f' f '.. ' mania ...; _ : advance to the Paris-Soissons Parie-Soissons Orisons Pare o'fthe ofthe la/, 000.

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1 _ sr sṙ? _ n * _* mnjean mana mnjean _ f f * b b NDEX NDE Xnroducon Page e 1 Geographcal Feaures Page e The 28h nfanry a Morfonane Moron July 17h1918Page 17h1918Page 17h1918Page 17h19l8Page 17h19l8Page 17h19l8Page The March forward fa cward coward o a he lne of Deparure page The Enemy Bnemy Energy Beamy and hs defensve posons July 18hPage 18hPage 18hPage Page > f The Frs Prs Pars Objeove Objecve Page e The Capure of he Mssy aux Bos Ravne İ Page The advance o he ParsSossons PareSossons Orsons Pare Road July 19hPage 19hPage 19hPage z The Capure of Plosy P101sy Los July 19h v Page The frs aack on Beery Berzy Le Sec July 20hPage 20hPage The Capure of Berzy Beery Le Sec 3eo JulyJ Y Y _ 21s Page 45 _ 45 _ The Tbe VTr Vr JPag49 Pase Passe age49 Tube Relef July 2223rd rd rd rd > $? AnalYls Analyss and Crcsm Page Lessons Xslonl Xslonl Salon Page Pale Wage e e65 65 X > 19 $ Mapr Msp Apr Sp _ Pbf Ehf The Hef Second See bond Bale Be le ofen of ofhe ofhe O O Marne Karne Arne Kane showng secor Alec ore of o he fes fees h aoh Ch 23Q Jfcenoh Penoh Penh Fenoh Enoch Corps eorp Earp Corps Corps * ḣ p y > 9 _ l *Whoa Whoa 1oal coal feaures 3eaures Je Je U8 scale cale eoa3 cablea la la 000 ṙ r > ṛ % r p p f f 1 1 M 1 1 lk lake? _ rn bahs s1v J showng ho zone of acon aoon Paon of o he h JJ JJ r r 1J afhsvd 3 O Dveon Dveon Dvson XUv1 XUv1 on ole Sose Souse r Pag 1 j jl ll mhj msh emhjrṙ hem SK SK r r r rs } V W JJ ll f { 1 PM f 1 W > } * > Eh m fr fr fr fr f ff ff Zff V1f V1f V1f ll ll o le Sose < c VV J J VV jvlu V UVal 1 < < va * A İ A 1 r r > C u lj J N ị j j Ị m m m 1 j j 1 1 Jl Jl >} ljuj juju } J J Fj r J 11 > X 11 XX r > 1 1 r 1? ṛ 1 1 U U Y A > f f L } 4 f ḟ } Ị M _ M T j *h f fr JJq 16J 16J j N 4 4 M4L1 V V n 1 1 Skff > # W4 * Kffc W&4m W4m &$% m&m mm& M r


3 b f run THE opr op TRO 3 o rn T? Tn opjrato3 opjrato3 TO Tn T T 91 8T TU T T r Arocy ArcY = A J ] Tj { [ TrJULYT TT ASrEARUS ARUS ARUS A3TEA Ares ARBUS A3TEE A3TE EAl1 A { J CFTTTSF FmTSV lms JULY K rrXODuHTOlT 1ODUCTO1T rrxoduhtolt 11ODUCTO1T 11ODUCTO1T rrxoduhtolt 11ODUCTO1T 11ODUCTO1 KTZOD { CrrOH CrrOH TO Cero Ths TThs monograph monocr monocarp qjh colors COVCl Cockle cove Tcrs Cars lc lc VlC VlC he lac VC oljer older operaaonc operaaonc operaon or onc of he f8h r28h ] nfanry nfalry ỤDvson U3Dvoon U3Dvoon U3Dvoon Mane An Asnc arne arne Arne JLarne 8rne 8rne Offensve from he march morcl1 morcl1 morcl1 forar forvzard fron frojl fro from Frjol fr c le he c Comple Comrecne Compegne Comedenne Campagned Comrecne CompegneForessaors s July o he aagojbln ago aaselkln assemblng Compen d efores blan sej nc o0of he roc rcnmen condmen jcn 1len jon as ar a a reroles Survllers 3urvllers Shrller on July 3jrd 23rd n order o properly prolprly proj pro r1y oren e e 1G 1G ro reacler reacler realer re[ clear vll l1 cvlly vll l1 rll vlla nefcary eeches neceosary neccosary necessary o jo So go [ back o e he laer por par of he ree year ye roar of oc 1917 and <?nd ndjvc ndc Jvc Cve Jve Chve shor resume ofo he h8 evens hal a ha ale lead lejd lejd led up o hs hn0 rea grea r D be1e baleb e vhch whch hch whm accordny accordon cord 1J r be b vhch o mos moshsorans marked he urnng urnnb pon of he war war wa Durne rdrobe Durng nderng Urne he laer par of he year of rl he seersman Germans wore makng large gans agans he Russar1s Russa Russar1 Russans h n ns he eas whch fnally resuled n ne lc hs ne lc collapse en 11 he Russan Governmen 1T 1R of b sfnal offn 1 1R l 11 l Repor fener of General Gene The Ausrans wh he ad of several German Dvsons Pershne Pershng Persan Pershng Pershralzeng Page surprsed he alans n Ocober 1917 and admnsered1 admnsered admnsered admnsere Adam naered naered naereda serous defea o hem The alan Armes were dven drv drven deb dven dmen naered back en o he Pave Pave Rver wh errble losses loeses loess and wheren Fnal en Fnalwere wher Fnal sonal Repor nale F fener of such a sae of dsorganzaon ha was necessary neoessary sary neces General GeneralPershnralzes Persh Pershng Gene Pershng Pershng Pershng ffr * r 21 2 o send Prench Frenoh ng renc and nd Breh Bre dvsons from France o o7 Page see 22 * _ 1 _ v * &y &ȳ & v4 + U * + =ll v3 7rrrwn 3w Kss Ss a a u ū jrts jrts jurss _ ] r r ẇ + ++w İ _ w ẇ * ww wr ur1fī provw prow YnTTurhe ur advance an off Ausrans he l UU = Tvy f f e * wv10 wv10 wv101 AW** r * 0 v AVr lv V V WA1M A1M # Ṿ # 14 1 K _ ī M SJM SJM sm WNla11vJ { lw *+ Kv Kv vy vy dy? Y1 r + ** Hwr Hr 401M rr r j l _ 4 _ y f w D _ r w rww 1 v 4AVr 14 < 1 y 1 4 _ w _ = w ẇ wa A Ā f f ẇ w fḟ > w HLlUujE 1Y1 1Y1 w > r1fl > * MHBl nmble ṫj u l al * J ofl1 * *

4 < 16 F crous The collapse coll8pse coll8pse of Russa _? al ncd he serous carous > defers rlcca refea relucan brefed rlccaadmnsrcd rlcca a admnsered admnsrcd admnsrcd admnsrcd o nly aly Fly ly rele8scr rele8scr laro largol rc nlunber nlunber3 nlunber3 < of bogeyman German Germaṅ and anc1 ancl encl Ausran Anus l8n l8n _ German 1 dvsons d3vaons 1 vj on S vhc alc v alc 11 C could auld 11 c bo bc or 8m oxr orployed orly rployed rpedoed played on Ol he hef YGsern vesorn Hyseron Weson v esc ec fron froll >ny bejan jan be a n movn movng mov ovne g ox o b _ ng some of hese dvsons el s ons from he le Kusjn Kusjn Usng RUG Rusl Ruskn _ rol1 Froo Roo o T hes G P Fnal orrance nale nal 3 3R France Prance n November D 33 Repor Hepor Expor fener of o General Generalzes g ng PageP lge loge o he Alles ha ae lc ne lc Germans Germens Durng DurnL Duran he early par of becamc became apparen apjoran apjoran apparan aparan Pershng Pershn Pershng Persh Germens Germns Germns nended ncnl ncnl nnlerl ncan noner % en o nae na mn a e Fnal 4a 4R e a grea grea 44 offensve on D llj llj all hvesorn hundersorm vesorn Weson VGsl Gesal 1Jres 1Jres c ln ln Ḷ n fron 4T 4 Repor aepor 44 depor fener of o General Gene The frs blow fell on he h6 ralzes Brsh Armes an and anr he hereuno juncon of he French anr anr and an ar Brsh Bre fsh Annes Fannes Armes n he vc ny uny 1 y of 0 ḟ 3quann 3quann U Pershng Pershng Pershng Page Qunn Qunon u n { on 0 n Karch Yarch Arch Uarc 1 21? 1 l 191d J < 1 J The rr hcal Alled cdefenses defonss defonss dcf JS wore were desroyed and cnrj1 cnrj1 cnrj1 Alled e her dc< armes drven bdck bedeck kb v W z bdck back _ back v l he OSD losu lose BOS lou 1al 1al of housands housadclj of men J1n lnen and Cndy much muc111lf11al muc111lf11al muc111lf11al muc111lf11al s was only by ohe vhe uhe arrval of 0 f many m2 French Brench Brench maeral maral maral maeral Bench reenforcemens enforcemens reenforcemens renforcemens ha he lle lle re ulle rbe GermJns Germans [ were fnally fnally sopped sopred sored on a general generalze erg Fnal l? R 5 lne Noon Morfer NoyonMondderAmens5 NoyonMondderAmens5 NoyonMondderAmens5 NoyonMondderAmens5 5 Repor Hepor Expor of f fener o jl ralzes Genera General Gene General Pershng Pershng saesvhen saesvhen saesmen Then Taen Vhen Taken Hen on March he seersman German Army on he wesern fron began been n j Pershng Pershng Pershng Page 31f 31 s scjes scjes scjes sejes des scabes of o offensves was by far he mos formdable force oherworldly had ever seen n fghng men and guns had hada grea superory bu hs was of less mporance mporance han he advdyonros dyonros advnages advanages naggers os n morale morble morble mor&zle morzle Morley marble & L LJ experence experence n ranng n n n ffr r f r 1 1 ṫ 1 1 2A A r

5 na1 afar arfare arfarc comn oflrl lr floral olrg nd Fnal na1 ] 6R 6 for moble warfare 66 carfare and 8j1 8j1 uny { of o1c o1c comnnd oflrllr comn comm? nl n 6G Repor 66 doge fener Gene General Genera Gener of rdl rddlnae Jshng Jshng ng Josh Pagd Paged cbrsh ebres brass obrsh hors Frencn FrencLl French alan s1 s1n s1n alrn alrn General Genclal Genclal Genocdal Focl Focal Focl was ws vras wes vas ralzes lpelshn [ mode lflgdc made alleged Comu COllu Com Col Conum rder njel Joel nd L Chef of o oho cllc calc cll cel he He oh co Pershng Joshng Plashng Pershng Persh Pelshn Pelshn Pepsn n en cnc [? n1 n1* Amercan? AmGJco AmGJco Magc [ Armeo Armes Arnes on m Lena Jma jnal 0jnal 2 Jlna? nal 7R 71 7 onoral Aprl T T? Repor 1epor 77 fener of o General Gene The Germ Germ Germns Germans ralzes 1 delvereren delvereren delvered verc1 verc1 en PJ1 an aurck uck fa vcck Ldcck Ldcck Deck chans c<_ alns alms ams he French Frsl1ch Frsl1ch French r Persan Pershng Pershne Pershng Persang Pac Page on Persh Lay Lay 2h 27h?? y n he secor beween bc1rcej bc1rcej betcen betcen baen rcej race{ Gosuono Sossonc3 Gbson Sols ong Fong cnd Dl1c1 Dl1c1 cnd consders c1hhems The Te vrenc rcncl1 rcncl1 renc Dl1 Dl1c and Sherns 2hems Shners Hnes rencrecng rancd dcxcnucscje dcl dl CC Chc cnscs censes [ CS cje ace c C 8e bb bohcn bohcn bloc oen okcn oen } Orsons Posson Jocsons ossorjg ossons capured and Lru Larrup LalJ German Gcman Gcman Gman Gcm n lnoa 1n88 lana lmo vrere Y8re were reared n1 1 vl Gcm l for forrr1 folvl folvl forvzr ṅ n{ forvzr folkale forever rr1 o oe he larne <{ vory r V formng fomne fomne flmness fo foc mn mṅ ac salen salor salor sol sol n V ṅ ofh Oho vhcn whch Vc h ell Chacu Chacu Charc Chad 8 e Fro uere ucha = u U F b Fro Fron o lng z 1ngham Hano nhan Champ ham Champagne Page Jage Age } 256 2b b68 2b68 utherry uchery lherry lherry Theory lvery v Ṡ o he apexo apexo The Cerradns Cerradns GcrmDns Germans errands Cordons aempeo aempeo ernpe aemped aemper emle emplae ernpeo ernae ovden o7den Ovd vden 7den ae e e Chaeau Chad Theory Therry Theory vh wh ch vev verj vcrf Avv veer lle loss fo of Salen on June 9h 1918 by an al % aack beween beleen len oyon oyon yoon cooncan and Kondder 1ondder Mondder Klondke Morfer The nle Nle French held heel on subbornlyjnd sublornly subohnly only jnd pnr and pan < jndcre jndcre Andre cre acre verge Here Hear vere vew cre cur able abl o sop hs h8 ofjnsv0 offnsva offnsva abl ofunsvevh offensve Jnsv0 Fnal Fnal gbound fground9 9 9R 99 9 groundg groundg ground9 ground9 ground9r depor Repor Reporage fener of o General Gene Early n Juns Junz Junes Juan beamed beeame became apraran ralzes apparan aparan apparen Arara aparan o ae e e 18 Alles hached Germans were were plannng plannn a grea offensve bel beel ha heaergong Pershng Pershng Pershng Page Fage Age he ben ben 0n L n C Chaeau Therry Thercy Thercy Theory and anr ar e ae ae ṫ e ArgOJJfJC Argonne Jargoned onuo ono Fores n fac Fores aac Marshal Foch Poch Ouch Pooch was so sure of he locaon of heheaack hearache aach aac aracan 00ha he bean [ Jn Jn makng rnaknl napkn couner eounec eounec couned preparaons prepacalonb prepacalonb durng _ he heaer laer par of June and he early par of July He He H D ereenforced reenforced ereofore renforced he French Armes ha han were holdng n nk dn he ouo ouzo 10 fron fro beween Chaeau Theory Therry and he Argonne Jargoned Fores and An nle dean began assemblng reserves n he hou VllersCoeres VllersCoeres VllersCoeresC MonographlO MQnograph10 WBeons Fores o execue a couner offensve10 offensve10 offensve10 offensvelo offensvelo offensvely CapVner r MQnograph10 KQnogr Knograss MQnograph10 MQnograph10 MonographlO efores efores WBeons phlox Sollson Someone Sols Bens Soeaone SoeaoneCapVner CaVne CaVne Caponed Calvn Cp Cp CapVner E WAh WAhr ofcmxjf r? & ADA ADAM & JLv JCL r 1 1_ 0 J > JWMn 4jol l Younm Younm yfjlljfljl ljl noun yfjlljfljl Yon yfjlljfljl All < * 0 0 > { < 11 0 r nl Vllers Coeres Fllers Coeres ljl < l l < *Wj lr11 l

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52 of L ofo e e o a * aj ajm ATM J < O _ UU4W UU4W J _ servo roe TC ft TT2 T RELE RLLF RELEF RELE7 RELE RELED? July Jule Joule s vcre receve 8& 10 h July ojuly l Ordel Orders Ordeal 3 ersvrore vcre ycre vrore acre byre recevecydurn recevoc receves durn clurn duran clung [ Le 1C Lsa ngh l1 or of o July l as sang san sanha saon n hr ha hrs hg hug De ṫ 1c 1c Jv Dv Jvng vdj md ou on on would bo be b rclv volvr1 olvr1 olv clp aol l81 l81 Vn J d durnj durnj durng r1urfj r1urfj urn urn nurng lace lae lad he 1e h nen <n r 1 L of 0 f July Ju 22J u 1 y J 3 by e e el1 J 15u 115a 115a 3c6ls Scs 3 e Sl nsel Dvson Dvson The advanced ac1vnced ac1vnced 8rlV 8rlV reed lares r1res r1res rcs rcs ares rs d> D Avs a 1J ofo r n J1 nscosh Tnacn l u Sea L dsh Erc Bre Brfade Brgade arlc arc dc lr lr F F ar vc L s Lor oral op orereleve c 1 eve hend end 11 c nd n Erclc Erclc Erc 2rr Br r [ c e arrved Lrr r v en n c c 1_e secor C S Ge 0r 0on M he one rnornn rnornn mornn Norman mornnu mornnu mornng July 2nrl 22nd 22nd marl Ej 2nrl Ej jnj { 8 reeonfjass8nee reeonfjass8nee reeonfjass8nee reconnassance aslsance ssuance of ae ransposone xposons posons poslons p o s L o n s wex wer wer wearw e r mode Ode made Made Od Oneude Oneda eon lne Gude ude gude per comrxy comljj comljj cormny he h le cor comrxyven commx coml ny ven wan w o Fsoy ljsgy ssy Fshy jgs Mssy aux Bos fvd and rnd fd? men me me he L1G ncomn ncomng DC uns Zun a x30 G x30 P P PT PT P { and 811c1 811c1 banc Gudo guded cd her hem eher o 0 er her l1 Ler respecve poso posons ns The relef of he L1e dvson was made e dffcul bj bj by bjhe bahe enebrounderous numerous nwnrous wondrous aeroplanes eroplr3nes eroplr3nes arplanes he hou enemy eneruy emery sen sgn sgne over OVGr Ogre our lnes o oo bomb our suppor and and res8rve reserve resurvey posons poso ons ns The relef was compleed early n he ngh and he heren regmen was assembled on he PacsSosGons PassSos ParsSossons Epacrs Orsons Pass Sols ODS Road jus jues eas of Mssy aux Bos he hu The regmen regmcn hen marched o a pon pon ppon several mles souheas souhes souhernsm 6ouhe la ofmssy ofmssy Mssy oms aux awe Bos va he ParaSossons ParsSossons ParsSossons ParaSossons Orsons Parah Road where ho food was served and he men enjoyed a long deserved res Abou noon on July 23rd rucks arrved and re ne he rbe ne U4YX Wrf1 Wrf1 W4MY U4Y W4M Xof Yof U4YX he regmens less lese he Feld and Comba Conla Conclae Trans wane w&e wade wanchovy econveyed onvened o he DammarnenQoele mnarnengoele DeanmarnenGoole Damnaon Noelle Gelled Defamaon Gooey D Area Regmenal Regmen Regmena Reg HeaJRhea Heaquarers HeaJ head lheaquarers wae war w& we rec & menal quarered was locaed looa loa ad n he vllage of Shrller Survllers Shrlle he The Baalonswere locaed nhe emal small vllages vllagea n he Vn Ll C remnansu remnans remnansw 7f ner e e 1} _ f r l oor ovform oorr rr r c 49 1

53 >r J7ryUL * r } mmedae mmedacye vcny y of Survllers Shrller S1rvll S1rvll Survval rs The Feld and Comba CombaTrans marched overland and joned joner jone0 he regmen on July Cons? rans 24h 1918 Mer uwere Mer Menhe casuales of he regmen n hs operaon wade w&e we wae & We uwere rf < The 56 Mer uw ere we rf r e re These ded we wou wounded woun 56 Offcers and 1765 enlsed men klled or wounded These caaaules eaaaules do no nclude hose aa hore Thorpe of he aached Repor nded of g le ched elemens who suffered n lke proporon92 pdoporon92 pdoporon92 proporon92 proporon92 proporon92 l ga ga ] Dv Dv Dscommend Oommander Commander Oommande CommandeerJulnder s 8le 8le 01s Dv Dv Hsory Hsory Hs Commande Comma M ory Sage age SS Vase 138 SSN SS Os sfed Feld 1Feld Orders Orders Ko 10 No >> 1s le Dvson 1veon Saemens Saemens as e no ner ane nercep OapLvesay OapLvesay Capves OapLvesa Cap Capu Lesay Lsa yflapcurs Bay yap bysa faues Bayap Qurs $ f $ l3 19 * > 11 wrr S > > > cr v vr rrlan rlan lana mw w6 m w6 ẉ6 < Jv j J uwv uwv kw * >?* V V?& } JV1 < 1V j j ī? 4jyfffVKy 4jyfffVKyf 4jyfffVKyf } fl lulb club ffl flmn P7K * A11 wr krlw wr Karl ẈWW lw W MM M 31 { MAT JfnlMWY JfnlMWY + lan f 5T WV SJ gvw J7ryUL SJA +Nlb Enle Nlb + AN Nq l fx J *?*?? * *? SJ ASA > A S JVJVVS VS VS V rb rbb b HVraSW Shvers VraSW WVvV WGras < vf? v1 v1 * JV JVvv JVvv vvv4 * 4 4 S 3 w a

54 2nd 1 _ sons ANALYSS AlALYSS AEALYSS Aloysus SEALSKNS AT AM cancs CRTC3L CRTCST calcos CRTCS CRTC3L > o er on vll n makng of ho hs hou on wll vlla L Le C C sudy surly surly ocrron ncarnaon oror oer orpor sevenenc o o lc he ro lc 8h 23h wu nfanry Ȧ seen sce seen see { vfc Vaf3 vfc? > nc o8 o8 a o8 1 nr1 d _ r0 0 mo mojl mol mos fes fes Bes vcs fes wz7s wz7s jl j dfllcul dfllcul 1fcul dffcul L culmoon nculcaon moon m8on m8on m8on m8on rl L moon moo n fees yen gven c1c fronl fronl fron1 fron1 fronal 1 racoon msson racoon mca on and Ujl JCL n 1 = au a L lc ale lcu o clm xrl calm Grl u 11v m0 11v * he msson mls on of brl bral brn brann bro nl n u he lel lef le le le leg flnn f1rnk flanf flanf Flynn flaun of Uv ll l v all ulp Jlnd Land JlndBrgaddr Bre 8r1e 8r1e care _ of Luc he 1s Dvson von [ rnd and rend of he COh 20h Cloh Corr Corer Corys Coy Corps Cor s 2nd n s E es ps The sher Tho Theo roopg roops on he le lef leg f1lk f1lk Clnk fl nl bclou becloud belonged 0 o anoher moher noher noher [ Corps Corrs Coors Corrs Corrs Forsyhas Ths rps ncde ncde mprl mprl made nce purl L vry vry vary _ d dl dal± Lcul cu1 cul Corps Co c& as s& v vvl f ṡs& only Lnru hru Lnux he 10h Arny Arrny Army Rany Barney hu h ha _ ne he ne movemens raovemons ravenous off ae&e aee lcse hese ee TLC & o 7o oro uns UfJ FuJ could b be d bo ackordered ecorcaed coordnred coordnced coordnced coordnaed coordnaed Ths n rf l fl 1ll _r = > e vay V18y V18y way vao ward vay vao was re& responf3 responf3 reps & ] onb ons conṣ blc bloc for fore mos of he dffculy he 2c3l 28h nfanry encounered n lchs hs operaon operaon The preparaon and orders for carryng ou he msson ms assgned o ne he ne 28h nfanry were wear as full and complee complees as he crcumsances would perm Those pons nerference reference hereo whch adm of crcsm are 1s ls las The falure of Baalon and Subordnae Commanders Commanders make any reconnasance reconnassance durng he day of July 17h 17h There were very gbod good god reasons for no permne pcrmnc permng perxl1 Con Anders undersood o crc n hs reconnassance Aa o da be made A French Dv&on Dvon Dvson & was holdng holdng he fron over whch he 1s ls ls las Dvson expeced o aack aack aacc aached aack was o be a surprse and any unsual usual movemen movemen The moveme of o n Amercans n hs area would be sure aure azure o be noced m by hs hs 1 yhs enfcnjycrx crx enc crb n myrm * al oal heelj heelj el&men elmen bellmen p & jpf Jf? surprse reprse s would be bloa loa loa los los rr1 rr1 r1 y +w w 0 r 0 2nd The falure of of he Dvson Dvson o pro1c provdejyrlr provdejyrlr * _ J5H fj fj fj _ y nryr nryr nary r ṙ N N r r r n n < ṙ lurm blur _ W c Ẇ rrr rrr rṙ w * L? r Jyrl JkJ c be ṙ 1 JyrlrALrLULJl ALrLULJl ALrLULJl 110 _ 0 0 Ẏ Mr Mr _ rll rll lurm j ṙ ṙ yr 1 1 Yw w

55 s 01 Anders 11 1 m Ths caused grea gra* maps for subordnae subordnae commanders COmWondersJ COmWondersJ Commoners con= andersphs grea dffculy fcaon hroughou he le gra lē enre operaon as he h offcers 1offcers 1offcers eorzers mos concerned were dependen enrely on o nher her sense of drecon drecon and he French jfcdes facades gudes wholerled hem no poson posonwho f X 3rd From he lgh of afer evens wll be ere n seen sevenh ha he Brgade and Regmenal Regmenṫl Commanders erred errefl ndrecon drecng ha he suppor companes of he assau assaul assaul baalon alon alon be emplaced emplecerl emplecerl emplace44 emplace44 emplaces jus wes of he ravne runnng runnng norheas of Cury Curry Ths ravne was was wasa wawa Awaa dffcul dffcul obsacle and vu wh vu wa su he enemyfs enemys enemys barrage fallng no was almos mpassable would have been beer o have emplaces emplaced he suppor aupor arpor Tsuj companes on he easern edge of O s hs ravne ravne ravne 4h Orders requred he suppor baalon o followj followws JL LA BOR so close Oloe Oleo behnd he assaulng baalon ha los los lo follo Lso s 1 * abouone bouone * one fccor h of s srengh npassng npassng hru he ahenaeums e N enemysbarrages enemysbarrages em barrase barrages arrases barrage barrage barrages arra Ī v v v 5rf _ $ c Ehe h rgade rrgae orders reborlbed reabsorbed e Qrbd Qrbd Rb normalfo normalfo formaon Oh Oh * ē $ & Bv JJ ap ap Sep fbrjna burn O O $ o * aeeauw area aaul aaul Saul & r oo pxaoone plaoon panone were W Y TT 1 > > r ly v v < ṫ> * & v? Avf v * * lkor llfag c&f& o subordnae A A vf Lla cf c 01 0

56 1 K 1 Parsan n cr ook no chrnccs chroncs chrnccs chrnccs chrnccs6h 6h 6l1 6h To chcu cjlcn cjlcn cl clan chc L A oc Re Rcm0jl1 Rcm0jl1 [ rncjul rncjul r4ul r4ul r4u lcrcular _nco 6h 1 COll COll Cor CO Call Cora Cond jl nd n1113 rs on e lc ev CV ev of bale bahe be e o s o nve dsaser dsbars Cl Lc L c 3 3 s conc hcnfcl monf monfu monfu rlanf mnfy manful ramfy?ly cclyt ally caalys u> unfcr unfor Munch unfcr unfor unfar unfr o bol bo1a bolng l1 he hu le hou offcerlnd offcerlnd f cc unfa r cncl cncl cancel nr n he CO colnd colnd OlJJ cold OlJJ K J1 unrr unrurn 1 UDl and or r hm1rnl hm1rnl 7hle mle mll 1rnl 1 e A# e < orkcd corked York ccl ou srtlttr Sugar L n fl Lac Ll Lo Lo Ell Clo cr ca c1se c1se c1se [ cce v no 8 [ mo moa aunsual usual neural unsealean and anr ar s no cna good od pracce rraccc prac unsual ungall noual Coru1 Coru1 eorrff errfc aorrrandcr nrlcr mercer A a u < char co chr nccs Macs errac cable Before passnl passnc passng passm o uck 1c Ċ bale moo mos mos mos favornbl favorable able _ menons amnon menonng mcnoj mcnom of lc llc c lc offcers offceco offceco offcero and 81H1 81H1 81H1 men 01 of nu he hou regmen remen rel reel meyl mpel n Lc cu caesc J J L ooher her regjecve reopecve respecve reflecve posons on he n hl h p of July 17lfch l71gh 1716h 16h fac 17lfch l71gh 1716h mus be made They ven ven Bn wen Ken Ben no posons pog pogo on Lcy l OY had neverreen seenrhou seenrhou seveneh whou rhou mnps m maps amps lds lads or comjrsses comjrsses comrasses compresses coml rjb rjb RB on r never everg n0h ngh hr hc hc ha hrs hc vras Vlas was vas Las vra Vlasexremelsexremely darlc dark Daryl and over almos almo Alamo u mpassable mpasg mpsable ble wa roads cjnd cjnd Cndy _ rls rls rlls rals rals rl crl s The success of hs movoraen movemen moorage can be arbued only oe he ron wll and and dejrmnaon deermnaon dejrmna dejrmna deermne on ofje e e Ue r1e r1e offcers and men men The movemen of he rench Tench French renc Tech ] Baalon * on he lef lef whch brough bcough bcough bough he proecve barrage of he Germans roman s on conour lnes mgh have been dsaserous daaserous dsasrous excep for he he hrea fac ha he morale acd and add dscplne of our regmen regmenals was very hgh As was our comraan1 conu1hn conman conan conu1hn dd no seem o oe be affeced by n he leas The men held her hermoseng posons o he exac secodd seconded decoded eecodd of zero hour and hen rose Roseau ou of he ground lke one man and anddashed anddashed bandaged dashed o he h aack aack aacearc k wll easlyeaslybe seen ha hesuccess snoozes suooess of he balelled bal baled ba durng he frs wo dayspf a f he aack was n h e handsa hands n ll _ = _ c ċ OOn > 55 fa3 11 A > J h _ l 1 r r J > _ 1 l < s cv > o _ =

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