllll ll le8~ than two thil'cls 11.8 long us fil CO, " h ooks two.thil'lls a.s 1.J1'0ILd a ~ (Jye height..(p. (1) Pltyto. il!i, RO, (Om i tted.) 37, Vil'tit )l0mt< I'iol' coli 0[11'11, or, if' clo~ed, short ]Jlltiol!LtO....,." , ''''h'st pos l,ej'illl",-oil clos{lcl ILuli lou!; p etioj:.te, tile l)otiole As long 1\8 tho hilld ('rorb"oin, third,"ein Iid"t l,r,,1t1108t to tho sllmu t' I 'o'~ I e in... (p, :;1) iifltu,'omy'ia, :18, 'ruinl voin n ll,'(lr hristly on 11101'0 than Oll ll 1'011 r.tll flf th,'.1i Btau('o from ]'ase to ~ru:l I I CI'08s"oiu, si'l HOC fa co clo~titllto of uta(jl'o"hu-tm , Tbird "oill hristly at lca 8~ throo!i)\ll thr of cliato-llce from h t) the slullll crossveiu, S:clC8 of ftto (J btlilring ll\:lcrochmtm.... ~...,... (p, (2) C&l'atomyie.lI,t. ~p, FIL'-O ill pl'ofilo strongly (ItlIlV OX, orbit-ill bristles usually prosout inl)oth a6a08, froltt tlll'si of'fmllul(j "ouol'ally dilated... (p, 53) Adllwntia, Paco in prolile oonclll\'(, OJ'bitul bl'istles w:luting in tho malo, front t"'tsi slondor in l.)()tb 60. IlH......(p, 52) Cl'yptQ1ltoi{J()!/,ia.,10, E), cs 111\1'0, (II' with itlclistith,t short sparse h:lir~ Jo~y~8 dist.inctly hlli!t.... 4t. 41 : i'liiloh of ['Leo 11 I,ring- stout tll'i('i'ocl! :l'tm, M, JCII"~ 111':11' lowor of oach "Y(l Shles of f:lcq dmititute (If waol'oohmtt-c '"... _... p

32 Ma.OTochmt,,, of siicolll180g moll t of l ~udolll e u ooyoring more tbl\ll i t8 npi<'1i1 b alf. 4,4. Ml1croolHl' tu' of S t'oihl scgmcnt, whenl,rcsqut, coulin",l to th IIpi ol\l fifth of t his segment _ _ Checks ovel' onc-thil'cl a~ broad ns tho Q'y( -hoig ht (p. 50) M!liopllo8ia.. Chocks lesr t han ono-sixth its hroad u ~ tho (y". hai ght ( I" 1:!~ ) Winlltemia. /B. TlIinljoil1t or t ho :1 11 (, :" allllost ~ tl'l1ight ou tlle front uti go, t ho t~p cx suutruu- (::I.t..,I {1'. HI» liomllylilllll!lla.,strol1g1y Olllll'l' l(,hi tho front etlg-(', tho :1pOX rotludll,i.(p.l-li) Jllri'll(;l/a. 4i). I (jijtorior end or hilj(] c r()~ s v (l in!l Ollrer to t ho lllltl'g iu of tho wing i;h n.n to the amah crossvciu "" " J>os(,oriol' cud of hill,1 GI'088\'oill lit lo:lst twicl' lis fll l' from t ho l11:ll'g ill of tho wing :1S from t he sl1lall cl'(ls8\'ein, tltil'(l joint of nn{,(mllm lesa thall threo tidlo~ as loug nr Uw 80(: _ ( [1.71<) C!/l'IQl'h/(r/)(I. 46. Facial ritl g c ~ uovor oll.luoro than tbe lowest ti Faciul ridges bristly on nt 11I118t; tho lowor half, third joiut of antoll 11 l1' ;Ibout 1.hl't,,, t,illlcs lib loug a~ tllo SO COJH.l. 'll)'i c ul,,, 11 open... ' '''(1'. 1:10 ) Orr.(UOlisis. 47. Last joint of liulenuli} lit Joust fivo tinl<:8 as lon g' us tl o so('ond Last joint, AClll'Coly longer Lila1l the secoml, poljultilllil.tojoillt of (lrieta bronder til:m Iong (p. 12iJ) COp tm!lx. d8. l)e11l1jt.irnllte joiut of n.rista Itt 10llst throo t imos lis lol.1g 11M bl'oihi, th ird joint of liutollu Ill of m11lo divirle\l le11 gthwise iuto t Wl) ]'arts, two ]HLirs of orhital hristhm ill hoth Sf\XOH ( p. 1:17 ) ]I;,!', QC8, t1. j',}dujtiumto.ioiut lit most Hlightly longer th:1.i1 l,road, t.hil'd joiut of Im t en UI1 entiw, Ill:! Ie destitute of oiuital bristlos.... '... ( [1. 12(; ) Pam.tiidYllla, 4 9. Ocellar bristlos ljl'osont, " ' ''' GG. Ooollar j.risth,s w:l11ting GO. 50. Vibrissa; iusorte(llloar lower oelgo of facll Vi ljrisslli iusorte(l no(l,r t,he middle of the thee, cheol(s broadel' tllun tho O~' (l hoight. (1" 138).3f<irl Ollht,halma. 1)1. Kioos of faco destituto of luacrof,bmtm " "..._... r,2. Sides of tho flwo each 1)Ollrillg two or thrco stuut 11l1J OI'ooIIiCtH' on the low"r part. (p. 14.0) l-'~ l~tlwia. 52. Second segmont of IllJdoillon nevor h(luol'iug Illuro thl,11 Rix I1lnrgiuaJ mllcrochilltle. (1'. 141 ) A, ch.!lla8. SCCloud Bcgmout of audolliou uearing!it Ie'liat twelve lllurgilll.lif1ilci oclj etl tw Palpi gra(lually t hickeniug from the Lase outwardly, proboscih shorter than beight of 1I0ael , Pulpi thickejled on t.b e apical three-fou rths, prob08cis beyond the basal articullttiou ntleast one and ouo-third times (18 long as h eight of hend.. (p. 146) ])ejeania. 54. Outliue of n.bdollleu subqu(i(lrate, the apox deeply ewarginato. (p. 146) l'a, adejeania. Outline of abdomen conical, tho n.pex not distinotly emarginato.. (p. 14.6) Juri li ia. 55. Tho ooellllr bristles directed obliqnely forward _ The ocellru bristlt"s cuning backward, vory robust Frout OP!\que, tbe vittn l1eep brown or black (1'. 134),".1)allan; ania. Prout shiuing, largely somitrausluceut yellow, the vittn. light yellowish. (p. 132) Gonia. 57. Apioal cell opeu, or, if closed, the petiole lese than two-flftha as long 88 the hind crobsvein...._... _ Apical cell olosed, the petiole at least two-thirds as long as the hind cro88vein. (p. 126).T'horia/ta<ta. 58. Last seotion of fifth vein los8 t han half as long (18 the preoe(1i ng section Last section of fifth voio almost ~s long ils the precediug section, bind ero88veiu nearly midway betweeu 'th sldan and tll e ]lend of the follrth. _... _ ~o

33 34 5!l. Bill er of flu'" cl ostitnt6 o f s tont r:mcrf>ch Il1ta'..... "''''..."_' Sill 's of ti\co i>t>aring one or )1101'0 p f~ il'.i of s tolft, clown wanny clirdng IllBcronh mt ro below the l owest froutal bristles, ul'ista tldekouoll Oll tho bas:.ll throo.follrtbs. (p. 77 ) Pfwuplagict. 60. Arist'l thickllllou almost to tho tip, thiru Vel ll bristly limrly to t ile Btu. 11 (H'osev ill (p. 77) M.ltaplagia. Arist a nevor thickellecl to tho midllle, third wi ll 111'ist1y less thllll Imlfw[I,y to t he small crossvoill... " , (p. 76) J]r-tt I'()1Jtcl'i lla. 61. FtlCilll ridg(\s bl'i a t 1 ~' on 1088 than til lowest folll't h Fncinlri(lg-tl8 hristly 011 :It least till' lowor hn I 1' _... till. 62. POllnltillll1io joint of llrista ol'or twice (IS long 'IS b l'oad, l,olld of fo llrth I"f' in destituto of (I dibtiuijt n,ppemlllge " ".... (p. 137 ) ChMoglI'din. Peunlt ima.te joillt of fuis t a shorter t h llu broa.d, b eml of fo Ul'th voill ",iii I II cli ". t iud app,,1il1u ge (p. 127 ), Irabtr.. GS. Au tclllllflll'eachillg (_l ill y slightly ].elow lliiddle of faeo (J t Au tellllltl 1'll!Iolliug to or ljolow t he lowest fourth of t h e f"c'o n. M. Fil'~t 110Rte l'ior c'oll "1 11m '" }'ir8t J.ostcI'iol' (wll (J lo~ (" l, the petioli) IlS long its t l.e RIII,,11 crossi'oij.,, h er l(~ two thirds ft" bl'o.,,1 II " t ho oye Jtdgh t, fl1cilli l'idges 1I(' Il1'ly p:\l'ii11..j sidos of tlje faco (It 1I 11rrOwcst l'ill't each as wiao "" t lw medi a.ll,l flp ressioll. ( 1'. ] 3:.)./!Jll thyl" o&opu. 1m. A ljllolllon sn UOjllHI no, partly 0 1' wholl.\, covercd with polloh fih. A ],CIOIllCII sh illing, dc; ~ti tn te of pollen... '''' (p. GO ) M 1/iopIIGsi.a. 66. Yibri.s:u iuserted ut l east t ho lollgth of t ho 80eo,.. 1 rmtonllal.ioill't a bove t h" oral lli H,l'g ill Iii. Vj ljrisr'li i ll Bc l'lecl h ltlf t.lj o lollgth of tho sooond 'tutodnal joint or less above thc oral Jl'"l'giu }'I'on ttl,1 ul'istlos 1Iot, d esconding- helow l, >l.8e of Itlltenllm..., '.. "" fis. F l'iintn,1 b1"isl,l"s, :I,t loa,st two }lahs, s it,ulloted b elow uu ~tl of :lutc'nllr', viljris81l' neal' luitltlle ofthec', (:lt ooks hroadel' tit nn t he Oyll h eig ht. (]I. J:lS) Microphtlw.lmG. 6S. ' beeks 1,,"R t.h a ll one blllf as 1.)l ol~(1 ILS the eye h (,ight, s it1es of' facc1 tlestitlltll (If llh~ C)'oc h ll' t, )I' ,.. " " t19. Ch oeks 'II!ll., ~t as ljrond n,s t he oyejle'ight, sides (If fllce bea,ring II row of nl:lcr(l- ( hwt.., (p: 51) P h1/to. 69. SmuJI rrossveill beyoud t h e tip of tho first v6ill (}). 80) RBllOtn.ini,a. SlUflJ.l orubbve iu fill' uoforc the tip of t h e lirst vein (p. 13S) Amuu ia. 70. 'l'hirtljoint of Hlltonlll" at most llllt Blightly lou gel' than the sec(jli(l, sides (If the flloe (leatitu l;o o f mllcl'(lo)j,, t;,, 'l'bird joint mero thall twice as long li B the seoulld, anteuu lo t wo third8 as long as thu fllce, sio eb of f,wo bearing,\ row of Illll crochmtlc... (1'. In) B j ((.ohyc01ltft. 71. Reclluc1.i oint of ariel", o,'el' twice as long u.s uroad.... (p. 143) Ecili'llulII!lia. "'(\OIH1.ioi n t II L mort only slightly lollger thllu hrond (]I. 138).thnQlJia. 72. F.tcll umlting llln crooha',tm lit lollst lleltr 10""01' cuda o f t he eyes F[lce c1estitute of Illllcrochmtm 011 its 8ides Head n,t the vibrissll.l its long lis ut base of a ntenull', third j Oillt of Illltellnll' less th lloll twioe ItS loug a~ the second..._."..... ' n a(ll1t til vl hris8t\ ml10h!!h ol'ter t hll,n lit bare of antennll' Hind ol'os8vein luu oh l1eiu'01' to the beu d of t b e fourth voin t b Hn to.til slllnlj Ol'088'-oin (p. l3i) B, a,('/i1/coma.. I Uncl erobbvein fit most ouly sli ght l ~ ' 1I0a1'(1r to 1,he bejld thuu to t h" s Olall C1'08Syoilt "... (p. 130) r, j.cogmw. 75. ]>',Wltlll'idg s alwost parallel, 8ides of fllce at narrowest part eaoh u 6a.l'ly us the m edian deprossiou... :... ".... (p. 128). Op8i(1ia.. 1,'ltcin.1 ridgos wiclely diver ' ing uelow, sides of f,tee each l OBS t bau ouo half 11>8 w iue lis the nwdil\n flep!' Baion (p. 127) Me/op ia..

34 L nstjoillt of UUlcnUIl' n.t lcllst twi ' loug 118 tl,o B con(l... ' " L ust joint u,t 1J1ost oul y!; Ii~htl.v longer thtm t h.' aecoud..... ( p. U :l) EcMnom.via. 17. Second sog- lliont of ill,do'lleu uoaritlg a t most ouly two m n.l"g"illal mn.oro llll,t,.., ll.ind ti ui m liot ciliata. _ _ 'ecou,"! scgmoll t uoariug" n t least foul" ruu.rgilla.1 lill,oroeha tw. hind t illhl' out wardly clousely c ilime with J]at tellerl StltH'.. ( p. J 23) Blt:l'h(lI ip eza. 7. Ditl.Jm,t er of the li"md a.t tile \'iuris91c lil1l ch shorter I,hlm at base of unronnm, thh'd joint of th" llnteun't' llt least two :\licl one half tiull'h ns 10llg II R the Beconc!. (p. 128).Hilart lia. j)i,nlleter of heltd n.t tho " ibris8a.! its lung >ls' 11 ~ bl\sc of :outoiliiil\, thinl joint of ulltelll"l '" less tlo ull twi( tl :os lung as thtl ~el"ou (l (p. 1:'11) ] i, tlch!/cuiiiii. 79. P roboscis 1, ' y())}(l the hahnl nrti("nlat iun at mu ~ t ouo an(l 0110' Ii fth timos a s loug UM h eigh t of hoad......' " B-l.. Proboscis b eyo li (l the basal a.rti eltlation at l ellst one nul1 oui, tllinl t.im08 l\sluug as h eig ht. of beud, O_Y OH 1."11 < Apical coll ouuillg" fi t (II' dose to the oxtl'omo tip,,1' will/.{ A pical coll el'lll iug far before tlh',' xtreme t ip or wing, 1'I'oboocis go Il il- uluto utll,r t be l'llro ouly I'll. 81. Hidgcs of fa"o hri8tly 01' at It.aHt UJO ]OWOI' L h"l' e f,,"rt.h ~, :lrka dosoll, Lhe petiule longoj" t h l'll tho small (Tnssv eill {l'. 7!1 ) Clin' to!l/o8sa. It idgc8 of fnce non'r ljl"is tiy 011 more thllu tile lol\' e~ t fiftlj, nil)(;'" "ell "pen. ( I'. 8;;) Al,h.. ilt. X2. With OJ]ly OJ H) goni('1l1atiutl ill tho pl"obosois, sitll atotl 1l 0a" its 1I)l8" 83. '\' ith j W(I i{ ' l1i ~ lilu.tiol, S, UItO 110al' n,o baso :Lnt! tilt! utilei' 1l(j!U' the mid(1i0, facil.1 ri.lg-os )l (;l l'or b ristly 0'-' IlIOI'" t hall tho lowest rolll'ti, '" ( I'" 7;;) B-ipltolla. K:~. :r," ittl rill/.{os br is t l ~ ' on at j('ust thc lower half (1'. 73) 1809/08sa. l"a Ci!d ri,lges nevor bri s tl~ ' on more than the lowt,~ t. tilth..... (1'.7<1 ) l!jpiyi illlyia. 84. A.l"loIUCIl ul'ight l-(r l)cll or IJ luish gro~ n, f:tcia.l ridgem lien;r Ill"i ~ t] y (Ill more 1,l'l1n tho low st J"ulIl th, eyes l)ail'y (II. H9 ) (;!lut"uqv/l<vta. Abtl"'lIcn blaok U1" 11Iore or loss yellowish. Apical ('ell cnuill g" far b urmc t l;e extrululj tip of willg Xu. Al)i cal eoll olhlillg" nt or cl080 to tljtl ox treme tip of wiug Last sec:tiuu of Ii J"th voin 1(, ~K t.ln.1i nue hah li S 10llg 1\8 tho llrceecliug section L ast sect,iull uf Jifth vein almost a ~ lou/-( as tue pi'ecellillg Boc:tioll, 'uouel of fuurth vein with n. IOl) g appeudage, eyes bttro or with iudistilj() t, s hort, Hl)jj,l"8e hu,irl!, o (.>(;l1ar ljri silos (lirer-ted obliqllely furward IIriRLl cs of fn.c i' Ll ri(1gc8 ('onfiue(l to their lowest third..... ( p. 76) licicl oljte1"i1ta.. Bristl!lR 'lscentlldg fit h,nst to up pol' third ufth" ridges.. (p. 77) ]'laf/ip' OBJ,llOI"YBlI.. >'.7. Oc" l1ul" bi"islicr ",hell prosont direct ed ouli'[llcly forward Ocoll;,1' llri ~ tl es ollnillg I)l).ckwu.rd, allicul 1, el (UI!111etiolu.te Penultimaio joint of a ri8tl' over fom' tim()s as 101lg as b rol\d, faoial riuges hri8tly 011 wore th.l111 the lower h a lf (ll. 79 ) j) i8tio/c ona. P edtlltillluoo johlt ijh()rtor thu,1l. hl'oatl, facialriugcs,-,evcli' bristly Oll 1I10re than t h o lowest HfLh (II. 68) L6f1 ~ o8tollla.!lh. Eyes bar(;l, or with )ntiistinct., shoti, sparse hajrs Eyes t1istrnctly h airy Second segment of al)(lomel1 bearing at most only three p nirs of maorocllld,1u i ll the m illdl" of the dorslllll Seoond segm ' ut thickly covored wi th macrochlllt rn on at least t wo tbj)"(ls of its length (p. 145) Brnltbyliollt1/ill. 91. Facia.l ridges IJ "orl'ristly ou mor(;l tbllu the luwer Ilnlf }<'noial ridges bristly ou at least thllu: lower two thirds

35 Front IlcsLitute of backwanuy cul'viug lllacl'ochmtw ontsine of tbe two frontal 1'OW !J3. Frollt in oach sox boaring two or three p,lil's of l) l\ckwltrdly curving macro Chllltru outside of the J'eguln.r frontall'ows (p. 116) PHclttiuchrvta, 93. Herlll of fourth v ein bearing along apponda,ge or di8tiuct, fold. (I). 101 ) E upho7 OCC I'l!. Bend of fou, th voiu dnstituto of an H'Jlpenda ge or fold.... (p. 102) l'h07 OI'CI't<. 94. Bid cr of f ll-ce a I. f!o,rrowobt I'ftl't lebs th,ul onl1 third :LS wide a s the lllcdift1l depression fib. id es of f'leo wo!'o than odo lmlf n.8 wide ab the ljjcdian <1 o pr08 ~ iou Jl ead at tle v i))ri88;l) 111ll 0h slorter t iru,11 ut b ase of llu t UunUJ, 1.,ond of follrtl! v(lin ilostii.ute of' :w lipp()udllg'e (p. 89).Ma cl'o'l1leigcijill. 1 reall at t h o v i bri8s, ' " 8 long tl8 lit b U80 of all t OllUlI', boua (If' fourth veill boari II g 'Ill appeuult,ge (p. 8U ) Netaph!lto. 96. Diamet!)!' of h ea.d at the I'i\)risij,,, 1II11eh shorte,' 1,1IU,1I :1.1, \>:1 80 of 'Iuteuu m, beud of f'omth vein rlcrtituto of',m 1I1Ipelldn,gtl lliulj,p.thr of hoad ;,t tho v ihrihha, '18 long fib lit Imso of' ",ntenuic Frontul hristles desconuiu I!; 'It least t o la~t thin1 of the secolhi :tntoiju"l joint. (p. 91) llxol'is/u. Froutal ul'.ihtll.l!lot Cl0HCOudill!( b tl)ow tho base of' ilhl He~oJ)(l Itntllll U(lljoill t. (p. 04 ) iliacljllltl'tia. HI'. Haso of fourth YciJl \,olh'ing :I, IUll g 'Ipplllltl.tgo; 80cowl ::t11l1 t.hird sog ul, ~ of tho Ill,r\uIHOII (1 08 ti 1,11 1,,, uf di"cli Illlll,{:t ocl:a'ta (p. 8i ) NI,mol'wa. JJout1oi' rourth v ui ll a t Illost with /l.u uxtl'old cly H1.l(>rt It Jlponu!tgo, 8enonl] aj.l(i thi!'(l sugllluuts of,.h,loili OU bellriug' Jjijl.II.l JII:wro(,h a t"... (1" 88) j 'alll.'ifi"iu. 99. Antoullw r ellchiug nt, lollst 1,1< 11 lowebt fourth of t ho fa,oll Aut.onull Dut roaching l,olow tho lowest 1,hird or t he filc.e Viuriss"," n,t l 08s.t-hun olje h~lf tho long th uf 1,1,,) BUCOlIC I Iwtennal joint,,\bove t ho 10Vl'1 of t,ho frout otlgo of the oml mal'giu Vibrissa' iusertoll I\,t le!lht t hlllength of tho 811()Oud autennal joillt abovo tho )l~ \ ' l) 1 of tije f"')lit odge of' tl!o oml JIIargill l Lowest frollt'.li b"i~lle s b elo\\' middle of the Bouoml n,litenllal joint... 1.);). 1_0\\'081, froutals llot llolow ba ~o of ~h e set'ollel autol1jj1.lljoiul ~. Ch eul S l "BH thud one third. ll" hi'oatiu" tho oye lll:light, al'istlt 1I0ver t hi ck en f\(l on moro thrill the busli.! tldrd.... loa. Choek s Itlmost ar b1'oll-(l os t il (;lye height, nri 8tll tui(lkene(lncllr1y to tho tip, nl,[]ow llll 8hiuillg, Hot pouiuo I) (p. i:s5) JlfdlI/lUplt!'!}H. 10:i. l"l'oljtltl brisli ob iu two rows t, Froutal bristlos in four rowb.....( p. 79 ) Pach!}QP/c.l1c.a,7,nIl H ])ialdot'lr of head lit tho viijj'issl\i as ]ong li B IL L ba8e of Ituteunll', 10wor ii'llllt angle of the tbirtl ant(11llllli joillt not prolonged in tho form of 10 tooth. (p. 80) Scnotll,illia. ])in,lliot,(,1' of l!llad nt i,b ll v iul'issl1' much shortor thlln nt "RBe of 'tllt011i)/i" lower front Ilugle of t he thiril n,!ltonu~l joint prolonged iuto a slla,r]) tooth. (p. 11 5) Aucll!!J ia OcOl!ftl' bl'istlcs })'1'080)l t, tliroctod oblilj.ll 1)' forward OrellaI' bristles wanting (p. 8-1) TJelvo8ia. I OU. Hinn t illiaj ljot (1istinotly ciliate outwardly lliull tibi rll outwardly eiliate wil.h 1)ristl08 u,l'iol\l ooli open..... (p. llll) A lacta Al'il',~l (loll OIHlll (1',81) Biolll'!Jia. Api a1 oell olobed!onrl sbort petiola,te ( ) l'~o lul (lll'a"'occ),ii. 108: Puir of l uwost fl'unt(\j bribtlos not l)elow base of secourl. a ot 'llun I joint ]'l1il' of lowost fronta ls b elow lllid(ll ~ of secoud a.ntoudfbl.ioint, frontltl bristles ill two rows (p. 83) Ataeta. 109, l!'rotjtn) bristl 8 in four 1 0WB......(p. 'j!!) J'aclI!}ophtha.{7n1l.6. l"l'outltis in two 1'OW '" (p.122) Pal'alJ/c.!Jto.

36 Viurills{o at most only one llilu tho ].. ngth of the s()cond 'mtellnal joint I~hove tho level of thu f!"ollt ed~e of tho oml ljl"r ~iu V iul"isr'" at least the length of tile seoond antennal joint HUO\' O th"l \'el of the 01'111 margin, frontal bristles desoolltling uelow middle of' li l(1 s(,iooml fmtonnl\1 joiut , The ocellar hri~tles present, dirf'eti-<1 ohliquely for \\'o,1'tl, faoinl ridges novel' uri ~tly 011 moro than the lowest fou rtlj The ocellar bristles wall'ling, freial ri.lges uristly OIl lit I tlflst th" lowest t hird. (p. 84.) ije/vqsilt Ou kr ~ id o of hint! tibitn (libtinctly oil illto with bristlos ( I" 8:1) Atacta. Out!'r sido of hind t.ibill' 1101, ciliate ( 11. ~ 1 ) UiOllly1CI Lowest frontal lll'istles helo\" tho b'l~e, athiiianally henollth t l, o ljtidrll (), of seo on.l antcnnaljoiut Lowe~t fl'olltals not 1,)1,10'1' bllse of soi'oull a ll tellunl joint t14. 1)4-. Flwial depressiou deatilllto of n merlinll C!~riJllt ;). l' IIeial <ll1presh i')l1 wi th It hi;.(h m od.hut Ol.l,I iilil, apical cell "Iosell, thu petiole twice fir long IIR t lhl Ilmall Cr08BV(li n (1'. 120) it:lltitora. llil. Cheoks II,IWIIL [I~ IYl'on,rI as the eye. h ('. i~ht (p.!jg) J/ol,w"lJh1 Y8. Clte'e1,s l C~8 th,w Olle half US broad a~ ti,e "~'() hoigh t. Lower front "OI'II(l!' of the thir<1 clntollnlll,iuillt ]>1'",1""0,1 ill tho form of a sh arp tooth.. " " (p. llfi) A ~'mt!jj, a. Lower fl'out ('orner of the thinl H.utenllal joint not I'I'0dn.'eti in tho fofm of a tooth. l:leltd, yiowe(l from in fron t, urolttie r thu,n hi gh IlriHtfL bare, or nearly so... " (p. 12i1) fyj/(ii'clla. HeILcl highol' thuu 1,1'01111, nristrt shol't Jlltil'Oll... ( 1" 117) r li.lldel"wlilpia. llli. fltll'oll<l Regl.llen t of a.hdoruon n uvor boarillg moi 'C) than four Inllrl-l'inlll lllu,oro cha;tal Se" lm,] segl"... ul, I,earilll-( a t Joust s ix 1J1Ilrgill ltj ln fl, roc lta,t,,,, hiud,.tibim out wardly I'iliate with bristlcs (1'. 12~) lllep/uti'ijl6::a. U7. Hind tibim Olltwlndly. iliato with bristl(\s Hinel tibim not ('iliate : ]jri~tlcs of ",IJeeks "o\rering at least the lower thrce follrtb~ Rristles of c'heoks ('overing 10s8 tb,m the lower hal r.... (p. 91) Jl.vphanlroplll1{/a, 119. Flll'iu,l rit]gos IJJ'istJ~ ' lit least :tlniost to tho middle F:wial ridgeb bristly 011 lo s~ thnu tho low(,at fonr~h , Hoad at tho viuri"s,u II ~ 10llg as II t the base of an leun,.', J!f(lun~ cis slende!', ria"id, the lahella horny and llot thick,,!, tllllll the l'!'ouoscis.... (1', il::j) Sijlhostm lilia. H O>tti at the "ihrissuj mnoh shorter than (It bllsc of tiutollthl', pwuorcir robust, -n e~h y, til e J,.bolla Boft ( p. 108) St,wlIlitl. 1:11. \\' ith [I,t least three llllckwar<lly 1lI11'l'illg bristles ill "'loll of tlw {!'(Int:}l rown, ahdomeuiargely or wholly 0llfLqne pollinose ':Vith only two ljackwl1rdly Ollrving lol'istl.,s in each of tho fl'olljtail'owb, 1.II,do- IlIen shilling, destitllte ofpoljclll (1" 123) l'amchajia l"l'ont ll(~ l1rillg two or tht'oe pail's of b:lckwnrdly curving Illn.crochmtm outsi<le of the frontal rows, the :mteriorphir midway ltetwerll tit lowest occllns ami babe of Imtonnm (p. 116) I'8clUloo/w'ta. ]<"l'out destitnte of BllC!h macrooha, tll) (p, 105) ]i;'ontilla cellar bristles present, dirootell obliquely forward Occllllr bristles wanting (p. 84) Belv08ia Bend of fo\ii th vein llestitut,e of an appendage Bond of fourth "oin uearing nn appeudage Ol' distin<:t fol, At'istfL distill 'tly pubesoent, facial ridges bristly 011 the lower.five-sixth. (p. 117) PrQSpllcrllsa.. Arist(~ bare, facil1-1 ritlges at most hristly 1111 the lower tbree fifths. (p. 118) 7'a chill O. 12. Diameter of bead at the y iurissli> fib long lis lit bll80 of Mltennll' Diameter of he(ul at the ViOl'issw IUllt'1l sllorter than at bube of II.Dtennw

37 RidgeH of f(tco hristly on at loast the 10WIll' two thhll8... (p. 120) TacMlIo]lsis. Ridgos bristly on l ess than thojoworttbin (p.120) ])olllotioub J.owor frout COrullI' of the third 3ntlmnaljoiut prodnced in tho form of!t slhlrp tooth... (p. 115) AOClnyin. Lowor front ('ornor of the t birfl antennal joint )]o t l))'od Ilced ill a toot.h. VihriSBlH on a lovel with the f l'orl't odgo of tlle omlmargill. (p. U:l) Jfasiocm. VibrissIH jill' li.bove the lovel of frout edge 01' (l1'1i1 uj:l,rgin.. ( p. 81) JljOlllY'ia Eyoij hare or with indi~ tillet sllort, spnrse hail's U'3. E yes ilistinctly hn,iry, :IlltOllllln re'jchin~ H,t JOllst to joweat fourth of'tho fncll Fl'ollt'Lllll'istles not descelhling l,clow ]mao (II' soeo",l Hutennal joint ; 'tbtloruell IlLrgoly 01' wholly Oll:tCJue ~my polliu08o Front",1 bristlos d08ccdllillg ],elow lili,ldl() of S(I('O ll r] :lutl'uua-l,ioint (J h o(j I(~ II 'II,l'l y ns broil,1i li S tuo (J~ " Ilt)igut (1'. GJ ) H!}a.1 I1! glls. Cheeks loss than on e t hil' (l,,~ broll,ll:1 s t hl' (I,Yo ll e ig-ht... ( 1" G-J) Jl1acqua7 /ia Body aldnillg, destitnte of ]lollon (p. 04) T'olidNI. Hody plll'tly or wholly Op",q1l0 poljinosfi ( 1',1):1 ) lliil!/,liilt Frontll,] "il;tll, 0IIILCJn o, :thilol11(\ll 0(' f0 1l1' SOglll llu tr l.esidos tho vcry Rhol't 1m!ml ono l:h. Vrontll,] \'ilt" 8 hilliu ~ blll,ck, I],Lllomol1 of olll y thrl1(\ segment s h osilles t h.. nlry Hj'Ol't ],:l BII] oue.... (p. 73).lJc/llyda. 184, Apionl cell open, (lr with a, l'etioln los8 tha u (lue lml[ :t ~ 1"lIg /L8 the IJ inil cross "oill ] 37, Apical C ( 11 closod, tho l)otio]o allllost it" 101lg am t ho hillel cr08sveill ~ Ahilmuen R ltl "'yli 11 (1 I'i c:1l, Jl ea,rl.,- twicc li S loug 11 8 will e, t Ilt' 81:",,,nll H,ml t,hilll segmonts dostituto of discal maci'oci" l ta' II hdol 1len 8 U hhml1ispbericli l, only slig-htly loil g-o r tb a,n brol'lll, tbll secouii alltl thircl segmonts benring IIisl' II1 )11 lu:l'oc}\mt,fl'. (1" 70) B.'I<LIMIt!}odc8. 13G. '1'110 ooellar bristles c urvil1~ backward, small c ro ~Rv oin before the tip of t ho first voiu (p. (;8 ) ]'onoqs/u1lta, The "colln,r br istlos tl,iroctofl obliqucly fol'w(nd, s mall c1'os8voin f fh lwy()i Ill t he tip of t h o first v ein... "'.... (p. GfJ~ &ia8111l P(~llJi slib yjintlric!l-l, l ors thn,n olll.lmlf as wido 118 t11 0 probo~ cis.... J38. P u,1pi fl n,ttene<l llutl IInlls l1:1ji." llill1:teil, willer tilltn t l1(1 1'1'01008 is, pellllltinlltle,joint of :Lri 8 tl~ l~ ilu0 8t OllO lhllf us loug' 1\8 t he In,s t DUlL (p. 57) Li8pilleu, 138. l'ollnlti1i11l,to joint of a,l'ihtn over twit'e :18 long li S hro:'l<l Penll'JtilllILt(' joint of 'H:ista fit most oul.\' slig'btly lon!;('!' (,luln b1,oad... 1< Third v(lin nt lilost heauin g foul' In'istles IHmr its 1mse... " ThiNl vein [lristly'lllmo8t to t he sm:t,1i e l'o B~veil1.'...(p. ii7) Tltryplocol"a Arista sloullor on apicali half of t Il l' last,joint, t llirfl!tntennnl joint ent ire ill hoth RI)XeH Ariam thickcuod to tho upex, t hird antenmtl j oint in thllll1:lle rli villell hlugthwiso into two parts (')'. 55) (:" botao/dna Hiuel ol'osawill n(larer to hethi 01' I'onl'th voi n t 11,,, to t110 RlTlIll1. (1" ():)) Mcrli.llft. Hilld cl'ossvein nllal'el' to t he Bwall thnll to beud of follrth "oiu. (p. 55) Clal/sicell!!' illcs of faoo at n arrowest part I\t most olle.thinl lis' as tho l11edhtn!l0l1\'os' sion, fourth vein entire :1, Sill '8 of fllce oul' hnj.[ o.s wide lis tll lnellia)1,1epl'ossion, fourth voin oblitol'lllc(l beyonu t ho bend (p. 66) Bncodillwm Hond!\t t ho vibrisblll lloticon.bly shorter tht\11 Ilt bnseofnntilullft' , HeMI at the v ibrissre IlS long as lit l,aao of antmu11l., Horizontal uil1jnotor of the o()ciput Il~O\ ' O tho 1100k less thnn OUO.. lhtlf as long as tbn.t of tlio oye Hol'izoutal (lilllu <ltor of oooil1ut ahove thu llock aslollg- n.s that of tho (lye, llntonum l'onolling at least to l owest fifth of' tho fnco, vibrissm 011 1\ Jovol witb front edge of t110 oml m:1rgil1... (p. 65) Pclatachina.

38 'Vith oue or more pllira of frontal bl'iijtles holo\\' Imso of th., N"'cond antennal.joint ,..., Withont f111y frontals below bllho of second anteuual_joint UG. HG, OCCil'll t Itt uto t only ijjightly convex, 1IM1.\ short aud l'ohust. (1'.70) (Esl,, opltaxia. Oocipllt Atrongly I>OI1"ex, liod.\, elongate un d sleuder... (1'. 72) li'lttr;ra. Hi. Front of nula f1estitll te of orhital lll'iijtles, von tel' of :tbdolll61j of fmul~lt' destituto of short spin~s, third "oin bolwing at least two bdat,llls noar t ho llllso... l~. Frollt in bnth SOXOS bc:l-l'iul-( orbital 1l1'istles, vonte,. of f" n"tltl beu.l'ill~ muny short, spines 0 11 the seuoud Meguwn!, third vein llsii:111y with 1.1 single bristln 110'11' thu 1)[180...,... (11. 5\)'ia. j.i!(, A li t-ell II,, uot 1'0llelJing below tho lowt'st follrth 'of the fmfi... (p. 81) mof1~yia. AuteulI'" ItlUHlst or quite nlllcbiug tbe Ol'al maj:{!in....., (1), Gil) J:!:I/}H'RI6i1a Al'istlt ljmo, (II' vcl'y shol't l"llloscollt Arist" IIO'.!tring li:1.ir8 wbich M'O :LR Jon!!; IIR its grllll.t,)st diameto,, antouuli' I'oach illg lowest fiftlt of t,lll' fllce (1'. (iii ) /,!'skia. 11)0, Hotly ijhol't tiud I'ohllst Hit. Body olong'tte aud sl"ndol', I~ ll te n ll '" llol I't:l1.chillg helow t l, e lowe8t thil'd of tbe f:tce, Itl'i IJ111 coli olosell (I,ll.l sbort l'etioh~lo (1" 72 ).\'(liliholltcialla Til' of autcull'" not helo lv Inw"st thir,l "I' tho f..". " li ' outl~l I.ll'istl oh 1l~IIf1Jl y liot cles"l.m.l ing bolow haso of t h o socon.l ILllteU I 11\1 joillt....,... 1!'i~. Tip of :1utCtlll'" a.t 01' helow,low'lb t II I' til of 1'11('", fl' y desol1.1ltlillg h(\low 1l:180 of the Recouil altt'mll"l.ioiut.... ".' li)3. lti2. Head over twim I1S high as loug, O.-cil11l.t Itt mo~t on l ~' RlighUy ('Oil vex. (1'. 70 ) msi1 Ujl"IIRia. ]load t oue aud oue-third Lillie" :1 8 ltigh a9 loug, oceipnt uhunlly stronj,(ly l'01ii, X (p. il l ClytilJlI'!lia" ]5:1. Third. v"in bearing ollly two or throe brist) e~ uuu.t'tbo b:lho, hoa,l unusnally short.... _ '".. (p. 70) Gllltl'opilllsia. Third vein ltristly almo~t to thu a lll!~ll O'I'o~ s veiu, hoi~dllot nnumlta]1y Ahort. (p. 75 ) Sipholla. Tho following genera, which luwe been reported from America llorth of Mexico, together witll the specie;; referred to them, have 110t heen roooglli zed by tile writer, or else tlje species l;>elong to other genera: Ba'lllll illtluli'ia allal is n~jl <ler " ' ull', helougs to Chrutogwc1iu.. Re88M'ia, ( If' a7,zb(ii'{l'ia. ) 7n'cl,jpcnllis Loew. N eltmska, GIII'USO.MII., u. SIl. Br:tnor and Bergen8tllllllll, Zw if, J{",is. Mus. Willll, V, ]1. 407; ]~91. (;eorgia. Gliata aml't'iljana 'l'ownsonu.ih I~ SYUOUYIIl of J)!!/';ophas'ia {I'nett Wiod, Cli.810f1l01'plia h!/a7o'llwidch Towllsend, Cn.uatlian Entomologist, Yol. XXI", pp, 70 to 81 i New York. O"!lpto]lalpuB jt((v'iocpb Bigot, Rooky Mountains, IIIHI 1II1'l(U/upygatIlN Bigot, Washiugton, Bullntiu t;oc. Eut. France, p. 14]; Daooll li'ia, haney;. Towns()Jld, 1'rans. Amer. Ent, f:joc., Vol. XiX, pp. IIi u.ud!l8; U!!i2. Mu.iue. Eliozcla Mllcricaua Brltuer and Bergell~ta lllm, Zweif. Kais. Mus. WicH, Y, 1'. 888; Georgia. EllcBI'olllyia l olm t8ollii Townsend, 'rrau~. ArneI'. Ellt.,'00., Vol. XIX, I'P. 11(; to 116; ollth l'tj IllinoiA. Elwllcj)ltaz.ia gvll.oide8 Townscnd, Canadiall EntOlllologist, Vol. XXIV, r'p. 166,167; New Mexico. ElIIlItlOlhllria i1lill oil'lisi8 1\IIVIlS6IHI, 'l'l I\U8. Allier. Eut. Soc., Vol. XIX, lip. 121, 122; 'al'li u ville, 111.

39 40 EU800]lolill tilllco/ ell8i8 l'owllmoilli, I. c., Plio 12:'1, 124. Sou th l)akota. l" 'ib1"i8811 Wn(II ;.OIlIlU Bigot, Anu. S IIC. Eot. Fmuce, V. :J5fi; 1HRH. Wush illgton. G-inu1ymilt aol";,.0811";8 'l'own~ ont1, Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Yol. XIX, pp. 118, 119; () IlIlstantille, MieL. GO'll'ioollwtlllJ/agioiilcs 'fownsolld, 1. c., Vol. XVIII,I)I" 351,352; LaB Cruces, N. Mex. Helnithrix ioll. (I'8t,.i/01'lno lll'a llor and B e ",;enatl~ml.n, Zwoif. J\ais. Mus. ';Vi on, Y, p. 31;7 ; Colon,ao, BC8j)cl'01ltyia cl'ytllo1'ooem Brauer I1nll jlcl'gousturnid, ), "., 1\', p. 114 ; 'rexa8, Hitllanto8/01ll11 BI'ye-IiS Loew. Illinois. Hyp ~, trop llu cm tll}a1 vipc8 Townsend, 'l'j'ailr. AllIel'. E ut. Sil O., YoJ. XVIII, pp. :i60, 861; Llls Crnces, N. Mex.!/liyer'/(, ro lo)j8 W'nlkeJ', ljelougs to Iloskin; I. c01-yth7l8 Walke!', is XlIlI.tho1llf.llllla. atl'i PlJlt1li8 Say; und!. hfl!j11i1l8 Walker, Iwlong8 to Metll.ah,d a. Lomoia nill"ij1'01l8, 1'lIji001'1I';8, ana globosa, T(Jwn ~ elld, a.ppell!' til lhj syll onyllls or IIr!J';opllas;a (1'11011 Wio<l. LOl'ho8in sotium'n TLolllHon, belongs to Cl n,uai l)eui1. Myothllria IJunilm'wn!pill TownHonll, b elongs to HYT'ostena. Neot'l'a('tuoc!,(I, a,liuliili!ti Townsend, Trana. Am. Ellt. Soc., Vol. XiX, PI). 10:;, 106 ; ]892. Las C!'llces, N. Me". P(l l'llll!jjjouhml.(i hotm'onelll'(' llj'l1l1 (l1',u"l Bergonst'LIIHll, I'.wcif. Mns. \Vion, V, p. 3:~7 j 18!,)!. North Aweri cll. 1'610';'.a sly7,ala Braum' I'Llld Bel'genatamlJl, ], c" PI'. 386, 387. Gr oenlallll. 1'II08i.(I, lltri.l'oil1tis Say, 11olo11 gh to XalltLomelana. l'o(lotllchill", (I.tIwl';ca ll u Braller flnd Rorgonatumw, is '1hcll'ima?II.ell(l '\!alker, aod P., ' ibl ' ; 8~a, ta, of tho 8fWW 11l1thors i M.E1I]J"01 OCCI'II (Jiul';pOllnis MUC'lnnrt. Rh;nol,hOl'a Ilalida lhul 111 0X; C(l.!l(( TowpseJ1d, Cllua<iiau Entomologist, Vol. XXIV, pp. 167,168; Ln~ ' C J'll ocs, N. Max. Sl<l'coc7ista (lakot(,1i8i8 Tow1lsend, '('rans. Am. EnG. ROI'., Vol. XIX, 1']1. 122, 12il j J89:.!. SOllth Dakota. SIOI'('11';1I ji;()til)cs Bigot, is X(/.'II elall II, (waltala S:ty, 1'I"iJ'a.1il1ottii '1'o"'"80 11(l, l 'olongm to l'n.mplyto. li'!lphm'a alllor,joana n.lj,lljuh!lo;r/i:x 'l'owl1soi Hl, aro S,YItOlty ll'" of /'oli.<iea. III'O()8'Walker. X ysta diclylltl' ]. 001\'. lljinois. S YS'J'EMA.'rJO A.U,RA.NGEMEN'1' ()]? THE (;ENERA. A. linear arrangement of the genera of t he Tachiniucc so as to indicate their llatlmtl rclatiou:ship is quite impos:sible, owiug' to the fact that ill seveml cases ea,clt of three genera is 'more closely related to a fourth than to any other genns, and ill a lilleal' arrangement it is, of cours, impossible to pla.ce each next to the one to wllich it is nearest related. The following arrangement shows the relationship of tlle geuem giveu ill the lll'eceding table perllaps as nearly as can be done jlj fl linear manner. By this arraugoment, those without strong macrochmtm on the ahdomen are placed at the opposite end of the serie to those having these macrochrotm tlle most strongly developed: A}liol\,l oell ending n.t 01' close t o the extreme wingtil). Abdomen llostitllte of m l~cro ch (l,l trlj. Sides of tle f[we Proboscis Rbol'ter or only slightly longer than the head. Hind tihi:l' licit ailhtto: CiRtoga81 1"1', GY"LlloBU!lla, P horantlla, A lophora. Hiud tibi", outwardly r.iliate: 11ricltopoda. Probos Is long r t hl~ u tho bead a1ld thorax united : NU8i,pll olla. ' idtls of face with llri8t ly lja ir~: GYlllllopiLania.

40 41 Apicnl cell onding at or close 10 t,li e oxtl'mllo wiup;tip-uontini10,i, Ahcloruen hearillg Jrlll.Ol'oclw; ta;, Si,108 of faco with hail's or m llc)'()chwi,,., 011 tllo l"wot IIl~lf : llfyiopllasi;: PII!lto, MauI'om.!lia, C"!lplulIIP,i{lclIia, Cemto"'!I;,'IlIl, I C"I,rsio)lfl, A c7i11o;,t'ia, Bides of face, Oil at l east tho lower 111,11', haro, Proboseis sborter 01' on1,1' slightly 101lg01' I;L,lO h('ight' of head, Frontal vitth opo.qno, VihrisSlI' on a 10\'01 with thfl f'rout edge of the oml margin, Pennitullato.ioint of,uista n,t InaRt twi, ~e as 10llg',tS hl'on. 1: JJfO(lillfl, Sd';zot(wlli"fI, Clal/sire11a, / ' l ellf,ojls, J.i8)li dca, Tll.1'!lptooe"{I, l'ollnlt,imltto joint of 't1'isl", "horte l' 0,' only Rlightly (01' t,h:ln l>rolld: LIdia, L(IHio'l.Cll1'fI, C//(I'IOplilflJlH, C~latol'i a, HYJlostl'na, Di(ly?nll, JIIiwqllll1'lia, H1Iallf".'l"N, j 'ohdca., II:<Ipo. chmta, PelMaoh.'i,IIa., ]i'a ('O(li-lIcm'll, 1\" 'I'ia, 1.(,"I";a., J' I '~kiolll i lll(, &1);1IU)l8, Vibri~ 8 " \ distinctlyabv\'o tho fhlllt... lgo of t1, o 11l'I~1 nlflr~ ill : J,6ucostO'llW, SCia81lla, ffy" Imll.YQIlv., 0 ';8 11'o/l11(l 8ill, ( 'I ytiolllyia, Eul"ixn,.\ a.1ithomclalllt, FI'Outl11 vittn. Jaigb1y polisbflfl : I1I'JII!ldll, Prohoacis a.t ](oust ouo thir(llongor tlmn 1,oi:.:h I, "I' hon,.l: Rcs /tj(l, IH()!I/O " ~(!, Rpi(lrirnyi.(l., SiphQ",a, Apical ('011 (llhl ing SOllie uistanco in fl'ont of tho Cli tremo wing,tip, Last Aectiol) of tljo firth voin mal'o thllu one.hllif n.r long' as the Jlrocoding soc tion: Hplcl'oplcl'inlt, 1'1Ilgi}J"ORph"'!IsfI, MI't(lpln!lill, ]'al'a},i(lij'in, C!/l'toJlhla'IJtI" PlaIlia, SiphOl)lagia, La8t Btlctiol1 of the liftll voin 1,'s8 thau (lue thinl 'tr 1011g fl8 t he pre.'otiing Met,ion, Siel or of face on the 10wol' lln,lf bn,i'il, Vib1'isBm distinctly n.hov ll tho front t'dg., or tho oml Il\I~l'gin, EYOR 1HI1'I', l' joint of nrim t,'t litoro t,lmn twi,," "" IOllg 0." hl'on.d : Di 8 ti ~ho"a, C Ie II'togio.Slt.. P {l nnj timf~to joint of nriatlt a1l0l't '1'1.11' (July Rlightly IOD gor t hrtn hrol1(l: J'a.c1"!loJl"lIwl'llIU.B" cllol,ai,dll, /'sctlclo/i'ac'(occl'n, /lif)'lnyia, J tactl, SiphoB I,II?'Ilt'ia, Nell'osin" lt1ezii1io})h"!lb,.'iphia, O"!ll'/em, 8yoa (listiuctlyhi~iry: ia lil1" 'ljlyia,.v emo'l'ft:lt, 1'1ttIZCI'i,/I, Jlf"')I'ulll oi!/cni((, Vihriss[p OJ) a Jovel with tho front (loge of. UIO oraj Jl11~rg iu E yes clistillct1y linil'y: (;!I'IlIJlo cil(l'i(t, JJlela}lhylo, Exori8toideR, II!ijlhan. I,'opllaga, E XOJ'IBla, E"1)/tm'OC6l'lI, I'ltol'ocel'o, :Jo~ y es haro: Frontill", Sllu'mia, MaHiO(!i'(i, A cem!lia, Pac(ldoc/I.(.oia, l'ron' l)lic)'y sa, T"a ll dol'i.('u.lpia, Eltthera, liolighia, 'l'aclt i lln, Tarlti llol'sib, D eljtoticllx, ]>o,,'aphyto, l'ai'aclt wla, lilcplw/'ipcrll, Sides of fncfi with lillil'8 or ml1crocb,vt m 011 tho ]owl)r hltlf. VibrlssH' on a ]0" e1 with the allterior eage of tho ornl marg in: Inutilemia, M,t800plc,'yx, J'a,!'(I(lirlym.a, A ti'qp/topalpu8, jjjota.citfl'tll, T'hoJichcl'la, Ghretol)lagia, Metopia,,jmua, OpBidia, nila?'olla, Tl'iCXJQo,/u, Bl'aoltl/Oomo" It II li.11 ))1'080 pa, Vi\)riij8tU distinotly "'\)""0 the front edge of the or :~l mdl'g in, Rond at the " illl:iss!e much shorter thl~n n.t haso of n.utellur.' : Gotlia, Spallw,zallia, O a'1/io)l8is, Chfl'IQQlI'(lia, Dichac){I1'(/, Miel'o]liLth«(.lma, Head a t the yiul'i8stl) longer tbll1l at ua,se of (~nt e nllll" A 'IltObia, 'lhcllo}jllo"tl, up/wccm, l'e/etel'ia,.ilrohytos, Ec liillolj~ y i((, 1!.palpt(,8, Bombyliomyi(1, DeJcallia, T'(lI'ndej eania, JltrilIca, JU,"j,lIcl1a.,

41 42 SYNOPSES OF THE Sl'BOIES. The arrangement of tve genera is tlmt given above. ) u the case of synonyms, the oldest name lias been adopted, sinca this method is the only on8 whereby n, uniform syo;tem of 110mencla,ture can be obtain d, On t he other hand, if we follow th law of favori tism we can never 110p(.' to have a uniforlll series of llames, since the German student will adopt the nalne proposed by a, Germall, j,he Frenchman otle proposed by his own countrymall, ~nd flo 011. All of t he synon ymy given in these pages bas been vef'ihecl by tile writer. 13ya few r.tntllors the names of certain gellera have beeu rfl jected, owlng' to the fact that the allt1101' described under each of them spoder that Ilroperly belong to two or more distinct generfl" but this does 1I0t at all ill valitlate t he gellus, since tbe Ilame may be retained for or mol'e of the species alld new A'ellel'ic terms applied to the others. Again, Cel'taill g'enera Ilave beeu l' ~ j ectcd on tile score t hat they have ~)een illsutliciently characterized, but if oll e of the species tbat the author pla,cecl in ~L given genus (!.I,ll be hlentified with l'easolln,ble certainty, the g'cneric cllaractel's (:a.1.l readily be ascertained from an exami ll ation of the speci Lllells themselves, Genera, founded 0 11 chm'acters peculiar to one sex ollly have not been adopted. 1'be writer is of tbe opiuioll tbat iu case the females of ally two given species are stl'llcturaljy illeutical, these two species should }jot be separated into Ilifferent genera, no matter to what extellt. tl le males of t,hese two 'species may d iffer from each other. A ll Y chs s~ ficrl tion tllat will not enable UH to ref 01' a si ng'le specimen of either sex to its correct genii JIlust come sllort of the very ob.iect for which it " '.L,~ Il esig-ned. The f'ollowi ng pag'es con tain rcferences to an the species of TaC'hinidm hitherto reported as occurring ill tilis conn tl'y north of Mexico a ll (l belon gillg to genera of which the writer has examined representatives. Only the s]lecies studied by the writer are tabulated; the others are Hsted at the end of the tables. Genera of Whl 'h t he writei' has seen no repres ntatives, together with the species f['om this region refel'1'ed to them, ha,ve already been listed on previoris pages. 1'he locali ties given are those in which the specimens tlldied were captured; the published reeords }lltve not b en added, since it was mtendecl to make t he present wol'le af;l nearly origi Illtl as possible. 'l'he color of t he halteres has been purposely omitted a,s of no speoific impodallce. Types of all the new Rpe 'ies have been deposited in the United Stfttes National Museum. Genus CISTOGASTER Latr, Ci,togQslm' LGtl'eillo, in ClI yioi"k Hoglle u,ni mnl, Vol. Y j j'allll8ia Dcs\'ohly, Ess!\i. SUI' les Myol1ail,tls, 1', 239 ; (lyllmoclyull Brauer Gun BergoDstGmm, 7.w ~f. Knis, ~llls, Wien, VI, p, 157; 1893, Th synonymy of Pallasin. and Oistogastel' was first pointed onto by MacqlUwt nud has been confirmed by Hondani, Schiner, Brauer and Bergen, and others. Our siugl species is very differeut in the

42 43 opposite sexes; in tlj8 female tlle abilomen is black, wllil(l in the maje it is largely or wholly yellow; in tpe female the tijorax is gray pollino e, marl,ed with two black vittre; ill the ma.le it is Y 110w1s1l polliuose, ma,rked with four black v itta>' length,5 t.o 7 mm. Grim by, Oam1.da l'iiaiue; Franconia and White Mountains, New liampshire; District of Uoillmbia; NorthCarolina: Tifton, Ga.; 'rexas,uolomdo,anu Ualiforuia. (DiptMes Exotiques, Vol. II, J)al't Ill, p. 233( 76); ]84.2. O.llmnoso'l1l,a oeoidua, Walker, J_;ist Dipt. hi ectl'l, Part 1 \ r, p. fm:3; 18,1,9. Gi~'t(J(I((8 t('1' rli1j;8q, Loew, Diptera Amer. Sept. ludig., Oe)lt,ll1'ia. TY, No. 88; 18():\. OJJm.noclyM,a il-ivis(f.b l'ancl' a.ud?1el'gel)stall1iti,in 71tt.).. i'lll7lwclil~"ta Macq. Genus GYMNOSOMA Meig. (I!lIIIII080ma Meigeu, iu nligol"" J\lfrlgl~1.ill fiir 11I80kLt)lIklllldn. Yol. rr. p. :!7t(; 1IlO:!. In 0111'!<iTlgle species tile abdomen is yel low allel lilarked witli a bjaek dor.<;al vitta or row of spots; dol'fmm of thorax of malo ill frollt "f' the I';nt;llre yellowii:!h polljnose and m<wke(l wit,h four black vittll', bnt ill tlie female tho (lonmm is destitute of' pollen except the huili ' l'i o,lid IHtI' l'ow latera,1 margins; leng-tll, [) to to) 1I1H1. (;rimsb:y, Oanatla. ; 'White l\1 ollutains an (1 [fl'fln C\on ia, N. H.; Maryland; Distriet of ()OlUlII bh\; YirO'illia; lvlichigan; Agricultural College, 1VliRf<. ; New Orlen,ns, La.; Mil';soul'i; Kansas; Green River City, Wyo.; Oolorado, Ida,llll, alld Cali fornia. (li}ssai Sill' les Myodaircl;, p. 2:-l7; ].s:.:lo. OyJ1l1/0S01ll(1 111/1' Wall,er, List of Dipteronl'; Ilisect,R, ]'m't l.v, p. 09:.!; ls4u. O.lJlIUtf), Ml1rr,.Mia/a, ]Joew, Dipt. Allier. Sept. J lld igena, Cent.uria. X, No. fhi; 11:172. (Tymnorwtl/rr, sp., Brauer :wd Bergenst:tmm 'in litt. )...,..j'tllig-ino8u j)e~;y. Genus PHORANTHA Rond. PlloJ'a.III"a Houdrlni. Dirt,, oiogi... Itrtlinlt' P"od 1'0lO 118. \'0J. Y, p. 21; l IlG!!. On1' species [tl'o black, the palpi and apex of' proboscis Hometimes.reHo\l'; Duly one postsutural alii! one RiernopleurallDf'l.crocbret l\; willg's Hot I)larked with brown beyond the base of the- dil';cal eelj, cm;ta, Hearly straight: 1. rrhorax 8ubsbining, a.lrno. t destitute of pollen, not mark(\d witll dis tinct black vittm; lai't. section of the tl1ird vein Heady olle hn,lf :Lslong as the preceding section '" 'bol'ax oparine, (lenscly gray pollinose, ma rked with four Ahiuing black vittm; fi'ol1ta.l vitta of fomale at tlje JlitlTOwest poillt slightly wider tilall the distance bctweod tile posterior ocelli, last sectiou of the third vein ono folll'tb at:! lollg a!< the )1re c diug section, calypteres whit ; lellgth 7 mid. Los Angeles Oouuty, Ual. (Tijtlscll. VOOl' Entomologie, Vol. X.x XV, p. 185; 1892: Hyalomyia.) nig1 eilh v. d. W. 2. Ca.lypteres whitish, s oond a.nd third segments of a,udomen thinly whitish pollinose, frontal vitta offemal at tll6 narrowest poiut Ie s than one third as wide as tlje distance betweell the posterior ocelli; length,2.[) to.j mm. FortMcLeod,BritisbAUl rica; Maryland; onthern lililloi. Georgia; N neces 'rex.; South Dakota;

43 44 OallOU City, Uolo. ;.Las Ornct'.s, N. Mex.; Washingtoll; Los A ngeles alld Sail Diego eoullties, Oul.; llnd Allende,.Mexico. (Insecta Satludcrsialla, Vol. I, p. 2GO; 1850: HyalomY'ia. A lo pllora 11tct~w8a Bigot, Anuales Soc. Entomol. France, p. 255; [Iyalomyia punotioera, 'l'ownsello, Pl'oc. Ent. Soe. Wash ington, Vol. H, p. 135; April 2, 18!H. Hya.lomJlia aldt"ichii 'rowllsellu, J. c., p. VHl; [t'om a cotype speeim n. H1laJomY'ia 1 ol)(j1 tsonii'l'ow Dsend, J. c. }/Jlrr.lomy ;'(f. purpurascm!8 Townsend, 1. c., 11. l ~ i ; from a cotype specimell. Jlya.lo'lnyia, eeler Town send, TraIl S. A rner. B 1I t. Soc., 'Vol. XXII, p. G5; March, Hya.101'I1Jjia, violar(j()ns 'l'owllseuu, A lm a-is Mag. Nat Rist., Vol. XX, p. 32;.1 lily, 18M. Pho1'antli a, Rp., Brauer a ll d BergelJstamlll in l-itt. ) ' oecirlcnf'is WalJe Calyp teres bi'owii, first three Regmonts of abdomcn not 11 istinctl.v pollinose except alollg the sill es, the fo llrth sr.glll ent lightly wlli tish pollinol'ic and dotteu with black, 1i'outal vitta of male obliterated Oil its ripper -part, wings with a strong- wlliti",h tillg'e j le llgth, :l.g to 4: 1I11n. District of Oolnmbia,; Potomae Cr eek, Vil'gi ll ia; l~exing toll, Ky.; alld llorthern Jlliuois. Niu e males, olle t.aken by t he writer ill.july, another capture(l by Mr. C. W. Johllson, May 2:\ 189G, a, third by Dr. W. A. Nason, Augnst W, 1890, aud Rix captured by Prof. H. Ga~:mall. Type No. aoi18, U. S. National Museum. : ca, II. sr. Genus ALOPHORA Desv. Aio]lhrn'(l.lloB I oi.l y. l' SRfli ant l OR 1IIyo<1lLiY(ls, 11. ~fl~; 1~30. H!Jnlolll:'1io n ervn id 'y, ]nc. cit., 1'. ~f)r. S(\lliner I ha,:,l already r eferred tliese t.wo (liyil'\ioll S a.r Rllbgonel'ft, of t he.l-ir15t li1cntiolled g'cnu ', alld in this he is i'ollowc(l hy Brauel' n,lin 'B 'rgellstltulln. 2 Of Lhe ten sp ecies occurring ill our fu,ulla, th e femalcs of 01l1y fonr are kuown to me: 1. Wings distinctly marked witll brown beyond base of disca.l cell out side of the costal cell ((tll males) Wings wholly b yn,line b yond base of discal cell except someumes in the costa,] cell Second alii tllird abdominal seglllents shillillg or,;ubshinillg econd alld following segments opaque, dell Sely yellow gra,y pollio nose; thorax, when viewed ft'om behin<l, t hinly \vhite pollino, e along the suture, in front of the scutellllm, and alolla' lbesidt>s; eyes colltiguou ; bia 'k, th p ~~ lpi yellow, calypleres white, wings whitigll hya.line, costa strongly arcuate, last section of third veilt slightly I ss than oue third as long as the precedhlg 'ectiou ; lellgt.b, [i ludl. Easterll Washington. A single male speci.mell 'ollectec1 by ProCe SOl' Pip r: Type No. 3519, U. TntionaI M useltlll opaca n. sp. 'Fn.UIHI AllstJ'incll, \01. 1, p.,102; 18()2. Zwcif. Kais. Mm. " ' iou, 1\', p. 149 ; 1 9..\180 10c. cit., Yl, p. 157; 1893.

44 45 3. Females; geuitalia awl,shaped, llil'ected. backward " 4. Males; genitalia tubula,r, directod forward under the body; black, tlje palpi yellow, abdomen with a pfonoullced brassy tinge, shiuing, thinly white pollinose; thorax when \,lewed from behilld thinly white pollinose ex 'ept tbe front cnd 1Mld two Imbdorsll.l vittm behind tho suture; eyes separated as W'irl 'Iy lis tlle posterior ocelli, calyptel'es grayish white, wiugs whitisll hyaliuc, ha,''-1 to t il) of second ba.sal cell yellow, eosta strougly al'(,,uate, htst section of tbin) vein nearly half as lon g- as the pre 'edillg' soc tiod; length, 6 llllll. PotOllutC Creek, Vil'gini,L, A Ring'le luttle specimen eollected :.!3, 18!l6, by O. W. JOhIlSOll. rryjlo No. 3520, U. S, National Museum ,.. n'iti(]a ll. sp. 4. Frolltal vitta at narrowest part lors titan ()llc tljil'd as wide as tho dist~tn ce b'-1twcell t il e posterior oeelli......,.... ' Frontal vitta at narrowest part as wide as tile (1istal1ce between the posterior ocelli; last sectioll of tilinl yei Il slig-htly over one third as loog' as t he preeed.illg sectioll ; lellg-th, 4 to n mill. ' Vhite J\Ilonntaills and Franeollia., N. H., a.nd PotoUJ!1(: Oreek, Vil'l-l"inia, (,l'r[llls. Amer. J ~ llt, Soc., Yo1. X Ill, p. ~!}(i; Ol'tuuer, 188(; : Hya/(nl/,.1/ia.)..... ' "... ({'?H'O /'(J1I t1'is W j I I. 5. lj!1st sectiolj of third vein over Ollc t hinl a:'\ 10llg n,s the pj'ecediug sectiou, small crossveill lleal'er to tip of.llri'lt \'eiu th:tli in till of t he auxiliary, 01' mid. way between tilciii; IJlack, thh IHLlpi yell\jw; thorax, wheu viewed. from behilld, snbopaqlle \I'hitii'lh pollinose, wit.h illllistillct black vittl1:!; eyes sepl1ntted i'lligutly willer til au width of lowest ocellus; fae white or gray pullillose ; ahdolllen on the last three segments whitish Jlollillose; the s eo lld alld third segments with a bhtek dorsal vittll; CfLlyptel'o:'\ whitislt or yellowish ; wing's hyaline, the ba 'e t.o sliglltly beyollcl tho bu men.i cl'ossveill yeliowiflh; lell gt.h,!) mm. Beverly, Ma s. A female Rpeciulcu collected October 11, 1870, by t Il e late Bdw. Burgess. Type No. 3521, U.. National MuseulIl.. 1J.iv(JI'Sa, n sp. Last section, etc., as above; vitt~l of abdomell illuistinct; IODgth, [j mm. Two females, oue captured at Shel'bl'tlOke, Canada" September 25, ls!)6, by L'Abb6 P. A. Begin, the other takell with tlte male (see ~tbove under 3), '....,... _. "...,nitida 11. sp. Last sectiou of third vein less tljan oue sixth as long as the preeed iug section, small crossvein nearer to tip of auxiliary vein Ulll.1l to tip of first vein; eyes sepat'ated ftbou t half the width of tb lowest ocellus; face yellow polliuose, abdomeu wholly thinly whitish pollinose; length,!) to 10 mm.; otherwise as in diverll(l. Lufkin, Tex. (October 17, 1894; O. W. Johnson ), and southerll Illiuois ( hades Robcl'tson). Two female specimens. Type No. ;~522, U. S. Natioual Museulll....., !J 'J'a1~dili n. Sj',

45 46 (:i. Thorax destitute of a large spot of yellowish polleu in front of the f\mrtelluill... _... _. _ Thorax: bearing a large spot of yellowish pollen, elsewb(l['e sub opaque, t he sieles and sut ure gray pollinosej alldomen shining Llui t:lb black, tbe margin sometimes yellow, on the fourth seg ment grayish l)ollil1ose; wings h yaline, browllish costn.lly ex 'cpt ~Lt oase, the browll color extending to middlc of di scal eell, somc t im es fol'ming' a border to the Hfth vein and tile hilld cross\'cill, a ll d ('olltailling Lyaline spaces; length, 6 to 7 nlln. White Mouutaius and Fmnl'Ollia, N. [I. (Annales Soc. f France, p. :Jij;,; IS '8. H!}((.lomyia sp. ~ Brauer and Bel'g'ell stalllld in Ii tt.). -. _... _ jelwljt'l'(tta B i go t. 7. 'Willgs (lestitute of a distillet ]Iya.line spot beyund t ip of first vei.ll. S. Willgs lilarkeu with s ti ch a spot reaching' from 1J6a1' the costa. to llii(lule of (il'l:lt posterior cell, elsewhere brown, with hyaline HIHW'I:I a.lld ltilld mal'giu; costa excessively al'cilate, fi rst posteri ol' ccl) OVCI' ll a,]f as wide as 10llg; blaek, the pn,l]j'i yellow, abdo- 1I1CII S]1 111 i IJ g brassy black, tlj iuly w ltitisll polli HOSt', tljo J'ax, w Lell vie\\'ed fl'()jij Lellillll, SUbO]J1tqne, thillly whitish pollinose, two subdorsal vitta', the front end, and beliud t he sut ure hll1ck ; calyptel'es wllilo; frollt;:.] vitta nt uarl'olve't pa,rt two t hirds as wide as tlistallcc hetween the posterior ocelli; lellgth, S !'mucoll ia, N. H. A mltle specimen, collected by Mrs. A. 'j'. 1:)108- HO II. 'l'ype No. 3 fl:.l:~, [I. S. Nittioll a.l Museum _.pha.8io ide81 1. sp. 8. ALdollHm lllore 0 1' less Hltiuillg' _.., _ 10. A b(lollle.ll Opco(] tlo, yellowish gra,y pollino 'e.. _. _ _.. _.' 9. n. \-(\i lis on fro II t a ll d hill(l edge' of di seal cel l boniere(l witll b1'o\\' II ; 1Jlack ~ t he palpi J'ellow; thorax, when viewed frolll ljeb.ind, thillly whitish pollillohc, t ljc fl'ont elld, beljind the suture, a ud two sull doi'",,1 yitta' black; i'l'olita.1 yitta at mtrrowest part half as wide tiel distance ljetween the posterior ocelli; calypteres wlitish; wjug's ut'owll, t he base ycllowisll, the hind margin a ud cellters of di:;cal a ll d jil'st posterior cells usually hyaline, costa rather strongly arcuate; length, 4.r: to 6mrn. Clementon, N. J. (May 10 liontl. 2(;, I 8!.16), and Potonmc Oreek, Va. (May 23, 189t1). Six liia,le specimells, collected by C. W.,Tohnsou. Type No. 3524, U. S. Nl'),tion:~l MnseuJJ\.. _ _.. Jumolia n. 'p. Veins 011. f['out a ud h ind edges of discal ce]] not bol'clered with bl'owu, willgh whitish hyalille, the base to ueyond tlje humeral crossveill yellowish, costal lli al'g'in beyond this to I!'lightly below a,pex of t bil'd vein,last two sections of tbird veill, and fourth vein beyond t h beml bordered with smoky brown, costa excessively arcnated' I II gtll, 7 liun.; othcrwi e a,s in the above descrip. tion of fwmo~a. rilllsby, Oanada. A sillgle Jll3tle speeimell, con"tetl October 7, 1.1)4:. 'l'y pe No. 3525,. Natioual Mu (lum pu.liverea, n. ap.

46 Lellgth, (j mm. ()[. less; last!;e tiol1 of tliird \'eill over oue tllll'u, loli n' a tlle preceding section.. _..., LOlJgth, H to 10 mill., _., _',, _., _ Au(lomen shiuiug- ums~y blaek, the nu~rgills whitish poljinose, wing's hyaline, tile base alld a large /SJlot 011 mid<lltl extendillg from co.-ta t.o fifth veiu smoky. (See ~l>bove uuder.1. ) (f'neol'lmtt';n Will. Abdomen suuopaqne wititish pollinm,e, t he {h'rt segment, a (lor ~ :ll viw. on the otijel ~", alld tile J1lJlll margijls of the sccoud and thinl hlack; blal'k, the pal pi yellow ; thomx, when viewl~d fl'om bel1iud, snbopafjllc, t'mces of a yeljo\\' ish 11011illosB spot ill front of the scutellulll; eye!; sepamted sli glltly widor than width of 10weRt oeellus, W1Jlg'S s moky, tlw 1lillll margin l'iuhhyalille; cl\lyptel'es yellt)wisll; lellgtl1, (i ltili). Woodbury,. ~r. A King-Ie ill,lle Rpccimen, collected.t uue 7,1 HO, uy C. W. J OIiIlSO Il. Tyj)(~ No. ~1!i~ 6, U. H. Na.tiollal!VI n Sl,l tlll)... 8I1UOP«.('(!, II. IIp. ] 2. Last section of third veillless than olle-six t.h as 10llg as tl1c pre ceding.'ectioll, I;lIutll cros8ycijl n e,~re r to tip of atu:.ilia,ry veill than to t ip of fil'l;t veill, eyl"s so IH~m teclle ss '~han width of (011' est ocellus, wilig's fl OIU hase almol'lt to sliiall ()I'ossveill dusl(y yellolyish, the I'l~ lllll>i lld e l ' u rowli, (,alyptercs orowli, the Ulal'gill, the lower ed ge of the fl'out oll e broadly, all(1 of the hind Oije at its base white; otherwise as ill the fclllal e (ullder [j above). Lnfliill, 'rex., Oetober 1 j, 18!W. A siug-ie liialo specimou, col. l ecf',ed by C. ' ;Yo.JOhIlSOll _..., _.".gl'llmrus n. sp. Last seetiou of thirll veill O\'-e,l' olle foul'lh as long al'l t he }ll'ecedi IIg ::lcctioil, small cl'ossveill liot Hearer to tip of auxiliary veil!. thai) to tip of iit'lst, veill, eycl:\ 8eparated olle aud one half times widtlj of lowest. o( ~ e llu s, a,ljdolj1ell with a strong 1>r<11;8Y or violaceous tillge, wing's froul base to beyond uase of discal cell yellowish, the reulainder brolyti, tile jjjll(lmurgiil s ubllyaliue; otherwise as in the femclle (under [) above). Beverly, Mass. (October 11, 1870, Jildw. Burgess) ; OlSwego, N. Y. (October 4, 189G, U. '\T. J ollnson), allu Inuiaua. Three lui1le speciulells.. {liven(/' 11. sp. Genus TRICHOPODA 'l'rir;{wjlofza Latreille, in e nvier's Rl)gne ll IU lu llol, Vol. V; Ul2U. Our species have one postsutural aud two s terl.lopleuralmacl'oollwtw, apical cejl short petiolate: ]. Abdomen partly or wholly yellowish Aouom n aud legs wlloily ulack, the former not polliuose; wing8 black, not mal'ked with white or yello\", the biud lual'giu s ub hyaline; lower calyvt res browu, the bases white; thorax deep hlaek, the sides, transvers ImtUl'e, [md two subuorsal vitt.-e in front of it light gray polliuo 0; length, 10 to 14 mw. Florida; ''''aco, 'l'ex., and Colol'n.uo. (Systema Alltliatol'Um, p. ~~O; 1805: Tlu:r eva,.) _.... lawij.)(j8 Fabl'.

47 48 2. Without ally faacim of gray pol l n 011 the abdomen, which is sub- Khining aud almost or wholly destitute of pollen With an opaque, illterrupted fast:ll1 of yellowish pollel1 ou the ecollel, third, a llel folllth KegmCLltr; of tile abdolllen; suutellum and fell10ra yellow, thorax SJlillill g black, tile portion in front of the traosvcr'so sllturc yellowisll pollillosc a nd lhal'ked witll three or foul' bl11ck vitt:l\; wings urowli, the cost~11 margil1 more or less yellow, the hillel mltl'giu broadly Il yaliu (lj lower calypteres yellowish; length, 7 to 11 UllU. District of Oolumbia; Texas, and N (Lpa OOllll ty, Oal. (ystelna AlItlia.tOl'lllll, p. 220; 1805: Thereva. J""i o lt()potl(~ It istl"io Walker, IJist of Dipterous Inseets, Part nt, p. G!)7; 18~,!). 'r'richopocla tl'flasc'iatn Loew, Dipt. Amer. Sept. Iudigena, Oellturia IV, No. 90; ]8U3: also Brauor and BergenstaUlm 'in /'ii-/. )..... _ plt~1iti/)je8'. 3. IJow(lL' eillypteres wlloliy yellowish; abdomell brig'hl; yellow, the apex :;otn(\times bhlck; leg-~ bhtck, b:1~er of femora sometillles yellow, hilldujargill of willg's sublayalille _.. _ Lower ealypterel:l brown, the bases whi til; abdolllejl yellowish brown, tlae HUh sogll1cut yellow, Jogi'i black, the bases of the middle alld hiucl f mora HOlllut'ill.l el:l yello\\"; wiug's 111'OW1I, a \\"llit,e vit.ta aloll g each of Ule fin;!; live veilll:l, hilld lliurg-ih subllyaline; IClIlgLh Ii to 17 Imn. Di :::; Lrict, of Oolumbia; Waco, Tex., fllld rehullil tepee, Mexic:o. '(AIII"'sel'enl'opii,iselae ~weif.lusekten, Vol. 11, 1). :36,' ; 1S'W. 'l'r ic//o}jodn mtl ia,ta, Locw, Dipt. Amer. Sopt. luc1ig-cna, Ucmtlll'ia IV, No. H9; JSU3: also Brauer ami Bergenstamm in lilt. ) formosa Wied. 4. J'eliultilJlat Heetio n of folll't1l _vein of male bordel'ed in fr9ut with wllitish, til fil'flt jive vcius nslutlly partly bordered with white, a yollowil:lij spot on frol) t part of each wing- of the male; length, U to 14 ffim. West l{oxuury, 1\1!1ss. ; Hi trictof Columbia; Virg-inia; 1' ifton, Ua.; BiseaYII lhy, Floritla; Oadet, Mo.; Douglas County, Ka, " ~., ailli 'J'eXlLS. (Ausscr(lul'opitisellO Zweif. Insekten, Vol.lJ, p. 276; 1S30. J_'hc1'cra pcl1n'ipcs Fabricius, Systerna Ant.1iat., p. 21!); 180!) : non Musca, pcnnipc8 Fabricius; 17U4. Tt i ohupor1ll. awl'ant'ia,('(f, Townsend, Proc. E ll t. Soc. Washington, Vol. 11, p. 140; April 2,1801.) oilipcs Wied. Pellultimfl,te section of folll'th vein not uordered with whitish iu eitller sex: a lly of the,'oius rarely bordered witll whitisll; wings of male IlSllfl.lly bnt!lot always lilarl,ed ill frout with a yellow spot; length, 7 to 12 IOU I. Grimsby, Oa,uadl1; Belmont, Mas.; P hiladelphif\, P!L.; Distriot of Oolumbia; North Oarolina; Florida; }\II ississippi ; Lexiugtml, Ky.; Missouri; Onaga, Kans.; ()iol'ndo; r~os ogelos Oounty,Oal., and Mexico. (Entomologin. YRte-matica, Vol. IV, p. 348' 17U4: J1Lusoa. Thet cva hi1 tipes Fatu'icin, System!\' AI1t1iat. p.!n n Ocypterct ciliata Fabricius,lo. it., p l'/utln:a, j1l.uai o1'igt Say, Jour. Aca(l. Nat.

48 49 Sci. Philadelphia, Vol. VI, p. 172; Tri.o/t(lpoda.flat'ico, nis Desvoidy, Essai sur les Myodaires, p. 2x4; ] 30. Tl'ichopoda pyn'hogastel' Wiedemann, Aussereur. Zweif. 1 us., Vol. II. p. ",72; 1830: also Brauer and Bergenstamm in lift. ).... pcltuipcs Fu,br. Genus EUSIPHONA, new genus. The principal characters of this genus lilay be ga.thered fi'ow the fol lowing description of the type species: Front of female nearly one ht\!f as wide as eitber eye, ocellar bristles directed obliquely forwal'!], frontal uristles weak, disposed in foul' J'OWR, not descenditl'" ueut)ath lmse of antennru, front, including the vittn, gray poljinose; sides of face bare, gray pollinose, each at llclrrowest point about oue sevellth [IS wide as the median depression, the latter with a distinct meilian carina; villl'issm short, inserted below the Jevel of the (tllt.erior portioll of the oral nlftrg-in; facial ridges hare, nearly parallel and only slightly ~lpproaching each other at the vibrissru; cheeks extremely narrow, scarcely apval'e1lt; pro hosci8 bristle like, loll gel' tlta,n the entire insect, gen iculat(l i D the middle, the apical half folding beneath the basal lmlf; labella aijsent, palpi clavate, reaching about IHtlfway to the ailterior oral margin ; autennrc four fifths as long as the face, the third joint noarly three times a long as the second, sllborbicularj arista bare, thickened on the basal third, the penultimate joint sborter than broad; eyes 1Ia,re; thora.x li ghtly gray pollinose, anterior half of middle of dorsum uestitute of maerochmtro, two postsutural and two steruopleural macl'ocljretm, tile latter neo,1' the posterior elld of th sternopl ura, 110 other macrochrllfe on the pleura; scutellum subtriangular, beariug fonr li1argi llal IJIl'tCl'ocI.Hl:'ta ; abdomen aud legs destitute of' macrocbretru and of pollen; wings hyalin,veins bare, apical cell open at the extreme wing tip, last section of folll'th vein gradually approaching the third, smftll crossveill Il eal' last third of dibcal cell, a1lxiliary veill lying close to tbe' first A.lld almost united with it at the apex. Color, black i the second antellnal joint, spot at insertion of antennm, and the anterior oral margin yellow; calypteres small, white; length, 5 mill. Indiana and Oolorado. Two female speci mens. 'l'ype No. 3526, U. S. National Museum mira n. sp. Genus GYMNOPHANIA Br. and Berg. Gymllopliania BrlLUer lind Bergel1stl\rnlll, Zwei_f. Kais. Mus. " Tien, IV, p. 143; Our single species is black, t he anteume allcllegs tinged with brown i frout in male!;lightly narrower than width of the lowest oc Uus, antennre four fifths as long as the face, the third joint slightly shorter thau the ecoud, cheeks one-seventh as broad as the eye b igllt; body shining, not polliuose, only one postsntural and olle at rnopleural macroclu:eta, scutellml1 bearing two marginal l)air, abdomen alid legr de titut of macrochretre i wings hyaline, tb costal margin beyon<l tip

49 50 of auxiliary vein sjiglltly smoky as far as the fourth vein, last sections of tllir-d and fourth veins gmdnally converging, ending a short distance from each otljer at the extreme wiug tip, small cl'ossvein at last loud,ll of dil'jcal cell; calypteres white; length, 4 row. White Moun taius, New Jhtlllpsbire. Pive male specimens, olle collected by M1 S. A. '1'. SlOSBOIl and the others by the late n. K. Morrisoll. (Gyrnnopltania. sp., Rrau('r a,nd Bergeustarnm,in ZOitt.) Type No. 3528, U. S. N ntiona.l M usellm... _.... _. _.. _.. _... - _ _... n. sp. Genus MYIOPHASIA Br. and Berg. My'io]1/tasin Brauel' allli J\oq.(ollMtallllll, i'.woif. Kais. Mus. Wi... u, "., p. :-IS!); T'ha8ioGli8ta TOWI.IBOllll, TmllR. A trl llr. Eut. Soc., Vol. XVllI, p. :{6!J; ]), cel.l1 ]'(01', 1~91. En ll1jom.rna Tow IJ SOI.I d, In c. oit., p 'fhe synonymy of the tll'rt two has ::l,1re~ llly beell givell b y Brauer and 13crgcustamm. On)' two species have three postsntm:al alld two sterno ' pleural UlaCl'ochmt:e; eyes usually bare bn t Rometimes bairy, especially in the rna,ie : Third auc1 other scglllclltr; of audomen A1Jiliing, destitute of pollen; greelji>;]j black, tlhllowol' part of the head except 011 the occiput, also 1II01'e or less of the n,utelillfl-l, yellow 01' hrowu; bases of the Willgfi y( llo\\' ; lellgth, (j to!) lllul. Wilite J'liIouutaius, New llamp shire; M,L>isa,chusetts; SoqLh OarolilHL ; Georgia.; OIHLT'lotte Hal'bol', Florid"L; Uolorado; and Santa I'e, N. Mox. (Au ssere ul'op ~L i sc h e Zweif. IllsekLcll, Vol. II, p. 2!)8; 1830: TcwhinCt. Olytia, atl-a Desvoidy, RAsai sur les Myollaires, p. 288; Phas'iooUllta, metallion 'rownsend, Tmlls. Amer.l<jllt. Soc., Vo], XVIII, p. 370; Dec., EnnY0III.'II/,(t cligtoides Townsend, loco cit., p Locw'ia r'njimrnis TOWIl>ielld, Oanadi:m EntomologiAt, Vol. XX I V, p. 77; April, 18f)~. i.joew in 11 igr '~f1'ons TOWDSClIU, loe. cit. Clista amm"icana 'fownsond, loco cit., p. 78. Loewia, globosa 'fowilseud, Entomological News, Vol. n I, p. 121); J ulle, Jlfyiophasia ~w noa. Wied., Brauer and Bcrg'enstamm in lui.).. _.. _.... _..... _.... _. _. _...( nca Wied. Thin1 and fourth seglu(luts of aut!omeu, and cellter of the second, sub opacjil gray pollinosc; black, the se ond,ioillt of alltenmc yellow, the frontal vitta and lower part of the head except the occiput hl'own ; fl'on t of male scareely widtll' than width of lowest ocellus, froutal hristles not descendillg bolow base of secoud antenualjoint, autenuffi almost reaching middle of face, the third j0i11t ollly slightly longer tha.n the second, aristn. thickened on its basal fourth, tlle 1,cllllltimate joint slightly lollger than wide; thorax and scut llurn with a bronze tinge, dest,itute of pollen, scutellum beariug t,hr'ce pail's of long Jl1u,l'ginalmacrochmtre.; econd segmeut of abdoill It bearing a marginal pail', the thu'd :1llll foll~th eacl;t with a marginal row; pulvilli of front titl' i slightly longer tllan ih last tat aj joint, wings hyalin, cltlyptol'es yellowish white; length, 9 J Zweif. Kais. MilS. WiOll, VI, 1" 192 j 1 93.

50 51 m -;:n. Los Ailgeles, Cal. A. siugle male specimen bren by Albert Ko l)'le fr01l1 a larva of Sphenophor1U! t O/)UStlt.S. Type :No. 3539, U. S. N atiouul Museum obusta ll. sp. Genus PHYTO Desv, Phyto Des"oidy, Essui Bnr Jes.M~ 0,1"ir' 8, p. 218; Slwia Rondani, Diptero1ogi,e It:11ic, p P l'o<lromuk, Vol. IV. 1'. UO ; This synonymy is given by Hrauer and BCI;g-clI stamm. ' Our sp6.'i s is black, inclndillg' tile pa1pi, cheeks largely l'eddish ; frout in ma.) destit.ute of orbital bl'istleh" in t he fellmlc bearing two petirs; three postsutural and tlll'('e stenloplbura,1 macl'()eh:"'l'ta'; Jellgth, (i to 8 rum. NorthcrlJ lllinois and Missouri. (1,is1, of niptel'ou;,; IllS cts, Part IV, p. 757; 184J); '/'achinn. r h.llto,\'(; 1.08(1. ()O(lllillett,.J oum, N. Y. Ent. Soc., Vol. ill, p. 99; Sept., 1895.)... _. _ dc8'ideli Walk. Genus MAUROMYIA. new genus, The characters of this gelllls I11;LY he glealle(] froll) t he [ollowiug description of t he t.ype species; Black, t Ll e pl11pi yellow; fl'ollt ill t he IIlf11e one a nd two-thinl:; times, ill t ljo feulfde sli g-liljyover twice, as wide as eitl, tlr eyc, ocellar uristles projecting obli quely forward, t.wo pairs of orbital bristles in the female, Il one ill t lle male, frolltal urifltlos descending' to ua 'e of third antenual joiut, :-lidos of face at 11111TO\,' cst POlllt olle-thil'(l as wide a,s the metlia,n <lepretlsion, thickly co\'ered with black uristlos, cheeks in the male sli ghtly nal'l'owel', ill t he female Uroader., thall tlltl eye Leight, vibriss;e widely sepal'l1tecl, iusertecl 011 It Ii 110 wi tlj tho fro II t ellg-o of the oral mrtrgill, fachll l'itlgcs britltly on the low ' st fourul 0)' th ird, fa.cial depression cmi uate in tile middle, autennre reachi ng till ontl nhtrgin iu t he malc, lint unly reaching to lowest fourth of faee ill t he I'ema.le, Lllil'd.ioillt ill tll e male six, in t ho fem:11e three, timel'; as 101lg as the shco nll, arist.:t t li ickeuefl OIL t il e Imsal half, the pennlti;llate joint Hliglltly longer Llla ll broad ; palpi clavate, short, losl'; t han hn If a.s long ft8 t he pl'oboseil; beyoucl t h e basal articulation, the h1tter sli gh tly over one half as ioug as height of head, eyes bare, llead ill pl'ofile liearly quadrallgular, as IOllg at the viljr i ssa~ as at base of a ntellnm, the f;lce 1 ightly coneave; thorax gray pollillose, mal'ked with three black v ittre, three postsutll1'al a nd two steruopl ul'a.llllacrocljh~tm, R(mtelhull bearing turen l Ollg Ularginal pail'l-!; abt10mcll slillillg, bst t Lree Reg ments wlitisll pollillo:';c at t he bases, hearing discal and margillal macl'och,et;e; wi ngs Jlyaliue, tinged with sllloky aloug the,"cins, t bil'd vein bristly two tbn't1 s of di tahce f rom base to Rmn Il crossvein, llinfl eros vein slightly <:ul'vcd, liea.rly pel'peudienlal', situatcfl midway petwecn small and the beud, t,he latter llearly rectangula.r and bparing a short appcli<iage, apical cell clo d and petiolate, the petiole almost fl S long as the bind cro88vein ; ctl,lypteres whitish; hiud IZweif. K(l.i~. MilS. Wlen, VI, 1" 237; 1!l93.

51 52 tibirc not ciliate, front pulvilli oue-half as long as tho last tarsal joint; lengtb, 5 to G mm. White Mountaius, New Hampshire. specimen of each sex collected by the late R. K. Morrison. Type No. 3530, U. S. National Museum lntlla D. ap. Genus CRYPTOMEIGENIA Br. and Berg. Cl'ypt01llciYCllia, Braner l~lid Bergoustl~mm, Zweif. Kltis. Mils. 'Vien, V, 1'.311; E1II1!htIU0l't61'y :r TOWn~(llld, 'l'mllb. AmOl'. Eut. Sec., Vol. XIX, p. 120 ; May, 1892, The above syllonymy has alreauy been published by Braner and Bel" genstall1l1l. 1 Om single species is bla,ck, the secolldjoiutofthe antellnre, the palpi, tiljim, alld femora partly or wholly yellow; three postsntural and three stemoplenn).l mu,crochletre ; length 7 to 10 mm. Toronto, Oallada; Franconia, N. H.; Beverly, Mass.; Ithaca, N. Y.; District of OoluwLia; aud llliuois. (Ust Dipt. Insects, ParL IV, p. 778; 1840: Taoh/ina. Ta.chiIlQ, pr'i.lion Walker, 10(\. cit, p E1U1Jha.1t()pte~ Yll' eumyo tlll!jt'o'ides Townsend, rl'rans..arnei'. E ut. Soc., Vol. XL, p. 121; May, Near Pexomyiu, Brauer allu Bergenstmnm in litt.).. thentis Walk. Genus CERATOMYIELLA Town. Ocm(.oln!liclla 'fowllseljll, 1'1'[1118. Am, Bnt,. So <:., Vol. xvnr, p. 379; Dell., Om single species is hlaek, the palpi, base of antennm, and the femora yellow, th~ tibiil brownirb YE\llow; three postsl.1tural and two sterno Vleuml li1acrocll(i~ke; leng'tll, [) nun. District of Columbia, southern Illinois, mid Tifton, Ga. ('l'ru.ns. AllieI'. En1,. SO(\., Vol. XVIII, p. 380; DecellllJer, 1891.)...,,...,.., , o(mioa Town. Genus EU:r.ASIONA Town. Euta8iQ1Ia 'I'owlJselld, T,.",1l8. Allie,., Bnt. Sor., V(,l. XIX, p. 119; May, 1 1:12. Our s peci shave th ree postsu tu ral and two ti ternopleural tna(,l'ochmtm : 1. 'l'hird vein Louring a single bristle near its base, Jniddle tibire eacb beal'ing n sillgle long macrocbf{'ta on the front side near the mid die, wiugs byline, the bases yellowish; length, [> to 7 mm. White Mountains and Franconia, N. IT.; and Heorgia. (Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vol. ~ lx, p.120; May, 1892.) oo1ltstook,ii ToWll. Third vein bearillo' thl'm or more bristles at the base, middle t ibire ea'h bearing t hree or more long macl'ocb rotm on the front side Heal' the middle '...., ides of fa 'e eaoh bearing a row of maoroohmtm; black, the tibiru largely yellowish; f['out ill female slightly wider thall either eyo, sides gray pollinose, two pairs of orbital bristles, frontal bristle de 'cending slightly below ba!-le of second antennal joint, I1ntennro fiv sixths a, long as the face the third joint two nnd on fourth time ' a - 10llg a the econd, ari~ta thickened to the middle, the]l nu.ltima.te joint lollg' r than broad;

52 53 sides of face bare except for the ro'v of macrocb. tre, cheeks two ftftils as wide as the eye height; thol'ax thinly gl'tty polli. nose, marked with foul' black vittm; scntellnm beariug' till' e pairs of 101lg mnrginalmacro 'illl'tm; abdomen subshining, ba os of last tllree segments lightly whitish pollinose, fir t gment bea,ring a mal'gillal pair, secolld with a fliscaj. and It margillnl pair of macl'ochreta~, third with a discal pair and a margillal 1'0\\', fourth wilolly covered except the extl'erue base; wiugs tinged with urowu along the veins; mi,lypteres yellowish w ilhe; length,7 IIllll. l?ol't Wmngel, Alaska. A single ferna.1 speci. men collected hy n: F. Wickham. Type No. 3fi31, U. S. NatiOllal Museum......, spinosa 11. sp. Sides of fa,ee each bearing only one or two macro It ;ptm, situ ated Ileal' lower end of eyes; blnck, the allteuii:ti, palpi, tip of l'i(:utellul1.1 ahd fourth segment. of abdomen yellow; frout ill both sexes OliO and two thirds times a.s wide as either eye, the side and face yellowish Ilollinose, two pair of oruita.l bristler, ii'olltltl::; descending to hase of Luird a.ntcnllal.ioint, Rides of face cov red with bln,ck bristly bail's, cheekr t,hree fonrthl:i as broad as tile eye height, ctlitellih1c three follrths as long as 1~we, tile t ltird,ioint six times as loug as t he second, arista tltiekenec1 on the basn,) third or ualf; thorax: gray pollinose, m~tl'ked with t.hree black vitta.', scutellum bearing three long' mr11'ginal pnil's lwd n, short apical pail' of maci'och}1'tl ' ; abdomen thinly gray pollillose, sllbshilling, lalst three segmenta bearing disenl In,wl'oeha't;c j wings Rubhyaliue, vai1l!:! fallltly clouded with brown; lellgth, (j to 7 mm. Opelollsas, La. Tbree 1ll~11es and One f(llllale collected ill March, 1897, by Mr. G. It. Pilate.... qetigenlt 11. sp. Genus ADMONTIA Br. a.nd Berg. A dmqlltia Bmuel' 1111(1 Herg-enMtalllll1, Zweif. Mus. Wiell, IV, p. 104; Oil page 41.0 of Part V of the above melltioned work, a species from "N. A mer." is li sted as I' Admontia nmeri(j{tnu n.," bnt no description of it has to my knowledge been published. Our four Rpecies only three postsntural macroch{etil~ : I. vvings wilolly hyaline, 01' slightly!)moky costally, 11s1lally three sterllopleural ll1u,crochrotro Wings whitish byaline to small eros vein, tlle remainder brown except the hind margin, which is hyajille; only two sternopjeu ral macrochretre, palpi yellow, legs black~ al'ista thi 'lrened tio beyond the middle, cheeks one half as broad as tile eye height; leljo'th, 7 mm. Nortilern TIlinois. (Journ. N. Y. Ellt. Soc., Vol. III, p.li5;,tulle, 1895.} na.soni Ooq. 2. Legs black, two paij's of orbital bristles ill hoth sexes Legs and palpi yellow, no orbital bristles in the moje, arista thick ened on less than tbe ba al third, cheeks one, third as broad as

53 54 tbe eye beight, abdomml of female thicldy beset with short spines on under sides of the third and fourth segments; leugth, 8 to 10 10m. Marylalld, Dist. Oolumbia, and Virginia. (List Dipt. Insects, Pa.rt I V, p. 77!); 184!J: Tach'ina.).. (7em,ylu8 Walle 3. J>alpi black, third autellllal joiut in til e male eiglt, in the female from five to seven, times as 101lg as the seeolld ; cheeks at least one half as wide as the eye height, frout tarsi of female grea,tly dilated, abdomen destitute of Htou t spines Oil the nuder s iu e. 4. Palpi yellow, insect otherwise black; fl'out of male as wide as eitll er eye, frontal bristles dercellding to apex of seeontl antenlla] joint, the PfLiL' in fr'ollt of verti('al ones not llirected outward, checks one third as uroad a,s the eye heigh t, sides of 1'aee n,t narrowest part each olle sixth as wi(l e }I S the mediu,u depression, each bearillg a row of bristly hair!', vibriss:t\ 011 a lew'l with frollt (1dg-e of t he oral Ilmrgin, I'idg-es bristly on the lowest fqlll'th, alltelllllc fir long as Lhe face, the third joint fonr times M long as ti le!;eeolld, a,rista. thi(:keue(l ou the basn.l t.hirtl, tbe pelllll t flofl bro:1!l ~LR lon g; thorax gmy pollinose, marl,eu wi th foill" hlaek vittm, scut,ellnlll bea,rillg' t hree p t'til'fl of IOIl g' margillal a ll d a very sbort apical p rlir of macl'ochwtm; abdomen t hi II Iy gray poljillose, fll'st segmeut bearing margillal, tile otllers uiscal :tnt! marginal ma crochmta~ ; front pulvilji I'1careely one half as long as the hlst -tarsal.ioillt; wings Il yalille, LIdrd veill bearing three bristles Ileal' the base, ch,lyvteres white; lell gth, [) mll1. Ala meda, Oal. Two males bred April] 7, ls88, from chrysalids of.ret'in'la. sp. by Mr. Albert Koebele. Type No. 3532, U. S. National M useulll _. _.... _. _... _. _1'eUniw n. sp. 4. Front in the male oue and one third times, iu the femal e twice, as wide as either eye; the pair of frontal bristles in ti:ont of the vel" tical ones d irectecl obliqllely ontwal'o, arista thi!lkenetl on the basal three fiftb s, sides of face each bearillg' llllmel'ons hail's not arrange(l ill a single row, the sides ycllowish gray pollinose; length, 5 to 8 mm. From the type specimen. Beverly, Mass.; District of Oolumbia, 0.11(1 Agricu ltural College, Miss. (J"ourll. N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vol. Ill, p. 54;,lune, 1895.)... luffgandci 00'1. Front ill the male slirrhtly wider than, in the female one and one fourth times as wide u.s, either eye; the pail' of frontal bristles in front of the vertical on s almost perpendicular, arista thick ened on the basal two-fifths, sides of face wllite pollinose, each bearing a single I'O\V of h airs; lengtll, 5 to (j mm. Prom the type specimen. Franconia, N. H.; Beverly, Mass.; District of olllmbiaj illinois, and Tifton, Ga. (Joumsl N. Y. Ent. Soc., Vol. ni, p. 58; June, 1895: Hypostelta.)..... degee"ioides Coq.

54 55 Genus MEDINA Desv. Mdill(l DeAvoicly, Essai sur 1M Jl!yodaires p. 131) ; j)t'yci"riall1oigell, Systelll. Resell. J'urop. Z\\'ei. Insektell, \'01. \,IT, p. 2~9; medoria Braner :tnd 13ergellstamlll, Zwoif. Rais. MU8. WiOIl, 1\'. p. loti ; 1 9. The synollymy of the flrst two is a 'cording to Sclliller.1 Brau r alld Hergenstamm state 2 tllat De.~\ oidy phwed in Medina species uelollgillg to Adllloutia. a,lid neg-ceria, uut they do llot specify wlliell of thm~e spe cies belong to Arlll1ontiu. Since nil of tile 'recoglli zed spe 'ies piai' d in Medina by Desvoidy ~tt the time of describing t his gcnus belong to Degeeria, thel'e wolll(] appeal!' to be no douut concel'lling the identity of these two generrt. 'I'h irlentity of Amedoria with] egeedrt lias already het'll ackn()\y]edged by Bra,ner and Hergenstamm. ~ Om f;ingle species is black, with a b1'o\vlj tinge, the ealypteros yellow, the wings.~tro llgly tinged with brown at the ua e alld in fron t oftlte fifth vein; three postsntural ftnd three stel'lioplel1f:-' I macroeh:-i'ta', discal mi1cl'oehfl'tn: on tbe lart tllree segmen ts of the a ljdomeu; le ll g'th,!) III U1. 1"1'0111 tile type speeimen. Mount Wasbiugtoll, New Hampshire. (.loul'ual N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vo]. lii, p. 10-t.; Sept., 1895: Degceria.) 'wrt.,, /i 'ingfonlt' COil. Genus SCHIZOTACHINA Walk.,,'r!,;::otll(J/,;'IIU, \\'al l"ii', In8(1ctn Ralll,ltlCl'siu,nll, \'01. l. }). 264; J85(]. Om single specios i~ bln,ck, the allten1l:l.l sollletimes largely, and the l';tlpi, Yl'lIow; three postsntnml aud two large a lid two small stornoplelua I l1lflcroehrptm, Sf\cond a ll u third seglllcu ts of abdomell bearill g oilly JrlMgit:al OliOS; wings bya,lllj e, tljircl veill bearing- a RiTlgle bristlo al tbelmso; leljgth,4to(i mm. Horse1leck Beallll,Mass.;,tox.; awl Oo] (1 n.. ecta Saundorsialla, Vol. I, p. 270; 185(; : T(I,(;ltina.. 1'aoltina e:cu,l Walker, Il)c. cit., p. 277.),... '.....,.. _conv(jota, Walk. Genus CLAUSICELLA Rond. U/allsi.llIll1a ROll(lani, Dipterologil.t, Jtu,liuw Pl'o<1rolUllij, 1'01. J, 1). (l1; Our species have three postsutural a1ld three sternopleural macro CiHCt::e, body black, the abdomen sometimes wi th n, brassy 01' violnceous tinge, bettriljg on ly marginal macl'ocbu:!tm: 1. Wingswbol1y J1'yaiine, orbital bristlesprcl.>elltin both sexes Wing. from base to tip of auxiliary veill whit,isll, thence to t.ip of second vein brown, the apex and himl mal'gin belind tho fifth vein byaline, third vein bearing a. sillgje bristle ue~\r its base; black, the abdomen with a strong violaceous tinge; frout of female one and one tllinl times as wide as either eye, two pairs ', Vo]' I, p. 533; Zweif. Raia. Mus. Wien, VI, p. 232; Zwelf. Mus. Wlell, V, p. 356; 1891.

55 56 of' orbital bristles, fj'oljtal bristles ucscendiug to middle of secolld autcnnaljoint, auteunre as long as the fa.ce, the third joint three times as long as tlje second, two aud one-hajf' times as long as wirle, tlrista thickened on the bn,sal two thircls, the penultimate joijlt three times as 10IJg as broad, two-fifths as long as the last, joillt; vibrissm slightly below level of front edge of oral margill, ouly two or tllree brit;tles above each; thorax gray pollinose, not Y,ittate, scutellum the same, bearing two p:lirs of long mar giual lilacrocb:litm alld a short apicfl.l pair; abdomen gmy pol. liuose Oll bases of' the second and third segments, secolld segment bearillg a marginal pair of macrochreta:l, the third with a mar g'i Jlal, the fourth with a disca], row; calypteres white; leilgth,.~ mid. Natrona, Pit. A single female specimen collected by Mr. O.W.,Tolmsoll, July 31,1895. Type No. 3536, U. S.National Musemn.... _..., johnsoni n. sp. 2. '1'hil'd joillt of antejlllte in the male trullente at the apex, where it iii over twice lis wide as at its base, its upper euge neal'ly straight; length,:l mm. Southern Oalifornia; and Owl Creek MoulJtaius, Wyoming. (Rol1ig. Sven. Fregatt. Eugenics Besa, p. 527 ; 18G8: LophOl-;'ia.. Vla.u8'icellu antenna,lis Ooqllillett, Joul'Jlal N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vol. Ill, p. 56; JUlie, 1895.)... _.. _. _... - _-seti,r;era Thorn. rrhi.rd joiut L'ounded at the a.pex whero it is (l,t most oue and one half t.illles as broad as ftt its base. _ _ IAtst joiut of fl'out t arsi or'female over four times as long as the se(joml, third joint of antellllte of male nearly straight on upper edge, noticeably longer than wide; length 3 to 4- mm. White Mountaills, New Hampshire; Lal<eland, Mel.; and Northern Illillois. (Journal N. Y. Bnt. Soc., VoL III, p. 56;.Tune, New gellus llcar Bigonichwta, Brauer ann Bcrgellst~tmm in lit.t.). _ _. _. _.. _ tar8a, li.~ OOf}. Last joint ( f front tarsi of female shorter than tlle second, thil'd joint of antenlla~ of male strongly convex on upper side, only slightly longer than wide; black, the--palpi yellow; front in both sexes one and one half times as wide as either eye, two pairs of orbital bristles, fl'ol1tals descendillg almost to tip of second autenllal joint, faeial ridges bristly on tue lowest two fiftlls to one-llalf, allteullre almost as long as the, the third joint five times a ' long on the second, al'ist:'b thicken cd nearly to the tip, th penultimate joint t\l"o thirds as long as the last oue; thorax gray po1linose, not black vittnte, abdomen hining, bases of last three segments whitish pollinose except in the middje; wings hyaline, third vein bearing one or two bri ties at t lle base, calrpteres whiti h; lellgtll, 3 to 3.5 mm. White fount ains New Hampshire, aud N w Bedford, Mass. Three males autl oue female., t.h fol'tner collected by the late H. K. Morrison, the In,tter by Dr. Hough - - _ lsitata n. ap.

56 57 Genus PLECTOPS, new genus. The characters of this genlls may be gleaned frolll the t.-"tllie of gen I'a given 011 a previous page and from the following description of t.1l type species: Black, the palpi and apex of proboscis yellow; front in both sexes one aud one-fourth will as either eye, two pairs of orbital uri ties, frontal bristles descelldiug almost to apex of secolld antennal joint, cheeks Olle-fifth as broad as the eye heigllt, (~yes bare, head at vibrissa) much shorter than at of autellllll', vibrissll,) illserted on a line with fi'ont edge of tbe oral Illal'gi.n, one 0[' two bristles abovc each, autcnihli as long as tbefaee, the thirtl.ioiu t ill th male three-fifths, ill the female two-fifths, as In'oad ai\ IOllg, fi ve times as long as the secoud, a.rista bare, thickeued on the ba,sal two-thirds, the pennlti matejoiut four times as long as hroa.d, almost oue-half (IS loug a the last.joint; thorax gl'~~y polliuose, marked with i'oill' blfl,ek vittn: ; three postsntural and foul' stei'lloljleuml m<lcroch rota', scutellllm ucltl'illg" hl"o long margiual pairs; abdomen shining, the ba es of t11c lart three Sl'grn ellts narrowly wlito pollino!;e, bearing only marginal mltel'o hmtre; wi11gs hyaline, (il'st vein Ilearing two 01' chi'ee uristjtls towa.i'cl ti,e til)' third vein bearing a single 011 at the base, hifld Cl'ossvein nearly ::;traig'lt, midway between the sma]] and the bend, the la.tter outuse, 1I0t a'l'pelldiculate, apical cell open, terminating at the extreme wing.tip; calypteres white; b st two joints of fj'ont t.arsi of female (lilated, the cla,ws and p1l1villi scarcely one-third as lou g as the last tarsal joint., front tal'si of male not dilated, the pulvilli slightly longer Ulan tlle last tm'sal joint, middle tibiro each bearing a single bristle ou the front side near til e middle, bind tibire not ciliate; length, 4 to 5 mlil. District of Columbia, aud Kirkwood, Mo. Five males and one femllle bred from Jlfelissopuslati/erreana Wlsm. by Miss Mary E. Murtfel(lt and this Division. Type No. 3541, U. S. National Museulll _- _, 1Itel'issopodis n. sp. Genus LISPIDEA Coq. Lispiflca Coquil1ett, JOll1:nal N, y, EDt. Soc., Yo]. III, p, 51;.JUllC, Our Riugle species is black, witb yellow pa.lpi ; three postsutura,l and two ste1'llopleural macrochretm; length 4 to [j mm_ Oanada and northem lilinois. (Loc. cit., p. 52.),, palpigera Ooq. Genus THR YPTOCERA Macq, l'/".yptocern Macquart, Histoire Nat, Inscctes, Dipteres, Vol. IT, p, 87; He,'bBtill Desvoidy, Annales Soo. Ent. ]i'rau '0, p.lfl4; (i on Edwards; ) Tllis synonymy i given by Rondani I and repeated by Schiner;2 1 Diptel'ologifl' Ttajioll' P rodromus, Vol. UI, p, 12; "]'a,nua Austriaca, Yo!. 1, p, 517; 1862.

57 58 Herbstia is not mentioned hy Brauer alld 13ergenstamm: Penul ti JUnto joint of al'i,;ta twice as long as bl'oad, one-sixth as long as the last j oint, legs black; blac:k, tile first two joiuts of autenna\, palpi, apex of proboscis, of scutellum, a ll d sid s of the tir,t two segments of abflolll en, yellow; tltinl j oint of autc1l11r' hrowll; IJ ead at vibrissro as 10llg as n.t base of a lj te ljna~, front 0[' felllale one a ud oll c- fifth timeli as wide as citber eye, frontal bristles descellding to buse of tbird alltennal joijlt, t\i'o pairs of ol'bitn.1 bristles, cbeeks ollc-fifth l.\s broad as the eyc'-heiglit, v iljrissfi' 011 :t level with frollt edge of oral lliarg'in, ridges bristly 0 11 t li e lowest foltrth, antennm ll early as 10ll g as the face, the tltil'd joijlt five times as long as tho secolld, arista thickened on Ule 'basal three-fourths; t horax gray pollillose, 1tlJ,J'kec.l with four black vhtm; three postsl1 tnrn,] u nc.l th ree slej'llopleul'a l 111 [l,crochretfe, snutellmn bearing two long margin",l pairs alld It very short api(;al pair; abdomeu Rubopaque gra,y pollinose, last tlree-segm ' uta ueal'illg ma.1'g ill al ma.croch:etal ; frollt ta,rsi slender; wings hyaline, t hird veill bristly lt rtlfwa.y to small cros8v<'li n, hilld cr ORI-\V('in midway hetwcqi' t,l\e sman :.ud th e uend, (\a.lyptel'es wllite; 1t> ll g tij, (j linn, New Bcdf()l'(l, Mass. A sin gle ielll ale speeim(lll, col1eeted by Dr. Garry den. 1I 0ugh_ 'J'ype No. :-\1>43, U. S. Natio ll al M ll soum..... _. _. _ flt1'ipr:,~ 11. sp. Peuultillmto.ioint or,tl'h;ta ~learly one-h alf as long:1s the last.ioillt" femora. and tibim yellow; froutfll vitta, fm~e!lilli eheeks ydlow, only ono or two bristles above each vibl'irsa, t.ltird joint of antelllill' tlll'ee t imes ar IOll g as the second, arista t hiclkcuec.l On tile basal two-thirds, tlora.x IIOt distiuctl.v v i ttatc, seutellulll heflring thn'e long marginal pair, of macrochmtm, tit ird vein' bristly almost to the sml111 crossveill; length 4 IIUIl. ; otlt el'wihe :"1S ill tljc above cl escril)tioll of a.f.t ip eh. W hi te Mountains, New fiamp- 81Ji1'e. 'J'wo felllale specilllell s ()ollected by Mrs. A, '1'. SIORROIJ athi t he late 1:1.. K. Morrison. 'l'_rpe No_ ;{5H, U. S. Na.tiOllU l Musoum.. _.. _... - _.. -.jl(wipc8 II., p. Genus ACTIA Desv..doNa. De8void~-, BSSILi Allr J s Myod:lir'fls _ 1'. 85 ; CorollLY" ]) 'svoidy, }o,.. llit., p _ 81l, (;!JIII.)I()})(II'oicl HI'&lHlI' nlhj Her gcllslaruru, 7,\\'ei f. Kaia. MilS. " ' ion, IV, p. 103; T his synouymy is a.ccording t o Bl'll.lIrr ~),tltl Hergell ti1mu l.' Onr two ~pecies have jour po tsutnral add tljl'ee sterlloplcural Ulacroobmtre : l "il'st vein bristly on its a pical thif'u only, frontal vitta next tue alltennn' twice as wide a' either ide of the front, abdoluen aud leg yellow; length 5 tnlll. From the type specimen. White Monnt.aill, New Hampshire. _(Journal N. Y. hnt. oc., Vol. ni, p. 50; June 18D5: LasiolLcll1'a. ()ymnopareia sp., Braller' and Hergenstamm,in litt.) -... _, _..... pazlori Ooq. 'Loo. cit" VI, pp. :.!:2G li ud 228; 1893.

58 59 First vein bristly 01) nearly its entire length, frontal yitta next th antenn oo scarcely wider than (lithel'side of the front, abdomen and legs val'yillg from yehow to bllh:k, totll'tb vein SOIll('tilll almost obsolete beyond the bend; ICII gtll, 4 to U lulil. White ]\fotlutains alld Frallconia, N. H.; District of Oolllmhia; south ern Illinois, an(l Germany. A female 8pe 'imell froll1 Oel'uuwy received frolll Zeller, and by IJilll labeled '1'll'I'ypt()cel'a pilipeu?/'i,s Fall. (Diptel'a Sneeia:, ]\Illaciil:r, p. 18; 18:!O: Tn/'hiua.. Tlwyp. toc(ji'o (/?l/a;niiui TO\\'JlSClld, Caliadiall En toiilolog-ist-, \T 01. XX r v, p. 69; March, Gymnopat'cia 8p., Braller 1\.111] Req:rellstallllD in 7-itt. ) : pi Npm11lill Fll.Jlen. Genus LA3IONEURA Coq. La8iolltlll'4 Coqnilloit,.J oll1'l1al N. Y. l~ lit. Ro(., Yol. In, ]I. fioj,jiilip, 1kH:'I. OUI' species is bht(;k, the frolll,al vitia, lirrt '(wo joints or antenlla', fitce, cheel,, pa.lpi, eoxa:, femora, tibia' alld l'iides of abdomeu at ual-le, yellow; three post811tnral and three stel'lioplelll'al Inacroehr:l'tn,,; lellgtb, r; ntm. Frolll the type specimen. Sallta ('r'uz OOllllty, Cnl.; alld W flshing-tod. (1;(lc. cit.) jolummi COil. Genus CHlETOPHLEPS Coq, C'/i.o,tophlo]13 COfjuillott,,'Ionrllll] New York Ellf.. Roc., Yo1. Trl, p. " I ll e, 1 Hflfi. Om' single species iis black, '" Lte palpi yellow; three postsntllml all!1 three sterllopleul'nl maehroch:l ta~ ; a.bdomell of re llla.le bea.ring 1I, com pressed, roullded proeess thickly l)('set with r-;ltol't spillel> 011 the underside of the seeolld segment, and tbcre is It abort; liftlr sep:mollt, both of wldch are absent ill tho male; I IlgLli,,I to fi mill. I' rom the type specimen. Massachnsett8, Ma,rylnlld, alltl DistricL of Collllnbin.. (-Loc. cit.) ,......yeto.9q, Coq. Genus CELATORIA Coq. Cclatol'ia COljnillott, IIl 8ect Life, Vol. n. p. 23;) i FnloI'IIILr.\, 11<90. l~l'liller and Bel'genstnmm, who did not recognlr.e the species llpou which this g'enlls is folwtied, el'roueour:;ly stnte tljat Cchttorin is ~yll. ollymous witb Besseria. 1 Oloe of the principal differences existing' ljetween these two genera were pointed out. by the writer ill an iwticla published in Psyclle. 2 A specimen of ("tatoria diatl'l'olic(ij Hub mittefl to tile above mentioned lluthors was by th 111 prollohfleed to beloug to It llew genus near Newra. Our two 8pecies have three postslltural aiid thre(\ sternopleul'al mncrochrhm: Palpi yellow, front il) both sexell wider tilan either eye, ii'ont pulvilli of male about onc half' as ]ODg as tve last wrsaljoint; length, 4: to 6 mm. District of Columbia, Co]]ege tatiod, Tex., and Cali -_. -_ I Zweif. Knill. Mus. Wien, VI, p. 1 9j Vol. VII, p. 251 j 18U5.

59 60 fofuia.. (AlTIce. Naturalist, Vol. V, p. 219 ; 1871: ]Jfelanosphm a. Oelc/.tor'ia, crall'i'i Uoquillett, Illsect Lite, Vol. II, p. 235; Feu., I S!}O. New genus near Nerem, Brauer aud BcrgeuAtamm 'in {itt. ) d!iauroticaj Shimer. Palpi black, front ill male t wo fifths, in the female two tllil'ds, as wide as eith('.r eye, frout pnlvilli of male as lon g us the last tarsal joiut ; black; froutal bristles descondil.lg sliglltly below the middle of t he second antelillal joillt, cheeks Oll e scvell til as wiele aa tile eye ljeight, f~lcjall'it1g es bristly on t ue lowest. tllinl, allt;ellllm lleady or flllly as long' as t he face, tbe thirdjoillt two allll oue fourth times as 101.l g as the secolld, as wide as the latter is ]ou g, penultimate joint. of arista. sborter thall broad; t,horax nearly u('.rtitllte of pollen except on llie sides, abdomen witb a Ilftrt'OW fascia of white ]lollell on the bases of' tile Ift t tluee segments, venter of lim:mlc thickly stll(ldell with sllort, stout spines OLl bind )l <t.rt of the secolhl and tllird segment!;; fl~ollt pulvilli of the female nearly oue half as lon g' a.s the la",t tarsal.joillt.; wings hyalin e, slightly ting'ed wi th i>llloky, calypteres of female white, the hiud ones ill the lilille stl'ongly tillged with browll except at the bases; length, 3./ito [> mid. Fl'auconia and V\'hite MOlllltaius, New llamjlshire, aud l;os Augele!\ COlluty, Cal. 'l'wo males and tlll'co females, 011(\ male frolo the latter locality captured by the writer in March, the others t a,ken by Mrs. A. 'f. S IOSSOll alhl the late H. K. Morrisoll. 'l'ype No. 355ii, U. S. N I1tiollal Museum sp'ino8u n. sp. Genus RYPOSTENA Meig. H!lP08 /ClIft, Meigen, Ry~te Tl1. Besl h. E ll!'. ZWtlji'. InAoktoll, Vol. VII,}I 239; '''''}' 'i nuph1}i,., 'I'OWI18 11(1. 'l'1'''1l~. Aln o!'. E nt. So('., vol. XIX, p. 130;.lune, l'sc ll tlu'm'!lo1,ity" 'ia Towllsentl, 10\,. eit., }J This synonymy is by the writer. Our species 11l1ve only thf(~e po ' t sutural macroclta tit' : 1. ~' hif'(1 veill bearing' less than six bristles at its base Third vein bristly alluost or quite to the small crossvein, hinel cross vein Dear last tltirtl of distauce from the smah to beud of foul'th voilj; blaek, tb palpi and apex of proboscis yellow; length, 5 mill. jl'rom t hl'! type specimen, Cana,da; Beverly,.M:a s.; Ho,l'tford, OOUlI. ; District of Columl1ia; North Carolina, a.ucl tlorthern IUiuois. (Journal N. Y. Ent. oc., Vol. III, p. 54; J Llll e, J 95 : l 'hryptocera.) d'unningii Ooq. 2. Apical cell open 01' closed ill the margin of the wing _..... :t Apical cell closed, its petiole at lea t twice as long as the small Cl'ossveiu j black, t h palpi ye.llow; length, 5.5 mm. Prom th typ specimen. A\' alon, N. J., lmd 'olltbern Oalifornta. (Jour Ul\l N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vol. III, 1). 55 ; June, 1895: Pscud01nyo thy, ia.). _ '" torit ic,i.8 Coq.

60 61 ::l. Femora. and tiuia~ black; three st ruopleural mucroclul'trc, but be lowesj, one sometimes very smalj, steruoplem'ul.1lairs 11blllltlaD~ and coiis1,icuous - _- _ ,.. ' 5. Femora alld tjuia~ yellow, flbdolllen U 'ually yellow, at least 011 the sides at base, second and third segments l>earillg' discal mil '1'0, chfptm,.,...,.... '..., ,. 4. With three stel'llollleumj Ul acroclllt~ t!l', face ill profii(' concav ; black, the l.mse of :wtcnlljl-', p3,lpi, proboscis, npex of lii'litellum, coxa', fenjol'a, t ibh\', and sides of 'first tiro OJ' tlll'ce llbdomilll),j seg-mellts partly or wholly.)'ollow i leugtu, Lot' Ang;c.lel:l COllllty,Cal. (1m~ecta Saundel'siuWl Vol. I, j) ' ;j(i: De.1;irr,. ]1fa8iC(Jrn c'u.cenr,t,(/' Bigot, Anllales Soc. Elltomol. Fmllce, p. ~(i3 i 1888.)..., ' '".,., pedestr il! Walle WitlJ ollly 'two sterllopleural maci'ocla:ta-., face ill prom trollg'jy mmvex; yellow, tbo api(.'al two tuirds of the IwiHta, uppel' IHLl't o.r the oceipilt except in t be middle, a,lid the militlle of rueso 1lotlllU black; frollt ill the IlIfLle two jlfthllo, iu the fcll1(1le t hree fourths, as wide as eithcr eye, two pairs of orbital oribtll:)s ill the female, wanting ill the male; frontal bristles dcl'>celldiug t.o tip of' se('olld Illltennnl joint; chcel{!:; bare, olle sixth as uroad lis tile eye height; alllienuw allllost as IOll g ah tho face, t he third joillt six ti mes as IOllg as the second, llenrly jive times a s loug as broatl, ar; 'ta minutely pubescent-, tjjickeucd OlJ the l,tlsal tljil'(i; thora.x grayish po!ljnosc, marked with j()ur IJIack vittn', sl:utel lum bearing four pairs of lti31'gill al IIHLCrocb::rtn!; veut r of abdomen destitute of abort, stout, spines; frollt pulvilli of male as long, iu Ule female one half as lon g as the last tarsal joint; wings ltyaline, veius in tue female bordered with y llolvisli, third veill bearing two 01' tlh'ee bristl s at the; I ugth,7 to 8 mm. I"rallconia, N. H., and North Carolina. Olle male alld fem!lle, the latter collected by Mrs. A. T. Slo son. Type. o. 3549, U. S. National Museum., , jlaveola n. sp. With Dilly two steruop]enra,]s; diirer fl"om the female of.fiavcota as follows: Black, the seeond anteulhtl joint and ba e of the thiru, palpi, proboscis, femora, 3J1U tibim yellow, silles of aljdolljen basally sometimes also yellow; third joint of tmtelllht:' four timos as long as the second, lleal'ly four times as long as broad' veius not bordered with yellowish; length, r, to 5.5 mm. ew Bedford, Ma s.; Oumberland ounty,. T. and Tifton, Ga. Twelve femt,tles, collected by Dr. G. de. Hough, Mr.. W. Johnson, and Mr. Pilate ,...,.... gilvipes n. sp. 5. Arista thickeneu on only the ba. al third, , O. Arista thickened on the basal three, fourths, third joint of antennru in the fema.le three times as long as broad, frollt slightly wider than either eye, face in profile concave, abdomen, luning, strongly tinged with bronze, baseof second segm lit Jlarrowly white pollio no e, second and third 'egments destitute of di call1lacr chmtro,

61 62 ventel' destitute of sliort, stout spines, elaws alld plllvilli of fellln.lo lililillte, the 1'111 villi scareely one fifth as loug as the last tu,rsal joint; palpi allel entire insect except tlle willgs and mllypteres, ulack; lel1gth,4 mm. Los Angeles OOJ1uty, Oal. Prom the t.ype specimen. (Journal N. Y. Ent. Soc., Vol. Ill, p. 157;.Iullc, 18fl.'i.)....,.. ',.,. _.,.. '" _" _..... /'ene,( 00(1. G. Pttlpi yellow, scutellum bearillg' three pairs of long margillal alld solll et;i mes a slort apical pair of lllacrocb ::et ru, usually a discll,! ]lail' Oil tllo seeolld a lld third al..)(lornimtl segments Palpi l,lad{. _. _.... _. _ _ 'l'hinl segment of ahdomen pollillose on at least the bas;! I two thirds. the pollejl yellowh;h, abtlomcn subop<j(jll(l; length,.j. to H mill. Franconia ami White Mountains, New llam])khire; Beverly, Mass.; Maryland; Di ' triet of Oolumbia; (leorgia; Texas; Misso uri; northerll Illinois; Uolorado; :-Illd SOlloma Contlty,,Cal. From the type speciruelj. (.)ollj'llal N. Y. But. Soc., Vol.IIl, p. 57; June, 189,). Ani.~il 1/.i!Jl ocinct.a 11 y,d.w., Brauer alld Bergenstall1llJ 'in l-itt.)...,.. ' )lwiabili8 OO!]. Third Heg-menL at most pollinosc on the ba!sal third, the pollen white, [;I,bdOillelJ snijsljilliug; length, 4 to 9 mill. Wl,ite Mountains, New Bll ul}jshire; l1oj't,hern Illinois; j)istrict of Oolumbia; Virginia; North Uaroliu<lj 'j'ifton, Ga.; Ocean Sprillgs, :Miss. ; Florida lind JaJlJaica, WeHt.ludies. ' (Trans. ArneI'. Ellt. Soc., "ui. X IX, I" 1.11; JUlie., l SU2: l'(wili1tophyt,o. PNcwlo'll!yot.hyria, it~(l c('ina 'rown, scud, loe. cit., p. 13~. Y iljr'issina sp., Brauer and Bel'genstmnm in Utt.) _.. _,..... _ '....j/oridtjn8'is 'l'owu. 8. Secoud and third segments of abdomen destitute of tliscal macrocha4a', gray pollillosc on bases of last three segments, third.ioiut of au tell lilt' nearly three tildes as IOllg as the second.10. Second ami thil'd segments bearing diseal ns well as marginal macro eha'til', scutelluul heal'iug three pairs of 101ig JUal'giual tua '1'0- cllil:'ta~ and sometimes a very short apical pail' Abdomeu grny }Jollillose on bt~8es of ills!, three segmellts, fl'(lllt ill the male tlll'ee fifths, ill tile felll 1I 10 from three fifths to three-fonrths, as wide a!'\ 'ithej' eye; calyptel'es wbite, sometimes t!ljgcd with yollow ou tlje margilj; lellgt.h, 4 to (j mm. Wbite Mounta.i,u8 aud l'i'l'allcollia, N. H.; Beverly and New Bedford, Mass.; Distl'ict of ColLUJ1 Lia' Georgia.; Illiuois; TncsolJ, Al'iz.; Palm dprillgs aud J.1os Aligeles 00., ai., and Allende, Mexico. ' <'rom tb t ypc sp eime1js. (.1onrllal. Y. }j)nt. Soc., Vol. Ill, p. 57;.J uuc, 189G. H!JPolltclla, pttll'illa,1 Coquillett, 10('. cit., p. 58.) Jttr/)(!ta OOfJ.. 'This is the feulfl]o of lmrl1(l,ta ; iu the d(~ scl' ijltioll of til In.tter, through nn errol' in tho ], t bo nlllln sign ( d ) 1\'as llsed ill tll pll~ co of the felllale (!jl ), "'1)(1 ritle I'm 8a. TllO two Iema] s from ('U Ii Fomia Huder barbata do llot Iuwt) disolll lutl croch'{'hl' 011 tho ~ello nfl n)j(l third segmellts of tho ahdomen, as ol'rouoously stated in the llescription; til y lio1oug to, tllltlcl lon/pi Town.

62 63 Ab<lomen wltolly I'Illilliug [LUll destittlte of pollen; front ill ma,]e thrc. fifths as wiele as either eye; whvlly black, 110 orbital bristles in male, ff'o utals tiesccijding below the arista, facial ridgos bristly to t he lowest frontal bristles, a ntenlhe as long- ns face, the third.ioiot six times as lullg : ~s the ecoud, arista tllickeu d on the uasal two' fifths ; thurax shining, a whi tish pollinose vitta in the middle in ftout of tlle sllttue, hbteml edges,li so wbit ish polli nose; wings hyaline, two bristles at lmh' of t hird vein, o:'tlyp teres wllitirh; length, 4- lllju. Hiscayue Bay, 1~ l o l'id n. A single lil(\,le specimeu collected uy Mrs. A. T. Slol'lsoll... nite'ltli ll. sp. 10. Frout of fenlale only t l\'~ thiru s as wille as either eye, fa<;ia,l ridges Imre, flcutellluu ueal"ing' only t wo ]H"it-S of I Ollg' marginal trlnei'o, ch mt,e, t.hi rd joint of allteuna' tltrel' tilllljs as long as wide; lellgth, ;$.0 UlOl. St. A ugustine, ];'la. (ProeeccJiug's Acad. f\t. Sci. l'ltil:t., p. 3 18; Sept., 18\)5. ) ?lia,mtlo8(t Uoq. Front of felo<lle ajmost.ltl witle as eit.her eye, faciall'illges bristly on tbe lower half, scutellum lh~r"r ijlg three pairs (If loll g ma,l'gill al lufwl'ocuil t.w basal t llrec fiftll s (If the la Rt t hr(;'c seg-mon t::> of abdomen, except a, doi'hal yitta Oil t he first two, J..(ray pollillol5e; ll'ugth, [i lilli. Los Angeles COU ll ty, Cal. (E lltoili. NOWH, \ "0 1. Ill, p.1;\l ; JUlle, 18D:3: ]l[yothyl ia,. ) t'ahdef'wltipi TOWll. Genus DlDYMA v. d. W. J)il1yma \'1m do,. \\'111)1, liiulugi:l' UOllt.. \Jlll'r., 1lil'tom, \'01. TI, ]1. 1';6;.)1\11,, 18fJ(). Our species lu e ljlack, with at mo!>t t he paljli auil sides of tb abdo mell partly yellow, hilld tibim on the ontc)' side eiliate with short bristles : 1. Secolld, 01' at leafl t the t hird, :~btlomim~l :-;eglll cli t bea,riug tl i cftl llla,cl'oclw,ttll ".., Seeollll aud third, ftb :lolllinal Heg-meut!> deslitu(,e of diseal luacro ohrotre, palj)i yellow, hind cl'ossvci ll s1igll tly clll'ycd, ueal'lw to the bend of t.h e fonrt,h vein thall to the small crossvcill; lell p;th, (i mid. La,ke Worth, Fla. (BioI. Cent..Amer., Dipt., Yo!. Il, p.163 j.june, I890.) inoonspiottav. d. W. 2. llind ci'ossveill curved S slhtpe, llearer to tile beud of the fourth "ein than to tho small el'ossveill, palpi y llow; Jellgth, 4J5 mm. Kirkwood, Mo. (BioI. Ccut. A.luer., Dipt., Vol. il, p.lgo; June, 1890.) exi{/lla v. d. W. Hind crossvein almost straigh t, midway betwoen the small a lld the bend, palpi bhl'i~; le ngth, ij lulu. District of olurubia. (BioI. Oent. Amer., Dillt., "Vo!.lf, p. IGl; June, ).. timida v. d. W.

63 64 Genus MACQUARTIA Desv. ufac(f,,{,rtia n<l8v(jidy, ES8ld 8111' las M yo lh~il'(' 8, p. 20 1; d "",dea Dcsyoidy, loc. cit., p Albi11ia DOBl'oiu.y, IDe. ci t., p dlJol' ia M!~cqIlHl't, DiptilJ'l!s Exotill" ea, SIIPP. 1, p. 168; (Non Hllebllur; ) 'l'bis synollymy, with the exceptiou of the last one, is given by Schi ner; I til llame of A poria ll l,willg prcyiol1sly beeu employed in the Lepidoptera, the specie. Lel'etotore placed in this germs TIlay wi th pro priety be placed ill Maccjuartia, to which genus our species ]Jas been r eferred by Bl'l1n el' tlilli Hergeust:.LUIIII i.n litt. Our single species is black, t he base of the l1ntcullfl1, palpi, and a.pex of proboscis, yellow; tlu'ee l)ostsutural and two stemopleural macroeh;etm; length, 8 to J 0 mm. M.ount Wn.sldngtoll, N. H.; New Bedford, Mass.; District of Oolumbia; Aurora Mills, Oreg., nnd Siskiyou OOllnty, Oal. (List of Dipterous IUHecLs, Part I V, p. 841; 1849 : DC.1"ia. Aporia limacod'is '1'ownsend, P syohe, Vol. VJ, p. :n5;.june, M'acquart'itt sp., Brauer anc111ergenstamm 'in litt. ) ]lr'istis Walk. Genus HYALURGUS Br. and Berg. ljlia1,li'_q U8.Bm,nol' and HergH lis t.nmm, Zwoif. KIds. Mllk. Wien, VI, p. 136 j Our speciel:! i. ' blaok, t he l)fa 's~ of antellll!(), palpi, apex of prohoscis, scutellujn, t iljim, aile! t,lrsi, yellow; three postsutnml ~l u{l three sterno pleural macrocl.lh'ltm, last, three segmlllltis of abdomen bearing (Iiscal allel mru'gimtl maeroch 'lita., middle tiui, t', each bearing UII' e macrochreta-l on the front side 11 e1.11' the middle; leugth, 7 mill. liliuois. (Oan. Ento mologist, Vol. XXIV, p. 81; April, 18!)2 :!l1 cq~ artia,. ).. jolmsoni 'rown. Genus POLIDEA Maoq. Hm', isi,({ Moigen, System. Bosoh..En!'. Zwcif. lusektell, Vo l. VII, p. 260 i Dosvoidy; 1830.) }'oliflc(1 Mao!]Jlal't, Anw,]es Soc. Eut..I!'rance, p. 92; l!h8. Somoleja Rondalli, Atti Soc. )tltlilml' Sci. Nat., Vol. VIll, p. S!); 186!). (Non Polidea was proposed for the gellus Harrisi.a of Meigeu, the latter name having lj en previously used ill the Diptt'l'a. According to Brauer!tnd BOl'geustamm, Hal'risia of Meigen is identical with Somoleja of ROlldani. 2 Our singlo sp des hn the body and sides of the front shiuing ljla<:k, with a tinge of bronze, almost destitute of pollen; three postsntmal and tlll'ee tel'lloplenral macrochretre, la t three segments of abdomen bearing discaj. ones, third vein bristly at least halfway from base to small Cl'ossveiu, middle tibhe each bea.ring two or more macro hmt!1.' 011 t he frout side lleal' the middle; 1 ngth, 5 to 7 mm. Georgetown, 011 n ivl a, ; Wbite Mouutains Ilrnd Franconia, N. H. ; :row Bedfprd, Mass.; J Fauua Austrin.( rt, Vol. I, p. fiz j Zweif. Knill. Mns. Wi 11, VI, p. 231; 1898.

64 65 :-;1) 11 t II "Vi IltlSO(', (loun.; Oour"t:wtille, Mich.; Nort.hel' 1I Il1iHoi:;, and ij(). \llg' t~ l lii:; UOllllty, Ca). (List of Diptel'Oll ti lll:;;ellts, P;ut L\T, p. ilili; 1:-i I!); 'l'tteh-ina. 1'rYllhe'l'a, tt1nm'icant~ ~1'owlI se lld, Call. E lltolllolog i;;t, "01. :XXIV p. 7 ; AWil, 'I'ryt){wra. po/'iduidcl! '1'O\\,II HI' I111, loco dt., p. 71). PolicZ(}(I. mncrioan((. TUWllS(llld, 10(;. cit.. p. H~; froll1 l~ cotype ~Jleei lli e li. SO?noll!j(~ sp., Brauel' and BCl'gell8taullU in I itt.). a"(jq~' Walk. Genus HYPOCHlETA Br. and Berg. If.'l)'(Ic llcl ~ ta Bmner :LUU Hel'genstll lljiii, Zw()il'. l\:\i~. MU8. Wieu, ly. p.!l:l; ISH!). 'J' he type specie;; 'is, t.he first, two <Llltt'1l1Hd joillt;;, I'ltlpi, a pcx of prohoscis, and t Ite t,iuia:, yellowish; t.hl'l'e po;;t,s li t llml alld two stel'lio, plt~ nl<ll ill (tcl'ocli,l' tn'; lellgtli, [> mill. \ovlti te ;\iolllltaill ::l, N. II. (Fauua AUl:;triaca, VoL I, p. G~7; 18G~; ]i' ril'li/(lsidll. )... _. /oll{}'icornis I Sciliner. Genus PELATACHINA Meade. IJ.'I' ;,(t ])tj8vohl~ ', Hi~to il'o N,,Ltlll'oll ll l )i]l t' r.. ~, ]I. 11(10; lxt>::!. ( NOli Lan"~rck, 1819; 1101/ J-\tol' l lljn ~, JX2!l.) j'tiatltvhi.lia li'1eado, E nt(jlllo]ogi6t"' MouLhly Mal-(az,illt" Vnl. XXX, I'. lo!l; lti!h. T he above llall.le was lh'oposcd for the g'e llu8 Ilyri:t of D esvoidy, tll e latter 1I<.l.1I1 e llllvill g' heel! previously nsell i ll t il e.fii ollusca a lld ali:!o ill Lila Lcpidopte,ra. Our siu g-lll sp e.cich i:;; uhu'k, illdlltliug' t,lle 1ml!,i ; fl'out of fe ll)ul e a s wide as eitlle.l' eye, two pairs of orbital bristle;;, awl helli ltd tbo potltcrior pail' a pail' of olltwal'dly ctll'vi llg' lllh,cl'ocilil'.t;l' sli gll t ly iu th)lltof t b e lowe;;t ol'ellus; fl'(liltal bristle.. desccudill g to uasal fourth of t he!seeolld,ioincofthe a utcillh(\, faecgoldell yello\\' pol 1 i llol,l(', cll('eks [I (Jarly one tltil'd as uroad as t he eye-height, viul'is!j;{' OIl a l evehvicil i'l'out edge of omlmal'giu, l'idg'cs bi'istly 011 the IOW(lRt follrth, alltelilla' nearly as ]oug as tile face, the t lli!'(l.iuiut oll e a,lld 011(\ hall' times as b ll g as t he second, <L1:ista t hickened 0 11 the basal two fifths, th pe llllltilll a te joillt bl'oadel' t.h 'LlI 101lg; thorax g l'ay po1linost-l, ill[lr k(~ d witl t hree ulaek v itta', t hree poi-llsutul'al a lltl t hree ~te l'll op ( e ll l'li I liu\crochiut.a', seu Lp llil Ul bearing three lo1l g Ulargiml>l l)ail'~, ahdome li gnty pollillose mal with dftl'kel' I'elicctillg spot;;, Imin; depressel], j-irl:it seglllej l t bearing' a mlll'gi 1I a,1 p a ir of macroclut)tm, secoud with two c\ihcal a lld n liulrgilln.l j)a i 1', third Ivitb thtee discal p airs alld n. 1l.1U.1'g ilial row; lui l)u Ie tibi[l;l ea.c h uearing t lu'etl 01' more 011 tllt\ froll t si(le uear t ile lli iddle; wing;; byalillu, third vein bearillg two bristles uear t ll e l.j:i ~e, 1<lUl'th vei ll beyoll<l t he Ile lld arcuate; cajyptcre,,; white, 1I an'owly wal'giued with brown; lcngtll, H N o locality, but evidently {'1'OIH the U uited Stattll;. A sillgle fema le s pooimen. Typ No. 3:JJ6, U. S. Natiolla l Museuw. (Hydu. I.\p., :Braner and Bergell sta.lllill in li tt.) _.... _.. _. _ _.. Jlcllncidu. 11. sr. I TlJis SPOCi08 ill referred uy Schiller to tlo T(whilill lq"!licqrlli8 <>1' Falloo, bllt JUIlg. i ug frolu tho tl08cription tho two spooies o.r very digtioct, I. t.qnclusion u.1i oooy l'ooclll'd b~' Bro.ucl' ll.1j u llergonstnww

65 66 Genus RACODINEURA Rond. lioc"blin l)o8voidy, Eijij,1i 8 1I1' ] "R Myodllil'cs, p. HOj 1830, (Non TInebner, 1816,) j{(tc()iunoli m H,IJ11(Iani, Diptel'ologiw H,die,,' l' l'odrodln~, Vol. IV, p, 31; )8G1. TLIC latte]' LCI'Il) Was proposed by Hml(}alli to take the pl:we of noes elia, which h ad previollsly oecli IlHcd iu t he Lepirloptem. Om Hiug-le I:l peci's is black, t Il e a ll tolllla~, lo wel' p.lrt of face, pa lpi, femora, and 1iIJia' yello\\' ; Ihmt of fema.le slight ly OVCI' twice u.s wide as either <,ye, two pairr of orlilal bristleh, ii onta.1 hl'i Rt,les descending to tip of see om1 a,n tenllal joiljt; sideh of' fa.ce at Il al'l'owest poiut eadl allllost. OIl C' ll a lj' as wi ll e :1,S the meclia. ll depl'essioll, tldllly bril:llly one tiftl l of dihtanec from lowest froutal to the vihl'isl:l: lj, the lattel' 011 a. level with frout edgc of oml III al'/!.'i II ; ridgeh hl'irtly on tle lower half, out t Le nppel'lliost hl'iatlcs very Rho]'t,; (',heeks Rlig-htl,V ovel' one half as broad ah tlw eye ljeiglt; antcjjll:t' almort ar 101l g' as the f~lce, t,ij( ) t.11ij'(1 joint li ve t;iulcr as loug' llh ti le secoud, al'iht.a thickelll'll to thc JIIidtlle, t Ile pel111lti IlHit'e joint liroader thall IOllg ; t JIOJ'a.X g ray jlolli 1101'(", marked wit,h i()111' black Yitt:lI, follr posthutul'al alld t hree stcl'uoplenralllh1c, IOdl/l,tll'; ~cllt,e IJ LUl.l bearillg' ['0111' IOll g' mal'ginal p<1i1'l'i; abdomen Op:IIJ lle gl'ay ]lollillose, fi1' Ht three seglll ellts bea.rillg 1I1al'giu al lli fle l' ()( ~h ;t'tw, liiid tlh~ tilii:('. each bearillg tljnl() or liiore 011 the froll(; Ricl(\ 11 13:11' 1.lle JUidllle; wings llyalille, the bahe g'l'll,yirii, t hird,'ein llearillg a, Ringle u l'i Rtle 11 (,81' the bare, liind Cl'oi'ltwcill liearly Rtmight" midway between the Slllll.ll and Ul e bclld of t ho fourth; cal,vptel'cs wllite; l ength,!) mm. '1'i rtoll, Ha. A fcillale S]lC(.;illICll collected October I, 1 ' f)(l, by!vi r. G. H. Pilatc. 'rype No. 354 [1, U. S. Natiollal Museum.... amcn(;oma II. sp. Genus ERVIA Desv, Il't ui.a DOBynitly, Es"" i 8111' J o~ 1Ilyodl1iros, 1'- 225; 1830, 0111' singlc speciei' is bhwk, t he face a llcllllore or less of the antenme, femora., alld tibial, also the p;r e:tlei' POl' l,ioll of I,he sides of t he llrst three seg'tllllnts of the alldollllllj iu the mttle, youow; three post lltl1ral and t bree sterno]1ieul'111 lllaci'ocha tll'; length, 7 to l1. Agricultural Oollege, Miss., and Lufkiu, Tex. (Encyclopedie ]\1ethodique, Vol. VIll, p. ~3; 1811: Oc;lJptera.) triqnctm Olivo Genus LESKIA Desv. LCH~ifl, Desvoitl y, )':SAI1i 8111' 108 1IIyotll\il'e~, p. JOO; ) ':10. Jl1!lubia DOS\'oiu,Y, loe. cit" p.!ls. (YO II lieyl1 eu ; 1826.) Solit'l'ia, Des \'oitly, Alltln.l llb Ro(', Eut. Fmll llo, 1",161 ; UHS, Od!U(t Des\'oi(ly, lou. cl1.., p hltilq'ivll Houdal1i, Dipwrolugill' l tn.licli! Prodromus, Vol. IV, p. 8; l'!i''''qbia Roudlmi, l Oll. cit., p. 48. Uondlblli proposed t he name Allthoica, for Myobia, wbi~h is pl:eoecu. pi 'd in t be Arachnida, and ercdlld t.he genus PYl'l'osia to iuclude Les kin, oli ria. :tnd Orillia. Bmllcr and Bergenstamm piae Lerna and

66 67 :l1,i'obia 3,,'1 subg'l1ora of PYl'l'{));ia,1 but Illakl' 110 mention of tha ot.her 1 ilree names. Um speoies yellow legs; t hree ttlld throe I:Itel'llopleul'al m[wl'oclh, trc: Scutell UIII largely 01' wholly black' abdoul n yellow, ill t lll\ ma.le marked with :I (Iol'xal v i t.t a and usl1!llly t he [,ase of t ho tbnrth 8egmellt, i II t he fi.llial ' wi tb a dorsal vi tta 011 t ile lirst two BOg ments, ulaek ; I ollg-llt, (j III Ill. Bileks llllll D elaware collntio', Pa. (Journal N. Y. E ut. Soc., Yol. 1.ll, p. 10,;; Sept., 1Sft:): 1I1y iouio.) _. tilccata Ooq. ScuLellulll and l11,doll1cll YGlIO'IY, last two or tltl'ee segments of tilo la,tter Hometimes marked with a dol'srti Hj)Ot of browli or black; lellgth,7 to A ljdover, Mats.; ltjwea, ~. Y.;.1 act-isoii ville, Fla., alld Unag-n" Kans. (.J onnw,l Aead. Nat. ~( \il Hem; Phila., Vol. Vl., p.177; IS:!\): I)cxia. JIlyio/Jia, ri ellile Uoqll illett, 1>l'oc. Acad. Nat. Scieuces Phila,., p. 313; Sept., 18\15.)- _. _ana./is Sa,y. Genus LESKIOMIMA Br. and Berg. LCHkiQlIl.i'llUI 131'1l.UOI' alld HOJ'g"OIlStllllll11, Z,, uif. K " ir. M'lH.,,'inll, V, 1'. ~72; Ixm. Tho type I>pecie,'1 is yellow, tile npper part, of t,l,p. CH'I'ipllt, dorsum of thomx, tarsi, alld lisnally a few H]/otH 011 the ahtlulilt'ii, hlack; ul-illally three ]/oklsutur(l,1 and three stcmoplelu'ltl 1ll,1o('['()('l!,t'tw; l lllt g llt, U [.0 ti White M0I111taillS alld Fra,llcollja".1:I,;New York,., Y.; Ult os Illl' CoulIty, Fa. ; Virginia; Nort,h Uarolina, a.lld Lake vvorth, Florida. (A URSer. Zweif. I DsekLell, Vol. II, p. 251; 1830: Stomoxys. L()skimnima tljlt(jrl~ W iou., Brauer ulld Bergensta.mlll i n!-itt.)..... kncr{t Wieu. Genus APINOPS, new genus. The clmracters of this liew genus ln ay be g'lemled 1'1'0111 the following llesel'ipt.ion of the type spe 'ies: Hlad,; head al viijrixhli' Kli ghtly louger Lllall at uase of ant.ellu:~; front, illcluditig t h\' vilta, ~ l' ay polli II0Re, ill tile male about one-half, ill the female tw() tilil'us, llfl wide as eililcl' eye; ocella.r bristles cl'il'ectcd '()l"wal'd, froll ta,1 ut'istje,'1 c.l erccuoiug Ilearly to middlo of secolld ftntellltal joillt; three paij'h of ol'uit,a,l bri:;tje:; ilj tile f~mal e, w;l,llting ill the lliale; ltllteu Jl ii\ six-sevelltlls as IOlig ar the f~we, third joint one aud olle-ha.lf ti Illes a!; loll g ar the Recond, rounded at the tip, al'ista bare, t hickened to the luiddle, the peuultilllate joillt slightly lotl ger than broad; sides of face bare, eaeh at uarrowest pa,rt scal'(;ely olle-tenth as widp as tue ljj e<1 ia1l oepl'es ioll; viol'iss;c strong, situ l~ted on a line with frollt cdge of oral trmrgiu, two or three bristles a.bove eaclt ; clleek8 one-revellt b ar wide as tlle eye height; proboscis I'll nder, rigid, tbe porti()11 beyond the basal articulation one and one sixth tim s ah long as height of head, lahel1a notdcvejopotl ; palpi miuute, scarcely longer thau broad, ti pped with 3, short bri,tle; thorax grayish pollino, e, marked with follr black ' Zwoif. li1us. Wian, VI, I" 140; 1893_

67 68 vitt.'b; three IH)Rt,.miural allt1 two "t,eruol'leul'almhcl'ocllmtm; scutellum bearing tltl'ee pall's of IOll g marginal luacroch;utw; abdoljlen shining, :L l);:dj' oj' 1I"1<t1'l!;imLl llht(',roch:.utro Oil the first and second segmelltr alltl <L IlJal'g'illaJ row 011 the third; genit.alia )lj'ojectillg at least twice the lengt,h of tho fonrtll audolllillal Hegrnellt ucyonu the latter, curved lloneutb the abdol1j elj; first seg'lilelit of abdomcli ill the felllale greatly dilatt'tl veutrally; hilld tibi:u ]jut ciliate witb bristles; front pulvilli il l femalc uue-half as loll!;' as, ill the malt about as 10llg as, Ule last 1 ars:\} joillt; wings Jlyalille, It sillgle ijrirtle at of tlte thinl veill, othcr veiu" uare, apieal cell opell at t he extn'jilc tip of wing', bend of follrtl1 v(lill arcuate, hilld cl'osnvei ll ncarlypcl'l'fludieular, mi(lway uetweeu tht' BlIlOLI1 el'orelveill ami ijclltl of the j'ourt.u veill; calyptel'ctl whi.te; lellgth, 4- to 5 IlIllI. Southel'1I lilinois. Two males <1,11(1 oll e 1elll<tle eollecicu b.v Oharles HobertSOD. ']'ype No. ;)559, U. S. Natiollal Museum _. at1 a. ll. sp_ Genus LEUCOSTOMA Meig. [JlIIWORfOlltfl, 1\ll1igl.lll, ill Hliger's M : ~~"l, iu f'il1' JIlHel{Ll.luklln\le, Vol. II, ll. 27!Jj 1iiOa. ()lel'ill J)eM"flid.l', J;;ss:d HilI' 1ua MyfHbir'cH, p. :.m"; IH::lO. ['8uli(/(I JIoudu.rli, j)iptc l'fl1o/.: i:e Haliell' l'j'oul'or.ililh, Vol. J, p. 71.i; I H."(i. This SyllOlly lll y i:; givell uy SCll ill Cl'i allll repeated by Brauer :ljlld Berg 1I~t.<L1I11I1.2 Our spet:i(,r are, the 'JIulpi ::;ollletimes yeljo\\ ; thl'{ll~ ktlll'llopjeul'!l,l )tut} t1smtlly three postl:mtul'al m<tcrocb:-etn': 1. 'l'hol';j.x ::;iti11iug', alllloht' destitllto of pollen, frontal vitta at tbc 10weNt o(:el1us liarl'ower thau either side of the frollt,lt t he same POillt, scu telluul bmtl'illg' tlirc ' pail'i' of margilltll lii:lnocb:uttlj, tirst two Heg-mclItl' oj' audolllell ('aell bearillg a IlI ttl'giual pail', pa,lpi y\\]low _ :. -.. _. _-,. _. _. _... _... :!. Thorax opaque, dcuhcly gray pollillose, froutal vitta. of J'c'lIIaleattue lowest ocelllu; twice as wide :1>1> (lithe)' side of tbe front, palpi\ ; fl' of t't'lil,tle Olle <tlld oue, tbinl tillll:\f\ a.s wide as either eye, two l'ltirs of oruital bristles, cheekfl olle-sixth as wide as tile eye-height, ttlltelln:~ two t hird::; fls long as the fu,ee, ti le third joint as lon g' an 1,110 sccl)lltl, arint.a 'thickollod on the badl1 threefirths th' pellllltinmte.ioi ll t shorter t,uall broad; thorax not distilwtly \ it1.ilte, Ncutelilltn lloll sely gray e, bearing two llail's of lon l!: lutlrgilial IlllLCI'ocltrettl" ahdoll1 It shining, basal 11alf oj' tile last tb ree segmell Ls gray llollil.l()re, first two seglll II t ' destitute of macroclm tll', tho,'e of thl' other two segments very ",]I01't, g;cuitalia of female Chl\\--like, eurved beneath the bolly; wings hyaline, tljil'd voin bea.riug two or three bristles Ileal' the bare, hind cl'ossvein stntight one a1l(1 one third times a long as the last section of the tlu'd veill, tlituated midway between the I:una,ll Cl'OdlVeill ancl tbe beud; calyptere' white; length, [j mid. lementon, N. J_ A single female specimeu Collected I 'Fn.tmo. AUlltti(Wu., Vol. I, 11. r~12; 1862_ Zweif. MU8. Wion, VI, Inde:xj 1898.

68 69 May 30, I. nri, b~' 'Mr. C. W. Tohmion. rl'yp(~ No. 35(;3 U. f). N ati(lllal M 11RlItllil ' NII/I()}JO(' (1 11. ~p. " AhdoLllelJ e ntircjy destitute of }'olku; lell~' i 1t. J to :i linn. White MOlllltaills, New ]lltwp'hirej MassaelJuH()t;t.-;, and Ilorthern Illi- 11ois. (Trails. A wei'. "Bllt. SO(\., Yo]. XYH L, p. :3xO; ])ocelllb('1', 1891.) a./i'(i Town. Ahuolllcn,!!.TtLyisll poll.illor(~ OIL the b;\.he~ of (.ho 1;1,;;1, thrc(1 Reg lll('lit, ~;; lellg'tl,4':"1 to 7 Iltlll. Mal'yhLIHi; 'riftoll, l:ll.: LaH ('rlll'es. X. "'lex.; Canoli C ity, Colo., allti \Yasliillgtt)1l. ( Ca ll.l ~ntoluo lo p: ist, Vol. XXlV, p. 81; Apl'il, I8!):!; 1'11.,1/10. 1,111l('ostrnlill 1i1'1I'IIW,l'i(,((lIa. 'row Il Rlllld, loco nit., JJ. l/iflj ~Jnl y. l'h.'l/o lli.ij1'i(j(lrlti.~ 'I'mV'Jl s8ild, loe. cit., p. lio ; from a cotyj11' HpI'ci llll'li. ) ~cnil:ix 'row li. Genus SCIASMA, new genus. ']' li e eh:1.l'actej's III' i.his g'(\ lill ~ may be g'len,licd fl'olll the ta.hl(l of g'(.i1i r;~!!'i\'(! 11 ill n, pflwiollh part, of the llrel-;eut. work allll i'rol1l ' t,11 6 i'()llowiu~ dl'scriptintl of t it!' tylll' sl)l\eii' R: B1l1ot'k, the a,lii I'll 11:1' :Iolld p:dpi YIIllow, 1,11(' le lllol'u, i;lil lletilll CS pn,rtly or ",holl," 'yello\\'; 1'1'0111. of male fl'olll :1010; widh 10 t ll' iell a,1; wiilb, ill t,l", ((1111al(1 I-;ix tillj('s <II-; wille, a,h width of low (\,,:1, oeellus, InU'o ('xcopt t he fro II tal 11riRtics "'iliell ']I.RCO IHl t,o lmrfi of "e"ollll l\,lltculial joillt, (1( ~ l'lla]' hl'irtlch wall ti 1Ig', t,,-o pairs of orljila) 11l is1.h s ill t be fcllla,le, w[l.ilt.ijlg ill the I1la.lPj el lcekr oll(l t(mtll as wl<1(\ a!-; tho eyo.height" sid eh or Ca.(',lI lmre, liaeli Rea,r(,(\ly ILl:< wide ILS tho InweRt (lcejili", eyes barc, VilJl'jSH;(' Olt n 1(1\'(',1 \Vi til 1'1'0111. edg'(\ of oral tnlll'gill, two (II' three brislles aho\'u ( \ I~( : h; hh:1i1 :tt vihrir";:t' al mosl as 10llg llh ILl, (If :wtenn:l'" :t.jlteun:l' from tlulw fol1l'tlll; to ronr fil'til.r as long 1J.f! tho fa(:e, tlle thinl joijlt. twiee ar l\ljig ILS tlw HHCOllll, (~l'i Rta, lmre, thick ened OIL tll(1 ualml fnurr,lj, tilc pollultiuliiote.joint Khol'tm' than hl'oad; ijody shining, destit.ute of 1)011011; two postsn1.l1ml 1),11(1 1,111'eo Ktel'llOpleural macrodlfl tn:, KClltellulU hearing- two luargillaj ]I:'(,iI'H, ahdomell of fonr l-;egmentl3, ti le fin;t two destitute of dorsal' JlllwrOl:lIH'tll!, tile third :lml fourtb with r~ JlH1rg-ilnLJ 1'<lW, g'l'llitn,jin, of lilale larg-e, curved henc!'i,th the third and ['()lutll seg-mell til (If' thc :~l)(lollwu, ill tile female nearly concealed ill t he foul'tll acl.pnent; willg'f! hyaline, cohtal (',ell brown, a hrowli spot extellding frollt tl,e llil1l1 cros8veiu to tip of ReCOII (1 \'ein, aud ii'oill t he costn. to the fourtll or fifth vein; third veill l.>uaring :~ single 1Jril'itle at; its ]lase, Iii lid crossveill Htraight, at first. tllil'd or' two Ii ftbr of distll,n co from tlie small 1.() hencl ()f follrtlj, t,11c btter IlI'Clwto ;III!] destitute of all appelldage, apical cell closeu, t hird vein eliding at Ule extreme wiugtlp, its last sectioll as long its t,lle 1IitHI cros8vein; lmlypteres white except :1pical half of hiud (liics, wllich is I.>lack; hilld tibim Dot ciliate, dilated ill tlie male, frojlt, pulvilli ill both s 'xer almost as loug as tire ll)st t~tj sal.ioijlt; lcllgth,.3 to 4, mid. New Beiliord, MaaR.; Jameshurg, N. T., and 'riftoll, Ga.. Twenty six: males and one femn,le, collected by Dr. Garry den. Tlc)llgh, Mr.. 'vy. Johnson, and Ml'.. G. R. Pilate. '.rype No. 35G4,. S. Na.tional Museum...,.neb~~lo8a D. sp.

69 70 Genus HYALOMYODES Town. ByalolJ/.!loiles 'l'owilsej1fl, P~.I che, Vol. vr, ". 4:!9; April, lilh3. Our single species is bhlck, the IH11 pi yellow; eyes of male ahnost eoutiguous, bllt in tbe female ilol)fu'ateu at least olle alld one balf timor tue width of the lowest oee11u8; ahdomell on )art throe segm011ts gray polli.llohc, the 80C011(1 and third seg-monts ill t he female each bcarijjg ;1, pair of large tl'iang"1i1a,i' hlack Rpot!:l, iwlirtillct 01.' wanting' ill the 1I1alo; fi'ont JlulviUi of fell1a,le less than two tllil'.l;; ah long :th the last trtr / ml jo ilj t; leljglh, 4- to!) rum. White MOlllltaills, X. H.; New Bedford, Mass. ; Marylaml; Tifton, Oa., a1jcl Colorado. (Dipt. Allier. Sept. IlIdig., OentUl'ia IV, No. Sf); I S63: liyn/oll/y ia. J 1.I/(I.101I1Ylldc8 1CIJeclii TownHelld, Psyche, Vol. VI, p. -1;$0; April, 18U3.)... t;l'ittn,fj1tf.ij'em Loew. Genus (ESTROPHASIA Br. and Berg. IRstl'Oj)IIusia Brll,ner :tlltl H' ll'~en s tamlll, Zweif. ":ris. ]\1n". Willl1, IV, p. Hr.; 18xlI. l'hah'iop/e, y.i Bl':Lllol',,",1 HOl'goIlHta.lIllll, J,,,'.,,,t., 1'. ].IG. Neop/oNI ya.n d e l' WIIlp, Hill]. CO llj".i\crc OI'., Diptel'a, Vol..I r, p. If,,,.;.lllllo. lkho. CI1l1nilll"'(L \'all d or "'")p, 1,,,. ci t., 1'. lfifi. 1~ 1I (J ' 8h ' o)l"'tbiil Town~eJ\lI, "l'mbk. Aml f. Rut. /'i(lc., \,,,]. XlX, 1'. 1:\:'1;.lnuo, 189:!. Tbe sy" onymy of the last two with (]~ 8r.l'o plrasia, and of Neoptera with PlmHiopteryx, bas :'\,Jl'eauy btw li givell hy Bmncl' a,ll1l TIeq,;ell Rtamlll.1 Plutl:liopteryx isllot HuOiCi(llitly dislillet f"oill (J~ s l.ropllilsi:~ t.o be rotainod as a tlistillct. gel ills. OUT' Rpccies lravc three po"tsnturu,1 alld two stel'nopleural lliacl'oc ha tm: 1. Willgs destitute of In'own mark i II g s.... _... _. _ Wing'S distilletly marked witll brown.. _.... _.... _... _.. _ 2. :J. Discal celj crossou oy a browll erossba,ll d, ljillfl ci'ossvein li(lt wholly lwl'clered wi tlr brown, a brown border to I,lre liftlr vein allel It bl'owil t ~ l'ossl)[l,nd beyollu the diseal cell ; ybllow, all ocelhtr (lot and u l'llla.ll y from one to three spoth or a fa,hci:~ OIl hiilil margill of each Regment of th e ~tbdoulcn, a.jiil sometimos olle 01' 1lI0re 011 1ihc l.llomx, Illack j )!~llgtb,.:i- to [) 1lI1ll. TOl'Ollto Oanada; Frallllonia, N. n.;.i 'Jlila.delphia, Pa., n,lici Florida. (Biol. OCllt. Awor., Dip. tcra, Yo!. I I, p. Hi'j; JUII(', 1 R90: OCnQN01Iw.)... ~i{/1tifc/'(i. Y. d. W. DiRcal r.oll llot cros~cd by:l 1ll'OWll crossoancl, hind crosrveill bortlered with hrown, He('.olld basal and allal eells, and wing ill frollt of third voin frolll humoral to slightly oeyon<1 slliall eros vein, ajso a orowli cl'ossbaud extending over the lrind crossvein 1\1\<1 bordel'illg t.he fifth veill exeept tleo.!' bas of disca,l cdl, brow II ; yellow, tb Cl llppor part of the O()CiPllt soruetim s blackish, thorax 80metimes dorsally, 01' wl1;h two vittle and all ante rior spot blaek; abdom011 'Yith tlle hind ll1argin of' eaeh sogment IZW if. Ku.ia. Mus. Whm, VI, pp aud :.!34.; 193.

70 71 blaek alhllsoulctiljlc::; witll it black dol's:t! Yit.tnj JCllgth, i').;; mm. Tewksbllry, Mc~liS., alld VeLaPa::lS, Colorado. (Zweif. Kais.Mn vv iell, J \T, p. 1 1:5; 11:)1:)!): itlli\) i It lit t. )..... C/(WMI Dr. ami Berg. ::. A li tellll aj!'u<wllillg- at l ea,,,t Ira,lt\yay to (.lte oml IIIa.rg-iu, tile tip less t hau the length of' the!:ie('olld joiut froul t ir e poillt wlrfll'e tiro Ca,eial ridges a.pproach each other tire Ulo!:lL cloi'lely; sul.lllmrgili al ce ll i ll t he 111:.10 i';( : an! ~ lly over ollo-!l:.lf a,s wide HS the greatost (lb.;t: Lll ce f('olll the tllil'(l vei ll to Ihe himl margill of the wing, f rollt L11 t he fema.le li oti('ca.bly widl'lli'llg- ILllteriorly. _.., _..,. 4. A lito IlD :LI rcaehillg' two-tit't!l" or <]Lst:Lllce ('rolll theil' base to t.ho oral ltial'gill, the tip li e:wly three time" til(' lellgth of the 'Ieeolld joillt 1'1'0111 t he poillt wh4ll'c Lhe f:winl rid),:'!'!' approach Otil l' the most. (.lnsely; frout; j II fl~ lil:i.l e thnw l'ollrtlts :.s wide lui eithor eye, its si dml Imrallel. (Aec()t (li ll l.!' to Brll,lIor :111(1 BOl'g'OJlRtalllllJ, th 1l11 11l1J:trgi llal ce ll in the is a,s wide a ls tho gl'c:l,tort tlistallo(') f[,olll t he tilri n1 "oill to t lw hilld Illfirgill of the wing', :LIltl t ile Reco li<l veill Ileal' it» Illilldlealid tlhj cortaopposittl i t, ltreg-rcatly swollell.) ],mil,?;th.-'lllllil. 'l'ex:ls. (ZweiJ.Kais.Mus.Wien, IV, p. 14-7; l~h!): l'h II" ioj}/cl'!/,c. A l so illlitt. ).. In'lilllekii Ill'. 1111(1 liol'{o.. 4. FI'ont; ill the 11l :Lle lio;tl'ly ollo half, ill the female two-thirds, :~R wide as eit.her ('YOj I:\(.\('olltl \'tjlll ill t h<l malo wit.h a. l al'i),'o slvellillg' neln t,hu lliiddlfl alld :LlIot1rel' Oil t.he costa oppol:!ite it ; srluiii l'll' p;ilml (Je ll almost, t,wiel) as wii](~ as longt Ii of tl lo hilld c r() H~;vtl ill; leug-th, [i.5 to" Ill:!l. Ulml'lottt\ Tlarlwi', Florida. (.)onrllal N. Y. 1~lIt. Boe., \. o\. 111, p. [i:.!;,i nllt', U)!):.: m~ljl 'ill lllyi ((,. j'haniop fcr.i),t lii,l i1lwi.'ii Hr. alld Berg., Brauei' allcl Bcrgelltltamlll,in lilt. ) _.... '.' - -. _... _- _..,.... P1t1/('tllt(~ Ooq. Frollt ill t lll~ II III I l'.'1t:an:ely olle ei g-ilt ll, ill the fe wal" oue aud o lle Ll,il'(l tiillcl~, ar li'ille :lloi either eyc; secolld vei ll de.'itituto of [t I>wellillg, f.;ubll lal'giuul ecl! l(~ ss tliall two-tltir!lh as wiae :th length (If lrind (!l'ollsvc'ill' 1{'lIp;th, 7 to t) litlll. (;eorgia, Texas, a.lld Uolomllo. (AumtleH t:loe. ElltOIJlOl. 1"ranco, p. 268; 181;8: PyrrU/i,ia. ). _. _.. _.. _.. _... _.. _-.. _. _. ucmac13tt Bigot. Genus CL YTIOMYlA Rond. CI",tia l)csvoi <1y, ES8l1i Slll' J08 i\ J yncll1iro~, 1', 287; li<30. ( Xun Lltlll:trck, J812; non IInol> llor, 18IG.) ('/!/tio1llya Rondttn i, Dipt"J'ologiw ItnlicH' ProdJ'OHIU8, \' oj. IV, p.!); The latter torlll was proposed to take tue p laee of 'Iytia, which had beell u sed twice In twiolls)y as rl generic name. Our I:!)lecios!rave three postsntnral and two stel'uopleul'al macrocl.llctrc: Legs black, olltire lilscct, except the yellow l)alpi, bhwk j calyptere white, wijlgs hyaline; length, 7 Ullll. WaShington. (oiournal N. Y. Ent. Soc., Vol. III, p. ii:3.julle, 18!)5.) atrata Oog. Legs yeljow; heac! aud it:! liiomuers except tlle eyes 1\lId npp(ll' p~u t of the occiput, usually tbe apex of scutellum, ~~ud t~buome ll

71 72 (~x()ept ;t dol'ral roll' of "potr and t h e hi lui (~d ges of tile las t two Reglll(JIJLH, yellow; ]art two segllicuts of allloll1cll SOliletilJl8R almort wllolly black ; lell~tlj, ;j t o t; 11I1ll. ",Thite Mounta.ills, New HampRllire, lllld Agl'i('ultm';i.I (),)ll ege, Mi ss. ('1'mlls. Am. Ellt. Soc., Vol. XVIll, p. :37~; DeeellliJcr,18!11 : Clyt-trr,. Her7trn ba, ch eri t~ sp., BraueJ' and Bergell F;ta.1l11lI 'i.n lift. ).....jlava '1'OW11. Genus EUTRIXA, new genus, 1.')re principal characters of this genn s have beell given in tile table of gcllem 011 ])J'eviolHl p ages of tiri" work. The type sl'ccier is 1Ila cl\, the lowe,. 1)111't of t Ire frollt, f:ree, alltmlll a', IJfLSC of I).ristn, cireob;, pro borllis, palpi, fcmol':l, aud tilji:l', ~ ' ellnwisll ; a.pex of antclili;l' ;ulil t,h e }l1'oljoseis sometilllcs hl1lwli ; three lloshllltlll'al and t,wn I-Itl'rllujlleural JIIlt(!J'OellR'tWj apex of antelilla' l ess t ll lui tlj e lellgth of' t il e S(I(\(lllcJ allt.elllial joillt fl'ojil th( poillt "'hern t h(l fal :ial J'irlgm; a,ppi'oa,cll 'el),l:ir ol,)le)' the 1II0Rt. clos(> I,Y; IOllgt,ll, (; to '" }I'I';I,lIeollia, N. J I.; Mary land, alld District of ( )ollllri Ilia. (JJiHt, (If Di pt OI'llI1S J IIH ect~, J'al't IV, p. 75:{; 18411: 'l'(u'mna. OI.1J1io?llY';(I (I,roil!! COI)lIillett,.lolll'llal N. Y. E ll t.!:loll., \'ol.lll ~ Jl. 53; JllJle, ]t)ug. ) ilfl.lim ';n v"a,lk. Genus XANTHOMELANA v. d. W. Xa1ltho1llclafLU, v:tn.lor \1' 1111', 'l'i.icl. YOUT EII1,(JIllOlo,!!itl. V,,1. XXXV, p. I RSj l XO:3. _, ' ",nflwl>ullll1lorl('h 'I'nwllAonll, ('''ll:l,li:llll~lllnn''' l" gint, Vnl. XXV, j,lilly. 1 8! 1 :~, 'j'ha n alllc war proposell for Xn.ll thornebnn, under t,hc IlIiRtnkell idea t hat tlli t> llalile i s jll'eoe(',1i pieu by Xn,lIthOlueloll ; bu t t he two LerlllH do Hot COli tiict wit,li cndl other. Our two s p ecies hay( three 110to;t.. snt,n1'8,lloaeroclr:u1,1\\, RClltellll1[1 ' bearillg t wo rn;'l,,til's; Willg'f; Oil costal ha.lf or less bl'owu, t he r cmailulcr hyalille 01' snbll,)'alillc: ]. Oml Illargin h earing' ljln.clt nla(jl'och reta:, ill auditioll to t Il e vil»)'iss;p, 1(11;1'; black, ljases of ff.~ "lol'a Yl'lIow....., Ora.l IIllLrg'in dest,itllt(' of black Jllacrocb;t,tft' he.ides tlie yiuriss:l', leg's yellow, apic's of tiuia' alld t llo tarsi black; black, the }111 tcii 11:1', face, cli eel,s, 1mlI i, abdomen except a "pot, on eneh side of 11I'Rt R 'g'ilicllt at it,s bal';c alld n, tl'irl,llgulal' dorsal Rpot, post.erior part of I-H'COlltl allel I,hirrl seglucli ts, Coxa., ttlluont, alill tibja ~ exccpt tile 1I,pil:eH, yellow; abdomen shiuing, the 101l1'tli Hegmont and, ollletiiii es tile lj[lse of ti le t,llircl thinly yell owikh poljiuose; ",iugs hyalillc, t Il e costal m:trgill to slightly ueluw th(~ tllircl vein smoky ul'own i postel'ior ('a,lypter S yellow, tlle bas(1s white lcllg"t.ll,7 mm. llorscll cck Beach, Mass. A s pecimpll of' en,ii sex cl)11e.cted U~\I st 4, 18!)(i, hy Dr. Garry <l N. B oug}l. l'ype o. 35G8, U, S. NutiollalMus (un jl<tvipes ll. sp.

72 73 2. Abdomen black, sides of first two ~eglllo ll t.~ and mmajly t ho front coruers of tiro tjlird, yell owisll, f1'(1nt fcrnol'a almost wbolly black, three stemopietlnlj mae I'Oclt w.( ii'; lell ~'t,}i, (j III Ill. olo1'a<1o and southei'u OalifOrllia.. (,TOlll'. Acad. N~tt. Rei. PhiladeJpllia, Vol. VI,p. Ii'3; I8:}!): VO.Wtao. Rtl'l'cni(l.pic(ipe8 Bigot All II. Soc. Ellt. France, p. 254; 1888.).,. '.....,..,. _... lir('urrtll Say. A bdomell wholly yellow, front felllom b roa.d ly y ellow n,t t ll(l bnse; two steruopleural Jllacl'oeha'ta'; lell gth, (j 1Illll. m t hl'l'n Vir. ginia. (Jou]'. Acad. N,\t. Sei. Phil:),(leJ ]lhia, Yo1. \'1, ]I. 172; 182!): Pha./iin. T{LCh ilia cm'yth 118 'IV rtll((\1'. List. of' Dip! CI'OUS Insects, j':1t't l\" p: 7!17 ; ls,i!). 11' ((ltlljlt[lill ( I 11"ijJl'lI 11 is To\\"n send, 1'1'.oc. E ut. Soc. Wa.sllingtoll, "0]. lip. 1.1:'; April :.'., 1891.)... _., ',.. ',., ',.., '...,.,... 1I.lri_}l(:nn-i8 ~ay. Genus HEMYDA Desv. JTmnydll DeRvoi,ly, EA~n, i ""l' ieh 1\1~' ( "l "il'''h, 1', ~2Ii; 1 ~3(). Our l'4i nglo s P Cei(lA i s black, tll e palpi, lllllncj'i, a larg'c RpoL 011 (IIwh Ride of tllo sccon<lilbdolllinaj scg- Ill r nt at t Ile middle, ti,e' frollt, eoj'iici''<; of t hird. RCg-TlIcn t, tue (;oxa', tibia' alld a la,rg'(' poc'tioll of t.ile felllol'a, yellow; three pof'lt.rutura.l alld O Il C Hw.t'lloJli('ul'a,1 Jllf)'( ~ I'(H:Il:t ' t,h', 1';(,l1lel h c:u' ill~ tll1'ce maj'ginal ]I:lirs; frontal Vit.tlL high ly polihli(l(l ; l ell gth, lllulli. ~ortb el'll I]]illoi8. (La!;. (;il.),. ' _.. _. (I,U1' I./(I!)csv, Genus BESKIA Br. and Berg. Rcskia nrrtlu'r and TIel"lrlln At,(l,rnm, %weif, KaiA. Mu~c"," \\';0 11, J \" p. 1:19; J(:.'Il'tm oail'/ll' 'l'ow Il A" nd,.)our"... J N. Y. Ent, Soc., V(l1. n, 1),'79;,IUll O, IH!)'1. 'l~hir synonymy h ar :llrea,(ly bnlli pnbjishr(l by l>r. Willistoll.' The type Hpeeios is bla(;k, till', abdomen Yl' lloiy, (;rd yptcmh whitc, WillgR Rtnoky: throe PO RtRll t n m,l mlli. three ~ t c rllojljl'w 'a I II 1:1 Cl'O(;1r H't,n' ; length, Ii mill. ]10ykins, Ya,. ; Tiftoll, Ga. j an (1 TeXtl R. (l Jif; t. of niptcl'ollr Iusects, Pa.rt IV, p. 7!IU ; l S.J.!): 'frj.l,ltinn, ]lr!,yj.-ill ('(11"11-111(1. Hn1.t1C!' and Berl-tenstatnlll, Zweif. Kai;;. Mlls. Wien, IV, ]I. 170 ; l S8H, O('!ll't.m o siph(l, 1rillist'(mi 'l~o\\'nseud,.tolll'nn.l N. Y. E nt. Soc., VoJ. II, p. 7n; June, 1894.).' , _... _ , mlo]lx Walle Genus ISOGLOSSA Coq, I SQglo88a, Coqnillott, Canadian E n to rll o l o~lijt" Yo]. XXVJT, p, 12,,; Mn,y, 'rhe tyl1(1 species is black, tho palpi, RitleR of lart t hree abdomiual segments except tile bind mal'g'ins of thc s 'eond anti third, and the ~lpex of tit ab(lomefj, y('lijaw; tllre postsntlll'al :111(1 titre!' stel'jlol'lelll'n,1 macrocbmtm; l ejlgtb, G mm, }'rom the tyl)e s})(lcimell. Los A Jlgcl es Oounty, al. (Loc. cit., p.12g. ).,...,.. _ hastata 'OIl. - -_ '.Mauual N. AmCl', Diptera, p. 141); 1800.

73 74 Genus EPIGRIMYIA Town. Epi!l"i11lyia TOWIIAtJOll, Tmlls. An,,;]'. Ellt. i-i(}('., Yo!. X Vll1, p. H7f.; ]1(\('nlub"l', l kfll, D 7'O)l a'llf)!jlo ~H ll T.,"'llMIIIHl, loc. cit., p. :-177. SiphQt:llJNn Town ~e ll <1, 10", tit" Yo]. XIX, p. 117; May, 18!.1:l. Sil'h ol''''!jtq Towll~e nd, lo'., i1.., 1'. L:l7. Co rq1i i 7llyia. Town"el"], loc, cit., p, 12H;,TIlIIO, 18!J2. 'rhis Syll Olly llly is origin n.l with tlh~ writer, :1ncl, in the cftse of \)rc, p a lloglossa, i ;; Iml-3e(lnpoll eotypes received [rom Mr, Towuseud. 'rile opeu OJ' closod api('al <:' 11 is llot a charactel' oj' generic importanee; ill f1 given specios, HOIIIIl Hp ecilll ellk have it open while ill otheri'! it is eloserl. A ll of (llh' sllenios have 011 the fourth segment of the abdolllen ouly a rmbwarginal row oj' ltlacro C h ;l'th~: 1. Ji'elllora yellow, tln'eo Jlo sts ntlln~l awl t hree stol'lloplenral macro chmt;p,,, '.,,, '.., ',,. ',.,,.,,..,.... _,.... _. 2. Fomora a nd tilji;e black..,, _.....,,,... _..,, _. : Sentelllllll yellow..... _. _,....., _.. 3. Scntellllll1 alill PI'OhOkCiH black, the lat,toi' beyolld t he baral articnlati\l)) o)) e :l.ilc1 ol) C' t hil'd times as IOll g :1.1' height of he:tll, follrt.h soglllcnt of :1. 11( rcddikh yello w, Hid ps of fit'rt two seglllelits IIHua1 1y yollow; l ellgt h,4. to 7 mill, 'l'iftoll, Ga. ('J'rans, A mer. I'jllt. t;uc" Vol. XIX, p',117; May, 18!l~: Sil'hool!ltia. ) roijcl' /.soll'ii 'rown. ;{. A rista tliickel)cd Oil at least; 1.he basal two fl fths, J)I'oboseis ueyol1d. th ~\ Intsal u,l'timl l atioji t,wicc :I I' long' as llcigllt or head, tlu'(>e t.imon as loug- :LH tlir palpi; I f', II ~t: II, Ii IIiIU. Fl'O lli two cotype HpecilLlCIl S. LaR Cl'I1CeS, N..l\1.(>x, (TraIl H, Amer, Eut. S(lc., Vol..x V I11, p. ;~71:\; J)eCf\lIIlJor, IH!J I : /)/,cl!iirw!llossii.),.. l~w(:m 8 'I'OWII. Al'isbt tllil:k(lli orl 011 the basal fol1rtli, Pl'ouoscis one alld one lmlf ti1l1es as lon g :\.:-\ h.eight) of Ilea,d, twlce :tl-3 lull g :\l-3 the p:\lpi; 1011 gt,1i, Sontilt' l'll Calif'ol'lIia. From the type specilileu. (lh\n:l.dian l~ n t() l1lo10 gistl, Vo], XX Vll, p.136; 1\-ln,y,18H;i: J)I'c P(tllll{/l()~SIl.).,. "".,..,..,...,...,... occ'idcntnli8 Ooq. 4. Abdoi ll OIl 1I 0t. pol lillo/'ie 011 tiro:!" apex of eacll Regmcllt,,..... " U. A ljtl(lllleu wllolly polliilos(l, t lil'en postsli tnml a ll(l three sterllopleljra l macro(:ha ta, l>l'ohoscis heyond t ll o ba.sal :'Ll'ticlllatiou oue alld ollo }1filf t,illi CS as IOllg as height, (If heaci, l)!llpi yellow; length, r; , FrOIl) the typo Hpeci llleli. Ualifol'J)ia. (Calladiau R ulomol ogist, \~o l. XX \' Ii p.12h;.may,ll)!i:j: SiphopItJltO.).,olJacrr. Ooq. U. P:t1 pi yell 0 I\' '.,,... _.,., _, _.. _. (i. l'all'i biu 'k, t hl'oe postsnl.umi an(l three sterllopleural ma( : l'o c ll fl> t.~, prouoscis one nnd three-fourths timcs as long as height of head; le ll gth, u min. White Mouuta,ills, New Damp. hi!'. WoodbUl'Y, N. 1. ; Suffolk, V ~t., and Tifton, Ga. (rrmns. Allie.': Ell t. " oc., Vol. X.VUf, p. '76; I}ecembcl', 18\.11.).. _.... _.. polita rowu.

74 75 6. Proboscis at most one and one-ll a If' times n,s long n.s height of llead, three postsutural :),u(} four sternopleural maerocllrl't,li, sc(;oud and.tllil'd segments of abdomen sllining -xcept 011 base of each - _ _ ,.. _. _.,. 7. Proboscis three times as long as heig ltt of IJcad, foul" postsutuml alld four :-;terllopleul'a 1 Iltac['oell<C'ta-, KC 'uud a,lid (;11 il'd s g'meu ts of,lbdomell eacll marked with two shi Ilinp: ill ad., tl'iallgular spots; lellgth, fi tum, l\1(lryl,tnd. ('rrans. A.m()t', Ellt, So(:., Yo!. XIX, 1'. l:?uj June, 180~: (Jo/,ollhnyia. )..... ffcnicli/ntn 'fowii, 7. 'fhird joint of antellllacl strongly CO lle;tvc Oil UH- front ('dgp j lellgth, Wllit.e l\1olt'lltaills, New I1,Lmpsllirl'j District. or Colmu bia; Virginia, and out.hern lililloih. ('J'mIlH. A mer. Bnt. Soe., Vol. XIX, p. 128; May, 1802: Siplwpltyto. 8ip//(11J/tyto IIBolll exi oamts TOWIlSClld, 1. c. UY1nnojl(I/'('ia O1IWl'i(,(III((, Hr. alld Berg. MSS., Braner alld BCl'gcllAtamm in ',ill.).,... -.I/on rll'ii,~i8 'l'owll. Third joiut of auteullm stj'oll g'] y COllyeS 011 tll(' fi'ollt nllgt~; lellg-th, 4_ nml. Southern Cnlil()rui,t. ('alladiall E II I,(lIIIOlogisti, "01. x.."\:'vii, p. J:37; May, 189:>; SiplwjJhyto.)..... /wt-i{fcl'((, (Joq. Genus SIPHONA Meig. 8illbo'lla Moigen, i ll llli)t(ji" A ]\[:\/.i:\zlil nil' Jn ~ek t, eukllll(10, VoL fl, p. 2Rl ; li'o~, /l1/ ('C lltch La,treilJli, UIIIlora ('rilhl, at IUfleeto)'lllU, \'01. IV, 1', :I!'l!I; ISO!!. T1l'iR synonymy is g-iven by St. Pal'g(;"ttl alld Serville, I (tlltll'epo:i,tetl hy 1I10st later a,nt1101'h. Onr species have tltrb(i POSLRllt.1I m,l ILlid t.ltrco st.eruoplem'a] llhwrocjlil't;r,]'(l veil! lh'j;:;tly a.t l(lftst. lmlf\my to 'Lhe small ci'()l'sveiu, two pairs of orbital bristlc.'; ill both Hc,Xes, Jmll,i lwu greater part of felflora alli!. tibi:l' yollow: 1. 'I'erillinal I:;(~ct iml of" l>l'ol.loflci:-< laterally eomprcrsed (HHI widened, at most Lhl'(Je fonrtilts as IOllg as Ileig-ht o[ head Tcrminal scctioli hristle - lik~, [tl IcaRt as long ax hcigh or ljel1.d; alldollleu opaque gray pollillore, hlal'k, tlul Rides of t,ho Hr-st. two or three seg-mellts somet.imcs p,trtly 01' wholly yellow j lellgth, :~ to G DlIII. Toronto, (J:lllarla j \\,hi(,(~ Mountains alltl Fmll{;Ollia, N. H.; ljeverly, Mass.; DiRtrict of C Ollllllhi ~1; NOl'tll C 1rolim\'; IJortbm'll I1lillOis; Oolomllo i Ellgh1lld,!1lul A1Istria. 'fwo nmles aud olle feluale {l'ou) Austria. rewived fro))) Brauer awl Berg-cu stamlu, and hy them la.beled Siphona {IClIimtlatn M cig.; also three female!> Crolll Euglaud, recci"od from E. J:nulI'tti, alld by him labeled Sip1t.o'nr!. {fenic:u/(tta. (MernoireH scrvir I J istoi 1'0 lllsoctes, Vol. VI, 1', 20 j 177G: Jlfuxca. The tbllowiug synouymy is by St. J1'arp:eau alld Servillc, ill ElleycJ.l\I(~tltodlque, "01. X, p. :;01; 182t:l: tomo.l;ys?nin?rta Fabrieills, Systema Alltliatorulll, p. 282; The lo]]owiug is by Moigan, ill SYRt. neseh. Eut'. Zweif. In., Vol. IV, p. 15.1, 1824, aud repnltod by mort later author. : Jhwcni-es oine),()u8 Latreille, G ell. ()rul'l. Illsect., Vol. 1 V, p. 339; 180~). The 'EncY<llopedic.M6Cbodj'luc, Vol. X, p. :,00; 1828.

75 76 following is uy Ma(:qu<Ll't, III AlIlIaleH Soc. ElltOIDOJ. France, p. :!HJj J8J5: 8iphonlt uinerea I 1\1cigell, Rystem. BescL. Eur. Zwcif. luh., "01. IV, p. 1[;0; lr:24. The following' j~ 11Y R.ollllnlli ill Dipt. ltalil'm PJ'od., Vol. Ill, p. 10, ] H5!J, alld is repeateu hy S!'.l lin cr : 8i11h(1111(, 1I'i[fl'01,ittr(tl(. alld ((no/i8 M(~ igell, System. Bel'cll. BtlI'. ZW('if. 1 m;('hell, Vol. IY, p. In'i ; ]824,. Syphona pm'ni/.lrr DeRvoiuy, mrsn,j snl' lei:' Myotl., p.!l2; lr30. S1lphona, tris tis DeRvoiuy, An lla-l cr SO(. ElltolUol. France, p. 203; 1H50. 81/plwna. /IIS(:i(:()1"?I-i1S alld COl/simi/is Dcs\'oidy, loco cit., p. ~05. '1' II e followillg ifl l,y tlle wj'it,el': 8i117/,1/7I.n auno'iclisis 'rowllselld, 'l'ram1. Arner. gilt. Soe., Vo]. X" JJ1, p. :Hi"j Deccrnucr, ]89]. 8ipltonrr. FIJI" Dnmci' and Berg'cnHtn.nllll il/. litl.) gcn-icli/nta DeG. 2. Audolllell opaqno g'l'h'y pollill o~(i, black, ~IIe Rides of tire fiest two segmellts 1;0IllCtiJ II l'.h partly or wllolly yellow, tm'lllinal joillt. of the 1l1'oboRni8 at leal"t (,wo-(,hinls ah loll!!.' ar heigll t of Ile~ld ; lellg-tll,;1 '(,04..') IIIIJI : From tllu type. HpeeilJl CII. tiolltljcrn oa.iifijrllia. (()alladia,1i BlllmlloJogiHt, VoJ. XX V 11, JI.12[; j May, J8!lU. i'lilj/ul1/a sp., Ilr:1,nt\l' anll BergcllstalliTn 'ill lui.), plurim 001]. Ahdolll(\J1 Flhillillg', dchtitntc of pollen, rellow, :I, dorsal vitta and hilld IlI:ugin8 of last three seg-mouth bla,ek; im;('c( ch-!ewhhl'e hln,ek, (']1(\ fa'(',e, palpi, apex of Rcntelllll ll, ('OXH', fe mont alld j,iij in'.vollnw, apicm; ot femora hrowll, frollt:)l vittn, bl'l)\\'liif\11 yt'llow. ltlltenll:l' and,1'l'oho>l(:ir yeljowisji hro\\' ", t.he hal'll'. alit} apc'x of the hitor 1II0re yellow;'lllillaj joillt of prohorcis oue hall' as IOllg as height of lle<l.ll, thorax g-ray jlollillol:;c, llot distilwtly vit,tate, sclltelllllll bearing'1hree long margijlal pairs and a, Rhort llpiea.j pair of lllaeroch;l'tn', JilRt thrt'e Re/-,n ll cllt,s of abuolliell '-'(Ia.rillg' Ollly nml'g-illal 0 11(,1"; wing-r IlyaJillt', t:alypterer whi1ish; lellg-tll,,i III Ill. Kirkwood, Mo. Tllrtle fellrale RpecimellR fmlll MisH M. g. MnrtfC'ldt. Typo No. 3574, U. S. National Mn "EmlU.,... _...,.,,...,,,...,.. _... {Jreni1'Q8t1'is 1J. sp. Genus HETEROPTERINA Macq, Dotel'('}lt,willlt M'Hll)lIltJ't, Alllla1() ~ Soc. BnL, Pm,llcc, p, 12fi j Onr specios is hhwk, the pn.lpi l1nd nrually tjle ua,so of tile antennltl, sider or fu'st, 1;h I'ce scp:lnellts of the abdomon, femora" and tibiru yellow' l a~t three Hegmen ts of abdom II each li1arked with n. transverse row of live ulaek RPOtR, two of which,lre 011 tile la,tern] margins; three post Sll tnrnl allfl two stcl'nopjellml macrocbrctn.', RCl1telJum bearing thrc' ll1al'l,:-innl pair; kllg-t.h, 3.n to 5 IDm. From the type speeirnen. :Tortllem Illinois' Colol'ltdo, a.nd Los Allg'cles County, Cal. (,I~ntomolog'ical New";,, Vol. '\ I, p. 207; J\pl'll, ],'05. ),.... _... _.. nasoni 'oq. 'Oil Pl\go 501 of tho EllCy('1op~dio liut,hudi<11lo, Vol. X, 1828, St. }"urg n nnd ~orviii 1'l'o),OI'!O tht) llilmt) of A/(:i{Iflli for rillrtra i)(olgl'u, whi,,)j h:tll uoon previously 118ell in this g('u 1l8 by J... ntl'oi1lo, ami this nallle IHllat LlJemfocolllso be atlr1ed to tho synonymy.

76 77 ~ IDsfltute of lioloo1c11 (_ Indian Sur40ll. 8a.nplor.. lod Genus PLAGIPROSPHERYSA Town. rla!l;ji"(j ~jj"e"y ~ a Townsond, Tmu~. AUiat'. EuL. 1'>("'" Vol. XIX, p. Il;~; Mill'. 1&12. OUT' ~pecin; it'l bht(:k, the tirrt two jl)iutr of tll() a,nt llua', palpi, apex (If SI:tltic!1um a.lltl ROlllctiuws the fro II (. COI'lIm'S of t ho f;ecoml aud third seg'lllclltt'l of tlt(', al)(loluoll, yellow j thn e po::;t8t1tt\mll~il(1 thl'ee sterllo' pleural IIHWI'o cll;{'t :~. two 011 i,be fl'ont si( t(l of' chell luitldle tibia llear its IlIi(Id.Je ; leugtlt,o to fllillil. Heorgia; o l'g"h I ;llotllltaill" It II (1 LtL~ Cru' s, N. Mex., Colorado, Telliuo, vvash., and Bout-liei'll Ualifol'llia. (Bioi. (Jcut.,Alller., DilltCl'lL. "bl. 11, p. 1 :J.~ ; Mur. lsno: 1'1'{llIpli( I'.'I'I'lI. l'lngi, liroliph('1'//mt t'alhla, TO\\'Ui:~elltl, '1'mIl8. Ami't. gilt ~o(., "01. X IX, p. 11;~; May, 1i:H,l2. Plll!JilJro,~}Jh t:r!l.wb j/orid('iinis 'l'owlisp1hl, lo!;. cit,., p. 114.),..., ,.,... " _ pll?'l'il){dpil; V. U. W. Genus METAPLAGIA Coq, 1l1vtllplayifL CO'lllillo Lt... )olll'll:l1 N. Y. Ellt. ~U('" \' ,1" ]():! j ~ o l't, tjil1hol', 1~9 r.;, Our ;.;pede;; j;.; ul~wk, tlw first {,I\'O,joiuts ot' t,lt e all {,(lui "" alld the pa,]pi, yellow; threo postsutuml (~ud three sl("l'lioplpnmlll.lflcl'ociltcltc; kllgtit, 7 lulu. From the type flpeciule li. ~u.u Diego olluly,ou,). (Loc. cit., 1) ). ' ". '".,'. _'.... _ ucc,idcmtctus Coq. Genus PARAPLAGIA Br. and Berg. J'(l1'ILjJla,yift Hr:~l1er IWIll:llll'gollliLaUlU1, Z\\'oif. Ku.i s_ ]\fu!!. Wj"lJ, V, p. ;~54 ; H!lIl. Onr two "pedes are LJuek, tije lhst two joiuts of the alj(,eui1w and pa.l pi yellow; thro(l post::;utul'aj alld tbree ;;tt:.ll'lioplclll'al Jllacroob:l't< : 'l'hirdjoiut ot' antellua' at must ouo :LUc} olle llalf times a;.; IOIlg- a s the seeoml, thil'd veill bristly ~LllllOi-\t to tip of disclll ceil, first seg meut of,tu<lolneli destitute of lihl(:l'()('ita' t:c; lellg'tlt, (j to 8 11'110. District. of (Jolnmhia; northerll Illillois, aliu (Jol()rauo. (All II ales Soc. BuLolUOI. ]< l'rtllce, p. ~O~; 1088 : IIetlil'uplcdnn. FW"tplafJia cinert;(t Coq uillett, Journal N. Y. gut. Soc., Vol. 111, p. 101 j Scpo. tember, 1S!).').).. - _.... _- -,.. _-, _... -,.., HpinOluda Bigot. Tl1ird.ioin t of alltcunro threo titlles ar:; JOllg a ll tile second, tijinl vein 1Iot bristly to the slljall cl'ol:is veill, tij'lo.t!:ieg-1ii01lt of a 1)(11) heal" illg a pair of lollg macl'oehwt,h'; ('rim t of ("lih1ie 0110 Iwd on fifth time!:! as witltl as eithe.r eye, tln'c vain; (if orbilal brir:;tles, tlte mc(lian pail' sljll'lll, frontal bri~t1e i-\ delsct'llllillg' to tip (If l:iccolul n.ntellluti join t,!:iales of facc wbolly covt'red witij ShOI t hairs n.nd each bearing a row of about, six ma(ii'ocha'l,l', ell eks uearly Que half as broad as the eye beight, ari;;ta t hickened on the ba. ~LI two thirds, the penultimate joillt tllle au(l oljc-lu.l.lf till)(}r as long as broad; t,borax t.hinly gray ponillo~t', HltLl'ked with foul' black vittm; abdouh'li white polliuose Oil bal'les of Jast three segments, these bearing discal aud margiual macrochrotre; wing;.! hyaline,

77 calyl'tel'es wltite; lellgth l\{ihrouri. A sin,yle female spm:illl('ll bred frow all UUkll()Wll.Lepidopterons hu'vl:i, ou '1'rios LeIlIn. 'l'ype No. Ji:i78, (J. S. :NatiOll<11Museulll.... cr'uci(;ol.(tll. sp. Genus CYRTOPHLCEBA Rond. ()!II'/oplr/,l'1/(1. Honlialli, ]liptomlol!i'" ]tali",,, PI"UdrOlllIlH, V,,1. 1, p. 6H; 1850, Ollt' sillgk speeieh if! uhwk, with a stl'oog t.illge or UI'OIl7.C, the l'fllpi alld lil'st two.ioilith of tbe nlltcjlilil: yellowish, tllj'ce pohtsntllral flilu tlll'ce sler'lioplmu'!t,] macl'oclia'tw, secojl(1 a. lld third aihloliliil3,) Re:.:-Illeuts lteftrillg' discal ;Jlld Illargilm! onesi lellg'tl, 7 to 10 tulll. TOT'onto, Uall ada; :N('II' Bedfhrd alld J]yde ]'ark. Mass.; Jt,)mca., N, Y., :wd 1I0rtllel'II JllillOis, (.)oi1j'11al~. Y. Ent. Soc., \'01.111, ; Septem uel', I8!)il.).", '..,..., ',,..,,,... ' ".....,'...,'. Iw'rrida, I Coq. Genus PLAGIA Meig, l'laflin JI'loiglm, NYR II, Ilo8el,. Ell 1". ZweiJ'. IIlBok1,HII, Vol. VTl, p, ~Ol; lll::!p Our sped! s Ila~ tllj'(\(\ jlof.tsutural :Llld thrce stcj'llojllenral macrocba~th \, Pl'OhOKCis thiel" tlerijly, less thall twice as IOIl g' as tuick, [mba! lrall' of )lall'i alii[ tlj(1 :UlteJIlI;e ohw.k, Jm\' e~t fi'olltal brirtll'h directed dowli. ward, 1 hij'll vein }I,t ll10~t lll'j,;t]y l'ilightly oey011(1 the small erosrycill; JellgtJI, 7 to H 'IIl1.ll. 'orthcl'li '1IliJloil-\;,I,. LouiR, Mo.; };08 AIIg'elps COli lit.y, Ua.l.; AlIl'lIt1e all!l lliaz, Mcxico. (BioI. Oellt. A nlel'., ljil'tem, Vol. 11, p, ] O:J; March, 1~!)0. l'la,gin ((, I/ '/'(ll'()i/,,~ Towli seud, Oanadian Elltolllologi:;t, Vol..xx.JV, p. (j7; MarcIl, 19B:.!.),.,, (t?lleric((.'ihk v. d. VI.'. Genus SIPHOPLAGIA Town. SiJ,hQP/flflill ']'0"'118011(1, Tmll~, Allie!', 1':111., Koc., V"I. X VIII, ]', ~W; Novo'lIhel', Our l'ipeeies am hlllck, (,11(' JiJ'Bt two,joijltr of alltelllllc, lower part of face, chee);:iii, alld pu.lpi, yellow; body Ruuopaque gra.y pollillose, thorax nluorkecl witll fonr l>lack vitta'; tlll'('e pori Rut-lind [~ntl t/lll'ce sterno pleural IIIl)'eroelll\'ta', mitltlle ti bill' p:lcll ljearitl~ four 011 t Il e frout side Il eal' the III idllle, secolh[ a.iiu til it'd segments of abjou.leu lleariug only ma.rg'illal luacr()cla ' t~t ; Jeug-tL.s ' : Fift,\t veill bal'e, mitl<l1e p[l,i1' Of orbital brirtler very small. T.108 Aug-e 1(11'; UOltllt.r, On,], (l'railr. Allier. I';nt, Soc" Vol. X \'lll, p. ailo; Nov(llIIber, 18!)1. )."., ',. ",.. '..,.,, anomalll, TowlI. Fifth veil I bristly. middle pail' of orbital bristles as large as t he others. '1.'01'011 to, Oanada, aud UoJol'ado. (BioI. Cont.,Amer., Diptem, VoJ.II,p 102; 1\1nrch,1890: Plu[I'ill.)"... rigidirostrisv.d,w. 'The ('!f,'tol/lllo'bt" 1I01'1';rl", Giglio To8, Boll. Mus, ZooI. Torillo, Italy, VoL VUi, p. 0, ] 9:~, docs liot helnll~ to thi~ genus, sine tbe himl Cl'(18~Y6iu is nearly perponwo uhu', tho lll'st vein bristly, etc.

78 Hmtlln1ll!abb fnsti ute of Bio!oqJclJl (0DImf,,,,,,an 51: ''''''.!l"i!~l o'. f"d'_ Genus DISTICHONA v. d. W. ])isli('iiolla, van der '\' ni1l, Hi olog in. Cont.-Amer" l)iplom, Y,,1. 1[, ",.11 i,i:tll., 11:!!1(). l'si' IL,lo,qerllutl'i,a Bl'aner a Ull Borg 1I~1 ' :I I IlIIl, Z.w"i r, K"i8. lit U ~, \\. iou, Y, )'. :l ~,~' J8!l 1. I)lcll uc /t ml,(i, Townsouu., Trllns. Amer. EuL. Soc., VoJ. XIX, 1'. 11 1; Mlty. 11:!!l:!. This sy llonymy is original with t.he writ,cr. Om two sp 'cit'1' lllw four postsn(,llra! ami four steruopifllll'n.1 1ll:l,I'l'ocilwta', palpi yell(lw : A pical eell open; scutellum l argely, ",itles a llli fhlll'tl1 S 'g'1i1 011 t (If t il e a ljdomell, also the femora, a lld tibi;i', yejio\\'; le llgth, 8 lulll. Georgia,. (Zweif. K~ip.. Mul'. Wiell, Y, p. 3.i:.l; 181)1: P.w' II(ZO{lel ' 1na1 ';'a.) ,. _ ,. _... {l1'orr/ill'.br. r~ ll(l Berg. A pic:al ecll short petiohttr; Htll tell 1IT1l, al)(l(li ll e ll :L1I(1!t'g-H, bhlck; length, I) to 8 llull. Distri ct of UOJl1l1lbi a.j 'l'iftoll, (la.;.\gri. cultmal Ooll eg-c, MisH. ; SaH ))ibgu Hll d XlIec('R, 'rox.; :uhl l,o,r Orneel:!, N.. Mex. (BioI. Cellt;. Amcl'. I)ipt., Yol, 11, p ;'Y, l ~O O. Otcnllc/Ul'ta, 7wll.. w'n8i,~ 'l'\)\\,il Hell(l. 'PraIl R. Amer. Ent. Soc., VoL XIY, p. 115; l\lay, l~~t!. ) I'(ll'in \'. d. W. Genus CHlETOGLOSSA Town, C IIll ' tll fllo H~(I, TOWU MOllll, TmJJ8. AIIlOI'. E u t. KlH'., Yol. :\1:'\, p. I:!f' i M".I'. I i'<!)~. Om' species have t]jrlle PORtRutuTal alld I.}IJ'( ~(' Ktpl'lI0]llc lil'al llla~ : I 'O cha'!,a', t hol'ax gray pollillo:-;c, mlll'i;:ml with t l1l'1'(' tlro;!(l, hlaek vilt"', wing'h llyaline, cal.qlteres "'h i1.ish : 'rllinljoi'llt of antcllllw lj l ad~; hiack, tile Ret'olltljoillt of tho autoll' me yellow; length, (j Will. Soullwl'li Florid:l. (Loe. cit., p. I~H. Gh(I:l.o.1J1,ossn- 11,irI1"iplllp'is 'l'owlll'\e1l(l, lot:. c it. ) ~.,. " 1'io/II' Town. Third joillt of alltcl\jl:l', yellow ; hi:tcl" t IHl ;).ntcllila' alii! palpi yd1ow; le ugtl1, (j lulu. Southeru Florida. (Loc. eit.).. )liijiicomis 'row II. Genus PACHYOPHTHALMUS Br. and Berg, Pllrh li0}jhtlll rll1m~ Bl':t111l " ltutllllll'!-(oil8tu,1)1i11, '/.",oil', 1\ 11iM, MUH, Wioll. lv, 1'. 11 7; H11<9. SiLl'comaor'ollyolli,a Town~ell,l, T"'\118, AI1 '(J". Ent, Hot'" Vol. XIX, 1" 100 ; Mu,y, lxu:l, This synollym }!as ah'cally beell j_)ubliklicil liy Bran'l' alld Bergen, stamm. ' Our /'; p ec ie ~ llfl,v<l tue thorax gray pollill()8c }111(\ IlIar1{('II with thl'ee black vitt:llj three 1'0st8uiural two st rjloplellr:11 IIIHCl'oclla th': Ji'om th segmclj tofautlotncn wllol ly black; black, ill el udillg-tlrc paljli; l ellgtll,5to8 mm. White1\lolllltainsand Frau 'ollia, N. n.; New.Bedford, MasH. ; Berkeley, 'W. Va..; North 'aj'()lill ~1; CCllten,ilh.l, Fla., and Austria. A feul~lle fi. om Austria, received from Braum' and BeJ'genstamm an d by them Jabel(>.d Paclt yo]jhthalmuii signatlls Meig. (System. Besck Eur. Zweif. Illsekten, Vol. IV, p. 303; 'Zweif. Kais, Mll". " (joll, vr, 11. HJ5j 18U3.

79 80 18~4: l'nchin((. P(whyophtJutl'lll'ulI (((twi!l'ons Towlisend, TraIlS. AIIICr. Bu(,. i:3oc., Vol. XVIII, p. ~15 " ; November, I8!)1: from 11 (Joty pe. Kpeci mell. rach?juzlh thltl'lll.u/; ti p., Spk i:r:ttpa,la!:ip., Braucr a lld. 1::Iel'gellstauIIII in lift.) 'iglla,tu/j l\1.eig-. Fourtll scg- rll ell t of abdolll e ll largely (ll' wholly yellow, illsect else wlwre bhwk; Jeugth, [> to H mill. 1' ifton, (la. i [, ~~ke vvortll, Fla. j Waco, 1'ex. ; Colontllo, ami i:3anta Oruz MouutaiuH alld Los Ang olo;.; COllllty, Cal. (EntolLlological News, \""0]. 111, p. tio; April, ]S!)2. Sa,Tcornlw/,onyohitt 'ItIlion 'ruwiirolld, TnLIlK. Allier. Eut. Soc., Vol. XIX, lj. 10] j May, H)O~. Sn/,oollw,oronyo!t'ia, sa,t oopha'[jo'itlc8 TowlIsellu, Uallfuliall E ll tuulologist, Vol. XX.I V, p. 16;;; J Idy, 1 8H ~. S((,1'oo l/wcronyo!t 'i((, tl'ypo,tylonih 'rowns '11ll, Bulletill Ohiu A g r, Expo!'. Statioll, Vol. I, No, 3, [I. 1(;5; April, 1893.) jf01 idens'is Town. Genus SENOTAINIA Macq, SallMaini«MI~cq lll~rt, Dil'till'otl I';xotiq ll os, Slq)l'JOI\l(lu t 1, p. 167; l R4(i. Al'1'CIWjll'" II mil Ill' alll[ BtJl 'g'llilmtallll1l, ZWlliJ'. Kaia. M"ij. WiOIl, VoJ. V, ]I. :ilio; U;!)]' Our s pecies have t ljl'ee POKtslltUl'al a lld two stel'lloplnml lilacroellolj ta'" two pair;.; of ol.'ui l;al Lristl()s iu Loth sexes; thoms, scutellum, 1111t1 legs, bhwk: 1. 'I'hirtl joillt of a nteuum ljl~ck _ ~. Tllirtl jui II L of au tell" :\1 yellow, la8t. throe segmt'll th of abdolllcii g-my pollillose 011 t he lmstlk, that 011 t he KlICO lld ;wu t bird pro IOIl g-utl j,o the hill(1 end of the segmcnts in t he liliddle of the durslllll, wlll~ re it inclot:ll\l:; u, bl;wk Lr itlll g-iej sides of aljdolllcu so lllctill1c8 partly yellow ;*]ell g'tll,,1, to T 'l'orollto, CfI, ll atl a.; New I Jawpshirej S prillg' ti eld, MaSH.; Mal'y lallu ; Tifton, Ga, j Georgi" Ila, F la. j I,ex:i l.i g'tou, ICy. ; liol't hel' li I II i li ois; Las 0 I'II C(, 8, N. Mex., a ud soutll()1'll Oaliforllia. (Vipt"res l<;xotiql1cs, S lipi', l, p. lu7 j V'H6. JI1iltllflrl.W1,mu o/,yt,":r occ m TbolllSOIl, Kongliga SVlIU. Fl'egatLcll Bug-eui eh Jtesa, J)iptem, p. 5~J; IIf'ilto gl'l/ll/'/ilil /nf1';oornis vall (l ei' Wrllp, liiol. Oent. A mer., Diptcm, Yol. II, p. 8!); Mareh, 18!)(). 1II'i ltognt'iii 'liut j la,t" ioo?'ll'i/j 1'ownscuu, Trans. A mer. 1~ ll t. Soc., Vol. XVIII, p. 355; November, ll)!h. Jlfil/o!I"(l IIWllt simili/j 'rowns lld, 10(:. oit., p Ilfilto{trrultma k tlilil)lisili Tow ll Heud, On,lll1t.litLll Eutollllllogist, Vol. XXI V, p. u8; Ma,l'(\h, IS!):!. )I[iltoyrllmlJilt dcoilsct To\Yuselld, E ntoinolob'ica,l (lws, Vol. Ill, p. 8 1, April, 1892, ) t'1tbl itwnt, i/j Maclj. 2. AbllollJell wholly bhtek Abdomen yellow, base of the fi rst segment, apex of the foih'til, a.nd the genitalia, bla(jk, ba 'es of the last three segment!> white POLUUOi;l', abtlomen elsewhere shilling, second seglpetlt de. titute of a mal'gilhtl pair of llhwroclhutw ; sides of front aut! the face silvery wllite pollinos ; ~tnte llu lll blaok; thorax gray pollinose,

80 1 the vitt~~' illdistinct; wings hyaline, cn,lypl'.eres white; J lig't,h, 3 111m. L~)'8 Orllces,. 1\10);. '['wo male ~p('cilllem~ coil detl Sept-embel' 17, by Mr. T. D. A. Coc],erel!. 'l'ylle No. 35 '0, U. National Museulll _ _ llana, n. ap. ;-;. Se('olld segluellt of abdolllcu beariug' a tlistiuct Illltl'gillal pair of macrocbwt:1', a,bdomell gmy pollilwse, llsllally marked with two 01' tllrce rows of Llacki :,;h!:ijlot ; leugth, 3 to (i IUIlI. '1'0 1'011 to, Canada; \<Yhite Monntailll:l, New H:tmpshil'lI; Spriug'Ueltl, Mn,ss.; New York OiLY, N. Y.; Maryla,ud; \Tirgiui:L; ort.h Oal'olillU>j Tiftoll, (la. j Texas; pol()l'ado; \Vasliingtol', allu I-;ont,hel'll Oali iot'llia. (Dio1. Oont.-A mor., Diptcra, \'01.11, p.,...!); iiiarcll, 1890: M ilto.(jra'/)wl(t.. A 'I'1'enoj)1Is 1I1I1 el ic((.uli Hraller :wll ilergellst.amm,.l6weif. Kail:l. Mus. Wiell, V, p. 31il ; 1~!)1. Miltortfll,?lUWt (l'i'flcn tilnm8 Towuselld, 'frans. Alll>!'. 1<:llt. Soc., Vol. :'\.\'111, p. :357; November, H;\)1.,lIiltof/1'lI,mnlll r:iiw1,l.,s( C II8 TOWll~('Il(I, loc. cit., p. 3uB. At',/,,1'1bOpU8 sp., lllhl SjJlt i.l:allmlt sp., Braucl' lllld Berg'eu, stamm in lilt. ) _... _... _. _.... trilinea!", v. 11. W. Seeoillt Reg lu eljt IleRtitute of a IIlarl;illal pail' of' liia,crochll.!tlll, abdo mell I:lhilliug, lja Acs of lu::;t three segllh.lilth white polli IIOHe j Llack, tlje frollta.l vitt~i., first t \\'o joints of :llltollll:c allli tbe )lltlpi, yellow; Hiues of 1'l'ollt!.Llld t',w' wu ite pollillose, t horn - whitish pollin{lse, the vitta 1l0t distiuet'l ",illg,~ ll,vajiuc, calyptoros wljit,oj Jellgth, :; La;; ')'l\cc;.l, N. l\l ex. A sin g-ie Illalc s p 'cimen colh.ctell Se.pLellll..) (JI 17 by Mr. '1'. 1>. A. Oockcrcll. TYlIe No. 35;Jl, U. S. Na,tiolJul Mm;cIlUl _. _. _. _... - _. _... -.jiuioiu/'u ll. sp. Genus PSEUDOTRACTOCERA Town. /'8""ciotm('/uoe/'" 'I'owu"Hud, '{'1':1U6. Alllor. Ellt. i'ioc., \-01. XIX, p. 107; May, t892.. Otlt ll ee i(~ s IIILH throe pw.;tslltuntl [Llld t uree ste1'lwpjoural lilacro}(, is black, the fit'st two joints of tbo :Llltl.{l1l1:1\ [Llld the pall'i yellow; apex of ;tlltellll:l\ distant from tile oral margin the length of tile third autellllaljoiut; length, 7.5 mm. :B'r01ll a co-typo specimell. Las Ot'llc(Js, N. Mex.. (Loc. cit.) p.l0~.)..... _ _ - _ Town. Genus BIO:MYIA Rond. Fabrioia Meigoll, System, llesrh. Eur. Zweif. IlJ80ktoll, Vol. VII, 1'. 250j (Non Bl,tjnvilloj Non Iletlvoi(ly; ) Bioflt!Ja ROll,ll1ui, l) i l't(' rol ogi,,~ Italicw ProdroUll1s, Vol. I, I'. 72; Vil'iau;a HOIl<i:1ui, loc. cit., \'01. IV, p. 53; MaBip),ya Bmuer nod llol'gellstanull, Zweif. Kais. Mus. Wioo, V, p. 313; Viviania was prol osecl for tije genus.fabricia of Meigen, the name Fabriei.a llaving beau previously usetl by at 1 ast two different autllot's. On the slime page ]{,oudani ackuowledges tba.t bis genus Biomyia is syuollymons with Viviania. Specimells itlentified by.brauer and Bel" "'enstallllu as }[a8'iphyrr b1'asiluuw, the tyi» 'peci s of this geuus, do not po I;es.$ nuy clwl'a<lter of sufficient importanco to warrant its ell

81 82 arlttion from Biomyia.' Om species have only three sternoplellr3,1 ma.c( och rut:n, the sel;olld alld t;llil'(] segments of tbe abdomeu destitute of 41i sca,l ones, fleco1hl joillt of lwtennru and t he pa.lpi, yellow: 1. 'L'borax bearing Dilly thl'ee postsutllral maci'ocllmtre 'rhorax bearing four P()l'1tsutnm] macl'()clnctit', middle tibim each bearing only ooc on tlle front!:lid.e Ileal' the middle, sculellrlll1 l~nd sides of fil'st three segments of the abdolllom b1a.ek, apex of t ll (l foul'tll segment yellow, antenna) two-thirds as long as tile ff~ce; length, 11 10m. Florida. (l'roc. Aca.d. Nat. Sci. l'hih~ delphia, p. :109; September, 1895: Jlfa,8iphya.). _.. anrigt:l"li, Coq. 2. Antenllm a.t lea,sl three, fourths as long as the face; scutellulil ami abdojllcli wllolly black , Antelillal t.wo-thinls [l.s long as the face, mi(ldle tibi:l~ en.cll bea,!'ing two 01' more macrochmtm Oil the froll t Rille 1Ieal' the middle; apex of scutelluul :1ll<l sides aud apex of abdouloll yellow; IOllgtll, 9 to 12 lilm. District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia; Ti fto ll, Ga.; iliscayllc Bay, l<'ht., alll! Los Allgeles Oo.,Oal. (Zwcif. KaiR. Mus. Wien, V, p. :~l;~; ]8!)1 : J1fo8iph!Ja...Also 'in l'itt. Tacli'inmn!li.rt.1lo1 'iilc'ilnis Townsend, Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIX, p.!ii ; May, 1892.) -umsuia,li((, ill'. ~~nd Bet'g. 3. Oheeks one-fiftll as bl'oad as the eye height, frollt in caell sex OIlC' half us wide as eitho}' eye, ;1,bdolllell Bul>opHo1lne g'my polliilof\o, Jlillll margills of t ho BeClOud ~~ lid third segmellt!'; and l'ejiectill g spots darker; length, [j to (j mm. Ambol'flt, Mass., alld Los Allgeles County, Oal. (Zweif. Ka,iK.l\1uS. Wieu, V, p. 312 ; ]Rl)l:!"il ia,nia.. JlfllwiocnL sorlzioolm' Towllselld, Trail 1'. Alner. Ent. Soc., Vol. XVJLI, p. arhl; ])ecemller, lsl)l. " SIJ'tUZotroc /r)('c1'li, l:ltl08011tw OOCJ.. MS., Blu'gess ill Rept. Mass. Stato BO;1,]'d Agrie., p. sa; JalIIlMY, 1897.). _. _. _......!/601'g-ill! ill'. alld Borg. Ch oks oue-tellth as broad as tho eye hoight, t'i'out lit' felllale as \Vid~ as either eye; bhwk, tho palpi aud apex of pl'ouoscis yellow'; frontal bristles de,'cell(liug almost to apex of the seeoud autell Ilal.ioiut, five p a irr of orbital oristler ill the female, Hide::. of fn4;e at lliljtowest par!; each one-tenth as wide as (,be mediall <lepressioll, viuriss:l' hal f' the loug"tll of the second. alltenna1.ioiut above the oml margin, ridges bl'istly 011 tho lowest fonrth, lllitelllll.ll reacljiug' slig-iltly belo\\' lowe t third of face, the t hinl joint one one-half ti Illes as 1011 g' as the seeolld, aristu, thiekellocl ;1,l lllost ~l.1ld to the mici(lle, tile P llllltimate joillt ah broad as IOllg; thomx thinly gra.y polliuose, JIIarked with foul' black vittm, scntelluu1 bearillg three long- mal'giuul pnil's of mllcl'ociltot:c, al)(lomell 'li.n Allstrillu sjlociu'll'ill'oooived from Brllouer alld Bergell8tl~Dl,n ao(ll.1y tl,om )",10010<1 Hriallirl Jlllcta Moig., hus thr I\picaI Cl'OS8 ' :Oill strongly COllcaVe, nnd I\Ot st;rt\ight, a.~ stilted liy t iles Imth01'8 in Zwoif. lin-is. MilS., ieu, VI, p. Ill; 1893.

82 83 subsbiuing, last three Idegment.s ligbtly gra,yish pollinos Xt pt tbeir allice!;, ('I...: 'tcll,eg'ment bearing JIl~Ll'giu1\llllaCrocha'tn,, wings hyaline, base of third vein bearing till' (' brif;t.les llcru' t he bnse, apical cell closed alld very 81JOrt petiolate, eutiillg "lightly before the ('xtl'eme wi ng tip; ca]y]ltel'e~ ",Litisll ; lcllgtll, " 1II11l. Tiftoll Ba. A ~illg)e feula,it) specilllell collet'ted ill cl 1111\', 1 '!lu, hy ]\Ir.'il:1te. Type No. 3[iS:!, U. 8.. atiomlll\lllt-;euln _!l (:IHll 'i~ D. sp Genus ATACTA Schimir.. :Hacta Schinol', R.aiMo dol']-'r gl1tto,novl1fll, Dil'tern p. :1:!X j 1~(',g. OU1' si n~h~ s pecies it; bla.(;k, i;11e apex of the scutellum YllI1U\\'i8h, Lhe fomtb Hcgmcllt of the ~Lbdollleu wholly gol<len y<,l lo\\' ; Crollt or lll ale Im;s thall one third as wide as either eye, t Il e sille;; blllish g'l'ay }lolli. 1I1,,,e anll thickly cover('ll with short suberc('t hair~, frontal lie.scellding 11 cal'ly to middle of secoud aliti'll mli.ini nt, crneiato exeel't the vert,h:aljhtir; c11eelo; oue fourth ai:\ wide a~ the cy ' heig-llt, face yellow polhllose, the ridges broadly hoi'(lercll intel'ually witll LI:wk, t-lidos of' face at narrowcst part ojle-tlii nl as wide :18 the Ilw(l iall <1clll'e8' HiOl.!, viul'issm sitlla,t,ed t, wo-tliil'tl~ the IOIlg-th of tbe secolll! all tell ual joint :tbove t lw lcvp,l of frollt (ldg of "1'allTl<trgill, ridges uri"tly 011 tlje lowest li itl I, alltellllal two thil'(ls :\H 101lg <lr the fal'e, t.ho thil-d.joint shghtly 1011 gel' thajl the Heeoutl, arihta th ickcllecl 011 tile Imsal two fifths, (he penultimate.joillt broader' thall IOll g; tllorax gtay polli Ilose, m;li!tcd will foul' black vittm, fold' post8ntul'u,1 :.\.1111 foul' HtllnlOplellra,l mac),o clm tm, scutellum bearillg three pa,il's of 101lg' llh1l'gill1ll; ahtlllmell J..(my pollillose 011 tlc first tln'ee ~(JglUellts, tile lil'st (,\\'0 ~l('htitute of (lorsal lljacrochmtm, the last two each bearing a margill:til'ow; ih)ljt jlulvilli as long al:\ tlle ].tst tarsal joint, middle tihi:n eadl he:.ll'iug four 0)' liiol'(l 1.IlIl,crochmtm 01) t lw frollt si<1e JIl~ [l.r the middle; willgs llyalille, thil'(l vein ben,ring' two or three brih\,leh ]1(';11' lhe bare, cu,lypt(\l'ci.! white; lcligtll, 1~ mill, Tifton, (; a. A sing-ie Illalt) ls}leei lll en collected September ~~S, 1896, by U. R l'i1n.le. 'J:ypc No , U. S. National Museum apiua Uli II. 131). Genus SIPHOSTURMIA, new genus. The principal characters of tllis genns liave been giv 11 in the table of genera, 011 previous p }~~es. The type SP(}(;iOR ir bla 'J" the first two joints of [l.ntei1lh.l', lower'part. of face, pajpi, scutelllltll, apex of au(10illell, alld sometimes the sider;, yellow; foul' postsutul'al alld fllul' swnwpleural llla.croolil t:ll, two or more 011 frout Ride of ach Illiddle tilji(j. ljeal' the middle, marginal olles Oil th' first throo, or the se(.',olld alltl third, segments of abdojl)(lu; lcup;th, 10.5 mm. Tifton, Ga., alld Florida. (.Journal N. Y. But. Soc., Vol. UI, p. log; September, lsf}5: A' fjy1 O. phylax.) _ ,... _... rqstrata Ooq.

83 84 Genus BELVOSIA Desv. 11el"08';4 Desvoiily, ]<;sst~i RU t' Je~ Myo(btirflS, p. 103; 18:10. J.atreiWa Vosvoilly, Joc. "it., p. lo,i. (.Vo", Rom, ; lh:n.) WilUstonia Bmller,HIll H orge n 8 tr~lulli, "'wei r. KI~i8. Mus. Wioll, 1Y, 1'. 97; The identity of Belvosia and Latrcillia has been ackuowledged by si'vel'l11 authorities; l~liu Brauer,~ntl Bergeul-lt,\mm ~t~\te I tbat the lat tel' (tile HalilC of which is Pl'coccupied ill the Ol'llstacea) i s a ~llbg'ellus of Willh;tonia. Out' spccies have jour postsutumi and four stci'llo' plenral lji<'l\: 1. Third abdominal segmcut yellowish pollillosc except apicauy, wings bl'ownish Thirel segment destitute of YCllllWisl1 polich, abdomell J.!:ray polli noi'lc cxcept 011 the folll-tb segluellt, whidt is yellow pollillol-le, frontal vitta yellow, willg's hyalille; lel1<>tlj, 10 to U 10m.. Mas sachusettl:\; JtIJflCa, alld New York, N. Y.; OlJicago, Ill.; Tifton, GIt.; am] 1\1issiHsipl)i. (E:'Isni StU' II'S Myodaires, p. 10ii; 18;)0: Dlltl'('Win. Ji};X;()r''i.~t(~ jlavio((/itia, Hiley, SecolHl 11cpt. Ill S. Mis ~\)Ul'i, p. iil; 1870: from the t.ype specimen.).. un-ijilsc;iu,t.1i Desv. 2. iul's or fat: o at mtn'oll'crl part each ()ue tijird ah wide as tire llledia.u depl'essioll, fronta.l vitta yellow, audouj('ji black, lht~cs of last tlrl'l\c segments ydlowi:-;b gray ],ollillose; loligth, 11 1L11ll. (.J lraj']otte Harbor,.Fle/rilla. (1'['oc. Acad. Nat. SciclI ees I'bila., p. :H:.lj Septemuer, UI!)5.) sloss()1tq' Ooq. Sitlcs of flwe at lial'1'owest poillt cadi liiore tl,an olle half <11:\ wi do a s IIlcdial! e] cpl'essioll, frontal vitta dark bi'o\\'ii, au(lollloji black, t.lre l<l~t two Sep;IIl<.lllts ex.<lopt tbeir apices yellowish pollinose, llfli:ie of Lire seeond sometimes a lso ullt'l'owly yellowish pollillosc; relatioil of secouu aud thinl antellna) joiut val'icl-l as follows: fomale, third joint 1~, l it, ~, :!J ti mes as long as the sccolld; mall', thinl joiut 2~, 3, ;)~, al1l1 4 times as long a:-; the second; facial ridges bristly ill female 1\, ;h and ~, ill male if to ~ distance abov(l tije vibrissfl); Iellg'tlJ, 13 to 17 mm. Sprillgfi ld, Mass.; District of Uoiumllia; North Uarolinaj 'l'iftou, (ra.; Mississippi; St. Louis, 1\'10. j llliut)i!:l j Los A li ~eles 00., O~~I.; W::teo, Tex., alill Mexico. ( SystClmd~\I tomologil\', p. ; 77; 1775:.Mus 'a. BelvQsict bioinotlt ])esvoidy, Ess,1i s ur los Myotl., p. 103; Latreillia /Ji/asoiat(t l!'., Br(l,uer alit] BeJ'gelistamrn,in litt.).. b'ijct8oiata Fabr. \ "'wolf. l\.a.b. Mus. \viod, VI, p.. HS; 18\)3.

84 85 Genus MELANOPHRYS Will MeZanopMys WHli~ton, 'J'rn.ns. Am 1'. But. 00., Vol. XUI p. :-105; Novomber, /t, opha7 illla TOWllSMfl, 'l'mi18. Amor. ]~llt. Soc., Y01. XIX, p. 92; April, lr92. Mr. TI)\vusend ha all'aady ackuolvledged this syllou YIIlY.) OUI' species are black, the aristl1 al)(l usually the pajpi :wu 'alrptol'(,s ye) low, hasel'> or wings strongly tinged. with yellow; three postsntlll'li,j li,nel three :-;t,ernopleura,] mam'ocu:l'ta;\ : Second audomillnl segment uearill... a marginal pail' of'oell:lltm, the tltil'(l i'1cgment bearing a margillfl,l row of from six: to ight; length, 14 tum. Los AlIg'eles Oonnty, Ual. CT, ans. Amer. l1;nt. Soc., Vol. XU], p. ;301;; Novellluer,l RG.) l-1'ipcltnis Will. Second segment destitute of a margillal pail' of' lih\cj'ochmtm, the tltinl usually be!1riug a (Ionml pail' alltl a single lateral one Ott,," side; leng-tu,12 to 14 JIlLl1. Odmsuy,OulIlLda; Pl'ft[JCOIli!L ajld White Mouutaius, New J lalllpsllire; liortllem ll1illois, and '010 rado. (Insectn, Salll.ldcl si~tlla" Vol. 1, p. 277; 185H: Tn eli inll, Jj tropha.1 ista, _jul"inoir7on TOWlIsl\IH1, ':I'm"'l. A mer. Ellt. Soc., Yol. XIX, p. 9:.1; April,18!12. Jl1olanol)il1'Y8 ji.lm'ijll;nni-8 Will., Brauer anu B >rg'ellstamjii in litt. )....,.1:nIiOlU(I Walk. Genus APHRIA. Desv..&p7wia Desvoidy, EB~a i Rllr les l\t'yodnil'os, p. 8!J; O!ilJ'ieria Meigon, SystoDJlLtisch(1 BpKcll. gut. Z\V~if. IUflIIJ;tf\ll, Vol. YII, r'. 2(16; 1)(;18. (Noft Dosvoifly, l~hsa i Sill' I() ~ Myod., p. 22~i lx:w. ) Rl~!J ll cho8ia Macqultl't, AllIll1le~ 80(;. Ent. J<'rn.nce, p. R7; 184. }V[acqtlal't (loc. cit.) proposed the nalue H.hYllcllOsia for tlle genlls t.o whicll Meigen bad given the name of' Olivieria, owing to tho fact; that Desvoidy had previously u sed the latter Ilame foj' an elltil'cly diffl'relll; g'enns. The synonymy of l{'ltyncltosia, anti Aphria, was first, poilltcll out by Houda,ni,2 and is repeated by Schillel:: 1 :L'l(lalso uy 13l'a.uer alld Hergenstttmm. 4 Our single spe -'ieb is black, the ft'ontal v;tta, the 1I1'Rt two joints of the antenna-l usua.lly, the pa1pi, and sides of nbdonwli hugely, yellowi '11; male destitute of Ol bital bristles; thret\ postkntul'al. and three stefnoplenrn.l mu,crocumt:l'; length, G to 10 mm. 'forollto, Canada; Massachusetts; Atco,. J.; Heol'gin,; nortbern TIlinols; 010' rado; W(u,hington, and southem CalitOmia. (Traus. Amer. Ent. 'on., Vol. XVIII, p. 361; December, Apl!ria, sp., Brauer a,lid H rgell stamm i1t litt.) oljjiptcrata 'l"owil. ' 'l'ralje. Amer. Bnt. OC., Vol. XXIl, p. 72; March, 189;'). ' Diptorujol,rjlll Tta,1iral Pr"drolllll 'l, Vol. 1, p. 711; l856. ~ }'alllla,.aii!lt.rj:lc l\, Vol. I, p. 432; 18G2. Zwtlil'. Ka.i.:i. MUij. WiOll, VI, p. 237; 1 93.

85 86 Genus OCYPTERA Latr. OC!Jptcra Latreille, Histuiro Nat. Crust. t,t IllMllCW~, Vol. XIV, p. 378; Fal'thellil' l)08vnid.v, Eesui Bill' JOM Myo(lail'c8, p. 231; This synonymy i" given by Schiller I aud repeated by 1'1'a11er and BeT'gcllst.alllll). ~ Om species have t.llt'ee p()lstsntural ~~ljd two or three stcl'lloplcnral macrochmtm: 1. Sentellulll hearing' olle pail' of long mflrginal and sometimes fl sllort apical pair of' lilacrochmt;e Scutellum bearillg two pairs oflong' marginal and a Rhort apica,j pair of macro( ~ h:l\ta'; ahdomen black, the sides of the second allll tlji. d fleg-ments partly or wlwlly redllisl yellow; length, 8 to m. Call1~,(h; Rprillglie ld, MaRS. j Cellueeticut; Ca,po May, N.J.; M al.'yland; Tifto II, Ga.; Selma" Ala.; rrennessee; Lexingtoll, Ky.; Miclligall; Jllilloh3;. Ca.det" Mo.; Kansas; Colorado; Sauta (1l'IlZ MOllllta.illS alld LOR Allgcles C01lnty, Cal. (Essai sur les My()tlain1s, p. ~:32; 1830: Pa? thc'wilt. O('yptern IlotwZeNWalkel', IJist of Dipterolls.Insects, Part IV, p. (if)4; OC;lfpten/, c1lyl'/(,s Walk...,r, 10c. cit.. Ocyptera cuohcnm' W:llker, Iuc. cit., p. G9G. On1Jptc1 (/. C(/, ~ 'U(mtic(t Bigot, Annales Soc. ElJtOlllOl. France, p. 42; 187. Ocyptem jllmipmmilj J3igot, loe, cit., p. 43. Ooyptcrrr, bin-olaf,a Bi~ot, Joe. cit. p.44. OC'.lJptera sp., Braner and Borgenstamm 'i'll.iut.)....' c(/,rol'in(c nesv. 2. Witll a 8Lort apical pair of macrocbmtro 011 the R(mtellntn; aljdolllen ljlack, tile fl'ollt com ers of the third segment souletimes faintly reddish; length,7to8 mnt. Westvillo,N. J. ; Delaware OIlUty, J~a.; nortijern Virginia' and MiAsouri. (1'roc. But. ~oc. Wash ingtoll, Vol. H, p ; April~, 1891.) n,l'gcntea Tow n. \ovithou(, an :tpica1lmil' of macrochwtll' on tho scntel1um; audomen hlack, the.sides of tho second and frollt corners of the tllil'd Regment reddish yellow; length,7 to 10 mm. White MOlllltains, New HalUpsLil'e; Horsell 'ck Beach, Mass.; llorthern IlIillois; Georgia; Louisiana; 'rexilsj and Heno, N v. (List of Dipterous IJlsects, Part rv, p. G9fi; 11{49. Ocyptcrn sp., Brauer and Der genstamm in litt.) _ dosiadcs Walk. 3 Genus LINNlEMYIA Desv. Li7Uur~)ll/a PC8voilly, Essn.i ~lu 108 Myo<ln.iro8, p. 52; JlmItlO!ia. DeRvoidy, loco (lit" p. iifi. ]lolloll';a DeB,toidy, Inc. cit., p. 56. MtI1 ~"amlifl. l)osvoi(ly, lor. cit. p.57. Mi(1 op(l./1)!l8 Mil qlln.rt, Hbtorie NI\t. Ius etas, Dipt res, Vol. II, p.80; The author last mentioned referred tlle above fonr names of Desvoidy to Oil g nus to which be applied. the llame of Micl'opalpus, but the law 'FaUllI\ Austria a Yolo I, p. 412j Zwcif. ''It;S. Mus. Wiell, VI, 1). 285; " "It'!I1)/em lw/(rata Olivior be1(iiii:"n to t11( nmxid ::t01j118 E1HllItlU~, aud is the sarno alltmica whioh WiOOCIDauu aft l ",u.rd ~ ol ekl'i'illf'(llls Dcxia (li.vts.

86 of priority compej-s us to adopt the oldest narno. Our spe jes IULve t hree llolstsutural aufi lhre(1 stel'lloplem'al macl'oolt;l'ta j frollt tarsi of. felllale as brond as tile apex of tli 1'r'Ollt til.lia., iu the male much 1ta.1'I'owel' : Cbcek:,; b~al'ing bhlok macl'uchh'ta' iu the C liter:;, front,a1 vit.ia hhlci, 01' <1:11'1;: hi'owii, malh clcstitnte of Ill'uital 1Il'istitlH, his g-cuittllia at, 7 1U0Rt, projecting olll.l-fift,h the hmgt,\t (If t he fourth abdomilln.1 80g mcnt heyollcl the bhel', hill(l crohsvcili hellt, l1early S slmp ; [eng-th, 11 lulu. White lvtolllltaills,. Ntl\Y (hllilpshirej Bever(" MiLSS" ''LIld.\.ustrilL. TI"l) nudes a,1ll1 olle l'elll :LI( from.a 111'tl'ia l'eneived from BraU{ll' alld Herl!CIIRt,alllll1 a nd by (,hem 1l1\1l)(~(1 Jlficropnl1l'IIS hn;liwr-r/widn{ is Fall. :111lI.,I[ iei'ol)(l. l}j/(,~ jjud';nuli Rond., ljllt botl) 1I:LmOS are evidell tly WI'Ollg, siut:e t,lle m:lle 01' lul'ijioy 1'hoi,laUs is provided wi til urljital 111'ifltlm;, and 111(,(/ i"1ts III... R DO black macrocluot,c 011 t lw cell tel.' or Llle cl,(:\ukfl. (SYRtetll. BeHch. EliI'. /jweif. InsektelJ, \ i,. 21ilj IH:J4: 'lhr.hinfl. ). pid((' Meig. Cheeks do.s j,itutc 0(' black Ill,M:l'(w)l:t>i,, ' Ileal' the COil t(ji's, frolltul vittn light yellow, wal() provided with twi) pai!'r; or o!'uital hri.s(,jes, his gellitali:... pj'(~ieeti ng' nearly }I n.l I' tbe lcllglh of tho fon!'t]! abdom inal fleglllojlt 1Ieyoll11 t11c latter, hill(l ci'ossvuin neady slmight; len gtlj,!) to 13 mm. LOJlilon, ClLn:.cla; Mal'ylalld j ])istrict; of Colnmbi,L; 'l'exasj Sa,nta Fe,.N. ~v.rex.; (laliforllia, l~lltl Pnl1uHl.Il, Wash. ( Kongl. S\'el1s1m. YI'temll,. Almd. llanuliugel', Vol. XXXljlRl0: 'I'((chinn. Tflchinn/II./{JlJnIl I Meigen, Yfltcm.Bcs'h. 1 ~ 1IJ'. 16woi11,lusekteu, Vol. IV, p. 2lifl; iji.nnrmny(!, hc1'aillwi Desvoitly, Essai snr le8 Myou(I,il'o::;, ]1, li3; 1 t\:30. Din'/({I'mytt 't11alis Desvoidy, Ioe. cit.: p Linnrem:Ylt cli8toin('f,(t Dcsvoidy, Joc. cit.,di1/.1u1!1n:'ji/. (Ii.~1'i't' a, li.~ Desvoitly, loco cit. i,i-i;,na'?nyn hrwe((,lill ]) s voitly, Joe. cit. ]lfnrshnmin MW./?'S j)e~voidy, Joc. cit., p..'i8. i1fa,y - 8lt.a,mia' 1 /i (ll 1pC.~ ])esvoidy, loco cit.. ilficl'0l1a1ptili Jli.ccu.v MftC((UfLt>t, 1:list. N atn!'. Illisectes, Dil'tcl'es, YoJ.. 11, p. 8J ; ) Sjli. Mic1'IJpal p1t8 51'., BraLler and Bel'gcnstallllll 'in litt. ), C01J~t(( FalleH. Genus NEMORlEA Desv. NCIltOI'aI(t nclivoidy, Essni sut JOB M.\'lIdail'tl.~, p. 70; 18::10. Om: siugle pecios is black, the ~Ln tel1l1i'e, J)alpi, n..nd fourth abdomilla.l Boo-ment except its extreme apex, yeuow; throe pobtsiltul'f11 and three 'Meigoll <lid nut reoognize ()omta, aml tl <!I'(>fol'o uuknowid~)y H) dc~cril10u it, liudol' thu tllulle of f,li,rioli R; this was Ctod by ZctL I'steat, (Dipt. Kcaud., Vol. lij,l).l097 j 184,1),.ltd given!ls r-ertllul by ]{olldt\ui (Dipt. Ital. Pl'od., \'01. JII, p. 70; 185!l). Tbe ()O'lll 11l80f I'chjne)',l":,uUIJ,Au~triaCl1, \' 01. I, 1'. 429, is uottllahi,ccier, out JL 1'0]01' \',~rj ty of 1I.'1'lllol'l'/lQilialis; tho 8['ecio6 he dciicl'ilhl8 ullder j'litye"h is tho truc oo.ntilb. lji tho AlIUlLles, oe. gnt. FI'I.1UCO for l~i;j, llag 31, Desvoioly ~\ckno\v)ellglll:l tllllot his Lilllllr- 1li!la 1I('1'",;lll1i, all(dib, uud a 8til'a.1i8 ho)oug to one specio8, and iii the AlIUlC He rial (or 18.15, Ilag(' 271, MMf(llul't twus lio"calill to tbib )irt and ro{ol's tbem to fulflciib. 'rho liallhi of Jtie"Q}lat)JIIH Jli.ceu8 was proposcd h5' l\i:wfiiu\l't t", take the J1I11CO of Jfara/wlltill ("'(fus nesvoidy. Tho writer is I'c8J,onMib)o foi' tb synonymy 01' IIi 'elib, distiflcta liou(l,liyi'11)eb.

87 8 stel'l1oplcllral macrocli:.ctm, 'cntolluui ucarillg three long mal'gillal pairs, a distinct brown cloud on the small crossveiu; length, S.!! rom. From the type specillleu, Washiugtoll, (Jour. N. Y. gilt Soc., Vol. Ill, p. 104; September, 1895.) , lav'is Coq. Genus P ANZERIA Desv. J'a'/! zel'ia D08voiuy, ESAlli Aur lc8 Myuu"iroA, JI. (;8; ErncHti.a DOS"Oid.\', loco <:it.., JI ,'UlIHIIJ J).,8yoilly, loc. cit., I). fl:2. E,'iyonc 1J e~vo id y, )(10. cit., ]I. Gil. (Non I'lavigny, ) 'fhis synonymy h~" been given by Val'iOn R a.uthol's, a,wl, with the exception of l ~ rigoll e; is j'el)(mted by DraneI' and BergenstamUi. Eri go ll e they retain as:l distillct gellus, hut tile!lallle is preoccupied 'in the l\.raclinida, anu tbe I'i]Hlcies they place ill it. al'e too eloselyallied to Panzeria to be separated geuorically. Olll' spoci(.'s have throe st~rllo, plenrallllflcroe]j::tltm, and the Amall (!l'ossveiu i:-; 1I0t clouded with browu: Scntellnrn uoaring three pail's of long- mal'gill:ll rrw.lli'ocllll t:l' bohidcs the f~p'icn,l I lai l' ; bolly very robust, fron t tmt>i or fema.le greatly (lila.ted, uhllally foul' uut sometilllct; obly three llo8t~mtural nllwl'ocir tetmj coloring variable, tiio ReCOIl(i :tutelllla,l.ioin!., Jlalpi,, apex of seutellulll and of abdomen u s ually yellow but soliletilllnl ulallk; lengtll, 7 to 11 lipn. Mou lit Wasbillg-toll t111d Fl'alleollia, N.H.; No\v Hedf'ord,Masl:!.; Uiverview,Md.; ])istrictof COIUIII bin; St. LOlli", Mo.; Waco, Tex.; BJ'ookillgS, S. HalL; Co] ()Ntdo ; Sail Vl'aucisco, Oal.; 01ymphia, Wash.; BritiRh Columbia; Bolle min., Austria; Germany, aud Eughtud. A m:de from Austria. roceived from Bmuer and'13ergenstalulll, aud by them' labeled E-1"i,gOItC 1'((.liicUlit Fabr.; two rllales and one female i'roul Ger nlll.liy, received from 7;01101' t'llld uy him labeled Nmnora'a 1 arli cnmj also [L male from Buglaud received from Ihunetti <bnd by hilll laueled like the last. (Systema EntoU'lologi:u, p. 77~; 177fi: MttN()U,. The following synonymy is giv It by Schiner, Fauna Austriaca., Vol. 1, p. Mi~: E'r';,gonc anthopllila Desvoiuy, ESSIl,] sur los Myodttires, 1). GG; F.J1"igone SctGtcllat'i,~ Desvoidy, loco 'it. Jih'igone PUPCf.r7Wt Desvoidy, loco cit. Et'igonc v';,riilnlans Dmwoidy, loco cit., p. 68. FJ1"irlonC dnvia Desvoidy, loco cit. Nemoj'(oa minur Macquart, AUllales Soc. Eut. France, Vol. VI, ; 'flle followillg is original with the writer: 'l'ncmna, (!Itpel1f,~ Walker, ljist of Dipterolls Insc>ts, Part lv, p. 732; ]. J9. Il:IJ.~tricia altlriohi Towulleud, 'j'r,uus. AUler. Eut. Soc., \ ' 01. XIX, 1). I) t April, 1892: ii'om u> cotype specimon. ]lh"ig<jlie sp. Brauer a,lid 13ergenstaUllll in Ziti.) "aclicmn Faur. Scutellum bearing only two pairs'of 101lg lilal'giua.llll<i<l1;oeha,t:\ be sides the apical pairi body lend 1', fl'ont tlh'si of' feurul Jlot dilat'd ' black, illcluding' til llalpi; frol,t or 1I1a,le thre.e ftftha a wide U>l, iu. the female!:iug-htly wider tktn, itl1er eyo, two p<~irs

88 89 of orbital bristles in the, nono ill the!nalt', fl'olltalol'istlsl:! descending helow middle of secoll(l l1,utellllill joiut, chi' k::; on. fourth as wide a s tbe eye height, facial ridg-e~ UL'iRtly Oil the lowt'st fourth, antollilro four fifths as long as th() flit", the third,ioiut oue and one half times as th second, aristlt thickoncll on the uasal fourth, the penult imato,ioint.shol'ter than broa<l; tllol'fi,x g;ra~ r pollinose, lnfl,l'ko(1 three blaek vittrl'. t hree postsutnj'h,l ma(',hrochrota'; abuoultlll tllilll,)' gl'liy )lollillose ami witll blaukirh reflccting spots, b st throe 1{egmouts hearing dir(llli and lillu'gilln,1 mn,eroelllet:1:\i mitltlle t ibi:c 00('11 bearing' two OJ' morc IIlltl'ro cll:ctw on the i'roll t ~i(le li~ar the III idtllc, fro II t [I III villi of liiale as long n.s tll' last t anml joillt ; wings IlYfI,line, thil t] vein ueal' iug 0118 or hvo hristles Tlear t hoo:trc; calyptel'o~ wllit c; IOllgtll, 9 mill. Norfolk, Va., [Mill KiI'J,wood, Mo. FOlll' I1ln,ICR HllIl two ft~ u1a]es. Type No. 3;,)8G, U. S. Na tiollal j\'lllsclllll.. J)("~it{LI 'i s p. Genus MACROMEIGENIA Br. and Berg. AlaCl'()lll,ei.fltllj(L Hmnor :<1)(1 ]\el'l~t)ilhl"llllll, Z.w, if. )\ 1\i8. Mil", Witm, V, p. :11 1; HIIll. 'rho type Rpeeie:; i'i hhw,k, the first 'bvo a,, ]mlpi, alld fou 1'1.11 R.u\lollli m~l segment, except R(lrneti mo>l HfI yollow i four postsllturlll a llel tlll'c(\ stel'lloplenm.j mfwro(\hu\tlt,; leng tll, 11 to 14 lhlll. Northern Virgiuia. aud Tifton, Oa. ( AURSll'. )l;wcif. hlrektcll, Yol. 11, j). 30!); ls;{() : 'I'a.china. Ta.oh'ina, 'intcl'rllpta Walker, Illseeta Slt1l 1111 l1"!siana, Vol. I, p. 2!)5; 185(;. ) , Ch' YHO)n'lIcta Wi!'l]' Genus GYMNOCHlETA Desv. (;ymlloonrutfl J), ERAr~i SIU' loti MymliliroH, p. :171; Body, occiput, and. sides of fl'out green, n.lltennh' IUlll legh. ljlao]r;. soldetimer,; t il e tijird Itl\telllmi joiljt is yellow, ILml l'<lrely thr. Ollt il' an ten me is yellow; l)alpi yellow, j'r()utal 1)) ' i ~tl e8 ill ~ ilj g I ('. rows; lengtll, 10 to ]2 mm. Newark, N. J., alld Unl()l':I.Un. (J)iptem A Uler. Sept. Indigena, Cent. VIII, No. 61 ; l S(i9. G.lJmnu (Jhrcta ' 1lji,c(II 1t'i,/i WilIiHtolJ, l 'l'allf!. Amer. But. Soc., Vol. XlII, p. 302; Octohe!', 1886.).,(I.lcedo Loew. Unn 3()ogwizerl lipecics.-g. ~, il ida, \Villist.OIl, TJ'aus. Amer, Rut. Soc., "\ 01. Xll), p. 30~ ; October,18 G. Pa. Genus METAPHYTO, new genus. The cbaracters of this genus may be gleaned. fro III the above tahle 01' genera anti tile following descdption of the ty lie NpecieR: Black, til lip x of tll(~ scutellulil yellowisll; front, of female ouc a.lld olle tltil u times as wide as either eye two pairs 01' oruittll hl'istles, froutalr descending to midtlle of second a,lltenllul.ioiut, vilwis!\w Hlightly :.tbove tile level of froil t euge of ol'al margiu, two or tbl'c uri litl es abo\' eacij, auteum811 arly lour fifths [~ ]oug at' th face, tlj third joint one aud

89 90 on -third times as loug as the rmcolld, arista thickelled on tlj e basal half, t he penultiul!1te joint I:wltl'ccly louger than wide; tllorax tbinly gray polli Jl ose, marked with foul' b](lck vittw, t hree 1'0tlt!:lutuml ami tlu'ee stel'llopleural mael'ocba'ta.:, scutellluo beariug' foul' marginal pa.irs, abdomen thillly gray liol1inol';e on tho last three segment:', wbich heal' marginal JI1lLcroch altll l; fro ll t tarsi noticeably dilatecl; luidtlle tilji:l' each bearing throe (lj' more lll,wl'oehmtt\\ 011 th e front side ]Je<l-r the mi(1il1e, bind tibi:tl llot eiliate outwardly; willgs ljyaliue, tile hase yellow, third vein 1)e~1T'illg t.hree 01' foul' ul'istles neal' the base, bclicl o f' i'ollrth vein :LlJgull11' and l)lju,l'illg ;~ stump about as loll g as tll o Hillall cl'os8veiu, t he vein IJeyolHl it strolj gly arcuate, hiuu cl'ossvei)l near ]asl IOUl'th (If d istall ce fro m tile HlD:LIl to t he belld; calyptej'es white; lell gth,!) _ Uolol'ado, Two fclllalo spceill I ell s eollected by :Ml'. Oarl If_ Hakpl'. ']'Y1'll No, 3587, I), S. Na.tioul11 MuselltJJ.. - _fjena,uii JJ, HJl, Gen1l;8 EXORISTOIDES, new genus, 'fhe Chl1J'acterR of j,his gellus, of which.ioil nsoni is the type species, may he glm.ll ol1 fl'ou) t he table of genera OJ) proeelling pages oj' tllis work n,ml 1'1'0111 t,b e tleseriptioll of tllis specicr:; given below: T1Jird.ioillt or n.nte nll :U concave ou tllo frollt edge, three or foul' Htcl'uopleuntl llmcl'ocllmtm, apex of scutellulll and of abdultwll bla(lk j blaek, the pal pi, a.lid sometimes the oase of the t lj il'(l tlll tell llal joint, yellow;, front i ll male three-fourths as wide n:-;, in t Ile fclllale sliglltly wider thf1ll, eitllel' eye, two pairs of orl,ital bristles ill the fcill,lle, wanting ill the male, frontal brirtl('r dest' 'Iltling to tho al'ista, cheeks ono-fourth <1S wide as the eye height, vibrissm on It line with frout edge of oral margin, two or thl'('(') ul'istles above each, aljte ulla~ almost (~s lou g' as the fa ct', tbe t hird.ioint in t he male five, in the femltle two and one-third, tijllos as 101lg' as t,he second, al'ista thickened on t Il e basal t wofift.h s to three-fifths,. tbe penultimate joillt slightly lollger thau broad; thorax gray pollinose, markecl with four ulack vi tt.:e, three postsutul'al Tnftcl'ocha1tm, scutellutn bearillg three long marginlbl pairs a,ud a short apical pair; I),bdomen thijlly g'l'ay pollinose a11(,1. with reliectill o' darker spots, last tljl'ee segmelltr bearing di sc(11 f~nd margillal maci'ochllltm; middle tibia' bearillg three or more on the [rollt side of each 1)ear t,lle middle, frollt tarsi of female grently dilated, front }lulvilli of male almost as loug ah t he last tarsnljoint; wings llyn.liii e, first vein bearillg t wo 01' 1I10re bristles on tbe outer half, third vein uristly almost to tile stnall crossvein, beud of fourth vein allllost J'ectanguh11', dcstitnt of ~Ml appeutl:tg, eiu ueyond the belld tl'ouglyal'cuate, lliutl crossv in llenrly ::;tl'aigltt, slightly beyond middle betweell the small and the bend; { a.1ypteres white; 1 ngth. 6 to 7 lillll. ERstport, Me.; Fran 'onia, N. 11. ; W stville and lemtluton, N. J. 'fl.tre and thl" female', collected May 30 alld July

90 91 21, 18!}5, by l\irs. A. T. Slosson ltud Mr. C. W. John on. ~'~Tp No. 351:18, U. S. lttiuntll Mu~muu. (01no{(ja sp. Bran r o.ull BergeDstamm,in litt. ), ,,....., slu,~,~()n(l' D. lsp. Third joiut of anteullfe strong-iy eollve. Oil the front (lug',two 'terllo, 111eural rnacroe:blt'tru, apex of Sl\lIl.elJlllL1 anti of abdomen, iirl;t two.iointr (If Iwtelllm' iuld bt,se of the thin1 yello\\" fl'olltnl hl'i)'; tlel'; deo;celldiug- to apex of f.:(lcowl Itni;('llltal joilll, clleckh two fifths ftti broad its the eye hcig-ldj; first yeill brirt,ly 011 Oll(' \'oltl'lh of it.s Jeugth DlIar the middle, tile 'thin1 ul'irtly )tlmort OJ' slig-ht,ly over halfway to tile sulall CI'OSSyeill; leugth, f) IfllIl.; otlicl'\vih(1 lts ill above dm,criptioll of' Nl(/N,~()n(l:. li!'l'tlimi nullty, N. C., aml HI~])O, Nev. 'I' wo feljlalll spl'cilllom;; one colleet('l].j IIJJ('!), 11\1l:;, or J\'II'. 0, 'IV.. 10hlll';on, the othel' oy M 1', 1:1. F. \\' icklllllji. ~['YJle If. S. Natiollftll\{u,'enru iohllsoni 11. Hl1 No, ~15SH,. Genus HYPHANTROPHAGA Town. 111IIJ!l(l11.t! OlJlla{ja l'owiim(\!ld, P ~yo Jl<', V"l. VI, 1" :147 ; A1"'il, 1R!12, Um Ri llgle spf\eiel'; ir l)lack, the first t.wo.joillts of the a,lltellnn', plllpi, [l,lid apex (If prohosei,"1 yellow; lilllr JI()s tsliinral It 11 II Ull'eH stcl'lloplenr,d Infteroeumtre, middle tibi:l\ e~tcll be::tring" a Hing-Ie macroehn'tn. 011 j,lre l'l'ont side 1Ical' the middle, jlilld tibi:t' ollt,wn.r<1ly Hn\)<'iliatll, 1'1('('011(\ [11111 third. segmellts of ahdomen bearillg' ollly lilal.'g'ill:tl, t iro fourth with t]i~cal a.t1(1 Jll:trgilla,] IImel'oeli;l't.a'; ICllgLIr, 'j FI'Olllll ('.oty]l(\i-\)i('ci mell. r J ~ls Orucel'l, N. Mex. (I'syelle, Vol. \' J, p. 170; NOYPllllwl', 18Bl : AJeigenia.. ) , hfjpha,lif7"iff' 'J' OWII, Genus EXORISTA Meig,. E"01'i.ta Meigoll, iu 11li~(\I" s Mn'j.(a.z in fiir InRol, I,pukllndtl, Yo]. 11, 1" 2lj(l ; H,O:I, J,ytleZZa ]lesvuid_y, E 8~ lli RlIl' los 1.1,Y odr,iror, 1" 112: l ~: lo, l'iir!iilo ]lflhvoiil y, 101'. eil., p, H :3. Phr!IXIJ ljes,' oidy, ]1... cit., p, 158. Carc(,/ia ])esvoi<ly, Joc. <'it.,.p LllJ/Olltlla Dtls,'oiily, Joc. (lit., ]"I, Em'youBlet' MU.Cf]UI\1:t, T-[i "toil'o N n,tul'ello nipti'!'cb, YIII. ft, 1'. II:'; 183ft, Hlllm61'ia ncbvoi(l~', AnnllJc~ Fioe. Ellt, Fmllco, 1'. (i01 ; 11:1,17, N,.,norilla nondnni, J)iptol'Ologim Itn,jicHI ' P''OIlrOIllII ~, \ ' 0]. I, p. (iii ; t 81;(1, RI'pli.urille!t Romillni, (lit., p. 67. Al}Q'ro11~~a ROUUo.lli, 100. (lit., Vol. HI, p. flo; 18(;9, Pm'/lXori8ta J~r:tu er :mlll.krgollst.111l Zweif. Ku.i 8, MUll, W'ion, I V, 1'. 117 ; l k'tlfl, 8i~!I/'ojJa JJl'auor aud J!ergcrifltmull'l, loe, "it" p j)f1/ze:co1'i8ia jjr4uor lind Hergl)l]8tallllll, loe. nit., V, p. ~J3 1 ; l{,oddani places Etlrygastel' as ;,l synonym of ExoriRta,1 and ill I,hi~ li e if; followed by Scbillel'/ while Bnl.lwr au<l HCl'geustanulI ~iv' tlli:; syllonymy as pl obable. 3 ~chitler also gives Lydelll1, Phl'Y11O, Cal ('( lil\, I Di]ltOl'ologill' ltnlioll' Prodrolllus, V o). TIl, p. lj5; oj' IlU!mAulltri:lI':l, Vol.l, p,,157 ; Zwe if. Kaill. :Mflli. \\,ion, VI, Ind X j 18D:!.

91 92 Hubneria, and Aporomyia. as syl1011yms of EXOl'ista, fwd Thaner and Bergellstamm make all of them (with the exception of Aporowyia) synouym:; of Parexorista, v1acing the latter alld N 8morilla as sub geljel'a of Exoristn.. Apororuyia they place ill a. separate section, 1"'oliooa, hut an examination of a specimen received ii'om them under tllc nallle of ()rnyia d'uvia, the species Up011 whieh JtondU,ni founded tllis ~euns, proves that it shonld not he separated from Exol'ista. BlepllaL'i(lea, Sisyropa, and M'yXCXOI'jAttl, they pla.ce iu n.a many (WJ:'erellt set:tioll R, cven putting Hlepharidea. ill two sectitms., onco 1n tho section MaRice!"a fllld it seeojl(l time i II the section P llol'ocera, A careful (lxamitmtioll of spccilllells referred uy these autllors t.o tltese tllree gellora failcrl to reveal a. Aillglo gcljerie (.\haract:er for RepaJ a.tillg' them froi1l cl1uh other th' frolll typicfll species of ]horist1~. Moreover, of follr HpeeinHlIlS 0(' Rl'or-iNt,a cwl!-''y(jj submitted to t hese l1utlwl's hy DI'. ]{iley, tiwo of tho spouimcl1s were l'cfel'l'ed hy i,hem to Sh;yropn, aud two to MyxexoriRt~t; awl of t lll'ce 8pecilliBIIS 0(' jij,rm''istn.fla, 1 ' il'o,~ t'i"'in, two w(~ro)' 'felted by them to Sisyro]111,\11(1 t ho remainiug sped llion to.myxexor'i8ta. 'l'hese :LutllOl's give Phryxc as a SyllOllylll of Ble))hariLle}t. 0111' Flpeflies of J:iJxori8ta n,j'o ttl'; ti)]jol\'s: 1. Second allll third seglllcnti'l of abdomen be,trillg disca,] as \Ven as. li1at'~illa,j IlIHeJ'ocll;l'tm Secon r! ~\llll tljinl segmellts.destitute of discallllacrochmtn' With three stel'llolllenl'alljh1crocbu-}tltl _. _..... _.. _. _ u. WWl only two stemol'll'ura.1 trlllcli'oella'tn', male t1estituto of orbital bristles, hillel tibia' ollt"'ardly ci liate, apimt,1 cell open. _... _ ;.( 3. Thora,x b 'aring 1'0111' postslltul'~ lnacrocba~ t:e, ))3,lpi pl1rtly or wholly yell ow _ _ _ rrboi'ax hearing o1l1y thl'ee postslltnrfl.) mh,el'ocl1rct:v J seuteunm bh:wk, lulil' FI of abllolllcll sllort, d(\pl ' (:js~et1, l1iiddlt~ tibi:e each bearing a sing lt~ liht,cl'och~t ' ta, Oil the front Hide )lear tile middle; p:~lpi yel. low, fr()jit ill t he male olle-lla.jf, ill the i'eulale fil'e sixllls, as wide a,s ith 'I' eye, third joillt of autellll;(, three!tlltl 011e ll~\lf tillles n.~ loug' as tile seco ljd ; lcllgtll, G to!) llllll.!i'raneollia, N. J L; rhila(lel.phil~, Pa., tmd northern Illinols. ( l111adin.ll Entomolo gi~t, Vol. XIX, p. ]02; Sept" 1887.)..... _.,. _..... blanr11t O. S. 4. Scutellulll yellow, llairs of a.bdomen l'utll('r long and suberect, middle t.ibin.\ each bearing two or lnol'e IJln,crocl\n tr8 011 the front side llear tbe miudlo, frollt ill the male olle.llajf, ill the female fivesixths as wide as eitbcl' eye, third joint of :tl1t unw two and 0110 half times a IOIlg' 1),8 tile secon<l; lengtb, to 10 10m. Franconia., N. U. Michigan, 'rml1lesse,georgia., 'alifomia, and Austria. f mal speci Ill(;lll froth tile. 011ill o1' collection, r caived from Bmucl' all(l Bct'lronst.amm HildeI' the Ham ' of Pm'c,!'orufa clte lonil(' ROlJd. (Dipt. It:t.Jieal Prod., Vol. III, p. 120; 18!i!). isyl'opa Sl)., D.rano!' aud BeJ : g'(,ii~tnllllll ill litt.)... clwloniw Rond.

92 93 Scutellnm black, mitl(lle tibia:, cach bl':tl'ing tt si ngh- IIlIM.H'Ooll:d:.a on t he front s ido Ilea.l' t he midllle, f'mnt ill tho malt) two t.uij'li8, ill the felllale live sixths, as wide :1s eithcr eyc, t hil'll joint of a ntennru 0110 ami (lnc half til1l(lh ;ts IOll g as t he secollu; IOllgth, /) to S ln11l. l~ r:tll(,ollia, N. 11.; HovlII'ly, M :lss.; ])is(rict of 00lLLlIlbi:~; Chal'lestoll, S.<.;.; BiI;;!'<LYlltl Ua.)', Fla" i O xford,iil(l; Moselle, ]\'fo.; Tigcr }\fill::;, Tex.; Colorndo, :wd Alleulle, M 'xico. (IJir;L of Dipterous Ill setts, Part I", 11. 7:;,1; n'; l!l: ', 'nehill (l. l'a.o/t'ina [E,t(}ri,~l((' l phyei(((' ljebal'o!1, i:3l'colid Hcport Insects Illinois, J.1.123; 1812, lij.( or;.\'la,v( l/dd(,,.; 'Yillis(oll. ill,'<:lidd u l" S Bntternics of New Bng);lIl1l, Vol. Jl r, p. J!l:.!l ; l."s!i. N('/11l)rilla 8J1., Bmner 11I1ul\cl'g' listulllllj in l it!.) p,ij.~lt ' ';Yal1e. 5. Palpi ycljo\v. ".. ". ""... " ""_. _... _.... _... i. P.alpi blllck, foul' po stfl lttll ra lll1 ac ro ch;l~t;l', :-;e-ilt ' llnlll mamlly yellow, middle tibia', bearing- t,,'o or IlIorll rnttcl'ocllll'tll' 011 tlte front side ll N~r t ile lilitldlc, llillll t ibi m outwlihliy ('ili:tlli, apicli,l cell open, male (lcstitutc o f' orlli tai uri!'!! Ie::..,.. ' ',.. ' (i. (i. Pront ill both Sexes Olle alld olle iourtll tilller as wide al:! (1itll(' l' eyo, third,joill t of :tllt(:jlill[l' ill t he malo JiIlU', ill tile fe llllllo tiro allli (llle fourth, titnc.~ as lun g- as t Jl e RC(;0I 111, :tl'ista tlt i c l ;elll~ 1I til t ho mid(llc; l ellgt.ll, 7 to i) llllll. ' V ltitc l\1() Ull tai ll ~ tl.l lu Franconia, N. H. ; Ol ympia, Wasu. j Bug-land, a.nd j\ Ilfltl'in ~'e l1l a l e frolll Engln,1Il1 reccivell frollt B. Brouotti ~~ 11(1 by hilll nam 'cl Exol' i.~t a v nl{j{tl'is ; :tlso two males Iwd 0111\ ('emll,lli 1'1'0111 Ili'lt,I'i:l, from Braner allu Bel'g-ellstl1llllll alld It:LllIe(l by thel1l JUcp l/(tritlm vnl[l((ris l ~ nil. ( Koug'!. Hvellska Vetensk. A Juul. llllih11ill g 1', Vol. x...\:xl; J~IO: '['((china. The (cillowing :-;Y llou ymy i:-; giv(' 11 by HOll(l a lli I aut! repea ted lly Sell inet' : 2 IJ!/dell(t /(eut(iua1 "i,~ 1 )os voidy, BRsai r; Uf JeN MyotlairljH, p. ll!'j 18:,10. RI'01'jlltll diii /tln.y Mo,<:ql1art, AllJlalels Soc. HII1oUlO1. PraHI'e, 1)' ah7; 184H. R.l'(J1 ix/(t awla.v l\<tj't, loco cit., p. :~t\8. JiJxDl istll.1/orirla Maeql1art, 10c. cit., p. 40fl. 'rhe followi II ~ synonymy if! by tll () ",ritel': 1't(oh<ina [Exori.~ t { l Mrsu.tlt Ostell Sackell, OtLlHtdia.1l glltoldologirt, YoJ. XIX, 1'.163 ; SeptemiJer U~87. B leph(u'ii7c( ' hinj1tta O. S., Brauer ailel B rgeustallllll in litt.) ,... 1>n lg(wili Fallen. Frollt in 'the male one half, ill til( j'emale three fourths, a f! wido as eithol'cye; thinl.iointofantcllultl ill thcmale two a rl(lolle ltalf, iu the fomale one aud one thirll, times as IOll g us tbe setout]; arista thickened 011 t hlllh'lsal third; length,5 to, luill. Toronto, u.n.; Fraoconin, N. II.; Dh;t. Columhia; 1Ilinois, alld S()ut1Il1l'U Oal. (,['sye}i', Vol. VIJ, p. 330;,Jall., 1 9u.).. niqripaipill 'rowll, 7. Thorax: bearing fom postsotm aj 1Il11.croehll'ta', apieal cell or n Thorax bea1'ing Olily thre postsntuml mncrocbretfe..,.,..., Middle tibiro each b >arillg two or more mh.crocb retw on t he frollt side near the middle , , !l. I Dip ~Tu l ogin' Italic:!' Pl'ollrOlllllB, Yol. Ill, p. 140; 'Fa\lu~ AuetriILctl, Yolo I, p. -158; 1862.

93 94 MiIltlle tioi:(\ pad bearillg a, siugle )lhlcroch:eta 011 the fl'ont side IIca)' the,"idulc; scntclllidl hlack; apical cell opel'; front in tile female tllree,['01ll'tl'h:ls broa(l :1S either eye; face, wllite pollillose; tillrdjoillj; of :tutelluill three times as long as tire second; length, G 1111l1. Fr:tllc()llia, N. 11.; Georgia; JV[ issouri, and 'l'exas. (BioI. Cellt. A mcr., Dipt., Vol.ll, p. (i4-; Feb., 1800.)., o'/'&inarinv. U. W. n. Scutelll.Ull Jar'gely yelloll", frollt Learing lllunel'oui:! HI1Ol't, nearly erect hairs, third vei 'l hcl1l'iilg' two bristles neal' the base, apical cell (1)(\11, f!'out ill tile mal(l two thirds, ill the female live sixths, as wide fti'l eit ll cl' eye, (.hinl.ioint of ItlltOl1llm ill the male two a'1i1 olle. f'oul'tlt, ill the felllale one anll t lll'ee fourtl'8, times as 101lg :LH t.he sueol, d ; lellgtll, G to 81l11ll. 'roronto, Cannda; Frall eollia, N. U.; SU'lHllit (Jounty, 010.; nennany, alld Austria. 'l'w(l fcii""les from OOl'ln<1IlY received from Zeller l.1lld hy Lilll nallled JiJ.1!Ot istn CI:fJiwis; :L1 so OIiC female {'['Dill Am;tria froul tl,e 01(1 Scl,iuer nollectioll, received from Bl'aller aud Bel'gellst,amlll ami hy tlle'll li:lflled 1'It1'c.l'Or'i!;tn pol.ljl!/i.({'tn Ma<:<].1 (Kollgl. Svcuslm Velum;k. A.lmd. ljalldlillg'cr, Vol. XXXI; 1.')10: 'l'ncft, 'ina.. E :r()'/"inln W'/;lJl'hwta, ]\facqu:1l't" AlilIale" Soc. ElitOIllOI. Fra.llee, p. :1HO; ]8JO. Ta,cld 'liu ep'icyril'8 Walker, IJist of ])ip terouh lnsects, Part TV, p. 786; ]840. l'a'raxo1"'il1/,((, sp., Brauer alld HerA'ellstalllin 'in WI. )..,... " a.tlin-is Fall ll. Scul;ellum bht(ll(, Imirs of {l'out sllort a nd iucol.lspicuous, froutill Lll(~ f ' lllale five sixths ah wide as either eye, the third aut.eullllljoint two and OI,e J, a!f ti Illes as )oug as tle se( oihl...,.,..,.., ] o. ell 1 IlulI! bbek except the tip, third joillt of alltellnaj five times as 11I1l g' its tbe seeoud; black,..tli c pa)pi ami exll'elll c tip of H.CutellUlll yellolv; frollt, of felliale as wide as eituel' eye, hair" 011 its sides sparse but l'atll(~ l' IOIlA', froutal bl'i;;tles dcscemliug almost to base of thirll n,utelllml j oint, sides of i'a,ce wllitc pollillose, chee.k f> ollc seventl, as wide. a - tho oyo.leigll t, ;tntcllum almost ar loll g as the faee,arista tllicli:eued on tle basal third, tlrepeuulthnatejoillt sbol'ter than l.)i'(m<l; thora.x gl'~l,y polliljose aud marked with fonr bitt 'k; scutellum bearing four margiual pairs of mulcrocl,mtlll, tho htst pair crnciate and directed,backward; ahdomen I'<ubshinillg, t11e last tin-eo segments gra,y polliuose except on their apices, tile bri tly hairs rather lollg and subdepressed; wings ll ya,]ille, third veill bearing two uri ties Hear the base, t11 foul'tb stroll gly arcnate beyoljd tue ooml, caj.ypteres wllitish i l CIIg"tll, X IIlll!. II iversity, N ortl Dakota. A single femal speci meneoll eted in June, I8BG, by Mr. R P. Ourrie... 00wric'i n. sp. ',]11 th Zwoif. :Kt~is. 1\1U8. Wi()JI, V, I" 320, these authors give allil118 as II, pfol"t.. ble,t9j'ie'ty (If polyoitrt'ta, hut the two mimes IU"e evidently I'eferabl to ono Iilld the same speoio8. Schiller's Rtu.tollleut ill his Fmma Austria,ca, Vol. I, p. 4.63, ilint in ajfini8 the fron tnl bristles 0.1'0 i II I], single row, while iu pol!fchreta they are ill two rows, or uteg nl:1l'ly fi,rl'allgctl, lloos not hold truo in nil the ep cimon~' In ODO of thost from Ge:rlllllll~', refel'i" d to 1\1)0 0, they I~re in II> sijlglo row OD ono Aide of tho front, but are il'rogulal'ly ltrrlllgol t,he opposite side.

94 Third vein bel'~ring three ui'istlos near jts h:1.iw, ",pi 'al ('~Jl n:\1'i'(lwly. open or dosed and shott petiolate; uody with :l hl a.~ 'Y tilla'e' length,5 to G lulu. Colomdo alld Austria.,\ feulal(' SP(:lI'i lll(l1l frow Anstl'in" received f[,om Bra.ner and HergllUl'Itn,ll1Ill all Ii by them named Ap01 ()lityia d,daa. I{olld. ( Kong1. :qn'ii~l;a Ypt, (lusk. Akad. 11a,(l(l., 'Vol. X.XXI i 1 HIO: To ch'ill II.l.... ((lillin Pnll. Tuird vein bristlyalll10st til the sltlall el'ossyt'ill, hody wit.h :I hlnish tinge; hl:1(lk, the l'alpi yellow; fl'(!nta,l hristle:,; Ih)RCt'lidilla' slightly below the n,rista" e110elo; Olll\ jourtli a:-; broa.d as thh eye Ileight, vibl'issm Oil a level with front edge or oral IIlIll'g-in, tw'o or three b1'istlo;; above e.wh, antenlla' alillost Illll l!.' H:-; the f~lco, arista thick(;lll(!l1 Illl the hmla,l h';lif, thorax gray pollitiosi,. marked witlt foul' bjadr Yitta', :-;entellllul jhlh.rillg thrl'e IOllg lll<l,rgillall'air:-; anli a :-;I101't apica,l p:lil' of Illael'oeha tol'. aijljolllt'1i (1) htst t hrce :-;egllllllltr thinly ltlnish gtay 1'011il1W4ll, lirst :-;\'g'. mcnt beaj'iug IlIM'gill.d, the other {,"n'(i wili.1 di:-;i'al alll! Illargilla] 1It:I,el'uL:h:ct:n, bristly hair:-; of ahdollmll d l'prorfled: n'oll t, t fli':-;l g-rca,t,ly uila-tell, bind til,i;)' outwrh'dly ueal'illg' ii, n.m bri:-;{ 11~t-\ of une llmllength; wings hyaline, hind ('rof;s\'cin llllitl'ly Htrllig'hL, tonrth veiu strollgly ('un'cd inward ])l'yoiiil boud; 1:;l.IY(I tcl'l.)s whi t.e; leugt.h. Ii llllll. 'l'iftoil, Ua. A :-;illg-io (i lualtlsl'lll'j men L:1.Ilecto(1 Oclobcr :30, It;!JU, uy Mr. (L n. Pilate. Typl> ~o , U. ::;. N~1t i odal Mll:-;elllll... " ~I)illi1)( ' I', liix II. Hp. 11. Middle tibiill each lu:ml'illg two III' IllOJ'(~ 11l!1(:rodl;) t,, Oil the front,.. ide Ileal' the mid(1jll I:). Mi(ldle tibial e:l.i:l.t uca,ring' a ~illg'le maci'i)e1ih't:l on the fl'out Hi ll IIl1al'the midlllll, hill(] ti\.jia outwardly cilia te U. l:!. Apical ljair of selltcll:l1' lua,el'l)l:h,,,tll' ClI1'\'illg i'orwal'ii, sl:nltlliutrl wholly black, fl'olit ill the III.Lle two lift-lls, ill tlll~ felllale fl'olil two thirds til three follrths, :It-\ wielc as eilh ' I' \'ye, Lhinl.ioillt of aooonw\' ill uot,h sexes t.hree am] oue llalf tilll\':-; a:-; I(llig ax I,lle l."eoii(] ; ulack, t,ll o secolld joillt (If ;LllteUll;l' ui-illally, t,uo palpi, apex of jll'ouosci, femora usuully, aud g-ellul'a lly t,ll tibia~, ~ yellow; face white, l;illl's of frollt g-r,lyisll wllite pulli. nose, two IJail'l'l of orliital uristles ill tuc female, wltl!tillg ill t.ij(;l male, frontal ul'istles Ileseendillg to lljlflx of f:lol'l) licl alit 'llilal joillt, antellllh' six..reveutbs flsloljg rtf; the facti, ari;;tll thickened 011 the ]Jasal follrth, the ]lollultilllilte juillt slloi'tel' tllml ul'oad; thora.x gray polliuose, Illarked with foul' black vitt;", sentcllulll ]Jeal'ing three pairs of lollg lilargiu::d and a :-;hol't fol'wa,i'iu y (Ioil'cctetl a.l>ic~tl pail' of lno.el'oeha'tu, audolilell wlwlly ~l'ay pol. lino:-;e, with darkcl' l'etlectiog Sllott-l, the 1m,irs dcpre:-;;;cd; willgs hyaliue, third vein bcal'illg two or three bl'il;tles ljeal' iim base, calypteres white, front pu]villi of male lightly longer tlmll tlh' last tarsal joint; lellgth, 0 to n mid. Cotuill aud Boston I\ltt!>R. District of. olumbia; ami Camden, A.rk. Four males a,nd tljrec females. Type No. 35!J 1, U. S. N a.tiona,l Museum.. boannictl u. sp.

95 96 Apical pail', etc.; differs froid uon1"'lnill' a,fi follows; Front of mn,le sjigbtly wider tb:w either eye, his third antellllal joillt six times as IOllg a,r the se 'oud, autellll<u itliu legs black, arista tjdckellcu OJ) the uasal two tin,hs, abllollh;l1l sllbsbiniuo', oascs of last t,llree segrnell!,s grayish pollillose, the hairs suberoct alld rather long, \Vill~fl Atrongly tiugc(l witlt gray at base and alollg the cost,l; length, 7 mm. Mt. Washiugton, N. H. A sillgle malo specimen colle,toll by Mrs. A. 'r. Sl()SSO~l.. '" _..... _... -fl'onto n. sp. Apica.l pai l' of scutellar rna.crochlllt;c clirectecl backward; scntel1l1ln 011 the aptlx ljro[llliy yellow, front or fema.le follr fhthx afl ",ille :1ti either eye, tliil'tljoiut of :tnteulliu foul' ~L lld one llalftirneti as 10llg as tho secorrd, felllol'a bla.!!!.:, tjdnl vein uearing foul' or live I.!ristles at its lhthej lellg-tlj, 10 mill., otllol'wise as ill tile above clel:!cri ptioll of uo(('rm-iw. FrlLlu;onia, N. U. Tlvo fetllale sllecilllelllo colleclell by Mrs. A.. 'r. tllossoll. 'rype No. ;~!j!j2) n. S. NfI,t,iOlml M'u~mlln _. _.... _ ulantlillf. jl. l:l}l. 13. Scutellum bhwlr, 1)011en of thorax gray, billll t ibia: not ciliate, front ill the fellmle Olle-half alii wide as eitlle[' eye, IHw third antelliial.ioillt t;h1'ee times as long rls tile socolld;, the secoud :wtcuual,ioill t, pa,l pi all(l apex of pr.'oboscih, yellow; silles of fl'o II t destitllte or hairs, in the ferllale bearirrg two pair's of orbital bri~tlcs, fl'olltaluristj':;; descending to JIIiddlo of second auteuual,ioillt; thorax gmy pollirroro, IllfLrketl with four Gluck Yittre, sl'utellnul bea,rillgthr pn,il'sofjollgrrlu,l'gilln.1 JIlU,cl'oclta t,l', ~~l>dollleu wbit ish pollinose, ith ltail'h llepl'essell, apex of fonrtb Hegmen t, th is seg-moil t ucfll'i Ilg' It \lihcul ;Iud luarg'irral row of macl'ochmtm; wiugs ljyaline, thin] Vei!l hoarillg' three ul'i8tles at its l.!alse, ca. lyptel'es wllite; length, 71llLll. Dist. Uolllrnb.ia. A sillgletemaje specimell. Type No. ;11i93, U. '. Natiullal JVluseulJl. _. i/j({! li. s[l. Scutellulll yellowish, pollen of thomx yellow, uill!l tillim outwardly ciliate, frout of IlHtle two-thil'ds a~ wide ~~H eitjhcr eye, his tlli!'ll A>uteumtl joiut, font and oue halt' tinl 't! ~~ti 101lg tl.!i the seconll; black, the pl-\lpi, tibia} htrgely, <IoUO scutellum yellow; silles of frollt bearing' llu[llerous bl'istly llairs, 110 orhita1 bl'istles ill the male, ii'ontal bristles dexeendillg to apex of secolld llllteljlll.ll joint, thorax yellowh;jj llollinose, marked with fout' I.!lack vittm, scutellum u 1U'illg' follr pairs of long marginal nracrocli: "tw; abdoul II wholly gra,y poljillose, its lmi)'.,; rather lollg nnd sui.!- recti willgs hyaline third v itl bearilig three bristles neat it base, front calyvteret! white, the hind ones yellowish' front pnlvilli of mal slightly longer than the bst tn.l'saljoiut; l engt.h, 10 mid, White MOllntains, N. U. A single ma,le specimen. Type No. 3594, U.. NatiOlhtl Museum.... helvinlt n. s p. 14:. With four stcl'llopleul'al mac:rocb:l'th;', hind tibite outwardly ciliate, middle tibiru each bearillg two 01' morc luacrochmtro on the front side neal' the middle, scutellum la['~el y yellow, four postsutul':tl macl'oolll too, al'ista thickened to the u\iudle... _.. 15.

96 97 With tbree sternopleural maerucludu ]. With only two steruopjetu';11 m<lcl'otha'ta', hind tiljia' ollt.wardly ei li ftte, arisca t hid:eljed 011 t ile basal thinl Hi. 15. Palpi black, frollt i ll tbe ma.le thl'ec folhtjii'i, ill the femll J<: 011 > ailtl (H\e sixth times, as wide a~ eithrr eye; t hin! joiut of alit 'nun' in the male ti ve, in t.he few ale th I'ee, t i Ill es n ~ lon:; as the setollt! i length, 5 to 7 111m. "Vldto MOllnhLilis HtHI Fralll'ouia" K. 1:1. i Beverly, Mass. ; District of Uo!ullibia; S bl'en!pol'l, LlI.; Las Crul'os, N. Mex.; TncsolI, Al'iz.; Caiifo1'llin. njld.j\ u!:itl'ia. Two males a lld on fem(~l e fl'ojii Austri;l, reeei\'ed fl'olll lll';\ucl' a lld Bergellstanllll, find by t hem 1I1111lecll'ul'c.l'ol'ilita ('oll.1illis 1,'0.11. (Diprel'H, Snecin-', Mllseiua' p. :3:.!; I S:!O: T(t('ltillll. 'fhcfllllo\\'illg' synou)'llly is g-i veil hy ]~olldalli n nd l 'l-'peatcd l)y Belli ncr: 1'h 1'.11.1'(' ZO llatc(' ])csvoidy, ESRUi snl' les ;U,roti:li l'es, p. J.i!); '11(: fol lowillg is by ~ chinel': PII1'Y.T'o R(,l'l'ili i i J)cl:;v() itl y, I. c., aull l'hl'!/j.'c 8ab'Ulos(~ D esvoillr, 1. c. The followillg ii-i h y the wri tt'l' : Tal'hilla theclanlln ScuuIler, Uauadiall glltou.!nlog'i.-;t, Vol. X1X, p. If)v; September ) ) 887. EJ:Mi~t(( ('/u-y80p /llllli '1'\)\\, I 11'\l'IHl, 1 E Ll toillo' logic;ll J.: '\Vs, Yol. II, p. 1H7; J)el'l'mbcl', Ib!ll. )... ('011./; /l'i~ Fall. Palpi yellow, frol)t ill tho male t wo tldrtls, ill the f" 'liial ll thrl'l" fourths, tile width ofeith('r eye; thi ['ll.ioilltor;~lill'ii 11 ;1' ill ellch se x. ibm tiilles as l()li g a s I,he :;\ccoihl ; hla"';, the )Htlp i allli scutellum, exl't-'pt clt hase, yellow ; si dl" uf fl'(l il t l)(:; II 'i ll 1,;' seat tel'ed, rathel' s hort, )ta il's; two pa.irs of orbital bristles ill t he feuhtle,!loll!" i ll tllt:l lllale; :I II te 1IlIa' Jlcal'l.r as long' all tll (.1 (!Ice, arista thickclletl,liluost to I be liiiutlle, ('hee!;s () li e ~i\:th as wiu " as the eye heig h t, faeial l'i d g'('s ijl'isuy Oil t Itt, lowpst Conl'lh to half; t hornx g'l'ny pollillosl', llllj.l'kt' d wit.h 1'0 11 1' 1>1a.ei;. yittw, scutelllllil bearillg two long :tllli two Hhort pail'l'l of IIllLl'g innl IIlflerocli:l't:e, nl)(lolll CIl ou the last. three seg'lilcllti; g'my pollio 110se except the apex of each, tile lwh~ d c pl'e::;s('t]; wi ll ~l'l l)ya lillo, base of tllil'll veill bearing two hl'istles, I'lllypi 'I' 'S \\'hile; fl'ollt pulvilli of lilalo sli g'h tly loll g'c1' t ha. 1I tile last ta rsal joillt; leug'th, 5.5 jo 8 mill. l\taryln1l(l, District of' 'olu1tiuia, and Virginia. 'fwo males ~L1 l(1 five females. Type :Xo. 3;.\),), U. S. National Museul11 ' lobelia- 11. sp. 16. With foul' llosl uturalmaci'oci.hetm With ollly threc postsntllral lllh crol!ta-'t:l', middle t ibia' ea<:h ij IU' iug a single macl'ocllicta 011 t he fl'out si<le Ileal' t Il milltll '; black, the palpi scutellnlll, femora, :UI<l.tibja~ ~ ellow; front ill female two third the width 0(' either eye, tile sides beariug' numerous rather 'hort haij's, two pairs of orbital bristles in the female, frontal bristles tlesccndiug neurly to a pex of secolld joint of auteunm. checks scarcely otio tenth us hroad as ti,e 'Mr. 'fowl1send luls admitted tile 8yllouy UlY of clt/'yaophani Ilnd ti,ecll//'/lri/ ill Trao.. Arller. Ent., 0 '., Yol. XXII, ]1.7vj fJ--7

97 98 eye lleight, :wtcllllm 11 'arl y lls IOllg ail the face, the tl.iird.ioint follr tilllc:; as 11l11g" as tile 1'\~\()()l ld, arista tlji(;kl~lled 011 the basal tljir<l, the Pl'lIultill1lLl e,i niu t shorter Ih,w In'oad, faeial ridges hristly ba"al fifth, t.hontx. gj'fly ]>olliiloso, lllarl, ell with foil!, ulad~ \'ittrt" Rt' ntcllnlll lw;1l'iug' flllll' p;lil'h of1ollg IIHtl'giual In:wmcha'ta', ail(lulll('li 0 11 t Ile last thj'cti I'\t'gments gmy ]lolli, liose, the hail's rather IO :Ig' alld I'Llbcl'ect; wings h yalilll~, tltir<l YCil1 bearing' OIiC or t wo hl'i"tles at its hasl', calyptcl'cs wllit c; l UlIgtll,!) 1Jllli. ""bite 1I1011utaills, New llampsl tirl', :tll d Frallk, i'm'd, I'a, ']'wo felllcllcs, collc(ltcil by Ml'';. A, '1', 8108"011 and lvir. C, \V,.Johllsoll, Allgllst; 20, 1 K!):'), Type No, ;l,i!w, I, S, Na(,iollal1Vlllselllll.. _.. ",... _- " _.. (1ll1pic,ra 11. sp, 17. I'alpi : leg's black, li1i(hllc til>iw elwlt bearillg' t \yo 01' 11l(JI'e lhilcro Chlt'till Oil the frol1t :-;iue Ileal' tlie liiilidle; fl'ojlt ill the liiale tliree i(lllrt.iik, ill tllc f'euml!.) Olle :Il1U olle-sixth t illl C8, as wille 1~8 either eye; 'l\ dark hrown l'l)fleetillg "]lot below'c;),ch tif' the lowest 1'1'011 tal bristles; third.ioi 11 t of allte lllla' in the male turee autl oue-il a-if, ill tho fclllalo two alld tlllc fonrtli, timer :ls IOllg as tit FH'colld; IClIgth,!) to II III 111. RlllLroll, ]\las".; liol'tlll'rn Illilloii', ('alifol'liin, alld Oregoll. (Call. l ~ litouioi()gi st, VoI.X1.X, p. 1 n l; SeptcllJ bcl', 188i: 'l'(tchi11l1 I RJ'(J?'isfa). l'((.1'c,{'ol'ista (tlt.ii'i8 O. K, BJ':LlIel' a,l1<1 Be,rgelistawlll,in lilt, ).. fatili~ O. S. l'alpi,ylillo\v., mid.! 10 tiui:i each ben riljg' a H ill~' l e IlloLt'roC'lilPta 011 t,le 1'I't)llt sitlo 110a,1' the liiidule, front III female three fifths as wide as either ('yo, h el' third l1utl'linal joillt three lilid one lullf tiuh's as l Ol lg as tile 1'('(10 11(1, 110 dark spot" bololr tle Il)wc::;L fl'olltal bl'ikt1(1s; l ongth, \1. I i;;t. 'olull1bia, (Bio]ngia, CL'lIii. Auwr., llipt (,I'a., Vol. 11, p. 7-1; Fel)l'n~n'y ) ls!lo. ).!{ri8cli1l1'icans v. U. IV. 1. I lind LiLin ' Ollt\\,HI ' tll~ ' ( iliate". _....,...,..,... _... " J!I. IlilHl t ibia' 1I0t ('ilinte, fcl1ll' ])Ostl'Ul tlrhi 1I1Hel'oe]I:I'ta', lilitldlt' tiijim ('at'h lwal'illg t,\\'() 01' lilt)!'!' lilhci'()t'illhn' 011 1,ho front s i(le II ('IU' the liiiut1il' ; blfl Ck, tllo pa1pi yellow; front ill wale twotbirlls 11~ Will o a!'\ either 1.',\'0, tile sides bcnriug )lulllerons mth('r 8hol'!', hairs, 110 ol'hitnl bristlqr in the male, CrOlltal uris ties!lesl'elldillg' ululost to apex of' OlI'I'ontl :lllt.ellllaljoiut, ellocks (llili ~ixt!j as witlo as till' oye lleight, faeial rillgcs bristly Oil the ]0\\' (:'1' llnlf, autenlla' llearly us loilg' li S tlrc fa ('e, th(> tbird joint fon!' tillie ' nr 101lg ns tll(' S ('olld, :nil:ltn. thiclicllclll1early to tle liiilll11e, tlh.' Jlollllltimnte.ioint slip:htly lon g l' tl1:1u bl'o;hl; t ho rax go l'hy poljillose, 1l1m'I, ell with fuul' black vitta', RcutclllllU bea.riug film' pairs of mn,rgillal IlHl croehh'tfl'; n bdomen whitish pollillosl' 011 hnses of h~8t three seg-illcllts, it" hairs subde pre s('ll ; wiugs lj~ ' n1in e, thinl relit h a.riug tlll' '0 ul'istle llf'ar its bae\, bend of folu'! h <lpp IHliculate, apical cell short 'patiohttc, Ctblypttll' 'I; white ; 1 ngth, G , Ijrginia. A male peci,men. 1'yp :ro, 35!);, ~ ntioljal Mus Ulll. _pciiolata 11. sp.

98 89 l(). Palpi yellow ou nt least the ",picnl t,,'o thil'ds. _... _. 22. PILlpi, except the tips, ulacl _ :!O. l\1i(ldle tibim ea.l'h beariug two or mol' ma_croehwtll' Oil thl' front siile nea.l' the middle.... _.. _.. - _ ~l. Middle tibim llach beal i ng' a Ri Il gle ma,cl'oeh:1:'tlt 011 the j'ml) t side Ileal' the middle; uhe];:; frollt of male thl'ce-1inl!:,.; H):! wide a:=; eithel' eye, frontal hl'istll;l ~ dcscendillg til 1 he!ll'ii:lta, lio Ol'IJital bristles, hairs of frout llllluet'oll S and rathcl.loug, -heeks oue eighth as wide as the heig-ltt, vilil'iss:l'; 011 :t lercl with frout edge of the 01'(1.1 Ilml'g'in, rid,ges bristly on the lowest foll1'th, autelllh~ allll()~t a~ lon g as the fa('e, the third joillt six tillh's as loug as the sm:ond, al'isut tbickeucll Oil the basal fourth, thorax \Y lti t-isb lllllliuose, marke(l wi tb follr black "itt.a:, sen telllllli bearillg' three margill:ll p:1irs [LII(l a s bort, et ueiat( }I.pit al pail' of Jllael'oeli:('tn', the lamer cu l'vill g- baekwanl ~~Ild llpllrly Lorizolltal ; nudollleu shining, witl a urassy tillge, Ilnrrow ua 'es ot' t l, (\ second allt! thir'd seglnellt~ whiti,.;h pollin(lse, each seg'lll (' li t bea,ring mar gillalluact'duli:t'tm, the bristly hairs rather Joug :wd suucl'ect; fl'ollt llulvilli Rlightly longer t hall the last tarsal.joillt; wiugs. Lyalille, third veill bearillg- two or three IJl'istles ll Cal' tl,c barej ealyptel'f's white; I!'ugth, 'j Tiftoll, (:la. A lilah' specimen cojlected OctobCl' 17, ll-ihg, by Mr. O. B. Pilate. Typo No. 35!l, U. S. NatiollnIMusenm _...?H)Ii/(( ). 21. With foul' postsnt1l1'uluhlcrocha t:e (see nnder 17)..... jufil-is O. K -Vhth (lilly three post,,.;ntn ral lii:t 'roch:l'tlp, fro 11 t ill male folll' -fifth s as wille a. eittler eye, ui ):! t hird antelllla.l joillt tlll'ee and oll e tla,h' till1es a s 10llg :IH the seeoud, st'vera,1 uiacro('.]lll j :l-l outside of the fl'o II tal bristleh; length, 10 mill. '1' xafl. (Biologia Amer., Vol. TI, 11. jo; VeOnUloI',)', J8HO. )..... a.1tyu,l'tll(11 Y. (1. vv. 22. Thol'HX bearillg fntu po;;thuturnl 111aCl'oc~:l tu', Hb(lollit"11 Jlot tjllg rl Iritlt UI'OIIZO, Il.pieal tell ollell... _ _... 2 L 'fllol'ax bearillg ollly three )lostsllturnj macrocha- tw, RCl1t,ellllID ulack, llliddle tibia- eacll bearing n sillglo 1Jl::w['oe]m ta, Oil tbe frout side Ileal' the middle _... _... ~ Apical cell closed and HIJOl't petiolnte, nbdolllell stl'oll gl.)' tillged with brollze j hlack, ti, e pajpi yellow; fron t of felllale Due 1111d one sixth times as wide flr eitber eye, the sid ei-! beal'i ug JJ1!1'IJcrous short h :,ti l's, two pair's of orhital ul'istles in the f('w ale, froutal bristles c1escen(lijlg aln)():'-\t to apex of sccolld nul"lllhll joint, clle('1,8 Ileady ou (' fuul'tli as wide as the eye ll eig ltt, faciall'ic1ges bristly 01) the lower half: al1tl'llll:t fhe sixths as IOllg ah the face, the tbit'd joiut tbre times as long as thc second, aristr,t thitkeuell 011 tll(-\ basal third, the p enultimate joint sliglltly lon ger than wide : thorax gmy pollinose, markecl with foul' black vitta;>, scutellum bearillg t hree long ma;rg iual anr! a slort apical pair of macroe11f('ta', a bdomen gray pollinos on the bases of the last three. egmellts, it l)uirs closely ap}ll't'sseu,

99 100 the follrth segment bearing n, 11 isca1 a lld el, marg inall'ow of ma Cl'o(;h;\ 't a~ ; wiugs llyalille, third Veill b :uin g three bl'i s \l(' ~ near its oilse, beud of fourth veill )lot aljpelluiclihtle, tllis vein nearly!oltraigll t after the b end; ca.lyptel'es w lj ite' length, 7 1D1ll.xortli ern Ill. A female Rj)ecimen colleeteu by W. A. Nason. Type No. :150(), U. S. Na,tiol1 a l i\luseulli... (f'1"cl tct 11. sp. Apicul 'ell OJ) u, abtl(.men liot tiuged With bronze; black, tbe palpi and illller sido of each ttntenu;t la.rgely y.ellow, sides of fron t oearing ouly a few short!j ail's, cheeks ono s 'ventll a broad as tile eye heio"bt, facial ridge ' bristly on the lo west fiftb, tbird joillt o f' l~ ll te lllj:i \ sligu tly over twice l~s long a s tho seeonu, thorax mar'k >d witll tllree bla.l;k vitta',,cutcl1uul bearing two long f1 11(1 all illtel"jllcliiate short pair of liil1l'g'illal lli acrocu, 'tro, Llulil)lllen O il the Jast three segment s g l'ay l'ollinose aull "ito lllllnoi'ous tofte 'till g black Rpots, thinl veill of will g bearing a siu g'le bristle I'IOILI" itls base, f(lurth vei n stl'oug'ly curved irlwal'd beyolld the bell(1 ; lellg"til,4- mill., otherwise uti a.bove 11escriptioll of wratu, Oolot'ado. A fellud ' I>PCCilUCII collected uy Carl F. 1:htkor. Type No. 3600, U.. National M li lseum.. petrelt 11. sp. 24. ll1itl(ll c t ibim each i.>ca,l'illg t. siug le mtwl'och,t'tn on t bo front s ide Ileal' t he Illi<ldle, t llil:c).ioiut of antclluh~ ill each sex follr times (tis IOllg' a.1:.l tl,e sccoud Mit1<l Je tibi;' e llch beaj"illg two or morc loa 'I"ocL,pta' 011 t ho front s ide lj eal' t he middle, sell tellum ]al'g'ely yellow, POIlCll of body gray, frout in male t.hree.tiftl, :,;, ill t il L' felllale two tltirds, as wide as either.y, t ljinl.ioint of nutl!ljl1aj ill t he ma.le tl,rco a ll d ouehum, III t he folllale t ill M,.tiwe::; as IOIl g' f LH t be J'\llco nd ;' le ngtll, (l to] 'all ada; '~' lji Le l\lountaius, New Halllj1sblI'C; New BeMord,.l\; Olemclltoll, N. ct.; Mnryla,D(l ; Dish'jet of 00- IUllluia; Yirgillia' Da.J'tu u, Ohio, alld St. LOllis, 1\10. (Tl'ans. ArneI'. Rut. Soe" Y o]. X IX, p. ~ 7; Decelllber, 1 8H~. J I y.r(},i ' o1 i,~ l a sp., Brallel' nud Bel"g-eli stalllid i n lifl. SiIiY'l"opnsp., Bmuer aud Bel'gclI staulm 'i n tifl. ) , elldr,ljw Towll. 25. cutellnlll I;wgely yellow ; h ;Lirs 011 b,t~l(.l l lmlf of fourth segment of abdolll II two t hirds as ] Ollg II,S t ue lli acl'oclhct1l', front in t lje male three 1ift,hs, in t ue female t ll o thirds, as wide as eitller eye, t ll e sides oli ve gl'l1y pollinos(l and beariug numel'ons ncarly ere t short hairs; leugtll, (i to!) lllm. Distri,t of ' olumbilt; J Olllliugs, Va.; Fort 'eorg-e,l1'ja. I1n(.[1\1is '. (Biol.Oent.. Amer., Diptel'a, Vol. II, p. G!)' FetH'uary, My:r;CJ:01'istl ' p., lit'uller an(l Bel'gonstlwlLU in li ll.)......tlat"il"ostt 'is v. d. VV. Scutellulll blaok ; hairs on bll sn I Lalf of f(hll'th segment of nbdo men ollo third LIS long a the lu aerocllrl:'t.~, fl'ollt in t he mal two-thirds, iu t lle female oue aud olle ixtj) time, as w'ide as eith r eye, the sides sih'ery gl'ay pollillose, beati ng a fely vel'y short illcollspieuou b ail's; black the second a,utennal joiut, ape~ of probo i, and t h e palpi yellow; two pairs of orbital

100 101 lwigtles ill tltc fem:de, ]Jou(' in tile malo; ll'ontal bristl s des(:elldiug I'ligbtly lwlow the al'ista, 'lleeks ollc sixth fls br()ihl n~ the eye ]ll'ip;ltt, flldal ridgeh bristly 011 the lowest, thij'd, fllltenna> allllost, as 10Jlg" as the fa,('(', arista thi('i,(,llul 011 tho hasal tllircl or foul'tlj, tilt, pennltinwte joillt as ul'ofl d nh long; thorax gta)" pollillose, marked with fonr black yittn', I:wut('llnm uearillg foill" ma.rginal pairs of II1fu'I'oehn:!a': Itudomell 011 last thrce SCglll cuts wljoll.v g'l'ay l'olliilos(>, the lln ;r8 clt' pl'csscd; \I'illgi'\ hyaline. uase of thi l,tl H' ill he!lrill g' t.wo briatl 5,llelld of follrt It "cill 1I0t Hoppe1l(1i('ulnte. tltils y('ill b('~ ' oll(l the bnld strongly bent lnw::n:tl: ealypterefi whitt', frollt puldlli of malo louger than tlto la:-;t, tl"lrhal,joint; leng th, :;..; to S llllll..' t. ]~o uis, Mo.; O,;wego, J\ans.: nllil Fort \\'orth, 'l'ex. Fonr l1l'[ll es and t.wo fe lll ajes. 'l',\'pe No. 3GOl, l '. :-\. I' atiolllll l\ills~ U JlJ.. _.' _ _...., ' " ('('/'l/tolilifl' ]I, 8p. Genus EUPHOROGERA Town. E llphol'occ1'(( TOWllS!)III!. 'l'rnila. AIIII'r. Eu1. 'th' " r ol. X IX. p. ll:'!j j\iiiy, l R!12. Our' i'i pecies have two 01' 1ll01'C li1fwl'l)('hwtn' (III til!' frollt s i<l c of (,[lch middle tihia nerr thr. Inill<lh', and the ljilhl tibia' ont\l'ar<lly are eilia,te or I:;ubeiliate: 1. Head at Ille,-iuriss:l' Jlotic(~ a, bj.'" shorter than at, base of flnt(' tlll re, palpi yellow, three stoj'lloplt'llral )1IHcJ'()cha't:l' Hea,d at the v ibl'i"sa' as IOll g as at ba t'le of f111to llllll', palpi lj]rlc]- ; blaek, npex of 'cutnllulil broad ly yollol\; frollt ill tlte m:'1jc four tiftl!.'!, ill the female olle )Iud oll o fifth times, ;I f! \\'i(le ah either eye, t.wo pairl'l of orbital Lm:'otles ill tho femitlc, "':lilting 111 tbe male, siues of front gray polli 1I0se, llr"titutt) of mael'oclj il'ta' ontside of tllc frolltal bristles, tlte latter des(,(llluillg' bl'lo\\' the al'ista, clleeks ollp tbil'd as broad as tlto c,re lj eig ht, facia,] ridges bristly 011 t he low(' I' two thil'd,;, Itlltenn!p six-stl\'cntlls as l ou~ a.s the i~lctl, the tltird.ioint in the rua Ie three, in the female tlvo and ol1e [illlrth, times (I f! long as t.he Rcconcl, arirta thiekeneu almost to the middle, the peuultimate,ioint slightly long >!' t.lw,n broad; thorax: gray pollinose, marke(l with four blacl;: vitta.:, font post;. sutural and two ]argo and sometimes two sluall Rternopleul'al macrochmtre: sl'ntellulll benl'ing folll' lliargina l pairfo\j abdomen shining, bases of th last t.hree segmen ts gray pollinos{>., IJairs rather long flllll suber ct,1il'st Regmcllt bearillg ni:ll'giual, tlte Jlext two with diseal allel marginal, the fourth covered with maerocllfet::e except its ex.treme base; front pnlvilli of male longer tljan the last tarsal joint; wings hyaline, third yeiu bearingfrom four to eight bristle at the hase, fourth vein beyond the bend. strongly arcuate, apical c(\11 ljarrowly open; calypteres white; Iel1gth,7 to 9 liuo. Point Barrows, Alaska. aile male and two females collee1ecl June 24, 1 2, by MI'. John Murdock. Type No. 3G02, U. S.! ati011 al Mll enm..... _... gelida n. sp.

101 With only tlll'ee postsli.tural mact'ocia mtrc, second and tltil'o segments 0(' abuolll CIl bmtl'ing' (liscal mllcl'oebmtm, i'lteial ridges hairy out Hi uo of tho i>l'ilslles. fl'olit 0[' fhiil:tle 81ig'htly wider tlian eituer eye, tue silles a nd f;lci wliiti8h rollinoi;e, third joiut of I1ntelillm t wo and 0110 half time,; as lollg :~ f\ the i:\()(lollll, arhibl thit',lwlled on tllc Imi:4al thirll, the pouullilllate join t sli;.rlitly Ion gel' ilia n wiuc; abdolllcli s uusliining, g l'ay pollillllse, lllarkell with dark l'elicct i ll g s pots; ICll gtll, fj HIIIl. Vraneollia, N. n. (BioI. Oent.. Amer., Diptel'a, Vol. 11, p. 1; Feb., 1890:.1''''I1'UO(11"I.I. ). dnerca Y. d. W. WiLh follr post!'lltllral lllacroeliretm,!':eeomi an(1 tliirll segments of ajlilomcli destitute of dirt::!1 macl'och :{'t:l:', f, ~ciall'idges bare out Rid e of t.h e bristles; lell~tb, [j to lj mm. Prau(!ollin, ~. H.; Mas::mc llru,etth; 13l'ooklyn, N. L; Di;;trict of Uolllmbia j \ ' irgillia; TIl(lianlt; Illillois ;.1aeloHln, 'l'cjlii.; 'rifton, On.; Ure;.;cent Oity, F la.; 1\liflsissil'pi; St. Lonis, Mo.; TAlui,;iana; rl'exa~; (Jolo l'<ldo; Lat; Oruces, N. \[0:<:., and Ualiforuin. (])iptcl'es [<hot iqnes, Supplelllent Ill, p. ~09 [,l!j j; 18 17: P!tO/,(/('C1 ((. Z;)U1'Y ' (las tcr stjptcllt7"l'ollajis "WalkoI', Lord 's Na turalist ill Valll'oliver Islalld, ' , p. :):30 ; l1'ifio. P!tO/'UOC I'(I. CdiCfWdsii " ' illiston, Scnddor's Bnttcrllics of Now Ellghlld, Vol. lj 1, p. ]921 ; IH1:m. l'o(/ota,china, 1'iiJ1'iss(ltn Hl'anel' Hild Berg'enRtall1 l1l, Z'n~if. Kai". Mus. Wiell, ' -, p. ;1;; 1; l K01: ai,s\) in lilt. 1~' ((jjhol'() ccr< 1 t,(whi 1101IIOirics Towilselld, 'l't'ftils. A llier. E llt. Soe., Vol. XIX, p. t12; May, It!!)~. ]'hol'uccra lopltl//"i To\Vo,~elltl, luc. ci t., p. :!S!J; ] )0 CCUlUel', 1 SU:.!.) " " " "...,c/aripcl11lis :'I I at:q. Genus PHOROCERA Desv. 1'1101'0061'(1 Dos\'oi cly, l-:b8lti ~lir Ins 1l 1,\'odll if e~, p. lsi: lllllo, Blolll1"lia.lIoS\'(li<iy. lew. CII" p, 1 ~ ~. lildllolll!l" ))O~\ oiely, loco l'it" p. l:.l:~, l'lt/i'r DosYoitiy, In,'. cit.., p. 1;;4. " Tllis SY liou.yjil Y ill gi ven by }faeq nart I and r epeated by Sell i ner; 2 Bruuer aud 13ergelllltallllll also,,'h'e Pales ils equivaleut t.o 1 J 1101'O 'era, J bnt lilakllllo 1l.1t:llltiotl oc the otller two name,; : 1. vvitlt folll' stel'llop)(lnral a,li d [Otll' po ~ts ntul'al macrochmtrc, palpi blael" se 'omi ami third segments of r.bdomel1 boaring discl1i macl'oeillt'ta', si(les or front (h'stitnt"<~ of ma.crochreta" out~ide of tho frontal bristles, except tile ol'bital bri. ties of the female; fl'ollt, ill tllll liml e two tbinls a s wide as, in the female sliglltly wi 1er thall, eiilif'r eye; frontal ul'i ot les desl'c' lldillg' below t he arif;ta, til e lutte1' thiekeuc<1 011 its ba!'al tliir(l; third joillt of l11lt(llll1. ill Iho 1I);de six, in t}ic f'mal' fom, time, as long as the I A Ul1111es "';oc. Bl)t. Frul1ce, p. 4:!O; 1 'i0. 2 FIIIIIH~ AlIstriCII, Y(ll. 1, p. 4S : D Zwoif. Kals. MilS, "ion, VI, I" 234; 1893.

102 103 second; sider of face below t.he Inw(>.st fro II tal hristlc~ han" middle tibirc 'H,ch bell 1'illl4' a lsi Ilg1 nmer.cluet:l 011 t il e fl'out 'iull near tile middle; length, (i mill. :tilu\('ii,. \I'k., a IIcl LOR.\.lIgelcs COUllty, Gal. (Annale" Soc. gilt. Fl'llolllle, Yo1.,-nt, p. :!(i(l; 188:S.) par1'lt nigol. Witll three stcl'noplcil1"alllla(!ro(~hret<l' :1. With Dilly two.. tc'rllopleul':11 H lid foul' Pol';t"lltnrn,1 1Il11(: roc'].l fl'ta'; middle tibire eaeh heal'ing" two 01' IUnl'fI IIHI.t:I Ol' hn't:,' Oil tllr fl'out sit]' 11eal' the middle, hill(l tibim olitw:u'd ly eiliatp; blac'k, the palpi bl'owli, tbe scu~elllllll ~~ ello\" "XCl'pt at, tllh l'll!>('., tsicim; of fil'st three segments of :\,bdoillcu ROluetilllc:01 Imrt Ir yellow; t"l"()lit ill the male tlll'ee flftlis ;IS hl'ond as l'ither (',n', rl'olital bristlrs desccuding" to tip of second rt.lltellllflijoillt, elw('ks R('an'cly Ol le eighth as 11l OCMl.\s till' c,yc l1c'i g-itt, autellll:l' allilort as IOIlg- M! tll{\ face, thc third joint follt and olh' ha lf time:-; ~\;1 l Ollg n:-; tll(l l'ee olld, a.l'i8ta. thiek<?liell Oil the ba~<ll third, t'n('iall'idgpl'; lh'i,;liy ou thelowt't' till'e(> flftils to t hl ('(' I"OllrthR I,borax liglitly g"l'ay polli. llo se~ ll1 ~trke,l with LUl'('O hrnncl black Vitt:l', :-;( ~ lil ol1l1l11 [wllrillg" fonr lhti1's of Imlg mal'gill:t1 1IIHel'otll:l'ta', the last pail' (!rlleiate a.ll(l inclilled dowiiiy!ll'cl; allclolll\'11 HII1)l,ltillillg, tll(\ lll st thl'l'l' Sl'g mellts lightly whitisll pollillmll', the extl'clilc ILpin's of till' Keg" mellt~ La.m, the. uristly hail's I"al hcl' lon g- :llltl alllloht cj"(:'('t, lir t two st'!glllellts each bearing il IlIill'gill:1l pail' of lliltcl'()l'ha'tw, tho thinl with a lliargilial ro\\", lite fi)llrtll \\"holly covered l'xce})t tho extt'ejlii' bnrc; front ]lllhilli l<lig'htly 10Ilg'('1' thall the last tal'hnl joint; ",iugs hyalill', t h('. bnhc to ap x of seeollcl basal ('('11 gray, third veill bearillg two In'istles n.t it:-; bl\l'(\; ' ('alyplpl'cs whitihh; leng tb, (i to :;\1 j(,liig'<111 alld M issolll'i. 1'111"<'(; ilia 1(' H[l 'ci 1I1P,))8. 'l'ype Xo. ;W03, I'. B. :\litiojlal ::\1I1 I';CII))I.. /ol'frici8 11.Hl', 2. Thorax hec\l'illg' rhl'{'c po,;(,,;ntlll'ill 11I<I('I"oc'lI:l'tll' Thorax bearillg" four j)()f;talltnrals, llin(l tilti:n OIlLw!I.l <lly ciliate, Recou(l aud third Rcglllcnt:" of audollleu bearing' <li scnl IIHICI O chret:c, ReVemllll<l erot'ha tn outridc of the (rollt al uri,;tl(';.1... G. S. Himl tibim outwardly djilttl', i"iclltcllnui bearing f\)ill" mal"gilla1llairs of rnac1'och:etm U. Rind tiljill' not ciliate, seutelllllll bcal"illp," only thrl'(j pairs of IImr ginal macl"ocij:"ctx, hotly slellllcr, last thre(:' l<eg-lilellts of f1uuornen destitllte of pollcli On the uroad apic s, pollpu of fncc white Secoud alld thinl segllleuts of abdomen dc:;tilntc of t1i H.:al luaci'ocbret:l:', middle tibia: each ltea.rillg 0111.)' 011' IlIltttocha'ta ou the front side near tle middlo; lellg-tlr, 7 mm. Cticlt,1\liHs. ( Hiol. Cent. Amer., Dijltel'a, \~ ol. II, p. 4; Felt., lh!lo.).11i(w1 (I, v. (1. 'N. Second and tl1ird segmeuts of abtlomcll beari ng 11 i,.;cal ll1:tcl'oclhct:l:', middle tibia-> emit bearillg two 011 the frollt!lide uo.1,r tlle mi(ltue; J ngth, l1. "!\e\mrk, N. J. (Bio1. Cent. \li1el'., Diptera, 01. il, p. 7fJ; Feurllal'Y, 1 fjo.)..... rujilauris v. d. W.

103 104 f). Al)(lornen wlloliy covered with pollen, opaque; fiwc yellowis]j pollio llose, t lli nl antcdlllll joillt foul' times as loug as t he second ; ul:wk, t Ile palpi usnall y a ll d apex of pj'oboscis, yej]ow, a spot 011 Rides'of abdomc'11 of male auli tlle tiui;p n):.;o sometimes yel. Jow; fl'o1jt of the Illalo t Il rec-1.i ftln;;, of the J'enlHle three-i(mrth, as uroad ah eit,hej' ('~-(\, two pairs of orhital brifitles i II t h e fcmale, nolle ill (hulliate, frontal o J' istles descendillg' 1>elo \1' t he a l'ista, eheckr; one-f'o lll'th it S uro:ld fls tue eyc!t~'. i gltt, fllltell ll m lleal'lj fils long' ltfi t1,e {:we, llrista. tllickeued on the basal t hinl, facial J'itlg'eH ul'ihlly Oil Hie lower four-fifths; thorax gray pollio ]Io(';e, IHark e-(1 witll {{HII' bhtd;; Yitta: ; IJl'h,tly l\[\il's of nhtlolllen deprorhe.(l, l'il'st t,wo Sl\!!: I\ I(~lIt8 cnell be:trillg' :'L HHtl'gillal phil', the thinl with n, margillal 1'0\\', tb(} folll'th with n. tliscal and H IIl(wg illu I ro\\' of llla<:l'oeh:l'tn.'; willg:1-1 1IY:llhHi, bnse of third veill lwal'in g t,wo hl'istlc-:o;, foud h \',in Rtl'Ollgly arcuate beyond 111(\ hellll; c:lly ptcl'eh wllite; hillgttl. 'j to 11 mill. Di"t. ColullI hia; Lexingtoll. J\y. ~ a l)(l 'Toull. 'j'llree males l~li(1 t.wo femn.]es. Type ~ o. :HiO.J-, U.~. n t,jonal 1\1 n;;eum - _ _,. ltlllc(l'l1ilt' n. sp. Abdomen tlestit llte (If pollen Oll t he broad a]lices of th o l:tst t,iij'ee seglll e lltl'1, fat (I wlli te jlollinose, tllird nlltellllal.ioillt from two H1Hl Oll (l-l la lf to tlll'l'c t im o!' as loilg- ah t llo so<)ouu, frout of female frolll II\'e I'lixt.hs as wide as to sli g'lltly willer thn.u either eye, fro II ta.l uristlell dcsccl I(Jill g almost to a.pex of second ll al.ioillt, facb;l I'idgm; uj'istly 011 t l, o ba.sal two-tljirtls, t1.jird veill beal'illg t wo 01' three Uri8t.IuR lit t be hase, Sl'CO lld and tlinl Reg llhlll tll of a h<lonl(lll sometim es l)('.ii,rill g' disca,] mll-crocha-'titl; I Ilgth, Ii to ti ; o t ll e~wise a.s ill the nuoye descriptioll of lc1w(l II if,'. ' orthol'll Illinois, Missouri, Uolcnulo, alld Mesilla, N. l\'lex. (Fir8t HUj)t. lnsccts of Missouri, ]I. 111 ; ]\f arcb, ] 8G!J: [,ydella.) _. _' _- _. _- _ d01 YP/t.ONC Riley. G. Middle tibia.' en. II 1>cll1'ipg' two or lllore JUfl crocho_ tn, Oll the frout i-litle nem' t,lle mi<l(ll e _ _ - _ Mid(lIc til>ilp eaell lit'al,jug' n. si ll gle mocl'ochll>ta Oll the frollt side liear t h o middle, HideR of ( bcllow the lowe t froutal bristles hare, i~l'istl1 t.hi ckc1led to t he middle, t h e peuultiumte joint ollly slightly lunger tllall uroad, frollt ill ea h sex olle anci One-fOlll'th times [I,S wido a~ eit,h '1' eye, froutal bl'istles de ceuuillg below tll o I1rista, third.ioiu t of!\,)ltolliue ill the lll,lle six, in the female foul', t imes as IOll g as the SCCOlHl; pajpi sellow; length, to H JIlin. Dist. OolnutlJil1, Bluffton, S.., (I ud Missouri. (In Scudder's Butt. New E ngluud,rol. nr, p.uj:!2; 18!J) _conlstoeki \V'ill. 7. Sid s of fhee 1>elow the lowest frontal bristles b are, aristn. thickened on the basn,l tbr e-fourths, t1)e penultimatejoiut tbree times as long n wide, frout in ench sex one and oue-fourth times as broad as oith r eye, frontal bristles descending below tle <1.l'i ta,

104 105 third.ioillt of anteuuu:" in tlle malo six ill tilo femule follr tim s It lllllg rt' til seconll, apical 0'11 dosed; length, 8 10!} 111m. Alamella COll ll ty,,at \In Scndder':,; ]~llttertli(' of ' \Y Eng. laud, Yolo lll, p. 1!)~2; 18bH.) N(lIIlIdel'sii Will. Sides of face l>elow tho front.)'} bristles hrist.\y t wo.t\fl hs of the ilis tance to the vibriss;i', ariiib), thicl,clled Oil t1w 1>;)8nl tlli!'ll. the peuultilllatc joillt 011 I,\' sl ightly long'er thall widl~ ; blael;, the palpi, apex of os 'utellulu, front eorllel'::;(j{' tire sec()li(l seg'ui<.'lltof tire a (,11, Ubia:, a lid sometilul's' llhse or all 11'1111:1'. Yilllm\'iRh; frollt ill lualo sca)'m~ l y wider tlulii, ill the f'ellla!e Olle nlhlollo j'l)l1l'tll tilll CS ::tr wide \:l,8, ('ititer eye, twt) pairs or Ol'bital bristles ill 111(' female, llouo ill LI,(' mali', fl'o II tal Ul'i:;;tIl's Ile 'eellliillg to tl1t' fl,l'ist.n, cl,cel(l'; llearly 0110, h"lf <Ii:! wi(le as t,1ie ('Si\.11('ight,,llJtOllllll' auollt as )Ollg' a):\ IIICl face, Oil' third.ioillt "ix tiuh'r as IUllg as till.) sl'(':olltl ; thorax gtliy ),ollillose, lilal'lw(l wi III folll' bl"l!]. "itt.a',, S(:II tell nlll bl'(ll'illg' f(llll' pail's (If UJ:lI'g'iwrl lultcl'o' elm't",; abdomeu Wholly gmy polli 1Iose :LIlt! wit.ll I'!:'tled ill g- (1;, l'ker spots; wing-s llyn.jilll', hase oc third Vl'ill bc;ll'illg tliree bris tl CR, folll'th veill heyolj(l the velld disti lletl,\' a 1'l'1! n,t e, I'lll,\"ptcl'cfl \\'llitej length, '7 to m. Sa,lI Diego, Te:>.. A i'l 1H'elmen of caeh Rex eoljected Apl'il30, lsdj, by 1\11'. E. A. S '1,Wa,1';!,. rl'ype No. 3nOB, IT. ~. ;\"at.ioual.i\lnseuiii '"..,._/(I('ialis 11. lip. Ullrco(){/lIi:1'f7 8pcciM.-l'.? (Ta,('hina ) (OItcnna,/n \\'alkcl'; Li. S. ' P.' (Tao/tinll ) 111 (' /OU08'i8 \Valkcr. (SYII. Toohina Ilrlr7itll Walker.) Genus FRONTINA Meig, Proll/illa Meigen, yst.elljatir"lle lleacll. bill'. Z"'eif. InRflktl'llj Vol. "II, p. 2 17; l'l'o8opm HOJ1dHlli, Dil'iel'ol()giH' Jlalit,lI' ]'J"("lrorutl ~, Yo1.],", II. SO; l X(il, Acli(1 tvi/i'"fa ntlj.i1ci' nlltl Berg Ll8tU1llll1, ZWllif, Kl1i~. }OlllH. \"iell, \', p, :~34; l H\ll. Th!JaQ),om!/iallrnllcr nllli Bel'gou~tIlJUm, IDe. dt., ]" 3 ~u. Pal'a,r"ollt-iIlIT Bml1er nnd Bel'geust'-"lIlU, Joe, ci t" VI, 1), 115: I ~!):-!. Braner alld BeJ'gclIIst:UIIUl place Prosopea, Aelia-tollcura, :Ind Para frolltillu as sliilgellem of Front.illa; I alld although tj,(;,j' pl::wc 'I'hysa. llomyia, in a diii'creut seetion, it cnn 110t he generieally KC}Htratf;'(l from Froutin3. 2 Four Austriau speeimejlr of Ji'Yontin(( {ada l\1cig., tile t.ype!:\pccies of this gc1ius, received from alld j uentified hy ]~l'atjel' alill Bel' ~eustamlll, have the hind tiui:c outwardly ('iliate, as ill our "llccics. The latter ua\'e tile llalpi yellow, ami f!'om two to four u1'ist1efl on the ba e of the tbird vein: 1. 'With follr sternopjeural macroclt:l"ta', sclltejlnm largel.\" yellow alld bearing three or four pairs of ]oug- margiljal ami :l short apical 1 Zwcif. Kais. MlI~. Wien, VI, I). 212; 'Of two s)lceill1eus of l 'rviiuiir, ali-tiw sellt U,V Dr. Riley to Draller anti 11 rgeu stnmlll, onl) was referred uy illt)1il to )!roso}lea (Iud tho Iltller to 'J'hy~auol1lyill; of three specimens of r,'olltill" al'vhippitjol'a" one WIlS uy them I'eferred to }'nrnfrontino. nnd two to Aeb~toneurn.. liull of fifteen sp cimena of 1"'Ollti'IU /"6I1Cllii, they referred 0)18 to Beruimasicera, two to Prosopea, :~nd twelve to Aebwtoneura.

105 106 pail' of JlUl,cl'oclJ,etll\, scconq all(l tiii I d.'egrnents of ab<1olden clostitl11e of discalllla(:roebret:e, veuter de."titute of short. black spilles ,' ,.., 'Vith ollly thrl'c Atel'lloplcnrn,l macr(whrctrr, f;cute!lulli ulack, frollt 'jiulvilli of nmle Hlig-litly lollger tlmlt tile last tarsill.i()illt.... :.!. 2. 'l'lainljnillt of an t.('" II:l! of IIlll.Ie five, ill tile feulflle [om, tillll'-" m; Joug a~ the ser:otld, frollt of 1Il,"le three follrths, in the female olle alld ollo fifth times, as widf ~ as eitlmr eyc; abtlomell black, Jlarrow of last tllt'ee segments gray pollill''ose, sl'eonrl ajld third segmellt~ destitute (If eli cal macl'oeh:-etre, middle tibia', each bearing' a singl e one 011 the frout side lleitr the mi(hlle; length, }j lillll. I~ast bol'o, COIlII., all(l 'riftoll, (~a.. (Insecta SaulldCl'siana, Yo1. 1,)1. 2!'lfI; 18iJG: J.'aolti1tIl. } ((ncil/(i, 'Walle. 'l'hil'djoillt ofn, ntellnll~ in hoth SCXf\:,\ twl :nul olhi lralf tillies as long; as tire!'i(\c:oljfl, front ill tile :malo ollc.lllllf, ill t ile fe lli ale tlll'ce follrt ii :;, as broad :LS either eye, three postsllt.nral lllacl'ochrt't:p, scutellnlll. uef1rillg three pail's of 10llg liltl,l'gimtl OII1'S, (lertitnt.e of n, "hort. a,picalpnir, second nlld thirll segments of nhdllmen ill the 1I1l\'1e heal'illg' discal III a cl'odm t: 1;', '''Hnting ill tire female, Velltl'f of t ile"e segments ill tho female tllickly studded with 1'l1101't hhwk spines...,. '... '... _......,.... ' ~. 3. A bllolilell ill both sexes yellowish e:xcept ft cloi'riil \'itta, a fascia 011 the third.segul nt, wllitll S(lmctilIlO!'; (;0\' (\1'8 it, awl the base of t he f\hll't.h, w1ri(~h ltl'o 1>111I.:k: length, (j to!l 11111). Tifton, ( i-;r., Iw(l JaeksolJ\,iJ]c ;Lull ]'flkl~ Worth, Vb. (1'1'oc..Acad, Nat. Sci. Pilila" p. :no; September, 18!)''): Aolw,tIlJl(}ltro. },..?'1IVellti8 COil. AbdoHlell 0(' " hlack,,t f.pnt (III e:lc!r side of tir:<t tjn'c(~ KCg lilej ltr am] tire mlltow ap<'x of tbe fouj'th, yell!)\\' ; ill UIC felll:lle ulhck, 1 hi' llarro\\' upes of t ir e '!onl'tll seg-lllclit J'('lIO\y; ]tollgtil, 7 to i'.!'i SOtl(ilel'll l : a.]if()[,liit~ all(l Al1en(le, l\lexito. Frolll the type f;pecilu l'll. (TlIi-\l't:t Lift', Yo1. J, )). 33~; May, 18~n: Tlleh il/(t r JIla.siccl'll J. Prospli er.ijnii eo ljl osa vall d e l' \V nip, Hiologin, Cent A l)l e1'., Diptcra," 01. JJ, p.l1!); May, lsno.}.. (//'Jni[lera. 'oq. 4. Sacon!l ~egnwn( of a,bdomen (le"titnte of a marginlll pair of macro dw, ta or el~o tile ['ides of t ir e third l'ieg-ment IHI'gely 01' wholly rol.1ow ,... ' G. 'l\collllsl'glllont beal'illg' a llial'g'ina11)ail' of' stout ml1,cl'ochrl'tm,'abl1o. Ulcnl)lack, lit most with :t yellow spot 011 ('Hch si<1e of the second seg'mclit, 1]jil'cijoillt of allteuu:o of llln,le fl'oill :five and olle Jlalf to 1;\ "en, ill t.]i(\ female from three to foth' a.nd oile half, times a. long It the f\ccoud, , Front ill tile )LULl olle nurl 011. I IIl1f, ill tile ft'malo olle alld three folll'tlis, ti mes \u, wide as eitll l' <,ye front }llllyilji of }unle till' o foul'tlll'l ns 1 mg as the last tal'f{al joint l ellgth, (i to 9 Inlll. l\lichig-hii i l\fissol1l'i; Texlli'i i 'alifoj'llin and I'nllulan, Wash. (Iu cudd 1'S Butterfiie of N(lw Euglnud, "\ 01. Ill, 1). 1923;

106 107 IHSfi;.lfo8'i('cl'a..ilchwt,onl'to n sp') ami Pm n./hliitilta.. p. Bran l' alld Ikl'g'enstHllltn ';n litt.) II I'cltiJIJli l'oi'(f I 'Yill. Front ill tho male at most slig'lltly wider thall, in the l'ellllt1p nile allel ollf'-tl1il'd tilll('s!lr wide a!:-\, cit her ('Yl', fhmt pnh'illi of mille :-;Hght 1,1' IOllgeJ' tlla.n the la:-;t hll',;,ll,joillt; It' ligth, ;j to 11 III Ill. Ca.lla da. ; B I-crly, Mass.; NHw.JeJ'Scr: J'l'llllsyl\'Htlia: Lakt>lallll, Md.; Distl'i('t of' Colullloia; \. il'giuia; Hl'Ool;:vill<" I lid,; Cal'lJOu, tlalc, Ill.; Missouri, and f01'1l in. ([ll HCll(hlcl"::I ilut,tl'rtlies of New Eug-Iautl, Yo). 111, p. HI:.!;);' 11;t'\!l; 1/asiO('I U. ldw'lo n e ll;'((. li()'~li(' I'1/S Brauer alld Bergell!:i tltlu III, ZII' t\if. I':lis. ~lli s. Wien, V p. 1$34; 18fl1: Phorocel'Ct 111'11111 i,~oil(l 2 1'oWIISClld, ['".yellc, Vol. VI, p. 84; ]\fay, 18!1l, JlIei!lcltia J( {''',~tl'1'i 1'OWIISl'lld, ' HIIU,' diau Entolllologist, Vol. X X I II, p. :!() ;; October, 1 '!)}. Jlatlil'{,,'n 8<:h.i:nl'(l.:2 Towllsend, P;;;yclie, \' 01. VI, I'. 1.',7;.De(,(:\III11I'I', 18!J1: frolll a co type specimen rccoi\,t~ (L froid 1\11'. 'I'owII ;l/1i8i('i' )'((' 17((trma,non 'row lisen(1, '.I'r:ll)s. Allier. Elit. So('., Yo], X IX, p, 287; Deccruoer, ]'((()liil/a anony"i(l, Hiley :MS.: f('om tllh pro poretl t.ype Srecilllcll.. 1 C/iWtl!1lCII I'lt "1'., Ilrancr:l nd I crgenstrull ll) in lilt. PI'II8()jI(I'a s p., TIraneI' n 1111 Rergt'nstilluUl in litl. IIl'milIIa.l'iC(;I'Cl "p" Bra,uer and Htll'g'Pllstallllll in litt. ), ".fl'l'li.rhii Will. G. Abdomen ill bnth. ReXt S yellow (III ;,lido>l of the third seg'llient, second >leg-ment ill the malo bearillg' a murgin:.!,l pair of mht'l'l)elupt,l', or el8e ilis front llnlvilli olily tlrl'ee ['olll'tlih as J(lu g as t.ho Illst tal', s~\l joint.. _., _....,,.... '.,..... _....,. _..., 7. Abdomen of t,li e female black, at 1ll0::lt wilh a yellow SP()t eaell side of secoihi seglllent, tlii;; sl'glllent il1 both,-.;excs flcrtitllte of fl m;),rgiual pail' of liiacroclall'ti(', front jllllvilli (If liiale f;jig-litly 10ng'e1' thuli the In:-;t tarf;al,joillt,) third,joint of alltellllil' of' Ina,le ii'om two awl t,hn'c foul'tlj s to live, in the h' ll1ille ('mill (\Yo and tltrec ('ollltlis to tlm?c Hnd ollo 1hinl, times a;; long' as the I'wooudj length, (i to llmm. Toronto, Cl\l\nd it; H everly, ::\[ar:-;. ; Brook lyu, N. Y, ' J)istriet of Columbia; (';corghl; (Jbarlottc narbor, l<'lorirla; MissisHippi j Bra7.()l'ia" Tex.; Los A lig-elcf;, Ual., awl Venezuela, South A lllcl'i( a,. ((Ja na<iia Il.E n tolliologi st., oj. XI, p. Hi2; 187!); Tn('llina,; from a to type SpeCilll('lI. 'l'(whinn fra tema, CorllstOClk, ll.cpoi't Commissioner Agrie. for 1R70, p. 303; Pro8opa.'a sp, Hmnel' aou.b(~rge nst(tllllll h~ litt. Tlty,~anomyia, sp. BraueL' and Bergenstamm,:1/ lift.). - _... alctim Hiley. 'This species is llslmlly crel1itell to Riley, hnt lie no"lir dllrcrib <t it so fur BH I am aware. "In rsyche for Jun, 1893, page 407, ~fr. Towns nu repol'tk hadng r ccivctl from Professor Forbes two Taohinn flies urel\ "from pupa' of EllchU'tlJ8 c!jfe, Breeding cage, May 4, 1il 0." One of these h reform to,l/asicel'a Holti ;:""(I'!tol1 tho other to 1'I'o8plim'!18a pr011libfl(a, appal'cutjy without 8uspc(,tiug th14t both of them belonged to oue and the SR.we specic~.

107 Frollt pulvilli of male distinctly longer than the last tarsal ;joint, i'olli'tl Reg' U1 cllt of a.bdomen ill ooth sexes black ex opt toe ft.-out comet's) tljird joint of lhll tell lj:l' ill the llhtle fuur, in tlle female from two illlel j,l11'ee folll'thr to three a tlll one.t!tird, time as lon g as HH) Heoolld; le ugth, 7 to 8 IIlm, District of Columbia. (Li t or ()ip tc1'oll8] ll S~ ts,part IV, p.7 8; 184!l; T(lchhlll. ]1la/;icc1'a, dul)'ia WillistolJ, in SClHlder's Buttel'tlies of ~ew B ngland, Yol, III, p. HI:.!4; J 889. JllaS'icera. IIp hinfli 1) (11'(1, Tow tl seud, '1'rans. Allier. 1<; JI t. Soc., Yo). XIX, p. 280; Dee., 1 fl:.l.)., cio/ell/a Wnlk. Frollt pili vi lli or mu,le O1lly three fourths i~s long i1s the last tarsal,ioi ll t, iilurth I'>rglll(,ll t of a ll(lomon in hotll soxes yellow except a ml.1tow bhwk dorsa,1 \'ittn" tllil'u joint of '~ II (.I IIU:\' ill both sexes two all(l olle half tilllos as IOJl g' as t llo Ilocolld; lellgth,,'-; 1U1JJ. Jltd'l-\oJl\,ill,Fla. (List of ljipterol1s Iusel'ts, Part IY, p. 78 ; ls.!!i: l '(loh:ina, lija.~io('i'{( / il6.11i Willistoll, ill SClHlder's ljltttel" Jlies of NI'W I')ughwd, Vol. 111, p. 1!l2.1; l!-\i::\h, ).,htl-'qnie1(1 W-a,lk. Un1'f'(;I){jnizcd,'j}(:oie/i.-.F'.I' (Tnohina. ) dy(z((.s Walker; Brit. Amer. Genus STURMIA Desv, StIlI'lU;.I't, l)eavoidy, ESSI\i ~llt 1('8 MyotllLil'es, JI, 171 ; l~)ha1'iJia llondalli, ))jpterolog-i: 1I llilli('ij) ]'rouromu8, Vol, I, 11, 71; 1!lr;6, Ctl'1I 00lfcllliH Ko"'arz, " fi)'unihl. Z oot. Jlotau, (Je~e JJ., Viou, Yo]. XXJT,]1, 160; 1 ;:3, ]//cl'ha:i'ijllllla, lirauer aut! HOI':,(CU8(,(HUm, Zw if. Kais, MLl8, \\'ten, IY, 1'. 96; 1889,.ih'!J,I" "1''',lj7a,r 111'[1,\'1 01' 1\1111 Bel'gen~tILllIlll, loc, [' it,,1', 163. Blel'lIal'i pa wa' pl'oposeel for t he genu!'> Sturmia of Desvoidy, owiug to the fa.ct that tho latter name h ad been previously used in botany ; btl t, accordi 11 g to presou t usage, botflu icltl li a loes do uot i IIterfere with tllos{' omj)loyeu in zoology. Otenoenemi s aut] 131eplwripoua were pro posed to take the place of lnellbal'ipf1, owing to the fault,y construction of tlle latter mtllle. In t Ile Z" eif. I\, a.i s. Mns. WielJ, VI, p. 21:5; 18113, Bmner H,tI(l Bel'p:cnstnmU1 reduce Arg-Yl'ophylax to the rank of a. sub geu(h,i of Ble}Jhariporla. l A ll of OUl' liave four postsutural III!\(~l'oell l1l ta' : 1. With fom' sternoplllul'ftl macl'ocll:etre , 'Vitli three stcl'lloplenml lila,ero Im'tt '...,,., ,..., With ollly t\\"o stem Ol)leurals; black, t ue palpi, at least on tile api M I half, l1ud ilj) 'x of ]ll'obosl'.is, yellow; front of female from t wo t llirds to tltree fonrtbs a wide as either eye, two pair,; of ol'bital hristles, n, stont bac1; wlwdl y curving lll ilcroch (ctm between them and the fl'ontn1 bristles, t he lntter descelluing nearly to lliiddle lin SCl1ddlll"S "omouc\ator Zoolog iuns, Eiupplenl nt l~l L ist (11, 46),1 2, is cite(\ I) B ' ~llhll1,llp()tl(l ROUUIWi,Nuol"i Annu.U i. Nat, Bologna, er.3, Vol. II, p, 362; 1-1,!lUll Oil, ]luge H2 of tbe sarno work the gouus Ct~nool1emi8 of!,owa!"z ill, on tbe all thority of Mr. Vo rn~ll, 1I' synonymous with ljlephayopo(la, The writer hils b een uulible to col1!mu t h n.bove mentionod }1apor hy Roudn.ui. hot, if ~It-, Verrall'M r ferenoe i orrcct. the llnmo of and r<1fel'onoo to Rlep)j(lropotllt RODel, sboultl be inserted illlllle. dil~te ly nfter Sll4rm,ia in the above list of r,yn onyw8.

108 109 of Recollll joiut of iluoollll lll, c ueeks one- n i(l t ll<1~ lvide as the ey height, viol'iss,' Rlightly below t he 'level of froll t edge (If oral margin, ri\lges ol'istly on the lo\v(lst third, alltcltnll.' Itllllo~t as loug as the face, the tltircl.ioiut five times [II'; 101lg' rtf' the sl'(\{)lld, arist:1jtbickcuecl all Lhe lmsal fonrtll. the penn ltimatejoiut shorter thall br o~t 1; thor-as gray pollillose, IImr!."ti with four black vittm, S(JUte llu111 bearing' three pa,ir' 0(" marg'illa1 IIIH('I'Ocltlt'tm a lld a sbort apical pair, abdomeu opa.qne gru,y po!lillo~e, ('acll segmellt lje::t.r illg IlIarg-ilHtl maeroch a.:tm, lliidtllt\ tibia' eul'll h aving no si ng'le one on tile front sid fl liear the middle; wiug'l'lllyaliue, tltirtl vei ll ljearing from thrce to six brirtlt ~ lielll' itl-l bnl:lc, foll1'th veiu ljeyond t ue beud stl'ongly fwc nate, cal,'-ptt\res whiti::;h; I ug-th, Mi. Ronri_ 'rwo femt),le R}l(lI'imens. 'J'ype o. 3(i()!), U. S. Natiomtl 1\i'IlR(\ llu1.... _ ~ I (T II"'i,, II. sp. 2. Palpi rellow _ _ _.. _. 3. Palpi usually lijack, fllul'tlt segmetlt of n.bdollll' 1I alld a pex of scutellum yellow; middle tibia' each beat'i ug' a. Ri ll g- Ifl IIHlero(JIII{"ta Oil t he ii'ont side near the mi(1dle, third veill hearing (\\' 0 Ot' three uristle,; II ea'r tile uase; black, npex of s<'ntdlulil nnd of iillu'j,l1 seglilent, (lr abdomen, nlso somdilllet-l the pa,lpi, yellow; front of WiLle (l lle half, of tbe female foul' tiftbs, as wi(ltl HR either YO; two pairs (If orbital bri ~tlel:l ill t Ile femfl Ie, IIOlie i II tile.lll ale; froutal bristl'l'; deseeu\liu g ll\'arly to apex of l:iecol1(l jtlill t of (\litellll'c', cl1eeks one-sixth as wide as the eye height, vihl"i;;sm Oll a level with t he front edg-l) of oral lu.trg-ill, three ul'istle!3 aljovc eaell, antellllie almost as loug- as t,ih:i hwl', til' thi!'(l,joint i ll the male tbree anu olle-ualf, ill tile female t.wo Hl1d one half, ti lues ft l:l long a.~ the Rer-oIHI, ari:sta illickpllcd Oil t he hasal t\\'o fifths, t Il e PCII ultimate joint ah hroad as loll~' ; thorn x gr.1y pollio llose, llltl,rked with foul' uhwk vittn', fientelllllu heuring' four lllllrgimil pail"~ of Ulacroeha'b' ; ab{iolljl.'ll 011 the Hceouu :~Ild third shg-mell ts gray pollillo~e n.!l(] witll 1'l~ 1lCCtillg spot, ]J>ltl'ing DIlly mal'ginal utacrochwta'; willa's lij'aliu(', foul'th vein b yond t he bend strongly arcnat.e, ('alyllte(,(.lil wbite ; l ClIgth, 6 rmn.. Oape Cod, Mass., alld Pilley,Point, Mil. A!;peCilllCI1 of each sex ; the male ured O(\wbe[" I, ] 88!J, f.'oil I a spcci(1) of PLyciodes. Type No. 3610, U. S. NatiOllal Museum.. 11liyl"Lodis II, Sp. 3. 1\Iiddl(\ tibire emit bearing a single macl"ocba ta. on t lt e frollt side near the middle.. _ _.. _.... _.. _. O. Middle tiljire each bearing tlnee or more llh1crocit3!ta: on the front sille near t lte middle apex of auuomen bluek..... _ Ab(lom II de' titnte of discfll macroclhntw. OIL the second and third segment, the fourth wholjy covered except 0 11 t lj bas(i, ll onc of the mhcl'ocuretm on tlds segmeut more tban tllr e-foul'ths as lollg as tho e on tl'8 third; apex of scntellum broadly yellow, thirti veiu beariug two bl-istles at its bllse; lengtlj, V to 111llm.

109 110 J3evel'ly, Ma s.; Hartford, Oonn.; Virginia; Oolumbia, S.O.; Savalillall, Ga.; OtllltCl'ville, Fla. ; nortlle['ullliuois ; Tennessee; \V;.wo and Paris, 'rex., 1111(1 Sftn Jose, On). (Tusecta S ~lullll ersi ana, Vol. I, p. :l:33 ; l S;i lj : T(fchin((:. T(lchina ()uconica, vvalker, loco ci t., p. :WG. He1nill~l(liic e l'a sp., Brall 'l' alld Bel'genstltlJllll 'i.n litt. ).....,... " ' " ,. alb (lro1t1l Walk. Abl10lllCIl bearing discal HHtCtocllmta:', o ll t Ile secondlwd third seg ll1 eut ~ ; bhwk, t he fir:::lt two j Oi llt ~ of t,lle ;Lnteull;e, 1mlpi, aud a' J.l e~ or scutellum, yellow; fl'o ll t (If fell1(l'\e allllo!'\t ~\S wille tl>s eit ucl' eye, fronla1 hl'i stles d esccijdillg bell catll tlte arist;1, sides of '{'owe yel lowi sh white pullillose, vibrissllj ou a Je\'e1 with frout (luge of the oj'al liull'g'ill, ridges uristly 011 tlje lowest two,fifths, cheeks olle fillh as ul'o fhl as t ile eye h eiglt t; tlli I'd joi II t of all tellu;e two and OlJe t hird Limes as 10ll g as the!secolld, arista Lhiekeneu Oil t,hc 1l,tsal half; t horax. blni~h-gl'a.y pollino e, lulwkell wit,h forir black yju;e, four postlsl1tnral )lmcrocb mta~, scutalllulll uoa1'illg t hl'ce IOIl g' margilial pair" alld n, su.of't apical olle; abdolij eli 1::lUb~lJinilJ g', thillly wbite pollinosl'; willgs hya lill e, tiugeil witl Yllll owi~h at t he l)h,se alld alojlg t he I:osta., tllir<l \'oill bmtl'iljg' two or three bl'i;;tles a t tile 1m"e, calypter 's white; length,!i mill. :::;eil,tt1e, W:tsll fe lilale... occic1enialis 11. i:lp. A bilulli(l1l oe;will g di8calul:lcl'oeil;l't,;r:, cte. Differs frolll occidcnt.:tiis as follow s:. OOX:l', femora" Hlld t ibi;t, yellow; fj'out of male 0118, lml1' a,s wide f\.8 eilher eye, 8idcs or face y,bite 1lo11inose, fa,cia.l l'i(lge8 bristly Oil t he lowest, Ii fi li, t hil'll joint of alltenjla' four t im es as IOIl g' as the seco )l ll,!ll'il:41a t hiel,rlled Oil t lt e Illlsn1 two fifths, ahdouhll1 opaque gray pollillosc, w<lj'k cd willi oli\'{.' bl'owji l'ctle<:lill g' spots, wiu gs not tillg'l:'ll with yellow; lellg-u I, H 111m. PI(ll'ida. A sill gle ma le specijll en, collected!)y ]\f l's. A. '.I.'. Klossnu..... _... " ,... (l ustra,lis 11. sp. 5. SecoJl!l a.nd third seglllcj.lts of n,bl1 olllcll dcrtitute of tlisen! macro; elirl't.: (" IIpex of nl.lilolllejl nlld or licutelflllll Y llow..., tie 'oud, t,jjil'il, (1 fllurth segments b em-iu g diseal JllaerocIIR'tH', ~ ojlle 0 11 the 1'ol1l't1l as l OIlg' as those OIJ t lll~ third, apex of auuoil1cil lllld of Rcutellnlll ulack, Olinl veill beal'illg three bristles at its bafo;e;, (i,g II1Ul..J:1cl\soIlYilIe, FIn. (Biol. Ct'll t. AJll., Di pt., \TO!' TI, p. 105; March, 18HO: J1/CtSi(;()I'(f. ).,.. sl' 'i[1(( (a v. d. VV. 6. ' heeks ojle sixtll as l.n'o,ttl nb t 11 ' eye height, f'routaj bristles 1I0t I'eachi llg' t o uase of t1jin) joiljt of HutellDl-e (see aboye nuder 3). p hyoiodi/j n. sp. OIJeeks ono-uin t l.j II. broil-(i us the eye hoig-lit, fronta1uri.'tles descend ing belo'" tho HI'h-:tH, tljird Y{'in bcl.l l'illg' a. s iij,,;le LridJe 1Iear the uase; black, the palpi, apex of sc utelluul, and. ides and apex of abdollleu y llo,,"; fl'olltof f male thl'e fourths as witleas eitlier e~ ' e, tbird joint of ihit\!ilul' t hree aud ollo lm]f times as l ong a the S('l\Olld, ari, t,a t.hieliclled on tllo basal fourth; otlt l'wise as in tll avo,e tlescl'iption of JI}/yoiocii8. single feulale specimen

110 111 bred OctoOel' 7, lst;(i, from Hrw)"isiJla, flm cl'icmi(i. 'l'ype :Xo. :)()) 1, U. S. )ll'ltional.1\1 uselllll _... Jl(lt'l'i.~il/ft > II. "'p. I. Middle tibia' ench oem'iug n xillgle lllacr( ~ ;li ll'ta 011 tile frout Rid e Ilcar the rni(l(lle, }><1lpi, ex('cpt HO ljletiilh~.s the t\xtr('lij(, a]ll'x, Ll<1ck......, ,. " 8. Middle tilji;t enell Leariug two or.more lllacrol'llil t.;( 011 the i'rollt i(10 1I(~[l r t he luitldle, jolll'll! segment of abr1olnl'1l black..... _ S. Third vein bearing fl single hristle lienr its })"8(:). _..., _. n. Thit'd voi II bearing two hl'istles Ileal' its IJ':t:'w; black, ineluelillg tlte pal!,i; froll t of fema.1e sligjltly Jlan'ower' titan eithel' eye, fl'oli tal oristles descending to'jmse oft,l.tinl alltclili;l] joill t, 11<'s of frollt nl~hcr lollg [Lilt] aoundallt, cheek" ouc-eigli tli a s wide as the eye height, v ibrissa: Oil a 'ICHll,yith {rollt, edge or oral UHtl'g ill, ridgbs bristly 011 the lowest awl, :I II tell Il:t, almost lis long n.s tho fllci..', thc third joillt from twice to three alit! one ('Ol1l't,h t,illles a IOllg' a.s the sci:oll(l, al'ista thickened a ll t he hasal t.wo-firths, th" penultilll:1te joiu!; a~ broau as Jllll g'; thora.x p;my pollinose, marked with ('0111' olade vitta:, sl;utl'llull1 ben,rillg' fnllr marg'illal pairs of lihi,aocjlil:'t;', tbat ;11 tlih apex C l11'vill ~ 1,aekwf1ru ltud 11early horizontal; abdolucli sh ilring', ba, N, of I:1st tl!l'l'c seg melltfl wllitisll pollinose, s 'couti l~li(l t ilil'll segmellts hearillg margiu!! 1 1I1rLcl'ochn'bl', the follrth covered <.IX(Wpt at, hase,'vith much sborter OIlOS tll[1u those 011 the tljil'(l ; ",ing-s IJyalill(', calyp. t.eres white; lellgth, t, III Ill. Tiftoll. Un. Four femal(\ sped mens ( ollectt1.d October 1,10,1;, :lih1 17, ljy J\h, 0. It. Pilate. Type );0. 3G12, n. is. Ntttiollal Museum pi/ltld 11. 1'11). 0. Fourth KegJl)('llt of abllolllcli wbnlly 01' ];Il'/,\,ely yellow, ilk!hilim) guhlen yellow; l (~ngt h, 7 to \ Til'gilJiu.; Tinoll, (-la.; Mississippi; Palestine, Tex. ; ClIJ'holltlall l, Ill. ; A 1)1.111('(1:1 CountYr Cal., nlil] Killgstoll, Jrllnaicn, West JlJdie;;. (Allsael'. J';wei. Iu.~cktHlJ, Vol. II, p. ;,34; 11:)30: TIlOhiilll. JJas;('('ra })1'%plll'ciIJ TO"'llselld,.]ourIHl1 Jamaica Illstitut.e, Yol. I, p. 70; 180:.\: fl'oln two cot~ l pe 8p 'cimens. ). _... _.... _.. _. _.., tl i8tinctrt W ied. Fourth sog-m(l ll t lal'g-e ly or IVlwlly ulhck, its {lollc li gray; IOIl g-tll, (; to m. District of Uo]tllJllJin; Cal'oollda1., 111.; Kirkwood, Mo.' Georgia; Mississippi; t. Louis,.Mo.; BatolJ Honge, La" allcl Colorado. (13 io1. 'e ljt..8.ii'lt'r.. Dipt >I'a., Vol. ]I 1), 107; March, 1890: lj[a.s';cera. Ar{JYl'ophylax Rfl., Braner allel nergellstumjll in lit(, ).. _ in'l li.i llata. v. d. W. 10. econd anel third segmellts of audoruen destitute of dis 'al JIIacrochret::e _., -..,.. -. _. -, _ 1l. ecolld aud third segments bearing cliscalmfl.crochrutfl' apical pail- 011 the scutellum almost vertieal, cutellulll aud pal])i black, third antauual joint 11early four tim as long as tbe (;onu, third yein beariug It sillgl bristle at its base; length, 7 moo, Colorado. (Trans. \.1Oer. Eut. Soc., Vol. X III, p. 358; Nov 00- bel', 1891: Masieel'a. ),.. _ _ _ niui"ita Town.

111 PaJpi yellow, tile tllree nppermost frontal bristles ill each row 1101 ieeably IODgel' 1 hall t he next OileR , _.. _. _. 1~. i>alpi, xcept the apit:e::;, blat:k, the t hree upper-luo t fl'olltal bristles!lot 100'l;er than those below them, 110 hairs b elow til(::'. lowest ones, yibrisslc 011 a level witll fronl ed"'e of the oral lultl'gill; hlack, t he apice:-; of pajpi anti of f.hmte llllll1, yellow ; 110 orbital 1101' oeellui' bristle!:! ill the llmle, frontal bristles descending' to base of third an tenllal,ioiljt, cheeks 0110 fifth as broad as the eye lleigljt., hlcial ridges bl'istly 011 tlje lowest iolll't lj, anteu li fo 1Iearly rtf; 101lg- a s t he face, the thil'rt joillt twice as long as t he Her'ollel, 1)(' lillltilunto.ioint of arisbt slightly lollger than hroad; t llol'ctx gl'ay pollinose, marked with foilf' black "itt;l!, abtluwell gra,y )Io11iuose 011 tile last t.llree eg-illeuts, with l'ejl tlcting darker S Jl()t ~, t.uo lllutow llintl margins of the seg-month f\l lin ill g black, hn,irs l1 o pre~~ell, til'st t lil'i'e Se~lllellts uenl'iug llhtl' gill~d 1I11)C1'OelJret:l', wi1lgs i.yallll1'" slightly t,inged witll yellow l.lal'lidly, third vein hearing' two l)!'i:-;tl(~ s at it!! ba:-;e, follrth "(:lin beyulicl the holld lieady stj'a.i gll r, I:aly ptfll'es whitisu; fwut llulvilli I'l lightly IOllg'cr than the last tli rsal.ioinl; IOllgtli, n JI1lll rado. A. sillgle m~ll L specimen eollccted by Mr, Oad F. Haker. 'l'ypo No. 3G13, U. S. Na.tional :Musel1l ". bakeri II. lip. 12. Frout ill j,lie 1IIale as broad as, iu t ho fellin-ie OliO alld olle-fourtlt tillws as broad a,~, eitllel' eye j Itil'll joint of!lntenllm two allcl olle thil'd ti11les as long' ;LS tlw S8C:Olld, apical IHLil.' of Illll,cro eh;eth' 011 St:lIt,olllllll clir'vilig uackward a lld uen,l'!y hol'izc)jital, vj hri~ s H' 110ticeauly al.lovo tue le\.-t\l 0[' f1'01it eclg'> of th oml ll1argin, al'i:,;1'l thick nell on t ho ba:ml thrce - tiftb~ ; length, 11 1ll1Tl. HOI'seneck BmH:h, Mass.; f;(llttbcl'1i IJliIlOif-;, and Florilb. (BioI. O(" lit.-.\..mer., l)iptel'::i" Vol. 1 r, p. UO; Mal'ch, 180U: Jl1as i (' (3 1'<1. )... _.. - _.. - _. - - _. ' -./1 (wcl'li/eltta, v. d. \V. Front, ill t ho male two, thil'c1~, iu tije female four-liftll s, as wide as cither ('Y(J, tldl'd joi u t of a ntenlla) foul' time>; as long tls t ue Recoud. arilita thickcljetl Oil the basal two-fifths, vibrissm 011 a. level with front edge of t he oral lun.rgin, apical pair of macrocluet::e on t il scutellum urvillg (orwn.l'd and suberect; ulack, tlje pn.1l'i, n ud ~011lctjlUe~ apex of S '11 tellllln and sides of t he secolld ahdomillul segment, ljincl allgles of the first and frou t augles of th third, yellow; fronta.l bril'itlcs deseeutliug slightly uelow tlj nristll., sides of fro1lt bearing nnmerous bristly lmil' l\lid 011e or two nu\cl'ochu:tfl', two pairs of orbi.tal uri t1 s ill tlte femu,le 1I0lle ill t he male, clteeki:l on -fifth as broad as tbe oy - height. facial ridge ' bristly 011 the lower half, the bristles ascendiljg two-thirds 01' more of eli tahce from tlte vibrissa') to th lowest froutul bri ties llntenu.' neal'ly as long as the tac~, }} ullltimat joint of arista slightly longer thall broad' tl!ol'ax gnty p IJiuo e marked witb fom black vittoo, abdomeu on 1a t

112 113 t.ljl'ee segments gray polliuos(i, with rehecting black spots, second anu third segments bearing- margina,l macrocbrotrr., the fourth wholly ('overccl; front pulvilli of' male longer than the lal:it tan;aljuillt; wings hyaliue, third veiu bearing three or four bristles at tile base, fourth vein beyoud the bend 1m' lime, cfi,lyp. teres white; length, 10 nnl1. Pulhultu, Wash. Two males u,ud three females bred by Prof. C. Y. Piper fl'ol1l 8chizllra ipo1ll.rem. Type Xo. 3614, U. S. ;rational Museum sohiznr(tj n. sp. Genus,MASICERA Macq. MUBicc"l'a MI1Clqul.lrt, ltistoil'e J\aturelJe In ~e(lt er, Dil'~ercs, Yol. II, p. 118; 183fi. Cel'o'l1lu&ia Houtlani, J.Jil' t,<' wlogia, ltltl ica' 1'I'OOrOllll1", Yo}. 1, p. 71 ; 1856, ])0.1;0(11'8 Brllt1er,~ ud Berg;ollstl1mm, Zweif. Kais, Mil S, \\' iell, IV, p. 7 ; H6I1virna.8i(lCI'U Braner u,ucl BorgellstttlUlIl, loco!'it.. '.l'lle last named nlltllor' phwe Dexodes and ilemimariccl'a as sub gencn~ of CP1'oumsia, a,ii (1 rota-ill lvlafliccra as ~~ di still('t genlls. 1.A. compal'isoll of spedes placed by these authorr ill Uo(.!l of there flo called geuera 8ho\l's tbat t hey are too closely I'elatccl to l,e separated into different gellera: 1. Thorax beariug' four postslltural In:t(:rocllietrc, two or more 0 11 fr'onc side of each middle tibia neal' tile middle, apex of abdomen.? _ _. _... _.... _ J. bia,ck.... Thorax bearing only three postsntnral!tnd tlll'co stcrnopleul'al mftcroclia:>tre, second ltull thir<l abdomi lml segment bearing di lsm~l as well as marginal ones.. '.' _..., Sceond and third segments of abdomen bearing lli lscalmacroch retro, apical ]H11r ou scutellum llearly ho1'1 7.01ltal Secolld and third seg III ell t 8 destitute of discal macrochrot:.e ; black, the second antenoaljoillt, pulpi and usually the scutellum except the l>a ~e, yell ow; front of female Olle '[wd one fourth times as wide as eitber eye, two p <~il's of orbital bri tles, hairs on sides of fl'ont short and sparse, froutal bristles descending to base of third antennal joint, cheeks over one follrt,h as broad as til eyeheight, fn,ciall'idges bristly 011 t he lowest third to half, antenllfe five-sixths as 101lg a. the face, the tbird joill t three tim s as lollg as the second, arista thickened on tile basal three fifths, the peuultimate joint shorter thai! br'oad; thorax gray pollino, e, marked with four biacl{ vittle, foul' sternoplenl'al macrocbmtr, scutellulll bearing two loug aud two sbort 1)3,i1's of marginal oues, tlle apical pair almort er ctj :tl>domen on last three seg ments gray pollinose, their apices sometimes shining, the bristly hairs depressed; wings hyaline third vein bearing two bristles at its ba e, hind cros8vein aud th fonrth vein beyond the bend almost straig'ht; calypoores white; length, 5 moo. Atlanta, Ga., -_ I Zweif. Kaill. Mus, Wien, VI, PI" 211, 212 ;

113 114 aud Los Ang'eles 00., Oal. Two females colleeted by the 'l'ype No. 3U15, {T. S. National:M:uf:leum pauo'iscta n. slj. 3. With ollly t hre(1 fltel'lioplonral manrochaltm, palpi yellow, third vein uearing from three to six bristles at its base; length, 8 to 10 mm. New naillpsilil'e; a,nd AUf.;tria. 'J'wo male::; and one female from A\1st.l'i<~ l'eceived from Br(~\ler and liel'genstarnlll alld uy them laueled Oe'Yo'lllasia, florwn M1Wq.; tllese authors state that t,llis is a ~y ll()liym of jcstinans Meig., after examining tile type of the lat.ter.' (System. Re ch. li}ur. Zweif. lllsekten, Vol. IV, p. 384; J 82,1: l'aohina" 11as ioemflorum Macquart, Allllales Soc. ],j ll t. FJ'::tIIce, p. 41,0; 1850.)......,... ft;ljtinan.~~ M.eig. 'Vith fonr stel'lwpl cnralmacl'ocbfl.'tn:, palpi bhtck, third veill uearing :l single bl'istle at, itl:! uase; leugt.h,8 to 10 IIUII. Canada; Mass.; lililiois, alld BIlg-Iand. A Rpe0imeu of eacll sex from England, received from K Brunet(,i f)'lhl uy him l~uel ed "A-fasivertl, rnyoida'a. (Essni SUI' Ic;; Myodaires, p. ]14; 1830: '1}dcUa.).m:lJo'icZa!a Desv. 4. Mi(ldle tibia> I'.acll ue~1i'illg- a Riug-le lilacrocll<l'ta on the ty'ont siue ljear the middle, thi]'d vein bearing- three bristles at its base.. ij. Mi<ldle tibin' Glwh uf\a['illg- two or morc macl'ocl.-etm on tile front side uear tile middle, palpi yellow.... " (I. v. Palpi, legs, alld ahdomell, 1>la,cl>; body slendel', subshining; leugth, G.G to 6 mm, Mnss., a.nd Uolomtlo. (TraIlS. Amer. Eut., oe., Vol. X I X, 1). :!85; DecOllIlJel', 1892.)... tt;11.tltredinidcwlitn Towll. Pf.~lpi, femora, tibia', and apex of fourth segluejlt of aljdomeu, yellow; body (]uitl' rohust, opa.q ue; ljlack, the first two.ioints of a,llt;enilh'), pallli, apex of proboscis, femora, tibim, and apex of foul'th seg lli elit of abdomell, yellow.;.front of male one half as. wide as either eye, ]10 orbital brist.les, 11ail's 011 si<les of front short ;),Btl sparse, frolltal ul'istles descending' to base of thil'u autellnal.ioijl t, nlh'oks onc i'oul'th all broad as tile eye heigbt, faeial rillges brirtly 011 tl.hl lower two thirds, antemlll:' almost reaching the oml JIIargill, the j,jlird.ioint three lllld one third times as lollg as tile seeolld, al'ista tltickelled 011 the uasn.l fourth; thorax gray poljillo~e :md. nlarl(od with four black vittre, scutellum bea.riug tlu 'e pair.- 0(' 10llg 1I1:1l'ginal aud no short a.pical pair of Imtcro (lhmta'; o,bdomen Oil tile 1irst three segment 'ubopaque gray polliuose, its 11 airs snberoct and rather long; wings hyaline, the bl1. e tinged with gray, costal spine as long a,s crossveiu at buse of di cal ell, hind crossveill nearly straight, fourth vein beyond the bl:'nd strongly collcave, clo, jllg or almost closing the apical cell, 'alypteres whito; front pulvilli slightly louger thau the last I Zwoif, Kaie. Mus. Wioll, Y, 1), 428; ~ l"rout OlIO Itnt) olle hn H willth of eye cheoks throe.eighths the eye.height, n.ristn t.llic]iouetl on basnl two thirda _'.... jp,at-i1f.a1l8. Frout, of Im~lll two t hirus, ef femal t\yo sixtil!!, width 01 eyo, ehe(lks one fifth th" oy height, nrirt.n thi 'koood on lmsal two fifths, otherwise Illl in jesti1latl8. N.. J., Va. nu(l La,.,..., ool~,. u.!i}'.

114 115 tarsaj. joiut; length, I:) to 10 Jl\1U. 'riftoll, Ga., 1\lId Floridn. Two male specimens. Type No. ;~Gl(i, 1. ~. NatiouRI Museum. 1J1t,lt'I' I' 'Ct 11. sjl. (I. TlJird vein bristly at least thl'ee ['ont'ths of {li;;tuul'e froll! tho lia e ~o the small cl'ossveiu , '..., Third vein bristly at most one thil'(i. of tljis disl;alwe, entire aljdomeli black; length, (; to 11 tullj. GrimslJY, C'Lnada.; MOllU t Washillg toll auel Bmucouia, N. R.; ]\fa,rylallrl; Distl'ict, of Columuia; uorther-u fli i 1I0is, H ud Santa Oruz l\iol1utai lis, Crt!' ('I'l ans. ArneI'. But. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 28G; Dec. ls!l2. ) I: u.ji,tohi,«' 'l'owu. 7. Fourth and other segmcht.!'! of abdomell bl;wk; bhwk, the }Jalpi yel low; front of male throe fonrtlll'; as wille as) of the female slightly widei' tllall, e ither eye; t,, o pain; of ol'bital hristles in the temale, lioue ill the male; si.des of f['out n,lid. face white pol!iuose, cheeks over (me third ;~s 1>l'oa(1 a~ t,llo eye llei~ht, i';'tcial rillges bl' OIl tilc lowest, third, allt(llllla' tiv( sixtllh as lollg 1\1:\ the faee, t.he third joint oue and thl'ee j'olirtirh timer llslong- as tbe t1ccond, al'ista thickened OJ) Lhe l,asal halj', thc peuultimatc joint shorter tlra It vl'oad; I,homx thinly \\' hi t;ilslt llollinohl', rn fu'lwt] with fnul' black vittrc, Rcutelllllll veal'iug' three pairs of JOllg lilar ginal and a short al)ical pair of llt:1ci'ocira ta', abdoll1cll sbilling, baser of the In,st three segment" tlliu Iy whitish pollinose, VQuter not carinate ill eithel' sex; frout pulvilli )()Ilgel' than tlle last tar. al joint; wings ll yalill e~ tlle' t inged with g't'ay,. hind cl'ossvein strougly curved, situc'ttr,1] liearly miclwuy vntweell tllo small cl'osrveiu alld tile beud, ealyptcrm white; length, 7 to!.) mm. White MOll ll taius, New Hampsllire. FOil!' males ulld five females, collected by the la1,e J I. K. Mon-isoll. 1'ype No. 3617, U. S. Natioual Museum (:it lrto'n(;w (t 11. sp. Fourth segmellt of aljdomel1 of fcm;tle OIL Llle apieal hnlf y How, her ventereu,l'iuate, sitlesoffl'ontaml {'n,celll both sex'flueepgo1tleu yellow pollinostl, tltird joint of alit Ilna\ two alltl one thirc1 times as long- ~L1-J tlje second; length, 5 to!) nnn.; (lthel'wille as in the above uescription of chrotone1t1'a,. MOUllt Washingtoll and Whit Mountains, New HalDpsbil'(~. 00(1 JIlale and 1 wo ferrmles, one from' the former locality collected by 1\11' A.. 'r. 810S801l, the others by the late H. K.M.orrison. Typ No.3 Gl~,. S.Natioual Museum au, ijro1ts n. Rp. Um ecognize(lspecies.-llf.(f) fulv'ipalpi8 Bigot,.Ann. Soc. Ent. France, p. 263; 1888; H.ocky Mouutaills. Genus ACEMYIA Desv...4.cBl11ya Deavoidy, RS8U,i sur los.myodaircs, p. 20'2; gc1IIOC6l'l1 Macqun-rt, Anna-lcs oci6t6 Eut. ~' rance, p. 24; ]855. The above ynonymy was first determined by Roudaui 1 from ~\n examination of a typical specimen received row Ma.cquart, alld is 1 DipterologiUl ltalic1l' Pro(lromulI, YoL IV, ). 81; 1861.

115 116 repeated by.bra.ner and BergenstalUlll. 1 Two flpecies occur ill onr fauna, aud jll oa<:h them are tlll'ee postsll t nl'al a lld two or t hree sterno pleuralllmcroch.ctm: Tibin.:, and a.utennre, except sometimes apex of seconel joint" black; ;tpical cell closed, frontal bristlos descelldillg beneath base of ;;econd alltellnal joiljt; ]ojjg-th, (i to 7 JlIlII. Beverly, MasA.; Tif toil, Ga.; Georgetowu, FJn..; Mobile, Ala.; Agricultural College, Miss.; St. Lonifl, Mo., a nd LOfl Allgeles ComIty, 'aj. (Pl'oc. Acad. Nat. Sei.l'lliladelphia, p. :.111; Sl l't., ls!j.'i.)... uentata Coq. Tibim alld "ecotll] au tell II al.ioill t yell ow, apical cell open, fl'ontftl br'iistles ]lot g to uase of Recoutl antenual joillt; black, the pa11li, apex of proboaei s, til'l'lt two jomts (If alltenu[l:, trocihtlltej'r, o']lices of felllora, and wllole of tihim yellow; fi'o ll t of female fts broad us either eye, t he siden bl'owuish gray pollino "e, two lllli rs (If' orbital l>ri RLles, falle white pollillm;e; all.tclln1\1 l'caehillg slightly helow IlIitltlie of face, t,ll e third.ioiut one and one-half tililes rtf! long as the f;1 ~ eolld, nrista tllickelled on tbe ba ~ml fourth, vibl'ins:i' 11lt;el'tcIl tbrec fo\1rtlls 1 he le.jlgth of the third antenual.ioint above the ora.l margiu, two 01' t.hree bl'ist.jer above each, eheeks ono-1iftli as broad as t Ile eye Il eight; t horax gray polliuore, marked with folll' l>j::wk vitth'; abtloinell gray polliuose, ;t l>lack clot at bane of eaell IHtir, the haij's depresrcd, a marginal pail' of rlhhwoch'l:'tm on the seconll segment Hlld a luargiual row Oll 11le third and fourth; wings hyaline, third veiu beariug' olle or two hl'irtles liear tlw vase, the othn's bare, apiefl.] cl'ossveiu JlCarly st1'aig-ilt, ljplld offolll'tli veill fol'lni,li g all obtuse [Lug-Ie; ealypt(wes wllitinu ; longth, ~ mill. Sa-llta 01'.111. MOllU tain,oaliforuia. A sillgle fellhlle speeimeu, c oll e l ~ tet1 hy A. Koel>ele. 'l'ype No. 3G!.!O, U. S. Natiolla.1 MILseurn. _ tibiali8 11. sp. Genus PSEUDOCHlETA Coq. PS6l1tioohmta. (!oc]ni ll tltt, Proo. Aoad. NILt. Rei. PhibdelpldH, p. :loll; Rept., Our species have two or thr'co's of backwardly cllrving macro <:IHl'.tm on tl,e side'" of the front i n uoth sexe,, (1,1\(1 wit.h t,w() pairs of 10nvardly directed oruital brisues ill tile female, wautiug ill the Illftle' folll' ],IoRtsnt,ural lll[wrochrl'tre: With ou ly two stemopleural macrocha tfp; black, iucluding the pa.lpi; thil'n.ioint of all termm in the male five, in tho female three, times as long:1 the second; leugth, r; to 7 mill. FrOID the type specimen. orthel'u Illinois; Tifton, Ga.' Charlotte Hltl'- 001', F lorida, lwd Sauta Barbnra OOUllty, Cal. (Proc. Nat. Sci. Pbila., p. 310; ept., 189.i.) _.. _.. -_(l1'genmji'qils Coq. With four sternoplellrn.1 maerochll'tac' ; blac]\. the apex of clltellum, sid IS of second segment of abdomen, 1Iill(1 corners Q1' the first alld frou t comers of the third, yellow; fron t of female carcely as wide ItS either eye, the sides and face silvery pollino e, front,al vitta. 1 Zwoif. dot! 1\: MUSeUll'l zn WieD, YJ, p ; 1893.

116 117 obliterated ill frollt of tll~' liiiddle hy tile 111 tillg of the Rides of tbe front, frolltal bristle' tlesceudillg to the ftri~ta" checks tellth as hroad as the oy height, yibrissii' inscrted on a 1e."cl with the frolll edg-e of the 01':\1 llmrgill, facial ridges urh;tly on the lower tllree-foul'ths, antcllli!l' allllost ur long a~ the fuce, the thil'd.ioint six tillwt) as long a.s the fim'ourl UT'i~tlt thick ned on the ba.sal IJaU, tllo pellulti umtt'.ioi II t, slightly longer thr,u broarl j thorax g-l':ly }lnl1illosc, marked with four blflt'k,it til'; f1entcl1uul bearing two )lairs of lollg flihi one of ~11OJ't marginal, also l1> s llort apical pail', of IllHcl'oylin:tw j abdomen sub ltillillg' lart three, cg Juonts thinly /!l':ly pollijjo~e ll.llrl with (lark rctlrcting' spots, tile bristly Lairs l'n.ther IOJJg', tljose ill middle of 1]01'SIIIlI subere t, Recolld nlhl thi I'd se~'iilclj ts ueari Ug' ouly lllargi ual nlf~('rochll)ta:, j WillgS IJyaline, tliird \'cill bearillg' two 01' tjlre > l)l'ist,]cs Ileal' its base; (;n.1yliteres wltite; wieldjo tibia' ('nell ljeal'ing t 1"001' liiore li'i fl.ri'oc lj :('ta' on the front Rid.e ueat' til e lliiddjc, ltillu j,ibill' evcllly ci liate outwaroly; length, 'illllll, ] )imrid of 'ollluluia_ A si ngle female l:'p«>ei111c'1i ul'ed (i'{hii a I 'yl'h I id jim null poll oak. 'l'.)'jlc 0_ ;3G:!2, U. S. NatiolJallV[u~elllll p.'i.-a.licnii 11. sp. Genus PROSPHERYSA v. d. W. PI'08)Jh''''!JRU YI\n tlllr WIIlp, ]liol. Uellt.-:\III., llil'tem. Yo1. If, p. 11t;; ~ l r,y, lk!lo. /}p.riopl'a.lla Brano]' " lid Her l);eil8t:llllljl, ;/'Wt'ir. 'I'aiR. 1\JII6. \\,ioil, V, p. 374 i 18!Il. Our s inglc Rpecies is bla(:k, till' apex of' the pl'obosc i~ nllrl of the fourtll segwent oj' the aljdolllcli, yello\\'isll; t lu'ce post"lliturhi anti tljrce steruopleural Jll(1rI'oeha ta, scntelllltli ljeal'illg' three pairs of long margillal alld a short apir.aj IHtil', s('(;ond alld tlird Regments 01' abd()men ijearillg tliscal alld marg'iu:l], middle tilii.- eaell llea-riljg tw() on the irollt side 11enr t il e midtlle; length,!) llluj. Anglesea, N.. J. (Bioiol4ia Oellt.-Amer., J)ijJtcm, Yol. II, p.117; May,JHOO.). _. fi'1l1ulnna v. d_ W. Genus VANDERWULPIA Town. T'andl!7'u'ulpill T(I\\'n~(lII<1, Tmns. All1er. Ellt. soc., Yo1. XVllI, 1'. axl; net., If!91. OU1' two S)leeiCR Ilave tll(l alltejl1ln.1 arista thiel,cned to the middle aud clotbed ', ith a pubescence whiell at t11e 11I0St ir ouly slightly longer tljan its grea,test din,meter; 1:111'0(1 postsutul';\ I lllarl'ocll:t't:p.; Abdomen redc1islj :rel1ow; remainder of illsect, except palpi and apex of proboscis, black; calyptcl'es whit<', wings hyaline, anterior veius bordered with smoky, p etiole of apical cell over one-half as long as tl.l() Lind c1'o""1"eill; length, 7 mol. Las Oruces, N_ Mes. (Trans. Amer. Ent. So(:., Vol. XVnf, p. 3 1; December, ]891.) _,. _. _.. atropliopod,oides Town. Abdomen and entire i.u ect except pajpi <~nd lower part of face, black, calypteres and wiugs as ill the prwedillg species, petiole of apical cell less than one-sixth 11. long as the hillel cros8veill; lellcrth, 10 ldll1. 'l'exa. (Oalllleliall Entomologist, Vol. XXIV, p. 172; July, 1 92.) sequens Town.

117 118 Genus HOUGHIA, new genus. 'fhc cha.racters of t.uis genus UUty be gleaned from the table of genera givell ou prcvi!lus )l.t~e 8, aud the following description of the type specie,,:, the paij)i and apex of proboscis yellow ; frollt of female livc sixths as wide'. as either eyc, fl'outal bristles descending a.lloost to middle of second antellnaljoint, two pairs of orhital uristles and two pairs of uackw~trdjy curving nlacroehmtlx~ outsiue of the frontal bris ties, che kr; olle twelfth as broad as the eye height, foul' or five bl'h;ues auove each vibrissll'" ::t.ilt(lllllfl, almost u.s lon g as the fftee, the third joint from foi1t' to five timcs as long as the second, arista thickened on the basal two fifths, the penultimate joint uroader than long; t horax gray pollillose, marked with four black Vittl:e, four postsutural aud tlll'eo stel'llopleul'al macl'och'1"tm, FicllLelluffi bearing three long mar gi tml pith's alld a very sbort api al p(i,ir; abdomen shitling, the last three segments except th ir apices whitish pollinoae, each Regmcnt bea.ring: lnarginal nu)'(:roch:l'tre ; middle tihia' bearing a single macl'oclia'ta 011 the fi'out Ride Ileal' thc middle, hin(1 tibia:l outwardly liiubci li ato; willgs hyn,lille, 1irst vein bristly except 011 its hase and apex, third vein bristly almost to thc small c)'ossveill, hilld crossvein at last third of (listauce frow the sloall to the belld of t he follrtll, the Jat tel' not ftl'pendicula.te, ( alypt.~res whitiah ; length, (i to 'rifton, Ga. Two f'wa)es (\olleeted JUlie and Septelllber 1,1896, by Mr. G. R PiJate, and tmllsmitted by Dr. Garry den. Bough, after whom the gellus is )lamed. Type No. :~G23, U. S. National Museum.....,Y6tipennis n. sp. Genus TACHINA Meig. 7'ctOIt'iJla..l\1'eigon, in Illigcr's Magaziu filr IllseJ(tonkunde, Vol, II, p. 280; Eu/.aoil'i ll4 Hmulll' l~l1d H"I'g-enst,:1lUm, Zweif. Kais. Mus. Wiell, IV, p. 98; Chm/.ot,(Le'hillll. Bl'lllI(lr n.n.lllergellstn.iuid, Joc. cit. l'ao}djlu'iii!lia TO\YIlH.l1ll1, TrltllB. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vnl. XIX, I). 9(,; April, 18!l2. Eut:).(;hina wa.s Pl'oposed for Tacllina under the mistaken idea that the Jat,tel' is identical with tbe g-enus Rcllillomyia. Ohretotachina is givell by its ttut,l\ors as a subgeljus of ]jjlltachilla. 1 The synonymy of 'rachinolllyia is by tbe writer and is bascd ou a cotyl1e specimen of the type species. Om' Rpocies have three stel'ljoplellral rna 'rochoota;" and two or more 011 the front side of each micldle tibia near tbe middle: 1. Apice8 ot' three seg'ments of abdomen slliniljg black tip of abdomen hlack, geuitalia Jlot or ollly slightly projecting beyond the tip of the fonrth segment, frontal bri ties deseending on sirles of f:tee nearly lhl>lfway to the vihrissre, faoial ridtres bristly alma t to the 10lle t ftonta) bristlcs _... :. 2. Apiees of lit t three segments-of abdomen USIHllly qpltl)uo, gray pollillose, apex of Rtmtellum and of abdomen nsnally y 11ow, gellib~lin. of male Pl'oj ting more tha.u half tlie length of tile I Zwoif. KillS. Mus, 'Vion, Y1, p. 125 ; 1893.

118 119 fourth segment ill the furlll of 1"1> uln.w, fl'outn.l bristles selliom descending' ou sides of f:we 1Il0l' tban oue-tbil'u of the distance to tlje vibrissre, fauial ridges bristly about three Ii1'tlts of d istauce from tbe vibrissm to the lowest frontal bristle, ; length, (J to 14 mm. Toronto, Oanada.; FralJl; Olli l~, N. H.: Springfield, Mllss. ; Olemellton, N. J.; Itllaea, N. Y.; northerll Il1irwi!l; A mes, Iowa; Ofluct, 1\:10.; Brookillgs, S. D~~k. ; Colorado; PullmHu, WaslJ.; Oregon, and Oalifol'uia. ('frans. Amer. Eut, oc., Vol. XIX, p. ()(i; April, 1802: T(Lc/tinomyi(l.: from' a co type specimen. Prospher!J,~a simw,,~ WiJli/'!ton, orth AllIf ricall Falllln, No. 7. p.256; May :n, 18!J3: frum a ootype specilllcli. ) ,.ob~( S f (1 Town. 2. Thol'ax: bearing fonl' postsutul'al macrochmtfl', second au<l third ep; mellts of abdomen <le ::;tit.ute of disual Olles ; lengtb U to 13 1JI1ll. Toronto, Oanada; F I'alluonia, N. H.;.Massach I.l,;etts ; New ork, N. Y. ; District of O olumbi~l ; West ' -il'gijlia ; Tift.on, GIL.; Florida; Onaga, Kans.; Texas; Las Oruces, N. M 'x.; WeiSt Oliff, 0010.; Evanston, \Vyo. ; Pullman, Wasll.; Oregon, ajld Oalifol'uia. (List of DipteronR IllseetK, Part IV, p. 7{;7; Ta('hincr, panlut.iu8 Walker, Ioc. cit. 1'ac il:ina 1JW)1,SU 'Walker, Ioc. cit., p Podotachlinct luli cl'icwnn Brauer ajld HergellstamJn, Zweif. Kais. Mus. Wiett, V, p. :~[j l ; Ta ohina l'lisiooampre TownseJld, Psyclle, Vol. V 1, p. 8i.1; May, hchin(t orfj!liro Towllsend, Tram;. Alnel'. But. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. ~8,1; Decell'lber, 18!)2. Acha'toneura. / emaldi, Willist.on, in ], ()r1.lil ~ll ajld Fernald's The Gypsy Motl.J, p. 387 ; E~tta.china Kp., Hrauel' alld 13e1'- genstamm in litt. ) _ melicr, Walk. Tborax ue,wing ouly three postsutuml 1Uacr6cha~ ta', sccojltl and third segments of abdomen b 'arillg discalmacrocha'tn'; lellgth, 7 to 10 IDLlI. Torollto, CaIHtda; W IIi te Monntain k! and Frauconia, N.H.; Oolorado ; Washington ;.LosAngelcs OOUllty, Oal.; Germauy, and.austria. '1'\Vo males anti two females from Aus tria, fe 'eivedfrom Brauer antlbel'geustaullu and bythell1 labeled Ohmtotachina, 1'ustica Meig.; ftlso tlnee males aud two tem.ales from Germany, received from Zeller aucl uy him lab led Tachina La"L'a1'ttm. (Diptera Sneci:t', Mnsciuru, p. [I; Tho follow ing synonymy is by Rondaui in Dipt. Ita]., Vol. III, p. 200; 1859, and is repeated by Schiner in Faun. Aus., Vol. I, pp. 4 74,475; 1862: Tachina vitta.ta Macquttl't, AJlnales Soc. JiJn tom. Fn... nce, p. 377; 1854; &180 ff.avipalpi.~, p. 382; IU/Hbtmt]a and, eot ine,. vis, p. J83; (tuden8, p. 3 5; jlavijl'onll, p. 3 6; pumila, p. 387; albift'ons, p. 389; and alacer, p. 3DO. The foijowing is by the writer: 1.'achi na spino8ula TOWIl end, Trans. Amer. Ellt. Soc., Vol. XVllI, p. 353; November, Taohina tenthredinivora Townsend, loco cit., Vol. XIX, p. 285; December, Ohmto tachinlt sp., Brauer and Bergellstamm itt litt.)....'1"usticlt Fall n. Unrecognized species.-1.'.( ') hybreas Walker; Brit. Amer.

119 120 Genus TACHINOPSIS, new genus. The followiug' is ~t descriptiou of the type specie, : Black, the frontal vitta" first two joints of antedllte: and the palpi yellow j front of wale two tbirds as wiue as eitlter eye, frontal uristles desc tiding slightly below the aril:ita, no orbita,] hristles, lmil's 011 sides of front short and spa,rae, cheeks one sixth as lh"oad as the eye height, vibriss;t' 011 a lille with frout edge of oral l1lu,rgin, ridges bristly on the lower three fourtbs, anteolile six seveutlls as loug as the face, third joint three ;I<IH1 one half times as 10llg as the sec;ond, al'lsh1 tuiekclled ou tile vasal two fifth s, the peuultimate joiut nearl y as broad as ]Ollg", thorax gray pollinose, marked witu foul" black vittm, four postsutural and tlll'ee sternopleuml l1liwl'ocluut;t:l ; scutellum ljearing foill' lllfll'ginal pairs; aljdomen sliuiug, UtLSCS of last tbree segwcllts opaque gray polliuose, first tltree segmeuts beariug lnal'gi llallllac:roch; only; frout pulvilli at; long a,1:) t.he Jast tarsftl joint, middle tibim each Vef1I'iug two macro cbrutm ou the front siu() neal' the middle, himl tibin ~ outwardly snheil iate; wings hyaline, third vein vea.ring three uristles near its base, hind cro:,;svein slightly beyonu the midtllo between the slllall aud the benu, last section of fifth veia almost as loug lts the precediug sectioll ; calyp. teres. whitc; leugth, 7 mill. Washing-ton. A. siogle male specill1en collected uy l'rof. O. B.,)olmsou. Type No. a024, U. S. National Museu1ll '.... '" ,.?IIentaJis n. sp. Genus EUTHERA Loew. Ruth"ra, Loow, Diptem Awol'. Septentl'i(~,Ilulis Indig., Cont. VII, No. 85; OUI' single species is blaek, the frontal vittf1, milldle of face, lower part of hoa.u, tbe pal pi, and feidora yellow; WillgS l,h'owll on tll O nostal edge ueyonl1 Ule humeral crossvein, along the last two section" of tile fifth \' >in, n. fascia frow cosi'~ over tlh~ bind cro sl'ein alld including" ti le small cl'ossvein, filially a fascia which fills the itpcx of the apical cell; length,7111id. Pottstown, Pa.,,~nd 1'ifton, Ga. (Loc. cit.). tentatt'ix Loew. Genus DEMOTICUS Macq. J)8'I~oH~1I 8 Mrle,! Ilart, Alluales Soc. E nt. ~'rnllce, p. 442; 185~. 1. Femum lal'g-ely or wholly uh\ck FeUlora al.ld ti bia) y How; three }lll:'ltslltul'al und three at'ruo })Jeul'aJ luacl'och mt:,c Third veiu uri8tly at Jeast one tuil'd of the tlista,ucc from base to sma.h ci'ossvein, front of wale fil' sixths as wide as eithel' eye, thorax, e 'cept the humeri, and the tarsi black; leugth, 9 to 11 lllid. Phila.ueJpltilt, Pa.; Oolorado; alifoj'uia, aud Wa hiugton. (Oanadian Entomologist Vol.XXVll,p.127; M.\y, 1 95: Drop a,1/.ogiossgl.)... '" ,... ~'(matori.s Uoq.

120 121 Third veill l>eatillg ouly two l>ristles at the bl1'e, front of tho mal one fl,ud one-half times as wide as either eye; yellow th third a,ntenn~tl joint, 1)l'ob08ci8, center of doi'sum of t horax, ture spots all tlje plenrn, alld a dorsal POt, OJI thl' t.hin1 auel fomtb segments of the abdojllen black ; froutnl l>l'istle" descending a lmost to apex of seeoml n.ut.enih11 joint, third a,lltennn.1 joint twice as 101lg l\s the second, ai'i~ta tbickell ell 011 th e t)!l,sa.1 third, c:heeks n early olle jmlf as wille as the eye height, pl'olw nis slenuer, rigid, lauella vcl'y sldall; Hecond {lila tllil'd Hcg1l1«lnts of a,belo Inell bearing marg-itlh.l lllacroclhl't:l', the fourth covm'ell ex 'ept 011 thc 'l>as;1i tllird; ~vin gs hyalilh', cn.lyptel't s wltito; front pulvilli slightly shorter tha.n tlje In. ~ t tars,1l joillt; leugth 11 mm. J)ell ver, Colo. A single 111ale specimcn. Type ill 1I. S. Nf1t iolh~1 Mn Rcum.... _. _. _.... _.. _ lwlntlll8 11. sp. 3. St;llte\lull1 yellow, f01l1' postsutul'al aull foul' stel'llopletll'ul m:l.ei'oc1l1'et:l'; IllHcli., tile first ti, o.joill1.-; (If j he ulltellllh', tile pa lpi, l:l('utelluhl, and ~ifles of t he last three abtlomin:ti ;;egm 'lil l', alflo tile a,pex of the fourth, yello\\' ; fi'011t in felll a.le Hligbtly wider thall dther eye, fl'outal bristles desl'('udillg ll,jmost, to tip of second n.ljt~jlllal j oillt, I),n tcllll a' ll ca.rly t1lree foili'iil B IV! lon g- as t lt (~ f:h'.c, tile thirdjoillt on e alld ollc fourth tiili(,s ILl'; P; fl.r the Rccont'l, U-l'ista, t il ickcnecl on tllo IlflSHl t 11l'l~ e - fi mia, tbe peulil ti mate jlll!l t on e and on e-uajf till1('s as lojlg ::tf> wide; ll('all at base of HUtClllllt' sli g htly shorter than 0 11 HE; lower rdge, \'ibrissm illserted a1.>o llt half the lellgth ()[ t,he Recolle} a nl'clltlal joillt above t he oml margin, three orfolll' bj'i s t'l (\~ auove each ; thorax gl'a,y pollillose, marl,ed with folll' black vittol\; sentcllullll>caring' foill' pairs of rather long luarginal mfl cj'()clj.. l't~'t'; abdomen thinly gray polliuose, seeolld I:legmellt bearing a pair of lilarg-innl macrochll'trt', the third bearing a. mnrginal ),OW, tbe fourth ('overed except on the bu l:la,1 fil'tlj ; milldle tibia' ea,ell befll'ill g two long mfwi'ocllh,tm Oll tlle front side neal' Hlc middle, t.le lliuu tibh' outwardly f:hlb(;iliatej wings hyaline, thil'd vei n llearing ab(lilt four bristles Il eal' its base the others Imro, apex of thu'd veill midway between tip of sccond and tbe extreme willg tip, hind cross -veiu at last tllird of llil-ltance from tlle slllall -to tll bond, tlle latter not appcudiculate; cnly] teres white; leugtll, 8 mm. Siskiyou Co., Cal. A female specimen bred from Me lit((u~ paun by A. Koebele. Type No.3fl26, r. S. National Museulll _melitwlvn. sp. Scutellulll black, probably fonr postsutul'al lliacr() Chll~t;.(', uut the alit rior pair is wantin g' in tlje tyl)(1 specimen, fonr stemo pleurals j black, the pajpi, Ride!; of first three Regments of abdollled except the front comers, tibi:1:', and apical third of under side of each femur yellowish; front of male one-lwlf as wide as aither eye, 110 orbital bri ties, frontals descending to middje of se ond joint of a,ntenna~, cheeks oue-third as broad as the eye-

121 122 height, vibrissa) slightly above the level of front edge of oral margin, or six: bristles above eaell; autenllffi five sixths as long as the face, the third joil] t one and three foul'ths times as long as the second, arista thickened on ti le basal two fifths, the penultimate joint as beoad as long, palpi linear, proboscis rigid, lahelht s lm~]j but distinct; thorax gray 110llillose, marked with fi ve black vittm, scutellum bearillg five pairs of marginal macro ch mtrn; abdomen gray pollinose except the apices of tbe last Un'ee R(lgments, iil'st segmellt ljearing marginal, tbe followlng two with discal and ldarginal IlH)'crocbrntre; middle tibi:e eacll beal'ing two 01' more on the front side neal' the middle, hind tibiru outwardly 8ubciliate, front pulvilli IOllger thall the last tarsal joint; willg's hyaline, third veiu beadug three bristles at tue base, fourth vein rounded at the beud, beyond which it is nearly straight uutil a short distance before its apex, where it is strongly arcuate; calypteres white, margined with yellow; length, J 3 mm. Blue Mountains, Washington. A. single male specimen, co1lected. July 15, J8U6, by Prof. O. V. Piper, 'l'ype No. 3627, U, S. Natiollal Museulll......, piper i n. sp. Genus PARAPHYTO Coq, Parallhllto COl) nillett,.roul'll",1 N. Y.. Ellt. soo., Vol. III, 1'. 105; Sept., 1.89[\. 1. l"irst t.wo Regmellts of abdomen destitute of dorsal macl'ochretre, I:'lcutellulll hearillg tlll'co marginal pairs, three postsnturals aud two t;tcl'llopleul'als, third vein bl'istiy about halfway to the small crossveiu ' ' , First two segmellts lwaring dorsu,l, the second and third with discal ftud mal'giihl,l liiacrochrotru, scutellum bcariug five mal'giua,l pairs, fonr post t1tul'als and three sternoplenrals, third vein bristly on the basal eighth before the sroall crossvein, abdomen snbsllilliljg, thinly whitish }lollillose, destitute of distinct black spots; black, i ll cluding the palpi, the face alld cheeks largely redd i 11; lengtb, 13 rom. IJl1ggan, Brit. Amer. (Oan. Entomolo gist, Vol. XXIV, p, 68; March, 1892: J'rixa.. ).... gillettei TO\Vll, 2, Abdomen sllbshilling, thinly Jray pollinose, destitute of distinct blacl{ spots; black, t he first two joints of anten me, facial depres si01l, and palpi yellow; abdom n sometimes lal'gely brownish red; lellgth,l1 to 13 mm. Ithaca" N, y" and Agricultural Oollege, Michiga,ll. (Journal N. Y. Ellt, Soc., Vol. III, p. 105; Sept., lsn5.) ollitten(leni Coq, Abdomen opaque gray pollinose, ma.rked with three rows of shining black spots; black, the fil'st.two joints of antennm, fa 'ial depres sion, ihld palpi yellow; fi'~"t of f, mltle one alld one 'foul'tb. times 8S wiele as either y two pairs of orbital bri tie, frontal bris ties 110t d "sc IIdill rr below huse of auteullru, ides of face at uar l'owest {llirt each two fifths as wide as the facial depl'es ion,

122 lla.iry one half the distauce from the lowe t fron tal bristle to tbe vibriss:u, the latter inserted slightly n.bove tit ~Ulterior dge of the oral mfl>rgin, facial ridge~ bl'i~tly on the low st sixth; alltellllro three fourtbs as long as the face, the third.ioint one ami one balf times f~s lon g a~ t he 88cond, arisbb pllberteut., thickened 011 the basal two fifths, Lhe peuultinmte.ioillt 81101"001' tlll~ li broad, ch 'eks alloort as wide as the eye hlli ght; thorax: opaque gmy pollino. e, marked with thre black vittm; wing ~ hyaliue calyptel'es white; length, 1~ mm. Uolomdo; alld Mesilla. N. Mex. Three femf\,} specimens, captul'od,by Oarl F. Ba,km' and T. D, A. Cockerell. Type No. 3584, IT. S. N~~tiollal Mn;.; um opo,ca 11. sp. Genus P ARACHlETA, new genus. 'rbe pl'iucipa) ellaracters of this genus have been given in the t!lblc of genenl puhlished on previollr Imges. 'rhe type!'l.pecies is hlack, the firs t two joints of }1,ntenua), palpi, hind CMner'R of thorax, and the scutellnm yellow ; sides of nrst three seglllents of nbdom(lll somet.imes tinged "rith yellowish; front of m t~j(l one half as wide as either eye, destitute of orbital bristles, frolltn,) bristles IloseeJl!iing to base of third antenlhti.joint, cheeks one-fonrth as wide ~~s the eye height, vibrissa' illserte!} oile thin} t he Jengtil of tile.second antenllal.ioint above the anterior edge of the oral lilargill, fitflial ridges bristly on the lower two thirds to tlll'ee fourths; antennm four fifths as long a, the face, the third joi1lt one third as long as the 8eeond, :wista thickened on the basal half, the penultimate joint scare'ejy longer than hroad; thorax thinly gray polliuose, marked with fotti' black vittro, four l'ostsutural and three stel'lloplellral macrocbmtm, scutellum bearing four pairs of long marginfl>l; fl,bdomen shiniug, d 'stitute of polle1l, no macro 'h:etru Oll tbe first t lvo seg ment;.;, only a margillal row 011 tbe third ; 111nd tibill'l densely ciliate with scale like bl'istl s; wings hyaline, the bases llrownish, calypteres brown; length, 13 mm. It.haca :lnd New York, N. Y. (Dipt(weR Exotiques, Supplement 1, ]I. ]58; 1 46: Blepharipeza. Rlepharipeza 1:ncrmis Bigot, Anuu,les So!:. Ent. France, p. 91; 1 8,) u'icolo'l' Macq. Genus BLEPHARIPEZA Macq. Rlepllal'ipllZa M~oqllart, Dipteres Exotiqllcs, Vol. H, Pnrt II, :po 211 (54); llill!!/a Drancl' and Jlel'gcnstl1mlll, Zweif. Kl1iB. Mus. Wiell, VI, p. 121; (Non A hmeail, EutoUloJogiclb Americana, Vol. IV, p. 42;.June, N on Howanl, loco Cit., I). 80; July, l88.) luleylnyia. Towllsend, Entomological News, Vol. IV, p. 277 ; Oetober, The latter llame WfI,S propo ed to take til place of Rileya, wlli b j pl'eocuupied in the Hymenoptera. A compariron of specim n of Rileya americqlila (the type species of tbi genus), identified by Brauer and Bergenstamm, with specimens of BlepharilJezGt l Iw()phrys (the type species of the latter genus), fails to eli close nny diff'erence of g e.neric

123 124 Vl),JIV. OUt two spc(.:ie.s have foll!' pol'\tsntural and three stel'llopleura IJlIl,C roc luu til' : Al)(lolllen wlwlly bhck; length, 11. to 10 ffim. Franconia., N. li., (\nd 'l\~ ashillgtoll. (AusseJ'(:llll'opiUl::\clle ~weif. Iusekten, Vol. II, p.308j j 8;)0: 'l'aohina. Rlcpharipeza 1-1kiipalp'is Macq uart, Dj pt. Exot., Vol. ll, P~tl't II, p. 21!..l (5;)); 184;). Tcwhina. lat'ui-ons Wa,lkel', lliracta t;auudersiana, p. J 4; 1851l. ) lenoophrys Wied. Al)(loJn(lIl re(ldlsll yf\llow, a hlack dorsal vittaj length, 10 to 1 _j, III Ill. rrol'onto, ('h~lla(ht; O"weg'o al.l(l N IV YOl'];:, N. Y.; olomdo, and Ua,lifonlia. (DiptemAlll m.. Septell.lndigena.Centuria.x.No. Hi; 18i2. Ulephltripeza. ful1';pen Bigot, Auu. Soc. Elitolllol. Franec, p.!l:.l; 188S. Rleph(,r'i1Iez(r cxnl 'l'owllselld, Oanad iml Elltomi)l(lgi~t., Vol. XX.rV, p. OJ.; Mareb, 18!):J. mcpha,ripcza ntjiwoeilli TowlJ cuu, Tl'ans. Am. Bllt.. Soc., Vol. XTX, p. ()OJ April,189:.!. fweya amwt"iea,na Bmuel' and Bel'gensta.mlll, ~weif. Kais. Mns. Wiell, V I, p. :!OJ; 1893: also in I'itt. ).... arlu81.a. Loew. Genus WINTHEMIA Desv, li'illt/'t'lii'ill Vos \'oidy, EH8ai "ur les Myodai.l'6S, ji. 173; 18:10. Ch,'lolir/ (I ROIHlI1Ui, nip(.cl'ologill' Itrtlica Pro,lrotnuij, vol. I, 'po 66; l R5ll. ThiH SJ' 1I01l0Ul~r has already ]Jeen Vn]Jlisue(l by Brauer and Derge,, St~~ 1Jllll.1 Desyoitly (lo(). cit.. ) givos the M'ns(:(( Ijlllflh"ip1Isfniata. Valli'. as tile type of Willtll eillillj an<l t bi s speciei' il'\ illclnded byuolj(lalli in Lis geml" OLetoliga (Joc. cit., Vol. HI, pr. 105 aud 108): 1. 'florax ue<ll'ill g' folll' post;sutllral and two stej'lloplenral macro eh;l-ita'.... _... _... _.....,... '.. _... _.....'.. _ 2. 'rlt Ol'ILX L arillg' three postsutlll'al alld three Rte1'lloplcuml ma.cro elllhth~ j h laek, tle palpi yellow, frontal vitt,a dark brow1)j front ill male sliglltly bl'oil,d el' tllall either eye; a,ll teullll'six-sevenths as lollg; llh tile face, third joiut nea,rly three t imes a IonA' ah the secon(\, ftl'ista thickeued nearly to tilt middle, cheehs one sixth as hroad as the eye lj eigbt; thorax gray pollillose, ma.rked with foul' vitta'; scutellulil hearillg foul' ruargillal p~til's of ma Cl'Oclllt'ta\, of wbich th\) secolld aulll'l,pim,l pairs are Kbort 1'than tlle otljcrs j l~bdom 11 wholly gray ])ollinose, tile bristly ]Iail's l'atljoj' long ;LIId :,;ubercct, second segment hearing flo marginal V[I,il' t he third a lilarginal row of macl'ochret.e, those on t he folirth Regmell b iolcaroely longer than the hristly hairs; hiud tibim outwarclly eilin.te alld with a much longel' hristle near the middle f'1'ollt pll1yilli a long as tbe In t tal'sal joiut.j wings hyalille fourth v in beyond the beud almost "traig-ht j calyl) teres white; length, 7 mltl.. Marylalld. A single male sped m Il, colle ted by the wri_tel' ill.tnne. Typ No. ~628, U. S. National Mu 'eum... _... _., _.. obs('ura n. sp. l Zwcif. )(ni~. lillls. "'ien, VI, p. 230; 193,

124 125,) P:LJpi, scntclhuli,,),lld allex of abdomen, black; third anteuna.) joiut ill the female t hree times Ill'\ long as the second, hind til)lm out wanlly Ileal' the Illillule bearing a bril:!tle whil:h is nearly twice as Joug n.s the adjacent olles; lellgth 7 lum. Los II gejes County, Cal. (Ann. Soc. Entomol. France, p. 25 i 1 S8: 0",,: tolyga. ) nig' Ui,oics B igot..pal})i, scutellnm, a nd apex of abdomen, yellowish ; third ltnta' llllal joint in tbe female n,bout twice as IOll g a.s the seconj, uo low' 'r bristles on outer side of tbe hid!) tibi!11 uelll' tb middle; females us ua lly with n, lii ar&,iual pair of maci'ocllil'ta' Oil t Jl e second al>dominal segment, whieh is geuer.i,j]y w;wtlllg iu t hh males; length, (J to 12 mm. Lonnon, Cmmda,; White MOlllltaim, a lld Frallcollia, N. II. ; Agawam, Mass.; Deln.w:tro COllnty, Pn.. j Ithaca, N. Y.; ChelSter, 1 ;t.; District of Colllwbia; POI tsillollt,h, Va.; S hreveport., La.; Illinois; Agri cultul'al CoJl eg-e, J\1 icll.; St. Lo ui ~, Ho.; W Mhillgf on, ami Hermany. Foul' mill er from ON" mall 'y rec(>ivcd frorn ~ e ll e l' and hy him labeled Kmno1'(/'O.,/,pll>Jf1l. laill. (Entom. Sy"tematica, Vol. I V, p. 3:.!4j 17!)4: )1fu/il'a. 'rbe following synonymy is b y S('hinel' ill Fa un..\ usf l'ia('u, Yol. I, p : lvinthmn i li cil/ ('?'ra, D esvoilly, A llll. Soc. Entomol. Fl'aIlCC, p. :!70 ; The folloll'iu g is by the writer: 8.{;m'i~ I (/, lon o(.(.ni(/> 1< it'kpatl'ick, Ol';u Agl'icuHural Bepol't tilt' 18(iO, p., 757; The following j,t; given in OAten Sadwn's Catnlogue: l!}.1jo'/'i.sta, ostcn8uckewii Kil'kptttl'ick, loco dt. Senmll.(!topia mili t((l"is Walsh, 'j~mu s. Ill. Stale Agric. Hoc., Vol. fy, p. 3(i7; Se» tember,18gl. 'j'!te following' is by t ill' writer:,n,1l01 i.yta of'{'l'opiro IWey MS., from the Pl'opof;ed t.vpe specimen. l 'aclii1ut rleile pkil((' Osten Sa 'ken, Canadian Bllcomologist, Yo1. XIX, p. 104; S 'ptelllbel', Exo'/"'ista -in/esta Williston, in FO Ul'teenlh Report State E nt. Jllinoi ~, p. 6.i; 1H8:i. OluctO/!19a 1 1ljOll.lltata, Bigot, A nn. Boc. E ntolllol. France, 'p. 2:i7; Clw,tolYfla n(topi r: l (~ Bigot, loco cit.., p. 259.!J,',I'ol'isfa cilia tlt Towllsell(}, Tra.lls. Arner. But. Soc., Vol. XVIll, II ; nec B.l'Ori.~t{/, p latysmltiro Towllsend, loco cit., Vol. _'IX, p. ~88j Dec., E:w'l"i!'.t a. datana: Towllsend, loco cit. Ohretolyga deilephu", O. H., Brauer aud Bel'gellstallllu in Utt. ) q1.ta.dripustulata ]\\br. GenU8 MUSOOPTERYX Town. lliuscoll leryx TOWIlSClld, Caua.di:~u Entomologist, Vol. XX IV, p. 170;.July, Our species is black, including' tho palpi; tbr e postsutul'al au(l tluee sternopleul'aj. rnacrochrotre; length,!) mm. Missouri. (I,oe. oi t, p. 171.) chrewljulu '!'OWIl.

125 126 Genus P ARADIDYMA Br. and Berg. Pa' a.d'iclyma Brauer aud BergeDstamm, Zweif. Mus. Wieu, V, p. 382; At1'OpholJuda Tow nsend, Tmlls. Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XVIII, p. 373; Decembox, IB91. Lao1momma 'fowd8111l(1, ll) ~. cit., Vol. XIX, I>. 10:~; May, ]892. The I:!ynonymy of Lachuomma with Pal'adidyma is given with a query by Brauer alld Bergenstalllm. 1 III the Traus. ArneI'. E1Jt. Soc. for 1895, page 77, Ml'. rrowllseud suggests that tbe supposed type species of bis two genera, Atl'Ophopoda and Lacbllomma, are but the opposite sexes of oue and t he same species, and the specimens ill the National Museulll fnlly elstaulish the accuracy of this supposition. Our single species is black, the pajpi a ud apex of proboscis yeuowisu; three postsutuml anu three stel'ijopleural macl'ochretre; length, G to 9 mid. Spring-field, Mass.; llortberu IlllllOis; District of Oolumbia; Georgia; Agriunltuml Oollege, Miss.; 1'exas; Custer Oounty, ; Las Cruces, N. Mex.; alld Kern COUllty, Oal. (Trans. Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XVIII, p.3i4; December, 1891: Atrlllihopoda..Lachnml1?lut m,a,gnieurnis Town SCllel, loco cit., Vol. XI X, V. 104; May,1892. ' Paradidynla sp., Brauer and Bergenstn,mll) 'in _..... _... 8ing't~I,at"j.8 Town. Genus ATROPHOP ALPUS Tcwn. At"opiJopalpI/8 Townsllnd, EntolJl~lo gimt l News, Yo1. Ill. p. 130;.1nne, Onr sin gle species is black, the palpi yellowisll; three post,'utural anu two sterlloplenrallllacrocbretc.e;.length, 4~ to 7 IDm. Lake W OI'tb, Fla. (Loc. cit., p. 131.)..., _..... angtu;tiourn'is Towll. Genus METACHlETA Coq. Metaohwta Coquillett, Jonl'nuJ N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vol. III, p. 98; September, Out' si ll gle Kpecies il:! black, the pa,jpi and apex of proboscis yellow; body llot pollinose; three postsutllral and two ISternopleul'al macrochn1t:<e j lejlgth, 4 to 5 mill. From the type specimen. Toronto, Oanada.; Francollia, N. H. ; nortbern Illinois; Oolorado, and Sa.nta Oruz Moun tains, Oalifornia. (List of nipterolls Iusects, Part IV, 1). 795' 1849: l'lwkina. Jlfcta,('ha.'ta (Itra Ooqllillett, Journal N. Y. Eut. Soc., Vol. III, 1). 99; SeptelUber, 1895.) ' " _ lwly?n1t8 Walk. Genus PHORICHlETA Rond. oo}jolia Dosvoid.v, ESBni sur lee Myodnires, p. 268; (Nlm Huebner; 1816.) P1Io"io1I(ula Honclrnli, Diptel'ologi,l' Itll.licm Prodromus, Vol. IV, p. 8; 186!. l'ho latter nau1 was Pl'oposed to take the place of Scopolia, which is preoccupied in the Lepidopt.era,. Our pecies has the sides of the front and the body hining black, and de titute of pollen; tbree postsuturaj and two or three stel'llopleural ma,cro 'hrotm; wings hyaline, the veins and 'rossveiu8 sometime bordered with brown ; Jength 4 to 6 mm. --r I Zweif. Raia. Mus. Wien, VI, p. 193 ; 1893.

126 127 White MOUlltaius and FranconiA, N. H. ; Beverly, Mass.; northern Illi nois; Colorado; British Colombia; Eastou, Wash. and Placer o.ud Lo Augeles counties, Cal. (In Cook'!:! Notes on Injurious In acts p. fi; 1884: Sr:opolia. ) ~equ.a.r Will. Unrecognized 8pecie8.-- P. ~ (Scopolia) l(1,teralis Macqua.rtj America (probably South America,). Genus CHlETOPLAGIA Coq. Cilr%plagia COfluillett,.Jonmrd N. Y. Eut. Soo., ' ;0]; III, p. 98; September, Our siug'le tip cies i" bla~k, the second antenna,ljoint i~nd the palpi yellow; three postsutllraj and three stel'llopleuml macl'ochll'tw; willgs blackisll aloug the vei!!!'; of the costnl ualf; leng th, 7 mm. District of OOlllUlbif~ and southern Illinois. (Loc. cit.) (ttripenn'is Ooq. Genus METOPIA Meig. JlJctopia Mei~en, iu IIlig'or '~ Mu.gl1ziu fiii' Illsektenkuude, Vo l. 11, p. 280 j 180S. Ol,hei'i(! Dosvoidy, ERHlloi Bnr lor Myotlu.ireR, p. 120 ; This sy]l(jllymy is gi veil by Macqual't I and repeated by Schiner 2 and by Braner and Bel'l~enstalllm. :1 Our sillg1e specie.\: is hlaek, iucludiug the palpi, silit'h of' abdomen sometimes IH~rt)y yellow; t hree post u t-ural and two st(~rnojjleut'al macrochrcth'.; length G to 8 mm. White Moun tains, New Hampshire; Beverly, Mass.; District of Columbia; northern lllinois; Kenedy, 'rex.; Oolorado; LOB Aug-eles Oounty, Cu.1.; Wash ington; Frallce; GCl'mauy, and Austria.. A male from Austria, from the old, ch ill er collectioll, received from Braller alld Berg-ellstamm and by them labeled lifetopia leueouljphala (lt08 i) Schiner; three mules Ji. om Germany, received froul Zeller, aud by him h~beled Metopia leucocepliala; also ODe specimen of each sex from France, receiveu from E1. du nuyssou, and labeled as al>ove. (I<'auna Etrllsca, Vol. II, p. 1[iOl; 1791: Musca. JJ1usca lauiata Fabricius,l Entolllologia Systematica, Vol. IV, p. a29; Araba squamipa,llens Desvoitly, Ess~~i 'sur letl M.yodaires, p. ]30; Arttlla grisca Desvoidy, 10(:. cit., J~. ]31..Deueeria latc1'alis Mac quart, Dipt. Exot., Sup. Ill, p ]; Mctopia lugoer'i Townsend, Gau. Entom., Vol. XXIV, p. G9; March, 1892.)..... leu(joocllhala Rossi. Genus ARABA Desv. Araba De8voidy, Ess:ti RUt' los MyodaiIe$, p. 127; EmJtetopia Hrall!'r aml Berg ' nsti1jnio, Zweif. Rais. Mus. Wion, IV, 1). 114.; This synonymy has already beell acknowledged by the last-men tioned authors. 5 Our single specie i' wholly black; front iu male - - _... _ _. I Anna.lc8 Soc. Ent. France, p. 436; ' j<'auna Austriaca., Vol. I, II. 1198; "Zwe\f. NaiR. Mns. Wiou, \'1. p. 2-34; <This synouymy is givcll by Meigcn and I'apantad by most ~ubsequollt author8. Tbe syuonymy of 81)Ilall1iJlailena is according to Schiner; the remainder ill by tue writ,!'. ~ Zwoif. Rajs. :Mus. "'ied, V, p. 359; 1891.

127 128 silve)'y, iueltlllillg t he vitta, iu the female grayish pollinose, the vitta ul'owuislj ; orbital bristles present ill both sexes; three postsutural and two stel'llopl<' Ul'allllcLCroclHl,tm, thorax of male grayish pollinose except on the li'ollt Hlld, llot vittate, tlat of tlle female gray pollillose a.lld marked witll foil.!' black vittru; abdomen gray pollinose, last three seg ljieuts ulacl{ on tho hind marg'ills, or each marked with three ulack spots; lengt.h, \I to U mm, N ortlern Illinois; Colorado, and I~os All geles Uo uu ty, Cal. (.Journ. N. Y. Ent.Soc.,Vol.lH, p. 103 ; Sept.emher, 18\.15.),, '. ' , te1'gclta Coq. Genus OPSIDlA Coq. 0p8icl-ia C()('j llillett,.jonrllll,j N. Y. Ent, Soc., Vol. III, p.l02 ; September, OUt' sing'le species is black, the first two joints of the alltennm and tho pallji ye llow; three postsutul'f1l lwd two or till' e sterllopleural macroclllt!t:l'; length,!) mm. F rom the type speeimen. Massachusetts; Atlantic City, N. J., and Iowa. (l Joc. cit.)... ' , gonio'idcs Coq. Genus HILARELLA Rond, Hi lm'olla, ROlldani, ni)lt ~ l' "Jog-ill' Itn.Ji (,,, l'rotiromns, Yol. I, p. 70; E lnll (lcl'c)i):,/(:h i(t TOWllij,'nd, 'I'rl1I1S. Ampr, E ut. Soe., Vol. XIX, p, 98; Muy, U:I!I::l. (ly?/liloji)'ohojla '1'0 1I'J161)1 III, loe. cit.; p, 108.,]'hi s synonymy is by tle writer. All of our species bave three post slltuml a11(l Lwo stel'lloplenral mrtcroch:ctrc : 1. Tip of ahdo1l1en black, scutellulil bearing three pairs of marginal macrochmtm : ,.... '. ' rri p of ahdoluell and til e genita,lia yellow, scutellum bearing Ollly two pail's of marginal ll1acl'och<.ebe, abdomen gray pollinose, hind lllargijls of the :tit'flt three segments bla(lk, thinl vein bristly at least halfwf),y to the small crossvein, arista thickeued Oil the bu.salih1if; length, G to 8 mm. F rom a cotype, pecimeul'eeeived ft'om Mr. Townsend. Las 'ruces, N. Mex., and Los A ngeles Cou ut,v, Gal. (Tmll s. Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 99; Ma.y, 18!)2: JiJu1II.acrollychia.).... ' decen.~ TowII. 2. 'l'ijil'(l vein bristly a.t least halfway to the small crossvein 'l'binl vein beariug from one to four bristles near its base Arista thickened Oil at least t he ba 'al three, abdomen gray pollinose, the first tllree segmeuts each mark d with from one to three black spots, hilld margin of the fourth segment also, (LutenulC usually but Dot always yelloaw; length, ij to f) mm. Fran 'ouia,. H.; New lledford, Mass.; Avalon and A ngelsea, N. J., rlnd uorthel'll Illinors. F rom t he type speqimen.. (Jour nal N.. E ut. Soc., Yol. III, p. 106; September, 1895: Gym-no. p1'll80)l1l.)., '....,,..,......, j'ulvicornis Coq. Aristl~ a,t most thickelled Oil th ba a,i two fifths, abdomen shilling

128 129 black, the bases of the last three segment gray pollinosej lengtb,4 to 5 mm. SOLlthern Illinois; Atlanta, Ga., auc1 Florida. (Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 109; Ma,y, 1.92: Gymno. prosopa. GymnopTosopa at'genfi/i'ons Town en(l, 1o '. cit. Gyllt1to. pro8opa ola,,'ij1'07ts Towllsend, loco cit.)., _. _.. _... _.1}oli fa. Town. 4. Third veiu bearing three OJ: four bri ties Ileal' its base, tb (lilt rmost at the first fifth of (li 'tance to the small crossveij), li,bdome)) gray pollinose alld marked with five rows of hlack spots, the two outer ones s.ituated Oll tbe latej'al llllu'gillsj al'i l:lta thickened on tbe baf>ai two fifth!; ; length, ;:; to 6 mill. Clemell t,on, N. J.; Tit: ton, Ga.; Colo..ado, oocl Los Angeles Co., (~1. (Diptera. caudirh1vi;'{j, Vol. Ill, V. D13; 1844: Milt.ogra1ltllta.)... s11)honina Zett. Third vein beariug a single bristle Ileal' its base, }u'ista thickcned Oll tue balsa,] three fourths _ _. _. _... _ Frontal vitta next t ile itnteonro almost as wide a8 either side of the fro 0 t, a,bdollfen gnty pow nose, the first segmen t and thl'e I:~rge spots on the "ecoud and third shining black; bin,ck j fme white, sid es of front yellowish pollinose, front ill the male one-littlf, iu the female as wide as, either eye, two pail't-i of orbital bristles in both sexes, alltenn:e four-fifths as long ItS the face, the third joillt four tiljles as long all the second, penultimate,joint of arista broader tha.n long, cheeks cal'cely oue sixth as broad as the eye height, vibrissre flllly develop<,d, only two or tbree bristles auove each; thorax ~ray pol1in08e, marl\pd with four black vittm, f:\eutelllllll gray pollinose, the sides black, willg~ hyaline, calyptere!:l white, macrochmt: ) of abdomeu short and depressed, only ld,j,!'ginrl-l; length, 4 to 5 mill. Soutllo"n lllil)oi. and Colo rado. Oue maje and two females, the l'onner collected by Mr. CIHtdes Robel'tson, the latter by Mr. Carl F. Baker. Type No , U. S. N atioual Museum.... _... _.... _... ar'i.sta,lis I). sp. Froutal vitta next the anteunm les8 than oue-third as wide as either side of the frollt; black, the antenufr, face, palpi, a,lld first three segulents of abdomen yellow, abdomen shiuin,g except, the whitish pollinose bases of the last three segments j front in both sexes almost as wide as eitljet' eye, alltenna~ in the male fivesixths; in the female three fourths, as lollg as tit face, the third joiut in the male six, in the Cema,le four, times as long a8 the second, thorax gray llollinose, not vittate, wings hyaline, c:tlypteres white; length, 4 to 5 mm. Holly Springs, Miss. Three males aud on femaje, collected hy F. W. MaJJy /tVentt is l1. p. UnrecQgn.ized /Jpeoie8.-H. (Emltaoronychia,) elita Townseud, Trans. Amer. But. oe., Vol. XIX, p. 100; Las Oruces, N. Mex

129 130 Genus TRICOGENA Rond. Tl'iroflttlt((. Rondani, Diptol'ologim Itt~lic lf1 Prooromns, Yo1. I, J'. 88; ji'rallclljijldia Egger, Vtll'Ul1llll. Kais. Kiill. Zool. Botan. Gesdl., Vol. XV, p. 297; Tuis synonymy is ~~ccordjllg to Brauer and Bergenstamm: 1 Pa.lpi yellow, insect elsewhere black; front of female one and one fourth times as wide ~1S either eye, two pairs of orbital bristles, frontal bristles del'welldillg to tlje arista, sides of face each at narrowest pal t olle half ~ts ~ts the f::tchtl depression, e,\ch uearing two dowllwardly curving macrochmtre, the lowest of' whi ch is nearly on a level with lowel' euds of eyes, cheeks two fiftls as wide as the eye-height, vibrissm slightly above tl1e oral margill, one or two ul'ilo\tles above each; a lltennm fonr fifths as long as tle face, tije thil'll joint only sliglj tly longer than the lo\ecolld, al'if;ta tllickcnecl on the b:tsal fourth, the penullimate joint broader than long; thorax wllitisb pollinose, not distinctly vittate, three PORt.sutural and two stel'l10piellral m:l,croc\j;etm, scutellulll bearing- three loug; T1)ltl'ginaJ pairs, audolufl li shill ill g, the bases of the second aud third segments whitish polliuose, first. three segments beari llg marginal macrocli;etm; 111 id<l le ti l)i;e eadl bearing two on the ft'ont side near the middle; wings wuitish hyalille, the costal edge ul'ownish, third vein bem jug two bristlcs at tue base, Ililld crossvein miclway between the slllall alld tue beuel, petiole of a.pieal eell!'lightly shorter tltall the sllla]] Ol'OSS' vein, ca,iyl'teres wlite; length, 5 10m. Colorado. A fclllale specimen. Type No. a()3ti, U. S. Na,tional Mnseum. o08tttli' n. p. Pa.lpi. bhwk, insect elsewllel'e brack; front of fetrl1tle a.lmost as wioe as either eye, fron f a.l uristles descending sliglltly helow base of first ttntenl.laljoillt, sides of face at UfWI'OWest PMt each one fifth as wide as the median clep"orsioll, ef\ch beadug a row of m,~cj'o ehll'bl:l and scflttered black Lairs, cheeks liearly onc third as broad as tho eye Leight, antejln:e t.hree,fonrths as long as the face, the third.joi nt twiee as long a. the second; body with a strong brassy tillge, turee stel'llopieurai macrochmtw, bases of In. t ~ltl'ee segments of abdomen whitish pollinose; wiugs bya- lilje, t ho portion ill fl'oil t of flftu vein tinged wi th yel1ol\"i~b, especially along tbe vei ll g and ci'ossveius, third v iu bristly almost to tle ~lllall eros vein; lengt.h, , othel'wise as in the I1bove (lesel'iption of co.~ talis. Frallconia, N. B. A single femal pe imcu collo'ted by Mrs. A. T n. Type No. 363G, U. 8. Na,tiOllal Mutl nm... _,. '". 86tipennil:l n. sr. I ZW(lif. Kn.i". Mil". Wien,vr, p. 23 j l893.

130 l in Genus BRACHYCOMA Rond. B"o,chyooma l{.nndani, Diptol'ologi," ItILlic,,, l'r(>t1i'()illu ~. Yol. 1. 1'. m) j 1~:;6. l.acoupro,ulj(,t TOWll"6Ild, 1'rn. n ~. AUltlr. Ent. tioe., \' 01. X \'111,1>. ;'Ili5; IlllI,omber Sm'(Jolaohilwlln 'r OWuBelld, lnc. c.:it.., \'01. XiX. p. llo j A. comparison 1)[ a cotypc ::;pecimeu of Lnc('()pr()sojJa.Qltrro/I/iog i lla (the type species Df tili;;; gellus) kindly stlbmittrll by 1\11'. Oharles Hobertson, of Oarlitl villu, Ill., with a Rpecillleu of Rnl,:hY(,()lILa de"';n (tbe type ~ l) ecjes of t hclln,ttel' golllls) rccui vcd fl'om al\(l iticllti (ied hy Bmu I' and HergeJJstawlIl, [~tils to' disdoso ally \lill'eroll l t\ of gl~ llel'ic illlportl.m ccj ~Hld the is t rite ill regard {',O ~ ]l ec im e ll s t hat I hlolltify as $ar(lotuijhhwlln intermedin '1'own. All of 0 111' Hpeci 'H hav(.) only three postsutnral uhwrocil:l'ta:' : 1. Fourtll seglllen t of auclolllcll wholly black ,. 3. ]!'s)urth segmeut 'htrg'ely yellow, al),lotlh'li ([«stitut e of d ischl I1Il1crot dlrctjp, S(, llteljulj.1 uearing' throe ma l'g-ill;ll pail',~, hella (If fourth veill appcndi(mh~t;e _ _ _.. " Sides of face e!lcll bea.ring a row of JJlael'och;l'tw, palpi black; lejlgtll, 1-1 to 10 Hlln. OU t hel'll Uu Jifol'tlia. (gntolllologicu.l News, Vol. Y, p.l':.!;,11111(', l B!)4..)... " (Lri17,~(lni Ooq. Sides of fll!'e bl~aring short bristly h llir,,; 1I0t Ili sposctl ill l'owr, pltlpi yellow; uta. 'k, t he pallli and follrtlt n,bclo tllill <tl segm ' ll t yellow, ~tnte llna' liiorc 01' 1\'88 relldi iolh ; fl'oli t in the l1l n.le one balf, in t he felult1e almost, ns wide ns ei t he,i" f'yc, three pltil's of orbital bristl es ill the fc'lilmle, wanting ill tli(l lual!'; cheeks two t],irds!\or wide as t ile {'-ye l:leig-ht; ;t,ll tellllal fh'e-si xths as 10ug as tho facti, the third.ioillt olle and t\\'o thirllr time!:) 11.S llm g af\ the seeom], fll'ista thickened 011 tue bas:\l fourth j alldoulell gra.y pollinose, tll e fin\t t hree segments ma rked with It black dorsal vitta a Dd two subdorsal I'O\\, H of blade spots situatt d Oll. the hillrilll::lrgill s of the segmell ts; sc('oud Reg tuell t bear'iu g a swall mat'g'inal pair of macroclticta:, the thinl alld fourth each wi t h a mal'ginal row; froll t pulviui of majo "li g lt tly louger t hall, of t I,e female two-t hirds as lon g as, til ' last tarsal joijjt; wings byaliile, third veijl IJri."Uy almost h alfway to t Il e swall CI'O S veiu, calyptel'es wuite; I ltgth,7 to R 1I1ll1. 'Oll llcctieut and Virgin in. A siugle specimen of each sex, that from Vil'ginia collected by TlJ eodol'e Pel'gaUll(l May 2:~, Type No. 3U3, U. S.... atiollal Museum _ _... apicalis n. sp. 3. Second and third segments of abdom'l1 destitute of disca,l ma.crochretfe, thorax marked with three ot' five blaek vittlc.. 4. Second and third segments bearillg lliscal lu<lcl'ochretre, thorax marked with foul' black vittmj, t he pal]>i aull base of third auteuual joint y Bow; front in femal three folll'ths as wide as either eye, two p}tir of orbital bristles, antelllllh fou I' fifths as long ali the face, the thinl joint scarcely louget tlll'iio

131 132 the second, arista tbickeued 011 the lmsal fourth, sides of faco each bearing a single row of macrochwtre, cheeks one fourth as wide as tlle eye height; 8Clltellum bearillg three pail's of long marginal macl'ochretul; abdomell opaque gray pollinose, with darker re(iecting spots, first and secoud segments with a mar ginal pair, second and third each with a uiscal pair, third with a mal'giual row, and the fourth with t hree rows of rnacrocbretm; wings llyaline, third vein bdstly 1l alfway to the small crossvein, apical cell sbort petiolate, calypteres white;.length, 6 mill. SaIl Diego, Tex..A. female collecteu May 2, 18fJ5, uy E. A. Schwarz. Type No. 3639, U. S. NlLtioual Mllseum.pnkverea, D. sp. 4. Scutellum beal'iug olily two pail'a of long margillal macrochrotll:l, COS tal, pine much longer tlmll the small cl'ossvein; leugth, 8 to 9 mill. Westville, N. J.; Potomac Creek, 'Va.; TiftOll, Ga., and Florida. (Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 11); May, 1892: SarcotaohineUa. ).., 'iniermoll'ia Towll. Scutellum bearillg three pairs of loug' lliarginal macrochmtro, costal apille lloticeably shorter than the small cl'ossveill; lellgth, () to 8 mm. Cumberlaud County, N.. J., and soutllel'li Illinois. ('rrans. Allier. B ll t. Soc., Vol. XVIlJ, p. 306; December, 18m:. a(;oopr o8opa.) saroopha.gina, Town. Unreoognized sjieo'ie.~.-b. ( '!) macropogon Bigot, AIm. Soc. Eut. Frallce, p. 259; OalifOl'uia.. Genus EUTHYPROSOP A Town. Eutllyp"o~ojJa Town~elld, TraUB. Amer. gilt. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 106 ; May, 18!i2. Our singlo species is blaek, t he anteullffi, middle of face, lower part of head, tile palpi, COl'll el's of thorax, RcntellullI, hiud margin of each segmeu t of aljt!omcll, al'ices of femont and the tibim, yellow; three post sutural and t,\vo stel'l1opl~ural l.ilaci'och ootw; leugtll, 7 mm. From a co type specimen. Las Cruces, N. Mex. (Loc. cit., p.107.).petio/aut Town. Genus GONIA Meig. Vonia Meigen, ill Il1iger ~ Magl1zin flll' Ill~ekL lj lll li11(le, Vol. II, p. 280; Bhedi(~ j) SYoilly, E8sni 8lll' les Myoduu'oij, p. 74; Rca 1I11l1I1'ia. l)us \,oidy, 1oc. oit., p. 70. [SOIllUra. Dosvoidy, AHualea SOl'. E llt. FmU<'e, 1'. 815 ; PissllIII.1l a ])esvoidy, 101'. oit., Jl Doavoidy pro poised the lhlme R,hedia for the genus Gonia, errone ously stating that th latter term had be II previou Iy used ill Concholo~y; and ill the Anllales Soc. Blltoll101. l~l'ance, second series, p..300, he states tllat his g'enus HeaulI1uria coutains the males, alld Rhedia tile females, 01' ti le afllne sp-ecies. rrile synonymy 9f Isolllera is by chiner,' and that of.pi semya i by Brauer aud Bel'gensta.IllJD. 2 I Fo.llua AU8tria~,o., Vol. I, p. 441; 1 2. 'Zw if. Kais. 'Mus. Wien, VJ, 1). ~35i 1!is.

132 113 All of onr pecie!; have foul' postsut.nmj and foul' stel'nopl llra,1 macrochmtre, ftnd a,t most with only two IIHU'giIiRI llut '1'0 '1J1~tll> 011 tbe IiI' t segment of the f~bdomen; hind tibia' outwardly ciliate t.wo pail's of orbital brifltles in both sexes: 1. ' 111'd joint of antellll1e, except flometimes tlle base, biari.. _., _...!.l. 'l'hird joint of nntelllln:' de p y llow; ol herwise as ill capita.ta,; length, 11 to Maryla,nd ; St.. Loni., Mo., a,nd Georgia,. ( ana, dia,1i Elltoll101og'ist, Vol. X IX, p. 10;.January,) 7. Gouia Mlnn,l' 'L'owlIlSelld, Ua,tHtoian E nbmlologi:,;t, Vol. XXI V, p. (i5' March, IS!l2. ). ;...,...,,... ~ (Jnilill Will. 2. Viewed fl'om the Hide ti, e head Pl''.ts ill frollt. of the eye only sli ght-iy more Lhall t he horizontal diameter of the eye, (tnft is RpaJ'sely cov{,j'e(1 witll brii.'\tiy ba,irs; sirles of' front wh en viewed f"olll lleldn<l, Sltillillg', d 'stitutc of poll en except next. the 'yes; :\,hdnmeu bj ael<, t hc side::; SOllwtimes pal'tly or wholly reddish or yell ow, hases of lalit tilree segments gj'll,y pollino ei hlllgth,!) to 14 Hlln. 'l'orollto, Uallad!L ; TIe\'erly, Mass.; Oswego, _. Y.; District of Oo lum bi:t; North Carolilla; (l-euqria; Dt1t,l'oit, M iclt.; Illilloisi A mes, Iowai Misso1ll'i-; S Ulm yt1ide, Ark.; Kalisas; 1'exa,s; ; Oalitornia,; PnllnlllJl, Wash., l1ud Anstl ia. A 1I1a.1t~ speci men from AUi'\tria recc i\'t~d from Brauer Iwd Bel" g'l'iii<talllm :illd by tllell1 Ja.he]etl {Jonia capit(t,ta ])eoecl';' {Mellioires i';t\i'vir 1'Hi. toire Iusec:teR, Vol. \ '1, 1" J:&; ]770: MURCU. Oonill, ji"()ntq,~a, Say,.To1ll'lml Ac'lu. Nat. Sci. PhiIa., Vol. VI, p. j 75; GMl'ia phila,delphioft MacquaJ't, ])ipwres Exo tiqlles, Vol. IT, Pa[,t ni, p. 20.'1 roll; Oom:u alb~/,ron/j Wall{cl', List of Dipterotll:l Insects, Part IV, p. 798; Ooniu e.l'ul W illistoll, Oall. E ll to III 01 og-il:;t, Vol. XIX, p. 11i Jan., l 8~7. Gowin, seqllu.v Willistoll, Joe. c it., ]\.12.},(:up-itata, DeGeer. Yil'wed from the side. tile llead Pl'o,it'et,H ill frollt of tue eye ahno t tn jee t.lle }j()rizoutal diameter of the eye alld is oenscly col'ereu with bristly lhli1'8 ; sid es of froll t ",beu view d from behind wholly covered with white pollclj; black, the {i'out, includillg tile vitta, the falie, checks, pal pi. ljulij cri, hind ond of thorax. scutellum, a,nd sides of t he fir:,;t t.hree egtnollts of the abdomen except. the hiud lilargill of t he thiro, yellow; front in proulo only s}jgijtly comrex, a.iulost at l'ight a ll gjes to t}le occiput, in the lliaje two and oll c lui,lf timcl'l n:,; wide as eitllcr eye, frontal u1'istles descendillg to ba (I of shcoml flutellnal joiut, two or 1 Thl~ a ~' n()l)ynly of thir BpO ioe in Europe is very lino6rll~in and unll l~ti8fllctory. It will C\ollhtJes be foudel that Ol"1lat(,?ieigen llj1(lja8ciuta Meigen I~re but colol'at iolll11 ii'l'ms of capitala DeOoer. Our ~l'ec in' tm8 of t}1h latter from this coudtry sbow every posijihle g ra(lation frolll tllose with IIle liudomon wholly l,luck to tbose thl~t have it ~- el l ow!iud JDllrkt,l1 wiu, "liarrow hlack dorslll vitta. A female lwving tho I~bd om en wholly black exoept II HlIlaU yellowi 11 8pot on each side of th second segment WU8 tllkeu nulted ill coit; " lo n. male ill which the sides of tile first t bree segments were almost wlwlly yellow ish.

133 134 three irregnla,r rows of macrochretm 011 tile outer side of eael1 row, tlhl fl'ollt Il eal' the eye,.; densely covcl'ed with rather loug bri~tl'y Il ain:, sieles of face aeh oue and oue-lhllf times as wide ft" t he media II dejll'cs,.; iull, densely covered with rather lou g black ljristly hairh wldeh are less IlumeronS aloul! t he fauial ridges, the latter bal'( ~ cxcept t hat there are two 01' three ljristles above the vibrihs;l', elll:~ekh two-tltirds It;; hroad as the eye It e ig ll t, ;llltelllla.\ a,lmo;;t, fll< loug as the f<lcc, the t hi rd joint six times as JOll g' as tile I'Ieco nd, rtl' istl1 thickened to t he t.ip, the pellultimate joint ah IOllg )1,,, t ho hll>\l; one; thorax whitil:lh pollillosc, marked witll foul' black vitta); scntclllllll bea.rillg' three pairs of lon g )II!1rgiua.l alld a. vcry sllol't apical pair of macrochwt;l' ; abcloloeli wholly covered wit,11 wltitihh poucu, t il e hairs rather long a lld StlL,erect, jirht two Keg-Ill en tis en(, 11 ucl1l'ing a lnarg'idal pail', t,he t hird with a IlIal'gillaJ row, t he fourth covered on its a.pie~tl half wit.i, III IICrO{:hlt' ta'; frollt pnlvilli ()f mille three-fourths as IOIl f,!' as till' lailt. tal'ilal joillt; Willg's It'ya']ill~, third veill hl'il'ltly ol](, tld)'(l of di stalh'c to the s mall cl'ossvein, hind C I'oR~ve ill ar<:uate, its post<>riof ellu slip:htly IteafHI' the wing margilj t han to ti, (\ i'illlllll ej'ossveill, calypteres whi te; le ngth, J4 mm. Los Al1g'eles ( )o., Ual. A ma.1<~ specimen by the writ.{w i.1i April. '1'y])(' No. 3640, U. S. National Mllsellm.. - t'wrfl'idn 1l.I:iJl. UnrtJl'l)fJn,;zl'd, 8p ()cil~.~_-g _ pln'ljff Willist011, Calladiu.n Entomologist, VoL )\lx, p. ]0: 1~R7. MOl1l1 t lj ood, Oreg. Genus SPALLANZANIA Desv. SpCl,lla'llz(tllill n"s\'oiciy, Essni 8 111' )!1R Myodl1i, es. p, 78; Ctl6JJltaUa Rou(l l~ui, i)iptcl'illogia' It.lllicll' f'r()(1romu8, Vol. 1, p. 62; AI! I'OfJl(1~,(1 Wi llist,"'i, jlll'-il'lhlcler's HlIt,tcl'ftios (>1' )IIllw England, YoJ. III, 1'.1916; 1889, PSClldO!/ollia Brauer nll(lllergenatill1lnj, ilweif. ]{ais, Mil S. Wion, IV, p. 100; 1889, Brauer 111ld Herg'OIl~talll 'm IHLvc already placed Spallanzania, Unoplmlia aud P. endogntlllt!1h I'll ugenel'li, of OlI O genus, I and Mr. F. II. now bas IIl1 it('d tllc"e "nug-cnern. into one gejlu s." The synonymy of ACl'oglossf.L i. ljy til e write!'." Our species.are black, tile palpi, scu" tellum, and sollletilllel:l the sides and apex of aljdolllen and the first two joints of a.ntcl11lll', yellow' four po tsutural and four or Jive sternopleul'nlmacrochft't.rr; two pa.irs or ol'bitaj bristles in the female, wallting i ll the mnle: 1. Facial depression a. wide a either side of face, bristle on the latter )lot armnged in rows "... " " _". " _. " " 2. Facial d{',pl'el'sioll twice as wid as either side of face, bristles 011 the latter a.ttllilg cd iu two rows, po11el1 011 sides of front yellowisll, on the fac white third joint of allteuure ill the illl11e three, in ' Zw ~ if, Klds_ MilS, Wiell, VI, p. 214 i J{I\II ~ na t"lli'-crsity Qnul'tel'ly, \'0J. Ill, p_ 181;.Jlluunry, PHYC)":I, Yol. \' 11, p. 2tH: J nly, 1li95.

134 135 the female olle and one half, times as long as the secolld' penul timate joint of arista ill the male foil I' tillles, iu ti,. ferntlj slightly ovel' twice, as long as broad; lellgth, 10 to 1:3 mm. Franconia, N. H.; ljelaware Oouuty. Pa.; Mal'ylaud' northern IllilloiR, and Tifton, Ga. (In Scudder's Huttcl'tlies of New Eug land, Vol. [fl, p. 1917; 18!J: A.croglosl,;((. Pscltilogonia "ujic'(ilula Townsend, Oan. Blltornolngist: Vol. XX.IV. p. Gu; J\{l'u'ch,1 H2. Pscudo{IOn'ia. obsolcta' Townsend, loco cit. )....!tcs1jc1'itlani1ll Will. 2. ThiJ'cl.ioint of antennf(l in the male from two t.o two and t,h~'ee. fourths, in the femai{l froln oue to one a,llu one lta,lf, times (Ie IOllg as the secoud; pelll{ltima,tejoillt of' aristit ill the llial from one ali(i one lin.if to foul', in the female oue :tud one fourth, times as long a,s broad; lellgth,l1 to 12 mm. North Oaroli1la; Georgia; Fernandi IHt, Fla., all (1 Austriit. A female from A llstl'ia received from Brauer and Bel'genstn,mTll and hy t hem IfI,lJeled Ol/ cllila/in 'li8ctos((. ~ (Dipt.rra Suocin', Mllscid,r, p. 11; 1820: 'taoh ina. 'l'll e following synouymy i~ by Desvoidy ill Allna.lcH Soc. Elltomol. France, p. :n 7; 1851: Spetllttll.zemia flnllica, j)esvoidy, EssH,i 8nr les Myodrtires, p. 7f1; ' The following' is by Kowal'z ill 'WIener Ent. Zeitung, Vol. \TIl, p. 6;.January 3t, 18K8: (ionif.t 1I.wli/iw'illli MaefJua.1't, ])ipt~\'res Nord }'ntllcc, \ -01. V, p. 17U; 'lllCI'(( jjlf) ;'wia,(:1i. j)esvoidy, Anlln.lllS Soc.,B ut,omol. Franco, p. 3],j; j 8:11. (Jonia co.qnata. RonLiani, 1)ipt. ltalicl() l'ro~1., Vol. II [, p. 38 i 18.')9. Spa,llanz(l'Ilia (/lljextri.~ H.o1ll1ani, JO(\. (Jit., Yo1.lV, p. 15!i; 18H1. 'rb' followiilg is by tho writer: Oncp/wlia pan8(1. Suow, K;~llsas U ni versity Quarterly, Vol. 11 r p.182;.january, lx95.)...., :.....!tcfl('11 [<,,\11. Thil'lljoint.of illltenllil" ill ti,e male eight ti ll1es as JOllgaatlJesecullll, pellultilllate.ioint of Ilia arista four times as long as ljlolld; ljlacli, tho p;tlpi a.ljrl scutellum yellow; frojlt of wale twiet" al'l wide as either eye, the sides a nd raue I\'hjti~11 pollillosc li lid wholly covered witll short lliacrochmtw except a. narl'ow space outsid e of tile facial ridges, f!'outal bristles shol't, c]toseelldillg to tile :trista; cheek ' slightly over olle half 11.'1 bl'oarl al:l the eye height, facial ridg'es bristly all the lower foili'.tlfths, autcllulll seven eigh tlls as long as tl,e f~lee, urista til iekeued almont to the tip; thorax geay JloHin ose, ma.rked with [0 Ill' ulack vittro, RCn tel hull bearing three loug marginal pairs and ~t short a.pi al pail' of macrochretm, abdomen gray pollino f\ alld with l'efiectingbln.ddsh spots, second and third segments bearillg' marginal macrocllletrc,,vaot iog 00 the first; frout pulvilli two thij'd!; as long as the last tar al joint; wing hyaline, third vein l>~aring five hristles at 'The identity of rlljica1l.11a,.no Qb801eta has already beeu given hy F. n. Snow in t he Kansas Uuiversity Quarterly, Vol. 1lI, p. 183, froill au ex:uninu.tiou of' the type specimens. ~ 1n the Zweif, Kaia. Mus. Wieu, VI, p. 2"22, llro.llcr aud Bcrgcustamm state that I!'allell'& type spe 'imeu of Ilcbes is ideutical with tl).(~il' bi~e(.o8a.

135 136 tho b,lf;e; cf),lyptel'os wllite; length, 12 rom. Alil>medn, County, Cal. A sillg'le tnale specimen rea,red from an ulldetermined lepi.dopterons chrysalis by Mr. Albert Koebele in Se,ptembel'. Typ No. 3641, U. S. National Museum a, ntennali,~ n. sp. Unrecoflnizl.!d.ypccies.-S. (OnephaZia),tinitima Snow, Kallsas Univer sity Quarterly, Vol. Ill, p. 184; N. Mex. Genus GlEDIOPSIS Br. and Berg. GOJcUQpgig limner allll Hergeustalum, Zweif. Kais. Mus. Wien, V, ll. 33G; 18!)1. Our Hpeeies have foul' postsutlll'ai ~111d fonr stel'llopleuralmacrochmta' : 1. FoltI'Lh I:\egment of ~1bdomeLl black ~. Fourth segment yellow, second alld third segments destitute of dis c:11 Ul(l.CI ochreta:l, legs black, ma,crocha't:l.'. on sides of face very sma,] l, IJardly two-thirds as long as those 011 the facia I ridges ; length, 11 min. Philadelphift, Pa. (;/,weif. Kais. Mul'. Wien, VI, p.190 ; 1893.) _.. mc.l"ic( TIl'. mid Bel'g'. 2. Second and third segmen ts of abdoj[wu bearing ouly Inal'g-illal macro 'hmtm, femom and tiuiu! yellow ; lellgtll, Tiftoll, Ga., and :Vfobile, Ala. (Joul'ual N. Y. But. Soc., Vol. ni, p.100; SeptelD bel', 1805.) _ _..fta 't ) ';p('.~ Coq. 8ecolI(1 and tllil'd t>eg-mellts beal'illg discal and marginal macro clhutm, legs black; black, the f,we, cheeks, palpi, scntelll.1ll1, and sometimes the second f1lltellnaljoint and a spot on sides of each of the first tllree segmen ts of the abdomen, yellow; front of male foul.fifths, of female one and one-:6.ft,h tildes, as wide as either eye, two pairs of l'll'bital bristles in female, 110ne ill tile male, sides of face bearing a row of macrochmtul as 10llg as tho:;e ou the fltciall'idges, and ill addition nnm rolls bl'lliltly llail's, priueipn,liy loeated uear the eyes; clieeks over oue tliird as broad as the yo-height; antellll u,' five sixths as long as the fa 'e, the tllil'll joiut ill tho male two a,un one-half ti lll es, j II the female twice, as long as the second, arista thickened 011 the Ull ttl two thirds, the penultimate joint foul' or fi ve times 301' long lis wide; facial ridges bristly on the lower three fifths; tbornx gray pollinose, mal'ked with four black vitt;l', scutellulll ljeal'ijlg three pn,il's of long ma:rginal l~nd n shott a.pic:1l pair of macroch;etm' abdomen gl'fty pollillose a nd with dark reflectillg pots; middle ti)jim e~wh b arillg' thl'ee ma rochll~ tl OIl the fl'ont ill e ncar tbe middle, llilld tibia~ ontwardly ciliate fr'ollt pulvilli of male as long as tbe last tarsal jointj wings llyalioe, tllil'd veill beal'ill (T two bristl ' near th base, bend of fourth vein not appelldicu h~te, calyi)teres wbit ; length, 1~ rom. Sisl iyon Co., Cal. A mal alld a fema,le bred by A. Koch l~ f l'oili 'lnty alids of an unkllowli octuid. Type No U. S. Nat. Mus_.sewsa 11. sp.

136 137 Genus CHlETOGlEDIA Br, and Berg, 'Chwtogll'd'i (l Braner an.! Bel'genst,IIJllIll, Zweif. Kais. :Mn9, \vien, " p. 336 ; 1!ll. Our species Ilava foul' postsutul'al ajld 10m' sternoplelll'al IIln<:I'O ell rut;), ; pn,) pi yellow: 1. Femora black, apical cell open,.., :t Ti'emol'a alld tibi:t\ yellow, apical ccli short p tiolar.e, hilld tibia> ou!, wardly cilia,te, si.das of front densely yellowish g'l'ay pollino!'f', sides of face each bearing' a row of macl'ocha t,ll' twd with a \'E)W of bristly hait's bet"~ecll it alld the eye; length, 111m, Santa Fe, N, Mex. (Biot Oent.-Amer., Diptera, Vo]. H, p.121; Ma,h 1890: ]''r()sphery8f1,,)., ,....., r1ifif?'onlj v. 11. W, 2. SideR of front opaque, co\'er cl with 11 g rayish pollen ' 3. Silles of frollt s1jining, de;;titll te of poll PIl, sides of face bouring' t,wo or more irregnla ['rows of bristly bail''; betwccli oa 'b eye Iwd t,he I'OW of uhl.croch1etru, alldomell bllwk, the fonrtll sol,nneut yellow; lengtlj, 10 to 12 10m. DiAtrict of Columbia, all11 McscnJcJ'o, N. Mex. (,fijdscbr. voor Ent., Vol: II, p. 141'; 18(;7: Ba,tl11IItalt cr'ia. Jj'ront-ina, ac1'oglosjloide8'l'o\1'liscjl(1, Traw,. Amer. Rut. Soc., Vol. XVIII, p. 3G7; December, ) _..,.,. _,. ann/is v. ll. W. 3. Macl'ocilrutm on sides of fiwe much nearer to t he eyes thall to the facial ridges ftll(l appeariug like a continuation of the i'r-<mtn.l bristles, ollly a few bl'istly hairs betwecll tllelll and the eyes; abdomen wllojiy black; length, 10 to 12 min. LU8 Ol'l1 Cel:l, N. l\1ex., and Oalifornia. (BioI, Oent. A mer., J)ipt er(~, vol. II, p. 120; May, 1890; p1 o,~phl' rylia. ) cl'ebra Y. d. W. Macroch;etre 0 11 sides of' far:e nearer to the f;~d a l ri(lg's than t,o the eyes aud widely removed frolll tile lowest frontal bri "ties, Humer ous brifoltly 1mi]'s b tween them and tlje eyes, Kidcs of abdomen and t he folll'tb segment largely 01' wholly yellowish; ) ell~tb, HI to 12 mm. Oalifornin" aud Kailua, Hawaii. (AIIII, Soc. Bllt, France, p. 91; 1 8 ; Blepha1,ipeza.) monlico/n J3igot. Genus DICHOCERA Will. D ollocera Williston, E ntomologioo.j NewR, Vol. V1, p. 31;.1o.n".. ry, Hl!l5. Our t\vo species a l'e black, the pal pi, apex of scut.ellum and of tlle a.bdomen, ;},nd in one species a.lso the a1ltelllu'tl, yeuow ; two sternqpjen ral macrocluc tre; Third ante1lnal joint yellow, three postsutural macro hretro, a mar ginal pail' on the second abdominal segment :loud a dis '81 pair on the third; length, 10 mm. En. tern Washington. (Entomo. logical N ws, Vol. VI, p. 32, Jannary, 1895.).... lyra,ta Will. Third alltennal joint largely black, foul" po tflutural macro 'h;r tle. Reeond abdom inal segmclit destitute of a marginal pair, tit > third de.'titute of a dhwal pail'; black, the first two joitjts of ant IIDW

137 138 and lower t>ide of tho th inl Itt itl'! bare, the palpi, apex of scutel IUIll mltl of tb ctbd Olll ell, yellow; fl'ollt in female Oil I' <1ud one-fifth times 1t8 wide tts either eye, two l,airs of orbital bristles, sider of face bristly on the upper two thirds in addition to the row of JUacroch;)~tm, cheeks Hl ight ly wider than the cye height, llllteunm f()ur-fifth S!LR long' as the fa,ee, the thircljointfour times as long as the second; arif!ta thiekenecl 011 the basal three fiftbs, the pellultimate joint four times as long as wide, nearly twice as )Oll~ as the first joint; tborax gl'ay pollinose, marked with four blacl- vittl.e; scutellum bearing tbree pairs of long marginal lllacrochmtffi; ~tbdomell destitute of' dorsal m<;1croclll(~tff' 011 the tirst two segments, the third with a margiiutj row, tbe Courtll covered except on the basal half; tnitldl e tihirl eacl, bearing three long macroella t,e 011 t he out s idl~ near its mitld l (~, froll t tarsi slightly dilated j wings hyali1jt\, npieal cl111 nearly as wide as the diseal cell, tbird veill bristly nearly ltalfwa.y to the small cr'osrveill, t he otbers'o, beud of follrtb veiu 1I0t appeudicula.te, chlyptel'es whito; lc-1igth, llmm. Beverly, Mass. Two female I'lpeeime ll s. Tyjlo No. 364;), U. S. Natioual Mnseum...., i(jj/ l a, li.~ 11. sp. Genus MICROPHTHALMA Macq. 1JfiVI'QJl"tllfllma. Mno(!uart, J)ipt ~ rea Exotiquo~, \'Ill. 11, Part Ill, p. 241 (8 1); 18lS. OUI' 8pecieR is black, t,l, e antelillfl.l, face, cl, eeks, pajpi alld aprx of proboscis, yellow ; three postsutnnil and tljree sterlloplellral ma.cro chmtfll; leugtl" 12 to 15 mm. Franconia, N. H.; Bevel'ly, Mass.; Oistl'ictofColllmhia; Chi,."".n fll.; Georgia; Utica. Miss.; T(Jxas; OUHga, Kans., and Kerll OOllUty, Ou,}. -(.A n n.lectu Eutomologica, p. 45 ; ls~4: J'aeJ/i;nn. 1I1iltogrll1nmIC Say, Jour. Acad. Nat. Sciences Phih, Vol. VJ, p. 174; 18:lH. Jl1'icropht.Jw,lmn nig"a Mn.cquart, DipUwes Exotiques, Vol. ] r, Pal't 111, p. 242 (85); l'(wltina (,ri:x;oi.r1ell Walker, List of Dipt. InsectR, Part IV, lj. 760; "Afcgapro8011'US 1n'iuhiganensi,Y 'l'owllselld, Tnw>;..<\mer. Eut. Soc., Vol. xr.x, p. 111; May,lS!J2. 1l1a(!'/'o'lt1Ichia, t1 ';/usci{tta Say, Rtauer a.nd Bel'genstamm 'in litt. ])uio8oma, sp., Bn1uer and Bergenstamlll in litt.) _. disjuncta, Wied. Genus AMOBIA Desv,.d1IW1Ji,a, D 8voitly, ES61\\ slh'll~s Myo<l,~\re8, p. 96; Macn'vIII/(IMa Ronclani, Dipt(II'l>login' Italic!;; Prodromus, I>. 229; lhtoolisla 'l'ownrend, T\,(I.1l8. Aluer. Bnt. Soo., Vol. XIX, p, 102; Atllt/lobin Hrnocl' and, Zweiftilgler Knis. Mus. Wien, VI, p. 226; (.V01l Billocrg, EIlllmern,tio ]U8e tnrum, p. 105; 1820.) Tht' Rynonymy of AUlobia and Macronychia has l11ready been given by Schiner,1 and repeated'auer and Bergenstamm. 2 Two species o CUI' in our fauna; both have ouly three postsutural macro 'bretre: Thorax ma,rked with three 01' five black vittre; abdom '11 gray polli. Dose, mad,ed with three ro\vs of black spots; orbital bristles, FnunlU nstrica Vol. I, p. 501; Zwcif. Kais. MilS. \Vien, VI p. 226; 1893.

138 139 present in botll saxe,,; lellgth, 'i to 9 mill. Loudon, OIl>D lldaj WlJite Mountains, New Hampshire; Co!ontdo, a nd Wnshington. ('I'rans. Amer. Rut. Soc., Vol. XIX, p. 103; ~Iay 18!U: Tri:vocli,/lta. ) _. _. _..... _. _... _. _. _... _.... dist,incta, Town. Thorax market] wit h four- black vitt~'b; ao(lomen Flhinin:r black, base of the,eglllent;; thillly g-ray pollinose; leugth, 9 to 11(1)111. IJos All geleh County, Cal. (Joni'll.. Y. R ut. Soc., Vol. nt, p. 100; Septelll ber ).... _ Cltl ~l()1'ni('(1 Ooq. Genus TRICHOPHORA Macq., 'l'rlcilop7t.q1'(t 1\JI1(:'111;1I'(" Dil't" l"08 Exoti'1I1OS, Snpl'lnlTI o!1 t n, p, 7f1, (62) ; l fi,47. E /acili,)alpiir nolllhllli, N Ilfl\-i An n., n. Nu.t. J~O J Og llli, \ 0J. [1, ],.169; 1850, Brauer and Rt~tte t,h ~Lt thes(\ two genem could properly be nnite.d in to olle genu ',I ami t he writer is of Lllc sfi,me opiuioll. Our Rllecies have tlll'ce poststl tnral ELlUl three RtCI'1I0plenrni macroclimta', the secollrl find t,hircl St ~ g lll e llt, R (If tlt( abdomeo hpfi,l'ill g 01l1y mar ghlul Oll es, n,pex of the follrtll sep;me llt.vellowish, the third ve iu bri ~ tl y almost to tjl\" small Cl'OssvelJl : <kellar bril:<tlc8 abscllt" 8(~ llte Jlum wllolly blaek; length, R to ]0 mm. ]\f.olltgolllll',)' UOllll ty, J)a.; Dist. Colllmbia; Virgillia; GCOJ'giltj " Torn" Ina.; THien, Miss., awl Texas. (Tijdselll'il't voor l ~ litmn., Vol. II, p.l4(j ; 1 (li; 8clth/( 1 'i(l. 7I}la.('ltipalpU81tndl.lla,t11-8 Say.1.\1, Rr{Hler and BCI'g-ellsta.lUlII,in li t.t.. ).1 ufic"lir/n v. d. W. Oeellal' bristles presell t, directed ohliqnely forward; black, the fit'st t wo,jointr of thc a,ntenn:v, face, cheeks, apex of scntelillm, and or the J'olll'th 8eglll ent of tile fi.l>donl( 0, n.l so the tibilt', yellow, fl'onta,1 vitta alld tbird.i()ilj t of twtenll!1', brown; frollt of female oue fi.))(l ollc ualf times as wide :1 8 eitbpt' HyC, the Rides subopaque gray pollinol';e and bearillg two p:tirs of orhitfll bristle!:!, sides of bearillg Aparse and rather suort black ltail'l'i, cheeks Olle- half fls broad n.s the eye h eight, head at ti le vibrissa' as long Ill' at base of antennic, antel'ltjru four fifth s a.s 10Jlg)l.s tb(\ face, tijo t,jjird joint as long as tile second, scanely longer thfln broad, arista thickened (ljl the basal two thil'dh, the pejlultimate.joijlt three times as long as broad; thorax gray polliuohe, mllt'ked witll four black vitt~, scutellum bearing two long Jllargilln.l pairs and It short apical pair of macl'oelt mtre; a bdomen gray pollillose and with clarker reflecting spot.s, second and third segments bearing marginal, the fow th with disca,l and marginal macroch:.etre j wings hyaline, the base tinged. with yellowish, ealypteres white; length, {J mm. Los Angeles County, Cal. single female speci men bred from a chrysalis of AdisophancR?nisCeU1t8 by A. Koebele. Type No. 3645, U. S. National Museum..... m.iscclli ]1. sp. 1 Zwell'. {{ILk Mus. Wien, VI, p. 214 ; 193.

139 140 Genus CUPHOCERA Macq. OllphOOCl'a Macqul1rt, Annulus Soc. Eut. Fmnco, p. 267; Palpib/"aca l{oll(jl1l1i, A lluaji J\ntnrali sti NILpOJi; S)J"llricera Lio.y, Atti Tnstitnto Venoto, Vol. IX, p. 1336; 'J:lle Rynonymy of the fu'st two is according to ROllda,nL' Sphyri era iil referred l,y Brauer and Bergenstanlln al'l It subge'lllls of Oupiloccrn. 2 Ollr two FlpecieR ha,ve t hree postsnturn I and tllree t>ternopleural lilacl'ocj-i:i\til' : Abdomen blaek, the follrth segment yellowish; length,10 to 12 mm. Fmnconia,N. H.; Massacbu 'ettsj Westville,N. LT., fuld northern Illinois. ('1' schrift voor Entomologie,Vol. XXXV, p. 193; 1892: 'l'richop7uwa.. )..... _ ,..... _. -/1tCa,ta v. d. W. Abdomell yell owit;h, a uori4al l>laell. v itta QII tile tirst three Eleg meutsj len gt.h, ]0 to 13 llilll. J_;ake WortL, Fla., allu California. (Dipti!rcs Exotiqlies, Supplement IV, pa,rt Il, p. 148 (175); '1849: Jlfoioropalptts.) _ cal~(orn.icns 'i8 M acq. Genus PELETERIA Desv. re l~tm'ia Dn ~ voill'y, E8Bili MlH los MyofliLir(.ls, ]J. 39 j SpiIYI'I)1II!lin Bigot, Bulletin Soc. Ent. Fnmce, p. 108; 'hwto)'leletol'i{1 Mil" Wi(lII1)J" Entomol. Zoitung, Vol. XIll, p. 100; Mareh 31, :Jl,jmril mla Braner aod Hergeo8tlLlUnJ, Zweif. ]{ais. Mns_ Wion, VII, p. 61]; 18M. The synonymy of the first two is by tlle writer; the last two are given by Bmuel' a,lid Bel'genstamm as Elubgeuet'a of Peleteria.: 1 OUI' species have fonl' po~tsutural and tbree stel'llopleul'al macrochl'etm: 1. Abdolllell yellow ou tbe sides or at the apex, thorax and sides of froll t polliljose....,.. ~ ' AlJdomcn wholly i>l hiniug hhtck, not pollinose, sides of frout shining bronr.e black, t horax slinill g, almost dtlstitute of pollen, front tarsi of fema,le noticeably dilated; length, 12.5 mm. Bigltol'lI Mountains, Wyoming; Oolorado, an(l Salmon Oity, Idaho. (In Ztltterstedt,'s Diptera Scandinaviro, Vol. VlII, p. 3217; 1849: Echinomyia. 1' 1'a,china hirta Curtis, in Ross's Voyage to the Arctic Region, p. 79; 1831.} roneastaeger. 2. ~ cond 1),11(1 third segments of ahdomen largely or wholly gray llollinosej lellgtli, 10 to H mm. Toronto, auada; Whit, Moun tains, New Hampsltire; Allegheny, Pa.; Ithaca, N. Y.; northern Illinoi ; MiRsouri; Georgia; Taxa j Denver, Colo., and Sant,n 'rllz, Litke, Oo,lav ras and Los Angeles connties, Oa.l. (Ans sereuropiiische Zweif. Insektell, Vol. II, p. 290; 1830: Taohina. Echinomyia ana,li8 Macqnart, Diptf..res Exotiques Supp]. I, 1). 144; i 46. Taohina, anaxias Walker, List of Dipterous Insects, Pn.rt IV, p.72gj 184!>. Ellhinomyio, fllipalpis RO,ndani,.ArcIJ ivio Zool.l'Ann,t. a Fisiologia, Vol. Ill, p. 15; Echirtomyia I DipterologLtI) {Wic. Prodromus, Vol. I, p. G8 j 'Zw if. K,.is. ius. Wi n VII, p. 613; ~Z\Veif. 1U8. Wien, VII, p. 6tS; 1 9l

140 141 hamwrrhoa van (lei' WuIp, Tijdsohl'ift ' -001' 1~llt0U1010I!iE' Vol. 1 [, p. 145; Echi1wmyia.filipalpi.~ 'fllom 011, Kongligt vellska Fregatten Eugenies Re 'a, Diptera, p. 517; 1 '6. l.:'iphy1 O- 1nyia malleola Bigot, B ulletin Soc. Elltomol. Frclllce, p. Ion; 1 3. Echinomyia tho1ltsoni I "Yilli!>ton, 'rram". Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XIII, p. 301; October, Ech:inomyict cont. Bigot, Allllal Soc. E ntolool. France, p. exl; Echinomyia. dnrr ("~C{,118 B igot, loco cit., p. 256; Peletct'ia t/wlimon'i Will., Bmuer and BergeustamID 'in litt.) :.. _... _. t'o/j lista, Wied. Seconu. and tbird l:iegments destitute of pollen Oil the youow lateral portions except at t he extreme bal:les; abdomen lig-ht yellow, usually marked with H, dorsal row of black spotfl i lengtll,!) to 14 1lI1ll. Georgetown, Ormada; "Vhite Mount ain, New Ramp ISllire; Bevel'ly, Mf~S S.; LatJsillg, Miell. i JlOrtbel'll Illilloi ' ; 'fmioll Oity, ()olo.; P ull mall, Wash.; Germauy, and Anstria. 'l'wo males from Au -tria received from Bl'ilrUCl' and Bergcn'taIJlUl,!l,nd by them labeled J'(!let,cria te/millat,a Ml~ i g.; nl l:lo one fem!.lie from Germany, received from V. VO Il l~oed er, au(l uy him Iaueled Echino'lll,yi(l, te~8ella, ta.. (Entomologil1 ystemllt,ica, 0]. J \', p. 3:!4; 179G; J)[I/soa. j!johinom,yin nigr"icomi8 ])esvuidy, Essai S ll}, les Myodaires, p. 45; 'a.chin{~ }lllncti/c)'a Walker, List of Dipterous Insects, Part IV, p. 7:.l8; Echinom.lJill.l'lt'viventr'i8 vall <.lei' )YuIp, BioI. Oent. A mer., ])iptera, VoJ. H, p. 32; A pril, Eoliinomyi{t neglecta 'row II SCll d, Alluals Mag. "at..1:jist., Vol. XrX, p. 148; Feu., l'/)ll'lcria, 1'obl/~ta )!Vied.,.Br~tuer and Berg-anstamm 'i'n Utt.)... t/)88ellata, liabr. Genus ARCHYTAS Jaen. AI'oiry/as.Jaennicko, Nene Exotlscbe Dipteren, p. 392 ; Xellloc/twift "llll ([er Wulp, BioI. Cent.-A Lllcric,wa, Dipt" Vol. I I, p. 38; AJlI'il, 11:S88. 7'achillodo8 EmileI' :\nd Borgellstlllnm, Zweit: ](,ds. MilS. \vicii, 1\', 1'.13~ j 188t1. l'a1'aj'abl'icill Brauol' and BergeuRtllUllll, loco oit., VII, p. Gt2j 1!)4. Tlte above synouymy except th last one is according to Braner and Bergeustamm,Z who compare(l t he types of the!;(l t hree descriptiolls ; these authors state that the type of tlle genu Archytn has t ile proboscis broken; which accounts for the peculiar forid accorded to this organ uy Jaennicke. l'al'afabricia was considered by its founders as 'This ll~me WitS propose(l hy Dr. Williston to replace.fili1jaipis ThomM., preoccupied. Oll page 301 he U;iV68 all aa:ias Walk. and analis ~lll.c((. tj8 proht,blo 8YuOllYW8 of lw'?iiorrho(/ ". d. "V. III the BioI. 'ent. Alller., Diptem, Vol. II, I). 82, vall der \Vnlp giv~s the latter I1S synonymous with robllnla \\'i,'<1., I, lacos a'lalia! Macq. IIDd jili)lallli8 ROlld. in the sawe category, and states tbl1t filipa/pis Thorn. 1Jl11Y also be added to list. H e doubts the correr.tnem8 of WUlistou's refel'once of allaxlas Walk., owiug to Walker 8 IItatement th~t there IUO "no bristles on the 8itle~ of Lue face j " but Walker refers to t he faoial ridges, a.nd not to the sides of til face lis I~t p.tcseut unders tood. In the Dipteri del Measieo, p. 10, Giglio-ToB places cora Digot as 1\ syjlonym of.filipa/pib Rond.. ~ Zweif. Kais. Mus. Wien, VI, p. 146; 1893.

141 142 being a subgenus of Archytas. J II of our species have the third anteuual.ioiut strongly convex 011 the upper side, four postsutural and three sternopleul'al rnacroch:et~e: 1. Sides of face be<.'l>l'in 0' black h E~irs, abdomen shining, flot l)ollinose.. 3. Sides of face destitute of black hairs; calypteres whitish.... " Abdomen sllbopaque, marked with large graypollinose spots; black, the hea,d except the occiput, the first two joints of alltenn::e, palpi, fourth abdoluim~l segment largely, and sometimes the sides of the second, yellowish; thorax subopaque graypollinose, marked witli four black vit,th:l; length, J 0 lilln. Waco, Tex., and,j amaica, 'West hdies. ('l'i,iusc)jrift voor Entomologie, Vol. XXVI, p. 22; 1883: Echinomyia.) pai'ventris Y. d. W. Abdomell shirling, tinged witll bllle, not polliuose except the fo urth segment; thorax opaque gra.y pollillose, with it strong brassy till ge, marked with five black victro, scutellum yellow, some times the sides and tip of the abdomen are more or less yellow ; length,11 to 'rot'onto, O~"nada; White MOllutaius, New Hampshire; New York, N. Y.; District of Co lull1bi ~~; northern Illinois; Missouri; Geot'giaj Waco, trex.; ljorthel'll Oalifornia, anci,lamaica, West Indies. (SystemaAlltliatol'Ulll, p. ;ll1; 1805: l'll,oh'ina,. J~w 'ini(/, lirneth!lxtina Macquart, Dipteres Exotiques, Vol, II, Part Il, p. 199 [42],1842; and Supplement T, p :J.'a.china ap'ioljern. Walker, List of Dipterons Insects, Part IV, p. 718 j 184U. J'cwli'ina oa,li/ornim V\T alker, Illsecta Saundersiaua, Vo1.l, p. 270; 185U. A1'ehyta,J; sp., Brauer a.nd Bel'gelistamID in (itt. )....., ,...(I,1W,(;iS Fabl'. 3. Ual'ypteres whitish.., : Calypteres brown, thorax shining bluish, the frollt end gra.yish pollio nose alld marked. with four ulack vitt,e, abdomen sliniug red dish, strongly tinged with pale bluh; length, 13 to 16 llllll. New Bedford, Mass.; Oumberland Ga,p, Ky.; Flotida; Egypt, Ga,; Holly Springs, Miss.; Baton Ronge, La,., and K'~ll sas. (Systema Entomologim, p. 777; 1775: JlltMOCt. Jut'inia bos ii Desvoidy, Essai sur les Myodaires, p. 36; Eoli.'i,nomyilt.qeot l)ioa Macqul1rt, Histoire Na,turclle Insectes, Diptel'es, Vol. H, p. 79; Jnt'inia?)i1'ginieltsill lvlacq uart, Dipteres Exotiq ncs, Sup plement IV, Part Il, p. 144 (171); J 'lwinoia, jimw'ipennili Jaeolli(.lke, eue Exot. Dipt., p. 83 (391); J1trinia hys t"iooid68 Williston, Trans. Am. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIII, p. 300; October, t11'chytas h!lst" 'icoides Will., Brauer aud Ber genstamu1,in litt.), hystrix 2 Fabr. --- ~ Loo. oit., VII, p. 61S. III th ZW( if. ) I\is. Mns. 'Viou, IV, (i. iss, Braner and Dorgens~l],mm refer this spocies to the 11r sont genlls from all 6lmminu,tioll of sptlci.mens whkh WiedtllllllUll comp",rod with t lto t~ypo speoimen of nysii'ij; n.utl deohlrecl tbem to 00 idcntiou.l with the htttej'.

142 4. Thorax bluish, subsbiuing, thinly gray 1)01lil\ose, fllicl marked with four bla,ck vittm; l),bllom8u blackish, trollgly till O"ecl with blue, first joint of a rista scarcely longer than wide; lellgth, 10 to ];, mm. White Mountains, New Hampshiro; B 'veri.)', Mass.; New York, N. Y. ; District of Oolumbia; Virginia; North arolina; Florida ; Tifton, Ga. j Holly Springs, Miss.; Outlet, Mo., ILnd Keokuk, Jowa. (Essai Sur les Myodairos, p. ;{5j ] <'30; Jw inia. J'U?"inia. leuoosto1ll(l. Desvoidy, loco cit.. p. 37. Ju l'ij~ia s1/w?oo,gdina Macqual't, Dipteres Exotiqllc::;, Vol. fl, Pal t Ill, p. 1U6; Ta,china airct Walker, Iusect'lL Salllldel' 'ialla, Vol. I, p. 2i3; Arohyta.s atert"irna. De 'vo, Brauer allcl nergeustamlll ill litt.) aterr-i?it(l. Dosv. Tho('ax with a bronze tinge,,ubopaqne, gray pollino ' a.nd marked witll foul' black vittm; abdomon hlack, with a llluish tino'o, t he s ides broadly.l'eddii:ill, first joint of al'ista. uslutlly twice al" long as wide; length, 1] to 15 IOlll. Ma,ssacllusetts, North Oarolina, Georgia, FJoriua, [l,uel Colol'<ldo. ( Dipti'l'es Exotiq ues, Vol. II, Part II, p. lfl9 142]; 1 84 ~. T{wh'ina (!rr.ndens Walker, IJist of Dipterom; lusects, P,Ll't IV, p. 7~O; 18.J,!). 'I'achina, itel'a:ns Walker, 1. c., p t/ll?"inia apicnlis.taellllicke, N cue Exot. Dipt., p. :..l [390 j; 1-"67. Ech:inomyia victoria TowlIseud,.Allllals Mng. Nat. Rist., Vol. x rx, p. 1 4~; Februa ry, 1 97.).. -., _.lateralis Macq. Genus ECHINOMYIA Dumeril. EohilI0m.!lia DUlllel'il, EXPORi t. Metboll4) N n t nroll o e bbs. Itl8tll'tes ; i';, brici.(i, l)csvoidy, E8~l1 i sur los li1yodl1irch, p.,12 ; 11:l:JO. (NQIl HJ rlinvillo, ) Mi.kin l{ow :bf l., Wienor E n L. Zeitllng, Yo1. IV, p. Gl; Fd ll'u ary "I, I'tWCItl/01'll, WlLcLl tl, WieuorEnt. Zoituu p;, Vo)' XUI, 1'.1<10; April 20,1894. Nomir:kia Wa,clltl, loco l'it. T'al'{l!'QhY/,i H timller llud BergellstaJl)fJl, Zweir. l\nis. li Wion, VIl, p. 014; The two geuera of Wachtl are tated by nl'a,uer and Bergellsta,mrr. to be with Eehillomyia, a,ud they place Fabricia, Mikia, alld l'aral'cliytas as Rubgeuera. of it.) Our Rpecies liave follr post utul'u,l and IIs ua.liy tlll'ee stel'llopleuj'al wacroclh\:tw: 1. mall cros8veiu n ever <"louued with browll... _-.... _ Small cros8 vein dist,inctly clouued, sides of Ulesonotum, s 'utelluoo, and abdomen, exe pt someli m s a, tlol'l:lal vitta, yellowish rec.l; base of wings browll; le ll g'tll, 11 to 13 moo. TOl'onto,Onlladaj W hite Mountains, N. H.; New J ersey' Colorado,!111d southerd California. (List of Dipterous Jmseets, Part IV, p. 715; IH49 : Taohin(t. JU'I'ini a (Jchi nata Tllompson, Kongliga. Sveuska. Fregatten Eugellies Resa, Diptera, p. 516; 1 6. :/.'acmnodes dccill(t Walk., Brauer and RergellslalUlTI in Utt. )... _.. _.. de(hfia Wall;. I Zweif. Kais. MUll. Wien, VU, p. 614; 1894.

143 Abdomen distilletl.y yellowish ou the sides or at tlle apex Abdomcu autl tltomx wllolly IJlucki.'li, sides of tlte former some times t.iug'cd. witli reddisl.j; base of wings ycllow; len ntlt, 12 to 17 1I11U. Tot'outo, Oauada; White Mvuntains and Francouia,. Fl.; Vel'lllOnt.; New Bedford., Mass.; Oswego, N. Y.; Uolo rauo; MOlltaua; BI'itisb Oolumbia; Washington; Oregou, and O;~ li.{'ol'\jia. (Ausl:ler. Zweif. Insekten, Vol. II, 1). 2 0; 1830: 'l' wh:ina. Ecitino'fnyia pieea Desvoidy, Bssai sur les Myodaires, p. 44; IH30. Eoh'ino?ll.yia ~apilwi Desvoitly, 10c. cit. Taohina degcnero, Walker, List of Dipterous Iuseets, Part IV, p. 732; 1t$49. J1~r 'iwi(l, nit'ida van del' Wulp, Notes from tlte Leyden Mu ' lilli, Vol. IV, p. 82; Echinomyia 14~g1tbris van del' W till), ~rijdselirift voor l!.111 tojrlologie, V 01. XXVI, p. 20; 1883.) algens Wied. a. ~::h;oud segment of abdome ll hearing at most four marginal macro clla~t ;,e..,... '...., ' ,...,..,..,.. ' , 4. Secoud segment of ablloull:ln bear'iug at lcast ten marginal macro climtm Oll tbe dorsulil, abdomen wholly yellow, middle of dorsum of se 'o nd and t hirll segmeu ts covel'hd with black macrocllho' tu'; length, 1J min. Oolorado alld Washillgton. (Trans. A mel'. Ent. tloe., Vol. XIH,p. 297; O(Jtober, 1880: Dqjclm'ia.).. hyst?'icosa Will. 4. Fil'St segment of (l,bdomen 011 the sides lal'gely or wholly yellow, the fonrth yellow at least ()n the front corners , G. Fin.;t segllleut WllOlly bla()k, or at most with the hilld aug'les nar rowly yellow ; fro nt t~u'si of female bt'oadly dilated; abdomen bhtck, the apex broadly, or the sides of the last thl'ee segments and apex of tile last, or o.nly the sides of the second.and third segments. yellow; length, 10 to 13 rom. Oanada; White MOllll taim; aud Franconia, N. H.; New Bedford, Mass. ; Buena ista, N. I., f\lid North Carolina. (List of Dipterous Insect, Part IV, p. 722; 184!J: 'l'ach'i.:na..), ,..fior~tm Wal k. 5..f alpi ollly half as long as the proboscis beyond basal articnb tion, frout of male oue and one half times as wide as eitber eye. head at IJn,se of alltelllhei mncb longer than at tbe vibrisslc, f'rout projectillg ill frout of the eyes one a nd olle half tirues the hori zontal diallleter of the latter; abdomen of male yellow, middle of first segment, a dorsal spot, and genitalia black; lellgth,12 mm. Los A ll geles County, Cal. (Bulletin Soc. Bnt..France, p. cxli; 1887: Fabrieia.) , in/wmata Bigot. Palpi allllo ' t as long as tbe proboscis, front of male two thirds as wide as either eye, head at base of allteulue not longer than at the vibrissre, frout projecting iu front of the eyes less than the horizontal diameter of the latter;!tbdomen yellow, usnally m:uked with a black dorsal vittlt or row of spots j' length, 10 to 14 mill. Franconia N. IT,; North Oarolina; 0010., and Cali fornia. (Trans. mel'. Ellt. Soc., '01. IX, p. 04; April, 'l'aultin L ap. Bmu I' alld Bergollstamll) in liti.), da/.:ow1w1i,(l Town.

144 ni.(j' lj}ilo.~(i, ' : sigwifero 145 Genus EP ALPUS Rond. 1!JpaZpuB Rondani, Nuovi Anna.1i oi. Bologlm, Vol. II, p. 170 (6) ; 1&',0. Our species havc three stemopl ural macl'ochretm: 1. With fotu' postsutuml macroelimtru, hairs Oll sid(ls of face hla 'k, femora largely 01' wholly bh'tck With only three postsutural macrocl.uutl.l'; hail" 011 sides of fa '('\ itnd the femora, tibim, n,lid entire abdou) 11 yellow; s(~cond aud tliil'u segments of abdomell bearing discall.tlld marginal Ina 'roclla~ t,i\\' length,9 to 11mln. Colorado. (Biologia 0 ' ut. Amel'., Diptern, Vol. H, p. 23; April, 1888; S('sia. Ep(llp'ILS 1511., Bl'll,Uer and Bergcll stamm in l itt.) 0 v. d. W. 2, Abdomen shining, destitute of pollen, yellow, t1l four-til segmcnt black; second segment bearing a discal a lld l't mal'gililtl row of about twelve macl'oc1j.ret:c; l<omgtli, 10 to 13 mm. 'lllnmit Coun ty, 0010., aud Siskiyon COIl Jl ty, (Trans. Amer. Eut. Soc., Vol. XllJ, p. 30 "; OdoheJ', 188(;; Na1U1der,yifl. J-)PIII bioolo1' Will., BnlOer S1lld Herg-enstamm 'ill litt. )... 0 ijicolo J' Will. Al)(lomen black, tho sides sometimes partly l'erltlisll foul'tli segmellt marked with it large spot of gm)' ]lollen, sometimes a uorsal vitta of gray pollen on the third, secolld segmell t beal'ing- a discnl cluster of from t'vur to twelve and a 1l'lllrginn.j pll,il' of luacl'oclu -till; length, 10 to 11 mill. Francollia, N. 11. ; Beverly and Uyda Park, Mass.; Maryland; Nortll Carolina; 'uster UOUllty, ' 010.; ']'enino, 'Va-sh., and Oalifornia. (List of J )ipt,crous In ets, Part IV, p. 70 ; 184!1 : 'l'acli.ina. EP(t/p1tR II'I:fJnifel'a (Walk.) O. S., Br auer and Bergenstam In 'in litt. ) 0 I Walk. Unrecognizcd speg'ies.-l!l. (SCLttnde1'wia) macnl((ta Will iston, ']'1'[\-us. AWN. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIIJ, p. 304; November, N. Max. Genus BOMBYLIOMYIA Br, and Berg. BO'lltbylio1ll!Jia Drttuer ILOll13('rgenstamlU, Zweif. Kai ij. } tu6. Wiou, IV, ],. 131; Our single species is yellow, the sides of the frollt, third joint of autennoo, arista, dorsum of thorax except t he la,tel.'al margius, /tlld a dorsal row of small r;pott; on the a.bdoruen, bl~tek; two postsutural and two steruopleural1llacrocbreta!; Jellgtb,11 to 14mm. Toronto,Oalllu1aj White Mountains, New Halnpsllire; neverjy, Mass.; Trenton, N. J.; Allegheny, Pa.; Utica, Lake George, S1lld New York, N. Y.; hio; Oolorado, aud Washington. (Ausser. Zw if. Illsekten, Vol. II, p. 293; In the TraDe. AIDe!'. Ent. Soc., Vol. XIII, p. 803, Dr. WiUi6ton doubtfully refen this species to the gonue Sallmlersiu., hilt in the Biol. Cento-Amer., Diptem, Vol.. H, p. 22, VI\U der Wnlp sta.tee that this reference Is very doubtful, sinc Walker mentions the pall)i in his description. ThiK is the only species, howllver, from the eastern part of North Aweric.'\ thu.t at all fl{,'l'ees witl. Walker's <lescriptiou, :~Ild the fact that he mi8took tho folda ill the month for palpi will not I>t 0.11 ~urprj8 any student (aruijim' with the doings of author

145 1.46 ] 830: Tach,ina. Taohina viviua Harris, Rept. Illsects Mass. Injurious to Vegetatioll, p. G13; IS41..Hy.~t'l'ioia testaoea Macqu(11't, Diptel'es Exotiques, Yol. II, Part Il.I, p. 201 (44); l'aohina.finit ima Walker, List of DiptcrollS Ilisects, Part IV, p. 707; Hyst1'ioia julv'ida Bigot, Bulletill Soc. RlI t. Frauce, p. cvi; Bombylio'l1lyia abl'upta, Wied., Brauer alld BeJ'gtlllstamlll 'in litt.) abrupt,a Wied. Genus DEJEANIA Desv. D t!ieallia Dos"oilly, EaRl1i Rllr) 'a Myodl.irea, p. 33; OU1' sing-ir. species is yellow, the tllil'd joint of antennrn, arista, pro boseih, dol'suill of tljol'ax, portioljs of the pleura and usually a dorsal 1'OW of' spots 011 the nbdornen, blaek; four postsutural add two sterno pleural macroebrutu:l ; front t~trsi of male not, ciliate on the side witb short bristles, those of the female sli ghtly dilated on the last four joints; length, 1J to 10 mill. Oolora,do. (Western Diptera., p.. 343; Apl'il30,1877. Df!joa.nia. sp. non corpu/onta. Wied.,' Braner and Bergen stamnl in litt. ) _ vexa,t1 ix O. S. Genus P ARADEJEANIA Br. and Berg, Pa,'cu16jccl'n'ilt Bralle!'!~lld Bel'g-cuatallllH, Zwoif. Kais. Mus. "VieD, VI, 1)' 14.7; OUl' single species is yellow, tho front, autennre, proboscis, oeeipllt, t.horax exeept the hind margin, legs, allel sometimes l1 dorsal vitta or row of spots alld the foi.u'th segment of the abdomen, IJlaek; wings smoky gray, calypteres yellow; fonr postsutural and three sternopleu l'alllhwl'oehretll:l; length, 16 to 18}um. Manitou and OoloradoSpriugs, 0010., 'Llld Santa, Oruz and San Diego eonnties, Oal. (Neue Rxot. Dip' teren, p. 8(; (137); 18G7: Dojea,nia.. J1~'rinia 1 1dilioid.os Jaen., Br'aner [tnd Bergen stamm in litt.) _.... 1"utilioidell J aed. Genus JURINIA Desv, J'Ilrillia D08voitly, ESSl\i sur les MyOtl'\1irtlB, p. 34; Our single species has t'he thorax blue black, lightly gray pollinose 011 the fron t Lalf, four posts I) tuml and three steruopleural maerochretre; scutellum and abdomen reddish, aud h aving a slight violaceous reflection, calypteres and br. e of the wings brown; length,13 to 18 mm. West Virginia; Oumberland Gap, Ky.; GeOl'giaj Georgiana and Lake IOsten n01 eu stl\tll8, 011 plltge 256 of his woll kllown Cl\tl\loguo of North Amel'iOl\u Dil'torl1, t lll~t nito)' examining the type of Tachitla oorpulenta \Vied, frolll Mexico he reached the oonolusion that it belongs to the a::une species as his Dejeania 1J8Xatl'ia:. In.this, howover, he was evidently ill erro.r, since Schiner, who also had no ess to VvicdeU1lllin's tn.e of oorpll1611-ta., Stlltc8 in the Reise del' Nov(lJ'(I" Part Diptora., page 837, that ill t ljie spooies the front tarsi of the male have long brist'y ha.irs on the inlier side, which js llot at all the Clu!e with 1Jcxatl'jx. Moreover, Brauer and Bergenstl~U1m hav <lomp(~red our specimens of l exat, i.t with Wiedema.nn's type of 00111'1. lenta, nnd P)'OllOUUCO thonl specifioa.lly distinot.

146 147 Worth, Fla.; Texas, and Oolorado. (E sa i, ur les'es, p. 35; JW'inia adltsi((. van der Wnlp, iliolocria 'ent. AIII I'., Diptern, Vol. II, p. 28; Avri1~ Ju.rin'ia, hylitrlv Will. lion Faur., Brlluer and Bel'genstammin litt.) _ IIf'i(/lIh (1 n,sv. Genus JURINELLA, Br. a.nd Berg. Tnr illolln 13raI.lOI' l1utl13orgellst!ui.iid, Zweif. K llis. MIl~. Wiell, 1\',]'.!;!:.!i lttt'-h. PBelltloh!lsiI';cia 13raller aud Btll gedstn.j)iil1, 10(,. cit. Tllis syllonymy is original with the writer. Our t;}l(\ci()>1 ha\'\) fhnr POlSt,;utnral allel three sternopleural lllflcl'ocllleta' : Tlwl'fl,x densely yel loll'i,~h Jlollill o~e, tho hairs aud t.hof;(, of t.h e fa. anti cheeks pale yellowii:lh; abdomen stl'oil "'Iy Li nged with lilue; lellgth, 14 t,) 17 mill. Colorado. (Hiptj're, Exot.iqucs, ' lippl. mont 1 V, p. 145 [17:.l1; 18+9: l-l//-i'tl il'ia. l'sf'u-lloji.//ntl'i('ia I1'IlIbillltll l\{acq., EnLuer ami BergeustaLUllI in i-ift. )......(!)llbi!l(((1 Mn~q. Thorax liglltly bluish gmj' pollinose, the hail's ftucl tlao,;e or tllo face and cheeks bja,ck; abdomelj liot tillg-ed "' ith blue; IClIgtlt, 11 lulu. Colorado. (Tn)'lIs. Amer, Hilt. Soc., Vol. XI1I, p. ::l!l8; Octouer, 1886: HY8t~"i oj, u. ) Sln'Ol' Will.

147 INDEX TO GENERA A D SPECIES. Pag" l'ap acrir08tris. Ginglymia nristajis. llllareua """ 120 acrog!osroides=annlij>. h",togmd In... Ja7 "rmill')rn. F ron tina , "dmta. Phoroce...? [\tr=tarrima. Archytas adusta==metallica, Jurinlli ~... H7 atr - helywus. Mtltacbrota rem ul"n~. Prosphel yaa atr". Leu"ostomll renell, H yp08ton" "triponois=ltripolljltji, XtluthoUlolana... 7ll a:mca. Myloph""ja ntripeoois. XnothomelllM mnea. P alatel'i" W (4tripes. Thrl"lltocorll iii! mr.. tll.exoristll utrophopodoldos. VI\lldorwnlpia mstivalis=comta. Linncemria... M7 ll ud"x -: v ul gnri~. ]!JxoriRtli aflinis. Exorista.... O{ IIndons-rnstic". 'l'achill"... nq lliacer= uatica.. ']. u('hi]]i' Ill) aul'i'lltlaca""cilip p8, Triobnpod ajbifrons= cnpltatn.oonl" Ilural:a, Hem ydl\ ll ajbjfl'oos- ustica, TMbina IInrifl'onR mericana, PlJ,gla alblfrons,8turmh... n o u"rlf.. on., l\iu.s!ccr" aleado, Gymnochrota australis. Sturmi" IIO aldrichii- cidentis,phor'mth... «bako!'i. Sturmi!l nldl'ichi- a.diculll. Pn.nze, in bnrbntt\, Ryt.oatellli... 6Z aletiro. l"!'ootinu JlJ7 bl"olol'. EI'''lpu ~ algena, Ecbinomyill..., J44. biculnl', Pnruc1!rota J!:1.. lllc8tl'is=:hobes. Spnllnllzan!t......,. 111r. 1,i1imukli. CEstl'<>phMitL...""" ''''. 71 ambigua.,tunnell.... " "" blnotata.=ca!'olinro. Ooyp torll americana=,du8tn, BI ph,u'il'ezll bland". Exol'istn IrJ amoricalll\:"'nr~os. P ojid",a... (15 blandlttl. Exorl~ ta alllericantl. Eliozetu au boarmiro. ElCorlsta... "" tj(i americana. Evibru..a boreau -.omt... Linnu'llnyla... WT n,ll'l61'ioonu.=fiol'idollsis, Epigrim:rfu Ioscii ==.hyktrlx. ArcbytaR _..._.. _._... _. H2 tullol'ic"na: loellll. T..cbiuu J,: c \-irostl'i SipbonlL Rlnericnllt =piliponnis, Actl"... [0(1 c"lifornim= maur, AI'chytll :l aulericann, PI"gin callforui,;, -cu!'ollnw, ()<:Y]Joora (<marianna. Ullcodinotll"G...,.... tit! calosolnro-"'ll'oorgi!!), Blowyl"... "" 82 mnetbystinn.=najis, Arcbytas..., CIllYVtl,.ta. Pbornn~bn «nmpelus=radicllll. Panzor;" canrleilr= later"ii". Arr.J1Ytas...'''' l!i:j "mplexa. Exorlstn.... DB c"pitata, Goni" """lis=: (Jmta. Linnmmyhl <:arolilloo,oeyptol'''... tl6 o,llalis-=:geniculat.., SipboJl:l, cecl'opil1.'_ Ju"driptlHt ulattl. Winl-hemia. J:t6 uualis.leskia.... (17 c, I"'. :Ma~I"om IH nulllis=rouusta, P oleteria (1,141 elor,-occtdelltis. Phornnthn... ow anl.l.l<ins=robust", Polaterl" tl eorntomi",. E:o:ol'iHta lot anci1ll\.frontina: i ebll)ton,mm. hlru;icern cbootesul". li11l8( opleryx o.nomt'lll,~ <lotractocol'a eh lonilll. Exo!'i.ta Gnomaln,8ipl:\o1'lagia I)hitt,mdoni. P,"raphyto... J22 auooyma; freuchll, Frootlnn cbrysojllmu - cooflnis. ExoriRta nntonn.. Us, Spal1nozanin... 1:J6 chy"oprocta. Mncr otnoigliloiu o.ntennata.phoroe rn f\ta.--pcnnipes. Trichopod" anthophlla "dlcum. PIl.n.zerhl ''''' ' ciuutt',:q\uldripusluj.ata. Wlntbemil.l apicajj - nterau ArcbytaH cjlipes. l'rlchopodn... 4B nplcifer=nalis. Arehytt\S :l ailterai!()cn =obujl t<l. Peloterla , 14.1 archipllivorll.. Frontina ]07 inerajicen= rililieata. Henotlllllla IlroUll.ta. XanthomelallG cinenm. EUIJhorooom areos, Polidea IJIi I cillerea=g nloulbtii.,sipbvna ara-entea, Ocyptera cinorea=qnadrlpustujatn, Wlntham1a... l2.') IIrgentifrons=polita, llilarollll l29 cinere :::::spinollilln. Puro.pmgit> ru-gontifrons, Paeo.dochl&ta c)arlir ons=:pouta. llilbrelln argentlfl'on= rilinell.ta. Sonol:ainlll claripennls. Euphorocer lui 149

148 150 I'age. PaJ!o. ol&'usa, <Estrophll8ia E li llletopin closido., Phyto E umyothyria Ill} clwocamj) lllo1111., T.." hinn J IU eulllyothyroide - thelitis. Cryptomeige' cllatoluok 110", MyiopUl\Hia in r>2 cognatac-hehes, Spi,lIanzltllitL :lii EUQ.!stl'ophnsin.._._ _ como.~ l.nuigol'a, Fl'outinu.. 0 "'" H ]00 Euphorecera corustocld i. EulMiowL _ _... 5!! E IlI yga.~wr coujstnc:ki, Pbo J I)C ~ J"lL _... _..._. ]0.1 Eupcopuiia comt,tl. Linnmmyif' Rj Eusi pholllt l (J(m/!lli., E xor i"t" n7 Entachlnn con A iulilh~ -gu w c u lu.tu.. 8jpholU~ _..... iii Etlthera l:!o conn1ctu, Scbizntn.ehillQ.. '. " ' " rm EuthYIJI'OSOl'" l ~ coi',,-'=rohurtll, P uleteri" HO, 141 Ellt r ixu... _.. 0.,... 7~ cor ylbu fl= "tripenni., X"uthol1Jeialla Evil".isAA costal i., ~' ri "ogo Jl" Exol'ista III o\1l'rioi. EXOl'[P:ltLL. 95 ExoriMtoidcR dnkolelwi", Echiuomyil\ ]«<1 exul ::::cl1pit atu\ Gooiu d"kolollhih, En ~CO I)oli" ox u1 =-couvecta, Schizotochinll cl"kot0118ia, 8m'cociistll... 11) F'ahdclu , low dat"n ro~ qundripu "ti1 1"ta, Wintbom ill...i:!1i ruci!lii R. Exorista <1l1LlLlIlU'Ulll= fl'fl1lcilii, F r ontina fu.l:mill,ta, Sellotainiu _.._~ 81 a Ocon A, liil.u-olltl l :!f! F!lllsta !8 d c( ~ i R n., E("iliuomy ia..... _. _ J43 festiutl"., MlLsicot'll d eci8fl_ 'uuriv'ontris, Senotninia HO fliiola...j:nlif(in ()AA, Gymuo.omll c1egouera""" lgen.., Echinnmyia... lh UIi"tLlpns- roiju"tu, P ele t cri" , l41 a i1opbilro- qllllaripnstulr.t", Wiuthmnia 1 ~r. fiuitima.brupt". HombyliomyitL... 14t\ dciji10:=a tl" li R. L eskla flnitiluti, SpUntLu"ani" clltl r ml\, XYBtfL [\"v"ola, Hypo~te u" dllljllllci;li, Jlfior opu tut>lma las (j,,,,icaud!l-':ulllfu.ciata. Bol Yusill..... Ji4 c1lstlltl - vulgari., EXOriAtll... 9:1 lla Yieol'uis..::p o nu.ij) ~s, Tl'ichopoaa d 'istin ctll.- 'olntu, L _... ~.. _, H7 (lavinorni"-l'ubriventri8, Senotllinill distinctll, Sturmil fl avifl'onh=rusticll, Tnchinn dorypborm, Phol Ocerll <M fiaviplllpus=l'urtica, Tacuiua.... no a osi"d 8. OCyptel n HU fillvipoonir, Melauophl'Ys... sr. - carolldld, Ooypt",." H6 Il.. vipos, Gooc1iopsi ]116 dubin, E xol'istu Ilavipes, Tbrypto<:o1'll dubi"- "diourn, PlInzeritL t1,wipos, Xanthomelatl" dubit1- violonta, Frolltil.uL " fl.nvirostl'is, Exorllita...: duunlngii, Hypost.enn fiu.viventrih=:::wssouau., Peleteri" liydl\s, F rontiua? lus florida=.vulgaris, E xorist e hintltn= deciso., E chinomyln... low t1ol'idensi - bru.silillnn, BioJnyia Ecldllomyl" l ow (lori.denais, Epigrimyia odwlu'dsli= c1a,.lpenni8, Euphorocera, Hyp()steua EIMltiplllpus :... 11l1} fioridcnsis. PlLchyophtbalmus... 8(l Ellozeta... Ill} f1orideusi= arvipl\lpis. Plagipl'osphor' elitn,hiillr,lla!... 12!1 YSlI Em-phanopteryx aoruill. Echluomyia «Ennyommn fiorum stimma,<\()1'u.... lu Ep"1pU8... l"ii fondosa, Tl:i<luopocl (8 epicyde nis, Exorlstn \Ii fratorna=aletlru, Fl'ontina EpigrimyitL a fraudulenta, Stnrmia cpytu =carolinro. Ooyptera... 81i Frauen!oldia Erigon fl'qnchii, Froutina Ernestia Frontina......_ ornolcola, pt\raplt\gh\ fronto, Exorlsta Ervi" fronto - pitau" Gonia orytbrooer'l, Hooporomyll\ tulgen omta, Linnmmyla orythrocern=orubrivolltris, SenotalnitL tullginosu.. Gymnosoma oncel''' ). destris, H T>OAwn: ~ fu.1vicornis, Hilnr lin EnC()l'OlDyia fulvlaorn brivontrls, Senotaiuia cucijlmot =-cnrollnm, Ooyptera... 8(l. fulvlda hrupta, BombyUomyi~ <16 Euen pllau" fnlvipnlpls, M.n.sicern...,_...,...:. 115 eudrym. Exoriata ]00 fumipenn:ls=c<lorolinlll.ocylltom cnfit hi,masicera fuse; 'ornis= genicnlata, Siphona EullUlion&... r.:l fnsclpeunis= hystrix, Archytas H2 Eumacronychia l:!i! (n tills. Exorlsta

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153 INDEX TO GENERA AND PEelE Page. abnlpta, Bombyl1QIUY!< analts, Le"kla Acemyla......, , allahs= robllatjt, Peleterll~... Anhmtom'1l1'll... _... J05 n,naxlns=mbllst.u,!'t>lptel'h.. aol'lr08t1'i6, Glnr;:l:nnifL....., 40 an(lllln, FronthHL.. Ac,rogloSBII Ilngll~ti\ta, Exorlst..". ". acroglossoldes=<\oalls, C1J!otogw\1Ja... 1M, Aoeta roll adc1ita, l'horo, ent ~ Admontll,... _ ! adustn. Blephlwl'pe1.t\ t24 a(illsta; lltot,11ui Cf\. Jnrln\!'... Ill I QP~,lleSklf' mm1l1a lls, PrOIiJPllOrY8lL. " ,enen"BYPosWl\a H2 ;Cllea, Myi"phaal>i u:mea., "pelett'rla _ _ fi'u\lovcn tji~, Alo(lllOTa......,.. 45,47 I1lmtll, ExoriAta... ~_ l()(j rert.lvalls= comta, LlnmlllUyll, "flinls, Exo1'lstll '.,.. Agculo orfl "h.c61'= rustlca, Tachtnu ajl1lfrons""cllpjtnta, Gonla... H7 114 lin 110 'JI1Il albj ri'ods= 1'1lBtJcn, 1'nchlna.,.""., J10 alhlfroils. Stm l1lia.... Albinia U4 alcedo, Gymnollhrut.a nllgusw('.orlllr, ALropllopoJpllS (",omall!, Neotrocwoora... ""<lumlll. SlphOplu):(J". lj.nonymn.=treu(:hll. FI'OlltlnIL..,... ItlltenlU.lJls="etl!(l!-rll, ClauslcelllL.. Il.ntennllllH. Hpllllnll _nnh\.. _ an terull.&.(o{\, }>rw1 t('cl'1l ~.. _ ~ _. '".AntholcI1.....'... ItI\t..hoplllla= ra(licuji1. l'nnzerln., Aplu la... (tvieau., Atl<CU, apl(,ililk, Druullycornll Itl'icHlIs= III terull~, Ar('hytilS L]llcltl'rf' '''ftllail6. '" Aplnop" Aplmuy"..... "'''''' '' '' Aporl'l APOI'I)J'UYII AJloromyJa Al'ltba Ilrl:lIlpplvorn, Ji'rontlllll ~ Arcbytas III<lrkhll = oc,cidtjutls, 'PIJorantha ' <14 I n "'JIllll~t, Xll.nlhomel!ffll.l.... alfu!chl = l'[ullcujl1, Pallzerl,, U'(j(IK. Pollden.... al tltll,1"rontlufl , ar!(cntl'~l, yptem ajgons, EolJlnomyh'.... 1M Ilrl(e"tttI'OIlK= pol1t.a, BllI\I'Wla..... AIOpbOl'lt II.rIl"ntlfrons, J'Komloc,hlllta , ojpestri8= l1el1es, SpaWIl11.>1nItL.... amljlgul.l., JurJneUa,,.,.... AmedlIL J1I5 )4, tj.i arg(jutltrolls",trulneaw, SOllotalIlJu.... Argyrophylax.:... "rihtalj~, H11n.rella... '" Amedona..... """ 111\ armll(erl1, F'rontlna.,. '"..... mnerlcll1l>1, Admontlll ' 118 Arrenopus (lj1l rlcantt=,ldubtil. H1ephllrJpezli..... ulilerjlliina= ren en, MyJophasla I Atu( ta /JO! aterrll1l1l, Archyta IllJltlrlcuna= al'bos, Po.lJd 1' fun ' rlcalh\ = Eliozetl~ " IlJne1'lOOlla, Ev1brltlSa (LlUericaua== (Jorldensls, EplglirnyJa....,. am rjc.!u1a==mella, 'l',).cw,nll..... ( atru=lilnen, ~1y1oplulSja Iltm. Aplnopl! atrtl.= o.terrlmu, Archytas atn\= hel ymus, Uetachreta atra, Leu Otltoma IlUierlcana=, Act ~g atm, Clytlomyla tljnerlcl1ua., Plagla.... americana, Ra ocllnenra atripennis, Chrowplagia ntripenlll!!, XantllOlneIarm am rlcan,,= trulnea.ta, SeuotalnlIL.. 81 I MOpes, Thrypwcera ametllyatjna-=u.naus, A:rcbyUul AtropbuJ"ista Ammobia AtroPboj)!\lpus -- ~..... AmOl)Ia , I Atrophopodll.....: Ilmpelu~= rac.'li(lnm, PIlIlWrIa II.tropho])Odold. VllJ)derwuJph)..... amilleltt\, Exorlllta.... ' audax""njlltar1s, F..xorlill<l auaus. Archytas lludens::rustjoo, Tl1clllM... I\DlLlIe, Cbletogredla am:autiaca::;culpelj., Trlchopoda... nnall8= comta, LLnnmmyia i" aurllta, n mydn antl.u8=genlcnlata, Silihona..."" 76 ' llurltrons= l\jjlllrlcana, Plagla (1) T'Ilf,t 0; (1 tjil 126 4/1 'OR 107 M toil (1) 1! ' Ut ' 114 OJ tl Bill IlO ljiil Ii8 148 /JO 6' OIl lib Bl

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157 U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. DIVISION OF ENTOMOLOGY. CORRECTED INDEX TO BULLETIN No. 7, T CHNICAL SERIES. Owing to imperfections and omissions in the index which is bound in with thi s bul letin an entirely new index has been p re pared, and correspondents and other s who receive the bulletin are requested to r e place the old index with the corrected one. a copy of which is inclosed wi th thi s.

158 InaCllh,Ita, EpalpUR maculosll, HypOstena magnlcornll!= slng1l1a)'18, P'u-a(lillyma... m alleola= r obusta, l'eleterla Marsbamla JlfttBloera I1a8lpbya.... masurla, Entrlxa..... Maurornyla Medina.... melgenl= l(eniclilata, Slpbona..... Melanopl1l"Ys melullopyl(atus, CJ'YlJtopa lpus..... m e1l8llopodih. Plectop"... ". '" melltmro. Demotlous... """.... Itr,ella, 'l',u.cjuna _ J_ m elobosib, P horoeem menu,hs, 'l'acillfl()psls..... Metaclimtn... ''''... ".... m etnuh):.i= lunea, MylopllllSl m eu1illca.,i uri n 1: ] Ietapllyto..... MetrJ.}lll1gilt Metopln..... mexfcana"gmtuo))f.lls. " _0._ m exj("lna, RIlIUopIIOJ a dlsju!leta, Mlcroplltlml.. M ici'opalpus MlcI'Optlltlla1Jnll..... Mikl'\ millmrls= ql1adrlpustulaul, Wlnthemla.. mlnor=oj'adlctljtl, Panzerta mjnuta = l(~ lll c lll atrj.. S\J)hona.... mira, }';uslphona..... mjsceui, 'I'rlehophora moutl1na, Gy uulophanj!1.... montlcnla, Cluotogrudia JlIuacopteryx Mylopll>1S1a.. _ Myobill..... myold!ea, MttBlcol'a..... Myotllyl'la..... Myxexorlstll naml, Senotd.lnla uttbonf, Adrunntla n asonl, HeteroJ)wt1na..... Ne;:el'a _ ~ _.... nebulosa, I'clasma negjectd.= tesaellatrj., Peletena.... Nemo 'bmtd Nemorroa..... Nemorillu.... noomexioana, Psc\\dotractocera.... noomexloana=ben1l!s, Leuooatoma.... lleomex!('aillus=tlorldeosli;, Eptgrtmyill.. Nooptera.... Nootractocom n1gra= dlsjullctl1, MlCl'Qpbtbaltllll..... n1grens. Phorantha.... n!grl.comls=sen1lis, Leuooatoma..... nlgrlcornls=otefl8euaw., Peleterla n!gr!!aeies, WlutbemiIL Page (l 'i'2 6 1 M, 76 8lj ll!l 57 J21 I I!) l:lfi 1\0 141' Bl) lhh (l B \ ~ /)() 6U III (I() Ug (\jj '13 69 loll n1grltrons=wntla, MylophlUl[u... nlg1'lpa ll'18, ExorlstrJ nhl'rlpalpus=: vlolro, ClU13togI06llll nlgr l)jc~= comtn, Llnlla'lllyja... "..... nlgrlplloaa, E]llllpl1 ~..... nl!,'tltll. Sturlllill..... nll,,'i'o 'Incta. A III~la..... I1l grovtttd.ta= g~lilcullltd., f\lphona..... IlltenR, HyJloKtcna... '"'''' nltldu.=a.lgens, EchIIlOlU~'l a..... nitlda. Aiophorn.... Nowlckla.... lllh11!ac.leil= holllli', 8pnJllluzalJlu.... obcoj.lica = n lbl f J (JJ1 ~, Sturmla.... ob~cllra, Wintllclllhl..... ObS()ll)tll:=llesperi(lIU1ltn, S]mIII1112Jlnia. occlll elltal1s, )!:plgrlmyl'l.... occidontlllls, )lll'tal)lagiol ocddenul,iim, StuJ'1l.l.l occldl)jlus, l'horantha (lccldl1a= Im.JIl ILCulatll, Cl~tOgaRt.e 1'.... oclu'acon, CEstl'()IlI)lu<l1l. Ol'y]ltem.. :..... OC~lJ le ratl.l, Apllrla.. OCYl'teJ'oRiph!L mstrltol'jll", HmnIUl)'lxloll. (Est ro]jih1si" O1olloolu..,1.1\ i1'Ierl OpR.ell, A lo[lhora.... opacii, E]llgrimyl PCW/L. l'al'!lpllyt<j OphelhL... '"..... ordlnf»'la, Exorlsta... '..... orgy1lo= mell>l, 'l'ftclllna orl'j)ltltll". Dlchocera.. O1'lllla..... oslensat'kenjl = q'uiljrlplll:ltulabl, W1JJth. Pat' h y(jphth a l lllll~..... PIU:ro, VlVlanlt '. pales..... J'allll"IiL... '..... pllll.ldur, DemotlcuM palloj'is, Actla Palplhr:loa J)llJplgor!l, LIHtllllea.... pnnretlul:l= mella, Tu.<;b1na plljjbn= llcbes, SpalJaJlZillllll..... pall81i"< IllIlIh.1., Tachlua..., }'an7.erltl..... Pamcbmta..... PamdejeallJa }'trradl<lyl.ila PnraCabricla _.... Panilloutlna..... Parallyj)OCbalta... _.... ParapllytO l'a.raplllgia..... Pararohyta Pareudora PllreJ(orlstll-.... Tat;IIi111l orllclic» LeBaron, F'lret Rept. Ins. m., p. 16, 1871, is otnltted in OSten Sacken's lltajogue, and tn the prooed.lng pages. It IB II synonym or TackinG nulla Walk. 141i III tl2 70 tilt I,ll! $ 74 llo 44 4., 71 tljl II.~ TO 'Ill &~ jllll 127 l~ lllll flu J25 'Ill 82 J02 42 J21 iii! IIU IJlCI 119 fir lllil 140 1~1 141 Hill 40 II!!! III

159 154 Page. par",rnllglnosil. ClyrnnoaomlL pnrl ~ IIlC"' = htlbeb, Spnllanzanla Pm-th(Jnla H(l ljarvl" ExorlsUL pal'vu" Pllorocora , lll,nlp'l.lllls, PIRl.(lprOSpherysa "i' J11,rvI11~H,,IIYJlflTl,ro),hOcer' PUU('I"l' ttl, liin"loom... ]]4 JledoRtrla. HY]Jostenn. Ul l'elatllclllna (}5 P~l e LerllL Pf'Ill(cl(J,~, 1't1IRu,ellllll\. ponltllilij, 'I'an~ec l". ".., pell1llp(l~=c Ulp(,B, TI1(:lwpodli.. TlCnnlp(' ~, Trlch<lrJO(]" pe rg"nc1pl, Adl1l(Jutll pe,'rilla"'"lilli(llllrlth, EHpllnlll\.. POI-IJIIIIL , 41) 54 'ifi 40 pot1oj"ta. EuthYJlI'080pa '~ OM 52 I p~tloilltn, ExorIKW Pexomyln... 1'11l~h, Phll"lodl"tn. 1iO phnsloldeti. AlophoJ'a l'huriojlt " YX plll1l1.delplllml = unplmtn, Clonla J33 l'8e\1dochre~... " ""'".... PReu(logermarln... l'seudoguii1ii PaOtl~ohy8trlcll1... Psen dom yothyrla PtjIIUdOLl'Ilctonen\., '" < pulln. Ml1l1rol1lyl,\..... _... plilverell. AloplloJ'lt..... "......'" pnlverea, Br-achycorna pnlver"... MltKlcenl..... '" J)lImllu= rnsuelt, Tl1cI11na nculul, <EStl'01lhIlSII punctlfel'fl", tesf!ell.. ta, PllJut(JTil1... ]lllnctll.(el'l1= oc\ «]c nt!ij. l'homlltha... PllJlal'nnl = J'I~dICllll1. l'!\llzeria pllrpllm8cell s= occldelltls, Phqmllth".. l!lis11ht= ul1rllat[l. HYllosWlla pyr alldls, l'""ud(jchaj~ pyrrhogmwi'= ponnipes, 1'1'lcI101,o(lI\.... 'I' yrrosl !lyste, Exorh;L...' qlllldl'lpllrtiill1tn. Wjntbemia... R"codlnellrIL....!'acllltt,\= (OI'lIlO"U, 1'r1ol1Opodl m(licnm, P'lnz.lI'ia Reamnul'l" PhomntI1lt H re(~tln e rv1 B ~ "ustjefl, TIL(~hjlla.. _.... _. P1\(IrlcJ1fBtn Redtenbncllpl'la..... _.. Phorocern lo-j ret.llllffi.atll11ontl"... 1.' hry1lo HhMln... l'hryxfl !ii Hhlnophol'H pbyclodlm, Stnrmlll Ithynch(l~! pllycltlll= pystc, Exorlsta... 11M RhynOHlyn I' hyto '''' rigidlj'ostrls, ' Ijlhoplagla...' plcefl "" ll~ml~, Ec:hlllomyia ' RllP) "......,... l,leeus ==c()juut, Llnnmmyll rllflyl = Irreq ujet.fl. Frontlna...' Tlictu., Unnmmyln RlIeymyia '... plcti<'omih. Chm l~lg lo!il>1\ l'obel'tmolil, Eplgrllllyil\ Jll ct ll'(l~ "' fij C\\l1t.1~. X,ulthomelllJla a ru\1ort8<jnll. Ene I'omyl... jjn"tlll.stm mht III 1"0 bertsonl = oceld eu ti".l' liomntlll1... plupclllllg, Aot.h,\.... 5» r obuf<t,u" ~lylophasl"... plll\'('nti'ik, Arcilytns... 1<12 r()111lbta, PeJflterla plperl. Domotjclls rodllsla, Ta_chhm l>l~emyl\ Roese.lIlL I'lI.Lgl R I'O~tl'!LU<, SJjlhostu rmjn plhlrlol(ler, (lolll(l(;luliu<....., rutjentls, Fl'Olltl"'l Pluj.(lprOBplieryf<ll ":7 rullriventrla, SOllotalnla... lllnt,\'8luuilp"'cjihllll'lpnstuh.,u<, Wlnttimnlu 1l!5 Tuteao 118=llduBta, flicpllarjpeztl.... l'loctop ,' "Itficaudn= llesperl(t"t'um, SpaJlanzania.. l1l\lmlpes, l'richoj)o{\'\ ruflcau(la= T"lchOpllOl'tl Jlhl~IUl, SIJlholll\... 7U rllftcornlb",renen, l\iy:lopliluliii.... Pollotuc.blnl\ ruftcornls=aj.cedo, (I'yl1JnocJl!e~......" Pollclea... M rnll.frons, Cllmwgm(lh~ poliooldes= al'oo5, 1'011< IJIj rllillnbrls, PllOrocOl'a VOllU<. Eplgl'imyl" mftplllpus= leucophrya, D! phmij)6za.. lioutn.exol'ls~.~ \11 rl1dventrls, Hilarolla... llolitn, HllIll'UUO' !l rufoiloutta= ql1l1dr1pustulata,wjntjleuua JlOJy(Jbwt~\=, Exorlst-o ~. ruropjcu<= fjlmdrlpue~\lia.t&, Wlnthemla.. j)oj Cll. GonItt l'ust.1oa.. Tachiua _..., l,rll!cl - theutlll. Cl'Ylltom6lgenlt-... Il!l rutj1lol,tles, Parlldeje&nla...,... 11l'i1>08, IIQqul\rtla )iI ~b\l\ =conllnlll, Exol'l!lta llrontlsouo.= frtmchll, Frontlu" ()7 Sllgll::>: =senuls, Gonia l'rotio)xll' Saroocll U< '!'Osph(U'ysa Saroonu.l.cronycllla...._... l'rowpnrls=ili:rtlnou<, unnla... III sarcollha-gtnll, Bmchyooma......, I'l!ltU(ln sarcoplmgoldes=florl<lensls, PachYOplltll. l'nge. 11t ~l J 44 HI! 44 U~ ) Ou lia l :a) IIIl 4~ 88 '13;! ]HI 7~ ij' IO'~ loll J:lil 74 8Il 44 1;1 141 no {l(l 8-~ 11)( Hill 50 8Il 137 JOO 124 l2!i 125 lill! 1l! M ~

160 156 Page. sarcqtaolllne!ljl BubopaclI, AJophorn Sallndel'sia..." " subop(,ca, Lt'ucostolllll.... Sl\ulld rait, Pllol'()()era." ; 8Ugens, Hlnll\lltostoIllU..... SaVia ~racjj!jlll...'" ScblnerhL Hill 'rilchlllotles SohlzotaClJlnlL /j tat'llillomoi<les= clal'lpennls, E uphol'()()ert\ 8ohlzural= fi'ollch li, Fronthla. 107 Tat:lllnollly11l..... scltizuj:ro, Sttu:mll\ TaChlnopllyto SClllSlII! lid Tachlnop"l Scopolia tal'sallh. Cla usicelhl... 8oudderl= pyste. ExorlAta Qn tellara,!..e.. klomjliill... 8Cu tellllrik= l'adlcum, P{\uzerla... B8 tellitatl'lx, Eut.hel'l... - S()lIt.eilaI'IK= VUlgarlH, Exol'lsta... \la tentjlredlnldarlllll, :~i ontllu\... senjjla, Oon]>\ t.entllj't'iunlvo) li= I UAtlcll, Tachlm\ I'«lnJlls, J.IJIICOStolllfL tefl80uat.\, Paloterla... Sen()lu etoptfl '" 125 testacea= al.wtlllta, Boml.yllomyla. "'''' Senotainla Tetrachrota..."""... sejitentl'ioil,tur= cl tll lpennls,f.unllorqesra 10'2 thocll.ta, L!'skllL "eqlmx= cilplt,,\ta. !).~ tjl ec l t\l'lim = i,:onllnl~, EXOI IRta.... sequu.x, Ph()l'lcluut., thelitis, ryptom 19onla.... seq uons, VI\ndel'W1tlpla t homson I = robllst.,1, ]>cletorla.... servll lei = COli tl, ~:XOl'iSt! )7 Tbryptocel'll... ootlgclia, EulrllllolllL :l ThYfla.IIClmyla......et1~rem, ClI\lIslcell" r~l L1blnIl R, Acclllyla.... setlgera, l!:plgr!mylll t1mlclll, 1l1clYlUn settjifi1lj118, HoughJa ~ torll'lcls, Hl ]lo F!~"'''... setilll lulls, 1'J'lCOgCn:.L tol'trit:lk, PltorOCOl'll..... sewsa, Chll.ltophJeJis trhlllg-ujlf:em, H YlLloIllYotlcs... sewsl\=clesldes, Pllytl) Tl'icbllphora setosa,o::edlopais Trl 'hopod,\... Bignl.1Clls, Pl1chyophthlllrnllij 'l'l'lcogcllfl... algnlfc l'a, Epalplls ~ tl'ifrl!ch1t11:=ilisjnllota, Mlcl'ol)htlm!1l11\.. signlfera, (Estrophns lr trlfasclat.').:= plutnlper,'i.'rlchopo<la... s1mllls= l'obusta, TIlCbl'ul1.... Jl0 tl'lilneatn, Senotalnla.... stm:lllr= rllbrlventl'i., Senotainlll triquetra, ]1;1',, slng l11arlr, Pltl'l\Illayma.... 1:l6 trlstl.s= geulouimii, SlpllOtllt.... Slph o~ l yt l a Trlxl~ SlphOn!\ ~ 'l'l'ixocllstr alphonlm\, BlIllrella trlxoi<l l'~ '"' tllsj lln cta, l'tll '!'upbtha I111l1... SlphOPbyto '4 'l'rypbem SJphOplagla tr.vjl()xy lo lll ~ = t1 orld e Il8 1 l!, l'n.cbyophtllal. Siphostlll'lnla "... fl:j I tul'gata,1\1'abl1... SISYI'Olll' tllj'!(lda. Ooul!\... s l()!<''!ol1at. Helvo81a... 8-l undulatur= ruflcaudl.\, Tr1chophom... SI0S8011lD, Exorlstol(1tlS... HI unlcn = t1mid",otils, P!\Chyopthahllll8... smarngdlmt= liwrrhna, Archytas nnuils Jata, llejvlii'ila... SOJl erh1... (WI I \lsltata. lausl ella... SomOlejll... _... 64, 91 : vnllda= pal'vlpalplk, PhtglprOKpllerysa... sorcuc01or= georglre, Blomyia valjda, Rhinlmhorn!... ooror, Jurlnella I VanderwulpllL.... SpallaoZll.nla \'Il11derlVlllpl, Hypostella... splllngivoro.:= vloleotil, Frootilll\ vu.rlablll!!, HY1lOStelllL... SphJxn.pat ,81 i varia, DIMtlcllona Spby"J:Icera venatorls, l.>emotlclis... SpllYl'Omyla v()xatrtx, DejeanJa.... splnlpclmlb, lilxonsta... oa vtbrlssat4== c!nrlpeunjs, EupllOroctlm.... spln.oi;i\, ejatoria Vlbrls.'llna... spinosa, ll:ulllsiona vlctorla= latemjis, Arcbytna.... splnosula, p,\ri1j)jaglll vlolal, CluetogIOllSa... 8plnoSnl!~= rostlcll., l.'acblna vto!i~11 8=()C()ldelltls, Pllorantlla... aquam:lpuljell8= leuoocephala, liletopja \1oleota,FrOntlna... _.... swrnalis, SturrnJa ' VirginJell6ls=bystrlx., Arcb)'t86... St0vtlnla vtridnlans=rudlcum, Pall7.eria... strtgata, Sturmla I vtttata= rustica., 'l'1icblna... Stunnia......_ Vlvtanla... stylata, Petelna I vtvlda= llbrupta, Bombyl!omyJa..... p'\g6. f7 lui A '2 118 (\() 120 5(1 li7 120 IIIU J4U fl7 1(1.~ no fj.~ 00 loa ~o 181' 47 18() IlIK 48 HI (~I 7U 40 IllS l ilt! a4 181) 80 Il4 lit; IJII 7ll 120 l4lj 10'

161 156 Page. I Page. \'1\'1(1'1, GymnOC)UlltJ l wll11stoul= 1ll10ps, Beskla... _. 78 VUlgU.riK, ExorIAta....._._.._. IJ8 Wlntbemla.._ _ <1 Wablbergla _..... _ ,78 Xal1thornelana...". _., 7'~ waslj1ngtonm, Medlnl1..._...!}I; Xuntllomslallodes websterl= frencljli, ~'rolltl tj!i...."" 107 Xysta _. 40 weoou=trlal\g\lllfera, Uyalomyt\l\es... 71)!l.(\nata= ~,()nt\n1s, Exorll<tl~. _ _ ~~ WlIlI"tonllL...,... t!4 ERRATA. l' llg 10, Ilrw 15 from below, plnce II star (oj before LellcMCtJa. l'.lge 2il. ItrH1H 2 to 4, t ru,lisfer the to OCYlltera!LIld eramo Trlchopoda plujllipes H,b/'. Pag-e 28, lin 1.1 (rom below, emmp" PIlOri 'lhlltu sequax WilL" rago 211, llj)8 4, ru'a!\(j thfl 0 bei'or Tlolvosla. PIIge 20, Ilne 18,1:01' "l'horocera pa.rva BlOor " ref,,1 Phorocer!t loucunim (.'flq. P"ge HII, <louplllt I)A, for" Base" ~e(l.d Bend. ]'ltll'c 88, line 10 (roid IJ(!low, e '1\1!0.. Vol. VI." J'[lgo 108, IJllO 4, erase" Vol. Vlll." P[tge ]]0, Une I) fr om II low. 1:0"., 8" 1'6I1d ~. Pnge 11' tor" ic ltfll'i'c(~l " 'f<l(t,.,un TowlI." reud e.rth'li. SJl. Tile 1:"rlOor belongr to Frr>llti n!l. Pllge ]19, UIIO II f rom below, after "]tu!." IIdd PrOdl'OmuB. Pllgt112(1, Une 14 I'rom [,olow. "JI'ruUl tile type speclm II" r efers to.lte/ltc/.alicl at, a.

162 THE CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST. 233 ' ADDITIONS TO MY SYNOP [S OF THE TACHINIDA1;. BY D. W. COQUILLJ,;TT, WASHINGTON, D. c. Since the publication of the above work. several additional forms have been examined, the result of which is recorded herewith. Dr. S. H. Scudder kindly presentod to the National Museum co-types of his Tacltina til ec!antm, and of many of the species described in his work on the Butterflies of New England j in every case these conform to the positions a$signed them in my Synopsis. Clistomorpl/./l hyalomoides, TOlVnsend, is a synonym of Xysla didyllla, Loew. It belongs to the genus Clytiomyia, of which clistomorpha is therefore a synonym. Cistogaster panas/i, Townsend, Proc. Ent. Soc., Washington, 189 (, page 142. This reference was inadvertently omitted in the Synopsis. I have not seen a specimen which agrees with this desc ription. Adm()IJtir: hylotoma:, n. sp.-j. Black, the palpi and apex of proboscis yellow. Front at narrowest part two-thirds as wide as either eye, no orbit:tl bristles, frontals descending to middle of second antennal joint, antennre five-se venths length of face, the third joint nearly twice as long as the second, arista thickened on the basal third, the penultimate joint broader than long j sides of face at narrowest part each nearly onehalf as wide as th e median depression, bearing numerous bristly hairs, cheeks one third as broad as the eye-height, vibriss<c slightly above the pral margin, ridges bristly on the lowest third. Thorax gray pruinose, marked with four black vittre i three postsutural. and three sternopleural macrochaetm, scute!jum bearing three pairs of long marginal and a short apical pair. Abdomen polished, last. three segments gray pruinose at their bases, bearing discal and marginal macrochaetre. Wings hyaline, slightly tinged with yellow along the veins, third vein bearing two or three bristles 'near the base; calypteres whitish. Hind tibire outwardly subciliate, front pulvilli as long as the last tarsal joint, tarsi not dilated... ~ Differs from the <) as follows: Front as wide as either eye, two pairs of orbital bristles, third segment of abdomen carinate on the under side, the carina thickly beset with short spines j front pulvilli one-half as long as the last tarsal joint. Length, 6 to 9 rom. Woods Holl, Mass. Bred from Hylotl'lIIa Imllleralis, Beauv., by Dr. Harrison G. Dyar. Three males and five females. Type No. 4061, U. S. [ at. Museum.

163 234 THE CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST AdlllQl~tia 1m ispillosa, n. sp.- 'i!. Diff<!rs from the ~ of Itylotomce as follows : Apex of proboscis black. Front slightly wider than either eye, frontals descending only a short distance below base of second antennal joint, antenn::e fouf-fifths as long as th e face, the third joint from three to four times as long as the second, arista thickened on the basal half, sid es of face each one-fifth as wide as the median depression, bearing a single row of bristly hairs, vibrissro at the oral margin_ Abdomen bearing only marginal macrochaet::e, destitute of spines on the under side. Wings not tinged with yellow along the veins, third vein bearing a single bristle ne~r its base. Length, 4 to 6 mm. Opelousas, La. Eight specimens collected in June, rr97, by Mr. G. R. Pilate, and submitted by Dr. Garry de N. Huugh. Type No. 4062, U. S. Nat. Museum. Admontia tarmlis, n. sp.- 'i!. Differs frol11 'i! of ity/ofolllce as follows: Apex of proboscis brown, basal half of antenn::e yellow. Front one-fifth wider than either eye, antennre as long as the face, the third joint five 'times as loog as the second, sides of face each one-ftfth as wide as the median depression, bearing a row 'of macrochaetre in continuation of the frontal row, vibrissre on a level with front edge of oral margin, ridges bristly on the lower half. Abdomen destitute of spines on under side. Front tarsi toward. the apex greatly dilated. Length, 5 to 6 mm. Opdollsas, La. Two specimens coll cted in May and J llne, 1897; by Mr. G. R. Pilate, and submitted by Dr. Garry de N. Hough. Type No. 4063, U. S. Nat. Museum. Ad7llolltia pulita, 11. sp. - <? DiITt:rs from the description of hy/otomce <? as follows : Second joint of antennre yellow, apex of proboscis brown. Frontal bristles descending only ~l ightly below base of second antennal joint, antennre almost as long as the face, the third joint three times as long as the second, sides of fa e each one- wide as the median depression, bearing a row of macrochaetre, vibrissre on a level with front edge of oral margi n, only two or three bristles above each. Thorax polished, not pruinose except along the sides, scutellum destitute of a short apical pair of macrochaetlll. Abdomen 110t pntinose on the fourth segment, destitute of spines on the under side, discal macrochaetre sometimes wanting. Length,5 to 7 mm. Oswego, N. Y. (July 1 and 17,1897; Prof. has. S. Sheldon), and Jacksonville, Fla. CMrs. A. T. Slossoo). Seve~ specimens. Diollce.a, Desv. (Synonym, Labitii'gtlstl!r, Macq.)-This gej'llls falls

164 THB CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST. 235 in the last couplet in my synoptic table, and will be recognized by having a single bristle at base of the third vein, the head one and one-third times as high as long, and the proboscis only once geniculate. Dioftrea 1tr'/o"is, n. sp.- d' ~. Black, the palpi yellow. Front of male one-fifth, in the female (ollr-fifths, as wide as either eye, frontal bristles not descending benea,th the base of second antennal joint, two pairs of orbital bristles in the female, wanting in the male, antennld threefollrths as long as the face, the third joint one and one-half limes as long as the second, arista thickened on the basal third; vibriss!e Slightly above the level of the front edge of the oral margin, one or two bristles above each. Thorax polished, a median vitia in front of the suture and the lateral margins, whitish pruinose, three postsutural and two sternopleural macrochaetre, scutellum bearing three long rr.arginal pairs. Abdomen polished, without a trace of gray or whitish pruinosity, first segment one and one-half times as long as the third, the first three bearing only marginal macrochaetre, last segment in the femal e provided at its apex with a pair of curved appendages resembling a pair of pincers. Tarsi not dilated, front pulvilli of male slightly longer than, in the female scarcely one half as lon-g as, the last tarsal joint. Wings gray, toward the base yellowish, along the posterior margin subhyaline, calypteres white. Length, 5 mm. Corvallis, Oregon. A specimen of each sex collected July,6 and Sept.16, J 896, by Mr. A. B. Cordley. Type No. 4065, U. S. Nat. Museum. Cllretopltleps rostra/a, n. sp.-9. Black, the low'er part of the face and apex of proboscis, yellow. Frollt slightly wider thall ei ther eye, two.pairs of orbital bristles, frontals descending to middle of second antennal joint. antennre nearly as long as the face, the thir.d joint four times as long as the second, arista thickened almost to the middle, face in profile strongly concave, vibrissre on a level with front edge of oral margin, two or three bristles above each, proboscis slender, the labella considerably prolonged backward. Thorax gray pruinose, marked with four black vittld; three postsutural and two sternopleural macrochaetre, scutellum bearing three marginal pairs. Abdomen polished, bases of last three segments gray pruinose, each segment bearing only marginal macrochaetre, venter destitute of short, stout spines. Tarsi not dilated, hind tibire not ciliate. Wings hyaline, first vein bristly on its apical third, the third bearing three bristles near its base, calypteres white. Length,3 mm. Biscayne Bay, Fla. (Mrs. A. T. Slosson), and Opelousas, La. (Mr. G. R. Pilate). Three specimens. Type No. 4066, U. S. Nat. Museum.

165 236 THE CA.NADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST. Hypost(.lt(l scli1w'vis, n. sp.- ~. Black, the palpi, apex of proboscis, abdomen, coxre, femora and tibiro, yellow, the last two segments of the abdomen partly tinged with brown. Froot as wide as either eye, two pairs of orbital bristles, frontals descending to apex of second antennal joint, antenl1l.e as long as the face, the third joint six times as long as the second, arista thickened almost to the middle, vibrissre on a level with front edge of oral margin, ridges bristly on the lowest fourth. Thorax gray pruinose, marked with four black vi Ita'! j four postsutural and two sternopleural macrochaetoo, scutellum bearing three pairs of long marginal and a short apical pair. Abdomen polished, bases of last three segments whitish prninose, first three segments bearing only marginal macrochaetre, venter destitute of short, stout spines. Tarsi not dilated, hind tibire sub-. ciliate. Wings hyaline, third vein bristly to slightly beyond the small cross-vein, hind cross-vein nearer to the small than to bend of fourth vein, calypteres white. Length, 5 thm. Biscayne Bay, Florida. A single 'specimen collected by Mrs. A.T.Slosson. Type No. 4067, U. S. Nat. Museum. Exorista dorsalis, n. sp.-? Black, the palpi and sometimes the sides of the abdomen, except at each end, ye llow. Front from three-ftfths to two thirds as wide as either eye, two pairs of orbital bristles, frontals descending to apex of second antennal joint, sides of face and of front in front of tbe o:'bitals si lvery-wh ite pruinose, antennre nearly as long as face, the third joint from three to four times as long as the second, arista thickened on the basal two-fifths, tile penultimate joint only slightly longt:r than broad, facial ridges bristly 011 th e lowest two-fifths, cheeks one-sixth as broad as the eye-height. Thorax polished, having a strong brassy tinge, without a trace of light coloured pruin osity on the dorsum j three postsutural and three steinopleural macrochaetre, scutellum bearing three pnirs of long marginal and a short apical pair. Abdomen somewhat polished, thinly gray pruinose, last three segments bearing discal as well as marginal macrochaetae. Hind tibire outwardly ciliate, middle tibilu each bearing a single macrocbae~a on the front side near the middle. Wings hyaline, third vein bearing from two to follr bristles near its base, bend of fou.rth vein destitute of an appendage, calypteres whitish. Length, 6 to 7 mm. North Mt., Pa. ( ept. 2, 1897 ; M.r. C. W. Johnson), and Ga. Two specimens. Type No. 4068, U. S. Nat. Museum. S,-acnycoma Slu/dow', u. sp - ci ~. Black, a subtriangular spot outside of each vibri sa, brown, a yellow ring on the arista beyond the thickened.base. Front of male one fourth as wide as in the female, as wide as

166 PROJECT DIRECTORATE OF BIOLOGICAL C~NTROl'" 'leaft) Post Box No. 2491, 4 'A' Farm Post Hebbal, Bellary Road, Bangalore -24;Karnataka I India. LIBRARY ACC No...;.:;..._O_O Call No ThiS Document ought be returned on or before the date last marked below or fine will be incureed. DUE DATE DUE DATE.,

T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t

T h e C S E T I P r o j e c t T h e P r o j e c t T H E P R O J E C T T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S A r t i c l e P a g e C o m p r e h e n s i v e A s s es s m e n t o f t h e U F O / E T I P h e n o m e n o n M a y 1 9 9 1 1 E T

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 5 1 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 J A R T a l s o c o n c l u d e d t h a t a l t h o u g h t h e i n t e n t o f N e l s o n s r e h a b i l i t a t i o n p l a n i s t o e n h a n c e c o n n e

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~,. :'lr. H ~ j. l' ", ...,~l. 0 '" ~ bl '!; 1'1. :<! f'~.., I,," r: t,... r':l G. t r,. 1'1 [<, ."" f'" 1n. t.1 ~- n I'>' 1:1 , I. <1 ~'..

~,. :'lr. H ~ j. l' , ...,~l. 0 ' ~ bl '!; 1'1. :<! f'~.., I,, r: t,... r':l G. t r,. 1'1 [<, . f' 1n. t.1 ~- n I'>' 1:1 , I. <1 ~'.. ,, 'l t (.) :;,/.I I n ri' ' r l ' rt ( n :' (I : d! n t, :?rj I),.. fl.),. f!..,,., til, ID f-i... j I. 't' r' t II!:t () (l r El,, (fl lj J4 ([) f., () :. -,,.,.I :i l:'!, :I J.A.. t,.. p, - ' I I I

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CATAVASII LA NAȘTEREA DOMNULUI DUMNEZEU ȘI MÂNTUITORULUI NOSTRU, IISUS HRISTOS. CÂNTAREA I-A. Ήχος Πα. to os se e e na aș te e e slă ă ă vi i i i i CATAVASII LA NAȘTEREA DOMNULUI DUMNEZEU ȘI MÂNTUITORULUI NOSTRU, IISUS HRISTOS. CÂNTAREA I-A Ήχος α H ris to os s n ș t slă ă ă vi i i i i ți'l Hris to o os di in c ru u uri, în tâm pi i n ți i'l Hris

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176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s

176 5 t h Fl oo r. 337 P o ly me r Ma te ri al s A g la di ou s F. L. 462 E l ec tr on ic D ev el op me nt A i ng er A.W.S. 371 C. A. M. A l ex an de r 236 A d mi ni st ra ti on R. H. (M rs ) A n dr ew s P. V. 326 O p ti ca l Tr an sm is si on A p ps

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9

OH BOY! Story. N a r r a t iv e a n d o bj e c t s th ea t e r Fo r a l l a g e s, fr o m th e a ge of 9 OH BOY! O h Boy!, was or igin a lly cr eat ed in F r en ch an d was a m a jor s u cc ess on t h e Fr en ch st a ge f or young au di enc es. It h a s b een s een by ap pr ox i ma t ely 175,000 sp ect at

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I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D IS L A M I C E C O N O M I C S I N A C O M P L E X W O R L D E x p l o r a t i o n s i n A g-b eanste d S i m u l a t i o n S a m i A l-s u w a i l e m 1 4 2 9 H 2 0 0 8 I s l a m i c D e v e l o p m e

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Your generosity brings smiles and hope!

Your generosity brings smiles and hope! Mil Wi l J - M 2014 i El L A Mi R & M C S Li J Li Di Li & Ki C Ai & Mil L C G J L Li Di Ci Li S W J L B Aiil Bill & R MDll Cli MDll Hl MGi J MGi B MGi Cl M Ai Mil AFL-CIO Pli El Fi Mll N Ciii Ci M Ril

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I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o

I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o I M P O R T A N T S A F E T Y I N S T R U C T I O N S W h e n u s i n g t h i s e l e c t r o n i c d e v i c e, b a s i c p r e c a u t i o n s s h o u l d a l w a y s b e t a k e n, i n c l u d f o l

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Beechwood Music Department Staff

Beechwood Music Department Staff Beechwood Music Department Staff MRS SARAH KERSHAW - HEAD OF MUSIC S a ra h K e rs h a w t r a i n e d a t t h e R oy a l We ls h C o l le g e of M u s i c a n d D ra m a w h e re s h e ob t a i n e d

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Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No

Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No xhibit 2-9/3/15 Invie Filing Pge 1841 f Pge 366 Dket. 44498 F u v 7? u ' 1 L ffi s xs L. s 91 S'.e q ; t w W yn S. s t = p '1 F? 5! 4 ` p V -', {} f6 3 j v > ; gl. li -. " F LL tfi = g us J 3 y 4 @" V)

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I-1. rei. o & A ;l{ o v(l) o t. e 6rf, \o. afl. 6rt {'il l'i. S o S S. l"l. \o a S lrh S \ S s l'l {a ra \o r' tn $ ra S \ S SG{ $ao. \ S l"l. \ (?

I-1. rei. o & A ;l{ o v(l) o t. e 6rf, \o. afl. 6rt {'il l'i. S o S S. ll. \o a S lrh S \ S s l'l {a ra \o r' tn $ ra S \ S SG{ $ao. \ S ll. \ (? >. 1! = * l >'r : ^, : - fr). ;1,!/!i ;(?= f: r*. fl J :!= J; J- >. Vf i - ) CJ ) ṯ,- ( r k : ( l i ( l 9 ) ( ;l fr i) rf,? l i =r, [l CB i.l.!.) -i l.l l.!. * (.1 (..i -.1.! r ).!,l l.r l ( i b i i '9,

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c. What is the average rate of change of f on the interval [, ]? Answer: d. What is a local minimum value of f? Answer: 5 e. On what interval(s) is f

c. What is the average rate of change of f on the interval [, ]? Answer: d. What is a local minimum value of f? Answer: 5 e. On what interval(s) is f Essential Skills Chapter f ( x + h) f ( x ). Simplifying the difference quotient Section. h f ( x + h) f ( x ) Example: For f ( x) = 4x 4 x, find and simplify completely. h Answer: 4 8x 4 h. Finding the

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Ranking accounting, banking and finance journals: A note

Ranking accounting, banking and finance journals: A note MPRA Munich Personal RePEc Archive Ranking accounting, banking and finance ournals: A note George Halkos and Nickolaos Tzeremes University of Thessaly, Department of Economics January 2012 Online at

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h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner

h : sh +i F J a n W i m +i F D eh, 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? ek ser P t r \. e a & im a n alaa p ( M Scanned by CamScanner m m i s t r * j i ega>x I Bi 5 n ì r s w «s m I L nk r n A F o n n l 5 o 5 i n l D eh 1 ; 5 i A cl m i n i sh» si N «q a : 1? { D v i H R o s c q \ l o o m ( t 9 8 6) im a n alaa p ( M n h k Em l A ma

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fur \ \,,^N/ D7,,)d.s) 7. The champion and Runner up of the previous year shall be allowed to play directly in final Zone.

fur \ \,,^N/ D7,,)d.s) 7. The champion and Runner up of the previous year shall be allowed to play directly in final Zone. OUL O GR SODRY DUTO, ODS,RT,SMTUR,USWR.l ntuctin f cnuct f Kbi ( y/gil)tunent f 2L-Lg t. 2.. 4.. 6. Mtche hll be lye e K ule f ene f tie t tie Dutin f ech tch hll be - +0 (Rece)+ = M The ticint f ech Te

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SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SCHEDULE H-6.1b NUCLEAR UNIT OUTAGE DATA. For the Test Year Ended March 31, 2009 Schedule SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR COMPANY SCHDUL H-6.1b NUCLAR UNIT OUTAG DATA For the Test Year nded March 31, 29 This schedule is not applicable to SVvPCO. 5 Schedule H-6.1 c SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR

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Ash Wednesday. First Introit thing. * Dómi- nos. di- di- nos, tú- ré- spi- Ps. ne. Dó- mi- Sál- vum. intra-vé-runt. Gló- ri-

Ash Wednesday. First Introit thing. * Dómi- nos. di- di- nos, tú- ré- spi- Ps. ne. Dó- mi- Sál- vum. intra-vé-runt. Gló- ri- sh Wdsdy 7 gn mult- tú- st Frst Intrt thng X-áud m. ns ní- m-sr-cór- Ps. -qu Ptr - m- Sál- vum m * usqu 1 d fc á-rum sp- m-sr-t- ó- num Gló- r- Fí- l- Sp-rí- : quó-n- m ntr-vé-runt á- n-mm c * m- quó-n-

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APPRENTICESHIPS. A guide for learners

APPRENTICESHIPS. A guide for learners PPRENTCESHPS ui l 1 F ii vii ll u 0178 60747 C ui 1 W ii? - T 10 bi i 5-6 M i 7-8 F (Fqul k ui) 9-1 Fiv bi i 1-14 W Sk T Cll? 15-16 W k? S i Yu uu Wl Sk T Cll. u kik u quliii

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Results as of 30 September 2018

Results as of 30 September 2018 rt Results as of 30 September 2018 F r e e t r a n s l a t ion f r o m t h e o r ig ina l in S p a n is h. I n t h e e v e n t o f d i s c r e p a n c y, t h e Sp a n i s h - la n g u a g e v e r s ion

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P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9

P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 P a g e 3 6 of R e p o r t P B 4 / 0 9 p r o t e c t h um a n h e a l t h a n d p r o p e r t y fr om t h e d a n g e rs i n h e r e n t i n m i n i n g o p e r a t i o n s s u c h a s a q u a r r y. J

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Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region

Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-US region Trade Patterns, Production networks, and Trade and employment in the Asia-U region atoshi Inomata Institute of Developing Economies ETRO Development of cross-national production linkages, 1985-2005 1985

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fl W12111 L5N

fl W12111 L5N fl 41@ W1111 471,1516In15 o (1@ ) Imn5o td&& -miet9cqi c, 1119- bdo&-).6)./ 'MI 9 tg&&d L5N li@wymut4lp51:nfrthnnhiict46n-m'imilimlingnywimtpuctvuivi iru o cinuniulviu 1:411.,IJJIMg11.7f1Y91 11?ITri nct

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Future Self-Guides. E,.?, :0-..-.,0 Q., 5...q ',D5', 4,] 1-}., d-'.4.., _. ZoltAn Dbrnyei Introduction. u u rt 5,4) ,-,4, a. a aci,, u 4.

Future Self-Guides. E,.?, :0-..-.,0 Q., 5...q ',D5', 4,] 1-}., d-'.4.., _. ZoltAn Dbrnyei Introduction. u u rt 5,4) ,-,4, a. a aci,, u 4. te SelfGi ZltAn Dbnyei Intdtin ; ) Q) 4 t? ) t _ 4 73 y S _ E _ p p 4 t t 4) 1_ ::_ J 1 `i () L VI O I4 " " 1 D 4 L e Q) 1 k) QJ 7 j ZS _Le t 1 ej!2 i1 L 77 7 G (4) 4 6 t (1 ;7 bb F) t f; n (i M Q) 7S

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Student Jobs Fairs. YOUR ticket to student recruitment in Birmingham 2015 Version 1

Student Jobs Fairs. YOUR ticket to student recruitment in Birmingham 2015 Version 1 S J Fi YOUR i i i Biih 215 Vi 1 Wl D vi -i/l vi vi v 28,? Th l fh h J Z h Gil f S h vi f f l vii ii i il Wl W 214 i i f 6, v 12, i hh h Gil, f h hi f -i/l vi ii h hil h Th i i vi j ii hi i Oii h J Z, Gil

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Helping Kids Prepare For Life (253)

Helping Kids Prepare For Life   (253) Hlpi Ki Pp F Lif.l.i. (253)-589-7489 Tilli it it L Livit iv f fiv CIS U H. Vip pt fll t Tilli Elt l tpi tff tt f vi t t CIS T Hll f i Cltt N Cli. - L ivi i CIS f Bill Milli CIS pit Dil Cili Ti l iz it

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APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids

APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids APPH 42 Physics of Fluids Problem Solving and Vorticity (Ch. 5) 1.!! Quick Review 2.! Vorticity 3.! Kelvin s Theorem 4.! Examples 1 How to solve fluid problems? (Like those in textbook) Ç"Tt=l I $T1P#(

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LU N C H IN C LU D E D Week 1 M o n d a y J a n u a ry 7 - C o lo u rs o f th e R a in b o w W e w ill b e k ic k in g o ff th e h o lid a y s w ith a d a y fu ll o f c o lo u r! J o in u s fo r a ra n g e o f a rt, s p o rt

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rhtre PAID U.S. POSTAGE Can't attend? Pass this on to a friend. Cleveland, Ohio Permit No. 799 First Class

rhtre PAID U.S. POSTAGE Can't attend? Pass this on to a friend. Cleveland, Ohio Permit No. 799 First Class rhtr irt Cl.S. POSTAG PAD Cllnd, Ohi Prmit. 799 Cn't ttnd? P thi n t frind. \ ; n l *di: >.8 >,5 G *' >(n n c. if9$9$.jj V G. r.t 0 H: u ) ' r x * H > x > i M

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STEEL PIPE NIPPLE BLACK AND GALVANIZED Price Sheet Effective August 09, 2018 Supersedes CWN-218 A Member of The Phoenix Forge Group CapProducts LTD. Phone: 519-482-5000 Fax: 519-482-7728 Toll Free: 800-265-5586

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The Ind ian Mynah b ird is no t fro m Vanuat u. It w as b ro ug ht here fro m overseas and is now causing lo t s o f p ro b lem s.

The Ind ian Mynah b ird is no t fro m Vanuat u. It w as b ro ug ht here fro m overseas and is now causing lo t s o f p ro b lem s. The Ind ian Mynah b ird is no t fro m Vanuat u. It w as b ro ug ht here fro m overseas and is now causing lo t s o f p ro b lem s. Mynah b ird s p ush out nat ive b ird s, com p et ing for food and p laces

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Fall / Winter Multi - Media Campaign

Fall / Winter Multi - Media Campaign Fall / Winter Multi - Media Campaign Bi g H or n R a di o N et w or k 1 B U B B A S B A R- B- Q U E R E ST A U R A N T 10% O F F B R E A K F A S T C o u p o n vali d M o n.- Fri. 7-11 a m Excl u des a

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Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea

Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea G Blended L ea r ni ng P r o g r a m R eg i o na l C a p a c i t y D ev elo p m ent i n E -L ea r ni ng H R K C r o s s o r d e r u c a t i o n a n d v e l o p m e n t C o p e r a t i o n 3 0 6 0 7 0 5

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H STO RY OF TH E SA NT O RY OF E N G L R R VER ritten for the entennial of th e Foundin g of t lair oun t y on ay 8 82 Y EEL N E JEN K RP O N! R ENJ F ] jun E 3 1 92! Ph in t ed b y h e t l a i r R ep u b l i c a n O 4 1922

More information chinapub 2002 7 Bruc Eckl 1000 7 Bruc Eckl 1000 Th gnsis of th computr rvolution was in a machin. Th gnsis of our programming languags thus tnds to look lik that Bruc machin. 10 7

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MEDWAY SPORTS DEVELOPMENT PB 2:L 1 13:36 P 1 MEDWAY SPTS DEVELPMENT.m.v./vlm A i 11 Bfil Sl i P-16 FE C? D v i i? T l i i S Li Pmm? B fi Ti iq l vlm mm ill l vl fi, mivi ill vii flli ii: l Nm S l : W Tm li ii (ili m fi i) j l i?

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Your Choice! Your Character. ... it s up to you!

Your Choice! Your Character. ... it s up to you! Y 2012 i y! Ti i il y Fl l/ly Iiiiv i R Iiy iizi i Ty Pv Riiliy l Diili Piiv i i y! 2 i l & l ii 3 i 4 D i iv 6 D y y 8 P yi N 9 W i Bllyi? 10 B U 11 I y i 12 P ili D lii Gi O y i i y P li l I y l! iy

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Grain Reserves, Volatility and the WTO

Grain Reserves, Volatility and the WTO Grain Reserves, Volatility and the WTO Sophia Murphy Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Is v o la tility a b a d th in g? De pe n d s o n w h e re yo u s it (pro d uc e r, tra d e

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Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.WHST D

Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.WHST D Lesson eight What are characteristics of chemical reactions? Science Constructing Explanations, Engaging in Argument and Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Reading

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Vlaamse Overheid Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken

Vlaamse Overheid Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken Vlaamse Overheid Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium Langdurige metingen Deurganckdok: Opvolging en analyse aanslibbing Bestek 16EB/05/04 Colofon Ph o to c o ve r s h

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Ğ ğ ğ Ğ ğ Öğ ç ğ ö öğ ğ ŞÇ ğ ğ

Ğ ğ ğ Ğ ğ Öğ ç ğ ö öğ ğ ŞÇ ğ ğ Ğ Ü Ü Ü ğ ğ ğ Öğ ş öğ ş ğ öğ ö ö ş ğ ğ ö ğ Ğ ğ ğ Ğ ğ Öğ ç ğ ö öğ ğ ŞÇ ğ ğ l _.j l L., c :, c Ll Ll, c :r. l., }, l : ö,, Lc L.. c l Ll Lr. 0 c (} >,! l LA l l r r l rl c c.r; (Y ; c cy c r! r! \. L : Ll.,

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Drury&Wliitson. Economical. Planning of Buildings. .(Chilecture B. S. DNJVERSITT' OF. 11,1. 1 ibkahy

Drury&Wliitson. Economical. Planning of Buildings. .(Chilecture B. S. DNJVERSITT' OF. 11,1. 1 ibkahy Drury&Wliitson Economical Planning of Buildings.(Chilecture B. S. 902 DJVERSTT' OF,. ibkahy 4 f ^ ^ J' if 4 ^ A 4. T? 4'tariung iint) 4':>bor. f LBRARY or TMl University of llinois. CLASS. BOOK. VO.UMK.

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T HE 1017TH MEETING OF THE BRODIE CLUB The 1017th Meeting of the Brodie Club was held at 7:30 pm on January 15, 2008 in the R amsay Wright Laboratorie

T HE 1017TH MEETING OF THE BRODIE CLUB The 1017th Meeting of the Brodie Club was held at 7:30 pm on January 15, 2008 in the R amsay Wright Laboratorie 1017 MN OF BRO LUB 1017h M Bi lu hl 7:30 u 15, 2008 R Wih Li Uivi. hi: : A h 28 u. u: hl M, u A i u, u vi ull R : K Ah, Oliv B, Bill Rl N W BUN: M u vl: l v, Bu Fll, v ull l B u Fll i Fu k ul M, l u u

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns!

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 5 (100 points) April 18, 2018 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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THE USE OF A CALCULATOR, CELL PHONE, OR ANY OTHER ELEC- TRONIC DEVICE IS NOT PERMITTED DURING THIS EXAMINATION. MATH 220 NAME So\,t\\OV\ '. FINAL EXAM 18, 2007\ FORMA STUDENT NUMBER INSTRUCTOR SECTION NUMBER This examination will be machine processed by the University Testing Service. Use only a number 2 pencil

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S U E K E AY S S H A R O N T IM B E R W IN D M A R T Z -PA U L L IN. Carlisle Franklin Springboro. Clearcreek TWP. Middletown. Turtlecreek TWP.

S U E K E AY S S H A R O N T IM B E R W IN D M A R T Z -PA U L L IN. Carlisle Franklin Springboro. Clearcreek TWP. Middletown. Turtlecreek TWP. F R A N K L IN M A D IS O N S U E R O B E R T LE IC H T Y A LY C E C H A M B E R L A IN T W IN C R E E K M A R T Z -PA U L L IN C O R A O W E N M E A D O W L A R K W R E N N LA N T IS R E D R O B IN F

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. ~ ~~::::~m Review Sheet #1

. ~ ~~::::~m Review Sheet #1 . ~ ~~::::~m Review Sheet #1 Math lla 1. 2. Which ofthe following represents a function(s)? (1) Y... v \ J 1\ -.. - -\ V i e5 3. The solution set for 2-7 + 12 = 0 is :---:---:- --:...:-._",,, :- --;- --:---;-..!,..;-,...

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Le classeur à tampons

Le classeur à tampons Le classeur à tampons P a s à pa s Le matériel 1 gr a n d cla s s e u r 3 pa pi e r s co o r d o n n é s. P o u r le m o d è l e pr é s e n t é P a p i e r ble u D ai s y D s, pa pi e r bor d e a u x,

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Mv3" L7-- Art L 31. am rt. ao - M rr. a cn. art O' N. t00. to o( C7 c O. Ort. n ' C ( a ( W 0. z D0) Ln rni 90 O H N rt 0. to0) O mx rt N. W n.

Mv3 L7-- Art L 31. am rt. ao - M rr. a cn. art O' N. t00. to o( C7 c O. Ort. n ' C ( a ( W 0. z D0) Ln rni 90 O H N rt 0. to0) O mx rt N. W n. S = TG _. -. t s e- ' F F J l T L L " m - F+ m G T. G m ( ( F+ v ( _ = ). i i vi vi t g d d --( ( ( t t ( - : m ET 7 ' m : ( 7 c t+ ) c - 7 7de 7( ( d;:', ` m G - L Lm ) 7 ` 7 [ t d `< ( ) ( m ( ) c. (

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Computer Science - Y1 Summer Work Introduction

Computer Science - Y1 Summer Work Introduction Computer Science - Y Summer Work 206 Introduction Welcome to the first year of the linear A- level Computer Science. Computing is a new subject which you will probably find quite different to the ICT you

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ARC 202L. Not e s : I n s t r u c t o r s : D e J a r n e t t, L i n, O r t e n b e r g, P a n g, P r i t c h a r d - S c h m i t z b e r g e r

ARC 202L. Not e s : I n s t r u c t o r s : D e J a r n e t t, L i n, O r t e n b e r g, P a n g, P r i t c h a r d - S c h m i t z b e r g e r ARC 202L C A L I F O R N I A S T A T E P O L Y T E C H N I C U N I V E R S I T Y D E P A R T M E N T O F A R C H I T E C T U R E A R C 2 0 2 L - A R C H I T E C T U R A L S T U D I O W I N T E R Q U A

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Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2

Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2 Internal Innovation @ C is c o 2 0 0 6 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. C i s c o C o n f i d e n t i a l 1 Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork

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SOLUTION SET. Chapter 9 REQUIREMENTS FOR OBTAINING POPULATION INVERSIONS LASER FUNDAMENTALS Second Edition. By William T. SOLUTION SET Chapter 9 REQUIREMENTS FOR OBTAINING POPULATION INVERSIONS "LASER FUNDAMENTALS" Second Edition By William T. Silfvast C.11 q 1. Using the equations (9.8), (9.9), and (9.10) that were developed

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Chemistry 2 Exam Roane State Academic Festival. Name (print neatly) School

Chemistry 2 Exam Roane State Academic Festival. Name (print neatly) School Name (print neatly) School There are fifteen question on this exam. Each question is weighted equally. n the answer sheet, write your name in the space provided and your answers in the blanks provided.

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S ca le M o d e l o f th e S o la r Sy ste m

S ca le M o d e l o f th e S o la r Sy ste m N a m e ' D a t e ' S ca le M o d e l o f th e S o la r Sy ste m 6.1 I n t r o d u c t i o n T h e S olar System is large, at least w hen com pared to distances we are fam iliar w ith on a day-to-day basis.

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I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o u r n a l o f E l e m e n t a r y E.7 d u, c ai ts is ou n e, 1 V3 1o-2 l6, I n t h i s a r t

I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o u r n a l o f E l e m e n t a r y E.7 d u, c ai ts is ou n e, 1 V3 1o-2 l6, I n t h i s a r t I n t e r n a t i o n a l E l e c t r o n i c J o ue rlne am l e not fa r y E d u c a t i o n, 2 0 1 4, 1 37-2 ( 16 ). H o w R e a d i n g V o l u m e A f f e c t s b o t h R e a d i n g F l u e n c y

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Dec. 3rd Fall 2012 Dec. 31st Dec. 16th UVC International Jan 6th 2013 Dec. 22nd-Jan 6th VDP Cancun News

Dec. 3rd Fall 2012 Dec. 31st Dec. 16th UVC International Jan 6th 2013 Dec. 22nd-Jan 6th VDP Cancun News Fll 2012 C N P D V Lk Exii Aii Or Bifl Rr! Pri Dk W ri k fr r f rr. Ti iq fr ill fr r ri ir. Ii rlxi ill fl f ir rr r - i i ri r l ll! Or k i l rf fr r r i r x, ri ir i ir l. T i r r Cri r i l ill rr i

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LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses

LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Louisiana State University LSU Digital Commons LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Graduate School 1976 Infestation of Root Nodules of Soybean by Larvae of the Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotoma Trifurcata

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264m. Raggengill Gilkerscleuch. Abington. 250m. Cottage. Iss. Mast. 246m. TER R AC E 240m OO KE TE H U N TE COLEBROOKE. Over Abington STATION.

264m. Raggengill Gilkerscleuch. Abington. 250m. Cottage. Iss. Mast. 246m. TER R AC E 240m OO KE TE H U N TE COLEBROOKE. Over Abington STATION. I 4 4 I I L KY t lttio F 9 ott v bito 4 4 F L ii 3 lui 1 p F L F I I 9 F L I LK i i tip i 9 6 v bito U l K L 6 ott bito i 5 1 5 9 i oo 8 4 6 otl it o ov b i o 116-3 ott 6 i i ollt u o v bito 4 lo i 6 v

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Form and content. Iowa Research Online. University of Iowa. Ann A Rahim Khan University of Iowa. Theses and Dissertations

Form and content. Iowa Research Online. University of Iowa. Ann A Rahim Khan University of Iowa. Theses and Dissertations University of Iowa Iowa Research Online Theses and Dissertations 1979 Form and content Ann A Rahim Khan University of Iowa Posted with permission of the author. This thesis is available at Iowa Research

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INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT FIRST HALF OF 2018 INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT FIRST HALF OF 2018 F r e e t r a n s l a t ion f r o m t h e o r ig ina l in S p a n is h. I n t h e e v e n t o f d i s c r e p a n c y, t h e Sp a n i s h - la n g u a g e v

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2 tel

2   tel Us. Timeless, sophisticated wall decor that is classic yet modern. Our style has no limitations; from traditional to contemporar y, with global design inspiration. The attention to detail and hand- craf

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Valley Forge Middle School Fencing Project Facilities Committee Meeting February 2016

Valley Forge Middle School Fencing Project Facilities Committee Meeting February 2016 Valley Forge iddle chool Fencing roject Facilities ommittee eeting February 2016 ummer of 2014 Installation of Fencing at all five istrict lementary chools October 2014 Facilities ommittee and

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Сборник 2 fhxn "HeHo, Dolty!" HAL LEONARD D/X/ELAND COMBO PAK 2 Music and Lyric by JERRY HERMÁN Arranged by PAUL SEVERSON CLARNET jy f t / / 6f /* t ü.. r 3 p i

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Software Process Models there are many process model s in th e li t e ra t u re, s om e a r e prescriptions and some are descriptions you need to mode

Software Process Models there are many process model s in th e li t e ra t u re, s om e a r e prescriptions and some are descriptions you need to mode Unit 2 : Software Process O b j ec t i ve This unit introduces software systems engineering through a discussion of software processes and their principal characteristics. In order to achieve the desireable

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each)

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each) Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 4 (100 points) April 12, 2017 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids

APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids APPH 4200 Physcs of Fluds A Few More Flud Insables (Ch. 12) Turbulence (Ch. 13) December 1, 2011 1.!! Vscous boundary layer and waves 2.! Sably of Parallel Flows 3.! Inroducon o Turbulence: Lorenz Model

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Last 4 Digits of USC ID:

Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Chemistry 05 B Practice Exam Dr. Jessica Parr First Letter of last Name PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Name: Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Lab TA s Name: Question Points Score Grader 8 2 4 3 9 4 0

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Beginning and Ending Cash and Investment Balances for the month of January 2016

Beginning and Ending Cash and Investment Balances for the month of January 2016 ADIISTRATIVE STAFF REPRT T yr nd Tn uncil rch 15 216 SBJET Jnury 216 nth End Tresurer s Reprt BAKGRD The lifrni Gvernment de nd the Tn f Dnville s Investment Plicy require tht reprt specifying the investment

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Gavilan JCCD Trustee Areas Plan Adopted October 13, 2015

Gavilan JCCD Trustee Areas Plan Adopted October 13, 2015 S Jos Gvil JCCD Trust Ar Pl Aopt Octobr, 0 p Lrs Pl Aopt Oct, 0 Cit/Csus Dsigt Plc ighw US 0 Cit Arom ollistr igmr S Jos Trs Pios cr Ps 4 ut S Bito ut 0 0 ils Arom ollistr igmr Trs Pios 7 S Bito ut Lpoff

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5 questions, 3 points each, 15 points total possible. 26 Fe Cu Ni Co Pd Ag Ru 101.

5 questions, 3 points each, 15 points total possible. 26 Fe Cu Ni Co Pd Ag Ru 101. Physical Chemistry II Lab CHEM 4644 spring 2017 final exam KEY 5 questions, 3 points each, 15 points total possible h = 6.626 10-34 J s c = 3.00 10 8 m/s 1 GHz = 10 9 s -1. B= h 8π 2 I ν= 1 2 π k μ 6 P

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SOLUTION SET. Chapter 8 LASER OSCILLATION ABOVE THRESHOLD LASER FUNDAMENTALS Second Edition SOLUTION SET Chapter 8 LASER OSCILLATION ABOVE THRESHOLD "LASER FUNDAMENTALS" Second Edition By William T. Silfvast - 1. An argon ion laser (as shown in Figure 10-S(b)) operating at 488.0 nm with a gainregion

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~i~, ~';J M.1 "A.X;t7~~

~i~, ~';J M.1 A.X;t7~~ Ci1 ;w -,IL I MX-- AA.R- v-r ';t ""lz"""" f 7ll\1. 13/cd Vt.dJt-l (l{ t f1.)-: ) -;::- r,.o.

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o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco

o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco > p >>>> ft^. 2 Tble f Generl rdnes. t^-t - +«0 -P k*ph? -- i t t i S i-h l -H i-h -d. *- e Stf H2 t s - ^ d - 'Ct? "fi p= + V t r & ^ C d Si d n. M. s - W ^ m» H ft ^.2. S'Sll-pl e Cl h /~v S s, -P s'l

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The Ability C ongress held at the Shoreham Hotel Decem ber 29 to 31, was a reco rd breaker for winter C ongresses.

The Ability C ongress held at the Shoreham Hotel Decem ber 29 to 31, was a reco rd breaker for winter C ongresses. The Ability C ongress held at the Shoreham Hotel Decem ber 29 to 31, was a reco rd breaker for winter C ongresses. Attended by m ore than 3 00 people, all seem ed delighted, with the lectu res and sem

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8. Relax and do well.

8. Relax and do well. CHEM 1515 Exam II John II. Gelder October 14, 1993 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 8 different pages. The last two pages include a periodic table, a

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BLESSINGS... Abundance to Share

BLESSINGS... Abundance to Share V l 5 6 T Gi I 6 j 2 0 1 1 BLESSINGS... A S I f F P C i i ii i G i f f l lii. O l Bli A S J 5 lli Cl S. T l f i l li G i fili i i f li l ii f f. Eliii l $1.5 illi fili ill j. I i G f qi x i i l i ii. I

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Solutions and Ions. Pure Substances

Solutions and Ions. Pure Substances Class #4 Solutions and Ions CHEM 107 L.S. Brown Texas A&M University Pure Substances Pure substance: described completely by a single chemical formula Fixed composition 1 Mixtures Combination of 2 or more

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Atoms and the Periodic Table

Atoms and the Periodic Table Atoms and the Periodic Table Parts of the Atom Proton Found in the nucleus Number of protons defines the element Charge +1, mass 1 Parts of the Atom Neutron Found in the nucleus Stabilizes the nucleus

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Sub: Submission of the copy of Investor presentation under regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations & Disclosure Reguirements) Regulations

Sub: Submission of the copy of Investor presentation under regulation 30 of SEBI (Listing Obligations & Disclosure Reguirements) Regulations vember 1, 218 tinal Stck xchange f India Ltd xchan laza, 5th Flr Plt : C/1, Sand Krla Cmplex, Sa Mmbai - 4 51 Crpte Relatinship Department SS Ltd., Phirze Jeejheebhy Twers Dalal Street, Mmbai

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ihvsleai! SCIENCES LIBRARY THESIS lt.c ihvsleai! SCIENCES LIBRARY THESIS on d, or on in ij l::n 1 1 1:1 ) er d no ' z co no 116 ( 1 ot i t t v 1 c cr c t'> /, e.) t t ( 1 c or c e j it 1 tj O-Il 1 1'1 t t 4) f:} c::- l v t o- t :Lt lo

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Tausend Und Eine Nacht

Tausend Und Eine Nacht Connecticut College Digital Commons @ Connecticut College Historic Sheet Music Collection Greer Music Library 87 Tausend Und Eine Nacht Johann Strauss Follow this and additional works at: https:digitalcommonsconncolledusheetmusic

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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Chemistry Department. Semester Test 1. Analytical Chemistry CMY 283. Time: 120 min Marks: 100 Pages: 6

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Chemistry Department. Semester Test 1. Analytical Chemistry CMY 283. Time: 120 min Marks: 100 Pages: 6 Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Chemistry Department Semester Test 1 Analytical Chemistry CMY 283 Date: 5 September 2016 Lecturers : Prof P Forbes, Dr Laurens, Mr SA Nsibande Time: 120 min

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CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models

CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models In this lab, we will learn and practice predicting molecular structures from molecular formulas. The Periodic Table of the Elements IA 1 H IIA IIIA IVA VA VIA VIIA 3 5

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I cu n y li in Wal wi m hu n Mik an t o da t Bri an Si n. We al ha a c o k do na Di g.

I cu n y li in Wal wi m hu n Mik an t o da t Bri an Si n. We al ha a c o k do na Di g. Aug 25, 2018 De r Fam e, Wel to 7t - ra at Dun Lak! My na is Mr. Van Wag an I te 7t g a la ge ar, an so s u s. Whi t i wi be m 13t ye of te n, it is m 1s ye D S an Cal i Com t Sc o s. I am so ha y an ex

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F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c

F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c L i f e t i m e M a n a g e m e n t o f F l a-b s ah s e d S S D s U s i n g R e c o v e r-a y w a r e D y n a m i c T h r o t t l i n g S u n g j i n L e, e T a e j i n K i m, K y u n g h o, Kainmd J

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INSIDE. Summary. A behind-the-curtain look at the artists, the company and the art form of this production. NewVictory.

INSIDE. Summary. A behind-the-curtain look at the artists, the company and the art form of this production. NewVictory. Ti i i ll N Viy Sl Tl R Gi F ml i, ili imi b N Viy i Dm, k : NViy/SlTl INSID A bi--i lk i, my m i i COON COR STANDARDS Ri: 2; 7 Wii: 2; 4 Ski ii: 1; 2; 4 : 1; 2; 4 NW YORK STAT STANDARDS A: Ci, Pmi, Ri,

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o Alphabet Recitation

o Alphabet Recitation Letter-Sound Inventory (Record Sheet #1) 5-11 o Alphabet Recitation o Alphabet Recitation a b c d e f 9 h a b c d e f 9 h j k m n 0 p q k m n 0 p q r s t u v w x y z r s t u v w x y z 0 Upper Case Letter

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Napa Valley Community College District Tentative Budget Fiscal Year

Napa Valley Community College District Tentative Budget Fiscal Year apa Vally Cmmunity Cllg District Ttativ Budgt Fiscal Yar 216-217 Gral Fund - Unrstrictd Funds Gral Fund - Rstrictd Funds Capital Outlay Prjcts Fund Child Car Fund Pst-Rtirmt Bfits Fund Califrnia Emplyrs'

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INDICATIONS HERE OF BANNER SEASON U l i 3 G Y i J«K W ll Gl ' - i W JY Y 6934 V 47; 87 il 4 ll l x K i Kl il li G G il ii i ix Wi lii i l i 2 W Wi i l il i % l i Vii i i i K l i - x i i ll l Vii l q illl ' ii i i i il li i--l i G 934 G

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Opening. Monster Guard. Grades 1-3. Teacher s Guide

Opening. Monster Guard. Grades 1-3. Teacher s Guide Tcr Gi 2017 Amric R Cr PLEASE NOTE: S m cml Iiii ci f Mr Gr bfr y bgi i civiy, i rr gi cc Vlc riig mii. Oig Ifrm y r gig lr b vlc y f vlc r. Exli r r vlc ll vr rl, i Ui S, r, iclig Alk Hii, v m civ vlc.

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Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m

Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Other Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Kindly fill in all the applicable information in the spaces provided and submit to us before the stipulated deadline. The information you provide will be held

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THE WORLD BANK GROUP ARCHIVES PUBLIC DISCLOSURE AUTHORIZED THE WORLD BANK GROUP ARCHIVES PUBLIC DISCLOSURE AUTHORIZED Folder Title: Finland-LN-61 - Photographs - Volume 1 Folder ID: 1721443 Fonds: Records of Office of External Affairs (WB IBRD/IDA EXT) Digitized:

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firpfirtdffiefrr{n \]8O /Qoqu

firpfirtdffiefrr{n \]8O /Qoqu l\. {6R19lil T,T, G.l l"t 6l[, ;il$', {W 6,lc+{,.\.i.1, { u??.h ("Q) xx. (?) ul\q\ Wb :.hip.c T.. T/[uilu6,1/ \]8 /Qu 6 ipit{ ui 3 9?) l. '{"., i[1k[ ii,a {6 +i Whu, {] 3 u. p{ il "c' u, Ti.

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Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start.

Lab Day and Time: Instructions. 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. Name: Lab Day and Time: Instructions 1. Do not open the exam until you are told to start. 2. This exam is closed note and closed book. You are not allowed to use any outside material while taking this

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