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1 : ; 5 f t n t : v-b 3. 7 S / 3 c /et :!( V ; ~... r T E = = = = = = r = = r = o n g p s t h a l v a R CORP* 3RD E E C l T V...u-T - : r # T S A L T LAKE * 3 f B y tfu ANE KENYON )N proposed by Ue state s au-gopc< congressond- -pledged to RonaW R M ganrb ut becau ause.of a w eek g eetng g.ofuw o L egslature s..jb la l. ; AECapltoLW rter ,------: LcldegaUoa :::... ~ h c a v y e ross?)ssoyer vole, one d elegatejnnuslgoo. u JElnance-Appropra prauons-co ltteo-receved D e H a a n l a basts T h at t rl.w serv es as a.dlvdlng.p< U-pdnt between UeconvenU enuoaoffldallyuncolued.- d.- rep o rtth a t daho SUN V A L L E Y -d d a h o voters wll h a v e a t7., le a st one clear choj Jolce ths electon year A d a s o n * s s t a two parues. D e ocrats dd ld nol reco* The Repu epubllcans platfor plank on [ g n d - B l n educa- -n th e flsc d y ear r b budget surtng Sunday, and. d.any.specnc.acreage.jul.. ut rp jp f tp d th e, ton calledfoc. ncreased fundng g wujn- t s jusufy just hgher spendng n the. betw eetffepau onnj rs adtedly. the DenuK 526, acre proposal as lhadequal u a lable s nresources, -whch touched, d,off Ue laceo fth atp redcu Jcton. -- c ra ts ptv Republcans. ans.-r-.-.- := U ght fo r a platfor plank. agalnst,jt ag otloarjt..:= J1e. &z360.ddegate8.tq-uestatq a c o n? a n tlo n = l5 n lsleb to ateo tu edav. ; :r,- TherelftoojHU uch-ephaslb on Ute.word H e daho Republc 9llcan Party wound up ts w ould h urt DeocraUc candl dldates. osuy Jy-saUed Urough Ue platfor for and reso- Soe dd( ddegales sad hey Uogght tl Ue n-. ncreased n Ue fundng p art," sad R p a rty couventloo bere sre Saturday ca e out To ake sure the essage sage got across, Ue. lutons ns, aluough t took an hours r*sdebateover creased" p art cdled-fo r n creased taxes.for ta; Mack N ebaur,, R -Paul. There should be -. strongly n r t of the propose d N R1 epublcans a p te d bou ) a resoluton and a a slngl gle word lefore Ue educat atlon platfor oreeducal catlond q>endlng. ore...*j»4a5*5zs? rss2f 223a32aeSllH>lablllty Pructton R ector. "p latfo r plahk endorsng NP] NPR. plank cwasadoptet!. \ - R ep.joa oan r Wood, R-Rlgby, noted that lalpresl- fo red u cato rs., T be reactor, whch lch would h d p produce E nergy Secretary Donald lad Hodd has re- t also td o l. ro) cd vole )le before Ue dents of daho s da: state-supported collegesand Jerry E vans, sta te scfoorsupernteodenf. n u d e a r weapons, co could brng constructon c co cnded locatng the fadlltyau he daho Uppuh as roronmy r«wv»lvoh hofly y-ralso sand-a-conventoft- kft-ddegate, sad Ue plank spsdng JTbHH unon, to n b lu lo n and N atonal Engneerng Labor boratory n eastern rase: th e.le g a l drnkng-, a e. to 21. The fro Ue Board Bb of Educaton. not sure doesnh necessarly u lly call fo r hlgher-uxes t o... thousands o f peranm M ljo b s daho. N EL and locatons. n s ln U e s ta te s o f...rosolut utlon alsocrtlclzed Ueeffort a t "federal Uat s where we w ant our oney to be 2 spent, s adequately fund 1educaUon, edl b ul f Uats nees- Two weeks earer, ar, De ocrats dedned to W\ ashngton and SouU.Can rollna arc under blackn eal by trjn g to force sta states to adopt she sad, sary, then t should d d b e d o h e. r: endorse the project t and a setued erely for a stus d y a s possble stes,. f -the projccl s an age 21 drnkng law o r face- Ue lo sso f "f we want w quallty-educatlon.- le s be Lt;- Gov. D avd rd L - e ro y,c h a r a n 51the.: gen eral-p lan k on-ww o orld-peaee; And any authorzed. t federal al funds. honest. We /e Vwll h ave,topay for t, sal ad R ep ;-sess6 n r-d ed ared x l-th e -e f/o o v e Jb D e ocrau c delegates tes d e d ared the sdvcs R epublcans d s o endorsed addlt.g S T he e delegates e la te d 21 persor sons to attend Deanllaage genson, R-Coeur d Alene. creased fundng g fp fro Ueplankdffeated o a a : B tr o n g ly j ) p o s e d to jp j l R, bulsald tb ey -d ld n ttl l acros - to "dahos-wldees ness.-ue- o bunf " th e GO JOP nallohal conventon; Tw r tjfw ll be Sen. Vear ear Crystal, R-Rgby, sak ad Uls voce vole. -SALMO: MON - n Ue w n of 1934,. l.tyearld dbubakct M llh a barct s p - d a l r on wmaln Street-lslC T lngto:j? b M ~ ~* anchers- rs-and-tow nspeople talfc-of w H. dredgng-2 n g slack secuon of Ute S d o n s K R ver kno) known as Ue D eadw ater n a o tto o T g flv d -a n d.slll a n J b M # ouu ol, of, D u p C reek n U atss" secton about 27 les downstrea 1 fro Sdd on. ce ja s wouldnt for [ H H and back wv, a te r nto the town.... leaker, now 57 and Leh County..-w j -sh e rff,-t-s -s-stu l--.h earn g -ab o u je-3 ::z Deadw ater r.,o d y ths t e t s an ssue fuj d e d wlu enough eoton to dvde of about 3,500 rght S5OT M\soN dovwthe le ddle. A la rg c -M a lnla A -V.e5y- Jcxpw dseesjo torch.bearerr,c k H abern e r a h. a c c o rrp a n le d by y A T & T s c a r a v a n - a nd-q d c r e b e r o n :hh hs l e f t r n c a r t h e e n d o f h s r u n S dnon w as declared a dsaster ~ area-u ls- -w ln te r- n h u n d re d s o f resdents ts w e re -fo rc e d fro U dr r y. hoes by ly w a te rb e h n d a n c e ja.. = 0 L l Z j t d e nrenta-don-trw U aht; t-to h a ro : f w agan, aa n d Ue A r y.-c o - o f Engneers }rs h a s b eencdled n to (nd a ByCHRSHAFT cople-lfsten-reverently-as- Ue-Magchords gauorec red-noar-u o.oxdango-pbl 6lnt.-U e-ln s o l u t o Tlps-News wrter»r t h g l d t ybandp flrfvl e d Th<s u My tersecmo cmon of M an Avenue and So< k?cond Street S tr e a excavau a on s a t U>e topof a -----Related stor >re$. D l Cou ountry or-sl lar-anthen s: srs corcsoftfts : Rast-by by8;30 a..-, nearly two hrs TS before Ue ~ r s l o ra te nterwuv&~ue~cop8sts?=== TWN FALLS - Most of all, t w as a, ~ flng ngs-bordered-m aln- Avenue ue. H undreds of torch-re read ed downtown. By 9 a. c., soe sderng ; to U reduce floodng. ConcelebratlonofA erj e rc a.\ onl) lpokers.w.ved the S tars and Strpes on ther spectators actually could be fou )und peerng servatlpnlsl nlsts h ave.charged U at,any- ;.. - H e -B p e c ta lo ra ahdurroundlngs-ww choy y»...crow d,as ddbsabe -B e h a g e n -a l-r o b - wvnrm n any-efrfltucknyflag la g sln -U d rla p d s expectaf 2tanUy-downMalnAv«nue strea -odfcaton plan would be. er;ed M an Avenue e S Saturdoy o ng for Uo 10 Ncholson, two Olypc c trlds qualfers fro or coal pockets;. lr c -boljlonnoresor l -TheJl J jlrs t blghcer.of th e ornt nng ca c a p o ltcdly ly otvated and only a downtown arrval 1 of U eoly plc to re h co- a-- UG Magc Valley:... ha ndkerclefs.j. approxr x atdy 8T38~7or, a y o UlUnToUer r p a rta ls o h,. bno].to create an u un stakable Fourth of July [y But auletlcs, ntet eatonal brotherhood A And f anybody ddn t have a flag, the Cub partclp :lpatlng n the T orch Fun Run, n, Joggng up proble.. nt asphere.-... T n r wh nttw rynn p<thf»r t?outg-wereon!y4oohappy-tos< oselluenvode: maln-a\ -vonuo-pushlng-tw o-babwbs-ln-a-nag hedv>nrtw.>tpr eac tft n strotrh nf tha! - T o bo-sure, dozens wore Oly pc pns.or, ) J te J J ly n ] U c L a O u d ttl cdjaan.aval che-of 11 naldy-llnoda bou -bedeckcj JcedsUTllc Sal on Rl ver, a federally protftftgr. d o th ln g rsa the dly Oj pc E agle appeared on n patrots, sdes of Man Avenue seven- or eght-deep, w ; PcPlf )ple found-other-w ays of kec ecpng.busy.w ld apd dscenlc.r vd.., b ag s and sgns. Gan Saes partcpants Chrlstln n, T he ajorty o f the audence heeded orga- w ell-behaved, d l and.cooperau auve, Uough l C eary- a rrv d s huddled,ar around each 1 cxcava :avatl6n s approved t would. Cooper and Jo e Ro o n u t b l addressed Ue le. nzers wshes lo w ear r re d. whle o r blue, cou luldnt suppress ls cace css. H undreds had S eet 0 R C H o n P a» X 2 a rk the le fl frs t Ue n hstory strea M e j 79th yea r,n o rl p u b l[ c a n S s t r o n e j l y j J a s ra s e q u e s ta>ns a b o>ut a c t! " T w n F alls, S, d a h o. s l u p p b ByHALBERNTON fhe p ecu larsoe!say s n an nterv ervlew earler ths week. Tes-Newswrter- antquated ter sdflh e l8 7 A c ta re Moreove )ver,-mcclure,-who chars the lkdy to ro : y under ncr e rc a sln g Senate Rnc Snorgy and N atural B E L LEV U E f Exx Sxxon Mneral teadask xxon R e u rc c s : C o.s trlk e s trc h o n lts tsneary900 r Rver Valley nng law refor, sad that Ue 1872 f a l! lnnffdfls staked 1 on Wood R ver legatlon"------a c tls basc scdly so undrho beleves Ue- h e By-PlrrF.R Mp F-ARR t R L4>fllcato sad a»:naoyaa: V alev p ublc lan ds; the] b efederal tdcs{gatlng- -,-a c t n e s o only partal refor s to rase - Assocated Press ls& = an E p aceff d D a5 ~ ~ r ~ g o v e e w n t re< ceveapennyln n a lhe lnj; u requred annual h a v e b e on r nolvm lnu»- gc royalu esor leasng fees. es. xsung nng provee ent costs and to restrct la.paz, Bdvla T h atsb ecau seth egg ej eoeral Mnng soepaten tented cla rghts: :.nhlw3lfllffl-«rs.wdr lx;w ho w e re boldog.tbe LaworBTyglves away y valuable v ont B o S f f n ln jh e ld st H esaldd h he fought for Ucse refors " d. wero ddtvered-sw: - sels lls sghts on Wood Rl S denth eran SUesZ deposltsonpubllclaods tds f o r c o e t of K a U au ad - - nyearspa; ) e.e j n b u v u o d a. tteel. rlcles dhdlheldalk dde past, but-was st>tned n hs : v-a-bldv-tolw gr sr a? 5 r:d fll fu ln g fe e e e...v B w n M -TwresUto wu Ue.taskot /e r strkes n efforts by y n ore ra d lc d reforsts s e a tea s. d t b s S a S a g r e e x n u t r a TTelDerals-glveawa w aydause s P B H p ge, daho Cty - who wantec ore wjdcess lands n tedtou row otlheact, cratary < 9 a r t S w a to u se a n d 1 " r th e ostcofttroverslfll U q> ectora encubered wlupr&ex d le y :T h c dtogeu cfj e r and replace t wu a; - rragftthhahaeabnr "hwv. ra n ln g la w th a s nanagedto.- a n K S B clas. nllar ajot leaangsys lyste. UaUoDSTAndalflsaU s a n c t u la 4an R» h a w y - ~ " - ~ T hel8721aw w asbo t l rorntwn. The cent! atr ah hnstofth e a ct ttr " **Tle luuuqpev, = th 6 f f h u n a t y e a «of daho nng boolecatalystrto------pfovae nl frg p a sw u n T vanclottteh rarel W d n - p w r r r T he law also allows for rth e -.. already seen alor sllve llc londs. sal j vlaunllv n free access to lnera!son. to h s head w lu n w e n fouod hlbl and " t t o e f c c l. develop ent of w w n n l n l n g : :, ; r a H 0 U o C le a rw a te r dranage s anfofu e - p u b l c land jd s s good. M cqure y s. s.. " u t n &fclu hln flv s d d J6 ~...ADtoato:.A: (H)eratlons wthn natlooal a recreauon a re a a n d Wood R ver V d Crespo: :..(6rerg- j -anatrar r u g - r K r ; tbeleve tn the dea that. a n d w lderness a re a s by daho Strkes - and slll r.d c rs E c re ta ry = 7. conunls ee? p rorexlstlngdal hold ersrn U M. strkes arondh o Wec U... C reepo s a d - b e and - - FlnaBCelUaz n c g o u w : S arav lajref! and a k e sa profll, Uen Ue Saw tooth Nattonal Recre creauonarea b y o n g rcss asw elco e M nster O s c a r Boolf 13 been cheated f t ddn t get a ounts to» >280dal s ~ c c K - the developent dpubllc../o rls jn ln u te s w lu U t h e H d M H. w n s ; r e n g)ulq leal.lm cc lurc:; -s.gncdnpaagtngfflord fla t oradthatcouldbed V( levdooedlnlb C a l l s r< o o f f S f l g ; 2 a c t s a u n a Jack P elcrso n. aspokesn ~ -at th e wamhbe-tfrf Hw»-twgnvtboura ba aftu-fae because of. f dahotvllnhg AssocaUd / e 7 n l dcnt;s r d e a s e 10 B publc resources are Uere - w orkng nes, acdordn dng to Forest. T hepm jargodofu ea w as t a k w f r o n r t bedroost f the prevous - Bnefltof Uo pubuc-an SerylcestatsUcs. "Analyss :.. -s p ly to stralg h lcnoultl S e n t - - ~ p d ttu ttf p a lf lc e r hose resources to thepublc - n recent years; thelov -towoostof ~ theexlstng cla s SysU b eca e- BoUva s -tb l o «M su frsv ery tonrolnla g ownerehp. rghts were do, canjflflflbalsouwlj U j l l t a a s B h t h knlw a ltfu. Tlo*. ta e F S ners* coht r = = e n a c ta ls t, " S S l * he.w as nstalled to n 9e2,;«kU ng.. te o p o tlo L. resad th a th e opposesany " r5eauonal nng d a l s " h a v e. ustonlv Jv pavu eflllngfeeand akc 3 TTepolcy of Ue gove T7oH<s AlfflW 111 l l y Jl ~ rou tarv le. : r : T - :: : ;. u n t t f a 5 5 d -T- bwtnegpybam aufla nlanyare Sop-worth of proveents on e to have soe sense of ord CO for-federalhard-rock== prorty n regard toued -.rp rlv B tg ea p san q trdn le wmtffttjc/pfla.... e rslte slb a n ncc. " - of nerals." Peterson Sll ~ Z S S S uesp n n h e u years U t elapsed snce th e law s en r - th e re S llut lluvtjujto - H o o d H y h r t S O dl..." * SeeS. S u n d a y. J u l y , MPR to o d ; le le yttng to t n.. B y T h ea»as ssocated Press ees A tm O N o b P ajb A a ~

2 CODtluubJ fro n ; other, sheldng these KnHrsnely cool.weatl :«& U 9Jy ddn t feel ch w ta flp rrtngrfsakna] -RJdapdSltngs.-wbcH ; pal-fqueczlng. J.g ertflps the ost c t a t o r of al waa Lo., p a»tq r at-jero es,jfl..,church.-swanbon cast < flgure n hs OyrapcT tbe la tte r s othered Oly pc pns that- M w n k l l n g e y s r " !..fw a n w b oddetr o f th e few -deplaylag 3 p r t e ; - R a n c l o s e s - - NEW YORK (AP: delugej parts of the :. u tlf g down Kenne ajo rro ad w ay san d w crestuclclnsfeetol T h e n n also om r r r f l h e d o U t a M ; d. f o t c e t L M w t E o p g of Ue cty s : - r " ln-pools. : T he Natonal Weatl /ell on K en ed y... o udultuoed -! - f e v e n n g C r u s e s h f p CAMPBELL RVE tu rd ay off Vahcouv.then settled to the bo ttau th o rtlessald Eghty of the M.V * r : tre a te d at hosptal l y o k c s n o n w l d :: T he SundM cer, c SflatflO r an - P assage, sad Cana< ; ;Broadbcnt. The shp n per n Duncan- B ay, «-SeatU e,jeforetse n g P u p s had not be ;.:poarng nto a 30-foot - / ;C anadan Coast Gua r-rescu e Coordfaattot: :stu l s a t wth ts ste :: An undeter ned < - " v e sse l. By 5 p..;how : Departent of F * jcontan the ol, tbe Coa : Todtt Fnlla, B u r t c Qoodos nnsf: -Sunnv-and w an n er tpd< g h s T v t t T o E e l n n n t l j e today nd vhu be naostj ; f l jt f t o l n n d f l y r M o a t o w nthe40s, N ortbe Nevada andoor.. -.P a rtly voudy today w lng. Uunlurshowon. F ~ cloudy Mjday. Lows q 7 n. n g n s a t o 9 ). :. = y«n«y:. - L - Today sunny and a, Hghs,75JO 80, Low»> sunny.anlwanrf.-hghsa Synowls: ~ Hgh prb.«ure oved l day. F olrsw cs a n d W whlbetle role today ao cxpectc<t hnt.peasanc w ea th e r wll conupue tlur x-orjujy., showers and! / " fell acrt>ss Southeast /-... o ln g a sa jo w p re o u n / ouror<lnlk)ojkl sto w / pckcd U]).05 nch, whle M alta e n rth ad a lra e e.. T hophtnrerehadncarlj of the st:lu by d atten. o su y -d o u tly -sk es 111 e xtre e Mjuthteasl and n M o su y c lm rsjc Jc9 w tr« rthenlsht.,.. = r - : M ucn~ w n lr w a 5 ~b ; rtateby-jjmj Rtor syste rcadn«j\trc-ln-tbe floa Natonal M tx Mln AlDuquefQKf «## AtUntt n Sl B M lo n n a CWcOa D e n ro f. « *» U 6 ln c.; * 0 5? *lfC » K n o l u l M 7 J H o u s lo n V SB - ; A g / b t s n e s s r G l a s s j U e r f. v -. v... F o u r t o f J u ljr....1 d a h o : M a g c V a l l e y... a r e a : j? j t > e :. \ y e n d e U 4 S < } 0 d Burley-Rupert-PauM ) Buhl-Castleford ; ner-rogersoo-houls " Twn Fsand all otbj 3 S e v ra 2 a S 2 J!«< je : /. : f you uve a newblp > * d<art;.;cht, call w eekdays.t o r(?»rtl - wedcends, call 73W )» BU a r e t a k e n M o n d a y. T - 5 a t t.v s fron 6 - A»2Tla3-Nowa. Twtn F< o PagBA - - r h w a ll nselves fro the th an, to gather. Ooe wbo d erstand chlly was D eny w earlngt tmksgagedzms SweM S? luc : actvty - A n g ra : * Sununer. D8t.enthusastc attend th Loren Swanson, young to -.F tr r t C h r s tto n - B o C tb le t - a c o o l c a o u s S w a n s o ;T -tlrt and cap, youngste e d wth talgbt w ean g l t- atched hs ~ taken rvrty be waa one R oberts n g such flnery. nn.-al( f l y r r - r r z p a r t s o f B g A p ( f f ) - - M ore than 6 nches h e d ty durng a S aturday d nnedy lote atlonal Arport, d delayng several subway l t of water. nocked o ut r a d n g a t Belon t M ets1nsd>a& a t Shea S E d w cancel.tbe kr833 outdoor s w u n ln g ls»n»ho Serylc&sald 6y«n c to rpqrtb ffveen 7 a.. and p.n u h w~7f*hght~ratn~7vyf nn t]!» p a s s e n g e r s h u r [VER, B rtsh ColubU (AP? wth 787 peog e aboard ra n a ju v e r ls la h a rt h e s h lp l t botto and collmed p art of tf.v rs u k la a s -p a s s e n g e r tals. and four w ere adr owned by Stndance Crul uh h»tb n y»t<n adlan Coast G uard Capt- p ade t to the E lk FaUs Pap< lay, about 22S les northw ngnes faled. been able to keep tq> wth Suard, q w k e s n a t the V on.cefler..latersatuutty,.u n the ud and ts bow n tbe d a ount-of ol leaked-fro towever,~ tte C anadan Coast f F ls h e s c had b a D o astg uardrqw rted. W tbenldtpgtonear \~Z»5UylnU»OMnd owytsajlwlulw /. nxtbenu tah: j f f wth 8 few llnge l l l /. Far to partly U U s q>per SOs to near ul\ \ t o w W o o d T a lttue~wanner. QO t o u r 41; Monday o M80to85. Hgh Te oc >d nlodalwsatsc gher teperatures H 6 b d a y :t-s nt.early,»uer/b U S r through U B,P «jjd U undew hn W w e t dabo SaturtJay.- * p g a c n n v e d 0 MooljarMala rhlle PocateUo and Malnd worn e. (he state we ary allfnovedeast wth soe 9 rteooo. However.. and Dxe s) 1 llgend n.the degrees. dn the panhandle:- Wlx>ds n *«forecast durng. afleo6hs B-bngbrtnartBe Wroptr r le. Md-afteoon NoalgnUlc floa and 70 wltb oyer.thcdejr K*nM»Cy S 1 L*»VeoM Mln Pep UKAngalat. - U es... Msnsh ta S tl. MKfflBMcn Ml-tukM *- te s S 2.. uuuupolls 80 W *»~Z~O *h u,n...pno«ftu CO8 78.» Ptlburgh 75 St S..-poftMd. u # : - 7 < " «X C l - 4 O b t u a r l O p n o n B 3 P e o p l e. A 1 2. S p b r t s ~.B 1 V a l e v L l VHoTl,ctraa*dM Br - a w M f t b w > tf6 a 7 ada n, QOdtQHaflBaQ:::. l- WJaUey Ulster )tberarem - llp or wlah to talk to joeooe between 9:30 a.. rt lale news and aporta rcfults ( DW 8.-: -., - 1a n artvwtl««y!rt, ffall 733W tfaw gb F rday fro 8 a.. t n Falla. daho Sunday. Juv. l t l for s o d s e t o w.too," be sad. can t.un- o d why ore pepple arent gtben.. 90, wbo was bora l a - a-jw o-yeab -beforetbe 13B. er. G a es there and plans to ths y e a rse v e n t ". was too. to know about t then, but ve {e t T b e r e n b e U M w as ooe o-tn dreds-s- rters, e ld erly fo lk ra teenager tg blue aod wblte balloons lke las wbo had ther pcture U T to rc h b e a M ary-l ee :s as she avtted t to oat everyone lucky enough to.. p p l e F o r d p a y s B of rata CORPUS CHRS dowq)our, h as-ag reed to p ay t, floodng - a an klled when f lnesthat a fle r ll w as struck S tale D strct J tont Race- approved tb a o u t atadlnh F o rd a n d Je a n e tb k Offldalft.yp«r.rtlrtrnght«w o l s S S... A c c b t g to th e l up to $4? ntrtn lesof ran, pay enl, whch wl p.., wth. a n d a n addluonal ralngtflu conunung every M rs. Henrlchson oney. f f Both M rs. 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L egslature passed a law g nng co panes flng n state-owned lands to pay fees varyng between2.5 and d p e n tw s e lte re d a ount o f tb e royalty fee h th e q u a llty b fth e d re.: a t e b a s s l a a 2 neltvalu& lax on all dabo o pahes, regardless of th ey are operaungon publc, k r s t a t e l a n d s =? = = = on b o a d & p e s r Uon w o r f S ls e w allowed n ected syste. of E ngneers olllclals study- prtlea say the $3 Ulton vould reduce floodng fro - r y th r w y e a rs lo once every B. k e r t e n d s that f wnter lures are cold enough, ce for o n o tb er slow strelches- town wll stll floo regard- atsddn6-to Deadwaler., -lo o l g a t about every" ve w e thnk of and people nlohed to u s as a-eolutlon, n B eede, chef of the Cferps ers project plannng branch WaHa, W ash. -. >rps: has b studyng the ler by th e aaancy on the 1 flood-antro on wudlke. : randthexofntlyrwlbert an Envron nelal pact t th al wll, be wltten once a dseh. 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TMES-f-lEWS SSFED ADVERTSNG - P H O N E - 7 a H R - S U N D A Y u NTOWNTW u - A S H l fl O l //S c W A f l d e f.r O N v p L f f l - e o w o aje H ayng - c o p l y H a b ennan w ore a so u b rg h ter t h u the totl be w a sr AU tb Q w o r k t- n k a p d -fln a lly - a ld n g >re re ah c tju s e d c to o fa st.", lng M aybe t d d go fast, 1 cb would be pleased to knc To date, E xxon h as fu« d a s on sta te la n d s nl s R ver V alley, despletbe ers payng b royalty pa; M. processfdore. t M caurejs<)posu ont on hard-rock nerals al w th hs s p o rt for fede and rty a lly pro g ra s or "locatable nerals - ; - v ;n atu ral gas.coal and ol; Ths leasngprogra 1 1 outgrow th of a 1920 actw w as> arked by publc ov Ue huge p rofts Standan eeed fro explotng o publc lands. t w as e a to ake l c, those profts w ere greate ==ju 6tfed-an<H hepublco ly - * O fth e l - : : - C r C U l te - E-ZPOURELEQA le «A L A D B O W l fp SALADBOWLOr g - r * 4 y...whamo \.. S F R S B E E J W W H N G.:. s f s :. W «. 8 JJ h o p e t h you, e~ WN-FALt S \ WM H ss wm D o/ v GREAT t DRESSE MSSES - CHLDRl -WOMEN OfTAMERlCAs-EXPfeSS-AX:..., * [flltaveste: apprecate t xl hs taslt, by athletes, soe nflnllely t>earer8aluu d s n a eever. alw eu tln to l t - - t s a - t b e -g o a j b e -S w a n s o o -s a edllm llw enf e x d le d b o, u(± of U)el C b u th aber an-a- o v le.- ow-that others t a t o r of; fled 17 nng so elhng b nthew ood M cclures heposslblltyof nerallnd [wyentaon lhanol dev canno a f for nto royally fees fees., also contrasts.- T henda lend leasng ahd wedonl o n t h e s o e d n a ln th e ln -ptkjsphales. M cc lures J ; ". ;.:. " z r. E x x o n U e n ls a n - an d an o ffsb whose p a s s a Standard Ol oubge ove r royalty-free udo ltrus " T a \ no r e ;ou d e v l s on At frsl b. ; n sayng the t h e c t h a follow Uat p terth sw ere C analc o.ou sought to get they d v ert f )163 tes n to ar, th e follow sd d n o ta rr nance V L O R OR UVZY SUSAN... Sncerely apologlze.a lls does not nconven 1, outjalubd custoe R s"w l be:s L... - v S s OUF ES z:: ::: ts;ports V FLOOR EN S WEj rsw o R t XXOUNT~rM AUNTOF ALl te the O l y a effort glfeu tes, organteers aad t.. Uke. a - r lt- D f - B C U e r a n a r eald. You ]** * ttf f n l about,, jje o p le jrto ja v e : tb er te. t beats w atddng ts a du ce- to : b» - a ro fanevenlln h sto ty. : og back," McClure explaned, re sad tbat tbe h ard-rock: ndustry ncurs g reater r b to levdopers, ayl tbe ndusty fford new federal royalty ndustry s re a d y d r e s M lont need lo drve another. «lr coffn," McClure saa: resald th alju stb ecau se -th e largest U.S. corporatfctn ffsbootoftheorglnal* J Ol Trust ay proft fro, l e e federal hard-rock nng - 0 reason bdange thf. s l bl ush Uere s soe j usuce {U»eyouglttopay,!lbutlLwe a tp rncpal,thet w nf alls -. ought to pay for the w ater ;rt fro the Snake ftver. atoday s wng 4 ; rrye:. 9 9 ~ *-. >.«nd - rentence n ers - ssued Q J ; Rr r ~ ~ ~ S WEA~R - EAR ALT/tU SJOH-S

3 ccrjgt e Tax prot< testers aar R H M l B VNE EYARD HAVEN, M ass. (AP) UP) frend fo r 40 years a n d the closed to s to p p d.t-w. u stn ra dazzlng th a l - - P l aayy w rt-l U an-h ell an, a fa lly th a tsh e h a d." - y o u h ott t she s so tough shed la st w o an n Vw t h nd" whom ose N ovelst - and jour wallsl John forever.. sc Hprspy. nnother-close- a-4rend aod a ~ The-th nghat- ade4{-exc ng-to lyal of a wealthvaod rapacous neghbor of Mss Hell lellan on tbe b e around d her was that she w as a y T» Ja llk a S a tu rd a S.lh the e. re so rt sland of-m ark tha s vneyan, d ra a tc : B T e c stto every sentence of h e r acra c ~ ~ a dr n sa - d sb e fo u g h tb erjfna h n lly = lkr- apoke-lh - tto A J to a y t-s a d -J E X : - MlssH t Helan,-whose wortt also.was /as fought fo r h e r d e a l-" s c v e ry ln c h o f th to g sh e e c r a l c - P a le experenced spoke aboul arty,-wa8 r t j a o n g -th ep! th e b s\» ~ c l a t e Press for tb e ove Ju la," ded led. th e way;*."...tlclans de T a s f t we ere the scene n a play. She deandng lhat lhe-~cw-** o f cards d ac a rre st a t M artha s Vne*., "H er flghljrluhroygl g h jecjfejv as j5 eca e!thecharactersjnd lt wllh an sttuent asse bly have y a rd Ho -GUATEMALA H o tal, n ear her su er. to have e j te n c e b ettu ler than t could extraord r - CTY au th o rty dnary v lv ld n brough evy.."t s clear th at t o a, H H B r h o e on V neyadh aven Harfaor,- :J je -fo e - o s th belr M -l G u a le a la,- a to r Bngs. So t w as ;-erylhttfgr l;ro t lltory p art of the g rght lrfronlofyoureycs:**- heprocestow y ardde & S - nur coups n-two yfcars. lurslng Rqjervsor KaUe De* )e * ~ a rf rg o n g -b d t-a wwayrexhllm at-- H ls s " HHelan 8-caeeaated c fve 5. take9*a~ hes-. ra>,toe B process pn can be e n d e d a W Hertogh. tat stop towad der {h. She bad-be -taken to the lhe tog to be w th h e r," Her erseysald. She S ocracy Sun- retufsto 5,Tfro her frst succcss a s a 0 thrbegc ng. b e sald," day to the elecflon -,w asrx th n k..o n e.o L th ( >of < a Natonal "E ther the; tbejoulojlflve playwrgh: h t-w llh -.. -The ChUdren s they ll let us do w hat w * Fetor..] r--f eble an,-an-author-and- d o st-l p o rtan t-p lay w a new consttu- ~ have to do rw lghts we v e H our -nl n 1934 to her eventual dssatls- Joor o there wll be a coup. " close frle rend, sad to L qs Angeles thal lal h ad ln th su e : faclon wlh the coercal th eater dploats nats and others W.M ss Hell cvlan p o lltllm lell an -bad been serously ll A ctress-m aureen Sta Jtopleton, a 30-. a n d h e r ra leaders sad the terpreted rcsurgebce wth books b ased d the t presdent s statf fo r about asse bly ay beco ut 114 years and was n "pretty x e a testng ent to - -year frend V4o appej jeared n M ss bnre lnscencesofberfet be a threat to dssolve the severe dscornfort. d ground to deterow H el an s 960 play ne how uch asse bly "Toys, n the T hehos osptal and "Who s Who" gave y f l t- strays fro h s n l " t s tthe h b thng that could have *1 pow er the lllt ry AlHc. re e ly e d e r as "adazzl- jw - a g e Y s wllng to gudelnes. } a s 77, sayng she was es relnqush ;e l l a n tedt ot ecjodrthe worst thng n g rn to d andw t.a d g tgeat fun to be J uneao,.1907, n New Oreans. Howev O ne-ww eaestern -dploat,w lw r The chef of slate, A d azzlng luld have happened to those ot te. Gen. O scar asked not o f - f f T n S H T l a r t f t despte M ls C u o re n a lo p h y " B e d h e r L to loejdfnlu ec»love her." sad Felblean, ;-a a Hu berto Meja VlcU - H ell an slllneffl,-"4he- lndrnever brthdate te as-lqos. n g.h e r ctores, sad n a sad of.the electons, " ls an c ste p r le c tlo n sp< f p e.u a t thenco p)eto ete frst step, but to s te d. 88- e ber as bly wll be of gong fort ra nub aybe l s better f L ll lled to wrtng the h e consttuton th al we go joforthehalf-step." - - S a n d n s t a s z f l l! e L C X ) p l a n t e f o3>reaferl( d CourtL and electorql and h habeascorpus Guatoal ala has bcot n la by a r T H E HAGUE, Nether: berlahds (AP) Ncaragua jon or Such nter-rulngs 1are per tted under court rt T he court, w hcw s h the judcal a r u f the U nlled ted - H th e consututlop [»1 copleted spp of usaturday-u ed-lu -flrst rs-w rltten-arg u ent n-t -ts nles-w hen-the-sovere «lg n rg hts-of-a-natlon are r e ~ Nat!ons, hast» orce ceent powers, dependng on jjy u e c n d o f th e ar, r : and pollqcs e ents co plant to the Wortd d Court < s snce G enth at the Unted Stote: tos consderedj Jeopardzed zed. The Sandnlsto gov- V- v o lu n laco p llan cew jw lthllsrullngs. - le a d e rs a v e sad lha hat s t b e, Fernando s supportng rebels 9 l k) Lucas G area w as 1 * l n a bd to overthrow th( the e e n l had-dal ed-tl d -th a t-u ;S.- p o rt-fo ra n tl- l-. Meanwhlle,~lrrOslorN 7Norway.-lheEuropcan De- ;. - general-electons are r e expected, to elecled-prea presdent for a.ouyea ; Sandnlsto goyeent. nl-. govenunent. contra" " rebels n N caragua was os ocrallc~ Unon ssued d a stotdhent stressng the lhe be held n March fl Mejto te n n to 197 T he argu ents, Jov 1978 to balloung-that t h e ; bown as a e oral," wen ere a ed a t ts overthrow.-v V.-v "absolute necessty" df fndng peaceful solutons } to V cto h s Has M d a de date for gener- opposton claed was fraudulent.... fu e(}:.atthe lnuttt< t t t o eet a Satuday.deadllne ne, Bu t ta-lssulng the pro v js j.o n a l rulng., the.court rt the C C T traj/erm conflct and to avqjd use of. al electons wll be s( set a s soon a s r the! presdental p r electon -to accordng to offlca] sou sources a t the court. ask ed both natons to address lh e queston of force n the re0on HecbnsUluHorTsflhls " M a r c h T - T h e contents of the w.r A ga. b a l. e orlaljbaned.6ecrel ret,.jursdfctonle staa-w rlto Jlton-pleangs İcoywt ed jtth e wndup of the unon s n s Jt-w U l-h e -fu a tos alals-eghth G uevara but.n caraguan Aba: hngggfqr Caros ArgH o -wc as-elected-to-suced: de e-reagan-adnsl lslrallon announced n-aprl T -seventh-party leaders - s -conference, also sad thuol at - consttuton.slncc-t- t-beca e- a n L u c a s-j are r c la, b u l- j - E f r a n scrbed 11 Frday as a very techncal docuent lon or tb a t l would not accept pl ( cour t lursdlctton bccatse. socal njustce w as a ajor reason for strfe n n ndependent naton n n 1825., Ros Monttn and a group of a n n y j. : the-ad ssblty of thecase"on-the-questlon"o ro f l-c H S rn c a fa M na WM usng th e court for )r C entral A erca, V n lc lo C e r, scctary o re rs sezed sc power b e fo re ; JursdcUon." - propaganda p u p c..the,unjted.states.asojm Tt n. tl- The.soclnl, njustce Kn.the.reglonJncude unjust lst general of the Chrs rsu an Deo G uevara wn was nstalled to offce.... 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Men ~~Threrencun ctedoj / > M on.-fr. 1 : f f s c d r n qnarho * 7 < 8A.M.-6P.M V ffw o n r Sa: f y e a t h ~ n d S l.e MOUNT PLEASANT, MT, Texas (AP) hocde. le.. suted n a fatal heart att{ Hack." defense attoraej sad they w ere Tvtfr Falls, d or - p - - T h ree en convcted t.ofcauslng a 6&>year-old an s fatal h e a h attock D strct ct A lto ey Charles Mac Cobb )b sa d the! defendanto d( actons created a A ccordng to lestlon ony,. the toree broke. nto Hunnlcut utt s. re ote satsfed wllh the results of the cose, b u t Longv gvew law yerh arry H eard, N0WM1 VMENWfTHTHNw hen they broke nto } hs rural hoe stressful l stuaton s th at led to the death lh far house n easte Texason o M arch w ho repres resented Plckron, expressed ed N NS G H HAR CAN lead h ave been sentenced to o a y e a r n ja l o f Ja es 2S N arvell Hunnlcult, and sad d 22, 1983, afto r the robbe Dery of a local dsappontr nt ent., AFUUERLFE AF ~ for scarng the an to ) death. h e w a s ddsapponted h the jury dd not convenence store. Proseculors sad j... A prscltlor :ltlon cut by ono ot our T he tro - Wlle J Ja es Fuller, convct tht the of urder.. H l t t.«uffer a th e a rt a tto c k ** - R ay ond B u rl e e kb a s a n c T Je rry C «" l l f ee r h e evdence~:woua have~ >e w nlle (ry ngtoloadhlsgu gun.. nlng Har a s- also w p p o rted «of Sytv. t ax- le T he-dlslrct-lto ey:«sald-he-plans «nl*bod -bo6f ond tnlltl: " fned 92,000 each Wrday. d t the ax-, s a d. The T rc t a u M d th e th e-n en-o n -o en( ndng-ared A l B H H h a r l l a t tottohnq.ollso-your.. o 35fconvrcl!oS U s -a convcuon - o r - - o H lnal- a -roooery a n d burglary chaj la rg e s;: on lsde c r. charges of neglgent hqce le whch? the crlnju act re- - dctobly. ; e-. Tw o. o f;. e three cou >urt-appolnled.: B H B.b>y-.*sron.or.-th*.loot( y..,... S lo p you va b**nl»»lng. b*«,, r e e t o f U e t a - LEWSTON - Sx Sl> of sevea hearng t Tl Thursday to explan why they y a Ue hearng that the B ] 1981 and 1982 M aa nt u r e p r e a d k s Lewston-area tax prote rotestcrs aganst h a d not fll fled returns re tu rn s fo r the fourto an, Ronald :: tofront &JEAR w ho the stoto had d! sought acton M atheny"orl ew lsbn,, ; had been re- have-fled oragreed ; to fle helr t B ut Harry Ross- of Lapwal and END E FEEDERS 1 celved th a t o lng n Bc Bose; HYDR< t e r yoller-of-lewston l agreed tbflle-»e RAOLCDUMP.BEDS T O v e n th, Jeffrey ( *drrr:she=qjh fc=teo=e8d Fdentganst r.,p oved out of.stote, and ar deputy B t~ e J «> d 0 so. And the case aganst who the lax coss sslon had fled - to e y general.wlllan a Von Tagen FrancsSl Sllars of Lewston was closed rossmfcrr d acton n May fled retun luts before the- SotvlnQhoAgcunural sfllrt A p Btntp wll ptran rauf flther actonjlttecj)e.p.producedjvlflu e.saldaa.a a haftrng snoss lofqynr " agaln sth rr t t z zr z rrzz " eopyuf-d a-dellquentrtaxtelu-he-had d Von-T age n-s a ld-after- :r-the-hearng *; -3M40v.rondrBor.y F o u r of the protesters ers were ordered to ap p e a r a t a Second d Dstrct Court Hed. n addltl lton, Von Tageh was notfedd th a t he h as probles wt}- th groups that encourage lax protests. g 67>-<37» 778 7rN 74-6y8.}6a4 t p " V rou NE p o l a x r e t u r n s T 1 C T 1 0 Cl CUSTOW BULT 5 - z ;-TRUCK ; BEDS t r - G u a ttealaa edge = - JU. J Sunday. l July ; 8 «TeWJ JJ-New«, Twn Falls, daho A-3 D 1 < E N - H H M B sa.on prc J L T S P E C Al A L : : ; -TrytyouM lloyejtl :. :. : 1 = = Sha O W Q 5 r» 7 : T7 r Nl O W - * f T 2 5 ; 4 %. p PflESGRlPTON-CEfaTER Slwpoo and - T«ra a t sn t j r o r n e a t h l e r? 3 r t r e e s :, fj r o - h e f t a r d f r o e r g y o s s e a ; K e s! l l - \ k u p 2 M M H s Hf, E«. SH P..: s CQMSl c... Ruo.r. s l Bulers wde v varety (qualty products wvu e can, - plan & buld you u rn e w buldng to keep o out th e~. " s P E ala J L hoar n> otcoa foflesso lo lo rs - We can provde se( Gcurty ~ 7 J u n e 3 0 T h ru Jl J u l y 5 O n l y. aganst theft. W Necan provde a ledkproo of roof W e T v e D s c b t e d L t ll e - D s c o u n t k a e wth a 20 year warr rran;ry.... A n d D > ( 6 u b l e d T h e R r e k t o o] h! And wphol t a llw th th e : b est for rless! D u r s p e c a l p a c < a; g e n c l u d e s ;!; s = ==RE3xlWrBff,, - (Roo tax no t nc c l u d c d ) r : ty- S r - e C A t P A O B V E l u x u r o u s a c c c< o o d a t o n s a n n d w e V e e x p a n d e e< d - y o u r : r e c r e a t o> n f r o o n e t o T W fc O a c t v t e s p e r d a y.... A C T V T ES: l ef e n n s. e L U s e l o J f J Bl a U J l a c h n e - - G o l f (Ca ;Cart rj:nta andlvdu als Z nq H T S L O DG1NG& RBAY S ffe R ET A T O W- P C W -THEBDSGGBHTE S D P R l C E O F = " B S P E T PERSO N rd OUt B L E O e e U F ANCY A 7 MAKEf YOJR RESERV t O N S NCU sal Val j u ; Y B c y c l e R d n g ". v. H o r s e b a e l { T r a t l R d e s S own expense.) M lgtoa FES- " J u n e 3 0 J u l yt s, ) w / a l l e y C o j a n y. u n V a l l e y, D

4 .-S j A-4 u rffas-n6>;>f5, wft Hana. laan Bflflg s u t ay,juy r, 9 n..., wn«& Hovatf Wflftr ll5 C B U t Publthth c tf Advcll»lnqKUfaQW~ Sfphtn Htftgcn J y yhoy H M*ft#g»v»gr>gE<llOf Orcula Mshbro ; c 1 * 1. k a r j The tbnbcrs >ers of lhe edtoral board andwrere d v of edtorals Are Su Stephen Hatgcn and WDla je. Howard :ks all-tn : e t o H = = c l o : : :..... : l. j «j t -., =7= = s Oeo rg trhan ah serhafnever-beenhf d-s»uppla"ng=? ~fast"and-loose )se-wth=the facts, wher en t serverhlsdwn : 1 purposes B u tn o w e le : has outdone even h sef. Ths week h e ssued a-press release that arks ts an all-te low n : selt-s4rvngde :decepton....;; H e. began 1 the-state ent by sayng: -*Docuents--- - recen tly found n H o u Ethcs Co lttee fles contan stro n g langua jage supportng T ny rraocenv e of any " voafon q,l House rules and add consderable strength. - to y defense; ; -... H e contnues j e s a p aragraph later: Whle the contents z (of the docu unents) ft very well wth w: other evdence and n context becoe y e ry persuas as,jve, the concluson of a d raft opnon and. other kej ;ey p aragraphs a re ; Edtorsgatl h ern gstre ssees excel strongly suppo: portve of y poston.? W e n c 6 HPfor the basl ss of a request for a new tra l on hs huge nu b ero f words a and fgures n a The greal r a t value o fa week-long. *; n to -suggest-that the e-ldocu ents wll S T A N F O R D rc a lr:-] = C ycnthe a h e a d r- convcton of fvolatng V the Ethcs n 1 GC overn ent Act. daly new spaper, t shoul )uldntsurprse. se nar r lk lke Ue one at Stanford a : P. Stephen Don t bet on n t. :,. readers th a t soe a rc less than hew ayllfc : 11 forces us to Ulnk about-.»- precse and a fow are jus The docu ent he ctes s hare trdly strongly sup- ustpaln t Halgen o u rsd v es and w hat.w eare dong; r r. - wrong. W ecanh! u) hre nore qualfed people... portlve of hs ls poston. n fact, f t ever showed up n N or should t b oa revel /elaton to We can allocateour budgets ore <.. court, t would ld ralte a dandy pece e of ( evdence for the,. ry new sp ap er edtors that 1ther H readers carefullyar ly and stretch our ecooonu.; r p r c y r tjor - -jlcgtancftjallppecy w>rg W nry nf fhfypnjw rc n >- - servces? O r hould we takeso t e resourees. ] We can d oab etterjot>pf.;*~ T h ere a re four glarng holes Hansen s asserton.. notexacllyw h scal, b but certanly n the West ssl and any arc s lar n o ther tack? B alancng suchdehands. new s t e rcqnhlngtallytralnte le Tes-News scons tanr tu none ol U have t e to planoua H c r e r e y H r e r - -. We u st al do a betterjobof-, D espltej t«elrequent publc - - As an n d u s t we re estllrjos las - news conte ntent as well as we wrould lke; - The=docut uent was nof recentl; H yfondrt was-a puttng out the best daly newspaper crtcsls s ( of the eda, there were co plete as you want, nc n o rd o ln fo s L kcyou, /ou, we are cbnstaqy p r e s " we can, day n and day out o so eenco couragng reports n th e good a job a s you w ant oncoverlngl or.lo rtl e n t our work and dally llvef.- Z - Z Z ~ T h e -re p o3 rt..d o e s -n d e e d -C o n c luude-hansen-ddnot d : - t u st be an accuratele a n d -. se nar, ssuesofnteresttoyoun, ngpeople, - W ecnntl( do any Ulngs to prove,- - w llfully.volatl late House rules, but thal lat snotw hathew as. co plele d d v e re ro f nf nforaton * One s th Uat any of us are dong workng woen ard lorltes. b u lw ecanr :annot stop tho rotqjlon of thp abbutourjcmunty. : convcted of doo n g. regon, naton wltreacc ccrs say hey want n a dally. ly. ---Y ousu llgveuslow arkson o r Ue tje change of seam ns..we:~~.a n d AToeJa paper. el natng bas, or on followng up on cannot put ore l e nto the day.. The rep ort does not conclude thal lat hs dealngs were ts staff ust carebo: joul lhe place A recent :nt sludy, for exaple, fnds - - stores T h alre r c n rn tn c u O h te o f., proper. ts co onclusloh s lust the dppt p o s f e n-whch they lve and work. They Uat we arc ore n touch wlh our. T hese are serous crlt tcs s,sb e resources,» tts, and the ost p r o u s. -.v T«Hs atto e eys h ave-arguedtnatt tthevery-docuent--v, - ust-bfraccessbletope( >eople frotn count lles Uan we used to be of w hchrn yvew. apj pplyttte h e quotes s nol not vald. every co er of the co nunty. -.Yougjve ve us generly hgh arks T.e.s-.Ncws..Tbcyares(: soe.olue.. Stephen en Hortgen s anangtto: W e-begn-w-w th=the -rstnth cotncntrand-youtankas- us thlngsavojatluavork on n nthqhwnuts - olsot J o w s The newspaper ust :cncourak C e uclulu er-tl»an teevsonfdp= H a n s e n wo.>ml dchoosgjaj plyjhat at-h as u aco v ered gam Teportlngrupon wh hct-a relablty ly jand credblty.. so e hdden docu d( ent when the report he ctfebegns accurate account of the 2 c countys But Ue e bloo s off the ro n ouer" fh-ft wftrdtr r twvrjtfp - Letter p u b U ffar& d o p o n d JUutlstpve d l way~w?5 gs -arenh aarand j F jrth er, the le specal counsel to the le E thcs Cottee forexcellenl wrtng and d practce accurate s a; s you wan us to be.w e - say s th e report ort. n queston was sent n t to Hansen shortly careful, p recse edtng. }.* s allernewspapere c and Ual s Thanks o alun E V EENL. N ABELS Edtng such a newspa] )aper s a for - o sl of the [le 1,700 dalles n Aerca To Magc Valley Unlv(. j a fte r t w as wr W tten n Jne of versty of Preslen dent, Magc VaUey Unversty of publc tru st, requrng lg ntegrty and - slll don t t do enou wu natonal and d. daho Alun JThnk yo ffu.lor yo - o U d o lh - Of course, H; to s e n s staffers have re stsadfasty an- "-xbtnfentrrrot-w "? Alun M Chapter oo rk fo rth e" nte atlon onal news: You say you w ant t partfepatlon tn the fftt St annual Slver TwnFall F alls... taned a conve venent falure of ne( oryw hen asked f ntelleclually lazy o r the le td. us lo do tho lhat, whle antanlngour -and Gold Days cclebratl tlo n h eld atlh e - th ey receveded the re port. H ad they-mknowledged, Those are ju sta fewofl jflh e. oohfne Fnejt to local events.... Canyon Sprngs Counlry recevng t,, tl UeyTOuld havelsev( ttofarjva* C l v e n ssoetes o l led resources, JS,. v e-yrew ardngtoseeth s! e r g r - - D. s - e n o tfatal - jverely underntnedz L A ercan P re ss nsttute ttotw w spcr TWfltJs not 3t a an easy balance. ~ > Valev Alun Chapter rslartlns g o u l N oelt.k. r. H ansen s defen [ense. K reft see s to be sufferng edfdr s se n ar on pn jrovlng - --At-TheTl -Tles:fy.eTO;f6r exaple, = wth such slrongpartc] c lp a to n.fro an lacutecase ac of pleonas; aa., Jr;::" On the sfcon» n d pont, Hansen sco correct n asse rtn g : ~ new spaper content whch atlended slfeuld we e cut c back on our nauonal U t B keep our newly fored f(, obnoxous,! s but not necessarly fatal.. th e p a ra a pph-of h the-report he quo uotes dbes-conclude - - -a fs ta n fo rd Unversty wllhflbout 20 news hole e n the paper? O r should we chapterrollng! fyouh have dsease th a t he dd not 3t \ wllfully volate House se RulejM. So what? other anagng edltot?, c cty edtors tf sp o rts o r regonal news to tnake suggestons for future actvtes. MERVRl V R EED -r. enwas~conv vcted-of=olatng-th( the-etfcn" G ov- aodncw & cdtocsofa ercan cr daly roo for-tl -horareports fro-the wnc please - contactsteve-abe bels o r G eorge n e r r e e n t Act, :t, whose o re -strng gert fnancal ds- - ~ c losure requre re ents r e p lm t f seofhouse Kue4,4- * 7 n.lo T. J a c f c s ( fon s s H enced B ut the rest t of c the report, whch fc for so e reason he dns f h e s h ssc a u s e u: does-not-quote, te,-concludes-oy that-h s actons-w ere grew up na.fanly.lh; lhatkney/llc. eanng of dlscrllnato b ase d-cn-a-bm loodjathjnterprerajon on-of-thej3les.=but= = on. My talanaet3 E<k ofoao&tp,... J3J1 - o th c rllv c s -w U h th o ec r orythar th a t hs nterprt pretaton was wrong. : -.-her-fatherw as called Joe >emllcrfqr a And on ths, s, th e.rep o rt s clear. t says Hansen s y en rsn th esteel llso)f f fnancal shell ga e was a volaton on of the rules, our Youngstown, Oho. Hs na cw as f th rp o n t. Matthew D>oreto, but 11 llw> asloo 2 dlfflculoprononcoat [ the tl turn of Z The focus of f t h e r e p o r t s H an ssn : s atte p tlo duck the century. My father s sn other ; fnancal dsclo closure.rules b v separg ratg hs fnances - dened, unt the-cos.-that- ath er o th er fro -th o se -o- of f - h l? W f e r - e o n n e r - T h a t-s e p a ra to n - " w as a v a jo nsan, Myy. ag ree en t has b e e n the keystone of f Hansen s K defense, g r d fa th e r,w h o h ad lwvoyearsof o. -. J The report coo n c lu d e s H ansens tra ran sfe r of hs debts f(ra educaton; luew h( how toread - to hs wfe Co ole s ply was not kc kosher. n tact, the lhestgn, rlslnec(lnola ; apply * / When was17, wc ovev ednloa >-. z.. p arag rap h Ha an se n. q u o t e d n h s s p ress releasecs hous e n G rard. Oho. Son o eoftle..- edately fol f o llo w e d n t h e r e p o r t by b ; ths: "However, neghbors pa.<k%d a petto lontokeopus...; t does see to s that the nforatc on dscusseclabove- (out because there were 14chldrenln z. -,. other Kc a knre. r* d o su re for But o u r faly, lltf tna lahfa les. - T here a rc oth e r state ents n the -report n that a re just, n Aerca, knav} Uat be: elnftdffcrcnt. j f l l B as clear andjusl ust as da nng t a h sen s poston. " r feror.we - th n tt fs e ffs d fft r o tjla sen wujm T " e a n e d.a an e arly age, rat l j.., ; ssue a p ress release re: for cons ptor on n daho ctng a stereotypes w ere bo of f gnorancc l docu entw hos lose valatv s-beng! questoned by-hls pnts. llko thor : pnrpnt-s-btughukq-n: uuth ow n la w y e rsp» a s h n n 7D :e ra t-t tth e a e t e : people who w ere "dlfferer n a le tte r last 1: onth to the Ethcs Cottee, were ho long k s about t There 1 H ansen defense se atto ey N ath ah L ew -w nargues-thk-the-- ony-lhclccxanple. N0"0zk nc dared use. reportjs b n ly yl a. draft and, b ecau ause-t.was never th ew o d nggcr, o k for alzed bv V the-cottee, s n0-tbndng0 no the -. hoe because we knew th( the stng of k" and... PAng r-e s s a tv - ; savage T h a t ay be, le, but Hansen can t tav ve t both ways, h e When M artn Luther Kr. l H H j [ c a n t arg u e that a docu ent s nv. vald-n court but D rchcdln lh e GQs.Qurfa faly, lke vald when he le chooses-to < cte t nn hs own- tlc a any others, arched not lotonlyfor. V Tucbtock blath ers and ssl - p ro p a g a n d a.- stfsrsrhut ourselves a n d o u tc o untry. rywhen two rr tr-t h ere-lsa-yyddlsh:word-"ctutzpal l lah, whlch"ls best Jew.»U students and l aa c k s lo d c n t-. T z defned b y th ef? 3 fa ous case of the fellc llowwho-urdercd - hothy-hagen e : w ere urdered TMsslss ppl20 v both of h s 4aDa rents: then-askedfort rthe.ercyof thp years ago. ebers of y ny faly. e ffwa?an;otphan. cred and talked of leavny ng Aerca. z - * My fath er was elccted 2 -George-Hanse sen-s-actpn-ths-weelu J n a v n o tj jy th a t apouhy a \ Uese group; ups, untl fnay "Uey ca ec U e adness,thecvofulhat t e.. LoUlsTarrak rrakhan predcts race w ar by =F00l6etohatUn4«3H uvt Mtonaoc-- z :~ -for ean- nuer6:was n < o n eefw o =. lc la lc-case,-but-t-c o n esdose. Se jelecflvey-guo n! tly w o rld rr T 98&jqrnyll npues th atj6 w sh edto rs~ - t w»h htn todutefrhttepuuwd alt vrrlters dstort Ue fewtt ; - whcn e v e rh e w asjskc<»o- [<hsj«ak.l hu an ben jngsntou lh. J e w fa n d J e w l trer r fo th p c p f.tor threatens» sut e lfe o fa b la tk. ; hl certalu yfa; falls wthta the defntlo lonof a u tz p a h y kr)w w ljcnhe frst used u; trb u tl.; T b h 6oc locaust s the cenral e%cnl us who aren o t Jew sh but! Lhnvff- pnrtprfnrf for dong hs Job * leblkof ~ ~ nf thp2flthc< 1 ggntury- My fn th rr fnght na edthnthplng"df;ct< ront doe&n*-thlucm8ja-v< Ja-very great an,-o r J soe hall n Tnbull Couny,Oho, ln n w a r4 0O yyearsagoar anstan ean you re nferor, we h 5ha)cMlhcJa chandofo ohk hadafv. ; andhcam h-ytbterqoo C)6t«rUe ene y that not only sought to annex specal a n d s a c r c d n rnsblluyto e We ust conden unequvocally fa ous p a ssa g tjn whlchl lhegeran.. tc r rto ya n d e n sla v e ltb u t- conde n anu-seraus-1 - -su chstate e e c n tft-w know that» T he-t l e N e w s w clco cs letters to th e ee3l3dtmrf<ject- e "C O loglanrm arttn Ncol lollcr.told ; - systeratca colj>sought to exter nate } unequvocally whenever t ay rase anu-sclucj tjc stereotypes a rc jusl as - * th o se4t< d n s?3c T eusjcyellerrosl = = b o w h a H «H o o b je e te a d WeustncvETforguL;: r t tgtcacl.! : -BvnaA.julH)! th)la ck ste reotypea.w eflla» - b e jlg n e f d olojjd j nclude the w rter s s ang-address. n N azsca efornew vct s N evw agaln Bln.-- - We canhol pre tend, Sen. 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Geneva a talks," sad l.ssons. f weapons a s a lever to als lso reopenthc Bul ths ls tl c.the:.w hlle House one U.S.-offlcll. ho spoke 6 under The Sovets nuclear - ars-control negouatfons d e c l d t o j lets have been cager-to hold - lo ju p on Chernenko s latest!st condlons requrng - anonyty, talks on spac called off by Moscow lale last year, offer. 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H j h w vea y 93 w a d e r s n t o N e v a d a, t a c t u s P e t e s l g h t s 1 u p t h e d e s e r t s k y, -- Y o u j l l l l l g h t u p a s y o u r s l o t / ~ h t s 3 b b< a r s : T h e c a r d s h t ; r o l l o f tl t h e d l c e - a t e r ap p - t a b l e. T h e b a l l f o l s t o y od u r -. = - g n l g h t s n p tw J c e n f l y T w th t s t a r s s t r a g h t r o r r R e n o a r d L as V e g a s, C a s n o. a g l n e - a n e x c t n g - n f j l a c e ll t k e t h S j j n a p a c e l ke t hls s P c c s s o X g therernote-flgh a n d y o u r b e t p a y o f. j r h u n c h p a y s o f f ojr n a - -, v.. 5 e r o n t h e r o u l e t t e : l f a n d y o u w n a g a n n. - c t u s P e t e s R e s o r t a c t u s e t r Jackpot of, Nevada s y -. 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Every Thursday, Frd :d ay a n d S u n d a y w e djraw r th re e lucky wnne!ners..a t-9 p. ve sve away S250. At X? 9 :30. $ 500. A n d a t 10 f r - r a c e s - v h e e l b a r r o w. yje 0 oclock, a Honda ATC J C S. : TkyoThae-tcryT S to w n stslck-up-otre cnttytjrank-frrhtvnll a n H n g -a re o f" p; T."Hollern =, 6 o n tesstv s eetaf-h Q teles :actus-pctcr*3e-at-leas :ast-s1-y e a rs o ld -a n d p n : Cat jre sc ft-a tth e d ra w tn sr-, Enter the Grcet-Hon o n d a G veaw ay a t C a c t *. 1 0 p.. F re w o rk s d s play. tus Petes Resort Casno no. A n d s e t e s t e )ut of Jack p o t on 3 wh( vhees.* o u t s K j g g lng E S h g ly -u rf p JA C K P PO ( 3 < p e c le & :* T, NEVADA - r : d o d -..l.)nexpected e d y x n g. - E - x e t t n g l y - u h e x p «l e < td f c ja CK PpX NEV/ /A D A, j 1

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R e g o o a l newspape -self;lnterested~ co ngs??-. pers receved n Moscow n n dobfactoy, 5 9 w o rs \ 1&.V, tb e - republc s n e v/spaper - a lth o u g h th e r e w a as grublng when polce at Sovet TTw repo -th e prevous w edc sbc sbow that o a t least fve of ; c o rru p tto a," n» nl8ter- up c a e U e s t a r t of - tbesovleluqku ss 15 fro c emtral n t co ttee plenus republcs, the drve cost - -cessng the republc s chef lef product, cotton. - nu 5,ln th e b a th h o u s e s, b a hree senor CJounlst.Part- TS rs ald shops to calch wpltusvd l.coaupt offcals JobaJ arty offcals n - varous rej republcs.. 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Nghts r S B l A -.- S D T E S Rag. to JOCKEY BOXER M O S C O W O ( g O O J B B S H R T S,. >, SHORTS Slr»<OaHJ (t#b.t.oo to "T M E N S B E L T s S = : z - r - n o v n z o w t t : R O D N J - W J X A M 5 4 B U R L N G T O N S O C K S J O G G N G <ff«gulor«p A N T S..R * 3.2 f N O W E A N S R»(.toU.O O N O W OTHER SPEGALS T O O t ~ ; S caragua d r B E W A L C 5 A g - r STARTSMONDAYL]...J ; O P E f T s : ~ W S PM S A L E TOPSB BOnOMS. BlV l AT T R E G U L A R ~-PRGE--G S E T T H E 2 n d aarksc ApJarel for.the yve also ft Bg &Tall Men "~~- - l\t 1 V w n,o jg M t ~ TH n F c : t V Mr W w o e o -. =, , J = rersworn n as - EBRAt ~ 5-5 l e M a n f H E S t j H l *!! L - S l A R T R G V a n H * u * n ~ DRESS S H R T S H MCHAEL R*fl. to N O W V P e ntst er H L D O V R.....» s T c» M l n K fadv..:....! - V d s the S T O S c n a E - o o u j r P A R T O N T he.k nockout.g S n c y - 1. o f th e.s u le t r o jonnow N -- E 1 SAT.-tUN. 1:1 r < 3 ) E n s E s r a S F ~ DAlY7j35.,;30 SAT..SUN. 1:10.]:1S ,t30 M O W M r r s jwh M r n T y NDANA JON ) N E a n d Z th e T e ple o; f Doo E.J --D A R Y ll OA DAJLYTlOOrTS SUN. 4 :4 5.7 :0 0 SAT.-S J.-SUN. 2:30-4:45 K f - 9 : T 5, - L 7 ;0 0-9;l W K N O N n A T r O o N p e R e-. 7 O N S A T r-s U N rf R OM M 4TO6P.-M A tl -A D U lt S G E T N P gr v, = A N D ALL SUN D>AYNTEAT A Y M O T O R V U ANDGRAND.VU. N D A N A J OONES N F y r n fp pf>* U S» ; ; S T E V E N SPELBERG ;1 t> r f t - l{ [ G ttg M U N S G R E M U N S ( S H E M W S G l t C M U N CaREMlS B S T E F E E s p s - Mon BOQWH - B 2 DA»YJ UlVTlMll.. 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NOW! th o hfltv«p ftf hon g fw lflrx c l /THRU SUNDAY "THE MeBR o n e»rw< and recognze cbrde BROTHERS... ze -outstandng role ode dels".. SU sad Uat t a t h s. school, wrtng g and : o ftb e b e stw a se x:tre ely.rernote... "" a ong th e naton s s publc schools., couolcauon akll lls a re e phaszed n all subj U.. S ecretary / of-educa(k>n o: TerreU Bd a Uto - o tlk T daho scuoo: hools-fonated for r ltun areas,-and students ts regularly are recognzed nw oth Announced* d-he-na es of 202 publc sd (doolj w ere B o ra tw d Caplt aptal Hgh scbools n Bose; L ake schoasuc achlevee ent; t ; ! : selected n the! » Secondary School Recc KOgn- Hazel Junor H lgt r n Merdan, Jefferson Jun N p unk)r MuUan sttxents ah also paru d p ale soe un n4»ual t A D D SO -!. ttonprogra. >N N AVE. EAST 4 gh n extracurrcular acth rtvltles.-s lu sald-the-sch - - T h g -a w anl - wfls a5-p- r e s e n te d -* a B ua}f x u K O a e c M s a a ttr HUgKaaaUnbqghr-and-Sl s t [lver-opvatesa-letele jleveortstauon and s prepar ceasfu} schools n n whch the faculty, students tsand H U lbjunlorhlgllw nwfulace. to set up, a ha rado lostatlon,hesald. L Repart e a sy -B O S E ( A P )- ~ The daho p a r t w t o f Transp n r t a t l o n s laun* - chlng a ululuo for restoraton o f hl( l w a y rest areas. 4 h a t a y nclude le the-addton o f S 1 r e d e n t custodans JS at soe heavly =. a fed slte s So e 1700,000-s- budgeted-for-th e -. pro g ra ths sun n ner t h wolc on V S A V N G S O N A L L -S Z E S! roof rqalrs and land ndscapng centered!!! YOU-HAUL P R C E S 1... on hlgh-ose re s t t. sareas along n-" t e r s t a t e 84 n central] daho;... S l g h t E x tr a C h a r g e J B u t tranqwrtauo tlcn planner Bob F p r D ellvfev H u p h sad tha l t over ( tbe next two y ears another 12.2 Uon wll be pu ped nto th e project to refurbsh t all S re s t areas a croas n» the stale. We rejookng at t soe that have - been here 20 y earsa w th- n al DON T MSS THESE - T antenance,"hesal sad; GREAT G SAVNGS! w n addton (o qg qgradng facltes ALL a SALE MERCHANDSE an d provng the landscapng, the - ulocated OUTDOORS N... dart entw lll be le addng nfnrn. THE"YARD 1\ BEHND "EvpRTON a t t r e s s :: ;- tlo n sla n d s-a t Uw s t o j l o - h d p ; " travelers fnd attract " s f C o o lts e rv e d tb e -s ta te rv e n d ng n achlnes-opera vacaon. so w ove cleanedr,t Uon b y.the state Con; Cosson for the oul L; out warcnousc and pul ;... B U ndarealaoplanned ned. logolhor tesc ler»(c buys, ft us lof ha spocl salow ofo la>;<ng vcnofy; soon, so wo wo.ll 10 ove D e t Pll S w e e p tn a a s. J : evefynnooosbo!. NewGrap pnfcr sp S j F Plt 1 lastweg daho - P w y Loss f No DMng - E au avau-you Want - re-woffc B E V E R t r l tls; t S C A. (SpeOa) E - -r:rrra n an azn g n c* * su p er- g r a p e f r u l t S recytly been fen d eydop j d..... ces --that wll ca* easly lose a t least ~..1 0 pounds n 10 days ays. B cst.of all, t allows you lo eat t as a: uch as you w ant of-your favorte foods and stll. lose a pound a d ay o01 r ore startng - ; fro the frst day untl, y ou. achcvc the dcalwclj Veght and fgure you desre.....ths SupCT grapcfrut pjll s a ved verson o f the fa ous g rapcfn ru t d et. t Ts far ore effectve th a n r the tl o rg n and d nates the ess,. &s,.fuss, a n d g h.. h. cost o f e a tn g h B rn ntresh f grapefrut! a t every eal. Sunday,* y.july3.t964 rdstrfprscslvmulan Hghp)rncpc al A r d l n g. to -J hle e anufacturer;, TWN SZE th e pll tself docs al; a lljh e w ork whle you quckly lose wegh ghtwth NO sr- \~[.. tb n " d rt enus 5 tb-foh ow TN O MArTRESS. 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Now Avalable e t< lo Publc ; You can order yo our supply o f h ghly tmccttf TTffvl *ttp/*r" grapefnt plls {now avalable drect- \y. fro the an u fan ranufct by al order only) by sendr dng S 2 for a : l<way supply (or S for a 3 0-day f eln-st< O n Ac supply, or 535 for a 60-day sutjply) cash, c h c c k r.o r or orcy.ordcrto;..- L -!~ L 1 C fcu st H n d u strc TZ r S a h ta U llls,-c a f 9 Q djnadtlohal rz oney-back guaranlee llee 1 / nor sats- "\ yzer.x vsarm astgcard,.aud.a ar er.. Express O K. (Send <arc a r d n u ber, cx- praon date, a n d sgnature.) F o r. 5 - "* jf c fastest servce for cred edt cord orders ,QNLY ltty?tl--frce ree l -(foo)-8f ext.283.-j;-ccprr p W A -/. n- 3DAYS< 1» 4 n - s V T Trn (TT O M.?. : 9 el:zss" -4-. r,. \ ~ w g q.... V. b * n : S g g s o. - C tore Fnancng proved Credt FULL SZE ATTRESS - A S L O W A S - : : HE, EADBOARD DS Velvet. Any sze. 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12 Sun3ay.July \.: L. tl t os-nowa. Twn Falla. damd - < ~ 6 bfuares/h0s ) s p l t a l g B 2 r ~ < H o l d a y f e s to t t e s B 3-4 N a t o n a l p o l t ce s B 6.-7 ; D e H a a n l a b a s t s / A d a s o n f bo r c h a n g n g s t a n d R ej. p u b lc a n s ll h o p e S e n a t e w n s w Ts] s t f l e E v d n TByCKSHAUGHNE NESSY b y C e ehaahlo l a r c rte r n sday ; ent w a sln a c le dre recty to h by s U N <VALLEY \ - Deocratc Gov, a ddna Ut f Ue.pj party can gel 28 opponent.,7es-newswrter- l evenng ng.- )eh aanrar epubllcanww tj hot -B eh aan d a r n g l g ent n Ue 1982 ca pagn. - - qjhonelntervcw r K h T Evans v ter doesnt expre un unul - sen ato ra elected th e!y y c a n tell R v a n a = = = n n U luy } r e s lp -as Twn Fall!*als A hda da son say ays Uc flret he bu but state Republcans hope to to st n a co er." B att t sad sn establshng a-veto-proof...sun VALLEYjrr -Dan Adaton.County ty. prosecutor.declnes J o.con con- heard ~bf the. co ent wasln assert acontrol over Evans n 1985 B5by 1; Senate L>would wc pave tho wav-for reoenl : -sayszhlsupport-o o f - R c p George flr jr- «r-deny-that-the-stale enl-w lwas a S tates an storysatur u rday, takwffs \ r a y h l r vetoro6fl.*s ate ate: R sch re a rk s ooccurreddurlny c o tfte!.state; soalled lttle D a s Hansen-&-aed-at au o ch lev ln g -p arty ad c..,. Durng the heat( prp ary electon. Hjg t Uee.has b e e a popular roor n e dscusson, of. tlje.. s states re c c n llv Bacon 1 -A c t nnr fo t p o slru r- ; u n ty. However, a- rreark c attrbuted - battle, whch Adaso son narrowlylost,- Tabng g p arty le a d e d gauered n 1 Sun S w aged reappbrtlon enl battle, n cglslatv tlv e o v e rv e w of execuuve to -H a n sen crtc : F H arry. D eh aan,:. l h a d a prvate conversatlolarlt Arllh-Lthe Jero e-c ounty- > r-p ro u to r-b t- -V alleyfc / for th e r bennalconvcntonr- w hch-fotal-sennte- ebershtp-was - genoyn y n le s r : la b e ls Adason a p publc prosttute, - D *,"" DeHaan sad Saturday. D an a terly denounced Hans nsen for.hls legal. - - ncreased frorh 35 lo4j 42 by court order, - for adng wllh hlsjorr forer opponent. dd who /hat he Uought he had to dot r T and persona! proble s, whch be sad "W eh 5 have Ue best opportunty snce snt D e ocrats hold 14 o of Ue 35 Senate. spcubusly absent fro B all s - gong > to do soethng dfferent, nt," ha pered H ansens :s effectveness. v e bee jcen there to elect two-uln hlrds seo ts and have consst stently prevented pnenl entswas-enuqn-qfftv<ng w as rathetsbock ocked Uat he could DeUaot o n r c n d e d to a.questlon-o n o n - B ut he sad also Uat Lhe h would support- -(R(!pDbll blcanst to Ue daho Sla Slate th e ajorty-party Republcans fro rlghl-to-w lo-work legslaton p ast E vans be. shootng-fro th U ehp so care- Adas( nson s pro-hansen stance, the p arty s no nee ; for Ue 2nd Con- S enate," D," Ja es Rsch, SeOPres»resl»- overrdnge van-s vclt does. tap. Evans vetoes of annual lessly," Adason sad >aldsaturday."ts. "wwould o probably apologze f ha< had gresslonal scat. dent PFW-Te, n told party ebers be efforts s to pas.-; rlglt-to-work leglsla- - certanly a personal ol s sla. t s a loose soeth! do wlu akng (th e A d a n n s a y s h c 5 Uerefore t s not Saturdaj day, K s d s coents s < dosely paralld- ton beca ecnnfl a central ssue n B att s Sbot-fro soeone >who wl really had-no-::-statee ent)publc, h e a d d e d.-- - n c o n sste n t b y -;su ppportng p Hansen, " Ulr hnk t s really aforegone con- co ed e a re r state ent lts ade to Ue..1W12 ca pagn. Tle fssuc ay have. reason to co ent," V headded. * But t F Rod G ra er, a reporter ror - v e n th o u g h ho won t or retract, any clusfon n that t w ere gong to elect 25 < o r conventon by Phl B Balt. Ue fonner backfred on. Batt who was narrowly " T he coent was S reportedly ade the dal daho Statesansavs-Ue-corr x* - a lle g a to n s h e a d e about a t Hansen. * Rep epublcan senators, Rsch Md. L eutenant Governor r who was Evaas defeated e dn the race. ; " Q S n. BEAVER C R E E K - The fdd of ~ p S j p M b rght purplsh-red and blue elephant-head and she hbblngslar U flow ers coverng Ue Ln K K l O M l r U l PatBean-r T T T ors tanley frst grabbe bed y attenton, o r ght n< not have notced- ff Out and th eh reesandlll cr.n pnes Uat were about-! llng a ong the b1o< lossos near Ue H eanderng Salon R Rver.. 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T he trp w as y frsl rst through the Solnstea tead, wll leh you about two T la rg e S N R A a re a a n dneedess r to - couples wh h o s p e n d th e re n tro say. 1 was oojngand Jaalngat s su er r n ths arvelous area, Bry f n n f lh<» nh d,j>nly. 1 WflsJ M aron and B ert Harrls and,ted a n d.j ] dolog-uftoohlng rvtar ardly so as not to Couse Wal Walpole. The H a r r s are d stu rb Ue slent aw esoenessofthe -volunteers e fof the Forest Servce w atchng; r and Ue Walpoles are voluntee to 1 F o r one who gets hg lgh on ounlan - th evolunteers, n say Ue four as Uey scen e y = J«h c h X h aavodonfrrlncorl v b around- nd-utaw e4na«reenetf4enl r - - sawtny flrstnountan nat1heage;oftr77a t theb cayer.crcek:qapground eav r r rs tn n lpy nnrt ntw nf twoc < feast fo r the soul, a s Wt Well as for Ue off lllghwa; w ay2l, --..T-t ; - eyes T h eca pground, w hch s J a g peaks of sno\ low-covered hhnt?cdh d b y l R A. s located rn0tn t. j s p e n s and coltonwoods-alongsfde JeBB e a v e rc re e k a n d n e a r..!. n th e valley that,gve vewayto Capello J 3 L ak e;t h o H arrses h a v e,... r -Douglas frs.ant Lb* ber pnes as one" b e w re tu ;ulng to Ue.sae spot snce ; ;. - b s upw ard, brght ftydlow l9cc.nl96a 1968, M aronsays, " B ert rcupsdottlng volunteered jred hs wfe to work fof UfC j ; eadow s and red ndl! lan F o re slsk*rvce. - e -, ~...! v:. palntbrusljes that seen lo p referth e A svoluntt unteers, thch arrsesdon t * : ; -. r : E n jo y nn ga th e -S a o n -B a» ln -ar«roadsdes, ground sq u r e a n e c s J le tl W lp oa lel e y l e r t f B e r t - H a r r s L.oo u stejk V.a lp o lra h d -Mla a r a n - H a r rs ;!he1s lulc.o.owd Hbldaby.thcGKlay-stay.rue occasonally dartlne across Ue S eeb K B o n P a a s *. j ~~~FlnnH rnntn xolpl<;>jgctjtjjj] Desp )terea The Assocated Press ro n ra-th ro e- thtrfolf-scnat natc: Ejects usrpersuad jadrcongrcssfo roppropfra- -7 -: r proveens, flood control, ol, eroson protec- w eek n recess after Ue Deocratc N atonal " T h e House Ho defeated an R tons co ttees Ks Uat th e c -p je c ts.a re : ton and oucr publc works by theary Corps Conven! lon W ASflNGTON -- The 1 adlnlstratlo allon-supported.v a end enl at by worthy of a slarsof House on F rday om lttftrf<eral fds. of Engneers T h e blu:sauuor.rep. 1 Robert approved $3.7 llon»erl.a.-roc, Rop.-Thoa as -E.-P etr, R-Wls., h a t w ould- ; on forru e-lttle-w ood B u t-th e bll s opposed.,b 1,by. hc U cn g an - D.N :J.-. - whose stale sta ls to gall R lvetllood control proj aln$l bllon have had Ut Ue cffcct-of-ncreasng the ro je c t ; le local Tle approprato atons blls actually provde.jd lolstrauon- -. n proje c ls j- s a d Ue current cost )st of varous contrbuton an toward l!he cost of oroec t-of-a-package-anuorzlng e c tp y U o - o n e y. and blllons-of dollars worth of Tfe A d nstratonjays the-package s too. p ro jecb :ts U (;ro sjru (rn B tlo n ra up to $18 bllon for co ar$j3alllon r re qurng costbharng cot re<jylrcents~f constructon of soe 300 c> forl--p -ro jw rt v «rtwvcr w v rw:eved constructon.. expensve and doesn t requn jure e n o u local b u t cou ud reach $18 bllon by the t...xederal water..dc le,they a re ncw projects. :ts.... -developenl projects contrbutons cc...-. func-sdespte pa-st o f- o n e y to r ruul rc o n slru c tlo n.w hplet leted."... wt ccongressonal approval. n - th ro u o u t the naton. n,tpassed25!>-33. A key. e ber, however, " projects. s s that fa d. one secton of the bll repeals Ue The Whte House Offce o f Manage- A Sen enate verslon of Ue bll, f approved by the e S carryng an passage of tl: the bll would notguaranle Senate, l would be Ue lee lhe- aullorz{tlon for! $11.1 bllon n projects,.. > enl and BudKct has.sad t -ttllreco wl endj esuat( ated prcelag of $10 blllonr nr-has-been projecl.vwll- v lh b c -b u H trrn t auuorzatc frst t e n egfttea years UalXon{p-:srras veto vc ton by nu berng about 300, : thnt. w ere-approved f the bll s passed n-ts 5 presont r for.- - approve ved by Ue E nvlron enfa. a pproved a natonal and P u b lc.. Congress s a necessary frst slep.~lal w ater projects bll,. A der decades ago b ut t never n receved appropra- f Copleton of the bll n Ue lescnatewll S have W orks 1 C(lttee and s awaltnt; ng actlontby autorlzatfon, fon. supporters of nd ydual la L p r o o n s t e Q = = uckto u r o S o t c e f t d n a g a n G p gslature sst th r te a Cher=pa awtdotloffe - ~, r 3po tct>n,h6t useoksx tlte Woocj dfunds! estsgfoal---- p4ncne :..D r r s b fm o S h e r S a l a n e s urco: reo; dato Educaton ABsoclollor on RogTon V and hb Tlos-Nowt low s. ; D s t r c t s C... : R 4 f e V afhtakngor rtents A v e ra g e T ea d r, ByANNETTECARY [ly Ue staffs ffs are f o r e v e r y te a c h e r th e y eploy e e d.-" - B l s S s *! : : - ~TtBs=Ncwsvtcr-z A..... r-..b utcrl crtcs pont loafew flaw sn U e o n c y - ;-. MM ;.UepalT. lt. The oney s not benk b y d s e t s ta le p a y e n t Lt u thfllonlv-; j C a n 3l aj s * *. - " T W N T 7 K TW = RHjhflonn asraja Qlwletjullably, Ueysay. lls r ~ r o u g h ly a p p ro x a te s Uenubcrof U * ~... th a t a specal leglslatl latlve. belnk dls dstrbuted all over the state a t t.. t e a e r s. a d s t r c t e pl p lo y s.- P a c f l *... t appropraton cobln blned wlu the th e san e rate as t s LUe Magc T h e e U o d h a s " n UUetodo.wth j t l e f p r d - -to n e e o f ost local ;al f school boards V alleyrc reven Ujouglontreverage tc a c h c r s a n d n o n g oodowuj : - r * -sreaulunghrt-healthy hypayfaseg-for-teach ere- r84ereerel}elowest-paj<hn alures;-say9«ofrNfd rcholson;a n DetH< r c h teachers. th e State, te, accordng lo E A fgures. EA researcher? The res csultlsu at B u t jvhether that wll wll be enough to The EA E, est ates Uat Ufc * schools wth larg e dassc and tow -jutlda ho teacher wag vages n lne wlu av erage je daho teacher ade 518,640, 5, teachers a re rew arded. G l e n n s F e r r y th e r natonal counter] terpartswuln o r $3,4071 V7 less than Ue average Those lke Ue Blane J dstrct or.. tw o years s another :r qt queston. Mos teacherr n the naton, n the fscal Twn F alls d strct Uatv twllbou ;. G o o d! = = = = n o t. BulUe e average teacher n Blss... s ta te pay ent unts next xtyearw H a g e r t n a n T he Legslature plar lonred to nuract ad e onl; nly $14,43r, or S7.C4 less Uan n not receve an e x tra $2,0( :,000togve r - - d ah o s share of the naton s top tho.esu atednatonal average,- each teacher, partcular! ary,when. - u a n e a..tcachers, keep the n h< hereand altfact - accordln lng to regonal EA fgures. nn ad nstratve ra se s an are deducted.. P n s se e n ~ ~ ~ ~ TKoLeglsaurealsor ayhave- ~ publceducatlonbyna narrowng onlys15,000 and even n B l w here e- - prevenu dthe teacher pay rase M U f t a t a u g h p ercent ofthe gopbetv jetweendaho - sa la rlma a rc thehghcst n Ue valley, progra fro reachng g ts goal by.. n... teacher p a r e s and the Ul rest of Ue th e av era rage salary fell $40 short of gvng schoolsonly$t3 hatldh Uls year. Next: u ty earth eo U er th e sth teflverage, j accordng to EA f e l d forall ou erppcratlng CO. 40pcrcentw ouldbepa spad.. fgures U eytpproprlafed ra.3 n sa x c le n t-olffl plbn-ln4hcoty eanralro»«jqunerw lk n -teacher pay ral6es.v S h o s h o n e n rs a edrcaorffsajar ra ndlocal Uo valley loy. T h cl eg lslatu refl x r "n ftd strc ts a re sh oootnrao t a v Jcflchecs.wUeel.Ue;l> lebcnefltsoflt Uat Ue s average dahpteaclc r. ;raq V lngtargcu lsayst e. w lu averagepayrasc alsesofl2 neoded labouts2,0xtodoscg0 at regonalt E A dlrcctor. Tl - -p ercen, accordng lo to l dalk) percehto t of Ue pay gap n Ue EducaUon Assocaton ;lon estates. school yet year. So they based the lulbnplus an addluonal..-.appropratlonbla nflednc BaU-ycaEarc. r- N A X LLCLW O A lftu cm tffll although est ates for ndvdual appropra ralonon2,ooqueaue only.cdougto d o s e th e 2 gap between - tlnwxmmtoldet J ~.r * - - r >» schools ay rse o r fall dependng o n., nu ber rol f tcachers n daho daho and Ue nauon. n ( t th e < 1 -T - 1 r. t H tr - SceSA LA R lesp F aaeb a Butadda ld<dtlnggbanfttltcq»6 CaT»~tlgwtncLudtUU : r r» Ufy.. : = = S 7 u» rn 9 frb j;n «n flxlauduwny a nolayallablo how experenced the eteachefsjolnlng - B utthej hey d not gve schools $2,000; J; 15 T~...- n r -... ~ 8 4 * 8 5 (fc*llate)

13 By DAVD MOF Tes-news wrtt TWN F A L l and dahofroze daho Supree d s trc t-c o u rt T.. wflsthjsposal fa ho county z q g The brefs an -. tworpronged atler rulng by F o u rth : 7 = = T lo tt- o v e r tu r r - allow the faclllly. Qc substance of ;..± :corpanyapply. condltlonal-usepe Prof By BONNE BAR, Tes-News wrlla b s d a n =w acco pllshanolh«fessonal a rtlstlstt..he s openng styled fro, the ranchers of the SU a p p e a r n hs panll M]]lgdn..whoJs\ portrayals of nda early lfestyles of f l o h a l artlst sne "A g allery s sorr long t e a nd sot y e a r; M n H p n sa j "All of the work fa ly and frends. desgn,-re lnlscen th e frst rakchers v hs gallery T he-gallery.-ls-l w here h s hoe an T he scene s n Ob T S lnthe ldsloflh B n :rtnht1lwwffp = ;" w e g e u a l t e ::B etth p.. v " - H 3 tc a n pe&. tj - dsruptve few to a Servce rules and (... aln tonflnpp nnr t W hen arrved a c a p slte o n a w a r p a st week, the rpf gurglng a calng blrds w erechlrpn,. tune and the four h reparn g the door :lt? «r n s a pbtcu OUways soeth -T ed,w h o went on t( u p p o se d to b e re tl W hal we a re s joked, notng how h so ctl bs worked lke th ey w ere reall. T h e H a rrse sa re..b e r t w as forced tof fro Aalgaalet helpedljulldther u and the Nalapla because o f physcal , hed8cq,vered John R. Lvn , TWN FALLS S , of Twn Falls, nccllcnt Thursday B o March-12.-H - Clf., ho oved lo. w as an nfanl. He wa ; BlctnlarySchooL- - - He attcncjedjvssc Pefjrl M. M n ln dlctd Tlursday, wll 10: a.. a te l «Golltn. KrgnU n> G axng Chapel today R V P K rt -T lc n js. Dflr>--BoU,--JVoH T lpjrtnn y. wll be ret p. a( S(. Ncholas ( r -H p c n. Afass of Uw-R cd ebraelonday aj. clrch. Uurlal wlll.u...frends raay : n u p trn p.. and a l Ue churcl U; ass. The fa, e ornl contrthutlor senor cuens ea. REGlOl Ann--ousc Turk. Da Bvk(:aU LM L alla; v n l T u n w r of Glenns Fc - - A. Orslnrd, both of Jero. J Hurley of.fllcr: and D.rcyDaw n -Thoas pckca<wn and N.-Pearl VdonarTdtllSBher and j d a u sllcr ol Fler; Oleen. N eu an, TToas H : xlauhhutr, all orb uhl;.a ftlrslm llp HPowellff. A daujjhler to Mr. and sons.umr.=-ond-mr»r-jol)..jl lw lc y:or -r-.... G o o p y Mre. F.lcr-Het2ler B-2To9*New3, )F F A T - - Tler. S - Bolh T w n F a lls Count w en T O O d sn e d b w r w l l h t h le Cour t F l l a j - p p e ljg :- T u H n g - th a t- th e - c o p a n y f a c U t y j b u l t l n volaton o ln g ord n an c e.". - a r e th e " sew h d p ro n g o f - ; tle p l lo resp o n d to lh e N ov. 1 l h D strc t C ourt J u d ge R ober rrlng-the county s decson l ly. L o f t h a l o rd e r h a v l n O * ply. c. c a u n ty for j p e r t. fessdn kjrd JO N E S ter ; :W estg arts t L a r r y M lulga o lh e r goal n rus c a r e e r a s a s l today. g h ls ow n g a l l e r y r a lo g b u : le h o e ste ad c a b n s o f th e S ta n le y B asn a r e a w ho fre q t lntlngs. J s w dely r e c o p z e d fo r h s we d a n srw e ste n r o u n ta ln sccne ; o f th e fro n y e r, h a s been a sncelqgo.-r- - ; so ethng hav e th o u g h t about P7ncj2lQg.U & a 3 v o 3 «... o r k h a s been do n e b y ysell d s. W e b u ll t low a n d o f a sl ce n t o f th e old h o e ste a d cab rs w ho t t l e d th s a r e a." h e sa l3 -lo c a te d * o n -M lllg a n s -p ro a n d stu d o h a v e s t o fo r S y O b sd an on d ah o S cenc H l f th e S a o o th o u n ta n peak?. n \ " tn j n r P f g e l pool-f t t e f r g h t s " a n d B e a v u n d s l t e f r e e J T h e y probl ttryrfft gs r Thc to a b d e b y F o re s t fshn nd do nor Redf n d c le a n -u p chores: The e d a lth e s h a d y w g v v a r, su n n y d a y th s peopl rpplng c re e k w a s - - w a s a ln g w elco e, th e ppes. pngtrhar onrzt ng T r h u a n s w ere w hen x jrto th e w o e n s. Ay ; COUpll rcupnet jaajaecded T hey! e th ln g a d 6 s a l d. c a p, n to s a y.lh e y w e re :o u t to f t «d = = = = = f o e : s r e ta r d e d," he a lls p e w hard they- ca p <ed n stea d of a c tn g T he e a lly re llre d.. A r to n Q re tro N a p a. gy p sle to ta k e re tre e n t p la c e s S u g a r - h g ; nclud p lan t n 194 h o e :!Cal p roble s.r A rlzon ed th e n a tu r a l hot fa v eu tu a r e a n g s lo n Joln R. Lvngston - Surv alls, ded of a drownng Lvng:.y a r Nyssa. Ore. Ta J.-1975, n Long Beach. Shawnj lo Twln Falls when hegrandp was a studal at Dckel ntstbr T*uyfn ucbty of God Church and h vces cgcavcsldoscrvlcofoc! Kra-. 78, of Goodng, who a u rc h H bc leld Monday at wood Ceetery n JR j Enay.calLa rv p Fy* r F lf*f dayfro ltos p.. dnlw c p., nt!rom ry for U na Mary wllltxjl 0(rRlJp«rt.-wlKF-ded-----w ll-u t- reclted today 7:30 Mondaj as Catholc Church n church «*Rcsurrccton wll be y at 10:30 n,. al.the- Rupert C e e ,o ff l lay call at Hansen Tuesday rt l a y ro to"!>" Chapel urch one bo«pror to. -Sunset J aly s u j t s lhat a t Ue n tlon-s w ndc tothg ~~ Monday neals-on whccls pn>- the te J10NALMFJ3CALCENTCR A tolu ad Danel rv>«n HnnlVn.l Jact lu- Mw Mnlvtn n nf {1,1 5Fcny:,M r3; John P. Dxon-andM: leroe; Mrs. tobert Audet of Jacl d Mre, Ruascll M lkd of Haley.- Dlalsaed as; Sterlng. Mchael Pavelcc. earl -Bcfry. all of Twn Falls; Mr >3DavTcnQcBraJl-DfBnr}e>TWt een B. SU of Bonora. Calf.; Mn s H. Hejtanck and Mrs, Alan A purcullnl ljlaughlcr.o l«f Shoshone, -- - BfUtt d M fc Charles A, O rsland ofjc Jo h n P ro tx o n jrje ro rn e a S O >y0 g Q.Uffry e o.r a l - - and,e (;C utrght. bou of Goo c v9, twn Falla; daho S uay Row ell s nfllng ca(. appeal fro thejweandc nty p rolect a l a seres of cc rthe su erofl982. rt T " Tljf"uswKuLlu arg nys reacenfrachty w as n of the countys recreaton < been b ull on land n the, n e a rth e confluence of f - a Creek. MO h a.j u d -a g re e d s a u to * County Board of Co nlarpretlng-lhe-counly* vlth andre andedlhe. att the fu rth er consderaton, a n the countys appeal. Attorney Denns Voorhee al arts - H e sad he wll 1 dsplay and elco e exhbts, gan wll eludng pottey, sa "p ro - dsplayym H llganr as g allery cu ra to r buldng d u rlrtg lh e su er le early, ral D ay through Oc cquently Mllgan says he. though he w as bo western a t th e age of 2 Jvl»nes and w here he attended s 1 a pro- He can t re e t ested n a rt. - - put for a can alw ays ren gjmlasl klnd-o p -ar» th errl... attended school hew self, y Before startec 1 sple ake pctures on pa ablnsof could fnd. n -sch 5 says of students who lke( re e ber we tred jroperly lots-of-talent~and-s 5 years, artsts, but a lghway f«ssonal. hesays. ks: jvgas f a n s otu h frs o o u tu M M acb v laver Creek h d p hslaclc- Q blcs.,,... rhe couple also enjoy thegood hng n nearby Cape Horn and d flsh lakes. [TeHrlses et le Walpoles r 6 when M aron spotted two old ple flshngor Cape Ho..There s also a hppe c a r wth chrore tesn n d such a tth e lakerbut- ldn t fnd the hppes. told Ber e n l ca e back to ca p. Awhle later, here coes the olc plero the hpple.tdtne4)uggy ca By slopped and asked f they coul k-u«!rcpeyn0u (bfcue= n p," she says. The bus tu ed to b o a u tlf u jy co n v erted-.; ne,." she a d d s o tln g th atth ey spent the su ers a t the pground togeher ever snce, he Walpoles have a hoe now n b n a, but Ted says they re sles, and rattled oflra uobouf. :esw h ereth eyhadlly <,, udng seven y ears durng whcl ewhen Uey bought the jlacvf Mna, they sold thabus-and now e a oreconvenltona r""~~ >S.. whle he had llvwl n lolsc, te w as, D bc«f4}w Cul> Seoul#, - rvlyjng a rc :- h ls father. Jol 11 ngston J r. of Twn Palls; hs other ny M. Cleaver of Ny-s-sj; a sl.slcf wnnn D ca na- -of N>-ssar - h ndparcnls, Mr. and Mrs. John Uv ;tbn of Twn.Fal.s, M.rv llarts.u Cte and Je rry Hansen ot Callto. hs urcat-wanddarcnts, Mr. an. nr-«rto-lhest~nchola-(:nlho!l rch,. FnjjVUK ~ Tle funeral for Gle W ednesday, wll be held M ondayat l, nt Ue Haley J3S Qurch, Hurtal bc n H aley Cecfcry. -Ylends a> -ut-w ood-r lver-c hnpfl-n-h nttej day fro *8.10 U.a.n. und a t Ut c h fro n o o n lo jp,. - The funeral foru noral ohr. f F ler, who ded Frday, wll be held day a t 2 p.. a l \Vhle ftortuary H.- n wntfats, Uura wll tx: n et M eoral Park, Frlend.s ay c.ll e ortuary loday tro 5 lo 9 p,,. lay untl 9 t),,.d on T.K-Ml.v lntll c o n n c sc rv lc c r~ r r Jc;.<»e JjuuS nn lacob G.nlonte * H atr an, 4 u flc y ;-M» : Mrs. Charles - Jackpot; Mt, P a llyh ow anlof K enneth xsle X. 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He ca c to ] lvng n May, Salon and Jo sd schools. berwhfen he f[rst b a e re e ber drawng pctures o r h e y s r n o tln g e r b e /o le was drawng pctures, rted lo school, used crayo 1 p aper sacks, boards oflyth school there, w ere lots of < ked to draw afd p ant a ed lo outdo one another. There d-so e-of- y-besl frends" the only ore to beco e /s.- 5 frcqu.ently copare lls wo : otnrhoanauhlq} fun~ersncaho.~... 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Mchael Goez of Rl n o a u th o r ty to o v e rtu rn an c o u n ly, b e c a u se th e assoclatt a " J u s c e a o le " ssue; - h e j r e f - c la lr a s - th e a s nou n g o re <oncrete tha..t h s oplhlor to h e cou ln s tr a to h s ta le d,th e proje* alow etu scl njhejooe,vw h cr ssu e w a s e.ssu.nco nf n» lh e ad nstra to r,7 fn a l= a p p p le c t u n d e r th e zonng ordnanc V V o o rh e es s a y s h jfa rg u e n l JU b stffn tla n ssu M u T lh e cast B u l h e s a y s h s a rg u e n t s e s s.-t h e a sso cato n u s tp l; «jt fortj n the law. He saysr S own ( o rk B -o n --lh al o f f e c T w e s U vlll a lso th a t M llgan sa y s U sts-n* a p p ro a c h s a lllue a r ts tc w on t t r y lo lo p th at ll s e rv e M llgan s a y s a rt ;n d a ly - h s ow n pantngs M e o: c o n sta n tly. H s a w e s te sta g e c o a d /e e v en e a r ly ln g low n, 0 d ah o T h e only problc Jo ro e..p h o to g ra p h s o r w a c c o u n ts of a jo r e e nte r -. to re c a p tu r e th e se s a n d co o n sense 5 o f one M llga n, w ho c a r fore fe so ld p a Jn tjn g s /n s F o r h ls ln s p r a to /Ohs to l o y e 6 f th e outdoors, th n g p e o p le ; - o lh e r love ro d eo s bu a n d cow boy. A rl s a v re.w a s W est a n d a e an s c 5 w e re p le c e o f a r tlp a r ts e,p r o - B u t th e re s th e ad ;ork to s e e s l t [g.h they.gpcfld-th e l U th e y r t [ a r e J s e th f» v r ~ r r = := g 05TOr rst people totrrlve lle nez 3k ca p g ro u n d.... la h r, th e W alpoles th a to n n e 6. U w fs llo A ndl l a n d w h en w o le ft few b a»to sto p u n tl we, " gangs. ta lr S T s a T e d l thew l ls tb e f o r e r e lrln g Ma p e d a k e e n o u, u s s a o f fth c jn a p." / th e y ll s ta y a t the fee, and M arlon s. * aacouplcol 111 c" r s - w h o r k - ln - r a l s e s. U rtx ra b lc lo s e ll U ela: y - t h e c o u p l e s tle ex p eren ces T o 1< :a pgrounrt. a tc h rd e, th e y te ll sd e U jr tley a d e a l a te ac h er H o w hen they M ost n g ln d y ln g u p neg o lla ey co u ld n t rchch a ll- o f- t e d a. Bu wl le t e th e y gol. operatl h - n B s h b t} w lf - := ::C te : : r Z 3 = r o n th e -a...- l l j a - S t h.s a ffo rd.t -speca! d Mrs. Slarlolte l : :lh&-«?h v c c w r b e d b e s d e s Twn Falls Cee- p jp rla other d lleynold-s Fyncrnr lkely lc on untl 9 p, ranrr Gve frends nl hc, lfro 5to7p,. " S tro u d ; lo n s n n lo le g,tw ( -. tn g lh lm o l.,y a l 1:30..P U tu a l )S tlurch. Bural. Ue. ctcryfrlen,b l hc Feral Chapel n lo o o w on Monday, untl S tro u d e ll a l the church n, d u te s s llth o eo fth c a v e ra g e ake S2 " n B ln l cc. fo r-l o ra. G,...o v e rrd e f-kcr,-u K)dled -b e sd e s «dnyal n..n r le g lsa t n Falls. wlu Uc w ll gve tng, Bural wll p e rc e n t ery. Frends anas , -..p c rc e la y e a r s, ot ; w ll ak y e a r. B u t n.... dead l6 ck ln«. and Fva Rodau )fm,lta.,.. ~ S ; WlLson and,\lta L f Kaysvlllc. Utah; jnjeyofllupert. rlj da.dnughlerlo.! fo s "w ;,toa, Ad-. - y o u.. (or Burley and Sandra, R u f x r t T any acton by l h e assoca aton dd nol ap p eal- fallng T l s 1 w la to n -a p p e e d separal than an advlsorv consde E.. opnon lounty.zonng ad> ssuanc }Ject should bc an t doc tcn,u ejustlceable.rr9o?nls zoflng-pcnnlt-by ao he -t proval-oh he-prp so p a w t ce, the bref s a y s Lent.dodges-cettaln... a lto e :ase, and,.secks to county ) s vald, nonethe- because -play-by t h e - M p e h fll\ s r ln thlscase the The-< q a l l e t y 2ste a rtst C harles Husselr lys, Hs style s unque an< lue dfferent.-hs-work-ls-gen hqt:: art s a contnuous educaton ngs,h e -stu d e s and resea ll s to ake every pcture, b ach; a cowboy on th e, tral c n, as close lo realty a s posslb ble, he says, s. the lac wrtten recoccls.<such as r eycok t s dffcult for an e n e s wjlhout so ej agln. seheadds. pa5oto;stanley3asn.n. 34 states and any countres, ton, Mllgan says h e draw s o )rs, rodcos,.hstoty of the wes but have never w anted to 1vtal toy-tellng feature o S of preservng ts hstory. E ts ffof all a vable p e c e d added beneft that. t-also te rctodn whsever w ay e yn ldg-wdlltvunlngrand thel /.rclayedlcallfothclp-fro.a 3thoudfcturedhffthtgh-fn nearby wlderness area. \ helcopter ca e n and pckc one up," says B ert. : nd Uere areflsh n g tales, and bad t es wth otbreycle gs. and lots of g ( frends anc wldlfe Warlon talked to a lnx one day salares ConUnued fro Page.Bl contnue o gve cos of 11 esu al.averagedl02:percen c/ated Taxpayers o f d ah o. t keep up, daho wll have ph those rases w th oney Ue. specal appropraton her rases. js fm a c V alley dstrcts \ llatons setued so fa r are put f-uo-spoca-oney-lnto- ra wllh only a s all ncrc-ase. atlng expenses, they addet omlvng rase of.gnly tfero caveragef Hatscn.Super tendenfr ct h says hs d slrlcrco u ld hot e d that and gave eachers Just a approprlaton oney. n Ca as and Blane Cou wlool-dstretft-put-ore-o: les the e an n ark ed legslatve rlaton nto salares than dstrcts, and Uelr teachers / [o l>c Ue bes n Ue val as Superntendent..Har d sad the d strct p ut ts opc ncrease fro th e xglslat teacher salares, a s well as c two tcachhg postons and ; those savngs nto salarl hcrsl.w ln ance benefts for dependents lat oney nto Ue l a r y sch cj» jrd Je t:.o.u r sanrlesw< w and w anted to prove Uen d explans. W llh oney for ex s such a s coachlng ncluded. ge teacher h the school v ; S20,Q70 Jnne. the d strct h ad to float ce levy agan ths, year, J es the ncrease fro the spec atve appropraton, the dstr ve teachers a ra se equal to nt of Ue rest of th e dslrc alfund..t hat.s a la rg e r ncrea ast y e a r - a ljo u l eq laro l ntage ncreased n ha-ea of Ue 1380 s. T eachers Uc lake an average of-42l,3a ne n Twn F alls, teachers a ked wth ad nstrators w ADVERTSE YOUR JERVCE SPECALTY - Placoa undcnto hoadng o yo/rc/olcfl. Your ad wll roach faos ovofyday and lhefosulls wll aazo y o rta l today afttjonobf our frohdly " Ad-Vsors w holp you word your ad so hol l wll bo, o3t olloctvo and brno you tlosqtbvdu adfoovnjfl M 3 1 K laton f o s te d ts rght of J g to do ths. s argu ent reles on e s l u*ate-"tracks" on-whlch the ldered one ner<nlnnf fn th on and Ue other r a tln g t ance bf Ue pert does not, however,, address w lsslonery consdered two trac e-the,-or-even-u )out-u e : Fate, = B -F F b ref,-p rep ared -b y 1 ney- Steve - T ol an,~ relte ly s ar e n ts, J)ycall lngu s appeal "pre ature" and u s e ade two da lt w ssued. - e - copanybrlef -furueraf S A ccu!lr&ufo( BOSE Ca and y lnenl lazelto genlus brotheof-datk U l Jones,was Jon. For Alphonsus R< jearches C enter n Bose e, be ta weete after dl or an.autoobleaccl slble " Jones, 40.- w; lack of B. Pe gnatlon TWN FALLS - )70,-has- Jd a h o -Hslory-Co s.. re e brance /s on hs P errn e on Ue OO yesl and hs co ng to Uc B the fall of t o b e a t wll beheld a t 7 e of the n-ue ln-audtor v e r y Buldng a t the Co e o f art...dalo. J. Howard tells a "E arly Hstory of vewer School Loune - R c k e ttsra u lh o r f letlne for about 45 nutes -a pnhnp-»hoj.«t>lnl«h yuu M k ulu e ; B utltw asg b ln g t eked you al ost talked Ul buck nto y sde of nda -.. adds. The couples have t and.: re edy for the osq take garlc plllsdal3 day "W ese ld o g e tb l g - say Ue dstrct can r u t to>- g eral f. f lvng rase and Uat part cent n approprau onforpa -to-he la b e used forhrfg t s one of about l lave to declare an passe, ey oul- Soe a rc deadlocke on fqr boards a re refusng ear arked oney s wu O thers dlsagref ove puttng dtonal rase s warr. ra s e 3 = = - ljtl:vcar.whpn sefor,.. ded a ercent, A. fckahl " Jteven ust Ue ; A fte r a n s u r e y o u h< e x te n t o f v v e -... ay. b e w s dd rsa rcl,. valley reauvry, f C Harold O o,so343-0 ( S cut- d putlares....t nljqtc ts and > sched- > Lwere he,- - ". v,,. extra xl. the "Z". oat an / 7 p a l - D h q rlct s -. V Jttase... lotje t3-servces r y a n d lf.adtqq. Uere - -Ve thoughtlu next-,. o u fc o p e le r s a r e - 5 who- W- «F U N E AddsohAv J " : V : M e r.,/ - - }f appeal by grantng bfth< Wshng two. p roper one. A le case was "raton of an; ho-advffoty«guln<>njy-n tbo - status"- -. record on U»e WheUer Ue based. acks to M st------t he co pan e two ssues countys n sev -..-j : One s to d a to n b y Ue co Twln Kalls under s la te la teralm ~ U T ay have.~gl hg n«lwn. a uuod ty fl defecuve The co panj L before Ue ream n tb re. cent publc d a r. the..already.occurr dent vct alvn Jones, a pro- hosp t ton-area far er and n e a r ho-altoey General a n d -a ; as-rcleasod-fro t< crlca Regonal Medcal h e a d l se Saturday two Atlb a "llfe-ureatenng l e r cldent. please was rushed lo Ue e r y to srrne prog: - The SouU Central Ue No touhcll- -wll -h o ld -a w ll-pr progra of.b. p ro g ra oou annversary of Blue Lakes area n Anyc... Uls p : 7:30 p.. on July 16 lecton rlu of Ue Vo-Tech aler College of SouUe welcon d Moon, auubr ol av allal )f Ue Fler, daho :«u d lto les," and Vrgna dsplay of,-the Hstory of Ther es, saysb ert,, g too fa r the t e y al Uatfour-pont, 3f the car,. Marlon The UatUn Bherown T h e f squloes=:uey... ly. Pat-Bc bt."saysm aron. Tles anot afford to dp u e n lld U) gv Ult a school rt of Ue legslatve le a c h e r?ay-rajsc$.w njeedtjs.n g ore teachers; poards 15 state dstrcts lo th eexcc sc. says Ncholson. House B ked bccausc school "T ens B lo pul all o llh c te a c h e n 1> nlo pay rases. re r whether an ad- rranled. - tc n tw : :n :U cnn!ap a5c=a ].tj,e ~ C A U T 1 a c c d e n t; b e fo re s g rrfn h a v e dscussecj w th yo y o u r n g ry.a nd-futur.e-( se to.sp.ekjegal advce. G d c K e a l a w C ;;"/gerdefraq alnjuy! D 022 Twn Falls Toll Freegnfed, Sr Servces fo js-fellect-lhe-vahef-evc n Or prpnsr <t t*) arvlp lully attend to every detal, erc eandnegrty. FATHS t e = E a s L = = l P h o ebarlfoaand NFDA.. «: # ;... fthe zonng pert after tbe peal p r. r e acuon. a. And11 seeks lo close off consd any- perpberal-conslderau only ynattefrrt>leh-occgted p ror tr t.thc.appealsbould b e p a rt of Ue- b e bass of whch a decson can be pany-appeal goes-furthcruatlbr several ouer a r e a s f l lr cla lh a t headvlsorvter na.j 1 county was a reaknabe - -ooe ) overturn t. - lany brefalso a r g Uere no eand Ue atter because suff. c d ell ra tb n o flh e atter hastrn a. - >"- 71 recovers sptal June 16 after a collson - - a r Hazelton beween hs truck d-a otorcycle. He was lsted n - - llcal-condltlon,-sufferng-fro - - d njures;-. J Ulbey G e ra l J Jones sad ler lh ls l M Ual he w a se d wth hs brouer s r v - to d ato ;. graslatcd North Sde, The Frst 75 years*, l-prcsent-one-hpur slde and tape gras on Perres cawr. nyone wantng to partcpate U 5 progra by sharng recbl- lons, pctures, letters, or ouer teral- concernng- Perrne, js co? to T a b l wll be lable~rt~u e hals around~ue to ru rn -a t-7 T r 7 T h a rd o y to >lay te s. h e publc s n v K th e e e ttn g. h e /o u rsayjlw y w l l l c k n e x t [ J becb lhgljsltu r to aker," says Bert. T he creek wll be all le d u p b v tu e."addst e d.-. h e f t f l a u a t e rearks. JsredhaJeUlorforTte lesnews 2 oney n general hnd.«; tho»1 boards rw harder to.gve h e rs soeulng, Glbert says s- y-obsrvatlon U aruls:vear OS a re generally wllng - wu xccplon of Twn Fals to g vt se Bll 475 funds bll UUe else, enson s created because lers have lost a lot of oney lo ton..we re appreclauve to Ue C of Ue bn, but feel leglslauve lt et Jf Uat onby- theygett : L.. V - rr g a n y te le a s e, b e, y o u r d o c to r th e full- r -c o ra p lc a to n sr4 t-:- s e.... T C y f f c T o s r h r " L a a s. j a a t o O C B S JJ lple 5rM -e v g fy H a tly a lh T - jc f t a n rt f fnrt ac al.bereassu P E L =

14 -. ; so :onoayrjusn. 984 Toy lyrrewsttvnffnnc " = = f 6 t : a p «deterne )BratH 4 g g j j g H s ; -~ 843eags= B yb O B T T le U N D ~ T l w e s - N e w w rter.. - costs, There r e j s only one w h t dfference nee w e e h en o w n n g a - c a r r- the.areonth epocketb o o3k. k.1 Most otorsts cents,-a -and the New England states, ptx)bably. have fgured edout < lhat fact o r ~ l h e hlgh ghest prced at 23;g cens, acgtothcaaa. t : auto ownershp by f now. n B ut-they cordng.. f ght not know exaclly ctly how uch ll s costng the lo ran anca new 1984 car. B u lth ( ere s a word of dfference n th e ly ppe e of car and how uch t s - : The Aercann Autooble drven..... : Assocaton averaged ;doperatgcosls 0 : Generc erally. the s aller the c a r, ae the. B y r f b r - t n - C t e \ a t ~ f ogcs the o reecc econoy; the AAA retwrts. And Uld rftu r-c y lln e r Chevettc elte, sx-cylnder drvng g any of tle cars farth er also, ; Celebrty and sx-cylln ylnder pala prove; ves a n d ca e up wllh 23 cents ccj d nne for a ance: >; ther per-lle perfo : c a r gong 15,000 lles lesa year. n the u b c)copact o The four-cylnder ; W est, the was sl lghuy gh hgher. 23,2 C hevctte s t s a flat 8 cents p e r lle cents a lc. a l 20,000 )00 les a year: 20.2 cents at VVlat ay be surprs prsng, though, s.. 15,000 les and 27 cents at >at ol, gas and ante nlenance aount lnor-expenses on Jn-a j yearly bass. ~* onp: npact The-sx-cylnder Ce-~ cn F ley-only-account-fo for 7.G5 cents a - ebrty drves a l 21.2 cens p er le ot le J jn U es a year: 23,5 cents at 2 T h e bg lab-coes n Jnsurance, 15,000 l les and 31.3 cents nl [XK) depredaton, fnance ce charges and les. lcensng fees, They y aount to 15.4.;,c6n ts a lc,-. *Standj n d a r d -.T h e slxtfyjder.:. :... p alacostj )sts 23.2 ccnts per l? at XH). Added to the 23 cents also should be les a ; y ear; 25.7 les a y e a r at al co.sts of repars and parts, a whjch are les and.34.2 ccnts a le al. not ncluded as no loral operatng See TRAVEL on PaRcB4 ::;Check kjank fo oney befores gong onn vacaton z B - r w B H H 9 n T w tl F a lls fre e n, n c lu d n g R a n d y W a t e r s, le f t, F r e d W ej b b t a n d R c k F r a n t z, w ll h a JC h a n d s ftll w th «] J u l y 4 t h f r e w o r k s - -,, FALLS. Koaay to llt the borns nsance, capng wll slash cauoajaunt? - W3-nt»hll JlJy-lodgngesl al& lo al ost: OSt= l - f K Vrtll jrtny >nvf»rt;v»lr cked the gas tancunohng.j g c H c H nsu:ad ot dnnn a n d the tres, ButTlfo ffore you pull tle w ll drop dr Ute $72 eal tab c a r out of thedlveway way, better ake apprecal :ably. ; o ne last c h e c k = to the et bank forcasl, But- a n y -fa n n es.d o h 1 U ln k -d L a. The average Afk w can faly of b<d of p n e needles o r a cold e a t four car bet on spendn dng almut-$35 a sandw ch usleburcy lvlnk f- S Z B r s co f e s s o n a l f r e w o r k s sh h o w s n c. d a y for lvng expenses. the Aercan s e f o r > : r : F o u d : h - A uto oble Assoclatlo atlbrfesll ales: So,-ler lere rfl-atew-lnls.offered by 5y BOB FREUND - : The callope also wll l>e roa nft snn nf tha W hrn yr.u add-lthe-c -A-for-people-who <kn!t-wanulo- e x p e n sv e.-n o o th e n d a e--co3t-or:drlvnb -lo tt-ne wrter cty s neghborhoods playng p. usc pror to the th e c a r les, the lhe trp wll cos ro 8n t but do want 16 save n few ore Uan $3,500, aluougl ough-spokhne-wasr.; s evjpnt - sort of a "Plec led P per to draw people lo.$159 a day.. - bucks: reported lo be lghtng lg off $10,000 worth of. TWN FALLS - Uockotng, H Tar]} and then on* the freworks," joked Mke D olton, executve F o r Just two people ple, lhe cost s "M ake; <e advance reservatons o r.stop pyrotechncs. cp, loolng nlo, y, a barrage of freworks wll vll drector for th e -GGreater Twn Falls" Area - --a l osxasdjgjnrhtj e=rtfgures:-a, e a r l y j n F F sdokesar" J rudavd a v Phllps sad the ln-the-daytflcjodadfc:..p.jl JJ explode ovcctwn Falls a for lhe frst tle rlalta ta a a b e r of Coeree.- couple wll spend $12C M per day for the h a v e a be: better choce ofrbo rates. frozen potalo p u c:er e r s sponsorng Uc decadeonjuy4. -, ~ re proessonalt lftt ::. t r p., J - seauh Jhe. flln. ca a. lddajloa. a n. TluMOnntpd : t s no. secrcl that the cost of tr a v. lunchcon prces nstead of at evenng Vtdlejfplo-growersrTTT: ng hs holday- l5 schc hedulesforc Fronter ler conducted by-cty.offcl.clng s gongp, J h f 5y( 5 ycnr. s.e sl a te er rates,: fcals but-w asone-of- ary But-Ue-plfeasOreJsjr-Ut Lthe.vcw ngnd-d olton- E leld n Jle-ca p us.of tle-colctwof-soulhcrn e x p e r t axedurngbu 5 budget cullngrhesad: ; J s aboutpercent-hghe gher-lban. r.s.gavod. loll -rtatfs when aternates says The dsplay osl 111 lkely wll shoot hgh.. au ah 5 u t L actu all x - t s j Q O w E - U Q ltl l Ths year, the skv spectaculas th r was-revved by -, pnt)gh c<>on f hn r kynrfl*; ll ujlntt - s.-4to8e fgures luable dusk,- -dnlo Frozen-Foods 5 G Corp., whch s donatng, " a lso don t nclude the e extras, o such as C o sts s ay run-25 percen-low er-. U }Lth&clly. -er - The.Twn Falls-C Cly Band wll kck off Ue e ore than $5,000 to laun< lunch t over Twn Falls. Clly ad sson fees, shoppn jpng sprees ard th a n aver kerage n sall towns.or rural O f course, the re d freworks w atchers wll al celebraton wth a co Mncert. Bose S tale Unvers- s-.frefglteps and prvat< /ate freworks experts wll other treats. a re a s and n as uch -as 75 percen w a n rto crane her necks :ks on Ue scene. Thoy ll tnl. ly-s hstorc callopc pe and so e-t tlque fre re actallytouchofftheroc rockets., T he forecast sn t fate. fal There are h g h e r n large, etropoltan centers w ant to be sttng rght und( deeau Ue tprcndng jrs eulpenl alsqrwlll be t avalable for vewng al d ah o F ro zen F o ods d s\ wanled t to be Ue largest ways-to cut costs f travelersputlnthe 3ular resorts durng p r e.pnw heels and.u e bursl rstng aera l.b o b s a l, ne the arory nearfy on nu eca pus, n tho tate, *DoHon"sa sad. t s at least the ost effort. vacaton n sseason. F ronter Feld., Town s s c h rduleev<? e n t s : 0 a t e a t onal le o l d a = - B y D p U G G r r sffbefdance nlhrr ujjert lbw town.s(uare at 9 a7,, a p parade bcgnjng a t noon, T l ok-n n\!s.w rt!r, a rodeoau fro the Wfst Vse Owl Gallery al 9 a t " p. P.. featurng w k, country -and 1.. on Su eres Us western, and the.hal( weekend we< n Ue H ager an/ / ley.rodeoground5. at p.n- ).,. and a Thursday; a1 ccountry-wesle o dance t 9. Mexcan M«p.. p, Cty P ark. A llracto bands.,......, barbecue clons ncude an arts and uoat4:30p.. a t Ue Haley C bcr of cou unltles ft th e JVTago On < C ly P ark ; FxWay a t Uc Ue Aercan Legon Hall; the Fourth; a bg p arat rade wlr arch 7 Sun Valley V l; a..craftssa]c,b o th d ay ys s2and abreakfasu ro C to wlll.also-celebrate tl, Valley, plan to cclebrat< thftfourttj. shootout a L te th e F o u rth o f JU 5J through h H10:45 a,. Saturday: and d a 9 a.. today n Ue do\v7lown Hupert begnnng a 11 - begnnnt! Aa ercan gon Hall, ng wth lhe culnatondf th w th specal actvtes s th U theorckua Lqucnlryrad s w eek. S o e. c o -. t radeat 11 a.. Salurday. - Shoshone s July ly FourU celebraton wll - urltleslflckconfelf ler c eo o rao n s a s e a r l y Tuesday, u and Wednesday hglt gltsbegnnng al race, at feature ltd F leagurb rbosehalj g a es r(rjrtn ,11 a.. at Elkho, The S a s Saturday. Sun V a lle y,. Dngolng 6ve venls nclude an arts and c 8:30 : :ra n fts. fddler usc at 7 p.." and par- utuel p,r p.,. the dedcaton of lhe. :. uel horsc-racnt CorDocatj atlon-wll-also-sponsb: an jcc The followng evenls ts arc planned by area u, cc show a l, show, sdewalk sales, an antque car show v a< n d cty s new flagpole e a t 8 p.., s< uaro dancers Uroualout.llejveekT :15 p.., n M d a frcworksdlsplayaft co unltles f o r c holu lo lldap : r-*; after the-ee~~.adqwnto\vn carnval. ca - Although Burey las- nolll a t- a;30-p..rnd-fr< llng planned on show. rfr8works:nl9:3<):0;lnr:a ~ Tf-Twn Falls wll beg cgn ts.celebraton a l 8 -u,( G efs T F?-eny-w}-bogn:tfr?»ayTrcr er cv actvles wll be e FourU.H scr.-lhe-b urey "Boat R egala Wend held hek at the Shoshone Cty fkcll,-;n addton to-.ts ref p,, Wednesday wlll 1a free band concert a t «wyan regular n- re s w lth a plaradedowntown a n at ll a;; on S a l u r d n d wll.contnu tn lhe P ark Wednesday. - lnue today. dependen once Day actvtes, w llalso the College of Soulhe T) dalo, ( Appearng w llh «socelebfale Fourth Haley wgns lls n d enndencc d e Day cele-, tlevsh y Annversary of Ue town on T the,,band wll be the Bose Stale callope, a brallon n n Ttursday, -H ull Cty Pat ark wll be Ue ste far afte( noon Jackpot. Nev., on Tuesday wth a chll chldren s parade Frday ar, wll also feature,aclves andsaturday. r a re slca -drlven usc sle nsl ent. at acllvllles ncl ncludlng sack races, ( Tost- for Ue holday, a t 12:15 p... followed by streel reelsp o rlsa:::w. On:,W( ncludng the Slver Star Vednesday. the Wendell f AflcJrUe band conccfl, «1, the cty wll present., p p.r Aercan patrlolc-baby) by contest, a besl-legs contest sl for. Classc, a two-an.., a.shootout al G p.., and anc a rodeo a l 0 U Ron w n besl-bal golf louaont, host lls"ann«al«alluan the.-largm t flreworks:d dsplay n -lh e rsta tc.-> p p; ;r 1 Buffalo en, a frog g race, r a-hog-callng contest s t, a doh July 4 and 5, a.~a:le Haley rodedlrdu 1 roudsra fteru e Barlecue possble bar)ecuc oulsde - - atrnoon. n Ue evenng, :bcglnnlngatboul9;15 p p., several. s a wdust sear..a t r O n e te le ld = :.rrodeorttpubnc o < e ae chto E $5Q lnxolns, a Cactus-PetoSr-W danctwll-lxrhclh cd ttlh cllaley" skydvert ednesday-ot 4 p:t~and rswll paracjue nto"mcgn Rupert began ts oct actvtes Frday-o* :nnsp ark,- bubblcgu-blo blowng contcst. a ud search :h fo r frew orkljo p.. Nalona Guard Arory:* : fl. -followed d by a frcwotksdsplayln tn th e p a rk a l 5G0. andacdw K tng.w llh a breakfast sen served td.orc than 700 w-chp Urdwlrgcofpetton.. 1 The " TSd auough July 4 ste celebraton contnues Wednesday W( wth dusk. y4 does nol ako. llrce- - «, co unlly >eople. Saturday, a ca val ran all day a l th e wll present freworks at Ue pj an Old West breakfast a t 8 a.,.. park day weekend ths yea al.tle G range Hlgtla year, a re a resdents should ghts of the 75U Anlversary Mlnldoka Counly falrgrt ry celebra- jn the evenng, rgrounds. followed b y nha,l>nlcr a lg. events nclude: a shootout- s slll hayeplenty of fur at 11, ton nclu Pfun actvtes lo keep the ;lude: a tour of Mlner Da leavng Hager an ar wll hold ta annual H age Sfj,busy durng the holda; ldayweek,, s e f v b fflourt asjptal jbr w ndsurf fers sh es ~ B yu O B K:UTD r O y.r : fhd Gordon Rosenburg. aa part-t e a ry 1983, and the bulldozcrsjnyved TcS Ncw ;wycorrespondc/3f. 1 resldenlwho far s n Callft foa, n.-followod 3 by-can?enttfr«.-tl.tar ~ W a Rand-{to6enlj5 r :; tganl- - tvere - tota llynp MAGC : RCSERVOR Untl last t brought 1 ther salboards 5 1to Magc furbshed; a 1 sof sea wall was bult grass year, Mag gc Reservor; located 25-J > a n d w ere p rc sso d h the w ater tuff w as brougl ought n and planted, the - ; fte7d ont ~heach-w as-clej cleaned up-nnfllnm ay. " - les north th of Shoahone and.30 les 5 rte - pcrature?- th e -ste a d ). south of Kel( Cechu; was frequented by / wnds-thal blew, n fro the C a as the Baja Mag laglc Resort "Was ready. " f.sher cn.; n wlndsnrfpr nr wn nnrt 1 1t>r.atHp thl> w n r tupyf u t-o f-the - - No w-the jueo Rooal wdler-sker w hoj )surroundng6.-atd-the-lak Jke s-prox showup? gufde<l hs s t boattraler over the fve 5 rally lo ther hoes. Thej tey w eren t The new par artn ers weren t dsap-.! : les of bur 3upy drt road that led to ). pressed wlu; Ue d<rf rsm y er ponted. The 1C Kelchu/Sun l V alley, 1 - the water.. - beach, 0 the dlapdated- rf hhrngc a re a already- d y - clal oda srnull 1 ~ -: No longer w r. n the sprng of 1983,, Ual clustered near Ue wat ater where nudcof-de< -dedcated wlndsurfere, w U Ufe e.slabsl «ehr 01 ["Thbyprafkcd thercjn;"" scdm agtrtlcscrvotrrand :... Magc Reso rl on the east shore of the! One. afternoon n Ue ssu a er of so e who saled on Hedfsh and lake,-m agc glc Reservor has. becoe!. 1982, l th e two frends took a b reak o n A ltu r a s Jakes, n tle Sawtoolh Na* V 1 ;. t the wrdsurl urfng (salboardng) cap- M & ( sb c a c h, and were apj pproached llors ocrcatlc lauonarea ta of daho, 10, by th e owner of the restau a u ra n tju d -W s.grc Lgroup-vewed the facl- 7 p ls -fflcc t- t-w a s -re w z e d -n -U w)b -l a r- U & a t- tn g ;fa n dj-d - eserted a{a-m r M a c. th e y put th er.... resort s frst year. when UeN atlonal-.s -~-Soel00 yacds-abovhe t e H l n e. \ "surfboards on Uer cars and every jshp W ndsurfng-trals 1 J A fte ra shortconversaton, n, fouowed -a ftc o o n v after rter w orkrand-all day oft. for A rea [H (daho) werchcld a t the! by t a h an d a k e, Ward aj]< d 4oseft- weekends, head leaded for Magc Reser- T reservor..t burg-owned the bar and-res restaurant; vor. Ths exo< exodus dd not go un- **~y.. The transf nsforaton fro a body of s soe outbuldngs, and 1,70,700 feet of notced by U>e e n rest of Ue Wood Rver walet-whosc osc surface w as arked by.v waterfront whch ncluded-a paved,~ -V alleysnhabtj btanls slowy-trqlll lung. fshng* boats to-onc!- f p hh/».nnrogc hftot ln/>htr lng.ra p..., The.strea n0: f r n r c h e a d ng TOUtll - (dth rw ruf lu ft rfghu y-coldrea-m lsr T hey a lst fa c e d T a ssfvc r cleah p sooltbecae rafl6,u a e rado began" )ul through Ue-efforts of : Job J f th ey expected anyone to,. v la g Magc s e s wnd v speed and w ater hvfrr.wood W n d s u r f e r s lke e t h s o n e h a v e b e c o> R v c r-v a lte y -re sld e n tsn e a w u r e o e c h a r ns s M ag c te s StfOr-Tross vanf n p ral restatfan - s s e s s fct." D ave Ward; rtjr etchunlcontraclor - -he doal"clq S escrow n U Febr- fsssurf R F N G P a g o B l,..

15 B-4 Tes-News. TwfrF r Falls, ktahosundav.-julv v. 9 e 4 - / Z Z T t w n p a l l s - - lrsty.magc Q y. says M ke McAlUsler of o f. statejquqdlq ensay ly. (6 ~cpr> ~-T j»g tqlafr luretwo-yeare-abo to lave the s f t e «h... V alley resdents wll 11 bt e a b l e t b t thestate.] te.llquordlq)ensary. alcohol, lke Gutty s n Bellevue. ru le chan langed, sad McAllster, and hard lquor (rcna.s.statejlquol dls-,.. Enaclet :ted on an experental bass-----e. anager (he choce as to Fourth, axl (be prlvat ate c o n lra c rs B e fo re - tha -y e w,a --stateope ra te d law aker (ers-esponded favorably lb \ ~ T F A U S Thk-w»t>g>rty~ bera-avll.lochde "H al to o f-a new stale law U that allows the-~al store band coocert wll be je W d b c S h o n a th e Sprt jlrt of Lberty," Sousa; ~ stores b sell alcohol (Kthohollday. «w hether T he wll sta y open and sell e could not sell hard llq quor, although- ; As a result, rc s e v area stores dfferent nght aod nd lo c a tk n A ercar can XJvl W ar F antasy," r R eqjondng to requests fro h a rd lqt quor on the Fourth or not, t, (hey w ere allowed to > sell b eer-ao d havedecd,u - observance of (he Fourth ot July. "A r ed Forces Salute,;* cded lo sell hard lquor oa the p rv ate contractng sto store owners who addedmcalljster. c w ne. P rv ate b ars have alw ays.been holday,, b nclodng -(he : t e < lquor SJ! PflttJotlC«SMqn ons be ed by Lbw d«;-"a ercans sad that- they re losng tbncv S tate lquor dlspesares are a b le to. sell h a rd llquo " J - f e a tu r e d p u j]o re ;- -"N a lk «a l u o r 00 Ju ly 4, - sto re on & SectdAvraue E ast n Twn because b are could sell BeU hard.blcqboldlvlded.u! l-ylnto two cate r e s, sad Jd added McAlll8ter:- :--~... FaU s,-g t e Ddependence e D a y c o n c / March,- --Bagley;-->. r s jutfy s n Bellevue, aod the on thef ourth whle the> hey could not, the McAlllste ster,jh state:o p eral sto res e s T h e p rvate store own wers, who felt s ta te llquo p } r store rsud VaUey. TTe w llb e b e ld a ts p jn n.. WtwlfWKrfny n (h e GOSpel, * Lowden; "Trbute to sta te L e a t u r e passed the law to lke the e two la Twn Falls, and th tl., th a t they w ere losng nn oney because th ree store front of tb e Fne Arl W sa udltoru rv n g B< erlta; a rra n g e d by ores wlu opea f o r - r e p W or = = =ldw B 60tdd8»hse s e h a r d l r on p r v a te stores w OL.-:. - a ( - t f e S3outhO o T -aabo..b :arter;a] an d - tte -pgnlar Sousa h rcbnlracfw lth the tte of thft prevous law, lobt bbled thestate es tog h dhoursonthehbldav. rcrvedtp-to-8 arch,-,j. Stars and SWpes ForeVr-l p., and tb e band d( d e c f to play e r. * ll f a t th e college bee lecause of tte a b c o n t a. frew orks., d la y tte re la te r r NfeXP -weers concerfw W nrbel" ~ V - W edresdayevenlnfe fltw w ng to 8 : Sp.r. T T hu fsdayn tte T w n By.DAVD MOFFAT.... M anycy of these products a re what l a t prv ate connpanes as B EGcG; daho, nany busl Lslnesses n the a rea ay not...t edh adley, dreclor. r. Falls Cty P a rk M usual... TesrNews wrler- H econjpany-jghdow n - the- Jehesad > " ant-to do bstoess-wlh-the-... ; stre e t s s able to anufacture,!.he h e H f r o jp s th a R o n V a)d(hcfedflralgo\ gnvpt7>nt,.\ ph attbln-«t. ~ t - F A S > - AA -lo c a ld e v e l--- s a ld ; for re anng regonal lal develop ent. p a y scales, s,.w o rq )l standards and nslderlng helpng n fact, ct, the governent sets asde agencles:rrthe 8ta te rs l r the-fnal reportngg requre ents exceedng c h e e ;se d o le fo> r s n e r - M agc Valley buan slnesses better.$40bllllor lon of ts purchases to be fro- >- -$15, thosethey ey ghtbefa U arw th. - co pete n the lucra -. BURLEY. - Due to t a lack-of. get burned» d o1 u t, *helaln s. eratve w orldof s allbhslnesses, u s h e s a d.:. T hs would allow the ; se s< nars fro And unre nresolved s also the questloh. govern ent contraclnj adequaterelrgeratedst storage and ( te T te SCC CCAA has to -30 volunteers* tng Unfortu rtunately, any - copanes les - W arren Suss and Assocl d a te s to beneft of w here e t the assocaton wll obtan B ut the board of the th< 4 oney to pay for t, the tere-wll not t e who a r e! put on a roster. Harrson calls. agency, the a r e shut lt out o f ths lucratve arket (et all busnesses n. dal laho, whch s th e ntal a $3,000, and the ooey to l - R eg lo a V Develope nent Assocaton,-. b y such 1 obstacles ol MY usda cheese dlstrl rbuton d urng (he a s 1they a re needed. a s not-knowng what a t rank?d30th-ahw ng-(he he-statestn-tscontnue f tb theprogra th ereafter n c., T hursday.tabed d a H h e su ro o n t fnal decson th e gover by t t e South AboutSC Jt 50 percent of (to voluntees /e ent needs, t needs aquston of federal 1 procure ent.the kct ctvltes of -Regon V are dn p a r t c p g n a progra th at n and how CentralCounlyAct :tlon Agency. recev e coodtes. con The volunteers to follow, procedures fll, fll Contracts anaged!* d ghtlrey,udder a-serles.of. : wold le t t dd Sd. ClUn tonyuaweed ontforffandovercoetcd s Danel Harrson, the d drector o t t t e a r e pu( together by us and tte Mnta p e r Aong-Ue conce srl h a t surfa ced- -federal gra jr a n ts r r questons.. - ~ S o u U e n 5 3 ~ C o nuty Acton C a ssrmm rt nstcralassocathrtbey )re lsa slst agfflv to l«a t the regular neelng g of < the board, - Usng re, regular assocaton funds to " T o a r d e bers do not k n o w - f " - tg f Agency, says tbe last cheese dlstr tw- (th e Onstors) ns Tdraw -fro thelf; V, ad hlkerng n the- co posed of local elec ected offcals, partcpate ate could se.19 (he curous enough. local busnesses are nter B o ls o l Uon was held n May ahd ad tte next sn t chutdtes,"] s HajTsbnsays. 7. th daho area any of f busness en and agenc cy heads; w as scenaro ot f e r a l grants beng used nstl ested to ake tworthw r.... H nrr crtn tb w h le = :o r w * = u e w erederaj progra s Regtony:: [yrw hethernough anufa c tu re rsa lh e = lb co pete 3te7 o ffe 3e r a l tr a c l& = = = : - / oney-w ll coo fro H ansonsays that tt o to-allow the. -a d ln lsslers here area-w ould be nterpstede d t o n e th e : - But the r progra a l nuld be run oy nt due to t t e laggng t a n n : assocaton to partlclpa pate should t be Choate sad bdlty fooddlbtk) ha agency s plannng lg.p w g ra w o rk. on the bass ba o f. contrbutons fro, dee ed so... August at whch te volunteers v( wll * y n ln t t e M ac Valley. cont }ntract w th a~ prvate T henltlal $3,000 woul ud be " oney b u s n e s«s, s, o r t a s all percentage The federal govetunent buys $160 Pennsylv gve oul hooey and powd( rderedlk.. "W e are u e s seeng fewer grant and* vana-based copany for a throw n down the dran n" f no bus- fee w ere e ( charged for each federal bllon of p l e s each *The federal govsr year - fro seres ot of ent provdes se a so n a l 1 far workers than last year. lessons n how to betterer nesses w ere wllng b r able to obtan contract receved by partcpatng orasersjo - ded s tgqlla only a lted aounl < of ooqt for t s d ue np n V.. drecto r -busnesses, Owuf AgflfW n p a rtto tte ta c (th a (w e h a ( * - Phl Choate, a staff ; ts(rbutlon.-that-ls-w h e ber of-the C hoates vhy-w lunteers a la te f prng rng,- -te«xplansr Lesald hs agency has receved x., S tan Ferlc..... The da ja-o reassocaton probably da-o re-p lannlng-and- *y a re so portant,-** h e says. j. 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Dsabled A ercan Vetej teranso apter Bbeau took St., Twn Falls, falure to look t t e oney between June.,p le w ere sentenced-thts-v lsweek n Ffth «D a le ; Butterworth, B 27, ofjtoute j, Hope!s Court Alcohol Scho( No. 5 h as been accused w ol. -.. carryngar lofeo bezzlng,9 S 3 anda arance,jo dayalnjall., f)da prl30forhsow nuse..* -7 o reth an $2,000 frorh the - D strct-:jaagfstrale.- Co Court n-tw ln BuHl,-falu! llure atnsurerlo days n a l l * -W ll8bn-ja es-sabonr nrm ro f-lt SG ta w e n group. A publc ence.e. Robson Jr., 49, of lc defender d w as apponted tot F a lls: Chrstl stlnam. Burkhardt, 19, o f«01. H eybu A vettw n Fall alls; DUlr Maurc*» u g l8 s Bbeau, 3,, of Route 5, represent c«.st., Twn Falls, DU, 30 )l Bbeau, was te n g held L sa K aye Keller. 15, of 446 Calco F fth Ave. le. N., Twn Falls, falure toz* 5 " d a y s n jal, 12(Wjay l fer «s e suspen- days. njal T*, Twn F alls, w as c h a rged F rday n n leu wth 28 days-suspended, of $500 1 bood a t Twn Falls J. 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Use ot n the words of Dave! Jc Johnson, who -the b each ls N E -. an a g fe j/the wlndsurf rfng shop a t Hnwovpr, ertlndsurlng-ls-what-thlb B aja" M agc, " o st M people can re so rt s all, about, tor a s owner Ward beco e cop6leht wnd ndsurfers, by s quck to pont out, "ths resort s th at-- ean -4 ru ly r«no j ojy - t h e - r t ; y - dsurfere. staffcd~py after only fve lo 10 hours on the wndsurfers ~ ~ e c,------and eaters to tjoard wndsurfers ers, and he ponts to the M aybe lh at explans ns the sports re so rts og( ogowththe. w ndsurfer.ln popularty. Besdes, after that ntal the ddle. Apox Modol-#850 ; > Ap»rModol do AporM o - A lw oclher- WodftlJ * PlyConjtfu tructon boubjoro nyloxonlorcvd lorojnfofccd. M «l., - J 8OF60 >ol. Super orfwlblo. F!son M odel # ] 160 NcN olonth o<)or#o 5 ;.. 5 /8 "x td 0 ft. Rolnpurt Tjfbo HoarOclltoflng.,5 - G A R D E N J HOSE ( GARDE G A f t D E N H O S > E N H O S E S f S P R l E R,! SPRNKLERS. U n l e d S l a t f s - " - G o v e r n G N t r a t e u c o r t - n e n t G u a r a n t e e d - 1 % * YELD /n )urgoss r. fmdano. % : = S r a GA81 GA8BEJ SPMYER je jr < Nolton M odol 2150TC... Nolso o n M o d o l«2 1 0 SAU Wlh Twtt Connoctor N vlon Modol DAL 5" lou )860 NolsonMo W odol#n -65 sto ln o z z lo o r $0 Rnn Troln Trov rovojoa ; Do»y.W. y.whflng - MO lodol #N.29C!26 A t Z -SPRN K LER S P R N K<LER L N J < E R e llf f NOZZLE A JV tl S.S3.99. < -j"o.49 TSAL ~ s a t E E C H A f f f e c e wv e s p d a t e Vteraneha rged-wth el nbezzlexneht y : U rs rg o V e r fre T elt tr ~ 5 /8 " x 6 ")6 C onfruclto to n C o on R odw o p d B ond«re(oard.v r. - - s a l e ---- bapondablllt] llty y o u.j-e c g w a 3 r l y - c h e c k - FEN< C N C X z :to n C o on M w o o d Sqt q u ar* C ut Pvnc* ffbdrd.... f o r n t e r e s t a n d p r n c p o l. n c lu d e s 1 1 /j g o 1.. fobrc 1-5/8" lno 5 /8 "x 6 "x 6 C onttru ctlo :ton C o on R odw ood Do og-eor<h>hp«wcob&ord*-.-. v... 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Ncholson and Prof ar D. Andreaon, by Salw! rofesslonal Servce Agency [othercosts. g S e r S y v vs. n ess, a s nlerwest costs. t Fnancal vs. R ver Maxwell, s seddng dabo F rst Natl [ $ $4830,. $170 at-. a a re n c c O Canal Co. vg. R flndy.j... J lattonal Bank v s.- - * j e n nee and VlcW-Ubaughr-Tl -T he B radley Boler o;::t< erry C arlsle vs.-greg Johnstb Ted-DlehlrRogor, Matncyr stbh. to eys fees and other cy nd-john Does lh ro u g h V; Twn FallsXlvestock e r costs. plantff ff s r re se n lln g Magc ValU Cosson Co; The oa alley L. Kolb; and. Ojn plantff s seddng $1, fc J. Hapton. The The sut alleges that <» o r about " and John D ow lthn 7 for. Magc-ValleyCrw redlt B ureausvs.r egonal n al-m edlcal C enter, Affle< r o u g h j o w. j h e equlp. fw k, su t alleges the plan! nltfs have faled August )ent-and>nventory,-41, paetrft ss ekng«; 0 a t-- - a n to n and Becky Wal st-l;-9 "1 8 2, defendm t-m alney - /atson dong bus- Medcal :al.c enter. 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Reg Exp«rlerc«d >d n poot«ryl o and-r< fetau -ale»~ : ~ = u t a K f e a f r W : Sp«cozng g-fn fl w o ter bolancft and chelcfll V- oppllcatlon Free analy«of,popj» p j - w a t e r s a n p l e W**kly cloonlng.lervlce. r l l of cho kol ond j oc c c e t» l o t " PoKoM r«f«aferencet avoltable- MAS G G V A LEY - SERV /C E A N D S 5UPPY - " CACAOR u READY FOR: j K S T R o w r o D A r y ) U C E : or Less! g40»lh ata, a.nrattrtnnntnj rpoo jr Gonv U p r Reg.Ml R e > a t e S 2 ( s a s - HOOV raeowh -. pltslyportbl E tnpsw T uluttlfl - - Co plttrltllool #»lf»l8nbcord, - f t b l e g h l L l - CDrTK S ttw CcpM. MwYw.OU.dw r Y z j f j z : lu >24000 RPM 1 D. ual/stop- / / / - oor-fan sva ulllor A<odel f - n Rog>*2d9? R o M rts Y O U P A Cbncee p t O ne - C loann A u l o a t c c:arpe4 r,. [U. o ju s trt e n t- : E d $ e - c le p n tn g. p l u s Q J a d r f e " J. a g t a t o r # * 1 6 q t. b a g r c a p a c t y., 7. T w n j a p h e a.d lg f. -:jtog. *27995 R e b «te 9 a ]? 2? a a 8 -..S049 *... Concep g S r s o #.» F e n t H r e s. g ( >111"! ljstro lo d ) R *.b«, t a J > T a. Q P L Y O U MANY OTHER ;R HOOVER MODELS AT SML LARSMN6S! > f e 6 v w ~ U YOU - d M PAY NOTE; You c a n b o y fh Mo d p g S f e H F T M -, U ONLY AT CA;S /w l Jj r t b n e W t h P r o p e l l e d. J 2 Open FrT" h tlr/ p ~ any hte By ~ p6tntent < Fulltlo j j * odgqcloanl corpot sfflgc Sgclor ; Top Fllod 15qf. dl»poablb bag. S«1(b ogofor l f - U R e g l3 9 ;9 5 R «Qb to * HO TWO VdMbTOR u l ll, UFT-OFF.TOOLHAMQER nsts PT TP-TOE.PEOAL SWTCH - BOW COR KD CONHOL H : MODtCTy f AQTATOn f ACTOH ---/jp CONTHOt f a -vrrtm - NDCATOn Z Z s a T e.7 : -- R o h o o b : DUAL EDaE 247 BRUSHERS --

17 Twn Falla.daho.Sunday,Julyl,1 - j 2 - P o > l lft l c s - 5 r - b V A B b E A D M N S T R A T V E J ; V * S3 E R V C E S, NC, c, - % A N N B U C K M A N any of lhe woen here *re are-startng to-thnk t W LLBEE MOVNG THEROFO F F C E S - weekend When bedeadlnt llne passed wthout ratlflca- > :As3odatedPress. - could reay happen.. Uon o f th e Equal Rghts A Aendenttbe curr t E a rle r o lng joggen g e rs o n g the-beach-w ore. - b o d ls s w c e t J U L Y t - >:;M A M BEACH, Fla. Ha. The woan-for-vlce e. g r e e n p a tc h l tr e a d ::"W o VP.NOW. thnk, fnally, we have h a shot a t t, sad C presldent oveetlt has las w ad)ed over the Natonal a - And prvate p c tloo ns slu ed ln to publc d f T H ean b r Seal, a~washln lngtofl-polucal-consullanl- [ T O T H E O rganl*alfe»-for Woen lens conveton lke a wave, - onstratons S aturday -h1> -HlKn 1,200 woen greeted who presded over NOW V d u rn g lh e ERA S defeal- - d ra w lo g even lhe ost A a conservatve fensts nto. th e an they ve endorsed e d for, presdent, W aller-f. We sen t h (Mondale)) tl the strwges t n we[ " Z p R O F E S S O N A L P > l l/ A Z A l-t llu U d e M ondalerw lthaprolonge* ged.cantr T \ o n r-slx - could;": : Tbe prospect of a getu ettng woan on the tcket s eght,aw o anv P cannotv otw al.ll : SHOUP AVE. W.. t p r c a l l y theonly subj< lbject any«te dscusses. The le When M ondales led and waved, the chant Ann L e,- x H tc lrector n of the D e ootlc :. aualgathertn g wb w astplanned a s a onetssoe~ le changed "to n g r R u wlh-a"woan,-wn-wtha v N alonal-c o U eer-v. ljo-bas-lnslstedfdcwecka n SUTE J-2 h o w a y» * «h rrw > r r f A n rd wo an ,. thal there was only a one- >ne-ln-»ve chance JMondale» w hether t s a c a w fcou f a erave optfols takng :g F o r any of those who 0 fought for decades for would na e a woan to lhe th( No.2 spol, now pula the - hold o r an accurate ref readng of chgns events,-- 9,--.wo ens equalty and d cred two y ears ago ths oddsatswo ackso] W warnscuf - M d s p u t e 3; S -. t 4 u \ yflmef CHCAGO-<AP) Ul)e w --R e v e sse Jackson urged D e ocrat tlc Natonal Ccventkn delegates & Saturday to T O v o te r not-by-candldaterl ~ yctlot and by cosclenc lence, a s he W S A \ V M S S P R E E! j -jw a rf of contnung f t s over JustM n T h e party de d l t e co- -., pronses last week on the tessue. L W E A F R - - Tle presdental candldj ddale sent an unraslakaljle warnng thal he ght BtagffffBerleyoffsnjptve vetloornghta N O W / H O P \ n SanFraclsco.- tellng, supporters ~ r f-sunda-y- " th ey 8hould= gnorepart a r - r u le s - lf r» c e ssa y to rase ther ssues a here. L O O K<s :z A 12-4 \ ; And he sad hs Ran! anbow-coalton h as earned a voce n the choce of..thed enw cratcvlcep e.presdenllal g canddate by W aller P. Mor Mondale; J n. T R e p e A t B ww t l N Q S h H R T S f ake the ost sens(!nse,thenvote fo r e. No atter who pa: pad for your U v tcket, re e ber >rto 10 sent you. w 9W 9 th ere " Ja a o o T sa d at t the head-."- u / P r p T 1 / r U Q S r n t e for-th - o s e l4 h o f J u l y p a rte : quahars of PUSH, the blac es. Colorful floral onanzaton he founded. a y o n s h r ts. T h e C u b e. gettft th e d»venuon, yor ou ustvote, DoJL b y cdate. L by. codvcu on.,. ". andbyconsdeoce W a!nf-a-lack-of-«nu H Q g P R E S S E S ~ - A N D S D N P g E E S S E S ; S t - -a8 < to w p ro ses"a "last week agreed to hs ades - t tl h a t left the 1 - V - y ~. flgbt over rules for a co nsslontobe. wl 9 9 : deal wtb soete a n e rl9 " f you w ant us to vote ; 5 a y p:6 sb l a n d lo o k ta r r n c n th( h e s e c o lo r f u l s lr f jje d ss u n d r e s s e s a n d d=5r w ant Justce s84,-,besad M w o v enc n j e s s e s to w e a r rg h T no w. J u n o r - s z e s T h e C u b e. W e ust let lhe conven enton decde «th s and the naton obser serve ll. The conventon has U)e power U -d y son t wants to ake ke. Jackson J R - 0C» C E A N P 7 \C F 11C.LETGRE, C ah hw nnvonttnn nt j hl l a j a w l - Q MV lb G Y -S E P A R A V-1 T E S : vlll nake beand8:of-m onale,-th6 J lkely 111 p r r a l- - S S V O f d e n t a l rmlnee, w h«the tbelw b eet * 0 D ext-uesdayu K ad sasu: Clly, ME T o p rbandbollons, H 5-t.3, The re(: o b D T " V One w ll be a t etable le for th e end of-apartheld.n5outha frca and.u.s actons to encourage such K h o v M,h e J P g,8ad ;b u tth erew ereb th ersj sasw e ll; * S- H O R t s **The Ranbow has earoe ed-the rght f a.b e lp deter ne the.vcc /ce-presdent- V - ; no nee. We have earned e d tht e rg h lto S... ~ deter ne who wll 1 be the secre- W e re to to -16;G 0. Plads.SOldST s 7-J s lr p c s. t r o p c a l s ; :... n;. J tay-of-btate.asd we have ve earned lh e Thf»-(=Hl... rg h t to help deteroe.who vhow U belhe - secretary of defense,ja< JackM n M jd ~~~~ / S d a y n lg h t...m SS E S, P E T T E, M y la / T E R N T Y, W O VM E N S C O L O R[FUL F S U N D R E S Mondale 3SES ;. addeesses s = = = 2 lss= =-7 - e r g h trlg h ta n d - b r E B z y - s n rt rrn rc rk n tt jrtra -s trn B rsj s e s n a v a r y.o NOW groo U D - - -P P J P L S JJ t e A e s dresses,,w Q e n s*w,orjd.:... - R e n te P la c e, M a l e r n l v. ; MAM BEACH.FTr a. (AP) M S SES-, B PETTE PQUE J JC / K ET, W alter-f. M ondalerfaclns rln g a n ts o f n w th a woan, wn wllh a w o an, lold fenst S alurday.hc has already -MSS S E S SUMMER C CAREER, D f le S 3SES! - - by: c d e rn g -a -fe a le e-vce-nresl dental runnng ate! and ddn t < v aflm r selfbcyondtha t h a t r - - = ) v f A f t e t h e e x p e c - E p re sd w ta l nolm ad< a l r A v l d re s s e l e c l l o n - o f o s r w a te d s t y l e s M n l l n e n T gj e o r g e t t e a n d r a u c o a conventon of lh< the Natonal. C o tto n S. s-, R e g. t o z e38 s C a r e e r D r e s s e s.... O rg a n tlo n for Woen, v h e et wth th re e congresswoen a ndtjowpres d t - - d eal Ju d y Goldsth,.-A -j fterw ard,. S E L tb ey sad they would suppo )port Mondale E C j T Y L E Ss -T n t a t Ff pa r e l gardless of hlscholce. We thnk the best ean aanslo defeat O A /. R onald Reagan s to have /ev\ lcep T M - - b A yrn l l G S T o 4 0r%J)f=E lf as o ;r f-anl / : - E N 3 3 R & S K : - - w onan on the tcket, sad) d R t rm flp jr- F ro Ht h e s e y e n d e f S t T M a ed n - F o r r - W a r n e r - r G llp lg a n & Q -M a lle y -; R oseo akarofo hlorbbq O t whatever - - C a f f o r n d - o r e : = Happens, w ere fully sup] supportve of R b b e s 5,, L b u n g e w e a T, S p w fe a r, D a e a T a n d FcF o u n d a t o n " - J a r d defeatng Rtald Reagan. ;an, H es;b e - - N k o u e lly of Connectcut an d B artara Mlkulsk of Maylaod sad lad they had A g ued- -M ondaletocho chocse-.--r p 9 9 G e o ld n e F e rra ro of New York - a, - ; R o an CalhoHc wth stror Lrowj supdort L gbtw /e eght, corrrfcrlfcble. soft lt f p la s tc s h o e s l t p e d rrl w h te.- c e p n k, uongprofessonapouct d a ns; ~ tg n tg rrey7 e DtacK7ctrb aers 2e! a s - O r H o s t e r y. " - sad al almg that ddn t want - th e b est an lo be y vce ce presdent -JB t w anted-lbe b est, sa d n hs q>ced]. 1 a ct / M E R H A SD BA C a T J n b e rt jn w a e n ool oof~because " : y j - b e r e e n, - but-bocauj a u se -th e y r e U O a o n g -th e-b estra n d -Jf-c h o o se-a : 6 J 9 S9 w o an t wtll be because.. c c she la the. - w e r e l s r , Y o u r c h o b e s t > je j ot n a r r d s u e n y rfa l r b rc -O fc le a th e r H e added: Consderng gvrav enlaa s t y l e s.. H a v e o n e o f a c h a n d sta v e H a n d b a g s. n f r s t - b u t t s not tbe ast las. We have -. S d to l> t d $ E c N c v a 3 th e w ay to hlgb offce be w o e.-a tf-k!v cr-4 g a 0 D t 5 T B E r r s.. M No nee flla beadlles s by consd- O f l - e rto g w o B; n a t - t je,-headlnes e, - H 9 9 WlU be ad e only tt wo t e n a re n o t- co u sld e l. : H a v e - f a s h o n s g r e a t e s t a c c e s s o r y. l o o k a t s a v n g s, V\ a r e ty o f s t y l e s " j a a U ro nct fg Ulllt t j. a r p e lgfs. F a s h o n A c c e s s oprc re s.. - :... seclbl nterest groop,."coo u n tm ln." M f S S E S - swmsy M la k e yourptck fl colorful o,n.e.and j J T f e : - n-solrcsrftoratsr T hec u b eah d M teses Spqrtswwear f c o f lf - r f r o. a v a r e t y o f d t w o p e c e s t y l e r f OtpURSQll OnXulH(AH tfn ntr*nrn rrrnr7jr;e55~~~~~ A UN WJ Of MLED STOncs. Q : of. 1

18 e a o u e g r a d u z z l e s c authoh Sunday, July LSBON, Conn. (AP) \ P ) A H U e s who charge rged a te e n - a glr the Ulrd Ul dscovered, n. twx> d ays Ngoc T. 25. w as a graduate student studvlnt; an w League gradnat laate.#lb.strangllng a toen-dg -age followng R oss arrest: agrcnlturealt g eu U-whenshe-was " klled;l-tfh; grln»clbodlcaly evaluated evdence Satunaj day,------t he-partaly-dothed jedbodes-of-tw o-teen-agers rs sa e t e Uoss wjs an undergraudate there, s e e k n g lnk the young nsurance agent wu 1Ue ssng snce Aprl wcr were found Thursday n Pre- Lt. B art ngersoll 1 0 of Ue vy l/cague.whool s os deathgof fve other wor woen. ston. N earby was a rock kpanled w lththjlrds: 1. publc safely depart e ent sad M la Tu s bo<lv was Mcftae, Wl w,elng.held,w ltbout bone ood,.. love n aked lllue grls.! - found n a strca.n ear lar. the.fratetvj30u.<c where c h a r - t h captaj J felony ft n the deauofw end sndy.r: T w o bodleswcrefound t a s t f t l l r ROss lved. p d D a t. evdehcelod o nvestlgalore l to o B arbeault, 17, whose le bcrfy b WM found b U a pu ple -- S tate polce have consl snsstenuy refused to say how )w beleve she had been se: sexually olested.. of rocks June U w yfound Ue Ucee bod«odes.. At least (our of the 3 sl l* Clonnectlcut v c t sw ere J S tate Mlre on Satunt u y. \ w e busly- gotng ove )ver " f w e tell you Uat Ross Roj led us to Ue bodes, f n, strangled, polcesald. 1., b a c k u n d, cdroboratng and catalogng-ev ev- fa c t- ho -ddr-hlfr- lawye yers.would be. scrca ng,- R oss had been a rteste(l-andconvoa"flreu31 r «dpncp *n nn nffftft 4o-fnd-a-lnk-w tp th.averotbe tber-c S artjtersald:.twce before o a.a s sa u lt a n d th re a te n n g chnrge.*: gc.s slayngs, state polce e Sgt. S Gerald C hartler sad atff- - Ross w as arrested 1 Thursday after tfps fro nvolvlne young woen len.... conu n a a d post ajjsbo jbp.n. ;.wtnesses and o to rje vehcle.records l ledpolcejo o -.spent two onu nus at th e Learnng Clnc c n n - B B! B B n C T C T A uthortesare ln u no nc rush" to charge Ross n 1Ue queston h. He s su±eduled e for arragn ent on Brooklyn, Ue town w where he wa.s rnlsed.clnc M R M w S W t o th e rflv e -sla y n g s-b 5~becausc.bel5-ln-custodj o d y th c - c a p t elony chan large, w h ch -carrlest n T ajp jp offcals-refused c6 n n ent "becnuse of lhe con- C hartlersad; u penalty of death h n Uk electrc char, July 1C c fdentallty ssue." but Jt-Ml srtloassakl: " wala s a H U l O u U f f Ross, o f Grswold,, Jsjbonsldejwl fs."a suspectln-al a t Now London Superor < Court ; vcryglow lngtcporrabo boln, SaTd fb ca e fro f thecasesv" safdstate epollcesgt. p< E dw ard D aley n addton, polce a t Cornell Cc U nversty n llhaca, a, wonderful faly. Uat t hc was a workaholc." J w o hours before 5 Ross R was arra!gnel.f rda> lay, N. Y., w here Ross went t to school, sad Saturday they Ross alm pleaded gulty gul lo unlawful restrant n *.lc e ln the town of Brooklyn uncovered the body lyof q.h a v e rcopenedc3a*year-old urder case. urg :g Ottawa. tl., n 38 and aw was placed on urobalo. on..,.... Tes- nes-news, Twn Falls, daho B?, M o t h corvc :ted r r v Z Z LOS ANGELES (AP) P) A woan nulxusedof-junnlng-thepornography al-order operaton ff ; heargest chtld the-natlon,wasconvcte< cted of dlstrbut lng oves alleged!; ;edly nvolvng chldren as young as 3. f.. C ath etu lefleld leld Wlson, 45. a of 15 counts of poogro graphy dstrbu- Uon by U.S. Dstrct Jud{ fudge R chard A G adbosjr ay be guflly- brstncllrg 61 - Justce, bul dd not dstrbulen s (through the) all,",.ms. WllMn tesufled n h e r nohjuy Luy tral.. t was her second tral; her frst ended n a ~rr r - " / - h 6 p. ( S U N D A Y j J R E -> F O U PCNC/ " P A T O D X - Prosecutors sadm re = = = = z 7 = G rs. Wlson controlled about 80 percen :M t of the U.S. P A R T Y B, A L ; ark et (or fls of expl xpllpt sex wlu chldren and ade $500, 00,WO a y ear off the b u s l y n 1981 andl! d ! - \!!Sncc e was" a rrested rrc n E veryhng y ou n eed-os 10 s e rv e 6.. " Uef e h as beehno co :oerclal ds- ln le.p ackedjn aa.h andy- dy-plasgr = = ography any- ball 1191 convers lo-wo.s /o.servng *w L - w here n Ue country," Assstant U.S. b hr o w ls. Q cludescjnnerplale la le s. frut A. "~l r : -Attoroey / Jpyce Karln. llnsad,.lhpr. -b o y v ls d essecl p lates.. glassp<s Q rrest;ut-dow n*lhe operaton <5 t l a f 7. = ;= v a a = ;re s p o n 3 b le = ojr-dsw f- butng: r... al o st-al-chu d -po o g fa p h y -sc n L = T - throughtheu ;S nnall;!: O C K h - ~. -M s K arlln sad Ms. 5. V Wson k e p : - T E A K S M lst of 30,000custoers h-theu nlted " States, Canada, Brtan n and Denark. - B O W r S E T S " : and-used arous-postro tro fu c e sj n -th e L os A ngeles a San Dego areas to...; al brochures-and fo Ohs fo custo % 0) F 1 F T e r s A-o.Qur-fequlaf-prce-leal le a k - s a la d. Ms. Wlson, arrested xl n \ T... s e s a re o n sale a25.125% ol., dd.notpn)ducehlld dponography Lel teak a d d h a dsncve fls, tnvesugators sflld alld,-but cgpled - to 1 u c h of c la s s lo su er?r S servng., n l l r W l SB n GS... - :»- TVELY CO M FO RT "a w b ; s 7 d) o r "! &-pan G P e r s o n a l F a n w lh h 2 s p e e d. " o to r, A ls o V \v a la b te rv 2 -nn cl h -O s c llts lrr g - T r F a n o n th h w a r r a n ty.". ;...:. ] 32?pe:sT A rf re-elatware h J L E S S - r T r J E S E T = S = = r G D td rc lass l?n}y*n oflh* jf h T a n a - - ; O n e d o, E a s y - g r p p5 la l as s l c h a n d l e s.-.* " ; n b lu e, re d w n te o5r r a l o n d, all d s h w a s h f- 6 af&-, The-< he-g addyh S.a : d o u b le d s d e d a c K -.t tfrt t a t h o d s t t r e e placo s e t t n g s o n e a c h s d e,. n a p k n s.n th e Odc? O! le.o rq, 3 0.n n whch nvolved chlldron jn a s y o u n g a s S She. sald.shft had nevcf c f seen a chld ; poograpny lu; Gadbols found Ms..Wl Wlson gulty o f, 13 counts of llegal a ladstrbuton : wcl and tw o counts btvolau latlngjbe Chld... l P C N C B A S K E f S. ExpHtaton -Act; He se set sentencng -.. -* - - for Ju ly 20 and ordered red-, Ms, Wlson.... held untl Uen. She/oces a axu :. 9 9 p f e r a l sentence of 85 yej years nprson H andy Sze a l a nce low w p fco -. an d a fne ot$85,000., -Ths-greatTaffeaongrrc rrd a ra b le 7S T =! $? S r, Ms. :JVllson s f r s t. t tral on the tw ck 0rnasacolo>ru JfTul la b rc hune-lury. She lnng.vvlh-handy-pc w aved-her-rght-to a \ /-p6ekel9v--- - ~ - > N a Jdry.trlal on. House use.w ares... Ju n e 20, chose to let the1 h etranscrpt of h er frst tral stand andte: te stlfle d ln h e r.. -/ defense.. She s alroadj ady.servng a - four-ym rstateprlson;s n.sen tence. f o r;.. - r p o sse so n of poroograph phc fl s.. R chard Trollo; 44, who.;also-was wl p-artu T T jb rn o g rap ph j h y = T ) p e r a f * o n = = = = w as. a key govee unent wtness g a n st-m s-w llso n ;a nl,hal.s«reuj d l. recorded con ermtjqns S Wth \ her. He - Jso n p ro b ato n afterp lead eadlng gulty to, a sta te pornography charj la rg e..r : ; R E R l N A FOb... N : : ; : S 0 1. B, S H E N S 2 E. 9 9 Reg.. to 10 11,00 5 A r t TWNS Nancyr p s drugs, lqquor a d -Q c a. co lo rsc tx o ra l blush, navy vy blue, s : e p a p e r o r p o rc e lan bluotnc rn onron WASHNGTON. ("AP ; P ) - Nancy, R eagan shared her hus lusband s rado. 65% "K odel p olyester/ r/3 5 cotlon pere r c a le. crophone Saturday to proselytze -agaln st-d ru g s-and-col lcohol:uat a rc everywhere-r avallablc. blc-ndevery=l where abused." " h ave a specal guest le str-p re sld e n t- - R eagan nfored hs audencc durng - hs w eekly pad. {X) poucal rado - broadcast. "Nancy s here wth e l1 T O)V V y E L... aj-she-lketo speak k to t you about = 3 S l f E A R - A R Jgran d ""\flat" togeu er-all uf us cdn~d rd o about- Uc proble.1! : SA y.e 5X T) s e S Thank you, "Ronne," Ue frst lady c S elected styles n assorted colors 1 ; beganr-*0urlng-lhe-past ast few y ears at w onderu clearance ssa a v o g s. V V. hn/n >pnyp (>{{ QutnutcouQtV l - ~ a.4.g g V C 7 7 < and w hat see-happe p e n tb our.... H andbw/els chldren s terrbly frghte Alenng. W ashclohs > lh s Ck)calne,.PCP, arju juana, alcohol, speed these are the e ene es of our chldren.. They re cuj cunnng and =: f/l O v D d C... J - a : S K Y W A Y. pj.,-..- t -,:....-, -. J., K A N G A R O O: S F r a e d n y lo n s o l t s dle e lluggage, wth*; s, la rg e a c c e s s o r y p o u c h f p o c k e ts.. W h w f e e l s o n 2 6 " p au ul llttal n ahd 2 8 " ( 0 v e r s e a s. B l u e b e r cq y o r; 1b r o w n s o n e. L u g g a gle e.,, B a rre l to te...; " 5.9 9, 2 2 " u n d o r s e a t c a r r y o n 5 0, " - G a r r n e n j b a g " p u a n ~ : : r ~ - r l 7 0, S 9 = j r 2 8 " o v e r s e a s f!.. "FOR SUMM MER ENTERTAN NNG : f e o N E.:.:... G S A lle r s a le , C h o o s e lf o a n c le g a n a s s o r t e n t : om o l lloral d e sg n s v n b rg c o l o r s a n d sus ur e r p a s te ls B A R S T E M W A R E,. 250 OF >FF jc U R R EN TSA LE PRCES ;S a v e 2 5 % o v e r c u r r enn tl sale prces., rc c w j f c sks ka,v p o r te d f ro R o g a. Y u g o s la v a, a n d n a w< d e... v a re ty o t s h a p e s a n d s z e, s sad Mrs. ReagannspcaM lakngfrc the presdental retreat a t Cap G Davd, Md. < - e so(d ~drug3 and a ; everyw here avalable J jand evey- - w here abused. And now people -are, w akng up to that fact," S P E C A L r P d R C a a C O M F O R T E R : t w as the second tle e M rs. R eagan. B E D S P R E A sh ared h e r - husbanc tands rado crophone to talk a bout. t drug abuse, n O ctober 1982, Ue p resdent s w fe a n y s z c told Ue nauon Uat fewt. Lwthlngs lfljn y... -T ake.y<".nck tro a large a e cfbcn lfe h a v e T H to le e 1 o l.d esfln s a n d latjrcs. and nd every Ue Tdrug epdec a o r f pur - s ty le p rced a t hls low w : f l r s e r ~ 7 y.chudren." Lnens and Be( eddng. On Saturday. - the Tr lr a d y sad " * ost paren ts w ero c»n e tg y S n e d a rk about ther chld (lldren s drug proble. - They Just dldn dn t M e v e l t : a d -p p g r nru w r ko&.. crtafor rrorj ra7r r Bo? n.fer;):;rjtx-r TTTrSS"7nCUUTn7J~AV77 N/r O f /Leo sro fts o fdenlal." = f U C H N ; B R 7 S (A tjb ry :. G O B L E T S - -7 S M OF FF - :j::. R o g. f 2.d 0 e a, B g s a vr n g s o n lh e sc ld b f a s s s te w a r e 5 lh h; a t s. too r ~ G o b lc ta n d w n e s z e S. s. N o w C hna, G la s s w a re, G fts lls

19 ... B T f os-n ew art wn n F a ls d a h o. S u n d ay!ju J ul) l y ; ~ V " J.J. SL: the sponsorshp of the H erta rtage Foundaton, 9 fntrod jd u cllonbfhs target, tenprl The Assocated Press. - ( prntng t wth ad d ress prc proble s wtn uscle and l nnd, pod l!gobal2000.1l 0.1Lthey.sald,.alM dd ool lake conservatve. Washngton-bz v b a r e a rc h or- every y " o re changed to "less, ss." and vce- wll probat bably overcoe, a has beer «n usual ts own advce e lo to exane ong-tenn trtads. ganlzatlon, under the ttle "*1116 Resourceful versa. and.nsect]g.thc-wonlst WASHNGTON -.Far fro the gloo-" j -lhough oro -- tbroughoul )ulhlstory. < E a rlh.. W hen t dd, they sad, "heavly weghted a popula Jated" a fte r less crowded. ong-of a 8t»ry.prnrfr hy.". Aong l olo lher thngs. Kahn and So - Th» Bw n ary of "G lobal a non sad, few recent obse )bservatlons a n d - re le d on r j l OQO,"uJl]]lllluu " G» 3tobahSOOO a ung luut lh e C arter ad nslrt t a n d b a d ; c % d rld stratlon, the world 16 years p] roject of 13 federal agences d -nfsh cdthbhslnfe agan, blrt ru] ra te s--n a p p ro p rta U ~TTT os n f n :les organzed by the fact, tf theory and concluson." S fro now wll be lesj less crowded, less polluted Councl ( >lon sad n a n less-deve eveloped natlors arc fallng on E nvron ental Q : r; ra p d ly, l>clef that food od p prccs would double n two Qualty, sta rts ths recent t nlervlew.. and tave ore rcso Esources, accordng to. tbe w> lfe expecta ctancy s rsng everywhere. U ay: " f present rends cont the f o decades because seenergy e prces w ere rs b g.. sntlnue, the wortd n He and K ahn asse bled 20 fnal work ol futurst s t HF papers, four of su p p ly s e n Kahn. =2POO-wl j s l provng, there s no.rea eason to n support of thal last pont, Sraon and beorecrowdcd.. o«h>olluted.-leaa he -reertn - ts-b u t 18 cosslo; T n stlu tefo recastcrw h «r- sloned-for.:lbe-:belleye-oll- o ll-p rces-w ll-rse and aj stable ecoojyfcajry and >ajor-n K ahn sa d, Thep ore lalnerabe lo BooETa rlackhg Ue tedncal lnde -tled a j?ar.ago7..deyo derplnnlngs of d calo rs eyoted ost.of hlajvrtng3;:c of fallng rends n l9tos because e 0 of techhblbcal prove- -d s ru p to n than the word wa-ellvelnnow "globa e b a and speeches to debundng propheses of n d u s tr a lly llzed countres;... e n ls," an d the. Global au th o rs. ; "Serous s tre s s, lnvolvln{ vng populaton, re- "We e do not say th at all s well c g l. everywhere. T h e popu pulaton paper, by M ark Pe - - so w ces and ewronrnent are an er an, assu ed " th a t pr prvate far ers d anoltesp o n d cleary.vsble an wve..not e p re d c tjh a l al.wl " T "H e w as preparng lg n attack o T thec artcr s Wll.beJX3syln.-. professo r-of-econonlcs,-hl8tory-and- d-publlc - - t o econolelncen centves to;produce ore food, a b e a d r >Mple a t e r at< atertal output, tle (he fut uture. Cbldreh-are-h ngry T?Goba2000 reportn gry-and sck; h e a llh a t rttof whch alron co p e s-v rthetjnlversty.of P tts b u rg gh, -sad, w hch s as wronj Tong as any assupton could - w o r d s peopte w n be poore; orer ln any ways people!e lve o ut lves of physcal w ere dstrbuted n n l 1980,..when he ded. Hs than t or ntellectual for exapl nple, "The rate of w t h < of the possbly be. they are today.ll povertj ty. and lack of opportunty; v collaborator, Prof.. Julan Son of the Un- ;w a ro rs o e w orld sp olopulatlon p has already fallen fro ts ; B oth "Global \ 2000 and "The Resourceful A1 wrong. saysslon,m.who-jjpensltle new pol HJllutlon a y do us n." they.. -versltyof Maryland. d. has co p lete f u n d ern y w ro le. p eakofabou bout.8 percent per year, a fall ll whch E a rth ", sad thngs woulcl not get better e s o u rc e fu l E arth by rep reprtntng the 19TO But 1 the trends a re tp, ahd p< people "wll G lobal 2000 WO projected to occur only by / w thout d dlberate aetlo n. tollow-up lo By LNDA DEUTSCH -H,. letter wrw rter who provded.13 nanes t&AssocJatedP- ss and-addr jdresses-ofjallfo ljrtcsdcnts.... nterested n t. LOS ANGELES n alost two y e a rs o f g - a neuvers e and two. stressful ontftbefol eforc a Jury, the prosecutlon or John ZrD Z: elorean on cocane traffckng ch charges has been plagued by gltches th< that have slowed T bc sgnature on the letter was later ter found to b<lcttlous,-and-the naes nes an d add ddresses of the Jurors-Averc supposed sed to be secret My concern, sad Wel2an, s th a t so )ehow the Jurors ay feel we... tbe acton and placed n queston had soe ethng to do wth the alng. V w hether. t can. go the-dstance-to a - ThaHsnc ;notthetruth verdct. The 59-year-old auto aker- s s 0. --;.T hc-latcst- tw lst,. a hnt of Jury -c h a rg ekl d wth corjsprlng to dstrbute ule ta perng,.threatened last week to S24llo llon worth of cocane n a bd lo blow all the fuses., save hs fnancally troubled car L We do.not.warl al a.tstrar.tde- co pany ry -n -r rth e -re la n d rc o n fensc attorneys Howa )ward Wellzan vcton on ot al counts carres a ax-. and Donald Rc nsst* jsted repeatedly u pos pqm [to Mntcnce of T2 years [n a fte r thejufy proble rnarose. a. "W e have the best ; possble Jury we could have n ths case, sc," sad Re.,"We prson.. The Jur jury ta perng probcwas not lot r r-d o n t w ant to lose the!.". - -the frst-legal-snag-to-rasc-tak-of.c J u ro rs.a o d a w a stral- -or.dls ssau Jfglnnlng- -of Bywect s-cndslx.j Pllol ElUol.* hu a lte rn a te s had rccelv :K!lved by all- shortly r after hs headlne-akng peoples of a congres! ressqnal report s u ary hghly crlflcj [fcal of FB un* a rre s t on Ocl,- 19, 1982, the case sc underwen /ent a seres of legal cond erco v er "stng", tactl ctlcs slar to. {tlslons: s :... t b o s e c h ed todc-lo ul oreanarrcsl: h Dlstrcl Judgou Robor-t T he F B and the U.S. attorney s offce y Takasug. g s t:ullngs-on ajor ssues launched a n lnvestlgatk aton seekng the " w ere rev«eversed three tl es.the 9lh d e t y f T t o h c g rt:w» g T n y thg=-u;s.--0ro rctt~c ourt-bf--pcals-dl5-.possbly prejudcal lhateral t n the agreed wttt w h on sealng ~docu- -a- : r o r " J u r ors drecton. ;, V.n e n ls n n t the case, to avod pufc and., r l Chboo - CoV. Tal rab. Sprte..:... And whlo that was, gong on. De news ed Olot Coke. Coffolno leda access. t overturned hs 10 Ff*o Ceko!!»..endCoK envfrovotl...l o re a n s secretary. Cyntha D otc okol Brady. -declonlc r b g lv e D rn b re a s lawyers - - was.arrested Thursda;»day-ln-a New J e rse y jn o te o -wu vtb-three others governe nentjntellgence reconls. And d t refused cd to support hs effort to b ar a for nvestgaton - of cocane TV broad( adcast of key evjdcnee n the "-possesson: casev...t he- congressonal report ca6 Secret rot gove entrv ellance fro tbo offce of Rep. ED ondw ards. vdeotapes tle trals key evdence DC allfrhg-saldnftsla r a l l e d t h e " were e n a llo n a lly y copes.routnely, a t..the lhe request of a. CBS.... >.. l k.: fflvj B la g k s- 1 S r e b a t c & oxclu>vo Ono-Toueh,Sy»lo.. Ourlo..<Pncc lo w uop ouavllo. Hoovyn t BflO&falool..grolod ln > o r -. tro l-s lrr n v o t e O Q T colol colon. W obor-v lhoono. rh# ByB LLPO O V EY The/Xssocltod Press. four r,.vjlc)m O ov D BMX Olka. JO PJcnc : TsT ablo wllh 2 ;.only sny ajorca a p ag n. 20-lb. Bng Charco conl. Knobby ltcs»cs.,.tchng bcnchcn. be wth Because se of changes n voler appor- r. sm.r,ru >FW 100 redw ood s.nln, - onent. t. blacks ths-y ear have a sra.m A,A la. - Joe, Stleran. better tla han even chancc pf wnnng lg- (be ntwly " e n fc t segregatonst s, control of 6r the clly-councl. A new. W. -V. V - ayor of Selarsfood» d watchng 19 electon ap draw n by U S, Dstrct ;t.. \ \ troopers,swung-judge~w V.-Brevard=4and-f- Moble e.. -.".,2:: H -53 : - d u b s and tossed te a r gas nlo a crowd gves Waek neks d e a r :]orle.s n two of f = pj o f bln r k? w-** arch-ovet-u~;fvcu.afds E d und P ettu s Brdge ge n a votng whtes n aj another.. rghts protest. n addt dton. Hand tulh that the e V S ther an. now nn jls fourth full confguratl aton of the. lo-enlwf r. ler r-re e b c rs the-c e-crcolul& ;n s councl wa: was unwleldyal dluwl the 0".7. L,, 1... 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E B O Y S - thousands l>y the end 1 a and nsprng resd e n ts, >, whcl s alposl evenly Congress lo puss tle le 1%5 Volng dvlded.ncj adaly S H O R T S E ETS Rghts Act.. Ths -yoo oar, an ncunlxnl-black Chooso fro a soocon to ol 2 ploco --On-JujFO.-U e-tw o- poly/cotlon short acs n anhs-runnnghcttty\vlrlp 1083l d.c0l-, ns» : orsststyloa. face another confrontato Qtlon, as racefo rtle Je councl presdency. - (rte s-to -u n set-s n lthh eer r an -n -an - Hand dre rew the new electon p!;n n H f a electon could gve black acks control of re.s)onse to a lawsut flled four years th s cty s govern ent t for f the frst a g o b y Jujlus ll Tallon, the whle owner t e. o f a local rado staton. Talon pro- ; A thrd candld3tcsf0r )r nayor, t C.D. tested new. W apporton enrpla : pro- [ t x,j n ff Doug; Chandler, a whll vhlle rlsurance po.sed for r e. each of the-two past elec- b ro k e r, sad he was not lot ountng a.. Hons. :,? $ 5 t S T >0 3 ply h e n tt K o d n co lo rv R O O lrr. 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A >. v ~ : ( - t heom.thconly; f l / 3 0.U E S, U R T R A DJ E T O N - to v * Rofl, y - W 9 : : n z : ag V b r K o H l,. 18V.- p js g h a jl h c U la J o e ! all lotdjlos. Coploto w l l h S O O R U M S TOfeKTOF ME le N S. S W M W E AS R l z z r : C hoose fro oncsaon enl nlottoortho ( - d ays stylob and color* forjh both nr :.-

20 ... ff...-. J -. 3 V b blty nsellng ther crops and ore potental Tes-News wrter f( for proft, experts say "A t the U e he (lhe far er) sold Uat t w - a b w - th e lo W S T ln fu tu p rc c s E> Detals ofprof contract n th e frst place,-he would c ertan ly r*- yposed w hted TW N.PA L L S~GGrowers ofw hlte w heat n w, wheat conffact,w th -a e. a s wth the-fo - forw axdcllvery. - -* w ant to-conslder T w halhls coslsof (q>erat( the P a d fc Northwest s t tradtonally have been c contract. However, a futures rade also wll x j p o Whle W heat F u tu reso e < ootracc T radng onths (onths for whch, c a r e... and h e woul rouldn l wont lo rhove n t h - a b le to lo c k ln a n a d vfance a prce for ther crops a) allow the to buy back lhe the crops wlhoul, nlracl sze: 5,000 bushels or joblols of tracts arc ; ade): March, Moy, July. S S. to lock n a loss," "Sargentsays. Rsng p rvate (orwan rard v e y contracts, p physcally delverng the and to lake ) bushels. te b er and d Deceber. D E llher w ay, the le SJ syste s flexble. Whle the agree ents to shjp whe vheat n the future. w hatever proft there s n the deal. t Jyp< T)e. w heat: No. 2 o r better er soft whle Delvery echans : Shppng certlfc flcalo exstng forw ard d delvery tx n tract requres "L ock" s the rgh ght-w ord to use. Oncc G ran exchange offcals now nov a re answ erng al. ssued by el( elevators opproved by lhe N th e w heal cro p >actually lo be shlfqped, the contracted, they canno anot back out of a deal lo what w s, be.a.tln.r x o u n d.o L q u e re s lvery pn nt: Portland.Ore.. neapouctral roln Exchange; futures ark et ay nottcan be ter n ated,-: ddver,-say,;6.000 bus tx sh e ls -6 f-u t-ln Sep-- b efore th e f e d e r Coodty dty F u tu res Trad-~" lf-so etl e-bel -betweeh-now-and h arvest! te ber. ng-c o sson-decdes wh hether to allow already a re traded on actv e fulut d ecld el don t w ant u arkets, proft forthe l lo delver on the contract; 1 er crops n advance, - W thn a few onth ths,. however, the Mn-- tradng., H ard red r sprng w heat s trad can very easly y g go back nlo the futures raded at the "T he nte lle n t of ho futures arket s neapols Gran Excha; dango s lkely to opm "W ere not opulstlc for r tradng n Julv. Mlnnea 5 f for the arket a n d b uy ba( gapolls exchange; s o fljc d wj back y contract," s ays J wn ter wheat p roducer to tle down a prce they feel lh( - =T)br<rft-drg-nTVftll v h e - w e f lr r u ttr e - w nsays r P a t lenderson, arecor!5 r~ o rp l(rt eas= af thhechcagoboard-dftndtrar 5 they can Cornelus,.extenslo nslon agrcultural econo st rand-hnrdrod llve-w fhtt tra c ts., TTrad-w otda-prce-dropv. tons tl "Tha Tha s gellng so wlbter r w l t s a t the K ansas Cll sa y a -fo ro re g o n S tate funlvershy Cty Board of R obert L L..-- Sargent, extenson agrlcu Pushed by wheat growers asm latlo n s n close now w e thnk we are cultural - n fa d, only perhaps lookng al Trade. a sall sn percentage of futures econo st t for f Washngton State Unlv Oregon and Washlngt ngton, th e, new arket.s< epte b er tradng. F ar lverslly conlracs actually Tners generally use th e fulun ;ures arkets who w as nv dly are delvered. M o sfare nvolvedn devoloplng the propc could gve-wheat far r ers u ( ore.flexl* V -T he-throe-other- ajor-cu la s -o f -w h e a t to guah posal. repurchased by lh rd aganst losses. Tho dea the hedger and the aclual s lo lock n.1 Of course, se. t also can lock n a low pro l-e.bul, SeeVf ew HEATcbPagBCa,., - - p «-C autonon-at n-sales Classfed adveft Sng..C4:12, U t B h e a atrfer J j e a n t! Sunday. July 1,1984 T Tles-News, Twn Falls, kaho C He e s a consultant now -H W...! : B l u : H 1 M f c / d r e e r a t p f f c h a n g e P } O S t * W fw n POWER SROY, (AP) - Blly y publlfhod by Ln Jo n e s dsr Jsn zt b ael on wheat n n. : P u b lg h n g C o. lvm al. Fla. Jones th at nobody yknev?about7 ~ lc ~ andd( decldcd t.was l e lq.drop p boughtlhecopanyj: Jn197G lo n-addltloh, fnr ng at lo, Jones gves se nars end l e a e lh n g. ut. l acqure Gann s research h and oved and - -s e lls "th gcoft ca agstoarlcel. - s courses > on~ Gann*s~ ~:r:yyr ~ T :5 lg adaagnerst g p cffl B p t f / f l up a h ew areer b f Slncc Jones obtaned, rf.lh e copy- T he theors prst ade ore Uan SO co odt! jlles consultng and-* d;* rghls lo Gann s works,, he decded. llh orlnm J T M r publshng, ng, and s now a self- ade M j years, sold Jones, wlw e ore people ght be nlerested n also arket k ets coputer software W f. e x p e r t - obtanng then. He ra n 1an a ad n the packages - f ww e Uat tha h d p people.ple- L : ere stll farng loday - ::; crnaldnttl/;lssuo.l Jhe.W all;. en t th e theu heuods "have..probably gonee Street Journal and soon ; had "sacks T h e se = b a r k r u p)t; -Jone3sar t; : n ars-are forfar ers nnd socks of otlers;* who do helr her own tradng o r fbr ". Jones,,49, stll lves at hs far sx X.. 1 realzed a lol of pw pc ple knew sp ecu lato rs l n Ue fulures-arket;... w l les fro here, hut h esold p a rt of f Gnnn, so wenl.lnto the le publshng he added. H J f l M. h s land and a leases lhe rest. F ro n,buslncss.lljoncssald J o n e s sad B M B g 4he-outsd 11 s dffcult lo ake s e rlh e -fa r o D K n a lrly y At the llnwrjones was stll for - oney a l coodtes. " ; K typcal hoe, la -and corral.. ng. By 1979, he had d to decde - P r o bablv. T h ed lffe! bly90.perf»ntorejoser8.: fference b eglns-w llh the e w hether lo gel rd of the lepublalng. h e sa d." to try to have a basc bunch - A c a h ah. Exprgn.Q n ft-bulld. o f-rulea-t(k ctfollqkradrydu:haven:z; fl r * ng labeled al larabert-gann n "W U nh elgr l a d rtlsln g -an d b e tte r chance n c e a ll.". Publshng ng Co allln g n strrcan -ak ke.u ree or > a arc a lne of Coputer r four les as uch as f were J ones lost hs oney n the ; te r ln arn rn T o u ra sc c o h o w n y g ur ng,-jonessad. -. begnnng,, hesold, bul he predcted local. Chcago, New Ynrk and d! L ondontn le. The books are* put ubshed n M assachusetts, but a naled fro hs c lents Uls Ul y ear wll average 20 to 25 pcrcent cent relu on ther n- e h ad. people here fro 1 P o ero y.-t h ey arc dstrbuted- vest ents.. Jc Jones sold the b l g t a lord-fro Scotland-r-r-.-, worldwde-7fxcept-to-c -coh unlsl accounl -he he., handles. s for a : f r o. Ho ong Kong. Sngapore, countres and ther salell Ullles, Jones C alforna o an at 11 llon. -. Swltzcrlao and and all over," Joness sad. Jo n e s hds s s soe success stores,- sad. - Gann s "How lb Make ce Proflls n- loo. H e says lys he once ncreased a :...! Natural rally-d o n!l-lh n k -th cv a n s:-a«a)unt~t [ro r, : -. co e lo sc e; they cbrhe o sec. cpples,snco,augusl...l9 197G, jo n e s jp j2aoo,ooonfve 0 0, onu sby G ann s wor vork, - - raahg osu > sv U y g o l d l : G ann s W,D. Gann, who > UntU Jones.cae alonj ost of Jones sad d h he handles only four o r fqrulated a ethod for akng G ann s work was hdden fro J h e fve clents n Ue coodlues. Judg ents lls about, the cp odllles > publc.. b u s n e s s.-. a n d slock :k arkets, Gann ded n1 - A lol of l we fgured ouu tandalo t--- fy o u hla avv e e loo uch to da. you p * 19M. bul hs works w ere beng5 we havent." Jones sad. d. "H e ded C fd o th e ;pp eopeju a lm."h esad, X-: Al LucTUvjo... C o p u te r s,- d olocks c ln k B lly -JoneB frt fro -hff ru ra t Washlngt<T t r e f f K r e to d ls ta n r lj? s K e R C f q P Bgger h p p l r a t n g C T s e s p l y h a r v e s t s e xc p e c t e d n rele b o u n d f r o n a c r e a g e g c u\ t b a c k s " tayabov J u n e p. WASHNGTON (AP VP) ~ Prces n tb e p?rel lnary June n g u H far ers, gel Wr ra raw produtts:,\w ch a re e b based ostly 00 tnld* >, ByDQNKENDALL B ased o on surveys aong 125,000 0 and l e r sprlngwheal, 12.4!llon, -789.QQ0acrc :rcslnl dropped.p J. percotl la Ju n e b u t.n th fven verages, ru elatt-l4«k APFar.Wrller fa r e rso on June r l. the report also 3 upgpesceht. D epartentoffcals e for soe l r h, e sta v 6 T g «ro -pp e rc llf» K? C rn e a ra U.. showed hef lefty ncreases n the plantng 3 Colton. - l U llon a A ct.-up 43 h a v e projected substonllal ncreases than a year ago.. : fro rfm a y y,.a a v e r a the ta e tj WASHNGTON. - A s expected, of a nul ber of o lher koy crops. V p e rc e n : ; r n 984crop op acreages os for ers pul j l...)w er p rc e s:fo r caule,- s o y - a y a r a g o. fa e rs have rebounde ded fro last ncludng: - Soybeans, 68 llon acres, up 8 dledjandbj lhacklow ork. - beans, eggs,-whea-and flkcot* -11)6 l a dexfotpotdtry a : aod~6g{p*> v e a rs federal a c r e a!e c cutbacks and Sorghu, llon acres, up 383 tk»rccnl. p nrp x ntpln, nnfoh T. n grvoyjf Qf - trbuted o«t -t<rtfae-d rtteph no hflvetjocsea crop planlla n tn g starply p ercent ro ro lasty ear Sugarbeet., 1.12 lllo: lo "acres, up fa r e rs Ssh h o they ntended- lo to. M B y rw rsg H c a n re B T Jepa nenr - w astnnr nt tcpatlon of bggerg w j e s t n W h e a t.-? r7 9 ;5 - lllo n,ncrcsrtp"4" pcrccn. " " p a n J 81,8 J llon n acres of co hls s t e p o r t - d r T h o s v 1. Agrcultre D epartr art ent fgures percenr. Wnter Wl wheat accounted for r " T hc "report sald the!! ~1984 tobacco sp rn g, aljq bo ul arsenl otb Jhfln "o ffse tlv h lg h g r &rc g S. f f l M 3 «n n a C X : 6 ; allow :B- no: [ acre a g e for harv esh s e esll aled al h e y acluall; ally seeded. hogs, le ttu c e T le : and a potatoes. - avefrgfng S ) percent b J u o e. ; ; - wasplanted on an w tj ated d u ru.j 3.28.a Ulon, u p perccnt; u P -,l-ppercent e fro B u l sorgh P rces p a l d fa nb n O T ta e e t - ghu plantngs tued-oul lo [ o 1 - on n cr ej ndleuled n P ebv «Mhangadf;,.(w r a U r OS. Mghor j. J ro,. j3t= S! flm M 63fcbecw ae=. 1983, c h w as the sall nallest acreage F - ory. Total J w heat plantlngs,.lncludlng- lg- p rces for n a d D y w ere o f f s " hler. orange prces, aud : n t a cenl y Ofdepartent- of jf Q Q ho, acrea C f r w heat c ro p se e d last fall, 1; - Lby lower.prcm fo r fe feed, replace- a v e r a 80 percept oro.jban:jtr : "reco rd s; ~... w e re about 4 percent less lhan fa n hv - ratlvcstodc-anfftsj anangtnatg~-y8fflr e a r a TO ft nlltnn r r «fh(qgj 3 r n g u p y> r» rpent-ffo thnn [ ~ agegh b e u p b v nore.than.9.perccnl o fro the= e = l4t8nn»lotr a. - bout-71.6 llloaacr8sa as are e x p e c t -. B O SE-f, "CAP) d farers, to be harvested, for gran, up 39. havng vlrt rtually copleted ther spr- - -p e re e n tfro la s ty e a r. L ngplnntn because o f the weatlrar was w the cause for th e ajor ncroase n barley e rs sad hej f»ey planned lost wnter,.. Soybean n plantngs were up 4 per- 1 the February survey, and - rals. However, tbe nd ndex w as sto rt! > v 8 ra ll -b l a prce* n. J S n u p S.lp e r tlro a ytw e t e r. v e r«g e d p w c e n tp f a j«7 lw» S v o s e u s e d fo r co nffparttd raceor U ngl ~, E ven 80, total-plantng ;lngs-are down a ereag ebqelng-devdlrrthls-seasonu) et u p e d 7 tx ) Jusl overvlhlon n a cres h e-cotlo n-acrcage-waaupnearly5 - R ~ p e ro A t r6am Ayg gdavto l g c d l?. tb e p re llntfwry na : fro th e 61.9 luon acr acrm that pro- ost crops. JS., -. last y e o r lb nearlyt.4 lllon acres p e rc e n t fror ro the lentolve plan four r -pcrceot above Jt etr S E C r a o T l o W p Srra e e a n r l s t e r a n H s s duced th e record 1982 B t o r a t, n- Accordng ng lo the govern ents Crop tlls y e a r, and lhe harves -e s l a rea s onths ago. go lvestock and Uvestoc ock. p h x lcts. p ex eo t n 1 Ju JU M fy n.. eludng 72.7 lllloh acres for gran. andh vestoc tock Reportng Serv lc e.d expected lojolal aboul - llon : e d la o tl ll p e tc e n EC d u r h g U t e j S w - n w e - - s-up-for-barleynm tsrw n, acres.-up-sqej(lperce enl fro n U w l N o prod rfucton fgures w ere n-. onth but Bt avenj»g6d o.7 p er- - p f tw s t- blut-now l basdeeuudtor.] p lant llon acre: OTS n ajor d ry b e a n sar and alfa l f a. y ear. elu d ed h 1 the report, and the de- cent above tbe y e u aru er level. twq eonseeutl cutve crops for the-1984 harv larvest, up 14 sugarbect e c f p!a n tn " re a c d a t p l a n t s rose 8,000 ac c T C S lo 7 5 W )- a rt e n t c cautoned. hafplantlng of Jf T h e h p r c a f oor r c n have l h e r q wo rtalmt 1 sald :... p ercent fro 293 llon lon acres last steady a S S l acres, bul sprng. hls y e a r Nvlle co was a s seeded on so e crops, e c l a l l y co, gol off lo n been caused n p a rt t J by tte ls 6 3 «.C a ttle.aaveraged v e 56O y ear. T ha stlu would be (ewer 1 w heat and j hay h acreage was down o-acrc5ro,ooo ore- re-thana-yea a s l o w s lff ths sprng because bf wet drought And tbe go g o v e n M t s pound* of f U ve.w e :n «tk d an]c.:. - - th e llon acteaplan tlantfdnl9b2. Wnterv -w h sat:-;fa n n e r8 planted g o. : , feld s and [frequent fn rans. a c r e r u c t k prpgra to c o n a r ed U l S S, f l 0 1 o l S 7 ~ " n» " g o v e r a e n f lajfy s f j e a r, faced abdutt.yn: ) lloh acres o the state s D ry bean acreage was ;up u; orethan F u rth e r; ; the June l surveys *Were -snrplase*. Wt nu - a n a lle r " $58;30-a-yea... w l l h flalngsuplusm bf?or r o and so e ajor:rop p la 1 stfa U ro p fro n n llllo nr 50 p e rc c n t-lb 140,000 a cn r. and thc-~ - ade befor re-so e of tho-severt* : - - -supples, npw dy co 3,,] prces lave rr tv e ra seafo wrj n tw M o tm tu e a ; - other kfey -crops,lpffered far ers, the y e a r before. Bul the servce sad serv ce sad far ers and ranchers- floodng n rs e n p aywm n.klnh cutwlrlx r th.e.mldwest,whlch.could- r,- a s b e e f. lles-to-roduce- - th c -s e v e r«re w nter h a s Q a a n - w ll-probably harvesttn 7 w re ;h a n -" a te rt lh e,fl fln outcoe as fa ers : Depwteatecdool lurts saro D d zt T T o g rwbs v e w s r p t t o f f j w E ; ) th er 1983 acreages of f (torn, c wheal, unusually hgh anount of thal land so lllonacresbfalfalfa. re p la n t dar a aged felds, substllule g, prces rse Bbout t4? e re e d tln o jpardd n Mrghu, rce ahd cotton. n -.. th a t ths sp r n g s harvest wll cover S p rn g w heat plantngs p declned 20 o th e r ropso >s or leave hefds dle copared to a 1,2.1,: percent $t3.9qayea - Along wth d roua h trtfa o-acrw.thataar rcenl~ to~400;000~ acre res~ and - The ~ T h e dcpa p a rt M rs n re r9 8 3 > T lt: = av«neef to cteee= tb = j * tfh w rt p r t gra, wlfeh funneled d b(0n70,000.raore re haod.yearago.and the-. harveslod- 1 area -s -not eq c ) cct to producllon n esuale e wll be s s u o n wartbeto. au estm aual l a a e a 8 e ~ M t l t P< lb e p rd n te flj n fa -. worth of free surplus co oodltles to fnra»ngf le s-for-a-record-erop-of [ 57: A u g.-llralo long wlth.lolal wheal, soy? lln c e O fflaad yrt r t f e! a e a g ~ T a v g = S3.< partcpatng far ers, helf J lpedcut983 llllonbush T h e.h ay harvest s expe peeled to f j beans, collo ll0n,and.a puher nf nth#.v- calls to r an loour n ~ ~ productoh~drcau y:>.. 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Ar Accordng,to nforal fles, ths fr has an unss busness perforance reco Uer sleadng adverusl lead you to b rev e Ual U /lled wu your faly s hls fact, Uebook s blank and you nstructons on how tt nforaton needed and hov Short-] n th e r g o l l : West Coast c o u ler anul w asjstslah lhgtbshrugbfl effects of U)e recesson, hpd begunoperalkns n J h re e y ears earler; ltwass< a n n u a l growtflgutm n U»e dgts; l had o v nto a anufaclurngfaclltyrt ha 1D83 - on Ue heelspf ts bes ev e r and wuout any appare w a r n n g - XY2 Corp. flectf bankruplcy. F h f l s a-coposlte«kelch- -rc c entcasu alu eso rapd gn crea sancssagct h& s fl etornanagcnent lo 55 " - u vuljtfwcn by rlslfl((sal expanson. Too rapd growth Ue quckest road tb banknj ll ofle nasks any subsurfj proble s Ual e erge when econo c slowdown coesal... By.then. stresses Ron PetU Arthur.Youngpartner,1l!ss la e lo ove bawfx febl dsaster. The*desre for grow aehlew ent1hareff3 u r bu succcss to sta rt wth has crea own ptfalls. But the good rv lhop..tfalls are.predlctaw e - r e a d and heed.. ; F rst, you a re stretchng anageent resoux loo U Herefon.M ju > T A -A g rfco T h n won Ue lop judge s. aware Jero e partcpant w as ha -denl-of-u e-ldaho -Junor"! -A sso eln tlo n t-h e-g ro u p :s. H eld Day recently. Shana Brewer fro Thre< w as selected chapon shov Ue vrtmay event held a l Ue -Hereford-Ranches at.m alta. represent Ue state assocu natonal copettontat U All-Aercan HelrOrt~Ejtp ths onth. L aure L an castcrof beca e assodalon presdent Lckleyalso- frojero na ed treasurer.. > W heat- Contnued (nun Page C xodtles- areso ld on t Paln arkel the experts say. -T n jpposc-taccshbdtr >eople who are buylngue bserves Walt Burdck, co ra d e r for Snclalr.& Co. nc. o alls. "You can hedge on Ue de f t s actually soebody slng the wheat, he says. ;ol Ue guy buyng t because he 0 guarantee a cake x-pr lafeways ( stb rw )." 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D dtocou ect : t w o t h» r w (Bffw tut t t y t a l t f a t W BODBjr? - - n Ue book y JOkUat way: Q : l a g ureaus we v e oopany ca one has a n y GuUdofAuM us have s e n t- 135 to take 1 n to n o a v a U :. p a n tbe t a eels Uat Ue woofreadng xes as a al... bo e. Befon o far, no one you gve 0 prze. We ftv n u tk n o a A ; rtrnnll «*t«r * W tb e f l has y toy-a 97: The flj ro a jy offer- o fre a d e rs a a lbert% nc. b e sent to U> o b l e a f Verfcaton :bave-ualco b e a proofre wtlpn-nhtt-never - heafd satsfactory faledtopass cord due to T he copa sng. U ey hourly su fo: th e book s Uw solcts" W o y b u lln p u b lls te H n H they gve»175 fee. W to fnd Ue establshed d lo w to p u ll crculaton fl te r s c o f p -.a n g t B p lufaclurer, - ledouble n e w j. n e a H y sty e a r keejupu U r ent anagers and lf o r tmlnlngrtnn>j shofsoe p prshnnptggj w U J t - p o s l l l o n s. Co s not the co ntrol s e 1 Soon, qually a :S d f a s t nvenlorestxh th so n e o f llquldltyevapo plcy.for* anage ent ll rface j cb pounduej n th en ex t - along,.. - g>.yo recognlzeany sn y to o = r:d av o ld lh e! brnk of. conlrol your gr wuand Y ou ustpla busness to plannng conta eatedlts scenaros for dl ew s s Uat F o r nstance, fydu.rateglestct le f assupton: sy ste s handle Uln. To rase Ueaddt d group ree Creek, At spccal rd and a.brew er of Th ed pres- Ue recpent o HerefoKl S craarsh p c-nnn l ATvl V study=agrcult ree Creek U nversty of ( owan al K rs H arper he H aper dahc. She wll LorHart of T elallon.n dahoh ereford THT"19M A nuber of < pb~lfler won honors d co petton, Jero e - ra Brackett nfandbll show ed Ue gr TOC.w a s - a n d - L a n c aster top p rze for»c1 J - --r Gelder ann-pe; cash P o rtland, saj /., :E acn< L N orth«th e a re a o n l wl> begns, ottwln Oregon a d top tradn g n w t l y t h a t s been, welcoed You ve by la n n e n hewants bachoa rllngto rlce or co odty Ful,,. ltte e o t the Na,. W hpnfr-f w r «n h a r - far e rslh e n g.or an d Uey all sad opporlunls T or ;tn g -o r G row ers"rndj n <U uslasu c,>js T ~ U w rnar -o are tlv e drector, fo lr prces CrowcrsAssoclal culalors So eofu e, b waudng.t p ro d u cers a d b e cau se-jla-a.f euer the ) g r n e advocates cts. The seen g nterest the c o n u n ty :~ B lookng! a f W f p ro tectv e devce, e r s to a k e a k llll G row ers need -. shoot for and lock * - - v e - = a n - a c th e rc ro p s,u e y s you d o n t),. e n e to lea U S cohu cts) propc fu tu re s arkets L w?j ytroarcetlhg p fw ry»en thp** <uvflkl<»tn... fa r s 5,000 acres c 3T efanhcyha doesn- t n U -. J Better B B u sn ess S Bureat k yourself ~ - 1 ~lng to s trt work for a called A nodated W rten erca. bave to send tbe a aproofrewtar rte s t.-f test be able to do tng for Ue out of y tore 1 aendjn ay43s,.could ne:«hne backgrod n* oauef? rrng tft ntr AHnnffl BBB. las been ln busness snce fr advertses fo r pro- and requlre8-u al:a*25fee Ue NorU A ercan D ata. n and te tln g Servce to cnpflny-gtflrfa th o tn reader. H e B u re a u.h a s rd fro -anyone w ho has asu e test.... pany proses to p a y an for work doneal ho e and Ls-wouldje w rters to be n AuUors to Walch for a We do nol know the datesofpubllcatonoru e fgures for A uu w rsto j udcess Sylva o P o r t e r -----;. r r r. h Ue need for new udouerpereontol. n ndaks areowered. S n e r U ndodrnatlon, your n ew lr ssunreshjwaphenl v bunlcatlons and p e salsobreakdawn. d p r o d u r t v t l l p ; n porates. E ror? an d re t nforaton delays. h heproble. - w ryour copan y. Do you - e: nyslgnas?w hatcanyou b< hesebnes&ptfaus a n d - - p o r a t e? p la (L A n d p ro : tt C b] talns a varety of jn r dfferen stuatons. a ce. you should develop. <j( rdealwllh Mrtar.what r«ons: Canyour co pany- dle fast growth? Can you tlflnal captal e s s e n ta ; n r elects lal cereonlcs, Shellee a Three Creek was na ed l o f Ue Yoder M e oral sponsored by the dahopj nthlnry Sho t e nllural -b u sln ess= flt-u e-jc fldaho. U e r of Malta was Crowned aho Hecoford-oeeQ, and w Twn Falls.was eelfecled vv jrd Prncess. -.- to of ouer area pa rtc lp a n ts u durng Ue two days of ett fro Three C?rcck. - grand chapon h efer e rrfro -Je ro rto o k -U e - jr Ue cha D lon bred \ Peavey nc.- offce n sp ys. he s confdent the Xo weslcould-generalo-ln v llon bushels of w hle su cts dally when trad n g tha. D e nd Washngton, the push F whte wheat futures h as sec ed - by far ers.-m -w as br lers. syas Dar M en- ns] on, Ore., who heads th e Sol Putures Tradng C o -- - " Natonal. Assocaton e f.. a t < he flre lt S fa b b u t t h s o f < ad we need so e o re vfcl :ornrketlng.", T B d h a v e n o te c n a s wll poffllbly because o re -oh -a relatfvey M all p tranluckbura, CJt«(F for.the. daho.w heat :latlpn e l a producers h ave very dose;, b e shyng* away fro t - vx.sllualon w here you > henael every d a y. les,sayuey-jl80 a re 3l fro ue. banlclng. flurcs arket a s a - ce, nota w ayfor far * - - lljng usng Uelr c r t. d a arkeung plan to ~ ock n a prce Uat wlu -aceeplabe T C lu " 6 n ysay. t bave Ue thne and 1 to use Ue (futures pcrly and to use th e s n connecton-wlu a ryou should n e v tfse- ~ esof dryland u t. h a saw fo o lb T rsk 2 dtoaddtohsrsk;**- l * - W a tc h ; ; : -: :. ThlBlsw tatue BBB ha - k e fe n e d to aa a v t y ] r a w rote.. Conventonal publshng - usually rlsku elr~ ow ~ publlog and prbounj Uey beleve wll have c t p o te n U a l.-- s T he proofreadng adv a ndcates a work-at-ho< nenltw e h a no speclfl 9 ton a s tb lb w Ue cop f deter ne who s qualfle J - p ro o fre a d e r-o r.h o w Uw * acually.tobedelenrned. W e have receved an; a nd we have recorded se p su er-dlssau sfartbns. > co pany advertses a full Ue depost, however, acco; nforauon receved n Uls *.fr o n ly refu n d sfs., -U -s-oupoeloo-that- tatlon s not-n the.publl b e c a t» theco pay to advance and has nol nforaton to ths offce as. o n e y can bc earned b Q : receved a for lett L a n y Farfax. fe staled.tooklg fcydew R flnfsofp con be fyourco petlu ons arkel b eu er o r cheaperproduct, ha decded >rt>euer to loweryou o r ncrease your advertsng., Buld n certan early-wa ndcators Ual wll qulckly al anage ent toproble s bel sw ell to Ue ponlwhere they ndeed crpple your busness. Early-warnng busness nc a y nclude non-flnancaf ral " th et etau buslness,1or nstan ndcator n gaugng wheuer v ou es a c u a l to look - p e r squa re foot as related to t ln d u st7.andreglonaverager non-flnanclal key ndcator n - y o u r backlog.-t o r exa e,-s oy be rsng bulorder backl h ave dropped off fro gerhap sev eral onus to several we< ay ndcate th at producton exceedng sales and nventor beco e excessve n Ue near :: Oyoujnay.plnpolnt pr oble byjnontorng trends on a fre< -b a ssra n ndustry-trcnd ayj ncreased nvestents n rese a nd developent whle you ar -decreasng these expenses; s -re p la c n g sheet etal n autor U p l a s t c s, f you currenuy ontor tre annuallvyjwtch U»nonltorn rerpe y and-o wned feale. l: lea copetton,: U F utu rarraers of Aerca > pjace lrw}ana] evaluat test. T ea e beh nclud -Jorgenson, vaere-freston-; Lews, au of Declo. ndlvldualllvestock judgln w ent to B urt Brackett owre w ho placed frst n Ue adull cl to Lew s fro-declo.-wto to ju n or class. G eorge Murphy of Kbe Eloodnc pact o WASHNGTON (AP) sp rn g rans Ual nundated s fo u r Mldwesle states gh -vdstou ngfor-fa ersbutu ee superroarket prces wll nol Ual : sgnfcant," an Agr D epart ert offcal sad Frda R chard Qoldberg. deputy se c re la ry, for-coodty pro brefed reporters-followlng-jrft nspecton trp to ow3;-nel SouU Dakoto and Mssour. - " d onthnktherew lll b ear a t a l l, Md of Ue pact < 5f cro p s and farland cause( fclousseresbfrornstnrhjj B ut Ue fn anc pact on f vll be great, he sad, ne 5 B \ -. ; 6 " * 3 4 H y C, : :.E 2aLH>L. r - r 8"xfl COOD s u v OF REPACCMEN- PA«TSAVA>ABET, V...; EMP 297 yvycqff atcl»..r= Jut o» : ~ : ~ h av 8 -left~ b l has generally r e a v e s -a 10 Tpublcaton. 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P aul Brown o f H anse t-ad D M G o o d lg rr- = T h e e r lc a r l ng.honors last week also a reeoreek c e p te d -fo o r-a re class, and e bers. They topped-u )e-anj Dentdnphnt KcUyM-Youre berly w o q o a n s e n. t o - h a v e ) n c o n s u l Heavy d a age to, U areas of enor ous," Goldt {h be d«>- Ancl, h e sold, co jeffecto n harleft-usda o t be all... (relef) prograr jrculture W atertuhlke day..ably Ue worst. n ty u n d e r. o fu e la n d," h e sa rogra s, -. T erraces for cor rfourday have been vrt le b r k a j wped out: t e breached. Gullle* anythng n n o ll thngs,rc t on jfood- y h e w ater table l stnkuoh aplanaar land, sed by a. rv e r a rea-(h as)j 5 -stahdlng4n4hefe far ers No crops w U l: ; eroson - areas:* r c n r s E % : PTO...u «B2 :no... 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22 lln. B y D O N M A L L. APFdnn Wrter - - W ASHNGTON--U --contnued a s th e bg n fa r exports la st ye T hey accounted for ( v alu e o f conunodltysl ng $34.8 bufod, accon - by the Agrculture Dep T h e top 10 states col up o re th an $19 bllll p e rc e n t o l the total u. e x p o rtv a lu e n - th r n ended-s ept ,- R e se a rc h Servce sad. llnos and owa v la rg e st s o y b e anc..e x p o rtn g states," th( G allfb a-w as-th e-n fru lte j/e g e t le s,-tre e (ph, th e s e a n d la. Hce; K ansas w as the {. export state." - - r A f-$34:8-bu lonrthe ;decllned dgan last ye bulon n and B( Cg cahfe ~ Z Z Z Z P E N f f R.( A B ) - half*ycar ol fnancl n c re a se-n< an a ly sts. T h a t w as the assc th e Natlonal-CntUe Terence H hnk-r -s-vlrt re se a rc h drector c... ahals servce. H hcreaseb ubstanta S 5tljU 9fl5< T h e cause for Ue B eef n u bers have U e en lqudated t U es of recent years "A tso epon tw e sajd. " T hat s gong -. M. f w e sfep lquc tq e supples at leo H esad.the resu - p r e e s - f a c J e e f - r to-n. P A R M A -(A P ) - r. daho re se a rc h e rs here aphd a le rts ths fal to. tl e -th e r,w ln te r whes n z e losses fro d w arf v ru s Te C o r a tlo n betw and-fall-actlvty-of-u aphdw areonfr edla! heavy frost cllled olog lst a t the"sout andextenso ~ C o "l5 "the lsect sp buttt lso-thrvcsrn oat other grasses. One fa r e r near A barev-v ellovdwarfda O ther far sa e a re a who planted f escaped da age. T h e dfferences corre se c t n u b ers found n (!c h a p a g n....(/ a o u n t o f o o and soyb h a n d S"dow ndra alc C. a g o, and t s ncely used th s su er, an ; «n o 1st says,... D a r r e r G o w T o r t h n j : lu notsesu ates th at 1.6 els o f c o and 351 llo soybeans a re avalable "tf n th e volu e o f co t h e sa e four-nonu pe n d -a b o u t 25 r c e n t es lje M u s e,s a d G <.;. > DrouMltLwllJlHHl wtl " pargnwt of Agrculture p HOed c o felds reducetl " qucubn draaucally n j g L w H n t e -:.B G S E (A E ).- J d a h a h ead ln g to ttb T d a-re - : T h s s easo n s harvest U a s t y e a r a - t J ; B ased on Ju n e conduor C rop a n d L vestock Repor e st a te d y eld a t 69 bush T h a ts u p tw o bushels fron A creagt to be harveste<. 630,000. th e sa e as last yc G r o v condluon wer n g p b d h ro u g H U>e end dl-m - year*c»q x y s slghuy les; l o s. - bulton - - forecast T T e ~ g one-two punches an d low year rwlu «, or ooe-sbcth of the respectl y shpents total- W hen» rd ln g to a re p o rt r e c o r d )eparteht.-. tlv e ye collectvely ade tradton jluon or about bllon to U.S. agrcultural Only tj s ncal y ear Ua T heou w 83,-Ue Econoc -C a lfo Jld. and C.8 a.w ere agan Uw $ 1.82 bll and feed : gran nesota,,.} the report s r N ebrask V unsuurce uf bllu onr tree fluts and col: bllon; largest souto of b lllo n r e pr ary wheat and $1.32 Jl.l2bU l Ue-Bxport~value. year fro $39.1. la s t yea d a record $43.8,.a n expo B ecause of steac ttlepr jerence!} elal losses ay be rew arde.bee(- arket.-accordlng tossessent of 330 stock en a lueens Assocaton beef pn rtuay-assured*-sad-to r of Catte-Fax. Ue NCA s He. beleves the prce of b taly, startng ether-jn-ate Ue rse n prccs s s ple, ] Qve becn-decreasng steadly d ther herds n the hard e< ars,, - we re gong to slop lqudathb ng lo happen durng Ue next quldaung today,.were golna east5 >ercent. esult shouldl>e sp lflc a n tly - not only for Ue. rancher. raefts pl lze loj - Unversty of p a r a st4 ere plan lo ssue Reseafc! to help for ers been cond heat plantng to - e x te n t -o larlcy-ycllow screened jj havf.proc «tween doage, betw een p -U o-brdcherry ntroducet lasffall-w hen a ~ tw te a ; ) Helds n lale L eaves ( > en- teh tale-sh outhwk l-ld a h o - n rs l-e w on Ccnter Z S rn g. B]! sp r a ry h o st; r h e ns( oatsrbarey-and carn- op. nsect Ua Marsng w fb -q u esto n t would be daage of tre nn lng h far ers n Ue Ue carrer!d fve days later B arley : sev eral tc rreate w thn- gran s tou n traps at Ue - research d G t r n r s o y l drastca.. ( A P ) J T h e r. nto-a.hue oybeans now on, w adeprc tlcallyfro a. A s a r c s cely less wll b e.. volu e of an agrcultural down 7 ; su p p p ly js ru nl7erslty o r yfear ago. l.sbllllonbush- "fu S D ; lllon bushels of a n d export Jle for sale or wll be onlj k fro..june. avau able 1 9 pprtynt lmts level-of-fee used durng-., e o prce perod J n c u rrc n le less Uan soy- weeks. - Though vlu a U.S. D : ro a yel X progra Uat USDA- sto ced- graln-pn>- hg h eru a n j W and cut an d prces e t x f h e a t h Jar ers ay Uan last yc - recort Svlnter, 8ardr~ : daho s tls f o re c a t llon pou pr3per,ccnt 5 percent fr Ue record. productloo. la s tj a r.- e s U a te d l sted w as set a t be a 36 pe t year. y e a rs,harv vere g e n e r a l l y s. ejpectet -Mayrhul-thlapOunds, dou less d e v d t h a rv e sto f ll [ o w a 1 n Soe ncrease U s t ths ye a r to abou t $38bDllon. f annual breakdown of state ow a at$2.8s bllon, copared $3.3 bllon-ad d-$3.03rb oa, ctlvely, fn n U.S. far exports rose to n level for the 12th consecuy e a r n-19eo-8lowa-led onal frst-place llnos $3.74 to $3.62 bllon. y Ue.lopJO stales-were ranked. )er«lu >ellst ncluded:!fo lar$2;47.-bu llornas year 2.85 bllon n ; Kansas, bullon and $1.63 bllon; Mln-,,.$1.819 bulon and $1.88 hluon; ska, $1.75 bulon and $1.81 FT"rexasr$L-fl3-blllon-and:$2;37 ;JncUana,ll.5Lblll}orLand$1.56 rnorth-dakota,--$1.27-bll{dn 1.33 bulon; and North Carolna, luon and $1.25 bllon. th C n a repaclm lssour n ear s top 10 lst. Mssour, wth p o rt value of $1.4 bllon n ady d ecrease n h ces ll Speoke lvc.another feedloopcrator, t rded by an e sad Ue d O ndustry substantlal-and ch.topper Thorpe; valtendng only queston s t proft con- such factors as th.weauer and anj y rb c a lln u b sa n ta r-b rre t s arket expecoedprofts.- r beef wll N evertheless, th te-l984 o r sharply the ndus fhtt>oftrrfmryp.-»- e, hc sad. J Rley, the ly as cat- conference partc econoc to survve and pro; p erfo r r ng," Beall hs busness pla act y ear o r overall busnessr rgjq dropljo JSrow n,sc. ndeter nate Cre tlyjgjer cattle en to t >r and the y o u r grass leav( >sses fron staton. B ls h o d afchere a t th e ta tlo n have >hclucllngg:cxpcrcnts on uc. -of nsect darhage, usng Kl boxes. Trals Uls sprng roduccdrnolcablc:dl((c u:cs= n plols where-.ue,lnsectsavere.. ced-and-plots-thrw -ere-pro-- 3S of Ue nfected plants w ere a -shade-of-avender-w hen-lhe- }w h ~ ap p eared h tlc Blshopsd. - eseafch.<fr]dhelpscchlsls~ [Drc-acounncTsfase d ha ue a t carres t, he sad. One 1 Uey hope to answer, whch be v a lu a b ly to lar ers. s Jongjftet.a kllng fro sts ter aphds becoe nacuve. y yellow dw arf was one of topcs on a sprng-cereal o u r n late June a t Ue P ar a h center. &eans w lly reduc luge coodty surplus-u au rcm lng fa prces. - esult, Ue depart ent salel Ue of co o n hand Uls onu s 7 p ercent and Ue soybean j5 d o a U K n.lfw :ft bas projtlpnofd rocesslfle o r t de and.s-correct, Uere >nly 691 llon bushesof co :e for feedng ths su er," o 8 r - d~ld rrru fe-16wea( reedng-nheearsrold-crop-r ces should be supppprted near levels fol.ue next sev eral.. 1 U\e soybean supply s Bown year ago, Uood sad U.e June 5 to ck-flgure-for-beanj-:w as- Jan g ran traders expected. jes; feu w t was released a S z e s t? y e a r a t ths t e. U agency U lupn)ducu oa-w a»-v93 ounds, Ue agency sad. down. fro lasty ear.-sp rn g nnton~~ )o w a a e sl a te d a t-6.7 lundredwelght, up 2 percent t year but 6 percent below L tstea(*eny. cro p w aa... d a t 3,000 tonsy ulch would p ercent ncrease over last rvest. B ut p e a pnxlucuon t e O o l d r J o 7 t lo o -. lovnfsharply fro last y e a fll llllo tab u n d s. - c o n t e s w as reported a t o n." J w. tate The report wlu. be [lon furuwtlg red Forejgn c u l t u lon,- Unted S tates. A prev provdeda t- th e -re ( to a Assocated P r. ecu- As n prevous yea -led report la k e s c E e y 3.74 sta te fgures are c stresses that they cann e s e esu ates a r ear ajo r coodty grouj sas,.assupuon that, for ea dn- a state contrbutes Uk on; sh are as tssh a re of 1.81 arketngs," U repor) 2.37 rt o re jc H p le rtff l 90percent j)fauora ftjnprocessng n-ue-un na, contrbutes approxal rln However, analysts vth ents- where obvot nexsu 2-ln Ue cdputat beef nu bers Lclb ersaffh )r, buovcntualy forthe consul 3 drop n total eat suppll dchangesw llbedra atlc. rpcf ClatUe-Fax anager, agr s t rn g," he sad. But he caul 3 the sze of the feed n crop any new far progra s c T fc njh T eerprces. perhat ts they expect Ue beef supples lustry should-staytjrofltable-f :ars, the NCA s chef econost tclpanls Uat Ue cattle an wl prosper n Ue current envro ore effectlve!y:lhan:uej plannlnk. fnancng, arke s a n a g e e n t."-...,-scnloe-vce-presldcnt-o{-th Credt-Banrof-SpokanerWast anage you- credt -lke, yd )ave soe for a bad year," [or aulun dseas Brad Brown, a plant a ye tst, showed growers ho, beng conducledjo. a> ng y eld s by varyng seed Dg rtcs a n d p lanlng dates es= ost:xon on= varletlcs re.. Daws.StephensandHll-) 0- -T e s tp otslast suer nor d lf n c e s f r o s ta of (O, 120 ad 180 poun< te whlle-nltrogen-fertlzer- le~~t)obst~verdsalhe te p ted240 pounds pel s Ths y ear s~ tnas Wl le ; ao O und nrogen appll( le lo.d eter n e Ue upper :h fcrtlzerl pact.b row nj s The staton also s ex stwlthgeqwukregulntng th at l t plant heght n of se e -f h er yelds can Q wthout lodgng, a condt la stalks a rc flattened by w akng cobnng dlfflcu W e us ced supp at th s onth HoWever. Good.vld the le probably h as overesut s u e of soybeans av crushog and exportng t a SQ Uw slqpk.<«flguy b e a r " a s U c lr ln rp le rc He sad Ue aount n avalable for crushng a Uls su er should be a Qt cent- less- th an - arg ltategra Tl stockf do S BOSE-< AP-) daho fs l, d r a w n jj o slocks of d sored acbu M state-a producuon season ove g ear. : Accordng to Agrcult ent fgures, suples y barley, o ats and co, a were low er U at ay 1.. llpm e w a s,.j - M l [) dlcaung s aller stqplles a.-:;.the:arkcnaore t The USDA fgures.s V w h eat-sto ck s totalng--: bushels co pared to -39. s.. y earag o.., 1 B arley stocks w ere db t llon bushels to 15.9 T 1 o at supples fell ore Ua; 1... to bushels and w e r e - p c t J o w t t bushels. n u e t ( a t $l!02bohn sa lr ;,, a r e s u y «e nduded n a "D u e 1 f AlUS fd n h pr J Trade of.u e.possble evlew ccjy was state fro e q u e t-o f- T h e S o e - categorc!ars, the annual e a c h cat Explan how Ue- s h a re, ro copled and SOY nnot taken as llnos : bl6n;- a re,p r e p b y a n a.;$ 6 2 S jup, based on Ue llon; ach coodty, A rkansa: je sa e. e j r t $39.7 )f producton dr lllbn; ortsald..... PlordaTrovldes F E E D :anges.uscdor,, UUlnos nted-states, f b llllo n -J ately-90 percent dlana, $6 : ake adjust- $356U ous dstortons Wscons: tlons, Ue report. $206.3 : : y er llles wll be. greed, " T h e... : lutloneduat op ths year, could have. laps c u ttn g ~ es to drop s o rfo rat-east 1st, warned who expects nent wll ;average;ln ketlng, and, the-f ederal [sh., advsed *! bu anage T n - se : and sol sclen- 5 exper ents - - f.axlze w h e a t j and fertlzer.> ES (orlle three - H es;of-wheat-~ H ershowedonly: seeofg rates J H jnds per acre,, H?r-contnued-lo -r- ~ n x n t.... )eracrc. w n n jfcu ae~ a lcatltbrtojry.. e r end-of the nsald! ; exper entng.. g c h c c a s z : B n an effort to n be o b tan ed dtlon n whch wnd and ran,. cult. ed : l ales le.depact ent L n ated the vol-. p - avalable for ; ths suer, ay-no l-b - tpresslon-sug r - t of soybeans.. and exertng K! about 25 per- 5 n : own ". - l far ersh ave , -- ajor g ran s... U l y e a r s ves nto hgh Jture Depart- - 3 of wheat. a s o u u n e l, " ~ year earer * atogau y»ln-: H avauable tb - yescropls B show d aho. p 33:3. lo n V = J9.2 Ulon a p bv n y 3. * Ullon WhUe an 25 percent p b e c L cn s t o c R k! e c at 6 0 O,0 0 Q ;o -h ea The flgures-arc-cstlates an y o ctto w p rs r ~ «to Ue hbogenetly of os products, tt s vrtually n- le to dstngush exports of. on ro another," tsald e -o f U e- ajor - coodll res, Ue 1982 top 10 states 1 lategory and each state s dolla roundedoff, ncluded: lybeans AND PRODUCTS ols, $1.25 b U lo n rl* ;l. ;-Mlssour, $629,3 Ulon; nd: ; Oho. $471.3 lluon sas, $372.9 llon; sssslppl Ulon; Nebraska, $282. f; and Lousana. $261.9 Uon e d g r w n t w & p r o d C o t - os$l42jllllon;ow a$1.3 JJebraska;-$9l0.9»llon:-lr $687 luon; Mnnesota, $60l. Ulon; Mchgan, $273.1 Ulon nsn, $248.1 Ullon; and Texas llon. CTECllcUl M X * \» r r - \ V = = \ \l--s W l S ensatona (e -C - Ml -----STEREO. /[ h AM /FM C a s s e tte SCR-10 by Rq{ -E ow ftffls ffrlrrofff R r t lve perforances. AC/bat ~#14*78b n#r(as «tfo O f f - D g ta l C a r 24-hour alar. 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W ell feature.: s, w h a ts g e w an d j rself an d -yotr bus hetes-n y 1.n w JO H N JL fl O C K ddresses land sales. ~ lnlstralon s concenrfor the troubled agrcultural sector, npact of Blocks nstructons \ could not be deterned, bul fgures ndcate lhal fro a stn n n t-lh e re ay be only esuls.jr.any, because, of the nounts nvolved, dng to FHAs4flfest fgures )w. 30, 1983, Ue agencys ctcex natonal fgures provded -ev d eree-u al Aercan contnued holdng back o new captal nvestents n c atte ptng to eet short- ducton expenses. x a p le r-fa r c rs la sty e a r... bllon on tractors, cobnes jr-sclf*propcllcd- a chlnory, ll to,1 lllon n n fore thl ful b n " o f~ th e ~ L=t!ngR jrrw a 5 ltrftf n*rt- - alononthoscle s.», dtures on oler <achln- ped to $3.4:bllllon vear Lblllon n-l9a2-and?4;rjllo;. ng for achnery"operatnq a c c e l e r a t e s 0..Thendrfla.progress for Lo tbeseals-17j»r test fgures/ ssued Monday. CaHfornaf-wheat-lesl : 4 percent; M ssour,15 per- klahona. C5 perccnt;. and percent:. 0 =! 3 : 0 0 P. M.. S l a r k e tn g. D e f p l f f e n s. y o u F b u s l n e s s o r p d a n y c a n g e s t h e p s n e s s t d o u r 2 2. QQ N ewstelelrn r d s tn e = «d r f - - f la s H e "nventory of far prt 2,088 unts co prsng 4( L h a s g r < r e s e n t: far s laken over-uutwgh-foret voluntary conveyance by couldnot repay loans.. The Dec. 30 nventory perccnl fro T ls n holdl eluded 417,966-aeres on a the agency sad. C oparatvely, there a "llonfarsn theu n coverng al ost 1.04 blllo H lstorcaly. accor A grcu ltu re, D epart ent. the nubew>f-fars cha has ranged fro an avera ~ ;o o o unts as recently as - 1,000-n-981, the ost 1 tabulae<;., At the low fgure, wth far s n the Unted Stales transfer -rate fro sale ~:cause5w Q a bearouhtrb Marlyn- -- Aycock.- a spokesan, sad a specal HSnventory n helrsl 1984 showed the agency a propertes. - Of those, 278 or 5 7 jh! voluntarly turned over t( s owners who could not pa Soe 155 unts w ere acq 1 result of foreclosures-by y tors, \Arth FHA, holdn Ulrd lens. The actual fore FHA.accounted for 55 fa s ye frst quarter or lperc 5 acqured, hesad. xpensb 1 costs otler lhan fuel, sue -o v erh als and replacen w ere reported at $5 blll 1 T hatco paredw lh$5.1bl and$7.lblllonnj8l. n stll another ndca hold-down ncapltal spcn hvesjed only $4.5 but J nn hll<l c fnnnjpg and prove ents, co pare F=T3nonT rl 2 r tllff - - The bggcsfncreasq s dtures last year w ere fo otor vehcles. Ue report ;=r--eostsalmdju)lllonwe. S17.4 bllon n, Sf - -aulo obles. trucks n Lvehlck s. was. 52,37. bllon. wlhlm bllon,n 1W2. Hgher prces w ere sponslbe for tl boost ne n tose categores. n t fced,last.yeal sdrfluul govern ents ~ ~ T P P X!, acrea ge progra u t sharplyrtlcreby-drlvtngj f(md;l*; a 17 percent slar 1 expenses,,/a r servlc&s ncludes rent -account M *s. S onny. P l,.a.p a rt n l a T d r e s e r v e, y o t p e r s o n n e l w t h a p u b l c s R o u d k n o r e a d e r s. n t e r e s Tarketng E tg Todav - S S jropertes was Durng t 487,653 acres. perod. A ya n s-th at..w erc off373-farn reclosures andpcxwt of Ul ay owners who quarter. rs w M p t l f e l h j T n r - W"S»-<>f: sopl ,... - acres. As of ; a re neary 2.4 of 118,000 far Unted S tates. T e n n e s lor acres. acrcs. The s «rd n g. to f a n n s.., at statstcs langlnehads rage o t 10 per s 1S75 lo 7B recent y ear A The State ha - - Msssslpp th 2.4 llon acres. The s s. Ue annual fars, les or oth e r Avcock. B7;WKnBns, q n slo S rs: an FHA. Hs also sl«la analyss p..(a u n s ja k e n rsl quarter ol.jaccounled t -acqured 48a cordng (o., lar! percent were lo FHA by Nebraska poy ol loans. FHA nve qulred "cres. The V other cretf- rs n 1982 rursffonnh n r v T h e Aprl reclosuresby showed owa far s durng sharpest dro rcent bf (hose year, down l respectvely. a r s e s u c h s n o lo ; blfeeslchun eent. parts,- lllon n 11)83. Feed costs bllon ll 1982 cent; nleres seeds, plant caton of the - checals, n totlat y e a r cent-rautost djulut-far 7.5 )crcent;. red to S5,2 percent; farn?s ln,exyn- ~ P fof feed-sd.the jve-a lrt sad. Feed was $55,458. verfcpjranx=j082;=uurre Spendng on averge per-tr and- other servces was n. conparcd..uan t h e - l J followed:j}y. anly re- 58,. )«o per fa expendtures -for 1982, 1 a ;., alorals. a\ l SSo J» > 0 -rt!ohjas,-ufltvcstock a re "o r (ola Rwlucu<l cr as wlcl tle PK prog lted fo r tlk; fortlllzer 12 p< K M ~Whoh - - n r - 6 p 5 e, 3 9 j j h o t o a n d - c o p y c a w - a b e u t J t s a a r e s t e d? S ep aft en y (208) 733- : a c e! Ue. e UreennonU ycock sad, the agehoy sold ra------\ lch- ad e-u p -5 6 r f Uose e n oyer r Ue flret fve sta te? n the FHAs- - of-fa r s~as-of~dec.~~3q J. l98far s. and 42,817 of 1982 the state had a total f a r j. re. l2 7 T a s and~ft,93s e su te had a tol of 95,000 Carolna, 119 fa r s a n d -es. The stale had a lotalof TJ8, , 14farsand 26,90?acres.. had a total orm.ooofars ppr, 101 far s and 48,496 e state had a total of 53,000. an swerng a - j e p o r s rsaa ue uec."5o uvenjry~ showed U albw a had34 - ;enovelbye H A JhosG for acrcs. owa, ac fgures, had about, s.,;., ta had 13 far s n the ventory, coprsng 5,382 le state had about 63,000 )82. l 1 far land value report wa and Nelraska had the drop n values durjg the percent and 12 percent, lghtlp unc of spendng n sfs accounted lor 15, 5 per est and taxes, 12,7 pcrcent-- -- ts. fertlzer j n d olher, 11.7pcrcent; lvestock and f s n r u c te ld jclnery. t u fuel and energy. 7.3.nnd otorsuppes.s.g., rage expendture per far >8. an ncrease of $798 fro 3 eportrsald. n1983. 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( Oaf, carpot, fook- School. foncod yard. ((replace everoroon, n. ~/VTfrOMCS garden aroa, Evans» $350 onth-call ,..t.ya. M50/onth + WS deppst, A NCE 2 bdr DupoxV wlh DEEDSOFTtUs r 734-1«n. 32S3l97-altor6p....~ r W/D.hookup. a /c. 241 Rch- [ U n fu f.a p fsr "... ~ ls a -O fflc e R a ls " vrryl/floaa* BDT1M.*2 balh.- foncod 0 ardson Drvo. $ M75 DuDlexes CONVENENTLY loctod 5 yard. $32S/onth -f dop. - CONVENE N T T ATltlv>- MOBLE Food or -Utlty J ndrs, 2tal( n Buhl. J275 ALL ELECTRC. 2"bdrrn.edate occ REN TStapof onthk you ofllcos lor.renl or loaso. Stand, oxollen cordlllon. c. - ~pbrjnbnhvcall53-423b. ~~ balh, carport. basoon. t.. uallty. Apts n Blss, lovolytl. vew. Call l.m ro; - 3 BDRM HO e. 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Wll reodel to sut 1 POOL TABLE lor sale. $200 0 Brd Capfls: pc-nc ta b r " ; Trplex..Slflxerclro. n. - $150dop:-6340, -.. oardon spot avalable. Call tenants or -roasonablo okor. Call Call ( >3.-f r o n RENT. OR SALE; l0 to ~.-gafagc.-j275+u! betoro 7p. [0 l.-2.q(3bdr apts.. fnlu/nshed. No pels. X a V LARGE " w o r k s h o p, good WANTEDTOBUY: % LOT. acres loncod wllhnco e. 2 ; P.O2.Call733;W07.. HOUS n HanVn, (of-tjochanc5 4 auo body: <c :-----THOY-BLT RotoltFflre.-7ac- j. -J -Nlghtcr8w lor3cal!-837!4am W -.Also srna r oltco-contacl. torw prl;ns g f..r..:...;. -.1 SW DP g ; o: Tfr(Ja9~w anna(!a ; 1 BDRM APT.S455 -t-depos- r Je»aj7352C. Garden Counlty n Burloy. * - WANTEDTOBUY:, " ~ >> twoon Twn Falls 4 Jooo, pad. No pots. $150. Abbot.;- t, no pots. Call nr 31 MAN-STREef-dlTcfr-Bulld "" J400 a onth, Call Rontals :freosq l up.j;al(., OllC L W W /.! g SF. ol sroc 07M2.26., - v. l s s g a g...- FOR SALE OR RENT: 3. 19?3,3 052-Fu.Apt.Dup.. COZYWol.kopt 1 Bdr Aot. DDFtM APT. Range.oltg- 3- pa/kng lor 15 cars. Call WE REBULD Hydraulc - B.l(,-J Elraboh- w/carpot. aoqancfr,, ; t»r;.1nf. <t60 t flpoq.-,rcall Llltoalcfj callyj.1,v2,1fs, -acke-alb B O T T -S-A U T O StVvCalt TJfllW O JJ*-*" jr r o ra «Q rp le Z -P c :fttl:t S OTSSlTKnte A,r:"7., ? = ::- - >». 5J65or734.E5f, :-r--.)3;! HANSEN; 2 bedroo oblo fo, ;Sl40pe pnth.nw p7q..-,.-,pdla G7 O f7 3 r n : P-STTl.argestudO.fl., on Addson. 3 Otlcos - -..SltuerS olh, (wn.. ~~ t0ve; w.ler-sresh-pd.- J,- arge-receplon area.-aple Westlnghouso ar condl-, 072-:-Anlkue8 f X 54..{ J-?- hoo. Has washer, dfyor, r,. DESRABLE 3 bdr, lvng 1 yard, 600 daho- StroOl n parkng, reasonable. Call. r llonor.lftonew.runsxnllfl l (r9, Slove, dnette. $200 plus S ALL UTLTES, $200 pclyl / roo, ktchen, bath, carpot, 0 ANTQUE ; pno ktchen (teposht-tncludo-spcca, r Fler. Evans Proporty Mana(j8;-7M-45r Qoodlng V 733 aofeor volls, $300, Call or onlh.-cal 733-g26l: occllonlocntonr-$?50-pof - lcupboard..m r oyetrfrolhof8r.--: 3;M9o,-... 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OCKMAN S - " alter 5p; Excollorf Nolghborhood." - -osphow-l-a-2 bdr flpt, - ncwuj.nt. carpo. trg * A $200 dopost.-no pots. V/lls - (novot plugged n): New J workng condton, $895, Call T*.-:.1 "1?-., -. -y(.-81le-h0mes-:-,... - LEASEWTH o O N -L argo Noa 1 bdr. $165.. non :.$M5f$240on,B63OuncT-. slovb7lclf:,; yak.?2z9th - c;734-44n: -..yollow castlton snk; New M, vy nce. <;*D3r/n HOo n j Boker.-Call;?a :! CAl:L-73*-« AveE van3propotly *jlqutlflfltx!n..ccotclal - Mafwgoont, unt, vjrooet 4 Vj rofro; A - -» Hunsen wth 33x33 shp- EX T LARGE-l Bd A pt\ FOR r e n t; Washngton St. ~ ~ O W a n le d T () RBnl - f;3rac:c."t36ff-dcnnonth-+ f htol4-w aorrurftjhetj:! N 0flh~ V cryctoanlwo,-2bdrm Open tea ce tnrr old lawn owers ~ 074H u3t al tr 5 t23-4e6? ancnp Close to snoppng-" S ; ~ BodroO Cordornun., (tcprdco, d jluvjohor, ls- aposal, -. ;lovc4 feltlcnrlnf, L O 6eM ob lejjo0 p c llckcs on sand-bv bass ot Wllcox-Whlle pup organ n; r3*fou»}d rd. Unted.Arlne :.lantoue.1890:9.hgh -~f Back Nbwof large 3-bdr. 2 bath.,-----9choolsr203-4thst. North: - Bulnappllancosa ng Call lrcplacc. $300. per onth., jacu7.r. Nt) pot:. roff- confrecf ( rosontallons very v good concfr Only?LQngn.--. jfq? 7-1 FRUT-TRACfMobllo Parfc;, aflq,24 ho!erlqu3nqro , s ; ncubgrcarpornnb-tatrrrofr" ; - C. j y KTCHENETTES AND - lacltts avaablo - Call ( LOC ASaffll. flrbje patturo. C anbeusedlorany BABY E GRAND PANO, ro-... Nn~.. rl»,>n. 3-bdr. 2 b a h Sleepng roos. Phono daysaa0lo -SJ!0 UnllodClly n Contnental ".bullt;al30 c GoraT.UprlQhl,... oopr hoo, baseent, ] /7S ShoshoncrCal ; Evonnos w o a k o n d s c.ll. DDRMAyvCall allor 5 p.t U :s :o r c rn 3 a 0 3 s0 o a c h o f pano, c hand carved oak. Call - :": tjnratct fencod yard. $ KTCHENETTES Steepng l.; *, ; , gj-p.fpr $9W.734-J0eves.. 7 rt4-c9850r733*40s pof onlh plus.doposl Cal,11 QQDra3Cloanf(j:»cynng. - MbbERN-bdlw (.,4 plox, 2 BOHM apt vvrft 5to»e. 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Call Dale Bowerjn = W 725W »; CUSTOMAYSTACKNG. 2 - = 3 n td o n afro w -6 o 0 5 x ax ;an Paulson " C U S T O M -: P h o n e : 2 Q o fs l6f " c u s to HAY STACKNG. Two 2-wde haow beds, (nk on M orns,4n:082 CUSTOM HAY STAKlNG. 2 wde hay slacker. Schedule eorly lor crop sorvlco-call 536-2?73. wde, qualty work. Call Mku Erckson. Hoe or - 423:M92 - CUSTOM HAYs TACKNG. 2., wde, dbl wde stacker, wll lravel: of53&< CUSTOM HAYNG, 3 wde...alacktng,.bann JftlnB. CUSTOM HA STACKNG: 2, wde, wll travo Call Vce r o STOfa HAf a rxckngt2. slackers. Call Gal Pauson. fr*3-s669. > c u s p w - L H AYN calsoot?; - CUSTOM SWATHNG. >avel 1 any a re a.-s c o lt Bagyott. S5130or5430&5: GUSTOMWATWW - f Hesston snamu. $8.50 per acre or July ll5-fannw orl( Wlro: ew OM -swsthtrnrrtatlng-. fl hflullnaz-ca Pote..sow lllvo aor543-a241. avs CU8T0M.9WATHNQ NowHolland 14 wlh cond : Lop tonor. Call 32fr4386. HAY-STACK1NG.--2 Wde ownof-opofatodraorartdj ll For ble, wll travel. C a lls 4 f. 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HORSE POWE jwa Evlncudo 4 fla s - lan> ~ oxcelont condllon. vory lo hoursrusl-so«r300.xa QOz 2-MAN A-tra tent, nylor do. : r alnlloy S50; 8xB-dco tern 135= nylon, screen door, wndow Z5; ralnlly. $80: &fl! Tfavel-Tfaltert ArR T np A U,7ll/r-pJlr - twn beds. $2995. All*» < S«lea. back ol Pay 4 Pack.?lso (CHM AN lo Alt 83 Models n Stock on Closeout r,?:...b flrt Harbaugh Motor#, S3M Wendell, D n a r rr.o a le 23. Ar,-furnanco >n ownlng.andcrnwcese 7n ROCKWOOD Jo Tent Tralers " 2 nstock Bert Harbaugh Metora p. 5 3 Wendell, D SETF<onl8lned loo Rancho El Rae travellrallt>r. 78 M nrtnl H.t<.c.l H - bedroo wth a double bee (not a sola). E/celle con dlllon < KT. Sol conanod; nawcollllor1l SHASTA = Sleeps 7. sell contaned, nood condllon. $1500. Call evonngs. rs COLEMAN tenl raler. 10. Sleeps 5, slovo. snk. Good >5.cQndltonl99S-Ca«-3?4- ; at7rallergtop-t ~ l MARK V.-5th wheel. 22 Ez - loot, sell conanod. ready lo oy go. wll tado lor sall otor hoe. 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Call <17. you havo a car lo sell,,, D ltc O U H T 1972 CAMPER SPECAL ntoatlona PcKup. 1 owner, sereo, sun roof, excellor llent chback, 5 sp. steretf. radals. V..WAGON org los, 3, 1979 MERCURY CAPR. O n All 4x4 T oyota n- v-6 autoallc. AC. AM/Ff /FM 77 DATSUN B210. Hal BUCK. CENTURY rv 543-< Ask Earl Olson about, our 1 FREE consgnonl polcy. L condllon. $ $1695 or besf offor. Tnfle-n "fn auto. A/C. < , owner, oxcollonl condllon. Pckup* n Stock. - 5 D08Slbo CENTURON. All < or ACEfANSS j p g Thru JuySrd W good conojlon. low o- -..pow or. 455 ongno. rollable. 0, 1962 LNCOLN TOWN CAH. S.. :.CHEVROLET a g e. tlqoo. Call lnpoft Sports Care f»3jbpod,.,: ~ 27,000 les,.perfecl! Call l l Call r.- l- l lm : CHEVY-3/4 ton ptckup.- ;UP----FOR SA LE.97»Oals0n5E AT. powor ateerlng, aadtslo ljlo 2+2. Whte, sunroof, ale 4H ed s 7 r t54-aut05-cad!lac 1982 MERCURY CAPR. T-. / tanka, good condllon, very lop. V-6. AC. PS. ouyots, ory ag wheels, auloatrc. ver).buy. sell. rado. hlro- OHWHATAFEEUNC! clean. 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R L N E H A SUBARU S ;W Y. - : T T OLDS TORONA lado CHEVY CAVAL l E R C. ; C O R V EH E LB: R?: : : U 3 E «M 4 J O B N -....,, " C H E V Y T H Z T T T T T 1977 DATSUN PtKKUPW/SHELL CHEVY 1/2 TOM N. : V V.. v v %. v T O R D F «X r : :. T T 7 :. : 1982 C H S -10 DURANGO... " c H E V Y v n o ] H 4 X 4 UU-rwC U < CELEBRT Y - t v t t -. - GM QUAUTY J H ll EBVCEJPABTS- - th j g ONB BAL MOTOBt C0» 0BA n0» ON : = : = Y d «v B e r S t f t e.. / / * tt.* !! «3373 TTt? *3976 *422 v #. * T-- 77T*7491. M l l.*784 : l l 2, :.. *76<r..* = * 3 2.r.»3993r...* r»«96r

31 W2TlTM»<BW#.Twr wn Falls, {doho. Sunday;Jul ly l, 1984 M ng M M H S HR t o M l foversoye Uears-The Easest PlaooelrTheW Vorld To Bu T w n - lls- SA S R e < h eceve a a a t c hl n g t o - H K l * -speed bke M Tever Mfth ev< c a d j 1 e r y n e w ear c todayy y B Receve c a nuch ng 10-spee e d bke wthh every.t< ront w h e e l d rvo 300 HSC e n g n o Halogen hoadlarrps D elu x e sound pockc k a g e, Dual retool ote control rrors, *V Jnylbody sd y sd e o u ld n g s < t lojnlehonee froo baftoryower y- - T acho ofg rrlorttpo ra tu ro r B u p e rru ru b s trp s : ",. brokes w heel ndependent sp o n so n eluxe seot.bels g a g u e a n d trp o aon a etor 5 M.P.H. b u p e r syj lyste, 5 ;sp o e d an u al tror onsnnsson P /8 0 R 3 b lock st sdewoll-.. Accent palp a n t,s trp e s F u llw ldth ( cloth reclnng se a ts AM 2-speal 3eaker rodo " * ) 3ck a n d p tnton ste e rn g fo d o ls...» D eluxeuq jugggga - :. eel-betod radal tros P o w e r ste e rn g.c($pdrtc e n tf r : -v - T n te d gloss P o ly c a s fw h e e s " = V f y v F q j g C e QllyF=... o, ten o r 1-5 OMLT Y r = E ~ z - fsj K r V.,... a. 9 r E?84Jv n x W w/n n o n a k d v f a b e l r s d l : d d l a l H r a s f o l d o w r r - r e o r - s t f p o w f rpronm Maa d e * H sp e c a lfy fb r-tt hh e s e r f M o t c f r r l T t"a M 7 F M "4 s ty f f a k - T f f l o r r dsc b ra k e s, 5, p o w e r p o w e r r s t o e r g, 2 sp e a k e r rad o, 5 sp ele e d d n u o r t r a n s l s sort, 7 : stct e e r n g o n d -w d o w s 8 r-v tn y J -e c a c fv -fo o ft -tt roo-for-the f} n ted - k» «7 b < o oofe- fl< v e rd rv o ) w h o l e f o y. - - troq n s s o h, o r condt lto r tln g, sp e e d co n tr ooruxury l equpped: & r6 SH D e h f f t o B. d. : t e M l e n y w l M w l y n, th o M a g c tjgulley 3 j M CHRlfaER j981orosc01ort 3 OOORndvdual HATCHBACK. 4 tpood. L. ront whool -19 OOOGEOMN N U O T 3 OOOfc. AutooHc- Dark blu.oolllc pow*:}*«raoand ~Tp9oc(Ttan -{t«t-r Tow.TuK ~ d r v e, low let. 1. -, l O z J 1978 PLYMOUTHVOtARE ON. Slxof gray ololtc rod n.. aulo>nolt< ronvton.» 1 1. l j M 9 8 4G JMERCURy ZEPHYR 4 OOOR. R. lllo bluo. 4 spood tronlt. t lon. W t a a f CHEVROLET CAMARO. BERNEHA.. rta.«all * loodod. local ) powar. wndow*, tll, crulo, AM/FM eot eootto. rttor wndow woh* Regular g a t V>d,. powar tlovrlng ond brohm. * 4 y l «N E 0 W 4 M l l = JvhMLdrJv«,-rodl(Ulr«;»Hv0 B g PlCXUF. Wh.o, o, joongor w h«*lbad lool long p l D0D6ET)MN0flR= j»ole J NU..-1. Qnpton. s c o Z E e S v Front wh».«l drv*. r r»cr...w at)* fy w lp ar. lln tn g tt»r<a>y»fw.low.ttll««. T s loodod wllh C A D U C C O U P B B : BaagHlul twtbn«, ob«dum>y < dh pow#r»qt»ondwln-l r d f l w - A M 7 PgPtfw t f lh cjo»m tl».llltttw ;. ngandcrult* ult*conlrol. ~, A v :,... S w n e ttg ja MlA sns. H For n Ave. ; - ~ r H ; 7t 3; W f c t

32 : M a g h e - B j e T l e s -N e w s - = M O U N T A N e ME E - T.B d w e e n. M -Q 25,( and 30,000 people pcc lned Ue - <» = s tr t a d J fhwn: J te -o U e rs w ere~m ary. Lec ee V d le y cbunlesaturdl t j W t c h " e...tobehs t s o f.t w n -Fls, Rck tck - H O ly pc torch carr!< rrled toward Lbs Haler Tnan j of Jero e, RcHah Rng B A ngclcsandlhesu c erga fs, of Sun Valley V Chrs and C orre Rllley ley C l s the greatest thng, sad Lola of Manh! nhattanbeach, Calf., and Greg g) RpnHs ot Blss AS S Sshe.stood o van Sawtelle lleofo akland.callf.. H E - ".o v erp ass onnterettf late 84, w atchng-- Sawtcl llc,-w h o a t.. 10w as -the Ue [ r th e-to rch-relay ove. o{( n the dls- youngest torch bearer, kept up Ue K tance toward Glenns S F erry. " t s so p ace for hs kloeter. But AT&T AT {r exctng, tstnore excltlng-tharthe r c l a ynnult - " JT S ngy ~ 5T T ~ btaturofl31jef{y Knglewo" wood,, uoo., Helped Ue T t p R jj. " t s really soethr thng. We had to youngste r keep Ue.2l-pound torch tth jrch u f F le r -a loft: j... r asrsh e ~ w a tch e d the le lorch and l l s» Robert erts, who 10 onths ago started ted u entoufang6)aby-a-f«a-few-houre-earll-: Ue-drlv«ve-to-farng-Ue -tord r to Ue lj e r. "W e told, our gra jradchlren tlat -Magc Valley, V; was et by a woan an 2hls would bc a ( oent to re- shortly y after sle had run h e r klloeougl downtown Ty/n F alls. Te-,. } } e b e r." terthrou] T h e torch ard the CO convoy of ttcks Sle to 1 ld ; e Uank you and f [!, co ponylng t rcach c h e d, here ju s t berorco p.., 134ho hours aflerfth eya n d AT&Teployees ses lhat are a c- "S hew/as fro Greece... Offcal rafe-o f-o e-q reek-n atlo nnal squeezed ;ed j? hand,. R oberts sad, ld, - b e g a n the day near Mu Murtaugh. T (ay Olypc lc Cottee last sprng ng the torch wll traveuoe 10 BolM.w here t Ureenc j n to block Ue passage ofhhe l h e,. w ll be welcoed on n Uthe Statelousc flnne fro Us tradtonal ho e near lar sl6 p s by daho Gov. John Jol Evans, and Mount Olypus 01; because they opmsed >ed then on through the T reasure r Valley the Los s Angeles / Olypc Organzng lng.. - to Oregon. The. relay wll take the to rc h lo Seattle and then U down tle Colttc ttces plans to sell Ue rght to carry the torch. EaclcjC oaslojsjn Angelcs h erejt t-rbcally.doo»n)uea4-goo(-to-6 a l ~ w ll arrv e to grlle the le Olypc C fla e so any people got so uch out of - - fn the Los Angeles Col?Pj]seup!Uuly lhrs,.r,.roberts.;connue.(l;:llwelye. Lve bcennewl cedng soeung lke thls.for r a r. - B etw een 15,000 and lonkte. ne;. ~. sp e c ta to rs crowded the tl streels of TheTla [luntw as greeted TndowntowTT AT dow ntown Twn.Falls ls to watch the Twn Fal alls byjklayor-rery P etersen «n -V ; - torch Saturday olng lng, accordng to and by Chrlslln Cl Cooper of Sun Valley. j y., ; = t D epart ent. An acldltf d ltb n a2.000 to,as grand arshal of a parade Te 3,000 g a th e along : Kl Kberly Road Dal folo llowed the torch through theh e, - - a n d -A d d ls o n Avenue le - to t rwgtch -th e ~ ; clty,. " d c r J. 8. o f -R u d y a c d 1.. M o n t.,- r u n s T w n F a ll! l l s - f r s M c g o H h c O l y rrpc to rc h relay.saturd< rd a y o rn rg 7. Stcve.Gor s r The, lor torch rea c l F ler a t also lned a.. a hd h J.M people w a tc h e d f brngs-fla lae to-twn Fa -alls... : U.%.-:.HlghwaL..lOjn aaodbetv. c - o n - to u g h-buhuuj2;,lo-p,w\ll-alonb -l] M u u g h, H ansen and d Kberly,.{nd F thehglw hway between F ler an d Bull. the Qrch processon w was greeted by people sat n lawnchalrs o r On the has o n q j ojurneyj a ro rb x ately 2,ooo ) people as t talgates JS of pckup trucks, wavng tojtw n Falls Jporavanspassage.j =p- ; n d re d s of spectato :atore lj25 gf.-montana-teer o onager Hun er p a s s th r o u g Fler and anc Blss later n A ercan :an f l a g s. B ystev ECRUM P year-bd the* day. n Hogera Steve Gorder,.stood a couple an and Blss. "T hs 3 event ( akes people feel ple-.c ester, llngha G lldford.jjnycc llt sentatlv e J w would be runnlnk n Twn 1 Tles-Nc\sportsc(lto tor of. yavds c a rlo a d s of vstors fro 3 0outsde e Twn F alls clly o tjoodlngand good,"sal sad Paul Bro\yn of F ler. "We Ve ;lly and Shelby nne dlffe fferent cou- F n lk fut::! ulluow-t-vourd-be-tftt -. Uls-SaU W endell.watched tfe processon alona brou)l>t-o :au rday- o lng-w altng-ta t-out-theh>tyto-show -<hc - -to n tc r o r w T a r o r el j e h o e s o f a.long w ay ; v L : u d fro hoe. R u dya and ts 7, udyard o n U run-uo-fln - r : ::- w lln - o c a - 30awents?:? frst-leg-of-lhe-olvplcorgh- prtplt.ljhd~r4<lflmr;-cot ornunlueb-rwere-the-only.,- nd rellaufooreay-uro p a s s G lenhs f erry y on 1-84 n ear heton ro u -th e-clty,-a-b y stander orch,whch~h~adcntetgnf er-o u to v em O O les of-on n soated-area trnvnsn-ttfo w nllro -T w ln PalSr- M orbnaojalsehe o n e y J r -asked-whet fflgr l/a, pockets 0 / eoe 1 herfrhew ah ronr soe n fro Utal tall on Frday, stopped early lorownsthbfltfchb: = for YLK *y And n ore ways lhan ro c rg T l r n b e c a e ngre.,llq hjlsh :Sh{Lsald toler hu.sbnd-:hc. Hc HHnM hnn,-. rtcrod- a long-tho Satuw lay- ly- o lng-flt-m urteur-ft t- Tle counlly, locqted 100 ust be o fence th at fronts the le lnters,tate Ue perso one of Uose AT&T people." sonnel accopanyng t spent after Uey d startlng- g -rasn g the. wouldn t nl orlleast of G reat Falls, beco bc< ng U ro u MonUua. s, s known for H e dldn w aved, c h e e and appl Jn t represent the telephone pplauded. henglll t n Burley. The torclfcaravan e oney, sad G o rd er. w a s n H a v re -- "lu lnkpe n h a rd red wnter whca k people knew jhat when Uey eat a n d -h a rd co pany., The torch arrved n 1 although w thout-a co- Twn F als a l lefl Murt rtaugl at 8:10 a. ;, passng, -- -gong to school when t t v was gong on. gave the tg. w ln te (0 atch. ls orey, o; but t ddn t Kse to s people are unl catlor ors network of another llnd. - - a;52-a... carred nto «the tl cty l ts Hansen al l 9 a.n, and reachng, Kln d. Thoy asked e f d lke to c arry the a tte r. saldgtfrder. sal -r, thrfty,andbuslnessllke,!, ost ot hc - " k ost ccr b y. B-year-old Steve certanly would not have been Gbrtler o f bery at ;9:30. en Olypc torch, and sa( a d. Sure, why Tle drve w as organzed by a group, th rd - o f foul-genera raton sons of here, R udyard, Mont., the frst of seven : The dal daho leg of Ue torch relay s s not? " of R u d y ard grants.far. rd jj ld en ts and thc oney ar ers. and G order, v ru n n e rs who had pad 1orr rased $3,000 p a rt of r, who wll be a sopho ore an 82-day, lle odyssey at The donors of the $3,0 3,000 t took to ca e fro ) a varety of-sourccs -?y trades en who have survved.four-::-n oru e -R for th e prvlege ot bear jarng the fla e fro New -Montana-Collcge n Havro- York Cty, w here th& fla e- r o - -reserve a-youu Legacy y Kloeter donttlons 5 frc f r o n us l n c, bake s ear-long droughts and cpcbllz2a ej rd s.--n e x lfa ll. W was recruted by the cltzensfor o nekl q etereach-t ;hllhm U etjw l~abvcn cotgrocce, V. ns te rlghtto ru n one klon: )etcr4}carng f rotljrt u,sotaua=r csldcnt-of-f -R u d y a rd -l8 --o f-r u d y ardand-u g-ncarby t o w n s-o r oa uer reprp- See GO t F t v ~ By FLYNN McROBERT! RTS. The RcR egatta s hlglllglts starled Jd Ashton s Hot Canary, fon orerly drven tke a d rear z art.- Tes-News correspwjde ndent whw Roc ocky sugar, super stock drver Possessed fro Reno, Ne cr by lhe lale two-te n Vev.. look thrd J e rry Robe: oberts of Coluba Falls, Tro Twn vlh F alls went nto a slow roll n s PC vctory, ca e n Ue h e ns.aturday s KRR race. )11 Faulkner, was cong J. Mont., n the e 280cl class, TW N.FALLS - A-st -Btartllng d- ldway-tl >-throuth-tle frrst-lun-ln the e one-utewhte-flag;w ;.a l. laplom lke:n cutz.. n j h c r s u r - - :;rr:tu ::c r,-a n -c n g lnnc e -fre, and a sccond he< heat of Ue SS co petton a nd d - (nce fre started rver of Ue *1 SS boat-n tho- ho -OLhcrdlvlslon-wlnncr crs~were~car~ r»»nv.h double wn by a rt rooke drver splled nlc nlo Ue rver. Slgar w as taken ro Tgard, Ore. After plac- Clrstlanser of Sprngs n the jrc-vyng 5 for a recottltl7,m **puse >0 T cday so th ersu rp rls stock jet class: H arry hghlghted-the ellh-at -annual-b urcy~to-eassla- la-m c oralm (HllralCefler l-ln-ue-flrst-hcal-of-hle-pe-.cjjcstensen.qf,onated byb lybudwelger-souue-daho Speed R egatta here Satuf lurday. qnd adltl nlttfhl lo U ee ergency roo, n. fro.vcen Arl?,, stole ut2 notced a crack n the sde p Anahe. Callfv. n, U the cop Jet Dlstrlbutle h g -a n d 50. o th er local rsrp".b o a t racers fro al 11over 0 the West w here he was la te r released, after jvjte Man and had todrop / class; M kem ansonttfu Wnsllneton n sponsors., T The oney s splt nto a :r. co p and-s S dvson] dsrfte to the B urleym arj arlna each y ear " treat ent fdr a aceratbn on. hs th a tb b a to u s "H ubba Bbba" sqeel.outbflhesecbndleat. P Ue-2,5 -class;-d anny - L o v c 1 c s s -. d ( - $ 2. 2 a ; w! r a y purs6-for- U c=k ltlv =- Provo, Utah, n Uo S to.copcle.for thousands ntfs of dollars n back. 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Ur*c»6 J e n y H...g».«~w U jnw ot ju s j l s C hcago, a 2 hold.m arc 1??«"!J? scored on a 4e fourth, SSSL slrtgle off ; F l e t e r " l v sacrfced s. - jjw- o fh T h e b a n 5 2 R chever n-n-h p nchlaltet S llll "RMSa"- - a ludnt* c«a«j s, a.c-r ByTlC ASSO 1 u«?s«frarcscog!» w th e h e a p o fr -& -»-nn{-b=they T c n rmrm the o ent ;!! ; s ; 2 - The G ant n w ujcwl. ga e and jo" M*t VtV s P rates wth = T j:= :;«;.«= S a n = F jtfln c js fttlstraltun,] J sad - G S n Robnson,, w o rn re fp la c f M - better place Robnson -*j!;rr VS! per anent s 1 P an Glacde; nmn>» 13 w...- and drove. spark ltt a jonng the C far. cl.ub S"p. wtl two hon J lo playej «.J. at the end S tw/ RbbTrsoh. " 5 "*» 7 u. J alc sluatlc lephn ue uw! young ap. :. Tbe Pral fltyunt Lr, J ptchers to tr ta r n»"j- takng anoth futle wlet/ 4JSAJ,o:.sjebroK e two-run sng G antsso e Oavs has atbat after hs* a flu Jen,"!? " " J5R0M E > u7<[ Ja es Brad Co""., jlj? S. tlroe-htter t **" * SheeLs raced run th extra Jeroc-Rwep?x«."a4j.X double-heade S a tu n la y rm -K ocpck-a 2xSJQ>erb - o n e - n nltfhtcap. T ra - *ConU proceeds, l lo -th e - 5ao"f «fs, ~ O rganlzng-q wn go jo Mor s«m c h T a s a lr t «- >... fo ndsoverthe to prove the l". S.L; t s a s a t t E v c r y l «, else on the-h- related and t projects they t * - C order was T choce -to car schoolfootbal * star, he w as celebratedath!!fats..!:r - -- t s - a bon! toclown.llg -Ung cet s s-t,..«l.,,;. that uch b ett A r te r got u thal-he-w oulc F alls..andnlh -. -n r T o tft -... r : ts Wht /Vssoclated P ress J Law w ay bubblng wutoy j n g h t a fte r hs th-jnnlng n vaultfd the W t x to T >ry. over the Ba]tlroe.Orales g o stfe~ffrst Ue n y carecr t-a-ho erun-that decded-a- sad Law. " t s a great feelng great l w as able to pck up the :er we thought we had won the rller. 0 oul, Edde M urray ht a {fly lo rght-center whch was fdbyrotcprayotburrcn e g r a of second basean jzforadouble. Roencke fonowed wllh a ng double ahd the gae went a nnngs. ho er ca e wllh one o u to n a- off Sa y Stewart, 4-U. jusl ssed a cuhre and 1 had dea-he-w ould-0 ve- e-ff- after 1 had been late on the fastballs he gave e. sad vjust-w anfato drve ll. No-..lwdSflU* a lle r s a * -th e 0les argu6 t. lo no aval, that vafoul.... j e run, Law s Uth of the ade a wnner of Al Jones! as Jones frst ajor league H arston s two-run sngle TJUlTlrtljf sxth rnlng gave * a 4-3 lead 11. couldn t, c Hll, who had trlpled and - j a sngle by Scott Fletcher n l. opened the sxth wllh a [S to r Davs, and Scott t t h l by a pllch. Law d and Julo Cruz walked to r To Underwood /anned ter Grcg.Luzlnsk, bul ants stre< ssocaed Press ttsb u rg h -P rate s vand 9an- 0 Gants st at the botto of of ajor league baseball, but Qnglrfopposltrdlrecllons a l nt. nts won ther fourtl stu lg ll d thrd s tra l over the th a 7-5 vctory Saturday n nclsco.asthc-prj> tcs-r&-. h8-glan(6=wlfclhe.-w()rst-= 1-baseball. sufferng-thc rj ghtloss, got to ake a ove now," la n ts - - M anager -F ra n k -, whosc-tea s 15 ga es out ace n the West. "There s no c eto d o fu anath o e. ay soon need to fnd t spbfln trecrcfcrtor rooke den. who scor.tfre c runs e n two wlh a hoer to rg la n ls dnce agan. Snce e Gants fro tler Plu)enx b. Gladden" l.<!~ battlng~444 ~ loers,.. ycd rq well for us lastyear :nd.o f the seasmn, sad "but t s jusl a7 unforlu tlon fo r h th a t we have heoutfeld. He s a hungry rates used lv e dfferent ) l to keep theganlsfro other wn. But t allproved n ArO]rver s"sevenlrnnlng )ce a 4-l,to an a h ll Davls ngle n the elglth gave the n e needed nsurance, as sx RB n hlsteat-wo fer hllng a plnch-ht grand - o etuk Drett Koepnck and radley, cobned for a r n one ga e and Torrey - cd hoe wth an unearned [nnngs of Qe.other as ;ept an A thcrcan Legon der fro M erdan here. [-and-b rao leylruck-flut, batters and allowed ast unearned n th e rraco>uukm)affe>-weeks rder tlnuedfronrf>aggj ). { nus the c percent lhat ( e x.<{-anbclcs- Olypc -Q) ttee for-cxpenses, j lontana Specal Olypcs, > Uready M d lt wll turn the Lhe Rudyard school dstrct t Ueblgl sclo oltrack nal co unty. Gorder t jybodyfnows-cv cyjodyl -Llnc. a lolof people are - 1 they really get behnd. } ly beleve n. c as n any ways a natural cany the torch. 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The rght-hander w h jl U ejled s a p p l T N uspenson for abraw l Wtl Q audell Washngton. ; a g L o fl.dgpha>erry Phl n- r Uree hts, ncludng a n pr, nnr rva n le Mke C oss and Dave nblned on a sx-htshutput stros; Puhl, ulo s now ver Ue past 22 gaes; a.40s?d hs average to ,P ad r«sl r-a-sx-hlllerjnjo-vlctory lar,., n Ue NaUonal ad Joc-V ctores-h e. was save Ue ga e wlu one o a r xth nnng when he a g - ha strng njury that has - ll- U e-lasu tw o -weeks [xger84 \ngeles, Bob Deer, Jay and,ryne Sandberg each - (s to pace a 20-ht attack as olled to a rout. The Cubs Uer ost producuve ht eason agajnst four Dodgers d punctuated Ue rouf wth - Ln nnth lng. gae at New York was and wll be ade up as part header today. dan- rs, now 14-5 forthe season, oldwell for a double-header F W p o s u n U S -...,no o o - «- T» -u w ld (1) and Saus: ShecU. tl 0#v<bo(L W ~ BJjKt L -,...OW 000 ~ 1 S J...uo BO 0-1 u ; 0 <S1. luynold d SMdw;. U»y(«)«alHufaet:.W-=Jtanlck. 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Law was bubblng wth-j day nght after hu llth-lnn run vaulted thetvlte Sox to ctory over the Baltore Orlol cago ""... ; lat s the frst t e ln y care- ht a hoe run that decded ;" safd Law.- t s a great feell s great was able to pck up tl a fte r w e thought we had won tl earler.! t ca e n the nnth nnng whe w o-oulr-e ddle-m turay-hlt- ng fly to rght-center whch w< tdedly /uur paycrsbut ft the grasp of send b a n u C nn for a double. r y Roencke followed w th"» rn g double and the gae we <tra nnngs / s ho er ca e wth oneout 6n off Sa y Stewart, 4-1. ad-just ssedacuruo and ha <Ed a-he-would gvc nw ll a fter had been late on tt wo fastballs he gave e," sa T jusfw antedh rtrtvctrn on. t w as far afler saw, U Oroles argued, to no aval, tht llwasroul.- ho e run, Law s llth of th rttaden-w}nnerof"al JonK w as Jones frst ajorleagu y- y H arsto n s two-n sngl kvb out n the sxth nhhg gav JO a le a d - t couldn larc Hll, who had trpled an 1on a sngle by Scott Fletcher urth, opened lhe sxth wlh ; o fr5 lo r ~ Davls. and Scot cr~w3s~nt ~by a pltcn. u \ ced-and-jul lo-cru-vualked-t bases. ever To Underwood fanne< batter -G reg- Luznsk; bu ;A Psbur P ra te s d Sa sco G ants st. at the botto o p o f, b 2 gong n opposte drectons a enl." v ;- - Gants won ther-fourlh.stragl and thrd stralglt over th s w th a:7;fv(ctby Saturday l V.Tnrkr ft ns hoelcatesje th e Gants-wth-he wbrs n "basejalj. suffer;g:- UM raght loss. v c-g o n b T n n n n ro o w r Gants M anager. Fran «n, whose tea s 13 ga es ou place.ln;the W est,there!sj place tot loltthannrho e;" nson-ay.,<n need to fnd : nent spot n the order for rook( ladden, wl\o scored Qree run: ove-n.two, wlha ho er U the Gants! once. aerfu:%snc : htlgjznts fro her Ploen) :lub. Gladderrls~battnk7:4 b lo ers.....;-... played real-well for-uslascyea : end. o f-u e-scaspn,--.sac on. "bul l s just an unfortu luaton for h thal we hav( n the outfeld, He s a lungrj Tan."-.:.P rate s-u sed fve-dfferenl slo try lo keep the Glanls fron: anotler wn. But t all provec /hen Al Olvor sseventh nnnf [jrokfab leaftdcfflldavrs 1 sngle n lhe egltl gave the soe needed nsurance, s has sx RB n hs last two j}(lfr.lltng a plnchjltjsand ro e tah ME B rett Kocpnck and Bradley cobned for. a- ter n one"gae and Torrcy acetloe wlh-an unearned; JX lcajnnnalofjhej)lhcrfl swept an Aercan-Legon leader fro Merdan here ytlwj-andsn: lek-and-b radey-truck-out ger batters and allowed just fl u n e a rh f h y ). Tracey an< Darren Weeks X --J t. Contnued fro P a D s. nus Oe 6 pcrccnt that " lh e. Los /Ugees Olypc ng lte e for expenses, 0 M ontana Specal Olypcs, Salready sad tw lll tu the~ e r thetlldyafd aabbl dstrct ve thellgh school track. 1s all county. Gorder Jycy]»dyknows. everybody, he H-Lnft, njot-pcople-are- and they really gel behnd they beleve n. r was n any ways a nalural 0 carry the lorch. A hgh )Otball,- baskelbau and track j, of the lown s - r a t fd alhletes. Q h o nor-to represent your." G order sad, "And s o e - o h s-w t- ates t.just h better. K>l.the w two onhs ago wd3tf~be rnhg"n Tw1h~ d n henter hs phone has- ot:- He~eVen Kot soe c a lls l h - t o t S o x nnlng to o H afrstoo sngled lo roles. ru n n ecd ary l Boston a, -. -"-C hcago a r «r ~ t " T e would bre a eght-ga e- losng - «lng -a llo w e d fve hts and t p th e - sxnnlngs he worted. the C hcago scored a.when R udy T.awwalk< vhen, w ent to th rd on an M t-a scorefl a s H aw d B LWasout r r s Tfe O roles scored j an the fourth. M urray sl r. glove and Roenlcke s th a Benny A yala doubled went. M urray and Roenc scored on a sngle by R td n a B u s dd not alo before departng. He s 1 ha± - c truckout fve, p th e T jg ers4,t w ln s3 sad n D etrot, a wld r N o hestota-rellever-b on- /,th e DetroR s, L arry Hed that th e score ted 3-3, Herr e n. Schro, 1-3. He r the hlrd w hen To B est pn d n sln g leofft o ague " D a v rs ca e on and uj p lch on a 1-2 count ngle B arbaro. G arbey gave Herndon to score; -. dn t The vctory before a and enabled th e Tgers e rln 10-gae lead n h h a League E a s t over the to)lt Ja y s, who also won: Caw MflTlDers2,ltoS(53n d-to nboslonjdfl He] - up a pltchlng-duol-bet ned J B eatte and Boslor -but C an" B o y d -w th a " atkng, t > ~ \ :. V. San. :..Cl Of,.;.:. ;.b. s l a e a rle r n ho s a l Cncnnat; F ran k.w lla s,. 6-1 lglt-l-nnngs, to ;pck..up: th the Cftry L avelle worked lyln nnlnj for hs.egh allo w ta ru h tn th e j bre, Ot.sRB 1 croundere r:: h"elr W{h one out n Gladden d rew alk fr ank second. A fter Johnne 1 5 out. out, left-hander Rod Sc S-no...lo.face Olver; who ht p the ldffle to score C d a delvered h s two-run s Oke- T ek u lv e ln lheerh. Tle P ra te s hod ral defct lo te lhe.garn "Jl.-T o n y P en a drove n the : a n.j lb :z a R f L e..jn d 3 - t* l d rlle d a th re e -n hora - offlv llfarns to cap U srarst-blll "CaaeyTel ~ after.walks lo :w Ha 2 Madock and a- sng Thopson loaded the b. scoredoa..a. grounder rsonsga crtyngho ro G ladden sln{ed n H ved -s to le -s e c o n d and s a lng L eonards tw o)utsr vrs T )e L e b h to g v T lh J a lhe G ladden hl a two-run sxtl nnng-to key a th two. ng. VTaster then a n d. o ral.onleojjanjsjn kes par; nd paced a 4-hlt perfo. a 3-for-4-perfor ances- cy w hle Koepnck and cd- belted ho e ru.- ns n the flrst Kae, Shoe on wth no outs and the see ;re th e nnth nnng, stole scoredon-consecutvcjot rors," helpng the Tguf st gae that they had once h e STrawnBack-and Rob 1!ks t» th went a-for-1 at ballr ts y f r o H-Llne resdents lat.good luck S aturday ngl )lc nyon Sprngs nn, wh es, parents, grandnw er M,. w ere stayn g.--. he~ - l lookforward to ct p e ths, he.sad, dl 2/4*po und Oly pc torcl: ler red n the relay. Even t dy.- - w onltbe gettng t back re; -*n»e-torch-wlh-go*frs1 nd Hgh Schpo. where enscoqced n the trophy al th ere t wll b e dspla> gh other busnesses and ck organzatons through) county area ll have to answ er.: ur lons y. hen. gel ho Bt what-happened * As one o f two Montana go run a Y L K -ajh e 9,000-r lh ~ T h e oq C alslar once-co peted JL.the 0 }!s c<;vca.y t.llbnjh Lt. n g h o r F p a s t ho e TUT one-out- - b r o k e a 1 ptch far( to score plncl- leff*j«3 nandfletcher.,,. R o y a ls rtt Burns looked n Kha reak- a p e f T l e d - B tre a k -a s -h e - - S e.b a l d three runs n the soloshot d.. Gublcza, 1 run n lhe frst -Wts, ncl kedf stole second, hoerun n nfeld oul and jtng. G Banes grounded tftrt-sx-a: a fte r th e s Ed U reej es n Blue Ja y s sngled olf B u s. " Toro! snged to center. se\ Bd to elt to score shortstop cke, and-a yala two hts, R lc h b a u e r lo r Toront How anothcr-ht fve an d e walked-lve-and second-co: J Fe ande: e n l l T s despte co d ptch bymn*. Just.M L nh3avl9-ahowed R a n g e rsa ndon to sw re the h a e v e ;don sngled off w th a sev fledon w ent.o tory. L an Brookens ht a run-scorln anrtw w ua se. enough-fu uncorked a wld eght start l whle facng Hough hathat allowed runs n a v e ra g e ; acrowd of-48,095 Angels 2,-E to, antan a n Mllu the Anercan Zahn tosse he Toronto Blue A ngels, Zt stru c k out enth ga lenderson broke Schofeld s «lween SeatUes th W n th t on s Denns "Ol Jackson s rseventh-lrtnng- - d elv er t P fs te s n ] - n :C ln c l t four-htter -yt belted hs e w e ek -ag aln s--ru n, leadln, h as won W,;, stru ck out he.-.vctory and.ptchng w «U h ej.5 U w Q (v frd a w 6 ll gh M ve,. He.A U anta s e nnthonaos - A-<faY».7F1 J,, jahllfl r.n e c te d for fro P tlsbuv tw o-n hn ne, 2-3, andstole-.runs whle elem asler.ned s th co Scurry ca e on. for th e A lllthe-fm el lch.for-76ov< egladdw, Davs ppce.rasee 1 sngle off K ent. Cardlnalfl4, n - S a n r alled ro a M. bned v (rln-the-st)ttlpl**>ra-lo ;he rsl run «jh put Aduc - JJ j M orrson" le a g u e cn ratrrhs ccbnd;~< r <*> l«h W ytg artr =1* W M C T l h p;av atrf;a-: ffazzll and Bll bothered, h: ngle by Jasoh C ul»4.d p. ; bases. One run n L os A ler-before Mor Jdhstone er.. had four ht the flrsl nnng, the Cubs rc scored on Jeff pounded oul sngle off J ose - total th s se H antt at oead ~ P t c r s anc n hoer n the seven-ru thnx«ru prls-- --A tla n ta s 1 doubled and raned out-a frbm e forance wlr The T ger -at the plate, - wll vst Cal Jann Farrs today.... H ertju nrt :;: leels fotboar.jet«de.**. >C0re tlfkl 8-8 n Clnlere, Jleyr n d a n d j l y crc-plll out a "M S a.:;... te le d H ; J... lb B a r t h o l o c w - - j S S S n that contest. L-straw. j* S wshng h co ltto e- JghL a t hlca thnk abou where, he, hs RudyardH{ r and brother lulurc J.T he thn,.0 Showng peo how-well w dlaylng the "A n e rrlre r ch thal he car runnng bel nthoughlknow w th all tho :Jcforawhlle. - d d n teve~nl rst-to-rudyaro G o rte r. v J t wll b e accountng hy case. Fro wll try lo n ed at banks and ball te a 1 before cvc -h o p esh e ll jnouu three- nso efutuj T V h e and Rud] r a lot of ques- ; G a es s prc e, h(r-sald:- f w a s a" a resdents to t o r c h r 0-le relay n rtnanne rrm ltk n l who p l e c?n Olypcs, re least-600;-f0 LAQgflnl7g-ffw ej[urh r o t e run, llfhng-the-mardere. Wth " ut-n-the-6eveqtb,hende»jq - a l-l le by lnng Boyd s flre fa r over the hgh screen atop h» - e a forhs sxth hoer. J 6. Yakee82 Kansas ty, o., treg-p ryor -- n e d -n - th r e e r u n - b o n e n s T Balbonl and Butcfr Davs added hots to lead tfe Royals. Mark 2a, 5-7, held the Yankees lo sbc ncludng Steve Kep s solo nu. hs fourth, n the seventh ;. Gublcza w alked four, struck x-and-auowed only three hts "- h e second nnng, lays 6, A s! ; rorohto, Doyle Alexander scat- seven hts and seldo-used top Tony Fernandez -ddlvered lls. ncludng a tw orun sngle, ronto. Alexander, 64, struck ou( nd walked two n ptchng hs -co pletega e.of.tbe season. ndez. 2l.r gettlag.ony-hl3 ; fart, had a M uble and a sngle e corpfngjnto the gae battng leveland, veteran knuckleballer c Hnngh lftpd hls r rd to B.&- seven-ht, coplete-gae vc Larry P arrsh ll:;j.r?. 7.:;-j«:of orlng sngles to gve Hough Just 1 ru n s lb work wllh-. n hls lasl, tarts, wth sx coplete gaes, has yelded-only nne eaned 173 nnngs for a 1.11 earned r j e ;.... T 2,-B rewerso-r : Mlwaukee, left-hander. < f f ossed a three-htter to leadthe W,.w a lk three and. out sx n M pletng hs sev- gae of the season. Dck }ld!sjlelt)3<wncjngsnglflo 1 the second lng and Regge n s sngle*! rghl n th e :f f t h e A n g e ls rurs. * reelt r ncluwtl,;maho;s6tq t o a ter for Hs nnth vctory and h lslrst ajor league hoe Qdng the Reds. Soto, 9-1, who on.h s: last elgfteclsdns,.. out seven. The rght-hander s 9 w h le.the-r eds.appeal h s -. - y-6llspenson for-ft-braw-lh- sclaudell Washngton rP h aaq.:.: hlarfelphla,-rt crt )rp u h :c o n for three hts, pclujhg a L-hQer.,flnd-d vfe. n h n» o - /lle M ke-;l ac ossandave» blned on a sbc-hl shutot - - : Astros. Puhl, wlo s now 5 o v e rth e p a st2 2 e sra : lsed hs average to.310. ls4, Padres nrd ego,-jo aqun -A n d u ]ar - ed wth three St. Lous relef -for-a-sxjllterr-the-vctoy- - - duar.13-6.n th e Nntlornl lead for.vctores. H erw as... 0-leave the g a e w th one out sbcth- nnng" vfhen - h n g d;a h a strng njury th a T a r h the last two weeks;.d o d g ers! /, s Angeles, Bob Derner, Jay ne d Ryne Sandberg each h lsto p a c e a 2 (h h ta lta c k a s s rolled toa rout. TTe Cubs out ther ost producllve.hll 5 season ngqnsl fq U D o d and punctuated the hut w th ; 1-run...nnth nnng... a s gae a tn ew York-was j u t- d lte a d e u p a sp a rt j erdah gers, now 145 for the season. CaldwelLfor a double-header 1. nntssfw CO no 3W-# W 5 teynold (ll snd Sunxu; Shed. snd DavldMB. W DUck. L SecaodBt ~......UO 0 - S H,Q ej3].jleyaoldjbl.jua.stkl: radley (8) aod luber. W ~ kocpnldl U K -Jera e.k oqnlctrarn. ; LeeGorder wll have a lot;to bout as he r s around Hgh s proved track n the hngj l reeberost!ls w as treated here, he sad. re e ber the experencetf behnd that ( eda) truck those c a e gong of J 1 enlaveto tthpupp** - r, who plans to ajo r-n ng at Norlhern Montana ahd to ake the school s basket- n next.wnter as a walk-on, U gel to play a sall part uture Olypcs. Bul. hesad, ludyard s role n tbe 84 LA 8 probably unque. SS oncn-a-llfelle.expeh- fr-saldn-jhow - a n y - p e - theytve-cajflmueoypc" nner of w akng, qu te a few e.s u d a cla at ;- for-gflpl6rn~rudyan). V -. T ~ ~

36 - Stutday. u July 1.19M Tl es s e w a, Twtn FalU. daho D-3 gm M ; rt".. -T-V. T» [ 3 B B H H L. BobjCroufG«re of Lakew ood, Colora< rad o. r a n th e frs t sh ft S«S a tu r d a y o rn ln g lhe ; s t a r j. c d, s h o r t l y a f t e rr8 a..fro.m urtaugh, and s.shown.r.unnns ng o n R o u te 3 0 ju s t w e stt o f M u rtn u nh -. " b - E JHa C T - j K g y W a k c r O g5 th l h D T O s -h c rp rd * Sc -r TT-T :------» ~ P a trpr rs uns ~ wtl h torchh gh.,< -Tes-News-p z p j b Q t b S ; : : : l - = = : By Skye ;e Saveson SB H r~ * G * * ~ 5 3jf M r Jte 1 1 "< H 3 K j V & 4 & l 7 S : T 3 Z 3 H [! 2 f M a ry L e e R e rjr t sts o T T r T F a lls e x u lts ts a f te r re c e v n g fln e, Wrn, **». W h le so le-n e th e c ro w d o rm aln n -A v en u e s tr a n fo r a ) look-dt c th e O ly p c to> r rch v o th ers tr a n th e &r c a e ra s on t ; 19 a r f W M B rjl j X = y jp % V --lrv - - ; -,-.rywl-j.j,., - Z :ctat<~alq nscw Jn.Eall& : >,er w a y to s ce.l t:he.-crow 3wd-Ulewlno th e Q lvnnn f c lo c h.. - <

37 r. tm T o e s-n e w a.t wlnl vln /fllla.w ah o -l -S u n d ay rju Uly1r1984 lj E n ro c E n r t l l ( o y d uvnr L z.w M B E E D O N,E n gg l la o d fa P J Totveededjot John of p o a tta rs w thro brpugtjbej)exlourgades4o-] o y H lff fathfr, rttw d ta d a t hlg<*wmn»~fr T M c E o r o e jkq)t hls-:ten p er UDder,«trol and n»ve } v e d :u p 2 4 ta a D urban,-souh Afrca, lca,-frda-lbu ow lng. a -h eart loto hgh g e v Saturday, breezng p ast Australa tlan t WM n th fnal a L g a fto f tly wyohd aelu th a t- a ta c t ~ W a l l y M asur r6-3 ad nto U6 fourth rouzd < of M denhe s T>rtsUne~ deeanor, s b o sgns..o< f S cao k n.wm eaclng n g 6 :r w b «l d 8 H lbew l bledoh flo P lm fon t t e flsl pulul on a balhtfaat-t lt C T xoentrb orfrb ecke jcker-ofw rg er aoy.-dtare n woen s copel euuon, Uree41e Wlbledo n a 4 ) p e a r a < 0 Q j? O tog «Mrl?!nTn> at-h} - tte lgaedts n hs left snk U e e n H a d reure. B ecker cta poa Chrs e rt Uoyd, seeded second-thl s toes anrbat kqtqa QOlet was taken to a holtal [ a lv w b e r e l l placed lra y e a r, also oved nto to round four but had a toug Hgh... lo.ue second ga e of t t e thrd set, a s w e»by t c a s t e - beau nsh T - year aodtsbqlo-al ab( abel Masur-waa weakly-x r.oeu ed4>yj<c aroe-as a.fau ault > H e h a d h l t flrst plre Roh JffMnx n ve Jed-ttw pffrng rw anr hwjp nu eday>jonly sebla>eeof. anpset,a 20- cnllflndflw anterthftp M»pAtnf fhft r---r. - tj TTTV» 1. saq 01 uecw rr nneu-j year-old Carna rlsson ousted g?7 l e ddon o - M c E n r o e J l t.j n apparent. servce wnner lo th tt e. ju te 1( h0d swoueo a c couple of nches. t looked lke ~ v ro T ~ c h a p h M a o d senuenlal favort rte Ulrd ga e, b ut a late te a u lt cau llbedt and t e t e b ad 0 ou balls stuck A lhhlqsock. l - V l a Wade 6-2, 4 f 5,11-9.,:. w ent on to loee tbe poln n l o t, S caokw w lu roeelmm c cenroe next n a re a td of Wben Ue New Yorke H OU)er w lnaers n rker p ut a flrst serve loto Ute U)e brght sunshne a t U; n e l- la st y ear s Wlldedon, Joo, ulch McEnroe won. aod o U)6 sev ath ga)e, t e exclaed, G oo - -A ll-england-law n Tl Tennlr-and Croquet Q ub.lj.tte j;.s.o p wher lere Scanlon won. g l And tbe breal eluded sxuheededa e a k s begao to e v ra 4> when Andres Goez of Ecuador, N o a H e s the No. 1 play«y e n rb T w lnes an called a 11 Kevn Curren of BMs lasur forehand down Ue f SouU, Afrca, P a t Cash < lne le thoktew U ltake ellgl 1llghUy because of how played T,n. good but w as overruled led b y Jeokns. A ustrala - and-jo u r. -A ercans. ~ N o 4 - B l ln J te U.S. Open " tt tl e DaUas nauve sad of -ln-l-hour,-34 lnut* utescmcenwead hlsvrctor "Scanlon, No. ls Vtas G enlalts, John Sadr an oy~m ce nroe. and a fourth-round ber TenyM oor.- B esdes Ue S lod-mcentoe o tetu e, ouer Also advancng were No. 3 Hana Manducova a of < U oyd, of P o rt Lquc fourth-round lu p s on Mooday wll seod auderdale, Fla., colued a W Czechoslovaka, No. 10 ll J o Duro of B rtan, No. X 12 unusu aln u b er of u -G erulaltls-agalnst-sadr, Cash a g n s t.c u n,. f uoforced errors aganst be Clauda KohdKUsch of West G er any. No.. 14 stubborn opponent - J M oor aganst Goez, nez. No. 2 van Lendl of ; raost of the forehan M H elena S v a of Czc 0 <v»h nmn»pln«rf techoslovakla. Wo.15 Andre rea approach shots and nst Aercan Scott D avls, No. forehand drop shots. 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McEnroe, chlng catd the l l n wlu hs def Jett 7 -fr tanrg Uelflst~ - tw o sets l- flehtrpy 7-? 7J lz b e r r ta f c e tte n e t~ ~ fro ~ lte~ serv e-and-v o llg C h r s E O c r t ll l. l o y d h u s t l e s t o a k e a b a c k h a n d r e t u r n touch ahdrppfngwnw ers Nrtenever M asur w ou l a l R. = W e ernstaa t e s < f b e grns 13 r y. rw Afc t J ljrulawcsjuhulostdt HttN n o r r e Y d a u r l l p J a s J - ; T l t e - N e w s c o r r e s p om n dc f e n < B > H NaUonal FnaU-Rodoo 0-qt-Fort-WorU : -... B U H L r a e B M JR lr odw A ssocla- S H. T exas. n N ove ber.. Las yearcontestanb ftat,ue youu r C rtlon Started a ovee enl WdT ~ S s ty year srodeo e drew 200 co n te- es- flnals n Fort W o y copeted for roh-href-atate s / -Hls-y e flr 5 C h o l o l p s : ~ ~ 0.Wcs tu SUtesJulO E M t w as the frst W t " S U t B S saddrannadebyflughn rcker tell f r w l f T A l f l f j - a s d o n a l p r he rcq.-tlc k c trto c ach-6f-< 1 -U e -a ll a d f g sanctoned rodeo n the arearn ow t lsr~ a w a rd ed : b K e h l - n l a ll-a ~ d fnalsts fro -U e-so soute daho * 19 one of eght. T ha frst rst junor rodeo also led to the organl [anlzatlon of the cow bay y and hgh-polnt all-around d cow grl 1 n l eluer Ue Junor o r senor Jor crcut and Ue W este -n States curcul lo fly U e ether, to :o Ue Natonal k l Southe ldahojunlorr r Rodeo crcut, dvson. Buckles ade by. Kenny y F n als Rodeo a t Oklaho wa Cty o r Ue r : B urasthrdt V stc ; Slales*3urlor~ H anson n o f New PlyouU wll be be -YouUTflona]Pnalsal alfortw oru. f S Asper l. Rodeo w ll be held n.monday, N Tues*- aw ard ed lo,ue reserve hlgh-pont lnt Buhl s W este Stat rodeo wll M. d a y and W ednesday llo n ronjuctlon w lu. cowbqy.a s ta rt a t 7 p. : on Monc nayand Tues* Sk Retread L lt& S a g e b n s h H a y a cflel j S a ) & a n t s j v U l j n c l ude d t d s - d a y.- a n d.a t- l p.. o; oo-w ednesday J p-lcesert Ttcrowllbepre-rodeo< oentertaln ent toug h c stjunorjodeo ).! : rshannaj* a Jo S k lh n errsays Hell; a l 2 p ; ro n U e4 U j-t cl< lm h clu d e 1 t?elng-advertlsed as S the world s. t o u s" " such h n Ople and d -TTe r o q l s open h t to o n e ~pple,-, of c Bend, Ore;,-won Ue all- - utton-bustlngjd bar l la ly e a ra lu h a h d w o n chldren agcs7and unde e r/ ( tvtft rtlvrlnns ln lo r d:t hor8 ls»wllu)»8>e pec{orjnabcf*t±.» l d senor d lv lalon. l agesl5-18..cow boya f a t Bozean, Mont., last weelt = M lllk lz = S : r ek. Ue Yasha W arrore.-. -B uhls-junor , T h s sn o t Just a.kds. rodeo, " H e s ls unque," says Hell, "because se, rd n g.d u b,, a peonr r ance-by-thc- JlflafRepar s a y s M a rc e lla H eu, rodeosecretary, h e cop( fpetes n all sx events. Hc s e F le r Wrangerettw, and.the corona- W V T hese rdecs a re tough ugh.and Jus a s tr u ly a n a all-around cowboy. l p n of Ufe Sagebrush days -rodeo < professonal as anyo n e, she says..sknner w r, a student a t daho, SUjte ate qeenandprncess., S15?/R3 b ra R 7 0 /1 3 * - - They-w pete-ln-. n ol g Unverst] slly-ln Pocatcllo,-s-banvl-rao- ac ;:T?ere.wU-be-a-Conce sso n stand on ~ «rodeo -events, ncludng lng bull rdng; ng cha; unplon of U erockyrm oapt UegroUndsUroughoutt tu erodeb; 4. a w n T n r K t? f. tea ropng and b a rracng. regon. StockforU erodeow/ll : bc furnshed ; -... 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[or. pant was donated by / ; several Buhl - untng Electronc Bala a l a n c e R o ta to n -thlngs-teenagersusuall; ally:do to-co - the=sout U the -daho Crcult Fnals 3ls - bushessesy ~ FREE t.; lve Stens Re-Balance c e * F a t R e p a r pctc on the crcut. R odeo to: be held at CS n Noveber. Buhl s W este States, s Junor Rod< 4 V T he W estp States.; s Junor Rodeo C ontest 2sta n ts Ul Ue senor dvson not only provdes topee- jp-notch rodeo V P L U S T h e B e (S s t W o M B n t y n 1 t h e U S A! ~ entertan ent, says HeU,-but H also» ncludng FREE R eplocen e b h t fo r Rock C uts, R oad H- azards to 2 /32" 1 crcut ncludes, appro: proxlately 300 a lso w ll U be : workng loward a chance e bers fro fdaho, tk>, Oregon and toqallo lfy for Ue. W este SUles generates thousands of 0 dollars n - Tfeod R o olnngor on ALL BG -b BRAND PASSE,SSENGER TRES 1 W ashngton. F nals Ro( Rodeo a t Unon, Ore., on Labor o r revenue for tfe coun nlty,. - A s lr A ta n llt T lee rh j a v B td ta 6» l,ftrlla 8 unelsontw r M W co w n e ynjured n c r atsh " B a n Fas a s t r a k W h t e w a l l MONTREAL (AP) >) - Shrley - and qualfyng for Ue W g Molson Grand \. Muldowney; three-lle ne Natonal 1 Hot *, NaUonal D rag Races a Econo y at u e Sanar A fod.assocaton world chaplon, w as sup near Montreal. [jvlny fl /n0 Shft4vaf4rAw»llng-wr- :542anph-wbc : = = J-l> B lec D f l l l t e l J M k. a spectaculat crash lh h whch her car-- The Mt t-c le en?,.,m ch., drver cr Ue accdent occured,. sad a a u d e hurtled off the track du durng prelll- u n d er* ent t a sx-hour operaton-after cr -R ochon, spokes an.for Ue Molson < n a ry tra ls at a drag strp ;rjp, th e accdc w t... F rd ay to correct c t G rand N a tlo D rag RacM F whch. «JH! 3(P *la ; J t o t e J She s ccrtanjy out t for Us y e a r " sev e re orthopedc o njures, wfflch :h Muldowney won n B7B.1S a a ;» «- BRr ar pt>9/wr)5(a) 3 t. M - b ut, knowng w hat a fghter she s. ncludedt llf r e e fractu res of Ue left Tlecar flpped n d-alr and was U ) a a. M Tj ", >1»5/«0«19{B) 3 9 K C o r n p l e t e srerbtback, sad Steve Ste E o rw o, leg. a bro sroken ankle, and torn k re "co pletely destroy«l.. you couldnt W 67«-U 3 S. M BS, p B3/7»14(b) 4 1. U S o l e c t o n q» k c s a n for-lhejmuo auonal Hot-Rod. cartlaget. ; : even know-whavkud t-w -was, hesad. : e? * 4 r r ; a T n J t M M Z -..-A sso clau o n D octors- reattached - - a - severed!d- D ebrs fro the c a r w as sfoundw f feel 07S.14. a t. M Uu f, t M M /7M HP) 4 4. M Muldowney.-44(-whose jse-tranbfora thub - Va llbndlfaefjagd osls-or:- Jt:fro 4h08lleof4heaccW e H 7 H 4 MlDOr o9/7mu5(p) 4 8.M tron fro housewfe to ) drag car ra c e r to ta l recov o v erylnu at, saldearwood, 1,. T he road cage n w hlch t the drver J 0 7 H M F B5 a5 f f l 7 «T S h t l ( 5 p 8 e a3 S Heavy Outj tyhogks w as chroncled by-holly ollywood-n- Ue - addng Ua lhal*mul(kwney. w as-dro\vsy y s l t s, how ever.-reancd c d r t a t a e t. -H7S.15 4 a u» - w # S S y H e a r t O k e P f f B w areof w hars-nappene= e e r g p e o p le - g o t J u h e r - l e 12 n T» n» r 7 : 4 f t f = n1cos-m35/7«l1l(l) t. a s roe ntensvo-tare-unltu lt-at-m ontreal She wll 111 be bospltaltod.aoou>er:ax- X dlalelv. Earwood sad. Plus Enchango. Plus Btchango F orm o»tc ar> v n cra Hospa. l o e l g h tveek s,hesad. ae was uadly burned!d n 1972, Ue ~ tta lo tlo n A v a llo b l* "A s fa r as we can.tcu, tell,-there stx) Md downey s-car-o ew O ffthelrackt X s a e -y e a r-s h o -tu e(professonal, a danger, " a nurse g su jx jervlmrsaldr h seconds after cnwsng Ue fnsh lne c " when h e r car s ern e exp (ploded. ~ S p & EEaperTreT l*w Hlwey TrMtd Tracton TrMd- M ;«g...s B M ePLY.r.. M S PL Y... ( H u n d re d s o f l>,5 8 PY x - -. V aPlY..... % 0 M. : t M C u s to W l w s (ftcftaoa#. - to C hoose Fro ; O & P NCORPO RATED ntroduces SU M AUWERRCEl S o rt T r BRDd lo N C onlageproducts 1 B S S B n...*2w / C l r t S C «H ag ll... r P=ll S «2M B n /Crt S C «S B n... ; lum M El SPECA LS &-SE f O T C t A M S O O tl... J Z y V M s a a w... : A u th o rzed to U «A ta rv c * : - A S M fg. ln * - r :L ~ ~ ( hl o r t W b o l «c «w J r ) gjg C rr«n!ly *«rvlclngd co p l lh lv J.A. 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38 2 ; dayrjuly4r-tfla4 knowsrlwnjalls,. tdaho 04 r- BRMNGHAM, Ala. (> (AP) - Mke We both w ant the sa e thng - T a pa Bay backup q quarterback ground, C lark, a defensve tael ckle for the that chapl plonshlp rng," sad a a rk :.. J y Jordan. He played d thesecond The (act. d. that the gae s n T a pa Bay Bandts, and Bob-Lane, tll b e a h eckofaw» ar.. r half Sunday aganst Bl 31rlngha, Blr lnghah,.wll- have lttle the quarterback for the! Blr E lna We want n t th a t chaponshp) sad- r - passng for y ard s f : y e a r s s a n e r who played a K eavesgolm lnu w flrsth half.. both n the le playoffs, and w ere not b ut both can t have t. n last Sund; n d ay s loss lo Tapa s R eaves flnlshedlhe season wth playng double Q. - T her tea s, both 14-4 lln t ube-elllnallon.". th e U n fe Bay whue lle B r ngha s. top p 4,092 yard s parsng w hle: e Sloudt had Although S tates Footbal] Lcagu<» a all four -B r ngha je s second quarterback, ck. Clff Stbudt, had the day/ 3,121. However, Sloudt fl fsn for 440 losseshave- coe at hoe, the Houston 8 J sw aon,- eet-today-n-a a frst-round off. K e U y w a s t h e l e a g u e s l e a d n g p a s s e r ~ y a rd s7 -a -6 ;5 y a rd -a v e rage w hlle StallloreS juef playoff ga e.-:; efavoredfby le ss-th a n T ng-lo bfr4-fbootoutasad 1 -Reayes-had - lnus-:rda 3age onlh<t touchdown. J F e a l eb cyclst G< h a r g e s jolynapt * 4 G S r W t h r S k k r r k k k k s p x s BOSE (A P) - A U.S. U.! O ly pc The loc, C. whch ths sprng won ts Woen s Challenge that x began Satur-" dstance that dat th e en wll cover.- cyclst paruclpaucg n n. a-flvftklay Judcal, challenge ch - fro Aercan daynbolse:... < R ebecca1 Nvlgg; - 2 r Colorado : bcycle race routed thro rwgh part of 5,000- and 0dlO,OOOrraeter. n ners... B ut-lltu ebyllu erltsr 1provng,"... Sprngs, Ctolc!olo.,-be!leves the OC polcy 5 )f n thr.p lpa»nt Hll. C:allf., w wpan sad, can- be defe fended by ctng nubers. - t e o r n : e y e r y t s o d s n th e Olypc s 8 treat U ent of the prograt h h n g y o u. a a e O c0 H k n o w t o l o - "K ra a t th e Los Angelas jracre s no use gettng : t upset about Most countr ntres, she sad, have far. f e a le c y c lf s ts = - s Olypcs,-w rw lll-qjonsbr-seven- en s J t c a t e n d - j n ore road 1 ra c e rs lhan track technln e p l a c e r g o l d. C o s t s W M - Tbe nteauonal Oly llyropc Co- r e n ts a t the S u er Gaes. One M ale ra c e rs n Los Angel lelcswll rde clans, and d th e two dscplnes are ; f o r 1 0 b o u r s e o f l e c t u r e a n d f e l c d n s t r u c t o n. njtteehasn t been challen] lenged n ajurt race for.wo en wll b e held. ". l n track and road t e tral la ls,a r n t,...dlstlncuy.dlfl lffe re n t. ::: t ; but t s drawng won voen nto ts thnk k t s SM st that woen ndvdual-and 1 a t a g o l d b c tea pursul af t o n. 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The ens assocatlon s onthly tng has lasb eenrescheflu l fo r - ; July U due to the Fourth Fo of July holday. fl A u to crd s t s s r a c e t o d a l jy - : T T w n A n s- T he Magc ValleySports Car a r Clubwll sponsor ts L :Julyubll &AulQC D h e re -w lll be-clas! lag es for-allfour-wheel-vehtc hccsjhqtjaeglsflfete =,. requre ent, nclud n d tn g g n -T jrtg ~ TheaulocroM w/ll lll b e held n the north parkng Jng lot on the College of Southern daho ca j pus.-practlce runs begn a t 10 a.., wth ted n n s to sta rt a t l p.... ~ " J h c r e -wu-bo-an-$8-ent - foo, and-przes-c s-and-lrophes-w lll-be a w a. - D av s co! S t l T h ba l n - o n e - -TWN -F A L L S-B --- e tty bavs.gatjer.x Ulth-holelnne~Frldny U ; v - a f t n o o n a tth e B31ue lu Lakes Couhtpr. Club. She ;he holed hd ber S.-a 90yan3]-3 hole.vtbaw vl edge. Davls wa s o lfld S tahdleyonf rlday. y-. U.S.c a g e r s n w e a k e SPRNGFELD,.rM r J a ss. (AP) The Unlt nted S tates Olypc basketlmul tea.w/as placed n the w eaker Grou roup B a t th e draw for o p e n n g -ro u n d gan es Frday for the 19S4 Su neroyfnplcs at Los - - A ngel*. -V A LU E - D E tu X E " HeavUy favored lo tc wn the gpldjnedal wth th. the boycott of tle. k : M W. < FLAVOR VEW Sovet Unon, the U.f U.S. tea w asput n a grou oup that also nduded Porty Ste Ouol Burnar.Cot) FLAVOR TW WN Chna, Canada, U rug uguayv F rance and Span.. wlthosm ThruW ndom OW - Party Ste Ouol Burn* Group A. eanv anwhlle, contaned defend OoluWo rotfosblo porcolon dlng gold..edallsl lotool- ol - CoBrlU,, 4 E G > ( G R N G S G Yugoslava, taly, B razl n and West (Jerany. 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S h e r y l G a r e y L : - - T w a / tes > c M s e c u rw T - y M O R T Q A G E W rgl ers, not 7 l l e n, gve 6 Gable3 rs o s t c HOUSTON ( A P ) - W le e vst loue o f. TTw Gar Ja blers- w ll e n te r the le and controverses of therast.?: and recever vers Rchard Johnson and ""A rzona w ranglers.cof k»ch.( J e o..p ayons u) neu naugural season-. "r:parflw saa.."so we" rc7 lst preparng-k cky Sanga.w h Q e a c h M u jn q c :::: - l e P c j o w l n t j a rres-h r ouston wth a seve Y a ejnnngste gftk kz a fora~good football tw u r - r - th a n 100 passe G anblers Coach Ja c k P v d e e golg 13-5 record rd a n d the Western Confer- v pm dee prased A ra zonas lale- T he Gab: blers " t w and shoot" n to -to d ay s Unted Stal tales Football encesc ent ntrald vlsonu tle., season push nlo the playol raffs. j)ffense us ust c p R t w tblbe League frst-round play( lyoff ga e n t wll p t P ardee the student- t. t s been louch-and-g go for the W rangler def efend that has r s t e the.astrodo e agalnst-ajle lle n the aster n the 1:30 (0 and th e y v e -re a lly -p layed well. " 73quarter6ac -Backsacks ths season, They have a good so sound football tea, ther defense ea ds the league p..c D T k kckoff., P ardee sad. But at ths 5 pojt, p we a re. even. Wc won 13 gaes s,lh ls season " (Juarterbat back Greg Landry leads the W ranglers offense and was a key n-sacks-andctbelrbffe fe» e-l8 -th rd - - P a r d e e -p- p la y e d under -the often-- V- -and they w o n 1 0,"b u rn rth e playoffs fo rc e la tlafatnt fl on push. Arzona. overall, P a rd w sad.. Thats the controversy sla Allen on two teas and d you a re startng over. / also has twln-1,000-yard h sh es n only ystque we are won Drredabout." - know shsfc 5 fo r er coachs affnty for»r The G a blers offenslv ve w eaponry Tl Spencer cerahdkevlnlong. TTe W ranglers won tb< tbelr last four ce crea 1and at wnnng. s a ong the osl pre: ttsslve n the.. The Gab ablers ralled to defeat Z-- g a es fo r a 10-8 record a and squteted - W ehave vc a young group here and d U SFL.-U -lncludes-quartt lorback J -- Arzona n a-rogular-season. nto the playoffs as a Wld dcanl.. they a ren t t th at fa lar wth hstoryy Kelly, the league s cad dng passer eetng. Tapa-1Bay-Sta [ jlo n s c o ll tlde after r o n g s ea.son th t W N B R O KlngSU«Oual&urn*f Cotgrlll -* Mgll-lovat chroo wlr«<oo - - S U P l R S A G S t.ouoojtoal»au»ohnogrjd; n lte ll.h o}uonlrol c l, : : 3 C 0 M P A C T z r : Ouol control w lh dependol j» b. / con«o rotary gnllor.. Kondl#, A rklor«lpo -P O R T A B L E P re ate b lo d H" burner. pe lor«kperonelng Eo»y to rolloroorhoovy.<k ture ol coohng-out. wlk rul-frm olurnlnnrr Kor ly. E A S Y -T O -U S E, loolffh l S l O C A l W M A C C Y A t UJ Y P B A H R S " - GANS [ASEPLACE - GREENAWALT S ; JAcn SHOWHOUS B ln la te,b» llu «... >offs QHNDKERS S A R l zz: S H * b d s s n p s s s s G A S CGRLLS, = E R C E S - S T A R f c z r : (... L E S S t h a n [ASEPtACED! DAHOElEGffllCC T S s A lwavsf u n W t h - -THE EMJERTA wer B a l c o n y / P a t o G a s B a A e c: u e.g r l l. : A S D l - P e r f o n n s B a llg a e s, H B e a c h e s - TrPcncS" \ - S T V J " 330fcll S?Eoollj -- " B O S fn MSs u f w - - ; 0. - A N D E R S 0 N t U E r S b H lw e H - - 3» S :U lc )l. lo T W -1 V - lbbw ysdfw \ : : ; : A s \ L A = K p. n. - L A B LUMBERGO.

39 - -tw T ln w avw.t w fn F 1 V T * l C t r t t O ByB 0 B R E E N Z = :Z : a am ralleledcareerr struggllrg-ts-andco p e M 5 r h o «" f T )ly : a ood round toorrow, -- Tbe Assocated Press n ~ f lh r o n g - h lltln g Australl lan known a s 14th, P rce h d to ake a slxoot«(o» Nckat Jaus, frequen(ly-a challenger ser a l 207, nne sbo(s.unde der par on the have a ch chance. But have to have! a th e "G reat Whte Shnrc. c. * s a v e p a r. On (he pa516(h, he got hs 4 yet a wnner of (hs event, G ena bbeyg oaubco course. good roun< und to have a chance. We U - OAKVnXE. Ontaro rk> Soulh ATr- S J v r f t a ll " ddn t drve t very welj; w aod(hat..sebon<j nto lo theback bunker, but took ln(o a te for second w th.a. a ll ju st h a v e to put t yself n y see. - can N lck-prce has a foupflbot lead trd-rou w a sth e cause of-bst-ol of-yrtrouble threfrfrothera U and walked off.wllb a. ound 69 despte a (hree-putt,-,- own U e ahen, play y own-gae, ; ts a poston ve b n here today, sad PrM, and a ajo r challenge ge facng h n bomv-6 6-On-the o»led 1< fro wfre~ p a T ) e -:-fflh~was-anolhe l r drve-nto-zz lnalbole..and-a.211. J l l - nol to w rry.a b o u t,what!5gdngbn wl b e fo r e r saldt a V cklausrhbder"ort otb l a t o r e ln.wlnnlng tho.wo VoHd Seres o f t t e r o u 1 a n a n o h e f u tt par. et S U C anadcz-s al. a ro u n d w lle ll M cuu," P rce recordj7:n 7:ajot4)rofes8k>na] ttles bul- anopragouchanpon 4 J t-g o lf a s tf a ld b a s le d1 a lh h e w a y n - S tra n g eely-enough.-t-w - as-nottbq onshp.. nstp placed hu orthln four shoso f o f. sad. k n ow tw lh bod dffcult. not ye t - a wnner of : the Canadan -th so n e d rv e thatco tcost h on the Wth. H e got / 11 wfll be dffcult- very dffcul the d when v th e strugglbg Prce hl( hll N lcklaus. e l shots off the lead Opcn. H e s been a runner-up n ths. kd O w tw llbedlttlcul cult," Prce sad nto lhe e wv ls M aybe t wll be a go o o dlessonto h ste e shwo tl t n the farway and had 210 ater on (he fnal hole and after 36.holes, halved d th at argn event fve re t es and was thrd twce, *, e for toorrow. On th - S aturday a s he looked ced ahead to (he ade Mgey. bog hs course you y a rd s lo thepln. e t N lcklaus wll be pared despte the tbree-pult lap apse on the last bcludnglr g last season. vnnal 18 boles o C b ebase c lor a $94,500 wlhprct sply ust drve t n the befalrw ay.. " wanted to ake brde on the cen(heflnal groupoff thetee ee hole. Ncklas, s, 44, wnner of the Meorfrst p rze and the Caw lahadan natonal Sunday H e atched four brde Ues a r k a s hole. A sx-2 sx-shot lead s a lot better lay sp lay. " ju s t h a le to lose lhat lat last stroke, al tou a ent fourweeks ago,shared d any bogeys o v j J r s t 13 holes th a n a fou?-s u?-sbotlead; butllgucssyou chapkshlp.» w the people wll be wantng ng Nlcklaus sad, "T hat n e a n s lh a v o to - the No. 2 : spot wth defendng tue Tbedffculty-ltes-ln-l n th e fonnldable l o j alack c buttadtostruggltm nf n h o e h v e to.t4 tak kewhatyou.get,* Prce w to rju st-b e c a u sfrh thh e o u t t o o r r o w and try y to ( gett back~ fogetjoh ohn Cook and Greg Noran. fgure bfjackncklab, B,lhelegenday anh s A fterdrvng nlo deep p 1roujzhnh th e sad. -. self," safd P rce, who held a F o u r stro k es s not t loo far back, Godon B w hself, r, 00 oc the prowl for sbc-shot t lead e a t the start-of the day s / s And th ere so n ly o K nan a n front of the one portant ttle th tl a t has e lu d play, but lut could do nobettcr than a. e. ~ B, S r -uhersh EVFPa: (AP fap) -=R 68e N ausehl had th e day s best round on n to regan a ohe-stroke lea sad over Mller -" :; - Jones, lookng for b e r f flrst vctory n tbe 6,388-y 8-yard W est Couree of the e B arber a fter S aturday s s thrd U round, sps th ree. on (he e ] Ladles Pro- H ersbey C Country G ub. 5he vaulted d Enterng Sunday s flna nal B holes of > fe83k>ne]gokas9()cauoc ton Tour, shot a nto colten lentfc wth a 5-under-par 677 the COO,000 Unted Stales 5 Golf 3 sd e r)a r 69 Saturday ja y (0 take (he afteranopf openng-round 73. Assocaton event for pla lavers 50 nnr V AUTOSYSTEMS! j e a dhartbercoo;00(h:fab L, - K. y.u,,» Open. Stephenson, Van Hoose,, over, 1981 Senor Oper >en chapon j Jones, whose t>et fnd Wsh ths season Wosha,, n k ste r and Stephane B P al er w as a t 214.4over crpar. vere al t for the lead after w as a te for l l l h p B arber, w ho beat Pj Pal er n a / o p enn g round. But.J.oncs, P eter8barg,-:blnhfd:ttre jhead:to:headshowdown-: njnportland, :/ \ never ledgon g nto Ueflfal fve holes aod fnshed wl \ ;Ore.. for the 1982 Senor Open ttle / )f -a n LPGA toaenl, total o t n the544)0le U had an even-par 70 on P the 6.63S-yard JH# Doa Whte, M yra Va 0 t e breakng the logja,, Oak Hll C ountry Club Eaf last Course for led bo e a 30-foot brde putt Ju le nkster w ere ted led for second a 215 total. place at439rtw ostroke8 softtbepace. o: second h o le-and added two J =aes on the fourh*5urnftr P rstt o rad cad crb ojb-g b oaljylad- : J f Defendng datnpton pj Jan an up-and-down round ofto for a6j M - --Stebephsoa took a double- blewgeysxon total. H e fell behlnl n the hechdsefo ra. f l th e fnal hole to drop l(0 o «,even)ar f o r -..-Meanwh) /hlle, a t the U.S.-Senor Open frst prze wth bogeysonthe ; =. th e d ay and 140 a fter 38 Sboles. bo: Golf Chan laplonshp n Rochester. fnal tw o holes, ju st as he dd n. JoUQng Stephenson 1 a t 140 w ere. N.Y.,Ao Tvlrt P n l P F ft>h ng fn r ns F r d a y s second round. " M a r t h a N ause. Dense Sb trrtg a n d Jo th ree shots Ots behnd,».but survved a 1 --D e fe n d n g -c h a p o n B Blly Casper Abn W asba.. trouble-fue Wed front nne and anaged r l shol76for227. Halyl ln & Co.. set cclurr s a x e c Q T W R J te = 7 P f 5, ne t o l M k e t M, j ll Packard. Kevn Head er, ~ redjulchns : / 8 0 R 1 3 C e n t. H w y ;, HanUlj], R alph Conantr> a lr J n GOr"SMlf f] l D a t e J rk lch artls6n,~ ant-joan A llenand the " V e n f D o jler, Ann Cove «O a d -o fj - over a l le charolte - 65R14 B a r u...: 1 V a n Engclen- a n d.m a ry. ". H!. :! a f l - V \ O dsner, Hal B o w en lt tt on ShockPy - - an d u» --e a of Uuane! - John-R oot,-b abe Hansen h e re S atu rd a td l u d tr Bn and Dana»K 7a-14 B rd g e s to n e... : r * 6 9 r lhe (rat days Sclebcrce ger, J e n y Ferante,. Dan Startn.. acuon a t tbe M c Valley-Mx V; e d ;15/80R 15 A r s t r o n g T e r : V c s, C h o y l - n u n d - f l f t y - s l c " Scra ble a t tbe TVrtTJl M u n c p a l R U,gc ter!-golfers-are - t> a te ;rg and Aerca B rodcea. lakng p a rt n (he two G c lf C o u r s.: OKay event ,5 D d y to n T r o H o lot... n a.sxth (th-p]ace te ac5(rwere Bob wllch.wlll resu e ths o T hat w as two strokes lo lngw tha C D a y to n T r a c:tlo tk n <es belter t a Bacon, Bob Skrederstu. OeorRC,. 9 : o clock shotgun start. th e second place tea. - J Rc.-nuzscn, F ran k Bau, Roy H o e, Roy DUon, Chrs Sterlng and ESERR/ :a d a l s J e a n M egs w av errl rrln a / three>way te for thrd place at 55 ya A vere-the-tea of GayrEy r B a u,- R o b l n ~ H ) f f - R Q O d. Englsh,- Bll- B lake,-br Brlan-Powlus t f(j r-l o fl-h ansen--p a(e C D o s h fe n th e -. > M s p P E G A L, C"3-year-ol( d to DCarl lo A Y r J 0 L Y 5 - W E < P L E T E A U r O - MAXOETR ETRCH.BUHl EVENNC JNCSAE & T l ge { SERVCE P GLl G Y O N A L L T " :K rd W N A M O S lw*y" y " G w r " ] Motlert aobbrno >rne Aucton S.orvlce C J D D Carlo of Denver, brought U.S. R N E W P A S S E N rgc r n R B v t n n C 6 o freestyle sw ng ou out of the M O N D AlY Y, J U L Y 9 doldru s by breaklg Bra ran Goodell s. MERlAUSON- N-EVENNG SAE 8-yeac-old Aercan record w r for 1,500. Advenloc oon>:july7 Motter t Oborne eters a s tbe U.S. Oly lypc Trals >rne Aucton Sorvce. tee/ Roadhazt zard warranty f / concluded Saturday. T U S D A B efore ths week, no Aercan had J t -. t, r, J U L Y 1 0?.. tee/ Workan! nshp warranty FLER FOOD CENTER RON ANC brokffl 15 nutes and 17 seconds at anduda WUSON - EVENNG.... / v... Adv«rll«e >onl:july th e longest Olypc swn Hng dls W ulm uetl6na«rts t Salel c Manageent tee/ Rubber valve stes r -tance,-ancef:1976r-bun3 njc arlo.w as, t ed n 15:13.11 n Frday day s prell- r - T H U B S b!a Ty 7 j u y T a : - Tre rotal atons -1- c x -. - L. n a ry b eats and chaleng< the 15- SAM AND/ JDAMA LEWS nute b a rre r n Salurd ;urdays fnal Ho u s e h o l d -MSC.-REA REAL ESTATE. EVENNG SAE Adv«rll«w tbal5:01.5lclockng. ent: July 10 tee/ Tre rebal aancng M *»*rlfh> th.auctlon Servce T h at surpassed Goodells JsU.S. ark -o f 15:02.40 set a t the 1976 W6 Olypcs. J tee/ Auto Safe! fety nspectons / T Jn *TTurflafly; Dcaro" rlo~?ashwl H W B a W l H M - W O - f r l e W A ercan record. [R M S T R O N G HACTO M eanw hle,. Tracy Caulklns of L ow ongleotl othoold-er for long W E! OK RE :e p a r s ~ N ashvlle. 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40 NCA yareel n g a f t e goslcjerk C :af:s6 ftb a c k s By.DOUGTUCKER, ourow n structurelda Vf ru e s a n d le -. togelhe te r.. The A b la te d P r laton. asw eu as- S-- adlnstrauon. B uth -h e a g re e d th a t tle key w ord r d -s B P J - r l C X prooton, and a greal r any other change.»e: CHCAGO - The Tl hotel bellhop Ulngs." Phelps sad. d. Youve gol lo. "Lke k e ou er Ulngs, th e N C,U reo n e e d s B 3 3 B S 3 T u u 2 2 t notced the nscrptj puon of the College have ccrtan punsh sh ents for"vto- to cnanj a n g c to - lf lh e t r n," n e -surt s a Football Assocatlo: luon on a pece of auons. And youve e gol lo have nn "W e re gon g th ro u g h a v ast c h a n lggngp -. % \l5rganlyu onal slncu :lrft-.dfln:-unk now-ld-l n tplovmont hlnk -j You here for U»e th< eeung of the l 3 -K o gong >to seee anythng dlsap- Ue NCA C A Ayery b a d lj; j B jjft football schools?"hc h eask ed. - 0 / 1 pearng n Uose nreas. We grow, we e n e o r g a fo o tball.c oadl VyJn n c c Rght. ~ T h e - t e l l h o p ~ p n n ed and s l f e S lar S n j c T D e & S S - J jy.agbmjsjvu j U at now, t J a n u a r y, a fte r s a lle r footb y ~ D o d d s. aulellc dre reclor al Texas, o tto lt - "Y ou g u y s -a re e -j -gettng ready to - v f «..w h ld r n jp p o scfl- s s-jyuu M t-voted-u te-h H uj du p thewcaa,.are ared tyou? - - * f - -vgorously ds any sch r s pn th e floor of th e N r. chool-ue past-flve :nt(on,"d ooley sa d Ue bg-tr N o.--haven t-h«r h e a r d a n j k o f y earst he-l onghon o rn s-b ro u g h U U.e B B H s should b o rth e N C.U r : t h a t." annual NCAA conven ton lo a tepo-...w.lalk.o y ththng.u l ra ry standstll n l «at extree,, case 1982 by getung a But se s( v e r a l of th e ques.tlons w e re a y change that. f n o t-a-n perhaps, but the : NCAA s once-tolal d s-re- restranng ord er aaganst t - ay dls- reconsd s e r e d Ue n e x t d a y and p asso. s s t B j g D g r o role, Ue NCAA s lkely to g rp on college spo qx)rtscertalnly has have cusslonorvoteoftele levslon ssues. gvng 5 tht e football schools a la rgr e leflnedrole. beco e a sero c 5 topc tc of conversa-.gbv T-Ulnk-Uere s a-a great-fulure for easure u o f lh e le g.slatveautonon y bvously, we need a force, a./ Uon as t rcacts to lo a the NCA/\." he sad. jne /e been sockng for ore.thnn adverse decsons -n-nnnt h a n.n... nlzatfqn.-where~we~eo throug of ts ajo r lools of nfluencfe: control o f o n e y a n d e n forceenl ra of rules. On Monday, a Ne\ N evada Judge n3ed th a t the NCAA vlolal Daled Unversty of L as Vegas basketbj euall Coach Jerry ~ TarKflnlaflsrtBh t U) lo < due process when fo rd ered = h ln l-bbtls U spehdeo or wo" -. - y e a rs n 1977 wthou loul presentng any hardevld enceofallej Jleged volatons, On W ednesday, th e U.S. Supree C o u rt,n a7-2 d ecslo slon, took awoy; the, * : NCAA s exclusve cor control of televson - rghts-toh college footballr saylng-ll... " ~ o lb th rn n tttn stla taw w : r T he T arkanan case. whch the ; NCAA plans to appc ppeal, wll havo no edate effect out oulsde Nevada, al- = = t h o u g h { h = t h e - N -NGAA ( procedures, cted by T arkanan and the legal - grounds used by the Judge are co* on ones. ; n the football ease,-though, lelevl D n rso n conlracts-w ortfr- orethanlso B B u lo n jw n -u up,;.schools-w j ere. : freed to ake th er row ov n TV deals, and - - a frenzy of excte te ent was touched off as offcals fro-the-topfootball- -1. B n - r - payng-nsttutons s gaucred quckly ; nchcago. T he questons now a re how strong 1 ; the>caa should be t)e and whsher,"at B W ag e 75, t has out-lved /e d ts usefulness. " sure the NCA/ :a a s feelng qute r - J r-b e le a g u re d by the twotoutdeclslons Co ng~nnt»-rght-7ftf a fte K lh g U )th e r-th» M g : -way they dd. - s sad Dr. O ts -. B H Sngletary, p r e s dsnt t of Ue Unlvers- ~;.ty-of-kentuckyukrtw 4eadofhe onege Football A ssocaton,; n, a rebel group of b f f lj, bg-u e scuools wrls hlch frst launched ~ th e "ch a llen g e "to NeAA-controlof NC football telecasts.."b B ut Mrtalnly do~ not h ear a hue and cry rj Ual Ue NCAA : s n e a r death. - - "Of course, there s a future for Ue NCAA. thnk t s an c organzaton people voluntarly jo n togeu er. And 1, ts support for-alateurs atc ard the. o th er thngs ts stood for over Ue years are as vald now as U6y~evr B :- = z x w e re j: T h e CFA-already >plans p to p u s h J o : B ad nster a new rat rallorfel TV plan. O n eo fth e o stradllcal ca suggestons s ~ ngh t s upplantsthe NCAA as.the No. 1 organzaton < n., college sports...a gan, Sngletary sa s a ld n o T -... " ve never beleved ed Ue only reawn. \. -th e NCAA exlsts-lsf o r - a - c g n. ; g e en L -fo r /. Sngletary, who also 0 holds an por-.... tan t poston n the le newly fored ".. NCAA presdental ct cosson. :don.l-seewhat-has=hap fappem-muh Olng U16 (lea Knelte r o he-noaa... M ost-certanly do ) not. Clearly. Ue Supre e Court h as 5 wrought a very s l rfc a n t change. But change does not ean death. Lkewse, tho T arka kanancase does not ean that th e B NCAA F wll be. strpped of ts enforcenn» e n t p o w ers ;--B u l~ lf-e v e r-c a rre red c through-lhe federal courts, t could ean thal Ue NCAA wll have to cha :hange Ue way t enforces therules r - We need th at knd d cof-enforcecnl pro g ra,.sad N otre D a es Dgger Phelps. who repres< resented colcge basketball coaches at l the Chcago. eeung. Wc have to lo 1: have f were gottgtffotrvtvcrothen have-co plcte.chaas. s J L w o a d J ) c J t k c : H tann g off all the traff afflc lghts at Ue busest ntersecton n lown al ru sh. ~ hour. " f you dont )ave a cop there lo handle the traffc, you r e - golng-lo h av o d sastcf. -. Nevada D strct. ;. Judge...Paul E U. J. l j j y ] N o w t h r u W e d n n e s d a y, S a f e w a y h a s s o e A l l - A e r c a n p:> rh rces!. o n y o u r pl c c n c f a v o r t e s - Uf o r - t h 4 t h o f JJuu l y * W h < lole, Red Rpe. f. ) r. j k L w o Jl u a c o o l. rc s t uu l«r.ylot -ra}< e-advr Jw H rtg c -n f r-: th u sd f r e s h, ju c y w o ty ern r r c lo n s al o t - A -A n L rcc n p r c e n l S a f e w a y. ~ B A e rc a s 1 -dvorle -oo( ) d c S to r *., \ l 6 - p Q u n d ; a v. g e a c h H l. Sundar. July t, T Tlos-Nows.wln Falla. daho D-7, T J -..., - j :. - [ f f went beyond that. :-The NCAA Colttee tt on nfraf- volatons, ncludng g charges Uat * r = c o a c h c s -h e lp e d -flx gradw-and-pro* grt ndshow s a t Las jc h o o n e n n w o Z T S * years-on-pnjljau on,, but Tarkanan : w n an nlundfln agar n s t hs suspen--.." / r D avd Berst, who 1 now w heads the NCAA s en fo rce en n t t..d v so n, n- c presented. vestgated e c h arges, r - the to t h t nfractons sco c u tlecan d ~ ~ - - D e l M drafted the penalues.. 1 o r r t r * - T o a t o - r : - L u e e r n e F r e s h Bul B erst and others testfed at Ue tra l th at the only evldej dence presented 9 S j a t s u p Cottag( ge Cheese : before the conuntte e ca c. e fro h s. recouecllo f r T n t tervlew e s;~ Whle j B H f//- - J UNLV flled two Farg u - b o x e s w th w Snll Cu<l~- affdavts, and othe ther evdence challengng the charges. jes. G olflnransald- those. s e. nvcsugatlve M d enforce ent etho Ujods"ghl be f z r : f t consdered effcent, but so w as Adolf -. bottle c: Elch ann and so s Ue leayalolah." / 32-outr> culo r n. o n ly *1.49 "T be NCAA s an asso ssocauon v*lch - s f l a exsts for Ue purpose te of c seeng Ual th ere S fa trp lay. b» e-sa -1 d.- l a l s o - - h as tbe obllgauon to play lay farly." - G old an. sad Ue He NCAA has,,:e v o v e d ro -JL -sall. a ] loose-lgll t.safowaltslorgswllbo L - assodau on-of sdools s U U) a large bu- Wl O P E H n t V l l T H M. r u c r a c y Uat "exercses e <a foryo your sftoppng convonlonco pervasve force -throo w tlts -l.o O O --~A.s uch as anytfttng. lt g? a 7 fm lb a r Ṃ-z - r r r Scotch-Buy- l P a p e r Pl M y - g n c h P l a t e s " U ncocd -JS A V E B O - W ck c rp late H olders s 4-pk.. j aft. v ~

41 D-flTo8-Now9.Twlj rwln Falle. daho S unday, Jolyl-.10W u:::r : H n...r ooulot-p lcosn as Mdv-VofY AtSQnr)oStototD3ue u< o Local C o pellon BH ADVETCnSEO CHANOtSE POLCY. = E E %. 5 Bg Wac a d e r Pool For Backc k y a rd F u n Of durable le poyethyjene wth c< c o r t o o n d e s g n. \ ( p } B / a c k s DDckpn a v e *3 u r R e g u l a r f l 5 M l T n t f l f t 1 - j S.. - M S a v e l O O u t = l ; T W e S L W e V g Moblo-B o a sd : \U l.-v.---d ualblufne--- uft ( = \\ S a v e v Up-lfon n C o n lro ls ( = r r ; ]0.8 6 > C h o r. -. y M. D u rab le Alu lnu Law n C h a r C M Sturdy desgn wth colorful polypropy 3 O - 0 u r S S W ES / G o t t G ood! ~ Ml.Mo/VotV..: S d v e O ur C holse r O r C h g ls e )pylehe webbng. = P : Sa le P r e e 11 :r cll,,-j Prce \.to laro d -S u n d O O L M S p H " ; p ~ c le :- - P o r t a b l. W th BullHn -Fl F l a s h P, O T S r s p e e < -E lecjronc-dasf a s tv a rd -a u tb -lfllb d tc fpcus. Sh( Shoots ndoors H g jjg gs v llls ;."rm s w tc h r.t;s h,.. ;.. ;... p r o p y3 j b.! e d n c h ; ; O u Jd d) b f s 4 - l h f h n y ; B P e e d B o x F a n K223-. ro tary dal co n tro l :h r 6 5 o r d r p o y ;: /. 1 S M W 5! 5 5 > y - le n e - - b la d e s r, V r S a v e AlfVOtv. 0 O ur ; >7 S a le P rc e. -l,9 7 - O u r 1.31 > 7 f C o u p o n. r S 1.31 S ale Prce. 1 «/ * d la o t 5 *pr. P k g. Tub e t e r S u p e r F lo a t b S o c k s v --,= : F.or.poororbr g g a c T fu n: S q v e. " " ffcffvla b le nd. d ht gtrlv """ T~l/fk \ f A [ Q O ro,y Q ur3.97. Ncolog-Sw ng- r * " W ~ r " ~ 7y,. s s e s r PST t r S o v e. " «g,,,, 2.97 \ V 1 V O - S p o n. Essrrcsahu.,v wh. ; ll pasa r t - A l a. l n u F o l r ; 26W 0 - for bakng. :ngh3n d -fe h e o ln g r Y S a le.p flc e W - U l M COUlXxrCool Mu Jut/ J. Q W th C o u p \ Z z ~ T l - J - M o r r r n r D B l j < S o t., s s! k N = # = f e w p o n = = M 3u p o n... p 3 rorgftgttruetc: f f y Andes!. fslcandes ~ /C \ x -Ol-chango-o - ( u p - lo - 5. q U -o n y. P ; ] K o d a r O jw C h o o s e c h o c o l a t e, - \ \ ~ / vvochr K lnqu ju. - ol) nsloll 1 4 K. W ~ c f e o - d e n e n t h o.o r - t f g - 3 p \ > y l X Qtl.:-al.tllQr lor..c ta u -lu tc a ~.* r 5 g a g H C h o 6 : c f ; o - l n g s r n H U M. r j -, s t n lllt2pkgj, D uslbu; sfer* V a c u u O u r S o le? P!... Hefty- Kllcho len Bofls.jH 57T3-gall6h71 n : 2 5 " l p v g - plostc bogs wjjh jes. -.. A~22 - V j s s r r e c h o r g o b t e - v a c j r d - t o - r e a c h d r e o s. c h a r g n g - b r a e k e f r juunououuju, J l u n j l >6 Sponj. S w h a e rn l E " G T " P 7 a abat c. G a s r U c a s.d lu n u rh S B.. Q d a s fo b le JffffL h ard d e s g n -w jw th.p u s h - 5 b t b o w l v e n t s r n d u r o b le to n gnt n ter, 2 0. l b. * L P «,.., a n k T - r -t jf e » «L : F ~ LM,M( vnry S o l.e P fc e jrt 1.27 L 1 \ M S a v e 6 f A, t e r o r.lo t e x. B. E xteror Flat U p : F a r r h r r r c o o r s 7 o... * ~ W h lte :rc o 5 to } ln ts :-W Ourl3,97,GtoJS,...:.,7.97 Our 16.97,Satn, Gol, Ou " gt T0url7;>, eoh. G onot97~ t e - f ~ n! e rl F q r "W hte, cu sto t n t s, Our tt.97, Sehglost, 8;97 C o lo r C \ R eprj rjn ts E n la r A lr R e f rg e-r ra a n t A S td.- s u r td c e. s t o n - F ro y o u o refrg ee rg. 1., d o rd -s z e p prnts fro or - n ego < l r ~ 3 ; JJlL - L *. * y o u r no,-s S o r - C o l o r 3 /,. : < d s c c o lo r neeg atv es,* l a r{ g e e n t s ssoflwlnct TctuowJ tooav o urstd.rszecol* J gotves, sldes; J P 3 J, 8 s O - F o r - * S a v e *7.,4 n S : -- w - S o lep rc S.87 7c Da,tc/y)lfcuO*o - C o l o r Prnt F l JC Pt05/-24rlS O -lo O =- g J 2 6 Z 2 S o j. x o ; : : jj"...- r n o tcrwcnt J, - : \ s:

42 fuf. B e a r A b b y E E r r n a B o r n b e c k Sundav. Julv 1.10M r a : ~ P - y s d d n q s /a n n v v e f s a r e s E Tl< Dfl8jlfl«8j>lnfl!l8jdaho j - j H frstdahoahs T b ea s x a e - t o JA l o y e a r / y ~ -B y-fco R A Y N E H }l SMTH Tles-New wrter r ; ALMO - WUfa la W. "B U " Bruesch, 71j reeb bers when nd-.. - an s-u sed T to -retutrto-fats :.Ttlve ~ whlch*co Alo n t h e r n g aand r agan n (he an d BLM land- as well as prvate... ffllltohunt acreage. ;e They d coe whe vhen was a kd, He re e bers a-bref trau atc wth wagon and horse!re sp jh n y o u :d e x p e rleenc& n youth.arbcn..w onder how they ade the trp" so e older boys put h and a ( /f o = lh e = n d la nn -= rc sef v a tk fre n d -ln 4n-a-holerln-the-rookSr:t en - Bruesch sad. Dad) nd would let the Ued thejne a u p, "took our horses and J a tte n ther,.al rlnlt! p asture. n fttr ffand-efusa He StUl jtll re e bers the nkng H e partcu larly reebers one feelng 1that th, he d be there forever. Rccd who lked to ) h hunt rabbts on free (her elr "vct s. * horseback. H e ond 1-hls-wlferFanny, h t Bruesc sch s V aternal tra d gjovm lor deer d< hdes but grondpan larenls, the Dcnnlsor custo ers alw ays had- ha> to approach Charley frst and then ten be referred to Durfes, w ere aong the orgnal p o n e e rs when Alo was settled n tho w re.- A -d lrws t- :l-a p p ro a c h -to "e7 8.- Whl /hlles-had-been here earer,- Fanny was etwlth l(h stony slence. b u t a n ndlarrscare delayed se ttl -. ~ C h a re y belonged--to the Wldcat", en t uhtl ll thal dale.. Pror o l878 clan of the Bannock :k trbe, Bruesch hls gro grandfather; and greatsad.. grandfath ther had been Mnt to Sal- AnollJer ndan wodn, wt of the Buffalo clan,.told the Brueschs her fath er h ad once klled led 30 horses.for o n to help lp c o n stru c tr Leh,. B ru esch sd sad hs hoe town dellsn a e fro a Mexcan rv ed ts use. n the H appy Hunt funtlng Ground of n e was Alao, he fuvphataloaynrc) SMfrl a fdlly elbr who wh s buredon beleves, 3, and (h e nae then-, natronal forest land fd adjonng the -shortened ted to tsp re senl for. A s a cl h ld o n h s f a th e r s A ftl o ranch. B r B rue«s4vth th e orgnal daho a h o a n s - Bruesch ra nch. DgjDLJohn----- luuuraysjw u 4 n g -o l-k l(( (-o u! 4le e an d hsw fe-havetr The Alo r.n c h;r, e r, who lves n a tw o hoe -traveletl-twoyears-durngh e s te a n 1&78 he had lo D] ay, Ore., when wnter cagltthe c; place. B o n t thrd n a faly of sx. extensvely n later years -dlffer«nt-housebuljon.thej?ar L 1 and j he took all we adefro 120 cows to rayeuo-tj o th e land offce n Haljey, as... fally.n Altho. H e traded Klhorses-as- he w as gvcf keh rcponsbllly orly. l» w k "qulle a few nght ranch where he was a s J dasses. cl pay the taxes; bo Nov. 25,; C assa County C( dd not~cbrd nlo he went and after settlln{ ng n Alo When he as 10 hs dad would put (extenson courses) at E Burley, On Atg. 10, he arred the. lrcurfrstnnce? kcptlttr*tlc la ly to lve n S tlfffsrsn T d r crv rh e l v a e x w t S r lla la, Kstejr, who was T* Bruesch s- father. J. J. Be.sch. wfluldrtlehqr lo oalong ttu thf» fn-".nnh ho frx>k.htha lad-lltueborrh n-three-er«- r - T - -L o catcd rc assla-ct:ountytjbour sur o oug -e reekrprofaably-;an ugh Bruesch and hs wfe ade so e of the frst brcks sed And two ye; ears later, he drove-a choce alx)ul hs lfe s occupat. les south o f Albon aton. even ore-solate on and near the : a re not Morons lated ranchng colutle Twn Falls - - / n an otherwse n Ue.ea.resl TwnFallsJ sjjundlrgs, 1,; tea w lh a [ lo; load of wood and food n l:vct7 ohe..know s your. : -U tah;j)ordee,u e.:l U-. bus- - unlly n soutl a t U e : far ng : :.sdlldly LDS county, heyjave A.s-a boyr B ruesch-alle lended-the Albon w here :re an older sslcr was" he sad cheerfully 1 co unty nubers n ds- Counly than Alo. >ers.around 50 M or on They have three n ancestp and have. Alo G rade School #hcl ch n 1918 batchng"hh al Albon Noral, lls cussng lfe n a s all co (a lly unts, BrucMc hj unlty, n chlldre. Wllllan s a ld. ex(enslve la R. Bruesch, -, verecordoffa llyhlstory. had so e 30 frst grade e sludents. future wfe also attended the Albon. "l)ut "b f soebody gets n trouble Phoenx. Arlz.; Alo, ard the Bhk lru(»ch ranch n H s pale ; Allen A W. Braesch,.. ate al grudfalher, John J. Tte a rea h ad ore ranch chcrs-then: ppr<lr r pogftp ngal l3thcy= et=t vhtn-she -we«h»hhcro wc to lep-r=::=:r galnst the Slent B r u h; Olypa, Wash., -a ld J a n e t-l e e an~~l lrrant fro" b1 ul any later w ere stat arvcdout ca e lo vst t tl the Bruesch ranch as a....a. thrd-generaton cattle-1 J raser. U b n e r, Rafl Rver Cty of Rocks, w here Bruesch ver. - j/ften SwKzerlar land, p u rc h a se tfe. ratch t by lack of rrgatlort water, :r; Brtesch...frend of s ; younger sster. - Bruesch r now rents oul hs tls land : (------played a s n boy w here-brueschllve3-ln-1902rafte*t n CTldrvhjle-otherwen? ;re-.un3uc==w hf>n=he=w; 3#aR=J0-hs-fnthcr wa;t he t-k4nkya)d-gms&4}ut wj ut-ls.*ull.-..-v-there-won!l-be. b e.ajo u rth-genera- n r g e tu B T ly juc and take otf wth colorful 1tr 1 West, wth stops n Key cessful- ( n dryland farn ng. He at- crppled so Br ruesch jul.scool and re: responsble for hs Forest S Servlce tonrancher n t the fauy for bof~ / ydogexplorngthc there because- W est,-fla.7-whlch t he- consdered tended hgh-schooh n-oogden-onc tookovcrtn [nnbect, grazle per t n the CltyorT rkcwlu h s sons have chosen dfferent lnes a ej:d.havejo L toojlat year-anl thejhvent-tohux lw rl-w h erc-y o u n rgjjr Jl say 1 WHS.vrl oh - S o -l-s lll-s a J t-a n d -flx lx~fenee * o f- rk rb u t-flru Jruesch-also-lsT)hll{j: e work th e randerlau laughed. - wherehe le setu p sh o p asabutchr. - he stayed n lown J n d b a ld tched. capllve," lle he ra n d e r sad pho- there." th -he sad, and-stll lb rd e s sophlcal about Jhls, ths Hewontlershow v e.b e c n. o v every r acre of ths" B u fafter ft a Texas tornado he sold... We grew up young," le esad, and sophcally n n dscussng te pros horse.stocheckon hs caltle. >, long he and hs lls vwfe wll want to rnntry** Hp nrrtmr R ntpsrh s t ou-and-w l-w enu o-w ew exleorthen there-was-always)lenly-o f stayng t r tn e sflg Nu uu guj> lll, bll yoctf f a k e a tontlnu 6"tO"V6 ve " on e lonj e, nnscallleu hf-c C ltyot.locks..,ndan-co county. t was Jgo. roughj >-lhe, -1 ranchalthbut-he re cotjy-all-one3-llfftrallhoukl -lvnghe-saldtrflflqllrg-u - U a t- fo r ra lly ra n c h Gount ty treasurer-pcens bo< ofc on daho ghost T nnngc ::A fasclnntlngrrllpsc pse-ptodaho-nnst k persons-m -who-pahenlly-relfrethtb p y! r t n e s o t - - p ls S c n ojr < Clzens buldng fund and d-do D avd J. - B e l l M t «te. DaW n~r.juker.~and provded n a new paper perback book publshed j y.... th e p a s ltt : to h e r. for producton of the c bt o o k. n a t a l S2J5 lo to the dao-oregon Eyesght t a n d "JonalhanH;W lulanu a s, all Glenns F erry; Vlckl ~ ; -th ls ycarby.dorothy Povey, Haley, longte j A j j j. -, M Lorayne B lane county treasu rer H earng Foun }undqlon. as w ell-as purcha lasng - M. B!ggerrstaf/, -M att G. M ahrt, Jennfer rw nf alrl loncm Clutt has la s d o n a te d n re c nfnnl cn carseats.for the K ldsjlcars...enttled GhostMlnng lnl Caps Of daho, T S th rseats, S ta rk a L jr D D..C onley, all Klbferly; ore :thf recently to co c o u n lly p ro je c t a t Mr Magc Valley Regonal:M edlcal D tr M F W n an an a d U sa Jooes: both Raft T her H lstoy a n d How JW lo Fnd T he,-the \ book contans authentc ntlc stores fro old- Spotlght projects,, accordng to Carolyn Lews, c o n fe r. R v er; Jon K.Ja u nes e and Robert R. Larsen, - - publcty y char an. Louse McBrl Jrlde, club tw th Jero e; -Robe oberta A. Lundln, T toy D. t ers Povey knewdur urlng Ue ore than 30 f a presdent, presented Elane Fenwc! rlck w tl a R e n e D ane e Petersw, daugller of Do loreen M ad anb Patrca y ears she w orked a t the < a D D. Splon, all Tuln Falls, courthouse. She sad SlSOclec ck; Tor Volunteers Aganst Vlt V o le n ce a t E. a n d R a lp)h h 1 H. Pelerson. Buhl, s one of >f four - a n d Carol M. llw pson, pa Mnco. o th e r county treasurer rers were helpful n pap japere as well as workng as edtor of tho th e June e eetng where Fenwck to ld o r De 19M.11., sctc Jchool graduates to wn (he 2 preh a n ~ Foursluderls fufsljlng nfor atlon naboutth a e- any- ln we< #eekly.haley-t cs for a lrlef-jtnt n-tlor yroup.s-c crss hoe-for vcts o( ) l,d o e s tc - s tlg lo u s S2.5C D lsdngulshed- Feshr -.n g sltesn th e(3 e state. ale. e; arr l y l 9. laverec hav elvedsdolarslps ~1 v o lence.: 2, 24-lour crss pone, couns< n se lln ; n n d S c lo larsllp > at daho State Unlven jrslly. fro U e,a l,b enku Soe of the stores ha nkula scholarshp fund lo have been publshed n She recently has relu ed d to t her Haley other ass ;sstance provded abuse vcllt :tl s. P ocatollo. Sle 3he antaned a 4:0 grade daho B onana Years p n t a tten d CSl ths fall. an" whch she co.. hor 1. Tley a re SeanR ose.- n o f lorne after aonghospltalzatlon ;lon n BoJseJpLaM cbrdo-nlso-prom nted-5150-to - t o - H a r l a n a v e r a g e -a thnuhl-ht5h -schoorandw as~r T authored-prevousyrb Bu Q 1983 M r. artd MrSlatTRo: u n h e has ln c lu a S broken r b hp. Ths w as h er second frose; Steve Benkula. sonof such exper- B a k e r fo for tl e V alleyvsta Vllage g e K tc h en e rt a w a rd J wl nner Al and Sue Benkula, addltlonah nfor atlon n the new book, whch cnc ja, both Twn Pallsj Debra ;nce. The frst broken hp, resj resultng fro a F und- S!»50to Ellen-Rejcrow for the e S p o c la l o th e r M agc gc Valley hgl sctool gradu s well llustrated wth h old-te o luates : E la n e Lancaster., Wendell, and G race M arlu. photographs fal all down the courthouse stan ars, forced her Oly pcs progra and $180 lo Jaoet let S to a t fo r w n n n g rtssh h n an scholarshps of ellher,: r$500 Caldwell., o fa w ay of lfe w hch s snow gone. retl ellre enl fro counly offce ln n. January tle State te School for thd Deaf and d B ln d n or"soo to SU-ndude S M ark M<Mu;oe, B Buhl; - Nowt87. Povey s a for r ercorrespondenfor She credts the ncoufageer ent of her son, God n a f< for ts career educaton prog o g r a. J a n e t S d oalz, a l; Heldl. M. Asson, Kory ty D.-..T ffany Eckles, 7, d -the-tl es-n ew»~and;hb 7 daughter of Mr, and M n j..... : -has-w rtten-for-other-ds o o n a l d - J u s l u s l s e j v e C :lubalso has gven $150 to o tht e. T w n j&opp n d Sandra s< b. Brady,- all Burl jrle y ;...»SeeSPOTLl J G H to p P a g e E2... : Olj f panter hooked afte r any lobbes / ; r - B y A P R tb S H O P n 1t7 sh e sa y sra btnjefully; Tles-News corren Tondent W hle her husband was off w.,. w o r k n g.j - h fl-say a:jb en ted -C o h z = B b s s -. &lyr~ ) ~re<uwaw <l- - - t lnbll f-to Deg Carole Bunderson of f Blss says bored. He er brght red h w a s the frs( trle d o l p a ta lntng t: hppjnw "so et es- y ou-just lst want to do - s o e th fn lffe re n ru tr - - D escrlblng-herself f aa a "lack of a ljtra d e s; M d " aste ster of none, 1 B underson s a y s ha had tred every concevable hobby, fro frt cera cs h n s k ~fn sgnature. r e. : Bunder? erbon s-two daughters took-fl c rtcal lo w ltl au crjrst efforts a n d - -re arced :ed, Youre tw Rebrandt, b u t you can co be a R edbrandr and h e r frst t pantng pj ark was bo. f l to knttng, w hen she! and a frend ht Snce U then, has changed to on th e dea of pantng lg classes. Bundy > to dstngush her (ro - -W h e n th e -W e n d -had - to - cancel ~ h e r husba band,-"bundy." adendance because of o schedulng proble s, Bundereon n says she lterally forced h erself (0 tgoalone.-- ; r-lt-tu e d -o u t -lc 1-knew every t s a an\azlng how dfferent thngs look wen e n you sta rt pantng. ddnt k n o w there r w as so uch purpleln a.cloudt --s - s h e say8 -jerously-;!m y-l{ person (here, so ( was vasn l loo bad," eyes have been opened, now see so - sh elau g h s, uch nr»t nore detal- oot lust.a.trc.0 =j T-addlU on-to-belnj elng-an-ardent b u t-ev cry rr3rthlng~ab6u t-ll. bnucles ToBbyst Bunderso Tson - sngle- and leaves VC A.-.-,.; hanctedly ra n the bon boe ranch nbunders ersond favorle subjects lo -. B llssjor th e p a s t nne le years. y A year p a ln U uce. s. "old ba s and thngs lke ago, how ever,t w T K hlbbard.kelth th a t. lke ke to pant ew rythng "B undy Bunderson s ns retred a n d. She avods portrats, sayng, he ptches n DOW.. - **wlen you yq d t know what youre TTe Bondersons ;ere the vcts dong, ts; t apancsvllle. ng ostly fo rh e r faly-;..! s d ro e. worked n Nevada and she says h chldren s ] Blss every w absare< recovered daughterg ayc and drove ho e to weekend T r l y ars.", l k «Stt seascapes juhe~~preers "W ew ererasefdlnn N< evadabutw e w este scenes. w anted tolv e jdaho. W.sowebought Bunders erson gets deas for her * ranch tere, adx gotlfeg a 15~ - «SeeB 3U N D E R 90N O o P *» E a... O U -p a n t n g.ftjtw V, A" WM- c a p s Woc e*s grc oup stll gcong strong 3gllM Z K L uearsl - B ylr A Y N E.O. SMTH H nl5qlhea argest.federated-dub n /nes.-Vexr//er daho J h e c pr pecsldenlsad. : r The organ rganlzatlon, whch has ong. TWN FALLS - Th Te Twenteth been corsld sldered the.ost prestgous C entury Club, organzed group ll town. curoruvhqj" a y e a r a fter Twn Fala lls.d ty w a s. CT.pald n e b ers.. And although - f o u n rte d rl5 b e!le v o d :n fe ro ld e s flo c a l - n n y -atre - ~ o ld e r,~ th e ro -a ls o ~ a re ~ - w o ans club stll n exst stence, - O ver ore than th rees M uarters o f a younger woc aong the eb e lp and new offcers, McCalle centuhy, hundreds of cl dub e bers sad, - - h a v e contrlbuled.tholjan andsof d o llars... Judy Hof Hoffan s frst vce pres-. for every agnable lyp Tw of co u- dwl; "Beny etty Valentne, second vce. nty p roject fro hdp plng establsh presldenl; ; Dorothy P r t y, ro- Bock C reek Park-to hrt rng a teacher- cordng sec c re lry ; M aretta Ja es, fp r specal d a sse s for chldren lh the fnancal 1 -- secretary; Wanda polo w ard n the old Magc N Valley McKnney, y, treasu rer: Maxne M e oral H osptal n 1953 l a, Lareentor correspondent secretary, nnd P rovdng a teachcr for the lallzed polo patents net dled the club. natonw de publldty thro rough an artl- Fayelloflj ff an, audtor. The board lard of contrpl. n addton to (he offcers :ers,. ncludes Flo H a rp e r;. d e n the!.jdes Hoe J Journal, says - K alherlne le FenlonVMavouneen Hall, club PresdehrH ejenm M cc alllerb ut P a trd a -S traw scrandd lnnrm oore unfortunately, she adds,, r no one see s - T he.fcal 1 es esta te board s h d e d b y lo have saved a copy of the th( y e a r old Helen Harol roldsen and n d u d «H arper agazne. andhoffan- ar WhUe cnangng l es and nterests fave p o serous proble s tor T h e grouf roup s p r ary fundrffler rentn5~~th ~the" annual~ style show, ~. any tra d to n a l socal "dum and scheduled d for Oct. 0 a t (le Turf Club, - T -lo d g e s-b o -b e fo re th eadvenl a olrtvr and the fall-; raj-season-wlu be launched, and {vallablllty of u lulllple recre-- - as n the past, po wth a tea at 2 p.. atlonal facltes,.the Tw wentlelh Cen Sept ta ry C nrsoe s" to T jave ste e re d T through thcjc wa Tcs autgt But the e ll16rlhttnohtfly luh a e e tn g s r-h d d -the s econd - J t not only s o n e o f lh h e o lf e t. t)ut - < B o o t» a E r " l - J. - j...

43 Tlr/wsJaws, TWn Wn Ftll«;ktaho SundayTJu! July l 1084 * : S A R ABBY: ES ve v e t e g H o H H P docto rto (* h lsp lace: : lve n n a s all apart ent and lave la w t would b e f a r for au coocerped: th re e l nutes apart?= -: tb e post offce to g When he greeted n e wth, "Good only two t)econe nfurated w bedroos fo rthe Uree glrl3; grl How.wDQldyn B rttlej t e J t ; A b b y l : = = Y ou-g u-guessed t.- H e r - w a te r - b - Al)gall-=r- :r.-.nwratagr-fcucule,-**- responded so th e ) t\ tw ns have always shared d oo n e M OTHERD, N THE MDDLE shetalnl a lo T d Ue presnatfe plect B Aercan BaW "Good olng, Bobby." (Hs na e bodroon o and HeaUer h u had a roo DEAR H O H E R.E a g le, d e p lc l.w lth tba.w ; hlt0 b e a d.a 1 VanBuren... : : AU Uree grls., th e cere ere ony to a lf therew as.a w asr obert;) tohersel self sh o u ld be treated a s-lo d lv ld u a s. d D c to r- - n - U e-bom e:-fortunalelyrtrk ru o an d taf earabb He waa quck to geu b e essag e* W h en >nbc)uvcrcutuv«vcxyooe-wj J s-was H avlngbeeo b o c n -t e U>er-»bould oot Uwre-wa t-wasr-ud- y atrod o f hboor-. U a t s ncorrect,. ct, A b. Anyone Fro that t e on, was Mrs, h appy r J becausc-u e -twns alwa; w a y * - d q rv e K are o -a o d - tfflrtn flf w»p {hp tho-best an (her husband) wu. : wtjo taow s anythng tng about e s. to hbn,- a - h e w a s.* Dr. - w anted d tobe. togeuer. But auof,.o f.a. r t s aa lodlvldual E ach sster h e r, anc a n d e, delvered a 5>ound k n o w th at a n ature n eagle wth a -E D W N k e s s s o n jr j r ; r. 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A fter sx onus, the ouw juer not?. DEAR R. ABBY: read your advce to nterest n correctng the colo th e Whte House twlw vce, and the only. o f t h e) n best sue), My na e s Celeste but vll get the prvate roo as and.w l U t e l l ) w t \ y not: My sster- U nsure tfc About Rocky. You- sad, ru p aod tal on our natkna person heard fro fn was \ Sen. Stro. brd. Sor t s perfecuy all rght wth e f you thecycle. n-law ( arred-to y brouer) w as Spayng dng a feale rcduces her Sony.... T hur ond. He pro l lsed to look lato L cau e M rs. Hatcher, therlhmry)nj.k n.sbe doesn esn t " y dearest frend. v w as h er ad of chance «of uterne nfectkns... ~ th e ra a ttc ra n d see wh #hat he could do to dear, CEXESTE o ove bulof hefob b k aau u s se honor and P a s k n s r - t o - b e - y - Snce» Ue t uterus s reoved n dong" «la B B Y.T h8 s for "Call Me - A T T A as helped select Ue carpe n>et, atron:of honor. She K accepted when a spay, t s lke sayng, A guluoune c o rre c t t. a stll w a l t l M rs., tl th e o lder woan who resented ted rs, ctq...and she feels t s "hh er e r" sh e w as n h e r fourth h onu, 1 knowng wul redu educe Ue chances of a head- C an you help thsh cause along, belngca caued "K athy l h erd o cto rj r: DEAR ABBY: We e. a re havlng-an fk ra for ror eternty. On Ue ouerhan( Uat she would be sor a eulere n h e r a c h e. vould run up.ln th e t onyour o sde. ao older der l>atue at our -R E N E W.B R Y A N T,D.V.M. r house, whch e a d tw Lvn f e she o u ld have a tur rn sevenu onu a t Ue-tl e of U e llons of dollars to 0 change cl all tboee w o an, n, too, a nd h eres how handled Ued b o you can jetue. y - (GelUr. Htng arred? Send for Allys. W e h a v e th w a t th e prvate roo, too. weddng. 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Senor C lt- th e r-h o TQl zens and th e fo n a e r Happy Day eventual b ave b e changed l sale of Ue lot has ea to n o o n b tu o l a enltle e d, tes, w ere avauable, tbe club s lb s Scbool and H arw r Hou >use. -n terest; 1 p.. n an effort to loj U nclvrodg whch over Ue years has bee b e e n Tho G rzzly (ac«co co w - - A lto avalably ; tsls changed gradually to co- )n- n -n, <1,000 wvas a gven to the used to t. w o en rm cc alllea, o beneft oucr counlly Ten- e boy boot cobjr jnos th o H Tntty >e-flegce.n t ts neary eght cty to b u y.e p e nqtjor t. Ue pcnc deavors.... 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By 1911, there, were ore than 100 So eol d 3 of the other county faclll en te rs -a n d d e p art rtn eots of boe * tes rece l a y n g gfts over the years rs. vz: e c w lw T e d u c a tkkjorhegtolato. w ta d u d er - T A (C;pO(W orrarrogan: B u n d e nrson = P aflb E l l e pantng a w as an nstant ht wth dth pantngs rro ~ aga] ga*ffl5raff"b be het«6u [futttaln Moe o[ncers when!en. -, - says she she h as such A «8 hectescbed* -Jule ds ls p la y e d lt.t :. u le sh edbcsa e go looklo hln*foteollal h alave v no dea how jnany ve e...- BObjfctsrjrcflBDreTxr w r r a n r f o r a te r p a w tea r says B u n d e f» n o fw U e u se L = C O M p g -p o}llceh k ntlngr-ooe-of-w hch- c h ; O ne of h e r pantngs {ss a bg ht wth endedt Q) n Mssour when a Mountan them ontaln Hoe 8 -P p o lo B T ) :~ H 6 e ppolce o l an SMlt to a frend: ent, >here her.daugl xghter.jue.s a known for y pgs! sn t t W e G ff< polcewo an. 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44 ~ ~ ~ ~x". - nsdttom J Sundayr July 1r1904 TAas- nas-newsrtwnfanstfdafoey r r - r f l o t t a f t n t s dr d t a f c T o n c g r c adnatnc s e h o r n e d z re a d h o a e b o ldhntslortbe h sa e re a a o o l read d cookbooks: o t a n. Foryearslusedlbela a s a th r e a ; J r rdutefftjrtbostns f f a a ) w b w T g 3 7 B E g o l to ake us atchn lng v s r q> fedln g good about n u l y. H L % R e a d a b ln ta c o ulu ppl le o fd a g o " s E n h a an d Kats and J d n us togetl eth erw lth Jerone e Ju la Retdorf of Jero nee ; n h er resu e to ue ElksrRletdorf Velcro, They Ksyer to ew w d ld n t h a b e e 9] n! selected as Teenager of Jhe the B C s a y s hergo. - t h a t tcau ydld t fern jr. goal s towork a a coporato w erltt O ld, B b b e c l { ~ ~ know bow to h the 86 daho SU te A sw lflto n o l f anflgeent fo r fllflcg» ~ B ra n o r e r e la tta ctagday f a ttb e ~ beacfa.cboo6eatcu e n d acnne, so loryeara tww o r k n r a to tlon tdng swsuts -.. never tbougbl about tt h e L e e c h e s The;grfl graduatlng-aenlor-recelved-a : ~ W l t h J fo ry o u rd lld re o so tl -thls h n nd. she wrtes. * sotheyw fflbe uch untl day, about u ta y e a r check for <300 fro the E lks lc ~ ~ n t l o e a se r to o a o rc receve a aster;8 degree tn crowd," andevc [Ved. TO haw suggested we a fte r w e oved, saw ooc lo eopthe recognltlo Uon of h e r acheveents n r Bualness - Snce w hen la a day a Adlnstrallon at Stanford S s u u l s a c l TOu j nrr j n t t>w» hoflfh n t >ht»rfl» &6choo]Jto<Mffld?Ml<.school and nrfn tyllfe ay.: :r WUJ u a s.-.-.a d a y yattbet)eacb7...tlnmoro d the day woul d have 3 "Y ou re ;..o n e d ftb e L eeech e trbe." Elks re p re sttta tv e ~ M ara Retdorf* torf says she has receved an And.why.wouldanyo g w e assu e you thrownu a tb e ln to a p a jc shesald,- M yna elsj spbylls YuHtevlcl clus sa y seacb o f about u Elk l H g H : U n d e r g r a - w eattb ereto b ev rtth ra dt u a te rsd )o la ra h lp -a n d 4 o b = - thyourown - reej nebct a woan n our And s ths w hal w e re rew earn g lodgeslnln daho selects a boy and a grl opmrtunll} ltyfrostford. - cblldreo aod tbey wltbyou? wlt nelgbbo w rtw od cew bohadsfac today? ts lovely." T eenagerer of tb e Mooth Septeber.ber All of y U ds were etebowtban - chldren, e n...fourglrlsandtw oboys. through June. Jl At the Elks su orpbansw lah. "n»e Teywanted.. Theentr tre fa ly dressed alke, Sbe looked a l e sadly y and sad, conventlor Jon, t)eld ths y ear n n ev e ry u e to b re v«e they tl lved alone ley wo vore floral chntzes n tbe - atch the shower c urta ln sto o." -Blackfoo. ol, acheve ents of these lese nastepbeok lngbou bousenearthe -suer e r and str)edoorduroys n M aybe dd so ethng: tg rg h t by. students 5 a re revew ed and a t< boy A age / scbool, tadng care eoftheselvs thewlnle nler. Tbey alw ays looked lke.,.tak n g y kds to the bea( achdressed. and glr are na ed Teenagers o f the T dong Vlatffler tbey eyjlkedw 1 thout...h e V on ltrak> fa ly n concert and d - l.a la carte.a nd.w hen anyo yooe asked, year W... Color 0 b e n e tto fa ty p e!ofsupervlslon...,:.:createdc o f d astrvrterevertborw ent.. Whch chldren are your ure? M sald, Retdorf or d au g h to r e and Ehrery ontbanysterouscheck y! M aybe be th ss sgnfcant, but no " G u E lane Da\Yklns of Jero e, w as co JU L A R E Tr ot o R F. Analyss y, would a rrv e to lake ce c care of ther * oneever e r knew ber na es; They Whle they w ere guess sng t valadlctoran of b e r graduatng hgh lgh P r a s e d fo r achc le v e e n ts (?-J. b e. H j e y w ere destned logo-- werethe Leech trbe or tbe Leech...- bought t e for roe to fg Kure.out---- a ont By Carol / scbool cla; :lass and.a.ebelof.honor nor R etd o rf-w a-n a w l-o u tsta n d ln g --r - through lfe alooe, Ufa] Ufaloved, gnored gang. whch on» were ne. th ree years, servng a s prest- esl- fo re g n Language Slud uden tat-jero e:" BfSckway- - ~ d en lh erse rsenlo ry ear. * - - H gh School n 1982 and agan n 19S She won on frst-plaee n dstrct track ack She h asw o n n u ero uusawardsshow- s copelllc llon and won the Optsts sts ng h o rse s snce 1973 The Pars : 1 O ratory Contest al-lo cal, N ew CO o n c e p trn retre a e n t h o rr egonal a -dlslrc levels rtj)ufsd.y Fo A.M.. recevtngj ga $750 scholarshp. T H lh ta f ll -30 PM "By Appontenl. - l U T M ; " (Of only $25. Call (colloct) c JSQG tof your appotnl. rasrer-eldd e rl y w kd o w o gng cannes tealhho- r g l f l n - n W a nana c nlotalon nboul S.Hurpponlcnls n (or and (nsfon ups B yb O B W nt M A N JR R.. J What a k «the arketng-of-llfe f e - But the entrance f ab s fe bay The 1pull uscles5 J S J U M«MER!. S snrol BocKvv.y on potfng det*, a Your.J; ago" on FM 9B al 8 do. r Allentown CaU-CtcJe cje care corr «rrununlues dfferenl fro ben n ln g. E very onth lth the resdent n e w YORK YC (A P) - Joggers wto jfo, Moy t M» -cl lo o s.. A.M andklx l 3 l 0 a J05A.M - other knd ndf of-prvate. non)roflt el- j1- ; tsassessed a. hefty servlce r fee thal take th er ( >, HM tm prval* pool, ol, oll. cacf r dogs along for the exercse Monday. Me -Wwrnosaay and - r x E w N ; p : 3 - R] o s a le Weed derlyhous )uslng gjhe.featute-oth fet T c a tl to tn l n rr th a n $ y > -A tto sw nday-s( y,gt>o!nt» o b y < tn rp a t7 r r T n ",... p e r y e a r r a y b e -subjecung-ther pets to-the - - U K M.O O p.rsm lon- T rtb o u g h T fet llfe h a dcoe w to a n e n d ~ c a re ; sa e runnng hazards as huans, w t»enherhusbaaddledl Nttw Selc :lon» a n 1S80. Rattl- Actve e «elderly people ove nto tern aransay. begn :-r ng around tb elr W est t El nd Allentown unfushe shed apart ents. of the sze t T d b t s Dogs, lk lke h&ans, are susceptble " C T Juy2nd,U lh.: h.30th - / -.J» o n ft-a U e,-fb e -fejlt- t-lsd la te d -a n d and-layou t - t h o l r - l l f e s t y l e s - d e - o rn n a ed u sclessl p }]y ly «ndaug.43l{ v; sorry fo;berself. and ther >lr resources allow. f ther f Chna na ed an a b a th e y.a re out of shape. A W ) C a ll Z. 1 thought w aa the o h ly wdow n health det< leterorates to lhe pont where Sovlel Unon n 1970 and d thus 1 re sto re d - y dog can t be expected to go - J - t h e world -Mrs.-Weed dsad th eycan ;an no- loger care for top-level cltploallc rela " S to r the [run Nthoul workng up to t. f W S O H S H K S * F o r atlnje,.8be.cq nsld slderw a n rtff»r ves,they gveu p thetr r n r s l tl e n fouryears. / Also, snce sr dogs overtmt ore LESSONS rf fro h e r daughter to 6 n ove n wlth apart ent sntstand beco e-pat ents n easllythana n p l e, a long run on a hot ; her. Although sbe loved h1 er daughter th e faclt: Ulty s on-ste sklled nursng lg n 1978, nearly 900 e le bers of the day could gve th e an al heatstroke, 1 T T a. y. and fgured that.she..«) jxhld ake an c e n te r... - P eoples Te ple sect L ded n the Joggers an re a d v l to pay attenton e a sy transton to her he daughter s The sw wtch fro one-to-the o t h Jonestown M assacre n Guyana. to whether e r the l dogs need water. County houspold w l~m r8. "Weed would hap lappw autohatcally and b e.-. also w an ted to retan n her 1 sense of based on [J a edcal recoendaton, ndependence wtldbe nu copuc g lg r BQfTwSnled p e a we o r n d ra n d l ajplcatlo lonprocess, no troublesoe e w anted. y d a u te r to have peace of w attng lsts, no hassles.. jn ln d, sh e s a ld.... W hat resolved h e r due dlehuna w as a countu ttles s to ake lvng os : new spaper advertlseent e she ca e problet-free as posble a n d e n t, tcross for a new r re e n ent c o u - c a n e xtect to be p a p e r wth a -,nlly lbq area. The ad a w, was fwtuer- varety of f 1 servces andaltentsons not :,.C rest,a U fecare JL.ct Lcoplex - then - foundatotl other types o f apart ents for. w a e r corsthctfon n AUc Allentown... theag.. 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" * T o u se do( doctors 01% also avalable e, Lfe c a re s stll a new nev concept n around tbfe h6 clock atbothplaces. elderlybousng.-n-p«n{ ansylvanlarthe -B oth-facl aclllu es-ptpvlde-securlty-and- d- ~ sta te Legslature, ts only nw now grappl- -sa fe ty feal eatu res such s n e r f e n g wllh le a U O D to re r eg g f f t e n J f e - - t e c! oauto atc sprn k lersy ste s, - - c a re w as frst d e v e l ( ed b y the Quak-.s a fe ty. b ar rs. n. the-bathroo s and - : e rs about 10 y e a rs ago, 0, and a probably epergercy cy call. buttons n. the.. a e w e r than 300 co n unltles are bedroos. S. Both coplexes nclude e.. loperatngn the Unted 1 States, t p lu sh -lo ounges, craft roo s a n d ; ; E xpensve and attract ctve, lfe c a c o lk p e rated t laundry roo s.. 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E ntrance : fc fees a t Luther Crest range G o u r e t M e a l Pl a n 1 L o s n g w e g h t t!.. care, and for people.such t a s t e s g r e a t w t h N u S y s t e as M rs. fro. $48,0 [8,000 for a bne-bedroo W eed, who took q) n resdence, a t apart ent t to $79,000 for a twor C u s n e " e aal l: s.. T h e s e e x c l u s v e n n t e r -,. J ; Lutber.Crest last Septe be t pro- bedroo unt. A t Phoebe T errace; the - Vldes a n envron ent t n l whch to range stre : n a t o n a l e n t r e s tretches -ro $36,700-for e s... l k e S h r p C r e o k l e a n d 1 jo r g a n lz e.a new lfe. -> h n t X lescrbed. as an effcency C h c < e n a F K n g,t. c a p t u r e a l l t hl e - -. 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Savor S the New Aerca zan cusne and t t e r e s n o a d dj f t o n a l c h a r g e f o r c u r f, V western chat U darkness - s f r v n e s n t l y o u - d o the theater, T, p f X sportng sped ectaculars and other dtract aclpns o f aowntosalt H la kec ty : through our concerge. { Brng he kd ds or your fre n d up to four people stay n ot one roo for theprce-of jftw of : CaU80l328. SlOOO or toufne and. Jenjlbur-Lfe weel ekend package PartUoMAtfwc* «*MelWn«W>Mrtr r-~-.a>udranj7«ndum»<.myltmwotrantal Mr*Qwr*d T«> grtuuw nol lodjaad S altl ake es h erato n Hotel jlltlaweps: Sheraton Hotels. s.. nns S Resorts WoctftwxJc..,-lPC lperos6 3t» ocopl o H t 2SS Soulh Wos Toplc \ \, Sll Laka Dly. /. Ular B4l01-6Qt.3g8-g00Q , a d e d e c a c e s. 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45 - 1 - f th r o o r o By TOM Ml MNEHAR : -counllyrtbey can for cbaputc-worcr-rada KUant.wth courage aad a n.assoclatedl }d Press Wrler Soe SCO. retrees fro as far away as Usplrattonte sntoau rftutotft wnrt Flordhl have receved.the ohan g an l ty was n s p tr -b y? C.CHARLa jotte, N.C. For any ly the award.. PhUKeUy.u y, who offered ornal Se<> offeffs o d U proveentt r v...retrees, vcvoluntmr work s ts own The,: organlzatton akng n tte - ond.wnd od awards n the reward. Bul But a "Secood Wnd Hall of nonatk pays 116 for r a certfcate dernvule e nev«pq)er c d u n. r ~ ByBARBARA-MAYB ly ER YaglarHdJnsts stzrfpeople f - a e ffefftofthgrrecogntton js ahowog a sprnter nnd- cmbe-reurw c wrote after-* «e-retlred-fro a-adva4 Assocated Press wrt nler randlsnaprlvalea te al.cove aw ay fro the tub ar and snk "We gve ve awards to-a-very wde e nae n callgraphy. Cov oveusadna. nglnl962.1c , be and l o u T - - Thnkng ore e e econocally! S ly Ann-H -Hadler and varety of f types t orvolunteers; sad telephone ntervew. - - et a t lunch and decfded to /w a d the -- Ulllln nf g b o - :-joan~suml~aag Sgned rt aacet )alhroo-that. the Rev. Charles VrCovell,-presdent Tbe avurd-u-present nted n a sur- Second Wnd HaU of Fa e. The huan probl roble and you can expect njflwfach of the, award ay orgylzatton wth prse -cereony n 11: the retree s Hendersonvl vlle chapter s called the = = =T SefgnspeffS6tuuons n ~ TOdlatethe-tDtlet- et-arat3lnjcrthe-snk-owrt rtollerboth hcadquartej DO ho etow nraatnew sp }pte4ohtoh6n6t Challenged to crea leate tbe bathroo of the fut uture, a ) jand up aod down to pn provde for les west 5t of o Charlotte.,, event are sent back to 0 tbe natonal rrgroup.of senlor-des e8gn studcnts-cae-tq>-wlth n extb llltylonlllaj fanllyblwrs; ntsry»o-u3t-be-age-60br- 3r headquarters.-nese cllp ps are kepuln -... dcfogrs, tolets thl that ove up anddown anc d O u * C o o n llto as :found -b several student nt projects over, are * nolnatel by church :h a a s s case o tbe He fendersonvlle ~ autoatcally, and d showers that wont wet the th BEAUTFUL har, ncluded selflean wanng snks and tolets, touch ch-sensltve groups, cra :rafts organzatons, cha- n- publlellbrary.and.avlst sllor ay vew V V Q aongotherdeas...u electronc conlrol: trols, autoatc tolet flusl ushlng and bers of cor coerce, woen s clubs, the by askngthe llbt braran for a W" EDDtlGSARE The projects by! fl fve groups of senors at the tl Art bult-n convonenc ence features such as soap (dspensers d garden club lubs, Lttle Theater, groups. s. - key W. MAC W D E WTH FLO W ERSl C enleto ou?ge-ot-0 [-Oesgn n Pasadena, CalL, ll, were- dryers. At leas east two student groups offen ;red n-floor -hlstorcal-sc [-socetes and-servce clubs- K------TT)e certfcate reads; ; "Because o f. / dsplayed a f a eetl»tlng xsored by Aercan : a n S t weght-sensorsln n f front of the snk to provde e! for a dally such as Lon lons or Rotary Club, a long and useful lfe, omtlnung dardfthra panrfd yundedthestudentdeslgrrpro. J r p j* c f c = g f h ln -and re5ffou[wafv$ndrvldj6l3tcps a* prujrurthe------r - " t 5>not for anythlng:done:before: productton b M retre r e r w M e Charles Pelly, an Ln ll ndustral desgner and nst nstnctor sbk to brush hs twth..retreent, t," sad Covell, 75, who )o.others to f ;thths j dedcated W n the course.-sald g gudelnes had been purpos sdjkept : Adjustable hegh lghts on snks and tollctsranc nd showers receved hs Second Wnd award-for )r - person caught s seconc tnd wnd and general to avod nflu Huencng the outcoe-the st s t u n t s - wth water. Jets fro the sdes as well as fro fn above hs work wllh the local ental health- th. began a new career-of servce to A C br T were asked to ) { ncorporate currenty-av! avalable were olher coor onfeaturm.,. assocaton. n., ankbd. May God gve e ths servant technologjes-apd. aterals. jq lhlnkn-len crc-artrftvctcclplentrlnt salsfylng todays needs, and to buld roo-slze n brtcsponse"t> tf5 et d eas.. j Aercan "S tk strengutto contfue e constructve otthelrdeas : uced an electroncally control "Oled tub at - Pelly sold student had unde ngrdubbedthe sensorluwf ff-lhe-tub~ other nduslry-sponso nsored projects to rethnk a p or about 512,000 towards the e 1begnnng cj,qj.g fonctpn. Project: ects are partly to expose the gst l OM9S5, s a (ool t-longer, a foot wder and fl fve nches Start Losng Weght jht - - B e c a - - to-thejrealworld of desgn probles and.par paruy to noral tub. Wth a Bang 1 luse u s e w e know you M w a r n th( : generate nleresltogt he/loeas lor ne coffphhle odate two-persons-and, :capaf)elflf the very b e st.. :.. sponsor Ue research beng-flled autoa )atlcally-a-a-presct-tcfc -w e ll-h e nthtyv teperature. t wll be antaned at thot ten enperature reycspecla " t j E T v T c o o rd ln a flovyers whose d-k e floor Dr a acts as an nstant dran so th ntoateay r not uscdnnl TTllOUl.,, T rs to t add that Specal.roo functons as an all-nclusve wet area.-no Ssl v S tu b.a so > features a ceyboard of ( electronc sb an d an d W fe Specfa ~ouch, Tv curtan or shower door s needed snce water do< Mf controls whch offer 22 functons. ncludng g ( conlrol of 2 Foro r The P rce of 1 <3* accuulate but s draned to a storage area belov telephone. nlercor -co, lghts, house locks, usc nnd N«v» r f Y e * W e lg b te l LOlfllM o* oeslr PJ. s FLOWERS tub s recessed under!er the floor n a copartcnt- ecomvlhhok la Healfl f h a e d J V e ls lk K e rtre l t l l l l T S sldlngcover. Eanuel Kapc npours, a senor vcc pre resdent at C a lbl e tty a t tsb M3BurtyAv«..Buht Electronc controls )ls operate c a self-cleanng syste ste for Aercan Standard lard, sad coputer-drven electroncs cl floor, lub, snk and tolet tol and the snk s adjustab table for represented the ( ost lkely avenue of clan nge n tle varous helrhls.- A : rror over the-slnk-hasa-bt -buht-n battllxture feld. > d e f b ra n d * a wall vall-ounfed blower" provlhe Hes fr Coputers are" re~the cheapest resource rw Tlave ~ ~ ;, ar-dryng the hands. 3. today." he sad, ad< addng that soo olthe stud udent-ldeas Setp M f ( y Hour*:Mon.-Sat., j ( n t : "ThelbUetlntHsBaU uthof the future, desgned by )y 1Harry are easly possl lewth present tec)nology an nd atec2"96a" >dl7on A v e. E C E N T E R S Howard, Juan Mont ontega,.russ Rucker and S e v e ~ a ls: ROCHESTER, N.Y. {AP). - d o c kker. e an assstant p ro fe r n. rtltoughoutyarourtes tegof-surgery the-school- ; wornen patents 35 Snot readly hysterecton loy patents Jore. durng - ; express, ther needsb -to - edlcal and-afterho hosptalteaton pefsonoel, rolatlves oe-f cofang tct ah * adt ladeby J a h l) M Q f lr C n n s ttt th e r r - --DeMocker- -at.the.un Onverally-of ablty to seek help appeared rrochester. blockcd by ther needto c a re T "nstead, she sad, wo rt)en assue- faly en ebers,-thelr desre to rebthersweretobbtsy."- -.the doctors M d nurses know.whal WHndep....theyneed."... tlonthatotf. r S = - J T f c r f r -4 Tlfno9*New3, Twn ffallsvldaho uayrjulylt. t - M- = : K.. \ T " HA AND. -O n e -fo u rth of off a n d o re o n - s e le c te d ens : a n d o d e s sut su er w e a r. Sov ve 2 5 % o n all ;.y o u r s u e r w e a r; p lu s fnd,a.m ag c V alleys t fn e s t s e le c to on r of the sty le you )U lk e b e s t ths - s e a s o n. - - DAYSONL\ Y ~ M O N D A/ Y lflw TDESDAT! a ~ J B q B j t d u r n V- \ J v W H R f ll Tvofthe g surqerv V -oy / / APBtfOOffl = MORETO 5 \ B! u «tl D k M Blvd. Bl No..Tw ln Folt O v erland d SBoppng! Center, Burl5y»Fuf lu p d rtp ld o * Elk* ; J j d j g j Novoda O Open tl 9:00 p..; T - T / y Soturdoy oy tl 6:00 p.. c - :----- efuture 1 H A P P Y B R T H l - M R e g. $ t o $ y d. d. Su n( ler-s elect Lon no. 2. L : OXFOl oadothh EYELE E T S-G AUl Z E StKE E-DRESS PRNTS 1 VOLES «-.TEE-S >HRT STR RPES & PRNTS PLAD )S & STR :PES = - A d T u t h H To r « N O W j J? e g $ a o 3 $ : 3 : 9 8 0)11!=== JF F r U b - (, * - V o3 g n t e E f f ; >u er Sl > ecfon no. r 1. f e >L1 JNEN w AVES -N( OVELTY KNT X P LSSES ; SEERSUC:KERS t tenos- 0 > V x lp S u p e r s c e l e c t o n. * DMTES CHAMBl BRAYS P r n t s a rn d s o l d s. >$ he4abrc-jont ner. 1, G reat f< for hes-and- d-yearns.---- lust- ron t -----( : 15 yd. pkg. JE M B n - D A Y, A M E R C A! M! h A p P Y B R T H D A Y, A M E R e A! K h A P P Y B R T H D A Y. A M E R C A < 0 S 4H - Blue 1Lakes Ma >11 NOW ( j r o T d e 1 1 y s o t 99 ; ; 0 0 S u n.1 ;rng sa B - y d. - t o - - ; K L < E R Y F ll O S S K l f f b r l < 10 B - l e y MA all l o u r s : F r.. 9 : ; 0 C 1 2 : w s n re t j v / W W V W W W W ale-star-t M a a a a a a a a a a a a a s t F V E f H L e s t = P «= a / V S p, ; e F= E

46 al ngs can lysavr;gs J Z DEGO (A P) - n» hoegrown, sayngs )lc h o s evote> feelngs and, capture, experences s. Nothng s c r a t < yo o u r 9wn skn lke your own. th at parents use to gve re advce to tbelr chldren ay y uchas p oetry does, Coul Ooulson says, and he beleves s fngernals (Md-Easte t e n y any sophstcated adults. th ey also brng coosolator n.".. Drop bydrop, alace ls c re a tk l (Turksh). A~ -- B u t-tb o se-sayln g st a e cpnventon3~wsdo n ~Coulson l t «the exap utple of one d ch o leleart a A parrotlsgrecnny nyw here M e x lc a n ).. t h part a re oeede Mled rlght. now n A e rca a n a t a s e for sales lesen: - Every adverstyy Men a re lke steel,,, j o! lttle use when they lose» e - soctely. beleves-dr.,w jyjl. -C oulaon.. a psvchologv ev - c a r r b t h e s o f b j ther te per - (Aerca can); r p r p f e s a t U altedstau tales nteatlonal.unlversly. A d v efg ttea-coe wtw Mte yuu.uv ul expecug~ g "don t- s a y - hd lo -before-yorrfaftve e ft eroased-thehere.,. (h e ah d t h tend to throw th you.", he says. "You u c r e e k ( S \ ls h ) -! V % 0fflO (= = " n t h s a g e o f s elsucatlon t the advantage s lo to don t know w hal to ake of the untl you u -The g, the horm! a " th e w o a n you ddn t het>eopewtcra?en*raf PaffaTd-to-bexoonpl a cf**==tonenberthbt1heyarfr-g -glfts?w ar «e bw H hal l le n d M e x tc a n ).- ajrraeohj Ooulson explans. He has ade a habt of collectng a n adversty s a gft be< because have ths sayngg " t s not y-busness s s to tlunk of e" (Hungarlwoan Eles, so e- an s ftavlngb f rfa»nfe~l ts~ln hlb clauses oa the..usll lf w hch frst stuck n 1 n y W BltPtnnr-havA -«w w - ca well a s romn other-foureesrand-hrsays- -.When-f\-bcaullful wt tbe sayngs ak e t pos [)osslble for people to connect Dchos help us to ake e what Coulson calls focus s purse weeps (talan).- ) S th.a n n u a l A r t s.& C r a3/fs f J - " ~~*acrossgenerh tlonalbarr a hfta.»a faeua ahlftc an n lbe useful when so ethlhg- g AndCkrtlson e a lally-przes:these:theffevbtoh: l ; CoOson recalls tlu t he frst beca e nterested n s troublng you because >e you are not seeng through tl hc found n hs a n d otherls e entary school - F a r say n g r--w h c h h e T e:efere to b y thet pahlshlane e ttn v h a H tt n e a n srb u ty o rare-nstead s tu p e d by y r a u t o p h bookrdated 11893: dchos" w herhls ol other would copy the down Arn th e edacy of t and t ( overwhels you." True frends are lke daonds, precous but Dut STANLEY, DAH SO =. and post the on the bulll :etn board n h er ktchen, The sayng helps you look through the proble fl - r a r e ; false ones lke autun au leaves, found everywll JULY 28 & =. ; n h s c l a s, he s been able to collect dchos los to th e o p r t y that les behnd t, h eadds. w here." s Only ll opeh-wlth-ease for-vcry? ry r ? lalom fro all over th e word b ecau se stu d entsco eto to H e re -a re -so e -o f-th the-sayngs-c oulson h as "H earts-llke doors wll Cornly pojc: C: USU~(ro n early 80 countres. But he s also so gathsred. anyofw llcha * arc fro other countres: very llttle keys. And don t forget lhat two of these collected any fro t (h the Aercan students who For, soeone wbo 0 fpays attenton anb un- - a r e Thank you. Sr a nd d f you p le a s e.* " : S B E. e( g s r a o n.e e e s J 2 5 c - - a k e u p h a lf o f h s class s s g r ; eed* anyt T O T drtpan Frendshp sakhotu tu eay angels hands Noco bslon wll boctrarfl harflod =- Cbulson u y s adjts s u4b s have - b e reared on ot (M lc a h ). The doestc phos( osophy of dchos su s up a.... T o reg sler or for n n ::... sayngs tell h th a t wl when they are n trouble and "A person wbo does not nol look back a t hs p ast wll g real deal n very few w ords, Coulson ponts oul. ut" = rore n(oralor) conl ontac; can t reason h elr way out of t; they recollect. a never reach hs destnato ton (Flpno); addng that ther value e s : n the way they. knt the SS >a-. B etter r un than fght bbt a d lylksw edlsh)... :.. g e n e o n s toeelhcr-flpt on.onc. ne hrough a dfffcult Ue.! «;! 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We dd every orgahzatlon th a t oversf rsees so e 2,000 thlnc* a Nether Judy nor Don 3n s a slrancr ount nade up the rules and tranng rpale fghters n the full<ontact sport - syste s, s. decded d how long the rounds ds V... of professfonal karate, le, whcl r a j j u d be b e,-w here you c a n lt ana bnes boxng w th klckl ckng above the where you can;t. wast. Soe calltd clr-b oxx l grblt:lhal S- w egot-ln lo t.-co pelltlon- : a sno er, sh e d (n n an ntervew. J the? for of so elhng called : Qure, who helped lound fot the Prorate, where contact was fessonal K arate Assoc 5tentpr strctly restrcted and explans: " L P K A S r r.n n pontjcarate,jor.lnstance, "W e don t call f ree stops the alch each l e - becnnselheratlorals{)5 sttpont-hasbeen scored, and s called dck-boxlng. st rase lttle flags lo ndcate s - s M U s ore lke.-legtlj U atlzed-street.. f lg h tln y e gougng,, ell elbow.and knee n ouru r syste, te-actlon--ls not M d-pyln -sh o tarand-k -kl ckngt jp-andtopped-t-lt Ht-6-contnuoflSr And-judges The pupose o f t h etn h a l s s to"-opposedto the slopactlon event;" Tlnfllct a s u c h debllltallon as c be F ghters jrsrw ho use borng gloves and ---- levclpd nn ynttr <7pp«npnf lentny.wflyq can. Fghters there don 1 onrhave a very have p ads dson ( ther fw t. u stdellvera nust of eght kcks n each r long lfe span-n the -rng rl or-soe* twoynnulc ule round. Knockouts are t es even out o f t. co on. 1, "Jecause of..t our o u r personal.t h e Qun unes frst beca e nterested d sensbltes and,-wve-feltrth o seo fn k a ra te whw th e r-th re e sons audences here we B.w a eranltjnter- s ta rte d -ta takng l self-defense lessons, s l n dong th a t. T a n d the fa ly attended pont But how does she gel get along wltl partcpants of a n all-n U-ale fghtng --sport. ost of who n aro strongly acho? tournaen ents n Los Angeles, They found the le rules confusng and the results dffl fflcull to understand, V, There-ay be soe ne ; suvs who so Dlssatlsf.sfled, Don Qune ca e up ktb th ah L Wth th e dea d of startlnk a whole new wau because they had d to tc talk to th at broadaboufvats gong w hch the.gopcuo rsjv o ualg nr TJcJrcacrotKerout. the re s t of ther lvm-n -replles.qune.-.==ru,ougl u l-h e-w a s-n u s;--h 9 w fe ~ "B ut f they do. they r e c a lls. Nl eltherof us had an ounce of ll the selves.. rdon t h ave a n y pvobl y b le w lth lt. lke the lfe; and l t h lk vweve earned rlnrarbackgroundsrnndd on- n wflsjfllkl!? <lngflbqjleyerythlngjro akng ne\ new rules to a superjtruclure e achpthers:.rm pect whch-w oul ould,regulatnd- arket-lhe.-r.nearly 50 pefcent of *a ta r a le ans a re s r t worldw lde." ;...woen, Qune says n 1974, h, however, fate stepped n. - "T here s a cnd o tgraw racelu ln rath al:. woen see to luce. The; ney s e e ll os a cobnaton.of ballet a and boxng, she p l a n s. "T h e klcklnj kng has knd of U n ly ers sal Pctures had-sgned fl. M u-acl lo to present a world chaploshlpkara ra te progra n Los Argelee tek bc shown wn on ABC-TVs Wde World L : an a l e t t e t,-! 11,-U ejcu on.lsu otenlcrlnl.alnent f* t, f e r e s four weapo pons gong n- b 1,10 > d days, before the e v e n l. a stead ofytwo; an d there res knd ol a uespcratee tourna ent pro blef su rp rlse e le e n tn lt ca. e to QQuhe for advlce on what Qune and h e r hust lusbanu, Don,, needed to-f )l)edone about everythng founded the PKA, an J nleatonal l u e k e t sales Jes, advertsng, the fjghts. f r e e oco N S U L f to N & " P N AU EX A M NN A T O N ~ nlltaleontullau lla U e n lr llo t eharg* t e hatp p deu lna f... rou»p»norp#ol p abu aeuld. respond la ehre :: T h a l a c u t w» y tte ntreduca fl ; r»B *unuft tf»n«ee <at; D O to U >A V : N*«fc Fan anrf pan donn he «r t > J : a. lo w J - «k pal, a ln.a c t;l* 9 (> e ln "-W 4. Part b a twlaen r he»heuldsr«{ M p W 3. 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47 - E-fTle»0W8.Twln A Zscenu r e r l r z - Mode cl chars ~ Z u p popular ( By JO E NEA VE T/es-NewsW Rodent K E T C H U M -U looks lke ode sculpture or..8oeon eone s dea of a tleath-wsh rockng g.chajr, b u t..a c *. to rs and. physcal 1 therapsts, the B alans Varable Chal talr s on the cut* N tngedgeofseallngscl scence.. B O M E L E S S S T E A K :. E d Moffett and Jennfer e Walton, p artn ers n H O;Eleusls..Tralnlng n G R O gu N D B E EEF5 H - T L O N ~ - cordng to soe doct loclors, chroprac* -.B S. O R L E A Center nc., of Kctch tchura, have been usng the B alans char larforsx- w ths : and found th otothers l n-lhe area h a v e been beatng a patl h tb t thelr door-to buy one for theselves ves. "W e have a sleady strea of people co ng through tho doc doorrll- B* sha e ::: n ot lo provde the servl rvccra ndlthel» " 5 UBS. OR MORE REO? E G U l R : - p ay the rent,"sayswkvalton. Walton, who s a uh n td tlo n lsl an d G R O a W tov E. -W ll Q L E -T Q P -L - - counselor, and Moffel ffett, a assage B E E F S R L O N S p A, therapst and bodywor Ark practtoner, frst ca e across the char a t a workshop n Calforna. la. W alton says, We! wj wanted the for 8 7 j - s g w M L B.. b u rsd v e s and thought {ht we d ty thejn out for the center. W/e el had to order a t casl-slx fro the : dstrbutor dl and pn(}pd lp g/»1hngthp n.** " The chars, whch a re n hand ade n N onvay, cost $180 each fro Moffett and Walton. h a r s especauy S g = b e n 6 fc la l= fo r--p e o p l6 B t h d - b a c k s causcd by sllng n standard su odels. for-long perods of l tn e. t also, he adds, helps to preven vent secrelay s apreadby-dstrlbutlng tngw elght ore ~ evenly.- W t " "w n en people stt n nor al ~ara - r ey-sltflflp-m ck~bnto nto lh e sacru. - L T h a t,s p la y s.o u t,lh e pelvs and co Q J J - ; F AW l t Y - P A C K - " presses th e lower vertel ) L D E M S M 0 K E D - O f l E C E S S rtebrae. v.*nthp tbfllan.o rw) phntr. h*> v erteb rae a re stacked!d up n a natural R E Rl-B R E A S p A M S - - a n n e r.-t h ls-a llo wslyou-to-st-a t-a e s k " U ra re la llv e ly stragh spne. - - M uscle relatonshps s a re J aclulated. and snce uscle lenso slon causes ost back pan, the char r helps," h Moffett. says S cahdanavla sees s to b e a j b t b l l l. r : -of:lnvenllons-dfeslgned led to s tr a te n *- one s spne. The Blrl Mrkenstock shoe sprngs to nd, and :! now the Balans c h a r. g n e d. b y Peler. e Opsvk-of ; :===-T}oway,-thechar4asb s b e e n c o p l b u t not prov.upon, sa say Moffett and - W alton : We carry! ln g -o n e-o flh e-, coplesa -W alton-sald,- dh T h ey re-less e xpenslvev but the a n g le sa re dlf» Ferehl. fey "dotrhave- the adtust-. convtlonal char, llsajs a n nterestn g feelng: = The char ght also so be used n etquette class, as the us( user c anl lean Jo rw ard -an d -.slu p o yvec=ue::dlnnc e r unucsdntn lo kneelng n her dress? s? A/ ctudly. the c h a r s easer lo gel onto to than t t (ooks. Wflh only a slght stul able, ths re- e knees on p o rte r-w a s -a b le to -gget cushdns and rear-end bn pad hs frst le.outonce ensconcet ced n.the p ro -... perposton, the char r was w cofort- - H ablea\(l certanly.rl J p ro v e d th e W E M E R 8 ; o r posture. And t d o «;ad( a d d a n a v a n t- - g a rd e look to the deco ecor. Wth lls F R A N K S gracefully-flowng lana dnatcd l e p - th e / Z O Z. F A L L S B R A N D B a ln rc rd ra lf Sfees per jertecl for the ark et-after rtor all, how any p k e s of sculpture w a re g o o d fo r youphyslcally? O Z. HO RM EL T he secret of the ch ch ar; Waltoh ~ W R A N G L E R S. R E d U L A R. sa3f5. s lhat t takes lls fo fro the B E E F O R h u an shape.- ; ; OZ. E3UDDC C H t r E s r r z We w ere never really dly a p te d toj S U C E D 1 - n o n n a l c hars," she saj. M E A T S... p e r c p fw h a rth e cchar h j should do. - la rd lw e wanledsto-cfl - j n y - th e - J je s tr " n r r : qualty product that we vecould." ( O k S A V E. /. D t o f f l s s a Snce Dece ber of.19 r.983.,when they frst purchased the cha! Jalrs, they have sold 36 of the and d are orderng f f l p u ore.. ts beco e qute a lot of fw - w atchlnk lle-restwnse se people have... w hen they frst use the." W altorf" says.. " L T T L E. M offett andw alton say one of hetr SLC: E e d C R O S S R B :,custogjers u g h t a set of the chars S Z Z L E R S B A C Oo. N R O A ST for hs dnng roo anc ahd btheave H O R M E L -J. : : 7 " Z 2 l g L A 2 QZ. M Q R R E L L, - E A - f t J B O N E L E S S -... Lo- L o r. 4 6 p Z B C.S. l 8 0 Z. C ( J P CAUfuO R N A... ; ;expressed concern aboul tle been purchased for-off offce and boe...! : n u erl la b e lln g a p p ro a c h, sayng-:..-:! use. - - t w as unnecessarly confusng a n d,, tlmft wms nvft >hp hp frt T h p y u«w> ~ HfM co plcated. the lke a loy," Walto: Uton says. "One- TTTTX a w o a n bought one for h e r.daughter who h as curvature of th( fhe spne.shes AUE,Sf ~ f ( YOU approach S ats dzcste ters W v T k S A V E S O J c u r r e r u r o s t o descrbe tapon about 7. a nd She fts nj M \ \ j vy. «X. jk \ *r - products; such a s regular." "super" not for a very slnall chld llld, though, lke S A V E - 0 a th reeyearo ld ;. M ofre rse n la c h a r [r l lo hs othef ) T A T Q1 P - L 1 - L l Z O s - V ) Z * ( O v 1 f s lu /., Ml r J y h l l» - ) those te e a n dfferent Ulngs andjathe[jortheruse, and says t CH H PS «>ta«) ] /. y V v /... " w l t h. j l W t. b r d s,. - s o. U. a U l e a n o r k r. R R a n s backaches: " t takes about a w eek to really gel P O T A l R A R E R S N A G K R P P a h ad consldcced ths, but p r e f e r r the o th er sad, t looks werd bul t sure s co fortable. sa t ; n l today.for o b o u t-fo u r hoursr wor w k n g on th e -, - coputer, and then went r l but for - a ru n. l fcltfne." Watoh says she also, "lees Detter. physlcudy a fter sttng g n n th e c h a r.l akes ot>gkllfferencc.- e.--feel-hkej T H h t s Vn Falls, daho Sunday, Jul). g g g n 1949, B ulgara becae elhefourth. C on unststate to qut t tte World H ealth Organlzalog. )uy1, , B E A N S F < 2 y o u = FOR H 0 0 : ; :. 2 8 S = le H tp S Z. SfM S R E G U W R S C R < L E f k -. r r a e r f y S N G L E S ; BlORDEfHS M 0 R R g ft LO N C HEON~" E ~ Me a t s. / / / / / / / / g E p S r D f 1 t--a J f \ t: O Z rtv N M«M-WlLSOn - MACARON , g. G CHEESE SALAD S Mr Z - - \ P R C E S Eg F g l C T j y E. J r u j j j j L ; X : 4 t h E o ll f r y. n - - T 4 9 EA. J. ra 5 E B jrp 1» j R p 6 P A C K 1 2 COKE, SP DET < ktuola. Ok! CAFFENE FREE e o O R T R Y S Q P A P F N A P K N S O N O N S... ; p t a V 140 CT. Z te EARTHTONl j N E C fc J, 80Z.N A B S C 0 C.S.."! PQjj JWL FRESH CALFORNA. T rs L copanes descrbe her products. P artcpants n the voluntary delb-;- " : r : eratlo n s-sad -th al the passe cen-- - S S? T *"*. B B l B B B n P P O T w n H M H a a M B p p le r la rg e ly o n rd ls p b e w e o H th c B> larg est anufactur,t.«l)radb 2 * - n? f!.!: ;. nc., ak er 6f Ta pax products, and. E [ ) R N K 3 0 X E S } PACK O CEAN 5PRAY PAPER S - S v a n - f o r 3 w E u T t t ] B l a p H B f f l - la r, su p er and-super-plb... for nr A H. l, f!. J. 1,- trab ran d coparson. Ths s s l U v H U R f f l l l -----(:?7Tr CN KODAK FLM.: PACK larto w h allh ef D A sfavorh g. f s T v b ( H E ) r - k o d a k v a r e t y G Q - Steven PeUan, an -a tw rn e y for S k 1 M c. f n t n * s T M A ~ N f R H T a b rands,al9 0 declned to co-.-- a - 1 c V S a w S B D A T H S H..., ent on the regulu on bu sad hs... A " 1 O C A V B Q. A SOZ.SMTHS w p any dd not lke the nuercal 3EA N S o z : VAN C A M PS Sunday. July?okF B a n s G R A P E S P E A C H E S, A ng DA- Cossoner. Dr.. ". M ark Novltch sad thal a task forceof " passe." so the agency wf tleg T... h 4 v - ll velop a propased absorbency lest and 3 - jfl. y f f l T V -j Rc; w 1 labelng reoulrc cnl as soon a s ; > a b o u t a s, a t, s c n n betanfto fflnpoht rsc-j U -raa-but ; Crf ~ soetes fatal lness called Toxc A k Shock Syndroe, the FDA n June V w V P E * -9 A u A # u 1982, requred anufacturers to n- elude a w an g wth ther produds te s e a rc jn d lc a tc s -.. ERBS : r C A T S a P hef GE z LM E S D rd e re e o lsu n proecljon - T- p j P hllp= W htu. dh o r = o f = t h o = = J l V " -, - cen ter s Offce of Standard and Kogu , : 4f"ul a B latlons. sald-thal-whle-uere-wag-an ! u g L J B..... :. & K B a " passe, as to how to dsplay T V Q l n H M a b s o rb e n c y o n th e pr?>dupts;"-c J P.. H.. : F O R JB & r n p r a 1 bers of the voluntary task T;o fce are X T =Jnc,J7ey..wera WQEtcd aboulooulthe 3 3 = r - r : ~~.lab eln g ght affect salc. accordln! /! < B f c T t t l P J : - 8ptc<1» Avalable Only h L.ocatlons wth n-store Bakery to th e partcpants. B L - \ ~. p w "TTe p raclcal-p ro b le s. tlnt r 1 YOU. N P la ytex h as the ost absorbent pro ~ 1 - r ~ j Q J ~... = ~ ~ ~ T t H w rb e n l-p ro d u c ts n h e ~ v a rlo u P O R K n t t L. < «« c a te g o r e s,- s a ld - o n e - ta s k - f o r c e S B B F A N Q - eber, so each copany favored a f to Z V A N C A M P S # " V w w f l / dfferent approach J L. / J O Z.V A N C A M P S Joel Colenw o f. nternatonal W H T onf D A Jsdecslon to requre new 3 " 9 -;, 8 f L S R L o T 1 w - - S a d O L O R L O T p S. ; M.. 1 * E because consu ers know tle ter s " V ~.., A

48 E-«Te»>New8. Twn 1Falls,dano - W e c d j U l g S H - SundayJulyl, / 1. -1W n d u s - r e t t e e t ; / r ;try put ttng /ork R y fle N R SCHRQEPEH stra te gjlc c plannlagforth efu tarc M B. A P N ew» t6 ttu n a g a = = a r : a u Un nfl-badch g O r efe K W BUe r e e n t t o, t l t t e d $ ro retn 7 --N E W.Y 0 R K -(A P )3-A j copany.te opau ngs o or retranng older - kn hy th ftp n rtf H ta»m. ahrf~ a~ to handle B en n e w t growng- nqber-re keepng t b d r ~ G anlner, ase, a (onue e U n l atxtcretreent, ced enqdoyees consultant, says tbe ajor goal-bcflsr tb e -to -«a rty p ro je c t-s -to -c b a n g e -tb e oufdaled says a coos nsultant od ag* ages and stereotype tb a t f e : plagued J tb( tbeeldery for g e n e r a t v e f l j A nother favoraue! sff, a d d s As a a to any o M le 7-M eredtbgardoct rl s. - th a t lh e,. F o rtu n e 5C 0 0 c o rp o ra tlo n 5 jro r* e. advertsng*ndusty s! C fnally w au n g. y e a rs, she says, " have bad ajqoe up to tb e (act that ost to0 fth enats o o s opportunt) ty to re sean ± stereotypng lj - buyng pow er Es contr troued by tb e anddocu ruent ts pact oo people, over*so generatkhl "T beyths yl and sconceptons a r e M ss G ardner s e z exutve a drector* endless,. such s u a s th at older p l e a t e - 6 f Top Young to Retn re, a natooal dependent ent on others. They don t w ant f 7? yhrn-awora- tq WOrc L Older 0 people arehnflesdwe jr-3j: - T- --T-T-- T: r. - loh, a nonroflfedocal natonal organ!- an d se t : n n t b e r y s. Older peofde zaton. ; can t and cdon tw a n t t o l e. : p a e r. M r. a n d M ra. M ark M edford M r.,& MM r s. B. P a n a t o p o u l o s M r. a n d M rs. M ark rkp lscher M r.ana n d M rsrr lc k L a n g " b eleve Madson Av W au es g o people are preocnp.led w th -.,.. to-«hage ts-pro-youtb, l outlook a s t of deau h.. 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Panatopoul oulos exchanged weddng [S. know any 2S-year-o]ds g vded usc. The brde e (s the daugh* The Rev lev. P erry Dodds offcated d "B u t p e r capta, the > H arold Hake offcated wth Lnda vows May [ay,26 a t the F rst Unlled ju stasg u lty." d te r of M r. and Vfrs. Art Duncan and J w D c n ns h McCracken as organst.. group s U>e ost aff M errtt, Wendell, cousn tn ( of the brde, M ethodst Sl uhurcn ( h wn -a lll the b rld e g s parent! fts are Mr. and he brld< *de s th daughter of Keth- 1th. country. Older people do clo w se ts. t, Gja an n e r says. 11 oldff people ". a s panst. Musc w as s provded by Rev. To To T ucker offcated w(th h Mrs. Nck Fscher, all Tw d hajtare,.v ckle-t U tonr )n they-do4w y c ara,- tbey d w y lquon e a rre aah.-tffy h, are wh; putus R ev rh aln ra h h lrw feja [)e n jo n tso rg a.. ; W endy-k erbs.w as. aldof.honor "ne.brdeg degroos farrajs a re Mr. fr. th ey d o travel. 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Vola - B arker, cr, Wadell; - l a l guests w erefttzabethmotor nn, SoseTfollowl #lng the cere- Areceptlc ton was held n the P arsh 5 h J h e. "baby boo " e nr ofher nf thp-hr w..» Panalopoult los. Rlv. Nev.. and M r. and th e re ft - - -sp e c a l guest M rs S o d erb ack, Portland, ffosnonls&goodlos Served. - ; :T he"t)rlde~ gracaj! a s r o r s e T he~ bf fd rd«eg u atafro -T w Hl-V n - vll b ra s h o rta g e o f ungaercans n.. \ A r p t o n w as,held at a the loof S randparen ents of the groo rand Stan s ta te U nversty, and s eployed at F alls Hlgl 1 School. Lang attended n th e work force, Gafdne Der,says. - \ J DRAWNG & r-5 1-H all followng the cere eony. Unda Mlne nerva Johnson, M ackay,. N o rw estf nahclal. The, ebrdegroo Twn F alls lls. Hgh School and s " M any copanes are e beglrang to LD O O R P R Z E S :- Kner,-Goodlng,-wa3 n n ccl h a rg e o fth e -- grm dparen entsof the brde, a tte n d e d U n v e rsty -otf~ f- ld ah o -an d e ployed bythe.ctyoft w lnfalls: : realze ths, and. are r adoptng wrs&cralts S supply. - guest book. Chrs Slane. le. Hageran. jllon w as held a t the hoe of f w orks a l Payless Shoe St loadngs cufspoctally,.- - Store n Bose / sllka( ade the weddng cake ke and Dors brd rdes parents. Rhea k A dryed flowofs w here th e couple wll resld sde. ; 1 Canot anoo. wckcr & wood, Catch7T»ocateltor ade- de-th(r nts: M cssecsnut nlth;:st5tecdthhe:fartdu,-p K S n g tm W -R u b y -G ra aves w Roberta fhp guest.b o o k ta n c h e ndlostxcl. N elder. F aye - Kuhr a h n, Stella Jetty G rgg. Cheryl Peters,! Jenks-tajan Coo n Wo would.-- -M ctanlg M laanasan ner-and4kht+adar-6erved: M LowToGolActualntod.- Lo». olyufvg hnfh W ENDELL - Charle lene Lovenda r.nrlft Wflde.SsfLW; f c S p e c a l - P a G k a o G h-f ah H -S choolrt hcy, Jtn k sbecl e-thabrldc bl R o d a n le E. MoUy P la tt w ere a t the Bose w here he s eployed FajardoA prl27lnw ende,, Dscountsfof dell. oplete Caterng C arry n g gfts \rore cou S a n d sh es a bookkeepepr JT her eva y-. Jenn nngspastoc,! ng» f > Senor CHzohs b rd e; M chaeland K u rf Offcated a t tle servce :e n M olhpls,j Decoo ra to n s b y Dor )nna j S lk t} -423Mn- - Avo.E. T w nfall8,s herre, Chj j L L S T d b t s. Restaurant where the re< recepton also " Ju le G o lterofp obalellb.- w as h e l d, T he couple s llvlnr n n Clovs. N.M.. T he U.S.! S u p r e e Court ruled unan-.jonna-m ellon and n W rene Webber* l ~ w here th e brdegroo ssenrngw lff Jously *n 1971 lhat arb lrary ds- attended h e brde, who 0 s f r o S a l l r R eserve You Jur Date Now S r -th e-a lrrf o rcc-atc annor jw n-a lr-force~- cr nator on-aganst-w o en su n ; ~ a k o C ltyrd ennls Bar w was best nah lle ~ - B a s e... : consttutlor onal, -... =JorJhet>o.w ho-t8-frdo-the-phllp n ; w p frc-lslands and s ser ervng n-the M erchant M arnes. He s the brother of Lellca fajardo of Wenc ndell. r The Cotpleplans to* o - g o - to - lh e Offce Tn t c s s n r e?reduced- of reducng offce nose......phlppne slands-ths fall to resde there. FR E EPO R T.! ll. (y ) - A new ethod has been found. 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WtRPlAC,. - AAt-lJ>uw :- ~ a» 3 S «c y w a J = - F e a tu r n g COUNTRV SW N G D DANCE / 7>A5G»r»ot-opp.ot ) p r4 u r.v: : ~ t / ~ y k [c T u p y o u J;t f e e l s... LVE BAN ND. ~ / W f ~ G r e a t tu n e s pr ro v d e d / /V by EJFsert Sont jn g / ~ DANCE CONTESTT P rz e s fo r 1 st, 2 n d a n d! 3rd P la c e k CELEBR THEFO 5 U R T H CELEBRATE WTH O D T D O O l? " BARBECUE F o Q to rn Q n o x o *-C hu S = t e x d V H o g D o g s ann d H a b u r g e r u O a l o o F W ltb to P E N -. ALL D A \E : N PARTY STARTS AT, T - " - HGH N O O N! TO A«. W../. T«>n Foff. l<jos(> «V W S A o o T O r o t s j J «-tom of> j r.- f yw tcotnwwm BURLEY 1 JERow M ;. DNG w l r a g s f e... ; / Buyfll lym RM fl f e p levmrewot DRKS! SALE SUBJEC CT T O T H E F O L to Ww r n o ; 1. V a ld o n lf y whera»al0 ttas ere e pennhp ed b y. lo w. 2. S o b ccl.t J.o«;:r<K<*ncll»o.aa v a l l a b U - n fo-daal nf Z j:. -.-.: ~g., ~ -P J

49 g. P u l t e l h ~off!cla Ms face an a b ethcal dlea over bow to handle A (Ddng-thatla t H h p e r» n ta g e o f:ssar: a E rw K lsc b g ale ho osexuals jp ear to have» been lo f M t a vl n to -lh a l-u - ~ strongly suspected of bel )el the cause of ADS )6 quandary, feden >ra! and state h ealh T O fflc a ls-sayr~ sr c e n ltfs-o n w hether ndvduals w ba posluve should b e so n: nfored, con- l " s d e H n B :th a l2 U k l : 1 - those ndvduals wll tl largelyunansw erableat] Does a postve te s l ean that the <. - ndvdual wll g e t AC DS (acqured r - r - - Lorre Brash s e r ~ -Laura Hundley H e fc e n c y syndt droe)? T -M ay b e yes. M a y b T"norsclen r tlsts B r a s e r - 0 / u v e r H u n d l e y - B a v s sayr-nere sh>o wayto kr knowforsure. - s th e vrus trans ns lttable to MURTAUGH - Mr. *. a and M rs. Joe TWN F; FALLS Mrs. Ray Galyea, 1. another person, eth e r b; by sexual con- M B rosler, M urtaugh, announce the Tw n Fall alls, announces the engage- J- tact o r by blood ransfu uslon? Agan, engage ent of helr dau laughter, Lorre enl of [--her -h daughler, L aura Lc there s no concluslve, Ann, to K ent E. Olver, sn f t. sear r t s ay M rs. Noah Olver. Twn F B rasler, a 1978 g graduate of Hundley, daughter of-the late L loyd gays a s the tests done to 0 < dale ndcate,. M urtaugh Hgh School, 1, l s a graduate Hundley,. attends a F ler Hgh School )1 the publc needs to knou DW. Dr. Harold 1 of the College of Souther he daho law and Davls s s 1 eployed a t Asgrow. Jaffe, O K lreclor of the h e ADS Task fenforceeht progra a and works a s a T he coup )uple plans a July 14 weddng g. F o rc e -o f the.c enles s for Dsease dspatcher wth the daho oho Slate Polce al Peace ; U lh e ra n CSurch n Fler. Control n A tlanta, sad 1 n l a telephone.. n Twn FaUs. ntervew. Olver, a 1977 Twn n F alls Hgh, T d b t t s Bul, he, a dded, the e stuaton s School g raduate, also gra BSatalaljC P ra W e n tv **potcntallyexplo3lve" 4ecauseoflhe b *.. CS law, enforceent? - prohbtng tng the drnkng-of beer nn ethcal consderatons th< lhat arse snce -..busness progra s ahd s th e Twn Fallffsherrrs ofl l-th e!n dvldual c a n do,h JllllSLV dthjhc The couple plans a July luly 15 weddng - W orld.w ar, Aercan n nforaton-*- except w worry - once a t-f rst-g h rstarrc h(lurcthr-twn u p f o r c c s cfoatcd-the-japancsc-atthe ft he s told hs te st w as posl alllve. - - f e, Fflllt! P acfc batl lattleoftaraw a Nov. 23,1943. T here s no c u re for r ADS. As of Junc-l8,4,861 cases had been reported n-ue-unled-states.-an nd-there-were 3 E a 3 J r a u n known-deathsr The dle a arose when re g j c a j L -; sfrd ers-l U sx en tek r n o c D s e a s Control recently used a newly developed test th al dentfer es ndvduals wose blood. carres S antbodes h k e d: h l d r e rn s Q agalnstr the lyp C H C A G O -Parents s can CJ. assocated vru s (LAV), whch scen- Jj l t e s k a,. p.t. help rase thc selve ves as really a gude to chld U s U l n c e cla probably n s the p! U t e t t j * ( S! f e c o a r a.rajy s PHYSCAL THERAPY / SUFERVSOR )L A au h e,asp o B S fcte= per anently by us}ng ca a real exclled, nterestedtechnques wth S- and bclleve-that t s th e san ae vrus that nd- 4-yeaM lds, - MSback k fro.a chld.when th ey d o! says author Joan Beclt. Aercan scentsts der entlfled as the hcm hn n g s - akes parentng ore, hls av-nvolve-teachtng-toddlera r t»w7»rhng cause n Aprl T a second language o r rtuc Usngfrozen blood ot b ta n ed rort tjadlngskllls al Languag joge learnng s on exaple; \ho e. San F r a h c l a lo o r - M rs.-beck,-a-chlcago- go-trbuneedl credblyyt ryoung age (betweenu and 4 )7 tora w rter and best-11 ADS had b e reported ed n.981, the ;clllngauthorof And they 5y do pr arly wth the le researchers found thal only o 1 percent How lo Rase a B g rlh te r Chld, p arents help. h( of the 1978 blood<?onlal ncd antbodes ; p u b llsh e d " B t Berhl lnngs: Gvng le a a se sccond language wthout an 10 thesa ples t e s t p tlvely Y cu r-c fa a= H ea"d -S5tart-rqElle? t5 a c c e n l 7 = FAMLYMEDK r C A L C E N T E t z..u n s l n t = ntereatlngtatlh H r-aoelely H t-w asjhe.thlg-thatj atwas. }.poslponed.eang.a.second - w J a d y own Tl chldren - 2 a n g u a gle, e ; al ost unforly; to hgh.becausem wh the ancageffessto < school ye B P O L N A V E N LU E» C.- lp..ll.t *. J g J E R O M g j years. T here s -enor ous- O U 4W 1 1. le a whch s not general erally acknowl- a ount of evdence lhat shows the edged n booka foc oa parents." the b ran docs x?s not acqure a second lan- l ; 3 K A t El A N p g j o ) author sad nlerylem lew.- - g u a g e later) l as easly or penna *, Sh esaldudles-sldw H-tl h d ap an ed e nently;" have rased therq lev evels 11 ponts - M rs. Be< B eck jad chlldren usl ce World W a rn. beglvef nany tlngs tb anlpulale. A tre endous aount of attenton - "T hese e c don t have to be toys, she s.pad to early learnjog Dg.n J a p a n r sad JT hcy ey can be h o u s ld te s a : -. sh e-sa d., ll theyre.bul buldng-better. crfd c atn n Ju. d le.frcely aro u n d the L PenqW V sefm b ran sn ther-people,, ths lh s really ho e wlthc thout danger, suchas cookng sd r u s and we r e y f need n to pay utensls and a sturdy adult lools. e h o u s attdtod to hh d e a s... Plannng lng for.subtllute care- s - r a r e n ts a re a chld s 1fHr t and osl portant for workng parents. M rs. C j J OBlbnU eaclot -... "B eckaddec d e d : n s t t : They re a lovng dlw nenslon; We vo- -; " t s very portant to lnd a, " Hund reds Of te s - AtCot&B«Belbw. Many t te s h Short Sl Supply., - o h CQnfed c a r g.wg. tb sttng c a retak er r who s nermted n lanstll n a classroo,. guage sl ulatlon and fndng w ays to Chldren sort of have an nnate, provde ll. 11. s portant to tran a. S l U H D A Y r, M O N B D A Y & 1 r U E S M bult-n desre to please 2 ther parens. babysltlcr er ln.learly learnng lech ; aw are of lots of babes who 0 ~ SO they re also ore receptve tp lhe nlques, L arge CD r r k s F r e e w t h d ln y S an d w ch a t Th r h e W o o d e n S p o o n! S u n d a y 1 \ A. M. t o 5 P. M ga ng-pa rents-p rovde rde-than-thej "...l a... -.w ujd te fro soebody.c ly.else. areleft.wvllh ll carctakcr%.w areh!l as kstc DOLLA A TABLE -»ctrlc 5 Foot Rgd P lallc " ne tead-of-scclng-the selves-as :-n te rc stcd u d -c e tta n ly j lta s -w c l ooo«7mo9nbtltho,hubht» htf, Thero Pltch#r*rVo$ot, e o n e who changes s dapers and educated as-parcnts-the e selves. TM>K*lt««. Gft W a r*,./ M*o Coddyt, Cho«>«Crotor!*r». SclMort, Tool Orgonlx- - - tawjflw e W M spoo.nng cereal,. (parents) see th ln k ll s a great hazard. - -.r. r t. Ser»wD rjv«r$, Vr* ronchot, Mony Moro tla, S«l Solng tat , fxod n for our eploye /ees toenjoy - JTedUlyj J-thAoldayWe Tefollowg ADVE E R r DLNES. V- w l l b e a s 1 o l l o D\ W! j. ~ ~ ~ ~ THREE PECE POO ST E N N T S SH O E f" 2 E A C H J 3 SO" daolor 3-rng pool. K b.,,. «v h,lo.s,o.7 lo,3. r S w rlng. R*g.$7.9S. : D a t e a d r u n s D R.g.SlA.9S Deadlne.. A ll FOR $ 3 $ OUY V..V.- ".Z... « O N c r r r. : T a r p t r ::,flrdenj;a! 7 : M o n d a y r J u j y-2- l y T h uj r s d a y r J u n e O N L Y - For any questh stons concernng these th advanced O N L Y... l. y O N L V... deadlnes, pleas!as0 call your.trresn News Sales fep.... W o G L OOVES. " T t o 3 2d-FA N ~ classn H H V A T E P 7 A R T Y A D S l (2C!0 8 > ; 3 - ts= zjdtegr DP9adlne < P Q D S ;! g B y l L Y N E l S p N -. WHTEST/ A C K 1 BA N A t> N A CHARS!S LOUNG G E - Hoovy wro & slool ale loqher Fde»37Coll B*g.$.V9 test" D a t e a d r u n s 30 X 6 Radwc w ood P o rtb b la M NFA W e d n e s d a y,, J u l y 4 ~ T u e s d d a y, J u l y 3, 5 p.. Ford o k o rto b l*. Boltsry VNYLLAR MATTRESS ~ : -B :* 2 :« *, ; = h 7 3 "... PCHCTAB BLE. GASGRU. d S f J r y = a r = p B t a J l J l w r r t j y $ 1 $!» ~ $ 3 9 B an c h a t.. - V V -. O N L Y -V QJrCrculat aton D epart ent wll b e o p e n u n tl : 3 0 j j 5. ; j y! y 4rto 4 r take arty-ssed p a p e r c o p l a n t s. S B M M aslotes S H p WEEKDAYS 9 A.A M. P.M.- S U N O A Y J11 A.M. to S P.M. n T h e Lynwood...- H, r W G «ThnNLgh, dy Copoe..... E..5J..../M S T. B E ~ 5 Drawo* UNFHrSfEOtl stf YPAH - ~ E l r l c S>unday.Jjly1.l084 u C E R L O l People take k e e( v e r y d a y t h n g s - " --. lke walkng, o r be e n d n g o v e r f o r g ran ted! w ork wl w t h p e o p l e v y h o taye.teporarjlyjc l y J o s t t t e a t ) ] l 5 a o do-these thngs, >.vw w " W e jse a te t e a a p p r o a c h a t. St. Benedcts. THep ( e p a t e n t a n d s e t goals together; Wee w o r k t o g e t h e r. " g e t people p t o t h e p o n t w here they d o n t gc y e w a l k n g o r bendng over a. s e c o n d t h o u g h t " "We sef goals ; together. We K B tfcc a ejth erj r. W e succeed together." NEDC fhest f c - T T T u e s d a y, J uul T R ju r s a a y, J u n e 2 8 ~ ACHl&RlLL.. ~ ~ --M E T A L ; W W e d n e s d a y /,,. J u l y 4 F r l d ca y, J u n e t e n Mn 5 j A c Q u a?. 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Hea lealu. research by Brtsh doctors Robert opened ted the EVM5 d ln lc n 1980 wll wth ch arg es 0,500, but t Jones sad Ual wll not g rant researd fundng lg foc E dw ards and Patrck rtcks leplpc.,., J5JOOJ XLlseed-onejtLro a-gratef teful w U l-go- p-to-«bou oum4joo(mt-4he w o rk n n-vtro fertllzatk)nru hough »u - : OTDec.*2flnS8Trv 11, Jones announced patent!nt. The quck success wps 1sur- begnnng o f next yc year. Most nsur- a n N H ethcs co tlee sad n n 1978 K ; H : ; th e b rllr of Elzabe Qbeth Jordan C arr, prslne. ng. ance co panes dor lon t pay for the t found no ethcal proble n labo bora- j ; M - ; A erca s frst test-t st-tube baby, at the Whc nen we opened, we sad wed procedure because : l s consdered tory con n cepto n s for nfertle woer nen. chnc he and hs wl wfe started at the gve t l th ree yea r s," h e sad. fa t the exper ental. E a ste VrRnlaMj -, -. L b.bdleve..ltl5u)e)nly.area e e n.ln. -M edcal-s chd onn~endortl >rthree years, w e ddnt have s an v : ~ The ttc c tss f a te l has been between - edlcn cne Ual h a s been styed poll r = r 10 percent and 20 pe: lercent, but Jones cally,.. Jonessad. "We have be». beleves lh a t wll tro tncre a as ore nvolv for ye a ra n a que t.sear. S! u.s. n o. 1 c e B e rg j-v all le y h a ppp e n n g s Le a tt u c e 1 clncs a re started ar and ore woen for he le soluton to Ulsproblero.-,at undergo the process:. l e a s Tt s o ra-h earg rb u t* g lv en-t tru e Ont tred1 Despte th e rapd g growur of d ln c s current ntjw lu cal stuaton, Unk T H E O 3 ; n th e U nted Slates. 3. Jones sad n- unlkely f a r t to coe off very soon. on." S - p l a n s f a lly-pgnc h G f e f U l l z a l l o hw dnly-re aln- F a vt o r a e l M t y,- Jone l l H e n d a { " TWN FALL u - The Magc-Valey cha h a p te ro ft O E O S w n h o ld a J " " p a rt of th e overal -dl treat ent of h a s bc< been Uk efforts of,s(h:a]! tled ; potluck p cnc jlc a t 7:30 p. rm t 812 Acfldep DHvp, Twtn 1 nfertlty.. taju eg uajk hq oppo5ej 3 F alls. Fally b e b e rs are nvted. Fto r ore nforaton call1 "T hs su n should be a last resort, vtro fertlzaton. - - a : when all o th er conye yentlonal Uwrapy Unfo: fortunalely, n-vtro fertllz ( T f c p h a sb eenexhaulb d l ; / -je-sald.-but to n -hhas aj gotten~ togeu*r" wu t tl Ue W r H H B u rk etl t t h e a d s a r e a l et n f f l n e e r s. wu the successtrf ;Ue t lr;vltro.cpn- atorton ue. a nd 1 fnd t dffcult ut to =» p fc ± J h!n J «k» e lff y a 91 l t: - a H c q f l B : ; T W N -Ef t a a : r a r y Dur kett, Twn FaUsrt f t r the-new prc8dcth)f -deaye39 n-u3lnghl hsfter-fll-ouer the4vwm h frsaldr - bo st we«mt coupong? U SaplfB s /» a tw. ; t h e Magc Valley ch a p te ro f lhe dahc aho Socety of Professlohal r~ tre a l e n th a s been tr tred." ts flqlal )la n Jb e jlffe re 4 o -p e o p )e EngneerafScD S c o ttb y b e e tsp re sld S t ec l T tn BOD anansftn na M 1 = NOW uae doctors.h.have " astered secretary -trea! reasurerrd ale Rledesel to thlechaplers e t representatve to ) th e b a s lc T )ro c e " -Jo n e s sa ld rth e T d t * J th e stale nolr lnatlng co ttee and Gary Young s chapter drector. concept c prov jve reproductve T P T h ejo cal nss P C a p l t t W o n s» r "the.ssrannual M agc. :., edtc e u «U.N. Gencral-a s sfhn V alley MATH) THCOUNTS copetton?6r )r a re a seventh and eghth " F o r exa ple, t was always con- S ran Bd observer status to the Pale an next yearr.accordng.lo-]»-p-arkln6on.- n» ls e a r - th~r- e - sdered-good edcne to take out htf beratton O rga n z a to n. 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D A L 5 t S B N o t t o n c lu d a fr f o ly p o c k s o r o f h o r t p M» clla l o f f o r s HECKEtAllTOPMS: A c r o ta f r o J M A U. - G W { M A R K E T -- J -» n F ro n to fp annywn n U * FltER R KMBERLY ~ 5 ~ * T n F ro n t O A lb > r to r n ( J,rodp1J2) (Spor onsoredby Troup 89} n~ VoTt on BlOFt al a k n f -PEERSEH S F R E W O R [ K S r o r k d s ;w t h ;p a r bl p ov v r y d o y r b «t w» n t F d t 01»countFJr«w orfc»j u.b o o th : - 3 FND TANDCCT tjr.0ur.ere6:fjrewprkj smrklrc3 Reg. 35* NOW -. J 9 L M T 4 B x. ;.. M PERSONSGA P U. f } n e. c a u M n ). P f a l v. M s o coupon/a l-fwfunllr J - p M - W h t e M LCouponExplre».7-3-M : zrr; -: shus z : B u t t Y L D e l s b c e a» 2 9 U l t - 3 H a l f c a l l Q t s coupon Expres 7>s-( -5 -M! Twn falb. Blue ees BffdJ ftfnorth V < K

52 E-12Tleows,Twlr rwn Falls, ldaho Sunday, Julyl.1884 rsscrr Musck lesrequv re rest after exercse 1to grotv E A R -D R rlj A M[ B - ~ n rfe a ly p l B l n v olved " ll w restl Jng. track and football. also lft weghts occaslonally, but y tkles dont - L aw ren ce,. to show any bulkness. They used to grow, but now they ve y j L a b, M.D. s t o. r d lke to have large uscles. ve J r la k ln g p r Q tc ln a.. p l l l L b u L J,n c h e s ow w epthan yheels: d dn t help uch. Doy o you have a det ntly v e -re a d that hangng th a t would help e bul wld y uscles, upge : down t n gravty nverson on - excel n football and,, r f possble, sl boots she shoots-the-blood pressure way ay n? ve got a pot t belly b( d lke to. u p a n d r ncreases the oressure n tl4 the. eyes. DEAR R EA D ER - - T T atstrp tj ltreadelr The lcant ot : la rg e order for a det 1/el. Vour fetter gettng wll have lttle effect on suggests y our proble s nol yo. y r blood t o p ressure. dd a seres of det. Youve been takng Jng exlra prolen cxneh n e n ts for a edcal selecton of andsln ce there-are-or ronljnbott-lo O - j s t s n j lu s ts usng a table t l t head- Jd * g ra s of proten laeach.cujxhdotlean The headown poston ln- uscle, you dont, nw< M d h o n c u s creased 3 tf>e blood pressure n the J e aounts to supportusc lusclc growth h ead Y ou-don t*need-uore oo -cfllorles - B l o pl rs s u re s reldled to your your-pot-belly-suggests ur sts-y o u -a lre a d y R e a ft level. A llp o ln ts above your lur consu e ore than you ouneed. h e a rt hav lave a decreased pressure 2 T h e proble s your n. exercse pro- the blood a no acds together rurfof ttr uscle p o r ra tracton on th e back, you ll proten. A uscle that hats workng s p hnhy w t able to~produce t S re "> s t u u 8 byy. / your hands fro a b a ra s oou u " proten. Thats the reason successful would by by hangng fro your feet uscle developent n requres a day of eravtv n nverson boots. -rest.after-a-dfly.ol cxe g xerclse..d urng.- - By GEORGE W. WL VLBUR ebroc -oderes,!, qults, t4>bqlster} lery. to establsh an "Ae lercan Roo, t T h e a cou ectkn ncludes anyjsl ls to r t l a r bas n s, fans cto rb fth e a rts Assocated Pressvrll wrter ru g srd *drapcty~andtbc~t00!st0ak [lake c a e to tbe-valentne n e Museu-to do cauy~n notable-corta es-suchaflt flthe w j3erdou >«nab ea " f f s t t e braced o n l U e the, j s certanly not all tt re s to the research and b o TOwcostues for c r MMyelvet and er ne coronatl aatton- O n ly a f e f theco c 0 s t u n» c 8 «r r e v c r l < * ja -V alentne -House, a - - -RCHMOND, Va. a.-- Few places n theuhlq njqueaalentlne Museu.But [tls d s p la y.-... : W ) lof o f Lady Nancy Astor.-the gn great seentjy the publc wl len tbe useu h to d soe jt neoclasscal structure 6ull lequnsh nh ts-ds J t t ->e e a u s e u -h u bdo6-~ ; - lke ths c tys /s faedvalentlne te atk) ttonal accla te peraturtcontrou e- code-dress worn b y -M a ry rbb a ll p lay sr :: e x pande n d e d - to - ta te ~ ln - o s c o f - u w ± ~ M u s o u. Cura lra s one of the la a n d >sl o s. w hch tbe costues a re ndvdually w asunf ngt, the presdent s oth 19th-century houses ak «g one But twoujd b e a 1 statc gatherng o ft nporta rtant-ttsxtu e collectons n th< encased l plastc b ag.g a hangng t r o - a ; ; -W ; f o b y JP atd t-h en y - a ng s reserved for S dteo? o f a tf e4 haded Slr«el xyer, ".! lfe lc. amjulns.- hs, sn<y the.ore naton," n, sad John Zeher, th tw o-tered oval rack cks that rotate rt E. Lee, Revolutonary a Y a n t a g e - f l t : w h dt-towers r t o th e-q rawlng-medcal th a n 20,000 costues n the useu s useur urns drector. electrcally lke those «n a dry d e a n. ClvUWa W ar unfors and th e baugu useu s TextUe R< Resource and Re- colleffeo ge of Vrgna coplex. -- prceless textle cote ollectlon no longer Wells sad the costu e collectlot lng shop, gow nsol f Vntfna floveors wves, search Center, e s blshed l n 1970 for lle lt-g e ts-a o e -c ty -a n d - te - 7 grace the huan for )nn.7 w f l s the hcsocondareestln theunlte( lted TCTwrf studotta of toctles,"! rneedle-no.-eos r e a r e,w eddn g,g o w n s-a, htf~ useu "retalns"trt h: - tu e d eslp and rd flt g h t thnk conslder lerlng thelrage,-w e clothng ng l l( P (te-to.tb e.p re3 en t,.c r-oust a dazzlng U n g a «S «.!.L llu e ulo jra., - - A one-week a n n dence- and op H a r g ey l a e l n a r o n l l n e - S S w ouldnt drea, of lettng anyone "Peop jople co e fro -all over th< 11 a rra y of fab rcsa d unbelevably Jeroy" suts, buckskn fron- p d v te a o n a tte n s. needlework attracts 5 so e 250 people»o ~.w eaclhe," sad 1 Grace G Wells, cu- world to see t. ts-w o rth untolc d etaled ncedlewort. le n s outfts and lace-tr key per anent exhbt u n e j fro throughout th e rato ro ftextlles. ~~ llons, ns, shesald.. "B efore the ld-l«aoos, everythng " >rnhg n g coats worn by the foppj - chronlclc lcles through artfacts; T b c textlecollecu Ktlon, whch also Zch er rbted that w henthe M etro w as-hand adellsou o e U e to o k.a -S S S S M eso " fth e ls th c e n U. Valentne Museu, n, openedto the draw ngs ngs, photographs and text the publcn-j896,-wasesl ncludes. cxculs lulslle laces, poltan n Museu f n New York wanted y e a r lo ake one d res tablsh ed by the lfeof [Rch Rk ond and tsp eoplerltls a ess lo r a wealthy n endless e n rows of draw ers L and a -te r s of the wl of Mf tfann S. Valentne three-dn!!? :p a tr» j4 V e llm a d :d oaa]w alk-thrd ugh tex- ; tmxes are a accesaores *6uch as wgs. wj, a Rchond ere rchant and noted tbook of th t] e ctv s hsto rv.. " 7 an ufacturng proten eln for uscle Your actve progra a never gves " KET CHUH/SyNVALttf- =" yotrusclesu»e-chanca nce-to-pt»w r-lf y o u -w a n M a r- u fd tra n about three d ays 5 a week and rest y our uscles the other days. Youll - F t t lly - F u s le l Condonuns h ave to be patent. : "ost c o c n ~ S t a r t n e " a t =? = A p p r o a c h tc reveff 51ffplng~larger uscles fn (hf» HpjUh alth t / tlte r,m y H l g h L... W eght T ranng for )r Energy and Weg ht Control, whch ch sendng -ppn U H----- T ; r ; :j SKjljlllURlOW D EA R D R.l a B1B - have soe deterlorated-dsks-n- -y-lubar-and " ffleloflmothly-ans t l ceh rlcal n e th at cause pan n y. le g s and a r s: ve*!* been lyng on a M S O R 1 H f <... a n t boanl S butes a day for soe E S R V A T O N S...ld tracort: t sees to help. When 7 a T 4, - on the board y -head-ls aboul J4 U f * : H e r e l s y o u r - - a t. a S p o S lu S C U HS e o u l d >ULchaWceto try the Specal ntroductory RfflMOHF== e b e s t d o g f o o d y P r c e,.. 5. d s t e et4vec< C o e esa a rlyand en jo y a sp ec fclaljuly41h Band Conc cert n front of T ftec f C.S.l Fne A rts Bulldr dng. C oncert starts a18:00 t l p... T T S S H S e s u c t [ 7 r = = = g.g -S B -... \ PERFORMANCE H 7 k SH O W ~ WSNTENANCE P U P y!e = H gl P r o t e n - - = C o plete and B a la n ce d.. H o S u p p le e n ts , Rejurtd. r = t H ( M n e r a ( : l e v e l ~ low Fal E > = Co*b] * by lor 0 r a n ta M M l. Tht (oodlttoo% ndlllonolly guofont»»d. or youf 4 0 l b s j r P E R F O R M A NLNCE~(30%~Pr5>otn) Z 3 0 ] b s. M A lf Nf l E N A E l C r r l P R O T E 1 N -( t%-f»rotg1n ) :.. tgy C c N O S O Y B E A/ N k ftll ln g lfttjlq Q3 r t.facto r, hypothyrod* : t fa c to r a ndstorlllty d t problo s,?l a l l j w e a tr1e Q T E N 5 % d g o jo, tlb lo J " REDUCgPA L A N X F R M - S T O e S E a U P - T OF O -6 0 * % -L -gss-thnf-rggr f5 a t o n e fc $ o re o g = = = f o o d s * HGHEST LE E V E L S O F L N O L E C A C D A N D - r b K fe W R S 2lY y :! E A S T -fbr gr*o» oat«oa nr d l o s lh o d d ln g A n o r a l orr a o u n t t o f e e d o f Sh S h o w R e s u lts Per* f o f f n o n c e - w oo o l d - b e o n e CUf 5 r 2 C r l b s. - o f b y w e g h t. G o p a p a r e th s t o h o w u cch h y o u a r e f e e d n g n o w, a n d y o u J w ll s e e w h y t s the e b est buy on the o r k e t t o d a y! 10a% GUA laranteeduncon NOONALLY OR RYOURMONEYB/ JACK! S lo p b y o n e olo f th ese d ealers for yo /o u r fr e e s a p le!, jskaee STAEECOflCHF.-A «M A th fl Copare anddecd de...--t.. BGSBtrey) RANfEt HV-AtllMAL-CllHlt HFEEDANDRANCHSUP HOUSt{Tw:Falls)-r{ PETCOMPLEX(Twn Fall EHS (Bu)-: C-(KBtEhun) v l T w T n F a l s ) REEHACRES: a l l s ). : S p o n s o r e d b y d a t o F r o z ew n F o o d s C o r p., T ht e t C h a b e r o f C o rnr, j e r c e a n d C t y o f T w n F a t e, f = f f l daho s larg( gest freworl- ks dsplay! A TTOWuTe T p h Ffonte?rJ=leld 1 C.S.. WednesdayE Everjng, JlJyA.E er OPne nvle d r : ,Ths ess ssage provtded -asapj publlc-sefvce-by-the-l -T es-n ew s :------r -Cap )US 3 ;


A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th

4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th n r t d n 20 2 :24 T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n

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0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n. R v n n th r

0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n. R v n n th r n r t d n 20 22 0: T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n.

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46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th

46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th n r t d n 20 0 : T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l

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Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2

Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2 Internal Innovation @ C is c o 2 0 0 6 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. C i s c o C o n f i d e n t i a l 1 Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork

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Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No

Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No xhibit 2-9/3/15 Invie Filing Pge 1841 f Pge 366 Dket. 44498 F u v 7? u ' 1 L ffi s xs L. s 91 S'.e q ; t w W yn S. s t = p '1 F? 5! 4 ` p V -', {} f6 3 j v > ; gl. li -. " F LL tfi = g us J 3 y 4 @" V)

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F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c

F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c L i f e t i m e M a n a g e m e n t o f F l a-b s ah s e d S S D s U s i n g R e c o v e r-a y w a r e D y n a m i c T h r o t t l i n g S u n g j i n L e, e T a e j i n K i m, K y u n g h o, Kainmd J

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35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3

35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3 - - - - ff ff - - - - - - B B BB f f f f f f f 6 96 f f f f f f f 6 f LF LZ f 6 MM f 9 P D RR DD M6 M6 M6 M. M. M. M. M. SL. E 6 6 9 ZB Z EE RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ ZM 6 F FP 6 K KK M. M. M. M. M M M M f f

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o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco

o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco > p >>>> ft^. 2 Tble f Generl rdnes. t^-t - +«0 -P k*ph? -- i t t i S i-h l -H i-h -d. *- e Stf H2 t s - ^ d - 'Ct? "fi p= + V t r & ^ C d Si d n. M. s - W ^ m» H ft ^.2. S'Sll-pl e Cl h /~v S s, -P s'l

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H NT Z N RT L 0 4 n f lt r h v d lt n r n, h p l," "Fl d nd fl d " ( n l d n l tr l t nt r t t n t nt t nt n fr n nl, th t l n r tr t nt. r d n f d rd n t th nd r nt r d t n th t th n r lth h v b n f

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Provider Satisfaction

Provider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction [1] NOTE: if you nd to navigate away from this page, please click the "Save Draft" page at the bottom (visible to ONLY logged in users). Otherwise, your rpons will

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'NOTASCRITICAS PARA UNA TEDRIA DE M BUROCRACIA ESTATAL * Oscar Oszlak OVí "^Ox^ OqAÍ"^ Dcument SD-11 \ 'NOTAS"CRTCAS PARA UNA TEDRA DE M BUROCRACA ESTATAL * Oscr Oszlk * El presente dcument que se reprduce pr us exclusv de ls prtcpntes de curss de Prrms de Cpctcón, se h

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o Alphabet Recitation

o Alphabet Recitation Letter-Sound Inventory (Record Sheet #1) 5-11 o Alphabet Recitation o Alphabet Recitation a b c d e f 9 h a b c d e f 9 h j k m n 0 p q k m n 0 p q r s t u v w x y z r s t u v w x y z 0 Upper Case Letter

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The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table of Elements 8 Uuo Uus Uuh (9) Uup (88) Uuq (89) Uut (8) Uub (8) Rg () 0 Ds (9) 09 Mt (8) 08 Hs (9) 0 h () 0 Sg () 0 Db () 0 Rf () 0 Lr () 88 Ra () 8 Fr () 8 Rn () 8 At (0) 8 Po (09)

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i;\-'i frz q > R>? >tr E*+ [S I z> N g> F 'x sa :r> >,9 T F >= = = I Y E H H>tr iir- g-i I * s I!,i --' - = a trx - H tnz rqx o >.F g< s Ire tr () -s

i;\-'i frz q > R>? >tr E*+ [S I z> N g> F 'x sa :r> >,9 T F >= = = I Y E H H>tr iir- g-i I * s I!,i --' - = a trx - H tnz rqx o >.F g< s Ire tr () -s 5 C /? >9 T > ; '. ; J ' ' J. \ ;\' \.> ). L; c\ u ( (J ) \ 1 ) : C ) (... >\ > 9 e!) T C). '1!\ /_ \ '\ ' > 9 C > 9.' \( T Z > 9 > 5 P + 9 9 ) :> : + (. \ z : ) z cf C : u 9 ( :!z! Z c (! $ f 1 :.1 f.

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Last 4 Digits of USC ID:

Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Chemistry 05 B Practice Exam Dr. Jessica Parr First Letter of last Name PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS Name: Last 4 Digits of USC ID: Lab TA s Name: Question Points Score Grader 8 2 4 3 9 4 0

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What is the periodic table?

What is the periodic table? The periodic table of the elements represents one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science that certain elements, the basic chemical substances from which all matter is made, resemble each

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Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea

Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea G Blended L ea r ni ng P r o g r a m R eg i o na l C a p a c i t y D ev elo p m ent i n E -L ea r ni ng H R K C r o s s o r d e r u c a t i o n a n d v e l o p m e n t C o p e r a t i o n 3 0 6 0 7 0 5

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M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y-

M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y- Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Technical Overview 1 M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware

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[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.

[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34. .. - 2-2009 [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.2373-60..,..,..,..,.. -60 : /... ;. 2-. : -, 2008. 134. ISBN 5-98298-299-7 -., -,,. - «,, -, -», - 550800,, 240600 «-», -. [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8)

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Colby College Catalogue

Colby College Catalogue Colby College Digital Commons @ Colby Colby Catalogues College Archives: Colbiana Collection 1871 Colby College Catalogue 1871-1872 Colby College Follow this and additional works at: http://digitalcommonscolbyedu/catalogs

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Colby College Catalogue

Colby College Catalogue Colby College Digital Commons @ Colby Colby Catalogues College Archives: Colbiana Collection 1872 Colby College Catalogue 1872-1873 Colby College Follow this and additional works at: http://digitalcommonscolbyedu/catalogs

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I;;"" I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5" i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT

I;; I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5 i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT 5 ;; _L_ 7 9 8 A Ll(;O '{ L _ OFFCAL RETURNS GENERAL ELECTON RAmE 98 9 w ;; (k4(ap 'A ' lee S'T'lTE 5'C TU AS c ; _ l6l>'

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Atoms and the Periodic Table

Atoms and the Periodic Table Atoms and the Periodic Table Parts of the Atom Proton Found in the nucleus Number of protons defines the element Charge +1, mass 1 Parts of the Atom Neutron Found in the nucleus Stabilizes the nucleus

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Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law

Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law University of Michigan Law School University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository Articles Faculty Scholarship 1907 Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law

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Chapter 3: Stoichiometry

Chapter 3: Stoichiometry Chapter 3: Stoichiometry Chem 6A Michael J. Sailor, UC San Diego 1 Announcements: Thursday (Sep 29) quiz: Bring student ID or we cannot accept your quiz! No notes, no calculators Covers chapters 1 and

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I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE

I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE (tl Sh*q +sss$!! ll ss s ;s$ll s ; B 3 $ Sest -9[*; s$t 1,1 - e^ -" H u$xdx fd $A sfle *9,9* '. s. \^ >X!l P s H 2.ue ^ O - HS 1- -l ( l[[l[e lff* l$[fl$l1l3f[ U, -.1 $tse;es s TD T' ' t B $*l$ \l - 1

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APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids

APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids APPH 42 Physics of Fluids Problem Solving and Vorticity (Ch. 5) 1.!! Quick Review 2.! Vorticity 3.! Kelvin s Theorem 4.! Examples 1 How to solve fluid problems? (Like those in textbook) Ç"Tt=l I $T1P#(

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Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License

Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License Trn Up A Chld 2000 Pul Mrxhusen All Rghts Reserved Dedcted to Stu Tetz for 30 yers of Luthern techng mnstry Free Prse Lcense Ths lcense does NOT supercede or replce the rghts of the composer(s) under Unted

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2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s

2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s M O D E L O W A N I E I N Y N I E R S K I E n r 4 7, I S S N 1 8 9 6-7 7 1 X A N A L Y S I S O F T E M P E R A T U R E D I S T R I B U T I O N I N C O M P O S I T E P L A T E S D U R I N G T H E R M A

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Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m

Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Other Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Kindly fill in all the applicable information in the spaces provided and submit to us before the stipulated deadline. The information you provide will be held

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9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom)

9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) CAPTER 6: TE PERIODIC TABLE Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) The Periodic Table (Mendeleev) In 1872, Dmitri

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Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name

Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, 2004 Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Each asterisk () is 5 points. There are 40 s, for

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r 3 > o m > o > z m Z -< Z il r H O O H H i-» 00 a o x3 X M > I- > 1 n 0) l' 1

r 3 > o m > o > z m Z -< Z il r H O O H H i-» 00 a o x3 X M > I- > 1 n 0) l' 1 7J 73 Z -) r a c -< 0-73 - -0 -< C 73 FLE N. UC08-25454S - c X - a 0 TJ 0 TB - ;w - 70 () < r 3 a r w r r r Ō Z c a Z. < 7 C B D - -< a r Z J < r < < 70 TJ "s w 3 0 D < 70 -) 7) 0 TJ!! -( Z X - r 7) 77

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106 70/140H-8 70/140H-8

106 70/140H-8 70/140H-8 7/H- 6 H 7/H- 7 H ffffff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f f H 7/H- 7/H- H φφ φφ φφ φφ! H 1 7/H- 7/H- H 1 f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff ff ff ff φ φ φ

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns!

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 5 (100 points) April 18, 2018 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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Physics 123. Exam #1. October 11, 2006

Physics 123. Exam #1. October 11, 2006 hyscs Exa # October, 006 roble /0 roble /0 roble /0 roble 4 /0 roble 5 /0 roble 6 /0 roble 7 /0 roble 8 /0 roble 9 /0 roble 0 /0 Total /00 Free-Response robles: lease show all work n order to receve partal

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FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012

FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012 CLLR CNTY TRST TAX RVN CAC January 10, 2013 V-1 Staff Reprts 1 f 18 Budget escriptin und Y 13 Adpted Budget Y 13 (5%) Reserved by Law Y 13 Net Budget Y 13 recast Variance t Y 13 Budget Beach acilities

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30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu.

30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu. Enthalpy changes: experimentally it is much easier to measure heat flow at const pressure - this is enthalpy q p = )H : also nearly all chemical reactions are done at constant pressure. Enthalpy (heat)

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each)

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each) Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 4 (100 points) April 12, 2017 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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System in Weibull Distribution

System in Weibull Distribution Internatonal Matheatcal Foru 4 9 no. 9 94-95 Relablty Equvalence Factors of a Seres-Parallel Syste n Webull Dstrbuton M. A. El-Dacese Matheatcs Departent Faculty of Scence Tanta Unversty Tanta Egypt

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On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes

On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes 6 On the nuber of regons n an -densonal space cut by n hyperplanes Chungwu Ho and Seth Zeran Abstract In ths note we provde a unfor approach for the nuber of bounded regons cut by n hyperplanes n general

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SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SCHEDULE H-6.1b NUCLEAR UNIT OUTAGE DATA. For the Test Year Ended March 31, 2009 Schedule SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR COMPANY SCHDUL H-6.1b NUCLAR UNIT OUTAG DATA For the Test Year nded March 31, 29 This schedule is not applicable to SVvPCO. 5 Schedule H-6.1 c SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR

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> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU

> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU C C FNS TCNCAL NFRMATN CNTR [itpfttiiknirike?fi-'.;t C'JM.V TC hs determined n \ _\}. L\\ tht this Technicl cment hs the istribtin Sttement checked belw. The crnt distribtin fr this dcment cn be telind

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Made the FIRST periodic table

Made the FIRST periodic table Made the FIRST periodic table 1869 Mendeleev organized the periodic table based on the similar properties and relativities of certain elements Later, Henri Moseley organized the elements by increasing

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`G 12 */" T A5&2/, ]&>b ; A%/=W, 62 S 35&.1?& S + ( A; 2 ]/0 ; 5 ; L) ( >>S.

`G 12 */ T A5&2/, ]&>b ; A%/=W, 62 S 35&.1?& S + ( A; 2 ]/0 ; 5 ; L) ( >>S. 01(( +,-. ()*) $%&' "#! : : % $& - "#$ :, (!" -&. #0 12 + 34 2567 () *+ '!" #$%& ; 2 "1? + @)&2 A5&2 () 25& 89:2 *2 72, B97I J$K

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STANDARDISED MOUNTINGS STANDARDISED MOUNTINGS for series 449 cylinders conforming to ISO 21287 standard Series 434 MOUNTINGS CONFORMING TO ISO 21287 - ISO 15552 - AFNOR NF ISO 15552 - DIN ISO 15552 STANDARDS applications Low

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K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo.

K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. I t odu tio K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. A istotle Why You Need Insight Whe is the last ti e ou a e e e taki g ti e to thi k a out ou life, ou alues, ou d ea s o ou pu pose i ei g o this

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BALLADE TO THE MOON --- _ I _ BALLADE TO THE MOON Danel Elde (b 986) Adago Msteoso 66 3 '0# 3 5 S A T B On moonlt nght 7 ' Yg " 2 9 l 0 wan de fee : pp e 9 : n n l j j: 2 a 0 On moonlt nght wan de' fee my mnd to oam on thoughts of

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INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section

INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section CHEM 1215 Exam III John III. Gelder November 10, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 7 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and

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Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano

Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE Dv mons Mm t look o ts n rlt tt s ptvly p sn y Py Brnkmn Mttlno Dv your mons nto trnls o two or our olors. FCT-SCON0216_BNB66 2012 Klm Pulsn Co. Ts mtrl my not rprou n ny orm wtout prmsson

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Physics 201, Lecture 4. Vectors and Scalars. Chapters Covered q Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement.

Physics 201, Lecture 4. Vectors and Scalars. Chapters Covered q Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement. Phscs 01, Lecture 4 Toda s Topcs n Vectors chap 3) n Scalars and Vectors n Vector ddton ule n Vector n a Coordnator Sstem n Decomposton of a Vector n Epected from prevew: n Scalars and Vectors, Vector

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8. Relax and do well.

8. Relax and do well. CHEM 1314.03 Exam I John I. Gelder September 25, 1997 Name TA's Name Lab Section Please sign your name below to give permission to post, by the last 4 digits of your student I.D. number, your course scores

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QUESTIONNAIRE FOR WEST BENGAL Demand Side Management & Renewable Energy in India: Capacity Building of CSOs -- DREC PROJECT. Ešlc a pðå u LR abé

QUESTIONNAIRE FOR WEST BENGAL Demand Side Management & Renewable Energy in India: Capacity Building of CSOs -- DREC PROJECT. Ešlc a pðå u LR abé Ešlc a pðå u LR abé 1z Ešlc a l e j 2z Sm l e j 3z Ešlc a l WL e J k N k Nl hhle (NË j, b e, hôl, fe L X, j h Cm eðl CaÉ c pçf ZÑ b L A a BhnÉL) WL e g e eðl (STD Code pq) j h Cm eðl C- jm 4z Hm L - 1z

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LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses

LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Louisiana State University LSU Digital Commons LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Graduate School 1976 Infestation of Root Nodules of Soybean by Larvae of the Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotoma Trifurcata

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necessita d'interrogare il cielo

necessita d'interrogare il cielo gigi nei necessia d'inegae i cie cic pe sax span s inuie a dispiegaa fma dea uce < affeandi ves i cen dea uce isnane " sienzi dei padi sie veic dei' anima 5 J i f H 5 f AL J) i ) L '3 J J "' U J J ö'

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Bellman-F o r d s A lg o r i t h m The id ea: There is a shortest p ath f rom s to any other verte that d oes not contain a non-negative cy cle ( can

Bellman-F o r d s A lg o r i t h m The id ea: There is a shortest p ath f rom s to any other verte that d oes not contain a non-negative cy cle ( can W Bellman Ford Algorithm This is an algorithm that solves the single source shortest p ath p rob lem ( sssp ( f ind s the d istances and shortest p aths f rom a source to all other nod es f or the case

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Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2

Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2 Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2 Electrons found outside the nucleus; negatively charged Protons found in the nucleus; positive charge equal in magnitude to the electron s negative charge Neutrons

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8. Relax and do well.

8. Relax and do well. CHEM 1225 Exam I John I. Gelder February 4, 1999 Name KEY TA's Name Lab Section Please sign your name below to give permission to post your course scores on homework, laboratories and exams. If you do

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M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal

M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal C i s c o P r o f i l e C o n t a c t s & F e e d b a c k H e l p C isc o S M B S up p ort A ssistant Pass Routing Information over IPsec VPN Tunnel between two ASA/PIX H ome > W ork W ith M y S ec urity

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Chapter 13. Gas Mixtures. Study Guide in PowerPoint. Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach, 5th edition by Yunus A. Çengel and Michael A.

Chapter 13. Gas Mixtures. Study Guide in PowerPoint. Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach, 5th edition by Yunus A. Çengel and Michael A. Chapter 3 Gas Mxtures Study Gude n PowerPont to accopany Therodynacs: An Engneerng Approach, 5th edton by Yunus A. Çengel and Mchael A. Boles The dscussons n ths chapter are restrcted to nonreactve deal-gas

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Spring Force and Power

Spring Force and Power Lecture 13 Chapter 9 Sprng Force and Power Yeah, energy s better than orces. What s net? Course webste: IN THIS CHAPTER, you wll learn how to solve problems

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Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1

Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 The development of the periodic table brought a system of order to what was otherwise an collection of thousands of pieces of information.

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PHYS 232 QUIZ minutes.

PHYS 232 QUIZ minutes. / PHYS 232 QUIZ 1 02-18-2005 50 minutes. This quiz has 3 questions. Please show all your work. If your final answer is not correct, you will get partial credit based on your work shown. You are allowed

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Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous

Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous T D $20,000+ Ay $10,000+ Fll Fly Cbl T Ew & S Vbl $5,000+ Ay M. & M. T Fll M. Fl H. Hwz D. & M. G A. Ky $2,500+ M. Plp J. Bly, III J & Klly Bzly S T. & My C. Fll Mk & E G R Hy Jy & Ell Jll Fly Ly F Cy

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L...,,...lllM" l)-""" Si_...,...

L...,,...lllM l)- Si_...,... > 1 122005 14:8 S BF 0tt n FC DRE RE FOR C YER 2004 80?8 P01/ Rc t > uc s cttm tsus H D11) Rqc(tdk ;) wm1111t 4 (d m D m jud: US

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Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics.

Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. I. Review: Comparison of ionic and molecular compounds Molecular compounds Ionic

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PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS Useful Constants and equations: K = o C + 273 Avogadro's number = 6.022 x 10 23 d = density = mass/volume R H = 2.178 x 10-18 J c = E = h = hc/ h = 6.626 x 10-34 J s c = 2.998 x 10 8 m/s E n = -R H Z 2

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(T > w) F R = T - w. Going up. T - w = ma

(T > w) F R = T - w. Going up. T - w = ma ANSES Suspended Acceleratng-Objects A resultant orce causes a syste to accelerate. he drecton o the acceleraton s n the drecton o the resultant orce. As llustrated belo, hen suspended objects accelerate,

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12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development

12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development U PL & EET E 28 Vel ee eded 2 P.. ) LL EET T E 2) PPVE E ) ET E ) e e e e eded eebe 2 Plg & g eeg b) Bldg Pe e: eebe ) PUBL FU ( -E TE): g be bg bee e Plg & g eel ll be de ll be e. 5) UEETFEEBK: ) be ll

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CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models

CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models In this lab, we will learn and practice predicting molecular structures from molecular formulas. The Periodic Table of the Elements IA 1 H IIA IIIA IVA VA VIA VIIA 3 5

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kind read i i i i i i

kind read i i i i i i T u Mu P W NNG: Wu 1J1:9 u P OUT, 1J1: 6-10. u u u, u u, u' u u. v v 53:10-1 1' LXX x, u b : P u, N u, v u u u ( P ' "5 v" k ) k z u) ( ( k, u) ku ( u, k k, ub) ( u b u) k ( b Mk u, Ju) 1 J1:9 T Pb- v

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Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution

Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution Department of Statstcs Unversty of Toronto STA35HS / HS Desgn and Analyss of Experments Term Test - Wnter - Soluton February, Last Name: Frst Name: Student Number: Instructons: Tme: hours. Ads: a non-programmable

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Grade 11 Science Practice Test

Grade 11 Science Practice Test Grade 11 Science Practice Test Nebraska Department of Education 2012 Directions: On the following pages of your test booklet are multiple-choice questions for Session 1 of the Grade 11 Nebraska State Accountability

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single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2

single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2 single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2 Period 1 1 H 18 He 2 Group 1 2 Li Be Group 13 14 15 16 17 18 B C N O F Ne 3 4 Na K Mg Ca Group 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Al Ga

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Marks for each question are as indicated in [] brackets.

Marks for each question are as indicated in [] brackets. Name Student Number CHEMISTRY 140 FINAL EXAM December 10, 2002 Numerical answers must be given with appropriate units and significant figures. Please place all answers in the space provided for the question.

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Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch.

Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch. Wnn f gn ht Wnn Song A g t ht Tn ong to A k g wnd A ong d no. no Sh Wnn Wnn th Wth. y t d to A ong k t Bg gn y H go wth Wnn Whn h f. wnd ootk H Wu Wu th t. Ptu Dtony oo hopt oon okt hng gd ho y ktod nh

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Material Properties Measurement. Accuracy of Plastic Strain Estimated by Hardness to Assess Remaining Fatigue Lives

Material Properties Measurement. Accuracy of Plastic Strain Estimated by Hardness to Assess Remaining Fatigue Lives Ml Pp M Ay f Pl S Ed by Hd A R Lv M. Nk, Hh, Ld., Jp; S. K, Hh-GE Nl Ey, Ld., Jp; Y. Kk, Y. Tk, Tky El Pw Cpy, Jp; J. K, K vy, Jp; T. Ow, Ay Gk vy, Jp ABSTRACT A b f p hv b pfd vl h l y f p Khwzk-Kw Nl

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SCIENCE 1206 UNIT 2 CHEMISTRY. September 2017 November 2017

SCIENCE 1206 UNIT 2 CHEMISTRY. September 2017 November 2017 SCIENCE 1206 UNIT 2 CHEMISTRY September 2017 November 2017 UNIT OUTLINE 1. Review of Grade 9 Terms & the Periodic Table Bohr diagrams Evidence for chemical reactions Chemical Tests 2. Naming & writing

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Using the Periodic Table

Using the Periodic Table MATH SKILLS TRANSPARENCY WORKSHEET Using the Periodic Table 6 Use with Chapter 6, Section 6.2 1. Identify the number of valence electrons in each of the following elements. a. Ne e. O b. K f. Cl c. B g.

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6.3 Classifying Elements with the Periodic Table

6.3 Classifying Elements with the Periodic Table 6.3 Classifying Elements with the Periodic Table The Periodic Table was developed by scientists to organize elements in such a way as to make sense of the growing information about their properties. The

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[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo

[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo [L D W W D k /%// / j } b w k w kk w b N b b k z w - k w k k b b b b b w k b k w S b b- K k D R w b k k kk k w w "b b z b bk b w wk w kk w w k b b b b q V /VSRN O R S R SON - H R VL 11 N 11 q HK NONL KONDON

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PROOF/ÉPREUVE ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. Space environment (natural and artificial) Galactic cosmic ray model

PROOF/ÉPREUVE ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. Space environment (natural and artificial) Galactic cosmic ray model INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 15390 First edition 2004-##-## Space environment (natural and artificial) Galactic cosmic ray model Environnement spatial (naturel et artificiel) Modèle de rayonnement cosmique

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What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ ated prov ides a point-fix for

What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ ated prov ides a point-fix for SMU 101 2 0 0 7 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. 1 What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ

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Fall 2011 CHEM Test 4, Form A

Fall 2011 CHEM Test 4, Form A Fall 2011 CHEM 1110.40413 Test 4, Form A Part I. Multiple Choice: Clearly circle the best answer. (60 pts) Name: 1. The common constituent in all acid solutions is A) H 2 SO 4 B) H 2 C) H + D) OH 2. Which

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Nrer/ \f l xeaoe Rx RxyrZH IABXAP.qAATTAJI xvbbqaat KOMnAHT1. rvfiqgrrox 3Axl4 Pn br H esep fiyraap: qa/oq YnaaH6aarap xor

Nrer/ \f l xeaoe Rx RxyrZH IABXAP.qAATTAJI xvbbqaat KOMnAHT1. rvfiqgrrox 3Axl4 Pn br H esep fiyraap: qa/oq YnaaH6aarap xor 4 e/ f l ee R RyZH BXP.J vbb KOMnH1 vfig 3l4 Pn b H vlun @*,/capn/t eep fiyaap: a/ YnaaH6aaap eneaneee 6ana tyail CaHafiu cafigun 2015 Hu 35 nyaap l'p 6ana4caH "Xe4ee a aylzh abap gaan" XKailH gypeu"uzn

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7. Relax and do well.

7. Relax and do well. CHEM 1215 Exam II John II. Gelder October 13, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 5 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and a solubility

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Integrated Optical Waveguides

Integrated Optical Waveguides Su Opls Faha Raa Cll Uvs Chap 8 Ia Opal Wavus 7 Dl Slab Wavus 7 Iu: A va f ff a pal wavus a us f a u lh a hp Th s bas pal wavu s a slab wavus shw blw Th suu s uf h - Lh s u s h b al al fl a h -la fas Cla

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Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard

Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard Hol Gd Chcllo Adld o Hdly Fdy d Sudy Nhs Novb Dcb 2010 7p 11.30p G Fuky hs Chss Sso wh h Cw fo Chuky Cusd Fdy Nhs $99pp Sudy Nhs $115pp Tck pc cluds: Full Chss d buff, 4.5 hou bv pck, o sop. Ts & Codos

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2.' -4-5 I fo. - /30 + ;3, x + G: ~ / ~ ) ~ ov. Fd'r evt.'i') cutckf' ()y\e.._o OYLt dtt:vl. t'"'i ~ _) y =.5_21/2-+. 8"'- 2.

2.' -4-5 I fo. - /30 + ;3, x + G: ~ / ~ ) ~ ov. Fd'r evt.'i') cutckf' ()y\e.._o OYLt dtt:vl. t''i ~ _) y =.5_21/2-+. 8'- 2. Statistics 100 Sample FINAL Instructions: I. WORK ALL PROBLEMS. Please, give details and explanations and SHOW ALL YOUR WORK so that partial credits can be given. 2. You may use four pages of notes, tables

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H A N S -O L A V E N G E R,

H A N S -O L A V E N G E R, O n -l i n e P r o c e e d i n gs o f t h e 7 t h M e d i t e r r a n e a n M o r p h o l o g y M e e t i n g 1 M o r p h o l o g y a n d D i a c h r o n y O n -l i n e P r o c e e d i n g s o f t h e

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Chapter 30 Design and Analysis of

Chapter 30 Design and Analysis of Chapter 30 Design and Analysis of 2 k DOEs Introduction This chapter describes design alternatives and analysis techniques for conducting a DOE. Tables M1 to M5 in Appendix E can be used to create test

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= 1.23 m/s 2 [W] Required: t. Solution:!t = = 17 m/s [W]! m/s [W] (two extra digits carried) = 2.1 m/s [W]

= 1.23 m/s 2 [W] Required: t. Solution:!t = = 17 m/s [W]! m/s [W] (two extra digits carried) = 2.1 m/s [W] Secton 1.3: Acceleraton Tutoral 1 Practce, page 24 1. Gven: 0 m/s; 15.0 m/s [S]; t 12.5 s Requred: Analyss: a av v t v f v t a v av f v t 15.0 m/s [S] 0 m/s 12.5 s 15.0 m/s [S] 12.5 s 1.20 m/s 2 [S] Statement:

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Chapter y. 8. n cd (x y) 14. (2a b) 15. (a) 3(x 2y) = 3x 3(2y) = 3x 6y. 16. (a)

Chapter y. 8. n cd (x y) 14. (2a b) 15. (a) 3(x 2y) = 3x 3(2y) = 3x 6y. 16. (a) Chapter 6 Chapter 6 opener A. B. C. D. 6 E. 5 F. 8 G. H. I. J.. 7. 8 5. 6 6. 7. y 8. n 9. w z. 5cd.. xy z 5r s t. (x y). (a b) 5. (a) (x y) = x (y) = x 6y x 6y = x (y) = (x y) 6. (a) a (5 a+ b) = a (5

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Housing Market Monitor

Housing Market Monitor M O O D Y È S A N A L Y T I C S H o u s i n g M a r k e t M o n i t o r I N C O R P O R A T I N G D A T A A S O F N O V E M B E R İ Ī Ĭ Ĭ E x e c u t i v e S u m m a r y E x e c u t i v e S u m m a r y

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