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1 VOL 45. NO. 28 MARFA. PRESIDIO COUNTY. TEXAS 79*43 OCT. 9, 1969 PRICE»0c Morfo low Rent Housing Giuen Approuol New later feceptkles are being placed la strategic places ia dwatown Marfa aa a part of the OP prograai uaderway la Marfo the peat several Booths. Donations by Rotary, late Sajaw Phi. Women's Auxiliary of the Cheater of Goaaaercc, ttoaa dubs. Pilot Club. Violeta dab aad individuals have purchased six of the containers. Mrs. It H. Codbold aad Mrs. Charles Henderson are shown here pjedag ajattetbyiae Voter WMMfwCsy In County the 1970 iltctioni gat underway October I aad will ceaataue through January according to Mn, TheJma Morrow, der. County. Tate incustration Is ef- summr sj^smsms^ummpuems, #a ma 1 w>* feet** for the 1970 voting year whkh begins oa March I aad ends oa February 20, The general rale is that no aae can vote without havteg registered. A former exemption from registration for pofsnas over 70 who did aat h>t ia a town of or meet inhabitants " ** to fj**!''^1* requjssauntl for ia for persons who are absent from their county of residence ia active military service. The required qualifications for voting are: 1. Orisons of the United States. 2. Over 21 years old oa the day of the ekcttoa. 3. Resident of the state for at-jeast one year immediately pieceding election day. 4. Resident of the county for at mast 6 months name- Jia,^ _«B*SOmnYsaOesnaunBl oloano^pmu oay - fiquireo ror vouag ia local estctioas out not required for voting oa statewide offices aad is- only mafor exception to Portion rcrsoas convssfto off a felony who have not had HSWC their right of suffrage restored and persoas who are going to memloft T "the High- - under adjudgment of men- t of Zone land Soil and Water Con. tal District this week ^00^ fee vlte election of a direct-. Any person who already oe to the tone The hetoj to landowners in the xoae and are to be returned to the HSWCT) office no later than $ mm. oa October 15 to be counted. 2oae oat comprises land at Presidio aad a portion of Jeff Devm Counties that is north of Highway 90. i eaat of Highway 67 to Parf ant- aao sees, as aat nam- Uf TWTHSVWS»** m% yearo> Hayes. Jtw is Meal to Zamt I, accordtojuati rumus tne lequtreambua. who wifl fulfill them before the ead of the 1970 vottng year on Feb. 2S. 1971, may rcgicter duriag the tegular before they meet the ate wtt ntfl tht n> att Tter wmntlm mtikmt mm Aow At tec en wfcfcl *ty. «dl btcoat digftl* to who wo Iteeame 71 years old by aateafy31 ^-^-^-% -^-^-^-^-^-. ^Muk g^^ygjat A^mssMa. aaatsvat* awe^atatavcfr Wf fmfafsp^^^v amj eaaaot mawer In fcaatlnaid On Pag* 12) Morfq Shorthorni Mejsfa lx4r*ooi»tt fclajaf AMMIAI nfw MN^PI IVfeWVfUJSJ» *--- Try Van Horn MTbt winning Maria Shorthorns, frath from victory over the Wink Wild- The Marfa Ex-Students Association held a rcccptlea aad business meeting following the Homecoming cats feat Friday night, wife* ease on Friday. October journey to Vaa Horn this ** t9 &. Approximately 50 week. exes attended the meeting. Coach Dub PeJsoa told J*" ttfreshaeat table was the Shorthorn Booster Chib decorated with white flow- Tuesday niaht that the Vaa «* _ n purple net. and Hon eagles have about cookies were with the fastest bachfield of anyone Marfa wul play this The Hfthtttt meeting was punch aad coffee. year. Poison said Means is called to order by the president Rkardo Sotelo. who a real fast runner aad Valdee at fuubach has good welcomed those nfcaeni. i speed aad is a good football aad recognized two exes * % * *. *V..0* two aames. one to Eunice. N. M. and to Fabena. Polsea said Vaa Horn avade some '"' Hit? near the ead of the game aad Fabeaa uxm smvsanaae or oaaa 10 win the game. All the talk m Van Horn the past two weeks baa ^ ja aat oat to get the Shorasntaa. Poison said the Shorthorns did aot work oat Monday due to the weasner but had a good one Tuesday and wul be working hard the ftiaatader of the week. "The haul aae show* ^ W H S m asms samwvmi smsjm> mmm%s>vs7* tog a lot of bustle. Just has ta^du to the Wink game and I behave we wifibe ready Friday night. (same tune is 0 p.m. ia Van Nora. FFAUmboTo DoHosShow Twenty-three fat lambs wdl be shown by members of the Marfo FFA Chapter at the State Fair of Texas next week in Danas. according to John Kearney. Vocational Agriculture teacher at Marfa High School. The lambs aad exhibitors are scheduled to leave Marfo this Sunday morning for the trip to Dallas. B* httirrs include. Jim Bffi WcJIa. Tar Raw*. Carle Mack, Lauren Fowthes. Harry Wells, Ricky Black. Mac Fewlkes. Debbie Mitchell. Maria Mttch- A Amy Joy Rawis, Monroe Bhas aad James Steea. m AajSSPASS hsa ami of Oe ^ a a P O m week la the Tell The Department of Housing aad Urban Developmeat has approved a ban ia the amount of $919, to the Marfo Housing Authority for the construction of 56 public, hoaalfig units ia Marfa. according to Jack Meckka, chairman of the MHA. Plans call for 40 units, efficiency, or one bedroom, for the use of the elderly aad 16 units for family use. The units for the elderly are to be of a duplex design. The remainder are to be of who had come great distances: Tony Cano from bedroom homes. All will one. two three aad four Hawaii and lames Dod feature a Spanish motif aad from Korea. After the readiag of the minutes aad the Nerriss aad Pace of Mid were designed by Pierce. treasurer's report by Mrs. land. The plans call for Richard Gontalei. Mrs. the construction of a recontaining Tcofilo Heraaades, member- cxeatfoaal ship clurirmaa* building for that she had collected aa aae of the occupants additional $65.00 ia dues, The protect win h> «~>.»ipt. Carl Robinson. f»cted ost the former chairman of the nominating BbckwcJI school ground imittee, submitted the rite. The MHA has fooowtog alate of officers agreement with the Marfa fe^tgig- PtoiMtnV,,»0 fer the purchase of Rfcatdo Sotelo. vke-presi- earn** 5 acres to th* ansa dent, Aden Salgado; secre- aad the grounds ate now tary, Addie Bertha Holmes; being cleared by the school aad treasurer, Richard Gon- district sales. The nominees were The MHA was created elected by acclamation, and inae two years ago by the were installed by Supt. Ro- Qty of Marfo aactlta mem- The meeting a^%a>^^aamhw^bt OOsVfCOf Sot rof Mr* Volontuolo Mrs. Leoaor H. ValeaxocJa. 56. of Marfo. died 9 ai Bteujatel Memorial Hospital, following a lengthy ilfasat, Mrs. Valensuela was bora January to l3^tlie»* aur. snu ifw. smmsma*. rsur* i&.&s'utt ^52¾¾¾ fi^ la Marfa. Batvrvors aaaa. DenitOb mm** MaH Mrs!^ of r asmaaaatj Sflsmn^ams^SM^^' y w w f W I W great ^srs?-** than Mayor the MHA iadade Meckhn. ^ws^^sumaasfl^^bs m^ew^ssm^ste^ ue'u^^^mew^s Geae West, Bea Goaxams* aad Jack Brunson. Charles Boreing, who has had previous experience ia handling apphcationt for hous- 6a*am ^^Bja^ma^oaavaapi aar axmmjsssajatwamjaj aa eieiatlve o^ractor. The program, according to MHA. is derioaed to provide decent and adequaat saaummj iw ssw-umnnue iadlvmuals aad affoniir^uiit ^ aaite walhe baaw aoon Oe number lathe family of Oe J»* ahi hi- «- to Ray* m *am be to ^str^b<'asaa witk ftetesntefeic of Oeaaia to be made in aa- al peyaaates over a 40- Fv nkmuiaiuukmmkmmi * MM aayamaaa,.^ teat of the v^.^.fcfjbdstht. toal tmu m mml' mm rsrieat far fab payassat. TW protect is sabasct to OMttoa hr Oe dty. county eaaj settees aad wul pay saasamt toaaa ewtog te ssa-aa.^

2 2 Tht BMJ Bead Sentinel. October Marfa. Texas ^ ^^^ i^a^hbhmhbi^m^ «4» -*B^^- Ma*WBmnwai«MMa<K Mrs. Ramirtz Rwiows Book For Big Bond Study dub Mia. Oscar Spencer was hostess to the Big Bend Study dub for a regular sating in her hone on Saturday afternoon. October 4th. The president. Mrs. Joe Ramirez, called the meeting to order and roll call was answered with a brief description of a new book. During the business meeting, plans were discussed for the Special Americanism Program which is to be held on November 11th. This patriotic program will include every one la Presidio and many from other towns in the area. Oiinaga school children will be invited to attend and to participate again this year. All organizations and businesses will be uraed to sponsor floats for the parade, or to assist financially. The speaker for the occasion has not yet been announced. In the absence of Mrs. Joe S. Browne, chairman of the Program Committee. Mrs. Stanley W. Casner served in this capacity for the day. For the program, carrying out the Club's theme for the Year. "Be Alert. Care and Act Through Literature." Mrs. Ramirez reviewed "Valley of the Delhi" by Jacqueline Susaan. which was Number One on New York Times bestseller list for 38 consecutive weeks; "Valley of the Dolla" is the story of t!rtt exciting women: women too tough or too talented not to reach the top and unable to en- Joy it when they were there. Each of them was brad in tht Babykms of Broadway and Hollywood. Bach of them learned about making bve. making money. ami making believe. of tht wave, and each of them came finaflv to tht Valley of the Dons"; tht world where tht magic ticket to peace or oblivion art "ow - tht Insiders word for pills - pep pills, sleeping pills, red pills, brae pills and pills to chase tht truth away, la reality these three beautiful women wanted what all women want and strive for - security, husband, children and home, but they used sex to get it. The characters in this book are the Hemingway type. Mrs. Ramirez said, and the novel tells its inside story knowingly, compelkngly and intimately. She concluded by asking "Dots Pornography Seu Modern Literature?" and a group discussion followed. The hostess served a dessert and coffee to Mrs. Ramirez. Mrs. Casner. Mrs. Arturo Ochoa. Mrs. Clay Slack. Mrs. Earl Ashley and Mrs. Vermeil Davidson, a guest. Personals Mrs. Hunter Metcalfe returned home to Marfa last week after spending several weeks in Houston. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Squires of Redmond. Oregon. were guests in tht home of Mrs. Brian Cartwright and Mrs. Wilms Cleveland last week. While here tht Squires, who are "rockhounds." visited tht Big Bend Park. They are distant cousins of Mrs. Cleveland. Mrs. C. A. Taylor and her daughter. Mrs. Dorothy Poky, havt been visiting friends In Marfa. They-atttnded thjt Homecoming festivitiesm> Valentine October 4. Mrs. Foley U a graduate of Valentine High School* They returned to their home in Buchanan Dam on Wednesday. Mrs. Taylor is a former Marfa resident. Now In Color TV Cltwrfsaei lattfrlosi Rtte* Pint Inscrtion-5 cents per word or 90 cents minimum. Second Insertion and thereafter-^ cents per word or 70 cents mini' Non<onsecutive insertions 5 cents per word per insertion and 90 cents minimum. Legal Notice Rate - 5 cents per word first insertion. 3 cents per word each subsequent insertion. Open classified Display advertising - $1.00 per column inch. Deadline for receiving or cancelling classified ads is 12 noou Tuesdays. The Big Bend Sentinel fulfills requirements for publications of all legal notices. To place an ad or for information Dial Readers art cautioned to investigate thoroughly any advertiser whose ad itrrcs schooling paid for by reader or an investment at a condition of employment Tht Big Bend Sentinel makes every effort to screen all advertiaiag placed in its commas. 4S-tfc Should you need my services, you havt a selection of 223 designs in marble and granite monuments and markers with a choke of colors in tht granite. Phone me at or come by 1005 West Washington. Terms can be arranged. J. H. Cats. Marfa. 9-tfe "Mam M ek* liana/* Collector's Ediwfttt J% pscrore v»nvunakmv of Aft* in Space fismforaftjo* now on safe at rat Big Bead Seitrme/. On/jr $240 plat to*. 23-f/c Will give away three kittens. 10 weeks old. Call Mrs. Adams after S p.m. 28-ltp Don't be roofed by cot*rete printing prices. Let experts do quality printing for you at tht Big Band Sentinel in Maria. 23jfc Pound: Bunch of keys on key chain. 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3 Eastern Star Celebrates *» Golden Anniversary Saturday sight October , at 7:30 DA., the Marfa Chapter No. 344 Order of the Eastern Star celebrated its Golden Anadversary wih a turkey dinner served in the Fellowship Hall of the Mason- Js» SJPMHP>>I Two charter members. Mis* Annie McCracken of Maria and Mia. Lillian Spencer of Del Rio. were hoaored gucste and each was presented a 50 year service pis by Mia. Edwina Hurley during s ceremony conducted by Mrs. Nola The theme for the oceecarried out with centerpiece of gold chrysanthemums, highlighted with a gold 90: a golden kvk chain extended from both sides of the arrange- Mrs. Holman osed a jflfrftn chain ssaas op of fifty links, and as she read each year's history, if the Worthy Matron was present she was asked to cosse forward and become a living Ismk m the golden chain. The fast Worthy Matron was Mrs. Mary Tnosapson, 1919*1920; Mrs. Annie MeCiachaa, fast hah in chain, 1920-IW1; Mrs. Ulana Sneneer. second link ia chain ; Mrs. Ruth Rosrk, third link in chain ; Mrs. Edwina Hurley, fourth hah ; Mis. Lois Mc Donald, served ; Mrs. Glen Adams served ; Mis. Jane Gear ; Mrs. Else Bishop, fifth Irnh ia chain : Mis. Chicora MeUard served : Mrs. Lenora Hord served two terms : Mrs. Ruth Johasoa, sixth link ; Mis. Pays Garactt, seventh hah, ; Mrs. Kathryn Cats, eighth link, ; Mrs. Mary Taylor.ninth link ; Mrs. Mary Dod. tenth bah, ; Mis. Evelyn Bentley, eleventh link* served two terms ; Mrs. Lams Rath Elder served ; Mrs. Nancy Keith, twelfth bnk, s Mrs. Minnie Wasson. thirteenth link ; Mis. Sadie Barlow. fsjgftaesth hah. served two terns, ; Mrs. Nola Holman. fifteenth hak ; Mrs. Doralene LetrlttT. sixteenth Hak, : Mrs. Catherine Visiters served ; Mrs. Wilaa NAftftAL MS Prhhfh, seventeenth hah* ; Mrs. Estefle Moore, eighteenth Uak. serving The Chapter not only had its two oldest members present, bat also its youngest member. Miss Mary Helen Bentley. Approximately fifty members and guests attended the celebration including the following out-of-town visitors: Mrs. Bonnie Grayson. Mrs. Edith Schonberg. Mrs. Prances Wyatt. Mrs. Rachel Burnett and Mrs. Edith Smith of Alpine: Mrs. Carol Giles of Fort Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Bavins Wagnon of El Paso; and Mrs. Lillian Spencer of Del Rio. WTUWomonTo MtrtlnAbilm The 154 annual Women's Conference of West Texas Utilities ia scheduled in Abilene October 13 with an expected attendance of 200 women employees and guests. The afldav meeting will he at WTlT Lytfe Shores with the Abilene District serving as host The leadership workshop conference was established 15 years ago to help the women employees of the company develop public relations ikaow-how ia order to better serve the public. The ateeamg session nets underway at 9:00 o'clock with a caul to order sad explanation of the program theme by Rath Tipton of the Mattel office. The theme is "Roaring Reddy Maids." Guest speakers for the morning mvd their subjects Zenovia Strickland. Invocation: Uoyd Cope, Welcome: Dor wood Chalkcr, Reddy ami the Atom, Mary foe Craig, Soft Touch: Jean Cowden, Let's Zoom; Gail Quails. Look Who's Talking. Luncheon wfll be served in the Lytkt Shores banquet hao during the noon break between sessions, with mask provided by Rotas Edausdtson, employee of WTU, and the drawing for door prutss supervised by Barbara BrockweQ of the Abikne office*. Effie Johnson of the Crowell efbos witf mtrodoce the afternoon ttssston, which begins at 1:00 o'clock with George Gray and his ahdt presentation of "Viewing Under Space". Other afternoon speakers aad their topics are' Jane Samuel]. Precious Enthusiasm; Aaa Ellison. Gems of Wisdom: Oaodtne WooV ridgt. Wear One - Take Two. At 3:15 pm. the group will take a trip to the Fausttartom, when reconvene at Abfleae Country Qab at (CoBttened aa Page 10) Tfct Bl» *d 9. i«t». M*rf«. TISM 3 Marfa History Club Btgins 70th Anniversary dub Y«ar In celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the Marfa History Club, members began their new club year with a Texas Day program Mt old Camp Holland on the Miller ranch, with husbands of members as guests. The meeting was held at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. September 30th. with Mr. and Mrs. Clay Miller and Mr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Roosevelt as hosts. A brief meeting was conducted by the president. Mrs. Anne Markle, covering routine business matters. Members were reminded to write to NASA concerning prayers in Space/ and a birthday card from Mrs. Jack Kelly was read, congratulating the club on its seventieth anniversary. Plans for the Western District Board meetinq were discussed; Mrs. E. A. Mueller agreed to help with registration on Tuesday afternoon. October 21 at the Paisano Hotel; and Mrs. J. B. Little will represent the dub at registration oa Wednesday morning:. October 22. at the First Christian Church. Mrs. J. S. Livingston and Mrs. Jack Mechlin will a*- SIlOp CsflO SeWw) 01 Giant liquid PttJmoliv* SSc King Silt Gain Pf rgant $ hv Can - AD Grinds Foloors Coffoo I VISJV'V ^B^PIIW sist with the coffee oa Wednesday morning. Mrs. Markle read some of the minutes of the club which were written during its first year in A barbecue supper was served to members and quests. Following the meal. Mrs. Espy Miller gave a brief history of the camp. The ranch was the scene of the last Indian massacre in the area, and conflicting stories are told of it. One story tells that in 1880 after the Indian chief Victor*) was killed, part of his band attacked a cavalry unit of Negro soldiers with their white officer, who were camped there. All were killed except one soldier who had been sent to hunt the horses, and he took the news of the massacre to Pert Davis. The Negro soldiers were buried on the ranch and the officer was buried in a military ceme- Camp Holland, which is t$ miles from the border, was built in 1915 as a protection against the raids of Paacho Villa, and was an active military post for about three years. Tt was used as a National Guard base during World War 1.» 7Se KimWl IS-tt. far AppfcMly 3 c Washington 25«lb. Piah ie^bpofffaw 19C NB«and was abandoned after the war. The first owner of the ranch. Jim Hiler. brought the first Hereford cattle into the country in 1&&5. because of the good water supply. He was a brother of Mrs. Bob Sproul of Fort Davis. John Holland of Alpine bought the ranch from Hijer. and Camp Holland was named for him. The next owner. O. D. Finley, leased the land for the camp to the government, and when the camp was abandoned, he purchased the camp buildings for $ Mr. Espy Miller of Fort Davis bought half of the ranch from Mr. Finley in and Mrs. Miller, then a bride, came with her husband while he was building a fence to separate his land from the rest of the ranch; he later purchased the other half of the ranch. A number of old pictures of the camp in activity, and several newspaper articles about it were displayed on a bulletin board. Those present for the supper and program were Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Livingston. Col. end Mrs. H. (Continued oa Page 10) SSvCaa /%PT smmmmmmammmmmmmwaaemmmmmmasmmmai Sunshine - 1 ft. Box Craclnrs PoprJte POpOOiTI 2 lb. Bag 35c. 35C Hunts Can TomotOM 4 for $1 Kimball Can Blackoyo PMS... 5for $1 Whole Kernel - Del Monte. Sue 303 Corn 3for85c Whc4e - Kimoeil - 3ise 303 Croon Boons... 4 for $1 Del Monte - Sift 303 Tnitt GOCMOH...3 for 89c Del Monte. Slot 303 Spinach.; 5for$1 SMA formula Hi C - All Flavors Fruit Drinks fa* CaDo Mis 29cMm. 3for89c 3for$1 CeQo vswvsi 17c THE MODERN FUEL FOR HOMfc, BUSINESS A INDUSTRY fok INFORMATION CALL st^^^m rrases) -S)SS^aft&^A smwaervv W^^t^^Sk isaraasssi in^^^^^^m awtsjfsssj A^^^Sk^M e e # vajissssf u f saaam iwmy «11W. UN ANTONIO

4 UW* S^Ujejp U UO^nU^U^ew Chuck Rev. Evan Davks Morning Prayer. First Third and Fifth Sunday. 9 a.m. Hi^ry Communion. Seeead and Fourth Suada/. 9 ;.m. Catarrh School. 10:15 a.m. riill nnenjujenjenj Church Rev. BlU Hutchinson Church School* 9:45 a.m. Worship Service, fo:s5 a.m. Ve? m m # * * w weanse Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. Choir Practice.. Pi Wed. 7 p.m. Pint lrtt Tttet. WSCS. 7:30 p.m Fourth Wed. Men's Quo. 7 pm* Biffaiaajajajaja}i msjajviua Church Sunday School, 9:45 in. Preaching II a.m.; Training Union 6:30 p.m.; Preaching 7:10 p.m. Monday Woman's Missionary Society 4 p.m. and Royal Ambassadors and G.A. at 4.m. Monday. Sunbeam Band 'uesday at 4 p.a. f Wednesday Prayer Meeting. 7:30 p.m. Pint Cbrifffmt Church Rev. R. W. Painter Sunday Morning Worship Service - II a.m. Midweek Prayer Servfct - 7:30 pan* tlm Btmrtaf Church Presidio. Tenet Rev. R. G. Van Koyan Sunday School at 10 a.m. Morning Worship Service at II a.m. Evening Worship Service at 5 p.m. 1 raining Union at 5:45 p.m. Wednesday Night Prayer Service at f 30 p.a. Slit* JttSfth's Crttalfe Chvffh Radford. Teiaa Rev. Roberto Leraua Mass and Confessions every Saturday at 7 pm. First Friday Man 7 p.m. leered NMit Chared Shatter, Texas Rev. Roberto Lemus Mast and confessions ninthly every fourth Friday AammMf Of 0c*1 Cbsjreh Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Gilbert Sunday School 10 aon. Worship Hour. II a*. Night Service. p.m. Friday. Week Nights. 7:30 vunetb <l Pmidia, letas h Jem Father Roberto Lemus Sunday MISSIS. 7 and II M. and 7 BOB. Week Day Maatta. 6:30 a* Mem. Wad.. Fit. and Saturday. Tuaaaeyt Saint Anthony Mans aad Devotion, 7 an, Thursday: Man and Anon* tone Hour, 7 pa. and Saturdays, 3 to I esjsfauue 10 to II every Sunday. 3 Son Pablo Methodist Church Jesse Bermudes. Pastor Sunday School 10 a*m. Church Service, II a*m. MYF I:JO p.m. Church Service. 7 p.m. Wednesday Service..:30 pm. Friday Hour of Prayer. 7 Vejkittfito Community Church Dr. C. S. Defandorf Sunday School.10 a.a. Morning Worship. 11 a.m. KtWtr A4v*rti*ut S*rm* tm MPfot?erfeiid Flowers and Gifts VimiMt 1 Maria and Presidto. Texas saw rujunjum muejfsn) rarajffaj s#pnnn» n) Battrmnatnt at m Plata I»I?II S T!S 7W-4MI Flint lurrfts? Church Rev. Uoyd Conner. Pastor Rev. Jesse Pedroza Associate Pastor Worship Services: Sunday Morning. 11 a.m. Sunday evening, 7 pjn. Wednesday Evening, 7 pjn. Spanish Services: Sunday Morning, 8:30 a.m. Wednesday Evening. 7 p.m. Organizations: Sunday School 9:45 a.m. T. U. Sunday. 6:15 p.m. G.A. and Sunbeams, Wednesday. 6:15 p.m. W.M.S.. Monday. 5 p.m. Hers it the River to soma on avenue on their trek westward to others an obttocle to be crossed. Today it brings shiploads of needed supplies to rhe towns along its banks, carries rheit products to warehouse ond factor/. Tomorrow it can escape those banks, leaving death ond destruction in <tt woke Per the Rivtr must be ruled by man* Yesterdoy it brought pure water from mountain streams to thirsty lips. Then somebody made it his gutter Like oil our mixed blessings the River can help or hurt. It is just one of those gifts of God whose value will olwoys depend on our good sense and initiative, our respect for God's intent ond our concern for the needs of others. Call it a by-product if you please but one of the results of foithful religious worship and service is that so many mixed blessings become real blessings!» Strtptwi wift-rfd by tfcf Anurtnt libit Socifty J""** Mandoy Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday VSW A5?R * #,mt N *,mt *" *" *" * 9:MJ 1J;14>21 27: *14 1:14 2:1-16 3:M1 Mb &fflmffliw$*w»^ This Church Series It Icing Spoiiaofftaj ly Tim Undartifnod MhrMiMb 4 lusjnets litstrrvtiofts a. esmama# nmeema ^^ la* ^^^^^WV ^N^MW ^^^^ >OTVt Maria and rveejdto, Teiaa n C. V McForfeneJ Ranch Loans and Real Estate Ifejyso wr» CocJcy 113 N. Highland r?la» 0)^^^^^^1^^ vity r ffvaufmreiajai 616 W. San Antonio 729-4S31 scaannnnnntannn% 0¾ snanmnlsnnanannl CnnnnmVans ^a^9a^^aa^rn""af 9 utwcafma^py ^rwcaratray Tetaco Products 325 B. San Antonio The Mai Bnjnjnl aanatiausl Printing Office Supplies 72M334 ^^^Kr **. S»XUV «r-v WAXf I THBRr St. MuiVi Cutholic Church Father Alfred L. Galvan Sunday Masses at 8 and 11 a.m. and 5:15 p*m. Elem. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Masses on First Fridays. 7 a.m. and 5:30 p*m. Week Day Masses: 7 a.m. Mon., Thurs.. Fri. 11:25 a.m. Wed. 5 p.m. Tues. 10 a.m. Sat. Confessions, Saturday 4 to 5 p.m. and 8 to $:30 p.m. OJfiCJ i-dmf SffOffU) The Family Store Nu-Wey Grocery 618 West San Antonio Serving Msffsow N. Highland Member FDIC *r* Kiinj l>nnjrejiam Customer Friend Help when needed

5 >F"». ^ " * Gtflegja. near Shatter, ix one of 15 historic adnhe structures currently pictured in a new adobe-making display at the Institute of Texan Cultures m San Antonio. The fartftfts was built in 1857 by Milton Isiver. rhc Buj Bend', first Anglo-American rancher. Todnv it is used as a home by the Hart Greenwoods, as shoun ahose. Qroanwood Cionoga Homo Pictured In Cultures Exhibit Texas achitecture has been greatly and lastingly influenced by the old Spanish and Mexican process of molding adobe into precast bricks. An excellent example of thin is Cienega. near Shatter. This fortress is one of 15 historic adobe structures currently pictured in a new adobe-making exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio. Cienega was built in 1K57 by Milton Faver. the Big Bend's first Anglo- American rancher. The original roof and lookout has been preserved by the present occupant. Hart Greenwood. Circumstances surrounding the arrival of Paver in Prr«wlio Countv in the 1850's remain^, shouded in mystery. But. near Rhafrcr. a marker reads, in part: "Three quadrangular adobe fortresses situated at the Big Springs Ciboio, Cienega, and El Morita served as a denfense against hostile Apaches." Remains of Cienega and the Ctholo fort are still in evidence, but there is no remnant of the La Monta fortress. Known ns "Don Mcljton" or "Don Milton" bv Mexican settlers. Faver was so much a man of mvstcrv that accounts of him in his lifetime described him as a fugitive from justice. The story goes that he had a misunderstanding with a man in Independence. Missouri, during which tempers flared, cold steel flashed and hot lead ripptd the air. The upshot was that he fled Missouri, intending to go west to California, and arrived instead in the Big According to the legend. it was not until IKM5 that l : avcr learned from ohn Adam Pool, also of Missouri and a later set'ler in Texas, that the whole affair was minor and his flight unnecessary. The generally accepted dare of Faver'* arrival in the Big Bend is VSS7. where he came after he is believed to have left Presidio del Norte, situated at the HI net ion of the Kio Grande and the Uio Conchos Rivers. "Don Meliton" needed water for the cattle on his ranch, so he located Cienega. the Spanish word for "marshland." near a spring. Then he protected this precious source of water from the Indians by building a fort. Paver's stvle of living has been described as baronial. He dressed as an aristocrat, wearing fine clothes made in Chihuahua and patterned after the latest European stvles. An epicure, he dined on "whit? meat and rare beef." vegetables grown on his ranch and his own homemade peach brandv. Through his rai«imi and trafficking in Mexican Longhorn cattle, a general merchandise store at Presidio del Norte, and freiaht ers along the Chihuahua Trad, the baronial lord and master is believed to haw amassed a fortune Todav. Cienega i* tim'd as a private home bv tlv Hart Greenwoods, who haw lived there since I'^-j When thev remodeled tin* old fortress, thev left a store room intact to show how the interior once looked. Norman C Davit Abstract Company Wtst Courthouse Square Morfe, Tews Triepfcom 72M361 < Member Texos Land Title Association Record of all Acreage and Town Lots m Presidio County since 1S84 Suxtsaor to Big Beew Title BOiott 6 WaWron Abstract Company SEEDS FROM THE SOWER f Michorl A Gw4o J«>H#r The fin of a fish demands w i ter, the wins of * bird dvmamt«' flight, and the hrurt <>f man demands God Since ;>rnyi*r is a meant by which man >»rks Him it is the heart of the Bi ble and thoh<» H> of the fotlnv er. And tin *Sth Psalm reveal* there is no solace for the aur rowing sou! at prayer. David had sorrows. So one t*, without them. Seme are ciiusfdj by ourselves, and some by nth I ers, some by our fuithfulm*** to i God, and some by our tannic** Sorrow can drive one to restte«isnes& or to the * Giver of But do not fivo yourself to pa nk- It is prof ii Irs* Sitfhml I Vivid. Oh that 1 hail tin- un,>.»f uge«sweet is the sorrow re<t. to the rocks or to the Rock et a tfevet then would I fly a (thai <lri\i'» one to tfu Saviour The Bi^ Bend Sentinel. Oitobcr 0. 1%Q. Marfa. Texas 5 vvav.iml rr«t ' What i* needed is ant s thanee <*f sites, hut of self not a new location, but the Lord Do not give yourself to pity It makes one pitiable. Guard again«t self-pity a* you would against all sin Give yourself to prayer. Say with the Psalmist, "As for me. I will call upon God." There is no sorrow He cannot heal, no problem He cannot solve, no sin He cannot remove, and no trouble He cannot help. Personals Susan Wh'tc is in Marfa to stay until the beginning of the upring semester of school. Last year she wa«a student at the Urnversify of Tennessee: she will enroll in a Texas college in the spring. Rebecca Bowman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowman of El Pnso. is spending the week in Marfa with her grandmother. Mrs. Charles Bow* man. Dr. Thome* L Coots Optometrist Hill Buildinq Alpine, Texos Hrs. 9" a.m. - 5 p.m. Except Wed. & Sat featured in II new 1970 WAG. w «5 ** in. p*iwft color tv console Seautifui Modern styled consols Oeflwee oil finished Walnut vtneen «nd select hardwood soh* (A4I1SW), or genuine Pecan venters and setect hardwood sonde with the look of Sue distfttsfflo (A4$tsp), both esciueive of decorative iioni Zenith CHROMACOtOR only $ A rtvohrttenaty new color Mtvtoton iyfttm Miring a mvom^ that outeolora, oirtbtighttf^ outd^ilt vvd outp«rfonnt vary previous gtait-tcrotn cotoc TV! New Chromecolor Picture Tube ^^UJJSBSA with Zeniths patented ^^>* w^^\ hlacksurround principle, M 1 bungs you a color TV pieejjsv I tura mora than 100% f bfignter than any pravious M / oiant-scraan color TV.! J Here's how it works! Every U^atat*^ Qianttcraen color picture tube is covered with tiny red. Often, and ptue dots that make up the Keolor TV picture Previously, they have been actd close together on a gray bechground. a now Zenith. m the patented Chromacolor picture tube, has made the dots smaller end Surrounded mam with tet-btack. This Zenith patented black-surround screen together with precision electron beam tracking and in* creased koht-transmission tube tact bring you e bngnttr color picture, graatar dtfinition end sharptr dtta<i than ever previously achieved m giam-tereen color TV. Exclusive New Zenith Color Commander Control ' Now ant knob adjusts contrast and eolor level with brightness»n proper oaianee simuttaneevsh/... end may stay perfectly»n balance as yov adjust the color picture to match changing light levet»n the rcom There a no longer sny need to turn separata controls 1 " New Zenith Titan 90 Handcrafted ChaMiS with exclusive revolutionary new OeMd-auts Dura-Module '«.i* combines famous Zanith * handcrafted dependability % with dramatic new engineering advances and exeiting so'id-state devices sueh as the new Zenith PQ8 Circuitry. 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7 The Big Bend Sentinel. October 9, Marfa. Texas 7 LOOK TO SAFEWAY FOR * TO* QUALITY MATS * SPWDY CNICKOUT * CONVINIINT rroti HOWLS * HU* QUALITY PtOPOCI * WIDI VAillTY * FAMOU* MANM '* FANCY SAMWAY BANDS * COUtTiOUt SttVICI * DISCOUNT ftlcis IVnYDAY GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE at DISCOUNT PRICES ^ A VERYDAY RIPE BANANAS : RUSSET POTATOES Trapleet fte«e>tetat 12 * Lb. ar KIDS U. S No. I KiM «f J 104*. 58 * Mushrooms Ho* * Teawtees IraccaH V.* Ch«*x S«II<«"I* lb House.. Lb * iaw»*aul * J ' ' ' 4»" "- 4fe or tcafry Kirn *.* ^ ** w I Us* on rvifieh Pr'm HARVEST l»l*rj4* BLOSSOM BM "t -! MABVfST BLOSSOM r IL OttANM» tl-lfc. taf $179.«MS* :n«mi) M.86 Safe way Coffee 64' 2-Lb. 14». B«g $».27 tag $ Wesson Oil.- ^44* ling Peaches HIGHWAY Ne. 2Vi Sliced or Halves CM Toothpaste SAFeWAY, Helps Prevent Cavities Liquid Bleach WHITE MAGIC! Water Settee* s? :M.H W. H i HUGE» oi AfM Wil MMVCf» ** c IF WtadH-r UquMnHttrr -19» lajftor* Xtt UL-IJ ton*. 20i. :o» ftf* e«* DCHQIO» «* *» OM Wiadei Wimbm Safeguard EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE whui MAOIC vrs* 3T "wbiisataiis" *» TT K-Oi. 47* 24» CVEPYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 1AWWAY MAllOOLO UfM UMtIC ** * ^1^ Cottage Cheese flivokdyoiirt Sow Haif t Half duett SlkB f HaH I Half r- h LUCHNI " Peant latter Kraft Chetie hmj4 KAT-IHP CAT rooo c* KITTY UTTER, CSS' IUCIINI Ot c* *9» luciisi iueitnt uw latfwav *n»4«i n ^.wfm* In** *' * Am»<«* LUCItNl IMsri. A*tf*««26 AT 34' Oi ft* >Oi Cy» foi Cut 6 Or Cut w J* 25* 39* i oi. fjtm N- JF 0». CM. 49* i«-ot. Jfte c-# ff EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE scon TISSW &j "ta^ly 0**m 30^ CAMAY MTSAF SIB* DBKIOUS APPUS tf^^^ll^^f^^ ^LJ v* ghjrahbjighr) 1B1 Far Sale* Red A eiom t SeitJviihei 2r-2y Breakfast Prunes 58 < TOWN 2-U. HOUSE.. ftf. Cock UM,I ta*«tt«d«r. TO«AT Lb 22» Artkhokts Lb. 20 PStltOCS KU&SfTSKLb^H^ 2-25* l 0<,».bt«4 «* HEAD LETTUCE RN Grapes Jv>tv I ^ LiMUa Mi> * Hom «m «d «Mg I letirantifs *"» > w«bi«abjbajbbamaiata*oa«a««ia»ahe^e«a>«a»«bi LOOK TO SAFEWAY FOR FROZEN FOODS at DISCOUNT PRICES Ice Cream jrbrownies ftlima Beans PORDHOOK. BEL-AiR 10^0,. (Ceuiilbwef!0-Oz. 3If) Pta> ew, TMIT«WT MEAT POT PIES»20* ^ ^r^n*._ ^^»^ 1»! t ^ i i ^. *a. MAMOI HOUfl SWIRL KE CREAM.UCttNt 56< nshstkks ^56< SNOW STAR Top With Syrup SARALEE CHOCOLATE arbftaa*a^la4> bsaaaawaa Maasiraii rtraiaes Eaflbb Maffias CA»t»iNS CwOiCI Fleaader Fillet Scallep$ -r MlAI hl*awaw ft!!! NiMi > «>» lie M«S. WII^HT)»C< rifflli rlitffsco» u..' ^..- * *!!! it! InUa Kl * ' Qraptuw IIHCf C,.C^H.^ ' lb 10t 29* M* >0i «ak «i IF 21* * * *lt c». Al m~* L. u^f ak-aii o*~* tig SPMCI» * ' * *. Mr Bnml Spraits rr...¾»

8 Ho D rns uown The hack Otto the winning cul- Maui ^t laat rvsnuy aftnht at they iifull I the With WH*"** ^ * * & the haacfa attack_a» he two tmirhrinwni and two extra petal attempts which were food. Rivera also returned a Wink punt 95 yarda for another scoot. The Marie Ssmsthnens ArrnmoN ANTIfcOn HUNTitS , Marfa, Texan Wink 37-0 receive. The Wish Wildcats were ready for the Maria offensive drive ano were able to contain the Horns and gained possession of the bab on their own 36. This tint quarter started as the beginning of n real tight ball flame *» no team was able to score until there were only 5S seconds left in the first quarter. At this time the Shorthorns began to rofl and gained possession of the bab on their own 35. On the first play from facilities for cutting and quick freezing your game, are available at our plant. Mr. Yoong. San Angcko Taxidermist, will be it our plant to oversee the proper skinning and caping of animals, whose heads are to be mounted. Let us be of service to you. HARM LOCKIR KANT Maria. Texas NOTICE- scrimmage. Oscar Luna attempted a long pass to Arcadio Rivera who was all alone in the Wink secondary. However, the pass fell incomplete as Luna overthrew the football. The next play was a dandy as Qaudio Nunez knifed his way through the Wink line and rambled down the sideline for 45 yards. With the bail on the Wink 20. Nunez picked up 6. Orlando Rivera dove over for 3, and Nunez climaxed the drive from 11 yarda out to score the -first, touchdown of the night. Qaudio Nunez also kicked the PAT to make the score 7-0 Marfa. The Shorthorn offensive drive developed its fuh potential and quickly scored again after a weak Wink effort. The Shorthorns took over on their own 39 and started rolling downfmld into Wink territory. With the ball on the Wink 43» Nunez handed off to Oscar Luna and Luna faded back to pass. Alone in clear territory he connected with Arcadio Rivera for another ^f.*-*- r*vt NOT Gone Marfa store With the point attempt blocked, this made the score 13 to 0. Marfa. Less than two minutes later, the Shorthorns aoaia regained fwittmhhi of the pigskin as a Wink back was hit hard by Atcadio Rvera and fumbled. About 12 players pounced on the bab box alter the referees untangled the mans of players. Marfa end. March Guevara, waa holding on to the bafi. Three plav* later. Qaudio Nones passed to Rivera for the Some rcunhinstion accountod for the points after to nm up the score to 21 to 0. The bag play of the night occurred only 2 minutes and 19 stands later aa the Wink Wildcats picked up a first down but were foiled on their bid to score aa Maria's defensive crew stiffened and forced them to punt Larry lsheh boom* ed a long punt to the Marfa 5 yard hue where Arcadio Rivera gathered the ball in. He ran up the middle and then cut to the ffmtsfdt and p*fhhfif up a hrsntlfnlfy mcuftd Mock from Onudio Nancz and sprinted down the stocks* for 95 yards and the.. led his the goal hne for the'pat to make the score 29 to 0. Marfa. Thus ended a fine second quarter effort by the Shorthorn* as the first half ended with Marfa holding a comlortabjc 29 to 0 lead. During hatftime activities. Mr*. M Webb was crowned as the 1969 Homecoming Queen. She is the former loan Cass, daughter of Mae and Mrs. J. H. Cass. She is a 1948 graduate of Maria High School and is married to Bill Webb. The couple has four daughters. Miss Nancy Fowlkes was presented as the Marfa Shorthorns 1969 Football Sweetheart. With the Marfa second stringers playing most of the second half, the game turned into a more evenly matched contest as neither team was able to push forth a score. There was no scoring done until midway fcontinued On Page 9) Hunting Guide* Now In Tho Moil The Texas Huntlag Guide is now in the mad to license deputies and regional district, and field offices of the Tr~a<* Parks and Wildlife -, artment The Department printed of the guides which oonxaro nuutnmi asnnuni su formation on deer, turkey, Javeba, squirrel, and quail. Quail season and bag hmit rntormetion hi the guides» for general law counties only. Seasons and counties wo he scrlt the nest Parks and Wildlife meeting somertober. Regulatory county information on quad will be published in a suppkiacntal guide. This year's guide also contains information concerning the special archery which begins in brikaaennmm^ ut^lum^^m^^m % sounoes vciooer i... guides are available from the Texas Parka and Wildlife Department John H. Reagan Budding, Austin. Texas 71701» X *MMT It* PHUM m STATI IMJft T<U 0ft Mill IV THt fttati UOhmATOM 1 AUtTm UQUOft AND uhr MCOttf THt ONLY ITBB WTfXAS Off* A BOMmsi TAX. vricnvf oc?. i t itn tut, OOMB UNDO TO* minuumria*. no nauaa Uw*»xanttTuv ig n* warm) m norrtaiu MBCAUU THE ruum ma or ft fft TAX... TWO'ATM Tatt ON TAX TEAR im AbJOUTRD 10 Lftft lebortrihtatxtaxbwbratoobio far pre-pay. TUNS-PECOS muaw^em g ffwmnj # *d L-r* m WHOLESALERS

9 in the fourth quarter when Qaudio Nunez ran around right end for a 13 yard scoring run. Nunez passed to A. Rivera for the PAT to run up the score to 37 to 0 in Marfa's favor. No further scoring was done during the rest of the game and the Shorthorns upped their record to 3 wins against 1 loss. Playing outstanding offensive ball for the Shorthorns as has been the case in the last four games, were Qaudio Nunez. Arcadio Rivera, and a new addition to the Marfa line-up. a freshman, Orlando Rivera. On defense, it was Robert and March Guevara who paced the way along with Bobby Fellows. Tony Alvarado, Pancho Borunda and Edmundo Sanchez. Gary Warren and Dean McCafiister were outstanding for the Wink Wildcats. Next game for the Shorthorns will be at Van Horn. Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company Sells Hoover Vacuum Cleaners and Supplies Statistics Marfa Wink 290 Yds. Rushing Yds. Pasting 7 13 First Downs 6 8 Passes Attempted 2 6 Passes Completed Punts 6 Avg Fumbles 6 1 Fumbles Lost 3 S for 80 Penalties 2 for 20 0 Passes Int. By 0 Score By Quarters Marfa Wink Buy your arazor.^ <C GflktteTechmatkf Razor $195 PAINFUL COM AMAZING LIQUID RELIEVES PAIN AS. IT DISSOLVES MRUS AWAY Nov r*movt cotes * Cut «u? way with FICCIOMO. liquid PittiOat M> lirvtj pain iiuaady, fronts below CM skin liat 10 diuoivt coco* away ia Mitt diy». Get Pittto...M ill g>m couaitn. 4fet Fort Davit 4-H Club N«ws Members of the Fort Davis 4-H Club of Jeff Davis County met September 24, 1969 and elected the following officers to serve for the year: president. Andy Prude: vice-pre>.ident. Jim Dyer: secretary. Cathy Cowell: reporter. Cathy McKnicjht: co«in**l representatives Tomy Kelly and Jamie Dyer. Organizational leaders are Mr. and Mrs. Otis Grubb and Rav Sims. Jeff Davis County Agent. The club has a membership of 65. A planning meeting of the adult leaders for the Fort Davis 4-H Club was held on October I The following were present for the meeting and will be leaders for group demonstrations and iudqing teams as indicated: Rust Urgent, Rifle Contest; Mrs. Bryant Harris and Don Mclvor. Beef Cattle Jr., Symposium; Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Cobb. Civil Defense: Mrs. Otis Grubb and Mrs. John Robert Prude. Clothing and Foods; Billy Boggs, Community Improvement: Gene Reinberg. Electric; Mrs. Bryant Harris, Entomology; James The B;g B«nd Sentinel. October , M»rf«. Temt 9 Dyer, Farm and Ranch; Mrs. Carl Ponca, Home Improvement: John Robert Prude. Horse Demonstration: Rav Sims. Livestock Judging: Pete Cowell. Money Management; Harvey Adams. Natural Resources: Mrs. Oscar Medley. Public Speaking; Johnny Fitzgerald and Jim^ Espy. Quarter Horse Judging; Don Mclvor. Range and Pasture Grasses: Otis Grubb. Safety: Oscar Medley. Share-The-Fun: and Mrs. Don Mclvor. Vegetable Preparation. Also attendmq the meeting were Rny Sims. County Agent. Mrs. Sims, and Bob Stieger. Area Range Management Representative, from Fort Stockton SHORTHORN FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Oct. 10«Van Horn - T Oct. 17-Fabens* T Oct. 24-Parkland" T Oct. 31--Canutillo* H Nov. 7-Cathedral - H Nov. 14-Alpine* H * Denotes District Games The first five games will begin at 7:30 p.m. Shop In Morfo First! Paloct Thtatr* Morfo, Texas Phone Now Showiiioj Thru Saturday (Motinee Saturday 1:30 p.m.) AlKMOSMm^rlfilKQfaSO JOHNPHUPIJWf. TECHMOKM' TCCMNKOPC B» PLUS- KIN A I'ftMMdUN' f'u I-.iKI Sunday - Monday (Matinee Sunday 1:30 p.m.) The Maverick-maker strikes... again and again and again. JOHN MILLS SYLVIA SYMS BERNARD MILES. MARK LESTER.** 'ftintwohffnilbst' wfifo MCMtfflMrtOMA FLLURTON -ALSO- IN "Hook- LiM A $inktr" world of l i oast OJUOL Movt into tna ojuiotor via also* now Foio with a computor* HM ilia* te M» ^^MwdhaiMl ^Bha^L^jb^* ffw twej IV 99 9n M19 wf9ww%nfn*7t9m nsjvej 99 WJOrwiWJ H 10 ^Pihaam^ DOOOVO Lai 0» Oa*A ava^uadk ShAde^e** ^a^^b^b^ld^t- BOB avjarttsoaioa*torino Tomo H it w via noii moat naoav nappy OWflOfn, OJPOPOJO/ OSVOJ VVaVWJOWaVWJ Plw W 9M^mJ V^V^BrV VPVBW^BFY chanojod oar of mo yoar. Lonoo? Wwoc. Smootw. *«apartod by ate oraat V*i up to tna b*4»4vcobrajotram-alrv4.!\ti»ss*wjsio*oj»m.thocar that hold mo arte* lino it mo bin islttno ear of mo irlok alrtao> haa mom man 1M.0OO Jem mam... sot how simpts Ma oan bo ^^JL'TS^SmmSSi M B S S M I I U I ZTZmm-x Tim **«Fad gives you Bettor Ideas. Hfc the GoingThing! BM rami MOTORS wc Morfo, Ttxos (Spanish Feature) A Colore*

10 / M wnmmwfy Qmw 'J. Hncmerd. Mr. nd Mtti tack Mcckaa. Mr. aad Mn. I* M. Httsspereys* Mr* and Mn. Earl Uattatd. Mr. and Mn. Kataty Millar. Mn, Mark*. Mr. Norman Davit, Mrs. E. A. Mwefler. Mai. 1 B. Unit. Mn. Samad Tsmaml Ma. W. E. ^ 1 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ u«t SmAMfw VHonvRi mil mnky fc- -*-.*-- «K# B t.l, sismmmm* am. w* s. ran* too. Mrs. Espy Mflbr. aad tat basts. Mr. and Mrs. MUkr aad Mr. and Mrs. 7:30 far aa cvaaing bea«ajatt aad fnal f i ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ay K. mf # nanny, s* of Wast Tans Utilities. Maraatct HomWt» Mlitisst af Csnswnsee* Mis* lack Ho bom Hardto- Tbe two apedal iavsmd sa aettsnsate n tat Waolmmje. As- Van ilwdiai of nan*, aad lone Bean* tas Fiigldirii Drvmnaof Gaaeral Motors. nwv/w^anmnn asm w^wmssnjsienn awnw^vmsmwe Mn. lath she.fecal WTU office, wifl am shy to October 9, Marfa. Texas 9:7 concoct rmfcinu Co. w ^^r^^nwwba ^es*^sswm law tb mm Tan A Mm On Yomr The lint concert of tae season wfb be anointed by tk* mobinon. asabaad aad wib^vkv ba aad piaao ten div, O^ber 21, SttCBttcVR 0» -- Hoa of the auditorium budding oa Sal Ran Slate University campas. tbis coacert will be given a the Alois* High School auditartan at S p.m. Newcomers to this community who were cat ben during the misihsnhlr drive hett last mtag an invited *> be- ^ ^ of tbe Comtwatty Concert Association, which Indaded tbe area dt- In of Valentine. Van Horn. Fort Davis aad Marfa. as well as Alpine, Tbe following may be contacted for membership, Mn. 1. K Mdkr. Fort Davit. Mn. Sbcarnl Vincent. PA«TY#Ant Two ways to dram for the holidays: m a black Vaa Hon. Mn. James ootton velveteen dram edged with white laea and ribbon sash BlackwctL Maria, and Mrs. (left) or in a dssp red ootton velveteen dram and panta trimmed with wide laea. Both by Johnston of Delia*. W. B. Lockhart. Alpiae. Tbe season memoes, to addition to tbe Toachor Exams Sot At Sul Rots Reboots. Tbe Operatic Trio, oa Tbanday. Fab. Candidates for Texas must be received by the , in Fort Davis, and teaching certificates are in- *«** publisher. The Educavited to take the required tional Testing Service. Box doc-haipiiti. Longstreth aad Eicon, Saaday, April National Teaching Examin Princeton. N. J., n Marfa. ation on the Sul Ross State before Oct. 16. Membership amo coven University campus. The examination may be to * Paso aad Coll Son Angato, Taxes fori Oow Cimon Rmad The common areas por- taken by college seniors and tion of the NTE is requir- by teachers seeking certified for certification in Tex- cation or employment in as and the area df teaching districts requiring the test, specialisation portion of the exam is required by some school boards for employment according to Dr. Dan* sal Graham of the Sul Ross Education Department. Information - concerning the exam and registration forms for the NTE are available from the Division of Teacher Education at Sul Ron. The all-day exam will be given on Nov. 8 on the Sul Ron campus. Applications to take the examination Sama hi Marfa Pint! Read John 3:1-6 me. O God. and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if then be any wicked way in me. aad lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139: RSV) Poet John Milton began bis famous sonnet "On His Blindness" with then lues; "When I consider bow my light is spent Ere half my days in this dark world and wide." Unlike Milton. I have been denied the light of day - visual perception - all my lib. But there is a light that has no dependence upon physical sight. If we have faith and confidence in the divine power, then that light becomes greater than the mere ability to see. In that confidence one finds the broader sense of understanding and reaching solutions to everyday problems. Subtle sarcasm or a bold front temporarily satisfies one's feelings, but tbe time comes when alone one must communicate with God. Each of us must exhibit confidence and faith in God. who is invisible, and in things of the spirit. Tbis we must do in order to find the peace a- 1 tranquility we crave and ucej in daily living. The fir* mtmi a man notices sboat a woman ceosemon wbamat sbss owning or»m*> WINTER Laundry and Claanors Pick-tip aid Dtitory CALL Jo* H. Mondoza COUNTY. TIXAS & scefil I ^^_ _. enaaswia #Wft [ F JOll) tf f ams v* w>w wan I ymr, tkov d»tt * iwfcil Mi am)h S MMWi SSV OS'S» #frw#l MMWM, {}) to mf Hmpefiy *Mfm tt. *t Mflittttioft of votor it felony. Aftftt't tchnu. AQVRtt fwoflommp VO tppt*c#ftt. I0I1CE a? t l\ne,s\ amtlhuvm^wmew WVi 3%l 1%«kmnsa b men hi b Tamwft avmvmmmmmm ftf tt Sealmmi

11 Menard White In WashitgtOB My Fellow West Texan*: In the last Presidential elections did you vote for the Presidential candidate who carried your state? If you did not. your vote dii not count. That is our present system, winner takes 11. It is this disenfranchise ment of the voters that has developed many advocates of electoral reform. However, the spark that ignited America to action was the threat that the 196* election would be thrown to the Congress if no candidate won a majority of the electoral college. It has happened twice before. Add to this the shock of the socalled faithless elector of North Carolina who refused to vote for Mr. Nixon. Last week the moment of truth arrived, and the House of Representatives passed the Electoral Reform bill. The event was highly unusual in itself. It is not easy to amend the Constitution of the United States. It requires two-thirds of each House, and - threefourths of the states to ratify. Our founding fathers intended that it should be somewhat difficult. In the Declaration of Independence they had proclaimed that "governments should not be changed for light and transient causes." and when they came to form a constitution, they made certain that their own government should not be easily altered from its constitutional form. Only 25 times, in ISO years, has our Constitution been a tended, and one of those amendments was a cancellation of another. So. it was a historic occasion on September IS when the House gave its approval to a proposed constitutional amendment that would change the method of electing the President of the United States to a pop- Jehovah's To M##t In Hobos Announcement was made today by Ezekiel M. Martinez, local presiding minister for Jehovah's Witness* et that the group has finalized plans for a three-day circuit trainina meet in Hobbt. New Mexico, November 7-9. Approximately 13 resident* of the Maris area are arranging their affairs to be present along with upwards of S00 others from West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. 'Right Kind of Ministers" is the theme for the seminar. Mr. Martinez said regarding this theme. There is much confusion m our modem world about what a minister should be or do. Jehovah's Witnesses, entirely a preaching fellowship, are very interested in carrying on the same type of ministry Jesus did. Training at this assembly is designed to improve the Big taid Stntitwl P. H. RYAN, JL An Independent Newspaper Published Each Thursday Bv The Bto Bend Sentinel Company Second dans Postage Paid At Maria. ular vote of the people. The final vote came after seven days of debate and after sixteen attempts to change the proposed amendment. Only one of these attempts was successful, and it pertained to a relatively minor matter - adding inability to serve" to the reasons for which Congress would have the power to prescribe means of choosing a new candidate. The proposed amendment had already listed "death" and "with* drawal." Despite the wide differences of opinion reflected in those sixteen attempts to amend the proposal, more than S2 per cent of those voting (339 to 70) gave final support to the proposed amendment, far more than the required twothirds of the House. Those sixteen unsuccessful attempts to amend the committee bill reflected a wide variance in opinions that are rooted in the beginning* of our country's history. The electoral college was a compromise to protect smaller state*. Even ohn F Kennedy as a Senator stated that he would ne\<r change the electoral college sysem. because it wa* founded on a con'venant of states. ThN is why in this election reform floor fight the smaller states, particularly the Southern states, ardently advocated the district plan, to preserve the Federal system and to improve the present system In this plan, in each district according to the number of representatives the winner would take all. but each state would have no more electoral votes than representatives. The two bonus votes representing the two Senators would go to the state winner. This is better than the present system, but it still allows the winner to take all. and the loser to take nothing. I favored the proportionate plan, which divided the electoral votes in a state according to the percentage of votes each Presidential candidate won. This honors *? ATlMUff OF OWNttSHtF, JiUNAQIMftff AND CfcCUUTtON (Ait >/QrOS*f» ; mtmm 4J69. THt 39. Vam4 Sum CaaW I SAllC#flUMO Oetofrar 9i W) a imi o» tumjcanon The Ble Band Sentinel The Big Bend Sentinel October Marfa. Texas 11 the popular vote, but does of the President and Vice not give any state any more President by popular vote. weight than its population. provides for a runoff election tn case no candidate This too failed. The same *ide variance receives as much as forty of pom ion was reflected by percent of the popular vote, the results of the poll taken and authorizes Congress to in my District, In December a poll of my Dising a new candtdate in case provide a means of choostrict showed that only ni»e of death, withdrawal, or percent of those responding inability to serve. favored retaining the present method of choosing a in the direct popular vote. Indeed, there are pitfalls President. The remainder Beside* wiping out the traditional Federal plan. 1 felt that there should be some changes, although they pointed out on the Floor of were divided, as the House the House that this could was this month, on whether well result in a race by the the President should be chosen by direct popular vote, ignoring state lines. or whether assigned ' electoral votes should be divided, in each state, in proportion to the popular vote. After the smoke had cleared on the floor, it was evident that the people of the United States through their representatives preferred a straight popular vote. The constitutional amendment passed by the HOUH* simply provides for election PabUifeat-. Mlt tv«caalsi at **» PMisiMMf: CaasAsst vtfftacmim a mm I Weakly «. locanom OP mom* oma or susueanom (Stmt, **>, *»,*fr«sv) 110 North Highland. Marfa, Fraaldlo County, Taxaa 798U3 $ iocationof imtaaaajaiimoiojiaiai Same a. Mams mm aopsjwt Of fususjajs, IOTTOS. AHO tsanaoean tone* fnmm ^PTCPWFV/ various states to change their voting qualifications and disproportionately use every measure possible to increase the amount of their popular vote. However. when efforts to adopt plans to avoid this weakness failed, our last vote *as on change to a popular vote or no change at all. I joined the great majority of my colleagues in supporting the change as preferable to our present system. SKop In Mart* First! JSM^^M,^mm j^m^^^tm 1 f f^asbot armw eamwtrsi/ P. H«Ryan, JT», 721 South $ «, Presidio County, Taxaa 7981*3 tsffot (mm «W mmu> Sana SWOB (NMf #» MWfui Sama J. OWNB (If *wm4»* m isrpsnsffc*, m mmt s*4 mtomt mmt St tlsmt aae* sim immtdjthfy tktnmmmr me «*SMI aavf eat 4mm a/ tmkmlmn mmimj #r ml4imj I pmmt ar ssttt / mmt smmmt a/ awe. If mm euww St a nmmmmn, tm mmn 44mm a/ tm frevriew wnm mmt St ffrte. If mmmt h «tmrnmrnkip er afstr *nimtwpm*mf firm, m mm m4 wm» ai tmtt 9f mm mmmmmi MM* at fivm»/ Big Band Sentinel Co«, InoT Saul fit Purfctl arl Cayton S. KNOWN SONDMOtDftS, MOCTOAOm. AN* Of SONPS. isotfoaols OS OTHW lltusjms (Iftmmmn ITS C. PurlwT r no aorta mgniana, Drawer p, yarn, ' 1911 Worth Blvd.» Hbuatdft, TaXIl?TOgi 'exaa Umtia. TtMi mm. m mm) B*>A North Blvd., Houston r Taxaa t. rot coavisnon sv mamnomi OSOANIIATIOMS Aumoaaa TO ism AT sftoai SATIS (Smmm IJJ.JJJ, Pmml Mmmi) (Cmmmt) iif pfj*sfjss#»f)ficfif/fi# aaa iwaafest H«?M af fait m* m Matt MI «* * * n Have clwaaae ewtaf (If tksm$4, pmwtkm mmmhmmhwnmm* ** 4m*% p»m4*% \1 U attttoiae 1 > mmm t St $ $ff^mmlnti^ 10. SXIffMT AMD NATUSI Of OKUUTION a meaino. s, *y» i. C TOTM SAV thmpmt Mmt tm timm~cm40> ITSSfTVS 0 SStai (mm f/1s»- At AveuoiNO A M ttftui fsscldflfo It ^1122. UQQ is2. 2SSS. SI liil ( aciuai Muaeis or corns census PUSUSMIS MAMS? TO SSJNO JSSfi. U &

12 12 Tfce ami Bend Sentinel, October 9, 1969, Maria, Texas Tottlt Tmn By Lmrtn Fowtktt The first she weeks of school have come and gone, and everyone knows what that means -- yes. that's riant ~ Report Cards! With so many activities going on. it is hard to keep your grades up: but remember once you get behind, that's when the aofoa gets tough? So sttdv hard, and keep those grades op (even if it m*ans getting onrv four or five hours of sleep a night - right Jane?)! Last week, the Soanish Club elected new officers for the school year. The new officers are as follows. President. Lauren Fowlkes: Vice-President. Faviola Mendias; Treasurer. Socorro Quintans, and Secretary. Claudio Nunez. Newly elected officers for the Junior Historical Society are as Mows: Miss Nancy Fowlkes was presented flowers last Friday f ^ ^ ^ f ^ l ^ r ' * 1 night when she was named Football Sweetheart of the Vice-President. Robert Gue- Marfa Shorthorns. Shown here with Miss Fowlkes art * * "L^^xfuTjll' Louie Weimers. her escort and Charles Brandon, prind- SKf il JTKAL mil of Mafia High School. (Shortbon Aoto) Tg^JHJt'Zfiu nior Historical Society voted to hold their meetings together for the presentation of special programs. On Monday night, October 6th* Mr. Mack Humphreys showed many various nm> fares - slides of the Alaskan enamtfynme. Mr. Mum* phitys was very Anions** tive in his imaihstlmi, and everyone ready enjoyad the program! Friday night the MHS Shorthorns really it amp id the Wink Wildcats wftn a final score of 37 to (M All the boys played a flat ball game with outstanding performances Being made oy severs! of the players. After the game, which was our Homecoming game, there was a dance held In the Elementary n Gym. 'The Brotherhood provided the musk.and everyone danced a lot and seated to have a oreat time! As far as spirit goes* it at soaring up at MHS after the Seniors won the coveted "spirit stick" at the pe* rally last week! Let's all trv our hardest to make it even better than it ir right now - Yea Seniors! At the halftime of the Marfs-Wink game, the football team presented their sweetheart As I remember it. Nancy Fowlkes was chosen (I reaffv don't know her too well), and it was certairlv a tearful but wonderful surprise. Conoratulations Nancy! Also Mrs. BiH Webb was chosen as the Homecoming Queen by the Marfa exes. I know how proud her familv is of her. and we congratulate you. n^rs. vveof*. on recf*v<nq this honor! This week, tbo Shorthorns travel to Van Horn to meet ir competition with the Van Hrwi F**1es. Va«Horn is said to have a real fine ball cm* th<«season, httt where the Shorthorn* are concerned, there im't anvone too big to tarvv I hone that as n»»nv Marfa peonle as possible will no tm for the o»me. and helo boost the Shorthorns on to their fourth bio victory! That wraos things up for his rime around -- remember. Spirit is the word! Bye! Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Ridout spent the past weekend in Del Rio where they wart joined by their daurhtcr and family. Mr. and Ira. Larry Sloan and daughter, Shelly. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop L Bailey returned Sunday after spending several days in Chicago, 111. Major Fsnafc & Coffmld of mm U. S. Air Force, who three year assjsjsmua* with NATO Forces'in was retired Ti tember 30th at AFB in Wichita Falls'with Gen. Jerry D. Page. STTC Major and Mrs. Coffmld spent a week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Coffmld. TTsey returned to Wichita Fafla Wednesday where theywfll make their home. Their daughter. Kathy, is a Junior at Midwestern University there. Lkaitaa Ronowajl Memrini Slot*). J. R. Hunnicutt, Certificate of Title Division of the Texas Highway Department, will be in Marfa next Tuesday. Oct. 14 for a special meeting concerning the new procedures in registering motor vehicles in Texas. The meeting is open to the public and F. P. Rooney, Presidio County Tax Assessor-Collector, is urging all persons to attend at 7 p.m. in the District Courtroom at the Presidio County Courthov - An entirely MW procedure is to be used in the registering of motor vehicles for Bach atttomomotive vehicle owner wul receive through the mad a registration sfcp for each vehicle owned: The owner will then take this registration slip to the county tax sssensor-colleclor's office and buy the license plates for each vehicle. ZEROX COMES TO MARFA I Bright. Sharp Copta Ofttn Batter Than Tha Orioinal - Old or Now! MtEMDIO COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY IWejsmj)y f Homecoming Queen, Mrs. Bill Webb, is shown with her hnaband. Bui and daughter Linda Gaye following the preammstton at the Homecoming game last Friday night between Marfa and Wink. Mrs. Webb was honored Vy the Marfa Ex-Students Association. (Shorthorn Photo) Voter Persons becoming 21 after January 31 may register during the regular period, and may abo register at any ttee afterward but must have been registered for 30 days before they can A person must register aa a voter of the county and precinct where he has permanent residence. He makes his application for legmtiaueu to the county tat asaaaaor-collector of that county. The application may be made either by mad, on a voter registration application form which may be obtained from the aaeeaisi mlliftnis ofbee. or by personal appearance in the assesaor-cooectors offsse. 'laare is no charge for the TEthmmmad. wife, father* mother, son or daughter of a voter may act aa the r'a agent in applying for registration if the relative is a qualified voter la the same county. Except for these listed relatives, which do not include persons related by marriage, no one may act aa agent for the voter in applying for registration. The Presidio County Tax Assessor-Collector's office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for registration. DioptrSst Cindv Martinet was born at 5:07 p.m. on September fn Brewster Memorial Hospital. She weighed eix wounds and one and one-half ounces. Her parents are Mr. and Mm* Omar Marmora of Marfa. and she has one ^atea V^^^^A ^Mi^A ^ #^Mh mater. L^uwnsh wsss m iws veers old. Grandoereatt art Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cartes and Mr. and Mrs. T<onis Martinet, all of Marfa. FOR HSr RBUIIS IN: *m ftgg USI THE WANT