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3 Goldschmidt2018 Welcome Welcome to Boston for the 28th Goldschmidt Conference, the premier conference for geochemistry. The conference is named after the father of geochemistry, Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, and is hosted in alternate years by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry. This year s conference, with over 3200 abstract submissions, will be the largest ever held in North America. Set in the seat of the American revolution, in Boston you will have the opportunity to experience revolutionary science! The conference provides the latest advances in geochemistry, spanning from the solar system to the nanoscale, from the present to the beginning of the solar system 4.57 billion years ago, from subzero temperatures to molten rocks. We will even explore planets beyond our solar system, with a plenary talk by Sara Seager on the search for life on exoplanets. Other plenaries will cover the influence of coastal waters on geochemical cycles (Caroline Slomp), the sub-oceanic deep biosphere (Fumio Inagaki), and the origin of volatiles in terrestrial planets (Bernard Marty, President of the EAG). In this year s conference the number of themes has been paired down, with an aim to make broader and more inclusive sessions. We have also aimed to broaden participation, particularly from students and early career scientists from less privileged countries, and from US students from underrepresented institutions and groups. In fact, broadening participation in science is also the topic of Wednesday s plenary by Tuba Özkan-Haller. As in years past, there is a vibrant program for early career scientists, with opportunities to pair with a mentor, meet the plenary speakers, and a wide variety of workshops aimed at professional development. This year, we are proud to also welcome a large contingent of K-12 educators to the conference. In particular, K-8 teachers will attend on Tuesday, while on Thursday 9-12 teachers will participate. Please join me in welcoming these educators, as well as all first-time Goldschmidt participants. In addition to providing a forum for the latest and greatest science, Goldschmidt should be a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable to present their work, interact, and have fun. Towards this goal, this year we have adopted a code of conduct (see page xl) for the meeting, which all of you have agreed to, as a part of your registration. We also have a team of trained volunteers including folks from the Board of Directors and the GS Ethics Committee who will be on hand to provide help, should any delegate feel that they have witnessed or experienced a breach in this code of conduct. These volunteers are identified by wearing an AMIGo ribbon (A More Inclusive Goldschmidt). I hope that you have a terrific conference, hear lots of exciting science, and get to enjoy the local attractions while you re at it. Enjoy your week in Boston! Roberta Rudnick Geochemical Society President iii

4 Image courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority Goldschmidt 2020 Honolulu june

5 Goldschmidt2018 Welcome Welcome to Boston for the 28th Goldschmidt meeting! It has been 19 years since the meeting last visited here, for its 9th edition. Technically it was just across the river in Cambridge, but only people in Cambridge think it is a separate city from Boston! I was just a wee graduate student then, stuffing envelopes and preparing name tags. As I recall, the whole meeting was held in just four Harvard lecture halls. Things have changed a bit. The meeting now has over 3000 presentations, and fills one of the main convention centers in the city. The meeting team has created a great program: a full slate of cutting edge science, after meeting parties and banquets, pre- and post-conference field trips, numerous workshops, daily student programs and mentoring, a K-12 teachers program, and fantastic plenaries. We hope you have a great time! The Hynes Convention Center is a perfect location for a meeting. When your brain is full, or you just want to ponder the cosmic significance of mass-independent isotope fractionation, a short walk will take you to the picturesque Charles River, or to the high-end shopping and bistros of Newbury Street, which ends at the beautiful Boston Public Garden and Boston Common (try the famous swan boats or look for the Make Way for the Ducklings statues). Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play, and one of the most storied baseball parks in the country, is just down the street. Monday s social will actually take place there. If we are lucky, they may even open the team s batting cages to us! Go Sox! The city is steeped in history. Walk the Freedom Trail (marked with a red line on the sidewalks) to visit some of the country s most important historic sites: from Bunker Hill to the Old North Church. The city also has fantastic museums. Try the MIT museum for robots, weird mechanical art and an amazing hologram display. Or the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum for art in a beautiful Italian villa. The nearby Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library should not be missed. Or head to Harvard s Natural History museum (where the Tuesday social will be held) for minerals, dinosaurs and glass flowers. For kids, the Children s museum is one of the best in the world, the awesome Aquarium (penguins!) is right on the water in the heart of town and the Museum of Science is vast and engaging (as both my sons will attest to). Whatever your interests, I hope you enjoy the meeting and have a great time while you are here. Welcome to Boston! Stephen Parman Goldschmidt2018 Local Organizing Committee Chair v

6 Join our Lunchtime Seminars Free lunch provided Sign up on our booth Tuesday, 14 August, 13:00-14:00 MC-ICP-MS and TIMS precision for reduced sample sizes Do more with less Wednesday, 15 August, 13:00-14:00 Carbonates & clumped isotopes Explore the geochemist s toolbox for carbonate and clumped isotope research Thursday, 16 August, 13:00-14:00 Your curiosity, our geosciences portfolio The joy of discovery Find out more at Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientifi c and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specifi ed. AD30423-EN 0518S

7 Table of Contents Conference Information Code of Conduct... i Onsite Information...iii Presentation Instructions...v Committees...viii Exhibition Map... ix Exhibition... x Conference Timetable Program at a Glance...xii Plenary Lectures...xiv Awards... xvi Medal Lectures... xx Meetings and Events... xxii Family Friendly Resources... xxiv Seminars... xxv Student and Early Career Events... xxvi Social Events... xxix K xxxii Societies and Sponsors Hosts and Sponsors... xxxiv The Geochemical Society... xxxvii The European Association of Geochemistry... xxxviii The Geochemical Society of Japan... xxxix Themes and Sessions Themes and Sessions... xl Session Details Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Maps Conference Center Maps vii

8 Exploring the chemistry of earth, atmosphere, ocean, and space EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Joel D. Blum, University of Michigan READ THE LATEST ISSUE AND SUBMIT YOUR RESEARCH

9 Code of Conduct The Geochemical Society (GS) and the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) welcome all who are interested in the geochemistry of the Earth and extraterrestrial bodies. As professional societies, GS and EAG are committed to providing an environment that encourages the free expression and exchange of scientific ideas. In pursuit of this, GS and EAG-sponsored meetings and events foster the exchange of scientific ideas through open and respectful dialogues at oral and poster sessions, field trips, short courses, mentorships and other society-supported programs. The societies are committed to the philosophy of equality of opportunity and treatment for all members, regardless of age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity, country of origin, religion or religious belief, marital status, physical appearance, body size, disability, or any other reason not related to scientific merit. It is the responsibility of the organizers of any GS and EAG meeting, and of the attendees themselves, to ensure that such an atmosphere is maintained. The GS and EAG consider the rich diversity of the societies memberships and of the wider geochemical community a resource that should be drawn upon when selecting organizing committees, invited speakers, and nominees for office and for special prizes. AMIGo: A More Inclusive Goldschmidt Throughout the conference, you may notice people wearing yellow AMIGo ribbons on their name badges. These delegates and staff are available if you have questions about the code of conduct, notice that someone is being harassed, or experience harassment yourself. Expected conduct at GS and EAG events The GS and EAG endorse and expect a professional and respectful atmosphere that values a diversity of views and opinions. All meetings and sponsored activities shall be conducted in a professional atmosphere in which all participants are treated with courtesy, respect and consideration. The societies promote a professional and respectful atmosphere where participants communicate openly, with civil attitudes that are considerate, collegial, and collaborative and that is free of inappropriate behavior and harassment by or toward all participants, including scientists, students, guests, exhibitors, staff, vendors, and other suppliers. i

10 Code of Conduct Unacceptable Behavior The Geochemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry will not tolerate scientific misconduct nor harassment of any sort. As a condition of participation in GS and EAG gatherings (including the Goldschmidt meeting, associated workshops, and social events), attendees are expected to behave according to professional scientific standards and to maintain appropriate standards of behavior. Attendees will not engage in dishonest misrepresentation, coercive manipulation, censorship, or other misconduct that alters the content, veracity, or meaning of research findings. Attendees will not engage in harassment, intimidation, or discrimination of any meeting participant. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal abuse or threats of harm; stalking or uninvited physical contact and inappropriate use of sexual images in public spaces or in presentations; or disruption of presentations at oral or poster sessions or other events organized by the GS and EAG at the meeting venues, hotels, or field trips. Reporting an Incident of Scientific or Other Ethical Misconduct Any attendee who believes that an incident of scientific or ethical misconduct has taken place, by an individual or group of individuals, is encouraged to contact GS President Roberta Rudnick, EAG President Bernard Marty, and GS Ethics committee chair Liz Sikes in person or by Reporting an Incident of Harassment Anyone attending the Goldschmidt Conference and associated events who feels harassed is encouraged to inform the alleged harasser immediately that the behavior is unwelcome. In many instances, the person may be unaware that their conduct is offensive and when advised can correct the conduct so that it does not reoccur. However, anyone who feels harassed IS NOT required or expected to discuss the concern with the alleged offender. If the complainant does not feel comfortable with such an approach, he/she should in person or by All reports of harassment or sexual harassment will be treated seriously. Procedures For Addressing Misconduct Anyone requested to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to immediately cease and desist. GS and EAG staff, leadership, meeting organizing committee members, security, or law enforcement personnel shall take action(s) deemed necessary and appropriate to address misconduct. Actions range from a verbal warning to immediate removal from the meeting or activity without refund of registration fee. The GS and EAG also reserve the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting or other society-sponsored event. ii

11 Onsite Information Convention Center Rooms Registration, posters, talks, the exhbition and refreshments are located in the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. Oral sessions will take place in rooms on the second and third floors. Plenary sessions ( each day) will take place in Ballroom AB. A map of the convention center can be found at the back of this volume. Refreshments & Breaks These will be available in the exhibition hall (level 2) and the foyers (levels 2 & 3) during the times allocated for oral presentations. Refreshments will also be available between 17:15 and 19:15 during the poster sessions. Wireless Internet Access Please use WiFi sparingly and search for your sessions in the Program Volume or offline conference app, because bandwidth is finite and this will speed connection times for other delegates. All delegates may access the wireless internet on all floors of the Convention Center. The conference network name is Hynes Wireless Network and no password is needed. Registration & Help Desk Opening Times Registration and the Help Desk will be open by the central entrance to the Exhibition Hall on the second level from 15:00-19:00 on Sunday and 07:30-18:00 on Monday. The Help Desk will be open from on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 08:00-12:00 on Friday. Name Badges Please be sure to wear your name badge at all times. Admission to the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Centre and all sessions will require identification by your badge. If you lose your name badge please visit the Help Desk. Those with badges stating that they are Accompanying Guests will not be allowed access to the scientific sessions. Lost and Found All items found in the Convention Center should be brought to the Help Desk. iii

12 Onsite Information Insurance and Responsibility Liability insurance is the responsibility of each individual delegate. Delegates should have their own medical coverage. The Organising Committee assumes no responsibility for accident, loss, damage, delays, or any modifications to the program arising from unforeseeable circumstances. It accepts no responsibility for travel or accommodation arrangements. The participant acknowledges that he/she has no right to lodge damage claims against the GS or EAG, the Organizing Committee, White Iron Conferences or the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center should the conference proceeding be hindered or prevented by unexpected political or economic events or generally by Acts of God, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate program changes. Smoking Policy For the comfort of delegates, all rooms used by the conference have been designated as non-smoking areas, including the stairwells of John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. Poster and other Printing Located on the Plaza level of the Hynes center is a FedEx office able to arrange for posters up to A0 size to be printed. There is likely to be high demand for this service, so delegates are advised to submit their files for printing in advance of the conference to avoid possible problems. The FedEx office contact details are: Address: 900 Boylston Street, John B. Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA Telephone: Cloakroom Location: Level 2 near Rotunda Opening Times: Sunday 12th August, 15:00-20:00 Monday 13th August, 08:00-20:00 Tuesday 14th August, 08:00-20:00 Wednesday 15th August, 08:00-20:00 Thursday 16th August, 08:00-20:00 Friday 17th August, 08:00-18:00 iv

13 Onsite Information Oral Presentation Instructions Oral Presentation Times Sessions with oral presentations will take place from Monday to Friday from and Uploading Your Talk You may upload your talk in the room on the day of your presentation. Presenters can upload from 08:00 to 08:30 in the morning before the sessions, or between 13:45 and 14:15 before the afternoon session. All presenting authors will be sent an including a link to the page to upload their presentation and detailed instructions on how to upload. We do recommend that all presenters bring their talk on a USB as well, for their own peace of mind. Computer and Software Compatibility Delegates preparing for their presentations with Windows 10 should be sure to use Office / PowerPoint 2016, and/or Adobe Reader. Delegates who have prepared their presentations using Apple Keynote should ensure the presentation has been converted to PDF or PowerPoint before uploading. The recommended aspect ratio is 16:9, however 4:3 will display on the meeting room screens also. Talk Timing Speakers should arrive at their allocated room no less than 20 minutes before the start of the first presentation in order to meet with the chairperson. All presentations must be given in English, which is the official language of the Conference. Oral presentations are allocated 15 minutes and keynote talks either 15 or 30 minutes. 15-minute talks should be finished after 12 minutes, and 30-minute keynotes after 25 minutes to leave time for discussion. For 15 minute talks, the chairperson will give a first signal after 10 minutes, a warning after 12 minutes and prevent further talking after 15 minutes. It is essential for the success of the conference that the speakers keep strictly to this scheme to ensure that all parallel sessions are synchronized. Mobile Phones, Cameras and Video Cameras Delegates are required to mute or turn off their cell phones during oral presentations. No photography or videoing is permitted in any of the oral sessions. Please also respect the wishes of presenters who prefer that their results are not published on social media. v

14 Onsite Information Poster Presentation Instructions Poster Presentation Times There will be afternoon poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the conference from 17:15-19:15. There will be no poster session on Friday afternoon. Posters should be put up from lunch time on the day of presentation. The materials required to attach each poster to the board will be supplied. Posters should be removed between 19:15-20:00 on the day of presentation. Posters not collected by these times will be removed by the conference organizers and recycled. Poster Locations The posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall C and Exhibition Hall D, which are on the Second Level. Poster board numbers are given in the Program Volume and on the web site. Poster Size The poster boards are large enough to fit a size A0 poster in portrait orientation (this is 33.1 wide x 46.8 tall or 841mm wide x 1189mm tall). Oversize posters will not be displayed. Poster Etiquette The poster sessions are from 17:15 to 19:15. Delegates should expect to be available by their poster for most of this time on the day of their presentation. If there will be any time during this period when no author can be present, a card should be left indicating when the author will next be present. Cameras & Video Cameras No photography or videoing is permitted at any of the poster sessions without the permission of the authors of the poster. vi

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16 Conference Committees Organizing Committee Stephen Parman (Brown University) - Co-chair Shuhei Ono (MIT) - Co-chair Roberta Rudnick (University of California, Santa Barbara) - GS President Kevin Johnson (Geochemical Society) - GS Chief Operating Officer Adina Paytan (University of California, Santa Cruz) - Student Program Leader Jacquie Storey (White Iron Conferences) - Conference Manager Local Organizing Committee Shuhei Ono (MIT) - Co-chair Stephen Parman (Brown University) - Co-chair Ethan Baxter (Boston College) - Member Dawn Cardace (University of Rhode Island) - Member Meredith Hastings (Brown University) - Member Katherine Kelley (University of Rhode Island) - Member Andrew Kurtz (Boston University) - Member Science Committee Timothy Lyons (University of California, Riverside) - Co-chair Daniela Rubatto (University of Bern) - Co-chair Hagit Affek (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - Member Fang Huang (University of Science and Technology of China) - Member Ann Pearson (Harvard University) - Member Graham Pearson (University of Alberta) - Member Roberta Rudnick (University of California, Santa Barbara) - GS Representative Cara Santelli (University of Minnesota) - Member Maria Schönbächler (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) - Member viii

17 Posters Posters Exhibition Hall (Level 2) Posters Posters Posters Posters Posters Posters GS/EAG Lounge To Registration W M M W Student Lounge Posters Posters Posters Posters Posters ix

18 Exhibitors GS & EAG Lounge GS & EAG Lounge Geochemical Society European Association of Geochemistry 23 Geochemical Society of Japan 25 & 26 Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bremen) GmbH 19 & 20 The Geochemist s Workbench 21 Aerodyne Research, Inc. 32 Agilent Technologies, Inc. 48 Airgas 16 American Geophysical Union 22 Analab 41 Applied Spectra 33 Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd 2 Cambridge University Press 35 & 42 CAMECA 12 China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) 5 China University of Geosciences (Beijing) 29 CSIRO Publishing 27 Elemental Scientific Lasers 28 Elemental Scientific, Inc. 44 Elementar Americas 24 Elements Magazine 14 Elsevier 40 European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers 38 Geological Society of America 46 Hawaii Convention Center 8 Institute of Surface-Earth System Science, Tianjin University 45 Isomass Scientific Inc. 43 & 50 Isotopx 10 Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (GEOROC) 6 McLane Research Labs 18 MDPI - Minerals 15 MicroSupport Co., Ltd. x

19 Exhibitors 7 PLOS (Public Library of Science) 34 PROTO 36 Savillex 1 School of Marine Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University 30 Sercon Limited 17 Spectromat GmbH 13 Springer Nature 9 State Key Lab of Marine Geology, Tongji University 39 Teledyne CETAC Technologies 37 The Geological Society of London 32 TOFWERK xi

20 Conference Program at a Glance SUNDAY 12 TH MONDAY 13 TH TUESDAY 14 TH Orals Orals Plenary: Sara Seager Plenary: Caroline Slomp Publishing & Reviewing Dual Careers in Academia Learn About Funding Opportunities Flipping a Geochem Classroom Registration Orals Orals Icebreaker Welcome Reception Posters Posters Game On! Fenway Park Mixer Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum Mixer EAG Annual General Assembly xii

21 Conference Program at a Glance WEDNESDAY 15 TH THURSDAY 16 TH FRIDAY 17 TH Orals Orals Orals Plenary: Tuba Özkan-Haller Plenary: Fumio Inagaki Plenary: Bernard Marty Pop-Up Talks Communicating Science How To Be A Successful Post-Doc Orals Orals Orals Posters Posters Geochemical Society Business Meeting Goldschmidt Banquet xiii

22 Plenaries Monday 13th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Sara Seager Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mapping The Nearest Stars For Habitable Worlds Professor Sara Seager is a planetary scientist and astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has pioneered many research areas in the characterization of exoplanets. Her present research focus is on the search for life by way of exoplanet atmospheric biosignature gases. Professor Seager works on space missions for exoplanets including as: the PI of the CubeSat ASTERIA; the Deputy Science Director of the MIT-led NASA Explorer-class mission TESS; and as a lead of the Starshade Rendezvous Mission (a space-based direct imaging exoplanet discovery concept under technology development) to find a true Earth analog orbiting a Sun-like star. Among other accolades, Professor Seager was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in 2015, and is a 2013 MacArthur Fellow. Tuesday 14th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Caroline Slomp Utrecht University Oxygen Loss In Coastal Waters: Impact on Geochemical Cycles Caroline Slomp is Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry at the Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on improving the quantitative understanding of the cycling of elements that are important to life in marine environments. In her research group, field and laboratory work are typically integrated with modeling. The central theme is the assessment of the response of ancient and modern environments to perturbation. Low oxygen marine systems are currently a key focus. Wednesday 15th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Tuba Özkan-Haller Oregon State University Transforming Academia: Advancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in the Geosciences Tuba Özkan-Haller is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Advancement at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU). She also holds a joint appointment at OSU s School of Civil and Construction Engineering. Her research program focuses on the prediction of waves, circulation, and bathymetric change along coastlines. She is a member of the Ocean Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and has served as member or chair of several National Academy committees. More recently, she has also become involved in furthering diversity, inclusion, and social justice in STEM academia through the OREGON STATE ADVANCE program and has co-facilitated several of the signature immersion summer seminars. xiv

23 Plenaries Thursday 16th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Fumio Inagaki JAMSTEC Exploring Deep Microbial Life In The Planetary Interior: What Are The Limits of Habitability? Dr. Fumio Inagaki is a geomicrobiologist whose research focuses on the deep subseafloor biosphere. He is the deputy director of the Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science and the Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research, both at the Japan Agency for Marine- Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). Friday 17th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Bernard Marty CRPG Unversité de Lorraine Origin and Early Evolution of Terrestrial Volatiles Bernard Marty is a Professor of geochemistry at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie, Université de Lorraine, and researcher at the Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG, UMR 7358 CNRS-UL), Nancy, France. His is interested in the geochemistry and cosmochemistry of volatile elements, notably stable isotopes and noble gases. Topics include stable isotope variations in the solar system, processes of planet formation, the origin(s) of terrestrial water and other volatiles, the geodynamical cycle of these elements, and the evolution of the atmosphere from the Hadean eon to Present. Besides mantle geochemistry, Bernard is involved in space missions such as Stardust (return to Earth of cometary grains), Genesis (analysis of the isotope composition of the solar wind), Rosetta (in situ analysis of cometary volatiles), and others. Bernard gained a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Toulouse, France, and a Doctorat d Etat in geochemistry at Université Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. Bernard was co-chair of the Meteoritical Society meeting in Nancy in 2009, and chair of the Goldschmidt Conference in Prague in 2011, serving as EAG Goldschmidt Officer from 2009 to He was EAG Vice-President in and currently serves as EAG President for xv

24 Awards Monday 13th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB V.M. Goldschmidt Award (GS) Michael A. Arthur F.W. Clarke Award (GS) Noah Planavsky C.C. Patterson Award (GS) Sigurður Reynir Gíslason xvi

25 Awards Tuesday 14th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB Urey Award (EAG) Susan Brantley Nicholas Shackleton Science Innovation Award (EAG) Jess Adkins Houtermans Award (EAG) Morgan Schaller Gast Lectureship (GS & EAG) Caroline Slomp xvii

26 Awards Wednesday 15th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB 2018 Geochemical Fellows (GS & EAG) Jess Adkins Janet Hering Michael Arthur Catherine Jeandel Miryam Bar-Matthews Craig Manning Robert Bodnar William Reeburgh Daniel Frost Niels Revsbech Jérôme Gaillardet Zachary Sharp Sigurður Gíslason Susan Trumbore George Helz Fuyuan Wu xviii

27 Awards Thursday 16th August, 11:45, Ballroom AB The 2018 Shen-Su Sun Award (The Shen-Su Sun Foundation) Qiuli Li The Geochemical Journal Award 2018 (GSJ) Shigeyuki Wakaki International Association of Geoanalysts Young Scientists Award (IAG) Alicia Cruz-Uribe xix

28 Medal Lectures V.M. Goldschmidt Award (GS) Michael A. Arthur The Causes and Consequences of Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events Reconsidered Friday 17th August, 09:00 in 210 F.W. Clarke Award (GS) Noah Planavsky Tracking Proterozoic Oxygenation Tuesday 14th August, 14:15 in 207 C.C. Patterson Award (GS) Sigurdur Gislason Carbon Capture and Storage and Pollution from Volcanic Eruptions Friday 17th August, 15:15 in 306 Endowed Biogeochemistry Lecture (GS) Adina Paytan Isotopes, Genes and Technology The Past, Present and Future of Corals Monday 13th August, 14:15 in 207 F. Earl Ingerson Lecture (GS) Yuichiro Ueno Carbon Monoxide as a Key to Understand Early Mars and Earth Thursday 16th August, 10:30 in 210 Gast Lectureship (GS & EAG) Caroline Slomp Oxygen Loss In Coastal Waters: Impact on Geochemical Cycles Tuesday 14th August, 11:45 in Ballroom AB Robert Berner Lecture (GS & EAG) Simon Poulton Exploring Earth s Redox Landscape Wednesday 15th August, 09:00 in 210 xx

29 Medal Lectures Urey Award (EAG) Susan Brantley Exploring Subsurface Geochemical Landscapes in the Critical Zone Thursday 16th August, 08:30 in 302 Nicholas Shackleton Science Innovation Award (EAG) Jess Adkins The Dissolution Rate of Calcium Carbonate in Seawater Wednesday 15th August, 14:15 in 210 Houtermans Award (EAG) Morgan Schaller The Extraterrestrial Impact at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary Carbon Isotope Excursion Thursday 16th August, 14:15 in 306 The Geochemical Journal Award 2018 (GSJ) Shigeyuki Wakaki Precise and Accurate Analysis of Stable Sr Isotope Ratios by DS-Tims and its Application to Paleoenvironmental Studies Thursday 16th August, 16:30 in 207 The 2018 Shen-Su Sun Award (The Shen-Su Sun Foundation) Qiuli Li Late Event Record in Rutile Inclusions of Early Garnet: Indication for Invalid Shielding Effect Tuesday 14th August, 09:30 in 312 xxi

30 Meetings, Events & Workshops Overview Sunday 12th August 08:30-14: EAG Council Meeting 08:30-14: GS Board Meeting 09:00-16: Elements Editors 12:00-17: Elements Executive Committee 14:30-17: Joint GS/EAG meeting 19:00-20: Student Networking Event (Student registrants only) Monday 13th August 07:00-08: Mentor/Mentee breakfast 12:45-14: Mentor/Mentee Lunch 12:45-14: Publishing and reviewing 12:45-14: Dual Careers in Academia 12:45-13: Meet The Plenary Lunch with Sara Seager 12:45-14: Goldschmidt2019 Organizing Committee Meeting 18:30-20: Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project 19:00-22:00 Game On! Fenway Park Mixer Tuesday 14th August 07:00-08: Mentor/Mentee breakfast 12:45-14: Learn about Funding Opportunities 12:45-14: Flipping a geochemistry classroom using team-based learning 12:45-13: Meet the Plenary Lunch with Caroline Slomp 12:45-16: Geochemical Journal Editorial Board Meeting 12:45-14: Goldshmidt2019 Science Committee and Theme Chairs Meeting 13:00-13: Astromaterials Data System 13:00-14:00 Booth 25 Thermo Fisher Seminar: MC-ICP-MS and TIMS precision for reduced sample sizes 14:15-17: K-12 Delegates: Engaging students in understanding the Earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues 18:45-20: EAG Annual General Assembly & Reception (EAG members only) 19:30-22:00 Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum Mixer xxii

31 Meetings & Events Overview Wednesday 15th August 08:30-11: Isotope Reference Material Working Group (irm WG) 12:45-13: Meet The Plenary Lunch with Tuba Özkan-Haller 12:45-14: Geochemical Perspectives Letters Editorial Board Meeting 13:00-14:00 Ballroom AB Pop-up talks 13:00-14:00 Booth 25 Thermo Fisher Seminar: Carbonates and Clumped Isoptopes 14:15-16: Improving Work Climate: Responding to Sexual Harassment 17:30-19: EAG Communications Committee 18:45-20: GS Business Meeting and Members Reception 19:00-20: Early Career Networking Event Thursday 16th August 08:30-11: Curating Your Public Profile: Advocacy, Risks, and Rewards 12:45-14: Communicating Science 12:45-14: How to be a successful Post-doc 12:45-13: Meet the Plenary Lunch with Fumio Inagaki 12:45-14: Geochemical Perspectives Letters Editorial Board Meeting 13:00-14: Data Management Planning Workshop 13:00-14:00 Booth 25 Thermo Fisher Seminar: Your Curiosity, Our Geosciences Portfolio 14:15-17: K-12 Delegates: Engaging students in understanding the Earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues 18:00-20: Goldschmidt Forum 20:00-23:00 Ballroom C Goldschmidt Banquet Friday 17th August 12:45-13: Meet The Plenary Lunch with Bernard Marty Events in bold are open to all delegates Events in italics are open to all who have obtained tickets Events in plain text are for invited delegates only xxiii

32 Family Friendly Resources Child access The conference welcomes the families of its delegates. Children under 15 will be welcome to enter the congress centre without their own registration. We do ask that accompanying carers register at the appropriate rate, to cover catering costs. Children may attend all sessions with you, but we ask that delegates use their common sense and remove their children from sessions if they become upset or otherwise disrupt the talks. A private space will be made available for nursing mothers in room 105. This will be equipped with an electrical point and comfortable seating. The convention center has baby changing stations in all bathrooms. Child care The conference has appointed Kiddi Corp to provide onsite, subsidised childcare and a full program of activities for the children of delegates. They have a strong reputation for hosting quality childcare at conferences and can provide care for 6 month-12 year olds. Care is available at $9/hour between 08:00 and 18:00. Please go to room 104, spaces may be available. Local facilities The Hynes convention center is directly linked to the Prudential Mall. where it is simple to buy snacks and drinks without a long walk. Walgreens is available on Boylston Street for baby and medical supplies. The nearest green space can be found at Back Bay Fens (a 15 minute walk from the Hynes) which has a small activity area and lots of paths for little legs to explore. Those staying at the Sheraton can enjoy the use of their indoor/outdoor pool. Boston attractions Boston is a fantastic city to explore with children. The Science Museum, the New England Aquarium, Duck tours and Freedom trail could help them take home some happy memories of their trip. xxiv

33 Seminars Improving Work Climate: Responding to Sexual Harassment Wednesday 15th August 14:15-16:00 in 102 Based upon materials developed as part of an NSF-funded ADVANCE project (ADVANCE Partnership: From the Classroom to the Field: Improving the Workplace in the Geosciences), this interactive session will discuss how national scientific societies are addressing the problem of sexual harassment in research and educational environments (classroom, lab, field, conferences), provide training in personal intervention strategies to protect and support targets of harassment, and identify resources for cultural and institutional change to prevent hostile climates. As a result of this session, participants will be able to identify: (1) different ways in which sexual harassment can manifest in research environments; (2) strategies for bystander intervention and for reporting harassment, and (3) resources to share with their home departments for cultural change. Curating Your Public Profile: Advocacy, Risks, and Rewards Thursday 16th August, 08:30-11:30 in 102 A free science communication workshop with keynote by Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and co-founder of the climate science blog RealClimate. As scientists we can contribute to the science literacy of diverse audiences, but learning how to do so effectively can be tricky. How can you separate your own personal political opinions from the information you provide as a scientist? Is it even important to do so? How can you manage competing affiliations, from university appointments to membership in professional societies or advocacy organizations? Following a keynote lecture and Q&A with Gavin Schmidt, breakout sessions will engage participants in activities and dialogue about how curating your own public profile will help you contribute effectively to the scientific literacy of students, politicians, the media, and the general public. 08:30 Workshop Introduction 08:45 Keynote by Gavin Schmidt 09:15 Keynote Q&A 09:30 Breakout Session #1 10:00 Breakout Session #2 10:30 Breakout Session #3 11:00 Closing Summary xxv

34 Student & Early Career Events These events are for students and early career scientists who have booked in advance through the Goldschmidt website. A light lunch is included in the ticket price, this is subsidized and so places are limited to the first 50 applicants. You may attend without a ticket in which case lunch will not be provided. Dual Careers in Academia Monday 13th August, 12:45-14:15 in 302 Dual-career issues are increasingly important in higher education today. Over 70 percent of faculty are in dual-career relationships; more than a third are partnered with another academic. This trend is particularly strong among women scientists and assistant professors. Universities are seeing an increasing number of high quality candidates for faculty positions partnered with another academic. This presents universities with a challenge, but also a great opportunity to diversify their faculty. The challenges and rewards for university administrations and dual career couples will be discussed and experiences shared. Publishing and Reviewing Monday 13th August, 12:45-14:15 in 304 The aim of this workshop is to provide information on how to successfully publish your research and how to review manuscripts. A panel of editors will share their perspective on such matters as: - How to start the process of getting your paper published - How to navigate the ethical pitfalls of writing scientific papers - How the peer review process works - Recovering from reviewers comments revise and reply - How to be a great reviewer The panel will include Dr. Rebecca Neely, (Nature Geoscience), Tessa do Roo (Elsevier) and Gabriel Filippelli (AGU Journals). Attendees are invited to interact with the panel and ask questions to learn more about the publishing and reviewing process. xxvi

35 Student & Early Career Events Flipping a Geochemistry Classroom Using Team-based Learning Tuesday 14th August, 12:45-14:15 in 302 Team-based Learning (TBL) - an instructional strategy for using active learning in small groups will be demonstrated with participants first-hand in this workshop. The workshop leader will then share an overview of this teaching and learning strategy, which is essentially one version of a flipped classroom where the students experience changes from acquiring course content in the classroom to applying course content in the classroom in teams, and the challenges of using TBL in an environmental geochemistry classroom. Learn About Funding Opportunities Tuesday 14th August, 12:45-14:15 in 304 This workshop is open to all Goldschmidt attendees and will be particularly helpful to earlycareer and mid-career participants, especially graduate students, post-docs, researchers, and tenure-track faculty thinking about applying for funding to conduct research in Europe and in the U.S. Short presentations will be followed by a questions and answers period. Panelists will include Nicolas Sifakis from the ERC and Enriqueta Barrera from NSF. Pop-up Talks Wednesday 15th August, 13:00-14:00 in Ballroom AB Do you feel passionate about your research and want to tell us about it? Then sign up for this exciting event at Goldschmidt that is entirely organized by early-career scientists. You are invited to give a brief 5-minute presentation in the style of a TED talk - that is getting across a well-formulated idea in an engaging way. While you can talk about your latest data in a formal way in the other sessions at Goldschmidt, here we encourage you to think big! Tell us about any aspect of your research that you feel passionate about and particularly enjoy in a casual and engaging way. That can be the wider impact of your research, the future of geochemistry, or any other interesting aspect you have learnt and experienced in your career so far and that you want to share with us. You can find some examples here. How you want to present your talk is completely up to you! Whereas classic Powerpoint presentations are also possible, we especially encourage nonstandard presentations (e.g., a single image, video, music, poetry, anything you want!). Here you can get really creative to get your message across! These can be either individual presentations or you can do them in a team. The only aspect we will be very strict about is the 5-minute time limit! So why should you participate? This is a great opportunity to spread the passion about your research in a fun and friendly environment! And, even better, without an abstract fee! xxvii

36 Student & Early Career Events Communicating Science Thursday 16th August, 12:45-14:15 in 302 Most scientists don t have the training or connections they need to communicate about their work beyond their peers. This workshop will introduce scientists to tools they need to make their communication more effective. The training begins with a brief overview of communications principles, and then introduces the Message Box and the idea of tailoring your message to your audience. The training culminates with media interview scenarios. How to be a Successful Post-doc Thursday 16th August, 12:45-14:15 in 304 The post-doctoral stage of any academic career is a chance to increase skills, build networks, develop new research projects, and figure out how to take the next steps in your career. With this full suite, it can be all too easy to fail to prioritize and miss advantageous opportunities. Take advantage of this workshop to learn from a range of experiences and feel confident that you can get the most out of a postdoctoral experience. xxviii

37 Social Events Icebreaker Welcome Reception Sunday 12th August, 17:00-19:00 in Exhibition Hall The Icebreaker Welcome Reception is the perfect time to catch up with colleagues that you haven t seen over the year, and meet new people in your field. All delegates are warmly invited and encouraged to attend. Game On! Fenway Park Mixer Monday 13th August, 19:00-22:00 at Game On! Fenway This Monday night social will knock your Sox off! Join your fellow delegates in the Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) bar. The conference has booked a whole floor of the bar which contains an assortment of activities including: - Ping Pong - Cornhole - Access to the official Fenway Park batting cage Excellent local beer, or your choice of soft drink, and tasty food will be readily available (included in the price of your ticket). EAG Annual General Assembly & Reception Tuesday 14th August, 18:45-20:00 in 300 The European Association of Geochemistry would like to invite EAG members attending the Goldschmidt2018 conference to its Annual General Meeting. There will be a short presentation by Bernard Marty, EAG President, about the latest activities and initiatives of the society. It will also be an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback as well as meet some EAG Councillors. This event is open to EAG members only. xxix

38 Social Events Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum Mixer Tuesday 14th August, 19:30-22:00 Location: Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum, Harvard Museum of Natural History Experience a world-class collection of minerals, rocks, ores, meteorites and gems! The museum serves as a uniquely rich resource of materials and information. Over 3,000 mineral, rock, gem, and meteorite specimens from the MGMH collections are on display; with several special samples on display for this Goldschmidt mixer! The newly renovated Earth and Planetary Science Gallery is located within the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Join your fellow delegates for a fascinating evening ensconced in this excellent museum on the Harvard campus. Drinks and tasty nibbles will be supplied! Geochemical Society Business Meeting & Members Reception Wednesday 15th August, 18:45-20:00 in 300 The Geochemical Society invites its members and those involved with the organisation of the 2018 meeting to come to the Geochemical Society Business Meeting and Members Reception. Goldschmidt Banquet Thursday 16th August, 20:00-23:00 in Ballroom C The tradition of the conference banquet as the premier social event of each Goldschmidt will continue this year with the meal taking place in the Hynes Center. The evening will consist of a welcome reception on the Boylston Overlook which will then be followed by a formal threecourse meal in the Ballroom. After dinner, you will proceed from your seats to the Boylston Overlook where the Becky Chace Band will turn the evening into a party. xxx

39 CALL FOR PAPERS! Open Science for Public Good Atmospheric Science Ocean Science Earth & Environmental Science Sustainable Engineering Ecology Sustainability Transitions

40 K-12 Educator Program K-12 Program and Events The conference is pleased to welcome Educators and Administrators working in kindergarten through 12th grade schools (K-12) to this year s Goldschmidt Conference.. The goal is to improve awareness and utilization of geochemistry content in K-12 classrooms, and to foster connections between K-12 educators and the Goldschmidt community. A special workshop for K-12 educators, lead by Prof. Lisa Gilbert of Williams College and Prof. Peter Berquist from Thomas Nelson CC, will introduce InTeGrate teaching materials and will provide an opportunity to learn new teaching modules for the K-12 classroom. Breakfast Tuesday 14th and Thursday 17th August, 7:45-8:30 in 102 A chance for K-12 delegates to connect with one of our academics, gain some understanding of the meeting and look forward to the rest of the day. Afternoon Workshops Tuesday 14th August, 14:15-17:15 K-8 Focus in 102 Thursday 16th August, 14:15-17: grade Focus in 102 Engaging students in understanding the Earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues. Bringing sustainability into K-12 classrooms offers a range of benefits to student learning, such as establishing relevance for students and empowering them to begin thinking about society and the Earth on a broader scale. This professional development workshop is designed to help earth science, environmental science, and chemistry teachers infuse more societally relevant geoscience into their classrooms with InTeGrate teaching materials. During the workshop, teachers will gain hands-on experience working with these NGSSaligned, freely available InTeGrate materials and adapting them for elementary, middle school, and high school use. xxxii

41 Image : Zircon megacryst from a southern African kimberlite. CredIt : Jon Woodhead Letters A community journal produced by the European Association of Geochemistry Open access Short (3000 words all inclusive) Highest quality articles reporting important advances in geochemistry EXECUTIVE EDITORS Ariel Anbar Liane Benning Karim Benzerara Cin-Ty Lee Wendy Mao Horst Marschall Satish Myneni Eric Oelkers Graham Pearson Simon Redfern Helen Williams SUBMIT NOW xxxiii

42 Hosts & Sponsors Hosts The Geochemical Society European Association of Geochemistry Principal Co-Sponsor Platinum Sponsor The Geochemical Society of Japan Thermo Fisher Scientific xxxiv

43 Hosts & Sponsors Opal Sponsor Curtin University Helper T-Shirt Sponsor The Geochemist s Workbench Grant Sponsors Elsevier NASA The Geochemical NSF Society xxxv

44 Hosts & Sponsors Student Program The various aspects of the student program were made possible by generous contributions from the following sponsors: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Elementa Geological Society of America ACS Earth and Space Chemistry American Geophysical Union Geologoical Society of Japan xxxvi

45 The Geochemical Society is an active and collaborative international community of geochemists who explore, learn, and teach geochemical applications and theories. About the GS Lead organizer of Goldschmidt Conferences in even-numbered years More the 4,000 members from around the world Participating society in Elements magazine Publishes weekly Geochemical News Co-sponsor of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Recognition of scientific excellence through awards and special lectures Specialized programs through the Organic Geochemistry Division Free membership for students from under-represented countries With EAG, sponsors Outreach Program to Africa Driven by hundreds of volunteers each year! Visit us in the GS/EAG Lounge in the exhibit hall Join us at the GS Members Meeting and Reception on Wednesday at 6:45pm in Room 300 of the Hynes Center Photo A d o b e S t o c k

46 Co-owner of Goldschmidt Conferences EAG AT A GLANCE Organisation of Goldschmidt Conferences in Europe Publication of open access journals Geochemical Perspectives and Geochemical Perspectives Letters Participating society in Elements Recognition of scientific excellence through Awards Early Career Scientist Support Workshops and Conferences Sponsorship in Europe Distinguished Lecture and Outreach Programs Job postings Newsletters, blog, press releases, social media Partnership with learned societies to strengthen geochemistry internationally 3500 members worldwide VISIT US at the EAG/GS Loungee

47 The Geochemical Society of Japan PROUD CO-SPONSOR OF THE GOLDSCHMIDT CONFERENCE 2018, Boston President: Harue Masuda Vice-President: Hisayoshi Yurimoto Vice-President: Naomi Harada The Geochemical Society of Japan (GSJ) was established in 1953 for the advancement of research in geochemistry and related sciences. The GSJ is one of the oldest societies devoted to geochemistry in the world. Currently, the GSJ has a membership of about 1000 with diverse disciplines related to geochemistry and cosmochemistry from more than 10 countries. The primary missions of the GSJ are: to release the latest research results through a rapid and efficient circulation, to provide useful information for the society members, and to promote geochemical interests to the general public. To pursue these missions, the GSJ has been cosponsoring the Goldschmidt Conferences since 2003 when we hosted 13th Conference in Kurashiki. The GSJ welcomes your participation. The privileges of the GSJ membership include free subscription to the Geochemical Journal, discount on the Goldschmidt Conference fee and GSJ publications, and eligibility to apply for the Torii-Inoue Endowment. The GSJ would greatly appreciate your input and discussion as well as generous support through an involvement in GSJ. The GSJ cordially welcomes geochemists of all ages and specialties from all over the world. For more information on the Geochemical Society of Japan and membership benefits, please visit our exhibit at: Booth 23, Level 2 Exhibition Hall, Hynes Convention Center and our website at: Geochemical Journal Executive Editor: Hiroyuki Kagi Vice-Executive Editors: T. Fagan, N. Ohkouchi, M. Satish-Kumar, K. Suzuki, Y. Orihashi, and U. Tsunogai The GSJ publishes a bimonthly international journal, the Geochemical Journal (GJ). The most outstanding paper published over the previous year receives the Geochemical Journal Award. The GJ publishes papers in five categories: Invited Reviews, Articles, Notes, Express Letters, and Critical Comments. Express Letter presents high quality short papers, which are published with minimal delay, less than four months in order to disseminate timely results to the geochemists and related scientists in the world. For more information on the GJ, please visit our website at xxxix

48 Themes and Sessions 01b 01c 01f 01h 01i 02a 02b 02c 02d Theme 01: From Stars to Planets Audrey Bouvier & Larry Nittler Presolar Grains, Nucleosynthesis and Isotope Anomalies as Cosmic Fingerprints (Pierre Haenecour & Liping Qin) Orals: Fri AM Posters: Thu PM Geochemists Infiltrate the Solar System: The Geological Evolution of Small Bodies, Moons, and Planets (Tanya Peretyazhko, Elisabeth Hausrath, Christopher Glein, Steve Vance, James Darling & Carolyn Crow) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Tue PM Novel Methods for the Analysis and Modeling of Planetary Formation and Evolution (Mary-Alix Kaczmarek & Nicholas Timms) Orals: Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad (Claire Nichols, James Bryson, Jonathan Tucker, Sami Mikhail, Miki Nakajima, Colin Jackson, Alison Hunt, Mario Fischer-Gödde, Stephen Mojzsis, Ramon Brasser, Mihkel Kama & Amy Bonsor) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM, Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Tue PM Early Solar System Formation and Chronology as Recorded in Meteoritic Components (Francois Tissot, Myriam Telus & Haolan Tang) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Tue PM Theme 02: Mantle and Core Helen Williams, Bernie Wood & Ambre Luguet Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements and their Isotopes in Silicate Reservoirs (Richard Gaschnig, Allison Greaney, Hanika Rizo & James Brenan) Orals: Thu PM Posters: Thu PM The Evolution of Earth s Mantle: Heterogeneity Understood Using Modern Analytical Techniques (Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Heye Freymuth, Davide Novella, Nicola Tosi & Dmitri Ionov) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM Mineralogy, Petrology and Processes in the Mantle Transition Zone and the Lower Mantle Budgets and Isotopic Compositions of Volatiles in the Interior of the Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets (Greg Yaxley, Antony Burnham, Qingyang Hu, Jin Liu, Sonja Aulbach, Sebastian Tappe, Alberto Saal & Jim van Orman) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Geochemical and Geodynamical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Planetary Bodies (Megan Duncan, Matthew Weller, Kelsey Prissel, Corliss Kin I Sio, George Helffrich & Radjeep Dasgupta) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM xl

49 Themes and Sessions 02e 02g 03a 03b 03d Magmas and their Cargoes as Tracers of Mantle Evolution: Implications for Chemical Geodynamics (Ashlea Wainwright, Matthew Jackson & Andrea Giuliani) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Mon PM Carbon at Extremes: Diamonds, their Inclusions and Host Rocks (Alexandra Navrotsky, Reinhard Bohler, Andrew Thomson, Emilie Thomassot, Sami Mikhail & Oded Navon) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Theme 03: Earth s Lithosphere Formation, Evolution, Recycling, and Subduction Michael Brown, Timm John, Fuyuan Wu & Christy Till The Fifth Element: Boron Isotope Geochemistry (Horst Marschall & Gavin Foster) Orals: Mon AM Posters: Mon PM Igneous Processes throughout the Arc Crustal Column and Oceanic Mantle (Barbara Ratschbacher, Brenhin Keller, Kyle Samperton, Katie Ardill, Yildirim Dilek, Véronique Le Roux, Ali Polat & Christy Till) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM Multidisciplinary Insights into Subduction Zone Processes (Joshua Garber, Paul Starr, Edward Inglis, Kevin Burton & Besim Dragovic) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Wed PM 03e The Continents: Origin, Evolution and Interactions with Other Reservoirs Celebrating Dr. Roberta Rudnick s Contribution to Geochemistry and Beyond (Fang-Zhen Teng, Cin-Ty Lee, Sonja Aulbach & Xiaoming Liu) Orals: Thu PM, Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM 03f 03g 03i 03j Metamorphic Records of Lithospheric Processes: Everyday, Exceptional, and Extreme (Victor Guevara, Daniel Viete, Matthew Kohn & Jay Ague) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Mon PM Mineral Recorders of Earth and Planetary Processes (Craig Storey, Miquela Ingalls, Catherine Mottram, Jessica Barnes, Max Lloyd, Emilie Bruand & Pierre Lanari) Orals: Mon AM Posters: Mon PM Early Earth Processes (Tim Johnson, Tracy Rushmer & Nicholas Arndt) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid-Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day (Esther Schwarzenbach, Lisa Mayhew, Chiara Boschi, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Alain Prinzhofer, Chris Ballentine, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Ziming Yang, Charlene Estrada, Francois Guyot, Frieder Klein & William Orsi) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Tue PM xli

50 Themes and Sessions 03l 04d 04g 04h 04i 04j 05a 05b 05d Building an Integrated Theory of Earth Evolution from Observations of Earth s Thermochemical, Tectonic, Crustal and Biogeochemical Evolution (Nicolas Greber, Joshua Davies, Jesse Reimink, A. D. Anbar, Christy Till, Ann Bauer & Devon Cole) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Tue PM Theme 04: Magmas and Volcanoes Terry Plank & Elizabeth Cottrell Basalt, Granite and Lunar Rocks: A Celebration of J.M. Rhodes 80th Birthday (Michael Garcia & Fred Frey) Orals: Mon AM Posters: Mon PM Magma Dynamics and Timescales in Volcanic Environments (Silvio Mollo, Matteo Masotta, Keith Putirka, Olivier Bachmann, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Christoph Beier, Michael Bizimis, Rebecca Lange & Stephen Turner) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM Large Igneous Provinces, Environmental Change and Mass Extinctions: The Deadly Kiss of LIPs (Feifei Zhang, Aisha Al-Suwaidi, Richard Ernst & Ying Cui) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Magma Genesis beneath Oceans and Continents: Source Signatures and Melting Processes (Oliver Shorttle, Lucy McGee, Kenneth Sims & Richard Katz) Orals: Thu PM, Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) (Christian Josef Renggli, Terry Seward, Penny King, Antonio Lanzirotti, Darby Dyar, Richard Hervig, Gordon Moore, Kayla Iacovino, Yves Moussallam, Glenn Gaetani & Estelle Rose-Koga) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM, Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Mon PM Theme 05: Mineral and Energy Resources Weidong Sun, Clint Scott & Sasha Wilson Lesson Learned? Transferring Knowledge from Biomining of Major Metals to Secondary Sources of Critical Raw Materials (Markus Lenz & Tom Hennebel) Posters: Wed PM New Geochemical Approaches for Understanding Fossil Fuel Systems from Deposition to Recovery (Michelle Abshire, Benjamin Brunner & Randy Blood) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Tue PM Metals, Minerals, Melts and Fluids Associated with Giant Mineral Deposits: Insights from Experimental and Modelling and Applications to Igneous Fertility, Recycling of Metals and Mineralization (Yuan Mei, Anthony Williams-Jones, Keiko Hattori, Ian Campbell, Claudia Cannatelli & Daniel Moncada) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Mon PM xlii

51 Themes and Sessions 05e 05f 05g 05h 05i 05k 05m 06a 06b 06c Recent Advances in the Application of Dating, Isotopic and Trace-Element Techniques to Commercially Relevant Geomaterials (William Ridley, Richard Wanty, David van Acken, Svetoslav Georgiev, Paul J. Sylvester, Sean McClenaghan & Albrecht von Quadt) Orals: Thu PM, Fri AM Posters: Wed PM Critical Metal Deposits: Current Sources and Future Potential (Simon Jowitt, Shao- Yong Jiang, Aleksandr Stepanov & Wei Chen) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Tue PM Constraining the Formation of Modern and Ancient Marine Mineral Deposits (Amy Gartman, Kira Mizell, Daniel David Gregory & Ross Large) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Pore-To-Core Scale Geochemistry of Energy Systems: Organic-Inorganic Interactions, from Source Rocks to Reservoirs (Guanghui Yuan, Yingchang Cao, Keyu Liu, Christina Lopano & Alexandra Hakala) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM New Frontiers in Unconventional Reservoir Dynamics: Rocks, Geochemistry, Enhanced Recovery, and the Environment (Avner Vengosh, Donna Drogos, Thomas Darrah & John Kaszuba) Orals: Wed AM Posters: Wed PM Non-Traditional Analytical Approaches for the Geochemical Characterization of Energy and Mineral Resources (Aaron Jubb, Ryan McAleer & Palma Jarboe) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Wed PM Geochemical Vectors to Ore: How to Link Fundamental Understanding of Ore- Forming Processes to Mineral Exploration (Alexander Gysi, Zoltán Zajacz & Nicole Hurtig) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Theme 06: Nano to Microscale Processes Sumit Chakraborty, Steven Reddy & Ruth Blake Environmental Nanogeochemistry: Advances in Connecting Laboratory Experiments to Natural Systems (Bojeong Kim, F. Marc Michel & Manuel A. Caraballo) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Mon PM Minerals Down to the Nanoscale: A Glimpse at Ore-Forming Processes (Cristiana Ciobanu, Satoshi Utsunomiya, Martin Reich & Oliver Plümper) Orals: Thu PM Posters: Thu PM Nanoscale Interfacial Geochemistry in Extreme Environments (Helen King, Sandra Piazolo, Carolyn Pearce, Kevin Rosso, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, Henry Teng, Adam Wallace & Juliane Weber) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM xliii

52 Themes and Sessions 06e 06g 06h 06j 06m 06o 07a 07b 07c Nanogeochemistry: Nano to Microscale Insights into Mineral and Biomineral Processes (Alberto Perez-Huerta, Lee White, Rinat Gabitov, Aleksey Sadekov & Des Moser) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Energy Landscapes in Biomineralization, Geochemistry, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Alex Navrotsky s 75th Birthday (Pupa Gilbert & Jeffrey Rimer) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Mon PM Diffusion, Growth, and Reaction in High Temperature Environments: Small Scale Processes with Large Scale Implications (Mona Sirbescu, Don Baker, Sarah B. Cichy, Chloe Bonamici, Elias Bloch, Christy Till, Katharina Marquardt & Michael Jollands) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Wed PM Bright Future Recent Methodological and Instrumentation Advancements for Micro- to Nano-Analysis in Earth and Planetary Science (Shichun Huang, Stephen Shuttleworth, Christopher Parendo, Jeremy Hourigan, Nancy Ross, Jussi-Petteri Suuronen, Lawrence Anovitz & Mark Pearce) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface: Dissolution, Precipitation and Controls on Geochemical Element Cycling (Jörn Hövelmann, Sasha Wilson, Encarnación Ruiz- Agudo & Christine Putnis) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM Mineralogical and (Geo-)chemical Processes Relevant to a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Mining and Advanced Fuel Materials to Waste Disposal, Hyperalkaline Zeolite Chemistry and Alkali Activated Cement (Eric Breynaert, Özlem Cizer, Florie Caporuscio, David Sassani, Sarah Finkeldei, Andy Nelson, Gordon Thorogood & Hisayuki Suematsu) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Wed PM Theme 07: Chemistry of the Oceans and Atmosphere Sasha Turchyn, Seth John, Ros Rickaby & Robina Shaheen Atmospheric Chemistry of Past and Present Earth and Mars (Mark Thiemens, Robina Shaheen, Zongbo Shi & Athanasios Nenes) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM De-Oxygenation and Organic Carbon Burial in Earth s History (Alex Dickson, Caroline Slomp, Tim Lenton, Theodore Them, Nicholas Harris, (Bradley Sageman), Konstantin Choumiline & Susann Henkel) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Wed PM Seafloor Diagenesis, Hydrothermal Processes, and Biogeochemistry: Implications for the Earth System Through Time (Benjamin Tutolo, Nicholas Pester, Drew Syverson, Ashleigh Hood, Xiangli Wang, Frederick Bowyer, Shuo Zhang, Laura Nielsen Lammers, Kimberly Lau & Anne-Sofie Ahm) xliv

53 Themes and Sessions Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM 07f 07i 07j 07l 08a 08b 08c 08d 08e Physical, Biogeochemical and Anthropogenic Controls on ph of Estuarine, Coastal and Open Ocean Waters and Sediments (Wei-Jun Cai, Pierre Regnier, Jack Middelburg & Alfonso Mucci) Orals: Fri PM Posters: Wed PM New Insights in Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry (Christian Schlosser, Florian Scholz, Rene Boiteau, Tim Conway, Daniel Ohnemus, Jennifer McKay, Jessica Fitzsimmons & William Homoky) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM, Fri AM Posters: Wed PM From Formation to Preservation: Reconstructing Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Using Laboratory, Mineralogical, Molecular, Elemental, and Isotopic Proxies (Suemeyya Eroglu, Christopher Siebert, Jeremy Owens, Colleen Hansel, Tais W. Dahl & Philip Pogge von Strandmann) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Carbon Storage in the Ocean now and over Time (Laura Robinson, Gideon Henderson, Christopher Hayes, Barbel Honisch & Joe Stewart) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Theme 08: Climate of the Past, Present, and Future Yige Zhang, Anna Nele Meckler & Chris Poulsen Understanding Past and Present Climate with Water Isotopes (Clay Tabor & Jiang Zhu) Orals: Fri AM Posters: Thu PM Asian Paleomonsoon and Low-Latitude Paleoclimate (Kaustubh Thirumalai, Steve Clemens & Pallavi Anand) Orals: Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Applications of High Resolution Geochemical Proxies: Seasonality and Past Climate Variability (Yogaraj Banerjee, Sierra Petersen, Hussein Sayani, Alyssa Atwood, Prosenjit Ghosh & Chris Maupin) Orals: Wed PM Posters: Wed PM Dynamics and Mechanisms of Warm Climates and Climate Transitions (Jeremy Shakun, David McGee, Allyson Tessin, Julia Gottschalk, Maayan Yehudai, Laura Haynes, Christian März, Samuel Jaccard & Jesse Farmer) Orals: Tue PM Posters: Tue PM What do Your Proxy Records Mean? Quantifying Fidelity and Uncertainty in Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions (Greg Balco, Pierre-Henri Blard, Yvette Eley, Michael Hren, William Defliese & Alberto Perez-Huerta) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM xlv

54 Themes and Sessions 08i 08l Tracing Dusts and Aerosols from Source-To-Sink with Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Isotopes (Mordechai Stein & Steven L. Goldstein) Orals: Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Climate on Land: What can We Learn from Terrestrial Archives (Yael Kiro, Boaz Lazar & Yonaton Goldsmith) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM Theme 09: Co-Evolving Life and Environments Through Deep Time Eva Stueeken, Sean Crowe & Benjamin Gill 09a Research Frontiers in Radioisotope Geochronology and Thermochronology (Jahandar Ramezani & David McGee) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM 09d 09f 09g 09i 09j 09m Leveraging Earth Science Approaches in the Search for Life in the Universe (Edward Schwieterman & Stephanie Olson) Orals: Mon AM Posters: Mon PM Nontraditional Isotopes and Nontraditional Approaches to Traditional Isotopes (Jeremy Owens, Noah Planavsky, Christopher T. Reinhard & Fei Wu) Orals: Thu PM Posters: Thu PM Entering Earth s Middle Age: Earth System Evolution during the Late Archean and Proterozoic (Gareth Izon, Genming Luo, Christopher T. Reinhard & Aubrey Zerkle) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM Posters: Mon PM Prebiotic Chemistry and the Archean Record of Early Life (Laurie Barge, Scott Perl, Michael Kipp & Charles Diamond) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Reconstructing the Co-evolution of Early Life and its Environment: From Molecules to Models, and Analogues to Isotopes (Nagissa Mahmoudi, Michelle Gehringer, Elizabeth Swanner & Trinity Hamilton) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Mon PM Biotic and Geochemical Co-evolution from the Neoproterozoic Through the Paleozoic (Feifei Zhang, Shuhai Xiao, Jun Shen & Xiangli Wang) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Tue PM xlvi

55 Themes and Sessions 10a 10b 10d 10e 10f 10h 10l 10m Theme 10: Geobiology, Organic Tracers, and Biogeochemistry Jennifer Glass, David Fike & Magdalena Osburn Geomicrobiology and Geobiological Signals in the Deep Biosphere, Earth and Beyond (Jiasong Fang, Lars Wörmer, Kasper Kjeldsen, Beth Orcutt, Yohey Suzuki, Sasha Turchyn, Will Berelson, Kennda Lynch & Yoshinori Takano) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Biogeochemical Cycling in Aquatic Sediments: Mechanisms, Environmental Controls and Responses to Change (Sian Henley, Johan Faust, Silke Severmann, Robert Aller, Aninda Mazumdar & Wriddhiman Ghosh) Orals: Tue AM Posters: Tue PM What the Flux?: Advances in Understanding the Role of Microbes and Animals in Governing Biogeochemical Flux at Local and Global Scales (Jacob Waldbauer, Andrew Steen, Eric Roden, Eric Boyd, Nick Butterfield, Gilad Antler, Aubrey Zerkle, Peter Girgius & Robinson Fulweiler) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Wed PM Novel Insights into Earth and Environmental Processes Through Radiocarbon Research and Organic Matter Biogeochemistry (Jaime Toney, Clayton Magill, Juliana D Andrilli & David Podgorski) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Honoring John Hayes: Molecular and Isotopic Biogeochemistry Across Time and Space (Roger Summons, Ann Pearson, Felix J. Elling, Kevin Becker, Katherine Freeman & Alex Sessions) Orals: Thu PM, Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Traditional and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Geobiology and Biogeochemistry (William Leavitt, Sebastian Kopf, Daniel Stolper, Alexis Gilbert, Juraj Farkas & Elizabeth Griffith) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Mon PM Session Honoring Prof. George R. Helz for His Contributions to Understanding the Geochemistry of Redox-Sensitive Trace Elements (Trent Vorlicek, Jennifer Morford, Daniel Gregory, Alex Dickson, Omid H. Ardakani & Anthony Chappaz) Orals: Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Wed PM Microbial Interactions with Minerals and Metals (Maria Dittrich, Maria Romero- Gonzalez, Drew Gorman-Lewis, Addien Wray & Tingting Yang) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM xlvii

56 Themes and Sessions 11a 11b 11c 11d 11f 11g 12a 12b 12c Theme 11: Weathering, Erosion, and Geochemical Cycles Joshua West, Lin Ma & Xiao-Ming Liu From Source to Sink: Weathering and Biogeochemical Cycles in Volcanic Regions on Earth and Mars (Pierre Delmelle, Jens Hartmann, Anna Szynkiewicz & Briony Horgan) Orals: Tue PM Posters: Mon PM Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Environment: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Isotopes (Anna Harrison, Ian Power & Vasileios Mavromatis) Orals: Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Tracing Weathering Processes in a Dynamic Climate: Applications of Isotope Proxies (Sarah Aarons, Carli Arendt, Emily Stevenson, Ramananda Chakrabarti & Sambuddha Misra) Orals: Wed PM, Thu AM Posters: Wed PM The Long Term Carbon Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Perturbations (Clement Bataille, Ryan McKenzie, Aisha Al-Suwaidi & Micha Ruhl) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM Hydrological and Biogeochemical Response to Global Change from the Local to Global Scale (Johan Faust, Jochen Knies, Gordon Inglis, Jordon Hemingway, Eric Rosa & Florent Barbecot) Orals: Tue PM, Wed AM Posters: Tue PM Critical Zone Dynamics Through Space and Time: Linkages with Weathering Rates and Global Biogeochemical Cycles (Elizabeth Hasenmueller, Gary Stinchcomb, Julie Weitzman, Nicholas Ward, Vanessa Bailey, Paul Baudron, Gwenaelle Chaillou, Jennifer Macalady & Jonathan Martin) Orals: Fri AM Posters: Thu PM Theme 12: Soils and the Critical Zone Heather Buss, Gan-Lin Zhang & Kate Maher Using Geochemistry and Big Data to Understand the Biological-Geological Coevolution of the Critical Zone -- Including Human Impacts (Elisabeth Bui, Martin Goldhaber & Tao Wen) Orals: Thu AM Posters: Tue PM Controls on the Recalcitrance of Organic Matter Across Diverse Environmental Conditions and Perturbations (Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Eric Sundquist, Malak Tfaily, Nancy Hess & Pat Megonigal) Orals: Fri AM Posters: Thu PM Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals, Radionuclides, and Associated Colloids within Earth s Critical Zone (Benjamin Kocar, Vincent Noel, John Bargar, Gabrielle Dublet, Naresh Kumar & Rose Cory) xlviii

57 Themes and Sessions Orals: Tue AM Posters: Mon PM 12d 12e 12f Interactions between Soil and Biota as Controls on Ecosystem Function from Canopy to Rhizosphere (James Moran, Lisa Tiemann & Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad) Orals: Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Redox Transitions and Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Nutrients, and Contaminants (Marco Keiluweit, Samantha Ying, Christian Mikutta, Elizabeth Herndon, Carla Rosenfeld, Dawn Cardace & Amanda Olsen) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM Identifying and Modeling Mechanistic Drivers of Elemental Cycles Across the Critical Zone (Mengqiang Zhu, Avner Gross, Kristin Boye, Marco Keiluweit, Dragos Zaharescu & Rebecca Lybrand) Orals: Thu PM Posters: Tue PM Theme 13: Contaminants in the Environment Karen Johannesson, Thomas Borch, Bridget Bergquist & Caroline Peacock 13b Formation of Carbonate, Sulfate, and Phosphate Minerals (Yandi Hu & Daniel Giammar) Orals: Tue PM Posters: Wed PM 13c 13d 13e 13f 13g 13h Reactive Transport Concepts: Challenges and Insights from Experimental and Modeling Approaches (Cornelius Fischer, Helge Hellevang & Roland Hellmann) Orals: Wed PM Posters: Wed PM Using Citizen-Science and Community-Based Research Approaches in Environmental Science and GeoHealth (Gabriel Filippelli & Mark Patrick Taylor) Posters: Mon PM Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles: Analysis, Processes and Relevance in the Environment (Armand Masion & Thilo Hofmann) Orals: Wed AM Posters: Wed PM Urban Geochemistry: Legacy Problems, Current Sources and Risk Assessment (Stefano Albanese & Claudia Cannatelli) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM The Environmental Behavior of Contaminants in Mining-Impacted Environments (Sergey Abramov & Sabrina Hedrich) Orals: Thu PM, Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Quaternary and Anthropocene: Importance of Geochemistry in Sediment Research (Jonathan M.P. & Priyadarsi Debajyoti Roy) Posters: Mon PM xlix

58 Themes and Sessions 13i 13j 13k 13l 13m 14a Developments in Methods and Applications of Environmental Tracers in Sediments, Water, and Air (Martin Stute & Rolf Kipfer) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM Posters: Wed PM Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems (Peter H. Santschi, Daniel Kaplan, James Begg, Gareth Law, Liange Zheng & Urs Mäder) Orals: Tue AM, Tue PM, Wed AM, Wed PM Posters: Tue PM Biogeochemistry of Oxyanion-Forming Elements: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Case van Genuchten, Thilo Behrends, Vincent Cloutier, Joseph Ayotte, David Vinson, Matthew Polizzotto, Céline Pallud & Owen W. Duckworth) Orals: Mon PM, Tue AM Posters: Tue PM Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions that Control the Environmental Fate of Contaminants (Jeremy Fein, Ken Kemner, Frank Bok & Athanasios Karamalidis) Orals: Mon AM, Mon PM Posters: Mon PM Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants (Sarah Jane White, Sebastien Rauch, Saugata Datta, Elsie Sunderland, Jeroen Sonke & Rudolph Hon) Orals: Thu AM, Thu PM, Fri AM, Fri PM Posters: Thu PM Theme 14: Communicating Science: Outreach and Education Sandy Kirtland Turner & Sarah Simpson Education and Outreach for Geochemists (Rohan Kundargi, Ethan Baxter, Sandy Kirtland Turner, Leanne Hancock, Jamie Kendall, Lev Horodyskyj, Simon Kelley, Sarah Simpson, Jennifer Glass, A. D. Anbar, Adina Paytan, David W Mogk, Michael Hochella & James Ranville) Orals: Tue AM Posters: Tue PM l

59 Themes and Sessions Theme 15: Recent Advances in Novel Analytical Approaches Presentations containing details of technical advances and developments in various methodologies are spread through the standard themes in the conference program. So that those delegates in interested in specific techniques and developments can find the talks across the program we have created a virtual theme to group the presentations under selected headings. Abstracts were added to the theme by the session conveners of the standard program. The virtual theme is accessible through the website and official conference app. 15a 15b 15c 15d 15e 15f Frontiers in High Precision Isotope Analysis High Spatial Resolution Analysis Tools Experimental Determination and Calibration of Physicochemical Constants (E.g. Isotope Fractionation Factors) Organic Geochemical Techniques Computational Geochemistry and Geochemical Modelling Geochemical Databases li


61 Goldschmidt 2018 Mon Summary and Highlights Monday 13th August 2018 Timetable 08:30-11:30 Monday AM Orals 11:45-12:45 Monday Plenary (Sara Seager) 14:15-17:15 Monday PM Orals 17:15-19:15 Monday Posters Highlights 14:15 (207) Adina Paytan (Endowed Biogeochemistry Lecture ) Other Events 07:00 (102) Monday Mentor Breakfast 12:45 (304) Publishing and reviewing 12:45 (302) Dual Careers in Academia 12:45 (300) Meet The Plenary Lunch with Sara Seager 12:45 (102) Mentor Lunch 13:00 (107) Goldschmidt2019 Organising Committee Meeting 18:30 (107) Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project Meeting 19:00 Game On! Fenway Park Mixer 1

62 Oral Presentations Overview Mon AM l 06g 05d 05h 10m 09d 10h 07c 08:30 Gallagher Kriven Simon Schulz Swanner Domagal -Goldman Gao Johnson 08:45 Schaller McCormack Su Macalady Jemison Seewald 09:00 Beverly Ross Barra Mizuhara Berg Stockton Moos Klein 09:15 Holtvoeth Woodfield Zajacz Chen Gelabert Lanza Frank Tosca 09:30 Kaushal Chung Boddepalli Chen Yu Ranjan Shalev Holmden 09:45 Inglis Zhang Wang Tian Coutaud DasSarma Voigt 10:00 Gray Guo Li Xia DiLoreto Krissansen -Totton Nana Yobo Santiago Ramos 10:15 Van de Wetering Brinkman Garayp Yang Hobart Arney Wu Kleine 10:30 Mayser Finney Sarantuya Kang Leprich Harman Wang Girguis 10:45 Benavente Kabengi Fan Jiang Marnocha Haqq -Misra Stamm DePaolo 11:00 Elson Ilani -kashkouli Taghadosi He Zhuang Kane Tacail Rahman 11:15 Xu Costa Harlaux Girard Oelkers Wordsworth Kowalik Liljestrand 11:30 2

63 f 13l 12e 04d 03a 04j 03g 02b 08:30 Mohammadzadeh Barnes Putirka Lemke Villa McCoy -West Zavarin Gaillardet 08:45 Seddique Schroth Weis Palm Pourteau Tuller -Ross 09:00 Bompoti Herndon Garcia Branson Watts Kellett Huang 09:15 Tepanosyan Foerstendorf Pietruszka Uchikawa Renggli Holder Cory Stracke 09:30 Kumari Le Crom Wallace Breecker Michael Airaghi 09:45 Yan Kalinichev Bhattacharyya Rhodes Kubota Shimizu Bracciali Saunders 10:00 Mason Limmer Bryce Dini Kaufmann Tait Qi Filippelli 10:15 Aristilde Muehe Martin De Hoog Matjuschkin Darling Kurzawa 10:30 Froger Kéri Solano -Arguedas Dick Li Gatti McFarlane Nielsen 10:45 Prusty Ryan Druschel Shirey Trumbull Heřmanská Harlov Kempton 11:00 Joyce Pierce Conrad Morse Elisha Holloway Konecke Puchtel 11:15 Niepsch Mishra Gu Brady Liu Nekvasil Humphreys Peters 11:30 van der Hilst Oral Presentations Overview Mon AM 3

64 02b AM 313 Mon 02b: The Evolution of Earth s Mantle: Heterogeneity Understood Using Modern Analytical Techniques Session chaired by Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Heye Freymuth, Davide Novella, Nicola Tosi & Dmitri Ionov 08:30 The Neodymium Stable Isotope Composition of Oceanic Basalts McCoy-West A, Millet M-A, Nowell G & Burton K 08:45 Potassium Isotopic Systematics of Oceanic Basalts Tuller-Ross B, Lee H, Chen H, Marty B, Kelley KA & Wang K 09:00 Zinc Isotope Constraint on the Petrogenesis of Fe-Rich Peridotites and Pyroxenites of the Bohemian Massif Huang J, Ackerman L & Huang F 09:15 Keynote: New Constraints on Mantle Evolution from Combined La-Ce, Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics Stracke A & Willig M 09:45 Stable Nickel Isotope Fractionation in Planetary Materials Saunders N, Barling J, Halliday A, Harvey J & Fitton G 10:00 The Vanadium Isotopic Composition of the BSE: Constraints from Peridotites and Komatiites Qi Y, Wu F, Ionov D, Puchtel I, Nicklas R, Yu H, Kang J, Li C & Huang F 10:15 The Se Isotope Signature of Mariana Arc Lavas Kurzawa T, König S, Jeffrey A, Yierpan A & Schoenberg R 10:30 Barium Isotope Evidence for Global Sediment Recycling in the Upper Mantle Nielsen S, Horner T, Pryer H, Blusztajn J, Shu Y, Kurz M & Le Roux V 10:45 Cu Isotope Heterogeneity in Lithospheric Mantle Metasomes Kempton PD, Mathur R & Zweifelhofer G 11:00 Siderophile Element Heterogeneity of the Mantle: Evidence from Komatiites Puchtel I, Touboul M, Mundl A, Blichert-Toft J, Hanski E & Walker R 11:15 The Hadean Geochemical Heritage of the Réunion Hotspot Source Peters B, Mundl A, Carlson R, Day J & Walker R 11:30 Keynote: Compositional Heterogeneity Near the Base of the Mantle Transition Zone beneath Hawaii van der Hilst R, Yu C, Day E, de Hoop M, Campillo M, Goes S & Blythe R (Session 02b continues on Monday 13th PM on page 23) 4

65 03a 310 AM 03a: The Fifth Element: Boron Isotope Geochemistry Session chaired by Horst Marschall & Gavin Foster 08:30 Keynote: The Use of Boron Isotopes to Explore Critical Zone Processes Gaillardet J & Lemarchand D Mon 09:00 Invited: Towards a General Model for B Incorporation in CaCO 3 Branson O & Farmer J 09:15 Oxyanion Control on Boron Incorporation into Inorganic Calcite Uchikawa J, Harper D, Zachos J & Zeebe R 09:30 Boron in Soil Carbonates: A Soil CO 2 Proxy Breecker D, Fricke H, McNeece C, Miller N, Schaller M & Clyde W 09:45 Different CO 2 History Recorded in Boron Isotope Ratio of Two Surface Dwelling Planktonic Foraminifers Kubota K, Yokoyama Y, Ishikawa T, Sagawa T, Ikehara M & Yamazaki T 10:00 At the Root of the Geothermal Field of Larderello: Boron Isotope Constraints Dini A, Pennisi M, Agostini S, Di Giuseppe P & Rielli A 10:15 Invited: Boron Isotopes as a Tracer of Subduction Zone Processes De Hoog J & Savov IP 10:30 Equilibrium Boron Isotope Fractionation between Boron-Bearing Minerals and Fluid Reservoirs Li Y-C, Wei H-Z, Jiang S-Y, Palmer MR & van de Ven TGM 10:45 Invited: Boron Isotopes in the Continental Crust: Granites, Pegmatites, Felsic Volcanic Rocks, and Related Ore Deposits Trumbull RB & Slack JF 11:00 Syn-Metamorphic Fluids as Sources of Rare Element Pegmatites: B Isotopes, Fluid Inclusions and U-Pb Petrochronology of the Late Pan-African Elat Metamorphic Complex, S Israel Elisha B, Katzir Y, Vapnik Y, Williams L, Kylander-Clark A & Dvir O 11:15 Invited: The Boron Isotopic Composition of Chondrules Liu M-C & Chaussidon M (Session 03a continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 41) 5

66 03g AM 312 Mon 03g: Mineral Recorders of Earth and Planetary Processes Session chaired by Craig Storey, Miquela Ingalls, Catherine Mottram, Jessica Barnes, Max Lloyd, Emilie Bruand & Pierre Lanari 08:30 Petrochronology 2.0 Villa IM 08:45 Multi-Method Geochronological Insights into the Tectonics of Final Nuna Suturing, NE Australia Pourteau A, Norsdvan AR, Volante S, Li J, Smit M, Li Z-X & Collins WJ 09:00 Keynote: An Integrated Petrochronological and Thermochronological Approach for the Detrital Record Kellett D, Weller O, Zagorevski A & Regis D 09:15 Invited: Linking High- and Low-Temperature Processes in the Crust with U Pb Dating of Carbonate Rocks and Minerals Holder R, Hacker B & Ryb U 09:30 Linking Mineral Growth and Re-equilibration to in situ Th-Pb Allanite and 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Mica Ages in Low to Medium-Grade Metapelites (Eastern Tibet) Airaghi L, Lanari P, Warren C, Janots E & de Sigoyer J 09:45 Detrital Zircon Populations Versus Age Populations: Fingerprinting Eastern Himalayan Bedrock Sources by Micro-Texturally Driven U-Pb LA ICP-MS Geochronology Bracciali L, Parrish RR, Horstwood MSA & Najman Y 10:00 Keynote: Nanoscale Horizons in Apatite Geochemistry Tait K, White L, Cernok A, Darling J & Moser D 10:15 The Shocking State of Ca-Phosphates in Martian Meteorites Darling J, Tait K, White L, Moser D, Kizovski T, Černok A & Dunlop J 10:30 A Robust in situ Phosphate U-Pb Age for Martian Meteorite Los Angeles McFarlane C, Spray J & Wilson B 10:45 Apatite as a Fluid Recorder during the Genesis and Evolution of IOA Deposits Harlov D & Hu H 11:00 Invited: A New S-in-Apatite Oxybarometer for Magmatic Systems Konecke B, Fiege A & Simon A 11:15 Invited: A Numerical Model for Apatite Cl-Oh-F Evolution and Quantitative Interpretation of Magmatic Processes Humphreys M, Coumans J, Stock M, Smith V, Riker J, Brooker R & de Hoog C-J (Session 03g continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 43) 6

67 04d 309 AM 04d: Basalt, Granite and Lunar Rocks: A Celebration of J.M. Rhodes 80th Birthday Session chaired by Michael Garcia & Fred Frey 08:30 Keynote: Magma Storage and Triggering of Volcanic Eruptions Putirka K, Teter F, Burns D, Scruggs M & Clynne M 08:45 Invited: What Makes Hawai i a Unique Mantle Plume? Weis D, Harrison LN & Williamson NMB 09:00 Deciphering Magmatic Processes during the Ongoing Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Garcia M, Pietruszka A, Rhodes JM, Lynn K & Walker B 09:15 Explosive Summit Collapse of Kīlauea Volcano in 1924 Preceded by a Decade of Anomalous Lava Chemistry Pietruszka A, Heaton D & Garcia M 09:30 Depths of Crystallization and Magma Storage beneath Kilauea and Mauna Loa Based on CO 2 in Melt Inclusions Wallace P 09:45 Fifty Years of Hydrothernal Alteration and Seawater Exchange at Surtsey Volcano, Iceland Rhodes JM, Bryce JG, Jercinovic M, Fahnestock MF & Jonasson K 10:00 Tuya Compositions as Probes for Coupled Glacial-Mantle Dynamics during the Waning Stages of Deglaciation in Iceland Bryce J, Licciardi J, Blichert-Toft J, Schorzman K & Kurz M 10:15 Using Geochemistry to Help Answer Stratigraphic and Petrogenetic Questions in the Wanapum Basalt, Columbia River Basalt Group Martin B 10:30 The Crust-Mantle Boundary at an Ultraslow Spreading Ridge Dick H & Kvassnes A 10:45 Petrogenesis of Siquieros FZ & Off-Axis Seamounts: Os Isotopic and Trace Element Constraints Shirey S, Perfit M, Wanless D, Gregg P, Fornari D & Ridley W 11:00 86 Million Years of Recorded History in Labrador: Birth, Life and Sleep of the Kiglapait Intrusion Morse S, Brady J & Mcintosh D 11:15 Teaching Igneous Petrology: Online Tools for Working with Geochemical Data and Diagrams Brady J Mon (Session 04d continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 44) 7

68 04j AM 311 Mon 04j: Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) Gas-(Fluid)-Solid Reactions at High Temperatures Session chaired by Christian Josef Renggli, Terry Seward & Penny King 08:30 Keynote: Molecular Ions in Steam: Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Solvated Metal Species and Ore Fluid Implications Lemke K 08:45 A New Pathway for Chemical Fractionation Resulting from SO 2 Basaltic Glass Reactions Palm A, King P, Renggli C, Eggins S & Guagliardo P 09:00 Density Functional Theory Calculations on Anorthite-So2-H 2 O Watts H & Kubicki J 09:15 Simulation of Basaltic Glass Alteration by Hot Magmatic Gas Renggli CJ & King PL 09:30 Effects of fo 2 and Degassing on Dissolved Sulfur in MORB Glasses Michael P & Phelps P 09:45 The Role of Melt-Rock Interaction on the CO 2 /Ba Ratio of Depleted MORBs Shimizu K, Saal A, Hauri E, Perfit M & Hékinian R 10:00 Element Partitioning at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition in a Shallow Plutonic System Kaufmann A, Pettke T & Baumgartner L 10:15 Methane-Rich Fluids in the Upper Mantle: Their Speciation, Subduction and Involvement in Redox Melting Reactions Matjuschkin V, Woodland AB & Yaxley G 10:30 δd Variations In Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Due To Post-Entrapment Processes: A Case Study From Baffin Island Picrites Gatti E, Bucholz C, Guan Y, Zhang Y, Gaetani G & Eiler J 10:45 Supercritical Fluids in Geothermal Systems: An Experimental Study Heřmanská M & Stefánsson A 11:00 Processes Controlling Mercury Concentration and Speciation in Yellowstone Thermal Waters Holloway J, McCleskey B, Roth D, Nordstrom K, Krabbenhoft D & DeWild J 11:15 Invited: Magmatic Vapor and the Martian Surface: An Experimental Exploration Nekvasil H & DiFrancesco N (Session 04j continues on Monday 13th PM on page 27) 8

69 05d 203 AM 05d: Metals, Minerals, Melts and Fluids Associated with Giant Mineral Deposits: Insights from Experimental and Modelling and Applications to Igneous Fertility, Recycling of Metals and Mineralization Session chaired by Yuan Mei, Anthony Williams-Jones, Keiko Hattori, Ian Campbell, Claudia Cannatelli & Daniel Moncada 08:30 Invited: Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids Transport More Than Dissolved Solutes Simon A, Knipping J, Reich M, Barra F & Deditius A 08:45 Characteristics of High Silica Magnetite and It s Indication to the Origin of Yushiwa Iron Deposit, Wuan, Hebei Province Su S, Hou J, Hu W & Cui Y 09:00 Magnetite Geochemistry from Andean Kiruna-Type Deposits Barra F, Reich M, Simon A, Rojas P, Knipping J, Salazar E, Leisen M & Deditius A 09:15 Invited: Redox Conditions Dictate the Fate of Sulfur at the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition Zajacz Z, Ghazali N & Tsay A 09:30 Compositions of Cu-Pb-Ag-Sb-S Melts Produced at 500 Boddepalli G, Pruseth KL & Mishra B 09:45 Invited: Apatite Sulfur Isotopes Trace Mantle-Input S for Giant Qulong Porphyry Deposit Formation in Continental Collision Zone Wang R, Richards J & Jeon H 10:00 The Occurrence of Silver in the Sinongduo Epithermal Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit, Tibet Li Z, Yang Z & Li H 10:15 Gold Composition of the Witwatersrand-Type Jacobina Gold Deposits, Brazil Garayp E & Frimmel H 10:30 Gold Mineralization and Genesis at Olon Ovoot Gold Field in South Mongolia Sarantuya O, Sereenen J, Yonezu K & Watanabe K 10:45 Gold Mineralization Related with Craton Destruction in the Jiaodong Peninsula, Eastern North China Craton Fan H, Hu F, Yang K & Cai Y 11:00 Geology, Alteration, Mineralization, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Studies in Namegh Prospective Area, Northeastern Kashmar Taghadosi H, Malekzadeh A, Karimpour MH & Karimi H 11:15 Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition Traced by in situ Tourmaline Analysis at the San Rafael Tin Deposit, Peru Harlaux M, Kouzmanov K, Gialli S, Laurent O, Marger K, Baumgartner L, Dini A, Chauvet A, Kalinaj M & Fontboté L Mon (Session 05d continues on Monday 13th PM on page 28) 9

70 05h AM 204 Mon 05h: Pore-To-Core Scale Geochemistry of Energy Systems: Organic- Inorganic Interactions, from Source Rocks to Reservoirs Session chaired by Guanghui Yuan, Yingchang Cao, Keyu Liu, Christina Lopano & Alexandra Hakala 08:30 Keynote: Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Petroleum Systems From Nanometer to Reservoir Scale Schulz H-M 09:00 Molecular Dynamics Study on Wettability Alteration of Minerals for Low Salinity EOR Mizuhara J, Kobayashi K, Liang Y & Masuda Y 09:15 Micro and Nano-Size Pores of Clay Minerals in Shale Reservoirs and Adsorption Heterogeneity Chen S, Han Y, Liu Y, Wang Y & Li X 09:30 Investigation of Shale Gas Adsorption Mechanism Chen G, Lu S, Liu K & Xue Q 09:45 Nano-Pore Preservation and Gas Storage Capacity in Overmature Shales Tian H, Li T, Zhou Q & Wang X 10:00 The Methylation and Demethylation of Aromatic Nuclei: Implications for the Oil and Gas Evolution Xia Y & Liu Y 10:15 Influence of OM Properties on the Development of Organic-Associated Pore System in Organic- Rich Shales Yang C, Xiong Y, Zhang J & Liu Y 10:30 Thermochemical Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Induced by High-Valence Metal Oxides in the Deep Sedimentary Basin Kang X, Hu W, Fu B, Cao J, Wang X & Wu H 10:45 Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction Impacts on Carbonate Petroleum Reservoir Jiang L 11:00 Hydrous Pyrolysis of Kerogens with FeS: Insights into the Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation of Hydrocarbon Gases in Deep Formation He K, Zhang S & Mi J 11:15 Sr87/86 SIMS Microanalysis of Diagenetic Carbonates and Sulfates: Preliminary Results and Perspectives Girard J-P & Deloule E (Session 05h continues on Monday 13th PM on page 29) 10

71 06g 202 AM 06g: Energy Landscapes in Biomineralization, Geochemistry, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Alex Navrotsky s 75th Birthday Session chaired by Pupa Gilbert & Jeffrey Rimer 08:30 Topotactic Motif and Orientation Relation Extraction for Phase Transformations from in situ X-Ray Powder Diffraction McCormack SJ & Kriven WM 08:45 Phase Diagram Determination of the HfO 2 -Ta2O 5 Binary up to 3000 C Using in situ X-Ray Diffraction McCormack S, Weber R, Kapush D, Navrotsky A & Kriven W 09:00 Invited: The Role of Lattice Vibrations in the Energy Landscape of Materials Ross N 09:15 Invited: Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Loaded and Unloaded Forms of Several Zinc Imidazole Metal Organic Frameworks Calvin J, Asplund M, Rosen P, Akimbekov Z, Ayoub G, Katsenis A, Navrotsky A, Friscic T & Woodfield B 09:30 Energetics of Uranium Silicides Chung C-K, Guo X, White J, Nelson A, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, Xu H & Navrotsky A 09:45 Experimental Thermochemistry of Neptunium Compounds Zhang L, Dzik E, Perry S, Hickam S, Sigmon G, Szymanowski J, Navrotsky A & Burns P 10:00 Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions Guo X, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Espinosa-Faller F, Navrotsky A, Ewing R & Dacheux N 10:15 Compositional Control of Radionuclide Retention in Hollandite-Structured Ceramic Waste Forms for Cs-Immobilization Brinkman K, Zhao M, Shuller-Nickles L, Amoroso J, Lilova K & Navrotsky A 10:30 Rare Earth Element Complexes and Ligand Exchange in Solution Finney A, Kong L, Lectez S, Freeman C, Stackhouse S & Harding J 10:45 Invited: Deciphering the Energy Landscapes of Exchange and Adsorption Reactions at Solid- Aqueous Interfaces Through Calorimetric Measurements Kabengi N 11:00 A Comparative Study of the Energetics of Alkali and Alkali Metal Cation Exchange Reaction on Rutile, Quartz and Mxene Surfaces Using Immersion and Flow Calorimetry Ilani-kashkouli P, Stroeva E, Navrotsky A, Wesolowski D & Kabengi N 11:15 Extreme Planetary Systems NASA GRC Current and New Capabilities to Study the Thermochemistry and Kinetics of Materials, Minerals and Gases/Vapors Costa G, Nakley L, Jacobson N, Kulis M & Zhu D Mon (Session 06g continues on Monday 13th PM on page 30) 11

72 07c AM 210 Mon 07c: Seafloor Diagenesis, Hydrothermal Processes, and Biogeochemistry: Implications for the Earth System Through Time Session chaired by Benjamin Tutolo, Nicholas Pester, Drew Syverson, Ashleigh Hood, Xiangli Wang, Frederick Bowyer, Shuo Zhang, Laura Nielsen Lammers, Kimberly Lau & Anne-Sofie Ahm 08:30 Hydrothermally Altered Ocean Crust Constrains the Oxygen Isotope Composition of ~3.2 Ga Seawater, Pilbara Craton, Australia Johnson B & Wing B 08:45 Sill Intrusion, Sediment Alteration, and Hydrothermal Activity in Off- and on-axis Environments of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California Seewald J, Sylva S, Soule A & Saccocia P 09:00 Abiotic Organic Synthesis in Olivine-Hosted Fluid Inclusions: The Origin of Abiotic CH 4 in (Ultra-) mafic Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems and Ophiolitic Gas Seeps? Klein F, Grozeva N, Seewald J & Sylva S 09:15 Keynote: Hydrothermal Vent Fluid-Seawater Mixing and the Origins of Late Archean Iron Formation Tosca N, Tutolo B, Tostevin R, Rasmussen B & Muhling J 09:30 The Role of Ridge-Flank (Low-T) Hydrothermal Circulation in the Oceanic Mg Budget Mg Isotope Constraints Shalev N, Wheat CG & Vance D 09:45 Strontium and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Seawater-Basalt Interaction Voigt M, Pearce CR, Fries DM, Baldermann A & Oelkers EH 10:00 Low-Temperature Oceanic Crust Alteration and the Isotopic Budgets of K and Mg in Seawater Santiago Ramos D, Coogan L & Higgins J 10:15 The Impact of Seafloor Alteration on δ 18 O and δ 34 S of Sulfates in the Oceanic Crust Kleine BI, Stefánsson A, Whitehouse MJ, Zierenberg RA, Weisenberger TB, Friðleifsson GÓ, Jackson MD & Guðmundsson MT 10:30 Diving into the ABISS: Technologies for Advancing the Study of Biogeochemical Processes and Patterns in the Deep Sea Girguis P, Hoer D, Michel A, Wankel S & Farr N 10:45 Radiogenic 40 Ca in Modern Seawater Antonelli M, DePaolo D, Brown S & Pester N 11:00 Reverse Weathering Reactions and the Marine Silica Cycle Rahman S, Aller RC & Cochran JK 11:15 The Geologic Record of 17 O and 18 O in Chert Liljestrand F, Peng Y, Bao H, Macdonald F, Knoll A, Cohen P, Tosca N & Johnston D (Session 07c continues on Monday 13th PM on page 31) 12

73 08l 200 AM 08l: Climate on Land: What can We Learn from Terrestrial Archives Session chaired by Yael Kiro, Boaz Lazar & Yonaton Goldsmith 08:30 Toward Non-Destructive, Semi-Continuous Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation/Dissolution in Soils Gallagher T, Friedmann E & Breecker D 08:45 A Potential New Proxy for Paleo-Atmospheric po 2 from Soil Carbonate-Hosted Fluid Inclusions Schaller M, Pettitt E, Knobbe T & Breecker D 09:00 Invited: Oxygen Isotope Variation in Pedogenic Carbonates and the Potential to Constrain Paleoaridity Beverly E, Levin N, Passey B & Quade J 09:15 On the Value of Locally Calibrated Biomarker Proxies for Terrestrial and Lacustrine Habitat Dynamics Holtvoeth J, Vogel H, Chiewattanakul N, Lyons E, Panagiotopoulos K, Wagner B, Pancost R & Wolff G 09:30 Assessing the Accuracy of Relative Humidity Prediction Using an Empirical Relationship Based on Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Kaushal R, Ghosh P & Hsing Y-I 09:45 Elevated Terrestrial Temperatures during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: A Multi- Proxy Perspective Inglis G, Naafs D, Rohrssen M, Kennedy L & Pancost R 10:00 A High Resolution Carbonate-Clumped Terrestrial Temperature Record from a Cretacous- Paleogene Section in North Dakota, USA Gray K, Brandon M & Pearson D 10:15 δ 13 C of Coals from the Moatize Basin, Mozambique: A Terminal Record of the Last Palaeozoic Ice Age (LPIA) Van de Wetering N, Esterle J & Rodrigues S 10:30 Leaf Wax δ 13 C Shows Climatic Precession Control of C4-plant Expansion in the Late Messinian Mediterreanean Mayser JP, Flecker R, Hilgen F & Pancost RD 10:45 Regional Paleohydrology and Paleoclimate Trends for Triassic Lakes from Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotope Data Benavente C & Mancuso A 11:00 Hydrological Cycling in a Long-Lived Eocene Lake Uinta, Green River Formation, Utah Elson A, Rohrssen M, Marshall J & Whiteside J 11:15 Environmental and Organic-Matter Characterisation of the Toarcian Lacustrine Da anzhai Member, Sichuan Basin, China Xu W, Weijers JWH, Idiz EF, Ruhl M, Gorbanenko O, Tegelaar EW, Jenkyns HC, Riding JB & Hesselbo SP Mon (Session 08l continues on Monday 13th PM on page 32) 13

74 09d AM 207 Mon 09d: Leveraging Earth Science Approaches in the Search for Life in the Universe Session chaired by Edward Schwieterman & Stephanie Olson 08:30 Keynote: Earth Systems Science in the Stars Domagal-Goldman S 09:00 Invited: Field Exploration and Life Detection Sampling Through Planetary Analogue Research (FELDSPAR) Stockton A, Amador E, Cable M, Cullen T, Duca Z, Gentry D, Murukesan G, Rennie V, Rader E, Stevens A, Tan G, Cullen D & Geppert W 09:15 Manganese Oxides on Mars: A Potential Biosignature? Lanza N, Fischer W, Ollila A, Gasda P & Wiens R 09:30 UV Light on Early Earth and on M-Dwarf Exoplanets: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry Ranjan S, Todd Z, Wordsworth R & Sasselov D 09:45 Early Evolution of Haloarchaeal Photopigments and Potential as a Remote Surface Biosignature DasSarma S & Schwieterman E 10:00 Disequilibrium Biosignatures on the Early Earth and their Detectability with the James Webb Space Telescope Krissansen-Totton J, Olson S, Garland R, Irwin P & Catling D 10:15 The Pale Orange Dot: Lessons from Hazy Archean Earth Applied to Exoplanets Arney G 10:30 Anoxic Atmospheric Photochemistry with ROCKE-3D: The Early Earth Harman C, Tsigaridis K, Wolf E, Way M, Sohl L & Del Genio A 10:45 Invited: Atmospheric Circulation of Habitable Exoplanets Orbiting Low-Mass Stars Haqq-Misra J 11:00 Venus: The Making of an Uninhabitable World Kane S, Arney G, Crisp D, Domagal-Goldman S, Glaze L, Goldblatt C, Grinspoon D, Head J, Lenardic A, Unterborn C & Way M 11:15 Redox Evolution via Gravitational Differentiation on Rocky Planets: Implications for Abiotic Oxygen, Water Loss and Habitability Wordsworth R, Schaefer L & Fischer R (Session 09d continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 64) 14

75 10h 208 AM 10h: Traditional and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Geobiology and Biogeochemistry: Ca, Mg, Sr, and Redox Sensitive Metal Isotope Systems Session chaired by Juraj Farkas & Elizabeth Griffith 08:30 Contrasting Mg Isotopic Compositions between Fe-Mn Nodules and Surrounding Soils: Accumulation of Light Mg Isotopes by Mg-Depleted Clay Minerals and Fe Oxides Gao T, Liu C, Li F, Liao C & Wu F 08:45 Large 238 U/ 235 U Fractionation in an Alkaline, Euxinic Lake: Implications for the Marine Sedimentary Record Jemison N, Brown S & Druhan J 09:00 Investigating Cr Cycling on the Chukchi Shelf and in the Central Arctic Ocean Using Cr Stable Isotopes Moos SB & Boyle EA 09:15 Cr Isotope Fractionation during Sorption on Kaolinite and its Implications for Using Black Shales as a Paleoredox Archive Frank AB, Klaebe RM & Frei R 09:30 Keynote: Deciphering the Unexpected Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to OAE 2 Holmden C, Jacobson A, Sageman B, Hurtgen M & Dickson A 10:00 Stable Sr Isotopes of Carbonate Fractions as Tracer for Weathering Activity during OAE2 Nana Yobo L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D 10:15 Vanadium Isotope a New Tool for Tracking Low Oxygen Conditions Wu F, Owens J & Nielsen S 10:30 Biological-Controlled Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Corals Reef System Wang Z, Li J, Ma J, Wei G, Deng W, Chen X, McCulloch M & Zhang L 10:45 Extreme Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Silicic Acid and Aqueous Organosilicon Complexes: Implication for Silica Biomineralization Stamm FM, Méheut M, Zambardi T, Chmeleff J, Schott J & Oelkers EH 11:00 Monitoring Dairy Consumption in Humans Using Calcium Isotopes Tacail T, Berthet D, Herrscher E, Valentin F, Clark G & Martin JE 11:15 Seasonal Wooly Mammoth Migration Recorded by Sr Isotope Composition of Molar Tooth Enamel Kowalik N, Anczkiewicz R, Müller W, Wojtal P, Wilczyński J, Bondioli L & Spötl C Mon (Session 10h continues on Monday 13th PM on page 34) 15

76 10m AM 206 Mon 10m: Microbial Interactions with Minerals and Metals Session chaired by Maria Dittrich, Maria Romero-Gonzalez, Drew Gorman-Lewis, Addien Wray & Tingting Yang 08:30 Keynote: Microbes and Minerals from Two Ferruginous Lakes on a Spectrum of Physical and Chemical Characteristics Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Fakhraee M, Sheik C, Katsev S & Wittkop C 08:45 Invited: Minerals and Microbes in a Euxinic Ecosystem Macalady J, Mansor M, Cosmidis J, Jones D, McCauley Rench R & Fantle M 09:00 Direct and Indirect Biomineralization of Iron in the Ferruginous Lake Pavin Berg J, Duverger A, Jézéquel D, Duprat E, Poinsot M, Skouri-Panet F, Laberty-Robert C & Miot J 09:15 Mn Oxides Biomineralization Monitored by in situ Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Gelabert A, Couasnon T, Alloyeau D, Guyot F & Ménez B 09:30 Fungus-Mediated Heterogeneous Catalysis Reaction Drives Iron Redox and Biomineralization Yu G, Chi Z & Sun F 09:45 Impact of Diurnal Cycles on Intracellular Precipitation of Carbonates by Cyanobacteria Coutaud M, Jezequel D, Ferard C, Skouri-Panet F & Benzerara K 10:00 Seasonal Changes in Sabkhas: Linking Microbes, Geochemical Conditions and Dolomite Formation DiLoreto ZA, Bontognali TRR, Al-Kuwari HA & Dittrich M 10:15 Microbes Accelerate Pyrrhotite Dissolution at Circumneutral ph Hobart K, Jones D & Feinberg J 10:30 Sulfide-Oxidizing Bacteria Dissolve Carbonate Minerals in Marine Cold Seep Settings Leprich D, Flood B, Ricci E, Schroedl P & Bailey J 10:45 S(0) Cycling in Acidic Springs Dominated by Acidithiobacillus spp. Marnocha C & Parker H 11:00 Interactions of C, Fe and P Biogeochemical Cycling in Methanogenic Environment Zhuang L, Tang J & Yang Z 11:15 Riverine Particulate Material Promotes Cyanobacterial and Diatom Growth Grimm C, Martinez R, Pokrovsky O, Benning LG, Feurtet-Mazel A & Oelkers E (Session 10m continues on Monday 13th PM on page 35) 16

77 12e 306 AM 12e: Redox Transitions and Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Nutrients, and Contaminants Session chaired by Marco Keiluweit, Samantha Ying, Christian Mikutta, Elizabeth Herndon, Carla Rosenfeld, Dawn Cardace & Amanda Olsen 08:30 Hydrogeologic Controls on Nitrogen Dynamics within the Tidal Freshwater Zone Barnes R, Tight D, Sawyer A & Wallace C 08:45 Drivers of Iron and Phosphorus Partitioning in Eutrophic Waters and their Sediments: Insight from Monitoring and Experimental Redox Front Manipulation Schroth A, Druschel G, Leduc M, Wilkes A, Bostick B, Shukle J & Kurek M 09:00 Invited: Iron Accumulation Promotes Phosphate Retention at Redox Interfaces in Arctic and Boreal Soils Herndon E, Duroe K, Kinsman-Costello L, Mills J, Thompson A, Kane E, Sebestyen S & Wullschleger S 09:15 Keynote: Role of Iron in Dissolved Organic Carbon Degradation in the Arctic Cory R, Trusiak A, Ward C, Kling G, Noël V & Bargar J 09:45 Invited: The Impact of Redox Fluctuations on Mineral-Organic Matter Associations and Microbial Carbon Transformations in Tropical Forest Soils Bhattacharyya A, Campbell A, Lin Y, Tfaily M, Silver W, Weber P, Nico P & Pett-Ridge J 10:00 Inverse Availability between Cd and As to Rice Across Redox Gradients Limmer M & Seyfferth A 10:15 Altered Regulation of Arsenic by Iron Plaque on Rice Roots Under a Changing Climate Muehe EM, Webb SM, Edwards NP & Fendorf S 10:30 The Geomicrobiological Controls on Cobalt, Nickel and Chromium in Lateritic Soils of Santa Elena Peninsula Solano-Arguedas AF, Newsome L, Pattrick RAD, Robinson CH & Lloyd JR 10:45 Invited: A Holistic View of Organic Sulfurization Druschel G, Dvorski S, Kafantaris F-C, Toner B & Philippe S-K 11:00 Sulfur Isotope Clues to Seasonal Changes in Flow Paths and Redox Conditions in a Sub-Alpine Watershed Conrad M, Christensen J, Bill M, Nico P, Fox P, Bouskill N, Tokunaga T, Wan J, Carroll R & Williams K 11:15 Pyrite Oxidation during Shale Weathering: From Catchment- to Nanometer-Scale Gu X, Heaney P & Brantley S Mon (Session 12e continues on Monday 13th PM on page 36) 17

78 13f AM 302 Mon 13f: Urban Geochemistry: Legacy Problems, Current Sources and Risk Assessment Session chaired by Stefano Albanese & Claudia Cannatelli 08:30 The Land Subsidence and Groundwater Geochemistry in Urban Environment of Mashhad Aquifer, NE of Iran Mohammadzadeh H & Nikpeyman V 08:45 Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Cox s Bazar Town and its Surrounding Area, Southeast Bangladesh Seddique AA, Masuda H, Kreamer DK, Anma R & Yokoo Y 09:15 Soils Geochemical Surveys as an Indicator of the Quality of Urban Environment Tepanosyan G, Sahakyan L & Saghatelyan A 09:30 Hydro-chemical and Stable Isotope (δ 18 O and δd) to Study Groundwater Contamination in the Overexploited Aquifers of Indo-Gangetic Plain, a Part of NCR, Delhi Kumari R, Datta PS, Rao MS & Mukherjee S 09:45 Accumulation and Mobility of Traffic Related Metals in Roadside Soils in Shanghai Yan G, Mao L & Chen L 10:00 Keynote: Crippled Cities: The Continuing Saga of Urban Lead Contamination and New Approaches to Solving it Filippelli G 10:30 Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment Froger C, Ayrault S, Evrard O, Monvoisin G, Bordier L, Lefèvre I & Quantin C 10:45 Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Seasonal Variability of Trace Elements in Coastal Groundwater of Puri District, India Prusty P, Farooq SH & Zimik HV 11:00 Increased Vulnerability of Urban Areas from Atmospheric N Deposition Joyce E, Walters W, Le Roy E & Hastings M 11:15 Lichen Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur Contents and their Isotopic Signatures for Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Pollution in the Urban Environment of Manchester, UK Niepsch D, Clarke L, Tzoulas K & Cavan G (Session 13f continues on Monday 13th PM on page 37) 18

79 13l 304 AM 13l: Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions that Control the Environmental Fate of Contaminants Session chaired by Jeremy Fein, Ken Kemner, Frank Bok & Athanasios Karamalidis 08:30 Keynote: Development of Surface Complexation Databases for Contaminant Transport Modeling Zavarin M 09:00 Towards a Unified Thermodynamic Sorption Database: Uranium (VI) and Chromate (VI) Adsorption on Iron Oxides Bompoti NM, Chrysochoou M & Machesky M 09:15 Consolidation of Surface Speciations by a Combined Spectroscopic and Modeling Approach Foerstendorf H, Jordan N, Heim K, Mayordomo N, Steudtner R, Stockmann M & Lützenkirchen J 09:30 Molecular Dynamics Study of Unsaturated Clay Pore Le Crom S, Marry V, Tournassat C & Robinet J-C 09:45 Atomistic Computational Modeling of Contaminant Cation Adsorption at the Edge Surfaces of Clays Ngouana-Wakou BF, Androniuk I & Kalinichev AG 10:00 Aqueous Effects in Contaminant Adsorption onto Aluminum (Hydr)oxide Clusters and Surfaces Marquardt W, Abbaspour Tamijani A, Bjorklund J, Bennett J & Mason S 10:15 Structural Complexity in the Fate of Pharmaceuticals at Water-Mineral Interfaces: Computational and Spectroscopic Investigations Aristilde L 10:30 Combined ab Initio and XAFS Spectroscopy Study on the Characteristics of Metal Uptake by Clay Minerals Kéri A, Dähn R, Krack M & Churakov S 10:45 Amorphous Transitions: Metasomatic Changes that Drive Glass Corrosion Performance Ryan J & Schreiber D 11:00 Formation, Size, and Dissolution Behavior of HgS Nanoparticle: Implications for Release from Diffuse Source Zone Soils Pierce E, Eskelsen J, Chiu M, Leonard D, Lu X & Gu B 11:15 Abiotic Transformations of Metals by Engineered Biochar(s) Higgins L, Brocza F, Ross A, Brown A & Mishra B Mon (Session 13l continues on Monday 13th PM on page 39) 19

80 Oral Presentations Overview Mon PM l 06g 05d 05h 10m 09j 10h 07c 14:15 Brigham -Grette Dove Yee Wacker Turchyn Migdisov Quanyou Paytan 14:30 Chen Mergelsberg Liu Goldman Bradbury 14:45 McGee Gilbert Nisbet Zan Luo Petryshyn Haghnegahdar Fischer 15:00 Passey Freeman Huang Li Johnson Gomes Taenzer Cui 15:15 Zaarur Schuitemaker Kalintsev Cheng Tomaszewski Johnson Lloyd Present 15:30 Wang Pracheil Yang Zhao Sánchez -España Cosmidis Rhim Mackey 15:45 Scroxton Pósfai Vasyukova Xu Mullan Kashyap Crockford Rumble 16:00 Asmerom Rimer Duan Hakala Wray Ward Paula -Santos 16:15 Wortham Jun Jahn Yu Wollenberg Magyar Thiagarajan Nadeau 16:30 Schubert Lilova Mei Xiong Matschiavelli Havig Alperin Veillard 16:45 Lupien Gysi Zhang Ham Jautzy Denny Navrotsky Ridgwell 17:00 Nichols Gammons He Pearce Ingalls 20

81 f / 13k 13l 12e 01c 03j 04j 03f 02b / 02e 14:15 Moya Keiluweit Lecoeuvre Tajcmanova Sobolev O Day Ming Le Gall 14:30 Olatunji Santelli Olins Thomas Polat 14:45 Kohl Balgooyen Pena Castle Gorlas Drignon Alvaro Dixon 15:00 Bradley Lueder Elwood Madden Law Anthony Xiang Koornneef 15:15 Albanese Trainer Gadol Chemtob Price Carroll Fumes Williams 15:30 Garb Nelson Liao Gure McIntosh Hoff Park Lang 15:45 Rotureau Scherer Perdrial Hughes Wolf Beunon Winkel 16:00 Liu Zhou Hand Glombitza Turner Lanari Jerram 16:15 Yu Thomas Biswakarma Glein Le Guellec Iveson Broadwell Genske 16:30 Mal Wang Subdiaga Chizmadia Holden Moore Millonig Ivanov 16:45 Rosenfeld Hinkle Pi Elmaleh Cox Gavrilenko Peng Schweitzer 17:00 Harkness Butzen Tong Van Ginneken Cardace Tucker Berkana Yamamoto Oral Presentations Overview Mon PM 21

82 01c PM 309 Mon 01c: Geochemists Infiltrate the Solar System: The Geological Evolution of Small Bodies, Moons, and Planets Session chaired by Tanya Peretyazhko, Elisabeth Hausrath, Christopher Glein, Steve Vance, James Darling & Carolyn Crow 14:15 Keynote: Aqueous Alteration on Mars Ming D 14:45 Crystallography on Mars with the CheMin XRD Instrument Castle N, Rampe L, Morrison S & Achilles C 15:00 Mars Brine Attacks! Accelerated Dissolution Rates and Unique Reaction Products in High Salinity Brines Elwood Madden M, Phillips-Lander C, Elwood Madden A, Cullen M, Hausrath E & Miller K 15:15 Oxidative Transformations of Ferrous Iron Smectites on Mars Chemtob S, Rivera-Banuchi V, Kamali S, Catalano J, Morris R, Agresti D, Liu W & Yee N 15:30 Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate on Mars: A Photostationary State Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Kraus T, Eggleston C & Parkinson B 15:45 The Martian Critical Zone: Concept and Experimental Example Perdrial N, Armfield J, Reeder G, Gagnon A, Rampe E & Perdrial J 16:00 Oxidants and Ocean Worlds: Radiolytic Production of Electron Acceptors in Ice Hand K, Carlson R, Nordheim T & Poston M 16:15 H 2 Production from Radiolysis in a Subsurface Ocean on Titan Glein C, Ray C & Waite H 16:30 LAP02342: Evidence for Chemical Variation during Hydrous Alteration Chizmadia L, Stroud R, Nittler L & Trigo-Rodriguez J 16:45 Insights into Water-Rock Interactions in Carbonaceous Chondrites from µ/nano-xrd-ct Elmaleh A, Wright JP, Baptiste B, Tarantino SC, Doisneau B & Troadec D 17:00 Micrometeorites from the Sør Rondane Mountains, Antarctica Van Ginneken M, Goderis S, Soens B, Debaille V & Claeys P (Session 01c continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 68) 22

83 02b 313 PM 02b: The Evolution of Earth s Mantle: Heterogeneity Understood Using Modern Analytical Techniques Session chaired by Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Heye Freymuth, Davide Novella, Nicola Tosi & Dmitri Ionov 14:15 Deep Mantle H 2 O Recycling at 3.3 Ga? Sobolev A, Asafov E, Gurenko A, Arndt N, Batanova V, Portnyagin M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Krasheninnikov S, Wilson A & Byerly G 14:30 The Tasse Mantle Xenoliths of the Canadian Cordillera: Evidence for Melting, Metasomatism, and Archean to Quaternary Mantle Growth Polat A, Frei R, Longstaffe F & Thorkelson D 14:45 Invited: An Extended Subduction Factory Model for Generation of Mantle Heterogeneity Dixon J 15:00 Combined Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Data on Individual Melt Inclusions from Italy Record Extreme Mantle Heterogeneity Induced by Complex Geodynamics Koornneef JM, Nikogosian I, Hageman L, Berndsen M, van Bergen MJ, Vroon PZ & Davies GR 15:15 Correlations between MORB Helium Isotope Ratios and Mantle Seismic Wave Speeds Williams C, Mukhopadhyay S, Rudolph M & Romanowicz B 15:30 Newly Discovered Mantle Province between the Indian and Pacific Domains beneath the Southern Ocean Park S-H, Langmuir C, Scott S, Sims K, Lin J, Kim S-S, Blichert-Toft J, Choi H, Yang Y & MIchael P Mon (Session 02b continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 40) Session 02e follows this session in this room. For details see page

84 02e PM 313 Mon 02e: Magmas and their Cargoes as Tracers of Mantle Evolution: Implications for Chemical Geodynamics Session chaired by Ashlea Wainwright, Matthew Jackson & Andrea Giuliani 15:45 Zinc Behavior during Mantle Melting: A Reappraisal of Natural and Experimental Observations Beunon H, Mattielli N, Doucet L-S, Moine B & Debret B 16:00 Using Stable Chromium Isotope Measurements of Komatiites to Unlock Chromium s Geochemical Behaviour in the Mantle Jerram M, Bonnand P, Kerr A, Puchtel I & Halliday A 16:15 Hf-Nd Isotope Systematics in Mantle Xenoliths from Siberia and Mongolia Genske F, Stracke A & Ionov D 16:30 High-MgO Mafic Rocks in the Paleoproterozoic of the Siberian Craton: Felsic or Carbonatitic Melts Contaminated by Mantle Material Ivanov A, Levitskii I, Levitskii V, Corfu F, Demonterova E, Reznitskii L, Pavlova L, Kamenetsky V & Savatenkov V 16:45 The Complex History of Carbonatites Insights from Hf-Nd-Os Isotope Signatures and HSE Systematics Schweitzer K, Nowell G, Burton K, Dahlgren S & Luguet A 17:00 Noble Gas and Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Petit-Spot Lavas from Southeast of Marcus Island Yamamoto J, Kawano T, Takahata N & Sano Y (Session 02e continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 41) 24

85 03f 312 PM 03f: Metamorphic Records of Lithospheric Processes: Everyday, Exceptional, and Extreme Session chaired by Victor Guevara, Daniel Viete, Matthew Kohn & Jay Ague 14:15 Invited: From Chemical Zoning to the Long-Term Stress-State in the Continental Lithosphere Tajcmanova L, Moulas E & Podladchikov Y 14:30 Experimental Evaluation of the Quartz-in-Garnet Elastic Thermobarometer up to 3 GPa Thomas J & Spear F 14:45 Geothermobarometry of Inclusions from Raman Spectroscopy: Advantages and Limitations Alvaro M, Campomenosi N, Mazzucchelli ML, Mihailova BD, Scambelluri M & Angel RJ 15:00 Modeling TiO 2 Activity Through Phase Equilibria and Application to Ti in zircon Thermometer of Pelitic and Felsic Rocks Xiang H 15:15 Evaluation of Zr-in-Rt and Ti-in-Qtz Thermobarometry in Granulites Fumes RA, Luvizotto GL & Moraes R 15:30 Aluminum in Rutile as a Recorder of Temperature and Pressure Hoff C & Watson B 15:45 High-Grade Crustal Melting: Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Disequilibria Wolf M, Romer RL & Glodny J 16:00 Disequilibrium Mapping in High Grade Metamorphic Rocks Implications for Pseudosection Modeling Lanari P & Hermann J 16:15 Thermodynamic Modeling and Geochemical Evidence for Rapid neo-acadian Metamorphism in the Smith River Allochthon of Southern Virginia Broadwell K & Caddick M 16:30 In situ U-Th-Pb Dating of Metamorphic Garnet, Staurolite and Accessory Phases A Case Study from the Straits Schist, Connecticut Millonig LJ, Albert Roper R, Gerdes A, Avigad D & Ague JJ 16:45 In situ LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb Monazite Dating of Metapelites from Namche Barwa Area, Eastern Tibet Peng T, Gerdes A, Albert Roper R, Millonig LJ, Marko L, Zeng L-S & Wu C-M 17:00 Some 815 Ma High-Grade Metamorphic Event in NW Yangtze Block and its Implications for Neoproterozoic Unification of South China Berkana W, Ling W-L & Wu H Mon (Session 03f continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 42) 25

86 03j PM 310 Mon 03j: Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid- Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day Session chaired by Esther Schwarzenbach, Lisa Mayhew, Chiara Boschi, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Alain Prinzhofer, Chris Ballentine, Barbara Sherwood Lollar & Ziming Yang 14:15 Microbial Ecology Linked to Serpentinization Processes and Related Carbonation at the Old City Hydrothermal Field Lecoeuvre A, Ménez B, Lecourt L & Gérard E 14:30 Mineral Colonization Samplers Reveal Patterns in Microbial Community Composition and Structure at Hydrothermal Vents Olins H, Gartman A & Girguis P 14:45 Greigite: A Biomineral of Hydrothermal Chimneys? Gorlas A & Guyot F 15:00 Using Hydrothermal Water-Rock Reaction Models to Indicate Microbial Presence Law S & Cox A 15:15 Methane Cycling in the Serpentinizing Shallow-Sea Vents of the Prony Hydrothermal Field, New Caledonia Price R, Sutcliffe C, Sherwood-Lollar B, Erauso G, Quéméneur M, Postec A, Monnin C, Wehrmann L, Gillikin D, Menez B, Pelletier B, Payri C & Hoehler T 15:30 Keynote: Organics and Life in the Serpentinite Subsurface Lang S, Camper N & Benitez-Nelson B 16:00 Microbial Sulfate Reduction Rates in Fluids from Low Temperature Serpentinizing Mantle Rocks Glombitza C, Kubo M, Rempfert K, Templeton A & Hoehler T 16:15 H 2 -dependent Formate Production by Hyperthermophilic Thermococcales Le Guellec S, Dulermo R, Courtine D, Godfroy A & Roussel E 16:30 Growth Kinetics and Gene Expression in a Hyperthermophilic Methanogen during H 2 -limited and Syntrophic Growth Topcuoglu B, Meydan C & Holden J 16:45 Changes in Geochemistry and Proteins Across the Transition to Photosynthesis in Hydrothermal Ecosystems Cox A, Law S, Dahlquist G & Foster J 17:00 Quantifying Subsurface Mixing of Groundwaters at the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory Cardace D, Anwar M, Schrenk M, McCollom T, Kubo M & Hoehler T (Session 03j continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 72) 26

87 04j 311 PM 04j: Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) Melt Inclusion, Experimental, and Theoretical Approaches Session chaired by Kayla Iacovino, Yves Moussallam, Glenn Gaetani & Estelle Rose-Koga 14:15 Keynote: Tracing Magma Degassing Using Experimental Approaches Le Gall N, Pichavant M, Burton M & Lee P 14:45 Tracking the Mantle Origins of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts Using Plagioclase-Hosted Melt Inclusions Drignon M, Nielsen R, Tepley F & Kotash A 15:00 Fluorine Behavior in Trachyte-Phonolite Rocks, Suswa Volcano, Central Kenya Peralkaline Province (CKPP), East African Rift Espejel-Garcia V & Anthony E 15:15 Water Solubility in Pantelleritic Melts Stabile P, Appiah E & Carroll M 15:30 Accurately Measuring H 2 O in Volcanic Glasses: Application of a New FTIR Spectroscopy Method McIntosh I, Nichols A, Tani K & Llewellin E 15:45 Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation Hughes E, Blundy J, Brooker R, Imf E, Cartigny P, Botcharnikov R, Balzer R, Bindeman I, Kilgour G & Mader H 16:00 Fe-Redox in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions and Embayments Across the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone Turner S, Humphreys M, Matzen A, Di Genova D, Iveson A, Smythe D, Mather T & Pyle D 16:15 Tracing Fluid Variations Across the Kamchatka Arc: Melt Inclusion Volatile Contents and B Isotopes Iveson A, Humphreys M, Savov I, Churikova T & Macpherson C 16:30 Volatile Contents of Bubble-Bearing Melt Inclusions from Klyuchevskoy Volcano (Kamchatka) Determined by Mass-Balance and Experimental Homogenization Methods Moore L, Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Gazel E & Bodnar R 16:45 Magmatic H 2 O Variations in Primitive Magmas of Klyuchevskoy Volcano Through the Lens of the Ca-in-Olivine Geohygrometer Gavrilenko M, Ruprecht P & Krawczynski M 17:00 A High Carbon Content of the Hawaiian Mantle from Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Tucker J, Hauri E, Marske J, Garcia M, Pietruszka A & Trusdell F Mon (Session 04j continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 45) 27

88 05d PM 203 Mon 05d: Metals, Minerals, Melts and Fluids Associated with Giant Mineral Deposits: Insights from Experimental and Modelling and Applications to Igneous Fertility, Recycling of Metals and Mineralization Session chaired by Yuan Mei, Anthony Williams-Jones, Keiko Hattori, Ian Campbell, Claudia Cannatelli & Daniel Moncada 14:15 Keynote: Geochemical Controls of Mobilisation, Deposition, and Fractionation of REE, U, and Th in Ore Forming Hydrothermal Systems Migdisov A, Haylea N, van Hartesveldt N, Kalintsev A, Xu H, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, van Hinsberg V, Williams-Jones A, Gabitov R & Brugger J 14:45 The Solubility and Speciation of Thorium in Chloride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures Nisbet H, Migdisov A, Xu H, Williams-Jones A, van Hinsberg V, Guo X, Boukhalfa H & Roback R 15:00 The LREE-Depleted Apatite: Tracker of Anhydrite Oversaturated Magmas Huang W & Liang H 15:15 Complexation Behaviour of Uranyl in Sulfate-Bearing Solutions at Elevated Temperatures up to 250 Kalintsev A, Migdisov A, Xu H, Roback R & Brugger J 15:30 Liquid Immiscibility in the CaF2-Granite System Yang L & van Hinsberg V 15:45 A Tale of REE Concentration, Strange Lake, Canada Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE 16:00 Ore Formation of Iron Oxide Apatite Deposits in East China: A New Genetic Model Duan C, Li Y & Hou K 16:15 Invited: Speciation of Metal Ions in Aqueous Fluids from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations Stefanski J & Jahn S 16:30 Gold Solubility in Ammonia-Rich Alkaline Hydrothermal Fluids: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations Mei Y, Liu W & Brugger J 16:45 The Hydrothermal Solubility of monazite-(ce) and xenotime-(y) Gysi A, Harlov D & Miron G 17:00 Solubility of Hematite and Stability of Fe(III) Chloride Complexes at 200 to 300ºC, SWVP Gammons C & Allin N (Session 05d continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 46) 28

89 05h 204 PM 05h: Pore-To-Core Scale Geochemistry of Energy Systems: Organic- Inorganic Interactions, from Source Rocks to Reservoirs Session chaired by Christina Lopano, Guanghui Yuan, Alexandra Hakala, Yingchang Cao & Keyu Liu 14:15 Keynote: Oil and Gas Formation Under Organic-Inorganic Interaction in Crust-Mantle System Quanyou L, Dongya Z, Qingqiang M, Jiayi L, Xiaoqi W, Qi F, Bing Z & Zhijun J 14:45 Dispute of Secondary Porosity Enhancement Through Mineral Dissolution by CO 2 and Organic Acids Zan N, Wang Y, Yuan G & Cao Y 15:00 Quantitative Assessment Model of Gas Generation of Sapropelic Organic Matter Constrained by Expulsion Efficiency Li J, Hao A, Li Z, Ma W & Wang Y 15:15 Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Petroleum Inferring Secondary Alteration Processes in Reservoir Cheng B, Chen Z & Wang T-G 15:30 Co-evolution of Organic and Inorganic Components in the Longmaxi Shale from the Sichuan Basin, China: Implications for Pore Evolution in Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks Zhao J, Jin Z, Liu K, Jin Z, Hu Q & Hu Z 15:45 Controlling Factors of Organic Matter Accumulation in High Quality Source Rock in Weixinan Depression, Beibuwan Basin: Implication from Structural Activity and Depositional Environment Xu J, Jin Q, Zhang Q & Cheng F 16:00 Evaluating Organic Reaction Products Generated during Interaction between Marcellus Shale and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Hakala A & McAdams B 16:15 Laboratory Experimental Study of CO 2 -brine-synthetic Sandstone Core Interaction Under High P/T Reservoir Conditions Yu Z, Liu K & Liu L 16:30 Analysis for Geological Conditions of the Transformation from Aragonite to Calcite in the Paleogene Shale of Jiyang Depression, China Xiong Z-H, Wang G-M & Cao Y-C 16:45 Multi-Parameter Identification of Dolomite Genesis and Controlling Factors of Dolomite Reservoir in Yingshan Formation of Gucheng Area, Tarim Basin, NW China Zhang Y, Shen A, Zheng X, Huang S & Shao G 17:00 Mesogenetic Dissolution Could Significantly Enhance the Performance of Carbonate Reservoirs: Evidence from Experimental Simulation He X, Shen A, Xiong S & Yang C Mon (Session 05h continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 48) 29

90 06g PM 202 Mon 06g: Energy Landscapes in Biomineralization, Geochemistry, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Alex Navrotsky s 75th Birthday Session chaired by Pupa Gilbert & Jeffrey Rimer 14:15 Invited: Molecular Structure of Crustacean Exoskeletons and Relationships to Biomineral Toughness and Rigidity Dove P, Mergelsberg S & Michel M 14:30 The Mg-Dependent Solubility and Local Structure(s) of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Mergelsberg S, De Yoreo J, Michel M, Rimstidt D & Dove P 14:45 Energy Landscapes in Biomineral Formation Gilbert P 15:00 Why no Aragonite? Polymorph Selection in the Early Stages of Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Freeman C, Finney A, Innocenti Malini R & Harding J 15:15 Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Calcite in Water Schuitemaker A, Koziara K, De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P & Gale JD 15:30 Characterization and Visualization of Fish Otoliths Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Calcium Carbonate Polymorph Nucleation and Growth Pracheil B, Chakoumakos B, Wood RS, Fortner A, Loeppky A & Anderson WG 15:45 The Role of Clays in Heterogeneous Carbonate Nucleation Pósfai M, Fodor M, Rostási Á, Molnár Z, Váczi T, Ható Z & Kristóf T 16:00 Elucidating the Thermodynamic and Kinetic Factors Governing Zeolite Crystallization Rimer J 16:15 Exploring Energetics of Confined Nucleation for Bioapatite Formation Kim D, Lee B, Thomopoulos S & Jun Y-S 16:30 Invited: Surface Energy of Fayalite and its Effect on Fe-Si-O Oxygen Buffers and the Olivine- Spinel Transition Lilova K, Navrotsky A, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L 16:45 Keynote: A Career in Thermodynamics Navrotsky A (Session 06g continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 51) 30

91 07c 210 PM 07c: Seafloor Diagenesis, Hydrothermal Processes, and Biogeochemistry: Implications for the Earth System Through Time Session chaired by Benjamin Tutolo, Nicholas Pester, Drew Syverson, Ashleigh Hood, Xiangli Wang, Frederick Bowyer, Shuo Zhang, Laura Nielsen Lammers, Kimberly Lau & Anne-Sofie Ahm 14:15 Keynote: What Controls the Generation of Alkalinity in Marine Sediments? Turchyn AV, Bradbury HJ, Lin CY, Walker K & Antler G 14:30 Reestimating the Carbon Sink due to Authigenic Carbonate Formation in Marine Sediments with High Sediment Accumulation Rates Bradbury HJ & Turchyn AV 14:45 Keynote: Chemical Imaging Approaches to Untangle Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes in Ancient Rocks on Earth and Mars Fischer W, Lingappa U, Trower E, Magyar J, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Ma C, Guan Y, Rasmussen B & Liu Y 15:00 Questioning the Biogenicity of Neoproterozoic Superheavy Pyrite Cui H, Kitajima K, Spicuzza M, Fournelle J, Denny A, Ishida A, Zhang F & Valley J 15:15 Variance in Phanerozoic Marine Sulfate δ 34 S Proxies Present T, Gutierrez M, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Adkins J 15:30 Neoproterozoic Carbonate Clumped Isotope Records from the Onset of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Glaciation Mackey T, Jost A, Cantine M, Wilcots J & Bergmann K 15:45 Insights into the Genesis of post-marinoan Barite Using Ba Isotopes Crockford P, Wing B, Paytan A, Halverson G, Torres M, Hayles J, Caxito F, Uhlein G & Horner T 16:00 Rare Earth Elements in Carbonate Rocks of the Bambuí Group, Brazil, and their Relationship with Early Diagenetic Environments Paula-Santos G, Caetano-Filho S, Enzweiler J, Navarro MS, Kuchenbecker M & Bedoya-Rueda C 16:15 Mg Isotope Tracing of Paleofluid Migration during Dolomite Formation in the Williston Basin Nadeau M, Holmden C & Kimmig S 16:30 Early Dolomite Recrystallization at Low Temperature and Pressure Evidenced by Coupling Clumped Isotopes Thermometry with X-Ray Diffraction Analysis Veillard C, John C, Krevor S & Najorka J 16:45 Large δ 18 O and δ 13 C Zonations in Diagenetic Dolomites of the Bakken Formation, Middle Member Denny A, Śliwiński M, Orland I & Valley J 17:00 Spatial Stable Isotope Variability in Modern Lacustrine Carbonate: How do Local Microbial Processes Translate to the Sedimentary Record? Ingalls M, Trower L & Snell K Mon (Session 07c continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 51) 31

92 08l PM 200 Mon 08l: Climate on Land: What can We Learn from Terrestrial Archives Session chaired by Yael Kiro, Boaz Lazar & Yonaton Goldsmith 14:15 Keynote: Terrestrial Arctic Climate from Lake El gygytgyn: Normal vs. Super Interglacial Teleconnections Brigham-Grette J, Castañeda I, Deconto R, Roychowdhury R, DeWet G, Habicht H, Keisling B & Daniels W 14:30 Quantitative Reconstructions of Past Lake Level Changes from Tufas and Paleoshorelines in the Central Andes Chen CY, Rao Z, McGee D & Quade J 14:45 Southern California Hydroclimate over the Last 150 kyrs: New Results from the Searles and Death Valley Basins McGee D, Olson K, Stroup J, Chen CY, Lowenstein T, Smoot J, Janick J, Lund S, Peaple M, Feakins S, Serrato Marks G & Litwin R 15:00 On the Use of Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Evaporated Lake Systems to Reconstruct δ 18 O of Unevaporated Precipitation Passey B, Ji H & Winkelstern I 15:15 Late Quaternary Climate in Southern China Deduced from Sr-Nd Isotopes of Huguangyan Maar Sediments Zaarur S, Stein M, Adam O, Mingram J, Chu G, Liu J, Wu J & Erel Y 15:30 Branched GDGT-Based Paleotemperature Reconstruction of the Last 30, 000 Years in Humid Monsoon Region of Southeast China Wang M, Zong Y & Zheng Z 15:45 Millennial-Scale Controls on Monsoon Precipitation in Madagascar during the Deglaciation Scroxton N, Burns S, McGee D, Hardt B, Godfrey L, Ranivoharimanana L & Faina P 16:00 Progress and Challenges in Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstruction Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Baldini J, Lachniet M, Baldini L, Breitenbach S, Prufer K & Kennett D 16:15 A Multi-Proxy Approach to Understanding Hydroclimate in the American Southwest Wortham B, Montanez I, Swart P, Mukhopadhyay S & Tabor C 16:30 Invited: The Carbon Isotope Value of Whole Wood Versus Cellulose as a Proxy for Environmental Change Lukens W, Eze P & Schubert B 16:45 Site-Corrected Leaf Wax Biomarker Records Synthesized to Characterize East African Plio- Pleistocene Climate Lupien R, Russell J, Campisano C, Fiebel C, Beck C, Deino A, Kingston J, Potts R, Lamb H, Pearson E & Cohen A 17:00 Postglacial Paleoclimate Preserved in Pan-Pacific Peatlands Nichols J, Peteet D, Moy C, Heusser L, Massa C, Beilman D, Vandergoes M & Curtin L (Session 08l continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 53) 32

93 09j 207 PM 09j: Reconstructing the Co-evolution of Early Life and its Environment: From Molecules to Models, and Analogues to Isotopes Session chaired by Nagissa Mahmoudi, Michelle Gehringer, Elizabeth Swanner & Trinity Hamilton 14:15 Honorary: Isotopes, Genes and Technology The Past, Present and Future of Corals Paytan A 14:45 Invited: Builders, Tenants and Squatters: Organic Matter Preservation and its Relationship to Stromatolite Formation Petryshyn V, Bailey J, Stamps B, Spear J, Stevenson B & Corsetti F 15:00 Invited: Environmental Divers of Decoupled Marine Sulfate Oxygen and Sulfur Isotope Trends during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event Gomes M, Waldeck A, Gill B & Johnston D 15:15 Single-brachiopod δ 34 S CAS Indicates a Dynamic, Climatically-Influenced Permo-Carboniferous S Cycle Johnson D, Grossman E, Webb S & Adkins J 15:30 Invited: S(0) Formation Mechanisms in the Proterozoic Ocean Potential Signatures in the Rock Record Cosmidis J, Nims C, Kamermans B, Macalady J & Templeton A 15:45 Biogenic Mineral Transformations of Fe(III) (Oxyhydr)oxides at High Temperatures Kashyap S, Sklute EC, Wang P, Tague Jr. TJ, Dyar MD & Holden JF 16:00 Electron Donor Supply and Metabolic Efficiency as Limits on Net Primary Production in the Absence of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Ward L, Fischer W, Johnston D & McGlynn S 16:15 Manganese Speciation in Modern Cyanobacteria and its Relationship to the Evolution of Photosynthesis Magyar J, Lingappa U, Monteverde D, Valentine J & Fischer W 16:30 Cryptic Oxygen Oases: Hypolithic Oxygenic Photosynthesis in Hydrothermal Areas as a Model for Continental Oxidation Before the GOE Havig J & Hamilton T 16:45 Keynote: Evolution of the Oceans Biological Pump Ridgwell A Mon (Session 09j continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 55) 33

94 10h PM 208 Mon 10h: Traditional and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Geobiology and Biogeochemistry: Clumped, Organic and Position-Specific Isotope Systems Session chaired by Daniel Stolper & Alexis Gilbert 14:15 Reivisiting Classical Applications with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Wacker U, Lloyd N & Schwieters J 14:30 Computer-Generated Isotope Modeling for Position Specific Isotope Analysis Goldman MJ, Vandewiele NM, Ono S & Green WH 14:45 13 CH 3 D and 12 CH 2 D 2 Measurements of Methane from Boreal Lakes Haghnegahdar M, Schauble E, Kohl I, Labidi J, Walter Anthony K & Young E 15:00 Bulk and Clumped Isotopic Signatures of Aerobically Produced Methane Taenzer L, Gaube J, Rumble D, Young E, Labidi J & Leavitt W 15:15 Invited: How Reversible is Methylotrophic Methanogenesis? Distinguishing Gross from Net Uptake Using Clumped Isotopes in Methanol Lloyd M, Dawson K, Douglas P & Eiler J 15:30 Invited: Isotopologue Fractionation during Microbial Methanogenesis in a Bioelectrochemical System Rhim J, Pajusalu M & Ono S 15:45 Keynote: Resolved Analyses of 13 CDH3 and 12 CD 2 H 2 from Taiwan Mud Volcanoes Rumble D, Wang P-L, Lin L-H, Lin Y-T, Tu T-H, Labidi J & Young ED 16:15 Clumped and Stable Isotope Characterization of Methane Seep Environments Thiagarajan N, Cremiere A, Blattler C, Higgins J, Lepland A & Eiler J 16:30 Using an Isotope, Reaction-Transport Model to Assess Controls on the Efficiency of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Baltic Sea Sediments Lapham L, Alperin M, Fossing H, Ferdelman T, Brüchert V, Rehder G & Jørgensen BB 16:45 CH 4 Clumped Isotope Signatures in an Ordovician Aquiclude: Insight into Methanogenic N-Alkanes Degradation Jautzy JJ, Douglas PMJ, Eiler JM & Clark ID (Session 10h continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 55) 34

95 10m 206 PM 10m: Microbial Interactions with Minerals and Metals Session chaired by Maria Dittrich, Maria Romero-Gonzalez, Drew Gorman-Lewis, Addien Wray & Tingting Yang 14:15 Keynote: The Role of Cellular Cysteine in Microbe-Metal Interactions Yee N 14:30 Examining Extracellular Electron Transfer of Intact Cells via Monitoring Redox Dynamics of C-Cytochromes Liu T, Wu Y & Li F 14:45 The C-Type Cytochromes in Extra Polymer Substances Dominate Biological Cr(VI) Reduction Luo X, Wu Y, Liu T, Li F & Chen D 15:00 Using a Novel Fluorescent Probe Technique to Study Bacterial Cd Sorption Johnson C, Shrout J & Fein J 15:15 The Role of Microbial Fe Metabolism in the Biogeochemical Cycle of Cd Tomaszewski E, Bayer T, Sorwat J, Muehe M, Byrne J & Kappler A 15:30 Interaction of Anaerobic Acidophiles with Aluminum at the Micro-Scale Sánchez-España J, Yusta I & Burgos W 15:45 Immobilisation of Contaminants within Uranium Mine Tailings via the Production of Mycogenic Phosphate Minerals Mullan TK, Lunn R & Renshaw JC 16:00 A Thermodynamic Description of Microbial U(VI) Reduction Wray A & Gorman-Lewis D 16:15 Molecular Interactions of Fungi with UraniumVI Studied by Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods Wollenberg A, Merroun M, Guenther A, Raff J & Stumpf T 16:30 Bentonite A Natural Habitat for Sulfate-Reducers Matschiavelli N, Kluge S & Cherkouk A 16:45 Geochemical and Microbial Characteristics of Waste Disposal Sites Affected by Seawater Intrusion and High Alkalinity Ham B, Kwon J-S & Kwon MJ 17:00 The Geomicrobiology of Ancient Glass Alteration with Implications for Nuclear Waste Disposal Pearce C, Plymale A, Weaver J, Sjöblom R, Arey B, Soltis J, Vicenzi E, McCloy J, Johnson K, Saunders D, Brislawn C, Wells J, Fansler S, Peeler D & Kruger A Mon (Session 10m continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 56) 35

96 12e PM 306 Mon 12e: Redox Transitions and Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Nutrients, and Contaminants Session chaired by Marco Keiluweit, Samantha Ying, Christian Mikutta, Elizabeth Herndon, Carla Rosenfeld, Dawn Cardace & Amanda Olsen 14:15 Invited: Oxic-Anoxic Interfaces in Soils and Sediments: Hotspots of Manganese-Driven Carbon Oxidation Keiluweit M, Nico P, Tfaily M, Thieme J, Regier T & Jones M 14:30 Keynote: Biogenic Mn Oxide Influences on Metal(loid) Contaminants Santelli C, Hinkle MA, Rosenfeld C, Roepke E & Chaput D 14:45 Relationship between Carbon Availability and Biogenic Manganese Oxide Formation Pena J, Sentchilo V, Hausladen D & Ayala H 15:00 The Impact of Light on Iron Biogeochemistry in Sediments Lueder U, Jorgensen BB, Maisch M, Kappler A & Schmidt C 15:15 Influence of Iron (Hydr)oxide Mineralogy on Soil-Sedimentary Methanogenesis Gadol HJ & Kocar BD 15:30 Electron Transfer from Interior Fe(II) to Edge Fe(III) in Reduced Nontronite Under Anoxic Conditions Liao W, Yuan S & Liu X 15:45 Invited: Fe(II) Fe(III) Oxide Electron Transfer: Influence on Contaminant, Nutrient, and Carbon Dynamics Scherer M, Andrade L, Felber O, Pearce C, Robinson T, Rosso K & Zhou Z 16:00 Fe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Ferrihydrite-Organic Matter Coprecipitates: A Closer Look Using Fe Isotopes Zhou Z, Latta D, Noor N, Thompson A, Borch T & Scherer M 16:15 Fe(II)-catalyzed Ligand-Controlled Dissolution of FeOOH: ATR-FTIR, Isotopic, and Kinetic Studies Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Borowski SC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ 16:30 Changes in Redox Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter Sorbed onto Fe(III)-Montmorillonite Subdiaga E, Orsetti S & Haderlein SB 16:45 Flavins, Redox Potentials and Reactive Oxygen Species Pi K, Markelova E & Van Cappellen P 17:00 Microbially Driven Production of Hydroxyl Radicals during Soil Redox Oscillations Zhang Y & Tong M (Session 12e continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 58) 36

97 13f 302 PM 13f: Urban Geochemistry: Legacy Problems, Current Sources and Risk Assessment Session chaired by Stefano Albanese & Claudia Cannatelli 14:15 Legacy Mine Tailings in Urban Areas: Assessing Heavy Metal Exposure from Street Dust Cortés S, Arce G, Leiva C, Muñoz L, Gutiérrez S, Moya P, Vega A & Pastén P 14:30 Assessment of Heavy Metal and PAH Pollution of Onitsha, Southeastern Nigeria Olatunji A & Asowata T 14:45 Persistence of Wildfire-Derived Pollutants in Indoor Environments Kohl L, Meng M, de Vera J, Bergquist B, Cooke CA, Hustins S, Jackson B & Chan AWH 15:15 The Occurrence of OCPs, PCBs, and PAHs in the Air of Naples, Southern Italy Qu C, Albanese S, Lima A, Hope D, Fortelli A & De Vivo B 15:30 The Potential of Remote Sensing for Assessing Urban Contamination Levels Around a Legacy Mining Zone Garb Y, Friedlander L, Ericson B, Weisbrod N, Rottman S, Dayan I, Maman S & Blumberg D Mon (Session 13f continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 52) Session 13k follows this session in this room. For details see page

98 13k PM 302 Mon 13k: Biogeochemistry of Oxyanion-Forming Elements: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Session chaired by Case van Genuchten, Thilo Behrends, Vincent Cloutier, Joseph Ayotte, David Vinson, Matthew Polizzotto, Céline Pallud & Owen W. Duckworth 15:45 Keynote: The Global Biogeochemical Selenium Cycle Winkel L 16:15 Adsorption of Selenite by Bacillus subtilis: The Overlooked Role of Cell Envelope Sulfhydryl Sites in Microbial Conversion of Se(IV) Yu Q, Boyanov M, Liu J, Kemner K & Fein J 16:30 Abiotic and Biotic Oxidation of Chemically Synthesized Se(0) Nanoparticles Mal J, Yee N, Schilling K, Goff J, Dhillon K & Pallud C 16:45 Mycogenic Biogeochemistry: Simultaneous Manganese Oxidation and Selenium Reduction in Oxic Systems Rosenfeld C, Hinkle MA & Santelli C 17:00 Invited: Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for Geogenic Molybdenum in Southeastern Wisconsin Harkness J, Darrah T & Vengosh A (Session 13k continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 86) 38

99 13l 304 PM 13l: Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions that Control the Environmental Fate of Contaminants Session chaired by Jeremy Fein, Ken Kemner, Frank Bok & Athanasios Karamalidis 14:15 Keynote: Advances and New Challenges in Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions and Applications to Sustainable Remediation of Contaminants O Day P 14:45 Effects of Solution Conditions on Bisphenol a Oxidation by Manganese Oxide Balgooyen S, Remucal CK & Ginder-Vogel M 15:00 Characterizing in situ Redox Conditions by Electrochemical and Geophysical Methods Bradley MJ, Placencia-Gomez E, Szecsody JE & Tratnyek PG 15:15 Transformation of Phenolic Contaminants by Environmentally Relevant Manganese Oxides Trainer EL, Ginder-Vogel M & Remucal C 15:30 Mineral Surface Controls on Cr(VI) Reduction by Sorbed Fe(II) Nelson J, Joe-Wong C & Maher K 15:45 A Biophysicochemical Approach for Assessing the Dynamics of Metal Biouptake at Microbial Interfaces Rotureau E, Billard P, Pagnout C, Présent RM & Duval JFL 16:00 Cd and Proton Adsorption onto a Halophilic Archaeal Species: The Role of Cell Envelope Sulfhydryl Sites Liu J, Yu Q, Showalter A, Bunker B & Fein J 16:15 Hg Coordination in Actively Hg-Methylating Bacteria Thomas S, Mishra B & Myneni S 16:30 Adsorption of Methylmercury onto Geobacter Bemidijensis Bem Wang Y, Yu Q, Mishra B, Schaefer J, Fein J & Yee N 16:45 Mycogenic Manganese Oxide Structural Changes and Nickel Incorporation with Aging Hinkle M, Rosenfeld C, Post J & Santelli C 17:00 Influence of EPS on the Adsorption of Cd onto Three Bacterial Species Butzen M & Fein J Mon (Session 13l continues on Monday 13th Posters on page 64) 39

100 Posters Mon 02b: The Evolution of Earth s Mantle: Heterogeneity Understood Using Modern Analytical Techniques 1 Optimizing Precision in 142-Nd TIMS Analysis: Faraday Cup Performance Horan M & Carlson R 2 Iron and Vanadium Isotopic Compositions of Cenozoic Basalts from Eastern China Chen Z, Ding X, Huang J, Yu H & Huang F 3 Deep Mantle Roots of Zarnitsa Pipe Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N, Ntaflos T, Khmelnikova O, Tolstov A & Smarov G 4 Distinctive Pb Isotopic Mantle Evolution beneath the Paleo-Tethyan and Paleo-Asian Ocean Liu XJ, Xu JF & Xiao WJ 5 Beyond REE Abundance Patterns: REE Stable Isotopic Compositions Hu JY, Dauphas N, Tissot FLH, Yokochi R & Ireland T 6 Iron Isotope and Fe 3+ /Fetotal Hetereogenity Preserved on Inter-Eruption Lengthscales in Iceland Williams H, Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S 7 Microanalysis for Oxygen Fugacity by SIMS: Development and Application to Ilmenite Dillon S & Hervig R 8 Magnesium and Hafnium Isotopic Geochemical Characteristics of Mantle Peridotites from Penglai, the North China Craton Xiao X, Lu Y-H & Li P-F 9 Copper Mobilisation and Isotope Fractionation during Subduction Freymuth H, Williams H, Jenner F & Debret B 10 Chemical Composition of the Basalts on East Pacific rise(1.5 N-1.5 S) and South Mid-Ocean ridge(13.2 S) Ding X 11 Hf-Nd Isotopes of Chile Ridge Basalts, Evidence of Pelagic Sediment in the MORB Mantle Mallick S, Saal A, Klein E & Bach W 12 Reaction Controlled Kinetic Inter-Mineral Ca Isotope Fractionation between Orthopyroxene and Clinopyroxene Kang J, Hao Y, Liu F, Zhu H, Zhang Z & Huang F 13 Lithological Heterogeneity in the Sources of Emeishan and Tarim Large Igneous Provinces: A Zn/Fe and Zn Isotope Perspective Yang C, Liu S-A & Wang Z-Z 14 Barium Isotopes Evidence of Recycled Metasomatized Mantle Wedge in the Mantle Source of Azores OIB Yu H-M, Nan X-Y, Widom E, Kuentz D & Huang F 15 Calcium Isotopic Composition of Mantle Olivines Zhang Z, Zhao X, Huang S & Zhu H 16 Melt/rock Interaction in the Mesozoic Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Eastern North China Craton: Fe Isotopic Evidence Zhao X, Huang S, Qi Y, Huang F & Zhang H 17 Refining B Separation Protocols for Silicate Rock Samples and Probing Mantle Composition Using B Isotopes Paul AN, Kirstein L, Savov I, de Hoog C-J & Elliott T 40

101 Posters 02e: Magmas and their Cargoes as Tracers of Mantle Evolution: Implications for Chemical Geodynamics 19 Lithogeochemistry of Lamprophyric Dykes from Río de la Plata Craton in Uruguay Muzio R, Martino N & Peel E 20 Petrographical and Geochemical Chracteristics of Lithospheric Mantle Beaneath Ia Bang, Pleiku, Vietnam Nguyen TC & Kil Y 21 Mantle Transition Zone Source of Cenozoic Water-Rich Intraplate Magmatism in Eastern China Chen H, Xia Q-K, Ingrin J, Kuritani T, Hanski E, Liu J, Liu S-C & Wang Q-Y 22 Influence of Peridotite Xenolith-Magma Interaction on Geochemical Diversity of Alkali Basalts: Evidence from Spinels Ma Y, He M, Liu L & Liu X 23 Oxygen, Sr and Nd Isotopic Evidence from Kyanite-Eclogite Xenoliths (KL-2 Pipe, Wajrakarur ) for pre 1.1 Ga Mantle Metasomatism in Eastern Dharwar SCLM Vadlamani R, Bera M, Samanta A, Mukherjee S, Adhikari A & Sarkar A 24 New Evidence for LREE Depleted Mantle in the Mesoarchean Seixas LAR, Bonin B & Bardintzeff J-M 25 Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of the Archean Fine Granitoid: Example of the Bakoudou Gold Deposit in Gabon Nzaou Mabika N, Wafik A, Boushaba A, Saquaque A & Garrhabi M 26 Chromian Spinels and Olivines in a Contact-Metamorphosed Peridotite-Sediment System from Nagasawa, Shimane Prefecture SW Japan Matsumoto I, Arai S & Miura M 27 The Hydration State of West Antarctic Lithospheric Mantle Withers A, Kruckenberg S & Chatzaras V 28 Geochemical Constraints on Enriched Mantle Source of the North Fiji Basin Oh J, Kim J, Lee I & Stuart FM 29 Spongy Textures and Melt Pockets in Mantle Xenoliths from Bailin, SE China: Records of Pre- Eruptive Alkaline and Carbonate-Rich Melt Metasomatism Hang S & Xu X (Session 02e continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 70) Mon 03a: The Fifth Element: Boron Isotope Geochemistry 34 Stable Isotope Analysis Using Molecular Absorption Spectrometry Abad C, Florek S, Becker-Ross H, Huang M-D, Heinrich H-J, Recknagel S, Vogl J, Jakubowski N & Panne U 35 Chemical and Boron Isotopic Composition of Tourmaline and Muscovite in Granite and Pegmatite from Cizhu Pluton, Jiangxi Province, South China: Insight to Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution Cao M-Y, Jiang S-Y, Su H-M, Zhao K-D & Chen W 36 The Boron Isotopic Composition of Diatom Opal Foster G, Donald H, Frohberg N, Poulton A, Moore M & Swann G 41

102 Posters Mon 37 Light Lithophile Elements and Boron Isotopes Track Crustal Assimilation in Icelandic Basalts Hartley M & de Hoog C-J 38 Boron Isotopic Investigation of the Bayan Obo Carbonatite Complex Kuebler C, Simonetti A & Chen W 39 Boron Isotope Constraints Upon Fluid-Rock Interactions Associated with Emplacement of the Ma Geysers Plutonic Complex Marcaida M, Coble M & Grove M 40 Isotopically Heavy Boron in the Source of Ocean Island Basalts Marschall H & Jackson M 41 Boron Isotopes in Boninites Record Evolving Input from a Cooling Slab during Subduction Initiation Li H-Y, Ryan J, Li X & Xu Y-G 42 Boron Isotopes in Hydrothermally Altered Rocks from the Manus Basin Schlicht L, Kasemann S, Meixner A & Bach W 43 Boron Content and Isotopic Composition of Uraninite and U(VI) Alteration Minerals for Nuclear Forensics Applications Spano T, Simonetti A, Keubler C & Corcoran L 44 The Effect of Matrix Interferences on in situ Boron Isotope Analysis by Laser Ablation MC-ICP- MS Standish C, Chalk T, Babila T, Milton A & Foster G 45 Boron Isotopes by Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS with Application to ph Reconstruction in Biogenic Carbonates Steinhoefel G, Beck K, Benthien A, Raitzsch M, Richter K-U, Schmidt G & Bijma J 46 Reconstruction of Deglacial Surface Ocean ph in the South China Sea Using Boron Isotopes in Foraminifera Sun LY-J, Huang K-F, Ren H, Chen M-T & Liu Z 47 The Impact of Melting of Metasomatized Subarc Mantle on the B Isotope Systematics of Arc Volcanics Tomanikova L, Savov I, Harvey J, De Hoog C-J, Churikova T & Gordeychik B 48 Geochemistry and Boron Isotopic Compositions of Tourmaline from the Paleoproterozoic Amphibolites, NE China: Implications for the Origin of Borate Deposit Wang Z, Chen B & Yan X 03f: Metamorphic Records of Lithospheric Processes: Everyday, Exceptional, and Extreme Ar/ 39 Ar Thermochronological Constraints on the Retrogression of UHP Metamophic Rocks from North Qinling, China Hu R, Wijbrans J, Brouwer F, Bai X, Qiu H & Feng Z 50 Early Eocene Reactivation of Tian Shan Orogenic Belt, Western China: Constrains from the Metamorphic Zircons in Eclogite Zhang L, Zhang L, Cheng F, Chu X & Wang Y 42

103 Posters 51 Tectonics Mechanism,geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of Jadeite-Quartzite, Dabie Mountains, China Wu W & Wu Z 52 New Insight into Reaction Iso grades, Petrography, Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and gem Bearing Marbles in Karakoram Metamorphic Complex (Aliabad Karimabad), Central Hunza, NE Pakistan Baig SS, Xue C, Yang T & Jan MQ 53 On the Presence of Almandine Bearing Rocks at the Moraine of Collins Glacier, King George Island: Part of the Scotia Metamorphic Complex? Bastias J, Süssenberger A, Ugalde R, Matus D, Spikings R & Schmidt S 54 Understanding Overstepped Metamorphic Reactions via Changes in the Chemical Potential of Thermodynamic Components Nagurney A, Caddick M & Dragovic B 55 How are Sediments Incorporated into the Lower Continental Crust? A Monazite Based P-T-T Investigation of the Ivrea Zone Wyatt D, Smye A & Hacker B 56 Unraveling the Age of HT Metamorphism in Eastern Senegal: Evidence from U-Pb in situ Analyses on Monazite and Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology Kone J, Baratoux L, Maneiro K, Baxter E, Vanderhaeghe O, Duchène S, Ndiaye PM, Pitra P, Dufrechou G & Bruguier O 57 Petrology and Geochemistry of the TTG Migmatitic Orthogneisses from the Granja Area (NW Ceará, Brazil) Silva AJF, Azevedo MR, Valle Aguado B & Nogueira Neto JA 58 Evidence for Fluid-Melt Immiscibility during Partial Melting in the Oberpfalz Migmatites, Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif) Wannhoff I, Ferrero S, O Brien PJ, Ziemann MA & Hecht L 59 A Comparative Study of Leucogranites and Migmatites from the GHC in Nyalam, Southern Tibet Yang L, Wu F, Wang J & Liu X 60 Metamorphism, Petrology and Thermobarometry of a Retrograded Charnockite from Eastern Dharwar Craton (EDC), Khammam District, India Adhikary D, Sahoo S, Rai DK & Gangopadhyay KK 61 New Zircon Dating and Hf-Isotope Constraints on Neoproterozoic Rifting and Triassic Subduction of the Neoarchean Yangtze Basement Liu Y-C, Li Y & Yang Y 62 Zircon U-Pb Dating of the TGM Gneiss in and Around Khammam Area, Telangana, India Indicates Timing of Possible Superposition of Thermal Event Eastern Dharwar Craton (EDC) Adhikary D, Sahoo RK, Krishna KVSS & Gangopadhyay KK (Session 03f continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 71) Mon 03g: Mineral Recorders of Earth and Planetary Processes 65 Thermal Evolution of the Mozambique Belt in Northern Tanzania: Accessory Phase U-Pb Depth Profiling Apen F, Rudnick R & Cottle J 66 Advancing Petrochronology: Linking Zircon and Monazite to Garnet Tual L, Kooijman E & Smit M 43

104 Posters Mon 68 Monazite Petrochronology in Internal Rif Units (Beni Bousera, Northern Morocco): New Insights of Permian and Oligo-Miocene Events El Bakili A, Bosse V, Corsini M, Nicollet C, Lardeau JM & Chalouan A 69 Cooling History of the Antarctic Peninsula Magmatic Arc Barbeau D, Hemming S & Guenthner W 70 Determining Both the Age and Lithology of Detrital Apatite O Sullivan G, Chew D, Mark C, Henrichs I & Kenny G 71 Dating Changes in Relative Plate Motion in the Betic-Rif Cordillera Using Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology Farrell T, Baxter E, Aerden D & Stewart EM 72 Evolution of the Southern Gulf of California: Thermochronology of Rift-Related Extensional Faults Flores M, Grove M, Kimbrough D, Lonsdale P & Shuster D 73 Volatile and Trace-Element Abundances of Apatite from the Youngest Yellowstone Supereruptions Coble MA 74 Variable Garnet (Re)crystallisation during High-Temperature Polyphase Metamorphism Dragovic B, Guevara V & Caddick M 75 REE and Sr Isotope Geochemistry of Apatites from the Yeongju and Andong Granites, Yeongnam Massif, Korea Yoon R, Lee S-G, Park K-H & Song Y-S 76 Sulfur XANES Investigation of Upper Mantle Metasomatic Apatite Tassara S, Reich M, Konecke B, González Jiménez J-M, Fiege A, Simon A, Morata D & Barra F 77 Plate Motions from Porphyroblasts: Direct Dating of Multiple Deformation Phases in the NW Himalaya Walker S, Sayab M & Baxter E 78 In situ U-Pb-Hf-O Isotope Analyses of the High Grade Metamorphic Rocks from UHT Terrane, Rauer Group, East Antarctica Wang Y 79 Raman Microprobe Constraints on the Ar Degassing Mechanisms in Gem-Quality Sanidine Kung J & Villa IM 80 An Apatite for American Lobster Kunkel J, Tarbox B, Hild S, Bahadur A & Jercinovic M 04d: Basalt, Granite and Lunar Rocks: A Celebration of J.M. Rhodes 80th Birthday 85 Data as a Scientific Legacy: Rescuing Data from More Than 35 Years of Hawaiian Volcanic Lava Studies Lehnert K, Carter Orlando M & Rhodes JM 86 Mg Isotope Compositions of Hawaiian Lavas DeFelice C, Hu Y, Wang S-J, Huang S & Teng F-Z 87 Mg Isotope Fractionation during Partial Melting with Residual Garnet: An Adakite Perspective Wang Y, Ke S & He Y 88 Nd Hf Isotopic Mapping of Late Mesozoic Granitoids in the East Qinling Orogen, Central China and its Applications Wang X, Wang T, Ke C & Yang Y 44

105 Posters 89 Late Cretaceous Highly Fractionated I type Granites from Qiangtang Block, Central Tibet: Petrogenesis and Tectonic Implications He H, Li Y & Wang C 90 Paleoproterozoic Granitic Magmatism in the Contendas-Mirante Region, Bahia, Brazil Gordilho Barbosa R, Stevens G & Lana C 91 Geochemistry and Petrology of Sub-Salt Volcanic Rocks in Deep-Water Santos Basin, SE Brasil Yang X-F, Liu Y-M, Zhou Y-B, Wang D-D, Ma Z-Z & Zhang Z-W Mon 04j: Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) 92 Reversed Determination of the Dehydration of Glaucophane in the System Na 2 O-Mgo-Al 2 O 3 - SiO 2 -H 2 O and the Effects of NaCl and CO 2 Cheng N & Jenkins DM 93 Composition-Dependent Thickness of Basaltic Lava Flows in Planetary System Ha R & Yu Y 94 Raman and Infrared Studies of Gas-Solid Reactions between SO 2 and Basaltic Glasses Mernagh T, Palm A, Renggli C & King P 95 Lava Creek Tuff Love Befus K, Holsteen Bruyere R & Manga M 96 High Oxygen Fugacity Magma and Decratonization of North China Craton Induced by Ridge Subduction Zhang Z, Ling M, Zhang L, Sun S & Sun W 97 Evidence of Rapid Growth of Olivine in Unusually Oxidized Intraplate Melts from Western Mexico Mesa J & Lange R 98 Tracing of Cl Input into the Sub-Arc Mantle Through the Combined Analysis of B, O and Cl Isotopes in Melt Inclusions Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Rose-Koga E, Nichols A & Baumgartner L 99 Measurement of Water Solubility in Synthetic and Natural Carbonatite Jacobson N, Setlock J, Kulis M, Costa G, Fegley B & McAdam A 100 Pre-Eruptive Magmatic Depth and Physical Properties of Newly Formed Caldera: The Case of Hijiori, Northeast Japan Miyagi I, Kita N & Morishita Y 101 Microscale Oxygen Barometry in Basaltic Glasses Using Vanadium K-Edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Lanzirotti A, Dyar MD, Sutton S, Newville M, Head E & McCanta M 102 The Influence of Crystal Content and Type on Permeable Vesicular Pathways in High-Silica Melts degraffenried R, Larsen J & Graham N 103 On the Use of Experimentally Derived Redox Sensors in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Laubier M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Gaborieau M & McCammon C 104 The Effect of Slab-Derived Sulfur on the Sulfur Content, Metal Content, and Oxidation State of Primitive Magmas in the Southern Cascades Muth M, Wallace P & Walowski K 45

106 Posters Mon 105 Sulfur Degassing and Magma Oxidation State at Mount St. Helens (WA) and Augustine (AK) Volcanoes Lerner A, Wallace P, Thornber C, Kelly P, Coombs M & Mandeville C 106 An Olivine-Melt Thermometer Based on DNi, with no Dependence on H 2 O in the Melt: New Experimental Evidence Pu X, Lange R, Moore G, Touran J & Gagnon J 107 EOS for Multi-Component Fluids Gottschalk M 108 Development of a Cr Oxybarometer for Glasses: An XAS Study Roberts S, McCanta M & Dyar D 109 The Contribution of Bubble-Hosted Mineral Phases to the Volatile Content of Melt Inclusions Estimated by 3D Raman Imaging Schiavi F, Gómez-Ulla A, Venugopal S, Hardiagon M, Bolfan-Casanova N & Laporte D 110 Volatile Concentrations and Hydrogen Isotope Ratios of Submarine Glasses from Loihi and Kilauea Shimizu K, Ushikubo T & Kaneoka I 111 Noble Metal Solubility in CO-CO 2 Fluid at Magmatic PT Simakin A, Gabitov R, Salova T, Trail D, Korost D, Tutunnik O & Kubrakova I 112 Fugacities of N 2, CO 2 and CH 4 in N 2 -CO 2 -CH 4 Mixtures from Bars Determined by Raman Spectroscopy Sublett Jr DM, Lamadrid H, Steele-MacInnis M, Spiekermann G & Bodnar R 113 The Determination of Sulfur Concentration in Silicate Glasses and Recrystallized Silicate Melt Inclusions by LA-ICP-MS Tsay A, Grondahl C & Zajacz Z (Session 04j continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 73) 05d: Metals, Minerals, Melts and Fluids Associated with Giant Mineral Deposits: Insights from Experimental and Modelling and Applications to Igneous Fertility, Recycling of Metals and Mineralization 115 Trace Elements in Fluid Inclusions of Dongping and Xiaoqinling Vein Gold Deposits in China Xu J, Bian C & Wang Y 116 Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Mesoproterozoic Granitoids (Granite, pegmatite) of Kibara Belt ( Myrs) Bearing Sn-Nb-Ta-W and Cu Ore Minerals in Maniema Province /D.R.Congo Makutu Kumakele D & Insung L 117 Iron Index M taguinarou Nord (Tebessa): Geological, Geochimic, Mineralogical and Structural Study Diab H, Chouabbi A & Krekeler M 118 Microthermometry and Raman Spectroscopy of Fluid and Melt Inclusions in the Alpine Porphyry Copper Deposits from Romania: Insights on Micrometallogeny Pintea I, Udubasa SS, Birgaoanu D, Iatan EL & Barbu OC 119 Effect of Epidote on Magnetic Properties Related to Hydrothermal Alteration Processes in Intrusive Body Associated with Challu Iron Skarn Deposit (South East Damghan), Iran Majidi P & Mary S 46

107 Posters 120 Accessory Minerals in Tonstein from Coal Seam 713 in the North Part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland) Adamczyk Z 121 Reporting a New Type of Magmatic Fe-Ti-Oxide Ore Deposit in Chotanagpur Granite Gneiss Complex, East Indian Shield Mondal R & Ray A 122 Solvent Exraction and Sepration of Te(Ⅳ) from Hydrochloric Acid Leaching Solution of Tellurium Ore Zhuge F, Yu X & Zeng Y 123 Numerical Simulation of Magma Chamber Degassing Utkin I, Afanasyev A, Melnik O, Blundy J & Sparks S 124 Mobility of Titanium in F-Rich Fluids: Clues from Experiments and Thermodynamic Calculation Ding X, He J & Sun W 125 Formation of the Yuanjiang Ruby Deposit and its Relationship with Movement of the Red River Shear Belt, SW China: Evidence from Graphite Raman Analyses and Ar-Ar Phlogopite Geochronology Yang T, Sun X & Shi G 126 The Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocks of the Ouachitas and Arkoma Basin and their Genetic Relationship to the Mississippi Valley-Type Mineralization in the Southern Ozark Region Using Pb, Sr and Nd Isotopes Wakamya C 127 Phase Equilibria for the Aqueous System Containing Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, and Sulfate Ions at 273 K Peng Y, Zeng Y & Yu X 128 Solubility Experiment in Subsystems of Sr-Ca-Mg- Cl-H 2 O at 298 K Yu X, Wang L, Liu M, Zeng Y, Peng Y, Zhuge F & Feng S 129 Zircon-Hosted Melt Inclusions in Porphyry Systems Butters D, Blundy J, Tattitch B, McCuaig C & Hawkesworth C 130 Preliminary Results on Gossan Natural Goethite and Other Iron Oxi-Hydroxide from Supergene Ore Deposits Santoro L, Herrington R, Mondillo N & Putzolu F 131 Mineralogy, Paragenetic Sequence and Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Kuh-E-Surmeh Sediment- Hosted Zinc-Lead Deposit, Fars Province, Iran Fazli S, Taghipour B, Lentz D & Moore F 132 Heavy Rare Earth Enrichment Associated with SO 4- rich Fluids at the Huanglongpu Carbonatite Deposit, China Cangelosi D, Yardley B, Banks D & Smith M 133 The Skaergaard Intrusion: Using Petrography to Characterize an Exsolved Magmatic Volatile Phase Wernette B & Boudreau A 134 Solid-Liquid Equilibria in the Aqueous Subsystems of K-Rb-Cs-So4-H 2 O Zeng Y, Yu X, Peng Y, Feng S, Zhuge F, Chen P, Wu L & Sun J 135 Initial REE Enrichment and Evolution in Carbonatites: Evidence from Geochemistry and Melt Inclusions in Ulgii Khiid Carbonatites, Mongolia Feng M, Song W, Xu C, Kynický J & Zhao C Mon 47

108 Posters Mon 136 The Influence of Exsolved Magmatic Fluids in Back-Arc Crust: Epidosites and Base Metals Fox S, Katzir Y, Bach W & Schlicht L 137 Gold Contents of Meso-Cenozoic Basalts in Eastern China: Implication for Gold Origin of Giant Gold Deposits in the North China Craton Cheng H, Wang Z & Zong K 138 Partitioning of Sn and W between Granitic Melt and Aqueous Fluid Schmidt C, Romer R, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C & Appelt O 139 Tracing Multiple Metal Sources in a Regional Plumbotectonic Model of the Cycladic Mineral District, Greece Wind SC, Schneider DA, Hannington MD & Kilias SP 140 Mantle Contributions in the Formation of Mesozoic Sn-W-Mo-Cu-Pb-Zn Deposits in South China: Take Shizhuyuan Orefield as Example Wu L-Y, Hu R-Z & Jiang G-H 141 Gold Deposits and Occurrences of the Greater Caucasus, Georgia Gagnidze N, Kekelia S & Kekelia M 142 An Experimental Study of the Solubility and Speciation of MoO 3 in Hydrothermal Fluids at Temperatures up to 350 Shang L & Williams-Jones AE 143 Reequilibration Processes in Magnetite from IOCG and IOA Deposits and their Implications for Ore Genesis and Magnetite Classification Schemes Huang X-W & Beaudoin G (Session 05d continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 75) 05h: Pore-To-Core Scale Geochemistry of Energy Systems: Organic- Inorganic Interactions, from Source Rocks to Reservoirs 145 Lattice-Boltzmann Modeling of Hydrate Formation in Brine Wang D & Wang Q 146 Geochemical and Sedimentlogical Assessment of Ypresian Carbonate Reservoir (North Tunisian Outcrops) Arfaoui I, Boulvain F & Montacer M 147 Geochemical Characteristics of Oil and Source Rock in Xihu Depression, East China Sea Basin Zhang X, Chen H & Su A 148 Investigation of Scaling in Marcellus Shale during a Laboratory Simulated Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Flow and Shut-In Period Xiong W, Moore J, Hakala JA, Crandall D & Lopano C 149 Cause of Micropore Formation in Tuffaceous Tight Reservoir: A Case Study from the Permian Tiaohu Formation in the Santanghu Basin, NW China Huang Z, Ma J & Li T 150 Geochemical Heterogeneity in Lake-Type Control Nonmarine Basins from North China and West Africa Xu F, Cheng D, Hu J, Ding Y & Liu M 151 Kinetics of Oil Generation by Closed-System Pyrolysis of Ximaling Shale Zhao Z, Wang Q & Lu H 152 Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of Gas Shales in Krishna Godavari Basin, India Kala S, Boruah A, Devaraju J & Rasheed MA 48

109 Posters 153 Diagenetic Process and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Different Types of Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: A Case Study of Lower Jurassic Ahe Formation in Yiqikelike Structural Belt of Kuqa Depression Yan Y & Zhang L 154 Geochemical Characteristics of the Permian Mudstone in the Songliao Basin, Northeastern China Zhu Z, Li M & Cheng H 155 Geochemistry of Superhigh-Organic-Sulfur Raša Coal (Croatia), with an Emphasis on the Rare Earth Elements Fiket Z, Medunic G, Furdek Turk M, Ivanic M, Dolenec M & Kniewald G 156 Geologic Significance and Assessment Technique of Sweet Area (Interval) in Unconventional Shale System Yang Z 157 Molecular Contents of the Lower Eocene (Ypresian) Source Rock in Tunisia Hallek T & Montacer M 158 Diagenetic Variation at the Lamina Scale in Lacustrine Organic-Rich Shales: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation Liang C, Cao Y & Liu K 159 Characteristics and Origin of Carbonate Cements in Eastern Slope of Fukang Sag, Junggar Basin Lin M, Wang Y, Cao Y & Xi K 160 Fault Zone Architecture and Geochemical Sealing Process: A Case from the Hong-Che Fault Zone of the Junggar Basin, Northwestern China Liu Y 161 Molecular Modelling Insight into the Intramolecular Methyl Transfer of Methyl Dibenzofuran Isomers in Oil Migration Orientation and Filling Pathways Liu X, Xiao H & Li M 162 Biogenic Silica in the Wufeng-Longmachi Shale and its Relation with Shale Gas Accumulation in Sichuan Basin Lu L, Qin J, Borjin T, Shen B & Liu W 163 Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of E2s1 Source Rocks in the Dongpu Depression, East China Lyu X & Jiang Y 165 Identification and Characterization of Strike-Slip Faults in Central Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China: Implications for Petroleum System Analysis Su W, Tan K, Jiang Q, Le X, Zeng F, Yang R & Zhang H 165 The Petroleum System of the gs Basin: Oil Geochemistry from the Exploratory a1 Well in Gulf of Suez, Egypt Radwan A 166 Genetic Mechanism of High Quality Sandstones Reservoirs in Permian of Koucun Buried Hill in Bohai Bay Basin, East China Sun P, Cao Y & Yuan G 167 Fluid Inclusions Petrography in Beefs and their Implications Wang M, Chen Y & Song G 168 Genetic Mechanism of the High-Quality Reservoir in Mesozoic Buried Hill of Clastic Rock, Bohai Bay Basin, China Wang Z Mon 49

110 Posters Mon 169 Hydrocarbon Generation Characteristics of Alkaline Lacustrine Source Rocks: The Lower Permian in the Northewestern Junggar Basin, NW China Wang T, Cao J, Wang X, Xiang B, Ma W & Xia L 170 Pore Fluid Evolution, Distribution and Water-Rock Interactions of Carbonate Cements in Red- Bed Sandstone Reservoirs in the Dongying Depression, China Wang J, Cao Y & Liu K 171 The Effect of Paleoproductivity to the Development of Organic-Rich Wufeng-Longmaxi Shale in the Middle Yangtze Region, China Wang T, Wang Q & Lu H 172 The Influence of Pore Size Distributions on Gas Permeability of over-mature Shale Wang Q, Wang T & Lu H 173 Geochemical Characteristics of the Yogou Formation Source Rocks and Oil-Source Correlation within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the Termit Basin, Niger Xiao H, Wang T, Li M, Lai H, Liu J & Mao F 174 Gas Accumulation Process of Anyue Gas Field in Sichuan Basin in China Xie Z, Wei G, Li J, Wang Z, Dong C, Hao A, Zhang L, Guo J & Yang C 06a: Environmental Nanogeochemistry: Advances in Connecting Laboratory Experiments to Natural Systems 177 Characterisitcs of Riverine Constituents Relating to Aggregation and Insolubilization Caused in Estuarine Areas of Shirawkawa and Midorikawa Rivers, Kumamoto, Japan Ito H, Tsurumaki S, Hama T & Kawagoshi Y 178 Mineralogical and Micro-Textural Characterization of the Target Layers for the CO 2 Injection in the Pohang Basin, Korea Kim H, Park C, Park C, Park M-H & Song Y 179 A Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Transformation from Ferrihydrite to Goethite and Hematite Chen S, Heaney P, Kubicki J & Post J 180 Effects of Pristine and Palladium-doped γ-al 2 O 3 Nanoparticles in Urban Stream Environment: Interactions with Humic Acid, Clays, and Freshwater Aquatic Plants Nguyen Q, Sherman M & Kim B 181 Proton-Promoted and Electron Transfer Dissolution of Nano-Sized Hausmannite: Implications for Cr Cycling in Surficial Environments Elofson C, Song B & Kim B 182 Monte Carlo Modelling of Surface Speciation and Dissolution Kinetics of Carbonate Minerals in the Presence of Electrolytes Kurganskaya I, Luttge A & Churakov S 183 Ferrihydrite Dissolution in Phosphorus/Siderophore System: Synergism or Antagonism? Li W, Liu X, Cao C, Liu Y, Liu C & Yang L 184 Iron Isotope Fractionation in Iron-Organic Matter Associations: Experimental Evidence Using Filtration and Ultrafiltration Lotfi Kalahroodi E, Pierson-Wichmann A-C, Guénet H, Rouxel O, Ponzevera E, Bouhnik-Lecoz M, Vantelon D & Davranche M 50

111 Posters 185 Phase, Size and Shape Variations of Biogenic Versus Abiogenic Fe-Cu-Sulfide Nanoparticles Mansor M, Berti D, Murayama M, Hochella M & Xu J 186 In situ Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Study of Thermal Transformation of Modified Si-Doped Ferrihydrite Pieczara G, Borkiewicz O, Wiaderek K & Manecki M Mon (Session 06a continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 77) 06g: Energy Landscapes in Biomineralization, Geochemistry, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Alex Navrotsky s 75th Birthday 189 Initial Stages of Hydrated Layer Formation: An in situ Dissolution Study of the International Simple Glass Eskelsen J, Chiu M, Ievlev A, Leonard D & Pierce E 190 Metadynamics Simulations of Si-O Bond Hydrolysis Using ReaxFF Potential Models Hazewski J & Wallace A 191 Spectroscopic Analysis of Spherical Graphite Chuan XY & Cheng S 192 Influence of Structural Defects on Biomineralized ZnS Nanoparticle Dissolution: An in situ Electron Microscopy Study Eskelsen J, Xu J, Chiu M, Moon J-W, Wilkins B, Graham D, Gu B & Pierce E 193 Energetics of Interlayer Confinement Phenomena in Layered Double Hydroxides Wu D 194 Density Measurements on Li 2 CO 3 -Na 2 CO 3 -K 2 CO 3 -Rb2CO 3 -Cs2CO 3 -CaCO 3 -SrCO 3 -BaCO 3 Liquids: Systematic Trends with Composition Hurt S & Lange R 195 Water Exchange Rates and Reaction Pathways on Mg 2+ Ma Y & Wallace A (Session 06g continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 78) 07c: Seafloor Diagenesis, Hydrothermal Processes, and Biogeochemistry: Implications for the Earth System Through Time 205 Hydrothermal Activity History of Duanqiao Hydrothermal Field, the Southwest Indian Ridge: Evidence from 230 Th/ 238 U Geochronology of Polymetallic Sulfides Yang W, Tao C, Liang J & Liao S 206 The Use of Short-Lived Radium Isotopes at Submarine Hydrothermal Vents Neuholz R, Schnetger B, Walker SL, Walter M, Türke A & Brumsack H-J 207 Hydrocarbon Molecular Markers in Carbonate Sediments of Hydrothermal Vent Sites of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Morgunova I, Petrova V, Litvinenko I, Kursheva A, Cherkashev G & Narkevsky E 51

112 Posters Mon 208 Experimental Study of Generation Kinetics for Abiotic Methane in Hydrothermal Systems Fu Q, Chen X & Seyfried, Jr. WE 209 Subsurface Pressure-Temperature Conditions and H 2 (aq), H 2 S(aq) Generation at the Piccard Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Cayman Rise Scheuermann PP & Seyfried, Jr WE 210 Effects of Sea Level Change on the Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Flux of Transition Metals to the Ocean Pester N 211 Constraining the Calcium Cycle in Hydrothermal Systems Turchyn AV, Chen F, Coggon RM, Alt JC & Teagle DA 212 Greenalite Nanoparticles in Archean BIFs: Seawater Precipitates or Products of Bacterial Iron Reduction? Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Fischer W 213 Characterization of the Organic Matter Mineralisation in Paralic Aquatic System in the Southern Mediterranean Coast (the Northeast of Tunisia) Essifi M, Ouertani N, Toukabri A, Ouerfelli N & Mtimet A 214 Manganese Carbonates Linked to Methane Oxidation in Ferruginous Environments Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A, Myrbo A & Katsev S 215 Modeling Insights into Uranium Accumulation and Isotopic Fractionation during Early Diagenesis of Marine Sediments Lau K, Lyons T & Maher K 216 On the Realibility of Sr Isotope Chemostratigraphy of Late Ediacaran Carbonates from the Bambuí Group Guacaneme C, Babinski M, Paula-Santos G, Caetano-Filho S, Bedoya-Rueda C & Trindade R 217 Equilibrium Calcite-Fluid Sr/Ca Partition Coefficient from Marine Sediment Pore Fluids Zhang S & DePaolo D 218 Experimental Constraints on Early Diagenetic Dolomite Formation in Cretaceous Pre-Salt Carbonates Roest-Ellis S & Tosca N 219 Effect of Carbonate Micro-Texture Types on Cambrian Reef-Flat Reservoir in Tarim Basin, Northwest of China Shao H, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Feng Z, Li Q, Jia Q & Xu Z 220 Boron Isotopes and Trace Element Composition in Authigenic Carbonates: Challenges in Mineral Phase Separation Hong W-L, Rae JWB, Cremiere A & Lepland A 221 Interpreting Diagenesis in the Marinoan-Age Wilsonbreen Fm. Using Carbonate Clumped Isotopes Jost A, Mackey T & Bergmann K 222 Anapaite Precipitation from Anaerobic Municipal Wastewater Treatment for Phosphorus Recovery Woloszyn J, Zhao T, Khalil N, Montpetit D, Dallaire-Dumais J-P & Omelon S 223 Deep Submarine Groundwater Discharge Indicated by Chloride Anomalies in the Sediment Pore Water in the Gulf of Gdańsk, Southern Baltic Sea Szymczycha B, Kłostowska Ż, Kuliński K, Winogradow A, Jakacki J, Klusek Z, Grabowski M, Bordecka-Goluch A, Graca B, Stokowski M, Koziorowska K & Rak D 52

113 Posters 08l: Climate on Land: What can We Learn from Terrestrial Archives 227 Unsupervised Machine Learning Through Geochemical Data to Interpret Provenance Ghosh A & Sarkar S 228 Geochemical Controls on the Elemental Composition of Siderite: Implications for Palaeo- Environmental Reconstructions Sengupta R, Tosca N & Robinson S 229 Long-Chain Diols of the Canadian Prairies Occurrence and Relationship with Environmental Parameters Zwick MM, Leavitt PR, Haig HA, Cavazzin B & Toney J 230 Reconstructing Mid-Miocene Vapor Pressure Deficit from Leaf Wax Lipid Molecular Distributions Eley Y & Hren M 231 Long-Term Terrestrial Temperature Changes Across the Cenozoic: Applications of Organic Geochemical Proxies to Lignite Deposits Lauretano V, Naafs D, Wallace MW, Korasidis VA, Holdgate GR & Pancost RD 232 Late Holocene Hydroclimatic Variations over the High-Central Asia and its Relationship with the North Atlantic Ocean Lan J, Xu H, Sheng E, Yu K, Zhou K, Yan D, Ye Y, Wu H & Wang T 233 Effects of Agricultural Land Use on the Sources and Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Subtropical Streams Chen S 234 The Circulation of the Dead Sea Brine in the Adjacent Regional Aquifer Weber N, Yechieli Y, Stein M, Gavrieli I, Yokochi R, Zappala J, Mueller P & Lazar B 236 Facies Study and Isotope Geochemistry of Quaternary Tufa and Travertine Carbonates in the Kurkur-Dungul Area (Southern Egypt) Kele S, Sallam ES, Capezzuoli E, Wanas H & Huntington KW 237 Spatial Analysis of Ecological Impacts of Global Change on Drylands and their Implications for Desertification in Algeria Zegrar A, Ghabi M & Saad A 238 A First Speleothem Hydroclimate Record for the ka BP Interval in the Western Mediterranean Sanchez-Martin B, Martin-Chivelet J, Turrero MJ, Edwards RL, Ortega AI & Garay P 239 Assessments of the Nighttime and Daytime Radiative Fluxes Balance on Seasonal Timescale over West African Climate Ojo O, Adeyemi B & Emmanuel I 240 Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Tooth Enamel Bound Organic Matter as an Environmental Proxy Kast E, Rinaldi N, Hoppe K, Wang X, Haug G & Sigman D 241 Organic Geochemistry of Gishoma Peat Deposits, SW Rwanda Mugerwa T, Rwabuhungu Rwatangabo DE, Ehinola OA & Adedayo Oladosu I Mon 53

114 Posters Mon 09d: Leveraging Earth Science Approaches in the Search for Life in the Universe 263 A New Line-By-Line General Circulation Model for Simulation of Diverse Planetary Atmospheres Ding F & Wordsworth R 264 From Biodiversity to Biomarker Variability: Sampling Strategy in Planetary Analogue Missions Gentry D, Amador E, Cable M, Cantrell T, Cullen T, Duca Z, Jacobsen M, Kirby J, McCaig H, Murukesan G, Rader E, Rennie V, Schwieterman E, Stevens A, Sutton S, Tan G, Yin C, Cullen D, Geppert W & Stockton A 265 Experimental Constraints on Anoxic Water-Rock Interaction: Implications for the Early Martian Surface Kissick L & Tosca N 266 Atmospheric Seasonality as an Exoplanet Biosignature Olson S, Schwieterman E, Reinhard C, Ridgwell A, Meadows V & Lyons T 267 Examining the Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis on the Early Earth and Potentially Exoplanets Parenteau M, Jahnke L, Broddrick J, Cady S & Pierson B 268 Photoferrotrophy as an Arbiter of Planetary Climate Reinhard C & Ozaki K 269 The Importance of Ozone and UV Capability in Detecting Biosignatures on Planets with Intermediate Oxygenation States Schwieterman E, Olson S, Reinhard C & Lyons T 270 Characterization of Icelandic Mars Analog Environment Using 16S rrna Sequencing Tan G, Holtzen S, Parris D, Stewart F, Stockton A & Feldspar T 271 δ 15 N as a ph Proxy for the Miocene Ries Impact Crater Lake Tino C, Stüeken E, Arp G, Jung D & Lyons T 09g: Entering Earth s Middle Age: Earth System Evolution during the Late Archean and Proterozoic 273 Archean-Proterozoic Stromatolitic Carbonates, India: Disparity in their Biogeochemical Processes Arubam KC 274 Mass Independent Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Elemental Sulfur Photochemistry Yang J, Hull A, Field R & Ono S 275 Enhanced Hydrothermal Activities Ended the Snowball Earth Yan-Yan Z, Ming-Yu Z & San-Zhong L 276 Earth System Evolution in the Proterozoic The Story from Marine Pyrite Large R & Mukherjee I 277 An Episode of Rising Oxygen Level at Mesoproterozoic Zhang S, Wang X, Wang H, Su J & Canfield DE 278 Geochemistry and Mineralogy of ca Ga Corestone-Saprolite Interfaces Sindol G & Babechuk M 279 Evolution of Sterol Biosynthesis from Bacteria to Eukaryotes Hoshino Y & Gaucher E 54

115 Posters 280 Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China Wan R, Zhu J, Ke S, Xiao S, Li S & Wang Z 281 (Re)defining the Structure of the Great Oxidation Event Izon G, Ono S, Beukes N & Summons R (Session 09g continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 80) Mon 09j: Reconstructing the Co-evolution of Early Life and its Environment: From Molecules to Models, and Analogues to Isotopes 282 Main Biostratigraphic Stages of the Earth History: From the Archean to the Technogene Rudko G 284 Experimental Insights into Ancient Biogeochemical Fe-Cycling and Fe-Biosignature Formation Koeksoy E, Kappler A & Emerson D (Session 09j continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 81) 10h: Traditional and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Geobiology and Biogeochemistry 288 Sulfate Reduction Associated with Petroleum Contamination in the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer Arkadakskiy S, Shamrani A & Shouakar-Stash O 289 Quadruple Sulfur Isotopes in 2.7 Ga Sedimentary Pyrites from the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, Explained by Simultaneous Dissociation of SO 2 Chen M, Campbell I, Ávila J, Huang Z, Sambridge M, Ireland T & Holden P 290 Different Responses of Terrestrial C3 Plant Groups to Paleo-pCO 2, po 2, and Implications for Photosynthetic Fractionation of Stable Carbon Isotopes Hare V 291 Pyrite and Organo-Sulfur Formation in Modern Euxinic Lakes Fouskas F, Gilhooly lll WP, O Beirne MD, Werne JP, Bosco-Santos A, Kurek M & Druschel GK 292 Triple Sulfur Isotope Fractionations during Sulfate Reduction in Modern Marine Sediments: New Interpretation on Sulfur Cycles Gong S, Feng D, Peng Y, Bao H & Cao X 293 Stable Calcium, Magnesium and Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Two Modern Bahamian Lake Stromatolites Griffith E, Wogsland B, Li Z, Wronkiewicz D, Paul V, Fan M & Fantle M 294 Calcium Isotope Fractionation of Authigenic Carbonates in Microbial Cultures Halloran KH, Bradbury HJ, Lin CY & Turchyn AV 295 Active Site Constraints on Nitrogen Stable Isotope Fractionation by Mo-Dependent Nitrogenase Han E, Darnajoux R, Kopf S & Zhang X 296 Ab Initio Study of Chromium Isotopes Kao D-Y & Domagal-Goldman S 297 Low Sulfate Systems: Does Organic Sulfur Affect Isotopic Fractionations? Fakhraee M, Crowe SA, Toner BM & Katsev S 55

116 Posters Mon 298 Strontium Isotopes, Radon-222, and Microbial Diversity as Tracers for Measuring Groundwater- Surface Water Interaction Under River Stage Fluctuations Kim J, Choi H, Kim H & Lee K-K 299 Mechanisms Controlling Carbon and Nitrate Transportation in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area Li S-L, Zhong J, Yue F, Lang Y-C & Liu C-Q 300 Coupled S and Fe Isotope Evidence for Sulfate-Driven Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Lin Z, Sun X, Lu Y, Strauss H & Peckmann J 301 Theoretical Calculation of Position-Specific Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation of Several Organic Compounds Liu Q, Yin X & Liu Y 302 An Environmental Evaluation of Species-Specific Offsets in Coral Tissue & Skeletal-Bound δ 15 N with Consideration for Proxy Use Luu VH, Darling WS, de Putron SJ, Cohen AL & Sigman DM 303 Calcium Isotopic (δ 44/40 Ca) Compositions of Pedogenic Carbonates from South India: Links with Paleo Weathering Mondal S, Riotte J & Chakrabarti R 304 Fe-Speciation by Sequential Extraction and Fe-Isotopes as Tracers of Processes Mobilizing Fe in Lacustrine Sediments Ordoñez L, Bauer K, Ariztegui D, Crowe S, Vogel H, Chiaradia M, Morlock MA, Simister R, Melles M, Russell JM & Bijaksana S 305 Triple Sulfur Isotope Relationship during Sulfate Reduction via Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Peng Y, Gong S, Bao H, Feng D, Cao X, Crockford P, Roberts H & Chen D 306 Effects of Nickel Limitation on Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation by Methylotrophic Methanogens Rosen V, Stolper D, Conrad M, Bird D & Maher K 307 Tetrahedral Fe Promotes Atom Exchange between Aqueous Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clay Shi B, Van Cappellen P, Liu K & Smeaton C 308 δ 13 C of DIC and Carbonate Samples Comparison of Traditional Mass Spectrometry Methods with Infrared Spectrometry Method Smajgl D, Nürnberg D, Fessler S, Leis A & Mandic M 309 Oxygen Isotope Composition of Inorganic Phosphate of Typical Black Soils in China Tian LY & Guo QJ 310 Identification of Degradation Pathways of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Saturated Low Permeability Sediments Using Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis Wanner P, Parker B, Chapman S, Lima G, Mack E-E & Aravena R (Session 10h continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 83) 10m: Microbial Interactions with Minerals and Metals 312 Bacterial Productivity in a Cyanide-Contaminated Aquifer Plymale A, Wells J, Brooks S, Cordova E, Saunders D, Snyder M, Lee B & Bagwell C 313 Microbial Alteration of Limestone from Monuments Exposed to an Urban Area Balland-Bolou-Bi C, Saheb M, Vanessa A, Noureddine B, Abbad-Andaloussi S, Alexandre L, Aurélie V-C & Anne C 56

117 Posters 314 Methylmercury Sorption, Uptake, and Degradation by Methanotrophs Gu B, Lu X, Gu W, Zhao L, Haque MF, Dispirito A & Semrau J 315 Dissolved Iron as a Driving Factor of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms Leung T & Swanner E 316 How the Ammonia Oxidizing Archaeon Nitrososphaera Viennensis Responds to Copper Limitation Reyes C, Pribasnig T, Kerou M, Bayer B, Schleper C & Kraemer SM 317 Biological Synthesis of Tellurium Nanostructures by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Kim D-H, Hur H-G & Ha K 318 Response of Soil Microbial Communities to Elevated Antimony and Arsenic Contamination Indicates the Relationship between the Innate Microbiota and Contaminant Fractions Sun W, Häggblom M, Li B & Xu Z 319 Biotic and Abiotic Contributions to the Reduction of Environmental Bacteriogenic Fe-Oxides at Circumneutral ph Rieb E, Koeneke M, Whitaker A & Duckworth O 320 N Removal Pathways of Aerobic Granular Biomass M S & Nancharaiah V 321 Microbial Diversity in Hematitic Bearing Rock from Tropical Sri Lanka Wickramarathna S, Chandrajith R, Senarathe A, Wickramashinghe S, Paul V & Dash P 322 Enzyme Assisted Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Contaminated Soil An CW, Yang YS, Wen Y, Song X & Gao C 323 Intracellular Calcite and Sulfur Dynamics of Achromatium Cells in Aerobic Incubation Experiments Yang T, Ambrose W, Nielsen LP, Carvalho V & Teske A 324 Bacterial Mineralization of Struvite and Potential Application to Phosphorus Recovery Yao Q-Z, Li H & Zhou G-T 325 Microbial Inhabitants of Rock Varnish: Visitors or Niche Specialists Lingappa U, Fischer W, Lanza N, Challacombe J & Yeager C Mon 11a: From Source to Sink: Weathering and Biogeochemical Cycles in Volcanic Regions on Earth and Mars 328 Neodymium Stable Isotope Behaviour Accompanying Basalt Weathering Grattage J, McCoy-West A, Gislason S, Nowell G & Burton K 329 Tracking Fe-Oxidation in Spheroidal Weathering of Basalts Perez-Fodich A & Derry L 330 Statistical Approach to Select Least Mobile Element for Weathering Profile Study Kisku PC & Pattanaik JK 331 Volcanogenic Acid Deposition Enhances Weathering of Andisols in Nicaragua Delmelle P, Paque M & Piessens L 332 Stock and Stabilisation of Organic Carbon in Tephra-Buried Volcanic Soils: A Case Study in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes Paque M, Ligot N, Morize L, Onderet C & Delmelle P 57

118 Posters Mon 333 River Geochemistry, Chemical Weathering and Atmospheric CO 2 Consumption Rates in the Virunga Volcanic Province (East Africa) Balagizi C, Darchambeau F, Bouillon S, Lambert T, Yalire M, Kasereka M & Borges A 334 Seasonal Variations of Dissolved Ge:Si Ratios in Streams from the AsO Caldera, Kyùshù, Japan Gaspard F, Opfergelt S, Hartmann J, Hosono T & Delmelle P 335 Temporal and Spatial Variations of Weathering along the Catchment of Heping River and Sinwulyu River in Eastern Taiwan Yang C-S & Chen H 336 Subsurface Water Flux as an Indicator of Landslide Preparatory Factor Sy A, Gayer E, Yokochi R, Violette S & Michon L 337 Geochemical and Nd-Sr Isotopic Study of Jarosite and Associated Rocks at Kutch, India Das Gupta R & Chakrabarti R 338 Isotopic Constrains on the Origin of Sulfur in the Icelandic Oceanic Crust and Hotspot Stefansson A, Halldorsson SA, Ono S, Whitehouse MJ, Bali E, Kleine BI & Gunnarsson-Robin J 339 S Isotope Fractionations in Volcanic Aqueous Systems on Earth and Mars Szynkiewicz A, Goff F, Vaniman D, Faiia A & Pribil M 340 Salt Weathering in the Lapilli Tuff on the Coastal Cliff in Isotake, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture Southwest Japan Preliminary Study- Sueyoshi R, Matsumoto I & Kogure T (Session 11a continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 106) 12c: Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals, Radionuclides, and Associated Colloids within Earth s Critical Zone 343 Bacterial Enzyme Induced Calcite Precipitation to Improve Silty Sand Soil Strength Hoang T, Alleman J & Cetin B 344 Cu Distribution, Root Exudates in Rhizosphere Soils and their Effects on Cu Accumulation in the Cu-Tolerant Plant: Castor Bean (Ricinus communis L.) Huang G & Hu H 345 Examining the Role of Organic Compounds and Secondary Minerals on Ga/Al Fractionation in the Critical Zone Richardson J, Kumpf B & Derry L 346 Deciphering DOM-Metal Speciation with 21 Tesla FT-Icrms Boitieau R, Shaw J, Pasa-Tolic L & Jansson J 347 FASTOSH: A Software to Process XAFS Data for Geochemical & Environmental Applications Landrot G 348 Combining Hydrology and Redox Cycling: A New Model to Consider for U Transport? Noël V, Boye K, Kukkadapu R & Bargar J 349 Influence of Irrigation and Fertilization on Iron Isotope Fractionation in a Long-Term Agriculture Field Trial (Thyrow, Germany) Xing Y, Berns AE, Wu B, Schweitzer K, Baumecker M & Wulf A 350 Magnesium Isotope Signatures in Long-Term Arable Field Trials in Germany Wang Y, Wu B, Berns AE, Bol R, Schweitzer K, Ellmer F & Amelung W (Session 12c continues on Tuesday 14th AM on page 84) 58

119 Posters 12e: Redox Transitions and Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Nutrients, and Contaminants 354 Humic Substance Molecules Bound to Iron as Determined by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry Fujii M, Shiroya M & Fu Q-L 355 Constraining Climatic Controls on Soil Iron Content Dzombak R & Sheldon N 356 Characterization of Iron Oxide Biofilms from Arctic Tundra Air-Water Interfaces Jubb A, Eskelsen J, Yin X, Zheng J, Philben M, Pierce E, Graham D, Wullschleger S & Gu B 357 Fate of Iodine during the Microbial Transformation of Natural Iron Minerals Li J, Xie X, Zhou H & Xue X 358 Influence of Trace Metals on Dissolution and Fe(II)aq-Promoted Recrystallization of Iron Oxides Yue P, Cui Y, Gorski C & Larese-Casanova P 359 Zinc Release, Reimmobilization, and Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Ferrihydrite Transformation Yan J, Catalano J, Wang K & Chen H 360 Iron-Mediated Organic Matter Mineralization during Redox Fluctuations Chen C & Thompson A 361 Effect of Biochar Concentration and Particle Size on Electron Shuttling in Microbial Fe(III) Minerals Reduction Yang Z, Obst M, Kretzschmar R & Andreas K 362 Fe and Mn Catalyzed Bromination of Soil Organic Matter from Freshwater Wetlands Schlesinger D, Travis C & Myneni S 363 Preliminary Results of Sorption Behaviors of Mn(II) on the Surface of Naturally Common Oxides Lee J, Namgung S & Lee G 364 Organic Matter and Electron Acceptor Chemistry Jointly Determine Soil Carbon Decomposition Pathways in situ Naughton H, Keiluweit M & Fendorf S 365 Soil Architecture Controls Organic Carbon Turnover in Hawaiian Forest Soil Masue-Slowey Y, Chadwick O & Fendorf S 366 Changing Redox Properties of Organic Matter in Response to Long-Term Soil Warming LaCroix R, Walpen N, Tfaily M, Sander M, Blanchard J & Keiluweit M 367 Characterization of Phosphorus Mobility in Shallow, Freshwater Lakes Under Variable Redox Conditions Shukle J, Leduc M, Kurek M, Schroth A, Wilkes A & Druschel G 368 Understanding Organic Phosphorus Cycling in Redox-Dynamic Eutrophic Freshwater Systems Kurek M, Harrir M, Shukle J, Leduc M, Schroth A, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Druschel G 369 Spectral Analysis of Continous Redox Data Reveals Geochemical Dynamics Near the Stream- Aquifer Interface Wallace C, Sawyer A & Barnes R 370 Chemodenitrification: An Important Route to Emit Greenhouse Gas N 2 O Under Anoxic Conditions Chen D, Liu T, Li F & Zhao W Mon 59

120 Posters Mon 371 Isotopic Fractionation of Nitrate by Benthic Microbial Communities Laverman A, Vaury V & Sebilo M 372 Metagenomes Reveal Interplay of Microbes in Nitrate-Reducing As(III) and Fe(II) Oxidation in Anoxic Paddy Soil Li S, Li F & Li X 373 Functional Microbial Communities Involved in Nitrate Reduction and Fe(II) Oxidation Commonly Present in Different Paddy Soils Li X, Chen P, Li S & Li F 374 Analytical Instrumentation for in situ Biogeochemical Research Nuzzio D 60

121 Posters 13d: Using Citizen-Science and Community-Based Research Approaches in Environmental Science and GeoHealth 408 Urban Farms and Personal Gardens Provide Insight into Lead Contamination in Philadelphia Soils Hall C 409 Fluoride Distribution in Aquifers of the Indus Basin, Punjab, Pakistan Ali Khattak J, Farooqi A, Hussain I, Mailloux B, Ellis T & van Geen A 410 Mapping Microplastics in Georgia s Estuaries: Engaging the Citizen Scientist Brandes J & Sanders D 411 Portable Multi-Analytical Approach for Identifying Asbestos Minerals in situ Bloise A & Miriello D 412 Characteristics of Deposited and Suspended Particles in Different Functional Areas during Haze Periods in Handan City, China Hongya N & Zhaoce L 413 Using Citizen Science and Service Learning to Improve Environmental Science Literacy McLaughlin J, Davatzes A, Brandt C, Nyquist J & Toran L Mon 61

122 Posters Mon 13f: Urban Geochemistry: Legacy Problems, Current Sources and Risk Assessment 379 Degradation Dynamics of 17β- Estradiol and its Effects on Microbial Ecologic Responses in Soil Song X, Wen Y, Liu H, Wang Y & Yang Y 380 Hydrogeochemistry and Evaluation of Groundwater Suitability for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes in the Kabul City, Afghanistan Mahaqi A & Otari M 381 Seasonal Variation of Nutrients Dynamics in Two River in Parnaíba Watershed, Piauí Brazil Lima L, Bertoni F & Fonseca E 382 Effects of ph and Organic Matter Content on the Sorption Behaviors of Sulfamethoxazole in Two Different Vadose Soils Lyu D 383 Assessment of Legacy Contaminants in Urban Agricultural Soils of Newark, New Jersey Goswami O & Rouff A 384 Sources and Contamination Characteristics of PAHs in Multiple Media in a Karst Underground River System Lu L, Wang Z & Pei J 385 Strontium, Barium, and Radium as Tracers of Oil and Gas Contaminant Accumulation in Biota and Sediment Warner N, Geeza T, Van Sice K, McDevitt B & Gillikin D 386 Geochemical and Health Risks Assessment of Iodine and Other Toxic Elements in Groundwater of Some Coastal Area, Lagos, Southwest, Nigeria Odukoya A, Mouri H & Sanyaolu F 387 Geochemistry of High Concentrations of Fluoride in Groundwater at Oued Rmel Aquifer (North- Eastern Tunisia), and Risks to Human Health from Exposure Through Drinking Water Ameur M, Hamzaoui- Azaza F & Gueddari M 388 Identification of Anthropogenic Sources of Nitrogen from SGD into Long Island Sound Using δ 15 N- δ 18 O-δ 11 B Brown C, Rasbury T, Bokuniewicz H & Cochran K 389 Urbanization and Water Quality Trade-Offs: A Geochemical Case Study from Jaipur, India Coyte R, Furst K, Mitch W & Vengosh A 390 Mass Loading of Provincial and Transported Carbonaceous Fraction of Ultra Fine Particles at Eastern Central India Mahilang M 391 Potentially Toxic and Alloy Elements in an Impounded Vehicle Scrapyard Neves Lange C, Graciano Figueiredo AM, Enzweiler J & Rebelo Monteiro L 392 The Influence of Solid Phase Organic Carbon on the Sorption/Desorption of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants in Landfill Barriers Huang P-R, Smallman D, Stringfellow A & Marshall J 393 Sources of Nitrate in Precipitation at Hangzhou and Huzhou, East China Jin Z, Li F & Wang Y 394 Zinc and Lead Isotopes as Pollutant Source Tracers in Tunnel Dusts in São Paulo Megacity, Brazil Nory RM, Figueiredo AMG, Souto-Oliveira CE & Babinski M 62

123 Posters 395 Strontium Isotopic Characteristics and Water-Rock Interaction of Shallow Groundwater in an Arid Desert Area Jin K, Rao W, Zhang W & Zheng F 396 Phase Composition of Metallurgical Slags in the Aspect of the Impact Thereof on the Hypergenic Environment Nowińska K 398 Impacts of Highway Run-Off on Trace Metal Contamination in a Small Urban Watershed: A Case Study of Bordeaux Metropole (SW France) Pereto C, Lerat A, Coynel A, Bossy C, Abdou M, Schafer J, Granger D & Capdeville M-J 399 Air Quality Assessment in Middletown, Ohio Lichen Biomonitoring of Steel Production Kousehlar M & Widom E 400 Levoglucosan and Other Organic Tracers of Cellulose Decomposition Emitted from Brown Coal Burning Rybicki M, Marynowski L & Bucha M 403 Hydrogeochemical Process of Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater in the Western Part of Jeju Volcanic Island, Korea Kwon E, Park J, Chung E, Kang B-R, Park W-B & Woo NC 404 Enhanced Radon Emissions from Volcanic Rocks Exposed to High-Temperature Conditions: Implications for the Geochemical Survey and Public Health in Densely Populated Volcanic Areas Scarlato P, Mollo S, Tuccimei P, Galli G, Iezzi G & Soligo M 405 Mobility of Contaminants in Waste Fluids Applied to Dirt and Gravel Roads for Dust Suppression Stallworth A, Warner N, Tasker T & Burgos W 406 Major and Trace Element Fractionation and Transfer in Humid Tropical Urban Hydro- Ecosystems: Mefou Watershed (Yaoundé, Cameroon) Youego Sihon J-R, Braun JJ, Audry S, Ndam Ngoupayou JR, Bisso D, Viers J & Nguemou Tchado D Mon 13h: Quaternary and Anthropocene: Importance of Geochemistry in Sediment Research 416 Sedimentological Controls on the Formation of High Arsenic Aquifers in Central Yangtze River Basin Deng Y, Gan Y, Ma T & Wang Y 417 Appraisal of Sediment-Groundwater Interaction Using PHREEQC Based Simulation in Parts of Active Flood Plains of Upper Yamuna Basin, India Sarkar A & Shekhar S 418 Reconstruction of Eco-Environmental Change on Qilian Yu Islands, South China Sea over the Past 800 Years Liu X, Wu L, Wang X & Xu L 419 Geochemical Mapping in Namibia Sibolile B & Mbingeneeko F 420 Application of Triolein Embedded Cellulose Acetate Membrane (TECAM) Passive Sampler for Determination of Freely Dissolved Concentrations of Hexabromocyclododecanes (HBCDs) in Sediment Porewater Tang J-F 63

124 Posters Mon 13l: Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions that Control the Environmental Fate of Contaminants 423 Enhanced Abiotic Removal of Methyl Parathion Mediated by HA in Aqueous Hydrogen Sulfide Zhang C, Liao X, Liang Y, Lv Y, Nan C & Tang M 424 Role of Interfacial Reactions in Biodegradation: A Case Study in a Montmorillonite, Pseudomonas putida and Methyl Parathion Ternary System Rong X, Zhao G & Huang Q 425 Mechanistic Study of Pb(II) Removal by Activated Carbon: Spectroscopy, DFT Calculations, and the Effect of Co-existing Ions Shi Q, Prigiobbe V & Meng X 426 DFT Investigations for Mechanisms of the TCEP Degradation by Hydroxyl Radical Xia H, Yang Y & Zhang W 427 Highly Stable Electron-Shuttling Processes Mediated by in situ Deposited Phenoxazin Wu Y, Liu T & Li F 428 Metadynamics Based Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Study of the Adsorption of Phthalate Esters on Smectite Clay Surfaces Willemsen J, Myneni S & Bourg IC 429 Binding Mechanisms of Heavy Metals in Soils after Long-Term Fertilization Treatment Sun F, Polizzotto M & Yu G 430 Bioreduction of Cr(VI) over the Composites of Montmorillonite, Humic Acid, and Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Han P, Xie J, Zhang Y, Dai K & Huang Q 431 Using Barium Ion Chemistry to Assess the Photoproduction of Carboxylic Acids from Crude Oil-Seawater Systems Under Solar Irradiation Zito P & Tarr M 14a: Education and Outreach for Geochemists Posters for this session are displayed all week on boards and Details can be found on page

125 Goldschmidt 2018 Tue Summary and Highlights Tuesday 14th August 2018 Timetable 08:30-11:30 Tuesday AM Orals 11:45-12:45 Tuesday Plenary (Caroline Slomp) 14:15-17:15 Tuesday PM Orals 17:15-19:15 Tuesday Posters Highlights 09:30 (312) Qiuli Li (The 2018 Shen-Su Sun Award ) 11:45 (Ballroom AB) Caroline Slomp (Gast Lectureship) 14:15 (207) Noah Planavsky (F.W. Clarke Award) Other Events 07:00 (102) Mentor Breakfast 12:45 (304) Learn about Funding Opportunities 12:45 (302) Flipping a Geochemistry Classroom Using Team-Based Learning 12:45 (300) Meet the Plenary Lunch with Caroline Slomp 12:45 (108) Geochemical Journal Editorial Board Meeting 13:00 (107) Goldschmidt2019 Science Committee and Theme Chairs 13:00 (Thermo) MC-ICP-MS and TIMS precision for reduced sample sizes 13:00 (204) Astromaterials Data System 14:15 (102) K-12 Delegates: Afternoon workshop: Engaging students in understanding the Earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues 18:45 (300) EAG Annual General Assembly & Reception 19:30 Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum Mixer 65

126 Oral Presentations Overview Tue AM a 06g / 06a 05d / 05f 05b 10b 09j / 09g 10h 07j 08:30 Forbes Kopylova Bucha Abdulla Gilhooly Rickaby Yanchilina Foster 08:45 Legg Xiong Kotarba Mazumdar Lambrecht Bajnai Dou 09:00 Kendall Ghiorso Jargalan Adeboye Ghosh Ader Kharbush Frieling 09:15 Olins Birkner Zheng Pomerantz Pasquier Haas Lueders -Dumont Horner 09:30 Ledley Yuan Bayanova Fichtner Cadeau McRose Legett Formolo 09:45 Schelkin Sun Li France -Lanord Rico Lehmann Devriendt 10:00 Gebauer Jowitt Moore Reyes Claire Magyar Fantle Schrag 10:15 Becerra -Herrera Ghosal Byrne Hilton Endo Zhou Johnston 10:30 Pratt Moraga Caraballo Whyte Ziebis Kipp Roberts 10:45 Cooperdock Ruiz -Agudo Bai Zhou Crusius Bosco -Santos Bryant Neimard 11:00 Pedreira -Segade Hoeher Chikanda Adhikari Aller Brüske Drake Watkins 11:15 Landrum Kocar Liu Wang Vavilin Bertran Scheffler 66

127 k 13j 12c 01c / 01i 03j 04j 03f 02e 08:30 Zheng Anderson Nicklas Brown Günther Bone Kretzschmar 08:45 Lombard Burkhardt Frost Borghini Anderson Barge 09:00 Bondu Weber Kumar Condie Tutolo Tedeschi 09:15 Polizzotto Ikehara Chen Tobita Prinzhofer Keller Sutton Gazel 09:30 Schacht Utsunomiya Voegelin Saikia Guélard Holycross Turunen 09:45 Perez Bower Mehlhorn Hausrath Tarnas Nakada Li Howarth 10:00 van Genuchten Qafoku Besold Kremer Cottrell Hoernle 10:15 Viacava Burkhardt Couture Sissmann Smythe Shinevar Hofmann Zavarin 10:30 Kerl Izaditame Haugboelle Labidi Rudra Thiessen Kimura 10:45 Maguffin Lin Myneni Pravdivtseva Peng Dyar McCarron 11:00 Seyfferth Zheng Trusiak Marhas Martin Gaborieau Piechocka Peslier 11:15 Matzen Mehta Lopez Münker Zimik McCanta Raimondo Aulbach Oral Presentations Overview Tue AM 67

128 01c AM 309 Tue 01c: Geochemists Infiltrate the Solar System: The Geological Evolution of Small Bodies, Moons, and Planets Session chaired by Tanya Peretyazhko, Elisabeth Hausrath, Christopher Glein, Steve Vance, James Darling & Carolyn Crow 08:30 Addressing Billion Year Uncertainties in the History of the Inner Solar System Anderson FS, Whitaker T & Levine J 08:45 Tracing Volatile Accretion Dynamics by Mars Mo Isotopic Composition Burkhardt C, Budde G, Kruijer T & Kleine T 09:00 Zr, Nb, Ta and Th Distributions in Terrestrial Planets: Constraints on Early Planetary Evolution Condie K & Shearer C 09:15 Petrogenesis of a Unique Shergottite Zagami: Implications from REE Signature of Pyroxene Tobita M, Makino Y, Okabayashi S, Usui T, Niihara T, Misawa K, Hirata T, Yokoyama T & Moriwaki R 09:30 Stishovite and Wadsleyite in Kamargaon L6 Ordinary Chondrite Saikia BJ, Parthasarathy G & Borah RR 09:45 Interpreting Observations of Amorphous and Poorly Crystalline Materials on Mars: A Combined Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Approach Hausrath E, Ralston SJ, Bamisile T, Luu N, Rampe E, Peretyazhko T & Gainey S (Session 01c continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 110) Session 01i follows this session in this room. For details see page

129 01i 309 AM 01i: Early Solar System Formation and Chronology as Recorded in Meteoritic Components Session chaired by Francois Tissot, Myriam Telus & Haolan Tang 10:00 Keynote: Intrinsic Isotope Variations in the Solar Nebula and the Multifarious Origin of Planetary Scale Nucleosynthetic Heterogeneities Burkhardt C 10:30 Probing the Protosolar Disk Using Dust Filtering Induced by the Gas Giants in the Early Solar System Haugboelle T, Weber P, Wielandt D, Benitez-Llambay P, Bizzarro M, Gressel O & Pessah M 10:45 S-Process Xe and Kr Enrichment in the Allende CAI Curious Marie: Case for a Presolar SiC Carrier Pravdivtseva O, Tissot F, Dauphas N, Meshik A & Amari S 11:00 Evidence of Fossil Record of 7 Be in a CAI: Implications for the Early Solar System Mishra RK & Marhas KK 11:15 The Inventory of High Field Strength Elements in CAIs and its Implications for Short-Lived Chronometers Münker C, Pfeifer M & Sprung P Tue (Session 01i continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 90) 69

130 02e AM 313 Tue 02e: Magmas and their Cargoes as Tracers of Mantle Evolution: Implications for Chemical Geodynamics Session chaired by Ashlea Wainwright, Matthew Jackson & Andrea Giuliani 08:30 Combined in situ δ 18 O, Minor & Trace Element Analyses on Olivine from the Circum- Mediterranean Cenozoic Magmatic Province Günther J, Prelevic D, Mertz DF & Rocholl A 08:45 Xenolith Constraints on Self Assimilation and the Origin of Low δ 18 O Values in Mauna Kea Basalts Anderson D, Lassiter J & Marshall E 09:00 Keynote: The Secular Evolution of the Galapagos Mantle Plume Gazel E 09:30 Luenha Picrites Reveal a Primitive Mantle-Like Plume Source for the Karoo LIP? Turunen ST, Luttinen AV & Heinonen JS 09:45 Geochemistry of the Tuli Syncline high-ti Picrites and Basalts, Karoo CFB, South Africa: Origin from a High δ 18 O Mantle Source Howarth G, Duncan A, Marsh J, Day J, Harris C, Richardson S, le Roex A, Carlson R & Zartman R 10:00 Invited: Geochemistry of South Atlantic Hotspots: Intimate Association of EMI & HIMU End Members Hoernle K, Homrighausen S, Hauff F, Werner R, Portnyagin M, Geldmacher J, Garbe-Schönberg D, van den Bogaard P & Wartho J 10:15 A New Look at Crust-Mantle Differentiation Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Class C 10:30 Origin of Geochemical Mantle Components: Role of Spreading Ridge, Subduction Zone, and Thermal Evolution of Mantle Kimura J-I, Gill J, van Keken P, Skora S & Kawabata H 11:00 Water Content of the Oceanic Mantle Lithosphere at Ridges Peslier AH, Bizimis M, Snow J & Von der Handt A 11:15 Redox State of Deeply Subducted Ancient Oceanic Crust Aulbach S, Woodland AB, Vasilyev P & Viljoen KS 70

131 03f 312 AM 03f: Metamorphic Records of Lithospheric Processes: Everyday, Exceptional, and Extreme Session chaired by Victor Guevara, Daniel Viete, Matthew Kohn & Jay Ague 08:30 Secular and Cyclic Variation of the Heat Budget of Metamorphism: Geodynamic Implications Brown M & Johnson T 08:45 Nanogranitoids in UHT and (U)HP Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks of the Bohemian Massif Borghini A, Ferrero S, Wunder B, Laurent O, O Brien PJ, Ziemann MA & Günter C 09:00 Petrochronological Evolution of Garnet-Free UHT Mafic Granulites in the Guaxupé Nappe (SE Brazil): From Subduction to Collision? Tedeschi M, Pedrosa-Soares A, Dussin I, Lanari P, Novo T, Piacentini Pinheiro MA, Lana C & Peters D 09:15 Silica-Undersaturated High Pressure Granulite from the Central Maine Terrane, CT, USA Keller D & Ague J 09:30 Medal: Late Event Record in Rutile Inclusions of Early Garnet: Indication for Invalid Shielding Effect Li Q, Zhou T, Shi Y, Liu Y, Liao X, Ling X & Tang G 10:15 Origin and Tectonic Implications of the Megacrystic Gore Mountain Garnet Granulites Shinevar W & Jagoutz O 10:30 Decoupling of U-Pb Zircon and Lu-Hf Garnet Dates during High-Pressure Metamorphism in the Snowbird Tectonic Zone, Northwest Territories, Canada Thiessen E, Gibson D, Regis D, Pehrsson S & Smit M 10:45 Inferring Timescales of Garnet Crystallization from Lu-Hf Dating of a Size-Sorted Porphyroblast Population McCarron T, Anczkiewicz R & McFarlane C 11:00 Neoproterozoic 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Mica Ages Mark the Termination of a Billion Years of Intraplate Reworking in the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia Piechocka A, Sheppard S, Fitzsimons I, Johnson S, Rasmussen B & Jourdan F 11: Myr of Episodic Metamorphism, Magmatism and Intraplate Deformation Catalysed by Rehydration and Localised Weakening of the Deep Crust Raimondo T, Howlett D, Varga J, Morrissey L, Kelsey D & Hand M Tue (Session 03f continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 93) 71

132 03j AM 310 Tue 03j: Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid- Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day Session chaired by Esther Schwarzenbach, Lisa Mayhew, Chiara Boschi, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Alain Prinzhofer, Chris Ballentine, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Ziming Yang, Charlene Estrada, Francois Guyot, Frieder Klein & William Orsi 08:30 Keynote: Prebiotic Chemistry and Habitability in Serpentinizing Hydrothermal Systems on Early Earth and Other Worlds Barge LM, Flores E, Chin K, Jones J-P, Hermis N & Baum MM 09:00 Invited: A Seawater Throttle on Hydrothermal Fe Oxidation in the Ancient Oceanic Lithosphere Tutolo B, Seyfried W & Tosca N 09:15 Natural Hydrogen Systems in Continental Environment: Redox Conditions and Carbon Interaction Prinzhofer A, Françolin J & Moretti I 09:30 The Role of Ammonium in Native H 2 Production in Continental Lithosphere Guélard J, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Bordmann V & Fleury J-M 09:45 Production of H 2 on Mars Through Radiolysis and Implications for Habitability Tarnas J, Mustard J, Sherwood Lollar B, Bramble M, Cannon K, Plesa A-C & Plumbo A 10:00 A Pyroclastic Protolith for the most Widespread Serpentine- and Carbonate-Bearing Ultramafic Rock on the Martian Surface Kremer C, Mustard J & Bramble M 10:15 Abiogenic Formation of Low Molecular Weight Organic Compounds within the Serpentinite Mud Volcanoes of the Marianna Trench (IODP Exp. 366) Sissmann O, Price R, Elvert M, Heuer V, Prieto X, Monnin C, Rouchon V, Noirez S, Beaumont V, Menzies C & Takai K 10:30 Formation Processe(s) of Methane in Submarine Mud-Volcanoes from the Marianna Trench (IODP Exp. 366) Labidi J, Sissmann O, Giunta T, Price R, Takai K, Kohl I & Young E 10:45 Abiotic Methane in HP Ophicarbonates from Chinese Southwestern Tianshan: Implications for Immiscible Hydrocarbon Fluids in Subduction Zones Peng W, Zhang L, Shen T & Hu H 11:00 Invited: Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zones: Insight from in situ B Isotopes Martin C, Flores K, Angiboust S, Vitale-Brovarone A & Harlow G 11:15 Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Thermal Spring Water of Odisha, India Zimik HV, Farooq SH & Prusty P (Session 03j continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 95) 72

133 04j 311 AM 04j: Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) Redox Evolution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Magmas Session chaired by Antonio Lanzirotti & Darby Dyar 08:30 Redox Evolution of the Mantle from 3.5 Ga to the Present Nicklas R & Puchtel I 08:45 Silicate Melt Ferric/Ferrous Iron Speciation and the Redox State of a Deep Magma Ocean Frost D, Armstrong K, Rubie D, McCammon C, Boffa Ballaran T, Siersch N & Wang Y 09:00 Keynote: Oxybarometry Based on Valence State Proxies: Progress and Challenges Sutton S, Lanzirotti A, Newville M, Dyar MD & Delaney J 09:30 A New Oxybarometer for Rutile Holycross M & Cottrell E 09:45 Micro-XANES Determination of Oxidation States of V, Cr, and Fe in Olivine-Hosted Glass Inclusion and Groundmass Glasses of Martian Primitive Basalt Yamato Nakada R, Usui T, Ushioda M & Takahashi Y 10:00 Invited: An fo 2 Discontinuity Across the Australian-Antarctic Discordance Cottrell E & Kelley K 10:15 Sulfur Content Controls the Apparent fo 2 of Basaltic Glasses Smythe D, Wood B & Nash W 10:30 Ferric Iron Partitioning between Pyroxene and Melt during Partial Melting of the Earth s Upper Mantle Rudra A & Hirschmann M 10:45 Universal Fe 3+ /Fe 2+ Calibration and Prediction of Oxygen Fugacity from XAS of Silicate Glasses Dyar MD, McCanta M & Lanzirotti A 11:00 Iron Isotope Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions as an Indicator of Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Gaborieau M, Laubier M, Ipnt I, Bolfan-Casanova N, Gannoun A-M & Bosq C 11:15 The Redox Signature of Impact Melts: The Fulgurite Record McCanta M, Dyar MD & Sheffer A Tue (Session 04j continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 97) 73

134 05b AM 204 Tue 05b: New Geochemical Approaches for Understanding Fossil Fuel Systems from Deposition to Recovery Session chaired by Michelle Abshire, Benjamin Brunner & Randy Blood 08:30 Biodegradation of Lignite Under Conditions of Acidic Molasses Fermentation Bucha M, Detman A, Simoneit BRT, Mielecki D, Piwowarczyk C, Chojnacka A, Blaszczyk MK, Jedrysek MO, Marynowski L & Sikora A 08:45 Occurrence and Origin of Coal-Seam Gas in the Upper Silesian Basin (Poland): Isotopic, Hydrous Pyrolysis and Geological Approach Kotarba M, Romanowski T, Kmiecik N & Waliczek M 09:00 Effects of Redox Conditions on Organic Matter Accumulation in the Mississippian Limestone, Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma Adeboye O, Riedinger N & Quan T 09:15 Kerogen Properties Controlled by Thermal Maturity Craddock P, Bake K & Pomerantz A 09:30 Keynote: Geochemical Applications in Petroleum Systems Formolo M & Lawson M 10:00 Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Composition of Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in Green Canyon, Block GC955, Gulf of Mexico Moore M, Cook A, Whyte C, Sawyer D, Scientists U-G-0 & Darrah T 10:15 Tracing Fluid Migration in the East Texas Basin Using Noble Gas Isotopes Byrne D, Barry P, Lawson M, Gelman S, Hillegonds D & Ballentine C 10:30 Noble Gas Insights on Stable Carbon Isotope Reversals in Natural Gases Whyte C, Moore M & Darrah T 10:45 Quantifying Natural Gas and Groundwater Interaction with Noble Gases in the Sichuan Basin, China Zhou Z, Li Y, Holland G, Qin S & Wang Y 11:00 Real Time Measurement of Gas Composition from Live Well Fluids at Drilling Site Adhikari P, Petras R, Gupta I & Rowe M 11:15 Maturation and Accumulation Controls of High-Maturated Marine Shale Gas Isotopes from the Silurian Longmaxi Shale of the Sichuan Basin Wang Y & Liao L (Session 05b continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 98) 74

135 05d 203 AM 05d: Metals, Minerals, Melts and Fluids Associated with Giant Mineral Deposits: Insights from Experimental and Modelling and Applications to Igneous Fertility, Recycling of Metals and Mineralization Session chaired by Yuan Mei, Anthony Williams-Jones, Keiko Hattori, Ian Campbell, Claudia Cannatelli & Daniel Moncada 08:30 Invited: Kimberlite Skarns: More Common and More Complex Kopylova M, Fulop A, Gaudet M & Hilchie L 08:45 A Fractal Model of Dike Formation and Variability Based on Cellular Automata Xiong Y, Zuo R & Clarke K 09:00 Geochemistry and Geochronology of Porphyry Deposits in Edrene Range, South West Mongolia Jargalan S, Enkhjargal B, Gurbadam E-O, Yasuhito O & Xiaofeng L 09:15 Application of Geoelectrochemical Technique to Luoboling Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Deposit in Fujian Province, China Wen M, Liu P & Zheng C 09:30 Baddeleyite from Paleoproterozoic Cu-Ni and Pt-Pd Reefs of Oceanic and Continental Crust (N-E Part of the Fennoscandian Shield, Arctic Region) Bayanova T, Drogobuzhskaya S, Subbotin V, Kunakkuzin E, Serov P, Steshenko E & Neradovskiy Y 09:45 Petrogenesis of the Olivine-Oxide-Rich Layered Intrusion Associated with Proterozoic Damiao Anorthosite Complex, China: Implications for Parental Magma Composition Li H, Li L & Li S Tue Session 05f follows this session in this room. For details see page

136 05f AM 203 Tue 05f: Critical Metal Deposits: Current Sources and Future Potential Session chaired by Simon Jowitt, Shao-Yong Jiang, Aleksandr Stepanov & Wei Chen 10:00 Keynote: Recycling and Secondary Sources of the Rare Earth Elements Jowitt S, Werner T, Weng Z & Mudd G 10:15 REE Resource Estimation in the High Background Radiation Areas (HBRA s) of Coastal Odisha, India Ghosal S, Agrahari S, Banerjee D & Sengupta D 10:30 Evaluation of the Presence and Spatial Distribution of Critical Raw Materials in the Cauquenes Porphyry Copper Tailing Caraballo MA, Townley B, González-Díaz EY, Riquelme B, García-Cardenas S, Collao R, Martinez P & Noriega F 10:45 Evolution of the Mo-Hree Carbonatite Deposits in the Lesser Qinling Orogen: Insights from in situ Geochemical Investigation of Calcite and Sulfate Bai T, Chen W & Jiang S-Y 11:00 The Role of Multi-Stage Processes on REE Enrichment in Kangankunde Carbonatites, Malawi Chikanda F, Otake T, Ohtomo Y & Sato T 11:15 The Characteristics of Ore Vein System in Maoniuping Giant REE Carbonatite-Syenite Complex- Related Deposits Liu Y (Session 05f continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 99) 76

137 06a 202 AM 06a: Environmental Nanogeochemistry: Advances in Connecting Laboratory Experiments to Natural Systems Session chaired by Bojeong Kim, F. Marc Michel & Manuel A. Caraballo 10:00 Invited: On the Mechanism of iron(iii) (Oxyhydr)oxide Nucleation Gebauer D & Scheck J 10:15 Invited: Detection of Inorganic Polymers Involve in Hydrobasaluminite Synthesis by Mass Spectrometry Becerra-Herrera M, Moraga SD, Cruz-Hernández P, Molinas R, Richter P & Caraballo MA 10:30 Optimization of Schwertmannite Synthesis Methods to Study the Role Played by Aqueous Polymeric Precursors by Mass Spectrometry Moraga SD, Molinas R, Cruz-Hernandez P, Becerra-Herrera M & Caraballo MA 10:45 Invited: An Experimental Study of the Early Stages of Calcium Phosphate Formation and the Role of Additives Ruiz-Agudo E, Di Lorenzo F, Ruiz-Agudo C, Alvarez-Lloret P, Kaczmarski J, Burgos-Cara A & Rodriguez-Navarro C 11:00 Utilizing in situ Techniques to Examine Structural Impacts of the Initial Ion Ratios on Calcium Phosphate Precursors Hoeher A, Mergelsberg S, Borkiewicz O & Michel FM 11:15 Keynote: Examining Nanoscale Biogeochemical Controls on Metals, Radionuclides and Soil- Aqueous Particulate Organic Carbon Using Conventional and Synchrotron-Based Techniques Kocar B Tue (Session 06a continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 100) 77

138 06g AM 202 Tue 06g: Energy Landscapes in Biomineralization, Geochemistry, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Alex Navrotsky s 75th Birthday Session chaired by Pupa Gilbert & Jeffrey Rimer 08:30 Invited: Formation Pathways and Reactivity of Heterometallic Aluminum Oxyhydroxide Nanoclusters Forbes T, Mason S & Bjorklund J 08:45 Observing Nucleation Fluctuations with in situ AFM Legg B, Mundy C, Baer M & De Yoreo J 09:00 Calculating Equilibrium Phase Assemblages in Systems Subject to Generalized Chemical Potential Constraints Ghiorso M 09:15 Rapidly Reversible Surface-Mediated Redox Transformation of Mn2O 3 to Mn3O 4 Triggered by Water Sorption at Room Temperature Birkner N & Navrotsky A 09:30 Oxidative Dissolution Induced Strain and Defects in Magnetite Nanocrystals Yuan K, Lee SS, Cha W, Ulvestad A, Sturchio N & Fenter P 09:45 Thermodynamic Origins of Diverse Polymorphism during the Multistage Crystallization of Manganese Oxides Sun W, Kitchaev D, Chen B-R, Garten L, Ginley D, Schelhas L, Toney M & Ceder G Session 06a follows this session in this room. For details see page

139 07j 210 AM 07j: From Formation to Preservation: Reconstructing Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Using Laboratory, Mineralogical, Molecular, Elemental, and Isotopic Proxies Session chaired by Suemeyya Eroglu, Christopher Siebert, Jeremy Owens, Colleen Hansel, Tais W. Dahl & Philip Pogge von Strandmann 08:30 Tracing the Evolution of Biogenic Opal to Porcellanite and Chert with δ 18 O in Deep Sea Sediments Yanchilina A, Yam R & Shemesh A 08:45 Deepwater Circulation in the East China Sea Margin Since the Last Deglaciation from Nd Isotope Dou Y 09:00 Dinoflagellate Cyst Based pco 2 Proxy: First Results and Outlook Frieling J, Reichart G-J, van Roij L, van de Waal DB & Sluijs A 09:15 Invited: Controls on the Barium-Isotopic Composition of Marine Particles Horner T, Pryer H, Nielsen S & Lam P 09:30 The Isotope Record of Seawater Chemistry Change Across the Late Paleozoic Climate Shift Legett S, Rasbury T, Grossman E, Hemming G & Wright C 09:45 Towards a General Model of Isotopic Fractionation for Biogenic Carbonates Devriendt L, Watkins J, De Nooijer L & Reichart G-J 10:00 Invited: Implications of Short-Term Exchange of Foraminiferal Tests for Proxy Application Fantle M, Chanda P, Gorski C & Oakes R 10:15 Foraminiferal Na/Ca Suggests Decreased Seawater Ca Concentration and Reduced Hydrothermal Activity Since Mid-Miocene Zhou X, Si W, Erez J & Rosenthal Y 10:30 Lithium Isotopic Composition of Benthic Foraminifera: A New Proxy for paleo-ph Reconstruction Roberts J, Kaczmarek K, Langer G, Skinner L, Bijma J, Bradbury H, Turchyn A, Lamy F & Misra S 10:45 A New Cenozoic Marine δ 7 Li Record Based on Authigenic Smectites Neimard M, Vigier N, Karpoff A-M & Reisberg L 11:00 Calcite Precipitation from Saline Solutions: How Dissolved NaCl Affects DIC Speciation, DIC Isotopic Equilibration, and δ 18 O in Calcite Watkins J, Olsen E & Needham E 11:15 Cretaceous Gypsum Pseudomorphs in Anatolia Deciphering Textures and Isotopic Signatures (C, O) from Formation to Metamorphism Scheffler F, Immenhauser A, Pourteau A, Natalicchio M, Candan O & Oberhänsli R Tue (Session 07j continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 101) 79

140 09g AM 207 Tue 09g: Entering Earth s Middle Age: Earth System Evolution during the Late Archean and Proterozoic Session chaired by Gareth Izon, Genming Luo, Christopher T. Reinhard & Aubrey Zerkle 10:00 Keynote: Advances in Quantifying the Composition of the Ancient Atmosphere Claire M 10:15 Total Pressure Effect on Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes: Laboratory Experiment of SO 2 Photochemistry Endo Y, Danieleche S & Ueno Y 10:30 The Role of Remineralization in Archean Phosphorus Limitation Kipp M & Stüeken E 10:45 Late Archean Euxinia: The Brazilian Craton Example Bosco-Santos A, Gilhooly Iii W, Fouskas F, Baldim M & Oliveira E 11:00 The Onset of Oxidative Weathering Traced by Uranium Isotopes Brüske A, Albut G, Schuth S, Schoenberg R, Beukes N, Hofmann A, Nägler T & Weyer S (Session 09g continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 103) 80

141 09j 207 AM 09j: Reconstructing the Co-evolution of Early Life and its Environment: From Molecules to Models, and Analogues to Isotopes Session chaired by Nagissa Mahmoudi, Michelle Gehringer, Elizabeth Swanner & Trinity Hamilton 08:30 Invited: The Chemical and Biological Evolution of a Meromictic Lake, Washington USA Gilhooly W, Harris J, Bosco-Santos A, Steinman B, Crane E, Shelton M, Picard C, O Beirne M & Werne J 08:45 Two Ferruginous Midwestern Lakes Exhibit Vastly Different Fluxes of Methane Lambrecht N, Wittkop C, Katsev S, Fakraee M & Swanner E 09:00 Invited: Validating a Conceptual Model of Precambrian N-Cycle: Insight from the Dziani Dzaha Lake Ader M, Cadeau P, Jézéquel D, Chaduteau C, Sarazin G, Bernard C & Leboulanger C 09:15 Geomicrobiology of a Meromictic Lake Water Column Containing Relict Seawater Haas S, LaRoche J, Desai D & Wallace D 09:30 Nitrogen Isotope as Tracer of Biomass Recycling in an Analogue of Precambrian Environment Cadeau P, Ader M, Jezequel D, Sarazin G, Chaduteau C, Bernard C & Leboulanger C 09:45 Associations between Redox-Sensitive Trace Metals and Microbial Communities in a Proterozoic Ocean Analogue Rico K & Sheldon N Tue Session 09g follows this session in this room. For details see page

142 10b AM 206 Tue 10b: Biogeochemical Cycling in Aquatic Sediments: Mechanisms, Environmental Controls and Responses to Change Session chaired by Sian Henley, Johan Faust, Silke Severmann, Robert Aller, Aninda Mazumdar & Wriddhiman Ghosh 08:30 Abiotic Formation of Dissolved Organic Sulfur in Anoxic Sediment of Santa Barbara Basin Abdulla H, Burdige D & Komada T 08:45 Enhanced Carbon-Sulfur Cycling in the Sediments of Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone Center Mazumdar A, Fernandes S, Bhattacharya S, Peketi A, Mapder T, Roy C, Da Silva R & Ghosh W 09:00 Cryptic Methane Cycle in the Upper Sediment Layers of the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone Bhattacharya S, Mapder T, Roy C, Rameez M, Berchmans S, Peketi A, Mazumdar A & Ghosh W 09:15 Multiple S Isotope Ratios of Glacial vs. Interglacial Pyrite: Insight into the Controls on Diagenetic Signals in Marine Sediments Pasquier V, SansJofre P, Cartigny P, Fike D & Halevy I 09:30 Microbial Activity Affects Sulfur Distribution in Biogenic Aragonite Fichtner V, Strauss H, Lange S, Krause S, Borca C, Huthwelker T, Treude T & Immenhauser A 09:45 Detrital, Biogenic, and Diagenetic Carbonates in Turbidites of the Bengal Fan France-Lanord C, Galy A & Rigaudier T 10:00 Keynote: Bacteria Potentially Involved in Iron-Cycling in Surface Marine Sediments Revealed by Pyrosequencing Reyes C, Dellwig O, Lipka M, Dähnke K, Gehre M, Noriega-Ortega BE, Böttcher ME, Meister P & Friedrich MW 10:15 Old Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Mackenzie River Basin: A Smoking gun for the Degradation of Aged Organic Matter? Hilton R, Tipper E, Galy V, Garnett M, Dellinger M, Schwab M, Tank S, Bryant C, Ascough P & Eglinton T 10:30 Invited: Benthic Nitrogen Cycling and N 2 O Fluxes Under Changing Environmental Conditions Ziebis W 10:45 Keynote: Fe Sources and Sinks along The Southern Alaska Margin Inferred from Time-Series Observations Crusius J, Schroth A, Michael S, Cullen J, Resing J & Campbell R 11:00 Elemental Fluxes and Reactions during Sediment Transit: Concepts of Local and 3-D System Diagenesis Aller R, Rahman S & Cochran K 11:15 Modeling the Release of CH 4 and CO 2 in Incubation Bottles and the Dynamics of their Carbon Isotope Signatures as a Way to Estimate the Pathway of Cellulose Methanization Vavilin V, Rytov S & Lokshina L (Session 10b continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 127) 82

143 10h 208 AM 10h: Traditional and Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Geobiology and Biogeochemistry: Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Isotope Dynamics Session chaired by William Leavitt & Sebastian Kopf 08:30 Carbon Isotopic Vital Effects in Planktonic Foraminifera: A Mechanistic Proxy for DIC Through the Paleogene Rickaby R & Erez J 08:45 Belemnite Clumped Isotope Record: Mesozoic Seawater T and δ 18 O Bajnai D, Fiebig J, Vickers M, Price GD, Wierzbowski H, Rogov M, Bodin S & Voigt S 09:00 Invited: Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation Patterns of Chlorophyll Track Taxonomic Shifts in a Natural Phytoplankton Community Kharbush JJ, Smith D, Powers M, Vanderploeg HA, Fanslow D, Robinson RL, Dick GJ & Pearson A 09:15 Ecological and Biochemical Controls on Nitrogen Isotopic Fractionation of Otolith-Bound Organic Matter: Insights from Paired Tissue-Otolith Comparisons, Amino Acid Concentrations, and an Otolith Model Lueders-Dumont J, Wang XT, Sigman D & Ward B 09:30 Effect of Iron Limitation on the Isotopic Composition of Cellular and Released Fixed Nitrogen in Azotobacter vinelandii McRose D, Lee A, Kopf S, Baars O, Kraepiel A, Sigman D, Morel F & Zhang X 09:45 On the Origin of the Deep N Deficit in Baffin Bay: Insights from Isotopic Signatures of Nitrate and Nitrous Oxide Lehmann N, Kienast M, Granger J, Bourbonnais A, Altabet M & Tremblay J-É 10:00 Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotope Effects Associated with a Combined Partial Nitritation-Anammox Wastewater Treatment Process Magyar P, Hausherr D, Bürgmann H, Mohn J, Zopfi J, Joss A & Lehmann M 10:15 Keynote: Understanding the Isotopic Composition of Sedimentary Sulfide Johnston DT, Masterson AL, Alperin M, Arnold GL, Berelson WM, Roy H & Jorgensen B 10:45 Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Isotopes Bryant R, Jones C, Pasquier V, Halevy I & Fike D 11:00 Development of Superheavy δ 34 S Values in Paleozoic Pyrite Detected by SIMS Microanalysis and Ion Imaging Drake H, Whitehouse M, Heim C, Reiners P, Tillberg M & Hogmalm J 11:15 A Mechanistic Understanding of Oxygen Isotope Effects during Microbial Sulfate Reduction Bertran E, Waldeck A, Wing B, Halevy I, Leavitt W, Bradley A & Johnston D Tue 83

144 12c AM 306 Tue 12c: Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals, Radionuclides, and Associated Colloids within Earth s Critical Zone Session chaired by Benjamin Kocar, Vincent Noel, John Bargar, Gabrielle Dublet, Naresh Kumar & Rose Cory 08:30 Keynote: Subsurface Colloids with Relevance for Trace Element Behavior in the Critical Zone Kretzschmar R 09:00 Behavior of As(III) and As(V) during Ferrihydrite Sulfidation Kumar N, Noël V, Boye K, Besold J, Planer-Friedrich B, Fendorf S & Brown G 09:15 Examining Coupled Mineralogical-Redox Controls on Chromium Cycling in Soils and Sediments Chen M, Gadol H & Kocar B 09:30 Invited: Thallium Sorption onto Soil Minerals Voegelin A, Wick S, Marques Fernandes M & Baeyens B 09:45 Copper Sequestration in Mofettes How Geogenic Carbon Dioxide Affects Binding to Organic Matter and Mineral Precipitation Mehlhorn J, Besold J, Lezama Pacheco J, Gustafsson JP, Kretzschmar R & Planer-Friedrich B 10:00 Binding of Antimony to Natural Organic Matter in a Finnish Mine-Water Influenced Peatland Besold J, Eberle A, Kujala K, Kumar N, Scheinost AC, Lezama Pacheco J, Fendorf S & Planer-Friedrich B 10:15 Invited: Trace Elements Diagenesis Associated with Fe-Mn Nodules Formation in the Sediments of Limed Lakes Couture R-M, Hindar A & Rognerud S 10:30 Effect of Sediment Resuspension on Nutrient Concentrations in Coastal Waters Izaditame F & Jaisi D 10:45 Invited: Role of Minerals in Organic Carbon Retention in the Soil Critical Zone Myneni S, Atkinson W, Sleighter R, Hatcher P & Regier T 11:00 The Role of Iron Complexation in the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and CO 2 in Arctic Soil Waters Trusiak A, Treibergs L, Kling G, Bargar J, Noël V & Cory R 11:15 Coupled Climate Change and Soil Arsenic Alters Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Flooded Rice Paddies Lopez A, Muehe M & Fendorf S 84

145 13j 304 AM 13j: Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems Session chaired by Peter H. Santschi & Satoshi Utsunomiya 08:30 Keynote: Influences of Organic Matter on U Retention and Mobilization in Contaminated Aquifers Bone S, Cliff J, Jones M, Cahill M, Roycroft S, Dynes J, Fendorf S & Bargar J 09:00 Uranium Retention in a Bioreduced Region of an Alluvial Aquifer Following the Influx of an Oxidant Weber K, Pan D, Williams K & Robbins M 09:15 Novel Method to Quantify Radioactive Cesium-Rich Microparticles in the Environment from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Ikehara R, Suetake M, Komiya T, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Bower W, Law G, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S 09:30 Speciation of Uranium Released to the Environment with Cesium-Rich Microparticles from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Utsunomiya S, Ochiai A, Imoto J, Suetake M, Komiya T, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Morooka K & Kurihara E 09:45 Biogeochemical Alteration of Uranic Particles Under Flowing Conditions: A Micro/Nanofocus Study Bower W, Morris K, Mosselmans F, Lyon I, Fallon C, Fuller A & Livens F 10:00 Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences Qafoku N, Kaplan D, Lawter A, Neeway J, Bagwell C, Szecsody J & Truex M 10:15 Keynote: Plutonium Contamination of the Environment: What s the Problem? Zavarin M 10:45 Invited: Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds Binding 239,240 Pu in Nagasaki Soils Lin P, Xu C, Kaplan D, Yeager C, Schwehr K & Santschi P 11:00 Invited: Plutonium Isotopes in Seawater off Fukushima within Two Months after the Accident Zheng J, Men W, Wang H, Kumamoto Y, Yamada M & Uchida S 11:15 Radium Retention by Cynobacteria Forming Intracellular Carbonates Mehta N, Benzerara K & Kocar BD Tue (Session 13j continues on Tuesday 14th PM on page 109) 85

146 13k AM 302 Tue 13k: Biogeochemistry of Oxyanion-Forming Elements: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Session chaired by Case van Genuchten, Thilo Behrends, Vincent Cloutier, Joseph Ayotte, David Vinson, Matthew Polizzotto, Céline Pallud & Owen W. Duckworth 08:30 Invited: On the Spatial Heterogeneity of Groundwater Arsenic Zheng Y 08:45 A Comparison of Statistical Models of Arsenic in Groundwater at the National Scale Lombard M 09:00 Arsenic Release in Groundwater from a Mineralized Sufide Area of the Canadian Shield in Western Quebec Bondu R, Cloutier V, Rosa E & Benzaazoua M 09:15 Sediment Manganese Oxide Content as an Indicator of Groundwater Arsenic Pollution Potential Polizzotto M, Gillispie E & Duckworth O 09:30 The Limitations of Observed First Order Rate Constants: A Case Study on As(III) Depletion by Mn Oxides Schacht L & Ginder-Vogel M 09:45 Fate and Role of Arsenic during Green Rust Formation via Reductive Dissolution of Ferrihydrite Perez JPH, Tobler DJ, Freeman HM, Dideriksen K, Ceccato M & Benning LG 10:00 Redox and Sorption Behaviour of Arsenic during Co-precipitation with Fe(II, III) (Hydr)oxides van Genuchten C, Behrends T, Stipp S & Dideriksen K 10:15 Arsenic Methylation Across Microbial Phyla Viacava K, Dyer S, Lederballe Meibom K, Mestrot A & Bernier-Latmani R 10:30 Monothioarsenate Uptake, Transformation, and Translocation in Rice Plants Kerl CF, Rafferty C, Clemens S & Planer-Friedrich B 10:45 Effects of Intermittent Draining of Rice Fields on Biogeochemical Redox Processes and Arsenic Mobility Maguffin S, Rohila J, McClung A & Reid M 11:00 Interactions of Silicon and Arsenic in Rice Limmer M & Seyfferth A 11:15 Arsenic Mobilization in the Rhizosphere of Pteris Vittata, an Arsenic-Hyperaccumulating Fern Matzen S & Pallud C (Session 13k continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 132) 86

147 14a 200 AM 14a: Education and Outreach for Geochemists Session chaired by Rohan Kundargi, Ethan Baxter, Sandy Kirtland Turner, Leanne Hancock, Jamie Kendall, Lev Horodyskyj, Simon Kelley, Sarah Simpson, Jennifer Glass, A. D. Anbar, Adina Paytan, David W Mogk, Michael Hochella & James Ranville 08:30 Keynote: Addressing Four Key Challenges in Earth Science Education Foster J 09:00 The Earth in a Day: Lessons and Ideas from a Geology Workshop for Pre-Service Teachers with no Access to Geoscience Courses Kendall J, Kundargi R & Cox J 09:15 Using Winogradsky Columns to Investigate Links between Geochemistry and Environmental Microbiology with K-Adult Students Olins H 09:30 Invited: Using the CLEAN Collection to Build Three-Dimensional Lessons to Teach the Climate System Ledley TS, Gold AU, Niepold F, Taylor J, Kirk K, Bruckner M & Fox S 09:45 Bringing Geo Science to K-12 Education via Global STEM Classroom Schelkin L & Sigalovsky J 10:00 Keynote: Using Geochemistry to Improve Access to STEM Education Schrag D 10:30 Wikipedia: Encyclo-Media Engagement to Reach Millions Pratt K, Wood J, Trew Crist D, Newell A, Matthewson J, Weald S & Pockalny R 10:45 The Impact of Science Y all: A Grassroots Student Blog Cooperdock E, Bernard R, Capaldi T & Papendieck A 11:00 Young Scientists and Multimedia Outreach, an Example Pedreira-Segade U 11:15 Invited: Effective Climate Communication: Is Curiosity Key? Landrum AR Tue (Session 14a continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 133, Theme 14 posters are displayed Monday-Thursday) 87

148 Oral Presentations Overview Tue PM d 06a 05f 05b 10a 09g 10e 07j 14:15 Zachos Strongin Jiang Mao Akhtar Heuer Eglinton 14:30 Vervoort Ginder -Vogel Stepanov Lawson Planavsky Chakrabarti 14:45 O Brien Frierdich Fosso Tchunte Gilbert Viehweger Dean Farkas 15:00 Shakun Catalano Wei Horita Wei Hurley Freeman 15:15 Kiro Inoue Keith Douds Li Spinks Algeo 15:30 Sikes Song Krolop Atkinson Sheik Johnson Grant Thibon 15:45 Kienast Zhu Mao Xie Orcutt Wasylenki Kusch Jiang 16:00 Li Pimraksa Gronen Szatmari Motamedi Mhlanga Mahmoudi Peacock 16:15 Lacerra Lozano Liang Khan Jones Soares Stillings Li 16:30 Zhao Le Bars Munoz Wang Booker Tang Ajayi 16:45 Yehudai Cerkez Mulroy Giunta Xu Ahm Blättler 17:00 DeConto Carrero Bao Li Lalk Fakhraee 88

149 b 13j 11a / 11f 01i 03j / 03i 04j / 04h 03f / 03d 02d 14:15 Putnis Chadwick MacPherson Warr Stolper Starr Wang Jacobson 14:30 Deng Percy Hertwig Cheng Wood Vitale 14:45 McDevitt Raja Ma Boehnke Ballentine King Li Van Orman 15:00 Brandt Mayordomo Hynek Bermingham Fiebig Kawamoto Keller Rubatto 15:15 Reiss Passeport Berger Pourkhorsandi Jenkins Mitchell Carlson 15:30 Van Driessche Ragoussi Ende Ebel Hervig Xia Mohn 15:45 Dove Havlova Debaille Kondo Pu Lesher Eglinton Bouilhol 16:00 Cao Yang Gopel Johnson Black Schiller 16:15 Power Zheng Schwab Hunt Cox Xia Harvey Desmarais 16:30 Li Bosbach Liu Hin Cavosie Olsen Kerswell Grewal 16:45 Ekamparam Boylan Kawahata Young Tang Whiteside Smye Dasgupta 17:00 Hövelmann Tinnacher Maavara Bouvier Bennett Kasbohm van Keken Wade Oral Presentations Overview Tue PM 89

150 01i PM 309 Tue 01i: Early Solar System Formation and Chronology as Recorded in Meteoritic Components Session chaired by Francois Tissot, Myriam Telus & Haolan Tang 14:15 The Nature and Timing of Refractory Element Fractionation Events in the Early Solar Nebula MacPherson G, Krot A & Nagashima K 14:30 Two Distinct Chondrule Generations in Acfer 094 Based on 26 Al-Ages and Oxygen Isotope Ratios Hertwig AT, Kimura M, Ushikubo T, Defouilloy C & Kita NT 14:45 Calculating Isotope Anomalies: A Bayesian Approach Boehnke P, Steele R, Tissot F & Davis A 15:00 Invited: Origins of Mass-Dependent and Mass-Independent Ca Isotope Variations in Meteoritic Components Bermingham K, Gussone N & Mezger K 15:15 Tracing Meteorite Terrestrial Weathering Effects on Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Distribution: Implications for Meteorite Weathering Related to Climate Pourkhorsandi H, D Orazio M, Rochette P, Valenzuela M, Debaille V & Gattacceca J 15:30 Rare Earth Elements in CO and CV Chondrite Components Ebel D, Crapster-Pregont E, Gemma M & Christoph J 15:45 Temporal HSE Variation and Core Formation in Vesta Debaille V, Slotte N, Wainwright A, Goderis S & Luguet A 16:00 Thermal History of Asteroids Inferred from Hf-W and Mn-Cr Chronometry Gopel C, Hellmann JL, Birck J-L & Kleine T 16:15 Palladium-Silver Chronology of Iron Meteorite Parent Bodies Hunt A, Theis K & Schönbächler M 16:30 Invited: Magnesium Isotope Evidence that Accretional Vapour Loss Shapes Planetary Compositions Hin RC, Coath CD, Carter PJ, Nimmo F, Lai Y-J, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Willbold M, Leinhardt ZM, Walter MJ & Elliott T 16:45 The Isotopic Consequences of Planetesimal Evaporation Young E, Jordan M, Shahar A, Schlichting H, Nimmo F & Tang H 17:00 Earth s Building Materials from Mass-Dependent Ca Isotopic Compositions Bouvier A, Martin P-E, Amsellem E, Maloney M, Frossard P, Boyet M & Moynier F (Session 01i continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 111) 90

151 02d 313 PM 02d: Geochemical and Geodynamical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Planetary Bodies Session chaired by Kelsey Prissel, Megan Duncan, Corliss Kin I Sio, Matthew Weller, George Helffrich & Radjeep Dasgupta 14:15 Keynote: Consequences of Multi-Stage Core Formation Jacobson S 14:45 Earth s Inner Core Nucleation Paradox Huguet L, Van Orman J, Hauck S & Willard M 15:00 Secular Cooling of Earth s Mantle: Geochemical Evidence and Geodynamic Implications Keller CB 15:15 Did Earth s First Supercontinent Form the Inner Core? Mitchell R, Cox G, O Rourke J, Li Z-X, Spencer C, Kirscher U, Zhang N, Murphy JB, Nordsvan A & Asimow P 15:30 Partitioning of the FeSiO 3, FeAlO 3 and Al 2 O 3 Components between Bridgmanite and Post- Bridgmanite Mohn CE & Trønnes RG 15:45 Isotope Fractionation at the Core-Mantle Boundary by Thermal Diffusion Lesher C & Dannberg J 16:00 Increased Oxidation during Earth s Accretion Revealed by Correlated Isotope Signatures Schiller M & Bizzarro M 16:15 Determination of the Mossbauer Isomer-Shift in High-Pressure Fe Minerals up to Earth s Core Conditions Desmarais J, Tse J, Pan Y & Casassa S 16:30 Fate of Nitrogen during Core-Mantle Separation Grewal D, Dasgupta R, Costin G, Tsuno K, Li Y & Holmes A 16:45 Core-Mantle Fractionation of Carbon in Magma Oceans of Inner Solar System Bodies: The Role of Sulfur Dasgupta R, Tsuno K & Grewal D 17:00 Magma Oceans, Lakes or Ponds? Wade J & Wood B Tue (Session 02d continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 111) 91

152 03d PM 312 Tue 03d: Multidisciplinary Insights into Subduction Zone Processes Session chaired by Joshua Garber, Paul Starr, Edward Inglis, Kevin Burton & Besim Dragovic 15:45 Keynote: Mafic Crust Recycling in Subduction Systems. Constraints from Numerical Models Bouilhol P, Magni V, Riel N & van Hunen J 16:15 Petrologic Constraints on Mélange Diapir Formation Harvey K 16:30 A Physical Mechanism Explaining the Common Depth of Slab-Mantle Coupling and Formation of a Rheologic Backstop at ~80 km Depth Kerswell B, Gerya T & Kohn M 16:45 Protracted Exhumation of Eclogites and Blueschists of the Voltri Group, Western Alps Seman S, Smye A & Scambelluri M 17:00 Mafic High-Pressure Rocks are Preferentially Exhumed from Warm Subduction Settings van Keken P, Wada I, Abers G, Hacker B & Wang K (Session 03d continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 141) 92

153 03f 312 PM 03f: Metamorphic Records of Lithospheric Processes: Everyday, Exceptional, and Extreme Session chaired by Victor Guevara, Daniel Viete, Matthew Kohn & Jay Ague 14:15 Comparing Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths Across the Beigua Unit, Voltri Ophiolite: Implications for the Exhumation Mechanisms of HP Massifs Starr P, Baxter E & Scambelluri M 14:30 Invited: Metamorphic Unconventional Hydrocarbons in Subduction Zones Vitale A, Martinez I, Sverjensky DA, Daniel I & Piccoli F 14:45 Petrogeochemistry and Geochronology of Corundum-Bearing Aluminous Gneisses in the Dabie Orogen, China Li Y, Liu Y-C & Yang Y 15:00 Keynote: The Path of Fluids and the Composition of Melts in (Ultra)high Pressure Subducted Crust Rubatto D, Gauthiez-Putallaz L, Williams M, Bovay T, Stepanov A & Hermann J 15:30 Phase Equilibria of MT UHP Eclogite: A Case Study of Coesite Eclogite at Yangkou, Sulu Belt, China Xia B, Brown M, Wang L, Wang S & Piccoli P Tue Session 03d follows this session in this room. For details see page

154 03i PM 310 Tue 03i: Early Earth Processes Session chaired by Tim Johnson, Tracy Rushmer & Nicholas Arndt 15:15 Keynote: Creating Earth s most Ancient Crust Carlson R, Garcon M, O Neil J, Reimink J & Rizo H 15:45 Major Element Composition of the Hadean Crust: Constraints from Sm-Nd Isotope Systematics and High-Pressure Melting Experiments Kondo N & Kogiso T 16:00 Are Earth s Oldest Felsic Rocks Impact Melts? Johnson T, Gardiner N, Miljković K, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bland P & Smithies H 16:15 Not-So-Shocking Results from the Jack Hills: An EBSD Survey of 10, 000 Zircon Grains for Shock Deformation Cox M, Cavosie A, Bland P, Reddy S & Valley J 16:30 Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T 16:45 Intensive Degassing of Halogens on Early Earth Recorded in Jack Hills Zircons Tang H, Trail D, Bell E & Harrison TM 17:00 Earth s Adolescence: Isotopically Tracking the Transition from the Hadean to the Modern Earth Bennett V & Nutman A (Session 03i continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 113) 94

155 03j 310 PM 03j: Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid- Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day Session chaired by Esther Schwarzenbach, Lisa Mayhew, Chiara Boschi, Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Alain Prinzhofer, Chris Ballentine, Barbara Sherwood Lollar & Ziming Yang 14:15 Large Accumulations of He, Ar and H 2 in Fracture Fluids in Precambrian Shield Rocks Warr O, Giunta T, Ballentine C & Sherwood Lollar B 14:30 Helium Distribution in the Williston and the Southwest Ontario Basins Cheng A, Sherwood Lollar B, Giunta TM, Mundle SOC & Ballentine CJ 14:45 Commercial Helium Gas Fields: Identifying the Source of the Helium Ballentine C, Danabalan D, Warr O, Barry P, Gluyas J & Sherwood Lollar B 15:00 Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Earth s Crust: A Phantom? Fiebig J, Tassi F, Stefansson A, Viveiros F, Silva C, D Alessandro W, Ricci A, Schreiber C, Lopez T & Mountain B Tue (Session 03j continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 113) Session 03i follows this session in this room. For details see page

156 04h PM 311 Tue 04h: Large Igneous Provinces, Environmental Change and Mass Extinctions: The Deadly Kiss of LIPs Session chaired by Feifei Zhang, Aisha Al-Suwaidi, Richard Ernst & Ying Cui 15:45 Geochronological Constraints on the Emplacement of the Franklin LIP: Testing Hypotheses for the Onset of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Pu JP, Schmitz MD, Crowley JL, Rainbird RH & Macdonald FA 16:00 Invited: Systemic Swings in End-Permian Climate from Siberian Traps Carbon and Sulfur Outgassing Black B, Neely R, Lamarque J-F, Elkins-Tanton L, Kiehl J, Shields C, Mills M & Bardeen C 16:15 Mantle Hydration and the Role of Water in the Generation of Large Igneous Provinces Xia Q, Liu J, Kuritani T, Hanski E & Yu H 16:30 New Astrochronology of the End-Triassic Extinction (ETE) and Initial Carbon Isotopic Excursion (CIE) Olsen PE, Yager J, Jessica W & Steinen R 16:45 Atmospheric Deposition of Volcanic Hg on a Jurassic Lava Flow of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province Whiteside J, Percival L, Mather T & Olsen P 17:00 U-Pb Zircon Ages Correlate the Columbia River Flood Basalt with the Mid-Miocene Climate Optimum Kasbohm J & Schoene B (Session 04h continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 116) 96

157 04j 311 PM 04j: Melt, Gas, and Redox Evolution in Magmatic Systems: Commemorating the Accomplishments of John R. Holloway ( ) Holloway Memorial Talks Session chaired by Richard Hervig & Gordon Moore 14:15 Keynote: Variations in the Oxygen Fugacity of the Upper Mantle due to Solid-Solid Phase Equilibria and Partial Melting Stolper E & Shorttle O 14:30 Invited: Phase Diagram Calculations and Internally Consistent Databases: John Holloway s Insights Wood B 14:45 Invited: Effect of Reactive Gases on Crust & Ocean Compositions on Earth & Mars King PL, Renggli CJ & Palm AB 15:00 Salinity and Na/K Ratios of Subduction Zone Fluids Kawamoto T 15:15 Effect of Cl Substitution on the Thermal Stability of Ferro-Pargasite Jenkins DM Tue 15:30 SIMS Microanalyses for fo 2 Hervig R, Dillon S & Williams P Session 04h follows this session in this room. For details see page

158 05b PM 204 Tue 05b: New Geochemical Approaches for Understanding Fossil Fuel Systems from Deposition to Recovery Session chaired by Michelle Abshire, Benjamin Brunner & Randy Blood 14:15 Invited: Investigation of Three Oil Shales with Unusual Heteroatom Contents Using Advanced 13 C Solid-State NMR Chu W, Cao X, Schmidt-Rohr K, Birdwell J & Mao J 14:30 Integrated Geochemical and Microbiological Study of Wilcox Oils and Gases of Northern Louisiana Lawson M, Formolo M, Skinner B, Summers Z, Biddle J, Kitchen N, Thiagarajan N, Xie H & Eiler J 14:45 Position-Specific Isotope Composition of Natural Gas Hydrocarbons: Recent Insights and Future Prospects Gilbert A, Julien M, Yoshida N & Ueno Y 15:00 Position-Specific Isotope Compositions of Propane from Unconventional Natural Gases of Woodford Shale, OK Horita J, Liu P, Liu C & McGovern G 15:15 Measured Water Saturations in Mudstones: Preliminary Evidence for the Introduction of Water Through Drilling and Completion Practices Douds A, Stypula M & Blood D 15:30 The Development of a System for the Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes in Methane Atkinson H & Welsh S 15:45 Hydrogen Isotope Equilibria in C1-C5 Alkanes Xie H, Formolo M, Lawson M, Peterson B, Sattler A, Sessions A & Eiler J 16:00 Origin, Geochemistry and Petrology of the Aptian Salt Seal of the Giant South Atlantic Oil Province Szatmari P, Figueiredo M, Florencio C, Gontijo R, Zambonato E, Farias F & Menezes Santos R 16:15 Increased Paleo-Marine Productivity as Potential Contributor to Organic Carbon Accumulations in Wufeng-Longmaxi Formations, China Khan MZ & Feng Q 16:30 Chemometric Differentiation of Natural Gas Types in the Turpan-Hami Basin, NW China Wang Y-P, Zou Y-R & Cai Y 17:00 Direct Dating of Charge Events Using Illitic Clays Rb-Sr Isotope System: A Case Study from Silurian Bituminous Sandstones in the Tarim Basin, NW China Li S, Wang X-C, Li C-F, Zhang Y & Liu K (Session 05b continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 117) 98

159 05f 203 PM 05f: Critical Metal Deposits: Current Sources and Future Potential Session chaired by Simon Jowitt, Shao-Yong Jiang, Aleksandr Stepanov & Wei Chen 14:15 Keynote: Geological Characteristic and Ore Genesis of Typical Granite-Related Rare Metal Deposits in China Jiang S-Y, Liu T, Su H-M, Zhao K-D & Chen W 14:30 Keynote: Tantalum in Cassiterite Stepanov A & Denholm J 14:45 Evidence for Nb-Ta Occurrences in the Syn-Tectonic Pan-African Mayo Salah Leucogranite (Northern Cameroon): Constraints from Nb-Ta Oxide Mineralogy, Geochemistry and U Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology on Columbite and Monazite Fosso Tchunte PM, Tchameni R, Andre-Mayer A-S, Dakoure H, Turlin F & Poujol M 15:00 Origin of Rare Metal Resources in Geothermal Fields of Southern Tibet, China Wang W, Wei H-Z & Jiang S-Y 15:15 Tellurium Mineralisation in a Post-Collisonal Alkaline Epithermal Au Deposit, Cripple Creek, Colorado Keith M, Smith DJ & Doyle K 15:30 Implications on the Timing of Ore-Formation of Sb Vein-Type Mineralization of the Berga Antiform, Germany Krolop P, Seifert T, Gerdes A & Burisch M 15:45 Keynote: Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China Through Geological History Mao J, Ouyang H, Song S, Yuan S, Zhou Z & Zheng W 16:00 Keynote: Quantification of Mineralogical Heterogenity in Peralkaline Complex Hosted Rare Metal (REE-Y-Zr-Hf-Nb) Deposits and the Impact on Mineral Processing Gronen L, Sindern S, Katzmarzyk J, Hellmann A, Bormann U, Wotruba H & Meyer FM 16:15 New Type of Hydrotheraml Ni-Co Deposit in Guangxi, China and its Geological Implication Liang H, Huang W & Wu J 16:30 Distribution, Speciation and Enrichment Processes of Scandium in Lateritic Profile of New Caledonia Munoz M, Ulrich M, Bonnet C, Levard C, Rose J, Ambrosi J-P, Cathelineau M, Teitler Y, Marcaillou C & Hesse B 16:45 Mineralogy and Potential Applications of Critical and E-Tech Metals in the Nkamouna Laterite, S.E. Cameroon Mulroy S, Coker V, Lloyd J & Schofield P 17:00 Origin of the Late Mesozoic Granitoids in the East Qinling Orogenic Belt of Central China and Constraints on the Disparity of the Mo Mineralization Bao Z & Xiong M Tue (Session 05f continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 118) 99

160 06a PM 202 Tue 06a: Environmental Nanogeochemistry: Advances in Connecting Laboratory Experiments to Natural Systems Session chaired by Bojeong Kim, F. Marc Michel & Manuel A. Caraballo 14:15 Invited: Photochemistry of Ferrihydrite in the Protein Cage of Ferritin for Chromate Reduction Cerkez E, Bruefach A, Alimohammadi F, Valentine A & Strongin D 14:30 Invited: Contaminant Interactions with Redox-Active Transition Metal (Hydr)oxides Ginder-Vogel M 14:45 Keynote: Fe(II)-Catalyzed Recrystallization of Iron Oxides in Natural Systems Frierdich A, Southall S, Micklethwaite S & Wilson S 15:00 Invited: Reduction of Layered Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles by Small Organic Acids and the Impact on Trace Metal Fate Catalano JG, Flynn ED & Hinkle MAG 15:15 Invited: Structure Transformation of Core-Shell Mn Oxide Nanowires by Removal of Mn(II) from Aqueous Solution Inoue S, Murayama M & Hochella M 15:30 Arsenic Oxidation by Hausmannite: Effects of Metal Impurity and Mn Oxide Mixtures Song B, Cerkez EB, Strongin DR, Grandstaff DE & Kim B 15:45 Invited: The Role of Trivalent Manganese in Transformation of Layered to Tunneled Manganese Oxides Zhu M & Yang P 16:00 Invited: Low Temperature Synthesis of Zeolitic and Cementitious Materials for Environmental Cleanup Pimraksa K, Setthaya N & Juengsuwattananon K 16:15 Basaluminite Aging at Different ph and Sulfate Concentrations Lozano A, Fernández-Martínez A, Ayora C & Poulain A 16:30 Effect of Organic Matter on Size and Structural Strain of nano-zns Formed in Organic Waste Le Bars M, Levard C, Legros S, Dublet G, Fernandez-Martinez A, Borschneck D, Rose J & Doelsch E 16:45 Effects of Siderophore on Pyrite Oxidation Cerkez EB, Dutton KG, Kukulka MA, Valentine AM & Strongin DR 17:00 Molecular Characterization of the Hydrated Pyrite (001) Surface by Ambient Pressure XPS Carrero S, Bluhm H, Whittaker M & Gilbert B 100

161 07j 210 PM 07j: From Formation to Preservation: Reconstructing Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Using Laboratory, Mineralogical, Molecular, Elemental, and Isotopic Proxies Session chaired by Suemeyya Eroglu, Christopher Siebert, Jeremy Owens, Colleen Hansel, Tais W. Dahl & Philip Pogge von Strandmann 14:15 Reconstructing the δ 44/40 Ca of Seawater: Insights from Modern and Ancient Elasmobranch Teeth Akhtar A & Higgins J 14:30 Large Stable Ca Isotopic (δ 44/40 Ca) Variation in Open Ocean Samples from the Bay of Bengal Chakrabarti R, Acharya SS & Mondal S 14:45 Origins of a Global Marine Late Silurian C Isotope Excursion: Insights from Stable Metal Isotopes (Ca, Sr, Cr) from Gotland and Prague Basin Farkas J, Fryda J, Holmden C, Frydova B, Mergl M, Kolevica A, Boehm F & Eisenhauer A 15:00 Keynote: The Role of Modern Marine Systems in Paleoproxy Development Algeo T 15:30 The Fe Homeostasis of the pre-goe Ocean Thibon F, Blichert-Toft J, Tsikos H, Foden J, Albalat E & Albarede F 15:45 FeCO 3 Nucleation Kinetics and the Late Archaean Carbon Cycle Jiang CZ, Rasmussen B, Muhling J & Tosca N 16:00 Invited: Understanding Trace Metal Sorption by Marine Minerals to Validate and Calibrate Geochemical Palaeoproxies Peacock C, Rodley J, Dixon S, Poulton S, Parkinson I & James R 16:15 Carbonate Isotopic Constraints on Seawater Chemistry during Pliensbachian Toarcian Li Q, McArthur J, Eiler J, Ryb U & Thirlwall M 16:30 Using Dynamic Time Warping to Align Geochemical Proxy Records Ajayi S & Kump L 16:45 An Early Diagenetic Deglacial Origin for Basal Ediacaran Cap Dolostones Ahm A-S, Maloof A, Bjerrum C, Bold U, Hoffman P, Rose C, Strauss J & Higgins J 17:00 Sub-Mm Levels of Sulfate and Inefficient AOM in Proterozoic Oceans Fakhraee M, Hancisse O, Canfield DE, Crowe SA & Katsev S Tue (Session 07j continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 121) 101

162 08d PM 200 Tue 08d: Dynamics and Mechanisms of Warm Climates and Climate Transitions Session chaired by Jeremy Shakun, David McGee, Allyson Tessin, Julia Gottschalk, Maayan Yehudai, Laura Haynes, Christian März, Samuel Jaccard & Jesse Farmer 14:15 Climate Variability on Orbital Time Scales over 18 Million Years of the Late Cretaceous to Middle Eocene Zachos J, Barnet J, Laurentano V, Littler K, Röhl U, Westerhold T, Kroon D & Lourens L 14:30 Modeling Orbital Dynamics in Early Cenozoic Greenhouse Climates Vervoort P, Kirtland-Turner S & Ridgwell A 14:45 Late Oligocene Warming: Constraints from TEX 86 -derived Sea Surface Temperature Proxy Records O Brien C, Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P 15:00 Eight Million Years of Polar Ice Sheet Variations from Cosmogenic Nuclides in Marine Sediments Shakun J, Bierman P, Corbett L, Underwood K, Rizzo D, Zimmerman S, Caffee M, Naish T, Golledge N & Hay C 15:15 Droughts and Tropical-Induced Rainfall in the East Mediterranean during Warm Periods Kiro Y, Goldstein SL, Kushnir Y, Stein M & Lazar B 15:30 Keynote: Clues on Pacific Ocean Carbon Cycle & Circulation Dynamics Since the Last Glacial Maximum from Southern Hemisphere Depth Transects Sikes E, Clementi V, Allen K & Lund D 15:45 Exploring the Influence of the Southern Ocean on Nitrogen Isotope Dynamics in the Equatorial Pacific during the Last 25, 000 Years Kienast M, Rafter P & Lehmann N 16:00 Interplay of Physical and Biological Processes in the Southern Ocean and Deglacial CO 2 Variations Li T, Robinson L, Chen T, Wang X, Burke A, Pegrum-Haram A, Rae J, Samperiz A, Spooner P, Rowland G, Ng H, Prokopenko M, Southon J, Knowles T, Li G & Sigman D 16:15 Ocean Carbon Cycle Response to AMOC Variability during the Last Deglaciation Lacerra M & Lund D 16:30 Invited: Deep Ocean Ventilation in the North Atlantic during the Younger Dryas Zhao N, Keigwin L, Marchal O & Haug G 16:45 Northern Hemispheric Trigger for The Mid-Pleistocene Transition Yehudai M, Kim J, Jaume-Seguí M, Goldstein SL, Pena LD, Knudson KP & Bickert T 17:00 Keynote: The Emerging Role of Geology in Future Sea Level Projections DeConto R (Session 08d continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 123) 102

163 09g 207 PM 09g: Entering Earth s Middle Age: Earth System Evolution during the Late Archean and Proterozoic Session chaired by Gareth Izon, Genming Luo, Christopher T. Reinhard & Aubrey Zerkle 14:15 Medal: Tracking Proterozoic Oxygenation Planavsky N 15:00 Cyanobacterial Oxygenic Photosynthesis Dominated Mid-Proterozoic Primary Productivity Hurley S, Wing B, Jasper C, Hill N & Cameron J 15:15 Late Mesoproterozoic Oceanic Oxygenation Caused Widespread Sedimentary Manganogenesis Spinks S, Sperling E, Thorne R, White A & Armstrong J Tue 15:30 Constraints on Earth s Stepwise Oxygenation from Sulfide Oxidation Experiments at Low po 2 Johnson AC, Reinhard CT, Romaniello SJ, Greaney AT, Gregory DD, Lyons TW & Anbar AD 15:45 Keynote: Sulfide Weathering may Have Sustained Methanogenesis Across the Great Oxidation Event Wasylenki L, Wang S-J, Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & Wang H 16:00 Marine Redox Evolution and Co-mn Signals of the Great Oxidation Event Mhlanga X, Tsikos H, Oonk P, Mason P, Lee B & Lyons T 16:15 Phosphogenesis in the Wake of the Great Oxidation Event: Evidence from the Turee Creek Group, W.A Soares G, Van Kranendonk M, Belousova E & Thomson S 16:30 Keynote: Two-Billion-Year-Old-Evaporites Capture Earth s Great Oxidation Blättler C, Claire M, Prave A, Kirsimäe K, Higgins J, Medvedev P, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Zerkle A, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Millar I, Hayles J, Bao H, Turchyn A, Warke M & Lepland A 103

164 10a PM 206 Tue 10a: Geomicrobiology in the Deep Biosphere, Earth and Beyond Session chaired by Jiasong Fang, Kasper Kjeldsen, Beth Orcutt & Yohey Suzuki 14:15 Keynote: Temperature Limits of the Deep Biosphere Heuer V, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Viehweger B, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U 14:45 Endospore Distribution in the Nankai Trough Deep Biosphere Insights from IODP Expedition 370 Viehweger B, Gajendra N, Wörmer L, Heuer V & Hinrichs K-U 15:00 Determining the Abundance of Bacterial Endospores in Hadal Trench Sediments Based on Analysis of Dipicolinic Acid Wei Y, Mao H, Zhang L, Nie X & Fang J 15:15 Sporulation as a Bacterial Adaptation Mechanism to High Pressure Li J, Mao H, Wei Y & Fang J 15:30 Novel Genomes Reveal Carbon Cycling Potential of Microbes Living in an Archean Iron Formation Sheik C, Badalamenti J, Bond D, Gralnick J & Toner B 15:45 Active Microbial Groups in Oceanic Crust Orcutt B, D Angelo T, Goordial J & Jones R 16:00 Exploration of Subsurface Microbial Communities within Seafloor Mantle Rocks Motamedi S, Pendlton L, Twing K & Brazelton W 16:15 Energy in the Deep Subsurface and as Extraterrestrial Habitability Analogs Jones R, Goordial J & Orcutt B 16:30 Implications of Halanaerobium Growth and Persistence in Hydraulically-Fractured Shale Ecosystems Booker A, Meulia T, Hoyt D, Lipton M & Wilkins M 16:45 Near Equilibrium, Non-Thermogenic, Methane in Sedimentary Systems: The Unrecognized Role of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane? Giunta T, Young E, Martini A, Warr O, Kohl I, Ash J & Sherwood Lollar B 17:00 Methane Isotopologue Analysis for Mud Gas Logging Samples to Trace Microbial and Thermogenic Methanogenesis in Deep Marine Sediments Lalk E, Seewald J & Ono S (Session 10a continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 126) 104

165 10e 208 PM 10e: Novel Insights into Earth and Environmental Processes Through Radiocarbon Research and Organic Matter Biogeochemistry Session chaired by Jaime Toney, Clayton Magill, Juliana D Andrilli & David Podgorski 14:15 Keynote: Radiocarbon Analysis Strategies for Elucidation of Carbon Cycle Processes Eglinton T 14:45 The Hidden Age of Carbon Released by Peatlands Dean J, Garnett M, van der Velde Y, Meisel O & Dolman H 15:00 Invited: New 14 C Mass Spectrometry Freeman S, Shanks R, McIntyre C, Gaubert G, Salou P, Kearney K, Hauser T & Sundquist M 15:30 Multi-Level Radiocarbon Analysis of Hawaiian SOC Grant K, Galy V, Haghipour N, Eglinton T & Derry L 15:45 Invited: Controls on Sedimentary Plant Wax Lipid Ages: A Global Perspective Kusch S 16:00 Uncovering Microbial Species-Specific Effects on Organic Matter Transformation Through Novel Isotopic Approaches Mahmoudi N, Enke T, Beaupre S, Teske A, Cordero O & Pearson A 16:15 Tracing Groundwater Flow Paths in Fractured Rock Using Naturally-Occurring Organic Biomarkers Stillings M, Shipton Z, Lord R, Lunn R, Kinali M, Pytharouli S & Thompson S 16:30 Evaluating the Lability of Organic Matter from Individual Sources by Carbon Isotope Signature of Amino Acids in the Estuary Tang T, Kang P, Zhang H, Zhu Y, He B & Li Q 16:45 Different 14 C Age of Terrestrial and Marine Organic Carbon in Sediments of New Britain Trench: Insight into Carbon Source and Transport in Hadal Trenches Xiao W, Eglinton TI, Haghipour N, Montluçon D, Jia Z & Xu Y Tue (Session 10e continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 128) 105

166 11a PM 306 Tue 11a: From Source to Sink: Weathering and Biogeochemical Cycles in Volcanic Regions on Earth and Mars Session chaired by Pierre Delmelle, Jens Hartmann, Anna Szynkiewicz & Briony Horgan 14:15 Keynote: Weathering in Volcanic Terrains: Processes, Products and Implications Chadwick O 14:30 Mineral and Chemical Variability along a Climosequence on a Tropical Ocean Island Percy M & Benninger L 14:45 Quantifying Weathering Rind Formation Rates by in situ Measurements of U-Series Disequilibria with Laser Ablation (LA) MC-ICPMS Ma L, Dosseto A, Gaillardet J, Sak P & Brantley S 15:00 Keynote: Sulfur Cycling at Meridiani, Mars Hynek B & Szynkiewicz A 15:15 Sulfur in Gale Crater, Mars: Results from the APXS on Curiosity Berger J, Gellert R, O Connell-Cooper C, Schmidt M, Thompson L, VanBommel S & Yen A 15:30 Understanding the Mechanism of Sulfate Formation via Metal Catalyzers on Mars Using Iceland as a Terrestrial Analog Ende J, Szynkiewicz A & Faiia A Session 11f follows this session in this room. For details see page

167 11f 306 PM 11f: Hydrological and Biogeochemical Response to Global Change from the Local to Global Scale Session chaired by Johan Faust, Jochen Knies, Gordon Inglis, Jordon Hemingway, Eric Rosa & Florent Barbecot 15:45 Keynote: Climate and Anthropogenic Influence on Organic Carbon Mobilization and Export from Watersheds Eglinton T 16:15 Organic Carbon Export from the Mackenzie Basin: Insights from Observations Spanning 30 Years Schwab M, Hilton R, Galy V, Haghipour N, GrafPannatier E, Macdonald R & Eglinton T 16:30 Evolution of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition along the Upper Mekong River Liu T, Wang X, Zhu E, Liu Z, He C, Shi Q & Feng X 16:45 Seasonal Change of Water Property in Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia Kawahata H, Suzuki A & Uchida E 17:00 Modeling Nitrogen Sources, Sinks and Transformations in a Mountain Watershed Under Changing Climate Maavara T, Bouskill N, Arora B, Siirila-Woodburn E, Sample J, Couture R-M, Newcomer M, Foster L, Maxwell R, Williams K & Steefel C Tue (Session 11f continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 128) 107

168 13b PM 302 Tue 13b: Formation of Carbonate, Sulfate, and Phosphate Minerals Session chaired by Yandi Hu & Daniel Giammar 14:15 Keynote: Nanoscale Imaging of Toxic Element Sequestration: Coupled Dissolution and Precipitation Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface Putnis CV, Ruiz-agudo E, Wang L, Renard F, King HE & Hövelmann J 14:30 Uncovering the Mysteries of (Ba, Sr)SO 4 Formation in Ocean: Heterogeneous (Ba, Sr)SO 4 Nucleation on Organics Deng N, Hu Y, Stack AD, Weber J, Cao B & Kubicki JD 14:45 Field Assessment and Modelling of Radium Co-precipitation in Western US Produced Water Streams McDevitt B, Cravotta C, McLaughlin M, Blotevogel J, Borch T & Warner N 15:00 Ra Uptake by the Sr-Rich Solid Solution of (Sr, Ba)SO 4 Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Poonoosamy J, Barthel J, Weber J & Bosbach D 15:15 The Dependence of Gypsum Morphology on the over-saturation and Ca 2+ /SO 4 2- Ratio of the Precipitating Hyper-Saline Solutions Reiss AG, Ganor J & Gavrieli I 15:30 Formation Pathway of Calcium Sulfate Minerals in Natural and Engineered Environments Van Driessche AES 15:45 Keynote: Carbonate Ion Concentration as a Master Variable in the Formation of Geological and Biological CaCO 3 Dove P, Mergelsberg S, Han N, De Yoreo J & Rimstidt D 16:00 Investigating Calcite Growth Rates Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D) Cao B, Stack A, Steefel C, DePaolo D, Lammers L & Hu Y 16:15 Magnesite Formation at Earth s Surface Power I, Harrison A, Kenward P, Dipple G & Wilson S 16:30 Lead Immobilization by Apatite and Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes Li Z, Wang S & Hu S 16:45 Phosphate-Induced Transformation of Calcite to Fluorapatite in the Presence of Fluoride Ekamparam ASS & Singh A 17:00 Nanoscale Insights into the Formation and Breakdown of Struvite A Sustainable Phosphate Mineral Hövelmann J, Stawski TM, Besselink R, Freeman HM, Dietmann KM & Benning LG (Session 13b continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 201) 108

169 13j 304 PM 13j: Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems Session chaired by Peter H. Santschi & Liange Zheng 14:15 Keynote: Understanding Nanogeochemistry of Radionuclide Reaction and Migration in Subsurface Environments Wang Y 14:45 Quantifying Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Chemical Inputs in Coleroon Eastuary South India Using Multi Techniques Raja P, Krishnaraj S, Selvaraj G & Kumar S 15:00 Invited: Environmental Fate of Fission Products: A Comprenhensive Study Mayordomo N, Rodríguez DM & Müller K 15:15 Biogeochemical Controls on Radioactive Strontium-90 Transport at the Sediment Water Interface of Two Distinct Wetlands Boyer A, Hatat-Fraile M & Passeport E 15:30 Reference Thermodynamic Data for Modelling of Deep Geological Repositories: The NEA Thermochemical Database Project Ragoussi M-E & Martínez J 15:45 Evaluation of Sorbents for Potential Tratment of NPP Severe Accident Radioactive Waste: Influence of Solution Composition Havlova V, Szatmary L, Skala M, Kus P & Cernik M 16:00 Sorption Properties of Radionuclides in Saline Solutions Yang TT, Vilks P, Nagasaki S, Bertetti P & Hobbs M 16:15 Studying Illitization, a Process that Affects the Migration of Radionuclide in Bentonite Backfilled Engineered Barrier System for High Level Radioactive Waste Repository Zheng L, Xu H, Rutqvist J & Birkholzer J 16:30 Solid Solution Aqueous Solution Systems and the Safety Case for Nuclear Waste Disposal Bosbach D, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Vinograd V, Weber J & Deissmann G 16:45 H 2 Fuelled Microbial Metabolism in Opalinus Clay Boylan A, Perez-Mon C, Guillard L, Burzan N, Kappler A, Byrne J & Bernier-Latmani R 17:00 Invited: Effects of Calcite Impurities in Bentonite Buffer Systems on Uranium(VI) Solution Speciation and Sorption Behavior Tinnacher RM, Pistorino JC, Hall NG & Tournassat C Tue (Session 13j continues on Tuesday 14th Posters on page 130) 109

170 Posters Tue 01c: Geochemists Infiltrate the Solar System: The Geological Evolution of Small Bodies, Moons, and Planets 1 Olivine Group and Organic Trace in Sadiya Ordinary Chondrites Saikia BJ, Parthasarathy G & Borah RR 2 Controls on Isotopic Fractionation in Volatiles from Icy Ocean World Brines Theiling B & Major J 3 Anion-Exchange of Akaganeite with Mars-Relevant Anions Peretyazhko T, Pan M, Ming D & Rampe L 4 Laboratory Simulation of the Microscale Stable Isotope Variability in the ALH Carbonates: Insights into their Formation Mechanism(s) El-Shenawy M & Niles P 5 Mineralogy and Shock Effects in Martian Breccia NWA 8171 by microxrd and Raman Spectroscopy Cao F, Flemming R, Moser D, Barker I & Song Y 6 Asteroid 16 Psyche: Primitive or Differentiated? Weisberg M & Howard K 7 Serpentinization-Driven Habitability in Terrestrial Planet Mélange Terrains Hart R & Cardace D 8 Perchlorate on Mars: Hematite and Ilmenite as Photocatalysts Eggleston C, Sorenson T, Parkinson B, Gure A & Dewey J 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad 9 Exoplanet Mineralogy, and Related Issues of Bulk Earth and Solar Compositions Putirka K & Rarick J 10 Testing the Proposed K Isotopic Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth Ku Y & Jacobsen S 11 Impact Degassing and Atmospheric Erosion during the Late Accretion onto Venus, Earth, and Mars Sakuraba H, Kurokawa H & Genda H 12 A Micromagnetic Perspective on the Vortex State in Earth and Planetary Materials Lascu I, Harrison R, Einsle J & Ball M 13 Magnetization of Iron- and Nickel-Bearing Phases Kim H & Yu Y 14 Mass-Dependent Pd Isotope Systematics of Iron Meteorites Ek M, Hunt AC & Schönbächler M 15 Stability and Phase Diagram of Solid and Liquid FexS1-x Alloys at Conditions of the Earth`s Core Valencia K, de Moya A, Morard G & Pinilla C 16 Nickel Isotopic Fractionation between Metal and Silicate: Insights from Theoretical Approaches Méheut M, Connétable D, Guignard J & Quitté G 110

171 Posters 17 The Composition of the Lunar Core Through Zinc and Copper Isotopes Xia Y, Kiseeva K, Huang F & Wade J (Session 01h continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 141) 01i: Early Solar System Formation and Chronology as Recorded in Meteoritic Components 18 Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of a Chondrule-Like Object Preserved in an Antarctic Micrometeorite Soens B, Peeters G, Van Ginneken M, Debaille V, Claeys P & Goderis S 19 Ag Diffusion in Fe-Ni Alloy Zhang Z & Watson H 20 Oxygen Isotopic Study of a CAI and an Al-Rich Chondrule from Vigarano Mishra RK & Trieloff M 21 A New FUN CAI Sedaghatpour F, Peto M & Jacobsen SB Tue 02d: Geochemical and Geodynamical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Planetary Bodies 24 Interpreting Popping Rocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near 14 N Jones M, Soule A, Kurz M, Wanless D, Brodsky H, Bendanda S, Schwartz D, Peron S, Klein F, Le Roux V, Mittelstaedt E, Fornari D & Curtice J 25 Methane Clumped Isotopologue Thermometry of Icelandic Geothermal Gases Beaudry P, Rhim J, Stefánsson A, Fiebig J & Ono S 26 Helium Isotopes in Lake Mashu, 2017 Kagoshima T, Sano Y & Tanaka A 27 Light Stable Isotope (H-Li-O) Investigation of Hydrous Minerals in the Gardiner Complex; Insights into the Roles of Fractionation, Outgassing and Contamination van der Meer Q, Pope E, Nielsen T, Sharp Z, Coble M, Waight T & Weatherley S 28 Tracing Slab Volatiles during Subduction Through the Noble Gas Isotope and Halogen Systematics of Ophiolites Carter E, O Driscoll B, Burgess R & Clay P 29 Geochemistry of Basites from Ophiolite Suit of the Kuznetsk Alatau, SW Siberia Dugarova N & Gertner I 30 Noble Gases and Halogens in the Oman Ophiolite D Andres J, Kendrick M & Honda M 31 Highly Precise 182 W/ 183 W Isotopic Compositions of Terrestrial Samples Using MC-ICP-MS Takamasa A, Fukami Y & Suzuki K 32 The Compositional and Seismic Properties of the Martian Interior Brennan M, Fischer R & Irving J 111

172 Posters 33 Mars: From Core to Mantle Duncan M, Weller M, Wicks J & Knezek N (Session 02d continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 139) Tue 02g: Carbon at Extremes Diamonds, their Inclusions and Host Rocks 34 Interphase Partitioning of Minor Elements in the Transition Zone and Uppermost Lower Mantle Bobrov A, Tamarova A, Sirotkina E, Zhang G & Irifune T 35 Precipitation of Deep Carbon from Mantle Transition Zone -Derived Reduced Fluids (C-H ±H 2 ): Evidence from Indus Ophiolite and Alpe Arami Peridotites Das S & Basu AR 36 In situ Analysis of Inclusions in Diamonds from Collections Daver L, Bureau H, Gaillou É, Ferraris C, Boulliard J-C, Cartigny P & Pinti D 37 The Magmatic Origin and Provenance of Guyana s Diamonds: A First Look Bassoo R & Befus K 38 Silicic Fluid Microinclusions in a Metasomatised Eclogite from Roberts Victor Elazar O, Kessel R, Huang J-X & Navon O 39 Mantle Metasomatism as Recorded in Diamond Dissolution Features Fedortchouk Y, Chinn I, Liebske C & McCammon C 40 Deep Carbon Through Time: The Diamond Record Howell D, Stachel T, Pearson G, Stern R, Nestola F, Shirey S & Harris J 41 Melt/fluid Inclusions in Diamonds from the Lomonosov Deposit (Arkhangelsk Kimberlite Province) Iskrina A, Bobrov A, Kriulina G, Zedgenizov D & Garanin V 42 History of Deep Carbon Science Mitton S & Iddon F 43 Petrogenesis and Diamond Prospectivity of Kimberlites of Anumpalli Cluster, Wajrakarur Field, Southern India Pothuri RCP & Madabhooshi S 44 Non-Metamorphic Source of Gold Mineralisation at Ajjanahalli Gold Deposit, Dharwar Craton, Southern India Sagar SKS, Shushanta SS, Srinivasan RS & Anindya AS 45 Micro-Raman Investigations of Diamond Genesis during Slab-Mantle Interaction Sharma S, Chen B, Gao J & Lai X 46 Mixing Behavior between Grossular and Andradite: Evidences from X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectrum Wang Y & Liu X (Session 02g continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 140) 112

173 Posters 03i: Early Earth Processes 49 Separation of the Light Rare Earth Elements for Ce and Nd Isotope Analysis Zhu Z & Zhu X W and 142,143 Nd of Neoarchean Ferropicrites from the Wawa Subprovince (Ontario, Canada) Landon-Browne A, O Neil J & Rizo H 51 A Recycling of Subducted Crust in Archean Mantle Inferred from S-Mif of Belingwe Komatiite Kubota Y, Ueno Y, Shimizu K, Matsuura F & Ishikawa A 52 Mg Isotopic Compositions of Archean Amphibolites and TTGs from the Eastern Kaapvaal Craton Li C, Hoffmann JE, Yu H, Schneider KP & Huang F 53 Tracing Early Earth Differentiation with 142 Nd Wainwright AN, Debaille V, Pourkhorsandi H, Zincone SA, Mole DR, Barnes SJ, Maas R & Guice G 54 Constraints on P-T Conditions of TTG Suite Formation Wellhäuser A, Rushmer T, Adam J, Wörner G & Turner S 55 New Insights on the Thermal Evolution of the Stolzburg Pluton, Barberton Granitoid Greenstone Terrain, South Africa, by U-Pb Apatite and Zircon Ages Mühlberg M, Stevens G, Moyen J-F, Lana C, Kisters AFM & Bracciali L 56 Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Archean Mantle Estimated from a 3.2 Ga Gabbro Yagi H, Murai T, Ueno Y, Itoh S & Shibuya T 57 What can We Learn from Old Detrital Zircon? A Comparison between Zircon from Acasta and Jack Hills Davies J & Reimink J 58 Combined 182 W and 142 Nd Study of Mantle-Derived Rocks from the Saglek-Hebron Gneiss Complex Rouleau A, Rizo H, O Neil J & Wasilewski B 59 Evolution of the Acasta Gneiss Complex Constrained by Sr Isotope Analysis of Apatite Inclusions in Zircon Emo R, Smit M, Schmitt M, Kooijman E, Scherer E, Sprung P, Bleeker W & Mezger K 60 Sm-Nd Isotopic Compositions of the Mantle-Derived Rocks of the Saglek-Hebron Gneiss Complex, Labrador Flageole J, O Neil J, Rizo H, Wasilewski B & Sole C 61 Combined Geochemical, Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Constraints on Archaean Crustal Evolution of the Banded Gneissic Complex, NW India Kaur P, Zeh A & Chaudhri N (Session 03i continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 142) Tue 03j: Microbe-Fluid-Rock Interaction in Hydrothermal Systems: From Mid- Ocean Ridges to Subduction Zones and from Early Earth to Present day 65 Sulfur as a Tracer for Peridotite-Fluid-Microbe Interaction in the Oceanic Lithosphere Schwarzenbach E, Liebmann J, Früh-Green G, Boschi C, Rouméjon S, Strauss H & Wiechert U 66 Analysis of Organic Films on Serpentinite Wafers Via Micro Fourier Transform Infrared (μ FTIR) Spectroscopy and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Analyses Sousa A & Cardace D 113

174 Posters Tue 67 Minerals Influence Hydrothermal Chemistry of Amines Yang Z & Fu X 68 The Means of Production: Methylotrophy, Acetogenesis, and the Reverse Citric Acid Cycle in the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory (CROMO) Seyler L, Brazelton W, McLean C, Hoehler T, McCollom T, Kubo M & Schrenk M 69 Mineralogic Signatures of Low Temperature Alteration in Atlantis Massif Serpentinites? Mayhew L, Ellison E & Templeton A 70 δ 88 Sr and δ 44/40 Ca Fractionation along Groundwater Flow Paths in the Peridotite Aquifers of Oman Bompard N, Pearce C, Bradbury H, Turchyn A, Teagle D & Matter J 71 Helium Characteristics in Granites from North Qinling Orogen, China: Implications for Granite as an Effective Helium Source Rock Zhang W, Li Y, Zhao F, Zhou Z, Holland G, Han W & Zhou J 72 Deeply-Sourced Formate Fuels Sulfate Reducers but not Methanogens at Lost City Hydrothermal Field McGonigle J, Brazelton W & Lang S 73 Isotope Constraints on Serpentinite Mineral Carbonation Boschi C, Dini A, Baneschi I & Bedini F 75 Multiscale Nanopore Structure Characterization in Shales from the Longmaxi and Niutitang Formations, Sichuan Basin, China Zhang L & Xiong Y 76 Impact of Additives Molecular Structure on Combustion of Hydrogen Piloyan H 77 Sourcing Dissolved Methane from the Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, NL, CAN: A Terrestrial Site of Serpentinization Morrill P, Cumming E, Rietze A, Morrissey L, Cook M, Rhim J & Ono S 78 Variability of As and Other Fluid-Mobile Trace Elements (FME) in Mariana Forearc Serpentinites and Entrained Crustal Rocks Johnston R & Ryan J 79 Analysis of Samples Collected from Silica-Depositing Hot Spring by the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) on ExoMars Li X, Siljeström S, Brinckerhoff W & Cady S 03l: Building an Integrated Theory of Earth Evolution from Observations of Earth s Thermochemical, Tectonic, Crustal and Biogeochemical Evolution 80 An Algorithmic Intercomparison of Geochemical Proxies for Reconstructing the Nature of Earth s Emerged Continents Ptáček M, Dauphas N & Greber N 81 The Unchanging Composition of Earth s Emerged Continents Greber N, Dauphas N & Ptáček M 82 Archaean Barite: Strontium Isotopes as a Tracer of Early Crust-Mantle Evolution Ravindran A, Mezger K, Srinivasan B & Raith M 114

175 Posters 83 Archaean High-Grade Gneiss Terrains as a Key to the Understanding of Early Earth Tectonics Kumar GRR & Sreejith C 85 A (Relatively) Fast Technique for Finding Impact Ejecta Horizons in the Stratigraphic Record Jaret S, Rasbury ET & Harris RS 86 Age, Source and Setting of the Late Neoproterozoic Conglomerate in the S-Ob, North China Block Zhang W, Kang Y & Chen G 87 Timing of Late Cretaceous Volcanism and Chronostratigraphy of the Ripley Formation Using U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons Vitale E, Gifford J & Platt B 88 Initial Mineral Phases of Banded Iron Formations Ghosh R 89 The Effect of Temperature on the Formation of Steranes Wang Z, Liang M, Li X, Zhang T, Qiang Y & Li Z 90 Ca and Nd Isotopic Compositions of the Carbonates from the Vindhyan Basin, India: Implications for the Basin Evolution and Mid-Proterozoic Seawater Chemistry Basu P & Chakrabarti R 91 Zircon U-Pb-Hf Isotope Signature of Detritus Deposited on Fennoscandia /Sarmatia Margin (NE Poland) Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Kusiak M, Zhao L & Zhou Y 92 Sedimentary Sequence and Paleoclimate of Neoproterozoic in Sichuan Basin Xu A, Hu S, Wang Z, Gu Z, Wang T & Bo D 93 Earth Orbit Parameters in Precambrian Stratigraphic Records Cao M, Zhou Y & Zhou T 94 Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages and Hf-Isotope Record from the Delhi Supergroup, Aravalli Orogen, NW India Kaur P, Zeh A & Chaudhri N 95 Old Continental Crust Underlying Juvenile Oceanic Arc in Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield Li X-H, Abd El-Rahman Y, Abu Anbar M, Li J, Ling X, Wu L-G & Masoud AE 96 Causes of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction by Organic Matter Chorney A, Watanabe Y, Ohmoto H, Hamasaki H & Graham U 97 Detrital Zircon Provenance of the Hartselle Sandstone, Southeastern USA: Insights into Sediment Source and Paleogeography Gifford J, Al Harthey M & Platt B 98 Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction of Ermaying Formation of Triassic in the Northeast of the Ordos Basin Jiang Y & Liu L 99 Detrial Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Nancaode and Zhuanghegou Formations in the Mouzigou Area of the S-Ob, North China Block Kang Y, Chen G & Zhang W 100 Impact-Induced Change in Sedimentation in the Neoarchean Korman K & Davatzes A Tue 115

176 Posters Tue 101 Geochemichal Characteristics of Soil Gas Radon and their Tectonic Implications to the Anninghe and the Zemuhe Faults in Sichuan, Southwestern of China Li Y, Chen Z, Yang Y & Sun F 102 Geochemistry Characteristics of the Serpentinized Peridotite and Its Geological Significance in Wenduermiao of Cina Zhuo S, Wang Y, Wang X, Zhang M, Yang G & Shengwang M (Session 03l continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 164) 04h: Large Igneous Provinces, Environmental Change and Mass Extinctions: The Deadly Kiss of LIPs 105 Proterozoic LIP Events in the Amazonian Craton: U-Pb Geochronology, Crustal Tectonics and Global Barcode Matches Teixeira W, Reis N, Bettencourt J, Klein E & Oliveira D 106 Geochemistry of a Reconstructed 1110 Ma LIP (Kalahari, Dronning Maud Land, Congo, Indian & Amazonian Cratons) Choudhary R B, Xu YG, Ernst R, De Kock M, MEERT, J, Evans D, Ruiz A & Lima G 107 New Insights into Environmental Conditions for the Early Jurassic Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event from Boron and Lithium Isotopes Klein T, Meixner A, Kasemann SA & Duarte LV 108 A High-Precision Numerical Time Scale for the Toarcian Stage: Implications for Timing of the Marine Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (TOAE) and Karoo-Ferrar Volcanism Ruhl M, Hesselbo SP, Xu W, Thibault N, Jenkyns HC, Mac Niocaill C, Riding JB & Ullmann CV 109 Linking Deccan Volcanism and the Bolide Impact with Ca Isotope Stratigraphy from the Late Maastrichtian of Seymour Island, Antarctica Linzmeier BJ, Jacobson AD, Sageman BB, Hurtgen MT, Ankney ME, Petersen SV & Tobin TS 110 Mercury Chemostratigraphy as Indicator of Deccan Volcanism in Hell Creek, Montana Fendley I, Sprain C, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Renne P, Tobin T & Weaver L 111 The Permian Triassic and Cretaceous Paleogene Boundaries: Insights from Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes Sial A, Jiubin C, Lacerda LD, Korte C, Spangenberg J, Silva-Tamayo JC, Ferreira V, Pereira N & Santos N 112 Extended Zircon Crystallization Histories in Residual Melts of Mafic Magmatic Systems Schaltegger U, Davies J, Greber N, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Youbi N & Dostal J 113 High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of the Wichita Igneous Province, Oklahoma Wall C, Schmitz M, Hanson R, Price J & Donovan N 114 Low Basalt-Source Water Contents Inhibiting the Formation of Large Igneous Province in the Leiqiong Area (South China) Gu X, Xia Q & Wang P 116

177 Posters 115 Petrogenesis of the High FeO Rhyolite in the Tarim Large Igneous Province: The Role of Immiscibility Cheng Z, Zhang Z, Ke S, Xu L & Wang Z 116 Short-Duration of Silicic Magmatism from the Paraná Magmatic Province, Constrained by High- Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology Rocha B, Davies J, Janasi V, Schaltegger U, Nardy A, Luchetti AC & Polo L (Session 04h continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 143) Tue 05b: New Geochemical Approaches for Understanding Fossil Fuel Systems from Deposition to Recovery 121 Using PY-Gc to Evaluate the Cleaning Quality of Hydrocarbon in Shale Dong X, Sun G, Wang F & Zhang D 123 Maleimides: Novel Biological Markers in the Petroleum and Source Rocks Wang G, Naeher S & Li J 124 Carbonate Associated Sulfate as a Chemostratigraphic Tool Brunner B, Bergersen E, Steinmann J & Riedinger N 125 Gas Hydrate Formation Assciated with Migration of Deep Sourced Fluid in the Krishna Godavari Basin, Eastern Continental Margin of India Ijiri A, Haraguchi S, Jiménez-Espejo F, Komai N, Suga H, Masataka M, Inagaki F & Yamada Y 126 Mercury Speciation in Natural Gas Condensates Enrico M, Zhou H & Bouyssiere B 127 Biomarkers as Tools to Determine the Origin of Hydrocarbon Emanations: Oil Outcrop of La Libertad, Ecuador, August 2016 Lorenzo García E, Martínez Santana M, Alvarez Loor A & Morato Medina A 128 Optimizing Gas Stable Isotope Measurements in Geochemistry Luu N, Mehay S, Jacksier T, Turich C, Socki R & Stankiewicz A 130 Alkylated Aromatic Compounds Generated by Thermal Degradation of Abietic Acid Asahina K 131 The Controlling of Marine Donghe Sandstone Parasequence on Oil-Gas Migration in Halahatang Area of Tarim Basin, China Jia J & Chen X 132 Light Alkane Generation in Hydrous Pyrolysis with Gypsum Chen X, Liu Q, Meng Q, Zhu D, Liu W & Fu Q 133 Advances in Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopic Measurements of Clumped CH 4 Isotopologues Gonzalez Ramos Y, Ono S, Formolo M, Shorter J, Nelson DD, Dyroff C & Olszewski WJ 134 Numerical Modeling of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Water Generated by Subbituminous Coals from Maracaibo Lake Basin, Venezuela Martinez Santana M, Escobar Navarro M, Lorenzo García E & Marquez Martinez G 135 The Petroleum System of the Tenere Basin: Oil Geochemistry from the SH-1 Wildcat Well in Eastern Niger Liu B, Zhang G, Mao F, Liu J & Cheng D 136 The Effect of Organic Matter Type on Formation and Evolution of Diamondoids Jiang W, Li Y & Xiong Y 117

178 Posters Tue 137 Demethylation as a Mechanism for Isotopic Reversals of Natural Gas Generated at over Maturity Mi J, Wang H & He K 138 Natura Gas Accumulation Geochronology of Anyue Gas Field in the Sichuan Basin, SW China Ni Z-Y, Li M-J, Chen Z-H & Yang C-Y 139 Geochemical Characterstic of Proterozoic Source Rock in ORDOS Basin, CHINA Li N, Zhao Z, Song W & Zhang Y 140 Coal Quality of Ovoot Khural Depression in South Mongolia Ochirbat M & Jargalan S 141 Stable Carbon Isotope of Natural Gases and Geochemistry of Lower Paleozoic Source Rock in Ordos Basin, China Liu D 142 Geochemical Characteristics of Rare-Metal, Rare-Scattered, and Rare-Earth Elements in the Late Permian Coals from the Moxinpo Mine, Chongqing, China Qin S, Gao K, Sun Y, Wang J & Zhao C 05f: Critical Metal Deposits: Current Sources and Future Potential 145 Petrography and Geochemistry of Sepeda Li-Rich Aplite-Pegmatite Dyke Swarm (Montalegre, N Portugal) Silva AJF, Santos JF & Gonçalo L 146 Hydrothermal Formation of Cu, Ni, and Co Arsenide and Sulfide Minerals: An Experimental Study of Thermochemical Arsenite Reduction Allin N & Gammons C 147 Geothermal Fluids and Mineral Scales at Irrupputuncu and Olca, Chile; Searching for Strategic Minerals Moncada D, De Pascale G, Sprohnle M C & Castagno R 148 Origin and Evolution of REE-Nb Enriched Carbonatites: Constraints from The Miaoya Syenite- Carbonatite Complex, China Su J & Zhao X 149 Indium Incorporation in Synthetic Sphalerite: Examination via Powder Diffraction and XANES Spectroscopy Heinrich J, Bauer M, Göttlicher J, Seifert T & Heide G 150 Occurrence Mode of Valuable Elements in the Permo-Carboniferous Coal of the Ordos Basin Sun Y 151 Distinguishing Carbonatite from Sedimentary Carbonate Rocks in the Dong Pao REE Deposit, NW Vietnam Chan TY & Zhou M-F 152 Characteristics of Chlorite from the Nalinggou Uranium Deposit in the Ordos Basin and Its Geological Significance Xia F, Nie F, Meng H, Yan Z, Zhang C & Li M 153 Geology, Geochemistry, Geochronology and Metallogenic Mechanism of the Giant Yushishan Nb-Ta Deposit in Eastern Altun, Gansu Province, NW China Chen W, Cao X, Li T, Wu Y & Lü X 154 The Rare Metal Elements in the High Aluminum Coal of Jungar Coalfield, Northern China Zhao C, Liu B & Blokhin M 118

179 Posters 155 Characterization of Detrital Xenotime-(Y) from the Goias Tin Province, Brazil Costa-Filho D, Botelho NF & Gysi AP 156 The Vanadium-Bearing Oxides of the Green Giant Vanadium-Graphite Deposit, South West Madagascar Di Cecco V, Tait K, Spooner E & Scherba C 157 Concentration and Distribution of Chromium in Drainage Catchment Sediment and Alluvial Soil of China Liu D & Wang X 158 The Geochemical Distribution of Lithium in Catchment Sediments, China Liu H & Wang X Tue 05m: Geochemical Vectors to Ore: How to Link Fundamental Understanding of Ore-Forming Processes to Mineral Exploration 160 The Distribution and Partitioning of Silver and Bismuth in Sulphides Minerals from the North East Fold (NEF) of the Banana Zone Cu-Ag Deposit, Kalahari Copper Belt: A LA-ICP-MS Study Kelepile T & Bineli Betsi T 161 Hidden Granite-Related W-Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag Deposits in Dayaoshan-Xidamingshan Area, Guangxi, South China: Mineralization Patterns and Geodynamic Setting Feng Z, Fu W, Li Z, Li S, Kang Z, Feng Y, Le X & Wang C 162 Introducing the Dosimeter Method and its Application in Exploration of Moghestan Copper Mine Bagheri H, Ghasemi A & Adhami S 163 Using Index Overlay, Fuzzy Logic Method and Analytical Hierarchy Process in Order to Determine Cu Potential Targets in South Part of Chupanan Deposit Ghasemi A 164 The Biological Accumulation of Metallic Nanoparticles and its Prospecting Significance Hu G & Cao J 165 Constraints from Fluid Inclusions and S-H-O Isotope Systematics: Songliang Vein-Type Pb-Zn Deposit in Northeastern Yunnan, China Wang J, Xue C & Huang Y 166 Multi-Stage Scheelites from the Weondong W-Deposit, South Korea: Indicator of Ore-Forming Fluid Evolution Choi W, Park C, Chung D & Song Y 167 The Tiébélé Granite Pluton: New Geochronological (U-Pb) Data and its Capacity to Mineralize in Burkina Faso (West-Africa) Ilboudo H, Lentz D & McFarlane C 168 The Geochemical 3D Modelling for Mineral Exploration of Wulong Gold Deposit (China) Wang G & Pang Z 169 Geochemical Fingerprint of the Orogenic Gold Mineralization in the Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault Zone, Abitibi, Canada Meng Y-M, Jébrak M, Sasseville C & Huang X-W 170 Ferricrete, Surface- and Groundwater Chemistry as an Indicator for Concealed Mineral Deposits Morrison J, Manning A & Wanty R 119

180 Posters Tue 171 Geochemistry of the Granodiorite from the Intrusion-Controlled Gold Deposit of Bonikro, Fettèkro Greenstone Belt, Côte d Ivoire Ouattara Z, Coulibaly Y & Boiron M-C 172 3D Distribution of Elements and Recycling of Tailings in Hongqiling Nickel Mine, Northeast China Pan H, Cheng Z & Zhou G 173 Pb Isotope Signature of the Yangtze-Type Pb-Zn Deposits and its Implications for Caledonia Movement in South China Wu H & Ling W-L 174 Rock and Accessory Mineral Geochemistry of Eocene Cu-Mo(Au) Fertile and Infertile Potassic Alkaline Intrusions at Southwestern Margin of the Yangtze Block: Implications for Metal Fertility and Exploration Bi X & Xu L 175 Micro-Analysis of Skarn Garnet Interconnected with Stepwise Magma-Fluxing from the Gagok Deposit. South Korea Park C, Song Y, Choi S-G & Chung D 176 Study on Geogas Prospecting Experiment in the Semi-Arid Desert Steppe Ye R & Guo X 177 Paleoenvironmental Conditions during Sulfide Deposition in the Lower Upper Dark Limestone Overlying the Navan Irish-Type Zn-Pb Deposit, Ireland Yesares L, Menuge J, Blakeman R & Ashton J 178 Using Apatite as an Idicator Mineral for Ore-Forming Processes in Hydrothermal Deposits Zhao X-F, Su Z-K & Zeng L-P 179 The Mixture of Rhyolite and Carbonate: Deciphering the Mystery of So-Called Lamprophyre Dike in Xikuangshan, South China Ren M, Qiu L, Yan D-P, Wells M & Chen F 180 Mineralogy and Chemistry of Ochre Sediments from Eastern Part of the Outer Carpathians Sala D (Session 05m continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 145) 06e: Nanogeochemistry: Nano to Microscale Insights into Mineral and Biomineral Processes 182 REE Distribution in Fe-Ti-V Deposits of the Suwalki Anorthosite Massif (NE Poland) An Economic Importance Ruszkowski M & Wiszniewska J 183 Manipulation of CaCO 3 Crystallization in Mineral Carbonation of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum Song K, Kim W, Park S, Bang J-H, Jeon CW & Ahn J-W 184 2D 29 Si{ 1 H} Heteronuclear Correlation NMR Studies of Sorption Site in Magnesium Silicate Hydrate Minato D & Yamamoto T 185 Saponite Crystallization via Anamorphous Intermediate Besselink R, Stawski T, Freeman H, Hoevelmann J & Benning LG 186 Characterization of Amphibole Surfaces Through acstem Dual-Eels Vigliaturo R & Gieré R 120

181 Posters 187 Nucleation of Ca and Mg Carbonates from Aqueous Solution Long Z, Katz A, Zhu C, Zhao L & Wang Z 188 Constraining Foraminiferal CaCO 3 Formation Mechanisms from Aggregate Geochemical Data Branson O, Holland K & Eggins S 189 ArChTES: An Investigation of Dental Enamel Mineralization Combining Spectromicroscopy and Isotopic Analyses Wright CC, Northrup P, Rasbury ET & Collins M 190 Geochemistry of Metastable Phases of Calcium Carbonate and their Relationship with Biogenic Carbonates Sadekov A, Gabitov R, DeCarlo T & McCulloch M 191 Mineralization Mechanism of Bacterial Vaterite: A Biomimetic Mineralzation Study Zhou G-T, Li H & Yao Q-Z 192 Nanoparticles of Ag-Zn in Earthgas Deriving from a Concealed Ag-Pb-Zn Deposit, Inner Monglia, North China Han Z, Zhang B, Wang X, Ye R & Liao J 193 Atomic-Scale Chemical Implications of Phase Separation, Solid State Transformation, and Recrystallization in Feldspathic Phases and Glasses Kizovski T, White L, Tait K, Langelier B, Gordon L, Harlov D & Norberg N 194 Tunable Work Function and Optical Nonlinearity of Nanocomposites Kumar AK, Singh RPS, Mohanty TM & Taneja AT (Session 06e continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 146) Tue 07j: From Formation to Preservation: Reconstructing Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Using Laboratory, Mineralogical, Molecular, Elemental, and Isotopic Proxies 205 Influence of Bioturbation on the Re-Os Systematics of Black Shales van Acken D, Tütken T, Daly JS & Orr PJ 206 Copper, Zinc, Chromium and Osmium Isotopic Compositions of the Teplá-Barrandian Unit Black Shales Ackerman L, Pašava J, Šípková A, Martínková E, Haluzová E, Rodovská Z & Erban V 207 The Character and Evolution of Boron Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Rock and Sea Water from the Jixian Section, North China during 1630 Ma~800 Ma Zhao Y, Li Y, Hu B, Fan C, Gao J & Zhang Y 208 Isotopic Composition and Concentration of Molybdenum and Tungsten in Geological Materials and the Japan Sea Sediments: New Proxies for Paleoceanography Tsujisaka M, Takano S, Murayama M & Sohrin Y 209 Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling in Oxygenated Deep Ocean Settings Gutierrez M, Johnson D, Present T & Adkins J 210 Seawater 87 Sr/ 86 Sr and δ 88 Sr Profiles Across the Middle/Late Permian Boundary Kani T, Isozaki Y, Misawa K, Ishikawa A & Yoneda S 211 Seawater 187 Os/ 188 Os Variations during the Mid-Cenomanian Event Lauckner L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D 121

182 Posters Tue 212 Preliminary Study on the Mass-Independent Fractionation Signature of Sulfur Isotope from Huoqiu BIF in the North China Craton Lee I, Yun J, Moon I, Kim Y, Choi Y, Yang X & Liu L 213 Examining Paleo-Environmental Changes in the Permian Stratigraphy of Mount Jesmond, British Columbia Brouillet J, Stebbins A, Nye S, Brookfield M & Hannigan R 214 Is Ce Anomaly in Carbonates Real?A Perspective from Leaching Experiments Cao C, Liu X-M, Bataille CP & Liu C Sr/ 86 Sr in situ Analyses of Fracture Infill and Adjacent Salt Rocks from z2 Potash Salts (Upper Permian), Northern Germany Mertineit M, Gerdes A, Grewe W, Schramm M & Hammer J (Session 07j continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 147) 07l: Carbon Storage in the Ocean now and over Time 216 Subseafloor Storage of Biogenic Methane Prior to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Kanzaki Y, Hunter S, Arndt S, Huelse D & Ridgwell A 217 Coccolith Response to Subantarctic South Atlantic Iron Fertilization and Surface Ocean Acidification during the Last 20 ky Balestrieri C, Ziveri P, Mortyn PG & Agnini C 218 Organic Carbon Fluxes and Nitrogen Isotopes in the Oligotrophic Gulf of Aqaba Kienast S, Torfstein A, Riehl L & Fennel K 219 In situ Powder X-Ray Diffraction of a Smectite-CO 2 -Brine Sytem Using a High-Pressure Environmental Chamber Benavides PA, Kowalik J, Guggenheim S & Koster van Groos A 220 Ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbations Across Eocene Hyperthermals Hoenisch B, Harper D, Haynes L, Zachos J & Zeebe R Pa/ 230 Th Profiles in a Depth Transect on the Blake Ridge over the Last 30 ka Süfke F, Pöppelmeier F, Blaser P, Lippold J, Goepfert T, Gutjahr M & Grützner J 222 The Lomagundi-Jatulian Event Record in North China Craton Tang H-S, Chen Y-J, Chen W-Y, Lai Y, Li Q-G, Li K-Y & Sun X-H 223 Hydrological and Biogeochemical Regulations of Production, Storage and Exchange of DOM in the South China Sea and West Phillipine Sea Guo W, Wang C, Li Y, Stubbins A & Song G (Session 07l continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 148) 08b: Asian Paleomonsoon and Low-Latitude Paleoclimate 227 Indian Monsoon and Westerlies during the Holocene Consequences for the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the NE Arabian Sea Burdanowitz N, Emeis K-C, Gaye B, Lückge A & Rixen T 228 Radiogenic Isotope Tracers of Marine Sediment Provenance in the Limpopo Catchment Haws A, Hemming S, Baxter E, Caley T, Cai Y, Babin D & Tappa M 122

183 Posters 230 Investigating The Precession Responses of Tropical Indo-Pacific Hydroclimate Since The Last Glacial Li Z-Y, Chen M-T, Shi X, Wang H, Liu S & Long H 231 Indian Summer Monsoon Paleohydrology Reconstruction from U1446 δd Leaf Wax McGrath S, Clemens S & Huang Y 232 Mapping Asian Monsoon Changes with Speleothem δ 18 O Records Wang X, Liu G, Chiang H-W, Yuan S & Lu Y 233 Paleohydrological Changes in Southeast China Since 13 ka BP Based on a Multi-Proxy Record from Shuizhuyang Peat Wang X, Huang X & Sachse D 234 Two Significant Stages in the Aridification of the Eastern Chinese Loess Plateau Since 1.2 Ma Wang Z, Mao Y, Li J, Shen Y & Pang Z 235 Holocene Climate Changes Recorded by Major Element Geochemistry in Pingliang, China Wu L & Yu J 236 Maldives Multispecies Foraminifera Hydrography Reconstruction over the Pleistocene and Oxygen Minimum Zone History Yu S, Godfrey L, Mortlock R & Wright J 237 Speleothem 14 C as a Paleoclimate Proxy in Northern Laos: Comparisons with Multiproxy Data Wood C, Johnson K, Borsato A, Frisia S & Griffiths M 238 A 18, 000-Year Lacustrine High-Resolution Record of Past Temperature and Hydroclimate Dynamics from the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool Smittenberg R, Yamoah K, Schenk F, Chabangborn A, Chawchai S & Wohlfarth B 239 A Geochemical Record of the Link between Chemical Weathering and the Indian Summer Monsoon during the Late Holocene Recorded in Lacustrine Sediments Kizhur S, Warrier A & Shankar R (Session 08b continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 149) Tue 08d: Dynamics and Mechanisms of Warm Climates and Climate Transitions 263 Recent Trends and Future Scenarios for the Red Sea Surface Temperature Shaltout M 264 Asynchronous Changes in the Vertical Structure of the Southern Ocean and the Deglacial Rise in Atmospheric CO 2 : Inferences from Isotopic Differences Clementi V & Sikes E 265 Deglacial Deep Water Export and Nd Isotope Changes in the Nordic Seas Blaser P, Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Link JM, Pöppelmeier F, Frank M & Frank N 266 Past Changes in Nutrient Supply and Utilization in the Southern Ocean from Assemblage- Specific Si Isotopes in Diatom Opal Ehlert C, Studer A, Crosta X, Michel E, Thöle L, Mazaud A, Jaccard S & Pahnke K 267 Nitrogen Isotopic Evidence for Pliocene Closure of the Central American Seaway Farmer J, Martinez-Garcia A, Schiebel R, Sigman D & Haug G 268 Coccolith Based Clumped Isotope Sea Surface Temperatures during the Cretaceous Thermal Maximum Fernandez A, Mejía Ramírez L, Guitian Bermejo J, Zhang H, Stoll H & Bernasconi S 123

184 Posters Tue 269 Detecting Changes in Antarctic Bottom Water Formation Using Authigenic Uranium during Marine Isotope Stage 11 Glasscock S & Hayes C 270 Reconstruction of the North Atlantic End-Member of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over the Last 1.5 Myr Kim J, Jaume-Seguí M, Yehudai M, Knudson K, Goldstein S, Pena L & Ferretti P 271 Iron and its Impact on Primary Productivity in the Southern Ocean Lee B, Raiswell R, Sadler P & Lyons T 272 Temperature Change from Greenhouse to Icehouse Climate Piasecki A, Taylor V, Bohaty S, Wilson P & Meckler N 273 The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation over Time from Nd Isotopes Goldstein SL, Pena LD, Yehudai M, Jaume-Seguí M, Kim J, Knudson K, Basak C, Hartman AE & Lupien R 274 North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Since the Early Miocene Super J, O Brien C, Thomas E, Huber M, Pagani M & Hull P 275 A North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction for the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum van der Ploeg R, Cramwinckel MJ, Kocken IJ, van der Meer AE, Müller IA, Ziegler M, Leutert TJ, Meckler AN, Sexton PF, Bohaty SM, Wilson PA, Peterse F, Schouten S, Reichart G-J, Middelburg JJ & Sluijs A 09a: Research Frontiers in Radioisotope Geochronology and Thermochronology 278 The Significance of the Medicine Hat Block (Southern Alberta, Northern Montana) in the Assembly of Laurentia: New Interpretations from Single Grain Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf Data LaDouceur B, Gifford J, Malone S & Davis B 279 Early Mid-Devonian Volcanism in the Orkney Islands, Scotland Implications for Mid-Upper Devonian Chronostratigraphy Augland LE, Lundmark AM, Brown JF & Bjerga AD 280 High-Resolution Correlation and Bentonite Tephrochronology in the Campanian Western Interior Basin Beveridge T, Roberts E & Ramezani J 281 Thermal History Recovery from Zircon 4 He/ 3 He Thermochronometry Brennan C, Stockli D & Patterson D 282 Age for the Oldest Crown-Group Salamanders Chang S-C & Hemming S 283 Measuring Actinide Partitioning to Improve the 230 Th Correction Cocciadiferro A, McLean N, Krawczynski M & Touran J 284 Re-evaluating the 238 U/ 235 U Ratio of Zircon and Accessory Minerals Livermore B, Connelly J, Moynier F & Bizzarro M 285 Titanite Crystallinity Determination for Thermochronology Heller B, Dunkl I, Lünsdorf K, Molnár F, Huhma H & von Eynatten H 124

185 Posters 286 Direct U-Pb Age Constraints on Arctic Speleothem Formation and their Implications for Climate Change in Deep Time Gambino C, McGee D, Ramezani J, Khadivi S, Shakun J & Wong C 287 Melt Water Surge at End Marinoan Glaciation: Os Isotopic Evidence Hannah J, Stein H, Yang G, Markey R, Tohver E, Kjoll HJ & Torsvik T 288 Intercalibration of 40 Ar/ 39 Ar of Alder Creek Sanidine Monitor with Fish Canyon and Bishop Tuff Sanidine Hemming S & Cox S 289 Loss of U during Laser-Heated Single-Aliquot Hematite (U-Th)/He Dating Hofmann F & Farley KA 290 Age and Geochemical Constraints on Formation of Fault-Related Late Quaternary Carbonate Veins from Southern Turkey Ünal-İmer E, Uysal IT, Dirik RK, İmer A & Ring U 291 Age Dating Clinopyroxene Phenocrysts with the 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Method: Preliminary Results and Future Prospects Konrad K, Koppers A, Balbas A, Miggins D & Heaton D 292 Photoluminescence Imaging of Zircon by Conventional and Laser Excitation: Geochronologic and Thermochronologic Applications McAleer R, Jubb A, Hackley P & Casale G 293 Intercalibration of Two TIMS Platforms at the 100ppm Precision Level for U-Pb Geochronology Ovtcharova M, Davies J, Federico F, Nicolas G, Philipp W, Luis L & Urs S 294 Precise but Off? Do We Need Improved Irradiation Procedures and/or New Monitors in 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Geochronology? Pfänder J, Sperner B, Schulz B & Jonckheere R 295 Ar Diffusion in Alkali Feldspar from Shap Granite (UK): Linking Topology of Arrhenius Trajectories and Texture Modifications during Step-Heating Experiments Popov D & Spikings R 296 Insights into the End-Permian Mass Extinction from High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology: Progress and Future Prospects Ramezani J, Shen S-Z, Chen J, Erwin D, Zhang H, Henderson C & Bowring S 297 Intercalibration of 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Standards: Towards an R-Matrix Renne P, Deino A, Niespolo E & Rutte D 298 Inverse Radiometric Age Relationships in 187 Re 187 Os Geochronology Roller G 299 Helium Diffusion Kinetics of Shocked Zircons from the Chicxulub Impact Crater Ross C, Stockli D, Gulick S & Rasmussen C 300 Experimental Determination of Zircon-Melt DTh and DU Touran JP, Cocciadiferro AN, Krawczynski MJ & McLean NM 301 Multi-Chronometer Zircon Dating of the Old Crow Tephra Vazquez J, Burgess S & Coble M 302 A New Method for Sample Dissolution and Purification in Gypsum U-Th Dating Wang X, Ma Z, Wang L & Xiao J Tue 125

186 Posters Tue 303 High-Precision U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS Geochronology of Tonsteins and Constraints on the Origin of Jurassic Coal Succession in Ordos Basin, China Wang T, Ramezani J, Zhang Z & Wang C 304 Microsample Unspiked K-Ar Dating: A New Approach of Argon Geochronology Wang F, Shi W, Zhang W, Yang L, W L, Wang Y & Zhu R (Session 09a continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 150) 09m: Biotic and Geochemical Co-evolution from the Neoproterozoic Through the Paleozoic 306 Pulsed Oxidation of Deep Ocean of Early Cambrian Revealed by Phosphate Nodule Wang H, Zhang S, Ye Y & Wang X 307 Rise of Ocean Sulfate Caused by Oxidative Weathering in the Ediacaran Matsu ura F, Sawaki Y, Saitoh M, Komiya T, Maruyama S & Ueno Y 308 Source of Organic Matter of Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Shale from South China Wang N, Li M & Hong H 309 What Controls the Preservation of Precambrian Organic-Walled Microfossils in Shales? Woltz C, Porter S, Dehler C, Junium C, Hodgskiss M, Wörndle S & Halverson G 310 Using Carbon Isotopes, Trace Metals, and Microfossils to Understand the Late Devonian Kellwasser Events Cohen P, King Phillips E, Kelly A, Boyer D, Uveges B & Junium C 311 Sulfate-Controlled Marine Euxinia in Semi-Restricted Inner Yangtze Sea during the Ordovician- Silurian Transition Li N, Li C & Thomas J. A 312 Nitrogen Cycle Perturbations Associated with the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction Zhang T & Shen Y 313 Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Terminal Ediacaran Rise of Calcified Animals Zhang F, Lau K, Zheng W, Romaniello S, Xiao S & Anbar A 314 An Early Neoproterozoic Banded Iron Formation in China Sun J, Zhu X & Li Z 315 Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of Neoproterozoic Cap Carbonates in the Helan Mountains, North China: Implications for Mid-Late Ediacaran Glaciation Yang J, Lyons T, Hu L, Odigie K, Bates S & Zeng Z 316 Climate Change and U Isotope Excursion during Carnin Event in South China Li Z, Zhang F, Romaniello S, Zhao L & Anbar A (Session 09m continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 174) 10a: Geomicrobiology and Geobiological Signals in the Deep Biosphere, Earth and Beyond 319 Characterisation of Beach Rocks in Natural and in Vitro Biomineralization Conditions Dhami N, Mukherjee A, Polat P & Ramachandran AL 320 Oxidative Biological Weathering and its Archean Origins Zaharescu GD, Szeinbaum N, Burghelea C, Dontsova K, Chorover J & Reinhard C 126

187 Posters 321 The Dormant Deep Biosphere: Assessing Global Abundance of Bacterial Endospores and their Response to Burial and Aging in the Marine Subseafloor Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Bowles M, Viehweger B, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U 322 Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Phosphates in Deep Fracture Fluids in Precambrian Rocks Chang SJ, van Hees EH, Blake RE & Sherwood Lollar B 323 Experimental Silicification of Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria and Carbon-Sulfur Biomorphs Nims C & Cosmidis J 324 Significance of the Identification of Methylhopane Biomarker Hydrocarbons in the Holocene Sediments. Case of the «Lac sud de Tunis» Ouertani N, Hamouda R & Belayouni H 325 Methane Generation Accompanied by an Unusual Degradation of Long-Chain Alkyl Substituted Moieties in Heavy Oil as Evidenced by Anoxic Biodegradation Experiments Cheng L, Shi S, Yang L, Zhang Y, Dolfing J, Sun Y-G, Liu L-Y, Li Q, Tu B, Dai L-R, Shi Q & Zhang H 326 Study on Resource Allocation of Methanogenesis Using a Metabolic Simulation Model Wu Q & Jin Q 327 Anaerobic Methanotrophy Coupled to Ferric Iron Reduction in an Australia Coal Mine Raudsepp M, Evans P, Tyson G, Golding S, Wilson S & Southam G (Session 10a continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 151) Tue 10b: Biogeochemical Cycling in Aquatic Sediments: Mechanisms, Environmental Controls and Responses to Change 330 Investigating Eco-Physiological Roles of Extracellular Superoxide Production by Emiliania huxleyi Plummer S, Taylor A, Hansel C, Harvey E & Diaz J 331 The Impact of Gas Seepage Activity on Iron Release from South China Sea Subsurface Sediments Li N, Feng D, Wang H & Chen D 332 Iron Minerals Inhibit Bacterial Decomposers via a Free-Radical Mechanism: Implications for Soil Carbon Storage Du H, Yu G & Sun F 333 Does Sea Ice Reduction Enhance Preservation of Organic Carbon in Arctic Marine Sediments? Faust JC, Tessin A, Stevenson MA, Abbott GD & März C 334 Macronutrient Cycling in Arctic Sediments and Benthic-Pelagic Coupling Henley S, Faust J, Stevenson M, Tessin A, Brand T & Maerz C 335 SWI Flux of CH 4 in the Gunsan Basin of the South-Eastern Yellow Sea, Off the Coast of Western Korea Lee J-H, Jeong K-S & Woo HJ 336 Gas Chemistry of Bubble Plumes and Gas Hydrates along the Cascadia Margin Lupton J, Baumberger T, Embley R & Merle S 337 Nutrient Dynamics in East Mediterranean Sea Under Different Water Masses Pavlidou A, Rousselaki E, Velaoras D & Papadopoulos V 338 Li Diagenesis in Tropical Sediments Rahman S, Aller RC & Cochran JK 127

188 Posters Tue 339 Just Around the Riverbend: Seasonal Hydrologic Controls on Hyporheic Microbial Community Function Saup C, Nelson A, Bryant S, Sawyer A, Christensen J, Williams K & Wilkins M 340 Sulfur Iron-Carbon Systematics in Marine Sediments: A Study off Mahanadi Basin, Bay of Bengal Sawant B, Mazumdar A, Yousuf M, Da Silva R & Peketi A 342 Biogeochemical Characterization of Surface Sediments along the Pearl River Estuary Transect Xie W, Radović J, Li P, Li X, Silva R, Oldenburg T, Larter S & Zhang C 10e: Novel Insights into Earth and Environmental Processes Through Radiocarbon Research and Organic Matter Biogeochemistry 343 Effect of Oscillating Oxidative Environments on Microbial Degradation of Soil Organic Matter Bao R, Mahmoudi N, Yao L, Balcom P, Sunderland E & Pearson A 344 Soil Carbon Storage and Turnover in Tropical Forests along a Precipitation Gradient in Panama Finstad K, Cusack D, Dietterich L, Turner B & McFarlane K C Characteristics of Bulk Organic Carbon and Various Molecular Components in Grassland Soil Profiles Jia J, Liu Z, Haghipour N, Wacker L, He J-S, Eglinton T & Feng X 346 Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter at the Mariana Trench Li P, Tao J, Lin J, He C, Shi Q & Zhang C 347 Timescales of Leaf Wax Biomarker Transport and Preservation in Alluvial River Systems: Rio Bermejo, Argentina Repasch M, Sachse D, Hovius N, Scheingross J, Eglinton T & Lupker M 348 Lipid Biomarkers in the Fe-Mn Nodules from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, NE Pacific Shulga N 349 Carbon-Cycling and Weathering in Lake Untersee, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica Marsh NB, Lacelle D, Clark ID, Faucher B & Andersen DT (Session 10e continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 152) 11f: Hydrological and Biogeochemical Response to Global Change from the Local to Global Scale 353 Sources and Transformation of Carbon in Spring-Pond System Under Different Land Cover at Puding Karst-Analog Test Site Zhao M, Liu Z & Chen B 354 Geochemical Features of the Vanavar Suite (Eastern Siberia) Afonin I & Korbovyak E 355 Coupled Discharge and Temperature Controls on CO 2 Consumption Fluxes and Carbon Dynamics for the Xijiang River, Southwest China Zhong J, Li S-L, Liu J, Ding H, Li X & Liu C-Q 128

189 Posters 356 Cs + Cation Exchange Wash for Marine Clay Clarifies Provenance Signal & Assesses Cation Exchange Capacity Babin DP, Simon MH, Hemming SR, Cai MY, Liu T, Goldstein SL, Han X, Haws AA, Johns MA & Lear C 357 The CO 2 System in the Yarlung Tsangpo River on the Tibetan Plateau Bao Y, Wang Y & Hu M 358 Fire History in the Yangtze River Basin Since 7ka: Links to Climate, Vegetation and Human Activities Pei W & Wan S 359 Environmental Controls of Global River DSi Export: A New Modelling Approach Phillips AK & Cowling SA 360 Terrestrial Influx on the Western Equatorial Atlantic Sedimentary Succession: Regional Evidence from Geochemical, Palynomroph and Sedimentation Rate Data Adojoh O, Fabienne M, Chaanda M & Osterloff P 361 Laser Spectrometry for Multi-Elemental Imaging in Paleoclimate Studies Sanz-Mangas D, Motto-Ros V, Palascini F, Panczer G, Martín-Chivelet J, Gonzalez FJ & Cáceres JO (Session 11f continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 154) Tue 12a: Using Geochemistry and Big Data to Understand the Biological- Geological Co-evolution of the Critical Zone - Including Human Impacts 379 Co-evolution of Plant Biodiversity and Geochemistry in Australia Bui E, Thornhill A, Gonzalez-Orozco C, Knerr N & Miller J 380 Using Big Groundwater Data to Understand Regional Water Chemistry Brantley SL, Wen T, Niu X, Zheng G, Gonzales M & Li Z 381 The Construction for Monitoring Network of the Critical Zone at Basin Scale-A Case Study of the Central Yangtze River Ma T, Deng Y, Wang Z, Shen S & Li J 382 Geospatial Data Mining to Estimate Rainfall-Runoff in Lower Bhavani Basin, Tamil Nadu, India Duraisamy K & Balasubramanian A 383 Attribution of Soil Acidification in a Large-Scale Region: Artificial Intelligence Approach Application Wang Q, Yu H, Liu J & Li F 384 Tools and Cyberinfrastructure for Sharing and Using Big Data Bales J & Brazil L 385 The Role of Geochemistry in the Diversification of Asteraceae in North America Mason C, Goolsby E, Edwards R & Goldhaber M 386 Hydrogeochemical Analysis by a GIS-Based Platform The Edremit Plain, Northwestern Turkey Ertekin C & Özden S (Session 12a continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 223) 129

190 Posters Tue 12f: Identifying and Modeling Mechanistic Drivers of Elemental Cycles Across the Critical Zone 390 Ge/Si as a Tracer for Si in Paired Catchments of the Luquillo CZO Aguirre A, Derry L & Kurtz A 391 Hillscapes in Wet and Dry Conditions: Contrasting Climates Produce Dramatically Different Critical Zone Architectures Anderson S, Anderson R & Rajaram H 392 The Nivolet Critical Zone Observatory: Relation between Carbon Fluxes and Geology Baneschi I, Giamberini M, Mosca P, Palazzi E, Provenzale A, Raco B & Viterbi R 393 Hydrologic and Thermodynamic Drivers Seasonally Shift Floodplain Soils between Two Redox States Bobb C, Boye K, Tolar B, Bargar JR & Maher K 394 Microbial Energetics, Carbon, and the Progression of Redox Reactions in Flooded Soils Boye K, Herrmann A, Bobb C, Tolar B, Noel V, Bargar J, Maher K & Fendorf S 395 Decoupling of Shallow and Deep Sources of Nutrients at the Late Stages of Weathering: Insights from Traditional and Non-Traditional Tracers at the Luquillo CZO Chapela Lara M, Schuessler J, Buss H & McDowell W 396 Soil and Critical Zone Evolution in the Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska D Amore D, Dere A, Lybrand R, Trainor T & White T 397 Transient Relationships between Chemical and Physical Erosion Rates in Regolith-Mantled Landscapes Ferrier K 398 Ice Nucleation and its Role in the Incipient Stages of Physical Weathering Lybrand R, China S, Qafoku O, Veghte D & Zaharescu D 399 Elemental Fluxes Associated with Agricultural and Restored Prairie Land Uses Miller A, Dere A & Hemje A 400 In situ Optical Sensors Reveal Dissolved Organic Carbon Export Dynamics in Sleepers River Research Watershed, Vermont, USA Ryan K, Shanley J, Stubbins A, Raymond P & Hosen J 401 Does Carbon or Energy Limit Chemosynthetic Mixotrophic Microbial Growth? Slowinski S, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P 402 Acid Deposition and its Contribution to Soil Acidification Yang J-L & Zhang G-L (Session 12f continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 243). 13j: Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems 414 Speciation of Actinides in Environmentally Relevant Systems by Advanced Synchrotron Techniques Pidchenko I, Suksi J, Tullborg E-L, Scheinost A & Kvashnina K I/ 127 I Ratios in Precipitation from Fukushima over Xu S, Freeman S, Hou X, Watanabe A & Yamaguchi K 130

191 Posters 416 Characteristic of Dissolved Radiocesium Leaching from a Forest Litter Observed from Litterbag Experiment Sakuma K & Yoshimura K 417 Artificial Isotopes Speciation in Biomass of Terrestrial Vascular Plants Kropacheva M, Melgunov M & Makarova I 418 Quantum Mechanical Determination of the Incorporation of Pentavalent Plutonium into Carbonate and Sulfate Minerals Gebarski B & Becker U 419 Effect of Irradiation and Pressure on Microbial Activity in Bentonite in Relation to Safety of the Radioactive Waste Repository Shrestha R, Sevcu A, Steinova J, Spanek R, Kovarova H, Cernoueek T & Kokinda J 420 Comparing Sorption and Desorption of Plutonium on Montmorillonite and Goethite Begg J, Zavarin M, Zhao P, Tumey S & Kersting A 421 Inhibition Effect of Transformation of Ferrihydrite in Granitic Groundwater from the Mizunami Unederground Research Laboratory Munemoto T, Watanabe Y, Hayashida K & Iwatsuki T 422 Plutonium Leaching from Cemented Radioactive Waste Law K, Parry S, Bryan N, Heald S, Charnock J, Heath S, Knight D, O Brian L, Fuller A, Law G & Livens F 423 Sorption of 137 Cs onto a Muscovite-Rich Test Material from the Georgia Kaolins Moses DS, Elliott WC, Wanpler JM, Powell BA & Avant DA 424 Adsorption Mechanism of Radioactive Cesium and Iodine to Oak Black Carbon Jeon S, Choung S, Jang K-S & Han WS 425 Experiments on Radium Co-precipitation into Sulfates and its Implications for Radium Removal in Wastewater Ouyang B, Feng X, Landis J, Warner N & Renock D 426 Sorption of Radionuclides from Aqueous Solutions Using Titania Based Nanomaterial Szatmáry L, Havlová V, Salačová P, Motlochová M, Pližingrová E & Šubrt J 427 Sorption Characteristic of Uranium onto Mullite Liao R, Shi Z, Hou Y, Zhang J & Cheng K (Session 13j continues on Wednesday 15th AM on page 156) Tue 131

192 Posters Tue 13k: Biogeochemistry of Oxyanion-Forming Elements: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 403 Time-Resolved Biogeochemical Insights to Fungal Redox Transformations of Selenium, the Essential Toxin Sabuda M, Rosenfeld C, Torgeson J & Santelli C 404 Silicon as a Driver of Rice Paddy Microbial Arsenic Methylater Communities Dykes G & Seyfferth A 405 Geogenic Arsenic and Manganese in Anoxic Riverbank Groundwater along the Amazon River de Meyer C, Kipfer R, Wahnfried I, Roeser P, Rodriguez J & Berg M 406 Investigation into the Mechanisms Controlling Vanadium Transformation and Competitive Retention between Manganese and Iron Oxides Abernathy M, Ying S & Schaefer M 407 The Role of Biotransformation in the Environmental Cycling of Arsenic Francesconi K, Glabonjat R, Jensen K, Raber G, Stiboller M & Xiong C 408 Usefulness and Limitations of Stable Oxygen Isotopes in Application to Selenium Oxyanion Biogeochemistry Larese-Casanova P, Schellenger A, Paydary P, Xia L, Jaisi D & Onnis-Hayden A 409 Arsenic Variability, Redox Processes, Groundwater Age, and Chemical Time Series at Three Water Supply Wells Levitt J & Degnan J 410 Deciphering Factors Controlling Groundwater Arsenic Spatial Variability in Bangladesh Zhen T, Yang Q, Zheng C & Zheng Y 132

193 Posters 14a: Education and Outreach for Geochemists 199 Pulse of the Earth: An Innovative K-12 Geoscience Curriculum Slotta J 200 Science In Action! In The Classroom: Promoting Confidence in K-12 Science Teaching in Pre-Service Teachers and Undergraduates Kundargi R & Staub N 201 Chemistry of Stream Water for 6th Grade Students Besancon J, Hon R & Shaller J 202 Soils and Science Education: A Perfect Match Holzer M 203 Teaching the Rocks and Minerals of Climate Change to Sixth Graders Baxter E 204 Rocks beneath Our Toes (RoBOT): An Experiential Learning Collaboration in Geochemistry for Undergraduate and High School Students Baxter E 245 GEO-Chem: Infusing Geochemical Systems into High School Chemistry Classrooms Remiszewski K, Bryce J & Varner R 246 Incorporating Geoscience into the AP Chemistry Curriculum Haws A 247 Integration of NGSS Earth and Space Science Concepts into a High School Chemistry Course: One Teacher s Experience Manning C 249 Nanoscience from the Beginning: Getting Geoscientists to Think Differently as Freshman Hochella M 250 Resources for Teaching Nanoscience Across the Geoscience Curriculum Mogk D, Hochella M, Ranville J & Bruckner M 251 Using Atom Probe Tomography Spectra to Teach Undergraduate Students Gregory D & Perea D 252 Zir-Chron an Online Application for Exploring the Science of U-Pb Zircon Geochronology Schmitz M & Viskupic K 253 Five Years of Earth and Moon: History of a Virtual Microscope Kelley S, Schwenzer S & Tindle A 254 Using Service Learning to Address Local Water Quality Issues Across Multiple Disciplines Albright Olsen A, Smith M, Dastoor F, Waring T & Vinson E 255 Recognizing Decision-Relevant Data and Helping Decision-Makers Find it Luxem KE, Rose CA & Mandler BE 256 Communicating Geochemical Threats to Local and Regional Authorities: The Guadiana Pit Lake Experience Sánchez-España J, Yusta I & Suárez J Tue 133

194 Posters Tue 257 Sensing the Universe De Leo-Winkler M, Wilson G & Simpson S 258 Engaging the Public in Electrical Energy Decision Making Through an Interactive Online Games Shuller-Nickles L, Carbajales-Dale M, Moysey S, Godsey K, Hanna A, Hoover M, Phillips C, Boyer M & Smith F 259 How Earth Became Habitable- a Journey Through the Precambrian. A Children s Book Köhler I 260 Using Data-Driven Methods to Target Science Communication in Developing Nations Spencer C 134

195 Goldschmidt 2018 Summary and Highlights Wednesday 15th August 2018 Wed Timetable 08:30-11:30 Wednesday AM Orals 11:45-12:45 Wednesday Plenary (Tuba Özkan-Haller) 14:15-17:15 Wednesday PM Orals 17:15-19:15 Wednesday Posters Highlights 09:00 (210) Simon Poulton (Robert Berner Lecture) 14:15 (210) Jess Adkins (Nicholas Shackleton Science Innovation Award) Other Events 08:30 (107) Isotope Reference Material Working Group (irm WG) 12:45 (300) Meet The Plenary Lunch with Tuba Özkan-Haller 12:45 (107) Geochemical Perspectives Letters Editorial Board Meeting 13:00 (Ballroom AB) Pop-up talks 13:00 (Thermo) Carbonates and Clumped Isoptopes 14:15 (Ballroom C) Improving Work Climate: Responding to Sexual Harassment 17:30 (107) EAG Communications Committee 18:45 (300) Geochemical Society Business Meeting and Members Reception 135

196 Oral Presentations Overview Wed AM b 06e 05m 05i 10a / 10l 09a 10e 07j / 07l 08:30 Chiang Gale Moortgat Niespolo Mazzoleni Matthews Williams -Jones Brunner 08:45 Thomas Jacob Woda Jiang Wagner Chappaz 09:00 Chang Goetschl Reich Zhang Kamermans Stubbins Reiners Poulton 09:15 Dunlea Eggins MacIntyre Welch Osburn Schmidt -Rohr 09:30 Yu Gabitov Alford Wei Türke Miller Chen Dickson 09:45 Bova Araki Rallakis Sheets Hickman -Lewis Clinger Tarr Scheller 10:00 Clemens Purgstaller Safari Ho Beeler Cooperdock Poulin Zeebe 10:15 Partin Garcia Hu Dopffel Maldanis Rittner McDonough 10:30 DiNezio Innocenti Malini Wang Dhakal Takahashi Albert Roper Hertkorn Omta 10:45 Mishra Reddy Perry Li Romaniello Samson Codden Luo 11:00 Goldsmith White Van Hoozen Davey Little Ma Huguet Dong 11:15 Griffiths Jacobsen Keltie Stone Hodges Hanke Steiner 136

197 e 13j 11f 01h 03i 04h 03d 02d / 02g 08:30 Hsu -Kim Ferguson Ogric Badro Bédard Debret Trønnes Macdonald 08:45 Kaegi Levitskaia Wang Borlina Tackley Hara Ohba 09:00 Challis Xiong Bufe Fu Wiemer Ibarra Uunk Catling 09:15 Labille Asmussen Buss Volk Deng Hennequin Penniston -Dorland Hirschmann 09:30 Ghoshal Kaplan Bianchi Tikoo Tusch Ernst Epstein Liu 09:45 Hochella Ohnuki Pantoja Buz Guitreau Knies Vho Kiefer 10:00 Norrfors Levitskaia Moy Tissot Cawood Lyons Greaney Boehler 10:15 Rand Philipp Usman Collinet O Neil Zhang Pluemper 10:30 Lowry Wen Galy Jin Rizo Basu Locatelli Abramson 10:45 Avellan Soltis Feakins Visser Babechuk Jones Kotowski Navrotsky 11:00 Chan Pistorino Lyons Kama André Them Bonnet Wu 11:15 Borovinskaya Santschi Papadomanolaki Xu Sawada Kinney Katzir Guyot Oral Presentations Overview Wed AM 137

198 01h AM 309 Wed 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad Session chaired by Claire Nichols, James Bryson, Jonathan Tucker, Sami Mikhail, Miki Nakajima, Colin Jackson, Alison Hunt & Mario Fischer-Gödde 08:30 Keynote: Magnesium Partitioning between Earth s Mantle and Core and its Consequence on an Early Geodynamo Badro J, Nomura R, Aubert J, Siebert J, Blanchard I & Hirose K 08:45 Questioning the Evidence for the Hadean Dynamo Borlina CS, Weiss BP, Lima EA, Tang F, Taylor RJM, Einsle JF, Harrison RJ, Fu RR, Bell EA, Alexander EW, Kirkpatrick HM, Wielicki MM, Harrison TM, Ramezani J & Maloof AC 09:00 Magnetic Fields of the Outer Solar Nebula Recorded in CR Chondrites Fu RR, Kehayias P, Lima EA, Schrader DL, Weiss BP & Walsworth RL 09:15 Invited: Under Pressure: Meteorite Paleointensities may be Underestimated due to Pressure Demagnetization Volk M, Gilder S & Feinberg J 09:30 Invited: The Lunar Dynamo: Paleomagnetism and Power Sources Tikoo S, Lepaulard C, Strauss B, Gattacceca J, Wang H, Mighani S, Getzin B, Nichols C, Weiss B & Evans A 09:45 Paleomagnetic Tests to Distinguish the Origin of ALH84001 Magnetite Buz J, Kirschvink J & Thomas-Keprta K 10:00 Experimental Constraints on the Redox State and Size of the Angrite Parent Body Tissot F, Collinet M, Dauphas N & Grove T 10:15 Rare SiO 2 -rich Achondrites are Ubiquitous Primary Melts of Chondrites Collinet M & Grove TL 10:30 Water-Rich S-Type Asteroid Itokawa Jin Z & Bose M 10:45 Sulfur Isotopes of Carbonaceous Chondrites and Volatile-Rich Clasts Visser R, John T, Patzek M, Bischoff A & Whitehouse M 11:00 The Refractory Fraction of Sulfur and Other Elements in Extrasolar Systems Kama M, Jermyn A, Shorttle O, Folsom C, Furuya K & Bergin E 11:15 Compositions of Extrasolar Minor Planets from Polluted White Dwarf Studies Xu S, Dufour P, Monson N, Klein B, Zuckerman B & Young E (Session 01h continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 160) 138

199 02d 313 AM 02d: Geochemical and Geodynamical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Planetary Bodies Session chaired by Kelsey Prissel, Megan Duncan, Corliss Kin I Sio, Matthew Weller, George Helffrich & Radjeep Dasgupta 08:30 He and Ne Diffusion in Bridgmanite and Lower Mantle Structure Trønnes RG, Mohn CE & Eigenmann KR 08:45 Variable N 2 /He Ratio of Non-Atmospheric End Member found in Fumarolic Gas at Kusatsu- Shirane Volcano, Japan Ohba T, Nishino K, Numanami N & Yaguchi M 09:00 Keynote: Early Earth s Atmospheric Evolution Catling D, Krissansen-Totton J & Zahnle K 09:15 Storage of C in Olivine and Carbonated Melting in the MORB Source Region Hirschmann M, Armstrong L & Hauri E 09:30 Extremely High H 2 O/Ce Ratios of the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge Basalts (46ºE-53ºE) Liu J, Tao C, Liang J, Li W & Sun H 09:45 Mars Atmospheric 40 Ar as a Constraint on Volcanic Outgassing History and Thermal Evolution Kiefer W & Sandu C Wed Session 02g follows this session in this room. For details see page

200 02g AM 313 Wed 02g: Carbon at Extremes Diamonds, their Inclusions and Host Rocks Session chaired by Alexandra Navrotsky, Reinhard Bohler, Andrew Thomson, Emilie Thomassot, Sami Mikhail & Oded Navon 10:00 Keynote: Surprising Phase Behavior of Pure Carbon: Is Diamond Metastable at High Pressures? Boehler R 10:30 Carbon Dioxide and Water Abramson E, Bollengier O, Brown JM & Journaux B 10:45 Carbon, Calorimetry, Cataclysms and Consequences Navrotsky A 11:00 Viscosity of Carbonate Melts at High Pressures and Temperatures Wu M, Tse J & Pan Y 11:15 Geochemical Implications of Carbonates with CO 4 Groups Boulard E, Guyot F & Fiquet G (Session 02g continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 161) 140

201 03d 312 AM 03d: Multidisciplinary Insights into Subduction Zone Processes Session chaired by Joshua Garber, Paul Starr, Edward Inglis, Kevin Burton & Besim Dragovic 08:30 Invited: Role of the Forearc in the Geochemistry of Subduction Zones: New Insights from the IODP Expedition 366 Debret B, Mattielli N, Albers E, Walter B, Price R, Barnes JD, Beunon H & Williams H 08:45 In situ Sr-Pb Isotope Geochemistry of Lawsonite: A New Method to Investigate Slab Fluid Hara T, Tsujimori T, Chang Q & Kimura J-I 09:00 Dating Mineral Fluid Inclusions: The 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Crushing Technique Uunk B, Postma O, Brouwer F & Wijbrans J 09:15 Evidence from in situ Measurements of δ 7 Li in Garnets Suggests Control of Subduction Fluid Composition on Li Isotopic Fractionation within Garnet Penniston-Dorland S, Baumgartner L, Dragovic B & Bouvier A-S 09:30 Fluid-Rock Interactions in Deeply Subducted and Underplated Oceanic Sediments: Scales of Fluid Infiltration and Carbon Mobilization Epstein G, Bebout G, Angiboust S & Agard P 09:45 Internally Consistent Database for Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Minerals: Theory and Application to HP Metamorphic Rocks Vho A, Lanari P & Rubatto D 10:00 Completing the Molybdenum Isotope Mass Balance in Subduction Zones Greaney AT, Rudnick RL, Romaniello SJ & Anbar AD 10:15 Invited: Syntectonic Serpentinite Dehydration within Subduction Zones Pluemper O, Janssen C, Wallis D, Ohl M & Scambelluri M 10:30 Stepwise Brittle Deformation at 80 km Depth by Multiple-Source Fluid Circulation (Monviso Eclogitic Breccias, W. Alps) Locatelli M, Verlaguet A, Agard P, Pettke T & Federico L 10:45 Peak Pressure-Temperature Conditions and Timing of Subduction of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Syros, Greece Kotowski A, Behr W, Ashley K, Mixon E, Stockli D & Bodnar B 11:00 Seamount Subduction at Seismogenic Depths: Structural and Metamorphic Evidence from the Zagros Suture Zone Bonnet G, Agard P, Angiboust S, Fournier M & Omrani J 11:15 Hot Early Intra-Oceanic Subduction beneath the Troodos Ophiolite: Rutile Petrochronology of the Agia Varvara Formation, Western Cyprus Katzir Y, Golan T, Haviv I, Elisha B & Kylander-Clark A Wed (Session 03d continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 162) 141

202 03i AM 310 Wed 03i: Early Earth Processes Session chaired by Tim Johnson, Tracy Rushmer & Nicholas Arndt 08:30 Geochemical Consequences of Periodic Mantle Overturns on a Stagnant-Lid Archaean Earth Bédard J 08:45 Archean Tectonics and the Generation of Continental TTG Crust in Global Mantle Convection Models Tackley P, Jain C, Lourenco D, Rozel A & Gerya T 09:00 Earth s Oldest Stable Crust Formed by Cyclic Gravitational Overturns Wiemer D, Schrank C, Murphy D, Wenham L & Allen C 09:15 The Earth s Transition from Stagnant Lid to Plate Tectonics: Constraints from Titanium Isotopes Deng Z, Chaussidon M, Savage P, Robert F & Moynier F 09:30 Tungsten Isotope Patterns of Rocks from the Pilbara Craton, Australia Tusch J, Jansen M, Marien CS, van Kranendonk M & Münker C 09:45 Unveiling the Polyphase History of Ancient Zircons from the Napier Complex (Antarctica) with U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics Guitreau M, Paquette J-L & Gannoun A 10:00 Constraining the Birth of Plate Tectonics Cawood P, Hawkesworth C, Pisarevsky S, Dhuime B, Nebel O & Capitanio F 10:15 Probing Early Crustal Reworking O Neil J, Wasilewski B, Hanika R & Paquette J-L 10:30 Early Earth Signatures Recorded in the Source of Large Igneous Provinces Rizo H, Poirier A, Puchtel IS, Vlastelic I, Moine B, Forte A, Neal C & Simonetti A 10:45 Dissolved Ultra-Trace REE+Y Geochemistry of Particulate-Poor Icelandic River Waters Babechuk M & Kamber B 11:00 Heavy δ 30 Si in Archean Granitoïds as Evidence for Supracrustal Components in their Sources André L, Abraham K, Foley S & Hofmann A 11:15 Positive Zr Anomaly in Archean-Paleoproterozoic Sandstones and its Significance in Continental Growth Sawada H, Ishikawa A & Isozaki Y (Session 03i continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 163) 142

203 04h 311 AM 04h: Large Igneous Provinces, Environmental Change and Mass Extinctions: The Deadly Kiss of LIPs Session chaired by Feifei Zhang, Aisha Al-Suwaidi, Richard Ernst & Ying Cui 08:30 Keynote: LIPs and Climate Change Macdonald F, Wordsworth R & Swanson-Hysell N 09:00 Quantifying Terrestrial Weathering Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 Ibarra D, Jones M, Caves Rugenstein J, Sageman B, Graham S, von Blanckenburg F & Chamberlain P 09:15 Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps Hennequin S, Godderis Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F, Brayard A, Donnadieu Y, Maffre P & Nardin E 09:30 Did the Central Iapetus Magmatic Province (CIMP) Event Both Trigger and End the c. 580 Ma Gaskiers Glaciation? Youbi N, Ernst R, Soderlund U, Boumehdi MA & Ait Lahna A 09:45 Arctic Climate Perturbations during Recovery from World s Worst Mass Extinction Knies J, Fredin O, Brönner M, Grasby S, Beauchamp B & Viola G 10:00 Invited: Dynamic Proterozoic Surface Environments, Co-evolving Life, and Possible Tectonic and deep-earth Drivers Lyons T & Diamond C 10:15 Temporal and Genetic Link between Large Igneous Provinces and Black Shales during Earth s Middle Age Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J, Zhao Y, Zhou M-F & Hu G 10:30 U-Pb Zircon Ages of Deccan Acid Igneous Complexes and their Temporal Relationship with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary Basu A, Chakrabarty P, Ibanez Mejia M, Georg B & Ghosh N 10:45 δ 18 O Records of Circulation, Sea Level, and Climate in the Western Interior Seaway during OAE2 Jones MM, Schuette C, Sageman BB & Leckie RM 11:00 Toarcian Mercury Anomalies Record Terrestrial Disturbance Rather Than Volcanic Activity Them T, Jagoe C, Gill B, Caruthers A, Grasby S, Gröcke D, Yin R & Owens J 11:15 Causal Implications of New Geochronological Constraints on Mesozoic Post-Rift Magmatism in New England Kinney ST, Setera JB, Olsen PE, MacLennan SA, VanTongeren JA, Schoene B, Town CF, Strauss JV, Hemming SR & Bradley DC Wed 143

204 05i AM 204 Wed 05i: New Frontiers in Unconventional Reservoir Dynamics: Rocks, Geochemistry, Enhanced Recovery, and the Environment Session chaired by Avner Vengosh, Donna Drogos, Thomas Darrah & John Kaszuba 08:30 Keynote: Numerical Modeling of Methane Migration from Leaky Natural Gas Wells and in Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Moortgat J, Schwartz F, Darrah T & Cole D 08:45 Distinguishing Recent Methane Migration into Groundwater from Natural Methane Sources in the Marcellus Gas Play Woda J, Wen T & Brantley S 09:00 The Controls of Ultra-Deep Clay Minerals on the Property of Gas Reservoir in Kuqa depression,tarim basin,china Zhang R, Wang J, Tang Y & Zeng Q 09:15 Geochemistry of Flowback Fluids from the Utica Shale in Eastern Ohio Welch S, Sheets J, Lutton A, Olesik J, Saltzman M, Edwards C & Cole D 09:30 Pore Characterization of Organic-Rich Late Permian Da-Long Formation Shale in the Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China Wei Z, Wang Y, Wang G & Liu Y 09:45 Mineral Paragenesis and Microtextures in Naturally Sealed Shale Fractures Sheets J, Hajirezaie S, Swift A, Crandall D, Cole D, Peters C & Kornacki A 10:00 Molecular Modeling of Interaction between Kerogen and Pore Fluid Ho T, Wang Y & Criscenti L 10:15 Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: From Lab to Field Dopffel N, Kögler F & Alkan H 10:30 Thermogenic Methane Hydrates Formation due to Fault Activation in Marine Environment Dhakal S & Gupta I 10:45 Characterization of Methane Adsorption on Shale and Isolated Kerogen Under Pressure up to 60 MPa Li J, Zhou S, Chen K, Zhang C & Zhang Y 11:00 Determining the Controlling Factors of Carbon Isotope and Molecular Weight Fractionation in Shale Gases during Depressurization Davey R, Sephton M & Smalley C (Session 05i continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 186) 144

205 05m 203 AM 05m: Geochemical Vectors to Ore: How to Link Fundamental Understanding of Ore-Forming Processes to Mineral Exploration Session chaired by Alexander Gysi, Zoltán Zajacz & Nicole Hurtig 08:30 Keynote: Colloidal Processes in the Formation of Bonanza-Grade Gold Ores Williams-Jones A, McLeish D & Vasyukova O 09:00 Invited: Geochemical and Micro-Textural Fingerprints of Boiling in Pyrite Reich M, Román N, Leisen M, Barra F, Morata D & Deditius A 09:15 Geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-Au Deposit, Zambia MacIntyre T, Gysi A & Hitzman M 09:30 Hydrothermal Evolution of Au-Bearing Pyrite Veins and their Association to Base Metal Veins in the Central City District, CO, USA Alford L, Gysi A, Monecke T, Pfaff K & Hurtig N 09:45 Uranium-Sulphides-Organic Matter-Dolomite Low Temperature Diagenetic Interplay in Cretaceous Continental Unconsolidated Sediments (Mongolia) Rallakis D, Cathelineau M, Michels R, Brouand M & Parize O 10:00 Genetic Features of the Formation of Gold-Sulphide Mineralizations in the Chore Ore Field Safari N, Fayziev A, Vazirov K & Malakhov F 10:15 The Re Os Dating of Bitumen from Paleo Oil Reservoir in The Qinglong Antimony Deposit Area, Southwestern Guizhou, China and Its Geological Significance Hu Y & Wang P 10:30 REE, Fe and Mn Elements Characteristics of Calcite and their Prospecting Significance of Banqi Carlin-Type Gold Deposit in Guizhou, Southwestern China Wang J 10:45 Rare Earth Element Partitioning in Calcite as a Vector of Hydrothermal Processes in Mineral Deposits Perry E & Gysi A 11:00 The Thermodynamic Stability of Monazite for Vectoring the Hydrothermal Mobility of REE in Ore Deposits Van Hoozen C & Gysi A 11:15 The Role of Contamination in the Formation of Chromitites in the Ring of Fire Intrusive Suite, James Bay Lowlands, Ontario Keltie E, Brenan J, Mungall J & Weston R Wed (Session 05m continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 167) 145

206 06e AM 202 Wed 06e: Nanogeochemistry: Nano to Microscale Insights into Mineral and Biomineral Processes Session chaired by Alberto Perez-Huerta, Lee White, Rinat Gabitov, Aleksey Sadekov & Des Moser 08:30 Keynote: Nanoscale Processes for Calcium Carbonate Formation: Insights from Computer Simulation De La Pierre M, Reischl B, Schuitemaker A, Koziara K, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Rohl A, Stack A, Gebauer D & Gale J 08:45 Invited: Foraminifers Form their Shells via Metastable Carbonate Phases Jacob D, Wirth R, Schreiber A, Branson O, Eggins S & Agbaje O 09:00 How do Ligands Affect Mg Partitioning in Calcite Formed via an Amorphous Precursor? Goetschl KE, Purgstaller B, Dietzel M & Mavromatis V 09:15 Planktic Foraminifers Produce Vaterite Shells. Big Deal or so What? Eggins S, Branson O, Holland K & Jacob D 09:30 Visualization of Elemental Uptake by Individual Calcite Crystals Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Dyer J & Xu H 09:45 Particular Effect of Mg 2+ on Hydration Structure at Calcite Surface Araki Y, Kobayashi K & Yamada H 10:00 Solubility Consideration on the Amorphous Calcium Magnesium Carbonate System Purgstaller B, Goetschl K, Mavromatis V, Pfarrmaier C & Dietzel M 10:15 An Investigation of Calcium Phosphate Prenucleation Clusters Garcia N, Demichellis R, Raiteri P & Gale J 10:30 Effects of a Common Buffer on Calcium Phosphate Nucleation: Does TRIS Modify the Association of Calcium and Phosphate Ions? Innocenti Malini R, Freeman CL, Gebauer D, Colfen H & Harding JH 10:45 Keynote: Exploring Nanoscale Chemical and Structural Complexities in Minerals with Atom Probe Microscopy Reddy S, Saxey D, Rickard W & Fougerouse D 11:00 Measuring Stable O-Isotopes by Atom Probe Tomography: New Insights from ~100 Mineral Analyses White L, Langelier B, Moser D, Darling J & Tait K 11:15 Remnant Impactor Traces in Micro-Scale Deposition Layers in Australasian Microtektites Weisz D, Jacobsen B, Weber P & Koeberl C (Session 06e continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 168) 146

207 07j 210 AM 07j: From Formation to Preservation: Reconstructing Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Using Laboratory, Mineralogical, Molecular, Elemental, and Isotopic Proxies Session chaired by Suemeyya Eroglu, Christopher Siebert, Jeremy Owens, Colleen Hansel, Tais W. Dahl & Philip Pogge von Strandmann 08:30 Anoxic Evolution of Deep-Water Sapropels S5 and S7 Benkovitz A, Matthews A, Teutsch N, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A & Poulton S 08:45 Invited: Molybdenum and Chromium Molecular Geochemistry: Advancing the Paleo-Redox Proxies Chappaz A, Babos H, Hlohowskyj S & Tessin A 09:00 Honorary: Berner Lecture: Exploring Earth s Redox Landscape Poulton S 09:30 Isotopic Constraints on the Molybdenum Cycle in the Late Cretaceous Dickson A, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Murphy M, Jenkyns H, Idiz E, Porcelli D, Henderson G, van den Boorn S & Eldrett J 09:45 Ocean Redox Conditions between the Snowballs Geochemical Constraints from Arena Formation, East Greenland Scheller EL, Dickson AJ, Canfield DE, Korte C, Kristiansen KK & Dahl TW Wed Session 07l follows this session in this room. For details see page

208 07l AM 210 Wed 07l: Carbon Storage in the Ocean now and over Time Session chaired by Laura Robinson, Gideon Henderson, Christopher Hayes, Barbel Honisch & Joe Stewart 10:00 Keynote: Controls on Ocean Carbon Fluxes and Inventory: From Paleochemistry to Future Carbon Sequestration Zeebe R 10:30 An Analytical Framework for the Steady-State Impact of Carbonate Compensation on Atmospheric CO 2 Omta AW, Ferrari R & McGee D 10:45 Invariance of the Carbonate Chemistry of the South China Sea from the Last Glacial Period to the Late Holocene Luo Y, Kienast M & Boudreau B 11:00 A New Study on PIC Dissolution and Sinking Fluxes, Concentrations and Calcite/Aragonite Ratios in the North Pacific Dong S, Celestian A, Turaga N, Rollins N, Naviaux J, Subhas A, Adkins J & Berelson W 11:15 Calcium Concentrations and Calcium-Alkalinity Anomalies in the North Pacific Ocean Steiner Z, Berelson W, Adkins J, Hou Y, Dong S, Hammond D, Liu X & Turchyn A (Session 07l continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 171) 148

209 08b 200 AM 08b: Asian Paleomonsoon and Low-Latitude Paleoclimate Session chaired by Kaustubh Thirumalai, Steve Clemens & Pallavi Anand 08:30 Keynote: Role of Seasonal Transitions and the Westerlies in East Asian Paleoclimate Chiang J 08:45 Invited: A Transect of Orbital-Scale Water Isotope Proxy Records in East Asia Shows a sweet Spot for Detecting Summer Monsoon Variability in the Yangtze River Valley Thomas E & Clemens S 09:00 Biomarker Stable Isotope Records of Paleomonsoon Variation in Response to the Last Glacial- Interglacial Transition in Southwestern Taiwan Chang Q, Hren M, Lin A, Eley Y, Yu S-W & Harris G 09:15 Invited: A 6 Million-Year Biomarker Record of Monsoon Rains and Vegetation on the Indian Peninsula Dunlea A, Giosan L & Huang Y 09:30 Sea Level-Controlled Sediment Transport to the Eastern Arabian Sea over the Past 600 Kyr: Clay Minerals and Sr-Nd Isotopic Evidence from IODP Site U1457 Yu Z 09:45 Pleistocene Hydroclimate Variability in the Heart of the Western Pacific Warm Pool Bova S, Rosenthal Y & Expedition 363 Scientists 10:00 Precession-Band Variance Missing from East Asian Monsoon Runoff Clemens S, Holbourn A, Kubota Y, Lee K-E, Liu Z, Chen G, Nelson A & Fox-Kemper B 10:15 Invited: Western North Pacific Monsoon Variability Since the Last Glacial Maximum Partin J, Quinn T, Shen C-C, Erb M, DiNezio P, Okumura Y, Siringan F, Cardenas MB, Thirumalai K, Lin K, Wu C-C, Banner J, Hu H, Jackson C & Taylor F 10:30 Invited: Weaker Indian Monsoon due to Glacial Ventilation DiNezio P, Dee S & Konecky B 10:45 Enhanced Freshwater Flux Near Oman Coast during Post LGM Revealed Analysing Clumped Isotopes on Globigerina bulloides and Orbulina Universa from ODP Hole 72 7 B Ghosh P, Prakasam M & Mishra D 11:00 Pairing Stable Isotopes with Lake Level A Path for Reconstructing Paleo-Evaporation? Goldsmith Y, Xu H & Adkins J 11:15 End of Green Sahara Responsible for Monsoon Failure and Societal Shifts in Mainland Southeast Asia Griffiths M, Johnson K, Pausata F, White J, Yang H, Henderson G & Conrad C Wed 149

210 09a AM 207 Wed 09a: Research Frontiers in Radioisotope Geochronology and Thermochronology Session chaired by Jahandar Ramezani & David McGee 08:30 U-Th Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell Beyond the 14 C Limit Niespolo EM, Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Avery G, Blegen N, Faith JT, Henshilwood CS, Klein R, Van Niekerk K, Weisz DG & Tryon CA 08:45 Trace Elements and U-Pb Ages in Authigenic Quartz as Indicators of Paleo-Hydrologic Events Jiang H & Lee C-T 09:00 Keynote: Interpreting the Geo/Thermo/Compo-Chronometric Record of Paleofluid-Rock Systems from Hematite Reiners P 09:30 Hematite Polydomain Diffusion Thermochronology of the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa Miller H, McKeon R, Fischer W, Beukes N, Smith A & Farley K 09:45 Antarctic Peninsula Exhumation and Landscape Evolution Investigated by Detrital Low- Temperature Thermochronometry Clinger A, Fox M, Shuster D & Balco G 10:00 Spinel (U-Th)/He Chronometry: A Novel Approach to Date Mantle Exhumation Cooperdock E & Stockli D 10:15 Advances in Zircon Geochronology by LA-Icp-TOF-MS Rittner M, Borovinskaya O, Tanner M, Danyushevsky L, Thompson J, Van Malderen S & Woodhead J 10:30 In situ U-Pb Dating of Garnet. A Laser Ablation ICP-MS Approach on Low-U Garnet Albert Roper R, Gerdes A, Millonig LJ, Buick IS & Marko L 10:45 Multichronometers of Detrital Accessory Minerals Implications for Provenance Studies Samson S, Bonich-Wissink M, Flowers R, Metcalf J & Fedo C 11:00 Invited: Integrating Multiple Clocks and their Applications in Geology and Astronomy Ma C, Meyers S & Sageman B 11:15 Refining Models of the Lunar Bombardment History Using the Laser Microprobe 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Method Hodges K, Mercer C, Brunner A, McDonald C & van Soest M (Session 09a continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 173) 150

211 10a 206 AM 10a: Geobiological Signals in the Deep Biosphere, Earth and Beyond Session chaired by Will Berelson, Sasha Turchyn & Kennda Lynch 08:30 Keynote: Ghost-Hunting in the Sulfur Cycle: Lessons for Biosignature Research Brunner B, Labrado AL & Arnold GL 09:00 Evaluation of S0 as a Biosignature in Laboratory and Field Experiments Kamermans B, Cosmidis J, Templeton A & Macalady J 09:15 Astrobiological Characterization of Biosignatures from a Planetary Lava Cave Analog Osburn M, Datta S, Hathaway J, Moser D, Northup D, Papp K & Blank J 09:30 Comparing Biosignatures in Aged Basalt Glass from North Pond, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Louisville Seamount Trail, off New Zealand Türke A, Ménez B & Bach W 09:45 Influence of Early Ocean Chemistry on Cell Biochemistry and Prokaryotic Metallomic Biosignatures Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Sorieul S, Gautret P, Foucher F, Georgelin T, Cockell C & Westall F 10:00 Understanding the Drivers of Extreme Isotopic Enrichment in a Modern Microbialite Forming Environment Beeler SR, Gomez FJ & Bradley AS 10:15 Assessing New Biogenicity Criteria of Microfossils with a Novel 3D Imaging Approach Maldanis L, Hickman-Lewis K, Westall F, Bertrand L, Berenguer F, Gueriau P & Galante D Wed Session 10l follows this session in this room. For details see page

212 10e AM 208 Wed 10e: Novel Insights into Earth and Environmental Processes Through Radiocarbon Research and Organic Matter Biogeochemistry Session chaired by Jaime Toney, Clayton Magill, Juliana D Andrilli & David Podgorski 08:30 Invited: Water-Soluble Aerosol Organic Matter from Wildland Fire Emissions as Observed Using Ultrahigh Resolution Orbitrap Elite Mass Spectrometry Mazzoleni L, Kirillova E, Schum S, Khaksari M, Sengupta D, Bhattarai C, Samburova V, Watts A, Moosmuller H & Khylstov A 08:45 A Study of Fire and Rain: Dissolved Black Carbon in Throughfall and Stemflow Wagner S, Brantley S, Stuber S, Van Stan J & Stubbins A 09:00 Inter-Storm Variation in the Quality, Flux and Biolability of tree-dom Stubbins A, Wagner S, Howard D, Zhu L, Guillemette F & Van Stan J 09:15 Invited: Advanced Solid-State 13 C NMR Characterization of the Structure, Origin, and Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon Schmidt-Rohr K & Cao X 09:30 Phototransformation of Dissolved Organic Matter to Ammonium and New Forms of Nitrogen- Containing Organic Compounds: The Biogeochemical Implications Chen H & Hatcher PG 09:45 Ketone and Aldehyde Photoproducts from Solar Exposed Crude Oil on Water Tarr M, Bure T, Cao X & Zito P 10:00 Invited: New Insights on Dissolved Organic Sulfur Chemistry by Complementary Atomic-Level and Molecular-Level Approaches Poulin B, Ryan J, Nagy K, Podgorski D, Zito P, Orem W, Krabbenhoft D & Aiken G 10:15 Factors Affecting Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Groundwater McDonough L, Oudone P, Rutlidge H, Meredith K, Andersen M, O Carroll D, Chapelle F & Baker A 10:30 Molecular Characteristics of Water Column and Sedimentary Dissolved Organic Matter in Boreal Swedish Lakes (DOM) Hertkorn N, Gonsior M, Harir M, Enrich-Prast A, Bastviken D, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Conrad R 10:45 Temporal Dissolved Organic Carbon Flux in a Georgia Saltmarsh Codden C, Edwards C, Stubbins A, Wagner S, Spencer R & Johnston SE 11:00 Nature and Dynamics of Organic Matter in the Seine Estuary (France) at the Bulk and Molecular Levels Thibault A, Huguet A, Parlanti E, Micheau C, Sourzac M, Lanos C & Derenne S 11:15 Perylene Imparts an Estimate for the Age of Terrigenous Organic Matter in Sediments Hanke UM, Eglinton TI, Galy V & Reddy CM 152

213 10l 206 AM 10l: Session Honoring Prof. George R. Helz for His Contributions to Understanding the Geochemistry of Redox-Sensitive Trace Elements Session chaired by Trent Vorlicek, Jennifer Morford, Daniel Gregory, Alex Dickson, Omid H. Ardakani & Anthony Chappaz 10:30 Keynote: Studying Trace Element Speciation Allows to Better Understand Geochemical Controls on their Distributions and Isotopic Signatures in Sediments Takahashi Y 10:45 Invited: Diagenesis is not a Dirty Word Romaniello SJ, Chen X, Zhang F, Algeo TJ & Anbar AD 11:00 Invited: Metal Isotope Signatures in Mn-Rich Pelagic Sediments: Implications for Oceanic Budgets Little S, Chatterjee A, Ciscato E, McManus J & Vance D 11:15 Phosphorus +III and +V-Containing Oxyanions in Soil Interstitial Waters: Complex Formation, Adsorption, Nucleophilic Addition, and Oxidation Stone AT & Liao W Wed (Session 10l continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 176) 153

214 11f AM 306 Wed 11f: Hydrological and Biogeochemical Response to Global Change from the Local to Global Scale Session chaired by Johan Faust, Jochen Knies, Gordon Inglis, Jordon Hemingway, Eric Rosa & Florent Barbecot 08:30 Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Sedimentary Rock Weathering: New Insight from a Paired Catchment Approach Ogric M, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Turchyn A, Soulet G & Klotz S 08:45 Organic Matter Erosion after Large Earthquakes: Isotope Constraints on Provenance and Processes Wang J, Hilton RG, McClymont EL, Howarth JD, Gröcke DR, Fitzsimons SJ, Harvey EL & Densmore AL 09:00 Impact of Soil and Landslide Erosion Processes on Coupled Sulfide Oxidation and Carbonate Weathering Bufe A, Emberson R, Hovius N, Caves Rugenstein JK & Hassenruck-Gudipati HJ 09:15 Climate Controls on Weathering Fronts and Implications for Critical Zone Responses to Global Change Buss H, Hayes N, Moore O & Pancost R 09:30 Keynote: Fjords as Aquatic Critical Zones Bianchi T 09:45 Invited: Compositional and Geochemical Variations Across the Terrestrial-Marine Continuum of the Large Baker-Martínez Fjord System in Chilean Patagonia: Water Column Processes and Sedimentary Archive Pantoja S 10:00 New Zealand Fjord Records of Southern Hemisphere Westerly Wind Variability Moy C, Hinojosa J, Gilmer G, Browne I, Wilson G, Riesselman C, Stirling C, Gorman A, Lembo C & Eglinton T 10:15 Pervasive Carbon Export from the Indian Sub-Continent in Response to Holocene Climate Change Usman MO, Ponton C, Lupker M, Giosan L, Haghipour N & Eglinton T 10:30 Hydroclimate Forcing of the Terrestrial Organic Carbon Cycle during the Last Deglaciation Galy V, Hein C & Eglinton T 10:45 Invited: Plant Wax Evidence for Monsoon Precipitation and the Expansion of C4 Ecosystems in the Late Miocene Feakins S, Vidal E, Cho P, Wu MS, Ponton C & Galy V 11:00 Invited: Can Fossil Carbon Reworking Explain the Sustained High CO 2 Levels of the Paleocene- Eocene Thermal Maximum? Lyons S, Baczynski A, Babila T, Bralower T, Hajek E, Kump L, Polites E, Trampush S, Vornlocher J, Zachos J & Freeman K 11:15 Controls on Marine Organic Carbon Burial and its Impact on the Global Carbon Cycle during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Papadomanolaki NM, Egger M, Sluijs A & Slomp CP 154

215 13e 302 AM 13e: Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles: Analysis, Processes and Relevance in the Environment Session chaired by Armand Masion & Thilo Hofmann 08:30 Keynote: EH&S of Nano: Now What? Connecting Environmental Nano Research to Trace Element Biogeochemistry Hsu-Kim H 08:45 Invited: Nanoparticles in Sewage Sludge: Natural, Incidental or Engineered? Kaegi R, Voegelin A, Gogos A, Sinnet B, Vriens B, Winkel L, Hug S & Berg M 09:00 Quantity and Form of Natural and Engineered TiO 2 Present in Outdoor Concrete Weathering Experiments Challis K, Lankone R, Fairbrother H, Kennedy A & Ranville J 09:15 Evaluation of the Environmental Exposure to Nanoparticulate UV-Filters Used in Sunscreens Labille J, Slomberg D, Catalano R, Robert S, Boudenne J-L, Apers-Tremelo M-L, Masion A & De Garidel C 09:30 Release of Metal Nanoparticles from Paints during Contact with Water Rahim A & Ghoshal S 09:45 Invited: The Emerging Field of Nano-Environmental Science Hochella M & Yang Y 10:00 Correlation between Attachment Efficiency (a) and Soil Properties Studying Au and Ag2S Nanoparticles Norrfors K & Cornelis G 10:15 Incidental Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Characteristics and Stability during Remediation of a Mining- Impacted Stream Rand L & Ranville J 10:30 Plant Nanobiotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture Lowry G, Spielman-Sun E, Avellan A & Laughton S 10:45 Invited: Temporal Fate and (Bio)transformations of Cu- and Au- Based Nanomaterials Chronically Added in Freshwater Mesocosms Avellan A, Simonin M, Geitner N, Colman B, Cooper J, Bossa N, Spielman-Sun E, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry G 11:00 Investigating Mono- and Divalent Cation Induced Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous Environments via Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Chan M, Leng W & Vikesland P 11:15 Synergy of Multi-Element Single Particle ICP-Tofms and Field-Flow Fractionation for the Analysis of Complex Samples Borovinskaya O, Flamigni L, Baalousha M & Meier F Wed (Session 13e continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 202) 155

216 13j AM 304 Wed 13j: Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems Session chaired by Daniel Kaplan & Gareth Law 08:30 The Mechanism and Kinetics of Citrate Facilitated Dissolution of Uranyl-Phosphate Ferguson B, Murdoch L, Liu F, Rao A, Trumm M & Powell B 08:45 Spectroscopic Characterization of Aqua [fac-tc(co)3]+ Complexes at High Ionic Strength Levitskaia T, Chatterjee S, Hall G, Engelhard M, Du Y, Pearce C, Washton N, Lukens W & Lee S 09:00 Invited: Am(III)/Nd(III) Interactions With Borate: Experimental Investigations Of Nd(Oh)3(Micro Cr) Solubility In Mixtures Of Nacl And Mgcl 2 In Equilibrium With Borax Xiong Y 09:15 Historical Overview of the Leaching Performance of Cementitious Waste Forms Used in Performance and Risk Assessments at the Hanford Site Asmussen M, Westsik J, Saslow S, Serne J, Smith G & Bacon D 09:30 Radioiodine Speciation in Cementitious Environments Kaplan D, Xu C, Lin P, Li D, Schwehr K, Tanaka K, Ohnuki T & Santschi P 09:45 Alkaline-Activated Metakaolin Solidification of Iodine Sorbed by Layered Double Hydroxides Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Tanaka K, Tokunaga K, Utsunomiya S, Ikehara R, Komiya T, Takeda A, Kaplan D & Santschi P 10:00 Layered Bi-Based Materials for Remediation of Subsurface 129 I and 99 Tc Contaminants Levitskaia T, Leonard M, Chatterjee S, Kaspar T, Schwenzer B, Varga T & Fujimioto M 10:15 U(VI) Sorption by Ca-Bentonite at ph 8-13: Spectroscopic Investigation of Retention Mechanisms Philipp T, Schmeide K, Roßberg A & Stumpf T 10:30 Quantification of Uranium Redox Kinetics due to Interactions with Fe-Bearing Minerals Wen Y & Shuller-Nickles L 10:45 Atomic-Scale Distribution of Uranium during Iron Oxide Mineral Growth Soltis J, McBriarty M, Spurgeon S, De Yoreo J & Ilton E 11:00 Simulation of Uranium(VI) Speciation and Sorption in Montmorillonite Clay in the Presence of Calcite Impurities Pistorino J, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R 11:15 Radioiodine Speciation Impact on Ag-Activated Carbon Immobilization in Cementitious Environments Kaplan D, Price K, Seaman J, Li D, Lin P, Xu C, Schwehr K, Tanaka K, Ohnuki T & Santschi P (Session 13j continues on Wednesday 15th PM on page 179) 156

217 AM Wed 157

218 Oral Presentations Overview Wed PM c 06e / 06h 05m / 05k 06o 10l 09a / 09m 10d 07l 14:15 Scholz Peterman Bowell Johannesson Morgan Swift Findlay 14:30 Banerjee Crow Manning Wasylenki Amelin Adkins 14:45 Cartwright Kraemer Sassani Algeo Rutte Pellerin Ivany 15:00 Blum Wickham Krall Eroglu Turrin Sass Black 15:15 Weber Shea Takahashi Caporuscio King Agić Waldeck Kelly 15:30 Thirumalai Prissel He Behrends Vorlicek Brand Sutherland Fassbender 15:45 Anagnostou Shamloo van Hartesveldt Morford Wood Tang Moldowan Aller 16:00 Cheung First Thorogood Dahl Porter Gottschalk 16:15 DeLong Kuroda Iulianella Phillips Mühr -Ebert Hlohowskyj Zumberge van de Velde Stewart 16:30 Alfken Zhang Julien Harris Mukherjee Lenton Antler Pöppelmeier 16:45 Bhattacharya Liang Bake Finkeldei Gregory Lechte Tarhan Lund 17:00 Maloney Kropf Shaw Wang Swanner Laakso Butterfield Haynes 158

219 c 13j 11c 01h 03i / 03l 04g 03d 02g 14:15 Guo Wang Dauphas Vezinet Bachmann Iacovino Steefel Jacob 14:30 Chatterjee Bitterwolf Tian Reimink Huber Kelley 14:45 Druhan Sasaki Bohlin Jacobsen Bhattacharjee Morgado Straub Gress 15:00 Becker Kato Cano Maneiro Gallagher Johnson Kiseeva Torres 15:15 Hax Damiani Boglaienko Sossi Chakraborty Heinonen Boehm Pearson 15:30 Poonoosamy Bots Hatton Hopkins Zhou Ferguson Parendo Smith 15:45 Lippold Vozarova Dalai Saal Garçon Till Bezard Tschauner 16:00 Cheng Katsenovich Winnick Schönbächler Smit Kent Navon 16:15 Schmidt Kim Maffre Poitrasson Huang Seaman Proenza Weiss 16:30 Colombani Wang Gaillardet Tait Garber Ratschbacher Flemetakis Sverjensky 16:45 Kersten Saslow Miller Thiemens Staddon Di Stefano Sumino Martirosyan 17:00 Hellevang Nedyalkova Yang Fagan Pereira Troch Caracausi Kohn Oral Presentations Overview Wed PM 159

220 01h PM 309 Wed 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad Session chaired by Claire Nichols, James Bryson, Jonathan Tucker, Sami Mikhail, Miki Nakajima, Colin Jackson, Alison Hunt, Mario Fischer- Gödde, Stephen Mojzsis, Ramon Brasser, Mihkel Kama & Amy Bonsor 14:15 Keynote: The Origin of the Moon Seen Through an Isotopic Lense Dauphas N 14:30 Potassium Isotopic Composition of the Moon Tian Z, Chen H, Fegley, Jr B, Lodders K, Korotev R & Wang K 14:45 Testing Models of Lunar Origin Jacobsen S, Petaev M, Stewart S & Lock S 15:00 Differences in the Triple-Oxygen Isotope Composition of the Earth and Moon Cano E, Sharp Z & Shearer C 15:15 Cold Moon Formation Revealed by Chromium Isotopes Sossi P, Moynier F & van Zuilen K 15:30 Cosmogenic Controls on Vanadium Isotopes in Lunar Basalts Hopkins S, Prytulak J, Barling J, Russell S, Coles B & Halliday A 15:45 Lithium and Boron Concentrations and Isotopes of the Lunar Volcanic Glasses Saal A, Chaussidon M, Gurenko A & Rutherford M 16:00 Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation on the Moon: Evidence for Inter-Mineral Isotopic Fractionation Mandl M, Fehr M & Schönbächler M 16:15 On the Iron Isotope Heterogeneity of Lunar Highlands Poitrasson F, Zambardi T, Magna T & Neal CR 16:30 Unravelling Chronological Complexities in Lunar Materials with Baddeleyite (ZrO 2 ) Tait K, White L, Moser D & Darling J 16:45 Lu-Hf Dating of Lunar Gabbro NWA 6950 A Young Manifestation of KREEP Thiemens M, Sprung P & Münker C 17:00 Late-Stage Fluids in Gabbros from the Earth and Moon: Implications for the Preservation of KREEP Fagan TJ, Fujimoto A & Kosaka D (Session 01h continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 208) 160

221 02g 313 PM 02g: Carbon at Extremes Diamonds, their Inclusions and Host Rocks Session chaired by Alexandra Navrotsky, Reinhard Bohler, Andrew Thomson, Emilie Thomassot, Sami Mikhail & Oded Navon 14:15 Keynote: Polycrystalline Diamonds and their Mantle-Derived Mineral and Fluid Intergrowths Jacob D, Stern R, Stachel T & Piazolo S 14:45 Episodic Eclogitic Diamond Genesis at Jwaneng Diamond Mine, Botswana Gress M, Pearson G, Chinn I, Koornneef J, Pals A, van der Valk E & Davies G 15:00 Invited: Oxidation State of the Mantle Through Inclusions in Diamonds Kiseeva K & Wood B 15:15 Diamondiferous Proterozoic Mantle Roots beneath Arctic Canada Liu J, Brin L, Pearson G, Bretschneider L, Luguet A, van Acken D, Kjarsgaard B, Riches A & Mišković A 15:30 Invited: Boron-Bearing, Type IIb Diamonds from Superdeep Subduction Smith E, Shirey S, Richardson S, Nestola F, Bullock E, Wang J & Wang W 15:45 Ice-Vii Inclusions in Ultradeep Diamonds Tschauner O, Huang S, Wu Z, Greenberg E & Prakapenka V 16:00 Mantle Metasomatism and Diamond-Forming Fluids Navon O, Elazar O & Kessel R 16:15 Inclusions in Diamonds Constrain Thermo-Chemical Conditions of the Kaapvaal Cratonic Mantle Weiss Y, Navon O, Goldstein S & Harris J 16:30 Invited: Mixing of Saline and Carbonatitic Fluids To Form Peridotitic Panda Diamonds Sverjensky D & Huang F 16:45 Effect of Water on the MgCO 3 Fe Reaction and the Fate of Carbonates in the Reduced Mantle Martirosyan N, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Chanyshev A & Yoshino T 17:00 Modelling the Temperature History of Mantle Lithosphere Using FTIR Maps of Diamonds Kohn S, Speich L, Bulanova G, Smith C, Gress M & Davies G Wed 161

222 03d PM 312 Wed 03d: Multidisciplinary Insights into Subduction Zone Processes Session chaired by Joshua Garber, Paul Starr, Edward Inglis, Kevin Burton & Besim Dragovic 14:15 Keynote: Can Slab Fluids Oxidize the Sub-Arc Mantle? Iacovino K & Till C 14:30 Invited: Highly Oxidized, Near-Primary Arc Magmas Influenced by Slab Melting Kelley K, Cottrell E, Gentes Z & Arculus R 14:45 Testing the Slab Connection in Volcanic Arcs: A Global Perspective Straub SM 15:00 Variations in Mantle and Subduction Contributions to Mafic Magmas in the Southern Oregon Cascade Arc Johnson E, Cole M, Shaffer J & Ramos F 15:15 The Evolution of the Aegean Arc Re-assessed: New Radiogenic Isotope Data and 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Ages Boehm K, Kuiper K, Vroon P & Wijbrans J 15:30 K and Sr Isotope Variations in Boninite-Series Lavas from the Izu-Bonin Forearc Parendo C, Jacobsen S, Yamashita K & Okano O 15:45 Subduction Initiation in the Aleutian Arc System Bezard R, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Portnyagin M, Werner R, Yogodzinski G, Jicha B, Garbe-Schönberg D, Turner S & Schaefer B 16:15 Provenance of Zircons in Ophiolitic Chromitites from North America Proenza JA, González-Jiménez JM, García-Casco A, Colás V, Farré-de-Pablo J, Pujol-Solà N, Gervilla F, Camprubí A & Rojas-Agramonte Y 16:30 Chlorine Isotope Systematics in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Central American Volcanic Arc Flemetakis S, John T, Bouvier A-S, Portnyagin M, Mironov N & Klemme S 16:45 Halogens in Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle beneath Southern Patagonia Sumino H, Burgess R, Jalowitzki T, Kobayashi M & Conceicao R 17:00 Volatiles Degassing in Central Italy: From Subduction to Active Seismicity Caracausi A, Chiaraluce L, Camarda M, DeGregorio S, Favara R, Kagoshima T & Sano Y (Session 03d continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 180) 162

223 03i 310 PM 03i: Early Earth Processes Session chaired by Tim Johnson, Tracy Rushmer & Nicholas Arndt 14:15 Generation of Early Continental Crust: A Billion Year of TTG Evolution from the Eoarchean Saglek Block, Canada Vezinet A, Pearson DG, Thomassot E, Stern RA, Luo Y & Sarkar C 14:30 The Diverse Origins of Cratonic Nuclei-A Perspective from the Slave Craton Reimink J, Shirey S, Carlson R & Pearson DG 14:45 Crust-Mantle Interaction and Archaean Granitoid Heterogeneity from SW Bundelkhand Craton, India Bhattacharjee J & Ahmad T 15:00 Earth s Oldest Garnet: 3.20 Ga Garnet Ages Robustly Constrain the Timing of Early Metamorphism Maneiro K, Cutts K, Baxter E & Stevens G 15:15 Time Will Tell: Using Geospeedometry to Distinguish between Early Precambrian and Later Tectonic Styles Chakraborty S, Chowdhury P & Gerya T 15:30 Early Crustal Evolution of the Yangtze Block: Original Zircon U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopic Composition Evidence of the Paleoproterozoic Granites from the Northern Kongling Terrain, South China Zhou W, Li H, Wei Y, Wang B, Huang X & Chang F Wed Session 03l follows this session in this room. For details see page

224 03l PM 310 Wed 03l: Building an Integrated Theory of Earth Evolution from Observations of Earth s Thermochemical, Tectonic, Crustal and Biogeochemical Evolution Session chaired by Nicolas Greber, Joshua Davies, Jesse Reimink, A. D. Anbar, Christy Till, Ann Bauer & Devon Cole 15:45 Invited: A New Look at the Nd Isotopic Record of Sedimentary Rocks Through Earth s History Garçon M 16:00 Primitive Continents Suppressed Earth s O 2 Cycle during the Archean Smit M & Mezger K 16:15 The Vanadium Isotope Evidence for Emergence of Felsic Crust after 3 Ga Huang F, Tian S, Rudnick R, Qi Y, Wu F, Cai Y & Gaschnig R 16:30 Fine-Grained Sediments Record Evolving Igneous Systematics, not the Rise of Felsic Crust Garber J 16:45 Detrital Chromite from Jack Hills: Clarifying the Zircon Record Staddon L, Parkinson I, Horstwood M & Elliott T 17:00 Detrital Rutile: U-Pb, Mineral Chemistry and Inclusions as Archives of Precambrian History Pereira I, Storey C & Darling J (Session 03l continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 210) 164

225 04g 311 PM 04g: Magma Dynamics and Timescales in Volcanic Environments Session chaired by Silvio Mollo, Matteo Masotta, Keith Putirka, Olivier Bachmann, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Christoph Beier, Michael Bizimis & Rebecca Lange 14:15 The Inner Workings of Crustal Distillation Columns; The Physical Mechanisms and Rates Controlling Phase Separation in Magmatic Systems Bachmann O & Huber C 14:30 The Development of a Three-Phase Compaction Model to Study Phase Separation in Silicic Magma Reservoirs Huber C, Bachmann O & Parmigiani A 14:45 Very Short Timescales from Heating to Eruption: Using Diffusion Chronometry to Understand Rapid-Onset Eruptive Events Morgado E, Morgan D, Harvey J, Parada MÁ, Castruccio A, Ebmeier SK, Raimundo B, Richard W & Bogomil G 15:00 The Timing and Mechanisms of S Release during the Holuhraun and CE Laki Flood Basalt Eruptions, Iceland. A Chalcophile Isotope Perspective Gallagher C, Burton K, Savage P, Nowell G, Thordarson T & Houghton B 15:15 The Differentiation of a Flood Basalt Sequence Modeled Using the Magma Chamber Simulator Heinonen JS, Luttinen AV, Bohrson WA & Spera FJ 15:30 Time-Series for Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmas from Sediment Hosted Volcanic Glasses Ferguson D, Langmuir C, Li Y, Costa K, Huybers P, McManus J, Carbotte S & Muller J 15:45 Keynote: Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale Till CB, Kent AJR, Abers GA, Janiszewski HA, Gaherty JB & Pitcher BW 16:00 Understanding the Long-Term Thermal Conditions of Magma Storage in the Crust: Are We There Yet? Kent A, Bradshaw R, Lubbers J, Cooper K & de Silva S 16:15 The Origin of Andesites by Hybridization in Thin and Thick Crustal Settings Seaman S & Burrill C 16:30 Magma Addition Rates in Continental Arcs: A New Protocol of Calculation and Global Implications Ratschbacher B, Paterson S & Fischer TP 16:45 Olivine Compositional Changes in Primitive Skarn Environments: A Reassessment of Divalent Cation Partitioning Models to Quantify the Effect of Carbonate Assimilation Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Scarlato P, Nazzari M, Bachmann O & Caruso M 17:00 The Dark Side of Zircon: Textural and Chemical Evidence for Volatile Saturation in Subvolcanic Yellowstone Magma Reservoir Troch J, Ellis B, Schmitt A, Bouvier A-S & Bachmann O Wed (Session 04g continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 183) 165

226 05k PM 203 Wed 05k: Non-Traditional Analytical Approaches for the Geochemical Characterization of Energy and Mineral Resources Session chaired by Aaron Jubb, Ryan McAleer & Palma Botterell-Jarboe 15:45 Keynote: Advanced Geochemical Technologies (AGTs): A Revolution in Organic Geochemistry Moldowan M & Dahl J 16:15 Microbiology in Mineral Exploration Iulianella Phillips B, Simister R, Winterburn P & Crowe S 16:30 Determination of Intramolecular 13 C Isotopic Composition of i- and N-Butane from Natural Gas Samples Julien M, Goldman M, Yoshida N & Gilbert A 16:45 Critical-Point Drying for Kerogen Microstructural Preservation Bake K, Craddock P, Sun T, Guanawan B, Darnell L, Bissada K & Pomerantz A 17:00 Mineralogical Reaction Modelling of Partial Extractions in Mineral Exploration Samples Shaw R & Winterburn P (Session 05k continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 187) 166

227 05m 203 PM 05m: Geochemical Vectors to Ore: How to Link Fundamental Understanding of Ore-Forming Processes to Mineral Exploration Session chaired by Alexander Gysi, Zoltán Zajacz & Nicole Hurtig 14:15 Invited: Supergene Enrichment at Tsumeb, Namibia: Implications for Metal Mobility and Exploration Potential Bowell R, Mocke H & Declercq J 14:30 Using High-Resolution Streambank Groundwater Discharge Sampling to Locate Concealed Mineral Deposits Manning A, Wanty R, Morrison J & Mills C 14:45 Trace Elements Incl. REY and Isotopes in Formation Waters: Geochemical Tools for the Exploration of Deeply-Buried Hydrothermal Mineralization Kraemer D, Sośnicka M, Lüders V & Bau M 15:00 Till Geochemistry and Lithogeochemical Exploration for a Concealed Kimberlite Wickham A, Winterburn P & Elliott B 15:15 REE Abundances and Ion-Exchangeable REE Fraction are High for Intermediately Weathered Granite by Formation of Outer-Sphere Complex Takahashi Y & Yamaguchi A 15:30 The Ore-Forming Mechanism of the No. 6 Lithium-Enriched Coal Seam from the Ganbanwusu Mine, Inner Mongolia, China: DFT Calculations and ICP-MS Determinations of Li Isotopes He H-T, Wang J-X, Xing L-C, Zhao S-S & Sun Y-Z Wed Session 05k follows this session in this room. For details see page

228 06e PM 202 Wed 06e: Nanogeochemistry: Nano to Microscale Insights into Mineral and Biomineral Processes Session chaired by Alberto Perez-Huerta, Lee White, Rinat Gabitov, Aleksey Sadekov & Des Moser 14:15 Atomic Scale Resolution of Trace Element Variation in Zircon Reveals Multiple Metamorphic Processes Peterman E, Reddy S, Saxey D, Snoeyenbos D, Fougerouse D & Rickard W 14:30 TEM Analyses of Novel Lunar Zircon Shock Microstructures Crow C, Han J, Keller L & Moser D 14:45 Micro- and Nano-Scale Petrological and Compositional Analysis of Chondrule and CAI Rims Cartwright JA, Perez-Huerta A, Leitner J & Vollmer C 15:00 Trace Element Clustering in Jack Hills Zircons: New Results and Future Directions Blum T, Peng Z, Stephenson L, Schweinar K, Chanmuang Nasdala C, Cavosie A, Gault B & Valley J Session 06h follows this session in this room. For details see page

229 06h 202 PM 06h: Diffusion, Growth, and Reaction in High Temperature Environments: Small Scale Processes with Large Scale Implications Session chaired by Mona Sirbescu, Don Baker, Sarah B. Cichy, Chloe Bonamici, Elias Bloch, Christy Till, Katharina Marquardt & Michael Jollands 15:15 Invited: Strain-Testing Diffusion Modeling in the Lab: Zeroing in on the Reactive Crystal-Melt Interface Shea T, Hope I & John B 15:30 Experimental Determination of Cation Diffusivities in Ilmenite Prissel KB, Krawczynski MJ & Van Orman JA 15:45 Mg Diffusion in Alkali Feldspar; Applications for Diffusion Chronometry in Magmatic Systems Shamloo H & Till C 16:00 Mg Diffusion in Labradorite at Hydrous Magmatic Conditions First E, Hammer J, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Tachera D 16:15 Fast Diffusion of Water in Silica Glass Kuroda M, Tachibana S, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H 16:30 Diffusive Mineral Dissolution or Growth When Diffusivity in the Melt Depends on Concentration Zhang Y 16:45 A Simple Model for REE Diffusion in Silicate Minerals and Melts Liang Y & Cherniak D 17:00 The Fast Grain Boundary Diffusion Model: An Updated Tool for Recovering Thermal Histories from Zoned Minerals Kropf G, Bonamici C & Borchers B Wed (Session 06h continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 189) 169

230 06o PM 204 Wed 06o: Mineralogical and (Geo-)chemical Processes Relevant to a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Mining and Advanced Fuel Materials to Waste Disposal, Hyperalkaline Zeolite Chemistry and Alkali Activated Cement Session chaired by Eric Breynaert, Özlem Cizer, Florie Caporuscio, David Sassani, Sarah Finkeldei, Andy Nelson, Gordon Thorogood & Hisayuki Suematsu 14:15 Keynote: Observations on the United States Research and Development Program for Deep Geologic Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste Swift P 14:45 A Stochastic Model of Degradation Behavior of Tristructural-Isotropic Coated Particle Spent Fuels Sassani D & Gelbard F 15:00 Advanced Reactor Wastes: Forms and Distributions Krall L & Macfarlane A 15:15 Fe-Saponite as Alteration Growth on Low-Carbon and Stainless Steel in Hydrothermal- Bentonite Experiments Caporuscio F, Cheshire M, Jove Colon C & Norskog K 15:30 Effect of Oxidizing or Reducing Boom Clay on its Interactions with Uranium Hoving A, van Erk M, Maes N, Bruggeman C & Behrends T 15:45 Stability of U(IV) Sulfate Complexes at Elevated Temperatures van Hartesveldt N, Migdisov A, Xu H, Roback R & Gabitov R 16:00 Thermal Behaviour of Tc and Re Salts Thorogood G, Poineau F, Reynolds E, Yu M, Injac S & Kennedy B 16:15 Speciation of Uranium: Validation of a Thermodynamic Database by Modelling Techniques and Comparative Experiments Mühr-Ebert E, Schulte V, Wagner F & Walther C 16:30 Use of Sodium Dithionite for Groundwater Restoration Following Uranium in situ Recovery at the Smith Ranch Highland Site in Wyoming Harris R, Reimus P & Clay J 16:45 Fabrication and Properties of Advanced Urania Fuel Finkeldei S, Kiggans J, Hunt R & Terrani K 17:00 Dynamics of Oxygen Defect Cluster and Spatial and Temporal Correlation with 5f Electron in Uraninite (UO 2 +x) Wang J (Session 06o continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 190) 170

231 07l 210 PM 07l: Carbon Storage in the Ocean now and over Time Session chaired by Laura Robinson, Gideon Henderson, Christopher Hayes, Barbel Honisch & Joe Stewart 14:15 Medal: The Dissolution Rate of Calcium Carbonate in Seawater Adkins J 15:00 Thorium Isotopes as Tracers of the Biological Carbon Pump in the Arctic Black E, Charette M, Lam P, Anderson R, Kipp L, Xiang Y, Vivancos S & Buesseler K 15:15 A Story of Decoupling: A Synthesis of Export Processes in the California Current Ecosystem Kelly T, Kahru M, Kranz S, Georicke R & Stukel M 15:30 Invited: A Modified Marine Carbon Cycle Under RCP8.5: Implications for Ocean Carbon Storage Fassbender A, Rodgers K & Schlunegger S 15:45 CO 2 Mineralization from Fe-Ti-V Ore Tailings in Pan-Xi Region, China Tang L, Shi Z & Peng X 16:00 Ventilation of the Deep South Indian Ocean and Atmospheric CO 2 Increase during the Last Deglaciation Gottschalk J, Michel E, Studer AS, Thöle LM, Hasenfratz AP, Mazaud A, Szidat S, Martinez- Garcia A & Jaccard SL 16:15 Deep-Sea Coral Records of Deep Ocean Carbon Storage and Release during the Last Deglaciation Stewart J, Rae J, Burke A, Li T & Robinson L 16:30 Changes of Deep Water Mass Provenance during the Last 30, 000 Years: A Comparison between the Eastern and Western Atlantic Basins Pöppelmeier F, Blaser P, Gutjahr M, Süfke F, Grützner J, Frank N & Lippold J 16:45 Assessing the Biogeochemical Impact of AMOC Collapse: New South Atlantic Records Spanning MIS 2-6 Lund D, Lacerra M & Schmittner A 17:00 The Deep Ocean Carbon System Across the Mid-Pleistocene Haynes L, Hönisch B, Farmer J, Clementi V, Ford H, Raymo M, Goldstein S, Pena L, Yehudai M, Bickert T & Lea D Wed 171

232 08c PM 200 Wed 08c: Applications of High Resolution Geochemical Proxies: Seasonality and Past Climate Variability Session chaired by Yogaraj Banerjee, Sierra Petersen, Hussein Sayani, Alyssa Atwood, Prosenjit Ghosh & Chris Maupin 14:15 Isotope Schlerochronology and Tropical Seasonality during the Mid Miocene Climatic Optimum Scholz SR, Petersen SV, Escobar J, Jaramillo C, Hendy A, Allmon WD, Moreno F, Curtis JH, Anderson BM, Hoyos N, Restrepo JC & Perez N 14:30 Seasonality Based on Stable Isotopes and Clumped Isotope Records in the Growth Bands of Early Miocene Gastropod (Turitella Sp.) from the Kachchh Basin of Western India Banerjee Y, Ghosh P & Halder K 14:45 Keynote: Winter Temperatures Drive Climate Change in the Paleogene Subtropics Ivany L, Sessa J, Judd E, Grossman E, Affek H & Douglas P 15:15 High-Resolution Sr Isotope Data of Speleothems by LA-MC-ICP-MS Weber M, Scholz D, Wassenburg J, Jochum KP, Deininger M, Waltgenbach S, Breitenbach SFM, Hoffmann DL, Richter D & Plessen B 15:30 Invited: Picking Extremes: Single-Forams and Models Uncover El-Niño-Like Variability in the Glacial Indian Ocean Thirumalai K, DiNezio P, Tierney J, Puy M & Mohtadi M 15:45 Northern North Atlantic Temperature and ph Reconstructions Through the Common Era, Using the Coralline Algae Clathromorphum compactum Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Adey W, Foster G & Ries J 16:00 Multi-Proxy Reconstructions of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific: Measuring Sr/Ca, Ba/Ca, and Li/ Mg in Modern Corals Using ICP-OES Cheung A, Cole J, Vetter L, Jimenez G, Thompson D & Tudhope S 16:15 Corals are not Thermometers How to Extract a Geochemical Time Series from a Complex Skeleton DeLong K, Ouellette G & Vara M 16:30 µm-scale Molecular Stratigraphy in Santa Barbara Basin Sediment Alfken S, Wörmer L, Lipp JS, Schimmelmann A & Hinrichs K-U 16:45 Invited: Atmospheric Drivers of Glacial Changes in Southwestern Rainfall Seasonality Bhattacharya T 17:00 Precipitation Changes in the South Pacific Convergence Zone during the Last 2,000 Years Using Dinosterol Hydrogen Isotopes from Freshwater Lake Sediments Maloney A, Nelson D, Richey J, Prebble M, Hassall J, Sear D, Langdon P & Sachs J (Session 08c continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 196) 172

233 09a 207 PM 09a: Research Frontiers in Radioisotope Geochronology and Thermochronology Session chaired by Jahandar Ramezani & David McGee 14:15 Pushing the Limits of 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Precision: Constraining the Eruptive History of the La Garita Caldera Morgan L, Cosca M, Gilmer A, Johnstone S & Thompson R 14:30 Isotopic Composition of Potassium Amelin Y & Merle R 14:45 Using Deuteron-Deuteron Fusion Generated Neutrons for 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Geochronology Proof of Concept Rutte D, Becker TA, Bernstein L, Morrell J, Renne PR, Unzuetta MA & van Bibber K 15:00 Mass-Dependent Isotopic Fractionation of Argon in Natural Systems: Implications to 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Dating Turrin B, Champion D & Swisher C Wed Session 09m follows this session in this room. For details see page

234 09m PM 207 Wed 09m: Biotic and Geochemical Co-evolution from the Neoproterozoic Through the Paleozoic Session chaired by Feifei Zhang, Shuhai Xiao, Jun Shen & Xiangli Wang 15:15 Eukaryotic Paleoecology at the End of the Boring Billion: Insights from Bylot Supergroup, Arctic Canada Agić H, Porter S, Hodgskiss M, Wörndle S, Gibson T, Crockford P & Halverson G 15:30 Rapid Microbial-Methane Deglaciation of the Marinoan Snowball Earth Brand U, Blamey N, Shaver K, Guo W, Jiang G, Parnell J & Buhl D 15:45 Keynote: Dynamic Redox and Metazoan Innovation in the Ediacaran Wood R & Erwin D 16:00 Oxygen and Early Eukaryote Ecosystems Porter S, Riedman LA, Agić H, Woltz C & Dehler C 16:15 New Biomarker Occurrences Provide Evidence for Neoproterozoic Animals Zumberge A, Cardenas P, Sperling E & Love G 16:30 Invited: How Marine Eukaryote Evolution Could Have Caused Neoproterozoic-Paleozoic Oceanic Oxygenation Events Lenton T & Daines S 16:45 Glacial Oxygen Delivery in the Neoproterozoic: Fe Isotope Evidence Lechte M, Wallace M, Hood A, Planavsky N, Li W, Jiang G, McColl S & Asael D 17:00 Environmental Influences on Neoproterozoic Carbon Isotope Excursions Laakso T & Schrag D (Session 09m continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 219) 174

235 10d 208 PM 10d: What the Flux?: Advances in Understanding the Role of Microbes and Animals in Governing Biogeochemical Flux at Local and Global Scales Session chaired by Jacob Waldbauer, Andrew Steen, Eric Roden, Eric Boyd, Nick Butterfield, Gilad Antler, Aubrey Zerkle, Peter Girgius & Robinson Fulweiler 14:15 Keynote: Sulphide Oxidation and Intermediate Turnover in the Environment: Moving Towards a More Complete Description of the Environmental Sulphur Cycle Findlay A 14:45 Invited: The Sulfur Cycle Below the Sulfate-Methane Transition of Marine Sediments Pellerin A, Antler G, Røy H, Findlay A, Beulig F, Turchyn A & Jørgensen BB 15:00 Iron, Sulfide and Hydrogen Cycling in Kermadec Arc Hydrothermal Fluids: Microbial Turnover Rates Coupled to Transcriptomics Give Insight into Biogeochemical Processes Sass K, Böhnke-Brandt S & Perner M 15:15 Deciphering the Atmospheric Signal in Marine Sulfate Oxygen Isotope Composition Waldeck AR, Cowie BR, Bertran E, Halevy I, Wing BA & Johnston DT 15:30 Reactive Oxygen Species and the Marine Oxygen Budget Sutherland K, Wankel S & Hansel C 15:45 Keynote: The Effects of Transport Scaling and Reaction Dynamics in the Bioturbated Zone as Exemplified by Sedimentary S, Fe, and C Cycling Aller R 16:15 Invited: The Impact of Bioturbation on the Coupled Cycling of Carbon, Iron and Sulphur in Marine Sediments van de Velde S, Antler G & Meysman F 16:30 Bioturbation Increases the Preserved Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of Pyrite Antler G, Turchyn AV, Pellerin A & Butterfield NJ 16:45 Invited: The Impact of Early Paleozoic Bioturbation Upon Phosphorus Cycling Tarhan L, Zhao M & Planavsky N 17:00 Mixing the Media: Soft-Sediment Versus Aquatic Bioturbation Butterfield N Wed (Session 10d continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 198) 175

236 10l PM 206 Wed 10l: Session Honoring Prof. George R. Helz for His Contributions to Understanding the Geochemistry of Redox-Sensitive Trace Elements Session chaired by Trent Vorlicek, Jennifer Morford, Daniel Gregory, Alex Dickson, Omid H. Ardakani & Anthony Chappaz 14:15 Keynote: Tungsten in Sulfidic Waters: Implications for Paleoceanography and the Origins of Life Johannesson K, Cui M & Helz G 14:30 Invited: Tungsten Isotopes as a Probe of Reactions Governing Tungsten s Removal from Solution to Sediment Wasylenki L, Schaefer A & Schauble E 14:45 Identification of Paleoredox Thresholds Based on Differential Responses of Elemental Proxies Algeo T 15:00 Mo Redox Proxy Reflects Different Depositional Conditions in Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones Eroglu S, Scholz F, Siebert C, Salvatteci R, Schneider R & Frank M 15:15 Invited: Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in a Seasonally Anoxic Fjord King E, Amini M, Weis D, Francois R & Crowe S 15:30 Molybdenum Burial Mechanism: Iron-Sulfide Pathway Vorlicek T, Helz G, Chappaz A, Vue P & Vezina A 15:45 The Synthesis of Iron-Sulfide Phases and the Incorporation of Mo Ni Z, Meyers K, Miller N, Plass K & Morford J 16:00 Invited: Molybdenum Burial with Organic Matter in Sulfidic Settings Dahl T 16:15 Molybdenum Molecular Geochemistry in Distinct Solid Phases Reveal Strong Heterogeneity in Black Shales Hlohowskyj S, Ardakani O, Sanei H, Wood J & Chappaz A 16:30 How Robust is Sedimentary Pyrite Trace Element Geochemistry as a Geochemical Proxy? Mukherjee I, Large R, Corkrey R, Willink R & Stepanov A 16:45 Nano-Inclusions Verses Lattice-Bound Trace Elements in Pyrite: Implications on Formation History and Paleo-Ocean Chemistry Gregory D, Perea D, Cliff J, Kovarik L, Chappaz A & Lyons T 17:00 Fate of Cobalt and Nickel during Diagenetic Pyrite Formation Swanner E, Webb S & Kappler A (Session 10l continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 199) 176

237 11c 306 PM 11c: Tracing Weathering Processes in a Dynamic Climate: Applications of Isotope Proxies Session chaired by Sarah Aarons, Carli Arendt, Emily Stevenson, Ramananda Chakrabarti & Sambuddha Misra 14:15 Potassium Isotopes in Major World Rivers: Implications for Weathering and the Seawater Budget Lee H, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Chen H, Hasenmueller E & Wang K 14:30 Silicate vs Carbonate Weathering: Isotopic Co-variability in the Fraser River, Canada Bitterwolf K, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Eisenhauer A, Santiago-Ramos D, Higgins J & Paytan A 14:45 Invited: Silicate Weathering in Kinetically Limited Weathering Environments: Constraints from Li Isotopes in Himalayan Rivers Bohlin M & Bickle M 15:00 Keynote: Using Isotopic Tracers to Decode Concentration-Discharge Relationships Torres M, Baronas JJ, West AJ & Georg RB 15:30 An Interrogation into Subglacial Processes to Investigate the Variation of Silicon Isotope Composition of Glacial Meltwaters Hatton J, Hendry K, Hawkings J, Wadham J, Kohler T & Stibal M 15:45 Global Impact of Solute-Particle Interaction on the Estuarine Production of Heavy Metals Dalai TK & Samanta S 16:00 The Lithium Isotope Croissant from a Reactive Transport Perspective Winnick M & Maher K 16:15 Floodplain Versus Mountains in the Li Continental Cycle: A Model View Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Vigier N & Carretier S 16:30 Invited: Recycling as a Controlling Factor of the CO 2 -Climate-Weathering Feedback Gaillardet J & Bouchez J 16:45 Sr and U Isotopes Reveal the Influence of Lithologic Structure and Weathering on Surface- Groundwater Interaction along a Mountain Stream (Hyalite Canyon, MT) Miller F, Ewing S, Payn R, Paces J, Leuthold S, Michalek T & Custer S 17:00 Geochemical Constraints on Two Contrasting Fluvial Sediment Routing Systems in the East Asian Continental Margin Yang S, Deng K, Li C, Bi L, Su N & Guo Y Wed (Session 11c continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 200) 177

238 13c PM 302 Wed 13c: Reactive Transport Concepts: Challenges and Insights from Experimental and Modeling Approaches Session chaired by Cornelius Fischer, Helge Hellevang & Roland Hellmann 14:15 Keynote: Interpreting Laboratory and Field Geochemical Systems with Reactive Transport Modeling Steefel C 14:45 Differential Movement of Solid Phases: A Case Study of Soil Organic Carbon Storage Druhan J & Lawrence C 15:00 Kinetics of Discrete Aqueous Redox Reaction Sub-Steps Using Computational Methods: Application to Reactions of Plutonyl (PuO 2 +/2+) with Fe 2+, Fe 3+, and ( OH) Becker U & Bender W 15:15 HT Hydrogen Transfer Modeling with the Nernst-Planck Solver (NPS) Hax Damiani L, Vinsot A, Kosakowski G & Churakov S 15:30 Precipitation Processes in Porous Media and Consequences on Permeability Poonoosamy J, Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bosbach D & Kosakowski G 15:45 Reactive Transport Modeling Using Heterogeneous Flow Field Data Based on Positron Emission Tomography Lippold H, Kulenkampff J, Karimzadeh L, Stuhlfauth C, Lippmann-Pipke J & Fischer C 16:00 Sulfidogenesis and Perchlorate Control: Novel Mesoscale Tank Experiment and Reactive Transport Modeling Cheng Y, Wu Y, Wen H, Hubbard C, Tom L, Piceno Y, Engelbrektson A, Bill M, Anderson G, Coates J, Conrad M & Ajo-Franklin J 16:15 Spatially-Resolved Characterization of Eu(III) Interaction with Granitic Rock (Eibenstock, Germany) Schmidt M & Molodtsov K 16:30 Variability in the Dissolution Rate of Calcite: The Role and Chemistry and Hydrodynamics Colombani J 16:45 Pore-Scale Simulation of Calcite Cement Dissolution in Sandstone Hinz C, Enzmann F & Kersten M 17:00 CO 2 -H 2 O-Basalt Interactions Reactive Transport Experiments and Simulations Hellevang H, Nooraiepour M & Fazeli H (Session 13c continues on Wednesday 15th Posters on page 202) 178

239 13j 304 PM 13j: Processes Controlling the Mobility of Contaminant Radionuclides in Natural and Engineered Systems Session chaired by Daniel Kaplan & Urs Mäder 14:15 Immobilization of Iodine Species in Ettringite and the Inorganic Anions Selective Mechanism Guo B & Sasaki K 14:30 Understanding the Chemistry of Low-Valent Technetium Species Relevant to their Separation from Hanford Tank Waste Chatterjee S, Levitskaia T, Hall G, Du Y, Engelhard M, Washton N, Walter E, Varga T & Lee S 14:45 Reduction of Selenate in Ettringite by Calcination Sasaki K & Guo B - 15:00 Removal of TcO 4 Using Zero-Valent Manganese Kato T, Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Tanaka K, Grambow B & Utsunomiya S 15:15 Governing Factors of 99 Tc Reductive Removal by Zero Valent Iron Materials of a Wide Particle Size Range Boglaienko D, Emerson H, Katsenovich Y & Levitskaia T 15:30 The Effects of Colloidal Silica-Based Grouts on Sr and Cs Geochemistry Bots P, Lunn R, El Mountassir G, Schellenger A, Pedrotti M, Payne T, Comarmond J & Renshaw J 15:45 Sorption of Eu(III) and Am(III) on Magnetite in NaCl Brine Vozarova N, Finck N, Schild D, Dardenne K, Montoya V & Geckeis H 16:00 Uranium Sequestration with ph Manipulation by Ammonia Gas Katsenovich Y, Emerson H, Cardona C, Dipietro S & Szecsody J 16:15 Removal of Cs from Weathered Biotite by Hydrogen Peroxide with Divalent Cations Kim I, Park CW, Yoon I-H, Yang H-M & Lee K-W 99 16:30 Tc Immobilization by Redox/Coprecipitation with Nickel-Doped Iron Spinel from Off-Gas Waste Stream at Hanford Site Wang G, Kim D-S, Um W & Kruger A 16:45 Understanding Tc-99 Immobilization Pathways by Ettringite Formation in Cementitious Waste Forms Saslow S, Asmussen RM, Corkhill C, Smith G & Peterson R 17:00 Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur, Selenium and Iodine Binding in AFm Phases Nedyalkova L, Lothenbach B, Tits J, Wieland E & Mäder U Wed 179

240 Posters Wed 03b: Igneous Processes throughout the Arc Crustal Column and Oceanic Mantle 1 Tracking the Physical, Chemical, and Thermal Signals of Arc Flare-Ups, Migration, and Magmatic Focusing in the Central Sierra Nevada, USA Ardill K, Paterson S & Memeti V 2 Basic-Ultrapotassic Post-Collisional Magmatism with Arc Signature in the Sergipano Orogenic System, Brazil Conceição H, Fontes MP, Lisboa VAC & Rosa MLS 3 Construction of an Orogenic Composite Batholith: The Santana do Mundaú Batholith, Northeastern Brazil Ferreira V, Tchouankoue JP, Sial A, Lima M, Silva T & Pimentel M 4 Melting History of Northern Mariana Residual Trench Peridotite: A Re-Os-PGE Study Ghosh T, Snow JE & Brandon AD 5 Mobility of Chromium in Aqueous Fluids as a Function of Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Composition Huang J, Hao J, Huang F & Sverjensky D 6 Continental Arc Potassium Magmatisms in the South of Borborema Province, NE Brazil Rosa MLS, Conceição H, Conceição JA & Pereira FS 7 Geology and Geochemistry of the Sonakhan Greenstone Belt, Bastar Craton, Central India Sahoo S & Asthana D 8 In situ Isobaric Interference Removal for Geochronology Applications with LA-ICP-MS Using Triple Quadrupole Technology Seeley C & Asogan D 9 Weird Magmas All over the Place: Young Boninite-Dacite-Basalt Occurrences in the NE Lau Basin Rubin K, Embley R, Hellebrand E & Chadwick W 10 Melting of Felsic Crust at Mantle Depth: Implications for Orogenic Ultrapotassic Magmatism Soder C, Burchard M, Ludwig T & Grimm J 11 Reconstructing Subduction Zone Fluid Compositions from Minerals Using an Element Partitioning Approach van Hinsberg V 12 Paleo-Asian Oceanic Slab Under the North China Craton Revealed by High Pressure Minerals in Alkaline Rocks from Subducted Crust Yu K & Liu Y 13 The Origin of Early Neoproterozoic Volcanic Rocks and Plagiogranites in the Northern Margin of the South China Block: Constraints on the Position of South China in Supercontinent Rodinia Wu P, Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F (Session 03b continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 209) d: Multidisciplinary Insights into Subduction Zone Processes 14 Geochemistry of Devonian-Carboniferous Volcanogenic Rocks in the Mandakh Terrain, South Mongolia Anaad C, Bayaraa B, Baatar M, Bayarbold M & Batsaikhan U

241 Posters 15 Geochronology and Geochemistry of Early Mesozoic Magmatism in Eastern NE China: Implications for the Initiation of Subduction of the Paleo-Pacific Plate beneath Eurasia Wang F & Xu W-L 16 Chemical Changes in Basalts from IODP Site U1438: Subduction Effects or Alteration? Hickey-Vargas R 17 A Record of Burial and Rapid Exhumation in an Eclogite-Facies Black Smoker from the W. Alps Paleo-Subduction Zone Dragovic B & Angiboust S 18 Bulk F, Cl, Br, I Abundances and Cl Isotope Compositions in Mafic Eclogites: Implications for Halogen Cycling during Subduction Beaudoin G, John T & Barnes J 19 Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Modot Granitic Pluton, Central Mongolia Naidansuren T, Dorjgochoo S, Bayaraa G, Otgon O, Dashdorjgochoo O & Sukhbat B 20 Exhumation of Crustal Slivers in a Subduction Mélange in the Eastern Betic Cordillera, SE Spain van Schrojenstein Lantman H, Kriegsman L & van Roermund H 21 Hf Isotopic Mapping of Paleozoic Granitoids in the Yili Block, NW China: Implications for Continental Growth in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt Huang H, Wang T & Qin Q 22 Late Permian Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Qiangtang, Central Tibet: Evidence for the Interaction between Emeishan Plume and Paleo-Tethyan Subduction System Wang J, Wang Q, Zhang C, Dan W, Qi Y, Zhang X-Z & Xia X-P 23 The Origins of Garnets in Anatectic Rocks fromtethyan Himalaya: Constraints from Major-Trace Element Zonations and Phase Equilibrium Calculations Xia Q-X, Gao P & Zheng Y-F 25 New Geochronologic Constraints on the Initiation of Cadomian Subduction in the Bohemian Massif Svojtka M, Žák J & Hajna J 26 Barium Isotope Compositions of Lesser Antilles Forearc Sediments from DSDP Sites 543 and 144 Nan X, Yu H, Huang F, Zhu H & Zhang Z 27 Recycling of Subducted Carbonates: Formation of the Taohuala Mountain Carbonatite, North China Craton Xue S, Ling M-X, Liu Y-L & Sun W 28 Geochemistry and Geochronology of Igneous Rocks in the Erdenet Cu-Mo Porphyry Deposit Area, North Mongolia Ochir G, Baatar M, Bayaraa B, Batsaikhan U, Ganbat A & Anaad C 29 Petro-Geochemical Characteristics of Melnichnaya Suite Rocks (Zmeinogorsky Ore Area, Rudny Altai) Bestemianova K & Grinev O 30 Petrological and Zircon Evidence for the Early Cretaceous Granulite-Facies Metamorphism in the Dabie Orogen, China Gao X-Y, Zheng YF & Zhang QQ 31 Petrogenesis of the Eocene High Silica Adakites from Southwest of Jandaq (Central Iran); Implications for Melting of Oceanic Crust Jamshidzaei A, Torabi G & Morishita T Wed 181

242 Posters Wed 32 In situ Lithium Isotope Geochemistry for a Veined Jadeitite from the New Idria Serpentinite Body, California: New Insights for Slab-Derived Fluid Takahashi N, Tsujimori T, Chang Q & Kimura J-I 33 Garnet Records of Pressure and Fluid Pulses during Subduction Viete D, Allen M, Tobin M, Ávila J & Seward G 34 Geochemistry of Diverse Lavas from the Lau Basin:Implications for the Complex Back-Arc Mantle Dynamics Zhang H-T, Yan Q-S & Shi X-F 35 Linking Boron to Sources in Aleutian Volcanic Rocks Jensen O, Yogodzinski G, Bizimis M & Ryan J 36 Episodic Exhumation of SW-Tianshan HP/UHP Rocks Inferred from P-T-Time, Deformation and Kinematic Constraints: Implications for Late Carboniferous Cold Deep Subduction Dynamics Tan Z, Agard P & Gao J 37 The Early Cretaceous Transcrustal Magmatic System in Central Sulu Orogenic Belt and its Implication on Regional Tectonic Evolution Zhou T & Zhou Y 38 Isotopic Constraints on the Fluid Enhanced Eclogitisation of Granulites in the Bergen Arcs, Western Norway Bhowany K, Hand M & Clark C 39 Late Paleozoic to Early Cenozoic Subduction-Related Magmatism in Korea: Cyclic Changes of Rock Type and Juvenile Mantle Input Park K-H & Song Y-S 40 Energy System of Subduction Zone -Supercritical Geothermal Energy - Tsuchiya N 41 Komatiite!? Karimi H, Homam M, Topuz G & Taghadosih H 42 Ravar Series Magmatism: An Evidence for Geodynamic Evolution of the Northern Margin of Gondwana Raeisi D, Moeinzade SHA & Nayebi N 43 Infering Diffusion Rates and Closure K/Ca Dating of Micas and K-Feldspar Kelley S, Storey C, Darling J, Warren C & Jenner F 44 Assessing the Oxidation State of Exhumed Subducted Terranes: A Case Study from the HP/LT New Caledonia Belt Raia NH, Whitney DL & Teyssier C 45 Microsampling Lu Hf Geochronology on Mm-Sized Garnet Cheng H 46 Nepheline-Normative Primitive Melt Genesis in Arcs: Mineralogic and Lithospheric Controls Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Métrich N, Di Muro A & Deloule E 47 Reconstruction of Late Oligocene Izu-Bonin Arc Magmas from Mineral-Melt Partitioning Samajpati E & Hickey-Vargas R 49 New Insights on the Neoproterozoic Subduction Zones in the Western Gondwana: NE Brazil Saraiva dos Santos TJ, Gomes N, Vitorio J & Mendes L 50 Lawsonite Formation and Fluid Redistribution within the Schistes Lustrés, W. Alps Lefeuvre B, Agard P, Verlaguet A & Dubacq B 182

243 Posters 51 The OCT-Type Ophiolite Recognized from the Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone, Central Tibet Shi R, Huang X, Griffin W, O Reilly S, Huang Q & Chen S 52 Inter-Mineral Magnesium and Iron Isotope Fractionations in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphosed Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks Li W-Y, Zhang S-Y, Huang J, Huang F & Xiao Y 04g: Magma Dynamics and Timescales in Volcanic Environments 53 Geology and Geochemistry of Gneissic Rocks Around Akungba-Akoko Area, Southwestern Nigeria Ehinola I, Oluwajana O & Chris O 54 Geochemical Characteristics of Proterozoic Magmatism in the Mahakoshal Belt, Central India: Isotopic Constraints on Crustal Evolution Meraj MA & Talat TA 55 Re-evaluating U-Th-Ra Ages of the Tatun Volcanic Group, Taiwan Yang Y-M, Song S-R & Rubin K 56 The Genesis and Relationship of the Basalts in the South China Sea Basin and the Leiqiong Area Zhao Z-H, Zhang G-L, Wang S & Zhang J 57 Geochronology of Leucogranites in Chomolungma Area, Southern Tibet Liu X-C, Yang L, Li Q-L & Wu F-Y 58 Formation of Peralkaline Rhyolite and the Volcanic plutonic Connection at the Yunshan Caldera Complex, SE China He Z-Y & Yan L-L 59 Mesozoic Felsic Magmatic Activities in North Wuyi Area, South China: Melting of Metamorphosed Sedimentary Rocks Under a Tectonic Regime Transformation Qi Y-Q, Hu R-Z, Gao J-F & Leng C-B 60 Modeling the Crystallization and Emplacement Conditions of a Basaltic Trachyandesitic Sill at Mt. Etna Volcano Nazzari M, Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Scarlato P, Tecchiato V, Ellis B, Bachmann O & Ferlito C 61 Li Isotopic Variations between Magmatic Minerals and Indications of Degassing of a Rhyolitic Magma (Mesa Falls Tuff, Yellowstone) Neukampf J, Ellis B, Magna T, Laurent O & Bachmann O 62 Qarah Chay Volcano, NE of Sabzevar: Petrology and Evidence of Dynamic Magma Plumbing System Rezaei-Kahkhaei M, Asadi M & Ghasemi H 63 Evolution of Magmatic Volatiles during Drilling into Magma, Krafla, Iceland Watson T, Saubin E, Nichols A, Kennedy B, Schipper I & Tuffen H 64 Geochemical Evolution of La Torta Lava Dome, El Tatio, Chile, Through Melt Inclusions Hernández L, Cannatelli C, Godoy B & Morata D 65 Constraining the Crystallization Rate of Large Quartz Crystals in the Stewart Pegmatite from Trace Element Disequilibria Phelps P, Lee C-T & Morton D Wed 183

244 Posters Wed 66 Evidence of Rapid Growth of Olivine Phenocrysts during Ascent in Basalts from the Big Pine Volcanic Field, CA Brehm S & Lange R 67 Degassing and Emptying of the Laacher See Magma Chamber Seen in a Greenland Ice Core Seo J-H, Han C, Steffensen JP, Hong S & Sharma M 68 Phosphorous in Olivine from the Siqueiros Fracture Zone, East Pacific Rise and Implications for Dynamics of Magma Bodies Sharton-Bierig E & Lee C-T 69 Petrology and Isotopic Geochemistry Sm/Nd and U/Pb of Paleoproterozoic Metabasalts from Araí Group, Brasília Belt Silva C, Souza V, Botelho N & Nascimento P 70 Sedimentary Deposits and Petrography of the Basalts of the Island of Tenerife of the Canary Archipelago (Spain) Krylova V & Gertner I 71 Genesis and Magmatic Evolution of The Pliocene Aladağ Volcanic System (Kars, NE Turkey) Duru O & Keskin M 72 A Super-Volcanic Magma Reservoir at High Temporal Resolution Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw J-F & Bachmann O 73 A Complex Magmatic System beneath the Middle and Northern Okinawa Trough: Evidence from Pyroxene Characteristics Liao R, Huang P & Sun W 74 Toba Super-Eruptions Through Diverse Magma Storage Revealed by Zircon Liu P-P, Chung S-L, Li X-H, Li Q-L & Lai Y-M 75 Origin of Compositional Diversity at Volcán Pelado, a Medium-Sized Shield in the Central Part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt Lorenzo-Merino A, Guilbaud M-N, Larrea P & Widom E 76 Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Pyroxene in Lamprophyres from Jiaodong Peninsula, China: Evidence for Magma Mixing and Magma Chamber Evolution Wang D, Li H & Wang T 77 Petrogenesis Linkage Among the Mesozoic High Mg Andesites, Garnet-Bearing Dacites and Porphyries, Rhyolites and Leucogranites from West Qinling, Central China Luo B, Zhang H, Xu W, Yang H, Guo L, Pan F, Zhang L, Gao Z & Tao L 78 Generation of Postshield Differentiated Alkalic Lavas at Kohala Volcano, Hawaii Witter M & Grove M 79 Resolving Potential Sources of Volcanism in Southern Victorialand, Antarctica Using Noble Gases Maletic E & Darrah T 80 Mantle Driven Cretaceous Flare-Up Events in Cordilleran Arcs Martinez A, Paterson S, Memeti V, Parada M & Molina P 184

245 Posters 81 Geochemistry and Petrology of Holocene Alkaline Basalts from the Puyuhuapi Volcanic Group, Chilean Southern Andes: A Melt Inclusion Study Wong M, Cannatelli C, Morata D, Frezzotti ML, Buscher J & Moncada D 82 Very Fast Magma Dynamics at Mt. Etna Revealed by Clinopyroxene Growth Rates Masotta M, Pontesilli A, Armienti P, Mollo S, Nazzari M & Scarlato P (Session 04g continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 211) 05a: Lesson Learned? Transferring Knowledge from Biomining of Major Metals to Secondary Sources of Critical Raw Materials 85 Evaulating the Potential of Bioleaching of Gallium from Bauxite Residue by Oxalic Acid Ujaczki É, Courtney R, Curtin T, Cusack P & O`Donoghue L 86 Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium Recovery Rates from Food Scraps Processed in Commercial Systems Brousseau A 87 Extraction of Rare Earths from Coal Ash by Organic Acids Fujita Y, Reed D, Fisher J, Park D, Jiao Y, Margaret L & Anderko A 88 Biohydrometallurgy for Metal Recycling Hedrich S & Schippers A 89 Applying Biosorption for Rare Earth Element Recovery from Low-Grade Sources Jiao Y, Park D, Jin H, Brewer A, Chang E, Lammers L, Reed D & Sutherland J 90 Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Low-Grade Feedstocks Using Engineered Bacteria Park D, Brewer A, Chang E, Lammers L, Reed D & Jiao Y Wed 05e: Recent Advances in the Application of Dating, Isotopic and Trace-Element Techniques to Commercially Relevant Geomaterials 91 Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Analyses by Mid Infrared Laser Spectroscopy as a Tool for Stratigraphic Classification of Upper Jurassic Carbonate Rocks Nowak M, Smajgl D, Wolpert P, Wagner B, Jung D & Mandic M 92 The Right Tool for the I-129 Job: can Triple Quad ICPMS or Collision Cell MC-ICPMS (Proteus) Address Limitations of AMS and TIMS? Arnquist I, Eiden G, Lewis J, Coath C, Wehrs H, Schwieters J & Elliott T 93 The Characteristics of Isotopic Composition in the Process of Natural Gas Accumulation The Migration and Accumulation Model for Carbon Isotope Reversal Liu W 94 Carbon-14 Dating of Silica Sinter Deposits from El Tatio, Chile Slagter S, Reich M, Muñoz-Sáez C, Morata D & Southon J 95 Monazite RW-1: A Homogenous Natural Reference Material for SIMS U Pb and Th Pb Isotopic Analysis Ling X & Li Q 96 Heterogeneous Domains in Zircon Reference Materials for U-Pb Geochronology by Microanalysis Sylvester P & Souders AK 185

246 Posters Wed 97 New Basaltic and Solution Reference Materials for Iron, Copper and Zinc Isotope Measurements Li J, Tang S-H & Zhu X-K 98 Tectonothermal Evolution and Muliphase Ore-Forming Processes at Turmalina Gold Deposit, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil Fabricio-Silva W, Rosière C, Giustina E & Bühn B 99 Zn Isotopes as a Tracer of Magma-Assisted Ore Mobilization at the Balmat, NY Sedex Zinc Deposit Matt P, Powell W & Mathur R 100 Genesis of Tin-Dominant Deposits in the Dachang District, South China: Insights from Cassiterite U Pb Ages and Trace Elements Guo J, Zhang R & Sun W 102 Controls on Element Exchange in Ultramafic-Hosted Plumasite-Type Corundum, South-East Greenland Poulsen MD, Keulen N, van Hinsberg VJ, Kolb J, Frei R, Wennemann T & Thomsen TB 103 The Ba Isotope Composition of Barites from Ore Deposits Siebert C & Gemmell JB 104 Critical Metals Mobilization and Enrichment Associated with Fe Isotope Fractionation in Ni Laterite Deposits, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia Ito A, Otake T, Maulana A, Sanematsu K & Sato T 105 Sn-Isotope Fractionation as a Record of Hydrothermal Redox Reactions Powell W, Mathur R & Junming Y 106 Carbon, Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Compostions and Fluids Source of Ordovician Dolomite in Ordos Basin, China Zhang Y, Zhao Z, Li N, Song W, Zhang Y & Sun Y 107 The Application of the Argus VI Multi-Collector Rare Gas Mass Spectrometer in the High- Precision 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Dating Liu H, Li J & Zhang J 108 Dating the Oldest Oil Reservoir in China: Implications from SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Ages Ai J, Zhong N, Wang T & Liu Y (Session 05e continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 234) 05i: New Frontiers in Unconventional Reservoir Dynamics: Rocks, Geochemistry, Enhanced Recovery, and the Environment 109 Hydro-Chemo-Mechanically Coupled Computational Fluid and Solid Dynamics in Deformable Porous Media Carrillo F & Bourg I 110 Energetics of the Oil Interaction with Calcite and Kerogen Implication for Hydrocarbon Transport and Storage in Shale Zhang Z & Wang J 111 A Novel Method to Better Predict Production Decline from a Gas Isotope Perspective: Similarity on Barnett and Niu Titang Shale Hu J, Zhu D, Wu S, Zhang H, Sneddon A, Deev A, Gao L & Tang Y 186

247 Posters 112 Effects of Composition on Desorbed Gas Using Canister Desorption Test: A Case Study from the Upper Paleozoic Shales in the Ordos Basin, NW China Xiong F & Moortgat J 113 Geochemical Development of Altered Horizons along Nonconformities Li K & Bonamici C 114 The Types and Forming Conditions of Tight Oils in LCG Formation, JMSR Sag, Junggar Basin, China Luo X, Hou LH, Lin SH & Zhao ZY 115 Factors Controlling Low Radioactivity of J2d7 Oil Shale in Yuqia Area of Northern Qaidam Basin, West China Guo W, Chen G & Zhang W 116 Carbon Dioxide, Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Coupled with Geothermal Energy: An Overview Reyes Martínez AL & Villanueva Estrada RE 117 The Seismogenetic Potential of Withdrawal-Reinjection Cycles: Numerical Modelling and Implication on Induced Seismicity Somma R, Troise C, Schiavone R, Borgia A, Moretti R & De Natale G 118 Characteristics of Sinian and Cambrian Natural Gases in Sichuan and Tarim Basins, China Wang Z, Li Y, Gong D & Hu G 119 Intergrated Analysis to Understand the Role of Faults in Groundwater Movement Xu H, Underschultz J & Zha M 120 Petrography-Geochemistry, Provenance and Palaeoclimatology for Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea Xu Y, Yang X & Mei L 121 Reservoir Characteristics in Western Ordos Basin,China Zhang Y & Guo Y 122 Wireline Evaluation of Key Parameters of Shale Rocks in LCG Formation, JMSR Sag, Junggar Basin, China Zhang L, Luo X, Hou L & Lin S 123 Quantitative Raman Spectroscopic Measurements of SO 2 Solubility in Water from to K and from 5 to 30 MPa Zhou Q, Guo H & Wang Z Wed 05k: Non-Traditional Analytical Approaches for the Geochemical Characterization of Energy and Mineral Resources 124 Comparison between Two Different Thermal-Release Mercurometric Surveys of Soil and Ore- Search Prediction in Jielagepu Gold Deposit, Longzi Country, Tibet Zheng C, Luo X, Wen M, Ou Y & Liu P 125 Investigation of the Rules About Elements Distribution and Migration in Coal during the Artificial Process Yang J & Wei S 126 Understanding the Circulation of Geothermal Waters in the Aurès Range in Eastern Algeria, Using Oxygen and Hydrogen Stable Isotopes Mohamedi MR, Chenaker H & Ghanmi M 187

248 Posters Wed 127 Heterogeneity in Oil-Bearing Tight sandstone:a Case Study on the Chang 7 Formation in Trassic,Ordos Basin Cui J, Zhu R, Li S & Mao Z 128 Loss of Lipid-Soluble Organic Matter in Conventional TOC Measurement Du L & Fang X 129 Extinct Geothermal Systems in the Continental Rift Zone of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey Ozgur N 130 A New Petrophysical Model for Estimating Organic Matter Richness in Source Rocks Based on the Effect Medium Theory Fu J, Wang T & Li M 131 Hydrogeological Modeling of the Geothermal Waters in the Continental Rift Zones of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey Özgür N 132 Evaluation of Organic Matter Sources and Hydrocarbon-Generation Contribution of Coal Macerals by Laser Micropyrolysis GC-MS Analysis Pan A, Zhang Z, Xie X, Shen B, Borjin T & Qin J 133 Geochemical Characteristics of Reservoir Bitumen in Jialingjiang Formation in Luzhou Region and Its Significance on Gas Source Indication Hao C 134 Rapid and Non-Destructive Raman Characterization of Contaminants in Soils Impacted by Produced Water Spills in the Permian Basin Jubb AM, Engle MA, Akob DM & Kent DB 135 Determination of Position-Specific Carbon Isotope Ratios of Propane from Natural Gas Li Y, Zhang L, Xiong Y, Gao S, Yu Z & Peng P 136 Ordovician Hydrocarbon Migration along the Tazhong No.10 Fault Belt in the Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin, Northwest China Shen W, Chen J & Wang Y 137 Geochemical Characteristics and Significance of Heteroatom Compounds in Saline Crude Oils by Negative Ion Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Li S, Ji H & Wan Z 138 Mineralogy Characterization by X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectrometry, X-Ray Diffraction, and X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Applied to Ore Processing Spaleta K, Newberry R, Hayes S & McCartney K 139 Characteristics and Genetic Mechanisms of Saline Lacustrine Hydrocarbon in North Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China Liu D, Li S & Chen X 140 Organic Compound Pathfinders in Copper Porphyry Exploration Luck PM, Chouinard RL, Rich SD & Winterburn PA 141 Hydrocarbon Generation Simulation of the Cambrian Yuertusi Formation and the Cambrian Hydrocarbon Source in Tarim Basin Wang Z 188

249 Posters 142 Application of Factor Analysis on Prospecting for Concealed Lead-Zinc Deposit Based on the Geo-Electrochemical Method in Zhijin Area, Guizhou Luo X, Ou Y, Gao W & Liu P 144 Geochemical Evolution Processes of Geothermal Water in Tethys Himalaya Belt Xu P, Tan H, Zhang Y & Zhang W (Session 05k continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 212) 06h: Diffusion, Growth, and Reaction in High Temperature Environments: Small Scale Processes with Large Scale Implications 145 Propane Dynamics in Porous Silica: A Neutron Scattering and MD Simulation Study Gautam S, Le T, Le T, Liu T, Rother G, Jalarvo N, Mamontov E, Welch S, Sheets J, Striolo A & Cole D 146 Insights on Decompression-Induced Crystallization and Degassing Processes Revealed by 3D Rock Textures Cichy SB, Botcharnikov RE, Friese K-I, Cluzel N, Holtz F & Marone F 147 Quantitative Image Analysis of Natural and Experimental Graphic Textures Baker DR, Sirbescu M-L, Maneta V, Webber KL & Simmons WB 148 Growth of Giant Magmatic Crystals: Insights from Experiments Sirbescu M-L, Schmidt C, Schuessler J, Student J & Wilke M 149 Kinetic Controls of Spodumene and Petalite Stability: A Preliminary Investigation Dias F, Sirbescu M-L, Student J, Lima A & Roda-Robles E 150 Controls on Lithium Concentration in Zircon Sliwinski J, Kueter N, Guillong M & Bachmann O 151 Strain-Induced Quartz Recrystallization in Butte Porphyry Cu Deposit Produces Mottled Cathodoluminescent Textures and Preserves Minimum Ti Concentrations of Dark Euhedral Bands Acosta MD, Reed MH & Watkins J 152 Crystal Nucleation and Growth in Heterogeneous Matrices: A Case Study from the Castner Marble, Texas Backus E & Hetherington C 153 Phosphorus and Aluminum Partitioning during Olivine Growth: Both Sides of the Story Shea T, Hammer J, Hellebrand E, Mourey A, First E, Lynn K & Costa F 154 Calcium Diffusion in Olivine Revisited Bloch E, Jollands M, Bouvier A-S, Plane F, Gerstl S & Baumgartner L 155 Yb Partitioning between Olivine and Melt: A Solution to the REE Diffusion in Olivine Problem? Jollands M & Watson B 156 Radiation Damage Zoning in Zircon: Intracrystalline Variations in Helium Diffusion Anderson A, van Soest M, Hanchar J & Hodges K 157 Direct Measurement of Mantle Exhumation Rates Using Cr-Al Diffusion in Spinel Cipar J & Smye A 158 Comment on Recent Study of Re and 187 Os Decoupling in Molybdenite Using Nanoscale Technology Yang G, Zimmerman A, Stein H & Hannah J Wed 189

250 Posters 159 Application of Spatially Resolved U-Pb Rutile Thermochronology to the Exhumation History of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand Shulaker DZ & Cooper A 160 TEM and MAS NMR Spectroscopic Studies on Obsidian Glass in Welded Tuff, Ulleung Island, Korea, with Emphasis on Sanidine Microlites as Impurities Im J & Choo C (Session 06h continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 213) Wed 06m: Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface: Dissolution, Precipitation and Controls on Geochemical Element Cycling 169 Role of Submicron Channels on Calcite (104) Surface Reactivity Abdilla B & Sturchio N 170 Nano-Scale Observations of Cr-Bearing Spinel Synthesized Under Low Temperature Hydrothermal Conditions Nishikata M, Ohtomo Y, Otake T, Kimura Y, Kawamoto D & Sato T 171 Adsorption and Hydrolysis of Au(III) on the Surface of δ-mno 2 and Al 2 O 3 Kawamoto D & Miyazaki A 172 Rapid Subsolidus Reaction Under the Presence of Trace H 2 O Inferred from Jadeite Replacement with Spodumene Takahashi N, Nakatani T, Tsujimori T & Nakamura M 173 Mechanism of Apatite Dissolution Conde A, Hellmann R, Wurzburger C & Perdrial N 174 New Insights on Mica Reactivity at the Mineral-Solution Interface Lamarca-Irisarri D, Jordan G, Cappelli C, Huertas FJ & Van Driessche AES 175 The Properties of Interfacial Layers Revealed by in situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Vertical Scanning Interferometry Wild B, Daval D, Micha J-S, Ackerer P & Fernandez-Martinez A 176 Determining Reactive Iron Mineral Contributions in Redox Transition Zones with Sequential Extraction Yin X, Hua H & Axe L 177 Effects of Flow and Hydrochemical Properties on Mixing-Induced Iron Precipitation in Porous Media: Pore-Scale Study with Dynamic Imaging Anggraini TM, Park S, Kang PK, Lee S & Lee S Adsorption Behavior of MoO 4 on α-al 2 O 3 and δ-mno 2 Yokoyama T, Kawamoto D, Shinjo T & Miyazaki A (Session 06m continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 214) 06o: Mineralogical and (Geo-)chemical Processes Relevant to a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Mining and Advanced Fuel Materials to Waste Disposal, Hyperalkaline Zeolite Chemistry and Alkali Activated Cement 161 Hydration of β-c2s Under Alkaline Environment Joseph S & Cizer Ö 190

251 Posters 162 Stability of Zeolites in State II Concrete Pore Water: An Experimental Approach Raymaekers R, Wangermez W, Kirschhock CK, Maes A & Breynaert E 163 Mineralogical Alteration of Highly Compacted Bentonite in Permeability Tests Using Ca(OH) 2 Yokoyama S & Watanabe Y 164 Parameterization of a New C-S-H Solid Solution Model for Alkali Uptake Miron GD, Kulik DA & Lothenbach B 165 Geochemical Reaction Modelling of C-S-H Formation in Dredged Soil-Steel Slag Mixtures Toda K, Sato H, Weerakoon N, Otake T, Nishimura S & Sato T 166 Structural Modified Organo-Feldspathoid for Sequestration of Anionic Radionuclides Dickson J(, Conroy N, Powell B, Seaman J, Li D & Kaplan D 167 New Geochemical and Geographic Information System Methodologies to Assess Element Mobility in Groundwater and Surface Water Blake J, Yager D, Gallegos T, Walton-Day K & Smith K 168 Multivariant Analysis of a Global Suite of Uranium-Rich Samples Corcoran L, Spano T, Simonetti A, Lewis S, Gunther T, Dorais C & Burns PC (Session 06o continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 215) Wed 07a: Atmospheric Chemistry of Past and Present Earth and Mars 263 Comparison of Particulate Matter and Black Carbon Variation in Urban and Suburban Sites in Algiers, Algeria Merabet H, Kerbachi R, Fellahi I, Baaziz MD & Yassaa N 264 Evidence of High Acidity in Individual Aerosol Particles in the Marine Atmosphere Li W & Shi Z 265 Effect of Religious Celebrations in Iran: A Case Study of Chahar-Shanbe Suri Celebration in Karaj Oroji B 266 Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Aerosols from Chichijima Island in the Western North Pacific Deshmukh DK, Kawamura K & Tachibana E 267 The Chicago Water Isotope Spectrometer (ChiWIS) Singer C, Clouser B, Sarkozy L, Gaeta D & Moyer E (Session 07a continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 216) 07b: De-Oxygenation and Organic Carbon Burial in Earth s History 268 Environmental Fluctuation Triggered the Cambrian Explosion? Wei G, Planavsky N, Tarhan L, Chen X, Wei W, Li D & Ling H 269 Tracking Marine Deoxygenation during the Cambrian SPICE Event Using Thallium Isotopes LeRoy M, Owens J, Them T & Gill B 270 Reconstructing the Middle Devonian Paleoclimate Using Black Shale Geochemistry Ice B & Williams J 191

252 Posters Wed 271 Revisiting the Early Land Forest Hypothesis for a Late Devonian Mass Extinction Process in the Southern Appalachian Basin Using an Organic Geochemical Characterization of the Chattanooga Shale (Frasnian to Famennian) Lu M, Lu Y, Sun Y, Ikejiri T, Sun D & Carroll R 273 Investigating the Sulphur Cycle during the End-Triassic Mass Extinction from Panthalassa Marroquín S, Gill B, Them T, Owens J, Gröcke D & Caruthers A 274 Paleoredox Condition Variation of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, China: Insight from Pyrite Framboid Size Distribution Chen G & Gang W 275 Unexpected Biogeochemical Controls from the Santa Monica Basin Revealed in Carbon, Sulfur, and Trace Metal Cycling Figueroa MC, Gregory DD, Choumiline K, LeMieux S, Treude T, Berelson W, Bates S & Lyons TW 276 Uranium Isotopes as the Storytellers of Swaying Oxygen Minimum Zones Choumiline K, Andersen MB, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Beaufort L & Lyons TW 277 Carbon Isotope Composition of Organo-Clay Nanocomposites in Overmature Devonian Marcellus Shale Niu D, Sharma M, Feng X & Renock D 278 Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Oil Cracking Gas in Cambrian-Sinian Petroleum System of the Sichuan Basin, western China Jiang H, Zheng H, Wang R & Jiang Q 279 Heterogeneous Depositional Environment of Lower Cambrian Organic-Rich Shale in Yangtze Platform: Evidences from Fe-Mo Geochemistry and Microorganisms Zhang Y, He Z, Jiang S, Lu S & Xiao D 280 Mono-, di- and Anhydrosaccharides from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Lignites and Fossil Wood Marynowski L, Bucha M, Smolarek J, Wendorff M & Simoneit B 281 Impact of Gypseous-Salt on Hydrocarbons Generation and Evolution of Source Rocks in the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basi Li S, Chen X, Liu D & Ji H 282 Middle Holocene Organic Matter Sources in the Central South Yellow Sea and their Relationship to the East Asian Monsoon Zou L 283 Discrepancy of Organic Richness within the Oatka Creek and Union Springs of the Marcellus Formation Koons R, Stebbins A, Williams J & Darrah T 284 Organic Matter Preservation Mechanisms Lead to a Difference in the Depth of Hydrocarbon Generation Chao Q & Cai J 285 Accumulation of Lacustrine Shale Oil in Triassic Chang 7 Member in Ordos Basin and its Controlling Factors Bai B, Hu S, Tao S, Chen Y & Zhang T 286 Organic Geochemical Evaluation of Shale Intervals within Bokh Formation, Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia Rase TO, Nton ME & Sonibare OO 192

253 Posters 287 Integrated Basin Analysis, Seismic Arributes and Forward Modelling for the Characterization of the Apto-Albian System over the Enfidha Area (Fkirine Block), North Eastern Tunisia Klibi A, Bel Kahla A, Chebbi MR & Soussi M 288 Geochemical Charateristics and Sedimentary Paleo-Environment of Organic Matter-Rich Mudrock of Paleogene Dongying Formation in Nanpu Sag Guo Y & Gang W 289 The Role Transformation of Soluble Organic Matter in Argillaceous Source Rocks and its Significance in Hydrocarbon Generation Du P & Cai J 290 A Research on the Controlling Factors for Organic Matter Enrichment in the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation, Sichuan Basin Zhu C & Gang W 291 The Role of Reactive Iron in Preservation of Terrestrial Organic Carbon in Marine Environment Zhao B, Yao P, Bianchi T, Shields M, Cui X, Zhang X, Huang X, Wang J & Yu Z (Session 07b continues on Friday 17th AM on page 284) Wed 07f: Physical, Biogeochemical and Anthropogenic Controls on ph of Estuarine, Coastal and Open Ocean Waters and Sediments 293 Modelling Estuarine Biogeochemical and ph Dynamics: From the Local to the Global Scale Volta C, Laruelle GG, Arndt S & Regnier P 294 Impacts of Ocean Acidification and Warming on Shell Mineralogy in the Juvenile American Lobster San Antonio C, Tlusty M & Hannigan R 295 Spectrophotometric Determinations of Carbonate Dissociation Constants in Seawater Schockman K & Byrne R 296 Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia in the Pearl River Estuary, China Guo X, Guo L, Wang L, Huang T, Su J & Li Y 297 Ocean Acidification Alters Morphology of all Otolith Types, Delays Settlement in Clark s Anemonefish (Amphiprion Clarkii) Holmberg R, Freeburg E, Rhyne A, Tlusty M, Stebbins A, Nye S, Honig A, Johnston A, San Antonio C, Bourque B & Hannigan R 298 High-Resolution Biogeochemical Monitoring along Three Types of Coastal Interface Ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest Ward N & Indivero J 299 Carbon Isotope Evidence for Large Terrestrial Carbon Inputs to the Global Ocean Kwon EY, Galbraith E, DeVries T, Hwang J, Kim G & Timmermann A 300 Hydro-Biogeochemical Controls on Ammonium Behaviors Across the River-Estuary Interface: Addition or Removal Yu D, Chen N, Krom M, Cheng P, Yu F, Hong H & Gao X 301 Diagnosis of CO 2 Fluxes and ph in a River-Dominated Ocean Margin: The Northern South China Sea Shelf Affected by the Pearl River Plume Zhao Y, Cao Z, Liu J, Uthaipan K & Dai M 193

254 Posters 302 Cable Bacteria Activity in Mn/Fe Depleted Marine Carbonate Deposits Zhu Q, Yin H, Aller J & Aller R (Session 07f continues on Friday 17th PM on page 304) Wed 07i: New Insights in Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry 304 Dissolved Pb Stable Isotopes in the Bay of Bengal Norisuye K, Obata H, Gamo T, Lee J-M & Boyle EA 305 Characterizing the Reversibility of Ligand-Mediated Adsorption of Iron onto Ferrihydrite Particles Amaral V, Buck K & Lam P 306 Uranium Recycling along the Namibia Continental Margin Abshire M, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Cofrancesco J & Riedinger N 307 Cobalt Speciation in the Amundsen and Ross Seas during Bloom Conditions Chmiel R, DiTullio G & Saito M 308 Trace Metals and Zinc Complexing Ligands in Seawaters at a Shallow Hydrothermally Active Area in Japan Kim T, Obata H, Mashio AS, Gamo T & Takeda S 309 It s not Easy Being Green: Investigating Fe Acquisition Strategies by Analyzing Fe Distribution in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 Under Different Fe Scenarios Hunnestad AV, Vogel AIM, Hohmann-Marriott MF & Van Ardelan M 310 Particulate Rare Earth Element Behavior in the North Atlantic (GEOVIDE Cruise) Lagarde M, Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Grenier M, Belhadj M & Jeandel C 312 The Distribution of Mn, Ga and Pb in the Canadian Arctic Ocean Colombo M & Orians K 313 Uncertainty in the Weathering Feedback: Implications for Earth System Recovery to Carbon Release Kirtland Turner S, Ridgwell A & Penman D 314 Dissolved Trace Metals and Pb Isotopes Across Dust Storm Events in the Oligotrophic Waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea Benaltabet T & Torfstein A 315 Simultaneous Pre-Concentration of Thorium and Neodymium from Seawater: Method Development and Application to the Kerguelen Plateau Perez-Tribouillier H, Chase Z, Noble T, Townsend A & Bowie A 316 Gulf Stream Eddies as an Important Source of Dissolved Fe to the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre Conway T, Palter J & de Souza G 317 Speciation and Mobility of Tungsten in Modern Euxinic System: Determination of Acid Catalyzed Thiotungstates Formation and Kinetics Cui M & Johannesson K 318 Field Application of Na/Ca as Salinity Proxy in Planktonic Foraminifera Bertlich J, Nürnberg D, Hathorne EC, Groeneveld J, Kucera M, Siccha M & Meilland J 319 Nitrogen Cycling in the Warming Arctic Ocean Doncila A, Ganeshram R, Tuerena R, Henley S, Dodd P & Rutgers v. d. Loeff M 320 The Influence of the Deep Western Boundary Current on 231 Pa/ 230 Th in the Middle Atlantic Bight Lerner P & Marchal O 194

255 Posters 321 In situ Marine Silicate Weathering as a Source of Fe to the Oxic Ocean Du J, Haley B & Mix A 322 Winter Distribution of Cobalt in the Southern Ocean: First Results from the 30 E Line Cloete R, Loock J, Fietz S & Roychoudhury A 323 Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in the Pearl River Delta of China: Potential Impacts of the REE Industry on Water, Suspended Particles and Oysters Ma L, Dang DH, Wang W, Evans RD & Wang W 324 Experimental Modeling of Dissolved Barium Desorption in the Mixing Zone of River- and Seawaters Savenko A 325 Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages Fuchs R, Lazar B, Angiolini L, Crippa G, Felletti F, Eisenhauer A & Stein M 326 Distributions of Total Particulate Trace Elements in the Subarctic North Pacific Maruyama K, Norisuye K, Obata H, Minami H, Nakaguchi Y, Tazoe H & Gamo T 327 The Link between Particulate Silver and POC Fluxes to the Deep Ocean McKay J 328 Iron Fuels Vast Phytoplankton Bloom along 40 South in the Atlantic Ocean Schlosser C, Henderson G, Tagliabue A, Klar JK, Woodward EMS & Achterberg EP 329 Dissolved Iron in the Amundsen Sea Middag R, Bertrand E, Brussaard C, Eich C, Gerringa L, Jung J, Lee S, Lee Y, van Manen M, McCain S, Pont S, Reichart G-J & Tian H-A 330 Estimating the Atmospheric Depositional Flux of 210 Pb Using the Water Column Budget of 210 Pb in the Ocean Seo H & Kim G 331 Ocean Circulation and Land-Ocean Exchanges off the North Eastern Canadian Coasts as Told by Dissolved Geochemical Tracers Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Baconnet I, Pham V & Jeandel C 332 GEOTRACES India: An Embedded System and Low Cost Auto-Sampler Using Robotic arm to Automate Flow Injection Measurements of Dissolved Trace Elements in Sea Water Shah M, Singh S, Vaghela H & Vora L 333 Separation of Dissolved Cr(III) Organic Complexes from River Water for Cr Isotope Analysis Mohanta J & Holmden C 334 Investigating the Isotopic Signature and Release of Iron Sourced from Sediments to the UK South Atlantic GEOTRACES GA10 Section Summers B, Homoky W, Mills R, John S & Conway T 335 Estimating the Vertical Fluxes of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) and Nutrients Using 228 Ra as a Tracer Han Y & Kim G 336 Ocean Cycling of Refractory Elements Hayes C 337 An Advanced Method for Preconcentration and Determination of Zr, Hf, Nb, and Ta in Seawater Tanaka Y, Tsujisaka M, Zheng L, Takano S & Sohrin Y Wed 195

256 Posters 338 Determination of Larval Dispersal and Population Connectivity in the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis along the Northern Gulf of Maine Using Trace Element Fingerprinting Honig A, Etter R & Hannigan R 339 Meteoric 10 Be/ 9 Be Ratios as Tracers of Coastal Trace Metal Exchange Wittmann H, von Blanckenburg F & Bernhardt A 340 Distribution of Copper and its Speciation in the Subarctic North Pacific Wong KH, Obata H, Kim T & Muhammad R (Session 07i continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 217) Wed 08c: Applications of High Resolution Geochemical Proxies: Seasonality and Past Climate Variability 180 Reconstructing North Atlantic Climate over the Past Six Centuries Using a High Resolution Stalagmite Multi-Proxy Approach Baldini L, Walczak I, Jamieson R, Lechleitner F & Baldini J 181 Uranium Concentration Variability in Aragonitic Stalagmites as a Proxy for Seasonal Hydroclimate Baldini J, Jamieson R, Asmerom Y, Ridley H & Prufer K 182 Assessing Trace Element and Stable Isotopic Ratios as Environmental Recorders in a Short Lived Bivalve Chamberlayne B, Tyler J & Gillanders B 183 Variability in Productivity, Controlled by Salinity Stratification and Relative Contribution of C3 and C4 Vegetation over 300ky in the Bay of Bengal Da Silva R, Mazumdar A, Peketi A & Sawant B 184 U-Series Isotopes of Travertine Deposits Near the Santa Fe Fault in Laguna, New Mexico: Reconstruction of Paleo Flow Paths and Hydrodynamics Garcia V, Ma L & Ricketts J 185 Tropical Hydroclimate Change during Heinrich Stadial 1: An Integrative Proxy-Model Synthesis Gomez K, Sun T, Wu X, Sun C, Piatrunia N, Lawman A, Shanahan T & DiNezio P 186 Paleoclimate Reconstruction of the Gulf of Maine during the Recent Holocene (Past 5000 Years) Using Archaeological Mollusk Shells Johnston A, Hannigan R & Bourque B 187 Middle Eocene Seasonality: Insights from the Geochemistry of Fossil Bivalves and Driftwood Judd EJ, Ivany LC, DeConto RM, Halberstadt ARW, Miklus NM, Junium CK & Uveges BT 188 Oxygen Isotopic Studies of a Species of Pitar (Hyphantosoma) from Quilon Beds, Kerala, Southwest India: Inferences on Seasonality during the Miocene Naidu P & Kapur VV 189 Physical Geology and Chemo-Stratigraphy of the Mandakpal Valley Section in Kashmir, India during the Late Permian and Early Triassic Periods Nye Jr SW, Stebbins A, Brookfield ME, Bhat G & Hannigan RE 190 Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes in Mussismilia Hispida: A Promising Coral-Based Record for the Tropical Atlantic Ocean Pereira N, Silva IC, Sial A, Liu S-C, Shen C-C, Ferreira V & Kikuchi R 196

257 Posters Plus with the Kiel IV Carbonate Device New Features to Improve Resolution of Clumped Carbonate Isotope Datasets Radke J, Stoebener N, Krummen M & Schwieters J 192 Sub-monthly δ 18 O and δ 13 C Records from Melanopsis of the Upper Jordan River Valley, 25-13ka Rice A, Bunin E, Riedel F, Plessen B, Sharon G & Mischke S 193 Climate Change during the Paleogene by High-Resolution Astrochronological Record from the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Northeastern China Wang M & Chen H 194 Paleoclimatic Records Spanning the Past 30 cal ka BP Inferred from Qionghai Lake Sediments in Southwest China: Insights from Geochemical Investigations and Grain-Size Characteristics Wang G, Wang Y, Wei Z & He W 195 Advances in the Mg/Ca-Temperature Proxy in Coralline Algae: A Case Study in the Genus Clathromorphum Williams B, Williams S, Anagnostou E, Ries J, Rasher D, Westfield I, Halfar J & Adey W 196 Terrestrial Paleoclimate Changes in the Mid-Eocene from Well L69 Records in Zhanhua Sag, Eastern China Xu K & Chen H Wed 08e: What do Your Proxy Records Mean? Quantifying Fidelity and Uncertainty in Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions 205 Comparison of Late Quaternary Sea Surface Temperature Reconstructions Based on Organic Proxies (UK 37, TEXH86, LDI) from Offshore California Erdem Z, Yildiz C, Damste JSS & Schouten S 206 Effect of Concentration-Dilution Cycle on the Variation in δ37cl Values in Evaporites Luo C, Wen H, Xu L, Xiao Y & He M 207 Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Modern Land Snails along a Precipitation Gradient in East Asian Monsoon Region of China Bao R & Sheng X 208 Chlorine Distribution and Structural State within the Aragonite Shell of the Long-Lived Marine Mollusc Arctica islandica: Exploring a Potential Palaeosalinity Proxy Clarke L, Witbaard R, Newville M & Lanzirotti A 209 A New Approach to Measuring the Elevation History of Mountains Using Organic Molecules Hren M & Ouimet W 210 Impacts of Community Composition and Preservation on Diatom-Bound δ 15 N Jones C, Riesselman C, Kelly R & Robinson R 211 Multi-Time-Scale Reanalysis of Stalagmite Stable Isotope Records from Beijing Shihua Cave, China Tan M, Cai B & Duan W 212 Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation during Phosphoric Acid Digestion of Carbonates Tang M, Zhang S & Liu Y 213 Clumped Isotope Compositions of Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks Wu N, Came R, Brand U & Affek H 197

258 Posters Wed 214 Unraveling the Potential for Sea Surface Temperature Reconstructions Using Coccolith Clumped Isotope Mejía LM, Fernández Á, Guitián J, Zhang H, Bernasconi S & Stoll H 215 Do you Need a PBL on a 253 Plus? Uncertainty in 47 Measurements Davidheiser-Kroll B, Ingalls M & Snell K 216 Comparing Plio-Pleistocene Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Temperature Reconstructions with TEX 86, Mg/Ca and UK37 Proxy Data Ziegler M, Müller I, van der Meer A & Kocken I 217 Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation of Calcite Wostbrock J, Sharp Z, Brand U, Atudorei V & Coplen T 218 Distribution and Estimation of Short Term Deposition Rate of Atmospheric 10 Be in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan, India Pattanaik JK, Ekka SV, Kisku PC & Kumar P 219 Cosmogenic Noble Gas Systematics in Lithologies Important for Antarctic Exposure-Dating Research Balco G 220 Strategies for the Determination of the Atmospheric 21 Ne Abundance Using a Helix MC Plus Wielandt D & Storey M 221 The Biogeochemistry of Arctic Lake Sediments: Paleoclimate Signal or Post-Depositional Cycling? Møller TE, Leth Jørgensen S, Roerdink D & van der Bilt W 222 Interpreting Long Chain N-Alkyl Lipids in Lake Sediments: A Critical Evaluation of their Sources and Isotope Signals Yang H, Leng Q, Howard K & Yue K-L (Session 08e continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 218) 10d: What the Flux?: Advances in Understanding the Role of Microbes and Animals in Governing Biogeochemical Flux at Local and Global Scales 343 Cryptic Sulfur Cycle in the Sediments of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea) Kamyshny A, Blonder B, Boyko V, Turchyn A & Antler G 344 Offshore Transport of a Key Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria from the SUP05 Clade Sustains cryptic Sulfur Cycling in the the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Peru Upwelling Callbeck C, Lavik G, Ferdelman T, Fuchs B, Gruber-Vodicka H, Hach P, Littmann S, Schoffelen N, Kalvelage T, Thomsen S, Schunck H, Löscher C, Schmitz R & Kuypers M 345 High-Resolution Imaging of O 2, ph, and pco 2 in Bioirrigated Sediments Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C, Polerecky L & Volkenborn N 346 Production of Extracellular Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide by Harmful Phytoplankton Diaz JM, Plummer S, Tomas C & Alves-de-Souza C 347 Compound-Specific Degradation of Phosphorus Sources by the Marine Diatoms Thalassiosira spp. Holland A, Sanders J, Mollett D, Duhamel S, Tang Y & Diaz J 348 Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in the Chemocline of Warm Monomictic Lake with Sub- Millimolar Sulfate Concentrations Avetisyan K, Eckert W, Findlay A & Kamyshny Jr. A 198

259 Posters 349 Insights into Sulfur Biogeochemistry in Alkaline, Carbonate-Depositing Headwater Streams Corman J, Moody E & Elser J 350 Quantification on Sediment Reworking by Macroinvertebrates on a Korean Tidal Flat Seo J & Koo BJ 351 Genetic and Transcriptomic Insights into Dissimilatory Antimonate Reduction by an Obligate Anaerobe Abin C & Hollibaugh J 352 Dark Chemoautotrophy Driven by Sulfur Cycle Intermediates: Implications for Cryptic Cycling Cohen A, Christensen L & Taylor G 353 Protein-Level Proteorhodopsin Expression Patterns in Aquatic Microbes Gallagher G & Waldbauer J 354 Exploring Diel Community and Functional Dynamics of Freshwater Wetlands Horton D, Learman D, Cooper M, Wing AJ, Kourtev P & Uzarski D 355 Trophic Relationships in Modern Microbial Mats Determined Using Protein Stable Isotope Fingerprinting Gonzalez Valdes AC, Mohr W, Tang T, Sattin S, Parenteau MN, Jahnke LL, Grim SL, Dick GJ & Pearson A 356 Vivianite Formation and the Role of Fe-Mediated Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Deep-Sea Sediments Liu J, Wang J & Egger M 357 Measurement of O 2 Transformation Rates at Nanomolar Concentrations Revsbech NP & Garcia-Robledo E 358 Metaproteomic and 16S rrna Reveal Rapid Shifts in Functional Responses of Native Polar Bacterial Communities to Organic Carbon Inputs: Does Taxonomy Matter? Mikan M, Nunn B, Timmins-Schiffman E, May D, Riffle M, Noble W, Salter I & Harvey R (Session 10d continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 220) Wed 10l: Session Honoring Prof. George R. Helz for His Contributions to Understanding the Geochemistry of Redox-Sensitive Trace Elements 359 Chromium Geochemistry in Lake Erie Sediments Babos HB, Hlohowskyj SR, Gill G, Veresh A & Chappaz A 360 Redox Cycling Control on the Cadmium-Isotope Composition of Waters, Porewaters, and Sediments in the Saanich Inlet Bryan A, Dickson A, Sorensen J, Porcelli D, Van Den Boorn S & Henderson G 361 Do Manganese Oxides Dominate Transport of Mo Across the Chemocline of Redox-Stratified Lakes? Chen X, Romaniello S, McCormick M, Sherry A, Havig J & Anbar A 362 Rogoznica Lake as a Proxy for Biogeochemical Processes in Euxinic Marine Environment Ciglenečki I, Mikac N, Helz GR, Marguš M & Čanković M 199

260 Posters Wed 11c: Tracing Weathering Processes in a Dynamic Climate: Applications of Isotope Proxies 364 Boron Isotope Budget in the Mono Basin, Eastern California USA Han M, Rasbury T, Hemming G, Hemming S & Tomascak P 365 Mineral Geochemistry (XRD) Studies of Mesoproterozoic Sojat Shales, Punagarh Basin NW Indian Shield: Implications for Paleoclimatic Conditions Mirza A & Khan T 366 Weathering Induced Fertile Continents for Tungsten Deposit Yang R, Li G & Chen J 367 Enhanced Rock Weathering in Agroecosystem Field Trials, Illinois, USA Andrews G, Pearce C, James R, Masters M, Kantola I, DeLucia E & Beerling D 368 Importance of Biological Processes in the Critical Zone: Insights from Mg Isotopes Bedja I & Galy A 369 A Rapid and Simple Single-Stage Method for Ca Separation from Geological and Biological Samples for Isotopic Analysis by MC-ICP-MS Feng L, Zhou L, Zhang W, Yang L, Tong S & Hu Z 370 Groundwater Recharge Estimation and Associated Mechanism Using Hybrid Chloride Mass Balance, Water Level Fluctuation and Isotopic Methods in the White Volta River Basin of Ghana Gibrilla A, Anornu G & Adomako D 371 Factors Controlling the Soil Thickness of Profiles in a Karst Terrain, Guizhou, Southwest China Ji H, Yin C, Chang C, Beckford H & Xiong K 372 Geochemical Controls on Fluoride Concentration in Groundwater from Mehsana District, Gujarat, India Mandal R & Das A 373 D-Excess for Precipitation Sampled at between the Osaka Plain and the South Ikoma Mountains, Osaka Prefecture, Japan Nishiwaki H & Ii H 374 Sources of Calcium and Carbon in Pedogenic Calcite of Dryland Agricultural Soils Ortiz A, Valles K, Ma L, Ogrinc N, Krajnc B, Kaye J & Jin L 375 Silicon Isotopes in Patagonian Rivers: Investigating How Variable Glacial Cover Affects the Biogeochemical Cycling of Silicon Pryer H, Wadham J, Hendry K, Robinson L, Hawkings J, Ward J & Hatton J 376 Snout Water Isotopic Characteristics (δ 18 O, δ 2 H and 3 H) Of Satopanth Glacier, Western Himalayas, India Rai SP, Pant N, Semwal P, Kumar S, Dubey RK, Singh D, Swain SK, Nainwal HC & Ahluwalia RS 377 Water Characterization from the Strengbach CZO: Major Element Concentrations, Isotope Ratios (U, Sr, Nd ) and CFC and 4 He Concentrations Ranchoux C, Viville D, Aquilina L, Labasque T & Chabaux F 378 Using Multicollector ICP-MS with a Desolvating Nebulizer Accessory for Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Ratio Measurements of Speleothem and Marine Coral Samples Smith F & Polyak V 379 Clay Mineral Records in the Southern Part of the Bay of Bengal Since 37 Ma: Link to Evolution of the Bay of Bengal and Paleoenvironmental Changes Song Z & Wan S 200

261 Posters 380 Baseflow Chemistry of Incised Urban Forest Streams: Tracing Ion Contributions Prior to Whole- Watershed Stream Restoration Vinson D, Kiker T & Clinton S 381 Precise Determination of Sr Stable Isotopes Using MC-ICPMS Xu J, Xie X & Yang S 382 Rapid Response of Silicate Weathering to Climate Change: Evidence from Li Isotopes in the Changjiang Delta Sediment Yang C, Yang S & Vigier N (Session 11c continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 221) 11d: The Long Term Carbon Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Perturbations 383 Strontium and Lithium Isotope Variations from Bulk Carbonates Across the Permian Period Bataille C, Cao C, Li W, Tierney K, Saltzman M & Liu X-M 384 Climate Change in Deep Time Carlsson D & Ivarsson M 385 Late Cenozoic Constraints on Carbon Cycle Forcings Derry L 386 Contrasting the Response of Marine Calcifiers and Silicifiers during Carbon Cycle Catastrophes Penman D, Hull P & Ridgwell A 387 Determining Rates and Mechanisms of Geologic Respiration at Watershed Scales Pett-Ridge J, Goni M & Haley B 388 The Acadian Metamorphic Carbon Flux and Devonian Climate Stewart E & Ague J 389 Clay Authigenesis (Reverse Weathering) as a ph-thermostat and its Role in the Evolution of Climate Stability Tang-Isson T & Planavsky N 390 Increased Seasonality Drove the C4 Plant Expansion in Central Asia Since the Miocene-Pliocene Boundary Wan S, Shen X & Colin C 391 Episodic Methane Events Inferred from the Authigenic Pyrites and Sulfur Isotopes in Sediments at Site U1447 of IODP 353 in the Andaman Sea Wang J, Yang J & Wei Q 392 Significance of Source Rock Heterogeneities: A Case Study of Mesoproterozoic Xiamaling Formation Shale in North China Wang X, Zhang S, Wang H, Su J, He K & Wang X (Session 11d continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 222) Wed 13b: Formation of Carbonate, Sulfate, and Phosphate Minerals 393 Channel Carbonate Substitution in Apatite: A New Look with Raman and IR Spectroscopy Pasteris J, Yoder C, Bollmeyer M, Stepien K & Dybing S 201

262 Posters 394 Industrial Waste as a Source of Surface and Groundwater Pollution for More Than Half a Century in a Sector of the Río de la Plata Coastal Plain (Argentina) Santucci L, Carol E & Tanjal C 395 Effect of Vertical Distribution of Organic Phosphorus in Shallow Lake Sediments on Phosphate Photo-Released during Resuspension Liu G & Li X 396 Heterogeneous Lead Phosphate Nucleation at Organic-Water Interfaces: Implications for Lead Immobilization Hu Y, Dai C, Zhao J, Giammar D, Pasteris J & Zuo X Wed 13c: Reactive Transport Concepts: Challenges and Insights from Experimental and Modeling Approaches 397 Controlling Strontium Partitioning during MICP Under Continuous Flow Zambare N, Lauchnor E & Gerlach R 398 THEREDA, the Thermodynamic Reference Database for a Nuclear Waste Disposal in Germany Bok F, Moog H, Altmaier M, Voigt W & Thoenen T 399 Limestone Weathering in the Urban Atmospheric Environment, a Reactive Transport Model for Unsaturated Porous Medium Gentaz L, Saheb M, Verney-Carron A & De Windt L 400 In situ Biodegradation Rates in Contaminated Sediments via a Novel High Resolution Isotopic Approach Gilevska T, Passeport E, Shayan M, Seger E, Lutz E, West K, Morgan S, Mack EE & Sherwood Lollar B 401 Reactive Transport Modeling of Impacts of Dissolved CO 2 on Groundwater Geochemistry Jeen S-W & Ha JH 402 From Atomic Simulations to Larger System Sizes New Approaches to Upscaling Surface Reactivity Rohlfs RD, Fischer C & Luttge A 403 Pore-Scale Quantification of Calcite Cement Reaction Kinetics Trindade Pedrosa E, Heidsiek M, Fischer C & Lüttge A 404 Pore Scale Modeling of Fracture Dissolution in a Caprock Subject to CO 2 -enriched Brine Fazeli H & Hellevang H 13e: Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles: Analysis, Processes and Relevance in the Environment 405 Innovations in Single Particle and Single Cell ICP-MS Accurate Measurements of Particle Number in Cells Stephan C & Merrifield R 406 New Particle Formation in a Urban Traffic Influenced Desert Environment Alfoldy B, Yigiterhan O & Kotb M 202

263 Posters 407 Insights into Interaction of Natural Organic Matter with Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron and Magnetite Chen J & Li Z 408 Spectroscopic Monitoring of the Aging of Sunscreens with TiO 2 UV Filters Slomberg D, Masion A, Ziarelli F, Catalano R, Viel S & Labille J 409 Aging of Wood Stains Containing CeO 2 Nanoparticles as UV Filters Scifo L, Masion A, Chaurand P, Borschneck D, Vidal V, Levard C & Rose J 410 Analyzing Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles: A Way Forward Hofmann T, Kammer F, Praetorius A & Montano M 411 Effectiveness of Riverbank Filtration for Silver Nanoparticle Retention Degenkolb L, Philippe A, Luederwald S, Leuther F, Amininejad S, Vogel H-J & Klitzke S 412 Nanoparticulate Reverse Weathering Products in Focused and Diffuse Hydrothermal Flow Estes E, Berti D, Findlay A, Gartman A, Hochella M, Yucel M & Luther G 413 Quantum dot Dissolution in Photic and Aphotic Aqueous Environments Paydary P & Larese-Casanova P 414 Nanoparticles Pretreatment as a Tool to Enhance Magnetic Soil Washing Sierra C, Boente C & Baragaño D 415 Improvement of the Nanoparticle Size Limit of Detection for SP-ICP-MS Using a Desolvating Nebuliser and Peak Detection Algorithm Optimisation to Distinguish Small Particles from Ionic Backgrounds with the HR-ICP-MS Attom Shaw P, Donard A, Hadioui M & Newman K Wed 13i: Developments in Methods and Applications of Environmental Tracers in Sediments, Water, and Air 418 New Developments at the Laboratory for Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating at USTC Jiang W, Yang G-M, Ritterbusch F, Chu Y-Q, Dong X-Z, Gu J-Q, Hu S-M, Landais A, Lipenkov V, Lu Z-T, Stenni B & Tong A 419 Quantifying the Contribution of Snowmelt to Groundwater Recharge with Portable Mass Spectrometry-Based Dissolved Gas Analysis Schilling OS, Brennwald M, Kipfer R & Therrien R 420 Noble Gas Characterisation of Produced Waters from the Fruitvale and Lost Hills Oil Fields, CA, USA Tyne R, Barry P, Kulongoski J, Landon M, Hillegonds D, McMahon P & Ballentine C 421 Transport Behavior of Escherichia Coli Phage Through the Vadose Zone Zhang W & Qin Y 422 Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistant Genes Contamination in the Subsurface Environment: Sources, Fate/Transport and Remediation Chen Y, Yang YS, Zhang X, Wu YH, Zhang G & Chu T 423 N-Alkanes in Sediments from the Yellow River Estuary, China: Occurrence, Sources and Historical Sedimentary Record Wang S, Liu G, Yuan Z & Da C 424 Using Coal and Heavy Minerals Content for Identifying Fine Sediments Sources in Jiu River Basin (Romania) Morosanu GA, Traista E, Zaharia L & Belleudy P 203

264 Posters Wed 425 Application of ICP-Qqq to Isotope Tracer Studies Jackson B, Sharma M, Seo J-H & Strauss J 426 A Novel Method for Determination of 90 Sr Using Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Sahoo SK & Kavasi N 427 The Sources Identification of Ammonia in Groundwater Based on Isotopes Data in an Agricultral Area, Northeastern China Du S, Liu Y & Zhang L 428 A Modified Method for Determination of Sedimentary Sulfur Species and Isotopes in Mining Area Ye H, Xie Y, Lu G & Dang Z 429 Cu, Zn and Pb Contamination Sources in Dadaepo Port (South Korea) Sediments Using Stable Metal Isotopes (δ65cu, δ 66 Zn, 207 Pb/ 206 Pb) Choi M, Joe D, Sun C, Kim S & Kim S 430 Impact of Lifestyle of Mountainous Rural Regions (Illegal Dumpsites and Latrine) on the Natural Water and Climate Change in Georgia Dvalishvili N 431 Development and Application of C and N Isotope Analysis in Investigating Alkaline Hydrolysis Mechanism of 2, 4-Dinitroanisole Wang C, Heraty L, Sturchio N, Fuller M & Hatzinger P 432 Study on the Fate of Radionuclide in Concrete Waste Kim W-S, Kang J, Kwon S & Chang S 434 Tracing the Spatio-Temporal Variability of Hyporheic Exchange Flow Popp A & Kipfer R 435 Quantifying Air/Water Exchange Using High-Resolution Time Series of Dissolved Atmospheric Ar, Kr, and N 2 in Shallow Surface Waters Brennwald MS, Weber UW, Cook P, Kipfer R & Stieglitz T 436 Tracing Sources of Industrial Waste and Anthropogenic Pollution Using Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes Wu P-C, Huang K-F & Lee D-C 437 Measurement of Silicon in Waters and Soils Using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Li G, Guan D-X, Luo J, Xu Y-Y & Zhu Y-G (Session 13i continues on Thursday 16th AM on page 224) 14a: Education and Outreach for Geochemists Posters for this session are displayed all week on boards and Details can be found on page

265 Goldschmidt 2018 Summary and Highlights Thursday 16th August 2018 Timetable 08:30-11:30 Thursday AM Orals 11:45-12:45 Thursday Plenary (Fumio Inagaki) 14:15-17:15 Thursday PM Orals 17:15-19:15 Thursday Posters Thu Highlights 08:30 (302) Susan Brantley (Urey Award) 10:30 (210) Yuichiro Ueno (F. Earl Ingerson Lecture) 14:15 (306) Morgan Schaller (Houtermans Award) 16:30 (207) Shigeyuki Wakaki (The Geochemical Journal Award 2018) Other Events 08:30 (Ballroom C) Theme 14 Interactive event 12:45 (302) Communicating Science 12:45 (304) How to be a successful Post-doc 12:45 (300) Meet the Plenary Lunch with Fumio Inagaki 12:45 (107) Geochemical Perspectives Editorial Board Meeting 13:00 (Thermo) Your Curiosity, Our Geosciences Portfolio 13:00 (108) Data Management Planning workshop 14:15 (102) K-12 Delegates: Afternoon workshop: Engaging students in understanding the Earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues 17:30 (103) Tianjin University Day 18:00 (109) Goldschmidt Forum 20:00 (Ballroom C) Goldschmidt Banquet 205

266 Oral Presentations Overview Thu AM e 06h 05k 06o / 06m 07i 09m 10d 07a 08:30 Nakamura Ren Pomerantz Nelson Moore Reinhard Malkin 08:45 Fenton Dogan -Kulahci Pearce Agarwal Rafter Guilbaud Cook Bekker 09:00 Grove Lopano Raymaekers Baars Bowyer Hermans Kasting Tremblay 09:15 Mourey Burkett Schmidt Pham Sperling Szeinbaum Thiemens 09:30 Guralnik Cukjati Tang Bullard Conte Cheng Chronopoulou Laskar 09:45 Balter Ferrero Winterburn Kulik Zheng Krause Dick Lyons 10:00 Spector Zhang Swift Archer Payne Parada Blamey Gebauer 10:15 Le Houedec Rusiecka Wallace Torfstein Elrick Berlendis Hull 10:30 Mezger Hammer Peters Gale Torres Liguori Pires Shen Luxem Ueno 10:45 Erez Moldowan Harding Cheize Meixnerová Napieralski 11:00 Atwood Hajimirza Loan Fernandez -Gonzalez Klar Li McClelland Heays 11:15 Reed Maneta Liao Kubicki Escobar Zhao Masiello 206

267 a 13i 11c / 11d 01h 03l 04g 03b 13m 08:30 Chen Bizzarro McKenzie Rabin Gardes Hovorka Blundy 08:45 Brantley Hishamunda Bouvier Vander Auwera Gaulier Lee 09:00 Weber Brasser Goltz Karakas Groenenberg Paytan 09:15 Reid Walker Bindeman Mathieu Weber Merrot Williams 09:30 Bern Relph Budde Hartnett Aaltonen Klein Boyle 09:45 Moore Barry Aarons Fischer -Gödde Zhao Humphreys Werts Li 10:00 Wen Kulongoski Charbonnier Varas -Reus Lee Naslund Geiger Cloquet 10:15 Kumar Dovhyi Chen Toth Ohmoto Lange Chin Scheiderich 10:30 Chorover Ben Hamouda Percival Fehr Ely Reubi Müntener Thomas 10:45 Edwards Huang Yang Zhou Hood Liszewska Delph El -Hasan 11:00 Chadwick Borecka Li Mojzsis Barlow Cannatelli Salters Kuo 11:15 Maher Hu Yager Harrison Fournier France Gill Friedlander Oral Presentations Overview Thu AM 207

268 01h AM 309 Thu 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad Session chaired by Claire Nichols, James Bryson, Jonathan Tucker, Sami Mikhail, Miki Nakajima, Colin Jackson, Alison Hunt, Mario Fischer- Gödde, Stephen Mojzsis, Ramon Brasser, Mihkel Kama & Amy Bonsor 08:30 High-Resolution U-Pb Chronology of Ancient Martian Zircons Bizzarro M, Costa M & Connelly J 08:45 Evidence for Extremely Rapid Magma Ocean Crystallization and Crust Formation on Mars Bouvier L, Costa MM, Connelly J & Bizzarro M 09:00 What is Mars Accretion History? Brasser R, Dauphas N & Mojzsis SJ 09:15 Keynote: Revisiting Late Accretion Walker R 09:30 Earth s Accretion History Inferred from the Molybdenum Isotope Dichotomy of Meteorites Budde G, Burkhardt C & Kleine T 09:45 Ruthenium Isotope Constraints on the Timing of Volatile Element Accretion Fischer-Gödde M, Elfers B-M, Münker C, Maier W, Szilas K & Morishita T 10:00 Selenium Isotope Composition of Mantle Peridotites Varas-Reus MI, König S, Yierpan A, Kurzawa T, Schönberg R & Lorand JP 10:15 Tellurium Stable Isotopes and the Composition of the Late Veneer Toth ER, Fehr M, König S & Schönbächler M 10:30 The Sn Isotope Composition of Chondrites, the Earth and the Moon Friebel M, Fehr M & Schönbächler M 10:45 The Core-Core Direct Merge Giant-Impact Zhou Y & Liu Y 11:00 Onset of Giant Planet Migration ca Ga Mojzsis S, Brasser R, Kelly N, Abramov O & Werner S 11:15 A Late Heavy Bombardment? Harrison M, Hodges K & Boehnke P (Session 01h continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 228) 208

269 03b 312 AM 03b: Igneous Processes throughout the Arc Crustal Column and Oceanic Mantle Session chaired by Barbara Ratschbacher, Brenhin Keller, Kyle Samperton, Katie Ardill, Yildirim Dilek, Véronique Le Roux, Ali Polat & Christy Till 08:30 Keynote: Transcrustal Magmatic Systems Blundy J, Jackson M & Melekhova E 09:00 Invited: Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems Karakas O, Wotzlaw J-F, Degruyter W, Bachmann O, Economos R, Ulmer P, Dufek J & Bergantz G 09:15 Invited: Thermal Modelling of Magma Fluxes and the Petrological Evolution of Magmatic Systems Weber G, Simpson G & Caricchi L 09:30 What Controls the Stratification and Thickness of Arc Crust? Klein B & Jagoutz O 09:45 Volcanic vs Plutonic Hornblende: Tools for Discerning Crystal Accumulation and Melt Loss Werts K, Barnes C, Memeti V, Paterson S, Ratschbacher B & Williams D 10:00 Multi-Level Magma Plumbing at Agung and Batur Volcanoes Increases Risk of Hazardous Eruptions Geiger H, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Jolis EM, Harris C, Hilton DR & Freda C 10:15 Invited: The Role of the Upper Plate in Arc Magmatic Differentiation Chin E 10:30 An Experimental Perspective on the Diversity of (Lower) Arc Crust: Key Role of Water Contents Müntener O & Ulmer P 10:45 Invited: A Geochemical and Seismic Search for Deep, Active MASH Zones Delph J, Shimizu K, Rasmussen D, Ratschbacher B & Pu X 11:00 What Have the Magmas of Indian Heaven and Mounts St. Helens, Cascades Arc, in Common? Salters V, Larson P, Sisson T & Clynne M 11:15 Igneous Architecture of Cenozoic Juvenile Oceanic Arc Crust from Start to Finish Gill J Thu (Session 03b continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 230) 209

270 03l AM 310 Thu 03l: Building an Integrated Theory of Earth Evolution from Observations of Earth s Thermochemical, Tectonic, Crustal and Biogeochemical Evolution Session chaired by Nicolas Greber, Joshua Davies, Jesse Reimink, A. D. Anbar, Christy Till, Ann Bauer & Devon Cole 08:30 Invited: Perspectives on Crustal Evolution from Zircon Geochemistry throughout Earth History McKenzie R, Smye A, Liu H & Stockli D 08:45 Keynote: On Continent Formation, Unconformities and the Cambrian Explosion Lee C-T & Jiang H 09:15 Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Shales Through Time: Rapid Emergence of Subaerial Landmasses at 2.5Ga Bindeman I, Zakharov D, Greber N, Dauphas N, Retallack G, Hofmann A, Lackey JS & Bekker A 09:30 Solid-Earth Processes are Key Drivers in the Evolution of Earth s Redox State and Set the Stage for the Great Oxidation Event Hartnett H, Till C, Anbar A, Glaser D, Guild M, Iacovino K, Johnson A, Leong J & Ostrander C 09:45 Significant Influence of Seawater Calcium Concentration on Marine Phosphorus Burial Zhao M, Planavsky N, Tarhan L, Zhang S & Reinhard C 10:00 Keynote: Aiding Atmosphere Oxidation Through Mantle Convection Lee K, Gu T, Creasy N, Li M, McCammon C & Girard J 10:15 (Bio)geochemical Cycles of S, C, Fe, and O on the Hotter Archean Earth Ohmoto H, Graham U, Watanabe Y, Brainard J, Chorney A, Hamasaki H, Tsukamoto Y & Liu Z-K 10:30 Using Basalt Oxide Compositions to Predict Redox Buffering Capacity Ely T & Shock E 10:45 Sustained High-Mg Precambrian Ocean Conditions: A Two Billion Year Hangover? Hood A, Zhang S, Planavsky N & Wallace M 11:00 Turee Creek Group Microfossils Highlight Early Paleoproterozoic Diversity and Complexity Barlow EV & Van Kranendonk MJ 11:15 Testing Biogeochemical Hypotheses of Microbial Evolution Using Time-Calibrated Gene Transfer Phylogenies Fournier G, Wolfe J, Momper L, Moore K & Magnabosco C 210

271 04g 311 AM 04g: Magma Dynamics and Timescales in Volcanic Environments Session chaired by Silvio Mollo, Matteo Masotta, Keith Putirka, Olivier Bachmann, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Christoph Beier, Michael Bizimis, Rebecca Lange & Stephen Turner 08:30 Processes Involved in Iron Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation: The Kerguelen Archipelago Case Rabin S, Poitrasson F, Grégoire M & Sossi P 08:45 Magmatic Processes and Mantle Melting Under La Picada Stratovolcano (CSVZ, Chile) Vander Auwera J, Namur O, Dutrieux A, Ganerød M, Coumont V & Bolle O 09:00 Petrology and Geochemistry of Mafic Enclaves from Shiveluch Volcano, Kamchatka Goltz AE, Krawczynski MJ, Gavrilenko M, Gorbach NV & Ruprecht P 09:15 Contamination of Layered Intrusions: The Lac Doré Complex Example Mathieu L 09:30 Crustal Contamination Recorded by Zoned Plagioclase in Primitive Karoo Flood Basalts, Mozambique Aaltonen M, Luttinen A & Turunen S 09:45 Keynote: The Textural and Chemical Records of Mushy Magma Dynamics Humphreys M, Cooper G, Zhang J, Loewen M, Kent A, Metcalfe A, Macpherson C, Ottley C & Davidson J 10:00 Basal Olivine-Rich Zones in Sills: Slurry Injection vs. Crystal Settling; Static vs. Dynamic Reequilibration Naslund HR & Haddad J 10:15 Evidence for <1 Month Timescale between Melt Segregation, Ascent, Crystal Growth and Eruption of the Bishop Tuff, CA Lange R & Jolles J 10:30 The Making of Porphyritic Andesites at Volcán de Colima Reubi O, Sims KWW & Varley NR 10:45 Compositional Diversity in Phenocrysts and Glass in the Green Tuff Ignimbrite, Pantelleria (Italy) Liszewska K, White J, Macdonald R & Bagiński B 11:00 Magma Evolution at the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone (Chile): Insights into Subduction Processes by Means of Melt Inclusions Cannatelli C, Tapia F, Wong M, Robbiano F, Hernandez L, Buscher J, Leisen M & Morata D 11:15 Magma Composition, and Architecture of the Active Deep Plumbing System at Oldoinyo Lengai Carbonatite Volcano, Tanzania France L, Mollex G, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Wilke S & Deloule E Thu (Session 04g continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 232) 211

272 05k AM 203 Thu 05k: Non-Traditional Analytical Approaches for the Geochemical Characterization of Energy and Mineral Resources Session chaired by Aaron Jubb, Ryan McAleer & Palma Botterell-Jarboe 08:30 Invited: Organic Matter Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties Measured at Nanoscale Pomerantz A, Yang J, Hatcherian J & Hackley P 08:45 Detail and Context: Using Core-Scale μxrf Imaging to Understand Ore Deposits Pearce M, Fisher L, Ryan C, Moorhead G, Kirkham R & Hough R 09:00 Distribution and Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Clay Deposits via Synchrotron µ-xrf and µ-xanes Stuckman M, Lopano C, Montross S, Verba C & McKoy M 09:15 Use of pxrd in the Quantitative Assessment of Alteration in Epithermal Au Deposits Burkett D, Graham I & Chomiszak G 09:30 An Effective Partial Extraction Method for Concealed Mineral Exploration Tang S, Ma S & Hu S 09:45 Anomalous Geochemical Responses in Till Above Mineralization: Application of Copper Isotopes to Evaluate Sources Winterburn P, Chouinard R, Bodner M, Rich S & Amini M 10:00 4-D Permeability in a Gas Shale: When 10 nm Voxels are too Large Swift A, Sheets J & Cole D 10:15 Invited: A Forward Flux Sampling Method for Probing Geochemical Reaction Rates and Mechanisms with Molecular Dynamics Simulations Wallace A 10:30 Chemometrics Identifies Oil Families and Paleoclimatic Control on Source Organofacies, Santa Maria, CA Peters K, Lillis P, Lorenson T & Zumberge J 10:45 Keynote: Applications of Advanced Geochemical Technologies (AGTs) to Petroleum Systems Analysis Moldowan M & Dahl J 11:00 Quantifying Mineralogy, Total Organic Carbon, and Thermal Maturity in Unconventional Reservoirs with DRIFTS Loan M, Craddock P & Pomerantz A 11:15 Molecular Transformation in Simulated Aerobic Biodegradation of a Sulfur-Rich Crude Oil Studied by ESI FT ICR MS Liao Y, Liu W, Pan Y, Zeng Q, Jiang B, Hsu C & Shi Q 212

273 06h 202 AM 06h: Diffusion, Growth, and Reaction in High Temperature Environments: Small Scale Processes with Large Scale Implications Session chaired by Mona Sirbescu, Don Baker, Sarah B. Cichy, Chloe Bonamici, Elias Bloch, Christy Till, Katharina Marquardt & Michael Jollands 08:30 Mechanisms of Argon Release and Rates of Argon Diffusion in Hypogene and Supergene Alunites Ren Z & Vasconcelos P 08:45 Insights on the PTX Fluid-Conditions of the Afyon Volcanic Rocks (Western Anatolia, Turkey) from Natural Rocks and Phase Relation Experiments Dogan-Kulahci GD, Cichy SB, Spallanzani R & Temel A 09:00 Invited: Kinetic and Geologic Controls on Olivine Spinifex Textures in Komatiites Grove T & Parman S 09:15 3D Quantification of Olivine Growth Rates Mourey A & Shea T 09:30 Atom Probe Tomography of Olivine and Clinopyroxene Grain and Phase Boundaries in Deformed Wehrlite Cukjati J, Parman S, Cooper R & Zhao N 09:45 Invited: Mineral Growth and Metastability Phenomena in Melt Inclusions from Metamorphic Rocks Ferrero S, Angel RJ, Wunder B & O Brien PJ 10:00 Insights into Crystal Growth Rates from a Study of Orbicular Granitoids Zhang J & Lee C-T 10:15 The Effect of Boron on Nucleation and Growth in Pegmatite-Forming Melts Rusiecka M & Baker D 10:30 Keynote: Nucleation: An Existential Problem in an Extreme Environment Hammer J, First E, Shea T, Leonhardi T & Brachfeld S 11:00 Homogeneous Bubble Nucleation in Rhyolite Hajimirza S, Gonnermann HM, Gardner JE & Giachetti T 11:15 Crystallization of Miarolitic Pocket Minerals: Insights from Hydrothermal Diamond Anvil Cell Experiments Maneta V & Anderson AJ Thu 213

274 06m AM 204 Thu 06m: Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface: Dissolution, Precipitation and Controls on Geochemical Element Cycling Session chaired by Jörn Hövelmann, Sasha Wilson, Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo & Christine Putnis 10:00 Keynote: On the Mechanisms of Nucleation Pathways in Aqueous Solutions Gebauer D 10:30 Invited: Simulation of Mineral-Fluid Interfaces and their Influence on Surface Binding Garcia N, De La Pierre M, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Stack A & Gale J 10:45 Simulating the Effect of Peptides on Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Finney A, Innocenti-Malini R, Freeman C & Harding J 11:00 Co-precipitation of Zinc and Calcium Carbonates in Porous Media at Ambient Conditions Fernandez-Gonzalez A, Sanchez-Pastor N, Perez-Garrido C & Fernandez-Diaz L 11:15 Simulation of Sr(II) Adsorption and Sr-Ba Exchange on Barite (BaSO 4 ) Kubicki J, Kommu A, Bracco J, Lee SS, Fenter P & Stack A (Session 06m continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 236) 214

275 06o 204 AM 06o: Mineralogical and (Geo-)chemical Processes Relevant to a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Mining and Advanced Fuel Materials to Waste Disposal, Hyperalkaline Zeolite Chemistry and Alkali Activated Cement Session chaired by Eric Breynaert, Özlem Cizer, Florie Caporuscio, David Sassani, Sarah Finkeldei, Andy Nelson, Gordon Thorogood & Hisayuki Suematsu 08:30 Degradation Mechanisms of Light Water Reactor Fuel Materials Following a Cladding Breach Nelson A 08:45 Invited: Radiation Effects on SiC/SiC Composites for Advanced Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Tubes Agarwal S 09:00 The Link between Cation Exchange Properties and Stability of Zeolites in Hyper-Alkaline Media Raymaekers R, Wangermez W, Van Tendeloo L, Kirschhock C, Maes A & Breynaert E 09:15 Formation of Zeolites in Sandstone-Brine Interaction Experiments Under Geothermal Conditions Schmidt RB, Göttlicher J & Stober I 09:30 Keynote: Measuring and Interpreting the Dissolution Rates of Cementitious Silicate and Aluminate Minerals Bullard J & Brand A 09:45 A Realistic Three-Site Solid Solution Model of C-S-H Kulik D, Miron GD & Lothenbach B Thu Session 06m follows this session in this room. For details see page

276 07a AM 210 Thu 07a: Atmospheric Chemistry of Past and Present Earth and Mars Session chaired by Mark Thiemens, Robina Shaheen, Zongbo Shi & Athanasios Nenes 08:30 Keynote: Emergence of Large Seawater Sulfate Reservoir Without MIF-S at the Early Stage of the GOE Bekker A, Crockford P & Wing B 09:00 Chain Formation as a Mechanism for Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Archean Atmosphere Harman C, Pavlov A, Babikov D & Kasting J 09:15 Keynote: Present Day Atmospheric S-Cycle Provide Clues to the Mystery of Precambrian S-Mif Signal Shaheen R, Thiemens M & Lin M 09:30 Clumped Isotopes in Firn Air O 2 to Study Tropospheric O 3 Variations in Recent Past Laskar A, Andew G & Roeckmann T 09:45 Pressure Broadening in SO 2 and Implications for S-Mif Lyons J, Herde H, Stark G, Blackie D, Pickering J & de Oliveira N 10:00 Development of a Halite Screening Protocol for Ancient Atmosphere Blamey N, Brand U, Parnell J, Lecuyer C, Heizler M, Fralick P, Davis A & Shaver K 10:15 A Possible Mechanism for Sulfur Mass Independent Fractionation that Involves Perturbations in the UV Spectrum of S2 Hull A, Ono S & Field R 10:30 Honorary: Carbon Monoxide as a Key to Understand Early Mars and Earth Ueno Y 11:00 Photolysis of SO Isotopologues Heays A, Lyons J, Stark G & de Oliveira N (Session 07a continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 237) 216

277 07i 206 AM 07i: New Insights in Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry Session chaired by Christian Schlosser, Rene Boiteau & Daniel Ohenmus 08:30 Invited: Differential Coupling of Oceanic Nutrient Cycles Controlled Through Maximum Biotic Uptake Ratios Moore M, Bernardello R & Martin A 08:45 Recycled Iron Fuels Nitrate Consumption in all High Nutrient, Low Chlorophyll Regions Rafter P 09:00 Siderophore Production by Trichodesmium Epibiont Isolates Baars O, McRose D, Morel F, Frischkorn K & Dyhrman S 09:15 What Controls the Subsurface Extrema of Dissolved Iron in the Upper Ocean Thermocline? Pham A & Ito T 09:30 Trace Elemental Scavenging by Particle Flux Processes in the Deep Ocean Interior: Insights from the Oceanic Flux Program Time-Series Conte M, Carter A, Koweek D & Weber JC 09:45 Distribution of Recycled-Type Trace Metals (Ni, Cu, Zn, and Cd) in Dissolved and Labile Particulate Fractions in the North Pacific Ocean Zheng L, Minami T, Takano S & Sohrin Y 10:00 Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the Sth. Atlantic Ocean Is it Significant? Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M 10:15 Trace Element Fluxes and Export Production Across Daily-, Seasonal-, and Multiannual- Timescales in the Oligotrophic Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea Torfstein A & Kienast S 10:30 The Transpolar Drift Influence on the Silicon Cycle in the Arctic Ocean Torres Liguori Pires B, Ehlert C, Noethig E-M & Pahnke K 10:45 High Resolution Particulate Trace Metals Dispersion from the TAG Hydrothermal Vent (Mid- Atlantic Ridge) Cheize M, Planquette H, González-Santana D, Whitby H, Gourain A, Holmes T, Guyader V, Germain Y, Roudaut M, Cathalot C, Sarthou G, Pelleter E & Fouquet Y 11:00 Distribution of Iron Isotopes in the Western North Atlantic along the GEOVIDE Transect Klar JK, Lacan F, Pradoux C & Artigue L 11:15 Distribution of Helium Isotopes along 47 N of the Subarctic North Pacific Escobar MT, Takahata N, Obata H & Sano Y Thu (Session 07i continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 238) 217

278 08e AM 200 Thu 08e: What do Your Proxy Records Mean? Quantifying Fidelity and Uncertainty in Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions Session chaired by Greg Balco, Pierre-Henri Blard, Yvette Eley, Michael Hren, William Defliese & Alberto Perez-Huerta 08:30 Climatic Controls on Paleo-Erosion Rates in Mid-Latitude Monsoon Regions Nakamura A, Yokoyama Y & Matsuzaki H 08:45 The SPICE Project: Preliminary Cosmogenic 10 Be, 14 C, and 21 Ne Production Rates in Quartz from the 72 ka SP Lava Flow, AZ, USA Fenton C, Niedermann S, Dunai T & Binnie S 09:00 Keynote: Late Quaternary Temperatures Recorded by Cosmogenic 3 He in Yosemite Valley Rock Avalanche Deposits Tremblay M, Uebner M, Shuster D, Stock G & Balco G 09:30 Cosmogenic 3 He- 10 Be- 14 C Dating Quantifies Alpine Climate Response to Global Warming Guralnik B, Tremblay M, Phillips M, Gribenski N, Valla P, Hippe K & Shuster DL 09:45 Invited: A Late Cenozoic Glacial History of the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica Using 3 He, 21 Ne, and 10 Be Surface Exposure Ages Balter A, Bromley G, Balco G, Thomas H & Jackson M 10:00 Invited: Constraints on the Glacial History of West Antarctic Nunataks from Measurements of 10 Be, 26 Al, and 21 Ne in Bedrock Surfaces Spector P, Stone J, Balco G & Hillebrand T 10:15 Calcium Concentration Controls on Shell Na/Ca in Cultured Planktonik Foraminifera (Globigerina Siphonifera) Le Houedec S, Erez J, Rosenthal Y, Haynes L, Hönisch B & Zhou X 10:30 Planktonic Foraminiferal Na/Ca as a Proxy for Salinity Mezger E, de Nooijer L, Brummer G-J, Siccha M, Kucera M & Reichart G-J 10:45 Multi Proxy Elemental Calibrations in Biogenic Carbonates (Foraminifera, Corals and Sea Urchins) Erez J, Hauzer H, Ram S, Erel Y, Yona M, Rosenthal Y & Evans D 11:00 A Coral Ensemble Approach to Reconstructing Mean Climate and Seasonality from the Central Pacific Atwood AR, Cobb KM, Jones A, Grothe PR, Sayani HR, Chiang JCH, Hitt NT, Chen T, Deocampo DM, Southon JR, Edwards RL & Cheng H 11:15 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Assessing Impact of Skeletal Density and Transect Quality on Geochemistry in Sub-Fossil Corals from the Galápagos Islands Reed E, Thompson D, Cole J, Lough J, Vetter L, Snyder M, Jimenez G, Tudhope S, Edwards L & Cantin N (Session 08e continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 239) 218

279 09m 207 AM 09m: Biotic and Geochemical Co-evolution from the Neoproterozoic Through the Paleozoic Session chaired by Feifei Zhang, Shuhai Xiao, Jun Shen & Xiangli Wang 08:30 Invited: Nutrients, Ecosystems, and the Expansion of Eukaryotic Life Reinhard C, Ward B, Planavsky N, Love G & Ridgwell A 08:45 Redox Controls on the Preservation of Organic Fossils Through the Neoproterozoic and the Cambrian Guilbaud R, Slater BJ, Harvey THP, Poulton SW & Butterfield NJ 09:00 Redox and Ecological Complexity Across the Ediacaran-Cambrian Boundary Bowyer F, Wood R, Poulton S, Hardisty D & Lyons T 09:15 An Exceptional Record of Early- to Mid-Paleozoic Redox Change from the Road River Group, Yukon, Canada Sperling E, Strauss J, Tiffani F, Austin M, Sabrina T, Joseph M, Stephanie P-T, Liam B, Stockey R, Devon C, Noah P, David L, Lenz A & Melchin M 09:30 Evidence for Non-Productivity-Controled Oceanic Anoxia in Early Cambrian Cheng M, Li C & Zhang F-F 09:45 Stepwise Oxygenation of the Paleozoic Atmosphere Krause A, Mills B, Zhang S, Planavsky N, Lenton T & Poulton S 10:00 Invited: Temperature-Dependent Hypoxia and End-Permian Mass Extinction Penn J, Deutsch C, Payne J & Sperling E 10:15 Do Uranium Isotopes of Marine Limestones Provide Evidence for Seawater Anoxia as a Common Driver for Phanerozoic Mass Extinctions? Elrick M, White D, Bartlett R & Romaniello S 10:30 Intensified Anoxia during the Permian-Triassic Transition: Evidence from U Isotope Records in Muddy Sediments Shen J & Planavsky N 10:45 Nutrient Cycling in the Permian Phosphoria Formation Meixnerová J, Smith B, Kipp M & Buick R 11:00 Mg Isotope Clue for Restriction of the Tethys Ocean during the P-T Transition Li W, Hu Z, Zhang H, Krainer K, Zheng Q & Shen S 11:15 Uranium Isotope Variation Across the Smithian-Spathian Boundary Zhao H, Zhang F, Algeo T, Romaniello S & Anbar A Thu 219

280 10d AM 208 Thu 10d: What the Flux?: Advances in Understanding the Role of Microbes and Animals in Governing Biogeochemical Flux at Local and Global Scales Session chaired by Jacob Waldbauer, Andrew Steen, Eric Roden, Eric Boyd, Nick Butterfield, Gilad Antler, Aubrey Zerkle, Peter Girgius & Robinson Fulweiler 08:30 Invited: Seasonality of Sediment-Associated Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria in an Oxygen-Stressed Estuary Malkin S 08:45 Cable Bacteria Enhance Iron Driven Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammoium in Estuarine Sediments Cook P, Kessler A, Glud R & Meysman F 09:00 Impact of Cable Bacteria on the Biogeochemistry of Coastal Sediment Hermans M, Behrends T, Risgaard-Petersen N, Meysman FJR & Slomp CP 09:15 Metaproteomics Reveal Uncharacterized Betaproteobacterial Electron Conduits Szeinbaum N, Henny C, Crowe S, Stewart F, DiChristina T, Reinhard C, Nunn B & Glass J 09:30 Metagenomics Reveal Dominance of Sulfur Cycle Related Bacteria Inside Benthic Foraminifera Chronopoulou M, Salonen I, Bird C, Reichart G-J & Koho K 09:45 Changes in Carbon Oxidation State of Metagenomes along Geochemical Redox Gradients Dick J, Tan J, Yu M & Lu A 10:00 Evaluating the Distribution and Genomic Content of Novel Microbes Across Physical and Geochemical Gradients in Deep-Sea Sediments Parada A, Fortney J, Bishara A, Moss E, Bhatt A & Dekas A 10:15 Unraveling Diversity of Extremophiles along Salinity Gradient at the Sea-Water Interfaces of Several Mediterranean Deep Hypersaline Anoxic Lakes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea Berlendis S, Maignien L, Yakimov MM, La Cono V & La Spada G 10:30 Redox Homeostasis by Alternative V-Nitrogenase Improves Growth Luxem KE, Kraepiel AML & Zhang X 10:45 Aerobic Microbial Lithotrophic Oxidation of Pyrite at Neutral ph Napieralski S, Marcon V, Brantley S & Roden E 11:00 Hedging Your Bet(-Hedging): A Population-Level Strategy for Optimizing Microbial Growth McClelland H, Fike D, Jones C, Chubiz L & Bradley A 11:15 New Synthetic Biology Tools to Scale up Microbial Processes in Soils and Sediments Masiello C, Silberg J, Cheng S, Del Valle I, Fulk E, Gao X & Bennett G 220

281 11c 306 AM 11c: Tracing Weathering Processes in a Dynamic Climate: Applications of Isotope Proxies Session chaired by Sarah Aarons, Carli Arendt, Emily Stevenson, Ramananda Chakrabarti & Sambuddha Misra 08:30 Potassium Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering of Basalts Chen H, Liu X & Wang K 08:45 Li, Mg and Sr Isotopic Variability in the Godavari River: Implications for Incongruent vs Congruent Weathering of Basalts Hishamunda V, Misra S & Chakrabarti R 09:00 Keynote: Geochemistry, Weathering and Other Processes A Teachable Moment Paytan A 09:30 Sources of Sulfate in the Mekong River Relph K, Tipper E, Bickle M, Turchyn A, Antler G, Feng L & Baronas J 09:45 Invited: Competing Droughts Affect Dust Delivery to the Sierra Nevada Aarons S, Arvin L, Aronson E, Aciego S, Riebe C, Hart S & Carey C 10:00 Barium Stable Isotopes as a Fingerprint of Biological Uptake and Release: The Case of Amazon Basin Charbonnier Q, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J & Dellinger M 10:15 Intense Chemical Weathering during Early Triassic Revealed by Mg Isotopes Chen X-Y, Teng F-Z, Huang K-J & Algeo T Thu Session 11d follows this session in this room. For details see page

282 11d AM 306 Thu 11d: The Long Term Carbon Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Perturbations Session chaired by Clement Bataille, Ryan McKenzie, Aisha Al-Suwaidi & Micha Ruhl 10:30 The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: New Geochemical and Geochronological Insights Percival L, Davies J, Selby D, Schaltegger U, Rakocinski M, Racki G, Bond D, Spangenberg J, Adatte T & Föllmi K 10:45 Tropical Climate Instability during the Early Permian Deglaciation Yang J, Montañez IP, Cawood PA, Condon DJ, Du Y, Yan J-X, Yan S & Huang Y 11:00 Invited: Astrochronology of the End-Permian Extinction and the Early-Middle Triassic Li M, Huang C, Ogg J, Hinnov L, Zhang Y, Chen W & Tian W 11:15 Invited: The Timing of Redox Changes, CAMP Volcanism, and the End-Triassic Extinction from the Levanto Section (Northern Peru) Yager JA, West AJ, Corsetti FA, Berelson WM, Thibodeau AM, Pinedo-González P, Rosas BS, Bergquist BA & Bottjer DJ (Session 11d continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 242) 222

283 12a 302 AM 12a: Using Geochemistry and Big Data to Understand the Biological- Geological Co-evolution of the Critical Zone - Including Human Impacts Session chaired by Elisabeth Bui, Martin Goldhaber & Tao Wen 08:30 Medal: Exploring Subsurface Geochemical Landscapes in the Critical Zone Brantley S 09:15 Keynote: The East River Watershed: Hydrobiogeochemical Studies Spanning Scales and Disciplines Williams K 09:45 Describing and Understanding Elevated Solute Concentrations and Fluxes from Urban Watersheds Using Weekly Data Across 15 Years Moore J, Bird D & Groffman P 10:00 Using Machine Learning to Detect Anomalous Methane in Groundwater within Shale Gas Production Areas Wen T, Liu M, Zheng G, Brantley SL & Li Z 10:15 Understanding Multivariate Causal Dependencies from Time-Series Observations Kumar P, Jiang P & Goodwell A 10:30 Keynote: Measuring Critical Zone Co-evolution in Real Time Chorover J, Olshansky Y, Pelletier J, Rasmussen C, Barron-Gafford G & Abramson N 10:45 Incorporating Soil, Geochemistry, and Topography, as Well as Climate in to Evolutionary Models Allows the Identification of Adaptive Processes in Plant Diversification Edwards R & Bui E 11:00 Utilizing Remotely Sensed Folair Characteristics to Understand Landscape-Scale Critical Zone Processes Chadwick KD & Asner G 11:15 Does Nutrient Demand Control Rock Weathering? A Model Analysis Maher K & von Blanckenburg F Thu 223

284 13i AM 304 Thu 13i: Developments in Methods and Applications of Environmental Tracers in Sediments, Water, and Air Session chaired by Martin Stute & Rolf Kipfer 08:30 Keynote: Roles of Tracers in Assuring Storage of Carbon Dioxide Hovorka S 09:00 CO 2 Capture Processes Monitored with Noble Gas Measurements Weber UW, Sundal A, Brennwald M, Ringrose P, Aagaard P & Kipfer R 09:15 Pathways for Nitrous Oxide Evasion from Ecosystems at Land-Water Boundaries McGuire P, Wang S & Reid M 09:30 Refining Principal Component and Compositional Data Analysis for Understanding Water Quality and Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions Bern C, Holmberg M & Kisfalusi Z 09:45 Noble Gas Characteristics in Groundwaters Near Selected Oil Fields from the San Joaquin Basin, USA Barry P, Hunt A, Kulongoski J, Tyne R, Davis T, Wright M, McMahon P, Landon M & Ballentine C 10:00 Methane Emissions from Groundwater Pumping in the USA Kulongoski J & McMahon P 10:15 Techniques for Studying of Cosmogenic, Artificial and Natural Radionuclides in the Black Sea Dovhyi I, Bezhin N, Vydysh A, Kozlovskaya O, Kremenchutskii D, Milyutin V & Proskurnin V 10:30 A Multi-Isotope Approach to Trace Salinization in the Lower Valley of Wadi Medjerda, Nothern Tunisia Ben Hamouda MF, Nouiri I, Tarhouni J, Fernandez D, Solomon K & Matiatos I 10:45 Heavy Metal Source Apportionment in Soil by Using Vanadium Isotopic Ratios and Speciation Characteristics Huang Y, Long Z, Liu C, Zhang S, Wang R & Liu R 11:00 The Exposure Assessment of the Residues of Pharmaceuticals in SGD Area in the Bay of Puck, Southern Baltic Sea Borecka M, Białk-Bielińska A & Szymczycha B 11:15 Levels and Sources of PAHs in Air-Borne PM 2.5 of Hefei City, China Hu R, Liu G, Zhang H, Xue H & Wang X (Session 13i continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 245) 224

285 13m 313 AM 13m: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants Session chaired by Sarah Jane White, Sebastien Rauch, Saugata Datta, Elsie Sunderland, Jeroen Sonke & Rudolph Hon 08:30 Organic Compounds and Trace Metal Elements in the Eure River Watershed: Past and Actual Records of Anthropogenic Impacts Gardes T, Debret M, Copard Y, Koltalo F, Patault E, Laberdesque Y, Develle A-L, Deloffre J, Marcotte S, Sabatier P, Chaumillon E, Coulombier T, Révillon S & Nizou J 08:45 The Geochemical Behaviour of Trace Metals along the Belgian Coasts: What can We Learn from the Use of DGT? Gaulier C, Superville P-J, Guo W, Baeyens W, Billon G & Gao Y 09:00 Modelling Tri-Valent Metal Binding to Humic Substances Using the NICA-Donnan Model Groenenberg J & Otero-Farina A 09:15 Crystal-Chemistry of Trace Metals in the Lagoon Sediments of New Caledonia Merrot P, Juillot F, Noël V, Viollier E, Menguy N, Bargar J & Morin G 09:30 Invited: High Precision Pb Isotopes Reveal Recent Changes in Tropical Pacific Pb Sources Boyle E, Zurbrick C & Zhang J 09:45 Assessing Lead Contamination Sources of Northeast Pacific Ocean Li M, Weis D, Hunt B, Smith W & Pakhomov E 10:00 Combining Isotopic and Speciation Signatures to Study Zn Behavior in Rivers Cloquet C, LeMeur M, Kanbar H, Dong S & Montargès-Pelletier E 10:15 Chromium Isotopes Inform Plume and Background Conditions in Mojave Desert Groundwater Scheiderich K & Izbicki J 10:30 Effects of Isomorphic Substitution on Hexavalent Chromium Reduction by Green Rust Thomas A, Eiche E, Benning LG, Freeman H, Didereksen K, Tobler D & Neumann T 10:45 Hazardous Toxic Elements Mobility in Burned Oil Shale (BOS) Ash: The Means for Short and Long Term Solidification El-Hasan T, Abu-Jaber N & AbdelHadi N 11:00 Occurrence and Correlations of Many Trace Metals in Sludge from over 40 Sewage Treatment Plants in China Kuo DTF, Wu Q, Deng M, Hu X, Liu Z & Zhang H 11:15 Mobility of Trace Metals from a Peri-Urban Informal E-Waste Recycling Site in an Arid Environment Friedlander L, Weisbrod N & Garb Y Thu (Session 13m continues on Thursday 16th PM on page 246) 225

286 Oral Presentations Overview Thu PM e 06b 05e 06m 07i 09f 10f 07a 14:15 Lukens Zhu Fischer Whitmore John Hastings Xu Fogel 14:30 Clarkson Hurtig Brand Lenstra Joe -Wong Weber 14:45 Ciobanu Georgiev King Wehrmann Cole Close Pancost 15:00 Kawamoto Barrote Qafoku Kurisu Pearce Popp Song 15:15 Cui Rollog Hnatyshin Taylor Moffett Johnson Wijker Vikesland 15:30 Polik Cook de Ruiter González -Santana Witts Bradley Kawamura Large 15:45 Elling González -Jiménez Fischer Oldham Stockey Hemingway Zhang 16:00 Greene Gartman Riegler Baconnais Heard Williams Adnew 16:15 Scholz Morishita von Quadt McCutcheon Lemaitre Blättler Becker Dou 16:30 Guo Kusebauch He Southam Liao Fulton Huang 16:45 Bergmann Wu Mukherjee Pandey Sieber Lincoln Ito Wakaki 17:00 Davies Lu Neymark Hua Guinoiseau Coffinet 226

287 f 13i / 13g 11d 01h 02a 04g / 04i 03b / 03e 13m 14:15 Solomon Bergin Luguet Carrasco Matzen Maher Graedel 14:30 Seltzer Schaller Mukhopadhyay Kurzweil Baudouin Codillo 14:45 Mills Kipfer Sharp Mazza Cooper Jackson White 15:00 Liu Li Kellogg Broadley Dottin Iii Petrone Lin Aguilar -Carrillo 15:15 Marschmann Pérez -Moreno De Vleeschouwer Dudley Walters Takach Prelevic Wasserman 15:30 Cardon Zappala von Blanckenburg Clay Wood Roberge Urann Barker 15:45 Bölscher Misra Burgess Cruz -Uribe Stracke Chellam Amils Gaschnig 16:00 Smeaton Schoene Greenwood Reekie Scott Xu 16:15 Mendonca Bao Burgess Nakajima O Driscoll Luttinen Antonelli Otero -Fariña 16:30 Riebe Rodriguez -Freire Macdonald Krantz Smit Katz Huang Lerat 16:45 Marcon Hassan Loni Hartmann Meshik Yierpan Inglis Schijf Brown 17:00 Zhu Adewumi Ridgwell Ruzie -Hamilton Mansur Ibanez -Mejia Brünjes Oral Presentations Overview Thu PM 227

288 01h PM 309 Thu 01h: Accretion Processes, Giant Impacts, Core Formation and Volatile Delivery at Home and Abroad Session chaired by Claire Nichols, James Bryson, Jonathan Tucker, Sami Mikhail, Miki Nakajima, Colin Jackson, Alison Hunt & Mario Fischer-Gödde 14:15 Keynote: Carbon Volatility and the Implications for Carbon Supply to Terrestrial Worlds Bergin E, Li J, Blake G, Ciesla F & Hirschmann M 14:30 Nebular and Chondritic Volatiles in the Earth s Mantle Mukhopadhyay S & Williams C 14:45 Nebular Ingassing of Volatiles and Conditions for a Habitable Planet Sharp Z & Olson P 15:00 Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of the Earth s Atmosphere from Cometary Noble Gases Broadley M, Bekaert D & Marty B 15:15 Differentiated Precursor Bodies as a Source of Earth s Water Dudley J-M, Greenwood J, Sakamoto N, Abe K, Kuroda M, Varekamp J & Yurimoto H 15:30 Keynote: Halogens as Key Tracers of Volatile Evolution in the Terrestrial Planets Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Day JMD, Lyon I, King A, Russell SS, Schofield P & Ballentine CJ 15:45 Lunar Halogen Determinations Using a Noble Gas Approach Burgess R, Clay P, Joy K, McDonald F, Busemann H, Ruzie-Hamilton L, Joachim B, Tartese R, Lyon I & Ballentine C 16:00 H, D, F, Cl, Nb, Ce, Nd of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions of Apollo 12 Olivine Basalts and Greenwood J, Kawasaki N, Itoh S, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H 16:15 Origin of the Martian Moons and their Volatile Abundances Nakajima M & Canup R 16:30 Sequestration of Xe in an Early, Hydrous Martian Crust Krantz J, Cannon K & Parman S 16:45 Precise Xenon Analyses of the Solar Wind: Implications for Indigenous Lunar Xenon Meshik A & Pravdivtseva O 17:00 Source vs. Contamination in Martian Shergottites: Noble Gas and Halogen Insights Ruzie-Hamilton L, Clay P & Burgess R 228

289 02a 310 PM 02a: Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements and their Isotopes in Silicate Reservoirs Session chaired by Richard Gaschnig, Allison Greaney, Hanika Rizo & James Brenan 14:15 Keynote: Dating Mantle Peridotites: What do Whole-Rock and Mineral Re-Os Isotopic Signatures Tell us? Luguet A & Pearson G 14:30 The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Modern Igneous Reservoirs Kurzweil F, Münker C & Schoenberg R 14:45 Tungsten Isotope Fractionation in Subduction Zones Mazza S, Stracke A, Gill J & Kleine T 15:00 A Relationship between Sulfur Isotopes, μ 182 W, and 3 He/ 4 He: Evaluating the Possibility of S- Isotope Heterogeneity in a Primitive Mantle Reservoir Dottin Iii J, Farquhar J, Labidi J & Jackson M 15:15 CSEs in High Pressure Rocks from Exhumed Terranes Walters J, Cruz-Uribe A & Marschall H 15:30 Keynote: Sulfide Controls on Chalcophile Element Behavior in the Earth Wood B, Kiseeva E & Smythe D 15:45 Invited: Mobilization of S during Subduction via Metamorphic Redox Reactions Cruz-Uribe A, Walters J & Marschall H 16:00 Pressure Effects Complicate our Understanding of Earth s Sulfur Cycle Reekie C, Jenner F, Smythe D, Hauri E, Bullock E & Williams H 16:15 Sulfur Isotope Disequilibrium in the Rum Layered Intrusion, NW Scotland Kelly A & O Driscoll B 16:30 Invited: Archaean Sulphur in Neoproterozoic Zimmi Diamonds (West Africa) Smit KV, Hauri EH, Shirey SB & Wang J 16:45 Selenium Isotope and Se Te Elemental Systematics of the Pacific Antarctic Ridge Basalts Yierpan A, König S, Labidi J, Kurzawa T, Redlinger J & Schoenberg R 17:00 A LA-ICP-MS Study of the Massive Sulfides from the Noril sk-talnakh Mining District: Implications for the Behaviour of Te, As, Bi, Sb and Sn during Sulfide Liquid Evolution Mansur E, Barnes S-J & Duran C Thu (Session 02a continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 247) 229

290 03b PM 312 Thu 03b: Igneous Processes throughout the Arc Crustal Column and Oceanic Mantle Session chaired by Barbara Ratschbacher, Brenhin Keller, Kyle Samperton, Katie Ardill, Yildirim Dilek, Véronique Le Roux, Ali Polat & Christy Till 14:15 Keynote: Mn, Ni and the Roles of Pyroxenite and Peridotite in the Mantle Sources of Oceanic Basalts Matzen A, Wood B, Baker M & Stolper E 14:30 Generation of Arc-Like Magmas by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge Codillo E, Le Roux V & Marschall H 14:45 Nitrogen and Potassium Transiting the Redox and Subduction Barrier Jackson C, Cottrell E, Andrews B, Mikhail S & Mare E 15:00 Geochemical Characteristics of Peridotites from Guleman and Kizildağ Ophiolites, SE Turkey: Investigating Subduction Initiation Magmatism Lin K-Y, Wang K-L, Chung S-L & Bingöl AF 15:15 The Origin of Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic K-Rich Lavas: An Integrated Experimental and Geochemical Approach Prelevic D, Buhre S & Förster M 15:30 Ultra-Refractory Residues of Hydrous Melting from a Mid-Ocean Ridge Setting Urann B, Dick H & Casey J Session 03e follows this session in this room. For details see page

291 03e 312 PM 03e: The Continents: Origin, Evolution and Interactions with Other Reservoirs Celebrating Dr. Roberta Rudnick s Contribution to Geochemistry and Beyond Session chaired by Fang-Zhen Teng, Cin-Ty Lee, Sonja Aulbach & Xiaoming Liu 15:45 Keynote: The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R 16:15 Radiogenic 40 Ca in Garnet: A New Proxy for K Loss during Granulite-Facies Metamorphism Antonelli MA, DePaolo DJ, Chacko T, Grew ES & Rubatto D 16:30 Potassium Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust Huang T-Y, Teng F-Z, Rudnick R, Chen X-Y, Hu Y, Liu Y-S & Wu F-Y 16:45 Stable Zr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation: Insights into the Evolution of Earth s Crust Inglis E, Moynier F, Creech J, Savage P & Deng Z 17:00 Zr Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Processes Ibanez-Mejia M & Tissot F Thu (Session 03e continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 249) 231

292 04g PM 311 Thu 04g: Magma Dynamics and Timescales in Volcanic Environments Session chaired by Silvio Mollo, Matteo Masotta, Keith Putirka, Olivier Bachmann, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Christoph Beier, Michael Bizimis, Rebecca Lange & Stephen Turner 14:15 Short Time Scales and Recent Replenishment in Large Magmatic Systems: Case Study of Los Humeros Caldera Complex Carrasco G, Giordano G, Davila P, Bernal JP & Jicha B 14:30 Trace Element Partitioning between Clinopyroxene and Alkaline Magmas Baudouin C, France L, Boulanger M, Dalou C & Devidal J-L 14:45 Thermal Conditions of Storage of Dacitic Magmas Cooper K, Schrecengost K, Schlieder T, Bradshaw R & Kent A 15:00 Pyroxene Residence Time of Two Contrasting Plinian Eruptions at Popocatèpetl Volcano (Mexico) Petrone CM, Leung YL, Mangler M, Delgado-Granados H & Prytulak J 15:15 Quantifying Crustal Assimilation in Historical to Recent ( ) Lavas at Mt. Etna, Italy: Insights from Thermodynamic Modeling Takach M, Bohrson W, Spera F, Heinonen J & Graham D 15:30 Magmatic Architecture and Dynamics of the Cerro Blanco Volcanic Complex, Catamarca, Argentina Roberge J, De Silva SL, Viramonte J, Arnosio M & Becchio R Session 04i follows this session in this room. For details see page

293 04i 311 PM 04i: Magma Genesis beneath Oceans and Continents: Source Signatures and Melting Processes Session chaired by Oliver Shorttle, Lucy McGee, Kenneth Sims & Richard Katz 15:45 Invited: Compositional Patterns in Basalts and Mantle Sources Stracke A 16:00 Melting Processes Across Ocean-Scale Mantle Provinces: Insights from U-Series Disequilibria at the Australian-Antarctic Ridge Scott S, Sims K, Park S-H & Langmuir C 16:15 Mapping of Mantle Heterogeneity in Karoo Basalts Using Nb-Zr-Ti-Y Ratios Luttinen A 16:30 Mantle Heterogeneity in Mid-Ocean Ridge Lavas: The Melting Column as a Filter Bo T, Katz R, Shorttle O & Rudge J 16:45 Keynote: Addressing an Old Question with a New Model: What are the Sources of Garnet Signatures in MORB? Brown S, Behn M & Grove T (Session 04i continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 252) Thu 233

294 05e PM 203 Thu 05e: Recent Advances in the Application of Dating, Isotopic and Trace-Element Techniques to Commercially Relevant Geomaterials Session chaired by William Ridley, Richard Wanty, David van Acken, Svetoslav Georgiev, Paul J. Sylvester, Sean McClenaghan & Albrecht von Quadt 14:15 Multi-Stage Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation of Permian Petroleum System in the Zaysan Basin, NE Kazakhstan Zhu X & Shen C 14:30 The Effect of Oil and Water Chemistry on Re-Os Partitioning during Water-Oil Interaction Hurtig N, Georgiev S, Stein H & Hannah J 14:45 Temporal Evolution of the Brynhild Petroleum System, North Sea Georgiev S, Stein H, Hannah J, Yang G, Hurtig N, Dons C, Pedersen JH & Di Primio R 15:00 Re-Os Isotope and Trace Elements Study of Black Shales and Nodular Pyrites Associated with Massive Sulphides in the Nimbus VHMS System, Western Australia Barrote V, Tessalina S, McNaughton N, Evans N & McDonald B 15:15 Pyrite Re-Os Geochronology: What are We Actually Measuring? Hnatyshin D, Creaser R & Meffre S 15:30 Keynote: Invited Keynote: Advances in Applications of LA-ICPMS to Minerals in Ores and Black Shales Large R, Danyushevsky L, Meffre S & Stepanov A 16:00 Gangue Mineralogy and in situ Ar/Ar Geochronology of Carbonate Hosted Lead Zinc Deposits: Implications for Ore Deposit Classification Riegler T, McClenaghan S, Halton A & Sherlock S 16:15 How Long Does it Take to Make a Giant Porphyry Copper Deposit? Advances in High-Precision Geochronology and Modelling of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Processes von Quadt A, Large S, Peytcheva I & Heinrich C 16:30 Titanite U-Pb and Sericite Rb-Sr Dating of the Liba Metasediment-Hosted Gold Deposit, West Qinling Orogen, Central China: Implications for Regional Gold Metallogeny He C & Li J 16:45 U-Pb Geochronology at High Spatial Resolution Using LA-Sf-ICP-MS: Addressing Variable Downhole Fractionation in Zircon Mukherjee PK, Souders AK & Sylvester PJ 17:00 Invited: Cassiterite as a Reliable in situ LA-ICPMS U-Pb Geochronometer of Ore Deposits: Examples Spanning the Archean to Tertiary Neymark L, Holm-Denoma C & Moscati R (Session 05e continues on Friday 17th AM on page 280) 234

295 06b 202 PM 06b: Minerals Down to the Nanoscale: A Glimpse at Ore-Forming Processes Session chaired by Cristiana Ciobanu, Satoshi Utsunomiya, Martin Reich & Oliver Plümper 14:15 Keynote: Solving Crystal Structures and Constructing Size-Dependent Phase Maps for Nano- Minerals Xu H 14:45 Crystal Structural Modifications in U-Rich, Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite Ciobanu C, Slattery A, Verdugo-Ihl M, Courtney-Davies L, Cook N & Ehrig K 15:00 Remediation Mechanisms of Uranium Mill-Tailing Site at Ningyo-Toge, Japan, Under the Circumneutral Condition Kawamoto K, Ochiai A, Takeda A, Nakano Y, Onuki T & Utsunomiya S 15:15 Nanoscale Spatial Distribution Maps of Trace Elements/Isotopes in Olympic Dam Copper Sulphide Concentrates Rollog M, Cook N, Guagliardo P, Kilburn M, Ehrig K & Ciobanu C 15:30 Micron- to Nanoscale Insights into Genesis of the Cu-Au-U-Ag Olympic Dam System, South Australia Cook N, Ciobanu C & Ehrig K 15:45 Magmatic and Metamorphic Origin of Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Chromite Ores González-Jiménez JM, Deditius A, Reich M, Gervilla F, Suvorova A, Roberts M, Roqué J & Proenza J 16:00 Particles, Nanoparticles and Colloids in a Black Smoker Hydrothermal System Gartman A, Findlay A, Hannington M & Garbe-Schönberg D 16:15 Invisible Gold in Pyrite and Pyrrhotite from Epithermal, BIF-Hosted and Sedimentary Gold Deposits Morishita Y, Hammond NQ & Ueno H 16:30 Coupled Au and As Partitioning between Hydrothermal Fluid and Pyrite Kusebauch C, Gleeson SA & Oelze M 16:45 Submicron-Scale Variation of Metals in Colloform Pyrite Revealed by NanoSIMS Wu Y-F, Li J-W, Evans K & Fougerouse D 17:00 Dolomite Formation Catalyzed by Sulfate-Driven Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Lu Y, Sun X, Xu H, Konishi H, Lin Z & Peckmann J Thu (Session 06b continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 256) 235

296 06m PM 204 Thu 06m: Reactions at the Mineral-Fluid Interface: Dissolution, Precipitation and Controls on Geochemical Element Cycling Session chaired by Jörn Hövelmann, Sasha Wilson, Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo & Christine Putnis 14:15 Keynote: Pulsating Dissolution of Crystalline Matter Fischer C & Luttge A 14:30 Applications of in situ Digital Holographic Microscopy in Geochemistry and Civil Engineering Brand A & Bullard J 14:45 Invited: Nanoscale, in situ Investigations of Fluoranthene Surfaces King HE, Giese C-C, Plümper O, ten Kate IL & Tielens X 15:00 Ferrihydrite Transformation by Fe(II): Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Stability at Neutral ph Qafoku O, Kovarik L, Bowden M, Sheng A, Soltis J, Sassi M, Pearce C, Liu J & Rosso K 15:15 Chasing Atom Exchange Fronts during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Recrystallization of Hematite Using Isotopic Mapping Probes Taylor S, Liu J, Arey B, Schreiber D, Cliff J, Perea D & Rosso K 15:30 Quartz Dissolution and M-S-H Cement Precipitation in a High ph Ultramafic System de Ruiter L, Austrheim H, Gunnæs AE & Dysthe DK 15:45 Tiny but Timely: Crystal Surface Reactivity Constraints on Diagenesis Fischer C 16:15 Microbe-Mineral Interactions on the Greenland Ice Sheet: Implications for Albedo and Melting McCutcheon J, Lutz S, Williamson C, Cook J, Tedstone A, Stockdale A, Vanderstraeten A, Bonneville S, McQuaid JB, Tranter M & Benning LG 16:30 Surface Mediated Bacteria-Mineral Interactions: Mineral Dissolution and Re-precipitation Southam G, Gagen E, Levett A, Bostelmann H, Shuster J, Long P, McCutcheon J & Vasconcelos P 16:45 Mobilization and Redistribution of Elements in a Spheroidally Weathering Profile of Amphibolite, Southern India Pandey D & Vedharaman R 17:00 Reactive Iron Mineral Coatings in Redox Transition Zones Hua H, Yin X & Axe L 236

297 07a 210 PM 07a: Atmospheric Chemistry of Past and Present Earth and Mars Session chaired by Mark Thiemens, Robina Shaheen, Zongbo Shi & Athanasios Nenes 14:15 Keynote: Investigating the N and O Isotopic Composition of NO x Hastings M, Walters WW, Chai J & Miller DM 14:30 Keynote: On the Acidity of Ambient Particles and its Implications Weber R, Guo H & Nenes A 15:00 Fine Particle ph for Beijing Winter Haze as Inferred from Different Thermodynamic Equilibrium Models Song S, Gao M, Xu W, Shao J, Shi G, Wang S, Wang Y, Sun Y & McElroy M 15:15 In situ Detection of Droplet ph Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Wei H, Marr L & Vikesland P 15:30 Long-Term Trends of Water-Soluble Organic Aerosols in the Western North Pacific: Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Oxalic Acid and Environmental Changes Kawamura K - 15:45 Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during Gas-Particle Conversion of NO x to NO 3 in the Atmosphere Implications for Isotope-Based NO x Source Apportionment Zhang Y, Chang Y & Lehmann MF 16:00 Fragment Ion Measurement of 17 O+ and 13 C+ of CO 2 with MAT253-Ultra Adnew G, Hofmann M, Laskar A, Paul D, Popa E, Peters W & Röckmann T 16:15 SERS ph Nanoprobes in Single, Levitated Aerosols Particles Dou J, Krieger UK & Vikesland PJ 16:30 Diel Variation of Stable Isotope Ratios Record Photoreduction of PM 2.5 -bound Mercury Huang Q, Chen J, Huang W, Reinfelder J, Fu P, Yuan S, Wang Z, Yuan W & Cai H 16:45 Impacts of Acidity on Atmospheric Fe Input to Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles Ito A Thu 237

298 07i PM 206 Thu 07i: New Insights in Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry Session chaired by Tim Conway, Jessica Fitzsimmons & William Homoky 14:15 Dissolved Ga Distribution in the 2015 US Arctic GEOTRACES Section Whitmore L, Pasqualini A, Hatta M, Measures C, Newton R & Shiller A 14:30 Transfer of Iron from Continental Shelves to Anoxic Basins: A Comparison of the Black Sea and Baltic Sea Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Groeneveld R, van Helmond N, Witbaard R, Severmann S & Slomp C 14:45 The Isotope Signature of Benthic Fe Cycling in Glacially Influenced Fjord Sediments Wehrmann L, Severmann S, Riedinger N, Formolo M & Lyons T 15:00 Investigation of Isotope Fractionation of Fe in Anthropogenic Aerosols to Determine its Contribution to the Surface Ocean Kurisu M, Sakata K, Uematsu M & Takahashi Y 15:15 A Comparison of Iron Redox Cycling in the World s Major Oxygen Minimum Zones Moffett J, Kondo Y, Heller M & Bolster K 15:30 DFe(II) Variability Across Hydrothermal Vents in the Mid Atlantic Ridge González-Santana D, Artigue L, Lough AJM, Tagliabue A, Planquette H, Sarthou G & Lohan MC 15:45 A Unique Mn Redox Cycle in the Ross Sea Oldham V, Saito M, ditullio J & Hansel C 16:00 Investigation of Chromium Isotope Variability in the Canadian Arctic Archipelagos Baconnais I, Holmden C & Francois R 16:15 Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in the North Atlantic Ocean (GA01 Transect) Lemaitre N, Archer C, Wang R-M, Planquette H, Cheize M, Boutorh J, Menzel Barraqueta J-L, Shelley R & Vance D 16:30 Zn Isotopic Composition of Sinking Particles in the Deep Water of the South China Sea: Seasonal Variations of Zn Supplies Liao W-H, Takano S & Ho T-Y 16:45 The Cycling of Zn and Cd Isotopes in Multiple Sectors of the Southern Ocean from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition Sieber M, Conway T, de Souza G, Ellwood M & Vance D 17:00 Importance of Cadmium Sulphides for Cd Cycling in the Oxygen Deficient Zone of the Angola Basin Guinoiseau D, Galer SJG, Abouchami W & Frank M (Session 07i continues on Friday 17th AM on page 285) 238

299 08e 200 PM 08e: What do Your Proxy Records Mean? Quantifying Fidelity and Uncertainty in Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions Session chaired by Greg Balco, Pierre-Henri Blard, Yvette Eley, Michael Hren, William Defliese & Alberto Perez-Huerta 14:15 A Re-evaluation of Paleosol Elemental Proxies for Climate Through Cross-Validation and Machine Learning Lukens W, Stinchcomb G, Nordt L, Driese S, Kahle D & Tubbs J 14:30 Reducing the Role of Contaminant Phases for Metal Isotopes in Carbonates Clarkson M, Müsing K, Andersen M & Vance D 14:45 Keynote: Why Proxy Uncertainty Matters and Why it is Hard to do it Right Pancost R 15:15 Evaluation of paleo-co 2 Proxy Based on Carbon Isotope Value of Long Chain N-Alkanes and Terpenoids from C3 Land Plants Cui Y, Chapman T & Schubert B 15:30 Impacts of Paleoecology on the TEX 86 Paleotemperature Proxy Polik CA, Elling FJ & Pearson A 15:45 Magnitude of the Marine Carbon Isotope Excursion during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Constrained Through Archaeal Biomarkers Elling FJ, Doeana K, Kusch S & Pearson A 16:00 Invited: Every Model-Data Mismatch Has a Silver Lining Greene S, Farnsworth A & Inglis G 16:15 Modelling the Temporal Evolution of the δ 13 C Values during Precipitation of Speleothem Calcite by a Complete Diffusion-Reaction Model Scholz D & Hansen M 16:30 Partitioning Environmental Controls on Benthic Foraminifera Elemental Composition: Implications for Paleo-Temperature Reconstruction Guo W, Oppo D, Huang K-F & Yu J 16:45 Invited: Can you Reconstruct Paleoclimate in Carbonate Rocks Before the Advent of Biomineralization? Bergmann K, Jost A, Mackey T, Goldberg S, Anderson N, Cantine M & Wilcots J 17:00 The 13 C- 18 O Clumped Isotopic Quirks of Cephalopods: A Strong Case for Vital Effects in the Clumped Isotope Composition of Biogenic Carbonate Davies A & John C Thu 239

300 09f PM 207 Thu 09f: Nontraditional Isotopes and Nontraditional Approaches to Traditional Isotopes Session chaired by Jeremy Owens, Noah Planavsky, Christopher T. Reinhard & Fei Wu 14:15 Invited: Fe, Zn, and Cd Isotopes: Extrapolating from Modern Ocean Models to the Geological Record John S, Weber T & DeVries T 14:30 Thermodynamic Controls on Kinetic Stable Isotope Fractionation: Chromium(VI) Reduction by Iron(II) Joe-Wong C, Weaver K, Brown S & Maher K 14:45 Uranium Isotope Fractionation Factors in Ferruginous Settings Cole D, Longley M, Wilkes D, Wang X, Swanner E, Witkop C, Sperling E & Planavsky N 15:00 Keynote: Breaking the Tradition: Pushing the Boundaries of the Sr Isotope Systems Pearce C 15:15 Te and Sb Isotopic Variations as Potential Paleo-Redox Indicators Wasserman N, Johnson T, MacKinney J & Kulp T 15:30 The Impact of the Cretaceous Paleogene (K Pg) Mass Extinction Event on the Global Sulfur Cycle: Evidence from Seymour Island, Antarctica Witts J, Newton R, Mills B, Wignall P, Bottrell S, Hall J, Francis J & Crame A 15:45 Persistent Global Marine Anoxia in the Early Silurian Stockey R, Cole D, Planavsky N, Loydell D, Frýda J & Sperling E 16:00 Triple Iron Isotope Variations in Archean Ocean Sediments Heard A, Dauphas N, Rouxel O & Nie N 16:15 Invited: Assessing the Lomagundi Jatuli Carbon Isotope Excursion in Fennoscandia with Multiple Stable Isotope Systems in Carbonates Blättler C & Higgins J 16:30 Medal: Precise and Accurate Analysis of Stable Sr Isotope Ratios by DS-Tims and its Application to Paleoenvironmental Studies Wakaki S, Obata H, Tazoe H & Ishikawa T (Session 09f continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 261) 240

301 10f 208 PM 10f: Microbes, Ecology, and Modern Environments Session chaired by Roger Summons & Ann Pearson 14:15 Keynote: Isotopes in Amino Acids: What We Still may Learn About Biosynthetic Pathways and Fluxes Fogel M 14:45 Microbial Roles in Marine Carbon Export: Insights from Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis Close H, Grabb K, Hannides C, Drazen J, McCarthy M & Popp B 15:00 Invited: Compound-Specific Isotope Analyses Reveal Varying Seasonal Zooplankton-Particle Interactions Popp B, Hannides C, Close H, Benitez-Nelson C, Umhau B & Drazen J 15:15 Oxidative Stress Leads to D Enrichment in Microbial Lipids Wijker R, Fuhrer T & Sessions A 15:30 Connecting Cellular Metabolism to Variations in Lipid Hydrogen Isotope Ratios Bradley A, Suess M, Smith D & Chubiz L 15:45 Invited: Microbial Oxidation of Lithospheric Organic Carbon in Rapidly Eroding Mountain Soils Hemingway J, Hilton R, Hovius N, Eglinton T, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Chen M-C & Galy V 16:00 Invited: Do Amino Acid Abundances and Isotopic Compositions in Soil Organic Matter Reflect Climatic Differences? Williams E, Nakamoto B & Fogel M 16:15 Deciphering Microbial Growth and Intracellular Energy Flux from Lipidomics Becker KW, Collins JR, Durham BP, Groussman RD, White AE, Fredricks HF, Ossolinski JE, Repeta DJ, Armbrust EV & Van Mooy BAS 16:30 Scytonemin C and N Isotopic Signatures in Biological Soil Crusts, Microbialites and Sediments Fulton J & Van Mooy B 16:45 Benthic Production of an Anammox-Associated Biomarker, Bacteriohopanetetrol II, Under Oxic Gulf of Mexico Waters Lincoln S, Matys E, Overholt W, Alpheus S, Bosman S, Hastings D, Chanton J, Hollander D, Kostka J, Summons R & Freeman K 17:00 The Butanetriol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers (BDGTs), Potential Biomarkers for Methanogenesis? Coffinet S, Mühlena L, Crump MP, Meador TB, Becker KW, Schröder J, Heuer VB, Lipp JS & Hinrichs K-U Thu (Session 10f continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 262) 241

302 11d PM 306 Thu 11d: The Long Term Carbon Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Perturbations Session chaired by Clement Bataille, Ryan McKenzie, Aisha Al-Suwaidi & Micha Ruhl 14:15 Medal: The Extraterrestrial Impact at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary Carbon Isotope Excursion Schaller M, Fung M & Turrin B 15:00 The Urey Reaction and the Continental Crust as a Sink for Global Carbon Kellogg L, Lokavarapu H & Turcotte D 15:15 Invited: Climate and Carbon-Cycle Response to Astronomical Forcing over the Last 35 Ma De Vleeschouwer D, Rochholz F, Vahlenkamp M, Crucifix M & Pälike H 15:30 Increasing Land Surface Reactivity from 10 Be/ 9 Be and 7 Li/ 6 Li Records Explains Late Neogene Cooling Caves Rugenstein JK, Ibarra DE & von Blanckenburg F 15:45 Seawater Chemistry Across Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Misra S & Turchyn A 16:00 Keynote: The Tempo of the Deccan Traps Flood Basalts Relative to the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction Schoene B, Eddy M, Samperton K, Keller G, Adatte T & Khadri S 16:15 Invited: Investigating the Link between LIP Magma Flux and Topology of the Carbon Isotopic Record Burgess S, Hagstrum J & Blackburn T 16:30 Long-Term Climate Change due to the Paleogeographic Distribution of LIPs and Ophiolite- Bearing Sutures Macdonald F, Swanson-Hysell N, Park Y & Jagoutz O 16:45 Keynote: Long-Term Solid Earth Degassing, Weathering Intensity and the Carbon Cycle Hartmann J, Li G & West AJ 17:00 Invited: Silicate Weathering vs. Organic Carbon Burial: Who Wins? Ridgwell A, Hülse D, Arndt S & Kirtland Turner S 242

303 12f 302 PM 12f: Identifying and Modeling Mechanistic Drivers of Elemental Cycles Across the Critical Zone Session chaired by Mengqiang Zhu, Avner Gross, Kristin Boye, Marco Keiluweit, Dragos Zaharescu & Rebecca Lybrand 14:15 Keynote: A Field Guide to Experimenting with Biogeochemical Models Maher K 14:45 Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Arid Soils: Insights from the Mojave Desert Mills J, Maurer G, Amundson R & Lammers L 15:00 A Reactive Transport Model for Heterotrophic Respiration in Soil Profiles Constrained with Laboratory Incubations Using Multiple Pulse Wetting Events Liu Y, Lawrence C, Winnick M, Hsu H-T, Maher K & Druhan J 15:15 Getting to the Gray Box: A Challenge in Soil Microbiome Modeling Marschmann G, Pagel H & Streck T 15:30 Invited: Water Flow from Moist to Dry Soil Through Plant Roots Affects Microbial Activity and Ecosystem Productivity Cardon Z, Fu C & Wang G 15:45 Land-Use Alters the Temperature Response of Microbial Carbon-Use Efficiency Bölscher T, Ågren GI & Herrmann AM 16:00 What are the Thermodynamic Controls on Methanogenesis? Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P 16:15 Cellular Metabolomics of Iron-Deficient Soil Bacteria Provides Mechanistic Insights into Coupling of Iron and Carbon Cycles Mendonca C & Aristilde L 16:30 Invited: Built on Bedrock, Running on Dust: Controls on Ecosystem Productivity and Vulnerability in the Sierra Nevada, California Riebe C, Callahan R & Arvin L 16:45 Sandstone Ridges act as Collectors for Dust and Overlying Soil Particles over 100 ka Timeframes Marcon V, Hoagland B, Gu X, Kaye J & Brantley S 17:00 Aeolian Dust Deposition and the Perturbation of Phosphorus Transformations during Long-Term Ecosystem Development Zhu M, Gu C, Hart S, Turner B & Hu Y Thu 243

304 13g PM 304 Thu 13g: The Environmental Behavior of Contaminants in Mining-Impacted Environments Session chaired by Sergey Abramov & Sabrina Hedrich 15:45 Keynote: Anaerobic Oxidation of Metal Sulfides in the Iberian Pyrite Belt Amils R 16:15 Microbial Communities and their Role in Fe(III) Hydroxysulfate Mineral Transformations in a River Affected by Acid Mine Drainage Bao Y, Guo C & Dang Z 16:30 Mechanisms of Uranium Accumulation in Roots of Tamarix Plants Rodriguez-Freire L, DeVore C, El Hayek E, Ali A-M & Cerrato J 16:45 Temporal Uranium Records of Oak Tree Rings (Quercus Petraea) by (LA)-HR-ICP-MS from a Former Uranium Mining Site (Rophin, France) Hassan Loni Y, David K, Larrue S, Montavon G, Chardon P & Grambow B 17:00 Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining in Nigeria: Implication for Children Health Adewumi A, Laniyan T, Tangfu X, Zengping N & Yizhang L (Session 13g continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 268) 244

305 13i 304 PM 13i: Developments in Methods and Applications of Environmental Tracers in Sediments, Water, and Air Session chaired by Martin Stute & Rolf Kipfer 14:15 Invited: Environmental Tracers: Historical Perspectives and Future Trends Solomon DK 14:30 Quantifying Past Water-Table Depths from High-Precision Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Groundwater Seltzer A, Ng J, Kulongoski J, Stute M & Severinghaus J 14:45 From Quantum Mechanics to Molecular Diffusion and Climate Reconstruction Tyroller L, Magalhaes HP, Brennwald MS & Kipfer R 15:00 Fluid Evolution of Krafla Geothermal Field, Iceland, as Traced by Noble Gas and Stable Isotopes Li Y, Zhou Z, Holland G, Zwahlen C, Markusson S & Wang Y 15:15 Geochemistry and Environmental Tracer Signature of Thermal Waters in an Andean Geothermal System Pérez-Moreno R, Reich M, Daniele L, Tardani D, Wrage J, Sánchez-Alfaro P, Held S, Delgado A & Morata D 15:30 Determining the Absolute Abundance of Atmospheric 81 Kr Zappala J, Baggenstos D, Bishof M, Gerber C, Jiang W, Kennedy M, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Purtschert R & Visser A Thu Session 13g follows this session in this room. For details see page

306 13m PM 313 Thu 13m: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants Session chaired by Sarah Jane White & Sebastien Rauch 14:15 Keynote: Companion Metal Recyclability, Loss, and Human Toxicity Graedel T 14:45 The Biogeochemistry of Indium, Gallium, and Germanium in Mine Wastes White SJ, Schaider L, Shine J, Piatak N, McAleer R & Seal R 15:00 Thallium(I) Sequestration by Fe- and Mn-Bearing Secondary Minerals: Structural Incorporation vs Surface Sorption Aguilar-Carrillo J & Herrera-García L 15:15 Development of Sb Isotopes as Tracers of Sb Mobility in the Environment Wasserman N, Mackinney J, Johnson TM & Kulp T 15:30 Antimony Fate and Transport in Shooting Range Soils Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T 15:45 Lanthanoid Atmospheric Chemistry in Houston, Texas: Tracing and Quantifying Rare Earth Sources Chellam S & Prospero J 16:00 Rare Earth Elements Nanoparticles in Coastal Sediments Trace Geochemical and Anthropogenic Influence Xu N, Rate A & Morgan B 16:15 Rare Earth Element Binding to Humic Substances: A Modelling Approach Otero-Fariña A & Groenenberg JE 16:30 Assessment and Fluxes of Rare Earth Elements in the Garonne River (SW France, ): Increasing Gd Anomaly? Lerat A, Coynel A, Dutruch L, Pereto C, Capdeville M-J, Blanc G & Schafer J 16:45 Effect of Mg and Ca on the Stability of the MRI Contrast Agent Gd DTPA in Seawater Schijf J & Christy IJ 17:00 Effect of Water Treatment on the Gadolinium Cycle Brünjes R & Hofmann T (Session 13m continues on Thursday 16th Posters on page 271) 246

307 Posters 01b: Presolar Grains, Nucleosynthesis and Isotope Anomalies as Cosmic Fingerprints 1 Prediction of the Entropy for As Apatites Based on Lattice Volume Puzio B & Manecki M 2 Er, Yb, and Hf Isotope Systematics of Early Solar System Materials Shollenberger Q, Render J & Brennecka G 3 A New Decay Constant for 184 Os and Evidence for P-Process Heterogeneity of 180 W in Iron Meteorites Cook DL, Smith T, Leya I, Hilton C, Walker RJ & Schönbächler M 4 Cosmochemistry with CHILI Davis A, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Pellin M, Trappitsch R & Liu N 5 Neutron Energy Spectrum at the Surface of the Moon Studied from the REE Isotopic Compositions Hidaka H, Mizutani Y & Yoneda S 6 Identifying FUN Inclusions with LA-MC-ICPMS Mg Isotopic Analysis Lee D-C, Liu Y-H & Lee H-Y 7 Heterogeneous Distribution of Presolar SiC in the Tagish Lake Meteorite Riebe M, Busemann H, Alexander C, Nittler L, Maden C, Herd C & Wieler R (Session 01b continues on Friday 17th AM on page 267) Thu 01f: Novel Methods for the Analysis and Modeling of Planetary Formation and Evolution 8 Atom Probe Tomography of Allende CAI Opaque Assemblage Parman S, Jacobsen S, Petaev M & Akey A 9 A Petrologic Investigation into NWA 7059 Tirona C, White L & Tait K 10 First-Principle Calculation of Equilibrium Isotopic Fractionation for Alkali Metal-Bearing Minerals Zeng H, Dauphas N & Galli G (Session 01f continues on Friday 17th PM on page 296) 02a: Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements and their Isotopes in Silicate Reservoirs 15 Absence of Ga Isotopic Fractionation during Core Formation Kato C, Moynier F, Mahan B, Blanchard I, Kubik E, Siebert J & Fujii T 16 Sulphide-Saturation History and Source Heterogeneity of the Mafic Sills from the Vempalle Formation, Cuddapah Basin, Eastern Dharwar Craton, India Thounaojam D 17 Tracing Fluids from the Stagnant Pacific Slab in the Mantle Transition Zone beneath the Eastern North China Craton Using Molybdenum Isotopes Li H-Y, Li X, Ryan J, Li J & Xu Y-G 247

308 Posters Thu 18 Speaking Speciation: An Experimental Study of Arsenic and Antimony in Basalts Maciag B, Brenan J & Keltie E 19 Magmatic Sulphide Saturation in Subduction and Post-Subduction Magmas Georgatou AA & Chiaradia M 20 Continental Mantle Heritage in the Tethyan Suture Zone, Central Tibet Huang Q-S, Shi R-D, Sun Y-L & Ding L 21 Tungsten Stable Isotopes as Fluid Tracer: Insights from Serpentinites Peters D & Quitté G 22 Sulfide Geochemistry of Cumulates from the Lesser Antilles Arc Pollock T, Cruz-Uribe A, Marschall H & Blundy J 23 Fractionated Os/Ir Ratios in Ophiolitic Serpentinites from the Eastern Central Alps (Switzerland) and the Valmalenco (Italy) Schmidt G & Pernicka E 24 Cause of Molybdenum Depletion in Granites Toc M, Greaney A, Rudnick R & Foden J 25 The Distribution of Lead in Mantle Rocks: Insights from the Balmuccia Peridotite Massif (Italian Alps) Wang Z, Lazarov M, Steinmann L, Becker H, Zou Z & Geng X 26 Progression of Rodingitisation in the Veria-Naousa Ophiolitic Complex (Greece) Seen by Non- Traditional Stable Isotopes Zaronikola N, Debaille V, Rogkala A, Petrounias P, Tsikouras B, Pomonis P & Hatzipanagiotou K 27 Controls on Orthopyroxene-Melt Partitioning of Palladium Zhang X, Brenan J & Mungall J 28 Copper Isotope Variation during Mantle Magmatic Migration: Insight from Pyroxenites in Balmuccia Peridotite Massif Zou Z & Wang Z 02c: Mineralogy, Petrology and Processes in the Mantle Transition Zone and the Lower Mantle Budgets and Isotopic Compositions of Volatiles in the Interior of the Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets 29 Features of Geology and Composition of Rocks from the Alkaline-Gabbroid University Massif (n-e Kuznetsky Alatau Ridge, Siberia) Agababa M 30 N-C-Ar-He Systematics of Basalt Glasses from Bouvet Triple Junction: Stepwise Crushing Approach Buikin A, Verchovsky A & Migdisova N 31 Spatial Distribution of Helium Isotopes in Icelandic Geothermal Fluids and Volcanic Materials Halldorsson SA, Hardardottir S & Hilton DR 32 Water Systematics in the Samoan Lithosphere Ashley A, Bizimis M, Peslier A, Jackson M & Konter J 248

309 Posters 33 Water in Clinopyroxene Megacrysts and Basalt of Maguan Southwest China: New Constrains on New Tethys NE Subduction Wang R, Xiong W & Yang G 34 Compositional Heterogeneities and Flat Slabs in the Mid to Lower Mantle Revealed by Seismic Reflected Waves Wei S & Shearer P 35 Quenchable Oxygen Rich Phase from the Deep Mantle Hu Q, Liu J, Wang C, Mao WL & Mao H-K 36 Helium Diffusion in Periclase Cherniak DJ, Krawczynski M, Van Orman JA, Mukhopadhyay S & Pigott J 37 H Partitioning between Olivine and Melt between 0.1MPa and 12 GPa Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Hauri E, Marschall H & Sarafian E 38 Metamorphism of Paleozoic Peridotites from the Kal-E-Kafi Area (Isfahan Province, Iran) Zakipour Z, Torabi G & Morishita T 39 Crystallographic Incorporation of Hydrogen in Ringwoodite Thomson A, Dobson D, Brodholt J, Crichton W, Cerantola V & Piltz R 40 Effects of Water and Iron on the Compressibility of Silicate Glasses Under High Pressures Liu J & Mao WL 41 Structure and Raman Frequency of 3C-Sic Under Nonhydrostatic Stress Liu L, Yi L, Liu H & Yang L 42 The Carbon Budget and its Delivery Way to the Earth Liu Y, Yang Y & Zhou Y 43 Chlorine and Zinc Isotope Composition of Lunar Materials: Insight into Volatile Element Isotope Fractionation on The Moon Gargano A, Sharp Z & Shearer C (Session 02c continues on Friday 17th AM on page 277) Thu 03e: The Continents: Origin, Evolution and Interactions with Other Reservoirs Celebrating Dr. Roberta Rudnick s Contribution to Geochemistry and Beyond 49 In situ High-Precision Li Isotope Analysis of Spodumene by LA-MC-ICP-MS Hou K & Tian S 50 Lithium Isotopic Composition of the Leachates Acid-Soluble in Loess-Paleosol Sediments from Chinese Loess Plateau of Luochuan He M, Jin Z, Dong J, Gou L, Deng L & Xiao Y 51 Lithium Isotopic Evidence for Subduction of the Indian Lower Crust beneath Southern Tibet Tian S, Hou Z, Mo X, Tian Y, Zhao Y, Hou K, Yang Z, Hu W, Li X & Zhang Y 52 Magnesium Isotopic Compositions of Himalayan Leucogranites and the Indian Lower Continental Crust Li X, Tian S, Teng F, Hou Z & Yang Z 53 Lithium Recycling: From Mantle Melting to Surficial Mineralization Chen C, Lee C-TA, Tang M & Sun W 249

310 Posters Thu 54 Potassium Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering of Granite Teng F-Z, Hu Y, Ma J & Wei G 55 Origin of the Archean Potassic Granitoids: Mg Isotopes Evidences Li R, Ke S, Li S, Song S & Wang C 56 Zn-Mg Isotope Evidence for Carbonate Reactivation during Himalayan Anatexis Wang Z-Z, Liu S-A, Zheng Y-C & Liu Z-C 57 Magnesium Isotopic Systematics of the Makran Arc, Iran: Implications for a Hidden high- Delta 26 Mg Reservoir in the Continental Crust Pang K-N, Teng F-Z, Sun Y, Chung S-L, Zarrinkoub MH & Chiu H-Y 58 Using Magnesium Isotopes to Understand Chemical Weathering in Permafrost Environments Cuozzo N, Sletten R, Hu Y & Teng F 59 Inter-Mineral Equilibrium Iron Isotopic Fractionation Factors from a Special Metamorphic Rock Nie NX, Dauphas N, Sio CK & Spear FS 60 Origins of the Leucite Hills Lamproites Constrained by Magnesium Isotopes Sun Y, Teng F-Z, Kuehner S & Pang K-N 61 Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Crustal Melting and Magma Differentiation: A Granite and Mineral-Pair Perspective Wang Y, He Y, Wu H, Zhu C, Huang J & Li S 62 Late Mesozoic Magmatism in Shiquanhe Area, Southwestern Tibet: Evidence of Slab Break-Off of Bangong-Nujiang Ocean Yan J, Zhao Z, Teng F-Z & Liu D 63 Silver Isotope Signature of the Crust Davis A, Nebel O & Tomkins A 64 Variations in the H 2 O Content and H 2 O/Ce Ratio of Mantle Pyroxenites: Implications for Enriched Components in the Mantle Hao Y-T, Li P, Coltorti M & Xia Q-K 65 Reevaluation of Leonian an Liberian Events in the Geodynamical Evolution of the Man Rise (West African Craton) Kouamelan AN, Koffi GR-S, Paquette J-L, Poujol M, Allialy ME & Peucat J-J 66 Regional Mantle Replacement during Pangea Amalgamation Documented by Comparing Sm-Nd Isotopic Signatures of Pre-, Syn-, and Post-Collisional Mafic Rocks Dostal J, Murphy JB & Shellnutt JG 67 Recognition of Neoproterozoic Carbonatite Intrusion in NW Yangtze Block and its Implications for Continental Evolution of South China Ling W-L, Wu H & Berkana W 68 Geochronological and Geochemical Constrains on the Petrogenesis of the Ga Meta- Basalts, TTGs, Diorites and high-k Granites in the Southern North China Craton Zhou Y 69 Tungsten Isotope Compositions of the Archean Anshan Complex, North China Craton and the Oldest Granites from the Barberton Greenstone Belt Mei Q-F & Yang J-H 70 Characterization of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from the Wyoming Craton, Montana (USA), Using Accessory Mineral Chemistry and Geochronology with Implications For Lower Crustal Evolution Thakurdin Y, Bolhar R & Horvath P 250

311 Posters 71 Mineralogical Characteristics of Gabbros and Anorthosites from the Kal-E-Kafi Intrusion (NE of Anarak, Isfahan Province, Iran) Salim H, Torabi G, Nosouhian N & Morishita T 72 Geochemical Inferences from Bimodal Afar Volcanism Basu A, Ghosh N, Ghatak A, Gregory R, Richards I, Georg B, Ebinger C, Quade J, Zou H & Chakrabarty P 73 Preservational Bias of Mineral and Ore Deposits during Assembly of Rodinia Liu C, Runyon S, Knoll A & Hazen R 74 Isotopic Evidence of ca 60 Ma Long Cryogenian to Ediacaran High-K Collisional Magmatism in the Pernambuco Alagoas Domain, Borborema Province, NE Brazil Da Silva Filho A, Guimarães I, Santos L, Armstrong R, Van Schmus W, Farias D, Datolli L, Cocentino L, Rodrigues I & Coutinho M 75 Fingerprinting the Origin of Soapstone/Steatite from the Nuuk-Region (Southern West- Greenland) Poulsen MD, Keulen N & Frei R 76 A Prolonged Neo-Tethyan Arc System with Concurrent Magmatic Flare-Ups and Lulls Zhang XR & Chung S-L 77 A Look into the Crystalline Basement of the Norte Basin (Uruguay) from Deep Well Geochemical Data Peel E, Muzio R, Morales E, Fort S & Olivera L 78 A Paleoproterozoic Basement beneath the Rangrim Massif Revealed by the in situ U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes of Xenocrystic Zircons from Triassic Kimberlites of the North Korea Zhu YS, Yang JH, Wang H & Wu FY 79 Provenance of Upper Triassic Langjiexue Group in the Eastern Himalaya Orogen: Evidence from Zircon Geochronology and Geochemistry Zhang L, Wang G, Park C, Chung D, Zhao Z & Song Y 80 Eocene Subduction Erosion and Crustal Relamination in the Gangdese Belt, South Tibet Guo L & Zhang H-F 81 Oslo Rift Geochemistry: The Earliest Intrusives Eriksen ZT, Jacobsen SB & Larsen BT 82 Geochemical Evidences for the Multiple Mantle Sources of the Carboniferous-Permian Mafic Rocks at the Northern Sibumasu Block, East Gondwana Li G, Deng J, Stern R, Wang Q & Liu J 83 Amphibole Fractional Crystallization in the Lower Crust: Implications for Nb-Ta Fractionation in the Continental Crust Galster F, Chatterjee RN & Stockli DF 84 The Tectonic Setting and Connection of Hainan with Other Plates during Mesoproterozoic: Evidence from Bimodal Igneous Rocks in Hainan Zhang L & Wang Y 85 Calculation and Inducement of Lacuna in the Mid-Permian Maokou Fm of the Sichuan Basin Jiang Q, Hu S, Jiang H & Zhai X 86 Petrogenesis of Nidar Ophiolite Peridotites, Ladakh Himalaya, India: Implications for Partial Melting and Melt Evolution Nayak R & Saravanan Chinnasamy S Thu 251

312 Posters Thu 87 Geochronology and Geochemistry of Basalts: Empirical Evidences from the Babina and Mauranipur Greenstone Belts of the Bundelkhand Craton, India Singh PK, Verma SK, Moreno JA, Singh VK & Oliveira EP 88 Neoproterozoic High-Mg Diorite and A-Type Granite Intrusions in the Southwestern Yangtze Block, Yanbian Terrane, South China: Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Significance Zhu Y & Lai S 89 Crustal-Derived Granitoids in Accretionary Orogens: Implications for the Evolution and Differentiation of Continental Crust Sreejith C & Ravindra Kumar GR 90 Update to HPE Abundances in the Continental Crust Wipperfurth S, Sammon L, Šrámek O & McDonough W 91 Role of TTGs in Deciphering Crustal Evolution: A Case Study from the Aravalli Bundelkhand Protocontinent, India Chauhan H, Saikia A, Ahmad T, Kaulina T & Bayanova T 92 Integrating Pb Isotopic Composition of Feldspar with Hf Isotope Systematics of Zircon to Constrain Granite Sources Souders K & Sylvester P 93 Hybrid Origin for Early Cretaceous Syenites with Mafic Enclaves in the Northeast North China Craton: In situ Zircon Hf-O and Apatite Sr-Nd Isotopic Evidence Sun J-F, Yang J-H, Zhang J-H, Zhu Y-S & Yang Y-H 95 Juvenile Granite in the Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Arc, Iran: The Origin of the Host Granodiorites and Associated MMEs Kazemi K, Kananian A, Xiao Y & Sarjoughian F 96 Identifying Contribution of Juvenile Components to the Generation of Miocene Himalayan Magmatism Ji W-Q, Wu F-Y, Liu Z-C, Liu X-C, Wang J-G, Zhang C & Liu T 97 Zircon U-Pb-Hf Isotopes and Geochemistry of Neoarchean Magmatic Rocks in the Lüliang Complex, North China Craton: Constraints on Petrogenesis and Tectonic Implications Wang X 98 Determination of the 2.5Ga A-Type Granite in Zanhuang Area, North China: A Case of Huangcha Pluton Yang Y, Li L, Yang C & Du L 99 Late Carboniferous to Early Permian Crustal Anatexis in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence from Garnet-Bearing Granites in the Chinese South Tianshan Qin Q, Huang H & Wang T (Session 03e continues on Friday 17th AM on page 278) 04i: Magma Genesis beneath Oceans and Continents: Source Signatures and Melting Processes 102 Petrographic and Geochimical Traits of Garnets Associatif with Gneisses and Micaschists un Côte d Ivoire: Cases of Toumodi, San-Pedro and Man Régions Konan NFDS, Djro SC, Allialy ME, Kouamelan AN & Coulibaly Y 103 Geochemical Nature of the Mantle in the Celebes Sea Basin Wang S, Zhang G-L, Zhao Z-H & Zhang J 252

313 Posters 104 Mantle Heterogenity and Crustal Processes at Ultraslow-Spreading Ridges: Constraints from Plagioclase Ultraphyric Basalts from the Mt. Jourdanne (~64 E), Southwest Indian Ridge Li W, Tao C, Zhang W & Jin Z 105 Primordial and Recycled Noble Gases in the Deep Mantle Street K, Hartley M, Holland G, Burgess R, Waters E, Shorttle O & Haldorsson SA 106 A 2D Double-Porosity Ridge Model Constrained by Observations Liu B & Liang Y 107 Finding Geochemical Fingerprints of Melt Transport Processes Shorttle O, Rudge J, Katz R & Maclennan J 108 Eruptive Pathways and Melt-Mantle Interactions at a Magma-Starved Mid-Oceanic Ridge Hamelin C, Lie Onstad S & Cannat M 109 Tracing Magma Homogenization in Granite Genesis by Sr and Nd Isotope Microanalyses: A Case from the Busetsu Granite, Japan Itano K, Iizuka T & Hoshino M 110 Assembly of Magmas in Earth s Upper Crust: Insights at the Micro and Macro Scale from Granitic Batholiths McLeod C, Shaulis B, Brydon R, Haley M, Angi-O Brien E & Trøones R 111 Petrogenesis of Anatectic Granites and Restitic Granulite Enclaves: Implications for Disequilibrium Partial Melting Zhao K, Xu X, Erdmann S, Liu L & Xia Y 112 The Origin of Mafic Microgranular Enclaves and their Host Granodiorites from Mashhad Granitoids: Implications for Magma Mixing during Subduction of the Paleo-Tethys in Northeast of Iran Deyhimi M, Mirnejad H, Vlastelic I & Paquette J-L 113 Stages of Serpentinite Carbonation in the Neoproterozoic Ophiolites of Eastern Desert, Egypt Azer M, Gahlan H, Asimow P & Mubarak H 114 Near-Trench Alkaline Basaltic Magmatism in Miocene SW Japan Shinjoe H, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Orihashi Y & Sudo M 115 The Origin of Zoned Neoproterozoic Igneous Suites. Implications from Plagioclase-Amphibole Chemistry and REE Geochemistry, Southwest Gabal Meatiq Area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt Abd El Ghaffar N & Ramadan A 116 The Origin of the Pliocene Wangqing River Alkali Picrite, NE China Sun M, Xu Y, Ren Z, Xia X, He P, He H, Jourdan F & Milan L 117 Microscale Geochemical Analysis of Primitive Lavas from Bufumbira, East Africa: Implications for Lithospheric Stability and Heterogeneity Pitcavage E, Furman T & Nelson W 118 Evidence of Anomalous Pacific- Antarctic Ridge Volcanism during the Penultimate Glacial Termination McCart S, Mudahy A, Lund D, Asimow P & Lewis M 119 Origin and Cause of Melting beneath East Antarctica Reindel J, Panter K & Smellie J 120 High Water Content MORB at the Southwest Indian Ridge: Insights from the Geochemical Modeling of FeO* and Al 2 O 3 Variations Wang W, Chu F, Li Z, Kelley KA, Chen L & Li X Thu 253

314 Posters Thu 121 Origin of Volatile-Enriched Basalts of the Kverkfjöll Volcanic System, Iceland Ranta E, Halldórsson S, Guðfinnsson G, Bali E, Nykänen V, Grönvold K & Kaikkonen R 122 Origin of the Interlayered Series at Atlantis Bank (SWIR): New Insights on Lower Oceanic Crust Accretion Processes Boulanger M, France L, Ildefonse B, Ghosh B, Sanfilippo A, Liu C, Morishita T & Koepke J 123 Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Intrusions in Dayaoshan Uplift, Guangxi, South China Wei N, Feng Z, Kang Z, Zhang Q, Tang J, Fang G, Qin Y & Fu W 124 Petrology of Eocene Cross-Cutting Dykes from the Kal-E-Kafi Area (NE of Anarak, Central Iran): An Evidence of Eastern Neotethys Arc-Related Magmatism Nazari G, Torabi G & Morishita T 125 Origin of a Transition Zone-Derived Mantle Plume at Changbai Volcano Kuritani T, Xia Q, Liu J, Zhao D & Nakagawa M 126 The Genesis of Paraná Magmatic Province Basalts (Brazil): Contribution of New Hf Isotope Data Marques LS, Cai Y & Babinski M 127 The Origin of Seamount Basalts from the South China Sea: Constraints from Hf Isotopic Compositions Yan Q, Straub S & Shi X 128 Neoarchean Basalts from Qingyuan Greenstone Belt, North China Craton, China Li Z 129 Azeotropic Control of Plagioclase Crystallization: Implications for Basalt Generation Schaub DR, Catalano T, Nekvasil H & Lindsley D 130 Insights into the Hydration and Fertilization of the Kalkarindji CFB Magmas: Evidence for a Hydrated Source? Ware B, Jourdan F, Tessalina S & Nebel O 132 Si-Rich Veins Formation in Lower Oceanic Crust during Slab Bending Ma Q, Dick H, Urann B & Zhou H 133 Precise Geochronological Constraints on the Relationship between Spatially Closely Associated Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks Ying J-F & Zhou X-H 134 Study of Silica-Undersaturated Magmas Through the Kls-Nph-Di-SiO 2 System at 4.0 GPa Under Dry Conditions Souza M, Conceição R, Marcon V, Cedeño D, Quinteiro R & Carniel L 135 Lower Permian Mafic Lavas from the Mersin Mélange (Southern Turkey): Geochemical Evidence for the Evolution of Northern Neotethys Sayit K, Bedi Y, Tekin UK, Göncüoglu MC & Okuyucu C 136 Geochemistry and Geochronology of Mafic Rocks from Western Guangxi South China Implication for the of Paleo-Tethyan Subduction and Emeishan Mantle Plume Coexisting Wang BH, Liu XJ, Li ZL & Liao S (Session 04i continues on Friday 17th AM on page 279) 254

315 Posters 05g: Constraining the Formation of Modern and Ancient Marine Mineral Deposits 138 Distribution of Mineralization by VHMS and SMS Ore Deposits Composition as Indicator the Variability of their Conditions of Formation Babaeva S & Sukhanova A 139 Spatial Variations of Mineral Texture and Chemical Composition of Sulfide Chimney Collected from the Okinawa Trough, Japan Torimoto J, Fujiwara T, Nozaki T, Takaya Y & Kumagai H 140 Genesis of Fe-Mn Nodules in Various Geo-Chemical Zones of Central Indian Ocean Basin Barman SK, Tiwari SK & Kumar G 141 Pb Isotope Analysis of Galena in Seafloor Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits from the Mid-Okinawa Trough Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Totsuka S, Ishibashi J-I, Nozaki T, Kimura J-I, Chang Q & Shimada K 142 The Host Phase of REY in REY-Rich Deep-Sea Sediments: A Case Study of the Central Indian Ocean Basin Yu M, Shi X, Huang M, Li C, Yang B, Wang H & Zhang Y 143 High-Angle Subduction: Triggers for Formation of Submarine Volcanic-Hosted Iron Deposits Zhang Z, Li H, Li J, Zhang Z, Song X, Hou T, Xie Q & Fei X 144 Origin of the ~3.5 Ga Bon Accord Ni Deposit, Barberton, South Africa Clay PL, O Driscoll B, Day JMD, Burgess R, Bonnand P & Busemann H 145 Gold in Seafloor Massive Sulfide from Semyenov Field of Mid-Atlantic Ridge Firstova A, Stepanova T & Cherkashov G 146 Significance of Bimodal Magmatism in Seafloor Massive Sulfide (SMS) Ore-Forming Systems in the Middle Okinawa Trough, Japan Yamasaki T 147 Lead Isotope Constraints on the Genetic Relationship between Cu-Zn-Pb Ores and S Ores in the Dongshengmiao Deposit, Northern China Gao Z & Zhu X 148 Pore Fluid Chemistry of Active Hydrothermal Fields in the Mid-Okinawa Trough Ishibashi J-I, Toki T, Shinjo R, Nozaki T, Kumagai H & Maeda L 149 Metal Mobility and Sources during Hydrothermal Alteration of the Oceanic Crust: LA-ICP-MS Study of Sulfides from the Troodos Ophiolite Jégo S, Pichavant M, Ramboz C & Sizaret S 150 Mapping of Active and Inactive Vent Fields along the Censtral Spreading Ridge in the North Fiji Basin Kim J, Son J, Pak S-J, Oh J & Son S-K 151 Origin of Detritus in Ferromanganese Crusts from the Amerasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean Based on Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopic Signatures Konstantinova N, Mizell K, Hein JR, Cherkashov G & Dreyer B 152 Chemostratigraphy and Depositional Ages of Pelagic Clay in the North Pacific Ocean: Implications for the Origin of REY-Rich Mud Mimura K, Yamamoto K, Nakamura K, Yasukawa K, Ohta J, Fujinaga K, Machida S & Kato Y 153 Lead Phase Transfer during Phosphatization of Fe-Mn Crusts Mizell K, Hein JR & Koschinsky A Thu 255

316 Posters 154 Sources of S in the Paleoproterozoic Urquhart Shale Hosted George Fisher Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, Mt Isa, Australia Rieger P, Magnall JM, Gleeson SA, Rocholl A & Lilly R 155 Elucidation of the Growth History of Fe-Mn Nodules in the Western North Pacific Ocean Using X-Ray CT and Elemental Mapping Shimomura R, Nakamura K, Machida S, Yasukawa K, Fujinaga K & Kato Y (Session 05g continues on Friday 17th AM on page 281) Thu 06b: Minerals Down to the Nanoscale: A Glimpse at Ore-Forming Processes 158 Granite Metasomatism in IOCG Systems: Feldspars at the Nanoscale Kontonikas-Charos A, Ciobanu C, Cook N & Ehrig K 159 Uranium-Bearing, Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: Assessing Closed System Behaviour for U-Pb Systematics Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A & Ehrig K 160 Copper Nanoparticles along Fluid Inclusion Trails in Hematite Verdugo-Ihl M, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Slattery A & Ehrig K 161 Fe Ti-Oxides Down to the Nanoscale: Ores from Layered Intrusions Gao WY, Ciobanu CL, Cook NJ, Huang F, Slattery A & Song D 162 Nanoscale Mineralogy of Zirconium in Iron-Oxides Keyser W, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Feltus H, Slattery A & Ehrig K 163 Orientation Maps for Copper Cathodes with Defect Growth: An EBSD Study Perks H, Cook N, Ciobanu C, Ehrig K & Basak A 164 Growth Defects in Copper Cathodes Middlemiss S, Ciobanu C, Slattery A, Ehrig K & Cook N 165 Atomic-Scale Imaging of Mixed-Layer Compounds from the Aleksite Group Liu W, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Slattery A & Stanley C 166 Crystals from the Scheelite-Powellite Solid-Solution Series at the Nanoscale Xu J, Ciobanu CL, Cook NJ, Slattery A & Li XF 167 A Microstructural Study of Tungsten-(Tin) Skarns in Tabuaço, NE Portugal Spruzeniece L, Andersen J, Rollinson G, Simons B, Noronha F, Ramos V & Seltsmann R 168 Nanoscale Structure of Zoned Laurites Gervilla F, González-Jiménez JM, Roqué J, Baurier S & Proenza JA 169 Microstructural Characterization of Zinc Sulfides from Modern Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Au-Ag Enrichment Mechanisms Wu Z, Sun X, Xu H, Konishi H, Lu Y & Cao K 170 Carbonate-Rich Silicate Veins and their Roles in the Formation of Gold Deposits, Jiaodong Peninsula, China Li H, Wang D, Wang T, Yu H & Niu Z 256

317 Posters 171 The Coupled Chemistry of In and Au in Sphalerite Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Synthetic Crystals Tonkacheev D, Filimonova O, Tagirov B, Trtigub A, Kvashnina K, Lafuerza S & Chareev D 172 Micro-Inclusions in Ag-Bearing Sulphosalts Assemblages Possible Key to Estimate the Ore Fluid Evolution in Dealul Crucii Ore Deposit, Romania Udubasa SS, Petrescu L & Udubasa G 06c: Nanoscale Interfacial Geochemistry in Extreme Environments 173 The Study of Hydrous Ferric Oxide Concretions from Biharia (Dhandraul) Sandstone: Implications in Diagenesis and Terrestrial Analog to Martian Hematite Spherules Formation Jha P, Das P & Ray D 174 Lawsonite Oxygen Isotope and Trace Element Records of Subduction Fluids Kang P, Whitney D, Martin L & Ghent E 175 Equilibrium Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Water Ice and Vapor Cao X, Bao H, Liu Y, Wang J, Hayles J, Peng Y & Santra B 176 Modelling Water Adsorption Isotherms Obtained from Smectite Interlayer Nanopores Lindholm J, Boily J-F & Holmboe M 177 Grain-Scale Dependency of Metamorphic Reaction on Strain Chapman T, Clarke G, Piazolo S, Robbins V & Trimby P 178 Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J 179 Spectroscopic Detection of Trace Gold in Saprolitic Craton-Based Interstitial Waters and its Lithogeochemical Implication for Gold Exploration Mining Ndibewu PP, Ajibade PT & Jessel M 180 In situ Stable Isotope Tracing of Nanoscale Deformation Processes in Earthquake-Prone Crustal Fault Materials Ohl M, Chen J, Niemeijer A, King H & Pluemper O 181 Influence of Divalent Cations on Carboxylate Surface Interaction Rios-Carvajal T, Bovet N, Stipp S & Hassenkam T 182 Estimation of Thickness and Permeability of Alluvium and Bed- Rock by Resistivity Method for the Possibility of Construction of Mehrabad Underground Dam in Kashan Farahmandian M 183 Free Energy of Interaction of Two Smectite Clay Nanoparticles in Liquid Water Shen X & Bourg I Thu 184 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Prediction of Quartz Wetting by Water and Supercritical CO 2 and the Potential Impact of Organic Residues Sun EW-H & Bourg IC 185 Emergent Properties of Clay: Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Nanoconfined Water in the Clay Matrix Underwood T & Bourg I 257

318 Posters 186 Ionic Liquid Glassification to Observe Aluminate Ion Speciation in Low Water Alkaline Environments Graham T, Hu J, Shen Z, Dembowski M, Zhang X, Clark S, Schenter G, Pearce C & Rosso K 187 Structure and Dynamics of Lactose/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites Holmboe M, Hellrup J & Mahlin D 188 Surface Charge Controls the Sorption of Gold Nanoparticles on Pyrite Luo S, Nie X, Yang M, Fu Y, Zeng P & Wan Q 189 Hydrogeochemical Investigations and Groundwater Quality Assessment of Mashhad Plain, the Northeast of Iran Hussainzadeh J, Mohammaddost A, Fayazi R & Shekari M (Session 06c continues on Friday 17th AM on page 282) Thu 06j: Bright Future Recent Methodological and Instrumentation Advancements for Micro- to Nano-Analysis in Earth and Planetary Science 190 Combined FIB-Sims Technique and its Application Ge X, Fan G, Guo D & Wang T 191 Low-Level Actinide Glasses for Spatial Analyses Knight K, Wimpenny J, Weber P, Willingham D & Groopman E 192 CAMECA IMS 1300-HR3 Ion Microprobe: Recent Developments Peres P, Saliot P, Choi S-Y, Fernandes F & Renaud L 193 Apatite Fission Track Analysis by Laser-Ablation: A Novel Fast Grain Mapping Approach Using the Map Interrogation Tool Monocle Ansberque C & Chew D 194 The System of Simultaneous Double Laser Ablation for in situ Micro-Analysis Huang C, Xie L-W, Yang Y-H & Yang J-H 195 Towards Estimating the Complete Uncertainty Budget of Quantified Results Measured by LA-ICP-MS Norris A & Danyushevsky L 196 Trace Element Intercalibration of EPMA and LA-ICP-MS for a Diverse Collection of Tourmalines Singer JW & Lupulescu M 197 Comprehensive Detector Options for the Measurement of Small Beams on the Nu Plasma 3 MC-ICP-MS Zhao Y, Burrows A & Bowen I 205 Maximising Sensitivity for U-Pb Geochronology Applications by Sector Field ICP-MS Using Bloodhound Laser Ablation Technology Hutchinson RW, Craig G, Milton JA, Foster GL, O Connor CJP, Lloyd NS & Field MP 206 U-Pb Badelleyite Ages by SF-LA-ICP-MS Martini Tonetto E, Fernandes Matheus G, Saraiva dos Santos TJ & Sugano Navarro M 207 U/Th Open-System Behavior in Fossil Corals: An Applicability Test of Alpha-Recoil Based Model Lu Y, Rigaud S, Leclerc F, Tapponnier P & Wang X 208 Ultra-Fast, High Resolution 3D LA ICP-MS Imaging of Zircons Stremtan C, Van Malderen SJM & Săbău G 258

319 Posters 209 Precise and Accurate Strontium Isotope Determination of Natural Samples with the Nu Sapphire Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS Zhao Y, Ryabov S, Moore R & Rehkämper M 210 C, N, H, O, S and Trace Element Determinations in Organic-Rich Sediments and Some Igneous Rocks Types by Tandem LA-Libs ICP-MS Gonzalez J, Torres M, Colucci MT, Jacobsen SB & Lee C-T 211 Detection and Assigment of Aqueous Inorganic Fe-Polymers by Mass Spectrometry (TOF MS) Molinas R, Cruz-Hernández P, Becerra-Herrera M, Moraga S, Caraballo MA & Richter P 212 High-Precision Stable Cr Isotope Analysis of Geological Materials by Double Spike TIMS Method Liu C, Liu J, Xu L, Liu S-A & Qin L 214 Investigation of Shale Matrix Heterogeneity, Anisotropy and Strain Using X-Ray and in situ Neutron Diffraction Zhang R, Liu S, Chen Y, Elsworth D, Feng Z, Zhao X & An K 215 Tracing Meteoritic Components in Cretaceous-Paleogene Microkrystites Using XRF Nano- Analysis Goderis S, Laforce B, Belza J, Tucoulou Tachoueres R, Van Malderen S, Vekemans B, Vincze L & Claeys P 216 External Electron Mediating Function of Humin Extracted by Different Methods Pham DM, Miyata Y, Ohta S & Katayama A (Session 06j continues on Friday 17th AM on page 283) Thu 08a: Understanding Past and Present Climate with Water Isotopes 218 Isotope Variations in Groundwater-Seawater Interactions in Ganges River Delta Front Aquifers Das K & Mukherjee A 219 An Open-Ocean Assessment of Alkenone δd as a Paleo-Salinity Proxy Gould J, Kienast M, Dowd M & Schefuß E 220 Local Meteoric Water Lines and the Spatial Transformation of Extratropical Precipitation Smith D, Saelens E, Liston M & Carey A 221 In situ Observations of Water Vapor Isotopes in Near Surface Air over Lakes Superior and Michigan Welp L, Meyer A, Griffis T, Feng X & Posmentier E 259

320 Posters 222 Changes in Chemistry and Stable Isotopes in the Fossil Ice of Torca de La Grajera (Burgos, N Spain) Turrero MJ, Garralón A, Sánchez L, Ortega AI, Gómez P & Martín-Chivelet J 223 Environmental Controls on Leaf Wax δ 2 H Values Across the Tundra-Boreal Forest Transition of Northern Alaska O Connor K & Berke M 224 Modeling Terrestrial δ 18 O Gradients in Lowland and Mountain Environments Kukla T, Winnick M, Maher K, Ibarra D & Chamberlain CP 225 Far Field Isotopic Signatures of a Green Sahara Tabor C 226 Modeling the Oxygen Isotope in the Early Eocene Hothouse Climate Using an Isotope-Enabled Earth System Model Zhu J, Poulsen C, Liu Z, Brady E, Otto-Bliesner B & Noone D (Session 08a continues on Friday 17th AM on page 286) Thu 08i: Tracing Dusts and Aerosols from Source-To-Sink with Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Isotopes 227 Resolving the Provenance of Marine Sediment in the Ulleung Basin to Reconstruct the East Asian Monsoon Anderson C, Murray R, Dunlea A, Giosan L, Kinsley C, McGee D & Tada R 228 Tracing Sources of Sulfate Particules in Chengdu Using Sulfur and Oxygn Isotopes Cheng X, Huang Y, Wang C, Ni S & Zhang C 229 Geochemistry of Aeolian Material from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Insights into Dust Sources Diaz M, Welch S, Sheets J, Welch K, Adams B, Khan A, McKnight D, Cary SC & Lyons WB 230 Is the Argentinean Loess a Primary Dust Source in the Southern Hemisphere? Gili S, Gaiero D, Mattielli N, Torre G, Goldstein S, Chemale F & Koester E 231 Isolating the Eolian Component of Japan Sea Sediments (IODP Site U1430) for Radiogenic Isotope Provenance Studies Kinsley C, McGee D, Anderson C, Dunlea A, Murray R, Giosan L & Tada R 232 Triple Oxygen Analysis of Sulfate Samples from the Atacama Desert, Chile Klipsch S, Herwartz D & Staubwasser M 233 Assessment of Regional Scale Aerosols and Gaseous Characteristics in East Asia from Satellite Observation Data Lee K 234 Technogenic Magnetic Particles in the Enviroment as of Pollution Sources Magiera T, Szuszkiewicz M & Rachwał M 235 Geochemical Characteristics of Cyoconite Debris on Chhota Shingri Glacier, Western Himalaya, India Nizam S, Sen IS, Azam MF & Selby D 236 Sahara Dust Fluxes over the Last 20 kyrs Record the Limits of the African Humid Period Green Sahara Palchan D & Torfstein A 260

321 Posters 237 A Holocene Geochemical Peat Record for Paleodust Tracing in NE China Pratte S, Bao K, De Vleeschouwer F, Li C & von Scheffer C 238 The Accumulation Rate and Provenance of Southern South American (Pampean) Loess during the Last Glacial/Interglacial Cycle Torre G, Gaiero D, Stefanía G, Sawakuchi A, De Vleeschouwer F & Le Roux G 239 The Evolution of the Asian and American Monsoon Recorded in Ferromaganese Crusts Wang Y, Fang N, Ding X, Lv S, Li J, Zhang Z & Liu J 240 Tracing the Elemental Composition and Source of Aeolian Dust and Terrestrial Surface Particles from the Qatar, Arabian Peninsula Yigiterhan O, Alfoldy BZ, Turner JC, Al-Ansari ES, Abdel-Moati MA, Kotb Mahfouz MM, Elobaid EA & Murray JW 241 Direct Radiative Effects and Climate Feedbacks of Desert Dust vs. Anthropogenic Aerosols in South Africa Yigiletu MT (Session 08i continues on Friday 17th PM on page 305) 09f: Nontraditional Isotopes and Nontraditional Approaches to Traditional Isotopes 263 Experimental Determination of Zn Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation Wimpenny J, Marks N, Knight K, Rolison J, Ryerson R, Badro J, Sanborn M, Huyskens M & Yin Q-Z 264 Expanding the Isotope Geochemist s Toolbox Measurements on Sub-Ng Sample Loads of Nd, Sr and Ca Using 1e13 Ω Amplifier Technology Vollstaedt H, Charlier BLA, Lloyd N & Schwieters J 265 Re-Os Geochemistry of Cherts and Chalks Spanning the K-Pg, Stevns Klint, Denmark Goswami V, Stein H & Hannah J 266 Redox-Record from Sulfur-Selenium Isotope Decoupling at the Sulfide Scale König S, Eickmann B, Zack T, Yierpan A, Taubald H & Schoenberg R 267 Eu Isotope Variation in Eu Standard Materials and Geological Materials Lee S-G & Tanaka T 268 A Thallium Isotope Record of Ocean Oxygenation during the Lomagundi Event Li Z, Owens J, Planavsky N, Ozaki K & Reinhard C 269 Tin Isotopes and the Origin of Planetary Materials- a Novel Methodology with External and Internal Mass-Bias Correction, and Double Spike MC-ICP-MS Analysis Pathak D & Mezger K 270 Termination of Cryogenian Ironstone Deposition by the Spread of Euxinia: Fe-S-C Isotope Evidence Li W, Wu C & Yang T Thu 261

322 Posters 271 Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Ancient Meteoric Waters and Paleoseawater Zakharov D, Bindeman I, Tanaka R, Friðleifsson GO & Reed M 272 Mercury Isotopes as a Novel Proxy of Photic Zone Euxinia Zheng W, Summons RE & Anbar AD Thu 09i: Prebiotic Chemistry and the Archean Record of Early Life 273 Decoding the Archean Fossil Record: Clues from Experimental Fossilization and Natural Sample Characterization Alleon J, Ferralis N, Williford K, Flannery D, Schuessler J, Zhang Y & Summons R 274 Amino Acid Synthesis from Glycolaldehyde and Ammonia Koga T & Naraoka H 275 Microscale Processes of Thermal Coagulation of Polypeptides during Pneumatic Impact Ivanov A, Sevastyanov V, Voropaev S & Dolgonosov A 276 Rates and Products of Fe(II) Oxidation in Trioctahedral Smectites Kupper R & Catalano J 277 Anoxic Conversion of Rhodochrosite to Mn Oxides in the Presence of Ultraviolet Light Liu W, Yee N, Elzinga E, Piotrwiak P, Nanda V & Falkowski P 278 Amplification of Enantiomeric Excess in the Polymerization Induced by Shock Compression of L-Alanine Aqueous Solution Mimura K, Okada R & Nishida T 279 Oxygen Oases Were Persistent and Widespread Before the GOE Ostrander C, Nielsen S, Owens J, Kendall B, Gordon G, Romaniello S & Anbar A 280 Recognizing Microbial Life Preserved in Rocks: Insights from Population Morphometry Rouillard J, Havas R, Gérard E, García-Ruiz J-M, Gong J & van Zuilen MA 281 The Compositions of Gas and Origin from Serpentinized Peridotite in the Wenduermiao in Inner Mongolia Zhang M, Zhuo S, Wang X, Tuo J & Wu C 282 Phosphorus Scavenging and Release during Low Temperature Alteration of Oceanic Crust Syverson D, Katchkinoff J, Rooney A & Planavsky N 283 The Formation of Ferrocyanide Evaporites on Early Earth Toner J, Catling D & Glein C (Session 09i continues on Friday 17th AM on page 287) 10f: Honoring John Hayes: Molecular and Isotopic Biogeochemistry Across Time and Space 288 Abundant 4-Methyl Diasterenes with 13 C-Riched Stable Carbon Isotope Compositions in the Maoming Carbonaceous Shale, SE China Zhang Y, Lu H, Sheng G & Peng P 289 Tentative Structural Assignment for a New C33 Botryococcane Occurring in a Chinese Maoming Sediment Li K, Liao J & Sheng G 262

323 Posters 290 Unusual Lipid Biomarkers at Terrestrial Methane Seeps in Southern Sicily, Italy Smit NT, Grassa F, Rush D, Villanueva L, Hopmans EC, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Schouten S 291 Geochemistry of Crude Oil and Petroleum Systems in Fushan Depression, Beibuwan Basin, South China Sea Gan H, Wang H, Chen J & Yan D 292 Paleoaltimetry Potentiality of Branched GDGTs from Southern Tibet Bai Y, Chen C & Fang X 293 Identification of Decamethyl Henicosane-Product from C Condensation of Isoprenoids Liao J, Lu H & Wang Q 294 Anomalous Distribution of N-Alkyl-CycloheXANES: A Potential Biomarker for Acidophilic Thermophilic Bacteria in Mesoproterozoic Hongshuizhuang-Xiamaling Shales Wang C 295 Influence of Energy Availability on the Carbon Isotopes of Methane and Biomarkers during Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenesis Nguyen T, Topçuoğlu B, Holden J & Lang S 296 Carbon Isotope Fractionation in the 3 HP/4HB Pathway Pearson A, Wilkes E, Hurley S & Elling F 297 Calibrating Geostable Lipid Profiles to Archaeal Bioenergetic State Zhou A, Amenabar M, Elling F, Weber Y, Boyd E, Pearson A & Leavitt W 298 Natural Gas Genetic Types in the Western Part of Qaidam Basin, NW China Zhou S, Li J, Li Y, Ma Y, Chen K, Zhang C & Zhang Y (Session 10f continues on Friday 17th AM on page 288) Thu 11b: Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Environment: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Isotopes 301 The Vertical Changes of T and EC in the Stratified Water Column in Coastal Well Caused by M9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake Lee S-H, Kim K-Y, Ha K & Sin J-H 302 Fluid-Assisted Destabilization of Accessory Minerals in the Granitic Rocks of Veporic Basement (Western Carpathians, Slovakia) Ondrejka M, Putiš M, Uher P, Bačík P & Sobocký T 303 U-Pb Dating of Knox Dolomitization: Placing a Maximum Age Constraint on Mineralization at Sweetwater, Eastern Tennessee Wooton KM, Kyle JR & Rasbury ET 304 Li Isotope Fractionation during Biotite Dissolution Ryu J-S, Vigier N & Choi H-B 305 IsoGem: An Isotope Geochemical Modeling Program Gunnarsson Robin J, Stefánsson A & Kleine B 306 Geochemical Modeling of Water-Rock Interaction in the Biliran Geothermal Project, Biliran Island, Philippines Mendoza JP, Balangue-Tarriela MIR & Reed M 307 Kinetics of Abiotic Redox Reactions of H 2 with Hematite, Goethite and Smectite at Geologic Storage Conditions (100 Bar, 120 ) Alpermann T & Ostertag-Henning C 263

324 Posters Thu 308 Fluid Behaviour in Porous Materials Studied by NMR Hwang B, Srivastava D, Ok S, Whitmer T, Swift A, Grandinetti P & Cole D 309 Assessing the Origin of Water Appearances in Salt Mines: Triple Isotope Analyses (δ 2 H, δ 18 O, δ 17 O) of Heavy Brines from the Klodawa Salt Mine, Central Poland Dulinski M, Pierchala A, Rozanski K, Gorczyca Z, Czub R & Marzec M 310 Multistage Ilvaite-Bearing Assemblages from the Galinge Skarn Fe Deposit, Western China: A Record of Retrograde Alteration Yu M, Dick JM, Feng C, Li B, Mao J, Lu A & Zhu Y 311 Grounwater Thermalism into Valle de Celaya Aquifer Amézaga Campos BS, Villanueva Estrada RE & Rubio Ramos MA 312 Reactive Transport Modelling of 87 Sr/ 86 Sr and δ 234 Ui Evolution in a CO 2 Rich Aquifer: Constraint from Modern Fluids and Fossil Veins Scott P, Maskell A, Bohlin M, Condon D, Sadekov A, Horstwood M, Sahy D, Chapman H, Kampman N & Bickle M 313 Reactive Transport Modeling of Coupled Feldspar Dissolution and Secondary Mineral Precipitation and its Implication for Diagenetic Interaction in Sandstones Yuan G, Cao Y & Wang Y 314 Ni Isotopic Fractionation at the Interface with Mineral Phases Zelano IO, Montarges-Pelletier E, Gley R, Fraysse F, Cloquet C & Landrot G 315 Reaction Rates of Olivine Carbonation Obtained from Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Studies Sendula E, Lamadrid HM, Rimstidt JD & Bodnar RJ 316 Nickel Isotope Fractionation during Sorption on Calcite Surface and Coprecipitation with Calcite Castillo Alvarez MC, Quitté G, Schott J & Oelkers EH 317 Natural Carbonate Precipitation Rates from Bomb-Pulse Radiocarbon Dating Smith M, Finstad K, Dipple G, Beaudoin G, Marks N, Ryerson F & Aines R 318 Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of Hot Springs in South Korea Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lee S-G & Ko K-S 319 Carbon Isotopic Reversals of Coal-Derived Gases due to Mixing of Primary and Secondary Products Tao X 320 Anomalous Fluid Emission at the Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Borehole Associated with the 2013 M6.2 Nantou Earthquake Fu C-C, Lai C-W, Yang TF, Ma K-F & Lee L-C 321 Hydrogeochemistry Evidences of Water-Rock Interaction of a Thermal System: Rancho Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico Landa Arreguín JFA, Villanueva Estrada RE, Morales Arredondo JI, Rocha Miller R & Rodríguez Díaz A 322 Modeling Mineralogical Changes due to CO 2 Injection with Varying Impurity Composition Fuhrmann L, Fischer S & Wolf JL 323 Quantification of Amorphous Content in Antarctic Glacial Sediments Graly J, Horgan B, Bish D, Smith R & Licht K 324 Impacts of Evaporation-Recharge Cycles on Chemical Weathering in the Unsaturated Zone Harrison A & Oelkers E 264

325 Posters 325 Measurement and Modeling of Tracer and Thermal Tests in a Meso-Scale Geothermal Field Laboratory Hawkins A, Becker M & Tester J 326 The Origin and Processes of Thermal Groundwater in Algeria Based on Chemical and Isotopic Methods Hichem C, Bekgacem H & Mohamed rida M 327 Explore the Apparent Gap between Field and Lab Dissolution Rate: A Study of the Navajo Sandstone Hu B, Zhang Y, Wang J, Teng Y, Yuan H, Rimstidt D & Zhu C 328 Origin of the CO 2 Fluxes of the Icelandic Hotspot Kjartansdóttir R, Stefánsson A, Sveinbjörnsdóttir ÁE, Fiebig J, Heinemeier J & Halldórsson SA 329 Syntectonic Fluid Flow in Claystones: Constraints from Stable Isotopes of Faults and Calcite Veins (Mont Terri, Switzerland) Kneuker T, Strauß H, Hammer J, Schramm M & Zulauf G 330 Kinetics of Ba Partition and Ba Isotope Fractionation during its Incorporation in Aragonite Mavromatis V, van Zuilen K & Dietzel M 331 The Effect of Using Impure Calcite to Calculate Saturation States Macpherson G (Session 11b continues on Friday 17th AM on page 289) Thu 265

326 Posters Thu 11g: Critical Zone Dynamics Through Space and Time: Linkages with Weathering Rates and Global Biogeochemical Cycles 334 Seasonal Variation in Chemical Exchanges between a River and a Meander Floodplain Biehler A, Tremblay C, Baudron P, Buffin-Bélanger T & Chaillou G 335 Influence of Groundwater-Coastal Water Interactions on Fate of Septic-Derived Nutrients in a Nearshore Aquifer Rakhimbekova S, O Carroll D & Robinson C 336 Behaviour of Submarine Groundwater Discharge-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter Fluxes to Coastal Ocean Hébert A-J, Chaillou G & Gélinas Y 337 Geogenic CO 2 Affects the Composition of Soil Organic Matter Rennert T 338 Soil CO 2 Fluxes Through a Temperate Watershed Hasenmueller E, Sullivan P, Weitzman J, Brantley S & Kaye J 339 Environmental Impact of CO 2, Rn, Hg Degassing from the Rupture Zones Produced by Wenchuan Ms 8.0 Earthquake in Western Sichuan, China Zhou X, Chen Z & Cui Y 340 A Lithium Isotope Gradient on the Tibetan Plateau Source Effect or Weathering Regime Change? Weynell M, Wiechert U & Schuessler JA (Session 11g continues on Friday 17th AM on page 290) 266

327 Posters 12b: Controls on the Recalcitrance of Organic Matter Across Diverse Environmental Conditions and Perturbations 343 Nano-Minerals Plus Higher Temperatures Accelerate the Release and Transport of Carbon from Sediment Rod K, Smith P, Leng W, Colby S, Tfaily M, Kukkadapu R, Bowden M, Parker K, Qafoku O, Um W, Hochella M, Bailey V & Renslow R 344 Sorption Temperature and the Stability of Iron-Bound Soil Organic Matter Nguyen M, Plante A, Lau B & Hockaday W 345 Microbial Iron Cycling during Permafrost Thaw Patzner M-S, Malusova M, Nikeleit V, Kappler A & Bryce C 346 Redox Controls on Mobilization and Export of Mineral-Bound Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in Floodplain Sediments Anderson C, Fendorf S, Nico P, Fox P, Tfaily M & Keiluweit M 347 Phospholipid Influence on the Water Repellency of the Clay Montmorillonite Kessenich B, Pokhrel N, Maibaum L & De Yoreo J 348 Glacial Rock Flour as an Agent for Soil Improvement Ray Sarkar S, Rose N, Hassenkam T & Rosing M 349 Warming Alters Soil Carbon Dynamics at Depth in a Qinghai-Tibetan Alpine Grassland Feng X, Jia J, Haghipour N, Wacker L, Simpson M, Yang H, Eglinton T & He J-S 350 Composition and Characteristics of PAHs in Crude Oil during Vertical Migration in Soil Cai T, Zhang Z, Wang T, Wang K & Zeng L 351 Tracking the Fate of New C in Northern Peatlands by a Compound- Specific Stable Isotope- Labeling Approach Coupled with Gas Fluxes Analysis Tfaily MM, Hoyt D, Kyle J, Heyman H, Chu R, Toyoda J, Bloodworth K, Hess N, Wilson R & Chanton J 352 Plant Effects on Carbon Composition and Recalcitrance in Peat from a Boreal Bog: Implications for Methane Emissions Waldo N, Tfaily M, Chu R, Anderton C, Moran J & Neumann R 353 The Role of Nitrate as an Electron Acceptor in Salt Marsh Organic Matter Decomposition Bulseco-McKim AN, Vineis JH, Murphy AE, Giblin AE, Sanderman J, Spivak A & Bowen JL 354 Consistency in U.S. Tidal Wetland Soil Carbon Densities: Spatial and Downcore Trends of a Field-Based, Community-Generated Dataset Windham-Myers L, Holmquist J, Bliss N, Crooks S, Morris J, Megonigal P, Troxler T, Weller D, Callaway J, Drexler J, Ferner M, Gonneea M, Kroeger K, Schile-Beers L, Sutton-Grier A & Woo I 355 Changes in Soil Organic Matter Abundance and Molecular Composition in an Arid Ecosystem in Response to Long-Term Elevated CO 2 Hess N, Tfaily M, Koyama A & Evans D 356 EMSL: A DOE Scientific User Facility for Earth System Science Research Hess N 357 Energy-Stability Relationships in Soil Organic Matter: Implications for Agriculture Hockaday W, Valdez Z, Masiello C & Robertson P (Session 12b continues on Friday 17th AM on page 291) Thu 267

328 Posters Thu 12d: Interactions between Soil and Biota as Controls on Ecosystem Function from Canopy to Rhizosphere 358 Structural and Functional Response of Incipient Basaltic Microbial Community to Shifts in Soil Moisture Regime Sengupta A, Barberan A, Stegen J, Volkmann T, Dontsova K, Neilson J, Chorover J, Maier R, Troch P & Meredith L 359 The Combined Effects of Soil Type and Acid Rain on Tagetes Erecta Ally RR, Naska AM, Petrik JM, Blickstein JIB & Blackwell BAB 360 The Effect of Organic Matter Substitutes in Soil Types on Kale (Brassica Oleracea L.) Growth Norinskiy MA, Noe TW, Deng HYE, Blickstein JIB & Blackwell BAB 361 Fungal Weathering of Micas in Spruce Forest Soils Balogh-Brunstad Z & Smart KE 362 Effect of Wetland Plant and Water Level on the Denitrification in the Wetland Mesocosms Moon HS, Han JY, Oh S & Jeon P 363 Interaction of Earthworm with Live Microbes during Active Foraging on cow Dung and Snooping Ephimeral Habitat for Dung-Microbiome in Earthworm gut and Coelome Chakraborty R & Saha T 364 Biogeochemical Profiling of Transient Microenvironments at the Root-Soil Interface Garcia Arredondo M, Cardon Z, Jones M, Tfaily M & Keiluweit M 365 Response of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Root Exudates to di (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate Stress by Untargeted Metabolomic Analysis Ren W, Wang Y & Teng Y 366 Rhizosphere Processes Influencing Phosphorus Cycling in Soils with Low and High P Availability Joshi S & McNear D 367 Spatial and Temporal Soil Responses to Carrion Decay Keenan SW & DeBruyn JM 368 Soil Weathering Degree Controls Silicon Bioavailability by Increased ph after Biochar Application Li Z, Unzué-Belmonte D, Jean-Thomas C, Vander Linden C, Struyf E, Ronsse F & Delvaux B 369 Free-Living N-Fixation: Optimizing 15 N Methods and Reassessing Importance in Temperate Soils Tiemann L, Smercina D, Evans S & Friesen M 370 Iron Plaque on Rice Roots A Sink or Source for Arsenic? Maisch M, Muehe M, Kappler A & Schmidt C 371 Quantification of Distinct Phytolith Pools in a Perhydrated Andosol Vander Linden C, Iserentant A & Delvaux B (Session 12d continues on Friday 17th PM on page 309) 13g: The Environmental Behavior of Contaminants in Mining-Impacted Environments 386 Impact of Metal Contaminants from an Alumina Plant Effluent in Seawater (Mediterranean Sea) Jacquet S, Monnin C & Garnier C 268

329 Posters 387 Study on the Migration and Health Risk of Uranium in the Paddy Soil Downstream the Uranium Mine Tailing Liu J, Zhang C & Gao B 388 Microbial Leaching of Nickel from Low-Grade Pyrrhotite Ores Romano C, Moldoveanu G, Ren D, Yakunin A, Edwards E & Papangelakis V 389 The Use of Factor Analysis to Probe the Speciation of Toxic Metals in Gold Mine Waste Abegunde O, Siad A, Okujeni C, Petrik L & Madzivire G 390 The Fate of Heavy Metals in Acidic Rivers and Sedimentation Mechanism Ogawa Y, Ishiyama D, Đorđievski S, Saini-Eidukat B, Wood S & Gammons C 391 Concentrations and Diffusive Fluxes of Heavy Metals in Pore Water of the Mianyuan River Hou Y, Shi Z, Zhang J & Lin Q 392 Assessing Transformation Processes of Sulfate Using Stable Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes in Acid Mine Drainage Streams Kaown D, Lim C, Kim H & Lee K-K 393 Impact of an Historic Mercury Mine and Hg Processing Plant on the Surrounding Surface Soils (Apuseni Mts., Romania) Petrescu L, Jianu D & Udubasa SS 394 Quantum Mechanical Predictions of Thermodynamic Mixing Properties of Alunite Supergroup Minerals Kim Y & Becker U 395 Fe Colloid Formation and Effects on the Mobility of Toxic Elements in Ainai Mine Drainage Koide A, Ito A, Otake T & Sato T 396 Spatial Variation and Environmental Assessment of Lead Isotope in Soils from a Typical Polluted Farmland in Karst Area Kong J & Guo QJ 397 The Extent of the CO 2 Concentration of Mine Drainage and its Effect on Stream Water Quality Cheong Y, Yim G, Oh C & Ahn J 398 Assessment of the Impact of Ore Processing in the Kabwe Area to the Environment and Human Health Kříbek B, Knésl I, Majer V, Nyambe I, Mihaljevič M, Ettler V & Sracek O 399 Characterization of Potential Sources of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) in Masbate Gold Project, Aroroy, Masbate, Philippines Lagata C, Balangue-Tarriela MIR, Abad GR, Monroid MK & Notarion AR 400 Numerical Predictive Calculations of Operational Lithium Production Declercq J, De los Hoyos C & Bowell R 401 Concentration-Discharge Behavior of Contaminants in a Stream Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage Shaw M, Klein M & Herndon E 402 Fate of Cr in a Ni Laterite Mine Catchment, Palawan, Philippines Delina RE, Arcilla C & Otake T 403 Trace Element Sources and Sinks in an AMD-Impacted Stream Draining a Reclaimed Coal Strip Mine Donahoe R, Hawkins P & Vinson D Thu 269

330 Posters Thu 404 Spatial Distribution and Mobility of Elements in River Water and River Bed Sediments from Eastern Serbia Đorđievski S, Ishiyama D, Ogawa Y & Stevanović Z 405 Geochemistry Modeling of Waste Water and Tailing Interaction In ThomPson Nickel Mining Area Liu X, Huang Y & Cheng X 406 Geochemistry of Ions in Water Resource Around Takht Coal Mine, Golestan Province, North of Iran Taghipour S & Mahmoudi Dalir A 407 Study on Fluorine Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater in Northern Xingguo County, Southeast China Liu J, Xu W, Wang X, Chen G & Zhou Z 408 Geochemical Characterisation and Water Quality Prediction of Mine Waste Storage Facilities: A Combined Field, Laboratory and Modelling Approach Tian Y, Tuff J, Strand R & Usher B 409 Treatment of Heavy Metals from Acid Mine Drainage with Biochar from Peanut Shells Maheshe PB & Baek K 410 The Use of Redox Pairs to Model Bioreactor Processes in the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Fairgray M, Webster-Brown J, Pope J & Trumm D 411 Diavik Waste Rock Project: Analysis of Measured and Simulated Acid Neutralization Processes within a Large-Scale Field Experiment Wilson D, Sinclair S, Blowes D, Amos R, Smith L & Sego D 412 Effects of Biodegradation on Diagnostic Ratios for Source Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Topsoil Zhang Z, Cheng X, Wang K, Cai T & Liu Y (Session 13g continues on Friday 17th AM on page 310) 270

331 Posters 13m: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants 414 The Isotopic Composition of Lead in Chinese Coals Zhu J, Tan D, Zhang L, Wu G & Han G 415 Platinum Contamination in the Northwestern Mediterranean Coastal Environment: Spatial and Temporal Aspects Abdou M, Schäfer J, Gil-Díaz T, Hu R, Dutruch L, Garnier C, Brach-Papa C, Chiffoleau J-F, Charmasson S & Blanc G 416 Anthropogenic Gadolinium in Surface Water as a Tracer of Wastewater Leaking from Sewage Pipelines de Paula Marteleto T & Enzweiler J 417 Does Trace Metal Dynamics in Moss Controls Biological N 2 Fixation in Boreal Forest? Le Monier P, Renaudin M, Bradley R, Houle D & Bellenger J-P 418 Mercury Cycling Across a Nitrogen Gradient in Manipulated Forests Fahnestock MF, Bryce JG, Driscoll CT, Montesdeoca M, Mukasa SB & Frey SD 419 Prediction of Mercury Uptake by Rice Plants Using the Diffusive Gradient in Thin Films Technique Díez S, Sanchez-Fortún M, Turull M, Jover L & Sanpera C 420 Impacts of Seawater Encroachment on Sediment Mercury Methylation Schenck R, Kopicki M, Yellen B & Martini A 421 Leaching Characteristics of Heavy Metals from CFBC Bottom Ash to Apply Mine Backfilling Material Ji S, Yoo J & Shin H 422 Metal Accumulation onto Fine Sediments in a Small Urban Stream Chung E, Kim Y-T, Park J & Woo NC 423 Combined Application of Citric Acid and 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Assisted Phyto-Management of Chromium Contaminated Soil by Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Farid M, Ali S, Rizwan M & Saeed R 424 New Index for Trace Element Concentration in Soil by Cicada Shell Ii H 425 Potentially Toxic Elements in Plant species over Aliabad Copper Deposit, Central Iran Modabberi S & Tashakor M 427 Potential Effects of Soil Moisture Content on CO 2 Triggered Physicochemical Properties of a Shallow Soil Derakhshan-Nejad Z, Yun S-T & Lee G 428 Concentrations and Distribution Characteristics of Rare Earth Elements in Groundwater and Surface Soil from Karst Underground River System Fan L-J, Zou S-Z, Pei J-G & Lu L 429 Effect of Long-Range Transport on Dust Characteristics Goel V, Kumar Mishra S, Singh Ahlawat A, Vijayan N, Pal P, Sharma C & Narain Ojha V 430 Characteristics of Radioactive Elements in Groundwater of Ganghwa Island Related to Geothermal Environment Hamm S-Y, Yun S-M, Kim I, Kim H & Kim M 431 Tellurium Behavior in the Surficial Environment Hayes S, Ramos N & Knight D Thu 271

332 Posters Thu 432 Investigations of Pb and Cu Isotope Signatures to Trace Contamination Sources in the Industrial Area of Korea Jeong H, Ra K, Lee S-Y, Kim K-T & Kim E-S 433 Oxyanion-Forming Trace Elements and Associated Geochemical Processes in High Arsenic Aquifers Majumder S, Vega M & Datta S 434 The Role of Sediment Heterogeneity on Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge Fakhreddine S, Prommer H, Gorelick S & Fendorf S 435 Effect of Seasonal Parameters in the Mobilization Process of Arsenic in Groundwater at Nadia, WB Pathak P, Ghosh P & Sikdar PK 436 Geochemistry of Trace Elements in Wild and Orchard Plants over the Dalli Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Iran Tashakor M, Modabberi S & Asadi Haroni H 437 Identification and Ranking of the Water Bodies Pollution in the Transboudary Selenge River Basin Ulzetueva I, Gomboev B & Zhamyanov D 438 Effect of Improved Micro-Pore Mineral Fertilizer on Cadmium Speciation in Contaminated Soil Zhang J, Shi Z, Liao R, Hou Y & Wu Y (Session 13m continues on Friday 17th AM on page 293) 14a: Education and Outreach for Geochemists Posters for this session are displayed all week on boards and Details can be found on page

333 Goldschmidt 2018 Summary and Highlights Friday 17th August 2018 Timetable 08:30-11:30 Friday AM Orals 11:45-12:45 Friday Plenary (Bernard Marty) 14:15-17:15 Friday PM Orals Fri Highlights 09:00 (210) Michael A. Arthur (V.M. Goldschmidt Award) 15:15 (306) Sigurdur Gislason (C.C. Patterson Award) Other Events 12:45 (300) Meet The Plenary Lunch with Bernard Marty 273

334 Oral Presentations Overview Fri AM a 06c 05e / 05g 06j 07i 09i 10f 07b 08:30 Clouser Li Schaltegger Summons Schoell Nilsson Peacock Rogers 08:45 Hu Bonnetti Hourigan Welander Bauer 09:00 Zachos Criscenti Johnson Tootell Hsieh Todd Rothman 09:15 Gannon Anovitz Garay Grove Plass Zang Wilkes Arthur 09:30 Dee Gilbert Cloquet Frères Herbert Kotopoulou Witkowski 09:45 Conroy De Yoreo Albarede Craig He Jocic Zhang Hülse 10:00 Winkelstern Liu Wanty Chen Haley Barge McInerney Arndt 10:15 Voigt Zarzycki Bilenker Cox Wu LeBlanc Cui Owens 10:30 Dar Allen Hein Hockley Rahlf Pedreira -Segade Luo Bowman 10:45 Hassenruck -Gudipati Rodrigues Miranda Blignaut Muller Frank Hao van Maldegem Burdige 11:00 Thompson Koishi Josso Thompson S Marry Junium Slotznick 11:15 Dupuis Cole Wegorzewski Colucci Hong Rodriguez Naafs Lu 274

335 b 13g 11g / 11b 01b 02c 04i 03e 13m 08:30 Abramov Wilkins Fischer -Gödde Brenker Yaxley Allen Glodowska Fendorf 08:45 Montecinos Chaillou Fukai Hauri Manjón -Cabeza Córdoba Trail Godebo 09:00 Weintraub Antelo Masse -Dufresne Brennecka Xu Guo Wood Warren 09:15 Sundquist Li White Brandon Bucholz Patzner 09:30 Neurath Potra Groffman Armytage Mikhail Brown Chen Li 09:45 Bill Hatzianestis Yue Qin Kagi Zhang Hanna Pichler 10:00 Arias -Ortiz Kelvin Saheb Ziurys Robinson Li Hu Xie 10:15 Wilmoth Montarges -Pelletier Hansen Liu Shim Burton Stolper Tong 10:30 Andersen Schoepfer Zhang Haenecour Smart Elkins Spencer Datta 10:45 Coward Stolz Turvey Sanghani Liu Chilson -Parks Wang Knappett 11:00 Zhifeng Laniyan Chanda Bose Mare Graham Moreira Li 11:15 Cavallaro Embile Brown Heck Matthews Zhang Mogk Ji Oral Presentations Overview Fri AM 275

336 01b AM 309 Fri 01b: Presolar Grains, Nucleosynthesis and Isotope Anomalies as Cosmic Fingerprints Session chaired by Pierre Haenecour & Liping Qin 08:30 Keynote: Ruthenium Isotope Anomalies in Meteorites and their Role as Genetic Tracers during Planetary Accretion Fischer-Gödde M 08:45 Nucleosynthetic Sr Nd Correlation in Bulk Chondrites: Evidence for Nebular Thermal Processing and Transportation of Refractory Dusts in the Early Solar System Fukai R & Yokoyama T 09:00 Invited: Cosmolocation of the Solar System s Earliest Dated Solids Brennecka G, Burkhardt C, Nimmo F, Kruijer T & Kleine T 09:15 Evaluating Nd Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Enstatite Chondrites Brandon A, McLeod C, Rankenburg K & Becker H 09:30 Enstatite Chondrites Earth-Like for Stable Nd Ratios Armytage R & Debaille V 09:45 The Origin of Chromium Isotopic Anomalies in Lunar Rocks Qin L, Liu J, Dauphas N, Carlson RW, Xu W & Hui H 10:00 Observational Constraints for Pre-Solar Grains: Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Dying Stars Ziurys L, Schmdit D, Woolf N & Zega T 10:15 Invited: Late Formation of Silicon Carbide in Type II Supernovae Liu N, Nittler L, Alexander C & Wang J 10:30 Presolar Graphite: Insight into Redox Conditions in CO Nova Ejecta Haenecour P, Howe JY, Zega TJ, Wallace P, Amari S, Floss C, Lodders K, Kaji K, Sunaoshi T & Muto A 10:45 Presolar Silicate Grains in Isheyevo and NWA 801 Chondrites Sanghani M & Bizzarro M 11:00 Early Solar System Chronometry Using Presolar Grains Bose M, Till C & Floss C 11:15 Lifetimes of Interstellar Dust from New Exposure Ages of Large Presolar SiC Grains Heck P, Greer J, Koeoep L, Trappitsch R, Gyngard F, Davis A, Avila J, Busemann H, Colin M & Wieler R 276

337 02c 310 AM 02c: Mineralogy, Petrology and Processes in the Mantle Transition Zone and the Lower Mantle Budgets and Isotopic Compositions of Volatiles in the Interior of the Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets Session chaired by Greg Yaxley, Antony Burnham, Qingyang Hu, Jin Liu, Sonja Aulbach, Sebastian Tappe, Alberto Saal & Jim van Orman 08:30 Fe-Rich Ferropericlase in Super Deep Diamonds and the Stability of High FeO Wadsleyite. Implications on the Composition and Temperature of the Earth s Transition Zone Brenker FE, Koch TE, Prior DJ, Lilly K, Krot AN, Bizzarro M & Frost D 08:45 Sources, Sinks and Isotope Evolution in DECCIMOL: Deep Earth Carbon Cycle Integration Model Hauri E 09:00 Keynote: Moderately Volatile Element Behavior during Accretion Wood B, Matzen A & Norris A 09:30 Invited: The Use of Atmospheric Chemistry to Characterise How Mantle Processes Have Contributed to Earth s Environmental Distinction Mikhail S, Zerkle A, Forgan D, Heap M, Sverjensky D & Barry P 09:45 Incorporation of Nitrogen into the Lower-Mantle Minerals Under High Pressure and High Temperature Fukuyama K, Kagi H, Inoue T, Shinmei T, Kakizawa S, Takahata N & Sano Y 10:00 A Primitive Hydrogen Reservoir in the Lunar Interior? Robinson KL, Nagashima K, Taylor GJ, Anand M & Kring DA 10:15 Hydrous Silica in the Lower Mantle Shim S-H, Nisr C, Chen H, Leinenweber K, Chizmeshya A, Prakapenka V, Kunz M, Bechtel H, Liu Z & 10:30 Reduced Volatile Sources for Karelian Diamonds Linked to Punctuated Ultramafic Magmatism Smart K, Cartigny P, Tappe S, O Brien H & Klemme S 10:45 Random Si Distribution between the T-Site and M-Site of MgAl2O 4 -spinel at High P-T Conditions Liu X, Liu L, Bao X, He Q, Yan W, Ma Y, He M, Tao R & Zou R 11:00 Divalent Germanium: Stable at Low Oxygen Fugacity and Highly Incompatible in Olivine Mare E, O Neill H, Berry A & Glover C 11:15 Can We Detect Carbon Rich Mantle Reservoirs? Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Miller WGR Fri (Session 02c continues on Friday 17th PM on page 297) 277

338 03e AM 312 Fri 03e: The Continents: Origin, Evolution and Interactions with Other Reservoirs Celebrating Dr. Roberta Rudnick s Contribution to Geochemistry and Beyond Session chaired by Fang-Zhen Teng, Cin-Ty Lee, Sonja Aulbach & Xiaoming Liu 08:30 Invited: Tracking Crustal Evolution Through a Detrital Zircon Database: When/Where did S-Type Granites Form? Allen CM, Campbell IH, Zhu Z & Burnham A 08:45 Invited: Origin of Si and O Isotope Heterogeneities in Igneous Zircon Trail D, Boehnke P, Liu M-C, Savage P, Miller M & Bindeman I 09:00 Mesozoic Magmatism and Change of Tectonic Regimes in SE China Xu X, He Z & Liu L 09:15 Oyxgen Fugacity at the Base of the Talkeetna Arc, Alaska Bucholz C & Kelemen P 09:30 Tracking Sulfide Fractionation in Deep Continental Arcs: Implications for Porphyry Cu Deposits Chen K, Wang Z, Tang M, Zou Z, Hu Z & Liu Y 09:45 Evaluating Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Subducting Slab Components in Aleutian Arc Lavas Hanna H, Liu X-M, Park Y-R, Kay S & Rudnick R 10:00 Potassium Isotopic Inputs to Subduction Zones Hu Y, Teng F-Z & Plank T 10:15 A Phanerozoic Increase in Arc Rock Oxidation State Stolper D & Bucholz C 10:30 Cascading State Shifts in the Paleoproterozoic Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Lithosphere Spencer C, Partin C, Kirkland C, Raub T & Liebmann J 10:45 An Abrupt Increase of Oxygen Isotopes at ca Ma in Archean TTGs from the Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrane, South Africa Wang X, Wang D, Kröner A, Xia X & Li J 11:00 Evidence for Continuous Continental Crust Generation during the Magmatic Lull Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M, Seixas L, Dunlop J & Darling J 11:15 Plumes and Blooms in Archean Crustal Evolution Mueller P & Mogk D (Session 03e continues on Friday 17th PM on page 298) 278

339 04i 311 AM 04i: Magma Genesis beneath Oceans and Continents: Source Signatures and Melting Processes Session chaired by Oliver Shorttle, Lucy McGee, Kenneth Sims & Richard Katz 08:30 Partial Melting of Pyroxenite Domains in Peridotitic Mantle not all Pyroxenites are Born Equal Yaxley G & Rosenthal A 08:45 Geodynamic-Petrological Modelling of Mantle Upwellings in the Eastern Atlantic: Sources vs. Porcesses Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba A & Ballmer MD 09:00 Keynote: Source Versus Process: Peridotite Constraints on Magma Genesis Warren J, Birner S, Cottrell E, Katz R, Kelley K & Davis F 09:30 Markov Chain Monte Carlo Inversion of Mantle Temperature and Composition beneath Iceland Brown E, Petersen K & Lesher C 09:45 Mantle Source and Magma Evolution of the Dying Spreading Ridge in the South China Sea Zhang G, Jackson M, Sun W & Seward G 10:00 Water Content of Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Melt Transports beneath Mid-Oceanic Ridges Li P, Xia Q-K, Bonatti E & Brunelli D 10:15 Extreme Mantle Heterogeneity Preserved in Earth s Oceanic Crust Burton K, McCoy-West A, Inglis E & Parkinson I 10:30 The Effects of Two-Lithology Mantle Melting on U-Series in Basalts Elkins L, Bourdon B & Lambart S 10:45 Deciphering the Geochemistry of Lithospheric Mantle in the Melt Source of the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina Chilson-Parks B, Saal A, Wang Z, Calabozo F, Mallick S & Frey F 11:00 He, CO 2, and δ 13 C Variations during a Mid-Ocean Ridge Eruptive Event Graham D, Michael P & Rubin K 11:15 Phase Equilibria and Geochemical Constraints on the Petrogenesis of high-ti Picrite from the Paleogene East Greenland Flood Basalt Province Zhang Y-S, Hou T, Veksler I, Lesher C & Namur O Fri (Session 04i continues on Friday 17th PM on page 299) 279

340 05e AM 203 Fri 05e: Recent Advances in the Application of Dating, Isotopic and Trace-Element Techniques to Commercially Relevant Geomaterials Session chaired by William Ridley, Richard Wanty, David van Acken, Svetoslav Georgiev, Paul J. Sylvester, Sean McClenaghan & Albrecht von Quadt 08:30 Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation Porphyry Deposit and Implications for Mineralization and Global Mo Cycling, the Qulong Example Li Y, Mccoy-West A, Zhang S, Selby D, Burton K & Horan K 08:45 New Visions in the Genesis of Roll Front Uranium Deposits Bonnetti C, Zhou L, Riegler T & Brugger J 09:00 Keynote: Sulfur Isotope Stratigraphy and the Basinal Environments of Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Zn-Pb Deposits Johnson C, Slack J, Dumoulin J, Kelley K & Falck H 09:15 Carbonate Fluorescence and Carbonate Stable Isotopes Footprint Around Ferrobamba Cu- Skarn, Southern Peru Garay A, Andrew B, Cooke D & Barker S 09:30 Invited: Isotopes Geochemistry as a Tool to Understand the Environmental Impact of Ore Mineral Deposits Cloquet C, Zhu C, Wen H & Zhang Y 09:45 Ag Isotope Fractionation in Fluids with Applications to Ore Deposits, Archeometry, and Cosmochemistry Albarede F & Fujii T 10:00 Copper Isotopes in Surface- and Groundwater as Indicators of Hydrothermally Altered Crystalline Bedrock in Handcart Gulch, Colorado, USA Wanty R, Manning A, Morrison J, Verplanck P, Caine J & Balistrieri L 10:15 The Control of Pyrrhotite on the Fe Isotope Composition of Magmatic Systems: Implications for the Formation of Magmatic Ni-Cu Deposits and Layered Intrusions Bilenker L, Weis D & Scoates J Session 05g follows this session in this room. For details see page

341 05g 203 AM 05g: Constraining the Formation of Modern and Ancient Marine Mineral Deposits Session chaired by Amy Gartman, Kira Mizell, Daniel David Gregory & Ross Large 10:30 Resource Potential of Hydrothermal Manganese Deposits from the Global Ocean Hein J & Whisman S 10:45 Boron Isotope and REE Signatures and their Sources in Manganese Ores of the Kalahari Manganese Field Blignaut L, Viljoen F, Elburg M & Tsikos H 11:00 Age Model and Geochemical Evolution of FeMn Crusts Josso P, Lusty P, Parkinson I, Chenery S, Horstwood M & Murton B 11:15 Invited: Mineralogical Transformations in Polymetallic Mn-Nodules Upon Burial in Sediments and the Changes in the Crystal-Chemistry of Ni, Cu, Co Wegorzewski A, Grangeon S, Webb S & Kuhn T (Session 05g continues on Friday 17th PM on page 300) Fri 281

342 06c AM 202 Fri 06c: Nanoscale Interfacial Geochemistry in Extreme Environments Session chaired by Helen King, Sandra Piazolo, Carolyn Pearce, Kevin Rosso, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, Henry Teng, Adam Wallace & Juliane Weber 08:30 Keynote: The Origin of the Anomalous Properties of Water Nilsson A 09:00 Invited: Interfacial Chemistry Under Nanoconfinement Criscenti L, Greathouse J, Ilgen A, Leung K, Harvey J, Ho T & Knight A 09:15 Properties of Ultra-Confined Water: Effects on Phase Stability Anovitz L, Kolesnikov A, Hoffmann C, Reiter G, Prisk T, Kent P, Mamontov E & Wesolowksi D 09:30 Invited: Dielectric Relaxation and Static Dielectric Constant of Confined Aqueous Solutions Dazas B, Gilbert B, Zarzycki P & Bourg I 09:45 Invited: An in situ Look at Water, Ions and Forces at Mineral Surfaces and in Confinement De Yoreo J, Kerisit S, Tuladhar A, Zhang X, Sushko M, Zhang S, Li D, Chun J, Wang Z, Nakouzi E & Rosso K 10:00 Structure and Dynamics of Water on Forsterite Surface Liu T, Gautam S, Wang H-W, Anovitz L, Cole D & Mamontov E 10:15 Invited: Molecular Structure of Interlayer Water Governs Dispersion Force Adhesion of Clay Particles Zarzycki P & Gilbert B 10:30 Invited: Aqueous Surfaces of Iron Salts Allen H, Baumler S, Lin L, Adel T & Ng K 10:45 Dynamics of Water Nanoconfined in Cement by Atomistic Simulations Mutisya SM, Almeida JMD & Rodrigues Miranda C 11:00 Surface Hydrophobicity and Properties of Interfacial Water Koishi A, Lee SS, Fenter P, Fernandez-Martinez A, Michot L & Bourg I 11:15 Invited: Behavior of Water and Aqueous Solutions in Nanopore Systems Cole D & Striolo A (Session 06c continues on Friday 17th PM on page 301) 282

343 06j 204 AM 06j: Bright Future Recent Methodological and Instrumentation Advancements for Micro- to Nano-Analysis in Earth and Planetary Science Session chaired by Shichun Huang, Stephen Shuttleworth, Christopher Parendo, Jeremy Hourigan, Nancy Ross, Jussi-Petteri Suuronen, Lawrence Anovitz & Mark Pearce 08:30 Keynote: Heading Towards the most Precise, Accurate and Reproducible U-Pb Age of Least Material Schaltegger U 08:45 Advanced Noble Gas Analytical Systems Control Using Embedded Real-Time Process Hardware and Software Hourigan J & Grove M 09:00 A High Sensitivity Nier-Type Gas Source for Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry Tootell D, Jones T, Palacz Z & Rousell D 09:15 Exploration of More Natural and Efficient Heating of K-Feldspar for 40 Ar/ 39 Ar Thermal History Analysis Grove M, Hourigan J & Lovera O 09:30 Self-Induced Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS Frères E, Bilenker L, King E, Fourny A, Patton G, Weis D, Zhao Y, Freedman P & Gordon K 09:45 Doubling Sensitivity in MC-ICP-MS Using High-Efficiency, Rapid-Response Laser Ablation Technology Craig G, Managh A, Stremtan C, Lloyd N & Horstwood M 10:00 In situ Carbon Isotope Analysis by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS Chen W, Lu J, Jiang S-Y, Zhao K-D & Duan D-F 10:15 Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype ATONA Amplifiers for Argon Isotope Measurements Cox SE, Hemming SR & Tootell D 10:30 High Precision Measurement of Isotope Ratios Using Faraday Collectors with ATONA Amplifiers Hockley M, Palacz Z & Yardley S 10:45 In situ Rb/Sr Dating by LA-ICP-MS/MS Using SF 6 as Reaction Cell Gas with Internal Normalization Muller W 11:00 Advantages of LA-Tof-ICP-MS for Analysis of Geological Materials Thompson J & Danyushevsky L 11:15 Tandem LA-ICP-MS & LIBS; A New Micro-Analytical Technique for the Measurement of Every Element in the Periodic Table Colucci MT, Jacobsen SB, Gonzalez J, Torres M, Lee C-T, Savard D, Neumann R & Boyce JW Fri (Session 06j continues on Friday 17th PM on page 302) 283

344 07b AM 210 Fri 07b: De-Oxygenation and Organic Carbon Burial in Earth s History Session chaired by Alex Dickson, Caroline Slomp, Tim Lenton, Theodore Them, Nicholas Harris, Bradley Sageman, Konstantin Choumiline & Susann Henkel 08:30 Geodynamic Control of Atmospheric po 2 over the Phanerozoic Eon Schoell M, Tappert R & Muehlenbachs K 08:45 Ferruginous Conditions and the Collapse of the Early Cretaceous Seawater Sulphate Reservoir Bauer K, Bottini C, Katsev S, Jellinek M, Francois R, Erba E & Crowe S 09:00 Medal: The Causes and Consequences of Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events Reconsidered Arthur M 09:45 About the Beginning and End of OAEs: A Story of Biogeochemical Feedbacks and Organic Matter Burial Hülse D, Arndt S & Ridgwell A 10:00 Invited: Resurrecting the Barite Proxy: Extracting Insights into the Mechanisms of Organic Carbon Burial during OAE2 from Authigenic Barite Profiles Arndt S, HÜlse D & Ridgwell A 10:15 Keynote: Novel Isotope Systems to Better Constrain Local to Global Reduced Bottom Water Oxygen Contents Owens JD, Them TR, Wu F & Nielsen SG 10:30 Thallium Isotopic Evidence for Widespread Oceanic Anoxia Associated with the Late Silurian Lau Extinction Event Bowman C, Young S, Kaljo D, Eriksson M, Them T, Martma T, Hints O & Owens J 10:45 Keynote: Linking Iron Oxide Mineralogy and Organic Matter Preservation in Marine Sediments Burdige D 11:00 Probing Sequential Chemical Extractions for Iron Speciation Using Magnetic Methods Slotznick S, Swanson-Hysell N, Sperling E, Miller A, van Helmond N & Slomp C 11:15 Foraminiferal I/Ca Results from the Benguela Upwelling System Lu W, Dickson A, Thomas E, Rickaby R & Lu Z (Session 07b continues on Friday 17th PM on page 303) 284

345 07i 206 AM 07i: New Insights in Marine Trace Element Biogeochemistry Session chaired by Florian Scholz & Jennifer McKay 08:30 Keynote: Mineralogical Controls on the Cycling of Trace Metals in Marine Sediments Peacock C 09:00 Barium Isotopes in South Atlantic Sediment Pore Waters Hsieh Y-T, Bridgestock L, Homoky WB & Henderson GM 09:15 Benthic Trace Metal Cycling on the Peruvian Shelf Plass A, Scholz F, Schlosser C, Dale A, Achterberg E & Sommer S 09:30 Biogeochemical Processing of Glacially Sourced Trace Metals in High-Latitude Fjord Sediments Herbert L, Riedinger N, Aller R, Jørgensen B & Wehrmann L 09:45 Iodine Isotopes in the English Channel He P, Aldahan A, Hou X & Possnert G 10:00 Invited: Marine Rare Earth Elements, Neodymium Isotopes and the Benthic Reactive Layer Haley B, Du J, Abbott A, McManus J & Mix A 10:15 Distributions of Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean Wu Y, Goldstein S, Pena L, Anderson R, Hartman A, Bolge L, Rijkenberg M & de Baar H 10:30 The Congo River Plume: Tracing Continental Input Processes with Neodymium, Hafnium and Radium Isotopes and Dissolved Aluminum Concentrations Rahlf P, Vieira LH, Menzel Barraqueta J-L, Frank M & Hathorne E 10:45 Greenland-Sourced Freshwater Traced by Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements on the North-East Greenland Shelf Laukert G, Dreyer J, Frank M, Hathorne EC & Meulenbroek K 11:00 Simultaneous Determination of 234 Th/ 238 U and 210 Po/ 210 Pb Disequilibria in a Hydrothermal Vent Region along the Southwest Indian Ridge System S SA & R R 11:15 Using 224Ra/ 228 Th Disequilibrium to Quantify Benthic Fluxes of Trace Metals into Pearl River Estuary: From Alkaline Earth Elements (Ba) to Redox Sensitive Metals (U, Mn, and Fe) Hong Q, Cai P, Geibert W, Cao Z, Stimac I, Liu L & Li Q Fri 285

346 08a AM 200 Fri 08a: Understanding Past and Present Climate with Water Isotopes Session chaired by Clay Tabor & Jiang Zhu 08:30 In situ Measurements of Vapor-Phase HDO/H 2 O Isotopic Ratio in the Asian Summer Monsoon Clouser B, Singer C, Gaeta D, Sarkozy L, StratoClim T & Moyer E 08:45 What are Asian Speleothem δ 18 O Telling us? Insights from an Isotope-Enabled Model Hu J, Emile-Geay J & Nusbaumer J 09:00 Keynote: The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints Zachos J, Ballaron E, Harper D, Rush W, Babila T, Kiehl J, Bowen G, Kelly C, Kozdon R, Penman D & Huber M 09:15 Reconstructing San Diego, CA, USA s Hydrologic History Since the Last Glacial Maximum Using Models, Speleothems, and Groundwater Geochemistry Gannon R, Seltzer A & Danskin W 09:30 Tracking the Strength of the Walker Circulation with Water Isotopes Dee S, Konecky B, DiNezio P & Russell J 09:45 Invited: Assessing Bias in the Representation of ENSO in Precipitation Stable Isotope Values Conroy JL, Wyman DA & Bell LJ 10:00 Variability in Δ 17 O, δ 18 O, and δd Across Six Hydrologically Diverse Lake Systems Winkelstern I & Passey B 10:15 Using Triple Oxygen Isotopes to Determine Evaporation and Recharge at the Salar del Huasco, Chile Voigt C, Herwartz D, Surma J & Staubwasser M 10:30 On Field Investigation of the Kinetic Fractionation Factor in the Isotope Evaporation Model Dar S & Ghosh P 10:45 Deciphering River Water Source Contributions from Seasonal Moisture Pathways and Latitudinal Stable Isotope Signatures Across the Central Himalayas Hassenruck-Gudipati H, Andermann C, Hovius N, Sachse D, Meyer H & Dee S 11:00 Invited: Indo-Pacific Hyroclimate Change over the Past 200 Years: New Insights from the Iso2 k Synthesis Thompson D, Conroy J, Konecky B, McKay N & Stevenson S 11:15 Importance of a Fully Anharmonic Treatment of Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation Properties Dupuis R, Benoit M, Tuckerman M & Méheut M 286

347 09i 207 AM 09i: Prebiotic Chemistry and the Archean Record of Early Life Session chaired by Laurie Barge, Scott Perl, Michael Kipp & Charles Diamond 08:30 Keynote: A New Prebiotic Paradigm: Early Earth Environments Give Rise to Life s Chemistry Rogers K 09:00 Sulfidic Anion Concentration on Early Earth for Surficial Origins-Of-Life Chemistry Todd Z, Ranjan S, Sutherland J & Sasselov D 09:15 Photochemical Synthesis of Ammonia and Amino Acids from Nitrous Oxide Zang X, Kawade W & Ueno Y 09:30 Precipitation of Self-Organized Fe-Silica Membranes on Early Earth: Friend or Foe? Kotopoulou E, Lopez-Haro M, Calvino Gamez JJ, van Zuilen M & Garcia-Ruiz JM 09:45 Reduction of Mixed Nitrate/Nitrite via Green Rust Chloride and Sulfate Jocic S, Aguirre V, Castonguay A, Barge L, Moss JA & Baum MM 10:00 Reductive Amination Driven by Iron Hydroxides in Hydrothermal Systems Barge LM, Flores E, VanderVelde D & Baum MM 10:15 Electrode-Mineral Interfaces for the Evaluation of Prebiotically Relevant Electrochemistry LeBlanc G, Wirth D, Barge L & Hermis N 10:30 From Adsorption to Reaction: A Study of Nucleotide-Mineral Interactions Pedreira-Segade U, Daniel I, Michot L & Rogers K 10:45 Influence of Trace Elements on the Adsorption of Nucleotides onto Clays: Implications for the Origin of Life Hao J, Mokhtari M, Pedreira-Segade U, Michot L & Daniel I 11:00 Adsorption of GMP and dgmp Nucleotides onto Na-Montmorillonite Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Bacle P, Le Crom S & Marry V 11:15 The Plausibility of an Iron-Sulfur Linked pre-rna Rodriguez L & House C Fri (Session 09i continues on Friday 17th PM on page 306) 287

348 10f AM 208 Fri 10f: Biomarkers, Earth History, and Ancient Environments Session chaired by Katherine Freeman & Alex Sessions 08:30 Molecular Characterization of Preserved Tissues in a Cretaceous Ankylosaur Summons R, Herrera J, Sistiaga A, Brown C, Henderson D & Vinther J 08:45 Invited: Cholesterol Synthesis by a Bacterium Welander P, Lee A & Wei J 09:00 Invited: Threshold Phenomena in the Marine Carbon Cycle Rothman D 09:15 Understanding Algal Photosynthetic Carbon Isotope Fractionation Wilkes E & Pearson A 09:30 Isotopic Fractionation of Phytoplankton Reveals Phanerozoic pco 2 Trend Witkowski CR, Weijers JWH, Blais B, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damste JS 09:45 Resolving the Physiological Parameter b for Alkenone-Based pco 2 Reconstructions Zhang YG, Pearson A, Henderiks J, Liu X & Dong L 10:00 Late to the Party: Australia s Tardy Expansion of C4 Vegetation Linked to Australian Summer Monsoon McInerney F, Andrae J, Polissar P, Sniderman JMK, Howard S, Hall PA & Phelps S 10:15 Depositional Environment of the South Atlantic Rift Basins: The Onset of the Seawater Intrusion Cui X, Freeman K & Summons R 10:30 Lipid Biomarker and Isotopic Characteristics of Mesoproterozoic Rocks Formed in Different Sedimentary Environments Luo G, Chen X, Xie S, Zhang X & Summons R 10:45 Extreme Heterotrophy after Snowball Earth van Maldegem L, Sansjofre P, Weijers J, Wolkenstein K, Wormer L, Strother P & Hallmann C 11:00 Single Acritarch Cell Carbon Isotope Analyses: Implications for Geobiology Junium C, Cohen P, King Phillips E & Uveges B 11:15 2-Methylhopanes in Bacteria, the Sedimentary Archive, and Implications for the History of Life Naafs D, Bianchini G, Monteiro F & Sanchez-Baracaldo P (Session 10f continues on Friday 17th PM on page 307) 288

349 11b 306 AM 11b: Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Environment: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Isotopes Session chaired by Anna Harrison, Ian Power & Vasileios Mavromatis 10:00 Alteration Mechanisms and Kinetics of Limestone Materials Used in Built Cultural Heritage Saheb M, Gentaz L, Verney-Carron A, Sessegolo L, Rémusat L, Nuns N, Mertz J-D & Chabas A 10:15 Simulating Formation of Speleothem Calcite in the Laboratory: Investigating Kinetic Stable Isotope Fractionation in the Laboratory Hansen M, Schöne BR, Spötl C & Scholz D 10:30 Silicon Isotope Doping Method for Measuring Silicate Reaction Rates in the Critical Zone Zhang Y, Zhu C, Hu B, Wang J, Rimstidt D, Yuan H & Georg B 10:45 Tracing Cation and Anion Exchange in Hydrotalcite Minerals Using Stable C, O and Mg Isotopes Turvey C, Wilson S, Hamilton J, Beinlich A, Dipple G & Frierdich A 11:00 Effect of Organic C on Stable Fe Isotopic Fractionation between Aqueous Fe(II) and Ferrihydrite Chanda P, Zhou Z, Latta D, Scherer M, Beard B & Johnson C 11:15 U Isotope Fractionation: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Controls Brown S, Basu A, Ding X, Christensen J & DePaolo D (Session 11b continues on Friday 17th PM on page 308) Fri 289

350 11g AM 306 Fri 11g: Critical Zone Dynamics Through Space and Time: Linkages with Weathering Rates and Global Biogeochemical Cycles Session chaired by Elizabeth Hasenmueller, Gary Stinchcomb, Julie Weitzman, Nicholas Ward, Vanessa Bailey, Paul Baudron, Gwenaelle Chaillou, Jennifer Macalady & Jonathan Martin 08:30 Invited: Biogeochemical Responses to Seasonal Snowmelt-Driven Hyporheic Disturbances in an Upland Catchment Wilkins M, Saup C, Sawyer A, Nelson A, Bryant S, Christensen J & Williams K 08:45 Inorganic Carbon Chemistry Chemistry in the Groundwater Ocean Continuum Tommi-Morin G & Chaillou G 09:00 Recovery Dynamics of Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions Following an Intense Flooding Event at a 2-Lake Bank Filtration Site Masse-Dufresne J, Baudron P, Barbecot F, Marcotte D, Proteau-Bédard F, Patenaude M, Pontoreau C & Delestre M 09:15 Combining U-Series and Sr Isotopes to Trace Water Flow Through the Critical Zone White A, Ma L, Moravec B, McIntosh J & Chorover J 09:30 Invited: Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in the Context of Ecosystem Nitrogen Cycles Groffman P 09:45 Understanding the Dynamic Fate of Nitrate during Wet Season in a Typical Karstic Agricultural Catchment, SW China, Constrained on Dual Nitrate Isotopes Yue F-J, Li S-L, Waldron S, Wang Z-J, Zeng J & Oliver D Session 11b follows this session in this room. For details see page

351 12b 302 AM 12b: Controls on the Recalcitrance of Organic Matter Across Diverse Environmental Conditions and Perturbations Session chaired by Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Eric Sundquist, Malak Tfaily, Nancy Hess & Pat Megonigal 08:30 Keynote: Anaerobic Constraints Imposed on Organic Carbon Oxidation in Soils Fendorf S & Keiluweit M 09:00 Using NEON Data to Explore Plot to Continental Scale Patterns in Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics Weintraub S, Stanish L & Ayres E 09:15 Influence of Landscape Processes on the Preservation of Soil Organic Matter in Hydric Soils Sundquist E & Aackerman K 09:30 Planting Carbon in Soil: How Mineral Interaction with Plant-Derived Carbon May Lead to Carbon Persistence Neurath R, Whitman T, Chu-Jacoby I, Lipton A, Zhou J, Weber P, Nico P, Pett-Ridge J & Firestone M 09:45 Isotopic Constraints on Microbial Carbon Cycling of Montane Soils (East River, Colorado) Bill M, Conrad ME, Sorensen PO, Beller HR, Bouskill N, Brodie EL, Wu X, Chakraborty R & Williams KW 10:00 Losses of Soil Organic Carbon with Deforestation in Mangroves of Madagascar Arias-Ortiz A, Glass L, Masqué P, Benson L, Kennedy H, Garcia-Orellana J, Ridgway S, Salgado G, Duarte CM & Lovelock CE 10:15 The Methane Paradox in Peat Systems is Linked to Redox Transitions Wilmoth J, Liu X, Schaefer J, Shoemaker J, Myneni S & Zhang X 10:30 Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry Studies of Complex Soil Organic Matter Interactions with Solvated Metal Ions and Mineral Surfaces Andersen A, Govind N & Laskin A 10:45 Kinetic Structuring: Temporal Molecular Fractionation of Organic Matter during Mineral Adsorption Coward E, Ohno T & Sparks D 11:00 Multiscale Investigations on Responses of Soil Heterotrophic Respiration to Moisture Changes Zhifeng Y, Bond-Lamberty B, Todd-Brown K, Bailey V, SiLiang L, CongQiang L & Chongxuan L 11:15 Stability and Vulnerability of Organic Carbon in Diverse Agroecosystems and Management Options: Programs, Outcomes and Opportunities at USDA/NIFA Cavallaro N Fri 291

352 13g AM 304 Fri 13g: The Environmental Behavior of Contaminants in Mining-Impacted Environments Session chaired by Sergey Abramov & Sabrina Hedrich 08:30 Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation and Heavy Metal Precipitation in Rio Tinto (Spain) Abramov S, Grimm L, Schädler F, Tejada J, Bulaev A, Thorwarth H, Amils R, Kleindienst S & Kappler A 08:45 Copper Attenuation in a River Confluence Receiving Acid Drainage in Central Chile: Coupling of Physical and Chemical Processes Montecinos M, Bretier M, Dabrin A, Alsina M, Coquery M & Pastén P 09:00 Long-Term Immobilization of Trace Elements in Iron-Rich AMD Systems Antelo J, Carabante I, Lezama-Pacheco J, Kumpiene J & Fiol S 09:15 Mobility and Geochemical Behavior of Antimony in Mining-Impacted Water Environments, Guizhou, China Li L, Wu P, Tu H & Zhang S 09:30 Legacy Lead from Past Mining Activity and Gasoline Additives: Evidence from Lead Isotopes and Trace Element Geochemical Studies in the Arkansas River and White River Basins, Southern Ozark Region Potra A, Ruhl L, Samuelsen J & Dodd J 09:45 Organic Contaminants in Greek Mining Impacted Coastal Marine Areas Hatzianestis I 10:00 Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Particulate Matter Kelvin M 10:15 Long Term Behavior of Iron and Zinc in Steelmaking Wastes Montarges-Pelletier E, Kanbar H, Guenet H, Bihannic I, Gley R & Vantelon D 10:30 Dynamic Interactions between Phosphate and Schwertmannite Schoepfer V, Burton E, Johnston S & Kraal P 10:45 Groundwater Quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania with Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction and Legacy Coal Mining Cantlay T, Bain D & Stolz J 11:00 Geochemical Assessments of Artisanal Mining on Soils Around Talc Deposit, Southwestern Nigeria Laniyan T & Bayewu O 11:15 Cu, Pb and Fe Release from Sulfide-Containing Mine Tailings in Seawater: A Laboratory Simulation Embile R, Walder I, Schuh C & Donatelli J (Session 13g continues on Friday 17th PM on page 310) 292

353 13m 313 AM 13m: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants (Arsenicals) Session chaired by Saugata Datta & Rudolph Hon 08:30 Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Patzner M, Kipfer R, Winkel L, Berg M, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rathi B, Prommer H, Pham Hung V, Vu D, Vi Mai L, Pham T, Kleindienst S & Kappler A 08:45 Arsenic Occurrence and Human Exposure in the Main Ethiopian Rift Godebo T, Vengosh A & Jeuland M 09:00 Transformation of Iron-Mineral Adsorbed Arsenic Under Natural Groundwater Conditions Guo H, Zhang D, Xiu W & Shen M 09:15 Microbial Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater Aquifers of the Red River Delta, Vietnam Patzner MS, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Kipfler R, Winkel L, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rhati B, Pommer H, Vu D, Tran M, Thrang P, Viet PH, Berg M, Kleindienst S & Kappler A 09:30 Sequential Water Leaching Method to Assess Geogenic Arsenic Contamination in Construction Surplus Urban Soils in Japan Li J, Riya S, Terada A & Hosomi M 09:45 Generating False Negatives and False Positives for As and Mo Concentrations in Groundwater due to Well Installation Pichler T & Wallis I 10:00 Arsenic Fate in the Unsaturated Zone Upon the Water Table Fluctuation Caused by Periodic Irrigation Practices Xie X, Xiao Z & Li J 10:15 Microaerophilic Fe(II)-oxidizing Mineralization Coupled Arsenic Immobilization Through Microbial Oxidation and Sequestration Tong H, Chen M, Liu C, Li F, Liu Y & Liu Y 10:30 Arsenic and Fluoride in Guanajuato Groundwaters, Mexico Shepherd F, Rodriguez R, Knappett P, Nordstrom K, Li Y, Loza I & Datta S 10:45 Intensive Pumping Impacts Arsenic Concentrations in Drinking Water Aquifers in an Inter- Montane Basin Knappett P, Li Y, Datta S, Loza I, Majumder S, Hernandez H, Shepherd F, Aviles M, Pina V, Huang Y, Lynch B & Mahlknecht J 11:00 Humic Substances Enhance Arsenic Reduction in Paddy Soil via Abiotic Reaction and Stimulating Functional Microbial Community Qiao J-T, Li X-M, Li F-B & Huang W 11:15 Arsenic Release in Paddy Soil during Applying Phosphate Fertilizer Ji Y, Lu G, Guo C & Dang Z Fri (Session 13m continues on Friday 17th PM on page 311) 293

354 Oral Presentations Overview Fri PM i 06c 05g 06j 07f 09i 10f 07b 14:15 Yang Valley Hussey Feely Bosak Freeman Hoogakker Jamieson 14:30 John Schoonen Lee Perl Eiler Capet McGee 14:45 Nozaki Ma Sulpis Aoyama Ono van Helmond 15:00 Galer Fernandez -Martinez Yang Xu Jiang Tsukamoto Smith Krom 15:15 Stein Teng Fuchs Suuronen Terhaar Westall Hamilton Sanial 15:30 Goodman Bourg Otake Hoffmann Ianson Ohtomo Mayali Shi 15:45 Jin Fenter Slack Stawski Laruelle Kadoya Waldbauer 16:00 Koffman Lee Magnall Bracco Wurgaft Zheng Tuross 16:15 Pichat Weber Coveney Cheshire Wang Bekaert Medina Ferrer 16:30 Erel Yokoyama Tanaka Ilton Krajnc Wang Ladd 16:45 Mitra Zuddas Yasukawa Danyushevsky Volkenborn Kakegawa He 17:00 Das Dembowski He Chen Cai Koehler 294

355 d 13g 11b 01f 02c 04i 03e 13m 14:15 Yurkevich Walter Reid Cardon Putnis Davison Tang Gionfriddo 14:30 Janot Thomassot Panter 14:45 McNear Ethier Bao Erickson Mao Furman Arndt Elias 15:00 Moran Bao Crawford Timms Okuda Rasmussen Sun Wilpiszeski 15:15 de Graaff Vriens Lyons Fischer Hanan Zhou Helmrich 15:30 Smercina Plante Gislason Stroud Regier Beguelin Feineman Li 15:45 Rumpel Motswaiso Hamilton Jones Schwartz Magalhaes Chen 16:00 Peak Jordan Kirste Tyra Deng Colon Zhao Wang 16:15 Finlay Martinez Schmid Gwanmesia Rowe Liu Masuda 16:30 Remiszewski Nancucheo Kietäväinen Quitté Tse Amsellem Yang Feng 16:45 Meunier Lauchnor Stockmann Zeng Dong Hyung Liu Holdsworth 17:00 Brecheisen Navaz Rubio Zheng Greer Marshall Giuliani Gregory Al Oral Presentations Overview Fri PM 295

356 01f PM 309 Fri 01f: Novel Methods for the Analysis and Modeling of Planetary Formation and Evolution Session chaired by Mary-Alix Kaczmarek & Nicholas Timms 14:15 Keynote: From Microns to Kilometres: Linking Meteorite Observations to Asteroid Impact Processes Davison T, Derrick J, Collins G & Bland P 14:45 Zircon Under Extreme Shock Conditions from the Ries Crater, Germany Erickson T, Kring D & Timms N 15:00 Impact Melt Immiscibility and Resulting Element Segregation on the Itokawa Asteroid Timms N, Rickard W, Jourdan F, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Daly L, Bland P, Nakamura T, Oike R & Yada T 15:15 Widmanstätten Pattern Growth in a Dynamic Early Solar System Lyons R, Ciesla F & Dauphas N 15:30 Invited: Infrared Spectroscopy of Astromaterials in the Electron Microscope Stroud R, Lagos M & Batson P 15:45 µ-ftir Mapping of Fayalitic Olivine Fabrics in Carbonaceous Chondrites Hamilton V 16:00 A Novel Method for Creating Mineral Isotopic Reference Materials to Improve Solar System Radiochronometry, E.g., 53 Mn- 53 Cr Tyra M 16:15 High-Precision Analysis of 34 S/ 32 S with ConFlow-Elemental Analyzer-Irms Schmid FE, Becker H & Wiechert U 16:30 Tungsten Stable Isotope Variability in Geostandards and Igneous Rocks Quitté G, Peters D & Fabre S 16:45 Growth Model Interpretation of Planet Size Distribution Zeng L, Jacobsen S, Sasselov D, Vanderburg A, Lopez-Morales M, Perez-Mercader J, Petaev M & Mattsson T 17:00 Atom-Probe Tomography of Space-Weathered Lunar Ilmenite Grain Surfaces Greer J, Rout S, Istheim D, Seidman D, Wieler R & Heck P 296

357 02c 310 PM 02c: Mineralogy, Petrology and Processes in the Mantle Transition Zone and the Lower Mantle Budgets and Isotopic Compositions of Volatiles in the Interior of the Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets Session chaired by Greg Yaxley, Antony Burnham, Qingyang Hu, Jin Liu, Sonja Aulbach, Sebastian Tappe, Alberto Saal & Jim van Orman 14:15 Keynote: The Fate of Carbonate in Oceanic Crust Subducted into Earth s Mantle Walter M, Drewitt J, Thomson A, Zhang H, Lord O & Heinen B 14:30 Invited: S-Isotope Study of Archean Shallow-Crust Recycling in the Earth s Mantle Thomassot E 14:45 Hydrogen-Bearing Iron Peroxide in Earth s Lowermost Mantle Mao W, Liu J & Hu Q 15:00 Anomalous Behavior of the Compressibility and Thermal Conductivity of Fe, Al-Bearing Bridgmanite Okuda Y, Ohta K, Sinmyo R, Yagi T, Ohishi Y & Hirose K 15:15 Equations of State and Phase Diagram of SiO 2 to Lower Mantle Conditions Fischer R, Campbell A, Chidester B, Reaman D, Thompson E, Pigott J, Prakapenka V & Smith J 15:30 Oxygen Isotopes in Kankan Super-Deep Diamond Inclusions Reveal Variable Slab-Mantle Interaction Regier ME, Pearson DG, Stachel T, Stern RA & Harris JW 15:45 Invited: Tungsten Isotopes in Mantle Plumes: Heads its Positive, Tails its Negative Jones T, Davies R & Sossi P 16:00 First-Principles Simulations of Pyrite-Type FeOOH and its Isochemical Melts at High Pressure Deng J, Karki B & Lee K 16:15 Elasticity of Polycrystalline β-mg 2 SiO 4 Containing 0.73 Wt.% H 2 O to 10 GPa and 600 K by Ultrasonic Interferometry Technique Combined with Synchrotron x-radiation Gwanmesia G, James A, Whitaker M & Triplett R 16:30 The Ground State of FeO 2 Under Lower-Mantle Conditions Desmarais J, Zhang M, Tse J, Wu M & Chen J 16:45 Water Storage Capacity of Earth s Mantle and its Temporal Evolution Dong J, Fischer R, Stixrude L & Lithgow-Bertelloni C 17:00 Understanding the (Mis)behavior of Water Contents in Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Minerals Marshall E, Lassiter J & Barnes J Fri 297

358 03e PM 312 Fri 03e: The Continents: Origin, Evolution and Interactions with Other Reservoirs Celebrating Dr. Roberta Rudnick s Contribution to Geochemistry and Beyond Session chaired by Fang-Zhen Teng, Cin-Ty Lee, Sonja Aulbach & Xiaoming Liu 14:15 Keynote: Making the Calc-Alkaline Continental Crust: A Cumulate Perspective Tang M & Lee C-T 14:45 Invited: Numerical Modelling Reveals Weaknesses in the Sagduction Model for the Formation of Archean Continental Crust; Relevance to the Onset of Plate Tectonics Arndt N & Roman A 15:00 The Formation of the Continental Crust, a Nb/Ta Perspective Sun W, Ding X, Li C & Li H 15:15 Constraints on Crustal Growth and Evolution by Multiple Detrital Mineral Records from Large Rivers Zhou G & Wu Y 15:30 Crustal-Lithospheric Processes Recorded at the 2.06 Ga Bushveld-Molopo Farms Igneous Complex Feineman M, Magalhaes N, Penniston-Dorland S & Bybee G 15:45 Anomalous Sulfur of the Waterberg Project of the Bushveld Complex is not Locally Derived Magalhaes N, Penniston-Dorland S, Bybee G, Farquhar J & McCreesh M 16:00 A ~2.7 Ga Large Igneous Province (LIP) Event in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton? Zhao G 16:15 Invited: Mantle Recycling of Sedimentary Carbonate along the Northern Margin of the North China Craton Liu Y, Foley SF, Chen C, He D & Zong K 16:30 Mesozoic Decratonization of the Sino-Korean Craton by Lithospheric Delamination Yang J-H, Zhu Y-S & Wu F-Y 16:45 Hafnium-Osmium Isotope Systematics of Mantle Peridotites from the Cameroon Volcanic Line: Implications for Dating post-archean Lithospheric Mantle Liu J, Pearson G, Shu Q & Sigurdsson H 17:00 The Ocean Continent Connection: Consequences of the Stable Isotopic Composition of the Ocean and the Onset of Plate Tectonics Gregory R 298

359 04i 311 PM 04i: Magma Genesis beneath Oceans and Continents: Source Signatures and Melting Processes Session chaired by Oliver Shorttle, Lucy McGee, Kenneth Sims & Richard Katz 14:15 Invited: Geochemical and Seismic Insights into Melting Under Central Anatolia Reid M, Scheiffarth K, Michael C, Jonathan D & Janne B-T 14:30 On the Orgin of Intraplate Volcanism in Antarctica Panter K, Castillo P, Krans S, Reindel J, Martin A & Smellie J 14:45 Lithospheric Drip Magmatism in NW Saudi Arabia Highlights N. Red Sea Dead Sea Transform Interaction Furman T, Loucks E, Byrd A, Alotaibi T, Cipar J & Crispin K 15:00 Olivine Reveals Distinct δ 18 O Domains in the Icelandic Mantle Rasmussen MB, Halldórsson SA, Gibson SA, Whitehouse MJ & Guðfinnsson GH 15:15 Mantle Flow from beneath Antarctica Toward the Southeast Indian Ridge Hanan B, Graham D, Hemond C, Briais A, Ceuleneer G, Maia M, Park S-H & Revillon S 15:30 A Heterogeneous Rejuvenated Magma Source in Kauai and Niihau, Hawaii Beguelin P, Bizimis M, McIntosh E, Cousens B & Clague D 15:45 Heterogeneity in Magmatic Processes and Mantle Composition: Seamounts at the Edge of the Galápagos Hotspot Schwartz D, Wanless VD & Soule SA 16:00 Deciphering the Origins of Chemical and Isotopic Trends at Continental Hotspot Volcanoes with High-Resolution Thermomechenical Modeling Colon D, Bindeman I & Gerya T 16:15 Se7en: A He Isotope Story of the Auckland Volcanic Field Rowe M & Graham D 16:30 Origin of Carbonatites from Ca Stable Isotopes Amsellem E, Moynier F & Bertrand H 16:45 Origin and Significance of Melilitites in the Oslo Rift Using Mg Isotopes Hyung E, Sedaghatpour F, Larsen B, Neumann E-R & Jacobsen S 17:00 Olivine, Kimberlites and the Modification of Carbonated Melts in the Deep Earth Giuliani A, Soltys A, Lim E, Farr H, Phillips D, Foley SF & Griffin WL Fri 299

360 05g PM 203 Fri 05g: Constraining the Formation of Modern and Ancient Marine Mineral Deposits Session chaired by Amy Gartman, Kira Mizell, Daniel David Gregory & Ross Large 14:15 Keynote: Comparing Modern and Ancient Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems Jamieson J 14:45 Subseafloor Mineralization at the Izena Hole, Okinawa Trough from the Aspect of Drill Cores Obtain by the CK16-05 Cruise (Exp. 909) Nozaki T, Takaya Y, Nagase T, Yamasaki T, Ishibashi J-I, Kumagai H, Maeda L & Cruise Members C-0 15:00 Geochemical and Sr-Os-B-Si Isotope Constraints on Ore-Forming Process of Modern Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Sulphide Mineralization Yang J-H, Jiang S-Y & Yang T 15:15 Geochemical Controls on the Concentration and Distribution of Gold and Silver in Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits Fuchs S, Hannington M & Petersen S 15:30 Comparison of Ore Formation Processes between VHMS Deposits and a Submarine Hydrothermal Ore Deposit in Okinawa Trough Otake T, Ikeshima T, Sato T, Ishibashi J-I, Nozaki T, Kumagai H & Maeda L 15:45 Early Ordovician Anoxia and Biological Extinction Linked to a Large Seafloor-Hydrothermal System at Løkken, Norway Slack J & Grenne T 16:00 Differentiating between Euxinic and Diagenetic Pyrite in the Barney Creek Formation Implications for Ore Formation in the Teena Sub-Basin, Australia Magnall J, Gleeson S, Rocholl A & Hayward N 16:15 Hydrothermal Contributions are Essential for Making Ores in a Neptunist World Coveney R 16:30 Downhole Variation of REY-Rich Mud in the Western North Pacific Ocean Based on Bulk Chemical Composition and Nd-Sr Isotopic Ratios Tanaka E, Yasukawa K, Nakamura K, Miyazaki T, Vaglarov B, Ohta J, Fujinaga K, Iwamori H & Kato Y 16:45 A Quantitative Constraint on the Distribution of Extremely REY-Rich Mud Based on Mass Balance Calculations of Nd in the Ocean Yasukawa K, Kawarabata C, Tanaka E, Mimura K, Nakamura K, Fujinaga K & Kato Y 17:00 Trace Elements and REE Distribution in the Phosphorite-Hosted REE Deposit of the Zhijin Region, Guizhou Province, China He S, Xia Y & Gregory D 300

361 06c 202 PM 06c: Nanoscale Interfacial Geochemistry in Extreme Environments Session chaired by Helen King, Sandra Piazolo, Carolyn Pearce, Kevin Rosso, Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez, Henry Teng, Adam Wallace & Juliane Weber 14:15 Keynote: Fast Pathways of Exchange Valley J & Blum T 14:30 New Developments in Li-Chronometry: Determining Timescales of Fluid-Rock Interaction John T, Vrijmoed J & Podladchikov Y 15:00 Invited: Water and Ionic Dynamics in Amorphous Carbonates Probed by Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Ruta B, Jimenez M, Poloni R, Di Tommasso D, Zontone F, Waychunas GA & Montes-Hernandez G 15:15 Fungal Cell-Serpentine Mineral Interfacial Recognition & Interaction Teng H & Li Z 15:30 Invited: Molecular Basis of Soil Carbon Protection by Mineral Surfaces Bourg I 15:45 Keynote: Complexity in Metal-Carbonate Interactions Fenter P 16:00 Invited: Intrinsic Complexities of Ion Adsorption Structures at the Muscovite (001) Brine Interface Lee SS, Koishi A, Bourg I & Fenter P 16:15 Linking Impurity Incorporation to their Effect on Mineral Growth Weber J, Bracco JN, Lorenz M, More K, Higgins S, Poplawsky JD, Starchenko V, Bertagni A, Jindra S, Anton I & Stack AG 16:30 Cluster Formation of Dissolved Si and its Effect on the Mobility of Si Yokoyama T & Sakuma H 16:45 Rapid Migration of Micro and Nano-Fluids Hosted in Carbonate Minerals Zuddas P, Salvi S, Lopez O, De Giudici G & Censi P 17:00 Spectroscopic Features of Tetrahedrally Coordinated Aluminate Dimer, K2Al2O(OH)6 Dembowski M, Graham T, Pouvreau M, Wang H-W, Hu J, Clark A, Rosso K & Pearce C Fri 301

362 06j PM 204 Fri 06j: Bright Future Recent Methodological and Instrumentation Advancements for Micro- to Nano-Analysis in Earth and Planetary Science Session chaired by Shichun Huang, Stephen Shuttleworth, Christopher Parendo, Jeremy Hourigan, Nancy Ross, Jussi- Petteri Suuronen, Lawrence Anovitz & Mark Pearce 14:15 Keynote: Neutron-Based Multi-Scale, Multi-Modal Imaging of Geological Systems Hussey D, LaManna J, Jacobson D, Treiman A & Anovitz L 14:30 Multimodal Imaging of a Banded Iron Formation Sample Schoonen M, Thieme J, Northrup P, Jaret S, McKeeby B, Glotch T, Young J, Yesiltas M & Ohmoto H 14:45 Advanced in situ Chemical and Structural Analyses of New Minerals Representing Extreme Conditions Ma C & Tschauner O 15:00 Structures of High Temperature Ca-Rich Plagioclase Feldspar A Single-Crystal Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction Study Jin S, Wang X & Xu H 15:15 Evaluating Detection Limits, Reconstruction Algorithms, and Self-Absorption in X-Ray Fluorescence Tomography of Minerals Suuronen J-P, Villanova J & Tucoulou Tachoueres R 15:30 New Capabilities for Applied Electric Field and Texture Analysis for in situ Studies Hoffmann C, Fancher C, Parizzi A, Sedov V, Wang X & Schultz A 15:45 Formation Mechanism of SiO 2 -protein Composites Unravelled by in situ Fast SAXS at 20 fps Stawski TM, van den Heuvel DB, Besselink R, Tobler DJ & Benning LG 16:00 Lead Adsorption at the Barite (001) Water Interface Bracco J, Lee SS, Stubbs J, Eng P & Fenter P 16:15 The Effects of Chemomechanical Processes on Limestone Weathering Cheshire M, Anovitz L, Prisk T, Emmanuel S, Weber J, Brantley S, Bleuel M, Ilavsky J, Mildner D & Gagnon C 16:30 Towards an Accurate Characterization of Local Coordination Environments of Trace Impurities in Fe (Oxyhydr)oxides Ilton E, McBriarty M & Bylaska E 16:45 Software and Protocols for Improved Accuracy of LA-ICP-MS Analysis via Quantification of Matrix Effects Danyushevsky L & Norris A 17:00 Improving Data Precision and Accuracy with Short-Term and Long-Term Elemental Fractionation Corrections for Non-Matrix Matched Silicate Analysis by LA-ICP-MS Chen Z & Langmuir C 302

363 07b 210 PM 07b: De-Oxygenation and Organic Carbon Burial in Earth s History Session chaired by Alex Dickson, Caroline Slomp, Tim Lenton, Theodore Them, Nicholas Harris, Bradley Sageman, Konstantin Choumiline & Susann Henkel 14:15 Invited: Reconstructing Seawater Oxygen Concentrations Using Novel Foraminiferal Proxies Hoogakker B, Lu Z, Umling N, Jones L, Zhou Z, Rickaby R, Thunell R, Cartapanis O & Galbraith E 14:30 Shift in the Black Sea Ventilation Regime and Decline of its Oxygen Inventory Capet A, Vandenbulcke L & Grégoire M 14:45 Hypoxia in the Stockholm Archipelago over the Past 3 ka: A Natural Phenomenon or Human- Induced? van Helmond N, Vollebregt A, Lougheed B, Peterse F, Fontorbe G, Conley D & Slomp C 15:00 Evidence for an Evolving Sub-Oxic Water Mass in the Eastern Mediterranean (EMS) Interacting with the Nile Flood during Sapropel S1; Effect on P Geochemistry Krom M, Zirks E, Zhu D & Goodman-Tchernov B 15:15 Hypoxia in the Mississippi Bight: Understanding the Role of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in a Complex Coastal Ecosystem Sanial V, Shiller AM & Moore WS 15:30 Benthic Respiration Exacerbates Hypoxia in Coastal Seas: New Insights Derived from 224Ra- 228 Th Disequilibrium Shi X, Cai P, Liu L, Hsu T-C, Hong Q, Wei L, Li Q, Liu W & Mi P Fri 303

364 07f PM 206 Fri 07f: Physical, Biogeochemical and Anthropogenic Controls on ph of Estuarine, Coastal and Open Ocean Waters and Sediments Session chaired by Wei-Jun Cai, Pierre Regnier, Jack Middelburg & Alfonso Mucci 14:15 Keynote: The Combined Effects of Acidification and Hypoxia along the West Coast of North America Feely R, Carter B, Bednarsek N, Cai W-J, Alin S, Okazaki R & Greeley D 14:30 Increase in Biological Productivity Slows Down Ocean Acidification in the Marginal Seas of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean Lee K, Kim J-M & Han I-S 14:45 Bottom-Water Acidification and CaCO 3 Dissolution at the Seafloor Caused by Anthropogenic CO 2 Sulpis O, Boudreau B, Mucci A, Dufour C, Jenkins C, Trossman D, Arbic B & Key R 15:00 Physical and Biogeochemical Controls on ph Dynamics in the Northern Gulf of Mexico during Hypoxia Season Jiang Z-P, Cai W-J, Wang K, Han C, Chen B-S, Li Q & Feneel K 15:15 Model Constraints on the Anthropogenic Carbon Budget and Acidification of the Arctic Ocean Terhaar J, Orr J, Gehlen M, Ethe C, Bopp L & Regnier P 15:30 Invited: Carbon Enhancement and Retention in a Large Temperate Semi-Enclosed estuary and Surface Extremes in ph and Mineral Saturation States Ianson D, Allen S, Jarníková T, Olson E, Latornell D, Moore-Maley B, Simpson E, Kohfeld K & Covert P 15:45 Invited: Application of a Generic Estuarine Model to Coastal Waters: A Mechanistic Understanding of ph and the Carbonate System Laruelle G, Cai W-J, Thieu V, Raimonet M, Volta C, Marescaux A, Garnier J & Regnier P 16:00 The Effect of Chemical Interactions between Seawater and Riverine Particles on the Carbonate Chemistry in the Gulf of Mexico Wurgaft E, Wang Z, Ringham M, Song S, Dellapena T, Churchill J & Lazar B 16:15 Contribution and Effects of Organic Alkalinity on ph and Carbonate Chemistry in Coastal Waters Influenced by Intertidal Salt Marshes Wang A, Song S, Gonneea M & Kroeger K 16:30 CO 2 Fluxes and Vulnerability to Acidification of Coastal Waters in the Gulf of Trieste (N Adriatic) Krajnc B, Tamše S & Ogrinc N 16:45 PH Dynamics in Bioirrigated Permeable Sediments Volkenborn N, Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C & Polerecky L 17:00 Solubility Controls Carbonate Chemistry with Local Modifications in North American Ocean Margins Cai W-J, Xu Y, Feely R, Alin S, Sutton A & Barbero L 304

365 08i 200 PM 08i: Tracing Dusts and Aerosols from Source-To-Sink with Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Isotopes Session chaired by Mordechai Stein & Steven L. Goldstein 14:15 Southeastward Impact of Eolian Dust on River Chemistry in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau during the Late Cenozoic Yang Y, Ruan X, Fang X, Galy A, Jin Z, Zhang F & Yang R 14:30 Keynote: Drivers and Impacts of Saharan Dust Variability over the Last 240 kyr McGee D, Skonieczny C, Kinsley C, Winckler G, Bradtmiller L, Bory A, Polissar P & demenocal P 15:00 Isotope Fingerprint of African Dust Cycling from Source to Sink Galer S, Wei R, Singh S & Abouchami W 15:15 Detrital Calcites from the Sahara: Source of Alkalinity to the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean Stein M & Goldstein S 15:30 Using 87 Sr/ 86 Sr Ratios of Carbonate Minerals to Quantify Dust Fluxes from Desert Playas to the Urban Wasatch Front, Utah, USA Goodman M, Carling G, Fernandez D, Nelson S, Rey K & Hale C 15:45 Tracing Gypsiferous White Sands Aerosols in the Shallow Critical Zone at White Mountain, New Mexico Using Sr/Ca and 87 Sr/ 86 Sr Ratios Rea P, Ma L, Gill T, Gardea-Torresdey J, Tamez C & Jin L 16:00 New Zealand as a Potential Source of Mineral Dust to the Atmosphere and Ocean during Glacials Koffman B, Goldstein S, Winckler G, Kaplan M, Bolge L, Cai Y, Recasens C & Koffman T 16:15 Glacial Northward Shifts of the South Westerlies Altered Dust Sources to the Atlantic Southern Ocean Pichat S, Lodyga O, Galer SJG, Alfredo M-G & Haug GH 16:30 Invited: Transport of Pollutants by Atmospheric Desert Dust in the Levant Erel Y & Stein M 16:45 Integration of Air Mass Trajectory Models and Pb Isotope Data to Trace the Long-Range Transport of Atmospheric Dust in India Mitra A, Sen IS & Meisel T 17:00 Platinum Group Elements as Primary Tracers for Quantifying and Isolating Anthropogenic Particulate Matter from Natural Aerosols Das S & Chellam S Fri 305

366 09i PM 207 Fri 09i: Prebiotic Chemistry and the Archean Record of Early Life Session chaired by Laurie Barge, Scott Perl, Michael Kipp & Charles Diamond 14:15 Keynote: Carbonate Minerals as Records of Chemical Conditions Before the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen Bosak T, Daye M, Klepac-Ceraj V & Tamura N 14:30 Comparisons of in situ Chemical Biomarkers and Isolated Laboratory Analogues from Evaporitic Biogenic Preservation Perl S, Celestian A, Baxter B & Corsetti F 14:45 Evidence from Archean Granitoids for Microbial Sulfate Reduction Before 4.0 Ga Aoyama S, Ueno Y, Komiya T, Iizuka T, Kamei A & Satish-Kumar M 15:00 Discovery of Ni-Fe Phosphides in the 3.46 Ga-Old Apex Basalt: Implications on the Phosphate Budget of the Archean Oceans Tsukamoto Y, Kakegawa T, Graham U, Liu Z-K, Ito A & Ohmoto H 15:15 Most Ancient Evidence for Life in Barberton: Microbial Mats from the Ga Middle Marker Horizon Hickman-Lewis K, Cavalazzi B, Foucher F & Westall F 15:30 Micro to Nanostructures of Carbonaceous Materials in 3.2 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa Ohtomo Y, Nakajima R, Otake T, Kakegawa T & Sato T 15:45 Upper Limit on H 2 Levels in the Archean Atmosphere Based on Detrital Magnetite Kadoya S & Catling D 16:00 New Constraints on Ferrous Fe Concentrations in the Archean Ocean Zheng X-Y, Beard BL, Roden EE, Czaja AD & Johnson CM 16:15 Xenon Isotopes in Archean Kerogens: On the Syngenetic Origin of Ancient Organic Materials and Evolution of the Primitive Atmosphere Bekaert DV, Broadley MW, Delarue F, Avice G, Robert F & Marty B 16:30 δ 238 U in Organic-Rich Marine and Lake Sediment Suggest Surface Oxygenation at 3.0 Ga Wang X, Ossa Ossa F & Planavsky N 16:45 New Evidence for Microbial Sulfur Metabolizm in 2.7 Ga Marine Environments Kakegawa T & Kunitake Y 17:00 A Transient Archean Oxygen Oasis Recorded in the ~2.66 Ga Jeerinah Formation, Australia Koehler M, Buick R, Kipp M, Stüeken E & Zaloumis J 306

367 10f 208 PM 10f: Novel Methods, Isotopes, Directions Session chaired by Felix J. Elling & Kevin Becker 14:15 What are the Limit of Molecular Isotope Analyses? Freeman K & Baczynski A 14:30 Prediction and Interpretation of Comprehensive Molecular Isotopic Structures Eiler J, Chimiak E, Lloyd M, Neubauer C & Xie H 14:45 Clumped Isotopologue Fractionation during Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Ono S, Rhim J & Wegener G 15:00 Upstream Enzymatic Reactions in Microbial Sulfate Reduction Smith D, Fike D, Johnston D & Bradley A 15:15 Anoxygenic Photosynthesis Across Temperature and ph Space Hamilton T, Murugapiran S & Havig J 15:30 Invited: Taxon-Specific and Quantitative Measurements of Microbial Biogeochemical Activity with Stable Isotope Incubations and NanoSIMS Mayali X 15:45 Isotopic Tracking of Viral Protein Synthesis: New Insights into Nutrient Biogeochemistry Waldbauer J, Campbell K, Rizzo A, Lotus J & Coleman M 16:00 The Microbiome and Isotopic Fractionation Tuross N 16:15 Visualizing Biomarkers Using Antibodies Medina Ferrer F, Bailey J, Bidaud C & Corsetti F 16:30 A Pond-Scale Experimental Test of How Community Composition Affects Lipid Hydrogen Isotopes Ladd SN, Matthews B, Nelson D, Dubois N & Schubert C 16:45 Mangrove Leaf Species-Specific Isotopic Signatures (N-Alkane δ 2 H and δ 13 C) along Salinity and Soil Fertility Gradients in the Shark River Estuary, USA He D, Ladd SN, Sachs JP, Jaffé R & Rivera-Monroy VH Fri 307

368 11b PM 306 Fri 11b: Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Environment: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Isotopes Session chaired by Anna Harrison, Ian Power & Vasileios Mavromatis 14:15 Keynote: Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Environment: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Isotopes Putnis A 14:45 Geochemical Kinetics: A Net Reaction Rate vs. Forward and Backward Reaction Rates Bao H & Cao X 15:00 Thermodynamics of Exchange in Ion Adsorption Type Rare Earth Ore Crawford A, Banwart S, Palumbo-Roe B & Kalka H 15:15 Medal: Carbon Capture and Storage and Pollution from Volcanic Eruptions Gislason S 16:00 Reactive Transport Modelling Predicting Trace Metal Mobility during CO 2 -SO 2 -NO-O 2 Storage Kirste D, Pearce J, Dawson G & Golding S 16:15 CO 2 Storage and H 2 Production from Olivine Bearing Mine Tailings Kularatne K, Martinez I & Sissmann O 16:30 Carbon Cycling and Nuclear Waste Disposal: Evidence for Methanogenesis at Low Temperature Bedrock Setting Kietäväinen R & Ahonen L 16:45 Fluid-Rock Reaction in N Iceland in Connection with Earthquakes Stockmann G, Skelton A, Andrén M, Sturkell E, Keller N, Kjartansdóttir R, Balic-Zunic T, Siegmund H & Hjartarson H 17:00 The Chemical and Isotope Characteristics of Geothermal Fluids in Shandong, China Zheng T, Stefánsson A, Kang F, Yang X, Shi M, Ma Z, Sui H & Jiang H 308

369 12d 302 PM 12d: Interactions between Soil and Biota as Controls on Ecosystem Function from Canopy to Rhizosphere Session chaired by James Moran, Lisa Tiemann & Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad 14:15 Keynote: Going with the Flow in the Rhizosphere Commodities Exchange Cardon Z, Neumann R, Espeleta J & Rastetter E 14:45 Invited: Root Exudate Composition and its Role in Rhizophere Priming and Phosphorous Cycling McNear D & Joshi S 15:00 Spatially Resolved Rhizosphere Function for Elucidating Key Controls on Below-Ground Nutrient Interactions Moran J, Denis E, Ilhardt P, Rosnow J, Nunez J, Lin V, Tucker A, Huggett N, Renslow R, Brislawn C & Jenson S 15:15 Invited: Belowground Controls on Soil Carbon Accumulation in Perennial Bioenergy Cropping Systems de Graaff M-A, Stewart C & Jastrow J 15:30 Free-Living Nitrogen-Fixation Rates Driven by Nitrogen-Fixer Diversity over Nitrogen Availability Smercina D, Tiemann L, Evans S & Friesen M 15:45 Invited: Biological Controls of Organic Matter Stabilisation by Mineral Interactions Rumpel C, Barthod J, LeMer G & Dignac M-F 16:00 Microbes and Minerals in Permafrost: Quantifying Microbe Mineral Interactions Using Positron Emission Tomography Coupled to Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of Psychrotrophic Bioremediation in Permafrost Soils Peak D, Siciliano S, Chang Y-F, Conway A, Shannon W, Mamet S, Helgason B, Talebitaher A, Papandreou Z, Palaia T, Teymurazyan A & Regier T 16:15 Invited: Sustainable Base Cation Supply and Carbon Allocation in Boreal Forests The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Finlay R, Fahad Z, Bolou-Bi E, Ekblad A, Müller C, Höschen C, Kögel-Knabner I & Mahmood S 16:30 Lithologic Influences on Mycorrhizal Weathering Remiszewski K, Bryce J, Hoff C, Fahnestock F, Colpaert J & Hobbie E 16:45 Biogeochemistry of Si and Soil Ecosystems Services : Emerging Issues Meunier JD & Keller C 17:00 A Tale of Two CZ s: Comparing Shallow and Deep Old-Field Forest Regeneration at the Calhoun CZO Brecheisen Z, Heine P, Cook C, Ryang J, Mallard J & Richter D Fri 309

370 13g PM 304 Fri 13g: The Environmental Behavior of Contaminants in Mining-Impacted Environments Session chaired by Sergey Abramov & Sabrina Hedrich 14:15 Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N 14:30 Rare Earths Elements Cycling in Reclaimed Ion-Adsorption Mine Tailings Janot N, Huot H, Leguédois S, Séré G, Tang Y-T, Morel J-L, Qiu R-L & Groenenberg JE 14:45 Pore Water Quality at an Abandoned Tailings Site after Reclamation: A Case Study of the Manitou Mine Site, Quebec, Canada Ethier M-P, Bussière B, Pabst T, Plante B, Aubertin M & Broda S 15:00 Faro Waste Rock Project: Assessment of Geochemical Evolution of Sulfide-Bearing Waste Rock at the Field Scale Bao Z, Blowes D, Ptacek C, Bain J, Holland S & Wilson W 15:15 Geochemical Controls on Mine Waste Drainage Quality: Long-Term Monitoring of Waste Rock Weathering at the Antamina Mine, Peru Vriens B, Peterson H, Laurenzi L, Smith L, Mayer U & Beckie R 15:30 Rare Earth Elements Release Potential from Waste Rocks of the Montviel Carbonatite Deposit Plante B, Edahbi M, Benzaazoua M & Pelletier M 15:45 Geochemical Baseline and Origin of Trace Elements in Soils and Sediments Around Selibe- Phikwe Cu-Ni Mining Town, Botswana Motswaiso F, Nakamura K, Bagai Z, Watanabe N & Komai T 16:00 Agriculture in Mining-Impacted Regions- Investigations on the Influence of Soil Amendments on As Mobility Jordan I, Reichel S, Janneck E, Hellal J, Devau N, Le Guedard M & Klose R 16:30 Simultaneous Removal of Arsenic and Zinc Using an Acidophilic Sulfate Reducing Bioreactor González D, Hedrich S, Colipai C & Nancucheo I 16:45 Exploring Microbial-Driven Carbonate Precipitation for Mine Waste Treatment Lauchnor E, Stoick E & Kieffer W 17:00 Mechanisms of Ni 2+ Removal by Green Rust Sulfate (GRSO 4 ) Navaz Rubio S, Paulo Perez JH, Stawski TM, Freeman HM & Benning LG 310

371 13m 313 PM 13m: Environmental Cycling of Metals, Metalloids and Emerging Inorganic Contaminants Session chaired by Elsie Sunderland & Jeroen Sonke 14:15 Keynote: A Systems Biology Approach to Identifying the Native Function of Hg Methylation Proteins in Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132 Gionfriddo CM, Moon JW, Wymore AM, Podar M, Brandt CC, Wall JD, Gilmour CC, Wilpiszeski R & Elias DA 14:45 Advancing Accessible Methods for Hg-Methylating Gene Abundance and Diversity in the Environment Elias D, Gionfriddo C, Wymore A, Soren A, Podar M, Palumbo A, Wilpiszeski R, Brandt C & Gilmour C 15:00 A Systems Biology Characterization of Mercury-Methylating Synthetic Model Communities Wilpiszeski R, Podar M, Wymore A, Wall J, Gilmour C, Gionfriddo C & Elias D 15:15 Critical Review of Mercury Methylation and Demethylation Rate Laws for Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling Helmrich S, Vlassopoulos D, Alpers C & O Day P 15:30 The Role of Free Radicals/Reactive Oxygen Species in MeHg Photodegradation-Importance of Utilizing Appropriate Scavengers Li Y, Han X, Li D & Liu C 15:45 Mercury Isotopic Compositions in Water Column of Lake Systems Chen J, Cai H, Liu Y, Hintelmann H & Zheng W 16:00 Application of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Laboratory Transport Studies to Understand Cycling of Mercury in a Riverine Environment Wang AO, Elena KMA, Fellin S, Corriveau M, Ptacek CJ, Blowes DW, Finfrock Z, Paktunc D, Landis RC, Dyer JA, Mack EE & Grosso NR 16:15 Mercury Emission into Shallow Groundwater from Subducting Slab of Philippine Sea Plate Masuda H, Goto A, Sakamoto Y & Takeuchi A 16:30 Using Mercury Isotope Ratios to Understand Hg Biogeochemical Cycling in Forest Ecosytems Feng X, Yuan W, Wang X & Lin J 16:45 Mobility and Fate of Metals in High ph Steel Slag Drainage Waters Holdsworth CM & MacDonald J 17:00 Geochemistry of Trace Metals in Mangrove Ecosystem of India and Bangladesh: An Overview of Differential Process Governing its Accumulation in Varied Mangrove Ecosystem Al R & Ranjan P Fri 311

372 Aackerman, K. 12b/09:15/Fr 291 Aagaard, P. 13i/09:00/Th 224 Aaltonen, M. 04g/09:30/Th 211 Aarons, S. 11c/09:45/Th 221 Abad, C. 03a/34/Mo 41 Abad, G.R. 13g/399/Th 269 Abbad-Andaloussi, S. 10m/313/Mo 56 Abbaspour Tamijani, A. 13l/10:00/Mo 19 Abbott, A. 07i/10:00/Fr 285 Abbott, G.D. 10b/333/Tu 127 Abd El Ghaffar, N. 04i/115/Th 253 Abd El-Rahman, Y. 03l/95/Tu 115 Abdel-Moati, M.A. 08i/240/Th 261 AbdelHadi, N. 13m/10:45/Th 225 Abdilla, B. 06m/169/We 190 Abdou, M. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/415/Th 271 Abdulla, H. 10b/08:30/Tu 82 Abe, K. 01h/15:15/Th 228 Abegunde, O. 13g/389/Th 269 Abernathy, M. 13k/406/Tu 132 Abers, G.A. 03d/17:00/Tu 92 04g/15:45/We 165 Abin, C. 10d/351/We 199 Abouchami, W. 07i/17:00/Th i/15:00/Fr 305 Abraham, K. 03i/11:00/We 142 Abramov, O. 01h/11:00/Th 208 Abramov, S. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Abramson, E. 02g/10:30/We 140 Abramson, N. 12a/10:30/Th 223 Abrosimova, N. 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Abshire, M. 07i/306/We 194 Abu Anbar, M. 03l/95/Tu 115 Abu-Jaber, N. 13m/10:45/Th 225 Acharya, S.S. 07j/14:30/Tu 101 Achilles, C. 01c/14:45/Mo 22 Achterberg, E.P. 07i/328/We i/09:15/Fr 285 Aciego, S. 11c/09:45/Th 221 Ackerer, P. 06m/175/We 190 Ackerman, L. 02b/09:00/Mo 4 07j/206/Tu 121 Acosta, M.D. 06h/151/We 189 Adam, J. 03i/54/Tu 113 Adam, O. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 Adamczyk, Z. 05d/120/Mo 47 Adams, B. 08i/229/Th 260 Adatte, T. 11d/10:30/Th d/16:00/Th 242 Adeboye, O. 05b/09:00/Tu 74 Adel, T. 06c/10:30/Fr 282 Ader, M. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Adewumi, A. 13g/17:00/Th 244 Adey, W. 08c/15:45/We c/195/We 197 Adeyemi, B. 08l/239/Mo 53 Adhami, S. 05m/162/Tu 119 Adhikari, A. 02e/23/Mo 41 Adhikari, P. 05b/11:00/Tu 74 Adhikary, D. 03f/60/Mo 43 03f/62/Mo 43 Adkins, J. 09j/15:15/Mo 33 07c/15:15/Mo 31 07j/209/Tu b/11:00/We l/11:00/We l/11:15/We l/14:15/We 171 Adnew, G. 07a/16:00/Th 237 Adojoh, O. 11f/360/Tu 129 Adomako, D. 11c/370/We 200 Aerden, D. 03g/71/Mo 44 Afanasyev, A. 05d/123/Mo 47 Affek, H. 08c/14:45/We e/213/We 197 Afonin, I. 11f/354/Tu 128 Agababa, M. 02c/29/Th 248 Agard, P. 03d/09:30/We d/10:30/We d/11:00/We d/36/We d/50/We 182 Agarwal, S. 06o/08:45/Th 215 Agbaje, O. 06e/08:45/We 146 Agić, H. 09m/15:15/We m/16:00/We 174 Agnini, C. 07l/217/Tu 122 Agostini, S. 03a/10:00/Mo 5 Agrahari, S. 05f/10:15/Tu 76 Ågren, G.I. 12f/15:45/Th 243 Agresti, D. 01c/15:15/Mo 22 Ague, J. 03f/16:30/Mo 25 03f/09:15/Tu 71 11d/388/We 201 Aguilar-Carrillo, J. 13m/15:00/Th 246 Aguirre, A. 12f/390/Tu 130 Aguirre, V. 09i/09:45/Fr 287 Ahluwalia, R.S. 11c/376/We 200 Ahm, A-S. 07j/16:45/Tu 101 Ahmad, T. 03i/14:45/We e/91/Th 252 Ahn, Ji-Whan 06e/183/Tu 120 Ahn, JooSung 13g/397/Th 269 Ahonen, L. 11b/16:30/Fr 308 Ai, J. 05e/108/We 186 Aiken, G. 10e/10:00/We 152 Aines, R. 11b/317/Th 264 Airaghi, L. 03g/09:30/Mo 6 Ait Lahna, A. 04h/09:30/We 143 Ajayi, S. 07j/16:30/Tu 101 Ajibade, P.T. 06c/179/Th 257 Ajo-Franklin, J. 13c/16:00/We 178 Akey, A. 01f/8/Th 247 Akhtar, A. 07j/14:15/Tu 101 Akimbekov, Z. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Akob, D.M. 05k/134/We 188 Al, R. 13m/17:00/Fr 311 Al Harthey, M. 03l/97/Tu 115 Al-Ansari, E.S. 08i/240/Th 261 Al-Kuwari, H.A. 10m/10:00/Mo 16 Albalat, E. 07j/15:30/Tu 101 Albanese, S. 13f/15:15/Mo 37 Albarede, F. 07j/15:30/Tu e/09:45/Fr 280 Albers, E. 03d/08:30/We 141 Albert Roper, R. 03f/16:30/Mo 25 03f/16:45/Mo 25 09a/10:30/We 150 Albright Olsen, A. 14a/254/Tu 133 Albut, G. 09g/11:00/Tu 80 Aldahan, A. 07i/09:45/Fr 285 Alexander, C. 01b/7/Th b/10:15/Fr 276 Alexander, E.W. 01h/08:45/We 138 Alexandre, L. 10m/313/Mo 56 Alfken, S. 08c/16:30/We 172 Alfoldy, B.Z. 13e/406/We i/240/Th 261 Alford, L. 05m/09:30/We 145 Alfredo, M-G. 08i/16:15/Fr 305 Algeo, T. 07j/15:00/Tu l/10:45/We l/14:45/We c/10:15/Th m/11:15/Th 219 Ali, A-M. 13g/16:30/Th 244 Ali, S. 13m/423/Th 271 Ali Khattak, J. 13d/409/Mo 61 Alimohammadi, F. 06a/14:15/Tu 100 Alin, S. 07f/14:15/Fr f/17:00/Fr 304 Alkan, H. 05i/10:15/We 144 Alleman, J. 12c/343/Mo 58 Allen, C.M. 03i/09:00/We e/08:30/Fr 278 Allen, H. 06c/10:30/Fr 282 Allen, K. 08d/15:30/Tu 102 Allen, M. 03d/33/We 182 Allen, S. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Alleon, J. 09i/273/Th 262 Aller, J. 07f/302/We 194 Aller, R.C. 07c/11:00/Mo 12 10b/11:00/Tu 82 10b/338/Tu d/15:45/We f/302/We i/09:30/Fr 285 Allialy, M.E. 04i/102/Th 252 Allin, N. 05d/17:00/Mo 28 05f/146/Tu 118 Allmon, W.D. 08c/14:15/We 172 Alloyeau, D. 10m/09:15/Mo 16 Ally, R.R. 12d/359/Th 268 Almeida, J.M.D. 06c/10:45/Fr 282 Almogi-Labin, A. 07j/08:30/We 147 Alotaibi, T. 04i/14:45/Fr 299 Alperin, M. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 10h/10:15/Tu 83 Alpermann, T. 11b/307/Th 263 Alpers, C. 13m/15:15/Fr 311 Alpheus, S. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Alsina, M. 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Alt, J.C. 07c/211/Mo 52 Altabet, M. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 Altmaier, M. 13c/398/We 202 Alvarez Loor, A. 05b/127/Tu 117 Alvarez-Lloret, P. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 Alvaro, M. 03f/14:45/Mo 25 Alves-de-Souza, C. 10d/346/We 198 Amador, E. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo Index by Author

373 Amaral, V. 07i/305/We 194 Amari, S. 01i/10:45/Tu 69 01b/10:30/Fr 276 Ambrose, W. 10m/323/Mo 57 Ambrosi, J-P. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Amelin, Y. 09a/14:30/We 173 Amelung, W. 12c/350/Mo 58 Amenabar, M. 10f/297/Th 263 Ameur, M. 13f/387/Mo 62 Amézaga Campos, B.S. 11b/311/Th 264 Amils, R. 13g/15:45/Th g/08:30/Fr 292 Amini, M. 10l/15:15/We k/09:45/Th 212 Amininejad, S. 13e/411/We 203 Amoroso, J. 06g/10:15/Mo 11 Amos, R. 13g/411/Th 270 Amsellem, E. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 04i/16:30/Fr 299 Amundson, R. 12f/14:45/Th 243 An, C.W. 10m/322/Mo 57 An, K. 06j/214/Th 259 Anaad, C. 03d/14/We d/28/We 181 Anagnostou, E. 08c/15:45/We c/195/We 197 Anand, M. 02c/10:00/Fr 277 Anbar, A.D. 09g/15:30/Tu m/313/Tu m/316/Tu d/10:00/We l/10:45/We l/361/We l/09:30/Th m/11:15/Th f/272/Th i/279/Th 262 Anczkiewicz, R. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 03f/10:45/Tu 71 Anderko, A. 05a/87/We 185 Andermann, C. 08a/10:45/Fr 286 Andersen, A. 12b/10:30/Fr 291 Andersen, D.T. 10e/349/Tu 128 Andersen, J. 06b/167/Th 256 Andersen, Martin 10e/10:15/We 152 Andersen, Morten B. 07b/276/We e/14:30/Th 239 Anderson, Alan J. 06h/11:15/Th 213 Anderson, Alyssa 06h/156/We 189 Anderson, B.M. 08c/14:15/We 172 Anderson, Carolyn 12b/346/Th 267 Anderson, Chloe 08i/227/Th i/231/Th 260 Anderson, D. 02e/08:45/Tu 70 Anderson, F.S. 01c/08:30/Tu 68 Anderson, G. 13c/16:00/We 178 Anderson, N. 08e/16:45/Th 239 Anderson, R. 12f/391/Tu l/15:00/We i/10:15/Fr 285 Anderson, S. 12f/391/Tu 130 Anderson, W.G. 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Anderton, C. 12b/352/Th 267 Andew, G. 07a/09:30/Th 216 Andrade, L. 12e/15:45/Mo 36 Andrae, J. 10f/10:00/Fr 288 André, L. 03i/11:00/We 142 Andre-Mayer, A-S. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 Andreas, K. 12e/361/Mo 59 Andrén, M. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Andrew, B. 05e/09:15/Fr 280 Andrews, B. 03b/14:45/Th 230 Andrews, G. 11c/367/We 200 Androniuk, I. 13l/09:45/Mo 19 Angel, R.J. 03f/14:45/Mo 25 06h/09:45/Th 213 Anggraini, T.M. 06m/177/We 190 Angi-O Brien, E. 04i/110/Th 253 Angiboust, S. 03j/11:00/Tu 72 03d/09:30/We d/11:00/We d/17/We 181 Angiolini, L. 07i/325/We 195 Anindya, A.S. 02g/44/Tu 112 Ankney, M.E. 04h/109/Tu 116 Anma, R. 13f/08:45/Mo 18 Anne, C. 10m/313/Mo 56 Anornu, G. 11c/370/We 200 Anovitz, L. 06g/16:30/Mo 30 06c/178/Th c/09:15/Fr c/10:00/Fr j/14:15/Fr j/16:15/Fr 302 Ansberque, C. 06j/193/Th 258 Antelo, J. 13g/09:00/Fr 292 Anthony, E. 04j/15:00/Mo 27 Antler, G. 07c/14:15/Mo 31 10d/14:45/We d/16:15/We d/16:30/We d/343/We c/09:30/Th 221 Anton, I. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Antonelli, M.A. 07c/10:45/Mo 12 03e/16:15/Th 231 Anwar, M. 03j/17:00/Mo 26 Aoyama, S. 09i/14:45/Fr 306 Apen, F. 03g/65/Mo 43 Apers-Tremelo, M-L. 13e/09:15/We 155 Appelt, O. 05d/138/Mo 48 Appiah, E. 04j/15:15/Mo 27 Aquilina, L. 11c/377/We 200 Arai, S. 02e/26/Mo 41 Araki, Y. 06e/09:45/We 146 Aravena, R. 10h/310/Mo 56 Arbic, B. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Arce, G. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Archer, C. 07i/10:00/Th i/16:15/Th 238 Arcilla, C. 13g/402/Th 269 Arculus, R. 03d/14:30/We 162 Ardakani, O. 10l/16:15/We 176 Ardill, K. 03b/1/We 180 Arey, B. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 06m/15:15/Th 236 Arfaoui, I. 05h/146/Mo 48 Arias-Ortiz, A. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Aristilde, L. 13l/10:15/Mo 19 12f/16:15/Th 243 Ariztegui, D. 10h/304/Mo 56 Arkadakskiy, S. 10h/288/Mo 55 Armbrust, E.V. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Armfield, J. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 Armienti, P. 04g/82/We 185 Armstrong, J. 09g/15:15/Tu 103 Armstrong, K. 04j/08:45/Tu 73 Armstrong, L. 02d/09:15/We 139 Armstrong, R. 03e/74/Th 251 Armytage, R. 01b/09:30/Fr 276 Arndt, N. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 03e/14:45/Fr 298 Arndt, S. 07l/216/Tu f/293/We d/17:00/Th b/09:45/Fr b/10:00/Fr 284 Arney, G. 09d/10:15/Mo 14 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Arnold, G.L. 10h/10:15/Tu 83 10a/08:30/We 151 Arnosio, M. 04g/15:30/Th 232 Arnquist, I. 05e/92/We 185 Aronson, E. 11c/09:45/Th 221 Arora, B. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Arp, G. 09d/271/Mo 54 Arthur, M. 07b/09:00/Fr 284 Artigue, L. 07i/11:00/Th i/15:30/Th 238 Arubam, K.C. 09g/273/Mo 54 Arvin, L. 11c/09:45/Th f/16:30/Th 243 Asadi, M. 04g/62/We 183 Asadi Haroni, H. 13m/436/Th 272 Asael, D. 09m/16:45/We e/15:45/Th 231 Asafov, E. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Asahina, K. 05b/130/Tu 117 Ascough, P. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 Ash, J. 10a/16:45/Tu 104 Ashchepkov, I. 02b/3/Mo 40 Ashley, A. 02c/32/Th 248 Ashley, K. 03d/10:45/We 141 Ashton, J. 05m/177/Tu 120 Asimow, P. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 04i/113/Th i/118/Th 253 Asmerom, Y. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 08c/181/We 196 Asmussen, M. 13j/09:15/We j/16:45/We 179 Asner, G. 12a/11:00/Th 223 Asogan, D. 03b/8/We 180 Asowata, T. 13f/14:30/Mo 37 Asplund, M. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Asthana, D. 03b/7/We 180 Atkinson, H. 05b/15:30/Tu 98 Atkinson, W. 12c/10:45/Tu 84 Atudorei, V. 08e/217/We 198 Atwood, A.R. 08e/11:00/Th 218 Aubert, J. 01h/08:30/We 138 Aubertin, M. 13g/14:45/Fr 310 Audry, S. 13f/406/Mo 63 Augland, L.E. 09a/279/Tu 124 Aulbach, S. 02e/11:15/Tu 70 Aurélie, V-C. 10m/313/Mo 56 Austin, M. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Austrheim, H. 06m/15:30/Th 236 Index by Author 313

374 Avant, D.A. 13j/423/Tu 131 Avellan, A. 13e/10:30/We e/10:45/We 155 Avery, G. 09a/08:30/We 150 Avetisyan, K. 10d/348/We 198 Avice, G. 09i/16:15/Fr 306 Avigad, D. 03f/16:30/Mo 25 Avila, J. 10h/289/Mo 55 03d/33/We b/11:15/Fr 276 Aviles, M. 13m/10:45/Fr 293 Axe, L. 06m/176/We m/17:00/Th 236 Ayora, C. 06a/16:15/Tu 100 Ayoub, G. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Ayrault, S. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Ayres, E. 12b/09:00/Fr 291 Azam, M.F. 08i/235/Th 260 Azer, M. 04i/113/Th 253 Azevedo, M.R. 03f/57/Mo 43 Baalousha, M. 13e/11:15/We 155 Baars, O. 10h/09:30/Tu 83 Baatar, M. 03d/14/We d/28/We 181 Baaziz, M.D. 07a/263/We 191 Babaeva, S. 05g/138/Th 255 Babechuk, M. 09g/278/Mo 54 03i/10:45/We 142 Babikov, D. 07a/09:00/Th 216 Babila, T. 03a/44/Mo 42 11f/11:00/We a/09:00/Fr 286 Babin, D.P. 08b/228/Tu f/356/Tu 129 Babinski, M. 07c/216/Mo 52 13f/394/Mo 62 04i/126/Th 254 Babos, H.B. 07j/08:45/We l/359/We 199 Bach, W. 02b/11/Mo 40 03a/42/Mo 42 05d/136/Mo 48 10a/09:30/We 151 Bachmann, O. 04g/14:15/We g/14:30/We g/16:45/We g/17:00/We g/60/We g/61/We g/72/We h/150/We b/09:00/Th 209 Bačík, P. 11b/302/Th 263 Backus, E. 06h/152/We 189 Bacle, P. 09i/11:00/Fr 287 Bacon, D. 13j/09:15/We 156 Baconnais, I. 07i/16:00/Th 238 Baconnet, I. 07i/331/We 195 Baczynski, A. 11f/11:00/We f/14:15/Fr 307 Badalamenti, J. 10a/15:30/Tu 104 Badro, J. 01h/08:30/We f/263/Th 261 Baek, K. 13g/409/Th 270 Baer, M. 06g/08:45/Tu 78 Baeyens, B. 12c/09:30/Tu 84 Baeyens, W. 13m/08:45/Th 225 Bagai, Z. 13g/15:45/Fr 310 Baggenstos, D. 13i/15:30/Th 245 Bagheri, H. 05m/162/Tu 119 Bagiński, B. 04g/10:45/Th 211 Bagwell, C. 10m/312/Mo 56 13j/10:00/Tu 85 Bahadur, A. 03g/80/Mo 44 Bai, B. 07b/285/We 192 Bai, T. 05f/10:45/Tu 76 Bai, X. 03f/49/Mo 42 Bai, Y. 10f/292/Th 263 Baig, S.S. 03f/52/Mo 43 Bailey, J. 10m/10:30/Mo 16 09j/14:45/Mo 33 10f/16:15/Fr 307 Bailey, V. 12b/343/Th b/11:00/Fr 291 Bain, D. 13g/10:45/Fr 292 Bain, J. 13g/15:00/Fr 310 Bajnai, D. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Bake, K. 05b/09:15/Tu 74 05k/16:45/We 166 Baker, A. 10e/10:15/We 152 Baker, D.R. 06h/147/We h/10:15/Th 213 Baker, M. 03b/14:15/Th 230 Balangue-Tarriela, M.I.R. 11b/306/Th g/399/Th 269 Balasubramanian, A. 12a/382/Tu 129 Balbas, A. 09a/291/Tu 125 Balco, G. 09a/09:45/We e/219/We e/09:00/Th e/09:45/Th e/10:00/Th 218 Balcom, P. 10e/343/Tu 128 Baldermann, A. 07c/09:45/Mo 12 Baldim, M. 09g/10:45/Tu 80 Baldini, J. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 08c/180/We c/181/We 196 Baldini, L. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 08c/180/We 196 Bales, J. 12a/384/Tu 129 Balestrieri, C. 07l/217/Tu 122 Balgooyen, S. 13l/14:45/Mo 39 Bali, E. 11a/338/Mo 58 04i/121/Th 254 Balic-Zunic, T. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Balistrieri, L. 05e/10:00/Fr 280 Ball, M. 01h/12/Tu 110 Balland-Bolou-Bi, C. 10m/313/Mo 56 Ballaron, E. 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Ballentine, C.J. 05b/10:15/Tu 74 03j/14:15/Tu 95 03j/14:30/Tu 95 03j/14:45/Tu 95 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th 228 Ballmer, M.D. 04i/08:45/Fr 279 Balogh-Brunstad, Z. 12d/361/Th 268 Balter, A. 08e/09:45/Th 218 Balzer, R. 04j/15:45/Mo 27 Bamisile, T. 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Banerjee, D. 05f/10:15/Tu 76 Banerjee, Y. 08c/14:30/We 172 Baneschi, I. 03j/73/Tu f/392/Tu 130 Bang, J-H. 06e/183/Tu 120 Banks, D. 05d/132/Mo 47 Banner, J. 08b/10:15/We 149 Banwart, S. 11b/15:00/Fr 308 Bao, H. 07c/11:15/Mo 12 10h/292/Mo 55 10h/305/Mo 56 09g/16:30/Tu c/175/Th b/14:45/Fr 308 Bao, K. 08i/237/Th 261 Bao, R. 10e/343/Tu e/207/We 197 Bao, X. 02c/10:45/Fr 277 Bao, Yanping 13g/16:15/Th 244 Bao, Yufei 11f/357/Tu 129 Bao, Zhiwei 05f/17:00/Tu 99 Bao, Zhongwen 13g/15:00/Fr 310 Baptiste, B. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Bar-Matthews, M. 07j/08:30/We 147 Baragaño, D. 13e/414/We 203 Baratoux, L. 03f/56/Mo 43 Barbeau, D. 03g/69/Mo 44 Barbecot, F. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Barberan, A. 12d/358/Th 268 Barbero, L. 07f/17:00/Fr 304 Barbu, O.C. 05d/118/Mo 46 Bardeen, C. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Bardintzeff, J-M. 02e/24/Mo 41 Bargar, J.R. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 12c/348/Mo 58 13j/08:30/Tu 85 12c/11:00/Tu 84 12f/393/Tu f/394/Tu m/09:15/Th 225 Barge, L.M. 03j/08:30/Tu 72 09i/09:45/Fr i/10:00/Fr i/10:15/Fr 287 Barker, A. 13m/15:30/Th 246 Barker, I. 01c/5/Tu 110 Barker, S. 05e/09:15/Fr 280 Barling, J. 02b/09:45/Mo 4 01h/15:30/We 160 Barlow, E.V. 03l/11:00/Th 210 Barman, S.K. 05g/140/Th 255 Barnes, C. 03b/09:45/Th 209 Barnes, J. 03d/08:30/We d/18/We c/17:00/Fr 297 Barnes, R. 12e/08:30/Mo 17 12e/369/Mo 59 Barnes, Sarah-Jane 02a/17:00/Th 229 Barnes, Stephen J. 03i/53/Tu 113 Barnet, J. 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Baronas, J.J. 11c/15:00/We c/09:30/Th Index by Author

375 Barra, F. 05d/08:30/Mo 9 05d/09:00/Mo 9 03g/76/Mo 44 05m/09:00/We 145 Barron-Gafford, G. 12a/10:30/Th 223 Barrote, V. 05e/15:00/Th 234 Barry, P. 05b/10:15/Tu 74 03j/14:45/Tu 95 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th c/09:30/Fr 277 Barthel, J. 13b/15:00/Tu 108 Barthod, J. 12d/15:45/Fr 309 Bartlett, R. 09m/10:15/Th 219 Basak, A. 06b/163/Th 256 Basak, C. 08d/273/Tu 124 Bassoo, R. 02g/37/Tu 112 Bastias, J. 03f/53/Mo 43 Bastviken, D. 10e/10:30/We 152 Basu, Anirban 11b/11:15/Fr 289 Basu, Asish R. 02g/35/Tu h/10:30/We e/72/Th 251 Basu, P. 03l/90/Tu 115 Bataille, C.P. 07j/214/Tu d/383/We 201 Batanova, V. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Bates, S. 09m/315/Tu b/275/We 192 Batsaikhan, U. 03d/14/We d/28/We 181 Batson, P. 01f/15:30/Fr 296 Bau, M. 05m/14:45/We 167 Baudouin, C. 04g/14:30/Th 232 Baudron, P. 11g/334/Th g/09:00/Fr 290 Bauer, K. 10h/304/Mo 56 07b/08:45/Fr 284 Bauer, M. 05f/149/Tu 118 Baum, M.M. 03j/08:30/Tu 72 09i/09:45/Fr i/10:00/Fr 287 Baumberger, T. 10b/336/Tu 127 Baumecker, M. 12c/349/Mo 58 Baumgartner, L. 04j/10:00/Mo 8 05d/11:15/Mo 9 04j/98/Mo 45 03d/09:15/We h/154/We 189 Baumler, S. 06c/10:30/Fr 282 Baurier, S. 06b/168/Th 256 Baxter, B. 09i/14:30/Fr 306 Baxter, E. 03f/56/Mo 43 03g/71/Mo 44 03g/77/Mo 44 03f/14:15/Tu 93 14a/203/Tu a/204/Tu b/228/Tu i/15:00/We 163 Bayanova, T. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 03e/91/Th 252 Bayaraa, B. 03d/14/We d/28/We 181 Bayaraa, G. 03d/19/We 181 Bayarbold, M. 03d/14/We 180 Bayer, B. 10m/316/Mo 57 Bayer, T. 10m/15:15/Mo 35 Bayewu, O. 13g/11:00/Fr 292 Beard, B.L. 11b/11:00/Fr i/16:00/Fr 306 Beauchamp, B. 04h/09:45/We 143 Beaudoin, Georges 05d/143/Mo 48 Beaudoin, Grace 03d/18/We 181 Beaudry, P. 02d/25/Tu 111 Beaufort, L. 07b/276/We 192 Beaumont, V. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Beaupre, S. 10e/16:00/Tu 105 Bebout, G. 03d/09:30/We 141 Becchio, R. 04g/15:30/Th 232 Becerra-Herrera, M. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06a/10:30/Tu 77 06j/211/Th 259 Bechtel, H. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Beck, C. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Beck, K. 03a/45/Mo 42 Becker, H. 02a/25/Th b/09:15/Fr f/16:15/Fr 296 Becker, K.W. 10f/16:15/Th f/17:00/Th 241 Becker, M. 11b/325/Th 265 Becker, T.A. 09a/14:45/We 173 Becker, U. 13j/418/Tu c/15:00/We g/394/Th 269 Becker-Ross, H. 03a/34/Mo 41 Beckford, H. 11c/371/We 200 Beckie, R. 13g/15:15/Fr 310 Bédard, J. 03i/08:30/We 142 Bedi, Y. 04i/135/Th 254 Bedini, F. 03j/73/Tu 114 Bedja, I. 11c/368/We 200 Bednarsek, N. 07f/14:15/Fr 304 Bedoya-Rueda, C. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 07c/216/Mo 52 Beeler, S.R. 10a/10:00/We 151 Beerling, D. 11c/367/We 200 Befus, K. 04j/95/Mo 45 02g/37/Tu 112 Begg, J. 13j/420/Tu 131 Beguelin, P. 04i/15:30/Fr 299 Behn, M. 04i/16:45/Th 233 Behr, W. 03d/10:45/We 141 Behrends, T. 13k/10:00/Tu 86 06o/15:30/We d/09:00/Th 220 Beilman, D. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Beinlich, A. 11b/10:45/Fr 289 Bekaert, D.V. 01h/15:00/Th i/16:15/Fr 306 Bekgacem, H. 11b/326/Th 265 Bekker, A. 07a/08:30/Th l/09:15/Th 210 Bel Kahla, A. 07b/287/We 193 Belayouni, H. 10a/324/Tu 127 Belhadj, M. 07i/310/We 194 Bell, E.A. 03i/16:45/Tu 94 01h/08:45/We 138 Bell, L.J. 08a/09:45/Fr 286 Bellenger, J-P. 13m/417/Th 271 Beller, H.R. 12b/09:45/Fr 291 Belleudy, P. 13i/424/We 203 Belousova, E. 09g/16:15/Tu 103 Belza, J. 06j/215/Th 259 Ben Hamouda, M.F. 13i/10:30/Th 224 Benaltabet, T. 07i/314/We 194 Benavente, C. 08l/10:45/Mo 13 Benavides, P.A. 07l/219/Tu 122 Bendanda, S. 02d/24/Tu 111 Bender, W. 13c/15:00/We 178 Benitez-Llambay, P. 01i/10:30/Tu 69 Benitez-Nelson, B. 03j/15:30/Mo 26 Benitez-Nelson, C. 10f/15:00/Th 241 Benkovitz, A. 07j/08:30/We 147 Bennett, G. 10d/11:15/Th 220 Bennett, J. 13l/10:00/Mo 19 Bennett, V. 03i/17:00/Tu 94 Benning, L.G. 10m/11:15/Mo 16 13k/09:45/Tu 86 13b/17:00/Tu e/185/Tu m/10:30/Th m/16:15/Th j/15:45/Fr g/17:00/Fr 310 Benninger, L. 11a/14:30/Tu 106 Benoit, M. 08a/11:15/Fr 286 Benson, L. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Benthien, A. 03a/45/Mo 42 Benzaazoua, M. 13k/09:00/Tu 86 13g/15:30/Fr 310 Benzerara, K. 10m/09:45/Mo 16 13j/11:15/Tu 85 Bera, M. 02e/23/Mo 41 Berchmans, S. 10b/09:00/Tu 82 Berelson, W.M. 10h/10:15/Tu 83 07l/11:00/We l/11:15/We b/275/We d/11:15/Th 222 Berenguer, F. 10a/10:15/We 151 Berg, J. 10m/09:00/Mo16 Berg, M. 13k/405/Tu e/08:45/We m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Bergantz, G. 03b/09:00/Th 209 Berger, J. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Bergersen, E. 05b/124/Tu 117 Bergin, E. 01h/11:00/We h/14:15/Th 228 Bergmann, K. 07c/15:30/Mo 31 07c/221/Mo 52 08e/16:45/Th 239 Bergquist, B.A. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 11d/11:15/Th 222 Berkana, W. 03f/17:00/Mo 25 03e/67/Th 250 Berke, M. 08a/223/Th 260 Berlendis, S. 10d/10:15/Th 220 Bermingham, K. 01i/15:00/Tu 90 Bern, C. 13i/09:30/Th 224 Bernal, J.P. 04g/14:15/Th 232 Bernard, C. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Bernard, R. 14a/10:45/Tu 87 Bernardello, R. 07i/08:30/Th 217 Index by Author 315

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377 Boehm, K. 03d/15:15/We 162 Boehnke, P. 01i/14:45/Tu 90 01h/11:15/Th b/4/Th e/08:45/Fr 278 Boente, C. 13e/414/We 203 Boffa Ballaran, T. 04j/08:45/Tu 73 Boglaienko, D. 13j/15:15/We 179 Bogomil, G. 04g/14:45/We 165 Bohaty, S.M. 08d/272/Tu d/275/Tu 124 Bohlin, M. 11c/14:45/We b/312/Th 264 Böhnke-Brandt, S. 10d/15:00/We 175 Bohrson, W.A. 04g/15:15/We g/15:15/Th 232 Boily, J-F. 06c/176/Th 257 Boiron, M-C. 05m/171/Tu 120 Boitieau, R. 12c/346/Mo 58 Bok, F. 13c/398/We 202 Bokuniewicz, H. 13f/388/Mo 62 Bol, R. 12c/350/Mo 58 Bold, U. 07j/16:45/Tu 101 Bolfan-Casanova, N. 04j/103/Mo 45 04j/109/Mo 46 04j/11:00/Tu 73 Bolge, L. 07i/10:15/Fr i/16:00/Fr 305 Bolhar, R. 03e/70/Th 250 Bolle, O. 04g/08:45/Th 211 Bollengier, O. 02g/10:30/We 140 Bollmeyer, M. 13b/393/We 201 Bolou-Bi, E. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Bölscher, T. 12f/15:45/Th 243 Bolster, K. 07i/15:15/Th 238 Bompard, N. 03j/70/Tu 114 Bompoti, N.M. 13l/09:00/Mo 19 Bonamici, C. 06h/17:00/We i/113/We 187 Bonatti, E. 04i/10:00/Fr 279 Bond, Daniel 10a/15:30/Tu 104 Bond, David 11d/10:30/Th 222 Bond-Lamberty, B. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Bondioli, L. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 Bondu, R. 13k/09:00/Tu 86 Bone, S. 13j/08:30/Tu 85 Bonich-Wissink, M. 09a/10:45/We 150 Bonin, B. 02e/24/Mo 41 Bonnand, P. 02e/16:00/Mo 24 05g/144/Th 255 Bonnet, C. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Bonnet, G. 03d/11:00/We 141 Bonnet, R. 04g/11:15/Th 211 Bonnetti, C. 05e/08:45/Fr 280 Bonneville, S. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Bontognali, T.R.R. 10m/10:00/Mo 16 Booker, A. 10a/16:30/Tu 104 Bopp, L. 07f/15:15/Fr 304 Borah, R.R. 01c/09:30/Tu 68 01c/1/Tu 110 Borca, C. 10b/09:30/Tu 82 Borch, T. 12e/16:00/Mo 36 13b/14:45/Tu 108 Borchers, B. 06h/17:00/We 169 Bordecka-Goluch, A. 07c/223/Mo 52 Bordier, L. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Bordmann, V. 03j/09:30/Tu 72 Borecka, M. 13i/11:00/Th 224 Borghini, A. 03f/08:45/Tu 71 Borgia, A. 05i/117/We 187 Borjin, T. 05h/162/Mo 49 05k/132/We 188 Borkiewicz, O. 06a/186/Mo 51 06a/11:00/Tu 77 Borlina, C.S. 01h/08:45/We 138 Bormann, U. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Borovinskaya, O. 09a/10:15/We e/11:15/We 155 Borowski, S.C. 12e/16:15/Mo 36 Borsato, A. 08b/237/Tu 123 Borschneck, D. 06a/16:30/Tu e/409/We 203 Bortnikova, S. 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Boruah, A. 05h/152/Mo 48 Bory, A. 08i/14:30/Fr 305 Bosak, T. 09i/14:15/Fr 306 Bosbach, D. 13b/15:00/Tu j/16:30/Tu c/15:30/We 178 Boschi, C. 03j/65/Tu j/73/Tu 114 Bosco-Santos, A. 10h/291/Mo 55 09j/08:30/Tu 81 09g/10:45/Tu 80 Bose, M. 01h/10:30/We b/11:00/Fr 276 Bosman, S. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Bosq, C. 04j/11:00/Tu 73 Bossa, N. 13e/10:45/We 155 Bosse, V. 03g/68/Mo 44 Bossy, C. 13f/398/Mo 63 Bostelmann, H. 06m/16:30/Th 236 Bostick, B. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 Botcharnikov, R.E. 04j/15:45/Mo 27 06h/146/We g/11:15/Th 211 Botelho, N. 05f/155/Tu g/69/We 184 Bots, P. 13j/15:30/We 179 Böttcher, M.E. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Bottini, C. 07b/08:45/Fr 284 Bottjer, D.J. 11d/11:15/Th 222 Bottrell, S. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Bouchez, J. 11c/16:30/We c/10:00/Th 221 Boudenne, J-L. 13e/09:15/We 155 Boudreau, A. 05d/133/Mo 47 Boudreau, B. 07l/10:45/We f/14:45/Fr 304 Bouhnik-Lecoz, M. 06a/184/Mo 51 Bouilhol, P. 03d/15:45/Tu 92 Boukhalfa, H. 06g/09:30/Mo 11 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 Boulanger, M. 04g/14:30/Th i/122/Th 254 Boulard, E. 02g/11:15/We 140 Boulliard, J-C. 02g/36/Tu 112 Boulvain, F. 05h/146/Mo 48 Boumehdi, M.A. 04h/09:30/We 143 Bourbonnais, A. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 Bourdon, B. 04i/10:30/Fr 279 Bourg, I.C. 13l/428/Mo 64 05i/109/We c/183/Th c/184/Th c/185/Th c/09:30/Fr c/11:00/Fr c/15:30/Fr c/16:00/Fr 301 Bourque, Bradford 07f/297/We 193 Bourque, Bruce 08c/186/We 196 Boushaba, A. 02e/25/Mo 41 Bouskill, N. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 11f/17:00/Tu b/09:45/Fr 291 Boutorh, J. 07i/16:15/Th 238 Bouvier, Anne-Sophie 04j/98/Mo 45 03d/09:15/We d/16:30/We g/17:00/We h/154/We 189 Bouvier, Audrey 01i/17:00/Tu 90 Bouvier, L. 01h/08:45/Th 208 Bouyssiere, B. 05b/126/Tu 117 Bova, S. 08b/09:45/We 149 Bovay, T. 03f/15:00/Tu 93 Bovet, N. 06c/181/Th 257 Bowden, M. 06m/15:00/Th b/343/Th 267 Bowell, R. 05m/14:15/We g/400/Th 269 Bowen, G. 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Bowen, I. 06j/197/Th 258 Bowen, J.L. 12b/353/Th 267 Bower, W. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:45/Tu 85 Bowie, A. 07i/315/We 194 Bowles, M. 10a/321/Tu 127 Bowman, C. 07b/10:30/Fr 284 Bowring, S. 09a/296/Tu 125 Bowyer, F. 09m/09:00/Th 219 Boyanov, M. 13k/16:15/Mo 38 Boyce, J.W. 06j/11:15/Fr 283 Boyd, E. 10f/297/Th 263 Boye, K. 12c/348/Mo 58 12c/09:00/Tu 84 12f/393/Tu f/394/Tu 130 Boyer, A. 13j/15:15/Tu 109 Boyer, D. 09m/310/Tu 126 Boyer, M. 14a/258/Tu 134 Boyet, M. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 Boyko, V. 10d/343/We 198 Boylan, A. 13j/16:45/Tu 109 Boyle, E.A. 10h/09:00/Mo 15 07i/304/We m/09:30/Th 225 Bracciali, L. 03g/09:45/Mo 6 03i/55/Tu 113 Bracco, J. 06m/11:15/Th j/16:00/Fr c/16:15/Fr 301 Brach-Papa, C. 13m/415/Th 271 Brachfeld, S. 06h/10:30/Th 213 Bradbury, Hal 07j/10:30/Tu 79 Index by Author 317

378 Bradbury, Harold J. 07c/14:15/Mo 31 07c/14:30/Mo 31 10h/294/Mo 55 03j/70/Tu 114 Bradley, A. 10h/11:15/Tu 83 10a/10:00/We d/11:00/Th f/15:30/Th f/15:00/Fr 307 Bradley, D.C. 04h/11:15/We 143 Bradley, M.J. 13l/15:00/Mo 39 Bradley, R. 13m/417/Th 271 Bradshaw, R. 04g/16:00/We g/14:45/Th 232 Bradtmiller, L. 08i/14:30/Fr 305 Brady, E. 08a/226/Th 260 Brady, J. 04d/11:00/Mo 7 04d/11:15/Mo 7 Brainard, J. 03l/10:15/Th 210 Bralower, T. 11f/11:00/We 154 Bramble, M. 03j/09:45/Tu 72 03j/10:00/Tu 72 Brand, A. 06o/09:30/Th m/14:30/Th 236 Brand, T. 10b/334/Tu 127 Brand, U. 09m/15:30/We e/217/We a/10:00/Th 216 Brandes, J. 13d/410/Mo 61 Brandon, A. 10h/10:00/Mo 15 07j/211/Tu b/4/We b/09:15/Fr 276 Brandon, M. 08l/10:00/Mo 13 Brandt, Carol 13d/413/Mo 61 Brandt, Craig 13m/14:15/Fr m/14:45/Fr 311 Brandt, F. 13b/15:00/Tu j/16:30/Tu c/15:30/We 178 Branson, O. 03a/09:00/Mo 5 06e/188/Tu e/08:45/We e/09:15/We 146 Brantley, Steven 10e/08:45/We 152 Brantley, Susan L. 12e/11:15/Mo 17 11a/14:45/Tu a/380/Tu i/08:45/We a/08:30/Th a/10:00/Th d/10:45/Th f/16:45/Th g/338/Th j/16:15/Fr 302 Brasser, R. 01h/09:00/Th h/11:00/Th 208 Braun, J.J. 13f/406/Mo 63 Brayard, A. 04h/09:15/We 143 Brazelton, W. 10a/16:00/Tu j/68/Tu j/72/Tu 114 Brazil, L. 12a/384/Tu 129 Brecheisen, Z. 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Breecker, D. 08l/08:30/Mo 13 08l/08:45/Mo 13 03a/09:30/Mo 5 Brehm, S. 04g/66/We 184 Breitenbach, S.F.M. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 08c/15:15/We 172 Brenan, J. 05m/11:15/We a/18/Th a/27/Th 248 Brenker, F.E. 02c/08:30/Fr 277 Brennan, C. 09a/281/Tu 124 Brennan, M. 02d/32/Tu 111 Brennecka, G. 01b/2/Th b/09:00/Fr 276 Brennwald, M.S. 13i/419/We i/435/We i/09:00/Th i/14:45/Th 245 Bretier, M. 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Bretschneider, L. 02g/15:15/We 161 Brewer, A. 05a/89/We a/90/We 185 Breynaert, E. 06o/162/We o/09:00/Th 215 Briais, A. 04i/15:15/Fr 299 Bridgestock, L. 07i/09:00/Fr 285 Brigham-Grette, J. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Brin, L. 02g/15:15/We 161 Brinckerhoff, W. 03j/79/Tu 114 Brinkman, K. 06g/10:15/Mo 11 Brislawn, C. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 12d/15:00/Fr 309 Broadley, Michael 01h/15:00/Th 228 Broadley, Michael W. 09i/16:15/Fr 306 Broadwell, K. 03f/16:15/Mo 25 Brocza, F. 13l/11:15/Mo 19 Broda, S. 13g/14:45/Fr 310 Broddrick, J. 09d/267/Mo 54 Brodholt, J. 02c/39/Th 249 Brodie, E.L. 12b/09:45/Fr 291 Brodsky, H. 02d/24/Tu 111 Bromley, G. 08e/09:45/Th 218 Brönner, M. 04h/09:45/We 143 Brooker, R. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 04j/15:45/Mo 27 Brookfield, M.E. 07j/213/Tu c/189/We 196 Brooks, S. 10m/312/Mo 56 Brouand, M. 05m/09:45/We 145 Brouillet, J. 07j/213/Tu 122 Brousseau, A. 05a/86/We 185 Brouwer, F. 03f/49/Mo 42 03d/09:00/We 141 Brown, A. 13l/11:15/Mo 19 Brown, Caitlin 13f/388/Mo 62 Brown, Caleb 10f/08:30/Fr 288 Brown, E. 04i/09:30/Fr 279 Brown, G. 12c/09:00/Tu 84 Brown, J. Michael 02g/10:30/We 140 Brown, John F. 09a/279/Tu 124 Brown, M. 03f/08:30/Tu 71 03f/15:30/Tu 93 Brown, Shaun 10h/08:45/Mo 15 07c/10:45/Mo 12 09f/14:30/Th b/11:15/Fr 289 Brown, Stephanie 04i/16:45/Th 233 Browne, I. 11f/10:00/We 154 Brüchert, V. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 Bruckner, M. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 14a/250/Tu 133 Bruefach, A. 06a/14:15/Tu 100 Bruggeman, C. 06o/15:30/We 170 Brugger, J. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/15:15/Mo 28 05d/16:30/Mo 28 05e/08:45/Fr 280 Bruguier, O. 03f/56/Mo 43 Brummer, G-J. 08e/10:30/Th 218 Brumsack, H-J. 07c/206/Mo 51 Brünjes, R. 13m/17:00/Th 246 Brunner, A. 09a/11:15/We 150 Brunner, B. 05b/124/Tu a/08:30/We 151 Brüske, A. 09g/11:00/Tu 80 Brussaard, C. 07i/329/We 195 Bryan, A. 10l/360/We 199 Bryan, N. 13j/422/Tu 131 Bryant, C. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 Bryant, R. 10h/10:45/Tu 83 Bryant, S. 10b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr 290 Bryce, C. 12b/345/Th 267 Bryce, J.G. 04d/09:45/Mo 7 04d/10:00/Mo 7 14a/245/Tu m/418/Th d/16:30/Fr 309 Brydon, R. 04i/110/Th 253 Bucha, M. 13f/400/Mo 63 05b/08:30/Tu 74 07b/280/We 192 Bucholz, C. 04j/10:30/Mo 8 03e/09:15/Fr e/10:15/Fr 278 Buck, K. 07i/305/We 194 Budde, G. 01c/08:45/Tu 68 01h/09:30/Th 208 Buesseler, K. 07l/15:00/We 171 Bufe, A. 11f/09:00/We 154 Buffin-Bélanger, T. 11g/334/Th 266 Buhl, D. 09m/15:30/We 174 Bühn, B. 05e/98/We 186 Buhre, S. 03b/15:15/Th 230 Bui, E. 12a/379/Tu a/10:45/Th 223 Buick, I.S. 09a/10:30/We 150 Buick, R. 09m/10:45/Th i/17:00/Fr 306 Buikin, A. 02c/30/Th 248 Bulaev, A. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Bulanova, G. 02g/17:00/We 161 Bullard, J. 06o/09:30/Th m/14:30/Th 236 Bullock, E. 02g/15:30/We a/16:00/Th 229 Bulseco-McKim, A.N. 12b/353/Th 267 Bunin, E. 08c/192/We 197 Bunker, B. 13l/16:00/Mo 39 Burchard, M. 03b/10/We 180 Burdanowitz, N. 08b/227/Tu Index by Author

379 Burdige, D. 10b/08:30/Tu 82 07b/10:45/Fr 284 Bure, T. 10e/09:45/We 152 Bureau, H. 02g/36/Tu 112 Burgess, R. 02d/28/Tu d/16:45/We h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th h/17:00/Th i/105/Th g/144/Th 255 Burgess, S. 09a/301/Tu d/16:15/Th 242 Burghelea, C. 10a/320/Tu 126 Bürgmann, H. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 Burgos, W. 10m/15:30/Mo 35 13f/405/Mo 63 Burgos-Cara, A. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 Burisch, M. 05f/15:30/Tu 99 Burke, A. 08d/16:00/Tu l/16:15/We 171 Burkett, D. 05k/09:15/Th 212 Burkhardt, C. 01c/08:45/Tu 68 01i/10:00/Tu 69 01h/09:30/Th b/09:00/Fr 276 Burnham, A. 03e/08:30/Fr 278 Burns, D. 04d/08:30/Mo 7 Burns, P.C. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 06o/168/We 191 Burns, S. 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Burrill, C. 04g/16:15/We 165 Burrows, A. 06j/197/Th 258 Burton, E. 13g/10:30/Fr 292 Burton, K. 02b/08:30/Mo 4 02e/16:45/Mo 24 11a/328/Mo 57 04g/15:00/We e/08:30/Fr i/10:15/Fr 279 Burton, M. 04j/14:15/Mo 27 Burzan, N. 13j/16:45/Tu 109 Buscher, J. 04g/81/We g/11:00/Th 211 Busemann, H. 01h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th b/7/Th g/144/Th b/11:15/Fr 276 Buss, H. 12f/395/Tu f/09:15/We 154 Bussière, B. 13g/14:45/Fr 310 Butterfield, N.J. 10d/16:30/We d/17:00/We m/08:45/Th 219 Butters, D. 05d/129/Mo 47 Butzen, M. 13l/17:00/Mo 39 Buz, J. 01h/09:45/We 138 Bybee, G. 03e/15:30/Fr e/15:45/Fr 298 Byerly, G. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Bylaska, E. 06j/16:30/Fr 302 Byrd, A. 04i/14:45/Fr 299 Byrne, D. 05b/10:15/Tu 74 Byrne, J. 10m/15:15/Mo 35 13j/16:45/Tu 109 Byrne, R. 07f/295/We 193 Cable, M. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Cáceres, J.O. 11f/361/Tu 129 Caddick, M. 03f/16:15/Mo 25 03f/54/Mo 43 03g/74/Mo 44 Cadeau, P. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Cady, S. 09d/267/Mo 54 03j/79/Tu 114 Caetano-Filho, S. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 07c/216/Mo 52 Caffee, M. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Cahill, M. 13j/08:30/Tu 85 Cai, B. 08e/211/We 197 Cai, H. 07a/16:30/Th m/15:45/Fr 311 Cai, J. 07b/284/We b/289/We 193 Cai, M.Y. 11f/356/Tu 129 Cai, P. 07i/11:15/Fr b/15:30/Fr 303 Cai, T. 12b/350/Th g/412/Th 270 Cai, W-J. 07f/14:15/Fr f/15:00/Fr f/15:45/Fr f/17:00/Fr 304 Cai, Yachun 05d/10:45/Mo 9 Cai, Yue 08b/228/Tu l/16:15/We i/126/Th i/16:00/Fr 305 Cai, Yulan 05b/16:30/Tu 98 Caine, J. 05e/10:00/Fr 280 Calabozo, F. 04i/10:45/Fr 279 Caley, T. 08b/228/Tu 122 Callahan, R. 12f/16:30/Th 243 Callaway, J. 12b/354/Th 267 Callbeck, C. 10d/344/We 198 Calvin, J. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Calvino Gamez, J.J. 09i/09:30/Fr 287 Camarda, M. 03d/17:00/We 162 Came, R. 08e/213/We 197 Cameron, E.M. 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Cameron, J. 09g/15:00/Tu 103 Campbell, Andrew 02c/15:15/Fr 297 Campbell, Ashley 12e/09:45/Mo 17 Campbell, I.H. 10h/289/Mo 55 03e/08:30/Fr 278 Campbell, K. 10f/15:45/Fr 307 Campbell, R. 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Camper, N. 03j/15:30/Mo 26 Campillo, M. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 Campisano, C. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Campomenosi, N. 03f/14:45/Mo 25 Camprubí, A. 03d/16:15/We 162 Candan, O. 07j/11:15/Tu 79 Canfield, D.E. 09g/277/Mo 54 07j/17:00/Tu j/09:45/We 147 Cangelosi, D. 05d/132/Mo 47 Čanković, M. 10l/362/We 199 Cannat, M. 04i/108/Th 253 Cannatelli, C. 04g/64/We g/81/We g/11:00/Th 211 Cannon, K. 03j/09:45/Tu 72 01h/16:30/Th 228 Cano, E. 01h/15:00/We 160 Cantin, N. 08e/11:15/Th 218 Cantine, M. 07c/15:30/Mo 31 08e/16:45/Th 239 Cantlay, T. 13g/10:45/Fr 292 Cantrell, T. 09d/264/Mo 54 Canup, R. 01h/16:15/Th 228 Cao, B. 13b/14:30/Tu b/16:00/Tu 108 Cao, C. 06a/183/Mo 50 07j/214/Tu d/383/We 201 Cao, F. 01c/5/Tu 110 Cao, Jian 05h/10:30/Mo 10 05h/169/Mo 50 Cao, Jianjin 05m/164/Tu 119 Cao, K. 06b/169/Th 256 Cao, Mengchun 03l/93/Tu 115 Cao, Ming-Yu 03a/35/Mo 41 Cao, Xian 10e/09:45/We 152 Cao, Xiaobin 10h/292/Mo 55 10h/305/Mo 56 06c/175/Th b/14:45/Fr 308 Cao, Xiaofeng 05f/153/Tu 118 Cao, Xiaoyan 05b/14:15/Tu 98 10e/09:15/We 152 Cao, Y. 05h/14:45/Mo 29 05h/16:30/Mo 29 05h/158/Mo 49 05h/159/Mo 49 05h/166/Mo 49 05h/170/Mo 50 11b/313/Th 264 Cao, Z. 07f/301/We i/11:15/Fr 285 Capaldi, T. 14a/10:45/Tu 87 Capdeville, M-J. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/16:30/Th 246 Capezzuoli, E. 08l/236/Mo 53 Capitanio, F. 03i/10:00/We 142 Caporuscio, F. 06o/15:15/We 170 Cappelli, C. 06m/174/We 190 Caraballo, M.A. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06a/10:30/Tu 77 05f/10:30/Tu 76 06j/211/Th 259 Carabante, I. 13g/09:00/Fr 292 Caracausi, A. 03d/17:00/We 162 Carbajales-Dale, M. 14a/258/Tu 134 Carbotte, S. 04g/15:30/We 165 Cardace, D. 03j/17:00/Mo 26 01c/7/Tu j/66/Tu 113 Cardenas, M.B. 08b/10:15/We 149 Cardenas, P. 09m/16:15/We 174 Cardon, Z. 12f/15:30/Th d/364/Th d/14:15/Fr 309 Cardona, C. 13j/16:00/We 179 Carey, A. 08a/220/Th 259 Index by Author 319

380 Carey, C. 11c/09:45/Th 221 Caricchi, L. 03b/09:15/Th 209 Carling, G. 08i/15:30/Fr 305 Carlson, Richard 02b/11:15/Mo 4 02b/1/Mo 40 02e/09:45/Tu 70 03i/15:15/Tu 94 03i/14:30/We b/09:45/Fr 276 Carlson, Robert 01c/16:00/Mo 22 Carlsson, D. 11d/384/We 201 Carniel, L. 04i/134/Th 254 Carol, E. 13b/394/We 202 Carrasco, G. 04g/14:15/Th 232 Carrero, S. 06a/17:00/Tu 100 Carretier, S. 11c/16:15/We 177 Carrillo, F. 05i/109/We 186 Carriquiry, J.D. 07b/276/We 192 Carroll, M. 04j/15:15/Mo 27 Carroll, Richard 07b/271/We 192 Carroll, Rosemary 12e/11:00/Mo 17 Cartapanis, O. 07b/14:15/Fr 303 Carter, A. 07i/09:30/Th 217 Carter, B. 07f/14:15/Fr 304 Carter, E. 02d/28/Tu 111 Carter, P.J. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Carter Orlando, M. 04d/85/Mo 44 Cartigny, P. 04j/15:45/Mo 27 10b/09:15/Tu 82 02g/36/Tu c/10:30/Fr 277 Cartwright, J.A. 06e/14:45/We 168 Caruso, M. 04g/16:45/We 165 Caruthers, A. 04h/11:00/We b/273/We 192 Carvalho, V. 10m/323/Mo 57 Cary, S.C. 08i/229/Th 260 Casale, G. 09a/292/Tu 125 Casassa, S. 02d/16:15/Tu 91 Casey, J. 03b/15:30/Th 230 Castagno, R. 05f/147/Tu 118 Castañeda, I. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Castillo, P. 04i/14:30/Fr 299 Castillo Alvarez, M.C. 11b/316/Th 264 Castle, N. 01c/14:45/Mo 22 Castonguay, A. 09i/09:45/Fr 287 Castruccio, A. 04g/14:45/We 165 Catalano, J.G. 01c/15:15/Mo 22 12e/359/Mo 59 06a/15:00/Tu i/276/Th 262 Catalano, R. 13e/09:15/We e/408/We 203 Catalano, T. 04i/129/Th 254 Cathalot, C. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Cathelineau, M. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 05m/09:45/We 145 Catling, D. 09d/10:00/Mo 14 02d/09:00/We i/283/Th i/15:45/Fr 306 Cavalazzi, B. 10a/09:45/We i/15:15/Fr 306 Cavallaro, N. 12b/11:15/Fr 291 Cavan, G. 13f/11:15/Mo 18 Cavazzin, B. 08l/229/Mo 53 Caves Rugenstein, J.K. 11f/09:00/We h/09:00/We d/15:30/Th 242 Cavosie, A.J. 03i/16:15/Tu 94 03i/16:30/Tu 94 06e/15:00/We 168 Cawood, P. 03i/10:00/We d/10:45/Th 222 Caxito, F. 07c/15:45/Mo 31 Ceccato, M. 13k/09:45/Tu 86 Cedeño, D. 04i/134/Th 254 Ceder, G. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Celestian, A. 07l/11:00/We i/14:30/Fr 306 Censi, P. 06c/16:45/Fr 301 Cerantola, V. 02c/39/Th 249 Cerkez, E.B. 06a/14:15/Tu a/15:30/Tu a/16:45/Tu 100 Cernik, M. 13j/15:45/Tu 109 Černok, A. 03g/10:00/Mo 6 03g/10:15/Mo 6 Cernoueek, T. 13j/419/Tu 131 Cerrato, J. 13g/16:30/Th 244 Cetin, B. 12c/343/Mo 58 Ceuleneer, G. 04i/15:15/Fr 299 Cha, W. 06g/09:30/Tu 78 Chaanda, M. 11f/360/Tu 129 Chabangborn, A. 08b/238/Tu 123 Chabas, A. 11b/10:00/Fr 289 Chabaux, F. 11c/377/We 200 Chacko, T. 03e/16:15/Th 231 Chaduteau, C. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Chadwick, K.D. 12a/11:00/Th 223 Chadwick, O. 12e/365/Mo 59 11a/14:15/Tu 106 Chadwick, W. 03b/9/We 180 Chai, J. 07a/14:15/Th 237 Chaillou, G. 11g/334/Th g/336/Th g/08:45/Fr 290 Chakoumakos, B. 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Chakrabarti, R. 10h/303/Mo 56 11a/337/Mo 58 07j/14:30/Tu l/90/Tu c/08:45/Th 221 Chakrabarty, P. 04h/10:30/We e/72/Th 251 Chakraborty, Ranadhir 12d/363/Th 268 Chakraborty, Romy 12b/09:45/Fr 291 Chakraborty, S. 03i/15:15/We 163 Chalk, T. 03a/44/Mo 42 Challacombe, J. 10m/325/Mo 57 Challis, K. 13e/09:00/We 155 Chalouan, A. 03g/68/Mo 44 Chamberlain, C.P. 08a/224/Th 260 Chamberlain, P. 04h/09:00/We 143 Chamberlayne, B. 08c/182/We 196 Champion, D. 09a/15:00/We 173 Chan, A.W.H. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 Chan, M. 13e/11:00/We 155 Chan, T.Y. 05f/151/Tu 118 Chanda, P. 07j/10:00/Tu 79 11b/11:00/Fr 289 Chandrajith, R. 10m/321/Mo 57 Chang, C. 11c/371/We 200 Chang, E. 05a/89/We a/90/We 185 Chang, F. 03i/15:30/We 163 Chang, Qing 03d/08:45/We d/32/We g/141/Th 255 Chang, Queenie 08b/09:00/We 149 Chang, Sae Jung 10a/322/Tu 127 Chang, Seeun 13i/432/We 204 Chang, Su-Chin 09a/282/Tu 124 Chang, Yu-Fen 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Chang, Yunhua 07a/15:45/Th 237 Chanmuang Nasdala, C. 06e/15:00/We 168 Chanton, J. 10f/16:45/Th b/351/Th 267 Chanyshev, A. 02g/16:45/We 161 Chao, Q. 07b/284/We 192 Chapela Lara, M. 12f/395/Tu 130 Chapelle, F. 10e/10:15/We 152 Chapman, H. 11b/312/Th 264 Chapman, S. 10h/310/Mo 56 Chapman, Taylor 08e/15:15/Th 239 Chapman, Timothy 06c/177/Th 257 Chappaz, A. 07j/08:45/We l/15:30/We l/16:15/We l/16:45/We l/359/We 199 Chaput, D. 12e/14:30/Mo 36 Charbonnier, Q. 11c/10:00/Th 221 Chardon, P. 13g/16:45/Th 244 Chareev, D. 06b/171/Th 257 Charette, M. 07l/15:00/We 171 Charlier, B.L.A. 09f/264/Th 261 Charmasson, S. 13m/415/Th 271 Charnock, J. 13j/422/Tu 131 Chase, Z. 07i/315/We 194 Chatterjee, A. 10l/11:00/We 153 Chatterjee, R.N. 03e/83/Th 251 Chatterjee, S. 13j/08:45/We j/10:00/We j/14:30/We 179 Chatzaras, V. 02e/27/Mo 41 Chaudhri, N. 03i/61/Tu l/94/Tu 115 Chauhan, H. 03e/91/Th 252 Chaumillon, E. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Chaurand, P. 13e/409/We 203 Chaussidon, M. 03a/11:15/Mo 5 03i/09:15/We h/15:45/We 160 Chauvet, A. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Chawchai, S. 08b/238/Tu 123 Chebbi, M.R. 07b/287/We 193 Cheize, M. 07i/10:45/Th i/16:15/Th 238 Chellam, S. 13m/15:45/Th i/17:00/Fr 305 Chemale, F. 08i/230/Th 260 Chemtob, S. 01c/15:15/Mo 22 Chen, Bao-Shan 07f/15:00/Fr 304 Chen, Bin 03a/48/Mo 42 02g/45/Tu 112 Chen, Bo 11f/353/Tu Index by Author

381 Chen, Bor-Rong 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Chen, Chen 03e/53/Th 249 Chen, Chihao 10f/292/Th 263 Chen, Christine Y. 08l/14:30/Mo 32 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Chen, Chunfei 03e/16:15/Fr 298 Chen, Chunmei 12e/360/Mo 59 Chen, Dandan 10m/14:45/Mo 35 12e/370/Mo 59 Chen, Duofu 10h/305/Mo 56 10b/331/Tu 127 Chen, Feng 05m/179/Tu 120 Chen, Florence 07c/211/Mo 52 Chen, Gang 03l/86/Tu l/99/Tu i/115/We 187 Chen, Gongxin 13g/407/Th 270 Chen, Guangshan 08b/10:00/We 149 Chen, Guo 07b/274/We 192 Chen, Guohui 05h/09:30/Mo 10 Chen, Heng 02b/08:45/Mo 4 12e/359/Mo 59 11c/14:15/We h/14:30/We c/08:30/Th 221 Chen, Hongey 11a/335/Mo 58 Chen, Honghan 05h/147/Mo 48 Chen, Hongmei 10e/09:30/We 152 Chen, Huan 02e/21/Mo 41 Chen, Huawei 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Chen, Jianfa 05k/136/We 188 Chen, Jianye 06c/180/Th 257 Chen, Jiawei 13e/407/We 203 Chen, Jie 10f/291/Th 263 Chen, Jiubin 07a/16:30/Th m/15:45/Fr 311 Chen, Jiuhua 02c/16:30/Fr 297 Chen, Jun 09a/296/Tu c/366/We 200 Chen, Kang 03e/09:30/Fr 278 Chen, Kefei 05i/10:45/We f/298/Th 263 Chen, L. 13f/09:45/Mo 18 04i/120/Th 253 Chen, Manjia 13m/10:15/Fr 293 Chen, Meng-Chiang 10f/15:45/Th 241 Chen, Michael 12c/09:15/Tu 84 Chen, Mimi 10h/289/Mo 55 Chen, Min-Te 03a/46/Mo 42 08b/230/Tu 123 Chen, N. 07f/300/We 193 Chen, Peijun 05d/134/Mo 47 Chen, Pengcheng 12e/373/Mo 60 Chen, Shangbin 05h/09:15/Mo 10 Chen, Shengsheng 03d/51/We 183 Chen, Shuo 08l/233/Mo 53 Chen, Si 06a/179/Mo 50 Chen, Tianran 08e/11:00/Th 218 Chen, Tianyu 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Chen, Wei 03a/35/Mo 41 03a/38/Mo 42 05f/10:45/Tu 76 05f/14:15/Tu 99 05f/153/Tu j/10:00/Fr 283 Chen, Wei-Yu 07l/222/Tu 122 Chen, Weizhe 11d/11:00/Th 222 Chen, Xi 07b/268/We 191 Chen, Xiangfei 05k/139/We b/281/We 192 Chen, Xin-Yang 11c/10:15/Th e/16:30/Th 231 Chen, Xinming 10l/10:45/We l/361/We 199 Chen, Xinyi 10f/10:30/Fr 288 Chen, Xiuyan 05b/131/Tu 117 Chen, Xuefei 10h/10:30/Mo 15 Chen, Xueze 07c/208/Mo 52 05b/132/Tu 117 Chen, Yan 06j/214/Th 259 Chen, Yan-Jing 07l/222/Tu 122 Chen, Yanyan 07b/285/We 192 Chen, Yong 05h/167/Mo 49 Chen, Yu 13i/422/We 203 Chen, Zhenwu 02b/2/Mo 40 Chen, Zhi 03l/101/Tu g/339/Th 266 Chen, Zhong-Hong 05b/138/Tu 118 Chen, Zhonghong 05h/15:15/Mo 29 Chen, Zhongxing 06j/17:00/Fr 302 Chenaker, H. 05k/126/We 187 Chenery, S. 05g/11:00/Fr 281 Cheng, A. 03j/14:30/Tu 95 Cheng, B. 05h/15:15/Mo 29 Cheng, D. 05h/150/Mo 48 05b/135/Tu 117 Cheng, Feng 03f/50/Mo 42 Cheng, Fuqi 05h/15:45/Mo 29 Cheng, Hai 08e/11:00/Th 218 Cheng, Hao 03d/45/We 182 Cheng, Honggang 05h/154/Mo 49 Cheng, Huai 05d/137/Mo 48 Cheng, K. 13j/427/Tu 131 Cheng, L. 10a/325/Tu 127 Cheng, M. 09m/09:30/Th 219 Cheng, N. 04j/92/Mo 45 Cheng, P. 07f/300/We 193 Cheng, Shelly 10d/11:15/Th 220 Cheng, Siyu 06g/191/Mo 51 Cheng, Xiaoxuan 13g/412/Th 270 Cheng, Xin 08i/228/Th g/405/Th 270 Cheng, Y. 13c/16:00/We 178 Cheng, Zhiguo 04h/115/Tu 117 Cheng, Zhizhong 05m/172/Tu 120 Cheong, Y. 13g/397/Th 269 Cherkashov, G. 07c/207/Mo 51 05g/145/Th g/151/Th 255 Cherkouk, A. 10m/16:30/Mo 35 Cherniak, D.J. 06h/16:45/We c/36/Th 249 Cheshire, M. 06o/15:15/We j/16:15/Fr 302 Cheung, A. 08c/16:00/We 172 Chew, D. 03g/70/Mo 44 06j/193/Th 258 Chi, Z. 10m/09:30/Mo 16 Chiang, H-W. 08b/232/Tu 123 Chiang, J.C.H. 08b/08:30/We e/11:00/Th 218 Chiaradia, M. 10h/304/Mo 56 02a/19/Th 248 Chiaraluce, L. 03d/17:00/We 162 Chidester, B. 02c/15:15/Fr 297 Chiewattanakul, N. 08l/09:15/Mo 13 Chiffoleau, J-F. 13m/415/Th 271 Chikanda, F. 05f/11:00/Tu 76 Chilson-Parks, B. 04i/10:45/Fr 279 Chimiak, E. 10f/14:30/Fr 307 Chin, E. 03b/10:15/Th 209 Chin, K. 03j/08:30/Tu 72 China, S. 12f/398/Tu 130 Chinn, I. 02g/39/Tu g/14:45/We 161 Chiu, H-Y. 03e/57/Th 250 Chiu, M. 13l/11:00/Mo 19 06g/189/Mo 51 06g/192/Mo 51 Chizmadia, L. 01c/16:30/Mo 22 Chizmeshya, A. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Chmeleff, J. 10h/10:45/Mo 15 Chmiel, R. 07i/307/We 194 Cho, P. 11f/10:45/We 154 Choi, Hakkyum 02b/15:30/Mo 23 Choi, Hanna 10h/298/Mo 56 Choi, Hye-Bin 11b/304/Th b/318/Th 264 Choi, M. 13i/429/We 204 Choi, Seo-Youn 06j/192/Th 258 Choi, Seon-Gyu 05m/175/Tu 120 Choi, W. 05m/166/Tu 119 Choi, Y. 07j/212/Tu 122 Chojnacka, A. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Chomiszak, G. 05k/09:15/Th 212 Chongxuan, L. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Choo, C. 06h/160/We 190 Chorney, A. 03l/96/Tu l/10:15/Th 210 Chorover, J. 10a/320/Tu a/10:30/Th d/358/Th g/09:15/Fr 290 Chouabbi, A. 05d/117/Mo 46 Choudhary R, B. 04h/106/Tu 116 Chouinard, R. 05k/140/We k/09:45/Th 212 Choumiline, K. 07b/275/We b/276/We 192 Choung, S. 13j/424/Tu 131 Chowdhury, P. 03i/15:15/We 163 Chris, O. 04g/53/We 183 Christensen, J. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 10b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr b/11:15/Fr 289 Christensen, L. 10d/352/We 199 Christoph, J. 01i/15:30/Tu 90 Christy, I.J. 13m/16:45/Th 246 Chronopoulou, M. 10d/09:30/Th 220 Chrysochoou, M. 13l/09:00/Mo 19 Chu, F. 04i/120/Th 253 Chu, G. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 Chu, R. 12b/351/Th b/352/Th 267 Chu, T. 13i/422/We 203 Chu, W. 05b/14:15/Tu 98 Index by Author 321

382 Chu, X. 03f/50/Mo 42 Chu, Y-Q. 13i/418/We 203 Chu-Jacoby, I. 12b/09:30/Fr 291 Chuan, X.Y. 06g/191/Mo 51 Chubiz, L. 10d/11:00/Th f/15:30/Th 241 Chun, J. 06c/178/Th c/09:45/Fr 282 Chung, C-K. 06g/09:30/Mo 11 Chung, D. 05m/166/Tu m/175/Tu e/79/Th 251 Chung, E. 13f/403/Mo 63 13m/422/Th 271 Chung, S-L. 04g/74/We b/15:00/Th e/57/Th e/76/Th 251 Churakov, S. 13l/10:30/Mo 19 06a/182/Mo 50 13c/15:15/We 178 Churchill, J. 07f/16:00/Fr 304 Churikova, T. 04j/16:15/Mo 27 03a/47/Mo 42 Cichy, S.B. 06h/146/We h/08:45/Th 213 Ciesla, F. 01h/14:15/Th f/15:15/Fr 296 Ciglenečki, I. 10l/362/We 199 Ciobanu, C.L. 06b/14:45/Th b/15:15/Th b/15:30/Th b/158/Th b/159/Th b/160/Th b/161/Th b/162/Th b/163/Th b/164/Th b/165/Th b/166/Th 256 Cipar, J. 06h/157/We i/14:45/Fr 299 Cirpka, O. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Ciscato, E. 10l/11:00/We 153 Cizer, Ö. 06o/161/We 190 Claeys, P. 01c/17:00/Mo 22 01i/18/Tu j/215/Th 259 Clague, D. 04i/15:30/Fr 299 Claire, M. 09g/10:00/Tu 80 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Clark, A. 06c/17:00/Fr 301 Clark, C. 03d/38/We 182 Clark, G. 10h/11:00/Mo 15 Clark, I.D. 10h/16:45/Mo 34 10e/349/Tu 128 Clark, S. 06c/186/Th 258 Clarke, G. 06c/177/Th 257 Clarke, K. 05d/08:45/Tu 75 Clarke, L. 13f/11:15/Mo 18 08e/208/We 197 Clarkson, M. 08e/14:30/Th 239 Class, C. 02e/10:15/Tu 70 Clavier, N. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 Clay, J. 06o/16:30/We 170 Clay, P.L. 02d/28/Tu h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th h/17:00/Th g/144/Th 255 Clemens, Stephan 13k/10:30/Tu 86 Clemens, Steven 08b/231/Tu b/08:45/We b/10:00/We 149 Clementi, V. 08d/15:30/Tu d/264/Tu l/17:00/We 171 Cliff, J. 13j/08:30/Tu 85 10l/16:45/We m/15:15/Th 236 Clinger, A. 09a/09:45/We 150 Clinton, S. 11c/380/We 201 Cloete, R. 07i/322/We 195 Cloquet, C. 13m/10:00/Th b/314/Th e/09:30/Fr 280 Close, H. 10f/14:45/Th f/15:00/Th 241 Clouser, B. 07a/267/We a/08:30/Fr 286 Cloutier, V. 13k/09:00/Tu 86 Cluzel, N. 06h/146/We 189 Clyde, W. 03a/09:30/Mo 5 Clynne, M. 04d/08:30/Mo 7 03b/11:00/Th 209 Coates, J. 13c/16:00/We 178 Coath, C.D. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 05e/92/We 185 Cobb, K.M. 08e/11:00/Th 218 Coble, M.A. 03a/39/Mo 42 03g/73/Mo 44 02d/27/Tu a/301/Tu 125 Cocciadiferro, A. 09a/283/Tu a/300/Tu 125 Cocentino, L. 03e/74/Th 251 Cochran, J.K. 07c/11:00/Mo 12 10b/338/Tu 127 Cochran, K. 13f/388/Mo 62 10b/11:00/Tu 82 Cockell, C. 10a/09:45/We 151 Codden, C. 10e/10:45/We 152 Codillo, E. 03b/14:30/Th 230 Coffinet, S. 10f/17:00/Th 241 Cofrancesco, J. 07i/306/We 194 Coggon, R.M. 07c/211/Mo 52 Cohen, Andrew 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Cohen, Anne L. 10h/302/Mo 56 Cohen, Ashley 10d/352/We 199 Cohen, P. 07c/11:15/Mo 12 09m/310/Tu f/11:00/Fr 288 Coker, V. 05f/16:45/Tu 99 Colás, V. 03d/16:15/We 162 Colby, S. 12b/343/Th 267 Cole, David 05i/08:30/We i/09:15/We i/09:45/We h/145/We k/10:00/Th b/308/Th c/10:00/Fr c/11:15/Fr 282 Cole, Devon 09f/14:45/Th f/15:45/Th 240 Cole, J. 08c/16:00/We e/11:15/Th 218 Cole, M. 03d/15:00/We 162 Coleman, M. 10f/15:45/Fr 307 Coles, B. 01h/15:30/We 160 Colfen, H. 06e/10:30/We 146 Colin, C. 11d/390/We 201 Colin, M. 01b/11:15/Fr 276 Colipai, C. 13g/16:30/Fr 310 Collao, R. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 Collinet, M. 01h/10:00/We h/10:15/We 138 Collins, G. 01f/14:15/Fr 296 Collins, J.R. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Collins, M. 06e/189/Tu 121 Collins, W.J. 03g/08:45/Mo 6 Colman, B. 13e/10:45/We 155 Colombani, J. 13c/16:30/We 178 Colombo, M. 07i/312/We 194 Colon, D. 04i/16:00/Fr 299 Colpaert, J. 12d/16:30/Fr 309 Coltorti, M. 03e/64/Th 250 Colucci, M.T. 06j/210/Th j/11:15/Fr 283 Comarmond, J. 13j/15:30/We 179 Conceição, H. 03b/2/We b/6/We 180 Conceição, J.A. 03b/6/We 180 Conceicao, R. 03d/16:45/We i/134/Th 254 Conde, A. 06m/173/We 190 Condie, K. 01c/09:00/Tu 68 Condon, D.J. 11d/10:45/Th b/159/Th b/312/Th 264 CongQiang, L. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Conley, D. 07b/14:45/Fr 303 Connelly, J. 09a/284/Tu h/08:30/Th h/08:45/Th 208 Connétable, D. 01h/16/Tu 110 Conrad, C. 08b/11:15/We 149 Conrad, M.E. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 10h/306/Mo 56 13c/16:00/We b/09:45/Fr 291 Conrad, R. 10e/10:30/We 152 Conroy, J.L. 08a/09:45/Fr a/11:00/Fr 286 Conroy, N. 06o/166/We 191 Conte, M. 07i/09:30/Th 217 Conway, A. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Conway, T. 07i/316/We i/334/We i/16:45/Th 238 Coogan, L. 07c/10:00/Mo Index by Author

383 Cook, A. 05b/10:00/Tu 74 Cook, C. 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Cook, D.L. 01b/3/Th 247 Cook, J. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Cook, M. 03j/77/Tu 114 Cook, N.J. 06b/14:45/Th b/15:15/Th b/15:30/Th b/158/Th b/159/Th b/160/Th b/161/Th b/162/Th b/163/Th b/164/Th b/165/Th b/166/Th 256 Cook, Perran 10d/08:45/Th 220 Cook, Peter 13i/435/We 204 Cooke, C.A. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 Cooke, D. 05e/09:15/Fr 280 Coombs, M. 04j/105/Mo 46 Cooper, A. 06h/159/We 190 Cooper, G. 04g/09:45/Th 211 Cooper, J. 13e/10:45/We 155 Cooper, K. 04g/16:00/We g/14:45/Th 232 Cooper, M. 10d/354/We 199 Cooper, R. 06h/09:30/Th 213 Cooperdock, E. 14a/10:45/Tu 87 09a/10:00/We 150 Copard, Y. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Coplen, T. 08e/217/We 198 Coquery, M. 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Corbett, L. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Corcoran, L. 03a/43/Mo 42 06o/168/We 191 Cordero, O. 10e/16:00/Tu 105 Cordova, E. 10m/312/Mo 56 Corfu, F. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Corkhill, C. 13j/16:45/We 179 Corkrey, R. 10l/16:30/We 176 Corman, J. 10d/349/We 199 Cornelis, G. 13e/10:00/We 155 Corriveau, M. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Corsetti, F.A. 09j/14:45/Mo 33 11d/11:15/Th i/14:30/Fr f/16:15/Fr 307 Corsini, M. 03g/68/Mo 44 Cortés, S. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Cory, R. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 12c/11:00/Tu 84 Cosca, M. 09a/14:15/We 173 Cosmidis, J. 10m/08:45/Mo 16 09j/15:30/Mo 33 10a/323/Tu a/09:00/We 151 Costa, F. 06h/153/We 189 Costa, G. 06g/11:15/Mo 11 04j/99/Mo 45 Costa, K. 04g/15:30/We 165 Costa, M.M. 01h/08:30/Th h/08:45/Th 208 Costa-Filho, D. 05f/155/Tu 119 Costin, G. 02d/16:30/Tu 91 Cottle, J. 03g/65/Mo 43 Cottrell, E. 04j/09:30/Tu 73 04j/10:00/Tu 73 03d/14:30/We b/14:45/Th i/09:00/Fr 279 Couasnon, T. 10m/09:15/Mo 16 Coulibaly, Y. 05m/171/Tu i/102/Th 252 Coulombier, T. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Coumans, J. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 Coumont, V. 04g/08:45/Th 211 Courtine, D. 03j/16:15/Mo 26 Courtney, R. 05a/85/We 185 Courtney-Davies, L. 06b/14:45/Th b/159/Th 256 Cousens, B. 04i/15:30/Fr 299 Coutaud, M. 10m/09:45/Mo16 Coutinho, M. 03e/74/Th 251 Couture, R-M. 12c/10:15/Tu 84 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Coveney, R. 05g/16:15/Fr 300 Covert, P. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Coward, E. 12b/10:45/Fr 291 Cowie, B.R. 10d/15:15/We 175 Cowling, S.A. 11f/359/Tu 129 Cox, A. 03j/15:00/Mo 26 03j/16:45/Mo 26 Cox, G. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 Cox, J. 14a/09:00/Tu 87 Cox, M. 03i/16:15/Tu 94 Cox, S.E. 09a/288/Tu j/10:15/Fr 283 Coynel, A. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/16:30/Th 246 Coyte, R. 13f/389/Mo 62 Craddock, P. 05b/09:15/Tu 74 05k/16:45/We k/11:00/Th 212 Craig, G. 06j/205/Th j/09:45/Fr 283 Crame, A. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Cramwinckel, M.J. 08d/275/Tu 124 Crandall, D. 05h/148/Mo 48 05i/09:45/We 144 Crane, E. 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Crapster-Pregont, E. 01i/15:30/Tu 90 Cravotta, C. 13b/14:45/Tu 108 Crawford, A. 11b/15:00/Fr 308 Creaser, R. 05e/15:15/Th 234 Creasy, N. 03l/10:00/Th 210 Creech, J. 03e/16:45/Th 231 Cremiere, A. 10h/16:15/Mo 34 07c/220/Mo 52 Crichton, W. 02c/39/Th 249 Crippa, G. 07i/325/We 195 Criscenti, L. 05i/10:00/We c/09:00/Fr 282 Crisp, D. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Crispin, K. 04i/14:45/Fr 299 Crockford, P. 07c/15:45/Mo 31 10h/305/Mo 56 09m/15:15/We a/08:30/Th 216 Crooks, S. 12b/354/Th 267 Crosta, X. 08d/266/Tu 123 Crow, C. 06e/14:30/We 168 Crowe, S. 10h/297/Mo 55 10h/304/Mo 56 07j/17:00/Tu l/15:15/We k/16:15/We d/09:15/Th b/08:45/Fr 284 Crowley, J.L. 04h/15:45/Tu 96 Crucifix, M. 11d/15:15/Th 242 Cruise Members, C-0. 05g/14:45/Fr 300 Crump, M.P. 10f/17:00/Th 241 Crusius, J. 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Cruz-Hernández, P. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06a/10:30/Tu 77 06j/211/Th 259 Cruz-Uribe, A. 02a/15:15/Th a/15:45/Th a/22/Th 248 Cui, H. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 Cui, J. 05k/127/We 188 Cui, M. 10l/14:15/We i/317/We 194 Cui, X. 07b/291/We f/10:15/Fr 288 Cui, Ying 05d/08:45/Mo 9 08e/15:15/Th 239 Cui, Yueju 11g/339/Th 266 Cui, Yumeng 12e/358/Mo 59 Cukjati, J. 06h/09:30/Th 213 Cullen, D. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Cullen, J. 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Cullen, M. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 Cullen, T. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Cumming, E. 03j/77/Tu 114 Cuozzo, N. 03e/58/Th 250 Curtice, J. 02d/24/Tu 111 Curtin, L. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Curtin, T. 05a/85/We 185 Curtis, J.H. 08c/14:15/We 172 Cusack, D. 10e/344/Tu 128 Cusack, P. 05a/85/We 185 Custer, S. 11c/16:45/We 177 Cutts, K. 03i/15:00/We 163 Czaja, A.D. 09i/16:00/Fr 306 Czub, R. 11b/309/Th 264 D Alessandro, W. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 D Amore, D. 12f/396/Tu 130 D Andres, J. 02d/30/Tu 111 D Angelo, T. 10a/15:45/Tu 104 D Orazio, M. 01i/15:15/Tu 90 Da, C. 13i/423/We 203 Da Silva, R. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/340/Tu c/183/We 196 Da Silva Filho, A. 03e/74/Th 251 Dabrin, A. 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Dacheux, N. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 Dahl, J. 05k/15:45/We k/10:45/Th 212 Dahl, T.W. 07j/09:45/We l/16:00/We 176 Dahlgren, S. 02e/16:45/Mo 24 Dahlquist, G. 03j/16:45/Mo 26 Index by Author 323

384 Dähn, R. 13l/10:30/Mo 19 Dähnke, K. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Dai, C. 13b/396/We 202 Dai, K. 13l/430/Mo 64 Dai, L-R. 10a/325/Tu 127 Dai, M. 07f/301/We 193 Daines, S. 09m/16:30/We 174 Dakoure, H. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 Dalai, T.K. 11c/15:45/We 177 Dale, A. 07i/09:15/Fr 285 Dallaire-Dumais, J-P. 07c/222/Mo 52 Dalou, C. 04g/14:30/Th 232 Daly, J.S. 07j/205/Tu 121 Daly, L. 01f/15:00/Fr 296 Damste, J.S.S. 08e/205/We 197 Dan, W. 03d/22/We 181 Danabalan, D. 03j/14:45/Tu 95 Dang, D.H. 07i/323/We 195 Dang, Z. 13i/428/We g/16:15/Th m/11:15/Fr 293 Daniel, I. 03f/14:30/Tu 93 09i/10:30/Fr i/10:45/Fr 287 Daniele, L. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Danieleche, S. 09g/10:15/Tu 80 Daniels, W. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Dannberg, J. 02d/15:45/Tu 91 Danskin, W. 08a/09:15/Fr 286 Danyushevsky, L. 09a/10:15/We e/15:30/Th j/195/Th j/11:00/Fr j/16:45/Fr 302 Dar, S. 08a/10:30/Fr 286 Dardenne, K. 13j/15:45/We 179 Darling, J. 03g/10:00/Mo 6 03g/10:15/Mo 6 06e/11:00/We h/16:30/We l/17:00/We d/43/We e/11:00/Fr 278 Darling, W.S. 10h/302/Mo 56 Darnajoux, R. 10h/295/Mo 55 Darnell, L. 05k/16:45/We 166 Darrah, T. 13k/17:00/Mo 38 05b/10:00/Tu 74 05b/10:30/Tu 74 05i/08:30/We g/79/We b/283/We 192 Das, A. 11c/372/We 200 Das, K. 08a/218/Th 259 Das, P. 06c/173/Th 257 Das, S. 02g/35/Tu i/17:00/Fr 305 Das Gupta, R. 11a/337/Mo 58 Dasgupta, R. 02d/16:30/Tu 91 02d/16:45/Tu 91 Dash, P. 10m/321/Mo 57 Dashdorjgochoo, O. 03d/19/We 181 DasSarma, S. 09d/09:45/Mo 14 Dastoor, F. 14a/254/Tu 133 Datolli, L. 03e/74/Th 251 Datta, P.S. 13f/09:30/Mo 18 Datta, S. 10a/09:15/We m/433/Th m/10:30/Fr m/10:45/Fr 293 Dauphas, N. 02b/5/Mo 40 01i/10:45/Tu 69 03l/80/Tu l/81/Tu h/10:00/We h/14:15/We h/09:00/Th l/09:15/Th f/16:00/Th f/10/Th e/59/Th b/09:45/Fr f/15:15/Fr 296 Daval, D. 06m/175/We 190 Davatzes, A. 13d/413/Mo 61 03l/100/Tu 115 Daver, L. 02g/36/Tu 112 Davey, R. 05i/11:00/We 144 David, K. 13g/16:45/Th 244 David, L. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Davidheiser-Kroll, B. 08e/215/We 198 Davidson, J. 04g/09:45/Th 211 Davies, A. 08e/17:00/Th 239 Davies, G. 02b/15:00/Mo 23 02g/14:45/We g/17:00/We 161 Davies, J. 03i/57/Tu h/112/Tu h/116/Tu a/293/Tu d/10:30/Th 222 Davies, R. 02c/15:45/Fr 297 Davila, P. 04g/14:15/Th 232 Davis, Alison 03e/63/Th 250 Davis, Alyssa 07a/10:00/Th 216 Davis, Andrew 01i/14:45/Tu 90 01b/4/Th b/11:15/Fr 276 Davis, B. 09a/278/Tu 124 Davis, F. 04i/09:00/Fr 279 Davis, T. 13i/09:45/Th 224 Davison, T. 01f/14:15/Fr 296 Davranche, M. 06a/184/Mo 51 Dawson, G. 11b/16:00/Fr 308 Dawson, K. 10h/15:15/Mo 34 Day, E. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 Day, J. 02b/11:15/Mo 4 02e/09:45/Tu 70 01h/15:30/Th g/144/Th 255 Dayan, I. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 Daye, M. 09i/14:15/Fr 306 Dazas, B. 06c/09:30/Fr 282 de Baar, H. 07i/10:15/Fr 285 De Garidel, C. 13e/09:15/We 155 De Giudici, G. 06c/16:45/Fr 301 de Graaff, M-A. 12d/15:15/Fr 309 de Hoog, C-J. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 02b/17/Mo 40 03a/37/Mo 42 03a/47/Mo 42 De Hoog, J. 03a/10:15/Mo 5 de Hoop, M. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 De La Pierre, M. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 06e/08:30/We m/10:30/Th 214 De Leo-Winkler, M. 14a/257/Tu 134 De los Hoyos, C. 13g/400/Th 269 de Meyer, C. 13k/405/Tu 132 de Moya, A. 01h/15/Tu 110 De Natale, G. 05i/117/We 187 De Nooijer, L. 07j/09:45/Tu 79 08e/10:30/Th 218 de Oliveira, N. 07a/09:45/Th a/11:00/Th 216 De Pascale, G. 05f/147/Tu 118 de Paula Marteleto, T. 13m/416/Th 271 de Putron, S.J. 10h/302/Mo 56 de Ruiter, L. 06m/15:30/Th 236 de Sigoyer, J. 03g/09:30/Mo 6 de Silva, S.L. 04g/16:00/We g/15:30/Th 232 de Souza, G. 07i/316/We i/16:45/Th 238 de Vera, J. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 De Vivo, B. 13f/15:15/Mo 37 De Vleeschouwer, D. 11d/15:15/Th 242 De Vleeschouwer, F. 08i/237/Th i/238/Th 261 De Windt, L. 13c/399/We 202 De Yoreo, J. 06g/14:30/Mo 30 06g/08:45/Tu 78 13b/15:45/Tu j/10:45/We c/178/Th b/347/Th c/09:45/Fr 282 Dean, J. 10e/14:45/Tu 105 DeAngelis, M. 06g/16:30/Mo 30 Debaille, V. 01c/17:00/Mo 22 01i/15:15/Tu 90 01i/15:45/Tu 90 01i/18/Tu i/53/Tu a/26/Th b/09:30/Fr 276 Debret, B. 02e/15:45/Mo 24 02b/9/Mo 40 03d/08:30/We 141 Debret, M. 13m/08:30/Th 225 DeBruyn, J.M. 12d/367/Th 268 DeCarlo, T. 06e/190/Tu 121 Declercq, J. 05m/14:15/We g/400/Th 269 Deconto, R.M. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 08d/17:00/Tu c/187/We 196 Deditius, A. 05d/08:30/Mo 9 05d/09:00/Mo 9 05m/09:00/We b/15:45/Th 235 Dee, S. 08b/10:30/We a/09:30/Fr a/10:45/Fr 286 Deegan, F.M. 03b/10:00/Th 209 Deev, A. 05i/111/We 186 DeFelice, C. 04d/86/Mo 44 Defouilloy, C. 01i/14:30/Tu Index by Author

385 Degenkolb, L. 13e/411/We 203 Degnan, J. 13k/409/Tu 132 degraffenried, R. 04j/102/Mo 45 DeGregorio, S. 03d/17:00/We 162 Degruyter, W. 03b/09:00/Th 209 Dehler, C. 09m/309/Tu m/16:00/We 174 Deininger, M. 08c/15:15/We 172 Deino, A. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 09a/297/Tu 125 Deissmann, G. 13j/16:30/Tu c/15:30/We 178 Dekas, A. 10d/10:00/Th 220 Del Genio, A. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 Del Valle, I. 10d/11:15/Th 220 Delaney, J. 04j/09:00/Tu 73 Delarue, F. 09i/16:15/Fr 306 Delestre, M. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Delgado, A. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Delgado-Granados, H. 04g/15:00/Th 232 Delina, R.E. 13g/402/Th 269 Dellapena, T. 07f/16:00/Fr 304 Dellinger, M. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 11f/08:30/We c/10:00/Th 221 Dellwig, O. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Delmelle, P. 11a/331/Mo 57 11a/332/Mo 57 11a/334/Mo 58 Deloffre, J. 13m/08:30/Th 225 DeLong, K. 08c/16:15/We 172 Deloule, E. 05h/11:15/Mo 10 03d/46/We g/11:15/Th 211 Delph, J. 03b/10:45/Th 209 DeLucia, E. 11c/367/We 200 Delvaux, B. 12d/368/Th d/371/Th 268 Dembowski, M. 06c/186/Th c/17:00/Fr 301 demenocal, P. 08i/14:30/Fr 305 Demichelis, R. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 06e/08:30/We e/10:15/We m/10:30/Th 214 Demonterova, E. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Deng, H.Y.E. 12d/360/Th 268 Deng, Jie 02c/16:00/Fr 297 Deng, Jun 03e/82/Th 251 Deng, K. 11c/17:00/We 177 Deng, L. 03e/50/Th 249 Deng, M. 13m/11:00/Th 225 Deng, N. 13b/14:30/Tu 108 Deng, W. 10h/10:30/Mo 15 Deng, Y. 13h/416/Mo 63 12a/381/Tu 129 Deng, Z. 03i/09:15/We e/16:45/Th 231 Denholm, J. 05f/14:30/Tu 99 Denis, E. 12d/15:00/Fr 309 Denny, A. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 07c/16:45/Mo 31 Densmore, A.L. 11f/08:45/We 154 Deocampo, D.M. 08e/11:00/Th 218 DePaolo, D. 07c/10:45/Mo 12 07c/217/Mo 52 13b/16:00/Tu e/16:15/Th b/11:15/Fr 289 Derakhshan-Nejad, Z. 13m/427/Th 271 Dere, A. 12f/396/Tu f/399/Tu 130 Derenne, S. 10e/11:00/We 152 Derrick, J. 01f/14:15/Fr 296 Derry, L. 11a/329/Mo 57 12c/345/Mo 58 10e/15:30/Tu f/390/Tu d/385/We 201 Desai, D. 09j/09:15/Tu 81 Deshmukh, D.K. 07a/266/We 191 Desmarais, J. 02d/16:15/Tu 91 02c/16:30/Fr 297 Detman, A. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Deutsch, C. 09m/10:00/Th 219 Devaraju, J. 05h/152/Mo 48 Devau, N. 13g/16:00/Fr 310 Develle, A-L. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Devidal, J-L. 04g/14:30/Th 232 Devon, C. 09m/09:15/Th 219 DeVore, C. 13g/16:30/Th 244 Devriendt, L. 07j/09:45/Tu 79 DeVries, T. 07f/299/We f/14:15/Th 240 DeWet, G. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Dewey, J. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 01c/8/Tu 110 DeWild, J. 04j/11:00/Mo 8 Deyhimi, M. 04i/112/Th 253 Dhakal, S. 05i/10:30/We 144 Dhami, N. 10a/319/Tu 126 Dhillon, K. 13k/16:30/Mo 38 Dhuime, B. 03i/10:00/We 142 Di Cecco, V. 05f/156/Tu 119 Di Genova, D. 04j/16:00/Mo 27 Di Giuseppe, P. 03a/10:00/Mo 5 Di Lorenzo, F. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 Di Muro, A. 03d/46/We 182 Di Primio, R. 05e/14:45/Th 234 Di Stefano, F. 04g/16:45/We g/60/We 183 Di Tommasso, D. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Diab, H. 05d/117/Mo 46 Diamond, C. 04h/10:00/We 143 Dias, F. 06h/149/We 189 Diaz, J.M. 10b/330/Tu d/346/We d/347/We 198 Diaz, M. 08i/229/Th 260 DiChristina, T. 10d/09:15/Th 220 Dick, G.J. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 10d/355/We 199 Dick, H. 04d/10:30/Mo 7 03b/15:30/Th i/132/Th 254 Dick, J. 10d/09:45/Th b/310/Th 264 Dickson, A. 10h/09:30/Mo 15 07j/09:30/We j/09:45/We l/360/We b/11:15/Fr 284 Dickson, J.(. 06o/166/We 191 Dideriksen, K. 13k/09:45/Tu 86 13k/10:00/Tu 86 13m/10:30/Th 225 Dietmann, K.M. 13b/17:00/Tu 108 Dietterich, L. 10e/344/Tu 128 Dietzel, M. 06e/09:00/We e/10:00/We b/330/Th 265 Díez, S. 13m/419/Th 271 DiFrancesco, N. 04j/11:15/Mo 8 Dignac, M-F. 12d/15:45/Fr 309 Dillon, S. 02b/7/Mo 40 04j/15:30/Tu 97 DiLoreto, Z.A. 10m/10:00/Mo16 DiNezio, P. 08b/10:15/We b/10:30/We c/15:30/We c/185/We a/09:30/Fr 286 Ding, F. 09d/263/Mo 54 Ding, H. 11f/355/Tu 128 Ding, L. 02a/20/Th 248 Ding, Xin 02b/2/Mo 40 11b/11:15/Fr 289 Ding, Xing 05d/124/Mo 47 03e/15:00/Fr 298 Ding, Xuan 08i/239/Th 261 Ding, Xue 02b/10/Mo 40 Ding, Y. 05h/150/Mo 48 Dini, A. 03a/10:00/Mo 5 05d/11:15/Mo 9 03j/73/Tu 114 Dipietro, S. 13j/16:00/We 179 Dipple, G. 13b/16:15/Tu b/317/Th b/10:45/Fr 289 Dirik, R.K. 09a/290/Tu 125 Dispirito, A. 10m/314/Mo 57 Dittrich, M. 10m/10:00/Mo 16 DiTullio, G. 07i/307/We 194 ditullio, J. 07i/15:45/Th 238 Dixon, J. 02b/14:45/Mo 23 Dixon, S. 07j/16:00/Tu 101 Djro, S.C. 04i/102/Th 252 Dobson, D. 02c/39/Th 249 Dodd, J. 13g/09:30/Fr 292 Dodd, P. 07i/319/We 194 Doeana, K. 08e/15:45/Th 239 Doelsch, E. 06a/16:30/Tu 100 Dogan-Kulahci, G.D. 06h/08:45/Th 213 Doisneau, B. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Dolenec, M. 05h/155/Mo 49 Dolfing, J. 10a/325/Tu 127 Dolgonosov, A. 09i/275/Th 262 Dolman, H. 10e/14:45/Tu 105 Domagal-Goldman, S. 09d/08:30/Mo 14 09d/11:00/Mo 14 10h/296/Mo 55 Donahoe, R. 13g/403/Th 269 Donald, H. 03a/36/Mo 41 Index by Author 325

386 Donard, A. 13e/415/We 203 Donatelli, J. 13g/11:15/Fr 292 Doncila, A. 07i/319/We 194 Dong, C. 05h/174/Mo 50 Dong, Jibao 03e/50/Th 249 Dong, Junjie 02c/16:45/Fr 297 Dong, L. 10f/09:45/Fr 288 Dong, Shuofei 13m/10:00/Th 225 Dong, Sijia 07l/11:00/We l/11:15/We 148 Dong, Xi-Ze 13i/418/We 203 Dong, Xu 05b/121/Tu 117 Dongya, Z. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Donnadieu, Y. 04h/09:15/We 143 Donovan, N. 04h/113/Tu 116 Dons, C. 05e/14:45/Th 234 Dontsova, K. 10a/320/Tu d/358/Th 268 Dopffel, N. 05i/10:15/We 144 Dorais, C. 06o/168/We 191 Dorjgochoo, S. 03d/19/We 181 Dosseto, A. 11a/14:45/Tu 106 Dostal, J. 04h/112/Tu e/66/Th 250 Dottin Iii, J. 02a/15:00/Th 229 Dou, J. 07a/16:15/Th 237 Dou, Y. 07j/08:45/Tu 79 Doucet, L-S. 02e/15:45/Mo 24 Douds, A. 05b/15:15/Tu 98 Douglas, P.M.J. 10h/15:15/Mo 34 10h/16:45/Mo 34 08c/14:45/We 172 Douglas, T. 13m/15:30/Th 246 Dove, P. 06g/14:15/Mo 30 06g/14:30/Mo 30 13b/15:45/Tu 108 Dovhyi, I. 13i/10:15/Th 224 Dowd, M. 08a/219/Th 259 Doyle, K. 05f/15:15/Tu 99 Dragovic, B. 03f/54/Mo 43 03g/74/Mo 44 03d/09:15/We d/17/We 181 Drake, H. 10h/11:00/Tu 83 Drazen, J. 10f/14:45/Th f/15:00/Th 241 Drewitt, J. 02c/14:15/Fr 297 Drexler, J. 12b/354/Th 267 Dreyer, B. 05g/151/Th 255 Dreyer, J. 07i/10:45/Fr 285 Driese, S. 08e/14:15/Th 239 Drignon, M. 04j/14:45/Mo 27 Driscoll, C.T. 13m/418/Th 271 Drogobuzhskaya, S. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Druhan, J. 10h/08:45/Mo 15 13c/14:45/We f/15:00/Th 243 Druschel, G.K. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 12e/10:45/Mo 17 10h/291/Mo 55 12e/367/Mo 59 12e/368/Mo 59 Du, H. 10b/332/Tu 127 Du, J. 07i/321/We i/10:00/Fr 285 Du, Li 05k/128/We 188 Du, Lilin 03e/98/Th 252 Du, P. 07b/289/We 193 Du, S. 13i/427/We 204 Du, Yingge 13j/08:45/We j/14:30/We 179 Du, Yuansheng 11d/10:45/Th 222 Duan, C. 05d/16:00/Mo 28 Duan, D-F. 06j/10:00/Fr 283 Duan, W. 08e/211/We 197 Duarte, C.M. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Duarte, L.V. 04h/107/Tu 116 Dubacq, B. 03d/50/We 182 Dubey, R.K. 11c/376/We 200 Dublet, G. 06a/16:30/Tu 100 Dubois, N. 10f/16:30/Fr 307 Duca, Z. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Duchène, S. 03f/56/Mo 43 Duckworth, O. 10m/319/Mo 57 13k/09:15/Tu 86 Dudley, J-M. 01h/15:15/Th 228 Dufek, J. 03b/09:00/Th 209 Dufour, C. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Dufour, P. 01h/11:15/We 138 Dufrechou, G. 03f/56/Mo 43 Dugarova, N. 02d/29/Tu 111 Duhamel, S. 10d/347/We 198 Dulermo, R. 03j/16:15/Mo 26 Dulinski, M. 11b/309/Th 264 Dumoulin, J. 05e/09:00/Fr 280 Dunai, T. 08e/08:45/Th 218 Duncan, A. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 Duncan, M. 02d/33/Tu 112 Dunkl, I. 09a/285/Tu 124 Dunlea, A. 08b/09:15/We i/227/Th i/231/Th 260 Dunlop, J. 03g/10:15/Mo 6 03e/11:00/Fr 278 Duprat, E. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 Dupuis, R. 08a/11:15/Fr 286 Duraisamy, K. 12a/382/Tu 129 Duran, C. 02a/17:00/Th 229 Durham, B.P. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Duroe, K. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 Duru, O. 04g/71/We 184 Dussin, I. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 Dutrieux, A. 04g/08:45/Th 211 Dutruch, L. 13m/16:30/Th m/415/Th 271 Dutton, K.G. 06a/16:45/Tu 100 Duval, J.F.L. 13l/15:45/Mo 39 Duverger, A. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 Dvalishvili, N. 13i/430/We 204 Dvir, O. 03a/11:00/Mo 5 Dvorski, S. 12e/10:45/Mo 17 Dwyer, I.P. 10d/345/We f/16:45/Fr 304 Dyar, M.D. 09j/15:45/Mo 33 04j/101/Mo 45 04j/108/Mo 46 04j/09:00/Tu 73 04j/10:45/Tu 73 04j/11:15/Tu 73 Dybing, S. 13b/393/We 201 Dyer, James A. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Dyer, Jamie 06e/09:30/We 146 Dyer, S. 13k/10:15/Tu 86 Dykes, G. 13k/404/Tu 132 Dynes, J. 13j/08:30/Tu 85 Dyroff, C. 05b/133/Tu 117 Dysthe, D.K. 06m/15:30/Th 236 Dzik, E. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Dzombak, R. 12e/355/Mo 59 Ebel, D. 01i/15:30/Tu 90 Eberle, A. 12c/10:00/Tu 84 Ebinger, C. 03e/72/Th 251 Ebmeier, S.K. 04g/14:45/We 165 Eckert, W. 10d/348/We 198 Economos, R. 03b/09:00/Th 209 Edahbi, M. 13g/15:30/Fr 310 Eddy, M. 11d/16:00/Th 242 Edelev, A. 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Edwards, Catherine 10e/10:45/We 152 Edwards, Cole 05i/09:15/We 144 Edwards, E. 13g/388/Th 269 Edwards, L. 08e/11:15/Th 218 Edwards, N.P. 12e/10:15/Mo 17 Edwards, R. Lawrence 08l/238/Mo 53 08e/11:00/Th 218 Edwards, Robert 12a/385/Tu a/10:45/Th 223 Egger, M. 11f/11:15/We d/356/We 199 Eggins, S. 04j/08:45/Mo 8 06e/188/Tu e/08:45/We e/09:15/We 146 Eggleston, C. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 01c/8/Tu 110 Eglinton, T.I. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 10e/14:15/Tu e/15:30/Tu f/15:45/Tu f/16:15/Tu e/16:45/Tu e/347/Tu f/10:00/We f/10:15/We f/10:30/We e/11:15/We f/15:45/Th b/349/Th 267 Ehinola, I. 04g/53/We 183 Ehinola, O.A. 08l/241/Mo 53 Ehlert, C. 08d/266/Tu i/10:30/Th 217 Ehrig, K. 06b/14:45/Th b/15:15/Th b/15:30/Th b/158/Th b/159/Th b/160/Th b/162/Th b/163/Th b/164/Th 256 Eich, C. 07i/329/We 195 Eiche, E. 13m/10:30/Th m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Eickmann, B. 09f/266/Th 261 Eiden, G. 05e/92/We Index by Author

387 Eigenmann, K.R. 02d/08:30/We 139 Eiler, J.M. 04j/10:30/Mo 8 10h/15:15/Mo 34 10h/16:15/Mo 34 10h/16:45/Mo 34 05b/14:30/Tu 98 05b/15:45/Tu 98 07j/16:15/Tu f/14:30/Fr 307 Einsle, J.F. 01h/12/Tu h/08:45/We 138 Eisenhauer, A. 07j/14:45/Tu c/14:30/We i/325/We 195 Ek, M. 01h/14/Tu 110 Ekamparam, A.S.S. 13b/16:45/Tu 108 Ekblad, A. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Ekka, S.V. 08e/218/We 198 El Bakili, A. 03g/68/Mo 44 El Hayek, E. 13g/16:30/Th 244 El Mountassir, G. 13j/15:30/We 179 El-Hasan, T. 13m/10:45/Th 225 El-Shenawy, M. 01c/4/Tu 110 Elazar, O. 02g/38/Tu g/16:00/We 161 Elburg, M. 05g/10:45/Fr 281 Eldrett, J. 10h/10:00/Mo 15 07j/211/Tu j/09:30/We 147 Elena, K.M.A. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Eley, Y. 08l/230/Mo 53 08b/09:00/We 149 Elfers, B-M. 01h/09:45/Th 208 Elias, Dwayne 13m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Elias, Dwayne A. 13m/14:15/Fr 311 Elisha, B. 03a/11:00/Mo 5 03d/11:15/We 141 Elkins, L. 04i/10:30/Fr 279 Elkins-Tanton, L. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Elling, F.J. 08e/15:30/Th e/15:45/Th f/296/Th f/297/Th 263 Elliott, B. 05m/15:00/We 167 Elliott, T. 02b/17/Mo 40 01i/16:30/Tu 90 03l/16:45/We e/92/We 185 Elliott, W.C. 13j/423/Tu 131 Ellis, Ben 04g/17:00/We g/60/We g/61/We 183 Ellis, Ben S. 04g/72/We 184 Ellis, T. 13d/409/Mo 61 Ellison, E. 03j/69/Tu 114 Ellmer, F. 12c/350/Mo 58 Ellwood, M. 07i/16:45/Th 238 Elmaleh, A. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Elobaid, E.A. 08i/240/Th 261 Elofson, C. 06a/181/Mo 50 Elrick, M. 09m/10:15/Th 219 Elser, J. 10d/349/We 199 Elson, A. 08l/11:00/Mo 13 Elsworth, D. 06j/214/Th 259 Elvert, M. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Elwood Madden, A. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 Elwood Madden, M. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 Ely, T. 03l/10:30/Th 210 Elzinga, E. 09i/277/Th 262 Emberson, R. 11f/09:00/We 154 Embile, R. 13g/11:15/Fr 292 Embley, R. 10b/336/Tu b/9/We 180 Emeis, K-C. 08b/227/Tu 122 Emerson, D. 09j/284/Mo 55 Emerson, H. 13j/15:15/We j/16:00/We 179 Emile-Geay, J. 08a/08:45/Fr 286 Emmanuel, I. 08l/239/Mo 53 Emmanuel, S. 06j/16:15/Fr 302 Emo, R. 03i/59/Tu 113 Ende, J. 11a/15:30/Tu 106 Endo, Y. 09g/10:15/Tu 80 Eng, P. 06j/16:00/Fr 302 Engelbrektson, A. 13c/16:00/We 178 Engelhard, M. 13j/08:45/We j/14:30/We 179 Engle, M.A. 05k/134/We 188 Enke, T. 10e/16:00/Tu 105 Enkhjargal, B. 05d/09:00/Tu 75 Enrich-Prast, A. 10e/10:30/We 152 Enrico, M. 05b/126/Tu 117 Enzmann, F. 13c/16:45/We 178 Enzweiler, J. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 13f/391/Mo 62 13m/416/Th 271 Epstein, G. 03d/09:30/We 141 Erauso, G. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Erb, M. 08b/10:15/We 149 Erba, E. 07b/08:45/Fr 284 Erban, V. 07j/206/Tu 121 Erdem, Z. 08e/205/We 197 Erdmann, S. 04i/111/Th 253 Erel, Y. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 08e/10:45/Th i/16:30/Fr 305 Erez, J. 10h/08:30/Tu 83 07j/10:15/Tu 79 08e/10:15/Th e/10:45/Th 218 Erickson, T. 01f/14:45/Fr 296 Ericson, B. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 Eriksen, Z.T. 03e/81/Th 251 Eriksson, M. 07b/10:30/Fr 284 Ernst, R. 04h/106/Tu h/09:30/We h/10:15/We 143 Eroglu, S. 10l/15:00/We 176 Ertekin, C. 12a/386/Tu 129 Erwin, D. 09a/296/Tu m/15:45/We 174 Escobar, J. 08c/14:15/We 172 Escobar, M.T. 07i/11:15/Th 217 Escobar Navarro, M. 05b/134/Tu 117 Eskelsen, J. 13l/11:00/Mo 19 06g/189/Mo 51 06g/192/Mo 51 12e/356/Mo 59 Espejel-Garcia, V. 04j/15:00/Mo 27 Espeleta, J. 12d/14:15/Fr 309 Espinosa-Faller, F. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 Essifi, M. 07c/213/Mo 52 Esterle, J. 08l/10:15/Mo 13 Estes, E. 13e/412/We 203 Ethe, C. 07f/15:15/Fr 304 Ethier, M-P. 13g/14:45/Fr 310 Etter, R. 07i/338/We 196 Ettler, V. 13g/398/Th 269 Evans, A. 01h/09:30/We 138 Evans, D. 12b/355/Th 267 Evans, K. 06b/16:45/Th 235 Evans, Noreen 05e/15:00/Th 234 Evans, Noreen J. 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Evans, P. 10a/327/Tu 127 Evans, R.D. 07i/323/We 195 Evans, S. 12d/369/Th d/15:30/Fr 309 Evrard, O. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Ewing, R. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 13j/09:15/Tu 85 Ewing, S. 11c/16:45/We 177 Eze, P. 08l/16:30/Mo 32 Fabienne, M. 11f/360/Tu 129 Fabre, S. 01f/16:30/Fr 296 Fabricio-Silva, W. 05e/98/We 186 Fagan, T.J. 01h/17:00/We 160 Fahad, Z. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Fahnestock, F. 12d/16:30/Fr 309 Fahnestock, M.F. 04d/09:45/Mo 7 13m/418/Th 271 Faiia, A. 11a/339/Mo 58 11a/15:30/Tu 106 Faina, P. 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Fairbrother, H. 13e/09:00/We 155 Fairgray, M. 13g/410/Th 270 Faith, J.T. 09a/08:30/We 150 Fakhraee, M. 10m/08:30/Mo 16 10h/297/Mo 55 07j/17:00/Tu 101 Fakhreddine, S. 13m/434/Th 272 Fakraee, M. 09j/08:45/Tu 81 Falck, H. 05e/09:00/Fr 280 Falkowski, P. 09i/277/Th 262 Fallon, C. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 Fan, C. 07j/207/Tu 121 Fan, G. 06j/190/Th 258 Fan, H. 05d/10:45/Mo 9 Fan, L-J. 13m/428/Th 271 Fan, M. 10h/293/Mo 55 Fancher, C. 06j/15:30/Fr 302 Fang, G. 04i/123/Th 254 Fang, J. 10a/15:00/Tu a/15:15/Tu 104 Fang, N. 08i/239/Th 261 Fang, Xiaomin 08i/14:15/Fr 305 Fang, Xuan 05k/128/We 188 Fansler, S. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 Fanslow, D. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 Fantle, M. 10m/08:45/Mo 16 10h/293/Mo 55 07j/10:00/Tu 79 Farahmandian, M. 06c/182/Th 257 Farias, D. 03e/74/Th 251 Farias, F. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Farid, M. 13m/423/Th 271 Farkas, J. 07j/14:45/Tu 101 Index by Author 327

388 Farley, K. 09a/289/Tu a/09:30/We 150 Farmer, J. 03a/09:00/Mo 5 08d/267/Tu l/17:00/We 171 Farnsworth, A. 08e/16:00/Th 239 Farooq, S.H. 13f/10:45/Mo 18 03j/11:15/Tu 72 Farooqi, A. 13d/409/Mo 61 Farquhar, J. 02a/15:00/Th e/15:45/Fr 298 Farr, H. 04i/17:00/Fr 299 Farr, N. 07c/10:30/Mo 12 Farré-de-Pablo, J. 03d/16:15/We 162 Farrell, T. 03g/71/Mo 44 Fassbender, A. 07l/15:30/We 171 Faucher, B. 10e/349/Tu 128 Faust, J.C. 10b/333/Tu b/334/Tu 127 Favara, R. 03d/17:00/We 162 Fayazi, R. 06c/189/Th 258 Fayziev, A. 05m/10:00/We 145 Fazeli, H. 13c/17:00/We c/404/We 202 Fazli, S. 05d/131/Mo 47 Feakins, S. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 11f/10:45/We 154 Federico, F. 09a/293/Tu 125 Federico, L. 03d/10:30/We 141 Fedo, C. 09a/10:45/We 150 Fedortchouk, Y. 02g/39/Tu 112 Feely, R. 07f/14:15/Fr f/17:00/Fr 304 Fegley, B. 04j/99/Mo 45 01h/14:30/We 160 Fehr, M. 01h/16:00/We h/10:15/Th h/10:30/Th 208 Fei, X. 05g/143/Th 255 Fein, J. 10m/15:00/Mo 35 13l/16:00/Mo 39 13k/16:15/Mo 38 13l/16:30/Mo 39 13l/17:00/Mo 39 Feinberg, J. 10m/10:15/Mo 16 01h/09:15/We 138 Feineman, M. 03e/15:30/Fr 298 Felber, O. 12e/15:45/Mo 36 Feldspar, T. 09d/270/Mo 54 Fellahi, I. 07a/263/We 191 Felletti, F. 07i/325/We 195 Fellin, S. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Feltus, H. 06b/162/Th 256 Fendley, I. 04h/110/Tu 116 Fendorf, S. 12e/10:15/Mo 17 12e/364/Mo 59 12e/365/Mo 59 13j/08:30/Tu 85 12c/09:00/Tu 84 12c/10:00/Tu 84 12c/11:15/Tu 84 12f/394/Tu b/346/Th m/434/Th b/08:30/Fr 291 Feneel, K. 07f/15:00/Fr 304 Feng, C. 11b/310/Th 264 Feng, D. 10h/292/Mo 55 10h/305/Mo 56 10b/331/Tu 127 Feng, Lanping 11c/369/We 200 Feng, Linshu 11c/09:30/Th 221 Feng, M. 05d/135/Mo 47 Feng, Q. 05b/16:15/Tu 98 Feng, S. 05d/128/Mo 47 05d/134/Mo 47 Feng, Xiahong 13j/425/Tu b/277/We a/221/Th 259 Feng, Xiaojuan 11f/16:30/Tu e/345/Tu b/349/Th 267 Feng, Xinbin 13m/16:30/Fr 311 Feng, Y. 05m/161/Tu 119 Feng, Zihui 07c/219/Mo 52 Feng, Zijun 06j/214/Th 259 Feng, Zuohai 03f/49/Mo 42 05m/161/Tu i/123/Th 254 Fennel, K. 07l/218/Tu 122 Fenter, P. 06m/11:15/Th c/11:00/Fr c/15:45/Fr c/16:00/Fr j/16:00/Fr 302 Fenton, C. 08e/08:45/Th 218 Ferard, C. 10m/09:45/Mo 16 Ferdelman, T. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 10d/344/We 198 Ferguson, B. 13j/08:30/We 156 Ferguson, D. 04g/15:30/We 165 Ferlito, C. 04g/60/We 183 Fernandes, F. 06j/192/Th 258 Fernandes, S. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 Fernandes Matheus, G. 06j/206/Th 258 Fernández, Á. 08d/268/Tu e/214/We 198 Fernandez, D. 13i/10:30/Th i/15:30/Fr 305 Fernandez-Diaz, L. 06m/11:00/Th 214 Fernandez-Gonzalez, A. 06m/11:00/Th 214 Fernández-Martínez, A. 06a/16:15/Tu a/16:30/Tu m/175/We c/11:00/Fr c/15:00/Fr 301 Ferner, M. 12b/354/Th 267 Ferralis, N. 09i/273/Th 262 Ferrari, R. 07l/10:30/We 148 Ferraris, C. 02g/36/Tu 112 Ferreira, V. 04h/111/Tu b/3/We c/190/We 196 Ferrero, S. 03f/58/Mo 43 03f/08:45/Tu 71 06h/09:45/Th 213 Ferretti, P. 08d/270/Tu 124 Ferrier, K. 12f/397/Tu 130 Fessler, S. 10h/308/Mo 56 Feurtet-Mazel, A. 10m/11:15/Mo 16 Fichtner, V. 10b/09:30/Tu 82 Fiebel, C. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Fiebig, J. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 03j/15:00/Tu 95 02d/25/Tu b/328/Th 265 Fiege, A. 03g/11:00/Mo 6 03g/76/Mo 44 Field, M.P. 06j/205/Th 258 Field, R. 09g/274/Mo 54 07a/10:15/Th 216 Fietz, S. 07i/322/We 195 Figueiredo, A.M.G. 13f/394/Mo 62 Figueiredo, M. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Figueroa, M.C. 07b/275/We 192 Fike, D. 10b/09:15/Tu 82 10h/10:45/Tu 83 10d/11:00/Th f/15:00/Fr 307 Fiket, Z. 05h/155/Mo 49 Filimonova, O. 06b/171/Th 257 Filippelli, G. 13f/10:00/Mo 18 Finck, N. 13j/15:45/We 179 Findlay, A. 10d/14:15/We d/14:45/We d/348/We e/412/We b/16:00/Th 235 Finfrock, Z. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Finkeldei, S. 06o/16:45/We 170 Finlay, R. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Finney, A. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 06g/15:00/Mo 30 06m/10:45/Th 214 Finstad, K. 10e/344/Tu b/317/Th 264 Fiol, S. 13g/09:00/Fr 292 Fiquet, G. 02g/11:15/We 140 Firestone, M. 12b/09:30/Fr 291 First, E. 06h/16:00/We h/153/We h/10:30/Th 213 Firstova, A. 05g/145/Th 255 Fischer, C. 13c/15:45/We c/402/We c/403/We m/14:15/Th m/15:45/Th 236 Fischer, R. 09d/11:15/Mo 14 02d/32/Tu c/15:15/Fr c/16:45/Fr 297 Fischer, S. 11b/322/Th 264 Fischer, T.P. 04g/16:30/We 165 Fischer, W. 09d/09:15/Mo 14 07c/14:45/Mo 31 07c/15:15/Mo 31 09j/16:00/Mo 33 09j/16:15/Mo 33 07c/212/Mo 52 10m/325/Mo 57 09a/09:30/We 150 Fischer-Gödde, M. 01h/09:45/Th b/08:30/Fr 276 Fisher, J. 05a/87/We 185 Fisher, L. 05k/08:45/Th 212 Fitton, G. 02b/09:45/Mo Index by Author

389 Fitzsimons, I. 03f/11:00/Tu 71 Fitzsimons, S.J. 11f/08:45/We 154 Flageole, J. 03i/60/Tu 113 Flamigni, L. 13e/11:15/We 155 Flannery, D. 09i/273/Th 262 Flecker, R. 08l/10:30/Mo 13 Flemetakis, S. 03d/16:30/We 162 Flemming, R. 01c/5/Tu 110 Fleury, J-M. 03j/09:30/Tu 72 Flood, B. 10m/10:30/Mo 16 Florek, S. 03a/34/Mo 41 Florencio, C. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Flores, E. 03j/08:30/Tu 72 09i/10:00/Fr 287 Flores, K. 03j/11:00/Tu 72 Flores, M. 03g/72/Mo 44 Floss, C. 01b/10:30/Fr b/11:00/Fr 276 Flowers, R. 09a/10:45/We 150 Fluteau, F. 04h/09:15/We 143 Flynn, E.D. 06a/15:00/Tu 100 Foden, J. 07j/15:30/Tu a/24/Th 248 Fodor, M. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Foerstendorf, H. 13l/09:15/Mo 19 Fogel, M. 10f/14:15/Th f/16:00/Th 241 Foley, S.F. 03i/11:00/We e/16:15/Fr i/17:00/Fr 299 Föllmi, K. 11d/10:30/Th 222 Folsom, C. 01h/11:00/We 138 Fonseca, E. 13f/381/Mo 62 Fontboté, L. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Fontes, M.P. 03b/2/We 180 Fontorbe, G. 07b/14:45/Fr 303 Forbes, T. 06g/08:30/Tu 78 Ford, H. 07l/17:00/We 171 Forgan, D. 02c/09:30/Fr 277 Formolo, M. 05b/09:30/Tu 74 05b/14:30/Tu 98 05b/15:45/Tu 98 05b/133/Tu i/14:45/Th 238 Fornari, D. 04d/10:45/Mo 7 02d/24/Tu 111 Förster, M. 03b/15:15/Th 230 Fort, S. 03e/77/Th 251 Forte, A. 03i/10:30/We 142 Fortelli, A. 13f/15:15/Mo 37 Fortner, A. 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Fortney, J. 10d/10:00/Th 220 Fossing, H. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 Fosso Tchunte, P.M. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 Foster, G.L. 03a/36/Mo 41 03a/44/Mo 42 08c/15:45/We j/205/Th 258 Foster, Jacob 14a/08:30/Tu 87 Foster, Jordan 03j/16:45/Mo 26 Foster, L. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Foucher, F. 10a/09:45/We i/15:15/Fr 306 Fougerouse, D. 06e/10:45/We e/14:15/We b/16:45/Th f/15:00/Fr 296 Fouquet, Y. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Fournelle, J. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Fournier, G. 03l/11:15/Th 210 Fournier, M. 03d/11:00/We 141 Fourny, A. 06j/09:30/Fr 283 Fouskas, F. 10h/291/Mo 55 09g/10:45/Tu 80 Fowler, M. 03e/11:00/Fr 278 Fox, M. 09a/09:45/We 150 Fox, P. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 12b/346/Th 267 Fox, Sean 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Fox, Stephen 05d/136/Mo 48 Fox-Kemper, B. 08b/10:00/We 149 Fralick, P. 07a/10:00/Th 216 France, L. 04g/11:15/Th g/14:30/Th i/122/Th 254 France-Lanord, C. 10b/09:45/Tu 82 Francesconi, K. 13k/407/Tu 132 Francis, J. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Francois, R. 10l/15:15/We i/331/We i/16:00/Th b/08:45/Fr 284 Françolin, J. 03j/09:15/Tu 72 Frank, A.B. 10h/09:15/Mo 15 Frank, M. 08d/265/Tu l/15:00/We i/17:00/Th i/10:30/Fr i/10:45/Fr 285 Frank, N. 08d/265/Tu l/16:30/We 171 Fraysse, F. 11b/314/Th 264 Freda, C. 03b/10:00/Th 209 Fredin, O. 04h/09:45/We 143 Fredricks, H.F. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Freeburg, E. 07f/297/We 193 Freedman, P. 06j/09:30/Fr 283 Freeman, C.L. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 06g/15:00/Mo 30 06e/10:30/We m/10:45/Th 214 Freeman, H.M. 13k/09:45/Tu 86 13b/17:00/Tu e/185/Tu m/10:30/Th g/17:00/Fr 310 Freeman, K. 11f/11:00/We f/16:45/Th f/10:15/Fr f/14:15/Fr 307 Freeman, S. 10e/15:00/Tu j/415/Tu 130 Frei, R. 10h/09:15/Mo 15 05e/102/We e/75/Th 251 Frères, E. 06j/09:30/Fr 283 Frey, F. 04i/10:45/Fr 279 Frey, S.D. 13m/418/Th 271 Freymuth, H. 02b/9/Mo 40 Frezzotti, M.L. 04g/81/We 185 Fricke, H. 03a/09:30/Mo 5 Friðleifsson, G.Ó. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 09f/271/Th 262 Friebel, M. 01h/10:30/Th 208 Friedlander, L. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 13m/11:15/Th 225 Friedmann, E. 08l/08:30/Mo 13 Friedrich, M.W. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Frieling, J. 07j/09:00/Tu 79 Frierdich, A. 06a/14:45/Tu b/10:45/Fr 289 Fries, D.M. 07c/09:45/Mo 12 Friese, K-I. 06h/146/We 189 Friesen, M. 12d/369/Th d/15:30/Fr 309 Frimmel, H. 05d/10:15/Mo 9 Friscic, T. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Frisia, S. 08b/237/Tu 123 Froger, C. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Frohberg, N. 03a/36/Mo 41 Frossard, P. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 Frost, D. 04j/08:45/Tu 73 02c/08:30/Fr 277 Früh-Green, G. 03j/65/Tu 113 Fryda, J. 07j/14:45/Tu f/15:45/Th 240 Frydova, B. 07j/14:45/Tu 101 Fu, B. 05h/10:30/Mo 10 Fu, Ching-Chou 11b/320/Th 264 Fu, Congsheng 12f/15:30/Th 243 Fu, J. 05k/130/We 188 Fu, P. 07a/16:30/Th 237 Fu, Qi 07c/208/Mo 52 05b/132/Tu 117 Fu, Qing-Long 12e/354/Mo 59 Fu, Roger R 01h/09:00/We 138 Fu, Roger R. 01h/08:45/We 138 Fu, W. 05m/161/Tu i/123/Th 254 Fu, X. 03j/67/Tu 114 Fu, Y. 06c/188/Th 258 Fuchs, B. 10d/344/We 198 Fuchs, R. 07i/325/We 195 Fuchs, S. 05g/15:15/Fr 300 Fuhrer, T. 10f/15:15/Th 241 Fuhrmann, L. 11b/322/Th 264 Fujii, M. 12e/354/Mo 59 Fujii, T. 02a/15/Th e/09:45/Fr 280 Fujimioto, M. 13j/10:00/We 156 Fujimoto, A. 01h/17:00/We 160 Fujinaga, K. 05g/152/Th g/155/Th g/16:30/Fr g/16:45/Fr 300 Fujita, Y. 05a/87/We 185 Fujiwara, T. 05g/139/Th 255 Fukai, R. 01b/08:45/Fr 276 Fukami, Y. 02d/31/Tu 111 Fukuyama, K. 02c/09:45/Fr 277 Fulk, E. 10d/11:15/Th 220 Fuller, A. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 13j/422/Tu 131 Fuller, M. 13i/431/We 204 Index by Author 329

390 Fulop, A. 05d/08:30/Tu 75 Fulton, J. 10f/16:30/Th 241 Fung, M. 11d/14:15/Th 242 Furdek Turk, M. 05h/155/Mo 49 Furman, T. 04i/117/Th i/14:45/Fr 299 Furst, K. 13f/389/Mo 62 Furuki, G. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/Tu 85 Furuya, K. 01h/11:00/We 138 Fylstra, N.D. 09a/08:30/We 150 Gabitov, R. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 04j/111/Mo 46 06e/190/Tu e/09:30/We o/15:45/We 170 Gaborieau, M. 04j/103/Mo 45 04j/11:00/Tu 73 Gadol, H.J. 12e/15:15/Mo 36 12c/09:15/Tu 84 Gaeta, D. 07a/267/We a/08:30/Fr 286 Gaetani, G. 04j/10:30/Mo 8 Gagen, E. 06m/16:30/Th 236 Gagnidze, N. 05d/141/Mo 48 Gagnon, A. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 Gagnon, C. 06j/16:15/Fr 302 Gagnon, J. 04j/106/Mo 46 Gaherty, J.B. 04g/15:45/We 165 Gahlan, H. 04i/113/Th 253 Gaiero, D. 08i/230/Th i/238/Th 261 Gaillardet, J. 03a/08:30/Mo 5 11a/14:45/Tu c/16:30/We c/10:00/Th 221 Gaillou, É. 02g/36/Tu 112 Gainey, S. 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Gajendra, N. 10a/14:45/Tu 104 Galante, D. 10a/10:15/We 151 Galbraith, E. 07f/299/We b/14:15/Fr 303 Gale, Julian 06e/08:30/We e/10:15/We m/10:30/Th 214 Gale, Julian D. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 Galer, S.J.G. 07i/17:00/Th i/15:00/Fr i/16:15/Fr 305 Gallagher, C. 04g/15:00/We 165 Gallagher, G. 10d/353/We 199 Gallagher, T. 08l/08:30/Mo 13 Gallegos, T. 06o/167/We 191 Galli, Gianfranco 13f/404/Mo 63 Galli, Giulia 01f/10/Th 247 Galster, F. 03e/83/Th 251 Galy, A. 10b/09:45/Tu 82 11c/368/We i/14:15/Fr 305 Galy, V. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 10e/15:30/Tu f/16:15/Tu f/10:30/We f/10:45/We e/11:15/We f/15:45/Th 241 Gambino, C. 09a/286/Tu 125 Gammons, C. 05d/17:00/Mo 28 05f/146/Tu g/390/Th 269 Gamo, T. 07i/304/We i/308/We i/326/We 195 Gan, H. 10f/291/Th 263 Gan, Y. 13h/416/Mo 63 Ganbat, A. 03d/28/We 181 Ganerød, M. 04g/08:45/Th 211 Ganeshram, R. 07i/319/We 194 Gang, W. 07b/274/We b/288/We b/290/We 193 Gangopadhyay, K.K. 03f/60/Mo 43 03f/62/Mo 43 Gannon, R. 08a/09:15/Fr 286 Gannoun, A-M. 04j/11:00/Tu 73 03i/09:45/We 142 Ganor, J. 13b/15:15/Tu 108 Gao, B. 13g/387/Th 269 Gao, C. 10m/322/Mo 57 Gao, Jian-Feng 04g/59/We 183 Gao, Jianfei 07j/207/Tu 121 Gao, Jin 02g/45/Tu 112 Gao, Jun 03d/36/We 182 Gao, K. 05b/142/Tu 118 Gao, L. 05i/111/We 186 Gao, M. 07a/15:00/Th 237 Gao, P. 03d/23/We 181 Gao, S. 05k/135/We 188 Gao, T. 10h/08:30/Mo 15 Gao, W.y. 06b/161/Th 256 Gao, Wen 05k/142/We 189 Gao, Xiao-Ying 03d/30/We 181 Gao, Xiaodong 10d/11:15/Th 220 Gao, Xinjuan 07f/300/We 193 Gao, Y. 13m/08:45/Th 225 Gao, Zhaofu 05g/147/Th 255 Gao, Zhong 04g/77/We 184 Garanin, V. 02g/41/Tu 112 Garay, A. 05e/09:15/Fr 280 Garay, P. 08l/238/Mo 53 Garayp, E. 05d/10:15/Mo 9 Garb, Y. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 13m/11:15/Th 225 Garbe-Schönberg, D. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 02e/10:00/Tu 70 03d/15:45/We b/16:00/Th 235 Garber, J. 03l/16:30/We 164 Garcia, M. 04d/09:00/Mo 7 04d/09:15/Mo 7 04j/17:00/Mo 27 Garcia, N. 06e/10:15/We m/10:30/Th 214 Garcia, V. 08c/184/We 196 Garcia Arredondo, M. 12d/364/Th 268 García-Cardenas, S. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 García-Casco, A. 03d/16:15/We 162 Garcia-Orellana, J. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Garcia-Robledo, E. 10d/357/We 199 Garcia-Ruiz, J.M. 09i/280/Th i/09:30/Fr 287 Garcon, M. 03i/15:15/Tu 94 03l/15:45/We 164 Gardea-Torresdey, J. 08i/15:45/Fr 305 Gardes, T. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Gardiner, N. 03i/16:00/Tu 94 Gardner, J.E. 06h/11:00/Th 213 Gargano, A. 02c/43/Th 249 Garland, R. 09d/10:00/Mo 14 Garnett, M.H. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 10e/14:45/Tu 105 Garnier, C. 13g/386/Th m/415/Th 271 Garnier, J. 07f/15:45/Fr 304 Garralón, A. 08a/222/Th 260 Garten, L. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Gartman, A. 03j/14:30/Mo 26 13e/412/We b/16:00/Th 235 Gaschnig, R. 09g/15:45/Tu l/16:15/We e/15:45/Th 231 Gasda, P. 09d/09:15/Mo 14 Gaspard, F. 11a/334/Mo 58 Gattacceca, J. 01i/15:15/Tu 90 01h/09:30/We 138 Gatti, E. 04j/10:30/Mo 8 Gaube, J. 10h/15:00/Mo 34 Gaubert, G. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 Gaucher, E. 09g/279/Mo 54 Gaudet, M. 05d/08:30/Tu 75 Gaulier, C. 13m/08:45/Th 225 Gault, B. 06e/15:00/We 168 Gautam, S. 06h/145/We c/10:00/Fr 282 Gauthiez-Putallaz, L. 03f/15:00/Tu 93 Gautret, P. 10a/09:45/We 151 Gavrieli, I. 08l/234/Mo 53 13b/15:15/Tu 108 Gavrilenko, M. 04j/16:45/Mo 27 04g/09:00/Th 211 Gaye, B. 08b/227/Tu 122 Gayer, E. 11a/336/Mo 58 Gazel, E. 04j/16:30/Mo 27 02e/09:00/Tu 70 Ge, X. 06j/190/Th 258 Gebarski, B. 13j/418/Tu 131 Gebauer, D. 06a/10:00/Tu 77 06e/08:30/We e/10:30/We m/10:00/Th 214 Geckeis, H. 13j/15:45/We 179 Geeza, T. 13f/385/Mo 62 Gehlen, M. 07f/15:15/Fr 304 Gehre, M. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Geibert, W. 07i/11:15/Fr 285 Geiger, H. 03b/10:00/Th 209 Geitner, N. 13e/10:45/We 155 Gelabert, A. 10m/09:15/Mo16 Gelbard, F. 06o/14:45/We 170 Geldmacher, J. 02e/10:00/Tu 70 Gélinas, Y. 11g/336/Th 266 Gellert, R. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Gelman, S. 05b/10:15/Tu 74 Gemma, M. 01i/15:30/Tu 90 Gemmell, J.B. 05e/103/We 186 Genda, H. 01h/11/Tu Index by Author

391 Geng, X. 02a/25/Th 248 Genske, F. 02e/16:15/Mo 24 Gentaz, L. 13c/399/We b/10:00/Fr 289 Gentes, Z. 03d/14:30/We 162 Gentry, D. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Georg, B. 04h/10:30/We e/72/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Georg, R.B. 11c/15:00/We 177 Georgatou, A.A. 02a/19/Th 248 Georgelin, T. 10a/09:45/We 151 Georgiev, S. 05e/14:30/Th e/14:45/Th 234 Georicke, R. 07l/15:15/We 171 Geppert, W. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Gérard, E. 03j/14:15/Mo 26 09i/280/Th 262 Gerber, C. 13i/15:30/Th 245 Gerdes, A. 03f/16:30/Mo 25 03f/16:45/Mo 25 05f/15:30/Tu 99 07j/215/Tu a/10:30/We 150 Gerlach, R. 13c/397/We 202 Germain, Y. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Gerringa, L. 07i/329/We 195 Gerstl, S. 06h/154/We 189 Gertner, I. 02d/29/Tu g/70/We 184 Gervilla, F. 03d/16:15/We b/15:45/Th b/168/Th 256 Gerya, T. 03d/16:30/Tu 92 03i/08:45/We i/15:15/We i/16:00/Fr 299 Getzin, B. 01h/09:30/We 138 Ghabi, M. 08l/237/Mo 53 Ghanmi, M. 05k/126/We 187 Ghasemi, A. 05m/162/Tu m/163/Tu 119 Ghasemi, H. 04g/62/We 183 Ghatak, A. 03e/72/Th 251 Ghazali, N. 05d/09:15/Mo 9 Ghent, E. 06c/174/Th 257 Ghiorso, M. 06g/09:00/Tu 78 Ghosal, S. 05f/10:15/Tu 76 Ghosh, A. 08l/227/Mo 53 Ghosh, B. 04i/122/Th 254 Ghosh, N. 04h/10:30/We e/72/Th 251 Ghosh, P. 08l/09:30/Mo 13 08b/10:45/We c/14:30/We m/435/Th a/10:30/Fr 286 Ghosh, R. 03l/88/Tu 115 Ghosh, T. 03b/4/We 180 Ghosh, W. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/09:00/Tu 82 Ghoshal, S. 13e/09:30/We 155 Giachetti, T. 06h/11:00/Th 213 Gialli, S. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Giamberini, M. 12f/392/Tu 130 Giammar, D. 13b/396/We 202 Giblin, A.E. 12b/353/Th 267 Gibrilla, A. 11c/370/We 200 Gibson, D. 03f/10:30/Tu 71 Gibson, S.A. 04i/15:00/Fr 299 Gibson, T. 09m/15:15/We 174 Gieré, R. 06e/186/Tu 120 Giese, C-C. 06m/14:45/Th 236 Gifford, J. 03l/87/Tu l/97/Tu a/278/Tu 124 Gil-Díaz, T. 13m/415/Th 271 Gilbert, A. 05b/14:45/Tu 98 05k/16:30/We 166 Gilbert, B. 06a/17:00/Tu c/09:30/Fr c/10:15/Fr 282 Gilbert, P. 06g/14:45/Mo 30 Gilder, S. 01h/09:15/We 138 Gilevska, T. 13c/400/We 202 Gilhooly, W. 10h/291/Mo 55 09j/08:30/Tu 81 09g/10:45/Tu 80 Gili, S. 08i/230/Th 260 Gill, B. 09j/15:00/Mo 33 04h/11:00/We b/269/We b/273/We 192 Gill, G. 10l/359/We 199 Gill, J. 02e/10:30/Tu 70 03b/11:15/Th a/14:45/Th 229 Gill, T. 08i/15:45/Fr 305 Gillanders, B. 08c/182/We 196 Gillikin, D. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 13f/385/Mo 62 Gillispie, E. 13k/09:15/Tu 86 Gilmer, A. 09a/14:15/We 173 Gilmer, G. 11f/10:00/We 154 Gilmour, C. 13m/14:15/Fr m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Ginder-Vogel, M. 13l/14:45/Mo 39 13l/15:15/Mo 39 13k/09:30/Tu 86 06a/14:30/Tu 100 Ginley, D. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Gionfriddo, C.M. 13m/14:15/Fr m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Giordano, G. 04g/14:15/Th 232 Giosan, L. 08b/09:15/We f/10:15/We i/227/Th i/231/Th 260 Girard, Jean-Pierre 05h/11:15/Mo 10 Girard, Jennifer 03l/10:00/Th 210 Girguis, P. 07c/10:30/Mo 12 03j/14:30/Mo 26 Gislason, S. 11a/328/Mo 57 11b/15:15/Fr 308 Giuliani, A. 04i/17:00/Fr 299 Giunta, Thomas 03j/10:30/Tu 72 Giunta, Thomas M. 03j/14:15/Tu 95 03j/14:30/Tu 95 10a/16:45/Tu 104 Giustina, E. 05e/98/We 186 Glabonjat, R. 13k/407/Tu 132 Glaser, D. 03l/09:30/Th 210 Glass, J. 10d/09:15/Th 220 Glass, L. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Glasscock, S. 08d/269/Tu 124 Glaze, L. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Gleeson, S.A. 06b/16:30/Th g/154/Th g/16:00/Fr 300 Glein, C. 01c/16:15/Mo 22 09i/283/Th 262 Gley, R. 11b/314/Th g/10:15/Fr 292 Glodny, J. 03f/15:45/Mo 25 Glodowska, M. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Glombitza, C. 03j/16:00/Mo 26 Glotch, T. 06j/14:30/Fr 302 Glover, C. 02c/11:00/Fr 277 Glud, R. 10d/08:45/Th 220 Gluyas, J. 03j/14:45/Tu 95 Godderis, Y. 04h/09:15/We c/16:15/We 177 Godebo, T. 13m/08:45/Fr 293 Goderis, S. 01c/17:00/Mo 22 01i/15:45/Tu 90 01i/18/Tu j/215/Th 259 Godfrey, Laurie 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Godfrey, Linda 08b/236/Tu 123 Godfroy, A. 03j/16:15/Mo 26 Godoy, B. 04g/64/We 183 Godsey, K. 14a/258/Tu 134 Goel, V. 13m/429/Th 271 Goepfert, T. 07l/221/Tu 122 Goes, S. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 Goetschl, K.E. 06e/09:00/We e/10:00/We 146 Goff, F. 11a/339/Mo 58 Goff, J. 13k/16:30/Mo 38 Gogos, A. 13e/08:45/We 155 Golan, T. 03d/11:15/We 141 Gold, A.U. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Goldberg, S. 08e/16:45/Th 239 Goldblatt, C. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Goldhaber, M. 12a/385/Tu 129 Golding, S. 10a/327/Tu b/16:00/Fr 308 Goldman, M.J. 10h/14:30/Mo 34 05k/16:30/We 166 Goldsmith, Y. 08b/11:00/We 149 Index by Author 331

392 Goldstein, S.L. 02e/10:15/Tu 70 08d/15:15/Tu d/16:45/Tu d/270/Tu d/273/Tu f/356/Tu g/16:15/We l/17:00/We i/230/Th i/10:15/Fr i/15:15/Fr i/16:00/Fr 305 Golledge, N. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Goltz, A.E. 04g/09:00/Th 211 Gomboev, B. 13m/437/Th 272 Gomes, M. 09j/15:00/Mo 33 Gomes, N. 03d/49/We 182 Gomez, F.J. 10a/10:00/We 151 Gomez, K. 08c/185/We 196 Gómez, P. 08a/222/Th 260 Gómez-Ulla, A. 04j/109/Mo 46 Gonçalo, L. 05f/145/Tu 118 Göncüoglu, M.C. 04i/135/Th 254 Gong, D. 05i/118/We 187 Gong, J. 09i/280/Th 262 Gong, S. 10h/292/Mo 55 10h/305/Mo 56 Goni, M. 11d/387/We 201 Gonneea, M. 12b/354/Th f/16:15/Fr 304 Gonnermann, H.M. 06h/11:00/Th 213 Gonsior, M. 10e/10:30/We 152 Gontijo, R. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Gonzales, M. 12a/380/Tu 129 González, D. 13g/16:30/Fr 310 Gonzalez, F.J. 11f/361/Tu 129 Gonzalez, J. 06j/210/Th j/11:15/Fr 283 González Jiménez, J-M. 03g/76/Mo 44 Gonzalez Ramos, Y. 05b/133/Tu 117 Gonzalez Valdes, A.C. 10d/355/We 199 González-Díaz, E.Y. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 González-Jiménez, J.M. 03d/16:15/We b/15:45/Th b/168/Th 256 Gonzalez-Orozco, C. 12a/379/Tu 129 González-Santana, D. 07i/10:45/Th i/15:30/Th 238 Goodman, M. 08i/15:30/Fr 305 Goodman-Tchernov, B. 07b/15:00/Fr 303 Goodwell, A. 12a/10:15/Th 223 Goolsby, E. 12a/385/Tu 129 Goordial, J. 10a/15:45/Tu a/16:15/Tu 104 Gopel, C. 01i/16:00/Tu 90 Gorbach, N.V. 04g/09:00/Th 211 Gorbanenko, O. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 Gorczyca, Z. 11b/309/Th 264 Gordeychik, B. 03a/47/Mo 42 Gordilho Barbosa, R. 04d/90/Mo 45 Gordon, G. 09i/279/Th 262 Gordon, K. 06j/09:30/Fr 283 Gordon, L. 06e/193/Tu 121 Gorelick, S. 13m/434/Th 272 Gorlas, A. 03j/14:45/Mo 26 Gorman, A. 11f/10:00/We 154 Gorman-Lewis, D. 10m/16:00/Mo 35 Gorski, C. 12e/358/Mo 59 07j/10:00/Tu 79 Goswami, O. 13f/383/Mo 62 Goswami, V. 09f/265/Th 261 Goto, A. 13m/16:15/Fr 311 Göttlicher, J. 05f/149/Tu o/09:15/Th 215 Gottschalk, J. 07l/16:00/We 171 Gottschalk, M. 04j/107/Mo 46 Gou, L. 03e/50/Th 249 Gould, J. 08a/219/Th 259 Gourain, A. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Govind, N. 12b/10:30/Fr 291 Grabb, K. 10f/14:45/Th 241 Grabowski, M. 07c/223/Mo 52 Graca, B. 07c/223/Mo 52 Graciano Figueiredo, A.M. 13f/391/Mo 62 Graedel, T. 13m/14:15/Th 246 GrafPannatier, E. 11f/16:15/Tu 107 Graham, D. 06g/192/Mo 51 12e/356/Mo 59 04g/15:15/Th i/11:00/Fr i/15:15/Fr i/16:15/Fr 299 Graham, I. 05k/09:15/Th 212 Graham, N. 04j/102/Mo 45 Graham, S. 04h/09:00/We 143 Graham, T. 06c/178/Th c/186/Th c/17:00/Fr 301 Graham, U. 03l/96/Tu l/10:15/Th i/15:00/Fr 306 Gralnick, J. 10a/15:30/Tu 104 Graly, J. 11b/323/Th 264 Grambow, B. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/15:00/We g/16:45/Th 244 Grandinetti, P. 11b/308/Th 264 Grandstaff, D.E. 06a/15:30/Tu 100 Grangeon, S. 05g/11:15/Fr 281 Granger, D. 13f/398/Mo 63 Granger, J. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 Grant, K. 10e/15:30/Tu 105 Grasby, S. 04h/09:45/We h/11:00/We 143 Grassa, F. 10f/290/Th 263 Grattage, J. 11a/328/Mo 57 Gray, K. 08l/10:00/Mo 13 Greaney, A.T. 09g/15:30/Tu d/10:00/We a/24/Th 248 Greathouse, J. 06c/09:00/Fr 282 Greber, N. 03l/80/Tu l/81/Tu h/112/Tu l/09:15/Th 210 Greeley, D. 07f/14:15/Fr 304 Green, W.H. 10h/14:30/Mo 34 Greenberg, E. 02g/15:45/We 161 Greene, S. 08e/16:00/Th 239 Greenwood, J. 01h/15:15/Th h/16:00/Th 228 Greer, J. 01b/11:15/Fr f/17:00/Fr 296 Gregg, P. 04d/10:45/Mo 7 Grégoire, M. 04g/08:30/Th 211 Gregory, D.D. 09g/15:30/Tu a/251/Tu l/16:45/We b/275/We g/17:00/Fr 300 Gregory, R. 03e/72/Th e/17:00/Fr 298 Grengs, A. 07c/214/Mo 52 Grenier, M. 07i/310/We i/331/We 195 Grenne, T. 05g/15:45/Fr 300 Gress, M. 02g/14:45/We g/17:00/We 161 Gressel, O. 01i/10:30/Tu 69 Grew, E.S. 03e/16:15/Th 231 Grewal, D. 02d/16:30/Tu 91 02d/16:45/Tu 91 Grewe, W. 07j/215/Tu 122 Gribenski, N. 08e/09:30/Th 218 Griffin, W. 03d/51/We i/17:00/Fr 299 Griffis, T. 08a/221/Th 259 Griffith, E. 10h/293/Mo 55 Griffiths, M. 08b/237/Tu b/11:15/We 149 Grim, S.L. 10d/355/We 199 Grimm, C. 10m/11:15/Mo 16 Grimm, J. 03b/10/We 180 Grimm, L. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Grinev, O. 03d/29/We 181 Grinspoon, D. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Gröcke, D.R. 11f/08:45/We h/11:00/We b/273/We 192 Groenenberg, Jan 13m/09:00/Th 225 Groenenberg, Jan E. 13m/16:15/Th g/14:30/Fr 310 Groeneveld, J. 07i/318/We 194 Groeneveld, R. 07i/14:30/Th 238 Groffman, P. 12a/09:45/Th g/09:30/Fr 290 Grondahl, C. 04j/113/Mo 46 Gronen, L. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Grönvold, K. 04i/121/Th 254 Groopman, E. 06j/191/Th 258 Grossman, E. 09j/15:15/Mo 33 07j/09:30/Tu 79 08c/14:45/We 172 Grosso, N.R. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Grothe, P.R. 08e/11:00/Th 218 Grotzinger, J. 07c/15:15/Mo 31 Groussman, R.D. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Grove, M. 03a/39/Mo 42 03g/72/Mo 44 04g/78/We j/08:45/Fr j/09:15/Fr 283 Grove, T.L. 01h/10:00/We h/10:15/We h/09:00/Th i/16:45/Th 233 Grozeva, N. 07c/09:00/Mo Index by Author

393 Gruber-Vodicka, H. 10d/344/We 198 Grützner, J. 07l/221/Tu l/16:30/We 171 Gu, B. 13l/11:00/Mo 19 06g/192/Mo 51 10m/314/Mo 57 12e/356/Mo 59 Gu, C. 12f/17:00/Th 243 Gu, J-Q. 13i/418/We 203 Gu, T. 03l/10:00/Th 210 Gu, W. 10m/314/Mo 57 Gu, Xiaoyan 04h/114/Tu 116 Gu, Xin 12e/11:15/Mo 17 12f/16:45/Th 243 Gu, Z. 03l/92/Tu 115 Guacaneme, C. 07c/216/Mo 52 Guagliardo, P. 04j/08:45/Mo 8 06b/15:15/Th 235 Guan, D-X. 13i/437/We 204 Guan, Y. 04j/10:30/Mo 8 07c/14:45/Mo 31 Guanawan, B. 05k/16:45/We 166 Guðfinnsson, G.H. 04i/121/Th i/15:00/Fr 299 Guðmundsson, M.T. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 Gueddari, M. 13f/387/Mo 62 Guélard, J. 03j/09:30/Tu 72 Guenet, Helene 13g/10:15/Fr 292 Guénet, Hélène 06a/184/Mo 51 Guenther, A. 10m/16:15/Mo 35 Guenthner, W. 03g/69/Mo 44 Gueriau, P. 10a/10:15/We 151 Guevara, V. 03g/74/Mo 44 Guggenheim, S. 07l/219/Tu 122 Guice, G. 03i/53/Tu 113 Guignard, J. 01h/16/Tu 110 Guilbaud, M-N. 04g/75/We 184 Guilbaud, R. 09m/08:45/Th 219 Guild, M. 03l/09:30/Th 210 Guillard, L. 13j/16:45/Tu 109 Guillemette, F. 10e/09:00/We 152 Guillong, M. 06h/150/We 189 Guimarães, I. 03e/74/Th 251 Guinoiseau, D. 07i/17:00/Th 238 Guitián, J. 08e/214/We 198 Guitian Bermejo, J. 08d/268/Tu 123 Guitreau, M. 03i/09:45/We 142 Gulick, S. 09a/299/Tu 125 Gunnarsson Robin, J. 11b/305/Th 263 Gunnarsson-Robin, J. 11a/338/Mo 58 Gunnæs, A.E. 06m/15:30/Th 236 Günter, C. 03f/08:45/Tu 71 Günther, J. 02e/08:30/Tu 70 Gunther, T. 06o/168/We 191 Guo, B. 13j/14:15/We j/14:45/We 179 Guo, C. 13g/16:15/Th m/11:15/Fr 293 Guo, D. 06j/190/Th 258 Guo, Hongyu 07a/14:30/Th 237 Guo, Huaming 13m/09:00/Fr 293 Guo, Huirong 05i/123/We 187 Guo, Jia 05e/100/We 186 Guo, Jianying 05h/174/Mo 50 Guo, Liang 04g/77/We e/80/Th 251 Guo, Liguo 07f/296/We 193 Guo, Q.J. 10h/309/Mo 56 13g/396/Th 269 Guo, Wang 05i/115/We 187 Guo, Wei 13m/08:45/Th 225 Guo, Weidong 07l/223/Tu 122 Guo, Weifu 09m/15:30/We e/16:30/Th 239 Guo, Xianghui 07f/296/We 193 Guo, Xiangyi 05m/176/Tu 120 Guo, Xiaofeng 06g/09:30/Mo 11 06g/10:00/Mo 11 05d/14:45/Mo 28 Guo, Yanru 05i/121/We 187 Guo, Yu 07b/288/We 193 Guo, Yulong 11c/17:00/We 177 Gupta, I. 05b/11:00/Tu 74 05i/10:30/We 144 Guralnik, B. 08e/09:30/Th 218 Gurbadam, E-O. 05d/09:00/Tu 75 Gure, A. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 01c/8/Tu 110 Gurenko, A. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 01h/15:45/We 160 Gussone, N. 01i/15:00/Tu 90 Gustafsson, J.P. 12c/09:45/Tu 84 Gutierrez, M. 07c/15:15/Mo 31 07j/209/Tu 121 Gutiérrez, S. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Gutjahr, M. 07l/221/Tu d/265/Tu l/16:30/We 171 Guyader, V. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Guyot, F. 10m/09:15/Mo 16 03j/14:45/Mo 26 02g/11:15/We 140 Gwanmesia, G. 02c/16:15/Fr 297 Gyngard, F. 01b/11:15/Fr 276 Gysi, A.P. 05d/16:45/Mo 28 05f/155/Tu m/09:15/We m/09:30/We m/10:45/We m/11:00/We 145 Ha, J.H. 13c/401/We 202 Ha, K. 10m/317/Mo 57 11b/301/Th 263 Ha, R. 04j/93/Mo 45 Haas, S. 09j/09:15/Tu 81 Habicht, H. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Hach, P. 10d/344/We 198 Hacker, B. 03g/09:15/Mo 6 03f/55/Mo 43 03d/17:00/Tu 92 Hackley, P. 09a/292/Tu k/08:30/Th 212 Haddad, J. 04g/10:00/Th 211 Haderlein, S.B. 12e/16:30/Mo 36 Hadioui, M. 13e/415/We 203 Haenecour, P. 01b/10:30/Fr 276 Hageman, L. 02b/15:00/Mo 23 Häggblom, M. 10m/318/Mo 57 Haghipour, N. 10e/15:30/Tu f/16:15/Tu e/16:45/Tu f/10:15/We f/15:45/Th b/349/Th 267 Haghnegahdar, M. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 Hagstrum, J. 11d/16:15/Th 242 Haig, H.A. 08l/229/Mo 53 Hajek, E. 11f/11:00/We 154 Hajimirza, S. 06h/11:00/Th 213 Hajirezaie, S. 05i/09:45/We 144 Hajna, J. 03d/25/We 181 Hakala, A. 05h/16:00/Mo 29 05h/148/Mo 48 Halberstadt, A.R.W. 08c/187/We 196 Halder, K. 08c/14:30/We 172 Haldorsson, S.A. 04i/105/Th 253 Hale, C. 08i/15:30/Fr 305 Halevy, I. 10b/09:15/Tu 82 10h/10:45/Tu 83 10h/11:15/Tu 83 10d/15:15/We 175 Haley, B. 07i/321/We d/387/We i/10:00/Fr 285 Haley, M. 04i/110/Th 253 Halfar, J. 08c/195/We 197 Hall, C. 13d/408/Mo 61 Hall, G. 13j/08:45/We j/14:30/We 179 Hall, J. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Hall, N.G. 13j/17:00/Tu 109 Hall, P.A. 10f/10:00/Fr 288 Halldórsson, S.A. 02b/6/Mo 40 11a/338/Mo 58 02c/31/Th i/121/Th b/328/Th i/15:00/Fr 299 Hallek, T. 05h/157/Mo 49 Halliday, A. 02b/09:45/Mo 4 02e/16:00/Mo 24 01h/15:30/We 160 Hallmann, C. 10f/10:45/Fr 288 Halloran, K.H. 10h/294/Mo 55 Halton, A. 05e/16:00/Th 234 Haluzová, E. 07j/206/Tu 121 Halverson, G. 07c/15:45/Mo 31 09m/309/Tu m/15:15/We 174 Ham, B. 10m/16:45/Mo35 Hama, T. 06a/177/Mo 50 Hamasaki, H. 03l/96/Tu l/10:15/Th 210 Hamelin, C. 04i/108/Th 253 Hamilton, J. 11b/10:45/Fr 289 Hamilton, T. 09j/16:30/Mo 33 10f/15:15/Fr 307 Hamilton, V. 01f/15:45/Fr 296 Hamm, S-Y. 13m/430/Th 271 Hammer, Jörg 07j/215/Tu b/329/Th 265 Hammer, Julia 06h/16:00/We h/153/We h/10:30/Th 213 Index by Author 333

394 Hammond, D. 07l/11:15/We 148 Hammond, N.Q. 06b/16:15/Th 235 Hamouda, R. 10a/324/Tu 127 Hamzaoui- Azaza, F. 13f/387/Mo 62 Han, Changhee 04g/67/We 184 Han, Chenhua 07f/15:00/Fr 304 Han, E. 10h/295/Mo 55 Han, G. 13m/414/Th 271 Han, I-S. 07f/14:30/Fr 304 Han, Jangmi 06e/14:30/We 168 Han, Ji Yeon 12d/362/Th 268 Han, M. 11c/364/We 200 Han, N. 13b/15:45/Tu 108 Han, P. 13l/430/Mo 64 Han, Wei 03j/71/Tu 114 Han, Weon Shik 13j/424/Tu 131 Han, Xiaoxiao 13m/15:30/Fr 311 Han, Xibin 11f/356/Tu 129 Han, Yongjin 07i/335/We 195 Han, Yufu 05h/09:15/Mo 10 Han, Z. 06e/192/Tu 121 Hanan, B. 04i/15:15/Fr 299 Hanchar, J. 06h/156/We 189 Hancisse, O. 07j/17:00/Tu 101 Hand, K. 01c/16:00/Mo 22 Hand, M. 03f/11:15/Tu 71 03d/38/We 182 Hang, S. 02e/29/Mo 41 Hanika, R. 03i/10:15/We 142 Hanke, U.M. 10e/11:15/We 152 Hanna, A. 14a/258/Tu 134 Hanna, H. 03e/09:45/Fr 278 Hannah, J. 09a/287/Tu h/158/We e/14:30/Th e/14:45/Th f/265/Th 261 Hannides, C. 10f/14:45/Th f/15:00/Th 241 Hannigan, R.E. 07j/213/Tu c/186/We c/189/We f/294/We f/297/We i/338/We 196 Hannington, M.D. 05d/139/Mo 48 06b/16:00/Th g/15:15/Fr 300 Hansel, C. 10b/330/Tu d/15:30/We i/15:45/Th 238 Hansen, M. 08e/16:15/Th b/10:15/Fr 289 Hanski, E. 02b/11:00/Mo 4 02e/21/Mo 41 04h/16:15/Tu 96 Hanson, R. 04h/113/Tu 116 Hao, A. 05h/15:00/Mo 29 05h/174/Mo 50 Hao, C. 05k/133/We 188 Hao, J. 03b/5/We i/10:45/Fr 287 Hao, Yan-Tao 03e/64/Th 250 Hao, Yantao 02b/12/Mo 40 Haqq-Misra, J. 09d/10:45/Mo 14 Haque, M.F. 10m/314/Mo 57 Hara, T. 03d/08:45/We 141 Haraguchi, S. 05b/125/Tu 117 Hardardottir, S. 02c/31/Th 248 Hardiagon, M. 04j/109/Mo 46 Harding, J.H. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 06g/15:00/Mo 30 06e/10:30/We m/10:45/Th 214 Hardisty, D. 09m/09:00/Th 219 Hardt, B. 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Hare, V. 10h/290/Mo 55 Harir, M. 10e/10:30/We 152 Harkness, J. 13k/17:00/Mo 38 Harlaux, M. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Harlov, D.E. 03g/10:45/Mo 6 05d/16:45/Mo 28 06e/193/Tu 121 Harlow, G. 03j/11:00/Tu 72 Harman, C. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 07a/09:00/Th 216 Harper, D. 03a/09:15/Mo 5 07l/220/Tu a/09:00/Fr 286 Harrir, M. 12e/368/Mo 59 Harris, C. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 03b/10:00/Th 209 Harris, G. 08b/09:00/We 149 Harris, James 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Harris, Jeff 02g/40/Tu g/16:15/We c/15:30/Fr 297 Harris, R. Scott 03l/85/Tu 115 Harris, Rose 06o/16:30/We 170 Harrison, A. 13b/16:15/Tu b/324/Th 264 Harrison, L.N. 04d/08:45/Mo 7 Harrison, R.J. 01h/12/Tu h/08:45/We 138 Harrison, T.M. 03i/16:45/Tu 94 01h/08:45/We h/11:15/Th 208 Hart, R. 01c/7/Tu 110 Hart, S. 11c/09:45/Th f/17:00/Th 243 Hartley, M. 03a/37/Mo 42 04i/105/Th 253 Hartman, A.E. 08d/273/Tu i/10:15/Fr 285 Hartmann, J. 11a/334/Mo 58 11d/16:45/Th 242 Hartnett, H. 03l/09:30/Th 210 Harvey, Elizabeth 10b/330/Tu 127 Harvey, Erin L. 11f/08:45/We 154 Harvey, Jacob 06c/09:00/Fr 282 Harvey, Jason 02b/09:45/Mo 4 03a/47/Mo 42 04g/14:45/We 165 Harvey, K. 03d/16:15/Tu 92 Harvey, R. 10d/358/We 199 Harvey, T.H.P. 09m/08:45/Th 219 Hasenfratz, A.P. 07l/16:00/We 171 Hasenmueller, E. 11c/14:15/We g/338/Th 266 Hassall, J. 08c/17:00/We 172 Hassan Loni, Y. 13g/16:45/Th 244 Hassenkam, T. 06c/181/Th b/348/Th 267 Hassenruck-Gudipati, Hima 08a/10:45/Fr 286 Hassenruck-Gudipati, Hima J. 11f/09:00/We 154 Hastings, D. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Hastings, M. 13f/11:00/Mo 18 07a/14:15/Th 237 Hatat-Fraile, M. 13j/15:15/Tu 109 Hatcher, P.G. 12c/10:45/Tu 84 10e/09:30/We 152 Hatcherian, J. 05k/08:30/Th 212 Hathaway, J. 10a/09:15/We 151 Hathorne, E.C. 07i/318/We i/10:30/Fr i/10:45/Fr 285 Ható, Z. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Hatta, M. 07i/14:15/Th 238 Hatton, J. 11c/15:30/We c/375/We 200 Hatzianestis, I. 13g/09:45/Fr 292 Hatzinger, P. 13i/431/We 204 Hatzipanagiotou, K. 02a/26/Th 248 Hauck, S. 02d/14:45/Tu 91 Hauff, F. 02e/10:00/Tu 70 03d/15:45/We 162 Haug, G.H. 08l/240/Mo 53 08d/16:30/Tu d/267/Tu i/16:15/Fr 305 Haugboelle, T. 01i/10:30/Tu 69 Hauri, E. 04j/09:45/Mo 8 04j/17:00/Mo 27 02d/09:15/We a/16:00/Th a/16:30/Th c/37/Th c/08:45/Fr 277 Hauser, T. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 Hausherr, D. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 Hausladen, D. 12e/14:45/Mo 36 Hausrath, E. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Havas, R. 09i/280/Th 262 Havig, J. 09j/16:30/Mo 33 10l/361/We f/15:15/Fr 307 Haviv, I. 03d/11:15/We 141 Havlova, V. 13j/15:45/Tu j/426/Tu 131 Hawkesworth, C. 05d/129/Mo 47 03i/10:00/We 142 Hawkings, J. 11c/15:30/We c/375/We 200 Hawkins, A. 11b/325/Th 265 Hawkins, P. 13g/403/Th 269 Haws, A.A. 08b/228/Tu a/246/Tu f/356/Tu 129 Hax Damiani, L. 13c/15:15/We 178 Hay, C. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Hayashida, K. 13j/421/Tu 131 Hayes, C. 08d/269/Tu i/336/We 195 Hayes, N. 11f/09:15/We Index by Author

395 Hayes, S. 05k/138/We m/431/Th 271 Haylea, N. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 Hayles, J. 07c/15:45/Mo 31 09g/16:30/Tu c/175/Th 257 Haynes, L. 07l/220/Tu l/17:00/We e/10:15/Th 218 Hayward, N. 05g/16:00/Fr 300 Hazen, R. 03e/73/Th 251 Hazewski, J. 06g/190/Mo 51 He, B. 10e/16:30/Tu 105 He, Chen 11f/16:30/Tu e/346/Tu 128 He, Chongguo 05e/16:30/Th 234 He, Detao 03e/16:15/Fr 298 He, Ding 10f/16:45/Fr 307 He, Haiyang 04d/89/Mo 45 He, Hong-Tao 05m/15:30/We 167 He, Huaiyu 04i/116/Th 253 He, Jin-Sheng 10e/345/Tu b/349/Th 267 He, Junjie 05d/124/Mo 47 He, K. 05h/11:00/Mo 10 05b/137/Tu d/392/We 201 He, Maoyong 08e/206/We e/50/Th 249 He, Mingyue 02e/22/Mo 41 02c/10:45/Fr 277 He, Peng 07i/09:45/Fr 285 He, Pengli 04i/116/Th 253 He, Q. 02c/10:45/Fr 277 He, S. 05g/17:00/Fr 300 He, W. 08c/194/We 197 He, X. 05h/17:00/Mo 29 He, Y. 04d/87/Mo 44 03e/61/Th 250 He, Zhen-Yu 04g/58/We e/09:00/Fr 278 He, Zhiliang 07b/279/We 192 Head, E. 04j/101/Mo 45 Head, J. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Heald, S. 13j/422/Tu 131 Heaney, P. 12e/11:15/Mo 17 06a/179/Mo 50 Heap, M. 02c/09:30/Fr 277 Heard, A. 09f/16:00/Th 240 Heath, S. 13j/422/Tu 131 Heaton, D. 04d/09:15/Mo 7 09a/291/Tu 125 Heays, A. 07a/11:00/Th 216 Hébert, A-J. 11g/336/Th 266 Hecht, L. 03f/58/Mo 43 Heck, P. 01b/11:15/Fr f/17:00/Fr 296 Hedrich, S. 05a/88/We g/16:30/Fr 310 Heide, G. 05f/149/Tu 118 Heidsiek, M. 13c/403/We 202 Heim, C. 10h/11:00/Tu 83 Heim, K. 13l/09:15/Mo 19 Hein, C. 11f/10:30/We 154 Hein, J.R. 05g/151/Th g/153/Th g/10:30/Fr 281 Heine, P. 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Heinemeier, J. 11b/328/Th 265 Heinen, B. 02c/14:15/Fr 297 Heinonen, J.S. 02e/09:30/Tu 70 04g/15:15/We g/15:15/Th 232 Heinrich, C. 05e/16:15/Th 234 Heinrich, H-J. 03a/34/Mo 41 Heinrich, J. 05f/149/Tu 118 Heizler, M. 07a/10:00/Th 216 Hékinian, R. 04j/09:45/Mo 8 Held, S. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Helgason, B. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Hellal, J. 13g/16:00/Fr 310 Hellebrand, E. 06h/16:00/We b/9/We h/153/We 189 Heller, B. 09a/285/Tu 124 Heller, M. 07i/15:15/Th 238 Hellevang, H. 13c/17:00/We c/404/We 202 Hellmann, A. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Hellmann, J.L. 01i/16:00/Tu 90 Hellmann, R. 06m/173/We 190 Hellrup, J. 06c/187/Th 258 Helmrich, S. 13m/15:15/Fr 311 Helz, G.R. 10l/14:15/We l/15:30/We l/362/We 199 Hemingway, J. 10f/15:45/Th 241 Hemje, A. 12f/399/Tu 130 Hemming, G. 07j/09:30/Tu 79 11c/364/We 200 Hemming, S.R. 03g/69/Mo 44 08b/228/Tu a/282/Tu a/288/Tu f/356/Tu h/11:15/We c/364/We j/10:15/Fr 283 Hemond, C. 04i/15:15/Fr 299 Henderiks, J. 10f/09:45/Fr 288 Henderson, C. 09a/296/Tu 125 Henderson, D. 10f/08:30/Fr 288 Henderson, G.M. 07j/09:30/We b/11:15/We i/328/We l/360/We i/09:00/Fr 285 Hendry, K. 11c/15:30/We c/375/We 200 Hendy, A. 08c/14:15/We 172 Henley, S. 10b/334/Tu i/319/We 194 Hennequin, S. 04h/09:15/We 143 Henny, C. 10d/09:15/Th 220 Henrichs, I. 03g/70/Mo 44 Henshilwood, C.S. 09a/08:30/We 150 Heraty, L. 13i/431/We 204 Herbert, L. 07i/09:30/Fr 285 Herd, C. 01b/7/Th 247 Herde, H. 07a/09:45/Th 216 Hering, J.G. 12e/16:15/Mo 36 Hermann, J. 03f/16:00/Mo 25 03f/15:00/Tu 93 Hermans, M. 10d/09:00/Th i/14:30/Th 238 Heřmanská, M. 04j/10:45/Mo 8 Hermis, N. 03j/08:30/Tu 72 09i/10:15/Fr 287 Hernandez, H. 13m/10:45/Fr 293 Hernandez, L. 04g/64/We g/11:00/Th 211 Herndon, E. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 13g/401/Th 269 Herrera, J. 10f/08:30/Fr 288 Herrera-García, L. 13m/15:00/Th 246 Herrington, R. 05d/130/Mo 47 Herrmann, A.M. 12f/394/Tu f/15:45/Th 243 Herrscher, E. 10h/11:00/Mo 15 Hertkorn, N. 10e/10:30/We 152 Hertwig, A.T. 01i/14:30/Tu 90 Hervig, R. 02b/7/Mo 40 04j/15:30/Tu 97 Herwartz, D. 08i/232/Th a/10:15/Fr 286 Hess, N. 12b/351/Th b/355/Th b/356/Th 267 Hesse, B. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Hesselbo, S.P. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 04h/108/Tu 116 Hetherington, C. 06h/152/We 189 Heuer, V.B. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 10a/14:15/Tu a/14:45/Tu f/17:00/Th 241 Heusser, L. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Heyman, H. 12b/351/Th 267 Hichem, C. 11b/326/Th 265 Hickam, S. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Hickey-Vargas, R. 03d/16/We d/47/We 182 Hickman-Lewis, K. 10a/09:45/We a/10:15/We i/15:15/Fr 306 Hidaka, H. 01b/5/Th 247 Higgins, J. 07c/10:00/Mo 12 10h/16:15/Mo 34 07j/14:15/Tu g/16:30/Tu j/16:45/Tu c/14:30/We f/16:15/Th 240 Higgins, L. 13l/11:15/Mo 19 Higgins, S. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Hilchie, L. 05d/08:30/Tu 75 Hild, S. 03g/80/Mo 44 Hilgen, F. 08l/10:30/Mo 13 Hill, N. 09g/15:00/Tu 103 Hillebrand, T. 08e/10:00/Th 218 Hillegonds, D. 05b/10:15/Tu 74 13i/420/We 203 Hilton, C. 01b/3/Th 247 Hilton, D.R. 03b/10:00/Th c/31/Th 248 Index by Author 335

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401 Keller, D. 03f/09:15/Tu 71 Keller, G. 11d/16:00/Th 242 Keller, L. 06e/14:30/We 168 Keller, N. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Kellett, D. 03g/09:00/Mo 6 Kelley, Karen 05e/09:00/Fr 280 Kelley, Katherine.A. 02b/08:45/Mo 4 04j/10:00/Tu 73 03d/14:30/We i/120/Th i/09:00/Fr 279 Kelley, S. 14a/253/Tu d/43/We 182 Kellogg, L. 11d/15:00/Th 242 Kelly, Abigail 09m/310/Tu 126 Kelly, Amy 02a/16:15/Th 229 Kelly, C. 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Kelly, N. 01h/11:00/Th 208 Kelly, P. 04j/105/Mo 46 Kelly, R. 08e/210/We 197 Kelly, T. 07l/15:15/We 171 Kelsey, D. 03f/11:15/Tu 71 Keltie, E. 05m/11:15/We a/18/Th 248 Kelvin, M. 13g/10:00/Fr 292 Kemner, K. 13k/16:15/Mo 38 Kempton, P.D. 02b/10:45/Mo 4 Kendall, B. 09i/279/Th 262 Kendall, J. 14a/09:00/Tu 87 Kendrick, M. 02d/30/Tu 111 Kennedy, Alan 13e/09:00/We 155 Kennedy, Allen 06b/159/Th 256 Kennedy, Ben 04g/63/We 183 Kennedy, Brendan 06o/16:00/We 170 Kennedy, H. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Kennedy, L. 08l/09:45/Mo 13 Kennedy, M. 13i/15:30/Th 245 Kennett, D. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 Kenny, G. 03g/70/Mo 44 Kent, A.J.R. 04g/15:45/We g/16:00/We g/09:45/Th g/14:45/Th 232 Kent, D.B. 05k/134/We 188 Kent, P. 06c/09:15/Fr 282 Kenward, P. 13b/16:15/Tu 108 Kerbachi, R. 07a/263/We 191 Kéri, A. 13l/10:30/Mo 19 Kerisit, S. 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Kerl, C.F. 13k/10:30/Tu 86 Kerou, M. 10m/316/Mo 57 Kerr, A. 02e/16:00/Mo 24 Kersten, M. 13c/16:45/We 178 Kersting, A. 13j/420/Tu 131 Kerswell, B. 03d/16:30/Tu 92 Keskin, M. 04g/71/We 184 Kessel, R. 02g/38/Tu g/16:00/We 161 Kessenich, B. 12b/347/Th 267 Kessler, A. 10d/08:45/Th 220 Keubler, C. 03a/43/Mo 42 Keulen, N. 05e/102/We e/75/Th 251 Key, R. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Keyser, W. 06b/162/Th 256 Khadivi, S. 09a/286/Tu 125 Khadri, S. 11d/16:00/Th 242 Khaksari, M. 10e/08:30/We 152 Khalil, N. 07c/222/Mo 52 Khan, A. 08i/229/Th 260 Khan, M.Z. 05b/16:15/Tu 98 Khan, T. 11c/365/We 200 Kharbush, J.J. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 Khmelnikova, O. 02b/3/Mo 40 Khylstov, A. 10e/08:30/We 152 Kiefer, W. 02d/09:45/We 139 Kieffer, W. 13g/16:45/Fr 310 Kiehl, J. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Kienast, M. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 08d/15:45/Tu l/10:45/We a/219/Th 259 Kienast, S. 07l/218/Tu i/10:15/Th 217 Kietäväinen, R. 11b/16:30/Fr 308 Kiggans, J. 06o/16:45/We 170 Kiker, T. 11c/380/We 201 Kikuchi, R. 08c/190/We 196 Kil, Y. 02e/20/Mo 41 Kilburn, M. 06b/15:15/Th 235 Kilgour, G. 04j/15:45/Mo 27 Kilias, S.P. 05d/139/Mo 48 Kim, B. 06a/180/Mo 50 06a/181/Mo 50 06a/15:30/Tu 100 Kim, Dong-Hun 10m/317/Mo 57 Kim, Dong-Sang 13j/16:30/We 179 Kim, Doyoon 06g/16:15/Mo 30 Kim, E-S. 13m/432/Th 272 Kim, G. 07f/299/We i/330/We i/335/We 195 Kim, Ha 06a/178/Mo 50 Kim, Hanul 01h/13/Tu 110 Kim, Heejung 10h/298/Mo 56 13g/392/Th 269 Kim, Hyunkoo 13m/430/Th 271 Kim, Ikhyun 13m/430/Th 271 Kim, Ilgook 13j/16:15/We 179 Kim, Ja-Myung 07f/14:30/Fr 304 Kim, Jaeyoen 10h/298/Mo 56 Kim, Jonguk 02e/28/Mo 41 05g/150/Th 255 Kim, Joohee 08d/16:45/Tu d/270/Tu d/273/Tu 124 Kim, Kue-Young 11b/301/Th 263 Kim, Kyung-Tae 13m/432/Th 272 Kim, M. 13m/430/Th 271 Kim, Seung-Sep 02b/15:30/Mo 23 Kim, Sunggil 13i/429/We 204 Kim, Sungsu 13i/429/We 204 Kim, T. 07i/308/We i/340/We 196 Kim, Won-Seok 13i/432/We 204 Kim, Wonbaek 06e/183/Tu 120 Kim, Yeongmin 07j/212/Tu 122 Kim, Youn-Tae 13m/422/Th 271 Kim, YoungJae 13g/394/Th 269 Kimbrough, D. 03g/72/Mo 44 Kimmig, S. 07c/16:15/Mo 31 Kimura, J-I. 02e/10:30/Tu 70 03d/08:45/We d/32/We g/141/Th 255 Kimura, M. 01i/14:30/Tu 90 Kimura, Y. 06m/170/We 190 Kinali, M. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 King, A. 01h/15:30/Th 228 King, E. 10l/15:15/We j/09:30/Fr 283 King, H.E. 13b/14:15/Tu m/14:45/Th c/180/Th 257 King, P.L. 04j/08:45/Mo 8 04j/09:15/Mo 8 04j/94/Mo 45 04j/14:45/Tu 97 King Phillips, E. 09m/310/Tu f/11:00/Fr 288 Kingston, J. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Kinney, S.T. 04h/11:15/We 143 Kinsley, C. 08i/227/Th i/231/Th i/14:30/Fr 305 Kinsman-Costello, L. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 Kipfer, R. 13k/405/Tu i/419/We i/434/We i/435/We i/09:00/Th i/14:45/Th m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Kipp, L. 07l/15:00/We 171 Kipp, M. 09g/10:30/Tu 80 09m/10:45/Th i/17:00/Fr 306 Kirby, J. 09d/264/Mo 54 Kirillova, E. 10e/08:30/We 152 Kirk, K. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Kirkham, R. 05k/08:45/Th 212 Kirkland, C. 03i/16:00/Tu 94 03e/10:30/Fr 278 Kirkpatrick, H.M. 01h/08:45/We 138 Kiro, Y. 08d/15:15/Tu 102 Kirscher, U. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 Kirschhock, C.K. 06o/162/We o/09:00/Th 215 Kirschvink, J. 01h/09:45/We 138 Kirsimäe, K. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Kirste, D. 11b/16:00/Fr 308 Kirstein, L. 02b/17/Mo 40 Kirtland Turner, S. 08d/14:30/Tu i/313/We d/17:00/Th 242 Kiseeva, E. 01h/17/Tu g/15:00/We a/15:30/Th 229 Kisfalusi, Z. 13i/09:30/Th 224 Kisku, P.C. 11a/330/Mo 57 08e/218/We 198 Kissick, L. 09d/265/Mo 54 Kisters, A.F.M. 03i/55/Tu 113 Kita, N.T. 04j/100/Mo 45 01i/14:30/Tu 90 Index by Author 341

402 Kitajima, K. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 Kitchaev, D. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Kitchen, N. 05b/14:30/Tu 98 Kizhur, S. 08b/239/Tu 123 Kizovski, T. 03g/10:15/Mo 6 06e/193/Tu 121 Kjarsgaard, B. 02g/15:15/We 161 Kjartansdóttir, R. 11b/328/Th b/16:45/Fr 308 Kjoll, H.J. 09a/287/Tu 125 Klaebe, R.M. 10h/09:15/Mo 15 Klar, J.K. 07i/328/We i/11:00/Th 217 Klein, Benjamin 03b/09:30/Th 209 Klein, Beth 01h/11:15/We 138 Klein, Emily 02b/11/Mo 40 Klein, Evandro 04h/105/Tu 116 Klein, F. 07c/09:00/Mo 12 02d/24/Tu 111 Klein, M. 13g/401/Th 269 Klein, R. 09a/08:30/We 150 Klein, T. 04h/107/Tu 116 Kleindienst, S. 13m/08:30/Fr g/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Kleine, B.I. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 11a/338/Mo 58 11b/305/Th 263 Kleine, T. 01c/08:45/Tu 68 01i/16:00/Tu 90 01h/09:30/Th a/14:45/Th b/09:00/Fr 276 Klemme, S. 03d/16:30/We c/10:30/Fr 277 Klepac-Ceraj, V. 09i/14:15/Fr 306 Klibi, A. 07b/287/We 193 Kling, G. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 12c/11:00/Tu 84 Klinkenberg, M. 13b/15:00/Tu j/16:30/Tu c/15:30/We 178 Klipsch, S. 08i/232/Th 260 Klitzke, S. 13e/411/We 203 Klose, R. 13g/16:00/Fr 310 Klotz, S. 11f/08:30/We 154 Kluge, S. 10m/16:30/Mo 35 Klusek, Z. 07c/223/Mo 52 Kłostowska, Ż. 07c/223/Mo 52 Kmiecik, N. 05b/08:45/Tu 74 Knappett, P. 13m/10:30/Fr m/10:45/Fr 293 Knerr, N. 12a/379/Tu 129 Knésl, I. 13g/398/Th 269 Kneuker, T. 11b/329/Th 265 Knezek, N. 02d/33/Tu 112 Knies, J. 04h/09:45/We 143 Kniewald, G. 05h/155/Mo 49 Knight, A. 06c/09:00/Fr 282 Knight, Dallon 13m/431/Th 271 Knight, Darrell 13j/422/Tu 131 Knight, Kim 09f/263/Th 261 Knight, Kimberly 06j/191/Th 258 Knipping, J. 05d/08:30/Mo 9 05d/09:00/Mo 9 Knobbe, T. 08l/08:45/Mo 13 Knoll, A. 07c/11:15/Mo 12 03e/73/Th 251 Knowles, T. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Knudson, K.P. 08d/16:45/Tu d/270/Tu d/273/Tu 124 Ko, K-S. 11b/318/Th 264 Kobayashi, Kazuya 05h/09:00/Mo 10 Kobayashi, Kei 06e/09:45/We 146 Kobayashi, M. 03d/16:45/We 162 Kocar, B.D. 12e/15:15/Mo 36 12c/09:15/Tu 84 13j/11:15/Tu 85 06a/11:15/Tu 77 Koch, T.E. 02c/08:30/Fr 277 Kocken, I.J. 08d/275/Tu e/216/We 198 Koeberl, C. 06e/11:15/We 146 Koehler, M. 09i/17:00/Fr 306 Koeksoy, E. 09j/284/Mo 55 Koeneke, M. 10m/319/Mo 57 Koeoep, L. 01b/11:15/Fr 276 Koepke, J. 04i/122/Th 254 Koester, E. 08i/230/Th 260 Koffi, G.R-S. 03e/65/Th 250 Koffman, B. 08i/16:00/Fr 305 Koffman, T. 08i/16:00/Fr 305 Koga, K.T. 03d/46/We 182 Koga, T. 09i/274/Th 262 Kögel-Knabner, I. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Kogiso, T. 03i/15:45/Tu 94 Kögler, F. 05i/10:15/We 144 Kogure, T. 11a/340/Mo 58 Kohfeld, K. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Kohl, I. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 03j/10:30/Tu 72 10a/16:45/Tu 104 Kohl, L. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 Köhler, I. 14a/259/Tu 134 Kohler, T. 11c/15:30/We 177 Kohn, M. 03d/16:30/Tu 92 Kohn, S. 02g/17:00/We 161 Koho, K. 10d/09:30/Th 220 Koide, A. 13g/395/Th 269 Koishi, A. 06c/11:00/Fr c/15:00/Fr c/16:00/Fr 301 Kolb, J. 05e/102/We 186 Kolesnikov, A. 06c/09:15/Fr 282 Kolevica, A. 07j/14:45/Tu 101 Koltalo, F. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Komada, T. 10b/08:30/Tu 82 Komai, N. 05b/125/Tu 117 Komai, T. 13g/15:45/Fr 310 Komiya, Tatsuki 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/Tu 85 13j/09:45/We 156 Komiya, Tsuyoshi 09m/307/Tu i/14:45/Fr 306 Kommu, A. 06m/11:15/Th 214 Konan, N.F.D.S. 04i/102/Th 252 Kondo, N. 03i/15:45/Tu 94 Kondo, Y. 07i/15:15/Th 238 Kone, J. 03f/56/Mo 43 Konecke, B. 03g/11:00/Mo 6 03g/76/Mo 44 Konecky, B. 08b/10:30/We a/09:30/Fr a/11:00/Fr 286 Kong, J. 13g/396/Th 269 Kong, L. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 König, S. 02b/10:15/Mo 4 01h/10:00/Th h/10:15/Th a/16:45/Th f/266/Th 261 Konishi, H. 06b/17:00/Th b/169/Th 256 Konrad, K. 09a/291/Tu 125 Konstantinova, N. 05g/151/Th 255 Konter, J. 02c/32/Th 248 Kontny, A. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Kontonikas-Charos, A. 06b/158/Th 256 Koo, B.J. 10d/350/We 199 Kooijman, E. 03g/66/Mo 43 03i/59/Tu 113 Koons, R. 07b/283/We 192 Koornneef, J.M. 02b/15:00/Mo 23 02g/14:45/We 161 Kopf, S. 10h/295/Mo 55 10h/09:30/Tu 83 Kopicki, M. 13m/420/Th 271 Koppers, A. 09a/291/Tu 125 Kopylova, M. 05d/08:30/Tu 75 Korasidis, V.A. 08l/231/Mo 53 Korbovyak, E. 11f/354/Tu 128 Korman, K. 03l/100/Tu 115 Kornacki, A. 05i/09:45/We 144 Korost, D. 04j/111/Mo 46 Korotev, R. 01h/14:30/We 160 Korte, C. 04h/111/Tu j/09:45/We 147 Kosaka, D. 01h/17:00/We 160 Kosakowski, G. 13c/15:15/We c/15:30/We 178 Koschinsky, A. 05g/153/Th 255 Koster van Groos, A. 07l/219/Tu 122 Kostka, J. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Kotarba, M. 05b/08:45/Tu 74 Kotash, A. 04j/14:45/Mo 27 Kotb Mahfouz, M.M. 13e/406/We i/240/Th 261 Kotopoulou, E. 09i/09:30/Fr 287 Kotowski, A. 03d/10:45/We 141 Kouamelan, A.N. 03e/65/Th i/102/Th 252 Kourtev, P. 10d/354/We 199 Kousehlar, M. 13f/399/Mo 63 Kouzmanov, K. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Kovarik, L. 10l/16:45/We m/15:00/Th 236 Kowalik, J. 07l/219/Tu 122 Kowalik, N. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 Koweek, D. 07i/09:30/Th 217 Koyama, A. 12b/355/Th 267 Kozai, N. 13j/09:45/We j/15:00/We 179 Kozdon, R. 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Koziara, K. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 06e/08:30/We 146 Koziorowska, K. 07c/223/Mo Index by Author

403 Kozlovskaya, O. 13i/10:15/Th 224 Kraal, P. 13g/10:30/Fr 292 Krabbenhoft, D. 04j/11:00/Mo 8 10e/10:00/We 152 Krack, M. 13l/10:30/Mo 19 Kraemer, D. 05m/14:45/We 167 Kraemer, S.M. 12e/16:15/Mo 36 10m/316/Mo 57 Kraepiel, A.M.L. 10h/09:30/Tu 83 10d/10:30/Th 220 Krainer, K. 09m/11:00/Th 219 Krajnc, B. 11c/374/We f/16:30/Fr 304 Krall, L. 06o/15:00/We 170 Krans, S. 04i/14:30/Fr 299 Krantz, J. 01h/16:30/Th 228 Kranz, S. 07l/15:15/We 171 Krasheninnikov, S. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Kraus, T. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 Krause, A. 09m/09:45/Th 219 Krause, S. 10b/09:30/Tu 82 Krawczynski, M.J. 04j/16:45/Mo 27 09a/283/Tu a/300/Tu h/15:30/We g/09:00/Th c/36/Th 249 Kreamer, D.K. 13f/08:45/Mo 18 Kreitsmann, T. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Krekeler, M. 05d/117/Mo 46 Kremenchutskii, D. 13i/10:15/Th 224 Kremer, C. 03j/10:00/Tu 72 Kretzschmar, R. 12e/361/Mo 59 12c/08:30/Tu 84 12c/09:45/Tu 84 Krevor, S. 07c/16:30/Mo 31 Kříbek, B. 13g/398/Th 269 Krieger, U.K. 07a/16:15/Th 237 Kriegsman, L. 03d/20/We 181 Kring, D.A. 02c/10:00/Fr f/14:45/Fr 296 Krishna, K.V.S.S. 03f/62/Mo 43 Krishnaraj, S. 13j/14:45/Tu 109 Krissansen-Totton, J. 09d/10:00/Mo 14 02d/09:00/We 139 Kristiansen, K.K. 07j/09:45/We 147 Kristóf, T. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Kriulina, G. 02g/41/Tu 112 Kriven, W.M. 06g/08:30/Mo 11 06g/08:45/Mo 11 Kroeger, K. 12b/354/Th f/16:15/Fr 304 Krolop, P. 05f/15:30/Tu 99 Krom, M. 07f/300/We b/15:00/Fr 303 Kröner, A. 03e/10:45/Fr 278 Kroon, D. 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Kropacheva, M. 13j/417/Tu 131 Kropf, G. 06h/17:00/We 169 Krot, A.N. 01i/14:15/Tu 90 02c/08:30/Fr 277 Kruckenberg, S. 02e/27/Mo 41 Kruger, A. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 13j/16:30/We 179 Kruijer, T. 01c/08:45/Tu 68 01b/09:00/Fr 276 Krummen, M. 08c/191/We 197 Krylova, V. 04g/70/We 184 Krzeminska, E. 03l/91/Tu 115 Ku, Y. 01h/10/Tu 110 Kubicki, J.D. 04j/09:00/Mo 8 06a/179/Mo 50 13b/14:30/Tu m/11:15/Th 214 Kubik, E. 02a/15/Th 247 Kubo, M. 03j/16:00/Mo 26 03j/17:00/Mo 26 03j/68/Tu 114 Kubota, K. 03a/09:45/Mo 5 Kubota, Yoshimi 08b/10:00/We 149 Kubota, Yusuke 03i/51/Tu 113 Kubrakova, I. 04j/111/Mo 46 Kucera, M. 07i/318/We e/10:30/Th 218 Kuchenbecker, M. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 Kuebler, C. 03a/38/Mo 42 Kuehner, S. 03e/60/Th 250 Kuentz, D. 02b/14/Mo 40 Kueter, N. 06h/150/We 189 Kuhn, T. 05g/11:15/Fr 281 Kujala, K. 12c/10:00/Tu 84 Kukkadapu, R. 12c/348/Mo 58 12b/343/Th 267 Kukla, T. 08a/224/Th 260 Kukulka, M.A. 06a/16:45/Tu 100 Kularatne, K. 11b/16:15/Fr 308 Kulenkampff, J. 13c/15:45/We 178 Kulik, D.A. 06o/164/We o/09:45/Th 215 Kuliński, K. 07c/223/Mo 52 Kulis, M. 06g/11:15/Mo 11 04j/99/Mo 45 Kulongoski, J. 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th i/10:00/Th i/14:30/Th 245 Kulp, T. 09f/15:15/Th m/15:15/Th 246 Kumagai, H. 05g/139/Th g/148/Th g/14:45/Fr g/15:30/Fr 300 Kumamoto, Y. 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Kumar, A.K. 06e/194/Tu 121 Kumar, G R Ravindra 03l/83/Tu 115 Kumar, Girijesh 05g/140/Th 255 Kumar, N. 12c/09:00/Tu 84 12c/10:00/Tu 84 Kumar, Pankaj 08e/218/We 198 Kumar, Praveen 12a/10:15/Th 223 Kumar, Saravanan 13j/14:45/Tu 109 Kumar, Sudhir 11c/376/We 200 Kumar Mishra, S. 13m/429/Th 271 Kumari, R. 13f/09:30/Mo 18 Kump, L. 07j/16:30/Tu f/11:00/We 154 Kumpf, B. 12c/345/Mo 58 Kumpiene, J. 13g/09:00/Fr 292 Kunakkuzin, E. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Kundargi, R. 14a/09:00/Tu 87 14a/200/Tu 133 Kung, J. 03g/79/Mo 44 Kunitake, Y. 09i/16:45/Fr 306 Kunkel, J. 03g/80/Mo 44 Kunz, M. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Kuo, D.T.F. 13m/11:00/Th 225 Kupper, R. 09i/276/Th 262 Kurek, M. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 10h/291/Mo 55 12e/367/Mo 59 12e/368/Mo 59 Kurganskaya, I. 06a/182/Mo 50 Kurihara, E. 13j/09:30/Tu 85 Kurisu, M. 07i/15:00/Th 238 Kuritani, T. 02e/21/Mo 41 04h/16:15/Tu 96 04i/125/Th 254 Kuroda, M. 06h/16:15/We h/15:15/Th 228 Kurokawa, H. 01h/11/Tu 110 Kursheva, A. 07c/207/Mo 51 Kurtz, A. 12f/390/Tu 130 Kurz, M. 04d/10:00/Mo 7 02b/10:30/Mo 4 02d/24/Tu 111 Kurzawa, T. 02b/10:15/Mo 4 01h/10:00/Th a/16:45/Th 229 Kurzweil, F. 02a/14:30/Th 229 Kus, P. 13j/15:45/Tu 109 Kusch, S. 10e/15:45/Tu e/15:45/Th 239 Kusebauch, C. 06b/16:30/Th 235 Kushnir, Y. 08d/15:15/Tu 102 Kusiak, M. 03l/91/Tu 115 Kuypers, M. 10d/344/We 198 Kuzminov, A. 07i/306/We 194 Kvashnina, K. 13j/414/Tu b/171/Th 257 Kvassnes, A. 04d/10:30/Mo 7 Kwon, Eun Young 07f/299/We 193 Kwon, Eunhye 13f/403/Mo 63 Kwon, J-S. 10m/16:45/Mo 35 Kwon, M.J. 10m/16:45/Mo 35 Kwon, S. 13i/432/We 204 Kylander-Clark, A. 03a/11:00/Mo 5 03d/11:15/We 141 Kyle, J. Richard 11b/303/Th 263 Kyle, Jennifer 12b/351/Th 267 Kynický, J. 05d/135/Mo 47 La Cono, V. 10d/10:15/Th 220 La Spada, G. 10d/10:15/Th 220 Laakso, T. 09m/17:00/We 174 Labasque, T. 11c/377/We 200 Laberdesque, Y. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Laberty-Robert, C. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 Labidi, J. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 10h/15:00/Mo 34 10h/15:45/Mo 34 03j/10:30/Tu 72 02a/15:00/Th a/16:45/Th 229 Labille, J. 13e/09:15/We e/408/We 203 Labrado, A.L. 10a/08:30/We 151 Index by Author 343

404 Lacan, F. 07i/11:00/Th 217 Lacelle, D. 10e/349/Tu 128 Lacerda, L.D. 04h/111/Tu 116 Lacerra, M. 08d/16:15/Tu l/16:45/We 171 Lachniet, M. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 Lackey, J.S. 03l/09:15/Th 210 LaCroix, R. 12e/366/Mo 59 Ladd, S.N. 10f/16:30/Fr f/16:45/Fr 307 LaDouceur, B. 09a/278/Tu 124 Laforce, B. 06j/215/Th 259 Lafuerza, S. 06b/171/Th 257 Lagarde, M. 07i/310/We 194 Lagata, C. 13g/399/Th 269 Lagos, M. 01f/15:30/Fr 296 Lai, C-W. 11b/320/Th 264 Lai, H. 05h/173/Mo 50 Lai, S. 03e/88/Th 252 Lai, X. 02g/45/Tu 112 Lai, Yi-Jen 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Lai, Yong 07l/222/Tu 122 Lai, Yu-Ming 04g/74/We 184 Lalk, E. 10a/17:00/Tu 104 Lam, P. 07j/09:15/Tu 79 07l/15:00/We i/305/We 194 Lamadrid, H.M. 04j/112/Mo 46 11b/315/Th 264 LaManna, J. 06j/14:15/Fr 302 Lamarca-Irisarri, D. 06m/174/We 190 Lamarque, J-F. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Lamb, H. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Lambart, S. 04i/10:30/Fr 279 Lambrecht, N. 10m/08:30/Mo 16 07c/214/Mo 52 09j/08:45/Tu 81 Lammers, L. 13b/16:00/Tu a/89/We a/90/We f/14:45/Th 243 Lamy, F. 07j/10:30/Tu 79 Lan, J. 08l/232/Mo 53 Lana, C. 04d/90/Mo 45 03f/09:00/Tu 71 03i/55/Tu 113 Lanari, P. 03g/09:30/Mo 6 03f/16:00/Mo 25 03f/09:00/Tu 71 03d/09:45/We 141 Landa Arreguín, J.F.A. 11b/321/Th 264 Landais, A. 13i/418/We 203 Landis, J. 13j/425/Tu 131 Landis, R.C. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Landon, M. 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th 224 Landon-Browne, A. 03i/50/Tu 113 Landrot, G. 12c/347/Mo 58 11b/314/Th 264 Landrum, A.R. 14a/11:15/Tu 87 Lang, S. 03j/15:30/Mo 26 03j/72/Tu f/295/Th 263 Lang, Y-C. 10h/299/Mo 56 Langdon, P. 08c/17:00/We 172 Lange, R. 04j/97/Mo 45 04j/106/Mo 46 06g/194/Mo 51 04g/66/We g/10:15/Th 211 Lange, S. 10b/09:30/Tu 82 Langelier, B. 06e/193/Tu e/11:00/We 146 Langer, G. 07j/10:30/Tu 79 Langmuir, C. 02b/15:30/Mo 23 04g/15:30/We i/16:00/Th j/17:00/Fr 302 Laniyan, T. 13g/17:00/Th g/11:00/Fr 292 Lankone, R. 13e/09:00/We 155 Lanos, C. 10e/11:00/We 152 Lanza, N. 09d/09:15/Mo 14 10m/325/Mo 57 Lanzirotti, A. 04j/101/Mo 45 04j/09:00/Tu 73 04j/10:45/Tu 73 08e/208/We 197 Lapham, L. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 Laporte, D. 04j/109/Mo 46 Lardeau, J.M. 03g/68/Mo 44 Larese-Casanova, P. 12e/358/Mo 59 13k/408/Tu e/413/We 203 Large, R. 09g/276/Mo 54 10l/16:30/We e/15:30/Th 234 Large, S. 05e/16:15/Th 234 LaRoche, J. 09j/09:15/Tu 81 Larrea, P. 04g/75/We 184 Larrue, S. 13g/16:45/Th 244 Larsen, B.T. 03e/81/Th i/16:45/Fr 299 Larsen, J. 04j/102/Mo 45 Larson, P. 03b/11:00/Th 209 Larter, S. 10b/342/Tu 128 Laruelle, Goulven 07f/15:45/Fr 304 Laruelle, Goulven G. 07f/293/We 193 Lascu, I. 01h/12/Tu 110 Laskar, A. 07a/09:30/Th a/16:00/Th 237 Laskin, A. 12b/10:30/Fr 291 Lassiter, J. 02e/08:45/Tu 70 02c/17:00/Fr 297 Latornell, D. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Latta, D. 12e/16:00/Mo 36 11b/11:00/Fr 289 Lau, B. 12b/344/Th 267 Lau, K. 07c/215/Mo 52 09m/313/Tu 126 Laubier, M. 04j/103/Mo 45 04j/11:00/Tu 73 Lauchnor, E. 13c/397/We g/16:45/Fr 310 Lauckner, L. 07j/211/Tu 121 Laughton, S. 13e/10:30/We 155 Laukert, G. 07i/10:45/Fr 285 Laurent, O. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 03f/08:45/Tu 71 04g/61/We 183 Laurenzi, L. 13g/15:15/Fr 310 Lauretano, V. 08l/231/Mo 53 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Laverman, A. 12e/371/Mo 60 Lavik, G. 10d/344/We 198 Law, G. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/422/Tu 131 Law, K. 13j/422/Tu 131 Law, S. 03j/15:00/Mo 26 03j/16:45/Mo 26 Lawman, A. 08c/185/We 196 Lawrence, C. 13c/14:45/We f/15:00/Th 243 Lawson, M. 05b/09:30/Tu 74 05b/10:15/Tu 74 05b/14:30/Tu 98 05b/15:45/Tu 98 Lawter, A. 13j/10:00/Tu 85 Lazar, B. 08l/234/Mo 53 08d/15:15/Tu i/325/We f/16:00/Fr 304 Lazarov, M. 02a/25/Th 248 Le, Thu 06h/145/We 189 Le, Tran 06h/145/We 189 Le, Xingfu 05h/165/Mo 49 Le, Xingwen 05m/161/Tu 119 Le Bars, M. 06a/16:30/Tu 100 Le Crom, S. 13l/09:30/Mo 19 09i/11:00/Fr 287 Le Gall, N. 04j/14:15/Mo 27 Le Guedard, M. 13g/16:00/Fr 310 Le Guellec, S. 03j/16:15/Mo 26 Le Hir, G. 04h/09:15/We 143 Le Houedec, S. 08e/10:15/Th 218 Le Monier, P. 13m/417/Th 271 le Roex, A. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 Le Roux, G. 08i/238/Th 261 Le Roux, V. 02b/10:30/Mo 4 02d/24/Tu b/14:30/Th 230 Le Roy, E. 13f/11:00/Mo 18 Lea, D. 07l/17:00/We 171 Lear, C. 11f/356/Tu 129 Learman, D. 10d/354/We 199 Leavitt, P.R. 08l/229/Mo 53 Leavitt, W. 10h/15:00/Mo 34 10h/11:15/Tu 83 10f/297/Th 263 LeBlanc, G. 09i/10:15/Fr 287 Leboulanger, C. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Lechleitner, F. 08c/180/We 196 Lechte, M. 09m/16:45/We 174 Leckie, R.M. 04h/10:45/We 143 Leclerc, F. 06j/207/Th 258 Lecoeuvre, A. 03j/14:15/Mo 26 Lecourt, L. 03j/14:15/Mo 26 Lectez, S. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 Lecuyer, C. 07a/10:00/Th 216 Lederballe Meibom, K. 13k/10:15/Tu 86 Ledley, T.S. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Leduc, M. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 12e/367/Mo 59 12e/368/Mo 59 Lee, Allison 10h/09:30/Tu Index by Author

405 Lee, Alysha 10f/08:45/Fr 288 Lee, Brady 10m/312/Mo 56 Lee, Bridget 09g/16:00/Tu d/271/Tu 124 Lee, Byeongdu 06g/16:15/Mo 30 Lee, C-T. 09a/08:45/We g/65/We g/68/We l/08:45/Th h/10:00/Th e/53/Th j/210/Th j/11:15/Fr e/14:15/Fr 298 Lee, D-C. 13i/436/We b/6/Th 247 Lee, G. 12e/363/Mo 59 13m/427/Th 271 Lee, Hao-Yang 01b/6/Th 247 Lee, Heather 02b/08:45/Mo 4 11c/14:15/We 177 Lee, I. 02e/28/Mo 41 07j/212/Tu 122 Lee, Jisu 12e/363/Mo 59 Lee, Jong-Mi 07i/304/We 194 Lee, Jun-Ho 10b/335/Tu 127 Lee, Kanani 03l/10:00/Th c/16:00/Fr 297 Lee, Kang-Kun 10h/298/Mo 56 13g/392/Th 269 Lee, Kitack 07f/14:30/Fr 304 Lee, Kune-Woo 13j/16:15/We 179 Lee, Kwonho 08i/233/Th 260 Lee, Kyung-Eun 08b/10:00/We 149 Lee, L-C. 11b/320/Th 264 Lee, P. 04j/14:15/Mo 27 Lee, Sang Soo 06g/09:30/Tu 78 06m/11:15/Th c/11:00/Fr c/16:00/Fr j/16:00/Fr 302 Lee, Sanghoon 07i/329/We 195 Lee, Seockheon 06m/177/We 190 Lee, Seung-Gu 03g/75/Mo 44 09f/267/Th b/318/Th 264 Lee, Seung-Yong 13m/432/Th 272 Lee, Seunghak 06m/177/We 190 Lee, Soo-Hyoung 11b/301/Th 263 Lee, Sungsik 13j/08:45/We j/14:30/We 179 Lee, Y. 07i/329/We 195 Lefeuvre, B. 03d/50/We 182 Lefèvre, I. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Legett, S. 07j/09:30/Tu 79 Legg, Ben 06c/178/Th 257 Legg, Benjamin 06g/08:45/Tu 78 Legros, S. 06a/16:30/Tu 100 Leguédois, S. 13g/14:30/Fr 310 Lehmann, M.F. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 07a/15:45/Th 237 Lehmann, N. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 08d/15:45/Tu 102 Lehnert, K. 04d/85/Mo 44 Leinenweber, K. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Leinhardt, Z.M. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Leis, A. 10h/308/Mo 56 Leisen, M. 05d/09:00/Mo 9 05m/09:00/We g/11:00/Th 211 Leitner, J. 06e/14:45/We 168 Leiva, C. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Lemaitre, N. 07i/310/We i/16:15/Th 238 Lemarchand, D. 03a/08:30/Mo 5 Lembo, C. 11f/10:00/We 154 LeMer, G. 12d/15:45/Fr 309 LeMeur, M. 13m/10:00/Th 225 LeMieux, S. 07b/275/We 192 Lemke, K. 04j/08:30/Mo 8 Lenardic, A. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Leng, C-B. 04g/59/We 183 Leng, Q. 08e/222/We 198 Leng, W. 13e/11:00/We b/343/Th 267 Lenstra, W. 07i/14:30/Th 238 Lenton, T. 09m/16:30/We m/09:45/Th 219 Lentz, D. 05d/131/Mo 47 05m/167/Tu 119 Lenz, A. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Leonard, D. 13l/11:00/Mo 19 06g/189/Mo 51 Leonard, M. 13j/10:00/We 156 Leong, J. 03l/09:30/Th 210 Leonhardi, T. 06h/10:30/Th 213 Lepaulard, C. 01h/09:30/We 138 Lepland, A. 10h/16:15/Mo 34 07c/220/Mo 52 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Leprich, D. 10m/10:30/Mo16 Lerat, A. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/16:30/Th 246 Lerner, A. 04j/105/Mo 46 Lerner, P. 07i/320/We 194 LeRoy, M. 07b/269/We 191 Lesher, C. 02d/15:45/Tu 91 04i/09:30/Fr i/11:15/Fr 279 Leth Jørgensen, S. 08e/221/We 198 Leung, K. 06c/09:00/Fr 282 Leung, T. 10m/315/Mo 57 Leung, Y.L. 04g/15:00/Th 232 Leutert, T.J. 08d/275/Tu 124 Leuther, F. 13e/411/We 203 Leuthold, S. 11c/16:45/We 177 Levard, C. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 06a/16:30/Tu e/409/We 203 Levett, A. 06m/16:30/Th 236 Levin, N. 08l/09:00/Mo 13 Levine, J. 01c/08:30/Tu 68 Levitskaia, T. 13j/08:45/We j/10:00/We j/14:30/We j/15:15/We 179 Levitskii, I. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Levitskii, V. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Levitt, J. 13k/409/Tu 132 Lewis, J. 05e/92/We 185 Lewis, M. 04i/118/Th 253 Lewis, S. 06o/168/We 191 Leya, I. 01b/3/Th 247 Lezama Pacheco, J. 12c/09:45/Tu 84 12c/10:00/Tu 84 13g/09:00/Fr 292 Li, Baoqin 10m/318/Mo 57 Li, Bin 11b/310/Th 264 Li, Chao 09m/311/Tu c/17:00/We m/09:30/Th 219 Li, Chao-Feng 05b/17:00/Tu 98 Li, Chuanshun 05g/142/Th 255 Li, Chunhui 02b/10:00/Mo 4 03i/52/Tu 113 Li, Chuxian 08i/237/Th 261 Li, Congying 03e/15:00/Fr 298 Li, Da 07b/268/We 191 Li, Dan 13m/15:30/Fr 311 Li, Dien 13j/09:30/We j/11:15/We o/166/We 191 Li, Dongsheng 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Li, Fang-Bai 10h/08:30/Mo 15 10m/14:30/Mo 35 10m/14:45/Mo 35 12e/370/Mo 59 12e/372/Mo 60 12e/373/Mo 60 13l/427/Mo 64 12a/383/Tu m/10:15/Fr m/11:00/Fr 293 Li, Feili 13f/393/Mo 62 Li, Gang 13i/437/We 204 Li, Gaojun 08d/16:00/Tu c/366/We d/16:45/Th 242 Li, Gongjian 03e/82/Th 251 Li, Haifeng 05d/10:00/Mo 9 Li, Haiquan 03i/15:30/We 163 Li, Han 10m/324/Mo 57 06e/191/Tu 121 Li, He 03e/15:00/Fr 298 Li, Hong-Yan 03a/41/Mo 42 02a/17/Th 247 Li, Hongyan 04g/76/We b/170/Th 256 Li, Houmin 05d/09:45/Tu 75 05g/143/Th 255 Li, Ji 01h/14:15/Th 228 Li, Jian 05h/15:00/Mo 29 05h/174/Mo 50 Li, Jian-Wei 06b/16:45/Th 235 Li, Jiangshan 08i/239/Th 261 Li, Jiangyan 10a/15:15/Tu 104 Li, Jiangyu 03g/08:45/Mo 6 Li, Jianrong 08b/234/Tu 123 Li, Jianwei 05e/16:30/Th g/143/Th 255 Li, Jiao 03l/95/Tu 115 Li, Jie 10h/10:30/Mo 15 02a/17/Th 247 Li, Jin 05e/97/We 186 Li, Jing 05i/10:45/We f/298/Th 263 Li, Jingyi 05b/123/Tu 117 Index by Author 345

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408 Liu, Yongsheng 03b/12/We e/09:30/Fr e/16:15/Fr 298 Liu, Yu 05h/09:15/Mo 10 03f/09:30/Tu 71 13g/412/Th 270 Liu, Yu-Long 03d/27/We 181 Liu, Yuchen 12f/15:00/Th 243 Liu, Yuhui 13m/10:15/Fr 293 Liu, Yuke 05h/10:15/Mo 10 Liu, Yulong 13m/15:45/Fr 311 Liu, Yun 06a/183/Mo 50 10h/301/Mo 56 08e/212/We h/10:45/Th c/42/Th c/175/Th 257 Liu, Yung-Hsin 01b/6/Th 247 Liu, Zaihua 11f/353/Tu 128 Liu, Zhengyu 08b/10:00/We a/226/Th 260 Liu, Zhenxian 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Liu, Zhi-Chao 03e/56/Th e/96/Th 252 Liu, Zhifei 03a/46/Mo 42 Liu, Zhineng 13m/11:00/Th 225 Liu, Zi-Kui 03l/10:15/Th i/15:00/Fr 306 Liu, Zongguang 11f/16:30/Tu e/345/Tu 128 Livens, F. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 13j/422/Tu 131 Livermore, B. 09a/284/Tu 124 Llewellin, E. 04j/15:30/Mo 27 Lloyd, Jon 05f/16:45/Tu 99 Lloyd, Jonathan R. 12e/10:30/Mo 17 Lloyd, M. 10h/15:15/Mo 34 10f/14:30/Fr 307 Lloyd, N.S. 10h/14:15/Mo 34 06j/205/Th f/264/Th j/09:45/Fr 283 Loan, M. 05k/11:00/Th 212 Locatelli, M. 03d/10:30/We 141 Lock, S. 01h/14:45/We 160 Lodders, K. 01h/14:30/We b/10:30/Fr 276 Lodyga, O. 08i/16:15/Fr 305 Loeppky, A. 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Loewen, M. 04g/09:45/Th 211 Lohan, M.C. 07i/10:00/Th i/15:30/Th 238 Lokavarapu, H. 11d/15:00/Th 242 Lokshina, L. 10b/11:15/Tu 82 Lombard, M. 13k/08:45/Tu 86 Long, H. 08b/230/Tu 123 Long, P. 06m/16:30/Th 236 Long, Zeling 06e/187/Tu 121 Long, Zhijie 13i/10:45/Th 224 Longley, M. 09f/14:45/Th 240 Lonsdale, P. 03g/72/Mo 44 Loock, J. 07i/322/We 195 Lopano, C. 05h/148/Mo 48 05k/09:00/Th 212 Lopez, A. 12c/11:15/Tu 84 Lopez, O. 06c/16:45/Fr 301 Lopez, T. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Lopez-Haro, M. 09i/09:30/Fr 287 Lopez-Morales, M. 01f/16:45/Fr 296 Lorand, J.P. 01h/10:00/Th 208 Lord, O. 02c/14:15/Fr 297 Lord, R. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 Lorenson, T. 05k/10:30/Th 212 Lorenz, M. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Lorenzo García, E. 05b/127/Tu b/134/Tu 117 Lorenzo-Merino, A. 04g/75/We 184 Löscher, C. 10d/344/We 198 Lotfi Kalahroodi, E. 06a/184/Mo 51 Lothenbach, B. 13j/17:00/We o/164/We o/09:45/Th 215 Lotus, J. 10f/15:45/Fr 307 Loucks, E. 04i/14:45/Fr 299 Lough, A.J.M. 07i/15:30/Th 238 Lough, J. 08e/11:15/Th 218 Lougheed, B. 07b/14:45/Fr 303 Lourenco, D. 03i/08:45/We 142 Lourens, L. 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Love, G. 09m/16:15/We m/08:30/Th 219 Lovelock, C.E. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Lovera, O. 06j/09:15/Fr 283 Lowenstein, T. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Lowry, G. 13e/10:30/We e/10:45/We 155 Loydell, D. 09f/15:45/Th 240 Loza, I. 13m/10:30/Fr m/10:45/Fr 293 Lozano, A. 06a/16:15/Tu 100 Lu, A. 10d/09:45/Th b/310/Th 264 Lu, G. 13i/428/We m/11:15/Fr 293 Lu, H. 05h/151/Mo 48 05h/171/Mo 50 05h/172/Mo 50 10f/288/Th f/293/Th 263 Lu, J. 06j/10:00/Fr 283 Lu, Li 13f/384/Mo 62 13m/428/Th 271 Lu, Longfei 05h/162/Mo 49 Lu, M. 07b/271/We 192 Lu, S. 05h/09:30/Mo 10 07b/279/We 192 Lu, W. 07b/11:15/Fr 284 Lu, Xia 13l/11:00/Mo 19 10m/314/Mo 57 Lü, Xinbiao 05f/153/Tu 118 Lu, Yanbin 08b/232/Tu j/207/Th 258 Lu, Yang 10h/300/Mo 56 06b/17:00/Th b/169/Th 256 Lu, Ying-Huai 02b/8/Mo 40 Lu, Yuehan 07b/271/We 192 Lu, Zheng-Tian 13i/418/We i/15:30/Th 245 Lu, Zunli 07b/11:15/Fr b/14:15/Fr 303 Lubbers, J. 04g/16:00/We 165 Luchetti, A.C. 04h/116/Tu 117 Luck, P.M. 05k/140/We 188 Lückge, A. 08b/227/Tu 122 Lüders, V. 05m/14:45/We 167 Ludwig, T. 03b/10/We 180 Lueder, U. 12e/15:00/Mo 36 Lueders-Dumont, J. 10h/09:15/Tu 83 Luederwald, S. 13e/411/We 203 Luguet, A. 02e/16:45/Mo 24 01i/15:45/Tu 90 02g/15:15/We a/14:15/Th 229 Luis, L. 09a/293/Tu 125 Lukens, Wayne 13j/08:45/We 156 Lukens, William 08l/16:30/Mo 32 08e/14:15/Th 239 Lund, D. 08d/15:30/Tu d/16:15/Tu l/16:45/We i/118/Th 253 Lund, S. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Lundmark, A.M. 09a/279/Tu 124 Lunn, R. 10m/15:45/Mo 35 10e/16:15/Tu j/15:30/We 179 Lünsdorf, K. 09a/285/Tu 124 Luo, B. 04g/77/We 184 Luo, C. 08e/206/We 197 Luo, G. 10f/10:30/Fr 288 Luo, J. 13i/437/We 204 Luo, S. 06c/188/Th 258 Luo, Xia 05i/114/We i/122/We 187 Luo, Xianrong 05k/124/We k/142/We 189 Luo, Xiaobo 10m/14:45/Mo35 Luo, Yan 03i/14:15/We 163 Luo, Yiming 07l/10:45/We 148 Lupien, R. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 08d/273/Tu 124 Lupker, M. 10e/347/Tu f/10:15/We 154 Lupton, J. 10b/336/Tu 127 Lupulescu, M. 06j/196/Th 258 Lusty, P. 05g/11:00/Fr 281 Luther, G. 13e/412/We 203 Luttge, A. 06a/182/Mo 50 13c/402/We c/403/We m/14:15/Th 236 Luttinen, A.V. 02e/09:30/Tu 70 04g/15:15/We g/09:30/Th i/16:15/Th 233 Lutton, A. 05i/09:15/We 144 Lutz, E. 13c/400/We 202 Lutz, S. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Lützenkirchen, J. 13l/09:15/Mo 19 Luu, Nathalie 05b/128/Tu 117 Luu, Ngoc 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Luu, V.H. 10h/302/Mo 56 Luvizotto, G.L. 03f/15:15/Mo 25 Luxem, K.E. 14a/255/Tu d/10:30/Th 220 Lv, S. 08i/239/Th 261 Lv, Y. 13l/423/Mo Index by Author

409 Lybrand, R. 12f/396/Tu f/398/Tu 130 Lynch, B. 13m/10:45/Fr 293 Lynn, K. 04d/09:00/Mo 7 06h/153/We 189 Lyon, I. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 01h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th 228 Lyons, E. 08l/09:15/Mo 13 Lyons, J. 07a/09:45/Th a/11:00/Th 216 Lyons, R. 01f/15:15/Fr 296 Lyons, S. 11f/11:00/We 154 Lyons, T.W. 07c/215/Mo 52 09d/266/Mo 54 09d/269/Mo 54 09d/271/Mo 54 09g/15:30/Tu g/16:00/Tu d/271/Tu m/315/Tu h/10:00/We l/16:45/We b/275/We b/276/We m/09:00/Th i/14:45/Th 238 Lyons, W.B. 08i/229/Th 260 Lyu, D. 13f/382/Mo 62 Lyu, X. 05h/163/Mo 49 M, S. 10m/320/Mo 57 Ma, Chao 09a/11:00/We 150 Ma, Chi 07c/14:45/Mo 31 06j/14:45/Fr 302 Ma, Jian 05h/149/Mo 48 Ma, Jinlong 10h/10:30/Mo 15 03e/54/Th 250 Ma, K-F. 11b/320/Th 264 Ma, Lan 07i/323/We 195 Ma, Lin 11a/14:45/Tu c/184/We c/374/We g/09:15/Fr i/15:45/Fr 305 Ma, Q. 04i/132/Th 254 Ma, S. 05k/09:30/Th 212 Ma, T. 13h/416/Mo 63 12a/381/Tu 129 Ma, Wanyun 05h/169/Mo 50 Ma, Wei 05h/15:00/Mo 29 Ma, Yifei 06g/195/Mo 51 Ma, Yu 10f/298/Th 263 Ma, Yunlu 02e/22/Mo 41 02c/10:45/Fr 277 Ma, Zhenmin 11b/17:00/Fr 308 Ma, Zhibang 09a/302/Tu 125 Ma, Zhong-Zhen 04d/91/Mo 45 Maas, R. 03i/53/Tu 113 Maavara, T. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Mac Niocaill, C. 04h/108/Tu 116 Macalady, J. 10m/08:45/Mo16 09j/15:30/Mo 33 10a/09:00/We 151 Macdonald, F.A. 07c/11:15/Mo 12 04h/15:45/Tu 96 04h/08:30/We d/16:30/Th 242 MacDonald, J. 13m/16:45/Fr 311 Macdonald, Raymond 04g/10:45/Th 211 Macdonald, Robie 11f/16:15/Tu 107 Macfarlane, A. 06o/15:00/We 170 Machesky, M. 13l/09:00/Mo 19 Machida, S. 05g/152/Th g/155/Th 256 Maciag, B. 02a/18/Th 248 MacIntyre, T. 05m/09:15/We 145 Mack, E-E. 10h/310/Mo 56 13c/400/We m/16:00/Fr 311 Mackey, T. 07c/15:30/Mo 31 07c/221/Mo 52 08e/16:45/Th 239 MacKinney, J. 09f/15:15/Th m/15:15/Th 246 Maclennan, J. 02b/6/Mo 40 04i/107/Th c/11:15/Fr 277 MacLennan, S.A. 04h/11:15/We 143 Macpherson, C. 04j/16:15/Mo 27 04g/09:45/Th 211 MacPherson, Glenn 01i/14:15/Tu 90 Macpherson, Gwendolyn 11b/331/Th 265 Madabhooshi, S. 02g/43/Tu 112 Maden, C. 01b/7/Th 247 Mader, H. 04j/15:45/Mo 27 Mäder, U. 13j/17:00/We 179 Maeda, L. 05g/148/Th g/14:45/Fr g/15:30/Fr 300 Maerz, C. 10b/334/Tu 127 Maes, A. 06o/162/We o/09:00/Th 215 Maes, N. 06o/15:30/We 170 Maffre, P. 04h/09:15/We c/16:15/We 177 Magalhaes, H.P. 13i/14:45/Th 245 Magalhaes, N. 03e/15:30/Fr e/15:45/Fr 298 Magiera, T. 08i/234/Th 260 Magna, T. 01h/16:15/We g/61/We 183 Magnabosco, C. 03l/11:15/Th 210 Magnall, J. 05g/154/Th g/16:00/Fr 300 Magni, V. 03d/15:45/Tu 92 Maguffin, S. 13k/10:45/Tu 86 Magyar, J. 07c/14:45/Mo 31 09j/16:15/Mo 33 Magyar, P. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 Mahan, B. 02a/15/Th 247 Mahaqi, A. 13f/380/Mo 62 Maher, K. 13l/15:30/Mo 39 07c/215/Mo 52 10h/306/Mo 56 12f/393/Tu f/394/Tu c/16:00/We a/11:15/Th f/14:15/Th f/14:30/Th f/15:00/Th a/224/Th 260 Maheshe, P.B. 13g/409/Th 270 Mahilang, M. 13f/390/Mo 62 Mahlin, D. 06c/187/Th 258 Mahlknecht, J. 13m/10:45/Fr 293 Mahmood, S. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Mahmoudi, N. 10e/16:00/Tu e/343/Tu 128 Mahmoudi Dalir, A. 13g/406/Th 270 Maia, M. 04i/15:15/Fr 299 Maibaum, L. 12b/347/Th 267 Maier, R. 12d/358/Th 268 Maier, W. 01h/09:45/Th 208 Maignien, L. 10d/10:15/Th 220 Mailloux, B. 13d/409/Mo 61 Maisch, M. 12e/15:00/Mo 36 12d/370/Th 268 Majer, V. 13g/398/Th 269 Majidi, P. 05d/119/Mo 46 Major, J. 01c/2/Tu 110 Majumder, S. 13m/433/Th m/10:45/Fr 293 Makarova, I. 13j/417/Tu 131 Makino, Y. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 Makutu Kumakele, D. 05d/116/Mo 46 Mal, J. 13k/16:30/Mo 38 Malakhov, F. 05m/10:00/We 145 Maldanis, L. 10a/10:15/We 151 Malekzadeh, A. 05d/11:00/Mo 9 Maletic, E. 04g/79/We 184 Malkin, S. 10d/08:30/Th 220 Mallard, J. 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Mallick, S. 02b/11/Mo 40 04i/10:45/Fr 279 Malone, S. 09a/278/Tu 124 Maloney, A. 08c/17:00/We 172 Maloney, M. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 Maloof, A.C. 07j/16:45/Tu h/08:45/We 138 Malusova, M. 12b/345/Th 267 Maman, S. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 Mamet, S. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Mamontov, E. 06h/145/We c/09:15/Fr c/10:00/Fr 282 Managh, A. 06j/09:45/Fr 283 Mancuso, A. 08l/10:45/Mo 13 Mandal, R. 11c/372/We 200 Mandeville, C. 04j/105/Mo 46 Mandic, M. 10h/308/Mo 56 05e/91/We 185 Mandl, M. 01h/16:00/We 160 Mandler, B.E. 14a/255/Tu 133 Manecki, M. 06a/186/Mo 51 01b/1/Th 247 Index by Author 349

410 Maneiro, K. 03f/56/Mo 43 03i/15:00/We 163 Maneta, V. 06h/147/We h/11:15/Th 213 Manga, M. 04j/95/Mo 45 Mangler, M. 04g/15:00/Th 232 Manjón-Cabeza Córdoba, A. 04i/08:45/Fr 279 Manning, A. 05m/170/Tu m/14:30/We e/10:00/Fr 280 Manning, C. 14a/247/Tu 133 Mansor, M. 10m/08:45/Mo 16 06a/185/Mo 51 Mansur, E. 02a/17:00/Th 229 Manzini, M. 04j/98/Mo 45 Mao, F. 05h/173/Mo 50 05b/135/Tu 117 Mao, Haiyan 10a/15:00/Tu a/15:15/Tu 104 Mao, Ho-Kwang 02c/35/Th 249 Mao, Jingdong 05b/14:15/Tu 98 Mao, Jingwen 05f/15:45/Tu 99 11b/310/Th 264 Mao, L. 13f/09:45/Mo 18 Mao, W.L. 02c/35/Th c/40/Th c/14:45/Fr 297 Mao, Y. 08b/234/Tu 123 Mao, Z. 05k/127/We 188 Mapder, T. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/09:00/Tu 82 Marcaida, M. 03a/39/Mo 42 Marcaillou, C. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Marchal, O. 08d/16:30/Tu i/320/We 194 Marcon, Vinícius 04i/134/Th 254 Marcon, Virginia 10d/10:45/Th f/16:45/Th 243 Marcotte, D. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Marcotte, S. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Mare, E. 03b/14:45/Th c/11:00/Fr 277 Marescaux, A. 07f/15:45/Fr 304 Margaret, L. 05a/87/We 185 Marger, K. 05d/11:15/Mo 9 Marguš, M. 10l/362/We 199 Marhas, K.K. 01i/11:00/Tu 69 Marien, C.S. 03i/09:30/We 142 Mark, C. 03g/70/Mo 44 Markelova, E. 12e/16:45/Mo 36 Markey, R. 09a/287/Tu 125 Marko, L. 03f/16:45/Mo 25 09a/10:30/We 150 Marks, N. 09f/263/Th b/317/Th 264 Markusson, S. 13i/15:00/Th 245 Marnocha, C. 10m/10:45/Mo16 Marone, F. 06h/146/We 189 Marquardt, W. 13l/10:00/Mo 19 Marques, L.S. 04i/126/Th 254 Marques Fernandes, M. 12c/09:30/Tu 84 Marquez Martinez, G. 05b/134/Tu 117 Marr, L. 07a/15:15/Th 237 Marroquín, S. 07b/273/We 192 Marry, V. 13l/09:30/Mo 19 09i/11:00/Fr 287 Marschall, H. 03a/40/Mo 42 03b/14:30/Th a/15:15/Th a/15:45/Th a/22/Th c/37/Th 249 Marschmann, G. 12f/15:15/Th 243 Marsh, J. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 Marsh, N.B. 10e/349/Tu 128 Marshall, E. 02e/08:45/Tu 70 02c/17:00/Fr 297 Marshall, J. 08l/11:00/Mo 13 13f/392/Mo 62 Marske, J. 04j/17:00/Mo 27 Martin, Adam 04i/14:30/Fr 299 Martin, Adrian 07i/08:30/Th 217 Martin, B. 04d/10:15/Mo 7 Martin, C. 03j/11:00/Tu 72 Martin, J.E. 10h/11:00/Mo 15 Martin, L. 06c/174/Th 257 Martin, P-E. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 Martin-Chivelet, J. 08l/238/Mo 53 11f/361/Tu a/222/Th 260 Martinez, A. 04g/80/We 184 Martinez, I. 03j/09:30/Tu 72 03f/14:30/Tu 93 11b/16:15/Fr 308 Martínez, J. 13j/15:30/Tu 109 Martinez, P. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 Martinez, R. 10m/11:15/Mo 16 Martinez Santana, M. 05b/127/Tu b/134/Tu 117 Martinez-Garcia, A. 08d/267/Tu l/16:00/We 171 Martini, A. 10a/16:45/Tu m/420/Th 271 Martini Tonetto, E. 06j/206/Th 258 Martínková, E. 07j/206/Tu 121 Martino, N. 02e/19/Mo 41 Martirosyan, N. 02g/16:45/We 161 Martma, T. 07b/10:30/Fr 284 Marty, B. 02b/08:45/Mo 4 01h/15:00/Th i/16:15/Fr a/11:45/Fr xv Maruyama, K. 07i/326/We 195 Maruyama, S. 09m/307/Tu 126 Marvin-DiPasquale, M. 04h/110/Tu 116 Mary, S. 05d/119/Mo 46 Marynowski, L. 13f/400/Mo 63 05b/08:30/Tu 74 07b/280/We 192 März, C. 10b/333/Tu 127 Marzec, M. 11b/309/Th 264 Marzoli, A. 04h/112/Tu 116 Masataka, M. 05b/125/Tu 117 Mashio, A.S. 07i/308/We 194 Masiello, C. 10d/11:15/Th b/357/Th 267 Masion, A. 13e/09:15/We e/408/We e/409/We 203 Maskell, A. 11b/312/Th 264 Mason, C. 12a/385/Tu 129 Mason, P. 09g/16:00/Tu 103 Mason, S. 13l/10:00/Mo 19 06g/08:30/Tu 78 Masotta, M. 04g/82/We 185 Masqué, P. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Massa, C. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Masse-Dufresne, J. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Masters, M. 11c/367/We 200 Masterson, A.L. 10h/10:15/Tu 83 Masuda, H. 13f/08:45/Mo 18 13m/16:15/Fr 311 Masuda, Y. 05h/09:00/Mo 10 Masue-Slowey, Y. 12e/365/Mo 59 Mather, T. 04j/16:00/Mo 27 04h/16:45/Tu 96 Mathieu, L. 04g/09:15/Th 211 Mathur, R. 02b/10:45/Mo 4 05e/99/We e/105/We 186 Matiatos, I. 13i/10:30/Th 224 Matjuschkin, V. 04j/10:15/Mo 8 Matschiavelli, N. 10m/16:30/Mo35 Matsu ura, F. 09m/307/Tu 126 Matsumoto, I. 02e/26/Mo 41 11a/340/Mo 58 Matsuura, F. 03i/51/Tu 113 Matsuzaki, H. 08e/08:30/Th 218 Matt, P. 05e/99/We 186 Matter, J. 03j/70/Tu 114 Matthews, A. 07j/08:30/We 147 Matthews, B. 10f/16:30/Fr 307 Matthews, S. 02b/6/Mo 40 02c/11:15/Fr 277 Matthewson, J. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Mattielli, N. 02e/15:45/Mo 24 03d/08:30/We i/230/Th 260 Mattsson, T. 01f/16:45/Fr 296 Matus, D. 03f/53/Mo 43 Matys, E. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Matzen, A. 04j/16:00/Mo 27 03b/14:15/Th c/09:00/Fr 277 Matzen, S. 13k/11:15/Tu 86 Maulana, A. 05e/104/We 186 Maurer, G. 12f/14:45/Th 243 Mavromatis, V. 06e/09:00/We e/10:00/We b/330/Th 265 May, D. 10d/358/We 199 Mayali, X. 10f/15:30/Fr 307 Mayer, U. 13g/15:15/Fr 310 Mayhew, L. 03j/69/Tu 114 Mayordomo, N. 13l/09:15/Mo 19 13j/15:00/Tu 109 Mayser, J.P. 08l/10:30/Mo 13 Mazaud, A. 08d/266/Tu l/16:00/We 171 Mazumdar, A. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/09:00/Tu 82 10b/340/Tu c/183/We 196 Mazza, S. 02a/14:45/Th 229 Mazzoleni, L. 10e/08:30/We 152 Mazzucchelli, M.L. 03f/14:45/Mo Index by Author

411 Mbaegbu, M. 05b/11:00/Tu 74 Mbingeneeko, F. 13h/419/Mo 63 McAdam, A. 04j/99/Mo 45 McAdams, B. 05h/16:00/Mo 29 McAleer, R. 09a/292/Tu m/14:45/Th 246 McArthur, J. 07j/16:15/Tu 101 McBriarty, M. 13j/10:45/We j/16:30/Fr 302 McCaig, H. 09d/264/Mo 54 McCain, S. 07i/329/We 195 McCammon, C. 04j/103/Mo 45 04j/08:45/Tu 73 02g/39/Tu l/10:00/Th 210 McCanta, M. 04j/101/Mo 45 04j/108/Mo 46 04j/10:45/Tu 73 04j/11:15/Tu 73 McCarron, T. 03f/10:45/Tu 71 McCart, S. 04i/118/Th 253 McCarthy, M. 10f/14:45/Th 241 McCartney, K. 05k/138/We 188 McCauley Rench, R. 10m/08:45/Mo 16 McClelland, H. 10d/11:00/Th 220 McClenaghan, S. 05e/16:00/Th 234 McCleskey, B. 04j/11:00/Mo 8 McCloy, J. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 McClung, A. 13k/10:45/Tu 86 McClymont, E.L. 11f/08:45/We 154 McColl, S. 09m/16:45/We 174 McCollom, T. 03j/17:00/Mo 26 03j/68/Tu 114 McCormack, S.J. 06g/08:30/Mo 11 06g/08:45/Mo 11 McCormick, M. 10l/361/We 199 McCoy-West, A. 02b/08:30/Mo 4 11a/328/Mo 57 05e/08:30/Fr i/10:15/Fr 279 McCreesh, M. 03e/15:45/Fr 298 McCuaig, C. 05d/129/Mo 47 McCulloch, M. 10h/10:30/Mo 15 06e/190/Tu 121 McCutcheon, J. 06m/16:15/Th m/16:30/Th 236 McDevitt, B. 13f/385/Mo 62 13b/14:45/Tu 108 McDonald, B. 03i/16:30/Tu 94 05e/15:00/Th 234 McDonald, C. 09a/11:15/We 150 McDonald, F. 01h/15:45/Th 228 Mcdonough, L. 10e/10:15/We 152 McDonough, W. 03e/90/Th 252 McDowell, W. 12f/395/Tu 130 McElroy, M. 07a/15:00/Th 237 McFarlane, C. 03g/10:30/Mo 6 03f/10:45/Tu 71 05m/167/Tu 119 McFarlane, K. 10e/344/Tu 128 McGee, D. 08l/14:30/Mo 32 08l/14:45/Mo 32 08l/15:45/Mo 32 09a/286/Tu l/10:30/We i/227/Th i/231/Th i/14:30/Fr 305 McGlynn, S. 09j/16:00/Mo 33 McGonigle, J. 03j/72/Tu 114 McGovern, G. 05b/15:00/Tu 98 McGrath, S. 08b/231/Tu 123 McGuire, P. 13i/09:15/Th 224 McInerney, F. 10f/10:00/Fr 288 Mcintosh, D. 04d/11:00/Mo 7 McIntosh, E. 04i/15:30/Fr 299 McIntosh, I. 04j/15:30/Mo 27 McIntosh, J. 11g/09:15/Fr 290 McIntyre, C. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 McKay, J. 07i/327/We 195 McKay, N. 08a/11:00/Fr 286 McKeeby, B. 06j/14:30/Fr 302 McKenzie, R. 03l/08:30/Th 210 McKeon, R. 09a/09:30/We 150 McKnight, D. 08i/229/Th 260 McKoy, M. 05k/09:00/Th 212 McLaughlin, J. 13d/413/Mo 61 McLaughlin, M. 13b/14:45/Tu 108 McLean, C. 03j/68/Tu 114 McLean, N. 09a/283/Tu a/300/Tu 125 McLeish, D. 05m/08:30/We 145 McLeod, C. 04i/110/Th b/09:15/Fr 276 McMahon, P. 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th i/10:00/Th 224 McManus, James 10l/11:00/We i/10:00/Fr 285 McManus, Jerry 04g/15:30/We 165 McNaughton, N. 05e/15:00/Th 234 McNear, D. 12d/366/Th d/14:45/Fr 309 McNeece, C. 03a/09:30/Mo 5 McQuaid, J.B. 06m/16:15/Th 236 McRose, D. 10h/09:30/Tu 83 Meador, T.B. 10f/17:00/Th 241 Meadows, V. 09d/266/Mo 54 Measures, C. 07i/14:15/Th 238 Meckler, A.N. 08d/275/Tu 124 Meckler, N. 08d/272/Tu 124 Medina Ferrer, F. 10f/16:15/Fr 307 Medunic, G. 05h/155/Mo 49 Medvedev, N. 02b/3/Mo 40 Medvedev, P. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 MEERT,, J. 04h/106/Tu 116 Meffre, S. 05e/15:15/Th e/15:30/Th 234 Megonigal, P. 12b/354/Th 267 Mehay, S. 05b/128/Tu 117 Méheut, M. 10h/10:45/Mo 15 01h/16/Tu a/11:15/Fr 286 Mehlhorn, J. 12c/09:45/Tu 84 Mehta, N. 13j/11:15/Tu 85 Mei, L. 05i/120/We 187 Mei, Q-F. 03e/69/Th 250 Mei, Y. 05d/16:30/Mo 28 Meier, F. 13e/11:15/We 155 Meile, C. 10d/345/We f/16:45/Fr 304 Meilland, J. 07i/318/We 194 Meisel, O. 10e/14:45/Tu 105 Meisel, T. 08i/16:45/Fr 305 Meister, P. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Meixner, A. 03a/42/Mo 42 04h/107/Tu 116 Meixnerová, J. 09m/10:45/Th 219 Mejía, L.M. 08e/214/We 198 Mejía Ramírez, L. 08d/268/Tu 123 Melchin, M. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Melekhova, E. 03b/08:30/Th 209 Melgunov, M. 13j/417/Tu 131 Melles, M. 10h/304/Mo 56 Melnik, O. 05d/123/Mo 47 Memeti, V. 03b/1/We g/80/We b/09:45/Th 209 Men, W. 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Mendes, L. 03d/49/We 182 Mendonca, C. 12f/16:15/Th 243 Mendoza, J.P. 11b/306/Th 263 Ménez, B. 10m/09:15/Mo 16 03j/14:15/Mo 26 03j/15:15/Mo 26 10a/09:30/We 151 Menezes Santos, R. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Meng, M. 13f/14:45/Mo 37 Meng, Q. 05b/132/Tu 117 Meng, X. 13l/425/Mo 64 Meng, Y-M. 05m/169/Tu 119 Menguy, N. 13m/09:15/Th 225 Menuge, J. 05m/177/Tu 120 Menzel Barraqueta, J-L. 07i/16:15/Th i/10:30/Fr 285 Menzies, C. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Merabet, H. 07a/263/We 191 Meraj, M.A. 04g/54/We 183 Mercer, C. 09a/11:15/We 150 Meredith, K. 10e/10:15/We 152 Meredith, L. 12d/358/Th 268 Mergelsberg, S. 06g/14:15/Mo 30 06g/14:30/Mo 30 06a/11:00/Tu 77 13b/15:45/Tu 108 Mergl, M. 07j/14:45/Tu 101 Merle, R. 09a/14:30/We 173 Merle, S. 10b/336/Tu 127 Mernagh, T. 04j/94/Mo 45 Merrifield, R. 13e/405/We 202 Merrot, P. 13m/09:15/Th 225 Merroun, M. 10m/16:15/Mo 35 Mertineit, M. 07j/215/Tu 122 Mertz, D.F. 02e/08:30/Tu 70 Mertz, J-D. 11b/10:00/Fr 289 Mesa, J. 04j/97/Mo 45 Mesbah, A. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 Meshik, A. 01i/10:45/Tu 69 01h/16:45/Th 228 Mestrot, A. 13k/10:15/Tu 86 Metcalf, J. 09a/10:45/We 150 Metcalfe, A. 04g/09:45/Th 211 Index by Author 351

412 Métrich, N. 03d/46/We 182 Meulenbroek, K. 07i/10:45/Fr 285 Meulia, T. 10a/16:30/Tu 104 Meunier, J.D. 12d/16:45/Fr 309 Meydan, C. 03j/16:30/Mo 26 Meyer, A. 08a/221/Th 259 Meyer, F.M. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Meyer, H. 08a/10:45/Fr 286 Meyers, K. 10l/15:45/We 176 Meyers, S. 09a/11:00/We 150 Meysman, F.J.R. 10d/16:15/We d/08:45/Th d/09:00/Th 220 Mezger, E. 08e/10:30/Th 218 Mezger, K. 01i/15:00/Tu 90 03i/59/Tu l/82/Tu l/16:00/We f/269/Th 261 Mhlanga, X. 09g/16:00/Tu 103 Mi, J. 05h/11:00/Mo 10 05b/137/Tu 118 Mi, P. 07b/15:30/Fr 303 Micha, J-S. 06m/175/We 190 Michael, C. 04i/14:15/Fr 299 MIchael, P. 04j/09:30/Mo 8 02b/15:30/Mo 23 04i/11:00/Fr 279 Michael, S. 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Michalek, T. 11c/16:45/We 177 Micheau, C. 10e/11:00/We 152 Michel, A. 07c/10:30/Mo 12 Michel, E. 08d/266/Tu l/16:00/We 171 Michel, F.M. 06a/11:00/Tu 77 Michel, M. 06g/14:15/Mo 30 06g/14:30/Mo 30 Michels, R. 05m/09:45/We 145 Michon, L. 11a/336/Mo 58 Michot, L. 09i/10:30/Fr i/10:45/Fr c/11:00/Fr 282 Micklethwaite, S. 06a/14:45/Tu 100 Middag, R. 07i/329/We 195 Middelburg, J.J. 08d/275/Tu 124 Middlemiss, S. 06b/164/Th 256 Mielecki, D. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Migdisov, A. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 05d/15:15/Mo 28 06o/15:45/We 170 Migdisova, N. 02c/30/Th 248 Miggins, D. 09a/291/Tu 125 Mighani, S. 01h/09:30/We 138 Mihailova, B.D. 03f/14:45/Mo 25 Mihaljevič, M. 13g/398/Th 269 Mikac, N. 10l/362/We 199 Mikan, M. 10d/358/We 199 Mikhail, S. 03b/14:45/Th c/09:30/Fr 277 Miklus, N.M. 08c/187/We 196 Milan, L. 04i/116/Th 253 Mildner, D. 06j/16:15/Fr 302 Miljković, K. 03i/16:00/Tu 94 Millar, I. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Miller, Andrew 12f/399/Tu 130 Miller, Austin 07b/11:00/Fr 284 Miller, D.M. 07a/14:15/Th 237 Miller, F. 11c/16:45/We 177 Miller, H. 09a/09:30/We 150 Miller, J. 12a/379/Tu 129 Miller, K. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 Miller, M. 03e/08:45/Fr 278 Miller, Nate 03a/09:30/Mo 5 Miller, Nathan 10l/15:45/We 176 Miller, W.G.R. 02c/11:15/Fr 277 Millet, M-A. 02b/08:30/Mo 4 Millonig, L.J. 03f/16:30/Mo 25 03f/16:45/Mo 25 09a/10:30/We 150 Mills, B. 09m/09:45/Th f/15:30/Th 240 Mills, C. 05m/14:30/We 167 Mills, Jennifer 12f/14:45/Th 243 Mills, Jonathan 12e/09:00/Mo 17 Mills, M. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Mills, R. 07i/334/We 195 Milton, A. 03a/44/Mo 42 Milton, J.A. 06j/205/Th 258 Milyutin, V. 13i/10:15/Th 224 Mimura, Kazuhide 05g/152/Th g/16:45/Fr 300 Mimura, Koichi 09i/278/Th 262 Minami, H. 07i/326/We 195 Minato, D. 06e/184/Tu 120 Ming, D. 01c/14:15/Mo 22 01c/3/Tu 110 Ming-Yu, Z. 09g/275/Mo 54 Mingram, J. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 Minisini, D. 10h/10:00/Mo 15 07j/211/Tu 121 Miot, J. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 Miriello, D. 13d/411/Mo 61 Mirnejad, H. 04i/112/Th 253 Miron, G.D. 05d/16:45/Mo 28 06o/164/We o/09:45/Th 215 Mironov, N. 04j/16:30/Mo 27 03d/16:30/We 162 Mirza, A. 11c/365/We 200 Misawa, K. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 07j/210/Tu 121 Mischke, S. 08c/192/We 197 Mishra, Bhoopesh 13l/11:15/Mo 19 13l/16:15/Mo 39 13l/16:30/Mo 39 Mishra, Biswajit 05d/09:30/Mo 9 Mishra, D. 08b/10:45/We 149 Mishra, R.K. 01i/11:00/Tu 69 01i/20/Tu 111 Mišković, A. 02g/15:15/We 161 Misra, S. 07j/10:30/Tu 79 11c/08:45/Th d/15:45/Th 242 Mitch, W. 13f/389/Mo 62 Mitchell, R. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 Mitra, A. 08i/16:45/Fr 305 Mittelstaedt, E. 02d/24/Tu 111 Mitton, S. 02g/42/Tu 112 Miura, M. 02e/26/Mo 41 Mix, A. 07i/321/We i/10:00/Fr 285 Mixon, E. 03d/10:45/We 141 Miyagi, I. 04j/100/Mo 45 Miyata, Y. 06j/216/Th 259 Miyazaki, A. 06m/171/We m/178/We 190 Miyazaki, T. 05g/16:30/Fr 300 Mizell, K. 05g/151/Th g/153/Th 255 Mizuhara, J. 05h/09:00/Mo 10 Mizutani, Y. 01b/5/Th 247 Mo, X. 03e/51/Th 249 Mocke, H. 05m/14:15/We 167 Modabberi, S. 13m/425/Th m/436/Th 272 Moeinzade, S.H.A. 03d/42/We 182 Moffa-Sanchez, P. 08c/15:45/We 172 Moffett, J. 07i/15:15/Th 238 Mogk, D. 14a/250/Tu e/11:15/Fr 278 Mohamedi, M.R. 05k/126/We b/326/Th 265 Mohammaddost, A. 06c/189/Th 258 Mohammadzadeh, H. 13f/08:30/Mo 18 Mohanta, J. 07i/333/We 195 Mohanty, T.M. 06e/194/Tu 121 Mohn, C.E. 02d/15:30/Tu 91 02d/08:30/We 139 Mohn, J. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 Mohr, W. 10d/355/We 199 Mohtadi, M. 08c/15:30/We 172 Moine, B. 02e/15:45/Mo 24 03i/10:30/We 142 Mojzsis, S. J. 01h/09:00/Th 208 Mojzsis, Stephen 01h/11:00/Th 208 Mokhtari, M. 09i/10:45/Fr 287 Moldoveanu, G. 13g/388/Th 269 Moldowan, M. 05k/15:45/We k/10:45/Th 212 Mole, D.R. 03i/53/Tu 113 Molina, P. 04g/80/We 184 Molinas, R. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06a/10:30/Tu 77 06j/211/Th 259 Mollett, D. 10d/347/We 198 Mollex, G. 04g/11:15/Th 211 Mollo, S. 13f/404/Mo 63 04g/16:45/We g/60/We g/82/We 185 Molnár, F. 09a/285/Tu 124 Molnár, Z. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Molodtsov, K. 13c/16:15/We 178 Momper, L. 03l/11:15/Th 210 Moncada, D. 05f/147/Tu g/81/We 185 Mondal, R. 05d/121/Mo 47 Mondal, S. 10h/303/Mo 56 07j/14:30/Tu 101 Mondillo, N. 05d/130/Mo 47 Monecke, T. 05m/09:30/We 145 Monnin, C. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 03j/10:15/Tu 72 13g/386/Th 268 Monroid, M.K. 13g/399/Th 269 Monson, N. 01h/11:15/We Index by Author

413 Montacer, M. 05h/146/Mo 48 05h/157/Mo 49 Montanez, I. 08l/16:15/Mo 32 Montano, M. 13e/410/We 203 Montarges-Pelletier, E. 13m/10:00/Th b/314/Th g/10:15/Fr 292 Montavon, G. 13g/16:45/Th 244 Montecinos, M. 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Monteiro, F. 10f/11:15/Fr 288 Montes-Hernandez, G. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Montesdeoca, M. 13m/418/Th 271 Monteverde, D. 09j/16:15/Mo 33 Montluçon, D. 10e/16:45/Tu 105 Montoya, V. 13j/15:45/We 179 Montpetit, D. 07c/222/Mo 52 Montross, S. 05k/09:00/Th 212 Monvoisin, G. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Moody, E. 10d/349/We 199 Moog, H. 13c/398/We 202 Moon, H.S. 12d/362/Th 268 Moon, I. 07j/212/Tu 122 Moon, J-W. 06g/192/Mo 51 13m/14:15/Fr 311 Moore, F. 05d/131/Mo 47 Moore, G. 04j/106/Mo 46 Moore, Joel 12a/09:45/Th 223 Moore, Johnathan 05h/148/Mo 48 Moore, K. 03l/11:15/Th 210 Moore, L. 04j/16:30/Mo 27 Moore, Mark 03a/36/Mo 41 07i/08:30/Th 217 Moore, Myles 05b/10:00/Tu 74 05b/10:30/Tu 74 Moore, O. 11f/09:15/We 154 Moore, R. 06j/209/Th 259 Moore, W.S. 07b/15:15/Fr 303 Moore-Maley, B. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Moorhead, G. 05k/08:45/Th 212 Moortgat, J. 05i/08:30/We i/112/We 187 Moos, S.B. 10h/09:00/Mo 15 Moosmuller, H. 10e/08:30/We 152 Moraes, R. 03f/15:15/Mo 25 Moraga, S.D. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06a/10:30/Tu 77 06j/211/Th 259 Morales, E. 03e/77/Th 251 Morales Arredondo, J.I. 11b/321/Th 264 Moran, J. 12b/352/Th d/15:00/Fr 309 Morard, G. 01h/15/Tu 110 Morata, D. 03g/76/Mo 44 05m/09:00/We g/64/We g/81/We e/94/We g/11:00/Th i/15:15/Th 245 Morato Medina, A. 05b/127/Tu 117 Moravec, B. 11g/09:15/Fr 290 More, K. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Moreira, H. 03e/11:00/Fr 278 Morel, F. 10h/09:30/Tu 83 Morel, J-L. 13g/14:30/Fr 310 Moreno, F. 08c/14:15/We 172 Moreno, J.A. 03e/87/Th 252 Moretti, I. 03j/09:15/Tu 72 Moretti, R. 05i/117/We 187 Morford, J. 10l/15:45/We 176 Morgado, E. 04g/14:45/We 165 Morgan, B. 13m/16:00/Th 246 Morgan, D. 04g/14:45/We 165 Morgan, L. 09a/14:15/We 173 Morgan, S. 13c/400/We 202 Morgunova, I. 07c/207/Mo 51 Morin, G. 13m/09:15/Th 225 Morishita, T. 03d/31/We h/09:45/Th c/38/Th e/71/Th i/122/Th i/124/Th 254 Morishita, Y. 04j/100/Mo 45 06b/16:15/Th 235 Moriwaki, R. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 Morize, L. 11a/332/Mo 57 Morlock, M.A. 10h/304/Mo 56 Morono, Y. 10a/14:15/Tu a/321/Tu 127 Morooka, K. 13j/09:30/Tu 85 Morosanu, G.A. 13i/424/We 203 Morrell, J. 09a/14:45/We 173 Morrill, P. 03j/77/Tu 114 Morris, J. 12b/354/Th 267 Morris, K. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 Morris, R. 01c/15:15/Mo 22 Morrison, J. 05m/170/Tu m/14:30/We e/10:00/Fr 280 Morrison, S. 01c/14:45/Mo 22 Morrissey, Laura 03f/11:15/Tu 71 Morrissey, Liam 03j/77/Tu 114 Morse, S. 04d/11:00/Mo 7 Mortlock, R. 08b/236/Tu 123 Morton, D. 04g/65/We 183 Mortyn, P.G. 07l/217/Tu 122 Mosca, P. 12f/392/Tu 130 Moscati, R. 05e/17:00/Th 234 Moser, Desmond 03g/10:00/Mo 6 03g/10:15/Mo 6 01c/5/Tu e/11:00/We e/14:30/We h/16:30/We 160 Moser, Duane 10a/09:15/We 151 Moses, D.S. 13j/423/Tu 131 Moss, E. 10d/10:00/Th 220 Moss, J.A. 09i/09:45/Fr 287 Mosselmans, F. 13j/09:45/Tu 85 Motamedi, S. 10a/16:00/Tu 104 Motlochová, M. 13j/426/Tu 131 Motswaiso, F. 13g/15:45/Fr 310 Motto-Ros, V. 11f/361/Tu 129 Moulas, E. 03f/14:15/Mo 25 Mountain, B. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Mourey, A. 06h/153/We h/09:15/Th 213 Mouri, H. 13f/386/Mo 62 Moy, C. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 11f/10:00/We 154 Moya, P. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Moyen, J-F. 03i/55/Tu 113 Moyer, E. 07a/267/We a/08:30/Fr 286 Moynier, F. 01i/17:00/Tu 90 09a/284/Tu i/09:15/We h/15:15/We e/16:45/Th a/15/Th i/16:30/Fr 299 Moysey, S. 14a/258/Tu 134 Møller, T.E. 08e/221/We 198 Mtimet, A. 07c/213/Mo 52 Mubarak, H. 04i/113/Th 253 Mucci, A. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Mudahy, A. 04i/118/Th 253 Mudd, G. 05f/10:00/Tu 76 Muehe, M. 12e/10:15/Mo 17 10m/15:15/Mo 35 12c/11:15/Tu 84 12d/370/Th 268 Muehlenbachs, K. 07b/08:30/Fr 284 Mueller, Paul 03e/11:15/Fr 278 Mueller, Peter 08l/234/Mo 53 13i/15:30/Th 245 Mugerwa, T. 08l/241/Mo 53 Muhammad, R. 07i/340/We 196 Mühlberg, M. 03i/55/Tu 113 Mühlena, L. 10f/17:00/Th 241 Muhling, J. 07c/09:15/Mo 12 07c/212/Mo 52 07j/15:45/Tu 101 Mühr-Ebert, E. 06o/16:15/We 170 Mukasa, S.B. 13m/418/Th 271 Mukherjee, A. 10a/319/Tu a/218/Th 259 Mukherjee, I. 09g/276/Mo 54 10l/16:30/We 176 Mukherjee, P.K. 05e/16:45/Th 234 Mukherjee, S. 13f/09:30/Mo 18 Mukherjee, Shreya 02e/23/Mo 41 Mukhopadhyay, S. 02b/15:15/Mo 23 08l/16:15/Mo 32 01h/14:30/Th c/36/Th 249 Mullan, T.K. 10m/15:45/Mo35 Müller, C. 12d/16:15/Fr 309 Müller, I.A. 08d/275/Tu e/216/We 198 Muller, J. 04g/15:30/We 165 Müller, K. 13j/15:00/Tu 109 Muller, W. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 06j/10:45/Fr 283 Mulroy, S. 05f/16:45/Tu 99 Mundl, A. 02b/11:00/Mo 4 02b/11:15/Mo 4 Mundle, S.O.C. 03j/14:30/Tu 95 Mundy, C. 06g/08:45/Tu 78 Munemoto, T. 13j/421/Tu 131 Mungall, J. 05m/11:15/We a/27/Th 248 Münker, C. 01i/11:15/Tu 69 03i/09:30/We h/16:45/We h/09:45/Th a/14:30/Th 229 Index by Author 353

414 Muñoz, L. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Munoz, M. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Muñoz-Sáez, C. 05e/94/We 185 Müntener, O. 03b/10:30/Th 209 Murai, T. 03i/56/Tu 113 Murayama, Masafumi 07j/208/Tu 121 Murayama, Mitsuhiro 06a/185/Mo 51 06a/15:15/Tu 100 Murdoch, L. 13j/08:30/We 156 Murphy, A.E. 12b/353/Th 267 Murphy, D. 03i/09:00/We 142 Murphy, J.B. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 03e/66/Th 250 Murphy, M. 07j/09:30/We 147 Murray, J.W. 08i/240/Th 261 Murray, R. 08i/227/Th i/231/Th 260 Murton, B. 05g/11:00/Fr 281 Murugapiran, S. 10f/15:15/Fr 307 Murukesan, G. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Müsing, K. 08e/14:30/Th 239 Mustard, J. 03j/09:45/Tu 72 03j/10:00/Tu 72 Muth, M. 04j/104/Mo 45 Mutisya, S.M. 06c/10:45/Fr 282 Muto, A. 01b/10:30/Fr 276 Muzio, R. 02e/19/Mo 41 03e/77/Th 251 Myneni, S. 13l/16:15/Mo 39 12e/362/Mo 59 13l/428/Mo 64 12c/10:45/Tu 84 12b/10:15/Fr 291 Myrbo, A. 07c/214/Mo 52 Naafs, D. 08l/09:45/Mo 13 08l/231/Mo 53 10f/11:15/Fr 288 Nadeau, M. 07c/16:15/Mo 31 Naeher, S. 05b/123/Tu 117 Nagasaki, S. 13j/16:00/Tu 109 Nagase, T. 05g/14:45/Fr 300 Nagashima, K. 01i/14:15/Tu 90 02c/10:00/Fr 277 Nägler, T. 09g/11:00/Tu 80 Nagurney, A. 03f/54/Mo 43 Nagy, K. 10e/10:00/We 152 Naidansuren, T. 03d/19/We 181 Naidu, P. 08c/188/We 196 Nainwal, H.C. 11c/376/We 200 Naish, T. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Najman, Y. 03g/09:45/Mo 6 Najorka, J. 07c/16:30/Mo 31 Nakada, R. 04j/09:45/Tu 73 Nakagawa, M. 04i/125/Th 254 Nakaguchi, Y. 07i/326/We 195 Nakajima, M. 01h/16:15/Th 228 Nakajima, R. 09i/15:30/Fr 306 Nakamoto, B. 10f/16:00/Th 241 Nakamura, A. 08e/08:30/Th 218 Nakamura, Kengo 13g/15:45/Fr 310 Nakamura, Kentaro 05g/152/Th g/155/Th g/16:30/Fr g/16:45/Fr 300 Nakamura, M. 06m/172/We 190 Nakamura, T. 01f/15:00/Fr 296 Nakano, Y. 06b/15:00/Th 235 Nakatani, T. 06m/172/We 190 Nakley, L. 06g/11:15/Mo 11 Nakouzi, E. 06c/178/Th c/09:45/Fr 282 Namgung, S. 12e/363/Mo 59 Namur, O. 04g/08:45/Th i/11:15/Fr 279 Nan, C. 13l/423/Mo 64 Nan, Xiao-Yun 02b/14/Mo 40 Nan, Xiaoyun 03d/26/We 181 Nana Yobo, L. 10h/10:00/Mo 15 Nancharaiah, V. 10m/320/Mo 57 Nancucheo, I. 13g/16:30/Fr 310 Nanda, V. 09i/277/Th 262 Napieralski, S. 10d/10:45/Th 220 Narain Ojha, V. 13m/429/Th 271 Naraoka, H. 09i/274/Th 262 Nardin, E. 04h/09:15/We 143 Nardy, A. 04h/116/Tu 117 Narkevsky, E. 07c/207/Mo 51 Nascimento, P. 04g/69/We 184 Nash, W. 04j/10:15/Tu 73 Naska, A.M. 12d/359/Th 268 Naslund, H.R. 04g/10:00/Th 211 Natalicchio, M. 07j/11:15/Tu 79 Naughton, H. 12e/364/Mo 59 Navarro, M.S. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 Navaz Rubio, S. 13g/17:00/Fr 310 Naviaux, J. 07l/11:00/We 148 Navon, O. 02g/38/Tu g/16:00/We g/16:15/We 161 Navrotsky, A. 06g/08:45/Mo 11 06g/09:15/Mo 11 06g/09:30/Mo 11 06g/09:45/Mo 11 06g/10:00/Mo 11 06g/10:15/Mo 11 06g/11:00/Mo 11 06g/16:30/Mo 30 06g/16:45/Mo 30 06g/09:15/Tu 78 02g/10:45/We 140 Nayak, R. 03e/86/Th 251 Nayebi, N. 03d/42/We 182 Nazari, G. 04i/124/Th 254 Nazzari, M. 04g/16:45/We g/60/We g/82/We 185 Ndam Ngoupayou, J.R. 13f/406/Mo 63 Ndiaye, P.M. 03f/56/Mo 43 Ndibewu, P.P. 06c/179/Th 257 Neal, C.R. 03i/10:30/We h/16:15/We 160 Nebel, O. 03i/10:00/We e/63/Th i/130/Th 254 Nedyalkova, L. 13j/17:00/We 179 Needham, E. 07j/11:00/Tu 79 Neely, R. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Neeway, J. 13j/10:00/Tu 85 Neilson, J. 12d/358/Th 268 Neimard, M. 07j/10:45/Tu 79 Nekvasil, H. 04j/11:15/Mo 8 04i/129/Th 254 Nelson, Amelia 10b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr 290 Nelson, Andrew 06g/09:30/Mo 11 06o/08:30/Th 215 Nelson, Arin 08b/10:00/We 149 Nelson, Daniel 08c/17:00/We f/16:30/Fr 307 Nelson, David D. 05b/133/Tu 117 Nelson, J. 13l/15:30/Mo 39 Nelson, S. 08i/15:30/Fr 305 Nelson, W. 04i/117/Th 253 Nenes, A. 07a/14:30/Th 237 Neradovskiy, Y. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Nestola, F. 02g/40/Tu g/15:30/We 161 Neubauer, C. 10f/14:30/Fr 307 Neuholz, R. 07c/206/Mo 51 Neukampf, J. 04g/61/We 183 Neumann, E-R. 04i/16:45/Fr 299 Neumann, Rebecca 12b/352/Th d/14:15/Fr 309 Neumann, Reiner 06j/11:15/Fr 283 Neumann, T. 13m/10:30/Th m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Neurath, R. 12b/09:30/Fr 291 Neves Lange, C. 13f/391/Mo 62 Newberry, R. 05k/138/We 188 Newby, S. 03e/15:45/Th 231 Newcomer, M. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Newell, A. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Newman, K. 13e/415/We 203 Newsome, L. 12e/10:30/Mo 17 Newton, R. 07i/14:15/Th f/15:30/Th 240 Newville, M. 04j/101/Mo 45 04j/09:00/Tu 73 08e/208/We 197 Neymark, L. 05e/17:00/Th 234 Ng, H. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Ng, J. 13i/14:30/Th 245 Ng, K. 06c/10:30/Fr 282 Ngouana-Wakou, B.F. 13l/09:45/Mo 19 Nguemou Tchado, D. 13f/406/Mo 63 Nguyen, M. 12b/344/Th 267 Nguyen, Q. 06a/180/Mo 50 Nguyen, The Cong 02e/20/Mo 41 Nguyen, Tran 10f/295/Th 263 Ni, S. 08i/228/Th 260 Ni, Zhi-Yong 05b/138/Tu 118 Ni, Ziqin 10l/15:45/We 176 Nichols, A. 04j/15:30/Mo 27 04j/98/Mo 45 04g/63/We 183 Nichols, C. 01h/09:30/We 138 Nichols, J. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Nicklas, R. 02b/10:00/Mo 4 04j/08:30/Tu 73 Nico, P. 12e/09:45/Mo 17 12e/11:00/Mo 17 12e/14:15/Mo 36 12b/346/Th b/09:30/Fr 291 Nicolas, G. 09a/293/Tu Index by Author

415 Nicollet, C. 03g/68/Mo 44 Nie, N.X. 09f/16:00/Th e/59/Th 250 Nie, Xi 10a/15:00/Tu 104 Nie, Xin 06c/188/Th 258 Niedermann, S. 08e/08:45/Th 218 Nielsen, L.P. 10m/323/Mo 57 Nielsen, R. 04j/14:45/Mo 27 Nielsen, Sune 10h/10:15/Mo 15 02b/10:30/Mo 4 07j/09:15/Tu 79 02c/37/Th i/279/Th 262 Nielsen, Sune G. 07b/10:15/Fr 284 Nielsen, T. 02d/27/Tu 111 Niemeijer, A. 06c/180/Th 257 Niepold, F. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Niepsch, D. 13f/11:15/Mo 18 Niespolo, E.M. 09a/297/Tu a/08:30/We 150 Niihara, T. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 Nikeleit, V. 12b/345/Th 267 Nikogosian, I. 02b/15:00/Mo 23 Nikpeyman, V. 13f/08:30/Mo 18 Niles, P. 01c/4/Tu 110 Nilsson, A. 06c/08:30/Fr 282 Nimmo, F. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 01i/16:45/Tu 90 01b/09:00/Fr 276 Nims, C. 09j/15:30/Mo 33 10a/323/Tu 127 Nisbet, H. 05d/14:45/Mo 28 Nishida, T. 09i/278/Th 262 Nishikata, M. 06m/170/We 190 Nishimura, S. 06o/165/We 191 Nishino, K. 02d/08:45/We 139 Nishiwaki, H. 11c/373/We 200 Nisr, C. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Nittler, L. 01c/16:30/Mo 22 01b/7/Th b/10:15/Fr 276 Niu, D. 07b/277/We 192 Niu, X. 12a/380/Tu 129 Niu, Z. 06b/170/Th 256 Nizam, S. 08i/235/Th 260 Nizou, J. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Noah, P. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Noble, T. 07i/315/We 194 Noble, W. 10d/358/We 199 Noe, T.W. 12d/360/Th 268 Noël, V. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 12c/348/Mo 58 12c/09:00/Tu 84 12c/11:00/Tu 84 12f/394/Tu m/09:15/Th 225 Noethig, E-M. 07i/10:30/Th 217 Nogueira Neto, J.A. 03f/57/Mo 43 Noirez, S. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Nomura, R. 01h/08:30/We 138 Noone, D. 08a/226/Th 260 Noor, N. 12e/16:00/Mo 36 Nooraiepour, M. 13c/17:00/We 178 Norberg, N. 06e/193/Tu 121 Nordheim, T. 01c/16:00/Mo 22 Nordstrom, K. 04j/11:00/Mo 8 13m/10:30/Fr 293 Nordsvan, A. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 Nordt, L. 08e/14:15/Th 239 Noriega, F. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 Noriega-Ortega, B.E. 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Norinskiy, M.A. 12d/360/Th 268 Norisuye, K. 07i/304/We i/326/We 195 Noronha, F. 06b/167/Th 256 Norrfors, K. 13e/10:00/We 155 Norris, A. 06j/195/Th c/09:00/Fr j/16:45/Fr 302 Norsdvan, A.R. 03g/08:45/Mo 6 Norskog, K. 06o/15:15/We 170 Northrup, P. 06e/189/Tu j/14:30/Fr 302 Northup, D. 10a/09:15/We 151 Nory, R.M. 13f/394/Mo 62 Nosouhian, N. 03e/71/Th 251 Notarion, A.R. 13g/399/Th 269 Nouiri, I. 13i/10:30/Th 224 Noureddine, B. 10m/313/Mo 56 Novo, T. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 Nowak, M. 05e/91/We 185 Nowell, G. 02b/08:30/Mo 4 02e/16:45/Mo 24 11a/328/Mo 57 04g/15:00/We 165 Nowińska, K. 13f/396/Mo 63 Nozaki, T. 05g/139/Th g/141/Th g/148/Th g/14:45/Fr g/15:30/Fr 300 Ntaflos, T. 02b/3/Mo 40 Nton, M.E. 07b/286/We 192 Numanami, N. 02d/08:45/We 139 Nunez, J. 12d/15:00/Fr 309 Nunn, B. 10d/358/We d/09:15/Th 220 Nuns, N. 11b/10:00/Fr 289 Nürnberg, D. 10h/308/Mo 56 07i/318/We 194 Nusbaumer, J. 08a/08:45/Fr 286 Nutman, A. 03i/17:00/Tu 94 Nuzzio, D. 12e/374/Mo 60 Nyambe, I. 13g/398/Th 269 Nye Jr, S.W. 07j/213/Tu c/189/We f/297/We 193 Nykänen, V. 04i/121/Th 254 Nyquist, J. 13d/413/Mo 61 Nzaou Mabika, N. 02e/25/Mo 41 O`Donoghue, L. 05a/85/We 185 O Brien, P.J. 03f/58/Mo 43 O Beirne, M.D. 10h/291/Mo 55 09j/08:30/Tu 81 O Brian, L. 13j/422/Tu 131 O Brien, C. 08d/14:45/Tu d/274/Tu 124 O Brien, H. 02c/10:30/Fr 277 O Brien, P.J. 03f/08:45/Tu 71 06h/09:45/Th 213 O Carroll, D. 10e/10:15/We g/335/Th 266 O Connell-Cooper, C. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 O Connor, C.J.P. 06j/205/Th 258 O Connor, K. 08a/223/Th 260 O Day, P. 13l/14:15/Mo 39 13m/15:15/Fr 311 O Driscoll, B. 02d/28/Tu a/16:15/Th g/144/Th 255 O Neil, J. 03i/15:15/Tu 94 03i/50/Tu i/60/Tu i/10:15/We 142 O Neill, H. 02c/11:00/Fr 277 O Reilly, S. 03d/51/We 183 O Rourke, J. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 O Sullivan, G. 03g/70/Mo 44 O Neil, J. 03i/58/Tu 113 Oakes, R. 07j/10:00/Tu 79 Obata, H. 07i/304/We i/308/We i/326/We i/340/We i/11:15/Th f/16:30/Th 240 Oberhänsli, R. 07j/11:15/Tu 79 Obst, M. 12e/361/Mo 59 Ochiai, A. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/Tu 85 06b/15:00/Th 235 Ochir, G. 03d/28/We 181 Ochirbat, M. 05b/140/Tu 118 Odigie, K. 09m/315/Tu 126 Odukoya, A. 13f/386/Mo 62 Oelkers, E.H. 07c/09:45/Mo 12 10h/10:45/Mo 15 10m/11:15/Mo16 11b/316/Th b/324/Th 264 Oelze, M. 06b/16:30/Th 235 Ogawa, Y. 13g/390/Th g/404/Th 270 Ogg, J. 11d/11:00/Th 222 Ogric, M. 11f/08:30/We 154 Ogrinc, N. 11c/374/We f/16:30/Fr 304 Oh, C. 13g/397/Th 269 Oh, J. 02e/28/Mo 41 05g/150/Th 255 Oh, S. 12d/362/Th 268 Ohba, T. 02d/08:45/We 139 Ohishi, Y. 02c/15:00/Fr 297 Ohl, M. 03d/10:15/We c/180/Th 257 Ohmoto, H. 03l/96/Tu l/10:15/Th j/14:30/Fr i/15:00/Fr 306 Ohno, T. 12b/10:45/Fr 291 Ohnuki, T. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/We j/09:45/We j/11:15/We j/15:00/We 179 Index by Author 355

416 Ohta, J. 05g/152/Th g/16:30/Fr 300 Ohta, K. 02c/15:00/Fr 297 Ohta, S. 06j/216/Th 259 Ohtomo, Y. 05f/11:00/Tu 76 06m/170/We i/15:30/Fr 306 Oike, R. 01f/15:00/Fr 296 Ojo, O. 08l/239/Mo 53 Ok, S. 11b/308/Th 264 Okabayashi, S. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 Okada, R. 09i/278/Th 262 Okano, O. 03d/15:30/We 162 Okazaki, R. 07f/14:15/Fr 304 Okuda, Y. 02c/15:00/Fr 297 Okujeni, C. 13g/389/Th 269 Okumura, Y. 08b/10:15/We 149 Okuyucu, C. 04i/135/Th 254 Olatunji, A. 13f/14:30/Mo 37 Oldenburg, T. 10b/342/Tu 128 Oldham, V. 07i/15:45/Th 238 Olenchenko, V. 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Olesik, J. 05i/09:15/We 144 Olins, H. 03j/14:30/Mo 26 14a/09:15/Tu 87 Oliveira, D. 04h/105/Tu 116 Oliveira, E.P. 09g/10:45/Tu 80 03e/87/Th 252 Oliver, D. 11g/09:45/Fr 290 Olivera, L. 03e/77/Th 251 Ollila, A. 09d/09:15/Mo 14 Olsen, E. 07j/11:00/Tu 79 Olsen, P.E. 04h/16:30/Tu 96 04h/16:45/Tu 96 04h/11:15/We 143 Olshansky, Y. 12a/10:30/Th 223 Olson, E. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Olson, K. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Olson, P. 01h/14:45/Th 228 Olson, S. 09d/10:00/Mo 14 09d/266/Mo 54 09d/269/Mo 54 Olszewski, W.J. 05b/133/Tu 117 Oluwajana, O. 04g/53/We 183 Omelon, S. 07c/222/Mo 52 Omrani, J. 03d/11:00/We 141 Omta, A.W. 07l/10:30/We 148 Onderet, C. 11a/332/Mo 57 Ondrejka, M. 11b/302/Th 263 Onnis-Hayden, A. 13k/408/Tu 132 Ono, S. 10h/14:30/Mo 34 10h/15:30/Mo 34 09g/274/Mo 54 09g/281/Mo 55 11a/338/Mo 58 10a/17:00/Tu d/25/Tu j/77/Tu b/133/Tu a/10:15/Th f/14:45/Fr 307 Onuki, T. 06b/15:00/Th 235 Oonk, P. 09g/16:00/Tu 103 Opfergelt, S. 11a/334/Mo 58 Oppo, D. 08e/16:30/Th 239 Orcutt, B. 10a/15:45/Tu a/16:15/Tu 104 Ordoñez, L. 10h/304/Mo 56 Orem, W. 10e/10:00/We 152 Orians, K. 07i/312/We 194 Orihashi, Y. 04i/114/Th 253 Orland, I. 07c/16:45/Mo 31 Oroji, B. 07a/265/We 191 Orr, J. 07f/15:15/Fr 304 Orr, P.J. 07j/205/Tu 121 Orsetti, S. 12e/16:30/Mo 36 Ortega, A.I. 08l/238/Mo 53 08a/222/Th 260 Ortiz, A. 11c/374/We 200 Osburn, M. 10a/09:15/We 151 Ossa Ossa, F. 09i/16:30/Fr 306 Ossolinski, J.E. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Osterloff, P. 11f/360/Tu 129 Ostertag-Henning, C. 11b/307/Th 263 Ostrander, C. 03l/09:30/Th i/279/Th 262 Otake, T. 05f/11:00/Tu 76 05e/104/We o/165/We m/170/We g/395/Th g/402/Th i/15:30/Fr g/15:30/Fr 300 Otari, M. 13f/380/Mo 62 Otero-Farina, A. 13m/09:00/Th m/16:15/Th 246 Otgon, O. 03d/19/We 181 Ottley, C. 04g/09:45/Th 211 Otto-Bliesner, B. 08a/226/Th 260 Ou, Y. 05k/124/We k/142/We 189 Ouattara, Z. 05m/171/Tu 120 Oudone, P. 10e/10:15/We 152 Ouellette, G. 08c/16:15/We 172 Ouerfelli, N. 07c/213/Mo 52 Ouertani, N. 07c/213/Mo 52 10a/324/Tu 127 Ouimet, W. 08e/209/We 197 Ouyang, B. 13j/425/Tu 131 Ouyang, H. 05f/15:45/Tu 99 Overholt, W. 10f/16:45/Th 241 Ovtcharova, M. 09a/293/Tu 125 Owens, J.D. 10h/10:15/Mo 15 04h/11:00/We b/269/We b/273/We e/15:45/Th f/268/Th i/279/Th b/10:15/Fr b/10:30/Fr 284 Ozaki, K. 09f/268/Th 261 Özden, S. 12a/386/Tu 129 Ozgur, N. 05k/129/We k/131/We 188 Özkan-Haller, T. 00a/11:45/We xiv Pabst, T. 13g/14:45/Fr 310 Paces, J. 11c/16:45/We 177 Pagani, M. 08d/14:45/Tu d/274/Tu 124 Pagel, H. 12f/15:15/Th 243 Pagnout, C. 13l/15:45/Mo 39 Pahnke, K. 08d/266/Tu i/10:30/Th 217 Paiste, K. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Pajusalu, M. 10h/15:30/Mo 34 Pak, S-J. 05g/150/Th 255 Pakhomov, E. 13m/09:45/Th 225 Paktunc, D. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Pal, P. 13m/429/Th 271 Palacz, Z. 06j/09:00/Fr j/10:30/Fr 283 Palaia, T. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Palascini, F. 11f/361/Tu 129 Palazzi, E. 12f/392/Tu 130 Palchan, D. 08i/236/Th 260 Pälike, H. 11d/15:15/Th 242 Pallud, C. 13k/16:30/Mo 38 13k/11:15/Tu 86 Palm, A.B. 04j/08:45/Mo 8 04j/94/Mo 45 04j/14:45/Tu 97 Palmer, M.R. 03a/10:30/Mo 5 Pals, A. 02g/14:45/We 161 Palter, J. 07i/316/We 194 Palumbo, A. 13m/14:45/Fr 311 Palumbo-Roe, B. 11b/15:00/Fr 308 Pan, A. 05k/132/We 188 Pan, D. 13j/09:00/Tu 85 Pan, F. 04g/77/We 184 Pan, H. 05m/172/Tu 120 Pan, M. 01c/3/Tu 110 Pan, Yinhua 05k/11:15/Th 212 Pan, Yuanming 02d/16:15/Tu 91 02g/11:00/We 140 Panagiotopoulos, K. 08l/09:15/Mo 13 Pancost, R.D. 08l/09:15/Mo 13 08l/09:45/Mo 13 08l/10:30/Mo 13 08l/231/Mo 53 11f/09:15/We e/14:45/Th 239 Panczer, G. 11f/361/Tu 129 Pandey, D. 06m/16:45/Th 236 Pang, K-N. 03e/57/Th e/60/Th 250 Pang, Zhibin 08b/234/Tu 123 Pang, Zong 05m/168/Tu 119 Panne, U. 03a/34/Mo 41 Pant, N. 11c/376/We 200 Panter, K. 04i/119/Th i/14:30/Fr 299 Pantoja, S. 11f/09:45/We 154 Papadomanolaki, N.M. 11f/11:15/We 154 Papadopoulos, V. 10b/337/Tu 127 Papandreou, Z. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Papangelakis, V. 13g/388/Th 269 Papendieck, A. 14a/10:45/Tu 87 Papp, K. 10a/09:15/We 151 Paque, M. 11a/331/Mo 57 11a/332/Mo 57 Paquette, J-L. 03i/09:45/We i/10:15/We e/65/Th i/112/Th 253 Parada, A. 10d/10:00/Th Index by Author

417 Parada, M. 04g/14:45/We g/80/We 184 Parendo, C. 03d/15:30/We 162 Parenteau, M. Nichole 10d/355/We 199 Parenteau, Mary 09d/267/Mo 54 Parize, O. 05m/09:45/We 145 Parizzi, A. 06j/15:30/Fr 302 Park, Chaewon 06a/178/Mo 50 Park, Chan Woo 13j/16:15/We 179 Park, Changyun 06a/178/Mo 50 05m/166/Tu m/175/Tu e/79/Th 251 Park, D. 05a/87/We a/89/We a/90/We 185 Park, J. 13f/403/Mo 63 13m/422/Th 271 Park, K-H. 03g/75/Mo 44 03d/39/We 182 Park, M-H. 06a/178/Mo 50 Park, Saerom 06m/177/We 190 Park, Sangwon 06e/183/Tu 120 Park, Sung-Hyun 02b/15:30/Mo 23 04i/16:00/Th i/15:15/Fr 299 Park, W-B. 13f/403/Mo 63 Park, Yeum 11d/16:30/Th 242 Park, Young-Rok 03e/09:45/Fr 278 Parker, B. 10h/310/Mo 56 Parker, H. 10m/10:45/Mo 16 Parker, K. 12b/343/Th 267 Parkinson, B. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 01c/8/Tu 110 Parkinson, I. 07j/16:00/Tu l/16:45/We i/10:15/Fr g/11:00/Fr 281 Parlanti, E. 10e/11:00/We 152 Parman, S. 06h/09:00/Th h/09:30/Th h/16:30/Th f/8/Th 247 Parmigiani, A. 04g/14:30/We 165 Parnell, J. 09m/15:30/We a/10:00/Th 216 Parris, D. 09d/270/Mo 54 Parrish, R.R. 03g/09:45/Mo 6 Parry, S. 13j/422/Tu 131 Parthasarathy, G. 01c/09:30/Tu 68 01c/1/Tu 110 Partin, C. 03e/10:30/Fr 278 Partin, J. 08b/10:15/We 149 Pasa-Tolic, L. 12c/346/Mo 58 Pašava, J. 07j/206/Tu 121 Pasqualini, A. 07i/14:15/Th 238 Pasquier, V. 10b/09:15/Tu 82 10h/10:45/Tu 83 Passeport, E. 13j/15:15/Tu c/400/We 202 Passey, B. 08l/09:00/Mo 13 08l/15:00/Mo 32 08a/10:00/Fr 286 Pastén, P. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 13g/08:45/Fr 292 Pasteris, J. 13b/393/We b/396/We 202 Patault, E. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Patenaude, M. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Paterson, S. 04g/16:30/We b/1/We g/80/We b/09:45/Th 209 Pathak, D. 09f/269/Th 261 Pathak, P. 13m/435/Th 272 Pattanaik, J.K. 11a/330/Mo 57 08e/218/We 198 Patterson, D. 09a/281/Tu 124 Patton, G. 06j/09:30/Fr 283 Pattrick, R.A.D. 12e/10:30/Mo 17 Patzek, M. 01h/10:45/We 138 Patzner, M-S. 12b/345/Th m/09:15/Fr 293 Paul, A.N. 02b/17/Mo 40 Paul, D. 07a/16:00/Th 237 Paul, V. 10h/293/Mo 55 10m/321/Mo 57 Paula-Santos, G. 07c/16:00/Mo 31 07c/216/Mo 52 Paulo Perez, J.H. 13g/17:00/Fr 310 Pausata, F. 08b/11:15/We 149 Pavlidou, A. 10b/337/Tu 127 Pavlov, A. 07a/09:00/Th 216 Pavlova, L. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Paydary, P. 13k/408/Tu e/413/We 203 Payn, R. 11c/16:45/We 177 Payne, J. 09m/10:00/Th 219 Payne, T. 13j/15:30/We 179 Payri, C. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Paytan, A. 09j/14:15/Mo 33 07c/15:45/Mo 31 11c/14:30/We c/09:00/Th 221 Peacock, C. 07j/16:00/Tu i/08:30/Fr 285 Peak, D. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Peaple, M. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Pearce, Carolyn 12e/15:45/Mo 36 10m/17:00/Mo35 13j/08:45/We m/15:00/Th c/186/Th c/17:00/Fr 301 Pearce, Christopher R. 07c/09:45/Mo 12 03j/70/Tu c/367/We f/15:00/Th 240 Pearce, J. 11b/16:00/Fr 308 Pearce, M. 05k/08:45/Th 212 Pearson, A. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 10e/16:00/Tu e/343/Tu d/355/We e/15:30/Th e/15:45/Th f/296/Th f/297/Th f/09:15/Fr f/09:45/Fr 288 Pearson, D. Graham 03i/14:15/We i/14:30/We c/15:30/Fr 297 Pearson, Dean 08l/10:00/Mo 13 Pearson, E. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Pearson, G. 02g/40/Tu g/14:45/We g/15:15/We a/14:15/Th e/16:45/Fr 298 Peckmann, J. 10h/300/Mo 56 06b/17:00/Th 235 Pedersen, J.H. 05e/14:45/Th 234 Pedreira-Segade, U. 14a/11:00/Tu 87 09i/10:30/Fr i/10:45/Fr 287 Pedrosa-Soares, A. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 Pedrotti, M. 13j/15:30/We 179 Peel, E. 02e/19/Mo 41 03e/77/Th 251 Peeler, D. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 Peeters, G. 01i/18/Tu 111 Pegrum-Haram, A. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Pehrsson, S. 03f/10:30/Tu 71 Pei, Jian-Guo 13f/384/Mo 62 13m/428/Th 271 Pei, Junling 04h/10:15/We 143 Pei, W. 11f/358/Tu 129 Peketi, A. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/09:00/Tu 82 10b/340/Tu c/183/We 196 Pellerin, A. 10d/14:45/We d/16:30/We 175 Pelleter, E. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Pelletier, B. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Pelletier, J. 12a/10:30/Th 223 Pelletier, M. 13g/15:30/Fr 310 Pellin, M. 01b/4/Th 247 Pena, J. 12e/14:45/Mo 36 Pena, L.D. 08d/16:45/Tu d/270/Tu d/273/Tu l/17:00/We i/10:15/Fr 285 Pendlton, L. 10a/16:00/Tu 104 Peng, P. 05k/135/We f/288/Th 262 Peng, T. 03f/16:45/Mo 25 Peng, W. 03j/10:45/Tu 72 Peng, X. 07l/15:45/We 171 Peng, Yongbo 07c/11:15/Mo 12 10h/292/Mo 55 10h/305/Mo 56 06c/175/Th 257 Peng, Yun 05d/127/Mo 47 05d/128/Mo 47 05d/134/Mo 47 Peng, Z. 06e/15:00/We 168 Penman, D. 07i/313/We d/386/We a/09:00/Fr 286 Penn, J. 09m/10:00/Th 219 Pennisi, M. 03a/10:00/Mo 5 Index by Author 357

418 Penniston-Dorland, S. 03d/09:15/We e/15:30/Fr e/15:45/Fr 298 Percival, L. 04h/16:45/Tu 96 11d/10:30/Th 222 Percy, M. 11a/14:30/Tu 106 Perdrial, J. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 Perdrial, N. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 06m/173/We 190 Perea, D. 14a/251/Tu l/16:45/We m/15:15/Th 236 Pereira, F.S. 03b/6/We 180 Pereira, I. 03l/17:00/We 164 Pereira, N. 04h/111/Tu c/190/We 196 Peres, P. 06j/192/Th 258 Pereto, C. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/16:30/Th 246 Peretyazhko, T. 01c/09:45/Tu 68 01c/3/Tu 110 Perez, J.P.H. 13k/09:45/Tu 86 Perez, N. 08c/14:15/We 172 Pérez-Cruz, L. 07b/276/We 192 Perez-Fodich, A. 11a/329/Mo 57 Perez-Garrido, C. 06m/11:00/Th 214 Perez-Huerta, A. 06e/14:45/We 168 Perez-Mercader, J. 01f/16:45/Fr 296 Perez-Mon, C. 13j/16:45/Tu 109 Pérez-Moreno, R. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Perez-Tribouillier, H. 07i/315/We 194 Perfit, M. 04j/09:45/Mo 8 04d/10:45/Mo 7 Perks, H. 06b/163/Th 256 Perl, S. 09i/14:30/Fr 306 Perner, M. 10d/15:00/We 175 Pernicka, E. 02a/23/Th 248 Peron, S. 02d/24/Tu 111 Perry, E. 05m/10:45/We 145 Perry, S. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Peslier, A.H. 02e/11:00/Tu 70 02c/32/Th 248 Pessah, M. 01i/10:30/Tu 69 Pester, N. 07c/10:45/Mo 12 07c/210/Mo 52 Petaev, M. 01h/14:45/We f/8/Th f/16:45/Fr 296 Peteet, D. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Peterman, E. 06e/14:15/We 168 Peters, B. 02b/11:15/Mo 4 Peters, C. 05i/09:45/We 144 Peters, D. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 02a/21/Th f/16:30/Fr 296 Peters, K. 05k/10:30/Th 212 Peters, W. 07a/16:00/Th 237 Peterse, F. 08d/275/Tu b/14:45/Fr 303 Petersen, K. 04i/09:30/Fr 279 Petersen, Sierra V. 04h/109/Tu c/14:15/We 172 Petersen, Sven 05g/15:15/Fr 300 Peterson, B. 05b/15:45/Tu 98 Peterson, H. 13g/15:15/Fr 310 Peterson, R. 13j/16:45/We 179 Peto, M. 01i/21/Tu 111 Petras, R. 05b/11:00/Tu 74 Petrescu, L. 06b/172/Th g/393/Th 269 Petrik, J.M. 12d/359/Th 268 Petrik, L. 13g/389/Th 269 Petrone, C.M. 04g/15:00/Th 232 Petrounias, P. 02a/26/Th 248 Petrova, V. 07c/207/Mo 51 Petryshyn, V. 09j/14:45/Mo 33 Pett-Ridge, Jennifer 12e/09:45/Mo 17 12b/09:30/Fr 291 Pett-Ridge, Julie 11d/387/We 201 Pettitt, E. 08l/08:45/Mo 13 Pettke, T. 04j/10:00/Mo 8 03d/10:30/We 141 Peucat, J-J. 03e/65/Th 250 Peucker-Ehrenbrink, B. 11c/14:15/We c/14:30/We 177 Peytcheva, I. 05e/16:15/Th 234 Pfaff, K. 05m/09:30/We 145 Pfänder, J. 09a/294/Tu 125 Pfarrmaier, C. 06e/10:00/We 146 Pfeifer, M. 01i/11:15/Tu 69 Pham, A. 07i/09:15/Th 217 Pham, D.M. 06j/216/Th 259 Pham, T. 13m/08:30/Fr 293 Pham, V. 07i/331/We 195 Pham Hung, V. 13m/08:30/Fr 293 Phelps, P. 04j/09:30/Mo 8 04g/65/We 183 Phelps, S. 10f/10:00/Fr 288 Philben, M. 12e/356/Mo 59 Philipp, T. 13j/10:15/We 156 Philipp, W. 09a/293/Tu 125 Philippe, A. 13e/411/We 203 Philippe, S-K. 12e/10:45/Mo 17 Phillips, A.K. 11f/359/Tu 129 Phillips, C. 14a/258/Tu 134 Phillips, D. 04i/17:00/Fr 299 Phillips, M. 08e/09:30/Th 218 Phillips-Lander, C. 01c/15:00/Mo 22 Pi, K. 12e/16:45/Mo 36 Piacentini Pinheiro, M.A. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 Piasecki, A. 08d/272/Tu 124 Piatak, N. 13m/14:45/Th 246 Piatrunia, N. 08c/185/We 196 Piazolo, S. 02g/14:15/We c/177/Th 257 Picard, C. 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Piccoli, F. 03f/14:30/Tu 93 Piccoli, P. 03f/15:30/Tu 93 Piceno, Y. 13c/16:00/We 178 Pichat, S. 08i/16:15/Fr 305 Pichavant, M. 04j/14:15/Mo 27 05g/149/Th 255 Pichler, T. 13m/09:45/Fr 293 Pickering, J. 07a/09:45/Th 216 Pidchenko, I. 13j/414/Tu 130 Piechocka, A. 03f/11:00/Tu 71 Pieczara, G. 06a/186/Mo 51 Pierce, E. 13l/11:00/Mo 19 06g/189/Mo 51 06g/192/Mo 51 12e/356/Mo 59 Pierchala, A. 11b/309/Th 264 Pierson, B. 09d/267/Mo 54 Pierson-Wichmann, A-C. 06a/184/Mo 51 Piessens, L. 11a/331/Mo 57 Pietruszka, A. 04d/09:00/Mo 7 04d/09:15/Mo 7 04j/17:00/Mo 27 Pigott, J. 02c/36/Th c/15:15/Fr 297 Piloyan, H. 03j/76/Tu 114 Piltz, R. 02c/39/Th 249 Pimentel, M. 03b/3/We 180 Pimraksa, K. 06a/16:00/Tu 100 Pina, V. 13m/10:45/Fr 293 Pinedo-González, P. 11d/11:15/Th 222 Pinilla, C. 01h/15/Tu 110 Pintea, I. 05d/118/Mo 46 Pinti, D. 02g/36/Tu 112 Piotrwiak, P. 09i/277/Th 262 Pisarevsky, S. 03i/10:00/We 142 Pistorino, J.C. 13j/17:00/Tu j/11:00/We 156 Pitcavage, E. 04i/117/Th 253 Pitcher, B.W. 04g/15:45/We 165 Pitra, P. 03f/56/Mo 43 Piwowarczyk, C. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Placencia-Gomez, E. 13l/15:00/Mo 39 Planavsky, N. 09g/14:15/Tu d/16:45/We m/16:45/We b/268/We d/389/We m/08:30/Th m/09:45/Th l/09:45/Th m/10:30/Th l/10:45/Th f/14:45/Th e/15:45/Th f/15:45/Th f/268/Th i/282/Th i/16:30/Fr 306 Plane, F. 06h/154/We 189 Planer-Friedrich, B. 12c/09:00/Tu 84 12c/09:45/Tu 84 12c/10:00/Tu 84 13k/10:30/Tu 86 Plank, T. 03e/10:00/Fr 278 Planquette, H. 07i/310/We i/10:45/Th i/15:30/Th i/16:15/Th 238 Plante, A. 12b/344/Th 267 Plante, B. 13g/14:45/Fr g/15:30/Fr 310 Plass, A. 07i/09:15/Fr 285 Plass, K. 10l/15:45/We 176 Platt, B. 03l/87/Tu l/97/Tu 115 Plesa, A-C. 03j/09:45/Tu 72 Plessen, B. 08c/15:15/We c/192/We 197 Pližingrová, E. 13j/426/Tu 131 Pluemper, O. 03d/10:15/We c/180/Th 257 Plumbo, A. 03j/09:45/Tu Index by Author

419 Plummer, S. 10b/330/Tu d/346/We 198 Plümper, O. 06m/14:45/Th 236 Plymale, A. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 10m/312/Mo 56 Pockalny, R. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Podar, M. 13m/14:15/Fr m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Podgorski, D. 10e/10:00/We 152 Podladchikov, Y. 03f/14:15/Mo 25 06c/14:30/Fr 301 Pogge von Strandmann, P 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Poineau, F. 06o/16:00/We 170 Poinsot, M. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 Poirier, A. 03i/10:30/We 142 Poitrasson, F. 01h/16:15/We g/08:30/Th 211 Pokhrel, N. 12b/347/Th 267 Pokrovsky, O. 10m/11:15/Mo 16 Polat, P. 10a/319/Tu 126 Polerecky, L. 10d/345/We f/16:45/Fr 304 Polik, C.A. 08e/15:30/Th 239 Polissar, P. 10f/10:00/Fr i/14:30/Fr 305 Polites, E. 11f/11:00/We 154 Polizzotto, M. 13l/429/Mo 64 13k/09:15/Tu 86 Pollock, T. 02a/22/Th 248 Polo, L. 04h/116/Tu 117 Poloni, R. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Polyak, V. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 11c/378/We 200 Pomerantz, A. 05b/09:15/Tu 74 05k/16:45/We k/08:30/Th k/11:00/Th 212 Pommer, H. 13m/09:15/Fr 293 Pomonis, P. 02a/26/Th 248 Pont, S. 07i/329/We 195 Pontesilli, A. 04g/82/We 185 Ponton, C. 11f/10:15/We f/10:45/We 154 Pontoreau, C. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Ponzevera, E. 06a/184/Mo 51 Poonoosamy, J. 13b/15:00/Tu c/15:30/We 178 Popa, E. 07a/16:00/Th 237 Pope, E. 02d/27/Tu 111 Pope, J. 13g/410/Th 270 Poplawsky, J.D. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Popov, D. 09a/295/Tu 125 Popp, A. 13i/434/We 204 Popp, B. 10f/14:45/Th f/15:00/Th 241 Pöppelmeier, F. 07l/221/Tu d/265/Tu l/16:30/We 171 Porcelli, D. 07j/09:30/We l/360/We 199 Porter, S. 09m/309/Tu m/15:15/We m/16:00/We 174 Portnyagin, M. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 04j/16:30/Mo 27 02e/10:00/Tu 70 03d/15:45/We d/16:30/We 162 Pósfai, M. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Posmentier, E. 08a/221/Th 259 Possnert, G. 07i/09:45/Fr 285 Post, J. 13l/16:45/Mo 39 06a/179/Mo 50 Postec, A. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Postma, O. 03d/09:00/We 141 Poston, M. 01c/16:00/Mo 22 Pothuri, R.C.P. 02g/43/Tu 112 Potra, A. 13g/09:30/Fr 292 Potts, R. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 Poujol, M. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 03e/65/Th 250 Poulain, A. 06a/16:15/Tu 100 Poulin, B. 10e/10:00/We 152 Poulsen, C. 08a/226/Th 260 Poulsen, M.D. 05e/102/We e/75/Th 251 Poulton, A. 03a/36/Mo 41 Poulton, S.W. 07j/16:00/Tu j/08:30/We j/09:00/We m/08:45/Th m/09:00/Th m/09:45/Th 219 Pourkhorsandi, H. 01i/15:15/Tu 90 03i/53/Tu 113 Pourteau, A. 03g/08:45/Mo 6 07j/11:15/Tu 79 Pouvreau, M. 06c/17:00/Fr 301 Powell, B.A. 13j/423/Tu j/08:30/We o/166/We 191 Powell, W. 05e/99/We e/105/We 186 Power, I. 13b/16:15/Tu 108 Powers, M. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 Pracheil, B. 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Pradoux, C. 07i/11:00/Th 217 Praetorius, A. 13e/410/We 203 Prakapenka, V. 02g/15:45/We c/10:15/Fr c/15:15/Fr 297 Prakasam, M. 08b/10:45/We 149 Pratt, K. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Pratte, S. 08i/237/Th 261 Pravdivtseva, O. 01i/10:45/Tu 69 01h/16:45/Th 228 Prave, A. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Prebble, M. 08c/17:00/We 172 Prelevic, D. 02e/08:30/Tu 70 03b/15:15/Th 230 Présent, R.M. 13l/15:45/Mo 39 Present, T. 07c/15:15/Mo 31 07j/209/Tu 121 Pribasnig, T. 10m/316/Mo 57 Pribil, M. 11a/339/Mo 58 Price, G.D. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Price, J. 04h/113/Tu 116 Price, K. 13j/11:15/We 156 Price, R. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 03j/10:15/Tu 72 03j/10:30/Tu 72 03d/08:30/We 141 Prieto, X. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Prigiobbe, V. 13l/425/Mo 64 Prinzhofer, A. 03j/09:15/Tu 72 Prior, D.J. 02c/08:30/Fr 277 Prisk, T. 06c/09:15/Fr j/16:15/Fr 302 Prissel, K.B. 06h/15:30/We 169 Proenza, J.A. 03d/16:15/We b/15:45/Th b/168/Th 256 Prokopenko, M. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Prommer, H. 13m/434/Th m/08:30/Fr 293 Proskurnin, V. 13i/10:15/Th 224 Prospero, J. 13m/15:45/Th 246 Proteau-Bédard, F. 11g/09:00/Fr 290 Provenzale, A. 12f/392/Tu 130 Prufer, K. 08l/16:00/Mo 32 08c/181/We 196 Pruseth, K.L. 05d/09:30/Mo 9 Prusty, P. 13f/10:45/Mo 18 03j/11:15/Tu 72 Pryer, H. 02b/10:30/Mo 4 07j/09:15/Tu 79 11c/375/We 200 Prytulak, J. 01h/15:30/We g/15:00/Th 232 Ptacek, C.J. 13g/15:00/Fr m/16:00/Fr 311 Ptáček, Mateous 03l/81/Tu 114 Ptáček, Matouš 03l/80/Tu 114 Pu, J.P. 04h/15:45/Tu 96 Pu, X. 04j/106/Mo 46 03b/10:45/Th 209 Puchtel, Igor 02b/10:00/Mo 4 02b/11:00/Mo 4 02e/16:00/Mo 24 04j/08:30/Tu 73 Puchtel, Igor S 03i/10:30/We 142 Pujol-Solà, N. 03d/16:15/We 162 Purgstaller, B. 06e/09:00/We e/10:00/We 146 Purtschert, R. 13i/15:30/Th 245 Putirka, K. 04d/08:30/Mo 7 01h/9/Tu 110 Putiš, M. 11b/302/Th 263 Putnis, A. 11b/14:15/Fr 308 Putnis, C.V. 13b/14:15/Tu 108 Putzolu, F. 05d/130/Mo 47 Puy, M. 08c/15:30/We 172 Puzio, B. 01b/1/Th 247 Pyle, D. 04j/16:00/Mo 27 Pytharouli, S. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 Qafoku, N. 13j/10:00/Tu 85 Qafoku, O. 12f/398/Tu m/15:00/Th b/343/Th 267 Qi, F. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Qi, You-Qiang 04g/59/We 183 Qi, Yue 03d/22/We 181 Index by Author 359

420 Qi, Yuhan 02b/10:00/Mo 4 02b/16/Mo 40 03l/16:15/We 164 Qiang, Y. 03l/89/Tu 115 Qiao, J-T. 13m/11:00/Fr 293 Qin, J. 05h/162/Mo 49 05k/132/We 188 Qin, L. 06j/212/Th b/09:45/Fr 276 Qin, Q. 03d/21/We e/99/Th 252 Qin, Shengfei 05b/10:45/Tu 74 Qin, Shenjun 05b/142/Tu 118 Qin, Ya 04i/123/Th 254 Qin, Yunqi 13i/421/We 203 Qingqiang, M. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Qiu, H. 03f/49/Mo 42 Qiu, L. 05m/179/Tu 120 Qiu, R-L. 13g/14:30/Fr 310 Qu, C. 13f/15:15/Mo 37 Quade, J. 08l/09:00/Mo 13 08l/14:30/Mo 32 03e/72/Th 251 Quan, T. 05b/09:00/Tu 74 Quantin, C. 13f/10:30/Mo 18 Quanyou, L. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Quéméneur, M. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Quinn, T. 08b/10:15/We 149 Quinteiro, R. 04i/134/Th 254 Quitté, G. 01h/16/Tu a/21/Th b/316/Th f/16:30/Fr 296 R, R. 07i/11:00/Fr 285 Ra, K. 13m/432/Th 272 Raber, G. 13k/407/Tu 132 Rabin, S. 04g/08:30/Th 211 Rachwał, M. 08i/234/Th 260 Racki, G. 11d/10:30/Th 222 Raco, B. 12f/392/Tu 130 Rader, E. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Radke, J. 08c/191/We 197 Radović, J. 10b/342/Tu 128 Rae, J.W.B. 07c/220/Mo 52 08d/16:00/Tu l/16:15/We 171 Raeisi, D. 03d/42/We 182 Raff, J. 10m/16:15/Mo 35 Rafferty, C. 13k/10:30/Tu 86 Rafter, P. 08d/15:45/Tu i/08:45/Th 217 Ragoussi, M-E. 13j/15:30/Tu 109 Rahim, A. 13e/09:30/We 155 Rahlf, P. 07i/10:30/Fr 285 Rahman, S. 07c/11:00/Mo 12 10b/11:00/Tu 82 10b/338/Tu 127 Rai, D.K. 03f/60/Mo 43 Rai, S.P. 11c/376/We 200 Raia, N.H. 03d/44/We 182 Raimondo, T. 03f/11:15/Tu 71 Raimonet, M. 07f/15:45/Fr 304 Raimundo, B. 04g/14:45/We 165 Rainbird, R.H. 04h/15:45/Tu 96 Raiswell, R. 08d/271/Tu 124 Raiteri, P. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 06e/08:30/We e/10:15/We m/10:30/Th 214 Raith, M. 03l/82/Tu 114 Raitzsch, M. 03a/45/Mo 42 Raja, P. 13j/14:45/Tu 109 Rajaram, H. 12f/391/Tu 130 Rak, D. 07c/223/Mo 52 Rakhimbekova, S. 11g/335/Th 266 Rakocinski, M. 11d/10:30/Th 222 Rallakis, D. 05m/09:45/We 145 Ralston, S.J. 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Ramachandran, A.L. 10a/319/Tu 126 Ramadan, A. 04i/115/Th 253 Ramboz, C. 05g/149/Th 255 Rameez, M. 10b/09:00/Tu 82 Ramezani, J. 09a/280/Tu a/286/Tu a/296/Tu a/303/Tu h/08:45/We 138 Ramos, F. 03d/15:00/We 162 Ramos, N. 13m/431/Th 271 Ramos, V. 06b/167/Th 256 Rampe, E. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 01c/09:45/Tu 68 Rampe, L. 01c/14:45/Mo 22 01c/3/Tu 110 Ranchoux, C. 11c/377/We 200 Rand, L. 13e/10:15/We 155 Ranivoharimanana, L. 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Ranjan, P. 13m/17:00/Fr 311 Ranjan, S. 09d/09:30/Mo 14 09i/09:00/Fr 287 Rankenburg, K. 01b/09:15/Fr 276 Ranta, E. 04i/121/Th 254 Ranville, J. 14a/250/Tu e/09:00/We e/10:15/We 155 Rao, A. 13j/08:30/We 156 Rao, M.S. 13f/09:30/Mo 18 Rao, W. 13f/395/Mo 63 Rao, Z. 08l/14:30/Mo 32 Rarick, J. 01h/9/Tu 110 Rasbury, T. 13f/388/Mo 62 07j/09:30/Tu 79 03l/85/Tu e/189/Tu c/364/We b/303/Th 263 Rase, T.O. 07b/286/We 192 Rasheed, M.A. 05h/152/Mo 48 Rasher, D. 08c/195/We 197 Rasmussen, B. 07c/09:15/Mo 12 07c/14:45/Mo 31 07c/212/Mo 52 03f/11:00/Tu 71 07j/15:45/Tu 101 Rasmussen, Cornelia 09a/299/Tu 125 Rasmussen, Craig 12a/10:30/Th 223 Rasmussen, D. 03b/10:45/Th 209 Rasmussen, M.B. 04i/15:00/Fr 299 Rastetter, E. 12d/14:15/Fr 309 Rate, A. 13m/16:00/Th 246 Rathi, B. 13m/08:30/Fr 293 Ratschbacher, B. 04g/16:30/We b/10:45/Th 209 Raub, T. 03e/10:30/Fr 278 Raudsepp, M. 10a/327/Tu 127 Ravindra Kumar, G.R. 03e/89/Th 252 Ravindran, A. 03l/82/Tu 114 Ray, A. 05d/121/Mo 47 Ray, C. 01c/16:15/Mo 22 Ray, D. 06c/173/Th 257 Ray Sarkar, S. 12b/348/Th 267 Raymaekers, R. 06o/162/We o/09:00/Th 215 Raymo, M. 07l/17:00/We 171 Raymond, P. 12f/400/Tu 130 Rea, P. 08i/15:45/Fr 305 Reaman, D. 02c/15:15/Fr 297 Rebelo Monteiro, L. 13f/391/Mo 62 Recasens, C. 08i/16:00/Fr 305 Recknagel, S. 03a/34/Mo 41 Reddy, C.M. 10e/11:15/We 152 Reddy, S.M. 03i/16:15/Tu 94 03i/16:30/Tu 94 06e/10:45/We e/14:15/We f/15:00/Fr 296 Redlinger, J. 02a/16:45/Th 229 Reed, D. 05a/87/We a/89/We a/90/We 185 Reed, E. 08e/11:15/Th 218 Reed, M.H. 06h/151/We f/271/Th b/306/Th 263 Reeder, G. 01c/15:45/Mo 22 Reekie, C. 02a/16:00/Th 229 Regier, M.E. 02c/15:30/Fr 297 Regier, T. 12e/14:15/Mo 36 12c/10:45/Tu 84 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Regis, D. 03g/09:00/Mo 6 03f/10:30/Tu 71 Regnier, P. 07f/293/We f/15:15/Fr f/15:45/Fr 304 Rehder, G. 10h/16:30/Mo 34 Rehkämper, M. 06j/209/Th 259 Reich, M. 05d/08:30/Mo 9 05d/09:00/Mo 9 03g/76/Mo 44 05m/09:00/We e/94/We i/15:15/Th b/15:45/Th 235 Reichart, G-J. 07j/09:00/Tu 79 07j/09:45/Tu 79 08d/275/Tu i/329/We d/09:30/Th e/10:30/Th 218 Reichel, S. 13g/16:00/Fr 310 Reid, Mary 04i/14:15/Fr 299 Reid, Matthew 13k/10:45/Tu 86 13i/09:15/Th 224 Reimink, J. 03i/15:15/Tu 94 03i/57/Tu i/14:30/We Index by Author

421 Reimus, P. 06o/16:30/We 170 Reindel, J. 04i/119/Th i/14:30/Fr 299 Reiners, P. 10h/11:00/Tu 83 09a/09:00/We 150 Reinfelder, J. 07a/16:30/Th 237 Reinhard, C.T. 09d/266/Mo 54 09d/269/Mo 54 09g/15:30/Tu a/320/Tu m/08:30/Th d/09:15/Th l/09:45/Th e/15:45/Th f/268/Th 261 Reis, N. 04h/105/Tu 116 Reisberg, L. 07j/10:45/Tu 79 Reischl, B. 06e/08:30/We 146 Reiss, A.G. 13b/15:15/Tu 108 Reiter, G. 06c/09:15/Fr 282 Relph, K. 11c/09:30/Th 221 Remiszewski, K. 14a/245/Tu d/16:30/Fr 309 Rempfert, K. 03j/16:00/Mo 26 Remucal, C.K. 13l/14:45/Mo 39 13l/15:15/Mo 39 Rémusat, L. 11b/10:00/Fr 289 Ren, D. 13g/388/Th 269 Ren, H. 03a/46/Mo 42 Ren, M. 05m/179/Tu 120 Ren, W. 12d/365/Th 268 Ren, Zhe 06h/08:30/Th 213 Ren, Zhongyuan 04i/116/Th 253 Renard, F. 13b/14:15/Tu 108 Renaud, L. 06j/192/Th 258 Renaudin, M. 13m/417/Th 271 Render, J. 01b/2/Th 247 Renggli, C.J. 04j/08:45/Mo 8 04j/09:15/Mo 8 04j/94/Mo 45 04j/14:45/Tu 97 Renne, P.R. 04h/110/Tu a/297/Tu a/14:45/We 173 Rennert, T. 11g/337/Th 266 Rennie, V. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Renock, D. 13j/425/Tu b/277/We 192 Renshaw, J.C. 10m/15:45/Mo 35 13j/15:30/We 179 Renslow, R. 12b/343/Th d/15:00/Fr 309 Repasch, M. 10e/347/Tu 128 Repeta, D.J. 10f/16:15/Th 241 Resing, J. 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Restrepo, J.C. 08c/14:15/We 172 Retallack, G. 03l/09:15/Th 210 Reubi, O. 04g/10:30/Th 211 Revillon, S. 13m/08:30/Th i/15:15/Fr 299 Revsbech, N.P. 10d/357/We 199 Rey, K. 08i/15:30/Fr 305 Reyes, C. 10m/316/Mo 57 10b/10:00/Tu 82 Reyes Martínez, A.L. 05i/116/We 187 Reynolds, E. 06o/16:00/We 170 Rezaei-Kahkhaei, M. 04g/62/We 183 Reznitskii, L. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Rhati, B. 13m/09:15/Fr 293 Rhim, J. 10h/15:30/Mo 34 02d/25/Tu j/77/Tu f/14:45/Fr 307 Rhodes, J.M. 04d/09:00/Mo 7 04d/09:45/Mo 7 04d/85/Mo 44 Rhyne, A. 07f/297/We 193 Ricci, A. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Ricci, E. 10m/10:30/Mo 16 Rice, A. 08c/192/We 197 Rich, S.D. 05k/140/We k/09:45/Th 212 Richard, W. 04g/14:45/We 165 Richards, I. 03e/72/Th 251 Richards, J. 05d/09:45/Mo 9 Richardson, J. 12c/345/Mo 58 Richardson, S. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 02g/15:30/We 161 Riches, A. 02g/15:15/We 161 Richey, J. 08c/17:00/We 172 Richter, Daniel 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Richter, Detlev 08c/15:15/We 172 Richter, K-U. 03a/45/Mo 42 Richter, P. 06a/10:15/Tu 77 06j/211/Th 259 Rickaby, R. 10h/08:30/Tu 83 07b/11:15/Fr b/14:15/Fr 303 Rickard, W. 06e/10:45/We e/14:15/We f/15:00/Fr 296 Ricketts, J. 08c/184/We 196 Rico, K. 09j/09:45/Tu 81 Ridgway, S. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Ridgwell, A. 09j/16:45/Mo 33 09d/266/Mo 54 08d/14:30/Tu l/216/Tu i/313/We d/386/We m/08:30/Th d/17:00/Th b/09:45/Fr b/10:00/Fr 284 Riding, J.B. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 04h/108/Tu 116 Ridley, H. 08c/181/We 196 Ridley, W. 04d/10:45/Mo 7 Rieb, E. 10m/319/Mo 57 Riebe, C. 11c/09:45/Th f/16:30/Th 243 Riebe, M. 01b/7/Th 247 Riedel, F. 08c/192/We 197 Riedinger, N. 05b/09:00/Tu 74 05b/124/Tu i/306/We i/14:45/Th i/09:30/Fr 285 Riedman, L.A. 09m/16:00/We 174 Rieger, P. 05g/154/Th 256 Riegler, T. 05e/16:00/Th e/08:45/Fr 280 Riehl, L. 07l/218/Tu 122 Riel, N. 03d/15:45/Tu 92 Rielli, A. 03a/10:00/Mo 5 Ries, J. 08c/15:45/We c/195/We 197 Riesselman, C. 11f/10:00/We e/210/We 197 Rietze, A. 03j/77/Tu 114 Riffle, M. 10d/358/We 199 Rigaud, S. 06j/207/Th 258 Rigaudier, T. 10b/09:45/Tu 82 Rijkenberg, M. 07i/10:15/Fr 285 Riker, J. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 Rimer, J. 06g/16:00/Mo 30 Rimstidt, D. 06g/14:30/Mo 30 13b/15:45/Tu b/327/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Rimstidt, J.D. 11b/315/Th 264 Rinaldi, N. 08l/240/Mo 53 Ring, U. 09a/290/Tu 125 Ringham, M. 07f/16:00/Fr 304 Ringrose, P. 13i/09:00/Th 224 Rios-Carvajal, T. 06c/181/Th 257 Riotte, J. 10h/303/Mo 56 Riquelme, B. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 Risgaard-Petersen, N. 10d/09:00/Th 220 Ritterbusch, F. 13i/418/We 203 Rittner, M. 09a/10:15/We 150 Rivera-Banuchi, V. 01c/15:15/Mo 22 Rivera-Monroy, V.H. 10f/16:45/Fr 307 Rixen, T. 08b/227/Tu 122 Riya, S. 13m/09:30/Fr 293 Rizo, H. 03i/15:15/Tu 94 03i/50/Tu i/58/Tu i/60/Tu i/10:30/We 142 Rizwan, M. 13m/423/Th 271 Rizzo, A. 10f/15:45/Fr 307 Rizzo, D. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Roback, R. 06g/09:30/Mo 11 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 05d/15:15/Mo 28 06o/15:45/We 170 Robbiano, F. 04g/11:00/Th 211 Robbins, M. 13j/09:00/Tu 85 Robbins, V. 06c/177/Th 257 Roberge, J. 04g/15:30/Th 232 Robert, F. 03i/09:15/We i/16:15/Fr 306 Robert, S. 13e/09:15/We 155 Roberts, E. 09a/280/Tu 124 Roberts, H. 10h/305/Mo 56 Roberts, J. 07j/10:30/Tu 79 Roberts, M. 06b/15:45/Th 235 Roberts, S. 04j/108/Mo 46 Robertson, P. 12b/357/Th 267 Robinet, J-C. 13l/09:30/Mo 19 Robinson, Clare 11g/335/Th 266 Robinson, Clare H. 12e/10:30/Mo 17 Robinson, K.L. 02c/10:00/Fr 277 Index by Author 361

422 Robinson, L. 08d/16:00/Tu l/16:15/We c/375/We 200 Robinson, R.L. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 08e/210/We 197 Robinson, S. 08l/228/Mo 53 Robinson, T. 12e/15:45/Mo 36 Rocha, B. 04h/116/Tu 117 Rocha Miller, R. 11b/321/Th 264 Rochette, P. 01i/15:15/Tu 90 Rochholz, F. 11d/15:15/Th 242 Rocholl, A. 02e/08:30/Tu 70 05g/154/Th g/16:00/Fr 300 Röckmann, T. 07a/16:00/Th 237 Rod, K. 12b/343/Th 267 Roda-Robles, E. 06h/149/We 189 Roden, E. 10d/10:45/Th i/16:00/Fr 306 Rodgers, K. 07l/15:30/We 171 Rodley, J. 07j/16:00/Tu 101 Rodovská, Z. 07j/206/Tu 121 Rodrigues, I. 03e/74/Th 251 Rodrigues, S. 08l/10:15/Mo 13 Rodrigues Miranda, C. 06c/10:45/Fr 282 Rodríguez, D.M. 13j/15:00/Tu 109 Rodriguez, J. 13k/405/Tu 132 Rodriguez, L. 09i/11:15/Fr 287 Rodriguez, R. 13m/10:30/Fr 293 Rodríguez Díaz, A. 11b/321/Th 264 Rodriguez-Freire, L. 13g/16:30/Th 244 Rodriguez-Navarro, C. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 Roeckmann, T. 07a/09:30/Th 216 Roepke, E. 12e/14:30/Mo 36 Roerdink, D. 08e/221/We 198 Roeser, P. 13k/405/Tu 132 Roest-Ellis, S. 07c/218/Mo 52 Rogers, K. 09i/08:30/Fr i/10:30/Fr 287 Rogkala, A. 02a/26/Th 248 Rognerud, S. 12c/10:15/Tu 84 Rogov, M. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Rohila, J. 13k/10:45/Tu 86 Rohl, A. 06e/08:30/We 146 Röhl, U. 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Rohlfs, R.D. 13c/402/We 202 Rohrssen, M. 08l/09:45/Mo 13 08l/11:00/Mo 13 Rojas, P. 05d/09:00/Mo 9 Rojas-Agramonte, Y. 03d/16:15/We 162 Rolison, J. 09f/263/Th 261 Roller, G. 09a/298/Tu 125 Rollins, N. 07l/11:00/We 148 Rollinson, G. 06b/167/Th 256 Rollog, M. 06b/15:15/Th 235 Roman, A. 03e/14:45/Fr 298 Román, N. 05m/09:00/We 145 Romaniello, S.J. 09g/15:30/Tu m/313/Tu m/316/Tu d/10:00/We l/10:45/We l/361/We m/10:15/Th m/11:15/Th i/279/Th 262 Romano, C. 13g/388/Th 269 Romanowicz, B. 02b/15:15/Mo 23 Romanowski, T. 05b/08:45/Tu 74 Romashkin, A. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Romer, R. 03f/15:45/Mo 25 05d/138/Mo 48 Rong, X. 13l/424/Mo 64 Ronsse, F. 12d/368/Th 268 Rooney, A. 09i/282/Th 262 Roqué, J. 06b/15:45/Th b/168/Th 256 Rosa, E. 13k/09:00/Tu 86 Rosa, M.L.S. 03b/2/We b/6/We 180 Rosas, B.S. 11d/11:15/Th 222 Rose, Cassaundra A. 14a/255/Tu 133 Rose, Catherine 07j/16:45/Tu 101 Rose, J. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 06a/16:30/Tu e/409/We 203 Rose, N. 12b/348/Th 267 Rose-Koga, E.F. 04j/98/Mo 45 03d/46/We 182 Rosen, P. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Rosen, V. 10h/306/Mo 56 Rosenfeld, C. 12e/14:30/Mo 36 13l/16:45/Mo 39 13k/16:45/Mo 38 13k/403/Tu 132 Rosenthal, A. 04i/08:30/Fr 279 Rosenthal, Y. 07j/10:15/Tu 79 08b/09:45/We e/10:15/Th 218 Rosière, C. 05e/98/We 186 Rosing, M. 12b/348/Th 267 Rosnow, J. 12d/15:00/Fr 309 Ross, A. 13l/11:15/Mo 19 Ross, C. 09a/299/Tu 125 Ross, N. 06g/09:00/Mo 11 Roßberg, A. 13j/10:15/We 156 Rosso, K. 12e/15:45/Mo 36 06m/15:00/Th m/15:15/Th c/178/Th c/186/Th c/09:45/Fr c/17:00/Fr 301 Rostási, Á. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Roth, D. 04j/11:00/Mo 8 Rother, G. 06h/145/We 189 Rothman, D. 10f/09:00/Fr 288 Rottman, S. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 Rotureau, E. 13l/15:45/Mo 39 Rouchon, V. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 Roudaut, M. 07i/10:45/Th 217 Rouff, A. 13f/383/Mo 62 Rouillard, J. 09i/280/Th 262 Rouleau, A. 03i/58/Tu 113 Rouméjon, S. 03j/65/Tu 113 Rousell, D. 06j/09:00/Fr 283 Roussel, E. 03j/16:15/Mo 26 Rousselaki, E. 10b/337/Tu 127 Rout, S. 01f/17:00/Fr 296 Rouxel, O. 06a/184/Mo 51 09f/16:00/Th 240 Rowe, Mathew 05b/11:00/Tu 74 Rowe, Michael 04i/16:15/Fr 299 Rowland, G. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Roy, C. 10b/08:45/Tu 82 10b/09:00/Tu 82 Roy, H. 10h/10:15/Tu 83 Roychoudhury, A. 07i/322/We 195 Roychowdhury, R. 08l/14:15/Mo 32 Roycroft, S. 13j/08:30/Tu 85 Rozanski, K. 11b/309/Th 264 Rozel, A. 03i/08:45/We 142 Røy, H. 10d/14:45/We 175 Ruan, X. 08i/14:15/Fr 305 Rubatto, D. 03f/15:00/Tu 93 03d/09:45/We e/16:15/Th 231 Rubie, D. 04j/08:45/Tu 73 Rubin, K. 03b/9/We g/55/We i/11:00/Fr 279 Rubio Ramos, M.A. 11b/311/Th 264 Rudge, J.F. 04i/16:30/Th i/107/Th c/11:15/Fr 277 Rudko, G. 09j/282/Mo 55 Rudnick, R.L. 03g/65/Mo 43 09g/15:45/Tu d/10:00/We l/16:15/We e/15:45/Th e/16:30/Th a/24/Th e/09:45/Fr 278 Rudolph, M. 02b/15:15/Mo 23 Rudra, A. 04j/10:30/Tu 73 Ruhl, L. 13g/09:30/Fr 292 Ruhl, M. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 04h/108/Tu j/09:30/We 147 Ruiz, A. 04h/106/Tu 116 Ruiz-Agudo, C. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 Ruiz-Agudo, E. 06a/10:45/Tu 77 13b/14:15/Tu 108 Rumble, D. 10h/15:00/Mo 34 10h/15:45/Mo 34 Rumpel, C. 12d/15:45/Fr 309 Runyon, S. 03e/73/Th 251 Ruprecht, P. 04j/16:45/Mo 27 04g/09:00/Th 211 Rush, D. 10f/290/Th 263 Rush, W. 08a/09:00/Fr 286 Rushmer, T. 03i/54/Tu 113 Rusiecka, M. 06h/10:15/Th 213 Russell, J. 08l/16:45/Mo 32 10h/304/Mo 56 08a/09:30/Fr 286 Russell, S.S. 01h/15:30/We h/15:30/Th 228 Ruszkowski, M. 06e/182/Tu 120 Ruta, B. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Rutgers v. d. Loeff, M. 07i/319/We 194 Rutherford, M. 01h/15:45/We 160 Rutlidge, H. 10e/10:15/We 152 Rutqvist, J. 13j/16:15/Tu 109 Rutte, D. 09a/297/Tu a/14:45/We Index by Author

423 Ruziè-Hamilton, L. 01h/15:30/Th h/15:45/Th h/17:00/Th 228 Rwabuhungu Rwatangabo, D. 08l/241/Mo 53 Ryabov, S. 06j/209/Th 259 Ryan, C. 05k/08:45/Th 212 Ryan, Jeffrey 03a/41/Mo 42 03j/78/Tu d/35/We a/17/Th 247 Ryan, Joseph 13l/10:45/Mo 19 10e/10:00/We 152 Ryan, K. 12f/400/Tu 130 Ryang, J. 12d/17:00/Fr 309 Ryb, U. 03g/09:15/Mo 6 07j/16:15/Tu 101 Rybicki, M. 13f/400/Mo 63 Rychanchik, D. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Ryerson, F. 11b/317/Th 264 Ryerson, R. 09f/263/Th 261 Rytov, S. 10b/11:15/Tu 82 Ryu, J-S. 11b/304/Th b/318/Th 264 S, S.A. 07i/11:00/Fr 285 Saad, A. 08l/237/Mo 53 Saal, A. 04j/09:45/Mo 8 02b/11/Mo 40 01h/15:45/We i/10:45/Fr 279 Sabatier, P. 13m/08:30/Th 225 Săbău, G. 06j/208/Th 258 Sabrina, T. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Sabuda, M. 13k/403/Tu 132 Saccocia, P. 07c/08:45/Mo 12 Sachs, J.P. 08c/17:00/We f/16:45/Fr 307 Sachse, D. 08b/233/Tu e/347/Tu a/10:45/Fr 286 Sadekov, A. 06e/190/Tu e/09:30/We b/312/Th 264 Sadler, P. 08d/271/Tu 124 Saeed, R. 13m/423/Th 271 Saelens, E. 08a/220/Th 259 Saeva, O. 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Safari, N. 05m/10:00/We 145 Sagar, S.K.S. 02g/44/Tu 112 Sagawa, T. 03a/09:45/Mo 5 Sageman, B.B. 10h/09:30/Mo 15 04h/109/Tu h/09:00/We h/10:45/We a/11:00/We 150 Saghatelyan, A. 13f/09:15/Mo 18 Saha, T. 12d/363/Th 268 Sahakyan, L. 13f/09:15/Mo 18 Saheb, M. 10m/313/Mo 56 13c/399/We b/10:00/Fr 289 Sahoo, R.K. 03f/62/Mo 43 Sahoo, Samarendra 03f/60/Mo 43 Sahoo, Sapneswar 03b/7/We 180 Sahoo, Sarata Kumar 13i/426/We 204 Sahy, D. 11b/312/Th 264 Saikia, A. 03e/91/Th 252 Saikia, B.J. 01c/09:30/Tu 68 01c/1/Tu 110 Saini-Eidukat, B. 13g/390/Th 269 Saito, M. 07i/307/We i/15:45/Th 238 Saitoh, M. 09m/307/Tu 126 Sak, P. 11a/14:45/Tu 106 Sakamoto, N. 06h/16:15/We h/15:15/Th h/16:00/Th 228 Sakamoto, Y. 13m/16:15/Fr 311 Sakata, K. 07i/15:00/Th 238 Sakuma, H. 06c/16:30/Fr 301 Sakuma, K. 13j/416/Tu 131 Sakuraba, H. 01h/11/Tu 110 Sala, D. 05m/180/Tu 120 Salačová, P. 13j/426/Tu 131 Salazar, E. 05d/09:00/Mo 9 Salgado, G. 12b/10:00/Fr 291 Salim, H. 03e/71/Th 251 Saliot, P. 06j/192/Th 258 Sallam, E.S. 08l/236/Mo 53 Salonen, I. 10d/09:30/Th 220 Salou, P. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 Salova, T. 04j/111/Mo 46 Salter, I. 10d/358/We 199 Salters, V. 03b/11:00/Th 209 Saltzman, M. 05i/09:15/We d/383/We 201 Salvatteci, R. 10l/15:00/We 176 Salvi, S. 06c/16:45/Fr 301 Samajpati, E. 03d/47/We 182 Samanta, A. 02e/23/Mo 41 Samanta, S. 11c/15:45/We 177 Sambridge, M. 10h/289/Mo 55 Samburova, V. 10e/08:30/We 152 Sammon, L. 03e/90/Th 252 Samperiz, A. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Samperton, K. 11d/16:00/Th 242 Sample, J. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Samson, S. 09a/10:45/We 150 Samuelsen, J. 13g/09:30/Fr 292 San Antonio, C. 07f/294/We f/297/We 193 San-Zhong, L. 09g/275/Mo 54 Sanborn, M. 09f/263/Th 261 Sánchez, L. 08a/222/Th 260 Sánchez-Alfaro, P. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Sanchez-Baracaldo, P. 10f/11:15/Fr 288 Sánchez-España, J. 10m/15:30/Mo35 14a/256/Tu 133 Sanchez-Fortún, M. 13m/419/Th 271 Sanchez-Martin, B. 08l/238/Mo 53 Sanchez-Pastor, N. 06m/11:00/Th 214 Sander, M. 12e/366/Mo 59 Sanderman, J. 12b/353/Th 267 Sanders, D. 13d/410/Mo 61 Sanders, J. 10d/347/We 198 Sandu, C. 02d/09:45/We 139 Sanei, H. 10l/16:15/We 176 Sanematsu, K. 05e/104/We 186 Sanfilippo, A. 04i/122/Th 254 Sanghani, M. 01b/10:45/Fr 276 Sanial, V. 07b/15:15/Fr 303 Sano, Y. 02e/17:00/Mo 24 02d/26/Tu d/17:00/We i/11:15/Th c/09:45/Fr 277 Sanpera, C. 13m/419/Th 271 Sansjofre, P. 10b/09:15/Tu 82 10f/10:45/Fr 288 Santelli, C. 12e/14:30/Mo 36 13l/16:45/Mo 39 13k/16:45/Mo 38 13k/403/Tu 132 Santiago Ramos, D. 07c/10:00/Mo 12 11c/14:30/We 177 Santoro, L. 05d/130/Mo 47 Santos, J.F. 05f/145/Tu 118 Santos, L. 03e/74/Th 251 Santos, N. 04h/111/Tu 116 Santra, B. 06c/175/Th 257 Santschi, P. 13j/10:45/Tu 85 13j/09:30/We j/09:45/We j/11:15/We 156 Santucci, L. 13b/394/We 202 Sanyaolu, F. 13f/386/Mo 62 Sanz-Mangas, D. 11f/361/Tu 129 Sarafian, A. 02c/37/Th 249 Sarafian, E. 02c/37/Th 249 Saraiva dos Santos, T.J. 03d/49/We j/206/Th 258 Sarantuya, O. 05d/10:30/Mo 9 Saravanan Chinnasamy, S. 03e/86/Th 251 Sarazin, G. 09j/09:00/Tu 81 09j/09:30/Tu 81 Sarjoughian, F. 03e/95/Th 252 Sarkar, Aditya 13h/417/Mo 63 Sarkar, Anindya 02e/23/Mo 41 Sarkar, C. 03i/14:15/We 163 Sarkar, S. 08l/227/Mo 53 Sarkozy, L. 07a/267/We a/08:30/Fr 286 Sarthou, G. 07i/10:45/Th i/15:30/Th 238 Sasaki, K. 13j/14:15/We j/14:45/We 179 Saslow, S. 13j/09:15/We j/16:45/We 179 Sass, K. 10d/15:00/We 175 Sassani, D. 06o/14:45/We 170 Sasselov, D. 09d/09:30/Mo 14 09i/09:00/Fr f/16:45/Fr 296 Sasseville, C. 05m/169/Tu 119 Sassi, M. 06m/15:00/Th 236 Satish-Kumar, M. 09i/14:45/Fr 306 Sato, H. 06o/165/We 191 Sato, T. 05f/11:00/Tu 76 05e/104/We o/165/We m/170/We g/395/Th i/15:30/Fr g/15:30/Fr 300 Sattin, S. 10d/355/We 199 Sattler, A. 05b/15:45/Tu 98 Saubin, E. 04g/63/We 183 Index by Author 363

424 Saunders, D. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 10m/312/Mo 56 Saunders, N. 02b/09:45/Mo 4 Saup, C. 10b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr 290 Savage, P. 03i/09:15/We g/15:00/We e/16:45/Th e/08:45/Fr 278 Savard, D. 06j/11:15/Fr 283 Savatenkov, V. 02e/16:30/Mo 24 Savenko, A. 07i/324/We 195 Savov, I. 03a/10:15/Mo 5 04j/16:15/Mo 27 02b/17/Mo 40 03a/47/Mo 42 Sawada, H. 03i/11:15/We 142 Sawaki, Y. 09m/307/Tu 126 Sawakuchi, A. 08i/238/Th 261 Sawant, B. 10b/340/Tu c/183/We 196 Sawyer, A. 12e/08:30/Mo 17 12e/369/Mo 59 10b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr 290 Sawyer, D. 05b/10:00/Tu 74 Saxey, D. 06e/10:45/We e/14:15/We f/15:00/Fr 296 Sayab, M. 03g/77/Mo 44 Sayani, H.R. 08e/11:00/Th 218 Sayit, K. 04i/135/Th 254 Scambelluri, M. 03f/14:45/Mo 25 03f/14:15/Tu 93 03d/16:45/Tu 92 03d/10:15/We 141 Scarlato, P. 13f/404/Mo 63 04g/16:45/We g/60/We g/82/We 185 Schacht, L. 13k/09:30/Tu 86 Schädler, F. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Schaefer, A. 10l/14:30/We 176 Schaefer, B. 03d/15:45/We 162 Schaefer, J. 13l/16:30/Mo 39 12b/10:15/Fr 291 Schaefer, L. 09d/11:15/Mo 14 Schaefer, M. 13k/406/Tu 132 Schafer, J. 13f/398/Mo 63 13m/16:30/Th m/415/Th 271 Schaider, L. 13m/14:45/Th 246 Schaller, M. 08l/08:45/Mo 13 03a/09:30/Mo 5 11d/14:15/Th 242 Schaltegger, U. 04h/112/Tu h/116/Tu d/10:30/Th j/08:30/Fr 283 Schaub, D.R. 04i/129/Th 254 Schauble, E. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 10l/14:30/We 176 Scheck, J. 06a/10:00/Tu 77 Scheffler, F. 07j/11:15/Tu 79 Schefuß, E. 08a/219/Th 259 Scheiderich, K. 13m/10:15/Th 225 Scheiffarth, K. 04i/14:15/Fr 299 Scheingross, J. 10e/347/Tu 128 Scheinost, A.C. 12c/10:00/Tu 84 13j/414/Tu 130 Schelhas, L. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Schelkin, L. 14a/09:45/Tu 87 Schellenger, A. 13k/408/Tu j/15:30/We 179 Scheller, E.L. 07j/09:45/We 147 Schenck, R. 13m/420/Th 271 Schenk, F. 08b/238/Tu 123 Schenkeveld, W.D.C. 12e/16:15/Mo 36 Schenter, G. 06c/178/Th c/186/Th 258 Scherba, C. 05f/156/Tu 119 Scherer, E. 03i/59/Tu 113 Scherer, M. 12e/15:45/Mo 36 12e/16:00/Mo 36 11b/11:00/Fr 289 Scheuermann, P.P. 07c/209/Mo 52 Schiavi, F. 04j/109/Mo 46 Schiavone, R. 05i/117/We 187 Schiebel, R. 08d/267/Tu 123 Schijf, J. 13m/16:45/Th 246 Schild, D. 13j/15:45/We 179 Schile-Beers, L. 12b/354/Th 267 Schiller, M. 02d/16:00/Tu 91 Schilling, K. 13k/16:30/Mo 38 Schilling, O.S. 13i/419/We 203 Schimmelmann, A. 08c/16:30/We 172 Schipper, I. 04g/63/We 183 Schippers, A. 05a/88/We 185 Schleper, C. 10m/316/Mo 57 Schlesinger, D. 12e/362/Mo 59 Schlicht, L. 03a/42/Mo 42 05d/136/Mo 48 Schlichting, H. 01i/16:45/Tu 90 Schlieder, T. 04g/14:45/Th 232 Schlosser, C. 07i/328/We i/09:15/Fr 285 Schlunegger, S. 07l/15:30/We 171 Schmdit, D. 01b/10:00/Fr 276 Schmeide, K. 13j/10:15/We 156 Schmid, F.E. 01f/16:15/Fr 296 Schmidt, Caroline 12e/15:00/Mo 36 12d/370/Th 268 Schmidt, Christian 05d/138/Mo 48 06h/148/We 189 Schmidt, Gerhard 02a/23/Th 248 Schmidt, Gertraud 03a/45/Mo 42 Schmidt, Mariek 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Schmidt, Moritz 13c/16:15/We 178 Schmidt, R.B. 06o/09:15/Th 215 Schmidt, S. 03f/53/Mo 43 Schmidt-Rohr, K. 05b/14:15/Tu 98 10e/09:15/We 152 Schmitt, A.K. 04g/17:00/We 165 Schmitt, M. 03i/59/Tu 113 Schmitt-Kopplin, P. 12e/368/Mo 59 10e/10:30/We 152 Schmittner, A. 07l/16:45/We 171 Schmitz, M.D. 04h/15:45/Tu 96 04h/113/Tu a/252/Tu 133 Schmitz, R. 10d/344/We 198 Schneider, D.A. 05d/139/Mo 48 Schneider, K.P. 03i/52/Tu 113 Schneider, M. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Schneider, R. 10l/15:00/We 176 Schnetger, B. 07c/206/Mo 51 Schockman, K. 07f/295/We 193 Schoell, M. 07b/08:30/Fr 284 Schoenberg, R. 02b/10:15/Mo 4 09g/11:00/Tu 80 02a/14:30/Th a/16:45/Th f/266/Th 261 Schoene, B. 04h/17:00/Tu 96 04h/11:15/We d/16:00/Th 242 Schoepfer, V. 13g/10:30/Fr 292 Schoffelen, N. 10d/344/We 198 Schofield, P. 05f/16:45/Tu 99 01h/15:30/Th 228 Scholz, D. 08c/15:15/We e/16:15/Th b/10:15/Fr 289 Scholz, F. 10l/15:00/We i/09:15/Fr 285 Scholz, S.R. 08c/14:15/We 172 Schönbächler, M. 01i/16:15/Tu 90 01h/14/Tu h/16:00/We h/10:15/Th h/10:30/Th b/3/Th 247 Schönberg, R. 01h/10:00/Th 208 Schöne, B.R. 11b/10:15/Fr 289 Schoonen, M. 06j/14:30/Fr 302 Schorzman, K. 04d/10:00/Mo 7 Schott, J. 10h/10:45/Mo 15 11b/316/Th 264 Schouten, S. 08d/275/Tu e/205/We f/290/Th f/09:30/Fr 288 Schrader, D.L. 01h/09:00/We 138 Schrag, D. 14a/10:00/Tu 87 09m/17:00/We 174 Schramm, M. 07j/215/Tu b/329/Th 265 Schrank, C. 03i/09:00/We 142 Schrecengost, K. 04g/14:45/Th 232 Schreiber, A. 06e/08:45/We 146 Schreiber, C. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Schreiber, D. 13l/10:45/Mo 19 06m/15:15/Th 236 Schrenk, M. 03j/17:00/Mo 26 03j/68/Tu 114 Schröder, J. 10f/17:00/Th 241 Schroedl, P. 10m/10:30/Mo 16 Schroth, A. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 12e/367/Mo 59 12e/368/Mo 59 10b/10:45/Tu 82 Schubert, B. 08l/16:30/Mo 32 08e/15:15/Th 239 Schubert, C. 10f/16:30/Fr Index by Author

425 Schuessler, J.A. 12f/395/Tu h/148/We i/273/Th g/340/Th 266 Schuette, C. 04h/10:45/We 143 Schuh, C. 13g/11:15/Fr 292 Schuitemaker, A. 06g/15:15/Mo 30 06e/08:30/We 146 Schulte, V. 06o/16:15/We 170 Schultz, A. 06j/15:30/Fr 302 Schulz, B. 09a/294/Tu 125 Schulz, H-M. 05h/08:30/Mo 10 Schum, S. 10e/08:30/We 152 Schunck, H. 10d/344/We 198 Schuth, S. 09g/11:00/Tu 80 Schwab, M. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 11f/16:15/Tu 107 Schwartz, D. 02d/24/Tu i/15:45/Fr 299 Schwartz, F. 05i/08:30/We 144 Schwarzenbach, E. 03j/65/Tu 113 Schwehr, K. 13j/10:45/Tu 85 13j/09:30/We j/11:15/We 156 Schweinar, K. 06e/15:00/We 168 Schweitzer, Katharina 02e/16:45/Mo 24 Schweitzer, Kathlin 12c/349/Mo 58 12c/350/Mo 58 Schwenzer, B. 13j/10:00/We 156 Schwenzer, S. 14a/253/Tu 133 Schwieterman, E. 09d/09:45/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 09d/266/Mo 54 09d/269/Mo 54 Schwieters, J. 10h/14:15/Mo 34 05e/92/We c/191/We f/264/Th 261 Scientists, U-G-0. 05b/10:00/Tu 74 Scifo, L. 13e/409/We 203 Scoates, J. 05e/10:15/Fr 280 Scott, P. 11b/312/Th 264 Scott, S. 02b/15:30/Mo 23 04i/16:00/Th 233 Scroxton, N. 08l/15:45/Mo 32 Scruggs, M. 04d/08:30/Mo 7 Seager, S. 00a/11:45/Mo xiv Seal, R. 13m/14:45/Th 246 Seaman, J. 13j/11:15/We o/166/We 191 Seaman, S. 04g/16:15/We 165 Sear, D. 08c/17:00/We 172 Sebestyen, S. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 Sebilo, M. 12e/371/Mo 60 Sedaghatpour, F. 01i/21/Tu i/16:45/Fr 299 Seddique, A.A. 13f/08:45/Mo 18 Sedov, V. 06j/15:30/Fr 302 Seeley, C. 03b/8/We 180 Seewald, J. 07c/08:45/Mo 12 07c/09:00/Mo 12 10a/17:00/Tu 104 Seger, E. 13c/400/We 202 Sego, D. 13g/411/Th 270 Seguret, M. 07i/14:30/Th 238 Seidman, D. 01f/17:00/Fr 296 Seifert, T. 05f/15:30/Tu 99 05f/149/Tu 118 Seixas, L.A.R. 02e/24/Mo 41 03e/11:00/Fr 278 Selby, D. 11d/10:30/Th i/235/Th e/08:30/Fr 280 Seltsmann, R. 06b/167/Th 256 Seltzer, A. 13i/14:30/Th a/09:15/Fr 286 Selvaraj, G. 13j/14:45/Tu 109 Seman, S. 03d/16:45/Tu 92 Semrau, J. 10m/314/Mo 57 Semwal, P. 11c/376/We 200 Sen, I.S. 08i/235/Th i/16:45/Fr 305 Senarathe, A. 10m/321/Mo 57 Sendula, E. 11b/315/Th 264 Sengupta, A. 12d/358/Th 268 Sengupta, Debashish 05f/10:15/Tu 76 Sengupta, Deep 10e/08:30/We 152 Sengupta, R. 08l/228/Mo 53 Sentchilo, V. 12e/14:45/Mo 36 Seo, H. 07i/330/We 195 Seo, Jaehwan 10d/350/We 199 Seo, Ji-Hye 04g/67/We i/425/We 204 Sephton, M. 05i/11:00/We 144 Séré, G. 13g/14:30/Fr 310 Sereenen, J. 05d/10:30/Mo 9 Serne, J. 13j/09:15/We 156 Serov, P. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Serrato Marks, G. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Sessa, J. 08c/14:45/We 172 Sessegolo, L. 11b/10:00/Fr 289 Sessions, A. 05b/15:45/Tu 98 10f/15:15/Th 241 Setera, J.B. 04h/11:15/We 143 Setlock, J. 04j/99/Mo 45 Setthaya, N. 06a/16:00/Tu 100 Sevastyanov, V. 09i/275/Th 262 Sevcu, A. 13j/419/Tu 131 Severinghaus, J. 13i/14:30/Th 245 Severmann, S. 07i/306/We i/14:30/Th i/14:45/Th 238 Seward, G. 03d/33/We i/09:45/Fr 279 Sexton, P.F. 08d/275/Tu 124 Seyfferth, A. 12e/10:00/Mo 17 13k/11:00/Tu 86 13k/404/Tu 132 Seyfried, Jr, W.E. 07c/208/Mo 52 07c/209/Mo 52 03j/09:00/Tu 72 Seyler, L. 03j/68/Tu 114 Shaffer, J. 03d/15:00/We 162 Shah, M. 07i/332/We 195 Shahar, A. 01i/16:45/Tu 90 Shaheen, R. 07a/09:15/Th 216 Shakun, J. 08d/15:00/Tu a/286/Tu 125 Shalev, N. 07c/09:30/Mo 12 Shaller, J. 14a/201/Tu 133 Shaltout, M. 08d/263/Tu 123 Shamloo, H. 06h/15:45/We 169 Shamrani, A. 10h/288/Mo 55 Shanahan, T. 08c/185/We 196 Shang, L. 05d/142/Mo 48 Shankar, R. 08b/239/Tu 123 Shanks, R. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 Shanley, J. 12f/400/Tu 130 Shannon, W. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Shao, G. 05h/16:45/Mo 29 Shao, H. 07c/219/Mo 52 Shao, J. 07a/15:00/Th 237 Sharma, C. 13m/429/Th 271 Sharma, M. 04g/67/We b/277/We i/425/We 204 Sharma, S. 02g/45/Tu 112 Sharon, G. 08c/192/We 197 Sharp, W.D. 09a/08:30/We 150 Sharp, Zach 02d/27/Tu 111 Sharp, Zachary 01h/15:00/We e/217/We h/14:45/Th c/43/Th 249 Sharton-Bierig, E. 04g/68/We 184 Shatskiy, A. 02g/16:45/We 161 Shaulis, B. 04i/110/Th 253 Shaver, K. 09m/15:30/We a/10:00/Th 216 Shaw, J. 12c/346/Mo 58 Shaw, M. 13g/401/Th 269 Shaw, P. 13e/415/We 203 Shaw, R. 05k/17:00/We 166 Shayan, M. 13c/400/We 202 Shea, T. 06h/15:15/We h/16:00/We h/153/We h/09:15/Th h/10:30/Th 213 Shearer, C. 01c/09:00/Tu 68 01h/15:00/We c/43/Th 249 Shearer, P. 02c/34/Th 249 Sheets, J. 05i/09:15/We i/09:45/We h/145/We k/10:00/Th i/229/Th 260 Sheffer, A. 04j/11:15/Tu 73 Sheik, C. 10m/08:30/Mo 16 10a/15:30/Tu 104 Shekari, M. 06c/189/Th 258 Shekhar, S. 13h/417/Mo 63 Sheldon, N. 12e/355/Mo 59 09j/09:45/Tu 81 Shelley, R. 07i/16:15/Th 238 Shellnutt, J.G. 03e/66/Th 250 Shelton, M. 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Shemesh, A. 07j/08:30/Tu 79 Shen, A. 05h/16:45/Mo 29 05h/17:00/Mo 29 Shen, B. 05h/162/Mo 49 05k/132/We 188 Shen, Chuan-Chou 08b/10:15/We c/190/We 196 Shen, Chuanbo 05e/14:15/Th 234 Shen, J. 09m/10:30/Th 219 Shen, M. 13m/09:00/Fr 293 Index by Author 365

426 Shen, Shu-Zhong 09a/296/Tu m/11:00/Th 219 Shen, Shuai 12a/381/Tu 129 Shen, T. 03j/10:45/Tu 72 Shen, W. 05k/136/We 188 Shen, Xingyan 11d/390/We 201 Shen, Xinyi 06c/183/Th 257 Shen, Yanan 09m/312/Tu 126 Shen, Yongjin 08b/234/Tu 123 Shen, Z. 06c/186/Th 258 Sheng, A. 06m/15:00/Th 236 Sheng, E. 08l/232/Mo 53 Sheng, G. 10f/288/Th f/289/Th 262 Sheng, X. 08e/207/We 197 Shengwang, M. 03l/102/Tu 116 Shepherd, F. 13m/10:30/Fr m/10:45/Fr 293 Sherlock, S. 05e/16:00/Th 234 Sherman, M. 06a/180/Mo 50 Sherry, A. 10l/361/We 199 Sherwood Lollar, B. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 03j/09:45/Tu 72 03j/14:15/Tu 95 03j/14:30/Tu 95 03j/14:45/Tu 95 10a/16:45/Tu a/322/Tu c/400/We 202 Shi, B. 10h/307/Mo 56 Shi, Guiyong 05d/125/Mo 47 Shi, Guoliang 07a/15:00/Th 237 Shi, M. 11b/17:00/Fr 308 Shi, Qiantao 13l/425/Mo 64 Shi, Quan 11f/16:30/Tu a/325/Tu e/346/Tu k/11:15/Th 212 Shi, R-D. 03d/51/We a/20/Th 248 Shi, S. 10a/325/Tu 127 Shi, W. 09a/304/Tu 126 Shi, Xiangming 07b/15:30/Fr 303 Shi, Xue-Fa 08b/230/Tu d/34/We g/142/Th 255 Shi, Xuefa 04i/127/Th 254 Shi, Y. 03f/09:30/Tu 71 Shi, Zeming 13j/427/Tu l/15:45/We g/391/Th m/438/Th 272 Shi, Zongbo 07a/264/We 191 Shibata, T. 04i/114/Th 253 Shibuya, T. 03i/56/Tu 113 Shields, C. 04h/16:00/Tu 96 Shields, M. 07b/291/We 193 Shiller, A.M. 07i/14:15/Th b/15:15/Fr 303 Shim, S-H. 02c/10:15/Fr 277 Shimada, K. 05g/141/Th 255 Shimizu, Kei 04j/09:45/Mo 8 03b/10:45/Th 209 Shimizu, Kenji 04j/110/Mo 46 03i/51/Tu 113 Shimomura, R. 05g/155/Th 256 Shin, H. 13m/421/Th 271 Shine, J. 13m/14:45/Th 246 Shinevar, W. 03f/10:15/Tu 71 Shinjo, R. 05g/148/Th 255 Shinjo, T. 06m/178/We 190 Shinjoe, H. 04i/114/Th 253 Shinmei, T. 02c/09:45/Fr 277 Shipton, Z. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 Shirey, Steve 02g/40/Tu 112 Shirey, Steven 02g/15:30/We 161 Shirey, Steven B 04d/10:45/Mo 7 03i/14:30/We a/16:30/Th 229 Shiroya, M. 12e/354/Mo 59 Shock, E. 03l/10:30/Th 210 Shoemaker, J. 12b/10:15/Fr 291 Shollenberger, Q. 01b/2/Th 247 Shorter, J. 05b/133/Tu 117 Shorttle, O. 02b/6/Mo 40 04j/14:15/Tu 97 01h/11:00/We i/16:30/Th i/105/Th i/107/Th c/11:15/Fr 277 Shouakar-Stash, O. 10h/288/Mo 55 Showalter, A. 13l/16:00/Mo 39 Shrout, J. 10m/15:00/Mo 35 Shu, Q. 03e/16:45/Fr 298 Shu, Y. 02b/10:30/Mo 4 Shukle, J. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 12e/367/Mo 59 12e/368/Mo 59 Shulaker, D.Z. 06h/159/We 190 Shulga, N. 10e/348/Tu 128 Shuller-Nickles, L. 06g/10:15/Mo 11 14a/258/Tu j/10:30/We 156 Shushanta, S.S. 02g/44/Tu 112 Shuster, D.l. 08e/09:30/Th 218 Shuster, David 03g/72/Mo 44 09a/09:45/We e/09:00/Th 218 Shuster, J. 06m/16:30/Th 236 Si, W. 07j/10:15/Tu 79 Siad, A. 13g/389/Th 269 Sial, A. 04h/111/Tu b/3/We c/190/We 196 Sibolile, B. 13h/419/Mo 63 Siccha, M. 07i/318/We e/10:30/Th 218 Siciliano, S. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Sieber, M. 07i/16:45/Th 238 Siebert, C. 10l/15:00/We e/103/We 186 Siebert, J. 01h/08:30/We a/15/Th 247 Siegmund, H. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Sierra, C. 13e/414/We 203 Siersch, N. 04j/08:45/Tu 73 Sigalovsky, J. 14a/09:45/Tu 87 Sigman, D.M. 08l/240/Mo 53 10h/302/Mo 56 10h/09:15/Tu 83 10h/09:30/Tu 83 08d/16:00/Tu d/267/Tu 123 Sigmon, G. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Sigurdsson, H. 03e/16:45/Fr 298 Siirila-Woodburn, E. 11f/17:00/Tu 107 Sikdar, P.K. 13m/435/Th 272 Sikes, E. 08d/15:30/Tu d/264/Tu 123 Sikora, A. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Silberg, J. 10d/11:15/Th 220 SiLiang, L. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Siljeström, S. 03j/79/Tu 114 Silva, A.J.F. 03f/57/Mo 43 05f/145/Tu 118 Silva, Catarina 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Silva, Cleverton 04g/69/We 184 Silva, I.C. 08c/190/We 196 Silva, R. 10b/342/Tu 128 Silva, T. 03b/3/We 180 Silva-Tamayo, J.C. 04h/111/Tu 116 Silver, W. 12e/09:45/Mo 17 Simakin, A. 04j/111/Mo 46 Simister, R. 10h/304/Mo 56 05k/16:15/We 166 Simmons, W.B. 06h/147/We 189 Simon, A. 05d/08:30/Mo 9 05d/09:00/Mo 9 03g/11:00/Mo 6 03g/76/Mo 44 Simon, M.H. 11f/356/Tu 129 Simoneit, Bernd 07b/280/We 192 Simoneit, Bernd R. T. 05b/08:30/Tu 74 Simonetti, A. 03a/38/Mo 42 03a/43/Mo 42 03i/10:30/We o/168/We 191 Simonin, M. 13e/10:45/We 155 Simons, B. 06b/167/Th 256 Simpson, E. 07f/15:30/Fr 304 Simpson, G. 03b/09:15/Th 209 Simpson, M. 12b/349/Th 267 Simpson, S. 14a/257/Tu 134 Sims, K.W.W. 02b/15:30/Mo 23 04g/10:30/Th i/16:00/Th 233 Sin, J-H. 11b/301/Th 263 Sinclair, S. 13g/411/Th 270 Sindern, S. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Sindol, G. 09g/278/Mo 54 Singer, C. 07a/267/We a/08:30/Fr 286 Singer, J.W. 06j/196/Th 258 Singh, A. 13b/16:45/Tu 108 Singh, D. 11c/376/We 200 Singh, P.K. 03e/87/Th 252 Singh, R.P.S. 06e/194/Tu 121 Singh, Satinder 08i/15:00/Fr 305 Singh, Sunil 07i/332/We 195 Singh, V.K. 03e/87/Th 252 Singh Ahlawat, A. 13m/429/Th 271 Sinmyo, R. 02c/15:00/Fr 297 Sinnet, B. 13e/08:45/We Index by Author

427 Sinninghe Damste, J.S. 10f/290/Th f/09:30/Fr 288 Sio, C.K. 03e/59/Th 250 Šípková, A. 07j/206/Tu 121 Sirbescu, M-L. 06h/147/We h/148/We h/149/We 189 Siringan, F. 08b/10:15/We 149 Sirotkina, E. 02g/34/Tu 112 Sissmann, O. 03j/09:30/Tu 72 03j/10:15/Tu 72 03j/10:30/Tu 72 11b/16:15/Fr 308 Sisson, T. 03b/11:00/Th 209 Sistiaga, A. 10f/08:30/Fr 288 Sizaret, S. 05g/149/Th 255 Sjöblom, R. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 Skala, M. 13j/15:45/Tu 109 Skelton, A. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Skinner, B. 05b/14:30/Tu 98 Skinner, L. 07j/10:30/Tu 79 Sklute, E.C. 09j/15:45/Mo 33 Skonieczny, C. 08i/14:30/Fr 305 Skora, S. 02e/10:30/Tu 70 Skouri-Panet, F. 10m/09:00/Mo 16 10m/09:45/Mo 16 Slack, John 05e/09:00/Fr g/15:45/Fr 300 Slack, John F. 03a/10:45/Mo 5 Slagter, S. 05e/94/We 185 Slater, B.J. 09m/08:45/Th 219 Slattery, A. 06b/14:45/Th b/160/Th b/161/Th b/162/Th b/164/Th b/165/Th b/166/Th 256 Sleighter, R. 12c/10:45/Tu 84 Sletten, R. 03e/58/Th 250 Sliwinski, J. 06h/150/We 189 Śliwiński, M. 07c/16:45/Mo 31 Slomberg, D. 13e/09:15/We e/408/We 203 Slomp, C.P. 00a/11:45/Tu xiv 11f/11:15/We d/09:00/Th i/14:30/Th b/11:00/Fr b/14:45/Fr 303 Slotta, J. 14a/199/Tu 133 Slotte, N. 01i/15:45/Tu 90 Slotznick, S. 07c/14:45/Mo 31 07b/11:00/Fr 284 Slowinski, S. 12f/401/Tu 130 Sluijs, A. 07j/09:00/Tu 79 08d/275/Tu f/11:15/We 154 Smajgl, D. 10h/308/Mo 56 05e/91/We 185 Smalley, C. 05i/11:00/We 144 Smallman, D. 13f/392/Mo 62 Smarov, G. 02b/3/Mo 40 Smart, Katie 02c/10:30/Fr 277 Smart, Kyle E. 12d/361/Th 268 Smeaton, C. 10h/307/Mo 56 12f/401/Tu f/16:00/Th 243 Smellie, J. 04i/119/Th i/14:30/Fr 299 Smercina, D. 12d/369/Th d/15:30/Fr 309 Smit, K.V. 02a/16:30/Th 229 Smit, M. 03g/08:45/Mo 6 03g/66/Mo 43 03f/10:30/Tu 71 03i/59/Tu l/16:00/We 164 Smit, N.T. 10f/290/Th 263 Smith, A. 09a/09:30/We 150 Smith, B. 09m/10:45/Th 219 Smith, C. 02g/17:00/We 161 Smith, Daniel J. 05f/15:15/Tu 99 Smith, Derek 10h/09:00/Tu 83 10f/15:30/Th f/15:00/Fr 307 Smith, Devin 08a/220/Th 259 Smith, E. 02g/15:30/We 161 Smith, Frances 14a/258/Tu 134 Smith, Fred 11c/378/We 200 Smith, G. 13j/09:15/We j/16:45/We 179 Smith, J. 02c/15:15/Fr 297 Smith, K. 06o/167/We 191 Smith, L. 13g/411/Th g/15:15/Fr 310 Smith, Martin 05d/132/Mo 47 Smith, Megan 11b/317/Th 264 Smith, Michelle 14a/254/Tu 133 Smith, P. 12b/343/Th 267 Smith, R. 11b/323/Th 264 Smith, T. 01b/3/Th 247 Smith, V. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 Smith, W. 13m/09:45/Th 225 Smithies, H. 03i/16:00/Tu 94 Smittenberg, R. 08b/238/Tu 123 Smolarek, J. 07b/280/We 192 Smoot, J. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Smye, A. 03f/55/Mo 43 03d/16:45/Tu 92 06h/157/We l/08:30/Th 210 Smythe, D. 04j/16:00/Mo 27 04j/10:15/Tu 73 02a/15:30/Th a/16:00/Th 229 Sneddon, A. 05i/111/We 186 Snell, K. 07c/17:00/Mo 31 08e/215/We 198 Sniderman, J.M.K. 10f/10:00/Fr 288 Snoeyenbos, D. 06e/14:15/We 168 Snow, J.E. 02e/11:00/Tu 70 03b/4/We 180 Snyder, Maria 08e/11:15/Th 218 Snyder, Michelle 10m/312/Mo 56 Soares, G. 09g/16:15/Tu 103 Sobocký, T. 11b/302/Th 263 Sobolev, A. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Socki, R. 05b/128/Tu 117 Soder, C. 03b/10/We 180 Soderlund, U. 04h/09:30/We 143 Soens, B. 01c/17:00/Mo 22 01i/18/Tu 111 Sohl, L. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 Sohrin, Y. 07j/208/Tu i/337/We i/09:45/Th 217 Solano-Arguedas, A.F. 12e/10:30/Mo 17 Sole, C. 03i/60/Tu 113 Soligo, M. 13f/404/Mo 63 Solomon, D.K. 13i/14:15/Th 245 Solomon, K. 13i/10:30/Th 224 Soltis, J. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 13j/10:45/We m/15:00/Th c/178/Th 257 Soltys, A. 04i/17:00/Fr 299 Somma, R. 05i/117/We 187 Sommer, S. 07i/09:15/Fr 285 Son, J. 05g/150/Th 255 Son, S-K. 05g/150/Th 255 Song, B. 06a/181/Mo 50 06a/15:30/Tu 100 Song, D. 06b/161/Th 256 Song, Guodong 07l/223/Tu 122 Song, Guoqi 05h/167/Mo 49 Song, K. 06e/183/Tu 120 Song, Shaojie 07a/15:00/Th 237 Song, Sheng-Rong 04g/55/We 183 Song, Shiwei 05f/15:45/Tu 99 Song, Shuguang 03e/55/Th 250 Song, Shuzhen 07f/16:00/Fr f/16:15/Fr 304 Song, Wei 05b/139/Tu 118 Song, Wenlei 05d/135/Mo 47 Song, Xieyan 05g/143/Th 255 Song, Xm 10m/322/Mo 57 13f/379/Mo 62 Song, Yang 01c/5/Tu 110 Song, Yong-Sun 03g/75/Mo 44 03d/39/We 182 Song, Yungoo 06a/178/Mo 50 05m/166/Tu m/175/Tu e/79/Th 251 Song, Z. 11c/379/We 200 Sonibare, O.O. 07b/286/We 192 Soon, M. 07i/331/We 195 Soren, A. 13m/14:45/Fr 311 Sorensen, J. 10l/360/We 199 Sorensen, P.O. 12b/09:45/Fr 291 Sorenson, T. 01c/15:30/Mo 22 01c/8/Tu 110 Sorieul, S. 10a/09:45/We 151 Sorwat, J. 10m/15:15/Mo 35 Sośnicka, M. 05m/14:45/We 167 Sossi, P. 01h/15:15/We g/08:30/Th c/15:45/Fr 297 Souders, A.K. 05e/96/We e/16:45/Th e/92/Th 252 Soule, A. 07c/08:45/Mo 12 02d/24/Tu i/15:45/Fr 299 Soulet, G. 11f/08:30/We 154 Sourzac, M. 10e/11:00/We 152 Index by Author 367

428 Sousa, A. 03j/66/Tu 113 Soussi, M. 07b/287/We 193 Southall, S. 06a/14:45/Tu 100 Southam, G. 10a/327/Tu m/16:30/Th 236 Southon, J.R. 08d/16:00/Tu e/94/We e/11:00/Th 218 Souto-Oliveira, C.E. 13f/394/Mo 62 Souza, M. 04i/134/Th 254 Souza, V. 04g/69/We 184 Spaleta, K. 05k/138/We 188 Spallanzani, R. 06h/08:45/Th 213 Spanek, R. 13j/419/Tu 131 Spangenberg, J. 04h/111/Tu d/10:30/Th 222 Spano, T. 03a/43/Mo 42 06o/168/We 191 Sparks, D. 12b/10:45/Fr 291 Sparks, S. 05d/123/Mo 47 Spear, F.S. 03f/14:30/Mo 25 03e/59/Th 250 Spear, J. 09j/14:45/Mo 33 Spector, P. 08e/10:00/Th 218 Speich, L. 02g/17:00/We 161 Spencer, C. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 03i/16:00/Tu 94 03i/16:30/Tu 94 14a/260/Tu e/10:30/Fr 278 Spencer, R. 10e/10:45/We 152 Spera, F. 04g/15:15/We g/15:15/Th 232 Sperling, E. 09g/15:15/Tu m/16:15/We m/09:15/Th m/10:00/Th f/14:45/Th f/15:45/Th b/11:00/Fr 284 Sperner, B. 09a/294/Tu 125 Spicuzza, M. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 Spiekermann, G. 04j/112/Mo 46 Spielman-Sun, E. 13e/10:30/We e/10:45/We 155 Spikings, R. 03f/53/Mo 43 09a/295/Tu 125 Spinks, S. 09g/15:15/Tu 103 Spivak, A. 12b/353/Th 267 Spooner, E. 05f/156/Tu 119 Spooner, P. 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Spötl, C. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 11b/10:15/Fr 289 Sprain, C. 04h/110/Tu 116 Spray, J. 03g/10:30/Mo 6 Sprohnle M, C. 05f/147/Tu 118 Sprung, P. 01i/11:15/Tu 69 03i/59/Tu h/16:45/We 160 Spruzeniece, L. 06b/167/Th 256 Spurgeon, S. 13j/10:45/We 156 Sracek, O. 13g/398/Th 269 Šrámek, O. 03e/90/Th 252 Sreejith, C. 03l/83/Tu e/89/Th 252 Srinivasan, B. 03l/82/Tu 114 Srinivasan, R.S. 02g/44/Tu 112 Srivastava, D. 11b/308/Th 264 Stabile, P. 04j/15:15/Mo 27 Stachel, T. 02g/40/Tu g/14:15/We c/15:30/Fr 297 Stack, A.G. 13b/14:30/Tu b/16:00/Tu e/08:30/We m/10:30/Th m/11:15/Th c/16:15/Fr 301 Stackhouse, S. 06g/10:30/Mo 11 Staddon, L. 03l/16:45/We 164 Stallworth, A. 13f/405/Mo 63 Stamm, F.M. 10h/10:45/Mo 15 Stamps, B. 09j/14:45/Mo 33 Standish, C. 03a/44/Mo 42 Stanish, L. 12b/09:00/Fr 291 Stankiewicz, A. 05b/128/Tu 117 Stanley, C. 06b/165/Th 256 Starchenko, V. 06c/16:15/Fr 301 Stark, G. 07a/09:45/Th a/11:00/Th 216 Starr, P. 03f/14:15/Tu 93 Staub, N. 14a/200/Tu 133 Staubwasser, M. 08i/232/Th a/10:15/Fr 286 Stawski, T.M. 13b/17:00/Tu e/185/Tu j/15:45/Fr g/17:00/Fr 310 Stebbins, A. 07j/213/Tu c/189/We b/283/We f/297/We 193 Steefel, C. 13b/16:00/Tu f/17:00/Tu c/14:15/We 178 Steele, R. 01i/14:45/Tu 90 Steele-MacInnis, M. 04j/112/Mo 46 Stefanía, G. 08i/238/Th 261 Stefanski, J. 05d/16:15/Mo 28 Stefánsson, A. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 04j/10:45/Mo 8 11a/338/Mo 58 03j/15:00/Tu 95 02d/25/Tu b/305/Th b/328/Th b/17:00/Fr 308 Steffensen, J.P. 04g/67/We 184 Stegen, J. 12d/358/Th 268 Stein, H. 09a/287/Tu h/158/We e/14:30/Th e/14:45/Th f/265/Th 261 Stein, M. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 08l/234/Mo 53 08d/15:15/Tu i/325/We i/15:15/Fr i/16:30/Fr 305 Steinen, R. 04h/16:30/Tu 96 Steiner, Z. 07l/11:15/We 148 Steinhoefel, G. 03a/45/Mo 42 Steinman, B. 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Steinmann, J. 05b/124/Tu 117 Steinmann, L. 02a/25/Th 248 Steinova, J. 13j/419/Tu 131 Stenni, B. 13i/418/We 203 Stepanov, A. 05f/14:30/Tu 99 03f/15:00/Tu 93 10l/16:30/We e/15:30/Th 234 Stepanova, T. 05g/145/Th 255 Stephan, C. 13e/405/We 202 Stephan, T. 01b/4/Th 247 Stephanie, P-T. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Stephenson, L. 06e/15:00/We 168 Stepien, K. 13b/393/We 201 Stern, Richard 02g/40/Tu g/14:15/We i/14:15/We c/15:30/Fr 297 Stern, Robert 03e/82/Th 251 Steshenko, E. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Steudtner, R. 13l/09:15/Mo 19 Stevanović, Z. 13g/404/Th 270 Stevens, A. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 Stevens, G. 04d/90/Mo 45 03i/55/Tu i/15:00/We 163 Stevenson, B. 09j/14:45/Mo 33 Stevenson, M.A. 10b/333/Tu b/334/Tu 127 Stevenson, S. 08a/11:00/Fr 286 Stewart, C. 12d/15:15/Fr 309 Stewart, E. M. 03g/71/Mo 44 Stewart, Emily 11d/388/We 201 Stewart, F. 09d/270/Mo 54 10d/09:15/Th 220 Stewart, J. 07l/16:15/We 171 Stewart, S. 01h/14:45/We 160 Stibal, M. 11c/15:30/We 177 Stiboller, M. 13k/407/Tu 132 Stieglitz, T. 13i/435/We 204 Stillings, M. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 Stimac, I. 07i/11:15/Fr 285 Stinchcomb, G. 08e/14:15/Th 239 Stipp, S. 13k/10:00/Tu 86 06c/181/Th 257 Stirling, C. 11f/10:00/We 154 Stixrude, L. 02c/16:45/Fr 297 Stober, I. 06o/09:15/Th 215 Stock, G. 08e/09:00/Th 218 Stock, M. 03g/11:15/Mo 6 Stockdale, A. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Stockey, R. 09m/09:15/Th f/15:45/Th 240 Stockli, D. 09a/281/Tu a/299/Tu a/10:00/We d/10:45/We l/08:30/Th e/83/Th 251 Stockmann, G. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Stockmann, M. 13l/09:15/Mo Index by Author

429 Stockton, A. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 09d/270/Mo 54 Stoebener, N. 08c/191/We 197 Stoick, E. 13g/16:45/Fr 310 Stokowski, M. 07c/223/Mo 52 Stoll, H. 08d/268/Tu e/214/We 198 Stolper, D. 10h/306/Mo 56 03e/10:15/Fr 278 Stolper, E. 04j/14:15/Tu 97 03b/14:15/Th 230 Stolz, J. 13g/10:45/Fr 292 Stone, A.T. 10l/11:15/We 153 Stone, J. 08e/10:00/Th 218 Stopelli, E. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Storey, C. 03l/17:00/We d/43/We e/11:00/Fr 278 Storey, M. 08e/220/We 198 Stracke, A. 02b/09:15/Mo 4 02e/16:15/Mo 24 02a/14:45/Th i/15:45/Th 233 Strand, R. 13g/408/Th 270 StratoClim, T. 08a/08:30/Fr 286 Straub, S. 03d/14:45/We i/127/Th 254 Strauss, B. 01h/09:30/We 138 Strauss, H. 10h/300/Mo 56 10b/09:30/Tu 82 03j/65/Tu b/329/Th 265 Strauss, J.V. 07j/16:45/Tu h/11:15/We i/425/We m/09:15/Th 219 Streck, T. 12f/15:15/Th 243 Street, K. 04i/105/Th 253 Stremtan, C. 06j/208/Th j/09:45/Fr 283 Stringfellow, A. 13f/392/Mo 62 Striolo, A. 06h/145/We c/11:15/Fr 282 Stroeva, E. 06g/11:00/Mo 11 Strongin, D.R. 06a/14:15/Tu a/15:30/Tu a/16:45/Tu 100 Strother, P. 10f/10:45/Fr 288 Stroud, R. 01c/16:30/Mo 22 01f/15:30/Fr 296 Stroup, J. 08l/14:45/Mo 32 Struyf, E. 12d/368/Th 268 Stuart, F.M. 02e/28/Mo 41 Stubbins, A. 07l/223/Tu f/400/Tu e/08:45/We e/09:00/We e/10:45/We 152 Stubbs, J. 06j/16:00/Fr 302 Stuber, S. 10e/08:45/We 152 Stuckman, M. 05k/09:00/Th 212 Student, J. 06h/148/We h/149/We 189 Studer, A.S. 08d/266/Tu l/16:00/We 171 Stüeken, E. 09d/271/Mo 54 09g/10:30/Tu 80 09i/17:00/Fr 306 Stuhlfauth, C. 13c/15:45/We 178 Stukel, M. 07l/15:15/We 171 Stumpf, T. 10m/16:15/Mo 35 13j/10:15/We 156 Sturchio, N. 06g/09:30/Tu 78 06m/169/We i/431/We 204 Sturkell, E. 11b/16:45/Fr 308 Stute, M. 13i/14:30/Th 245 Stypula, M. 05b/15:15/Tu 98 Su, A. 05h/147/Mo 48 Su, H-M. 03a/35/Mo 41 05f/14:15/Tu 99 Su, Jianhui 05f/148/Tu 118 Su, Jianzhong 07f/296/We 193 Su, Jin 09g/277/Mo 54 11d/392/We 201 Su, N. 11c/17:00/We 177 Su, S. 05d/08:45/Mo 9 Su, W. 05h/165/Mo 49 Su, Z-K. 05m/178/Tu 120 Suárez, J. 14a/256/Tu 133 Subbotin, V. 05d/09:30/Tu 75 Subdiaga, E. 12e/16:30/Mo 36 Subhas, A. 07l/11:00/We 148 Sublett Jr, D.M. 04j/112/Mo 46 Šubrt, J. 13j/426/Tu 131 Sudo, M. 04i/114/Th 253 Suess, M. 10f/15:30/Th 241 Suetake, M. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/Tu 85 Sueyoshi, R. 11a/340/Mo 58 Süfke, F. 07l/221/Tu l/16:30/We 171 Suga, H. 05b/125/Tu 117 Sugano Navarro, M. 06j/206/Th 258 Sui, H. 11b/17:00/Fr 308 Sukhanova, A. 05g/138/Th 255 Sukhbat, B. 03d/19/We 181 Suksi, J. 13j/414/Tu 130 Sullivan, P. 11g/338/Th 266 Sulpis, O. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Sumino, H. 03d/16:45/We 162 Summers, B. 07i/334/We 195 Summers, Z. 05b/14:30/Tu 98 Summons, Roger 10f/16:45/Th i/273/Th f/10:30/Fr 288 Summons, Roger E. 09g/281/Mo 55 09f/272/Th f/08:30/Fr f/10:15/Fr 288 Sun, Chijun 08c/185/We 196 Sun, Chulin 13i/429/We 204 Sun, D. 07b/271/We 192 Sun, E.W-H. 06c/184/Th 257 Sun, Fengxia 03l/101/Tu 116 Sun, Fusheng 10m/09:30/Mo 16 13l/429/Mo 64 10b/332/Tu 127 Sun, G. 05b/121/Tu 117 Sun, H. 02d/09:30/We 139 Sun, Jian 09m/314/Tu 126 Sun, Jin-Feng 03e/93/Th 252 Sun, Jiu 05d/134/Mo 47 Sun, L.Y-J. 03a/46/Mo 42 Sun, M. 04i/116/Th 253 Sun, P. 05h/166/Mo 49 Sun, S. 04j/96/Mo 45 Sun, Tao 05k/16:45/We 166 Sun, Tianyi 08c/185/We 196 Sun, Weidong 04j/96/Mo 45 05d/124/Mo 47 03d/27/We g/73/We e/100/We e/53/Th i/09:45/Fr 279 Sun, Weimin 10m/318/Mo 57 Sun, Wenhao 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Sun, Xiao-Hui 07l/222/Tu 122 Sun, Xiaoming 05d/125/Mo 47 10h/300/Mo 56 06b/17:00/Th b/169/Th 256 Sun, Ya-Li 02a/20/Th 248 Sun, Yang 03e/57/Th e/60/Th 250 Sun, Yele 07a/15:00/Th 237 Sun, Yong-Ge 10a/325/Tu b/271/We 192 Sun, Yu-Zhuang 05b/142/Tu f/150/Tu m/15:30/We 167 Sun, Yuanshi 05e/106/We 186 Sunaoshi, T. 01b/10:30/Fr 276 Sundal, A. 13i/09:00/Th 224 Sunderland, E. 10e/343/Tu 128 Sundquist, E. 12b/09:15/Fr 291 Sundquist, M. 10e/15:00/Tu 105 Super, J. 08d/14:45/Tu d/274/Tu 124 Superville, P-J. 13m/08:45/Th 225 Surma, J. 08a/10:15/Fr 286 Sushko, M. 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Süssenberger, A. 03f/53/Mo 43 Sutcliffe, C. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 Sutherland, J. 05a/89/We i/09:00/Fr 287 Sutherland, K. 10d/15:30/We 175 Sutton, A. 07f/17:00/Fr 304 Sutton, Scot 09d/264/Mo 54 Sutton, Stephen 04j/101/Mo 45 04j/09:00/Tu 73 Sutton-Grier, A. 12b/354/Th 267 Suuronen, J-P. 06j/15:15/Fr 302 Suvorova, A. 06b/15:45/Th 235 Suzuki, A. 11f/16:45/Tu 107 Suzuki, K. 02d/31/Tu 111 Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Á.E. 11b/328/Th 265 Sverjensky, D.A. 03f/14:30/Tu 93 02g/16:30/We b/5/We c/09:30/Fr 277 Svojtka, M. 03d/25/We 181 Swain, S.K. 11c/376/We 200 Swann, G. 03a/36/Mo 41 Index by Author 369

430 Swanner, E. 10m/08:30/Mo16 07c/214/Mo 52 10m/315/Mo 57 09j/08:45/Tu 81 10l/17:00/We f/14:45/Th 240 Swanson-Hysell, N. 04h/08:30/We d/16:30/Th b/11:00/Fr 284 Swart, P. 08l/16:15/Mo 32 Sweere, T. 07j/09:30/We 147 Swift, A. 05i/09:45/We k/10:00/Th b/308/Th 264 Swift, P. 06o/14:15/We 170 Swisher, C. 09a/15:00/We 173 Sy, A. 11a/336/Mo 58 Sylva, S. 07c/08:45/Mo 12 07c/09:00/Mo 12 Sylvester, Paul 05e/96/We e/92/Th 252 Sylvester, Paul J. 05e/16:45/Th 234 Syverson, D. 09i/282/Th 262 Szatmari, P. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Szatmary, L. 13j/15:45/Tu j/426/Tu 131 Szecsody, J.E. 13l/15:00/Mo 39 13j/10:00/Tu 85 13j/16:00/We 179 Szeinbaum, N. 10a/320/Tu d/09:15/Th 220 Szenknect, S. 06g/10:00/Mo 11 Szidat, S. 07l/16:00/We 171 Szilas, K. 01h/09:45/Th 208 Szuszkiewicz, M. 08i/234/Th 260 Szymanowski, D. 04g/72/We 184 Szymanowski, J. 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Szymczycha, B. 07c/223/Mo 52 13i/11:00/Th 224 Szynkiewicz, A. 11a/339/Mo 58 11a/15:00/Tu a/15:30/Tu 106 Tabor, C. 08l/16:15/Mo 32 08a/225/Th 260 Tacail, T. 10h/11:00/Mo 15 Tachera, D. 06h/16:00/We 169 Tachibana, E. 07a/266/We 191 Tachibana, S. 06h/16:15/We 169 Tackley, P. 03i/08:45/We 142 Tada, R. 08i/227/Th i/231/Th 260 Taenzer, L. 10h/15:00/Mo 34 Taghadosi, H. 05d/11:00/Mo 9 03d/41/We 182 Taghipour, B. 05d/131/Mo 47 Taghipour, S. 13g/406/Th 270 Tagirov, B. 06b/171/Th 257 Tagliabue, A. 07i/328/We i/15:30/Th 238 Tague Jr., T.J. 09j/15:45/Mo 33 Tait, K. 03g/10:00/Mo 6 03g/10:15/Mo 6 05f/156/Tu e/193/Tu e/11:00/We h/16:30/We f/9/Th 247 Tajcmanova, L. 03f/14:15/Mo 25 Takach, M. 04g/15:15/Th 232 Takahashi, N. 03d/32/We m/172/We 190 Takahashi, Y. 04j/09:45/Tu 73 10l/10:30/We m/15:15/We167 07i/15:00/Th 238 Takahata, N. 02e/17:00/Mo 24 07i/11:15/Th c/09:45/Fr 277 Takai, K. 03j/10:15/Tu 72 03j/10:30/Tu 72 Takamasa, A. 02d/31/Tu 111 Takano, S. 07j/208/Tu i/337/We i/09:45/Th i/16:30/Th 238 Takaya, Y. 05g/139/Th g/14:45/Fr 300 Takeda, A. 13j/09:45/We b/15:00/Th 235 Takeda, S. 07i/308/We 194 Takeuchi, A. 13m/16:15/Fr 311 Talat, T.A. 04g/54/We 183 Talavera, C. 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Talebitaher, A. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Tamarova, A. 02g/34/Tu 112 Tamez, C. 08i/15:45/Fr 305 Tamše, S. 07f/16:30/Fr 304 Tamura, N. 09i/14:15/Fr 306 Tan, D. 13m/414/Th 271 Tan, G. 09d/09:00/Mo 14 09d/264/Mo 54 09d/270/Mo 54 Tan, H. 05k/144/We 189 Tan, J. 10d/09:45/Th 220 Tan, K. 05h/165/Mo 49 Tan, M. 08e/211/We 197 Tan, Z. 03d/36/We 182 Tanaka, A. 02d/26/Tu 111 Tanaka, E. 05g/16:30/Fr g/16:45/Fr 300 Tanaka, K. 13j/09:30/We j/09:45/We j/11:15/We j/15:00/We 179 Tanaka, R. 09f/271/Th 262 Tanaka, T. 09f/267/Th 261 Tanaka, Y. 07i/337/We 195 Taneja, A.T. 06e/194/Tu 121 Tang, F. 01h/08:45/We 138 Tang, G. 03f/09:30/Tu 71 Tang, Hao-Shu 07l/222/Tu 122 Tang, Haolan 03i/16:45/Tu 94 01i/16:45/Tu 90 Tang, Jia 10m/11:00/Mo 16 Tang, Jian-Feng 13h/420/Mo 63 Tang, Jingru 04i/123/Th 254 Tang, L. 07l/15:45/We 171 Tang, Mao 08e/212/We 197 Tang, Mi 13l/423/Mo 64 Tang, Ming 03e/53/Th e/09:30/Fr e/14:15/Fr 298 Tang, ShiXin 05k/09:30/Th 212 Tang, Suo-Han 05e/97/We 186 Tang, T. 10e/16:30/Tu d/355/We 199 Tang, Yangang 05i/09:00/We 144 Tang, Ye-Tao 13g/14:30/Fr 310 Tang, Yongchun 05i/111/We 186 Tang, Yuanzhi 10d/347/We 198 Tang-Isson, T. 11d/389/We 201 Tangfu, X. 13g/17:00/Th 244 Tani, K. 04j/15:30/Mo 27 Tanjal, C. 13b/394/We 202 Tank, S. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 Tanner, M. 09a/10:15/We 150 Tao, C. 07c/205/Mo 51 02d/09:30/We i/104/Th 253 Tao, J. 10e/346/Tu 128 Tao, L. 04g/77/We 184 Tao, R. 02c/10:45/Fr 277 Tao, S. 07b/285/We 192 Tao, X. 11b/319/Th 264 Tapia, F. 04g/11:00/Th 211 Tappa, M. 08b/228/Tu 122 Tappe, S. 02c/10:30/Fr 277 Tappert, R. 07b/08:30/Fr 284 Tapponnier, P. 06j/207/Th 258 Tapster, S. 06b/159/Th 256 Tarantino, S.C. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Tarbox, B. 03g/80/Mo 44 Tardani, D. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Tarhan, L. 10d/16:45/We b/268/We l/09:45/Th 210 Tarhouni, J. 13i/10:30/Th 224 Tarnas, J. 03j/09:45/Tu 72 Tarr, M. 13l/431/Mo 64 10e/09:45/We 152 Tartese, R. 01h/15:45/Th 228 Tashakor, M. 13m/425/Th m/436/Th 272 Tasker, T. 13f/405/Mo 63 Tassara, S. 03g/76/Mo 44 Tassi, F. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Tattitch, B. 05d/129/Mo 47 Taubald, H. 09f/266/Th 261 Taylor, A. 10b/330/Tu 127 Taylor, F. 08b/10:15/We 149 Taylor, G. Jeffrey 02c/10:00/Fr 277 Taylor, Gordon 10d/352/We 199 Taylor, J. 14a/09:30/Tu 87 Taylor, R.J.M. 01h/08:45/We 138 Taylor, S. 06m/15:15/Th 236 Taylor, V. 08d/272/Tu 124 Tazoe, H. 07i/326/We f/16:30/Th 240 Tchameni, R. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 Tchouankoue, J.P. 03b/3/We 180 Teagle, D. 07c/211/Mo 52 03j/70/Tu Index by Author

431 Tecchiato, V. 04g/60/We 183 Tedeschi, M. 03f/09:00/Tu 71 Tedstone, A. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Tegelaar, E.W. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 Teitler, Y. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Teixeira, W. 04h/105/Tu 116 Tejada, J. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Tekin, U.K. 04i/135/Th 254 Temel, A. 06h/08:45/Th 213 Templeton, A. 09j/15:30/Mo 33 03j/16:00/Mo 26 03j/69/Tu a/09:00/We 151 ten Kate, I.L. 06m/14:45/Th 236 Teng, F-Z. 04d/86/Mo 44 11c/10:15/Th e/16:30/Th e/52/Th e/54/Th e/57/Th e/58/Th e/60/Th e/62/Th e/10:00/Fr 278 Teng, H. 06c/15:15/Fr 301 Teng, Yanguo 11b/327/Th 265 Teng, Ying 12d/365/Th 268 Tepanosyan, G. 13f/09:15/Mo 18 Tepley, F. 04j/14:45/Mo 27 Terada, A. 13m/09:30/Fr 293 Terhaar, J. 07f/15:15/Fr 304 Terrani, K. 06o/16:45/We 170 Teske, A. 10m/323/Mo 57 10e/16:00/Tu 105 Tessalina, S. 05e/15:00/Th i/130/Th 254 Tessin, A. 10b/333/Tu b/334/Tu j/08:45/We 147 Tester, J. 11b/325/Th 265 Teter, F. 04d/08:30/Mo 7 Teutsch, N. 07j/08:30/We 147 Teymurazyan, A. 12d/16:00/Fr 309 Teyssier, C. 03d/44/We 182 Tfaily, M.M. 12e/09:45/Mo 17 12e/14:15/Mo 36 12e/366/Mo 59 12b/343/Th b/346/Th b/351/Th b/352/Th b/355/Th d/364/Th 268 Thakurdin, Y. 03e/70/Th 250 Theiling, B. 01c/2/Tu 110 Theis, K. 01i/16:15/Tu 90 Them, T.R. 04h/11:00/We b/269/We b/273/We b/10:15/Fr b/10:30/Fr 284 Therrien, R. 13i/419/We 203 Thiagarajan, N. 10h/16:15/Mo 34 05b/14:30/Tu 98 Thibault, A. 10e/11:00/We 152 Thibault, N. 04h/108/Tu 116 Thibodeau, A.M. 11d/11:15/Th 222 Thibon, F. 07j/15:30/Tu 101 Thieme, Juergen 06j/14:30/Fr 302 Thieme, Jürgen 12e/14:15/Mo 36 Thiemens, Mark 07a/09:15/Th 216 Thiemens, Maxwell 01h/16:45/We 160 Thiessen, E. 03f/10:30/Tu 71 Thieu, V. 07f/15:45/Fr 304 Thirlwall, M. 07j/16:15/Tu 101 Thirumalai, K. 08b/10:15/We c/15:30/We 172 Thoenen, T. 13c/398/We 202 Thöle, L.M. 08d/266/Tu l/16:00/We 171 Thomas, A. 13m/10:30/Th 225 Thomas, Elizabeth 08b/08:45/We 149 Thomas, Ellen 08d/14:45/Tu d/274/Tu b/11:15/Fr 284 Thomas, H. 08e/09:45/Th 218 Thomas, J. 03f/14:30/Mo 25 Thomas, S. 13l/16:15/Mo 39 Thomas J., A. 09m/311/Tu 126 Thomas-Keprta, K. 01h/09:45/We 138 Thomassot, E. 03i/14:15/We c/14:30/Fr 297 Thomopoulos, S. 06g/16:15/Mo 30 Thompson, A. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 12e/16:00/Mo 36 12e/360/Mo 59 Thompson, D. 08c/16:00/We e/11:15/Th a/11:00/Fr 286 Thompson, E. 02c/15:15/Fr 297 Thompson, J. 09a/10:15/We j/11:00/Fr 283 Thompson, L. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Thompson, R. 09a/14:15/We 173 Thompson, S. 10e/16:15/Tu 105 Thomsen, S. 10d/344/We 198 Thomsen, T.B. 05e/102/We 186 Thomson, A. 02c/39/Th c/14:15/Fr 297 Thomson, S. 09g/16:15/Tu 103 Thordarson, T. 04g/15:00/We 165 Thornber, C. 04j/105/Mo 46 Thorne, R. 09g/15:15/Tu 103 Thornhill, A. 12a/379/Tu 129 Thorogood, G. 06o/16:00/We 170 Thorwarth, H. 13g/08:30/Fr 292 Thounaojam, D. 02a/16/Th 247 Thrang, P. 13m/09:15/Fr 293 Thunell, R. 07b/14:15/Fr 303 Tian, Hui 05h/09:45/Mo 10 Tian, Hung-An 07i/329/We 195 Tian, L.Y. 10h/309/Mo 56 Tian, Shengyu 03l/16:15/We 164 Tian, Shihong 03e/49/Th e/51/Th e/52/Th 249 Tian, W. 11d/11:00/Th 222 Tian, Yuan 13g/408/Th 270 Tian, Yuheng 03e/51/Th 249 Tian, Z. 01h/14:30/We 160 Tielens, X. 06m/14:45/Th 236 Tiemann, L. 12d/369/Th d/15:30/Fr 309 Tierney, J. 08c/15:30/We 172 Tierney, K. 11d/383/We 201 Tiffani, F. 09m/09:15/Th 219 Tight, D. 12e/08:30/Mo 17 Tikoo, S. 01h/09:30/We 138 Till, C.B. 03d/14:15/We h/15:45/We g/15:45/We l/09:30/Th b/11:00/Fr 276 Tillberg, M. 10h/11:00/Tu 83 Timmermann, A. 07f/299/We 193 Timmins-Schiffman, E. 10d/358/We 199 Timms, N. 01f/14:45/Fr f/15:00/Fr 296 Tindle, A. 14a/253/Tu 133 Tinnacher, R.M. 13j/17:00/Tu j/11:00/We 156 Tino, C. 09d/271/Mo 54 Tipper, E. 10b/10:15/Tu 82 11c/09:30/Th 221 Tirona, C. 01f/9/Th 247 Tissot, F.L.H. 02b/5/Mo 40 01i/10:45/Tu 69 01i/14:45/Tu 90 01h/10:00/We e/17:00/Th 231 Tits, J. 13j/17:00/We 179 Tiwari, S.K. 05g/140/Th 255 Tlusty, M. 07f/294/We f/297/We 193 Tobin, M. 03d/33/We 182 Tobin, T.S. 04h/109/Tu h/110/Tu 116 Tobita, M. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 Tobler, D.J. 13k/09:45/Tu 86 13m/10:30/Th j/15:45/Fr 302 Toc, M. 02a/24/Th 248 Toda, K. 06o/165/We 191 Todd, Z. 09d/09:30/Mo 14 09i/09:00/Fr 287 Todd-Brown, K. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Tohver, E. 09a/287/Tu 125 Toki, T. 05g/148/Th 255 Tokunaga, K. 13j/09:45/We 156 Tokunaga, T. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 Tolar, B. 12f/393/Tu f/394/Tu 130 Tolstov, A. 02b/3/Mo 40 Tom, L. 13c/16:00/We 178 Tomanikova, L. 03a/47/Mo 42 Tomas, C. 10d/346/We 198 Tomascak, P. 11c/364/We 200 Tomaszewski, E. 10m/15:15/Mo35 Tomkins, A. 03e/63/Th 250 Tommi-Morin, G. 11g/08:45/Fr 290 Toner, B.M. 12e/10:45/Mo 17 10h/297/Mo 55 10a/15:30/Tu 104 Toner, J. 09i/283/Th 262 Toney, J. 08l/229/Mo 53 Toney, M. 06g/09:45/Tu 78 Tong, A. 13i/418/We 203 Index by Author 371

432 Tong, H. 13m/10:15/Fr 293 Tong, M. 12e/17:00/Mo 36 Tong, S. 11c/369/We 200 Tonkacheev, D. 06b/171/Th 257 Tootell, D. 06j/09:00/Fr j/10:15/Fr 283 Topcuoglu, B. 03j/16:30/Mo 26 10f/295/Th 263 Topuz, G. 03d/41/We 182 Torabi, G. 03d/31/We c/38/Th e/71/Th i/124/Th 254 Toran, L. 13d/413/Mo 61 Torfstein, A. 07l/218/Tu i/314/We i/10:15/Th i/236/Th 260 Torgeson, J. 13k/403/Tu 132 Torimoto, J. 05g/139/Th 255 Torre, G. 08i/230/Th i/238/Th 261 Torres, Mark 11c/15:00/We j/210/Th j/11:15/Fr 283 Torres, Marta 07c/15:45/Mo 31 Torres Liguori Pires, B. 07i/10:30/Th 217 Torsvik, T. 09a/287/Tu 125 Tosca, N. 07c/09:15/Mo 12 07c/11:15/Mo 12 07c/218/Mo 52 08l/228/Mo 53 09d/265/Mo 54 03j/09:00/Tu 72 07j/15:45/Tu 101 Tostevin, R. 07c/09:15/Mo 12 Toth, E.R. 01h/10:15/Th 208 Totsuka, S. 05g/141/Th 255 Touboul, M. 02b/11:00/Mo 4 Toukabri, A. 07c/213/Mo 52 Touran, J.P. 04j/106/Mo 46 09a/283/Tu a/300/Tu 125 Tournassat, C. 13l/09:30/Mo 19 13j/17:00/Tu j/11:00/We 156 Town, C.F. 04h/11:15/We 143 Townley, B. 05f/10:30/Tu 76 Townsend, A. 07i/315/We 194 Toyoda, J. 12b/351/Th 267 Trail, D. 04j/111/Mo 46 03i/16:45/Tu 94 03e/08:45/Fr 278 Trainer, E.L. 13l/15:15/Mo 39 Trainor, T. 12f/396/Tu m/15:30/Th 246 Traista, E. 13i/424/We 203 Trampush, S. 11f/11:00/We 154 Tran, M. 13m/09:15/Fr 293 Tranter, M. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Trappitsch, R. 01b/4/Th b/11:15/Fr 276 Tratnyek, P.G. 13l/15:00/Mo 39 Travis, C. 12e/362/Mo 59 Treibergs, L. 12c/11:00/Tu 84 Treiman, A. 06j/14:15/Fr 302 Tremblay, C. 11g/334/Th 266 Tremblay, J-É. 10h/09:45/Tu 83 Tremblay, M. 08e/09:00/Th e/09:30/Th 218 Treude, T. 10b/09:30/Tu 82 07b/275/We 192 Trew Crist, D. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Trieloff, M. 01i/20/Tu 111 Trigo-Rodriguez, J. 01c/16:30/Mo 22 Trimby, P. 06c/177/Th 257 Trindade, R. 07c/216/Mo 52 Trindade Pedrosa, E. 13c/403/We 202 Triplett, R. 02c/16:15/Fr 297 Troadec, D. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Troch, J. 04g/17:00/We 165 Troch, P. 12d/358/Th 268 Troise, C. 05i/117/We 187 Troll, V.R. 03b/10:00/Th 209 Trossman, D. 07f/14:45/Fr 304 Trower, E. 07c/14:45/Mo 31 Trower, L. 07c/17:00/Mo 31 Troxler, T. 12b/354/Th 267 Trønnes, R.G. 02d/15:30/Tu 91 02d/08:30/We i/110/Th 253 Trtigub, A. 06b/171/Th 257 Truex, M. 13j/10:00/Tu 85 Trumbull, R.B. 03a/10:45/Mo 5 Trumm, D. 13g/410/Th 270 Trumm, M. 13j/08:30/We 156 Trusdell, F. 04j/17:00/Mo 27 Trusiak, A. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 12c/11:00/Tu 84 Tryon, C.A. 09a/08:30/We 150 Tsay, A. 05d/09:15/Mo 9 04j/113/Mo 46 Tschauner, O. 02g/15:45/We j/14:45/Fr 302 Tse, J. 02d/16:15/Tu 91 02g/11:00/We c/16:30/Fr 297 Tsigaridis, K. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 Tsikos, H. 07j/15:30/Tu g/16:00/Tu g/10:45/Fr 281 Tsikouras, B. 02a/26/Th 248 Tsuchiya, N. 03d/40/We 182 Tsujimori, T. 03d/08:45/We d/32/We m/172/We 190 Tsujisaka, M. 07j/208/Tu i/337/We 195 Tsukamoto, Y. 03l/10:15/Th i/15:00/Fr 306 Tsuno, K. 02d/16:30/Tu 91 02d/16:45/Tu 91 Tsurumaki, S. 06a/177/Mo 50 Tu, B. 10a/325/Tu 127 Tu, H. 13g/09:15/Fr 292 Tu, T-H. 10h/15:45/Mo 34 Tual, L. 03g/66/Mo 43 Tubbs, J. 08e/14:15/Th 239 Tuccimei, P. 13f/404/Mo 63 Tucker, A. 12d/15:00/Fr 309 Tucker, J. 04j/17:00/Mo 27 Tuckerman, M. 08a/11:15/Fr 286 Tucoulou Tachoueres, R. 06j/215/Th j/15:15/Fr 302 Tudhope, S. 08c/16:00/We e/11:15/Th 218 Tuerena, R. 07i/319/We 194 Tuff, J. 13g/408/Th 270 Tuffen, H. 04g/63/We 183 Tuladhar, A. 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Tullborg, E-L. 13j/414/Tu 130 Tuller-Ross, B. 02b/08:45/Mo 4 Tumey, S. 13j/420/Tu 131 Tuo, J. 09i/281/Th 262 Turaga, N. 07l/11:00/We 148 Turchyn, A.V. 07c/14:15/Mo 31 07c/14:30/Mo 31 07c/211/Mo 52 10h/294/Mo 55 07j/10:30/Tu 79 09g/16:30/Tu j/70/Tu f/08:30/We l/11:15/We d/14:45/We d/16:30/We d/343/We c/09:30/Th d/15:45/Th 242 Turcotte, D. 11d/15:00/Th 242 Turich, C. 05b/128/Tu 117 Türke, A. 07c/206/Mo 51 10a/09:30/We 151 Turlin, F. 05f/14:45/Tu 99 Turner, B. 10e/344/Tu f/17:00/Th 243 Turner, J.C. 08i/240/Th 261 Turner, Simon 03i/54/Tu d/15:45/We 162 Turner, Stephen 04j/16:00/Mo 27 Tuross, N. 10f/16:00/Fr 307 Turrero, M.J. 08l/238/Mo 53 08a/222/Th 260 Turrin, B. 09a/15:00/We d/14:15/Th 242 Turull, M. 13m/419/Th 271 Turunen, S.T. 02e/09:30/Tu 70 04g/09:30/Th 211 Turvey, C. 11b/10:45/Fr 289 Tusch, J. 03i/09:30/We 142 Tütken, T. 07j/205/Tu 121 Tutolo, B. 07c/09:15/Mo 12 03j/09:00/Tu 72 Tutunnik, O. 04j/111/Mo 46 Twing, K. 10a/16:00/Tu 104 Tyler, J. 08c/182/We 196 Tyne, R. 13i/420/We i/09:45/Th 224 Tyra, M. 01f/16:00/Fr 296 Tyroller, L. 13i/14:45/Th 245 Tyson, G. 10a/327/Tu 127 Tzoulas, K. 13f/11:15/Mo 18 Uchida, E. 11f/16:45/Tu 107 Uchida, S. 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Uchikawa, J. 03a/09:15/Mo 5 Udubasa, G. 06b/172/Th Index by Author

433 Udubasa, S.S. 05d/118/Mo 46 06b/172/Th g/393/Th 269 Uebner, M. 08e/09:00/Th 218 Uematsu, M. 07i/15:00/Th 238 Ueno, H. 06b/16:15/Th 235 Ueno, Y. 09g/10:15/Tu 80 05b/14:45/Tu 98 03i/51/Tu i/56/Tu m/307/Tu a/10:30/Th i/09:15/Fr i/14:45/Fr 306 Ugalde, R. 03f/53/Mo 43 Uher, P. 11b/302/Th 263 Uhlein, G. 07c/15:45/Mo 31 Ujaczki, É. 05a/85/We 185 Ullmann, C.V. 04h/108/Tu 116 Ulmer, P. 03b/09:00/Th b/10:30/Th 209 Ulrich, M. 05f/16:30/Tu 99 Ulvestad, A. 06g/09:30/Tu 78 Ulzetueva, I. 13m/437/Th 272 Um, W. 13j/16:30/We b/343/Th 267 Umhau, B. 10f/15:00/Th 241 Umling, N. 07b/14:15/Fr 303 Ünal-İmer, E. 09a/290/Tu 125 Underschultz, J. 05i/119/We 187 Underwood, K. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Underwood, T. 06c/185/Th 257 Unrine, J. 13e/10:45/We 155 Unterborn, C. 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Unzué-Belmonte, D. 12d/368/Th 268 Unzuetta, M.A. 09a/14:45/We 173 Urann, B. 03b/15:30/Th i/132/Th 254 Urs, S. 09a/293/Tu 125 Usher, B. 13g/408/Th 270 Ushikubo, T. 04j/110/Mo 46 01i/14:30/Tu 90 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Ushioda, M. 04j/09:45/Tu 73 Usman, M.O. 11f/10:15/We 154 Usui, T. 01c/09:15/Tu 68 04j/09:45/Tu 73 Uthaipan, K. 07f/301/We 193 Utkin, I. 05d/123/Mo 47 Utsunomiya, S. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 13j/09:30/Tu 85 13j/09:45/We j/15:00/We b/15:00/Th 235 Uunk, B. 03d/09:00/We 141 Uveges, B.T. 09m/310/Tu c/187/We f/11:00/Fr 288 Uysal, I.T. 09a/290/Tu 125 Uzarski, D. 10d/354/We 199 Váczi, T. 06g/15:45/Mo 30 Vadlamani, R. 02e/23/Mo 41 Vaghela, H. 07i/332/We 195 Vaglarov, B. 05g/16:30/Fr 300 Vahlenkamp, M. 11d/15:15/Th 242 Valdez, Z. 12b/357/Th 267 Valencia, K. 01h/15/Tu 110 Valentin, F. 10h/11:00/Mo 15 Valentine, A.M. 06a/14:15/Tu a/16:45/Tu 100 Valentine, J. 09j/16:15/Mo 33 Valenzuela, M. 01i/15:15/Tu 90 Valla, P. 08e/09:30/Th 218 Valle Aguado, B. 03f/57/Mo 43 Valles, K. 11c/374/We 200 Valley, J.W. 07c/15:00/Mo 31 07c/16:45/Mo 31 03i/16:15/Tu 94 03i/16:30/Tu 94 06e/15:00/We c/14:15/Fr 301 van Acken, D. 07j/205/Tu g/15:15/We 161 Van Ardelan, M. 07i/309/We 194 van Bibber, K. 09a/14:45/We 173 Van Cappellen, P. 12e/16:45/Mo 36 10h/307/Mo 56 12f/401/Tu f/16:00/Th 243 van de Velde, S. 10d/16:15/We 175 van de Ven, T.G.M. 03a/10:30/Mo 5 van de Waal, D.B. 07j/09:00/Tu 79 Van de Wetering, N. 08l/10:15/Mo 13 van den Bogaard, P. 02e/10:00/Tu 70 van den Boorn, S. 07j/09:30/We l/360/We 199 van den Heuvel, D.B. 06j/15:45/Fr 302 van der Bilt, W. 08e/221/We 198 van der Hilst, R. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 van der Meer, A.E. 08d/275/Tu e/216/We 198 van der Meer, Q. 02d/27/Tu 111 van der Ploeg, R. 08d/275/Tu 124 van der Valk, E. 02g/14:45/We 161 van der Velde, Y. 10e/14:45/Tu 105 Van Driessche, A.E.S. 13b/15:30/Tu m/174/We 190 van Erk, M. 06o/15:30/We 170 van Geen, A. 13d/409/Mo 61 van Genuchten, C. 13k/10:00/Tu 86 Van Ginneken, M. 01c/17:00/Mo 22 01i/18/Tu 111 van Hartesveldt, N. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 06o/15:45/We 170 van Hees, E.H. 10a/322/Tu 127 van Helmond, N. 07i/14:30/Th b/11:00/Fr b/14:45/Fr 303 van Hinsberg, V. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 05d/15:30/Mo 28 03b/11/We e/102/We 186 Van Hoozen, C. 05m/11:00/We 145 van Hunen, J. 03d/15:45/Tu 92 van Keken, P. 02e/10:30/Tu 70 03d/17:00/Tu 92 Van Kranendonk, M.J. 09g/16:15/Tu i/09:30/We l/11:00/Th 210 van Maldegem, L. 10f/10:45/Fr 288 Van Malderen, S. 09a/10:15/We j/208/Th j/215/Th 259 van Manen, M. 07i/329/We 195 Van Mooy, B.A.S. 10f/16:15/Th f/16:30/Th 241 Van Niekerk, K. 09a/08:30/We 150 Van Orman, J. 02d/14:45/Tu 91 06h/15:30/We c/36/Th 249 van Roermund, H. 03d/20/We 181 van Roij, L. 07j/09:00/Tu 79 Van Schmus, W. 03e/74/Th 251 van Schrojenstein Lantman, H. 03d/20/We 181 Van Sice, K. 13f/385/Mo 62 van Soest, M. 09a/11:15/We h/156/We 189 Van Stan, J. 10e/08:45/We e/09:00/We 152 Van Tendeloo, L. 06o/09:00/Th 215 van Zuilen, K. 01h/15:15/We b/330/Th 265 van Zuilen, M.A. 09i/280/Th i/09:30/Fr 287 VanBommel, S. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Vance, D. 07c/09:30/Mo 12 10l/11:00/We i/10:00/Th e/14:30/Th i/16:15/Th i/16:45/Th 238 Vander Auwera, J. 04g/08:45/Th 211 Vander Linden, C. 12d/368/Th d/371/Th 268 Vanderburg, A. 01f/16:45/Fr 296 Vandergoes, M. 08l/17:00/Mo 32 Vanderhaeghe, O. 03f/56/Mo 43 Vanderploeg, H.A. 10h/09:00/Tu 83 Vanderstraeten, A. 06m/16:15/Th 236 VanderVelde, D. 09i/10:00/Fr 287 Vandewiele, N.M. 10h/14:30/Mo 34 Vanessa, A. 10m/313/Mo 56 Vaniman, D. 11a/339/Mo 58 Vantelon, D. 06a/184/Mo 51 13g/10:15/Fr 292 VanTongeren, J.A. 04h/11:15/We 143 Vapnik, Y. 03a/11:00/Mo 5 Vara, M. 08c/16:15/We 172 Varas-Reus, M.I. 01h/10:00/Th 208 Varekamp, J. 01h/15:15/Th 228 Varga, J. 03f/11:15/Tu 71 Varga, T. 13j/10:00/We j/14:30/We 179 Varley, N.R. 04g/10:30/Th 211 Varner, R. 14a/245/Tu 133 Vasconcelos, P. 06h/08:30/Th m/16:30/Th 236 Vasilyev, P. 02e/11:15/Tu 70 Vasyukova, O. 05d/15:45/Mo 28 05m/08:30/We 145 Vaury, V. 12e/371/Mo 60 Vavilin, V. 10b/11:15/Tu 82 Vazirov, K. 05m/10:00/We 145 Vazquez, J. 09a/301/Tu 125 Vedharaman, R. 06m/16:45/Th 236 Index by Author 373

434 Vega, A. 13f/14:15/Mo 37 Vega, M. 13m/433/Th 272 Veghte, D. 12f/398/Tu 130 Veillard, C. 07c/16:30/Mo 31 Vekemans, B. 06j/215/Th 259 Veksler, I. 04i/11:15/Fr 279 Velaoras, D. 10b/337/Tu 127 Vengosh, A. 13k/17:00/Mo 38 13f/389/Mo 62 13m/08:45/Fr 293 Venugopal, S. 04j/109/Mo 46 Verba, C. 05k/09:00/Th 212 Verchovsky, A. 02c/30/Th 248 Verdugo-Ihl, M. 06b/14:45/Th b/160/Th 256 Veresh, A. 10l/359/We 199 Verlaguet, A. 03d/10:30/We d/50/We 182 Verma, S.K. 03e/87/Th 252 Verney-Carron, A. 13c/399/We b/10:00/Fr 289 Verplanck, P. 05e/10:00/Fr 280 Vervoort, P. 08d/14:30/Tu 102 Vetter, L. 08c/16:00/We e/11:15/Th 218 Vezina, A. 10l/15:30/We 176 Vezinet, A. 03i/14:15/We 163 Vho, A. 03d/09:45/We 141 Vi Mai, L. 13m/08:30/Fr 293 Viacava, K. 13k/10:15/Tu 86 Vicenzi, E. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 Vickers, M. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Vidal, E. 11f/10:45/We 154 Vidal, V. 13e/409/We 203 Viehweger, B. 10a/14:15/Tu a/14:45/Tu a/321/Tu 127 Vieira, L.H. 07i/10:30/Fr 285 Viel, S. 13e/408/We 203 Viers, J. 13f/406/Mo 63 Viet, P.H. 13m/09:15/Fr 293 Viete, D. 03d/33/We 182 Vigier, N. 07j/10:45/Tu 79 11c/16:15/We c/382/We b/304/Th 263 Vigliaturo, R. 06e/186/Tu 120 Vijayan, N. 13m/429/Th 271 Vikesland, P.J. 13e/11:00/We a/15:15/Th a/16:15/Th 237 Viljoen, F. 05g/10:45/Fr 281 Viljoen, K.S. 02e/11:15/Tu 70 Vilks, P. 13j/16:00/Tu 109 Villa, I.M. 03g/08:30/Mo 6 03g/79/Mo 44 Villanova, J. 06j/15:15/Fr 302 Villanueva, L. 10f/290/Th 263 Villanueva Estrada, R.E. 05i/116/We b/311/Th b/321/Th 264 Vincze, L. 06j/215/Th 259 Vineis, J.H. 12b/353/Th 267 Vinograd, V. 13j/16:30/Tu 109 Vinson, D. 11c/380/We g/403/Th 269 Vinson, E. 14a/254/Tu 133 Vinsot, A. 13c/15:15/We 178 Vinther, J. 10f/08:30/Fr 288 Viola, G. 04h/09:45/We 143 Violette, S. 11a/336/Mo 58 Viollier, E. 13m/09:15/Th 225 Viramonte, J. 04g/15:30/Th 232 Viskupic, K. 14a/252/Tu 133 Visser, A. 13i/15:30/Th 245 Visser, R. 01h/10:45/We 138 Vitale, A. 03f/14:30/Tu 93 Vitale, E. 03l/87/Tu 115 Vitale-Brovarone, A. 03j/11:00/Tu 72 Viterbi, R. 12f/392/Tu 130 Vitorio, J. 03d/49/We 182 Vivancos, S. 07l/15:00/We 171 Viveiros, F. 03j/15:00/Tu 95 Viville, D. 11c/377/We 200 Vlassopoulos, D. 13m/15:15/Fr 311 Vlastelic, I. 03i/10:30/We i/112/Th 253 Voegelin, A. 12c/09:30/Tu 84 13e/08:45/We 155 Vogel, A.I.M. 07i/309/We 194 Vogel, Hans-Joerg 13e/411/We 203 Vogel, Hendrik 08l/09:15/Mo 13 10h/304/Mo 56 Vogl, J. 03a/34/Mo 41 Voigt, C. 08a/10:15/Fr 286 Voigt, M. 07c/09:45/Mo 12 Voigt, S. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Voigt, W. 13c/398/We 202 Volante, S. 03g/08:45/Mo 6 Volk, M. 01h/09:15/We 138 Volkenborn, N. 10d/345/We f/16:45/Fr 304 Volkmann, T. 12d/358/Th 268 Vollebregt, A. 07b/14:45/Fr 303 Vollmer, C. 06e/14:45/We 168 Vollstaedt, H. 09f/264/Th 261 Volta, C. 07f/293/We f/15:45/Fr 304 von Blanckenburg, F. 04h/09:00/We i/339/We a/11:15/Th d/15:30/Th 242 Von der Handt, A. 02e/11:00/Tu 70 von Eynatten, H. 09a/285/Tu 124 von Quadt, A. 05e/16:15/Th 234 von Scheffer, C. 08i/237/Th 261 Vora, L. 07i/332/We 195 Vorlicek, T. 10l/15:30/We 176 Vornlocher, J. 11f/11:00/We 154 Voropaev, S. 09i/275/Th 262 Vozarova, N. 13j/15:45/We 179 Vriens, B. 13e/08:45/We g/15:15/Fr 310 Vrijmoed, J. 06c/14:30/Fr 301 Vroon, P. 02b/15:00/Mo 23 03d/15:15/We 162 Vu, D. 13m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Vue, P. 10l/15:30/We 176 Vydysh, A. 13i/10:15/Th 224 W, L. 09a/304/Tu 126 Wacker, L. 10e/345/Tu f/15:45/Th b/349/Th 267 Wacker, U. 10h/14:15/Mo 34 Wada, I. 03d/17:00/Tu 92 Wade, J. 02d/17:00/Tu 91 01h/17/Tu 111 Wadham, J. 11c/15:30/We c/375/We 200 Wafik, A. 02e/25/Mo 41 Wagner, Bernd 08l/09:15/Mo 13 Wagner, Bernhard 05e/91/We 185 Wagner, F. 06o/16:15/We 170 Wagner, S. 10e/08:45/We e/09:00/We e/10:45/We 152 Wahnfried, I. 13k/405/Tu 132 Waight, T. 02d/27/Tu 111 Wainwright, A.N. 01i/15:45/Tu 90 03i/53/Tu 113 Waite, H. 01c/16:15/Mo 22 Wakaki, S. 09f/16:30/Th 240 Wakamya, C. 05d/126/Mo 47 Walczak, I. 08c/180/We 196 Waldbauer, J. 10d/353/We f/15:45/Fr 307 Waldeck, A.R. 09j/15:00/Mo 33 10h/11:15/Tu 83 10d/15:15/We 175 Walder, I. 13g/11:15/Fr 292 Waldo, N. 12b/352/Th 267 Waldron, S. 11g/09:45/Fr 290 Waliczek, M. 05b/08:45/Tu 74 Walker, B. 04d/09:00/Mo 7 Walker, K. 07c/14:15/Mo 31 Walker, R. 02b/11:00/Mo 4 02b/11:15/Mo 4 01h/09:15/Th b/3/Th 247 Walker, Sharon L. 07c/206/Mo 51 Walker, Stephanie 03g/77/Mo 44 Wall, C. 04h/113/Tu 116 Wall, J. 13m/14:15/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Wallace, A. 06g/190/Mo 51 06g/195/Mo 51 05k/10:15/Th 212 Wallace, C. 12e/08:30/Mo 17 12e/369/Mo 59 Wallace, D. 09j/09:15/Tu 81 Wallace, M.W. 08l/231/Mo 53 09m/16:45/We l/10:45/Th 210 Wallace, P. 04d/09:30/Mo 7 04j/104/Mo 45 04j/105/Mo 46 01b/10:30/Fr 276 Wallis, D. 03d/10:15/We 141 Wallis, I. 13m/09:45/Fr 293 Walowski, K. 04j/104/Mo 45 Walpen, N. 12e/366/Mo 59 Walsworth, R.L. 01h/09:00/We 138 Walter, B. 03d/08:30/We 141 Walter, E. 13j/14:30/We 179 Walter, Maren 07c/206/Mo 51 Walter, Michael 02c/14:15/Fr Index by Author

435 Walter, Michael J. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Walter Anthony, K. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 Walters, J. 02a/15:15/Th a/15:45/Th 229 Walters, W.W. 13f/11:00/Mo 18 07a/14:15/Th 237 Waltgenbach, S. 08c/15:15/We 172 Walther, C. 06o/16:15/We 170 Walton-Day, K. 06o/167/We 191 Wan, J. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 Wan, Q. 06c/188/Th 258 Wan, R. 09g/280/Mo 55 Wan, S. 11f/358/Tu c/379/We d/390/We 201 Wan, Z. 05k/137/We 188 Wanas, H. 08l/236/Mo 53 Wang, Alana O. 13m/16:00/Fr 311 Wang, Aleck 07f/16:15/Fr 304 Wang, Bao Hua 04i/136/Th 254 Wang, Bo 03i/15:30/We 163 Wang, Chao 07l/223/Tu e/55/Th 250 Wang, Chengshan 04d/89/Mo 45 09a/303/Tu 126 Wang, Chenxu 02c/35/Th 249 Wang, Chunjiang 10f/294/Th 263 Wang, Chunlei 13i/431/We 204 Wang, Chunyu 08i/228/Th 260 Wang, Chunzeng 05m/161/Tu 119 Wang, Dan-Dan 04d/91/Mo 45 Wang, Dayong 05h/145/Mo 48 Wang, Di 03e/10:45/Fr 278 Wang, Dong 04g/76/We b/170/Th 256 Wang, Fei 09a/304/Tu 126 Wang, Feng 05b/121/Tu d/15/We 181 Wang, Gen 05i/09:30/We c/194/We 197 Wang, Genhou 03e/79/Th 251 Wang, Gongwen 05m/168/Tu 119 Wang, Guan-Min 05h/16:30/Mo 29 Wang, Guangli 05b/123/Tu 117 Wang, Guiling 12f/15:30/Th 243 Wang, Guohui 13j/16:30/We 179 Wang, Hai 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Wang, Hao 09g/15:45/Tu e/78/Th 251 Wang, Hongbin 10b/331/Tu 127 Wang, Hongmin 05g/142/Th 255 Wang, Houjie 08b/230/Tu 123 Wang, Hsiu-Wen 06c/10:00/Fr c/17:00/Fr 301 Wang, Hua 10f/291/Th 263 Wang, Huajian 09g/277/Mo 54 09m/306/Tu d/392/We 201 Wang, Huapei 01h/09:30/We 138 Wang, Huitong 05b/137/Tu 118 Wang, Jiamin 03f/59/Mo 43 Wang, Jian 05h/170/Mo 50 Wang, Jian-Gang 03e/96/Th 252 Wang, Jianhua 02g/15:30/We a/16:30/Th b/10:15/Fr 276 Wang, Jianwei 06o/17:00/We i/110/We c/175/Th 257 Wang, Jiasheng 05m/10:30/We d/356/We d/391/We 201 Wang, Jin 11f/08:45/We 154 Wang, Jin-Xi 05m/15:30/We 167 Wang, Jingrui 11b/327/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Wang, Jinjin 05m/165/Tu 119 Wang, Jinpeng 07b/291/We 193 Wang, Jinxi 05b/142/Tu 118 Wang, Jun 03d/22/We 181 Wang, Junpeng 05i/09:00/We 144 Wang, Ke 12b/350/Th g/412/Th 270 Wang, Kelin 03d/17:00/Tu 92 Wang, Kui 07f/15:00/Fr 304 Wang, Kun 02b/08:45/Mo 4 12e/359/Mo 59 11c/14:15/We h/14:30/We c/08:30/Th 221 Wang, Kuo-Lung 03b/15:00/Th 230 Wang, Lifang 07f/296/We 193 Wang, Lijun 13b/14:15/Tu 108 Wang, Lin 05d/128/Mo 47 Wang, Lisheng 09a/302/Tu 125 Wang, Lu 03f/15:30/Tu 93 Wang, Mengyuan 08l/15:30/Mo 32 Wang, Miao 05h/167/Mo 49 Wang, N. 09m/308/Tu 126 Wang, Pei-Ling 10h/15:45/Mo 34 Wang, Peng 09j/15:45/Mo 33 Wang, Pengpeng 05m/10:15/We 145 Wang, Piaoyi 04h/114/Tu 116 Wang, Qi 12a/383/Tu 129 Wang, Qiang 03d/22/We 181 Wang, Qilin 05h/145/Mo 48 Wang, Qin-Yan 02e/21/Mo 41 Wang, Qingfei 03e/82/Th 251 Wang, Qingtao 05h/151/Mo 48 05h/171/Mo 50 05h/172/Mo 50 10f/293/Th 263 Wang, Rong 02c/33/Th 249 Wang, Rui 05d/09:45/Mo 9 13i/10:45/Th 224 Wang, Ruiju 07b/278/We 192 Wang, Ruo-Mei 07i/16:15/Th 238 Wang, Shanshan 13i/423/We 203 Wang, Shimei 13b/16:30/Tu 108 Wang, Shuai 04g/56/We i/103/Th 252 Wang, Shui-Jiong 04d/86/Mo 44 09g/15:45/Tu 103 Wang, Shuxiao 07a/15:00/Th 237 Wang, Simiao 13i/09:15/Th 224 Wang, Songjie 03f/15:30/Tu 93 Wang, T.-G. 05h/15:15/Mo 29 Wang, Tao 04d/88/Mo 44 03d/21/We e/99/Th j/190/Th 258 Wang, Taoli 05h/171/Mo 50 05h/172/Mo 50 Wang, Tianli 08l/232/Mo 53 Wang, Tianqi 04g/76/We b/170/Th 256 Wang, Tiantian 09a/303/Tu 126 Wang, TieGuan 05h/173/Mo 50 05e/108/We k/130/We b/350/Th 267 Wang, Tingting 05h/169/Mo 50 Wang, Tongshan 03l/92/Tu 115 Wang, Wei 05f/15:00/Tu 99 07i/323/We i/120/Th 253 Wang, Weixiong 07i/323/We 195 Wang, Wuyi 02g/15:30/We 161 Wang, Xi 03e/97/Th 252 Wang, Xianbin 03l/102/Tu i/281/Th 262 Wang, Xianfeng 08b/232/Tu j/207/Th 258 Wang, Xiangli 09f/14:45/Th e/15:45/Th i/16:30/Fr 306 Wang, Xiaolei 03e/10:45/Fr 278 Wang, Xiaolin 05h/10:30/Mo 10 Wang, Xiaomei 09g/277/Mo 54 09m/306/Tu d/392/We 201 Wang, Xiaoping 06j/15:00/Fr j/15:30/Fr 302 Wang, Xiaoqi 11d/392/We 201 Wang, Xiaoxia 04d/88/Mo 44 Wang, Xin 11f/16:30/Tu i/11:15/Th 224 Wang, Xing 05h/09:45/Mo 10 Wang, Xingchen Tony 08l/240/Mo 53 10h/09:15/Tu 83 08d/16:00/Tu 102 Wang, Xinxin 08b/233/Tu 123 Wang, Xuan-Ce 05b/17:00/Tu 98 Wang, Xuefeng 09a/302/Tu 125 Wang, Xuegang 13g/407/Th 270 Wang, Xueqiu 05f/157/Tu f/158/Tu e/192/Tu 121 Wang, Xueying 13h/418/Mo 63 Wang, Xulong 05h/169/Mo 50 Wang, Xun 13m/16:30/Fr 311 Wang, Yan 13f/393/Mo 62 Wang, Yanbin 03g/78/Mo 44 04j/08:45/Tu 73 Wang, Yang 05h/09:15/Mo 10 03f/50/Mo 42 04d/87/Mo 44 03e/61/Th i/239/Th 261 Wang, Yangyang 05k/136/We 188 Wang, Yanxin 13h/416/Mo 63 Wang, Yanzhong 05h/14:45/Mo 29 05h/159/Mo 49 11b/313/Th 264 Wang, Yao-Ping 05b/16:30/Tu 98 Wang, Yi 12c/350/Mo 58 Wang, Yichuan 02g/46/Tu 112 Index by Author 375

436 Wang, Yifeng 05h/15:00/Mo 29 13j/14:15/Tu i/10:00/We 144 Wang, Yingwei 05d/115/Mo 46 Wang, Yinzhi 09a/304/Tu 126 Wang, Yongli 05i/09:30/We c/194/We 197 Wang, Yuchun 11f/357/Tu 129 Wang, Yuejun 03e/84/Th 251 Wang, Yumei 03l/102/Tu 116 Wang, Yunpeng 05b/10:45/Tu 74 05b/11:15/Tu 74 13i/15:00/Th 245 Wang, Yuting 12d/365/Th 268 Wang, Yuwei 13l/16:30/Mo 39 Wang, Yuxuan 07a/15:00/Th 237 Wang, Yy 13f/379/Mo 62 Wang, Zaicong 05d/137/Mo 48 02a/25/Th a/28/Th e/09:30/Fr 278 Wang, Ze-Zhou 02b/13/Mo 40 03e/56/Th 250 Wang, Zecheng 03l/92/Tu 115 Wang, Zhaohui 07f/16:00/Fr 304 Wang, Zhaoyun 05i/118/We 187 Wang, Zhe 13f/384/Mo 62 05i/123/We 187 Wang, Zheming 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Wang, Zhenchao 04h/115/Tu 117 Wang, Zhengrong 09g/280/Mo 55 06e/187/Tu i/10:45/Fr 279 Wang, Zhibing 10h/10:30/Mo 15 Wang, Zhihong 05h/174/Mo 50 05k/141/We 188 Wang, Zhiqiang 03a/48/Mo 42 12a/381/Tu 129 Wang, Zhixiang 08b/234/Tu 123 Wang, Zhong-Jun 11g/09:45/Fr 290 Wang, Zhongwei 07a/16:30/Th 237 Wang, Zhukun 05h/168/Mo 50 Wang, Zuodong 03l/89/Tu 115 Wangermez, W. 06o/162/We o/09:00/Th 215 Wankel, S. 07c/10:30/Mo 12 10d/15:30/We 175 Wanless, D. 04d/10:45/Mo 7 02d/24/Tu 111 Wanless, V.D. 04i/15:45/Fr 299 Wanner, P. 10h/310/Mo 56 Wannhoff, I. 03f/58/Mo 43 Wanpler, J.M. 13j/423/Tu 131 Wanty, R. 05m/170/Tu m/14:30/We e/10:00/Fr 280 Ward, Ben 09m/08:30/Th 219 Ward, Bess 10h/09:15/Tu 83 Ward, C. 12e/09:15/Mo 17 Ward, J. 11c/375/We 200 Ward, L. 09j/16:00/Mo 33 Ward, N. 07f/298/We 193 Ware, B. 04i/130/Th 254 Waring, T. 14a/254/Tu 133 Warke, M. 09g/16:30/Tu 103 Warner, N. 13f/385/Mo 62 13f/405/Mo 63 13b/14:45/Tu j/425/Tu 131 Warr, O. 03j/14:15/Tu 95 03j/14:45/Tu 95 10a/16:45/Tu 104 Warren, C. 03g/09:30/Mo 6 03d/43/We 182 Warren, J. 04i/09:00/Fr 279 Warrier, A. 08b/239/Tu 123 Wartho, J. 02e/10:00/Tu 70 Washton, N. 13j/08:45/We j/14:30/We 179 Wasilewski, B. 03i/58/Tu i/60/Tu i/10:15/We 142 Wassenburg, J. 08c/15:15/We 172 Wasserman, N. 09f/15:15/Th m/15:15/Th 246 Wasylenki, L. 09g/15:45/Tu l/14:30/We 176 Watanabe, A. 13j/415/Tu 130 Watanabe, K. 05d/10:30/Mo 9 Watanabe, N. 13g/15:45/Fr 310 Watanabe, Yasutaka 06o/163/We 191 Watanabe, Yumiko 03l/96/Tu l/10:15/Th 210 Watanabe, Yusuke 13j/421/Tu 131 Waters, E. 04i/105/Th 253 Watkins, J. 07j/09:45/Tu 79 07j/11:00/Tu 79 06h/151/We 189 Watson, B. 03f/15:30/Mo 25 06h/155/We 189 Watson, H. 01i/19/Tu 111 Watson, T. 04g/63/We 183 Watts, A. 10e/08:30/We 152 Watts, H. 04j/09:00/Mo 8 Way, M. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 09d/11:00/Mo 14 Waychunas, G.A. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Weald, S. 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Weatherley, S. 02d/27/Tu 111 Weaver, J. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 Weaver, K. 09f/14:30/Th 240 Weaver, L. 04h/110/Tu 116 Webb, S.M. 12e/10:15/Mo 17 07c/14:45/Mo 31 09j/15:15/Mo 33 10l/17:00/We g/11:15/Fr 281 Webber, K.L. 06h/147/We 189 Weber, G. 03b/09:15/Th 209 Weber, J C 07i/09:30/Th 217 Weber, Juliane 13b/14:30/Tu b/15:00/Tu j/16:30/Tu j/16:15/Fr c/16:15/Fr 301 Weber, K. 13j/09:00/Tu 85 Weber, M. 08c/15:15/We 172 Weber, N. 08l/234/Mo 53 Weber, Peter 12e/09:45/Mo 17 06e/11:15/We j/191/Th b/09:30/Fr 291 Weber, Philipp 01i/10:30/Tu 69 Weber, Richard 06g/08:45/Mo 11 Weber, Rodney 07a/14:30/Th 237 Weber, T. 09f/14:15/Th 240 Weber, U.W. 13i/435/We i/09:00/Th 224 Weber, Y. 10f/297/Th 263 Webster-Brown, J. 13g/410/Th 270 Weerakoon, N. 06o/165/We 191 Wegener, G. 10f/14:45/Fr 307 Wegorzewski, A. 05g/11:15/Fr 281 Wehrmann, L. 03j/15:15/Mo 26 07i/14:45/Th i/09:30/Fr 285 Wehrs, H. 05e/92/We 185 Wei, Gangjian 10h/10:30/Mo 15 03e/54/Th 250 Wei, Guangyi 07b/268/We 191 Wei, Guoqi 05h/174/Mo 50 Wei, Hai-Zhen 03a/10:30/Mo 5 05f/15:00/Tu 99 Wei, Haoran 07a/15:15/Th 237 Wei, J. 10f/08:45/Fr 288 Wei, L. 07b/15:30/Fr 303 Wei, N. 04i/123/Th 254 Wei, Q. 11d/391/We 201 Wei, R. 08i/15:00/Fr 305 Wei, Shaoni 05k/125/We 187 Wei, Shawn 02c/34/Th 249 Wei, W. 07b/268/We 191 Wei, Yuli 10a/15:00/Tu a/15:15/Tu 104 Wei, Yunxu 03i/15:30/We 163 Wei, Z. 05i/09:30/We c/194/We 197 Weijers, J.W.H. 08l/11:15/Mo 13 10f/09:30/Fr f/10:45/Fr 288 Weintraub, S. 12b/09:00/Fr 291 Weis, D. 04d/08:45/Mo 7 10l/15:15/We m/09:45/Th j/09:30/Fr e/10:15/Fr 280 Weisberg, M. 01c/6/Tu 110 Weisbrod, N. 13f/15:30/Mo 37 13m/11:15/Th 225 Weisenberger, T.B. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 Weiss, B.P. 01h/08:45/We h/09:00/We h/09:30/We 138 Weiss, Y. 02g/16:15/We 161 Weisz, D.G. 09a/08:30/We e/11:15/We 146 Weitzman, J. 11g/338/Th 266 Welander, P. 10f/08:45/Fr 288 Welch, K. 08i/229/Th 260 Welch, S. 05i/09:15/We h/145/We i/229/Th 260 Weller, D. 12b/354/Th 267 Weller, M. 02d/33/Tu Index by Author

437 Weller, O. 03g/09:00/Mo 6 Wellhäuser, A. 03i/54/Tu 113 Wells, J. 10m/17:00/Mo 35 10m/312/Mo 56 Wells, M. 05m/179/Tu 120 Welp, L. 08a/221/Th 259 Welsh, S. 05b/15:30/Tu 98 Wen, Hang 13c/16:00/We 178 Wen, Hanjie 08e/206/We e/09:30/Fr 280 Wen, M. 05d/09:15/Tu 75 05k/124/We 187 Wen, T. 12a/380/Tu i/08:45/We a/10:00/Th 223 Wen, Yi 13j/10:30/We 156 Wen, Yj 10m/322/Mo 57 13f/379/Mo 62 Wendorff, M. 07b/280/We 192 Weng, Z. 05f/10:00/Tu 76 Wenham, L. 03i/09:00/We 142 Wennemann, T. 05e/102/We 186 Werne, J.P. 10h/291/Mo 55 09j/08:30/Tu 81 Werner, R. 02e/10:00/Tu 70 03d/15:45/We 162 Werner, S. 01h/11:00/Th 208 Werner, T. 05f/10:00/Tu 76 Wernette, B. 05d/133/Mo 47 Werts, K. 03b/09:45/Th 209 Wesolowski, D. 06g/11:00/Mo 11 06c/09:15/Fr 282 West, A.J. 11c/15:00/We d/11:15/Th d/16:45/Th 242 West, K. 13c/400/We 202 Westall, F. 10a/09:45/We a/10:15/We i/15:15/Fr 306 Westerhold, T. 08d/14:15/Tu 102 Westfield, I. 08c/195/We 197 Weston, R. 05m/11:15/We 145 Westsik, J. 13j/09:15/We 156 Weyer, S. 09g/11:00/Tu 80 Weynell, M. 11g/340/Th 266 Wheat, C.G. 07c/09:30/Mo 12 Whisman, S. 05g/10:30/Fr 281 Whitaker, A. 10m/319/Mo 57 Whitaker, M. 02c/16:15/Fr 297 Whitaker, T. 01c/08:30/Tu 68 Whitby, H. 07i/10:45/Th 217 White, Alissa 11g/09:15/Fr 290 White, Alistair 09g/15:15/Tu 103 White, Angelique E. 10f/16:15/Th 241 White, D. 09m/10:15/Th 219 White, John 04g/10:45/Th 211 White, Joshua 06g/09:30/Mo 11 White, Joyce 08b/11:15/We 149 White, L. 03g/10:00/Mo 6 03g/10:15/Mo 6 06e/193/Tu e/11:00/We h/16:30/We f/9/Th 247 White, S.J. 13m/14:45/Th 246 White, T. 12f/396/Tu 130 Whitehouse, M.J. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 11a/338/Mo 58 10h/11:00/Tu 83 01h/10:45/We i/15:00/Fr 299 Whiteside, J. 08l/11:00/Mo 13 04h/16:45/Tu 96 Whitman, T. 12b/09:30/Fr 291 Whitmer, T. 11b/308/Th 264 Whitmore, L. 07i/14:15/Th 238 Whitney, D.L. 03d/44/We c/174/Th 257 Whittaker, M. 06a/17:00/Tu 100 Whyte, C. 05b/10:00/Tu 74 05b/10:30/Tu 74 Wiaderek, K. 06a/186/Mo 51 Wick, S. 12c/09:30/Tu 84 Wickham, A. 05m/15:00/We 167 Wickramarathna, S. 10m/321/Mo 57 Wickramashinghe, S. 10m/321/Mo 57 Wicks, J. 02d/33/Tu 112 Widom, E. 02b/14/Mo 40 13f/399/Mo 63 04g/75/We 184 Wiechert, U. 03j/65/Tu g/340/Th f/16:15/Fr 296 Wieland, E. 13j/17:00/We 179 Wielandt, D. 01i/10:30/Tu 69 08e/220/We 198 Wieler, R. 01b/7/Th b/11:15/Fr f/17:00/Fr 296 Wielicki, M.M. 01h/08:45/We 138 Wiemer, D. 03i/09:00/We 142 Wiens, R. 09d/09:15/Mo 14 Wierzbowski, H. 10h/08:45/Tu 83 Wiesner, M. 13e/10:45/We 155 Wignall, P. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Wijbrans, J. 03f/49/Mo 42 03d/09:00/We d/15:15/We 162 Wijker, R. 10f/15:15/Th 241 Wilcots, J. 07c/15:30/Mo 31 08e/16:45/Th 239 Wilczyński, J. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 Wild, B. 06m/175/We 190 Wilde, S.A. 03i/16:30/Tu 94 Wilke, M. 06h/148/We 189 Wilke, S. 04g/11:15/Th 211 Wilkes, A. 12e/08:45/Mo 17 12e/367/Mo 59 Wilkes, D. 09f/14:45/Th 240 Wilkes, E. 10f/296/Th f/09:15/Fr 288 Wilkins, B. 06g/192/Mo 51 Wilkins, M. 10a/16:30/Tu b/339/Tu g/08:30/Fr 290 Willard, M. 02d/14:45/Tu 91 Willbold, M. 01i/16:30/Tu 90 Willemsen, J. 13l/428/Mo 64 Williams, B. 08c/15:45/We c/195/We 197 Williams, C. 02b/15:15/Mo 23 01h/14:30/Th 228 Williams, D. 03b/09:45/Th 209 Williams, E. 10f/16:00/Th 241 Williams, H. 02b/6/Mo 40 02b/9/Mo 40 03d/08:30/We a/16:00/Th 229 Williams, J. 07b/270/We b/283/We 192 Williams, K.W. 12e/11:00/Mo 17 13j/09:00/Tu 85 11f/17:00/Tu b/339/Tu a/09:15/Th g/08:30/Fr b/09:45/Fr 291 Williams, L. 03a/11:00/Mo 5 Williams, M. 03f/15:00/Tu 93 Williams, P. 04j/15:30/Tu 97 Williams, S. 08c/195/We 197 Williams-Jones, A.E. 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 05d/15:45/Mo 28 05d/142/Mo 48 05m/08:30/We 145 Williamson, C. 06m/16:15/Th 236 Williamson, N.M.B. 04d/08:45/Mo 7 Williford, K. 09i/273/Th 262 Willig, M. 02b/09:15/Mo 4 Willingham, D. 06j/191/Th 258 Willink, R. 10l/16:30/We 176 Wilmoth, J. 12b/10:15/Fr 291 Wilpiszeski, R. 13m/14:15/Fr m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Wilson, A. 02b/14:15/Mo 23 Wilson, B. 03g/10:30/Mo 6 Wilson, D. 13g/411/Th 270 Wilson, Gary 11f/10:00/We 154 Wilson, Gillian 14a/257/Tu 134 Wilson, P.A. 08d/272/Tu d/275/Tu 124 Wilson, R. 12b/351/Th 267 Wilson, S. 06a/14:45/Tu b/16:15/Tu a/327/Tu b/10:45/Fr 289 Wilson, W. 13g/15:00/Fr 310 Wimpenny, J. 06j/191/Th f/263/Th 261 Winckler, G. 08i/14:30/Fr i/16:00/Fr 305 Wind, S.C. 05d/139/Mo 48 Windham-Myers, L. 12b/354/Th 267 Wing, A.J. 10d/354/We 199 Wing, B.A. 07c/08:30/Mo 12 07c/15:45/Mo 31 10h/11:15/Tu 83 09g/15:00/Tu d/15:15/We a/08:30/Th 216 Winkel, L. 13k/15:45/Mo 38 13e/08:45/We m/08:30/Fr m/09:15/Fr 293 Winkelstern, I. 08l/15:00/Mo 32 08a/10:00/Fr 286 Index by Author 377

438 Winnick, M. 11c/16:00/We f/15:00/Th a/224/Th 260 Winogradow, A. 07c/223/Mo 52 Winterburn, P. 05m/15:00/We k/16:15/We k/17:00/We k/140/We k/09:45/Th 212 Wipperfurth, S. 03e/90/Th 252 Wirth, D. 09i/10:15/Fr 287 Wirth, R. 06e/08:45/We 146 Wiszniewska, J. 03l/91/Tu e/182/Tu 120 Witbaard, R. 08e/208/We i/14:30/Th 238 Withers, A. 02e/27/Mo 41 Witkop, C. 09f/14:45/Th 240 Witkowski, C.R. 10f/09:30/Fr 288 Witter, M. 04g/78/We 184 Wittkop, C. 10m/08:30/Mo 16 07c/214/Mo 52 09j/08:45/Tu 81 Wittmann, H. 07i/339/We 196 Witts, J. 09f/15:30/Th 240 Woda, J. 05i/08:45/We 144 Wogsland, B. 10h/293/Mo 55 Wohlfarth, B. 08b/238/Tu 123 Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser, C. 05d/138/Mo 48 Wojtal, P. 10h/11:15/Mo 15 Wolf, E. 09d/10:30/Mo 14 Wolf, J.L. 11b/322/Th 264 Wolf, M. 03f/15:45/Mo 25 Wolfe, J. 03l/11:15/Th 210 Wolff, G. 08l/09:15/Mo 13 Wolkenstein, K. 10f/10:45/Fr 288 Wollenberg, A. 10m/16:15/Mo35 Woloszyn, J. 07c/222/Mo 52 Wolpert, P. 05e/91/We 185 Woltz, C. 09m/309/Tu m/16:00/We 174 Wong, C. 09a/286/Tu 125 Wong, K.H. 07i/340/We 196 Wong, M. 04g/81/We g/11:00/Th 211 Woo, H.J. 10b/335/Tu 127 Woo, I. 12b/354/Th 267 Woo, N.C. 13f/403/Mo 63 13m/422/Th 271 Wood, B. 04j/10:15/Tu 73 04j/14:30/Tu 97 02d/17:00/Tu 91 02g/15:00/We b/14:15/Th a/15:30/Th c/09:00/Fr 277 Wood, C. 08b/237/Tu 123 Wood, James 10l/16:15/We 176 Wood, Josh 14a/10:30/Tu 87 Wood, R. Seth 06g/15:30/Mo 30 Wood, Rachel 09m/15:45/We m/09:00/Th 219 Wood, S. 13g/390/Th 269 Woodfield, B. 06g/09:15/Mo 11 Woodhead, J. 09a/10:15/We 150 Woodland, A.B. 04j/10:15/Mo 8 02e/11:15/Tu 70 Woodward, E.M.S. 07i/328/We 195 Woolf, N. 01b/10:00/Fr 276 Wooton, K.M. 11b/303/Th 263 Wordsworth, R. 09d/09:30/Mo 14 09d/11:15/Mo 14 09d/263/Mo 54 04h/08:30/We 143 Wörmer, L. 10a/14:15/Tu a/14:45/Tu a/321/Tu c/16:30/We f/10:45/Fr 288 Wörndle, S. 09m/309/Tu m/15:15/We 174 Wörner, G. 03i/54/Tu 113 Wortham, B. 08l/16:15/Mo 32 Wostbrock, J. 08e/217/We 198 Wotruba, H. 05f/16:00/Tu 99 Wotzlaw, J-F. 04g/72/We b/09:00/Th 209 Wrage, J. 13i/15:15/Th 245 Wray, A. 10m/16:00/Mo35 Wright, C.C. 07j/09:30/Tu 79 06e/189/Tu 121 Wright, James 08b/236/Tu 123 Wright, Jon P. 01c/16:45/Mo 22 Wright, M. 13i/09:45/Th 224 Wronkiewicz, D. 10h/293/Mo 55 Wu, B. 12c/349/Mo 58 12c/350/Mo 58 Wu, Changzhi 09f/270/Th 261 Wu, Chenjun 09i/281/Th 262 Wu, Chun-Ming 03f/16:45/Mo 25 Wu, Chung-Che 08b/10:15/We 149 Wu, D. 06g/193/Mo 51 Wu, Fei 10h/08:30/Mo 15 02b/10:00/Mo 4 10h/10:15/Mo 15 03l/16:15/We b/10:15/Fr 284 Wu, Fu Yuan 03e/78/Th 251 Wu, Fu-Yuan 03f/59/Mo 43 04g/57/We e/16:30/Th e/96/Th e/16:30/Fr 298 Wu, G. 13m/414/Th 271 Wu, Haiguang 05h/10:30/Mo 10 Wu, Hongjie 03e/61/Th 250 Wu, Hui 03f/17:00/Mo 25 05m/173/Tu e/67/Th 250 Wu, Huixian 08l/232/Mo 53 Wu, J. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 05f/16:15/Tu 99 Wu, Li-Guang 03l/95/Tu 115 Wu, Li-Yan 05d/140/Mo 48 Wu, Libin 13h/418/Mo 63 Wu, Lijie 08b/235/Tu 123 Wu, Linxin 05d/134/Mo 47 Wu, Min 02g/11:00/We c/16:30/Fr 297 Wu, Mong Sin 11f/10:45/We 154 Wu, N. 08e/213/We 197 Wu, Pan 13g/09:15/Fr 292 Wu, Peng 03b/13/We 180 Wu, Po-Chao 13i/436/We 204 Wu, Qihang 13m/11:00/Th 225 Wu, Qiong 10a/326/Tu 127 Wu, S. 05i/111/We 186 Wu, W. 03f/51/Mo 43 Wu, Xian 08c/185/We 196 Wu, Xiaoqin 12b/09:45/Fr 291 Wu, Ya-Fei 06b/16:45/Th 235 Wu, Yang 13m/438/Th 272 Wu, Yibu 05f/153/Tu 118 Wu, Yingzhe 07i/10:15/Fr 285 Wu, Yu Hui 13i/422/We 203 Wu, Yuanbao 03e/15:15/Fr 298 Wu, Yundang 10m/14:30/Mo 35 10m/14:45/Mo 35 13l/427/Mo 64 Wu, Yuxin 13c/16:00/We 178 Wu, Zheng 03f/51/Mo 43 Wu, Zhongqing 02g/15:45/We 161 Wu, Zhongwei 06b/169/Th 256 Wulf, A. 12c/349/Mo 58 Wullschleger, S. 12e/09:00/Mo 17 12e/356/Mo 59 Wunder, B. 03f/08:45/Tu 71 06h/09:45/Th 213 Wurgaft, E. 07f/16:00/Fr 304 Wurzburger, C. 06m/173/We 190 Wyatt, D. 03f/55/Mo 43 Wyman, D.A. 08a/09:45/Fr 286 Wymore, Ann 13m/14:45/Fr m/15:00/Fr 311 Wymore, Ann M 13m/14:15/Fr 311 Xi, K. 05h/159/Mo 49 Xia, B. 03f/15:30/Tu 93 Xia, F. 05f/152/Tu 118 Xia, H. 13l/426/Mo 64 Xia, Lichao 13k/408/Tu 132 Xia, Liuwen 05h/169/Mo 50 Xia, Qiong-Xia 03d/23/We 181 Xia, Qun-Ke 02e/21/Mo 41 04h/16:15/Tu 96 04h/114/Tu e/64/Th i/125/Th i/10:00/Fr 279 Xia, X-P. 03d/22/We i/116/Th e/10:45/Fr 278 Xia, Yan 04i/111/Th 253 Xia, Yanqing 05h/10:00/Mo 10 Xia, Ying 01h/17/Tu 111 Xia, Yong 05g/17:00/Fr 300 Xiang, B. 05h/169/Mo 50 Xiang, H. 03f/15:00/Mo 25 Xiang, Y. 07l/15:00/We 171 Xiao, D. 07b/279/We 192 Xiao, H. 05h/161/Mo 49 05h/173/Mo 50 Xiao, J. 09a/302/Tu 125 Xiao, S. 09g/280/Mo 55 09m/313/Tu 126 Xiao, Wen Jiao 02b/4/Mo 40 Xiao, Wenjie 10e/16:45/Tu 105 Xiao, X. 02b/8/Mo Index by Author

439 Xiao, Yilin 03d/52/We e/95/Th 252 Xiao, Yingkai 08e/206/We e/50/Th 249 Xiao, Z. 13m/10:00/Fr 293 Xiaofeng, L. 05d/09:00/Tu 75 Xiaoqi, W. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Xie, H. 05b/14:30/Tu 98 05b/15:45/Tu 98 10f/14:30/Fr 307 Xie, J. 13l/430/Mo 64 Xie, L-W. 06j/194/Th 258 Xie, Q. 05g/143/Th 255 Xie, S. 10f/10:30/Fr 288 Xie, W. 10b/342/Tu 128 Xie, Xianjun 12e/357/Mo 59 13m/10:00/Fr 293 Xie, Xiaolei 11c/381/We 201 Xie, Xiaomin 05k/132/We 188 Xie, Y. 13i/428/We 204 Xie, Z. 05h/174/Mo 50 Xing, L-C. 05m/15:30/We 167 Xing, Y. 12c/349/Mo 58 Xiong, C. 13k/407/Tu 132 Xiong, F. 05i/112/We 187 Xiong, K. 11c/371/We 200 Xiong, M. 05f/17:00/Tu 99 Xiong, S. 05h/17:00/Mo 29 Xiong, Wei 05h/148/Mo 48 Xiong, Wenju 02c/33/Th 249 Xiong, Yihui 05d/08:45/Tu 75 Xiong, Yongliang 13j/09:00/We 156 Xiong, Yongqiang 05h/10:15/Mo 10 03j/75/Tu b/136/Tu k/135/We 188 Xiong, Z-H. 05h/16:30/Mo 29 Xiu, W. 13m/09:00/Fr 293 Xu, A. 03l/92/Tu 115 Xu, Chen 13j/10:45/Tu 85 13j/09:30/We j/11:15/We 156 Xu, Cheng 05d/135/Mo 47 Xu, F. 05h/150/Mo 48 Xu, Hai 08l/232/Mo 53 08b/11:00/We 149 Xu, Hao 13j/16:15/Tu 109 Xu, Hongwu 06g/09:30/Mo 11 06g/10:00/Mo 11 05d/14:15/Mo 28 05d/14:45/Mo 28 05d/15:15/Mo 28 06e/09:30/We o/15:45/We 170 Xu, Huan 05i/119/We 187 Xu, Huifang 06b/14:15/Th b/17:00/Th b/169/Th j/15:00/Fr 302 Xu, Ji Feng 02b/4/Mo 40 Xu, Jie 06a/185/Mo 51 06g/192/Mo 51 Xu, Jing 06b/166/Th 256 Xu, Jinjun 05h/15:45/Mo 29 Xu, Jiuhua 05d/115/Mo 46 Xu, Juan 11c/381/We 201 Xu, Leiluo 05m/174/Tu 120 Xu, Lijuan 04h/115/Tu j/212/Th 259 Xu, Lin 08e/206/We 197 Xu, Liqiang 13h/418/Mo 63 Xu, N. 13m/16:00/Th 246 Xu, P. 05k/144/We 189 Xu, Sheng 13j/415/Tu 130 Xu, Siyi 01h/11:15/We 138 Xu, Wangchun 04g/77/We 184 Xu, Weibiao 01b/09:45/Fr 276 Xu, Weidong 13g/407/Th 270 Xu, Weimu 08l/11:15/Mo 13 04h/108/Tu 116 Xu, Weiqi 07a/15:00/Th 237 Xu, Wen-Liang 03d/15/We 181 Xu, X. 02e/29/Mo 41 04i/111/Th e/09:00/Fr 278 Xu, Yanhong 05i/120/We 187 Xu, Yao-Yang 13i/437/We 204 Xu, Yi-Gang 03a/41/Mo 42 04h/106/Tu a/17/Th i/116/Th 253 Xu, Yuayuan 07f/17:00/Fr 304 Xu, Yunping 10e/16:45/Tu 105 Xu, Zhixian 10m/318/Mo 57 Xu, Zhiyu 07c/219/Mo 52 Xue, C. 03f/52/Mo 43 05m/165/Tu 119 Xue, H. 13i/11:15/Th 224 Xue, Q. 05h/09:30/Mo 10 Xue, S. 03d/27/We 181 Xue, X. 12e/357/Mo 59 Yada, T. 01f/15:00/Fr 296 Yager, D. 06o/167/We 191 Yager, J.A. 04h/16:30/Tu 96 11d/11:15/Th 222 Yagi, H. 03i/56/Tu 113 Yagi, T. 02c/15:00/Fr 297 Yaguchi, M. 02d/08:45/We 139 Yakimov, M.M. 10d/10:15/Th 220 Yakunin, A. 13g/388/Th 269 Yam, R. 07j/08:30/Tu 79 Yamada, H. 06e/09:45/We 146 Yamada, M. 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Yamada, Y. 05b/125/Tu 117 Yamaguchi, A. 05m/15:15/We 167 Yamaguchi, K. 13j/415/Tu 130 Yamamoto, J. 02e/17:00/Mo 24 Yamamoto, K. 05g/152/Th 255 Yamamoto, T. 06e/184/Tu 120 Yamasaki, S. 13j/09:15/Tu 85 Yamasaki, T. 05g/146/Th g/14:45/Fr 300 Yamashita, K. 03d/15:30/We 162 Yamazaki, T. 03a/09:45/Mo 5 Yamoah, K. 08b/238/Tu 123 Yan, Dan-Ping 05m/179/Tu 120 Yan, Detian 10f/291/Th 263 Yan, Dongna 08l/232/Mo 53 Yan, G. 13f/09:45/Mo 18 Yan, Jingjing 03e/62/Th 250 Yan, Jinshu 12e/359/Mo 59 Yan, L-L. 04g/58/We 183 Yan, Q-S. 03d/34/We i/127/Th 254 Yan, W. 02c/10:45/Fr 277 Yan, X. 03a/48/Mo 42 Yan, Y. 05h/153/Mo 49 Yan-Yan, Z. 09g/275/Mo 54 Yanchilina, A. 07j/08:30/Tu 79 Yang, B. 05g/142/Th 255 Yang, Chao 05h/10:15/Mo 10 Yang, Cheng-Yu 05b/138/Tu 118 Yang, Chengfan 11c/382/We 201 Yang, Chonghui 03e/98/Th 252 Yang, Chun 02b/13/Mo 40 Yang, Chung-Shu 11a/335/Mo 58 Yang, Chunlong 05h/174/Mo 50 Yang, Cun 05h/17:00/Mo 29 Yang, Gang 09a/287/Tu h/158/We e/14:45/Th 234 Yang, Guangshu 02c/33/Th 249 Yang, Guifang 03l/102/Tu 116 Yang, Guo-Min 13i/418/We 203 Yang, He 04g/77/We 184 Yang, Hee-Man 13j/16:15/We 179 Yang, Hong 08e/222/We 198 Yang, Hongying 08b/11:15/We 149 Yang, Huan 12b/349/Th 267 Yang, Jeehyun 09g/274/Mo 54 Yang, Jianghai 11d/10:45/Th 222 Yang, Jianye 05k/125/We 187 Yang, Jie 09m/315/Tu 126 Yang, Jin-Hui 03e/69/Th e/78/Th e/93/Th j/194/Th e/16:30/Fr 298 Yang, Jin-Ling 12f/402/Tu 130 Yang, Jing 05k/08:30/Th 212 Yang, Jing-Hong 05g/15:00/Fr 300 Yang, Junxia 11d/391/We 201 Yang, K. 05d/10:45/Mo 9 Yang, Lei 03f/59/Mo 43 06a/183/Mo 50 04g/57/We 183 Yang, Liekun 09a/304/Tu 126 Yang, Longbo 05d/15:30/Mo 28 Yang, Longxing 02c/41/Th 249 Yang, Lu 10a/325/Tu c/369/We 200 Yang, M. 06c/188/Th 258 Yang, P. 06a/15:45/Tu 100 Yang, Q. 13k/410/Tu 132 Yang, Rongjun 05h/165/Mo 49 Yang, Rongsheng 08i/14:15/Fr 305 Yang, Ruiyu 11c/366/We 200 Yang, S. 11c/17:00/We c/381/We c/382/We 201 Yang, Tammy Tianxiao 13j/16:00/Tu 109 Yang, Tao 09f/270/Th g/15:00/Fr 300 Yang, Tianjian 05d/125/Mo 47 Yang, Tiannan 03f/52/Mo 43 Yang, Tingting 10m/323/Mo 57 Yang, Tsanyao Frank 11b/320/Th 264 Yang, W. 07c/205/Mo 51 Index by Author 379

440 Yang, Xianghua 05i/120/We 187 Yang, Xiao-Fa 04d/91/Mo 45 Yang, Xiaoyong 07j/212/Tu 122 Yang, Xunchang 11b/17:00/Fr 308 Yang, Ya-Min 04g/55/We 183 Yang, Yang 03f/61/Mo 43 04d/88/Mo 44 03f/14:45/Tu 93 Yang, Yao 03l/101/Tu 116 Yang, Yi 13e/09:45/We 155 Yang, Yibo 08i/14:15/Fr 305 Yang, Yongqiang 03e/98/Th 252 Yang, Ys 13f/379/Mo 62 Yang, Yue Suo 10m/322/Mo 57 13l/426/Mo 64 13i/422/We 203 Yang, Yue-Heng 03e/93/Th j/194/Th 258 Yang, Yuhong 02c/42/Th 249 Yang, Yunseok 02b/15:30/Mo 23 Yang, Zhen 12e/361/Mo 59 Yang, Zhi 05h/156/Mo 49 Yang, Zhusen 03e/51/Th e/52/Th 249 Yang, Ziming 03j/67/Tu 114 Yang, Ziyang 10m/11:00/Mo 16 Yang, Zongyao 05d/10:00/Mo 9 Yao, L. 10e/343/Tu 128 Yao, P. 07b/291/We 193 Yao, Q-Z. 10m/324/Mo 57 06e/191/Tu 121 Yardley, B. 05d/132/Mo 47 Yardley, S. 06j/10:30/Fr 283 Yassaa, N. 07a/263/We 191 Yasuhito, O. 05d/09:00/Tu 75 Yasukawa, K. 05g/152/Th g/155/Th g/16:30/Fr g/16:45/Fr 300 Yaxley, G. 04j/10:15/Mo 8 04i/08:30/Fr 279 Ye, H. 13i/428/We 204 Ye, R. 05m/176/Tu e/192/Tu 121 Ye, Yuanda 08l/232/Mo 53 Ye, Yuntao 09m/306/Tu 126 Yeager, C. 10m/325/Mo 57 13j/10:45/Tu 85 Yechieli, Y. 08l/234/Mo 53 Yee, N. 10m/14:15/Mo35 01c/15:15/Mo 22 13k/16:30/Mo 38 13l/16:30/Mo 39 09i/277/Th 262 Yehudai, M. 08d/16:45/Tu d/270/Tu d/273/Tu l/17:00/We 171 Yellen, B. 13m/420/Th 271 Yen, A. 11a/15:15/Tu 106 Yesares, L. 05m/177/Tu 120 Yesiltas, M. 06j/14:30/Fr 302 Yi, L. 02c/41/Th 249 Yierpan, A. 02b/10:15/Mo 4 01h/10:00/Th a/16:45/Th f/266/Th 261 Yigiletu, M.T. 08i/241/Th 261 Yigiterhan, O. 13e/406/We i/240/Th 261 Yildiz, C. 08e/205/We 197 Yim, G. 13g/397/Th 269 Yin, Chang 09d/264/Mo 54 Yin, Chuan 11c/371/We 200 Yin, H. 07f/302/We 194 Yin, Q-Z. 09f/263/Th 261 Yin, R. 04h/11:00/We 143 Yin, Xiangping 12e/356/Mo 59 Yin, Xin 06m/176/We m/17:00/Th 236 Yin, Xinya 10h/301/Mo 56 Ying, J-F. 04i/133/Th 254 Ying, S. 13k/406/Tu 132 Yizhang, L. 13g/17:00/Th 244 Yoder, C. 13b/393/We 201 Yogodzinski, G. 03d/15:45/We d/35/We 182 Yokochi, R. 02b/5/Mo 40 08l/234/Mo 53 11a/336/Mo 58 Yokoyama, S. 06o/163/We 191 Yokoyama, Tadashi 06c/16:30/Fr 301 Yokoyama, Takushi 06m/178/We 190 Yokoyama, Tetsuya 01c/09:15/Tu 68 01b/08:45/Fr 276 Yokoyama, Y. 03a/09:45/Mo 5 08e/08:30/Th 218 Yona, M. 08e/10:45/Th 218 Yoneda, Shigekazu 07j/210/Tu 121 Yoneda, Shikekazu 01b/5/Th 247 Yonezu, K. 05d/10:30/Mo 9 Yoo, J. 13m/421/Th 271 Yoon, I-H. 13j/16:15/We 179 Yoon, R. 03g/75/Mo 44 Yoshida, N. 05b/14:45/Tu 98 05k/16:30/We 166 Yoshikawa, M. 04i/114/Th 253 Yoshimura, K. 13j/416/Tu 131 Yoshino, T. 02g/16:45/We 161 Youbi, Nasrrddine 04h/09:30/We 143 Youbi, Nasser 04h/112/Tu 116 Youego Sihon, J-R. 13f/406/Mo 63 Young, E.D. 10h/14:45/Mo 34 10h/15:00/Mo 34 10h/15:45/Mo 34 03j/10:30/Tu 72 10a/16:45/Tu i/16:45/Tu 90 01h/11:15/We 138 Young, J. 06j/14:30/Fr 302 Young, S. 07b/10:30/Fr 284 Yousuf, M. 10b/340/Tu 128 Yu, C. 02b/11:30/Mo 4 Yu, D. 07f/300/We 193 Yu, F. 07f/300/We 193 Yu, G. 10m/09:30/Mo16 13l/429/Mo 64 10b/332/Tu 127 Yu, Haoran 04h/16:15/Tu 96 Yu, Hong 06b/170/Th 256 Yu, Huanyun 12a/383/Tu 129 Yu, Hui-Min 02b/10:00/Mo 4 02b/2/Mo 40 02b/14/Mo 40 03d/26/We 181 Yu, Jimin 08e/16:30/Th 239 Yu, Juan 08b/235/Tu 123 Yu, Kaizhang 03b/12/We 180 Yu, Keke 08l/232/Mo 53 Yu, Miao 10d/09:45/Th g/142/Th b/310/Th 264 Yu, Michelle 06o/16:00/We 170 Yu, Q. 13l/16:00/Mo 39 13k/16:15/Mo 38 13l/16:30/Mo 39 Yu, Shun-Wen 08b/09:00/We 149 Yu, Siyao 08b/236/Tu 123 Yu, X. 05d/122/Mo 47 05d/127/Mo 47 05d/128/Mo 47 05d/134/Mo 47 Yu, Y. 04j/93/Mo 45 01h/13/Tu 110 Yu, Zhaojie 08b/09:30/We 149 Yu, Zhichao 05h/16:15/Mo 29 Yu, Zhigang 07b/291/We 193 Yu, Zhiqiang 05k/135/We 188 Yuan, G. 05h/14:45/Mo 29 05h/166/Mo 49 11b/313/Th 264 Yuan, H. 11b/327/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Yuan, K. 06g/09:30/Tu 78 Yuan, Shengliu 07a/16:30/Th 237 Yuan, Shufang 08b/232/Tu 123 Yuan, Shunda 05f/15:45/Tu 99 Yuan, Songhu 12e/15:30/Mo 36 Yuan, W. 07a/16:30/Th m/16:30/Fr 311 Yuan, Z. 13i/423/We 203 Yucel, M. 13e/412/We 203 Yue, Fu-Jun 11g/09:45/Fr 290 Yue, Fujun 10h/299/Mo 56 Yue, K-L. 08e/222/We 198 Yue, P. 12e/358/Mo 59 Yun, J. 07j/212/Tu 122 Yun, Seong-Taek 13m/427/Th 271 Yun, Sul-Min 13m/430/Th 271 Yurimoto, H. 06h/16:15/We h/15:15/Th h/16:00/Th 228 Yurkevich, Nataliya 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Yurkevich, Nikolay 13g/14:15/Fr 310 Yusta, I. 10m/15:30/Mo 35 14a/256/Tu 133 Zaarur, S. 08l/15:15/Mo 32 Zachos, J. 03a/09:15/Mo 5 08d/14:15/Tu l/220/Tu f/11:00/We a/09:00/Fr 286 Zack, T. 09f/266/Th 261 Zagorevski, A. 03g/09:00/Mo Index by Author

441 Zaharescu, G.D. 10a/320/Tu f/398/Tu 130 Zaharia, L. 13i/424/We 203 Zahnle, K. 02d/09:00/We 139 Zajacz, Z. 05d/09:15/Mo 9 04j/113/Mo 46 Žák, J. 03d/25/We 181 Zakharov, D. 03l/09:15/Th f/271/Th 262 Zakipour, Z. 02c/38/Th 249 Zaloumis, J. 09i/17:00/Fr 306 Zambardi, T. 10h/10:45/Mo 15 01h/16:15/We 160 Zambare, N. 13c/397/We 202 Zambonato, E. 05b/16:00/Tu 98 Zan, N. 05h/14:45/Mo 29 Zang, X. 09i/09:15/Fr 287 Zappala, J. 08l/234/Mo 53 13i/15:30/Th 245 Zaronikola, N. 02a/26/Th 248 Zarrinkoub, M.H. 03e/57/Th 250 Zartman, R. 02e/09:45/Tu 70 Zarzycki, P. 06c/09:30/Fr c/10:15/Fr 282 Zavarin, M. 13l/08:30/Mo 19 13j/10:15/Tu 85 13j/420/Tu 131 Zedgenizov, D. 02g/41/Tu 112 Zeebe, R. 03a/09:15/Mo 5 07l/220/Tu l/10:00/We 148 Zega, T.J. 01b/10:00/Fr b/10:30/Fr 276 Zegrar, A. 08l/237/Mo 53 Zeh, A. 03i/61/Tu l/94/Tu 115 Zelano, I.O. 11b/314/Th 264 Zeng, F. 05h/165/Mo 49 Zeng, H. 01f/10/Th 247 Zeng, J. 11g/09:45/Fr 290 Zeng, Li 12b/350/Th f/16:45/Fr 296 Zeng, Li-Ping 05m/178/Tu 120 Zeng, Ling-Sen 03f/16:45/Mo 25 Zeng, P. 06c/188/Th 258 Zeng, Qing 05k/11:15/Th 212 Zeng, Qinglu 05i/09:00/We 144 Zeng, Y. 05d/122/Mo 47 05d/127/Mo 47 05d/128/Mo 47 05d/134/Mo 47 Zeng, Z. 09m/315/Tu 126 Zengping, N. 13g/17:00/Th 244 Zerkle, A. 09g/16:30/Tu c/09:30/Fr 277 Zha, M. 05i/119/We 187 Zhai, X. 03e/85/Th 251 Zhamyanov, D. 13m/437/Th 272 Zhang, B. 06e/192/Tu 121 Zhang, Caixiang 13l/423/Mo 64 Zhang, Chang 03e/96/Th 252 Zhang, Cheng 05i/10:45/We f/298/Th 263 Zhang, Chengjiang 08i/228/Th 260 Zhang, Chuanlun 10b/342/Tu e/346/Tu 128 Zhang, Chunfu 03d/22/We 181 Zhang, Chunyan 13g/387/Th 269 Zhang, Dan 05b/121/Tu 117 Zhang, Di 13m/09:00/Fr 293 Zhang, Fei 08i/14:15/Fr 305 Zhang, Fei-Fei 07c/15:00/Mo 31 09m/313/Tu m/316/Tu l/10:45/We m/09:30/Th m/11:15/Th 219 Zhang, Gan-Lin 12f/402/Tu 130 Zhang, Ge 13i/422/We 203 Zhang, Guangya 05b/135/Tu 117 Zhang, Guishan 02g/34/Tu 112 Zhang, Guo-Liang 04g/56/We i/103/Th i/09:45/Fr 279 Zhang, Hai-Tao 03d/34/We 182 Zhang, Han 10e/16:30/Tu 105 Zhang, Haoran 05h/165/Mo 49 Zhang, Haozhi 13m/11:00/Th 225 Zhang, Hong 13i/11:15/Th 224 Zhang, Hong-Fei 04g/77/We e/80/Th 251 Zhang, Hongfu 02b/16/Mo 40 Zhang, Hongluo 02c/14:15/Fr 297 Zhang, Hongrui 08d/268/Tu e/214/We 198 Zhang, Hua 09a/296/Tu m/11:00/Th 219 Zhang, Huanxu 05i/111/We 186 Zhang, Hui 10a/325/Tu 127 Zhang, Ji 04g/56/We i/103/Th 252 Zhang, Ji-Heng 03e/93/Th 252 Zhang, Jia 05e/107/We 186 Zhang, Jinchuan 05h/10:15/Mo 10 Zhang, Jing 13m/09:30/Th g/09:45/Th 211 Zhang, Julin 06h/10:00/Th 213 Zhang, Junji 13j/427/Tu g/391/Th m/438/Th 272 Zhang, Junlong 07c/219/Mo 52 Zhang, Le 10h/10:30/Mo 15 Zhang, Lei 06g/09:45/Mo 11 Zhang, Li 10a/15:00/Tu j/75/Tu e/79/Th 251 Zhang, Lifei 03f/50/Mo 42 03j/10:45/Tu 72 Zhang, Lijie 13i/427/We 204 Zhang, Lijuan 03f/50/Mo 42 Zhang, Lijun 05i/122/We 187 Zhang, Limin 03e/84/Th 251 Zhang, Lin 05k/135/We 188 Zhang, Lipeng 04j/96/Mo 45 Zhang, Liqi 04g/77/We 184 Zhang, Liqiang 05h/153/Mo 49 Zhang, Lixin 13m/414/Th 271 Zhang, Lu 05h/174/Mo 50 Zhang, Miao 02c/16:30/Fr 297 Zhang, Mingfeng 03l/102/Tu i/281/Th 262 Zhang, N. 02d/15:15/Tu 91 Zhang, Q.q. 03d/30/We 181 Zhang, Qingwei 04i/123/Th 254 Zhang, Qingyang 05h/15:45/Mo 29 Zhang, Ronghu 05i/09:00/We 144 Zhang, Rongqing 05e/100/We 186 Zhang, Rui 06j/214/Th 259 Zhang, Shao-Bing 03b/13/We 180 Zhang, Shen-Yang 03d/52/We 183 Zhang, Shipeng 13i/10:45/Th 224 Zhang, Shuai 06c/09:45/Fr 282 Zhang, Shuan-Hong 04h/10:15/We 143 Zhang, Shuang 09m/09:45/Th l/09:45/Th l/10:45/Th e/08:30/Fr 280 Zhang, Shui 13g/09:15/Fr 292 Zhang, Shuichang 05h/11:00/Mo 10 09g/277/Mo 54 09m/306/Tu d/392/We 201 Zhang, Shuo 07c/217/Mo 52 Zhang, Siting 08e/212/We 197 Zhang, Tianshu 07b/285/We 192 Zhang, Ting 03l/89/Tu 115 Zhang, Tonggang 09m/312/Tu 126 Zhang, Weibin 09a/304/Tu 126 Zhang, Weigang 03l/86/Tu l/99/Tu i/115/We 187 Zhang, Wen 03j/71/Tu c/369/We i/104/Th 253 Zhang, Wenbing 13f/395/Mo 63 Zhang, Wenjie 05k/144/We 189 Zhang, Wenjing 13l/426/Mo 64 13i/421/We 203 Zhang, Xi 13i/422/We 203 Zhang, Xiao Ran 03e/76/Th 251 Zhang, Xiaowen 07b/291/We f/10:30/Fr 288 Zhang, Xin 05h/147/Mo 48 06c/178/Th c/186/Th c/09:45/Fr 282 Zhang, Xinning 10h/295/Mo 55 10h/09:30/Tu 83 10d/10:30/Th b/10:15/Fr 291 Zhang, Xiu-Zheng 03d/22/We 181 Zhang, Xueni 02a/27/Th 248 Zhang, Yahe 10a/325/Tu 127 Zhang, Yan 13l/430/Mo 64 Zhang, Yanfei 05k/144/We 189 Zhang, Yang 11d/11:00/Th 222 Zhang, Yanlin 07a/15:45/Th 237 Zhang, Yanling 05i/121/We 187 Zhang, Yanting 12e/17:00/Mo 36 Zhang, Yi Ge 10f/09:45/Fr 288 Zhang, Yi-Shen 04i/11:15/Fr 279 Zhang, Yilun 11b/327/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Zhang, Ying 05g/142/Th 255 Zhang, Yong 09i/273/Th 262 Zhang, You 05h/16:45/Mo 29 07c/219/Mo 52 Zhang, Youxue 06h/16:30/We 169 Index by Author 381

442 Zhang, Youyu 05b/17:00/Tu 98 Zhang, Yueqiao 05b/139/Tu e/106/We 186 Zhang, Yuhong 05i/10:45/We f/298/Th 263 Zhang, Yujiao 10f/288/Th 262 Zhang, Yujie 07j/207/Tu e/51/Th 249 Zhang, Yuxiang 04j/10:30/Mo 8 Zhang, Yuxu 05e/09:30/Fr 280 Zhang, Yuying 07b/279/We 192 Zhang, Zelong 05i/110/We 186 Zhang, Zhaochong 04h/115/Tu g/143/Th 255 Zhang, Zhaofeng 02b/12/Mo 40 02b/15/Mo 40 03d/26/We 181 Zhang, Zhekun 04j/96/Mo 45 Zhang, Zhi-Wei 04d/91/Mo 45 Zhang, Zhichao 08i/239/Th 261 Zhang, Zhihai 01i/19/Tu 111 Zhang, Zhihuan 12b/350/Th g/412/Th 270 Zhang, Zhihui 09a/303/Tu 126 Zhang, Zhirong 05k/132/We 188 Zhang, Zuoheng 05g/143/Th 255 Zhao, B. 07b/291/We 193 Zhao, Chuan 05d/135/Mo 47 Zhao, Cunliang 05b/142/Tu f/154/Tu 118 Zhao, D. 04i/125/Th 254 Zhao, F. 03j/71/Tu 114 Zhao, Gang 13l/424/Mo 64 Zhao, Guochun 03e/16:00/Fr 298 Zhao, H. 09m/11:15/Th 219 Zhao, Jianhua 05h/15:30/Mo 29 Zhao, Juntao 13b/396/We 202 Zhao, Kai 04i/111/Th 253 Zhao, Kui-Dong 03a/35/Mo 41 05f/14:15/Tu 99 06j/10:00/Fr 283 Zhao, Laishi 09m/316/Tu 126 Zhao, Lei 03l/91/Tu 115 Zhao, Liang 06e/187/Tu 121 Zhao, Linduo 10m/314/Mo 57 Zhao, Min 11f/353/Tu 128 Zhao, Mingyang 06g/10:15/Mo 11 Zhao, Mingyu 10d/16:45/We l/09:45/Th 210 Zhao, Ning 08d/16:30/Tu 102 Zhao, Ningli 06h/09:30/Th 213 Zhao, P. 13j/420/Tu 131 Zhao, S-S. 05m/15:30/We 167 Zhao, T. 07c/222/Mo 52 Zhao, W. 12e/370/Mo 59 Zhao, Xin-Fu 05f/148/Tu m/178/Tu 120 Zhao, Xinmiao 02b/15/Mo 40 02b/16/Mo 40 Zhao, Xu 06j/214/Th 259 Zhao, Yangyang 07f/301/We 193 Zhao, Ye 06j/197/Th j/209/Th j/09:30/Fr 283 Zhao, Yue 07j/207/Tu h/10:15/We e/51/Th 249 Zhao, Z.y 05i/114/We 187 Zhao, Zhenyu 05b/139/Tu e/106/We 186 Zhao, Zhi-Hua 04g/56/We i/103/Th 252 Zhao, Zhidan 03e/62/Th 250 Zhao, Zhongbao 03e/79/Th 251 Zhao, Zhongfeng 05h/151/Mo 48 Zhaoce, L. 13d/412/Mo 61 Zhen, T. 13k/410/Tu 132 Zheng, Chaojie 05d/09:15/Tu 75 05k/124/We 187 Zheng, Chunmiao 13k/410/Tu 132 Zheng, F. 13f/395/Mo 63 Zheng, G. 12a/380/Tu a/10:00/Th 223 Zheng, H. 07b/278/We 192 Zheng, Jian 13j/11:00/Tu 85 Zheng, Jianqiu 12e/356/Mo 59 Zheng, Liange 13j/16:15/Tu 109 Zheng, Linjie 07i/09:45/Th 217 Zheng, Q. 09m/11:00/Th 219 Zheng, T. 11b/17:00/Fr 308 Zheng, Wang 09m/313/Tu f/272/Th m/15:45/Fr 311 Zheng, Wei 05f/15:45/Tu 99 Zheng, Xin-Yuan 09i/16:00/Fr 306 Zheng, Xingping 05h/16:45/Mo 29 Zheng, Y.f. 03d/30/We 181 Zheng, Yan 13k/08:30/Tu 86 13k/410/Tu 132 Zheng, Yong-Fei 03b/13/We d/23/We 181 Zheng, Yuan-Chuan 03e/56/Th 250 Zheng, Z. 08l/15:30/Mo 32 Zhifeng, Y. 12b/11:00/Fr 291 Zhijun, J. 05h/14:15/Mo 29 Zhong, J. 10h/299/Mo 56 11f/355/Tu 128 Zhong, N. 05e/108/We 186 Zhou, A. 10f/297/Th 263 Zhou, Gen-Tao 10m/324/Mo 57 06e/191/Tu 121 Zhou, Guangyan 03e/15:15/Fr 298 Zhou, Guohua 05m/172/Tu 120 Zhou, Hailing 12e/357/Mo 59 Zhou, Honggang 05b/126/Tu 117 Zhou, Huaiyang 04i/132/Th 254 Zhou, Jizhong 12b/09:30/Fr 291 Zhou, Junlin 03j/71/Tu 114 Zhou, K. 08l/232/Mo 53 Zhou, Lian 11c/369/We 200 Zhou, Lingli 05e/08:45/Fr 280 Zhou, M-F. 05f/151/Tu h/10:15/We 143 Zhou, Qian 05i/123/We 187 Zhou, Qin 05h/09:45/Mo 10 Zhou, S. 05i/10:45/We f/298/Th 263 Zhou, Tengfei 03l/93/Tu d/37/We 182 Zhou, Tian 03f/09:30/Tu 71 Zhou, W. 03i/15:30/We 163 Zhou, Xiaocheng 11g/339/Th 266 Zhou, Xiaoli 07j/10:15/Tu 79 08e/10:15/Th 218 Zhou, Xin-Hua 04i/133/Th 254 Zhou, Yanyan 03l/91/Tu e/68/Th 250 Zhou, Yaoqi 03l/93/Tu d/37/We 182 Zhou, You 01h/10:45/Th c/42/Th 249 Zhou, Yu-Bin 04d/91/Mo 45 Zhou, Zhe 12e/15:45/Mo 36 12e/16:00/Mo 36 11b/11:00/Fr 289 Zhou, Zheng 05b/10:45/Tu 74 03j/71/Tu i/15:00/Th 245 Zhou, Zhenhua 05f/15:45/Tu 99 Zhou, Zhoukui 13g/407/Th 270 Zhou, Ziaoli 07b/14:15/Fr 303 Zhu, Chen 06e/187/Tu b/327/Th b/10:30/Fr 289 Zhu, Chuanwei 03e/61/Th e/09:30/Fr 280 Zhu, Chuanzhen 07b/290/We 193 Zhu, Di 05i/111/We 186 Zhu, Dongdong 07b/15:00/Fr 303 Zhu, Dongming 06g/11:15/Mo 11 Zhu, Dongya 05b/132/Tu 117 Zhu, E. 11f/16:30/Tu 107 Zhu, H. 02b/12/Mo 40 02b/15/Mo 40 03d/26/We 181 Zhu, Jiang 08a/226/Th 260 Zhu, Jianming 09g/280/Mo 55 13m/414/Th 271 Zhu, L. 10e/09:00/We 152 Zhu, M. 06a/15:45/Tu f/17:00/Th 243 Zhu, Q. 07f/302/We d/345/We f/16:45/Fr 304 Zhu, Rixiang 09a/304/Tu 126 Zhu, Rukai 05k/127/We 188 Zhu, Xiang-Kun 03i/49/Tu m/314/Tu e/97/We g/147/Th 255 Zhu, Xiangfeng 05e/14:15/Th 234 Zhu, Yifan 10e/16:30/Tu 105 Zhu, Yong-Guan 13i/437/We 204 Zhu, Yongfeng 11b/310/Th 264 Zhu, Yu 03e/88/Th 252 Zhu, Yu-Sheng 03e/78/Th e/93/Th e/16:30/Fr 298 Zhu, Zhili 05h/154/Mo 49 Zhu, Zhiyong 03i/49/Tu 113 Zhu, Ziyi 03e/08:30/Fr 278 Zhuang, L. 10m/11:00/Mo16 Zhuge, F. 05d/122/Mo 47 05d/128/Mo 47 05d/134/Mo Index by Author

443 Zhuo, S. 03l/102/Tu i/281/Th 262 Ziarelli, F. 13e/408/We 203 Ziebis, W. 10b/10:30/Tu 82 Ziegler, M. 08d/275/Tu e/216/We 198 Ziemann, M.A. 03f/58/Mo 43 03f/08:45/Tu 71 Zierenberg, R.A. 07c/10:15/Mo 12 Zimik, H.V. 13f/10:45/Mo 18 03j/11:15/Tu 72 Zimmerman, A. 06h/158/We 189 Zimmerman, S. 08d/15:00/Tu 102 Zincone, S.A. 03i/53/Tu 113 Zirks, E. 07b/15:00/Fr 303 Zito, P. 13l/431/Mo 64 10e/09:45/We e/10:00/We 152 Ziurys, L. 01b/10:00/Fr 276 Ziveri, P. 07l/217/Tu 122 Zong, K. 05d/137/Mo 48 03e/16:15/Fr 298 Zong, Y. 08l/15:30/Mo 32 Zontone, F. 06c/15:00/Fr 301 Zopfi, J. 10h/10:00/Tu 83 Zou, H. 03e/72/Th 251 Zou, L. 07b/282/We 192 Zou, R. 02c/10:45/Fr 277 Zou, S-Z. 13m/428/Th 271 Zou, Y-R. 05b/16:30/Tu 98 Zou, Z. 02a/25/Th a/28/Th e/09:30/Fr 278 Zuckerman, B. 01h/11:15/We 138 Zuddas, P. 06c/16:45/Fr 301 Zulauf, G. 11b/329/Th 265 Zumberge, A. 09m/16:15/We174 Zumberge, J. 05k/10:30/Th 212 Zuo, R. 05d/08:45/Tu 75 Zuo, X. 13b/396/We 202 Zurbrick, C. 13m/09:30/Th 225 Zwahlen, C. 13i/15:00/Th 245 Zweifelhofer, G. 02b/10:45/Mo 4 Zwick, M.M. 08l/229/Mo 53 Index by Author 383

444 Conference in Brief 08:30-11:30 Oral Sessions John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center 11:45-12:45 Plenary Session Ballroom AB 13:00-14:15 Lunch 14:15-17:15 Oral Sessions John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center 17:15-19:15 Poster Sessions Level 2 Exhibition Hall John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center Wireless Internet Access Network name: Goldschmidt No Password Required Conference Timetable Overview See Pages xii and xiii

445 Prudential Plaza Entrance W M FedEx Printing W M Plaza Level Boylston Hallway M W

446 200 Level Cloakroom M W W M M W EAG/GS Lounge Registration Help Desk Boylston Hallway Student Lounge W M

447 300 M W Level 3 M W 301 Ballroom C Plenary Venue (Ballroom A/B) Boylston Hallway W M

448 Join our Lunchtime Seminars Free lunch provided Sign up on our booth Tuesday, 14 August, 13:00-14:00 MC-ICP-MS and TIMS precision for reduced sample sizes Do more with less Wednesday, 15 August, 13:00-14:00 Carbonates & clumped isotopes Explore the geochemist s toolbox for carbonate and clumped isotope research Thursday, 16 August, 13:00-14:00 Your curiosity, our geosciences portfolio The joy of discovery Find out more at Thermo Fisher Scientifi c Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientifi c and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specifi ed. AD30423-EN 0518S

Call for Hosting the 16 th World (ISSP) Congress in Sport Psychology in 2025

Call for Hosting the 16 th World (ISSP) Congress in Sport Psychology in 2025 Call for Hosting the 16 th World (ISSP) Congress in Sport Psychology in 2025 The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) encourages groups and organizations to host the 16 th World Congress in

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4 th European Dark-Sky Symposium

4 th European Dark-Sky Symposium 4 th EUROPEAN DARK-SKY SYMPOSIUM 4 th European Dark-Sky Symposium Friday and Saturday September 24-25, 2004 The 4 th European Dark-Sky Symposium, organized by the Association Nationale pour la Protection

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Explore! Fossils Original Air Date: January 28, 2015 Grade Levels: 3-6 Archived Program URL: Program Materials Page URL: Program Description:

Explore! Fossils Original Air Date: January 28, 2015 Grade Levels: 3-6 Archived Program URL: Program Materials Page URL: Program Description: Explore! Fossils Original Air Date: January 28, 2015 Grade Levels: 3-6 Archived Program URL: Program Materials Page URL:

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3 rd World Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

3 rd World Chemistry Conference and Exhibition WCCE 2019 - June 13-15, 2019 Brussels, Belgium WCCE- 2019 3 rd World Chemistry Conference and Exhibition June 13-15, 2019 Brussels, Belgium INVITATION Innovinc International welcomes

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FOSS4G 2010 presented by OSGeo Proposal

FOSS4G 2010 presented by OSGeo Proposal FOSS4G 2010 presented by OSGeo Proposal About OSGeo China The China Chapter of OSGeo is formed by Chinese Active Users of Open Source Geospatial Software, hosted by National Remote Sensing Center of China

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Newsletter Newsletter Published on Division for Planetary Sciences ( Issue12-10, May 14th 2012

Newsletter Newsletter Published on Division for Planetary Sciences (  Issue12-10, May 14th 2012 Issue12-10, May 14th 2012 +-----------------------------CONTENTS--------------------------------+ 1) KEPLER COMMUNITY FOLLOW-UP OBSERVING PROGRAM 2) 2ND "PAOLO FARINELLA" AWARD (2012) 3) COORDINATION WITH

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Sometimes Accountants Fail to Budget

Sometimes Accountants Fail to Budget ISSN 1940-204X Sometimes Accountants Fail to Budget Gail Hoover King Purdue University Calumet Jane Saly University of St. Thomas Budgeting is important in all organizations, but it is especially in nonprofit

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ASTR 4 Solar System Astronom y

ASTR 4 Solar System Astronom y Lectures: M thru F, :30-:0 am Location: De Anza Planetarium ASTR 4 Solar System Astronom y Marek Cichanski Office: S-a (40) 4-4 Office Hours: M thru F, :30 0:0 am In This Syllabus

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AS 101: The Solar System (Spring 2017) Course Syllabus

AS 101: The Solar System (Spring 2017) Course Syllabus AS 101: The Solar System (Spring 2017) Course Syllabus Instructor: Professor Wen Li Office: CAS 501 Phone: 617-353-7439 Email: Office hours: Mondays 3:30 5:00 pm, Wednesdays 3:30 5:00 pm,

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L E T T E R O F I N T E N T C A N D I D A T E F O R V I C E P R E S I D E N T O F E X T E R N A L A F F A I R S A N D N A T I O N A L C O M M U N I C A T I O N S C O O R D I N A T O R : Daji Free L E T T E R O F I N T E N T D e a

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Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County. New Investigator Brief and Application

Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County. New Investigator Brief and Application Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County New Investigator Brief and Application V1-11.2014 Table of Contents 1. Introduction... 3 2. Starters... 3 3. About You... 4 4. Training Program Brief Description...

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A Letter from the Headmaster

A Letter from the Headmaster ISSUE 34 (13/14) 4th July, 2014 A Letter from the Headmaster Dear Parents, Schools need children which is rather an obvious statement but I have found this week rather disconcerting with Years 4-8 out

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