i m s * of. being worthy of a tria l W^ P'a ag e A 2 Clinton got th e : H I By william Brock h ' S

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1 f. Vnvw.agcvalley. ey.coth.. l E. T w n F a l l s, d a ho/93rd o / year, No. 92 G o o D M O r W e a t o e r Today; Partly y doudy dywth TTwAwodatwtPr! 2! 1plantffs allegatons desa scrbe th e s( cason a slght conduct, the.c o u rt... hae ( f found that th e W ASHqTOl X)N (AP) - n B dra atc governor s alleged cdaduct t does not const... dance K Mountan sn vctory for-pre* resd en t-c ln to n,-a-ju d g o - l osfflult," she lulc le d...:... nowpacks, ran. Hghs n the d-s d-sos, threw out PalaJ a Jones lawsut Wednesday..Her39>agenUngabrupt! ptly halted a sen-- Fervorsr Drage are enough Lows n the d30s. and sad her cla lans of secual barassnent, satonal t law sut th a t had d hau n ted th e * of. beng worthy of a tra l W hte House for qore tha turn thrcfe y ears Pa ag e A 2 Clnton got th e : 9 b to eet rrgs gaton deands le new s n Afrca, Qven as. nnh < threatened to ppe? hs sexual conduct. Whtewater prost osccutor Kenneth Starr sad wth y a varety of woen b>efore d the naton H By wlla Brock h S, y wouldpress s f o r w w th hs o nal n a hstorc tral. M a g c V T f l Tle»New* wrter r. 5 a l l e y Clnto w n > p p up a sx dx-naton tdur of Mr*- Jones has b fafled. to draonstnte Afrca, j so stunned by word of the ru- Mssng chld: n v e s,..thotshfhasacas case and the court, therefore. w thatje asked f t was s e an Fools.. ula Jpne* BMCnton on TWN FALLSacross ost of dol laho, and ountan snow.* : - t was a ld wlntej of a l-ohdhold dp sa>. fnds that there *6 are t no genune ssues for j The nxsdent s pleas used that he has pearance has expanded tral, U.S. Dstr strct Judge Susan W ebber receved-tno vndcaton, he e has 1 long awat- s s B - packs are salle ler than average as thes nto Wn and Jen n Lttle Rock, Arc < ed, press secretary M ke e ] McCurry sad. R/ snow-accuulato] on season gves way to More on the case-a4 thcsnow;cltscas( son. oun wq certanly agree that countes. Paga l Please s«q MJ0NES,PageA Mountan snbwp: /packs range fro 77 p e r-; cent lo 95 percent of the long-ter a v er-; age for ths te ol of year, accordng to the : On deadlne: ln-cass ssa*s U.S. Naturol Resources C onservaton P r a c t c e MAK lkes P E R F E C T conty-ofcce canddatea s Servce. On the pos lostve sde of the ledgw, have untrrdgyto fle oetry fo wx. j je e rv o rs h the u upper Snake R ver b asu c " ere ore Chhh foh uhfjth fun;andsolsafen paperwork. aald g X l stll satte31ro r last ycar sobunhahcdl- t looks lke da) laho forers wll have r ~ V adequate water supply ths season," sattj S le asse p o r t s Ron Abtaovch, 1, 1a Bose-based hydrolb* < g st w th the sno now survey dvson o S H Aspr rng teacher sets ou o u t NRCS. "Even f the run unoff volues are belovt} ve awky 100,000 books noral, the reserv rvbr carryover s to ra g w ll help ake e up th e d ffc re n c c j B h b h wclrtedpre**. Abraovch sad.. We don t Vxpect w atef shortages to occur. r." NfwV-YORK-(AP)----t-T;SrEUo - Jlofwos- - We-dont ave -e B-huge flood-potentaj-j rght and A prl s th e c r u d e s t : onth, and we dont have le any concerns for sh o r TO Kass golf: M b e>ersof n f g rlb B a ffh Andrew nv Carroll has hs work cut t o01 ut for ag es-t sa p re tty t good stuaton to be nt h. He le s settng out on a cross<o to u n ty sad Mke Beus,Buj Jurley-based w ater opera- Class A-;l> Regon H et on B W B D lm l p o e ty r gveaway. a tons anager fbr the U.S. B ureau o t ;, the lnks W ednesd af» P n W > M S B S S H / F ro n h e back of a Ryder truck c tht at s Reda atoa noon. pag( w B well-stocked -wth verse, Carroll plans ps to Stll," Ecus adc dded, sprng s so var--: age31 H a S B S t l sve awa: way 100,000.poetry books aero: cross the able that you can n never be too cofo(l. land du lurng th e N atonal Poetry M onth able." Utes return: Salt L a te ff C( t y j p B y SWBMlrawB prooto ton. >acks typcally peak u c held a, parade h o n o t h g E H n B M Carroll roll s d n e had h dstrbutrtg sze durng the fr rrst week of Aprl, thu _ natonal fnalst U n M a w B fflm poes t tc today to jurors and Atrak rders dwndle away as a elt exceeds new snoft*: J a H before J leavng New York. By Aprl 130,hes fall n areas above 9,000 feet, such as th e ; o f U t l b E tbta b a p. expected le d n L o sa n e s. X eton Range, th e! snow-accuulaton sca;. teapj B n B } % 6oot o t and lghc-hearted take.t ce. to th e son can stretch nto uomay. o p ro road; a H e a l, free, the world [d before t *T optstc,! sad Vnce AlberdJ Q u r o o Q R S f j u S n T h u r s d a y,. ALprl p 2,1998 j ? / 1 8 / J c r o g r a p h c s W ESTE RN M s o n c «s e a s e : Please see P O y r ; e A 2. - Please see WATER. Pag(u5 " sctg lon ghwaylbl ll nears a\ pproval Fy<wrcESfl sh.aej dfferent than folks, so o puttng, the sneak on e requres specal technc TheAstoCU DClatedPr ~ - d a l D g e t s ore oney, Pag( age p WASH! HNGTON The House near«s w a S B a sage Wed Wednesday of a $217 bllon spe s a l l e r s l c! e o f p e, u n d e r reujbb bll dat t Vwould shower states w th hg Songdog -crce: Colunu projects s but rase questons about wh p r o p o s e d H o u s e b l l. -. To Hcock.spns a g S jbbr a the co ntcnt to a balanced budge..fpvenway vay to old-fashoned pork barr about a togh old.coyot y o t a y J j W a su S k". S 5. je.. Jost hunter - and salvat v ato n. The sbc-year sue spendng bll, expect ected to a t the end of the tra l. p over rerwhelngly Wednesday evenng, WASHNGTON - daho s expected to* -. Pag( age D wts toute< tcd as salvaton to the naton s n s < otuq- get ore tnnsport rtaton oney under the P B B B bsss blng br( jrdges, overtaxed ass tnnst sys- federal tansportat ton bll the House s contes and dangerous hghways. t wodl odld o e - sderng. B utthe. e.bll would sh rn k th e - atehundj ndreds of thousands of hgh*p h>payne stes share of fede deral oney f t becoes O corstuct ctonjobs. law, Rep. Mke Crap -apoeod. p n o n s s a bll that s good for.oll Ar erca, laaho would get $164 annually for the Cause for hope; lo n g»b< e f o r e : -, fo ra ll tn rf. <.tlh R»p Jn«x nk»r<l <.r<tnr nf ncxt SX vcan. wh hch s roughly n 30 ner- M nneso sota, ra n k n g D e ocrat on th e cent ncreaw over r tee$125 tl llon 0 year t ng, dso was akng gan / K K B Transport ortadon Cottee. n o receva under the old fundng foru- aggressve effort on juve- L C 1 1 * But t t also a] exceeds by $26 bllon th< the su la, sad Chad Hyslo slop, spokesan for Rep. n-ntt.ttrf lost year s ts bahuced b u e t deal set asde as for HcenCbcnoweth,! 1, Rldaho. led e. Pag< agea6 }rtaton projects, propthg : concc co But th e Senate :e s verson of the bll, CrrtlPnnnudl ld U ny Wlson wat to be rescued* td fron-the roof of Mac VaHey SelnlM Rc dlal S X S 1 S the verge of the frst balanced ccd bud- "passed last onth, 1, would net ore oney n -lhn r. CenUrbyTwn Fall! alls flrefl hter«. Fortunately for tte ta btwo hospkal eployee*, the roc»cue wa* part of get n three decades, C ongrca was s already all tutd a b e r slce of o the federal transporta* S e c t o n b y s e c t l O N adrtude$l«nedto»l 0 tutfper tha sklls of tn Are depart partent and to flne4une tha hospt pttal* evkua-. slppng g b; back nto ts old sprac&ng wys /ays. ton pe for daho,,stddcrapo,r-daho.... Secton A 7 ton plan. n th* tloatlor n Wednesday, tn flrefl pter* pretended to evacuate aaven reralpart*ofthe nply do not feel we Have the oney," The Senate bll Q s a uch b etter buxo...8 tkxpltel. : Pleased ROADS, ;,PageA2 lplease SCO DAHO, Ps ea2 Weather....2 W Naton..J«,8, \. opnton...fr7 Secton Outdoors.. D oyoukno )w w hat: s n y o lur offcee coffee ug? Secton B Sports,...14 Secton _ llna M ttdp l_money_,.>..: ~ jjournal on dary food and sa santaton T t r e y te s te r r T h r cs nto z cups p e r f Secton, C funds.2. TUCSORArz, TZ. H ere s a real jolt for offce, c transferrng saples!s taken 1 wth cot. 3 _ -c o ffte-d n teb ETRAsaacbersy-thcres-a*.,-. ;,* ton t swab3.u.a.lqud.edu [u.aod-tlcn to MagTc vaeyl?k - nty.,..4 80«c l c e lla la t ugs k ept at th e offce p e tr d sh es: T h e y te ste ;ted th e lq u d Obtuares...2 Co urlly v, - e are crawlng Wth countless crtters, soe squeezed s fro s p o o and drags. r WatM/West.,5 tntn1»««nnh SOS ) enol The pre se was th a t c there s usuouy 1 Dea;A*y.;-..7 Jtces.5 Tny trdublcnu o k e n ncludng scary. < coffee a n d fo o d p re p a rato n a re a s n - -. Classfed. e d stu «llu!e.c o l- a re havng populaton t offce and lsually these arc u v a s a r e n o t. - boos because people don t carcfully wash tary, Gerba sad. > - J f \ out ther cups ore >r dsnfect snks and prepa* The leadng culprts ore re sponges a n d WtpUanqdadM W * raton areas n ostoffces. o. - x rags. We re fndng that those thldgs are 8* Ewwwwl T hat las yuckyl sad.g abre pretty junsantary," rfe wtl th colfor bac. * Rco, a spokeswo AToan a t the Ppa C ounv. terterbt asad. -. JuvenUe Court.Ce Cenler,;who d e a t f l V _ J o u r.stud y,ato ut 400 1percent o f-d e... C la SSH ED} self as a coffee te d rn k e r.a fter learnng < eups-had cblfor s n-th!he, -he sad. :...about.tests.con aducted t y Charley G erba. Thot*s usually ndcotve e of u nsantary A la R K E.CE a and R alpbm ee e? r o f th e V v e rslty rd f V< - condtons ,A»>na,shebada d a chango of Heart. G oa sad cyps wth lds w ere portah: M.B. Of "Wln Falls sol lalh. Ltako that bac t>ack,* Rco sd d. P not a., 1 larly effectvebacteral br r e e d a r *.. -coffoedrnkcraay y ore toccasonally for E.C01;.. an A r b c RV by U ng n de Tucson 1a «ty tnanager s offce, secre A b o u t p ercdtof,he.j G.spongu t» The llnesews... tary.dbde.vlega»gn-, another coffee drnker, showed t E. col. "And w e wped w the cups. t deknew.abou; the s t u d x J _ at n d found. th at w e could 1 c transfer the 1 Letlsputttha 3 V 8 y :th a o n u s e d - ( col," Gerba sad. apapercup she Gerba and Me feer tested dshes, snks,; Unversty of Arzona researchen len Ralph Meer, orhb uh ey. cups, dshrags, s, 2sponges, counters and left, l< and Chuck Qart>aconducte< tedastudjfon y... s p o n.at least! st a dozen offces n Tuoon..otflce.0 coffee cup*, n whch they wy foundllklnd* ,, two years ago, pul publshng thef results n a of qbactera... -, B u? 0 E n o Ugh for, 30 S O ccn ts

2 CoasPakle : H x J o y trtd W a y S o lu r e lavy s Sundd/ Monday, Twn Falls ** PpH aton a Lw: 19 doudy wth drv % Yewerday 54. reserday n Twn Falls tr. tonlhtodate: - shlngco clouds lonlgh to Lastyear ,. 4 o nnat o.todate: bccoc 1C ostly dear. 4 Noral JJ Mojtly wsunny r Frday wth V n p l Vatcf year to date: 7.93 S B S joul year to date:.6.16 hghjnoaf: oarso M M S S N N Wjk t :3Q 55 Low:,30 Hgh: 50s L o HgkSO lowpsos Hgh 60 Low: 30* tb a s u r e V s le y ftn) utly doudy wth a Moslysunny jnny. S lt chancc of w daho H g h s /U w s valley, Chance of valley ran, n. ; Slght chartcc of valley!7 l«r.3 >«* ghtdunacfran. ran, ountan sn» ww.. ountan snow. ran.ountan snow. Max Mn Pep t daho: Hgh, 65 dpudy wth north- Bose 52 3 /.08. cfcsees «Heeun.. west Wnd] / BuHey nds ph. r.t W rj l Mostly clear tonght. L M... Frddy ost TKKtlysurwy. V Farfeld TheAcoWeal Naton: Hgh. 89 t. H agt an «44,--tr.. lacdoteas.uw,10 -daho Falls, 56 29, atwesryellowtone. : - O Da 0«10* 20«Ma Wa gpa MX 70a wa 90a 100a 110a lerw ne r S a w t o o t h M o u n t a s/ r nunaakxlmday., Lewston L A4aUd ZZ... Cofort factor* ; V» x > d a v e r \ A l e y V P Malta , Noonhunddly;6M McCall NoonbaronMR29.83t A UrnTO rr------j Pocatdlo Pollen count: 5 (low). ;! SJoudy L wth a slght Co«L j. > Satoo et 60%. Junper Chancc! of ofafternoon ran showers. solated ran *«!sk Stanley ». MOWK1044 Sun Valley (oderate), pcdnu. :,, showtor alteorla. cennr, pslycloud ( = J The Naton : Eastern ldctk> Max Mn Pep. A H :5>2 2. low S S T 1 V A g fc Mcdoj doudy wth a slght * J l Boston chancc ; of ran showers. C» a g o Southwest /estw ndsstbls *. DalUs... 6a t ~ : y g j K L ph.partly doudy lortght. raohts: Denver Mostfycou clouy Frk. - V S - DesMolncs Detrot CPU) WAnu M BTATXWAtY C1MaA«uW>..ft«,. e. no, Honolulu : N o r t r a n d d h o low: 33 1 ] B3 E E l. SD E3 a a Q 1. K nt poll, doudy wth lght pw tt luw T«Tonw wwn twow low «lunwy. rr.aouot aouov K an su a ty « = - l LasVegas S Frday becong M H b LotAr ostly doudy a wllh h Mcps n thc d ldsos. S Mhl Bead] a M ltw aukee JB-M fjw.bj a Btttf Ptca jnafvlfeattosw cerarfotmat J 7 lorklahotrarapottadcpatrnentra t road reports s:. New C an s " M NortheUtoh M W M..M. hbp/avwwjtatcjd. JdaWdhpgJt New York J 2. Oklahoa Cty, H340* Oaha J»5 E O B M Phoenx :: of ran or snow nde*; 4 Pttsburgh J 3 Bobe:37M : showers. L. (tow) daho; Mostly cloudy skes and ran occurred cooler day ushc shored n story weather that fkxxfc Bu te southwest Uaho on Wednesday,, whle w t skes else- roadsanddaa aged trees n soe spots, 45 nutes where wwe ostly scnny. Reno J South:n eastern North Carolna, al least-or to n e SLLoub 5< AAcoon.cperatures ranged f fro he 50s n tornado nay have touched down, tearng thc ro ht he valkys and n thc 40s n thc n wuntans. off a house., : Northern Nevada ; J)4, Lowdl had the strongesl wnds s wth w gusts up to Thundcrstor torrhs also ht parts of Tenncssc _ 23 sscc, t e e! 54.,.3 5 Kl-Georgla.-Hal-ncarly-an-nch- sostllodjy?; y7)spa ch-n Washngton - - 7: East coasf:a vsofous stor doudy becong SunrKtoon* syste strred up daeter fol ne: near.douglasvlle; Georga. ow6:17a. cloudy b p fte r- v p la K: tn shosvcn and thundentors Wcdnes wsday fro New MHwesbUp to/4 ndes of snow Ml n portor Frst quarter, Aprl 3; full, Aprl vn rtons Canadan Cte* ; noon. A chatke of Qn of t1;(astquarter. York to northern Fk)rda. lcr.aprll9.v-bu(pbmt: of the norther hern Great Cakes regon to low; snow ; snowpossb Ksbfe. MonBVa.. After any record cpcralur lures across the Vsbllywasns reduccd bccause of blowng snow cloudy tknessetdodsa NC Northeast and New Englaod on Tuesday a uch -The Assocated o Pre: Toronto 7: ran Press Vancowvw doorfy.1- Hl ater W h.! Contkedfr tdfroral d ran ag es provde th e bull lulk of Contnued fro Al Q f f lb H E lq ager of tfaf the Twn Falls Canal Col " southern s d o s rrgadoh we A fte r learn n g A sfaroas st us beng able to provde the tl snow-accuuladon seaso: ; of o f th e r u ln g, Whe son n, r>{ntnn went shopp V s 1 vvater to 0 o our water users, t looks both b dranages hasn t ended ppng wth Hllary d y e t Rodha Clnton; lkethwl t wn be «9 X)d year. - E lsew here n southern d daho, < }y defended h a :vd» bus has staunch- r o r x)pennext. r Even 1f condtons tu ra sour, Aprl A 1 snowpacks were: husband through- A lberdsa sad, Thc wld card n - 95 p e rc e n t o f overag pec n M r s. S n r f dderhew» Sevlce our favor orsthesolsatundon." so 8 u th -sd e b asn s, nclud ndng rp. l. lb, Sfcy»rk sad an KnUWRMd l y l l Generou ToussoU satuton s tec f V l apptt, Goose and S a nr - ute thw were dsa not over legacy of last k years exccpdonolly c UMH w d)ber Wrchf* dedston / the decsoh, ths heavy snb s n b w f when the upper. 85 p e rc e n t n th e Bg : s rrulng does not : Paula Jones sex bnus en and vndcate or ex( Snake R ver dranage broke a Lttle. Wood rver dranages. exoerate M r. caseasanstl tt F restd Olnton a lo e s CO-. Clnton." century-ol y-old record. The Snake 77 percent n tho Bg ; talnlywube be appealed. And tha nresdca. a n d t s a shae that Kal prosecutor Ken Scar wn Ryerranl hgh for onths and, n Ltde L Lost rver dranages. unless the l- donq>ed. ng s reversed on :g n ll«of the outcoe of the an atte >pt p tb ste the deluge, The snowpack s about er. half to wll now never be a - V - rrgators rs w ere urged to use as 60 6 p ercen t o f w hat t was : last of who was tellng r a s s s a look a t what could heppen k/ J uch wate rater as possble. y ear a t ths te, Abrao n g th e truth and next: n o"* * who was lyng," h Ths yey e a r s snow packs a re sad. s There s stll a potenta] h t f law fr sad talfor n a stateent, Andrew Carroll huds lke last year s; but they hgh h p eak flows (durng sp Jones c as a s e. -. out books )oks of poetfy to tbetteroen waltt spnnf. M rs. Jones, 31,. far fro the long-ter,,r runoff), but the duradon of 1, cla ed th a t Jones law; wyen hove 30 to appeal. halfrlco tckets n New York* rk s Tnes Sqsara Toetdey. The books boc M gh Clnton proposto lng to the Ednh O rcunn St. are Me of average! for fot t o te of year. w ater wll t>e uch shorter t toned h e r n a sr than A rkansas hotel ro ry ndcated Wednesdav nlsht :.. the 100,000vooMofpoetty: tty he ptrs to dutrbot* on a cflm foekortryjoot A so f Af Aprl 1, snowpacks-were----- k 1 roo n 1991; wkl, Jnnrs h a s fled th rw. ~ CUntorsqysheloes ney. nantrg seeds of poetry T stt truck stop*, sopeflttfcets attd n d even a prson. 88 percen c e n t of average n th e toestfttkall L>vM Ses aganst C laton, and the eetng h» and -.f Snake Rver basn upstrea of Thnes-Ncws staff, wrter WUl has fly dened a p p e a lslr coocdntdy could dcdde D of the back for tral wule P alsaddes Reservor, and the Btx>d: B can be at xhappened. send one of Wrfhts d sal of the oh- Henrys s F«F ork dranage. Those E xt 264. Mrs. Jones was n fo U o * the case say two of h oled u p n h e Poetry r h< ho e n L o n g plant* thattbes«w asac». B d ( Calf., and d d dd not plan a fplncya«! unst her hat Qnona coo. publc coent, aoc ContlnvedfronAl substantal t toward what has / - \ r t. nrrrfg ouctwbs0 } 0< outngeous t otused her serspokeswoon,6us3 al hann are weak. Jones e," says W alt Whtan s s * Song b een d u b b ed d The G reat X V O c ads- l* lusan C arp en ter <>«codona McMllan. charge that t lb he alleged sexual haressnw t. o f th e O pen R o ad, wh v h c h s APLseedGveawa; way. T cvl rghts ay ptw e hsder n d u d e d r book (hat t wll w be Other copan* nes donated the Contlnned dfrona fre l a Carpenter MMU tax Aerconspqy at the pu uheselfsad she was shocked" h a n d e d to d rv e rs a t th e truck and hotel roos for the sad Rep le p,. D p d O bey pf he cold had fha reous we d" 1 by thc rulng, B h lladclpba-tou booth b oo. fc th e t r *,. _ Wsconso. pnlfn TV>p<vrat nn S - r d be less dan ho honest f ddn t S tarr lnv& /estlgatlon tell-you--wm-eoj Walt Whtan Brdge..- Carroll sad the gveaway was th c Appro] propratons Cottee! p e t e ly b lo TBnj58zn ca proecubrsd w ngbta~ aw jv by ts decson We really w ant to reach peo-. nspred by hs collmgue, the late Hc sad t was v spectaolarly rre* 901." decson wo vould have no effect on hs. Starr s Dyng to defetnne pe fro all walks of lfe, fe," sad o b e l lajrcate Joseph Jc Brodsky, sponsble ble th a t n e th e r th e rh e proble s that tl&hjgh nhwnv Clnton s lawyers fnw ajat wcresojjjgpubuds led utder oath or urged otben C arro ll, a co*founder of o f th e wth who hc co-f n-founded the lt- Senate,, whch approved a S214 trust» fund s calculated as par neslawyqs about hs alleged they had Strong grc A ercan Poetry.and Lu Lteracy eracy project. Brodsky, who was bllon bll a onth ago, nor the «the general budget, rcdudng " S * e ssal, but prvately M d S for d.cxual rjlatl aclonshp.wth for er Whte Project exled fro the! Sovet Unon n Hotsc lad hadpedfcd how t would defd t Takng t offndgct, as tely hs top advs- House ntern rn Monca Lewnsl. Even f ers w ere b radng e collapses, a covernp could Hell vst a Mdwestern n na and la ter served as U.S. pay for the* extra spendng. Shuster S bll cdlsfor, would jeq ; for a May tral Jones case they feared was nev gos. c Starr a l» U nvcrgadng to hd out "Scrsblcd E{ F ee* & laureate, belevcjd poe. The Wht Vhte House has expressed Sndng adddonol savngs to k Mvoble..ttcu8 *«ep - Whle the Whte E on s busness dealngs la Whskey: Poes ," by ust be avalable: le to the publc n concenabout the spendng level the d: budget n balance, te House cheered n j,. the decson,.onto H ayden C a th. n Las s Vegas, V far greater volue e. WeuBc age both the House and thtf conservatves uve t nton s legalwoes far fro over. hell gve soe casno ga lablers Carroll sad he : le s been ullng Senate to paus f and take a deep otozed-shuser for settng as. Str So b pressng C0ll r688l (slonal charges h s cr nal nves copes of Wlla Shokespc speare s *he cross< ountr [try poetry gve- breath and anc consdfer how we re percent Pl of the oney, qre da /Mtgaton nto congrcsl a s alodcpatng an npeacb. whether Clnton Ued sonnets on Aprl 23, n honor of away for soetnu tne. gongtopay for ths," sad Offce of bllon, h for 1,463 projetts that a havg «nt t«port t fro t Stan-, and prejnndons sexual rclotons wth (he Bards brthday... t just seeed d lke the best way Manageer ent and Budget Drector. vdual lawakers requested vthvhtc House wu contnue for handlng 11 U nder the A t axu securty prsons, to get a sense of th< de need for these FrantnRa Ranes. ther tl dstrcts. 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KdtRlddwNSwYfc* (flactld3 c e < K «R B a b B A n S h exso su atp pn p a r e a jo r t s s SfTrH WASHNGTON T he j who* th rew o ut th e Paula S J o n S S e a o u n t ff ac a a A a J T E S 6 3sso*snffe;, S T E R sexual h a ra ss e n t case s a ca eherway 7 y ; b a ty v " flu jy u to R epubu can n o n ated 1 to th e,,.. - b o d by fonner Presdent ntbush. ] s x has c o J o o s L : Ml S A l a a e n a t f a t attfrth K : M MtnWrtfaBfBP nw WH Susan W ebber W r t also lsa-for- TLB na d ts a D a n O a rh B x rc a a e : S» W M H D o - t w ner law student of BU CUn ZUntons JJnaefSn b n S B s a s a B g a ls th B C - c M o n u w hen b e w as a professor r a t the J lohnd o t Pggja, (Saaa. a. U n v ersty of A rkonsos s o n th e early 1970s. law pofssar W rg h t, 49. s descrb e n A rkansas ate -sorest, schoobnatsh and etho alleges that cgov.d-sd. M dpnnpfl by law yers who know her. lated her dvfl rtf rghts "by ppta- oxnratt a p. W T O g r legal specaltes arc land*use: tonag her for oral sex n 1391, a n n n laton and ol and gas owne raersp retalatng ag ngansrbgrjgtb r & ase not sex and les. she rebuffed h s. j crude-advsnce. annca f Fro her ofhces at the! federal C lnton d e n e:s s th e c h o re e s-. ans cntara e r s n B s s B B a n :. courthouse n lttle R o ck,. dt. Ark., W rght ru le d YW ft e d n e s th OTffara. W rght h a s p re sd e d ove v e r th e Jones evdence fntle*fntbwf»,rf M JfllDE JT c SH Q H H C hh Jones case and has also Dsuper- st pdvng sexual ban & Bcr 3U db O s v e s s q vsed a grand ju ry hearng ng ev.. E arly n the* le case, one nf SBK, s t f W c c SnE B een; donee fro spccal proscc secutor Wrght s key sdsons-was t»w - aafansflje 9 s & 9w d s o s t s n - Kenneth Starr. ; turned by the SqjT -gh**- TntfltTj;B jj H j t& e J}BC a f Q h D c H er actons have been crt ztdzcd had-ruled th a t Jones dvlco - nnes,anfl; fl rf.! TWl by both sdes, and Wrght t s sad plant dd not hav la v e to g o to d ngfatnw to be prepared for Jones ca cap to appeal her latest rtlng. Whl Vhlethc presdents lawyer pnlsed Wrght V untl the presdent ent ternoffce. The Supre e s Court C Tre She wb Mg>,3D& B % a n - Bh» a t t tn 1 onw edrmday, Jones, suppc pportsrs «nynj» that faubttl" c x p re se d.sh o Jones, a forer clcrcol FwortCT w th e la n d e a a nlot o t b e z s e d j sheld for alleged dpersonaf p tanrnff n S te n tta: Mxed e.wrght s The Assocated Press S ta te e n t b y th e R u th e rfo rd nsttute, whch has ba fnancgd Mrs. out p x TfTn <tr». f n. R e a c to n to T h e lecson Jbnes la w t..sp p o CB a tn ) Q t" g tu o» n * ra5 r W cdnesy by U 5. Dstrcr J rtln) hsegnlltnrbjwflfo H, Susan W ebber W rght to t -. d b o l. s sth a n /h o n e st f 2 fldv. S <g<wttwt!»nb but P aula Jones sexual 1harass- ddnt tell you v S k copletely Tntla, TtBUWTtL ent law sut aganst Pres resdent blown a w. _ The Th rtnt jntr Clnton: dearly for th s s a great heroc n*csp»t. woan, Paula Cor Garns Jones,wdD.algTtpn r MTn.a flrfrgg. ; thnk t s clearly the rght for four y ears ba has endured h e ;{HS t R a a n e - U a n K h a d d ecso n, and th n k : J< Judge* flth and the sle nrftwct autn fr r o f t n d a g t " - W rght should be coplt ented of the W hte Ho 3ouse and n (jj on her courage to ake the r t sweqnng ovee ott n j Ttflp»»-cwT3 DDySf! TKwTjttTT a decsfon notw thstandng lg t all of sh e s n o t alow< owed h e r a y 3D s te aka n.rh)<wabtuhu!3s-a the. p o ltc a l at o sp h ere sur* court. M rs. J o n e s -spokes- dhflftftrnan roundng the case. She s rg r t on w o an, S u san r C arp enter the law, she s rght on the facts, McMHlan. ojnd the opnon speaks for r tself., - C ln to n a tto rn e y Ro R o b ert n January the h e attorney gener- Bennett. al and th e. specal t s o n assgned us to nvestgate r" a "VB Tr g n chn<..ey nf Tnntt»»r Jtu derwrchfk-ntl- ; lullng s rcvened on appeal,»nl, there hg today h as no nc effect on our now never be a detern naton authorty, and -w w e "Wll rrtrrn df who was tellng the trutl ruth and workng to cople p1»w»tt» nucctjjft. Who was lyng... We are revew- ton as expednou: o u as possble." ng the court s opnon and d consd- a W h te w a tee r n d e p e n d e n t : - e n n g M rs. Jones* opton! ons. An Counsel Ke ethf thstarr.. appeal s very lkely out-no no fnal ** decso n h a s b een ade d e." - wsh «h a d! State ent by R ader, Caj npbell. er. Dan jcker, to ey o r fsh er & Pyke, the law fnn repre- fo r er W h te ce H o u se ad e sentng Mrs. Jones. Kathleen wney. 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Here, th ee are trol 1 advocates b that thelw ys,, f dord when there s a b brother or- patents are re! relatvely young and r.s. a t t t a d e fe w c r e s for tghter g laws cnxv dl oturder ss-juveles, sster whose arrow s, s_a.perfea ther dsease a was recently dag-. shootng s uncoo d e r c f f e c to o b e c s n s e orastweefc f l s rarapage, wll1! be able to ow n guns when atch.-h ow ever, tra n sp la n ts nosed. THW rtw PM l... th e young. C o n nv a t o n s w th b at there s b GODcnn a that the & theyey «rerd en sed bo prson 1 at p e o h however rer, prorded a ttsb ed ac ro oos n of two bo wq be th» soflltorzl JONESBORO. A lt- F r e eeean n rcder that tbose e a as t D d e s c s tantepreted T f e tragedy has everythg to S W T V J Brewer, a fonner w bo h as owe owned dffer radcally dde] ep en d n g o n da A lb e r ts d o. wv th access to g u n s," sad M B l l M guns ost of hs d xtyod d y e*as,ls a n where people Bve -W b a te re r Nao tntg Pass, spokesw o an fo: perplexed t v new s reports ad but 1 and what trad*. happened n Han u d g u n n t r o l nc.**tthe) bla ng la st w e e k s sc booly lyard ton they spnng T v e n t s o b a n d Joseraro s ddw rft have access t h could no dungs nere on th e foct that lat the fro.. ve.k (ed fv e p eo p le n c t a u A o n h a t D t o h a a a n t jtt. f t h weren t able to got two yotg shooters access tts s to W estsde fnttwguna.. Mddle Sdool sts \: h a n d k a td n s p a S d Q 3J,*. sad Arkansas tbe e guns, let s face t, ll-a n d : J lu s s a s a t e w here 300,( 00,000 on the frnge of S ta te Polce year a r d s run o u t o f stea on t WN DSHE :LDS huntg lcenses ore ssued an aul a Jonesboro, on a. spcfasanbn. Uddea. l reon w here g see os s a co* rollng, rxral road S * J fc r.-h s s *We -V understand that people an MOBLE SERVCEC E T O ALL O F S O U T H VW E S T D A H O -F rcan afb rcw n onplace as c d l phones. t s not : far fro the «? ssoe of defa feosve about ther culture, but llk6 w h af they re sayng," " sj sad crowdedsaeetsof - O j-.k batpob essed-. tbe erealty s that have on ~ k a n s 3 s c 9 d c n Brew er, sta n d n g b y a pck lckup W ashngton or -re la t n cd e n ts- hb S... tn>ck outsde a local coavend nace New York. t s p f e o p S ode des, sn d d e s, u n n ten to nala score. 1 ra se d two-,boys rs a and surrounded by brklc d c a h t e a o d s a ll arsen enal j aad shoot ther shoe poolngs n states th a t hav JS C ALLTO L L L F R E E J ta u t the bow to hunt d d hb traler hoes o n rt swaths o f faends.t hej e«ownershp and an ope de and respect a gun. Weve Ve got land separated by jcres acn o f pastures * arevect Mwrnfnawoeotu B S et culture, sad K rson Rand deer and turkey, and we ve got and creeks. No lqu qtor s served t o s Mdb>xDe.7be3rareDac B dre> recto r of federal polcy for ± huntng laws to be obeyed..» Pp»4w»< <Vb knrdbsbeadedttdjeop- Was -ashdgtadbased v Q e n c e Pdq Ths p a n of the countv -states st: Guns, pareots here eresay.aren e*- rnsl* Ceo eote whch researches frear les B- OlS G LASS s u as Arkansas, Oklahoa na and ther a novdty nor so sa rangcnl G t c nlcs a see t d&rently. nol okdce., Texas has anatttu d e toward see young- t s not uncoon n to t B M M guns that s d o seen, and devcn c stcrs wearngcaou louflagc T-dortS S S f B S S ore rard y understood, n turban uz\ and ore heavly populated lareas. a r gven to the by tb b ed r & d d e sfb r h u n r gg s 1 n pawn shops E l 9 ( hls s not a plow where {pns ttrw ore and u restaun urants 9 l a tn s to lea v e 3 nco prw ensble volence :e that ther gs n tbdr cars. E l struck here a w eek ago. t s a Resdents say th [hat a even those pbce >rferc guns are seen os S p pont unsettlng photosra Taphs o f young B ofptderfdlowshp, fun andt r berdypast-to dler age and holdng 0 M JMNE Last week, 13-yearold Mtel ttfhul not an uncoon SOD B " Johnson and 11-yearold And Lndw those growng up p ll a c u ltu r e El Gdden both rscd around d guns where guns a re a 1 w a y o f lfe. *1 opened fre on th e r sch school- hove a end who took tor one of th e D ates at W estade ACddlc School, fnt pctures of hs s bt a b y o a B TES kllng four s and a tead :acher. lttle coouflage : d ress, sa d a. nor ally asso cated w th th e p o l askng p atr They used seven h andguns: ns and three hghlowered huntng g rfles, pcc *Vs j S. osdy e n fro Golden s } gn grand- Here, fa h enc : H M O founderrepey = y e s, r r v e d! " - v B - $9 llon n severanc F r c sh s l H NORWALK, Conn. (AP) founder o f Oxford H ealth. P S S A l a s k a n H a U b u t f g nc. who rectody reagnrf o cd t a t Poadcdv d w th H, an o f th e tro u b led HMO [0 wll roasted red bell l p«pq>pcr sauce Q receve a S9 llon re trc a p a d and other benefts. Oxford Health also has obta btahed A p # n P adddcol fnancng and na< senor Kart Coro, e x tr v?. ; $ de new poston of chef ad dns- J L 1 tratve offcer, accordng - to th e A copany s annual flng Tuc wth the Securtes and Exdu S g Creeks CossaL S sc. sde. H t e a k h o t s e B Oxford H ealth, a leac eadng w ne o> DNNER Q provder of anaged health carcn ca 233S*A kve. Soatb K fl dtt reon, reported huge losse Jssesfor O U T ow «e-t last year due to co ter syste and anageett probles. CALLB BEFORE yc OU J L_ DG ; SO YOU WON T rogupt FHE -=WRO MG THNG G! nstalng - g a s p r n k l e r s y s t e J??.. - Re odel s l n g? B u ld n g a f e n c< e B? 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S s s Advsntsge $34.99 ) 0 FREE M l Sgh up now and recev eve a total of SOO free a nutes nr for your frst three honths of servce! W F R E EWEEKENC Narrow trar ansplatk cure leukenfa 1( (V-TH o NUTESAA E l X J S M 0 S g n tp n odwand y receve 240 free :e weekend nutes each onth for 18 onths! Cad and ha«ve a phone del elvered to you jr door, or stop by an d we ll sgn y< you up. G DS FOR 18 Ttandty,A{»L2,lBM TwMtw >, Twn FD», dto _A: : s s r DEAL! pe Q O j MONTH ONTHS! - k MONTHS! U. o f C o N e t C e l l u l ar r CoNct Cellu lular CoNet Cellular P U K T S A F E. JU DK5. H - S afeya V S B lu e L a k e s B lv d LN East Man St M an! S t. # 4 O ; " T o u r o st - Fro Bose. J, GGorden QW ond Merdlcd o v - : H.. n n p o r tf ln t- c s lll 1 T w n F a lls r 2 0) 2, erone,*,324r7j r7632. C oodng*: : 8 0 0? y : Fro. All J C Other Ctes n1t>e Stote: a: B 1. ( 8 ( 1 " THANK YC Y O U F O R Y O U R H E L PM l! N.. H, ; PROTEGTNG ( U ND ERGROUND FAC o u h e S l n n t e r f l t J n B udcok f a _/. COMMNE[ET<<>CELLU U1AR 2

6 sk )>,. Thursday, A; Aprl z; The h Tes-News je p r r o R A ] Youth cr sreshoefe ks ctzens, jj)utldc 10 akes st ;trong effort T h e shootng sp re e at t an Arkansas ntp full-sc l-scale th u e y. d b o l s e t 6 l a n atonw nwde round of A lo ng w th changng th e syste, J S 1 4k ;«laraeltato a Why, o h whj why, can t Aer- th e Leglsl M a tu re o e d t h e publ " buc 5S 0 f( ;. > «pea*!} nsttutons d o anyth lythng about ju* now s access a to juvenle r e c o r d anc n d M SM * r v A > ( 7 Sjvenle cr e? ju v e n le 6 court pro ceed n g s. Y du.car c on S S 3 V-.. l J M O O n A s a a ttc r o f fac th q can. s e e fo r yourself w ;hether th e s ttern e t O p t s s n e v e!r r f a s h o n a b le u p q y ffo o rsd o n g tsjo b. ; o n g e d a co entators. E very These! changes d have b e e n ex d tn g s to tf ; jnews event s auto ata tcally talled as w a tc h, th o u g h n o t alw ays w th o u t J y S t e jfu rth e r p roof th a t socety s rdng the fa s t lan e to You Know a= bu ps n n th e road. T he frst d rctor a o c a a a of o fe Juvenle Cor- [ W here, rcctons D ep art ent tre - M y. lu V w W B L o c a l a td s ta te atlhord J B u t d a h o a n s, a n d sgned a d allegaton! ons p a r t c u l a r l y M a g c, kh h v e jte o e n k c r e a tthe/of e l o f s c o n d u c t w th r n Valley resdents, have t h e d e p a r t e n t. Rp: u s e to fec hopefu l o fth e a T u a,a fd th a t _ cently, a p roposed day. b o u t y o u th c r e, p u ttg a t a t v e o r t h t o t. \ t e aurfew e broled jd a h o d d n t w at for _ lo c a l a u th o r te s n e "VJEHWtAl.PLANTOENDNl- L M S SLEAZY s n JFF O N C tw D F TORW-L... h e sh o c k o f a u r- ~ n a s t y c o n t r o y e.. ; e ro u s ra page to recoe cognze th a t ju- B ut thle overall trend s e hcuagng W W D K E N S P R R C W PUK 1T(XTW J1 JgRf SPRNGER p e n l e cr e n e e d e d atten att to n. S ta te L ocal and sta te a u U b r ftve jve ve. L ; {and local a uth o rtes have lave b een takng n le cr ( e a t & e top otthe a g e n d a jaggressve steps for seven reral years. a n d th ey y are puttng {rewvo rffon -H eres a-recaj>: n to t. r * T h ree-y ear> -ago,-at,-fter-hearng-----the Teal eal* d allcnge-s T d d ress-th Bc S b t fefenbo] lelkva jfro ctzens th a t th e exstng syste ro o ts o f! ju jt v e n le sb e h a v o r Cops, everal tes s recendy, Ute ". ttjeforpp4fev \ voters to deterne f ; jw asn t d e te rrn g ju v enl :nle cr e, th e. c o u rts ad a th e L eg slatu re c a n on lj ly C TefHewsha has ane pted to - He Republcan P arty stands for any- \ jsta te L e sla tu re adopted tod a w h olesale, d e a l w th kds w ho have already bro solate*? cons nservatves arod R* eader QDMMENT J V l thng, especally / tbannng procedures that. re v a p n g o f ju v e nlle ju s tc e. t k e n th e law, l a n d th a t s a lre a d y toe o our state, acct xusng the of n- Denns Mansfeld torture (M dren 1 now and torture ther {R oughened th e p e n a lte d es s on ju v e n le la te. T hle e : ore p o rta n t (a n d or% ot% tdatng, alenatng and bullyle survvng othef u s fo ra lfete, : joffendets,- cre a tm a D epa p art en t of Ju- d ffcdt) chore ( o f nstllng characte n e r b e rs o fo u rl ng the Republcan e Before any cou nduslons are ade, one r p e n le C orrect6n5,and d slhs ted uch a n d v a luu es e falls to o th e r nsttutons: 3ns: slature. Although th e! blow was aed d* wtht h ths denal T h would rathe ther ake ust know the fa( facts. n addton to the : «of th e staters p l o u s aau u th o rty to lo-- f a n.churches. c and dvc organza- jza- rectlyat e, ustsay aythatnolobbykt w arth r le t the chsdrensurvve. e.jj u s ta s. poll revealng the be opnons of daho s. ; {cal agendes: ;tons. stands alone. Thousand ndsoftnnservatves the Soud advocated slavery, ode odc consttuents, othe her research has shown J E p o w d,b y.th e_ B nn _law, M ag-.;. d a h o s "S juvenle-justce_sj«te stysupport the work of daho Faly Fon segre gregatonsts" hold to strengthe Jhenjg lhat the GOP dd not take a plunge n andfbeleve t ornotftj tthnk for the Lpopctuatng ttr tn o n k r because Dtp r p r o f e legsatoh. n: ; c V alley leadere swftly dc t e d a to d o 0 ts p. Aro you dong yours? selves. Our sson s to t( educate, not to to ontnue con th d r acts of V rn us n g 1998, tho focus on abortons c t ; e th a t tre a ts ju v en le sbehfror. control and coerce, consttuents and leg- bread a d" fro the blood of nnocent tba- oves fro a Det leocrat/republcancon-. ;j!w th vary n g d e g re e s o f a p p ro p ra te / - C o r r e c t o n slators. Pro-lfe supporters have free wll bes.l f wearng the badge o b ooldonst lc test n Noveber, er. toward a contest n the Jo u g h n ess. Young offend: :nders ay fnd to do whatever they ch< Aoosewtheduca- eans axs valung lfe and lberty and ndequd GOPnM aybetw tween the aboltonsts of. ; h e s e lv e s n a n u -se c u rty O u r M({arch a 26 edto ral on nudear- ton. There s no holy war, unless f s choc oce for d l p l e bo and u today s slavery (aborton) (al and those who [ jjyouth c en ter o r a hgh-sec -securty lockup, w a ste dleane t u p o v erstated o n e p on t. t been unleashed by thleredouslaftand e : woul Duld ( d ly jon ranks wth nd ndvduals - refuse to stand up for tbe less fortunate. jo ther progras ndude le ] psychologc N o t aj of f th e S300 llon s p e n t : b> y your edtoral boanl lkep! P resd ent Lncoln and u ddlyweor Hstory was td 1 reans the best judge.. {evaluaton, v o lu n te e r n e n to rs a n d L ockheed!d M artn to d e a n up P t 9 ) at t Drawng frothe th< hne that The t Ve Wewsh that Senate leaders WO would A slncolnsad, We do not have the tranng fo r p arents... th e d a ho o N atonal E n g n eern g and Tes-News u about the Cvl War, h av e et th e courage to jon us. r tc o d o th a twwuch l s wrong. One T he M agc Valley s s n an j u v t e E d to ral l ] L aboratory ca e fro U.S. TC rend the edtors that lat Presdent Ln- Of f course c ths ssue naturally alenates al< hundred ffty yea ears ago, p l e who oj>- j u d g e. M agstrate, Jo h n F. ] Varr, has, _ra;,ayers. rs. A ccordng to a n E nergy Q D e con a lg n hself wl wth the scorched andd dvdes peoplfc At the vey least, posed rabd abol K>ltohsts wanted to ; earth aboltonro of f slavery. Ther howev rever, we should recoguze that bat the rapeblabkwoe en,torture ther bhck 1-;led creaton of a project sct to ntervene T p a t en t t! s p b k e s th e f e d e S govcause was ju s t Accord dag to hs second. tnons nstrea Republcan lawaker kersop-. husbands and ens lavethdrbbckcrn* ; -w hen y o u n g sters frst t flrt w th law- e e nt has h pad L ockheed only $54 naugural address. Lne ncoalsounder posed e d to HB610, lke Gov. Phl Ban 3att, d re n -a lln th e nae of choce. The : t lessn ess. K ds w ho volat >late c ew s o r llon for fofthe project; ; ; o t h e r. g 8 tew a offeq 5Qses,an().JV>a; )«3VA>en<j & other pnes-news pn- sojod that the w rcae even though botl\part5s,d4>recat ated war." h e conchose to alenate theselves by pullng awayl \y fro t t e ajorty of o aoans.ad- n.slaves of the 1850s had no choce. The slaves of the 1990s are treated wth equal " e d a to n progra, au ng to correct h eed, trtwersy arose over one nesdeprefe ng cordo dng to a statejnde poll done n jan - dsdan and have: re no choce. T oda/s nor sbehawor befon fore t blossos regrets th e error. The Tlt war over the survval bl bfth en ato n an d uatyb y by McFan td Assocates,,588 p e slaves" are lttle e babes of all colors the other acceptng wa rarrader than let- centol t of those polled were n favor oroo fth er Tbe edtoral boards be of the 1850s used tng the luton persh. L < -legsla slator votng for a bll to brngl ogldaho yourcurrentpers n o n a l attack style The aborton ssue s theslavey ssue, lawn nto coplance wth the U.S. aganst ouy er len and woen n- 150 years later. The 14t.4th Aendent en* Supre >ree Court-tested ahd approve ovedre- col c ddnt at latter then. t doesnt ac- TT» lehes- News. franchsed blacks by protectng ther stnct» ctons: Seventy-sx percent felt cot now. You a re e wrong and your deas, SttplwnHulstn Allen WDten..» rghts to not be deprve ved of lfe, lberty paren( ental consent should be requre lred. lke those of the! s! slave-ownng Southern* ;.-..Jrtantb«edKw --PetsrYork:;;. juvetu»lf«dlreetw V ; antfpropenyw thoutd : due S o c of law. The h e ssue s a quesuon of devxracy oa e rs,h a v e c o n quends : u r*- The eber nbera of tte edtoral board ond wrte rrttersofedttortals Yet, t s ronc that t : s ths very aend- andwl w hether canddate wll now w play p - Aboltonsts? * E andpators? You b e t en t, as appled by pro xbortonadvo- " poltc tcs and gnore th e publc The! herpolt* Rabd belevers! t n volence? Absolutely are Stephen Kartgen, eta Clark Walworth. Steve Crup, Kevb evn Rtchert and Gregory Hahn. cates, that dsenfranch Jses the unbb calfo. frte s n ther Own hands f ± e y not-ndther.outs tslde the aborton lls and denes the the rf rgbttolfe. shcf c fro the prthlfe.belefs thl e p e norln d d eonthe c! stanless sted tables. Today, the unbo cannot even be p ro- ofldal HaTft hold vuuable. Contrary y to what - tected by ther father. ( -L e t e r OurodenHlay hete! TteWas stated about FF Fusng \u D asm anspd ddo/bosctf tacprcrdcnt subde segregtonsts ts h aveconcurr therepublcan f p a s a s a tool, tsnow s. o f the daho FaU t?yfongn. > Ctbens, econoy ust. be free Tutts un> nversty n Noveber 1990 sad d shoud all be n the publcdo. <!o. Years ago, the Supree C e unreasonable. You can do t ; t s hardly lack of due pro governent to regulate tha ke t all back. LETTER ] S--." eed to ca that when soeone : subsdzes. We ust rce forces control and land anagc- : pldtedand subsdzed eco Clnton s lfe upstaj ages soaps, >a re the good thngs that need to be a t church! ; ens ntatve, dscourages j 1 us, wc gve up our rghts of con- eloped n the lves o f our yout outh so BLOSSOM MAlATHEWS 1developent Prvate enter- All the soaps are cor stroys character and den or lo planngandall theyb o r a t e t h c p r s o sbest te y b w e carng, oral; post stve Twn Falls served when t advances on th e ratngs are gong people. ; down, "rhey a re adults lls. f you are a p arent who >does not Our people ust rean f ert and ntatve, not relyng upstaged by th e bgge rrnent assstance. A anaged ow >w w here to begn, let e sugg»seest Theft of trash C e c o n o u s t re an freed SUck Wlly And Hs sbe can shows desperaton unbos."w ho startr tng at churchl Er ay look outwardly attractve _;_ cessv e fbtccnt pate a fo wll be next? WU Hll Uary fnally fnd as e how desperate people : cntadon and control. Our ctnctounst traffc through o u r ~ :a5ter.te_.. reat.tnw ftm o urw hat Bll r e y wa vansatdleedsor lumowmtthvfrfalls: ! of the Chrstan churches of d ennandng ore busness. syste rests largely on thre< S? " s the bg W hte House se on P e n n l a tb c t 0 n M a rd 2 3,pp t u t y garbage can out c Valley. Our churches a re Free en te rp rse -d e =h r 2T t wll lead to ore controls sg r e a t fort uesday on / >. ovc. Avenue gong tooutdo the ove, The a sse t} >ng and soete ulatons that wll affect the ec bulders! fyou are lookng: ture, the rght to choose. 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The truth s that th the feder- nrespo ponse to Laure Sonds lener a garbage can n the ddle ofthe ng, degradng and c nbarrassng to takee t serously. ol governent has no lack Jc of o: funds n th c Mlarch a r 12 edton of The Tesnght? Aercans everywhen ere.tsu etr en- Thto s Sunday, Aprl S, s a great whch t docs not frst, n sor soe anner, News, ly y reply r s of course w ell work hope th e pers Tson s real proud of-. taltoourw ordposto ton whch s snk- to vs rst Aazng Grace Fellowsh] shp be- de sd v esan d take fro, the people. w th th eh Huane Sodety n any c u d ty. 1 e enjoy w hat they have ng lower and lower wthcteryes-, cause s e of our Aual County W hen wc recount the full uu hstoryof W henc 11 called you last year, there was V. stolen. t s no rea eal bg deal, b u t when capade. 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Also, w, < envronen- can only / serve s( the ult ate goal of sav- y. op ental Assets n Ot our youth. f you fyo u need oracon on ths us e< v e n t cr e ra te n Tvr W nfalls s e n b j s ; tol extrests pushng contr ntrolsandcon ng the lves of nnocent anals. ddn t receve a copy rpp f th e 40 Develop-.o rauy n j of th d fa ly-centered nun*_. enoughl... ; fscaton p ut prvate landow lownersnjeop- SUE 5TR0BEL ST. ental Assets handou t, call th e Youth stres s a t A anng G race Fellow owshp. GALE CARLO) JOCK, j ardy. Envronentalst Broc rock Evans a t Twn Falls Fa Net 2012 offce a t 737-: These as* plea«ase.call 73&0727. H ope to sete y o u, Tw nfalls. Dbonesbury By Garry Trudeau Mallard Fllore e By Bruce Tnsley, ; TD7,sHsf3NST vatffeaoftt! v x u v s c a s N / f prr,ap wft-rte" -» V p n s -. 7 % - ; : " " - f 1 % s t a - H, * (e } vwo s a,

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Poyt, Double Wall Car( r g e Bed, Rooy.G b wth Drvers Arbag& & Morel g & ~ B W j«7 * 1 1 * 1n H 1998 NSS SAN <«w»,twtepfl»,ldl» * j :~ A loo y, Autoqwtc w /A M /FM /C D, r, Power W n d, Locq & Doors, 2nd»dGenoraHon ; Arbogs, & Altas Sooth h Sofe Rdel W A S...* 1 8,4 8a 0 H O W O H Y.JU 5,547 L,.. W b a n y o a g at: h e h l k T r a c k esl r Pp r e P a l d W r e l e s s Th s e r v c e : fro *-T. Un UTED STATXS C n H A MW l / a qualty Keep your cellular ar N JE C T alkt l ft82< spendng under control. C E L L U.A R P H O W and actfvato. Purchase as wuca < as yo wattt. fh ToM racken. N ocrdhcheck N o c o n r a a Nottuthlyhll : Make calls fro v anywhere. Check your accoun )unt balance anyte. Add oney anyt \e by. cash or credt card. rd. Stop by the neares rest Unted States Cellular locaton h e to get TalkTracker ta today!. % :h arte vrtually : T UNTEDD STATES.. wreless r ccomfuntcatlons The way f>c people talk around ket / j. _., V -.. 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8 . Toddler r ( drops 3 flo DOrs nto WO Dan s - -!ady lnks hepc,. l LDS scholar offe fers.tours to Book of Moon lands BOSTON ( A F ) ~ A nev NEW YORK (AP) - A woan another spot t a blo ayray. b u t. Adlt llts cookng n the ktchen provdes so e of th e s tr., vrho bad ovea h er wb( w bedchor - oved because d seju*k y~ nto th e shade of an apart apt ent don t go to t r o r n «? T " K S. trans tted for of the be hopes buldng wall beca e ar an unw{<, sad, " w as t. dng hero w hen a 2-year- ear-old boy * frend,and we - fell fro a thrd-floor or wndow 1 because of the fa t h o w ck d o yo a jb M tte ftmsfcr&mt* MoMoroswe 1 t a lld n g.to a n o ld v..theft: le fallng boglanced off the vrus causes a knd o f sk s taabarwafaebo)k**tac±ack e d Bt v e gqt to tb e sh a d e le f t sde o f Jones* head, then cjor o f te a s e e n a ong g ADS leheat.".r o lled aacross her lap and fell to tlents. r *T n M R-wa o a.r Dc. ohcrlap. Above.her,A.A d on s G o ez w as- dep avc >aveeal Oar o f fae b e sttd S at k tetw hordk B oafcarm D r. Babara Jones, 31, n a «wheel- playng w th, a cousn o n a so fa ; o*ttlw b o u sodx)dy threw soe-. /T h e can cer, called K ulbr. Book of M o t s n tm. bh H taka n ote tal aoo (aded char because she bos t bad three tnsde bs apa p a rt en t w h e n h e t o!out%ewndow?shesad. u t sarcoa,, occurs often ac lotntom dd fea.(uderct a s n F w o a ek w O a strokes, was vstng her ter other bounced out tlu th e onlv w nd ow n, flo lons n was n crtcal condl-. w th ADS. B ut s.rare af.«ld n e M d.ne> h.lb X B qrtase.b»«d ve. a Hnrll>n on Tuesoay. S th e roo tha at la c k e d s a f e t y., t o n T Tuesday, a t Coluba- r*nnw, drugs or n o s e w ho g e t ADS.tb through Jtc n. CaPwrftan f a» r a E E n f e w c ± a.lt f 1 BBB22B raos, t 280 T the Daly N e w a usual! n fy n d. F r ehyt»rnnm*<t<n1 heterosexually. B y y M lh;. N ow Easy S p rt* "D alo n d " - Grg then, Feat -eatures soft nappa leather upper wth flexble cushoned: sole. Avdable n blacdc, navy-and crca.-wocn s-sh< p g W f S a le S a v e 3 0 % M en s Savane* = < C u ffe d Twll P a n ts, E n tre S tock H o t Co Cotton* C o lle cto n s Reg Oassc fh ft pant Wtt) double pleats and Sale , reg M Mx and atch crled bottos. OOX 009 wrnkle-free cotton. ported. loox cotton separates n solds solc and patterns. Choose (ro r Men s Pants.. tuncs, cardgans, dresses,, leggngs and pants. Stes Sflvl. Made n USA. Better Sportswe; swear. LOVWESTr p RC ES S a le J99 Lz C laborne* C* f L e a th e r O rg an n z e rs Reg Stylsh 1 le; leather organzers n black, :, bn brown, navy and rod. Hardbaf jbags. W - OF THE 1 v e 2 5 % BE ntn :re S tock K a rn fens*d resses " P reg M 9. Assorted stytk. n tnsses O sesfr] ; 6-16, pettes 4p-14p and ens 14w-24w. kvorted and ade! n USA. Shown: Floral prt.. ;9. Check prnt ses. S a l e A n y z e - O u r Exclusve Val w n C o f o rte r fro C h a rte r C lub*!g OverfBed h prenwrn goose down nsde a 30&hread count nproof cabrc cotton cover. Twr), ftvqueen and long. norted. Beddng. e 3 0 % \S S ty le & CO.* C o o r d n atn t g S e p a r a t e s S S* a 6 0. reg a > a o a W c» e n s d M. -to -tops, snaters. dresses, casual p pants, shrts and jadcets. - Stes Se s r a ported. K sse sessportsm ac SdH K to «rrtt,> S «. SEASSON p l S a v e 3 3 % E n tre Slock O sh K o sh B G o Sale , reg Fun spr fashons for szes 12-2 os grls 4x H H H and boys 4-7. Made en n B g j a H B u f f l USA. Kdsworld. S«l«txn wnej by Jtsre. Sale ends Aprl 5. J l f!rcul»«4/ore><clm srch wpeg 0n tdatrtment rtflecl onetnt prcnwel «/ n.* r net lumcreted n Ktul jale». lotrtfl Prfce ol crw S««tcn not ndudc r - ejeartnct rrkrctuntse. r U _ B u y M o r e, S av e M o re S a v e 25% o n Selece c t e d O p e n S t o c k C 0o9 k; w a r e. B a k e w a r e & G a l l s. «ah SSO p n d a»..y j recewe ne an Odra 25% off these..faraoj nrte CCTffP. Oacagoadery*-1A.. Hcckds* stradep and cnbre. Sale -59L99.re h a n 2 S k t a 4 n «o w ;. >,. O ur R e W A R 0 S P R o OGRAM < CHAR G g MORE, EARN. : N M O R E p, PreKp p M tt 3 T O O ORDER BY PHONE.. c \ l l VSA TOll.J..FREE

9 » r t 8 o nlne: V e f Tr TlhnsNasOh&ea h a p ;/A v w w n a 9 cv a ley c co for th e latest o h»p»haketfaan «Proaotf ~ P ofafad. duhocclxxts P bbcba * daho h sdxwl pcms T he-t cs-n cw s ; M o r n n gg L N E S portsq u o t e E g j ByMatl -RUPE u-and there (Ms ajerus) was, bgger than analloft,, A nd tfaebru bgger than l% f bgger than several lvesand ost parade e floats, f restorng fo rc Ucoaches de sple joy ofsuccess, 1 not ofthe prze Kbutde journey, the ant- t-knght, theant-lu n boys, Spartar n grls cla a top Spot s n to a ttp e b e r, Pocatello s Tyler Pea sarson. SGnco TBcordad a 2 S 3D snke dkeffttrfl weebtfsonjdevoble." 4<fWSWTftaf.. t was Barry s sececond ed al n a s place. ce. sea fnshed over 30 Just two strokes out O O u r Mo. 3 g n lfer s cs < : B»k»y aod 70 ahead of T - Twll FU, M klco; Burle urley, Mon VWV MwAnh- PjjKrTrf PoatcHeQo d t brng a rea, land and Pocatello ht th e Un lnks Three B nngcers fnshed n the p rr»»t> yjteatt Tna.Fals wa: vas one playar suut ofalesday a t R upert County d uub b to : fve, whch was good d enough to catapuu n t jjabnhr fafl! rgn buc aall. tre e B run gcls r-the top sp o tn R egjo n n golf... f Twn F alls nto the e tourna ent s top Stang ger llew aw n y A e 3EC off [fle tttft. ptncgrftte (np& r far. d n ths eay season atch, t was vy spot outsa wrtt» twnt et anjphsc runs who clbed to the top of 3fthe tl was very please sed w th th e v an ty Bnd w as-k SB rs rb s nle e ponns ; a e. boys," sad Bnun coat ladrpaul Stover:Tt " ftoto h a d c T u n F alls golfer Beau Barry edge dged wasn t our regular ten MTn thought Jake Th» rt» r e st tf < nne le rest of th e pack wth score of> 74 Warbeck played well L" recon bd 5uS S 2 S L 2 E 2»?4 n ) ttnstn -JSrtasaaacca d re d ly plajw d wnoc,* * " le round. B arry fn sh ed juust st a :e a h e a d o f te a a te Jo rd a n Pocatello npped at the Bruns beds all day, b u t when th the scores w ere tal* Ot Our and n wntly t-trr> B, Hghland sjody Eaes land ac led, the ndans were three strokes out Co apared to ndrnt WB t n Tl* BwcQac 522T7tj,5fSMfl r M bw o c k e laodated Prata OENX - V nny C astlla bt hs A A thrd ho: hoe r of te season and John. Job T T Thoso son ptched eg h t strong ndn{ s n s e B p C616rdd Rockes kep fth K F S T h u rsd ay, Apr prl 2,1998 es blanke )aoandba acks BffeJLfc n d c o r o fa e CMaTrlfuhewr/ v & tg o n U tah baskeaaucoaab \R jckm qjavs less wth a 6-0 vctory Wednesday : f e tte e B chette.drove n three rur wth four hts, akng h S-for-lO 10 n aes. Larry WaUcer scored three clasteaslossto to K o t u d y n S S and had two of Colorado s 16 hts. AeNCAAchafM p o n s h g t e A day after losll 9sng Mo Voro e r opene: k tb e D a ondback acks :.baseba D a ll- o 4 dd not do uc T e PAY s s K F D t f f c E = Hgh scdool tenns\ oftanst Thoson. son,-a 2 4 e a r4 ld - & d (.who was vas 7-9 last year for the RocWe kes, gave up just th ree hts. H e struck out ot Bdnncvk at Burcy, 3;30 p ja and w alked two before releve K S c McElfoy ptched a htless nnth le B lar (0-1), one of Arzona Hgh school baseball all JeSl n bg-oney fr te agents, allowe owed Burcy K Mncab 130 pjv fve nu! uns and 12 hts n seven tnnlng lngs. Blar, however, broke hs O-for-41 slu lup a t th e s plate when he sngled n th e thrd. n BREF -. Travs Lee, who g ot th ree hts ol Racquetball anc ndgolf DwylK 1 Kle n th e opener, was the only - ondbacks runner to get past fn frst K -S H e sngled and stole second d n Q rst nnng. tourneys held atclub "S; shortstop Jay Ben d h n for a ban t.y T [t Pto llbdl barely ke 6p<ng lght, the threat c TWN P A L L S -F alls Avenue Ftness ran fore orced the Daondbacks to kee j [ p l M d t l M b a l l a n d B leh chsttohadaslng*. Uolnted s holdng a woen s end-of- the rear etra c ta b le roof closed on the ± e r fly n the frst nnng. B.. " w ± a RutTpwr. C-grlTa [a ho ered tw ce and the-seasoo, reu trobn racquetball tourna fnt oa Saturday, A p rl) 11 fro 9 a jn. ;h -ted ech Bank One Ballpark. T hat t see ed to affect the flght of c Bc W alker dosuc Hed* off th e centerfeld w all n the thlrd r nnng, scorng n n x b e se v en th, W.d!k(}r wlfab) [bsgss score red on BdtBTteTs (flfflr C (fznenc&ectns, sjtuesday s wn. H cnfttr bc dbles n tospjl theboll, ll, notably on Mott W lla long on the gae s frst ru n L.: Bchette followed then } Tbe touroaznenc s free to e ben and S 5 for QOD-ebers. A All partcpants -y wn contzbute to a potluck, c k,a th e re w ll be fcxx and przes, tndud dng a raffle for U tahfansldc L ck back rntolebr raton oc. two Ektdoa racquets. de ndustry F or ore nfonnato,, call the gy at theas»o< fo e la to d P rw o r Roaya T w lcsratra or e Entres are Ute lted and due by SALT] J LAKE O rv - Gov. Mke Leav A p rla re d W ednesday Runnn Ute Spots are also s w avahabl B supeszes lable for tbe Buff D * -fo - for thrd consecutve day. -J : ScrablMt-TwD-Falls-Mt M u ndpal-g ou - 5udgn gngbytheteceptonfansoeg rghr: O trse. Przes vrll b e aws avrarded for th e.ng t h;e e Unversty of Utah basketba! tbau wnxng tea, lo ngest d rvr e, sh o rtest tea, the basd ball drre, closest to tbe pn and d farthest fro Stunn< oned by th e tea s loss to the pn, and a beverage ca cart wll be pro* vded. Kentuck tcky-n th e cha ponshp ga ;ae Monday] nght n San Antono, Utah fans : * h s l a» d w l l l t h avered recovered enough to cdebrate sth e a n a f t L kee ; everythng e ls soe Fonner Golden Ea{ a g l e s g n s s u rp rs n g fn sh n a parad rade H k wsestsvattfaey see, an d soe wq be h downtown Salt Lake Cty We< Wed- assnfal wth N. Carolna ccc o l l e g e nesday. - j j n Lnterx- BANNER ELK. N.C. - J e n n fe r u tea th at wasn t expected to 3) do. n«mcknght, a e ber o f th tl e CoUege of th a a th e Sw eet 16 w ent furthe ther fbw~p J wo* Eagle v o U & ~ t a h teed H ncfrbe-1944 ha..! SJSS f t fgtn that won ts &nrtb stn sttasht natonal clefentng N a 1 tounuunent seed leeds ttle n 1 9 has sgned a letter k of ntent u and N orth Carolna along the wtb Lees-McRae Cdlege. 9 aj OMMENTARX McKnght, a 1996 gradua duate of Captal tea - w thout coach Rd HVaV TC TTT TNtxHwy H gh Sdool a Bose, p laye ayed three years ;th e Jh n U tk e for Fag x and h d p e:d d th tl e tea to ts 8 a, p p e a fatgued and dejecta Tew of thousands of Jtah Uts ffls pmk downtown sttmta ts Antal 1 tteaobh tear aowtfn frst ap p earan ce n th e s8 ta te tou a- ly got off th e plane at Salt Lak et, w here t placed fft ffth durng her adonal A rport to a welcoe b y. MokthsRunnlnUtMb baskttb«htaadrl«apnd ds VadnaHtay Jn Stt U te CttjL Base jghfltt has expanded, aas«adsfng.csvo 0 sew tea s Payrolls jonthr year a nd thrd dur urng her senor tten frends and hunoy ebers. S. ntroduced and cheere avd. canha. hold r lead 3 9 and s jy «e 2E s ts acelftanfdtfaeh htlers are ne.tsq* year... 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T he >voueyball VO tea baaealoaded. the star,. fnshed last year and t5fc KBa*<tar Babe B Rath up,. nd 7-0 n confe jace 5 at last:" :Tarkanan n G A ffnally setd * 1. * glwfrt!rgrf A * PjrrtnU tean> ence, wnnng the CVAC rc regular season cha ponshp a n d fnsh] [shng the year, ategkgkoxs sad a& B tle &0 wn. ranked 10th n th e NCAA A Dv n Md- H S J s that for 25 w an Tad rvnnnnv - n >y TTWy THW Q fs,sb f Q n S e n n c K ea. c r G nffey {lcked tp Atlantc RegoL sy beat dus h out e was prqfloabg 3d $ 0 3DC!3nl3& LAS VEGAS V - Jen y Tarcanan s kj e.?* > w hen! 9 h e w as approadefl abou :3aBlfr- 3 a M. rtm» wn. ragyfvasolbshoctnto. tter dspute wth the NCAA s al ra rk a n la n w fe, e3t a a fepvddc 3BD3arAe30U &. rfw rf»m-v trr Wendell Recreatlor l o n D s t r c t S S er. Los ls, confred the. Gle! 9srjS9 Ml ~JH3;.who aec«a ajor league record canan, branded an outlaw basket tvot. settleent fgure Wed- era, o flfllhw J ansbttwtft2s ZS4boeruns> holds suer sgng n n p s. oach A e p a st two decades, wu. wl nesd sday, sayn g t lown d Buss Davs followed W EN D ELL-The W endd deu Recreaton D stra wn hold sgn-nn fd rth e suer receve e $2.5 luon fro th e NCA AA today.so Sources feoar.wth de case sal sad eno lounted to a wn for t h e «oftbeleaguered ton, t up pre SDSadk Q s S e y w h aloers of ther own. b a se b a ll a n d so ftb a ll p: pro g ra s on-- bewll.a] Lalsb receve a conclatoy state nssttlangbbganflctayseven *" bnupen BL pcked up wha% t >..Wednesday, Aprl 8 and Fr< E r, Aprl 10, _ entfron ro te organz<\ton. W e felt t M.---? e QsroBe ll ae.& knrng: "F -- JLULfro jbbk,* (Gk* s a n T ltdlsjfasy ls. o a lo - fflo sbs> s 530 to 8 p jp and Sat aturday. Aprl 11 > SetUen leen of th e 7-yev-old sut w& lount show ed. for fro 9 u n. to 1 p jn. a t th* e h ly school reached d c ond before t u u to go joon ot MfyTrtan ellad Y«<*TT*Ty LTj o s l h a t w e w e e a gn wrnrngly foe th e gbl tralhere, a e, the w f a h h c o ded a case, she sad, couttn rodo $ a 5y waas t e edgrwe a r K{ on. Ate e b lock, e tb e r. T h e \\A q ;roe n M re d.n j?a p a r t d p a n. fw a klo st 20 yeas Tarcanon con* coo W H n «nnt ahttrng glabsty.hejatb* 1 wexeb l Bays, ht»atgn n - 6 byt ds NCAA taretedu stea s land an stft tbe NCAA L» w flltlearg d* tdonbn,vd]adsesndstbss netafa tstt}ggr«.need n e d a fu ro u s nnthths n e. A.parent s reqn q a r e d to s g n a u jp p evdence to ty to n h out u tof 0 zatoq regrets de d vdtldbegb n26. K H se e n f f n l B d f l» 3 ~ &tnnztaz8c td to aratd set g th ealf, :. conscat fonn a t the t* S of restlstol. 8-!. yean ago when Tarcan»T<ftn <na>4w.a&bfb jrhawasujdgnlzte dsdt tane UBJrd fr r t th e w orst loss by.an Fdr srenfannatoq, call Q R e o rb e d } hev<!v ca) never, ever,ake up bkrall. r a] ng a t Long B State rrrx ga<< d 19Sj 00? S D - exgansnnt tsanl can. openng day. The An(rus8t53&6409. th e p an n aod agony th ey caused e, ne," upoavffg on tofancqyn. tf gledh h ont:d>lew «atbso SU ESTSb r B Dt n tl lose S-2 to th e - Trffna»tnt Wecesday, speakng gb y Tbe NCAA declned M *rtwn»n» 1973tl 3 to 19SZ tsstt)- HhcjftrytSgaetgn ek n a defct tyng the phone : fro F resno, Calf., w here a he h settleent, sqyngexea sculve Ced- v e rsf sty w as penalzed. C onptm fro tfr ff and wre n p o rb coadesd 5 the Ftesno State tea. "All [can» rc Depsey would talk Qc about t tod«y.. lesbyfle.wa- est HeHSS! 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10 Spoos -Jazzbea afkazers rlst te th hs season SupersK SA LT LA KE C TY C(A A n - J «f l... Knght ght. The confrohtatoq started, contnmdfrdfn U SOUtKl But less than half the teas S H»TMRcfc soared a seaag baaketfaan af«>rkt r Knght grabbed a rebound and oforeentonednart. p c n o d E a d M a k D e P * jwttsfoul ; fouled hard by Stndchoae. B ut c r le a s t th e e* «p.n s lo n B a s d» / /, c d p a a p s a U le gae seen ready, wllng 9 )e to oke tb e knd of co< suohheb Portland llrd fo lefr tea s have a future. Be< B u s e o f p r o sports, O jorencn ttgfy lte lent t wll requre to rean n ts K d B S M O Q. d to 120 aunst the CoKC cs98,m 8glc87 the econocs th r go ole tv e. H6se th at can t wll 11 T l g B t w h o w U L T otqoor pton roq tje tx j ) g c h ste and Gary T rent. - 9)RLAN0O, Fla. - Antone Walker r a new stadu -sdlouts tsond t pub- b e n g a coc ollle d o n o fh a v e s S S 1 e toato ***>"* o r b e forced d «LV f t b ecw eeo ttb b e t e e a ch scored d 14 : ponts for tb e. 18 ponts 15 rebounds, and le. fundng - th e Dao * tju to bccoc rots. B a l / p l sve. a e t h e frst Raptor*, w bo 10 lost th er s erenth Boston forccd eght Orlando turn- took the feld Tuesday os SSS rse stll, th e s a rts th at t - t ta s w e a sere n e s lo o s e r agfatotcrs. OTcrs r n the fourth quarter to beat : > hghest revenue-produd. ;faaa t«o saes fro 1 t b e J a zz H eodenod.«ktaev d n g tc a, c o s t o n e y,a n d b g once ; en a b le d te a s lk e. wbo has averaged 18 ***???*. n baseball, desrte neve teal and Pttsburgb to co*! s tf a e ls S S a S s e noo. o. ponts stnc6 ba brcotnng a starter 21 «uu Borros scored 17 ponts for played a sa e. That ak S H l a U p h y z ca o s tn g o n. p * b ; by. fndng bargsuos are n n, r- The B2*en played e d w th o u t a e s a g o,w assoflsfro sl tbefdd Celtcs, w ho won fot only the > a contend, f not ths rleafae scorer Boab R der, w bo. d also had four f asssts, Moolde dd e n ther lost 13 gn e * ytar then even s shorter supply. Teas des- 5-, as soon as enough free :-was SBBpeoded for one n e c 1> r b y B laylock add lde< e 16 polnu. eght ck A nderson, who ssed agents are la st H s roster now features as perate tb hang on a re takng des-» *: CDod MTfcf Duleavy T fo ft r b d o E asbssaodfd n! ndo s three prevous ga es, avalable for purchase. And there- ] any rookes as b o th o f th e perate: easures. orstealsfcrtbeh aw H * J k b D {xacqde o s T b s d a w h o p U j r f ther h second straght KLv. red < 18 ponts for the M agc, - n les the proble. expanson tea: as - 14, htcludng. Bostc ston dropped $7S llon to 0 p o e wubout t 01 jtaed staners S c ek Strong added 17 ponts and Baseball, and perhaps ps all pro nne o f Flbrda s la s 12-on ptchng - buy Natonal c League Cy Young g Sottb and Q nroranlaettner. s? are Gnnt 16 for Orlando, whch, sports, are ncreasngly b< becong staff. Bt whle the Marlns can wnner Pedro M atnez and then n r7 B a s ll2,w z a n t losttss second straght a collecton of haves and have- probab cope: jpcte w th thc new- to ld S] S ports n u s trflte d. n a «: WASHNGTON - Wu nots.-ballplayers cost or Qoney, and - - coers on the e feld; w thout the sevcn-e -garae seres; he could con-»- CavaOetsS: T r d r e g d t t C o t h 92, Pstons 90 Bucks 106, N u g g 100 onc. jjubllcly fu u n d ed b a llp a rk cevab! bly wn th re e a es, and d Z V c d a e s d nghf. grrog AURNHU HLLS, M ch.-s haw n DEW ENVER - Rooke Jcnld Honcy- Of the eght slots aval ralable n Huzenga sbael elessly lobbed for, there s earen t any ptchers any* f- s s M prrfareukt a a U 2 6 pon ts and. 14 cuttsco scored o carcer-hgh 20 ponts, tbe postseason lost year, :,fvew ert hp wont even n Q try to copete at where e twhocan do th a t. : lp tte b s-p b a F l M d p l d B n Knght a d d d nclud udng three 3-ponters n the claedby the b g ; spenders. tho botto lne, le. Buttl t the cart s dearly nfront of f - far er d aged the! 15 asssts to lead de fourth t h quarter, < as the Mlwaukee T h e la s t te a sta n dng, r th e So t goes n plenty of other the hot lorse, sb c e g e t t nto that t vaken o w tbe slup- Budcsbt «s beatthe Denver Nuggets Florda Marlns, had a payroll of places. The loss» s 1of a bg natonal postor on n de postseason s gong g sttos. T bto e hnuggets (9-64) ust wn ono * nearly $54 llon. Even t. cul u c a d scortl pot y kept (be C an 1 1 /2 o f ther n before t TV contract e eans less sh ared to be! qute a ck. The Red Sox ler fnal nne goes to avod w as over, o w n e r H. S fg rtt rarrs fag ay k d y a 1 tbe Adaoa Hawks n. tvnsdu [. W ayno. revenue. Soe le U can fll tbe couldn l t ake t above.500 last t de Phladelpha 76ers " M S b ls p tf n ts B d J a tbeffdpqnffq o H uzenga decded th at t wnnng y.. vod wth ncon :oe derved fro... season o he worst record n NBA hlstoy. a d k d r & r tte W a n b.* onference. hodc wash t evetytfng, or tl oneycutt was 7of-9 fro the * th e only new stads, s, or 0 wth local TV. But t aybe a thats w hat openng 1C S «x oat of th e fnal» t e r s «17 ponts O dd, t, ncludng thng; ore lkely, he de< S of-6 fro 3-pont decded t oney or person K>nol fortunes. day s s for - opts. U nbrdle GxfcLBXgpfaycg spoe. S a S S D hbad 16 ponts and 10 r a e. R was ego thng. { Ray Allen scored 21 ponu for J u s t as Ted d T Turner s wealth unchal lallenged, a n d th e b gger 1r BBtsts for tbe FS3toos,dw FS asttbdr tbebbucksfwho ud But H u z c had plentj snapped a sx-gae ntyofcon* fnally shored :d up d the forerly bascba ball grows, unl ted opt* : H a«ksl05,ra bm ta s a g streak n Denver, so lato n - a b o u t $20 0 llon hapless Braves, S, ts hard to ag- s. u erry Stackhouse was nny Fortson scored 24 ponts w orth. T hat w as-the ac ount he ne new. Los s / A ngeles o w n er ATLA5 TA A la s H q e n d e r so o. cjected n tb e.d ; dotng aecds after kndcor Coy Alaa der bad 23 f tbe slashed fro de payroll 11 between b Rupert Mvdoch x h standng dly by J L Ltte $ 0 sports co st for r seated 2 3 potscs a s tbeb e A tlanta gettng nto a poshng p atd wd Nuggets! sets. the begnnng of ths seas eoson and wte the D ogers a fortes drft theasso pooflfttf Pres. t " - SeeRESA STAT rllha s JVl Basketball a j o r L e a cg u e B a s e b a ATJ, V. ] O nthe tf AR CtoLLEGE ; SK rtaxllng MTtMkBT TELEV EVSON BASEBALL A L b q x s o o r e s L A L standb 3NGS N tunomcta N L standngs Wow s tenns, Faly Crcle Cup p ESPN 9 a. M eseco - " B a B s s r g - ft. DEn s» U «. 1 SeoV,QlTStlon ESPN 2pA Oaagt4.WHat>l t 40 n M HMATHr r u JM lu[ Baseball, Brewers et Braves TBS 5:35 p.. s S =. " s s [ - j ; J * 14 S S, ---S-j B uebll,rodde>td«nondbscks dts FSR 7pj S S - B 0. a n 25 [ f ro-5fflt)r«:w(5f(rcafflptottwps- hps ABC 7p. v S K s a "!. r n n n CaMEWn **w L. ftt oa j w u s H! *1 HraMO 2] K««M l»l< a. DM M r-sa KMMaao! lpulam)mtlp«nh-2tlu» t a u a «u-m ( ( l M 1 1 jco l S tsm A CMOtM (L s t «n a ««. S!.!. n C M? r T> * e * C T,e w n e e» v t* - * * M t t «T 2 * o j s x s t r, * * *SE*** * u 1 2 * T!* e en C * e* «3 -ta «o 3 w ff. t e l q s 3 ; T M B 2 B cn o n c o0 * 9»? T V H * * * > * rs-]» tw X : - _ M jj! : o s K v r 1 CTt M C K * -? 1,11- J *5** ;? M K> * JtTT tu t C w r T ) 5* n! o S > 4?? l U 5? * *???. f n»»»* : 4JJ: : J f f N L BOX SCORES ; -»»»»»*» >»a» -» t f * S r a * «* (H»A0p«t O agoc tm re * T 4TawMa» lm talta*«*by.so S»a : AMMM-waOEST N T H E B L E A C HM E R S 1 - : ; :. * T WMatMaM -BtaVaM s 1" s sasta s s s : S 5 T c. SnS n k ] o nromae n*a, SSSS L.ten A Ceoan«aBG M( «*»wnacnab»oj g»1230pn. «n a.u o» Pf*dfehjtA>a. l»».uctur. BySlavoMoore J w L P(t T«M 4)101 T<M n t n,.d>-c9trak2lcmurall.aanl * 5 f n cs 1 P fntn 4,E xp o«0 oe! } 3 l < 0 2 a>» 2?«uaDn4.n«9t nmw lorw. Tl w l l. a H s s,?!!!! - sys s t s ; ; S S r S S S p JS!3 T -. 2 S J eeos -41 0<e» 0* a eoo 000a r H R D»a» s k a!.!!! : «! = r X V 2 S S? \OLyOttlH Sldnport «f -*adfc4«(tjv rtmh ***!4 JM - lafw 2}!! r «=,.? Sttflto-A-tTWBUn) SS. rmal0s,rpt«l a a a. s r a. - g j s. y - " LM Kaeeee tamraftfsnn S S r, K s s a s f " OaKVnaMOl W>twKgaMt»W sssss " = S S S,"., t M M t n o M W MHtaMM s s s w WBAbox M :e. aonn»l2mahmrm)»4r. J MW 44 M t MntM U M1 M M M U Mr M M. MB M»4 a. luanram K UM M M BU S 21-w S SSS. H4Bn> TCtnwartSl rwmanwna) ". s r J J. t.s B S, UDMHMftbnMHtMMHHU gu11ctcpwt»» - thrt MM >. VMMMS M a TXM..dMoan T M caam tm tttwnm Kd S a S H L r - 8n M»41. H«.] M1 TM M«wMw B s a s - a a-ayjo w tf. WelRt21515l»l4Re2g4. s s s s S S a s s?. Skng, css?-s7 w S -, g UM. 0M>»W.1< J 4 t t ] <.1 M ; 11-1 t 2-J 2 1 J t 0.! 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11 .... T T w r, Aprl 2, T1nw*M«N«W, Twn FaUt, daho M McCoy y rolls a great ser res; NoraPcken: S recuperates CADWELL - S e ebc bcrs )f th e Je ro e M a rta l A rt Acadey recentlycopeted, the Paz 33rd annual K arate a and D aw n M cc oy.ust stll Cung-Fu T o u rn a en t held be The two t t ) sanes of B a k e o v floatng o n cloud nne and ddweufeb.28. ndwu. these posdo oons a tad bt. Jeroe f soon bo acknowledged by W All seven e b ers brougl rwbc ; Bowl took c the frst place prze of. for. her 440 seres, whch was loe trophes for eth e r frs pns over h e r 102 average.: lo W L N G *200 r o lnl g 313 on th e tw o gc lecond-, or thrd-place fnshc shes. xnanza Lanes rolled 305 f],, gaes w ere 210/75/155. The rhe Jero e students placed :d n hebnatxto o g o n to second for $160. gae was 106 pns over so lne of 10 dvsons e n t e fora. 86 she 1... j TheBowlatr adroo.teo rolled 270 gn. wll also receve an award K} percent succeb rato. ard for h tak n g horn lo e $100 and th rd chatfrowbc. They >] fnshed w th a total place. Roncfa nch Bowl cae through fq,, our fsts, three seconds and M co has n o t bowled lon{ t\ two lon& n The forat for ths tournaent wth 258 for ;or fourth place and $60. h hrds. fact, tbe f de she ever : pcked was scratch, fve lades wth co- The lades es had a terrfc t e.up 0 bowlng ball was last :«set Copetng ( n hs frst tourn ua-, «o n bned averages not to 1»cceed 750 and thank c ther local propretors when she played as a subsdt n e n t was 6-year-old Gr Srey «ttutc. and no averages ore < than 165. for the oppo pportxty to representqjj H BHB Tls season (97-98) she joned Chadwck, who coutes to 0 tl the the There were threo J gaes a of regu- ± e c e n ttrs. K urts R X tea on th e Sur Sunset lar bowlng for qualfyng and - feronle Acadey fro HollsK Lea e a t th e Bowladroc jrey placed second n the Mn n 5- nc and th»n rtwg fn tha f top f four teas.... T e s s close f o rjh e annuol >-ebr«ld Open Dvson. had bowled 48 goes as a ««dar rcg far 2 gaes of Bakt aker Style bowl-. daho Bowl w lng Councl s Mxed eber w hen she accopl Kyle j Jessup placed second \d n plshed ng. D oubles Ch ha ponshp to be tu. h e Mn 7-8-year-old Colored & ths fe a t Congratulatons,, Dc Dawn, Ranch Bowl s tea (Goodng) held n May y t a t Jeroe BowL Pck Up Dvson. K eth Blanc, wl who Mebers of the Jero< oe Martal Art Acadey recent!; tly copeted a t the and welcoe to bowlng. -of Jan Ochsner, V Vrgna Wolfe, up y our ent n try for s, get your q, :o utes. to th e Jero o n e Par 33rd annflakate rote and Kungf u Tounfoont n n Caldwell. (. Betty Taylor, M afd fd Morrow and tea togethc sther and let s go bowl* \cade y fro D etrch, plac. As any of you know, Nora K Peterson wth h 2,255 qualfed ng. C all U Lesle V anderha at accd Ttwy are fro leff: Grey 3rey Chadwck, Kyle Jessup, Robtc bn Jessup, Dan Mullns, wcond n the. Pee Wee 9-12-yc Pckens was recently adlte tted to frst. Second was s tl the host tea for ore nforaton. nstructor Dale Shropsh pshlre, Teresa Carter, Ryan Hlltle Her, and KeHh Blanc. )ld Colored DvsotL. the Rock C reek Rehablta ltqton fro Bonanza Lancs nes, Rose Bryan,, Ryan Hller, v o also was co- co Colored Dvson. placcd.frst 5t n the P ee Wee Center. She }s dong well and a j KrstLBroadlcad, d,*cara-sh. J r jh d aay y cong ra tu latons to na?«!rng foc.thfct.t e,.plac( laced n JVeoppnscppe petton, Keth year-old Dv vson. tors are wdcoe. ora set, and B ecky. BeckySchuE [lul j who tf-old Blanc placed thrd l n n e l S s the frst tournaent 7337T zll ne tuuu rsurouulo? ltday-for- tfas-ldth ter- "WT [5bn u ttd 4 f - OpCftDlVl e ro fth e T J.W JL and as S sccre- qualfer was fro Jeroe. B w l, When and 1 f th e ears stop r n je< fessup placed frst n the Wo 5en Mullns placed frst n th e Adult M artal Art Acadey. For nore tary of tb e senor leagues 5 at the B rand A lftn, Lo Lore E ngland, and wc a n 1: h ear agan, the b - (q.q lored D vson an d Tere: resa C olored & U n de er W eapons nforpator on about th e Jero e B ow ladro e. G e t w ell soon, sc R honda Wong, Ger H ra and day wshes sww ll be repeated. barter placed thrd n the Wo sen Dvson. n Sparrng, Keth Blanc Acadcy, call Nonna, we all ss you. L orene N ejech lt leb a, scorng, The fourth-p h-place cut was Thd a Tucker 3Tu wrtes a wecm/ ts past S a n s was them a- the Bowladroe (Tv [Twn Falls) wth otukng colt colun for The Tes- gc Volley Bowlng Propret retors 2,041, Becky Schulz, Helen R News. You 4 aca c o n ta a h e ra t7 3 3 n onthly tourna ent. Bona = daho Youth Ra A N C H TO U R XNEY ] onanza P att Esnger, Le; Lesle W heeler 43S7orbnsr ;<Mnalatttuckcr<daff Lone Buey, took ts turn ashost. 1 and Sharon Son ons. dnfcoo. - J A T S A K -E. Heybu Uons sponsc aored the wnnng 6th- lar andvlaw FrtUlzaf won the 7 tm th fra d e portlon.of the 18th thannu- a Sthgrade grlstea (notthelbthana \ al l daho Youth Ranch B asketl) M Tournaent. daho Youth Rawh B. Basketban Tournaent: Tea ebera nclude The ha toacn captured the chapon rfonshp by boatng Bradshaw/ / The Heybu tea t s pctured left to Mh Holltnch«Ml,Jt Aacfcay FMdera of Deelo. rght (front row) Ms Mary Cnuw, Ashley - You ursgqres Tracy, Mandl tuor,/ Ts :: Mabert of Landvlaw Ftortltears rs nclude fro left: coach Qunn Wrgley, Kate Wrgl. gley, Nkk Terry, and rtw) coach Jerry Dehl Hw lepwoth, Taytor Duncan, Bran» Hansen, John Fennell, Kevn n BrswleyDessel;(b» back row) Jaya Allen, as.tmunta4d. to. B o w l n g S TtDltWCS:SnttfH W u Hughes, BraokaTakK = 5 :,, pj >etaraon, Layne Rutschke, Blan an Qr, Ryan Hepworth and Whtney Martn, Allc Jlca Ottan, Maty Cowger, :huck Fleng. Beth Prce, and coo )K h Randy Martn.. J#ran»aow1,Jetwno 51 s nun MMkaB - Malaul«>B.JMtarl7(ak(Mrt r» tufp,cm an*» - a The S tm th a d e wblng t»( tea ja stthasstha ua daho Youth MaglcBowf,TwloFan8 ; MMMoACMDfZlMa (] SAND STM SHOCflTNG Ranch B&sketbaaTouac unent was fro Rupert and wor sored s 1» 5 5 l! S K S 5 S! S r K" s s a S S s s s - KR<T4«MeJ:WPUMn«n The tea la p lc te f t left: te. t e a f e S S E csoasscljss - (front row) Cory Warburtt rton, w ew SSEw S Sftt s* s s s s &» «s r 5 «s s s 5.? : S f H s s s? a s» r " -. - s lr r S - Danel Banka, Dolnlq nlqe. LbzarwLayne T o ln a s s S 5 a f f l. a a S;ssa±!u s Jared Trsoy; (back row) Je Jeny S Tolnasa, Travta Noble, Ko ara«sockm.m am a g S f f l B a s s s f *, Bngha, Rollle Jones, Mch chae 5S? 212 Konrad and Leland Tra rracy. w toeoeen * * troat - S loltttojjbgfclgjtt. g J J f e S s s s s f S a a s s.t - -. S!2! L S» M» ElSwSPrrlGSS VTa2aM<Ma.M«tont& sdenwudnasmnjrnaaw, S QRTtoOM tm atato. "ssssa a a n M a M T O g, SrtGSlTXWW** S Q»(MCMM>a«n«>arrl n E k S c 5 h * tte2 5 1 s K M MMt. n WTUDCD S Baseball tearr sponsored baske ;etball touey ncm «H M W <ac9 M Basketball RUPERT - T hc jrupert R Boys Bngha. Second S p lace n the Al*Star.Bascball Tear earn sponsored open dv vson w as G lb ert B 3Kn-3 Basketball ll Tournaent 1 G erhardt, Lance W«MKn. 1 Gbson, Josh. H March 7 a t E ast Mnco Ml Ju n o r Fenton and d LanccHubsth. 1 p S S s l l ; fesfflssfffs aa 2 S 5 e 5 U Hgh School Watch fo for grade dvson wn-»4w Bod,Buky g wnners were ncrs and photo \ s n a fu tu re c a s f s a w - S a :rbs and Shawn Tes-News,vs YoursSports page. MZaUMtxa SonMt Bowl, Boh]. u, NOTSU D KntMM>Tw«aaM»«Mr Bowfadroc»e,TnFal» WhACMKUMtMU trwsmtmmftmr - SSnCaNMjMTflaMM f! SnuaQaUV.ttttttM w n J a M a M U U M.la MkMaB[MBlT a*da s *aona»*bfta)c&w [M«. 5 *., ass g a j j c s s. Rupert Bowl, Rupert S S E nm C k«g M U UyM>tAMb «DBaUM«}JJ* " kwosta»«w» S a S S S? a SSyuW wabgow S S 5 S S C S W «,., S g.,s a S s K a s s s r - g & H l f - : V ( ) b J R S to W fcbea SS "lj* lakmsossm 33! E R E N C E S T V EBSEassssr - S s s s a s a a r - a s Rl R-Tben«r unlo unlor varsty frtt basket- H ball taa won top honors n tha Canyon H Confatance. tude fro left: (front row) H,Jat1oa ar, Rachel tr, Adrenne Fuller, (back M lehl, Jesse Larsen, AarU { kac,kuta Shafer, K g j B p a L, u ~. l, r = ssr«.y Ml M M S Utt Ml» amh - Volleyball- - :.1 Martal art rtsts brngho etrc Qphes SOLFl. V, YoucSf cspors E/fton Ka Bautnert fl-l33-093l,e xt.239 Jeff Mller, Jeff Kerbs Wde Selecton P GOLF >, 2 0 % off " SHOES BurnTH H rrfn-f H - O t v b r - 8-lrons-*-3 (H *3Hea(loov M f: Sl55r U5AW, Hot TOWWEM Twll :M o n s t h r u S a t. N c. Mens Nae - eouhq a <> GOLF SHRTS R R es.»».9 S u. Q 9.*.30verslzo.y(tal.Woods. loovers Goll Bag % ~ $ 9 Q Q Cabretta Leather- B G O G L O V E S Synthetc $595. 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12 M lhrtw l*w*.tw fb g W W r=nf(uy.aptra ~ l, a « S po rts H H H H - B a Tapa Bs 3ay Devl 1 get 1st fra anchse wrays ST. PETERSBURG, F la.-t.- h e, exponson-d evl-rayft-aar sarned ther frst vctory n tea n hsto- Johnson ry, gettng four RBs fro D F Fred cot hs frst K j McGrff. ghpse at H e doubled hoe a run»n the hs bullpen jt! f n t nnng, added an Rfl st sugle n tonde n a four*run fourth and capped th e nght wth a two run 1sngle sr B tk r S a Kolv k : Escobar n -----!! n th e e g h th as T a pa )a Bay ] W the eghth, - rebounded fro an openng- ng-day f l Myers n ll-61ossto,thet ge«: ho o run to Bren the nnth. C u b an d e fe c to r R ola )lando tred the Toron Arrojo, akng hs ajor league Myers ddnt gve d ebut, w orked sx nnngs nes for helped when rent (fates ts at ; th e w, allowng four run: nn runnng cach -onto lead to 3-2. H S K y t u? then and survved : up a any runs, but { ] ( j eght hts. The 2 >-year-old r??"j nto the sccond dec cn Cruz ade a h a n d e r tru ck o u t sx, wall «alkcd tch on one play, o n e a o d hs th ro w n g ;_error allowed a Tgers run n th e grounder, d a long foul ball cc\ by Pat Mear frst. Detrot starter Bran Moe, her Oroles o, Rd;.laste d 3 2*3 n n n g s and was BALTMORE - : tagged for sue runs and 10 Wts. eghth career grand )6yats l T h e D evls R ays collectec ted 18 fve-run frst nn hts aganst sx Detrot ptch) frvar< Baltore past Kan - C a-r lpkcns cntrs. Oroles frst wn u 2 Roy Mller. ng that lfted Blue Jays 3, Twns Lenny W ebster Cansas Cty - the H TORONTO - Roger Cle leens, hoers, and Jcffn 1 under anoger----- k S C H t W S T J cong off hs fourth AL Cy Young Y«had one for the Orc Award, allowed only two >hts hh n hts n the Trst ate ;cr ht two solo seven nnngs n ptchng ng th e Tuesday n a 4-1 ffrey s Haonds Toronto Blue Jays past st th e, loss to the Royals. )roles, whose fve Mnnesota Twns 3-2 Wcdne: nesday Scott Erckson latched p ther total nt n a season opener. A crowd of 41,387 saw w T htter for Us 100th The rght-honder s -- Johnson wn n hs frst gfle tree 09 Q - - nnd w aked one t ajor league anager. ajor-leafue recor )th career vctory. Jose Cruz Jr. ht a two-run n h( hoer was hs 31st cah T struck out fve BffB n the sccond nnng and an RB gae, E to prove h s... PjjHB - trple n the ffth, and alsosn onftled. - The only run cord aj to t Rdy Mycn, Toronto s top ) off-sca- ca e on a solo acer he co plete son ocquston, ptched a scon scoreless Paler n the seco nnth for a save. were lookng to opc ajanst-ercksoa... Cleens, who won 21 gaea jnes last 0 for the fn t te hoer s: by Deon C X vear, gave up a sceng-eye e sngle Mller, who took!cond. The Royals by Pot Meares and o doub ube by Johnson n Noveftl jpen the season 2- >!Pou! Mollor. He perted led one------gdeuartfajor-le csncel979. ( run, struck out three and walked n 1966 w th ok th over for Davey f E l f e B L three. Twns. :A)ber, last won a _ r-lengucthannger d Dsney CEO wou ould th e M nnesota F Subscrbe.-, lke tx> see econorr Dc party n ajors ] g GU NS ANAHEM, C alf. (A Mchael Esner doesnt n d n d h l copany payng ost of the for a spffy stadu reodel ) but th e W alt D sney Co. c BUY* S E U DAHO CON Ll-TRADE doesn t ntend to buy a cha onshp. thnk the dea that you can NGAlERES ln Falls, d buy a chaponshp s unat attrac f p tv e, E sner sad Wedne: evenng pror to the schcd heduled A s k A d s ta rt o f th e A nahe An; season opener aganst the ;he New t o s e a n York Yankees. d H b u h d PEN "On th e one hand s what we c l a s s l Just saw n college basket whch was about as exdtng dng l? fo rsy le d s! could be - and nobody gets pad. *. Of course, thats unrealst lstc on y o u. ths level because sport s a procoe, fesson. f t s only About nco - - thnk tb e fans wll becoe Qc dscn-, franchsed. T hopeful thatb uy, a wtung tea,.buy a pennane TcU AdHdUrd wha -snotthe.w ay to d o t."? v,. fe added, Not that wo o won t for and hell search w ew ont Tfcnle-cals be copettve. vhatyoure lookng " E s n e r a ls6 bele.ves 58 t th e re He can foun rght rth 1to fnd fl atch. sh o be jo re par n n what hrough.thepages.t.us the ad to you.... ajb r leag u e teanrs spe petld 6n newpopcnt [ht here Bt hoe, or M R STEREOplayers, rangng fro the New For ore bfonnatl( ;ea of ore than SCO York Yankees $72 llon uraloullr n roll down to Montreal s rep nllo,can73m931.., SEATCERS $9 llon. The Angels esse s SH ly a r e n th e ddle range,. rt around $40 llon. hltp// r a f f e w SEJ 3urch«M Ntewur 6 Star* Fa B B p M $ 1 (.. CNCNN N N A T.(A P) - Jo e y :h es. After «sellout of 41, 41.12S t n - A stro S 7, Halton s s rough start left San ~ set- ng day, ottesdance HOUSTO ON - Brad Ausus sn- D ego dowr own by fve runs, b ut own. 1W77. Tle World Ser 11 tyng run and anoth- Greg Myers bases-oaded double ent 5 M arlns drew only : 1 on a. passed ball as," 7, crowds n 1997; ralled the le F Padres to a 10-9 vcto: Loser Flx Hereda. dtdtaraglvolled n eghth rv W ednes( lesday n ght over th e. neback prevented Orel ns n ve nnngs n h Cncnnat treds. R.. HS h"= r fro wnnng n hs league (tart after rtuef r appearredonddro rove n fow runs for Son 3UL Charle Hoyes hoe-. San Dego lego proved to 2-0 by \ pullng off ff a 0 coeback that featers by Ken Calnt CubsOVMaHlnsS l Prates 4,-Expo W8 0 The Astro JOS tra l whe Corl W - tu red hoe and Steve e Fnley and a seven-run MUM, - Mark Clark struck Jc c out MONTREAL - Franc nndsco Cordovo Everett dng ogled off Rch Rodguo sx th -nn r ng h g h lg h ted by 11 n seven nntng*, and Kevn lo0 re and two relevers cor cobned ono. to start the e eghth. Rcky Gtderrez Myers go-ah Mhead double. dn rove n four runs - both coro»reer- flve-htter, ond Ptt ttsburgh shut. ond Ausu lus sngled aganst loser Fnley drove n four runs over* hg lghs - as Chcago earned ts sflrst f down Montreal n the [le» season opener. JulooTova varez. Wth pnch-hlner oh as the Padres Pa scored 10 for the ve /ctory. forboth. Jock Howell «U at tbe plate, a passed sccond straj traght gae. San Dego Last 1 season, the Cubs lost ther Tony Woack s two-n tw double ballbybren ent Moyne allowed de gowon the opener op< 10-2, the Reds fn frst 14 g. a Natonal Leag eague hghlghted a three- ee-nn seventh. oheadrunto toscore. w orst open lenng-day defeat n 36 record. They brake a seven-gu ge a n st lo w Carlos Pcrex." Pe V erermhouer ptchnl two Oddest ~ -.years. losng streak n Ma dadng (back b A crowd of 31, saw S the Esnos. nnngs fo for the wn, and Blly st two days of the season do lttle undl (he nnth nth nnng, when Wognerwor orlced tbo nnth fora save, Clark allowed four h lu and.c dne they loaded the bases es wth 1 two outs Houston wa von 0 day after losng the 3n trouble for the Reds, run n seven nnngs. He pnn roved asdnst relever Rch ± 1 Loselle. Scott season oper ener to the Gants 9-4 n t fell to 0-2 and owner The frst chott r to 5-1 lfete aganst Florda n wth lvngsue ht &rout radne Qy for the 13nnngs.r fell at hoe and ;. w have been r hp. t n ERA of fnal out. Moses 1 Alou / htt tbree-ruh, ( One had RBs on wth a sngle n Cordova allowed 1 only three hts, hoer off H Hershser-who left lead- Cncnnat took f a S-0 lead r th e th the frst, a dotble n the thrd frd, a struck out fve and walked two. ng 6-5 after s x - and a wld ptch., M arge Schc lng. Halton gave up honer o the left-feld fou] pole «le n More Wlkns ptchet Jed the e th, enabled ono nother run to score os tbe broke her ts h to the frst 11 batters th the ffth and a scorng fly n the and Loselle took over to start the Astros took ok a 4-0 lead n the frst. - -T h ey too down by fve runs after nr nnth. * nnth. nnng. seven was do MAM (AP) P} - Chcago Cubs htter Tuesday T ended Johnson s s streak s of te r ths season, )n, and offensvely hes )DlaY Mark Grace su stood a t the p late n the 1?2 : consecutve errorless S g goes, a o ff to a good d s ta rt. H s th ree-ru n frst nnng of f the t season s frst gae, ajor-league a record for a catc a e r. h o e r spark< k ed an 11-6 vctory Q astonshed by w hat he had just see "t was a blessng for e e ttc o g o th a t, Tuesday overt!; the Cubs. a wld throw Vfro Florda Marlns for ft wthout okns an error Tor," John- The 26-yebr-< r-old Johnson h&s-a 241 t catchee Charles fx Jnhncnn. non «sad. hav no dea how ] ddl " average tthre< ree ajor-league seyon... ToroVaTeltortlngplche ch«rdf«cl«el»rl»mh«8tp )flcss never theh ought r d see th e day So t turns out t t o h njson, t a Gold B u fs jjyod. MTfnMola t w n Paul Motor du n p r K a o n w y - you d ake rarc a) T rb rr*g ratrt old TCtovccatderreachTrfs-fj rc e-ht4m tow w tfa - r t l r Johnson. seosons, S s n o t perfect behnd the 63 both 1career c hghs, and nlode. O lv ne splay ly on an atte pt steal plate. p! But be h o { to be a better bat- the All-Star tear sa for tbe fr te. noflay. - streal ses-loa r B ES SHEEPSKN loo SHOPPNG SPRE Nop deddo. lkked l e VM H S ag u b R l B l j g w g a t e TO. 5 0 b l a lle ja d r n n u l a s HM. #W1173AM095CS. U U C. /AG1852. tfnfy y " Motrlc. 7, Gants 6. " sa S S.

13 F o c U w r d ; Roent oout a c n Goodg Gounqc., C 3 T h e T e s-n e w s _ Brefo n M n-0> llassla Offcals say Mdsp wth llglter caused 3 d B u l l f r e BUHL > Chldren are sde h e d u led to eet wth puhl frefghters tod d a y to le a r n.1 A ( ; c ELlecto; )ns dkaw ho)peful: a n d d a t e s b y T tsda.yapr \r t\ 9 Q Q S 7 World....C8 Cty Edtor Kevn Rdert- r P 3 1.E a MssnQg baby nvgst dgaton As of W ednesday, ore than four Coro )roner: Gene T urley, ncub bnt, canddates hav we coe to county Republ blcan; Ed GudgeU, Republco Elore prosmlt( t o r M C a clerks wth pettons o contanng nt least. K He Hc ahde, R epublcaa fve sgnatures. The pc pettons wll secure Prse secuton Grant Loebs, Republ broade ens step down fro c le d o z e n fle, ther naes for thee M ay 26 pr ary an ncu cubent apponted n 199 o f f c e Trea easurer: Bonne Brunng, jnra. n, Leads f Twn 1 Falls, The canddates so far are:- bent,*r t; Republcan. M O U N A H H O W f-ak. K sour relatoa- f o» r f c o u n ty o ffces shp w th local law enforcers srs s probably Jeroe ex xpand search; the an rtaaon the Elore e C County prose- TlwThM»< r n n -Twn Falls Count t ; Blaln lne County ctor s g n n g. County r C< 1. " - Cossoner, Ds strct Onc:Dcs..Co Dssoner, D strct Two: M ara Cassa sherff says fo n y teterso n sal - TWDf: Sf FALLS - Hopefuls-nnng g fo fc r Maughan, ncubent,: t, Republcan. Ann 1Mx, ncubent, Deocrat, P ro se c u to r -Steven WV a a rrc k W ed* county y elected_postons e have untl tl 5 A ssesso r G erald Gerry Bowden, Cossoner. D strct Three: oe:lon Q a y ornng told con s e r s a n d. p F «rd d? y to fle tb e necessary pape sper* ncubent, Republca can. Harlg lg, n cu b en t, D e ocrat; Bt; v a n T»»wews wntec the county clerk h e plans s to tc step down, k tfat da ceftts tb er ntentoos,, but C lerk: R o b ert S.. Fort, ncu bent, possbly as soon os Monda d ay. P e te rs o n so eare nren t watng Please see OFFCE,, Page 03 BURLEY - nvt vestgatons surrojdtng a ssng 1- onth-old Jeroe boy. have nt nto twoore.countcs..,: Relatjoos between W anck ckandloclsw Cassa County y Sherff J Blly Crystal cnforcers have been stran an.ed for soe G A L L T H E D F F E R E N TE ~ ; - " dd not release any a new nforaton te, he sad; Warrck kould not be read eaded forcoent Wednesday. Most of W ancs cases : wn w! be handfd over to deputy prosecutors ; whle a replace- -. W ednesday about lut th e vcts, b ut hesad th e FB and the state Crnal nvestgatons Bu lureau are lookng ou sde th e Burley VWal-Mart parkng lot fo r d u e s, of th e ent s s o u t, Petenon sad. 1 w h ereabouts of h e Elorp County Republ 3 C anaan R egn Corttee s e x p eaed soo soon to p re sen t. B arnett, who was the county cosson wth a lst of three For oro nfor* re p o rte d kd- " uflddacs; fon whch-eo eessonerst _alon.on lh o _ napped Sunday wll-choo«e-w arrcks-r«p spacenentrm EBll&wortulh rtc.leads a r e sad. chld abduc- Hons, vst Tho Tos-Nows p l a y n g H Onllnos NowsUnks Goto tttp:/avww. SfSDE.. JS C7 fre Wednesday n a resta n a u r u f s b a s e - eal _... Buhl frefghters respond boded a t 3 p.. ng lo t by a an to a repoh of soke fllng og t tb e base ent de andng ther sr chld. They sad he of Acapulco R estaurant,, 113 B roadw ay showed the a gun ( n hs w astband Ave. S.. Buhl PoUce Chef ] M ark Gfes and told the to eet another person. -sad.. n the partng lot at noot, F res ters deterned chldren {dryng W hcvthe pare rcnts reported thc ndwth a l f t e r caused the fre, Gres sad. dent to the polce alostsx hours later, No one was njured, and the buldng soss s l o n a o u t. H p w th a teardrop p tanoo under hs left they sad they had been, watng n the taned only soke daage. parkng lot all daj lay. They descrbe bed th c abductor as a Hspanc an n hs early to d*30s Board plans dscuss eye. H c le ft wt rth an o th er an n a adnlstrauve pps K t o n black Ford n lv a n w th a g ra y o rsa -J JEROM E- The operaton! ons board o f the ver strpe, they sad. so regooal 911.center today rw U dsdas.vrbo.; Polce h ad w thheld th c p arents story Sunday nght b u t released thc to recoend.as tfae:center tefs nestadxd:;. couple s descrp pton of th e abducton stator. Monday. Tuesday 1, though, nvestgators The 3:30 p.. eetng g v w ll b e a t th e sad they w ere e exanng nconssten - t e r n jero e and s open op«to tb e pobary. b a h "what d e sn w h a tth e} c couple was sayng. w/jurnt, T jje CB S Cl :a r k R ollns sad th e Jeff Rodean n Februar ebers of.tbe Southern n c daho R eooal SaaoM M Hdnh«w. RJL, np«attd( Nat atn lm c nc., n s t l ru rs«s Mary Res and Carol Annl of Erf the tl Jeroe County KeaKh Depart partent, nvestgatons expanson was ade cas ConncBtdns Genter-sqw nqtervsory-board.. -!»tlb otter W M t at S t a«m «cts te l bospt: «the ptoptr sw of.ter b«cantpany n t n haarlnf SC sereener. e r through thc p artcpaton of hs departent and d the FBL The stare and havesadsasx4sonth ten tenure as tb e c- federal agents :s a re able to contu<f te ter adnstrator. A d e d s o a on. t workng over jursctonal r lnes, ensurwho wn peranently r eplace A lsandner, C ng better coopc peraton o o county, who resped last year, wxd fo b e ade once the sx onths s up, say superrsojy board sfewequ lpnent atjst. Be enedcts sherffs depa rtcnts. He sad Cassa County s contn nung to be at the foreebers front of the probe, and au three bodes. Rode an prevously worked we as SR - - V X T are cobnng tl ther resources to speed COMMs appng supervso lelpscatphhearrngprobl les ear J, 1116 case age gents each of the -, a re daly w ork kng together, RoUnf ; D n g woa era ; r a s h e s c a r, tm oomet sad. Especally wth ths sau a chfld. the ore hands s nvolved, the better the sustans nor nj n j u r e s 2!!!? TMlsha Ncole cohnllej. lkelh o o d tha lat ths wll coe toja TWN FALLS - A Twn fvn F alls w onan. JERl 2R0ME - W hen a cnld s bo V wth t t e l 2 r 4r4ld M daugh- happy endng. w alked away fro th e w reckage r o f th e abear ar g paent, tb e ost con ter of fad and wdrose Ford Mustang she wa: was drvng a fte r ofbtrtf rd defects, t tscrtcal Pearson Nalte) ltey of * Gnswy Hann n s The Tcs-NaasMnt rolled several tes Wee ATednesday o*. And a new devce a t a Jerole s St. Cassa reou ch :ha fcan be rtochcd n Ooo<lng.patle B ened ledcts could h e lp d e t e a h earn g Burley at 677-4(y KM2: suffered nor proble l)es of«quddy. wats Wednen neway whle njures, the Twn F [ Ttc o u n tjf H ffr Ou& KHfWCelYtrg a -JeL o fh tl b d -tested wtth a r Departent reported. Syko ykoora feu a e e p langua aage by 3 1/Z y ears of age. sad Dr. hearng achl BhnaatSt dold a t th e wheekas she was d rv n g w est- X n rw% d n e f of staff s tb e hosp Benedcts Farr Faly bound on 3600 North at t daho H ghw ay f bea earng prou e s aren t detectet cted at Medcal Canto 74. brth, h, t h aren t dscovered udtl tltb e d ld d s 2 1 /2 years d d ; <n average; age;by. conv cton 0. no QEtnave tranng can ake take up j t f T.. Vultpe Twn Fall! l l s h o e s fosa f w tn,s.snth8nd knovdedge ofde M av s w ll do lo fne, because w e Deal leaf and the.bund n Goodng, suffer buglares MA o n d a y p SKWn, and t b t t started h wforkng o cranked and she e got ; the.anguage, Mav lavs attends Goodng Hgh S( doesrn t enter jettng eq p ent for the bospta] latal. rwn sad. has no hearng and no But B rwn was left w th on. overrdng. TWN FA LLS-A dow n pf e o q x ste d rwn s d a o te r. M avs, was a j y ear speedy b ut she s. gong g to go to college. cone once for chodrcn wth, brth vehde burglares to Twn rfen h e r p a re n ts dscovered she a n d sh d o fn enthswortd." Sow o when autoated branste r condl luct case one day.. ; 1a profound bearng l o The >rwns n rwn n 1983 bej )egan hs practce wth ac lachncs becae avalable for testng Reckrts cae fro all n over o T«n F ls n launched n to lea g sgn gnlan* F a Physdans sn L Jeroe, bccause of new lewborn hearng, rw n begs about burglares b n d n ftnh tya<4<g t t a th e r d f lu gbter. l ts pn jty to the te daho School for tbe Please see HEARNQ Judgpsays /stutd yrape cae fro th e porthw est B u rs a rs t an apatt e en t c o p lu a t -w- convcdon s not evdence Honey Locust Lane w est» t of W ashngton S t North three tes. es. An apart ent. ~ ~ " burglary was reportedh n h e re b rtw e e n J L orse -J en w antt trals k( :ept ope e n n lewd, la v o u s cla. and.4 p.. Tuesday, too. Burglars took. electronc equpent ByT«r e n» W lto B» ~ : (to-close publ >lc lands),-frbu don t prcj resdent Jeanne B ottnger r-m s dhe.... Most p teple reported d the tl vehde bur> lhm»l w W w npon tw sta rt now to do soethng about>t, t pro] troposed anage ent plan ans could T g jt w twm glares occurred betw een tea M onday n g h t wn be too late. dele lelete un an ned w lde e and T u«day ornng vrtl lrfle they w ere a t ALMON - H o rs e rd e rs 8,f fro, Back Country H t orse en e bers fron ro aps, whch could resul B uxv-a A 10-year*old convcton of.. hoe. They re p o rt as std stolen: car stereos, th ougbout r daho a re urgng tbbe e V S. revew ed the )lan ps a t a eetn g n loss OSS o f h u n d re d s o f les s o o f h o r s e s t a t o y r e j was ruled rupproprate e v d e n c e W ednesday n th c tra l xt cassettes, a handade cane, snow dans, Forest Servce to auow contnued, u u n r e - Salon last week. L tral r credt c a decks and dothes. d Only two stra e d re o e a to n a l use n the Fr F rank. Wotrng, wlderness coordnator W W otrng sad so e of th r e c u r r e n t M a n u d R a nrez C u r who s accused osdvous conduct wth two people reponed v d d e : daage. Wndows.Churc urdhrver of No R ent W ade etoess. for the R ver of No N{ Return W lde ess, of aaps are sleadng because thev show r s, then ages s 6 a n d 7. were vandalzed n both cases to gan en ty Rd U dos sad an envronental : pact sad the ForesrSer lervroreport s a d rn ft tral rals that are not antaned. -osecutor R chard Bevan nto ths cars. states for tb e w lderness conf onfuot docuent desgn led to genaate publc "Wc w ere lookng a t tryng rt to auow h to refer.to Twn Falls polce Sgt. S teve R yan sad w tb- lb th e - * ta te d p u r p o s e,oo f th e coent and dscu eusson.. rate a td y reflect w hat trals peopl on whle nterrogatng a Wednesday evenng-pouc ouce dd n o t h ave- - -W lde de ess A ct - w h c h ts, par A nd t s dong exactly e that," he sad,. exp otpect to -be open w hen they. e$s..bevansad_thp w t-.. leads. Keepng vehde : doors locked and eer r ] prtve, tconfned recreat >nron, The report yras S released n J a n u a, the wlderness," he sad. ened hselt to that lne. valuablesout.of s t ca can h elp p r e r d t - Bac S a C o u n try H o r s e la en bflr w th. <ublc.co ent allow ed-unt ~ & Bottnger sadjdaho!a.80q.bc ng by sayng he couldn t < - -theftr : " Wlt ht Wfatha, N o p fnplnn»<» he. De c.1.. ber )era. hclped last year by do d cottng thc acts he s B urglares--also w ere e re p o r te d a t K pm»t w prdposes to d o s e trals co consd- The plan does! sn o t propose to d o se te«s t f tral work on publc lands v C n stv Drve, tbe 1700 blade o f Jbrd.;.««d «u n sa f ra lb e r th an fxng g t ttnwn trals because ot otsafety conces or - o nore than $112,000. orge Granata-Jr.- dd not " A venue E ast, C ypress s C onrt, th e 1900 Peop] ople a re t h e n - f d r to u e c fe * rtr excess use, Wptr rng sad. The 2.4-l...VW otrng sad local BCH d u enton thc covcton, block ofthguand Avenu enufr ast,.targe& _: Lu, aad th e state ent could d a allow lon-acre w ldeless e has 2,400 les of bee Mcn actve n hs area, dearu sayng he was s concerned about a "10- Drve, twt) at tbe 700 Uloo d to fw a a d n g to n /. * 5 n??< w t S ern c e tb close-thetra tra ls -f-- trw l-enough to t reach n frohlxwn Falls and d provng c a p jre a... ttd tlte gray areas nvolved S treet North,-Fore«Val* faleandltou lcnrj, * J y J J a te dea»ed to have too wb. d tse. tq Washngton, D.C ).C. T h r e a real asset, he a 5a«C n o t g - - T * - ape dharges. O urgrandchldren ay end up rd- The Forest Serv rvce has been able to that th e Forest Servce often w o rto fa S S L us t Wednesday, n tyng so Drve.. ng J fa h arenas o r along a ty streeb. ets wth tnnnptn only abol» u t two-thrds of those partnershp wth th e BCH. T t others ay be responsble «p le.tb ro w n g b o ttle s a t the h e - tl3,wossll ld. ; tea real factor n an ln n g occe. CopW totbasad. "The way they o ove so Fast state Back Country Horseen the backcountry;>a. Please see CURlEL Page O J _ S 9 C c o n C beng followed up n Jero e and Twn F alls countes, hc sad. The chld s par-,, cnts, who arc stll to b e d en tfed p u blcly, told. " r e a p p r o a c h S,. around 10 a.. n._ -tbo-waj-mat-pak* ;

14 ,&2 TkowM«,TnnFaB*,ldte Thndv.Atrt 2, M agc V all.l E Y A V E S rr r Republc :an clas s S one of fsevoal AEXC O targets nn ths year s ;eleddors ( S e K V 7] l G E S e = S M a = 5 s = a «= s s - j W H fa Qrden Byag B g ta n o f C b o rcb n R Bop pert (H an sen v ew n g w w ll b e h eld (W hte ElEaNer, 10 «jb. todaya y.a ttb e.u o r ta ty R q nt Cta b ). M ornayn n Twn Falls). Fapee LDS 1st Ward 1 G Q rcb. 15B V. S d n 39 Fngree. l re n n e B. Rn nlen o f Bose J a e F. (J ) p llo tt of ; LEWSTON (AP) - UJ.S. 5. Rep. the tens of llo lons of dbhars for tded wxd n d l labor. - lfato tr= ta tk» «e b o o r before andfor eyofww e odeo, e ( Portland, 0 Ore., and for ery of : Helen Oenowcthcocnds nds she s road projects n ndaho th a t a re -dsed hcr e r uppoan t c p P PWaadeg dk f n x n l at be cfanrcfa cb (Davs al s e n a t 11 l aa. Frday a t TwaFaDs. 5, nurnent servce at ; one of several R epublcs lcans n ncluded n the! ncw n.hgln* bll Q n to o s; proposed e x K ssh B c f fcronty Aercan Fat ass).. dew enddlu tec tedfresbjfferan 3 p.l dday a a t Sunset Meoral Congress who wll be orgc rgetedljy -th a t so e GO! OP e a d e rs say so-called 1 f a s l - n d : a p p r o r a l Qjuch {snly gra gravesde servce F n T wn n Falls. the natonal AFlXaO wth tn adver- -breaks the balanc ty for w T arneal trade E e n l. S b t o t ( J< jeroqe. a t 2 p Frdr y a t be W endell trng bltzes and conpag] agr con- by $26 bllon. a e o s and ber Toce ck fer o f Rrtral a l a t l l C e etery (Dear naray s W endell A rthur G, G.E d g e o fc b a lls,ll : - trbutonsh ths year s elcc JcM on. We worked really, rej rcaqy h a rd. th s ycc r ee k a g a n n r e q n r n g a A today a t S t. Jrero e r e s Otapel). a.. S a tuu r rd a y a t th e C h alls But Rch Greer, a spokesan to ake sure that tat d w got ore noos t o sog e t w roeb p e a e a o o QtSbEc C b r c f " (H ovex l). Rayce G. Backl< ckley o f Oakley. C bapelnt TVrn Falls)..Ce etery y (R eynolds F u n e ra l fo r thfc n a to n a l AFL*C :<<C10 n than ts far sha hare, and frsnkly f w M znben r b r o e t e s e d o e s E ctetnd Fcgezal Qdpe W ashngton, se sad on. wc dd, Chenowe n v s a f o n p a g ts. T la b l l v a s frsdds and faly ay call &o. t ; T uesdav th a t tr3re s.no -no such daho AFLCO 30 Preadent Dsve rejeoed.. : poutca ht lst as report >orted by ythaley sad Cl henow eth l a s t O n tb e Bulges* of Je ro e. 1 to 3 p jo. F r d lay a t th e faly Soe.W tb thefw on o f Heybu, : * Roll CaU n Washngton,, D.C. D.< week voted for r a bll that would th a t tthe h e y r e b a d a t a U,* zcsde serree at 2 p today ho e, 140 S. W lson. (P ayne e o n all l serv c e a t 11 a.. * Deocrat Dan Wllas, os, who s pert eploye lyers to refu se to CbencrwcE «w b s» d. - a a a. h z e g tb e Je ra o e C e n e g gs l fjends Mortuary), A p rl 18 a t P ayne M e o ral - : challengng Chenoweth h f< for the hre people v :o * o ntend : to ty to.. always fc a x f fro 9 a,. to lo n oon C h a p e l o lo B urley; g ra v e sd e s f e lt q u t e c a a f o n U e sccond te, declned con coent - unonze fellow Twokets. w Tbe UD ra th : t o y a t th e H o r obertson b O e te OA teybbbcfc b Jeroe, e oral s< servce at 1 p Aprl h e s e s n b e f s o f t h e A H >...gravesde sovcea eat2p F rday 19 at Suns«u e l Meoral Park n Tuesday. But th e Bose e lawyer ) cleared tbe House by tvre votes. a O c a n e fro a f c p e ta d :- at tbe Ketchu 0 ( C e etery; no TwnFalls. worred about apossble back- She says she he s wth unon nratd.a: 1. a a d f e d w y. TCfy cbca- - M ash to AFL-CO ad s : aof g an st people. <to*t thnk so," Whaley S W e Asfaley Dawn Dxan ol le «n th t h e n, a a d f a Chenoweth a few weeks les \ before sad, argung that she has dote Falls. 2:30 p. today d T c y la d w l leu c o narrow ly losng to h e r n 1996 nothng for orga r n «d U b o r as RsaerFunezal Cfaage n : l a t h n o th c E S - darxssaes." and sad he plans an ann( jounce- charan of the House Forest, potd nerw nbebel ounced by Dearay s l e o tsa n z e d abor.s5«x t.. T WW-n?! ~ cnt on the ssue soon.. and. F ores S t J U e t e y L f c e! d s c f d w o s n d s d o t e s : s. " r T h ere co es a tt e, Subcottee. HEYBURN - X her n G beao«e&. Chenoweth sad oa KDO 0 n rado n L ast A ugust. daho A T L.a O Aleea Anna Swe re e t of Dcesare. 89. of f BHeybu. ded _ : Bose ths week, when t s fun to le a d e rs w:e ere lte d over Sboabooe, loory at 7 pjl t o d. T u esd ay. M arch , a t M a f v AngeTBatfe n dve nto the capagn, ;n, and Chenow eths cau cal torpreddeo l 1 x su td D b cq nse t wth a wdce followng g a t 7:30 rjw ra Regonal 1 M fcnl Center HALEY- y-m arya.b afe,91.of. look forward to the ca] apagn. C ln to n to nt< n te rv e n e n th e e a t tot o far *xtd «roedd b s p. a t Dearay*s Sho faosbone n B o rl. Haley, det ed Tbesdoy, March 31, - Mr. Wllas s a worthy adver- U nted Parcel Servce S«labor ds- p re resn tte e d o s s fr o b e n g Fsneral d o p e!. 404 W. W.B S t.; Anangeents s are pendng and 1998, at St. t. Benedcts Long Ter ; sary. But rght now we re re up to p u te. N one of c th e o th e r a U e to E>e ev en lob b y C o o p c s s e n b d S f e s a tlo a O u n. Frda? wll be announce Qced by H ansen C are Unt ;njero e.. o u r eyebrow s n work rk back pubhjans n n d o s congres- lepdancg ton. Tbat w o d d b a r e T» - a t Sc. Peter s CatoEcC ; C bnrcb. M ortuary Burley jffhaprf.. d The funa cral wll be a t 11 a here. on joned her. ated tfaer the F An e n d a e a t 215 W.B Sc. Frends nu ay call F rd ay at t St. { C harles Catholc. Although a balanced-b d-budget B ut n t t e ra rado n te rv, - lts»tv< and!> <a to Eras 1 ontl? pjo. today b y a t d e H d o L B lalre lu Churchn 1 1Haley, wth the Rev. hawk, Chenoweth eph phaszed Chenoweth co ontended she has- tocqngc: &» > a ld a p.... r T ho as 1 K e lle r offcatn g. B U S S -H d n L-B lake. S9, of n te r e n t w ll follow a t th e T n r n E a v. A p r S T j g eaneteor*-anangen«spt?_; n wxwul af a t U] a. 1998,atberresden are der the tl care of Wood Rver SUplan ntffenesgnngsat F r y a t tb e F rst Cbz S rsta n. Anangeents s are pendng and C h apdn Hafley.! SALT LAKE CTY (AP] AP) A plantff n the legal battle ttle oyer re q u re d th e Pocatello, daho sdool to pay S30, 30,000 to the plana s r e p o r te d ly sw jr e d t o who h T en s, «wn ants tb e case td SB back daho State Unversty gputng gn cre d t for. off-ca pus relgon classes sad she never sgn gncd off tffs* attorneys,. n exchange,!, the tl 10 plantffs agreed to stop pursung pu ther fedto court, rt. 1 b e Salt T k t e e repaneda s on W ednesday. Ms. Su S te d e fa a s< sd ta r sed U c. H O S P > T A L S Two weeks ago, "attoe eys for classes volate T V rt rrft Hhflfl X H A L M S0D 0K 4A Released the group who sued SU 1 so struck a e n d e n t s provson pre for sepa-. atter r to t z fo r gxqss ne R B D LlojdSc Scborzan of M alts Lod :COpfdental-daa-wtK-* J L flp t1attng.wl.d tg y.npt. _ patac So etb tso wttwl a a t patent M onroy a n d Baby Boy o f P aul esc p an ln e- rh o fste rre r o M e r t attorneys to avod a court t C t. 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Phllps da AndesoD. Branfae e Bodly. ] K t u n e o f g r,ee t 5 PS Mrs. Donald (Dt (Dorothy) Slcock of ctwtng. Ehel Uortts. H any Warn] k e and Alvan W. Phllps. Q3. S3 of Bolso Burley: threo sons. Edward (Glora) Surv*nw vors n clu de a S a sg te s. and fororly ol Twn Falls, F F?D ce»!.an ac B B ;K5roDlB» S TTukyou, K ded Martn ol Wendo del. Robert (Eloso) (Mer) R ase ef H ejtx n : Sunday. March , at St. Martn of Buftqy w and e Rchard Mann Graz SaSaas of Rnpert; aad s DoraCWdt s. Loe (Mardaar.) U b r n d!. Luko s Regonal Medcal lcal Center n of Sonoa. Cal Dall,: two brothers. j- B gaad Fta&ne Yenne, e,b1 o d a f chara& Lo, Lorrane O d : Bolso. Sauel Mal of Puorlo Rco and nd n d Molwr (D ars) U b r s d PasL Alvan was born ln_gra Sravolto. Ak.. Alox Mal of Hazo zolton; sovon sstors. A p a Ju j L o n. Ant j g g e e B ods M d & K u UlA y O td t on Aug, Hoo aned Edth Lyda Mller r ( 6f P a u r P r o d a " T? s.< gapplorscno! < "A baby was botn to Jost Bstn and. \ KeHh&RuU u lh B a b e HoKo n 1934 and tog< ogothor they Mannng and J Rose Wllason. Dorothy Laa of Vale. O r e, and Sara to c r f M a h» d Joe rocgeand, rased (ourhlldron; Arlo Arono. Joyce, both ol Buroy loy.sara M auor of Ay Gann ser of 3 u r l 1-t grarcs- TpeDugpof Bnperfc Torry and Rosale. Alvan was a Orangevlle. Cal Jalf.. Paulno Perkns chldren; 1; 28 greaj-grana-ttrcc:; successful real oslalo 10 t broker and ol Ponryn. Calf., lf.. and Clara Pns of and eght jhl QreslfBaJ-rafsScfrconttactor. Ho and Edlh oved to AtaMn Fork. L Utah; 22 grandchl- dren. n 1 ac addncn to.her h u ss srd., Twn Falls n 1960wtofO loro ho contn- flron: 3&groat-g t-grandchldren: and she» a s p preceded tn <SesST> a uod to buld hoos. Alvan Al\ retred four gfoavgroa- sa-grandchldrpn. n daughter.. sr. June Cote; a y a f tfsc r.: on a for n Fler n S Alvan addton to her 3r husband, - she was two brother hetsjandassasr. was a obof ol ho 10 Twn Falls procoded n doa joa by her parents;....frslchwchollhonazar zarono-... twobn3thers..fre Frod Ma and y/l[a._, jnea wd t» texs a 2 p n.1 Survvbrs nclude hs ls \ wfe. Edlh;. Mal Sr.;Sne sster. ssl Dolla Woon av; A prn-4.-j333.a:c.-&" four chldren: eght grar jrandchlldron; and a grandson, 5n, Darwn Slcock. Burley LDS LDl S tak e C e ej. 2C50 and lour greal-grandchllc :hlldren. Tho funoral l wll be held at 11 Nonnal Av Ave. n Brley. wtr> 3 s» p Tho funeral lor Alvan 3n wll v bo held_a,, Saturday.. Aprl at the Edward & Evans o ffe a raj. SraC ol 10 a.. Saturday. Aprl Ap PaulCongrbgat jatofal Church.121 wllbe sflc afl t5e MesfSa G a r t e s at Whto Mortuary wth wlh tho Rov. N. Second W.. r n Paul, wth Pastor Fhends ay can wra 6 sa 8 p r v Jerry Kesler oflcatng. nleront Vnco Frank off offcatng. Bural wll Frday a l S the Payne U su a cy. 221 wll follow at Sunsol Mon tooral Park, follow at the le Paul Cootery. w. ManSL to 1 n Bjfley. and s r a t Frends ay call ro 4 to 8 p,. Frends ay calllro p p g g. S Sat.n3ay a r e -c f tj s n., Frday at ho lunoral Ql hoo. h.the. Frdayat tho Payno Mortuary ay-6uoo«8t9-eof WtaUoWrbu Man Gtrft-Btj :3 lons ay be ado 3 to 10 the Twn before to tho funoral Saturday at K n g H u.. Falls Frst Church of he Nazarone. ho church, The Tho faly suggests 1231 N. Washnglon. Twn Falls, 10 ;ncfnoras bo gven to the Woens Edfa M»- «««HanB soagano B3301. Auxlary of ho opaucongrogatofal P _ - Church or lo a 1 favofto charty., td n a M. Hoagland. 6S_c«K r g Hn. dedt d Tuesday. S ar 31. :3Se. P a u l a th e r rssd e en cc. T B uurley j The turn funeral wn b e a : *0 a.. frda day. Apnl 3. ac c» Kng lll P resb yteran CftyJC*. Bural wd vd follow at tne G e R s s Ceetery ery n G le n n s r en -f. Followng cofnrnaal 1 s e e v c e s. r * faly wll g r e e l tfjen C s a L ** Moose. Hatl H n G le n n s Fecry. Anangee jrtbtb are under r e drecton ol Sur Su es Funcfal Hcraes. McMurtro trey Chapel SJlourtan Hoe. ly/2 0 f f lharcul LtS Ednawa w as bo Fab. 2Su *332. n. Glenns Ceny. Fe d aha e» da-.yffc.. of Lloyd Gvod n he lfe. Edna been a OdDber.S.yH j and Uye (H ) L s. S «JAprf 1,2,3 Only the K ng HH area e»» «fe / na and Calkn w n A j rta>e arred 5 0 y e a t s ~-:s laddt Harcuts s $5.95 $ S enor Q tzen n Halfcts $5.25 ChUdren Harcuts $4.95. r. She traveted w O te r f t s r AWt cuts dry S7.T 775 Senor c u ts dry ys695 ChWfc lfcrcut&dtys6.45 _ band to 3 several consvu cscn ss&..cgt&sryles9 S9J5 Senor cut & style /1cS8.25 J Chldre ren cut & style S7.25 Edna work forkdd for any years a a Mary E lubeth MA.. w atress s s a l H a n so n s C aje cn a r t n E t h e l C h a r to l o t t e M o s Glenns ; fferry; e»>ere se cnjp,«d Yo our retal center for preun fu harcare products ndud. ung: Mary Elzabeth Martn, old Paul resdon, doo l S r S r ElholChafotot 3totle Morrs, as-year- raoraag jtng wth an o! r e pee p g March 31, ot he o** Bloy sd sdont. ded Tuesday. e a l so» worked a: b s k e y r. loco Paul M tchd Bolage Nlojdn Vavoo 3, a lth e Parke Vew Glenns For e.e d n a a ls s ta d a c e r. Back to.bascs Nero esds Rrfccttons KMS [ " Caro and Rohabltator ltonconlofln cs,o and Hotel habltaton Contor n wod nurs ursng asssart; s t a l e s t,.. -Buroy Q oq a cof all sh e erjp s e f g ; - She was born Mby y V 1903, n * sae d oer. grand??ccer.. woungton. Colo., ho >0 daughter d of f Sho was bo j on July Z n ler. and devceed w g. - John and Aala Swagl«aglortfel..Sho Lohl, Utah,, {ho ll d aughter of ftsbed b y fth r e w and Sonday-Fru oved to daho wth her porents af Marshall and Cloo Ck Bushan Judd.- er; frfa/.9am-6fm* Sudfl;- lyjlam -SPM -. t ho age-of 7. Sho attend ondod schools. Sho receved td her 1 educaton n ; - n Sugar Cty and K <borly. Sho Buroy. Short fflarred Adelbert Edna a s survjvefl X y ne ft«s- A. NNOr?THW ST BASED EMF ploye e. o w n e d c o 1PANY p, aod FredMertn loor n S o p t, 16, htorrsonseplj )l nbyrtey. rajvnh aaglandcdkrghlt V 1924, n Paul. Ho proco ocoded hor t.jh e r. arrage go was later sole- L joe Hoagand c f H t. ; - death on Sept , o O O a jg n s f& K ts h fg j! }74. Maty had nzod n tho Salt Balt Lake Oty Topb >ER-E:EC grd-qq ;< N boon a housekeeper? t lea. Ctsry U te HQ n Septeber of Ho procedtha.septeber9b7. : Cassa-area and had 1 worked for13,od her n death >tah. and Teresa rytfs 0!. yoars at tho C assa T. daho; Tw rn a c a r. l as an lcensed practf yrt, ol. Hosptal n Bufloy, Sho wa Kng HH; gt..r<8. t the old Cotage Bjanche of he Paul Congrogato l e D ecker; and e--5 f. was hoad of the nurs- gxandchu Mary was on excoptonal :hjldtsn. S h e w as p :ec e 3 d hooakor aod quv ory at ho Cassa jsa Meoral Hosptal hpoahbyber«3ff«r.u b :yd Fred M et r : hoppng Center 650 Caswell Aye. Phon )ne # T ; *,

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Expo rfcs weefce a t Tral j.tw l d e r P»g< n y p e re a 29e.za> talk wzb wn tzaoers ore nforat laton, call th e daho b&o C esser CCsapa. txad de b oods w n exabt Wes zen and breedersj aboet Bt th e r pro- H orse Counc cl n Bose at 323- Sentenclngs B o o rs a re 9 a.n - ro 9 d akfaes. d boots, bccse s ear, a rqss,-. p a s." j S14S. PKd U. B.snn. ss. ao E. ZSJO S, b e n drrbk uder lh«putdtd tnl Dsssal S a s r d z ; a a d 9 a j a. to 6 p jo. SUMO Oat, SSO fvpcadc< t 7L» court uno a JlwaUU<Kalcb<.ao«u,«a.ad>a.u SaadT. Seas te= 3K $ boch t y s *. U0 dtt>la(u.17>tufpnsd«l.n>«d<t<«9o(«a»b«>ad» b e e r a b r n <»<q U0d<7 dlk M tufpcnka.»< s s ; 2 s s = s s? - Huel eqsesaaa o speoaltg. a saddle r f t a c Bart r tlk sezoal abose o f be fxs jxs th e d l e r e s r o le s ; a s s g! t a.. D arogb evan s er cross.exanna- Offce - the e d efo ae oo ed as a w taess: s a tb e a p e s s a a d u. rmsdgatocs. j He ton. Engle t ad a tted research a tg r p aren t for d se gls. S hb e s o d t h e r a p s ts a e aal lle s w th abots cldre ren s eores s lan evolvng feld. ContaHdfMCl ore County y Y cnn fcr fp d n d th e g rls h a d d e n tb c;d d ; a w f J s zsobsttafce : tedan dsa Swaner, Republcan; Susan Nod, N< CossoDEr., D strct T t o. long an n d rc h w d on kn g a n u r e a e e a d r t.1 H ow erer, he- bose t cfas>- sensos n hs ts feld about nterl e d, th ere s conndependent. L a n y R ose. a c a b e a, U n C C B C«o l j. Sxr as soonade wbo abased t KM t e E n a n d s o o e rf A sse sso r : V a ld l Pa. RopuHcsL naaocf. D s c c Two: aad od b a d sad t h e ; w ere f r g h t- g Q b e p f c p f 11 sw w eceaceal- vewng chlc ldren: ntervew ers D e ocrat; E d w ard S tacy f ve, rr<tnttgonnf»r, DsoalbFee: L sn cao eo led. ly n tb f lape K roea aad a r shoold rea an n eutral a n d ask D e o cr a t; W a lte r Cochrj :hran, Robert F. Ebbs. T h e yoong n a n, w ho w a s h a r e c a sews e * wth the opeoendedq 1 questons. 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16 r M - t a r.n H h F K k U. M a g c V a l Tes-P nw n o t-h - TWN F A L L S -A staff p ra p h e r and several T o a n d A g W eekly w aters aw ards n the 1997 doho Q u b Contest, announced n l y n B o. TeSNews photogra Bruce Shelds took rs{ pr th e p h o to e ssay categor d a ly n e w sp a p e rs w tl pognant ages of a ftunllj a n autstc chltd. H e co] ag an st th e lk es of ThC ] States an and the daho e of Tbe Spokesan-Rcvew. ; Shelds* e n try w as the nstallent n a threc-poa: on the struggle to rase s t ch ld ren and o b tan ade< treat ent. The fnal nstall wll be publshed n early er. Wcddy edtor Carol D F G R T ] TlM nn)e»w<w» U. B a n k r u p tc y C ou BOSE - Recent octvty Bankruptcy Court nclude follfw np Xfnr VnlW flnp too E, CMonaSSOOOl. Lar Colleen Doare. 2ND BU BlrdlTB. Twa FU, Llrdual. nonb Chapter 7. lc-49 credtor*, aet SSOOOO. labulln under SSOJXXl. Cftw Vel K.KasnKn and Alan K. Ras 3P0 A {l)tdan Crnk Ro. laltn. Jol huneu. Chapter eredlort, der S llabljle SOO.OOCM CB>eno.9U) uon k. MSJXaUJ DklvU, ZJST N.. Fler, Joot, noa bulneta. Chapter crtdlon, «u«t $50, , {Ja wtojs0j30«xc»cdo.9mo!bl.. Kcnoeth Euft John. Rocl SOOfOO, Uablte SOO.OOO-SOOWX C» «n 9. oedlor*.» te t SSO.OOO-OO.OOO, lal SSOfOfr a Ca» no. 9ft«sas. : Denae lusesd. 757 Konnal Arc, admdual, novbulna. CJupter 7, &4 era. aueta under JSO.OOO; llablltet ]$OJOaCaMna.U098. Eduardo Rodrquez and Barbar Bodrto 300 W.JJSv Burley, jonm*»m. adapter 7, MS ebdllor*, aueu <gnnnn <ln w nnn r.»., C098. ; Ela Cartena Ua. P.O. Bo 112? nternet fe an s atte POCATELLO (AP) - Attept by a forer daho n< becoe the frst dsabled d to reach the top of Mount Ev S b en g show cased over Qtect. : To W httakcf offdally j e d hs tre k W ed n esd ay, Pocatello ountaneers Jeff Kelle Rhoads. The clbng flt for Everest Challenge 98 Q>May31. T her reports arc avalabl wwwjntnvsons.co. - W httaker, 49,-anoutdoor cato n p ro fesso r a t Pres College n Arzona and for Pocatello resdent, s dong d b to change atttudes ol dsabled people. ; n d-may, w eather per rng, expedton e bers Segn akng sujtbds. Expedton s settng up rose c ,500 feet ; To show support, a grou Pocatello people afflated d e C ooperatv e W lder B a n d c a p p e d O utdoor Gr fllans to t r about 46 les a rrv e n b a se ca p w Whttaker s akng hs sun JES F o r d T r a n LocaOyewnS»ndopor» j. j by Mka A Stw McUnw -p, Lacatlon; Beklns wa 2 b lo c k s w e s t o f th e Depc W a te r Dep :). Ly tty: ByBltyHoa l - E S T A T : > A ntques A eoll*etlbl«rao tab l* w /8 u p l "- Antl< u«v sm * S ldkrtjw»<n.apll2.lm8 l l e y / d a h o News, won a p a r of fl a nd tw o second [f photog* cates n the wee nes-news dvson. She co ers won. weekly papers su ho Press Rver Journal a d recent* Standw d Journal -Duas won th gropher nvestgatve wr prxo n her a u n t of th gory for ly s poltcal c fth h s G ot)dng C ount nly wth affected a dspu opeted prcpossd by th e : le- daho y. 0 edton She also ted f ew. the agrculturalv th e frst wth.a story abo 3tt seres. gran elevator o 1 autstc durng thb Unbr dequafe sh ortoge. S h e t tallent place n th e sa rly su- an account of he grow ers coped v )1 Duas guaranteed pure rherecc FalU. ndmdualtm sosoass.waw ourt Col*»y W. Cunnnt Cunalncoa. 12G0 E 3M ty n U.S. bualoaaa. Chapter 7, E Rupert, nd- Crcle, Rupert, dt -v A n n chaner-7.-mso«drn; dersso.000. FnlM. Sth sndfn SBubelh Cano A n, Twn Fall bttdnet, aaper 13. MS credt XMM99.000, 5hUUp B. Warth and E. Uncoln. Jont, non.l a 8rE.*0CB------(?reano«rsetrT per 7. l-; letsoo,oocm D ),{lablutle Chrne Lynn Wlclcl Rok Credt lora. auet under $50.0 nothroh- X».Caaeno.9&0099 SlOUXn- 1 Darn Wlla Wlaor XXCaMno. lndmdual,k»4»nea.( 315 Oak St. U.S. Dstrct C BO SE-Recen Dstrct Court nd un< Ketchu. Sut clalnu fao CueaoJU.. -.tfanupanchalcnn6ter 1127.TVn features d ept at Ev T he bds. T hat group v oonto afewweeks. clber Everest ver th e ly start- M l. lng per*. 98runs - lable a t V x re d u S ; Lookng S V NewJ pert* Cckn C lassn g nd! on n.ty refa sl.lh c hcy sa tts u llsn - p o c ro c s s " " 5 S5 ra w hen Youf #1 cholco lor a sut 3 K x» r s n s f a r f S t o r a a * C ; w a re h o u s e, W all S tr e e t. Tw n ) e p o G rll s to p llg t. b e h n d th e Ct] Dept. S h o p. W atch fo r sg n s! Ralfc J E A U C T O N tbca D «pr*atlon glsm Wo uphoutarml atuurs CryaU J «O«*«spahadca Old p >an*r aaasw ar* W ood ta nagultm rack O ocaslonal ta tvarwar* ft kltebm utmwlla Hou»W«old aoo<ts of all knds y * sardan taa pha uch UttANY AUCTON S Tloql V ngk thnld pp. R lloneer S a lu t o o c lb HH88 32M514 e w c c c v O A <«Lg Weekly frst*place przes - fro J.B d *p lace c er tf* to o k sec< veek ly n ew sp ap er n e ss-w r c o p eted agan st s to y abc su ch T h ew q p d crop o f 1 ; and th e R e x b g prces n ; nal Tes-l the yratchdog and.wlla w rtng award for for outdo the Arkoosh fa* new spap c o n n e c to n s n a c co u n t n ty, a n d h o w t fo o t o f S putejpver a dary te d for t l e Ftagerald fa*, d o lty -c o l F o r c e d for frst place n erltt!. ll-wrtng category T e-j taut the hardshps.. Edtor V r operators faced thrd pla o n P sd fc rolcar u n catc ted for secon d W n d e category w th W este e how local potato Greg j w th th e lo ss o f b u r e a u c urchase contracts thrd plac 3 R D - r z bunea.c h7,m 5 jfw.noo.uabflaawate xa. H nthan aad Asa Paula *"* K, Buhl Jdt.DaD- B f S F M W 9 cr ttlt«t tt l/te under S50AO. C* AfndoMor401-&-Uatda---- dltldual, BQo-buaoa B S w S S»nr>»etaSS(UX)»99,000;---- M OaCaaenaSMOJTa. QCM.BUT P jn «{ C. G tnflef-wsto adtora, au$loow>- D!2?S h! ,000. Caaa DO. ndkaruu.wanh.s37 U ts a g C t S s s s s s x t - g E f f e a.a u w 7.M S a «d. Q dutb-txlor SOjCUblllte. under B WU H ttbljuel llaon. 402 H. Man, Ppul. B u J ts n : aa.chap«er7,lh 9oT«ll. S0,000, Uablllte* under ll«m-avs 09S6. Ulnn&Alunh llucnnb n t Court sn t flngs n U.S. D Salea duden r& fou ow v S e a s L laho ve-est "1= p w ll leave tow n. J W l SdeT hb «w Pots&.P» 1 snocfcml: *BoeslcBto r DouUobod P, WbodRoc chalfa*1m t h oovos&ch *1 Rva pleea f Lawyaa a * "... T o b te l u gfora Job? s s a : Here! lonhelnte ec. C eysttlhb cy re easy, and hvooangols tl Whether you*re _, all you Have to do TffBS5olQo( SSSa """* aglovatl«y,oon Motolhatttt Honllnodassroda. BoMbolbst warohou9o,eo Coow ns-t Chrtstoa , Wocdstovo 4 4 A U - -T HPLawnC BoRoy char S Q a o v a ll.-. ahopvbm* C a 1 WoAbood a a w L QALDE - a flo p. T w rs : v e w q t nowormlcho Wn Falls C ty S tre e t &,y olfoore AvaluaT [ T N MTood dnng J! a l& e n n a H H dpbetoa P,. -OALP- ta a oart M p n n tab laa ). la ;q oral _ llll ; Tt Sale a, - J staffers \ J.R. S plpt Co;-Duas second place n th e bus* w rtng category, w th a about the bu per potato >f and dsal spud n es-news O utdoors Edtor* Brock won second place tdoors wrtng p the daly p a p e r d v so n w th E n t of a canoe trp to th e. f Shoshone F alls. Brock or thrd place n the spe* colun dvson w th hs :e of N a tu r e " o u td o o r n s. \es-news A sssta n t C ty. r V rgna S. Garber, took place n th e general*col- :ategory w th h e r W est colu ns -a b o u t ers off the beaten path, g H oho, Tes News lu c h e f n B urley, w on place n the Rooke of the. ««M U f \ a HS ss"ek?? n, COME THCB: Us»y Fergus 13S Chk XT190 ftsel. dal» aheel [ M rrra aaattn arae UT BB: 1970 S Dodge Cd «trd na teb lpe frbtf-f n. PUp 6 tl Crnttner: E g o : 73 (1 ptaf-squeet bboenptwtan-smetadbd-flt H O B BQflBr. JO 5 row 37 lay conoa Wf sad hanwh Rw eabrtot-4 nw ban e -ClapKlw- Ro«(wnoaof-Srtg ow3stctlonh)r-ern OOvtr bun pbnte M pct- cngne-2 JO okts VO b o burner wn}-1000 Bushd {r» b tnhup trt-36 lu nad b e f r tuta 3 al3/4ln,ebe-hnmrlj-9rosfedbn S S S b lof UUEOn: Hose$-Wood cook stovfr*2 Wood t Motor ejde ;rts-conl s y S V spnytrwsrnsn nmsr-ottfe(-a2)20 bu kdn r a n B : Llts ol ocer ter M stel Hy be T«r*; Ca*horBaf>k»&ljO> g» w sanaeodtty *ProfM«o>Ml«««h A j n t u r d a y, A p rhbfl: 11AM llnabs: Make St. N. to Borah j. 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Nor CasNe 2. Noc 3. Pn>: (A lend cahonll U) ndopof to. 6. Hen LE TME 2-2 OWNCRS: l o n < tff Acn Ana oorf dbr oef on 7 s : ( a }, «h 6 t A : r M anaged by Slver Gavel A S f l l M - K r ; wn aware Year c o te.-w h d reeog excellence n newcoers to nnls. Tesews poltcal wrte W rght earned an honor enton for her seres on local pfcopfe who are copng welfare refor. The n e «s ent of Wrght s fve-part s wll be publshed later sprng. A par of free-lance wr won awards n the w e y paper dvson for ther c( butons to Ag W eekly. C Snyder ted for secpnd pla. the agrcultural*wf{cng cate wth a stoy abauthor2onl n Paul, whch s the lat organc dary n the na Colunst Suzanne Hux took thrd place n the gee colun category wth huorous Clover Cn coluns. jvregrlfsro aa,fob»rtlt«awqo->tteamct>w 3S(fe8l.dalwtte»4*Bpcwt e l Oeen 95 ben rafs. 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17 pahoavestr M n n P KtNNG THE L ooss OF A FREN!ND Kepth( lorne ref] to ant-al boton a< BOSE (AP) U.S. Sen. D Kcpthorae conccdcd nothng lng to thc relsous rght on Wcdncsc lesday after ont-aborton actvsts tec red to foran ally. c w : e n d Go GoveraorBfttts recent yetot es agreed to a.thefnalhours w h k 2 ra,d e a r the only other choce was nothng = h c h w s a s jjwltcally u n a c c - aneuver h nto cbrac the forer state able to anj any law akers n on ther postons th at retrng g G Gov. Su] Supree Court eltonyear. PhlB aarejeaed. justce sad But Batt,, wl who questoned fro Kepthoe, seen as the front- frc runner to succeed Batt, stood xxl on after forjnally fll tlng for the thestartthenee need for any new obo ton restrcto nons, deterned the the ant-aborton record he le has race. The bll s andatesates could do ore har co pled over ore than n f f years n Congress but declned to L e g s l a t u r e spent uch than good for the handful of teenagers t would )uldaffe<x,hesadfgf f l [ sgn on to the specfcs proo oted - Drk Kepthoe. te tn debatng ures te the exstng parental by the daho Faly Foru, the thc e aborton notfcatonlaw s workng. H dahoc hrstnnc oalton-a nland bllrw hlcother ssue s j c s l t e s H h W lteen e a p re g n a n t ratv s ~ H Rght to Lfe of daho. fad lln fundng a nd d ; property tax half the nato tonal average and ts S And he ade no cot< tent relef w ere gven lttle «no teenge abort xoton rate s less thon a j V durng hs weekly appearance nee on debate. - - >nly 114 doho nors KDO rado n Bose to eet eetlng Mansfeld turned.d ] hs attenton? S d a bbortons S n 1996 the w th F a ly -F o ru founc u n d e r on K e ptho e after ntally t gfgures avalable,- ond Denns M ansfeld as Mansf sfeld blang the Republ bothsdesnth n the debate agreed thal had re q u e st a day earcr. ed state Senate and then lashng 95 p, > f of, the were accoparecord s d e a r on whet here out a t the GOP gov«ove orforthe nedbyapae a re n t a on th e aborto n ssu< ssue, dese of legslatc ton requrng Kepthoe sad. But wth a any of the specfcs you ve got to get t : to nors to get parent! ntal consent or judcal approval bef xsfore obtanng M M. thc Hotnle, and Pve not had d that t anabordoa opportunty. The Senate dsca carded the bu \ Kepthoe s an rval n : thc. M ansfeld a n d oth th e rs pushed -goveos race, Deocrat $ob Robert Huntley, left no doubt that thc hcrel- r 90US n t should look elsewh rwhcre through th e Hou ouse for one strpped of provsc sons t found questonable. Mansf nsfdd and oth- A c x : u s e d p a n t? t y t h e f w a v es s r g h t., t o h e a L e y d e; n: c e a g a n s g h d ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) ) A - 25-year-old St. G eorge an accused ofbreakng nto hoes hon -P o lc e a rre s ted d A broso March 18 after two >0 teen-age t grls sad th e y found 1 h n th e r. to steal woen s underwear 1has waved hs rght to hear prose osecutors evdence aganst h. Francsco Abroso faccs ccs.lo hoe wth hs ars full of ther underwear. P olce sa d the: peces of woen s underw ear, counts of burglary, one count lunt of photographs and a cft artd flrfe eaunr af postaas 55DT----- rwuer sucuua of a controlled substance. A pre- p hod token fro the h e apar lnary hearng was schcdu! jduled - ent for Tuesday, b u t was cancc] ccled. pendng negotatons on a p: plea P o lcealso sad they jew elry a n d arlj w hen agree ent Abroso stll has the rght to have a prelnary hearng } f hs attorney, Doug Terry, and pre prosecutor, W ade Farraw ay, do o n ot reach an ogreeert, Farraw raw ay sad. S x teen w tnesses h ad bc been. they searched Ab Qbroso s apartrtent b wth- ent. * Abroso s apartn n sx blocks of nne ne other hoes w here s lar burg urglares w ere reported n the three weeks pror to hs arrest. A broso s be ready to testfy Tuesday n! 5th Dstrct Court. W ashngton Count unty $110,700 bttl on a R a d o p r a n k : t e s u p p h o n le e l n e s. POCATELLO (AP) A-e o- L steners w ere c urged to call n g rt o tea wll be repna od- the Journal s 100 nuber and ed for-an Aprl Fool s Day pn prank.. osk.to be conneaed ted to the chat- C n o 4 that created chaos for teleph tphone lne to lsten to ncong 911 receptonsts at the daho >Srate St eergency calls. Journal newspaper. Jacor Conununcat catons General to h e Steve Powers and JD. Kell} lelly a t -Manager M ke Hud [udson sad the KOOL 94.9 to ld lsten leners prank.w as n ot dleafed e a through r Wednesday that a fcddous S co- corporate channels s ond the tea pany, Century Councatc atons,. vll be repranded, led. and the daho S te Journal dww ere We do not n any y way support jontly offerng a new cntert ertan- an acton lke ths 5 01 ono that could e n t serv ce called 911 jeopardze the statc aton s credbl-. Chatlne." ty, hesad. UBBELSCLEy \NERS... THURSDAYOYL 228 Shoshone stre e t East B r n.. T\ TwnTFallSrdahd Ths Ad & Your Order ( >8 On Thursday & Receve U a S l u Y W l H B Taxltfrtver Kalla Knton, center, cres oahe lconuledby undentfed unt nvuer* durng a eoral lervce on Tuesday n southeast u Denver for lan tax drver MoustsphaMarbufJn M o the parkng lot vere he< ho was beaten to death byl four assallanu early Sunday olng. Ku KoR,«frend of the vct d who lved near hs hoe n Morocco, Jon JolMd hundreds of - ourners at the servce for r Marorf, who was found nthotnnkofhl se s to CO] Dt actvst po; Dston 37 eak wth any of ou ur apert.ra. G Consultants at Frs rst Federal. They ll U be happy help you fll out th he sple fors and at explan the fn Bner detals of ho\ w an LLA, can prove your r tax stuaton AND helpyou n plannng for your future. Ask 1US abou t th he new R ot T w hr U l l s ShosholcSt. N o rth b,,/ G Blue Lakc s Blvd. Norh, , B u h l Broadway Ave.VC. N o B u r l ey O c rla n d A v e.,e R upert th St., : ( J ( j_. _ ThWMly, Aprl 1998 l«ws,t.rnfll». daho C «. g r a P E SwGr!e e *G rapes of Wrath* w as a prott )tty depressng story, but G r a p;» o s ol Gloe at Sw on arts a Blor) 3ry that wll brng happy feetlnss to yourouth (80 crunch/ and d o lld o u s ) an d d 0 sllo to your face (ao lnoxp< ponslvo). GRA PESb E # 9 Fresh spr O S H Fop Largs Bunch FRESHBROCCOU Zucchn lueola k SQUASH14 % : rangernesl Large ARTCHOKES LEMOMS WHTE Cl HCKEN opap.1 DON Swangon j 5 0 Z. Can 8WBWARTDB>BWABL SMOKEDD HAM?! L AWGROUWB -FaH»flrantf:;::r-J Whole Bone-ln F EDERA W N G S BAN SSSSSfb S A n.. VACH l S100 «1. Jje luostp PEARsfS?99*n 0 1 S t e lb j r le E C H B W / r O N A D D S O N A Vt/E E. A T W A S H N O T O MNSOUTHP 3 Z la ffn M A SWENSEN S g /. - / / V M F< eelng 5 Do! %,ed by - )ur Ta; x r s ttuato ot R S T nowhltegauufl a 9!8 arge f RODUCnO/ sr t h l R A r \ L O f Vs p:// LOWER luts LEQUA" D B _ s to u rw e b ste a t: S

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A ad f V.topped e a nd asked f [ be b ad GROWNGOU)] D N FjORDA cards,cashan( and presents ore doled U H DEAR ABBY: W y< Q yoaplease j reao y w aa cb to bear t tty n*. looked at the senor dtzen enu. su.. (BUTNOT : r r THAT OLD) out, knowng hs tud w ll never answer Q qu estxn abokt jkttejqpfaode s a y. l y s> e rts( )aadpfease l.told h e r that t would not be - coe. My hus) husband was so hurt he. edquette? f you call >n faly o r oh eccflea. far to o rd e r fro th a t nenu er DEAR GROWNG VG OLD: You fnally asked sd hs parents why they,,. freddskng dstance and a n d g a d e r T tey ay o -jt1 57Jt»«-T because have hot qualned-f for showed rearkable e e c e under sbowsudpan partal.lbey sad the 5 " e r son, they ds ss h answerng a d e ans BnsHczs;tst b o x benbey eyassto. that dscount vet. You wlh thr unk Crc n H»nlr» wth 1 the tl server n other sons **n n e eded"w h at they xause they thnk be has oney, that would have ended the t sub- front of your date. She hc was nsens* were gvng lg the, and y bus- r na f be has oney; he stn has a ject, but a x x She pursued d th x e tve and dearly out oflnc. 1. band ddn t L! Snce when do you a b y. and be hurts lke any yrh«jg D AR E atter by sayng *You only ha have not need }ove ovft and a d o w lee- to.be. 55 to.qual fpr our scn enor, DEAR. ABBY: {y My husband s entfnyourparents? Tl Thanks for lettng e get»h»«ddzen eou. ore than 50 years old < and th e We are cofortable fnancally f y d e tt Granted, wll be 51 on y [next oldest of four sons.he has alwajn because we e work hard and socr- OnXASl VST brthday. B ut don t you tlunjc nk a been lovng and atte ttendve to hs Gee. f wc dot dont have the oney person should be allowed to 0 a: MMSN ask parents, and they r have h alw ays or soethng lng, wo wat and save D DEAR OUTCAST: Y our hus lus- (or tbe dscount, not hove tbe serv- SC responded by treat tng h lke or t 1 feel wc we are beng punshed ban d ay hove thoutless, nsen sen- and yesterday s newspaper.. becausewene s never ask for help. t s stt d v c parents, b ut be has beer Afr»r <h» T 3 -joke hs jp) parentsaways h a rb ccausew e-d o n t lessed wth a wonderfully-coabout t to y date, b ut u ust (he Unhdays and ann nvexsores of > n e about lt a! always beng short of pa» ssonatevhffr adt that was upset about t th tl e ter other son daug lughters-n-law. oney, y husband s copletely Perhaps your tvlaws wsl recog young wpan rears, and 1 1 a;. and g n d d f -y yetheynever e gnored. nste stead of beng pnd of oze zc theselves n ths <*fthtn Gender natters wt heart attac ck treattk lent S a ATTaMTA /A V u y p -.. wa s tho u rg e n y wth whch - 1 cally take an hour l o n to get to woen get to the bosptol Canto. H H the hosp tal w hen th e y have a found that woen 1 arc a less lkely. heart attack and arc treated d l less than en (o an a bulance, H urgendy ooce they arrve, expla cplon- and on average they arrve at the. C tng n tbey arc ore elke- ll hosptal 6 2 hours afte fter ther Qnp- o lytode. tos start, copar ja re d w th 5.3 Doctors have long notced dthat t bourfor heart attacks are ore lkely to t e L f fatal n TOn hm n en. 1 they have had trouble sortnc «o< u F bow uch o f th s could d be w r ncpbhed soldy by the severty Hty-of - S g n g n Q thhnesses. Two large new studes sugg ggest Q n n Q s Q that woen s worse edcal cond* tonsdcarydopqrabgpart.. However, the,researchers s also a! PH fftrh B B H nb T found sall b ut d e a r dfferent c e s between the sexes n the way both b( H M M doctors and vcts rcact to heart attacks, whd are the N a 1 kl rw of en woen One reason woen take lonj longer to get to tbe hosptal s (bat th v N l ll H l R l pre less lk d y th en to &uf: Suffer crushng chest pan,.the arc T u r f H T a r f T 6 Foot* :Alna sgn o la heart attack, nstead, l.tb tl ey. ay have ore abguous syn syptos, sud as shortness of breatb, vbm pladder on adc n the neck or jaw or soe-- sor U. House sdhmbatbg thng that feels lke gas pans., Hq a One o f th e rese a rc h e rs, s D1 r. - r e u L a w n P r. Sandra G an o f Swedsh Med< cdcal M lllll f l c l f f l f f F e r tlz e r w e e d & F e e d Center n Seattle, also specula ulated H j that doctors ay treat woen less aggressvely sply because e tt h e y " S T. $E 88 1 tend to b e older and scker-a :.A nd s r $7*8 111 E R OnST 2 6, she sad non-hearrspedalsts, Sts, n BAB partcular, nuty b e less lkely to recognze and treat heart atau ttacks J S B B p w H nwoen. T he fndngs, based on larg e 18BS53ffl n a to n a l dabases, were presc cscnte d W ednesday a t a eetng H H l W H l Atlanta of the Aercan College le o f C ardok. Gan descrbed an analyss ss of gender dfferencc$"n"thcc0re are* of JCEE S - 180,083 elderly Medcare pade e n ts M M M M H n 1994 and 1995, a n d D r. Joo h n D o n b le S t a o l e s s E C anto o f th e U n versty of Alabaa n B ngha oudn rlnoh - g g g j g g g j j j g fndngs fro 327,040 en n a n d 9! l l U j l U l S S n g le H a n d le W o H a n d le. S te e S h kk B o v d S n k St< t e d S n k» M k M k «t t s - u]flr r n u n 1!! M f c woen of all ages treated at about ab K H f R P V R S 1,500 U.S. hosptals fro 1994 to K tc h e n F a u c e t K tc h e n F a u cce e t t e fh M. n c t e a O n u e F b tt, dm dk h M & f a d e n n r. O a e Q n d. d e v o T S d h u d c s a d ds * sr Reg. $43.82 R e.$ 7 4 J( Be! ks.$1b«.19 E H jc da show that wonen are s 1 b r a s t c n r a j v. W a d w r e s s t r aw watec S w rfc M fafa ly.tn de ther heon a t t a s than tfa $ 34!5 5 $5295$ are en..m uch o f th s can b e W W W W B B B B explaned by woen s older r age s B s s S S E S B r 2 6 and worse lu th. They are typc n>caly about 10 years older than n en w hen th ey have h e a rt attacl tacks. B B S They are ore lkely to have! other od t o a Q j coplcatng dseases, such as os c dassure. B j j S B S B Foot HoseB betes and hgh blood pressu And the sall sze o f ther -coro- u r a c u u l f f u j g a r V j P A N T nay arteres akes the ore t r e< - H H R J M H R M fcnlt to tre a t w th soe pro> proce- H B g S s dures. Stll, both studes shoved d that tl v4ea age and other edcal dffer- d M FO ences w ere taken nto consde dera* ton, woen were stll 13 pera ore lkely th an en to de of S vty. pne of A e bggest dfferent -ences H HOD ME L BEANALLWEATHER GARDENER WTH E f f l J l - P u f Ose H o s e. tfrhuhhsn n S Q 9 Rnbbe berm nyl hose stays P H f l o t t[ble lc and strong. 5/8 «60. SUPE!RHD SUPER H ODE g C. Warern w ln r _ \ Cooler n su0 n e r J r a v n LLAFAr 1LUTEXSEHl-flOSS S B U H E l K B $088 nperature H QltfaHdl{ W Pft and hudty $099 :: p a E tsy S p r tr A ffu cu l r rroven nalas Lka, Y uk on, S J S k C C reatt ead M p r B.C. W ah., MMo 1ST... D -, 0 -/6AL. -.J t ontana 2 2 L H H 5 ~ a g Four TtadK Basts f c / B A L l S y ll vrtually pcr pervous t o wnd 8t hall. M M VEGETAB A B L E S V _&.FL 0W ER S4N A L L.W EA TH ER- 3 S S wwe. by hy length Jn S KCt (««lol». M o u ld * (l.u t VOLET T REFLECTNO f HBERGLASS ptevenu pl»nt burn lns *nd o v tth w lt N o an, foundtlpn neej«j. Puehse as«com. o n ty c g t. DRECT t PROM-HB - MANUFACURER. Dcllvwed "W A «4 aktnbltd.?<rlth 20 year wanty. JRCOMPlfTE S E E U S A T -.? -, N * 1 - f L D UNGMATlRAlSCENT : : M C P MWAUS-APRL; L O lt T W N F A L L S \ 8 49 P ole r L t e c R d. T W N(FALLS l s" JEROME J GOOl 9D N G BURLED E Y. 390 HOHUND AVE. E. BU MAUST. 303N.0V EltA G H8W.M ANST. U 3 M Stle rep. lu ble KX) ajn. to SK» pjl N V oanfb KOW FO ; t ft 3 6 a US)T>trnunc.:Boxno.. B.C VOH 120 (2S0) L e e s J s a 5 a s B M tm QUO. M X W S S K S M h C-7. F anuu l y L f e L 099.

20 WORJ) :;Palest] neblmnej s srael fo )r death of bol baker, ] proses >revenjae ] EAlUX.VesBa tbaefelap). ; F a W T T < ffc MaSsacsssed t.byao aytfa y r f. JKsosdeBctoBBEd v s s k n e d bs* B B oe sn d cx u a SJ j d e b a n s b a U k tants-rm ed z n o B M,nEB=st& a e speo CTrfcefar lab B cdfaf c*twwc OBBbcfl a n d 5 0 d j n ea xjo y < a a x s n s e c a t y f so rn o» «c r e p ls c n l o a b cgsteaed edasenxb response to f c ner rtg tfcreats. g u u e San swasocelsm., SeznEsacBTcfMd - - usberfsdezrrbegaa:. s w te a a F t» C[ Jac a o r v a b o s l l O p a c Q O& ste s y r e ~ b tp *fcg»ge,. V 3 & S h»rf t o 8 B P p etdtgaeft d sh,ulsd ler Unonsts tsclash Kocha n North reland peac cetalks Prson hostag ages released ntukey ANKARA, T s 3 r (AP) ( ZozDSes a! tro prw n u d T dbset -readg taganageenenl aes n seven prsoos azuand tb e cot oy took S5 a f te r goveuttftt cj CaCeSsSoQS -. a K d a t e a d a e e pnr sssssas o g u t* jw/< q{ offcals hostage Tutvj toprea nesaue ofbcals to * s e r e n p n s o s s nytfr t K " td e, rtlun 10 oevy dy cansfezed cooh d. ta d e so a ja ln n Bnnt n western n oclaflw» c e ;t3 e a sedaadtbe B3; p r o t e «end ed aa to r s* b, d s d Tnrfcey-Abo«; Bt B k p a n n t b c tnrtafc c a Jfc«5 Jasdce Mnster Oltan. Agescy a s d pcrase So trt l e v v Sungylnrnled tbe 10, o n -, s o D r a d ; l a tb e o b e r prsae saes..-(0 ers W ts CORnra pnson. sayng g : z s a jal solely hostages T enaj aed a 1 = r r jr f< a s e d t o b ssospects o awaoag- : b a o d s.b s c ffd s5 3 S C«OT k cc 5 CONTNUES HunyllbstE WOSatlay, r, Aprl 4! We re dewagautoarwan vehaase! BRANDNAM OVERSTOCK 3 c 7 R * largese E L E C T 70M ~ O VfERlOO E V A R t B T ESTOCHOOSBF, FRO tthders & Do-t-Yo. C h e c k o u t th e s e b a g a sze: zes > *ouc save2 e $SS b y p la n n n g yo ro o rn e x t. p t e c ta ; around th ese %vnoov ows < - X S A l f S l N A l QUOCBETOb " = A t t e n t o n B, f - T w6d *»pfnfned d t s c w <fbpfaawd w r c 1 C A L L F O R A SnakeRvGl 1561 EJdrw!k A u e TWn E War!arenouse Locaton. % 3ass Falls ) srael Lebanon to wm fntf fth Tay - thefd N. Securty. "Dscussoubet between the two pa. n th j w t a 5 3 tt Wednesday. tes would be «useful" v she sad, would d w ftbdraw ts t r o eoly y that calu for an srael tra troop vrtlh addns that t even 6 though the after : rteacfang r a for al peace - "daw al fro south l«bbanon a t a *Untea States seeks abroader agree snentw thl danoo. AoMoflte fn t step toward endng g a 20ear peace accord 1 n the regon, we Neta rtanyabu n sste d e l s s o c cupato n th a t h as grown understand th tbe portance of ntend to n s w ere senous. sayng ppty nr H H He}«dkHSM, at hoe. aldngjnogress where we can.* the ba] }all -was so w n L e b a s L ebanon re je c te d srael s J Tbe (Ubet let decson cae a court vattjrshocts <4<gtrf for negotatos os > on secu*. day after U. >. eutoy a Denns Ross *Vs - rty assurances, along g a pudout left the regon after falng to ton to resolve tb e Ldwon cdcs- h E - t N,s 2 e f tnlnf>1y any rrn* nv>n _ akepogr,»8_ toward breakng tonoo ce and for an, and we hope. Lebanon w ll n o t negotate the d o d c. n laaelpalestan that oth tf g bve enta t MrtarthhaMk, wth L rael over the wtht thttfawal, peacetalks.. Crtcs C df Pre esped. cally te goveetat of otnastbetady sad f a o e f e P resdlent e: Elas Mnster Benja jo n Netanyahu s L dnno nnw wn kw tkw «-»T1 tw< H raw hard-lne gover vetunent untan jjn a dscussons wth ns pttmdtonparn n W ashngton, Secre cretary of that Wednesd l s ove was ere- how to p le en t t b e told 1. P 9 H thsbemlnm S tate M ad elw ea lb rg ghturged h ly a ploy to deoc eoectattendonfro.reporte ts Wednesday. 4 W l HMlaa.taEMt Jenutao. a r M -wodbttdayr -: K nnbbl«b«y H kflkccf Staff n d. MS lbbtaaprm MaytadMded n y l a l k n HWHt zxaaaseas M c s bs ze a dxr odsc-waxbed t Ss e o l g to th ege garage, a not h tbe car tsek t b e W e a B s plarp ofy ebr A j r a h, th e H e lel**rnan J polce te - T he tl«b ledodbd dhecar p a d te f a ts s ( bobafcer wbo.»wr (jj, spcfnebl was fcskd by ac el role, and Palestnan and le n J e d z» B ler Y asser Arafat refused w» s h>mftt A b o. p U o R a» t. a s f a ls s Tnr tnfn rho tntxtggtnn xbtjabseb.ab u nrefasrns A FA lestra sa d b o s s t & o S d S SEBfdecns p S f o r e atneaoropsjr sag brvsbdzdte&csd s a t V rt& a jtj tba P»l> ttn f s E s t a S y 6 s detbedkestandooce re a Bldeast M ace talks, A ft to d y com n ex t b e d c s D tb e leg b ottt uaeaj ed laad. *Tbs ts just anod* B sa«3sa sob.!wcr& a new assassnaton S l S S l a S ws b e a a o r M e s to taa n p sad Ssaf carred [ed out oy srael, Sbaatb bo«d» w a d o d fa r» aabackoa a w asabeadyde dead wbea eken 6 S f*;.. exprew ng popular snduevcpnsntan gpray a4 ar.»t PateS& BaolbaacslKed L --Mr.. h e r ged car, rfna WM Pre [e M nster Benjan posce anoocnoed OK ebbt o d r«3 S beabowsbpl D rw f uml, Kctaoyal oyabu dened srad nvolvea ty a reg jy p to hoefae endcncfc PtoT. T caatenyw ottgorca 31EVAN. Arena (AP) ~ le M nster R obert aan woo a decsve vct BELFAST. S e n fa oca B ] rrt l J o b s Taylor r s sad that lack of 7 n 1Areaa s A p re sd e n ta l. (A P) T b e S C o n n ] efth tsp an y -talk no f, ff, a race declared legt* p u c e ta lk s b o s s e d 1 domb d a.tdccber pancs, es,bu twe*receytaa- ** V nternatonal ontors - aooder s d e 53b» Vcc desptes soe cases of fraud, e a tke s u a p rb... F r o te s t p a r ty a s d tb l e fe o b QKUy foregn an-.lgcypqone laeff, & ed harf. that Kocbaran woh 59 percent of tbetote to 41 percent for fonner guw nph accu w J eac&ecber a tbeu loeru onsts a were beng Sovet t b< boss K Derdaa n p frfga lbttufcygg.] * by sayng that Monday lay s second-round ballot, W sb be dead&dc Set s b e R e p o b H c s tbeceural t Electon Cosson ntern o a e «e d t a a? ; tb b e t o r 6Sn»K dcos stxtnooa were a anott ced Wednesday. Uoott z$ d e o d e d to* fb n w ffw s ra AwWV g da a S f a.. 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The area was onl7 30 lo fro bo n n e and Fd been D JT C XX) RS Ot Thursday, A.prl p _ -. -J. nsde B e a r pr( protecton...d.3 W o tfo)pposhor...d4 p r Outdoors E dtor. W Ua B roc v o t~ S > 3 /.E x t S c c to n D Perfectly adapted to underwater lfe, ths ranbow trout has stabllled lu - depth wth an nternal balloon,. known as a sw bladder. ts lateralllnes,-whch. run fro tho top othe {lls to the ~ fork n the tall, a senstve to vlbra{ tons ade by 7 Foon n l t V L D, _ U n p R E s n s. n o w th elnow tnerot enseesoenle k n e w ~ d a e r e o l d lter s range. knew n o t o a a d p r e t eran n! c a there. 1 : S ah e * to coya rfle and the local n chtrs w&o laz Jffcent anglerss study gae ] fsh anat t o They fgged tfaeydka S c A etaejcm a-mng oat shortly after Wth n xnnd, toe tumontd vasnnt call, then set out»flcon»potont nood., There were tfadc;1cd odrae. because 2R0ME - f TOU want to be a s sueaaoss-tbe dor and t w nno fll anglers, knowng th e phys yscal M T s o f gae fsh s always en edv«tdvan* eojojr «faer n au ts fxn KBuse they lve n water, fsh have loddng for deer. azwv V unque features that don t exst xstn TC17 & r fob boutt. 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Ths slne led by be weather, bttt gbewastftbtas t» «s seres «of openngs through seal scales requred to catch wld went do>. wdked alot t te r n a te n n erv e en d n trout n narrow streas. ~ hot bad a o n to g feelag ll radons w arn fsh of danger, o Both lads are well back we! as rd luped; socnetha tc th e d o o d s >the locate food, fro the bank and one. n» t» «fao g tb e lu w dldng hmvly up to a fsh h u taken the added pro* t.was.then thar nota ape. t was very :- partculary a ahall one - c were lower than erer, askh y generate vbradons th at spo cauton ol standng Aaway. Nosy outboard otors >rs do, behnd a bush. the sa sa e thng, w hch s why sav saw v what fap Cor.* the snow, but t anglen e n ake t b approach w The cojote was goob taxed at tbe soled electu tre trollng oton There was blood n >w the t a coyote s h. are a w y s luert to predate lators wascft hg blood. As J stare.trona -abore snd,-paftcnlany hero srons:..... snow. 1 t h o c about bow t, Ther* eyes are. h y oble, and tb th e y that f begn to de. Bt Bv catfsh, stxueon a n d oth other hot* and pke, have Luge L ouths tb gobble «espeollj one podm twm gn far anh cansce tee n any djeons. n su er, fsh tl klls 1 can occur at to feeders d raend heavly on n sell s to down ther prey. The ex cep to n ro re as dos one DOW was. w. Ang glers should n ot show theselv selves, n g h t w hen p la nts p ro d u c e carbon locat cate food. They use barbels,!ls, whch ebers of the le whtefsh and sunfsh SDll.(&fthnkbecoo re fsh n shallow w a te r o r allow all onoxde nstead d ot 1 oxygen. n hot reset seble whskers, to locate fodc food by ts faly, whch pr rarly feed on nsects de sa l was eas7 to CoQow. d was startea to S c u r shadows to extend over tbe fsh nhtng weather, th< coc nonly occurs n shal* odor, lor. For fsh that lve n uddy water an d wors, AftCT a few aotes ode. 0 L W earng a whte shrt s alost an lakes and strea sas throughout the - or feed : a t nght - barbels are Keful. h. f e ed. j on plants and sall ranced bd d e - and asdsdcastgets, 1 gtse ent f)r fsh to flee. The e bb e s t Magc Valley. * orga gans.. nntnle usually y have 1 downward-facng k s conldrt see y track d e d s t a n t? b s «to w ear dark ar caouflage doth* do Another unusual [ adaptadon a of fsh s Most Me successful cotfsh angle: glers har- ouths desgnee ed for suckng up ther Tbe 0 roodd fsg wgszft ras n t d f o f- d n o _ J5 &«nh sneak tp o tbe on ban hands the sw bladder, whd w: s rtlar to a ness >ss ths know ledge to who] nd carp are prune exn» but t was e n o x to hde C H th esa e. a o dl l S lf necessaryrf S h~ w lth"t h t h e balloon. t can be f dflated or deflated to powe wetul "stnk bat for thesedt S S K [n your face to avod shadows, hold fsh a t a desre red depth, uch lke of the th botto. jtgw ln s h w rng dssolved oxygen frc fro a subarne. Ot: ther sp eces fe e d n thn e d dfftnnr OnB othe o nost obvous characters- >» % l g «g e d sr by breathng th ro. Glls Snce are cold d-blooded creatures, wate ater of reservors and l a l K< des o f f s h - a sly, overappng set of oa th e snow, and y own fwrtnwp {Jjjrrtr. Ore SeZ3»enly teperature s a <at rdcal foctor n ther sal on, for exaple, have a spe< es protecton aganst dsaware* re*of b o w * o g e n s n n th e actnty. F or exapu pe, studes on sall* of gll rakers to stran o ut pla - r p T s l. S s, and a c d d c n ts. Scales ng to the blood 7 - and t affects der actvty.. outh bass n the Scn e Rver n Hells. Travelng n schools, th e y n to ove easly n tho trre. t td d e be trot- tjqt Mtnt reoure hghly y 03 oxy- Canyon show they setde s behnd rocks dept pths where plankton s concern xnnrated. watefs j eyes kept retcran (walked. tr a w ater; they v w de f oxyg xygen on the botto and d becoe dorant - To catch th e se fsh, an g len lers ust A nglers shoul Uld han d le fsh gendy txall The coyotes tracks > tb or r e hours, ss d ro p below a c e rta n lev* level, when water tepere ra tu re s drop to 40 work )rk at the proper d ep tk when releasng ; the and take partcuted orraoflny, bot w h1 d lsaw n e w Tnerea refbre, t s w orth notng that wa a rn d epeesorless. Predator n fsh, ndudng trout, bass lu* ot to ds lstrb the ls. tzadced h Cor two r.reasndtw a as w ater holds less oxygen than. co ld Other spedessuc ch as trout, and yelacdve all wnter and then stopped ab ptj were wh OQ bs and t w wsr. - _,,... ;. p q r rean bloodhesnow.db«lr.] a or ost of the oxyg lg -even under ce. X net new at an. H r tracks w a jy plants Jf g frw n nva e b The w ay n fsh locate food s ew zero- )-eght f] flyrod wascfearwtfdcnetpleteda: ed.aodw ehadst sred w th snow, then lght cannot a crucal to anglers* success. s Most goe bgdrd e. fbch s where yenetn anrf ttrh needlfl 1 lght fsh are s t feeders th a t trustther We hadrt OQSsed a roa< azdd,ea]»l -* «Pp Jproducng oxygen. The upshot hots eyes ore than ther drsenseofs ell akes fshs [ftg to a neswlevele coe to tbe canyon ~w g tu. f a a.et ety tfaougjthedgjltylngad aestnce stepped. nw W /Assoclted Press w dght refers to the ratng of th e lne, fore.. that a rod s des (esgned to cast. The bgt t n & a d l f e l t :ofynedc.lhs Tl TRAL, O re. J e r r y Se h as ger the rod, the le heaver lne needed -n ways felt a ltd e gulty for h1 o p n g, cast properly. edtabejnstafew a dns creep op the bade.bcf lak A Rver Runs T h ro u t, the But snce grap aphte becae the a r s w w a s role ootng was SDppoaed t lovle th at soe longt e ly. fljlfsher- rfj of choce about t 20 years ago. rdos naaes oot ol the oxk, bn len blae for brngng so ar any new- have been gett rng l f t e r. Qrvs brofe.. now? DEdttwasthe. o en to the West s blue-rbbo bbon trout new ground wha hen t brought out a two- to leare the wot creas. V e g h t n and a one-weght n dotaly tryng to b a ; wa nt cntnng 00 t oot F o r p e n a n c e, h e h a s desl n tbe dreo esgned a 198S. r thng to do. Consdo eres of ultralght graphte flvtods» Sage has take leen t a step fo rth tms teto g o -to w a r waqc a s s a bae; set 00 he w orlds frst ought-w egb lghtn year w th Se s ought-weght, an-8- opes that pe.ople who buy the th wll knew tbecdo* fqot rod wth hg lgh-odulus p h t e. - S S S ew les at least, k e nto th e re ote headwa w aters to W hle catchr lng bg fsh h as always - H o w a n ld lb e y g r-w l k atch sall trout on tny fles. 1. excted people,!, these rods are desgned - dl,r«tjw as ; 1 Dy, and loww, wnt a few «thnlf tlt the. acceptance ace of dlls. -to catch-sall,, selectve fsh a t d ose w l w T he aash cr- boots,lookng 1 fot - ttle rod wll hopefully ytodca lcatealt- range on q uet : wv aters w here the fall «f _ n o j a wer. le of thatread te crowd hrbd " heaver n y lu lne wll sm d u f * t was jast e aad oy tzdndtablelsnd* hoc lttle bt, sad Ste, who w(jsflyfsh- as: >>S"8-,, olurjrho WHflfl lg consultant and d d soe of t the cast-. Se got h? s nspradon about TS The tenad bad no stzog T ju d n o w a ro f ng n -th e o v e-o f- f lo r a n yearjglrh e- -w e s-fsh n g -a se v e o QBls and tfere was absob g a straghctne... la c la n s novella s e t n M ssoula, «s h t f c r o v w th a slnkdp lne out- S to a e rrn g o ra llrfk alwt font. " sde Mssoula wv, hen th e weed load p kdcnragtf was walkng a R D b d 4 y x» c,ld n Mooa ttasobs, ths laghnoctb baw» M t wm adapt»d to wohng n * ak n M aclnns y o u th, flyrod rods w e te tl>e rver c_ l got so to heavy be gave up tryov lade of ba boo, and n the Then saw de coyote l ob botton Msrs, whch ny on tbur M r M M of su. b a u dap<nd h ove, W ntf «?> a d r. W l n n -»n ctor B raptt fshes bg stone sde creek, he found h e, lke a black a toloctafood. co es on about a seven*weght r e sall trout w ere cs- -, He dsapptared qac K T O P w t t Please see FLYROD, Page 02 fleaseseefoon stre F( ser nvuhu/nmf T

22 OuTpoos Trapp( Slsgrow.ncreasng ; Jrare n dat ho Footprntj ts coe. n hs best year*, he. $4,000 to $5,000 fro.che S hd«5. Now, he says, a feu reuows_ luchy to ake $1,000 durn...trappng season. A coyote C O R T E Z,CColo. o (A P ) - < ; a andgkdly,tseens. th at sola for $150 a decad» d e o g o 3 tho sere sparse- - oney / ( houdg, eals and a ght fetch $15 now. ness of t sunb tnbaked knoll, t s thorou gh cducadod n archeolod lke a lot of vnrk? t s. B ack n th e 7 0 s and a d 80s bard to beleve! anyone could lvo gy. there wos a good prce for fur But n fa c t, b e n e a th a Sound : COOLN, daho (AP),- p ). - A s a. " hesay8. n e v «r.w e dj tt to any- t a r e r t t l a d1 jju u s t a few les But ts } s so fascnatng, tbe project -p o o r ndana teen-ager }r t back n body olxut how any an ntnu T ffo the PoUT r C< Co ers town of h as a 40 4 percent return rate th e 1930s, BU Sullvan Jl trapped gol The only person who k y; aong vsuws. >-:bbts, uskrad and o er crt* that s y b t. " sta n d a rd s, t - L ast t s su er, fo r exa p le,.. > ters..h e tracked oxpes Bses and Thflt 8 R oger S ch eu n ch of a dty. A bout Cndy Hoson F fro A nahe, r* sales n a tdy ledger. Pacfc H de and F u r Dep s. Maybe 14 kvas. Calf., was w vstng for h e r thrd ; P ro fts w ere sp en t on books SS otfn Spokane, W ash. Sullvan a frst llotbuldejo one- or twostorcs te. ond school clothes. went to Scheurer when he to : need- love nre t here,*! she says. "t s ran a 20-le bcycl cycle crap ed new traps p get bacl nt ntollle B u tta p r c hstorcstandards, t. justso uch fun.".ln e," b e says as he ope pens feld. w asabusungpla place. n fact, co-.. For 30 years. Crow Canyon (a ** ledger on hs ktchen tnbl able. Goc S ullv an dd n t have any n ed whh other «n eary runs, t p ro je cc t na e, n o t a sp ecfc up a t three n the ornng oney. So h e asked Scheu eurerto represents a populaton la rg e r plaoe) h has been offerng outdoor A t 77, b e j stll trappng.. ga ble th at hed brrg bt ln educaton. For 15 c a n catc h an y th n th a t valuable hde. years, t has been walks, sws or Oes.All llln e e d s *T?s s a new lea sad. T l gve you y ny best usng volunteers J* the te lo do t. - bobcarnexchange for sbc< brdozen T h e S hlelds Sullvnn t Vllt aw nn- acrcarnfl * -experetuxfornatrfpe w d o the wort o f traps now," Sulvan recalls jus. He P u eblo, na ed dsco v ern g th e p ly rare. The nu ber of f lccnsed.. - sad,no, but gve you fv yg;» a fter che fanner er. who coe here. re a n s of :? tra p p e rs n d aho and... ; The two becae fast fren lends. w hogrew crops ; o n e e h td v ra Washngton has dropped 1 by half.. H e s vory sp ecal co CO : e," to n s, sa d arlaehcr drector n the post decade, dcspt pte rsng., Scheurer says. He has qua lualdcs b c c j o an ; -populatons n both states: n -Shannon Galla chat would ake h a o o d rep -:. a rc h a e o lo g c a l S h a n n o n W ashngton, fro 1,497 )7 n 1987 resentatve of anythng he dd. d g a sc y e a r,sa 5 a. thnghw CO 779 la s ty e a c, and n doho H e s honest, blghea c a rte d, of ntense se archaeologcal Sout thw estern archaeology, &o 1,255 to 646. unselfsh.". n te re s t today. t 1 s thc ost, and nd: dan culture have been. : U rbw lfestyles and a drop ( ll.t h e re s a sconcep o p to n, recent db elmg cc conduacd under largely gnored j by hstory books, fu r prces are p artly to blae. 1 Sch eurer says, that the ojerago avt t h u s p t o of du the Crow Canyon G alla (her says. Ths s a new - rm o re"and- o rep «p le-tt rtonsdcr : trapper traps for tho pleasu Archaeologcal Center. a le a ngexpenencc" j for a n y = ra p p & a» L -a n (l5 «td a» Cow-Canyoa. a. a nonpro ft----- peoplcuv jvlo.conujcrc Stll, there are others 8 who see - r T hat justsh rsotagy fy lke r, founded F n 1968 Local tl ndans o ften serv e os T. trappng as part of a pro >roudher- V Bll, che an thng s tat he s by Ed and 1 Jo JtanncB erg cr, advsers to tbe professonal staff, tagc, or just plan necess essary. To,. R out catchng a beover. t s [t s lke pro nent Colon lorado educators They sy help u s d e d d e every- V the, S ullv an rep rese jse n ts an, a fsher an gos fshng ng. H e fe area to start o thng fro: ro the poudcally c o rrea deal w s t l gets g re a te r satsfacton tn f he school for kds who wh< hod probles way to word y a p ress release to, < H e s o n e o f th e v ery rj good catches a fsh, oybe, buhe b t " al, a n stre a w hereto dg," she says, o nes, says sta te conser servaton ostly lkes beng o ut on th c schools.. Atypc pcal week for a volunteer :: offcer D on C arr. T here s an w ater. t evolved nto an archacolog- goes so ethng.._;.,fftht;,nha»t h thnr*arrfn - lrthe-1970rand*80srsnl Snllran- r-bccauto tha-aroa Sundaj laya-new-gfoup-of-vdun H e s a n a tu ra ls t. H3 c loves set hundrcdsx>f traps n 1 a lne salotbedofyet-u et-undscovered or teers an nvk at Crow C a s e r wldlfe, understands wldu Udlfe." BllSuJ!van,77,pe, posm wth a tkn and an antque la b< bear trap on tle shores of soetes cxtjn.dng.60c 1 Ues. p lo re d archao haeolododstes. " tes nto thgtrhom, a cdu- The b est croppers, Can :a rr says, Prest Lake esrler < ttls year. He ha been trappng g lnca he wa a kd lvng n He kept track of cher loca xbdons The staff and ad vstorshave nal llvln log stu a tb n v rd e d by ore n conct wth vdll tdwmt.. w th surveyor s rbbon and a: a excavated varous 3US stes wth per- gender. Men and w o en have : personal way.- They can n look at pal-szed notebook. cs fro th e Bureau of L ud separate tc bathhouses. Everyone tracks n the snow and kn know not poston the 1 aand how to b a t coe n, n,: n the evenng, and the H c went so far afeld that hs M anage ent o r th c quckly f gets g to k n W one. another., only what an als p assed..the. - sknnng] ng and stretchng starts. wfe nssted he buy a two wo-way A d a g calcconservanqt. o Monda day: There s a hands-on : trough b u t w hat knds s c of con- Sullvan ak akes any of hs Opon*l }n*hearc su rg e ry h a s n t rado so they could stay n toud. Tho Crow Canyc yon excavatons excrdse «M ere newcoers learn - frontatons they had wvth t each bats. A garage s a cupboard s flled stopped Sullvan ftv trappng For awhle he also tende< ded the c ost productve about EUtfacts-ond an w hat specf- : other. w thjarsof pung ngent concoctons. a n d bun luntng* N or d d e a rle r tra p ln e of a frend who w as a l a t a eed d n the archaeo- cally s sbeng stu d e d a t th e When get out n the [le woods, Pve never see seen a beaver lure nerve daage do that led to.spnal dyng. Then, a couple of f yj ears lopcallyndfourc lur Coers. Wthn Shelds s excavaton s te. T hen ; y eyes arc on the ground n d all the lk e ak e, " hho says. use surgery cy n The nu bness ago, be lost Janet to cancer.. th e regons vast: st landscape arc there s ; a tour of other excavaton J re," Sullvan says. 11( look a t beaver castor,, g granulated sugar eant ; be couldn t cake long steps Wth pelt prces down, Sullvan haundng echoes lofthcsouthwcst s stes, past and present - tracks, a t scat. w alk soft-foot- andthecheopest sst ru can buy. acrossas astrcn no longer traps for fur. But :ut trap.. Pjehstorc pasc ; M Mesa V erd U te Tuesd sday: M ost of th e d ay s - ed. He pulls a plo& l o c bog fto the Td get down on y knees and png s ore portant than lan ever Mountan, Hovenw aweep.... q c nd tthe lab, so volunteers Traps arc hdden along road- chest frccer. t c < contans kdney- crawl acn Bcros as a way of keepng busy. Sohe S W h a t e s CCrow r Canyon so sec what a t t s th Y e lookng for,. ddes for easy access fro hs shaped castor gk glands taken fro Hs wfe, Jahet, a hunter.her- traps proble an w coyotes ar. «tha* ts aplace where and how )w ts handled once t s J truck. Especally now that he s beavers. He explt plans that the an- self, und( Lnderstood th e lure of thc th a t attack lvestock, bea leavers aateurs can roll lu up ther sleeves, gged. older, th e dea of luggns lng a SO- als rub th e oly substance on outdoors. ors. The couple oved to that clog culverts. and work sde by sde w th pro- A )t lotof dscoveres are - Z- pound beaver has no appea p e a l, therfur.. the Prest Lakc prea n the 1970s He charges $25 or $30 to 1kll a. fessonals to cxpe cperence the hot,. not n tbe feld, b ut n tb e b b, Z. B esdes b e aver, t s, leg al Co Bodhg s pdrt Lrt of the challenge after hle e rctrcdfro r 35 years as nusance anal, o r accep cp tsn drty, s r a t y cdtecnt t, of nak- GoUaghc c r s :: crap badger, fox, arten, nk of t r a p p The te hard part starts, an nspeo pectbr n t Genenl Motors pay ent th e chance to hu ogcalfn Wcdne n esd Volteers spend j and u s t n d o. Trappers n a fte r th c a nl n al s c a u g h t, plant nldana. - " trapon prvate a)d. He sell s s t h - r he largest uncxca- a full lay da at the feld sce, excar. ust use strategy: know w 1 how to Sullvan says, Bllhad the tch to trap agan; hdes to keep the fro gol ogcal stes n th e vatng a 1-by-l-by-l-etcr : square choose the rght traps, where to The funs all all gone when you The e* x tra nco e w as wo-, waste, he says. uy Prouty, project holeuthe earth. They do ths not d re c to r fo r Crow C Canyon wth a shovel s but w th a trowel Archeologcal Cent!enter. and a b rrush. Flyrod! Yet nole of t ; s readly vsble. Soe adjacent t nruns, partly vs- n a o lot 1 of w ays, w e ro Gkc To Sav awyw gettng a bunch of 7 Contlnu«d fro D ble above the surface, su arc hd- Huck Fr?ns to h p us p an t the B rad S chuolke tre d cas a stn g den by scrub oak )ok n thc nearby fence, Gallagher G says, ngtovcrys allfles. n. - j k / S s ought- and one-wc Mrcght gully c d G o o d>ddn Pont Thurst rsdaytv olunteers spend ; Knowng hs heavy ln e was T to vsble runs lns of de Shelds another r day c n the excavat- useless, he strpped t off, ofl nau-,. - knottedchclcadertocheb l e b a d Z ondtedonb dnyada sdr Ac chat te, realze. T hat ust be a 60-foot ot lne and Pve alost got t all out, sa d R o b e rts as h e p u t th c ought-weght through ts paces. Pueblo were bull lulldozed by th e farer; who got t tred of plowng around the. The Th rest re an below the surfac face of th e feld. n& and d a l» can take a n ecology h l Frdaj ay: So e do o p t fo r a bchnd-t) -the-scenes tour o f nearby to fsh a sall fty doesn t tokco "Now that s rapressve. W eve O h ly th ed eep >-dples d n -the -M esd VV er3e N a tb n a l P a rk s ~ very heavy lne," Se sad. sal Wth no standard flyln( lnes that Z- sall, Sage, had to desgn a new one, w hch t calls thc e " Quet ; Taper. got a down-canyon wnd and a can stll flp t up. can t do that as w ell w th y ba boc )oo. t ends real well, b ut the ; tp s too stff for e. feld p v e away the fact that structu re s (n th s case, kvas) fre, bured below. Howdoesone e earth a dty? Wth lots of volu olunteerhelp. faous s runs. r O thers cant sto p. d g g bey have been b tte n by the dg ;g b g bug, they can keep dggng, g, GaUagher says. f s. ; found that very, ver: very lght W htlock sad t takes s so st e V olunteers 1probably r do 99 very add dctve." ; ; lnes w ere alost poss feel n th e a r," Sc 1 sc to te to get used to castng g ultra-, u lght rods. H e lkens t to pant- p p e rc e n t of thle e ex c a v a tn g, _ Proutysays. Frday evenng: T h ere s an nforrnol al party w th a graduaton w o rk ed y w ay up to a one* qcg h tt T arer rw ak YrwcBTfe? f one Une-weght below that. latw h en :: w e ca e up w th th e ln ; taper, we were at lberty y to call t anythng we wanted. So t! thought ; n g w th a one- o r two-1 o-har brsh. They are not for everybo body, he sad. They are for pc;( people wllng to slow down and go ;ow th ; sall fles ac short dstances.» s. T he v o lu n teers e r go to C row C anyon on vacal caton an d pay about $700 a week sek to work there. P ay to work n th e h o t su n, peforng tedous (US tasks? c e r ons y jurf a run-down of th e week s oc Soturday ornng: E veryone leaves, "usually * re lu c ta n tly, Gallaghe l e r S «to call c a n ought. WjV t th th c DavtRobtrUhoan ow* off Sa{asnew zeroght flyr» lyrod n Tral) Ore., earlarthl Whtlock sees the use of f ultras f a n d Ja es Bond flck cong JS onll. lghts growng as ore r Z- w anted to have a double- ble-ought beco e catch-and-rcleasc B u y n lo o w a n d lne, but felt chat was not lotapracsd. The rod d w as b e n t o v e r, tred out( lutorvs o ne-w et. catch fsh. a v e flm f f 3 t O ( tny fles are th e only wa; way to S S r* deal lne weght for the ang V U ltralght rods wll stl 5? T -nto Che butt, but l the leader s "You u v< wll probably land thc ~ de hot fsh. J Lepage gc, ov- what brngs n the th< fsh faster.", fsh tw«:wcc as fa s t w th th c Zl sonal erchandsng a e a g e r ProtccFng lg l h t leaders s Ughter r rod," he sad. T he rea- for Orvs, took a one-we; w hntul lghtrt t rods are about. son s you can p u t a lo t ore ; C h rst as sland a n d k larcher S 3 O lan d ed. D ave W htloc lock, a flyfshng pressure re on thpse fsh w thout <>n a l ore than 100 bonefsh, ; pdd- r and, a r fs who brealdng ng off. Z ng one 8 pounds. SGN UP o d e l s.. s a c o n su ltanr n t to Sage, had. OR the Holy W ater secton of :, A lo t of people thougl ught you urged the cop, npany to.develop southern : Oregons Rogue Rver, :: couldnt g et a fsh n as fa LEAGUESH001 TS fast, he an ultralght ln lne snce be frst fshng gudu Dave Roberts and- ContledfroDl fear, draned owa way. -* slent] endy thanked the bg song- C; red forward: saw hs tracl ack, then t was then ch th at notced the dog fo r leadn ] g e co safety, Z- swung onto t. He d cb< be to a coyote hadn t cn crossed the cattle Lookng back 1 on t, thats exactly Zl fence, probably unseen :n n th c guard or the roa -oad. He d crawled what he ledd. d >; fog, and had run alongsde d erath er u n d e rn e a th th c g ra te, dow.n P; than cross t. aongst the tuu a b le w e e ro c k,. To 1 ffaycock s a College of CENTER 2 H e fnally arrved ac c a, ra ttle and snow, th en cu rled up and Southern, yjt daho student who s seen 124 e. MAM JOUMn. BUM g, = p,. ;, a K o n o p a y o» r n t s u n t l V. grd across thc two-track road, ded.- a lot n rj hs years on thc hgh lone- (20B) «l a n u a r y a.. JT e one Td been drvng g When - Drvng away; 1.sto p p a t the. o& Hc lves n Wenddl. Z- f r s t sp o tte d h. A fla sh o f cattle guard ant n d retreved th e T h e Y a a l h a recognton surged.throug ougb. e,_. coyote. R a the r th a n ta k e th e.:. ~ _ - - S p r rn g? o w e r S; u r g e, ; - th en an overwhel ng sense se of beautful hd-l 1 bured hnra fe w -- - f Ann AdHound. J- - r e l e f r ck w as less s s tht?::;;:... rorr 1. -totte to A prl -te *o. j o e a n ;a - feet off the road.: d.... Z half le down Che road. cwnscbeleast st could do,.after g H f you want a new house, job, or a pece o o (. The censon, along wth a c lttle taldng hsfc. erchandse, ; 111 look for t n the dasalfeds a s. Cyol* CtK ne. P r o 4 J w ;... 1 qf orethan n ( 600 new spapers nalloraly. to ~ ~ 270S.H W» LMvla M. B B T Thenne lealtslocdttontovou. y.rcl H «yb u,d K*tolMBn,D -Wlnl>als,lo gl Electrc c S h a yer T ublee s? 1 B y t h e) w a y...l f r e e. \ dto TuKky,Apfl2.U98 5 V - )er ate Q V V 3 h e s \ t j -. "? f l n U.SA.7 NOREL tf LCO U H AVER S E R VC E ts agans Call for ore nforallon St crtters Volu teers d gup s-sts ance ent ysteres STARTNG SOD " E ttp ://w w w. aslcv all6 )r.e.c o. 1

23 _ a a Thurwtoy.Apfla. 1 9? 8 j r w, Twn Ftn», Mhp M QuUTDQORS - ll Fear of d< eclrg] ;nubers s propts s gudes to seek bearprote ecton JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) Bear B«o v ercrow dng," sa d J e Bears stll lu-outauber < gudes an; y gudes o ut th e re, Ttus lted wthout ltng ng the nu - Board of Gat e, but thebg.gae on for. Rosenbruch, a Gusc su v u s.g u d e o a th e sland n d by several thou- d. d. "Tbe ydlow U t s flcker- cer- ber of d e s, then nobody nol wll Coercal S Servces Board thqt s s z s r s " " "".w ho h as b e e n.lea< e a d n g b e a r sand, b ut he nuber of <ng ; out o there n ter s of the betu e v be ab le to ake B a lv n g, used to contn trol gudes was ds- So do envon c ol grou roups hunts on A d ndtyl sla n d fo r36. b e n g k lle e d each y e a r h as h< rvest" Rosenbruch sad, banded a few jw years ago by the nterested n the preservaton of years.. n a c h e d levd svels requrngjnore Unwllng Ur to a oratoru. Gudes drge fro ) $8,500 to Lcgslatut!. AdtQlty slan d ralasv ftvb s -T O eforstsefvc n c e la s ore cauton, s 14 1 K n tu s, regonal on. short s notce, M orrson reco- )- $13,000 to gude a bear car bunt and. Southeast lcensed gudes o ut t th ere than su p e rv sor. fo r th e s ta te snded en tu tead th a t th e ssue sue need about a doxen cso The nu ber of -gudes lead dng th ere a re b e a rs to h u n t. You D epart ents t «f Fsh and toe s wat lt u n tl ore nfor aton s to pay ther expenses or SN A K( E fw / bear hunts on Adralty, Boa uanof. don t Rordly d a n Qove out there wldlfe consej uervadon dvson. aval allable ths fall lvng, Roscnbruch sold, and C hchagof, know nas S the t for fear soeone.vrll be-there -Ttusl.dV VUon joned bear. "We re confdent th a tth e stam ate The agendes, eant anu e, con- ntf, T T E R ABC slands, has nearly doub bled already." d e s n anappeal &D; to Forest s n anagng th e b e a rs and nd tend that ther ursdct ctons dont )rdablo Fly Shop* snce 1995, causng gudes les to As co petton for fo th e bears Servct supen wrvsor Gary Morrson they rc n o t gong to allow the tho nclude regulatng gude Hdes. worry th at the copetton n wll v. ncreases, nunters ar«are ore lke-. to p u t a noratoru on bear popt puladon to crush," sad Mart. Fsh and Gae ana onogcs.bears. put Ue brow n bear, and ther th lytoklltbe& rstann: l altheysee, - gudes before he left hs poston Man urshou, a Forest Serfce wflder e as a speces, b ut can n only c dose own lvelhoods, n jeoparc ardy. whch could ean ore < feales eary.ths on nonth. * ness «s spcoalst for. the Chatha a tho season n an eerge trgencywhcn They re askng governent :agen- og< des to hold the nuber of guc gudes beng taken as well as aa underraed bears lowerng th e reprbdum WUle we ve < don t beleve there s a bologdal dal cr4s at thste area ea. We don t anage the beat ear pop tp u lato n, w e anage the che th e -n u b e r o f bca lears ta k e n threatens the bear populaton, p A S J u S 3 D and the bears they can harvest rest to tve ablty of th e bears, e saldtcj ao d a hhunters u n satssed, upu luds, the resources, the hnb b- lltu s sad. cunentlevels. Metcalf, presdent : of Frends of w e have been Ben hearng for a nu *. tac" Settng a lt on the total hw- Tle ajor pact now s j just Adralty sland. ber of years ra th t at there s just too. f: the ste of the bear harvest t s vest s the role of the A laska o j b s - J j / e r e l M gtt a r k e t r to O S V jfk over220types and sze ] A e o p l e a e W t v s u D l. f ;- - 9 P 2 T f z o r A M P M r O, B U E A H W R A P MnROUHD hapjuouhd s SMOKE DETECrOR f f H O M E P A N\N E L B R E A K EER PANEL TVfo4-foot<f}wat at tube capacty. Two 4-foot v lw4 lttu lx a p a c lly. W h battery backup, connectable l»_ equpped M h M sold 1 CO copper ncludes 200 a p an breaker, natc dffuser wll... Hlgh gradeprsatc dffuser l " up ptdt2unts,dualchaberlon t b t s and provdes eghth th branch Holds 2 0 full-sze or 40 halfrslze est ballast wqulre- not dscolor, )or. Latest l»llaqulr al aton sensor wth stanless bug g cnults.ul lsted. Weath atherproof. breakers. Also ncludes n cobnaents. Easy access for wrng and ents. E a xreen. ndcates alarng detec- 3R rated ton cqwr. Brano nch crcut breakers rslaplng. Aerca rcan ade relaplng. (Laps ( not ncluded.) tor n nterconnected syste, not ncluded. faps nol nclude jded.). o volsture resstance electroncs. S E. a e f e d e n l f O. [S P W & k r w o n W eb sf:h l, TUBE o tttu sl tla ratals a h fro $16.98 WMOWl - eomme W EMMlCnUE O aarsfall fallar unts fro SJB.98 W U JnC oop W M M S S S A H E S O V E hbm f ; e s y w h e r e! f 9 9 Regalarfr$16.9S 91 o\aat gom 1M- W 1J t J s, T E C220PCU s SO ncob MPMAN 1W3011. Q a a a -, E C O N O MnYr C R O U H D offeraa((fbarray of bath\ hware n ajor brands, 2 S J M P C A T E V A L VK B S KBCEPT. All prce levels fro buo udoet to desgner. B R A H C H P JlANEL TRAHSFt!ER PANEL Made at a good, dependab d tls l- n sb la n lfd nr h the, ndustry. Why Holds 6 full-sze or 12 f t a * HOUMM.!W-sT8 ha BereylorlleK next one! nterlocked shore factory. ported 1 and art sup not spend a couple pe of bucks ore breakers. ncludes Hush Sh c or surface dual ans el llnatbsdanjjof plbdtousbyoneofourfn r fnost for the protecton nofthlsaerkan o U O L U f. co. Breakers not nclu eluded enerawrfeedba u M E u a H e o. s e e u N T P O u c Y relable vendors. adeun.one-ple olece trple wpe. contacts. Ths unt wll not wear out B%aacor onpurd rt/asubettnssoo-stooo out. 60 ap ratng ng.up to 8 crcuts. W G M njlgtms&appcal cahonssucbas zlustsdetnsooo-stsoo - : lo.ooomcjaledz breakers 3/r 1714W jz-o bath o sandoutsde receptates. 1 onpun/asesoverssoo and protecton as s standard load centers. r W410fK ---- GSFT >Stt Soto < 5. Dscounts tppfy to B lgmno poduos as M tp l ruonscenl lgmlng. 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Specal order and ran ctec k g la tfty g h E L P L U M B N C2., P rceseffect\!ctlvetrouoha prtl0.99a. Twn Ralls; daho j:. - (733-73M s l q H : h e e k n e s t; e v a l u e s L E r r e g > 1 1. H H. - c o tt «*wtwltc «- -ouounu--- L M U R R A Y P CEHE ERATOR :

24 M llw *,T*Fy.ldbe Tl»fld«jf.Ap2.a»9e O utdoors Oppos jto r tj Tr w o l f r e l e a s e CO) n t n u e 5 Anals rea nan n good heald t h, offcals say TUCSON, A r*.(a P )-E le v e n M cxcan a y wolves rcl nto th e v d o v e r the weekend we< were healthy and strong (Tuesday as they adjust to ther freed eedo. As & c a n n a ls begn to ake ther own way n the hgh h country cc of fa r eastern A r;ona, nearby n< re s d e n ts opposed to release contnue to gruble ble. A t th e B ear Wallow C( Cafe n Alpne, buldng contracto: ctor Mlt h Thopson voces a vew V h«h e ld by ranchers and others. w as a h u n d red pe agan st t, h esad. Th T hey ve We need deer up here, vve f dont need then3> beng eaten." N e Mcxco ranchers rs fled f: a. law W t last week aed d a tp re - ventng Sunday s release ase, con-. -. w tendng that federal offcals la te ly th e M tftrm JKNSw an en w ere entered as dng trophes n the record DETROT -tw ] u a b o w, b o o ta r>f f the Detrot Chapter of huntng adeve t ::ub ntetadonal Sx o f note. K S)uba block-tal deer lst- h e deer b n n d o w n b y s o e e d ta tbe le chapters trophy Books MdBgan en S h u n t n g wth veresete [ted os evdence. gudes n Oregon jn 1 betw een 1993 TJoaM d Blade of SL Clar Shores, a n d 1996 w ere tro tr p h y kus presde t o f th e D etrovsafar pressve enoygh «h to be lsted n Qubchap apter, sad: "We are aware th e record boblc ks o< f th e D etrot certan. ebes of the d u b have H o f. >S. S a f a r. C lub h u n wwth the.dungeys and that frterostooal ther tro] rephes w ere sezed. We. But a federal pcot robedargcsdat have to >rer e ber that there s sane of the deer r were w klled w th a o P J«supton of nnocence. guns, not bows and a arrows, and The M chgan resdents naed hods sud as spot- n th e u d ndctents of the Dungeys B & l jgbtng tb e d eer r a t n g h t Soe are: Dunters llegally k l l elk, Dayl 1Hastngs t of Rochester EZZS nd ab * o b cat alledly ly hunom wth a fle dur- «pany fnl1lnn< p f rfnllnrc ojj 5 T n _ T U.S. o oey s offlce n ng bow season. «HugenerOre., sa< a d T rd a y lh flt MkeM M ucd-of K en rc ty ~ Oregon huntng g gudes ( D onald allegedly [y spotlghted a bobcat and.. Scott Dungey and hs < son; Jason h u n te dbobcat and c o u wthout. Fonest Dungey, had h»/t tww»t buyngtfal the proper tags. rsm? under the Lac y Act, A Whch pro-? y*4. 1 Monng of F lat Rock hhts the sale or r s nterstate tan allegedly ly spotlghted deer and f&ocdo onolyu adequate - portaton of, uola alaw fully k lle d _ h u n t wwthout a deer tag. rentroductons pact : on rural gae. Elas. K assat of Grbsse Ponte econoes.»» Caught u p n the nvestgaton Far s - allegedly klled gae out C aren Cowan, drector of the A feala Mecan DCny c wotf lon eat or ts cat* t B n r t t o t a t e e f a V» «a» lp M et b tbe e w w e ee rt eel a re seven Mchj chgan h u n te rs. of season. n. N ew M exco C attle Grc A gents o f th e! U.S. F sh a n d Danny ty Thopson of Newaygo row ers Hannoean Meado»dowt.A fa e y w t.b w...leatlnff n aepm htotfte»m owtl>e»eel A ssodatonrsad the releo! lease-wl Wldlfe Servce_8a s sad ost of the alleged jedlykolm deer wth a rfle < Mchgaf en pafd ore than durngbowseason.": JaU h f progra. don t thnk k t they ll g ro u p s, -were; released n s tb e g u w r fsy*re " ~55;900 to the Orel )regon g odes-to guloa»zeogagnntouto6«va» stray very far." 7,000-square- le t Blue R ange. T e sppectes ed s s3ed» oxtek { g n to pdc up der hun tfng huntbladc«dld ler and other an- nllegedlj ly spotlghted-deer-and T he U.S. F sh and W! ldlfe W olf Recovery y A rea H thn th e.. nstn vajq ddy, besa sad. als. Tbe hunters w er cluttged hunted wv, tbout proper tags and Servce was notfed of : the th< law- A p ache N ato onal Forest o f F d zx The wqtcs have eatea arod- r vrth sdeeanon on under de a a perts. - sut on Monday, a day af after the Arzona and Ne\ ew Mexcos GHa and e rtrl r hope 1kUed d k CQSde ther rp s; and have agreed 10 to testfy aganst. Mdaea d Qnsan of Newaygo. release, spokesan K ns! Stuart Natonal Forest. X. to re a ctwka a <r>tntj.r fg SbartsaM. 2 thegudes. ly bunted deer wth a rfle sad. They were placed n pens then pggdlaneb nscd <f3fxs& SDweftcs hb Btologtsts hope th e tl th ree *T don t tdersta stand the enu- bowseasoa Dave Parsons, the age ests. 1 n e pegb a w n ty of soe of these hunters, sad \N one of tb e en could be wftlf tw»ftvy nnh w urne th e pens!!e Q g d d a g! fn- rfuntwg ff jstes e end wudlf Ufe undercover reached d for coent, despte. Boyd-Hager of the Arzona )nagae south of Alpne e as a a base of pper- k and wll ttave popstntbrc 5ree to ~cgent~wbtr*nlce >ked ~to ~re aln------nnenna luscsqsptday: and Fsh Departennsed 3e d rado a to n, roa ng lg up to V le* fler zre sjunt Trcfn bu * fburveda. anonyous. " h shoot a deer a t T he poached p< an als for...te le e try fro tfftor] arplane - away, Stuart sad, d. - - S a a r o n j -- Those opposed to the rec centr». nght wth a spotll, o d g b ta n d a.2 2. q u w a collecdo" sold R obert Tuesday to pnpont whe fbere the T h e M excan gray wolf has,* W ew3 d tn u a ser tc akes no seas a s e for -250 rfle fro. th e back of tb e Luadue ue, the senor r o d e n t law rado-collared.wolves wen vere ven- been extnct n.tc Lthe wld for abotxt sspple e fedesd QSoals to spend l rllt* Dungeys* pdop 1 tx th«fatt enforcen ent agent n the servce s turng. 50 years, kued lool ffb y ra n d to launrshe; hrjgtng bade aa anal whose w t as a how-hunttt tng trophy. But AnnAbo bor offce. The wolves, n three le faly f protect ther lvestock under a cncs and < w jtu jpr rw-tjwnnrx t that shows you u w h at h ap p e n s We hs have a bobcat, a Roosevelt. when ytm Stan to p ut a bg prce d k,tw o9 l bg lons a tag on wldlfe domo of )f tbe ncest black-t deer \ r > C n recent years, Falconry takes flghtng TS, so e hunters heads you yc could w ant to see, Kansas OUTDOO f. L \ 0 have nceasttgly s o u tbe h d p Luadue uesd. of hgbrced gude adesro prose lleddungeys* t: huntng an o c c e n t chan ance for trophy frst ca e to lght when several..knwrmddfwwswvlee already know ho bow to.bunl The h aa 3tn trc k s gettnlg g the to coe be cr a ahe - n B r e, h klls. coplaned to Oregon off* Fsh and wldlfe fe agents sad sev- dalsu at a t tbr-bad p for b u n ts.. E L DORADO, Kan. - On a bade." U aspa : recent Saturday ornng. lg. along Because brds s of o prey are excepqat (OB a; t jxttrcj t3 g s a g&- eral deer klled wth rfles by the datthey sy<bdnotrkeve. tbe northeast shore of El 1 D< Dorado so lta ry c re a tures, r one of the ta a Bngw Local group j!t;ujw ;n**t ; _ Reservor, a handful of hunters of a falconet nerstoteadre Wbeoa] 5 B Jans anafe f* 33SH talked about w here the : rabbts brds to hunt arou Tjund people. «rddalla sets Monday eetl ng a\v ght be found os they puu puledon Wth Payne s ; brd at t read). sw olebd T W nt FALLS - The M; agc g ther nsulated coveralls [s w hle th e other falcone ers and a group b c a s T alley Basssxasters wll 0 stea fro.coffee cups w afted of ther frends, >, su s etched out on rath xk j o r p a.. a t S p jn. M onday at t th e r a X the chlly ar. a lne about 75 yardsacnss. ya lu o rbceanesac- ffc 1C reekstde Steak Hottse, >e.253 g ; W hat h ap p en ed next Kt v w as a - The object >vas to t walk forward TSlnle le aagcag wge Ft&&Ave.S departure fro the not. L n a lne to flush tsh tbe prey fr-os tucd ts ens ecer A e ftse F o r ore nforadon, <, : nstead of releasng dog jogs and a s s du ps, logs SQ at E e d e r - Dare Wthes at , or *. uncasng shotguns, the bu hunters sngle falconer,, the only one car- n rs. Dotr3C734S950: opened cages, then gently lycoaxed a ryng a brd, dre reaed the ove- flje he wld, djggg a o sncf haw ks and falcons onto to th e r ent of the lne fr S possbsstob beolgobb- Bsts. L et s sw ng lg arouodto j the xextdtstfd E f d a l n C e s a R o t d u b Step up, please," Bob lb Payne south and check k out o those trees,* B a ld ea red -czled sa d to P oaches, hs fe ale Payne sa± hawks pose a geshubc tssos D t o eet near Jeron oe goshawk. 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My frst co puter w as a 38S. just c-around 40 d w tnuh. 1 Ls. sen c k fx y cb. processorwd [ng4n Standard & Poor s s 5 500«tock lst Purchasng lg Manageent sad ts nra on soedng th at wll Ut J x» e jra A te a SQT t4w>g M»»n ytb X ote*s consecutve recordl o r y pace. n onlv a few sn o rt ontl nths. have been teyby b ea tlere sspnegbag B x a d t s a f fcjom tg y nere nan fvqfltheasctf fc A» o a c n e w F thgs7, th e T h e N - -My second was a Pentu 90. M y o u know. 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Meets at noon Tuesdays at Burey r Harr rrson Street and Shoup Avenu ue, Twn Frst Baptst Churd rch of Twn Falls, coer Conventon Center.] For ore nforaton. Falls 1 Open to, th e publc. $2 donaton. do: ofnndandshoshc hone. For ore nfora-.n M uvntm coll Presdent Dave vewestfau.at67&0466 Prze zes. ton, call Mke at T or To at 734- or Secretary Jon An( nderson at Brdge After Mveral ls* of Ulnj, and Ann Agnew of Ketchu lu dne on Buncy Caterng, one of a v l Alt P atro l. Meeets a t 1 p.. M ondays at t M agc AkobolksAnary flv«retauranu partcpatng :lnj n the Gouret Sk Tour. The e fund-raltng f event t held each yea year M eets a t 7 p.. M ondays a t FAA Valle lley Brdge H o 246 Falls Avc Ave Twn For ore nfo raton. call: flt«nflfrtfreoftpnnt awtbd-wortfrva»qrtf«tty»terw trwetyeaf frweftfte-ewedfaf BuWn«-ar*the-Bu lur)ey-awrt.-anyone Fall& UsrFor-roorfrnfonnBtofv<al-73 q-73<699.->34<»90or.733=789;» " lt f f a r c h l ~ago-12 ahtl older ss uvfea to j o o r - «cwc n vco eraw S erane S re a tb la s y Club l &TM(agc V o ll< -- ore nforaton, call Pete Schultz at 677- Vo V alley V sta R etre ent t C( e n te r B rcath asau b o fk : Tdaho ( a group for peo orJaesFle{d [cher at Pnoc nochlechb pe wth lung dscos!ose and ther fly and,-- _ ness lea( eaders and c o u n t raebe bers K hvanlsaubofb Buhl Meets Tuesdays and Saturdays lays n the frends.) y the sklls and know led requre ured Vednesdays a t Melna,? con unty center a t 653 Rose e S t N. n Fororenfora naton, can COMMUr JNTY le level of progdency needed, tt the R estaurant, 113 Broadway Ave. S. F dr Twn vn Falls. Play starts at 630 )p p.:..a n d Chrstan Uftep T S u p p o r t G lst wll be co pared to th e dstrct rrr>«ore nfonnaton, t, call ( P ru d e n t Chuck there s a K) cents d u u per pktson-.for o s Fororenfora naton, cab Suzan at 734- T n n o. nstncdc cdonol progra to detcnne!how G *"* (208) 54: > or Secretary ore nforaton, all Donna Bard rdat l. E weuthes Q ftnntc lv»tna pnvpotwl----- Taara Tober at CocBw? Auonyuc ous Chld < d care wll be provded for ages oes 5 KhvanlsOubof F ls =77TBB p fmgon h Knr nro nt-n naton, cau/4-/242.. tder. Refreshents wll be served. ta Meets at noon Tuesdays T a t th e F ler. Meets at 1 pjnl Tuesdays a t de Rupert WvorceCare T c k e t s s t l l a v vc a l l a b l e Methodst Churd.,!..Forora nforaton. Elks Loge, 200 W.85 S. Ncwco» ers are.. Wll eet fa 17-to-9-pjn. 7 Tuesdays at GOODNG-Tckets arc are stll avalable T for the pcrfonce of WOd Vld Blue County, L,ETTERS Ju OE Ecall Secretary Shrlc rleygaaeyat(208)326- wekc lcoe. For ore nforaton, 1, can cs Jean th e F rst Church of N azarene,1231 " , bustess tneor phon* hoe at (208)326 ffde e r et orbllo Pork rk a t 43S. - Washngton SCrN..n Twa Falls. F or ore-- _ set for 3 p.. Saturday y at a the Goodng S6. nforaton, call 73: Hgh Schod gy. Doors open opc at 2 pjn., KhvonsaubofT* TwnFaQs Bngo Br DtTOtceCore 1! h e tckcts arc free and are s avalable at Meets a t noon T] Thursdays at tbe Turf Meets at 7 p js. Wednesdays at tth t: ew ar W U eetfro1 S 8 to 10 p jn. Thursdays THANKS th e G oodng C ha ber sr c of C o erce Q ub for lunch. For r ore nforaton, call Me eorol Hall n Goodng. Cost s : S125. at the College of S Southern daho Shdds offcc, fro local chabcr ber drectors and. Mark Meln, pres sdent, at or Part trtdpants ust be over 18. BuUdng, roo 110.,0. For ore nforaton, fro downtown GoodngjB gjnerchants. They d O OSs t e r c l u b s a y s t h a n k! S M arvn Chaberla lan, secretary a t 734- B&JDupUcatcBrdge B can or 326-2&4950. also wll be avalable at the edoor. -n.«, Meets at 1 pjn. Tuesdays at de dcr upert Gndotbas n bl Touch Jackpot Booster C ub would lke The event s sponsored d by the Goodtae f M glc Vnllcy Of Optst Club of Twn Elks] kslodge,200*w.85s. M eets fro 11: 1:45 a.. to 12:45 p.. a you to the followng places f tor. p y j, t Chaber of Conuncrcc.. Epty Ek Podccts Gob Chb Thursdays. For or ore nforaton, call Lor donadng g to h d p us wth our fund-raser < Meets at 630 pjn.. Mondays at Muggers Meets at 730 pjn. Tuesdays at t tbe new Lawson at n Old Town, T w n: n Falls. For ore nfo Paul lul Fre Hall, 109 E daho. Nev New e- Hdpto(2ultS d H e a d S t a r t r a ls s e s f u n d s SSSor Donald s, B urger Kng, Pzza nhu u t, aton, call TorS Reva P at , or bers sarewelco e., eet a t 83G 30 pjn. Tuesdays at the.. BUHL T West End Head: o d S ts h o ld n s.- T S c,. Kng s and Croccry O udet Donna Boh at 733-: M Mn-Cassa S)g]cs _ C ollege of Soutl thern_ d aho Shelds a yard and food sale fro 8 Gtun. to 4 p jl nank, nk you very uch... Twn Rdls Lons OC u b Meets a t 7:30 p.. Thursday days fo r a.buna roo ll2. Saturday at 503 S. Broadvra; EDAMARTN M eets a t noon n Wednesdays a t th e roun undtable dscusson a t 1901 W. St. n caqbar»raat734-: Proceeds w ll h elp wth graduaton cpot Booster Q ub Mandarn House. F For ore nforaton, HeybuTL The group s not nfflnt Hated vth Magc Valley Bran u ty Support actvdes and send a parent t to tho nadorul Jaacpo cpot,nev. coll Bran W dch,pn presdent at 73&1438, or any ly church c organzaton. Snges [es ages 20 Gro Head Start eetng ths 5 < onth rj Seattle,,, Ray Strolberg, en ebershp charan a t and,( d.dder are nvted to attend. L Fc For ore For ore nfor raton, call Cassadra Wash.. F n dl n g e n t e r t a n e n t nfon foraton, call or Blakleyat(208) or Sona Blaklcy The address was ncorro.ctutm esday s Twn Falls Opt! nsto ub H euer at want to thank you for d c l to tl County page. M eets a t noon >n Thursdays a t th e lg MosfaTouch V S. Nov favy Sea Chanters concert recent! W e g h t L oss : such a great show, and we enjoy S Mandarn House. F For ore rtforatot,., Meets a t varous tes throughout the call Wayne Boh. n. presdent, or Arche Burey TOPS D No. 256 (a we) w«aghtloss week. MTT s a gro joup of Chrstan os R e s e r v a t o n s a tc c e p t e d cayuch... Goodan, ebers rshp charan, at 7 s upport group) who eet one hour eaa week to pray for r - TWN FALLS - Welcon coc Wogon wll W ean are retred U-S. Ary and oved Meets frwn 6 to 7 p jn Thursda; s d wth th er chldren, th ther schools and ther et at jun. Tuesda sday M the Royal Ju srea c a less than a year ago. We ha Twn Falls Rotary r y a u b weg cgh n a t 5:30 p.. a t th e (H e y b u leaders. For ore re nforaton, call Ur Lotngc, 645 F ler Ave. c. 1 Lunch wll be, really good entertan ent rath Meets at noon W< Wednadays a t the Turf Scho< hlu n d ro o. at served at noon. rare, so 0 ths tl was ndeed a treat, Qub n Twn Falls.! For ore nforaton,. Goodng TOK Chapter No S1 (a non. N ot ksanony lyous EUynorc Young wll dscuss southern jk you for your efforts. call Roger Burdck, presdent, at 73&4029 prof. Fororenfora naton,cal daho geology. Rcservadons ons ust be ade 2 *[AN AND RTA COLLbVSWORl orh.rdjardcook, K secretary, at M< M eets a t 5 p.. T hursdays lys a t th e Southern daho: 0 Regon or 1- by Saturday by callng Paulette Calbreath ]. WenddlOptlstQ u b Gooc oodng Senor Ctzens Cent< enter, at 73S0561. Cost tss7 per Meets_{Jt_7_,p_.n.. Tuesdays a t th e Se oor Ave, For ore nforat laton, call Ovcrcoers Outreadt Chrst<entcrcd Breala k f a s t a s u c c e s s ~ Farhouse Restaur urant n W endell More 934 Grot (forasdveand E d u c a t o n e v aaluated. l on sat Saturday, March 7, the Frst Bopt ;aptst nforaton, call 1 Leo Colean a t 536- Jeroe Je> TOPS Chapter No. 48 Meets at 6 p. Wednesdays HAGERM A N -The Hogeran Ho( School hool and Daycare n Jeroe nt t. M c e ts S y p.s o. on Mondays at Frst Dstrct s sponsorng a con county foru a. county pancakc breakfast 2 ; ; W rm SuppotG tgtoup lcll : hbray. For ore nforaton, n,adl324. c BapdstChurch, Hland Ave., Burey. fro 7 to 8:45 p Wednes jesday n tho ul- ts fadltj lty to rase funds for the school Meets at 6 pjl W Wednesdays at Chapter 1240, 40. For nforaton, ca] call Mt/± or Rta at ( ). dpurposerdo attheelerac eraentary school. PP roxately 175 people enjoyed ved a 1, (bookstore n Ha aley) 120 N. Man. For Tw T FUs TOPS Q ub D No. 3 * T he dstrct s launchn ng a projcct to delaous 3us breakfast of pancakes, sausof c P t nforaoon,, call John a t (2Q8) 788- M«Mcts a t 1230 p.. Mondays a t O ur ParentsofDvnl rn Syndroe Chkren Sav( vor L utheran Church, Heybu H ore nfon brdge the gap between what students tra- eggs Md dhobrowns served to the w r aton, call Danelle ", tonally ca n sdool 1 and the «Ve and le fro our nany volunteers. V daho RebckabL< Lodge #96 Wendell Ave. E (coer of Heybu and dmaunce.) M Groves at , >9, or leave aessage. -nlen-plont/»h fn rfplvnr nhnutj L e t Meets a t8 p jn.m Monday. For ore nfor- Foro X ore nforaton, call < _ PostPoUoSuppo Group luuwluugu lcy necdfur S. lfe. n partn ersh p wth /th th e J.A.a n d brcakfas asts to those people who werer adon,eau A Lre M a 3 rn b b e E S rd,a t Twn FtdlsTOPSOEptcrNa-M F o r ore nfo Kathryn AlbertsonFounda ndaton, educators Djon us that ornng, or Larant ne McQoud, secretary, Mj M eets,at 7 p.. W ednesdays 31*475 Boswell at are reachng to the cou unty for help n Thank nk you to everyone who ade letjs tl ot , Casw oswell Ave. W. n the recreaao Rverylnc.(a; [a sdf-hdp ental hedth ; dentfyng what students need to know vent suchasucccss. sue Spedal thanks to tho tl Goodng Busn. ness & Professlonol or ore nforaton, call 734-! or goup)»3291. ; and be able to do by the e tj te they gradu- p arats, preschool staff. chu;ph cbc S b S, Woen M eets-at 7 p.. W ednesdays a t tho ate fro lghsdjool Once ce cducaton ( bus. and loca cal busnesses that donated suppl Meets at noon M Monday at the Lncoln Overeatets JJ" Anyous Unted Methodst tc( hurd, E 2 7 t S t and/or r ther tl de: St. Beedlcts Fa X lv nn. For nforart ton, call Karen Ura at j &Kts at 630 pjn. Wednesd n Burley. For ore nfor aton, call uptst Chuxh on Shoshone Stx Medcal a l Center, Rdley s Food and D n or 934«0J 105 P Rhonda at 678« trough sde doors) Twn gra, Sharon Dstrbutng, R & TwnFaDsMonar a td Lons Qub Falls. F or Substance Abu ore nforaton, call }use Volunteer Efforts Pharac nacy, Davd and Lnda Dean,, a n _ j Meets noonthur ursday a t George Cs n Overeatets Aoooyous ( S A V ) Cela one and Greg Baker. * TwnFalls: Meets a t 10 ajn. Saturdays at t t th e Frst f o r ore nlo nnaton, call (208) 436- CAROl ROLEJOA X Alpha-nucho lapter of Beta Sga Ph jptst Church, 910 Shoshone SJ t (enter (< at y Drcct cctor Meets at 730 pjn. jr Thursday. For nfor* c nnth-avcnue entancc) n XvnFalls. Tw MtaWosdaCanc ncer Support Group X Baptst Prcschool/Daycarc aton, call Debbe c at or Judy at pgrl or ore nforaton, call ! Meets at 7 p... W ednesday a t 418 nne Overeaten A nory oos p n d d a n Rupert, t. For. ore nfonnadon, Ml Meets at 1230 pjh. Mondays lys a t F rst call J- Spson at or E. Ma at HH v c e s a p p r e c a t e dj Mu USCAL Bap, aptst C hurch, Twn Falls., Fo or ore foaton, call Mothers of Youn, [g Chldren OnMarch t 4, we.brought our nloth other, J J lg lc h o n k Btbcrshop Chorus Meets fro 7to( pjn. Wednesday at. LosBea Sean, fro Bodful, Utah, hoe, M eets a t 7:30 p.n. Tuesdays a t Frst []DO the Twn Falls RtR efonned.church, 1631 Twn Falls to h e r fnal restn g plac jla c T MedodstChurdjr s n the baseent, co er - S u p p o r t G r o u p. -Grandvew Dr. N.-For nforaton, call wng a vew ng for relatves s and a Shoshone and d Fourth : S treet, Tvdn A/ AA Sandy Nordgdst at , frends, s, the Twn F Polce provd For oro nforaton, call 7336; Mental Health SupportGroup S. e r t t sc servce for the processon of vc " t c A d e l l n c C Chorus AJ AA (for College of Southern 1 daho stu- Meets 7 p jn. on or M onday n the Twn d es fro -o the church across town to Sun< Sunset Meets fro 7 to ! pjn. Mondays for dent Bts). FaUs Clnc and Hosptal : Conference Meora jra lp a rehearsal nght at Heybu Ave. E. M Meets a t noon Thursdays a t dec a enter Roo. - Our funuy fl dhd the out-of-town enus -u an, n Twn Falls. All w w a enogel5to70fare,for r New Drectons, Roo 118. For F ore attenda dant wsh to express our heartf rtfpr nvted to accept s; sx weeks free eber- nfo foraton, call K d th at 733-9! Ext "ssssssh gnttud ude to the polce dgpsrt ent t td or shp. For ore nfo foraton, call Ths pub/c servc vce colun s desgned to ;; partcul rularly, the offceho ade - Al-Anon (for rdatves and dose bse frends p lde Magc Va Vdlc dubs and orsanzade top 0 provde ths copssonate servc ats ofprf proble drnkers) tons. To have yob o u r eetng /flcd, or to TTahk hk you so uch. M eets a t 7:30 )0 p.. Tuesdays a t For ore nforatt on eqt tng tes update your eet wrng nforaton,- send. Harony Hall, 123 K S t n R u p e t. F or nd CARO ROLBENNETT places, call tho Al-Anon HotUne a t notce un(h~nae e o f the ojanzatdn,. day Aod thec tl hfldrenofldsb eon ore nforaton,, c call J Rodgers at ; and wcdc(s), and tr. ttne of the Bntng wth a Bound ntlful,u tah orDavdSpre e r a t Al A b t - tclfp/one nuber and nae of a contact Magc Valley Sngles S Square D ance. M M eets fro 6 to 7 p.. Mon londays a t person to/lprl On >ndt at The Tes-NAs, X - Q ub Wall /alker Center Outread;263 Seco JecondAve P.O. Box S48, bon tr Falls 83303, attenton f o r a n c e c o p l e t e - Wll eet-to dan ance frn 7 to 9-30 p jn. N.n. Twn Falls. The eetng s fa for fc young CW b Calendar.. The 3 dcacfltnc s n oon. hed 1 Dlettantes Board of Drectors andl "nesdayat Sl Jero roe s Parsh H all Man peo; eopks affeaed by soeone else Jse s drnk-. 7\jcsdq). would 1lke B to thank everyone r the CO unty y t that gave th d r support ak lak n g.. -. v j T le Musc M " asuccess., lonstcton, Kay CatuQ Plul ubng and. Foods, Trple C Concrete, KMVT, Goode A spe pecal thanks to Ju les and Tre B a s k e t b a l l t( o u r n e y h d T (eatng, Rasey Heqtng and Electrc, ]. Motor, Krnart, t. Rock s ] Cydng St Ftness, Harrsor son at Jules H arrson Ford for the The daho Youth 1Ranch F would lke to Rup Lupert K w anls, R u p ert Lon,(ons, F rs t WalAfart, Rupert Tradng Post and The useofh hcr Aercan flag. tank everyone who- lo-cae out to partd* Fed ederal Savngs B Doc s PzB, zbl Splot Sprnkler Shop, P- DARL RLENEKRSCH pate and p p o rt ts s 18th annual basket- - Ag kgrsource, Bradshaw/Mackpy Feeders, 1 BOBBYLOPEZ Fnsd. d d e rt.. ball tounuunenl feybu Lors, Mnco A u» Pans, Peps, Reoeatonall ddtrsctnr DBctta ttaotcgroupofmngcvauejr A-spedal-thBnks-t j-to-all-oursponsors:----- Mtt ltch s-f8r-arfeed,-kloepfer< Twn! nfads,,.... D onnelley Sport rts, Cornerstonfc & c P; Pavng, Landvew Fertlzer, jer, McCan- Rupert c A page ded dcxced toyouand your actvtes Couty Edtor. ApH C vd-733-0sf3j,exf:z88

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B r e g gan ant Guress ssued Tes Square. n n s tra to r a joke news rel elease that under jts The cty has tu rn ed down n a S h a k u r s shennu sponso rsh p, request fro a Senfeld" sponsor ate, dd not Greenwch Mes [eon Te would be 10 host a prvate bash n th&hcan e d a te ly rena ed Gun ness M ean Te, of the theater dstrct the nght ol u rn a tele- Thc paper ran n wth t Tuesday n the lost epsode n May. one call a story that wa: fs supposed to be j t would have oreatcd traffc ffc ednesday. serous look at t corporate llennprobles of onuental propor un sponsorshp lp. tons at tbe h e t of rush hour r JO O LD ER, The reporter, sr, Bran Groo, sad one of the heavest traveled nrea: reos lo -T h e he-rased-no- o -q u e s to n a -a b o u t of the dty," sad Colleen Rodje, le, a t d eatha -of Gunness Mean Te after askng kcswo dn for Mayor Rudolpl R alphe strred Ted re d Turner, the copany for aterals on lbson an, to acton. lennu spons< rtsorshp and recev- l p tn a tc nfora F uj Phof F l w onted to t< Turner gave the UnH vesty ol T b a c n oflef stage a stvrstdded bash and at Colorado s football, tear ca a year- don wth the ; j joke releosp xed assve,jjrvate vewng of the th l l W n l H lng nffalo after leaj xnng of the n. HH" May 14 show on thc gant vdo deo death of ther bson tru r sc o tn a At the end dof th c day, t was scrcen overlookng Tes Square uue. asanne. only a paragra a p h n the story, he..fnew job wn ea le a n a n a e sad. The rest of t was true. NEW YORK The Kng Rof 0 change for th e young ng a n a l, j U l Meda** s t a l on the Snj dubbed -Tlowdy by co- c o w t on LOS ANGE LES Elvs has of Saturday nght televon. Tuers ranch nu bnt jntanarh ell cfr the boulev Howard Ste sad Wedncsdn; sday be called Ralphe V a t tbe school P e rsste nt t! crackn g n Elvs hell start an houlong show on >nl2 : ar«;< nlr»» Hohf?n a R Septeber P resleys Hpl [pllyw ood W alk-of CBS-owned televson statons at a gae wth Cdorado tdo State. Fae star teft jlced a jackhaer A ugust,.co petng wth NBC crew to reov ovc t fro the spot Saturday Nght Lve* at 11:3<.1:30 MALBU, Calf. - D alton where t s been cn attractng fans for pjn. Halton brought n n u so ethng 38 years, Tbe Howard Ste Show wl R«nohottHo4ranlSte lnc durng 8 D cenfennca on Wednesday n New Yock when VK s aeanced.bel laand an " s p e d a l for show and n d te ll la st W alk of Far a c ad nstrators be odeled after Ste*s prog _ n hourkstelevwon»how low bt Au{ttt BroHfcatt on 12 CBSe s«wn«d televsk statk, The Howard k Stan Stow* wu cecnpeu * w eek one of the three c O Oscars won cant fgure out t why Presley s star on El Entertan ent Televsor Son, drectly wttlnbc Sstun [tlay M{ht Uve.JaedaTha Joket e«matllns, a rular on Stwn n l show, lachat left. by bs stepfather, Tltar tanc drec- keeps crackng ng. 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Wnkelan..., brae acelet for $38,000 and a gold Most kds just brne The fact of th e atter s»hat tha NBC had no c«nedate co- Schott, owne e r of the Reds, has cha an to go wth a Medusa edal o r sh ells, sad scho :bool chu gazebo fea t tu rn g a c tre sses standards have gone to an all-t e enl been b a n ncd e d fro : runnng the lon n d e s r e d ty the late Gann nn Henry Carradne, the le 7-year-old D olores D el :l R o, A nna M ae low and P here to represent :t", baseljall tea ua through t ths season Vers >TsacefOTS4SjOO. nephew of D avd a nr d K eth Wong, Doroth thy D andrdge, Mae As f to prove hs pont, Ster >tera CN CN N A T-Marge o Schott for offensve re Tcarks t she ade Shakur ded n 1996 n a drve ve- Carradne. - W estandm ar r Monroe. qused reporters a t a news con- co njured her hp when she fell n about norte rtesnl996. by sh s o otng and tb e custo ) Johnson dd n t ret tu rn te le - thought t about a ovng Elvs ference about ther sex lves and drveway hours after thc Reds ordered je w lry w as stored n Q t a xe calls Wednesday, lay. 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He nvented the added, rockng-and* jjb whale s free, but she ddnt,tg o around abl,, :har, and he clled n [ M very far n h er frst day back d{ n Cared for a t Sea V World snceta og away after settlng sm n k _ u n tl (, acr.bo» bound lesure was no f l the P acfc O cean, a scent: ntst sh e w as days o ld, t at thc age of 90. [ S sad today. wlale knew only th c [nan who left a legacy Thc C alfo rn a gray whal jqjg a a rn e p a rk tt - rescued as an nfant and rase -jsed Tuesday. aself S E very day th ere n captvty, returned to thc s( guy tut wanted to be - now expcnence for Tuesday w th a gentle splas her. Thwe productve : «fw e r y oent, says B H Edwn w ll be new fsh, nc after she was eased off thc sc new sounds Matthew Swt wtlk, drector of the H neww terran,*? C o n ro e of a C oast CCo ounty H sto rcal H AxderolLa-Z* ra Word vt- Museu. Mr. Shoeaker was n ph, Boy ne sts n there l be q e r r n a r. a n no way ready to 1 lounge around htuhz-boy h o a s,, h e h to b eet b sy." glpse of h e r fu w o c p)enenceforher.7ere e n Red darson sad.. shoeaker H recsnar. ded M arch S at experence now.... t s ju s t lk e hswnterhoffl coe th ro u g h WllloetlffS. Jensfsh, ttew soutus, loe n Arzona. S& n SboeAer.who ow ng u p. Shoe ake kcr and hs cousn U B B dmnmnnry blps sent fro tws ter n she*; le s te s t g Edvrard Knab labusch nlt La-Z-Boy H ttbeaceofdo. satellte trans- - - th e 1w aters for fro a scruggl gglng. Depresron-era K H foomtheco-- t t e r s hersc «e lf." e n te rp rse e operatng o out of a BU p»ylnl9s3w tth attached to her r rr bacl whch a re - 1 rhoas h( Redarson, She ddn t get Monroe garaj aragc. Together, they l H ht cousn Edward at chance as produced an anaercan con of. H B Knantth.toben- S e a W, o rld v e te rn a ra n a n nfant r wean* sorts th e bbba char, as j w efttchartbes. L n s g, fro h er Nancy Butler, er, r e c l w rter for to 18 onths : oth otl er, lke the trade publcaton put Furnture L :J Late, ths ornng, J.J.. was w; ost of her fellow ye e a r l. Today, puts s t, t, a guy wth beer n - c j tracked on th e coast t - o f J;J;tvbs found chu hu ngn the one hand and-the rcoe-n the Coronado sland, just south th of San Dego. Snce her rcleas ease, she s stayed bascally along g tho tl surf Jan. 11,1997,, near n Marna del Rey after her other abandoned her. Thc baby by whale, her other. n 1928,, whle wl tnkerng wth. peces of plyw oodandayarto ck, LM B cty s coast, swng south th to u blcal cord stll attached. Shoeaker r and a Khabusch fash- H peral Beach and north to w as alnourshed, cd, co atose o n a n a uustere, wood-slat rccln- Pont Loa, Sea World curat uutor an d underszed, weghng only ng lawn chatt tuu*. After a buyer for a - J Antr sad. 1,670 pounds, fu nreston sore refused to buy the S he h a sn t b e e n n close do; Although sdentst sts had never char unless t cae upholstered, ; a gray whale they added :d that feature. They relz elaxadona n d s John h spent uch of hs te workng Now La-Z-Z-Bqy says w.oen proxtv of other w hes yel JC w hale w as knew they-wc -were nn >n <n#»thnp. Tat w th Tft.7.Rny tntw dr<>c- account forj r half th e copany s he sad ths ornng. Sles jt nvestgatng her envronent enl** ru sh e d th e 120 les to Sea But what to to call c t? They held a «Ww hen t starts to ove towa ward. tor on the copany s s hstory, h a. salw hat s fs " re d e rs sud W orld n San Dego jgo. The park nacthe±a ±ar contest, and La-Z- the sloth sde, th a t s w h en 1 w» c went nto the offce 5 two tv o r three as the La-Z-B rboy can be hp acces- Only te wll tell f she ll 1. s spent nearly $1 n U l o h o n th e Boy beat out utthcst-n-snooe,the t tak ke excepton. tes a wedc when nm chgaa so resnthele apart(ts of twenher nternal copass and J jo ; efort. Slack-B ack an d th c C o fort Stll, s soe odek ake t q; jute Hs concept was s that t every- ty- and thrty rtysoethngs. A La-Zother w hales gratng fro fo*" M arne bologsts 5ts nurs6d h er C e r. casy xo spend lfe wth your f feet body put n a good la day y sw o a n d Boysoftena a pece of furnture as Baja Calforna to as far north as y,2th a s ulaton n of- c other s H ty -th ree years after the frst ne> cver touchng anythng blut a.dwuld le rewarded J wth w a relax- beloved and d as personal as, say, a the north ern Alaska coast, hc rntlf a forula of crea, vta- La-Z-B<v» all the > worc really pad. pad added footrest Sore uscles? s?. ng char to a t n," says hs son, favorte swea eater. sad. ns and purecd fsh. A fter a off.nl961,sl Shoeaker cobned. Turn T on the assager nestl* sted Roben Shoeaker, t s de one n thc house *She*s stll gettng her be bear- few o n th s, sh e w> as eatn g a platfor 1 rodcer r«wth a rcclncr. n a the t cushons. Cant t t to Or as Swdk puts sc He could everybody wj wants," says Jll Sth hes, Antr sad. deally, she squd. By Tuesday, she w as a The resulc 2 the La-2-Boy R edna- jbe h e phone? H e re s a bult- t-n vew thc char as al a k ost lke a of Sterng HHeghts, whose fady wald have edately head< caded h ealthy 19,200 pou ounds and 31 Kodcer. t : was ws the r t char a t sc eajcerphone. W ant to cbec teck fetucal derce to get your J energy roo La-Z-B«-Boy has held up well north, but we cd antdpatc e that feet long. th e rg h t t t e. T elevso n s yo our stock prces onlne? Ph Plug level back up and g e t b ack a t for 15 years, rs. t w as the favorte tak e o v e r ofo f A erca s U v n g ; you our laptop nto the dar. ttg«ngnn ** char of Sandy, th c 21-year-old neary coplete. T1 he nterestn g thng s th tb at At frst, tbe arket k e tfo rth e L a - fahycatwl who ded n October, Aprl Fools! slpbsdoe»not thnk there s ayr doulrtf Sh hoe aker.was not th e sort of Z-Boy was largely en le n the en Andwhenn t t e t e coes to go, eclner and the telev- gu ;uy to p ut hs feet up fo r ve: very who at the te brou ght hoe the there arc w w orse ways than n a r son ore e thcperfect arrage, H bacon, then sat back whle ther reclnng roc ocker. Swdk says hs u n tl hs d eath, th e s an wves cooked t b las e kng of the own father dded sttng n hs LapltobuyTeWaaer a th e n a e, La-Z-Boy wt rth ah eghth-grade educatc atcn house should h ave,ve a throne, Z-Boy durn ng halft e of a foot- - execuuvesnj s nsst that, th a r char s served a as executve vce presde dent here s a_rednarod ocker all your ball gae. ; NEW YORK (AP) - No, 0, FBS F ch a se p rc c thtro u g h on*ar not eant : to ( encourage well, la- of, f enpneerne and vce chana ran own, sud one " a d v " "T harbeo e a s th c h e ll o u ro f a really SN T p lo ttn g to ) to tak e pledge appeals. [t t nvted Te ness. There! res a fne lne between ofl f the board. n h later years, rs,he 1 en t cancerward, d,"lesays. ; over Te Waraer. W arner executves» Gerald ( Levn For- a n y o n e s ta r tle d H b v O * T ed T u rn er l to apply for J! Tuesday**ahnourcecnt, r thn t * pbstonsntfeaew ew copany. J L v Olearchers w fd oldest as stronocal 1 coplex rn Sahara P u b lc B ro adcastn g Syst vste K antor sad thle e schee had ssted a clarfcaton hours s la la te r th e fu ll s u p p o rt o< f E rv n S. NEW Y YORK (AP) -1 Mal vlle, an astrophyscs prof lofes- calendar drde* of stones. thcdrdeond wood frtxn one of the 5 explanng that ts plan to la lasso D uggan, PB S pre p re sd e n t a n d Researderst asbavefoundacon lex sor w, descrbes tbe stone cndcx cxn Many of these featuz tueslneuptn bural stes s date to about7,000 corpo- ch ef e c u tv e offcer. Good of slabs nd d stones n the Sahara Th rbursday s ssue o f th e ;ourr u al fve radatng lnes, s, one c of the years ago. t s t*; not cjear vrfen ost Aerca s largest eda cor TatlonVas ju s t a jpke. Ap A nrl thug: Duggan was s q quoted n the lat ght t>e thc oldest Mature No wth anthrbpoloest Fred r runnng east- fest o fth ereso} of the onuent was uent lnlt wth astro- W< bvendorf of S outhern M ethod 10 Tbe calendar d rd d e e s a Moot- erectt but u t t w as a r least 5,000 phony rele a se pro jro sng th a t F o o lsl?.; onsderatons n nd Tlr [Jnversty n D allas a n d other wde arrangeent of ofslabs about yearsagd,w«wendorfsad.. PBS* 349 e ber r statons would e r th a n E ngland s researdes. r e b e onuntent«w as 18 ndes kog, ost of a lyng Edwn Kx lo pp o f th e G rffth n that followup release, P get to pck whch p apologzed for any sund W arner they wuea each S S control S S. t H S n wascoa e h ge. - lscovered dj over several years rs of down. TVw pars of r uprt stones Qbservator: )ry Los Angeles, an constructed by noadc BddwolceDdngnl997. fe stand drectly acros: ross th e crfle expet on ardent ac astroooy, sad s;andng. B oth w ere trans n s The usually sober j «.np dedp M cattleherde rders as uch as 7,000 St J denge was frst teed about a n -fro each other, def lefnnsavevr. thecalodarar crde offers ntrgng te d to new s o u tle ts v a. was just tryng to > 1 "brng a sle years ago t n nsouthern a Sfl years ago and ganed soe eof that would have dlaye Arse evdence of a stro n c c a l aware- Express, a transsson serv ortvolopooplesfc s faces, Kantor probatw was wa: ntended (or ntuals. ts current stodcs about 4,000 ye years a t th e su er solsrce, th e ness that s wotth v nvestgatng fur* used to delver non-assoda p l a n e d. have ve-heard fro ratber uastroldcalobscrv- ( aaa. Tbe stn n» ndcate wponts researderssud. der. Press press relebses and otncr otj re p o rte rs, a n d pc peo p le w th n tou,s)j.} [ J,M ckmalvlleofthe of r«f twrlttw ar< wtl t tdwn- T b at u ld b e aa n portant n a y f the nd adcatons are ra l, he*- Materal.. publc televson 1 a and PBS and U t v o /(Colorado c at Boulder. ter te.sunset, but nobody k z u just todecsnle4enas,-t; s,-be«abesn- sad, theac 1 certanly ths s one of ntervewed Wednesday rafter- af they thought, ths ;wt asahoot." A nexpert crt n ancent ascronony rat ya people used Stonehenge >for. erswbenansoqd x o rans would the very qlc sdest exaples of the - noon, PBS drector of corporp o ra te B u t now th a t c th tl e d e a h a s s d tb a tt wouldlbe aong ± e T be E gypta n stone cop plex, b e W e o d a rfsa d d.. But t d rd e ncorporato on of astronoy n a co u n cato n s S tu Kla an n to r b e e n bro ached,, s PBS re a lly oldest tutro tronocal ortuchtt whce sn t d l a r lke t wouldnt bave-bce T w vaccu - onuent c. Soe constructons n : took full respodsblty (or wast re a d y to aband ndon.nw. p u tth a tth e a g» o fs u d Stondenge, So s spread o v an narea a rate uscator of wbeo b e n t h e W e M d d t e5 El ast ght turn out to. nts are so uncertan t s 1.8 l. les w three-quarters s o f a was oconng. t was flras-narey - b e a s d twsad. e proud credt?) forthe r u s., W arner buyout? e to know, f the Egyptan le. t ncfudes 10 slabs so c e9 bo&:tbanpractka,. M\ USesad. C urts f u n n e l s,. a B oston H esad t was he who B c( co-, O ur.doors a re 0P=n to «ny- s the oldest H c sad feet fe h 30 todcjned 0%-als, n nne T he drc le also >co cc n tan s tw o Uversty azchaedodst, a stld that posed th e orgnal statee ent, -one w A the resou r presents suggestve ev- bural stes for cows, ead unde oder a other parr of standng dns stones that otherthant thj calen r carde, tb e - LwWd-explanrf-PBS-ntwt nton fn t not proof, foraatrono P«1 p e to nxksweghne ag.q defned a northfloutfaj rfastrotolcnl desgn sto rase a hefty ll-fgure" 2* pur-. through,. Kantor q L to to200 or 300 pounds, a jn and a Charcoal /ro hearths bea around weak. *. V. d d eedl a-z la rmbtb. wag- t -o. ] P eople B o y J.

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Call a TTw-Vnwcoe TprcwnafMs.r«,ofcjnfonuat. - D e a d l n e s - For Prhrate Party L n e -P lujcatqn D ay n v A d s : Sunday 5 PM F. Monday 10 AM S Tucvlay. 2 P*t N WedncMlay 2 PM rhunday n. - V Fday 2 PM 1 Stut«lay 2 p F AnWceWy 4 p 1 D s p la y A d s : busness days )tblc3ton: Call a Ttn-Nnts advcn cpfcscntatvc for ore nfouton. r h e T e s - N e w s O n l n e f otej elanfej a<l. Oy dauncd ad plat ««venon nfjr Tn-.V/v/can be pla. ntsocpcrdjy.peralnatlcjlon r onr7-.v /w O *W.aU.»te g b ttfrd aj. through a paw f h p rth AJOoc Claufed Nctwok a n d v>re than SOO ncpapen actom the na(< la F>aantFarnM tn VnMrrFox ] FtenM am.«m VUnEM) 14 MvMTaHM WaMTol :S UattMSpK t a CavXgEq «FteensW aw tb OaagtSM M» S g E E B Q H SM WaMCc* Acrculture s h S t o e S e # 8 O F Sn ca S *01 ATVUca F«nSM4Fe4Ur tc2 SkydM * ttr.ctnlfted 90} BeKke t04 Crnpnl! GucalM.\kreh»>e " T tfceftteno 1 S S c»» " >" * * Qul*qUaMl s Cankewnn c»tum leo AMk» «Flwnd 1003 M o ttn. l1.fumc«;«1004 Mh WM l> HMglMtCenSon 100S M«M< a Axan loot S ta r 14 J hlfn loot TAda 15 la n lg loot TndtPn t EwsM&Mnwt loot *t*t. 17 tarancwfas* lotovnlsu t tatdtn ra los MxkS S (»Fa<pfw«w ton pon&s a Pnt& Rta 10S4 SkxtCas n SnoM ocd low tuastt*: a Twhdeanr cts k o t EGAL NOTCE LEGAL HE ABOVE GRANTORS ARE NAMED TH SECTON (4)(a). loah EPRESENTATON S MADE THAT Tt HE NOT. PRESENTLY RESPONSB BJJGATON. The default lor wtd) b 80 s to bo a e ta pay when duo. under Deed of Tn sober tho rnony payont»rasl and pounds of S B. duo 9 onths cf Oclobor throoflh Docebor. ry arxl ol) subsoquoru poytts le or relnstataent. wlo a onthly lalo cl S46.t7.uncclecled late c/sc rsro due S w«h nlofost occnjfq at B.3 d contnung ta accrue fro Soptobof car* escrow advances n e aoofj o pdpaj balance owno os of hs dao on ratfotrsktdraortravstrob: jng.ntocest. costs and odvancas. t wunts arerww duo. logolhor wth occnj stees fees, attorneys fees, and ony need to protect tho socuty nssodood aure and that the beneftdafy elects to M st property to bo sold lo satsfy sad obo te: March HST AMERCAN TTLE COMPANY OF Monne Cole. Trust Offlcor bush; March Aprl 2 and 9.19< NOTCE OF THUSTEE-S SAl On ho 2 ltt day of JULY, at tho. of sad day. (recognzed local Uo). st Aercan TlUo Copany rd t *1 FaBs. n the County of Twn Fols. S St Aercan Ttle Copany ol daho. rporadort. as swcsssor trustee, wll D X to the hghest bdder, for cash. n lawlu tad Stales. ao payabe at e le ol u)( Knbed real pnrperty. stuated n tho C s. State of daho, and doscnbod as folc 12 n Bkxfc 2 of VUA DEL RO ESTATE s County. daho, accordng to tho plat tf n Book 12 pf Plats, page 46. records of The Trustee has no knowledge of o rr KTptton of the above referenced roal pr pcseaofcopoanco wth Secton a n l M C r td f F X K lodatod wtth sad roal property. Sad sale wb be ade wthout covono ardng Dtle. possesson or encubrance: taafon secured by and pursuant to e fcrrt tho deed of bust executed OWUAN, a sngle person, a s graot EFUCAN TTOE COMPANY OF DAHO Corporaton, as successor (nstee. lor t Utlty of NORWESTUORTQAOE NC; ad October 13,1993, recorded Octobe uer«na s190. MortgogoRo S Courty. daho. E ABOVE GRANTORS ARE NAMED SECTON (4)(a), DAHC PRESENTATON S MADE THAT TH E NOT, PRESENTLY RESPONSBU JQATON. w defaun tor whch hb sale s u bo t to pay when due, under Deed of T/ut ober 13. t993,he rnony payents trest and MJoljnds of S wth 3B3 (efl 12-97], dueper rnon for h«ber rough Deceber ohdjanu ttjbsoquent payents untl the data of L E G A L N 7 T R H - ttateert, wfth L><Jl L enjed chorget The prltkpal b n c c a l l t _. S g K? S S. ho83303 w and S S sf - trustees fees, j varwed to prot( dosuroands M tn«rt property tc Oao; March 19 RRSTAMERC ByMonlneCok PUBUSH: Apr * NO. Tru )er»cfvce N0TCE18H! 1996.at 10:00, OtFlRST-AMEf nue Nor. Tv* Wghast btdd D eadllne Stales, all pay Frday serlbod real pro lsaturday Stale Of daho.: t Monday LoM.Bock2, Tue«lay Twn Falls CoJ WVJrc Jay horoof rocotfltt rhunday Twn Fall Count t Frday. The TrustOO < ThurMlayl dosctlplon 0< U purposes ol co ays pror to Codo.the Trust real property..c r e a t u r e, platdrnthe <*Saatlo); socul : placed onlne cooorrod n o p \ PERKNS, un.. a d o s e. _ - V t»» h < NANOAUM , as lostnjr naton. Of Twn Falla Co Dood of Trust v. COMPANY, by , as r THE ABOVE M E < x TH secton s S RESENTATON r&coth n o t. p r e s e BtSaATtONrdCoMUM The default fo H & B ost and pound Recreaton SEPTEMBER 1 subsequent pay t u d n o. vhha M accrued lalo ch laomktw clary aoncos l Sab balar>co s $69.< fvh* 8.750% por onn cat Pock dollnquoflcos or HcrMlRVt crulngkuos.asj VMdMlEsp. costs and advan gthmngeojp. atod w ths lor T»to The Beneflcar tobesoldtosat DATED; Fobrua /a/susan Robns c/oregloftaltru Tnntportatnn 120rThlrclAvon - Sunle.W Aoa Ol ly n t a smortn PUBUSH; Marct W«M umtcdtdbn NO MMy M»»rt On WodrwsdB 3 Of 10:30 odock PnlAcaaaM, ANCE TTLE & Street North, Tw ANCE TTLE S publc ouaon, l< v se n u r t onoyollhoun cf sale, the loll thecountyoltw -foucr«.to wt PARCELNO-1 L N O T C E j r s s s ; EXCEPT tho We -E D T O C 0 M P.v S E ~ S, >AHO CODE. NO oasoont oallt T THEY ARE. OR t l o v r t n o SBLE FOR THS Townshp losou M odols e.far secton 23:ThS l Trust Note dated AND lonts for prndpal. A20.00 foot wd duo f w ortth for 10,00 fool frol bor and Jan- Bctbod propony nts untl o dale of Bol»oMolaon,f tochargooccrung N ANE/.NEV.NW duolnthoaounl Tho Trustee has..3re% por annu, scrlplon ol tho bor , Also puroosos ol con ntof«47.41.,tho n3,olfusloo 0 on o oblloalton <.n«nt p f l. 570, M - : 2s a f S S K S. All donquont < Sold solo wll coulng toto chaxg- rogardlng tuo. po xes,as8ossonts, oblgaton socuro ony aounts ad- confortod n tho tod wt ths fore- valenta and Jlrl to SOD or cause ho Grontors. lo Allo okflouon. Trustee, for o b OF,DAHa.NC. Twn Falls Coun _ ARE NAMED T 1506(4)(o).,DAH ade that TH avtho-r n ft fn RESPONSBLE ot n Jotn,So rd Avonuo North. s. State ol daho. «DotpuSfca lc " 0 d o Z?o7t o d ; S o r a. follows, to-wt k T " ATESN0.2.TWn latofoof.roconj- s of sold Countv 90 s S a r S b r 6- >l131dsocodo. ano, ursoouos s lnd B E? 1 S E So N C * aujance ttle PUBUSH: M :»RocosofTw(n NOTCE OF / N HANS ED TO COMPLY twn AHOOOE.NO Puuo Notce s. foqulfto Qclon BLE-FOR THS School DsUlc M a ade la tho fall. ofmoy998. Trust Note dalod Ony those oual ts for Prndpal, W oyvotolwo: vlth a change to oloctora n Trust leonthsofsop- canddate. Only th anuary 19980,*5ay votoforoj a of sale or ren- electon shall bo c N O T C E L E G A L N O T e aount of $90.12, wtth ntereat act» rate, the current rata >s 7.375% par rtgtoaccnmfroaugutl A dvsncoa n the aount of S2Z7.9S at and expensetn ho vnouffl of 1 bolartce owng a t of thlt date on 1 Bd by takj D e«of Tuat t S$2J59. trest. costa-and advanom. All del now due.logathar-wtth acoulttg lat sl unpad and a c c toxet..ftttn )«. dnopya fees, and any aou ded tho securty assodatad wtth U hat the benefcary electt to ae«or c( / to be sold to t a t tam obllgatton. =CAN TTLE COMPANY OF DAHC «le. Trust Offce <>rl and NOTCE OF THU8TEE-S SALE ruttee-a Ste No. 02-ME HEREBY GVEN that SUSAN ROB Mnted 6uooeesor-Tnrstee-wHtotr X> AM. of sad d w. n the lobby ot t lercan TTLeCOMPANYraeOTh Falls, daho, sell at publc oucuo er for cash. n lawful oney of the >yabla at the to of tale, the tollo«xojytltuotod n tho C&urtfy of Tw : 2. PLEASANT VALLEY 8UB0\/ tounty, daho, accordng lo a offv dod tn 8oon4crPUtu:pAgV49r lnty. daho. 00 hos no knowledge of a ore p< 1 tho abov*-relerenc«d real properly coplance wth Secton o jstoe hos been nfored that the adt 3180 NORTH,-3500 EAST 3180 N ) la soetes assodatod w wll be ode wtthout covenant or w. possesson or oncubrancos to sal cured by arx) pursuant to he power ho deed of trust executed by MCHA uartlotf person and JLL UARE H ted person, as Grantor, to TTTLEFAC tertho-boncffltndmcurtlrbftmoc RVlC6S..:OB-befwfeary.recorded-» ruent No Mortgage County. daho. The bonofk:a ntores t was assgned to MELLON MOR Dv MESNE ossgnont(s) recorded nstruent No , Mo d county and state. E GRANTORS ARE NAMED TO CC DN (4)(A) DAHO CODE. NC 3N S MADE THAT THEY ARE. 01 5ENTLY RESPONSBLE FOR : : for whch s solo b to bo ode s t on duo, undor o Dood oltrust Nol. ho rnony payents tor prndpal nds por on for ho o through FEBRUARY 1998, ayonts untu o date ol sale or ro onthly late charge ol $35.50 an< charges of S17l.52.togoor w: w n ho aount ol $ Tho pr , toqeor w nterest et nnu fro August untll> ; ofo now duo. togeer whh unpad t ussessonts trusteos fees, atooy foncos ado to protect ho securty lorodosuroajy elects to sol or cause the trust p latltfy sad oblgaton. uary26,1998 nson, Successor Trustee frustoo Son<cos Corporaton Dnue. Sute PHONE (206) rch and Aprl OTCE OF TRUSTEES SALE day, o 15 day ol July at ck AM.. ol sad day. n he onco ol & ESCROW CORP., located ol 31 Twn Falls, Twn Falb County. daho, S ESCROW CORP.. 03 trusloo, wn. to o hghest Wddor. for cosh; n Unted Slotos. Ol payablo ol o so Mowng doscrlbod roal property, stut Twn Falls, State of daho, and doscrl Jouth. Rongo 16 East. Bolso MorWlar daho Soclon 23: Tho SWNE%NEV Vest l2.sfoot. 2 VTH: A fool wdo utlty and rrl allot ond adjacont to o East bouna loscrlbod propow: outh. Rongo leeast.bolso.mertdlan 10 N/4NE /.NE%NW% «wdo roadway rght of way parallel t [nlho East boundary ol tho lonowr ny; Townshp 10 South. Rongo 16 1, Twn Fols County. doho Sectton 2: W /4. as no knowledge o( a ore partcul 0 abovo-descrbod rool proporty, t opllanco wth daho Code. Socc 90 hosboon nlorod that tho 8tr» ossodotod w sold rool proporty. ll bo ade wthout covenant or wo possesson or oncubrancos lo sols jrod by ond pursuant to e power o 10 dood ol trust oxocutod by Lubo Jlrlna B. Valenta, husband and wl lonco Ttle 4 Escrow Corp.. os Suce 1 bonofl ond securty ol Rrst Securty as Bonofdary. recorded March 15. No , Mortgogo roco >uny, daho. THE ABOVE GRANl ) TO COMPLY WTH SECTOt AHQ-CODE..NQ-BEgRESENTATl( rhey ARE. OR ARE NOT. PRESE E FOR THS OBUGATON. )r whch ths solo b lo bo ado b lol ond nterest poyenb os sot forlh o ond Prossory Note. Tho orolno togoer wth nterest % per annu, as ovdonc 10 dalod March Poyrronb onths of Noveber and Docol 0 onths ol January ond Fobruory ol 01 $1, per onth and conl X onth horoaftor untl dato of s The prndpal balance as of Fobruo togoor wt ntorost eroon 998 n o aount of $5, Th n addton lo e above, ero s als». advances, onooy loos, foes or ths lorodosuro. The balance owng owgoton secured by sad dood ol u dudlng ntorost, but exdudng costj oly ncurred n enforcng o oblg n s sale, os trustee s foes and/o >y8 fees as authorzed n o pro / e aforeonllonod Deed of trust. 15,1996 LE & ESCROW CORP..Tst Offlcor 26, Aprl 2.9 and 16,1996 OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECnON" tsen SCHOOL DSTWCT M1B N FALLS COUNTY. DAHO b hereby gven accordng to law. on n ol tho Board of Trutoes ot Ha M15, TVrn Falls County, daho. Uu stee electton wd boaeld on lhe2lg ualrod oloctora resdng n Tnjstoo a Zone *2 canddate. Only those qu stoo Zone #3 ay vole for.a Zor those quollffod oloctora n Trusloo a Zono *5 cortdldalo. Tho purpose o lo elect one trustee to sonro for a p P T C E L E G A L N O T C «BtS of three (3) y a fro ftcttarget. whoretdetwnntns accnnga «sk]etzone-to.and parartnu. yeartoblanunttotad r. Alto due TrustaaZonatCZa.99 and ac- scrbes as folowk s g s g?, * k S.plus east 1%aat to ther Mnouent tho;thenc«mttapp lata c h - - t o pont of tho coun nountsad- to a p whers tad a hthblbre- U noofthew M ofsec rcatmthe tou to the coer ton. Twp. 10 S R 19 EBM; an, to the real pom of MO. NC. Tnrrtflp Zow Q Bee, secuons and - nor 2K rrdlea, ore boundarv of53amnnll - the norwundary pe sad west boundary o atong sad county lne tl loblnson. ary lno ol s e c t s Twp -on-july-t # «coaytne: thenw jftheofflce the NE coer of the N TfOAW~n8EMBr«hC6«jff c;tlon,totho thepomofbognnng. the Unted Tnstee Zonn e s Beg 4lowlngd*- Soctlons34and3S.Tw TwnFaas. and 3. Twp, 11S. R1C thence oast 2 Pet the DVSON, nes; thence north 6 n offldalplal pont ol begnnng. rrecortfsor-atdaraooh of Cand nee tor electon as a tru 3 partcular of the board of tsteet ertybulfor That the eectton shan b 3 of daho As provded by daho C address of vota shall be counted u 0 NORTH, been ned w the Dbt d w sakl desres the otace and dutes ol school tnsteo y warranty tant sholl bo fuod not b satbfythe day of eectton. wor ol sale The poung place wn HAELKP MuW-putposoRoo.. E HANNE* And that tho polls w ACTNC., 12:00 ododc and 6:0 0 1 OORrF7~G>Sda~lM(w~- Bo d-fcteytorhansorsdwof-dlstlqt go records Twn Falls County. dahc rest n sad Statutory provsons go 5RTGAQE lound n Chapter 4, ttle: led March Mortgage PUBUSH; March 30 anc COMFY UNTED STATES D.NO REP- graton anc.o R ARE Notcqb hereby gven ORTHS b elol- waasel20dqt4000n24 oadaod of tsallegod uson thec dpa). ntor- ton274(a) olthollgr rnonsof U.S.C. S1324(o]]. 18, and all Any person dabnlng c ronstato- onco oy request )udl and pror o cla and bond putsu benoll. do and bond ust be 1 prndpal ed Slotos Border Patrol eroonat tona 59501, and ust b< lpald. All tho dato of tho frst publc ldandec- da ust set forth the b wys foes, tho convoy on co and all ty ossod- subject to solzuro. Tho c bond n o aount of S2 Mpnjpony tlflod chock. f o bond bo drawn payable to the Thoownerofasozodc or of e roqulroent to : C.F.R. f103.7(c),thoow pay 6 requred bond ar...elgble for a wahw of th ton for a waver of o b( ust bo od wt o SO der Patrol offce. PO Bo* PUBUSH: Mron 28. Ap. - t K PUBUC NOTCE Fnlls Board 2.1, County Co lsslono hereby dodarolhalonol s surplus prope Hlnn T n * > PU>» JEV.NWV.,ggg_ q, jq.qq j, ouclon wll bo hold at t ndaryol o 500 bkx* of 2nd Stro cosh otthotlo dsolo. Doled ths 19th day. March Twn Folb County Board 23; Tho charan FtS?rt Fort.aork by Prbdna A Bolton str"l Chef Deputy Cotk ay flonshrmorch 26 or Aprl 2,1998 w ofsolo NOTCE OF rnlr J TRUSTEES SALE t o M take NOTCE on Mo uccosw day. tho 10th day of A J r 0»- < 15 1M6 0:00 «0W>y )cordso TrustOO. Twn Falla TH sell at publc auctton. tot loluro to lohasl bdder, lor cash, h on Mk tawtul oney ol d Unlt tnol loan Payoblo at tl hora o Balo. tho folowl encsdh desobod roal proporty. 8 nb aro n f <» < County of Tw oboro Falls. Stoto of daho: v of MB the EAST ONE-HALF C ntnubo t h e FOLLOWNG D, 80,0 or SCRBED PARCEL.O ruarv 16 ND- 5 " } A tract Ol land n o Ea o D o r o n e -h a ll o l B lock 7 lsoduft MOORMANS FRST Al o r ls OTON. Twn Falls Cou o? t b pnlroccorded** asts and P»90 3 Staattons f* >» Oflko.of e X wa- Rocordor of tald Count doscrlbod os follows; BEGNNNG at a pont ( e East boundary ol sa Lot 7. whd ta fe, South froe Norlhea coorof-saldlot?; Thence Sou feel TuncoWoct foot 3N >Thonca>Joth66.17feet - Thence East feet 1 tfw PLACE OF BS3NNNC.ond e Tho street address or t Hansen desgnaton ooonl tbattha...used w-thopropwty MS 2lslday Jefferson S treo. Tw Fal8,.Twln Falb Counr too Zono daho. qualfed Tho sale wll be ad Zono *3 wout covenant or wa loo Zono ranly regardng the ttl Molsod p o s sess o n or oncurr a porkxl broncos to totbfy tho <d>l C E L E G A L N O T C E o Bw date of theatctlan onetholae trustee Zone «2 and one trumoe «ho and one trtstae lor a perod ol one f) kedtetwlbeelacudtroznnas. MO. Md «S are ore tpledfctfy d»- BegM ng at the coer ccon ts and 27 Twp. 10S. R16 EMB: thc* B real pow of begm g: thenoe nor approxately 4 V. tos. ore or Je*. unty lnt beh«en Twn Falls and renoa touthmlyaonscmnty-a* Jd county lne ntarsectsw the aatt Sec 23. Twp 10S R)9 EBM; thence ner coon to Sactons 23 and 26. BM; thence west SU Bes. ore or tofbeglnnng- B egrv at ttte coer coon to and 27. Twp. 10 S. R18 EBM; thenoe lore or last, to a pont on e w en n la a d townhp and ranpe. where lne 61 Twn FaUsCourrty nenedtf ry*ot Sec.11: thence sooaabterly ne to a pont whero the south bound- Twp. 10S. R19 EBM srsactt wth ce wost-4v-te.-ore-or-less.-lo- «NWU NWH of Sec. 24. Twp DS. abrr««6rh6ft«>sbrn5ttnert[r Begnrtng at tt>a coer coon to,twp. 10S.R16EBM.andSecSons2 R18 EBM; thencavouth 12 les; thence nor 6 llet; thence east 3 6 les: thonce west 5 Hasto-the- Sndaacytwjnnglhennajraftorft;- B trustee ust be on (Ue wtth e dork neos by Aprl a 5M p. an be tw secret and aeperete beket. ho Code. Secton A no wrtte- od unleu a dadaraton erf ent has std Oerk ndlrvg that the person nd t legally crulted to assue the nee eeded. Tlw dodakton ol n- 01 later than fve (5) days bolore the wn be; Hansen Eleentary School. s wt t)o open between e hours of :00 p.. on sad dov: -BoanJOarv rta» daho governng all school electons are ttle 33 daho Code. and Aprl 6, DEPAnrENT OF JUSTCE <and Naturanzatton Swvee von pusuant to 6 C.F.R. S274 that at 12:00 p.. one 1979 Cadllac a390aewvn;>lu7s!h2asz2. M2400 E, Twn Falls. daho because w cosson of a volalon ol See- nlgfstlonand NaonallyAa (TNA) {6 ng ownershp ol the s e convoy- dtdal lorfetturo vocoedngs by furw ursuant to 6 C.F.R Such be fled at tho Sorvk» offce at Unt- trol ofbce. PO Bo* 610, Havre, Mon- st bo fled wthn hwty (20) days of oblcauon of ths advorusee. The he bass ol the daed ownershp of alloge why the conveyance ta not ho cla ust be aecornpaned by a >f S n the for of cash or cor- «d b n tho for of a ched. t ust the Departent of Justcc.»d convoyanca ay request a wav- t to post a cast tttrd. PursuanttoB owner ust estahfsh an nablty to d and reasons for that nablty to be >1 tho bond roquboo. An BBpDca-- 10 bond roqulroent n afwavr for Sonrtce offco at Untted States Bor- Bo* 610, Havre. Montana S8501. hef patrolage < Aprl a and :E gatons secured by and >ard ot pursuonl to the power ot oners sole conlerod n e Deed )n6(1) oftrustoxecutadbyjn ) Ro E. MERCER and DENNA GP04- MERCER, husband and Dpery wfe. totwrffalls Ttle pubk: and Escrow Copany, as «rll3. TsteeandftaxE.Andar-.. Tho aonandgtngwk.andarat o aon. husband and wle, as Court- BonoTdarea. recorded the noxn 21st day of August Strool as nsruont Nuber - daho records ol :»ck_ot5eall8jcbunlx.ljo-:_- Ho. 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Ths BELOW, n w«ba held TO: DEFENDANT CouncSofthe ARTUROaFLORE FMa punum VOU-AAEHERS: lasacfonaso- TFED thtl n order C3). landlnalaw>utt.an ahan ba pub- prale wrtten rep S S S S S V S - S f f K?»! «ww e tranaltted. days afler servca e a copy b( the Suons on you.»endadon fal to ao respond the anfanewal ay enter Judge thaoovalng. agabtt you aa do< tadngdsad 1>y the Plalntlfl a taxaa upon CcplalnL p r o p h fte A o o te M d o n s. f y t u w M u vanuaaboca* the advca of or repr gpcovslonof tatlcn by ah attorney l lent to he ur- atsf, yo should planpropomd proptty to that you ad. ten response. any. tforaton on - ba nad En tlnte and nbaottatrtad leoal rghts protected, ng Econoc Andppropratawra nt Drector, sponse requres co ndln. atclty anca wth Rule 10( nuber (208) and other daho Ru CM Procedure and >a30lhdbyot altolndude: : : » r«rttf>ol jtulam-t-s. tte o B a 2. l ybur response Wcopf.Mayof Answer to the CopU usfcantalnadfflltsk hursday.aprl denals ot lha a e legauona ol the and other defonset ONNOnCE ayda. ceon nterast* 3. 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READ. flrst pubucaton of thfa RMATON tlcaorsadclalsw forever barcpd. Cl< t L Y tn v t t ust be-proseed N8TREET Robert Alaxandar. HERSYNO- SSr«jtBlef «?B<5! n order to de- ander. Sndar. Harwo naanappro- Hgh, LLP., PO Box an reaponse Twn Falls. daho 83 wlthheabom and Sad w«h the Co ourtwttnso DATED thla 3rd d arveaofthts Mard). 1998, n you. you. M. Robert Aoxandet xndthacouft PersonalRapraaantatJ lutwnnu B- tabsravb.tw n andedbytha POBox360 ConvlabL Twn Fala, D thacopant w th thla PUBUSH: March 12 tyouw sh to 28andAptl2.l098 M a or repra- atto eyk M THE DSTRCT CO sh od d d o OFTHEFtFTHDK SO that your DSTRCT0FTHES1 «R sa.tany. OF DAHO. N ANO te and T H E C O O F T S S» C c a s e N o.o t a a. - copll- SUMMONS tula 10(a)(1) POCATELLO REOC Rules of-medcalcenterr ura than PtanOfl.. ndrubarof THEREMLEWS DafendM. sp o n sa b a n NOTCE: YOU H ecdtnptomu B E E H S U E D B Y a a a p a tf TFFTHE COURT- te C o le h E N T E R JU D O U l e fe M a T AQAMSTYOUWTH FURTHER NOTCE atur«.abkn LESS YOU RESP dtataphone WTTHN 30 0AY8. R ajgw tw a. TH EJNFORMAT r o f y o TO: THERESA LEWS You are haraby nc A nordeo that n onlar ta defe yofyout fa- la w *, an approprate anttfra attor* ten retponta ust bo naladabova. -wtheabovadetlgr n* whether court wthn 20 days lyanu ngfea awvca of ths Sur sp onsa.coo- dn yoa H you tal lo a :ofthaabova- apond the court ntay j judgent aganst yc S C ow t : t r s a f S S f - t t S toru ton by an abo4y r atter; you abould c propoy your ctcourt r c S - W a : TCE LEGAL NOTCE and other daho Rules o, CM Procedure and sha tes. alsolndudft: 1. The Uto and nuber c, thlscaso. 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FALS 0 Caso No. SP our wrt- NOTCE OF HEARNG RE " y - y NAME CHANGE 25 Other n tho Matter of the Appl caton ol TYSON T180AL for Change n Nao.,«/ A peooon by Tyson Ts O(oXt) dale, bo at Albuquerque uleso New MexkM. now rasdln{ nd shall. «542 walnut Street. TV* borof Sflje n noff») to Tysor ; Dean-McAllndn har bear le aan ned n the above enuuec * court. The reasons lor the change n nae aro that 01 ho age of hw years, Potl 5«Vlalnt uoner-s bologcal othe lea you arred Davd McAlndlr omr.mcasndnasauec the role of falher to Poll. Bphone bonorandhasadedlntha yww. capacty snce. PetlUone natoe- now w shes to bear th«dfyour McAUndln8uao.Heh«prodolnatoly used the nae Tyson McAllndln (01 /our re- the past smoon yean. The tw* naaofthopolluonortfa ther to Davd Boa whose whether oddress s Mount D- llrgfee owo Boulevard, Lafflyotto. «, Mn- Calforna. Such pelllor above- wo bo heard at such te.. as the court ay appont d ayot andobjodtonsrnayboflec by any person who can. r Court euch oblocuons. show tc he court a good reasor aganst such achango o» WTTNESS y hand anc seal of sad Ostrd Cour hs 5th day of Manh Oorkol tho Dtstrtet Court ( s a «s a * - - =7WN PO Bo* 1812 TvrnFalEs,D83303-e2 PUBUSH: March 12, 19 N THE DSTRCT COURT :nfby OF THE FFTH JUOtCtAL onder- DSTRCT OF THE STATE OF DAHO, AND FOR TWCOUNTYOF----- JEROME MAGSTRATE CaseNoJsPW-OOO ORDER, NOTCE, AND SUMMONS FOR HEARNG tooft nthelnterosol: JEREMY SEARS 3 ta «l,o.b C r la t/r-j---d.0-b.-7*2b-9l r Pe Chlldr Undor Eghteen tlvoq YearsolAge» Mn! A Petton under the Tor- JLod X nallon ol Paront-Chlld Act has boon od by the Ooportent of Hoallh ond Wollore. Tho.oflts of tho l y o, petton wll beaxoned n Jar Jury*X1fl3«Uw«x tauve t998 at 9:00 a n the County C ourthouse, : L_ AMY CYPHER MADR- COURT QAL, Molhor of abovo- OCtAL naed chldroa STATE HON SEARS. Father of 0 FOR abovo-nood chldren. : TWN The above-naed nd- Mduals aro funhor nouflod 3.thot they aro.ent»lod to bo ra p r eso n lo d by legal UONAL counsel. they aro toan-». dally unable to relaln an attorney, they ay opply to tho Court, prfcr to tho hoar- (ng, lor appontonl ol counsel. 1HAVE Datod March Y TH E //JohnMMelanson PLAN* Magstrato. T.MAY K E N T PUBUSH: March THOOT aadaprfla098 : e u n > POND NTHEDtSTRtCTCOURT.READ OFTHE RFTH JUDCAL TON DfSTRlCTOFTHESTATE OF DAHO, N ANO FOR MS THECOUNTYOFTWN notfed FALLS tndlha Casa No. SP atawrtt- NOTCE TO CREDTORS boned tn the Matter ot tho Estate lgnated olukalle EDTH TRACY ys afler Deceased, ons NOTCE S HEREBY 0 so ra- GVEN lhat Laura Tracy ly enter has bean apponted per- you a s..sonal reproseotatva ol the amh(8> above-naed decodent. Alt persona havng dals x n p l aoamthedeoodentorhor Sunt- e a ta tea r requred (0 ]b saalc. prase thob. dals wthn etontft- (our onths after the dale ( n-thfr of the frst publcalon ol Sdo so thla Notca or sad das wrwrh- vabalorevorbarrod. y. ay CUs ust bo present- d other ed to the personal ropro- d. sentalvaa attorney at hl«osnra- address ndcated balow. copll- and lued wth the Oerc of 0 (a)(1) thecourt..... : t :e legal notce oj DATED ths 13th day of 1 hall Mard c. /s/denns S. Voorttees e O ol Atoey for the Personal t Representatve e f 2.W o n A v w u e. c ntlt POBox2 t Twn FaBs, D r PUBUSH; March , 1 you end Aprl f lng N THE DSTRCT COURT, one OF THE RFTH JUDCAL y. DSTRCT OF THE STATE < Wllv- OF DAHO, N AND FOR r re- THECOUNTYOFTWN < nor- FALLS MAGSTRATE < vo. DVSlOM / ther Case No. SP > leo-notcttocredftors f» n - n the Manor ot the Estate, f ove- ofcoralsutkller. 1 Deceased. y-el N O!C E JSJE R E B Y _! GVEN that the under- 1 jrt sgned has been appontod 1 Personal Represontatvo ol tho above-naed esae. n 19. All persons havng dals ( aganst the sad deceased C are requred to present 1 jht ther dals wthn lour (4) tal onths after tho data ofthe c 0? uco w * d a l 8*n *~C flu foraver barred. Clas A.. rnusl«o.presoodu.tho..j fr ol-coean. Rochle & T pe. Robertson nd Ave- nue W es. PO Box 625, v Twn Falls. daho f and fled wth the Court. 71,. DATED ths 24th day ot e February A a; //PaltyJ.Bloxha t rws Personal Reprosontalvo h " P O B U S H : March F gg;u n d A p r tl2 ja 9 a L J?? N THE DSTRCT COURT T OF THE RFTH JUDCAL b jlr DSTRCT OF THE STATE t OF DAHO, N AND FOR X THE COUNTY OF TWW FAUS MAQSTRATE DVSON u CaseNo.SP «ORDER, NOTCE. AND C SUMMONS FOR HEARNG t n the nterest Of:.», TREVOR LAMB L,7 d.ab ll COREYSMTTH d? d.0.b p BRETT SMfTH d.o.b tl Chldren Under Eghteen Years of Age tt A Petton undor the Ter- u o, -naton of Parent-Chlld,t RMf Ad has been fled by the d Dopanont of Haath and u l,q Welfore. The wtts of the». petton wn be exalnod n a *f --an evwenuary hearng on * V M a y Bl9.-OOan,, the Magtralea Court, a Twn Falls County Court-» house. Twn Fans, D. c Tho fonovrng ndvduas aj shall pemnallybhmar at y f M V M L Y LAURTZEN, Mother ol above-naed o dldren >,9 LESTER LAMB. Father ol u, TrevorUb. S,Q JUUEOUGLEY. Guard- «, " Lan ol Trevor Lab. CHAD SMTH. Father ot 3 Corey and BroQ Sth a r. The above-naed nd)- n vwuals aro further notfed that they aro enttled to be p represented by legal as _ eouhserf they aro Bnan- 4. dally unable to retan an e SffXS a" s Dtr ng. lor appontent of NQ cwsel. «Sad Chad Sth s fur- w thor notfed that pursuant ta t o 1 8 -ls 1 3 o fth e ld a h o n, Code that ho ay regster hs da OS lather ofa dod-m >en t,orn out of wedlock wth k ho Departent of Health B and Wolfato, Bureau of V- tal Stalstlds. on fora avalablo for such purpos- p 08 fro tho Bureau of or J]? Statstcs of the Depart- J" ent of Health and WeSa. Sakl father s further notl- 0 J*- fled that he shan an the D eopletod fpnn to the Bu- C *? luurbfvut Statstcs. and 1 t shao bo sgned and wh-. nobsed belofo a Notary Publc. Yourlalluroto so O regbtor can result n your M beng barred n your an- n talnlng an acton to estab- ol lsh paternty ol tho sad chud and consttutes a pr- _ a lade case of abandon- G ent pursuant to sedlon sl J S l6-2005oltheldahocode. re ThelnrSancustocSansor n< trbesarefunhernotflodol. sc 9 her rght tb htorvone, and >h sad proceodr wn not be_a hdd uhtb at least tan days th afler recept of the notce: sad ndan custodans or fr >0 trbes shall, upon request, tk be granted up to twenty ad- fa dltlonad< to prepare lor the proceedng. Tho Court th wll appont counsel lor sad dr 5 1ndlon-custodlan» ffwfty~w 2 cannot afford an attorney. and ay n ts dscreton M appont counsel for the /S RT.cMldordddrenwherets c n the best nterest ol sad P< TE rtudorfwwroasadpar. T. )H tes have ho rght to exa- N ne an docuents Sedwlh P tho Court, upon whh any t< decson ay bo based. «ftm. Mchael Redan Magstrate PUBUSH: March 26, Apr BY 2and lor- -N THE DSTRCT COURT the OF THE RFTH JUDCAL nt. DSTRCTOFTHESTATE s OFDAHO.NANDFOfl hor THE COUNTY OFTWN H o FALLS MAOJSTRATE Wn DVSOH.. ate Casa No. SP * of NOTCETDCREDTTORS - s a c. 15<J-801) n tho Matter of the Estate t- ofclarabeue B e- TRBULLA _ u jw NOTCE s HEREBY of GVEN that Davd M. TrbuRa has been appont- -o / legal notce le f ed personal represantstva tolda o fth e a b o v e-n a ed decadent. Al persons h av PU81 ng dals agak«tfw de cedant or the adate are requred to presen t thar 7 c la s wthn four (4) Cn TX)9ths after ffw dale o( the orju frst puucaaon ctf M s no- fto. tlca or sad dals wb be day forever banad. crow Oas ust ether ba Hor preaented to lha under- Cow. sgnedaneaddreasn«-otd) : cated. or fled»«hv>eclart( e e.a oflhecourt. wm STEPHAN. KVANVtG. t,«t STONE&TRANOR cash //RusaeOKvanvg n e t Attorneys for Personal atre Repraseave lolo >- POBox83 prop Twn Fans. D Oo*, ol kl PUBUSH: AprU 2. 8 anc Lot 9 M w e s o «. r dafk N THE DSTRCT COURT thert > Of THE FFTH JUOtOAL - ua 1 DSTRCTOFTHESTATE raov OF DAHO. M ANO FOR QEP THE COUNTY OF then > OOOOtNO, HAOtSTRATE ootc DfVaOH uarn Case No. CV97-59S ta n > ANOTHER SUMMONS nerb 1-STAEWJOECOLLEC Souff " M - S." ROBERT KAVAJECZ. 2 Deendaro. «h a NOTCE: YOU HAVE SOt* B E E N S U E D B Y T H E ancm ABOVE NAMED PLAN- x / H TFF(S). THE C O URT, le 11 MAY ENTER JUDGMENT North : FURTHER NOTCE UN- Una _L S S JU 3U -R E S P O N D -o v WTHN 20 DAYS. READ dosar TH EN FORM A TO N BELOW. THB - TO: ROBERT KAVAJECZ 0(15 You are haraby holm BEG. tha n order to defend M s porso lawsua.anapprdpratewr«- cbde ten response ust ba fsed b w S wth the above desgrtaed 0 Court wthn 20 days aftar oftya servce of Suons to south you. you tal to ao r e- to «v spond the Court ay enter ca ludgen aganst you a s ortva. d e a n d e d b y th e Th Pldntlfl(s) n the Copa. h a sr A copy ol the Corrplara rnota to aerved wth thta Su- of th< ons. t you wtoh to seek a lc the~advse or represanta- pote ; Uonbyanattoaynths aner. you ahould do so Cede propuysothatyou wrtt-. s S ten response, f any. ay ttten > be fued n te and other ta legal rghts protected. Frts. AnapproprttawrUanre Bssot sponse requres copl- o a. ancewlh Rule 10(a)(1) Sa - and other daho Rules of wtho Chrll Procedure and shao nnty > abohdude: S 2 L 1. The tue nuber of ha losatl ; 2. your response s an denals of the aaparsta a>- WAT legatons of t h e n P o and other delenkea you w. F addresend telephona TYBf nuber, or the sgnatura, recon r r addraas, and tala-»90. phone nuber of your st attoey. _ ojtwl 4. Proof of ang or debv- ho;a ery of a copy o f your ra- dtfo sponse to Plalntlfl«s)Atlor- a sso, ney, as desgnated above. Trust To deterne whether bar > you ust pay a fung fee ent wth your response, corf o a e tadtheo ekollhetfxve j S naed Court. THE/.A*TEDtNslOth.day.of_SNA March WT Helen P Edwards. C M so 6( PUBUSH: Aprl 2, 9, 16 end 23,1998 ppqc N THE DSTRCT COURT OFTHERFTHJUDtCUL? X,, DSTRCTOFTHESTATE OFOAHaNAHOFOR e COUNTY OF TWN g g * FALS MAGSTRATE NOTCE TO CREDTORS 2 n the Matter of AaEstaa S S S OBLLQARRETT. NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that the under- he decedent or hs astma are requred t o J r e s e n t. "ther d s rthhteur (4) onths alter the data of tha frst p u b l of ths no- 2 t l c a o r s d d w H b e lorever barred. Clala ud echer be presented to the undersgned at the ad- dress ndcated, or fled w heaerttorthacon. W T 2r th d o f ««POBOX15B7 Twn Fats. D S97 P U B H :A p r: 9 «d MEETMO NOTCE GREATER DAHO PRVATE NDUSTRY M o n d l A fl» e 130 P.M PJ4.. stboorcowoncaroon B...ndustral Connteon M E 3 re«s dse.-kt8ho PUBUSH:Apr NOTCEOF PU8 U C 8 ALE nt Burks Tractor Co.. nc. kv ea tends to aeo the fooowkg a Seral No at pubuc aucton pursuant EGAL NOTCE ldtfacods 4S«0S. l8ltsh:a(»lzl99b NOTCEOF TRU5TEE3SALE > Tuesday. ne2b» ky July.l99a.atnehow ol a O o d odcaa.ol.sad lyaa SaneaT BeftE*- ow. 311 Second Streal Jrth. Twn Fans, n the XrtyofTwkFMts.StaB daho. ChartasW. FaK*- L as Succaasa TrusM. lseba(pucaucan.lo a hghest bdder, for sh. n lawful ortey of > Unttad Stana. a l pay- le a tn e Sa o(s«a.na lowng descrbed real operty stuated n the urtyoltw<n F a a fc S» daho, and descrfeadas SofKNGSUBOfVK ON. Twk Fans County. ho.accordngoffwplt kreot. recorded tn Vol- w 7 of Plats, page 45. ardsofsadcay.ex- :PT the South 54 feel sreor and EXCEPT a By daaofcad as begt>- g al 81a Northaast cor- rofsa d la l9.t > e C E un artycnatoapanm ~ the West 10 feat tron cenertne of long Ck- D r to* a cfstanoe of 5 C Thence Souffwady along a O M havng a tool rvsus and a carvs of 18*41* a d s ta t63leeloapaka«h:h 11.7 feet south o«the. «ThtwolsaMLot9.and le gf KNG CRCLE ttve; THENCE NURh a Sanfa of 11.7 leal to n e rth lne of sad Lot 9: lence-easl a dtotance SealtaffaPOKrOF GNNNG. ANO that fondffavacaadkhg d e Drve lykg No of Scu Rne «d«dad d rabove daaocwd prop- r and west oftamor- uth Bna rwnng parsm andssaew asofffw ntertne of tong Orde va. The Successor Tftoee s no know ledge of a *e pankaar descpton the abova-referancad property, but lor purses-of copfanca wth ctlon60-1 a. Bhn flf.suc aortna- has been kdoed Bat street address of 6<7 «g O r d e Drve. Twto. ls.k>ahd..seoslbs lodated wtth sad ram s S w a b e a d e hout covenant or war- tyregansng UOe. pos- dcn or encutnneas MttdyffwobgalQnse-. _ ed by and pursuant to powarofsalacordarred. t» Deed of Trust exa- «d by ELZABETH A ktkdts, an Unarred Mn.Gnraor.toChartea Fawcett. Su ccessor toe. tor the benaa and uttyolr R ST SB ajn- B / OF DAHO. N A orded NabarSO. N>, as nstruent No. W12. Uortgaee racords r «t o S.. l d a : and assgned to the h o H o u sto g A b y Hgnent of D eed ot st recorded on NvMO , a s Rst- nt No. S Mort- leteconltoftw k E ABOVE GFtANTOR MAMED.TOXOMPLY T H S E C T 0 N HADE THAT SHE S. S NOT. PRESB.Y SPONSBLE FOR THS UGATK3N. MdeCaUtorwNdNs s to be ade to the ure to pay when due. st Note dated Movarn akthea ou each, for the «ao(n oven«er.g97 ughfe>uanr.t9sbkv va:a t fa ra a d > and ry orth fteraabar ur> ate o( ale or rakten- MLAdatoquantper tts are no«( due. pka vnuwad laa ch«gaa, lanycobsorapanaes Locatedw lthtbs doaure. The acouad >rest s.at the rate ol!% per annwn ro Oe r1,t997.theprkk tnce owktg a s of Ols on M obgalton ae- dbyaaddeedofttuat J7.ll3.l6.pka acouad restaheta]e<a.42% a (ro Odebar 1. la T B H a l te d.l99e. HARLESW. FAWCETT leber Of the daho lebar. SUCCESSOR S S lush: Manh an d9,l998 Tes News guarante e c t o s e l, tnerchenfss. a u to tra n T daysandred estate n 15 days or rennjhe ad an addtoraltdays. TherebaSSexta fee for the guarantee package. Ads y b e c a ncabed BSfy for custocnbt corrvenence but tta c h a r g e w l.. recnsn tha safne.,

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Call n A ve. lypeaofcro \ t A arena. S 15K.734 G26 SABAl EM PL O Y M E N T 100-2C TWN FALLS. Vory do $$$ CASH $$$ WAGON - O P P O R T U N T E S REALTY. t cotago stylo hoo,.» wth for USED Mobllo Hoos P heasant Rd. r e c e j n; c T a - n,. _ lola ol vlntago char r orNovrt)rl PUBUC SERVCE on tool» r bdr, 1 bath. Now co< MESSAQE a l Mlalo sold? JEROME 3300 sq DOOR. Fodorol Dploywnlnlor- R» O U T E 821 S l «AN n - now))uy8 old. 5 bdffn.;3 b«lohcng. MUST SE atton froo.-rook rpthopublw....garage. S )28.B WENDELL x44, S 2 f T B.s u PACKAGE, 41 WHEEL DRVE. SKY BLUE, REAR A AR. POWER DOOR bdr., 2-bath awnngs, -.lo C X S, POWER tnldlo O Ww s, CD. CAUlSE, nutlkq BOARDS DS, ABS BRAKES-- bar. no ono can proao 00-7a > -700blH 2ndA vey *M8 wu carry « shod. 50x120-lot. Close youalodolfob.fortnw WENDELL-By owno npt Closngs JEROME sq. nor z 10 sch ools. 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L o EN HOUSES CaJHorappl.324-; r o 1520 KMBERLY-t.19fl acres, 4 OUT-OF-AREA-HOME 1989 FdROF-lsb PC B U 5 L 5 Y., as e to E fff p bd. Abath.3. Searga- «,so n * B. * 6, neck your ad lorl rago, now rool, >1, wndows PNE.area. 3 bdr. 2 p. nosb on Uo flsj 4tuaco.OnlySV $ , tn. cabn w/2 car gan blk Blake St. N. T H E T M E S -N E W S ] g g g { t runs, as Tbcl Cal d days, or Realtor owned S s FAX 19» F d F - 15bpC pvckup $ g blk Carney SL. _ s T n b fg145,larutpwu6s, S C U R R E N T L Y - NoM Janotol a2evos.M.» =, G rande Q sponslblo.l LO OK N G f o r:v > blk U ah l/fst that le. e? PCABO. 2 tjdr. w, YOUR 1994F0RDM 5 CKUP" 4 N D S PE N D E K T 300-&X SOOblkShoupAvg. S B S ng porch on 3 dty <a48.extb0>edcab,at N E W S P» E R C A R. West now wndows, s Wf. HE E E \..., J R E h S F O f n M E " " -V 9- ". H0UE8 gsrorsau JwVthSS; b u h l. 70 ac. hoos sr AD FORD F-150PC >CKUP. : BU R L E Y A R E A t 5/ 1 : f f Pu" water shar ros? 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X X. ona Fraud nlor- $114,000, * 1 9,, S t r o o t O v e r l n n d l o r k r k r k HAZELTON. Oalfy/ho B76-: , O N F A L L S -21 bd bd oaa P 1996 FORD F-250 PCK CKUP * Lo- <oncos..$65k. dwnca 149,C8EW CU.]aT OD-th-e-l-T rl-atert a-rat- -»»Sh,borrwk>t,20 tr20l8sta- -Pfoductlvo.fClQcn 1 500/otlar TFCC wator. No spu M E S JE W S b o o t y r s.2 nn lco l pasferedlt probles o H lc o a t3 2 6 V S E 6 lh c UURRENTLYHAS R BUHL-N< N ce2b d r, 1. - hoos, bg shop. ah< hod. preventng you fro, North. (Next to Wal-Maxt) t p o,rca llb n n d TJfc HE FOLLOWNG tol sung, loncod fwn FALLS Brand 6rw now pasluro ovng a r»ew hoe? d w/rv parkng. 3 bdr, 2 bath, xtar na Har _ AJtoppllcollofaoctMptod. g S l o a v e a e a a a g e l o r NDEPENDENT ? covoredcarport, - on Park; covorod srod porch TWN FALLS. 80 ae. lar HOMESAMERCA Jorey. WALKNGROUTE A L ; h Avo. N. Ovwof oppla, you choose 080 colors! ground, 5 s. South jthof Anxous ,000. S Cal $62,900, Sunrtso *0 Custo C Juncton, l B V NAVG CATOR R o Uu nte Hoes, 82&4262. on63, Call Jljl KMBERLY-14x _ 2 bdr. 2 balh, groat k>- y. "... BURLEY-C Coplololy re- caton, doan quot park. 7 ad Now go luaco. lenom J TWN FALLS-Turn S500/4hr8.pordayat BnjoW J&goodlocatton. undor.$350. $49j900, S4 BURLEY - 1 Acre pav svod key and ove nto ha hoo wth PC systo. Busch S g ( " * lh Avo. X.r»..5! E. 2 cul-do-sac, groat vo rew, boaulllul now 3 bdr. 2* Locus: w sls tn. BURLEY nce locaton Whte Brlek. 102 bath hool Carport, con- >Hoe-4bdt. TWN FALLS-By C TT ral olr and uch ore. HALEY t you }U llv t n tha Twn, * 3y Owner- HAZELTON Country M 1 acro.rnshbd $185,900 jor th Yours for only $63,500, 1 9, /s araa a ar* nter- sap a- 3,1 oeros, Valley rd,po nt, garage. rut clous hoo on East sde or, S24K CaP , f? LnzyJ Ranch. Space #93. r3. A A A A A A A p J\ slol sovo, 4 l, ol town, bult ln n or FORD F-150 w n.s w/approk sq, Sfl L ol HEYBURN Foxboro SMa Sub- S fvyn FALLS. Roposl Ro- 8.B qualty constructon aloo. 1 ov- dvson, largo ota, bor L or. r n 0 9 S. T H E T M E S -N E W S Whttj s ; s s s s ; «r r " pos Roposl 3 and 4 bdr, " - el 4 bdrn. 2V4 balh. lvng lhul vlow,.convono S CURRENTLY BURLEY.. Bl y on ovalabo. Call odlate- Boautllu, spa- t. faly )[ opon floor locaton w/ Cty wator 1992 M/UDA PCKUP fq O W N Q F O R A A A rt A c lo u a 2 bdr b ly, gong lasl Call Hornet. 1 bath plan, vaulted cofn alng, oak aowor. Paved atroes. hoo n groat Aerca S M M a g f or, r 7 3 S ocatn cabnots. JonnAln N D E PEN D E N T lalro, cor- underground utllltlos, 1re Jg. Mt)g TO. Dh- rtor lot. fenced bacyard. strlctod covenants. Prlc >rlcod UPTOS7,OOO.TRAOE-N H 1990 NSSAN PCKUP - N E W S P A P E R - w E ntnp d b nflrrflro ature landscapl plng. auto atss.ooo&up.conu ntact onany NEW 1908 Reet- C A R R E R S F O R.. dscaped. forkod sdrlnklors 2 car or garago. a >Moon Deveoper lent, w o o d h o o O.A.C. rm.787orr S T O E HALEY A R E A J S 2!3f5? r«efcso 10 schools. S.Foppt 676)637 H O M E S A M E R C A. Walkng A Motor a S S8B call Fo * 1991 FOM AHBOSTAF * - JEROME 1 acre lots 7 : RoutVB Avalable T HlE-pMES-NEWS E l Charlngl anufoeturod hoe os or r 7 9 S fyoulhlnataaaanaa 7 c von* by/// great oeatloa ! 405«* tra ntaraatad n ba-,n S CURRENTLY., twlnadr 1990 FORD BRONCO l cron.nst Uko now. 3 bdr. $D l 0 7 LOOKNG FOR, = = oak floora. new. JEROME 5 acres Sou outh- o, 4 o / o r S S - - o NDEPENDENT,_ NewBppl8rlnd,-11 P la n t o onttet Dttrlet NEWSPAPER L S Forap 199!rD0DGE CARAVAt AN S O f l l l X U tntgtr, at 73S-0931 CAP «j 4 0 l l /atterS,» CARRERS FOR G U A. txt. 348 orlaoo-esb- R / W E E D = lm.b a B g -a g. o,7 r rhe WENDELL A [ - JEROME. Sall acreo oogo AR EA. TWN F A L L S dnnn ua. dose to town, 4 bodroo 1991 FORD EXPLORER ER S O M O EQUAL HOUSNQ 1 1 bflh Wck-»f»P- f»r» V alklng R o u te s Buy the JGG sr te e d f f A r E. a. *P«ture ,1 Q. OPPORTUNTY 8 e 4 o 7 o r b k * * * * * A va la b le packaga g e and The or A rml MtM* n! b KMBERLY. 2W ac. nc 1991 FORO F150 PCK tyoul, noor Wt nnpapwl (ublk» CKUP $ o t n A llva n ttla araa S n o sh NEEOHELPl. *«/«*«f e f f : fa l l s :D : t)udbv Snako Rver Cenyo 8, o. rr 1 5 g EaxnS2Kto$5Kvraekly sq.ll, 00.,n So s 4 Power, roads on tho Ol S S S S Work fro hoo. ts easy. Plaatt $a etu e Dlatrlel ltn - la n d ls e o r bdrs. 3 baths,,f?y fan y»tl.$16k.42343a 355fl ecrnlnalon bad en 1997 JEEP WRANGU -eoo-e9fr07oeaxte48b r, 7 W a x t 348. autoc olve te s sngle garago ce, Menton. 10 tk* *nv ; RUPERT HEYBURN pr«l(ctne«, llltlfon <lllefl1ft»lloo.* FllK FALLS-- NE N W.N E TWN FALLS. 1.7,ac. c. al S1U neue*! ct<er«n. The Tlea-Nawa la cur- r r r 1 th e a d a an ad_lon* locaton, 3 bd,: 2 bath, Blue Lakes Country Cl MTMsn DO K u n t r knpulbdocfee. d a y 8..T h ere Spn bdr desgn. 1 e. _ 8Conte vew ol Golf Co. T M r c l D. w t w r n. y l a o n e y t o l o a h jouf* cwlqdwn: pragnt wow a e x qultocul-de-sac.pr j / u & s a r r s o n t s S-PjJfS??- eo& P orrln ob rd o.t_» f«.fo d n *.B u p ert:a n tf. a g e. wdpmpmtmmtumoor fw H M T t t ft t - carg g e ( t h e. t O a k - - ~$75K. Can Sa- -Of«Mrw»«y>w,lC houra.. MONEYEXPRESS Ouar Tht lmppfr wll nol [ ll.you ln Tl thoao afos -Your UMOlBoalEslalo packa * andart htorattodn ba- w b e cancelled f a l. s -Nce- w all VACATON PROPEHT T H f E t E N tor custo er S? " S K" Dardwood. TMESES, Uw.OwrMdnhby WofM M all dwtplng. 1V. boo. * wwhd n thl wwspepe r K S S S!?» r r" "lr. lr.la lly PNE/FEATHERVLt LLE- «r«.tvjlbl en n vqutj bt ConsoUdatton. the M T O R S ch Charge Wll r.. freplace,, fnshed. fr Hot walor aval, lor ha heat- epportunlly b«tl, Te tn.lhesate. bst, forwed yra, yrd.. sprn- ng syste n Parad Eocatton, SuV Lots ol troos lor ruo ese-b777. Th To-te* H O M E O F e THEtSENN P L A N e B A S t e s T r*lace l a N TMB w o n TO f B U Y A CAR AVE. E. TWN F,,J B yap p t Realty P L F R E E 1 - M 2 2 T ". -, 5 oreallandlaavaaaa- ± 9 lckapprohta. 1 6., 7 w«f syste; NE J100Cschools ft.poc pool, p o r fe c l c a b n spo p o t. t«l*phont nub*r lor th«- *aff, 7.. covered TWN FALLS-700 ft. Ea la y s-e n d real -peo.auto,«prnw«-tanjtrontonsoctw/sh kk t e n l S d a y s, J t o o w s ll,0ut ftn8fl sg.b» * «* S l-n tuch ~ ~ 1995 RANGE ROVER DSCOVERY DK $ O or o o. ty,. R ~, 818N.W atttl- - W8.000» $35,000. O-CastloRc odolod d 3 bdr hoo., CURRENCY TRADMQ - f f fburvae; r -lod.-)ncoe.no a n «Hllno,Noo*p.,jBvorago O t/t y n TWN FALLS Buy Juy for loss g. 5A3,,. han ront. 2 bdrnhoar Harort Park S / f f la C R E A O K tlo T $29.500,423-e7e0Mve3.a! _ the~ f n t0 3,L U X U R Y A T r S; FNEST F n n A SPORnnnTY VEKCtl. E. JUST OFF LEASE. _n td o.o o o M ju TOE.UDOtUNnULDenONSJjl._ : SAKJHOUSMOSl heal , 2 you lve n thoae areas. 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34 . r. TWN FALLS - 2 l>d. 1 TWNFALLS... C S TVflNfAL FALLS-Ou«t oeen. 1 3 HOR8ES.W»70( bah, reodeled tntertor. AREA Al Upstars condo, cuto. r. 1 1bdr apl. G as «" Fenced backyard. Aval. h n«pobt cvousel fk*. j heat, t. $375/o s:. dop. MPASTUBE 4/6.Nop«tK4133n]Ave. plac*. pl< AC. pplancft*. Cal 734- *J2S & [ l p SEN MO M U N. $4S0/o * dep/rof. ca UAOCVAL _ 734-e909axl.10t.lva9. THC FALLS. 2 bdr. St ner pas :d«.f6w qm kxa tortoopaka. ~? o ~ 1 C FURNSHED ln FA LLS- 3 bdr TW hou aofor C ad M arr T7( J- rssaa 5a cj& p423t4377j - «TOfro., fang*, dsposal.-,._tv.2421 North Ostrander M M kmfaac ptlvae Ull. r. w/w/d U W9 Of " * * H a a E S -D «M TWM FALLS. 3 bdr. 2 sts,poles. a. HOUSES pleasure. 5 F A LLS.C loan: f l S " s s r - s v " E (». d u p le ftn o ROOnAT : :, 1 MAGNE YQU frsel?-#: 2 bdr. 2 bah ex0cullv«l; Call HOMES AMERCA TWt rwn FALLSCOMPARE N o p>ets.caff7»j7 4Z. S E S S 5 5 S S T ; S >sdale*-4) S ; townhoa onjoro" a 20S-73» & K),_ ) rb.prtv«*ftr* bred ores; >-6 -e1 oold FALLS. Extr. rue Oort Course. coplmly Mnpffvlogea. atud colt, real nn c o l)»namerg: - tl TWN F A L ls - Country turnlttwd. QoH cart artd al fy hoo. 3 bdr. 1 both. _ X f W»«V a >tud. 6 yr old, all also new uuuos ncludod. SSOO aod used harnes: $S50*$500dop73*-1293 TW por onth or $400 por nw FALLS - 1 bdr. f No po». >o». Ofl Stroel p*r«436-96s9b WMk. Call Korn or C TWN FALLS fl rm O n "5.r>d-jof.*pp>».ao>*to- -"O-Do XnUnw. $5C<V» Of sch ooll shoppng. Lor»J- «>«P- Cal Ca« K W M.frd & cradlt chock H S E S - S t a ndng n d.. B at 602 ( Atr>cultur* alud C o ef. b A la o b d tp L.S S a s S uul8.pd..*dop _ f = S whle reg.msso sour Fox - TroOM. 16 hand. d. natural 1 UNFURNSHED 7l L Twtl rwn FALLS-1 bdr. apt L to r01 gat. $300. Cal S TWN FALLS-SOt OF downtown h*al 4 appts. TWHFAL FALLS. C aoftm LJVES1 a CTTY. Lots ot oxtrast 5 furn., S300/ o. *dep. WMv, ra HORSES Reg. Pen Perthoron HOUSES, ralos starts S130 t bodroo. 4 bah on wknds ambn* KKdenet 3 at the end 01..Draf horses. 1 pearlng A * fourxl nt o end of tovols, faly roo, lae, Of M ofvf rta SP M j.sn.ssd od ad ean. llnglllly, ME HolkJay Motel - thaladaya rasobefound a ClaBSlfled ad ean! -WN FALLS-tg, bdr. rnowrtstroon- o n t h a l nt t e r n o t a t J w O al ad ay also bo found o n t h e n t o r n o t a t THEMQMT.. 7aM>739 norago&oan>o<cexak>- startnat ng.at SlOO/wook 4. wwwjnagcva atk)n.eva8.4f S tax.c «: HORSES-2-2yr oklmo*- TWtNFALLS-NCEAREA BU LLS-Top, rs0and4 : * V V18 j J MERCURY rtracer au H txuk ENEW.2b«droo traler n very nco ~ a p p la n ce s, carport, } 4 bodroo. 1 3/4 bath, WlFALLS - q * 2 bdr.. TvnNFALl FALLSSaSMkS350- o u a n Bull M : M PVB appes..dw, W/D hookup. n x T fsfl&fr" SpMtal Mcrowave, cow* Beds ust n» go. Vey por. 2 fuu baths, space. foncod yard. Outskfe pots 4utfa.k«17JS->aa8 rpasonawo HORSES-Aercan fhtn * *ROW BW aawe B B o n n A rent ndudod. S4S0 a. 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ST O f*kc. sou SPRAYER 300 g al.: 3 BRAWLEY REALTY rofrg. nd.. S32S/o,. p ProporrvManaooent WAREHO K «D n T > clps, bathes S hyd. 42- boo w/slvor «oloc. J No,petS $3,900 Cnl20e orker Storage tl Evas. & Wdt. Oava JEROME J FALLS 2 bdr, Slovo. 11 Bn-wfM HORSE A RANNQ $ Can J j ( rolrlg. nd., S350/o., TWN HN FALLS- 2 bdr, 1 STACKER.-94 KEN JEROM& CLEAN, carpol- elec. No pots ath. $475 /o $250 J,fl 1to 7800 sq ft s w r o BOOT) t twn Mnrk cktok od.4 bdr, 1 / both, oppls. DW. (oncod yd. JEA jt o E 2 bdr. apt., Cau; /ovofhoad doors HORSETRUtl L -gec k dj. Chaas. Can J Col S400/o, *$400 dop. nd, - 4loncod SuporArrow.4 Holland wator. Can days * * * * * * * * * * * * * * atorsandraof nt. gooseneck P» r? 0 «" 3 " w KMBERLY A/*» 2 bd JOf ovenngs, * SttrvoHftTM extra tan, twfc hoe. 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T R A L? n SALES! TRACTOR--93. CAS E JH. ;.TETTffltM c A. * $4l0/ ao neghborhood. EHO. Sun- * O.Ca$> aA hours 3 RENTERS WAKTEO sotmanofv.sosusl «*..- Several goo( Md u se d * T.T.0.4va>voa.20,6 0 6 X 4 2 «All oppucatonsaccoptod. or * or Z * *. 611 duals. Fnance a n LEASEFOROHLY*..!. 2-horse tn. Hornet Aorfc* * Mo $69,000. DoUvwy. a uc t a s. w due a t u <S FOR RENT TWN FALLS * ALSO- ble , 87,dr H L H n a M K M W w ttm M a f a a H n «7 7 * PAUL. 300acresN W ol Cargo traors TWNFALLS- S yh C ar t r a c t o r. Massoy F. M t w,,. Avatlabla Aprl Sth o $ F F 1 S T ; * Paut. Low,ow wator cosf. TteuJera.Fl» F w JuaWson g «! 5. V v. V -; r.--» * son. 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