N.OTIGE. On and after November 15Hi, 1901, the following timetable will go into effect. mk 1 TIME. I 2- - : 3. ;L.. : SJATIOfrS. ;

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1 mf ylumev WALUKU MAU H T SATURDAY JANUARY 2502 NUMBER jq WL PROFESSONAL CARDS HENRY wokbsnson NOTGE Noary Fulc PAA H ATTORNEYS a n kefoka lahana Mau ;r On afer November 5H 90 he followng meable wll go no effec mk TME Aorney a law GEO TABLE H DUNN k : KAHULU RALROAD CO P ANTATW WALUKU MAU Noary Pudlg Towards laalulcu Towards Paa UJ J; :Jass :Pss : Fregh :Pass Pass ; :Pass :ass : Fregh Fregh Pass M ffohn RCHARDSON J : : LAHANA MAUL 2 : 3 ;L : SJATOfrS ; 2 3; rtrrtr9 Aorney a Lav M S Tl Z MMsn S 2:25 ; Sg! :03 JVll5 jjgj : 2:00 lljg j 87 f 7:00 ; Ka j fjj And Noary Puhlo HARRY ARRlJLTAGE; : 2:2 8:54 J 7:2 LllgLlMj :? 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Man Sree Below Marke ADJ NEW BABE DALL GROUNDS Waluku MaW Paa Sables E H PEPER Prop Hacks 6arraes ole a all hours Vlee all PAA TRANS Teh NO l2a f PATA OKAfURA j OKAMURA Pfem JMAJv Sables Hackd bugges 6 Saddle Horses A Al Hours Cheap Rae QeYy9e Lhana WaUwku LaAa ( MXu :?:0 r 0:0; 2:50 : YVZ M jvrrv uvvrv Arrv : Arv larrv : Arrv jm All rans daly excep Sunday Trans Nos fregh only; Passenger rans wll no carry fregh excep parcels 3p o oo lbs Wegh Passengers no purchasng ckes befoe hoardng he ran a regular saons wll bo charged 0 ens exra o he regular fare No RounA rp fares wll be colleced on rans Fregh receved from 6:30 A m o 5 p m bu mus be delvered 30 mnues beforo leavng me of fregh rans Parcels receved up o 5 mnued of leavng me of Passenger drans R W FLLER Mnager nntfnntpnftmtfwufwunt?p!tmrfr nnrmnr nn?pw A KODAK N THE HOME THE chldren grow up you havo a pcured 5s sory of her growng No only ha bu all he 2 SZ neresng ovens of he year 33 Z TUE cos s small because wo arc sellng EAST ZS j; MAN KODAKS a 20 per cen below regular 3! THE oudoor exercso add o healh educaon EEs S enjoymen r3 g WRTE FOR PRCES AND CATALOGUES 2 g Honolulu Phoo Supply Co g g HONOLULU h T 3 We nve You All Call And See 4 S7 Our NEW OP LNE GENTS STRAW HATS THS SEASONS STYLES They are he Proper Caper! STABLES KAHULU STOR AO WALUKq LAHANA STABLES MalSageLeavfsffS lahana Haoks Carrages Bugges Saddle Horsed a all hours Mee all Seamers Trans A DO rego) STAGE elegmphc ems General Funson recenly reached Callfornc from Luzon on a leave of absence Thomas Raymond recenly pcked up a $400 laggo of pure gold n hs mnng clam on Adler Gulch Monana Secreary Roo General Funson boh clajm ha he me s no rpe ye for he whdrawal of roops from he Phlppnes Fleshman he defaul Los Angeles bank casher has been raced Mexco where he regsered under he name of Maurce wll probably bo arresed n a few days Frequen fghs beween Russan solders Amreean salors a Nowclfvang has led o grave complcaons ard he Russans have appealed o Mnser Conger a Pek ng Mayor Schmz he workngmansj mayor of San Francsco was nsalled n offce January 8 n hs nal address severely scored he rerng Mayor James Phelan The mperal Cour of Chna n eludng he emperor empress dowager Pruce Clun he empress soveral prncesses have reurned U Pokng Amercan enerprse backed by he mllon of Augus Belmon wll consruc arunk ralroad lne from Canon o Hankow Chna Chales Warrpn odlard hfj Calforna noe wll rcsm ho chal of Englsh erauro n ho Caholc Unversy n Washngon hj Sprng f devoe lls aenon o raure SPECAL PRCES S H R T S 8 All Syles Szes Colors Buy Durng hs Monh l PROFT! Our Telephone No Dr Govy head mosor of Wesmnser School an arsocrac Englsh collegof6r boys severely denoun r ces ho educaonal mohods n! THE CORNER STORE Engl arbues ho dffculy! o he ndlerenco of he (Englsh 0 people Turkey Dealers s forfyng Trpol wh Groceres ho vew of ressng s occupanay Fancy Frus by Taly havng unsuccessfully m The Grocery Deparmen ; j poruncd France o nerfere n he of Mr A Jj;RodrguesSorq maer has been ransferred o lo Tne loss n freghs o he ralroads! Corner ;c n ho Uned Saes las year wag $ owng o ho scarcy of Jus drop n a Rodrgues fregh cars Blocl Corner Man Uned Saes Crcu Judge Marke W Sree ry our W Morrow of Calforna has been lne apponed ono of he rusees of hj Carnogo nsuon ncorporaed n Rodrgues Rodrgues; Washngon for ho purpose of re T cevng he $000000( endowmen Ppopreos for educaonal purposes Herr Sonnenberg n he German Rechsag assaled ho yvvoonsnc Brsharmy roferrng o as a mob of heves MERCHANT TALOR robbers unf o bo compared! wh he glorous Germans Ho Cor of Markean Kalua Avenue r also denounced Joseph Chamberlan WALUKU MATl as ho mo wcked man on earh! s Anew sock oftweeds Sekgess md ST Paehns M UUUVU UUUUU UU J!

2 f MAU BLUE BOOK je Nobody bu V J Lowre hs God know wha a burden he has had carry a Spreckelsvle snce he change n he labor sysem alhough henews man as news purveyor formerly as Dsrc Magsrae has a slgh nkng of he ruh Naurally broad mnded progressve Mr Lowre grasped he wonderful laen possbles of he planaon when ho assumed charge of he new mll he bg dch he unnelng of lao Valley were pars of he scheme whch he evolved o make Spreckelsvlle he banner planaon of he sls To have accomplshed hese hngs kep he planaon gong durng he labor crss was a wonderful foa whle here are many reasons o beleve ha under he care of lon P Baldwn here wll be a decded mprovemen n he managemen of he planaon sll he C S Co owe a bg deb of graude o V J Lowre for wha ho has done borne on her behalf s Alhough he Nearaguan canal bll passed he House by a praccally unanmous voe ye he real gh on he bll s o come ye wll be fough n he Senae Senaor Hanna who s noorously he henchman of he moned corporaons has already dsplayed hs eeh claws Back of he fgh agans he canal s he ransconnenal ralroads who are playng Panama agans Ncaragua jus as hey would have played Ncaragua agans Panama f he laer roue had been favored as he roue A a maer of fac he ralroads do no wan eher canal bul as hey have many frends n he senae s a maer of very grave doub wheher any canal bll wll pass he senae durng hs sesson f Now ha he Hgh Sherff of he sls has gone o work n earnes o rd Honolulu of vagrans he sherff of Mau should a once follow he work so far as Mau s concerned Specal n srucons should be sen o each of hs depues o he polce under hem o round up every vagran on Mau f he dlers f are nj wllng o go o work a once hey should be pu o work omle sonleas aoruer o he by he governmen Nohng leads o crme so readly norheas pn of as he sls dleness he Dsrc Magsraes should bear hs n lonu g a wah llo fee jjfu behnd mnd every u K hs come rade wnds me a clear case of vagrancy s brough before hem Such a durng ne sprng MJnyfjer fall As Course perssenly pursued vll reac very fav renly boh on he hs wnd bleeps dawn over hs hgh morals maeral neress of Mau elevaon s always cool pleas an nnq an uogn ne summer fleecy clouds floa over us from he jf Ths weeks mals brough o he desk of he News he Kpojau o he Waanao mounans nal number of The Spokesman a new weekly paper o be gvng us one of ho mos delghful ssupd MTy Sunday n Honolulu whch wll represen rho clmaes u he world These fleecy enes of m groa Democrac pary of he Manl Jus olouds preven ho sun from jjkung whch br nf Dmvrncy s o be served forh s no saed down upon us as elsewhere enablng us laer ssues ll sae wheher s o be Grover Cevelad goldbug o do our work u ho felds wh an annexaon democracy or W J free anmperdemocracy The paper has a fan aroma of an exnc Bryan slver Volcano bu s bngr newsy readable auḏ we hearly wsh Bro Tmmons abundan success n hs new enerprse 0 Cecl Brown wasunq aesonably wong n hs rulngs when he refused o allow a coun of he Macfarlane voes a he ock holders meeng here s no doubr bu ha Macfarlane wll wn ou f he can hold hs proxes ogeher Bu Browns forces!bave hry days more grace ye durng ha me hey may possbly capnro a majory of he Macfarlane sock; n he mean me he people shold unders ha he fgh fbr corjrbf Wll n no way nerfere wh he slablty of hb bank wbcu s wll reman one of he sold nsuons x he sls Dversfed Agrculure JSS s wh ex reme regre ha he people of he sls learn of he llness of Delegae Rober Wlcox no only oub of naural sympahy for dsress bu also because hs servces weak feeble as hey are are sorely needed n Congress by Hawa jus now Tbro s no doub bu ha Qorvgrdss ss ready o pass hero ellng us ha he prefer hem large appropraons for he varous needs of he sls such as a o hose receved from Calforna sewage sysem for Hanojulu mprovemens of harbors sea Las year here wore en acres gven pors lgh houses publc buldngs nnd oher legmae over o ho rasng of needs waermelons bu whno oneo congress o Tha crop realzed $WG0 They plead for her lle wllbe were graned sold o dealers Lu Honolulu as hey lay on he ground Ths was realzed whn four uonhs from he me we 2 The Pacfc cable s begnnngo assume angble shape n planed hem Pneapplea are now Congress so far as presen appearances ndcae wll be a beng largely grown These realze prvae cable wh a subsdy f possble bu f no possble o abou D( an acre secure There was some dffculy a subsdy hen whou because he fuure of a las year abou geng ranspacl cable waor for rrgaon hewll makf a empng nvesmen As he maer wll no be colonss had o depend upon ranlalths delayed long n Congress s m6re han probableha he sls year hey have all he walsr hey wll haye cable comnmncaoa wh he Coas n loss han a year need are geng aafcou half from now; a from hryfr e o ffy cens a! word n less cos for pumpng ha okhers have han wo years more Honolulu can cable Manla Honglaog PUBLSHED EVERY SATURDAY Wo reproduce from ho Adverser Hon 3 W vnlun Crcu JudR Whuku J N K volv (Mer Crcu Cour Wnlkn of lus Frday he followng neres Judfd W A McKuy lm Offce BALEY BLOCK Tan S W!sre; Wnluk Clms 0 MnUwo ng arcle relave o ho mccm asses nnd lables belongng o Kulnnllo WALLKL MAL T H Knlckuu Hommulu acheved n ho maer of dvevllvd sad branch on he 8h (lav of Jan lscp Huna llahm crops Klpnhlu a Wahawa Colony Oalm The M2 nas boonsol o Mr W Hen SU NSCRPTON KATKS M;ln MoloUa objec of he News n reproducng nng who assumes all lables of Khuolalhnln lnnu One yoav (n advanc $260 L Huldwla Shcrl WnlluUu hese arcles s o educae he pub sad branch all dues hereof arc S MlllH 50 A V Dnnn RhorB WMlllka lc of Mau o begn o look Cor he payable o hm S Kulunm MsUowho BSMAK STABLES CO Ld C K lmkcv Lolunn adven o such enerprses a avalable spos on Mau aud o hnk of Tbe columns of he News adm commucnlm F WlrocK Hnnj s ou nrnn opkn Wre ouly on OTrmble Mololu one sde of pnpcr S(M yor mrao whch W R Suffery Cnpnn wll bo held f lcnrn Polce Wnluku he advsably of personally neresng hemselves n suchenerprses Noce s hereby yven ha NOTCE H Copp Makmao Wn Kcmm Lhnna 0 B ROBERTSON Fd Prop lndmv Huna F J Frmrj Kalaupnpn Dversed agrculure as dem bough have Lahanaud wll he Bsmark Sables a MRS G B ROBERTSON Bus Mgr W T Robnson Tax Assessor waluku T N K Koln Depuy Assossor Walluku onsraed a ho Wahawa sele conduc he same under he name of ho Poneer Sables V O Alkun Pala men on hs sl has passed C) Dunn Lanalna he as a frs class Lvery Boardng Saurday January J Oro Hnna expermenal sares he 400 Sale Sable The managemen s n acres conrolled by ho assocaon he hs of Mr Manuel Duro an are now n a hrvng condon he experenced sable man well known on Mau who wll be pleased o see produc of emperae orrd old frends as well as new nusomers zones beng rased hereon wh equal W HENNNG facly J H Townseud unl recenly a member of he assocaon now manager of he Townsend Lfderakn g Company who was one of he founders of he samej a an swer o he argumen ha whe mem canno work n he felds here pons o he whe awn of he colony who have for ho pas wo years underaken he ask of producng upon he Wahawa laud ho same producs ha are now beng mpored no he sls from Calforna He saes however ha he clmae of Wahawa s pecularly adaped for whe men o wprk n aud ha s far beer hau ha of Souhern Calforna Arzona Texas The clmae of Wahawa was wha appealed o he Souhern Calfornans who form ho assocaon led hem o do here wha hey had done n her former home Furhermore s a colony where Amercans do mos of he labor here beug wenyfv e famles resden of he assocaon ls wh a oal populaon of eghfv e souls There s one feaure abou Wahawa whch makes mporan o Amercan farmers V sad Mr Townsend yeserday We do no ge here he glare of he suu as you doahon oulu Wlwa s elevallocaed a an on of ou 900 fee above sea level be Koolau mouu ans jexeudasr ou beng dscommoded Tnc qualy of ho l s suable for he growng of oranges lemons aprpos prunes pearr peachese rawlberres fgs One fg ree whch planed welve monhs gy whch was hen abou one foo bgb has now abou wenyhre e maured fgs Peach rees whch ou a wese year ago each have nor as many as hry peaches of a prey good sze alhough only half grown These rees have had a beer growh han have seeu h many pars of Souhern Calfofha All he varees ofvere ables ha can be grown n Calforna do especally well a Wahawa urnps carros swee an onaoes hrve We can bea he world n he rasng of omaoes many of hem growng as large as saucers The waermelons grown here have a rare rch ase maoy people jj$ Acoordngo he saemens of Joseph PCooke of Alexer Bldwr: n Tuesdays Bullen appears ha he Nahku se lees a am ul v alurmad concernng nerference wh any waer rg ds wlrh leynay have n Nahku Dsrc he News s srongly nclned o gve full credence o Mr Cookes g saemens goes whou sayng ha he plan for he wasewaer of Eas Ma o he ferle plans of cenral Mau should mee wh enhusasc suppor by he czens of Man generally as hs s o be doje whou dermen o vesed rghs speeu o he enerprse o pay for The ransporaon! problem s one of he dhcules a Wway of gvng he roonsls a bellorvsha of prolls on he produc lrnuse for marke A presen hey have o eam he produc Beven nwao reach aalu a ralroad saon or en nwfos o Pearl Cy salof They hare hgh hopes ha urkod wll numy day cu hrough propeny comej wrbn!shcr dsance of her ls hus gvng hem u quc r ouet lonouu NOTCE Noce s hereby gven ha ho dhn: branch of he Bsmark Sahles Co Ld ogeher wh all Poneer Sables Lahana Mau Formerly Bsmark Sables Baach Lvery Boardng SaSe Sables Saddle fforses Carrages Hacks as all Soars on Shor Nofae FRST CLASS AND RGS COMPETENT DRVERS W HENNNG Propreor M DUTRO Manager J A Decorave Sgn Panng on Wood Glass or Znc n Colors or Gl Carrage Panng a Specaly Send your carrages bugges o my shop for repanng SKATNO RNK Waluku Mau f af AnrRl a owng a a FOR THE 3 s 3 CHCKERN6 m 3 m m CROWN a m sn S KROBGBR STORY CLARK PANOS BERGSTROM MUSC CO C a Por S HokolClu m LMJelesen AccGgman General Busness Agen Agen EQUTABLE LFE ASSURANCE 6 SOCETY BLLS COLLECTED lahana; 0 MAU W fl Crozer CAlAOE AND WXGOJr BuCPER Carrages Eepared Paned Trmmed? Tarness aud anoher saplo ; gods for nrakfcg reparng Carragosahd Wagons Nce bulkdlabor erployefj! L LAHANA MAU ENGNEERS CONTRACTORS AND BULDERS Chas Crowell CAUrNTlfll AND CONTRACTO Plans Esmaes Furnshed on Shor Noce Offce Shop n Gles Buldng Hgh S Waluku P E LAMAR CO Conracors Engneers Wo solc all knds of consrucon work such as Ralroad Gov Roads Reservors Dches Wells Tunnels ec ec P E LAMAR Mem Tech SocPac Coas Managek W H Paerson PRACTCAL ARCHTECT BULDER Skeches Esmaes Furnshed On Shor Noce Bds on PAA f STONE BRCK Mason Work T BURLEM Conracor MAU Bulder Formerly Head Carpener a Kle) xan luac cv uauunu wuuup Conracs aken n all pars of he sl A large foj of sklled asssans always on h PO Box 63 Tel No 293 KAHULU MPORERS R R CO And Dealers LUMBER P a GOAL BUDLNG MATERA AGENTS Wlder S S Co Termnals a Waluku Spreckelsvllo ald Paa CENTRAL )FFCB Kale Nan Saloon W: WHTE Por Complee Sock Frs Class Wel Lqors Prmo Seale S Budweser LAHANA TSe CE COLD ona MAU aloo T B LYONS Prop ce Cold Beer ALWAYS ON HAND Frs C!ass Wnss um Prno nnd Seale Beep Marke S (Adjonng old Mea Marke) waluku MAU Macfarlanc Co Oppose Waluku Depo Wholesale Real AGENTS FO Lquor Dealers Schllz Beer ha mndo Mlwaukee famous Anhouser Busch John Wel New Brew O P S Bourbon Rye Sonrma Old Gov Old Pcppor Cnpe Horn Whlskoy Duffys pure mal Tweeds puro mal WllHkcy SpruonceSlnnloys famous OFC Kenfavoro Colbbracd John Dcwnr DCLScooh Whskey D C L Old Tom London Dry Honeysuckle Palm Tree Palm Boom Gn Hennossy s Bry A uralun Boomerac g Konlor Van Hcrgens wne ho famous ngo nook wnes GHMmm A Co esdr Champague We make a specaly of shppng LAHANA r k v Tk Ma McCann Pboprbor Choce Brs Of Amerca Scoch Whskey Beer Ale Wne ce Cold Drnks Lahana Mau T H Famous Barle Waer The Bes Medcal Table Waer n he World Boled only a he celebraed Barle Sprngs Lake Couny Cal whou exposure o he ar Thouss of remarkable cures have been effeced by hs waer DRNK T AT HOME JLOVEJOY Sr GO Sole Dsrbuors for Terrory cf Hawa Corner Marke Man S Waluku Mau Lovejoy Lquor Dealefs AGENTS FOR Raner Boled beer of Seale C arpy S o Uncle Sam wne Cellars Dsllery Napa Cal Jesse Moore Whskey Cream Pure Rye Whskey Long Lfe Whskey Lexngon Club Old Bourbon whskey Walnulne ) J F Cuers Whskey Moe Chadon Whe Seal fcham pagnes A; bckfs; ; J

3 SUPPLEMENT TO THE MAU NEWS VOLUME V WALUKU MAU H T SATURDAY No 24 DELNQUENT TAX LST FOR 90 n accordance wh Secon 58 Ac L Sesson Laws of 896 he followng Ls of Delnquen Taxpayers s hereby publshed comprses he Delnquen Taxes for he SECOND DVSON BY DSTRCTS as ndcaed ncludng Heal Esae Personal Propery Carrages Crs Drays Dogs Personal ncome Taxes assessed remanng unpad for 90 wh 0 per cen penales he cos for Adversng as he Law provdes SUPPLEMENT Saurday January Second Dvson nl of Mau Dsrc of Lahalna Avranfl Hannah 70 Baker R H 820 Cocke C B!)30 Dudo Chas Mr 7 Co Esae Cocke Chus 50 Cocke Joe 70 Gbson W M 2065 Kaall 50 Kaukau J A 50 Kaepl 800 u Luahne f30 Makoo 370 Kaukau W M 380 Hale Sol 50 Honene 490 Hayselden F H Mrs 820 Hamanalau w) 70 Jones Adelne 4092 Kapele (w) 50 Kanaeholo Clus 600 Kanepole 722 Kamaka; 270 Kalepo Lln 25 Komaa 792 Khe Pue 270 Kalama L K 490 Kalama D M 490 Kalanu 490 Kelpona 370 Kaka 380 Kamaunu A 270 Kmokea 70 Kawae (w) 270 Keahuna Kalaluh 70 Klnahe 70 Kuee Kukana 80 Kahalepuna (w) 380 Kahaulelo Noah 270 Kanawalwal Kulua 930 Kale (w) 25 Lealoha (w) 60 Lahana Saloon 425 Mau Mahoe 930 Meheula M 700 Nabaolelua Ka 645 Nahnu (w) 600 Nbau 270 Namaeua; (w) 270 Okamura 920 Paaaan Abr 700 Pua (w) 380 Peah Keao 380 Puha Moke 60 Papa 5 Pasu Anne 270 Remann Augus 975 Spencer Marna 820 Wabnealoha Emla 325 Whe Wm 330 Dsrc of Waluku Ako Mss A 470 Andrews Mrs A N 05 Ah Hop 722 Ab Ku 33 Ah Yau 980 Ah Kee 26 Ah Ona 9 Ah Kee Ah Chau 270 Ah Sack 600 Ah K 200 Ah Lama 782 Ah Lama Ah Png 3806 Ah On T 97 Ah Mng 2866 Ah Png 090 Araa 35 Ah Gar alas Ung Gu 292 Ah Fa S 2855 Ah Moo ea! f 20 Abraham S W 5045 Hng Urn 3 25 Kwong Chong 5 90 Akuna 40 Hoa 9 70 Kobyash 9 30 Ah Chp Ah Young 348 lana Kaanupu 8 60 Kallkane 0 05 Andersen Jas 60 Hennessey Jas 9 30 Kallkane G A 3 80 Anvel oolan K 644 Hansen C 5 40 Kunuknu D A Sam Bos 60 Baa 4 80 Kaponn(w) 6 75 Auka D H 60 Hunangn 5 35 Kulmul a Ah Chew 490 Hanaokn 8 64 Kaumn A 6 45 Ah Mo 979 locla 2 70 Knlawaa ) H 26 8 Ah Moon Tuck Tn 2784 W 8 65 Kourmm Nakoana 9 44 Akau VV 490 lelema Kanepana 6 40 Ab Po Ah Pau 776 Kawaen B K 8 64 Koomoa D 24 0 Ab Chew 490 Kapukn (w) Kaakala D X 9 03 Ah Kuna 60 Kamakele J 7 40 Kauwekane 6 40 Ak Wm 590 Klaa D 3 20 Kela Mele 3 50 Amundsen Hans 2976 Kaluna Jno 2 5 Kukahko D 8 75 Akoloka Mss Hul 380 Kekua Kupuu 7 0 Kekohua; 7 92 Aranju A Manl 370 Kao Geo KamaM 2 37 Ah Young 260 Kaall Mrs F 3 20 Kalehuawche K 3 80 Ah Png 60 Kaall D K 2 90 Kawan 2 26 Ah Lng 572 Kolona S 540 Lonoaea Mal 25 Ah Loy 660 Kaleanuenue (w) 6 40 Lum Lung 2 7() Ah Choy 358 Kaholokahld 6 45 Mauloa 6 25 Ah Chew 820 Kanoho Mrs M 3 25 Mahuka(w) 8 70 AhFook 6 Koloa Geo Maka W E Ah Nn 600 Kalena Hao 3 0 Mskano (w) 6 50 Ah Hoou 996 Kanahele Mss A 7 60 Makalena(w) 5 95 Baley W A 820 Kamaknw J X 7 50 Morrs Mele 7 60 Baley Harry 25 Kahaulelo 3 50 Maaloha H 35 Brown Jno 860 Kaanaana Hao 30 Morhaa 7 43 Brown J Sr 655 Kanobokuahw 40 Meda 6 44 Cumrnngs V H Jr 700 Kana D Makolo Wm S Z Chu San ChunChee Kalekn Kapua (w) Marns J P Mukaano Joe Clark Thos 76 0 Kealoha Jno 600 Mam 3 36 Chew Tong 34 Kubo 2 27 Mahu Wm 3 80 Cazamso 380 Kek 2 97 Masuo 2 5 Cocke P 5907 Kaluna Hao 87 Maha Kuewa 325 Conway W A 655 Kaml (w) Caswell Jas 25 Kahoounauna 290 Mora 4 90 Cocke E K 980 Kekapa E H 0 85 Mau Corn well W H 7380 Kehkanakaole 3 58 Momona D 6 Po Chung Lum 270 Kaolokabk 4 46 Makahala (w) 32 Chong Yuen Co 4450 Kahunalau 3 80 Naoho EH 2 70 Emala 490 Keoole 6 00 Nahalea Esae Wawaepuu (w) 380 Kamna G 4 90 Nul Naupo 2728 Kum Yau 2 00 Namakaokala 6 00 Hookano 462 Kaulanaula J 837 Nawahne O Mashuda M 25 Mlula (w) 200 Kawoll M 4 84 Xoholoa 6 76 Kaehanu 5 40 Kaula P N 4 30 Noda 2 0 Makaaloa 9 30 Kaula Mrs M Nawa Mrs K Pomaka 50 Kauakabll 7 60 Xakanura 7 65 Bna 0 40 Keanu A E Xakashma 5 72 Kpakuha 3 00 Kanewa 6 00 Xu nu 230 Pae Kuuha G K 5 67 Ogaa Xoda 5 3 Mah 4 20 Kahookele Mrs L Okamura 7 0 Mokuhal 7 60 Kauhmahu M 5 40 Parker Samuel Hae H2 50 Fred Schols Kagawa 2 55 Puh uana 8 70 Nakowa 2 97 Kadan Noda 00 Pomaka Kawaa 60 Kapehe 7 65 Kaahue 4 90 Palaualelo Mrs E Kal S 8 47 Koynaga Yamanaga 6 00 Pupule (w) 6 00 Ah Foo 7 44 Kaahanu 60 Puehu 4 35 Kaluau W 3 25 Kuamoku e al 5 0 Paabao S W 8 60 Kng J L 4 90 Kuhelan Mrs H 9 30 Po 8 70 Kahaunan 9 30 Kahale S 50 Rego A do 7 0 Malulu Jas 7 00 Kanahuna 3 80 Ross M C 3 52 Paalua 6 00 Kaue S E 9 24 Snffen E Joe Enos Kope Mara 60 Sonoda 3 9 Lousada Kahuajca Mrs L 60 Sng Ta 50 Cocke C Keanu Wm 2 70 Scholz Mrs Eunce Cocke J Kauabne (w) 3 25 Shoda 5 34 Opunu 6 00 Kanana K (w) 7 0 Sylva J p 8 09 Kunukau uskawa 6 00 Sylva Jno Kewae 44 Kuula Sam 3 25 Shmamura 2 70 Blown J Kakmoo 50 Sam Uop 2 5 Paahao S W 25 Kuheleloa Sam Quong Hng 4 36 Eldredge Harry 9 80 Kal 9 92 Sanerv Mrs W 5 47 Enos Huakn 7 60 Kahele 6 45 Tamoo 2 70 Freeman J F 60 Kannau F Takash 5 89 Fuga 7 76 Kake 3 0 Tama 7 54 Helekalan 26 0 Kapule S 8 60 Takasak 3 80 Hale Sol Kabeleeku H 0 95 Tauakawa 2 70 Hapo Kanahele 3 00 Kaluau 9 80 Tokoyama 3 80 Hale Puha 5 40 Keamn Tonaka 2 5 Hoop Apele 4 57 Kahaleole 35 2 Ualua Knolau 6 00 Hoewaa Lan 9 25 Kaaa Noa 6 55 Wa Choy 0 Hop Chong 6 00 Kmura S Waanabe 2 70 Hune Mrs P 2 70 Kuga 7 0 Wgamura 7 0 Hayash 60 Kuwamura ( 00 Walama Pnoku 7 0( () Walnenka M Walnenka Walnenka K Wahakankaole Yuen Fong How Yoshzawa Yanasa Yamada Yamanak Young Hook Yk k Tung ncome Delnquen Ln 4 8( n Amundsen Hans 7 0 Ah On T 4 9l Ah Kang 7 0 Ann C 4 90 Abu S Co 7 0 Anderson Wallace 4 90 Baley W A 50 Borba Anone 4 90 Clung Wo 50 Corn well W H 7 50 Hoffmann Ed 4 90 Kmura S 8 0 M lylbl Gao 2 59 Monel Wm 2 59 Qull lan 3 36 Sylva J P 4 90 Tokuaka 9 30 Vellesen V A 4 90 Wug Yee Sng ; 7 98 Yashnor v 50 Dsrc of Makawao Assenscao J de 3 80 Akeau 2 70 Ah Teu 4 35 Ah Ku 9 67 Ab Chong 8 59 Ab Sang 3 37 Ah Sam J C 7 39 Ah Mae C 5 73 Ah M S Ab M Tarn See Ah Chew Y Avery Mrs Mary 3 80 Aea M s L K 5 8 Abloug Mrs L 7 60 Ah Lung Hoo 4 35 Ah Alng D Esae 6 99 Brown Mary Kunoho Burns Mrs Rchard 60 Booh C W 3 80 Cooper Henry Jr Esae of 6 20 Cooper Anne Franc 6 20 Clevel H W Chee Sang Pang 7 60 Corn well W H Clarke T L 0 97 Davs Dan 3 53 Dumas Joe 4 09 Eldrcdge D P Esae : 38 EldreJge D K 4 47 Enos Dommgas 7 0 Euos Frank 6 00 Freas Lla K 60 Forsyl T C 4 46 Forsyh Geo Ferrera Anone 7 06 Flores Mrs John 55 Fong Wa Melkha 7 05 Gonsalves Frank 2 98 Halcmauo S K Hong Sng 9 64 Haml Kana 8 20 Haokeka (w) 2 70 Hore Maul de S 3 25 Hookano Helcbua Esae of 4 30 Haoe J 2 0 llae D K 4 70 Joaqun Mary 3 20 Joaqun Jr 3 20 Keala Fan of 4 4

4 SUPPLEMENT TO TC MAU NEWS SATURDAY JANUARY Kahapo lvkahunu Esae Kahapo S X Kepk J E Kelupka ll Kawamuka Hno Esae of Kaluna John Jr Kekuu Mol Kahapula Kn (w) Kauna J X Kulk D Esae of Kane S D Kanaha J Palale Kekapal E H Kamakele Mrs J Kamakcle J KanL Kalauao Geo Kaluau Apele Knauana Khonenu (vv) Kapu S Kuelu Keou Kuhelun Kcluo San Kane S K Keena Kalehua Kulu Kuue S E Kuhlan Kauhane Mrs J Kahouka (w) Mrs Mokeah Kaula Komk Kalehua V K Keann Kl Kalekn Kahaku Kalaaunu Kanahuna K Esae Kapola Esae Kal Esae vaawu Danel Esae of Kahopuoku Esae Kapuaa Esae of Kala K N Esae of Kaneholaul Esae Kala W B Esae of Kupou Kekua D Kelaa Nana Kanahuna Kala Kaluau Mrs Kaaaf Kehokaua Esae of Konoha Esae of Mau Sugar Co Moewale Esae Menno An F; Mendonca Manl Gomes Mner Geo E Melkna; Mau Suu Maua Uluouoh (vv) Mahoe P Kale Marques James Nunez Manl Nawelu Xakla J K Naaeono Moses Esae of Nawahneokalan Esae of 5 40 Ngee Wo Chan Opunu D X OUl 3 5( 3 20 Poha Kupa Paepaeakea Moses Pa Thos K Pa C K Pulehu Paahao (w) (JO 6 40 Pauole Geo Pupule Knmnka Pukla Papu Rose Esae of Puleloa Esae of Poepoe Kaa Reynolds Esae Rapozo Joe Rodrjjues John Rego Joe de Saka 8 20 l Sanos 58 3oe 3 78 Sarno Manl 2 70 J Snffen X K Snffen Sam 3 5 Shaw J R 82 Slva Anone 7 88 Smh Mrs G Washngon 24 9 Sylva Frank 9 75 Esae SJvaJohn 2 Sone Edwn Scholz Fred Tavares Anone 4 90 J Tong Hod 2 8 Ten YounK g Tom Dow Mrs Mnne oj WamLLK ong 2 70 Wallace saac 4 20 Wakall Wallac Esae of 2 93 Young Chong ncome Delnquen Ls G D Russell 750 Frank Rose Dsrc cf Hona Ako Cbas Ausn Es Alapa (w) Ah Png A k na J A Akenek Paulo Alapa Gardner Alapa Makaho Es Beke WTlknson Baley E H Baker Jo T Brown G Trusee Cabral Manoel Cabral Jose Chamberlan H W EnokaPauah Eleu Lyons Fukuda S 429 Fukuda S feera M Anone llakuole Helela Po Hho J K Hal Howell H lamau Kuuku leeu A H Hasgawa Hoop Hockug A Haloa J Helau Mrs Asa llpau Es lu lkoa Mere Koomoa D Kekauaua Mrs Kaneakama Kannau W lvaluh Solomona Keok Jula K Kuaal Kama Kekuuu (w) lvuekuu Cnas Kaalom Kau Mrs Kaaa Kavuukoa Mrs H Kauo J lvekuulono Harbole KeeTrv lyeaumoku Kaumaha Waha Kuanoo Kelaa M s Kahaleanu KaluuMrs Kaulu G Kaaohelo Es Kaewe J K Kapolan Es Kahalewa Kaleo Kanoho Ha Kemohe Samuela Keawew Es Karoho Plpo Kamla Kane S K Gard Keaho Plan Kelnakuale Kekahena P Kuhaupo Haum Kuaokalan Kakan L K Kawaea B K Kao D Kuahwnu L Kng W H Kaahanu Pomaka Kahananu Kaewe Henel Mrs Kahaleka (w) Kahalelaau (w) Kamaka Papoko Mrs Kelohanu Kahokualuna P X Kahokuoluna S Mrs lo Zo u lo lo Kupun J 270 Kall D 270 Kelkuloa 490 Kekea 270 Kaaula S8 Kamakawahne 25 Loke Kanakaoka 364 Le 650 Lyons M T 34 Lono Kepano 60 Loke 05 Lake Chas 535 Mara Keala 270 Meleana Huakn 22 McLune P 2 5 Makaho J no 2 59 Ma Jno 49 M a re Thomas 3 25 Maunaloa J 8 75 Maran Wlcox Mrs 3 25 Maulola 8 70 Mere Puakaena 4 3 Manono 3 47 Monsarra M 82 McKay W A 88 Makaena S K V 65 Momoa Jno 88 Xakla J K 4 44 Xawalau (w) 6 Nuuanu Esae 2 70 Xeedham Wn 6 00 Xalmakaua Mrs 2 70 Nawahneokalan 6 00 Noa Kupau Mrs 3 26 Nshwz J H 93 Palau Esae 05 Pohna D M 6 Pupuka Esae b57 Puh D Esae 2 70 Queen Emma Esae 2 8 Rebeka Brdges Mrs 60 Smyh J K 77 Slva Anone 2 44 U (w) 4 08 Ulunahule J M 05 sl of Molnknl Akamu (Pake) 3 25 Brown J F Coeke C B 3 80 v Chler John 3 80 Dar Mary Mrs 4 35 Dudo Jules 3 80 Devauchelle E 2 70 Esae Kukamana 0 40 Kuphea 7 65 Kahamoe 0 40 nana 7 0 Kaoa 90 Kapu 3 70 Mana 4 90 Napapa Peelua Henry Hulu J 9 30 Hkona 7 0 Hchcock R H Mrs Hchcock R H (Trus) 2 (5 Hu John 0 d Kaahu Loa 3 80 Kalahale 3 25 Kalul Puna 2 70 Kalaau 6 00 Kaakea 5 90 Kama A L 6 45 Kaahanu 4 90 Kuue S E 4 90 KalaUkoolau 2 70 Kaahue Jos 7 0 Kapu Hel Mrs 5 90 Kapu H l 2 0 Kanamau 5 45 Kukah 7 0 Kalawela 3 80 Kalekoa 0 40 Kukah Chas 8 75 Kekumu 4 90 Kuhhewa 3 80 Kalahke 7 0 Kekp Geo C Geo 2 70 Kahema Ala 3 25 Kamauola Kala v 50 Kaluauha S 6 00 Kulauokalan ) 50 Kalauokalan D K 4 90 Kamalo Suy ar Co Kallkaue 3 70 Kukoa 0 40 Kamacwaewa 2 70 Makaokana S K 3 80 Monsa ru J M 3 80 Manase H Rev 50 Makaleka (w) 8 75 Maulawa Rahapa 4 70 Makale Co Makale J 4 90 Mara Lolo 4 90 Nameaaloha 4 35 JSauka 4 90 Pualan 4 90 Papoo 9 30 Pamawaho 4 9o Poaha 2 5 Pauhwa 4 90 Remann Margare 70 Rchards Malaea 2 42 Tollesson Olaf Waaua 7 0 Wlcox Luher Mrs Wahnalo 7 0 Vlson John 7 0 sl of Lana ( Chu Gam Young Chee 040 Kauhane Pa 700 Kalloku 490 Kalehoa 040 Leuuea 270 Lupeau 380 Maunale Sugar Co 5505( Mahelona S W 490 Peleaumoku Sam 25 Smyh J K 55 5o Zblan An EMan 270 NOW DS TME TME To Subscrbe For The MAU NEW

5 LOCALS fal o aend le Kam con : uvfcl Send your Job Work o he Mau News Job Oflee James AUna orc farmer of Mku ao (Hud on Tuesky n Excellen spor s repored by ou huners n he mounans nauka of Wakapu ho hrs ns of cane wll Ue rn a ho P unene Mll on nex Tlur day January ol The Lades Gud of Wluku nel a he reslence of MrsGBRobl son yeserday afernoon Ov ng o he congesed condon of he columns of he News he deln quen lax ls appears n supplemen See le new Ad of he Kalulu sore hs week ley carry he larg es sock of Lroods on le sl All hose desrous of jonng he Waluku Book Club for 902 wll please h $50 o Mrs Ogg on before February GJ02 4lc Kamehameha boys wll gve sacred concer a he Nave Church omorrow ngh a collecon wll be aken up for he cause hey rep resen Tha mudhole n he road oppose he Chnese coffee jon near Kahulu s geng deeper more danger ous every day Please fx Road Board y Excellen work was done a Kahu lu las week n he naer of unload ng collers everyhng runnng lke clockwork under he effcen vson ol Snp Fller super Owng o scarcy of funds he vs of Berbers B o Mau has been deferred o Aprl nsead of of Febl Hope won prove an Aprl Fool afer all Work s beng pushed on he road beween Waluku Maalaea Bay whch s now nearly as good as pefor e he kona sorms of a year ago save for he sunken crossngs s abou me ha he Mau Ahlec Assocaon ehould call a Kneelng arrange o colled Tamls o pay some of s back blls s no rgh boys o neglec such hngs Every one should aend reenerunmer o be gven by Prof Kng he Kanehaueba bovs a he Wlukvschoolhous e ough A muscal rea s n 6ore he cause Sa mos commendable owe For he pas monh Waluku has enjoyed cool crsp nghs whch rake blankes a luxury le begnnng of He glacal penoa pernaps whch; asronomers predc as a resul off le approachng relave posons of; he planes Majah Gusavus Adolphus Huch J son he onsoral ars of Waluku has organzed a company of Waluku ufanry makes he moonlghj gks vocal wh hs raucus com mauds bu as he nfans seem o enjoy ao one complans Frends of Thomas Krojse propreor of he old Arlngon Hoel Honolulu wll be paned o learu ha he commed sucde on las Wed hesday shoong hmself wh a psol He was a promnen mason old resden of Honolulu an The Poneer Sable Co of Lahana J s douff a consanly ncreasng Lum ness Press buons oleclo bells Mre beng u n for he convenence jf he resdeus of Lahana followng he examples of ue Usmurk lao sables n Walulra By an oversgh we egleced o J menon he fac n las week s ssue ha a he nsallaou of K of P flled he char of CC las year was duly nsalled n he honorable poson of Pas Chancellor for le ensung year Somo me snce a swarm of beea domescaed hemselves n ne cel ng of he Mau Hoel ard proved Vonspvea aue a nusance ol Manager Hagpnkamp whbvasc6n pelled o remove some boards smoke ou he pels wh sulphur Several buckes of delcous honey were secured! l Jus before gong o press hs week oo lae for puwealon an neresng f onyu unjea Uon was receved frpm W 9 Aken Sob Agen Fourh unddsrc B3 6es he Nfw as well os ne publc a large lfgk k egardng he waerlease s o polou Murcom wh gladly be made for m wr Wx ssue Klel Plan alon A da spen n rdng hrough he Kle Planaon s a revoluon o hose who hm :o kep n ouch wh s developmen There are approxmaely Blf acres of growng cane a Khc mucl of beng s large ne s any cane grown on cenral Mau none of ha does no look farly vel ncludng he raloon cane here wll be abou 300 acres mlled durng he presen season he oupu of whch wll probably be abou 8000 ons New laud s beng pu o cane as fas as waer develop mens perm s probable ha whn wo or hree years a leas 8000 acres wll be m culvaon yeldng crops of ons per year Ths years crop wll be ground a he new Puunene Mll Work s beng pushed a he b pump he sump a he 300 f level has o be sunk only abou wo fee furher a work of exreme dffculy on accoun of he n rush of waer When hs s done laer al drfs are run o develop waer of whch heo seems o be an nex hausable quany he pumps wll furnsh a flow of weny mllons gallons per day A presen abou nne mllons daly are poured over he Khe cane felds Tho coal used by he pumps s a very expensve em bu by July s proposed have ol subsued for coal as fuel whch wll resul n a savng of a leas oue half Mr James Sco he new manager seem o be ho rgh man n he rgln place hs horough knowledge of machnery wll prove an mporan facor n hs usefulness Mr Jack Dow head luna s one of he mos experenced cane culvaors on he sls he flourshng condon of he Khe cane s a flaerng rb ue o hs skll energy Mr Lesle Sco as chef accounan s n charge of he offce he sore posofflce are n charge of Messrs E J Baumberger E A Davs wo very compeen hsome graceful knghs of he yardsck Whle of course was a ponder ous joke o have capalzed Khe a hree mllon dollars sll he planaon s all rgh up o s naural lms wll prove one of he per manen moneymaker s of Mau A Garbage Dump Needed Oddly as may sound Waluku has absoluely no place o dump s refuse rash garbage Formerly was hauled on dumped n he shll bu hey are now fenced Then was hauled o he beach dumped a b waers edge near he slaugherhouse bu recenly he H C S Co have seyved noce ha no refuse mus be dumped on ho beach as hey owr he a ha pon del Consequenly he resdens of Wa luku have no place shor of Maalaeu Bay possblj none here o depos her refuse The oher day a horse ded lra Wkfluku s owner Japane appfed o he Sherff ol Mau for nformaon as o wha should be done wh he carcass The only advce he receved was o dg n deep hole bury he aamal 0 hs owu premses whch very unsanary hng he probably dd The aenon of he Board ol Healh s urgenly nved o hs condon whch should c exs ou day longer f nohng lso can be done le he governmen begn condemnaon proceedngs o ake oher effcve seps o secure a dumpng spo for he garbage of Walku; Dsrc The Kama Vs ManaolK By a specal uvah llfc con cor roupe of Kamehameha boys vsed Maunaolu Semnary yeserday mornng aud reaed he eachers pupls o a choce eberalmen her musc recevng Hgh prase from he audence A he close of le concer he boys were hed a pufse of $2500 donaed by he Maunaolu grls o help olong he gobd cause whch brough le hoys o Mau The donaon was n par a reurn for pas favors for he Maunablu pupls have nd forgoen he fcnmefs showu hem by he Kanehdmeba School whch some me snce gave a concer Reng $50 whch was sen o he Muwaolu pupls The am boys also donaed 2500b help he prnhglelerheads lunch a Maunaolu on leavng hey endered her hoss a serenade whch was rendered wh he vm grace melody whch s a dsn gushng feaure of he average Kur boy Polo Game Krhulul 0 las Saurday afernoon a very neresng polo game was ph red a Kamlu he more noable because was he frs guno ployed by ho waluku pol r;lub The Makawno club was ou n full force wh a largo srng ol raned polo pones o even hngs up he Makawao Club dvded up each sde akng a conngen of he raw Waluku boys who ook o he game n lne syle he resul beng some very enjoyable spor Amoung he Makawao players were D C Lndsey Frank Baldwn L Von Tempsky W O Aken Mr Hogg whle Waluku was represened by W Aul WH Corn well George Cumnng s envelopes ec for lleuse of Maunaolu Aferlhe onccrveerdov he vam svceped au nvaon o A Jackson W C Crook Weller Fred Armsong of ho Makawno Club umpred he game s sad ha Mr Frank Baldwn who wll shorly move o Sprcckclsvlle proposes o jon he Waluku Club f he does wll resul n he developmen of a hgh class polo club a Waluku s o bo hoped ha Lahana wll cach he n nfecon organze a polo club for here s maeral! enough here o make a srong eam Wh hree good eams on Mau pleny of good spor would be nsured he me would no be far dsan when Mau could mee Honolulu on even erms Kam Concer Ths Evenng Prof Kng he Kamehameha boys wll gve a concer hs evenng a he Waluku Schoolhouse whch wll be well worh hearng Ths afernoon he Kam boys wll play he Mau Ahlec Club a game of baseball a Wells Park a wo p m for whch a small admsson fee wll be charged The followng s ho program of hs evenngs concer a he Waluku schoolhouse PROGRAM Par Hawaan Medley arr lung The Club 2 Venna March Soderberg The Moln Club 3 Kju po Kuu Le Kane The Qune 4 Tom he Ppers Son Kendall The Club 5 Lle Sparkers Lansng The Moln Club G Kauhn Edwards Double Quare 7 Lhue arr Rchards The Club Pa 3 A Scene n Camp 9 Lle Duchess Kenneh The Moln Club 0 Legends Mohrng Double Quare Gymnascs Four Boys 2 Shne On Oh Sar Mr Kng Smh 3 Caasrophe Sprague Tle Club 4 Hawa Pono Base Ball a Wells Park Ths afernoon a game of base bal wll be played a Wels Park beween he Kams he M A As An admsson fee of wenyfv e cens wll be charged he money o be ap pled o defray ho expenses of poor boys who wsh o aend Kameameha School Tbe followng wll be he lne up; Kamehameha M A A Kekuewa c Cummngs Lemon P Jackson Kaa b Pckard Awoh 2 b Kelno Paen 3 b Yaes Lyma 8 S Garca Pun r f Crook Pokpala c f Booe Akue f Ross Akana sub Palaj ala Delnquen Tax Ls The News hs week runs as a sun pleuen he delnquen ax ls for 0 Ths s he frs supplemen ever ssued by he News heav ly axed ho me resources of he paper bu we are raher proud Of more especally as was no placed l he bauds of ho prner un l noon on Wewesday of hs week The FlrsrNalonal frank of Waluku Js aacng a connually ncreasng volne of busness Annual Meeng of Sockholders An annual meeng of he sock holders of Tho Frs Noonal Bank of Waluku for he purpose of elecng drecors for e ensung year wll bo held u her Bank ng House n Waluku Mau on Tuesday Jan a 7::0 P M C D LUFKN Casher TREASURY DEPARTMENT Offce o Comproller ol he Currency Washngon D C Ocober 7 lf)6l AV crcas by sasfacory evdence presened o he undersgned has been made o appear ha Tle Frs Naonal Bank of Waluku n he Town of Waluku Terrory of Ha wa has compled wh all he pro vsons of ho Saues of he Uned Saes requred o be compled wh before an assocaon shall be auhor zed o commence he busness of Bankng: Now hercforcj Thomas P Kane Depuy Acng Comproller of he Currency do hereby cerfy ha The Frs Naonal Bank of Walu ku n he Town of Waluku n he Dsrc of Waluku Terrory of Hawa s auhorzed o commence he busness of Bankng as provded n Secon Ffyon e hundred sx e of he Revsed Saues of heluned Saes TSeall u esmony whereof wness my h Seal of offce hs Seveneenh day of Ocober 00 T P KANE Depuy Acng Comproller of he Currency n he Cour Clrou of be Socond Crcu TERRTORY OP HAWA Ann n E Muudv Samped Llbellau vs Summons Cus P Mnlvany Llbolleu Lbel n Derorce The Terrory of Hawa: To hohlgh Sherff of hterroryo Hawa or bs Depuy he Sherff of he sl of Mau or h3 Dupuy: You are commed o summon Charles P Mulvany rosdug a Lahana sl of Muul n he Terrory of Hawa Defendan n cave ho shall flu wren answer whn weny days afer servce hereof o be appear before sad Crcu Cour o he December Term hereof o be holden a Lahana sl of Mau on Wednesday ho 4h day of December nex on oclock A M o show cause why ho clam of Anne E Mulvany also rculdna n sad Lahana planff should no bo awarded her pursuan o he ouorof her annexed Peon And have you hen here hs Wr wh fall rourn of your proceedngs hereon Wness HON JOHN W KALUA Judge of he Crcu Cour of he Seall Second Clrcula WulukuMaul T H hs 7h day of Ocober A D 00 (SgnedJ JAS N K KEOLA Clerk hereby enrfy he foregong o be a rue nnd correc copy of he orgnal summoua ssued by mc n sad cause ha he Cour a he December Term Ml of ho Second Crcu Cour Terrory of Hawa ordered publcaon of he same a voulnuanco of sad cauue unl he nex Juno Term lua of sad Cour (Seal) JAS N K KEOLA Clerc Lahana Mau Dec 4h Kll NOTCE Noce s hereby gven ha he undersgned has removed hs offce asdepuj Tax Assessor of Makawao from he buldng formerly occuped o an offce adjonng he Paa Planaon Offce where he can be found fo he ransacon of busness W O AKEN WATER NOTCE n accordance wh Secon of Chaper XXV of he laws of S6: All persons holdng waer prvleges or hose payng waer raoe are hereby nofed ha he waer raes for he erm endng June wll be due pavable a he offce of he Waluku Kahulu Waer Works on he s day of January 902 All such raes remanng unpad for 5 days afer bey are duo wll be subjec Jo an addonal 0 per cen j All prvleges upon whch raes reman unpad February (30 days afer becomng delnquen; are lable o suspenson whou fnrher noce Raes aro payable a he offce of he Waer Works n he WTaluku Cour House Buldng W K Bl Sup Waluku Kahulu Waer Works Waluku Jan FOR SALE One planoscveral arcles of Koa wood furnure ncludng bookcase sdeboard ec; one 3 wck blue flame ol sove wh agae sove ware kchen uensllsjwo bedseads wh beddng chars sofas oher arcles of houseo4 d kchen furnure For parculars apply o A N HA YSELDKN Waluku Maul Bevces Wre for Caalogue Prned Ls Pearson Poer Go? THE MALORDER HOUSE p? J Ro ral Havng Sold off OM rasr Shoe:; J Complee Gen Assormen Noably Calforna Goods Delvered a ROAD WAGONS CANOJY MGENCY Globe Werncke :ok Cases bu LcL drgues; Merchse TOP CURTANS Peers Peaches Plume Tomcoes Call zx examne my Sock ) Yo rll fnd jus wha you wan a c rgh Prce Waho Wakapu A beauful sel m f rple phel Slver Coffee Pos Ten Pus Bu or PUkes Sugar Bowls Cake Dshs Pchers ec ec ec Sock SURREYS TWO SEAT WAGONS TOP BUGGES PHAETONS BRAKES HARNESS $200 UP PET SET OUR PRCES THE LOWEST OUR GRADE THE HGHEST OUR TERMS THE EASEST P K SENBERG Phksdn SB ays Nsvsr And enlarged my sor; now carry a new sock o! Dress Goods A large consgnmen of Shoos Underwear on ha wny fron San Francsco Of fresh groceres ncludng fresh Damond S H?mf Racon Slver Leaf L:;rd Full lne of fresh 4 earned goods frus $ $3 AND UPWARDS $ 0 S90 Chas F Hernck Carrage Co V A P O Box 23 Ld 25 Merchan Sree Hosoxrr Nex o Saxenvau Bnmxo VER V some lovely HOFFMAN ; Waluku LcTcs Jm Frs Naonal OF CLOCKS J!cc c:tf!c Fnshed f da 4 VETLESEN Bank WALUKU! r ncorporaed under he Laws of he Uned Saes a Washng! D C lol ; W J TOWPJE Pn ssdsn W T ROnXSOX VcePk::su ex C D LUFKN Casbsc F J WHEELER axu R A; NVADSWORTH Drecors v Solcs accouns of Corporaons Fnns udvjuals DRAWS EXCHANGE on all ParUof he World

6 Be Comforable You can now have your Sprng Maressos Parlor Sos Old Furnure Sofas Chars ec Tel 94 nnaly Upholsered a my Upholserng Shop n rear 6f Macfarlane Cos Saloo n oppose he Waluku depo Many Years experence Promp aenon o counry orders by Haul or elephone D L MEYER Waluku Mau c Bank of Hawa LMTED ncorporaed Under he Laws of he Ropublc of Hawa CAPTAL $ OFFCERS AND DRECTORS: SURPLUS UNDVDED PROFTS $ Chas M Cooke Presden VcePresde P C Jones C H Cooke Cashc F C Aleron Asssan Casher Drecors Henry Waerhousc Tom May F W Maefarlane E D Tenny J A MeCless Solcs he Accouns of FrmsCorporaon s Truss ndvduals wll promply carefully aend o nl busness conneced wh bankng enrused o Sell Purchase Foregn Exchange ssuo Leers of Cred SAVNGS DEPARTMENT Ordnary Terra Deposs receved neres allowed n accordance wh rules condons prned p pass books copes of whch may be had on applcaon Judd Buldng For S Honolulu Meropolan Mea Co LMTED GLBERT J WALLER JVlanager Wholesale Real BUTCHERS swnupacdbehs ok Hams Baconj Lad All Rnds of Sausages dealers n Poulres J Eggs f l orders promply ahended o 08 KNG STREET HONOLULU H T nehsl Telegraphc Co Lmed Telegrams o all Pons o! Hawa Lanas Oahu can now be forwarded by Wrelesfaelegraph Tweny cens per word Mnmum rae S2;00 per message Cenral Saon for Mau af TclepHbreb:: ns MOULDNG n hc for NTEROR HOUSE FNSH An excellen selecon comprsng Crown Sprng Coro Nosngs Reurn Beads Quarer Half Round P G O G Bead Sops Asragals Basoaud B mouldng Wanscong Caps Cornces Casngs Frames (wndows door) Sar Porch Rals Ec Ec ash Boors Blnds all szes syles Nor Wes Lumber Surfaced Rough Redwood Lumbor Surfaced Rough Cedar Spruce Ash Oak KAHULU RALROAD CO ffahnh Mun Hollser Drug Co HONOLULU H T Ths name on a Package of Drugs or Medcne s a guaranee of he SUPEROR QUALTY of he Arcle All frs class sores fondle our goods BARBER SHOP MARKET ST WALUKU (adjonng uohac sohe) Frs Class n All Respecs Har Cung Shavng Shampoong Clean Tdy WW;? Cusom Solced NOB General Merchse Japanese Fancy Goods Wares Large Sock of Canned MARKET ST Goods Frus WALUKU Fresh ce Cream everyday n 0 A M HAVANA Manla Cgars AMERCAN ) Fresh Calforna frus every week Caudles Nus Canned Frus Cold Drnk CFUNJ CHONG MAR KG WA UKU Cy EoWulu U T hrs LAHANA NOTES A moong of ho Wes Maul Teachers Assocaon was held on Frday evenng Jan 7 n ho Kndergardo Hnl The programme was as follows! Songs by Msses vy Rdhardson Lly Auld Loy Taylor Mr John Huso wh Mss Rowena Rchardson as nccompans On moon of Mr J P Looncy ho hanks of ho Assocaon wore endered o Mr Henry Dckeuson for ho use of ho publc school buldng oher acs of kndness On moon of Mr Dckenson was voed ha he Assocaon ake up he sudy of he Merchan of Vence vha Mr Looney bo requesed o oxplan ho dffcul pars of ho play A (nuly execued voln solo wns con lrbud by Dr Ormond E Wall of Honolulu wh Mrs A Aalbcrg as accompans Each of ho muscal selecons receved an Cucorc Prof J P Loonoy gave an h foresng Address commencng wh an amusng anecdoe Ho saled ha an explanaon of ho Merchan of Ven ce would nclude wo pars ho hsory of he caskes he hsory of ho bond s forfeure he dsposngo f Durng he Mh loh Kh cenures lera uro was hghly fconal or compos ed of fables Some of he old fe onal books arc sll presoved n he large lbrares of Lverpool London Rome Tho speaker old he sory of a lovely young woman rear ed by a kng of Greece She lsened o he eloquence of Demoshenes Percles she vsed Rome formed ho acquanance of Cleopa ra bhc journeyed o he op of Oympus lsened o ho poery of ho muses Slo also comfored he sorrowng vsng from house o house among ho poor She found ho famly of a pensan where unpleasan words were never spoken When he chldren were youn f here was a dsposon o fnd faul he faher or moher would say Lous sng somehng ho lle ones forgo her dspue The younjr lady was loved by all Her aged faher ordered hreo shps o be prepared Whn one of hem pamed wh gold were he bodes of dead solders oher dsagreeable hngs n ho second vessel of slver was a collecon of drf wood The hrd shp of leaden hue con ancd wh gold slver damonds lh so vessels were nscrbed vn he very words whch Shakespeare assgns o he nreo caskos; ho young woman made her wse choce accordng o ho prncple lad down m ho play Tho dramass works were no apprecaed n hs own mor because he old sory books from whch several of hs deas were aken had no hen been rered from he leraure of ho world Shakespeare had he faculy of say ng he rgh hng n he rgh place n e rgh way Tho lu! ac o ho Merchan of Venco was hen read; afer anoher muscal selecon an oler voe of hanks ho Assocaon adjourned o Thursday evenng Jan Wan Vessels o Venezuela WASnaTON January 0 The overhrow of ho Casro regn n Vencznola whch now appears que possble wll bo followed by ho dspach of he enro Norh Alanc squadron o ho waers of ha counr y A formdable Amercan naval represenaon wll hen be a La Guayra wll conss of he baleshp ndana now a Curacao he bale shp Kearsarge Alabama Massachuses he gunboa Marea all under comm of RearAdmr al Hggnson Bee SugaAlc n commer n chef Dsrus Oxnad Wasxoon January 0 Represenaves from bee sugar producng WO SANG COo saes are geng ogeher for a vgorous campagn agans Cuban ce Crecm ; Pnrlcrs arff reducon Several facors end ; o mako THREE her fgh ELEGANT hard chef ROOMS 25 cens a of Dsh whch s a perssen ONE ROOM rumor ha JO cens r a Dlsl Rober T Oxnard head of he Bee Fno Sock Canned Goods Sugar Manufacurers Assocaon Fru Cardes Cgars Fresh s n league wh hesngar rus n Coods receved every veokv Specal ryum o sccuroa reducon of ho coureses o lades dlgrnyrcn arff O guards advocacy of a bouny MARKET ST WALUKU drawback o Cuban plasers has Tel No placed he ruo frends of ho bee sugar ndusry n a peculaauaon caused noond: of alk s declared n some quaers ha Oxnar ho Spju sugar rus have 7r A flfk fl reached Or op sslau lor a n nce undersng whereby bokofchoco!aosr ho rus confecons sen josgr fregh s o absorb he leadlnboo surnr r free Ujmy par of ho sunds facores Read he MAJNEWS: PcrAonnJ Menon Mr Waler Lowro reurned from Honolulu on las Wednesday A T f Jacksoa of ho Pacfc Muual Lfo s on Mau hs week Mr W G Taylor audor for A B lof for Hawa on Tuesdays Knau Mr C L Scrlmger of Lalulna vsed Waluku on Thursday reurn ng o Lnhana yeserday Mr A A Benson of Theo H Davs Co Honolulu leaves Mau on hs afernoons Claudnc Mr A Omsed of lana reurned from Honolulu o Hnna on Wednesday soppng off for a few hours h Waluku Mr C L Jennngs of hosprcckclsvll c Sore look ho Knau for Hlo on Tuesday rournng o Maul on he same boa hs mornng Mr M SLcvy represenng he busness cud of ho Hawaan Sar s on Maul swellng he subscrpon ls of ha excellen paper Ma MeCann of Lahana who spen several days a Malulau Hospal Waluku lef for homo on Wednesday n mproved healh Prof Kng of Kamehameha arrved on W cdnesdays Claudne wh a concer roupo of college boys They wll reurn o Honolulu on Mondays Mauna Loa J L Bcno has forwarded o he Board of Healh a Honolulu an exensvely sgned peon asklug for hs apponmeu as Sanary nspecor of Mau Mr C B Wells Mrs W G Ogg reurned from Hana overl on Thursday Mr Wells repors ho wagon road from Haua o Nahlk u o be n excellen condon W S McLean s vsng Mau n he neress of ho Davd Lawrence Co of Horolulu Mr Lawrence has gono o he Coas Mr H T Tayseldcn s n ho sore ll Mr Lawrences reurn WLDER STEAMSHP COMPANY Nojce o Shppers Shppers aro nofed ha a new regl schedule wll go no effec on afer December s 90 nformaon n regard c changes n raes can bo obaned a he offce of he Comnanv corner Por Queen Ss Hon olulu C L WGHT Presden mm ll Vessels n PorKahluS Am Schr James Rolph from New Casle Coal Ecfwardson Arrvals Jan 9h S S Mal rnnnnf from Honolulu wh CO Poro Rcan Laborers Jan 22h! S S Clludne Parker rom Honolulu Jan 23rd S S Hanale Greene from Honolulu wh 8f Japanese Laborers Jam 24h S: S Kalulan Dower from Honolulu Jan 25h S S Claudno Parker from Hana Deparures Jan 7h Am Bkne Qucksep Welln for Tacoma wh 307 ons scrap ron Jan 8b Am Bark W B Fln Johnscn for Mnkawel o load sugar Jan 8h Am Smr Eureka Weedo for Tacoma wh 88 ons scrap ron Jan 9h S S MnuJ Bonne for Hawa pors an 22h S S Claudno Parker for Hana Jan 23rd SSf Hanale Greene for Honolulu Jan 23rd Brjsh Bark Anlopc uuruy or xauysm n ballas Jan 2h SS Kaluhn Dower for Huclo Jan 27h S S Claudno Parker for Honolulu a 5 P M Oceanc Tme TabeV UATK NAME FOM Jan Sonoma S F 2S Gaelc S 3 Dorc Yokohama FOR Jan Sonoma Colones 28Gaelc Yokohama 3 Dorc SF Mau Soda Keep Consanly on H! OE SODA WATER GNGER ALE ROOT BEER OELlJRY RON STRAWBERRY SODA AND FRUT SYRUPS: Fresh Fsh Fresh Oysers Sausagenj DeluefV Usoo n Pos Offce Theo COLD STORAGE VJsM r WATLUKU Monday Wednesday HAKU Tuesday Frday) KHE Monday Thursday; uonuny oaurcayj Address ALSEN CEMENT ROQHE HARBOR raw powr?p CAPS AND FUSE anunv s ulu LME KAHULU Saurday; AVES LO Ld Merchans Commsson Aens4 HONOLULU H T O Wellngon Typewrers 3600f Conover Typewrers $4500 VOU Porable Track Complee 80lnch Gauge 4 b Ralls ; 86Snch Gauge 20lb Rals ; N QUANTTES TO SUTBj? ; v H Hackfeld 5 Wp do no ry o 6 carrages cheaper han ohers bu o sell f3 jg c ho bes goods for ho lowes possblo monoy v SP Spll g00( VCWJS s our aln Every carrage we sell s a a mendaon o ohers o purchase from us p S TllP nubor of carrages sold by us on Mau s he bes evdence 8 m uc of he worh of our sroods w Rof harness always he cheapes You can ge a good arcle lx a no reaonableprlce Du or mnmum We are offerng afew bargans for he New Year Wrj! us sanc vour nppt Pacfc Vehcle New BuLDnns New Ros new SALE ce Worl oass rgs eams compeen MAU WM Ld l S reebm?! Supply Co Lff Honolulu H T fe3 Bsmark Sable Company Ldf Successor o THE BSMARK STABLES OF WALUKU; ; me B SMAKK heeadhg Lvery LVERY BOARD Co New Teams New Macmhejen :M A Jlh STABLES Ro nmnncom nme! r rwww uuw Sable Busness on Mau; V! SALES STABLES ; f HAdKS Carrages Bugges Saddle Horses? drvers?