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2 lulycc c ornfc 0cr t anb ~rrn*4ferfon AeCeV. XVOL : THE LxAGABL.E STORES COLLECTED BY BAR-HEBR/EUS. Syrac Text and Translaton. Ey E. A. Walls Budge. 21s. VOL. : THE LETTERS AND NSCRPTONS OF HAMMURAB. Vol. : ntroducton and Babylonan Texts. By L. W. Kng. 2 s. VOL. : THE LETTERS AND NSCRPTONS OF HAMMURAB. Vol. : Babylonan Texts contnued. By L. W. Kng. (Nearly ready.) TVOL. V: THE HSTORY OF THE; VRGN MARY, AND THE HSTORY OF THE TKEN.tSS OF CHRST. Vol. 1: Syrac Texts, By E. A. Walls Budge. s. 6d. VOL. V: TE HSTORY OF T le VRCN MARY, AND THE, HSTORY OF THE LKENES' OF CHRST. Vol. : -Ensh Translatons. By E. A. Wa Budge. os 6d VOL. V: THE REPORTS OF THE,MAGCANS AND ASTROLOGERS co NNEVEH AND BAB.ON- Vol. : Cuneform Texts. By R. C. Thompson. 2s. 62d. L. \V: THE REPORTS OF TH MAGCANS AND ASTROLOGERS ' ):. N-NXFv A"ND b ErLOYN. Vol. 1: Englsh Translaton and Translteraton. By R. C. Thompson. 2s. 6d. VOL. V: THE LETTERS AND NSCRPTONS OF HAAMUMAB. Vol. : Traslaton and Translteraton. By L. W. Kng. (Ne..arly reay.) VOL. X: T HE TSTORY OF RAEBAN HORMZ. Vol. 1: Syrac Text. By E. A. Walls Budge. (n the Press.) VOL. X: THE HSTORY OF RABBAN HORMZD. Vol. : Englsh Translaton. By E. A, Walls Budge. (1n the Press.) tv t r: -E- A-` 3" V THE REPORTS OF THE MAGCANS AND ASTROLOGERS OF NNEVEH AND BABY"LON.



5 S^~ -Q^ Prefce4 3 l :. SNCE the year 1865, when the late Rev. Edward Hncks, one of the early poneers of the scence of Assyrology, frst made known to the world the exstence of Assyran tablets nscrbed wth texts relatng partly to astrology and partly to what we now call astronomy, students have devoted much tme to the nvestgaton of ths class of documents. Prof. Jules Oppert and the late Fran9os Lenormant stll further advanced our knowledge of astrologcal and other cognate texts n a seres of learned papers, but t was not untl the publcaton of Prof. Sayce's paper,, - X. a., enttled " The Astronomy and Astrology of the Babylonans," that any very consderable progress was made n ths dffcult branch of Assyrology. t s true that the cuneform texts whch formed the base of ths work had already been publshed by Sr Henry Rawlnson n the thrd volume of the "Cuneform nscrptons of Western Asa," but Prof. Sayce was the frst to show the general drft and meanng of ther contents, and to enable us to apprecate the accuracy of the tradtons of Greek and Roman wrters on Babylonan astrology and astronomy. *.-

6 A: Vprll PREFACE. PZEFACEOCL~ Wth the vew of supplementng the labours of the abvce mentoned scholars, have prnted n the frst volum1,e of ths work, n cuneform type, the texts of about two hundred and eghty Astrologcal Reports, of whch only about ffty have htherto been publshed. t s hoped that ths mass of new materal wll be useful to Assyrologsts, who wll now, f we may judge from the descrptons of the tablets of the Kuyunjk Collecton gven by Dr. Bezold n hs Catalogue," have before them the texts of the complete seres of the Reports found at Nneveh. n the second volume have gven translteratons of these texts, and, wherever possble, translatons; where translatons have been mpossble, owng to breaks or the occurrence of words unknown to me, have made no attempt to render them n Englsh. Of the duplcate texts, about two hundred and twenty n, number, the translteratons only have been gven. All mportant varants have been added n the Notes to the translatons. t s unnecessary to nsst upon the mportance of the texts heren publshed, but t may be ponted out that the glosses and explanatons of dffcult phrases, whch they frequently gve, are of the hghest value phlologcally, and they certanly throw consderable lght on the professonal methods adopted by the early Mesopotaman astrologers. Moreover, t s probable that a number of the astrologcal reports were wrtten wth the specal object of nformng the kng and hs people whether certan months would or would not 'tt 1.o A: At 11 contatn thrty days, and f ths be so, we may eventually fnd t necessary to modfy our vews concernng the lengths of the varous months of the Assyran year. Ths pont s more fully treated n the ntroducton. n concluson, my thanks are due to Dr. E. A. Walls Bude for hs valuable help, and to Mr. L. W. Kng for many useful suggestons. London, March st, 900. R. CAMPBELL THOMPSON.


8 3rtobucfon. ; FoR more than two thousand years the records of Babylonan and Assyran astronomy lay bured and forgotten under the runs of Assyran palaces, and all that was known of the subject came from a few passages n the Bble and n the works of Greek and Roman wrters. To the Hebrews the sorceres of Babylon were an accursed thng, and the prophet saah scoffs at them these words : "Stand now wth thne enchantments., and wth the multtude of thy - sorceres, wheren thou hast laboured from thy youth; f so be thou shalt be able to proft, f so be thou mayest preval. Thou art weared n the multtude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognostcators, stand up, and save thee from these thngs that shall come upon thee." Among Greek wrters Strabo 2 (ded A.D. 24) asserted that the Chaldeans were sklled n astronomy and the castng of horoscopes, and Aelan 3 (3rd century A.D.) mentons the fact that both the Babylonans and Chaldeans ol enjoyed a reputaton for possessng a knowledge of astronomy. Achlles Tatus 4 (6th century) reports the 1 saah xlv, 2. 3 xv,, 6. A@1 ~3 xx, ed. Hercher, Pars. 4 E x A;chlle Tao asagoge, ed. Petav.,.

9 : V ] N fnt t! U().TMO (-)N. NTRODUCTON. x exstence of a tralto to effec th at the Egyptans mappd: the heavens, and that they nscrbed ther knowle.;.-e on ther pllars; the same tradton declared that the Chaldeans clamed the glory of ths scence, the foundaton of whch they attrbuted to the god Bel. For ths last belef there seems to be some evdence n a statement of Berosus,l to the effect that the god Bel created the stars and sun and moon, and the fve planets. Dodorus Sculus,2 a contemporary of Augustus, tells us that the Babylonan prests observed the poston of certan stars n order to cast horoscopes, and that they nterpreted dreams and derved omens from the movement of brds and from eclpses and earthquakes. The general evdence of' serous wrters leads us to beleve that astrology formed part of the relgous system of the Babylonans, and t certanly exercsed consderable nfluence over the mnds of the dwellers between the Tgrs and the Euphrates., n any case, the reputaton of the Chaldeans, z.e., the Babylonans and Assyrans, for possessng magcal powers was so wdespread, that the very name Chaldean at a comparatvely early date became synonymous wth magcan. From Mesopotama, by way of Greece and Rome, a certan amount of Babylonan' astrology made ts way among the natons of the West, and t s qute probable that many supersttons whch we commonly regard as the pecular product of Western cvsaton, took ther, Ancent Fragments, ed. Cory,. 28,, 29. t f t, -'1-31,! t:g orgn fron those of the early dwellers on the alluval lands of Mesopotama. At the tme when the astrologcal forecasts /(rnted n ths book) were composed, the dstrct of Babylon, rlhere they were wrtten,; was bounded on the northwest by Akkad, on the north-east by Subart, on the south-east by Elam, and on the south-west by Aharru; n other words, Babylona was open to nvason on every sde. The astrologer or the prophet who couldt foretell far thngs for the naton, or dsasters and calamtes for ther enemes, was a man whose words were regarded wth reverence and awe. They were wrtten down as treasures to be preserved for all tme and to serve as models for the beneft of hs successors n offce. The soothsayer was as much a poltcan as the statesman, and he was not slow n usng the ndcatons of poltcal changes to pont the moral of hs astrologcal observatons. Thus the socalled astrologcal forecasts contan elements whch t wll be mpossble for the modern student to explan untl the complete hstory of the poltcal relatonshp of Babylona wth her neghbours s fully known. Nothng was too great or too small to become the subject of an astrologcal forecast, and every event, from a natonal calamty such as famne or dsaster to the army, down to the appearance of the humblest )easant's last born chld, was serously consdered and proved to be the result of causes whch had already been duly recognsed. When Assurbanpal, kng of Assyra, B.c. 668-

10 -t, D "(,1 ). >, "L,,.- 626, added to the royal lbrary at Nneveh, hs contrblton of tabletls ncluded many seres of documents whch related exclusvely to the astrology of the ancent Babylonans, who n turn had borrowed t wth modfcatons from the Sumeran nvaders of the country. Among these must be mentoned the Seres whch was cormmonly called The Day of Bel," and whch was declared by the learned of the tme to have been wrtten n the tme of the great Sargon, kng of Agade, c B.c. Wth such ancent works as these to gude them, the professon of deducng omens from daly events reached such a ptch of mportance j n the last Assyran Empre, that a system of makng perodcal reports came nto beng, and by these the \ kng was nformed of all occurrences n the heavens and on the earth, and the results of astrologcal studes n respect to future events. The heads of the astrologcal professon were men of hgh rank and poston, and ther offce was heredtary (see Dod.,, 29). Under the chef astrologer were a number of offcals who on certan occasons together addressed the kng; thus Rammanu-suma-usur, Nabu-muss and star-suma-rs wrte together (see K. 5470); Rammnuuma-usur and Marduk-sakn-sum wrte together (see : KK. o87, 1197); Rammanu-suma-usur, Arad-la, star-surna-rs and Akkulanu wrte together (see K. 1428) star-suma-rs, Rammanu-suma-usur and Marduk-akn-sum wrte together (see K. 527) and Balast and Nabu-ah-rba wrte together (see KK 565, 569). Among other dutes, t was the duty of : NTRODUCTON. xv.....~~~~~~~~x the astrologers to wrte both omen reports and letters, and certan letters menton, ncdentally, facts whch we should hardly expect to fnd n ths class of document. Thus the wrter of K. 67 excuses hmself from settng out on a journey because the day s not favourable; the wrter of K. 551 tells the story of how a fox made ts way nto the Royal Park of the cty of Assur and took refuge n a lake, but was afterwards caught and klled; and the wrter of Rm. 73 tells the kng that he beleves the twenteth, twenty-second and twenty-ffth days to be lucky' for enterng nto contracts. The varety of the nformaton contaned n these reports s best gathered from the fact that they were sent from ctes so far removed from each-other as Assur n the north and Erech n the south, and t can (only be assumed that they were dspatched by runners or men mounted "on swfr horses:. As reports also come from Dlbat, Kutha, Nppur and Borsppa, all ctes of ancent foundaton, the kng was probably well acquanted wth the general course of events n hs empre. Of the documents prnted n ths book all but three are astrologcal; they are wrtten on rectangular clay tablets varyng n sze from - by 4 nch to 33 by 2-, and they generally bear the sender's name. They contan quotatons from ancent astrologcal works concernng the omens, but t s nterestng to note that, although the jsssma verba were preserved, the nterpretatons were based upon more modern 2

11 ,. v;vl NT RU ;...N. NTRODUCTON. xx lnes. Thus Aharr- orna(r y nmeant the land whch lay close to BBabylona on the west, but as the Babylonan power extended the boundares of the country, Aharr became a name synonymous wth Plhcenca and Palestne, and t s n ths sense that t s used by the astrologers of the later kngdom. Agan, Subartu orgnally meant a certan dstrct n Northern Babylona, but n later tnes t came to mean Assyra proper, and one astrologer, wrtng n Assyran, says "We are Subartu." The astronomcal reports, whch we may subsequently fnd to have been prepared for use n some way by the astrologers, have been omtted from ths volume, because they partake of the nature of letters. We may, however, call attenton n passng to those whch were sent by Nabua of the cty of Assur to Nneveh, for tlhey concern the movements of the Sun and Moon. Thus n K. 603 he reports that the Sun and Moon were seen together on the fourteenth day of the month, and another report of hs states that "we saw the Moon on the twenty-nnth day." From certan passages n the astrologcal tablets t s easy to see that the calculaton of tmes and seasons was one of the chef dutes of the astrologer n Mesopotama, and t seems probable that they were acquanted wth some knd of machne for reckonng tme. n No. 170 (see p. lx) menton s made of an nstrument called abkallu skla, to whch the name B3-rzmstnzu-ukarrad-Mfardk was gven. Now the words abkallu skla mean "measure-governor," and t? s '* j P: ( HE 5. d.t 1 ; s probable that they ndcate the exstence of a knd of clock. t must not be forgotten too, that Sextus Emprcus (A4&d. Mat/h. 21) states that the clepsydra was known to the Chaldeans. Herodotus too, (, o9), says that the Greeks borrowed certan measures of tme from the Babylonans, (and from the tablet ,247, etc., we learn that the Babylonans actually had a tme measure by whch they dvded the day and the nght. Ths measure was called Kasbu, and contaned two hours; two kasbzt formed a watch, and three watches made up the nght. These facts are proved by the report quoted above, n whch we are told that n such and such a day n Nsan the day and nght were balanced, there beng sx kasbu of the day and sx kas& of the nght, the alluson beng, of course, to the vernal equnox, We know from several sources that the Assyran year conssted of twelve months, each contanng usually thrty days, and an ntercalary month called the "second Adar" (the Ve'Adar of the Hebrews): the Babylonan year conssted of the same number of months, but two ntercalary months, Elul and Adar, were added. The examnaton of the texts edted n ths volume ndcates that the Assyrans, lke the Babylonans, had a year composed of lunar months,' and t seems that the object of the astrologcal reports whch relate to'. On ths subject see Oppert, Zefschrft Jfr Assyrologe; Bz. X, p. 3o1, Bd. X, p. 97; and Lehmann, ba. Bd. X, 3. 1 B432. X P972 2*

12 x X N TO 0U ) C ) N. NTRODUCTON. xx thle a:.,'eara'. of fce the MToon and Sun was to help to determn e and foretell the lengthl of the lunar month. f ths be so, the yaear n common use throughout Assyra must have been lunar. The calendar assgns to each month thrty full days; the Junfar month s, however, lttle more than twenty-nne and a half days; therefore some of the calendar months must consst of twenty-nne days only. n proof of ths statement, submt the followng facts. On No. 171 (see p. lx), whch s a report from Balas, we read, "When the Moon does not wat for the Sun" such and such thngs wll happen. The predcton s followed by the words, whch are clearly those of the astrologer, " t appeared on the ffteenth wth the Sun." "When the Moon s not seen wth the Sun on the fourteenth day of Adar" such and such thngs wll happen. The predcton s followed by the words, whch are agan clearly those of the astrologer, "The day wll complete Nsan." Snce the Moon appeared wthout the Sun on the fourteenth, and wth the sun on the 'ffteenth, the Moon and the Sun wll not be n conjuncton before the afternoon of the twenty-nnth day; n ths case the Moon would not be vsble 2 untl the frst day of the next month. t must be noted that wheh the 2 Cf on the perod of the Moon's nvsblty Cuneform ]zscrptons of TVeslern Asa, Vol.,. 51,. 9, " The Moon waned on the twenty-seventh day: we watched for an eclpse of the Sun on. the twenty-eght, twenty-nnth, and thrteth days; the Moon appeared on the frst day [of the next month]." n No. 240 (see p. lxxv) t s also stated that the perod of the Moon's nvsblty may be three days. See also Jensen, Kosmologe, p. 30. A astrologer uses the words "ths nght," he does not refer to the day on whch he s wrtng, but to the eve of the day,.e., last nght. The words " The day wll j complete Nsan" refer to the thrteth day of the month, and we know from other texts that they ndcate that the month wll contan thrty full days. 1 A further proof of ths s that the omen concernng the appearance of the Moon on the frst day s often accompaned by that for "the day n ts proper length,".e., the ordnary full length day n the calendar month. Not nfrequently a note s added to the effect that the day completes the month. Here we must notce n passng the use of the words mrnt ztarra,.e., "the day turns back." The astrologer uses these words n cases where the Moon has been seen wth the Sun on the fourteenth day, to ndcate that the Moon wll appear on the thrteth day of the month, and therefore there wll be only twenty-nne days n the next month (see No. 53, obv. 2, p. xl). n certan cases where the phrase 2mu t zarr occurs, e.g., Nos. 62 and 70, the omens on the tablets relate to the moon on the thrteth day. j. AAn examnaton of No. 171 shows that ths table was wrtten at the end of the year n the month Adar, and that the calendar month corresponded wth the lunar month, and further, snce Nsan (whch began the year) s the only other month mentoned, t s jf 1 Cf the passages:--no. 36, obv. 3 mnat arn.. z.muxxx k"' al[lam], No. 42, obv. 4, sa na a"' 2a Tar u2mzu uallamma, J No. 52, obv., ' l Sn na ar h NAsann mu ugaham.

13 NT O, )URODUO N. clear that no second Ad(ar w-as used n ths year. f all the months had contaned thrty days each, and to th ese an ntercaary Adar had been added every sx years to make up the solar year, as we should naturally expect would have been done, t would hardly be possble for the calendar month and the lunar month to correspond so exactly at the end of a year n whch an ntercalary month was not added. We are therefore probably rght n assumng that each month dd not necessarly contan thrty days, and there s evdence to show that the ntercalary month was added at a perod less than sx years.l From the. above t s clear that the length of the month was foretold from the appearance of the Moon and Sun on or about the fourteenth day of the month. n No. X 9 the astrologer reports that the Moon was seen on the twelfth day wth the Sun, and he makes use of the phrase "The Moon appears out of ts tme.' t s nterestng to note that Mamondes, n speakng of the Moon, says "When the Moon s seen on the thrteth day, she s called the Moon seen n ts tme," 2 and the same wrter seems to refer to the varaton n the length of the month,.e., whether t contans twenty-nne or thrty days, when he states that Marcheswan and Kslew may be ether "full" or "hollow." 3 1 On the months contanng twenty-nne and thrty days n use at Babylon n the era of the Seleucdae, see Eppng and Strassmaer, Astronomches azs Babylon, p Kddush B.abodesh, ed. Wtter, Jena, 17031, 4. Op. ct., V, 5. From varous ndcatons derved from the astrologcal reports, t s clear that the class of magcans who calculated the length of the months and publshed nformaton concernng them formed a very mportant secton of the Babylonan and Assyran presthood, and t s evdent from the denuncatons hurled aganst them by saah, n whose book they are descrbed as no6d'zsnz lehodasmn (saah, xlv, 3), that they occuped one of the t p e pcs tjerarchy ofbaby on. "-"The Assyrans called the seven planets by the same names by whch they were known n Babylona,.e., Sn (the Moon), Samasa (the Sun), Umn;zauddu (Jupter), Dlbat (Venus), Kamanu (Saturn), Gudud (Mercury), Mztabavrrz_-mt/anu (Mars). The twelve sgns of the Zodac, whch were also known to the Babylonans, are thus called:- Late Ares Babylonan. 1 Assyran. Ku (sarkku) nmsara. Taurus Te-te -Gzd-A nna.3 Gemn Tuamu Tzamu. j ~ Cancer Pulukku AlluZ.4 Leo Arz2 UrgZua, Urmah. VrAgo SrDz Srz, Dlugan. 7 Lbra Zbantu Zbantu. Scorpo Akrabu Akrabu. Sagttarus Pa PablsaO 8 X. $a ' ' t.7 " v NTRODUCTON. xx 1 See Eppng and Strassmaer, Astronomches aus Babylon, p. 149; Jensen, Kosmologe, p Kosm., p. 61 f.. 3 Kos., p See p. xxxv. s Kasm., p See p. xx. 7 See p. xl. 8 Xosm, p

14 .-xnav :N, "tr 1 ~ A) ) u cro N\CTxx NTRODUCTON. XXV Caprcornus Aquarus Psces Late 3),avcuan. C unu Gfu- Assyran. tlz a (n.) The reports of the Mesopotaman astrologers prove that ther wrters deduced omens from all the celestal bodes known to them, but t s clear that the Moon was the chef source from whch omens were derved. The shape of the Moon's horns was examned wth great care, and t was noted whether they were ponted, "equal," or "unequal." Thus we are told that " f the horns are ponted, the kng wll overcome whatever he goreth "; the acton of the kng s here lkened to the use to whch horns are put by anmals. And agan we read, " When the Moon rder n a charot, 5 the yoke of the kng of Akkad wll prosper. And agan, " When the Moon s low at ts appearance, the submsson [of the people] of a far country wll come to the kng." Halos, both of the Moon and of the Sun, were frutful sources from whch omens were derved. Two halos were known:-one of 22, called tarbasu, and the other of 46, called supuru. Each of these words mean "sheepfold," and t s understood that the Moon s the shepherd of the stars or the celestal See Eppng and Strassmaer, Astronomches aus Babylon, p. 149; Tensen, Kossmologe, p Kosm,. p Kosm., p, 497. See p. v. 5 Colpare the dea of the Greek goddess Selene. S 4 S S S sheep " whch are wthn the halo. The nfluence of the Moon on sheep and cattle upon earth s thus descrbed: "Thy word, 0 Moongod, maketh sheepfold and cattle-pen to floursh." When a tarbasu,.e., smaller halo, was seen to surround the Sun wth the gate,.e., nterrupton, opposte the south, t was thought that a south wnd would blow; but ths has been the experence of all observers of the weather, for the drecton of the nterrupton ndcates that wnd and ran wll come from that quarter. 1 t s well known that Sun-halos are usually seen n the west or south-west when the Sun s low on the horzon, and the lower porton of the halo s cut off by the gloom of the horzon. n European countres 2 storms usually come from those quarters of the sky, and ths s also true for Mesopotama. t s nterestng to note that a tablet (K. 200) s nscrbed wth omens whch are derved from the nterruptons of a halo whch correspond to the four cardnal ponts. From the presence of planets or constellatons wthn the halo of the Moon, numerous omens are derved. The words, "When the Sun stands wthn the halo of the Moon." would at frst sght appear to prove that: the word larba.ts does not mean "halo," but we learn from the notes wrtten by the astrologers (see No. 76) that by the word "Sun" we must understand the " Star of the Sun,".e., Saturn, and we now know that the omen for the Sun n such a case would be gven just as f the 1 Cf Theophrastus, ed. Wood, p Abercromby, Weather, p. 36.

15 XX v NTROD UCTO: N. Sun were occupyng the place of Saturn. From Eratosthenes, too, we learn that Saturn was called Sol.. There are no omens for Venus or Mercury standng n the halo of the Moon, for nether planet can appear near the full Moon. When a star, standng n the halo of the Moon, s descrbed n the omen as Lzbad, a common name for Mercury, t must, of course, be understood to mean smply " planet." Dark halos round the Moon were regarded by the Assyrans, as well as by other natons, as. ndcatons of ran, and t s noteworthy that a Greek wrter lke Theophrastus 2 says, " Dark halos are a sgn of ran, partcularly those seen n the afternoon." Aratus, the Clcan, nforms us that dark solar halos ndcate rough weather. 3 The appearance of the Sun-wthrth-Moon about the fourteenth day was noted wth great care, and for the express purpose of calculatng whether the month would contan twenty-nne or thrty days. The astrologers noted :--() whether the Sun and VMoon were seen together above the horzon; (2) whether they were balanced (stkulu), that s to say, both on the horzon, one settng and the other rsng; (3) whether one had set and the other had not yet rsen, both celestal bodes beng, n consequence, below the horzon, that s to say, nvsble (sta/z). The word ( nvsble" represents as nearly as possble Ed. Bernhardy,.tZygn.,, Ed. Wood, 22, p. 60. Dosemea, ed. Prnce, p. 43. Pj NTRODUCTON. xxv the meanng of sutatz2, as we may see by the phrase.m7sszj Swuatb,.e.,- "whose wound (or sckness) s nvsble," whch occurs n the hymn to Nrgal. " The same vew of the meanng of ths word s also held by Dr. Jastrow. 2 The word statz had probably another shade of meanng also, for the word ttzlz, whch means the gradual dsappearance of the Moon as t draws near the Sun at the end of the month, s once used as ts equvalent (see No. 24, obv. 4). n several places n astrologcal reports we meet wth the words nduz nad, whch seem to mean "castng a shadow, or mage, or reflecton." The "mage" appears at the sun's zenth, to the rght or left of the Sun; n one case four such "mages" are mentoned. cannot help thnkng that these "mages " refer to mock suns. A number of omens were derved from the entrances of planets nto the sgns of the Zodac, and the nfluence of the stars n the varous sectons of t was thought to be very consderable. The places where the gods stood n the Zodac were called manzalt, a word whch means lterally "statons," and we are probably rght n assumng that t s the equvalent of the mazzacdlh/ mentoned n Kngs, xx, 5.3 The use of the word n late Hebrew s, however, somewhat more vague, for mazza, though lterally meanng a constellaton of the Zodac, s also Rawlnson, Cuneform nscrptzons, V, 24,, 36,37. See Relgon of Babylona, p See Jensen, Kosm^., p. 348.

16 xxvl NTRFO.' 1 v;ct O N. NTRODUCTON. xxx app;lt;d to avy and every sta r, and n JcrScsh/z'h Rabbv. c., t, s sad, One ) azzzal comrpleteth ts crcut {\ thrty dlays, another completetl t n thrty years." From certan texts we learn that the star Akrabuzt was sometmes seen wthn the halo of the Moon. Now accordng to Jensen, 1 Akrabu may mean ether the Scorpon or Venus; but n the case of the star wthn the halo of the Moon, Scorpo, and Scorpo only, s referred to by the astrologer. t s not always easy to follow the tran of reasonng whch guded the dervaton of omens; on the other hand, others are based on common everyday experence. Thus, dark clouds heralded wnd; thunder on the last day of the Moon was followed by steady markets; thunder on a cloudless day ndcated the advent of darkness, storm, and-famne; storms were the heralds of favourable events; earthquakes portended destructon, the nvason of enemes, nsurrectons and the fall of buldngs; eclpses typfed dsturbance, and ther evl effects could only be averted by prayers. n the seres of prayers enttled the Lftng of the Hand," 2 we fnd a number of formulae whch are to be rected wth the object of securng the protecton of the gods durng and after eclpses, and t s certan that they formed no unmportant secton of the devotonal lterature of the Assyrans. For the purpose of accurately recordng partal eclpses, the face of the Moon was dvded nto four parts, and each part was dentfed wth a certan country (see p. lxxxv); 1 Kosmologe, p Kng, Babylonan Magc and Sorcery. Uthe porton to the rght was Akkad, that to the left w ras Elam, the upper part was Aharru, and the lower part Subartu. A total eclpse of the Moon was called al ma7zdt,.e., a "darkness of the countres." The greatest possble care was taken by the astrologers to observe and to record the duraton and extent of partal eclpses. Some of the portents from brths recorded n the Reports are remarkable, and among these may be mentoned one n whch we are told that the wrter f augured an ncrease of power to the kng, because a sow brought forth a pg whch had eght legs and two tals (see p. xc). Ths curous object was, we are told, afterwards preserved n brne. A perusal of the Astrologcal Reports wll *convnce the reader that the style and language n whch they are wrtten are not only somewhat obscure and dffcult grammatcally, but that ther wrters took.anso tther m forcasts and portents as unntellgble to the unntated as possble. Whenever lhey were able they added an alternatve portent..t s possble, ndeed probable, that many of the dffcultes whch encompass the study of Babylonan magc, astrology and sorcery, wll be removed by the publcaton of abundant materal, and that at length we may obtan to a knowledge of the general prncples whch guded the astrologer n formulatng the decsons as to the fu'ture, whch exercsed such a great and lastng nfluence over the mnds of the dwellers n Mesopotama.

17 l Ca.r c '?.. - t s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' ;* 'TR~wNSLATON. s ~~~~~~~~~~~ 3~. A. A:"

18 TRANSLATONS., WHEN THE MOON APPEARS ON THE FRST DAY OF THE MONTH. t; 5No. 1. When the Moon appears' on the frst day, there wll be slence, the land wll be satsfed. When the day s long accordng to ts calculaton, there wll be a long regn. From Bullutu. 't, ' Obv.. The appearance of the Moon on the frst day [* ndcated that the calendar month began concdent wth the lunarmonth, and that the day was ts proper length. 2 ~? ~ Obv. 2. KA.G.NA = san.keu sa fp (Brunnow, Lst, No. 618). t s glossed pu-u -kan n No. 42, Obv. 5. J: d;obv. 4. The day s calculated to last as long as the Sun remans above the horzon. Cf , 63, Obv. S, 'the day s the Sun,' and No. 173, Obv. 2, 'the Suns are days.' The use of mnnt s closely paralleled by the Syrac menydna n hfn6n d'menyana d' sahra nz'nn, 'those who measure the ~f, duraton of the moon.' (S. _Ephraev Syr, Opera Se0ecta, Ed. Overbeck, Oxon, x865, 72, 3.) Nos. 2-6 are very smlar. J[ ~ No. 5, Obv. 3, contans the note 7mnat art urm XXX usallam, X X.e. n consequence of the Moon's appearance on the frst 4 day, the thrteth day of the month wll be completed. See ntroducton, p. xx. t gk. 960, a large tablet begnnng ths way, has been omtted, the remander beng almost llegble. Of other so-called astrologcal reports, K 1 5, consstng of quotatons from prayers smlar to those of the Rasng of the Hand, and sent by tar-suma-rs, and such tablets as , 206, Bu , 56 (' lucky days '), etc., and the large unsgned tablets, whch probably are not ncluded n lths Seres, have been omtted. t wll be notced that the preterte s rarely used by the astrologers to express past tme (except n the protases of omens) when speakng of astrologcal phenomena; the present wth -ma attached s far more common. The general,os for the tenses n these texts are :-Omen-protass, preterte; Omen-apodoss, t ' ~.t. Outsde the omens, the present does duty for the future or present, ':k p'st tme s expressed by the present wth -ma appended. ^ * ':~~~~~ 3

19 ṭ XxXv. o J.{ASL't.O.; C.-A'\ RmE.ll 'TS. OMENS FROM TE FRST DAY. XxxV No. 7. When the Moon appears on the frst day, there wll be slence, the land wll be satsed. Wlhen the day s long accordng to ts calculaton, there wll be a long regn. When the Moon s full, the kng wll go to pre-emnence. From Star-Suma-r. Oabz. 5. Ag-z Apr, lterally 'puts on a royal head-dress.' See Jensen, Kosm. p. 103 ff. No. 9. When the Moon appears on the frst day, there wll be slence, the land wll be satsfed. Ths s for Nsan and Tsr (?). When the Moon s regularly full, the crops of the land wll prosper, the kng wll go to pre-emnence. Obv. 4. Agz Ap9r kanzanu ma,.e., the Moon s full on the same day n each month. Ths wll happen f the astrologers are careful n regulatng the length of the calendar month. The omen dffers slghtly n No. 10, obv. 5, 'The crops of the land wll prosper, the land wll dwell n securty, the kng wll go to pre-emnence.' No. x, rev. 2, has the wrter's comment, 't s a lucky omen for the kng, my lord.' No. la, rev. 2, dffers slghtly n the omen for the length of the day, 'there wll be a long regn, the years of the kng (wll be numerous).' Nos are very smlar..nyo. 15 (Obv. 5 f). n Tammuz the Moon and Sun were seen wth one another on the fourteenth. From Bl... May Bel and Nebo gve greetng, happness, health, long days, long years, and the establshng of the foundaton of the throne of the kng, my lord. No. 16 (Obv. f). Adar and Elul, the begnnng of a year, are lke Nsan and Tsr. At the begnnng of the year the Moon sends a lucky sgn for the long regn of the kng, my lord. From Assursaran. No. 17 (Obv. 6ff.). When the Moon appears on the frst day, t *s lucky for Akkad, evl for Elawm and AharrA. The month Ab s Akkad. t s lucky for the kng, my lord. From Nabqt-guma-skun. No. 8 (Rev. 3 ff.) contans a communcaton from Bl-nar. 'Bl-put, the Babylonan magcan, s very ll: let the kng 1 Y. : t.,.. A 'S 14 command that a physcan come and see hm' Rev. 5, ZUklmur are the equvalents of the Hebrew jussve. Cf Sam. xv, 21, etc. No. 19 (Rev. f). May Assur, Samas, Nebo and Merodach day after day, month after mronth, year after year, grant happness, health, joy and exultaton, a secure throne for ever, for long days and many years to the kng my lord. From Nabu-kb, No. 20 s smlar to No. 9, except obv. 5 f. 'When hal comes n Sebat, there wll be abundance for men and the market wll be hgh.' The word abnu, properly 'stone,' s used for hal n No. 261, obv. 4. No. 21 (Obv. 5f). Two or three tmes durng these days we have looked for Mars, but could not see t. f the kng, my lord, should say 's t an omen that t s nvsble?' t s not. From gtar-guma-rs. Obv. 5. The dom for 'two or three 's the same n Assyran as n Hebrew. Cf. Kngs, x, 32. On Mfustabarrz2-mutnu see Eppng and Strassmaer, Astronomches aus Babylon, p. a o Obv. 8. rtb Jensen, Kosm. p. 15, 226A. Rev. 2. For ths use of mmn after an nterrogatve -u, cf. K. 522, 9, 14 (quoted Deltzsch, Handwbzrterbch, under zzrtu, p. 38a). No. 21A (Obv. 3-4). nght. Mars went forth from Cancer (Allul) last Obv. 4. Aled. That ths s a constellaton and not a sngle star s apparent from K. 4292, obv. 17, ff. (Crag. Astro. Astron. Texts, Lepzg, 1899) Ana u' t L UL. LA ana ta#(ut ) sdr ' "L UL. LA 4UAL L UL. Ana nkakkaban* ' S -' Sa "a" AL.LUL. DR Zla tbut gdr, etc.). n the reports, the appearance of Allul wthn the Moon's halo s recorded about twelve tmes; once wthn the halo about the same tme as Gemn (No. 114), and once about the same tme as Regulus (No. 4A). Further we are told that Venus passes from J'l LUL. LA s explaned by sa-ar rum (W.A.., 49, 3, 35), probably by "aake for LUL. A (.e., Mars). 3*

20 OME.'NS FROM r r MOON'S HORNS,. sxv Al: to th t ropc of Cancer n lve or sx d(ays (No. 207),..,.- degrees.. Cancer s the only constellaton whch agates Wuh these - contdtons. The lar ame of Cancer nwas P ultkku (Jensen, Ksne. p. 311), but ths does not occur n these texts. No. 22 COb. 4--Rev3. 3). Assur, Samans, Nebo and Merodach have delvered K.ush and Egypt nto the hands of the kng, my lord. n the army of the kng, my lord,.. they have carred off ther spo. (and).. have made all ther tfrces enter thy royal seat N.ev eh, and have enslaved ther captves. n the same way may Samas and Merodach delver the Cmmnerans,and Manna... al that are opposed to the kng nto the hands of the kng, my lord. May the kng, my lord, capture all the slver, gold,... (and) ther forces. Obv. 4. Snce the wrter states that Kush and Egypt have been overcome, and prays that the C.mmerans and Manna may meet wh the same fate, t may be nferred that the letter w'as wrtten about the tme of Assurbanpal's thrd expedton. Egypt was not fnally subdued untl hs second campagn, and t was shortly after ths that the Assyrans came nto contact wth the Lydan kng, Gyges. Gyges, fndng the Cmmerans too strong for hm, followed the advce whch had been gven hm n a dream, and sent to ask help from Assyra. Hs request was granted, and the Cmmerans submtted for a tme; bat the Lydan kng forgot the benefts of Assurbanpal, and sent hs army to ad Psametk, kng of Egypt, who was chafng under the Assyran yoke. The Assyrans naturally resented ths breach of fath and wthdrew ther help, thereby allowng the Cmmerans to rse aganst Lyda for a second tme, Gyges was slan, and hs son, who made peace wth Assyra, ruled n -hs stead. Then followed the fourth expedton, drected aganst the Mannal wth a successful ssue, and t s probably to these events that our tablet refers. We may therefore assume that t was wrtten about 660 B.C.. OMENS FROM THE HORNS OF THE MOON. No. 25. When the Mloon appears on the thrteth of the month,*... wll devour. When at the Moon's appear.ace ts ho1r A C Īt 1- pont away from one another, there wll be an overthrowng of fortresses and downfall of garrsons. There wll be obedence and goodwll n the!nd. (G = hzrak. G! G saamu. = kd 'ts horns are kuaz7a.') t s evl for Alarru, but good for the kng, my lord. From Zakr. Obv. 3. rrutkaz: arraku s to 'rend asunder,' and probably here s the opposte of mzaara, No. 26, Obv. 6. We fnd on K a descrpton of the varous shapes of the Moon's horns (Obv. 3 f 'When W), the Moon's horns are UR. B..11z' (equally dark), UR. B nam-ra (equally brght), K. LA. DAN mt-ha-ra, K. LA. DAN NU mt-ha-ra, kma GS. BAN (lke a bow), kma GS. MA. (TU) (lke a boat).' Obv. 4, 5. patar, arad, nfntves used as nouns. For aradu n ths sense, cf, Deut. xx, 20. No. 26. When the Moon's horns face equally, there wll be a secure dwellng for the land. When at the Moon's appearance (ts horns) are ponted, the kng wherever hs face s set wll rule the land, (or) wherever he presses on wll overcome. From rass-lu, the kng's servant, the greater. Obv. 6. m tara, 2 of manrar = to be equal.' Cf. Aratus (Dosemea, ed. Prnce, p. 41), 'f on the thrd day the two horns do not undergo any change, and (the Moon) does not shne, lyng upon her back, but the ponts of her horns nclne equally...' Rev. 1. udduda, of dn;du 'to sharpen.'.rev. 6. mzahrz2 s used also n ths way of Asardu. The converse s katnu,. e., Agardu nmahrr and ASardu kafnu, whch seems to pont to two dferent people. No. 28 (Ob6. 3-5). When the Moon at ts appearance a brght day (?)... kkursssu wll come and devour the sesame. (Rev. 2ff) When a star shnes forth and lke a knot(?) from sunset to sunrse dsappears, n Elam.. the enemy wll capture... :the forces of Elam... From Zakr. Obv.. kutsssu, perhaps a worm or nsect. Rev. 2. SUR,.se. rur, s the usual word for a star rsng. *ev. 3, The character l' (?) may be (?).

21 .-.- _- - X -,:<- V -;.r,@ r C -A 1, ASTRt')O(.1. Yt, r ')!;F ln - OMENS FROM THE MOON'S HORNS. xxxx No. 29 (OV'. 2 7). \When at the Moon's appearance ts horns an ponted, thc kng of Akkad wherever he goes wl rule the and, (or^ thne ng of Akkad wherever hs face s set wll ravage the land. When at the Moon's appearance ts face s turned to the left... dates and.. (?)... When at ts appearance a north wnd blows (n that month a flood wll come). Jupter passed to the place of sunset: there wll be a secure dwellng, welfare lucky for the land. When the Sun reaches ts zenth wth a parhelon (?), the kng wll be angry and there.wll be war. (Jupter has remaned n the heavens many days.) From Asardu, the greater, the kng's servant. Obv. 2. dda; see No. 26. Rev. 4. ndu; see ntroducton, p. xxv. For the character translated zzz, cf No. x8, obv. 4, and Amaud et Mchnaux, Tableau Compnar, No A varant s gven n No. x83, obv. 3, z-zz. No. 30. W'hen at the Moon's appearance ts rght horn s long and ts left horn s short, the kng's hand wll conquer a land other than ths. When the Moon at, ts appearance s very large, an eclpse wll take place. When the Moon at ts appearance s very brght, the crops of the land wll prosper. When the day s long accordng to ts calculaton, there wll be a long regn. The thrteth day completed the month. n Elul an eclpse of Elam. From Nrgal-tr. Obv. 6. kru : Syrac 'ra. Rev. ba'l s the opposte of unnut; cf No. 67, rev. 7, ba'l u saruru nas, contrasted wth 1. o, unnull u Sarurusu maktu; and No. 232, rev. 3 where utanat s contrasted wth b'l. Both ba'l and unnut seem to ndcate a gradual change nto garuru nas (becomng brght) and aruru majrtu (brllance smtten) respectvely. Another form of the root a-n-t seems to be ttntu (V, 2), used constantly for the Moon's approach to the Sun and gradual dsappearance or fadng away; see' o. 124, obv., etc. t s once used, presumably by mstake, for guzlat (No. 124, obv. 4), but the smlarty of the two words may 'have occasoned a scrbe's blunder. Furthe " nstances of ba'l are--no. L83, 5, na ba't Z. dmu , x60, obv. 8-o,'' luwtabar;tr-mutamf ba'!l l j, 'h tabarr- t-mlatnu adu lb a " na r ba'! darur -. a, e. 'Mars s brght: snce the mddle of yyar t has gradually grown brght and has assumed a brllance.' W.A.. 53,, 5, etc. K. 2894, pub. P.S.B.A. 893, p. 317, kakkabanl-su ba-v'-a. Unnat from No. 67, rev. o, appears to mean 'grows dm': cf also K. 7661, obv., Col., [Ana sn na tamart] -su un.-n7u-ut S " -Su.AN. D. R. A, etc., and No. 274 P. obv., unut sa atal... 'The gradual darkenng caused by the eclpse.' Cf also the omen on No. 60, obv.. On the other hand, ttntu may be a quadrlteral root lke kklm: Rev On these see ntroducton, pp. xx, xxv. No. 31 (Obv. 3-5). When the Moon at ts appearance s brght, the heart of Akkad wll lve, wll be brght, the people wll see plenty. No. 32 (Rev. f). When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Tammuz, there wll be a wastng of countres. (Let not the kng be anxous (?) about the evl: the Moon has been darkly full and ts horns have...whch s lucky for the kng). From Asardu the greater, the kng's servant. Rev. 4. The Moon's crown s dark' and ts horns vsble,.e., the dark porton of the Moon's crcle s to be seen.,. No. 33 (Obv. 3ff). Mars whch has stood n Scorpo to go forth...turns. Untl the twenty-ffth day of the month.. (t stays), t then goes forth, ts brllance beng dmnshed. Let the kng, my lord, be satsfed, let the kng rejoce greatly; untl t goes - forth let the kng take care of hmself. From ras-lu, the kng's servant, the greater.. 3 (v. 8 he at the oon's appearance ts horns? tno. 35 {Obv. 8f.). When at the Moon's appearance ts horns are sharp and brght, the kng of Akkad, wherever hs face s set, wll rule the lands. When the Moon at ts appearance s brght,....ts heart wll lve, the people wll see plenty. When at the Moon's appearance ts horns are equally brght, hostle kngs wll fare well. When the day accordng to ts calculaton s long, there tll be a regn of long days. The thrteth day completed Nsan sand Tann'uz. -From Nrgal-tr.

22 ,PASTROTJG~GCAL R.EPORTS.T~ OMENS FROM THE MOON'S HORNS. xl No. 37 (Ob. -3). When at the Moon's appearance n the ntercalary monrth Adar ts horns are ponted and dark, the prnce wll grow strong and the land wll have abundance. (Rev. 3 f) When the Moon stands n a fxed poston, there wll be want of ran. n the ntercalary Adar, the Moon was seen wth the Sun on the fourteenth day. From Nrgal-tr. No. 38 (Obv. 6 ff). When Regulus (Sarru) assumes a brllance, the kng of Akkad wll effect a completon. From Munnabtu. Obv. 6. On Sartr == Regulus, see Eppng and Strassmaer, Astronomches, p No. 39 (Rev. ). Happy welfare to the land, the Moon wll smte the foe. The Moon has occulted Mercury. From Nfrgal-tr. No. 43. When the Moon at ts appearance s full, the kng wll go to pre-emnence, the land wll dwell n securty. (At ts appearance the Moon was full.) When at the Moon's appearance ts rght horn s dark n the heavens, there wll be a steady market n the land, a revolt wll take place n Abarru. ('ts rght horn dark n the heavens,' whch they explan by ' n heaven s obscured and s not vsble.'). At the Moon's appearance ts rght horn s Aharrfu. When the Moon appears on the frst day t s lucky for Akkad, unlucky for Elam and Abarra. The Moon wll be seen wthout the Sun on the fourteenth day From Nabu-ah-rba. Obv. 7. H. GAR glossed bar-t here and bar-tu n No Revz. 4. The scrbe evdently explans drat as the perm. fer. from a root of whch he thnks DR (= jaldapu) a part. No. 44 (Rev. 3 f). (W\hen) n Nsan on the frst day (the Moon) appears and a north wnd blows, the kng of Akkad wll be happy. Mercury at sunset has stood (?) wthn Kumal; t s lucky for the kng my lord; the kng of Aharru wll be slan wth the sword. (The forces of) the kng, my lord, n Egypt... wll conquer. Rev. 6. Kumal s explaned n No. o, rev. 2.f. "t mu dtabarnr-mftt.dnu kakkab At4arr k! m Dzlgan z, - a- a-rk-.u m a dmu. MUz t " ' K.U * L KU.AfAL U Lak.t4b ~:.11 j Am Aharr,.e., Mars = star of Aharru : Dlgan-whose-back-part-s- Mulmul = Kumal: therefore Kunal = star of Ahlarrut. Dlgan s varously explaned by GUD. UD (Mercury), Mustabarru-mutanu (Mars), and SU. G, n Brunnow's Lst, No. 51. But t cannot be ether Mercury or Mars, for from Rm. 95 (Crag, Astr. Texts, 84, 12) 'When ts stars ela nnmzdu,' t s obvous that t s a constellaton. (Cf. also. 13 and K. 2329, 91, obv. 5). On St. G, see No. 49. The true explanaton of Dlgan s gven on No. 88, rev. 8, Dlgan = Absn,.e., 'Crops,' 'growth' (Vrgo); moreover, t s remarkable that the omen for Dlgan n the Moon's halo forebodes 'no growth of corn.' Now, as has been shown above, Kumal s Dlgan-whoseback-part-s-Mulmul (two stars or Mars),.e., probably part of Vrgo, whle the astrologer s perhaps playng on the double meanng of Mulmul to deduce an omen hostle to the kng of Aharrf. Kumal, lke Dlgan, relates to crops (Crag, Astr. Texts, No. 36, obv. 22). Rev. g. From ths remark we may perhaps put the date of the tablet at B.C. No. 45 (Obv. 3-5). When the Moon at ts appearance stands n a fxed poston, the gods ntend the counsel of the land for happness. (t appeared on the frst day.) Obv. 4. mlku s the only word gven for the smple deograph (No n Brunnow's Lst). No. 48. When the Moon appears on the frst of Kslew, the kng of Akkad wherever he goes wll ravage the land (or) the kng of Akkad wherever hs face s set wll rule the land. (On the fourteenth day the Moon was seen wth the Sun.) There wll be an overthrowng of fortresses and downfall of garrsons; there wll be obedence and good wll n the land. As for the rest, the kng (wll see?) ther good luck. May the kng soon hear a happy report and greetng. From Agardu. No. 49. When the Moon rdes n a charot n the month $llt, the rule of the kng of Akkad wll prosper and hs hand wll ":ctrcome the enemy. (The month Sllt s Sebat.) n Sebat a

23 s-cl H.AST-OlL. 'OOGCA EP1' ORTS. halo surrountded (the Moon) n the Pleades (Sug). When a halo surrounds the Moon and Aldebaran (Am/a-mr) stands wthn t, the kng wll ftre well: there wll be truth and justce n the and. From Nabu- s of Borsppa. O'v. r. For S-l-:-u-t n the text, read S-/--t. Obv. 5-6 gve an explanaton of the phrase 'rdes n a charot,' for Sug has been explaned to mean 'charot-yoke' (see Brown, Proc. Soc. Bbl. Arch., XV, p. 329). Sug occurs n the followng passages ;-(a) No. 49, where the Moon may be surrounded by a halo n Sug, (b) No. 206, where Sug may stand n the Moon's halo, (c) No. 184, where Mercury s as low down (?) n Taurus as Sug, (d) No. 226, where Mercury rses to the mdst of Sug from the place of Sunset n Nsan (.e., Ares-Taurus), (e) No. 244A, where ts 'crcle' may be brght, (f) Nos. 244 and 246, where t may grow dm(?) over the Moon and enter the Moon. From (c) and (d) t s evdently near Taurus, from (a) (d) and (e) t s evdently a group, and from (f) t s evdently a small group. Now t has been suggested to me that, as Mercury cannot be n Oron (one dentfcaton of Sug), and further that the Moon does not devate from the eclptc more than a lttle over, Sug s probably the Pleades. Ths dentfcaton agrees wth the facts above. The Pleades are a small group, 4 from the eclptc, and the rare word ku-rkurru (No. 244A) mght very well be appled to them. Anu-ag, from the three cases where t occurs, may very well be a sngle star, and from No. o6 t would appear to be n Taurus, n whch case t wll be Aldebaran, for whch no sutable dentfcaton has been suggested. No. 51. The Moon wll complete the day n Nsan. From Nabt-ah-rba. Obv.. p. xx. On the meanng of ths text, see ntroducton, No. 52. The Moon wll complete the day n yyar. The.. day the Moon and Sun wll be seen together. The nght (?) of th thrteenth, the nght of the fourteenth a watch was kept but nf eclpse occurred. Seven tnes have been rased. lbut no ccl^? 1 OMENS FROM THE TWENTY-EGHTH DAY. xl occurred. send a sure report to the kng, my lord. From Tabusl-Marduk, the nephew of Bl-nasr. Obv. 2. The lacuna s better suppled by 'the ffteenth day' than by 'the thrteenth' as n the translteratons. No. 53 (b0v. -4). The Moon completed the day n Adar: on the fourteenth the -Moon wll be seen wth the Sun: the Moon wll' draw back' the day n Nsan and yyar. No. 54. The Moon wll complete the day n Sebat. Nabu-ahl-rba. From No. 55 (Obv. 4f.) Concernng Mercury, of whch the kng, my lord, sent me, yesterday star-suma-rs n the palace proclamed ts gong forth to Nabu-ab-rba. The omens n the festval day came, they have all been observed and seen, they have passed off. From Balas. Obv. 8. gdr, 2 of Jarz 'to call.'- The 'gong forth' ndcates the ext of Mercury from some constellaton. Rev. 3. ptuszu, f. Syr. pas.. 'WHEN THE MOON APPEARS ON THE TWENTY-EGHTH DAY. No. 57. Of that whch to the kng, my lord, sent, the gods shall straghtway (?) open hs ears... When the Moon appears on the twenty-eghth day, t s lucky for Akkad, unlucky for Elam. On the twenty-eghth day the Moon... from the adverse (?) omen... Rev. 4. t s doubtful whether the gloss should be read [LZll-tz m-h-r or [t]-tam-m-ul-r. No. 58. When the Moon at ts appearance appears on the twenty-eghth day as the frst day, t s evl for Aharru. When the Moon appears on the twenty-eghth day, t s lucky for Akkad, unlucky for Aharru. From the Chef Physcan. The scrbe frst wtote the sender's name the wrong way up on the reverse, and afterwards corrected hs mstake, wrtng t. gan the rght way and partly erasng the former.

24 ,S STL01,1)"(, C WA L OMENS FROM TE THRTETH DAY,, xlv V. r0on A\H APEARS ON TjlET-, U1DY No. 59. W-V.en the Moon appears on the thrteth day, there wll be cold (or) there wll be the clamour of the enemy n the land. When at the Moon's appearance t appears hgh, the enemy wll seze upon the land. When the Moon at ts appearance s fercely brght, the month wll brng harm. When at the Moon's appearance ts horns look at... a flood wll come. From rass-lu, the kng's servant (the greater). Obv. 2. texts. Surubbz? s lalways explaned by kusszu n these No. 60. When the Moon at ts appearance s dm and one cannot defne (?) t, ran wll fall. When the Moon appears on the thrteth day, there wll be cold (or) there wll be the clamour of the enemy n the land. When the Moon at ts appearance appears low, the submsson of a dstant land wll come to the all-powerful kng. Frcm rass-lu, the kng's servant (the greater). Obv.. On unnut, see No. 30, note on bta'l. Obv. 2. Umand lt. ' make great.' No. 62. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Nsan, Subartu Ahlamut wll devour: a foregn tongue wll gan the ascendency n Aharrf. (We are Subartu.) When the Moon appears on the thrteth day, there wll be cold n the land. (Surubb = kussu). The Moon appeared wthout the Sun on the fourteenth of Tebet: the Moon completes the day n Sebat. On the fourteenth t appears wthout the Sun; the Moon completes the day n Adar. On the fourteenth t appears wthout the Sun; the Moon wll complete the day n Nsan. From Nabf-ah-rba. No. 63. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of yyar, Abarrt Subartu wll slay wth the sword. From Munnabtu. No. 64. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of vyar, the abundance of Abarr Ahlamf wll devour. From NabO-kk, of Borsppa.,,»..4 1 f n No, 64B contans a menton of the tu' trbe (Obv. 4), and of Mugallu (Obv. 5). Expedtons were undertaken aganst the tu' n the years 791, 783, 782, 777, and 769 B.C., but they were evdently loyal and fathful vassals n the seventh century (see Harper, Assyran Letters, No. 388). Mugallu was kng of Tabal and, accordng to Assurbanpal, was a source of trouble to Esarhaddon and Sennacherb. From the menton of ths kng n a letter about omens, t s obvous that he was regarded as a dangerous enemy by the Assyrans. (See K. 1263, rev. 5-1o, and cf. Knudtzon, Gebete an den Sonnengolt, sub zvoce.) No. 66. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Swan, the abundance of Aharru Ahlamu wll devour. When the Moon appears on the thrteth day, there wll be cold, (or) there wll be the clamour of the enemy n the land. When the Moon at ts appearance appears low, the enemy wll seze on the land. When the Moon at ts appearance appears low, the submsson of a far country wll come to the kng, (or) a messenger wll come. From rass-lu, the kng's servant. Obv. 6. t wll be observed that the omen of No. 60, rev. f., does not correspond to ths lne, but wth usajpl of rev No. 67. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Swan, the abundance of Aharru Ablamn wll devour. (The Month Swan =Aharru: t s evl for Aharrf). Saturn has not once approached Venus; t has no omen. From Sum-dna. No. 68 (Obv. 5f). When at the Moon's appearance a north wnd blows, durng that month a flood wll come.. When at the Sun's zenth a parhelon (?) stands on ts rght, Ramman wll nundate. Mars advanced (e., proceeded to ts own front) and stood away from Scorpo. To-morrow wll nform the kng, my lord. From Balas. Rev. 2. AnZa p2ana/utuz llak s the explanaton of the unusual word uttamy. Deltzsch, 92 b, explans nf. tmuzu as a synonym of al'ku. See No. 70, rev. 3.

25 X v VAROUS OMEN'S FROM TE MOON. xlv No. 69 (O 3-7. VWhen the Mloon at ts appearance s t:r,. thc land wll see plenty; the land wll eat plentful... (?). Whe the Moon at ts appearance s dark and ts left horn s bent, ts rght horn beng straght, thou wlt overcome(?) the land of the enemy. Ramman wll nundate. Obv. 4. GAN. BA: see also Nos. 34, obv. 3, and 88, obv. 5, and W.A.., 54, 3, 5. Nap-sa may be a gloss. Obv. 5. kpat, Syrac kaph. Obv. 7. tazakp. See Deltzsch, sub voce. No. 69A (Obv. 4-6). WVhen at the Moon's appearance a west wnd blows, durng that month there wll be sckness... t s evl for Abarr. No. 70 (Obv. 5 ). When the Moon s fercely brght, the month wll brng harm. Two consecutve months, yyar and Swan, the day has 'turned back.' When a parhelon (?) stands on the rght of the Sun, Ramman wll nundate, (or) rans and floods-wll come. Mars has turned and proceeded (gone straght forward) nto Scorpo. t s evl. Later on they shall fnsh the frst part of the matter; wll fnsh what s gong forth to the kng; we shall yet see the decsons whch wll come and reman. From Nabu-ahlrba. No. 72 (Obv. 1-2). When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Ab, there wll be a devastaton of Akkad. No. 73. When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Ab, there wll be a devastaton of Akkad. Let not the all-powerful kng leave me: t s who daly beg of the kng for my hunger; and now to brckwork he has set me, sayng, 'make brcks.' Let not the kng, my lord, leave me and shall not de. From Taba. No. 74 (Obv. 4-6). When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Kslew, the kng of Aharru wll be slan by the sword. No. 76 (Obv, -rev. 3). When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Tebet, Subartu A'.1am wll devour; a strange tongue wll gan the ascendancy n Aharra. (Tebet = Elam.) From BJ)lutu. On the twenty-nnth day we kept watch, but there was nmuch cloud and we could not see the Moon: on the thrteth we kept watch and saw the Moon. Kev. 4. For madh, see Deltzsch, sub voce. No. 81 (Obv. 3f). When the Moon appears on the thrteth of Sebat, a total eclpse wll happen. From the chef scrbe. Obv. 4. On atalmdt z, see ntroducton, p. xxx. V. VAROUS OMENS FROM THE MOON. No. 82 (Obv. ~-ro). When the Moon out of ts calculaton delays and does not appear, there wll be the nvason of a powerful cty. (On the sxteenth (?) t appeared.) When the Moon does not appear, the gods ntend the counsel of the land for happness. (Or the fourteenth and ffteenth god was not seen wth god.) When the Moon s not seen wth the Sun on the fourteenth or ffteenth of Elul, lons (?) wll de and traffc wll be hndered. When the lght of the Moon and Sun s dark, the kng wth hs land and people wll repel the angry. The Moon and Sun wll be eclpsed, (or) for some months god wll not be seen wth god. Obv.. On hhramma, see Jensen, Kosm., p. 76. Rev. 6ff Contan a suggeston to the kng that he should not despse the omens afforded by these phenomena, but should avert the evl by makng a nam-bu-b ceremony or prayer. L. 7, satu probably = Syrac Mst, 'despse.' NAM. BUL. B s the headng of a seres of ncantatons (Kng, Bab. M agc, p. 129), and n K. 602 (Harper,.4ssyran Letters, No. 23) t s put on a par wth SU. L. LA. KAN. MS and stp/;.e., 'the prayers of the lftng of the hand' and 'ncantatons.' As to ts more exact meanng, the followng passages are nstructve: W.A.. V, 17, rev. 4, 15,. Samu attazna Zud rkssunu muhazllz ragg muzpassr NA1M.UL U. B- -BUL = pasaru and s used so n S. 513, obv. f [f AAM]. BUZ. B bu; SJR... [UL-Sz BUL2r-ma ana larr u b`f-a OVU. Ty.,z.e., 'The NAM. BUL. B of the evl Of a snake... dsspate ts evl that t affect not the kng nor hs house.' Cf. also 80o-7-9, 36, obv. 3f. S2 ssapra stskkullanu

26 A~S'Yf'R.:O!lc7 (CGJClArll REPOP :N VAROUS OMENS FROM THE MOON. xx xlx m ' Su F ona t 4'a l 'asy Ak S. S afa sakaz7t N. V4. BUL.. S lasva, e., an eclpse of the Sun took place at ts zenth extendng over two SU. S of ts surface, but no prayer to avert the evl was made , 49 (Harper, No. 37), rev-. f, a V zz2m U. L. LA--n sa na pan ldn " mz;t' NAl. BU. _r - kalm zssns znnpas.' , 37 (Harper, No. 355), rev. 12f, NAN. BUL. B apas ma ar (?)-n-gu ana luzlma VAM. B UL. B lfzuz mt lu-dl. No. 83. When the Moon... n ts course, Bel wll speak to the land. (t has not been explaned.) On the thrteenth day t was seen wth the Sun. From Bl-l', son of gb, the magcan. No. 85. When the Moon dsappears, evl wll befall the land. When the Moon dsappears out of ts reckonng, an eclpse wll take place. (The Moon dsappeared on the twenty-fourth day.) When a halo surrounds the Sun on the day of the Moon's dsappearance, an eclpse of the left sde of the Moon wll take place. n Kslew a watch was kept for the eclpse, the halo surroundng the Sun and the dsappearance of the Moon (beng the causes of the watch for an eclpse n Kslew) havng been observed. May the kng, my lord, know, and may he rest happy. From rass-lu, the kng's servant (the greater). Obv. 6. On an eclpse of Elam = the left sde of the Moon, see ntroducton. No. 86 (Obv. -5)- When the Moon s nvsble, but two crescents are seen, there wll be hostlty n the land. (The Moon has appeared n brghtness wth the Sun. Alone before the Sun t was brllant.) The face of the town of Assur the kng... (rev. 2-o0). When Venus goes to the front of Sbzanna, country to country, brother (to) brother wll be hostle; there wll be a slaughter of men and cattle. When the stars of Sbzanna are brllant, heavness wll wegh down and evl wll be done. Fronm Nrgal tr. Obvt. 4. arg. Cf. Syr. aphreg splendut. ]Rev. 3. Sbzanna. t has been suggestcd that ths ;X Arcturus, Bootes, or Regulus. From No. 86, wrtten for ' Of. : month Ab, we are told that Venus stands before Sbzanna,' and, 'the stars of Sbzanna are brllant,' whch show that t s a constellaton (not a sngle star), near the Eclptc, and, consequently, cannot be Arcturus or Regulus. Further, we are told n No. 203 that Sbzanna stands wthn the halo of 22. As Arcturus s 30 from the Eclptc, and the Moon cannot vary more than 5 8' from the Eclptc, Sbzanna cannot be Arcturus; and snce out of the large constellaton of Bootes, only two small stars at most could stand wthn the halo, t would be assumng too much to say that these stood for the whole of Bootes. From No. 86, as no planet known to the Assyrans could dverge more than 8 from the Eclptc, f we gve a logcal meanng to the words na pn, we may farly consder that Sbzanna s wthn 8 of the Eclptc. Further, from No. 244 B, we learn that () Lbra, and (2) Sbzanna went before (anza pn) the Moon: consequently that whch holds good for Lbra, whch s an Eclptc constellaton, wll also hold good for Sbzanna. Agan, No. 203, wrtten for Nsan, says that Sbzanna stood wthn the Moon's halo. Ful Moon beng then approxmately n Lbra, we may farly assume that ths took place at some pont near the Eclptc between Leo and Sagttarus. From No. 244 B, quoted above, t s obvous that Sbzanna s n or near Lbra, and the only constellaton wthn 8 of the Eclptc at ths pont s Lbra tself. t would seem, therefore, that Sbzanna s another name for Lbra, and t s qute possble that the meanng of Sbzanna, 'Just shepherd of Heaven,' s connected n some way wth the 'Balance.' t s true that n the lst of 'Par-stars' (W.A.., 57, 6), we fnd Lbra mentoned among them as well as the Twnsna-'zd-Sbzna,' but t may be ether because the scrbe, n hs wsh to make a lst of seven twns, just as he has made lsts of seven masu, etc., has repeated the same stars under a dfferent name, or more probably 'the par' of Sbzanna refer to some par outsde Lbra altogether-such as Arcturus and Spca. ReZT. 7..aBfu Ukd(aoPargamma. Cf. eb. kskh, n Lam. 1 x6: but the meanng of the phrase s doubtful. 4

27 1 3.(l / Ar~STRO.OGCAffy r r. RTS.; OMENS FROM HALOS. " No. 87 (O. 3-5). Wl'en the Moon s ful the Moon wll smte the foe. on a cloudy day, perhaps to be compared to the Hebrew dom. Edge 3, 'ol, honey and spces,' seems to refer to some offerngs. No. 88. When the Moon out of ts calculated tme tarres and s not seen, there wll be an nvason of a mghty cty. (t was nvsble on the ffteenth; on the sxteenth t was seen wth the Sun.) When Mars stands opposte a planet, corn wll be valuable. When a comet reaches the path of the Sun, Gan-ba wll be dmnshed; an uproar wll happen twce. These words concern Akkad. (Mars left an nterval of four degrees (?) away from Saturn, t dd not approach: to... t reached. (So) determne. Wthout fal (?) let hm make a nam-bul-b ceremony for t.) When the Moon apears on the sxteenth, the kng of Subart wll grow powerful and wll have no rval. Obv. 9. pt s the perm. of patz, the root of upatt n No. t2, cbv. 6, where an elaborate explanaton of tat 2, tu and karbz s gven. upatt s explaned by tt erb or la.ah. Cf. Syr. p'tha se dlatavt. aftasha. See vocabulary and cf:. 1049, rev. 9, and S. 1368, obv. :2 (Harper, Nos. 38 and 357). The meanng s doubtful. o1. mnu httuz. See vocabulary and cf. Harper, No. 356, rev. 3f., na kaps kalt na pn sarr rrab manu httu Summa etc.: No. 39 o, rev. 7 f, uua rs Sa Sarru sbatannn mznu,ta na p Sn arra ru bel spurann-m&, etc. Cf the use of the Heb. hdat to mss. Rev. The latter part of ths lne s an unusual addton to ths omen. t appears to read fdnj. NA gur-ru usahhar, but s uncertan. Gurru s the measure for corn, etc., and the whole phrase would seem to mply the dmnuton of the crops. Cf. No. x85,, etc. Rev. o. These three lnes are evdently a later addton and show the phenomena whch occurred after Balast had sgned hs name. L. 12 ndcates that the tablet was wrtten at the end of a year. No. 89, rev. 7, contans the mportant explanaton N(;N = la-mu-u. The menton of SamanS-um-ukn (. x ) wll r - ; ' approxmate date of the tablet. M.tr Sat, ' son of a yc-;, V. OMENS FROM HALOS. Nso. 90. To the kng of countres, my lord, thy servant Bluszb(?) May Bel, Nebo and Samas bless the kng, my lord. When the Sun stands wthn the halo of the Moon, n all lands they wll speak the truth, the son wll speak the truth wth hs father. (Saturn has stood wthn the Moon's halo.) When a halo surrounds the Moon and Allul stands wthn t, the kng of Akkad wll prolong hs lfe. When a 'rver' surrounds the Moon, there wll be great nundatons and rans. (Allul has stood wthn the Moon's halo.) (Obv. o-rev.5 mutlated, Rev 6ff.). Arad-Gula... Bfl-ksa(?) n my presence heard... ths... whch Marda heard... the chef: Yad, the chef, and the cheftaness of all the land of Yakmanu before the general n Van they apponted, and now they say 'the murderer of our lord shall not grow great before us.' Let the lord of kngs ask the general (that he may hear the health of the kng), how t troubles (?) me: and Marda, who s chef of the servants of the household of the general, hs lord, when had left, entered under Nergal-asard: the nterpreter(?) and the chef offcers he brought before Nrgal-aSard. They entered nto agreements and carred away to ther homes a talent of slver wth them... Obv. 3. On the Sun n the Moon's halo = Saturn, and on tarbasu = halo, see ntroducton, p. xxv. Obv. 8. n&ru s probably the corona. Rev. 3. ggann, possbly from gz2, 'be weary,' but doubtful. No. 91. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Jupter (Umunpauddu) stands wthn t, there wll be an nvason of the forces of Aharru (or) there wll be corn and there wll be no blastng; the kng of Akkad wll see sege. When a 'rver' surrounds the Moon, there wll be verdure and vegetables (?) n the land. Ran wll fall. (A halo surrounded the star...) When Jupter (Ma-duk) grows very brght, that land wll eat abundance. (The star Marduk has ak^en Mercury to ts poston and has rsen hgh.) After t on the -~ *.Cwnth... From Balas.

28 , V. j A, 1!1 *: ~ ~ ~ yr2? 5 ~~~~~~1;, t t ~~~r~~~;!c-;*ar. % ;"r:t'c!q..,t OMENS FROM HALOS. S No. 92. Whwn a halo surrounds the Moono and Jup!t r (.'a.mgvf~rz) stauds wthn t, the kng of Akkad wll be besegcd. From N ra-tr. No. 94. Last nght a halo surrounded, the Moon, and Jupter (Sagn zgar) and Scorpo stood wthn t. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Jupter (Sagmlgar) stands wthn t, the kng of Akkad wll be beseged. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Jupter (Nrru) stands wthn t, there wll be a slaughter of cattle and beasts of the feld. (Marduk s Umunpauddu at ts appearance; when t has rsen for two (or four?) hours t becomes Sagmgar; when t stands n the merdan t becomes Nbru.) When a halo surrounds the Moon and Scorpo stands n t, t wll cause men to marry prncesses (or) lons wll de and the traffc of the land wll be hndered. (These are from the seres 'When a halo surrounds the Moon and Jupter stands wthn t, the kng of Abarru wll exercse mght and accomplsh the defeat of the land of hs foe.' Ths s unproptous.) From Nabu-muSs. Obv. 8. t s uncertan whether one or two kasbu s meant. Rev. :. uds tahhs 1, (lke usmall) from /tzz. For ths use of the word cf. K. 848, obv. -5, Ana z2mu XV dm Sn u SaZtu... un-n-n-a --ka-a [].kab-b na umu(mu) su-a-tu umu(rmu) a-na " u SamS -,.ar-rab a-na SAL. B T--h (.e. ftal) SAL. B U' r-r, 'When the Moon and Sun... on the ffteenth day, " Receve my prayer," he shall say: on that day let hm approach the Sun by day; let hm draw near hs wfe, hs wfe shall conceve a man-chld.' Bosser, Documents, a, p. 93, K. 1994, obv. 16, Ana NA, Ana SAL T. No. 95. (Obv. 1-4). When a halo surrounds the Moon and Jupter stands wthn t, the kng wll be beseged. (ts halo was not joned (.e. was nterrupted): t does not pont to evl.) (Rev..). The omen s adverse but wll be n heaven for good luck. When Sar-ur and Sargaz, of the Scorpon's stng, are brllant, the weapons of Akkad wll come. From Nabu-suma-skun. Obv. 5. A. DN. W.A.. V, 46, 46 = banal rhutum. From No. 53 t would appear to be a star of Vrgo. Rev. 3. Sar-ur and Sar-gaz are therefore lambda and upslon of the Scorpon. See also Brown, P.S.B.A, x89o, p. ao0. t '.f t ' r ; s ~ -.ol, 1 No. 96. The nght of the. day Jupter (SagmgZoar) stood wthn the halo of the Moon. Let them make a nambulb ceremony. The halo was open on one sde. From Nabu-ahb-rba. Obv.. Further examnaton of the text showed that what had frst been read "" was an unntentonal mark on the tablet. There are two deep scratches or ndentatons at ths pont n the lne, whch have oblterated the orgnal character. " would, of course, be an mpossblty. No. 97. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Regulus stands wthn t, women wll bear male chldren. From Nrgal-tr. No. 98 (Obv. r-8). When a dark halo surrounds the Moon, the month wll brng ran (or) wll gather clouds. (Saturn stood wthn the Moon's halo.) When a halo surrounds the Mo6n and Mars stands wthn t, there wll be a destructon of cattle; Aharr wll be dmnshed. (t s evl for Aharrt.) No. 99 (Obv. o f). When a halo surrounds the Moon and Mars stands wthn t, there wll be a destructon of cattle n all lands; the plantng of dates wll not prosper (or) Aharra wll be dmnshed. When a halo surrounds the Moon and two stars stand wthn t, there wll be a long regn. When Mars and a planet stand facng one another, there wll be an nvason of Elam. When Mars... goes forth, the kng of Elam wll de. From Bama (?). Rev.. and dates.' Varants (e.g., No. or, obv. ) gve 'plantng No. 100 (Ob0v. -4). When a halo surrounds the Moon and Saturn stands wthn t, they wll speak the truth n the land: the son wll speak the truth wth hs father. Welfare of multtudes, Obv.. See No. 9o on Saturn. No. 101 (Obv. 5 ). When a halo surrounds the Moon and a planet stands wthn t, the kng hs troops wll be beseged. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Dlgan-after-whch-s-Mulmul stands lhn. t, the herds of the land wll prosper. (Mars s the star of

29 ;.v, j,, J' 1 c.1 t q ON + L "'.. 1. " t zf~.1 L, N, OMENS FROM HALOS. v Aharrn, ngnarftlcrlwhch-s-muhtlul s Kun:al: Kumal Ktt s the of Abarr). Fromn ra:-lu. Ref'v. 2. On ths see No. 44. No. 103 (Obv. 6.). When a halo surrounds the Moon and a planet stands wthn t, robbers wll rage. (Saturn stood wthn the halo of the Moon.) When Jupter (Sagzmgar) draws near to Taurus, the good fortune of the land passes away (or) the generaton of cattle and sheep s not prosperous. (Jupter has entered Taurus: let the kng, my lord, keep hmself from the storm-wnd.) When Mars (Apn) reaches the path of the Sun, there wll be a famne of cattle, there wll be want. (Mars reached Saturn.) When a planet and Mars stand facng one another, there wll be an nvason of the enemy. When Mars (Lul-a), ts rsng s dark.. ts lght lke. :Rev. 4. Saturn beng the star of the Sun, Mercury s sad to have reached the path of the Sun when t draws near Saturn. n t th e cases n these texts where Apn occurs, t s followed by an explanatory note whch shows that Apn = Austabarr-mutanu2w (No. 239,, 6: No. 272, r, 3). Cf. W.A..,V, 46,,, m ul APN = lu Anu = Mars (Eppng and Strassmaer, Asfron., p. 173), and the lst K 495, Col., V, where among the names for Mars Apn occurs. No When a halo surrounds the Moon and Anu-agz stands wthn t, there wll be... n the land. (Taurus stood wthn the halo of the Moon: for two days, an omen of evl, t has stood wthn the halo of the Moon.) From Nabuf-ah-rba. No. 107 (Rev. f2). When a halo surrounds the Moon and Mars (Sudun) stands wthn t, a kng wll de and hs land be dmnshed; the kng of Elam wll de. (Sudun = Mars; Mars s the star of Aharrt; t s evl for Abarru and Elam; Saturn s the star of Akkad (?); t s lucky for the kng, my lord.) On the fourteenth the Moon was seen wth the Sun: let the kng, my lord, rest happy. From rass-lu, the kng's servant. No. 108 (Obv. 6 ff). The omen changes not. Now send the royal observaton to the kng, my lord. From Zakr..1 AH ~4,. T t lo X ~ :1 t : j 1 7 r.. r7 - : Aa,.'s, NoO. 110 When a halo surrounds the Moon and Cancer (Allul) tmnds wthn t, the kng of Akkad wll prolong lfe: showers w!- fall. May Assur, Samas, Nebo, and Merodach, lfe to lfe (?) for long days to the kng, my lord, gve. From Nab-kb. No. 11 (Obv. 5f.). When a halo surrounds the Mooa and a north wnd blows, the exalted gods.. brng (?). W hen a halo surrounds the Moon and t s thn, there wll be a gvng of years to the kng. Obv. 8. dlul, Heb. dadll, dal. NO. 112 (Obz. 3-Rev. ). Last nght a halo surrounded the Moon: t was nterrupted. When a usurtu surrounds the Moon, there wll be an eclpse. (An eclpse s a dsturbance.) Last nght a usurtu surrounded the Moon; t was nterrupted. When Venus draws near Scorpo, evl wnds wllcome to the land; Ramman wll gve hs rans, Ea hs channels to Gutl. When 't draws near' ((hus) to the 'Breast of Scorpo' (so t has been determned) t does not 'approach ' (Carabu). zatt = tt krb. The planets are those whose stars pass on ther own road over themselves. When A-dn reaches Mars, Ramman wll nundate. Mars has drawn near (?) to Nun-sam. Ran has not come yet (?). No. 114 (Obv. -3). Last nght a halo surrounded the Moon and Gemn stood wthn t. No When the greater halo surrounds the Moon, that land wll be enlarged, destructons wll surround men. When t surrounds and Cancer (AZlu) stands wthn t, the kng of Akkad wll prolong lfe. When Regulus stands wthn t, women wll bear male chldren. When the greater halo surrounds the Moon and s thn, there wll. be a gvng of years to the kng. (A great halo has surrounded t and has remaned for many nghts and s unnterrupted.) From gapku, of Borsppa. Obv'. x..on supuru see ntroducton.

30 ~- q5 OMSENS FROM THE FOURTEENTH DAY. lv V., Vl{EN TlE MOON AND SUN ARE SEEN WTH ONE ANOT ER. (A) On the Twelfth Day. a1 o. 119 (Obv. 1-7). When the Moon appears out of ts expected tme, the market wll be low. (t was seen wth the Sun on the twelfth.) When the Moon and Sun are seen wth one another out of ther expected tme, a strong enemy wll overcome the land: the kng of Akkad wll accomplsh the defeat of hs foe. (B) On the Thrteenth Day. No When the Moon and Sun are seen wth one another on the thrteenth day, there wll not be slence: there wll be unsuccessful traffc n the land: the enemy wll seze on the land. From Aplk. No. 12S (Obv. 4f). When a north wnd prevals and blows, prosperty wll come to all frut trees. The gg gods wll be at peace wth the land: the land wll see abundance. (s rkt - garden frut of all knds.) Ths year dates and grapes (?) wll prosper. The Moon appeared on the thrteth of Tsr: from to-day as far back as Elul, whch has passed, on the thrteenth day the Moon has not been seen wth the Sun. When the Sun reaches the zenth and the sky s dark, years of prosperty, the kng wll grow strong. From Nrgal-ftr, son of Gasuzu (?)-Tutu. Obv. 4. sadrat. Ths word s used twce of the wnd, several tmes of storms (mbaru) and also n connecton wth earthquakes. Rev. 2. balat. Heb. bala. Rev. 4. smu. Probably the verb from whch samu 'dark comes. (c) On the Fourteenth Day. No When the Moon reaches the Sun and wth t fades out of sght, ts horns beng dm, there wll be truth n the land, and the son wll speak the truth wth hs father. (On the four- t.f *.g. tcenth the Moon was seen wth the Sun.) When the Moon and the Sun are nvsble, the kng wll ncrease wsdom; the kng of the land, the foundaton of hs throne wll be secure. (On the fourteenth day the Moon was seen wth the Sun.) When the Moon and Sun are seen wth one another on the fourteenth, there wll be slence, the land wll be satsfed; the gods ntend Akkad for happness. Joy n the heart of the people. The cattle of Akkad wll le down securely n the pasture-places. When a dark halo surrounds the Moon, t gathers clouds, that month wll brng ran. When ts horns are dm, a flood wll come. (On the fourteenth the Moon was seen wth the Sun.) About the people concernng whom sent to the kng, my lord, the kng does not say 'Why?' but has sad 'let them brng them hther.' Now the kng knows hold no land n Assyra:, what s my famly to them, or what my lfe? Who s my god, who s my lord, to whom and how are my eyes turned? Now let my lord kng, for whose lfe pray Samas, send t unto Ahsa, by royal authorty, and let hs messenger brng the people: let the governor of Babylon cause hm to leave. Let Nabu-tr-napsat, my son, the kng's servant, come, that wth me he may vst (?) the kng. On the explanaton of fztatz, see ntroducton, p. xxv, and on tntz, see No. 30. Rev. 5. Cf. Sam. xv, 8, 'who am, or who my clan' (or 'lfe '). Rev. 7. ala: see Peser, Bab. Vertrde, p. 230, and cf allu, Bezold, Orental Dzlomacy, p. 72. Nos are very smlar. No. x30, obv. 3, contans an unusual addton to the omen for the nvsblty of the, Moon and Sun, 'Mercy and peace wll befall the kng.' No. 36B s dated n the eponymy of Labas, the fourteenth of Tsr (B.C. 655). No. 137 (Rev. 1-4). When at the Moon's appearance a south wnd blows, there wll be a slaughter of Abarrf. When a parhelon (?) stands on the left of the Sun and... (?), anarchy the kng of Abarra to... wll take hm. No. 139 (Obv. 5 f). The rest of the matter s lucky for the kng, my lord. The Moon went nto clouds so that we could not

31 v.,~;."u~~'9 t~::'~9.~.s!:; EC~t X S~~::f?~, T. OMENS FROM THE FOURTEENTH DAY. l> se e t nto t ts aaance clouds, a t.o( wll come (JAkf == alaku). When at the Moon's appearance heaven. pours down, ran wll ran. n ran-clouds t appeared. From Nabu-ah-rba. Obv. 5. rht dbb. See Deltzsch, p. 618B, and cf. Harper, Nos. 342, edge 21, and 57, obv. 1o. No When the Moon does not wat for the Sun and dsappears, there wll be a ragng of lons and wolves. t was seen wth the Sun on the (ffteenth). When the Moon appears out of ts tme, there wll be an overwhelmng of (ctes?). On the ffteenth t was seen wth the Sun: afterwards n Tsr the Moon wll complete the day. From Balas. No. 141 (R'ev. 5-6). When at the Moon's appearance a south wnd blows, n that month a south wnd wll preval. No. 144 (Obv. 1-3). On the fourteenth the Moon and Sun were seen wth one anothet. Last nght a halo surrounded the Moon, Saturn stood wthn t near the Moon. Obv. 3. Cf. the omen n rev. 1-2, 'When the Sun stands wthn the Moon's halo, and for an explanaton see ntroducton. No. 145 (Rev. f.). When Jupter becomes brght, the weapons of the kng of Akkad wll preval over those of hs foe. Regulus stands ether on the rght or left of Jupter. Now t has stood three... on the left of Jupter. From Rmutu. No. 146 (Rev. -6). When Mercury dsappears at sunset t wll ran as t dsappears. Mars has assumed a brllance: Lubad-dr s for prosperty of people: Lubad-dr (means) that corpses are angry (?): Lubad-dr s Mars. From Nfrgal-ftr. No. 147 (Rev. 4f.), and No. 148 (Rev. f). When (the omen) portends a regn of long days for the well-beng of the allpowerful kng and hs people, the Moon at ts proper tme s nvsble wth the Sun, rvallng ts poston. : 44 4 f A: z~ p. "k'. Compare the omens for the Moon's appearance on the frst day together wth the day n ts proper length, whch are so frequently found on the same tablet. Usata s the pres., 2 of az, whence also sutatg. No. 151 (O1v. 3-6). On the fourteenth for some months, god has appeared wth god, namely Tsr, Marcheswan, and Kslew, three consecutve months (for happness and long lfe to the kng, my lord) they have been seen., (Rev. 2ff) When Scorpo s dark n the centre, then wll be obedence. (Ths s when a ' coverng (?)' reaches the Moon and Mercury.) n Kslew, the ffteenth day a man should consecrate to Nfrgal, he should rase a wllow (?)-branch n hs hand; he wll be safe n hs journeys or travels : the sxteenth day, the seventeenth day he should sacrfce an ox before Nebo, an ox should be smtten n the presence of Nebo; the eghteenth day the god (?) should be apparelled, the nght of the nneteenth a censer. From Nabu-suma-skun. Rev. 4. The last two characters u-da should be gs-kn dd not fnd a varant to correct my text by untl too late. No. 152 (Rev. ff). They shall brng n that tablet of the Day of Bel whch we have wrtten, for the kng, my lord, to see, and they shall gve us the Akkadan tablet of the kng. They shall enclose three "stars" theren on the front, and shall drect the offcer that whoever opens the document shall close t n hs presence. Rev. 2. A partcular scrbe was apponted for the day of Bel: cf. No. 60, rev. 5, and , 98, obv. f, ultu a A. BA dzm a fn. LL gabbu mahharu ugsrrubu. Rev. 4. On the 'Akkadan tablet,' c. Kng, Frst Sleps n Assyran, p. xxv, note. No. 153 (Obv. 7f). When the Moon stops n ts course, the market wll be low. On the ffteenth t was seen wth the Sun. Last nght a halo surrounded the Moon and Vrgo (Absn) and Spca (A-dn) stood wthn t. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Spca (Pan) stands wthn t, brgands wll be rampant and there wll be much robbery n the land. When a 'rver' surrounds

32 l3a 1.1,,q,. v -,)J~. thze Yoon, thre wvl tbe great rans and showers. A-(dn swoel wtth: the halo. of the Moon. From Nabu-kga, of 3orsppa. *" j L~7': ON.S 07\1 FOMN THE SXTEENTH DAY.!x FA''. 2. A4 dn, fromr the above would appear to be a sngle star of Vrgo. t s therefore probably Spca, whch s thec most conspcuous star of the group. Pan here evdently explans A-fdn, as also n No. x 8, where there s no other star for t to refer to, and t s probably another name for Spca. No. 154 (Obv. 1-2). On the frst day sent to the kng thus: 'On the fourteenth the Moon wll be seen wth the Sun.' (Rev. 6.) On the fourteenth the Moon was seen wth the Sun. No. 155 (Rev. f). The kng, my lord, has not asked 'How dd the clouds appear?' Last nght ts gong forth whch saw durng the day-half came forth; t went as far as the 'ground' n the mddle. There s an omen from the sght for the... when the kng sees a clear day, for two-thrds of a kasbu (8o mnutes) of the day t wll stand wth the Sun, From Nabu-ksa, of Borsppa., ' _C1 L_ ""-^ usual despatch, ' for that he has been sck and there was no nterpreter of omens.' He concludes wth the conventonal 'let not the kng leave me, and shall not de.' No. 162 (Rev. 2f. ). When Jupter goes wth Venus, the prayer of the land wll reach the heart of the gods. Merodach and Sarpantum wll hear the prayer of thy people and wll have mercy on thy people. Let them send me an ass that t may ease my feet. From Nrgal-tr. Rev. 7. The character whch read spa s wrtten Zamn n the text. f LAM (= sfu) be translated 'sorcery' t gves no sense. No. 163 (Obv. 4vf). When Mercury (or a planet).. appears, there wll be corpses. When Cancer (Allul) s dark, a destructve demon wll seze on the land and there wll be corpses. From Nabu-ahb-ddna. Rev. 4. su. Cf. s rlh half the dameter' (Oppert, JA. xv, 513, quoted Muss. Arnolt, Det., 86, a), and su 'small.' Rev. 7. The characters destroyed may be um kl. Rev. 8. Probably read garru m-ru snp kasbu rmnu. (D) On the Fftee;th Day. No. 156 (Obv. 1-3). When the Moon and Sun are seen wth one another on the ffteenth day, a powerful enemy wll rase hs weapons aganst the land. The enemy wll destroy the gate of my cty. Obv. 3. Al-a C my cty' occurs elsewhere. (Cf. Nos. 62, 63, a, No. 158, MU.) The magcans are at varance as to the precse formula, for we fnd 'the enemy wll destroy the shrnes of the great gods' (No. 57), or' the cty gates' (No. 59). No The reverse s too mutlated to make connected sense, but t seems that the wrter s apologsng for not havng sent the t No. 164 (Rev.?-8). When the brllance of a star shnes from east to west, want (?) wll overcome the foe,... wll seze upon the land. yyar, Swan, Tammuz, Ab, Elul-these fve months on the fourteenth day the Moon has not been seen wth the Sun. May the kng, my lord, know and gve heed. No. 165 (Obv. 5-6). make havoc. When Anna becomes brght, the foe wll Obv. 5. Brunnow's Lst, No. s45, gves ;u ' AN.NA = l f Sn,.e., the Moon. But AN. NA also = Anu, and therefore probably Mars: see No Obv. 6. nnam-a hazmmn, lt. dash (to) runs.' (E) On the Sxteenth.f Day. No When the Moon and Sun are seen wth one another on the sxteenth day, kng to kng wll send hostlty. The kng wll be beseged n hs palace for the space of a month. The feet of the

33 AXm >fx}<9j~tas1)tr()logcal, REP'ORTS. OMENS FROM TH~fE SUN.!x _r~ ~ OEN FRO TH SUN lx enemy wl be aganst the land; the enemy wll march trumphantl! n hs land. When the Moon on the fourteenth or ffteenth of Tammuz s not seen wth the Sun, the kng wll be beseged n hs palace. When t s seen on the sxteenth day, t s lucky for Subartu, evl for Akkad and Aharru. From Akkullanu. No. 167 (Rev. 7f). When Mars, (the star of?) Subartu grows brght and assumes a brllance, t s lucky for Subartu. And when Saturn, the star of Aharru, grows dm and ts brllance s smtten, t s evl for Aharru: there wll be a hostle attack on Aharru. From Sapku, of Borsppa. No. 168 (Obv. 1-5). When the Moon on the fourteenth or ffteenth of Nsan s not seen wth the Sun, the troops the expedton of the foe... t wll be plundered and the land... : there wll be a revolt n the land. No. 170 (Obz,. -Rev. 6). When the Moon on the fourteenth or ffteenth of Sebat s not seen wth the Sun, a copous flood wll come and the crops wll be dmnshed. The Abkallzu s.la 'Bl-r, mn-z4;karrad-marduk' stopped last nght: n the mornng t shall be explaned. 0 Kng! thou art the mage of Marduk, when thou art angry, to thy servants When we draw near the kng, our lord, we shall see hs peace Obv. 4. What Abkallu Z ka means t s dffcult to say. Abkalluz = 'ruler, mghty one,' whle skla mght be referred to the root S-.k-l/ to wegh, balance.' t appears to be some nstrument called 'Bl-rmnf-ukarrad-Marduk' (cf the wall of Babylon 'mgur-bl'), whch stopped n the nght. t may have been some knd of clock. '.. t 4 A :1 '1:. D t 9, VL-OMENS FROM THE SUN.. No When a halo surrounds the Sun, ran wll fall. (The Suns are days.) From rass-lu. Obv. 2. See note on No., obv. 4. No. 174 (Obv. 5-6). When a halo surrounds the Moon and the Sun n the East stands n t, the troops wll fght a strange land. No When the Sun enters the Moon, all lands(?) wll speak the truth. Welfare of all the world. When a planet (?) changes colour opposte the Moon and enters the Moon, lons wll de and the traffc of the land (wll be hndered) (or) cattle wll be slan. (Saturn has entered the Moon.) From AgSur-saran. Obv. 4. The changng colour probably refers to the apparent dmmng of a star near the Moon, No When the Sun stands n the place of the Moon, the kng of the land wll be secure on hs throne. When the Sun stands above or below the Moon, the foundaton of the throne wll be secure; the kng wll stand n hs justce. When the Sun and Moon' are nvsble, the kng of the land wll ncrease wsdom. (Last nght Saturn drew near to the Moon. Saturn s the star of the Sun. Ths s ts nterpretaton; t s lucky for the.kng. The Sun s the kng's star.) No When the Sun stands above the Moon (or) below the Moon, the foundaton of the kng's throne wll be secure. When the Sun stands n the place of the Moon, there wll be justce n the land. From Nabu-kb. No. 171 (Obv. 4-5). When the Moon on the fourteenth of Adar s not seen wth the Sun, there wll be a devastaton of Ur. No. 172 (Rev. 3-6). When a planet changes the stars of heaven, the kng of countres wll make an end. (Mercury has grown brght and (thereby) changed the stars.) j ^ No When the Sun reaches ts zenth and goes forward, the regn of the All-powerful kng wll be long. When a halo surrounds the Sun n the mornng n Adar, n that month a flood wll come, (or) heaven wll ran. (t s connected wth the omen for Jupter: the rest of the matter s that ts omen s for ran and flood.) Okv.. On nadphu, see Oppert, Zets.,, 886, p. 28.

34 ]tv A T -l 1, R t S OMENS FROM STARS. 1xv No. 179 (Ork. s-). Wlhen a halo surrounds the Sun, andt : openng ponts to the south, a south wnd wll blow. Whe'n a south wnd blows on the day of the Moon's dsappearance, heaven wll ran (?). No. 180 Ob 5(O. Saturn stood wthn the halo of the Moon, and was opposte. Ths s the omen for the thrteenth day nstead of 'the Moon was seen on the thrteenth day.' (Put) nstead of ths 'Saturn stood wthn the halo of the Moon.' When a dark halo surrounds the Moon, the month wll brng ran (or) wll collect clouds. When Regulus s dark, the kng wll grow angry and hs rule... he wll turn and wll not slay, he wll have... (Saturn before Regulus...). From Nabu... No When the Sun reaches ts zenth and s dark, the unrghteousness of that land wll come to nought. When the Sun reaches ts zenth and s dark, prosperty of people (or) there wll be war n the land, (or) revolt (or) dsasters to the kng of all lands. When the Sun s dark wth a dark lght at ts zenth, an eclpse happens and Ramman wll nundate. (Durng the mornng watch for Elam at the Sun's zenth ths happened.) When t thunders n yyar, wheat and vegetables wll not be prosperous. (The star of whch told the kng, my lord, s very dm; t does not reman.constant (?), t does not clear.) From Zakr. Obv. 3. uddtt perhaps Heb. d ' calamty.' Rev.. atnnu doubtful. Perhaps we may compare the Heb. ethan. Rev. 6. urnmss; mas,, = 'purfy.' No When a parhelon (?) stands n the path of the Sun, the gods wll take counsel for the good of the land. When four parhena (?) stand, there wll be destructon of oxen and wld beasts. When a parhelon?) goes forth at the Sun's zenth, ran and flood wll come. When the Sun reaches ts zenth, n ts path a parhelon (?) stands, the wllow trees of the land wll be thrown down (?). From rass-lu, the kng's servant, the greater.. 6: No When a brght star appears n the eclptc (?), ther wll be a slaughter of Elam wth the sword. When the Sun reachcs- *l- - ts zenth n a parhelon (?), the kng wll grow angry and rase the sword. (Ex'planaton of deograph.) Jupter has stood for a month over ts reckoned tme. When Jupter passes to sunset, the land wll dwell peacefully. Jupter has stood for a month over ts reckoned tme. Marcheswan s the month of the kng, my lord. (Rev. 5ff-). The handmaden of the, kng, my lord, has gone (?) to Akkad; cannot tarry, [for] she has run away; let the kng, my lord, [send and] fetch her and gve her to me. From Bl-l', son of fgb, the magcan. Rev. 6. ths lne. There are slght traces of characters at the end of X.-OMENS FROM STARS. No. 184 (Obv. -Rev. 3). When Jupter appears at the begnnng of the year, n that year ts corn wll be prosperous. (Mercury has appeared n Nsan.) When a planet (or Mercury) approaches L, the kng of Elam wll de. When Mars (Sanumnraa) approaches Ares, the people wll be wdespreadng, the land wll be satsfed. Mercury appeared n Taurus; t had come down (?) as far as the Pleades (Sugz). Obv. 6. On N. M. S-AR. RA = Ares, see Jensen. -osm., p. 6., No When Jupter stands fast n the mornng, hostle kngs wll be fortunate... n Swan, brought near, where the Sun shone, t stood; n the brghtenng of ts brllance t was darkened ts zenth was complete as the zenth of the Sun; angry gods wll be favourable wth Akkad, there wll be copous rans, plentful floods n Akkad; corn and sesame wll be plentful and the prce of one kameasure of corn wll be gven for one goz: The gods n heaven wll stand n ther places, ther shrnes wll be overflowng. (When) Gat, assumes a brllance, the foundaton of the throne wll be secure. \\hen Regulus assumes a brllance, the kng of Akkad wll effect tnpeeton. When Jupter appears n the eclptc, there wll be a n and,o- the crops of the land wll prosper. From Bama. 5

35 !-.r" ASTKO-OG'{ ~(; Al! S ' ''5.S. OMENS FROM STARS. lxv /(.?*., //'. f ' D ). c. tzsch. p. 635, 7 b., under a l.rt'f. O': t. GUR=300 'Messner,!.A. A/KAl.a'9'':,;sh P','.tt.*'(.!, p>. lo. t G,,, 7,, Acv. ",', GAM. W.A.. V, 46, 3, '""'; Gl= - kakku 7a 'aft/ "/rl'dluk. There s an nterestng astrologcal letter (K. 76j5) whch mentons ths omen (obv. 3). No. 186 (Obv. 5f). When Jupter grows brght, the kng of Akkad wll go to pre-emnence. When Jupter (ngsgalanna) grows brght, there wll be floods and rans. (fngsgclanna = Sagmgar.) When Jupter appears n yyar, the land... When Jupter (Nbru) culmnates, the gods wll gve peace, troubles wll be cleared up, and complcatons wll be unravelled. Rans and floods wll Somre; the amount of crops, wth regard to the cold, wll be out of all proportons to the amount of cold on the crcps. The landswll dwell securely. Hostle kngs wll be at peace, the gods wll receve prayers and hear supplcatons; the omens of the magcan shall be made apparent. From Nrgal-tr. Revz.. St.m --dajlat'ft, Deltzsch, p. 143 b. Rev. 9-O. See Deltzsch, apzl, 3, a. No. 187 (Obv. 1-6). When Jupter (Sagmgar) passes to the place of sunset, there wll be a dwellng securely, kndly peace wll descend on the land. (t appeared n front of Allul.) When Jupter (Sagmfzar) assumes a brllance n the tropc of Cancer and (becomes?) Nbru, Akkad wll overflow wth plenty, the kng of Akkad wll grow powerful. (Rev. 5f.) When a great star lke fre rses from sunrse and dsappears at sunset, the troops of the enemy n battle (or) the troops of the enemy n slaughter wll be slan. At the begnnng of thy regn Jupter was seen n ts rght poston; may the lord of gods make thee happy and lengthen thy days! From Asardu, the son of Damka. No. 188 (Obv. 9ff). Now what have seen send to the kng, my lord. The omens such as... to Allul t drew near. A second report have determned, to the kng my lord, have sent. No. 189 (Obv. -2). When Jupter (Sagmfgar) appears n Eul the land wll eat good food. s,. j r. *. ;.l ;By No Whhen Jupter (Sagmgar) appears n Marcheswar, kng to kng wll send hostlty. When Jupter (Sagmgar) stands r the 'Brllance of Pablsag,' there wll be destructons n the land. When the same star approaches ndubanna, the market wll go up. (nzdubanna s the 'Brllance of Pablsag.') From Naba-Sumaskun. Obv. 3. On 'Pablsag' the stng of Scorpo, see No. 236 G, and Sagttarus, Jensen, Kosm., p No When the Moon occults Jupter (Sagmgar), that year a kng wll de (or) an eclpse of the Moon and Sun wll take place. A great kng wll de. When Jupter enters the mdst of the Moon, there wll be want n Aharrf. The kng of Elam wll be slan wth the sword: n Subart.. (?) wll revolt. When Jupter enters the mdst of the Moon, the market of the land wll be low. When Jupter goes out from behnd the Moon, there wll be hostlty n the land. Obv.. H. GAR., No. 93, gves the varant -ba-ru (obv. 3). No. 193 (Obv. 4-5). When the Moon darkens Jupter, the kng of kngs, hs hand wll overpower hs enemes. No. 194 (0:v. -3). When Jupter passes to the rght of Venus, a strong one wll conquer Gut wth the sword. No When Jupter stands n front of Mars, there wll be corn and men wll be slan, (or) a great army wll be slan. When Jupter and Mars... the god wll devour (or) rans wll be gven upon the land. (/Ustaddanu Suaadunz resolved?) When Mars approaches Jupter, there wll be a great devastaton n the land. When Jupter and a planet, ther stars face, evl wll befall the land. When Mars (Lubad-dr) and Jupter (Rab2) approach, there wll be a slaughter of cattle. (Lz.bad-dr s Mars, Rabz s Jupter.) Mars s approached Jupter. When Mars (Satamma) approaches spter, n that year the kng of Akkad wll de and the crops of that ".:' wll be prosperous. 5*

36 a Alxv OMEN ONENS FRO 1,7.10 R, STARS.p, STAR'S. x1x Tls om(cen:l s vl f;r ttc lands;,zjm/-cremonly to avert the evl. letc From Nabf-ksa of ors tlh kng/, my lord, 1,k ' O.'. 3. On Saxrr, see R. 57, 62a. Obv. 5. m/tuk, perm., 2 of ma/aku. The Ethpe'el of the correspondng Syrac root has the meanng of delberavl; the Assyran word s perhaps used as a grammatcal term. No When Regulus approaches n front of the Moon and stands, the kng wll lve many days; the land wll not be prosperous. From Apla. No. 199 (Obv. 1-2). The omen whch s unlucky for the kng s good for the land: the omen whch s good for the land s unlucky for the kng. No When a star shnes and ts brllance s as brght as the lght of day, n ts shnng t takes a tal lke a scorpon, t s a fortunate omen, not for the master of the house, but for the whole land. When there s bnnu n all lands, volence wll pass away, there wll be justce, abundance wll be plentfully produced; run for the master of that house (or) that kng wll stand n hs justce. There wll be obedence and good-wll n the land. (Ths s from...) When a great star (Jupter?) shnes from north to south, and ts brllance [t takes a tal lke a scorpon?]... Ths s accordng to the tablet (that tells) that Nebuchadnezzar brought Elam to run. When Mercury appears n Tammuz, there wll be corpses. When ntna-massg mzulzlu at ts rsng, prosperty of crops, the market wll be steady. Ths concerns Mercury. From Nabu-muss. Obv. 4. blnnu, see Deltzsch, 180, b. Rev. 5. For ths campagn of Nebuchadnezzar, c B.C., see KT. x, 164, and cf obv. 3 wth col., Rtt-Marduk bl bt sa Bt-Xarzyabku. 7. jntnamasszg see Jensen, Kosm., p. 54- No After two hours of the nght had passed, a great star shone from north to south. ts omens are proptous fox the kng's desre. The kng of Akkad wll accomplsh hs msson. From- ASardu (the greater), the kng's servant. r No When a great star shnes from east to west and dsappears and dulls (?) ts brllance, the army of the enemy wll be destroyed n battle. When a star lke a lght (or) lke a torch shne, from east to west and dsappears, the army of the enemy wll be slan n ts onslaught. Two great stars were observed one after the other n the mddle watch. From Asardu (the greater). 1No When Venus dsappears at sunrse n Nsan from the frst to the thrteth day, there wll be desolaton. When a halo surrounds the Moon and Sbzanna stands wthn t, the kng of Subart wll work mghtly, hs land wll have abundance. (Sbzanna stood wthn the Moon's halo..) From Absa of Erech. Obv. 3. urubat, accordng to 205, r = bkdt 'weepngs.' cf. also K Obv. 3, z-ru-ba-t 1 b-ka-z. No. 204 (O&v. 4-6). When Venus changes... (There wll be) a hostle expedton: nsurrecton (or) treason. Obv. 6. kasrart Heb. keser. No. 205 (Ob ). Venus s now dsappearng at sunrse. When Venus s brllant, t s not good for those days whch are no the full length and whch are too long. Obv. 3. On ums a la usallmu, see ntroducton. No. 2 05A (Obv. 3). When Spca (A- d n) reaches Mars (A M ulmul); t wll ran. No. 206 (Obv. 5-8). When Venus fxes ts poston, the days of the prnce wll be long, there wll be justce n the land. Venus n the Tropc of Caprcorn... (Rev. 4-6.) When a halo surrounds the Mbon and the Pleades (Sug) stand wthn t, n that year there wll be a slaughter of men: sheep wll not approach oxen. No Venus s appearng at sunset n the Tropc of Cancer: ths s ts nterpretaton. When Venus appears n Swan, there wll be a slaughter of the enemy. When Venus appears n the Tropc of Cancer, the kng of Akkad wll have no rval. Fve or sx days ago t reached Allul. Ths s ts nterpretaton. When Venus u a) approaches Allul, there wll be obedence and welfare n the

37 XV N A (.A 5 j 1 1. OMENS FROM STARS, xx land.: the gods wll havce mercy on the land. 1Empty.. (?) wl t: full and the crops of the land wll prosper the sck.n the land wll recover. regn.,,ant women wll perfect ther offsprng. The great gods wls showr fa;our to the sanctuares of the land, the houses of the great gods wll be renewed. ( Uz. = Venus.) From Suma. Rez. 3. gsskk. See Muss-Arnolt, Det., sb voce. No Venus s now dsappearng at sunset. When Venus grows dm and dsappears n Ab, there wll be a slaughter of Elam. When Venus appears n Ab from the frst to the thrteth day, there wll be rans, the crops of the. land wll be prosperous. (n the mddle of ths month Venus appeared n Leo at sunrse.) From Nrgal-tr. Obv. 3. uvlaklt perhaps = become frghtened. See Del., 363 b. No. 209 (Obv. -5). When Sarur and Sargaz of the tal of Scorpo are brllant, the weapons of Akkad wll make an onslaught. (Venus has appeared n Pablsag.) When Venus (star) puts on the dadem of the Moon dvded, there wll be desolatons. Obv. 4. munkssa V/kasasu, Rev. '(when) Venus (puts on) a dark crown' perhaps ndcates that the New Moon occults her. No When Venus n Kslew from the frst to the thrteth day dsappears at sunrse, there wll be famne of corn and straw n the land. The lord of kngs has spoken thus, 'Why hast thou not [observed?] the month, and sent the lucky and unlucky?' The prnce of the kngdom has been neglected, has not been obeyed. May the lord of kngs when hs face s favourable lft up my head that may make my decsons and tell the kng, my lord. From Asardu. Obv. 7. na.t 'perhaps Heb. nafas, but by no means certan. No. 211 (Obv. -R2ev. 2). When Venus appears n Sebat, the crops of the land wll prosper:... wll be prosperous: mercy and welfare wll be n the land. Venus stood n the mdst of Anuntum When Venus appears n Vrgo, rans n heaven, floods on (carth)* the crops of Abarra wll prosper; fallen runs wll be nhabted..1 r:: : t..e '.R j; 5 :),g -: No. 213 (Obv. '-5). When Scorpo approaches the front of the Moon and stands, the regn of the kng wll be long: the enemy wll come, but hs defeat wll be accomplshed. No. 215 (Obv. 4, f). The Breast of Scorpo whch stood on the rght horn of the Moon has not approached the Sun (?): nothng changes. When Scorpo stands wthn the Moon's halo, t s for rans and floods. (The kng shall see ts omen; t wll ran.) When n yyar the ffteenth day to a..., n the evenng watch he wll turn hs peace nto glory. From Nabl-suma-gkun. No Saturn has appeared n Leo. When Leo s obscured, for three years lons and jackals... and kll men. The traffc of the land (Aharra) wll be hndered. When a planet culmnates n Ab, the bed of warrors wll be wde. From Asardu. Rev. 3. The bed of warrors wde' refers to plague. See No. 232, Obv. 3. No. 216c. Mercury has appeared. When Mercury appears for a month, floods and ran. Mars (Lubad-dr) for prosperty of people. From Nrgal-tr. No Mercury s vsble at sunrse. When Mercury appears for a month, ran and floods. When Mercury appears ether n yyar or Swan, a flood wll come and beneft the felds and meadow lands. When Mercury stands n the east, there wll be an nvason of Subart and Kass aganst the land. Ths s the fact (?) of the matter: have not come to Nneveh (because) the magcans to wrte n the palace (?began?) Whatever.. on the front of t 'Nneveh' wll make: unless they have begun shall not come n; let them gve me a sealed letter. From Nabu-muMs, ' The latter part apparently refers to the wrtng of some nscrptons, but the text s too mutlated to make certan. No When' Mercury s seen n yyar, a flood wll come and beneft the felds and meadow lands. When Jupter reaches -Mars (.lmunz), t wll ran. On the fourteenth the Moon and Sun were not seen wth one another: on the ffteenth god was seen wth ---.

38 He d: t, f ~ X t. ' t S 1Z OMENS FROM STARS. xx f(.> ' 1w k~ llfg St}uart wll have no rval. ( have heard fr ;%. 'l father.) "'hom ll.'all-rba. No When Mercury culmnates n Tammuz, there wll be corpses. When Leo s dark, the heart of the land wll not be happy. Long lve the lord of kngs! From Asardu. No When Mercury culmnates n Elul, there wll be a heghtenng of the market, an ncrease of cereals. Long lve the lord of kngs! From Asardu (the less). No Mercury s vsble at sunrse n the precncts of Vrgo. Ths s ts nterpretaton. When Mercury (Nunu) approaches Spca (Pan), the crops of the land wll prosper, the cattle wll be numerous n the felds, the kng wll grow strong and wll overcome (?) hs enemes. Sesame and dates wll prosper. When Mercury culmnates n Elul, there wll be a heghtenng (of the market), an ncrease of cereals. When Dah s vsble n Elul. wll prosper. (Dak =Mercury.) From Asardu, the son of Damka, the kng's servant. Ob)v. 2. AB. SN = st'r (Brunnow, Lst No. 3832) = Vrgo (Eppng and Strassmaer, Zes., V, 220). No When Mercury appears n Elul, there wll be a heghtenng of the market, an ncrease of cereals. When Leo (Ur-mah) makes ts stars to shne, let the kng wherever he goes (guard hmself?). When Leo (Urgula) s dark, lons and jackals wll rage and the traffc of Aharru wll be hndered. Fromn Taba. Obv. 2. The fourth sgn AS may perhaps be read na here,.e. na napas nssabu; but Brunnow, Lst, No. 23 = mtlaru, and t s possble that mahru may be ntended here. No When Mercury culmnates n Marcheswan, the crops of the land wll prosper. When Scorpo s dm n the centre, there wll be obedence n the land. (Mercury stands wthn Scorpo.) When n the flamng lght of Scorpo (-szara) ts breast s brglt, ts tal s dark, ts horns are brllant, rans and floods wll be dry n the land: locusts wll come and devour the land; devastaton of S oxen and men: (the weapon s rased and the land of the foe) s captured.. Scorpo.. Obv.. No. 223A gves several varants Rev. 5-6, 'ts horns nngula (or) nnbzta.' 7-8, ' ts tal fat, rans and floods NM p -n (.e., s.a.' u 'wll be hgh'). No [Mercury] s vsble. When Mercury s vsble n Kslew, there wll be robbers n the land. From Nrgal-tr. No. 225 (Ob. 3, f) Mercury stands wthn Smmab. When Mercury approaches the ' Star of the Tgrs' there wll be rans and floods. (Mercury s vsble at Sunrse.) Obv. 4 No. 1878). '' u MAS. TG. GAR = Anuntu (Brunnow, Lst, No Mercury s vsble wth Mars (Muhnul) at sunset; t s ascendng to Sug. There wll be rans and floods. When Jupter appears at the begnnng of the year, n that year ts crops wll prosper. From Nadnu. No Mercury stands n Leo. When Lec s dm, the heart of the land wll not be happy. When Regulus s dm, the drector of the palace wll de. From Nabu-muSs. Obv.. Cf No. 99A, Obv No. 230 (Obv. - Rev. 2). When Spca (Pan) stands wthn the Moon's halo, lawless men wll rage and there wll be robbery n the land. t wll not change to evl. The halo of Vrgo s for ran and flood; t s turnng cold. No. 231 (Obv. -6). When Mars s vsble n Tammuz, the bed of warrors wll be wde. When Mercury stands n the north, there wll be corpses, there wll be an nvason of the kng of Akkad aganst a foregn land. When Mars approaches Gemn, a kng wll de and there wll be hostlty. Obv. 2. No. 232, Obv. 3, explans the omen 'bed of warrors' as referrng to plague.

39 N o t;:rs.t vbl)!, n T'l'n tu : t s udn. ::.,r Mars 5s vslt n T.'nz;/, c bet d of warrors wll c w!cd refers to ;ague.) When Mars stands n tlhe cast, th}ere wll ce an nvason of Subart and Kass aganst the land. When Mar; cul mnates ndstnctly (?) and becomes brllant, the kng of Elam wll de. When Nrgal n ts dsappearng grows smaller, lke the stars of heaven s very ndstnct, he wll have mercy on Akkad. The forces of my troops wll go and slay the army of the enemy, an audacous land they wll overcome. The troops of the foe wll not be able to stand aganst my troops. The cattle of Akkad wll le down securely n the felds: sesame and dates wll prosper. When Mercury approaches Mars (Nabf), horses wll de. (La sk = la 4urbu.) When Mars s dm, t s lucky; when brght, unlucky. When Mars follows Jupter, that year wll be lucky. From Bullutu. Obv. 6. Obv. 2. Rev. 4. ummnuls and cf. urmunl, see Detzsch, p. 83, b. sarramu, cf. Syr. s'rama audaca. For nn n the text, read dam. No When Mars s vsble n Elul, the crops of the land wll prosper, the land wll [be satsfed. Mars (Lubad-dr) s for abundance of people. Mars at ts dsappearance became brllant. From Nab-kb. No When Mars approaches the Moon and stands, the Moon wll cause evl to nhabt the land. When a planet stands at the left horn of the Moon, the kng wll act mghtly. When a star stands at the left front of the Moon, the kng wll act mghtly. When a star stands at the left rear of the Moon, the kng of Akkad wll work mghtly. When Vrgo (lpgan) stands at ts left horn, n that year the vegetables of Akkad wll prosper. When Vrgo, (Dlgan) stands above t, n that year the crops of the land wll prosper. When a star stands at the left horn of the Moon, a hostle land wll see evl. When a star stands at ts left horn, there wll be an eclpse of the kng of Aharru. The Gan-ba of. that land wll be dmnshed; t wll ran. When a star stands at ts left horn, an eclpse of the kng of Aharrt wll take place. When at ts left horn a star (stands) Rammanu wll devour n a hostle land (or) an eclpse wll take place, (or) an eclpse of the kng of A'barrO: hs land wll be dmnshed. From Zakr., OMEN! S FROM STARS. Xxv,cm~-r "~--~---~ lxxv~ No Mars had reached Cancer (Adlhf), t has entered t: kept watch, t dd not stay, t dd not reman but came out below t. A breeze (sprang up) as t went forth; ts nterpretaton to the kng my lord send. f ever (one) sends to the kng, my lord, thus: ' When Mars approaches Allul, the prnce (wll de?),' when t stands and wats.. t s evl for Akkad. f ever one sends to the kng, my lord, thus: When a planet (appears?) n a blast of wnd, the kng of Subart....' (Ths word mples 'weakness'; let not the kng lay t to heart.) Last nght t thundered. When t thunders n Ab, the day s dark, the heaven rans, lghtnng lghtens, floods wll be poured n the channels. When t thunders on a cloudless day, there wll be darkness (or) there wll be famne n the land. From Akkullanu. *Rev.. The kng of Subart = the kng of Assyra, from No. 62, Obv. 4, 'We are Subart.' No Mars has entered the precncts of Cancer (Allul). t s not counted as an omen. t dd not stay, t dd not wat, t dd not rest; speedly t went forth. From B-nasr. Obv. 6. kasz cf. Syrac kds desttt, quevt. No. 2 36G (Obv. 4). Scorpo means Pablsag). Mars stands n Pablsag (the stng of Mars stands and wats n Pablsag. Obv. 6. For ana.. kab = means,' cf. No. 232, 3, and on Pablsag = Zkt Akrab, cf. No. 272, obv. 9. No 'When Urbarra Urmah... dstant days. to the land.. Urbarra = [Mars], Urmah = [Leo], Mars stood n... When a star shnes and enters... there wll be a revolt. From Naba-ah-rba. Obv.. M= ars. Urbarra. Accordng to K 4295, Col. -V, t No. 239 (Obv. -5). When Mars (Apn) approaches Scorpo, the prnce wll de by a scorpon's stng, and hs son after hm wll take the throne; the dwellng of the land. the land another lord *. the boundary lne of the land wll not be secure.

40 0 ; 1, ~' %- A' 1.,,W"&&, q SZ~ %, T THE. NOO'NS M N DRl DSAlPPEARANCE xxvh No 'Wheln Mars (J//ll) s darkened over the.!x,,- n and standt, the knulg wll act mghtly, hs land wll be enlarged. From Nabf-kSa of lorsppa. May Bel and Nebo gve long days and haoppness to the kng of countres, my lord. Wth the kng we have acted nnocently. Now among my brothers n the palace an attack on the treasury was made and they slew the scrbe whom the kng had caused me to take wth them, and my magcan; and to me they sad 't was an edct wth us.' went wth my brothers and peace shall be made and wll keep the watch of the kng, ny lord. Why... may Bel and Nebo be gracous (?); 0 kng, judge thou... Obv.. DAR = baramu (Brunnow,f Lst, No. 3482). See Jensen, Kosm., p. 7. Obv. 9. masartu, perhaps from asdru besege. No. 241 (Obv. 4, f). When at the Moon's appearance Mars (Muhnull) stands at ts sde, the kng wll act mghtly, hs land.. When Mars enters the Moon and goes forth northward, the heart of the land wll be happy: 'the kng of Akkad wll grow powerful and wll have no rval. From Bl-abt-rba, son of Labas-l. Obv. 4. On ths plural verb, cf. No. 243A, obv No. 243 (Obv. 3). No No. 243A (Obv. 1-2). On star (Venus) wearng a crown, see Mulmul s used wth a plural verb. No. 243B (Rev., f When W.). at the begnnng of the year Mars stands n the nagu of Venus, the enemy or a flood wll spol the crops. From Nrgal-tr. Rev. 3. The vertcal stroke n the last sgn may be a fracture, and the whole word wll therefore read urnarrum. No When the Pleades (Sug) over the Moon are darkened and stand, (and) enter the Moon, the kng wll stand n hs mght, wll dwell, and wll enlarge hs land, and to hs land wll be good: there wll be justce and truth n the land. From tar- Suma-rl. W. t. am s * : No. 244A (Obv. -2). When the Pleades, ther crcle s brght... the house (aganst) ts master wll revolt. Obv. T. kurkurru, Heb. krtdr revolve. See No. 49. No B (Obv. 2-3). When Lbra.. before the Moon, the regn of the kng wll be long. No When the Moon occults Alba, there wll be an eclpse of Subart. When Spca (Pan) s darkened over the Moon and enters the Moon, the days of the prnce wll be long. The Moon for one year s long. Let the kng gve heed, let hm not pass t by, let hm guard hmself, let not the kng go nto the street on an evl day untl the tme of the omen has passed. (The omen of a star lasts for a full month.) From rass-lu, the kng's servant. No. 246B (Obv. 1-3). When Smmah grows brght, an nvason of an army... No. 246F. When a star stands n front of the Moon... the kng wll act mghtly. When Mars approaches the Moon and wats, the Moon wll cause evl to dwell n the land. When a star stands on the left of the Moon, the land of the foe wll see evl. From NabA-rba. No What s ths favour whch star has granted the kng, my lord?... (ev. 3 ) When a star(?) turns back and appears, the kng wll prolong lfe. From star-suma-rs. X. OMENS FROM CLOUDS. No When a cloud grows dark n heaven, a wnd wll blow. From NabA-ah-rba. X. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S DSAPPEARANCE. No. 249 (Obv. 3 f.). On the twenty-seventh the Moon dsappeared. When the day of the Moon's dsappearance n one month three tmes (occurs), an eclpse wll take place, and the gods

41 x v A 11;TRO 1Cl(; GCA L V, O!T. *. OMENS FROM THUNDER. xxx for t :rec davs n luavtn wll... lhen the Moon l apears on the thrct of L:lu], tlcre wll be a devastaton of the land. Th.s thrteth day (t should appear). The lord of kngs has spoken thus, 'Does the omen change?' The Moon waned on the twentyseventh: the twenty-eghth and twenty-nnth n heaven (are) the ntervenng space, and on the thrteth the Moon reappears. Unless t appears there wll be an uncovered nterval of four days n heaven: otherwse the nterval wll not be four days. Long lve the kng! From ASardu. Obv. 4..m2 bubbul. Jensen, Kosm., p. 91. Rev. 3. btu (J/b--d) 'orgnally perhaps dvdng pont or space' (Muss-Arnot, Dct., 147, b). The root dea s 'separaton.' Rev. 5. mmatma wth precatves cf. the use of double jussves n Hebrew (Ps. cx, 20, etc.), Rev. 6. babt n contracts unpad, uncovered' (Muss- Arnolt, Det., 146a). Lbd, bd, same root as bztu above. X. OMENS FROM STORMS. No When a storm comes upon the land, the crops wll be ncreased, the market wll be steady. When a storm prevals n the land, the ' regn' of the land wll rule great power. When a storm bursts n Sebat, an eclpse of Kass wll take place. From Asardu, the kng's servant. Obv. 3. sadr, see No. 123, obv. 4. Obv. 6. For the explanaton of an -eclpse of Kass, see ntroducton. No. 251 (Obv. 3 f.). When there s a storm n the land, prosperty of people. When a storm prevals n the land, the 'regn' of the land wll rule great power. When a storm bursts on the day of Zu (?) (t has not been recorded: a storm s lucky and does not brng to evl. Last nght a star 'the head of Scorpo' stood n front of the Moof. ts omen changesnot, there s none, t has not been determned). f.surru the Moon (?).. (7) t s a constant omen. f-. A f. V E Let them lay the month under a ban; every star of heaven has gone (?) and n the evl of the month Kslew, unless t pass, let them ban t. Rev. 8 f We may fnd a parallel to ths n job, 8,'Let them ban t that ban the day.' Lfruru s the, 2 conj. of arzru, the same word as used n the Hebrew. No When a storm bursts n Adar, blght wll come upon the land. The Uruk-god dvdes from Nebo (PA) to Nebo (R), t wll not ran. When the Uruk-god dvdes over a cty, the cty, the kng and ts prnces wll be happy. From Ahsa of Erech. u Obv. 3. TR. AN. NA- Uruk, Brunnow, Lst, No Esarhaddon (KT., 138, V, 6) explans how he adorned the arches of hs palace wth a glaze, so that both n shape and colour they looked lke C Trantna,.e., the ranbow. t occurs elsewhere n the storm texts, 'When t thunders, the day s dark, heaven rans, Uruk dvdes, lghtnng lghtens,'etc. (No. 258, obv. 1-3). Cf. K. 2oo, rev. 21, When a halo surrounds the Moon and Tranna n ts mdst... (and 1. 23) when a halo surrounds the Moon and the halo lke Tranna u.. Perhaps there s some connecton between the word Uruk and the Syr. zuradg. 'verscolor.' No E (Obv. 13). Of that whch the kng, our lord, sent us, sayng, 'Have ye had ran?' We have had much (?) ran. X. OMENS FROMv THUNDER. No When t thunders on the day of the Moon's dsappearance, the crops wll prosper and the market wll be steady. When t rans on the day of the Moon's dsappearance, t wll brng on the crops and the market wll be steady. Long lve the lord of kngs! From Asardu. No. 254 (Obv. 5 f. f Rammanu should thunder n the mndst of the Sun, there wll be mercy upon the land. (' n the undst of the Sun' whch they say when, the Sun beng at ts zenth,

42 xxx.4 % hy -_.,." OMENS FROM TUNDER. xxx tram:nnu spcaks n te mornng from the drecton of the S;,n' zcnth. 'om aas, z,. 2. 'The character k may be rl No Of tle work of whch the kng, my lord, spoke, ths nght of the twenty-second, wth regard to Venus and Aaksd we ourselves wtl do t, the magcans shall do t. When Rammanu thunders n the mdst of the star L, the kng's hand wll overcome a land other than ths. Obz'. 5. kaksd. See Jensen, Kosm., p. 49 No. 256A (Obv. 5 ). When Rammanu thunders n the great gate of the Moon, there wll be a slayng of Elamte troops wth the sword: the goods of that land wll be gathered nto another land. (Ths s what s when the Moon appears and t thunders.) From Bulutu. No. 256D (Obv. --Rev. 2). When t thunders n Ab, the day s dark, the heaven rans (?) the crops of the land wll prosper. When t thunders on a cloudless day, there wll be famne. When lghtnng lghtens on a cloudless day, Rammanu wll nundate. ('A cloudless day' = Ab. 'Rammanu wll nundate,' whch they say when.... ) When a storm wnd blows from the south, there wll be a devastaton of Aharru. Obv. 2. rub or rup. SU. SU. RU s explaned as rp (see No. 87, obv. 3, 5, 6). No W.hen t thunders n Ab, the day s dark, heaven rans, lghtnng lghtens, waters wll be poured forth n the channels. When t thunders on a cloudless day, there wll be darkness (or) famne n the land. Concernng ths sckness the kng has not spoken from hs heart. The sckness lasts a year: people that are ll recover. Do thou grant, O kng my lord, that they pursue the worshp of the gods and pray the gods day and nght. Does truth ever reach the kng and hs famly? A man should kll a calf (?) wthout blemsh, he should cut t n peces; he hmself should say as follows, 'A n. a: that s n full health, hs days are short (?): lhe s sck, hs days arc long.' From Star-~uma-rs. 1 9n 0 Rlev. 3. lutd, perhaps from v/addu, avrftu /asaru, 'prosper, thrve.' Rev. 4. batt, uncertan. Cf. however numerous Semtc words begnnng wth the root letters b-t- meanng 'to cut.' Cf. also the ceremony n Gen. xv, o. No. 258 (Obv. 7f). WVhen t rans n Ab there wll be a slaughter of men. When a storm wnd comes from the west, there wll be a destructon of Aharrt, When t thunders twce, the land whch sent thee hostlty wll send thee peace. From Nabu'-ab-rba. No When t thunders n Tsr, the day s dark, heaven rans, the ranbow s dvded, lghtnng lghtens, the gods wll have mercy on the land. From the Chef Scrbe. No When t thunders n Tsr, there wll be hostlty n the land. When t rans n Tsr, death to sck people and oxen (or) slaughter of the enemy. From Taba. No When t thunders n Sebat, there wll be an nvason of locusts. When t thunders n Sebat, heaven wll ran wth stones. No. 262 (Obv. 5,f). When t thunders n Adar, the day s dark, heaven rans, lghtnng lghtens, a great flood wll come, and the crops (wll prosper). From... XV. OMENS FROM EARTHQUAKES. No When the earth'quakes through the whole day, there wll be a destructon of the land. When t quakes contnually, there wll be an nvason of the enemy. From Nabu-kb, of Kutha. Obv. 2. NdVzsz s used for heaven and earth quakng at the approach of a god. When Nnb marches, the heaven and earth quake (nussu Rm. 126, Rev. 3-4 Deltzsch, p. 454, b). We can fnally settle the meanng of rbu from a comparson of these texts. No. 266, Obv. 5. f reports 'Last nght rbu h'r-bu.' Then follow three prognostcs, the protases of whch are () Ana na aru" Zb r--bu SU-ub (2) An na r " Tbr 6

43 , rr" -ey A: 1 'LQ(f A!. E1(tTS. OMENS FROM EARTHQUAKES. lxxx A7 (= t/rst;) S'- (3) 4un b/za u.d'/ A7! -ru-;ab. Froml to; frst twvo t s obvous that rbu S-zr-ub and E.l SU-Uub are cl o.dy analogous n meanng, or they would not have both been usctl to explan rb -/ubrt. t needs lttle further demonstraton tha SU-ab =r zb; but ths can be drectly proved from W.A.. T, 6, rev., 3, where the protass numa r--bu -ru-ub s followed by the apodoss garru na Jl nakrz us-ba, whch s practcally the same as that for rzbu SlU-zb n our present text, 'both beng omens for Tebet. Agan, a comparson of W.A.., 6, obv., 27, and No. 265, obv, 1-2 (both omens for Nsan), wll show that rbu rzb = K rzb. The former has numa r--bu -ru-ub sarru mat-su BAL-su nap-pah-tumz n-nap-pah, and the latter na a arh, Nsann K -ru-ub garru mzdt-su BAL-sz...Further, No. 264, though begnnng of the rb of whch the kng, my lord, sent me, ths s ts nterpretaton,' yet n all three explanatons gven below t uses K-tm or K. We have now to settle the meanng of rbu. No. 266, rev. 3-4, gves Ana na mus K -ru-ub na-zak ma.... sm.ku (Z) m1t, but No. 267, rev. -2, gves as a varant Ana K na musg -l-us na-zak ma..., and No. 265, Obv. 3-4, Ana KZ-tm na tmus -nu.. na-zak md gumkua'/ () mt. From ths t s plan that rzb = nsu, and the meanng of nns 'shakes, quakes' s certan (Deltzsch, p. 454, b). We may therefore consder that rbu rb = rstu rub = r.stu nus = 'the earth quakes.' Obv. 4. Sadr appears to have the meanng of ' prevalng.' t s used of the wnd and storms. See Note to No. 123, Obv. 4. No Concernng the earthquake of whch the kng, my lord, sent me, ths s ts nterpretaton. When the earth quakes contnually there wll be an nvason of the enemy. When the earth quakes n the nght, harm wll come to the land (or) devastaton to the land... Of the remander we can guess approxmately at the sense. Apparently star-suma-rs hmself felt an'earthquake n tlh nght, and he reports on t n /. 7-., as well as gvng t' explanaton above n 1.. He. s evdently wrtng hs rel5c t... 5 : 4 ị j 5!.t.. n answer to the kng's queston n the begnnng of Nsan 655 B.C. (cf. Edge, 'Eponym Labas'), but he does not seem certan whether the earthquake whch the kng felt happened n Nsan or the last month of the precedng year, for he sends the omen for an earthquake n Nsan, and then says 'unless t began n Adar.' No When the earth quakes n Nsan, the kng's land wll revolt from hm. When the earth quakes durng the nght, harm wll come to the land, or devastaton to the land. From Apla. No. 265A (Rev. 3f). The ends of the lnes are mutlated, but thnk we may read 'When the earth quakes n Tammuz, the prnce wll be magnfed n the land of hs foe.' No. 265c (Obv. 1-2). The hatus may be suppled from W.A.., 61,, 5r, 'When the earth quakes n Tsr, the crops wll prosper, there wll be hostlty n the land.' No. 266 (Ob,. 5, f). Last nght there was an earthquake. When the earth quakes n Tebet, the kng wll st n the cty of hs foe. When the earth quakes n Tebet, the palace of the prnce wll be smtten and go to runs. When the earth quakes n the nght, there wll be harm to the land (or) devastaton to the land. From the Chef Astrologer. No. 267 (Obv. 2-5). When the earth quakes n Sebat, the corn ts weght wll wegh; there wll be expedtons of the enemy. When the earth quakes n Sebat, another prnce wll st n the palace. Obv. 8. Samzn ssut 'heaven speaks' = thunder. Obv. 3..e. kbrat rbtt, Brunnow, Lst, No Obv. o-. frskgal kklla-sa kma ur.. rstm ma/t nad(d). rskgal s known to us through the Tell-el- Amarna tablets. (See Bezold-Budge, Tell-el Anarna Tablets, LXXXV.) She was nvted to a feast of the gods and apparently entered the fourteen gates of ther abode; but she and Nrgal quarrelled and he 'began to beat her head from the seat to the floor,' whereat she besought hm not to kll her. Stayng hs hand he lstened to her: he was to be husband, she the 6*

44 xx v... -U;; A, L 1, ) jj'>. OMENS FROM ECLPSES..xxxv vfe, anl tlhy were t' rule the wude earth : and so he took hr:rt kssed her, nud dred her tears, and whatever she desred was done for her. The explanaton of the 'mournng of Lrskgal s evdently to be sought here, but what t means s dffcult to say. The wrter of the Tel-El-Amarna tablet perhaps ntended an explanaton of the word rskgal, when he fnshed hs story wth mnamma trs.n, ' whatever thou askest me.' No. 267A. When the heavens are darkly smtten (?), there wll be plenty n the land. Slla has sent by the hand of Sakn-sum thus, ' wll put thee to death, for why dost thou say " Sll has taken away my property;" now Munnabtu s the wtness of thee, and Bl...s my judge.' What wtness s there n regard to such of my property as he has taken? f he learns all that have told the kng (and there s stll some whch have not told the kng) he wll take t all. have prayed n my father's house, but he has always acted craftly; he s always plottng aganst the men of my famly (?). Let not the kng, my lord, leave me. From Zakr. Obv. r. Ths text has been publshed by Pnches, Texts n the Babylonan Wedge-wrtng, p. o, and agan by Harper, Assyraan Letters, No The text of the frst lne may be read Ana gannt adr-ma H-s.. Rev.. ss', lam2; verbs n dependent sentences and therefore wth fnal -u. Rev. 4. Kat u/tl. To 'lft the hands' s often an expresson for prayer. Cf. the Seres the Lftng of the Hand' (Kng, Babylonan Mfagc). Rev. 6.msa-t-a. Possbly ths may be aml.sa bala-a; for ths use of baldtu, cf. No. 124, rev. 5. Xv OMENS FROM ECLPSES. No have not nformed the kng, my lord, of the account of the eclpse wth my own mouth, have not yet wrtten, so send to the kng. Of the eclpse, 'ts evl up to the v'c1; month, day, watch, pont of lght where t began and where,:: Moon pulled and drew off ts eclpse-these concern ts c' A 1 J.R. A: ' S\an l Aharrc, and a decson to Ur s gven: t s evl for the fourteenth day, (whch they explan 'the fourteenth day = Elam.') The exact pont where t began we do not know; the Moon drew off part of ts eclpse n a south-westerly drecton. t s evl for Elam and Aharrf. From the east and north, when brght, t s lucky for Subart and Akkad; t says that they wll have favour (?) The omen of all lands -the rght of the Moon s Akkad, the left Elam, the top Aharru, the bottom Subartu.. (Rev. 3 f) The omen s favourable and the kng, my lord, may be content. Jupter stood n the eclpse; t portends peace for the kng, hs name wll be honourable, unque.. Of that name, let the kng be bountful towards anyone who shall greet the kng; f the kng be humble, the kng of the gods of heaven and earth wll send peace to the kng, my lord. The kng may say somethng thus: 'The kng of the gods (thou sayest) wll send peace; why then hast thou sent ths about Srrapu and Arubl?' thus n my turn, 'Let the kng go on n hs work, let hm contnue upon hs work, and may the kng, my lord, be happy. May Bel and Nebo gve all lands to the kng, my lord.' The kng, my lord, gave re' a command sayng, 'keep my watch and tell me what happens.' Now all that has taken place before me wth a proptous greetng to the kng, my lord, unto the kng send. Twce, thrce. n the presence of the kng hs hands ()... and may the kng enter nto the despatches (?). that have sent true words to the kng. From Munnabtu. Obv. 2. kzmu 'nstead,' 'on the other hand.' Obv. urrlu, evdently of the same root as zrru 'dayvlght,' lght.' Rm. 93, from Zakr has not been nserted. The obv. s much broken; the rev. gves the omens for an eclpse from the st to the 30th of Swan, for an eclpse on the 4th of Swan (as n No. 270, rev. ), for Pablsag (as No 271, obv. 8). Rev. 13 f explans 'The evenng watch s for corpses, the evenng watch for three months and days... the'.. s Akkad, Swan s Aharrf, the fourteenth day s Elam.' No When HU. B. A s dark n the west, there wll be ~: 1a famne for the kng of'abarrf... hen.. s dark and a

45 A'rfg V..;1. '( ltts, OMENS FROM ECLPSES. sxxxvl southt wnd rses,' locusts wll come. When there s an ccllpse of the Sun on the twenty-cghth of yyar, the kng's days wll be long,.. the land wll eat an abundant market. (n yyar the Sun was ecpsed ; t wll eat plenty, the kng's days wll be long.) When the Sun at ts zenth s lke a crescent and becomes full lke the Moon, the kng wll conquer the land of hs enemy, the land wll overcome (?) ts evl and see happness. When the Sun s eclpsed on the twenty-nnth of yyar, the shadow begnnng n the north and remanng on the south, ts left horn beng ponted and ts rght horn long, the gods of the four regons wll be troubled, a great.. wll speak by the mouth of the god; the nvason of a.. kng wll come, the throne untl the ffth year he wll hold (?): there wll be a revolt n Akkad: son wll slay hs father, brother wll slay hs brother, sck prnces... days n Akkad, that kng a dog wll destroy: the enemy wll capture a fenced (?) cty, that kng wll de and there wll be fghtng n the temple of Bel. There wll be corpses on the frst day, the kng of Aharr... (remande multlated). Obv.4. kuzru, evdently connected wth the Heb. ksphtr 'cover,' s the shadow of the eclpse. The deograph an enclosed shadow. Obv. 7 refers to the Sun's appearance durng an eclpse. Obv. 8. kat lrn =? Heb. ka4tl. Obv. 2. The frst sgn s probably not lu. No. 270 (Olv. A4.). When an eclpse happens and a north wnd blows, the gods wll have mercy on the land. When the Moon rses darkly, there wll be a darkenng of.. (?) When the Moon rses darkly..., destructon of all lands. When the Moon rses darkly and becomes lke... (?), the kng wll devastate countres n defeat, (or) the gods wll devastate countres n defeat. When the Moon s dark n Swan, Ramrnanu after a year wll nundate the crops of the land. When an eclpse happens n Swan n the evenng watch, nrush of fsh and locusts. When an eclpse happens on the fourteenth of Swan, the kng has the completng of the year, des, and hs son, who has no ttle to the kngdom, sezes the throne and there wxll be hostltes. When from the frst to the thrteth of Swaan n eclpse happens, an eclpse of the kng of Akkad,.. o mght wll be, and Rammanu wll nundate the crops cf a-e!nea r. A great army (or) an army wll be slan. Though for prosperty the kng, cty, and people work mghtly and they are successful, there wll be no sprngng up of produce n that year. When on the.. day an eclpse happens, and the god n hs shadow... untl the mddle watch, the end, and the north part of the Moon comes nto thy hand, to Ur and the kng of Ur a decson wll be gven; the land of Ur wll see famne: corpses wll be numerous. The kng of Ur, hs son njures hm, and the son who njures hs father Samas overcomes hm, and n the pan of hs father he wll de: the son who has no ttle to the kngdom takes the throne. An eclpse of the evenng watch s for corpses. When the day s fne n the evenng watch, t s for three months and ten days. Swan = Aharru: the fourteenth day = Elam: the evenng watch = Akkad... to the kng happness... Obv. 6. bubult. bblu, bbllu = produce. No. 271 (Obv. -3). When an eclpse happens on the fourteenth of Swan, and of the god n hs shadow, the thrd sde above s n shadow and the fourth sde below s clear, t comes over the second sde n the evenng watch, and n the mddle watch the end of ts shadow appears and the second sde comes nto thy hand... (The remander to lne 7 s smlar to the precedrn.) (Obv. 8f.) [When].. below Pablsag s dark, a decson s gven to Muttabal and Babylon. An eclpse of the mornng watch s for sckness, and a brght day n the mornng watch s for three months and ten days. (The mornng watch = Elam, the fourteenth day = Elam, Swan = Aharru, the second sde = Akkad)... (Rev. 2ff) When an eclpse happens n the mornng watch and t completes the watch, a north wnd blowng, the sck n Akkad wll recover. When an eclpse begns on the frst sde and stands on the second, there wll be a slaughter of Elam: Gut wll not approach Akkad. When an eclpse happens and stands on the second sde, the gods wll have mercy on the land. When the Moon s dark n Swan, after a year Rammanu wll nundate. When the Moon s eclpsed n Swan, there wll be flood and the product of the waters of the land wll be abundant. When n Swan an eclpse of the mornng

46 l>;tat X ST O(. 'T} GAA. R a, O 1XXXVASV LGC OMlENS FRONT~ ECL]PSE.- l ssxx watclh lhappns, the temples of the land wll be smtten, Sa:a: wll be hostle. (Rev. 14.) When an eclpse happens n Swan out of ts tme, an all-powerful kng wll de, and Rammart wll nundate; a flood wll come and Ramman wll dmnsh the crops of the land; he that goes before the army wll be slan. No. 271A. The Moon appeared on the 5 th of Elul (wth) the Sun; the eclpse faled... No. 272 (Obv. 7 f). When Sarur and Sargaz of the stng of Scorpo are brght, the weapons of Akkad wll come. (The stng of Scorpo s the great lord Pablsag). Venus s standng n Pablsag. When Nrgal stands n Pablsag, a strong enemy wll rase (hs weapons n) the land, Bel wll gve hs weapons to the enemy; the wde forces of the enemy wll slay troops. When Scorpo s dark, the kngs of all lands wll cause hostlty (?) (or) the kngs of all lands wll rval (?). When Scorpo assumes a darkness, the food of men wll be evl. (Mars stood wthn t.) When Lbra s dark, the thrd year locusts wll come and devour the crops of the land (or) locusts wll devour the land. wll devour the standng crops. The thrd year... Mars has stood wthn Scorpo: ths s ts nterpretaton. When Mars approaches Scorpo, the prnce wll de by a scorpon's stng (or) wll be captured n hs palace.. When Jupter has culmnated and passed Regulus and brghtened t, the back part of Regulus (whch Jupter had passed and brghtened) reaches and passes Jupter, and t (Jupter) then goes to ts dsappearance, there wll be war, and the enemy wll come and seze the throne, the land wll be ravaged twce. All the omens that have come to me concern Akkad and ts prnces; none of ther evl concerns the kng my lord: the eclpse of the Moon and Sun whch happened n Swan-these omens whch are evl for Akkad and the kngs of Anarru are for Akkad; and yet n ths month Marcheswan an eclpse happened.. and Jupter stood wthn the eclpse-t s well for the kng, my lord. Ths s all whch Bl-uszb has sent to the kng. Let the kng so act that may rase myself before the kng, my lord. The prnces of Akk d whom the kng, thy father, had apponted have ravaged Ba-ylon ' carred off the goods of Babylon ; n consequence of tbctc,:c ; ; ' - t ' A : 4 t 1r -t.; ff evl whch have come. to me; let the army of the kng go and n the palace e. capture them and appont others n ther stead. Unless the kng acts speedly, the foe..: he shall come and change them. am clear. ; Obv.. Nrgal s Mars: Jensen, aosn., p Obv. 12. mat/u s evdently a gloss to mqu from the root masz2 to be broad. Rev. 4. Evdently here we have a descrpton of an apparent retrogresson of Jupter whch appears to have formed a 'loop' near Regulus. Such a case happened to Mars and Regulus n 868. n cases where a phenomenon repeats ts acton, the result of such an omen wll also have a double effect -- the land wll be ravaged twce. Cf. also when t thunders twce, the land whch sent thee hostlty wll send thee peace' (No. 258, rev. 3). Rev. 13. nasaka,.e., may no longer prostrate myself. No. 272c. An eclpse of the Moon wll take place on the fourteenth of Adar. When on the fourteenth of Adar an eclpse of the evenng watch happens to the Moon, a decson wll be gven to the all-powerful kng, the kng of Ur and Aharrf. Jupter and Venus... n the eclpse of the Moon. When n Adar an eclpse of the Moon takes place, the kng of Elam... W.hen n Adar an eclpse of the evenng watch.... W hen n Adar from the frst to the thrteth day an eclpse happens, the regn of the kng wll be long, hostlty... When for peace the kng, the cty and ts people work and are at peace... (?) a flood wll come and the great waters wll burst forth. When the eclpse happens, let the kng, my lord, send and for the kng the great waters n Akkad.. and burst forth, someone shall hear of t. From Nrgal-tr. Rev. 4. na S. MU. The text s slghtly doubtful; t mght possbly be translated ' wthn a year.' No. 273 On the fourteenth an eclpse wll take place; t s vl for Elam and A h arrf, lucky for the kng, my lord; let the kng,.y lord, rest happy. t wll be seen wthout Venus; to the cng, ~ lord, say 'there wll be an eclpse:' From ra5 -lu, the :za>nt of the kng (the greater). t...-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/

47 .Z vx:. As't ' [.osc:ad, AlOMN, E t:.l'rt S. OMElNS F;ROM BRTH-S. c NO To tlhe kng of countres, my cvnny;t lord, tehy BTl-n.sur '?) May Bel, Nebo and amnas be gracdus to the kng my lord. An eclpse has happened but t was not vsble n A..ur; ths eclpse passed the cty Assur, wheren the kng s dwellng; now there are clouds everywhere so that whether t dd or dd not happen we do not know. Let the lord of kngs send to Assur, to all ctes, to Babylon, Nppur, Erech and Borsppa; whatever has been seen n those ctes the kng wll hear for certan. The omens (?). the omen for an eclpse happened n Adar and Nsan; send all to the kng, my lord, and they shall make a nambulbceremony for the eclpse. Wthout fal (?) let not the kng omt (?) to act rghtly. The great gods n the cty wheren the kng dwells have obscured the heavens and wll not show the eclpse; so let the kng know that ths eclpse s not drected aganst the kng, my lord, or hs country. Let the kng rejoce. (When) t thunders n Nsan, corn (?) wll be dmnshed. No. 274A. The eclpse wll pass, t wll not take place. f the kng should say ' What omens hast thou seen?'-the gods have not been seen wth one another... the eclpse wll pass, the Moon wll be seen wth (?) the Sun. From Munnabtu. No. 274B (Rev., ). The messenger who went to Marduk... returned, sayng 'We have not been able to see the Sun, t s clouded over.' They have not seen t, nor have we, so we cannot return ts report (?). No. 274F (Obz'. -8). To the kng, my lord, sent 'An eclpse wll take place.' Now t has not passed, t has taken place. n the happenng of ths eclpse t portends peace for the kng, my lord. yyar s Elam, the fourteenth day s Elam, the mornng watch s... j-,g r ('S; -: XV. OMENS FROMl BRTHS. No. 276 (Obv. ). Z. BU US u SAL. LA e. a hermaphrodte. Obv. 'When a hermaphrodte s born whch has no.. the son of the palace wll rule the land (or) the kng wll capture.' No When a foetus has eght legs and two tals, the prnce of the kngdom wll seze power. A certan butcher whose name s Uddanu has sad 'When my sow lttered, (a feetus) had eght legs and two tals, so preserved t n brne, and put t n the house.' From Nrgal-tr. Obv. 5. '" mahs u,.e. ' the smter,' but doubtful. Rev. e. tbtu-anddl: cf. na.abt usnl of Nabf-bl-sum, W.A.. V, 7, 40 (Deltzsch, 439a). Anddl would appear to be a form lke ukftaasar, Deltzsch, 591, a. Rev. 3. t s possble that b2tu has the meanng of 'box' as beth has sometmes n Hebrew. XV. OMENS FROM AKULUTU.M. No Akulutln2. Though evdently connected wth th; root akl(uh 'to eat,' the meanng s qute doubtful. t n~;ut perhaps be ' rust' or ' mldew.'


49 TRANSLTERATONS.. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S APPEARANCE ON THE FRST DAY,?,AND FROM FULL MOON. No. 1. Obv. () Ana Sn umu k!m nnamr (2) sanaku sa p (3) lb-b mat tab (ab) (4) Ana mnu ana mnat ;-su rk (5) pal m p1 arkut pl (6) sa, Bu-ul-lu-tu. [81-2-4, 33.]., No. 2. Obv. () [Ana Sn] umu k a m nnamr(r) (2) sana3ku sa p lb mat tab (ab) (3) Ar:a umu a-na mn't P-su frk (4) Am j p pal- ark t p' Rev. (r) sa m Sa-p-ku mar [Bar-sb k]., '*~.~~[81-- [' 2-4, 134.] No. 3. OBv. () [Ana Sn umu kanl] nnamr(r) (2) sanaku Sa p lb mat tab (3) Ana unu a-na mnat P-_Su rk (4) pal m 1 arkut P' (5) sa m Bu-ul-lu-t. [83--8, 185. X No. 4. Obv. () Ana Sn mu ka nnamr sanaku sa p [lb m't t ab (2) Ana fmu a-na mnat PS [rk] (3) pal am P arkut [ 1' (4) a m Bu-ul-[lu-tu]. [ , 83.] No. 5. Obv. () [Ana mu ana] mnat-u rk (2) pal umf -;: umu sark-ct plbna kaml nnamr(r) (3) tb a ax sanaku ar Ulllu sa X p (5) a mnat lb mat mal-t -b tab (6) (4) [sa pal m]'l ma Nabu-kSa(sa) mar [Bar-sb l l]. [K. 9oo.] No. 6. Obv, () Ana Sn umu kl' m [nnamr] (2) sanfku sa [lb mat tb] (3) Ana mu amnt (mu)ana [P nk] (4) pa mf [Parkat] (5) sm m l u....klu.. 1[ 388.] No. 6A. Obv. () Ana Sn umu k [nnamr] (2) sanaku p... (3) lb mat tab.... (4) Ana Amu ana mnat -Su [frk] <5) pa! fam "' arkut [plj (6) sa mlu NabO-muf-s. [S ] a

50 s A v t 3 ' ^ t 1 's"" J ^ e.. T. OM!ENS FROMt TlE FRST DAY. N' o.. ( ; A Awa..: S ' a l t r ) ; : ::; t ':t ;.,.: (3),Anna lm. a-1: n -na-t-ustl.:'-k (4,).' nf arkft 3' (5) Ana Sn na tamnart-su ago a-pr (6) akrr at '.. r-tnm (s.;) lalk (ak) (7) sa r`1 lsgtar-suma-fr (s). [K. 696]. No. 8. Ov. () [Ana] Sn Ctmu k m [nnamrl (2) sanaku s:. p' lb [mart tab] (3) Ana Dmu ana a m-na-t-u [rk] (4)j pa af P arkftt l] (5)... nmu XXX ka)b n ms tum... (6) - a- namj Rev. () rnu k.. ) Damku.. (3) lmutt flma (na) k...,.(4) tnu X3V kaa tt a l, Sams rnnammar], (5) s. Baa-Ls-: [K. 784.j ko. 9. Obv. () Ana St: 1 lmu kar m nnamr (2) sana.u sa p lt --' -ao) (ab) (3) & aru Nsann '" TaSrt (?) (4) Ana agu a- p.r kamn)u-alma (5) bkr mat ssr arru a-sa-r-du-tam llak (ak). [ , 6o.] KNo. 10. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu l -a m [nnamrl (2) Sanaku ~a p lb [mrt tab] (3)A na 6fmu (mu) ana mnat P'-.su rk(k) (4 pal lm pl arkat 'l (5) [Ana Sn] na tamart-lu apgu a-pr (6) kananu-ma bur mat ssr Rev. () ).. a-bur-rs ussab (ab) (2) surru asardu-tam llak (ak) (3) sa mu Nabu-k-b (4) mr KUt ' d [K. 744-] No. 11. Obv. () Ana Omu ana mnat P-su rk (2) pa Arm p arkat pl (3) m-na-at arh umu kal d-sal-lam.. (4) Ana Sn Omu k rnnmnr (rj (5) sanaku sa p [lb mat] tab(ab) (6) Ana Sn na tamart-u.. ka-a-a... ma (7) bur mat ssr.. Rev. () Barru a-sa-r-du-tam [llak] (ak) (2) damkt sa sarr bl-a su-t (3) sa ml Nabu-ksa (sa) ma.r Bar-sbk. [K. 756.] No. 11A. 01W. () Ana Sn na m k am hnamr [sanlku sa p] (2) lb mat [tcb] (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su [aga apr] (j4) kamnanu-ma [bfr mat ssr] (5) matu a-bur-r, [ussab] (6) tant aardu-[atn llak] (7) Ana mu na mnat L-[su rk 1 ] R'- ()' p al nm [arkut rp] (2) Sanat P' har [ma' dat?] (3) : Tabut-[l u, Mardukj. [K. x a^-' :t ol ; ".# : n 1: ::2 t No. 12. Obv. () Ana Srn Omu karo lnnxr (r) [sana,-k sa lp (2) lb-b mat -ta-ab (3) Ana fmu ana mnt 't.gu rk(k) (4) pa 1n m r arkut P 1 (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su ag a-pr kamantunra (6) bur ma ssr matu a-bur-rs ussab (ab) (7) sarru a-sa-r-dutarn llak (ak) (8) sa m Ta-b-a. [81-2-4, 85.] No. 13. Obv. () Ana Sn lmu k am nnamr sanaku sa p lb mat.b tab (a (2)Ana ) Sn na tamart-su agu [apr kananu-na] (3) bfr mat ur [matu aburrs ugsab] (4) sarru asardu-atam lak] (5) sa m Al p4a-a am' [Uruka]. [K. 840]. No 'z. () Ana Sn u-mu ka n nar (r) (2) sanaku sa p (3) lb mat tab (4) Ana Sn na tamart-us agu a-pr (5) sarru asardu-tanm (6) llak (ak) Rev. () lu Nrgal-ftr(r). [K. L 701.] No. 15. Ob7v. () Ana Sn fmu.::. 1 nnamr (-) san'ku a p (2) lb mt tab (ab) (3) Ana Amnu(nmu) a--na mnm-3l -Ksu/rk (4) pa fm (ml) anrklt ' (5) Ana na arhu ' Du 'Uz trn X'V kt Sn 11 Samnu (6) tt a-ha-ms nnammaru ': Rev. (T) A--na sarr bh-a ardu-ka (2) m Tabu-s-.u Marduk mar-su (3) sa m -: Bfl... (4) l " El u U Nabd s'd-lum tu-u b b-b (5) tlu-b a-ra-ku tdm (6) ur-ru-ku pa-l-f (7) u ku-un-ru gd ^ -kuss (8) [sa] sarr bfla-na da--r-s (9) k-bu- [. 7U41 X. 7 5~4.] No. 16. Obv. () Ana Sn kan nnamr nmu sanaku sa p.(2) lb mat tab (ab) (3) Ana mu ana mnat pl-su rk (4) pa.mf P arkft pl (5) ar l Addaru a rh u Ululu rs satt (6) k- sa ṟ Nsannu aa n u Takrtu Rez. () na rs Satt (2) lu Sxn tt damktm (tm) (3) sa arak am(m) pal (4) a-na sarr b-l-a (5) -sa-ap-ra t 3(6) gsa Assur-ar-a-[n]., [K. 775.] No. 17. Ob!. () Ana Sn na tamart-su ag. a-pr (2) Sarru asardu-tam llak (ak) (3) lmu L ka nnammar-ma (4) Arna Amu ana mnat Pl-3u rk (5) pal 'm(m)- su arkltt pl (6) m-na-at arj (7) tmu XXX kar n d-sal-lam-ma Rev. () Anra Sn ftm kar nnamnlr-ma (2) damkt atu Akkad k (3) lmutt ma ' u lama u Anrr (4) a Abu '; l " Akkadu k (5) damkt sa sarr bf-l-a (6) sa naba- uma-hkun (un). [Kc. 803.] a2

51 OMENS FROM THE FRST DAY. 5 Ho. 18. ()r,'. () Ala Sn tll; L nnamr r (t){(.) : t;, p lb.ma (;l:)t, (ab( 3) [Ana],5mu ana mnat L.-u 0kj rk (4) pal umn } arkt ' (5) [Anal Sn na tamart-su aft a'lr l'ee. (') sarru a-sa-r-du-tam llak (ak) (2) a " l " Bl-nasr (r) (3) m! u B-4pu (us) tmar Babl k am. AAL (4) ma-a-du ma-ru-us (5j sarru lk-b-ma ar asu (6) ll-lk-ma l-mur-su. [83-1-8, 195.] No. 19. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu k a m nnamr (r) sanaku a p (2) lb-b at -ta-b (3) Ana tmu (mu) ana mnat L-su rk (k) (4) [pal amn] P arkft P' (5)... na samf(?) (6)... sarr bf-l-a (7)... l-tap-ra Rev. () lu Agur lu Samu u Nabf u lu Marduk (2) tmu (mu) a-na tmu (mu) arbu a-na arh (3) sattu a-na satt tu-ub lb-b (4) tu-ub Sr h-du-t u r-a-a-t (5) s ' kuss sa k-na-a-t (6) a-na da-rs a-na Am pl arkat pl (7) h sanat pl ma-'- da-a-t (8) a-na sarr b-l-a ld-d-nu (9) a m lu'naba-k-b. [Rm. 198.] No. 19A. Obv. [Ana Sn fmu] k a m nnarr (r) (2) [sanaku sa p] lb-b mat tab (ab) (3) [Ana fmu ana mnat] L-su rk-(k) (4) [pal Ampl] arkut (Remander lost.) Rev. (Top wantng.) ()... (2) [umu a-na um arhu] a-na arh (3) [sattu] a-na satt (4) [tu-ub] lb-b tu-ub sr (5) [h-dul-t r-sa-a-t su kuss (6) [sa k-na]-a-t a-na da-rs (7) [a-na umf] P 1 arktt P sanat K 1 (8) [ma-']-da-a-t a-na sarr (9) [bl-]-l-a ld-d-nu. [ , 154.] No. 20. Obv. () [Ana Sn] mrnu k a m nnamr (r) (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab (ab) (3) Ana Amu ana mnat PL-u rk (k) (4) pal- tfm p arkat pl (5) Ana na ar h Sabat abnu llk(k) (6) nu hu-us ns.) ev. ( [Sa]-k- mahr (2) [lu Assur )U Samsu l NabA u ' U Marduk l (3) C.u] kuss ga k-na-a-t (4) [a]-na da-rs a- na () [arkt] a srr (6) [b-l]-a d-dan-nu (7) [a m] u Nabf-k-b. [83--18, 219.] No. 21. Obv. () Ana Sn tamu ka nnamr (2) sanlaku a p lb mat ab (3) Ana mrnu (mu) a-na m-na-t-su -r-k (4) pl Am ' arkat, (5) l n MuNtabarrf-mftanu.. - l- u (6) nt tm (m) an-n- n-ta-sar (7) la n--mur (8) r-t-b Rv (x) j@, - su-r Barru b-l -kab-b (2) ma-a ttu-su-l mf-m-n f-ba-s (3) sa rbu-u-n (4)la-aS- u (5) a m star-suma-rs. [Bu , 14.] No. 21A. Obv. () [Ana fmu ana m-na]-t-su -r-k (2) [pal] pl nmf arkat P (3) [u Mustabarrt-mntanu] (a-nu) mu-su an-n-u (4) lu... AL-LUL u-sa (5) [sa m ] star-suma-rs (s).. [83--18, 224.] No. 22. Obv. () [Ana] Sn fmu kam nnamr [sanaku sa p] lb-b mat tab (ab) (2) Ana mu (mu) ana mnat P-[su rk] pal ftml P arkut [pl] (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su agf [apr ;arru] asardu-tam llak (ak) (4) " l Assur lu Samsu l[nabu u] Marduk matu Ku-d-s u matu M-sr (5) a-na kata sarr [b-l-a] -m-nu- na -mu-ku (6) sa sarr b-l-[a...]hu-bu-us-su-nu (7) h-tab-tu-nu... s A (?) ka (?) -da-su-nu (8) ma-la ba-sd-[u a N]-na-a k Slbat sarru-d-t-ka (9) ul-t-r-bu Ful bu-bu-us-su-nu (ro) a-na ardan pl [pusu?] k- p- an-nm-ma ( ) lu Samu u lu Marduk [ mat U G] -mr-ra-a (2) am Man-[na-a-a. ] P ma-la la-pa-an Rev. () Sarr... [ana] kata sarr b-l-a (2) lm-nu-uf [sarru bl-l-a l-h-but (3) kaspa hurasa... -da-su-nu (4) ma-la [ba-su-u...] su-nu la tal-la-ka (5)... a... r... ka t (6) a-na n... [sarr] b-l... b (7) h-[du-t] lb-b [tub sr " s kuss] (8) sa k-na-a-t [ana da]-rs [ana amf] pl (9) hu anat p1 arkat rm].. (o) [a]-na sarr b-l-a... u ld-d-[nu] ( ) Sa "m Nab-[k]-b. [83-1-8, ] No. 22A. Obv. () [Ana Sn Amu kam n]-na-mr (2) [pa -ka-nu (3) [lb] ma-a-t -ta-b (4).. d ta-mar-t l Sn (5)... t-tab-s (6). s (?).. (?) za n ha (7) pal-4u -ka-nu Rev. ().. ma-'-du (2)... ma-'-ar (3)... GUD UD (4). ta-mar-t lu Sn (5)... tam-mar-ma (6) [sa mlu] Nfrgal-ftr (r). [K. 856.] No. 22B. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu ka nnamr (r) san&ku sa pl (2) lb-b mat tab (ab) (3) [Ana Omu ana mnat-u] rk. (4) ( [pal Am pl] arktt p (5)... [n]-nam-ru (6)... n-nam-ma-ru (7).. na k (?) t (?) ul s-sm-m Rev. ()... a a-na bl sarran p' : j (.).. uk-b (3)... [lu]-da-r (4) sa m A-sa-r-du.,O^s, [E -)l [K. 753.]

52 6 Bf~r~zSg'`~ 11,41.11,01,41T.S. O)E!'.NS FRO'M THE MOON'S HlORNS. 7 No. 23. (O.;. ( ) Ana Sn na ' u J)u 'z (?) nu 1. a :;: A:1 (2) sana3k'u a p lbl mat t.:b (3) Ana Sn na tamart,5u agt -ra (4).arru aanrdu-[tar]j l-lak (5) Ana Sn ag a( (?)-da (?)-ru a-r (6) "" Sn [nakraj (?)-;nah-ha-as (7) tnu adaru a (?) pr...- r-t (?) Rev. ()... (2) Ana Sn na... (3) Sarru... (4) matu... (Remander, some three lnes, oblterated.) [ , 65.] No 23.A. Obv. () Ana Sn NU S (?).. nnamr lan P 1 (?)... () mlku (?)... DR a-plr Z... () Stu tb-ma.. HA. A: nbu... (7) Sn na tamart.....a... (2) M... (Remander lost.). (2) Ana Sn la (4) Ana aga M... (6): UK-ma Rev. () massartu [K ] No. 24. Obv. (x)... am nnamr lu Rammanu rahs (s) (2)... ( 3).... t ra mu XXX kam l Sn nnammar (4)... pal umu(mu) arkft P l (5)... pa la k-nl a-lak-t (6) [la tab]-t na mat rass(s) (7)... k ad m XXX kam ad arh (8)... ara'b mat, lama (ma) k (9) [sa -nlu Bl-l'] mar m -g-b am masmauu. [K ] No. 24A. Obv. () Ana Sn na tamart-su agf apr kamrlnu-[ma] (2) matu a-bur-rs ugsab (ab), arru [asardutam llak] (3) Ana karnat pl su... (4) mr-ra... (5) mr (Remander broken off) Rev. () [sa m] lu Bl-suma-skun(un). (2). [K OMENS FROM THE HORNS OF THE MOON. No. 25' Obv. () [Ana] Sn na " u rh? Amu XXX l : a nnamr k kkal (3) [Ana Sn na] tamart-su karnat L-su tur-ru-ka (4) [patar b-ra]-a-t (5) [a-rad massarat tas-mu-d (6) [u sa-]-nmu na mat bass [S] Rev. () G: ta-ra-k (2) G: Sa-la-r (3) G: ka-a-nu (4) k.arnatl'-su kun-na (5) lmutt sa '" l tu Aharr u damkt (6),a Sarr bl-a (7) sa m Za-kr. [K. 770.] t.4 t *a1 a No. 26. Obv. () Ana Sn flmu ku " nnamr (r) (2) sanaku ;a p lb mat tab(ab) (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su agf a-pr (4) bfr mzt sgr [sarru] asardu-tam (5) [llak] ak (6) Ana Sn karnat pl -;u. nt-ha-ra (7) Ana mat subtu nf-h-tum Rev. () Ana Sn na tamart-su ud-du-da (2) sarru a-sar pa-nu-su Saknu (nu) (3) mata -b-l (4): a-(sc) d-sa-na-ku (5) sa m rass(,) Ss-na-kap lu ardu sa sarr (5) mahru(u). [83--8, No. 27. Obv. () Ana Sn tmu k am nnamr sanaku sa p lb mat tab (2) Ana Sn na tamart-[su]karnat... (zvo (?) ltes roken' ut (5).. du s (7)... da (6) dan... u a kar... Re.. () Ana karnat psu tur-ru-ka (2) patar al bra-a-t (3) a-rad massarat pl tas-mu-d (4) u sa-l-mu na mt bass(s) (5) G ta-ra-ku G. ka-a-nu (6) man-za-za k--n zzaz(az)-ma (7) a m A-sa-r-du mahru(u). [K. 874.] No. 28. Obv. () Ana Sn, na amu kam nnamr sanaku sa p [lb mat tab] (2) Ana um(m) ana mnat L-su rk [pal Om p 1 arkft P] (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su fmu namru -d... (4) ku-ru-ss-su tba-ma (5) samassamma kkal (6) k... s-ma (7) Ana ago a-pr sarru a-sa-r-du-tam Rev. () llak(ak) (2) [Ana] kakkabu srur-ma k-ma k (?)-s-r (3) [ultu] rb sams ana st sams rb ma matu lama k (4)... zag-mu nakr kasad-dm... (5) umlmn(n) sa nat u lama k... (6) sa m Za--kr. [ , 59.] No. 29. Obv. () [Ana Sn] Amu kam nnamr sanaku sa p lb mat tab (2) [Ana Sn] na tamart-su karnat L-su d-da (3) sar Akkad k -ma llaku(ku) mata bl(l) (4): Sar Akkad k -ma pan 1 -su saknu(nu) (5) mata un-na-as (6) [Ana Sn na] tamart-su ana umfl-u pan pl su saknu(nu) (7)... -n saluppu u... (8) [na] tamart-su ltanu llak ma (Remander of obv. and top of rev. broken off) Rev. ()....amn() zzz(z) (2) mul SAG. Mf. GAR a-na rb sams ttk(k) (3) subtu n-n-t galmu(mu) damktm(tm) ana mat (4) [Ana a" Samsu] na n-du ppuha(ha) sarru zzz-ma ' kakku bass(s) (5) "m SAG. ML. GAR um pl dannft p l na sam() (6) zzaz(az)-ma (7) [sa-] A-sa-r-du mahrt() ardu h arr. [S. 86.]

53 f t r.;x t: c.. t 3 1, t, -Z!'..~ OMENS FROM TlE MOON'S ORNS. 9 No. 30. (. "w n lrarr) um n (2) lt) nm: 'z!b (3) Ann Sn n'a tas:art-su agr an-r (.4).sarru a ;.lku k l r-du-t l-lak (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnu 1mtt-5u frk-1n.t (6) karn umfl-gu k-ru (7) sarru matu la. s-a-tum kat-su -kas-sad (8) Ana Sn nal tamart-su rabs rb (9) AtalA sakkan(an) Re,. (x) Ana Sn na tanart-su rabs b-ta-l (2) bar mat gsr. (3) -jmu-(mu) a-na m-na-t-su rk (4) pal- am pl arkat P ' (5) Umu u XXX "m l-sal-lam-ma (6) Ana na arhu Ulul atal lama(ma) k (7) lu Sn sakkan (an) (8) sa l lu Nrgal-tr(r). [K. 741.] No. 31. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu k am [nnamrj (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su mmr(r) (4) matu Akkadu lbbu-sa balut(ut) namr(r) (5) umman(n) nuhsa mmar(mar) (6) Ana Sn na tamart-u karnat P-su d-du-[da] (7) Sar Akkad k -ma pan Pl-su [saknu] (8) rnatu b-[l] Rev. () Ana fmu(mu) a-na m-na-t-[su rk] (2) pal pl Am pl [arkut p l ] (3) Ana Am P a-na mna-t-[su-nu rku] (4) sanat Pl sarr na... (5) s--ma... (6) ganat p an-nu-t u-ma... (7) a-dan-ns a-na... (8) na f sa f-da-at.. (c) s-dr-u-n Amu ka"p-n.. (1o) a' m star-sumarn., [K. 788.] No. 32. () [Ana Sn na tamart]-su aga a-pr (2) [1br mat] ssr matu a-bur-rs ussab (3) sarru asardu-tam llak (4) Ana Sn na tamarc-su karnat '-su d-da (5) Sarru mat -nakr-u l-nak- [kap] Rev. () Ana Sn na ar h u Du 'z Amu XXX kam [nnamr] (2) sapah(ah) matat.. (3) arru a-na lmutt la d-ga-r (?) (4). AgA a-pr adaru'u karnat pl u (5)... ra damkt sa sarr (6) [sa m A- a]-r du mahruf(d) (7) [ardu sa] sarr. [K ] No. 33. Obv. () Ana Sn na Amu k am nnamr(r) (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) (3) mumustabarra-matanu (a-nu) (4) sa na lb Akra-b u-zu... (5) a-na a-s... (6) l-ta-pat a (7) a-d Am XXV a Sa... Rev. -Ru () t sa-ru-ru-su ma-ak-[tu] (2) lb sa sarr bf-l-a lu-ta-a-[b] (3) sarru ma-'-ds u-ba-[d] t (4) a-d us-su-d (5) nma-sar-t sa ram-n-9u (6) Sarru l-s-sur (7) m roa- (;)-;.lu ardu a sarr mabru(u). [ , A, 3 A ~t No. 34. Obv. (x) [Ana Sn na tamart-su] aga a-pr btr mnt ssr [matu] (2) [Aburrs] ussab(ab) sarru asardu-tam [llak] (3) [Ana Sn na tamart-su] karnat l-su d-da GAN. BA s (?)... (4) na mat bass(s) (5) [Ana Sn na tamart]-su S P-su ud-du-da sar Akkad k -[ma] (6) [llaku mlta] un-na-a: -ma pa-nu-su sak-nu. (7) [mata bl.. ] p ma damkt mntu Akkad k lmutt mtu n -lama (ma) k (8) [-d]-du sa-pa-ru a [Lkarn] (9) [na l t]--mf am-m- sa ana l... (o)... usur (?) s-pu-[ra] ( ) sarr bl-a a. Rev. ()... la ah h.. (2).. a-k na (?) mut... () ma-'-du-t a-bu... (4)... -n -pu-su sarru bf-l... (5)..- sa a-na sarru bl-aa a... (6).. lab (?)-ba ka-a-a-ma-nu... (7).. muhh-a d-sa.. (8) sarr pa-al-ha-ku ma-a.. (9).. n -kab-b-ma a. (o).. lu s-b-[la] (11) Sa m A-kul-la-[nu]. [ , 205.] No. 35. Obv. () [Ana Sn Amu k am nnamr] sanaku sa [p] lb mat tab (2)... da bfr mat sr (3)... bass(s) (4)... ma adrft P (5)... hu (?).. su ls-su (6) [Ana Sn na] tamart-su karnat P-su ud-du-da sar Akkad k (7) -ma llaku(ku) mat nakr un-na-as (8) [Anaj Sn na tamart-su karnat Pl-su d-dama namra p (9) sar Akkad k -ma pa-nu-su sak-nu Rev. () matat b(l) (2) Ana Sn na tamart-su mmr(r) [Akkadu] k lbbu-su balut(ut) (3) umman(n) nuhsa mmar(mar) (4) Ana Sn na l tamart-su karnat ' rmthars namra p (5) Sarran pl nakrft P l sallmu pl (6) [Ana] fmu ana m-na-t-su.rk (7) pal- m p1 arkft ' (8) aru Nsannu u ar hu Du 'fzu fmu XXX a m d-sal-lam-ma (9) [sa] ~nu Nrgal-tr(r). [8-2-4, 03.] No. 36. Obv. () Ana umu(mu) ana [mnat "-s u frk] (2) pal Fm P arkat pl ] (3) m-na-at arh amu XXXkan m u-al-[lamj (4) [Ana Sn] na tamart-su karnat P 1 -su ud-du-da (5) Sar Akkadk] -ma pan pllsu sak-nu (6) [mata] un-na-as: -ma'pa-nu-su sak-nu (7) [mat] -bf-l Rezv. () -d-du: sa-pa-ru sa kar-n (2) rhu Du 'azu "a t Subartu r (3) sa n Ak-kul-a-n. [Bu , x59.] No. 36A. Obv. (Top broken.) ().. s na... (2) f-d-du [pa-ru sa kar-n] (3) na s-d ta-mar-[t]. (4) sarru pal-s... (S) ma-b-ru ma a... Rev. () mul LU. BAD GUD (?) [UD?]

54 ~~~, ;a f.;%c fl Q a OMENS FROM THE MOON'S HORNS. (2) Ana Sn na tlanrt-.. (3) A\a Sn na um l. 1nnamr. n. (4)., b..t llbu (?) (malz tder/,/s/t. [K No. 37. O/v. (r) Ana Sn na,'lu DR.. KN. TAR n tav.mart-su (2) karntt "4-su ud-du-da-ma p-l (3) ruba dannn-ma mtu(l) nablas(as) (4).. : p-lu... sa-a-mu (5) Ana Sn na tanmart-su ag. a-pr (6) Sarru asardu-tam llak(ak) Rev. () A.na Sn lmu kam nnamr sanaku sa p (2) lb mat tab(ab) (3) A " na Sn manzas-su knu zzz(z) (4) uk-ku-u sa zunn (5) na arhu DR. f. KN. TAR tmu XV k m (6) Sn tt lu Sam n-nam-mar (7) sa m Nrgal-tr(r). [K. 729.] No. 38. Obv. () Ana lu Sn Amu kam nnamr pu-l knu (2) lb-b ma.t tab (3) Ana u Sn na tamart-su karnat v-su d-da (4) sar Akkad a-sar pa-nu-su sak-nu (5) ma-a-t -b-l (6) Ana mul Sarru sa-ru-ru na-s (7) Sar Akkad k ga-m-ru-tum (8) pus(us) Rev. () Rev. () Sa m Mun-na-b-tu. [K ] No. 39. Obv. () Ana Sn fumu kam nnamr sanaku sa p (2) lb mat tab (3) Ana Sn na tamart pl su agf a-pr sarru asardu-[tam] llak (4) Ana karnat L-su mthars namra l (5) sarran Pa nakrut p sallmu [P] (6) t-t l u Sams nnammar(mar) (?). (7) bt ta-mar-t... (8)..lu (?) t-ta (?) [mar?] Rev. () Sul-mu damku ana mat ur-ra.. (2) Sn nakr -mah-ha-[as] (3) " l LU. BAD. GUD. UDna lb (?) lu (?) Sn (4) z-za-az... (5) sa ll u Nrgal-tr(r). [S ] No. 40. Obv. () [Ana] Sn fmu ka nnamr(r) sana.ku sa p (2) lb-b mat tab (3) [Ana Am] bubbul a-na m-na-t-4u (4) rk lm P ' pall (?) arkut '.: [K. 804.] No. 41. Obv. () Ana Sn na tamart-su agf a-pr (2) kalmanu-ma bur mat ssr (3) matu a bur-rs ussab(ab) (4)- arru asardu-tam llak(ak) (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnu mtt-u rk (6) karnu suml-su k-r (7) sar mat la sd-a-t Re. (x) kat-su kasad(ad) (2) Ana..[fmu XXX] kla d-all-lam-man (3) Ana tmu ana nna't l-su rk (4) p)l um V p arkft p 1 (5) Ana Sn mu " nnamr-ma (6) damkt matu Akkad k (7) lmultt ' l f-lama u Aljarr (8) 5a nu, Nabv-Sumna-gkun(un). [K. 79.X t 4 4 No. 42. Obv. () [Ana Sn na] tamart-su [agu apr kamanunma] (2) [sarru] a-sa-r-du-[tam llak] (3) matu a-bur-rs us-[sab] (4) s na arh Tasrt fmu(mu) d4-al-la-ma (5) Ana Sn amu ka nnamr 'sanalku sa p (6) lb mat -ta-ab (7) Ana Sn fmu kam nnamr-ma damkt m a t u akkad k (8) lmutt lama(ma) k [u] A-bar-r-f Rev. () Ana Sn na tamart-u... (Remaander, fve lnes, llegble except for a few characters.) [S ] No. 43. Obv. () [Ana Sn] na tamart-su eag a-p-r (2) [sarru] a-sa-r-du-tam llak(ak) [matu] a-bur-rs us-sab (4) [na] na-mu-r-su a-gu-u p-p-r-ma (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su 3 karnu mtt-su samu(d) d-rat (6) mahru k--nu na mat bass(s) (7) na-as-kun 4bart na natu Aharr k bass(s) Rev. (x) kar-nu mtt-su samu(') d-rat (2) Sa k-bu-u-n (3) na Ga- - -al-luup-ma la n-na-mr (?) (4) DR ha-la-pu gsa kar-n (5) l Sn na tamart-su karnu mtt-su mattu Aharr (6) Ana Sn -lmu kam nnamr-ma damkt Akkad k (7) lum-nu matu lama(ma) k Aharr- (8) lu Sn tmu XV ka" ultu l Sa-mas (9) n-na-mar (o) [ga] mlu Nabf-ah P-rba. [K. 705.] No. 44. Obv. () [Ana Sn fmu km] nnamr(r) (2) [sanaku sa p] lb mat tab(ab) (3) [Ana fmu ana] m-na-t-su rk (4) [pal] tm P 1 arkat pl (5) [Ana Sn na] tamart-su karnat Pl-su ud-du-da (6) sarru a-sar -sa-na-ku -nak-kap (7) [Ana Sn] na tamart-su karnat 'l-su mt-ha-ra (8) [a]-na mat gs-ub-tum n-h-tum Rev. () [Ana Sn na] tamart-su aga a-pr bur mat ssr (2) [sarru] asardu-tam llak(ak) (3) [Ana.... aru] Nsann na am ka nnamr(r) (4) [su] ltanu llk lb sar Akkadk (5)... su tab(ab) (6) [mu' LU.BAD] GUD.UD na rb Sams na lb mul KU.MAL (7)... damkt sa sarr b-l-a (8)....ar Aarr k na B, kakk sumkut(ut) (9).. [arr b]-l-a sa na matu M-s-r (10)... -kas-sa-du. [8o-7-9, 63.] No. 45. Obv. () [Ana] Sn na m klm [nnamr] (2) sanaku sa p lb [mat tab] (3) Ana Sn na tamart-u manzas-su (?) KA. G. NA., glossed pu-u -kan. 2 AGA, glossed a-gu-u. S ZAG. -su Ana -, glossed kar-nu -rt-t-gu ga-mu-u. s r. GAR, /ossed bar-t. DR, glossed d-r.

55 A ' T g~' (" " t,, ".%.., 1, ( :, " -; OMENS FROM TlE MOON'S ORNS. 13 ltu [f/ /j ( 4); L 3 1 k.tl1 a t a s t dat Kt t. Pt (5 na fl :"' n.,m-ma-ru (6) Ana ftmu ana m -a-u rk (7) ' trnf.. [arkkt! ] (8)... du (?).. eczv. ().. umu1 XXX. ^ -sal-]a-[la] (2).. n-nam-mar-[ma] (3) =:" u Ululu (?) rb... (4) V arhan '.... (5) u Amu ku n nnammar.. (6) a sarru bf-[l] (7).. (Remander lost.) [83-1-8, 203.] No. 46. Gbv. () Ana Sn na tamart-su (2) karnat p-su uddu-da (3) sarru mat nakr-su d-na-kap (4) Ana Amu XV kam Sn u "u amsu (5) tt a-ha-ms nnamru pl (6) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) Rev. () lan plmnat u Akkad k' (2) a-na damktm(tm) -has-sa-su (3) lu-ud lb-b ns pl gakan(an) (4) sa m Apla(a). [K. 172.] No. 46A. Obv. () Ana na mn (?) (?)... G (?) *NA (2) lb mat tab(ab) (3) Ana Amu... lu n-nam-mar (4) damkt (?) a (?) sarr b-l-a (5)... Su (?) a-d.. z-za-az (6).. K (?) DU (?) SU (?) ur ku (?) (7)... rub arkt pl Rev. ().. m (? ) GR (?) TAB (?).. lu m l ) PAN (?) (2).. sarru (?) (?)-t-tl-z (4) S +-UM sa sarr bf-l-a (5) na (?) Am(m) ul(?)-l- (6).. k (?)... matu (?) SS (?) (7) m rass(s)-lu (8) (n dfferent h hand?) 'ar ru (?) mu (?) k l. [K. 904.] No. 46. Obv. ().. nu tar as... (2) Ana Sn Amu k a m nnamr [sanku sa.] p [lb mat tab] (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnat pl [su].... (4) sar m tu... (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnat [l-su].. (6) karnat 'pl u... (7) kat-su kkasad(ad). (8) Ana karnu suml-su uk... Rev. () Ana Sn Amu XXX k nnamr... (2): KA... (3) Ana Sn amu XXX k am nnamr... (4) nm-ma-lku... (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su... (6) Sarru sr(mus)-ta.. (Remander wantng.) [81-2-4, 321.] No. 47, Obv. () [Ana] Sn fmu kam nnamr (2) sanaku sa p [lb] mat. tab(ab) (3) Ana Sn....(/. 4and 5 llegble) (6) Ana manzazu k-[-nu zzz] (7) uk-ku-u sa (zunn] (8) Ana karnat pl. k nnamru 1 (9) mlu llakam(kam) Rev. () l u Bl u l Nabfl lb.-b sa sarr bl-l-[a] (2)... b ana sarr b-l-[a] (3)... (4) na lb h... (5)... a.. an... 6) sa m d-ma-a-[a]. [833x-8, 2:16.] ; 1. j. :* No. 47A. Ob (... ())... kkal (3) [Ana Sn na t.amart-su] aga a-plr (4) Sarru [a-sa-r]-du-t l-lak (5)... (6) [Sn nakra ]-mah-ha-as Rev. ()... r-p (2) [Ana Sn na tarart-u] karnu rntt-su frk (3) [karnu] suml-u k-ru (4) [Sarru] matu la sd-a-tum kat-su (5) -kas-sad (6)... [K ] No. 48. Obv. () Ana!h Sn amu 'am sa arl" KAN ZA ttamar(mar) (2) sar Akkad k -ma llaku(ku) mata un-na-as (3): Sar Akkad k f-ma pan '-su saknu(nu) (4) mata bl(l) (5) fmu XV k a tt lu Sams t-tan-mar (6) pa-tar alu b-ra-a-t (7) a-rad maas-sa-ra-t (8) tas-mu u sa-l-mu na mat [bass] Rev. () s-t-t damkat pl su sarru (2) ha-an-ts t--mu u sd-lum (3) sa ha-d- sarru -sm-mu (4) sa m A-a-r-du. [83--18, 75.' No. 49. Obv. Ana Sn na arhu S-l-l-t su Narkabta ra-kb (2) Sar Akkad k n-r-su s-sr-ma (3) a-a-b kat-su kasad (ad) (4) a h S-l-l-t arbu Sab-atu (5) [na] arhu Sabat na lb-b 1 U l ST. G (6) tarbasu lamm(m)-ma Rev. () [Ana] Sn tarbasu lm-ma m' AN. NA. MR (2) na lbb-su zzz(z) sarru Sa-lm (3) kt-t u m-sa-r na mat bass(s) (4) [sa] m u Nabf-ksa(sa) mar Barsb k [83-1-8, 187]. No. 50. Obv. () [Ana Sn na tamart-su] karnat p 1 su zu (?)--u-ma (?) (2)... na kakk sumkut(ut) (3) [Ana Sn na tamart-su] karnat -su sa. d (?) ut (?) a.. (4).. u kat-su kasad(ad) (5).. SAG. us.. turn (6)... -Rev. ()... r-turn manzas-su knu [zzz] (2) [tas-mu]-d u salmu(mu) na mat bass(s) (3)... ta-mar-t (4) [,T LU. BAD.] SAG. US a-na sarr (?) (5).. tab... () [... lb sarr bl lu-ta-a-[b (7) [sarru bf-l] lu-ba-a-[d] (8)... [83--'8, 212.] No. 51. Obv. ()U Sn na ag ' Nsann (2) lmu(mu) d-sallam Rev. (3) l sa u NabA-ah " rba. [83--8, 190.] No. 52. Obv. [Sn arhu] Aru fmu(mu) 6-sal-lam (2) [tmu X?] ko m lu Sn u us Samsu (3) t-t a-ba-ms nnammaru p (4) [amu?] X kan mu-s sa tmu XV ka. (5).. massartu u. atah la Aakan Rev. () bu... k V-u na-sa-ka (2) atala ul s-sak-

56 B 14.A STR{ K';. R t :1RTS. kan () -a-t at r-s-u (3) sn-ar (5) l-a-p-a.. ' T'!t s!-.umanrduk (6) mnr h-5u a J"l'lu Bl-na-sr. [K. T393.] No. 52A. Obv. (x)... Sn... amsu (four les 7,ant)t) m (5)... V... (6) 'bu Smanu flmu XXV,'1 Sn zzaz (?). Rev. () ul (?) -tap... (2). lu Sn fmu(mu) -sal-[lam-ma] (3) [mll]-na-a-t na lmu(lu).. (4) -am-... (5).. mtu Abarrt k (6) [sa l u ] Nrgal tr(r). [8-2-4, 138.] No. 53. Obz. (top broken) ()... [a Addar fmu(mu) d-[sal-lam?] (2) fnmu XV km t-t n-[nam-mar] (3).. na ar l Nsann -amu(mu) -d-tar-ra (4)... a arh Ar mu(mu) '-tar-ra (5)... na aru Sman a-na tur-ra k nadu(du) (6).. [ma]--du na pa-n-a ul... (7).. sarr sa sarran P... (Rev. o0sf.) : [ , 66.] No. 54. Obv. () U Sn na arbu Sabat (2) Amu(mu) -al-lam Rev. (r) S:; m u Nabf-agl -rba. [83--8, 189.] No. 55. Obv. () ' u [Sn mu] -sal-lam (2) a... r-fs satt (3) damkt sa [sarr] bf-a (4) na m ul LU. BAD. GUD. UD (5) sa arru b-l s-pur-an-n (6) t-t-ma-l mlu Star-umrs(f) (7) na lb kall sa-a-su (8) a-na mlu Nab-ah l-rba g-dr Rev. () -da-a-t na NU. BAD-t (2) t-ta-al-ku gab-b-su-nu t-ta-as-ru (3) -ta-am-ru p-tu-s (4) s m Ba-la-s-. [K , 335.] No. 56. Obv. () [Ana Sn tmu kam nnamr] sanaku s pl lb mat tab(ab) (2)... n-du-su (?) u subat-su nh(h) (3)... ana d-m-k-na (4)... -ta-m (5)...ar Aharr kssutam(tam) bl(l) (6)... kakkaban' p t-tab-s (7)... DU DU. Sn nakr st (?) (8)... ga-a. Rev. () mlu MN. B lan P 1 rabft pl (2)... dan-n-su-nu matat pl n.. (3).. } (?)... ma (4).. damktm(tm)... ku (5)... a (6).. a ma (7)... a. [K:^ 341.] No. 56A. Obv. () Ana Sn mu k m... (2) pa-l-[f].. (3) pa... 4) na... (Remander broken of.) [K s : :;' e :W " OMENS FROM TE TWENTY-EGHTH DAY.. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S APPEARANCE ON THE TWENTY-EGHTH DAY. No. 57. Obv. () Sa a-na sarr bl-a as-pur... (2) mu-uk uzn pl sa sarr [bfl-a] (3) lan Pl-n d-pat-tu (?)... (4) sm-ma mm-n a-na... (5) ultu lbb-su -da-bu-ub na.. (6) -har-rubu 2 ttu utu... (7) []-ap-par-u-n ra-a u a.. Rev. ()...[Amu] XXV kam nnamr (?)... [damkt] sa (?) mat Akkad k lmutt matu fama [k ] (3) tmu XXV kal : Sn s... (4).:. 3 ultu m-hr tt sa... (5).... (Left-hand edge) () sarru b-l... (2)...[K ] No. 58. Obv. () Ana Sn na tamart- u kma famu kam mu XXV k a m nnamr... (2) lmuttm(tm) Aharr k (3) Ana Sn amu XXV k am nnamr (4) damkt m a tu Akkad "1 lmutt ma t a Abarr R Rev. () sa am Rab-asft. [K. 693.] V. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S APPEARANCE ON THE THRTETH DAY. No. 59. Obv. () Ana Sn na m XXX km nramr(r) (2) su-ru-ub-bu-u: rgmu(mu) nakr bass(s, ) (3) Ana Sn na tamartsu sa-ku-ma nnamr(r) (4) nakru na mrt -lk-k (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su har-b-s na-an-mur (6) arhu n-zk-tum ub-ba-lu JRev. () Ana Sn na tamart-su karnat -[su].. ka (?) ru (2) -na-at-ta-lu (3) mlu lakam(kanm) (4) ga m rass(s) lu ardu sa sarr (5) mahra(u). [K ] No. 60. Ov. () Ana Sn na tamart-su un-nu-ut-ma (2) maam-tma la -ma-an-d-su (3) zunnu zanun(nun) (4) Ana Sn fmu XXX k a m nnanr(r) (5) sd-ru-ub-bu- : rgmu(mu) nakr (6) na mat bass(s) Rev. () Ana Sn na tamart us-tap-pl-ma nnamr(r) (2) sd-pdl-t mat ru-uk-t (3) ana sar kssut llakam(am) (4) Ba m rass(s)-lu ardu sa sarr makrl(u). [ , 53.] P. M, glossea' uz-n. S + UM, olssed t-tl 5 TA m-br S + UM, glossed[ul]-t6 m-h-r t-t. 5

57 A' TK }» -t d 1'! -_ ^ X l r.u.., r.r,-s OMENS F1ROMN THE THRTET )DAY. 17 No. 61. O)'% (!) \An Sn l u XXX t ',m,:ar (:3).S',;- s tlb-bu-5 1rgmu(nu) (j).. "' nakr, ba;(: ) (4) t[ "'' Na :.-, g-s. [ , 54.] t r No. 62. Oav. () [Ana Sn "a] Nsann umu XXX. [nnamr] (2)[Su]-bar-tum At-ha-ma-a [kkal] (3)'lsanu ahtutl (turn) at u Aharra k 2 -b-l (4) a-n-nu Subartu (5) Ana Sn tmu XXX " l nnamr (6) sd-ru-ub-bu-u na mat bass(s) (7) sl-ru-ubbu-u ku-us-su Rev. () Sn na arhu Tabt Cmu XV [k';] (2) l ultu Sa-rnas n-na-mar[ma] (3) Snnn ar h u Sabat rmu(mu) d-sal-lam (4) Amu XV ka ultu "l Sa-mas n-na-mar (5) [ l Sn na] arbu Addar tmu(mu) -tr-ra (?) (6)... u Sa-mas n-na-mar... (7) [ lu Sn na] ahu Nsann Amu(mu) d-sal-lam [sa mnl NabCl]-ah P f-rba. [S. x974.] No. 63. Obv. () Ana Sn na arhu Ar umu XXX k am nnamr (2) AharrO k-d subart k (3) na kakk dak... (4) [Sa] m Munna-b-tu. [K. 776.] No. 64. Obv. () Ana Sn na a r h Ar nmu XXX k a m nnamr (2) duh-da Aharr k (3) am Ah-la-mu-d [kkal] (4) sa rl Nabfksa(sa) mar [Bar-sb ]. [ , 299.] No. 64A. ObV. () [Ana Sn na] aru Ar amu XXX nnamr (r) (2) [duh-da tu] Aharr Ah-a-mu-d kkal (3)... du ru u sahlukta (4)... Aharr bass (5)...du kma... dar.. Rev. ()... da (2).. tt Sams nnamar(mar) (3)... d- s-t-tf-k (4) [Sa m A-sa]-r-du. [K. 340.] No. 64B. Obv. (top zwantng) () [Ana Sn na] ar h Ar trmu XXX k am [nnamr] (2) [duh-da] Aharr k (3) [Ah]-la-mu-d kkal (4) [ -tu-d-a- a aarr s [bl-a?] (5) [Anal mub-h Mu-gal [lu... (6).. l-d-nu Rev. (1).. [.. Ah?]-la-mu-u... ().. lb-b -l-[ku?] (3)... at (?). (Remander wantng.) [K ] [M BAR-turn, glossed l-a-a-nu a-h-tum.., D \l, lossed [^-lbl. j,, -No. 65. Obv. () Ana Sn na fm XXX ktm nnarnr(r) (2) d-ru-bu-d (3) : rgmu nakr bass(s) (4) Ana Sn na 'r'u Sman Otmu XXX ka nnamr(r) (s) duh-du Aharr k (6) Ah-[la]-mu-d kkal Rev. Sa m rass(s)-lu ardu sa arr (2) mahru(u). [ , 50.] No. 66. Obv. () Ana Sn na arhu Sman flmu XXX k am nnamr (2) duh-du Aharr k: Ah-la-mu-[u kkal] (3) Ana Sn na 6m XXXka m nnamr (4) Sd-ru-ub-bu-u : rgmu(mu) [nakr] (5) na mat bass(s) (6) Ana Sn na tamart-su us-tap-pl-ma [nnamr] Rev. ().. matu -lk-k (2) [Ana Sn na] tamart-su d-sap-pl-ma nnamr(r) (3) [su]-pl-t mat rukt(t) (4) [Ana] sarr ksut llak(ak): am mar-pr (5).. l-la-ka (6) sa m rass-lu ardu sa sarr mahrt(u). [K. 809.] No. 67. Obv. () Ana Sn na ar U Sman Amu XXX kar nnamr (2) duh-da Aharr k Ah-la-mu-d kkal (3) aru Smanu mnat Aharrt lmutt mnatu Aharr (4) m u LU. BAD. SAG US (5) d-sam a-na muh-h mu1 Dl-bat (5) ul k-ru-ub Rev. () ttu-su aa-nu (2) Sa m Suma-dna(na). ' [ , 94.] No. 68. Obv. () [Ana Sn na] ar h u Sman Omu XXX kam nnamr (2) [duh-da] A-har-r- Ah-la-mu-u kkal (3) [Ana Sn] thnu XXX k am nnamr sd-ru-ub-bu-u (4) r-gm nakr bass(sf) (5) [Ana Sn] na tamart-su ltanu llk (6) Arhu auatu mlu llakam(kam) (7) [Ana Samsu] na napah-su na mtt-su n-du. (8) u Rammanu rahs(s) Rev. () ul mustabarr6l-mltanu(a-nu) ut-ta-m-s (2) a-na pa-na-tu-us-su l-lak (3) ultu ml Akrab n-nm-da (4) s--a-r a-na sarr bfl-a (5) d-sab-ka-am (6) [sa] m Ba- [la-s]-. [K. 774.] No. 69. Obv. () Ana Sn na aru Sman fmu XXX kam nnamr(r) (2) duh-du Aharr k Ah-la-mu-d kka (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su adr matu nulha mmar (4) GAN. BA. nap-ga mat kkal (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su adr-ma karnu suml-su k-pat (6) karnu mntt-su d-d-t (7) mlatu nakr ta-za-k]p lu Rammanu rahs Rev. () Ana Sn na tamart-su rabs b-ta-'-l (4) bfr m111t ssr (5) Ana na a r h u Sman lmu XV kam Sn tt sams (6) n-nam-mar (7) sa m lu Nrgal-tr(r). [ , 49.] b

58 s. A ST 1 +; O LO.A,. L 4,. t ( RT S. J-", OMENS FROM THEl; THRTETH DAY. 19 No. O69A. OP/. (1) [Ana Sn na "arb Sman mfu XXX S nnamr (:) da-ahl-du r Aharr [kl (3) Alh-la-mu- k (?)-[ka) (4) [Ana] Sn na tamart- 8 aru AharrA [llak] (5) na arh Buat mur-su us (?)... (6) [lu]-um-nu }a "lntu MAR[TU] (7)... na ak.. Rev. ()... mar... (Remander lost,) [ ] No 70. Obv. () Ana Sn na a rh u Sman amu XXX k' ln nnamr (2) duh-du Aharr h Ah-la-ma-a kkal (3) Ana Sn tmu XXX a m' nnamr sd-ru-ub-bu-u (4)... r-gm am nakr. bass(s) (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su har-bs na-an-mur (6) arhu n-zk-tu ub-ba-la (7) arhan da-rat a-h--s (8) mu(mu) ut-tr-r-ra ahu Aru a-4 Sman (9) na mtt Sams n-du na-d ( o) uu Rammanu rahs(s)... zunn pl ml Pl Rev. () l-lak-u-n (2) m ul mustabarru-rnmtanu (a-nu) s-su-uh-ur (3) ut-ta-mf-s na pa-na-tu-us-su na lb Akrab (4) l-lak lum-nu st- (5) ma-hr-t4, ar-h-s lu-gam-m-ru (6) us-su-d sa sarr bl-a lu-u-sam-gur (7) a-du nmar-u-n a-d-f sa l-lak-u-n (8) z-za-zu-u-n (9) sa r" l Nabtah-ba. [81-2-4, 79-1 No. 70A. Obv. () Ana na ar 1u Ab Amu XXX k am nnamr (a) sapah(ah) [malt Akkad k] (3) Ana na ar h u Ab... (4) t... [K ] No. 71. Obv. () Ana Sn na a U Ab Amu XXX ka. nnamr (r) (2) Sapah(ah) m tu Akkad k (3) Ana Sn fmu XXX km nnamr(r) (4) s-ru-ub-bu-1 (5) [: rgm] am nakr bass(s) Rev. () Sa m Ta-b-a. [ , 182.] No. 72. Obv. () Ana Sn na au Ab unu [XXX] ka m nnamr (2) sapah m&au akkad k d (3) Ana Sn Amux XXX kam nnamr (4) Sd-ru-ub-bu- (5)... rgmu (mu?) a nakr bass(s) (5a) [sa (?) m ] Arad-u 1 ft-a (5 a. The name of the sender has been wrt/en n a small hand dagonally.) [K ] No. 73. Obv. () Ana Sn na ar b Ab tmu XXX ' & nnamr (r) (2) sapab(ab) m t k Akkad h (3) Sar K- 4a-t bf-l-a (4) l lssed nt.ml-t au Sa-m.a. sw.;, :. 4.{ : n.17 -: 4 ' X' t 01.' f ; 1, 4 z :1 t --was-s.r-an-n a-na-ku Rev. () lmnu (mu)-us-su a-na l (2) bubu-t-a sarr -mah-ar (3) u n-na a-na lbtt t-ta-az-k-n-n (4) um-ma l-bt-t l-b-n (5) Sarr b-l-a 1a d-ma-sr-an-n-ma (6) la a-ma-t (7) Sa 1n Ta-b-a. [Bu ,.] No. 74. Obv. () Ana Sn fmu XXX k'm nnamr (2) S-ruub-bu-[u] (3).. rgm nakr bas"(s) (4) Ana na a'r kslm Atmu XXX k m nnamr (5) Sar Aharr k (6) na ' S kakk sumkut Rev. () m*tu Aharr k (?)... (2) t-tu s-sa-... (3) lu-u-sa. z (?) (4) na muh-b-n... (5) sa a n Rab-A. BA. [Rr. 203.] No. 75. Obv. () Ana Sn na ahu kslm lmu XXX k6 m nnamr (2) Sar Aharr (3) na kakk sumlkut(ut) Rev. Sa lu Naba-ah P 1 -rba. [K 692.] No bv. () Ana Sn na aru Tbt ftmu XXX k l l nnamr (2) Subarta k Ah-la-mu-u kkal (3) lsanu ahtum(tum)j nf.tu Aharr bfl [l] (4) ahu Tfbta mt a u f lama(ma) k (5) Sa m Bu-ul-lu-tu Rev. () 'mu XXX kam n-ta-sar urpatu dan-[nat?] (2) u Sn la n-mur (3) Omu XXX k f a n-ta-sar U Sn n-ta-[mar] (4) ma-t-[ a-dan-n.s. (5) sa fmu XXX kam g-d... (6) na muh-h kur-bu m--nu.. (7) a sarru b-l -ka-bu-u... [83--, 183. No. 77. Obv. () Ana na aru Tbt Sn tmu XXX kam nnamr (2) Subarta k Ah-la-mu-u kkal (3) lsanu a-h-td matu Aharr k bfl(l) (4) Ana Sn na tamart-su sa-p-l (5) Sd-pu-ul-t mat rukt(t) (6) a-na sar ksstt llakam(kam) (7) Sa m Bu-ul-lu-t. [83-1-8, 184.] No. 78. Obv. () Ana Sn na aru Tbt uomu am nnamr (2) Subarta k Ah-la-mu-u kkal (3) lsanu a-h-tum m&tu Aharr k (4) bl(l) Rev. () a Nrgal-tr(r). [K. 722.] No. 79. () [Ana Sn] na aru Tbt tmu XXX kam (2) Subarta k Ab-la-mu-d kkal (3) lsanu a-h-tum (4) Aharrl bfl(l) (5) [Ana] Sn na tamart-su karnat 'P-su (6) [mr?]-ra-a h la... pa (7) a(?) mat (?) damktm(tm) na mat bass(s) (8) "' l Nrgal"'t~r(r).~ ~[ , 1 73.] b2

59 20~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VAROUS OMENS FROM THE MOON. 2 No. 79A. 01/. () Sn na ^" 1 Tbt cmnu [XXX k",! n1nalr.t (2) Su,11art k Ah-[la-mu-u kkal] (3) lanu a-hl-tum [,,t, Ahar;r (4) bl [l] (5) [a] A" Apla-a mar Bar-sb k. [ ] No. 80. Obv. () Ana Sn na na Tbt Amu XXX,nn nnamr(r) (2) Subart Ah-la-mu-u kka (3) lsanu ahtum(tum),atu Aharr TM (4) -bf-fl Rev. () sa ' Sd-ma-a-a. [K. 713.] No. 80A. Obv. () [Ana Sn na arb u ] Tbt rmu XXX kat nnamr(r) (2) [Subart] am Ah-la-mu-[u kkal] (3) [lsanu] a-h- [tum m atu Aharrl l bl] (Remander broken off.) Rev. () sa Nab--k-[b] (2) mar kft.... [ , 72.] No. 81. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu XXX k" a m [nnamr] (2) SUru-ub-bu-d.. rgrn nakr bass(s) (3) Ana Sn na ar hu Sabat Amu XXX ^ m nnamr (4) atal matat sakan(an) Rev. () sa am Rabdup-Sar. [ , 56.' MSCELLANEOUS FRAGMENTS CONCERNNG THE MOON'S APPEARANCE ON THE THRTETH DAY. No. 81A. Obv. ()... (2)... (?) (3).... XXXk nnamr (4)... tu (5)... kkal. (Remander wantng.) [Bu , 38.] No. 81B. Obv. (Top wantng.) (). mts. (2)... [fmu] XXX kam nnamr... (3) [. Sd]-ru-ub-bu-u: rgm nakr... (4) sa m Ba-rfa--[a]. [Bu , 37.] No. 81c. Obv. (x)... amu XXX k l am nnamr (2).,. tu k (3)... kkal (4) [sa mlu Nabu]-suma-skun(un). [80-7-9, 66.] t No.81D. Obv. ()... XXX km nnamr (2)... Aharru (3)... la-mu-'a... (4) [sa m ] lu Nabu-ahl pl [rba]. [ , 197- No. 81E. Obv. () Ana Sn... (2) Bd. (3) * rgr.. (4) sa,n"t Nabf.... [).T., 49. ; f.t t 4' r No. 8lF. Obv. ()... tt Sarns nnamr (2)... Subart k (3)... Subart (4)... (5)... tar-ru (6)... Sn nnamr Rev. ()... Aharru k (2)... kkal (3)... du. No. 81G. Obv. ()... nnamr (2) bass(s) (3)... (4).mu-ur-su... lost.) Rev. ()... (2)... rba. [ , 62.]..... rg nakr unuml. (Remander [83--18, 314]. No. 81H. Obv. () Ana Sn na... (2) tt... (3) a... (4) Ana Sn na a... (5) maru... (6) lmutt... (Remnander broken.) Rev. (Top wantng.) () am nakru na... (2) Ana Sn na la... (3) t... [K ] No. 81. Obv. () Ana l Sn... (2) Sarru... (3) Ana lu Sn... (4) Sarru.... (Remander wantng: sz-ht traces on reverse.) [-3-8, 885.] No. 81K. Obv. ()... k m n-na-mr (2)... Aharr (3)... df kkal (4) [Ana Sn manza]-as su knu zzz(z) (5).,. pat (?) zunn (6).. s-st-t pus(ua)-ma (7)... mur-sa-at Rev. ()... ta-mu-4 (2)... ut (Remander of reverse broken, except the wrter's name.) (3) [Sa n lu Nfrgal]-tr(r). [K. 9o0.] V. VAROUS OMENS FROM THE MOON. No. 82. Obv. () Ana nu Sn na la s-ma-n h-h-ram-ma la. nnamr (2) t-b- al ks-sa-td umu X kam nnammar-ma (3) Ana nu Sn a nnamr lan pl mlk mat ana damktm(tm) malku pl (4) sa Amu XV kam Amu XV kam lu tt l la nnammaru(ru) (5) Ana u Sn na arh u Ulul lu-d Amu XV kam lu-d Amu XV kam (6) tt 'lu Sams la nnamr UR. A pl matu p ' alkat pparrasu Pl (7) Ana lu Sn u l Samsu ud-da-su-nu du-'-d-mat (8) Sarru tt mat-su u ns pl z-n -na-kap(kp) (9) l Sn u lu Samsu.atala sakanu '-ma: a mu XV kam (o) arhu-us-su lu tt l la nnammaru(ru) Rev. k A) Ana Umu XV m u Sn u lu Samsu tt a-ha-m s nnamru pl ( 2 ) Sarru ana Sarr sal nukurt sappar garru na kal- u ana mnat [arb] 1 KAB-u, glossed t-m-,-u.

60 : AS'll., "'. (.()(P','A 1,.PO R TS. \VAROOUS OMTENS FROM. THE MOON. (3) f-t-~sa r S[ na-krj :n.'a rn-,t-s',, sakan(an) nakru nn nat-fst (4) sal-ta-rnslku :' (5)..- ar Subart ' -dan-nn-ma nar h ra S(S) (6) A-na l ta-ma-ra-a-t a-gan-na-a-t (7) sa 'lb [a;n1.s?] garru la -sa-tu lu- NAM. BUL. B (8) lu--... madul-lu ga a- na l kr-bu (9) sarru l-pu-us (o) sa Mun-na-b-tu. No. 83. Obv. () Ana [K. 769.] u Sn na sa-da-h-su d-*s.. (2) l u (N. LL ana mat -tam-ma-am-ma (3) ul p-pa-as-sr (4) Amu X kam tt lu Sams nnammar-ma Rev. () Sa mlu Bl-l mar m f-g-b (2) a n masmasu. [K ] No. 84. Obv. () Ana Sn na a-la-k-su... (2) lum-nu a... (3) amu X k n [nam-mar-ma] (4) V arhan pl -da-at a... (5) mu (mu)-us-sa nnammar na lb-b... (6) t-tan-ta-ha mu X km t... (7) Sarru b-l a-na lum-n lu la.. (8). Ana l : Sn na tamart-u l Samu(d) sa.. (9) 1 Samu(d) -za-nun...mlu [llak] Rev. () na 2 urpat... (2) Ana 3 mu u. (3) 4 ba-l Smn-ma (4) slm-ma kussu... (5) mull mbaru (?)... (6) sd-ru-bu-u [ku-us-su] (7) Ana mul Sanamma(ma) mul MAS- TAB-BA... (8) rubu mat sa k-bu-u-n-a. (Left-hand edge.) Sa mlu Nabt-ah P rba. [K. 877.] No. 85. Obv. () Ana Sn t-bal lmuttm(tm) mata sakan(an) (2) Ana Sn na la m-na-t-su b-b-lum l-bl (3) Atal sakan(an) (4) Amu XXV kam Sn -tab-bal-ma (5) Ana l Samsu na fm bubbul tarbasu lm (6) Atal lama(ma) k sakan(an) (7) na ar kslm ma-sar-t sa atal Rev. () tarbasu sa u Sams l-mu-l (2) u Sn sa t-ba-lu (3) a-na ma-sar-t sa atal. (4) sa ar hu kslm n-nam-mar (5) Sarru lu--d (6) lb-b garru b-l-a (7) lu-ta-a-b (8) sa rass(s)-lu ardu sa sarr malhr(u). [K. 752.] No. 85A. Obv. () Ana Sn na la m-na-f... (2) amu X k am lu tt [l nnammar] (3) Amu X ka'l Sn u Samsu tt ANA-,', glossed ga-mu-u. 3 M[DR], glossed ur-[pa-at]. ' 3 MULDNGR..., glossed mu-ul-lu... 4 ba-l, glossed ba-.l. [Ahamns nnammaru] (4) pt la klnu A. DU.. (5) A-[na Sar] matat b-l-... (6) lu... ll Marduk a-na sarru [b-l] (7) ba-[la]- t l amf ' ru-ku-[u-t]... (8) Ks- d-ut bf-lu-t... () tuub lb-b u... (o) Sar matat b-la-a... Rev. () Sa na blat huras (?)... (2 pa-n sa sarr b-l-a... (3) n-na a-a-ku a... (4) na kal-u... (5) maam-mu NN ul... (6) na bu-bu-t Sa a ka.... () kl bt u mm(sal)-mu ma la.. (8) ma-am-mu ul t... (9) u m ka-al lu sa a... () a-a-nu f. la-ama... () l... [K. 60o6.] No. 86. Obv. () Ana Sn la nnamr-ma azkar nnamru pl (2) nu-kdr-t na matat s-sak-kan (3) Sn na n-b-t-f t-t u Sams nnammar-ma (4) -du-l na pa-an u Sams pa-r-g (5) pa-ansa BAL. BAT. k sarru sdh... (6) [Ana] na alm Ab fmu XXX kam l Sn n-na-mar (7) [Ana na u Abu Amu XXX kan nnamr sapah(aah) ma t Akkadd Rev. () Ana na ar u Ab umu XV kam p j Sn tt Sams n-na-mar (2) Ana mul Dl-bat ana m-h-r-t ! ;4~. (3) mu l SB. Z. AN. NA zzz matu ana matu (4) Ahu ah nakr(r) sumkutm(tm) amlat (5) u bl bas(s) (6) Ana m u SB. Z. AN. NA kakkaban p1 su t-ta-na-an-b-tu (7) kab-tu ukda-ap-pa-sa-am-ma (8) l. mut-t p-pu-us (9) mu' Dl-bat na pa-an ml SB. Z. AN. NA zzaz-ma (o) Sa m l Nrgal-ftr(r). [Rm. 194.] No. 86A. Obv. () [Ana Sn] la nnamr[ma] (2) [ UD.] SAR P nnamru [p1] (3) s^l nukurt na matat ssakkan (4)... Amu [kam (5u)... Rev. ().. ma.... (2) [sa m] Apla-a... [ , 312.] No. 87. Obv. () Ana Sn na tamart-su man-za-za knu zzz(z) (2) uk-ku-u sa zunn (3) Ana agat Omu rp a-pr (4) Sn am nakr -mah-ha-as (5) UD SU. U. RU Amu (mu) r-p (6) UD SU. SU. RU tmu(mu)... (7) na lb-b (?) (8) Ana Sn... (Remander, perhaps one or two lnes, lost.) Rev. () Ana na mat... (2) pal mt u... (3) Sa m A-a-r-du mahrt(d) (4) ardu sa sarr. [83-1-8, 77.] No. 87A. Obv. (). Sn sa n-na-mr-u-n (2) [man za]-su k-f-n na lb urpat salmt t-ta-mar (3) [Ana] sn na, hu Sman

61 k~1$ OMENS FROM THE MOON'S ALO. 25 umlu XXXS k nlln;llr, (4) dut-da] Aharr L AbL-la-u- u kk, (5)... a-n- 'sa),pa(ah) mnat.at (6) [Ana Sn n tamart.-uj karnnat p ' u tur-ru-ka (7) [patar b-ra]-a-t (8) [arad massar-at ta]l-mu-u (9) [salmu na mat] ba's(s) Rev. ()... ta-ra-ku (2) [a]-la-mu: man-za-su r k--nu (3) [zzaz] (az)-ma...na urpat samt nnammar-ma (4) sa m Ak-kul-la-n. [K No. 88. Obv. () [Ana Sn na] la s-ma-n-su h-b-ra ma la nnamr (2) [t]-b- al ks-sa-t (3)... mu XV kam -rab-b-ma Amu XV l ;a n tt Sanm nnammar-ma (4) Ana mu mustabarrtmuctanu(a-nu) LU. BAD 's-sa-na-ab-har s-m k.kr (5) Ana ul m ul. NAG. GA b u harran l u Sams ksud(ud) GAN. BA sahr (6) sa-n-s r-g-mu sakan(an) (7) An-nu-t d-b-b a-na m a tu Akkad k (8) u l mutabarrf-mtanu(a-nu) r-b l-ba-n ultu pan mu ' LU. BAD. SAG. US (9) pa-a-t la t-h na l.. k-s4-ud at-ta-as-ha (1o) m--nu h-t-tu NAM. BUL. B-Su lu--p-s ( ) Ana Sn Amu XV k m nnamr Sar Subart k -dan-nn-ma ( 2) ma-h-ra la -ra-ass Rev. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma mul LU. BAD. na bb-su zzz(z) (2) Lab-ba-a-tum n-na-an-da-ru (3) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma," Mustabarrf-mftannu(a-nu) na lbb-su zzz(z) (4) sabukt bal kttu bas...? (5) mf-r-su saluppu la ssru pl: latu Aharru k sahr (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m ln l DL. GAN na lbb-su l zzz(z) (7) la sur-ru-u s-m (8) ul DL. GAN m ul AB. SN. (9) sa n Ba-la-s- ( o) [ rul] Mustabarr-mutanu(a-nu) ultu lb an-n-- -pat-t -lak ()... m(?) mul LU. BAD. SAG.US (12).. na a h u Nsann 6mu(mu) -sal-lam. [K. 7'2-] No. 89. Obv. () Ta-mar-t l a Sn sa Amu XV kam t-t... (2) umu XV ka! n natu Subartu..... (3) kt-turn lum-nu sa m atu Akkad... (4) Ana Sn na la s-ma-n-u h.... (5) Ana Sn na a h u Addar u Au XV ka lum amu [XV kam nnamr] (6) Uru k 2 r... (7) mu XV kam l, Sn u Samsu [tt ahams nnamru] (8).. [sarru] na kall-su ana m-na-[t arh d-ta-sar] (9)... [nakru] na mat-su sal-ta-ns [llak] (o)... nnarnmar-ma... S()... m-m--n... (2)... da (?)-bu-u-n la.... (13)... la... (4)... ma (7) purru-us... e ().g t: t { -r 4, sadurr... (2).. Sn ru-d... () na... u ru-d... (4) na fl lu mustabarrf-mtan (a-n) s' na n.... (5) la as-su la -ta-ah-h.. (6) lu LU. BAD s-ru-ur-ma lu Sam-Su lm.(7) 2 NGN: la-mu-u :... (8) na l a na pu-t--su k.. (9) p-sr-su a-na Sarr bl-a as-sap-[ra] (to) na 1l su ka-lu-a-t b-t sarr... ( ) ap-t-tf na Sarr mar Sarr m lu Samas [Suma-ukn] ( 2) l-sa-r-r... (Left/-and edge) () Sn a-dan-ns da-an-ku (2). -r-s-s mar Satt (3).. n Sarmn P l dsp rk.k (4).., kana Sa Sarr ls-al (5) [Sa] m Ak-kul-la-n. V. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S HALO. [K. 304.] No. 90. Obv. () Ana sarr matat b-l-a ardu-ka m u Bl-d- [Sf-zb?] (2) l l Bl lu Nabf u uu Samsu a-na Sarr bl-l-a lk-ru-d- [bu] (3) Ana Samsu na lb tarbas Sn zzz na mat kalam kt-t -ta-mu-d m ul (4) maru tt ab-su kt-t -ta-m (5) mu l LU. BAD. SAG. US na lb tarbas Sn zzaz-ma (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m u AL. LUL na lbb su zzz(z) (7) Sar Akkad k balata ur-rak (8) Ana Sn naru lm(m) r-b-su u ra-a-du rabft P bassu rp' (9) nl AL.LUL na tarbas sn zzaz-ma (10) Sarru dan-nu k-nu... ( ) []-na tar-s sarr ab-[ka]... (r2).. ma a-na sarr b-l... (3).. ta-a-h zu... (4).. p-kt-t Rez. (1)... na-da-nu... (2). [man]-d--ma... (3). su... (4)..kt... (5)... (6)... Arad u gu-la (7)... BA -sa na muh-h s-ma-ku... a-ga-a... (8) sa m Mar-d-a l-tm... am Na-s ku (9) m a-d-' am [na]-s ku u am na-s-ka-tu (o) a mat u la-k-ma-nu gab-b na pan am rab-sak na ma tu Man-na-a-a ( ) uk-tn-nu-u u n-na -kab-bu-d um-ma bl da-m sa bl--nu na l--nu (2) ul -rab-b bl sarran pl am rab-sak pl l-al sa-lam sarr ls-m ( 3) a-k g-ga-an-nm-ma m Mar-d-a a n a pan k-na-tu ( 4) sa bt am rab-sak bl-su k- d-mas-s-ru na s-pa-la (x5) mu Nrgal- Asardu -t-ru-ub am UR. l-sa-nu (16) uh rab-k-sr pl a-na pa-an n l Nrgal-Asardu (17) b-ba-ka a-d- -s-ba-tu-dl (8) 1 blat -= kasp t-t-su-nu (9) a-na btat Pl-su-nu -na-a-su.. Left-hand edge ()... mu-ru-su GAR ma'du S B (2)... s sab-tan-n sarru lu-u- (3) -d. [83--8,47.] ssr~rajt1jr, q'lossca r -aa~jru. :2 Erasure of u? 2 NGN, glossed n-g-n.

62 A"TOLOGN.'Al.,.,. o % OMENS FROM THE MhOON'S HALO. 27 No. 91. Ol'. () An a S n tarbasu lm-ma '."" 1 U UN. PA, U1), DU J -a Ell>b -[gsu zzz] (2) tbut(ut) umm'n,,,: t u A-har-[r-; (3): '-.h. basg-ma ub-bu-tu la blasg. (4):''ar Akkad k l-sur-td rnmar(mar) (5) Ana Sn naru lm ur-k-t. TAR. NU (6) na n l :nt bas(s) (7) zunln zanun(nun) (8) tarbasu... lammma Rev. () Ana l m l l l Marduk m-s-hu m-su-uh (2) matu-1sa nap-sa k-kal (3)... mull Marduk m"" LU. BAD GUD. UD. (4) a-na man-za-z-u d-sa-haz-ma (5) - a-ka-am-ma (6) ark-su Amu XV um... lu () (? () 7) m Ba-la-[s ]. [K. 86.] No. 92. Obv. () [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma (2) lu SAG. Mf. lu GAR na lbb-su zzz (3) sar Akkad k (4) sa a-ta-sar Nrgaltr(r)., [83-1-8, 221.] No. 93. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma (2) lu SAG. Mf. GAR na lbb-4u zzz (3) Sar Akkad k d-tas-sar (4) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma (5) mul AL. LUL. na lbb-su zzz (6) sar Akkad b' balata ur-[rak] Rev. () sa m tar-suma-rf(s). [80-7-9, 57.] No, 94. Obv. (x) Musu an-n-- t " Sn tarbasu lamm-[ma] (2) lu SAG. Mf. GAR mul Akrabu na lbb-[su zzazu] (3) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma lu SAG. M GAR na bb-su zzz(z) (4) Sar Akkad k 1-ta-sa-ar (5) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma lu N-b-ru na lbb-su zzz(z) (6) sumkutm(tm) b6l na-mas-s-f ga sfr (7) m' l l Marduk na tamart-su UMUN. PA. UD. DU. (8) (..?) kas-bu -sak-ka-ma lu SAG. M. GAR Rev. () na kabal samf() zzaz-ma N-b-ru (2) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma md Akrabu na lbb-su zzz (3) nat P' us-tah-ha-a (4) zakkar p.. ns pl matu P-ma alkat mat pparrasu P (5) an-nu-t sa TUS. KAR (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma UMUN. PA. UD. DU na lbb-su zzz(z) (7) Sarru Aarrl ktstam(tam) pus-ma a-b-k-t maft nakr-su nakan(an) (8) an-n-d a-h-u (9) sa m anabfu-mu-f-s. [K. 20A.] No. 95. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma u SAG. M. GAR (2) na lbb-su zzz Sarru u-ta-sar (3) tarbas-su ul ka-sr (4) ana lmutt ul -la-pat (5) Ana m l A. DN k mu (?)... (6) d Su-uz an a a... Rev. () ttu m-hr ana damt (2) na * 7 'a. *t.3, am() -ba-a-s (3) Ana l SAR. UR u l SAR. GAZ (4) sa-z-kt u.akrab (5) t-ta-na-an-b-tu (6) 8 kakk at c Akkad M (7) [t]- bu-u (8) sa lu Naba-suma-skun(un). [K. 785.] No. 96. Obv. () Mu-Sd sa umn k a m (2) m ul ' SAG. M. GAR na tarbas "1 Sn (3) t-t-t-z (4) NAM. BUL. B l-puu-u-s (5) tarba-su la ka-as-ru (6) d-u Rev. () Sa m lu Naba-ah P'-frba. [ , 52.] No. 96A. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu [lm-ma] (2) lu SAG. M. GAR na [lbb-su zzz] (3) Sar Akkad k--[tas-sar] (4) Ana Sn tarbasu lm[ma] (5) "ul Sarru na lbb-[u zzz] (6) na satt sat snnsat 1l [zakkar pl ullada pl (7)... [ , 84.] No. 96B. Obv. () [Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma n u SAG?]-Mf (?) GAR (?) na lbb-su zzz (2) [Sar Akkad k d-ta]-sar (3) [Ana Sn tarbasu lm ma mu...]-du na lbb su zzz (4)... Aharr (5)... ma (6)... a (7)... u (?) Re. ()... s (2)... k lkk(k) (3) [sa m rass]-lu ardu sa sarru mahra(u). [K ] No. 96c. Obv. () Ana "' l SAG M. lfgar.. (2) na tarbas nu sn [zzaz] (3) tarbasu a ar h Sman... (4) Sarru (?)... (Remander lost.) Rev. (Top wantng.) () Sarru (?) a-na.. [ , 311.] No. 97. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m ul Sarru (2) na lbb-su zzz na satt sat (3) snnsat pl zakkar pl (4) ullada [p] Rev. () sa m l Nrgal tr(r). [K. 739.] No. 98. Obv. Ana lu Sn tarbasu 2 salmu lm[m?] (2) 'arhu 4 5 zunn d-kal. 6 mul urpat "pl] (3) uk-ta-sa-ra (4) LU. BAD. SAG. US na Tarbas u Sn -za-az-ma (5) Ana lu Sn tarbasu lm-ma mu mustabarr-mtanuu(a-nu) (6) na lbb-su zzz(z) sahklutj b (7) 8 mat Aharr k sahr(r) (8) lum-nu sa aatu. A-har-r-f 1 TUR, glossed tar-ba-s. 3 TU, glossed ar-u. t-kal, glossed -ka-la. glvossed bu-u-. 2 M., glossed sa-al-mu. 4A A. AN, glossed zu-un-nu. 6 M-DR [MS.], glossed ur-pa-a-t. 8 KUR. MAR. TU t glaossed -r-a' A-ar-r-.

63 OMENS FROM TE MOON'S HALO. 29, u A;,'. ( ) Ana, Lu zjz(/) nn U Sn tarba..u lm ma 1 sr r (2) :s!h. 1 ' l rt 30 (3),zakkar r L:;'t!lL; a a;tt Sat (4) l '... [nla] tarbas Sn zzaz-ma (5) [a :l n" Nab]-ahr,. [K. 864.] No. 99. Obv. () Anau fmu [XV ka ln Sn u Samsu tt ahams] nnamru (2) [sarru ana sarr nukurta] sappar (3) sarru na kall ana mnat ar1] l-ta-sar (4) spa a m [nakr ana mat]su ssakan(an) (5) am nakru [na mat-su saltans] llak(ak) (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma lu Samsu na lb tarbas Sn zzz(z) (7) na mat kalam kt-td -ta-mu-u () maru tt ab-su kt-t -ta-ma (9) sa-l-m ks-sa-t ( o) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma l u mustabarr mutanu(a-nu) na lbb su zzz(z) (x) sahlukt bul na mrt kalam Rev. () m-r-sa saluppu la ssru (2)... mt Aharru k sahr(r) (3) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma kakkaban P l na lb-b (4) tarbas Sn zzzu P' pm m a P a rkl t (5) Ana lu mustabarrf-mtanu(a-nu) u lu LU. BAD m-dah-ha-ru-ma zzzu P' (6) tbut(ut) f-lama(ma) k (7) Ana l Mustabarru-mftanu(a-nu)... mu u (8) Sar lama (ma) k mat (9) Sa m Ba (?) -[ma?]-a-a. [K. 711.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma uu LU. BAD (2) na lbb-su zzz(z) kt-td na mat [tam6] (3) mru tt Abl-su kt-tu -ta-m (4) sa-lm ks-sa-t (5) Ana mu' Sarru na lbb-su zzz(z) (6) snnsat p zakkar pl ullada (7) [Ana ] m u l Mustabarra-matanu (a-nu) na lbb su zzz(z) Rev. () sahlukt bcl na mat kalam (2) m-r-su saluppa samassammu (3) la gr (4). -. matu Aharru sahr(r) (5) sa m Arad lu a. [K. 405.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma a ul mustabarramttanu(a-nu) na lbb-su zzz (2) na mat kalam mf-r-sum (3) u saluppu la ssr (4).. mttu Abarrt k sahr(r) (5) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m ul LU. BAD na lbb-su zzz (6) Sarru umman-su d-tassr (7) [AnaSn tarbasu] lm-ma mu DL. GAN-sa ark-su *MUL- [MULl (8) na lbb-u zzz utulla (?) sa mat. Rev. () ssr (2) ""a Mustabarr-mftanu(a-nu) Kakkab matu Aharr k' (3) m l DL. SAL - P - MS, glossed -raa-t. 2 U. [M ], glossed zak-ka-[r]. 3 glossed [ul]-la-da. t. f a.. (;AN sa ark-su MUL. MUL. m ul am KU. MAL (4) mulam KU. MAL. knkkab Aharr k (5) a = T ra(s)-lu. [81-2-4, 83.] No. 101A. Obv. () [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma (2) [ mu l Mustabarru-nlatanu] a-nu na lbb-su zzz (3)... tm bu-lum u namrnma-[] (4) [Ana] Sn tarbasu lm-ma (5) u Samsu na lbb-su zzz(z) (6) [na mat] kt-t bass(s) (7) [maru] tt ab-su kt-[t] (8) []-ta-mu-[u] Rev. () [nmu LU. BAD] SAG. US [na lb] (2) [tarbas?] sn zzaz-ma (3) [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma (4) [] kakkaban pl na tarbas tt sn [zzzu] (5) [pal] fm pl arkut p (6) [sa] m lu NabC-k-b (7) [mar] kaft k. [83--8, 290.] No Obv. (x) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma l Mustabarrfmutanu(a-nu) na lbb-su [zzz] (2) sahlukt bu-lm na mat kalam (3) mf-r-tu saluppu la ssr (4)... matu AharrC k sahr (5) Ana Samsu na lb tarbas Sn zzz (6) na mat kalam ktta -ta-[mu-u] (7) maru tt ab su kt-td -ta-[ma] (8) Ana kakkaban pl na tarbas Sn [zzzu pl ] (9) pal p l Om p' arkt a Rev. () Sa m Ba-mla-a-a [83--18, 246.] No Obv. ()... XXV (?) km nnamr.. (2). n-n-ma... (3) [Ana] Sn tarbasu lm-ma mul Mutabarr-mtanu (a-nu) [na lbb-su zzz] (4) Sahlukt bcll mat kalam mf-r-su m saluppu (5) la ~sr.. tu Aharr k salr(r) (6) [na] Sn tarbasu lm-ma m ul LU. BAD na lbb-su zzz(z) (7) 1 m habbat n-na-an-da-ru. (8) m u l LU. BAD. SAG. US na tarbas Sn zzaz-ma (9) Ana m ul SAG. M. GAR ana m ul GUD. AN. NA 2 snk (o) du-un-ku mat -hal-lk ()... ta-lt-t utulla (?) 4 sn Rev. mu (=) ul s-sr (2) SAG. Mf. GAR na lb mul GUD. AN. NA - ta-rab (3) Sarru b-l ultu pan z--k lu-f-t-k (4) mu APN 5 harran GSams Tklud(ud) husah 8 bu-u-lm (5) su-un-ku bass(s) (6) m ul.mustabarrl-mtanu-(a-nu) mu l LU. BAD. SAG. US -kas-sa-adra (7) Ana LU. BAD =' ul Mustabarra-m0tanu(a-nu) ul m-dah-har- 1 MULU. SA. GAZ, glossed hab-ba-a-tl. 3 slossed BA. BA. GUD. A. A. K ASKAL, glossed har-ra-na. ; KUR-ud, glossed k-u-ud. 2 KjR. KUR,. glossed s-nk. 4 glossed UZ. BA. (?) ga. A. 6 SAMAL, glossed ;;" ga-mas. 8 bu-u-lm, glosscd bu-u-.

64 3 3 A '- ' l-10`1(,a.0 61 CA, %'%e z.~:a''~ ONlENS FROM TE M1OON'S ALO. 3 LUL. ;\ A j. l-a~ (8) - -zll *thbut a;t. nakr (9) An j.. [al-dr... (o) n r ( - )Su k ma ka... ( ) s-sn-na Lr... (12) "... Lft-hand ede (),a mn... [S No Obv. ()... nnamr(r) (2) zunnu u mlu N. ul N. (3)... '*' Mustabarr-mftanu(a-nu) na lbb-4u zzz (4)... A. Z K fdn. NA (5)... [saluppu] la ssru 1: matu MAR sahr (6) l--t ma sg (?)... (7)... u ssr-ma (8)... kat -su kasad(ad) (9) "a hu sabat na tarbas Sn zzz(z) (1o) n:u u A-nm-MR na lb.. ()... u sur (?) -ru (?) na mat-su bass (12).. a [8-2-4, 45.] No Obv. () Ana na ar h u kslm mu... (2) gab-su nam-mas... (3) s-mf-u n n... (4) zunnu u mlu ana mat...(5) tb-ma mnatu kkal sumkutm(tm) alp... (6),' Kakku n-na-as-s-ma... (7) : k-kas-sa-ad... (8) GUD. UD u lu Rev. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma [mul MustabarrQ-mattnu na lbb-su zzz] (2) sahlukt bu-lm... (3) Ana.-ma kakkabu na lbb-su zzz(z).. (4) -ta-sa-ru... (5) Ana.. ma mul AL. LUL [na lbb-su zzz] (6) sar Akkad k ba-la-[ta urrak] (7) m"' AL. LUL... (8) Ana.. ma kp (?) su ana... (9) ana mat na.... [ , 65.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma (2) mul Anu 4 agt na lb-b su zzz(z) (3).. a-p. na mat bass(s) (4). [m'] GUD. AN. NA na tarbas Sn (5) z-za-az-ma (6) T m(m) -daat a-h... (7) na tarbas lu Sn t-t-t-[z] Rev. () Sa m u Nabtab P'-rba [K. 740.] (See also the fragment 277,.) No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma [ kakkaban na lb tarbas Sn zzzu] (2) pal am [pl arkft pl ] (3) Ana Samsu na tarbas [Sn zzz na mat kttu tamn] (4) Maru t-[t ab-uu kttu tama] (5) sa-[l-r ks-sa-] (6) Sn tarbasu lamm-ma... (7) 1 MUL. LUL. A, glossed mu-ul KA. A. 2 KUR-su, glossed n-p---u. \ 3 MUL... glossed nu (?) -r-u. 4 MR, glossed a-gu-u. k r 2 : ; 1. z 4 1 f Ann Sn tarbasu lm-ma l nl [MustabarrA-mtanu na lbb su zzz] (S) Sahlukt bu-lm na [mat KAL. A.] B, m-[r-su] (9) u saluppu at la gsr.. (xo)... Aharrft k sahr.. Rev. () Ana Sn tarbasu 1'" l SUDUN na lbb-su zzz(z) (2) Sarru mat-ma mat-su sahr(r) (3) Sar lama(ma) k mat (4) mul SUDUN mul Mustabarrtmftanu(a-nu) (5)jmul Mustabarrf-mftanu(a-nu) kakkab "matuarr[k] (6) lmutt sa matu Aharr ku lama(ma) L k] (7) n ul LU. BAD. SAG. US kakkab m' at Akkad (?) ] (8) damkt sa sarr b-l-[a] (9) Amu XV k'm lu tt l n-[nam-mar] (o) lb-b sarr b--l-a lu- [tb] () sa m rass(s)-lu ardu sa sarr.. [Bu , x66.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma n ul Akrabu (2) na lbb-su zzz nat p (3) ustah-ha-a zakkar pl (4) ns pl matu p ma (5) alakt llaku p ' (6) t-tum ul ta-lap-pat (7) as-su ma-as-sarturn sa sarr (8) Ana sarr bl-a as pu-ra (9) Sa m Za-kr. [Bu , 8.] No Obv. () Sn musu an-n- na lb-b "ul Akrab (2) tarbasu-ma lamm. a-na... mll (3) Dl-bat " GUD. UD. a-na ru--b l-lu-ku (4)... a-t -na lb-b -kal (5)... dr (6)... f-mar (7)... (8).. kal-z Rev. ()... tu-n (2)... nu sa t-mu-n (3)... pa-ru--n (4). z na am A. BA. ma (5) na m(m)-su l-la-ka (6) m lu Nabft-mus-s a m A. BA frt (7) sarr b-l k-bu-u-n (8) [-sa]-ap-ra na-as u pa-n td (9)... am Rab. A. BA. [82-2-4, 144.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma (2) mul AL. LUL na lbb-su zzz.. (3) sar Akkad k balat ur-rak (4) ra-a-du zanun(nun) Rev. () lu AsSur lu Samsu lu Nabu u lu Marduk (2) balat ana (?) ba (?) [la?]-t a-na Om p1 (3) Arktlt p l a-na sarr (4) b-l-a d-dan-nu (5) sa m u Nabu-k-b. [Bu , 9.] No Obv. () [MuSu annu? Sn tarbasu] lamm(m) n ul AL. LUL- na lbb (2) [zzz] an-n- p-sf-r-sd (3) [Ana Sn tarbasu] lm-ma mu " AL. LUL na lb-b-su (4) [z-z]-z sar Akkad k ba-la-tu ur-ra-ak (5) [Ana Sn tarbasu] lm-ma aru ltanu llk(k) 1 Erasure.

65 OMENS FROM T E MOON'S \LO,. 3 ' 1 (6)....Sn vt g;ak... n ' (7). nu (?)) uk n,.t 11 (8) [Ana Sn tlrbastlu lm-ma d-lul na.. (9) -. ;. R7,. (). c. m).uaru ba-(s) nu-thu [ns] (2)... ll)aru sa-dr pa-l- mant (3)ks-su-tatn -b- (4).. mbaru nm(m) -sa-dr (5).. mahru na-pu-us (6) [sa] m suma-a-a. [83--8, 222.] No Obv. () [Ana Sn tarbasu] lm-ma mu AL. LUL, (2) na lbb-xu] zzz(z) sar Akkad k balat ur-rak (3) [mus-u] ann- tarbasu amm la k-sur (4) [Anajl' Sn usurtu lm atalf sakan(an) (5) Ata du-u-hu-u (6) mu-sd an-n-l usurtu lamm la k-sur (7) Ana "mu Dl-bat a-na m ul Akrab th(h) (8) 1Saran 'l la tabut l ' a-na rnat l-la-ku Rev. () lu Rammanu zunn Lsu lu -a l t nak-b-su (2) Ana, Gu-t- -nam-dn (3) K-ma a-na mul rat- AXkrab t-t-b (4) A-k an-n n-na-su-na U-ma-a (5) -d-na na lb-b la -kar-rb k-ma k-d-r-b (6) la -ta-ah-h -pa-at-t t-t-krb (7)' LU. BAD p A-k ha-an-n- kakkaban pl su-nu (?) (8) n l [Sa] na pan harran-su-nu na muh-h-su-nu t-t-ku (9) [Ana. mu] A. DN Anra MULMUL ksud(ud) lu Rammanu rahs(s) (1o) Ej Mustabarr-a-mftanu(a-nu) na l mu l Nun-Sam() ()... r-bs la k-r-b (12).. lb pa-n-su p-t--t (Left-hand edge) ().. S (?)... (2) a... [ , 97.] No. 112A. Obv. () Ana [Sn] tarbasu lm-ma mul AL. LUL na lbb-su zzz(z) (2)... UD (?) mu (?) ba-la-su (?).. a... (3) Sn naru lm(m) A. AN (?) zanun(nun) (4) NUN... lamm (m).. (5) Sn tarbasu.arru.na lbb u zzz(z) (6) satt St snnsat p zakkar P' ul-la-da (7) [Sn] tarbasu lm-ma na lb tarbas Rev. () Kakkaban P ' tt l u sn zzzd P ' (2) pal am [P l arkft] P ' (3) sa lu naba-ksa(a) mar Bar-sb [83--8, 241.] No. 112B. Obv. () [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm[ma] (2) [mu"! AL. LUL na lbb-su zzz (3) [sar] Akkad k balata ur-rak (4) [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma (5) [na tarbasu] kakkaban pl tt Sn [zzzul (6) [pal] llmf p-su arkat [p l] (7).. P' na tarbas... 1M. MS, glosscd a-r-a-an. 2 NU DUG GA. MS, glossed la ta-bu u-t.,'.7t F 11 l o ()... 1 ma.. Rev. (). u [Marduk?].. (2) [ana] l d-rs a-na fcm... (3) a-na sarr bf-l-a d-[dan-nu] (4) fsa,,] l Nabu-k-b. [8-2-4, 141.] No Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma kakkaban [P l] (2) na tarbas tt h Sn zzzu(zu) pal trn P-su arkt P (4) Ana lu Sn tarbasu lm-ma mul AL LUL. (5) na lbb-u zzzu (zu) sar Akkad k balata ur-[rak] (6) [Sa m] ' u NabAf-ahl] P'-rba (?) 1921 '[K ] No Obv. () [Musu Annu] Sn tarbasu lamm (2) mul MAS. TAB. BA. GAL GAL (3) na lb-b zzazu(zu) 4) Ana r Sn tarbasu lm-ma 'd AL. LUL na lbb-[su zzz] <5) Sar Akkad k balata [urrak] (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma 'ml -sur-[t na lbb su zzz] (7) sah-1u-uk-t... (8) mul T-sur-t m l *... Rev. () Sa m Bu-ul-lu-tu [K No. 114A. Obv. () [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma mu l AL[LUL] (2) na lbb su zzz sar Akkad k [balata urrak] (3) Ana Samsu na Tarbas Sn zzz mat-su (?) [kttu] (4) -ta-mu-d maru tt ab-su (5) kt-tu -ta-m (6) [Ana] Sn tarbasu lm-ma m "l Sarru na lbbsu (7) zzz(z) sal rat P zakkar P (8) ulladu Pl Rev. () sa m Za-kr [K ] No Obv. () [Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma] kakkaban P: (2) [na lb tarbas tt Sn] zzzu l (3) [pal m] pl arkft (4)... lu tarbasu lm-ma (5)... d-du sar lan pl na ku (?) su (6)... dam-ka-a tu (7)... d-sa-as-ba (?)-tu [S. 694.] No. 115A. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma [tt Sn] (2)' MUL. MUL. na lbb-su[zzzu]... (3) Ana... -ma MUL. MUL. [na lbb su zzz snnsat p l ] (4) zakkar P l ullada P... (5) NU sur-r... (6) Ana na lb tarbas Kakkaban [pl tt sn zzu] (7) pal tm(m) [arktt *3] Rev. () Ana Sn tarbasu UD. KL. UD... (2) Ana Sn tarbasu lm.. (3) uk-!'-sa-ra (4) a m... [83--18, 214.] No. 115E.. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu!m-ma [MUL. MUL. c

66 4?, -,", t. '.: A -., OME'.NS FROM TE TWELFTH )AV. n-a l!} Slu] ( )"] z^u! sns :/,'akkar t ^ ( ) tzl..,a -r (4) Ana la "b ks n... (5)6) a? :.... [K No. 115c. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-[ma mu l,,,alu na lbb-su] (2) zzz(z) sar Akkad [... (3) Ana zamgu na lb tarbas [Sn zzz na mat (4) Kt-td -ta-[mu-u maru tt Ab-su] (5) Kt-td [-ta-ma] (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma [ Kakkaban na tarbas] t-t "l [Sn zzzu] (8) pal-[lm p arktt p'].rev. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm[ma]... (2) na lb-b-su zzz(z) (3) na mat kalam m... (4) la S. [D] (5) Sa m Mun- [na-b-tu] [K No. 115D. Obv. (Two (?) lnes wantng) () Ka (?)... (2) a-du... (3) um (4) am Nakru..Rez, () Ana Sn tarbasu salmu lm (2) arhu zunn d-kal : [urpat pl] (3) uk-ta-as-sa-[ra] (4) Ana Sn na barh Addar mu XXX kam nnammar (5) Ana Sn na.u Nsann mu XXX k m nnammar (mar) (6) sa m l u Nrgal-r-(r) (Bu , 7.] No 115E. Obv. () [Ana Sn] tarbasu lm-ma... (2) []- na lb-b-su... (3) d-lu-t... (4) hu-ub-t... Rev. () rdmu(mu) UD (?) S (?)... (2) sapahu rab... (3) -.. k- sa ' ma... (4).. l-pu... (5) [sa m rass] -lu (6) mar Nu-[ur-za-nu] [K ] No. 115F. Obv. () Ana u Sn tarbasu lm [ma... (2 na lb-b-su zzz Sarru... (3) l-kun (?)... (Remander lost.) Rev. () [sarru-b]-l-a lul... (2)... d-nu-nu... (3) a m mar-k-ka-ru (4) Ahu-d-a d-du... () sa sarr bf-l-a d... (6) a nl u Bl-l' mar m [f-g-b am masmasu]. [83-1r-8, 775.] No Obv. (Top wantng) ().. llakam(kam) tarbasu nuhus tarbas.... (2) amu V kam tarbasu lamm(ma).. (3) na salarn ams na ur-r tarbas.. (4).. sam0(d) zatnu (nun)... [K. 592] No. 116A. Obv. (1op wantng) () r-h-su ta... r (2) ba) l ul.. (3) u md A-nu-n-[tum]... (4) Ba-nu-d tarbasu na.. (5} 3- ta e e. l (?)-ku (?) ftmu(mu).. (6) Sa m A-sa-r-du... Rev. m Za (?)-addn (?)-S. (2) mar Hu-ur (?)-b-.. (3) m Mar (?)-da (?). Am SAG. (4) sa sarru... pa-n-u.. (5)... urn.. (Remander lost.) [K ] No. 116B. Obv. (Top wantng,... du (?)... (2) Ana Sn tarbasu lm[ma] (3) d-lu... (4) h (?) ma (?) l. Rev. () Sn... (Remander lost.) [ , 88.] No Obv. () Ana Sn supura lm mat satu rapps(s) (2) ns pl sapb (?) pl lammu pl (3) Ana lm-ma mul AL. LUL na lbb-su zzz (4) sar Akkad k balata ur-rak (5) Ana mul Sarru na lbb-su zzz (6) snnsat pl zakkar pl ullada p (7) Ana Sn supuru lm-ma d-lul (8) na-da-nu pa-l- ana Sarr (g) sa tarbasu ra-bu- lm-ma Rev. () mu-s ma-a-du z-z-zu-ma (2) la p-tu-ru (3) sa m sa-p-ku mar Bar-sb k. [K. 178.] No Obv. () Ana Sn naru lm[m] (2) r-h-su u ra-a-du (3) rabbut pl bagsu w (4) mul A. DN na lb-b -[z-z?] (5)Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m l PAN [na lbb-su zzz] (6) astft p l n-na- [da-ru] (7) hu-ub-bu-tu na mat [bass] Rez. () sa m U Nabtmu-s-[s]. [K. 8o.] No. 118A. Obv. (Top wantng) ()... an (2)... f-uu-n (3)... a( (?)4)... ra Rev. ()... DUG. GA. B (2)... -d (3)... l TR. AN. NA a-pr (4)... [z]-zanun (5)... kan (Remander lost.) [8-2-4, 504.] V. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S APPEARANCE WTH THE SUN. (A) On the twzelfth day. No Obv. () Ana Sn na la s-ma-n-su nnamr (2) mahru sahr (3) umu X k a m ' t-t l u Samu nnammar-ma (4) Ana na la m-na-t-su-nu l u Sn u lu amsu (5) t-t a-ha-ms nnamru p' (6) am Nakru dan-nu mat -s-' (7) Sar Akkad k Sum'kuta(ta) am nakr-gu sakan(an) (8)... kam t t l u Sams nnammar-ma Rev. () Ana Sn tmu X k l '" nnamr-ma lmutt matu Akkad k c2

67 - Asf (OL( E 1;(A K)E T~ s, OMENS FROM TlE FOURTEENTH DAY. 37 ( 2) m t l a(ma) k ut r-r- (3) lmutt a "' t Akkt, da l ],u()s B h ~a-a-s-. [K. 703.] () n0 the thrteenth day. No Obv. () Ana umu X am Sn u Samnsu (2) tt a-nha ms nnamru Pl (3) pfl la kan A-lak-t la ta-ab (?)-t (4) na mat bass(s) (5) nakru na mat lkk(k) Rev. () sa Apla-a. [ 8-2-4, 82.] No Obv. () amu X k ta m l Sn u l [Samsu] (2) tt a-ha-ms nnammar(mar?) (3) pt la kan a-[lak-t] (4) la m-sr-t [na mat bass] (5) Ana l Sn na a la-k-[su]... (6) mahru... Rev. () mu X l am lb -Amu X -am [ lu Sn] (2) tt d Sams nnammar-ma (3) sa m l U Nabu-ah ' l -ddna(na). LK. 794.] No Obv. (x) Ana rnu X k a m Sn] u Samsu tt a na-nus nnamru pl (2) pu la kan alkat mat la ssr (3) spa nakr bass nakru na mat lkk(k) (4) Ana numa(ma) Sn na a... [umu] XV k a lu-d (5) umu XV kam tt Sams la nnamr na s (?) k (?)....6) lu kkal (7) sa 'l Za-kr [ , 248.] No Obv. (x) [Ana umu X ka] Sn u Samsu tt a- ha-ms nnamru P1 (2) pf [la] kan akat ma.t la ssr (3) sfpa am nakr bas(s) am nakru na mat lkk(k) (4) Ana [na ar h Ulul?] sa ru ltanu sad-rat ma l-lak (5) [a-na?] s pl r-kp-t pl msaru l-lak (6) u GG tt mat sal-mu matu nuhsa mmar(mar) (7) s pl rkp : nb kr ka-a-tum (?) (8) Sattu a-ga-a saluppu u karanu l ssru Pl Rev. () An na arn Tart fmu XXX kam Sn n-nammar (2) ul-tu mu(rllnmu) an-n- a-d ar'u Ulul sa-ba-lat (3) umu X ka.m Sn tt Sams ul n-nam-mar (4) Ana mamsu ppuh-ma samh(t) -s-mu sanat 1 ' (5) dam-a-a-t Sarru -dan-nn (6) sa m lu Nrgaltr(r) mnar n Ga (?)-Su (?)-zu - 1U Tu-tu. [K. 763.] No. 123A. Obv. () [Ana fmu X], k l a n [Sn [ Sanmu] (2) [t]-t a-ba ms nnamru [ P'] (3).. (4). nakru ^a mat [lk'3] [Bu. S9-4-26,.] Z 1.., E, f..1 j t Z. A r. a, T 5P 1.r.s4 (c) On the foureenthf day. No. T 124. Obv. () Ana Sn Samsa k-s4-dam-ma tt su t-tntu karnu karnu -dr (2) na ma.t kttu bass-ma maru tt ab-su kt-td -ta-mu (3) amu XV kam lu tt l nnarnmar(nar)-ma (4) Ana Sn u Samsu t-tn-tu-d sar mat uzna urappas(as) (5) sar mat sd kuss-gu ka.n(an) fmu XV k a m lu tt l nnammar(mar)-ma (6) umu XV ka Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru sanaku sa a' p (7) lb mat tab lan, l m at u Akkad k a-na dam.ktm(tm) (8) -hassa-su hu-ud lb-b n umman(n) (9) bu-lm ma t Akkad k par-ga-ns na sr -ra-b-su (o) Ana Sn tarbasu salmu lm urpat r" uk-ta-sara () arhu guatu zunn d-kal (2) Ana karnu karnu -dr mlu llakam(kam) tnmu XV k m lu tt l nnammar-ma Rev. () Ana l ns pl sa a-na sarr- b-l-a as-pu-ra (2) Sarru la -kab-b um-ma m-nam-ma-ma k-ba-a (3) um-ma ns Pl a-na a-gan-na l-bu ku-nu (4) Sarr -d k- kla-a na matu Assur a-a-nu (5) a-na ku m-nu-d u zra-a u a-na sa-a-su-nu m-nu-u lu (?) balatu (6) man-nu lu-d-a man-nu blu-a na-a t-t man-nu k- sak-nu (',) Al-a sarru bfl-a sa ana-ku l Samsu ana baat-ka -sal-lu-- (8) a-d m Ah l sga-a-a -na sarr ls-pu-ras-suum-ma (9) am marr-spr-su ng l-bu-uk rab Babl k lu-sam-sp (o) ml u NabA tr-napsat x maru-d-a ardu sa sarr () l-bu-klm ma t-t-a sarru l-p... [ , 89.] No Obv. () Ana fmu XV kal Sn u Samsu tt a-hams nnamru pl (2) sanaku sa p lb mat t.b(ab) (3) lan pl,. tu Akkad- ' ana sal damkt (4) -has-sa-su (5) sa m Ah p' sa-a am Uruk k -a-a [ , 58.] No Obv. () Ana Sn u u Samsu. Sd-ta-tu-[u]. (2) Sar mat uz-nu -rap-[pa-as] (;) Sa fmu XV kam lu t-t [l] (4) n-nam-ma-ra Rev. () sa m rass(s)-lu (2) mar m Nu-ur-za-nu. [K. 698.] No Obv. () Ana Sn u Samsu ksuda-ma tt-su t-tn-td.arnu karnu -dr (2) na mat kt-td bass-ma maru tt ab-su kt-td--ta.mf (3) sulmu(mu) ks-sa-t (4) Ana tmu XV ka"m Sn u Samfu tt a-ha-mg nnamru pl (5) sanaku aa p b-b tab (sc) lan P lntu Akkad k (6) A-na damktm(tm) -ba-sa-su bu-ud lb-b

68 A -1 j s ~ ;,.", '! 11,,) j -. OMES FROM!: T1'E 'OUR'TEEJ'NT- DA. 39 u.:~t.n(:n.) (7)!,-[;.l.,r hah,:) h l ;u tt : Akkad ~ (8) l ar-gan, s nt_ sm ra.s(:).a'cv. () Aa s-t u Samu st-ku-l tut k;, at-mu-u (2) K---nu na p! na 1 sakan(an) sar nmtt '" ku.ss't ulbbatr(bar) (4) Ana Sn u Samsu sd-ta-tu-u ar mat uz-nu urnappas(as) (5) Sa '" Ba-ma-a-a. [. 92.) No Obv. () Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku-lu matu -ka-na (2) at-mu-- k--nu na p ns P' sakan (3) Sar mat s Kussaulabbar(bar) (4) Ana Sn u Samsu Sd-ta-tu-d sar mat uz-nu (5) d-rap-pa-as (6) Ana amu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-mrs nnamru pl ' (7) sanaku sa p lb-b mat tab(ab) (8) lan Pa l m t Akkad k (g) a-na da-m-k-t (1) -ha- sa-su Rev. () hu-ud lb-b umman(n) (2) lb-b, sarr tab(ab) (3) bal t a u Akkad k (4) na sr par-ga-ns rabs(s) (5) Sa m star4uma-rns(s). [K. 697.] No. 129, Obv. () [Ana Amu] XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru " l (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) (3) [lan] pl.natu Akkad k ana damktm(tm) -ha-sa-su (4) hu-ud lb-b ummnn(n) lb sarr tab. (5) bal pl nmtu Akkad k (6) par-gans na sr -rab-b-s (7) Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku-lu (8) [matu kam] at-mu-d k-f-nu (9) na p ns pl -sa-kan (so) sar mat s kussa u-lab-bar. (D.T. 148.] No Obv. () Ana lu Sn u lu Saml u s4-ta-tu- (2) Sar mat uz-nu d-rap-pa-as (3) r-/-mu u sul-mu sakan-su (4) sa tmu XV km l n Sn h. lu Samsu (5) t-t a-ha-ms n-nam-ma-ru (6) sa na ras (S)-lu (7) Mar m Nu-dr-zu-nu. [K. 72.] No. 130A. Obv. () Ana ftnu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru P l (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) (3) lan p mata Akkad k ana damktm(tm) -ha-sa-su (4) [bal] n ma t Akkad k par-ga-ns na sr rabbs(s) (5) [bud lbb umma.n] n lb sarr tab(ab) (6)... ka (Remander of obverse and top of reverse broken off) Rev. () [pa] tar br-a-t a-rad N. [NUN] ' P (2) tag-mu-u salmu(mu) na mat bass(). [K. 878.] No Obv. () [Ana Sn u Samsu] st-ku-lu matu -ka-na (2) [atmul k-f-nu (3) [na p] ns l ' sakan(an) (4) [Sar] n1el S., ja.1.t 1 f K, ku.ssa uklabbar(b) () (Ana Sn uj Samsu su-ta-tu- (6) Sar nmat uz-nu d-rap-pa-as (7) Ana Amu XV km Sn u Samsu tt a ha-ms nnamru pl (8) sanaku sa p lb-b mat tb (9) lan p nl ctu Akkad k ( o) a-na damktm(tn) -ha-sa-su ( ) hu-ud lb-b umman(n) Rev. () lb-b Sarr tab(ab) (2) bl n l tu Akkad k (3) na sr par-ga-ns rabs(s) (4) sa m Bu-ul-lu-t [Rm. 204.] No Obv. () Ana mu XV ka lu Sn u h l Samsu (2) tt a-ha-ms nnamru pl (3) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) (4) bu-ud lb-b nsl p l sakan(an) (5) lan pl atu Akkad k Rev.,() a-na damktm(tm) -has-sa-su (2) Ana Sn ' Samsu Sd-ta tu-d (3) sar mat uzna -rap-pa-as (4) sa m Apla-a [K. 714.] No Obv. () Ana fmu XV kam Sn u Sansu (2) tt a-ha-ms nnamru pl sanaku sa p (3) lb-b mat tab(ab) lan p matu Akkad k (4) ana damktm(tm) -ha-as-sa-su (5) bu-ud lb-b umman(n) lb-b sarr tab(ab) (6) bu-lm matu Akkad [k] par-ga-ns (7) -na sfr -rab-b-s Rev. () Ana Sn Samsa ksuda-ma tt-su t-t-n-[tu] (2) karnu karnu -dr na mat kt-tu bass. (3) maru tt-su (sc) kt-t -ta-m (4) Sarru '-kuss [ubabbar] bar (5) Amu XV k a m ud-da-su... (6) Sar mat... (7) Sa m A-[sa-r-du] [K. 737.] No Obv. () Ana Sn lu Sama k-sd-dam-ma tt-u t-tn-tu (2) na mat kttu bass-ma maru tt ab-u (3) kt-t -ta-mu (4) Amu XV kam lu tt l nnammar (mar)-ma (5) Ana Sn u Samsu s-ta-tu-d (6) Sar mat uzna 7 urappas(as) (7) sa umu XV k a m arhu-us-su (8) lu tt l n-nam-ma-ru Rev. () Ana Omu XV km Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru Pl (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab (3) lan pl matu Akkad k ana damkt(t) -has-sa-su (4) hu-ud lb-b ns l sakan(an) (5) bu-lm matu Akkad kpar-ga-ns (6) na sr -rab b-su (7) sa m l u Bl-suma-Skun(un) am kalt [K. 700.] No Obv. () Ana Amu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms (2) nnamru pl sanaku sa p lb mat tab (3) lan p Akkad k ana dmktr(tm) -[ha-sa-su] (4) bu-ul m t u Akkad kpar-ga-ns (5) na sr -rab-b-[s] (6) tu-ud lb umman P lb

69 A -S'r ', (-f. Jo 4', () C, t :'A s,.; 14 (..) ' r Zl."- 1, OMENS FROM TlHE FOURTEENTH DAY. 4t, garr Sam t3.1) ft[ab f a), '" '.. ( (1)) [Arna Sn u Samsu gt] t t.. tt ta-tu-u n:,r 1 ~,,. kttu ba!g-m;a (2) mnru tt ab- u kt-t -ta-nml (3) A\na f :t a-na m-na-t-u rk. (4) pal fmlf ^' arkt :" (5) '" 1; lrammnt- Suma-usur. [K. 730.] No. 135A; Ob. () [Ana rmu XV. ka ' Sn u] Samsu tt [a-ba]-ms nnamru pl (2) [sanaku sa p] lb [mat] tab(ab) (3) [la.n p] Akkada k a-na damktm(tm) -ha-sa-su (4) [bud lb]-b umman(n) lb sarr tab(ab) (5). bu!l "at Akkad k a sfr par-ga-ns rabbs(s) (6) [Ana Sn] u Samsu Sd-ta-tu-d Sarru uz-na urrappas(as) (7) [Ana Sn u Samsu] st-ku-lu matu kan at-mu-d (8) [knu]na p ns pl sakan(an) [Bu , 6.] No Obv. () [Ana mu] XV ka` Sn u Samsu tt a- ha-ms [nnamru P! ] (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) lan pl ma'tu Akkada k ana [damkt] (3) -ha-as-sa-su hu-ud b-b umman lb [sarr tab] (4) bu-ul matu Akkad k par-ga-ng na sr -[rab-b-s] (5) Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku (?) lu matu -kan at-mu-u k-nu na p [ns pl sakan] (6) sar mat kussa [ulabbar] (7) Ana Sn Samsa ksudama tt-su t-tn-td (?) karnu karnu -dr (8) [na] mat kt-tl bassma maru tt ab-su kt-td -[ta ma] Rev. () [Ana Sn u Samrsu sd]-ta-tu-u sar mat uz-nu urappas.. (2).., k m a... [81-2-4, o8.] No. 136A. Obv. () [Ana mu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt] a- p ha-mg nnamru ' (2) [sanaku sa p lb mat tab] lan Pl mat Akkada k (3) [ana damkt hasasu] bu-ul (4) [matu Akkad k pargans na sr] -rab-b-su (Remander lost. Ends of two lnes on rev.)... [81-2-4, 483.] No. 136B. Obv. () Ana Sn u Samsu Stl-ta-tu-u (2) sar mat uz-nu d-rappa-as (3) Amu XV ka t-t l Sams nnammar-ma (4) Ana fmu XV k'm Sn u Samsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru pl (5) sanaku sa p [lb] mat tab(ab) (6) lan pl matu Akkad' [ ana] sal damkt (7) []-ha-sa [su bud lb umman].bu-lum atu" Akkad dk (8) [pargans na sr] -rab-b-s Rev. ()... mu XV k a m (2)... l Samsu (3) t-[t Ahams t]-tan-ma-ru (4) k-... mas (?) -aar-u (5) Ana Sn u [Samsu s]-t-ku-lum (6) at-mu-fu] k--nu (7). 4:. t :. nla p-[] ns Pl akan(an) (8) sar ks-sa-t " GU. ZA u-lab-bar (9) Th, r 'asrtu fmu XV k l m lm-m [m La] ba-s. [83--.8, 286.] No. 136c. Obv. () Ana l.... (2)... (3)... (4) tamu XV [ka n lu tt] l nnammar(mar).. (5) Ana uu Sn u [ lu Samsu s]-ta-tu-[u] (6) Sar mat uz-na d-rap-pa-as (7) sarru sd ' GU. ZA. su -ka-an Rev. () Ana fmu XV kal"" lu Sn] u lu Samsu (Remander entrely lost.) [K ] No Obv. () [Ana Sn u] Samgu tt a-ha-ms nnamru [pl] (2)[sanaku sa p lb] mat tab(ab) (3) [lan Akkada k ana damktm] (4) [hasasu] hu-ud lb umman(n) (5) [lb sarr tab] bu-[ul] natu Akkad k (6) [pargans na sr] -rab-b-s Rev. () [Ana Sn Samsu ksuda-ma] t-t-su t-tn-da(?) (2) [karnu karnu] -dr matu kt-t bass-ma (3) [maru tt] ab kt-t -ta-mu (4) [Sn] u Samsul a-ha-ms nnammaru P'-ma (5) [sar] mat lu-da-r (6) [sa A-sa]-r-du ka-at-nu. [K ] No. 136E. Obv. () Ana Sn u Samsu ds-ta-tu-u (2) ar [mat uzna d]-rap-pa-as (3) Ana Sn [u Samsu st-ku]-lu (4) matu kan atm] k--nu (5) [na p ns P ]-sa-kan (6) [sar mat 'u kussa l]- lab-bar (7) Ana [sn u Samsu tt a]-ha-mg nnamru P " (8) [sanaku ga] p [lb mat] tab (9) lan p matu Akkada k a-na damktm(tm) Rev. () -ha-sa-a-su (2) bud lb umman(n) lb sarr tab (3) btl P 1 matu Akkad k par-ga-ns (4) na sr -rab-b-s (5) sa mlu NabAmu-s-s. [K. 767.] No. 136F. Obv. () [Ana Sn u Samsu s]-ta-tu- (2) [Sar mat uzna] l-rap-pa-as (3) [mt XV (?) k am Sn tt] Sams nnammar-ma (4) [Ana Sn u Samru] st-kul-lu (5) [matu ]-ka-nu at-mu-u k--nu (6) p- ns pl sakan(ar) (7) sar mat. GU. ZA d-lab-bar Rev. ()... Sn tt Sams nnammar-ma (2) [Ana Afmu XV kam l Sn " Samsu (3) [tt a-ha]-mg nnamr sanaku sa p lb mat tab (4) [lan Akkada k] ana 8 al damkt -ha-as-sa-su (5) [bud] nsf :' sakan(an) (6)... KftR. [S. 179.] 1 The scrbe has apparently repeaed the sgn for Samsu.

70 -TOL(AACM, NTC)N-N.fe ; lt-~ OMENS FROM THE FOURTEENTH D-Y _ No. 136G:. Ob). () Ana 6fnu XV 1! ' Sn n u SlA u t! ahan,1;] (2) nnaru "' sanku a p [lb mat tab] (3) l;n k r.,-n Akkada k ana [damktl (4) -la-sa-su bu-ul [f m tu Akkad k] (5) 1arga-ns na sr -rab]-b-s] (6) hu-ud b-b ns [P!] (7) lb-b -arr [tab] Rev. (T) Ana Sn u SamSu U-t-tu-[u] (2) Sar mat uz-nu d-rap-[pa-as] (3) sarru d T GU. ZA-su [kan] (4) Sn u Samsu t-kul-[lu] (5) at-mu-t k--[nu] (5) na p- rn pl [akan] (7) sa NabA u 1 n. X... [83-- 8, 229.] No. 136H. Obv. () [Ana amu XV kam Sn u] Samsu tt a- ha-ms nnamru pl (2) [sanaku sa p lb] mat tab(ab) lan p1 m atu Akkad k (3) [Ana damkt ]-ha-sa-su bu-lum m n tu Akkad " (4) [na sfr] -rab-b-su (5)... N. T. [NA?].. (Remander of obv. and top of rev. broken.) Rev. () [Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku]- lu at-mu--d k--nu (2) [na p ng pl ] sakan(an) sarru sd DL. T. u ktn(an) [Ana Sn u Samru sd]-ta-tu-d (4) [sar mat uz -nu urappas(.as) (5)....-t bass(s) (6) [sa m l] Naba-k-b. [81-2-4, 273.] No Obv. () [Ana Amu XV kam Sn u Samsu] t-t a- ha-ms (2) [nnamru pl sanaku sa p lb] mat tab(ab) (3) [lan p1.mtu Akkada k ana damkt] -ha-sa-su (4) [hud lb] umman(n) (5) [lb sarr tab btll] m at Akkad k (6) [na 'sr] par-ga-ns (7) [-rab]-b-s Rev. () [Ana Sn u] Samsu sd-ta tu-u (2) [sar] mat uz-[na urappas] as (3) [fmu] XV kam lu [Sn tt] " u Sams nnamar-ma (4) [Ana] Sn u [Samsu st]-ku-lm (5) [at]-mu-u k-[-nu na. p] ns p sakanu(nu) (6) [sar mat] su [GU.] ZA. u-lab-bar. [ , 240.] No. 136K. Obv. ()... KL... (2).. m k... (3) umu XV am (4) ' lu Sn u lu Samu s-ta-[tu-u] (5) sar m^t uz-na urappa.. (6) sarru sd su GU. ZA. -u -[kan] (7) umu XV l kam a-ha-ms nnamru... Rev. () [.. mu] XV m nnammar-ma [damkt... ] (2) [lmutt] ana matu [lama(ma) k u MAR [TU k] 3).... [K ] No. 136L. Obv. () [Ana Sn u Samsu tt aljams S.]LAL. (2) [sanaku sa-p lb]-b mat tab (3) lanvp Akkada ana damkt] 4. y.1,4 N h1a-sa-su (4) [hud lb umman lb]-b sarr tab (5) [bll Akkad k na sfr par]-ga-ns -rab-b-s (6)...[karnu] karnu -dr (7)... Su kt-td -ta-m (8)... ka-ls sakan(an) Rev. () Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku-lu mat -kan (2) at-mu-u k--nu na p nsl P ' sakan(an) (3) Sarmru GU.[ZA. ulabbar] (4) Ana Sn u [Samsu] su-[ta-tu-u] (5) F[ar mat uzna urappas] (6)... (7) [sa n l ] Nabf-mu-sf-s -q*~~~~~~~~~~ C[K. 876.] No. 136M. Obv. () [Ana]tmu XV ^- Sn u Samsu tt ahams nnamru] (2) sanaku sa p l mat tab [lan p l Akkad k ] (3) Ana damktm(tm) -bas-sa-su [bal Akkad ] (4) par-ga-ns na sfr -rab b-[s] (5) hu-ud lb ns p l sakan(an) lb [sarr tab] (6) Ana Sn Samsu k-s4-dam-ma [tt-su ttntul (7) karnu karnu -dr na mat [kt-tu] (8) bass(s)-ma maru tt-su [kt-t taman] Rev. () Ana Sn u Samsu st-kul-lu at-mu-[u knu] (2) na p nsl p1 sakan (an) sarru sd [kuss kan (3) Ana Sn u Samsu st-ta-tu-[u] (4) ar mat uz-nu urappas.. (5) kt-t bags... (6) sa m u Nabtl-k-b... [K. 789.] No. 136N. Obv. () Ana Amu XV kam Sn u SamSu [tt a-a]- ms nnamru.. (2) sanaku sa pe lb mrt tab(ab) lan p l matu [Akkad k] (3) ana damktm(tmn) -as-sa-su (4) hu-ud lb ns P sakan (an) [lb sarr tab] (5) Ana Sn Samsu k-sd-[dam-ma tt-su ttntu] (6) karnu karnu -[dr] (7).. la... Rev. () Ana Sn u Samsu [stkulu] (2) at-mu-u k..nu na p ns p (3) sakan(an) saru [sd kuss kan] (4) Ana Sn u [Samsu sutat] (5) sar mat [uzna urappas] (6) a. m lu Nabu... [K. 869.] No Obv. () Ana fmu XV kam lu [Sn u u Samsu (2) t-t a-ha-mg n-[nam-ru] (3) pu-d -ka-na lb [mat tab] (4) lan p1 mtu (sc) a-na da-m-k-[t hasasu] (5) hu-ud lb-b umman (n) lb-b rsarr tab] (6) bu-ul n m atu (sc) par-ga-n-s na sr -rab [b-s] (7) Ana lu Sn u ^ Samru st-ku-lu matu -ka-na (8) at-mu-d k-f-nu na p- ns pl sakan(an) (9) Sarru U GU. ZA d-la-[bar] Rev. () Ana l ' Sn u u Samsu s-ta-tu-u (2) Sar mat [uz]-nu d- rap)-na-as () Sa m Ttasr-um. -Ffrr r--- " /L'. 1 J o. O ().A.a L l-... XV' Su Lk- t/ a-l : No. 136P. Obv. () [Ana amu XV k" a Sn u Samsu] tt a-!ha-ms nnamru P '. (2) p [sanaku sa p lb] mat 'tab(ab)[lan '

71 44 rastr,,ol);gcal RE.POR )S. OMENS FR OM 'rhe F OURTE'ENTH DAY ' Akkada ann damtktm -la]-sa-su (4) n Rev. () [An.a Sn u amt u S]t-ta-tu-d (2) Sar mat uz-nu [urappa ] as (3) ;: " w Star-,uma-;rn(S). [R. 2 2]. No Ov. (x) [Ana Sn u Samsu sutata] sar mat uz-nu p d-rap-pa-[as] (2)... l Sn ftmu XV ku l nnammar.. (3)... -dr na mat kt-td bass (4) sa-lm ks-[sa-t] (Remander wantt.) Rev. ()... ka.. (2) [sa 1 Ba]-la-s-. [K ] No. 136R. Obv. (Top wantng) ()... (2) na r [rabbs]... (3) Ana Sn u Samsu d-ta-tu-[u sar mat uzna urappas] (4) Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku-[lu rnatu kan] (5) at-mu-[u knu na p ns sakan] Rev. (,) Sarru. DL. T... (2) Ana Sn na tamart-su... (3) patar b-ra-a-[t arad massarat]... [Bu , 28.] No. 136s. Obv. (Top wzan/ng) () [Ana Sn u Samsu] sd-tatu-u sar [mat uzna urappas] (2)... mu XV k... (3)... nnamrnar(mar)... (4)... l Sn k... (5)... t d DL. Tf... *(6) kt-t-su zzaz... (7).. umu XV kl m tt Sn... (8)... tarbas Sn zzz... () maru tt [ab-su] Rev. (Top wantng) ()... Ofmu XV k- m sattu k a m. (2) sarru knu sar TN. TR k.... [Rm. 2, 345.] No. 136T. Obz. () [Ana Sn u SamSu Sdt-ta-tu d (2) [Sar mat uzna] d-rap-pa-ag (3) [Ana Sn u SamSu st]-ku-lu (4) [matu kan at-mu]-u k--nu (5) [na p ns p ] S-Sak-kan (6) [sarru s U GU. ] ZA d-lab-bar (7) [Ana amu XV kam Sn u SamSu] tt a-hams nnammru ' Rev. () [sanaku Sa p lb mat] tab (2) [lan p1 Akkada ' ana damkt] -ha-as-sa-su (3) [bud lbb umman] S-Sakkan (4) []-na mat (5)... Su nas() (6) [sa m l u Nfrgal]-ftr(r). [K ] No. 136u. Obv. (Top wantng) () at-mu- k-[-nu na p ns Pl sakan] (2) Sar mat su GU [ZA]. ( Ana amsu l-nu Sn sapl tanu.. (5) [Ana Sn u Samsu] tu-ta-tu-d (6) kt-t... (7) [ a m ] lu cnaba (?) ] 1 Same character as n No. 77, obv.. No Obv. () Ana tmu XV k' Sn u Samlsu tt a-ha-ls nnamru pl (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab lan p 'l 'a " Akkada k (3) ana damkt--ha-as-sa-su hu-ud lb umman p sakan(an) (4) Ana Sn Samsu sd-ta-tu-d sar mat uz-nu [urappas] as (5) Ana Sn SamSu st-kul-lu matu kan (6) [at-mu]-d k--nu na p- ns pl sakan(an) (7) [sar] mat su GU. ZA d-lab-bar Rev. () Ana [Sn na] tamart-,u Saru Stu tb (2) Sumkut Aharr (3) Ana na sumrl samn n-du nad-ma a (?) du b tu (4) f-td sar Aharr k ana a-?-r-su lsbatu-su (5) sa 'a lu Nrgal-tr(r). [K. 799.] No Obv. () Ana flmu XV ka m Sn u Samsu tt a-hams nnamru.. (2) [pu]-d -ka-na lb mat tab.. (3) [lan] P1 rnatu Akkada k Ana sal damkt -ha-as-sa-su (4) [hud] lb-b umman(n) bu-lum "mat Akkad k (5) [na srl par-ga-ns -rab-b-s (6) [Ana Sn u Samsu] s-ta-tu-d (7) [sar mat] uznu d-rap-pa-as (8) [Ana Sn u] Sams, st-ku-[lu] (9) [at]-mu-u k -nu na p [ns P ' sakan] 2Rev. () sar kssat s " kuss d-[lab-bar] (2) Ana kar-nu kar-nu -dr ml llak (?) (3): zunn pl bassu 1' (4) m Ba-la-s-. [K. 795.] No. 138A. Obv. (x) Ana lu Sn u u Samsu s-ta-tu-u (2) sar mat uz-na urappas(as) (3) [ana] Sn.: Samsa k-sd-dam-ma (4) t-t-su t-tn-tum kar-nu kar-nu -dr (5) na mat kt-t bass(s) -ma maru tt ab-su (6) kt-turn -ta-am-m (7) Ana lu Sn na tamart-su kar-nu kar-nu [-dr] (8) mlu llak... Rev. () mu XV kam tt 'u Samn nnammar. (2) Ana fmu XJV ma Sn u SalllSu tt a-la-ms nnamru.. (3) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) lan pl Akkad Fk] (4) ana sal damkt -ha-sa-su hu-ud lb nsl p 1 (5) sakan(an) lb sarr [tab bu-]ul m at l Akkad k (6) par-ga-ns na ser -rab-b-s (7) sa r Ak-kul-la-n. [83--18, 9. ] No Obv. () Ana lu Sn l ' Sa-mas s-t-ku-lu (2) atmu-u k--nu na 2 pl 3 ns p akan(an) (3) sar ks-sa-t su GU. ZA d-lab-bar (4) fmu XV km n-na-mar-ma (5) r-h-t d-b-b duun-ku (6) sa sarr bl-a na lb 4 urpat p ' (7) l-lak la n-mur (8) Ana Sn na tamart-su j na 4 urpat p'1 klppu(pu) (9) mlu LU.-u, lossed s-ba-tu-ug. KA, gossed p-. 3 UKU. P, glossed n-. M DR p, S/ossed ur-pa-a-t. " DR-pu, glossed -k-lp-pu.

72 A T''R;-'.,!,At, l L, r: t S,. l-h-.. -k--lu- A,. () a-la-ku (2) Ana Sn a t,.l:.rt; A! ;ant(l) j :sapk(k3)() zu-un-nu. z-za-nun (4) na urlt Sa-p-lk-t n-nanm-mar-ma (5) sa n l u NabuC-ab P 1 -frba. [K. 736.] No Obv. () Ana Sn Samsu la u-k-ma r-b (2) naan-du-ur ns ' l u ah1 p (3) aun [XV] km t-t u " Sam nnammar (4) Ana Sn na la s-ma-su (sc) nnamr (5) sa-pa-ah... (6) tmu XV kam t-t lu Sams nnammar[ma] Rev. () ark-su na arb u Tasrt l [sn] (2) umu(mu) d-sal-lam.. (3) sa m Ba-la-s- [K. 706.] No Obv. () Ana Sn u lu Sa-mas st-ku-lu (2) at-mu-d k--nu (3) na p ns pl s-sa-kau (4) Sar [mat] ' s GU. ZA u-[ab-bar] (Remander of obverse and op of reverse lost.) Rev. ()... z-k-t... (2)... 3 lm-su mlu llak.. (3) lu [Sn musu au]-n-t tarbasu l-t-[m-ma] (4) mul GR.. b su na lbb-su t-[t-t-z] (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su 8aru stu llak. (6) na arh SUat ar su SCtu sa-dr (7) sa m u Nabu-ah pl rba. [K o8.] t 'F,. OME'NS FROM TlE FOU'RTEENTH DAY. 47 t;u -ka-nu (7) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma n mul AKrabu n a lbb-su zzz (8) nat pl us-ta-ha-a (9) a m zakkar pl.. na ;Rev. () n-namda-ru-ma alkat pparasu Pl (2) a mlu Nab-abh P ddna(na) [K , 780]. No Obv. () amu.xv kam 'u Sn lu Samsu tt a-hams nnammaru pl (2) mu-su an-n lu Sn tarbasu ltam(m) (3) " u LU. BAD. SAG. US na lb tarbas tt lu Sn zzz(z) (4) Ana umu XV kam Sn u Samsu t-t a-ha-ms nnamru p sanaku sa p (5) lb mat tab an plmtu Akkad k a-na sal damkt -ba-sa-su (6) hud lb umman p bu-ul matu Akkad k par-ga-ns na sr -rab-b-s (7) Ana Sn na alak-su n-h br mat ssr: lmu XV kam nnammarma (8) Ana Sn u Samsu sd-ta-tu-u sar mat uz-na urappas(as) (9) sa tmu XV kam lu tt l nnammaru pl l... LU. BAD. SAG. US ( o) mu XV k am t-t lu Sn zzaz(az)-ma Rev. () Ana lu Samsu na tarbas Sn zzz(z) na mat kalam (2) [kt-tu] -ta-mu-u maru tt ab-su kt-[tu tama] (3)... na tarbas Sn zzaz-ma (4) [Ana.. na tarbas] Sn zzz(z)(5)... kuss -ka-na (6)... Sn zzaz(az)-ma (7) [sa m Ak-kul-la?]-n. [ , 228]. No Obv. () [Ana mu XV k at Sn u Samsu t-t] a-ha-ms nnamru pl (2) [sanaku sa p lb] mat tab(ab) (3) [lam P1 Akkada ana] sal damkt -has-sa-su (4)... llak(ak) (5) bulm a tu lakkad k par-ga-ns na sr [rabbs] (6) Ana Sn na tamart su karnu karnu -dr (7) mlu llakam(kam) (8) 6mu XV k A m ud-da su-nu Rev. () a-ha-ms nnammaru pl (2) Ana Sn na alak-gu n-h... (3) Ana Sn na tamart-su zzz(z)... pus-ma (4).. ku-su... h-sa-at (5)... d-m-k-ma (6).. kt-t -ta-[ma] (7)... na (?)-s-ma (8).... lu (?) [ , 64.] No Obv. () [Anal umu XV k a m Sn u l u Samsu tt a-ha-ms [nnamru], (2) sanaku sa p lb-b mat tab(ab) (3) tan p matu Akkada k damktr(tm) -ba-as-sa-su (4) Ana Sn u u agamsu d-ta-tu-d (5) sar mat uz-nu -rap-pa-as (6) sarru sd s t ANA-u, glossed ga-mu-u. 2 DUB-k, glossed sa-p-k,. 3 NGN-su, glossed l-m-su. GU (sc)- ' 4. No. 144A. Obv. () Umu XV k" a Sn u [Samsu tt ahams nnamru] (2) sanaku sa pl lb mat tab(ab) [lan pl Akkada k ] (3) Ana damktm(tm) -ha-as-su... (4) Ana Sn Samsu su-ta-[tu-u] (5) sar mat [uz]-na d-rap-[pa-as] (6) umu XV [kam t-t lu Sams [nnammar-ma] Rev. ()... V (?) k, a n tarbasu... (2)... tu-us... (3) Ana Sn tarbasu [lrm-ma] MUL. MUL. [na lbb su zzz] (4) na satt sat [snnsat pl ] zakkar pl [ulada P] (5) sar mat-*su *nakr-su nu sur.... (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma d-[lul (7) na-dan pal [sarr] (8) sa m l u Nrgal-[ftr]. [K , 316.] No. 144B. Obv. () Ana flu Sn lu Sama k-t-dam-[ma tt su ttntu] (2) *kar-nu kar-*nu... (3) maru tt ab-su [kttu tama] (4) Ana lu Sn u u Samsu st-ku-[lu matu kan atm knc] (5) na p n P"' sakan(an)... (6) Ana lu Samsu ppuha(ha)-ma lu Sn (7) s-d-hu sanat '... (8) mu XV " am u Sn tt, [;am nnammar-ma] (9) Ana u Sn na tamart-su karnat p l [u.. ]

73 , '1' -, -( J,,,,,,.% 14 - '..1, 1, f '. 1. -,.% Y :,. o) ;\na m.t /s;.ul, tu :-[--tu k.. * () S f(') } ; al-l-ma l ) X.u... ) Ana m XV " Sn Sn <lu l. bl]a-rnj nnamru [x r o, sanaku sa p] (3) lb mat tab('a,) 5ll 'l ^" Akkada k [lana damkt] (4) -1a-as-sa-su hu-ud [lb umman] (5) ll, sarr tab(ab) bul [Akkad k3 (6) par-ga-ns na sr[rabbs] (7) Ana umu XV k- nnammanlnr-nt damlkt matu [Akkadk]... (8) a '= Ak-[kul-la-n]. [Rm. 08.] n No. 144c Obz. b. zop wantn g.) ()... bl matt Akkad r] (2) [pargans na sr] -rab-b-[s] (3) [Ana Sn u Samsu stku]-lu matu kan(an) at-mu- (4) [knu na] p ns pl sakan(an) (5) [Lar mat) DL. T ulabbar(bar) Rev. ()...S. AN. AS A. S na lb-b DU (?)... (2).. na lb tarbas Sn zzz... l (3)... ' arkft [pl] (Remander lost.) [83 --8, 870.] No. 144D. Obv. () tmu(mu) an-nu-t tamu XV k am (2) lu Sn u lu Samru a-ha-ms -tam-ru (3) an-nu-d p-g-r-su (4) Ana umu XV T ram l U Sn u SamSru (Remander of obverse lost.) Rev. () [Ana Sn u Samsu] *sd-*ta-tu-d (2) sar mat ha-s-s urappas (ac) (3) sa mu XV kam t-t l u Sans n-nam-ru (4) a m Na-d-nu. [K ] No. 144E. Obv. () Ana fmu XV kam Sn u Samu... (2) sanaku sa p lb mat... (3) ana dam.ktm(tm) -a-... (4) lb -arr tab(ab) bu. (5) par-ga-n na sr... (6) Ana Sn Samsa k-sd-dam... (7) karnu karnu -dr... (8) maru tt ab-su kt... Rev. () Ana Sn u Samsu st-kul-lu matu... (2) at-mu-u k--nu na p... (3) sar mat GU. ZA d-lab... (4) Ana] Sn u Samru sd-ta-tu-d sar mat uz.. (5) kt-t bas.. (6) Ana 1Samsu l-nu Sn... na apl-ta-nu *Sn.. (7) sar mat na kt-t-su zzaz.. (8) sa mh Nab-kb.. [K. 329.] No Obv. () Ana lu lu Sn u: Samsu su-ta-tu-d (2) na mat kt-t b-ba - as-s (3) maru t-t Ab-su kt-t (4) -ta-m (5) Ana Sn u Sarmu st-kul-lu [sar] mat (6) u-zu-un d-[rap-pa-as] (7) amu XV ka=, lu Sn u Samsu (8) t-t a-ha-ms n-nam-marma Rev. () Ana ul SAG. Mf. GAR ml-lam-mu sakn(n) (2) 1Same character as n No. 177, obv,, 4. :.., T r. a-. 1 A OMEN S FR;OM TE FOURTEENTH TAY. 49.A.k..., k.k.... _ a;tr Akkad k P u kakk '-su (3) fl s kakk pl nakr-su -dan-n-nu (4) l ul garru lu-d na -mt-t (5) lu-d na. d-m-lu mul SAG. Mf. GAR zzaz-ma (6) n-na a-du-d na s -m-lu (7) mll SAG, Mf. GAR a-na -sd na...(8) -su-uz (9) sa n R-mu-tu [83--8, 245.] No Obv. () Ana amu XV kam Sn h Samsu tt a-hams nnanru p (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab (3) lan pl ' tu Akkada k ana damktm(tm) (4) ha-as-sa-su hu-ud lb ns ' sakan(an) (5) Ana Sn h Samsu st-ku-lu m1tu kan (6) at-mu-d k--nu na 1)- ns P sakan(an) (7) Sar ks-sat su kussa t-lab-bar (8) Ana Sn u Samsu sd-ta-tu-d (9) Sar mat uz-na u-rap-pa-ass Rev. [Ana] "' LU. BAD. GUD. UD na rb Sams zunnu zanun(nun) ma zunnu zanun(nun) (3) mul Mustabarra-matanu(a-nu) sarura t-tan- (4.) mul LU. BAD. DR nu-hus nse pl (5) " ul LU. BAD. DR pagr Pl Sam-ru (6) mul LU. BAD. DR l mustabarrta-mtanu (a-nu) (7) sa ml u Nrgal tr(r). R. 9.] No. 146A. Obv. () [Ana Sn] u Samsu -s-ta-tu- ' (2) sar mat uz-na t-[rap-pa]-as (3) [Ana] sn gamsu st-ku-lu (4) matu -kan at-[mu]-u k--nu 1(5) na p-[ ns P ]-sak-kan (6) [sar mat '"kussa d]-lab-bar (7)... b Rev. ().. (2)... [l-m-. al-l-ku (3) bar mlt ssr matu nuhsa m-mar (4) ar l arm mu XX "am SR l-duk (5) [Sarru] a-sa-r-du-t l-lak (6) sa m l Nrgaltr(r). [K. 842.] No Obv. () [Ana tmu XV k am sn u Samsu t]-t a-ha-ms nnamru pl (2) [sanaku sa p lb mat] tab(ab) lan p mn a t, Akkada k (3) [Ana damkt] -has-sa-su lb arr tab(ab) (4) [hud lb] umman(n) bu-lm matu Akkad k (5) [pargans] na r -rabb-s (6) [Ana Sn u Samsu] su-ta-tu-t (7) [Sar mat] uz-nu urappas(as) (8) [Ana Sn na tamart]-su karnat plsu tur-ru-kam Rev. () [patar] b-ra-a-[t] (2) [arad] ma-sar-ra-a-[t] (3) [tasmu]-u salmu(mu) na mat [bass] (4) [Ana a-na pal] am P arkut (5) [sa-lam] sar kssut u ns P' -u (6) [na] mu(mu) a-dan-n-su (7) [t]-t u Sams us-ta-ta-a (8) [Sa]-n-n man-za-as-su (9) [Sa m rass]-g-lu ardu sa sarr mahr(u). [K. 85o.] d

74 50 ';Trt1., 24 f Ru' OMENS FROM THE FOURTEENTH DAY. 51 No. 4.. O14 (1) [na] A1 1mu XV -" Sn u Saml5 t1 [anl-ans nnamru 1 s ] (2) sanaku a p ll mat tb1(ab) [l:n '," Akklada ] (3) Anra damkt -[3a-sa]-su hu-ud lb [umnmn] (4) t arru anardu-tam llak(ak) bu-lm natu [Akkad k] (5) par-ga-ns na sn -rab-b-[s] (6) Ana Sn u Samnu stf-ta-tu-[u] (7) sar mat uznu urappas.. (8) ga amu XV km ar h u... () n. v(?) () Ana a-na pa Am(m) arkat [p n (2) sa-lam (?) sar kssut u ns -[su] (3) na Amu(mu) a-dan-n-su t-[t sams] (4) us--tta-a Sa-nn man-[za-as-su] (5) [sa] m rans(s)-lu ardu sa sarr (6) mah-ru-. [K 8So7.] No Obv. () [Ana Sn u] u Samsu sdt-tau-f (2) [Sar mat] uz-na u-rap-pa-as (3) [Ana Sn u] lu amsu st-ku-lu matu -ka-nu (4) [atmu kl-]-nu na p- ns P sakan(an) (5) [sar. GU]. ZA d-!ab-bar (Remander broken.) Rev. ()... k... (2).. lb ar' Ulul ark- (3)... ru- ad-ru su-d (4)... ra-an lpur-ma na lb arba Ulul ark- (5)....l- pu- us (6) [sa m lu] Nfrgal-tr(r). [ , 302.] No Obv. () Ana l u Sn lu Samsa k-st-ud-ma tt-su (2) t-tn-tu karnu karnu -dr (3) na mat kt-t bass(s)-ma (4) maru tt ab4-u kt-t -ta-[ma] (5) mu XV kam lu Sn u l Samsu (6) t-t a-ha-ms nnammaru pl (7) Ana nlu Sn u lu Samsu g-ta-tu- [u] (8) Sar mat uz-na d-[rap-pa-as] Rev. () sarru sd l kuss-su -[kan] (2) Amu XV karm lu tt l nnammaru.. (3) r-s sat-t lu Nrgal... (4) na-pr-t a... (5) fmu XV kam tt lu Sams t-[tan-mar] (6) damkt sa sarr bl-a '-td (7) ga m lu Nabu-ksa(sa) mar Bar-sb. [83-1-8, 86.] No Obv. () Ana Sn u l Samsu sd-ta-tu-d (2) Sar mat uz-nu f-rap-pa-as (3) Amu XV k am arhu-us-su lu tt l nnammarma (4) " b' Tasrtu ar Aralsamna u arhu Kslmu arhan pl (5) ark a-ha-rns ana damk.t u a-rak fm(m) (6) sa sarr b-l-a t-tanma-ru (7) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnte pl su tur-ru-ka (8) patar l b-ra-a-t a-rad massarat (9) tas-mu-d u salmu(mu) na m.t ba's ( o) fmu XV am lu tt l nnammar-ma () Ana Sn fmu XV km nnarnr-ma damkt mtu Akkad k Rev. () lmutt zatu llama u Alarr (2) Ana ' ul Akrabu salmu na lbb-gu tag-mu-d 1., r A 4 basgg (3) sa lu Sn u lu GUD. UD lub;su (?) kasad-su-nu (4) Anana a arbu Kslm Amu XV "am ana Nrgal ls-kn (5). u lb-b GSMMAR na kata -su ls-s (6) na harran u m-t-k 4al-lm (7) Amu XV ka nm Amu XV k am Alpa na pan l Nab -tar-ra-as (8) Alpu na pan lu Nab-... m-mah-ha-as (9) Amu XV kam lu-*ma l-lab-b-g (0o) musu Sa fm XX k-an knanu ( ) sa " lu Nabfu-suma skun(un). [81-2-4, 102.] No. 151A. Obv. (Top broken) () [sanaku sa p] lb rnat tab [lan P] (2) a tu Akkada k ana sal damkt -[ha-sa-su] (3) sarru gam-ru-tam llak[ak] (4) bu-lm ma tu Akkad k' par-ga-ns na [sfr rabbs] (5) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnu karnu [dr] (6) mlu llak[ak] (7) na mah-r- a-na sarr b-l-a (8) al-tap-ra um-ma Amu XV km (9) lu tt l nnammar.. Rev. (x) Ana Sn Samsu ksud-ma tt-[su ttntu na] mat (2) kt-t bass [maru tt ab-4u ktt] (3) -ta-mu..... (4) Ana Sn nat amart-su [karnat PLsu turruka] (5) patar b-ra-a-t [arad massarat] (6) tas-[mu-u u salmu na mat bass] (Remander broken off) Left-hand ede... ra Sl-lut..[K. 973o] No Obv. () Ana Amu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a hams nnamru pl (2) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) lan pl u a Akkada kn (3) A-na sal damkt -la-sa-su (4) hu-ud lb-b urnman <n) lb sarr tab(ab) (5) bal matu Akkad k par-ga-ns na sfr rabbs <s (6)Ana Sn u Samsu st-ku-lu matu -kan (7) at-mu-d k-nu na p ns p1 sakan(an) (8) [sar mat] 5 U kussa ulabbar(bar) Rev. <) ' W l'u am-m-u (2) sa t11 lu fn. LL. sa n-s tur-u-n (3) lu-sr-bu-u-n sarru b-l l-mur (4) u su l' Ak-ka-du-u (5) sa sarr ld-dnu-na- (6) Kakkaban p ta-a.a. na pu-u-t (7) na lb-b -s-ru <8) am SAG. lp-k-du sa un-ku -pat-tu-n (9) na pan-su -s-ru-n [ , 223.] No Obv. () Ana Sn u Samsa la d-k-[ma rb] (2) na- *an-dur ns [1 u ah pl] (3) sa Amu XV kam lu tt l la n-[nammar] (4) Ana Sn na tamart-su karnu karnu -[dr] (5) s l nukurtu Sakan(an)... (6) sa Amu XV kam lu tt la n-nam-[ma-ru] (7) Ana Sn na alak-su f-z mahru sahr(r) (8) tmu XV kam tt l gamb nnammar(mar-ra) Rev. () mu- a-ga-a u Sn tarbasu l-tad2 1!

75 5Ž ;,as~~~a t:'a. H, OMENS O.0ENYS FOMt FROM TE THE FOURTEENTl EN'h DY. )DAY. nt a-ru-a (5) na m.t.u-ub-l-tu -man-du (6) Ana Sn l ru; lm-(mn) r-h-su u ra-a-[du] (7) rabt pl bass pl l m1 A. N (S) na tarlbas ll Sn zzaz(az) -[ma] (9) sa m lu Naba-ksa(Sa) mar BAr- [sb ]. [K. 793.] No O/,v. () fumu ka a-na sarr Al-tap-ra um-ma hmu XV k:a l (2) Sn t-t lu Samsu n-nam-mar (3) umu XV kn lu Sn u u Samsu t-t a-ha-ms nnamru p (4) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) lan pmo.tu Akkada a (5) Ana sal damkt -ha-as-sa-su hu-ud lb ns p l sakan(an) (6) bu-um mttu Akkad k par-ga-ns na sfr rabbs(s) (7) Ana l Sn l Samsa k-sd-dam-ma tt-su (8) t-tn-ta karnu karnu -dr Rev. () na mat ktt bass(s)-ma (2) maru tt ab-u kt-t -ta-m (3) umu XV k a m ar Sn t-t u Sams nnammar-ma (4) Ana lu Sn lu Samu su-ta-tu-u (5) Sar mat uz-na urappas(as) (6) umu XV a U l Sn t-t lu Sam nnammar-ma r )) a u Nrgal-tr(r). [83--18, 17.] No Obv. (1) [Ana] Sn hu lu Samsu su-ta-tu- (2) [Sar) mat uz-[na] urappas(as) sarru sd s kuss-u kan (3) Ana umu XV kam lu Sn u lu Samsu tt a-hams nnamru 1' (4) pa mat kan lb mat tab(ab) lb sarr tab(ab) (5) lan p l mlatu Akkada k ana damlktm(trn) -has-sa su (6) hu-ud lb-b ns p sakan(an) (7) bulum, na tu Akkad k par-ga-ns na sr rabbs(s) (8) Ana Sn aumu XV kam] nnamr-ma damkt m tu Akkad k (9) lmutt r matu flama (ma) u Aharr k Rev. () Sarru b-la-a la -kab-b um-ma (2) urpatu ak-ka-' -ta-mur (3) mu-s a-ga-a a-su-d-u sa a-mur (4) na lb-b tmu(mu) -su t-ta-sa-a (5) kak-kar-su sa na lb-b n-nam-maru (6) k-ta-^ad -da-at sa a-ma-ru M- (7) sa 9--[r]. fmu(mu) p-tu-d (8) sarru M... kas-bu Amu(mu) (9) t-t l Sams z-zaaz (ao) sa Nabu-ksa(sa) mar Bar-sb '. [83-1-8, U u 48.] No. 155A. Obv. () [Ana amu XV Sn u u] Samsu tt a- h.a-[ms nnamru] (2) [sanaku sa p] lb-b mat [tab] (3) [lan p 1] uatu Akkad [k ] (4) [Ana] damkt -ha-sa-su (5) [hud] lb-b unmman(n) lb-b sarr tab(ab) (6) bul matl.akkad k (7) na sfr par- 1 Erasure. 1,.X,4 ca-n1s rabbs(s) (8) Ana lu Sn u u Samsu st-ku-lu (9) natu -ka-na at-mu-u k-[-nu]. (o) na p ns pl sakan(an) (-) sar mlat s u DL. T ulabbar(bar) Rev. () Ana Sn u Sanmu 'sd-tatu-u (2) sar rmat Z. KU. P *urappas(as) (3) utu lb-b Om (m)... (4) lmu(mu)... (5) mu-s4... (6) UD mu (?)... (7)... [K ] No. 155B. Obv. (x) Ana Amu XV r ka t lu Sn u lu. (2) tas-mu-d u sa-l-[mu na mat bass]. (3) sa " u Bl-na-sr... (4) k-ma sa a-na sarr b-[l-a aspur] (5) [um]-ma a-dr s Amu(mu)... (6) massart sa Sn a-[a-nu]... (7). UD hu (?).. (8) a-mat... (9)... (o) n. (?)... Rev. () u Sn. (2) sarru sa ka-as-[su]... (3) n-s ka-t... (4) l Sn u [Samsu]... (5) ul-tu arlb Nsann... (6) d-ma-a sa sarr b-l... (7) t-t n-s ka-t... (8) Amu XV kua lu... (D) On the Ffteenth Day. [ , 296.] No Obv. () Ana Amu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-hams [nnamru] (2) am nakru dan-nu 8u kakk 1 -su ana mat nasa (3) abul al-a a n nakru na-kar (4) Ana Sn Samsa la u-k-ma r-b (5) na-an-dur ns P P u Bh Rev. () ar hn Smmanu matn Aharrc (2) fmu XV 'Lm matu AharrfA (3) sa [ m Ba]-ma-a-a. [Bu , 8.] No Obv. () Ana Amu [XV] ka Sn u Samsu (2) tt a-ha-ms nnamru P l (3) am nakru dan-nu (4) ' u kakk -su na mat nasa(a) (5) parrakk pl lan pl rabat pl na-kar (6) Ana Sn u gamsu la d-k-ma r-b (7) na-an-dur ns pl (8) ah P Rev.z () sa [n] n Nab-mu--s. [K. 866.] No. 15 7A. Obv. () Ana [Amu XV kam Sn u Sam'u tt abams nnamru] (2) am [nakru dannu ou kakk P-su ana mat nasa] (3) abul [al nakru nakar] (4) Ana Sn u Samsu [la uk-ma rb] (5) na-an-dur UR. [MAH u h] (6) sa m nu.. [83-11,S, 292.].r

76 j-r54 ASTZOLOG:CA1r; RLt6K's. OMENS FROM THE FFTEENTH DAY. 5.. _.~~~~~~~~~~~5 No Obv. () [Ana flnu XV k ll n] Sn SamBu (2) [tt a-ua]-nx nnamnru pl (3) [nakru dan]-nu s u kakk P"-u (4) [nasa]-a t u (5) [abul alll] a1 nakru na-kar (6)... Aharrf k (7) [a t. Nfrgal-tr(r). [K. 369.] No. 157c. Obv. () Ana Sn Amu XV km t-[t Sams] (2) nna-m-... (3) du... (4) matu... Rev. () a -ga (?)... (2) um-ma Amu XV (?)... (3) lan l-ka k... (4) sa mlu Blna-[sr3. [[K ] No.!57D. Obv. () Ana Amu XV [k"mj lu Sn [u lu Samsu (2) t-t a-ha-m-s nnamr (3) am nakru dan-nu 8U kakk l-su (4) a-na mat -na-sa-a (5) abull p am nakru -na-kar (6) Ana lu Sn u 'u Samsu la d-k-ma r-b (7) na-an-dur ns u ah Rev. -() sa m star-suma-rfs(s). [Rm. 195.] No Obv. (Top broken.) () [rb? na-an]-dur.. (2) [ns v1] u UR. BAR. [RA. MS] (3) Ana Ama XV [kam Sn u Samlu] tt a-ha-ms [nnamru] (4) am nakru dan-nu [ 8 U] kakk l-su ana rnat [nasa] (5) pan abull-mu am nakru sabbat(bat?) Rev. () m Tabu-Sar-Bflt (?) am (?) SAG (?) am Rab-p-[Sr?] (2) Sa Satsa-nu lubusu (?)... ah (?). m.. (3) ns sa sarru bl-la-a d-*dna-[an-n] (4) ul-tah-tu-n lk-kas-*s *... (5) t-ta-sd-d mar-sa-ku u a " Rab-p-[sr?] (6) a-a-nu sarru la u-mas-sr-an-n-[ma] (7) la a- ma-t (8)... [ , 225.] No. 158A. Obv. () [Ana Amu] XV km Sn u h, am-u tt a-ha-[mns nnamru] (2) nakru dan-nu ' kakk -Lu ana mat nasa(a) (3) abul al nakru na-kar (4) Ana Sn lu Samsu la d-k-ma r-b (5) na-an-dur ns u a1h (6) sa mlu NabA-ahl P l -ddna(na) (7)... Dl-bat k [K. 755-] No Obv. (x) Ana Amu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-bam s[nnamru] (2) nakru dan-nu u kakk pl (3) a-na mat -na-assa-[a] (4) Abull ' P am nakru -na-[kar] (5) Ana Sn u Samsu la d--kma r-[b] (6) na-an-dur nlf u UR. [BAR. RA] (7) Ana Sn na tamart-su Karnu karnu -[dr] (8) garran P Sa ma.t kalam matu C : Rev, () Ana na hu Sman Amu XV rkm]... (2) a-l1a : ' ( 0,',S P Y,3 r 4 A F 4 - V lpp (?)... (3) a-na ma-h-r-t l... (4) sfdu mu-sal-l-m (5) t-ta-na-ar... (6) sa m star-suma-r. [Kn. 200.] No Obz. () Ana Sn Samsu la d-'-ma r-b (2) na-andur ns u ab (3) amu XV a" tt Sams nnammar-ma (4) na arbu Nsann Omu(mu) d-al-lam (5) Amu XV kam Sn tt gams nnam-mar (6) a-na su l l-'-a-nu (7)... duppan... (8)... kt... (9)... n... Rev. ()... na Ur k... (2) a-na sarr ak-bu-dt-[ma] (3).. sarru lu-u-ha-s-s (4) sa m d-ma-a (5) am Dup-sar tm lu N. LL (5) pan (?) k-s-r--su. [ , 6.] No. 160A. Obv. () Ana l" Sn l Sa-mas [stkulu] (2) at-rud k-[-nu na p ns] (3) s-sak-kan sar [mat] (4) s ' GU. ZA [ulabbar] (5) fmu XV kr m ultu [Samn] (5) n-na-[mar-ma] (7) Ana lu Sn lu.sa-mas' [sutatu] (8) sar mat uz-[na urappa]s (9) Amu XV k am n-[nam-mar-ma]. (Reverse broken off.) [K. 994.] No. 160oB Obv. () Ana Amu XV k"m Sn u [Samsu tt] (2) a-ha-ms 8 nnamru [nakru dannu] (3) kakk p-su ana mat -na-lassa-a] (4) abul al-a [nakru nakar] ReV. () arhu Sabat. a t MA m a tu... (2) Amu XV am m a Ur tu MAR....(3) lmutt sa m at u MAR... (4) l-l-tum ara... [ , 220.] No Obv. () Ana umu XV kam Sn u Samru tt a-hams nnamru pl (2) am nakru dan-nu : kakk r-su (3) a-na' mat nas(s) (4) abul al nakru na-kar (5) Ana Sn na la s-ma-n-su h-h-ram-ma nnamr (sc) (6) t-b-f al ks-su-t (7) Ana Sn na alak-su f-z (8) mahru sahr(r) (9) Ana Sn u SlamSu la d-k-ma rb(b) ( o) na-an-dur ns pl ( ) U ah pl Rev. () sa m Ba-ma-a-a. [K. 718.] No Obv. () tmu. Xv kan Sn U Sgamsu tt a-ha-ms nnamru P l (2) nakru dan-nu 8U kakk Pl-SU ana mat naa(a) (3) abul al-a nakru -na-kar (4) Ana Sn na aru Ar Amu XXX kam nna-mar (5) Ana Sn na a r u Ar Amu XXX kam nnamr dub-du Erasl-re.

77 56. E). -. OMENS FROM' TlE SXTEENTH DAY. 57 ;,Ab :: (6) Ah'n ts (.s/) kkall (7) A\na Sn na 't" Ar,.u :' XV a't " Samn A'cv. () n-na-mar (2) Ana "' SAG(; l. GA(:R t-t " Jl-bat l-lak (3) un-nn mnlt ana lb l.n ' b-ba-a.; lu-d (4) l '; Marduk u l u.sar-pa-n-tum su-!. (5) sa u narnr(nl)-k. -snm-mu-ma (6) r--mu a-na umman(n)-ka -ra-as-su-d (7) stn(n) mru ld-d-nu-nm-ma sp-a (8) na muh-h lu-gap-s-l (9) a l '" Nrgal-ftr(r). [Rm. 96.] No Obv. () [Ana] lmu XV kan Sn u l Samsu tt a- ha-.ms nnamru l P (2) m nakru dan-nu 1Ukakk '- u arna mat nasa(a). (3) abul al-a am nakru -na-kar (4) Ana m " l LU. BAD *na ar h u Du'uz nnarmr(r) (5) pagran p bass p (6) Ana mu AL. LUL a- dr (7) utukku bab-lm mata sabbat(bat)-ma Rev. () pagran P na mnat basst pl (2) sa m a u NabQ-ah P l -ddna(na). [ , 244.] No Obv. () Ana amu XV kam Sn u Samsu t-t a-ha-ms nnamru.. (2) am nakru dan-nu u kakk P'-Su (3) ana mat -na-as-,sa-a (4) abul al nakru -nak-kar (5) Ana Sn h-h-ram-ma la nna- -mr(r)(6) t-b-f al ks-sa-t (7) XV kam tt Smu Samsu nnammarma Rev. () Ana m-s-h kakkab utu ga l n ad (2) a-na sar Aharr rm-su-uh (3) kar-t nakr abkta a-a... (4) mata lkk(k)'(5) ar 'u Aru axu Smanu arbu Du'uzu aru Abu abu Ululu (6) V arhan pl annu-t (7) Amu XV k am lu tt l la nnammar. (8) sarru lu----d u lu-ha-s-[s] (9) sa m rass(s)-lu ardu sa sarr mahrl(u). [K. 805.] No Obv. () Ana fmu XV l m Sn u Samsu tt a-ha- [ms] (2) nnamr am nakru dan-nu (3) 8 kakk Pl-S ana mat -naas-a-a (4) abul al am nakru -na-kar (5) Ana mul AN. NA ms-ha m-suh (6) am nakru na-m--a -kam-ms. [K. 727.] No. 165A. Obv. () Ana Amu XV k\m Sn u [samsu] (2) t-t a-ha-ms nnamru [p l ] (3) am nakru dan-nu.u [kakk Pv] (4) ana mat DL DL.. (5) [parakk] pl lan [P1 nakar] (Remander lost.) Rev. (Top broken.) () t-b- al ks-sa-t (2) amu XV \am lu tt l nnammar-ma (3) m la rass()-lu ardu,a 'arr mabro[u]. [K. 843.] m 1. (E) On the Szteenth Day. No Obv. () Ana fmu XV ka n Sn n Samsu tt a-hams nnamru ' p (2) sarru ana sarr eal nukurta sappar(ar) (3) sarru na kall-su a-na m-na-at ar-h (4) d-ta-sar sp nakr a-na mat-u (5) am nakru na mat-su sal-ta-ns llaku pl (6) Ana Sn na arh u Du'Tz lu-u tmu XV k a n lu-u fmu XV kamn (7) tt lu Sams la nnamr(r) Rev. () sarru na kall-su -ta-sar (2) flmu XV ka ln l nnamr-ma damkt uat u Subart k (3) lmutt a tu Akkad 1k u m tu Aharr k (4) sa m Ak-kul-la-n. [K. 694.] No Olv. () Ana drmu XV kam Sn u Samsu tt a-hams nnamru pl (2) sarru ana sarr lmuttm(tm) sappar(ar) sarru na kall-su (3) a-na mnat pl arb d-ta-sar (4) sp nakr ana mat-u sakan(an) nakru gal-ta-ns llaku pl (5) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma l u Mustabarr--mfAtanu(a-nu) na lbb-su zzz (6) sahlukt [bal m]-rsu u saluppu la ssru (7) [: matu MAR. ] TU k sahr (8)... du na mat kt-t bass-ma (9) [maru tt ab-su kt]-t -ta-m Rev. ().. [LU]. BAD ksuda-ma -t-k (2)... dan-nu na mat bass(s) (3)... rnus n akall (?) ksud(ud) (4) [N. ]BAT-anu lu SAG. US ksuda-ma (5).. sa. lm su NGN (?) z-nu <6)... Aharr k n-nam-dn (7) lu mutabarr.-mftanu(a-nu).. mat Subartu k l ba-'-l (8) u sa-ru-[ru] na-s damkt sa ma tu Subart k su-u <9) u mu LU. BAD. SAG. US kakkabu sa matu Aharr ( o) unnu-ut u sa-ru-ru-su ma-ak-tu ( ) lmutt sa matu Aharr k t-b mat nakr (2) -na matu Aharr k b-ba-as-s (3) sa m Sa-p-ku mar Barsb k. [ , S, 366.] No. 167A. Obv. () [Ana Sn u Samsu sf ta]-tu- (2) [sar mat uzna d]-rap-pa-a (3)... Akkad k (4)... dr (?) S {Remander lost.) Rev. (Top wantng.) () [sarru ana mnat arh] -ta-sar (2)... su-u (3)... u sa u damkt (4).... (5) [sa -u Bl-suma?]-skun(un). [K ] V. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S APPEARANCE WTHOUT No THE SUN. Obv. () Aa Sn na rhu Nsann u umu XV kam lu [ramu XV kam] (2) tt l u Sams la nnamr. (3) umman(n)

78 A SRL, O L.' ()U 1K T. OMENS FROM THE SUN. 59 barran am nakr a-ha... () b'-a)-l)a-ta-nn-ma :ntu.. (. }, banr na lt ba.n (6) Ana au XV k'" Sn u Sa;nu t a-ja-[ms nnamru] (7) sarru ana garr [nukurta Sappar] (8) Sarru na fkall-su [ana mnat arh utasar] (9) [sp] am l nakr [na mrat-;r, Sakan] (6) am nakru sal-ta-[ns na matt llaku] Rev. () Ana fmu XV kanl Sn u Samsu tt [ahanm nnamru] (2) Sar Subart k] (3) mahra [tul rass] (4) sa m Star-suma-lrfS(fs). [K. 733.] No Obv. (O) An S na rsn Du'az lu amu XV km lu fmu XV kam (2) t-t lu Sams la nnamr(r) (3) sarru na kallsu d-ta-sar (4) Ana amu XV kam Sn u Samsu t-t a-ha-[ms] (5) n-nam-ru sarru ana sarr (6) nu-kdr-tum -sap-par sarru na na [kallsu] (7) [ana m]-na-at arh d-ta-[sar] Rev. () [Sp nakr] a.na mat-- su s-[sak-kan] (2) [nakru] na mat-s sal-ta-ns t-ta-[lak] (3) [Ana] Sn Onmu XV kam nnamr-ma lmutt m atu Akkad [k] (4) damkt matu Subart k (5) sa m Sd-ma-a-a. [K. 695.] No Obv. (Top broken) () Ana Sn na arh Sabat *mu *XV kr am *1u *amu *XV kam (2) tt Samsu la nnamr mlu gab-su l llak-ma (3) baru sahar(ar) (4) ab-kal-lu s-k-la (5) Bl r-mnu -kar-rad lu Marduk (6) na mus -zu-uz-ma Rev. () na s--r t-tap-sar (2) sar ksstt sa-lam lu Marduk at-ta (3) a-na lb-b ardan 'n--ka (4) k- tar-'-d-bu ru-'-ub-t (5) sa sarr bl-n n-l-ta-da-ad (6) u su-lum-mu- sa sarru n-ta-mar (7) am-m-n a m k-na-at-d-a (Remander broken off) (Left-hand edge) () sa m A-sa-r-[du] (2) mahr(f)... [ , 63.] No Obv. () [Ana Sn] u Samsu la d-k-ma r-b (2) naan-dur n' pl u ab p " (3) Amu XV k&, t-t l u gams nnammar-ma (4) Ana Sn na a' h u Addar Amu XV km t-t lu Sams la nnamr (5) [SA. HA] LAM. MA Ur k (6) [Sn na ar hu ] Nsann Amu (mu), d-sal-lam ' Rev. () sa m Ba-la-s-. [S ] No Obv. () Ana Sn na arb Addar tmu XV ka lu Amu XV kam tt Samn la nnamr (2) sahlukt Ur k (3) Ana Sn na la s-ma-n-su b-h-ram-ma la nnamr '(4) tb() al k!9ut(ut) nanat P a... (5) Ana uamu XV km Sn u SamBu tt a-ba- t [ms nnamru] (6) ar Subart k GAB. [R la rass] (7) sa lb-b dup-p... (8) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m [mustabarrf-mtanu na lbb-su zzz] (9) sahlukt b Al na mat k m [kal [mfru] (c) [u] saluppu la S - [D: Aharr. k sahr] ( )... du... ( 2)... 7 RPznnt'r nf /r? fand n h f -' -f l, hrrrf nff\ Ro 7 ) /T\ n-n 1"'l LU, BAD. th ha (?) a (?)... () [mul Mutabarrf]-mutanu (a-nu) a-na mul LU. BAD. SAG. US tahh-ma (3) [Ana mul] LU. BAD kakkaban pl sam() d-lap-pat (4) sar matat d-kat-t (5) ; l MuStabarra-matanu(a-nu) -ba-l-ma (6) kakkaban p l -lap-pat-ma (7) sa m A-sa-r-du mahru(d) ardu sa sarr. [79-7-8, 0 0.] X. OMENS FROM THE SUN. No Obv. () Ana Samsa tarbasu lm zunnu zanun(nun) (2) Sams'() um(m) Rev. () sa m rass(s)-lu. [81-2-4, o6.] No Obv. () Ana lu Samu na tarbas Sn zzz(z) (2) kt-tu na nmat bags-ma (3) maru tt ab-su kt-tu -ta-m (4) sa-lm ks-sa-t (5) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma l NN. B na lbb-su zzz l (z) (6) tt nakr umman(n) -kab-ba-al (7) sa Nabg-mu-s-s. [K. 719.] No. 174A. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma [Samsu] (2) -na lb-b-su zzz [kttu na mat bass] (3) maru t-t ab-su [kttu tama salm kssat] (4) lu Dl-bat... (5) arhu u gmu (mu)... (6) unk-ma..(7) Ana m ul Dl-bat na ar u Nsann [ultu mn kal] (8) ad flm XXX kam na [st Sarnm tbal] (9) d-ru-ba-a-t [bassu] Rev. () Ana m1 Dl-bat na nph-sa k. (2) lb mnat -[tab?]. (3) -na st Sams lmuttu... (4) sa m rass(s)-lu mar,n Nu-[ur-za-nu]. [K ] No Obv. () Ana lu Samsu ana lb Sn frub matu. (2) kt-ta -ta-[mu-u] (3) sa-l-m ks-4a-t (4) [Ana] mu l LU. BAD ana l Sn brum-ma (5) ana lb Sn rub ns '11 matu,-ma (6) alkat mat... bl dku P" (7) u LU.BAD. SAG. US na lb Sn -ta-rab (8) sa m lu Agur-sar-a-n. [Rm. 207.]

79 :,:.t s; * *A 1 )l.( } AL <T 4 2 2).;. $, t; },. :, OMENS FROM THE SUN. No o(/'. () A\a lu,sanu na man-za-z! Sn l / ( ) (2) ;:r mtt na ; kuss -ka-na (3) [Ana] Samsu (?) l-ta-nu Sn apl-ta-nu Sn zzz(z) (4). sd ' kuss -ka-na (5) sar mat na kt-t-su zzaz(az) (6) Ana Samsu (?) u Sn Sd-ta-tu-u (7) sar mt uznu d-rap-pa-ag Rev. () musu an-n--l (2) mul LU. BAD. SAG. Ug a-nta u Sn (3) k-d-r-b 'n ul LU. BAD. SAG. US (4) kakkab: lu Zams gud-u (5) k- an-n-- (6) p-s-r-su damkt sa sarr Su-u (7) lu Samsu kakkab sarr sd-u. [8-2-4, 8o.] No Obv. () Ana Samsu (?) l-nu lu Sn (2)...aplta-nu Sn zzz (3) sarru sd kuss-su kan(an) (4) Ana Samsu (?) na manzaz Sn zzaz (5)Kt-t na mat bas(s) Rev. () sa l lu Nabt-k-b. [K. 745,] No Obv. () [Ana] lu Sa-mas '2ppuha-ra ana 3 pan-su [lak?] (2) sar k s-a-t pal-su rk (3) Ana na a3u A-da-r lu Sa-mas na S-rm (4) tarbasu lm na arh suat (5) mlu llakam(kam).. Sfamu(d) zanun(nun) (6) na lb t-t sa mu SAG. M. GAR (7) s7d-u XRev.. () r-h-t d-b-b (2) k- t-t su-ma (3) a-na zu-un-n a-na m-. [K. 780.] No Obv. () Ana lu Sa-nma tarbasu lm-ma (2) bab-su ana s ru ut 4 ar prus (3). sutu -za-az (4) Anana a 5m bubbul saru tu [llak] (5) saml(d)... (6) ram bubbul... Rev. () u" Sn na... (2) umu(mu)... (3) sa m l Nab-ah l-rba. [ , 227.] No Obv. (Tap wantng.) () [Umu] X kal, sarru,... (2) Ana l' Sa-mas na tarbas Sn zzz(z) na mat kalam (3) k-t-td -ta-mu-u maru t-t ab-su kt-turn -ta-m (4) sa-lm ks4a-t (5) '"'l LU. BAD. SAG. US na tarbas Sn zzaz-ma (6) t-tamm-h-r t-t sa Om X k a m S-u (7) na a ll Sn fmtu X kan n-na mr-u-n (8) ana l sd-u mul LU. BAD. SAG. US na tarbas lu Sn t-t-t-z Rev. () Ana l Sn tarbasu 'salmu lm M, glosscd mu au. KUR-ma, glossed p-pu-ba-ma. 3 -;u, glossed pa-n-au. 4 TAR, glssed p-m-[us]. ; UD. A. A. AN, glossed m bu-ub-bu-l. -ANA-u, glossed fa-nmu-u. M, glosred sa-al-mu.. t- ': f, '.4 4; r.e arhu zunna d-kal (2).. urpat P uk-ta-sa-ra (3) Ana ul Sarru 'adr sarru 2 zz-ma 3ntt P-su (4)... ma 4 utr-ma 1a da.k(ak) (5)... ^1 7 rass(s) (6)... [ mul LU. BAD] SAG. U.S na pan l v m s sarru (Renzander wantng.) n (Left-haznd edg;e.) () Sa ll Nabu... [K. 781.] No () Ana Samsu ppuha-ma adr za-lap mat gst hallk (2) Ana Samsu ppuha-ma adr nu-hus ns ]7: tahasu na mat sakan (3): bartu: ud-da-a-t ana sar mat kalam (4) Ana Samsu na nph-su saruru adru adr (?) atala sakan-ma (5) " u Rammanu rahs(s) (6) massart sa s--r sa natu lama(ma) k (7) na n-p-h lu Sams t-tum an-n-td (?).. Rev. () ta-at-tal-ka (2) Ana na arhu Ar lu Rammanu p-su dd AS. A. AN (3) u k.-d (?) la gsru P (4) kakkabu sa ana sarr bl-a ak-bu ma-'-ds (5) un-nu-ut a-tn-nu ul -sak-kam-ma (6) ul d-mas s (7) sa m Za-kr. [Rm. 20.] No. 1 81A. Obv. () Ana Samsu ppuha-ma sa-ru-ru... (2) s u kakku... (3) Ana Samsu ppuha-ma uml-su... (4) ul... (Remande of obv. and tp of rev. broken off) Rev. () Ana Sarr sulmu(mu) ana... (2) atal s. BAR a.... (3) na s u l'... (4) sa. ml Nrgal-[tr']. [K ] No. 181B. Obv. ().. zal-lum-mu.... (2).. lu *A-nm... (3) ns pl... (4) marsut pl (5) alu tt al... (6) ahu ah... Rev. () gar lama(ma)... (2) m Pl-su kr.. ' (3) Ana Samsu na n-du ppuha(ha) sarru.... (4) kakk nass(s)... (5) rmu'l SAG. M. GAR arhu UD... (6)... k tu.... (7) [sar] matat lu-da-[r]... (Possbly the name of the wrter.) [K ] No Obv. () Ana n-du na harran Sams nadf l an p l mlk mat (2) Ana sal damkt mallku P1 (3) Ana V n-du nadu p' (4).sahlukt alp l u d-ma-am (5) Ana na npt Sams n-du a-s a-dr, glossed... d (?)-r. 2 JUU-ma, glssed s-z-z-ma. 3 TL (?) M - u, glossed n-tu-t-au. 4 GUR-ma, glossed '-*tar-a-ma. 6 NU GAZ-ak, glossed la -da-ak. 6.., glossed.. u.. 7 DUK-, glossed -ra-as-s. * s

80 2A T b;!tc.\ S l P3 TS OMENS FROM STARS. 63.6) tuna tu nlu lhku.anv. () Ana SamSu ppul! na jarr.',. ut n-cdu nadlf (2) S urnn mat nadu ' > (3) sa ' ra ()-u ( ardu.a arr mal-ru-u. [K. 1 9.] No Obv. () Ana kakkabu zal-lum-mu-d P l na s-ut ".! A (?)-nu(?) nnarnr (2) sumlkutm(trn) lama(ma) k na su kakk bass(s) (3) Ana l Samsu na n-d ppuha(ha) sarru z-zz-ma u kakka (4) nass(s) : (deograp) = sar-r (5) m nl SAG. M. GAR rana muh-h a-dan-n-su arh zzaz-ma (6) Ana " mu SAG. Ml. GAR ana rb Sams tk(k) *matu [subt] (7) n-h-t ussab(ab) (8) m ul SAG. M.. GAR ana muh-h a-dan-n-su arh zzaz-ma Rev. () Ana a = ' h Arahsamma arhu sa sarr bf-l-a Sl- (2) Ana " Sn lmu kar l nnamr sanaku sa p lb-b mat tab(ab) (3) Ana amu(mu).ana mnat -su rk pal Amu(mu) rk (4) umu k a m l u Sn nnammar-ma (5) am-t sa sarr b-l-a ana mnat Akkad k ul-t (?)-ra-a (6) la as-ba-ku tah-t-lk sarru bf-l-a...? (7) l-bu-uk-ns-sum-ma ld-d-nu-nu (8) Sa m flu Bl-' mar r - -g-b ' masmasu. [K. 188.] No. 183A. Obv. (7op wantng.) () Ana lu SamSu ppuhanma a-na... (2) sar ks-sa-td (3) pa-lu-... (4) na ar h Nsann na rs [Satt] (5) l u samnu a-ra-ak [am] (6) Sa Sarr bl-a k-d-b. [Rm. 209.] No. 183B. Obv. () Ana na ar hu Addar Samsu na kabal! l BL (2) zzz(z) matu d-sur-tum (3) ma-na-ah-tum mmar(mar) (4) numa(ma) N. T. NA N. T. NA (5) dan-nu bass(s)- ma Rev. () sa m Za-kr. [ , 196.] X. OMENS FROM STARS. No Obv. () Ana mul l Marduk na rs satt nnamr(r) (2) sattu satu sasurr-su ssr (3) ma l LU. BAD. GUD. UD na rhua Nsann nnammar-ma (4) Ana mul B-b-bu ana mul 8. L- th <5) aar flama(ma) k mat (6) Ana mul sanurma(ma) ana m"l fn. Mf. SAR. RA th (7) ns p rappasu p t lb mat tab(ab) Rev. () m u U. BAD. GUD. UD na lb-b " m ul GUD. AN. NA (2) f.4 At 4 3 r [t]-tan-mar a-d "" ul t. G (3) [f?]-r-du (4) Ana... arhu n-na-mar (5) [zunn] Pl u ml P l (6) sa m... [K. 759.] No Obv. () [Ana m u l SAG. M. GAR na] s-r-t ktu-un (2) [sarran l] nakrat pl sallmu Pl (3)... ar Sman f-karrb-ma (4) [A-ar] lu Samsu ul-ta-pa-a zzz(z) (5) [na ba-]'-l z-mu- -Su adr (6) [n]-p-h-su k-ma n-p-h l Sams ga-mr (7) lan pl znu-t tt mat u Akkad ' Sallmu pl (8) zunn dah-du-t ml s-d-ru-t (9) na atu Akkad k bassu pl (1o) 'u u samassamlmu -ma-d-ma,() mahru KA -a n a-na GUR nnadn(n) (2) rlan] p na samf() ana man-zal-t-su-nu zzazu l p (3) [parakk] PL-su-nu duh-du mmaru p1 Rev. () [Ana ll] *GAM sarura na-s (2) sd kuss kan(an) (3) Ana mul Sarru sarura na-s (4) sar Akkad k ga-m-rutam pus(us) (5) Ana rau SAG. Mf. GAR na harran su-ut u A-nu nnamr (6) mflu bass-ma bfr mat ssr (7) [sa] m Ba-ma-a-a. [K. 87T.] No () [Ana mul SAG.] M. GAR na s-r-t k-tu-[un] (2) [sarran P ] nakrdt pl sallmu P (3) [Ana m u ' SAG. M.] GAR saru-ru na-s sarru sa-[lm] (4) [lb mat] tab matu nuhsa mmar(mar) (5) [Ana m l ] SAG. Mf. GAR ba-'-l sar Akkad k (6) [a-sa-r-dutam l-[lak] (7) [Ana "ul] N. GSGAL. AN. NA -ba-'-l (8) ml P' u zunn pl [bassu] (9) mul N. GSGAL. AN. NA: mul SAG. M. [GAR.] Rev. () Ana "" u SAG. M. GAR na arhu Ar nnamr matu sa.... (2) [Ana] m ul n-b-ru ppuha(ha)-ma lan p l ulma(ma) [rassu?] (3) -sa-a-tum nammru pl dal-ha-a-tum -zak-[ka-a] (4) zunn pl h ml pl llaku P'-n (5) d-g btr ana N. Tf. NA d-s fn. Tf. NA (6) [ana br] u -ta-bar-ru matat sub-t.. (7) [n]- tum ussabu pl sarran pl nakrut pl l sallmu rp' (8) [lan pl] krb -mah-ha-[ru] (9) [tas-l]-tum -sm-mu-d t-rt am [HAL] ( o) []-nappa-lu ( ) [Sa mlu] Nrgal-tr(r). [ , 57.] No Obv. (x) [Ana mul] SAG. M. GAR a-na rb Sars -t-k (2) [subt] n-h-t su-lum 1 damkt ana mat ur-ra-da (3) -na pa (?)-an m l AL. LVL n-nam-mar-ma (4) Ana mu1 SAG. M. G AR na barran-s-ut lu Bl (5) sarura nas-ma l n N-b-ru.. lb (?)... (6) t u a Akkada a k na-h-n sar Akkad -dan-[nn] (7) Ana " m nb-ru ppuha-ma lan P sulma(ma) rass P 1 (8) [?]-sr-tu baz(g)

81 .,ST ; { l.1 \ ~t; ' ' ; l,)o } t T r <OT. OMENS FROM STARS. f--a- -lnam-m.l-ra (9) dal-ha-a-t -zak-ka-a zunru u m (t) [!!:,llk] l- ds s ftbr a-na N. Tf. NA ReZ. (r) *d-; N.T. NA a-na fblr us-ta-bar-r (2) mtat.ubt n-lb-t ussabu O ln 1 'd krb (3) mab-ru tas-l-t s-mu-d trt 1 ' a"m HAL (4) -ta-nap-pal (5) Ana kakkabu Rabf sa k-ma sat sa ultu st Samsf srur-ma (6) na rb amns rb(b) umman(n) [am: nakr na tahas (7): (?) umman(n) [a n 3 nakr na mkt-a umkut(ut) (8) r- arru-t-ka " ul SAG. M. GAR na man-za-z-su (9) k--n t-tan-mar bl lan pl lb-ba-ka (1o) lu-t-b-ka mf(m)-ka lu-ur-rk(?) () sa A-sa-r-du mar m Dam-[-ka]. [K. 806.] No. 187A. Obv. ()... SAG. M. GAR naar:h Ar " nnamr (2)... b a... lamm (? ()3)... SAG. Mf. GAR na... nnamr (4)... DU-ma *br mat gr (5)... SAG. M. GAR na tamart-su DR (6)... na mat u Akkad k bass(s) (7).. Marduk *MUJL. MUL ksud(ud) (8).. S-su bags(s) Rev. () [a 1 A]-sa-r-du mabrt((d) (2) [ardu] sa sarr. [K ] No Obv. () [Ana m] SAG. M. GAR'na aru Du'z. (2) su-ub-turn n-h-[tum]... (3) - m u SAG. Mt. GAR na harran [sut Bl?] (4) sar Akkad k -dan-nn-ma (5) Ana mul SAG. M. GAR ana ark.. (6) na ma tu lama(ma)k... (7) -na-an-duma l Nrgal.... (8) m ul SAG. M. GAR.. (9) d-ma-a a-du-u... (xo) a-mu-ru-u-n a-na sarr bl-*a Rev. ().-.. as-sa-ap-ra (2) -da-a-t k-ma. t-ta-an-ta-ha (3) a-na lnu AL. LUL k-d-r-b (4) d-l-td sa-n-td a-na-as-sa-ha (5) a-na sarr bl-a l-sa-kan-ma. [K. 870.] No Obv. () Ana mu' SAG. Mf. GAR na aru Ulul nnamr(r) (2) matu Akala taba kkal (3) Ana n ul UR. MAH kakkaban P-SU (4)... su-tap-pu-d (5)... du-ku sa ss-su (6)... SAG. Mf. GAR (7).. UR. GU. LA Rev. ()... ma (2) [sa n l u ] NabL-ksa(Sa) mar Bar-sb k. [8-2-4, 107.] No Obv. () Ana m ul SAG.M. GAR na ar. Arabaamna nnamr (2) sarru ana garr z-ra-a-t kappar (3) Anra." SAG. M. GAR na m-gb m l PA. BL. SAG zzz (4) sag-gaj-a-a-t :a mat bass(s) (5) ana m l ana m' l N. DUB. AN. NA th m ul (6) mahru rabb Rev. () N. DUB. AN. NA (2) m-sh l ' PA BL. SAG (3) sa ' lu Nabt-suma-skun(un). [83--8, 200.] No. 190A. Obv. () [Ana na a u Arahsamna] "mu SAG M. GAR nnamr(r) (2) [sarru anal sarr z-ra-a-t sappar(ar) (3) [Ana mu' SAG. M. GAR] na m-s-h (4) [ ml ' PA.] BL. SAG nnamr(r) (5)... u-u (?)-t basu P ' Rev. () [Sa ] Apla-a mar Bar-sb k [K. 987.] No Obv. () Ana nu l SAG. M. GAR na arhu... (2) mtu 'ml-sa... (3) Ana mul SAG. M. GAR na harran S9d-ut [Bl?] (4) Sar Akkad k -dan-n-[n] (5) na matat na-k-rmu na U kakk... (6) Ana m" UR. MAH kakkaban ;F1-.. (7) 21 XX (?)... (8) 3mu l. Rev. ()... (2) Ana m u l... (3) Sar Akkad k... (4) m SAG M GAR... (5).. [K. 867.] No. 191A. Obv. () [Ana] ml SAG. M. [GAR] na harran BU-[ut Bl?] (2) sarru (sc) -dan-nn-ma (3) Ana 1 '- SAG. M. GAR na tamart... (4) nuhsu bar-ru-l na mat... (5) na tamart-su sar u ltanu Rev. () Ana mu SAG. M. GAR... (2) sarru a-sa-r-du-[tam llak] (Remander broken off) [K. 3 7.] No Obv. () Ana ml SAG. M. GAR na lb Sn zzz(z) (2) na satt sat sarru mat: atal Sn u Sams sakan(an) (3) sarru rabt mfat (4) Ana mu " SAG. M. GAR na lb lu Sn rub (5) su-un-ku na m t u Aharrl k bass(s) (6) sar lama(ra) k na u kakk sumnkut(ut) (7) na, at u Subart k b-fn-u baru Rev. () Ana "' u SAG. Mf. GAR ana lb Sn rub(ub) (2) mahr mat sahr(r) (3) Ana mul SAG. M. GAR ana ku'-tal Sn us (4) nukdr-t na mat bass(s). [Bu , 3.] No Obv. () Ana m u l SAG. M. GAR a-na lbb lu Sn frub.. (2) su-un-ku na l at AbarrO h bags(s) (3) 'ar Aama(ma) k A.S.. -sa,,glossed m-l-sa. 2 Gossed. a. na (?). 3 MUL, lossed ka-[ka-bu]. e

82 66 AST' :4LOH) t A-, E '. f (')T', TS. OMENS FROM STARS. 67 mllt b hn-htf!:m! (4)[ lna] t t Sn U5UN...' N!. U ). ;U -kl (5) arrtu ;arraln "> :akrflt r l t:(t-su kasad(d) (6) fllu X\ k Sn, '1 Samu tt a-hla-ms nnamru P (7) sanlku sa 1 lb-h mat t ab(ab) (8) lan p1' l utu Akkad k a-na da-m-['-t] (9) -la-sasu Rev. () bu-lum mnat' Akkad k par ga-ns na sr (2) -rab-b-su d-s fbfr ana N. Ttf. [NA] (3) [dj- N. Tl. NA Ana br usta-bar-[r] (4) [bud] lb-b umman(n) lb-b sarr tab(ab) (5) [Ana] Sn u gamsu sl-ta-tu-- sar n.at [uzna] (6) d-rap-pa-as sd su kusssu [kan] (7) Ana Sn gamsu k-sl-dam-nma tt-su [ttntu] (8) karnu karnt -dr kt-t [na mat tamn] (9) maru tt ab-su kt-t -[ta-mu] (o) Sa m Ta-b-a. [ , 79.] No Obv. (t) Ana mu' SAG. Ml. GAR a-na mtt mu l Dl-bat (2) -t-k nl ;' t Gu-t- (3) na su kakku dan-nu kkasad(ad) (4) Ana m ul SAG. M. GAR a-na mtt m' Dl-bat (5) 1d da an... zzz(z) (6) a-na satt :.... ma. (.Remander of obv. and top of rev. broke/n off) Rev. () sa m Tabu-sl-[Marduk] (2) mar = l u Bl-upahhr(r). [K. 332.] No. 194A. Obv. () Ana SAG. M. MU' GAR na mtt [mll Dl-bat -tk' (2) "atu Gu-t- na su kakku [dannu kkasad] (3) Ana mul Dl-bat UMUN. PA. UD. DU... (4) -sd-d... (5) b-b-lum ub-bal... (6) gab-u... [ , 28.] No Obv. () Ana m l SAG. M. GAR ana pan m l MustabarrP-mu'tanu(a--nu) zzz(z) (2) s-rn rasg(s)--rna amlu summkut (ut).. ummanu raba umkut(ut) (3) Ana mu SAG. Mf. GAR u m ul Sa-ar-r... (4) lu kkal.. zunn pl l mat us-ta-ad-da-nu (5) us-ta-ad-da-nu sd-ta-du-nu mt-lu-uk (6) Ana 'Pl" MustabarrA-mftanu(a-nu) Ana md' SAG. M. GAR- th (7) m-k-t dan-nu na mat bass(s) (8) Ana mul SAG. Mf. GAR u "' l LU.BAD (g) kakkaban pl -Su-nu mt-ha-ru (o) lmuttm(t(tm) mtarn(am) akan(an) Rev. (x) Ana mu ' LU. BAD. DR u mr RabA thu p ' (2) Sumkutm a l l (tm) bu-um LU,. BAD. DR lu Mustabarr-rnmtanu(a-nu) ul (3) Rabf m u UMUN. PA. UD. DU. A (4) l MustabarrumAtanu(a-nu.) ana lu UMUN. PA. UD. DU tahhma (5) Ana m l SAG. M. GAR gm" anamma(ma) th-sul (6) na satt :at sar Akkad k mat-ma bfr mat la ssr (7) tt an-n-t lmutt sa matat p ' S- (8) NAM. BUL. B,arrh b-l l-pu-us-ma (9) lmutt-su lu-f-t--k (to) sa mu Nabl-ksa(sa) mar Bar-sb k [82-"-5-22, 48.] No. 195A. Obv. () [Ana] m U' SAG. Mf. GAR na AN. UD... (2) attu na am() zzaz... (3) [mad]-da-gs mu(mu) a-ga-a.. (4). an-na u ul... (5) n-na a-d am X km sa arhn Kslm.. (6). ra-a-t s. (7). fm l N. LL... (8) m u Dl-bat lu d (?) a.. -Rev. (). Dl-bat KUR... (2).. P... (3) mul Dl-bat KUR. za... (4) lb mat. (5) mul SAG. M. GAR* h... (6) PL-u-nu a-na la-ha- [ms]... (7) sa mlu Nrgal-ftr[r] [K. 907.] No Obv. () Ana 2 nul SAG. [M. GAR]... -karrb-ma (2) a-sar l u [Samsu ul-ta-pa]-a zzz(z) (3) ba-'-[l z-musua]-dr (4) nph-u k-[rnma nph lu Sams] ga-mr (5) lal p [znwat tt] ma t u Akkad k Sallmu P (6) zunn dah-[du-t tt] s-d-ru-t (7) na.tu Akkad k [bass] S'u u Samassammu -mad-rna (8) mahru KA ta-a-an a-na GUR nnadn(n) (9) lan p na sam() na man-zal-t-su-nu zzazu pl ( o) parakk PL-u-nu duh-da mmaru r ( ) Ana mn l SAG. M. GAR na s-r-t k-tu-un (2) sarran P nakrat P l sallmu pl (3) Ana mul SAG. Mf. GAR sarura nas.. Rev. () sarru sa-lm lb-b mat tab. (2) Ana ull SAG. M. GAR ba-'-l (3) sarru... tam llak(ak) (4) Ana lu GAM [sarura nas]sd kuss kan(an) (5) Ana u SAG. M. GAR na harran su-ut l A-nm nnamr (6) mflu bass-ma btr mnt ssr (7) sa m Bu-u-lu-tu [K. 742.J No. 196A. Obv. (T. p wantng.) ()... (2)... ma bar mat ssr (3)... [ar u ] Tart nnamr(r) (4)... mu rassu pl (5) [Ana m ul SAG. M. GAR na sf-r-t k-tu-un (6)... D-mu (7)... mar-ma Rev. ()... Z L. LA-ma [83--18, 786.] No. 197J Obv. () Ana l ul Sarru ana pan Sn th-ma zzz (2) sarru tmf! ma-du-t balut(ut) (3) matu la sr (4) a m Apla-a [K. 723.] e 2

83 ASTR(.O CAL Rt E 'lo!s TS.; OMENS FROM STARS. 69, _ No ;. () [Ana ""'] ~arru [a-ru-r np- (-)!u j ga-mf-.u-tanm plt(u*) (3)... ma t (?)-t mu l arr (4) [.z]n-;a n1 s ze. (?) [.: "' tar-auma-nrf(f). [K No Okb. (x) ttu 5a a-na sarr lm-n-t a-na mat damk (?) (2) ttu sa a-na mrt dam-ka-t a-na sarr lm-[n] (3)na mn- lu-mur sarru -kab-b-ma (4) Ana mu sarru ana pan Sn th-ma zzz tam P ' rub labbaru pl (5) a mat t S la(?) na mat blat mat damk (6) Ana m' l Sarru ana fl Sn [th-ma] zzz sarru tm pl ma-'- du-td balut(ut) (7)... lmutt (8)... na-du (?) (Remanaer broken.) Rev. () sa mlu Nrgal-tr[r]. [K o0298.] No, 199A. Obv. () Ana mu Sarru salnum *nur (KNGAL?) kall mat (2) mu l LU. BAD. GUD. UD t-t nlu sarr zzaz (3) Ana mal [erasure] j-b.. (4) m u ' [erasure] a1 UR. GU. LA zzaz... (5) Ana mu LU. BAD ana m l Sarru th m ru... (6) sa -na a zag... (7) ana ab-su H. GAR (?) fpus(us) Rev. () mar (?) sarr ma (?) na... (2) J su GU. ZA... (3) ana ag-r. u... ka... (4) d-ka-nu srt pl ana- sarr -za... (5) sa m l u Nfgal-tr(r). [ , 36.] No Obv. () Ana kakkabu srur-ma s-r-r-su krna urr na-mr (2) na sa-ra-r-su kma nam-mas-t akrab zbbata sakn (n) (3) ttu s- damkt ul sa bll bt-ma a. mat ka-la-sa (4) numa (ma) b-n-nu na mat kalam ba'ss() (5) rag-gu halk kt-tu bass(g) dan-nu -sar-r (6) msru tap-du bl bt suatu... sarru suatu (7) na kt-t-su zzaz(az) tas-mu u Su!mu(mu) na mat bass(s) (8) an-n-u sa s... (9) Ana mul Rabt ul-tu t-b [ s aru ltan] ( o) a-na t-b s a ru St [srur-ma] ( ) m--h-su kma nammras-[t akrab zbbata sakn?] Rev. () sa-k-ta r tu... (2) ln-n-d... (3) u N. LL ma l... (4) an-n-u sa p- dupp... (5) k- m lu NabCt-kudur-usur "mtu lama(ma) k h-pu-u-n (6) Ana m u, LU. BAD na ar'u Du'fz nnamr pagran pl bassu P l (7) Ana m l N. T. NA. MAS. SG na st-su mul-lu-uh (8) sr br mahru kan (9) an-nu-t sa u GUD '. UD (xo) s m H u Nablmu-s-s. [K. 71o.] No Obv. ()kas-bu mus t-ta-lak (2) m rl ' Raba utu *: l r u ltan t (3) a-na a St (4) 4 s-sa-ru-ur (5) -da-t-4a a-na (6) su-t sa sarr (7) ta-ba-t Rev. () sar Akkad k s-pr-su (2) -kassad (3) sa m A-sa-r-du mahra(d) (4) ardu sa sarr. [ , 105o. No. 2 01A, Obv. (X) [Ana "' ul ] Rab ultu st Sams (2) a-na rb Sams srur-ma (3) m-sh-su d-mar-r-ma (4) skun(un) umman nakr na mkt-su (5) sumrkut(ut) Rev. () [sa m lu ] Nabt-k-b. [K. 933-] No Obv. () [Ana] mu l Rabua ultu st Sams (2) ana rb Sams srur-ma rb (*b) (3) u m-sh-su d-mar-r-ma skun (4) umman(n) nakr na tahas sumkut(ut) (5) Ana kakkabu sa kma nur (6): kma dpar (7) ultu st Sams ana rb Sams (8) srrma rb(b) umman am nakr (9) na mkt-su sumkut(ut) Rev. () kakkaban rabut pl (2) na massart kablt (3) ark a-ha-ms (4) s-sar-ru (5) sa A-sa-r-du (6) mahrau(). [ , 74.] No Obv. () Ana m ul Dl-bat na ar T Nsann ultu jm kay, (2) ad nm XXX Lam na st Sams t-bal (3) -ru-ba-t bassu 1" (4) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma m ul SB. Z. AN. NA (5) na lbb-su zzz sar Subart k (6) ks-s -t pus(us) mat-su na-h-s Rev. () [mu'l SB. [Z. AN. NA na tarbas] Sn zzaz-ma (2) lu... su (3) sa m Ahl L-[a-a am] Uruk -a-a. [K , 85.] No, 204. Obv. () Ana mul Dl-bat na arbu Nsann ultu Am kam (2) ad XXX kam m na st Sams t-bal (3) d-ru-ba-a-t na mat bassu P-A (4) Ana m ul Dl-bat... sa ut-ta-nak-kar (5).. ut-ta kr (?).. gr-rt am nakr (6) sar-ra-a-t... ka-ra-a-t (7).... ma (?).. (8)... l-su (?) da (?)... Rev. () [Ana lu Dlbat] ad-rs us-tak-t-ma *r-*b (2) sumkutm(tm) fama(ma) k bags(s) (3) sa lu Nabu-ah P'-rba]. [K. 782.] No Obv. () m ul Dl-bat na st Sams r-t-b (2) Ana, l l Dl-bat musha rs(s) la damkt (3) sa fm pl a la d-sal-l-mu-ma (4) r-bu-d (5) Ana mul Dl-bat na arhu Nsann (6) ultu Am kam ad

84 .._ r.,ks"ff rf~trologc Zl,-Allr OMENS FROM STARS. 71 fn XXX kh l (7) na st Sams t-bal (8) 6-ru-ba-a-t (9) na nf.s, basgu P' Rev. () t-ru-ba-a-t b-ka-a-t (2) lmutt la 1 l t"l l1ama(n;) k S-b (3) Sa 1 3 l 1 [Nabf]-mu-Sf-s. [K No. 205A. Obv. () [Ana] l l...,.. Nsann r-[b] (2) blr mat bass(s):... () Ana. " A. fdn MUL. MUL ksud(ud) " l [Rammanx u rahs] (4) m u l Dl-bat na lb MUL. MUL [zzaz] (5) [Ana] r Dl-bat na N. T. NA... (6) na bfr... su... (Remans of tlwo lnes; remander of obv. and top of rev. broken.) Rev. ()... ud ad n... (2)... -du sa garr bl-a... (3)... na-tu-'d-a s (?)... (4)... ana lb a-d- k- -ru-bu (5)... [ta?]-a-b-ma a-na sarr bl-a ul as-pu-ra (6)... a mar m a Bl-u- Sal-lm. [K. 343.] No Obv. () Ana lu Dl-bat na frb Samsu r-[b] (2) Ana mt Dl-bat na [ a r ".... ] (3) ultu am m ad um XXX k a l n (4) na rb Sams t-bal bfr mat SSr (5) Ana m Dl-bat manzazza d-k-n (6) m p l rub arkat p' (7) kt-tum na ma.t bas(s) (8) [Ana] m ul Dl-bat na harran su-ut lu -a (9)... d-ma... (o)... a-na m atu Aharr rk] Rev. () sa-l-mu rass. (2) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma MUL. MUL na lbb-su zzzu v l (3) na satt sat snnsat pl zakkar pl ullada [plj (4) Ana -ma m ul U. G na lbbsu [zzz] (5) na gatt sat sumkutm(tm) a-m-lu-[t..] (6) a-na utulla (?) sn la tahhu (7) a m star-suma-rs(f). [K No. 206A. Obv. () [Ana] lu Dl-bat na ar... N[ult, m kam] (2) ad (lm XXX l "a [na lu Samas-SU.]A. (3) t-bal zunn..... l (4) btr malt gsr Rev. () [s] n lu Nabf.-mu-s-s. [K. 38.] No Obv. () l" Dl-bat na frb Sams na harran s-ut n N. LL nnammar(mar) (2) an-n-d p-s-r-su (3) Ana lu Dl-bat lna ar" Sman nnamr(r) sumkutm(tm) a nakr (4) Ana u Dlbat na barran s-ut. l u Bl nnamr(r) (5) sar Akkad k mahra la rabs(s) (6) a-du ml p l V V mu l AL. LUL -kas-sa-ad (7) an-n-t p-s-r-s Rev. (-) [Ana] l ul ul UZA a-na AL. LUL t(b) (2) tan-mu-d u sa-l-mu na mat bags(s) (3) lan P ana mat rnl rassu "' g-gk-k r-ku-t (4) -ma-al-lu u bfr mat r marst T jr.t - -. h 4-., 1q' f -j w,q-1 baltt (5) na mat bagsu p1 8 l rat P ' lb-lb-b-na d-sak-la-la (6) lan r p rabft pl as-rat mat us-sa-ru bt l lan l rabft pl (7) l-taad-da-sa: n l UZA l Dl-bat (8) sa a m Sd-ma-a-a. [K. 121.] No. 207A. Obv. (Top broken) () Ana lu h D-bat na ' ' Sman... (2) Ana lu Dl-bat na N. T. [NA].. () na br na... (4) sarran p l nakrat '... (5) bur mat ssr (6) GAR. H. A DUG. GA [kkal] Rev. () tag-mu-ld u salmu(rnu) ka-lg sakan(an) (2)... na harran sd-[ut]... nnamr(r) (3)... tu (?)... (4)... ak... (5)-... a (?).. (Remander broken off) [K. 964.] No. 207B. Obv. () [ u Dl-bat na] arl Sman nnamr(r) sumkutm(tm). m nakr (2) - [Ana ' u Dl-bat na N. T.NA?] na st Samr (3) [nnamr?]... pa sarran pl nakrft Pl (4)... [GAR H.] A DUG. GA kkal (5) [tasmf u salmu ka]-ls ssakkan(an) (6).. nnamr(r) (7)... ur-rak (8)... tasmu-d pl Rev. ()... (2)... (3)... l' bur mat 5sr (4)... na mat bassu l p lan pl p rabt ' (5)... [us]-aa-ru bt v p pl lan rabft p (6) [utaddasa] mul Dl-bat ana mu AL. LUL tahh-ma (7)... t-ta-na-an-b-tu pl' (8)... a damnkt ' l u-tu. KTR. UD. DU-a (9)... gg ug-ga-nu (1o) [sa m lu ] Nrgal-tr(r). [K ] No Obv. () Ana 'mr Dl-bat na frb Sams rtb (2) Ana m u l Dl-bat na arbu Ab ad-rg (3) us-*tak-*t-t-ma r-b (4) sumkutm(tm) lama(ma) k bass(s) (5) Ana mu, l Dl-bat na rh % u Ab ultu afm kam (6) ad tm XXX km na frb Sams rb (7) zunn pl bassu pl Rev. () bfr mat ssr (2) na lb arh a-ga-a na st Sams (3) na lb m ul UR. GU. LA n-nam-mar (4) sa m -lu Nfrgal-tr(r). [8x-7-27, 23.] No. 208A. Obv. () [Ana mul D-bat na r hu Ab ultu]m km ad fm XXX " a m (2) [na rb Sams rb zunn] bassu p' bur mat ssr (3) [Ana mul Dl-bat na Rr u Ab?] ad-rs us-tak-t-tma r-b (4)... u na.u kakk sakan(an) (5)... -ad-da-ma (6)... ma (7)... k (8)... an-n (9)..hb Rev. ()....(2)..* m. pl (3). s-... (4).. n -p... (5).

85 /e AST LT.);AT -'V(TS. OMENS FROM STARS. 73 tu-hm a du... t a h ma... (7)... u-rp-pa,. (8).,. - t... (9) [ta l Ba-]-s- -h, [ 31a 300. nl Nto. 2,09. v. ). Ana '. SAR. UR [u] n ul SAR. (;AZ, s:r z-ktt 1 ": 1 akrab (2) t-ta-na-an-b-tu.su kakku n"atu l Akkad k tba(u) u (3)) m: Dlbat na lb ' PA. BL. SAG n-na-mar-ma (4) Ana h, Star 3agl : l Sn ap-rat 4 mu-nk-s-sa (5) d-ru-ba-a-t bassu P (6) -ru-ba-a-t b-ka-a-t (7) n u L. BAD. GUD. UD na rb 'Sarnu.. (8)... na mu Dl-bat z-za-az... Rev. ()... 3m"1 D)-batf. 'agl 5 salmu ap-[rat] (2)... ulada... (3) m w l U. BAD t-t,... (4) lum-nu sa ns n.at... (5) Ana m" Dl-bat na " r hu Kslm... (6) husahhu s-ar u tbn... (7) [sa u la Nabf]-aTl ~-rba... [8-2-4, 86.] No.'.210. Obv. () Anana a 3rhu Kslm ultu Um t"m ad um XXX k a (2) lu Dl-bat na st Sams t-bal (3) husalhu s-rn u tbn na mat bass(s) (4) bl sarran P -kab-b um-ma-a (5) m-nam-ma arh ul. t (6) damkt u lmutt tas-[pu]-ra (7) rub sar-ru-t -na--s Rev. () ul s-sm-m bll sarran pl (2) fmun(mu) sa pa-n-su mab-ru (3) r-sa-a ls-s-ma lu-up-ru-us-ma (4) a-na $arr b-l-a lu-luk-b (5) sa m A-sa-r-du [ , 58.] No Obv. () [Ana m ul Dl-bat] na ' ax Sabat nnamr(r) (2) [bur] mat sr (3) ana...? (4) rmu u sulmu(mu) na mat mul bass(s) (5) Dl-bat na lb "ll A-nu-n-tum zzaz-ma (6) Ana 1" l Dl-bat na lb m nl Dl-gan nnamr(r) (7) zunn pl na sam() ml pl na [rst] Rev. (t) bfr matu Aharr k ssr (2) na-mu- sumkutu P ' KU.... (3) Ana mu " Dl-bat manzaza(za) [ukn] (4) urm pl rub arkat [p ] (5) kt-tu na mat bass(s) (6) sa m Apla-a mar Bar-sb k.. [K. 758.] No.'211A. Obv. ()... UMUN. PA. UD. DU k-s4-damma (2)... k-rb-ma zzz b-b-lum mat ub-bal (3)... DU k-lddan-ma b-s.mlu gab-su llak (4)... th sar Aharr NAM. KfL... (5). K.UR KUR KUR ana MAN aht ah nakkar... 1 SR. UR, gl'ossed a-ar-ur. ' MR, glossed a-gu-u. M, glossed.a-al-mu. 2 SAR. GAZ, glossed 8ar-gaz. 4 mu-nk-s-sa, glossed mu-n-.k-sa. 6 J. TU glossed ula--[d.]. (6)...d"tu M-s ultu (?) pln... (7)... sa-dr zunn u ml ra-a... (8).. xu(9) u.... Saamr zanun(nun) " TR, AN. NA.. (0)... n ru. (n)... a sar du (Remander ofobverse and top of reverse broken. Rev. ().. kak a... (2)... n... (3).. ll du... (4) [tas-mu]- u Salmu(mu) na mrt kalam... (5). BAT pl..,., t na mat (?)... (6)... ra-su Sumkut(ut) umman P 1. (.7),. F[lmu] XXX kam ul pat. (8).. a (?). (9)... (o).. b-n. 2[K 276.] No Obv. ()... nnamr(r) (2)... ssr (3).. tum du sal lat (4)..sa-l-mu na mat bass(g) (5).. na lb ' m A-nu-n-tumn (6)... ma Rev. (Destroyed.) [K ] h No. 211c. Obv. (x) [Ara] mu Dl-bat na... (2) -ruba-a-tum... (3) [Ana] " ul Dl-bat na lb m... (4) zunnu na samf() mflu. (5) [bfar] m at u Aharr... (Remander destroyed.) [K ] No. 211D. Obv. () Ana mnl Dlbat na ar... (2) bfr mat... (3) Ana mul Dl-bat na ar h... (4) ns pl m.a tu.*. (Remander destroyed.) [83-- 8, 319.] No. 211E. Obv. () Ana lu Dl-bat na... (2). r(?)ga. (3).. mu na.. (4) Ana... (Remander destroyed.) [83--8, 834.] No. 211F. Obv. ()... S u N.NU (2)... (3).. kt kakkabu du... (4)... a tu Akkadu t-bu-u (5).. L m PA. BL.SAG (Remander destroyed; traces of one character on reverse.) [K ] No Obv. () Ana lmul 2 UZA mls-ha 3 m-suh (2) lan P ana mat BUL... (3) ana mat 4 rmnu [rasu] (4) mu-su an-n- (-) (5) mfs-u m-[suh]... (6) [Ana] m"11 LU. BAD. GUD. UD... (7) ultulpan a-l--.. (8).. ku du... Rev. () Msa 1 lu Nab-ab Prba. [83-- 8, 204.] No. 2 12A. Obv. (Top w2antng.) () A... (2) sa... Rev. () s... (2) ma-a... (3) Dl-bat"- l... (4) an-n-u [psr-u] (5) MUL,' glossed MU-UL. 2 UZA, glossed U-ZA. 3 m-euh, glossed m-u-[ub. 4 rmu, glossed r--mu.

86 \ * R ( ( ra(., F,. OMENS FROM STARS. 75 Ana ;'.\A... (6) ta-mu u ).. (7) ln, 1,. rnmu ata /... (8) ).... (9)mar.su... (10) r & t (?)... () j lut... r ( ft-/ka, d edge) (t) a-na ha-ba- la ta....(2) -lu-um-ma na nza l 1--n.... [K. 3 70] No Obv. (r) [Ana] mul Akrabu (2) ana pan Sn th-ma zzz(z) (3) pal sarr rk(k) (4) am nakru tbba-am-ma (5) sumkuta (ta)-su sakan(an) Rev. (Y) lu Assur l Samsu u l u Marduk (2) u kuss sa k-na-a-t (3) a-na da-rs a-na fm " (4) arkat pl a-na sarr (5) [bl]-a d-dan-nu (6) sa "' l NabA-k-b. [ , 51] No Obv. () Ana nll Akrabu ana pan Sn th-ma (2) pal- sarr arkat pl (3) a nakru tbu-mra sunmkuta(ta)-su (4) sakan (an) Rev. () Sa ' n lu Bl-nasr(r). [81-2-4, 8.] No. 214A. Obv. (7p broken) () Ana k A' Akrabu... (2) tagmu-l... (3) l' LU.BAD... (4) zza-[az].. (5) Ana u LU. [BAD]... Rev. () u a... (2) Ana l u Sn Omu XV... (3) n-nam-mar... (Remander broken of.) [S ] No Obv. () l u GUD. UD ul.. (2) l l Sn lu Samsu ul... t (3) na pan l Sams r-t-b (4) mul Zkt-akrab a na karn mtt Sn (5) z-z-zu a-na nl Sam (?) (6) ul tahh mmma ul -lap-pat (7) Ana ml Akrab na tarbas Sn (8) t-ta-s-z Ana zunn u ml Rev. () tt-su sarru -ta-mar (2) l Rammanu -rah-s (3) Ana na ar " u Ar umu XV kr m Ana a u -a.. k (4) sa massart bar-r Sal-mu-su (5) ana ta-na-da-a-t sakan(an) (6) sa mlu Nabu-suma skun(un). [K. 9.] No, 215A. Obv. () mul LU. BAD. SAG U... (2) a-la -sd na z-da... (3) Ana amsu l-nu [Sn]... (4) z-z-z... (5) z-za-az... (6) kt-t... (7) a-sa-an... Rev. (x) Ana lu Samsu. (.. (2) sar mat sd -u GU. [ZA]... (3) m LU. BAD. SAG US... (4) damkt sa. zarr bl-a.. (5) sa u Nabflksa(sa) mar Bar-[sab k]. [D.T. 304.] No Obv. () 'ul LU. BAD. SAG. [Ug na] lb (?)-b (?) (2) ga mul UR. GU. LA t-tan-mar (3) Ana mul UR. GU. A a-dr (4) sanat ') [UR.] MAR. 1! (5) u UR. BAR. RA b,. u ns dku (6) alkat mat... su pparasu Rev. () Ana :l' LU. BAD na au Ab (2) ppuba(ha) (3) ma'al ku-ra-du rapps (4) sa m A-sa-r-du mahr u(f). - [KK.86.] No. 216A. Obv. ()... lu LU. BAD. SAG.US na h (?)... (2)... GR.TAB karnat '-SLa zu-... (3)... Z-ma na su kakk Sumkut(ut) (4).. * SAG(?). M (?). GAR sa-ru-r na-sa-a (Remander broken off) [K ] No. 216B. Obv. () Ana m ul LU. BAD... (2) sar ksgutam (tarm)... (3) Ana Samsu na t... (Remander of obv. and top of rev. broken off) Rev. ().. mu l SB. Z. [AN. NA.]... (2) mu LU. BAD. SAG. US... () -da-a-t sa... (4) a-na sarr b-l... (5) sa-at. ( 6) Sa m A-.a-r-du... [83--18, 313.] No. 216c. Obv. () [m a l LU.] BAD. GUD. UD (2) t-tanmar (3) Ana mul LU. BAD. na arh n-nam-ru (4) mlu zunnu (5) [mul LU ] BAD. DR (6) [nuhus] ns p Rev. () sa m l u Nrgal-ftr(r). [K. 783.] No Obv. () lu GUD. UD na st Sams nnammar (2) Ana lu LU. BAD arh nnamr (3) zunnu u A.[DAN] (4) Ana lu LU. BAD sum-ma[na] ar-h Ar (5) sun-ma na au Sman nnamr (6) mlu llak-ma kla ugara -ma-gr (7) Ana lu LU. BAD na aru sad zzz (8) tbut(ut) Subart k (9) U kas-s- ana mat Rev. () s-m-n dul-l Sd-u (2) a-na al u Nna la al-lk (3) am A. BA p1 a- na (?) sa-*da-r (4) na bt....sa d (?) (5) m--nu sa [sarru? b?]- l... () na gab-s "al Nna l--pu-u (7) s-su-r la d- a-ru-n la -rab (8) un-ku l-d-nu-n (9) Ms "m'" Nab-mu--s. [ , 78.] to Obv. () Ana na ar ' Ar U LU. BAD nnamr(r) (2) mlu llak-ma kla ugara -ma-gr (3) Ana mul lu Marduk MUL. MUL ksud(ud) (4) t Rammuanu rabs(s) Rev. () fmu XV km Sn u gamsu tt a-na-,ms (2) ul n-nam-ma-ru (3) umu XV ku l 'lu tt l n-nam-ma-ru (4) sar Subart k mal3ra (5) la rass(s) (6).. ab-a s-ma-a-ku (7) [sa m] l l Bl-ah -'r-ba [8-2-4, 84.]

87 ASTROLOGACA!,,~~ f f: 'e,~';~ OMENS FROM STARS. 7 No. 218A. OAv. () Aa l u LU. BA). (U). U)... (2) -na lb-b " l... (3) Ana n l LU. BA) a-na n ll... (4) Ramr.nnu Lras] (5) Ana Ul LU. BAD na ar h u Ar.. (6) lu- na a rh u Sman [nnamr] (7) mlu llak-ma A. [LB ugara] (8) -ma-gr.. Rev. () sa m " rag(s)-lu mar... (2) sarru l-ra-s.. (3) stn (n) a l kkaru sa sarr... (4) V arl3an pl a... (5) dul... (6)... (7) b-l-a... (8) zu (?) man.. ba-u... [ , 74.] No Obv. () [Ana ml] LU. BAD na arh Du'fz ppua(ha) (2) pagran " p bassu r l (3) Ana m u l UR. GU. LA salmu (4) lb mat la tab(ab) (5) bl sarran p ' lu-da-r (6) sa m A-sa-r-du. [ , 56.] No Obv. (A) Ana lu LU. BAD na ar hu Ulul ppuh (2) sa-kl-f mahr (3) na-pa-as l Nsaba (4) bl sarran p r lu-da-r Rev. () sa m A-sa-r-du (2) 5.a-at-nu. [83--18, 178.] No Obv. () ' ul LU. BAD. GUD. UD na st Samn (2) na kak-kar mu ' AB. SN (3) t-tan-mar p-sr-su (4) Ana ma u Nunu a-na mul PAN th (5) blr mat ssr bllu na sr rappas(as) (6) sarru dannn-ma nakrut P-su LAL... amassammu u saluppu ssru p1 Rez. () Ana mul LU. BAD na arh Ulul ppuha(ha) (2) ga-k- na-pa-ag lu Nsaba (3) Ana na ar u Ulul m u l DAHJ nnamr (r) (4).. lu S ssr (5) m ul DAH lu LU. BAD. GUD. UD (6) sa 'r A-sa-r-du ma'r m Dam-ka (7) ardu sa sarr. [81-2-4, 132.] No Obv. () Ana n ul LU. BAD na a rh Ulul nnamr (r) (2) sa-k- mahr (?) na-pa-as n-s-sa-bu (8) Ana r l ul UR. MAH kakkaban P'-Su ul-tap-pu-d (4) sarru a-sar l-la-ku (5) l-s-su.. (6) Ana m ' UR. GU. LA a... (7) ns P u ah [... Rev. () nnam-da-ru-ma (2) a-lak-t matu Aharr k (3) sa m Ta-b-a. [ , 8.] No Obv. () Ana na arbl A.rahamna m u l LU. BAD ppuba(ba) (2) bar mat sgr (3) Ana mul Akrab salmu na lb-b tag-mu-u na mat bass (4) u GUD. U D.'na lb mul Akrab zzazma (5) Ana m ln Akrabu lu -ha-ra na la'ab urr- a (6) rat-sa.~ : 1,6, f. 4z 3., 4. h f: X nam-rat zbbat-sa -ta-at (7) k;arngt P'-sa nn-mu-ra (8) zunnu u mlu na mat -har-ru-bu Rev. () arb tbb-ma mata kkalu (2) sumkutm(tm) alp P u gu-ub-r (3). k-kas-sad (4)... Akrabu (Remander broken.) [8r-2-4, 88.] No. 223A. Obv. () Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma nu MustabarrfmAtanu(a-nu) na lbb-[su zzz] (2) sumkutm(tm) bu-lm u nama-s- sa [sr] (3) nf-r-su la ssr sar-ru sahr(*r) (4) Ana kakkabu na tarbas Sn zzz sarru u ummanu.. (5) u-ta-sa-ru, Mustabarr -mutanu(a-nu) " u... (6) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma MUL. MUL na lbb-su zzz (7) na arh suat sal frat p zakkar pl ul-la-da (8) sar kssut mat-su nakar-su-ma(ba?).. (9) MUL. lu MUL. Mustabarr1-mtanu(a-nu) lu ( o) Sa N. BAT-a... Rev. () MUL. MUL... (2) Ana Sn tarbasu lm-ma Ụ... (3) na lbb-su zzz arru... (4) Ana na ar b kslm m- l GR. TAB lu* s-ha-ra (5) na tamart-su karnat P-su nngu-la (6): nn-bu-ta rat-sa nam-rat (7) zbbat-sa -ta-t zunnu u mlu (8) NM Pl-n sumkutm(tm) alp P 1 u gub-[r] (9) arb tbu- A su kakku L. LA-ma ( o) rnmt nakr k-kas-sad () sa m l L' Nabf-suma-skun(un). (Left-hand edge) () sa m l Naba-Sumaskun(*un). [8-7-19, 55.] No Obv. () Ana n ',... (2) t-tan-mar (3) Ana "ul LU. BAD na ar h u kslm nnamr(r) (4) hab-ba-a-t na mat bassu P Rev. l () sa m Nrgal-tr(r). [ , 208.] No Obv. (Top broken) ()... ana 8a damkt mallku l (2) [zunn] P1 u ml Pl bassu r (3) [m-1 LU. BAD. GUD. UD na lb mul SM. MAH zzaz-ma (4) [Ana] mu " LU. BAD a-na mu l Nar-dklat th (5) zunn pl u ml p bassu.. (6) a ul LU. BAD GUD. UD na st Samn t-tan-[mar] Rev. (Top broken) (). atal subart [k.. (2) Ana Sn k- na 'ar DR. S amu k am [nnamr] (3) sanaku sa p lb mat tab(ab) (4).. *a-na na a " hu DR. S *umru ' k Sn n-nam-mar (5). Subart k sanaku sa p lb mat tab (6) [sa mll] Nrgal-tr(r). [K 972.] No 'Obv. () [mu' LU.] BAD. GUD. UD na rb SamS (2) tt MUL. MUL t-tan-mar (3) a-na lb-b mu S. G

88 .4. *, Z 7: t,l (. AST 1O{LOa T;G t. t, : te' ) TS. :t3 OMENS FR()M STARS. 79 (4) -tanatk:ak-ka- (5) %unnu u ml!'u (6).. "1 u 1.larduk [rau] l a. t.. (7) nattu Sdtu,asurr-su... (8) sa :! Na-d-nu. [S-2--4, 89.1 N.o Okb. () [Ana " AN. TA.] SUR. RA kakkabn,-'gau (2)... a-dr (3)... ana mat llakam(kam) (4)... Anla l AN. TA. SUR. RA (5)... m-s-h l PA. BL. SAG (6).... GUD. UD na lb "'n PA. BL. SAG (7)... zzaz-ma (8)... pal am r1 arkt pl (9).... lu ga-lam sar kssut mul Rev. () ; LU. BAD. GUD. UD na stas (2)... a-dan-su ul t-t-k (3)... su su p (4) [lb sarr] b-l-a lu-ta-a-b (5)... [a]- na sarr mar sarr (6) [u] kall Pl-u (7) [sa m rass] (s)-lu ardu sa sarr mahrf(u). [83-1-8, 230.] No. 228, Obv. () mul GUD. UD na lb 1Ụ UR. GU. LA (2) t-t-t-z (3) Ana mul UR. GU. LA salmu (4) lb-b mat la tab (5) Ana lr " l Sarru salmu (6) mu-'-r-ru kall mat (7) sa m " Nabamu-sf-s. [K. 704.] NTo 229. Obv. ()... 1 tappalas... (2) 3 amf() 1 4 kakkaru 5 kas-du-u.. (3) 6 tb 7 gar... dup-sum ba*s (4) [ 'u l LU. BAD o] GUD. UD man-za-as-su.. (5)... n-na-mar.. (6)... su-ur.. (7)..... Rev. ().... (2)... t...(3)... M. [8--2-4, 287.] No. 229A. Obv. () Ana m' l LU. BAD na. (2) Ana 'ul LU. BAD na du (?)... (3) sa-n-s bat... (4) Ana m ul LU. BAD na lb... (5) zunn '... (6)... Rev. () ul `... (2) damkt a... (3) Sn UD... (4) sa... (5) na arhu kslm... (6) kan... (7)m Ta-b-[a].. (8) ' Za-kr...[ , 55.] No. 229B. Obv. ()... LU. BAD T (?).. (2)...na pan mat HA. A (3)... t-su ba mat HA. A. (4)... S. D (Rentander of obv. dnd top of rev. wantng.) Rev. ()... S (?) 1.. glossed.:. ur. 3 ANA-u, glossed fa-mu-u. 6 ka-.du-u glossed ka-aa-dlu [u]. 7 M,glossed a-a-. 2 S. BAR glassed tap-pal-la-as. 4 K glossed kak.-l.a-ru. 6 glossed [t]-b. S dup-5um glossed dup-su. 4'. ' 4 h (?). (2)... " U. BA). SAG. Ug (3)... ana '"' n LU. BA). SAG. US tahh ma (4) [ga] m Bu-ul-u-t. [K ] l No Obv. () Ana,' PAN na tarbas Sn zzz. (2) pl astft n-na-da-ru-ma (3) hu-ub-tum na mat bass (4) a-na m l lmutt ul -lap-pat (5) tarbasu sa ' AB. SN (6) a-na zunn u m Rev. () na N. T. NA -lap-pat (2) Ana na ar h u Nsann fmu X km (3) PAT. H. A-su ana Sn u u Sams (4) l-? u Sn lu l Samsu KA (?) p ' u (5) sa lnu NabA-suma-skun(un). [ , 59.] No Obv. () [Ana] na arhu Du'Oz " Mustabarra-mftanu(a-nu) nnamr(r) (2) ma'al ku-ra-du rapp,(s) (3) [Ana] l LU. BAD. na 8 a ru ltan zzz(z). (4) pagr,.n P" bassu p l tbt(bu) sar Akkad ana mat nakr (5) Ana mul Sanamma(ma) ana mul MAS TAB.BA th(h) (6) sarru mat-ma s ' l nukurtu bass(s) (7) Ana 11 N. BAT... (8)... Rev. () Ana l Mustabarru-mftanu (a-nu)... (2) na satt sat sar lama [ma k] (3) bl sarran pl luda-rp (4) sa m A-sa-r-du ka-at-nu. [K. 735.] No Obv. () [lu N. BAT]-a-nu na ar t Du'fz t-tamar un-nu-ut (2) [Ana lu N. BAT-a-nu] na arhu Du'uz nnanr ma'al ku-ra-d rapps (3)... a-na mu-ta-n ka-b (4) [Ana lu N. BAT]-a-nu na U ;ar sad zzz(z) tbut(ut) Subart k (5) h Kas-s- a- na mat (6) [Ana lu] 1Mutabarra-mftanu(a-nu) um-mu-ls ppuhama sarur 'L-su srup (7) sar lama(ma) l mt (8) Ana lu Nrgal na rb-su na zu-har-u-td sakn(n) (9) k-ma kakkaban pl sam() ma-'- ds um-mul ( o) a-na matu Akkad k rmu rass() ( ) d ummana llak-ma umman am nakr dak (2) matu (d1) sar-ra-mu kasad(ad) (3) ummn(n) am nakr na pan umman(n)-a la llaku (14) b l natu Akkad k na sr par-ga-n rabbsu 11' (15) samassammu saluppu,ssru p l Rev. () Ana m Ul LU. BAD ana mullu ZU s-nk mn~ ss 1 matu P (2) la s-nk na muh--h la kur-bu (3) Ana lu Mustabarrf-mutanu(a-nu) d-ta-na-at-ma damktu b-l-ma a-h-tu (4) Ana lu Mustabarrf-matanu(a-nu) ark lu UMUN. PA. UD. DU llak(ak) sattu gatu dam-.kat (5) sa ' " Bu-lu-tu. [83--8, 198.]

89 So O,'.lq)B : (6.1' - ': V( RTS,~~ OMENS FROM STARS. 81 No Ob,;. () Ana na " rb Ulul. Mlu.!tabarrtn-ns, t:. nt (a-nu) nrnamr.. (2) balr mntt ssr (3) lb-b mat tab(ab)(4).\n: l 'r L. BA ) DR.. (5) nuu-hu us.. Re. () Ana l ' Mu taarr6-mnttulanu(a-nu) na rb... (2) sa-ru-ru nas-ma... (3) >.a m O Nab.--b bz [699-] No Obv. () [Ana] "m l Mutabarra-mtanu(a-nu) ana pan Sn th-ma zzz(z) (2) Sn mata lmutta(ta) ussb(b) (3) Ana mu l LU. BAD na karn suml Sn zzz sarru kssutan(tam) pus(us) (4) Ana kakkabu na pan Sn suml zzz garru kssutam(tam) pu (us) (5) Ana kakkabu na ark Sn suml zzz sar Akkad k (6) kssutam(tam) pus(us) (7) Ana m-, l DL. GAN. na karn suml-su zz(z) na satt sat (8) m-rs ll a tu Akkad k ssr (9) Ana mu' DL. GAN na mas-ka-su zzz na satt sat btlr mat (1o) ssr Rev. () Ana kakkabu na karn suml Sn zzz mat nakr lmutta [rnmar] (2) Ana kakkabu na karn sumf-su zzz atal* gar Aharrl (?) k(?) (3) GAN. BA mat gst sahr: " u Rammanu rahs (4) Ana kakkabu na karn suml-su zzz atal sar MAR sakan (5) Ana na karn suml-su kakkabu l u Rammanu na mat nakr kkal (6) atala sakan atal sar Aharr k (7) mat-su sahr(r) (8) sa 1 ' Za-kr. [ , 46.] No. 234A. Obv. () [Ana nmul N.]BAT-a-nu na... (2) tab(ab) n... (3) [Ana l l ] Mustabarru-mutanu(a-nu) na lb mu.. (4) Sumkdtm(tm) bal (5) Ana m. Rab-bu a-na r (?).ut.. (6) 'm ul Rab-bu ' l UR... (7) m t ' Mustabarrt-mfttanu (a-nu) na lb mul... (8) zzaz-ma Rev. () Ana m ul LU. BAD na ar ' g sad [zzz] () tbut(ut) Subart k. (3) Ana mu " Mustabarra-mttanu(a-nu).. (4). mul ' UR. GU. LA zzz.. (5) [a] Ba-la-[s-]. [K. 855.] No Obv. () n u ' Mustabarrt-ml<tanu(a-nu) "' ul AL. LUL k-ta-[sad-ma] (2) na lbb-su -ta-rab ma-sar-tu at-ta-[sar] (3) la nn-md la -z-z sapl-ta l-[lak?] (4) l-lak d-su-um-ma r--h a-na a.. (5) k-ma t-tu-s p-sr-su ana sarr bl-a a-[sap-ra] (6) s-su-r m-m-f-n ana sarr bl-a -sap-[ra] (7) ma-a ana mla Sanamma(ma) ana mul AL. LUL t.l rubu.. (8) k-ma t-t-md t-t-t-z sd-u-tu... (9) lum-nu a rt tu Akkadk s'd-d (o) s-su-r m-rn--n ana sarr t k ftt ;y -4,1 hfl-, -sap-[ra] () ma-a ana l LU. BAD na kabal t-b sa-a-r... Rev. () sar Subart k ba... (2) ds-mu an-n-u s-l-a-t gu-u. (3) sarru b-l na l lbb-su la -sak-[kan] (4) mu-su ann-u u Rammanu p-su t-t-'d (5) Ana ar ' Abu - Rammanu psu dd Amu rfb(ub) samnf zanun(nun) (6) brku b-rk ml pl na nakb ssapak (7) Ana a na m(m) la r-p l Rammanu s-s (8) da-um-ma-t : tus'ahbu na mat bas(s () (9 m Ak-kul-la-n. [K. 747.] No. 235A. Obv. () Ana m l MustabarrA-mftanu(a-nu) V arhan P na lb ul ' MAS. TAB. BA. GAL. GAL (2)... t-ta-lak u (?)... ru (3)... nu.. (Two lnes broken out.) (6)... ku-nu (7)... bu-ub (8)... na lb-b t-t-k (9).. Sarru (?) sarru a-k sa -l-'-u l-[pu-us] ( o) u... -su a-na arr al-tap-ra. ( ) *um * ma na (?) p (?) (?) db-b an-nu-td ana ka-b-... ( 2) ardu-ka sa tabta-ka -na-sa-ru u -ra-mu (13) lb-ba-a ana muh-h-ka -kab-bab-an-[n?] Rev. () db(?)-ba.. u (?) du (?).. ma p-s-sa... (2) u k (?).. ul-t(?)-t(?)-z na lb... (3) r-.. na mab-ru-t sa... (4) KtR ul l-l-kam-ma matu ul... (5) ttu na lb-b p-s-sa-t... (6) Atalt sa Sn sa na aru Arahsamna s-ku-nu... (7) ul-tr-r u sa ma t u SU.ZN m-nu... (8) ark-su ul ' SAG. M. GAR -u ana 1b Sn -t... (9) m-nu-u n-n-pu-us-ma HUL,-u -t-[k] ( o) na tamart(?)-su -gu Sn A ma XV k a m tt lu Saam t-tan-nlar (x ),u TaSrtu L h a Arahamnna ar" u Kslmu Sn na ta-mar-t-u (x 2) *kal Amu ka m k-ma sa la nnam-ru ga-mr (Left-hand edge) sa ' l U Bl. guma-gkun(un) am US.. KU. [ , No Obv. (x) F m N.] BAT-a-nu ;l m ul AL. LUL (2) -ru-bu a-na t-tum (3) ul s-sab-bat (4) na lb-b ul z-za-z (5) ul n-n-m-m-du (6) *tu ul -*ka-4 (7) ar-b` us-s Rev. () sa lu Bfl-nasr(r). [K. 8o8.] No. 236A. Obv. () Ana m u AL. [LUL]... (2) GS. PN mat na... (3) ur-du-ut mt... (4) na kak-ka-r... (5) sapah(ah) lama(ma) k u... (6) Ana ma u Sanamma(ma) ana m ul AL. [LUL]... (7) rubu... Rev. (x) Ana mul Mustabarruf ':S~

90 482.ASTROLOGCAL R:EPORT3 muta.nu(a-nu) ana n.. (2) alu... (3) a " Ah ' 1 -- a a " m Uruk-[a-a]. [83--8s, 233.; No. 236B. Obv. () Ana "ul Mu.tabarrA-mutanu(a-nu) na lu *.. (2) na uml mu Dl-bat... (3) ub-bu-tu na tatu Akkad k (4) tarbas mr u ss.... Rev. () Ana m1 UTU. KA GAB-A S... (2) ta-az-z-m-t an-n... (3) (blank, but for two dagonel wedges) (4) m " l LU. BAD P na lb-b mul l (5) zzazu... (6) lrmuttu su-d a-na... (7) man-ma la d-ta... (8) sa m ras (s)-lu... [K. 875.] No. 236c. Obv. (? Top broken) ()... pa... (2)... N. BAT-a-[nu]... Rev. ().. sap la... (2).. XV sa m u ST... ((3)... za-az... (4)... lbb-su la f-ru... (5).. ka k r Su... (6).. a.. (7).. arhan pl... [Bu , 5 8.] No. 235D. Obv. ()... umf lu Sn na(?)... (2).. am nakra kkal.. xa... (3)... suml l u Sn... (Remander of obv. and top of rev. broken off) Rev. ( )... (2).... MustabarrA-mrltanu(a-nu).... (3) -..rapps (?) lu N.. (4) u-pa... (5) [sa ] l= Na.b.-ah P-rba. [K ] No. 236E. Obv. () [Ana u] Mustabarru-mttanlu(a-nu) kakkar sa... (2)... -gam-m-ra t... (3). ta lu k Su un-dt-tu (4). a-d V Amu(mu) am... (5)...sar... (Remander of obv. and top of rev. broken off) Rev. ()... (2) [sa] m Za-kr. [ , 67.] No. 236F. Obv. (Top broken) () -*mul. o. (2) tr (?)... (3) Ana m... (4) tr... tr (?).. (5) Ana kakkabu *a (?)- dr u-hus.. (6) Ana l " u. ma na nph-sa ud-da-sa kma (?) m... (7) Ana " Dl-bat (?) na nph-a N. BAT arl 1 Ab h... (8) Ana mu Muktabarr-mftanu(a-nu) a-ru-ru un... (9) a-d -u du-un-ku sa.. ( o) sarru l (?) -z (?) td su k an n.. (Two lnes llegble.) Rev. ()... ul matu Akkad k lum-... (?)... lum-ma S. D GAR (?) an m :... an ml (s).. mar m sab-ba (?)-a a td... (4)..a-a-a-a-a m n D- D-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, 1 GUBU (?), glosscd u'.m-..f, t t C W:: lw. OMENS FROM STARS. 83 lu ()-d... (5)... m A-ra-su d... (5).. -'- du du (?)... (7)... *gab-*bu... (Remander broken of.) [K ] No. 236G. Obv. () [Ana mu SAR. UR u?] mu l SAR. GAZ 1 (2) [sa z kt? m ul ] Akrab un-nu-ut (3) -... k ma-ak-td (4) m u l Mustabarrf-mnutanu(a-nu) na lb mul PA. BL. SAG (5) zzaz-ma z-kt mu l Akrab (6) a-na mul PA. BL. SAG ka-a-b (7) m l Mustabarrf-mtanu(a-nu) na lb (8) mu l PA. BL. SAG t-tf-mf-d Rev. () t-t-t-z (2) -da-a-t na a r u Sman -sa-hu-ur (3) a-na pa *na(?)... lak (4)... (Remander, exceptfor traces of one character n 1. 5, destroyed.) [ , 236.] No. 236H. Obv. ()... ksud(ud) (2) bar-ru-d... (3)... mu! Mustabarrf-matanu(a-nu) na gap... (4) ml LU. BAD. SAG. US -[t]-t-lk (5) [mu] UR. BAR. RA mu l Mustabarrf-mtatnu(a-nu) (6)... m ul LU. BAD. SAG. U. (Remander of obv. and top of rev. wantng.) Rev. (t)... lu (?).. as (2)... t-t- (3).. u LU. BAD. SAG. U, (4)... rba. [ , 79.] No Obv. () Ana mu l UR. BAR. RA mu l UR. MAH... (2) lm(m) ru-ku-d-t sl.... (3) a-na ma-a-t... UR. BAR. RRA mul [N. BAT-a-nu] (5) mu' UR. MAH mul (6) l ul Mustabarrt-mAtanu(a-nu) na lb m u. (7) Ana kakkabu srur-ma na lb 3... (8) 4rub(ub) bartu ev. () sa l u Nabf-ahl P-rba. [Bu , 102.] No. 2 37A. (Obverse broken off.) Rev. ()... a... (2) M. DAN M (?)... (3) d... (4).. u SU. DUN na UD.. DU-su ana lu Sams... MAR. TU... (5)... r stu Z. HAR na arhu Ulul UD. na pl na... (6).. SU. DUN na UD. DU-su ana l u Sam T. U. na (?) su sa nu s. -. (7) -.. s-ma (?)...? sr (?)... k.. [Rm. 2, 254.] GAZ, glossed above GA. AZ. MUL, glossed ka-ak-ka-bu. s... glossed mu (?).. j. 4s GAR, glossed ba-ar-tu. 1 KUR-ud,glossed k-g-ud. 2 SUR-ma, glossed s-ru-ur-ma. 4 TU-ub, glossed -ru-ub. 6. glossed b-ba (?)... 2

91 84 ASTROLOGCAL. REPORTS. No, 238. Or. () Ana nu 1 UDUN na 'as-su u... (2).. ub-bu-ul-ma da-'-h... (3)... ub-bu-td l-la-ka (4)... m" U LU. BAD. GUD. UD (5)... un-nu-ut (6)... -su-...lv. ()...3 HA Ana " m"' 5 UGA (2).. bat 6 ntn pl ssur pl d- ds-s-u (3). mu! LU. BAD. GUD. UD na lb n ul SJH. TG.. (4) n-na-mar-ma (5) sa m n NabA-ah P-rba. [K. 868.] No Obv. () A.na u; APN ana mu l GR. [TAB th] (2) rubu na z-kt akrab [mat] (3) ark-u maru-su kussa [sabbat] (4) Subat mat Sarr tanh matu blu sanumma(ma)... (5) ku-dur mat la kn() usamsu.. (6) Mustabarrf-mftanu(a-nu) a-na mul. 1 [ , 54.] No Obv. () Ana MUL. MUL ana l Sn brum-ma zzz(z) (2) sarru kssutam(tam) pus(us) mat-su rapps (3) Sa ' l Naba-ksa(sa) mar Barsab k (4) ~ Bl u l ' Naba Am pl arkat p (5) h tu-ub lb-b a-na sar matat (6) b-l-a ld-d-nu (7) na (?). Sarru za-ku-ta n-l-ta-kan (8) n-na a-du-d t-t ah P-a (9) na ka!l ma-sa-ar-t bt kata Rev, () p-pu-us mar sp-ra sa ana(?)-ku (?) (2) t-t-su-nu sarru d-sa-as-b-tan-n (3) am k-ka-ra-a d-du-ku u a-as (4) d-sa-am-mu-'-n-n um-ma l-ku (5) t-t-n a-lk t-t ahb p--a (6) u su-lum p-pu-us u ma-as-sar-t (7) sa sarr b-l-a a-nam-sar am-m-n a-ta (8)... t p-pu-us l Bl u lu Naba (9)... ru-bu sarru d-na-a (o)... um-n--s (?) ()... ma (?)-at. [81-2-4, O4.] No Obv. () Ana MUL. MUL ana Sn brum-ma (2) zzz(z) sar kssutam(tam) pus(us) (3) mat-su rapps(s) (4) Ana Sn na tamart-su MUL. MUL na d-su (5) zzzu Pl sarru kssutam(tam) pus(us) (6) mat-su... su (7) [Ana] MUL. MUL [ana lb Sn rbu-ma ultu?] Sn-[ma?] Rev. () Ana sa r ltan UD.[DU Pl ]... (2) lb- m at u Akkad d t ab(ab) (3) sar Akkad k dannn-ma (4) mahra la rass(s) (5) Sa mlu Nabf-ah P-r-ba mar La-a-ba-s-l. [K. 902.] 1 TJDUNT glossed SU. DU. UN. 2 UD. DU-au, glossed a-s-su... A, glossd.. u. MUL, glossed MU. UL. -. NAG.[GA. U], glossed 1. GA. 6 Traces of a gloss. 7 uu p 1, glossed s-bu-r.! OMENS FROM STARS. No Obv. () Ana MUL. MUL Ana lb [Sn frub?] (2) matu ana sarr HA. A ar u... (3) lama(ma) k am nakru (4) Ana MUL. MUL ana lb Sn rubu [P-ma] (5) ana F.aU ltan usa l-n (6) lb matu Akkad k tab(ab) sar Akkad [k (7) dannn-ma s mahra la rass(s) (8) aru ltanu llak-ma (9) u-tu Sn ana lb MUL. MUL Rev. () -ru-bu aru ltanu llak(ak) (2) massartu saddurru mat lama(ma) (3) lmuttu sa am nakr Sd-d (4) Ana MUL. MUL sa t h (5) ka-a-am na blt nas (6) na st-ul-t Sn. (7) bl sarran p lu-u-da-[r] (8) sa nl A-Sa-r-[du katnu]. [81-2-4, 135.] No Obv. () MUL. MUL a-na UD. BL MAL UD (?) BL. MAL... (2) mul Dl-bat na MUL. MUL zzaz. (3) [Ana] l u star agt kasp ap-rat.. l l.... (4)... l-l mu gab.[su].. (5) Dl-bat na m n"u] DU. GAN. NA zzaz [az-ma] (6)... zunn P gab-s-tu ana sarr b-l-a l.... (7)... l Rammanu zunnu a-na za-na-[n].. (8).. d l-pu-sd h S. L. LA la... (9)... la -ba-as-su-f t-t... (o).. bu... Rev. ()... ma-s-'a GAB '-SU b (?)-l-d... (2) a-na ku-du-m-su lllk sum-ma ma... (3) n-ku-d na s-r-f-t m-ba-ru... klu k- sar-ra-ku-tu-ma a-mu-ls... (5) k- zu-un-nu na (4) tu Akkad k -t-k-ru AN. NA a... (6) sa m Bl-l' mar m f-g-b am Masmasu. [K..761,] No. 243A. Obv. () [Ana] MUL. MUL ana lb Sn rubu P-ma (2) ana t ar u ltan usa pl (3) lb-b m atu Akkad k -ta-ab (4) sar Akkad k -dan-nn-ma (5) mahra la rass(s) Rev. () sa m Ta-b-a. [K ] No. 243B. Obv. () Ana na aru... (2) ns P l... (3) Ana Samsu na nph-su m.. m har Su (4) nu-hus matat Rev. () Ana na rs satt MUL. MUL. (2) na na-su mu Dl-bat zzz (3) am nakru mlu bur d-mar-rum (4) sa l u Nrgal-tr(r). [83--18, 72.] No. 243c. Obv. () Ana Sn na tamart-nu MUL. MUL na... (2) sarru kssutam(tam) pus(us) matu.. (3) Ana MUL. MUL ana l Sn..; (4) sarru kssuta pus(un) (5) Ana MUL. MUL. na lbb-su zzz (6) l MNA. B rmata... Rev. (top broken)

92 4 OU ATRO "', CAL JOATS :. OMNENS FROM STARS 87 (,) *. t.hffnm) -mn.,.. (2)... S mrar-a-ku..- (3).. bl-... (4) d-a.. [81-2-4, 42. No Obv. () Ana m l U. G ana Sn (2) brum-ma. zzz ana lb Sn frub (3) sarru na l--t zzaz(az) (4) -sa-ab-ma m3rtsu [urappas] (5) l mat-su tab... (6) kttu u m-sa-[ru] (7) na mat bass.. Rev. () sa ' star-suma-frs(s). [K. 728.] No, 244A. Obv. () [mul] SJ. G kur-kur-ru-su -nam-bu-ut (2).. b l-su barta pus(us) (3)... k NR = U1 St. G zzaz-ma (4) l U,3 Mustabarra-mftanu(a-nu) (5) [ n ll] AL. LUL k-ta-sad Rev. () [sarru lu]-d--d (2). lu la-t-k (3) a-d us-su-d (4) [sa] rass(s)-lu ardu sa sarr (5) mah-ru-u. [K. 85.] No. 244B. Obv. (Top broken) () (2) Ana mul Zba-n-tum ana pan u Sn. (3) pal sarr rk... (4) Ana " u SB.. AN. NA ana -pan... (5),. pal sarr rk.. - Rev. () [Ana] m-s-h Kakkab ana u Sams... (2).. sar MAR k.. (3).. samf() za... (4).. SAG. US... (Remander broken,ff.) [K ] No. 244c. Obv. (T) Ana ml Z-ba-n-tun... (2) ta--mu-d sa-l-[mu]... (3) '" n Z-ba-n-tum... (4) manzas-sa 3 }kn.. () na lb mul AL. LUL.. (6) Ana m U LU. BAD na M. S. [D]... (7) 4 tbut(ut) matu Akkad k... (8) [mal] LU SAG. BAD. US Sna... Rev. () [z]-za-az... () [Anal] n Sn u l ' Sa-maS... (3) na-an-dur ns [Pl u ab P] (4).. mu XV kam n-nam-[ma-ru] (5) ta-mar-t sa mul LU. BAD... (6) sa sarr u bl-a su-u... (7) sa m NabCf-a l-rba. [81-2-4, 109.] No. 244D. Obv (... el am KU. MAL k-ta-ad (2)... unnu-ut (3) dr-td S. LAL (4)... la-as-su a-h-d,sd- (5). *- un-nu-t-n (6)... u-n -na-sa-ha Rev. ()... dr ba-l (2)... *ka (?) -ka-as-sa-ad (3).. su ru br mat ssr (4).. n ma'al kura-d raps(s) (5) [sa T mn Nabf]-mu-s-s. [81-2-4, 380.] No Obv. () Ana ul KL. BA na lb Sn zzz (2) atal Subart sakan(an) (3) Ana m "a PAN ana l Sn brum-ma (4) 1 Traces offaur characters. a G. NA, glossed k--n.,, K. GUB. BA-sa: glossed man-za as-sa. 4 Z-ut, glossed [t]-bu-ut, J,..k -1 ana b Sn rub trm P l rub labrt ' (5) u Sn ana satt k1 rk (6) sarru lu--d lu-la-t-k Rev. () ma-sar-t sa ra-ma-n-su (2)!- s-sur na am *la ta-a-b (3) sarru a-na su-f-ku la us-sa-a (4) 'a-d a-dan-su sa t-t (5) t-t-ku (6) t-t sa kakkab a-d arab tmn (7) sa m rass(s)-lu ardu sa Sarr mah-ru-d. [K ] No. 246 O. O s). G Ara Sn bru ma zzz (2) [sarru na] -t zzazu(zu) (3) [?-am-ma mat-su urappas (as) (4) [Ana a'] S T. G ana Sn brum-ma zzz (5). sar mat... sarru mat-su tab-ma (6) [kt]-t u -sar-t (7) [naj mat-su bass(s) Rev. () [ a] m rass(s)-lu mar m Nu-fdr-za-nu. [K. 8x.] No. 246A. Obv. () Ana m. l KAK. [S. D1... (2) mrtu ha-ru-b- ( AK. [D ( a-ru--]. (3 A Sb-s... (5) 1 t-su.. 2 (6) a na -mu-r-u... (7) samassammu (?) Rev. () Ana mul AN TA [SUR-ra].. (2) kakkabu sa pan (3) nra arh sut... (4) mu LU. BAD. *GUD... (5) n-na... (6) sa m lu. [83--8, 3171 No. 246B. Obv. (r) Ana 4mUl `SM. MAH... (2) mr-ha [msuh?] (3) tbnt(ut) 7ummn )(n... (4) rnmu-sd ann-n*f... (5) ullu lb.. (6) r:a na harra.n-su na.. RPev. () lum-nu sa mtu.. (2) l Sn na pan... (3) a tarbas na... (4). ksur.. (5). lb-b...(6) a.. [Bu , 34.] No. 246c. Obv. () Ana mul N. M. SAR. [RA]... (2) kakkab-su ma--ds.. (3) mlu us-sa... (4).. LU. BAD. GUD. UD... (Remander of obv. and top of rev broken.) Rev. () maru tt... (2) Ana mu ' AL. LUL... (3) sar Akkad k baata ur-[rak]. [83-1-8, 322.] No. 2 46D. (Obv. and top of rev. broken.) Rev. ().. um ts... (2) ulma(ma) M... (3) Ana mu l UR. GU. LA salmu lb... t4) Ana kakkabu salmu lu LU... (5) sa m g-ma-[a-a]. [83--18, 298.] UD. DA-su, glossed s-s-su..., glossed u (?). 3 MUL. Aa S, glossed ka-ka-bu sa pan. 4 MUL, glossed MU. UL. SM. MAJJ, glossed s-m.ma) 6 Z-ut, glossed t-bu-ut. 7 SAB-n, glassed um-ma[n]. 8 KASKAL-u, glossed tar-ra-n-4u.

93 AQ"TF'l'%"0,1,0'k",CA, C%' P) t'.'s, OMENS FROM STORMS. 89.No. 246E,. Obv. (Top broken) () a-na rb am... (2) umnan,lnakr n' m..,. (3) Ana kakkabu m-st-uh m-*g l-[uh]... (4) -kun -kun... (5) s-sa-p... (6) rubu na dul... (Remnander broke, off). [K No. 246F. Obv. ( A) Ana kakkabu na pan Sn sumel zzz (2) garru ks-sd-tam fpus(us) (3) Ana m ' l Mustabarrt-mftanu (a-nu) ana pan Sn th-ma zzz(z) (4) l Sn mata gul-pu-ut-t d-ss- Sb (5) Arna kakkabu na surnl lu Sn zzz(z) (6) mat nakr sal-puut-t mmar(mar?) Rev. () sa lu Nabh-rba(ba). [K. 732.] lu No. 246G. Obv ()...a-na Sn 'thu-ma (2)...a-su-un (3).. k-su-tam pus(us) (4)... a-na u l Sn -ta-ah-hu-ma (5)... un-k (5)... *s-sap-ra (7)... Mustabarrt-mftanu(a-nu) (8)..t t 1 (9).. ku Rev. (t)... s aru Smanu (2).. ta-mar.. (3)... G(;UD. UD Umu XV am (4)... Smanu t-ta-mar (5)... lb sa *sarr *bfl-n (6)... u-n (7).. a-dan-ns (8)... ah Pkrba. [83---8, 297.] No Obv. (/) M--nu ra-'-a-mu an-n-u (2) sa u star a-na sarr bfl-a (3) *ta-ra-'-a-mu-u-n (4)... sa a-dan-ns a-na sarr bfl-a (5).. ra-an-n (6)... a sa tu sa-lm (7). ar-hs ta-at-ta- *mar (8)... pal-su -Rev. ()... man-za-sa ur-r-k (2) [fmf P] sarr arkft P (3) Ana.. kakkabu sa-ah-ru-um-ma nnamr(r) (4) Sar mt balata ur-rak (5) s m Star-Suma-rS. [ , 55.] No. 247A. Obv. ()... na lb mul Z-ba-n-tum (2)... TAB f-zu-us-su (3)... ba-n-tum (4)... GR. TAB l-lak (5)... lmutt sd-d (6)... b-l-a al-tap-ra (7)... b (?) u UD HUL. K (8)... *tum(?) u -b-tu ()... la us-su (o)... sa ra-man-su ().. u ba-ar-t l.. (2)... ul-tu lb l.. (3). us-su.. Rev. ().. mah-ru p-.. (2).. u (?) a-na sarr lu... (3)... lu -tk-kak-ma... (4).. la... (5).. a-na sarr b-l-a lk-ru-[bu] (6)... *a-ld-an-n (7).... t na l u BAN UR-a (8)... ul az-z-z (9).. *t (?) k-nu a-na-ku ()... ga-a d-zu-za-ku-ma ( )... [Sarru b]-l-a a-na za-r (12)... [ardu sa] sarr mabr(u).,; [fk, 8d7-.] 1 T-ma, g!ossed t-~u-ma. - Cn 4 r 9; r : * j r 1 t f % : ; 1 k rl C 5 t ' t, 41 1_ X. OMENS FROM CLOUDS. XNo Obv. () Ana urpatu 1sammu nla sam() (2) ttanaskan 3 a.ru tb Rev. () sa mlu Nabu-ah- 1 frba. X. OMENS FROM THE MOON'S DSAPPEARANCE. [K. 748.] No Obv. ()... H. A l Dl-bat mnat '-su bags (S) (2)... pl tm Gu-t- sakan(an) (3).. umu XXV " ka l Sn BUL.. (4) Ana um bubbul na arh -u... (5) ataluf sakanma an P k (?)... (6) mu(mnu) na,am()... (7) Ana Sn na arhu ulul fmu XXX [L ra m nnamr] (8) sapah(ab) mat u... (9) ftmu XXX ' am a-*ga-*a... Rev. (x) bl sarran P' -kab-b um-[ma ttu?2 (2) l.a a-p-t fmu XXV ka n Sn t-ta-[mar] (3) tmu XXV klam mu XXX kal na sam(f) bu-u-ud (4) u nmu XXX xar t-tan-mar (5) mn-ma-tm-ma l-n-na-mr (6) ba-ab-t V Cm(m-) na sam() l-b d (7) m-ma-tm-ma V umu(mu) u! -bd (8) sar matat lu-da-r (9) sa " ' A-sa-r-du. [K. 768.] X. OM:ENS FROM STORMS. No Obv. () Ana na ar h u Sabat mbaru k-*tur (2) atal kas-- (3) sa lu Nabu-k-b (4) mar kut k [83-- 8, 88,1 No Obv. () [Ana] na mat mbaru bass(s) (2) bfru na-pu-us mahru knu (3) [Ana] na mat mbaru sa-dr (4) pal mat ksutam(tam) bl() (5) [Ana na] arh ' Sabat mbaru k-tur (6) atal kas-s- Rev. () [sa] m A-sa-r-du mahr(dl) (2) ardu sa sarr. [Bu , 8.] No. 250A. Obv. () [Ana na ar'] Sabat mbaru k-[tur] (2) atal kas--[] (3). mbaru sd ru... (4) a-na ml ks-a-tum... 1 DR, glossed sa-a-mu. 2 GAR. GAR. NU, glossed t-ta-na-a-kan. 3 M, glossed /a-a-ru.

94 .. n9o 'AS'TROLOGCAfL REPORTS. OMENS FRONM STORMS. 91 (5) KAN. 1K., (?)... ETv. () Ana mbaru... (2) a-na zunrn. ( [3 S '3) a] ras(g)-lu ardu sa [sarr] (4) pa-nu-[u]. [K ] No Obv. () Ana a hu Sabat mbaru k-tur (2) atal mat" kas-s- (3) Ana na mat mbaru'bass(g) nu-hus ns pl (4) Ana na mat mbaru sa-dr pal mat ks-su-tam bl(fl) (5) Ana na am AN. ZU mbaru k-tur la sa-t-r (6) mbaru damku sg-u a-na lmutt la uk-ta-la (7) -na mu-s an-n-- kak-ka-bu (8) [na] kakkad sa Akrab Rev. () na pan Sn t-t-t-z (2) ttu-su la -lap-pa-[at].. (3) la as-su 1a n-na-sa-[ha] (4) gum-ma mu l Sur-ru mul BL. TAR sa... (5) sa.... Ez-za-zu *.. (6) na pan u Sn... t(?)-t... (7) s -u ttu ka-a-a-ma-nu (8) arha (?) lt-ru-ru kakkab sam() gab-bu (9) t-ta-al (?) ku u na lmutt arb kslm (o) lu la t-t-k lt-ru-ru. [K. 760.] No. 2 51A. Obv. () [Ana na art Sabat mbaru] k-tur atal [kass] (2) [Ana na mat mbaru bass] nu-hus ns P (3) [Ana na mat rnbaru sadr] pal mat ks-su-tam -kas-sad (4)... mt (?) har-ra-an-su ul ka (?)... ()... * d-bu-ub d-n-su ul S. D (6)... a d--b-ru d-n-su ul... (7)... pu-u n-n-d l (8) **... t bu (?) ud nap-lu-us... (9)... m (?) Rev. (Top broken.) ()... bl... (2)... an alu. (3?)... s-lu (4?)... ru-u... (5?).. su l-b... (some lnes wantng.) End ofrev. (6).... s (?)... (7) [sa m ] za-kr. [8-2-4, 143.] No Obv. () Ana na a h u Addar mbaru k-tur (2).. matu * ub-bu-tu lak(ak) (3) TR. AN. NA ul-tu uu Nabt (4) Ana l n' R KfL l Rammanu la ratls(s) (5) Ana lu TR. AN. NA al KL (6) alu Barru u rub a-su gal-mu Rev. () sa m At '1-a-a uruk -a-a. [K ] No. 252A, Obv. () Ana na ar h Addar M. M (sc) bas. (2) matu * ub-bu-tu llak.. (3) Ana Samsu harrana-su K-0R ma Sarnsu UD-ma... (4) ar mrat-su RU-d.. (5) Ana l ma-at -rab... (6) tm P ad-ru-t na... (7) ma-'du u Samu... (8) ul u-s-uz Rev. () bl sarran pl rmu(mu)... (2) -na al 4,,9r sa pa-n... (3) lu-g-b-s-ma ana ma (?)... (4) -na sr lu-u(?)... (5) bl sarran pl lu-da-[a-r] (6) a m A-ha-r-du a.. [K. 873.] No. 252B. Obv. () Ana na mat mbaru bass nu-husr ns (2) Ana na mat mbaru sa-dr pal- mat (3) kgs-u-tam b(l) (4) Ana na mat mbaru -sa-dr (5) mahru na-pu-[us] (6) Ana na tm r-b mbaru k-tur (7) ma-kat lama(ma) Rev. () Ana na aru Addar mbaru k-tur (2) matu ub-bu-*tu llak(ak) (3) a dan(?),...mbaru (?) (4) na SAG (?) sg.. d (?) ba (?) na ar hu Addar (5) -sd-uz (?)-su (?) bt (?) u (6)... u mbarn bt (?) u (7)... (8) sa m A-sa-r-du. [ , 176.] No. 252c. Obv. ()...? du (?) nu-us p l (2)... nuhus () (3). nsn nn (?)u ev. (op [p broken off) ().. d UD-mu bal-tu... (2).. ul -zak-ku.. (3)... ul a-da-mad. (4)... a-na sarr a-kab-b.. (5) [sa ml a ] Nfrgal-tr(r). [K. 886.] No. 252D. Obv. () Ana na mat [mbaru sa]-dr (2) pal mat [kssutam] -kag-[sad] (3) Ana mbaru k-tur-*ma m... (4) lan P ana mat rmu TUK... (5) ma-sar-t sa l Sn... (6) umu XXX km M. DR [dannat?] (7) a-na - fm(m) pa... (8) sa Am sd... Rev. () Amu V kam fmu V*k"m... (2) s-sa-a-h--... (3) l-pu-u-[su] (4) sa m lt NabQ-ah-Pl [rba]. [K No. 252E. Obv. () Ana na mat mbaru [sadr] (2) pal sar mat kssuta [bl] (3) Ana na amm() r-p (4). ma-ka-at *mat... (5).., ar u DR. S. KN. TAR... (6) mtu kar-mu-tam... RPev. () sa m tar-suma-[rs. [K. 132.] No. 252F..Obv. () sa arru bl-n -pur-an-na-[s] (2) [umma] ra-al;-sa-tu-nu-d (3).' r ra-ab-sa-a-n (4)... ma-'-du-tu na lb (5) Ana (?)..zu-un-n- ul b (?).. Rev. () a-na... (2) lb S S.... (3) sa lu Marduk-suma-usur u ' Bt(?). [K; 1460o. 7.

95 92 ASTROELOGCAL REPORTS. OMENS FROM THUNDER, 93 XV. OMENS FROM THUNDER. No, 253. Obv. () Ana na tm bubbul lu Rammanu p-su dd (2) btru ssr mahru knu (3) Ana na Am bubbul samu (d) znun(nur) (4) bmra nas-ma mahru knu (5) bl sarran P 1 luda-r R. () a 'A-a--du. S ] No. 253A. Obv. () [Ana na] tm bubbul u Rammnu p- *su 'dd (2) K. A, ssr mahru knu (3) Ana na am bubbul samu znun(nun) (4) bara -na-as-sam-ma (5) mahru knu Rev. 1; sa Apla-a. [K. 385.] No. 2 53n. Obv. () Ana na tm bubbul [A. AN sama znun] (2) bara nas-[ma] (3) mahru knu (4) Ana na fm bubbul l Rammanu p-su dd(d) (5) K. A ssr Rev. () mahru knu (2) Sa m n a fl-nasr[r]. [ , 1778.] No. 253c. Obv. (r) [Ana] M sa-am (?) mu (?)... (2) M rba(ba)... (34)MZ) ) A ra... (4). Z... 5) Ana na Am bubbul zunnu [znun] (6)b bt mat na'sa.. Rev. (r) *K. [LAM] G. [NA] Rev. () *sa m Za-kr. [D.T. 53.] No Obv. () Ana na am bubbul lu [Rarmanu p-su dd] (2) RU. D. B. Tl (?)... (3) Ana na tm bubbul samu-u [znun] (4) mahru knu RU. D. B (?) (5) l Rammanu na kabal nlu Sams p-[su dd] (6) r--mu na mat bass(s) (7) na kabal lu Sams sa k-bu-u Rev. () u Sarnu na na-pa-h-u l u Rammanu (2) na pu-ut lu Sams na-pa-b k-rb- (?)-su (3) na s--r-* k-d-b (4) sa ' Ba-la-s-[]. [K. 786.] No Obv. (r)ana na am bubbul l' Rammanu s-s (2) K. A ssr mlahru knu (3) An na a m *bubbul zunnu znun(nun) (4) nu-[hus?] nsl p l l (5) Ana na Am [la rp] ' Rammanu p-su dd (6) da-'-um-ma-t na mat bass(s) Rev. () sa m star-sumaf s(fs). [K. 765.] No Obv. () na l dul-l a sarr b-l (2) k-bu-d-n (3) mu- d an-n-d ga Am XX kam (4) na pa-an mul Dl-bat (5) na 3: ''S r : pa-an '`u KAK. S. D (6) A-n-n-nu n-p-pa-as (7) am ka-l- f-pagu-ma. Rev. () Ana l u Rammanu na kabal 1 Su L-f (2) p-4u dd(d) garru (3) matu la su-a-tum kat-su kasad. [83-- 8, 209.] No. 256A. Obv. () [Ana Sn ] ka m nnamr KA. Amu [G. NA lb mat tab] (2) [Ana Amu] a-na mnat pl-su [rk] (3) pal fmf P arkft pl (4) an-n-d ta-rar-tad salm u [ka (5) Ana 'u Rammanu na abul Sn p-su dd(d) (6) sumkutm(tm ) umrman llama (ma) k na U 8 kakk bass(s) (7) GAR. SU mat-su ana mat Sa-nt-m-ma ppahhar(har) (8) an-n- sa k- Sn n-na-mar-u-n (9) "l Rammanu p'-u -na-du-u-n Rev. () sa m Bu-lu-tu. [K. 787.] No. 256B. Obv. () [Ana na aru] Ab lu Rammanu p-[su dd] (2) [umu?] -ru-ub 'a-[mu-u? znun?] (3) [bur] mlt la ssr... (4) Ana na um la r-p. (5)... husahbu... bass (6) Ana na flm la r-p* brku b-*r-[k] (7) l Rammanu RA.. (8) flmu(mu) la[r]-pu ar h u Abu (9) l*rammanu [RA?]-s sa k-bu-u-n.. (o) l... s a-na su-ur... Rev. () Ana m-h-[f] *saru SAt t-[bu-u] (2) Sumkutm(tm) matu *MAR TU 1k] (3) [Ana] mul Mustabarru-mfltannu (a.. ) na lb '' ul AL. [LUL zzz] (4).. u dkal.. st up td (?) (5) Sa m Ba-[la-s-] [K ] No. 256c. Obv. () Ana na ar" Ab l, Rammanu p-[su dd] (2) ub-bu-tu na... (3) Ana na arhu Ab lu Rammanu [p-u dd-ma] (4) fmu rctb SamA znun(nun) brku b-[rk] (5) m p nanakb LAL.. Rev. () a r Arad u [-a] [K. 853.] No (r) Ana na ar 'b Ab lu Rammanu p4-u dd-ma (2) umu rfb aamu znun(nun) brku b-rk (3) m fl na nakb SSapku pl (4) Ana na tmu la r-b l u Rammanu s-s (5) da-umma-ta... 1huahhub na nat bbass (6) na la tu-ub sr an-n- (7) Sarru b-l ultu lb-b-su la -da-bu-ub (8) mur-su Xattu 9S-d (9) nsa P am-mar mar-su-u-n (o) gab-bu Sul-mu () tu-ra-ma Sarru b-l ( 2) Sa pa-lah lan P ' sd-tu-u-n ( 3 Omu(mu) t mu-su lan d-sal-l-u-n Rev. () Kt-tu- m-m-n (2) a-na Sarr bl-a

96 a4,1stmt)e.~;t '%" - lk E O t T."; r~ OMENS FROM EARTHQUAKES s~l..9. t zr-ku -la-ka ( ) -lu-ut-tu a-gr-t (4) d-f--k -;ba-at-t (5) -u d k- an-n- ka-a-b (6) rab: a-s-r Cm 1' 1 -su arkut '' (7) ntdana-ra-as rnf '-Su arkftt ' (8) sa n u star-suma-rsf(s). [ , x9.] No Obv. () Ana na aru Ab lu Rammanu pl-su ddma (2) mu rfb samtl znun l TR. AN. NA KL (3) brku b-r-k zunn na 'nakb ssapku (4) Ana nm 2 m la rp lu Rammanu s-s (5) da-'-um-ma-td na mat bass(s) (6) fmu(mu) la r-p ar"r Abu (7) Ana na ar= Ab samf(d) znun(nun) (8) sumkutm(tm) ns p l Rev. () Ana m-h-f a r Aharr tb (2) Sumkutm(tm) ma t u Aharr k (3) Ana l Rammanu -su p-su dd(d) (4) matu sa 3 s a nukurta 4 5 spur-ka (5) salma 6 sappar-ka (6) sa mlu Nabftabh_-frba [S ] No Obv. () Ana na arhu Tasrt l Rammanu p-su dd(d) (2) ftmu rub(ub) samf znun(nun) (3) u TR AN. NA KL (4) brku b-rk (5) lan p l ana mat (6) rmu rassu P Rev. (x) S2 am Rab-dup-sar [K No Obv. () Ana na arb"t Tasrt ' Rammanu p-su dd(d) (2) nu-kur-tu na mat bass(s) (3) Ana na arhu Tasrt samu(() znun(nun) (4) sumkutm(tm) marsut pl (5) u alp P (6) s'umkutm(tm) m nakr Rev. () sa m Ta-b-a. [83---8, 80o.] No Obv. () [Anal na a'u Sabat lu Rammanu *"p [su dd] (2) tbut(ut) arb (3) 3pl] Ana na au Sabat ' Rammranu p-su [dd' (4) na abn sam zanun... (A few races on reverse). [ ] No Obv. () Ana na mt bubbul l u Rammanu p-su Ldd] (2) K. A sr mahru [knu] (3) Ana na tm bubbul l u Rammanu p-su dd. (4) damkt lbur... (5) Aa na ar h u Addar lu Rarnrannu p-su dd(d) (6). -mu rtb Samu znun brku k-[rjk (7) nlu ma-'-du... (8) brua... Rev. () sg * ~~~~...^..~ ~[K. 854.]!DM, glossed nak-b. 3 SAL. KJR, glossed nu-kur-t. * D-ma, glossed sa-l--mu. 2 UD. NU. SU, glossed -m la r.p. 4 K.kka, glossed s-pur-ka. 6 K.ka, glossed -sap-par-ka. ' F No. 262A. Obv. ().. A. AAN u (?). (2) Sam() ana f... (3)... arkft pl u tu-ub... (4)... M KA-su RU alu... (5).. rubu n 'mt p.. (6) sa.. [ , 718.] No, 262B. Obv. ()... Z. A (2)... MAR. TU k (3) p l... TAR (4)... -u (?) UD. SU-am (5)... tbut(ut) a U Sutu (6)... m mr (7)... M (8)... M. V (9)...Ret.().. G. NA (2)... (3).. SAR (4)... (5) *.- u Sn (6)... MS [K ] No. 262c. Obv. ()... sad-dr-ma (2)... bar mat S. D (3)... su (4).. s (5)... alu u... (Remander of obverse andtop of reverse broken.) Rev. ()... (2). kak (?) r (3)..- sarru (4) [K ] XV. OMENS FROM EARTHQUAKES. No. 262D. Obv. (r) Ana rstm(tm) na ka.l unr [nus] (2) sapah mat (3) Ana d-sad-dr-ma -[nu-us] (4) t-b am [nakr] Rev. () Sa am Sa-p-ku mar. [81-2-4, 344.] No Obv. () [Ara rstm] tm na ka-la (2) fm(m) -nu-us (3) [sapah] mat (4) Ana sa-dr-ma -nu-us (5) t-b nakr Rev. () sa uu Nabu-k-b (2) mar kft k. [K ] No Obv. () na l r--b sa sarr [b-l] (2) s-pur-ann an-n-u [p-sr-su] (3) Ana rstm(tm) d-sa-dr-ma [nus] (4) t-b [nakr] (5) Ana rstm(tmn) na mus nus(us) na-[zak mat] (6) na l sa tlm V (?) k... (7) l-lk-an-n musu a.... (8) -ru-ub... (9) na muh-h rstum(tum) d-sa-[dr] ( o) at-ta-as-[ha] Rev. (r) Ana na a r Nsann rstu rfb... (2) rubu mat-su bbalkat- [su] (3) lu-u la rh u Addar d-ar-r a... (4) a-kan-n an-n-u psr- [Su] (5) na sa 'a u Addar a rh b Nsann ark... (6) -ru-ub-u-n na muh-h d-sa-*dr... (7) -nu-us z... (8) lu-u arhu na br-tusu-nu p-tu.. (9) a-kan-n arbu Nsannu tabu-ma a-na na-sa.. (o) sa m star-suma-frs(f) (Left-hand edge) () Lm-mu m La-bas (2) a Rab ka-a-r. [83--8, 287.]

97 AW - 'R f J.!,' >gc. L ' U ",%S (:M XENS F lec.(ns RT(OM E ARTHQUAK - S.7 -?~7.No? ~;'. () Ana na :' a N'sa: r:tu -rnul1, (.-) ~anru mat-su ]balk:at-s,.. (3). Ana rsn-;(tm) n,.'x'u~-nu... (4) n1a-aa. u.: m :t kst() mat e''v. (1) Sa nx Aplal a. l t r [ , G6.] No. 265 A. Obv. () Ana tmnu XV 'a m Sn u SamSu tt a-bar-m nnanru. (2) sanaku sa p lb-b mat t b(ab) (3) lan ' - 1 l l at Akkad k' ana dcamktm(tm) -has-sa-[su] (4) hu-ud lb-b umman,(n) lb-b sarr tab.. (5) b! l m"tu Akkad k par-ga-ns na [sr rabbs] (6) Ana Sn Samsa ksuda-ma t-tn-tu-ld karnu [karnu dr] (7) na mat kt-t bas.. (8) maru tt ab-su kt-t [tarru] Rev. () Ana rstm(tm) na ka-la [Am rtb] (2) sapah(ah) [ns] (3) Ana rstm(tm) na arhb Du'uz -nu-[us] (4) rubu na mat nakr.. (5) -rab-... (6) ka Sa-p-ku. [K No. 265B. Obv. (r) Ana r--bu... (2) sarru tt... (3) Ana k na ar Du'uz... (4) : na bt... (5) Ana k na M... (6) RU... (7)... Rev. (Top broken) ()... (2) lu... (3)... (4) damkt (5),, No. 265c. Obv. () [Ana rbu] na ab Tasrt -ru-ub (2) [bcr mat S.] D l nukrat pl bassu pl (3). -ru-ub sa = nakurt na mat.. (4) -nsu-a ut.... X... (6).. S A... (7)... m bt bar(?)... (8).. ta s(?).. Rev. ()... a -ba-a- (2).. lu-uk-b (?) (3)... a s... (4), a.. )... a ls... (6)... d -u a-na... (7). - g a-sap-pa-*ra... (8) [sa] m R-mu-* tu.. [ , 68.] No Obv. () Ana Sn ormu k m nnamr (2) sanaku sa p lb matt tab(ab) (3) Ana amu a-na mnat PL-u -r-k (4) pal m P1 arkftt pl (5) musa an-n-l (6) r--bu r-tu-bu (7) Ana na ar h Tbt r--bu rub(ub) (8) sarru na al nakr-su ussab(ab) Rezv. (1) Ana na a rh Tbt rstu rub(ub) (2) kal rub sumkut-ma karmu-tam llak(ak) (3) Ana na mnus rstu -ru-ub (4) na-zak mat.. mkt() mat (5) a am Rab-A. BA.. [K. 779.] No. 266A. Obv. () [Ana na arslabat] r--bu -ru-ub (2) T rfl] blat-sa nas... sakal (LAL. DA) (3) [gr-rt] nakr bagsu 1 :}.Z t. :} } s 1 (4).,. -ru-ub na fkall rubu nakru KU-abl (5)...u a-,al-*!l (6)... M -nu-us na-zak lmat (7)..m.Kt() mat Rev. ()... r--bu ana na-bal-kat-t (2).. an u. sa Z-b nakr s- (3).. N. NUN mtt u sumfl a-,ar (4)... kr-bu l--tu (5). kdr (?) *b-*ba-as-s (6)... mr Bar-sb k. [K. 813.] No. 266B. Obv. (Top broken.) ()... km... (2)... l-... (3)... UR. GU. LA DU.. (4). u -nu-u (5)... sarr arkft Pl (6)... sgd (?) UD u N. LL b-l-ma (7)... Akkad k -na-h-s lb-sa balut(ut) (8)... sar Akkad k DAN. GA-ma ml-sa (?). (9) [sa ml haba]-mu-s-s [ , 310.] No Obv. () Ana Saml(d) s-su-ma rstm(tmn)....' lan pl mat... (3) kbrat rba(ba) a... (4) alan P' 1' nukurt... (5) marst pl l mat sumkutu... (6) Ana sam() s-suma rstm(tm)... (7) " N. LL ka-mar mat... (8) Ana samf(lu) s-su-ma rstm(tm) sa... (9) nm-rs mat -ma-ad-d su du bu uk... (o) Ana l -r-s-k. GAL k-kl-la-sa kma ur... tak ( T) rstm(tm) mata nad(d) (12) Ana na ar"l Saba r--bu -ru-ub sra blat-sa (x3) salkal gr-rt am nakr bassu pl (4) Ana na ar Sabat rstu -ru-ub (15) na kall rubu sanumma(ma) ussab(ab) Rev. () Ana rstu na mus -nu-u '(2) na-zak mat.. [mktf mat] (3) Ana sam(l) s (?)-su... (4) Ana samt... (5)... (6) na mat lu... (7) lu-u SAG. M. GAR lu-u ' l Dl-bat... (8) k-ma -tab-bu-lu la... (9) sum-ma l Rammanu p-su [dd] (o) sum-ma AN hu-d-du... (xx) sumn-ma r--bu... (12) an-n-d na lb-b d-... (x3) b-t l ' Dl-bat t-bal-u-n u l SamSu (?) (4) kak-ku-ru b-t r-k... (5) sn m star-,suma- [rs]. [K. 124.] No. 267A. Obv. () Ana sam() DR ma-h-s duldu na mat bass(s) (2) m Sl-la-a na kata m Sakn-um l-tap-ra (3) um-oma ana m-tu-tu a-na-ad-d-ka (4) um-ma m-nam-ma ta-kab-b um-ma (5) m Sl-la-a nkas-a t-ta-s (6) um-ma m Mun-na-bt-tum :m mu-kn-n-ka (7) u ' a Bl 3 (?). m. Bl-d-n-a amn mu-kn-nu (8) m-nu-d na lb nkas-a ma-la Rev. () s-su-l k- la--mn-du- (2) mm-(sal)-ma ma-la na pa-an sarr ad-bu-bu (3) u -ba-as-g sa a-na larr ak-bu-l (4) gab-bu t-ta-s ata "-a na bt ab-a (5) ul-t-l

98 ,ASaT'OLCA,(Lr; t' A, Ot TS.'').T.. OMENS FROM ECLPSES. tv ka-a-a-mra-nu n-k-la-a-tln (6) t-nak-ka-la ana l ':' S.a-t- (7) -db-bu-ub Sarru bflt la l-maf- r-an-n (8) ga m Za-kr. [80-7-9, 19.] XV. OMENS FROM ECLPSES. NTo Obv. () Db-b sa atal na p-a a-na sarr b-l-al ul f-s-s-mu (2) a-du- la al-ta-ru ku u mu a-na sarr b-l-a al-tapra (3) a. atall lmutt-su a-na ad arh ad lmu(mu) ad ma-as-sar-tum ad ur-r-tum (4) a-sar u-sar-ru.. u a-sar lu Sn atalu-u -sah-hatu-ma -na-*as-su-ku (5) lmutt-su an-nu-tum -mah-ha-ru ar u Smanu natul Aharro k (6) pu-ru-us-su a-na ur k na-dn lmutt sa tm XV ka s,.a ka-bu-l (7) XV fmu kan mat u lama(ma), ur-r-tum a-sar d-s-r-ru-d ul n--du (8) *m-n-td atal- u a-na aru St t u : Aharr l-ta- ha-at (9) lrnutt ana m at- lama(ma) k U m natl Anarr ul-tu s a ru sad u Sa r u ltan (ro) k (?) m-mr damkt sa su-bar-tum k u Akkad k -kab-b-su sa -r-mu ( ) t-tum sa ma-ta-a-t gab-[b]- (?) mtt u Sn Akkad ' u m at k umf l Sn ( 2) u lama(ma) -la-a-t lu [Sn Aharr] k' sap-la-a-t r, Sn natu Subartu k ( 3) as-su ma-as-sar-tum a... -saa... ( 4) gab-b-su sa -r-mu... (15) man-ma ka-la-mu la... (16) m a tu Sr-ra-pu -kab... (7) ns P l a ma-a-t la -sm... ( 8) ' Rab-a-s-pa a-k sa -l (?)... Rev. () na rablt :' l sa l,:tu ka-al-du lu-u matu *A-*ra-mu (?) *ana mat... (2) stn(n) rubu sarru lu-s-n-n la-kp-t-su lu-p-t-tu-su "an-*nu... (3) t-turn -mah-ha-ru-ma lb-b sarru bf-l-a -ta-ab na atal... (4) mu l SAG. M. GAR zzz(z) a-na sarr su-lum kum-su kab-tu -du-d... (5) na s-mu a-ga-a sarru ma'-du lu-f ra-hu-us a-d man-nu sd-lurm (6) a-na sarr -kab-bu-d k- sarru -kpp sar lan pl sa sam() u rstm(tm) (7) d-lum a-na sarr b-l-a l-tap-ra man-d-f-ma sarru -kab-b um-ma (8) Sar lan PL-ma Sd-lum l-tap-ra sa n matu r-rapu u sa ru-b- (9) am-m-n- tas-pu-ra a-na-kuum-ma arru -l dul-l-su lu-l (o) -t-k-ma -l dul-l-su lu--sa-knma lb-b sarr b-l-a l-tb (x) l Bl u lu NabA ma-ta-a-t gab-b a-na pu-ub Sarr b-l-a ld-d-nu (2) sarru t--mu l-tak-na-an-n um-ma massarta-a t-sur u mrmma(ma) sa t-b-d (13) k-ba-a n-na tnmma(ma) sa na pa-n-a ba-nu-d u sa-lam na fl aarr bf-l- (t4) ta-a-bu a-na sarr al-tap-a -Su -Su ma... pa-*an arr (?) (15) l-su-ma sarru a-na lb db-b l-*ru-*ub... arru lu m s su (?) (x6) Ba db-b sa kt-tunm a-na sarr h-l-a as-pur Left-harnd edge () Sa- m Mun-na-b-t. [K ] S No Obv. ()... " arrr A HU. B. A -ta-kl husahha gar Aharr (2)...- kal... (3)... DR-ma aus" fstu ra-kb arb tabbu. (4). *' Ar ctfmu XXV kam Samsu kupuru sarru rm -Sr u arkutt (5).. matu mahru nap-ga kkal (6) ar. Ar Sanmu kupuru skun nap-sa kkal fm Pl sarr arkft E v (7) Ana Samau na nph-su kma azkar-ma kma Sn agf a-pr (8) sar nat nakr-su kasad(ad) rnatu lmutta-a kat-lm-ma damkta mmar(mar) (9) Ana na ar"u Ar fmu XXX kan l Samsu atalf skun na h a ru ltan usarr-ma ( o) na ;aru t kan karnu sum-su * d-da-at ( ) karnu mtt-su rkat(at) lan P' kbrat rba(ba) LT pl (12) *LU. GAL na pl "l kabb tbut(ut) sarr M Z (?) (13).. T ana satt V ka m? r bartu na matu Akkad k bass(s) Rev. ()... maru ab-su dak ahu ah-su dak rub pl mtarasu pl. (2)... p l fmf r na matu Akkad k bass sarru suatu LK. KU n-na-bal (3) nakru alu zag-mu sabbat(bat) sarru guatu mat maru ana asab na bt l u N. LL (4) " l n a pgran pl fmu kam bassa' l : sar Aljarr k (5) f... a-ha-ms tahhu P' (6) na rb Samsu a... *as mat t sakan(an) (7) na st Sams... n-na-ka-ru (8)... MS.. a alu SS.T. lu busa-su UD. DU (9) sar lla a(?)?)... sar Subart k mat sar Aharr ma.t () lan pl z-*nu... ana mat S P'-nm-ma ().. an mat n (2)... sa-a-t ana mmtu flama(ma) k (3) [sa m rass]-lu ardu sa sarr mahr6(u) [K. 8x5.] No Obv. ()... lum nakrft (?) (2)... ml ' na nakb bassu P' (3)... atal massart barart... atal sar Akkad k :arru rabf mat (4) [Ana] atalf skun-ma,; l 'U ltanu llk lln P 1 ana mat rm rassu P ' (5) Ana Sn ad-rg us a-d-ru s-t sakan(an) (6) Ana Sn ad-rg stu-su u d-ru (?) sah!ukt mat kalam (7) Ana Sn ad-rs us-ma kma t-m amn() skun sarru matat (8) l na abkt u-sam-kat : lan matat a na abkt d-am-ka-tu (9) Ana Sn na arh" Sman a-dr l Rammanu ark satt bar mat rabs(s) (O) Ana a arlu Sman Atal massart barart skun tbut(ut) nun u arb (l) Ana na ar' h u Sman,mlu XV k a atala skun sarru gan-ru a satt ras m;.t-ma ( 2) nmru-..r la ana Zarrlt la zak-ra.,'2-

99 OU S"'k~,, CA 1. %, :" ' o 1l.'rs OMENS FlROM ECLPSES. 101 kssa.. salam)t a " ' r nukr/t, ba ll 'u'j ( 3),\tm a "' t : ht Sm.m',,.a n '' a C f XXX `k t a m atalr skun atal sar Akkad k ( 14)..AN k,-sa-t basg-,ma bmr mrt l Rammanu rahs(s) unm,,'otju rabu (?) (15) [. ] ummanu mkut(ut) numa(ma) ana gulnmu(t') a:.'rr u lu u ns-su pus-ma sallm (6) [la sur]-r-f bu-bul-t: na vatt l -'bas(b) Rev. ().. k m ataf skun-ma lu na kup-r s 2)... BA ad masart kablt tak-td (3)..., l ltanu-na kat' -ka rb(rb) (4)... ma u sar Ur k purussu nnadan Uru k (5) husa'na mmar pagran P' -man-du Sar Ur k' maru-su (6) -hab-bl- ' u-ma maru ha-bl ab-su lu samsu kasad-su-ma (7) na K. HUL ab-su mat mar sarr sa ana sarrut la zak-ru (8) kussa sabat(bat) (9) Ana atal massart barart a-na pagran pl (o1) Ana Omu na'ru massart barart a-na arh kam um X `kam ( ) arhu Smt nu ma.t Aharru nmu XV krm matu flama massartu barartu -atu Akkadu (2)... rana sarr sulmu(mu) (3).... du. [K. 955.] No Obv. () [Ana na] arbu Sman Amu XV u"11 ataltt skun-ma u na kupur D. M l-ta kupuru-rna (2).. ). M V sapl-ta z-ku M. t massartu barart tb-ma (3). massartu kablt tak-td kupur-su nnamr-ma M na kata -ka rb(rb) (4) na lb Ur k u sar Ur k purussu nnadn sar Ur k husaba m-mar (5) -. pagran pl -man-du sar Ur k maru-su hab-bl-su-ma (6).. maru ha-b ab-su u Samsu kasad-su-ma na K. HUL ab-u l u mant (7). mar sarr sa a-na sarrut la zak-ru BU Kusa sabat(bat) (8) [Ana] kakkabu na saplt ln " l PA. BL. SAG a-dr purus mut-ta-bal u Babl (9) Atal nmasart Sadurr ana murs bass-ma tmu na'r massart 'adurr ana arh X (?) ka" (o) massartu sadurru l m l ca tu tu lama k mu XV k mn lama k ar hu Smanu Mnatu MAR AM matu Akkadu k () na ar h u Sman mu V kam '1 SAG. M. GAP, na lb... a-ar Sams ul-ta-pa-a zzz(z) ( ) na ba-l z-mu4u- DR... matu (?) tt mat sulm(m) (3) [zunn] p dah-du-t ml p ' sad-ru-t a-[na ma t Akkad '] (14) [mahru] KA t-a-an a-na GUR ta-a-an nnadn(n). ( 5) parakk P ' -u-nu dah-du mmaru P1: bn Smanu l SAG( f. (GAR ba-l n... (6) Ana lu SAG. M. GAR arut,. [na]-s sarru Ba-lm lb mat tab(ab)... Rev. () atal massrt Saddurr... gum-ma mtharg nnarnr(r) pagran P batu: P 1 rubu n:llt >...t (2).. atal m r ur ku- massart maarta arr k-a g-mur r ltanu.a" llk marsct balrut na "'at Akkad k bau (3).. atalu na M usarrma M zzz sumkutm(tm) lama(ma) k Gu-t- k Ana Akkad ; ' la tahh (4) Ana ataf na M usarr-ma ma TM mmr(r) Sumkutm(tm) flama(ma) k Ana Akkad k la tahh (5) Ana atal skun-ma M zzz lan l p ' Ana mat rmu rasu ' (6) Ana Sn na ar hu Sman a-dr ark satt l a Rammanu rahs(s) (7) Ana Sn na arhu Sman atat skun mlu ba-s-ma b-b-lu ml p mat ub-bal (8) Anana a ar1b Sman atal massart sadurr skun f-rt mat Sumkutu pl lu Samsu -mah-ha-ra (9) Ana na a rhu Sman tmu XV kam atala skun sarru ga-m-ru sa att rass u mat-ma (-o) maru-su sa a-na sarrft zak-ru '" Kussa sabat-ma nu-kr-tu bass pagran pl bassu P' Ana a aru Sman ultu fm k am ad Ulm XXX kam Atala skun ata garr Akkad k (2) rmlu kssat bassma btr mat lu Rammanu rahs(s) ummanu rabd sumkut(ut) (3) Sum-ma ana Sulm(m) sar al u ns-su pus-ma sallmu(mu) la sur-r- bu-bul-t bass (14) Ana na arb Sman na la m-na-t-su atalu skun sar kssat mat-ma lu Rammanu rahs(s) (:5) mflu llakam(kam) bar mat lu Rammanu na-sar a-lk pan umrnan(n) sumkut(ut) Left-hand edge. () [Ana u SAG. M1. GAR] s-r-t k-tu-un (2) garran P ' nakrft p sallmu [P 1 ] (3) sa m lu.. [K. 750.] No. 271A. Obv. () [h] Sn na,ru Ulul fmu XV ka (2). l u Sa-mas n-na-mar (3) [atalf] d--tak (Remander much broken.) Rev. (Top broken.) ()... ultu l Sa-mas n.. (2) -.. d-s-tak la -sa-kan (3) sa m l NabA-ah P'-rba mu (4) X k a m [K. 839.] No Obv. () Ana na a rhu Arahsamn ' u Rammanu p-su u dd(d)-ma... (2) TR. AN. NA KL brku... (3) bl sarran Pl la -kab-b um-ma... (4) tal-la-ka la tas-pu-ra... (5) a-na am SAG. pl k- ad-d-nu u... (6) am kap-tu -du-d sa lk-bu-d ul (?)... a-na muh-h man-ma sa- nam-ma (7) Ana u SAR. UR u l u SAR. GAZ sa l " u l Z-kt mul Akrab t-tan-na-anb-tu (8) su kakk p mlatu Akkad k tabbu pl (9) Z-kt m "' Akrab blu raba mul PA. BL. SAG (o) '"U Dl-bat na lb m l PA. B., SAG zzaz-ma ( x) Ana lu Nrga. na lb m " Akrab zzz(z)

100 102 STROL.()&!Ct R,.ORT,.- OMO)! OMENS~T NCA, FROO~ ECLPSES.. o "' nakru d:tn-nu m;]ta na( ) lt N. 1,J, "" kakk 'U-su (12).\; a ' nakr nada(n) ulrrmn ln'" nakr m-su umman(n) '-tm k;tk (3) Ana "' l pl Akrabu a-dr sarran sa mkt kal a m n l ' (?) nakr sakanu ' l.. scarran pl sa mat kalam s (?)-tan-na-an (x4) -;Ana l nlu Akrabu -ta-tu skun uk-ku-la ns p1 -lam-m-na l MuStab.arrlmtntannu(a-nu) na lbb-su zzaz-ma (5) [Ana] ' l nu l Z-ba-n-tum a-dr satt:, arb tabbu-ma br mat kkalu.. arb mat kkalu (6).. bura m-d- kkal sattu k A m s.. ka (7) m't Mustaba-rf-mtanu(a-nu) na lb n ul Akrab zzaz-ma an-nu-d p-sr-su Rev. () Ana ul ' APN ana m ul Akrabu th rabu na z-kt mlu Akrab mrt. na kall-su (2) ssabat(bat)... u DL. T 1a sabat(bat)-mna '.. n.. bl man-ma p (?)? k ma matu la (?) knu (3).. lan pl rabft pl ana mat : lu mulltabarrf-mattanu (a-nu) na lb m ' u... ma (4) Ana m l SAG. M. GAR k-sadam-ma nul Sarru 'tk(k)-ma b-n-su arka-nu mul Sarru (5) sa " ul SAG. M. GAR ftk-su-ma b-nu-su 2 kasada-ma ' al SAG. M. GAR ftk(k)-ma ana r-b-su l-lak (6) ur-nun-tu bass-ma a-a-ab tbb-ma JDL. T sabat(bat) sans(s) matu na-an-zl (7) dat 21 ma-la l--l-ka-n sa natl Akkad k am rub -Su l!m-na (8) mm (sal-ma na lb lum-n lm-na ana sarr bf-l-a ul tahh!(h) atal Sn ru u u SamsS Sa na arh Sman sakan(an) (9) dat pl an-na-tu sa lumnu(nu) sa a : tu Akkad k u sarran p l ma;tu Aharr k sa 't'a Akkad k (1 o) m-na u a-du- na rbu kslm a-ga-a atalf s-sakkan arhu (?) lb (?) arhu (?) K M (1) U mul SAG. M. GAR na atal-sa zzaz(az) ana sarr b-l-a sul-mu (1 2) an-nu-f1 mm(sal)-m a sa m l Bl-1-sf-zb a-na sarr b-l-4u -sap-pa-ru sarru l-pu-su (3) u pu-d-tu sarr b--a na-sa-ku a m rub pl sa matu Akkad k sa sarr a-bu-ka (14) s-ku-nu TN. TR k h-t-pu- bu-s- sa TN. TR k t-ta-u- (15) a-na muh-h dat pl an-na-tu sa lum-nu l-l-ka-n -mu-ka sa sarr (6) ll-lk-ma n na fkall.. kata (?) sab-bt-unnu-tu u sa-nu-t-ma (17) a-na su-m--u-nu ls-kun k- sarru ta-an-!, la -pu- (?)-Su a r ' nakru (?).. ( 8) l-la-km-ma d-sa-an-n-su-1u t.. (x) Za-ka-ku... [K ] No. 272A. Obv. () Ana atal massart sadtrr fn mrtn.:1r, ^an-... lb. (2).. atal masnart sadurr zkup-,.ma 1 la;t^ ;^ Ck~= A m11±- 1 tu-.! K~ 'ft t (a f j- A,*4u ea 11~5 4- mur u M. DR (?)... (3) GG. AN TL. LA na l natu, Akkad - k *. (4) Ana atal na :ru sad usarr-ma u laru ltan llk sattu... (5) [Ana] atalh na a r u sad usarr-ma ana la l MAR -lk ata!l... (6) Ana Sn atalu skun-ma s; u ltan llk(k) l!n P' ana... (7) Ana Sn atalf skun-ma ga-du spa -Su-nu LUH. MS r-b *t... (8) Ana Sn a-dr-ma k-ma t-m samf() pl sakn(n) sarru natat na abkt, [usamkat] (9) lan matat na abkt l-samn-[ka-tu] (o) Anana a n ar ' Tasrt Sn a-dr umkutm(tm) umman rab tbut nakr mat-ma tbut(ut) arb bass (s).. (1) Ana na a rl b Tasrt Sn atahl Skun(un) ana sarr bartu Sumkutm(tm) umrnmn(n)... (2)... Tasrt mu XX ka m atald skun-ma kupuru-su-ma TU sarru a-g- ka-mu-su... ( 3).. atal massart sadurr la kun(un) ra-kab NR. SUM. GA mu (?) * lu.... (4).. ultu um a"' ad tm XXX kam atalf skun (un) RU) ( (5). ns num-a(r pl-su lat kasad(ad) a?) a na D... (6)... m L'... (17)... atal skun-ma... j Rev. (Top broken.) ()... r (?)..* (2) * lu.... (3)... massartu sadurru llama (4)... st.. ru sa mt.... (.. da... (6).. maassartu sadurru... (7)...? gamassartu sadurru (8) sa m Ak-kul-la-[nu]. [K. 406.] '.t E No. 272B. Obv. () na ar h u Addar rumu XV -m atal Sn sakan(an) (2) nana a arlu Addar umu XV k l n atal massart barart (3) atala skun-ma purussu-su a-na sar K. SAR. RA (4) Ur k u Aharr k -nam-dn (5) na atal Sn lul SAG. M. GAR u nl ul Dl-bat (?)... '- (6) Ana na ar'lu Addar atal Sn skun sar larla (ma) k... (7) Ana na ar'u Addar atal massart [barart].. Rev. () Ana na arbu Addar ultu um kam ad [-lm XXX kam]... (2) pal sarr labru s l nukurtu... (3) um-ma ana sulum sar al u ns 2-su pus-ma D... (4) a pan satt mlu llak-ma A. MAH P TAR pl (5) kma lu Sn atalu s-tak-nu sarru ls-pur-ma (6) a-na pub sarr A. MAH P l -na " a tu Akkad k (7). mu s lu-bat-t-k manma (8) [ul?] -Sm-m (9) sa m l l Nfrgal-tr(r). [K. 702.] No. 272c. Obv. ().. Sn na ar'u Addar tmu XXX (?) k m nammar atalt akan(an) (2)... arhu zunna l-kal (3).. S ll (4).. tu' Addar massartu (5)... a-na *S-*tu-ku K v-u; (6)... kab-b um-nma (7)....%a-*mat *a pa-r-s-tum ta -

101 104,AS l (E:AL O;qM'ERNtS, ONTENS FRlOM M, EC' ECLPSES. PtSTSES. tpr (8)... ". Kslnu :-d -na (9) o...,> :^ t Sn kakka;l),t!.. RP '. ()... pad-ru-mna (2)... l,; K1 ru-ub a-na (:)... K ru-ub (4) Ara M a! s ku (5).... a-tak-nu ns "` bt-sa (6)...la-a SAL, ana: Dam-ka-a (7)... Su t-ta-dn un-ma k-rb(?) (8)... na pa. n-k ltn-a-sa (9)... -sal-l t-ta-dn (o)... ut ka l-puu () Sa "' Za-kr. [K. 839.] No Obv. () Pmu XV k a m n Atal l u Sn -sak-kan (2) lmutt Sa "at" lana(ma) k (3) u 1at u Aharr k (4) damkt sa Sarr b-l-a lb-b sa sarr b-l-a (6) lu-d-ta-a-b (7) ul-tu r mu l Dl-bat (8) n-nam-mar Rev. () a-na sarr b-l-a (2) ak-ta-b (3) um-ma atalf s-sak-kan (4) sa m rass(s)-lu (5) ardu Sa [sarr pa]-nu--d. [S. 231.] No Obv. () A-na Sarr matat b-l-a ardu-ka m lu l Bl-d-sur (?) (2) u Bl l u Nabaf u l Samsu a-na sarr b-l-a lk-ru-bu (3) AtalA s-sa-kn-ma na lu BAL- la n-na-mr (4) Atal Sultu -t-t-k. - BAL alu sa sarr (5) na b-b as-bu n-na urpat r. ka-la (?)-a-ma (6) k- atal -ku-nu la s-ku-nu (7) ul n-d bfl sarran P a-na BAL. BAT K a-na ala ka-la-ma (8) a-*na TN. TR : a-na N - LL X a-na Uruk k (9) U Bar-sb k ls pur man d-f-ma (1 o) na lb-b alan P an-nu-t -ta-mar.. (x ) ka-a-a-ma-nt sarru ls-m Rev. () dat (?) l ma (?). t-tu sa atall (2) na lb-b arlu Addar u na a u Nsann ' t-tal-ka..(3) gab-b a-na sarr hb-l-a al-tap-ra h.. (4) NAM. BUL. B sa atal... -t-p-su mnu-d (5) h-tu a-na -p-su ta-a-b sarru la d maa-[sr-an-n] (6) lan pl rabft P sa na al sa sarru b-l-a as-bu samfr(d) (7) -sal-ll-d-ma atalo la la-kal-*l-mu (8) um-ma sarru lu----d k- atall a-ga-a (9) la na l sarr bf-l-a h mt4u sm-d sarru lu-u*ha-d ( o) Ana na a' u Nsann lu Ralrmmanu p-su dd(d) ( ) S. TAR. NU. sahr (r) [K. 772.] No. 2 74A. Obv. () Atala t-t-k la Sakan(an) (2) k- akrru -kab-bu-t um-ma (3) *m-nu-d -da-tu ta-mur (4) [lan] pl a-ba-tn3 la nnammaru Pl (5)... a-na mu- (6)... nma m. a' (1)... t-t-k (2)... u U Samnu n-nam-mar '(3) a m Mun-na-b-tu [K. 9,-; :'-: : l..*, No. 274s. Obv. ()... " al u Harranu na fm(m) an-n (2)... ma-a fmu XXX kflm l u Sa-ma (3)... -sa-kan-ma-a -mu (mu) an-n. (4)... nu-ka-a-la (5)... an-n-u nu-tar-ra.. (6)... (?)... (perhaps two lnes broken) (9)... u ana man-n (?) Rev. ().. a Mar-sp-r sa na " mu Marduk... (2) llk-u-n t-tal-ka k-d-b (3) ma-a l u SamSu la-a n--mu-ur-ma-a urpata Sg-u (4) Sg-nu la -mu-ru a-n-nu la n-f-mur-ma (5).. ma-u a-a nu-tar-ra. [K. Sro.] No. 274c. Obv. () A-na sarr bf-l-a ardu-ka ll A-sa-[r-du] (2) ka-at-nu Sn atalft ul -[sakan] (3) lb-b sa sar matat b-l-a lud-[tab] (4) u Bl u " Nabt Ssanat (?) p' a ana a lu... (5) bl-a l-k (?)-s mm(sal)-ma ma... (6) d-d.. na-s a-na man-n... (7) lu-uk-b sarru... (8) ld-d-nu-nu... (9).. arru.. (Rev. blank). [83-1-8, 2o.] No. 274D. (Ob'v. remans of seven zlnes badly mutlated) Rev. ()... s(?) (2). KUR. RA... u.. (3) ul-mu a-*na... (4) AN. M sa... (5) sa at u Subart k. A u A. DAN... (6) sa m S-ma-a-[a]. [K ] No. 274E. Obv. () lu Sn na arh Du'uz umu(mu) d-sal- [lam] (2) umu XV k.m ult lu Sa-mas n-*na-mar.. (3) 1 atal d--tak la -sa-[kan] Rev. ()... rba. [K. 865.] No. 274F. Obv. ()... *sarr bf-l-a al-tap-ra (2)... atalu sakan(an) n-na (3) [la l-t-t-t-k gakan(an) (4) -na ga-ka-an atal an-n- (5) a-na sarr b-l-a sul-mu (6) ar h u Aru ;lltu lama(ma) k fmu XV k a m (7) ratu lama(ma) k massartu UD. SAL. *L... Rev. () aru... (2) sa m a tu *lama... (3) ad-rs... *kas-bma (4) Ana [lu D?]bat t-bal... Aharrf k (5).. Ahlarrf k t-t llama. k la p-t (6).. AharrA l k pal su ka t (7) a m Na-d-nu. [K ] No. g74g. Obv. ()... a l Sa-mas (2)... 1.mu XXX t m (3)... ta-sar (4) r-t--b (5)... us-s-t-k (6)... ar u kslmu (7)... l-tar-ra Rev. () [a m lu] Nabb-abl Plrba. ' AN. M.glossed a-ta-lu-u. [ , 320.]

102 zo ASTR.)OLG f06 CAL (EfORT.S. OMENS FRONM BRTHS. 107 No. 274H. O.. XV ()2. (). Sa-na -X. n-n<l-l nr ( d-tak (4... sak-kan Rev. ().... P. frba. [K. 984.] No. 274x, Obv. () [Ana Sn mlu "'] nnamr (2) [san3lku a p] lb mat tab (3) [Ana flmu ana m]-na-t-su [GD-DA (4) [pa:.l An] GD. [DA] p (5)... arlj (6)... -sal-am-ma Rev. (x)... N. NUN a l u Sn 2)... r.... u (3).. d-*s-taklc (4)... []-sak-kan (5) [sa mll Ba]-la-s- [ ] No. 274K. Obv. (Top broken.) ()... [N.] NUN smtan usarr-ma nu... (2)... ar Akkad arru... (3)... M S. D usarr-ma... (4)... sumkutm(tnm) Akkad k ana.. (5).. [AN.] M na M. S. D usarr-ma... (6)... lu Rammanu r-h-[s] (7)... [M.] S. D usarr-ma '-M... (8)...r-r... (9).. pa (?)... (Remander lost.) [K oo6.] No. 274L, Obv. (Top broken.) ()... MU k.. l (2)... S. D Rammanu S.TAR.NU (3).. sa ka mat u Zf-am-ma (4)... Su (?) HA. A-ma (5)... gur (6)... *Subart k l (Remander lost.) No, 274M. (Obv.) ()... pagran Rev. (2Endf fone lne).. p. ra [K ] na mat SAG. Ug (2)... mat bassu p l (3)... N UD. SAL. L (4)... ra-su a-na lb a (?)... (Remander broken off) [80-7-9, 364.] Xo. 2 74N.. ()... M (2)... na-mr (3)... matu -sal-pa-tu (4).. abl kat mu (5).. nm-m-du (6)... bass(s) Rev. ()... ut at t du (?) t (2)... ma-k ragu a (3)... *tu ra-kb (4)... mat-su m-bar-' (5)... M Skun (un) (ARemander lost\ [K. 20x3. No. 274o. Obv. (Top broken.) (x)... a... *(.) 3.. krma (GAR P arr... (3)... d lb(?) a-d -"" n a l... (4)... s ut tu ku ml,... (5).. a rr 1b.4 : [ap- rat (6)... AN. M t d--[tak] ( wfr nder tas.) At,,n.) () ' w -' la-h jl {, : ;3., No. 274p.oar. () U-nu-ut sa atal... (2) l-n-tu-bu-ma lu sad rak (?)... (3) la as-sa N - NUN la tal.. (4) sa ln Bl-nasr... [ , 69.] No. 2 74Q. Obv. () Mu-*s 'sa m X massaru a-'-nu l (2) mar sarr l-t-tl (3) [mus] sa m XV kar massart a-'-nu (4) mar * arr l-t-tl (5) mu-[ sa] um XV k:nm massartu a-'-nu (6) *mr * arr l-t-tl (7) mu s sa tm XV k l rn massartu rab-t (8) atal lu Sn sa... M Sd-a-t (9)... Sn... ma (Reverse, some sx lnes, wt/t remans of characters.) Rev. (7) [sa m ] l u Nfrga!-tr(r) [Rm. 197.] XV. OMENS FROM AKULTJTUM. No Obv. () Ara na "h u Sman a-[ku-lu-tum].. (2) s9& nukurtu na [mat bas?] (3) Ana a-ku-lu-tum... (4) Amru(mu)... (5) Ana a-ku-lu-tum na... (6) matu... Rev. () sa am [Rm. 21.] XV. OMENS FROM BRTHS. No Obv. (),numa Z. BU zkaru u snnstu [ssakkn?] (2) s-td sl llu AN. BA... (3) a mt -b-lum (4) matu sarr kar-td llak. (5) numa Z. BU zkaru u snntu ssakknma... la rs (6) mar kall mata u-ma-ar (7) garru -bar (Rev. blank.) [K. 766.] No. 277, Obv. () numa Z. BU V Sfp 'su (2) zbbat P-su (3) rubu sar-ru-t (4) ks-su-t -sa-bat (5) a " ma-h-su Su-d (6) m Ud-da-nu sum-su (7) -kab-ba-a um-ma, a sahta-a (3) k- tu-l-du Rev. (x) V, fp p u zbbat P-su (2) um-ma -na tabt an-d-d-l-su (3) -na bt al-ta-kan (4) sa m lu Nfrgal tr(r). XX. MSCELLANEOUS FRAGMENTS. SO. 277A.' -Rev. (a) s U1... [K. 749.] (b) Sa m a-p-[ku]. [K, 6184, b.]

103 lo8 ^ASTROLOGCAL R :.' PO TS. MSCELLANEOUS FRAGMENTS. 109 No. 277;. O7&. u () Ana '"... (A) nlru 1... (3) H GAR lana.... (4) maru... () btat 1... (6).. ka. (7). KUR (?)... (8) Ana l ul LU... (9) Ana " l ul PA (?).. (LU) nf-r... Rev. () Ana l l... (a) ^ LU. L BAD... (3) t-t... (4) HUL-su a... (5) ttu... (6) a-d arh a... (7) -a r rass [s-lu]. [K ] No. 277c.Obv.()..nam-ru (2)... ba-as-s (3)... *sa-l-mu r-u-t (4)... lu-mur (5)... pa r ma tl (?) (6).. -'-nu (7) (8)... (9)... t-t-k Rev. (). d (2)... d (3)... d (4)... ta-gu-f-su (5)... B(?) ul nnam-ru (6)... lan (?) P-Su S-U-d (7)... da ab u ru (?) (8)... n-nam-nm-ru. [K ] No. 277D. Obv. () na aru Sabat mu... (2) na kal... (3) MU. AN. NA ga (?).. (4) sar-ra bu (?)... (5) na "'rbu Addar amu... (6) a-na a-k... (7).u u Nabu (?). (8) na lb... Rev. () sarru ls-pur (?)... (2) flmu k... (3) ' kakku a-na... (4) u Nab ('?).. (5) h alpu... (6) a "...[K ] No. 277E. Obv. ()... ana pan Sn th-ma zzz(z) (2) p l... umman (?) (3)..tm Su sakan(an) (4)... a mar : Kudurr. [K ] No. 277F. Obv. ()... MUL DU (2)... -t-ns sakan (an) (3)... ru t-t-m-du (4)... ad-da-nu (5)... ns sa t (6)... mat bag (fve lnes wth fragmentary characters) Rev. ()... BAT-a-nu t-t-hu-u (2)..... p-[sf]-r-9u (3)... mat g- (4)... d-h-n?? (5)... tal--kan-n z-t-t-n (6)... s-t-k (7)... a -ba-as-s (8)... a-na sarr -sah-kam (9)... mu (mu) (ro)... lu-sah-k-m (x) [Sa m Ba-la]-s-. [K. 1301o. No. 277G. Obv. (x)...- r tarbasu lm (2)... r:u 2- manu rahs(s) (3)... S. r 4. r (4) ().... a :. b. bu-u (7).... kdr Rev.. ()... bu u. (). ' (3)... A r 4 Sllt u.... K, t-m? No. 277H. Obv. ()... ras t (?) (2).. GR.TAB... (3) ** S(?).. (4) --- matu.. (5) - g (6).. t al (?).. (7).. ana (8)... lb mul.. Rev. ().. m (?) mu (?) nu (?)... () m (3)... m GR. TAB DU (4).. turn na suk (5)... nad(d) (6)... pa-nu sa-tr (7)... ml P bassu p (8)... umt X k" a m sa arh a-ga-a (9)... us (?)-su (1o)... u (T )... ku S s a ] No Obv. () Ana... (2)... (3). m (4)... turn (5)... N. BAT-a-nu (6)... bu-lm (7)... S (8) NU. S. D pl : ntu MAR k... Rev. ().. p na tarbas Sn zzzu p P (2)... GD... (3). kdr. [K. 967.] No. 277K. Obv. () Ana l Nrgal l t-t... (2)... UTU. KA. GAB-a l Nrgal sa... (3).. b (?) lama(ma) k... (4)... h mat... ( )... Nrgal... (6)... la TUR *SAL... (7).. ba d... (8)..tab z (?)... Rev. (broken) (x)... m (?) an (?). u.... (2). aru Kslm mbaru (3) -. s (?) na an f-r-a... (4) a m lu Nrgal-tr(r) [K ] No. 277L. Obv. (Top broken) ()... akan(an) (2) ttu st Samsu (3) sga n at u lama(ma) k (4) sa m star-suma-frfs.. [K. 966] No. 277M. Obv. ().. UD SU A gar Akkad k.. Remander broken Rev. ()... S-r (2)... NU K-s (3)... rb Sams (4)... damkt sa mn at Akkad (5)... a mar Bar- Sbk [K ] No. 277N. Obv. ()... na su sa sarr... (2).. t lb-b.. (3)... man n ma la na (4)... Sarru.. (5)..? tu. (Remander broken) Rev. () sa Bl... [K ] No Obv. ()... alu (2)... ma-h-*s (3).. ussab(ab) (4). rassu (5) sa m Apla (?)-a. [81-2-4, 140.] No. 277r. Obv. (Top broken) ()... na st SamS t t (?) ^ ().. Rev. (x) u TR. AN. Na t-tab-ha (?) (2)... aru (?) KAN ultu l Samsu (3)... namar [8r-7-27, 215.]

104 xasrn OR.1 O r otl k% MSCELLANEOUS FRAGMENTS. - 9No. 277y., (z)... m.. ()... tmartt-u l!1,,...,. (r)... t.du tak-rl).. (d)... matat... (e)... r. ({vr'se, r5a',-s of three lnes.) 2-323> No Obv. () Ana fnu XXV k ll, + BAR kas[,u1... (2) na M. MAR. TU k.. (.(3) s-s-ns -t-r (?). (4) g. S a-na MM.. (5) s-sa-kan M. KUR. RA 6...(6) M. S. D t-ta... (7) Ana UD D M. MAR. TU d...(8) Ana UD D M. TAR. BA... (9) Ara UD a-dr-ma M. S. D... (o) Ana na,aru Nsann fmu XXV kam... (x) k mu su TUR SAL sarr... (12) na mat St... (3) mat r-ru.. Rev. (r) na mat a... (2) Ana na arh u Nsann AN. M... (3) Ana sarr sulmu(mu)... (4) Ana ultu Um k a m ad m XXX k a:n... (5) Ana na arhu Nsann Amu XXX ka an... (6) RU-t lama(ma)... (7) ar allama(ma)... (8) lu-u -mnu XXV [k;am lu-u XXX... (9) sa , 87.] No. 277s. Obv. ().. :u -tu-g Sarru.. (2)... l-lap... (3)..? sar mt... (4)..... Rev. (To broken) ()... bat... (2)... UD na p-... (3)... ra sarr (?)... (4) [sa mnl Nfrgal]-tr(r). [ , 301.] No. 277T. Obv. ()... a... (2).. t-b-ba.. (3).. LAL-su h-l-lu (4)... lu su ma (5)... Sn " mu GR. TAB (6).. k K. LAM *sahr (7).. -za-za Rev. ().. [n?]-m-4u -ma-ad-'4d (2)... s SAG DU mul GR. TAB (3).. su a-na s-h-r ma-h-r (4).. bar a-na sarr bl-a (5).. BAD. GUD. UD) ma-a bctru damku (6)...* Rammanu rahs... (7).. us (?)... [83--18, 309.] No. 277u. Rev. (a)... ul-tfd a... (b) bru s--ru... (c) l 1 "u S. SA blru... (d) arhu Smanu... [ , 318.] No. 277v. (a).. nab-t- Sn u gam.. (b)... a du-t Sa-ku k a.. (c)... ru a-na sarr... (d)... ra-a (?) [ , 774.] No. 277w. Obv. (a) amu V " k m.. (b) a-na an-nu.. * gan (?) gu... (d) ana sal... c) a f V t 'a.. /j a^ Sn u... Rev. ( t) A na u [83-, ~.: S s ' No. 277x. Obv. (. 1-5 almost llegble) (6).. arr b-l-a ar... Rev. ()... (?) S a-ga[a].. 2).. lu ul l-lak.. (3) sa m n l Bfl--sal-[lam]... [K ] No. 277Y. (a)... GU. ZA sa k-na... (b).. t r... (c).. d.. (d)...rs a-*na... (e) na... na sarr. [ , 883.] No. 277z. Obv. () Ana.. (2) pal.. (3) kdr z a (4) Ana MUL ana... (5).. MAR. TU K... (6) Rev. () sa.. (2) rau... XV (3) almu XV k.. (4) lan... (5) mat... [Bu , 29.] No. 277AA. Obv. () Ana... (2) Ana MUL... (3) sar Akkad... (4) a m l n nabu-ahl... [ , 303.] No. 277AB. Obv. (). ta h s-sa-kn (2)... na pa la PA. BL. SAG DU-az-ma (3). ul GR. TAB DU-z (4)... turn na mat K-s (5)... PA. BL. SAG (Remander los) Rev. ();.. K U-ab (2)... t tdl -mu-u (3).. na (?) -tap-pa-lt. [ , No. 2 77Ac. Obv. (a) na l dcu (?) harran na... (b) t-, tu-bl na ar u [S. 0o8.] No. 2 77AD. Obv. ()... tab tmru XV k (2)... UD UD. DU. A P1 lk-k (3)..m (?) lk-ru-ub (4)... n nu UD DU (5)... u (?) tak s- (6)... s Rev. ()... " Samgu (2). l Samsu sarru kak-kar (3)... lk (?) (4) [a m u] Nabu-suma-Skun (un) [Bu , 19.] No. 277AE. Obv. (x) [Ana sarr bl-a ardu-ka? lu ] *Bl-d-fzb (2).. lk-ru-bu (3).. Sn t.b(h) (4)... sarru na l-t-t DU-ak (5)... mat-su rapp(fs() (6).. uk-tap-pad (7)... mur (8)... (9)... turn (Remacnder of obv. and to'p of rev. broken) Rev. ().. uz-zu (2)... d-mas-sa-ram.. (3).. ma ana u Sn umma (4).. sa m Nadna(na)-ah bl-h-tu (5)... b u a-na sarr na mu-bl-su. (6)... -mur-sam-ma man-ma (7)... na-an-n pa--su a-na (8)... su sarr la t-ta-8u-u (9)... l-lak (xo)... Su t-ta. :)... s.u *pu-*ut.. (2)... a-na m Sl-la-a (3)... lu-u- "K) < ' [K. 3x91g[.]

105 VOCABULARY...4 An astersk * ndcates that every occurrence of the word s quoted..1, 1 a, a, my. u, and. *abu, enemy, 49, 3: 272, v 6: ~ulfu, despatch, 68B, r. 4: -88, r. 4: *anu, '(there s) not,' 67, r. : 85A, r. O: 274Q,, 3, 5: Azru, month yyar. *t', me, 240, r. 3: Abu, month AL. aba, father, 90, 4, : 24, 2 : 134, 2 136, 8: 54. 2: 74, 3: 8o, 3: *am A. BA, magcan, 0o9, r. 4, 6: 217, r. 3: eabaku, brng,,, ps. bbaka, 90, r. 7: pc. lbuk, 124, r. 9: lbukam, 124, r. : lbuknssurnma, 183, r. 7: lbukunu, 124, r. 3: *abktu, defeat, 94, r. 7: 270, 8: 272A, 8: *abkallu, governor, 170, 4. blu, brng,, ps. ubbal 194A, 5: 2 A, 2: ubbala, 7o, 6: ubbalu, 59, 6: pt. ubl, 85, 2:,, lusb[la], 34, r. 0 o: bz tu, weght, 199, 5: 242,.5: abulzu, cty gate, 156, 3 57A, 3: p., 15 7D, 5 *abnu, stone, hal, 20, 5: 26, 4: *ubanu, a measure of length, 88, 8: blru, crops, 10, 6: x, 6: 12, 6: 26, 4: 35, 2 aburrs', securely, xo, r. : A, 5 : 12, 6: 24A, 2: 32, 2: 41, 3 42, 3: 43, : ubbutu, blastng, 91, 3 : 236s, 3: 252A, 2: agz, crown, (es.) full moon, 5: 9,4:, 17, : 26, 3: 4, : 269, 7: 272B, 12: agc, that, 90, r. 7 : 272, r. : agannu, that, 24, r. 3: 264, r. 4, 9: f. p. 82, r. 6: *ugaru,. meadows, 217, 6: 218, 2: ad, up to, as far as. *adu, ago, 207, 6: adu now, yet, 145, r. 6: *adu, agreement, 70, r. 7: 9 o, r. 17: 205A, r. 4: *d, sde, forces, 22, 7: 241, 4: dz, to know,,, d, 124, r. 4: nd, 274, 7: nzdu, 268, 7: lu-d, 85, r. 5: 90E, 2, 3: 245, 6: '*da, unque, 86, 4: 268, r. 4: uddatu, lght, 82, 7: 33, r 5: 142, 8: x81, 3: 236', 6: h

106 .b '.:,, (VOCABU LAR y.y VOCABULARY. 5 aded, be sharp,,, f [dldu, 34, 8: ddu, 36, r. x: 36A, 2: p/o. ddt, 6, 6: ddat, 269, o: dda, 29, 2: 32, 4: 34, 3 : : 38, 3 :,, udduda 26,r. r : 34, 5: 35, 6: 36, 4: 37, 2: 44, 5: udu.. 31, 6: dultz, power, 5 E 3: udna (partcle), 12, r 5: adannu, tme, 245, r. 4: (adv., 31, r , r. 4 Add',,ru, month Adar. adzru, be dark,,, DR P 29, r 5 : dr, 124,, 12: 127, : DR, 69, 5 : dr-at (?) 43, 5, r. : ad^u, dark, 32, r. 4: (av.) 204, r. : 270, 6: adruw, darkenng, 27o, 5: dsz, alone, 67, 5: Odz/u, be new,, 2: utaddasa, 207, r. 7 *udgssu, 238, 2: tl/, sgn, T 6, r. 2 : ttum, o8, 6: ttu, 57, 6: 74, r. 2: tt, 57, r. 4: d a t, 31, r. 8 : 84, 4: d a t 55, r. : Zu, stand,, : z, 53, 7:, 2, tttz, 96, 3: o6, 7: 80, 8: 228, 2 : tttz, 235, 8: 236G, r. : 251,r. : *Z. BU., young one, 276,, 5' 277, : *z2zu, be angry,,, gur, 29, r. 4, z-zz, 183, 3 *azkaru, crescent, 269, 7: pl. 86, : 86A, 2. uznu, car, 125, r. 4: 135^,6 145, 6 P., 132, r. 3' P ' 57,2: Z.KU.P., 155^A,r. 2 aot, unproptous, alu, 94, r s :/. BARK-tum, 62, 3:tum 78, 3: abt'u,»7, 3: auzt, brother, 5, 6: 5 },. 4: p/. 240, 8 : (ad.) ab, 70, 7 ahams, 15, 6: 46, 5: 52, 3 157D, 2: *a"hzu, seze,,, uwahaz, 91, r. 4: *ahbru, delay,,, bhramma, 82, : hhrama, 88, : b.., 89, 4: Aharru, west. *fu, be dark,,. pm. tat, 223, 6: tat, 223A, r. 7: ak, how, 90, r. 13: 2, r. 4, 7: *akka', how? 155, r. 2: ukkl2, want, 37, r. 4: 47, 7: aktlu, eat,,. KU, 25, 2: 28, 5: 47A, 2: kka, 69A, 3: 9, r. 2: *akalu, food, 85 A, r. 6: 189, 2: *akulutum,? 275,, 3, 5: klu, darken,,, kl, 93, 4:, 2, takl, 269, : *kkllu, mournng, 267, o. kallu, palace, 55, 7: 82, r. 2 : *kru,, 2, tkru, 243, r. 5' *kkaru, 5F, r. 3: 2 8A r. 3: 240, r7 3: ul, not. l, over. l2, go up,,' 2: ultl, 267A, r. 5: flnu, upper, 136u, 3: ltu, upper, l-ta, 27, : -1- a-t (tp), 268, 2 : l-ta-nu, 76, 3: lu, god. /u, cty. 1 * ll, pure, 276, 2: : *lla, (partcle). 1 4, r.?' ar, 3t, 2 e a r r ls &, -' t [*.-* :4 t 7 ftalttu, offsprng, o3, x: aldk., go,,, ps. DU-ak, 7, 6: DU. BU, 32, 3: DU-kam, 60, r. 3: llak, 23, 4: 139, 9: llaka, 66, r. 5: tallaka, 22, r. 4: llaku, 2, 8: llakun, 70, r., 7: N.N (?) 104, 2: DU 82, r. 4: DU-ku, 29, 3: pt. DU k, 20, 5: lk, 272c, 5: llkann, 264, 7: allk, 217, r. 2: lluku, 109, 3: c. lllk, 8, r. 6: nf alaku, 139, r. : alak, 84, :, 2: ttalak, 201, : ttalka, 274, r. 2: tattalka, 181, r. ttalku, 55, r. 2: * lku, edct, 240,?. 4: alaklu, traffc, A. DU., 82, 6: 94, r. 4: alakt, 24, 5:.120, 3: P 1 43, r. : Uldul, month Elul. *alpu ox, 15, r. 8: p. or, 8: o3, : 105, 5: *7lppu, shp, 159, r. 2 (?) *ltlu, calf (?), 257, r. 3 ultu, from. ltanu, north. ma = asar, 'where, 29, 3, 4: 31, 7: *amu, handmad, 183, r. 5: *amatu, word, 52, r. 3 : 272, 7: zmu, day. *UD-mu-us-sa, 'daly, 84, 5: UD-mu-us-su, 73, r. : umd, now, 31, r. 6: 112, r. 4: ummra, thus, 73, r. 4: ammlu, that, 152, r. r: 34, 9: nbaou, storm,, r., 2, 4 `4 3, r. 3: "l4^du, stand, V,, nnmd, 35, 3: nnmda, 68, r. 3: -:mmdu, 236, 5: V, 2. ttmd, 235, 8: ttlmd, 2360, 8: *nmdl standng (of crops), m-d-, 272, 6 : *A.AH, v ' great waters,' 2720, r. 4, 6: *7mU,,, grow ndstnct (?), ummul, 232, 9: *ummuls, dmly (?), 23, 6: anlutu, human bengs, 86, r. 4: *uramnu, beasts, -ma-am, 182, 4: ummdnu, troops, people, 91, 2 : pl 28, r. 5: 35, 8: mtfu, rght, 30, 5: 41, 5: 4.3, r : -mttt, 43, 6: 70, 9: 145, r. 4: munzku, arrmy, 22, 5 : 272, r. 15 : amarz, see,, S-mar 3, 5 : 23, 6: nmarun, 70, r. 7 mura, 272, r. 15 : amur, 55, r. 3: amur6n, 188, 0o: nmur, 76, r. 2: n-f-mur, 21, 7: 274B1 r. 4 : lmur, 8, r. 6:, 2: tamru, 44D, 2: ntamar, 76, r. 3: 70, r. 6: V,, ps. S 7, 3: 144, 7: 15, 3: S-mar, 24, 3 : nnamar, 43 r. 9 : 45, r. 2 : 62, r. 2: 86, 6: nnammar, 69, r. 6: 85, r. 4:' 45, 8: nnamaru, 22 B, 6: 45, 5: 126, 4 : S } 15, 6: -ru 82, 4: /. S 4, :, 7 : 9, 3, : 7r. 29, : 63, ': 68, : 77, 151, : 172, : S.LAL, 6 : :, 2, : 23, : 24, : 25, : 47, : 61, : g-r, 2, : 3, : 12 2: 14, : 15, : 18, : 19, : 20, : 26, : 30, : 59, : 60, 3: 84, : nnamr, 22A, : 43, r. 3: nnamru, 2 23, h 2

107 16 YVOCABUL.CARY. VOCABULARY : nnamrun, 18o, 7: p l 46, 5 52, 2 : 20, : 25, 127, 4 8, 6: 44, : 55, 3 : S LAL P' 123, : 15, 2 lnnamr, 249, r. 5 V, : ttanmar, 48, 5: ttammarma, 22A, ' 5 : ttanmaru, 36, r. 3: 151,6: tamartu, appearance, S. LAL, 7, 5: O, 5:, 6: tamartu, 2448, r, 5: tamart, 22A, 4, r. 4: 89, : (? 36, A, 3 :). p tamarat, 82, 7r. 6 *almmar, whoever, 257, 9: *amasu,, 2, go, uttam, 68, r. : 7, r. 3: na, n. *z,', eye, 124, r. 6 ana, to, for: (= numa). annu, ths, pl. annut. nna, now, 73, r. 3: 85A, r. 3: 90, r, ntu, prncess, 94, r. 3: xo8, 2: 43, 8: *nbw, frut, 23A, 6 : 23, 7: *und.zu, 236E, 3 ana2z,. annu, we, 62, 4: annnu, 256, 6: *unnnu,e prayer, 62, r. 3: *nku, rng, sealed document, 152, r. 8: 217, r. 8 *nsuj,,, ravage, unna, 29, 5: 34, 6: 35, 7: 36, 6: 48, 2: nrtu, become dm,, 2 : ttntu (see ndex), ttn.. 33, r. : ttntum, 38A, 4;, : unnut, 60, : 167, r. 0: 18, r. 5: 232, : 236G, 2 : 238, 5: 244D, 2: unnutun, 244C, 5: Umut, 2741, : 11, : utanatma, 232, r. 3: ast, physcan, 8, v. 5 -dru, cncloc,, 2, utasar, 82, 3 92, 3 : 94, : Uavr,., 93, 3 :, 6 : *usutru, halo, Z. AR, -, 4, 6: 237A, 5: usurtu, 91, 4' ss, wth, s-sa-a-a-h-.., 252 ), r. 2: ssur, when,, 2e r. : 217, f , 6, : *p2,, 2, shne, utapa, 185, 4: 271, : ultapp, 222, 3: SutappA, 189, 4 : apdru, put on,,, ps. ppr, 43, 4: pn. apr, 7, 5 9, 4: 10, 5: 8, 5: 26, 3: 34, :' 41, : 43, : aprat, 209, 4: 243, 3: pzs3u, make,,, ppus, 86, r. 8: 240, r. : KAK-us, 38, 8: KAK, 94, r. 7: nppas, 256, 6: pasuma, 256, 7 : n--pu-su, 34, r. 4: c. lpus 82, r. 9 l--puus, 217, r. 6: lpusu, 272, r. 12: 'l-pu-u-sd, 96, 4: nf. psu, 274, '. 5:, 2, tpsu, 274, r. 4: asz, go forth,,, uss, 236, 7 : uss, 33, r. 4: 70, r. 6: usa, 2A, 4: usumma, 235, 4: UD. DU pl-n 242, 5: pm. as, 182, 5: nf. assau, 55, r. 3: as, 33, 5:, 2, ttasa, 55, r. 4: ttus, 235, 5' *satl, ext, sasu, 55, 7: stuz, ext, 140, 8: st S am7, sunrse. su, half, 155, r. 4 u, tree, wood. *asfrzu, enclose, *,, sruft. 52, 7. 9: lsru, 152, r. 7 :. 2, utasaru, os, r. 4: *.fsuru, brd, 238, r. :.ku, feld, 85, r. 7: k! ~ r. 4: klt, 242, r. 5: 1 ' *tru, be v ;: l., 2., $8, 4.'! - ' '.:t akrafbu, scorpon, 200, 2: 239, 2. ralt, pregnant, pl. 98, 2: *Utrru, lght, 63: 2oo, 'urrtzum, pont of lght, 268, 3: rlbu, enter,,, ps. rab, 2 17, : 7: pf. rubu, 205 A, r. 4: 236, 2:, 2 : s. tarab, 103, 2 :75, 7: 235, 2: t. trub, 90, r. 15:,. lusrbfn, 152, r. 3:, 2, ultrbu, 22, 9: rb Saams, sunset. rbu, four, r-b, 88, 8 : rba, 269, : *arhbu, locust, 223, r. : 261, 2: 269, 3: urubatu, desolaton, p. 203, , r. : 209, 6: ardu, slave, 15, r. x, 2: 26, r. 5:. 22, O: aradu, go down,., s. urradu,8, 7 2z: nf. arad, 27,r. 3 rdu, 1 84, r. 3: arku, month, arhussu, monthly, 82, o1: 134, 7: 1 arhs, quckly, 70, r. 5 : 235, 1 7: 247, 7: 1 v^ardku, belong,,,pt. GD. DA, 1, 4: 2, 3: 3, 3: 16, 3: 41, 5, r 3: GD. DA-k, 10o, 3: 12, 3: 20, 3: GD, 7, 4: rk, 7, 3: nf arak, 15, 5 : araku, 15,. 5: GD. DA, 6,r. 3,, s. urrak, 90, 7: x, 4: pt. urrk, 247, r. : nf. urruku, 15, ^. 6: arku, long, GD. DA,, : 2, 4: 3, 4:' o, 4: 18, 4: 30, > tr 4: 35, r. 7: GDP 7, 4: ~~~7,5: 4 f7, 5' anrk, after. arkanu, back part, 272, r. 4: t~~~~~~~ *ZuZnuntZ, war, 272, r. 6. *arasu, 236F, r. 5: "rpu, cloudy, SU SU. RU, 87, 3 5, 6: rp, 47A, r. : 87, 5, 6: 235, r. 7: rb, 252B, 6: urpatu, cloud, DR 1, 35, 4 : M. DR, 76, r. : M. DR ' (;g. urpat), 98, 2: 39, 6: *,tz, breast, 223, 6: 223, r. 6: AS, A. AA,; corn, 8, r. 2: *su, be,,, la agsu, 21, r. 4: 89, r. 5 : a assa, 274P, 3: *azct, now, so, 0o8, 7: asabu, dwell,,, ps. KU-ab, 10, r. : 2, 6: KU, 32, 2: ussab, 42, 3 : Sabma, 244, 4: Samma, 246, 3: KU Pl : Psm. asbaku, 183, r. 6: asbu, 274, 5, r. 6., : usssb, 246E, r. 4: szubtu, seat. sdu, foundaton. *sdshu, 144B, 7: *alu, 159, r. 2: 'sszkku pl. 207, r. 3: fsrzt, prosper,, : S. D, 10, 6:, 6: 2, 6: 26, 4: 41, 2: S.D. P 88, r. 5: ssr, 49, 2 : 103, r. : asr, 257, r. 6:,, ussaru, 207, r. 6: *sartu, justce, 246, 6: mtsat^-, justce, 49, r. 3' *mlsrtn, justce, 2, 4: asar, where. *agrf, sanctuary, asrat, 207, r 6: asardu/u, pre-emnence. *srtu, temple, 199A, r. 4: 271, r. 8: tnu, one, -n, 2 8, r. 3: 268, r. 2: *stu, trouble, 137, r. 4: 276, 2: pl. 8 6, r. 3: 87, 8, r. 5:

108 t VOCABU.S ARY. VOCABULARY. 1g *S/t: z 7o, r. 6: *ata, now, 240, r. 7: tt, wth. *aj,, 2, be nvsble, gutata (see tndex, under moon and sun). ustata, 147, r. 7: 48, r. 4: '*atta, thou, 170, r. 3: *utukku, demon, 163, 7: atah2, eclpse. *ttmal, yesterday, 55, 6: atmz2, speech, 127, r. : 28, 2: *anznu, 8, r. 5 tku, pass.,, ps. ttk, 251,,r. o: 227, r. 2: lu-la-t-k, 243A, r. 2: 245, 6: pt. LU-k, 29, -. 2: 272, r. 4: tk, 187,. 194, 2: lu-tlk, 103, r. 3', 2, ttk, 274, 4: tttk, 274F, 3', 2, ps. usttk, 64A, r. 3:.pt. utak, 27, 3, r. 2: *mntzku, journey, 151 r. 6: *ba' du (separate),,, bd., 249, r. 6: lbd, 249, r. 6,: *ba'alu, grow brght,,,, s. bal, 172, :r 5: ba'l, 186, 7 p/. b-l, 232, r. 3: 266B, 6: pm. bal, 84, r. 3: 244D, r. : ba'l, 167 : r. 7, 86, 5: nf. ba'l, 185, 5 : 196, 3, r. 2: ba-l, 271, 1 :, 2, btal, 30, r. : bta'l, 69, r. 3: babu, gate, esp. openng n a halo, 179, 2 *baru, capture,,, -bar, 276, 7: bbbu, planet, LU. BAD p ' 112, r 7: *bubtz, hunger, 85A, r. 6: 73, r. 2: bunblu, Moon's dsappearance (s$e ndex). bbl/uz, 94 A, 5: 2 A $ :: 271, 7: bubtlz/, produce, 270,t 6: 271, r. 3: *babtu, uncovered space, 249, r. 6: *bktu, weepng, p1. 205, r. : 209, 6: bu, rule,, x, N-l, 29, 3: bl, 26, r. 3 38, 5:? -b-lum, 276, 3 : (or -tl-lum). blu, lord. *bll damz, murderer, go, r. : bl-dn, 267A, 7: *1blutu, lordshp, 85A, 8: blu, cattle, 86, r. 5 :88, r. 4: 98, 6: OA, 3: 03, r' 4 05, r. 2 : p. 129, 5: *bahs, fnsh, wear out,,, balat, 123, r. 2: baldtu, lve,,, balut(ut), 35, r. 2: 31, 4: balatu, lfe, ba-[la]-t 85A, 7: ba-la-tu, 111, 4: ba-la.., o5, r. 6: TN, 90, 7: TL. LA, 93, 6: baltu, alve, fp. 207, r. 4: *balkatu, revolt, V,, 264, r. 2: 265, 2: *banz2, buld,,, band, 268, r. 13: *ban, make shne,,, bn, 272, r. 4: bnu, 272,'r. 5: *bnnu, 200, 4: *Mbarz, revolt,,, H. GAR, 192, 7: baru, 193, 3: *bartu, revolt, H. GAR, 43, 7 (gl. bar-t): 68, 5, Sx, 3: 237, 8: 244A, 2: 269, 13: 272A, : ba-ar-t, 247A, : *bar.q,, 2: satate, U' barr, 8 7, r. : utabarru, s r. 6: S 3, r. 3(?) barr:, X19) A. 4 : * brh, fortress, p. 27, r. 2: 48, : 6: 130A,. : 36R, r. 3: *btu, between 264,, r. 8: j *7 'aramu, be coloured,,, TAR, 175, 4: 244, 2: 245, 3: 246,, 4: * baradku, lghten,,, brk, 235, r. 6: 256B, 6: 256, 4: 257,2: br.k, lghtnng, 235, r. 6: *barru, evenng, bar-r, 215, 7'. ~ 4: ~ ~ ~ 15 A r 4: *barartu, evenng, 271, 2: 272B, 2: baz2, be,,, s. K.. 25, 6: K-s: K, 88, r. 4: bas, 21, r. 2 : bass, K r-a, 95, r. 2 nf baf, 22, 8: 2, ttabg, 22A, 5: ',, lusbsma, 252A, r. 3: *V,, bbass, 145, 2: bbasuf, 162,. 3: *busu, property, 256A, 7: 269, r. 8: 272, r. 14: btu, house. 'bt tamart, 39, 7: *bt kat, 240, 9: *bt, 89, r. o: 267, r. : 267, B, 4 : *atz, cut n peces?,, batt, 257, r. 4: *butu, nterval, 89, r. 8: 152, r. 6: :*balzdku, burst forth,,, lubattk, 272B, r. 7: gabbu, all; Sgubru, man, gu-ub-r, 223, r. 2: gabsu, plentful, 170, 2 217, 7. 6: gadu, 272A, 7:.*gaamru, complete,,, pt. gmur, 271, r. 2: 272A, 2: m. ganr, 185, 6: 196, 4:, lugammfru, 270, 12. gamru, complete, 270, 2: 27, r. 9: gamrutu, completon, 38, 7: 'GAN. BA, plenty? (n No. 69 napsa seems to be a gloss to GAN. BA) 34, 3 : 69, 4:88, 5: *GUR, a measure, 185, : 196, 8: 271, 13. *gurru, 88, r. 4: 185, : 196, 8: 271, 13: *GAR. H. A, 207A, 6: *grrtu, expedton, 204, 5: *da'dmu, be dark,,, du-'-dmat, 82, 7: datunmatu, darkness, 235, r. 8: 255, 6: 257, 5: Du'lzu, month Tammuz. *da'ahu, da-'-h, 238, 2. *dabdbu, speak,, x,ps. dbbub, 267A, 7: dabub, 57, 5: 257,7: pt. adbubu, 267, r. 2. *dbbu, word, 88, 7: 137, 5: 268, : duhdu, plenty, 64, 2: 65, 5: 66, 2: *dahdutu, plenty, 185, 8: 271, 12: ddku, kll,,, ps. GAZ, 63, 3: 269, r. : pt. dduku, 240, r. 3: pc. lduk, 146A, r. 4: pm. dku, 75, 6: d-f--k, 257, r.4 : *dullu, servce, 82, r. 8: 268, r. : *dalntatu, trouble, 186, r. 3: 87,9: *duluhhu, dsturbance, 12, 5: *daldlu, be thn,,, dlul, x x, 8: 117, 7: -44A, 7. 6: damku, lucky, 8, r. 2: da-anku, 89, edge : f. 6, r. 2: 126, 9: p. 123, r. 5: dzu, 56, 3 (?); 14P,. s. *dunku, proptous, 103, xo: 139, 5 :

109 \ A, A. 1, LA$ ', VOCABULARY. 21 *ann, judge,,,, ':?p. dn/, 240, r. 9: *dmue, judgmenct, 25 A, 5, 6: -dantnd be great,,,s. DAN. GA, 37, 3: dannn, 82, r. 5: 45, r. 3 : Po. dan[nat], 76, r. :, T, udan[nn], 269, 2: drannu, strong, 90, 0: *dppu, tablet, p. 6o0, 7: *duparru, scrbe, amrab-dupgar, 160, r. 5: ^dfar,, torc, 202, 6: *dzupstz, 229, 3. *DR S./ ntercalary Adar, 225, r. 4: DR. S. KN. TAR, 371, r. 5: *DR, be dark,,, m. (?) d-rat, 43, 5, r. : d^zru, be longlastng,,, c. ludar, 22B, r. 3: 136D, r. 5: Ppm. Carat (=' consecutve '). 70, 7' dars, long, 15, r. 8: 9, r. 6: 20,r. 4: *d, 86, r. 5 (bs): 187, o, r. : 193, r. 2, 3: *d.pu, honey, 89, edge 3: zbbalu, tal, 200, 2: 223, 6: dau, 277, 2, r. : *zagmu, 28, P. 4: 99A, 6: 269, r. 3: *zuharutu, 232, 8: *zaku2, be clear,,,ps. zakka, 86, r. 3: 187, 9:. zku, 271,2: pm. zakaku, 272, r. 9: *zakuta, purty, 240, 7: zakkaru, male, U v 1 94, r. 4: zak-ka.. 98, r. 3: *zakaru, call,,, p, m. zakru, 270, 13, r. 7 : 271, 6, r. o: *^zaz4lumm;,^ brllance, 183, : *zau, Uunrghlteousness, 18 1, : *$'u, brghtness, 85, 5: 27', n:anr'/,: ran 1, SUl- t, 60, 3: zanun, 84, 9 : zt:-t, 139,. 3: zunn^zt, ran, A. AN, 37, 4 : p 70, 10: zu-un-nlu, 98, 2 : 139, r. 3: zu-un-n-, 252F, 5. zk, wnd, 103, r. 3: *zakafu. overcome,,, tazakp, 69, 7: zkltu, stng, 95, r. 4: 4, :. : 209, : 236G, 5: 239, 2: 272, r. *Zru, seed, 25 7, r. 2 : *zaru, 247A, r.. zrju, pl. 19, 2: 90A, 2: HU. B. A, 269, : *Lmabdlu, destroy,,,p. babbl, 270, r. 6: 271, 4: pm. babl, 270, r , 5: *habalu, 212A, edge. *halblu, destructve, 163, 7: *habatu, spol,,, lbbut, 222, r. 2, 2, btabtun, 22, 7: V,, hbabbatanmma, 68,4: habba/u, robber, 88, r. 2: 03, 7: 224, 4: *hubtu, spol, 15E, 4' 230, 3 *hzmbbutu, spol, 22, 6, 9 ' 8, ' 7': 53, r. 5 *had, rejoce,,, luba[dl, 33, r. 3: lua[d], 5 o, r. 7: *nad, joy, 48, r. 3: 1u2du, joy, 46, r. 3: *hdutu, joy, 19, r 4' zatu,, 2, ultahtun, 58, r. 4. *htr, sn, 88, 0o: btu, 74. r. 5 *haku/, ll, ;, nform, ulb kamr, 68, r. : g8r HAL, ng can, t Sn S' SGr, r : BS, r. 3:.1 *nalapu, be obscure,, : balup, 43,. 3: bf. halapu, 43, r. 4: *haldku, persh,,, ps. HA. A, , : hallk 0, 3, o:, 2, tahtlk, 183, r. 6:, sahluktu, destructon, 88, r. 4: r 14, 7:,s *hants, swftly, 48, r. 2: 272, r. 17: *hannz, that, 112, r. 7: hasasu, ntend, understand,,, ps. hassasu, 46, r. 2: 133, 4: hasasu, 117, 6: hassu, 44A, 3: pm. bassuma, 268, r. 15, pm, luhas[s], 164, r. 8: lhass, 160,. 3: *hassu, varant for uznz, 44D, r. 2: *h p, spol,,, bphn, 200, r., 2, htpt, 272, r. 4: *aarabu, be dry,,, harrubu, 57, 6: 223, 8: *karbs, fercely, 59, 5: 70, 5: *harubs, 246A, 2, 4: *harradnu, road. *hurasu, gold, 22, r. 3: 85A, r. : nusahhu, famne. tabu, be good,,,,ps. DUG. GA, 3, 2: 7, 2: 14, 3: DUGab,, 3: 2 2: DUG, 27, 1: 29, : tab, 2, 2 : tab, 19, 2: 22A, 3: A. ltb, 268, r. o: lutab, 33, r. : 50 r. 6: 85, X, f r. 7: ',, utbka, 187, r. 10 : bu, good, 90, 13 : f 120, 3: l *',/ f_ nt.7 t2 bu, goodness, 15, r. 4, 5: 19, r. 3: r. 29A 4:, '.a& 2 btu, salt, 2 35A ) :^~ :t 1.;a: r< ~~~~~ Tbtu, month Tebet. (zhu, approach,,, ss.' tahh, 89,.; 5: x 2, r. 6: t. T-: tl, 8, 9: * n, 2, ustahha, 94, r. 3: o8, 3: ugsa 43, V, (?), tb 2,. 3: *fmu, comrmand,, 2, nusatmun, 19, X. 2. * commland cm, 34, 9: 48, r.: 268, r. X2:.tnu, 270, 7 kl, for, k p, 'accordng to,' 22, 10. -ka, thy. kacmanu, constant, SAG. U, 9, 4:. ka-a-a-ma-nu, 34, r. 6: 251, r. 7: 267A, r. 5: ka-a-ama-n-t, 274, : kbratu, regon, 269,. *kabtu, heavy, 86, r. 7: 268 r. 4: 272, 6: *K. HUL, pan, 270, r , 5: kakku, weapon. kakkabu, star, 251, 7: p 56, 6: *kal, all, 262D, : kala, 200 3: 263, : f. 123, 7: adz'. 36L, 6: 207A, r. t *kdu, brng,,, ukal, 98, 2 (gl. ukala): ukallu,, 7: nukala, 274B, 4:, 2: uktala, 251, 6: *am kalu, magcan, 256, 7: *kalbu, dog, 269, r. 2: *kaldu, conmplete,,, usaklala, 207, r. 5: kaldmu, all, KAL. A. E, 190, 3: kalama, 274, 5 (?), r. 7 kalamu, 268, 15: *kaldmnz 274, r. 7: kfma, lke.,,, bhew, ukallmu,

110 *.22 %'(' CAB U LA,X VOCABULARY. 123 *km,,a 268, 2, r. 4: *kaemas, 1, r, kuamusu, 272A, 2 : K'atar, 267, 7 : k^.1, b frnm,,, ps. kan, 42, 5: 127 r. : 136c, 7: kana, 126, : kanu, 82A, 2, 7: pm. kn, 24, 5 : knu, 136, 5 : *, 2, ktun, 85, : 186, : 196, : 271, edge : '1,, ps. ukanu, 199, r. 4: pt. ukn, 206, : p m. kunna, 25, r. 4: Ar' kunnu, 15, r. 7: part muknnu, 267A, 6, 7: *1, 2, uktnnu, g9, r. 1: knu, frm. ktt., truth, justce. *knumnz, censer, 151, r. 10: *knafu, servants, 90, Y. 13: 17o, r. 7: kusss,, throne. Kslhmu, month Kslew. *kasdsu, dvde, V,, munkssa, 209, 4: *kasp, slver, 22, r. 3: 90, *kdpu, bend,, x, pm. kpat, 69, 6: ps, kpp, 268, r. 6: *kapzdu,, 2, uktappad, 277AE, 6: *kpuuru, coverng, 269, 4, 6: 270, r. : 271, 1, 3: kuss.yu cold, 62, 7 : 84, r. 4: *kas&r-u,, :, be unnterrupted (of halos), pm. kasr, 95, 3: kasru, 96, : pt. ksur, 2, 3, 6:, 2, uktasara, 98, 3: 124, 1 : 8o, 8 2: uktassara, 115A, r. 3: 115D, r' 3 *k?-ru, 28, 2 (?): '60, r. 6: *kara, be short,,, pt. kr, 4, 6 : kru, 30, 6: *kru, garden, 23, 7 *krt, 82, r. 8: *kurkurtr crcle, 2.! 3, s karmu,.tu, rut, 25221, 6: :6 r. 2: *karanu, wne, 23, 8 (?) *kuruzsss2, worm (?), 98, 4: *kartz, want (?), 164, r. 3: 276, 4: *kasu, cease (?),,, kam, 236, 6: *kasbu, two hours, 94, 8: 155, r. 8: 20, : kasadu. conquer, reach,, x, pt. KUR-ud, 88, 5: ksud, 88, 9: ksudamma, 124, : ksadamma, 272, r. 4: ps. KUR-ad, 41, r. r kassad, 30, 7: 31, 8: 207, 6: kassadu, 44, r. o: pm. kasdf, 229, 2:, 2, ktasad, 235, : 243A, 5: V,, kkassad, 105, 7: 223, r. 3: ksgatu, mght, 73, 3: kssutu, mght, 56, 5: 6o, r. 3: 85A, 8: *kutallu; back, 192, r. 3: *kattu,, 2, grow dm (?), ustakttma, 208, 3: 208A, 3: ustaktma, 204, r. : la, not. l, or, lu-f 82, 5, r. 7-8: 166, 6: lu-lu, 169, :: *l'u, tablet, 152, r., 4: 16o, 6: 8A, r. 3: *la'abu, flame, 223, 5: lbbu, heart. *blbbbu, offsprng, 207, r. 5: *labanu, make brcks,,,!bn. 73, r. 4. *lbtu, brck, 73, r., 4: /abtru4, be old,,, p. A - M a u l, labar, d1360, 9 *lsrutp, old, r ~ ^ 45. s: *labasu, clothe, V, x, llab, 151,r. 9: lamn?, surround,. x, t. KL, 85, 5: KL-m, 0o, 8: NGN, 49, r. : lmu, 141, r. 2 : lm4, 85, r. : ps. NGN-m, 49, 6: tf. lamu, 89, r. 7., 2, lt(m), 141, r. 3: ltam, 153, 7. *lmmu, eponymy, 264, edge : * lamanu, be evl,,, ps. lammna) 272, 14: pm. lmna, 272, r. 7, 8, lo: *Zlmntu, evl, 199, : lumnu, evl. lmuttu, evl. *lapatu, turn,,, ps. lapat, 95, 4. lappat, 215,6: 230, 4, r. : 251, r. 2: talapat, 1o8,6: pm. lapt, 249, r. 2:, 2: lta[pat], 33, 6:,, ulappat, 172, r. 3, 6: *salputtu, evl, 246E, r. 6: *'slpattu, evl, 246E,?: 4: lak, take,,, ps. TL-k, 20, 5: lkk, 59, 4: 66, r : lsanu, tongue, Mf, 62, 3: 76, 3. lsanu, 76, 3: lsanu, 76, 3: ltu, valance, 104, 6: 244, 3: 246, 2: -ma, and. ma, thus. addcu, be many,,, ps. mad, 185, o : 196, 7 : mand, 60, 2: madd, 267, 9: mandu, 152, r. 5: 271, 4: *ma'adu, much, 18, r. 4: 22A, r. x: 56, 3: 117, r. pl. 34, r- 3: 97,2: 99, 6 l: l. 9, r. 7: adv. 33, r. 3: S. r. 4: *zma'alu, bed, 216, r. 3: 231, 2: 232, 2: 244c, r.4: *ma'aru, drect,,,pm., ma'ar, 22A, r. 2:,, umnr, 276, 6: mu'r-u, ruler, 199A, 228, 6: * magaru, beneft,,, magar, 217, 6: 28, 2: 218A, 8.,, lusamgur, 70, r. 6: *m;addags, 195 A, 3: muvhhu, presence. *mhdu, storm, 258, : x: mahasu, strke,, ps. mahbas, 23, 6: 39, r. 2: 47A, 6: pc. lmhasa 272C, r. 5: pm. mahs, 267A, *V,, mmalhhas, 51, r. 8: m a mahsul 277, 5 taha.su, battle, 181, 2: *tmahalzrz, (face), be hostle, pray = ps. mahhara, 271, r. 8: amahhar, 73, r. 2: mahharu, 86, r. 8 : 268, 5 : pm. mahru, 187, r. 3', 2, ps. mdabharu, 99g r. 5: rdahhar-d-ma, o13, r. 7: pm. mtbara; 26, 6: 44, 7: mtharu, 95, 9: V, 2, ttammhr, 5 7, r. 4 (?): 8o, 6: V, 3, ssananhar, 88, 4: 103, r. 1: mahrz2, :ormer, S-u, 26, r. 6: 33, r 7 59, r 5: 60, r. 4: 65, r. 2: 66, r. 6: 85, r. 8: 96B, r. 3 : S-t, 27, r. 7: 32, r. 6: 87,.- 3: mahrl, 15A, 7: f 7,. 5: 59, r- 3- mhrtu, 86, r. 2: mahru () rval, GAB. R, 82, r. 5: mahru, 36A 5: 88, 12 (2:. market-tarff, K. LAM, 20,. *mntars, recprocally, 39, 4: *muk, 57, 2:, 7 (?) mlu, flood.

111 VOCA't U LA R V. VOCABULARY. 125 ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. l*/t,, alnl, 22, 8, r. 4: 267A, S, r. 2 : 272, r 7 *maw. be full,,, mallu, 207, r. : tmalhut,,, mullub, 200, r. 7: malt/kl,, counsel,,, ps. 45, 4: 82, 3:, 2, p2f. mtluk, 195, 5: mlklku, counsel, 45, 4: 82, 3: :amlanzmu, brllance, 145, : '*m/s.wu (?) 191, 2: mamlmu, anyone, 85A, r. 8: 6o, 2: *n1mml, anythng, 85A, r. 5, 7 : 215, 6, r. 4: 267A, r. 21, 72, r. 8: *mnzn (ndefnte nterrog. partcle), 21,. 2: 57, 4: 89, 1 : 235, 6, 1o: 257, r. : mmzz what, 76, r. 6: 124, r, 2 5 : 21O, 5 : ammn, 170, -. 7: 240, r. 7: 268 r. 9: zlan nu, who, 124, r7 5: mamau, count,,, ps. mna, 22, 5 : pc. lmnf, 22, r. 2 mdnatu, number,, 4: 2, 3: 5, 3:, 3: 82, r. 2: 9, 4: *^mnteu, part (?) 268, 8: *mnandna, anythng, 9 o, r. 2:.8, r. 7: 274,9: *mmanma, any one, 236B, r. 7: *masu, clean,,, umass, 18, r. 6. *masartu, sege, attack (?) masa-ar-t, 240, 9: madatzu, smte,, x,.pm. maktu,,, usamkat, 270, 9: usamkatu, 270, 9: 272A, 9: Znf. RU-ut, 44, r. b: 49, 2: RU-ta, 119, 7: 213, 5: RU-tm, 86, r. 4: 94, 6: *mart7,, 2, spol, umarr, A, 3: 202, 3: : umarrum, 2:431 n, r, 3 Nr/t1/N, 1)SO,. 3, 3 r ^ 124, r. o0. mar--pr, messenger, 66, r 4; *mardsr, be sck,,, p. marsaku, 158, r. 5 : 243C, r. 2: marus, 8, 1r. 4 : mursat () 81, 7: marsqn, 257, 9:, 2, GG rl 269, r.,, mdanaras, 257, r. 7: marsu, sck, p/., 81 B, 4: *mursu, sckness, 69A, 5 : 8, 3: 257, 8: 271, 9: *mrsu, plantng, 88, r. 5: 99, r. : lo, 2 234, 8: 267, 9: nmugu, nght, 2A, 3 52, 4: 94, *maashu,,, mruh, 91, r , r. 2: mszzu, 91, 7. : 164, r. : 190, 3, r. 2: mshu masabu= grow brllant. masmasu, magcan. *mfasgzru, leave,,, Pt. umassrann, 73, 4, r. 5 : 158, r. 6: 267A, r. 7: umassru, 9 o, r. 14: s....as m. (?) sarsu, 3 6B, r. 4: *msru, plenty, 200, 6: mdtu, land. m1tu, de,,. ps. amat, 73, r. 6; 158, r. 7: BAD, 84, r. 8: BAD, 82,6: *nzat-mmatmma, 249, r. 5, 7: *matdhu,,, p,. math, 76, r. 4: pc. lntuhu, 274P, 2: V, 3: ttantaha, 84, 6: 88, r. 2: *mflcdnu, plague, 232, 3: *m/2tufz, death, 267A, 3: *ntaalu, put, esp. preserve, anddlu, 277, r. 2 nftru, rver, corona, 90. S 5: 12A, 3' 1, : ' 5185, ' qa'ru, : brght9, 271 9: zvu. BAD-tu, festval, 55, r. : nababtu, be brllant, V,, nambut, 244A, : V, 3, ttananbtu, 86, 6: 1 ttannanbtu, 272, 7: pm. nnbuta, 223A, r. 6: *nabtu, brllance, 277 V, a. *nbtu, brllance, 86, 3: *nabdalu, destroy, V,, nnabal, 269, r. 2: *naglu, V,, nngula, 223A, r" 5: nadz, place,,, pm. nad, 70, 9: RU, 37, r. 3: ps. nandu, 188, 7: nadfn, 256A, 9: anaddka, 267A, 3: pt. RU, 253, :, 2 : ttd, 235, r. 4: *ndu, parhelon, 29, r. 4: 68, 7: 70, 9: 37,. 3: 182,, 3, 5,. : 183, 3 nadnzu, gve,,, ps. namdn, 82R, 2: 272B, 4: S-n, 185, 7~ : pm. nadn, 268, 6, pt. ddannu, 20, r. 6: addnu, 272, 5: pc. lddnu, 183, r. 7: ldnu, 217, r. 8: nf nadanu, go, r. : nadan, 143A, r. 7:, 2, ttadn, 2720, r. 4, 6:, 2, ustaddanu, 195, 4, 5: sutadunu, 195, 5: naddru, rage, V,, nnadaru, 53, r. 4: nnandaru, 88, r. 2: 103, 7: nnamdaru, 143, r. : nf nandur, 140, 2: 153, 2: nazdzu, stand,,, ps. DU, 86, r. 9: DU-az, 27, r. 6: zzaz, 39, r. 4: zzazn, 70, r. 8: t. DU-z, 49, r. 2 : DU-z, 29, r. : zzzu, 103, r. 8: azzz, 247A, r. 8: by-forms, zuz, 70, 6' uzuzaku, 247A, r. 10: uzussu, 247A, 2: ttasz, 215, 8: mantazu, staton, 27, r. 6 37, r. 3: 87A, r. 3: 9, r. 4: 247, r. *mzanzalu, staton, 185, 2 : *nazaku, V, 2 : ttazknn, 73,. 3: nazku, njure,,, nf nazak, 265, 4: 266, : 4: 267, r. 2: V,, nanzk, 272, r. 6: *nzftu, harm, 59, 6: 70, 6: nahu, rest,,, p. RU-h, 56, 2: nh, 142, r. 2: *, 2, ustanh, 272A, : nzhu, restful, f 26, 7: 29, r. 3: 44, 8: 183, 7: 187, 2, r. 2: *nahtsgu, be abundant,,, ps. nahs, 187, 6: 266B, 7: KANas (?), 37, 3: nuzhgu, plenty, 20, 6: 31, 5 35, 3: 233, 5: nzats'u, leave, V, nats, 210, 7: *nakdlu, be cunnng,,, unakkala, 267A, r. 6: *nkatzu;, cunnng, 267A, r. 5C *nkasu, property, 267A, 5, 8: *Lnakapt, overcome,, x, nakap (kp), 82, 8.,, unakkap, 32, 5: 44: 6: unakap, 26, 7. 4: 46, 3: nakmrzu, be hostle,,, KURr, 86, r. 4:, 2, uttanakkar, 204, 4: nakru, foe, 28, r. 4: 357: 6, 3 nakurtzu, hostlty, 82, r. 2: 200, 2: *nam,, run, 165, 6: 21, r. 2: *tram. BUL;. B, 82, r. 7: 88, o: 96, 4: 195, r. 8: 274, r. 4 nanldru, be brght,, x, pw. namr, 200oo, : namrat, 223, 6:.pt. SAB-r, 31, 3, 4: ps. nammra, 187, 8:

112 AF 16 VOCA! U A 8Y. VOCABULARY. 127,_-.-. -~L *V,, nnllurln, 223, 7: nann ur, 5, : 70, 5 : natllru, brght, 28, 3: p 35, r 4: nta;,wurzu brghtness, 246A, 6:,nammasu, beast, 94, 6. njammatl/s, beast, OA, 3 (?): 105, 2 (?): 200, 2, 1O: numu, fsh, 270, 1 *nssab cereals, 222, 2: lu Nsaba, 220, 3: 221, r. 2: *nasfau, determne,,, anassaha, 188, r. 4: nasaha, 244D, 6:, 2, attasha, 88, 9: 264, 10: V,, nnasaba, 112, r. 4: -51, r. 3: *nasku, chef, 90, r. 8, 9,f. 9o, r. 9: Nsannu, month Nsan. napahu, culmnate,,, pt. KUR-ha, 29, r. 4: KUR, 123, r. 4: nf. napah, 254, r-. 1, 2: *'nphu, zenth, 68, 7: 103, r. 9: 8, 7 185, 6: 269, 7 *napltu, V,, become apparent, [n]-nap-pa-lu, 186, r. 0 : V, 2, tanappal, 187, r. 4: * napagu, be plentful,,, pt. napus,, r , 2 252B, 5 : nf. napag, 220, 3 : 221, r. 2: 222, 2: *napsu, abundance, 9, r. 2: 269, 5, 6: *nasu, nas, 09, r. 8: 'nasaru, guard,,, ps. anamsar, 240, r. 7: pt. ssarru, 202, r. x: pc. lssur, 33, r 6: 245, r. 2: mp. usur, 73, 3: 268, r. 12:,2, atta[sar], 235, 2: ntasar, 1, 6: 76, r., 3: mt.artu, Vwatch, 33,. 5 : 52, 35, 8' 7, r. : xs, 7:f 7, r. 3' 4'8 7' H,r. 2: 7,.'4, : 43, r, 3 nawkbte channel, 1 x 2,r. 2 ': 3 r. 6' nakakru, destroy,,, n;akar, 56, 3: 157, : ^571s 5: nakkar, 164, 4: V,, nlna aru, 269, r. 7: *rnru, yoke, 49, 2 nasz2, brng, rase,,, pll nas, 38, 6: nasa, 2 6A, 4: nasaku, 272, r. 13: nasaka, 52, r. : ps. nasu 9, r. 9o,. nassa, 164, 3: nasa, 57D, 4: L.LA" ', 1, 6: pt. js, 267A, r. : pc. l, 15, , r. 3: njf ns, 155B, r. 3, 7 *, 2, ttas, 267A, 5, r. 4 ttang, 46, r. 3: ttasf, 158, r. 5: 272, r. 14: *nasu, 243B, r. 2: *ndgu, quake,,, nus, 263, 2, 4: 264, r. 7: 265, r. 3: 265c, 4: 266A, 6: 266B, 4: 267, r. nu.. 265, 3: BUL-uS, 264, 5 nsu, people. nsu, lon, UR. A P, 82, 6: UR. MAJH, 94, r 4: alatalu, sleep,,, lttl, 274Q, 2, 4, 6: *s4'u, overcome,,, s', 19, 6: *saddru,,, sdrun, 31, r. 9 : *saddru, preval,,, pm. sadr,, r. 2: X4, r. 6: 250, 3 251,4: 252B 2: 252D, : 263, 4 sadrat, 123, 4:,, usadr, x, r. 4: , 4: 264, 3, 9, r. 6: usaddr, 262D, 3 *sadnr, copous,l /. 2 $, 1 196, 6: ${.> ro u go, X. -,4 - - s A,. '' 4.,'...n. 2360, r. 2: V,, ssubur, 70, r. 2 : *sl'tz weakness, 235, r. 2: *sllt = Sebat, 49,, 4: salmn, goodwll, 27, r. 4 : 99, 9: oo, 4 sazgpzpu, dates, 29, 7: 88,r. 5 swmu, be dark,, r, smu, 123, r. 4: *samu, dark, 37, 4: 248, : *szmnuj 21 7, r. : Smanu, month Swan. smarn, calculated tme, 82, : 88, : sandku,, draw near,,, pt., snk, 232, r., 2: n. sanaku, passm. *,, usanaklu, 26, '. 4: 44, 6: sunku, famne, 103, r. 5: 192, 5: 193, 2: snnslu, woman. *ss&, horse, p. 232, r. : sapadzu, destroy,,, nf BRah, 32, r. 2: BR, 72, 2: sapab, 138, 5 *psupuru, fold, halo of 46: 117, 1, 7:.sardru,,, sarr, 89, r. 2 : *stlh, rest, remander, 48, r. : pz, mouth. pagfru, corpse,,l 146, r, 5: 163, 5: *tapdv, destructon, 200, 6: *fuhu, presence, 268, r. n: 272B, r. 6: *paharz, collect, 'V, 256a, 7:.patfru, be nterrupted (of halos),,, pt. pturu, 117, r. 2: nf. patar, 27, r. 2: 48, 6: 30A, r. : pa/2, regn. p/al, be dark,,, pm. pl, 37, 2: plu, 37, 4: *pala&u, fear,,, pm. palbaku, 34, r 8: nf. palah, 257, 12 *napjlsu, see, V,, tappallas, 229, panz, face, former,f pantu, lapan, before. *passaru, dsh, 247A, r. 7 *pckadu, command,, x, c. lpkdu, 15 2, r. 8: parag, shne (?),,, parg, 86, 4: pargans, securely, par-ga-ns, 125, 8: par-ga-ns, 129, 6: parga-n-s, 136, o, 6. *parakku, shrne, pa. 157, 5: 271, 14: rparasu, decde,,, prus, 179, 2 (gl.): luprus, 210, r. 3: parl, f. parstum, 52, r. 3: 272C, 7: *purussu, decson, 268, 6: 271, 7: 272B, 3: 'pa.su, pass off;, 2, ptusu, 55,r. 3: * ~pa&sru, nterpret, ', ppassr, 833 : V, 2: ttapsar, 170,. : psru, nterpretaton, 89, r. 9:, 2: 44D, 3: rabp-,fr?], 158, r., 5: *pftu, drecton, 254, r. 2: 272, r. 13: *patz, leave an nterval,,, ps. patt, 88, r. o: 112, r. 6:, 2, pm. pa-a-t, 88, 9: *pahz, open,,, lpttu-su, 268, r. 2: pttun, 152, r. 8:, 2, aptft, 89, r. : ptt, 112, r. 12: pz2, clear, open, 155, r. 7: PAT. fy.a,230, r. 3:.abdtu, seze,,, ps. -s-batu)-, 90, r. 7: sbatus (gl),

113 -,.. -- C ; 4 ; aat, 277, 4: LUbat, 163, 7 272, r. 6: lt, sabbt(?), 272, r. 6: T x,, usasbtann, 240, r. 2 usa s-?-tu, 5, 7 V, ssabat, 236, 3: ssabtann, 9 o, edge 2: *sbutu, desre, 20o, 6: sanaru, be small,,, TUR, :88, 5: TUR-r, 103, 5' *sals, pray,,, usal, 272c, r. 6: usallh, 124, r. 7: usallan, 257, 13: *sul2, prayer, 62, r. 4: saldal, obscure,,, usall!, 274, r. 7: sam'w, dark, 98, : 24, o: *sallu, mage, 170, r. 2: Sapdru, pont,,, saparu, 34, 8 36,. : sru, felde, 94, 6:.sru, snake, 46A, r. 4: *sarrafmu, audacous, 232, 12: sararu, shne,,, pt. SUR, 28, n. 2: srur, 89, r. 6: nf. sarar-su 200, 2: V,, ssarur, 201, 4: *s'r u, brllance, 200, : *sarrau, sedton, 204, 6: *KA, a measure, 85, : 96, 8: 27, 13: *k2 (?), vegetables, 8 1, r. 3: k'', wat for,,, ukl, x140,,abl, speak, L,, ps. akabb, 252c, r. 4: takabb, 267A, 4, kabb, 21, r. : 34, r. 9: kabbd, 90, r..t: kab.. 76, r. 7: pt. akbfa, xo, r. 2: albu, 18, r1. 4: kba, 2 4, r. 2: kbt, 254, 7: llkbtn, 43, r. : 256, 2: pc. lukb, 2 2 r. 2 : 210, r C, 7: l k l bl, S, r. 5 lkbl, 15, r. 9 : p. l5ab, 23:, 3 : katb, 236»;, 6: ka bth, :6 Q mp..kbl, 268, r. 3:, 2, aktab, 273, r. 2: kd., 83A, 6: 254, r. 3 *kabtfbu, fght,,, kabbal, 174, 6:.abu, mddle, 94, r. : 235, : 254, 5, 7: kabltu, mddle, 202, r. 2: 271, 3: *katalu (?), kll (?), kat-lm-ma, 269, 8: *.atnm, less, 36D, r. 6: 220, r. 2: 274C, 2: *kudunmu, 243, r. 2.kah, su ka-lu-a-tf, 89, r. o: *kallu, magcan, 85A, r. 9: 134, r. 7: lnzlpfz, go, V,, nf nklpa, 139, r. : lppu (g/. to DRpu), 139, 8: *kapgsu, wegh down (?),, 2, ukdappasamma, 86, r. 7 *kasaru, be joned, unnterrupted (of halos),,, pm. kasr, 95, 3: kasru, 96, 56 : pt ksur, 112, 3, 6:, 2, uktasara, 98, 3: uktassara, 115 D, r. 3: *Ba.karu, ground, 221, 2: 236A, 4: 236E, *ka.kkurz, ground, 267, r. 4: *aaru, call,, 2, kdr, 55, 8: *karabu, approach,,, Ps. karrb, 2, r. 5: t. krub, 67, 6: krb,, 12, r. x : pc. \- rcbu, 90, 2: 274 2: pm. kurbu, 232, r. 2: 1,2, kdrb, 1xs, r. $ 17 r. 3: 88, r. 3:, u\ar, 85.3 z, 9 /krbf, prayer, 28(, A S' 40 rasl, v3var1 1 : r, : r a$jc, 2: ^3t7 5 : fal: ; 4 *:;1 r.. A., :p!.,l 3 J ~.2:Z -:. karnu, horn, 30, 5: 36, r. x: 43, 6: '*kasratu, conspracy, 204, 6: kat/2, hand..tdzaru, burst,,, ktur, 249A, : 250, 5: 250A, : 25,, 5: *ra'dbu, be angry,,, tar'ubu, 70, r. 4: kru'ubtlu, anger, 170, r 4: *rabu, quake,,, pt. rub, 264, 8: 265, : 265c,, 3: 266, r. 3: 266A,, 4: 267, 2, 14: SU-ub, 266, 7, r. : SU, 264, r. : rubn, 264, r. 6:.p. rub, 2720, 5, r. 2, 3, 2, rtubu, 266, 6: rzbu, earthquake, 264, : 265B, : 266, 6, 7: 266A, : 267, 12, r. ' rab, be great,,, s. rabb, 90, r. 2: p2. GAL, 30, 8: nf. rab, 117, 9: rabz2, great, pl. 56, r. : *adz. MA. GAL 30, 8, r. x 69, r. 3: *jffcals Rab-A. BA, 74, r. 5 : 109, r. 9: 266, r. 5: Rab-aspa, 268, 8: Rab-dupsar, 8, r. : 259, r. : Rab-kar, 264, edge, 2: Rab-SAG, 90, r. 10, 12, 14: Rab Ksr p 9 o, r. 6: ruzb, prnce, 37, 3: pl. 268, r. 8: 272, r. 7: rabt, dsappear, be nvsble,, 2, ps. rabb, 88, 3: pt. rb, 40, : 204, r. : BUL, 208,, 6, rba 205, 4: rbfn, 21, r. 3: nf. (?) rb, 109, 3:, 2, rtb, 2, 8 2, 0, : rzbu, dsappearance, 272, r. 5: rabdsu, le down,,, ps. NA- 1, 127, r. 4: rabbs, x29, 6: rabbsu, 134, r. 6: rabsu 24, 9: VOCABULARY tarbasu, halo of 22, 49, 6: ~raggu, volence, 200, 5: rnugmu, clamour, 59, 2 : 65, 3: 68, 4: 88, 6: *r/zu, breeze, 235, 4 'rahzsu, nundate,,, p. RA 69, 7: RA-s, 24, : rahs 215, r. 2: pc. lu-rahus, 268, r. 5: pm. rahsan; 252F, 3: rabsatunft (nterrog.-) 252F, 2: rsu, nundaton, go, 8: 2, r. : *rttu, rest, 139, 5 ' 178, r. : S rakabu, rde,,, pm., rakb, 49, : 269, 3 *narkabtu, charot, 49, : rzm, mercy, 30, 3: *radmu, favour,,, rmu, 268, o, 14: tara'amun, 247, 3:,, turama, 257, x : *rao'amu, favour, 247, : *raamnu, self, ramnsu, 33, r. 5 ramansu, 245, r. : rapadu, be wde,,. DAGALf, 117, : DAGAL, 232, 2: DAGAL p 184, 7:,, DAGAL-as, 117, r. 4: DAGAL-as,.35A, 6: urappas, 126, 5: *rasds (?),, rss, 89, edge, 2: ruk2, dstant, f 60, r. 2: 66, r. 3: 77, 5- m; P1. 85A, 7: *rkuz, empty, p. 207, r. 3: *rkku, spce, pl. 89, edge 3: rasug, have,,., DUK-S, 24, 6: rag, 88, 12: DUK-sd-ma, x95, 2 : rasstf, 162, r. 6 rs, head, 6, 5, r. 1: 55, 2 210, r. 3: rstu, joy, p 9, r. 4: 9A, r. 5: ga, relatve pronoun. a, poss. fern. pronoun.

114 130 VOCA;BULA RY. VOCABULARY. lt3 : u, poss. masc. pron., wth ntcrrog-6, 2, r'. 2-: p. unu. su "tnmes" 52, r. g, he, te p1. unu..s, she. s.tu, ths. *s'u, corn, 88, 4: 185, 0o: 209, r. 6: *g'u, pursue,, 2, uutn, 257, 12: sa'd, ask,, 2, pc. lsal, 89, edge 4 : 0, r. 12: Et':agtu, prayer, 187, r. 3: *Sdru, mornng, 68, r. 4: *gbtu, 247A, 8: sabbau, month Sebat. *sgasathlu, destructon, p. 190, 4: $*adz,, 1, sdd, 94A, 4:,, usaddama, 208A, 5: SgZdu, 159, r. 4: *sadddu, draw near,, 2, nltadad, 170, 'r. 5: *saddhu = aldku,, sadahsu, 83, 1 sadurru, mornng, watch, 242, r. 2: *sahtu, sow, 277, 7: sahdku, draw, off,, 2, ltabat, 268, 9: *saharu, go round,,, sahrumma, 247, r. 3: sut, n harran sut An, etc.,83, *Sta2t, despse,,, satu, 82, r. 7: *sat,4ru, wrte,,, ps. altaru, 268, 2: p. Sturun, 152, r. 2 pm. atr, 251, 5: 277H, 6: nf Satar, 217, r. 3: *'akdku, 1, 2, lustkkak 247A, r. 3: Saktnu, place,, r, ps. GAR an, 30, 9 Sakan 129, 9: Sak, r. kan, 273, : Sakkn lll, ' a, r. 5: pmn. GAR-nu, 26, r.,: saknu, 34 r. 6: GAR 82, 9' GAR-n, 145, r. : p. 4kun, 2246E, 4: Skunu, 272, Y. 14, p. l kun, 272, r. 7: 1l-Sakn, 268, r. o:, 2,ps. altaknu, 272C,. 5: staknu, 272B, r. 5: ltaknann, 268, r. 12: nltakan, 240, 7:,, u~akan, 88, r. 5: V,,ps. ssakkan, 52, r. 2: ssakn, 274, 3 V, 3, ttanaskan (gl.), 248, 2 : sal.fans, trumphantly, 82, r. 4: 89, 9: 66, 5: 167, 4: 68B, O: :saldmu, prosper.,,p pt. sallm, 151, r. 6: ps. D p 35, r 5:39, 4: pmn. salm, 49, r. 2: salmu, 123, 6: nf. salamu, 25, r. 2: 87A, r. 2:,, usalam, 5, 3: 8, 6:, 3: usalama, 42, 4: u s allmu, 205, 3: ptc. munallm, 159, r ' 4: * galmu, health, 90, r. 12: 148, r. 2(?) suvlzu, peace, 39, r., 128, 3: 240, r.6: *s.ulummu, peace, 17, r. 6: * alsu, three, 21, 5: 145, r. 7 gamz, heaven. *am2, hear,,, ps. smm, 272B, r. 8: smmu, 48, r. 3 62, r. 5: smm, 86, r. 9, pmr. fmaku, go, r. 7: frsmku, 218, r. 6: mf, 87, r. 3: Pf l m, 90, r. 12: 274,, 2, ltfm, 90, r. 8:, 2, usammu' nn, 24o, r 4, T, umrnu, 268, : - V, ;mmn 22, 7 -',.X...g. tasmz2, obedence, 25, 5 : 27, r. 3 48, 8: s*uzmu, name, 235, r. 2 : 268, r ,. 277, 6: g sulma, f, 57, 4: 84,.: 3, 4 217, 4, 5: sumlu, left, 29,6: 30, 6: 41, 6: 145,. 4, 5 6, 7: *samnzu, ol,p/. 89, edge, 3. *s zaaru, rage,,, m. aamru, 146, r. 5 Samasggamu, sesame, 28, 5: 10, r. 2 : 185, 10: *sanz,,, change,ps. usann, 272, r. 8 : pc. lusnn, 268, r. 2: saanz, two, 21, 5: 70, 7: P. 272, r. 16: f 188, r. 4: 256A, 7: adv. 88, 6: 272,. 6: sattu, year, 5, r. : 19, 3 5r.3: 5 or. 3 : p r. '. 7: 22, r. 9: 31, 6 sandnu,, 2. stannan (?) 272, 13: sasu, speak,,, ss, 235, r. 7: ssu, 267,, 6, 8: Spzl, foot, 82, r. 3: du, 56A, 3' *sapau, be low,,, sapl, 77, 4:,, usappl, 66, r. 2:, 2, ustappl, 60, r. : 66, 6: szhpalu, lower part, 90, r. 14: *supltu, submsson, 66, r. 3: supultu, submsson, 60, r. 2: 77, 5: sapltu, lower part, 235, 3: 271, 2 : p. 268, 12 : sapltanu, 176,3 : 77, 2: sapaku, pour,,, DUB-k, 139, r. 2: *sapktu, pourng (f part.j, '39, r. 4: Sapru, send,,,ps. asappara, 2650, r. 7 : [sj-paran, 19, r..3 : []-sapparun, 57, 7: apparu, 272, r. 12 : K 82, r. 2: 258, 5: p. spu[ra], 34, o : spurann, 55, 5 taspur, 272C, 7: aspura, O8, 8: aspur, - 57, K, 258, 4' pc. lspur, 272B, r. 5: lspurassumma, 124, r. 8:, 2, ltapra, 19, 7: altapra, 52, r. 4: 5A, 8: sapra, 16, r. 5: assapra, 89, r. 9: 88, r. *s7ru, msson, 201, r. : *saku, be hgh,,, ps. sakamma, 91, r. 5 : sakkama, 94, 8: pnz. gaku, 59, 3: sakl, 20: r. : 220, 2 221, r. 2, 222, 2:, 3, stanakka, 226, 4: *masku, top, 234, 9: *sukz., street, 245, r. 3: sakalu, balance,, 2, stkulu, 127, r. : 128, : 136, 5 (?): stkulu, 127, 7: 131, : 35A, 7: 39, : tkullu, 36F, 4: 136G, r. 4: 36M, Y. : 37,5: stkulum, 36B, r. 5: stkulm, 1361 r. 4: *stkulelzt, balancng, 242, r. 6: gdru, wnd, 235, : p. 112, 8: SM'u, mornng, 170, r. : 178, 3: 8, 6: *srtu, mornng, 23, 7 (?): 185: : 186, : 196, : 271, edge : p. 243, r; 3: sru, flesh, 15, r. 5: 9, r. 4: 19A, r- 4: -ar2, begn,,, sarr, 200, 5:,, usrr, 264, r. 3: usrrl, 268, 4, 7: usarfn; 217, r. 7 urru (= gtowth), 88, r. 7. gurrf, 270, 6: 2

115 ?3Z L'OCCA!tULA.,rht.:m, growdth, z200 6 m'rn4,b2, c(ld, 59, : 60, 5 ' 6r, : 62, 6, 7 6 3: 84, r. 6: *Surd l^: 236A, 3: 'Szurnll, wllow (?), 182, r. 2 s:rrz, kng..ga;rrutu, kngdom, 22, 8: 87, r. 8: sarurzu, brllance, 33, r. : 38, 6: 167, r. 8, o: 8, 4: 85, r. : 26A, 4: 271, 15: *susanu, 58, r. 2: sasurru, crops, 184, 2: 226, 7: Szlu, south. S. TAR. NU, corn (?), 274, r. tbs, come,,, Z, 28, 4: O5,5 137,r. : tbf, 2F, 4: tb, 82, 2: cf 88, 2: tb, 235, 1. tbutu, nvason, 91, 2 : 99, t. 6: daapear, *tlabau daappear,,, ps. tabbal, 85, 4: tlnu;l, -t* r. 8 : pft tbal, 85,,. r. : 2, 2 204, 2: tbalun, 267, r. 3: tbnm, straw, 209, r. 6: tazz/tnl, x/nazamu, 236n, r. 2: tam2, speak,,, tam, 100, 3: 127, 2: ta, 56, 4: 9o, 4 tama, 135, r. 2: tamamma, 83, 2: tamm, 38A, 6: tamf, 90, 3: 99, 7: lana/tu (\/na'adu), 271, 3: tazkzt (V/katl), end. *tarl, turn,,, utarra, 53, 3, 4: 62, r. 5: nutarra, 274B, 5, r. 5 : uttrrra, 70, 7 : utrra?), 62, r. 5 lardku, rend asunder,, 1, nf taraku, 27, r 5 : 87A, r. tarak, 25, r.,, turruka, 25, 3: 27, r. : 87A, 6:..$ : '1,': X *k A A f Ab=Akkad, 17, r. 4. Ab-sn (Vrgo), 221, 2: n moon's halo, 153, r.. Achlles 7atus, X. Ael/an, X. Aharra, XV, XXX, omens for, sent, 272, r. 9. Ahsd of Erech, wrter of, 13, 125, 203, 236A, 252. Mentoned 124, r. 8. A-dn (Spca), 95, 5: n halo, 53, r., 7: reaches Mulmul, 112, r. 9: 205A, 3: Akkad, XV, XXX, omens for, sent, 272, r. 7, 9, 13: tablets, 152, r 4. Akkullanu. wrter of, 34, 36, 8 7A, 89, 138A, 144?, 144B, 66, 235, 272A. Akulueau, 275, 3, 5: n Swan, 275, 1. Allul (Cancer, XXXV), 2 A, 4: 236A, : 244c, 5: 246c, r. 2: dark, 63, 6; n Moon's halo, 90, 6, 9: 93, 5: o5, r. 5: o, 1: T, 3:' 2 : 2A T: 112B, : 113, 4: 114, 4: x4a, : n halo of, 46, 17, 3: Anna, brllant, 165, 5: A4nu-,ag2 (Anna-nmr), n Moon's halo, 49, r. : 104, r. 0: 106, 2: Anunt, 2 B, 5: Pn = Mars. ND E X. Apd, ofborsppa, wrter of, 46, 79A, 86A, 120, 132, 19OA, 197, 21, 253A, 265. Arad-Gula,, r. 6: Arad-Za, wrter of, 72, 100, 256c: Aranm (?), 268, r. : Aralus, 'XXV. Asardu, greater, wrter of, 27, 29, 32, 87, 70, 172, 201, 202, 216, 250: son of Damka, 187, 221. Asardu, wrter of, 22B, 48, 64A,?8F, 6A, 33, 210, 26S, 219, 252B. The less, wrter of; 136D, 220, 231, 242, 249, 252A, 253, 274C. Assur cyv, 86, 5 : astronomcal staton, 274, 3, 4, 7: Assur-sar-a-n, wrter of, 16, 75. Assy;ra, 124, r. 4: Babylon, 271, 7: 272, r. 14: astronomcal staton, 274, 8: Balast, wrter of, 8, 55, 68, 88, g9r 9, :36 Q 38, r 40, 7, 28A, 234A, 254, 256B, 274K, 274Q. B13ana, wrter of, 81B, 99?, 102, 27, 56, 6X, 185. bed of warrors wde, 244D, r, 4, explaned by 'plague.'.erossus, XV.

116 T XT T? x 'x'.n Ur'A. 135 "alzl-ba, wrt r of, 218. t:,j?,/s mentoned, 18, r. 3 J[)//-?f son of lgb the magcan, wrter of, 24, 83, 115F, 183, 243. Bl-nasr, wrter of, 18, 52, 55t3, 57c 2, 4, 236, 253B, 274R. Bl- rnrn - ukarrad-flarduk, 170, 5. Bl-sucma-skun, wrter of, 24A, 34.. Bl-usur (?), wrter of, 274. Bl-usallm, wrter of, 277X; Bl-uszb, o,, (?); 272, r. 12: 277AE, : bnnu, n the land, 200, 4: Borszpa, astronomcal staton, 274, 9. See NabA-ksa and Sapkl. Bu.l/utu, wrter of,, 3, 4, 76, 77, 114, 131, 96, 229, B 232, 256A. cloud, 55 -r. 2: dark cloud omen, 248, : comet, reaches path of Sun, 88, 5: Dah, 221, r. 3 Mercury 221, r. 5: Danmkd, 272c, r.3: dated tablets, 36B, r. 9: 264, edge : 27A, r. 4. day, proper length, XXX,, 4: 2 3: 3, 3 4s 2: 5, : 6, 3: 6A, 4: 7, 3: 8, 3: 10, 3:, : A, 7: 2, 3 : 5, 3: x6, 3: 7, 4: 8, 3: 9, 3' 9A, 3 20, 3: 21 3: 2A, : 22, 2: 22B, 3: 28, 2: 30, r3 331,. : 31r r, 3 (Pl.): 35 r. 6: 36, : 41, r. 3: 44, 3: 45,6: 135, r. 3: 183, r. 3: 256A, 2: 274K, 3: co rn m pletel, XXS, 5, 3: 5 :, st, 7, ( 3,r t 5: r 3, , *, 2: 42, 4: 45. r 1 5., x 51, : 52A, r. 2: 53, : 54, x 55, : 62, r. 3, 7: 88, r. x2:.0o, r. : 144B,.. x6o, 4: 1 7 1, 6: 274D, : whch are not completed, 205, 3: tarra, 53, 3, 4, 5 (?) utrra, 62, r. 5: utrrra, 70, 7: day of Bel, 152, r. 2 : 6o, r. 5: 95A, 7 : 266, 6 : scrbe of, 6o, r. 5. cloudless day=ab 258, 6: 4/h day=elam, 268, 7: 271, 9: 274F, 6: 5 h dzy=aharru, 156, r. 2 : 60B, r. 2 : 6/ day= Subart, 89, 2: Dlbat cty, astronomcal staton, see Nabu-ah-ddna. Dlgan=A b-sn=vrgo, XL; 88, r. 8: n Moon's halo, 88, r. 6: on left horn of Moon, 234, 7 : at ts heght, 234, 9. Dlgan-after-whch-s -Mulmul n halo, xo, 7 :=/ku-mal, XL, o0, r. 3: Earthquake, 272D, 5, r, 2, 3: enqured about by kng, 264, : all day, 262D, : 263, : n nght, 264, 5: 265, 3: 267, r. : prevals, 262D, 3 : 264, 3: 263, 4: nt Nsan, 264, r., 5: 261 : n Sebat, 267, 2, 14: n Adar, 264, r. 3, 5: east=subart (andgut?) 277A, r. 2: eclpse, 52, 4: explaned by 'dsturbance,' 1 12, 5: prcdctsd, 30, 9: 18, 4: of kg of A^kJd. 270, 4, 14: of kng of A!Xtn 234, r. 2, -, 6 : of E;m,. ' 6: 85; 6: ao K6,. ~.ts,, 250, 6: 250A, 2: 251, 2. (For explanaton of these partal eclpses, see XXV): successfully predcted, 273, r, : cf. 274F, 2: unsuccessfully, 271A, 3, r. 2: 274A, : 274c, 2: '274E, 3: 2741, 3: of Moon, 272A, 6, 7: of Sun and Moon, 192, 2: passng from M. to M. 271, r. 3, 4: stands n 1M., 271, r. 5: passng from E. to N. 272A, 4: E. to W. 272A, 5: begnnng n N. 274L, 5, 7: of evenng watch, 274L, : of mornng watch, 27 1, 8, r., 2 272A,, 2: of Moon, 4tl day, 273, : 29th day, 274H, 2: n Nsan, 277R,'r. 2: 29//, 277R, r. 5: st /t 3o0l/ 277R, r- 4: jyar, Sun, 29gh, 269, 9. Swan, 14/Z, 270, 12: 271,, r. 9: stto 30/h, 270, 14: 271, r. o1: mornng watch, 271, r. 8: - watch, 270, : unreckoned for, 271, r. 13: Moon, 27, r. 7: Sun and Moon, 272, r. 8: Tsr, 2S/, 272A, 12: St to 30/h, 272A, 14: Moon, 272A,. Kslew, 272, lo: Adar, 4l//, evenng watch, 272B, 2: 3oth (?), 272C, : st to 30h, 272B, r. : Moon, 272B, : EgyPt,/22, r. 4,: 44, 9:.E /l, ntercalary, 140, r 2-4: Eratosthenes, XXV..Erech, astronomcal staton, 274, 8: see Ahsa. Gan, 85, r. t: 96, 4: Gemn, see, fastabbagalgal. Gz(?) 2 3 6F r. 4: Gu-anna = Aquarus? 2 43, 5 : ; Gu-anna = Taurus, n Moon's halo, o6, 4: hal, 20, 5: 261, 4: ; arran^, 274B, 4: hernzaphrode, 276,, 5: hyurb (?) 116A, r. 2: Zad', 90, r. 9-.akazman, r. o: zmbaru(-star), 84,. 5: zna-b, 56, r. : 243C, 6:. ndubanna = Brllance of Pablsag, 9go, r. : nmzsarra, 246C,. Znnaassg, 200, r. 7: rass-lu, vwrter of 46., 11o, 173, 236B: (the greater), 26, 33, 59, 6o, 65, 66, 85, 147, 148, 164, 65A, 182, 227, 244A, 245 (or Asardu?), 247A, 250A, 269, 273: son of Nurzanu. 5E, 126, 130, 74A, 28A, 246. rskgal, 267, o. star-sunza-zrs, mentoned, 55, 6: wrter of 7, 21, 2A, 31, 93, 128, 1360, 36p, 157D, 59,. 68, 98, 206, 244, 247, 252E, 255, 257, 264, 267. t', trbe, 64B, 4. -yyar = Elam, 274F, 6: 15lt to a , r.'3: Journey, drectons for safe, 15, r. 5: Jzpter, lfarduk, at begnnng. of year. 84, : 226, 6 wth, Mulmul, 218, 3: Mercury, 91,. r. 3: brllant, 91, r. : explaned 94, 7 - Umunpauddu n Moon's halo,, 91, : 94, r. 6: wth Moon, 193, 4: explaned, 193, 4:- reaches Umnuhp, 211A, :

117 13 NSEX. A :, NDEX. _ _ St^/mat'; ~ SS, 5: x 9 x, 3, tr. 2: 195;\, : omen, 178, 6 wth oon, 192,,, 4, 7., 3 993, n halo, 92, :93,, : 94, 2, 3: 95, 1: 96, 2: 96A, : 961, : 96c, : wth Sun, 185, 3: 96, : 271, o: wth Venus, 162, r. 2: 267, r. 7: 272B, 6: on rght of Venus, 194,, 4: 94A, : wth Mars, 195, : 195, 3 : wth Allul, 87, 3 : 88, -r. 3: n Afsh-Pablsag, 90, 3: 90A, 3: wth ndubanna, 190, 5: Taurus, 1 o3, 9, r. 2: wth a planet, 195, 8: wth - and stands where Sun shnes, 196, ; n eclpse, 268, r. 4: 272, r. : round Regulus, 272, r. 4: brght (ba'l), 186, 5: 196, r. 2: n mornng, 85, : 86, : 196, : 96A, 5: 27, edge : brllant, 86, 3: 145, r. : 96, 13: 271, 5: to sunset, 29, r. 2: 183, 6: 87, : n lyyar, r86, r. : Tammauz, 88, : Elul, 189, : Mnarcheswvan, 193, 190A, : n , : n eclptc, 185, r. 5: 196, r. 5: n tropc of Cancer, 187, 4: 88, 3?: 191, 3? o9a,?: - Nbru, n halo, 94, 5: culmnates, 86, r. 2: 187, 7: - Rab = n-untpauddu, 195, r. 3: from north to south, 200, 9: 20o, : from sunrse to sunset, 20A, : 202, -- ngsalanna=sagmgl/ar, 9: brght, 86, 7: AKaksd, 246A,, 3: Kald. a 6, r. : Kak/:, 109, 8: 86, A7/,/, occullted by M oon, 245, j. AnmzeraUS, 22, 1 ckual (see Dlan), 44, r. 6: 244D, : star of AharrQ, o11,. 4: Kush, 22, 4: Xutha, astronomcal staton, see NabA-kb. Lghtnng on a cloudless day, 256B, 6: Mannaz, 22, 12: 90, r. O: Mfarcheszan = month of kng, 183, r. : Marda (?) 6A, r. 3: M arda, 90, r. 8, 13: Marduk B, r. : larduk-suma-usur, wrter of, 252F (wth Bt?.. ) Azars, ZAfustabarru' - nzutm., XXXV: 21, : 223A, 5, O: 23, 7, r- x: 233, r. : 234A, 1, 3, 7: 236A, r. : 236B, : 236C, 2: 236D, 7. 2: 236E, : 272, r. 3: 277F, r. : Star of Aharrt, o10, r. 2: 107, r. 5: wth Moon, 234, : 246F, 3: n halo, 88, r. 3: 98, 5: 99, o: 0OO, 7: O, : O A, : 102, : 103, 3: 104, 3: o05, '. : 107, 7: 167, 5: 172, 8: 223A, : 277r, 5: wth Venus, 236B, 2: Saturn, 103, r. 6: 67, r. 4: 172, r'. 2: 236H, 3: Jupter, 95, 6: 232, r. 4: Lubad, 88, 4: 99, r. 5: 103, r. 7 :.All// 21A, 3: 235, : 236, : 244A, 4: ' ' 2563, r. 3: Scorpo, 33, 3 r. 3: 70, 7. 3: 17, 4.,;: P'al/usa, 236C, 4, 7,',^.~., (Psces?),, xr. t o' *;.~,: : 3: ' *. Z.t : 4 :-t : A d '.N 11 Ị, 88, 8: brght (ba'l), 172, r. 5: brllant; 146, 3: 236F, 8?: goes forward, 68, r. : 70, r. 2: dm, 232, r. 3: culmnates, 232, 6: n East, 232, 4: n Tammuz, 231, : 232, 2: Elul, 233, : - Sananrma wth Sagngar, 195, r. 5: Az/lu, 235, 7: 236A, 6: nrmlsarra, 184, 6: Gemn, 84, r. 7: 231, 5: ular, 103, r. 9: Urbarra = Mars, 236H, 5: [237, 4 :] n Urmah, 237, : Lubad-dr, 146, r. 4, 5: 26c, 5: 233, 4: = Mars, 146, r. 6: 195, r. 2: wth Rabz?, 195, r. : Sudun, 238, : wth Sun, 237a, 6: = Mars, n halo, 107, r. : Apn (= Mars) wth Sun, 103, r. 4: Scorpo, 239, : 272, r. : AMua/mu = Mustabarruz-mzZldZu, 223A, 9: see under Mulmul. Mlastabba-galgal (= Gemn), 23, 5: n halo, 114, : Mazzaloth, XXV, 85, 12:.Mercury Lubad-gudud or gzdud, 22A, r. 3: 36A, r. : 55, u 3 4: 105, 8: 212, 6: 215, : 26c, : 238, 4: 246c, 4: 277T, r. 5: wth Moon, 39. r. 3: 5, r. 3: fmulmul at sunset, thence rses to Sug, 226, : Venus (?) 209, 7 : Kumal 44, r. 6. Suz-tg, 238,. 3 : Pablsag, 227, 6: Urgula (Leo), 228, : Gudanna (Taurus), 184, r. 2: goes down from Taurus to Sug, 184, r. 2: n... 2 OA, : n Vrgo, 221, : n month 26c, 3: Nsan, 184, 3: Swan, 246F, r. 3: ts poston, 229, 4: at sunrse, 217, : 225, 6: sunset, 146, r. : mul Dah =- Mercury, 221, r. 5: Meteor (Antasurra), 246A, r. : 227,, 4: Monstrosty, 277, ff.: Z&oon, Appearance on st day,, 1: 2, : 3, : 4, : 5, 4: 6, x: 6A, : 7, : 8, : 9, 10, : A : 12, : 3, : 14, : 5, : 16, : 7, 3, r. : 18, : 19, : 9A, : 20, : 21, : 22, : 22A, 22B, : 26, : 27, : 28, : 29, : 3, : 3, : 33, : 35, : 36A, r. 3: 37, r. : 38, : 39, 1: 40, : 41, r. 5:42, 5, 7: 43, r. 6: 44, : 45, : 46A, : 46E, 2: 47, : 56, : 56A, 83, r. 2, 4: 256A, : 274K, Of NVsan, 44, 3: Tammuz, 23,. : Xslew, 48, : ntercalary month, 225, r. 2, 4: On the 2//, 119, r. : 13th, 84, 3: 14/t, 1441, r. 7: 151, : 155, 8: 6th, 88,, : 89, : 66, r. 2: 69, r. 3; 27th, 249, 3: 78/7h, 57, : 58,, 3: 29/h, 24, 3: 30//O (of?), 25, : 46B, r., 3: 59, : 6, : 62, 5: 65, : 66, 3: 68, 3: 70, 3: 71, 3: 72, 3: 74, : 8B, 2: On the 30oh of lvsan, 62, : 115D, r. 5: yyar, 63, : 64, : 64A, : 64B, : 62,4, 5: Swan, 65, 4: 66, : 67, : 68, : 69, : 69A, : 87A, 3: Tammuz, 32, r, : Ab, 70A, : 71, : 72, : 73, : 86, 6, 7: Elul

118 N DE X. NDEX , 7: X :eav, 7, 4: 75, : TZb:c 76, : 77, : 78, : 79, : 7'9A, : 8o, : SOA, : S bat, 81, 3': (lr, 1 5D, r. 4. At begnnng of year, 16, r. : fxed poston, 37, r. 3: 45, 3: 47, 6: 8K, 4: 87, : 87A, 1, r. 2: low, 60, r. : 66, 6, r. 2: 77, 4: hgh, 59, 3: face to left, 29, 6: rests, 142, r. 2: stops, 16, 7: n ts path.. 83, : 84, : delays out of ts tme, 82, : 86, : 86A, : 88, : 89, 4: 11, 5: 164, 5: 65A,. : 172, 3: seen out of ts tme, 119, : 140, 4: not seen, 23A, 2: 76, r. 2: 82, 3: tbal, 85, t : /abbal, 85, 4, r. 2: rabb 88, 3: very great, 3o, 8: duraton of ts dsappearance three days n one month, 85, 2: brght, 30, r. : 69, r. : fercely brght, 59, 5: 70, 5: brght, 31, 3: 35, r , 7: drm, 60, : goes forth dark, 270, 7, 8: 272A, 8: appearance dark, 68, 3: 271, r. 6 Tsr, 272A, 10. North wnd blows at ts appearance, 29, 8: 68, 5: Rdes n a charot, 49, : Full Moon, XXXV: 7, 5: 14, 4: 17,) : 18, 5: 22, 3: 23, 3: 26, 3: 28, 7: 30, 3: 32, : 34, : 37, 5: 39, 3: 43, : 44, r. : 47A, 3: regularly, 9, 4: 1o, 5:, 6 (?): A, 3: 12, 5: 3, 2: 24A, : 41 1: 42Z, : 'dark crown' (.e., crescent wth remander of crcle dmly vsble), 23* 5 32, r 4 cloudy (?) crown, 23, 4, full on $ cloudy ld. ', 87, 3: Halos 22, XV, 4, 4 XX1,V. S2pzru = great halo, 17, 9: dark halo, 98, : x15d, r. : 124, o: 8o, r. : not complete crcle, 95, 3: 96, 5, 112, 3: dlul (= thn?),, 8: x6u, 3: 144A, r. 6: suzpru dlul, 7, 8: UD. KL. UD, L5A, r. : naru ('rver'), 90, 8 : 9, 5: 2A, 3: 118, : 53, r. 6: usurlu, 2, 4: 114, 6: not complete, 112, 6: Crescents, 86, : 86A, 2: Horns, dark, 124, 12 : 136L, 6: 138, r. 2: 38A,'7: 142, 6: 15A, 5: 153, 4: rght horn, 43, 5 (rght horn = Aharru, 43, r. 5). turruka, 25, 3: 27, :. : 87A, 6 : 36R, r. 2 : 147, 8: 151, 7: 151 A, r. 4: equal, 2 6: 44, 7: 44B, 9: uddda, 26, r. : 31, 6; 34, 5: 35, 6: 36, 4: 44, 5 46, 2: (udduda andplu), 37, 7: dda, 29, 2: 32, 4: 34, 3: 38, 3: (dda and nanru), 35, 8: equally brght, 35, r. 4: 39, 4:.. K nnazru, 47, 8: mrra, 24A, 4: 79, 5?: 'look at..,' 59, r. : 27, 2?: rght horn long and left short, 30, 5: 4, 5: 47A. r. 2 : 50, r : left bent, rght straght, 68, 5: Dvsons of the Moon for the purpose of deterntnzag eclpses :-rght of moo)n =.9. kadb tft = Eblamu, top ; bottom - Su W*tA2a, ^6K s s.,1.1 -:',5 * p 4 t Moon and Sun seen together on the 2/h, 119, 2: 3/h, 83, 4: 85A, 2, 3: 20, : 12, 1 : 122, 1: 123, : 23A, : 14lh, 8, r. 4: 15, 5 43, 8 46, 4: 48, 5: 82, 9 (monthly): 107, r. 9: 124, 3, 5, 6, [2: 125, 1: 126, 3: 127, 4: 128, 6: 29, 3: 130, 4: 130A, : 131, 7: 132, 1: 33, : 34, 4, 7 (monthly), r. : 35, : 135A, 36, : 136A, : 136B, 4, r. : 136c, 4: 36D,, r4: 136, 7: 36DF, 3, r. 2: 36G, : 36H, : 1361, r: 36K, 7: -36L, : 36M, : 36N, : 1360, : 36P, : 3 6 Q, 2: 136T, 7: 37, : 138, : '38A, r.., 2: 140, 3: 142, : 143 : 144,, 4, 9 : 44A,, 6: 44B, 8, r. 2: 44C, : 144D,, 4: 44E, : 145, 7: 146, : 147, : 148, : 150, 5, r, 2 5: 15, : 5A, : 152, : 153, 6: 154, 3, r - 3' 155, 3 :-55A, : 55B,, r. 8: 6o, 5: 193, 6 : at ther rsng, 142, 7: 15th,. 44D, r. 3: 53, 8: 156, : 57, : 57A, 1: 57B, : 157C, : 57D, : 158, : 58A, : 59, : 6o, 3: 603B, : 161, : 162, x: 163, : 164,, 7: 165, 5A,. 2: 171, 3: 28, r. 3: 244B, r. 2, 4: 6/h, 82, r. : 88, 3: 89, 7: 66, : 67, : 167A, r. : 68, 6: 169, 4: 8/h, 68, r. T: 172, 5: On the 14th of Tammuz, 15, 5: Swan, 69, r. 5: Adar, 37, r. 5:?62, r. 6: x51.k Elul, 27B, (?) : 6th J'yar, 162, 7: A, 86,. : Moon wthout the Sun. 14/h, 218, r.. y.yar, 164, r. 5: Swanl, 164, ', 5: Tammuz, 164, 7. 5: 274E, 2: Ab, 164, r. 5: E7ul, 164, r. 5: Tebet, 62, r. : Sebat 6, r. 4: Adar, 171, 4: 5//7, 6oA, 5 : Elul, 2711, 14/b or 5t ANsan, 68, : Tammuz, 66, 6: 169, : Elul, 82, 4 5 : Sebat, 170, : dar, 89, 5: 172; 3th Nsan Pat h. a, 230, r. 2: Moon does not wat for the sun, 153, : 140, 1: 156, 4: 57, 6: 57A, 4: 157D, 6: 58A, 4: 59, : 6o, : 161, 9: 171, : Moon and Sun balanced, 127, ',r : 128, : 129, 7: 3, : 135A, 7' 136, 5 : 136B, r. 5: 36E, 3: 36F, 4: 136G, r. 4: 136H, r. : 1361, r. 4: 36j, r. : 136M, r. : 1360, 7: 36R, 4: 136T, 3 36U, ; 37, 5' 38, 8 139, : 141, : 144B, 4 : 44C, r3. : 145, 5: 146, 5 : 46A, 3: 149, 3: 152, 6: 55A, 8: Moon and Sun nvsble, 26, ; 128, 4: 130, : 131, 5: 132, 2: 134, 5 : 135, r., 135A. : 136, r. : 1368, : 136c, 5: 136E, : 136F,. : 136G, r. : 136H, r. 3: 136, r. : 136K, 4: 36L, r M r. 3: 1360, r. : 136P, r. : 136Q, : 136R, 3: 36s, : 136T, : 137, 4: 138, 6: 38A, : 143, 4: 144, 8:. 44A, 4: 44D, r. : 44E, r. 4: 145, x: 146, 8: 146A, : 47, 6:.

119 ": : N -E. X. NDEX. 141 : 34<.V, 63: '.b : 5-0, 7: 15 1, ^54, r. 4: - 55, : 155A, r. :, 6) ' 176, 6: 193, r. 5 oo n reaches Sun and fades, 124, : 17, : 133, : 134, : 13(, 7: 136D, r. 1: 36M 6: 138A, 3: 1441, 144E, 6: 150, : 5A, r. : 154, 7 193, 7: Occults Sun (Saturn), 175, expl. 175, 7: ther rsng dark, 82, 7 n brllance wth the Suu, 86, 3 : both out of tme, 9, 4: Sun reaches zenth and Moon.. 4z4B, 6 MuWglalu, 64,B, 5:.JZkdmulZ, 115A, 1, 3: 223A, r. ': 242, r. 4: 243, : at begnn-ng of year, 243B, r. : wth MAoon, 240, : 241,, 4, 7: 242,, 4: 243A, : 243C,, 3, 5 243D, 5: n halo, 5B, : 44A, 3: 206, r. 2: 223A, 6: = Mars, 223A, 9. Mvu;znabtz, wrter of, 38, 63, 82, 5C, 268, 274A. 2lustabarru-n2tanu, see Mars..futabal, 270 A, : Vabu (star), 232, r. : Nrabua, XV. Nrabu-ah-ddna, of Dlbat, wrter of, 121, 143, 158A, 163. Nab2-ah-rba, mentoned, 55, 8: wrter of, 43, 51, 54, 62, 70, 75. 8D, 84, 96, 98, o6, 113, 139, 141, 79, 204, 209, 212, 2361), 237, 238, 241, 244C, 248, 252D, 258, 27A, 274H1,? 277AA:,ab'.-t.'," of Kutha, wrter of, o, 19, 2o, 22, $Os, O1!A 1 t10, x 2 36, 136:, x36., 77 ^, 213, 233, 249A, 263. Nabz2-ksa, of Borsppa, mentoned, 90, r. 7 (?): wrter of, 5 j 49, 64, 112A, 150, 53, 155, 189, 215A, 240. Tabzg-rba, wrter, 246.E. NVabz-tr- napsf, mentoned, 124, r. 1o: NVabz-muss, Abaz, of the temple, 109, r. 6: wrter of, 6A, 61, 94, 118, 36E, 36L.; 157, 174, 200, 205, 206A. 21, D, 266B. Nabzt-suma-skun,wrter of, 17 41, 8c, 95, 15, 90, 215, 223A, 230, 277AD. Nadna-ah, 277AE, r. 4. Nadnu, wrter of, 42D, 226, 274F..- buchadnezzar, 200, r. 5 Vneveh, 22, 8: 217, r. 2, 6: NSppur, astronomcal staton, 274, 8. VrZ.a 232, 8 : 277K,, 2, 5 n Scorpo, 272, : rgal-asardu, go, : 15, 6. rgal-tr, wrter of, 14, 22A, 30, 35, 37, 39, 52A, 69, 78, 79, 81K, 86, 92, 97, 1151 (Son of Ga? su? Tutu) 23, 136T, 137) 44A, 146, 146A, 49, 154, 571, 62, 181A, 86, 95, 195A, 199, 199A, 207B, 208, 26C, 224, , 252C, 272C, 274S, 277. Nunultt, 221, 4 nnt-satt 11 2, r7. 1O ObVervt'ory, 39, ;: Onons, chcf nuep-erp c? t, 5 58 r, 5j : et.8tyt y - -. :.. ",.4 ~ : duraton of nfluence = a full month, 245, r. 6:.Pablsag(Sagttarus), 227, 5: 272, 9: Pan (Spca), 46A, r. (?): wth Moon, 245, 3: n halo, 8, 5: 153, r , Planet (or Mercury) LU.BAD. 167, r. : 209, r. 3: 24A, 3,5: 26B, : 218A, 3: 229A,, 2, 4: 229B, : 2441, r. 5: 277B, r. 2: B-b-bu, 184, 4: wth the Moon, 175, 4, 5: n halo, 88, r. : 00, : 1O, 5: 03, 6: on left horn, 234, 3: wth Regtuus, 99A, 5 : Nabz, 232, r. L' 184, 4: Smzah, 225, 3: 'star of Tgrs,' 225, 4: Appears a month, 217, 2: lyyar, 218, : yyar, or Szean, 217, 4: 28A,, 5: Tamnmuz, 163, 4: 200, r. 6 (= Gudud= Mercury): 219, : Ab, 216, r. : ElZu, 220, : 221. r. : 222, : Ma rcheswan, 223, : Kslew, 224, 3: nnorth, 231,3: 244c, 6: East, 217, 7: blast of wnd, 235, : shnes, 89, 6: changes stars of heaven, 172, r. 3. Planets, 236B, r. 4: movement descrbed by Assyran as tronomer, 112, r. 7. Rab-aba, chef astrologer, wrter of, 74, o9, 266. Rab-asu, chef physcan, wrter of, 58. Rab-dupsar, chef scrbe, wrter of, 81, 259. Rabbu=Ur..., 234A, 5, 6. ran at Moon's appearance, 139, r. 2: on day of Moon's dsappearance, 253, 3: 253A, 3: 253C, 5: 254, 3: 255, 3: nbl, 258, 7: enqury about, 252F, 2. rasng of hands,.e., prayer, 55B, Rammnanu-suma-zesur, wrter of, 135,? 136F. Rnmutl, wrter of, 145, Sa3b& (?), 236F, r. 3. Sapku, of Borsppa, wrter of, 2, 117, 167, 262D, 265A. S'arant, 162, r. 4. Sarur and Sargaz (=tal stars of Scorpo), 272, 7: brght 95, r. 3: 209, : dm, 236G, : Sarru (Regulus, XL), wth Moon, 197, : 199, 4, 6: n halo, 96A, 5: 97, : 98, r. : 100, 5: 2A, 5: 14A, 6: n halo of 46, 7, 5: wth Jupter, 45, r, 4: dark, 8o, r. 3: 199A, : 228, 5: brght, 38, 6: 85, r. 3: 198, : Saturn, Lubadsagus, 50, r. 4: 25A,., r. 3: 26B, r. 2: 229B, r. 2, 3: 236H, 6: 244C, 8: n halo, 90, 5': 98, 4: OA, t;. : 103, 8: 144, 3: 8o, 5, 8: near Moon on 5th, 144, 9: approaches Moon, 176, r. 2: occulted by, 175, 7:=star of Sun, 176, r. 3: of Akkad (?), 1o7, r. 7: of Aharr, 167, r. 9: does not approach Venus, 67, 4: n front of Regulus, So, r. 6: n Scorpo (?), 26A, : n Leo, 216, : four degrees. from Mars, 88, 8: corrpo, 214A, : 247A, 2, 4: 27711, 2, r. 3: 277T, r. 2: n halo, 94, 2, r. 2: o8, x: L43,

120 NDEX. NDEX. X43 7: 2, 7 : halo round Moon n Scorpo, o9, 0 : approaches Moon, 213, : 214, : dark n centre, 151, r. 2 : dark, 223, 3 272, 13, 14: shara, 223, 5: 223A, r. 4: breast of Scorpo, 2; r. 3: stng, see Sarur. Sebat=AharrT, 60o, r. : Sbzanna, XLV, 26B, r. : brght, 86, r. 6: n halo, 203, 4, r. : before moon, 244B, 4. Sckness, apology, 158, r. 5: 243B, r. 2: letter about, 18: 257, 6: Sa, 277AE, r. 12 Srrapcu, 268, 6, r. 8: Szwvn=Aharrf, 67, 3: 156, r. : 268, 5: 271, 9: Star goes round, 247, r. 3: brght, 183, : 246E, 3: lke torch, 2 2, 5: wth scorpon's tal, 200 : lke a knot (?), 28, r7. 2: shnes from E. to W. 164, r. : rses and enters. 237, 7: great star lke fre, 187, r. 5 : at head of Scorpo, 251, 8: to the Sun 244B, r. : n Moon's halo, 105, r. 3: 223A, 4: on left of Moon, 234, 5 : 246F, 5: on left horn of Moon, 234, r., 2, 4, 5: on left front of Moon, 234, 4: n front of Moon, 24 F, : star dark, 236F, 5 (?): 246D, r. 4. Two stars n Moon's halo, 99, p. 3: oa, 5: 102, 8: 2A, 7: 12n, 4': 113, : 115, : 5A 6: 5c, 6: Two great stars one after the other, or. :.St,'rm n tlhe ltnd* t, r at,, 4- to50, D : a ^A 2, 3' 2S t 4 1 : : l t$l4 r : $s^ w ^^ 252, 3: n Sebat, 249A, : 250, 5: 25OA, : 251A,, : n Adar, 252, : 252A, : 252B, r. : n ntercalary Elul (?), 252E, 5 on a cloudy day, 252B, 6: on a dark day, 252E, 3: on day of Zu (?), 25, 5: Strabo, X. Subartu, XV. Sudun-=Mars, o17, r. 4: Sug (Pleades, L), over Moon, 246,, 4: over Moon and enters, 244, 1: cf 277AE: n Moon's halo, 206, r. 4: brght, 244A, : Moon n Sug, 49, 5: Sumat, wrter of, 47, 80, n, (scrbe of Bel's day) 6o, 169, 207, 246D, 274D. Suma-ddna, wrter of, 67. Sun, 26B, 3 :=star of kng, 176, r. 7: at zenth lke crescent and becomes full lke Moon, 269, 7: seen on 5th, 274,, : omen of sunrse=elam, 277L, 2: eastern Sun n Moon's halo, 174, 5: Sun n Moon's halo (= Saturn), 90, 3: 99, 6: OTA, 4: 102, 5: T4A, 3: 115C, 3: 36s, 8: 144, r. : 174, : 174A, 80, 2: halo round Sun, 173, : openng to South, 179, : on day of Moon's dsappearance, S5. 5, r. x: n Adar, 178, 3: 183B, : Sun n Moon's poston, t 6 *, : 177, 4: over Moon, a 15., 3'' '^ t.:! over or under c: Moon, 6: 176, 3: 1 te n klh * p 31S l.s w ^ ^t ^ t'4.s f '*' m " - -. m o! :;.2 A - A4 1 2 : at zenth brght,...8, 4: 8A, : at zenth ts left A, 3: parhelon (ndu) n path of Sun, 82, : Sun reaches zenth n ndu, 29, 4: S8B, r. 3: 83, 3: at zenth, a nd n ts path, 182, r. : on rght 68, 7: ndu on left of Sun, 137, r. 3 : on rght of Sun 68, 7: four ndu, 182, 5: Taba, wrter of 12, 71, 73, 193, 222 (wth Zakr?), 229A, 243A, 260: T-abu-sar-Bt (?), 158,r. : Tabu-sl-Marduk, son of Bl- -upahhr, wrter of A, 15, 94,.nephew of Bel-nasr, 52: Tammuz = Subartu, 36, r. 2: Tebet = Elam, 76, 4: Theophrastus, XXV, XXV. Thunder, 235, r. 4: n Nsan, 274, r. 1o: n yyar, 8, r. 2: n Ab, 235, r. 5: 256B, : 2560, : n Tsr, 260, : n Sebat, 261, T : (wth hal), 261, 3: on a cloudless day, 235, r. 7 : 257, 4: 258, 4: on day of Moon's dsappearance, 253, : 253A, : 253B, 4: 254, : 255, : 262, x, 3: Ramrnnu thunders n the mdst of L', 256, r. : n gate of Moon (expl.), 256A, 8: n mdst of Sun (expl.), 254, 7: double thunder clap, 258, r. 3: Thunderstorm, 267,, 6: 267, 8: n Ab, 256c, 3: 257, x: 258, : n Tsr, 259, : 260, 3: n Marcheswan, 272, : n Adar, 262, 5: Tranna ( ranbow, LXXX), 2A, 9: 252, 3, 5: 258, 2:259, 3 : 272, 2: 277P, r. 1: Urbarra = Mars, 237, 4: UrgZla, 189, 7: 199A, 4: 234A, r. 4: 266B, 3: dark, 216, 3: 219, 3: 222, 6: 228, 3: 246D, r. 3: Urmnah, 19, 6: 237, 5: ts stars shne, 189, 3: 222, 3: Usurt, n halo, and explaned, 114, 6, 8: Utu-ka-gab-a, 236P,.; : 277K, 2: Uza = Dlbat (Venus), z7 & '7 r. 7: Venus slar, 247, 2: puts on a crown, 209, 4: 243, 3: Dlbat, 236, 7 (?): 249, : 274F, r. 4(?) dsappears at sunset, 206, ': 208, : at sunrse, 205, : dsappears n month , 2: 2D,, 3: n month... 2, : n month... from st to 3oth dsappears at sunset (?), 206A, : n AVsan, St to 3oth, dsappears at sunrse, 74Aj 7: 203, 204, : 205, 5: S Swan, 207, 3: 207A, : 208, : n Ab, dsappears at sunset, 208, 5: 208A, : dm, 208, 2: 2o8A, 3 (n Ab?): Tn Ksleew, dsappears at sunrse frdm st to 3oth, 2og, r. 5: 2o, : n Sebal, 211, : uttanakkar, 204, 4: n cold, 205A, 5: 207A, 2: 208, 2(?): fxed poston, 206, 5: 2t1, r. 3: n 'Pth of Bel' (tropc of Cancer), 207, 4: at sunset, 207, : n 'Path of fa' (tropc of Caprcorn), 206, 8: puts on a crown (see star)

121 **; ;E <,.. At 144 NDEX. l"r-w - - lr r--, -^ rl...f 209, r. : brght, 205, 2: hgh (?), 74A, r. : wth Jupter (Unmunpaudcdu)!,, 94 3: wth Mars, 109, 3: n Gu-anna, 243, 5: n M ulmul, 2o5., 4: 243, 2: n Pablsag, 209, 3: 272, o : n Dlgan, 211, 6: n Anunt, 211, 5: n Urgula at sunrse, 208, r. 2: n... 2C, 3: 211E, : faces Scorpo, 112, 7: rat-akrab ('breast of Scorpo'), 112, r. 3: before ----, 256, 4: faces Allul, 208, r. 6: reaches Allul,. 207, 6: before Sbzanna, 86, r. 3, 9: eclpse away from Venus, 273, 7: Uza, 212A, 5 : hrght, 212, : faces Allul, 207 r. : Vatch, none kept on 3th, 14th, th day, 274s,, 3, 5: none kept for Moon, 55B, 6: long watch on 6th, 274s, 7: watch for Moon on 29th, 252D, 5; mornng watch = Elam, 242, r. 2 : 271, 9. WVnd, South at Moon's ap-' pearance, 37, r. : 41, r 5: at Moon's dsappearance, 179, 4: storm of south wnd, 256B, r. : North wnd at Muoon's appearance, 68, 5: halo and north wnd,, 5: storm of west wnd, 258, t. : Zaddn (?), son of Hurb (?), 16A) r. ; * Zakr, wrter of, 25, 28, os, 14A, 122, S, 83B, 229A (wth Taba?), 234, 236E, 251A, 253, 272C. Zbant, Lbra, 244C, 3: 247A,, 3: before Moon, 244B, 2: dark. 272, 15: Zkt-Akrab (Stng of Scopo) = Great lord Pablsag, 272, 9 means Pablsag, 236G, 5: on rght horn of Moon, 25, 4: Vote :-The followng tablets have traces of the sender's name left: 6, 19A, 23, 23A, 36A, 42, 44, 45, 46B, 47A, 50, 53, 56, 56A, 57, 64B, 69A, 70A, 8A, 8E, 81, 8H, 8, 85A, 90, 96A, 103, 04, 105, 2, 115, 15A, 5B, 6, 6B, 8A, 23A, 30A, 136, 36A, 36C, 136G, 36K, 136N, 136R., 136S, 136U, 42, 4.2, 51A, 155A, 57A, 58, 60A, 6oB, 167, 8o, 83A, 84, 88, 191, 205A, 207A, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 21E, 22A, 214A, 216A, 223, 229, 236C, 236F, 236G, 2361, 237A, 239, 243D, 244A, 246A, 246B, 246C, 261, 262, 262A, , 262C, 265B, 266A, 271, 272, 274, 274A, 274E, 274r, 274L, 274M, 2740, 274P, V, 2771AB, 77AC. Never sgned ;-9, 4o?, , 13SA, 36D, 136n, 52, S , 192, 251, ;.1:. :^ *4.1.H.4 ' E LSTS. K. 19, 215: 86, 91: 92, 27: 119, 182: 120A, 91: 121, , 267: 72, 4^6: 78, 7: 88, 183: 692, 75: 693, 58: 694, 66: 695, 69: 696, 7: 697, 128: 698, 26: 699, , 34: 701, 14: 702, 272C: 703, 9: 704, 228: 705, 43: 7o6, 140: 7:0 200: 7, 99: 712, 88: 713, 80: 714, 32: 715, 259: 718, 6 719, 174: 721, 130: 722, 78: 723, 197: 725, 205: 727, 65: 728, 244: 729, 37: 730, 135: 73, 206: 732, 246F 733, 168: 734, 83: 735, 231: 736, 39: 737, 133: 739, 97: 740, o6: 74, 30: 742, 96: 744, 10: 745, 77: 747, 235: 748, 248: 749, 277: 750, 27: 752, 85 : 753, 22B : 754, 15: 755, 158A,: 756; : 758, 21: 759, 184: 760, 25: 76, 243: 763, 123, 765, 255: 766, 276: E: 768, 249: 769, 82: : 772, 274: 773, 1360: 774, , 6: 776, , 266: 780, 178: 781, 180: 782, 204: 783, 26c: 784, 8: 785, 95 : 786, 254: 787, 256A: 788, 31:789, 36M: 790, 265A: 79, 41 : 793, 53: 794, 121: 795, 38 : 799, 137: 8o, 8: 803, 17; 804, 40: 80 5 ; 164: 806, 8: 807, 148: 88,- 236: 809, 66: 8o, 274B : 8, 246: 813, 266A: 85, 269: 839, 27A: 840, 3: 842, 146A: 843, 165A: 850, 47: 851, 244A: 853, 256c: 854, 262: 855, 234A: 856, 22A: 861, 216: 864, 98: 865, 274E: 866, , 9 : 868, 238: 869, 136N: 870, x88: 871, :85: 873, 252A: 874, 27: 875, 236B: 876, [36L: 877, 84: 878, 30A : 900, 5: 901, 81K: 902, 241: 904, 46A; 907, 195A: A: 933, 21O.A: 955, 270: 960, see note to : 963, 245: 964, 207A: 966, 277L: 967, 2771: 972, 225: 973, 151: 984, 274: 987, 190A: 994, 6OA: o A: 1236, 277:. 1300, 277H: 30, 277F: 302, 277K: 1304, 89: 1305, 15C: 1o6, 144A: 307, 81H 1308, A: 3130, 309, 8a: :, 5250A: 1312, 136D: r3t4, 244B3: 36, 18B: 1317, 191A:3 18, 266A: 1320, 70A: 132, 252E: 1322, 36T: 1323, 256B: 1324, T136C: 1326, 252D: 327, :256B: 1328, 277E: 1329, X44.E: 1330,.174A. 1331, x15e: 1332, 194: 1333, 2740: 1334, 14.: 1335, 55; 336, 2777D: 1338, 6.6A: 1339, 36K: 1340, 64A: 1341, 56:.1342, 2071: 1443, 205A: 1344, 47A.: T346, 96B: 1347,. 2,6A.: 1369, 157-: 373, 143:. 375 k

Foundations of Arithmetic

Foundations of Arithmetic Foundatons of Arthmetc Notaton We shall denote the sum and product of numbers n the usual notaton as a 2 + a 2 + a 3 + + a = a, a 1 a 2 a 3 a = a The notaton a b means a dvdes b,.e. ac = b where c s an

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Module 9. Lecture 6. Duality in Assignment Problems

Module 9. Lecture 6. Duality in Assignment Problems Module 9 1 Lecture 6 Dualty n Assgnment Problems In ths lecture we attempt to answer few other mportant questons posed n earler lecture for (AP) and see how some of them can be explaned through the concept

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California State Science Fair

California State Science Fair Calforna State Scence Far Mathematcal Modelng of Real World Systems Part 1 -- Explorng on Chaos on Your Computer Edward Ruth drruth@x.netcom.com 1) Introducton Mathematcs s the language that scentsts use

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Chapter Twelve. Integration. We now turn our attention to the idea of an integral in dimensions higher than one. Consider a real-valued function f : D

Chapter Twelve. Integration. We now turn our attention to the idea of an integral in dimensions higher than one. Consider a real-valued function f : D Chapter Twelve Integraton 12.1 Introducton We now turn our attenton to the dea of an ntegral n dmensons hgher than one. Consder a real-valued functon f : R, where the doman s a nce closed subset of Eucldean

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Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution

Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution Department of Statstcs Unversty of Toronto STA35HS / HS Desgn and Analyss of Experments Term Test - Wnter - Soluton February, Last Name: Frst Name: Student Number: Instructons: Tme: hours. Ads: a non-programmable

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Section 8.1 Exercises

Section 8.1 Exercises Secton 8.1 Non-rght Trangles: Law of Snes and Cosnes 519 Secton 8.1 Exercses Solve for the unknown sdes and angles of the trangles shown. 10 70 50 1.. 18 40 110 45 5 6 3. 10 4. 75 15 5 6 90 70 65 5. 6.

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THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD A Hypotheses, sad Medawar n 1964, are magnatve and nspratonal n character ; they are adventures of the mnd. He was argung n favour of the poston taken by Karl Popper n The Logc of

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FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS Page 1 of The idea of a frequency distribution for sets of observations will be introduced,

FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS Page 1 of The idea of a frequency distribution for sets of observations will be introduced, FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS Page 1 of 6 I. Introducton 1. The dea of a frequency dstrbuton for sets of observatons wll be ntroduced, together wth some of the mechancs for constructng dstrbutons of data. Then

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Ancient History Sourcebook: The Reports of the Magicians & Astrologers of Nineveh & Babylon, c BCE

Ancient History Sourcebook: The Reports of the Magicians & Astrologers of Nineveh & Babylon, c BCE Ancient History Sourcebook: The Reports of the Magicians & Astrologers of Nineveh & Babylon, c. 2500-670 BCE I. When the Moon Appears on the First Day of the Month. WHEN the Moon appears on the first day,

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Turing Machines (intro)

Turing Machines (intro) CHAPTER 3 The Church-Turng Thess Contents Turng Machnes defntons, examples, Turng-recognzable and Turng-decdable languages Varants of Turng Machne Multtape Turng machnes, non-determnstc Turng Machnes,

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Note on EM-training of IBM-model 1

Note on EM-training of IBM-model 1 Note on EM-tranng of IBM-model INF58 Language Technologcal Applcatons, Fall The sldes on ths subject (nf58 6.pdf) ncludng the example seem nsuffcent to gve a good grasp of what s gong on. Hence here are

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Temperature. Chapter Heat Engine

Temperature. Chapter Heat Engine Chapter 3 Temperature In prevous chapters of these notes we ntroduced the Prncple of Maxmum ntropy as a technque for estmatng probablty dstrbutons consstent wth constrants. In Chapter 9 we dscussed the

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C/CS/Phy191 Problem Set 3 Solutions Out: Oct 1, 2008., where ( 00. ), so the overall state of the system is ) ( ( ( ( 00 ± 11 ), Φ ± = 1

C/CS/Phy191 Problem Set 3 Solutions Out: Oct 1, 2008., where ( 00. ), so the overall state of the system is ) ( ( ( ( 00 ± 11 ), Φ ± = 1 C/CS/Phy9 Problem Set 3 Solutons Out: Oct, 8 Suppose you have two qubts n some arbtrary entangled state ψ You apply the teleportaton protocol to each of the qubts separately What s the resultng state obtaned

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Problem Set 9 Solutions

Problem Set 9 Solutions Desgn and Analyss of Algorthms May 4, 2015 Massachusetts Insttute of Technology 6.046J/18.410J Profs. Erk Demane, Srn Devadas, and Nancy Lynch Problem Set 9 Solutons Problem Set 9 Solutons Ths problem

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Some Consequences. Example of Extended Euclidean Algorithm. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, II. Characterizing the GCD and LCM

Some Consequences. Example of Extended Euclidean Algorithm. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, II. Characterizing the GCD and LCM Example of Extended Eucldean Algorthm Recall that gcd(84, 33) = gcd(33, 18) = gcd(18, 15) = gcd(15, 3) = gcd(3, 0) = 3 We work backwards to wrte 3 as a lnear combnaton of 84 and 33: 3 = 18 15 [Now 3 s

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χ x B E (c) Figure 2.1.1: (a) a material particle in a body, (b) a place in space, (c) a configuration of the body

χ x B E (c) Figure 2.1.1: (a) a material particle in a body, (b) a place in space, (c) a configuration of the body Secton.. Moton.. The Materal Body and Moton hyscal materals n the real world are modeled usng an abstract mathematcal entty called a body. Ths body conssts of an nfnte number of materal partcles. Shown

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EPR Paradox and the Physical Meaning of an Experiment in Quantum Mechanics. Vesselin C. Noninski

EPR Paradox and the Physical Meaning of an Experiment in Quantum Mechanics. Vesselin C. Noninski EPR Paradox and the Physcal Meanng of an Experment n Quantum Mechancs Vesseln C Nonnsk vesselnnonnsk@verzonnet Abstract It s shown that there s one purely determnstc outcome when measurement s made on

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Math1110 (Spring 2009) Prelim 3 - Solutions

Math1110 (Spring 2009) Prelim 3 - Solutions Math 1110 (Sprng 2009) Solutons to Prelm 3 (04/21/2009) 1 Queston 1. (16 ponts) Short answer. Math1110 (Sprng 2009) Prelm 3 - Solutons x a 1 (a) (4 ponts) Please evaluate lm, where a and b are postve numbers.

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Société de Calcul Mathématique SA

Société de Calcul Mathématique SA Socété de Calcul Mathématque SA Outls d'ade à la décson Tools for decson help Probablstc Studes: Normalzng the Hstograms Bernard Beauzamy December, 202 I. General constructon of the hstogram Any probablstc

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Grover s Algorithm + Quantum Zeno Effect + Vaidman

Grover s Algorithm + Quantum Zeno Effect + Vaidman Grover s Algorthm + Quantum Zeno Effect + Vadman CS 294-2 Bomb 10/12/04 Fall 2004 Lecture 11 Grover s algorthm Recall that Grover s algorthm for searchng over a space of sze wors as follows: consder the

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a b a In case b 0, a being divisible by b is the same as to say that

a b a In case b 0, a being divisible by b is the same as to say that Secton 6.2 Dvsblty among the ntegers An nteger a ε s dvsble by b ε f there s an nteger c ε such that a = bc. Note that s dvsble by any nteger b, snce = b. On the other hand, a s dvsble by only f a = :

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Week 2. This week, we covered operations on sets and cardinality.

Week 2. This week, we covered operations on sets and cardinality. Week 2 Ths week, we covered operatons on sets and cardnalty. Defnton 0.1 (Correspondence). A correspondence between two sets A and B s a set S contaned n A B = {(a, b) a A, b B}. A correspondence from

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Structure and Drive Paul A. Jensen Copyright July 20, 2003

Structure and Drive Paul A. Jensen Copyright July 20, 2003 Structure and Drve Paul A. Jensen Copyrght July 20, 2003 A system s made up of several operatons wth flow passng between them. The structure of the system descrbes the flow paths from nputs to outputs.

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CHAPTER 14 GENERAL PERTURBATION THEORY CHAPTER 4 GENERAL PERTURBATION THEORY 4 Introducton A partcle n orbt around a pont mass or a sphercally symmetrc mass dstrbuton s movng n a gravtatonal potental of the form GM / r In ths potental t moves

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THE SUMMATION NOTATION Ʃ Sngle Subscrpt otaton THE SUMMATIO OTATIO Ʃ Most of the calculatons we perform n statstcs are repettve operatons on lsts of numbers. For example, we compute the sum of a set of numbers, or the sum of the

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CHAPTER IV RESEARCH FINDING AND DISCUSSIONS CHAPTER IV RESEARCH FINDING AND DISCUSSIONS A. Descrpton of Research Fndng. The Implementaton of Learnng Havng ganed the whole needed data, the researcher then dd analyss whch refers to the statstcal data

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AP Physics 1 & 2 Summer Assignment

AP Physics 1 & 2 Summer Assignment AP Physcs 1 & 2 Summer Assgnment AP Physcs 1 requres an exceptonal profcency n algebra, trgonometry, and geometry. It was desgned by a select group of college professors and hgh school scence teachers

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On the correction of the h-index for career length

On the correction of the h-index for career length 1 On the correcton of the h-ndex for career length by L. Egghe Unverstet Hasselt (UHasselt), Campus Depenbeek, Agoralaan, B-3590 Depenbeek, Belgum 1 and Unverstet Antwerpen (UA), IBW, Stadscampus, Venusstraat

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The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Objective To use the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to solve polynomial equations with complex solutions

The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Objective To use the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to solve polynomial equations with complex solutions 5-6 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Content Standards N.CN.7 Solve quadratc equatons wth real coeffcents that have comple solutons. N.CN.8 Etend polnomal denttes to the comple numbers. Also N.CN.9,

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One Dimension Again. Chapter Fourteen

One Dimension Again. Chapter Fourteen hapter Fourteen One Dmenson Agan 4 Scalar Lne Integrals Now we agan consder the dea of the ntegral n one dmenson When we were ntroduced to the ntegral back n elementary school, we consdered only functons

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Lecture 3 Stat102, Spring 2007

Lecture 3 Stat102, Spring 2007 Lecture 3 Stat0, Sprng 007 Chapter 3. 3.: Introducton to regresson analyss Lnear regresson as a descrptve technque The least-squares equatons Chapter 3.3 Samplng dstrbuton of b 0, b. Contnued n net lecture

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G = G 1 + G 2 + G 3 G 2 +G 3 G1 G2 G3. Network (a) Network (b) Network (c) Network (d)

G = G 1 + G 2 + G 3 G 2 +G 3 G1 G2 G3. Network (a) Network (b) Network (c) Network (d) Massachusetts Insttute of Technology Department of Electrcal Engneerng and Computer Scence 6.002 í Electronc Crcuts Homework 2 Soluton Handout F98023 Exercse 21: Determne the conductance of each network

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= = = (a) Use the MATLAB command rref to solve the system. (b) Let A be the coefficient matrix and B be the right-hand side of the system.

= = = (a) Use the MATLAB command rref to solve the system. (b) Let A be the coefficient matrix and B be the right-hand side of the system. Chapter Matlab Exercses Chapter Matlab Exercses. Consder the lnear system of Example n Secton.. x x x y z y y z (a) Use the MATLAB command rref to solve the system. (b) Let A be the coeffcent matrx and

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and problem sheet 2

and problem sheet 2 -8 and 5-5 problem sheet Solutons to the followng seven exercses and optonal bonus problem are to be submtted through gradescope by :0PM on Wednesday th September 08. There are also some practce problems,

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COMPLEX NUMBERS AND QUADRATIC EQUATIONS COMPLEX NUMBERS AND QUADRATIC EQUATIONS INTRODUCTION We know that x 0 for all x R e the square of a real number (whether postve, negatve or ero) s non-negatve Hence the equatons x, x, x + 7 0 etc are not

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Module 14: THE INTEGRAL Exploring Calculus

Module 14: THE INTEGRAL Exploring Calculus Module 14: THE INTEGRAL Explorng Calculus Part I Approxmatons and the Defnte Integral It was known n the 1600s before the calculus was developed that the area of an rregularly shaped regon could be approxmated

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Linear, affine, and convex sets and hulls In the sequel, unless otherwise specified, X will denote a real vector space.

Linear, affine, and convex sets and hulls In the sequel, unless otherwise specified, X will denote a real vector space. Lnear, affne, and convex sets and hulls In the sequel, unless otherwse specfed, X wll denote a real vector space. Lnes and segments. Gven two ponts x, y X, we defne xy = {x + t(y x) : t R} = {(1 t)x +

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Affine transformations and convexity

Affine transformations and convexity Affne transformatons and convexty The purpose of ths document s to prove some basc propertes of affne transformatons nvolvng convex sets. Here are a few onlne references for background nformaton: http://math.ucr.edu/

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Section 8.3 Polar Form of Complex Numbers

Section 8.3 Polar Form of Complex Numbers 80 Chapter 8 Secton 8 Polar Form of Complex Numbers From prevous classes, you may have encountered magnary numbers the square roots of negatve numbers and, more generally, complex numbers whch are the

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Case A. P k = Ni ( 2L i k 1 ) + (# big cells) 10d 2 P k.

Case A. P k = Ni ( 2L i k 1 ) + (# big cells) 10d 2 P k. THE CELLULAR METHOD In ths lecture, we ntroduce the cellular method as an approach to ncdence geometry theorems lke the Szemeréd-Trotter theorem. The method was ntroduced n the paper Combnatoral complexty

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MAGNETISM MAGNETIC DIPOLES MAGNETISM We now turn to magnetsm. Ths has actually been used for longer than electrcty. People were usng compasses to sal around the Medterranean Sea several hundred years BC. However t was not understood

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For example, if the drawing pin was tossed 200 times and it landed point up on 140 of these trials,

For example, if the drawing pin was tossed 200 times and it landed point up on 140 of these trials, Probablty In ths actvty you wll use some real data to estmate the probablty of an event happenng. You wll also use a varety of methods to work out theoretcal probabltes. heoretcal and expermental probabltes

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Difference Equations

Difference Equations Dfference Equatons c Jan Vrbk 1 Bascs Suppose a sequence of numbers, say a 0,a 1,a,a 3,... s defned by a certan general relatonshp between, say, three consecutve values of the sequence, e.g. a + +3a +1

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SCALARS AND VECTORS All physical quantities in engineering mechanics are measured using either scalars or vectors.

SCALARS AND VECTORS All physical quantities in engineering mechanics are measured using either scalars or vectors. SCALARS AND ECTORS All phscal uanttes n engneerng mechancs are measured usng ether scalars or vectors. Scalar. A scalar s an postve or negatve phscal uantt that can be completel specfed b ts magntude.

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LAB # 4 - Torque. d (1)

LAB # 4 - Torque. d (1) LAB # 4 - Torque. Introducton Through the use of Newton's three laws of moton, t s possble (n prncple, f not n fact) to predct the moton of any set of partcles. That s, n order to descrbe the moton of

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DEMO #8 - GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION USING MATHEMATICA. 1. Matrices in Mathematica demo8.nb 1 DEMO #8 - GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION USING MATHEMATICA Obectves: - defne matrces n Mathematca - format the output of matrces - appl lnear algebra to solve a real problem - Use Mathematca to perform

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CS-433: Simulation and Modeling Modeling and Probability Review

CS-433: Simulation and Modeling Modeling and Probability Review CS-433: Smulaton and Modelng Modelng and Probablty Revew Exercse 1. (Probablty of Smple Events) Exercse 1.1 The owner of a camera shop receves a shpment of fve cameras from a camera manufacturer. Unknown

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1 Matrix representations of canonical matrices

1 Matrix representations of canonical matrices 1 Matrx representatons of canoncal matrces 2-d rotaton around the orgn: ( ) cos θ sn θ R 0 = sn θ cos θ 3-d rotaton around the x-axs: R x = 1 0 0 0 cos θ sn θ 0 sn θ cos θ 3-d rotaton around the y-axs:

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Problem Set 6: Trees Spring 2018

Problem Set 6: Trees Spring 2018 Problem Set 6: Trees 1-29 Sprng 2018 A Average dstance Gven a tree, calculate the average dstance between two vertces n the tree. For example, the average dstance between two vertces n the followng tree

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Week3, Chapter 4. Position and Displacement. Motion in Two Dimensions. Instantaneous Velocity. Average Velocity

Week3, Chapter 4. Position and Displacement. Motion in Two Dimensions. Instantaneous Velocity. Average Velocity Week3, Chapter 4 Moton n Two Dmensons Lecture Quz A partcle confned to moton along the x axs moves wth constant acceleraton from x =.0 m to x = 8.0 m durng a 1-s tme nterval. The velocty of the partcle

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= z 20 z n. (k 20) + 4 z k = 4

= z 20 z n. (k 20) + 4 z k = 4 Problem Set #7 solutons 7.2.. (a Fnd the coeffcent of z k n (z + z 5 + z 6 + z 7 + 5, k 20. We use the known seres expanson ( n+l ( z l l z n below: (z + z 5 + z 6 + z 7 + 5 (z 5 ( + z + z 2 + z + 5 5

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International Mathematical Olympiad. Preliminary Selection Contest 2012 Hong Kong. Outline of Solutions

International Mathematical Olympiad. Preliminary Selection Contest 2012 Hong Kong. Outline of Solutions Internatonal Mathematcal Olympad Prelmnary Selecton ontest Hong Kong Outlne of Solutons nswers: 7 4 7 4 6 5 9 6 99 7 6 6 9 5544 49 5 7 4 6765 5 6 6 7 6 944 9 Solutons: Snce n s a two-dgt number, we have

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INTERSECTION THEORY CLASS 13 INTERSECTION THEORY CLASS 13 RAVI VAKIL CONTENTS 1. Where we are: Segre classes of vector bundles, and Segre classes of cones 1 2. The normal cone, and the Segre class of a subvarety 3 3. Segre classes

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Cathy Walker March 5, 2010

Cathy Walker March 5, 2010 Cathy Walker March 5, 010 Part : Problem Set 1. What s the level of measurement for the followng varables? a) SAT scores b) Number of tests or quzzes n statstcal course c) Acres of land devoted to corn

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ANSWERS. Problem 1. and the moment generating function (mgf) by. defined for any real t. Use this to show that E( U) var( U)

ANSWERS. Problem 1. and the moment generating function (mgf) by. defined for any real t. Use this to show that E( U) var( U) Econ 413 Exam 13 H ANSWERS Settet er nndelt 9 deloppgaver, A,B,C, som alle anbefales å telle lkt for å gøre det ltt lettere å stå. Svar er gtt . Unfortunately, there s a prntng error n the hnt of

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Important Instructions to the Examiners:

Important Instructions to the Examiners: Summer 0 Examnaton Subject & Code: asc Maths (70) Model Answer Page No: / Important Instructons to the Examners: ) The Answers should be examned by key words and not as word-to-word as gven n the model

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Unit 5: Quadratic Equations & Functions

Unit 5: Quadratic Equations & Functions Date Perod Unt 5: Quadratc Equatons & Functons DAY TOPIC 1 Modelng Data wth Quadratc Functons Factorng Quadratc Epressons 3 Solvng Quadratc Equatons 4 Comple Numbers Smplfcaton, Addton/Subtracton & Multplcaton

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STAT 511 FINAL EXAM NAME Spring 2001

STAT 511 FINAL EXAM NAME Spring 2001 STAT 5 FINAL EXAM NAME Sprng Instructons: Ths s a closed book exam. No notes or books are allowed. ou may use a calculator but you are not allowed to store notes or formulas n the calculator. Please wrte

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Operating conditions of a mine fan under conditions of variable resistance

Operating conditions of a mine fan under conditions of variable resistance Paper No. 11 ISMS 216 Operatng condtons of a mne fan under condtons of varable resstance Zhang Ynghua a, Chen L a, b, Huang Zhan a, *, Gao Yukun a a State Key Laboratory of Hgh-Effcent Mnng and Safety

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Formulas for the Determinant

Formulas for the Determinant page 224 224 CHAPTER 3 Determnants e t te t e 2t 38 A = e t 2te t e 2t e t te t 2e 2t 39 If 123 A = 345, 456 compute the matrx product A adj(a) What can you conclude about det(a)? For Problems 40 43, use

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Comparative Studies of Law of Conservation of Energy. and Law Clusters of Conservation of Generalized Energy

Comparative Studies of Law of Conservation of Energy. and Law Clusters of Conservation of Generalized Energy Comparatve Studes of Law of Conservaton of Energy and Law Clusters of Conservaton of Generalzed Energy No.3 of Comparatve Physcs Seres Papers Fu Yuhua (CNOOC Research Insttute, E-mal:fuyh1945@sna.com)

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Midterm Examination. Regression and Forecasting Models

Midterm Examination. Regression and Forecasting Models IOMS Department Regresson and Forecastng Models Professor Wllam Greene Phone: 22.998.0876 Offce: KMC 7-90 Home page: people.stern.nyu.edu/wgreene Emal: wgreene@stern.nyu.edu Course web page: people.stern.nyu.edu/wgreene/regresson/outlne.htm

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HMMT February 2016 February 20, 2016

HMMT February 2016 February 20, 2016 HMMT February 016 February 0, 016 Combnatorcs 1. For postve ntegers n, let S n be the set of ntegers x such that n dstnct lnes, no three concurrent, can dvde a plane nto x regons (for example, S = {3,

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20. Mon, Oct. 13 What we have done so far corresponds roughly to Chapters 2 & 3 of Lee. Now we turn to Chapter 4. The first idea is connectedness.

20. Mon, Oct. 13 What we have done so far corresponds roughly to Chapters 2 & 3 of Lee. Now we turn to Chapter 4. The first idea is connectedness. 20. Mon, Oct. 13 What we have done so far corresponds roughly to Chapters 2 & 3 of Lee. Now we turn to Chapter 4. The frst dea s connectedness. Essentally, we want to say that a space cannot be decomposed

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Recover plaintext attack to block ciphers

Recover plaintext attack to block ciphers Recover plantext attac to bloc cphers L An-Png Bejng 100085, P.R.Chna apl0001@sna.com Abstract In ths paper, we wll present an estmaton for the upper-bound of the amount of 16-bytes plantexts for Englsh

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Lab 2e Thermal System Response and Effective Heat Transfer Coefficient

Lab 2e Thermal System Response and Effective Heat Transfer Coefficient 58:080 Expermental Engneerng 1 OBJECTIVE Lab 2e Thermal System Response and Effectve Heat Transfer Coeffcent Warnng: though the experment has educatonal objectves (to learn about bolng heat transfer, etc.),

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Experiment 1 Mass, volume and density

Experiment 1 Mass, volume and density Experment 1 Mass, volume and densty Purpose 1. Famlarze wth basc measurement tools such as verner calper, mcrometer, and laboratory balance. 2. Learn how to use the concepts of sgnfcant fgures, expermental

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Moments of Inertia. and reminds us of the analogous equation for linear momentum p= mv, which is of the form. The kinetic energy of the body is.

Moments of Inertia. and reminds us of the analogous equation for linear momentum p= mv, which is of the form. The kinetic energy of the body is. Moments of Inerta Suppose a body s movng on a crcular path wth constant speed Let s consder two quanttes: the body s angular momentum L about the center of the crcle, and ts knetc energy T How are these

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Solutions to Homework 7, Mathematics 1. 1 x. (arccos x) (arccos x) 1

Solutions to Homework 7, Mathematics 1. 1 x. (arccos x) (arccos x) 1 Solutons to Homework 7, Mathematcs 1 Problem 1: a Prove that arccos 1 1 for 1, 1. b* Startng from the defnton of the dervatve, prove that arccos + 1, arccos 1. Hnt: For arccos arccos π + 1, the defnton

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Mathematics Intersection of Lines

Mathematics Intersection of Lines a place of mnd F A C U L T Y O F E D U C A T I O N Department of Currculum and Pedagog Mathematcs Intersecton of Lnes Scence and Mathematcs Educaton Research Group Supported b UBC Teachng and Learnng Enhancement

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2E Pattern Recognition Solutions to Introduction to Pattern Recognition, Chapter 2: Bayesian pattern classification

2E Pattern Recognition Solutions to Introduction to Pattern Recognition, Chapter 2: Bayesian pattern classification E395 - Pattern Recognton Solutons to Introducton to Pattern Recognton, Chapter : Bayesan pattern classfcaton Preface Ths document s a soluton manual for selected exercses from Introducton to Pattern Recognton

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APPENDIX 2 FITTING A STRAIGHT LINE TO OBSERVATIONS Unversty of Oulu Student Laboratory n Physcs Laboratory Exercses n Physcs 1 1 APPEDIX FITTIG A STRAIGHT LIE TO OBSERVATIOS In the physcal measurements we often make a seres of measurements of the dependent

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Statistical Inference. 2.3 Summary Statistics Measures of Center and Spread. parameters ( population characteristics )

Statistical Inference. 2.3 Summary Statistics Measures of Center and Spread. parameters ( population characteristics ) Ismor Fscher, 8//008 Stat 54 / -8.3 Summary Statstcs Measures of Center and Spread Dstrbuton of dscrete contnuous POPULATION Random Varable, numercal True center =??? True spread =???? parameters ( populaton

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Physics 181. Particle Systems

Physics 181. Particle Systems Physcs 181 Partcle Systems Overvew In these notes we dscuss the varables approprate to the descrpton of systems of partcles, ther defntons, ther relatons, and ther conservatons laws. We consder a system

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NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION 1 Introducton Dfferentaton s a method to compute the rate at whch a dependent output y changes wth respect to the change n the ndependent nput x. Ths rate of change s called the

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Psychology 282 Lecture #24 Outline Regression Diagnostics: Outliers

Psychology 282 Lecture #24 Outline Regression Diagnostics: Outliers Psychology 282 Lecture #24 Outlne Regresson Dagnostcs: Outlers In an earler lecture we studed the statstcal assumptons underlyng the regresson model, ncludng the followng ponts: Formal statement of assumptons.

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A particle in a state of uniform motion remain in that state of motion unless acted upon by external force.

A particle in a state of uniform motion remain in that state of motion unless acted upon by external force. The fundamental prncples of classcal mechancs were lad down by Galleo and Newton n the 16th and 17th centures. In 1686, Newton wrote the Prncpa where he gave us three laws of moton, one law of gravty,

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LINEAR REGRESSION ANALYSIS. MODULE IX Lecture Multicollinearity LINEAR REGRESSION ANALYSIS MODULE IX Lecture - 30 Multcollnearty Dr. Shalabh Department of Mathematcs and Statstcs Indan Insttute of Technology Kanpur 2 Remedes for multcollnearty Varous technques have

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COS 511: Theoretical Machine Learning. Lecturer: Rob Schapire Lecture # 15 Scribe: Jieming Mao April 1, 2013

COS 511: Theoretical Machine Learning. Lecturer: Rob Schapire Lecture # 15 Scribe: Jieming Mao April 1, 2013 COS 511: heoretcal Machne Learnng Lecturer: Rob Schapre Lecture # 15 Scrbe: Jemng Mao Aprl 1, 013 1 Bref revew 1.1 Learnng wth expert advce Last tme, we started to talk about learnng wth expert advce.

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CSci 6974 and ECSE 6966 Math. Tech. for Vision, Graphics and Robotics Lecture 21, April 17, 2006 Estimating A Plane Homography

CSci 6974 and ECSE 6966 Math. Tech. for Vision, Graphics and Robotics Lecture 21, April 17, 2006 Estimating A Plane Homography CSc 6974 and ECSE 6966 Math. Tech. for Vson, Graphcs and Robotcs Lecture 21, Aprl 17, 2006 Estmatng A Plane Homography Overvew We contnue wth a dscusson of the major ssues, usng estmaton of plane projectve

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SINGLE EVENTS, TIME SERIES ANALYSIS, AND PLANETARY MOTION SINGLE EVENTS, TIME SERIES ANALYSIS, AND PLANETARY MOTION John N. Harrs INTRODUCTION The advent of modern computng devces and ther applcaton to tme-seres analyses permts the nvestgaton of mathematcal and

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The Order Relation and Trace Inequalities for. Hermitian Operators

The Order Relation and Trace Inequalities for. Hermitian Operators Internatonal Mathematcal Forum, Vol 3, 08, no, 507-57 HIKARI Ltd, wwwm-hkarcom https://doorg/0988/mf088055 The Order Relaton and Trace Inequaltes for Hermtan Operators Y Huang School of Informaton Scence

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Ph 219a/CS 219a. Exercises Due: Wednesday 23 October 2013

Ph 219a/CS 219a. Exercises Due: Wednesday 23 October 2013 1 Ph 219a/CS 219a Exercses Due: Wednesday 23 October 2013 1.1 How far apart are two quantum states? Consder two quantum states descrbed by densty operators ρ and ρ n an N-dmensonal Hlbert space, and consder

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Remarks on the Properties of a Quasi-Fibonacci-like Polynomial Sequence

Remarks on the Properties of a Quasi-Fibonacci-like Polynomial Sequence Remarks on the Propertes of a Quas-Fbonacc-lke Polynomal Sequence Brce Merwne LIU Brooklyn Ilan Wenschelbaum Wesleyan Unversty Abstract Consder the Quas-Fbonacc-lke Polynomal Sequence gven by F 0 = 1,

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Lecture 4. Instructor: Haipeng Luo

Lecture 4. Instructor: Haipeng Luo Lecture 4 Instructor: Hapeng Luo In the followng lectures, we focus on the expert problem and study more adaptve algorthms. Although Hedge s proven to be worst-case optmal, one may wonder how well t would

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Gravitational Acceleration: A case of constant acceleration (approx. 2 hr.) (6/7/11)

Gravitational Acceleration: A case of constant acceleration (approx. 2 hr.) (6/7/11) Gravtatonal Acceleraton: A case of constant acceleraton (approx. hr.) (6/7/11) Introducton The gravtatonal force s one of the fundamental forces of nature. Under the nfluence of ths force all objects havng

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Homework Assignment 3 Due in class, Thursday October 15

Homework Assignment 3 Due in class, Thursday October 15 Homework Assgnment 3 Due n class, Thursday October 15 SDS 383C Statstcal Modelng I 1 Rdge regresson and Lasso 1. Get the Prostrate cancer data from http://statweb.stanford.edu/~tbs/elemstatlearn/ datasets/prostate.data.

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1 GSW Iterative Techniques for y = Ax

1 GSW Iterative Techniques for y = Ax 1 for y = A I m gong to cheat here. here are a lot of teratve technques that can be used to solve the general case of a set of smultaneous equatons (wrtten n the matr form as y = A), but ths chapter sn

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princeton univ. F 17 cos 521: Advanced Algorithm Design Lecture 7: LP Duality Lecturer: Matt Weinberg

princeton univ. F 17 cos 521: Advanced Algorithm Design Lecture 7: LP Duality Lecturer: Matt Weinberg prnceton unv. F 17 cos 521: Advanced Algorthm Desgn Lecture 7: LP Dualty Lecturer: Matt Wenberg Scrbe: LP Dualty s an extremely useful tool for analyzng structural propertes of lnear programs. Whle there

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Polynomials. 1 More properties of polynomials

Polynomials. 1 More properties of polynomials Polynomals 1 More propertes of polynomals Recall that, for R a commutatve rng wth unty (as wth all rngs n ths course unless otherwse noted), we defne R[x] to be the set of expressons n =0 a x, where a

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Lecture 10 Support Vector Machines II

Lecture 10 Support Vector Machines II Lecture 10 Support Vector Machnes II 22 February 2016 Taylor B. Arnold Yale Statstcs STAT 365/665 1/28 Notes: Problem 3 s posted and due ths upcomng Frday There was an early bug n the fake-test data; fxed

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A quote of the week (or camel of the week): There is no expedience to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking. Thomas A.

A quote of the week (or camel of the week): There is no expedience to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking. Thomas A. A quote of the week (or camel of the week): here s no expedence to whch a man wll not go to avod the labor of thnkng. homas A. Edson Hess law. Algorthm S Select a reacton, possbly contanng specfc compounds

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PY2101 Classical Mechanics Dr. Síle Nic Chormaic, Room 215 D Kane Bldg

PY2101 Classical Mechanics Dr. Síle Nic Chormaic, Room 215 D Kane Bldg PY2101 Classcal Mechancs Dr. Síle Nc Chormac, Room 215 D Kane Bldg s.ncchormac@ucc.e Lectures stll some ssues to resolve. Slots shared between PY2101 and PY2104. Hope to have t fnalsed by tomorrow. Mondays

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EN40: Dynamics and Vibrations. Homework 7: Rigid Body Kinematics

EN40: Dynamics and Vibrations. Homework 7: Rigid Body Kinematics N40: ynamcs and Vbratons Homewor 7: Rgd Body Knematcs School of ngneerng Brown Unversty 1. In the fgure below, bar AB rotates counterclocwse at 4 rad/s. What are the angular veloctes of bars BC and C?.

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ELASTIC WAVE PROPAGATION IN A CONTINUOUS MEDIUM ELASTIC WAVE PROPAGATION IN A CONTINUOUS MEDIUM An elastc wave s a deformaton of the body that travels throughout the body n all drectons. We can examne the deformaton over a perod of tme by fxng our look

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Math 426: Probability MWF 1pm, Gasson 310 Homework 4 Selected Solutions

Math 426: Probability MWF 1pm, Gasson 310 Homework 4 Selected Solutions Exercses from Ross, 3, : Math 26: Probablty MWF pm, Gasson 30 Homework Selected Solutons 3, p. 05 Problems 76, 86 3, p. 06 Theoretcal exercses 3, 6, p. 63 Problems 5, 0, 20, p. 69 Theoretcal exercses 2,

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Linear Feature Engineering 11

Linear Feature Engineering 11 Lnear Feature Engneerng 11 2 Least-Squares 2.1 Smple least-squares Consder the followng dataset. We have a bunch of nputs x and correspondng outputs y. The partcular values n ths dataset are x y 0.23 0.19

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Chapter 8 Indicator Variables

Chapter 8 Indicator Variables Chapter 8 Indcator Varables In general, e explanatory varables n any regresson analyss are assumed to be quanttatve n nature. For example, e varables lke temperature, dstance, age etc. are quanttatve n

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Credit Card Pricing and Impact of Adverse Selection

Credit Card Pricing and Impact of Adverse Selection Credt Card Prcng and Impact of Adverse Selecton Bo Huang and Lyn C. Thomas Unversty of Southampton Contents Background Aucton model of credt card solctaton - Errors n probablty of beng Good - Errors n

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8.6 The Complex Number System

8.6 The Complex Number System 8.6 The Complex Number System Earler n the chapter, we mentoned that we cannot have a negatve under a square root, snce the square of any postve or negatve number s always postve. In ths secton we want

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