No. 3, Gongye E. 3rd Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 30075, Taiwan TEL: PT30A02 V0. Product Specification

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2 Approval Sheet Product White SMD LED Part Number Issue Date 2014/09/09 Feature White SMD LED (L x W x H) of 3.0 x 1.4 x 1.2 mm Dice Technology : InGaN Qualified according to JEDEC moisture sensitivity Level 3 Environmental friendly ; RoHS compliance Packing : 1,000, 2,000 or 2500 pcs/reel Applications Portable flashlight Reading lights Security / garden lighting General lighting Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting

3 Outline Dimension Unit: mm, Tolerance: ±0.1mm Recommended Soldering Pad:

4 Performance Electro-Optical Characteristics (Ta=25 ) Parameter Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Forward Voltage (1) V F V Color Rendering Index (2) Ra I F = 20 ma View Angle θ deg Thermal Resistance (3) (1) The Forward Voltage tolerance is ±0.1V (2) The CRI tolerance is ±3. (3) Thermal resistance is calculated from junction to solder R th o C/W Luminous Flux (Ta=25 ) CCT Condition Rank 2600K~3700K B8,B9,BA,BB I F = 20 ma 3700K~7000K B9,BA,BB,BC * The luminous flux tolerance is ± 10% Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol value Unit DC Forward Current (1) I F 30 ma Power Dissipation Pd 0.1 W Pulse Forward Current (2) I FP 100 ma Storage Temperature Ts -40 ~ 100 Operating Temperature T opr -40 ~ 85 Junction Temperature T J 120 Assembly Temperature (max. 5sec) oc o C o C o C (1) Proper current rating must be observed to maintain junction temperature below maximum at all time (2) IFP Condition: Duty 1/10, Pulse within 10msec

5 Binning Chromaticity Coordinates K 3000K

6 3500K 4100K 5000K 5600K 5000K Bin code definition V F Rank Luminous Flux Rank CIE Rank 2 BA A3000

7 V F Rank Condition Min. Max I F = 20 ma Luminous Flux Rank Condition Min. Max. B B B BA I F = 20 ma BB BC BD CCT CIE code x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 x4 y4 E D C K B A B C C B A K B C D E K B A

8 B C D E F K D C B A B C D K D C B A B C D K D C B A B C D K D C B A B C D

9 Note: (1) Correlated color Temperature is derived from the CIE 1931 Chromaticity diagram (2) Measurement tolerance is ± (3) The luminous flux tolerance is ± 10% (4) The Forward Voltage tolerance is ±0.1V

10 Characteristics Spectrum Radiation Pattern

11 Forward Voltage vs. Forward Current 50 Forward Current -I F (ma) Forward Voltage -V F (V) Forward Current vs. Relative Luminosity Forward Current vs. Chromaticity Coordinate C x, c y C x, c y K Forward Current- IF(mA) K Forward Current- IF(mA)

12 Relative Forward Voltage vs. Ambient Temperature 100% Relative Forward Voltage 98% 96% 94% 92% 90% 88% Amblient Temperature ( ) Relative Luminous Intensity vs. Ambient Temperature 100% Relative Luminous Intensity 97% 94% 91% 88% 85% Ambient Temperature ( ) Chromaticity vs. Ambient Temperature 0 Cx 0 Cx Cy Cy Cx, Cy Cx, Cy K Ambient Temperature ( ) K Ambient Temperature ( )

13 Reliability Reliability test Item Condition Time/Cycle Steady State Operating Life of Low Temperature -40 Steady State Operating Life of High Temperature 60 Steady State Operating Life of High Temperature Operating 1000 Hrs 60 Operating 1000 Hrs 85 Operating 1000 Hrs High temperature storage Storage 1000 Hrs Steady State Operating Life of High Humidity Heat 60 90% Thermal shock Resistance to soldering heat on PCB (JEDEC MSL3) 60 /90% Operating 1000 Hrs -40 /20minr ~5minr ~ 100 /20min 60%RH for 168hrs Tsld max.=260 10sec 200 Cycles 1 cycle Judgment Criteria Item Symbol Test Condition Judgment Criteria Forward Voltage Vf 20 ma Vf < 10 % Luminous Flux Iv 20mA Iv < 30 %

14 Packing Reel Label Carrier Tape Dimension D P0 P2 B' W F E - P1 D1 A A' B B0 SEC.B-B' t1 A0 + SEC.A-A' K0 Item Spec Tol.(+/- ) Item Spec Tol.(+/- ) W 8.00 ±0.1 P ±0.05 E 1.75 ±0.1 P0 x ±0.2 F 3.50 ±0.05 t ±0.05 D ,-0 A ±0.1 D ±0.1 B ±0.1 P0 P ±0.1 K0 1.4 ±0.1

15 Package 7 inch Anti-Static Reel Shield Bag Taping Packing Box Type Large Box Medium Box Small Box Dimension 541X511X276mm 385X303X260mm 283X235x70mm Maximum Reels 7"X12mm Reel 80/R 7"X12mm Reel 30/R 7"X12mm Reel 6/R Minimum Reels 7"X12mm Reel 40/R 7"X12mm Reel 21/R 7"X12mm Reel 1/R

16 Small Box Medium Box Large Box

17 Precautions Safety Precautions The LED light output is too strong for human eyes without shield. Prevent eye contact directly more than seconds. Ensure operating under maximum rating. Storage Before opening the package, the LEDs should storage under 30, 70% RH. After opening the package bag, the LEDs should be keep under 30, 70% RH. Recommend to use within 168 hours. If unused LEDs remain, suggest to store into moisture proof bag or original package bag with moisture absorbent material such as silica gel. Reseal well is necessary. If the product exceeded the storage period or the moisture absorbent material faded away, baking treatment should be done by following conditions. Bake condition: 60, 12hours (One time only). Soldering Notice and Conditions When soldering LEDs, Do not solder/reflow the same LED over two times. Recommend soldering conditions: Hand soldering: 350 max, 3 sec. max. Reflow soldering: Pre-heat 180 max, 180 sec. max. Peak 260 max, 5 sec. max. Reflow temperature profile as below: (lead-free solder) Max sec ~ 180 Pre-heat 120~180 sec. 70 sec. Max

18 When soldering, don t put stress on the LEDs After LEDs have been soldered, strongly recommend not to repair to keep the LEDs performance. Static Electricity LED package is extremely sensitive to static electricity. It s recommended that anti-electrostatic glove and wrist band is necessary when handling the LEDs. All devices are also be grounded properly as well. Protection devices design should be considered in the LED driving circuit. Cleaning If washing is required, recommend to use alcohol as a solvent. Recommend to avoid cleaning the LEDs by ultrasonic. If necessary, pre-test the LED is necessary to confirm whether any damage occur after the process.

19 Revision History Date Contents Writer Approved New version Blanc Tung Lextar Electronics Corp. is the leading LED (Light Emitting Diode) maker integrating upper stream epitaxial, middle stream chip, and downstream package, SMT and LED lighting applications. Founded in May, 2008, Lextar is a subsidiary of AU Optronics, the leading TFT-LCD and solar PV manufacturer. Lextar s product applications include lighting and LCD backlight. Lextar s manufacturing sites include Hsinchu and Chunan in Taiwan, and Suzhou in China. The company turnover in 2010 is 266 million USD.