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1 Su-tp'le tht c n-'helni.-g opposition to tho ':.A, thi; cjo": r-i:-«n!. «v- t ahnad.ti.l irnlcrentcd the Co.ti-C.li. "ho.lcsiv* tina of the Councillors U"C > i j-o w.t, nr.lu i^.crouo I their unpopular i tv I Tho last year has seen tho mushrooming of progressive o r ; uiisations in every community. }:ost significant has been the establishment of organisations in soall towns. In the 0?S,!:orthern.and Eastern C.pe i,.d Transvaal. i'civcci "arch an:! r.optewt.er ln>: y-i'r, i! e w «l!5 ar.nour.co.i rent 'Ihnsn increases car.e at A tfna the c o n cf foo l a t.rir*!;-ort v? 5 risiig fast. Uflited acti-jn against the councils has increased confidencc. of the people. In particular the ninrj nonth old rent to>cott l)y households in tho Vaal, showed the strcnght of united action. C'.oh i-lectricttv *n<l water bill' also ir>..rcas<!d oppositioi. '.'or exai.'.plc in Soweto to thr! couici*-sj.esiu2!its corplaine;: that thoir r.» Lrc.i *.,*;rl not real, a:ij as a result they received high hill:; that Jii net re51 ct toe amount of water or i:lcctricity they used. The struggles of the past ni; e months hare also united organisations. During the November Stayaway trade unions and civics stood tor-nther wi»hi {students to demand SrtC s and the withdfauel of the troops fron the townsh* pn., Tho development of tbe l'»r *7he councils refused to Allu*..* community organisations to i:s <i hall.-.. In ar:sj liun Alexandra and Vaal, church councils tha. allow".{ civics to use their halls were thrr»atcno>l with has same area to also helped organisations working in the co-frdinate their activities. the cancellation of their leases The struggles in the communities hij Councillori* voted themselves large salaries, cars, houses and luxury council chambers.. any councillors "./ere personally corrupt. for rxarplr in Lh«t tu\ilt'*vuv\ <] "k*- 1^*)'H Kietc^j (fj- laua. L & l * 1 m The occupation of the townships by the SAP and SAUK has not curbed the militancy of the people. Instead It h. s Vaal, three councillors have been charged with ('.uir.iruling made it clc a! to every nan, woman ar.d child, that the councils i«ri i'es. others such as»in);ini in -Iter.hngc wag-v! a canpairn of terror against residents. c-ppoiitio.n to rent in;:caits, dissatisfaction with the corrupt a.u. ir.efficier.t nanagcrcnt of the townships, c o p * >in~j with the cawp.ign against the tricaneral i-1c.t t'.ons have no right to rule over then. The cou.cils have been U s c r c l i t e d to th ; exten': that I'QZ example in tho Vaal ar.d Ratanda vacancies cannot bo fllled./in communities where who?* councils have it signed, the Develop, nt Uocids have h a d to take over administration of tho area. and Tantu '.t.ucation. The DLJV havo been further di«crodite<l by tho complete breakdown Tho result of this w a s tho ] ->r«iefc».;\ 1.Kt.cr of people throvghoiit ti c country against Anari.heJ of the provision of basic services in many areas. For example in Tsakan*>". Vaal an 1 other East Rand townships, tho c-s lection

2 M 3 vc' c r - o o o oc g.- -jags, and se w e rag e h a s bco:» i n f r e q u e n t. Ir. othci* areas u r g r a jir.g n r h e n e s 31 ch a s s c w c r r g o i n s t a l l a t i o n and ro a d t i r r i n o h ave b een s c r a p p e d i n th e f a c e o f g ro w in g u n r e s t. Th carrot and the "tic!: "ii r.n e f f o r t to n.'.in tain d o m in a t io n, th e c j o v e m e n t h a s tu rn ed o n c e r.ore to th e c a r r o t and S t ic! ; m eth od. Cn the on e hand of teatershin "he leaders of the people's organisations have ^ocn J«ta!neJ :*nd or arrcste:! and S:crt for long periods.nf tine as awaiting trial prisoners Irthe Vaal triangle over sixty detainee? have S;c».n held to - nearly nim; ronth.s vn!er Section 20 of the I-terr.ai Sr.curilj Act. Vhis i-i clea.-ly an attcr.pt to s*ash organisations.y d e r i v i n g then cf their leadership. ro r,..it:.iriw o c f n a t i o n o f o u r tow* s h in s f'1 n^h*. a in t-m.ransvaal, rren State, I ortherit and "asttiri* K v/~ V e, a c o t l n u. i U y o c o. p ic '! : >/ f i. p o l i c e am? th o ;:.\rv r 5 JM 3 *>.. thca* are > ro n i:e s o f r e fo r m. On th e o t h e r hand th e s t a t e has cnl>ar':ed on an a l l o u t c a n p a ig n,> rcgr>*ssive n o v e r.c n t. The st\ck to s n.v.h th e r/artc.-i.t-oi-.enq with 7 COO trocr-s.it the end of cctoto' i-: v -.a r. 1 ip; o c a s r. i r s and array v e h i c l e s h av e b c c c u e su ch a c. : r - o - O jr h t t h a t th e y no lo n g e r r a i s e an oyo!;ro w. ; P tj.c om iilnr to w n. ir. t h e >:ast*:rn C ap e. th e SARK,av,.. r, t ' * * * * 'i * nd t *ns>>ip.-. D u d.., m m v h m» a.»i 1 ^ 1, ^.i a * - i'-etveen ^ cne th e M r, ot o f tten r * ana **Iatvmnty. f c h o * a n (1 1,1 * ' * *». a r r e s t e d a l l m alas -- :- r f'. l^iror ^ U -rit th~ townshin rio-ni I.->t ion i.i l e a s t :no p e o p le h iv n b e d, k i l l e d s i n e, Snpurai.*:- la.-it y e a r. Vho ).* leader.-, of > n I"# arc currently facing chargca of Vre.isoi..hey /ore!:ept for several months as awaiting tria.1 prinov.r.1 Ard were only re lea.led on strict hail conditions which prevent thou fron engaging in the activities of the i ror.t -»nd itr. affiliates f Heaths in detention and ovsterious di sapncarancr.s Sl'VTt the trica.r.nral parliament first sat, olccen i«oil<«have died in detention, fit least five people have disappeared without tr;.ce. Cioation of inter-ornanisational rivalry.hey system has rr-bar*:«d on a campaign to promote conflict tetween different organisations opposed to apartheid. The S.V.C and the c o ^ o r c i a l press have played a Mischicvious r o lc in promoting thir. conflicts they have reported the distribution of -. i j o r o f the.-.s p e o p l e ;<avf! ;JC-C;1 s h o t Uy th e, oj i c -. ; o Cr.n fake pamphlets without nertlonirg that the organisation* conccrr.m»»reatfje! a-.t! c h a r g e d w it h t u M j c V iou m cc. (an-, o f v, 'euef th s V ic t in r - o t s h o o t I lv!j,.c r o a n v. i t r d when th e y u c o t to th e h o s p i t a l f o r t r c a t.-.e n t. donieu issuing these parj.hlcts; they have distorted reports o' rq-cal le,{ UD;*,.-.j.apo clashes and t^ry have focused a ot of atte ition J. ac- on Mac?;* violence. This has had t V effect o? M d i n g tha rola that the S A P and 5ADF hav«l^en >! lying in the townships. It has r.o rc h ave boon I n ju r e d am i a r c f o r c e d : c ro»ov:. to also l:een part of an attempt to paint the SAP and S A W as the ^ rem ovin g p e l l e t, and o i r d s h o t w it h r a z o r b l a d e, b e c a u s e t h e y. f e a r protcctors of the peonlo against conflicitng group, of vigilante*. g o i ng to th e h o s p i t a l f o r m e d ic a l t r e a t m e n t. ^ It has allowed the» ss to Ignore the real causes of unrest in J3*' 4 the toi/nshipa. * ['

3 sr.oir campaign has also allowed ':he systen to petrol bor'u tho 1. - O of Ion p.ctivists ar.d to attach their families. o Vhc carrot ' ro.if'o'1 < f -*i"i i'.oi'i '.>"t'»ne,i residents Tho intense l vcl of struggle has led the governn.mt to A frightening r.*r,: t * governments strategy has he.in to proi.ote.n-iiiom v «iveen!> ff,-.rent sections of iho coni?unit.y. 'he no.it?-crr fic example of this is tho role the system played in promoting I'-jiois hoswrcr. h m t c l duellers ant* township residents in Ts.V;ar.c c-.-r.'-ip on the fiast.land. Hero bloody clashes lc-d to the death oi - ' -cep!c, on i:icidcnt much exploited by tho press and television to discredit cor.raun.ity struggles..'r^atio*' of CQ i'i.iiity oiurdj lot content with thu continual presenca sf the f.aoi' and 5/i*, several Cou-.c i 1 lors have announced the formation of conmriity g>.ard.. t> 'enforcce \ * i.1,1.1 or'iir* trying t r create a snosescreen to hid} Its activltl.* in the townships particularly fro* the international Its window -dressing inclidei the repeal of th<- Plxcil. ar»i-ige.,.,ct, the Political Intcrferonco Act anr! the granting of freehold rights. cooranlty. In the face of evergrowing dona rts.'or the scrapping of Apartheid the government has announced tho'crcation of a P.Inc!; Torura. the representation of thn Clarh Loc\l. ithorities on the Hegional Services councils ; thr opening of the Central!)usiness District to all traders. ro.«x,ni-,ni0, of job ressrvr tior. cn the nines i.id Influx control arid finally a vague pronise to stop forced removals. ".Za C:. president, St: ve liga1c, has nade it quite cloar that these law enforcement or Ci = -:.-s,as he calls U w i.will be ji.vo vril in *uiirc:it* Ui ii.irnts hav; good reason to fear the brutality ot these guards. It Vhalong in the free State, gangs of vigila.-ites which include coi:nr;11 o r «anrl priests have been terrorising residents in an effort to -.njr.h cor.t.unity struggles, Several peoj. e i xlulir.o lo v v o r l r and children have.icon l.adly i'eatnn a:id soiae h.ive " ho challenge of vhc future At the -nr 'Mtior>al General C 5uncll in.varch this year, it bec.uro clear lliaf in the Transvaal. Tree State, orthcrr. an!..a-ter C.*.pc, orgr.risatior. had l>een outstripped hy the pace o c/<..,ts. J.0 fci) isation has taken place on unprt ccdunted levels, *>ut this has ;>ct led to the active participation of people in the day to da, ;:ctivitics of our organisation::. lie 1 ront anu its affiliates have not beat; to tatte the initiative or adequately give direction to tho spontaneous struggles springing u;». At tines this has resulted i;i laas:. anger flaying into the har-.tis of the systen and the divisions it is trying to create. Or. the -oanuaity front tie challenges that facc the UDF and its affi1iatea arc: % { - i:ow to assist local-organisations facing iev«re r*:pt>o»si.jr.

4 9. ^ C O r^w..o conaolid.icc r.o'.'ilisation Into organisation once the crisis is' over r s.ftive.'.or.-ality *!!ow to provide resources and training and the situation has returned to * How to ovcrccna the problem of leadership boir.g c o n s t e t l y reicvcd by regression A useful example of this type of activity was the crisis support c on..ti ttee set up in the Vaal. This co.-n.ai ttee provided legal, and medical help a d nljo collected information about vie.ins of repression.,\i icll as providing short tei.ii roli-.f «;orthe VIS, assisted in re-grouping activists scattered by repression. * :,d>' to r.croii;; ctivi.-.ts during and after the crisis has past * ;:ov» to sustain ongoing organisational wors under very repressive conditions! o w to popularise our organisations as an alternative to the ^ l a c ; Local Authorities This weekend sees the re-launching of the Vaal Civic Association, only eight months after over sixty activists were detained. The dynamic nature of current struggles requires creative thought. If properly understood, projects like the Vaal In Tor.nation Scrv.ire may provide us with sorie pointers for the future. ' How to strengthen ti»5 Letuccn different coirreni ty organisations and l-ctwccn orgai-isaiior.s w-jrking with different sectors How to over conc the divisions which the system is trying to crcate between parents and students. Migrants and reside.ts, and the supporters of different organinations. Ii looking for solutions to these problems, we need to ask ourselves who.her the models of community orgarisatiou built up of over the last five years of struggle are adequate to deal with the /resent situation. A t il-.e "GC, the :ia.ional Secretariat Report pointed out: T..one t o m i h ' p. i 1 i ce Craddock,anj UJtenhage have no local government strucutres. Now our task is to extend our struggle beyond these ;ipj>r i h ei d structures and set up our alternative structures which will force the authorities to heed the popular demands cf the people. Wo must set up projects to r.ret some of the needs of our people without conpronislng cur principles. Tor example advice offices, mobile clinics...

5 flcnts a>;0 SERVICE CHA3CCS (This paper applies «nly to tcwnahips ^.utalde tho h o m o l a n d # # It only applies to townships whero t h a n li a City Council or a T*wn Council a Viilago Council established under the Slack Local A u t h o r i t i e s Act). People In black townships all ovnr South Africa aro c o m p l a i n i n g about rent Increases. * Rerrts go up a l H t h e tla* because this Is where tho now Town end Village Councils have to got tholr mnney from. The Ccunclls*hove to da all tho things that e m u n i c i p a l i t y has ta da auch as providing water and e l ectricity. They havo to look aftor raeds and pavements, parks a n d cometarloa. ^ They havo to arrango for rubbish ta bo colloctod and takon oway end for seuerage. 1 There are many other things w h i c h a Council haa te dn. for ell thoso things they nood money. Thoy have to raise all he monoy they noed from the poople w h o live In the townships.» They, do not got any manoy from Uie ratos paid by tho awnor* af shape and efficos end facterlss in th«central Business D i s t r i c t s of th«cities. Thet monoy goes to the white municipalities. Black tswnships do n ot havo wealthy buuinoss districts b o c o u s e for many years black people were not froe to e stablish b u s i n e s s e s and factories I n the townships. N ow that It is a l l a w o d It w i l l take very lr-ng time before business centres ere built up. The Ccunclls have to'havo money and they have no *ther way of raising money e»cept what thoy can collect from tho poaple who live in tho townships. This is tho reaacn why tho Councils havo to raise ronta. This is the roason why there is a special levy for oloctriclty in mony ploces. This Is tho reason why electricity is oxponsivo. This lo the reascn why service charges g» up ell tho timo. Evsr if a p s f s c n iu>» hia hcuse unco; 07 y n e t leaiehsla ha.at ta pay all tr.e service cr.ar't» and t.u» site rant end extra levies. Even pocple whc do net havo e hauso af tr o I r c w a have ta poy chorees and levies fir different things. H c s t o l \ rents ars gcir.g t-p all the time. Seme hostels p e o p l e have ta >ay a levy fir electricity. Lceger's permit fees alsa increase from timo to t i n e. LCC'Ea'S PC'riTS Anycno w h o livos in'scnecno elso's hcuse has to have e Lnri'ur's p e r m i t ond has tr pay fcr tho lodger's perult at the S u p e r intendent's office. A man uho lives in his parent's hcuse has te have «Lidgor's p e r m i t u hen he gots married. His wife and children must be v r l t t e n cn to hjs Ledger's permit. * A weman who lives in her parent's hcuso must also get a L a d g e r ' a permit with hor h u s b a n d when sho gots marrlodt BUT : A UAH WHO IS NCT HASH tea Afio WHO LIVES IN HIS PAflCNT'J MOUSE rust WOT DC r c n c c o T3 T a k F T * L O O C C H ' S P E W I T. *. A UCr.AM U H O IS.WOT P A R R I E S Cfl 'JHO IS A V I S C U ANO W H O IS LIVINC IN H E 3 PARENT'S HGL'SC POST NCT ce rorced TO TAKE A L C C C E V S P E W I T m i u n p a r r i e o c a A w o c H i L O or the cunes cn tenant cr A house pust not BE rchced TO TAKE A L GOCES'S PEnfllT. ANY PERSON W H O IS * CEPENCENT Cf THE t'jner CR THE TENANT 0T *'HOUSE PUST NOT EE r i R C E D TO TAKE A LCCCER'S PE5HIT. A OEPENOENT ts A CHILD, CH A PERSON WHO CANNOT 'JCflK BECAUSE HE IS OISABLCD CR- VERY 0L 0.. IT IS on.ilnst thn l»u far a Superintendent to farce an u n m a r r i e d son, or an u n m a r r i e d daughter ar on u n m a r r i o d grandchild, or a d e p e n d e n t of the ownor af the heuso to taka a L e d g e r ' s permit. Their namos must all bo written on the houso permit under the n a m e of the owner or tenant of the hcuso. r But le somo tawnahipa tho Councils try ta get more mcney by m a k i n g these people take Lotqer's pernlts. Ihls moans that tha faeiily Is forcod to pay much moro runt. Page ]/ a I, 1.

6 Pa g * 3 Tor e*o.rpl». In ono trwnship the S u p e r i n t e n d e n t w a s forcing all adult* son's a n d daughters to taka separata Lodgor' s permits. They h a d to pcy H5.60 per m o n t h fsr each Lodger's pormlt. in some families tho tr.tal amount paid In Lodgor's foes a d d e d up to more than the rant for tho u h o l a house. If this Is happening In ynur township tho u n m a r r i e d sons and daughter* should go to tho Superintendent's office to ask him to cancel tho L o d g o r ' s pcrnits and to put their namos back i.n tho parei.t's hcusa permit. If he refuses to do this p e o p l e can urlte to tho 81ack Sash. address Is u r l t t o n at the end of this pamphlet. r c h t incrcasts. Tho Pago 4. T his draft by-law must than ba sent with a cor'y nf th* r esolution <»f tha Council to.the M i n i s t e r of C o - o p e r a t i o n and Development for hi«tn cnnsldor. THtno A notice must be published in two Issues.ef any newspaper which la sold and road in tha black township concerned. This notlco must state the following thing,:- mt,. *- * V * ' * 1. what tho by-law is about ;, 2. thot pooplo c on find a copy ef tho by-law et the C o u n c i l s offices. Anyone can go to tho C ouncil's office to read tho by-law during normal working hours, it must be avallnblo thorn for 1* days after It was"piibllthad in tho n o w s p a p o r for the second time. A Council cannct Just raise tho ronts In a township w h o n It wents to do so. Rants, chargos a nd levies cannot go up until a O V - L A U has boon made. 3. that any rosldont of tho orea c an mako an ob lectlnn to tho draft by-law. Tha objoctlon most be mode In.. *»tltlnq to the-chlnf t «ocutlva Officer of the Council within 71. days efter tho notice hos boon published in the nowspapor for the soconii time. j., - t h i s is u w t a c o u n c i l m u s t on scrone it p u t s t h c u c h t s f1wst tho Council must hold a C n u n c 11 mpotlmi All meetings of tho Council must be open to tho public Anyone can go tn a m o o t i n g of a Council to l i s t e n ta what the C o uncillors art saying abcut ronts. fnunih ; rirth i 1 ' Tho Council must hold a moetlng to dlecuts all th«written n bjectlons to the by-law a n d tho writton commonts «*de ebout it.. t *.. : ' * '., > '.< w.., After i t clby* has gone by eince the notice was published tho ehiof executive officer mus*. send tho r a l l y i n g things to tha Olroctor ef Ircal Govnrnmgnt But a Council can go jntn c i m m l t t o e if it wants to discuss ony matter in private If the Council gees into c;mmitteo pooplo uho -ro prosont but w h o are not Councillors will bo askod to go nutslde. The Council cannct vote nn an lncreane in rents whilo it is in canmitteo. Uhon the vote is taken the doors m u s t b o opened s» that the people can come in again tn w a t c h the voting. 1. copies of *11 the written objection* and comment* about tha by-law. 2. * c o p y of tho minute* ef tha Council m o e t l n g et which tho objoctlon* wero discussed. Thes* minutes must c o n t a i n the reaction of t'he Council tn th* objections. Th* Director must glv* thoso papers te th* H l n l. U r of C*-ap*r*tl*n and O o v a W p m o n t for h i s consideration. ; ^ If a majority of tho C o u n c i l l o r s votes for ronts to bo i n c r e a s e d that Is called a H n s n l u t l o n of the Council SIXTH! Tha Hinlstar must consider ell th* objections *nd th* Councll'e reectlsn te the objoctlon*. SCCPNO. A by-law is drawn up by officials who work for tho Council. This by-law is callod a draft hy "l a w. It must any exactly h o w m u c h tho lncreasas In ronts, sorvico chargos a nd Invloa aro t«bo. Page a/ The Dlnletor can rofuso to *groe to the by-law OH he con chango It... OH ha cen egroa to it. After ho hae docl.lod arid If ho egrcos to th. by-law h* must p u b l i s h it In Its final form In the C nvernmont Colette. The by-law becomes law on the day It la p u b l l s h. d or on *ny ath.r data»totod In tha notlco In tho Goiotto, Aftor thot it! tho lo* in tho oroo of tho town«hip concornod. Pogo

7 r - CJ' o o C Z S H i J. Paga 5 f ^ ^ the things sat aut In FIRST ta SIXTH atave are nat dono tfton iiscroasos are not Isgal. The c h i e f exeeuti >e cfficar cf a Tevn Cauncil is th6 Tawn Clark. The chief executive officer af a Village Cauncil la the Vlllaqo Secretary. 7 «q Cauea^^gnt Garetta is p ublished e v e r * F r i d a y night. Special qa:«t»o3 can be p ublished at any tl.ua.. * rifru'ihod In tr-p Garotte must be available at tha C ouncil'a arfices fcr anyono ta ga to see them. If a person wantj a capy af a by-law the afficiais must give a capy an rccuoat. Ih.oy can make a charge f.r a capy but the charge must nat be jiore.than ^ far a copy af cne by-law.,, It la, easier ta study a by-law if poaple have a capv af it.. Big libraries whlsii have a reference aec^tlan also keep the Ccvorrnent Ga:ett. The Librarian* will find tho Cajettj which a perssn wants and will make capies for t small chargo. t»at c j i y ~'j " " t i u n c; r^r'jca^cs n e ^ t s ar.o CHawr,^». J Learn what, the law says. Uto this popor in study' graups. t * Irganise sa that seme perple wha aro*nft v a r U i n g attend pvory m eeting af a Tawn ar Village Cauncil. This ia haw peop/o can have eafly infar^wti^n abaut now rent increasos.... Irrjanisa so that oach persrn in a grcup is buying a dlfforont lscsl newspaper ovary day. L»ok f*r notices ab«ut now by-laws under the Loaal n s c I c p s in the smalls" advertising soctian tawards the end af the nowcpaper* Uhen y tu find a notice efciut a now dl'aft by-low j*s. tn.the Council's offlcos and ask to soe it. Ask for a c*p~y o^ it.,» rvika suro y»u understand what khe fcy-low says. i ysur township Arrange meotings and groups pevplo in faur t#wnshjp to Inf arm them abaut the increases. 0 - ' * Ramombor you only»'hovo 2 1 %day* f r o f tho dato when tho notlca ia Qubllshod t«aond In wrltton o bjoctlaoa ta tho lncroasoa.» Cncoutago peoplo to writ* latter* to th# chief aaaeutlva officer atatlng th.lr abjoctlon* to tha lncraasas. These lattar* should ta factual. It is na good Juat aaylng "I abject" Paapla ahculd aay why they cannot a f f o r d ta pay. OR they might want ta object bacauso they think that tha COUNCIL I* not ualng it*.onay properly givo CMomples. X group of poaplo m i g h t docldo ta wrlto one letter which everybody". will aign. full namoa and atfdreasea must ba given bocause n bjectlana are only c o n s i d e r e d If they come from peopla who live I n tha area' concerned. Wherever possible dolivor the letters to tho Council'i rfflcee by hand. In that way you can ba sura that they do not get ln*t In tha post.' flako *ura tho lottera are delivered befora tho 21 daya expiro*. It I* a g c o d ldoa to toll tho nowspaperi about objoctiana ta tha lncroasoa. Inform J o urnalists ab«ut meetings at which new by-law* are to bo diacusaod. Toll thorn what you are doing. Ask them to attond Council mootings. a Co tho noxt mooting of tho Council ta hoar the abjactirna being discussod. If a l e t t e r ar nntico is d e l i v e r e d ta houses in ynur toy'ship aaylng that rents are g o i n g up go at onco to tha Council'* * offices. Ask to soo tho by-law. ' I Ask for a copy of It. Cvory p'ago of tho C a v o r n m o n t Gazetta has thia at tho Top t No : xxxxxx G o v e r n m e n t Cazette - data (e.g. 16th Parch 19fl?l If ymi are glvon a copy or a by-law without thl* at tha Top of tha pagos Insist on a p r o p e r copy of tha Caiatta concerned. If this ia rofusod c o n s u l t a lawyer or a law clinic or an advice ofrico. A ok in w h i c h newspapor tho notices ebaut tha now by-law wera publiahod. Ask what dotos thoy were p ubll*hod on. Co to the central offices of that n o w s p a p a r to check tha back copies to moke sura tho n o t l c o * w o r o published. If yau aro not aetlsflod that everything haa boon properly dona take legal advice. Co to a law clinic or ta a lawyer. Vou can ask an e d v l c o offlco to holp you to find a lawyer. ' Pag* 7/. v a* a- Pi I t

8 Page 7 ^ C 'J O '' o o By-laws ara made about increases In rent*, charge* for wator a nd electricity, eervlce charges, lodger's permit fees, special levies ate. Thay ara also made about other thing* which a f f e c t p e o p l e in tn* township*. It is very important that p e o p U u n d e r s t a n d h o w a by-law 13 made. W hatever the by-law is about the Council must do It legally as act out in this papor. If all those stop* ara not followed the u y - l e w ia invalid. Okciuii tha dintstor of Co-operation a nd Development h a * tho powor to reject or chango a by-la* before it is p u b l i s h o d In the Couocnmant Carette It may sometimos bo a good idoa to send a delegation to see him to talk to h i m about peoplo'a o p p o s t i o n to a p r o p o s e d n o w by-law* The Regulations about the making of by-laws by black Locol A u t h o r i t i e s are In notice no : R1993 on pages 5 to 7 of Governmont C a z o t t no published on 16th Septembor 1903, aa a m e n d e d by R p u b l i s h e d in Cajette no# 9226 on 18th Hay 1904# tovenber 1504 S h l*ona Duncan Black Sash K H 0 T S 0 HCU5C 42 do Villiors Stroet JCHANNCSGURG. a V

9 Sunday 21 April 10am 6pm Tembisa Mathole Cinema p - (CP has been declared International Youth Year (IY Y ) by the United Nations. Young people throughout the world have already begun to celebrate this event. The themes for IY Y are P A R T IC IP A T IO N, D E V E L O P M E N T A N D P E A C E. Young people have seen the need to come together to solve their problems, and grow into mature people, living in a world of peace and harmony. In South Africa, too, we young people face many problems. We do not have the right to make decisions about our lives. Our many talents are not allowed to develop and our attempts to create a better future for all, are stifled. So. as young people we need to come together to decide how we can bring about a happier society. All over the country youth are on the move. In the Transvaal a great start has been made with the formation of the Transvaal IYY Committee. It has invited youth of all races to join it in its launch. Speakers: L. Tsenoli (lyy-natal) S. Mafumade (UDF) C. Kekane (Educaction Charter Comm) Fedtraw speaker SACC youth speaker Q 3-2 ^ Swapo Youth League <2 ^ s p e a k e r ' Also: Poetry - Mzwaki, Jingles etc Music* gum boots etc Plays *Qinisela

10 ' W e ll 1985 w a s d e c la r e d In te rn a t io n a l Y o u th Y e a r (1- Y. Y.) fh e U n it e d N a tio n s # y w JOIN THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD JOIN YOUR LOCAL YOUTH CLUB NOW! Become pan of the planning, directing and enjc -mg many interesting, challenging and fulfilling activities. Meet youth of all races and backgrounds and make many friends. Become useful to our communities and help do something about the problems that face us all. Let us work together, black and white, to build non-racialism, harmony and peace......and move forward to a democratic South Africa, free of the evils of racism, division, hatred and injustice! tc o i&sued bv IV* Ttansvaal Comm, 42 de Villiers Street.

11 * : Sunday 21 April 10am - 6pm Tembisa Mathole Cinema 1985 hcs been declared International Youth Year ( IY Y ) by the United Nations. Young people throughout the world have already begun to celebrate this event. The themes for IY Y are P A R T IC IP A T IO N, D E V E LO P M E N T A N D P E A C E. Young people have seen the need to come together to solve their problems, and grow into mature people, living in a world of peace and harmony. In South Africa, too, we young people facel many problems. We do not have the right toj make decisions about our lives. Our many! talents are not allowed to develop and ourj attempts to create a better future for a llj are stifled. So, as young people we need to come together! to decide how we can bring about a happier soc-l iety. All over the country youth are on the move.l In the Transvaal a great start has been made with I the formation of the Transvaal IYY Committee. Itl has invited youth of all races to join it in its launch. Speakers: L. Tsenoli (lyy-natal) S. Mafumade (UDF) C. Kekane (Educaction Charter Comm) j Fedtraw speaker SACC youth speaker Swapo Youth League! speaker / i ^ Also: Poetry - Mzwaki, Jingles etc Music - gum boots etc Plays-Qinisela YOUTH UNITE!

12 L _ tchi K It sounds great! What can 1 do to be part ot k l.y.y? [TV /^v I r \ g 7 There will be youth club activities all along Lhe line -so watch out. Aatwrui ivy / < I / r Conyniitrc l-kcglcn&l -ivy C o m mi re But the first step is to come fo Lhe Rally - so See you there! j Jour locii youu Q i*0u i5s 3 JOIN THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD JOIN YOUR LOCAL YOUTH CLUB NOwf activities* d eni0yin3 = ^enging and Meet youth of all races and backgrounds and make many friends. facetseauseful 10 OUI communities and help d0 omethino about the problems that Let us work together, black and white, to build non-racialism, harmony and peace and move forward to a democratic South Africa, free of the evils of racism division hatred and injustice! * THE JSHXU issued by IYY Transvaal Comm. 42 de Villiers Street. Johann»<h'irn


14 Suffer * Little Children


16 w. I ' " * >. % A *. 8? Vj ". >V A.' * r v r / ' p -,. m* ^ I *.J> «/ ** *, t r *. '-j> r V i /-k»*» 0 JM & E'M m. :. * Q 3 j j i ^ < V *".»v.'^aisj5t^. A g o i i /«*. vv!" *3fv i--.».'. *v. ^ r - s B a g # V 1 :4V V»* l i f v v : isf. As?* " < 'i\ - V - ws8 R K - ^. 7 ^ * 1 j n v. * s* <*,#. mtfgl.j m * ',' * ' ' -* -%-.ds*«-.»- * * i % ij. z s s i>; ^ i - f»- ' I'- * k A "i i n r Printed by: Esquire Press (Ply.) Lid Vanguard Drive-. Athlon- Indus:- t a.k *». P ublished by: S tudent U n io n to r C hristian Action * *

17 Joshua MAKGOTLHO, 43 JAAR OUD, WOONAGTIG TE POSWAXOSTRAAT 74, KAGISO NO. I, WERKSAAM TE S.A. BRODERTE, FRAHSENSTRAAT 3, CHAMDOR, TEL VERK. L A A R. i l%- **/ * ','jr *.% '.** Ek. is h volwasse svart man met bovermelde beaonderhede. Ek is die voorsitter van die Kagiso Residents Organisation vanaf s-.gting van die organisasie in Gedurende Mei 1985 het die Kagiso Residents Organisation (K.R.O.) begin on reelings te tref vir die herdenking van die onluste in Junie Ek was. nie by hierdie reelings betrokke nie. Teen ongeveer 3 dae voor die I6de Junie 1985 het ek die eerste keer h vergadering van K.R.O. ten opsigte van die herdenkings bygevoon. Dit was diekomitee vat vergader het, asook lede van C.O.S.A.S. Ons het by die Rooms Katolieke skool, Kagiso I vergader. Die persone teenvoordig vas ek self, Isaac GENU, Lawrence NTLOKOA, maar die C.O.S.A.S. lede is onbekend aan my. Met my aankoms by die vergadering het ek h pak pamflette op h tafel opgemerk. Ek het nie gevra vaar dit vandaan kom, of vie dit gebring het nie. Die vergadering het ongeveer 30 minute geduur, en het gehandel oor die verspreiding van die pamflette. Ek self het ongeveer 200 pamflette geneem. Die res van die pamflette is geneem deur die ander aanwesiges. Ek skat daar was ongeveer 2,000 pamflette. Ek het dieselfde aand die pamflette huis tot huis versprel in my omgeving. Die bewoording van diepamflet het slegs h herdenkingsdiens'verkondig in die Hetodiste Kerk, Kagiso II. Op die l6de Junie 1985 moes die herdenkingsdiens teen 12h00 begin, maar dit het eers teen ongeveer 13h00 begin. Die kerk was vol mense. Ek het in die voorste ry gesit. Die diena is met gebed geopen deur h onbekende man. Die seremoniemeester by die diena was Lawrence HTLOKOA. Hy het die eerste spreker, h Indier man bekend as CHIBA voorgestel, waarna die man h toespraak gelewer het. Die gehoor het van die spreker self verneem dat hy self 18 jaar op Robben Eiland deurgebring het. Dit va3 die eerste keer dat ek die Indier man geslen het. Met die begin van die Indier man se toespraak is ek na buite geroep, en daar het ek verneea dat ek vir Saason NDOU te Soweto moes gaan haal. Hy aou op h ander plek h toespraak gaan lewer^het, maar sy vervoer het nie opgedaag nie, en'.ek moes hoa gaan haal en terugbring na die Kagiao HerdenkingBdiens.

18 Ek h e t na Soweto gereia, maar Icon nie vir Mnr. NDOU vind nie, en het teen ongeveer 15h00 teruggekeer na Kagiso,- Met my aankoma by die diens het ek h klomp menae buite die kerk opgemerk. Ek het die nenae gevra on in die kerk in te gaan. Met my binnekona was Doninee MEJE aan die woord. Hy het gebid en h toeapraak vir vrede gelewer. Na hon het swart man Peter GALLENS h gedig gelewer. Voor hy begin het, het van die nense begin raa3. Ek het die nenae atil genaak. Tydena ay gedig het. ek na buite gegaan on die nenae buite die kerk stil te hou. Ek het nie GALLENS se gedig voluit gehoor nie. Na GALLENS het Isaac GENU h toespraak gelewer. Ek kan nie onthou wat hy alles gase het nie, naar ek kan onthou dat hy h bealuit wat op h vorige K.FUOi vergadering geneen was, weer aangehaal het, en geae dat die raadalede noet bedank. Die nense het geakree dat die raadalede noet bedank. GENU het hierdie gedeelte aangehaal weena h tuasenwerpael van een van die nenae in die gehoor wat daaroor wou praat. GENU waa die laaate spreker. Die nense..het tydena die diens verakeie vryheidaliedere gesing. Ek kan egter nie die nane van die liedere onthou nie. Voor die diens klaar was, het ek die mense gevra on ordelik uiteen te gaan. Die mense het al aingende uit die kerk gegaan en ek het later die middag gehoor dat daar onluate in die woonbuurt was. h Week na die gebeure het K.R.O. h vergadering met van die Kagiao se Raadalede gehad. Ons het die onluste bespreek, en h'besluit was geneen on h geneenskapsvergadering te reel, wat tot dusver nog nie gebeur het nie, weens onbekonbaarheid van die gemeenskapsaal. Ek is vertroud net die inhoud van die verklaring en begryp dit. Ek het geen beswaar teen die afle van die voorgeskrewe eed nie, en beskou dit a3 bindend op my gewete. KRUGERSDOR? h25 (GET) J. MAKGOTLHO Ek 8ertifiseer dat verklaarder erken dat hy vertroud is met die inhoud van die verklaring en dit begryp. Hierdie verklaring is voor my beedig en verklaarder se handtekening ia in my teenwoordigheid daarop aangebring te Kruger3dorp op on 10h25. THEUNIS JOHANNES DUNCKLEY K0MMISSARIS VAN EDE S.A. P0LISIE KOMMISSARISSTRAAT 118 KRUGERSDORP RANG : SERSANT /ND

19 I )?BS JVMfi I 1! CQHMChon»T[9n ffihfjce-!uppre&led^whtn THIYr t USE OF «FH AFRIKAANS hs * MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION I" j j ^ j * 5H0 L. I K ^ I S S ' m S ^ T S u V u T S *N» UUR PEOPLE RES IST mnce. _ *mc*cic WE KINDLY HPPEML TO THE PEOPLE.WHO RUN J i ^ N D RELh T I - TO SHOW SYMPATHY WITH THOSE WHO LOST THEIR 1L ^ ^ ^ VES BY OBSERVING n MOMENT bi L E! ^ / F rs oon A PHa YER SERVICE.«I S L S s S ^ a ^ u w K. - VENUE; METHODIST CHURCH, SEN^hNGh KHONm DRIVE, K«G1S0 11 TIME p.m. DKTEi JUNE UND«Y) SPEAKERS f c S s S P s r t S S a g C.

20 M1ILTINC w rm SLNAlOR KliNNliDY In agreeing to meet with you we experience certain pressures and see clearly certain opportunities to advance the cause of liberation in our country, of the working class. It is our firm belief that in meeting with you today we wish to put the point of view of our federation concerning 1. our aspirations and 2. our expectations of your visit. Our aspiration is to ensure that all the people in our country have the political right to vote and determine their future. We wish to enjoy the franchise in an undivided non-racial country free from race or ethnic discrimination. We desire that all the instruments of apartheid - legislative, racial and otherwise - be destroyed. We see the elimination of apartheid. Not the amelioration of apartheid. We therefore expect that influx control be eliminated; that the migrant labour system be phased out. We want immediate equal education and training and university entrance based on merit and not quotas. We seek an end to race classification and the prohibition of mixed marriages. We seek an end to the Group Areas Act and the end to race ghettoes. Nor do we see room in such a society for the undemocratic security legislation which exists presently. We want the withdrawal of the army from our townships and an end to the homeland system. w We desire that this transition be brought about as quickly as possible as painlessly as possible, without. violence and loss of life of our brothers and sisters. We know as a reality that this transiton cannot be achieved unless and until all those organizations representing the political aspirations of the people are able to communicate their desires and aims, within the country in a free and open way. Our expectations of your visit are quite clear as well. We wish you to see and hear for yourself the plight of the black majority of South Africa. But more than that we expect that you will commit yourself to our aspirations and go back to your country and work unwaveringly for the cause of a free South Africa. /2...

21 We meet with you as both an owner of capital and a legislator in the United States federal government. We request therefore that you use your personal capital to divest from companies which do not adhere to just and equitable labour practice do not endorse that all South Africans should enjoy all the freedoms that United States investors enjoy. do not commit themselves to working towards a just and free and undivided South.Africa. We expect also that on your return to the United States you will press immediately and urgently, and achieve before the end of this year federal legislation which will clearly; stop new investment in South Africa, whilst apartheid still exists in South Africa restrict the sale of Kruger rands withdraw all Investment which supports the apartheid system, terminate United States involvement in so called homelands cease all supplies of whatever nature which assist the apartheid machinery. We expect also that you will pursue a vigorous campaign of constructive disengagement and ensure that nuclcar, computer and dcfence technology is not sold, or licenced or franchised in South Africa. Eighteen years ago when Kobert Kennedy visited South Africa hopes were b o m. In that memory we urge you to press for political, economic and social justice not only amongst the citizens of the United States not only for the deprived and the dispossessed in South Africa, but for all humankind wherever there is suffering and oppression.

22 We call for an end to United States imperialism in South America, in Asia, in the Middle East in Africa. We urge that you accept the third world and its people, whatever their political persuasion as equals and work towards world peace.

23 The S e c r e t a r y p. o. Box 92 KAG ISO Dear Comrades Tha above m e n t i o n e d o r g a n i s a t i o n invites you to a mass meetingg which will be held on the 27th J a n u a r y 1985 (SUNDAY), at the followingg venue: Tim**; Roman C a t h o l i c Church Kagiso p.m. V '' You are r e q u e s t e d to bring along a messagg of support from your organisation! Your presence and support of tha meetingg will be h i g h l y appreciated. Yours s i n c e r e l y (SECRETARY)


25 RESIDENTS MEETING We invite you to this important residents meeting which will be held in Kagiso 1 8 A t: The Roman Catholic Church On: 22 September 1983 A t: 6 pm This meeting will look at the follow inz: 1. RENT VICTORY - Th Krugersdorp Residents O rganisation made a ru»titinn» t, - r t s r ^ a K S r - in V T H E CHANGING OF THE COMMUNITY COUNCILS a a r z s w s a s m s COME AND SEE HOW THIS WILL AFFECT YOU IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIVES; ^SEN D IN G PEOPLE TO THE RURAL AREAS t s t ssrssstrsr z e s t * f BUckpersoni " 4. THE NEW CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA Once more the white government have made a constitution of South Afrir.* p V w t a t X j " a n / S o m i A t - T ' * ^ the B,ack w T m E,R = P R? B L E M S e g! Pr bl' ms «Bl«k P «P '«Knigersdorp OME ONE COME ALL l ^ e d by the KRUGERDORP RESIDENTS ORGANISATION PRINTED BY SHAM 'S PRINTERS. BENONI

26 KOPANO YA BAAG I BA KAGISO Re le mema go nna teng mokopanong e e tla bane tens mo Kagiso I & & Ko: Kerekeng Ya Roma Kaoi: 22 September 1983 Nako: 6 pm Kopano e e tla lebeleia dilo tse di latelang: 1.DIRENTE: GO FENYA GA BATHO BA KAGISO Mokgatlho wa batho, Krugersdorp Residents Organisation o ile wa ngwatla a«h " J T? (.Pet,t.L nl m^bapi,e g tlhatlh * " a ga dirente. Koornhof o arabile a re dirente tse tlhatlhositsweng di foloswe 2. PHETOLO YA CO M M UN ITY COUNCIL \lmuso wa basweu o fetotsc di-community Council go re di bitswe di-loca! Authorities. Go tlhopiwa maloko a yona ka November, newaea o. TLANG LE IKL'TLWELE MATSHW'ENYEGO A TLA TLESW AN r KF DIPHETOGO TSE il tbw A N G KE 3. GO ROM ELW A GA BATHO KWa DI-BANTLSTAN Molao o oi bidiwang Orderely Movement and Resettlement of Black Persons O * ^',se^a tsa go batho ba metse-setoropo o ba romelele di-bantustan 4. MOLAO-THEO O MONTSHA w a a f r i k a b o r w a n i T T V t basw*.ba Afrik* borwa ««Jitse molao-theo o montsha tsang mai M A T O A T A,'i,1? A N C ^ E " tn,",s- B * " 8e'1 vv_>i,a 5«ka*5ekana le mathata a mangwe a batho ba Kagiso BONTSI TLANG LOTLHE Etswa go: Krugersdorp Residents Organisation 2880 Sebenzisa Drive, Kagiso.

27 KRO ELECTORAL COfSilTTEE Baagi ba Kagiso le hunsieville, lakgotla lele setseng le boletswe fa godimo le lo laletsa go nna teng no kopanong e e tlaa tshwarwang ka la 27th January 1S05, letsatsi e le Latshipi (SUNDAY)- Time : a.m. Venue : ROi-iAi! CATHOLIC CHURCH KAGI50 II HAIKAELELO A GO K OP AKA GA ROiiA KE GO AGA TIRISAKO-htiOGO E E TIILENG t-iagareng GA BAAGI, GORE RZ NH LE KETAPELE E SiAATLA LE GO AGA B O K A M S C JWA i-iakgotla A HAQG'.JE. tfakgotla a mang.»e ao re buwang ka ona ke aa kwacilweng.ka fa tlase:- 1. hekgatlo ya bo-mme 2. iickgatlo ya basha 3. r; -.«jcitlo ya badirie 4. i;ekcauo yt. barutwana Baagi fci ;i?.giso le tiunsieville mo nakong eo re leng to go yona ba ledacanye le nathata aa ietoleng: 1. Lc 1jv*-j ga rcna ka tnioa le tht tlhobolo h..*:j os i ya tuelc ya matlo 3. : at!:r:ta. a tatsofc le badiri, le mathata a nangwe. foatnala a owliio a a setseng a builv,e fa godimo a ka fedisiwa ke maikemisetso a rota jaakrt baagi. TLAriG LOTLKi... TLAi.'G L O T L H E... T U N G LOTLHE... THAHG LOTLHE! KOPAr'u Ki ii^v.tli' 01 BUI E TLAA HiiA SSE JI LATELAiiG 1. Or lithcto nctlar.a (Soweto Civic Association ) pm. THE:tE: ' Tiia role of Ciaic Association 2. Reverend Smagcaliso nkhatshv/a (S>\CBC) THEIiE: Tne role of a Christian in the community 3. Mrs Albertinan Sisulu (FEOSA'.J) TME'.'.E: The role of a woman in the community 4. p.r Samson tidou (V'ORKER) THE.iE: the role of a worker in the community 5. Dr Siam Saloojee (TIC) TlitiiE: The role of democratic organisations G. Kr Joe i.akgotlhc (BRO CHAIRk/.r) y THfc"!E: History of KRO 7. i'ir Isaac Genu (iiro VI'E-CHAIRhAH) THE:-G: Problems in Kaqiso and nunsieville ur :*anala I'kcmfe (SOYCQ) THEfilt The role or C* youta in the corrnunity

28 - V 'c <? o / 7 Y u < S. c J ) c \ / ^ ~ ), s ^ " <C* o f C < V ^ C t y «S - /* S C S I ' s - *. <?^a// I? C- u 3 J 1 I i4 s. i? i l I i > j C ^ c ^>»j C / ^ e ^ ' V c «v------w- r * C «== A =j- ' ' ^ t o ^ 4, - 0 / 6 o a _ J \ - O. C t * L * a c _ l /. ( / i F C r C * A J? ~ V < _ / i / < > v. / * * o - y //pc/r,te ^ r h t= <- /, ^ C ^ e v / / ( lo<.kfy a ' c / f ^ o t c v t. '7^ - * > / *. r>9 ;, 0 ^V *=* - ^ 7 «^r? 4) <?-y' V ^>-7 C V f o. y. / v C ^ c. S / <rry 7 ^ -4 <^5 ^ / 7/ 0/»..*» ~j / y, '~/ i c < //(. C ( / L o < ± " / ( C, 4 '/. < y y < - o ^ < ^, ^ r y ; / t( ^ <TT *, t,. ^ o / O ^ y ( 4 / C r < J ^ "V^-«v (/ d>--» <^E- C. C J / * / <c^-o e. 4.. j C - ~ ^ / < - C. / * - <1 - N c l o / > < C CTV ^ ^ <o </ C. c- c? /.., v «r*^i j L, <CL- - v _ Z'"? ^ / 7 c. ^ < <n- -v<5 -e:. C c, *" r «s^ /-P ^ 7 c-. ^ V / ^ ^ > - 3 C. / f y» O ' *

29 r & C D / = /' C * ^ - c > / a».- q /*> o S / /y *~J faos?ftij(_ y^ / ^ - c. ^ ~ y O <z ^ * ~ 3 * ^ x ~ i < / V ~ - «e > % m > f ^ ' 7 ' ^ * ' C 2. d ^ 2 > C u > s ~ > C v A S T <?= 7 S _ / - T ^ ^ C /, c ; ^ ^ ( J f <=». c e V V - «_ ^ e. A» / - c. / o c * ^ ^ o ^ r < C o ^ / ^ ^ - C * ^ O e- ^ f ' f "»" * * ^ > * v / 0 - ^ 3 / ^ c - O.-n c _ * - ^ f if. A"C> >k->' V C ^-*". / <Ti * 7 / c ( V / - s ^ / /,, >, ^, ; y < _ y ^ c 4 f e / U ~ * r ^ f r a 4 «, *, - / y / x / c. ^ ^ *, e o.^, <jq, / - c 4 ^ y L /... C J C. ( ^ u } c ~ & i * - j ' - ' r e y c ^ >. s i r f < c ~,. - y I r y / c. u - v 4 * f S ><» ^ r ^ ' t f ->----- jf3 4, /, c ( e a ^ T. <"< >* t ^ C Y t. ^ c" '~< >^tf y <J" c e A ' <=, k c ^ q_ < _ -* -^ )

30 ,<S/C/VS> C G ^ ^» x T r ^ a < f > ^ F ^ e - X t ""- - o a 9 ^? c s 9 - e c > 7 ~ f y t c _ f > - < / 7 ' ^ ^ v U / O p / e. 7 ^ < = - y e - r =» / «= w ' c ^ y-7 i A ^ r o c - 7 < ^ ^ ^ j ' r e ^ c c. o V C v ', ^ y > / ' c y C l r *» < ^ 7 _ r ^ ^ y - < z < / ^ < r ^ ^ / ' c ^ ^ / s i u /< ^ <7 -/ /,- v. ^ /-j y / O a ^ - 7 A r < i A - e l o i o ^ j L * ^ d «. w v ^ ^ / «^ ' J r g U ^ J f e-<r~c*-~ cue. * «s- / / - t, e=-o ^ ^, ^,vt -/u^ < ^ e y ;~ - c a ^ ^ h r ' u ^ f ' ^ r - / 4 C / ' < A -V c?o O, L - ~ / C ^ ( r L <%^-=» *, "^' / V z^sj ; / V ) <c-o ^ «' >-' >- 7 ^-^. -4 T Jr (^-3 <2^3 ^-C ^ ///*4 J^ c > {f; cc ^ / ^ o /, '^ f & * * - c^ ~ tk * ^ - c. ^ ^ < <tt C ^ 9,

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