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1 \! 7 4 t h y e a r, NV to. 4 2 T w r n F a l l s, d a h o. S u n d a y, F e b r u a r y 1 1, * Rghts relom better WASHNGTON (UP) The SU sta te s epart enl sad Salurday U.S, alles, d clcnls proved ther hu luan ghts records n 1978 despte abu; buses. such de ocraces as srael a Mw 7 a S H H [exco and crcdble reports )rtu rc ro th e Phllppn carogua and elsewhere. The 700page annual report to 41 ongrcss covers only thosc..ll5j 15.n a.. ons that rcceve U.S. econoc nlc or lllary ad. t does not revew the tuatons under such reges es as lose o the Sovet Unon, Ch: Chna, aboda, Uganda or Chle. Overall, the report sad, there c v an ncreased awareness, o hu luan ghls condtons around the world. Whle the U.S, governent does»es la crcdlt or ans ln_any part t. couh ry, t sad, "we beleve ave h e lp create an atosphere lere n HcFrprovechts are orellk lkely l B J occur. Nonetheless, the report conclud There are countres... where the u an rghts suuatonhasnot roved or has worsened. n the p ear. The dstance covered s s stll all n coparson to the dsta stancc tat reans to be traveled." Congress requres the rg h ts ssess ent or ts annual delbe lbera onsonuregnad requests: Hl llr hts o the new report: The M d d le East: Egypt pt s redltedw th curbngso e o ts ecret pollcc actvtes and ncreas casng > u! r reedo o expresson last year. r. 1But A\ n r ranan ar an waves a p stol a s ot ther.ar en, adedd by cvlans, o r a : blockade agans st advancng troops >ps srael s accused o allowng soe nlstrcat cnt o Palestnan Arab; :abs n... ccudled areas, Lebanon, to by cvl w ar xcuped by Syran peacekee] rot ccsr1sescrtbedasa1ungl n e t h a n 8C} d e n r< a n J ch tn j w hch.cv la n s a rc ro ujtln tr ely >9 urdered and robbed by lho an. cd TE A N. ran n ju P ) Ared pohccn; ccen w ere burned alve n n Uc n the captal, plng on tres whch The "he governent o P r e Mn n ster d n g h t Frday when ary unts acubns.. Cvlans launched Kl attacks on polce attack, sent huge "clouds s" o( a a T d T b la C k Shahp< hpour B akhtar a tte pted to lo halt b clo n n g to th e o rtal G u a rd s Latn Aerca: Ncaragua an statons n Tehran n Salurday nght n Tark nks agan rolled through sect! ctons soke swrlng over er the cty. Rovng the vlo volence by cla png a 4:30 ) p,. brgade, the elte le peral guard Salvador, where there have t r n n k S Woody ghtng that (lat let ore than 80 o the cty ater nghtall and res palrols o ary troop oops ranged the cty curew on the battered cty. ercely loyal to Shah M oahcd "credble reports o torture," rar? E klled, n c lu d n g sx dents s n varous sectons repot orted r n g a t g ro u p s o r o tn g But ;ut Khoen told Uousands ds o R e z a P a h la v,, a t t a c k e d th e as the ost serous huan rl polccen burned Jlvn. Ayatollah occaslo slonnl heavy glre whch could cr de onstrators, : cheer «rn g ollowers, Ue exten ended F arah ab ad base n lee a stt e h ra n,... volators, arnong the 20 Wes vesern ;Ruhollah_Khoeln sln, ran s Mosle have e b joen lank and ortar slu ;hells. The ghtng let ; the s tre e ts lttered curew s decetul and aganst rc The attack was S t lo put down a Hesphere natlonsrovlowcd leader; threatened :d anew to call a holy Sporadl radc gunrevvracked.the.. clly wth chatcdbbded es and ls T o r ~ ltgtou.s OU.S prlnclpl.cs and_on;no accc :c o u n l ja w n g revol;.at t U th e la r base; b y Asa; The Phlppnes, Soutt S. w ar. durng ngthenghl blood. Burned )ut out lanks, trucks, should the people pay any attenlo [on to hundreds o young g a ar en who had Korea and ndonesa are accusc Ary troops wt Alth o rd e rs to shoot Wltne tnesses sad tbe attackers ra aded abulances and cars stood sokng t," swtched sdes n n Ue U suggle or. large scale abuses. curew breakers on sg h t o p e n ed re se v eral jral other polce statons, d Jn alleyways and a] najorstrecls. H s t s got lo be a assacre tongl ght," conlro o ran and d saluted a portrat Arca: The report sad wars and nus o rotr )tn g d e o n stra to rs sa rned the polceen and then Fro hs headquaru arters n the center onewc Western dploat sad, okhoen. nternal upheavals hove worsenet o rd cret h s, s u p.a n dded e d tjclr weapons to corade: les as o Tehran. Khoen nl aaaln rased the Mon lorrs, 51, a v eteran correspo dcnl n an a pparent urt _ p orters t(«}ey)e> extende(chrew. ] thp re wthu cgtress, the old NewTYork or aposslble holy wv ar, Khoens elf 6rS U )loplm ndso au a : n Auug Uusu Kl ltotu w po6slbl& ow > j (..y o rd e e d a lle u::alrttrhd> ld nnt The stuaton was rated gene: ghtlng was veteran looln nlngntran. jhad (holy w ar). c, cannot stand the.se Los Angeles Ar Tes, was shot thro rough any or er a r orce personnel who acccptable n Ngera,Mozab Aercan Joualls dstjoe Alex Morrs Hundreds O thousands o Kho eln. atroctes and warn thatthey t a r y the he eartby a s t r a y bullet w whle jolncdthc ;... 7nMn and especally Kenya._ t Jr.. who was cover. erlng the battles or. support sorters openly roaed the streets tn. roops) do not slop th e kllng o cover! crng the ntal ghtng at An est ated 2,0001 urban guetlllas But socalst Tanzana, ndc Tes. As any as durng the d ay, dggng rene nches brethren, 1 wll the hen ak e y nal Farah rahabad Ar Foree Base. He e was reportedly had already gathered near leader generally rated one o Arl rcportedwoulcd, alo n&ttqjk)uleylrds_and,buc g J ldde declslon*godwllng ng.: wth a: hcveralouutcocrcspondcnlsost enlghtened statesen v Cvlans attacke :ked and burned at sandba Jbag tlrrlc a d e s atntersect ctons. <! w ant the brave ve people o T ehran blldr dlng watchng U c a r y alt H aclr_ sho_w_down batue : and thousands o dent Julus N yerere s accusc : posts around the n antc ntcpaton o cvl w ar. to be ready and alert, Khoen w.honl: onhew asht....sludehts arched 1 Urough Uc captal gnorng ost doestc volatlo S! rassan Square, sx Te h er obs bult hundreds o bonlres sad. The he nght o ghtng began al to the ajor batuear e a rc a. hu an rl ghts : r ~ ~ 7 s r jl JB usness ;. :. A 8 9 C l a s s e d... C412 F a r n g AlOU N.Y.T esscrvlcc ro the Natonalal B a n k o Georga buslnc slness n 1975 and C arter drew d M ag c V a llebv.7 y,...b 1 2 ATD BOOODverthosoyearsMlsDro rolhtr O b t u a r e s.... B 2 Bank o Georga s loans to Jn y He and other lop tp ades lavo latly Blly lylook oul $112,000 and t...cl2 Garter; tors peanut busness ena! labletl deneduatuebanl ankloanoneywas othe )ther,m t lanca r tc r, recel...a4 C arter and hs relatves to sha larply drectly ed to the : ca pagn. " soe: $25,000 ncreas ease therp ro lts andperse rsonal t would.have.bc.bcen.llcgal.or the Son:?oe o the" wudrawals, whch wl P e r s p e c t v e E...E. l.acccss. ;ss..lo cash n 1975 a n d.1970,.... presldenl to dvert cr lo h s ca pagn were ;re the aly s an sourc( x e o S p o r t B.. : ;... D l 2 accord jrdng to docuents provldec ed by any o the near] ry $7 llon hs nco :oe durng those years, c o u ld V a le v l e E210 Charlc rles Klrbo, trustee o the presl busness borrowed /ed ro the bank have vc ound ther way nto Ue poll W e a t h e r....a2.....dent s t holdngs, headed by hs ren lend Bert Lance, bul cap; palgn, because, accordng to The docu ents showed* that t Ue the use o oney n ro the warehouse Klrbo, Ue oney ro the bank c 1< loans. j. prots [ts ot the C arter warehc :house would have been per ssble, as long was S ngled n wth ouer Carter u n d s ncreas eased ro $33,000 to $153.59,000 as l was reported, 1. n a bank account at Ue Nat atonal U H V K n v ro n 1! 1974 to 1975, the year n wl whch The nancal records Uat Klrbo Bank nk ot Georga. the loans w ore rst granted a d n showed The New York Y T es provde The Carter aly contrbuted jso s e whch C arter s ca pagn or pres p no clear answ er as s to w hether the loan $50,00 D,000 U) the ca pagn :as legal loans,, j...d e n t.g got under way. Cash on hand oney was used_ n the. ca pagn;.contrl ntrlbulqns,_.and_cap.agnrel elated.! went t ro $84,000 to $225,000; only a detaled audl jdlt o th e copany s expor ponses, accordng to Fed ederal A.(. ederal grand Jury here s expendtures could JddoU < al., Electl ecton Cosson records s conduc ductng an nvestgaton o j t h e What the rc c ords r do show s Uat slater leents by Blly Carter. n 1 early c warehc chouse s nances, and Krbo X) has C arter and hs n relatv es wthdrew 197G 76 Ue U ca pagn w as urderlna nanccd o n o w l/8 s t a lu C 8 [.. specul culated that the Jury was nv vesl ore than $250,OC ),000 n salary and butbj t by sprng o Uat y ear t had.aple a... u jj ng whether any oney bbrrowed prots ro hs 5 peanut warehouse und ncllng. ; " s». V A 4, ; ( ; V B : : ewldttaxeveau,.. 0 r u ; ; :! 3 t. o r p. / e d J e s Garter rjs:rp ts s o >ared ater g{ettlg \ b a n k lo ] a n s torock zeellers 5death j * na//y tal N.Y. T es Servce polce, she let R Rockeeller s town ater ler he was strcken dd not lot say posed by The Te es a te r hs call, NE\ le W.ypR K Ponchltta P crce. house, et artlvln vlng polceocers.. whcth leuerrockecllerwas.alve v when Alcr readng the 2 state SU ent over the sad S Saturday that, on the nght r outsde, drected the to the proper shear e arrved, w hat M ss Marshack cksad phone, McHcnjy / a answ ered a cw Nclsoa snn A RockdcUer, de d.. she...dwlbnlelnau Jto h erlp a rtrn c rta l to her he thcro or why Mss Marsl rshack questons, but provl rovlded no subslanal r«celv( eved a telephone call ro M Megan.2SW csl54thslreet. Jt. herse! rsel had not callcd or e erg rgency llv56wnro?nrator don. rshack betw een 10:50 and 1111 p... The polce rccord rded Uc call or help help. p. " Asked RockeelU eller w as alve when nlto R ockeeller s lown house «a t l 3 at 11:16. Mss P Perce s state ent, j Mss Perce sad lhal she ound M ss Ple ree arrved, cd. he repled: "She s 54lh Street, saw Mss Marsl rshack hus,suggested tha Lhal 16 lo 26 nutes Mss M arshack alone wu Rod ockee w asnt told, so she le d doesn t know." Ho nelusaan.annenc*. n s te r n g outhlo T< oulh elapse?! between 1 the l Ue o M ss Her, ;r, who, she sad, was lyng g on a nssted that the state jtatc enl covercd all ;uscllatlon and called the 911 p polce M arshack s call nbuylng n h er that couch ln"l groundloor roo o o: the Ue quesuons p ul tohl h. Sorry, we!re c eerg lergency nu ber.. Rockeeller had suered a h eart lves estory lown house; Mss PercQs state stal ent ended, as Caretaker Cbe 3 ) 1 H ap p c out o the Twn Falls County )escrlbng publcly (or the e rst attack and the tln tl e o Ue call she Her suteenl was released b, by W. ollows: a laklng ths state ent. Hstorcal Mua lusgu. A skpy budget or torces the useu le her >J role n th e events o Ja an., 2G, placed to the polldc.. do., Ba abas McHenry, a lawyer ;r who solely to clary"y ny acuons durng the to close dtlng rng the w nter every year. ; Story and ore ss Plercc, * a 36yearold telev evson M lsspercc, nhe 1her state ent lh e called led The New York T es to 0 oer tragedy o Govern cor Rockeellers rsonallty.and closo JtJcndo.. phdtm onpage g e E r l. rj«ls sjrsu > y y OU h e people who w ere. norr orauon.the state ent was s ade r deau. do not nter ntend to answ er any... ~... Marsh ushack, sad that, atercalln ngthc wth Rockeeller al a thp townhokc lrte! Tesponseztt): crlesoqu< <tlons urther questonson onthsbubjcctv 5 ( 0 ) ( o l. /cs

2 A3T«a.Now3..Twln Fnlla, llajdnh S u n d a y. Fobruan ta llnnjp e & e steas B r t s h h a z a r d s o r e F s tr LONDON (UP) W arnng o heallh and 1 re P hazards not lo enton lon lhe_stench, ocals order dered v. ByHE sd e c d e d to hold o HELEN THOMAS prvate contractors nto nl Londons downtown Soho two years, but dcult prob rcss agan to legalze tho UP Whll Tlle House Reporter dstrct Saturday to d e a n up three weeks worth o coc plcate relatons betwee WASHNGT< ne o Ue alens a bd JTON (U P) Presdent rottng, ratnested gnrt [nrbage. countres. c 7 *. C arter wll se< seek a ar prcc or uel Rskng the w rath o angry unons reprcsentl ntlng The trp wll be hghlghte ted by long that M edo wn approval last y e a r and a workab sses Ue ssue wllh Lopez Brlln s 1.5 llon strh 3ble soluton to Ue llegal trlkngpublc serv ce workert ert, a talks between C arter an alen proble when he vslls Mexco CE sall ar y o prvate le garbage en assaulted Soh Portllo, a slate luncheor Uls week, but b he has no xed s jcrcent o the alens,go looothlgh ples o garl garbage, so bad n soe plac... speech by Ue U.S. pres TUuUlrecEvCVtttUal] postons on n he t ssues. U.S. ocals p to Mexco, but Uey pay.. possblyln Spansh to sad Saturday. r nco 0. taxes.. SjuU orlteb onjcred the U cleanup a te r a aos y. ;:;MS6o>r<):::Mexl«HG:hn: adhlnl lnlstrallbrl oclals sad beng sought bypollc Dlce began tu rn n g heaps O jjc deputes, C C arter wll d: dscuss the broad quesgarbage nto bonres >and a ter the s tench o so uch "The presdent s gor jng there W e "lelt c across Ue b o rd has n l l l Hulls rased by b> Mexco s vast ol and b ety valve o Mexco, uncollectcd lth began an lurng hordes o rats ro n bccause he has gven a hgh p ther sewers nto.the: streets o London s downto town 7 ~ gas holdngs, bul wll nol do any lve the nlractable _ rd allo n s wlh Mexco, ra s t 5"! = B n B actual prce e negotatng durng hs, uneployent nt proble soulh o Ue entertan ent dstrct. t. sad. B Q thrceday trp. p.. The 2,000le border bet elween the The ocals sad no specc new two countres. Ue arg rge trade Bat soe exp. experts sec developent C h n e s e p n areeencs are expecledto e erge b s 1 n c r o s r o t e s t between Uc and Mexcos vast new ener snergysupplesasakey B R ro C arter s r talks wu Mexcan r ng portance n ntelatlonnl at longlenn TO soluton o Mexco s TOKYO (UP) < Chna, chargng delbert {k...p resd entjo Jose s L opezp ortlo j ars all gure n the pclurc. g Econoc roubk ubles< provocaton, has sent another anc strongly w orded prot( otest except posslb; bly an accord on sclen Ocals sad C arter wll /l seek a sad to be hopng to lo Hano accusng Vct /etna ese orces o nvadl adng s s lllc and technc nologlcal exchanges. "new relatonshp ro honest achlve a t least better coordnaton Qnese border are!asandk a llln B soldlcrs and : B g Carterw U1 h have a hard acl to ollow dalogue. d He s gong therc re w th no between the Unt U nledstalesandm exco...._ cvlans, Japanese repor ports ro P ekng sad Sunda; The Kyodo News Serv rvce quoted dplo atc sourc urces n the Chnese captal 1as sayng the p ro test note,, sent sc to the Vclna,esc e ;t bassy n n k n g by Chlnj lnes H K E B t o g j when. he arr rrlves n Mexco Cty Wednesday, vstng v soon alcr a tru phant trp tr] by Pope John P aul that drew crow uwds o up to a llon, bced postons or deas... but wth o concerns, hope and a vslo lon o the uture." The ate o ore lhan 5 llon oncontrolllnbth g the sugglng o alens and narcotcs ; acl across the borer. The two natons nal reached what olllclls c a lm ed a odd prsoner oregn nstry, used d the tl strongest wordng yet and lw H C arter alrea ready has establshed a alens a o Mexcan orgn wth a t exchange agrcer rcetehl last year, leadcould be a nal warnng lng beore C hna takes puntl ltlve u J _,gpod workng g relatonshp r wu Lopez ]( least a hal llon cros: ossng the.lug to the sendh ndng o 350 Aercans. ltary acton aganst Vetna.. Portllo Urougl ugh vsts by Ue M excan b However, the Tokyo Shlbun sad the note w was F o u r k l[ed border cach year s one o ot the ost back lo the Unted Stales and 137 k leader to Wasl ashlngton over lhe past delcate d o the probles. Mexcans souu lu 0o thc border. ; s lar n tone lo prevous pn Chnese protests ts to Four persons ded Salurday n Ue eras! tsh o a,.vetna and dd not sgnal an escalaton o hostll tlty snglecnglne plane n a pasture sou DuU o tw eenth etw o countrle tres n ther border conlct. Denver.The e crat went down on a hllsde le a l the... K enc alranc anch. Naes ot the vclt s we vere not. dy g DC? released. R e p o r t c h laa l l e n g e d _. 17~. BOSTONJUP).The parents o> yearod Ch. g j Green, who s suer erng ro leucela, ha p a t te r n s? Aong the stores n tor toorrow s way, lle agcncu nces" lle a u n r 5U TlesNews: Judcal D strct rcl Court aganst an ;challeng«a publshed reportn w hchthe coupl plc s DETROT (U P) A lop Unted Auto Wo: /orker. Bllboards along g U.S, advertsng r, r, askng reoval lawyer stated he w as ; co concerned or lh e chld s sae, y unon ocal accused sed GeneralMolors Corp. S al Hghways 30 a n d 93 ne n e jr Twn o nne bllboard lard and advertsng.. : ;whle he undergoes Lael etrllo treat ent.at a Mexlcx c a n or usng sleadng g s statstcs to nze then Z Z o lc F alls ay be go.. U; Uedaho sgns. clnc. o v e. o recctn970 prots. ts. Transportaton Depart ent a n d _ Read about Jl 11 n Monday s The lawyer, George ;e >onovan, E has been quoted " rvng Bluestone, le, head o the unon s GM dc depart SEATTLE ; ( (UP) St. Valentne or stale Hghway Board have ht ther TlesNews. sayng Gerald and Dan anne G reen o Sctuate, Mas ent, senl a letter ter to barganng unts Sat turday Don Juan p: probably could have. :h a d sent a sa ple o ther son s blood and urne urgng local leaders ers to beware o co pany /! state learned a thn hng o r two ro Davd ro hlo S taleu n v ersty slty_or..analysls _concel ents ollowng ls s»(3. 5 bllon Gvens. possbecyandepolsonr jnng. He sad exccutvcj ves w ereuslng verbal so nokesc Gvens spent 2nt a good p art o Ue lasl J Egyptarnscla srael 1 reens lo slead Ue he publc on the true extent ojg M s th r e e y e ars r s s c ru tn z n g th e stratospherc prots. ts... geltngtoknow lowyou rtuals o ales 1 O n e b g a j r l y? and eales n student dnng roos blockng [ jnegotal tons MONTREAL (U Pl)!) French P r e Mnls a t Ue Unversl rstyorw ashngton. Rayond Barre, descrl crblng hs nauon.and,quebcc T C o s t l y h ee ta d t o l e t v Gvonssno nola:spyooc.a.voy,eur; C A R O,E g y p L tu E JE gypt s a d pedent thereto, e n addton to : Vone bg alty," bega sgan a ourday vst to Frcn en a roantc. He s an NEW YORK (UP ;UP) A arble head val Saturday g that sra_dl _pol xllces n beng a grottrc rp chot hcprnclples: r 1 speakng Canada Satu aturday to repealed chants S and belev(; eved used os a toundary ar a S n a n lh rj o g sl and he kept a dose occuped Arab lands_are Va _ ajo r o Ue U JjC harl bartcr:anlueunv.ersal "Quebec or thcquebece ecers." " quelry nthelnteresl o, ahcenrg recco has s 5t c e n stolen ro Uo Melro pedent" u to edrts to J negollale Declaraton o rhu anrlghts. * But thtfrench gove v e enneadef s approach S d a doctor s dcgree." " M useu O Art, a useu spokesan sad Salu an Egyptan Hsrael peacetn: realyj... Egypt a n d 1 srael s have a c c e p ts t dlereces between Quebec and the re s t o Cana earned about love aong o j T helhetothe20 : 20pound head apparently took Governent ocals s sad, nvtatons ro o P resldenl CUrter to : was n sharp contrast sl lo Ue 1967 vst by the l jps and sal shakers s as ; French presdent Cha :harles dc G aulle who stok tn«5 3:15 and d 3:25 Frday aternoon, however, lhat Ue allack would V not resue pcace :e talks n the Unted, old as Ada n s and Eve. And 11 s not hrp.. rsecurlty guards.ass assgned lo (he useu s C aect. g preparauonsoc _resu lng_salcs,t hcolc ldalcalro Rado sad. > natonalst res wth hlscry hs o "V ve Quebec Llbr Cyprot }elytochan{ nge desple woen s lb Corrdor w ere swtcl tchlngshlts. peace p talks whch had bee een stalled Pre M lnlsler lerm uslaa Khall wu ro a cty hall balcony. y. or any acho 0 renassance. g snce Noveber. lead Ue Egypt; yuan ddegauon whch Gvens, who chroncled hs ndngs..,, AcUng Foregn Mlnlste ler Bulros wll leave or r U the Unted Slates next n an artcle publshed n Ue Psychla A g a n s l r s e a l h u n t T e p l e s su \ e d Gha c, n a essage to 1Ue U.N. weekend, rc JoualrSE rsald lrlauon, seducton Huan j: R ts Cos lsslon n The talks are e: expccted lo begn Feb;.. L VANCOUVER, Brtlsl lllsh Coluba ( U P D R lcchard h s GEORGETOWN. V. < Guyana_(UPl) The Gt Guyana ond courtshp all nlo patterns Geneva, c c a ll on the Unlw led Natons 21 al Cap Davd, Md., ste o last A da srautharo Watc atcrshp Down, sad F rd aly y! governelhas led Ued sut agalhsuepeopres Tc Teple regardless o olow agcalt ay to ta k o l e d a lc and e /to tlv e _ s e p le b e r s sul st eeung 6T r _ annual Newoundland d ; seal hunt s a s evl as 19th 1! century Aercan sle slavery, and uses Ue sa sa e and two o ts surv rvlvng ebers stll n Gu; Juyana, seekng to recover r U Uousands o dollars or every rylhng see lo the partcpants. pt n act, he sad, the procc M e sses arc so nvarable acton a to halt srad o< occupaton practces p such as Ue establlj llsh enlo Carter, Egypla plan Prw ldent Anwar Sadat and sra d Pr e Mnster n ; argu ents tojusty ts exstence. ro asholupalrpla; plane to a broken lease. heycanbecat jategorlzed. jjew lshseltle ents and Ue le reported Menach Begn egln.. l/ : The case or retent enlon,:whleh v e studed 1wth w Accordng to court 3urt papers ade publc n today s A caetera a conquest usually starts t torture o Arab prsoners. : so e care, th e sane a r argu ent once uscd_ d or cdllon o lhe. govern ecnt newspaperthechro rontde,w U agrlsl stung alone.the ale : E gypl~takesascrbus slnvcry.,n,aerca..t?,.thc_ve~ry sn e."_sada 3ar la s. the gove enl o Pr e MlnlslorForbes Bun aha enters and.s _sls. at. the.,artherest u y,7? M ;; r r s A v N x COPY < CENTER 1 these. srad pracuces and. now vcepresdent o >" the 11 Royal Socety or Prev even qjso na ed Uree e l( local banks beleved lo be sul co er o the sa e table, and the and a the obvous al s behn lnd the," CC COPES " Uon o Cruelty to Anal als. holdng Peoples Ten re ple unds as deendants s n the attenton phase coences. he Bald n Ue essage rdea: 3ased by hs j sut, askng or an njuncton barrng Ue n tro The ale lu: turns so lhe ront o hs nstry. ; B l l y c a n c : e l s dsposng o Ue cult s ll s oney. body aces th the woan, but not hs 5 beleves Uey ens tsdy aect Roho Rah. Buldng. s are, the Board o Drectors s ( n. t>» tcadje.lqos. ks at the table Jh c n otq {, thdpeaoeprocessandaroo ajor loshohot hano.st.n Twn ol* _ WASNGTON (UP: P). Blly C a rte r Saturd jrday Peoples Te ple d andtwo survvors ro the se? c<;t.stll, Ue s d e. o ore r png h s gaze_begns pncplwl hs sgh&duled" nd e h ere.f aulaa das sa and Deborahoucnettc. tosweepacto ; CBS news ntenlew progra, F ace the Natlor Jon." Tho sut dd not. estale Ue aount o ono; ey stll rrcglance ce s returned, ou begn ; apparently to avodp l potnted"qucstlons about1 1 h s n the llated cults! s local bank accounts and do( ocs n o t...tossngther1 headsands ln g as: ; nances and dealngs wll wth Lbyan rends, sel a total aount co daages sought, sayng only Uey adjust th Ue uscledoaeou dr The DrogranLW&schchcdulcd ojjjroadcasttoday r ehcardtosupehte court. :: bodes. Sloac nach s suoked n, posture proves and d the chest s expanded. Bolh begn ; casually groo touchng dolhl %)(o]s r 1 stretchng and they NSr oo Ueselves, hands 1 thng, ace and har. all s gong soothly, the recognlton phase bo( begns. The two look al each ouer and d Uen down. n unson, VANS! T hey sle at the sa et er They, S>tll ore rl a n o n tte le w a y loss Uer head! ads and tenson bulds. Tw lnfalls, BurleyR yrupert and ostly n lnthe~ 20s and dayt e state but~lscxpccted~0~ljc s t tjccocr* w ascaled" love at rst " N o rth sld e a re as: "... hghsnuje4te. ore general today asthe next... sght," Glvera s sad. Then bolh.ove Daves2 ;ays, Coe to Buhl Perods o ran today jay spreadng Syjopsls; wealh_er w< syste approaches. ; nto sublssve postures. Shoulders nto the western part o ;age A strong westerly low over Ue... co eupando onvard. heads tlt to th e Hgh te peratures n Valley today and nto [0 tht e eastern Pacc Northwest Nc contnues to,, daho sde, eet go n nto a pgeontoed starce orth he BestSelect ton, reaned war Salurday hal tonght. Ran at t* tl t es Mon brng Ue Ureal o ran to daho or J: ly wu andu eydasp theselves, any readngs n the upper 3< day. Locally wndy. Overnght th e real lalnder o Ue weekend. J; 30s and Accordng ; lo Gvens, ths body d 40s. Bose reported a 45 d lows n the30sahdday JaytehlglsR anwas alllng.lale.saturday. n J 5 degree language was desgned by nature to Best [ Prce on Vans ns! nthew s.... Oregon and nd ovng nlo daho. ~reodnet~3~p: r:saturday: lyrvrhllcr:6 h«w ~ llw."az n p erso s h a r le ss r rnhl Fnlls had nnly a 28 regardlessolr.nlenlans WoodRlvcrValley: n e a r Ue 2 reezng ark al osl Southern daho areas can expect c K a t ths pel pont an nether has cul Ancreasng chance nee o ran or dahostatc Qtons aluough B ear Lake perods p< b ran or snow thnueh 0 " cess by gong blank or lonc DWNT rock o w spreadng over r n ost o the reported thelow U te perature n Thursday. Tl Hghs wllgenera rally be rcluslls lo treturn t glances, the w o.. area today. Perods o ran : n the the state J at a 11 degrees. Ketchu 3C lo 45 lowerng to Ue 20s a and30s now enler nto llo te ntroduclon phase. valleys and snow n the ountans was dose e behnd b wlu 12 degrees. on o Thursday. Overnght low 3WS wll r Monday wth chancc : o preclpta Preclptt )ttlon hs been allng be b< n Uc 20s and 30s lowerng hbtothe lon locally heavy. Over tvelght lows anly n n the t norlhern part o lhe..te teens and 20s by Thursday. QlQl$S(j l(s 2: NORTH BROADW AY NATO TONAl WlAHtS 5t»VC O# CA ECA5T lo J M S t 2 J! 79. By Unted P ress nteallonal 8UHL UHOUHD... 1 N ato n al MMJU 30?J Today s Su Sunday, Feb, 11, lhe 42nd Max Ml _.,_day.on979wltl vllh ollow Albuquerque... C l5 y The oon n s approachng ts ull Atlanta 47 ] «t.phase. Boston 1C The olng nj stars a re Venus, M ars Chcago. 14 K and Saturn. Cleveland The evenng stars a re Mercury and Dallas 56 ll 2 Jupter. Denver 503 j28..., M«rBANC3 Those bo on ths date are under t a. Des Mones C... S. Ue sgn oaqu quarlus. TWN FAL5. DAHO w. 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A L 1 Mephs 40 ) n lm 5 r PrCSdcnl FanH rp t);5* BY M A L : MalBeacr 70 )_46 (27]sH 0w na>_,ow H oosevdt, Brt Bt W e Mnlster.tAMta.tOlOCAtT 7~ H O W e Poyobl yoblo n advorcp New York C Jose Staln ended r Collocod ov«ry 4 woo a weeklong W orld, onth,.... J 4.25? Oklahoa Cty ScatUe daho W a rll conere rence a t Yalta. SUBSCRPTONS, call crculc uallon do O aha 26 s 05 (... Spokane pon on SOOo.n J..JoSOO 3rt,on.h J.35 1 n 1965, U.S..S. andsouu Vetnaese p... Mon.Frl,, 5:00 a., to roon on, 6rronh ; >hllad.elpha 18 B 1 Washlngtc gton NraxMn P ep. planes staged Ue rst bobng rads Salkdoy Phoenx 7& S 43 A... Bose on North Vletr clna n retalaton or a DtUVERY SERVCE, coll crcul :pton ore vod only Pttsburgh 11 Burley vetc ongalta ttack. poront, ,Mon.S o dolvly 11 nol on PorUan<,Me. 081: 3812 Twn!» a //s o.. o 1 0 ;00a.,.llyouJolh. Goodng. 2l n 1977, P Presdent Ford naed you now»pbpor b«oro7:00t PorUand, Or« daho Falls or er Penns nsylvana (Sov, Wlla T M S H W* «r c u n P H O H 1 HU M H B S l...s t.l o y ls ( Max Mn P ep....lewston _ : tr Scranton lo ) 1: be abassador to Uc Bjhl. C o tu to d lur. Rogoron Salt Ukke Cty :... Yesterday lay : McCall; 40 29,,01 unltednauo..:h 8»t«..;.,, SonDlego n... L asty ear a r Pocatcllo A U»u(3t t or the day: Aercan_ Burloy. Rupart. Paul. l~ S an nancl5co::z: " :. TJoa! ; :...Salon 23J J. " " nventor Thor orhas E dson 3 7 There, OGkyTNOond.;..T:7: e2552 W ondtl. Joo/r»roo,.. > <#oodl/g, Ho( «OQoran S3t _ ute or hard work.. 1

3 ( R B r Scentsts exp/o > n n g natural ltecapsule[ _ B y ALROSSTEU HJK U PSctcnccEdto t o r anpthcrshall lallow.pondlypcaotthe...regon. Du ddvng explorers ound a : WASHNGTON (U P) Scentsts n southwest FlorcJa are e e explorng a natural t e capsc" " 1n.a deep sj)rng, where the re ans o huans nd ther tools date back k j: 12,000 years the earlest evdence cc o huan deep snk: hole" hc wllk two rock ledges 59 and 8G G eet l deep representng shorelne dur urlng perods o lower sea levels, Clausen,d.drector o the LtUc S alt Sprng Res( esearch j Kacllty o the a ctv tylnthestate. Arcleologst Carl J., Clausen C reseneral Developent Dc Foundaton, and our geol :eooglst colleagues sad the portsthefeb. 16 ssue ue osclenco earllestcvld vldcnccohuanactlvty.. agazlnethat urther nve; vesugaton o.. was. ound on o the lower ledge n the Lttle Salt Sprng should d provde p new n s s ts nto the subsstcn jtcnco o tlcsc early people and the envl nvlronent n whch they lved. " T h e great wealth o huan reor o an n overturned sell o an extnct spw pecles o a gant land tortose. A sharply lly ponted stake, dated by radoactve e technques t at 12,030 years r anspartactsttvcrtcbn :bratcandtn*o!d,:had beer Lplant ossls Frag ents s o o rehardened, clay w ere _ aords _a unque oppo sportunty to _ ound arpunc und the a n ] a r s je a ln s ~ j poconstruct the natural 1 and a cultural onvlroncnt o southwc wcst Florda ndcatng. th6 t] creature had been, cooked upsld sldeown n ts shell. durng two crtcal perod lods o recent Also ound Jld along the ledge were the,,.geqlogcalhlstory.,, re ans o three extnct turtle Scentsts rst thourht ;;ht rttle Sal Sprng, near Sarasota, was just speces, a n extnct c sloth, an ature aoth and ar an extnct bson. :... ByPETERJ.B ERNST: JTBNthoyatter ;eroradoacl\t w aste co cc n d ently prcdlctlnb th;.t" 1,000 lw "h6w r e a ctors t o r bet\veen970~and Newhouse News Scrvl vce dlsposal. and d speedng up regulatory n uclear plants would be n 1 oc p erato n WASHNGTON Enab abllng the acton.s, by b lhc;><nd o Uc ccntury. T( Today, the B u t. suddenly, jly. the sky ell n. natlonstucleanxcrcntc tcrprseto H exadthtr hcrtjnttcdstntcscannot *"KncrBy~Dcpartcnt~astlr E T ntcsthat D onnd"growth wth"plu eted to an V / operatlngllcenjcs.. lkely to be evec ;ven lower ths year. n w eather the stor over Kacty sa wll aord to orecl ecloso ts nuclear opton,.o.only, about.230 new planls Ls wll t>e annual average ge rse 1 o just 4 perccnt requre help ro the Carter ad lns "Uncss we hav lavc ajor use o nuclear added a by the year 2000 to the T2 that over Ue past Jt l ve years; and t s traton t and Congress, accor ordlnp to a power around d the world, we re gong now n< have W H e w / 7 top ederal energy ocal.. lobe n trouble, )le."hesald Butplclals acknowledge e lhat even New England, d, the regon where Ths s the year o no r return or Nuclear powt 3wer, he sad. s essental reachng n that sharply rodu duced goal puclcar power ver h as the.greatest nuclear; we dont pck up ) the tl opton, the counry y! s lo stretch out ol nnd lht jr. be dcult. Fro a 1 record 41 econoc advant /antage over coal and ol; weve lost t." Deputy y E nergy coal.supples juntluete ur when solar rc reactor orders n 1973, th hngs have elcctrc deand nd growth s down lo 2,2. ssccrctaryjohnf.o Lcary.s /.sad n an anc other renc encwable energy sourccs g gone downhll predptously. U sl percent,.lordn? clng. utltes lo scrap r r 1 ;rcj]rtcrcdz:.pm sbcu O Leary sad the ate o co agung.nuclear power. n r th e U nted Statesro an nduslrj A key actor :tor n nuclear s slde, _n>pn/lu.v.. ;o_s2sjyrlthc: :hc?:natons.en(;t jccds;::::;:j( z j car.;only:dv.teactors3.en :o erca W hat sp n g dca ca. pq w j pl.t&rr.:::, nuclear power anly s 1 llcd to a asde ro the 11 serng saety that t has the capacly to turn tu nut 2T) apart ro lowe ower electrcty deand poltcalscttleent" o th the nuclear ssue, a re.scrlo rlous econoc probles, u annually. growth, s long g lc lead tes or nuclear proleraton ssue, resol olvng the Oncc. ederal encrg.v tjlcalsw ere To ake atters wors rse. any work. Ten yean cars ago reactors were / utltes ul have ddaycd or cancelled beng lcensed d ar and bult n eght y ears Uer orders or new plant; nts. n Ue or less. That t t; t e lapse now has jt e n t e n nnspropc.o s e s l ljjn tc d S L a tc so v c r4 h e p jn o ratha12yearsjn years, 31 nuclear projects have been any cases. G\ Gven Ue huge captal dropped ore than twce the cost o a plant, l, our years can add an exe pptonree2drat nut>er ordered durng tl Uc s a e hundreds "o " llons o dollars to perod. p constructon costs.. WASHNGTON ( U P ). T e r n g a, o r ccd lo Uc concluson U at.. T hs downturn ca e wth lh the Arab. The Nuclear Regulatory_ C o _ the sxyear experent o D annng the alvoluntc nteer orce concept has o ol e bargo n Un Jntl Uen, sson, whch rregulates cocrclal U.S. ltary orces wth vol olunteers a aled t.s test t and a has proved not to be delectrcty deand n th he Unted plants, now s s explorng ways to. & d B H H H H allurc Sen, John Stennls, s. DMlss.. the answer to ether c our peaceue or S States w as clbng at an arnual rate shorten the e 1lcensng pro cess, has launched a ca pagn c or a new our w.rtle no ltary anpower c) o close to 8 percent a year.. E Expectng posslbly..wubul roul.rcqurng legslaton ;, requlreent.s, the trend o contnue, utlltles ordered ro Congress, style, exeptonree drat, t.s, he sad. beleve C a H C l a u s een n exa nes a 6,000ye< ;earo1d sk u ll Stennls lold the Senate n n a speech that the te n e has coe to end.the Frday,."The allvolunteer r concept c s exper ent." dealy the w eakest lnk h th e vtal..clano.our nauonal securltj ty. Stennls sad ld ConjTess should begn He sad ltary leaders s 1havo now as soon S asposslhe" a. coplete had " a ull and ar oppo wrlunty to study and exat xanaton o the proble 3253 deterne the allvolunt n tccr orce but added the country should not wjj work relur/tothcdl hardw. J o r sl RlCH RCH HARD VrSMTH, PHD 1 t a k e p l e a s u r e n a n n o u n c n g a n a s s o c a to n o r th e r e s p e c t l v e p r a c l c e s o j. P s y o h l a t r y a n d P s y c h o l o g y t o b e c a l l e d Mv laa g lc V a lle y P s y c h lajtrlc tr a n d P s y c h o lo g c a l S e r v c e; s S h o u p Ave,..W V est Tww n T l S 7 l d a h O _ H p j _ 3 0 : s p u r c o h g r a tu l a t o n s a n d g ra a t t u d e t o : M r s. H e l e o c e a n a g e r o r 12 y e a r s o e xcelent x serv c e THES ENMQ TORS M artta v e..e a st G e ta3check k d rect t r o r h ; 4 n t (» Fta w hlen youj b uy a ET TO o W E R OF e s F s a jn Gle s _ s s u s n Sundny, Fotr tjr.y U, 1070 HEARTSHWHJ.. OR REGULAR BOX HAND PACKED Gve Her Your H «Van Duyn Cho h o c o T a t e s ~ J D E L C O U ; h o v e a d e u d gg ee FLAVOB* VALENTNE a PARTY SUPPLES BY AMERC/ :AN GREETNGS BRAHDFDRD S ZOOSTUFFED TOYS; HATe / t x v n z, TtooNowa, 3WB, Twn Fnll. tlnlo A3 e r s ~ M e R O W A V E J O/ M U : r bo N TG SHEAFYO OURSELF ON YOU) JR TAXESS. S w t < t c h t o. B e n e c a l n c o e T a : x S e r v c e. : H a v e y o u r t a x e s d o n e { ] y p e o p l e : w h o c a r e a b o u t y o u ww o c a r o a b o u t y o u r d oe d u c to n s,. y o u r d o p o n d o n ts,y o u r jo b..ow.;o nng a \ h o o... a l l. t h e to s l h a t n a k o y o u r 1 ta x rot tu rn s p e c a l. N o a p p or n t e n t : n o c o a; s a ry. ; : G o t t p l a n s o r y o u r t a x r e u n d? : > t g o n g n o w w l h a B E N E F C A L N S T A N T. s : T A X R E F U N D C O T S Pr T. : D o n t v otor y o u r g o v e rn e n t c h e c k,.b o h o lc a l w a n ts to le n d y o u.tho t ull arra o u n t o y o u r e x p o c tee d re u n d, o r o ro o, to d a y. ts a r e g u la r lo a n, u s u a l q u a llll lllc a tlo n n o t r e la te d t;o o y o u r ta x J ; r e u n d t o d o w h a t y o u w a n t t o d o l. rg ht t now! A pply to d a y. r y o uro t g g o o d o r o r o a t Bo B nolclal. n B e n n e c a l F n a n c B e S: y s t e AaBd conpanlos uonolcal F nance t Co. Cc o daho : TWN FALLS 691 n Shoshono S t.. N JE R O M E W.Man S c ; R U P E T 625 Fro ont Av J Y O U _ ; E A R N M A Y Q «.....K A R C H EER R C H U RCH O F TH E NAZA MRENE, NC. ~ r K areh rehors MTdclotonRd.7 No{ po,"d r F unds Cut ullslubtlw l ul NuW 000 auul Bat Sancluuy : wlh 111 Mortgago, R ps! E s a to s e c ulured, r BONDS DenolnBto: to n : $250, S 500, $1,000, $2,500 & $5,000 Moturlo lllos: 2 thru 14A yrs. 6 o, no, ntorvjlb. «o o, o o o. ll » V O N l y n Y O U R S A V N G S >.0 O FFERN NG G S M A PE B Y P R O S P E CTUSONLY R W RTE O R CALL P A S T O R ORO R CHARM A N. B 0A RD _OOF F TRUSTEES P ;0. BOX 078, N a p a, D , P h o n # (2 0 8 ) T Aana To The Next r " : g 2 ouchatc]! ModelRR1 t Generaton n o Mcrowa... FREE C O O K N G S C H O O)L L F o b. 1 4 th, 79 P:M y\. a t H o ltd a y n n. P c k u p y o u r c o r tllco to Qt a n y W sbnbd dtes stbrol W l ll S O M B A T E S T W N F A L L S MAN AVE. N. _ 1 OR GET A g 540 REBATE AMANA RE lebate PROGR 5RAM g O N T H E Buyone ol the odels lsllsjed beore February 28,, lll out the H C O M P A N O N oney (Jack certlcae 3e ro your Partcpatng Aat,ana Retalerand M T O U C H M A T C) _sen(l hu celcac Da back 10 Aana wth your warrar arranty regstraton cad Aana wll al \\ lhe rebaeclte ck~uect to Dyotn yd H Model RR9T t e r good C o e n to )day. ( R e b a te o A r at a. y u n tl F ebruuary 2 8, , a Partcpatr ng A ana Reta ~ MC«OWAVt»OVtN / BhTeB bbhw hhhw ave Ovens k~. B J E R O J W M A N4W V \. B U R L B Y 256. ;&0 OVERLAND.1 0 good re a s o n s w hytouchatch s th e rst c h o c e o) t s so any people : 1. Cooks by le o cooks loks to leperatuc, 2. Even lolds at teperat erature to tenderze, econoy cuts ol eat.....s.awderangeolcookat natc":l{owerjevejs.. because dlleren oods cook c best al d (erent speeds. 4;Advanced eory, Toucnnac Hcan... 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4 A4 TolNcwa. Twn Folo,, daho Sunday, February M11 l LOS ANGELES (UP) ~ John H s entre storn stoach was re oved WaW ayne w enno o ro the 1 hosptal h and a.dcw_5t00 nach a sw o Saturday al ost a onth ater 2r cancer ntestnal tssue, ue. The canccr w as surgery and was reported "eelng" ound to have spread to ly ph glands ne. near the stoach and they too were? Bee> G ees sx J non nnatk)] >ns The T71yearold actor let UCLA re oved. Medcal C cnter at 10:30 a.., a and w as A doctor on the case sad he could drven to hs hoe n Newport )rt Beach not say dentely :ely that all the cancer on the Southern Calorna co :oast. No had been reoved ved ro Wayne s body, R j e a dd th e G ra ylavrntdd lst 1advance notce o hts departu ture was but ho appeared sd lo thrve n the.w eeks.:ae!rtnr~atertheopetljo_n tlo_n_and_wal!ced a ro u n d. gven, glv.apparentlyto avodnl LOSANGEU : l e s (UP) The hgh J, John )enver wy host and 1 peror { recordng scene C and a announceent o nev newsen. the hosptal. An necon n the ,.,j L w ptched, dsco o recordngs o Satur a t the 2 lst annual G ra y r / A wards, nductees nto th the acade y s Hall o Wayne v w as operated on Jan nn, 13 or surgcal sc a r dcl delayed h sd epartu re day Nght Fever F«and Stayn to be 1 televsed lve ro the S h rne Fae, wh, what was supposed o broutl jtlne gall o r several days. /s. AJlve," nolna nated or G ra ys as Au< A udtoru n a twohour presenta p Besdes Denvc n v c r,, peror ers wll bladder surgery but a low,w grade Doctors sad thal although W ayne s.m alb u andreco jcord o the year, helped tlon tlor over CBS startng at 9 p...est. nclude Chuck :k M anone, E uble a algnant tu or was dlscov«wcred n h s det would Jd be restrcted, hs r _ thcjecg ees _ capturc sbc nonatons T h e 4,700 e b e r N a to n a l Blake, the per jerals, Oscar Peterson prognoss or recon tjcovery was good. hs stoach. and top the lst s t o < uscans vyng or Acj Acade y o Recordng Aa r s u d wtthjocpassr; the Gra y Av Awards Thursday nght. Scences voted secretly on n the 52 Herd, Taste o [ H Honey, Kenny Rogers p S U S A N F O R E;D T For er P resldentr lc*an Nxon pcrtor pc ance and crat aware rds. Only and DotUe West, Olva NewtODJohn,...n o w M r s. 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A son st co both pop and country co vocal peror Granada Dr. r., T w n F a l s The che archtect a r o Yugoslava s lted H sucde a nuber o ye: ears ago. by a enslj s death e ale., L PALM DESERT, Cal. (UP) unque syste te o "sel anagng Susan Ford, 21, daughter r o ol orer ; socals," KanlelJ. had suered Tto, 86, learned o KardelJ Presdent G erald Ford,, Saturday ro ntesllnl nal and lung cancer or n Daascus, Syra, hs curr!rrent stop SELL! havo o v e r 100 arred Charles Vance, ter ather s several years, rs. 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S n c e > w e a y h a v e p a r t o o u r o p p e r a t o n s o l d,, ; a n d t h e Ja ed to overlowng wth 1th soe 300! p r e s es r n t p r o p o s e d p u r c h a s e r s c a n n o t c o e u p w t h guests and several Secret ;ret. Servce e n o u g h c a s h t o p) u r c h a s e a l l t hh e n v e n t o r y al s O t w e agents on hand or securty y reasons. rt, The or aj weddng went t o wthout a r e H E R E A N D N O W s e l l n g u c l!h o o u r e r c h a n d l s e atltc a ndlhenew lyw edo o n d g u e s ts RetlSpaee S T C O S T " a n c l B E L : C O W C O S T, s b 37l y o u w a n t t1 o s a v e then drove to the Ford ho lo e o n th e grounds o the T hundetlrd lrd Country M u c h 1 M o n e y, d o 11 t N o w, d u r l n c g o u r S e l l o u t A t F o r t q q b n Rancho M rage or a reccp A v a ls a b l e d o w n t o w n r K e t c h u, d a h " O H a r n eb y B u l d n g & F a r S u p p l y. tlon. 5j u s only. a ] y o r A beang Ford gave the blonde 1, s q. t. n K e t c b b rde away, wth Gall Ford ord, we o n s u l L s h o p p n g ls : e n t e x, ; A T O N E u y a t t h e s e u n b e l le e v a b le lo w, lov O W p r c e s S usans brotherm chod, rm rvhg:as** r X 1 6 " b e r g la s s 8 8 :1 2 Ss o a ; r F tr N.K. N o w O nly s : j1o p e r R o l l _ atro n o honor. Vance s e sb ro th er,... 3 V 2 " x 24. l4 ;lb e rg la s B S S q J 5 tw.k J s lo w O n lv * ; l p e r R o l l Chuck, was best an. 1 M l e r o S u n V a l l e y S k T R l t t 3 V 2 " x 1 6 " b e r g la s s 8 S.1 2 SSq; q : F tr W.K. N o w o n ly rrr a r l Q B p e l B c l " ~ n addton to Snatra and d hs we, guests ncluded actrcss a Zsa Zsa. F O o r n o r a t o n p l e a s e p h o n e» 9 " x 1 6.berglass,l Sq. Flt. W.K. N o w O n ly......s E9 8 j e r B u n d le G abor, entertaner Tony Orando.TV r0 o r w r t e : u racod., personalty MeW Grn n and two o r er e bers o the U.S. J.S. dploa Ca G l a c o b b S q u a r e. B o x Sleel n g D o o r s _ Bt o l l D o o r s etrock Doud g l a s F r PrehU /. 4 x: to rt a s low a s n 9 > dl; dlh oron»klnd... 8 A C ra d o, $205.< tc corps and ther wves K Walter ST.OO V aluo S u n V a l l e y, l d a h o Annenberg, or er abaj bassador to 4Dwon1y50% : >...B rtan,.and.leonard K. 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O lc o o C o n tn u n ng g Educaton, or Collogo o o d a h o, ve tw o wood C o dl orr F o n c l n g. J o v /U n ts,6" 4 8" n unlll Kll «T, My l l e r s G l u e Ft. X 4 Ft. opproxol atewsoosq. Ft. n,26" 21 Pece*. R og.s S G al. Rog. $1.98 rrrtt49k)0t«: Nov M ~2Q y o T a os rr t t l A L o u r O B a r n s r n t h o A L L D0 \ V E R T H E s b R E E O U R " / 2 o r S t o c k got to go and at g. P r c o s L O S S3 Y O U R G A ln r S O >,8 loss th an cost lu Y N a W W H E;n. x h e sob oy N o w, _. W o o : s u p p n n s G o c M A S S A C H H U S E T T S M LU T U A L vzzzl Waynego es he Loe aternwo n th s AV140% O n ly.... B E L F E N S U JFR A N G E G O MA P A A LNC( lolnday J [ BANQUE SAT..FEBRUARY r24(l,1979 DAY NN TWNFALLS HOU t k k r k k k A A HBrMA:~ M l 9 B. s n We hove 1 W n d o 10 5ATE0F Ft. Now Only Conlor CTpon. DAHO O v o r S t o r o g o B.ullt o r a k n g, t a r t a tj O n ly.. % MANOF HEYEAR G u e s t Sp e a k e r : 0 S. ( CONGRESSMAN STEVE SYM J nlho WSFGETAGQUA ANTEDHDOR 6 T 0 7 P >. M. J: Dr NNER AT 7: :00 P.M. C BUY YO OUR TCKETS FROM* A T H E F O O W N G : LerrvAnderson CharllBWj Watt...;3 M 5. p Oow Scotl J2535 KonColno nnr lnlcotor... « J KoUyMol KonPcdor non... 7 M Mero " Loonan, P Elane PMllps *3456 Tod Crock )C k a tt j5m CorlN S olun...73: o w e s ulal. ; V ;... Tt \ 733 JU0 Jcrnsot...733*4705 Tot "J Walker Sr...73 CooTSnlth c D B ««n n ro o...%...u36461 DaloPoter lo rm C...4?2*«17 BennyBtlck UoydWtt t o t b /r...73v«50. j M k etall c TH D a v e < o r s e n n k s t o a l l o l y M a g c V a l l e y c l e n t s o r h e l p 3 0 $ 3, 2 6 6, o l e. n s u r a n c e 3 p r o t e c t o n o n \, a r s a n d b u s s n e s s e s t o a c h e v e t h e a t b o v e, d s t n c t o n. / e a c h a n d e v e r y o n e o y o u,h a v e a h a p p y O U S A s p e c a l t h a n k s o png e to 1 y o u r a o rh e lp n g / a n d p r o s, DAVD L k o r s e n S h osl s h o n e S t r e e t N Twn F=alS, jls, d a h o :

5 Sunday, Fobr junry 11,1970 TosNowa, (wa, Twn Fnlls. daho A5 y s * s. y 7 W» J r 3 ~, r x g c ; e y o u n n r a n g F c e dd n g t h e d e e r a n d e l k AJot o people n Coldrad( ado a re concerned th at lh the starvng anals. t does loesn t lake long or ths v o t e r s heavy snows w s T o r r u c h o o so c ul<rdccrrlctrtoselt elthe essoge,and the slauj sd eer and elk : he h e rd s r R o n B ootho th e then the elk h ave ther tu nnatthl a t w lnlerjcost, L ag arlla Ranch s one o D th U o s e c o n c e e d rh e ls Stale ocals have asked orj] :orjnore.uan.l shown throwng hay on the road near Creede or lo la help eed the anals. v h r S r s S _ 1 /. v J KyT... ZT* A p o trto n o)s0u tt h e r n Clalornn a h a s hb e g u ovncg to w a trd th e o c e a n r. ByROBERT LNDSEY l. heavy ral ran s here durng th e last two And, n 195G, less than an a hal a le res oten cn co e udslldts delugng... N.Y. Tes a S e h c e w nters s th at have loosened the Lhe ro the ste o the c un rrent land slde hoes ro the hlls denuded ny by H e so ole ld h ts t w o s n o w RANCHO PALOS, VERDES. V Cal, geologes csubstrata. n Portugese Bend, ore than 100 laes, l e s w t h a G u a r the horned w ere lost n anc other assve t s nol aol unusual or one or ore rc e d C la s s e d A d. rs, Ralph Jester house n A> ugust: n O ctobcr, the ront sht o land.lhat,~or ofaw hterw as oceanront ont ho es n M ollbuordrector:.part _the* wlnjlpw # c r a v e d llk e a.rle shot; ovng an rch a day. /. Tho E ast and Laguna Beach lo b e lost each year to r ; / C S o _ can ]n _ Vy o u. DeMUle or 25 years, C rusadesand.lnj snce th lh e n th e Jb u sr.h a sz b e c a M ddle Wes t h ave been en battered ths hgh sur; r;a n d.th s.year, ollowng helwj hoovltldln lah, brng down / crackng and twstng n all derent ent w nter by heavy snows, s. an Aercans neavy pro ) lplauonlonc ounlan e d ScarllB htthcc lllstlnes. n.drecton ons." Jesters we, Los, sad, n p a rts o the.south h can probably resort area, r there a s even an C a l l t o d a y "Sa son and DclUah, r r e c r t T t " " N tww l ts c ecplngtttjuarteroon on expecttew hurrcaj nrvq ntpr ths lvalanchc :he wantng. thcte pleothopwanythng lls that h e.n c h a wweek TT an nch a onlh," she year. But ew regons s o ( the country Pertaps p sp arto the regons chronc 733=0931 Now, n hs reltn ovle aglc let to added,, a: as she looked oul the cracked rnanage lo co e up co! MnslstenUy wth probles as wllh naure ste s ro the wshes orethan n an; ro ovng wndow w a t the Pacc, 2,000 eet such a v arety o hazan rds ro nature choces ade n colonzng t n the r had soe o hs ovt than.l os Angeles, wh hlch s 35 les lret plbct Bee, even th e decsons ade json. bdow. help slop a ountan ral t hundred other Resde dents elsewhere n Southern c norlheastohere.andlt lls envrons. by ls lad* resdents where they h e y the ountan he lves nunlty 0 overlookng CaUol la appear to have pad lald M any Calornans tend t< to phloso wouldllye ve, Along wth several xl Portugese Bend, relallvel vely lttle attenton lo the sldng ng phcaly accept such :h probles n.t he area h has a pleasant.bengn >En resdents o a cour nd eel, hs house acreage o Portugese Bend, apparen exchange or ts oder; crate cl ate. cl ate, but orgnally t was ver> e y \ S A L E L the occan here called rd F the sea. Uyvewl 2wlng t as Just another proble Geologsts say the J regon accs a ard, a lost a desert..11was ade lade, «.rstvus Jeste r can see, and on 65 acres o land o natur ture. Ater all, n October,, 22 possbly cataclysle earthquake habtable 3le only by portaton o yas vast A lt cotons slowly sldng t o w ard t the Pacc lke hoes s,v w ere destroyed and 56 others lers so et e n ts utu tuh;; the regon quanttes Les ol w ater ro hdreds o ] w e s c a l r t s \...T her houses are o;r n sldng on ce. w ere da d aged wthn a threehour lour usually has on eplden clc o runaway les aw. away va aquaducts prootc( th at s ovng toward ts cant ully ex perod d when v land gave w ay beneatt :alh brush res each y ear r that destroys a by early 1. land developers, wf a b r c a n d T a w ll o r n g t earthen glacer ntatlvely bla e the the n th e coastal town, o Lagun una ew hllsde ho es last year the as soon as they canaord t t t.. Although geologsts ll o land to extra Beach, 50 les south o here. total w as ore lhan ;.«= ru.e try to lee th e latlands or ht th e : j plan t yet, they tental hllsdes JS and canyons alwve ant d..! * 6 8 asslye oveent o... beyond the sprawl, ond any sock out... N ca S oh tl n a h q u t o n e B a place 5 wlh a vew o tth e ocean. n lh th e TALORED resldentl n ll peckng o rder o Southen te ; Feld orec Callol a, such locauons provde no NSTALLED ;uce ar1 strker klm.. r:, only slat lu s a occasonal soltude u d e. n T l T O R t....orvyoyr.od... Lettt Cal. lu P) A was kll klled by a.38callr bullet.. No N used tcarg as lo d perse a crowd o jjut olc [ten the d anger o res and KcrU Rh...vvrw;.qtrlker w as/.w eapon lon was ound, An autopsy was wo 400 strkers a t the Sun Harvest eld sujjes: WNDOW KLCENRO. aturday. Cal ncu r Holtvllerrhrw the rst ordered 10 5 W. X 9 0 L, U nltedfar W orla nulng volencen DlsW W ct Attorney Feldng Klbal ball arrested nnd chargcd pd wth throwng g u t tht the w arnngs o such polcnlls ntlal. shot lo death Satu Sttuce elds. A eld began n a n edate nvestgaton ton, rocks a t vehcles. dsastere see to d eter relatvely ew c E N T, B E U N E O N. b A t e / atalty n contnul en nto custody or n t vewng c wtnesses o the shool M d S lerrs dcpuues s were aded at peral Counly 6ttu ng, wl ttwch occurred a t a lettuce lel Antque Satn. O ne r the varous placcs by loc tcalpollcero E l.. vjhere rc are adout 120 ho w s n 1 M ade ro.beaul(u lul S O L O SellL nod Art. ore an was taken. s Contreras, 27, o operate ated by Maro Salkhon near lh Centro, Browley, and d Calexco and by portuecs gcsc Bend; a selaulonoot u s exa plov s e le c t ro ro 2500 h a b rc s and Golo o rs.. questonng. w as klued by a towno o peral. unts o the Call llola Hghway \/Qn thllncorporated, cty th that N ovoranycnorgou uud oa*t y Rulno Mjangos when C hc and other The le sher sad between 65. and 7 Mcxlcall, Mexco, pproached v a group worker cert wet5 n the eld when ;n75 7 owns ts tb own streets, and, as a rtjsul b u U e tln th c h e a dw at c n t w orkers," strken rushed the and Contrcrj reras The strko b eg w tl Uree weeks agon theres esdenls ore allowed to post S";. 5436< unon e bers app negers r e c t e d by was shot. Capbell sad no c h a e( s a dspute anly ove; vc w ages and has gale house al th e entrance to U» h o p o r t ar l d o c l s l o n o shyuo(,.* r la endobs. a were B 1 led aganst the urdentllc tlled. spread to 10 o the 28 lettucs growers cour [lunty w here guards can d a anyotbe teene cpart ent sad p re oroe a n. n th e p e ral l V alle y a n d access 3 to strangers. Most o 1000 U s h o u l d b o o g d a o t h o t n a T T " (growers or wcttend r.1. tw rnntrrls Eqt nrler n ho day, shcrlrs depull jues WvolversOOUFWcbersT ho esa a are worth upwards o $250,00(».. V. The BherTa depa B Classe ets are brngng g n results! A s k W l r., l K e t h F u l e r 9o K b e r l y.vt. :

6 r: Al HwwnNawArTwtn alll, nllormoao Sundayabrur) nry.uez) P o lce b a c k; a t w orl rk n N( e w O r le a n s E NEW ORLEANS (U P) [ ) strkng rles were e dspatched to protect er ently anned and. are r resung ebers o the Ue Polce Assocaton o rrrjpaucenen. haggard and.regl resuesrprn publlc_bulldl dlngs and. about M sule nor nc al operatons. N ew Orleans so ew earngu cr houreon O epckct lne, ne,saturday. ln>operswaere e called n to handle The walkout c a u s concer ;e aong jxllce ja ck ctra r a n d totngrtjvolvcrs ; overwhelngly approved xl a o tentatve agreeent wth the cty that tht at least teporarly ended a twthaj day walkout, trac accde dents. By d a: 1ateoon, all ocers scheduled to work were back on the n natves and tours oc cals Ual M Mard G ras and Carnval,, t the cuy s ar annual prelenten estvllle les, would shouteduelr r approval a to the, cty s concesson tb recognze ther unon as. ther sole bargalnlngagent. P o llc U a te t o re thanl,000o th Job,relevng ngstatepoucetroops.and _bexulcdj)e.cucc!cd. the cty s 1,480 ocers s lon( \ the. a r e d Natlor :lonal Guardsen, WlU C arnval parades scln :lcduled l o.. Theagreenenl er calltof lve daysol strke beore M ayor E cest Moral As o 3 p.. p.r today, Saturday, Feb. begn b< Frday, Carnval orga anzatons negotatons wlh cty ocals bcgnn e crgcd ro a eetlng\ gwlthunlon 10,theNew 5W OrleansPollce D c p a rth ha v e prolsedthcywculdb,bewllng ngmonday.a: A ln:u contract w as to be o{lclals,about 2 a.. Spt > a t a y an en t s now at ull strength," sad lo reduce acllvlles leadln lng up to subtted or nal approval next announcal a tentatve pact. c t...p o lc e s k dkesa FrahYHaywood. M ard G ras; F eb :2 7. Frday, one day lay beore henrsl M ardl Natonal G uards ento totlngm 16 Allclghtpolce dstrlcls are sulc* At ah e a le d eelng,al alwul 600 G rasparaderol rolls Urougl Ue streets. H o n o r e d r Ja es Kllpatcc, whose syn* dlcatcd colu n appc. L et u s tre a t y o u rs re g u la r e a tu r e al Cu.Mn. luao* *J especau /nce! TlesNews opnon on page, tella Alen ByED lng pg. 2 cclved th e. WUllan 3DWARDK. 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South r a t e ATLANTA (UP) The rhe ncdence o tuberculoss tn Ue Unle nledtates s declnng at a slower ralo than n JNCMMA Kx r j reccnyenrs"and one o» Uthe reasons" "" RCHARD D!!EVFlSS TVlNONWA. ay be thatpeoplm Vthectlve&*re Felnary 121h M 9 M t l! lllllh not takng ther edcallon; ons properly,.nt\ the natonal Center or Dsease Dl: Onsonal gures *MON )N. TUH.. M. JMCHJMa OrC.!llU,H U.M,Mlll AlllyN lokkvhnon trol sad Saturday. jxomontua ( ", tun! l.lllojl* KOCW Hk l7j»»»>0,alxyajl),uml(u The CDC sad provsor or 1978 show a case rate le o 13.4 per* [V (R M racn tj 100,000, adeclne o only 3.S : percent ro lheprcvlousycar. 6 9 j S d e s«3 Slnco 1953, the annual 1case ca; rate has j decreased a approxtalely 6 per.. Jr Chldrenn \ FRKSAT.SUH. A d u lts cent per year. F ederal heal lealth ocals u rd o rl2 2 a 3BBG l HTS THE sad that although correcto cted data ay : K>t 1 H E E n S change the 1970 case rate slghtly, a.... = M n l l Q PAULWlllW; B. r»t«cnca 3.6 d g c n ls_one o lhc e sallest! n c nutut B18 Bluo Lakos OS Blvd. N o rth M 5 S Twn Fols p? ;

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8 J RencdH erjogs e *,ores {odbs ;en rnded excecutve A.lTln«&owo,TwnPallg.Jtla Jdaho _ Sunday. Fobrjory_ n 1.1,10_72, JACKSONVLLE: F lo r <UPl JP ) t UolxdHcc :ec s ore, lhan j u s t Fo For a bas[c ee o JM Rcr nlndher unaw are when J the tl thank you calls then he. The key to ts success s the gt. The cards arc : orgnal art, sutable hnppcns to even het nosnt Trttctvc so e sort o super secretaral wlll v takecare o three occasons ns every ca e n. "1 buy wholesale and.char ree rc or rolnr. d the crat gts coc nustonds. r : servlce.lmrs..c..c a rr8.d, year. c The busness exec pc pays n The couple b begu the unusual tall, all, M rs. C arr sad. The $50 ) c charge o c ra t n e n::a T rr" T a s c h e c lc w One o those specal dal dates. was surprl )rscd. shesalcl, "A lot adv avance, recclvw apackageo ocards; serv ccatclorstntherho o ncl n c lu d c sa «l gllon,whlchlhcy. cy ake ahead o te le or qualty and brthday, onnlvcrsary, Vale alentlnc s o clents don t eel that re ndng and d relaxes. town o Brandon, near T a pa, en n 1 prot T he rest s or lowers rs card perorance. Day. Mother s Doy s reerr lebcred, the s p art r o t ther personal For a spouse s brthday, he le gels a onw uc lastr stlnute proble to and ndthe render servce. but too late. secretary s job, )b, so they rely on th e r.. c:all a ll. a week tn advance, and on r the day _ Result; Wves eelngs a rc e hurt h and own e ores. s." 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The gt, Can :a rrs dd gtbuyng at Chrl rlst as, T ots. * A 11 has opened a coee shop p wth a s the center o! popular po rockhoundlng They do not advertse, but t word o usually a cheap trnket; betrays ther, lak akng Polarod shots o the p. r seatng seal capacty o 158 person ons n a country, _ outh has keptho b u s n e s; boong. s lack o orc thoug ugt. o the clents would not be new wng whch ncludes, an n ultra The cellng s 1twotoned, tw( nlad wood B tusn oderstalnlcsssteelkllchen ;nwltha wlthjbanksnlchan handclcrcdlb htsw t h _ : ser scres o walkn reezers and d truck ve varatons o ntensty. All o e, le s s T, Sl2C sl2c echancal dsh washer. wall booths n \ the trangular roo haveplugnlelepl lephoneservlcc.. ; Fve o the 25 heavly padded Ater 6:30 p.., patrons have a r,... booths, suppleented, by open n tables, choce.o orderln erlng ether ro the, arese lclrcular. coceshopordlnr lnng roo enus. Walls have whte sandcast panels o Entrance to the restaurant s roa Jartstcally enhanced J a c kpot a rea south wng C the gang area, and scenes. Panels arc ntersperse sed wth. rrors on cthers ter sde o the cntryw ay ;, dsplays o skeletonzed sj saguaro allow custoers ;rs to see the selves.. cactus backed by large rrors rs.. approachng. Rostron jons Gateway Arwest n blac o r 78 operat< on JSk )K E S L E R e w a n a g e r Februar ry Sped sl TWN FALLS R ay Rostron o Twn F allshas Jolnedthe le staat SAN_ MATEO, Cal. : Hughes Gateway T raler C enter nc. nc., owner,. Arwest reports a prcllnt nary net * «Dean Fenstcnnaker announce need. pro: prot o $5.2 llon durng 1971 Rostw n, who served 13 y years as Arlne ocals sad t v.,. e Kesle >r heads Twn Falls Chaber p Coerce Cor seventh sev straght year n the bl black, b ut y j t e c o n o l a ww \ P... anager, has spent the p ast t y e a r and below 977s record eangs laano>frst one hal travelng or Cactus :tu3 Pete s V llon, l hy Lpdu casno lt Jackpot, O lherprell nary gures sh,model 4AA " 1 V We enjoyed that very uc nuch but ooeratng revenues at anal tl te hgh at Bur rley a now lookng orward lo bel beng able l o $313.2 llon, up 21 per cent ro to stay at hoe ore and d to the $257.2 llon n Operatng BURLEY Ed E Kesler has been R5 EE G. P R C E $ 2 35.?. 9 5 rhlttpngp n y now poston lon here." expenses w erc $300.8 llon, n. up 24.1 apponted ana ager o the daho F rst & / Rostron sad..pcrceat ros242.4 llon n ln977 N atonol_bank.o kolce n Burley. _ SjT WHLE. He wll work n custo er!r relatonsr Russell V. Stephenson, presdent, r Kcslerhasbec been wth the bank snce \ SUPPL at G atew ay and accord jrd n g to _. a t attrlbutedjthejeduced t j earn ngs_lo 195G when_hejc! joned the head oce. Fenstcraker. s.w ell. qual uallledto R A.Y Y R O S T R O N c?.c K calatlng uel, and other CMt sts, to late Other asslgne ents were wth oces la<;t r * understand the nterests o tht the oble ycar copelllon ard to expense? e al H erd lan rp Rupcrt,Caldwcll and VAVA! ALABLE N RED..YEUOW JB L U t, _J_" n t r a l e r s a l e s.hoe o r recreatonal vehcle buyer. ncurred n startng scheduled servce Councl, where re he bcca e branch BLACK, BROV OW N... to to new ponts durng the last st hal o anager n 19< 1967.* He w as assstant S \ casher at Rupe) pert or our yeare, A graduate o Ttco dl(g 2 o Councl Rural H gh, School, Keslet ler attended Knan w M Busness Unlve versty and the U nlvers tyodahobe beoreentern rth eu ;S ~ PAA P E R C L P S = : R e c o r d q u a r t e r L a r s o n p r o nco t e d K n g h\ t c t e d Naval P rcparat ratory College n J953. He byscovll nnn M s copleted, cd advanced courses n Y Newell Knght o PO P R TLAND LDUlsln UGAL pads : T CART< VRTdNOFOBOXES; banklngnswcll. dl, r o g :...tyeoesal HOMEDALE L a r 5 been naed one o two Pacc Corp. nshed 1978 r Twn Falls natve, has h.kcslcr, h ls 5» w e, C onne, a n d h elr N BOXES o n s dealers n anhydrous bllon bllll dollar copany wllh ponted assstant anaj nager (or th=. lve chldren wll w: lve n B urley. NOTE SZE. J NOW,w......d a h o Plr3t Nltlona no nnn Q a ona ertlzer let durng 1978 by best bcsl quarter on record. r*s.s4.80 sclcalco: la rry A : Merlo. presdent ll and <MOO vh o edalepcet and Roger Allson o char an, sad yearly gurc x s sel J a e s j oonsstn. N O W U Ho tas been j e r vvlnb l r M th e, w cresclcctcd c bers_ records rcc wth earnngs o! LEHERSZE LEGAL SZE. bank s loan ocer TaV H 5 u n la ln JEROM E Karen Ja es s now lulps. 6G0ve*Achlevcr l lluon, sales o $1,04 bllon, a»9;j r «g.$ a.«o... ~ H o e ro lh c ra sslg n lnled wllhth tho Jero e Branch o. n recognton o ther te tetu t rn on sales o 7.8. t>cen wth clccs a t Hnjcllon nnd n L S Ge Stale : Really 1 a s a sales NOW NC. o w. ; r r. :. * 6 «exceedng 5 ; assgned quotas or cent.e a ngs were up 3G per Coeurd Alene: J assocate. ertlzer sal j a l e s. rn SGO.l llon n 1977 a n d! WtKTup jj] 31 pcrccntro $, orer hgh school Englsh teacher, spenee A t t e n d n s t ttu t e D r e c: tt o r y o u t llon. she jons h et r! husband, Jerry, n the CHCAGO The 1979 c Fourth q ualer sales o $ real estate eld eld. SHOSHONE J. R R.. ( Churchan bershp dlrectory «o the Aercan llon w ere up 35 percent She also h; has a background n "ce su p p y j... and G ary HUl o dahoj hograngeco nstltuteol Real Estate A pprasers $212.5?21.llUon.n and earr. op, nc., attended the executve has been 1 publshed and s now o e* $22.9 llon were 58 pe.crccs»nnlngandln 1n tranng o horses nsttute J o r.. nqrthwmcst _c<wpera avalable. s. "10 ore than $14.4 llon n the tlves n Spokane. Thedw «o ry lsts5.0c4"e p revlousyear. The nsutute s a teachng t>ers o the h e nsttute, and ay be E arnngs per share or the ley ear sesson or cooperatve ve e ployes, obtaned rt ro the nsttute s publc were $2.91 copared wth $2. K.15 n drectors and ocers. relatons dc departent s*... u TED SMTHH ; r a 8 s o c p t e barok r c er Sth jor ns sales sta at Westenrn j * TWN F A L L S T e d Sth o Twn F a lls s the newest assocl soclate broker alated wth W estern Realty Rej Co. Sth has been a lcense nsed sales an w th that r snce 1970, ro, specalzng s n resdental and coe erclal; soles.. H e s a graduate o the! Unversty U; o. d a and hotds the Grad raduate o.the R ealtor nsttute deslgnatl An dahonatve,s thca e, to Tw n Falls n 1946 ollowl owng ltary servce n World W ar r 1 He s a or er coow ner o the Rogerson. H olelrcstaurant and s s na e bero th e Rotary Q ub. He and hs we, Jenne,"have two chldren, : CHASKA, Mnn. Johr Ohn M. Staord h a s been appontedext executve vce. presdent and che open >eratog ocer o Green Gant Co. n hs "new post, whch lchyollowsthe stockholder approval.o*.o a erger b etw een G reen G an the p sb u y Co., Staord d wll becoe responsble or, all G: Green G ant actvtes. He joned the h e copany n and b e c o e a a senor vce >TOldcntlnl977. hnn ornnqvr wnr e n w n he.. c C l l l W o r k a n F o r d H o n " S o l o s a n O T h o M on BLLWORK P s e t e d S A L E S M A Ko r : T H EM O N Tl Dll Vorkan Ford Ko juj! aw< wordod Rl Rch Thopson tlo honor ol $olo an ol ho Monlh" (or Jonuory Jo Rch rocovod ho owar <ard (or oolslondng saloj durng llo ) onth r ol January. Congralulolon Rcl lch. o n o c a R lc h T h b p s o n _ l o1< n th, J a n u a r y (MANFORD G [H l Born O ctober 18, 1963 n Twn Fa alls our carrer o the tl w eek..; ls_15. years.old.. Hs ls. hobbes. nclude ejotorcyclerldlnj ng,skng; and partcpates on o the nnth grad d e basl<etldall and ootball" tea s. Also whle! a at O Leary hgh set 3hool Paul plays the tru pet 1 jn n the band. ; HelsthssoRo route b e c a u s e "ts th e only way a, kd t rny a g e can rr ak e an y "" oney. He uses the gr.een stut to g gosl< ng.. DeWtt delvers s Eastland, Ellzab beth. Kngs Crch cle drve. 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9 e a l E s t d t p r " Proess} onal de] ntcaton requ lred or certan} ( property; V lypttsthe lnasupcrlor 1tngonthepartothclcnd dctsr Don t A N S W E n nt here.s j excollent hcnrton t bcanyoncj ) n\alabtc changnghands ds agan: E a X. Ja es KoutnUc s vlcc klcecharan poston n 1 b; barganng when buyng dr ( get ready lo start spendng g the oney chance,and. nd, n a c t, a s o th s )ccnasc tenders sply wll not conc They eel tha the sae good new.s K th e daho Kcal E state 0 C Cosson sellngrcalc estate. jyet, however,.as tho b; acklog. o partcular e onent a bll takng th e nto * a slate w here they wlt 1)0 orced wll c.nrry over vcr to hoe bulders and j B n d the broker lofw cst< cste Realty Ths syste ste o gvng you nollce o avalable t unds has not bull llt up to thc~ cellr ( o ln le re s l rale s v n tlre ly by j law to tako a lower rate o rclu Ual n sple n t thelght oney arket H E p a p y. dc., wllh.oulc< Uces n Twn be act htha a t they are Realtors or a { pont that any o the are dolng d< uch / h a s passed 1 U Ue H ouse o to p r e s e than!; Uey can get n olhe her slates, rght now, wlllx: a boo year. j a lls. Buhl, R upert, GoodL odng and Sun 3l estate e lcensee s to put you, the n 1 the neghborhood o n nancng o r tatvuslnb os se. h.s nn nto trouble Wlethcr we lke t or n not, daho, a nol so surc ure lhal ths s gong to be /alley. Readers a rc nvlt vlted lo send publc, on n guard to the eect lhal rcharcng r on convenlona na reslden y,,. gcnale a C o ltee w hore Ue depends on outsde oney to t( keep ls the stuaton on n Magc Valley, juesuons ether drect! a:uy lo hc aybe le Ucreal estate agent knows Hal t property at thsuc, c,.butlhcrc char an s ortgage arket gong ull 11blast. however. But, wc have a loosenng. s opposcd lo havng a. resnews or to W este c Rcnlly tor soclhnb B ore r aboutthe property are good sgns. copletely o ortgage 2 ur unds Uere wll undoubl unl ted u.sry law. answerng n uture colunr unns. than you lo, do, There, s one [acj lt l l c j h a t t h c j e r e j s QUESTON; a a hoe h bulder and otly l>e.a wlt :>clter Uan average y ear also so e ure ulh... A s.a au atter,o.j.ct,,t:sj t_aja[l... ro..j PJorJders have to ace _Judlcote Lee a axtngy "pranstor r"umr579 0vcnl sh l llsgobdnslbvs, ;A:cuusthu K veor h a s "? QUESTON: We see an nn n d ta the dcatoprou oectthcpubllc; bur,orthe regardlcss~othc ark el c t3 llu a tlo n,sn te d tn a t he l wll veto a law th a t b * u lln g progra, Whal t docs t h e OnooUo 3 roasbnslharpooplolave ro; papdro t e lo t e : wl Where houses olher hand d the average real estate therc s stll a vast aount l o oney reoves any natonal pcture look lke as S ar as tho been buyng g hoes so rapdly Us ny cellng at all. G o v ern o r are or sale and they wll say ngcnl s n n a : uch ore precarous < cong nlo ther coers ev every onth gvan s has s. nubcr o hoe starts? past year s s Uat they eel Ual they slal(( lh a t t could w soethng lke R ealtor»r ( Owned." s poston n 1 dealng d( wth real eslale or ro the repayent o the le bllons o ay be prccd ced outo lhe arket le sort o.a lotlng ndex* ths s u p p o to be soe ccodethatthc o lselt that han the average clent who dollars o ortgage loans S that they such as the pr ANSWER: : pr e r a te or co erc al The Natonal A? As.socaton they wal loo oo : long. And others eel reolestatepeopleusettrt loadvsreach " stoscl gpll hr»,n p nrp nlreatly have nn the Mb oks. The r.ne nr so w cou orjdcx ru atljc: o Realtors thnks t s gon >lng to be a Uat hey 7 con gel any knd o other o soethng the pul publc doesnll responsble le or the acts nvolved and nsurance copanes are! stll sellng, pprov ove l. Tls would n e ec t lxx) \ year or new consln ructkn, j ortgagtronc noncy now; Ueybcttcrdo know? or ull dscl< sclosurc. a lot o polces, and hc,c unds a re gve us a lo: loatnk ellng and wxld.sple o all the probles that lal occurred t. becaase t ay nol be avalable lo lx;ng used ostly or r ortgage probably >e H.*. a w orkalle la w T l.e re. al the lasl part o 18 there w ere nance ther r purchases they wall. ANSWER: daho Real Estate re, QUESTON; )N: We ve been tryng to get 1lendng. They have no cho holce but lo ay besoe e dlcullles nterprelng alost [ our llon cxsur Ung hoos uch longer. qures thatany t e a real estate conventlo tlonal loan on_our hoe to. get ths oney out. They ca :an l leave t u,e pre rau ates, Hut t.shouldnt be loo that changed hands n U,hat perod. Personally, ly, eel.that Ue averac Hcensce lsts a property y o c rsa le o r nvest n a busness. We ve been stacked up n a heap n n the vault uch o a pro rolle, and t.wll nt le ast T" h e. econo sts_.nr_ht, Realtors hoe buyer r s rght on both counts, or that atter buys 3 a property tylng slnct nee last all and wc keep walng or nterest rates logo up. put us back : n n th e a rk e t akan. predct that even wth a ld re looks lke (he nterestrates wll b e... he ust denty hlsell sel to all the nnlng nto nlo rejects because o tght Unortunately, daho, wth w ts 10 cesson, whch Uey hlnk k wlt pro hgher on an average bass n 1979, partes nvolved as belng g a real estate oney. Do you have any good news 1percent usury law, wll be «one o the There has been soe opposton to bably take place anyway, y, lhat the and l also looks lke the hoe prccs lcensee, or, approprate late, as beng a about the e avalablty o ortgage > last Slates lo be tho benelcl clary o th s ths propose osed legslaton on lh e r arket should boo, and t should be "ll be approx )roxlatcly 0 perccnl or Realtor. oney n the th( sprng? lowo unxls. grounds lhal h a t 10 perccnt s enougl nl * least our llonexlstl ;tlng hoes ore hlgler r hl ths year. T he theory behnd ths s lhat people nterest or 3r anylmjdy lo pay o r a. n.the real estate busness are QUESTON: You have e ade a hoe, Myow own eelng s that you supposed to be a ot o ore knowlcd ANSWER; ; Yes. 11 s lookng b e l t e r nu ber o coents about )ut the daho are gong top o peg lh e ra le a t 10 p e rc c n t geabe about real estate le n atters than n tle Unte lled Stales as a whoe.even. usurylaw shavlnganegatv tveeecton you gll as lhe general publc, and 1n n soe cases, here n dol doho,.where ll has been very the supply o oney n dah :aho,l? Uere ths s probably true. Havl lavng ths vast tght, bqcat cause o our usury laws, we uch chance that the legs k n ow ledge a v a la b)le to the have ound soe ndcaton o soten do anythng about ths? a s we}l p e g t at 4 p e rc e n t o r 1 * TOAHLOaDSALE lle T H R U TH EM O N TH OFFEJ E8RUARYJ 5 pcrcent as as 11 wll have Ue s a e 1 C H A R S & F L E S ;slature w ll eect, yu 1 \\ wll have a very salbj ra te on the Hwks, bu t FREE DELVERY VDUHNQ FEBRUARY Ctolco ot colors Wtltc Ttov LQS d o ry nteresl NMAOCV VALLEY ABEA. r(secrc rratwt. Clulrllcj.a.o... MN u a r d S t h j_ * r t ecolltsswlts Ch.<.l Hes. J.srT.TTrr.HOV?Dr»«crHb.n. CnblnelBtg.lJ.U...NOn tdtawctken Me C«bltenes.l(.»...KOn 1 1 "wo codes n retreent plannng J aer»dojo"»/lal«... so eothe decrcasen :.n personal,ncoe.laxes.or_... because successul nves est cnl re R s a sha sh; e ore peo p led o n o l 1 lhlcsljtotorlllle 2 Fsldet>llool1DD<V.culJ... s r Ehoud ost wage e earners. qjtres a level o proessc sonalknow know aboutu l taxshctcrcd rc llre c n t 1 lelals/aoordnle 1 retre ent? Tl= ""ny ay.lh n h aveb eer gong ; how and dally attenton c ew lay en p la n s. M _oo«ho. ol 10(V. U1.... : ; : : re lke ost " d y. you DU should nol count on Socal could apply. a sendng se you "O u r T a x. J Y " plan to retre Securty to keep growng ast enough n hese rapdly changln >!ng t e sr Sheltered R R etre enj P lan s, T h s Cthoseplans. "k e e p u p n wth nlaton lakes people so uch tle lo an booklet s a\ valable to lhe publc b y says there are Now co )nslder nlaton. W hat looked tan ther expertse nnter r own elds wrtng nr lelephonlng u Mr. S U h a t j CENTRAL. OFFCE. EDUPM to avod: lke an attr ttractve penson or annuty there s not any e let lo beco e Edw ard G. S th and A ssocates, 1 ovcrlo o L th e ycaj2 _ag ago s r tu ly nadequate expert n another. Wth utual unds P.O. Box HH, H, Twn Falls, daho o ;. DSCOUNT PRCES today: a an l~ w hal seens lk e~ a youbuyproessonal ; anageent XcleploncjJ, Jj]LUM 1 E.SUP,EL3tP.URC C H A SES./ YourDSCQ SCQJNrcetEr lunt too heavly reasonable le retre ent ncoe today when you buy shares n lhe leund. Mr. Sth lu wll a n sw e r questons o 103 ADDSON WES ST \ jo jlcennlbrjcpj ay be wo< woeully nadequate 20 years ; As Tor goverhenlall allowed tax an nvesle ent n a tu re d rec te d to (sarebcln tro ro wv. r avoldancodcvlces.l a 1rpprrng.r ) h a te t w n FALLS73/ h c a d d re ss 01 telepho_ne_ 1 y jm M Edc Keogh plans, to RAs, to corporate nu ber lslec Jled a b o v e :... t a a a B l B B B. A ste s present penson and prollshadng g plans, and, and t ay not Stll, wll vllh adequate plannng, ones to 403(b) plans and olho hor deerred easlngly larger golden yea /ears can truly be golden,. copensaton plans, Lter erally, Uere _ l l ne. o e r y ou t three RuldelnuK lo lk!lp t s a govurn entappn jrove d ta x U curlys early happen; Tl., sheltered rellre cnl pl n avalable lo. wage earners1; Start { plannng early age 30 s Was Yourj loeorbus aressfloq ODED? 1 every person under 70 who wl ca s a Eey to the pool, noltooyou oung / salary o r wlo s selcp nploycd,"the retrees were 2, Take :e advantage o every tax [ advantage o these plan: nns over or Q ucatlon:w harare s< nvoldnncc devce the governent BdtCOStYou dnary savng o r nvestng ng s that you lmoney? o«5 portant concern la s changed allows. ; 36 nopay~a«rcuncnrt. tnxe.tonthe "have n plannng or y bre er collectng 3. Fnd d nvestents 1 that have lhe aounts set asde or relr.re ent:any Answer: you are percent o Uc capablty ly o keepng up wlh nladvdends, captal gans or nterest j j workng people, you ly pla 960 n n d 32 ton. e a by such plans accu cuulate tax )o n t w a tt u n tl t h e3 s n o w l( e lts... so e day. n aklngt: the axu Many nvestenls are touted as ree; and laxllablty occurs o only. L ord, Abbett and Co., ro saj $ n : beng.able )le to keepup wu nlaton, : when unds are wthdraw wn ro th e two coon stakes 3 to $ a n but a skeptcal o all except plan, presu ably aterr retre ent 1 l. Y o u s hould.not_q\ 1 needed to pay equtes.,, Although equtes, oten. when one s tax bracket s ;ower, le eccts o nlaton. u l u annual. luctuate : and ; soetes drop n WEHAVE J EFLOOD NSURAN NCE! such a plan s nv vestcd n a 1. You should not count ;one ro $30 n value, thel ler longler trend has been. utual und, there s s an added A...Z. _pnsoclalsccurty, :,070.85n 1978, to go up; : they U can also pay dvdends advantage; allassets n ll lhe plan can AL 1 SoclarSecurlty benets ty tax rale l as and thus j provde two ways or your. contnue to grow durngg the payoul ; ng to out run the syste to 6.05 percent: holdngs lo g row; p cn o d atcretrc en F. ablty to nance the, :cntlncrcas(nn an r c aqtrbuy t r equtes on your own Flnnlly tho nnrlpr vn nl snrt. tho be nbc to provde ncreas rra te lsso g re a t B utthenrts r t r r gnlcantadvantngeto less ll c o s L s l KW a rno ronth n lo a S = behells n years tb coe. heubtpasscd nvesu ng gtlrough.a utualund percenlcojwundhlere Teblaccounl D urng Socal Secur startng a t age 30, and d you have years, practcally all w $14,083atage 65, you w{ wat to age 50 w erecontrbutng oney and only a handul o eradsx( rc eturns to start, you ust depo :post M25 a., ~~ onthto~b da retrte entoccount _ t h A 3. N O..T v v F a l l s drawng oney out. tlat bg. ;But the balance o drastcally. The nube: rthwest Energy benets rose to 20 per nu bcr contrbutlng by 1! Prel nary w thextrao raordlnary tes, percent by And Kl th net ncoe o McMllla lllan sad ourth quarter onthly benet rose o. ro or the year operatng g results were the ost 1940 to $ n 1960 to c $4; extraordnary protable n thecopany s hstory OFFCEF PECANS, To. help rase,the cash x l nc atcly $23.4 praruyj ly_as..aresutj)lcoldclthan._ : these.benelts the axr hare o coon nor al w eather n the arketng tax per eployee has gon to Jo h n G. a rea onc Northwest Ppelne andu e to $144 n 1960 to $1,0: 1 and che ex eect o a general rate ncrease w hllathe Socal Securty placed n n eect Oct. l. desgned to ) soared rol Tcent to e a6 rn n g were recover ncreased costs assocated 1 l crrt n n D srreccn [tdea ngsper wthtscpan landed acltes n F S o c rs ecu rlty taxj5.47, ra based on a McMlla lllan sad Nortlwest Ppelne r S n g l e P e d e s ta l : td o c s n o to setth)er e o shares o delvered» drecord volues o natural standng durng g as n DeC )eceber, 1978, as~a result o D e sk jra tln g re v e n u e s p ro v e!dgas d supples and expanded,, ] B la c k & S a n d a lw o o llllon, copared u n d e rg round sto ra g e acltes. 2 0 " X 4 0 " 3 b s K to p N Howcver. r.the_decc ber,records or [ B o x d r a w e r w th lo lack u arter o 1978, peakday y \ Ahd ullonth delveres 5 R o g u l a r $ Ecency c y & ~ e was a record w ere both) broken n January. 1979, hc J SPECAL or Norc extraordnary sad. Nortl )rthwest Ppelne delvered a on share, on record bllon cubc eet o * 4 9 SALEPRC CES SALT LAKE CTY $2C3 llon. n natural ga: gas on Jan. 1,1979, Delveres unaudted consoldated o n con* averaged d approxately 1506 bllon 1 " Northwest Energy Co. was $6.2 llon, cubc eet et per day or the ull onlh o ended Dec. 31 beore share, e based on January, breakng the Deceber r lte s r w as approxl o $222 llon, record by ly 63 llon cubc eet daly. llon, o r $5.44 per shar ne n the ourth V t.. sto c k, a c c o rd n g $2.3 to llllo n n e tjg r tb l McMUlan, d ar an ), a or 54 cents per ecuuve ocer. ck, n connccllon C >coes. c e r a u t EUlS & FP RANKS phdtveralr Thoas "H. _ and. che ex DHK2t0k..TwFa1s 0" Green Glnt Co., Phono hal an oru o eenera Auto Repar tx>th copanes p etheco panles.. b )ne ot our ex * ; actvtes o the the erger wth T.1 Pllsbury con [ R S nesses as well as 3. WE dejlle S e s > w. _ lc OCATtD! jteauohal HE HESE 1 n/\v.at.trrlnnln tn er H 4 D ra w e C a b 1 ll e t r.w lth.lock. C a b n e t... V V h lo ck H R e g u l a r $ R e g u la r $ V E C Al S PECA L rte e n e/t Trt CTrtrt QJ tlah land HURRY..... ON J N L Y A F E W L E n! 2 D r a w e r. GEMS 5TATEPA PER&S 5UP Y 161 5th A s T w n F a l l s n, lov A v e. S o u t h T o (Jv.vu, :v.vu.twlnf l.(l;toag Ooporable 1977 ea; alsa$23;4tnllllonrand

10 A10 TosNowa, Twn Tdlls, o ls, tdnho ranc S unday, Fobruary 1 l,l0 7 9 c h e r nlo T b ualot T a S H c r ByLONNEROSEnWAl VALD accordng to Ml Mller, because.they can T l cn cw s w rter r stand extree ne cold, and they rarely TWNFALLST_Bua]Q_ lq_javea:t needjjcpwjcn en.calvng. Soe bualo c aa t on n daho as (lst st a. they ranchers say the an als e at less.hnn hnve n other states. _ c e, and S Soulh D akota bualo B u alo ranchc r JoC e M lle r tycoon Roy Ho Houcksays two cows eat F a ly l g j est ates there arc only 250 head n a s uch as thre hree bualo. / the state, whle there are 3.W t.au nose e a d v antages,w h y _ South Dakota. the. current are n t ore ra ranchers trad n g n ther, captal o the country. steers or bua alo bulls? Nevertheless, sgns are bualo ndustry wll grow Tntho n noxt Mller says s t s becausc the anal n d l e,.... o..vcnr hlnprthpn sharp ncrease h"ordcrs7d: to r calves "jjurao stll ;tll have thcwldanlal ro Mller s ranch. Perha rhops n a e hesays. "You have to...ctsct ge.sture o encourageent t to t dalo respcct Ue, and "you can t treat.51 ranchers, the l2yearold J t N atonal the llkcpdts. ts." W th. Bualo Assocaton s holdng lng ts 1379 Unlke catut tue, bualo wll charge conventon n Twn F alls ths ls MP arch rlghl throuet h a o gate whch s shut n > j"!. : MHlernJ0~onrl5«aloTa Tanchcrln hglrpah and nd w lralsoju pcncesr Twn Falls County, says he 0 gets g< calls he explans, every day ro people who w ant to The trals ol bualo ranchng ddn t buy breeder calves, and 1 h e s sold d eter Mller,, who w says ar ers have.lat alost hs whole stoclc o ll brooders t (akc rsks..snce S he bought hs rst thsyear. ~... bualo ve yec yearsago, he h as bult up 7j Mller clas bualo a re ore hs herd to a slz sze rangng ro 23 lo 31 lucratve and cheaper to rase ra: lhan head, cattle,wbch he rased or jr 17 y ears y (c any bus sness, there have been beore buyng hs rst bualo alo n 1974, ups and downs vns n the Mller bualo and stll rases. outt. n 1376 daho : Fsh and Gae _ Vlast year.bualo eat lat brought D epart ent. ocals < a rrv e d at ~ twce the prce bee dd," he sad. M ller s gato one or day and lold h he Currently, he s sellng cholcc alee cuts o was volatng g the law by keepng bualo or $1.50 a pound, anc and bualo bualo n hs ; corral _ g.... "ground round or $2.. The bualo ent arket s : stll n "They sad d needed a ga e p er t. C ts nancy, however, Mller ler sad. n to own bualo, lo, Mller recalls. "H old B /act, he has created hs own snll the they were trespassng and to get B crcle o outlets, sellng bualo out. burgers to the Mngclow coccshopunderdaho law; keepng bggae B ntwln Fals.the R and 1 R Cae n an als s orb jrbldden, unless a p e r t Buhl, Andrews Market n 1.F F le r and tado so s grant anted. B the Mug and Jug n Fler er. Many Shortly ate [ter that ncdent Mller B a llybuyersstopatthem.lller ranch receved a lett< etter ro the drector o M TnnH up wth a bag o roze 3zen bualo the Fsh and d Gae Depart ent, j g T n e s. norlng h* thntl:estale:fshand, Bualo ay surpass cat cattle as a G a e Col. sson had elected to M coplotc" product Besde des, sellng change the stal tatus o do estc bualo. B the eat, tongue, lver and d tal t. (used ro a gae to nongae an al. The B lro3ctall soup).prxoodr_m; M lllersays oelalsexpla )laned the ga e c la s s H Uere s a arket or hldes hl ard catlon was nlt ntended to protect bualo. H nounted heads.,.lhat occasona nally w ander nto daho R B ualo a r e la rg e a n als, standng ro Yellowstc stone P ark, w here one o lv e e e t ta ll n t th e sh o u lder, e nne eet the naton s ew e\ herds, eoo strong, s. g lo n g a n d w eghng b etw een 1,900 lo The ocals ls sad they had re. B T;S0Crpbund5rStartngro oahug& classlledmul llllcr:s.herdasdo e.stc W. aurlcskdh«j.tl;2[,<,wooly h e a d a n d sh o u ld e rs, the an al gae., ta p ers o lo sknny hlndqua ju artersan d n our yea: ears o bualo rasng, J o e M lle r a n d s o>e r o t h e b u a lo hee h a s b e e n r a s n g s n c e [B sh o rt, ropelke tall. Mller appean ;ars to have b e «e ob, The eal o just one r bb u a lo, s sesse d wth the lh( bcastrn ct as bualo hundreds o artcles and pa [)a7)htets n worth up to $1,500, acco ccordng to sta ps, nclud ludlng all three ssued n about bualo nto two bulglr Sng scap O l S O n c o n t U le coeba< ck n Ae lerca.mller s estates. the Unted Slat tates, but he doesn t have books. V Bualo pro olorsay the e a t has the SO Bull lualo Bll whch was ln1913, thca: Aercabualo w a s. p< poplaton dwndled lowart rd exlc orests.. Ja tru onal andgastronol 3c.edgc.on prnted n durng the.p an Bualo eal. s pled " 1 0 engraved n h hstbrj when dcsjner... t ton and s<wn exrhtednlosl sl excus n the 1800s, OOs, huntng, ostlyby ;beer. Bualo s 18 to 22 percent Aercan Exp jxposton n Bualo, N.Y. aly s ja our reezers, anc. Ja es Earle F Fraser scratched the vc vew aa an Aercan sybol. 1. whto en, reduced the populaton. 1proten, copared lo 17 pc p crcenl or Bualo belt t b buckles and C harles M. chldrenare sck o havn ng t (or anal on the bn back o the ndan Head,,n ro that hgh [;h pont p o 75 llon h ead bec.thejndustry. says.bu,butalo_cqn R e ll prnts nls have turned hls sall dnner,they don t say so.ml lllersson. nckel,... E n e s t T ho pson_setc ;....tonearoxuncuo cuonby.l890.._ ; Vtalns ewer calores ar and lo w er "ranch house se htb a lhbu(alo" l r n o l e c e n tlry A, e r c a n /cholesterol levels than bee. And they useu. He le prdes h sel on beng T, w as rasng hs own bu: u llasalh.,, "My rst obc bjectve wa.s to produce naturalst, tred to akaan 1 educated Today, n South Dakota, Cpltao, s a y lh c eata sle slc att] atty:anauuowtyc yonlhoan al,and_l s_p prolecl untl a buver cae. alone» and was.trullacrjc,n.nnrl jjy guess o low any bua alo once Montana and d even ldaho, butao are Bualo take less care lhan cattle, consclentlousl, usy clpped and pasted whsked w t away or $l,00(r that could not )t l)c conused wth the roa ed Ue sprawtng three. o llon back. n sall yet > yowng nlntosvs;,.. currency o any y other c o u n lry,., n square lle plan Uat was bualo n 197)1 the Mntonnl Nat Bualo Assoclay search or sybols. ound no range beore whle en arrv ved. lon sad there were w 50,000 o U (?br«d nt wthn tho boundares o the n the Unted 1 States. Stn Addnu the nuber o calllt le, horses Unted Slates s so «dstnctve ns the U.S. s houldpaushor rltng and sh_eep_uat g r e d n the epl akotas, Once"ood 1 or o ndans and ea_rly Aercan bal alo,f raser wd. MohYana, W yo ng, "Nlebrnska, el poneers, today lay s bson (the.soloc The object. o.ndan hunts and K K a n sas, C olorado, Tex; x as and,specc.s nale e or c bualo) are;ucg worshp, and lat later whte an s hunts, Oklahoa 01 n hs day, Seton gured 10 careully bred by scentsts d : o t r a d «lebars,. Walke ;r thnks bualo were a an portant part o llon bualo once lved ;d on the ran ch ers who :o are r nterested"lnthe. j W estern. Ao o.can le. E a rly plans, another :O llon we,ereonul an al s nutrt trtonal and Jrtong ; TWNFA,1.S» TbcUolt nltedstalcs st y_w.p.lkcl er was breed on _the_ ought lo be treated just lke c co puter rcxplorers used!d tojelljales : o hons nralrle, q nnd ve llon nha [abled.lle..polenlal,,necds..to.opcn,hptrads nrntg. n p rrxjr l the H n a t l o n a r t a l k s o o r lelcvlsloncopanl s;" he;.oadded;" w crsretchea baor 30 les n every je r o j o n d a p<to latogrowers. between HO_r )_ natons, whch wll be... \VSker sad trade resnc :tos have (lr><jlkll. TrepnlaU vesays. OTappedupth ths wnter. ~ k c advantagebulkelheb [ a d c 0 o n h e btatn l... Potato Growers o daho ho alto ey W alk er sad s: E uropean and o oregn arkets. j Lloyd Walker sad he told e e bers o Japanese quo luota systes, whch only rthcuasrnegotlatngtea a o p h e lo w = p anrt! s Ta s r s nortabcszeccr.,.. nternatonal Trade talks s n l Geneva prevent U.S. 5. ar ; ers /ro copetng ; that European and Japanese lesell lson w lththosenat latons ar ers. He urged <U.S. agrcultural ports s ust be. the negotlato tors to push J a p a n and tlled "so we can rade copel! Europe toagn gree to n u levels o., U.S. ports, s. F E B R U A R Y 1 0 SNAKE RVER AUCTON dwomlwon: Fobruary _.., ent ocals and the vlslhn; HngChnese _ F E D R U A R Y o delegaton n Wash:, D.C.D ;.D urnghls REEP1C K U P «V ena ndt el a"stutzman.jero OME :AD a n d U SELESS dvertte an! Fobruory 6, JerryJoo.Wor. rt. Ellar, Donnoll Moorllh. lh. A uctlonoor Bee coneren ce A NM ALS!! F E B R U A R Y 1 1, HH uuan CRAWFORD HOUSEHOLD11 DOUHL scheduled n Reno B p A dverlltonont; Fobruory RENO ThoNovaa4 Matloct ond OtbVrno. Auc«n«o noor Bee Conerence ts sched leduled F eb. j F E B R U A R Y H at the N u g g e X t:. onvenron H B Wl WEBANPaUJLE«lEHJ{A ldj_ S c Center. RESCHEDULED D MARCH 19 OUE TO WEATHER RCONDTONS C( H B H. Reproductve Ecenc ency o the H Mas lotor ond Olborno. A/ctlonsort TlWllW Cow Herd" s the the e _o the eghth F E B R U A R Y 1 3 anhual coherence. Speak eakers ro l e u s u u ERTTw n a u s 1 Oregon, daho, Nevada, llnos, 111 Col vorluoont: February U B b rt. Donnetl S M elteronllh. Audo ctlonoor orado and Calorna wll wll dlsens, _ p related topcs. F E B R U A R Y 1 4 WAYNE DRAPER, KNG Hll The second day o tle le conerence rnatm vortlson: Fobruory l l t l wll be devoted lo practcal leal deonst t t \ a t. S Moortllh.Aueo Cllonoort rw N FALLS ratons relatng lo anal al hcallh and B. reproducton. The Nugget got.bull sale J F E B R U A R Y 1 5 B H RWN FARMS. TWN FALS ; wll conclude the scheduled; ledtctvltlcs." Advonloon: Fobruory 13 e g g W on, rj; Bonnott a Mo»tor»lhrAue1o clonoort. lvely. _ ; ; Walker, a Twn F alls attorney and We should have opportuntes t o... ta lo ar er, recpnlly ly returned, ro dlscu.«aons wth Stat( tate Departsell our co nodltles other than when they need us," u WjUker sad. "W e r A T. MAGC T V A ttey ; RESDENT 1 Z «R A E S a. F A H H R l l l l l l l H R S djo. ; M C A L, 2 4 x 3 0 G A R A GSE E & SHOP.. Concrbto lloor,»6ol ovorhood door, ;. wolklndoorrj ololnu lu wlndow T E N T O >N!! ] 36x404 0 x 1 4 CLEAR 10xl4»lldlng ng door. 2 ounu wn dow>. tes walk n door. $ * 6G85. n D H ll B g dv o t «o n lp * " " ~ 179 L A S T T M F A T t h s L O WV P R C E!! DANE ELCONSTRU CON B. Mloto* a ond Oborno, Aucllonoort Ort r a B R U A R Y 2 0. B * 0 50N 0 SCHROEDER ESTATE, BUHL.... Adv dvortloont! Fobruary 2, 197? 79 aton endo.boroo, Auc1lon**r* *r» Rt. 1, B o x 3 2 8,JJ E R O M E, D A H O _ P h J. r C B R U A R Y T AT AND CAY CURTS, KMBERLY Advortlo ont: Fobruary »r, Donnoa M onorlth. Aocll jcllonoor F E B R U A R Y 1 7 SNAKE RVEER AUCTON Adv dvortloont: Fobruary 16, 1979 F B R U A R Y 1 9 " ROD SUGAR A ddvortloont: v Fobruary oort and Otborno, AuMlonoor F E B R U A R Y 2 1 CHURCH FARMS, NC JEROME dvorlltoon: Fobruory 19, 1979 B ><l l or». Bonnot. * M oort llh. Auct ucttonoor F E B R U A R Y 2 2 J.OTOSCAR" STMPSON dvorllto ont: Fobruo >n OonnottC M«tl«runllh. Auctl< F E B R U A R Y 2 2 B»MBANCHES,BUHl B " H "SL CONSTR \ / Mllo N orth o GOOD! n N C 5 o n H y «Lndsay tnokos a H ran M A lucton&rrga 111, Mnr n y looojjv> lur.v, j»..,c.l ;UK) n n««.*j.vu/joraj j e.

11 conch t w n FA L L SW hcj daho weed spccalls Hpjrns retres Feb. co plete Q careerlhal jeary 33 years and osslg nents across sou /H g g n s, who joned tcul n 1946, wll Saturday, durng a retl a t the T ur Club n U nversty colleagues, dents_and ann_ea<]... trbute to : Hggtnsor shenu n extenson p ro a s o the U. ol Agrculture. Dnner wll be serv ResehBtons should be than Feb. 15 wth Gall U sh crextensono Tn Ave. W., Twn Falls, Hggns has played helpng G e State g thcr ncoes by ght: use th e w ater and needed or crop grow tenure, county weed co. have beco e strong,., ederal agences hav tenson weed Through the years, d u c t nu erous eld to conth)l such noxl C anada thstle, leay bndweed, quad<grass 3Fens \ / D R. M. E. J... n w a t e r Water or Sal :t w n a l s ~ s data collectcd or the ndcate a good ng arneraothesal or tracts ths year. The_ShosloneJBas reports p n t ol thelow c P vauaa: the w atershed, t rt easureaw e snow season reports, Ths depth s 39.2 nches an 8.9. Nonnal or. the. over th e p ast 22 year w ater. L ast y ear Sha n.7 nches o snow c water at ths te. M ost other snow w a te e d show rao cent o nor al precl recent snow all has ~dry n ost areas a ( J p p e r e l e l a c k s n o w BOSE (UP) snow pack pjdnhgjs BUWey supervsor Conservaton Servla d, but reservor st( excellent. J a c lc Wlson sal snowpack s above & elevaton t s belc ddle and hgh eleva, Wllson sad the o julall tlcanagcs D.t th e Snake Rver s bel average except or a t l l p e r t. The W..oulb. h e sad, ore a oonnal. n general, snow V v ares ro n a low average on the LU ra w atershed to 114 B lacu ootandllb pc» Rlvtr dranage. r Pestcde cou set n three to H : TWN FALLS t H ng s a l o n s or p _ H L. r trcted_um p atw B n Twn F alls, Burey week o Feb. 19, u «r s t o l z7 ext P H lon entoc H All pestcdes usl H g e n o r restrcted H usng restrcted pes P j certed. j The sessons wll b< & n WendeU on Feb.* 2) l Cvc Roo o tbe Cl a Falls a t the CoUege t 3a* V ot echbuu dlng ra audtoru at 10 a.n q Burloy at tbe Ra 1 onfeb23. dao0 w e e d ; lu d e s ca tcn Unversty o allst Robert E. cb. 28. he wll harhas spanned nd taken h t o southern daho, M. ned the U. o. g vul be honored retlre ent dnner n Twn Falls. les, or er stu H E Leaders _wl..pay onlsacco pl"! on. and research v j Q. o ; College o served a t 6 p,. ] be ade no later allm alb erg atth e ck vrx aaso ls, telephone 734 cd a large role n! growers protect ghtng weeds that r q nd sou nutrents rowth. Durng hs, controlprogros He has a g, and state and popular, tnve adopted ex ng a set e d control control, 1 Controll ars, he has con Hlgga eld trals o ways.._extenslor joxlous weeds as ro 19 lay spurge, eld Bonnevl ass and knapweed For e n jo n s p n H R KMB drector ton Rcs( w l B j n the past W» ~ g E r c u ] t o the : : Sclencc... ton. Jenscr lgrcult H & v V Beltsvll \ anage l j H technlca. orwate Dr, G has bee untl a r Leggett center s Jense.JE N S E N TwlnFn er re se a rc h a c tv e r p r o s p e c l o n, R < Snl)w~and w ater new sn the end o January ents v rgaton supply or Other on and Roseworth or the and W: Bass snow course content t o t n o r al. O nt o nu lk ncnnu; pnrgpc nn pnglr requenuy h as no Mag dw durlng enrty 5 ;r Ts year the snow snow n 5 and w ater content, year, : he. end o L January avcrae cars s 3.9 nches o Deadllr Shoshone Basn had QChes, w and 4.4 nches o percenl averag 3W courses on the Sprngs ore than 100. per nches, ecpltatlon although average has been extre ely and 11, s a oot o r ore o percenl ycarsr e v a t o n s w e a v e r S S, Ths y e a rs tle 7? s glooy, a snow C nk 1 ;or or the Sol and 14 vce sad Wednes averag r a g e s g o T o and 8:5 percenl sad th a t w hle andw e average a t lower 33 an d below average at 8,5 ncl evatons. Lyle ountan snowpack the T\ n.the statc.north.o...dstrct bdow to well k ow week, or the Teton R ver e Watersheds on the e average to above y w w ater equvalent O, DWo 39 percent ot Lttle Wood Rver. 4 pehsjnt on the s percent on the Cub o> an. rc o u r s e s p. t o w n s on Applcator tran [" jbons wshng to use sucdes wul be held an d W en d elte, luxordng to Bob., nust now be lab d ed ted use, and p e n s pcsucldes u st be U be held as ollows: t). 20 at 1 p.. n the _. e Cty HaU; n Twn ge O Southen daho ng n. th e n 1 a.. oh F e b ; 21; and to a d a ln n a tlp.tn. are e ro l O B E R T E. H G G N S.. r e tr e e n t a t h a n d s authored any techncal and r artcles and bulletns, nclud seres o weed recognton and >1, lealets nnd the daho Weed ol andbook. gns rst assgn ents were as >lon agent or Goodng County MG, through 1952 and or vlle County ro 1952 through or the nexl 15 years, he worked BERLY Dr. M.E, Jensen, ortjuwsnakerlver Gon.erva esearch C e n te ra t Kberly or ast 10 years, has joned the Jtu ralresearchp ro g ra sta e D epart ent o Agrculture :cand_educatlon_adlnlstra, sen wll be locatcd at the ultural re se a rc h center at klle, Md., startngon Feb. 2G, wll be a sta scentst n wator ge ent and wll provde caheadershpandcoordnatlon tcr anage cntresoa ch, Glen E. L ek ctt; sol scentst;»een desgnated actng drector a new drector s apponted. Ett has been a e ber o tht r sta snce 19C5. sen and hs a ly have lved r Falls snce 19C4. Hc s a e bc] le Rotary Club and has bee e n a nu ber o local cv G t s o d l o s e w o r t l sn o w h asallen snce uasuh ts w ere ade Jan, 28 and 30. her c ourses, wth snow and watt Lhe current easureent; snc w ater lost year, noral watt ent and p ercent o noral or t ber o y ears the course has bee aglc Mountan, 54 ndes snov nches ow ater. 44,8 nches { J nnd 14,2 nches o. w ater la;. G percent o the 13 nc age w ater content over3.1 y ean nne Rdge, 59,4 nches G. cs. 50,1 nches. G nches nnd 11 ent o the nor al 15 ncht age over 24 y ears; Hulngbr ngs, 42 and 11.9 nches. 48 and 13 es, 91 percent o.the 13, nc age or 24 y ears; Pole Creek, 42 11,7 nches, 40.5 and 11,5 nches, ent o t the 2.2 nch avenec o r: S jg oatc reckr 37:8 a n d 10 es,41.2 and 11.7.lnches,lt ent o the 9.6 nch av erage o r: C edar creek, 36 and 10 es, 28 and 9 nches, 150 percent < 7 nch 23 y ear average; Bc!k Meadow, 36 a n d 10.2 nxhes,; 14 nches, 81 percent ol e Z4yet age o 12.,6 nches;76 C reek,; 8:5 nchesr34!nd9m nchcsro :ent o the 7.8 average o 7 year Wlson Creek, 42 and ll,9 nche n d 9.5 nches, 140 pcrcent o tl nch average or 18 years. _ le Fuller and M arvn Taylor ( Twn.Falls Sol Conservatlc rlct ade th e easuretncts la k. T r y t h e O s w a l t 3 W a y P r o t P a c Slncl wllh th o O sw olt ENSLOAOl olhor rnclo or truck ounlod and.load ovor a on,n nuo ronch. bunker, o r stock sllos Pbtontod re e l ond boo oro hy lcally raooct to c.loar tho top o onallooo (up to 21 (ool hgh), lovo rapdly os ts ow n wolohl oods r,th.o pnsllogo. tho reol dgs so nnd p lllclo n ly.... A c o n voyor/lqodor cnrrosaw a Bnsllo0oos t tolls. LESLED H G H L A N specallst Hq( 33 yea o ut ot the slate extea Bose as extenson agror Slnce_L970._Hggln assgned to the dstr oce at Twn Falls. H present ttle as weed sj 1973, A natve ot Bose g raduate o Rupert 1 llgglns holds bachelors!, degrees n agrlcultu r Unversty o daho. r e3e a rchr~cotnpetedt... batlcalleave n1958! dodder, a parastc w threatened the seedpn o th estate. He was a vocatonj nstructor at Wlder Hg 941tol943roperaln{ a r durng , H th e U.S. Na\ 7 ro 1943 H Hggns s a ebe W eed Control /\ssoca Socety o Weed S den Socety o Agronoj Scence Socety o Aer jhc S g a X, Epsllson S ud G a a Sga PhLhc ;,nd H e was a charter t [ed daho Acadey ot Sclen H e has been a S. as teacher and lay leade nty B aptst churches at Bo (or an d Twn Fals. Hg Jgh served as a 4H leader jcd actve n photographc g esa ;en, organzatons nclud va W ayrm rsrjcnsenhas or th e Magc Valey Hos the an d served as ts prt ta S h e served as char ure Hosptal Assocaton C LtA. arcs_urng_het_l e ber, o the counc the ended ths past Septc at Her Judgng cof de planned at Go lon. judgng contesllssch.n g on Saturday...,, Sponsored by the B reeders and tle G F a r Bureau, the co a l 9 a., al the Good! Grounds, t wll precd ber breeders annual bull s Four classes o calu by 4H Club and Ft...A erca e bers, cc o u p s 8 through 13 through 1 9ycars.. sure vater snow vater r th e been o t d, chcs r nch.4 2 :8. 2 E cs,96 _ :or L L J a log _ 1 H n Bear ;s. 50 y ear 30 n 0 9 ches, M the or o V atlon B.,.J 5 l a s U J ckage A DER... Thon x tho rot nod. Dg.ENSLMXERony uo ro lot. Wolh l n,,, hon wogh t o... unlorly wth n 5 1hydrou..... p 01 tho Fnally, d lsp o a e lovolvng wlh nn Oswalt ( ds t nlo.. Sprondor...lh}. soolhly Aerca wth ho c ond porlor arc, dsposol ro ov ** ~ lots.mountod on O landln axlo tr ua Qa lona DAVS& N D A V E. E T W r 3.1 T S planned a :nslon ohco n " " r n r l o s.. l «c n _ l j trct extenlon Ho h,.s hold hs c5v HaS" specalst sncc :e and a t935. "S, schoo, r s a n d a ste rs ;ure ro Ue. 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" ont lue wll be judged a n j tu re ra c rs o _ hoe copetng nage 3.ycars_and_4 EB B ELL 5 = 2 n < o H l l l BUU U H 726 SHOS j B J o tlon you w anl n tho j S M 1 your wny to tha (ood ;!,,, lx U on te r u n... w ol a s youtll bunks a snqlo p n s s e o eodlot woetot 1 Co orcn Monuro / *. only sproado t" l o cnpacty, oduranco, 3 CO to hondlo woato ".w ovon ho loqost ood ves aroujrsnornxo ta ck. t_!>[ndlq5jendr. l] son t F A L L S 7 gns Ā eald eans )ME Bean schools...arc at three M agc Valley locals week, rst wll be Tuesday at the / nn n Twn F a lls; the second ncsdny.ar.thepond jsa nn.n and the thrd nl the Goodng ll Thursday. All wll start at 1 n e County Extenson Agent Vlson sad llc progra wll ter y rp & te n HNGTON Fedreal B urea :laaton ocals sad lasl they wll Mk. al ncrea.set generau ng potental anc ;uuply al three stes n daho. BORhasbudgctcdstudesth: [or the Owyhee. Bose ant Jes projects. 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13 ta g a tu * O b K r l e s p T w n FaU s, B, j d a h o S u n d a v, Feb b r u a y 1 1, G B \ Crev v s t a tckle lo o jtdngc canal l c cycln t g a s c aa\ l l y a l ar ByLORAYNEO : 0. S M T H M T M esn ew sl TWN FALLS Lyle and B arbara Hapton were w< bcyclng By BONNE BAR RD JONES cattle long beore the cun rrent e phass 1... Canal copany crews ro Twn Falls lls and Hollster TlesNews a W rter TWN FALLS Ja es Munn sad a porton on o U.S. Hghway H 93 southwest o Twn F alls was under w ater as was a _ Shcrn a popular or o cxercse n Acrca. on physcal lness ade pedalng rea8.gum rklng.ao LaK undlhc.cock._ectonot ollhesuga actary.road and. n d ThcTwlnFallscot nuplorwhcuuc F rd a y n on atte pt to control and several 1 county a roads n the vcnty o ot n helr late 40s, c an : be seen dally d v ert lood w ater whlcl hlch was spulng Hansen, 1, Kberly. Hollster and rdng through the downtown a rea o v the banks o canal oajsand laterals B u H r " ro P enney s S tore n uch o the county. He sad n the west end area, where re Hapton s eploye /e d a s.a anc r.. B a r b a r a M rs. Vctor Kerbs,, w who lves n ear bo uch ch da age was caused n n te.nance engneer BergCT, sad w ater was vas runnng over January, y, w ater s rhuch lower and the bcycles to the store e < each e v ln g, th e bank o the Salor non R ver Canal cold teperatures at nght are help p* and they rde hoe to] e : should get anotler 48 hours an d there appeared 1 tc to be a s all ng! But ther "twowh break above ther hoe. vheelers pro.. wke vde uch ore than cxercse or She sad the Kerbs rbs corrals re o ran lke we had n January we the Haptons. The cr bkes have se bled a aall rl\ rver S atuhlay would be n a lot o trouble. So a r w e. long been ther only or or o ornng and hay aod o d.straw. s ta c te a re gettl lng by wthout too uch t r a n s p o r t a t o n b w ere sutounded by about our eet o da age ;c and nobody h as been. econocs they co ;ould nol aord w a te r. evacuate( ted ro ho csas y e t, the to antan a car. M rs. Kerbs sad g she and h e r sher sad.. sal. Hapton, who has S lved 1 n Twn husband also suered da age n the Mrs. Cllorl Montgoery, we o F alls snce he was S y years old, was Jan. 12 loodng, and cold w eather the Twn /n Falls Canal co. anager, an experenced bke :e rder by the that ollowed that lood runed uch sad here r husband and other canal!~ t e the couole was arled n o the hay. : worcersl s hadbeevout oslo the June B arbara.dldn.t d rde too.., " t roze ater t waa vas wet. and the nght and d all day Saturday patrolg!l8 n c h when ther two ochldren.werc c only w ay y husbands dtodldcut t o r ~ ln d alen: ptng ddlvertw alw w hent s all, but she has S becoe as r r the lvestock was wth lh a n ax and the theycoulc tuld. J enthusastc about the nexpensve *t lvestock couldn t eat uch o t. she e sal jalld obodyescapesthelood* transporlallonasterl Tsband: Bald.Trtra. RerDs sad d Salon R ver E g as even her own base ent had E arly n ther t narrlage they C anal Co. crews nnd nd her husband w aler 1 n Saturday, but she sad t owned a c a r or a 1 te, but w ere dong everythng Ung possble to was not ol as bad as the January needed repars. Ha] pton was out dvert the w ater and ad Qdtch w as cu t to condluon: ons, o work and "rath er than see us allow t to cross the road nto a ce n the canal syste s was h, he just sol >od the da neghbor s eld. causng uch o the dlculty and th ln g, sh csad.(t She sad the w ater wasleavlng the M rs.m o her h t d a u g h t e r r B R ( Montgoery " s a d en a n d C arre, was 8 at tha tat le. Now canal bank above ther ler hoe, wash equlpen lent w ere workng to break up M rs. Cecl Banes o Twn F alls, ng through the eld d and nto the the ce and a reove t ro canals and CaTle, 25, s contnulr ng the aly corrals and yard, thrca reatenng lo run laterals B n r the ore crtcal areas. bcyclng tradton wth her sall nto the baseent o the hoe. 1 Mrs. Karry Ragaln, we o tho >= Bon.) The Lee Btzenburg 1hoe. n the Salon Canal Co. anager, sad her B ut ar ro eelr Jng so n y or sa e general area,, was also sur husband d 1 had worked all nght Frday y theselves, the Han jo u n d e d wth watcrron" ro the overlow andalldj 1daySalurdaytTgtokeep turned ther bcycr r ] o Sal on R ver. C anal. M rs. the water ler re jla aglng property. enjoyable lestyle. A And they, save : Bltzcnburgsadtha ally l used straw She sad she had not heard o any jy. oney th e averag Qge otorst... bals to dvert the water nto a road n la e ac ount o daage, but sad the spends. order to keep t ro n gong g nto: the canal and d laterals w ere overlowng T her bcycles not lot only take.! hoo. Durng the Janu uary lood, the n several placcs and llng low spots 1 the to the supcro narket, where _ B ltzenbcrg.. baseent nt lled w th n J l wways, yards.and_anns S he_ each can slow two larj rg e sack sln to ~ _ w ater, but Mra. Blteenb enburg sad lhey_ also sad ce 1 and debrs n laterals a n d. ther sturdy carryng g baskets,but a lttle ore jrepc epared ths t e canals createdthe ch: ostdlcully. the achnes provc dde exc lent and the w ater not qu t< [ujte as deep. She Reslden jents south a n d u th w c st o transportaton lo all sorts o sad one road n the area rea s closed and Buhl, wh kvhere a canal break Jan _ 8l ge and ru age; {e sales around EWMKlE j H n S. anoth er one wu clt close l w ater caused ; ajor loodng, sad the canal thecornunty. contnues to ncrease. w asstllv very low Salurday. "W e re reg u largartrge~ g salc ; We won t be.able to leave t Mrs. A. R. Rust, who lves n the nuts, Bar b arasad " t g*t to ho ~ we can g eal t albhg as a rea db ooded January," sad rcs a ever."., long as we can keep 2p 1l out o the dents there w ere keepng a close When the w eather r { gets w ar er house, shesad., w atch on the canal w ater level, but as and the streets are re rec o ce, they She sad ther cows arc are now calvng, o late Frday a t o o n there was ay pedal as a r as ve or sx " nnd the w ater n the lhe corrals and.only,as all.a ount o w ater n the les nto the county *y to checkout pastures s especally bad or the TwlnFall; alls canal. a yard sale. Does lack o a car r o r truck to n Waterl l«e ~ G o srsnags Dol)l>(La»hull/TlcNe. brng hoe ther purd rchases pose a handlcap? Not a all, B arbara o t o w n n g a c a r d o e sn t n l b o th er blcycc cn thluslasts u Lyle an d B arbb ara r j l H a p t o n t sad. te s as large as sn sall portable Lost wdck jckend they rode to a lea We ve gone l.shlng on our thuslastc : aboul s hs p a re n ts TV sets have rdden ho esaelyln arketea eastotown at the ste o b lcydesoryears." Bar arbara saldrlctlvlles; th e.b a c k ol Ja pto ==hutgh tnn c krtllpoullrynr ounkhe*lhnk9l sr B arbara sald her hu Husband oten r o a were really socth _cqnyon C hrst as E\ Eve, _ev.en :.bendatl h.) l.and that wt» rp snrt n buys bd TV sets whc tch wth luck n g else,"! / B arbara reported, though t w as qute cold, ; W EN D ElX lew Wendell c cty re nostanda 1, nuts," hs ol other laugled, dahls or water.low n case o arshal has asked Chu he repars and sells s or a "ltlle Lke an: n y. conred collectors, Lke n e a rly everyc u h J o Jesu s a re and yone, lh e Rul nuts s or not. B arbara s not... d so a larger w ater lne was C hrst o LaltCTKaySn? ex tra ncoe.",, the Ha plons have pcked up Haptons can hardly t s ocals to not requlr w atortlw.. atoutto gve [Ulred. Now, however. h e.sad _ g.v_cup.b.k.erdngr:!;he. r. v ""; w t e h e even br T poyorthenstaralohol brought hoe so elte ; s:orhstorcalnlercsl a t~ ~." v sn o w lo dsoppearrbutll hol,300t6l,400 thecty Uey have a ta n lunlcss s gong by the Unor Fre ss she s wants to ss out eet o new waterlne a rockng char strop] pped onto hs sales over /or the years. Aong the specal reason a o to church Code wht lore sccure on all ther run. u /hlch gves the re che the p property beore approval bcycle. choce nds l are an oldll e. oolngorthelrbkes, )val or a church authorty Her lusban band tells her, You c an ty to deter ne w hal the re addton can be gven. Whle the Hapton; DOS have boen lntlock c usket loader.s calbre B arbara says helr r daughter stay hoe lows shou c you want to, but louldbetobesae. W ater lo the church s Js la u d e d at, called hppes 1 and pstol and rd an ancent, telescope or "rdes lke her dad now suppled Sth 1 a a regular gong." asked the councl the cty by a ournch lne and d y chased by dogs thro "ouout ther whch F re M arshal would pay Lyle pad SO cents. Both daredevl." wy part or all o the cost o the G eorge Wahler sad tho _. b cycln g, le,.b arbara_ sad.. te s have that llnewould lne but ave.wonprlzes a l the.twn..,.she_rdcs_unconcee D cd_onjcy J ju W.M both go, Lyle_on hs 9:w t Mayor Olto Leke sad the not p l y enough water c pleasant reactons h ar outwegh _ F alls Coun 3ter n case o a cltyhadjk )unty,far._. streets, transportng h et3xw r; r<c. speedard B arbara on a no unds.... theseproble s. We d d lke U lutntcr tendng lea arj<els s not son outtted wth ace! rusk and le\verlvespeed whch to bedauselwould b e a n Wahler told LDS Chur V* "OneothctunnlcsthngsTbout theh a hurch r c p n n. oddton.t( npons*onlyntcrestrther pl 7jnbberlx>ols whle~hc.cr olhor bcycle ech leehanlcs have lold h er s.tclthe cty, but we ju st don L tatve To S ththa *t;* she sad, sees you rde a blcyclest hq tthe daho h a v e a nly y r ) nlso~take th c sh n g. oro lkely wll be ounc d p u s lln B :r::z :U j«l? valcnt o a " lospoed oney,"he sad, Suheyng and Ratng g : B ureau sug. Howevej bke, people you don l n t even know True they ley can t pedal to.such her bke. * lccause t hn has a deraller and hgl ver, he dd say that the gcsts a churchothe *5wUl wave atyou and sayhow a rc popularplj lhesze o th c church places a s Magc Rc.servolr.." l not pushng 11,1 just s o r t gears ears, pad or the cosl"6nhe ppe, y o u,. " Wendell church have a v w ater low o the cty would w or Salon Da, but they a re just o nce along, B arbara ra.sald., For the e Haptons, bcyclng dg the trench and lay 1,400 gallons per nute n case o a the ppe e \ y Ths p ast onth the h e coupo has ve nu nutcs aw ay" ro Rock The Haptons son, Frank, also eans savln( vlng oney, keelng t wthout ony charge to the re. needed all the enc ncourageent Creek whe church. here yearround shnc s lves.n Twn F alls. butj U lkejnany..and havng g ujn a lla t the sa o l e hc B ureau suggestc<l s le th T c h u a W ahler 2r sad rposslblcastretmlus Srcy"jtrcls: per llh e31n certan areas. osprng he s less than c n. a c o bnallon ln a l hard to boot. hewasn t tryng to be have access tb. a sbcl bcnch lne to but hard dn anyone ar just w anted d be K provde re covernbc, go bul W ahler Rurp hn thnro ndy r ntp w a te r_ asked lhat a 10nch lne be put n to supply lo to ght any re that ay handlo uture develop pert near th e; occur. church. Tho ratng bureau sets the stan Sth S d tho~water lne would be dscussed Jd by LDS ocals beore ed 1 pelreent n[ltatve approxwed By JE F F SHE ER specal legslatve subco ltlee Je Cottee s expcctcd U to vote Mon arket value Qlue levels, copanes n the state.!. Cty WjW ater aster C harles Doty ;y TesNews Wr Vrler, created to toron oul the lows n the le day on w hether lo nl ntroduce Ue Thelnltlal ;lalve called or an eectve W ahler sad the c hurch w as sad est Lales or the 1,300 to 1,400 W BOSE..A revsed ed 1 percent ntatve, revsedntatve and nc( accopanyng. date ed; ledately upon passage, but, constructed at a t e when there w ere eet o ppe pe s 512,000 to 514,000. ntatve has been approved by a TheHouse Revenue and Taxaton" )n" pletcntlngle&slatlon, n. Ue subcon ) ltlee pushed lhat date d ard s o coverage or r re nsurance anythng gwasdone. v, The ajor changes ade by the b a c k to Jan n l. 1, spdclal subco ttee n the ll ntatve To balanc n c e th a t decson, the passed by the voters last all were to subcollle lllee reco ended, lh at ove the eectve d: jjp wm M Htandrunn solved date o the accopanyln nylng legslaton.be passed,.ntatve back to Jan. 1, 1980 and to whch would l t lle a ount o T W N FA LLSLonnc n e J. F raley, 18, o Twn reeze property taxes or 1979 a t the property tnxes whlch ay be col* B u h l b a n s s o l c t o r s cannot lt the ordnan aance or one group and Falls, was charged wth reckless drvng 1978 levd. lectcd or the scal y ear begnnng n enorce t or others. ollowng a trac accl ccldent on Blue Lakes The subco ttee changed cl the 1979 to the e a aount o property taxes _B U H L T h e cty o t Buhl h as an ordnance K pnrbtlng d o o to door solctaton and Cty :y Councl ebers hav lutve decded to enorce t or >r sd er the atter urther," saldm ayordalechrlste stensen. "L et s w at untl thej they take legal acton, they do, and then consld Cty polce reported, wl wtnesses who saw the Boulevard early Saturdaj day ornng. Hs downall turned out to be a p ar o shoes, Jly assessors valuaton o property as o o n, o r lhe secton othe ntatve uhlch w dellncd arket value as the count; Frccdng g p property taxes a t 1978 levelsor 1979 wll provde soe lax collccled n n S1978, all grogps ncludn dlng the A ssocaton or >r Councl e bers unanously a g r e to. accdent told the the ; dcl rver o a 1952 pckup valuaton as o any subs< bsequent dole rele (orldah dahoansn 1979."., UnllcaUonoWorldC d Chrstanty advlsethepoltco.chcto to enorce the ordhce.. ruck was travelng south, sc on B luelukes on whch ahouse s newlj vly purchased Severol crl crtcalareas o uncerta, TTe drganlaton, n, so e et es known as the le Boulevard at about 45 to lo 505 les per hour when or ownershp changes. nly over the eanng o the ntlatve Uncaton C hun*, h, has h presented th e cty o. t passed another vehcle d o and then skdded oul... Ths language n th thentatve rean to be straghtened beore the. Buhl.wJtl a... letter ;ureatenlng le g d. Murtaugh t r robbed.. ol control, crlshlng nto to Jl parkcdaoutswagen would have per tted the Q rcvaluatlnn...jeglslduvcpo epackagc plc cnllngtlb acton to prevent eno norceent o the ordnance and knockng the s aller er vehcle onlo a lawn. o propertys. arket value every le coplete, aganst ther ebc nbere who requently vst t MURTAUGH e r s ocers w ere Wtnesses sad the two U occupants o the property w as sold, Oppor wnents o the Sen. Rchar chard Hgh, RTwn F alls, a BuhWoeell lowerran HUHlcandyo>«lply4skort >rnvest! g a tn g o l d [ayatthe a J. H. Henry pckup let the sccne : n another autooble ntatve h a v e a rg u e d lh ls ould cberortn UlCBpJCnrsUbtollle T* donatons. Produce warehouse he re Saturday ornng, whch stopped shortly aler a! the collson. Tho slowly sht ore o the ; property p lax saldfyldayl jy th e subco ttee has n o l... n t M artens told the councl U Deputy Harold Jensen sad soeone broke n da aged pckup truck c was let w here t cae load,lo hoeowners, as hoes h re sd l. yet.drated :ed a denton o.actual Cty Attorney Brent the church ovganlzat zaton ght ake good on n through the re a r door 3r o c tho buldng, whch to a slop a ter the pact, ct, ocers sad, oro oten than busness s property. arket value alue, nor has t provded or tho threat to tako the clly to court and couldd houses the potato wat warehouse operaton and O nnvestlgaungnrcpo] port the pckup had been.. The revsed verson n d l ln atcs a ethod or proportonately reduc wn. olces, d took a quanll anlty o tools and a s all.1 stolen, olcera w ent lo ) the F raley ho e w here revaluaton o/propcrty / beyond 1978 ng taxescol collecled by overlappong don t take ut uch stock n threatenng g cash box contanng so echange;. they od a woan s } shoe s that atched the actual arket value lev d s.lt pro taxng dlstrc trcls whlcl total ore than, l e t t aod doubt }t the t natonal organzaton n Je n se n sad an csll ate a on the value o the one ound a t the scene. vldes lhat all propcrtj rly shall be one percent nt o! o actual arket value.. wll slgle out tho cty o Buhl os an exa ple," " ssng tools had nol) ;l)ecn ade S atuhlay b ut,,.. The. nw ldent occurro rrcd about 1 2 :3 0 a,r ". apprased, a t arl arket values. The nlllatl natve called or taxes to be Aald Counclan Dale lalethonsbery la st week, t lg h tru n v eralh uundred n d dollars. Saturday n the 700 Block o Blue Lakes lnlcudng"property const structed nnd reduced occo He and olb counc ccordlng to low, b u tth ere s luncl eber?, agreed theyy nvestgaton was contl ontnungsqlu y. Boulevard, polce sad. puhdosed ater 1978, lh the value o no such low w oon the books al ths tlo. 1 whch sjyll be ndexed lo relect 1978 H lghnot. d.

14 n2tloonowl. Twln Falls., do Sundav. Fobruarv 11 dahoweevkdnrevew Lena a g h e l By Unted Press ntenauo tlonal o n e o o cclaed Lenaghen urged thej Jje>[ would gve an overwh vhellng oustade used xl the sa e nondescrpt en. Shots w ere red n o ne e ; ncdent Floodng o ) the Snake Rver noar Poltcs shaped the /a te o R obert " h to lobby the legslature or PUC vote /ote o condence (or Lenagh henv" ethod lo rob ore than $3,000 ro and an no arrests w ere ade. Blackoot orced «d one aly ro ts Lenaghen n hc state s top news story pay hkes, Evans sad he had not y< y et con an daho Bank c a: and Trust Co. branch, n other news around the sta tale:, house Salurday ly and had the a rea s _.lls week luw Jdaho Senate to rejectedt = sc attorc ey Gary:Montgocry ;sld c pnnng Tn.ng h o n n u n o th c r._.also J n _ B o s o. Pollce beleve the _ A HouseSenate subcor rolttoe. resdents on edge throughout the rest hs reappontent to th e state a te P ublc tested at the e Senate Slate Aars poston, addng that untu the c Frday second robbery y 1 ay have been copu putbeore ther evenue ondt [Taxaton olhcw eckrbut B u ttperatures were 11 : Utltes Cosson. Cottee he: hearng lhat Lenaghen vou kote hc had condence o hs lled by the sar sa e person nvolved n Cottee a plan to plee ncnl the 1 oderatng by. y, Frday, and the ce n a strct, 1916 partylne e V( vote, the atte pted to 0 nluence utltes lo co asnlrallon. the Monday nc ncdcnt. They sad the percent pe property tax easure by Jan. pack was beglnnlr nnlng lo break up. Republcans bounccd th e 59.y )9<ycarold push or sala llary ncreases or the A rash o bank robberes ade or an ay have c! shaved o j ls jx a r d 1, 980 and reeze 1979 _a and 1380 orer (egsator ro Poco jcatello, a cossoners rs and prejudge cases the state s olhcr ajo r sto lory ths beore corn l lu lng th e second pn property taxes a 1978 levels. ThTpan 1 T h r e e ebe bers o a S ta r a lly controversal ocal snce c he w as beoretbepujc. week. A bearded an walkec ed nto a robbery. also andated property tax creapprar were kued when len t helr vehcle sld out. apponted to state occ by,th«then<3:oy,_. Dozens o pe persons tested or and Frst n Securty Bank branch 1n l Bose Bank robbery :ry o a ore volent sa sal at 1978 levels, o control nto the] path o an oncong Cecl Andrus n srn.~ ; _agansl LenagJ ghen, Montgoery w a s Mo Monday and cscaped.w th T a n un n a lu reoccurtcd cd Wednesday a t M a rs.«a s ta te. epldeologlstssad.. car;.the acdden dent occurred on Stale.. W hle.pe ocrats ppned d o u C B J t o n e o E th upckoassubpocnap P d to, det< d e ter ln edo u n to tn o n cy c y beore ng T h re T eenpartrcpatedrne proved pn v e n e re a n s c o w uucalonnrh c lghw 3y:4arc andrku ledjoseph.ne., ; jy qualcatons, hs support o the the heartng. anyone else but the teller 1knew "a aredwth ana Tautooadngplstol and a pr ; e reason why the go g o r5 h e n o 0 d ru t.2 5 rrth ~ tl ct.d rv er..oo n e r :? consuer and the act t woulc >uld take a Gov. John 1.V_ \ Evans,.who, reap robbery rob had taken place. another w th.a a shotgun, whle the ral rate n daho durng 1977 wa; /as one o vehcle, and he her chldren, Vashtl long te to replace hs expc jcperence, ponted Lenagh jghen lasl onlh, crtlcl But B hdden ca eras caplu l u the thrd an wated outsde as a lookout. th( thclow estntheu.s. Woodru. 3, and Ada Woodru, 5.. they ht hardest on the ajo ajorty or zed the GOP DP s sharp reusal o a an on l and Bose polce e crcula 1 They escaped n Jl "very d rty" car. the way t ran a 12ho hca; learng on Lenaghen. beleve the governor led ted the pcture n hopes s> soeone but three en 1 w ere arrested or the j/»nnthn sconr atlon. h as th cjrehl L to _ sccct_ lh e_ h g h est_ wwould_recognze_the_ o anla The hearng eatured a ong qualed pcrsc Tson or the poston," polce poll to h. Also n s e ctsevcral,! persons w ere others orer PUC sta e e bers, Evans sad. the people had a voce Then T on Tuesday a ann wth a robbed n helr er hoes by asked o Jet! Evcs: Lenagl jhensta, jysuntllreplaced B O S E :(U P ) Gov.. John J V. servng untl 111 hsreplace ent s jnostpow o erulrepublcans»h sj3e.,.. r does enough. cn busncss_w lth E lvans.sald RotKrt Lenagh aghen wll apponted and d conred: We h ad th e ocratc supporters n the le Senate dalo Power Co. to Justy a conlct o re an on the daho Publc le U tltes atto ey gene neral very unocally sad he was a ar, experence ced, a n d a nterest; Cosson untl a replace QceenE s th at ths s thee lecase." rl«rend o the consuer. "We ve seen senators step asde n naed by the governor....e a r ll Frc Mday, Evans sad h e / Aong the lst o potental appoln the past wth tl a r less conlct than JTbe. state Senate Eday_re reused t o.. would not nn te a new appontee untu : tec ccs are two woen, o r e r Dc Sen. Rlsch had d n ths partcular cose,. conr Lenaghen to a second n d te r o n th e L e a turead r e jo u ed,b u th eto ld.. e ocratc U.S. Senate candd date Rose and thnk he h e w a s wrong," E v a n s " jth e P O C b y a stra lg h t, 19*lBp{ B partylne reporters on \ tl the televson progra Bowan, Bose, and sta talc Sen. sold. vote. But Evans sad onth( the KTVB hehadchanged 2e d h ls ln d."th n k th a t Nora Dobler, DMoscow. Evans sad 1Lenaghen U could have a. Vewpont progra thesa; 59yearold state ent was /as ade n the heat o Evans sad the next PUC 2 1 e ber job n hs adn d lnlstratlon when he o/lcjal wll holdhls post on 1 an nter bottle. We ll U do t as rapdly a s wll wll be a "consu er advocate le. leaves the PUC UC,, where he has been... bass. possble." The governor strongly questoned char an sne nce appontent ve. " We r r c h e d t h e laa w r y L e n a g,a a : or er leglslalor r o j thevolecq sr aganst Lena] laghenjjy,._yearsago by hengov.cecrandrus. the carcuy, Evans sad, "and wo Pocatello, hac tad K cn ta r g e le tn o r SenoteM Se ajorty L eader Janes c Rlsch, ( Bob Ucnaghen n; wants a spot, ound that Bob Lenaghen wll be rejecton by r several o the slate s R1 RBose, contendng thot Rs sch s law we ll nd a spot M torh," Evans sad. 0 / 1 C J a e s D. G b b 7... TWN FALLS Ja ( es Danel Gbb, 68, ore er FA RFELD Elc [lc P carsonrss.ded a t her h hoe Twn alls resdent, ded T hursday nght a t Bannocl lock n FalreldSaturday ly n ornng o n atural causes, KETCHUM M B uld n g and County Nursng Hoe n Pocatello where he had lve ved She w as bo June e 11,1890. n N ebraska. The a aly reodelng pl plans or co ercal : tbepastouryears: 1 ovedtosouthdako akotawherelheylveduntl jl_j903stru c tu re nnthetourst.u ghtd : Mr. Gbb was b o Ju] July 22,1910, n Pont Pleasar sant when they oved to 0 e; eastern W ashngton. n 190C )0G the. dustral and bu busness zones ust now TownSFp, ll., anjnrove jved todano a t ag06wlthhl rh ls a llynovedtoca as a Prare. gobeorothc.1 e. Ketchun.ZQnlDg.co pawts, settlng n F ler cr w where he attended schools, s. She arred E arl 1 Jaes a Pearson n 1908 al Ha lalley. sson or eval valuaton., nl932hcbcgartw orkr rklng wth the daho Power C< Co. Tho couple ar ed at Fareld untu 1951 when n they ordlnanc ance, adopted ths week n Twn Falls w here he e w orked dr 20 years. n abo bout retred and oved nto nto town. by the Ketchun lu Cly CouncU, establ 1952 he was transerred Tcd to the co pany oce e n Mr. P earson ded : Fel Feb, 19,1976. Blackoot where w asn u n g er u n tll.h ls retlreer nentj S u rv to js lncludo:_ lo:_two_ sons, W.E. Pearsb 1 revew dstrct, endng a _ \ (, on the M u a h c o lll9 7 2." Parreld and DalePc Pcarson o Spokane, w a s tu ls n eect sne. De Mr. Gbb was arred rled to F e E lane Blck who daughter, M rs. Loy y (Pearl) (1 Van Sklke o Falr rlem" ceber., ded Sept. l, On n j Aprl , he arre red ourgrandchlldren; ; and r nne grealgrandchlldrer x M S Ma rg e n e J.V a n E p slr ln Bose; They w ere latea te r Funeralwl beronc nnducled a t2 p. r Tuesday a l th e P ro sals wl "wn be" rated "on "a 5... r d lv orced. Falreld County Church by Rev, Lloyc.yd P. desgn crltcr rla, ephaszng how, r r S l served as_ ns presdent ot~the~ Blacko (oot T ra p a n. Bural~ww ll~bc~ln~lhe M ountan Vew npnronrate the plans are n relaton. _ u a " Rotary Club and Belon lo n g cao the Chaber r o Ceetery. to lhe surrounc undlng area. The zonng ; Coerce, Masonc and d Elks lodges, Frends ay call a a t the ThopsonSears Fur uneral cosson wll wul a ct as a recoen The only survvor s hs or er We, Marger gene. chapel Monday alcr [leoon and evenng and at.. dalory body to the cty councu n the %... \ Gllette,oPocatcUo. Fareld church ron ro Tuesday noon untl te o ssuance o bull lulldng perts. A $50 ee r a Valentne Funeral servces wll dll btconducted at 10:30 a.. a.n servces. wubechargr d _ o r the evaluaton. Monday a t the Sandbc dberghll Funeral Chapel procccurc who /hen a r U s appled~ Blackoot. Frends aj ay call an hour beore ul; th. E v a l y n B. R Ro o b erts or. deas! servces. Bural wul be n Sunset M eoral Park n 1 JEROM E Evaly alyn Bruce Roberts,93. ded d early 1 Twn F alls a t 2:30 p. n.. Monday w th M an le xkj odge Saturday o rn ng g at Magc V alley Me oral A slar p procedure s now n ts gravesde rtes, Hosptal o a bre Ulness. second year r or revewng appllca Ul She was bo F eb :b.. 9,1885, n Owensvlle. nd. d., and tlons,or sngl gle and ultple auy J. Bruce w asjnanlcdjo_e n 1911 n Oaha, a Neb resdental buldng per ts. Fve 4 H a n j L M l l e j L _ They oved to dahc laho lh lo r and tojero c ltr Tl92T t ctlzensappoj ponted.b y _ lh e_ o y _, p>can»uthpdrtht.«;tn known as the h e Developent Revew K M B E R L Y H ry lmuler, 80. o Twn F alls ded _... M r J r u c e ded, n W8 and she arred J. J To U llllwl Olvuuatjupu&als SatuhJay al the Kber jery Mountan VewConvalcj le s R oberts n 1953 n Jeroe. n He ded n 1958,.. lhe HM sew er ;cr connccllons auocaled. cent Center n K berly, y..... She w as eployed ed or several y ears a l J.C. Pc Penney ( o r th ls y c ar. r j Revew sessons wll t«. Bn»jt_Skdorc, Mo M r, Mlllc luer. Co...nnd..ot._TJngwa jwous n Jero_e. Mrs. Uo lolkrts h d u 30daysbegnnlng Feb. 14 ca c to Twn F alls n 1921 and w orked or the Caudl udle belonged to th e Unll Jnlled Methodst Church, Ord rdefot " untl those are rc exhausted;... on the Salon T ract or )r 50 years. E astern S tar, lhe Jero e Cvc Club anc d St, e s are a eans o L O N G G l O W N S... Snlvors nclude; one sster, M arg aret Stewart rto( Benedct s Hosptal ll Guld.. conlroung th the treendous growth Twn Falls; and three brothers, Wayne Mller r o ( Welser, John C. M ller o c Hope and D. T. Mller :r o ( Survvors nclude: d e: one daughter. Mrs. Joseph J< (Jess) Ells o Frle lendsvule, P a.; one son. Robe "«* E. Ketchu has experenced n recent A T O U R Canada. He was precedw >dcd n death by hs parents and Bruce o Jero e; our grandchldren; H great E A V ly,l G W _ E B3 1l C E. ve brothersr... "adylldren; ard one 01 atg reatg randchlld.... _GravesldeservceswU] wul b e a t J l a.. Wednesday t yj l n...servces wll b e2 ce ld al.2,p.;:wedncsday, Sunset Meoral Park rk wth Rev. E rnest Wllso lson Hove Funeral Chap hapel wth bural n the Jc Parkcc z o s s ± A ocatng. Ce etery. FVends s ay r call a l the chapel Tu ruesday t p co p value : ~ F r e n d s ay call a_w t AVhlte Mortuary ro Sda day aternoon and cvenln nlng and W ednesday untl 1:3C :30p ebe )ers naed, untl 10 a.. W esday. M o a ls ay be e ade d the daho Youth Ranch..... T w o o o ur r p re tte st sty les n.p aslel ol_ond q a y... T W N FA L L Don Zuck o Twn" d e e p co lo)s" j a c c e n te d w th la c e. B ot o t h n F alls was ree: Belecled charanu the a c h n e w; washabe dryabe nylon.. SS M L Twn FaUs Cot :ounly Parks and Rccreary,, C o lsslon_al_thc tona dvsory MTED n TME O N L Y l ectlng W group sreguh! :ur nght. ednesday J q e o u R C O N V E N E N T L aa l y a w a y O th e r o leeerselectedortwoyoar e :T l e r S ervces or Ucnard J. t>unr, / /, 01 r Fler; ll<.. Mortua7. today and anc Monday ong*7rrd : ter s n c lu jdj e E arl Peck as vce B S N K who ded Wednesday,, w: wu be h e ld a t3 p.. Monday lay at church ro 2 lo 53 p., p. Monday. Tle aly.su the anuel Luthera ran Church. Bural wll be n e orals to the anuel L utheran Church C, char an and. E.C. Woods, s e c re ta ry., hurch. The co lte o serv es n nn. Sunset Meoral Park. rk. Frends ay call at Wh Vhlte broadcast und. advsory capacty to the county cossoner: lers and n reccnl years ts oed a o>lv e bers hav lave coordnated eorts wth nterest csted cvc groups or developent t ( o the Rock Creek and JERO QME GOODN NC B alanced R( Rock P a rk s and the M urtaugh Lak Jlke project. g p n t t a l / j ; [1re usal, rcobber E e P e a r s o n Ketch o n b u r e s d < lu ends" toru lldng lon; ate n ews j We re h e re.... n your te 0 / y l l * Rey r a Meber FOA andnfda A d d t o n A v e n u e East Twn Fall», P h o n e PAULD. REYNOLDS JAMES C. REYNOLt MoOer: Tho nto tbnllonb Ortor ol tho Qoldon HRul ula Anlnton catlonal ltsoc. ot uneral Docl ERAL? PEL : CCa h 3 AYS MAGCVALLEYM MEMORAL HOSPTAL...CASSA A MEMORAL HOSPTAL : Ad Adtted Adtted : Everett Garrjson o K Obery; M rs. Ja es Kestle luer o JanetC larco Burle; rley: F ler; Toby Luclch. Dalto lton Gsh, R oland Robnson on and Dsssed VrgU Chaplln, all o Tw rwn F alls; M rs. Danny Scho :hou o Heather Blacker.. S; Sally Couch. M ark Duen, LaVcrae Hansen; and Mrs. M ke Phl PhUlps o WendeU.... Frel and Kenny Ja ses, ( all o Burey; Jacob Moore and HQTHG E : Dls Dsssed Donna Ostcrhout, both» o P au l; and M ary Ann Nevarez o : GraceHodgeo Jero e; M? rs.g w ay n eb u h ler d BBryce Rupert. ; Rathbun, both o F ler ; Floyd W rght o CasUeord; ; J Jula Brths, 1T H E C O S T Q F : L V N G S C O NM T N U N G T O R l S E... Anderson obuht: N evast r s t e v a r d M rsrjo h n an Jd n sr A son w as b o to (Mr. and.mrs._t E rcl o Burl jrle w 1... both o Kberly; M ark MUler, M rs. Ronald Haey, Mrs. s. y. o u r d o l l a r b u y n g y o u r a ly t h e b e s t v> a lu e n 2 4 h o u r J c e n s e d n u r s n g 1 J y Lee. Mrs. P au l Przy Tzybyla and M rs. WlUa Ray U y,all GOODNG NG MEMORAL HOSPTAL ; o T w lnf alls;k cvlnt onc er and M rs. Roy Ja es, bolh bot o Dlslssed_ h o n e c o r e? c a n o n s w«e r th s q u e s to n o r y o u. c o n a l s o g v e y o u c o u n s e l \ BuHey; Tothy Canrell ll and M rs. H arold Meyer, both o Mrs. CharlesTt6 bpson o H agernan; Mrs. Ee: U ls G o o...o nne c l.g u l d o n c r e l n t h e vv a r lo u s s t a t e a d p ro) g ra rrs th a t, a r e a v a la l a l b l o. D o n t WendeU; Ronald Thoran, Joel Vandever and C Greg, o Shoshone: To 1Lc Lo an.and M rs. B ran Ma annng and. e s a t s e d w t h l e s s 5 tl th e n.t h e b e s1 n n ur r; s n g h o e c o r e o r t h e l o w e s t Vandever. all o Heybun; an; and D arryl Cal o Rupert. t G lr.allog oodlng. t_ «> Brths p o s s b l e c o s t. V\/e re o : Dhaghters were bo to Mr. and M rs. Danny Scho *ou o ST. BE BENEDCTS HOSPTAL b e ed s now a v a l a b l e. ;.H ansep; andm r. and Mrs: rr. CGary H alverson o Twn Fal rals. Adtted : A son was bo tomvtr.andmrsr r. llorwyn cnneu el o M rs. Ja e s Guest and Mrs.Thela M, Bu lue, bolh o_ Hansen. Jero e. Cgl 6 7 8J9474, 9 ll b happyy t o v s t w t h y o u.. Dsssed t MNDOKAMEJ lemoral HOSPTAL Mr. Donald E. Re Renner, Mrs. To H a rt and d Gr, and Nl J E A L P E S L E Y.jA d nn lstrato r, Adtted Adj Mrs. Ja e s Guest t a and Grl, all o Jero e; ; Ms. 1 Trna B u r l d y C ar< re C enter F lorendbv egao Rupert. Sandoval o Shoshor hone; and Mrs. M orrs Swj wanslon o M l l l ot r [ : Ds s sse d Rcheld., B u r lo y, d o >..88 : Jesse ShDlnglon, Aton WnHatch. VrgnaHawk, Sh Shown. Brths VoUlBgCT aod B aura Hale, all o Rupert? and Pan aela A daughter w as ; bo to Mr. and Mrs. Jae: es Guest o RobW loalblon. Jero e,

15 ; 1 " ~ P e o p l e 4 S p> P 0 F t S ~ V Super Bowl s osl s valuable player ater lea eadng la n c e a n d drwtul o stuallor. nshed the1c ga e wu 25. Charles Brt B radleypaced S t n q l e y t n u l s s u t Pttsburgh over Ue e D allas Cowboys Jan. 21, can: e on.. "H e has also Jso en runnng a ever or )r the t last Wyong w vu 21 ponts. BOSTON (UPl) Nov e w E n g l a n d P a t r o t s w d [dc~ e stage vrtlh entertane ner L arry GaUln, who has wr ATltlen couple o days lys la t Ue hosptal hes be«}ew v en SU w greb cboundng and a well executed} Ledzonodeense.. ; rccclvcr D an 7 l Stlnglcy, >y, p a r a l y z e d n a p n > s e a sajn o n a song B radshaw wll 111 record. anublotlcs as 3 a puuuon aganst the possll sslblllty o enabled Wyoyolng to take a 3631 haltue :le advantage. ga e last suer, ay a y le a u lll llllo n d o lar l a r When GaUn nlroduced Bradshaw a cresce jndo o ld pncrnonlo nla. T h e Cowboys.ouU%bound» Son Dego :go : Stale sut aganst the NFL, hs s la a w y e r s a d, boos lled H rsd M< Meoral Colseu. More b( Attorney Jack Sands, 5, S t n g l e y s a g e n t, to ld T"he h e erupted several Ues nes durng Bradshaw s appear M l l e r p e t e x t e n d e > d d A r k a t s a s r p s T C: u Boston Globe ho was nvcsv e s tlg a tln g t h e p o b l l U y o X(Q a o nstagedesptcpleas eas aganst t. DENVER (U [U EcJX nvclbroncojealcw.coach Red EAYETTE rev LLEj Ark. (UP) _Arka Arkansas scored suron hs clent s b e h a l T w a ssh o c k e d ; ; B rndshaw tow tles hrcv 3 v M ller sgned 1 a tyear extenson o hs conlracl to. 23 straght t p olntrnt c ga e andavlursldney "D arryl has asked e tc o lo o k n l o t h e p o s s b lty rot o t, Joun l. " w as stunned. stu w as hurt. absol h assure hs scrvl rvlcor Denver Urough the 1381 season, M oncrleht llung28 polnls Ue MUranked ked Razorbacks takng legal acton, Sand d s s a d. " S o o r t h e p a s t ew w couldn Lbelleve t.. 1 rrealze Uls s a Dallas Cowl TtU e general aaagt Qgcrcd Gehrke announced Sah Satuhlay.. coasted to0 a lows Urashlng o Tex rcxas Chrstan wocks.we,haye.t)ccn_stu( s tu d y n g J h e _ c n t l n _ c a s c anr n d t q, b ut gosh. t s only oouaall. Ths s Ue rst.. Mlller..whLa L cartq ) cro K 9 W.ESngar)d..or. n g,.s atu rd ay looklngt all theposslbltl ltle s.. ye ever tccnbooed cou{l3e ot ootballt lh<! 1977 season, 1 the Broncos nto Super r B o w t a r k e,ed d Ue rst Ue Arkansas! had s c o r OO " Sllngey.who s recuper t p e r a l n g a t t h e R c h a b lta tlo n hs rst year as o a d coach n Ue NaUonal lal 1 Football ponts n lh three years nnd the outcoe e equaled the nsttute o Chcago, was v a s p a r a l y z e d r o th e n cs c k B r y d n t h hc o s p t a l z e d League. He has bas pleted two y ears on hs orgnal ost lopsd( ded result n Ue SouUwcsl ; Conerence Co ths : : down Aug; 12 when he col. c o lld e d w llh O a k la n d H a d e r Rrv. btrerjcarjacl BCt, season. NORTHPORT, Ala. (U P)rtEau " B e a rlb r _:.ackt atu lnw h!btlonc c l a y...? S S. : r r 7 : : L ;W E te.urtatr a has oreuavproven lgbly h} ~ j The zcycaroldnatve v c C h c a g o a n h a s re g a n e d "UnlverbyAabal baatooujallcoacjrwastdn, as a hoaa coad lac ths le a e and avhe a soe oveent n hs sho h o u l d e r a n d r g h t a r.. to a.h o sp tal Saturc turday suerng ro resplr M l c hlg a jr T u jn s d t gc u n ~ eerged as ; o ono the outstandng en probles a te r crack! ackng a rb. A U nversty o [ Alabaa spokesan. Tony y Gles. busness, sad ld Grce. ANN AR RBOR, Mlch, (UP) Sophc jpho ore guard B r a d s h a w b o o e d M arty Bodn dnar s desperaton l8ooter sw; shed cleanly sad a n t ell last st \ w eek as he was gettng o ujto t u e G o e t z S H R E V E P O H V j r(u d P ) T erryb radshaw aw,show erandapparcr utnu ycrackcd_arlb_bryan nt w as V J U C. z s» h a r k s w n through Uc he net as l e ran out Satu ;aturday lo gve quarterback ot the Super ) c r B o w l c h a p o n P tts b u rrgh g h reported n sallsaclo clory condton, : s SANDEGO O (U) Forw ard K C oelzs tscoredzo M ldlgana a (ns9 vctory over BlgTcrv; rrvat ndana; Steclers, was booed n 1 h s h o e lo w n F r d a y ngh ght "H eh asb een h av avlng l soe pan as Uc result too th at ponts n the seed sc hal to spur the San Dego Slate, The Hoos osers Bulch Carter had bot bobed ho e a. durng a guest appeara a a n c e a l a c o u n tr y usc slc all and has been ha havng soe dculty sleeplt png Ue Aztecs a 7971 >71 n over Wyong n a W estern shot ro 1 a s lar dstance wu 577 seconds lel to concert. last three n l l s, sad Gles. He was adtted Klo the Athletc Coner eres ga e Saturday, gve hs tea ca a 5958 lead but Ue Wolvc olver ncs played. The ncdent.occurred 2d when Bradshaw, voted Ue Un. hosptal where he e could cc have ore restul en :rcus Goetz, coln nlng a 42polnt peror ance» Thursday or Ue lasts jtshot and won t. a r e a w re stle r! r s g a n Sta te...t MOUNTAN HOME T h e o u r t h dstrct A3 wrestlers bro k e e v e n whle the A2 batuersjnlssed 5cd bygone n astatotou eyquallylng 5 w rc s U c K ) n Mountan Hoc Saturd j r d a y a t e r noon.. The copetton ptted d t U e t h r d place tea ro the thrc lr d d s t r c t ; ngnrst. thn ouruldlstrcl c t nnnerup. and the thrd place nsh lshers ro bou dstrcts n A3 (or a be b e ru n U e. stale tou a enl whch ope o p e n s.t h u r s. C, l r n a a ya tnrtheznqrthwest : ;t Nazarcne p....collegegynasu... "U was a lot b e tte r a n Ul a s t y e a r.. ee! a lot b etter about." ss a d V a lle y. Coach Bll! Schent the c C( c o n c lu s o n. 0 / "L ast year we (ouru dlsl J t r l c t ) o n ly won ve o the 24 atches s aa n d e l l l l k e wehadlosncakoulohe J c r G _ t w a s e barrasshg." Tghtest atch othe dout loubje sesso n 1 w Todd Cook o Jeo ( a e d e c s o n r ;V G reg Harp. Weser, 70 n o v e r t e. _ H ap ted the regulaton 1 a l c h a t 3 3. A j wltl an escape,n the c 1la s t th r e e r a H l B g sccondsothethlrd round. Mnllry, Hlhop Jwp Kelly, plnn«l lsop Kelly. <Jc«/... C lcc H G T a.cs ss r tr Ml pounds, J SUper. Kxj, :xa. pnned AJan \; H.. Chqrje e A g ta s n d v oodlnr. declaloncd ] C o l o g n e s t ll. dcculoned Nck ;! Clok. Jcnc. t.dedlonedgrcr d< j 4 = T 1 0 llarp>clspr,70, 1b5 nourts. Shawn Chapan,, luhl. u dcclaloncd J 4. Wtler. pnned 1 P COL jolognell O l (WUu)C Ul tato) 101 potnds, Mkc,Uaby. Pann anna, pnned Troy ; )nkley, r = p % ; r. VAlUvue. pnned llne.plnned.chuck,_., nn» Ferry, pnned l!llwn,n«rryonu berly. declloned. / McCall.Donnelley. H r t McClllDclMllr. berty.doculoned Para. cjeculoncd CalrldRc, pnned TOpouls cctoney.cabrl brldgc.declsloned pournl.* lum Glen. Dcclo. :lo. declloned t John Mnlnlnl,t:an*e,ll Hcavy*ctl. tobln H(M, 3 7 c( w u F e n y r ; pnnedcurl FcrRUSon, Hoedole. Stenarl ; 5 doubles r n gant slak l o L a r e, Sweden (UPl)) S w e d e n s ngear Stenark swepte p t to a d o u b l e A vlctorysaturdaywlnnlng ln g J w U L h e a ts J o the World Cup Gant Sla lo. Even Uough he beat An e r c a n P h l M ahre, he was poweru c r l e s s lo s t o p H 1 q M ajrctronrovcrtaklngn g h n U e ~ Worldstandlngs H The Swedsh cupdee l e e n d e r s l c e d through the powder, otter ( te n w h r l e d u p by gusts, to wn wth a 1 tou t e o 2 SSATN HEART 2 L B. $11.25$ nutes seconds ov o v e r M ah re on 2:27.17.,. Sten ark was please a s e d b y h s vctory over Mahre but t w a r n e d, " t h e way PhU Mahre sked tod d a y s h o w s h e J. \ j 0 V ; wll be a real danger,e r n A e r c a.(when the World Cup p o v e s t h e r e n : M arch), becausc ho skcj kes even b e tte r : at hoe. C A N D E S "My techque was not lol u\ p to s c r a tc h today, but really plcp le a s e d w lu y second placng. The best ) c s t v e h a d a l l season n gant slalo, o, M a h r e o. ; Whte Pass, Wash., sad.. k R t t r \ V eel have on adva dvantage nue states. know the condlt n d ltlo n s a n d : usually a better sklwat Ue t end o Ue... \. ; season. stll hopng g to r a t o t a l w n. n the World Cup, Uth< te 22 y e a r o ld MOTrrsnJd: Mc 1. ngear SlwnurtTsKedc»tden 2:S.0!> (l;09.7 (ndll8 22) 2, *hl! Mahre. VrlUle Ja*, WaAlnston a:*7.l7 (l;ro.01ancll;lb.h( r Joccs Urthl, Swllwran jandvcn ls <;ra,77 ; L.U Stock. A usl:: a l:7 J«(J:0 9.M tn d. 5. Helnl Utnl, Swucrnd n dj; J:7.7 :ra.s 8» «l. 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BKTACHROMB H J 2 < «x p : a u D B 1 DEVBLOPNQ _ H _ $1.39 BW K to B M T otw ll B B COLOR t t REPRNTS S u n d a y. FotDuary ry11,1079 jl W e use e Kodak ptaper. T W N A l 3 C o l o g n e :._,..:, _ N a tu ral r a l A tq r n z e r F l e u r s d e R o r a l l e S 1.llll T :;n:n"con«ton t Or* >alrm2/l;. coort null ucomra oo rock; c k s a r d jr a r a n a p o s u n H o r F l B l 3PNG ;. e«2 «E»pos NTNG \ r W U K odncolor F DEVELOPl and PRNT B LMWtl. 0«MV»lrMl/l7 H e... V...V r»o O c» ~ M H WHT KtOMMJH OtOM M M r z $. 9 s llr*e e. 0MMl>rM>/17 couow MU«*ctOMn c w v v ;. = \ u s TosNowo, Tw Twn Folo, daho D 3 r : cologne l a u ty u hc wld... U)W Jusson oj rnl ejtouxrs... " al la sts... j l a s s... Fro R sn to s s c r a g r a n c c r o n CARON n...: j r.... = _...

16 .daho. Sunday, Fotnrv 11. daho week k n revew._jw.t o8n ow a. w!n J:n l o,jd a Lenaghen1 reusal j rc By Unted nlenauo tlonal one o who dja a ed Lenaghen urged they aey would gve an overwhc h d n ln g oustache used j U Ue sa e nondescrpt en nen. Shols w ere red n one n ncdent noodng o the tho Snake R ver near. Poltcs shaped the ate o Robert 1 h lo lobby UC thd legslature or PUC vote o condence ( or Lenaghe len l." eucr to rob ore lhan $3,000 ro and d no arrests were ade. Blackoot orced d or one aly ro ls Lenaghen n the state s top new tews story pay hkes. Evans sad he had not ye yet con an daho Bank and Trust Co. branch. n ouer news around the slate le: house Saturdayah and had the a rea s thl&we«ka& tho dah o S enatcn c rcjcctcd Bose attoo} noygarymontgdery sldc Morrvj p)nrln T./nnghpn n..anouer alm _ln_jbolse_l _P ollce_bcllcv.e_the A_.House:Senale_sbco ntlcc resdents on edgc_u ejhroughoul Ue rest hs reappontent to the stale P ublc tested at the le Senate State Aars posll osltlon, addng Ual untl UeJ 2 F rday sccond robbery r a y have been co put )ut beore the Revenue and Ta; axaton o tcweek. But t tc terpcratures w ere ; j _ Ulltes Cosson. Cottee hea: tearng Uat Lenaghen vote ote he had condence o o hs lled by tho sa ae person nvolved n Con ::olltce a plan lo ploen t the 1 oderatng by Fr: Frday and Ue ce n a strct, 1916 partylne 2 vc vole, the atte pted tojn J : lu en ce ut es to conl onlratlon. th e Monday ndtl cldent, They sad Ue pert )ercent property tax easure : b; by Jan. pack was begnnng lng to breakup. R ubllcans bourced the 55y 9yearold p t o r "salar; :ary ncreases or the A rash o bank robberes a nade or an ay have ; s shaved o hs b>eard 1,, 1380 and reeze 1979 nnd nd 1980 orer legslator ro Focal catello, a cossoners s and prejudge cases the stale s other ajor slor ory ths b eo re co nltlln t g the s e c o n d, pro; >roperty taxes al 1978 levels. Th rhe plan T h * ebers o a S tar aly controversal ocal snce J he w as beorelhepu C. wee! /eek. A bearded an walked d nto a robbery, also lso andated property tax rec eappra were klled when n h helr vehclc sld oul apponted lo stale oce by thengov. Dozens o parsons er tested or and Frsl rst Securty Bank branch n Bose Bank robbery, 7. o a ore volent sal a t 1978 levds. o conlrol nto Uepr 1C pau o an oncong Cecl Andrus n ; ghcn, Montgoery was _Mo donday and cscapcdw lth an a un. nature occurred d VWednesday at Mars _ A state epdeologst sal a d car. The accdent t occurred on State 1 7. Whle~D«nocratS7polnt< d :out < hl3 oneothreepc pcns subpoenaedto detcj leter lneda ounro oney, b c o re ~ ln cr:t h reen enpartcpated,orw ; proj jrovedveherealdlsoaso cducal sqttnn k Hghwny.44and n d k lle d Jo scphnc 5 ~ qualcatons, hs support t o < the the hearng, ; anyo nyone else b u U e ld le r k knew a ared wth an autoloadlrgpslol ard. a 1 p pr e r e n. w h y thegone norrtea Woodru. 25, Uc Ue tlrlver o one consuer and hc act t would take a Gov. John V. V Evans, who re a p,, robb obbcry.hnd.takenplacc,_j anouer wlh a shotgun, whle Ue rate ate n daho durng lot was s < one o vehcle, and her e r chldren. Vashtl Woocln. 3.andA 1 Ada d Woodru, 5,. long te to replace hs expc; cperence, ponted Lenaglc glen last onu, crllc But B hdden ca eras caplun ured the Hrd an walled outsde as a lookout, tho Jo lowest n the O.S, they ht hardest on the ajor jorlty or zed the GOP»P s sharp reusal o an nan on l and Bose polce ; c: clrcula They escaped n a "v ery drty car, hp wny l ran a 12hout hear learlng on Lenaehcn, J beleve ;lhe governor ted cd Ue pcture n hopes so: soeone but threeen w< were arrealedor Ue Lenaghen s conraton. has "the H t t to se]ecrh e hlghcst woul vould re o g n rtn c a rra n c The hearng eatured a ong qualed perso son or Ue poston," pollc (Ollcetohl, Also n Bose; ; several s< persons were others orer PUC sta e e bers, Evans sad, Ue people had a voce, Then on Tuesday, a an wth > a robbed n. thdr r hoes by asked Evans: : p p ) M Lenag] hensta} lysuntllreplac ced Rtonsgn r J a e s D : G b bj E c P e a r s o n[t r TWN FALLS Ja,es e Danel Gbb, 68, orer acr FA RFELD Ele [le Pearson, 88, ded a t her hoe Twn alls resdent, ded 3d Thuraday 1 nght a t Bannock )ck n Fareld Saturday y olngo natural causes. KETCHUM 1 B u ld n g nnd unty Nursng HocJn.E n Pocatello where he had lved ed She was bo June : 11,1890, n Nebraska. The an lly reodelng plans or. co erdal the past our years. oved to SoulhUSRol kolaw lcrctheyllveduntl stru ctu reslnu tl eto u rslrlg h tn Mr. Glbb w as bo July luly 22,1910, n Pont Pleasan ant w hen they oved to ) easte Washngton, n 1906 )6 Ue. dustrlal and busl luslness zones ust now. L.TownshlpJll..,and_pve ved to daho at age 6 wth hj hs a ly oved lo Caas n as P rare. go beore Ue Ketchu K< Zonng Co parents, settlng n Fler r where he attended khools.. SRq as led EarTJa Jaes Pearson n 1908 ah alley: lssovoroval aluator n 1932 he began workln klngwlth tho dahopow er Co, Co. The couple ared at a t 1F alrd d u n t 95 when tl The ordnanc( nee, adopted Ols week n Twn F alls w here he 5 w( worked or 20 y eare. n aboul out retred and oved nto atotown. by Ue Ketchu Cty Councl, establlrevew dlstrct,endlng a 1952 he was transerred cd to the co pany oce : n r M r. P earson ded Feb. 19, , shes a desgn re\ 1 3 zzb lacm oorw here he vras s r anager unthhs relreen lentsurvvors nclude: e:tw osons, W.E. Pearsbn nr,.. o ra to ru b b h the ssuance o n F alrld d a n d Dale Pearson Pe o Spokane, Wash,; L w buldng pcrll nls n eect snc Dewll be rated on a 5 MrrGlbb was ancd led to F e E lane Blck whc who daughter, Mrs. Loy (Pearl) Van Skkc o Farc _ cer_r, dledsept;l, 1957:On n A prlll0l969,he arrlec led our grandchldren; anc and nne.greatgrandchldren, ; Margene J. V p s n Bose. They were late ter Funeral wll be cond nducted a t 2 p.. Tuesday at the Proposals d v o rced.. Fareld jcounlty; tychurc* by_ Rev. Lloyd desgn crtera. ra, ephaszng how M rrg bbm rvedasj spresldento. the Blnckoo ont T rnpnnl. Rrlnl wll v lrb e n tte Mountan Vew _ apprd prate.the; hepahs are n rdatlon.. V R otary Club and belon{ longed to the Chaber Ot o Ce etery. to the surround: dng area. The zonng : Coerce, Mgsonlc and Elks 1 lodges. Frlencls ay call 1at Ue ThopsonSears Func neral cosson wll vlll act as a recoen The only surwvor s hs or er we, Margcnt ;ene c h a p d Monday ale teoon and evenng and nl t Ue datory body to ;o t Ue cty councl n Ue GUlettc.oPocaleUo. F a lrd d church ro Tj Tuesday noon untl te nc o ssuance o buld lldng per ts. A $50 ee M V alentne F unerasences wll Ul be conducted a l 10:30, a. u. scrvlccs.... wll be charge< ged or Ue evaluaton M G t :_M onday_althe._sandbe lberg*h U l_neral_ Chapel l procedure wher rten a pert s appled Blackoot. Frends ay noy call an hour beore D ol E v a l y n B R ohb e r t s P l d e a s! ;...or. seylces.bural wll be X n Sunset M e orlal.park k n. J E R O M E E v a lyn n Bruce R oberts. 93. ded, e. early Twn F alls a t 2:30 p..t a.monday wlh Masonc Lodg dge Saturday olng g at Magc Valley Mec noral A slar prc procedure s now n ts gravesde rles. Hosptal o a bre nne lness, sccond year or revewng applca She was bo Feb. 9, n Owensvlle, nd,. 1 and tlons or sngle and uluple aly was arred to E. J J.. Bruce n 1911 n Oaha, t Neb resldenual bul buldng perts. Fve H a r r r M U c They ovetttoldaho holnlolsandto J ero enl 927 cltlzcnsappo >olntp1 hy Ue ayor S he had lved here sne snce. known as the le Developent Revew K M B E R L Y H ay.a 7.MUler..80,.o{,TwlnFals_d,ec led..._ M r.j}ru ce d le d jn n. MS and she arred J, 7o Cottee wll ll evaluate proposals or 3aturday_at.lhe Kberl erly Mountan Vew Convala 1: R oberts n 1953 n Jero: eroe.. He d _ J n,ll% thensosew er 2T connectonsallocated cenc ehter n Klbwly.,y. ShCTTOs eployed r ( or8everalyoa rs4l J.C..P pnnpv rr evew sessonrw rbe c BoSeptr28, 1898rot otskldore, Mo., MrMUe HerCo. andatt lngww al alslnrjero e, Mrs. Rob o b e r t s heju everyjy rtayrteglnnngfd)r14 d ca e to Twn Falls n : and worked or the Caudlt dle belonged to the Unte nlted MeUodlst Church, Ordc der o untl Uose are ee.xhausted. e on the Salon T ract or r 50 years. E aste S tar; the c Jero. e Cvc Cub and «St. T h j syslc :s a re a eans o j L O N G G OD V W N S... Suh.vors nclude: oe n e ; sster, M argaret Stewart t o; o Benedct s Hosptal 1 G Guld,,. controllng Ue the treendous grawu Twn Falls; nnd three X brothers, 1 Wayne Mller o o: Survvors nclude: one dauglter, Mrs Jo: loseph Ketchu has s ( experenced n rcent A T O U R Weser, John C. MUler T o o Hope and D. T. Mller r o: o (Jess) Ells o Frend endsvllle. P a.; one son. Robcr E. C anada. He was preceded n death by hs parents anc and BHce o Jero e; our grandchldren; l greatcroc P a r k c.osson... o g D R E / A! M Y L O W P R C E., ve brothers. grandchldren; and 3 one grcatgreatgrandchld, Gravesde servces wll ATlll b e a t 11 a., Wednesday y n r. Servces wll be hdd hel at2 p.. Wednesday n SUnseJTcorlalParc rtc wlth Rev.Eest Wllsor son... Hove Funeral "Chopc lapelw lthbural n Ue Jer ocatng. Ceetery. Frends s ay call a t th e chapd Tuc; csday, k 4 c O T p. e g 9. y y a ll e : r Frends ay caraw. Wl hte>tortuaryro Sundaj day... ate oonand BvcnlnE lngand W ednesday untll:30 50p... e b eersnaed :4 4 untl 10 a.. Wednesday. ly. M e orals av be! ade to the daho Youth Rancn c h, Two o our prre tte s t s ty le s n p a ste l oncj. an t w n t a lx ks n Z u c r o r T w n deepcolors, s. a c c e n te d w th lace.b oth n F alls was reell elected char an o the aclne washable dryablo nylons R r Twn Falls Cou ounty Parks and Recrcary Cosson ol Ue _ LM \ltedtm E ONLY group s regula dar eetng Weanesday M e U S E O U R C C : o n v e n e n t,l a y Y, A W A Y nlghl. F L E R Servces or.rlchard J. Suhr. 77, o Fle Her, M ortuary, today and nd Monday ornng and T nl T h T O therocer» r 3 lectedortw oyeor who ded Wednesday, wll wll be h d d a t 3 p.. Monday ly a t... church ro 2 to 3 p.n p.,monday, Tle nly.hty lw ala ter s J n d u d de e E arl Peck as vce B A N K C A R D S W E L C O M e : S h char an and de E.C.W oods.sec ary: the anuel Lutheran Church. Bural wll be >e n ernorals to the le anuel Lutheran Ch The col lltee serves n an SunsetM eorajpark, rk,fronds aycall.at Whl /hlte broadcast und, advsory capo pacty to Ue county,. cossoners ;rs and n recent years ls od) a l V e bers have.coordnated eorts wth nlereste sled cvc groups or devdopent [ o ol Ue Rock Creek and... B alanced Ro Rock P a rk s,.a n d, the leroa ME GOODN; HG M urtaugh Lake jkeproject. p M a l V s 3 ( r t r e n d s Kgtclrt o M t( o r u o n b u ll d n g on< atehe We re h e re.... n your te oje! BOSE (UPD G ov.j( J o h n V. servng untl 11. hs replace ent s. ost pow dul RcpubllcAn.T.H sd e r"does "enc enough "buslncssw llh Evans sad Robert Lenagh< ghen wll apponted and d co o nr. We had the rhocratlc roc supporters n Ue e Senate daho Power Co. :o. tojustlyaconllcto OTan on the daho Publc c Utltes attorney genen leral very unocally sad he was a ar, experenced ed, a n d a nterest. Cosson., untl a replace ceent s th at ths s the acase. cj rend re; o Ue consuer. Weve seen senators s< step asde n naned by h governor. E arler Frd rday, E vans sad he Aong A: the lst o potental appoln. th e past wth c ar less conlct Uan The state Senate Frday re reused to would not nae a new appontee untl tees tecs are two woen, onrn er De* S en.r lsd h ad ln 1 n ths p artcular case, R A L conr Lenaghen to a second ter on the L eslature ad ou ed, but he told ocratlc o( U.S. Senate canddal lata R ose and Ulnk he le was wrong. Evans P / the PUC by a straght, 1916 J partylne reporters on the lh devlslon progra Bowan, Bov Bose, and stat( ate Sen sad. h r l H o C H A PPEL E vote. But Evans sad oh the KTVB hc hnd changed, cd hs nd. " thnk Ual Nora Dobler, DMoscow. Evans sad Le: Lenaghen could have a Motwr FDA ont] NFOA "Vewpont progra th e 59j 59yearold state ent was ade n the heal o Evans E sad the next PUC n e ber job n hs ad lnlstratlon when he J A d d o n A v e n u e Ea»» o/claj wn ho dhls post on an nter battle. Well do c t a s rapdly as wll be a consu er advocate, e, leaves Ue PUC, JC, w here he has been T w n F alls P h o n o 7 3 3M S baslsr... possble." The governor strongly que uestloned char an snce ce appontent.ve PAUL D. REYNOLDS "W c r e ~ t h e la lv w very LeTlghcn; a or crcslator ro the e o le cast aln stu n a g gbco_by yea sagobyher ] Den:GQy..Cec.Andrus, JAMES C REYNOLDS careully, Evans sad, o and wc Pocatdlo, hadad been targeted or Senate Majorty Leader Ja lesrsch. cs. Bob Lena snaghen wants a spot, rnotlons Order ol ttb Golden Rule Rulo ~ 1 ound that Bob Lenaghen :n wll be rejecton by several st o the state s RBolse, contendng that Rsc sch s law well nd a spot 3t or h, Evans sad. Annlca natonal Asaoc. crf unbrlljlroc actoa j {D O / MAGC VALLEY MEMORAL Ml HOSPTAL CASSAM MEMORAL HOSPTAL Adn Adtted., A d tted... ; EJverell Garrson o K ta l berly; M rs. Ja cs KesUer Uero. Janet Clark o Burey rley. V Fler; Toby Luclch, Daltor lon Gsh; Roland Robrnson n and j, * Dsssed Vlrgll Chaplln, all o Twt w ln F alls; M rs. Danny Schot holl o HeaUer Blacker, Sally Couch. M ark Ducn.. 1 L.Wee! H ansen;andm rs.m lkephll! hullpsow enddl. F re and Kenny Jae; es, all o Burley: Jacob Mo Vtoore and. N O T CE E : Dlsr )lsssed Donna Osterhout, bou o Paul; and M ary Ann Nc Nevarez o ; G raceh odgeo Jero e; ;; M rs. Gwayne Buhler and Br; Bryce R upert. : Rathbun, both o Fler; Flo: Floyd W rght o CasUeord; : Jula J Brths T H E C O S T O F L l V N G S C O N t l N U N G T O RU ; S E... " " ; : A n d erso n o Buh;Neva SU Slovens and M rs. John Jenk nkns; A son was bo to Mr, and Mrs, T Fre o Burc rley, l.bolh o tk l b erly ; M ark MUl Mller. Mrs. Ronald Haoy,.M W rs, r... s ycour d o lla rb u y rg y o u r a ly th e b e s t v alue n"24 l h ou rcersed je d r u r s h g J y Lee, Mrs. P aul Przyl rzybyla and M rs. Wlla Ray, ay.au GOODNG JG 1MEMORAL HOSPTAL : o.t w lnf allskk evat oner nor and M rs. Roy Ja cs, bou (otho h o) rn e c o r e? cdn a n s wv e r th s q u e s to n or yo OU. c a n.a ls o g v e y ou c o u n s e l Dsssed Burey; Tothy Cantrell 11and a Mrs. Harold,Mcye r.bbll xud " M t?. CharlesTho pson p o H ager an; Mrs, Ell lllls Gooch a nd d g u d a n c e n th e va a r ro u s s t a t e a d progrc ro s th a t o r e a v a lab le. D o n t W endell; Ronald Thoran, J o d V an d ever. and Greg o S h t o n c ; To Loan Lo and Mrs. Bran Ma nnng and ) s a ts e d w th le s s th e n t h e b e s t n nurs s n g h o e c a r e o r the e lo w e s t : Vandever. all o H eybu ; ; a and D an y l Call o Rupert. Grl, a llo Goodng. r r Brths >55lbs c o st. W ov e no ol v e r y a r o w o y T nj w o hovo a l tod n u D aughlersw erc bora to Mr. and M rs. Danny Scho: (toll O ST. BENEDCT S HOSPTAL b eds d : now avollqbre. H ansen; and Mr. and M rs. Gary Halverson o Twn Fall alls. ) Adtted : A son was bo to Mr. r. and M rs. Corwyn McNel lell o M rs. Ja es Guest s t j and Mrs. T hel a M, Blue, both o H ansenr Jero e. C a ll , ll b e h a p p y to t vst wth yb.l.. Dsssed 4 MNDOKA MEN EMORAL HOSPTAL M r. Donald E. Re lenner, M rs. To H art and J ( Gr, and N EA L P E S L E Y, A d ln n! s t r a t o r Adr Adtted M rs. Ja es Guest and a Grl, all o Jero e; M Ms, Trlna BurJeyXare r e C e n t e r F lorendov egabr uport, B r t _. Sandoval o Shoshon one; a n d M rs. M orrs Swal r alnston o* T / 2 9 M lllo r " ; Dlsr >jalased_, 1 _U chldd: B u rlo y, da ; Jesse ShQUngton, Alton Hatch, 1 V lrgnk Hawk, Sha Sawn B t«,. VoUog Bod B artara Hal Hale, all o Rupert; and Fa d a A daughter was bo bor to Mr. and M rs. Ja es S Guest o Jero e. * lays B W S 1

17 MOUNTAN HOME The ourth \ dstrct A3 w restlers brok roke even V _ whle the A:2 hotlere s sdby_one!n b, astatelouey.qulllyn. wr( restleo, r n Mounlan Hoe Saturdaj day aternoon. The topellllon ptted Ue thrd place learn ro the thrd dstrct aganst the ourth dstrct, n n nerup an3te~u3~pl3ccrnshe 5her5ro bolh dstrcts n A3 or a berl Krth n the sta te lournaenl whch open: )e n srh u rs* _,j day at~ the Northwest N N. a. n e College gynasu... t,was a lol belter than last year. V s, eel a lol better about l. sad sal Valley Coach Dll Schess at the concluson. co L asl year we (ourth dstr strct) only / won ve p the 24 atches and anc elt lke, w trhadto sncakouloher er ;tw as e barrassng. Tlghlesl atch o the doub uble sesson J saw Todd_Cook_o..Jcroe_ p e s l o n G reg Harp, Welser, 70 n n o overte. H arp ted the regulaton n atch a t 33 VJJ! W k. U L wlh an escape n the lost la three S t S B M. seconds o the thrd round.. AaOlvlon (WlnnerloUaU:),,, 101 pounds. Shnn Adjwn, Vnlll /nlllvue, pnnpd. S H Kp lc.g«xllnb. K. pnned Ouck 19 Kelly, plnnol g shop Kelly, dec.. R e o p l e n S p c S uper Bowls ost vc valuable player a te r lead adng lances ondtnort o r r s n a s u o r nshedthe1 sganwwth 574hor«tBradley paced: n q l e y u hl l s s u t P ttsburgh over the Dal D allas Cowboys Jan, 21, cac n e o n "He has also. O. Ml runnng a ever or the la st Wyong wlu 1th 21 ponts. BOSTON (UP) New CW England P atrots wde c stage wth entertaner e r L arry Gatln, who has wrl rtten couple o days s la t the hogltal he s been *en gven Strong rebo boundng and a well executed ed z> zone deense rocelver Darryl SUngley, paralyzed p. n a preseason n a song Bradshaw wll 1rccord. re, antbotcs as a pyuton p aganst the posslb slblllty o enabled Wyor olng to take a 3631 halt e e advantage, ga e lostsu er, ay y le l 0 ultllon dollar r W hen Gatln ntroduc )duccd Bradshaw a cesccnd< do o. ld pneuona. la. The Cowboys >ys outrebounded San Dego State, sut agansl hc NFL. hlslaw law yersald. boos lled Hrsch Men le oral (lseu. More boc Alorney Tack Sands, Stlngleys S agent; told The e. erupted several tes JS durng Bradshaw s appeara "c? _ M l l e r p c t e x e n d e d A r k q rn s a s r t p s T C L Boston Globe he was nvcstl jstlttngt hepossbtyora~ a o n sta g e degtepcaa 13 o aganst t. d e n v e r TuJP p jp D enver Bronco head coac oach Red L U S r A r k. (U P > ~ * Jco rk ansas 8 «re d Bultonhscllentsbchtl, " was shocked, B Bradshaw lold the Shrevcj lu S v MlUcr sgned a tvyear U extenson o hla contj jn tra c t t o. 23 straght pc ponts early n th e ga e and d wth Sdney, D arryl has asked e to look 1 nto lhe possblty o ) Journal. " was stunn unncd. was hurt. absolu 3 a u r c hs servlcc cor Denver through th e Ms ason. MoDcrlehlttl lttlng28 ponts the M thranked Razo rba cks Lkng legal acton, S ands: ds sad. "So or the past ew couldnt beleve t. [ rcj realze ths s a DallasCowb general anager jered G ehrke announced Satu turday. coasted to o a thrashng o Texa exas Chrstan woote. we havcbocn sludj u d y n tlh c entre case and d tow n, b ut gosh, t s onlj anly ootball Ths s the rst ttl t.e,.. M c r o cca a to Denver ro New E nglt g lan d o r Salurday. lookng t all the possbltca tes. ve ever been booed 1 outsde o ootball. the 1977 season, 1 the Broncos nto Super Bowl X t arked!d tho rst t e ArkanSshac ad scored 100 Stngcy. who s recupera c ratng at the Rehablltatlon hs rst year as S a a d coach n the N atonal J F Footttall ponts n thr hree years and th e outcoe ecjualcd the nstlule o Chcago,"wa5 { sparalyzed ro lhe"neck~ B r y a n t l xjsphalzed ln!?prv Pnul* Bcnr lbrv tl h as ore tan pmventls lsabllty League. He has S pleted < two y ears on hs orgnal o ost lopslde< led result n the Southwest Cor Conerence ths! down Aug, 12 when he coll olllded wth Oakland R ader... tto c jc o rp c: t. t. season. T a<*t JlrJnesh_bt}on pc lo y.,trrnortheor.allc( The2&yenM!dnatve e Chclgoan has reganed J T lnlversllyoa bnna una ootball coach, w as adl a head coeek ch th s league and th at h e s e t g o h l S n s a t soe oveent n hs shoulder and rght ar. to a hosptal Saturda rday suerng ro respra gs u n e erged a5 o ono the outstandng en proble s ater crackln :klngarb. A Unversty o Alol Mabaa spokesan, Tony Gles, G busness, saldc d & k e., ANN ARB BOR. Mch. (U P ) S pjpre7guard Jw "... B r a d s h a w b to o e d M arty Bodna nar s desperaton 18ooter swl swshed cleanly sad B ryant ell last t w{ week a s he was gettng out o: S lr E y E E O R T U ClUU ELL_=_erry_Bradsl],w,_ V, show er and apparentl cntly cracked a rb. Bryant Z G o e t z ss a r k s w n through the le net as t e ra n out Satur Qturday to gve quarterback o lhe Super r Bowl B chapon Pttsburgh jh rcporteatnsatlsraclon lo c e n d lto n : SA N D leg OHU) d Forw ard KlroXoctzsc ts c o re d a ). M chtgannj! (M59 vctory over BgTcn rval ndana. Sleelers, was booed n hs hoe town Frday nght He has been havng ng so e pan a s Ue result o that ponts n the SCO «xd hal to spur the S an Deg lego State The Hoosl tslers Bulch C arter hadtw o bedt dno durng a guest appearan ranee a t a country usc all and has been hav avng soe dculty sleepng ng,the Azlecs a 771 n n over Wyong n a 1 V W estern shot ro a s lar d stance wth 57 ] scconds sc let to concert. la st three nghts," sad ;ald Gles. "H e was ad tted to t the AthlctcConcre ren ga e Saturday, gve Ws tear a a 5958 lead b ut the Wolve Dlverlnes played. The ncdent occurred 1 when Bradshaw, voted the. :e. hosptal where he could have ore restul crc rcus Goelz, cong a 42polnt perorance : Thursday or the last ;shot sj nnd won t. 11 area wrestlers gan stat Dlshop Kelly, e r a: h g t M pndj. J Slapcr. Kuna. na.pltned Alan r T C h a r l e A g ta s ndvc dual a s ste s. l«po js n as, Goodng dng, declslowd! C o lo g n e s c n la S G s w H c r B r d<jee3looednlel" e c ao #1 J.decltlonedCcT j 4 to 1 0 hely, dtculo. ll 79 t p []lj e r u e cc.donndlry, d G o n c e n t r att e JcCalDotnclley, MonnurodPorlu josptny *9.00 bcy. dccllontd 4 0 v< 01 odo 12: poundj, llnp tlhodea, Parn. arnn, dcculoned ColO logne jy PRNCE MAT ATCHABELL brdc. pled lonllnrrow, t>cco. 3rdRe.d«l5loned ~. desorwl John Stenark doublesn gant slalo t e S Tuhl.TccWorwl Wclcr, pnned a r e, Sweden (UP) Sweden s * nge ar Stenark swept t to a double nrctoysaturdayw nnlngl gboth:heats la S k o th(«world (p Gant Slalc So. M M Even thougl he beat Ac erlcan PhU... M ahre, hc was powerles rless to stop M ahre ro overtakng g h h n the Wgrld standngs The Swedsh cupleen ender slced _ through the powder, oten whrled up by gusts, to wn wth a totx total t e o 2 nutes scconds ove ver Mahre on. 2: Sten ark was pleased by hs vctory over M ahre bul w warned, the SA TN H E A R T, 2 LB. $11.25 J : way Phl Mahre sked todo oday shows he g S J : wn be a real danger r n l A e rc a... > ; (when the World Cup ov noves there M C A N D E S ; M a rc h ), b e ca u se h c sk e les s ( even better at hoe. My cchque w as not t uj up to scratch today, bul really pleas eased wth y. second placng. The best s t l 1 v e h a a l l ;_seasonlngan_t.slalo n,," M ahre o c «._ B n _. Whte P, Wash., sad.. W " eel have anadvon vantage n the. _ States. know the.condt lltlons and u su a lly a b e lte r sk e r a t tth th eerd b th e : seaso n. stll hopng ; or o a total wn.w V; v n the. World Cup, theh e 22yearod Mnhrc s ad: tsalo 5S). 10 1, nwm Stcnart. eweden denj;2s.09. (J;0e.7. J. VrllllC PtS, Wt WtAnltln a;n.7 and JHlB (1:09.77 S r ; 4 U«nh»r stock. Aujlra 2:J7J«(l:09.»#nd julnll!ennl,swluerunda;t a:27.73(l:e9.9tnd ~ e e r U»yt>dr,8*llerM)d nd J;J7«;0S74 CROW (l;0».40n]l;l») ; ONl Lwnwlo luly lt*7.9 *7.» (>:«.» snd " V Pelw tumcbtr, SwltterUta laad 3:a.U (1:6jd. B.M AAVV.AAA j COLO tloone r O a. pnned Troy T HSyTplnSSnton. j 7 n P e r u e w %rs&ur3 Valentne ednesay, n r o r y o u r V a l e n t l a p t o h t e S h o u ld e r s,l urulu, VLEY PHA H JTHENAU DOVy TWNFALL! \ r e h a ebh ttv S S p y e / a K s u t x vj! Say C ologne 01(1 Protonu Spy P»tlu» <JOOO.wy 50 CololM aao C H A>nEL A S S O R T E D > CH OCOLATES > LB. $ V N T O W N c : 7 Jgr SundtyrP«tKu*VJ V41.J07a noanooawll EwlnJEoll3jdchQj«; 7 V ) p J J o n t u e F r o E e r u e s 4 =. o Z 1 ALAAAR B< Boloro Sholor wa*,q pou «, ll. w a. a,, p 9 gard«nolov#_shbh: orbyguorlaln. ] E x t r a c t / 5 5, 15 to 5 5 * H /a le n tn MAG GC VALL EYDRUG js s a ggrn ESBB k o d a c h r o J H ~ R E D F C 5 p T C? OR B l _ r = r r a _. Ee k t a c h r d e _ H ) _ 2 0 e x p.a u D B H DBVBLOPNa $1.39 H rnnmt u«\.. o<» >l»l»lrm 2/l7 c».w v«>». coupo* MUS lus lmb7ouro*tu» xavpw WM lo su rs 9B ] COLOR v w U K K odocolor F \ R E PR N T S DEVELOPt P a 5 5 8? * a PRNT Ltn g l M,V N c L u o *n o jl!s H. jl U g o M ru M M r B l W e u se 5 Kodak p a p er. j r. FOF0O< W latrasohatmabth ll L S, TWNFAl ) u R.ocalle S s D b ] SB C o l o g n e Natural A to z e r rock :c garden Jrajrancc S a v Ss J gjp s n v S! r tlk H on*, lvrm >/ B M r» u O n Mn naommn oro \ n H l n o k ~ * cologne [ J u l y ll c c rw ; o U J u s s o rtll clouxrs 1 lasts... lla sls... F r o = 8 ;5 0 t o = = ; ssc ra g r n c c ro :: a r ( ) n.. " L j S.

18 B o r g [,, Co n sla 04 T««NowsrTwln Fnll allbrlcjato S v n d a y /F o tjru ruaryll.hsto a nors le a tl a n k s J r g e c d c L S Q u r t BOSTON (U P ) Jawye yer or the U nversty o th U at because when he lold t( (P atro ts owner U though that ay now be hvc heconvcntlonar wwloh. Colorado urged thtr ool Sa Saturday to take t.<? l t TW lta) Sullvan that he wa w as leavng a t the end p n nether the PalroLs nor the court / bound t«to secure New E d P atrots Coach Chuck the U season and Sullvan responded th al he was accept a t." Alllch wrote. "Al "At ths stage, Farbnnks Farbanks to the Suj neco Jourt. ne S suspended. t was Sullvan wl who broke the conlract," o could be expmled to say no )lem. les: ( S c T heu.s. Appo Court rl Frday tp h d d a n A d r c h sadtlrepatrots otsh adlh erg h tn o tlo The Palrota plan no a ja c U o n T g a n stth n njuncton ssued laoonth by U.S. DjsW ct Court " " a acccpl teservccs o an una nalthulcrvantr dsgruntled d coach~ln lght lt o ot the appeals.court BOCA R A T O N.F la. la. (U P D g a e o the h second set lasted a rull 12 Judge A. Davd Ma: cprol rolbltlnglhe unversly SuHvan sad SaUrdaytJ rth e"ap p calsp an el had. rulng. n Sulllvansald Saturday; day: 1;. Sweden s Bo Borg co contnued hs nutes. ro hrng Farban as llsh shead ootball coach. u upheld w hat he called a sour ound decson ntally." "T here s stll the case led l< n Colorado that s do nance o t Gtllcnno JO \ Vlas, <53, 6 Borg took K)k coandn he rst set The rulng unlve / attor o ey E are Cooley sad, "W e elt theorgnal decson de< w as not easly b been turned oyer lo (NFL Cossoner) Pete 3, Satuhlay to wn the second sc se w th the sco «xre a t 23, wnnng the next Salurday. eans we w ant rele ro ths a arrved at. Judge Mazonc a n e held a ull day o Rozcle, R he sad. "Untl that s settled wc have to nal atch o the S ,000 G rand sx gaes, 2S, nsuang the rst two.njuncton, goln j have to go lo the Supree h hearngs and spent the wcek( Kkend revlew lngthw asc tsadaw l tef Sla o Tenns and advj dvance to the g nes n h the second s e t. e wnnng Court o the Unted c sto)g g c tll," beore ssung the njuncton, on, Sullvan sad. t would not be appropra jrla te or us to take any nals aganst J y Conn onnors. pont n the rst set ca e when VUas» U nv ersly ol s ar rc consd ern g hs F arbanks adtted n tc testony durng those aclon a whle the case s stll 1 n thecourls," hesald Connors deeated Joh ohn M cenroe netted a backhand ro the base lne. recoendaton o >ealto the hgh court, Cooley p proceedngs lhal he had done dor recrutng work or Accordng to Sullvan,, Rozellc R has been ll. F rd a y to help s e tu p the Jethlrd Borg, a te ra typlc ng raljy _:w ld,:andadccslon uldbe je a d c o n M o n d a y :.. C Colorado w hle.prparlnghlyafc g l tea or a : d< delaynghls edaton ro rolg ln th e s c p a ra tc.. Connors conrontatldtln U c U r o o r g r a tn n l t lp to U n the second s e t.j. n a s l n g dpln t h at)as!edtalr5ttnk3:cfr*pl n P la y o tb a rn c.t rjn / u llv B n sad < y p ect yeaw "o ths evcnt; Connors a has b ut hen th< e scrappy V lasstaged a " sgnng hs NFLco acl wth wl "crossed ngers," He has snce lold the Patrlc tro tsh es"th ro u w lh those U sessons to begn "very rysbonv"... s deeated Borg n 10 o o ther 16 ld rally, ly, wnnng the next two the threejudge a ulg. court.panel rejected proessonal p ootball" and, d, no atter w hat.the "Wc could not avod wonc kondcrng how great a encountersbut Borg wor won bolh pre ga es, on n a servce ace and when Farbanks argue hat wa talk n g out on contracts c courts decde, he wn not return to Schaeer l scanlage that would be to one o (Farbanks) wln, ; vlous G rand Sla chapl nponshlp al B org lsph?)layed a ckhand nto the was corton pract npro oesslonal ootball. S Stadu to coach the Pats. s. Four 1 years rean on on hs own testony, prolscd se a longer ter than ches. net. Tto pn rg.vng ttnt/>h u A controcl s n avolde ded by crossed ngers hs NFL contract. he ntended to keep, not only >nly to aord hsel a lrh done*s~bad nslg n ln Uudgclaley The/courtwasunlpres ressedj l h b nks sanctuaxw hlle he looked aro around, but, agan on Fls between two patent clay court one atch ± polnl beore Borg won l Aldrch wrote n the not lous opnon. n resgnaton. ov own testony, puttng hlse sel"ln" lne or llgrur asters and bordered or on tedu at w th a back! ckhand down the lne. "Equally wc are taker en by Farbanks cla "T here s no such ndng g 1n the record and even po pay...," Aldrch wrote. tes! Uw&stho ;ho5lghth straght l e Borg. n ono ga e n the rst set, the ball deeate< ted VUas and he holds a 14 _ crossed the net S9 tes. And A hq rst, c areer advj dvantage over the Argcnllnlan. " have ; to be very saused wth the Alb nts o n s FFrst OTheW e e k A l l s t a r s _ r p P _... _rnalch! Borg sad. " was the rst atch n a long te onclay and ts _ a h a rd to k nnow o whal to do wth l. was S. C a l o r n a Just tryng to get the ball nto th e l o s ANGELES ( U P[) TheM D ajor court. BUD( G ET League AllStars; w llh shorlstopdoug.» t sver] o ry noral lo have that knd Slokke and catcher E d P Put an each o atch wth VUas wth long ralles...collectng two hts, deea!eated deend ro the : b ase lne, but he s ore ng NCAA b a sc b a ll ch o p o n aggressve /e than a and lakes ore Unversly o Southern 1 Calorna C 71 chanccs," " r g s a l d.... atd edeauxfleldsolurdaj day. Borg sad ld h e would probably have to S le T CH Stokkc, an extrojan n the Houston p lay b etter c r ths Aternoon n o rder to s * organzaton, wcnlz t 2o r2 w llh a nudge hs 5 thrd straght grand s la. hpwcttgrand adoubtett e ort w ot lb r vcloryover /erconnora. Ptnan, ah exn tjn n the Chlcago ll ayl aybe have to play betler H P Cub organzaton, hon ho ered and get o lltle te ore depth toorrow," doubled n three trps or jr one RB. Borg sad. 1 B a k r y S u n d a y O n l y S p e c a l K tc h e n1 T r e a t M e a t P _: Chleker E. ~ A U C T O N S setheartca ckon, Turkoy. or B l,s oves0,6o. J Dellclout Hoort Shapsc pod Coket. PeHoc For Yoor S»A«lhoar1 On Voortno*»» Day. Sovo SO... = t h o r» ; S 3 E b : = 5, S ele e. A d v e r t s e e n t F o b. 13 O w ne r! R W N F= la R M S AUCTONEERS Bn ;*Qss(suK s r, " NcDdd kn! Hodlock o Joroe. daho...cerkj.w.m65se ssersth; twn as 8 Bn ho rjtkk. 1 P r e S a3 s o n b s c o u n 1 Aerc & G W B r ~ Orders ust be placed d beore February 28{h > " l H l l l HMr N S t u e Addl yson A ve. W esl, Twr /n Falls OUWONT BE ANX (OUS TOGH N36 MONT HS. A<; the year; cars go by, the n every BM }MW OMV rlver,bcens.lq.develop...l.ttc [}C] dc dea o casng.a u a specal at lnty or hs ju lo c a r >ou won ont be bored v/lh, oble. V n hteeylor LOrs n.y J S s.. ; A (co{; ; caus?d a sn u cl tr(. uosyou,(: by our concept epl o total ncgraton bewee /een an a n d achne, as.bby y th e c x c o p u s a ad well ran g e a test }st drve. M u n unduvmgmaoal n lonal perora ance nherent u.v...w. okx v* Or.luV E L L O, j loutstandnl JGFARW VACHNE lery on M 2 0 ranautom MOBLE ORTH DODG GE/BMW DAHO... ) EUP 528\ _ 0 F A l L S r D A H O r ;;. 1 <S \ l : r R r O h e V V e e k S p e c a l s p B u Ltan... ro h G round Chutk. W = r. l r o u t a r S <h Arallr Hoog: u b lheat W r t Glazed or Sgar UU looo Your Fovorllo! j e S. l o.t,? Sdvo! " 30 t e B s e t e c t l \ r e r 8 Ss w r o W R T SB voso va ny. So Pockago. u b e " w w J. 9 9 M D elu cg S j l Pzza., = D llu ts H S Bee 1 39 T q q e steak 1 P S c y ng Ydu n. Our Peoplee Brng YouB ack. GOOD D. AOelgKrulTred Sovo17 G r a p e r u \ t J y jc e t J u c e r.vxv # P o s t : 4 0 % T B r a n F l a t ess l o! 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21 B r t s h js t r u g? g l e w t h u n t a e ( d u n l o n s B yg E O R G EF.WLL FJ T h e arc n not aptlu we ro the pna5ls; yn!l servatve e MPw : bellevesthntl the so. the ConscrvatvcJ hlhwnnrt U bor.jjl ljuoses.lnj979. ay swerve T." The VTashlngtonl ahpdslc o.. L abor Pl arty, whch gets osto ts recently, lhe Conserv. rvntlv e Party. Conservt ltvc. had...wont.,lc.l!«h W ,..whch they nearl; rly dd, n a n ~ sharply b b thl F e ll a n d consa tsel LONDON BrUln,n h has one o the unds ro ro unons and gves to unons.s lacked a prncpled, artculate or and electon,, ULabor, whch had been out o o ; electon lhal was son jcung o "0 lothepollt: tolltlcal wudeess.or a lo n g ". w orlds longest conllnw nuous tradtons ost o te votes at party cones. t s less, a poltcal party ty argarel Thatcher, lhle e Conservatve as conlno :nontal socalst parles have today would be ore stal latebroken." X wth ntolerable socal stre, )n potent pulse, o at n tjsta tls. power slnc< nce 195, ght have changed reerendu on unon power, p u n o n s w h lle. That s why 1979, whh has o polllcs, bul today lays stranglng erences. struggle wth labor (! (lons suggests than an n 1nterest group oblzed or leader, ssuppyngthal.,1. changed, 1, KCong b les.? dogatc and.last as the Conseryall allves oved to ay be e 1a year o undaental th at the basc polltca lcal queston s. poltcal nctlon. But U has been aded led She s well wthn 1 the oderte M alst.. nstead, r t has becoe ore re the rght n opposlto on ater 19. poltcal 1 ch; change n Brtan. unresolved: "Who shall lall rule? Royal by the le ntellectual labbness o anstrea o ode conservats c, p o w e r had llsrunnyb ederlndustral n o d ctrrlsh cqsorvatlp,cnn tn Ttu» elltotshektrl rkcs ucho ( J W Q U power was ta ed; but unons are servatlsn s s usually antltheoretlcal. al. Brtan s ntellgentsa d w o g " ll w q unta ed. b u lb rtle tlsh Conservatves have been na a c.ally exollc, or scarj ry, tells ltue D urng a 1912 coal strke, Sr bt too 3 proud o havng alo.st no about her but uch abol out the narrow E dw.rd G ray wrote; "Pdw er has " "prncple;?les to rse above,...ness o the laccldcol jouectlvst conpassed ro the Kng lo.the.noblcs. Evelyn Waugh coplaned that la l sensus lhat has been pa )art o Brtan s. ro the nobles to the te ddle classes Conserva rvatves hadnever put the clock ck proble sncethew ar, : and through te to the House o back a 3 sngle nute. Actually, they She does n o ch :h a lle n g e th e W U \N C E O \L L... Coons and now t t s passng ro have. oved ahed the clock o consensus about hc 3 essental, re*. _. R N % t the House o Coons ons to the Trades colleclvl tlvls. A ndhey have ade sponslblltlcs o the wv elare slate.» THNK r L K,.. Unlons...There are unpleasant y ears possble le the ratclet eect" o Although she s ore re ardenuy n b o re u s."t o d a y a b uluslnessan sl says, soclalsr s : L ttle lh at so calst avor o a arket syste than rcccnl "T hc Tores~can~urlt Tltlclze, b u tth e gove ncnttogeta undone;,. Tory leader havc"b< been,j?he un_;_ H 0 N 6. Trades Unon Congres: ress can wreck a George Bernard Shaw predcted.derstands Uat no nd dustral soc ely govcrn enl. The... c current.lab o r that " al t least hal Ue steps toward h(. wealth allocal :ated only by { troubles, the worst ;t s snce te 1!)2G socalsn s would.xj taken by "lhe, arket orces. And sht ;he understands. j:. G eneral Strke, ay ny have wrecked antsocl jclallsl party, and te was not A w t, U.,s:. the Labor P a rly s cha :hance o wnnng a r o.. n 1926, a Conservatve the electon thal ust coe by d gove nent natnalzed tho clecjrc Conservats s rol jusl J a phloso S. M /N ove ber. andbroa oadcaslng ndustres, n phlc underolnnlng or o captals, The stre wll suhsd sde,uccrocuscspr edst B n a n lly C onut: rv allv Ve e H ow ever, =thonscn n a tlv e apcnda l. wll coe up, and the sua wll coe. gove nenl natonalzed coal de tcklay s dened by captals. The [ J~ out. the Brtsh publ] jbllc, whch s a posts.. By B 1939, any welare stato alq conservatve task s tc to cobne the \ b utton or punshent lent, whch has an asprtlon ons o >ew Deal Deocrats als vrtues o captals such as [_ J e v c h o rte r e o o t h a n ost wore_acl achcyccntsonrlanscot on dyna a ro llo ollj Uy a n d socal ; publc s, and whch. would be b etter servatv lves. oblty wth valu( lues such as t had a shorter use, tse, ay doze o, Wlen ;n a Labor governent ha h.> equalty and securty th a tc a p ta ls t J : agan. B ut.today.the the wllulness o tonallze zed the Bank o England n n deology slghts, Brtans unons s n n lood tde, and t w c. Ch Churchll sad lhat acton dd not Brtan s recent po! Mllllcal Hstory > swdcytccognlted cdthatthenaton 1 rase rany a atteroprnclpe. n n su g g e sts soe asdr dnatntjnthl % _! needs soe loodcontr o l casures he, sad party derences weree havebeens. an Glln llour, 0 Con! Neww breed o prsoner ;~vvhoru ns Stattevllep 3rson?_ Wtllo E. Howard Publh.. B yt O M T E D E... cjqjandng "and stren engthenng U elrrst 12 onus oe plby ent; A.WloyDodcJ 7 JO LEl let, 111. When Statevlll vllle gang auatons. Tl Ther dea was thereore, re, Ue orce s n a contnung Gctnuol onog Prson opened n 1925 t was used d l n sple and sound: ga >angs such as the state o nstablty. 1 large pa p a rt to hold ProhbUoner era Freestone Naton and d the Latn Kngs Not only )nly s Ue guard orce unstable, S5Ss )B... C hp cck. < ) J! g an g ster e rs ro nearby Chlcagc ago, had lots o clout n Ue street o t s also so! suspect. Brower says ost Managng odlot T hrecde jers Gleago,sowhynotln nthc corrdors o en who? bo apply or w ork a l the prson stll pack ckue lockup only now they Statevlle? are under dereducated, between Jobs and UclQol McDrldu dc T h c c :bcrs l o the T csn ew s edt L dtoral bord and the. are black ck nstead o whte, and Uey r jy re Gang recrut ent.1 thus beca e a only a ar n ally qualed. When Adverllngdroclc w rters o Ttc SNcws cdllorals arc rc Wlla :, hnward, here or :or pushngheron nstead d o ( ajor actvty, Neww e bers w ere h r, ta any o Ue suppleent Uer H. Ro» Torooon cusp cd eck. Ray Brown.td U try Swl w shcn... booe, pro sed protecton, n,. prvleges, and _ starttng.s g salares {59_15_a onu)_by Gven ;n a choce, Statevlle ac ad nluence, ll.w as an oer c ost could dongllc uncl avors or Ueresldents. Clreulotlon onpcn... " lt9t>al ratora_w6uld_take:thc_qld:t] t e not reuscoadrosp sdcct oblected, he Sources roes say as any as Uree dozen.. obsters e any te. Today s nau lales was lkely lo be bulllc Ued nto lne. And guards s are currently beng n ; L e g s l a t v e p r o c e s s w o r k n g are a breed brt on whch Ue state pen: lenal he went to a guar lard or help, Ue vesugalet ated or llegaltes, soe have. syste [) apparenuy never lgurec jred. guard would be or orced to re an alledgely ;ely b ro u l n pot and cocane.,. _ T h e. c l o u d j ) L orebodngjhal o seu edj d over the law akers, s. Don Chance, or er presdent o _Ther_ca captors say they are Ue.o: ost sl_ent. OUcrs 5 h have suppled gang leaders 1979 Legslature re even beore t stared st s the daho P roperly Owners, wh hch spearhe oggress jslve, unrepentant, vcous ; and a r Naluraly7 the ga g a grew and wlu pstols p lsl and knves. De conshowng the rst st sgns ot dsspatng, aded the nl ntatve, blaslqd the subco ttee earless h(x)djus housed n any jal prospered. Prson executve George traband d proble p s so bad here, both naer erca. May says ore Uar lan a dozen seels guards s and n ates usl be regulary Legslatve ttnklng th on the 1 percent o rp erv ertng the e a su re.. t s w orse, Uey are unted n r nn have been establshed led, all wu les to shakendo ndown. : ntatve.and how h to handle ts a awesoe But the crtcs o the Legslat ture h as been shng eort to have UJr own the Chcago streets, s. May says the And. as Ue stuaton w erent pact appears s to t be reachng a cons nsensus unar. The e ntatve contans gros OSS a u l t s b o th t. Statevlle. Actng n conce ncert gangs auuorlty s "appallng. He preposter slerous e n o u. W arden Brewer ana~anetost~ t~dahoans w llprobal )ably,nd legaland=:o: consttutonalrandtsn a n p a c t w th ~ gancaders wshes, g r.. tl th e dddsu au thogrou p6h a v 0 tu e d belevese essoeostatevlhe scrooked :,r acceptable. the loss o a t least $114 llon n r e v e n u e s.t o aculty s y 2,200 resdents h a ye _ jn _ Statevlle nlo "Ue w worst prson ve guards s 1 ay be gang e bers Those who dou loubted the chanceso ; g ganng a local govern : ents, wll be dcu lu lt to a b s o r b. t y ears created a regn o tern error "ev erseen. hcsely* elyes._a_handd o cases are t es supercedes Ue rtles S ana"" ar Al presehtraccbrc rd n g to W ard en nown dc e rt ry rr e p o rt y,a e w.... ddle de o n d betw eehha harsh cut daho; unll lke Calorna, does o t have a llons o the prson s adln (lnls Lew Brewer, gangs ; Cl control a t least 80 thugs s asqueradng as securty o 1 backs n p ro aa rr s, on the one hand, ar and a long budget surpl rplus to replace the loss, traton. p ercent o Statev Bvllle s resd ent leers ha have already been dscovered, > delay o thepro roperty tax rele vote )ters have Most dah ahoans, whle preerrnj ng to have the over :r the Chrst as weekend,, or < populaton. As or cl dout any gangs andquetl ueuy sacked. de anded, on the other, can breathe e a : sgh o ull tax cut t ro the ntatve ths year, should nstance ce, several hundred nnates have wellstocked arsenals, soe There re have been so e other rele. The legsla slatlve process s workr ng. understand d t s necessary to do 3 otherwse. ( decded ed to have a party. No authorz Drlza have handcus and d cell keys, and sackngs n regard tn Ue Statevlle /as gven, nor was t requesle }sted. vrtually all o U e n a) rc able lo brbe crss.. llnos t Gov. J Thopson The specal j jont subcp ttee on or the 1 n a recen ent poll taken by resh an S ta tes en. J brew was p repared n a or nt date sundry ry sta e bers has repl eplaced Ue state s correctons.. percent ntatvt tve has settled on par a rto the Ken Robson o Bose, the a a]orty o hs garbage ge can. hashsh bulls we ere at Ue pententary,.. drector or wth a resh an. The new j so lu to n. Subc b co lttee e be ers a re Sonstuents! ts sad slate agences sh ;hould take the passed d 2 around, and prsoners roa aed One veteran guart rd says Ue gang che,, Ga; G ayle Franzee, 33, says hs rst reco endng g t h a t t h e ntatve e becoe heavest budget bu cuts. To acco[ nplsh ths the ro cell to cell whle the guar uards nluence s so great t that sqe o lhe prorty ty wll \ be to restore eployee ; eectve the rst o next y e a r but that taxes be sla te ust t sht s ore o ts reven ue to schools d on helplessly. Teaders hold Ue power o llean d o rale and n ate dscplne n Ue J Chrst as dstrubance lasted deau over anyone r n prson: you sla er. ro z e n n o w a tl! ; DTe.leycs, thus gv vlng soe and local govern go ents., two days, G a n g ra p e s occurrc rred. don l go along, you.c Lcan be jn trouble.,.f ranze zee s gools asu lone. Mosto r property tax rel( Ele t h s y e a r. n b st o le budget ctl ttrg ust be wean ons w ere brandshed. Guards..TheyJave.Uclr.Hsls.,ts. 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22 TFr r? L L v S? L L v P a t t y H e a r s t C O Edlor.TcsNcws: w as dsapponted n your cnc edtoral. t see s to lock the th and percepton generally expres: your paper. Have you orgou uchsbsoon.? Yo appear to be coparln P atty H earst case, w th all ar edrobbe7 cases. n all al ths cannot be donc.:. : 3aSC on(h* attlnd stuaton. The c were hardpressed to even applcable laws to pursue a p r o s to n. suspect (based on y recen experence wth young oender W«stCoast..nclropQlltan.arenl had P atty been Mss Ordnary o Mnorty, kdnapped and so rav Republcans sh EXUtor, TlesNews: Senator MeCure, let e g ratulate you on your suppon oveent to gan control o ra b u e ra c y. Such w as advoca Presdent C arter n hs State nuo speech and suggest nstead o Repulbllcan lead denouncng and snpng a t hs e they take the ntatve n pror easures thnt enhance the nt welare.... No party can gan, support. publc o r achlove natonal stat nltplcldng another s speeches c posals wthout oerng a constructve soluton o ther o\ a conlnaed Republcan r e constant headlnes, Sen. Bake C a rte r s. speech, l Congrcj Rhodes crtczes, "...,c n c o p e te n t;" T h s n e g a p p roachg ctsth eepubllcan t l v S, t r e a t e d T. EMltor, TlesWews: ever a naton was shabbly by a supposed re treat entgvent aw anby Washlngton takes the prze. F years, thepatte o betra treason has been obvous to w erew U lngtoseet. Tow an the close o WWU. G eneral D ouglas M acarthur s counseled aganst a Sovet pre the Asan T hcater...b ul aga aavee and that o ony W ashngton welcoed our "alles nto the w ar less =Tnohth b e o r J a p a n s perdtted to surtcnder. Sove never ted a nger ogal Japanese but. because o thel w ere v en occupgtor over M anchura w here the J h ad sto red th er ar srt h. stockple o equpenl was t ed over to the Chnes nl sts or use n the on*go aganst the jlcpubllc o Chl ths a stake? AtoW W counstlo d e r Mao Tsetung stepped attacks on Chlang Kashek s and acadec world stcpp attacks on Chang. whle tra ng the Chnese counsts r a a ra n reorers. Chang w as eventually ore Washlrgton to or a govenunent wth the cou reused. n response, Genera! M arehall, our Secretay o d ls a n n Chang and boaste< h a d done.so. Wthout aunton, the NaUonalst becarne h e lp l. They led tc B u s e s s a r r ] Edtor,Tl esn ew s: As a busness represehtatlv t c copany,.1 requcr requred to travel to the daho ctes o Bose, Pocotell F n llsan ru T w n FnlLs. n nu ber o onths, s neces e to coe to Twn Falls t eslnone onth. * ~ A n «n v n g d o n n h r o tvro years, eel copelled to N e w T F d o g o Edtor,TesNews: : " F o r t h e p a s l ew ont ctzens o the countes s ng Twn Fnlls have been stt and watchng wth soe a th e gongson o Ue Twn F j Councl. Because we elt t w aect us drectly, we could be aused. t s no longer u N ow.seethatm r. Chrs Ta h as doncagolhlhat whch h( w e lr H e hasco e up wll ordnance that sounds lke sc h e a ld awake nghts conjur. w b a th c a n d th c c o u n c la re d aect u9au. EvdenUy, al councl ex cqjt the Mayor \ ths rdculous law. The new ordnance states l.::.ok :can brng nto the.cllyj 7 0 l e a n h c Edtor,TlesNews: 3 have been becong nc : njerested n the now exlstln an b o w (q» e d l t). : : o g e to lh e su b jp c t lw l tb e speed l t rased to 70 bcrt..... njo only thng ths 55ll C2 TloBNovvlpTwlnnllldAl : g s e s a d j e c shc_would have enclosed courts orthwth. ; thought areas any serl resscd n shortly on the strc ;ollcn so lltje suerng. 1 tlclr crcs were rlng the own c h o lc c n o t ll other branwashng an arness. "suered enough a s a j s a Jorpardoasparc 5 co u rtsh lo n s? en nd...presdent Cartel ; a tdy acts o copassor pardoned (and e ccnt past House) a block ders n a southern prson. ea U h a t edtoral. ln.your_ y or Mss ( new n Twn F ravaged, Methnks you nc ;hould work to ( nowhere and does e con ls age, [wrt o a Grab the essenl ra pant your own. Assert acatcd by aars, The party le o the by crtcs alone, >est that, Grasp the proj eadershlp nauonal benet a s eorts your own. No an roolng counter punchlns, natonal leaos succcsslull; dcclslon. rt o the A Natonal Su tature by n geltlng_a_han eso rp tx h where apponted a Sngle stltuted a ourth a r own. A s Statlsllcs ro! M nnr e showlhalwhlle< ak e rra p s Peces o govern jress an dected bureus j calls t d regulatons le g a tv e authorllyoaw. an P arty Twoareaswhe aw an shabbl;. lnl949.another S treated When Red Ch rend, the the Korean War byocal entnotenlyrc *. For over o ad n lghtln trayal and b u t our Seventh to all who" pato)l the w aler Tawan not lo U.ln J MS.lo ensure that the u r Strongly would not nvad g r e c e j n Mao s ary wa galn st. Hs Aercan sold ny others, bassador John C jr Russan 11M52. s s thon a n 1971, the Un?as~ nally =NatlonalstChln )vlel troops ebershp the galnst the rnlllon Chnes h e r help Senate Subco ton rghts Securty, 1971.) e Japanese Presdent Nlxc T h lsh u g e n 1972 andpr< as quckly provded leglln: nese Co the tyrants wl: golng w ar enslaved (Uhlnest :nlna. Was Presdent Cart recognton o!d up ther ally n Tawan v ek s orces, realty." But th nvrn pnt that our govcrr >ed up ther ever cotted transor Counstw o s nto noble l«lrayql o Chn Rhodesa and tl ordered by ent o South K \ coalton n Washngton unsls. He Panaa, Red CX eral G w rge and the palte r o State, clear. 11 s te sted that he. ths conspacy uel and truly.ls. lst Chnese ADRAN anc d to Tawan, Twn Falls rrurges support lght n your c alve wth a servce betwee ucntly_an....lake.clly. or. le Southern the busness tello, daho g realdealtobe DnHnn n ThlS_HSort( jcessary or Pocalello, da! >ve or sx snce you can g those clles ot a "o n l o s t o!ngd*g d to brng to lhat oleoon. ordnance prot... unleashed dog lonths, the Pckup.avcj S surround any people d sttng back ever heard da auseent dog unleashed 1 Falls Clly aster s pck t would nol runaway dogs d aord to attackng ro tunny. Well,oron< ; Talklngton y dog nto Tw l he does s o... y trucc. Spc wth a.cty,.ttruck an d ls e soethng However, ro lurng. Now Mr. Talklngton, re dong wll Mr.Talklngtc all on th e oreproducuv r voled or, than drenn; dnancessuchs les that no. PHOEBE J ty J ts a n,,_m urtaugh.. o u r s p e e d t speed lt sld ncreasngly thestateorcou stng 55 Ue used to thl there to help ] only reason s t wsh to have you ask n ) 7 0 n e s a n hasgonetohell GORDON] lleanhour Rupert dalo Sundny Fobuaryll.l! oakndstua c been reed by lhe about h. n troubled urban ro «rlous oenders are kldnaj treets agan wlh very paren n osl nstances. the h :re co tted by ther d o llar o th ro u onths o psych and coercon. snl, con l( gh u su a lly th e bass " a re b arolcsand.con utal. aroe... enou rter, as one o hs rsl Why ;lon a ler laklngoce, precec eployed al the Whle eorts ck woan ro a could on. W as there an the ac ur ptdcr about tlal? countr n F a lsn ~ Ar need not worry uch Tv ) enhance nato oes nothng to urther the c sltuat ental and adopt ll as. The r t leadershp n world nevlt rty cannot lve or wn was e..... ourtlroposals that are o under t and develop the as have lan can wn a alch by Tawt ng alone. Uncss hc cla uly he wll lose the Chno an n unset Law s essenll a e er andle_ona_slluallon deta ;ed bureaucracy con Natlo ar o goveenl, rdlc R ep,h ansen solce ths econgres6passed4<m Chna e lng laws the non ogy. s ssed 4,(578 new rules. step t ns havng the (ull be th V. Russ vhero leadershp so ra n. s a te l ly K the anotl Chnese troops entered q ar n 1950, our govern g reuscdchang soe tng a coon eney,,th Fleotwas ordered to. lers between Chna and j \ J [ lo protect Tawan, bul the orccs o Free Chno Edt ade the Malnlarjd whle Op was engaged n kllng dre dlers lh Korea; A Lo 1 Cabot adtted ths n E.Q. on Unted Natons expelled acl tnaandwelcoed nto o r the urderers o 34G4 n g c nese. (F gures ro A" o ltee on nternal coul.). lxon s trp lo Red Chna a sp PresdenlFordln l»75 y o u ll acy and stabllly to who ru le 8(W llon lese. a rter has slated that hs o P ekn g and hs p.,. ( recognton /ro our p n wns a recognton g the real realty hero s c et s ore lhan led t lh e ako a ~. Aord, A d d th lsatest hlna to the pressure on 1 the planned abandon K orea, and then actor X g on s cozyngup to Red 1Cuba, and the U.S.S,R., S ought to be perectly, le or A ercans to stop J y..or thats what t and DONNA AR P... s o n rt o r better arl r clly, th at lhe arlnes o n : ecn Twn Falls and Salt Ho\ or oelng the needs o ng s co uter, leaves a e a r bedesred. bus rtn> s not tne wlh utl daho F a lls and Boso,. FHu n get a lght n or out o nur t a reasonable le n the Fal getareturnltghtlale )n. so th at one con corry Tw tun jtested rdg n the back o hs c youever.notced,how..the do just lhal? Have you olh a n y ln c d e n tre la le d lo a arc led n the back o hs w t ckup? Have there been o gs or vcous blllng dogs out the backs o pckups? a. one wll contnue to brng, cor Twn F alls n the back o Spot" h as never letthe s a th re a t to. no pne. o how oh he ay be to t l :on,... gton, can t youlhlnktra ru vew oytouseyourt e, j lng up rdculous or * as ths one? yj EJOrES w n.. to l T a lt w anted, sldo lng s to contrbute to by s n ty ju stln tlckets.. p n [hlnk th at pollcc were out j p people. Anyore ther e s to hand out tckets. bel lc e our syste o laws be lell. gb N BURLNG aton out the ass exodus o cr our prsons who have napped; orced to convnce rents they wll reed they hungry lo the tune o lllo la rs; ground down thre pchologcal rape and physcal n lo peror whatever cre b d d en to d o a n d h a v e ;«ed becouselhey hove Vsu.!... Vhy not call ths the case wll ccdent and lu your houg jrts toward the ony ca.ses dd really be settng preceden ad nsterng o justce n ntry? ANNAMAE CONYERS Twn Falls onal welare ; essence s n Chna and uaton n ran. rherecognlu bno Red Chna w jvltable a s recognton ot Russ S appled reals that t jrth s o the peoples o the wor( d er th at dealogy. Certolnlj ve a oral oblgaton lo lwan. Consder that ths ; l ng leadershp o alr lna ght better establsh lts( [ ndependent naton just as lerglng natons o Arca andrecognton n the U; lllons and by. the world,, 1 llculous lo dng to the concept s tny sland wll ever conq lnalntouch.wlh odc jec y. Lookng at 11 realstcally [>p to ally ourselves wth (Jhlna the rst lne o deense ag sslan donaton. The slluat an_.wul_cnd_.wlth.sovleltrt tc llte troops establshln vc en whle UU.S; lool :lplcssly. Possbly neveragar e young o ths naton lol lother overseas nterventon, CECL CAUOUN Buhl K M V T G a t G r a : :dltor, TesNews: Open letter to Davd Denaull, roctor okmvt Channel : Lookng or proveent n.q. (econocs quollenl) n c nonths. Edtorals should have actual base, or the publc dc: nore than sensalonallzedrnew ng o an ssue. /n tu rre s e a c h ro ry o re d :ould lend credblty to your sla As a REALTOR, a a e r speclalnterest group, rght? ou a re,. a swo to thaprot School support 2dtor,TesN3ws: edtoralzed the a d lhat the raleslaxbhouldhavebcenspc W leschooteducatlpdrr deretandlng wth the passage a le s tax n.1965 a d a te s o. «hool educaton were gve jpton o havng the sales l lcated or publc schools, but v )ther state sourccs o undln jublc school supporters rejecl pproach thnkng lhat publc j nght request or nsst on pproprlallons than tle sal( yelded..as.,you.wlusee_bv the er or, durng the blennl l n e s e r o c on a ull day o busness n ths However, wth Twn Falls l: lght leavng Salt Lake Cly 1; early aleraoohrsnce ll s s busness, couters oten h u tlze drvng botwecnhelwc Further ore. ths also aec nu ber o coutcrs out o Falls or Sal LakeClly, rpereonally,eelthattho l Twn F alls by Hughes Apa tuned to eet lhe needs ark ets where the lghts orl thsbeng Washngtonand S( Calorna..... urge the pwple o TNvn Ft th e Magc Valley lo wrte le o lher couter operators a rea. Urge the to ntate set w th t elables schedule to odate busness travelers out o the Magc Valley area. a. great asset lo y o u r. t county. J.R. MARTN S alt Lake Cty HanseTtoTa M llo r, TesNews: read onartcle n the Te e d to raljan. 24, that (Jeorge wth a delegaton o 10 w ngr WHS leavng th e 24thrgong lo to hand out a lot o buu to the p Taw an to convnce the that stll ther rends, and ake lke they had been slabbed n t by an nsenslllve and presdent.... Now thnk George Hanso ore to do than tryng ake t>etwccn the U.S. and our nel ho should be dcked out gbven enl. C:ARLH. FERGUSON Castleord u S t S t n W H e k y p u w : rd J v e?owar C harges; Edtor, TesNew The atte pt lo p good reputaton o 5 done so uch or The charges bn J t h S L r 1 lssloner are vog S o l utterly spurous., ly ths C o n sd er; or la ay allegaton, broad 1 agshst s. that G odbyl Uon n _ recepts ro hs 1 traned _ ulng the o ng a raler than uhlel»ks on a ateur boxng ln wn a sple (act: WlU ;ocrate ths annual boxl keep a house peanuls. als rapped or O property rght ll, news terest n the a: property. Yes, ju n your ethcal code, b cong jowercd by ve a e Lcglslnture, Chaj cservcs Aended Choptc ewecast standard.ol cond brokers and llcens edtoral M onetarypolk Jlaton, States adnlste ber o level or the good c t? Rght When stale h otecuon.. ederal polcy, n rters rejected s gross sales tax nv vou nventory phase e dao SbcaTSeculyTt n t or T he lolal state a] y bennu wns» 9 ge o the y e a r endng Julj D publc sales lax was ven the appropraton or lax de 5127,7(77, T t wth no ore appropral ng. The publc schools 11 cled lhat tax. would hop c schools ths so the publl )n ore th at the cgslatu ales lax the needs or publ _. Approprallons PnHwwl nscalyear TOT/ enclosm ETONO nlu the STlDlcanlu H3.7C (D71Blcnnlu 78.J72,572 tw. hat cty., 1971.<10, hn rc the rst s n the J33, S c teh E O Twn ln ts to g o u ) / e r s west are 5 O the o r orgnate, * Southern Edlbr.TesN My aly anc Fals and or notcng lhal letters to sport as well as 5 n ths any other sport, servce T here are ;o occo each and every n and w c sun; do enj(.llv b e olherpeopledo. thrvng Thonk you o artlcles.and plcl the paper.... We have a otc. ok artcle: Tappy as well a W C lt l. you have thought Wc and all n esn ew apprecate t, s!c Hanson work. Thaks a sress cn. lo Tawan ;peoplco(... la tw e a re Twn F alls kc t ook_. S 3 S U ptsht...edtor,t csn sonhasno Now know 1 ke trouble. about a Tlcsr leghbors, ng that t ay :t o our a s one w rtten F school trustees. a r Y l o u Buhl PREMERSWS HE BMC > s a? T 0 E N J 0 y a 0 H N WUUGETPOWWTO MP 3 a g a n s t G o d b lews: As 0 publcly destroy the seve \ o a an w hohas lo c or the youth o ths Godt g. to say hejeasl. What roughl aganst Bud a 1 state boxng co booz«ague, unounded, and enga nurt to n s la n e e r tho,d hnt, or whatever t drec rsy lpp!ng orrk C s boxng prootons, elup or hs ownpurposes lellg U e backlnto such unctons, Lets ace e n rtat oneyls let aver...appr le any expenses or appe oxlng show wouldn t usly ouse stued wth aclll As : n s u c e n t re ; ghts and peoples n s a ablty to own real terp just part o another but one that wasp y the doho Slate peo hapter 20; Ttle 54,.nte per 75, as a edt( nductorrealestate. jnsees., o c y o lh e U n lle d stored on a natonal Kloall. O l law conlcts wth n the case oxusury., t,. Ed Fal sales tax «beore deducton or sc out and tcachcrs rtotaled$73.553;9h.00. } appropratonsnjhe S59.742, Bv scal luly 1, 1978, lhe gross T SJ18, a n d e _ tor Publc Schools were Thus n the 10 years atons are ade or ; lhan the gross sales lope you would publsh bllc would understand ature has responded lo ubllcschools,. P ] 3ns orpublc Schools OTAL A.MOUNT OF SALES p j TAXOROSSDEFOE dl NVENTORYPASE OUTcSOaALSKC o! 7t ,SU,Sll jmooo eve xns,c 5l,7M.CF7B cot ;o:s rasnljw app,0h,ej. 79,nB.7oa. ven,<7( WS rs.ao 103,6M.5M l"f Ul,7t0,swh( jton Procured For lewcotlec) >MrBARKER bro thl avr s t h a n k trc ol r c o v e r a g e na bas N ew st "y" nd sure do thank you vol h al "bowlng s a bg ho as baseball, ootball or t.... any people bowlng, J ry day o the week and :njoy bowlng as any; E d or pullng such nce G t ctures obout bowlng n a ds ot o people coent on GO d es and they are very the r as:we arc, also,"lhal. g h tab o u tu satlasl.. 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The doctor and *are rst 1 ~ J O y U K T M S H B U W r o W d U H E ded, spurous toodng na e nscrbed on rtunly Boxer trophy pror Bud ths s nane. T hro g Club. reeree (a e ber e d g o o d _ cosson) vote o,y ro boxer alerthe bou n, and pro oter, has noth rt that atter, ental To say that adve clu b Job Corps Center cc Jggng ro New Yotk lobuv w h erever,ls alse oth& really pckng a t t] w as o understandng s th ho d u b w as,.a.tralnng. ad th e y had soe socal adj v a n A teporary.ho anlo certanly nol the pu l on a to b eknow n as ben Ths rebuttal coule Dyrk s U lssudenttosay L_aUegatonsaganst up under scrutny. know people n t theselves h l y a; the youlh o ths natl sdshly wrapped aars tlal not one ther t e s spent 1 or the kds, uclt less" ur (Own co l.; ; rothcr G lvethanks that guys lke Bud Godby PATBRONAUG Goodng bertson s store bdeve. Ther p Jll. 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Stop an 3u that prophecy has been tlalvc n G.W.MASTE ur taxng Rupert " n y o r c o r r the ocatng, 0 bout Bud donatng hst c g o the a ateur boxng southern ore than hs shj M r. southc ldaho. god, a y : sght o There s an old yl_ s T > c r e c tr b t~ ro. y shouldtxs ore ears ago, V w e ry counltj Godby a... yburconcr. cy w ere " RALPH W.C ng lot to Farleld lo cate relatve and have been w hcrcab nu ber o years Stowe; a h around Ct. alls and a rctu h edbyth et stapodunkno Any nbratlo uch press to urnsh would W H a n d ated. h edcal STOWE R D 1580 Rver Ro st cousns Castleton, N. (JlMF". a r r v T O N E? a j s s t a e s J u s on the Outstandng ror to the atches, h ree judges and the je r o the state boxng te or the outstandng bouts; Godby, as the lothng to say n tho dvcrtsng a M arslng :r contender.as beng rk, r allo la. <r rase advertsng s ~ at the pcayune. My 3 lhat the MJCC s. o r.. _ aclltyor.boys.wbo adjust ent proble.. hoe a t best rplaejlhebbysw ant beng ro. ould goonandon, b ut say that not one o the nstgodby_wllstand y n ths a rea who tout H ly as beng devoted to naton, yet who are so ed up n ther own one s allracton o r :nt hdpng helr own ss tho kds n th e p a t there are a ew tdby around. VUGH res, prces a re hghly d relecttb e_rse_or nal arketngtrends. gers and d e rk s are cheerul and courteous lut o helr w ay to help 1 te whch s ore «n n d at Buttrey s can ves. H TesNews. Publsh & )Ut o th y stores, th e r e, n surdy not everyone n! J, orone,wul ss n ople when! return lo 0 ere ew people sle SON s ; b a s e eallty, and surely thnk taxng unts can nd therthan the propertyv e n u n o t.jx ap s wthout by redudng or eserv lces. o anu ber o H o c a l ng possbltes that h t up locally, exa ned oted o T lb c a lljn ry o u lst o so e o the on Lenn sad any eal Brtan would col out o exstence, d llltarre hersel out d the U nted States o d Spend h e oul o 5 and thnk how. a r ths >ecn ullled. TERSON e r J, and say lhat by Le and ablty to the n g sport he has done share or.the youth o 0. old sayng that no an nt~n y bex)kr~there e en lke Bud Godby n lly. Mr. Godby, n V.CRONER «n out o touch or a 2ars, A letter aled to Chrst as t e was le Twn F alls Post Oce CN0WN7 aton you ght be e wd be U y a p p UCHARDS rr o ad T,N.Y.12033

23 r H H ByJAy JAMES HLDRETH _ WASHNG NGTON (UP) Aercan, busness rs should avod un B s _ v Justed cu{ euphora" when assessng B J H helr chanc lances o partcpatng n S Chna s ull ulubllllon dollar ode l_. j. gallon boo Oo, the governent cau. r. tloned Saturc turday. ".. nl n> news artcles project that 1 Qa wll ll port! over $200 buon ro the e Wcsl n or Uat. t B H. x. [ r.... Chnese p t o ports wll soar ro $8.5 1_ blllnn.ln S50bllonnl : a ".;pocnl"cg C o erce D e p a rt e n l b analyss sad, t s unll *. unlkely that such soenarlos wll develop. lop..* < The report projected that Ue..., Chnese a< ay purchase belween $120 bllon ands $150 bllon woru o goods ro wesle csle natons by 1985, Ue _ > aount dcp< dependng on several actors ncludng how ho uch debt they w ant to hcur and how 1 ast they ncrease exports. K W** \ Under Ue Uk best o condtons, 11. projected, U.S, r s wll be able lo r< sellc hlnobt la between $12 bllon and $15 bllon woru oru o products only 10 s. / pcrccnt o Ue potental Chnese V port ark narket. P re sddent e n C a r te r s d ra a tc.... announcec c cnthah hu nltedstates nnd Chna were v establshng ocal re.allons 5 lou touched o a wld scra ble aong Ac Aercan busnessen anx* r l.t y t.... *y t ous or a pece o Ue Chnese J econoc c acton. ** * Chna s s leaders l ore pushng to trj»r6or:t :th6lr;nalonrwlthll&orerrtt Uan 900 llon people, nto a ode [ndustrlal ll stj stale by Ucjear Thnl u n _ ; Eoal_rcqulr lulre.s_a_njor_nklon_o.. _ " L T W r B u t t e s M[ o u n t S y c a o r e con s e r n o r t r" l o c a r d g n T t e s a n d t K c r d r 3 s n r a l oregn p; lants, equp ent anc. >... technology. The analy; lalysls noted Ucrc a re w jt : probles s lo be solved beore a pce Mtakng the osto u tq}theb Mzzard l low o trade ade can be acheved belween o 79 Chna and duewe,st. Ul. S:CAAOlE.JlU ;UCUE).:L.W Butesays s wth thecoldwealhervll!s.l L!s.klnd ou ard.to.say use elo.ynosnow,thenlh!lta taseao!dandcharactc,ctcrsro snow,b tealso osculpled and oreost, the Clhlnese he ound soethng con.slruclve to do wth 722 how long t wll last. That s t s all p art o l the cove vered t wth a ceent plalor or. They used W.C. Flelds, Fe Santa Claus and the StatuG o( nd ways to nance ther tons o snow jen: renants o the Blzzard o _ act that ts teporary, 1 p u rc h a sesa d lo u n n g 2 a sowblowe rto ll hep lalor wlh snow, Lberty, ty. :cs_w hllc sl ullancously; ; The three en worked d or 3G hours durng a Th rh enth crth rec began sculptr tn!:.usng clay ForTl )YTc(MueoTnryw"eTd ng exports. lowov r,.r4he Bute engneered!d " Mount Syca ore," a 20 threeday perod lo old } tje tj sculpture, whch od 3dels provded by Bue and dch.sels,draw "5010 Te addllona snow," Bue sad ot the " >ald, W any eort to ncreose o( (hgh snow sculpture.whch stands n tu re, w hch co e oral ated tlc exports aces (ac nuerous prable s. portrays Mayor Harold ld "Red John.son, blad des and spadelke shovels, sleht coeoral raton o our local dlgnata tennal. "Bul hs year we Just,st used,tc A oneue. e :..., or er polce che Jo.seph phsale J, retred a rt later.er w ere constructed ro s _r[es_and s year s s record snows. _. CHcher Cora Mnor ond Butehl sel. addc ded to Johnsons snowshaped cd lkeness. dal was there.. lands o Ue huge Chnese, Bute and two clo :l)w artsts, Doug Aken and populntlnnt nn or hgher lvng standards r:; ll nally a o u nted to 72 D avd Stolt, chal rhallcnged subzero te Johnson and Salel were chosen as Bute Bl has ade one snow seu sculpttrea y ear lons,_bule _, are lkely ly lc to keep a lght ren on 0\e... cs. peratures last weeltt jckent lo old the structure e _ subjects because they y are ; "county or r tle lown durng the lasl rvg v years. Ths growuoo* ) ood exports, ro :wncl snows whch_cpyerod_the_clty_ s._. l. characters,.butcsadjll Jllss M ner,90,whoyca lar, record s n o w s h a vve e ade h " t s s cdentely the ostlpress sslvo thngn anatn o sp h ero o slu g g lsh courthouse la\vn]"n. Nature also helped create e stll gves prvate art lessons, w as Bue s port rtlcularly producllve. n addton to ve eve *vcr created, Bue sad. t t J Jusl gves» = tera econoc cco growth and rsng, the sculpture a nd d probably wll be thc nan n nspralon and orer ler a rt teachcr. And "Me klount Syca ore, le s created n Mckey e a w: ar eelng nsde the w svay people ons, partcularly wluln cauardtsdestruct ucton: th P ln a lc h a ra c te r Bu utch t scl=\asmousc tnndngnccncry rycar sbccausc pullcdtc dtogcthcrandcooperatcdrls Syca orc ovt* nr Qduslrjp;,!lt_ls douhl (hnt " know t s not 3t per anent, sad Bute, a Bute s ethod oslghng thepece. tlu o reezng te peralures. w asn t tue knd o a lown t s, ths tl never Chna wll vll be able lo escape the ;3yearod wdy and an< ender echanc. "Butt The three artsts rst clc cleared the courlho Durng lhe X years hes been oldng would J have coe o. eects o wesle port restrlconglead tlons. ;,, : te n ecessato, Yjjg. get new he, heavy ndustry plants and j equpent :nln productonw llnhlblt T B T rapd growl rowth o heavy ndustry ex, P a g "~~ByFnEDBATtr RNES CcMuTCTnV avcrtoporko orclgrpclcy cy Bul the naccurate e; leak at tte rhl Chnese a rc dscussng a r g ~ar a c re nces c between lhe two groups, proposal appeared loha\ Qutjcroh nnajdrrprojecstwlu \T W A S H 1 N G T 0 N ;\1 ;\ngerec"over r rccc uuvcck.stlerehavcccr crt pow nrsardnt wa s deslgr gned.tocause d, cludng osore ol develop leaks and what he beleves t are press acco :counts o conlcts between en polllcal probles wth the overall,e,,eoala >al and ouer nng, steel and j naccurale reports alwut lut hs adns Stale and d NSC over U.S. polcy toward rd package o regulatory rc retor when hydrw leclrl K:trc acltes, agrcultural q traton, Presldenl Carle ler suoned ran. Mor< oreover, speeches on Chna tssenttoc aptolh ll,h hesad. progras, s. and transportaton.and! l senor ades to hs oce lasl week to polcy. by ly Secrelarj o State Cyrus us The person who leaked lcallonsequpnent. 3 «\ nslrucl the to supporl Drt adln.stra Vance and d Zbgnew Brzezlnsk, lhe lon Powell claed hes ; tj ton pjlcy loyally n lhe herconnenl.s presdent s ll snatonal securlly advser, lhe person s denlly knew the bll to newsen.. w ere nterp erpreled as condng, though gl wouldbeconlroverslal and ar entoned W "T hs wasnt on atte J.cpt_lo_dea Eo\velLns Ucproposal to arepo w rter sohe g wth anyone whos und( dernng lhe Several ll days c ago, the Whle House se poltcal recepton n lhe H ll... would rterwantsr 2 ad nstraton, explal alned a W le acted sw rvtly to counter reporls by le colored, 3 " House ocal. "\Men ;n soebody s tv.o telcvls vson nctworks.that ollclals als...vpjawcll suggested that tades should C S S T t 9 s. gadgets ; dong that, you nd tlen e and gel rd beleved 1ranan Pr e M nster :er keep slent publcly ; about th er * J. o.tle Shahpour, a k h t a r,.. who the. hc. personal. vews Ual d e r ro WASHNG NGt o n (U P) P re sd e n t H san altc pl to ktrcp lhe loyal ad nlstra ratonsupports, would be ad nslratonpollccs" 5becausec.x c a r t c wants a n U:S. ntellgence lo j 2. people loyal,. Ue o lclallal sad, orced to >resgn.... presslons o heropt pnons ght... red u c c ~. ts ts "p reoccupato " wt A l least Uree d len erent groups Apresd< dental ade tdephonedllo ako pollcles Rslk lkely to sue clcctroncd cdau collectng and~ la U State D epartenl oc cals, thv Na networks s durng ther news shows to coed. j j J puttng ore stress on "hurna> _ y p p a j.s ecu rty Councj sla and lhe deny thnt t a any ocals beleved t hat. ;orexa ple,n h n v e n c n n d d nce.lla..w htaouseoclal Whle ouse doestc polcy p sla r C arter knows kr lhal reporlbrs do no.t personal vew about a polcy p ot ths saldsaturda rday, were called lo lhe presl esldents study ake thr hngs up oul o whole clolh, gbvertenl, whch ay < der ro t h a s ordered a coplete r o ralectureonlhepr properw ayto Powell sad d. nstead, he s aw are (hat ; aho da ad5c vw are ny. ;l"tly H"c ntelnenccrathcrlngtpcra co nvey a3rntntsral [Ton c y~ st ores abo K ounolcyeu x oblgallon.s and whal s the proper, "s >, (ale l w eaknesses sch as jjccordng lo pre.s sec.ecretaryjody gven lo reporters.by jdnlslraton proessonal way or e te to behave?" Ulconeslhat Uat led UeUnled Slates nto Powell, ocals, The spokqsan sad,.. a coplacer acent and staken vew o l C arter s essage, Pow owell sad, was n do estc polcy, the press the brewng ng revoluton n ran...tr ; G ths: "Those o us n responsble secretary cled as an exaple o whnl nl C arter s not seekng ; to t create " a n n Ue d; dst o Ue ranan uprsng, B T T K T B o H g postons ought lo be! very careul the presde ;ldent s seekng lo avod, a adnslraton that s closed c down, shoruy beot More the shah was oreed to... ttp tp, about akng publc co enls w hch report Wed /ednesday aboutan ad nls s.eluer nternally.or extcrnlly,, lee Ue coun :ountry..a dsgruntled C arter Food an< and supples arrve on re r< u g e e s b o a t could.contrbute lo,l.sj sappreleaso traton dec. eclslon lo support a plan.or o r owell sad. Hc wants to tc avod to the s e n ta n ole le t to CA Drector Stanseld U.S.o o c a l n a e d about what our polcy js s n regard lo experent ents n regulatory polcy, extent possble.. _. an ar naccurate Tu or, Secretary o State C yrus atters o portance. Powell velenenlly v( dened tha lhe presson o lhe pos slon o ths Vance and s. securty advser Zbgnew...n partcular, th e p resdent e x p la n had boonadopted, h sayng that t adnstraton" bccaurc 1,xUs t B rzezlnsk coplanng about th o " pressed n tho eetngs on Wednes was reject ected lally xore t ever or have "an adverse e( ect o Ue qualty ou. U.S, ntellgence reportlrg day wth State nnd NSC 5C ocals hs reached the presdent, chances o success o hs spolcles, ro ran, * n r e u g e e n c :dent C arte>r s e e k slorc e lo y a l o1 ro d( eparlt en t oca < r a M OT( lncse sness re st The rcporl :port sold ts an a w as lo. dscourage ge "unjusted euphora th at V, could lead governent polcyokej and busno lnoss Ocals to ncortpcl U n t e d N a t o n s a r e w e l l HONG KONG (UP) ) Velnaese reugees S "Juped h and roughed reugees sad Frday an Aercan h up a : lttle durng a routne vst...cansulltc olclalbcatc latcn u p st.th er..to th cca a p.... g orr exle Ep u Br. and poltcal he tuhed on hs sponsors rs, collng Uat o reugees and source; rccs at the cap housed sal sad he wos n the roo nexl to lo he says world pollt llcs. Hs nexl But there was llltle convcton n the governent "Ue worsl s volator o s a d lh e " a tta c k was provoked b y w here L Lal and the g lrls c rtw.o o stopr"poltcaoxn{!; lponrarc trc Vvora llunrhtrdhoarare.he"h] ;nrt5ls7 reports he abused 1 several ; Vet; onths lago,. og A U.N.spokesansE sad ShnnouK last o the p u d, GCyenroldprlnce But lhepro.suretook na ese tcenoged grls. 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Call g :handt;roonal uba on 030 HoojForSalo lnt. lly. ACRE Counlry L(3l, closo uhl n, Now 3 bodroo too. 2 baths, dayoht baaoonl, doublo carport, covorod pallo, carpot, By ownor.. ; 5.1.M a2j333ao»\oqot" ;. wth a total ol 3 Bodoos J and J Dalhs n oood ocnton. CvlLnow (or ojo doalla._ Only J L"6Moyno _ _ Roalty, AS.CQM FQ~RTAeEAS : ANOLDSHOE Tla bonulllully rudono 3. bodroa.toc.ls on.a.ltq, cornor lot. loncod yard, doutlo carpol. covorod pato, now Qualty,wall lo wall carpo, (roahly palntod, cualo Uroplnco. Tora avallablo. S45,500.»4 GEM STATEREALTY 525 BluB.Lakes Blvd N., AnRACTve BllCKHOMr o n D o ran D rlvo. 2 budroos, (roplaco, loqo landacapod lol. Sawoolh ~ School, wntk to shoppno ol * Lynwood. S43,OO. SK Y L N E AC.RES, S l)odroo, 3 balh hoo on 3 ocros. LaQO aly loo, oc /oo,2llcplacqa 3200 aq. (ool. londscnpod. Call lor appolnlon to suo thla lowol! $110,000. MOUNTAN VEW cstates; Now 3800 sq. loot. 5 bodrooa, 3.< balhs on 5.8 acro» D lckand rao ajnatructlon. ahah!3_00!.. Call (or dolalls. Hns ono ol hodostvows (n h coutmry.$159,000. SONNY DHVE 3 Uodoo..2 twthrlullbaaobnldoublo oarnoo. nlo (oncod tot, th troos. $44,000. MARKETNG ASSOCATES REALTORS, BFDROOM, 2 bath, (oro dnno and Mno roo, plu (ally roo. Ovor 2,000 oq 11. Prcod to aolll $59,700, Handy Roally, lotoo Anv11o, T p O u r ull n.. w o a r e p JC H o w a r d &,A sso d 05 C O X VEEH r Vooh and Lynr :53k p a r tn e r s h p ro p o n s b lto s w l Bo G u u ro d t a n d n te g r ty v lo co o rc o JT.V. th o p r o s o n t loc c o n tn u e to sp o tr u c tlo n._ W o w d e o v o r o s e rv o n n o r to pro! a t one _ V O F t S «p U R e & z T H A T e U U S r O N E B R D S O P l S J t C? N j _,_ K N O / /.. B U T _ W A N T T D e r.1 r y (BO Hoes For Sjo 4 DEDROOU, V. batha~ 2 D carport, (oncod yard, cov n otod pato. $ <7632 u CHOCE LOCATON near At Cascade Park. Savvloolh u School & tho Hlh SchooL y Elooanl 4 budroo. 2 tjath 0 hon wth 2 (ally roos, u and laroo btlch (roplaco. A ;l auporhoaoal$5l,000. ONQUETSTReETntopNE aroa 3 bodoo hoo wllh n (oncod*yatd nnd pato. n lop condton.$41,500. LARGE CORNER LOT 2 h o j w llla lttplacu. bolh shop 4 uty bulldlnq. Noar downtown. $22,500. TRLEVEL ON CULDESAC 3"l)u0rcornsr 2 batha. lally roo wlh roplaco n u ooodneatua,$59,b00: AMERCAN"* E Roal Eatato la pprlaaal 7M 5650.c,. Douo V o ll «_ AldnS1ronO,GR,.; " Maon SMlh..r ; Donns Vdllor ll, Mary Akkoran Qd 3t. rjjje) 4 6 \ ) M o l o J» o.,s _ 3 2 bodroo noblo ho QO Lorqo lol. S*7,500.. rd, ~ 1 bulmrng orsctoor od 900 squorc oot hoo w lo $22,500. ud, 3 bodroo, ull unns! tna 520,000, 3 b p drro, row ldng S bdroorn wlh wo ocr< HAZ 1 4 budoo, cncrc hc * 3)Mr> h< d00 oportn S ropuocos eoso. $; ME 2 too al SAE OR TRADE s wld hl4 16 ocros whch oro clyllls. CAU DLUE FC 5 DUPEX LOTS n ho Eol n 3 and juw tr. WU consc o, roclors. Torns to q l LWANTNGTO_BUlLDJt lor ocro porcol wth o good lll lonoc ono cos.le R A YOU WLl THNK SPRN To.cuJ y Q r< rw n tn jg o 4 s on ollraclvo 3 bod rl CAL VCKE OR DANA. PRCE REDUCED TO? 1 o o! ~ u»~ucl.olcorj.e rlocou h onon oln.!loor..a pp 2 cor oltacloc jorogo Ownor tran so rrrd on. 2. HS ONE. S WORTH T a. nuo,* ~MS,og.....>308 JlKlkwlrut...43J 1J«0 Bllll* X Kahla 73< 6W 1,700. rvalued Gusto p l o o s e d to o n n o u n c o th s s o c o t o s R e a l t o r s w ll b e 1 ;EH a A S M U S S E N R E A T U C y n n. R o s s u s s o n h o v o p u r o J o h n a n d A u d r e y H w ll b o o s s u o d b y R o b e r t d t h a t o u r r e p u t a t o n o 1 y w ll c o n t l n u o a n d g r o w x V o o h S R o a a r r u a a o r t o l l o c a t o n a t A d d s o n s p e c a l z e n R o s l d o n t l o l o r w s h t o a n t a n y o u r gc o r v o o l o y o u r u t j o re< ) r o s o r v o y o u r h g h e s t e s t t a n d l o t s lo lk.... b y D c k C a v a ll ~ c 7~\ " To r j «j. J tl c. c CTV [ :. (, 1 _ \., 7 = V J Hoes For Sale BUSNESS PLEASURE Can Oa xod n thla now 3 Qodtoo, 2 sloty country hoo only los Norlt Wosl o loroo. Bonus roowth aoparato oulsldo onranco. Could bo usod lot r olllco. boauly shop (already plubed) or w halovor, Prcod rloht (t5 o d M s. n n ) SPAHEYES ADORE YOU,., Aa oon beas caross hs Kaclonda locatod. adjaconl 10 tho canyon r noar od > c o u rs e T h ro o la ro o bodrooa. aly roo, looulo, ooudlu u.r.lob OB 2VS Acros, 024.) FOLLOW THE YELLOW : BRCK HOAD And aoo na. yolow_blck. \ trtn, doublo car gataoo hotroor>l ocro only nutes ro.loroo. Tho now, a d ln c o n t a h o p la a ochanlcs droa wllh.hloh colnoa ond ovor 1000 sq. (1, All or $75,000.(145)) G E M STATE REALTY r JEBOM E BRANCH r t e r n a r e a l t y : L 7.3 3, :DEN >o. (roplaco. jtorogo shod. : wllh (ull nshod boscont. sltd booutrloorpu pl ng, now rool, oloctrc hogl. cros, $45,000. CELTON 1CQ, on.j ocros. 530,000. ron buldng, ol ro n lo d.. hot ho ownor wll do wllh 0 odloconl lo tu Twn Fol* FOROEALS, t porl o lown. Curb, gullor sdor lubordlnolon lo Con llod buyers, N FER> Wu Kovo c od vlow. Closo n. ubordno ;r st o o u a l e o b u y e r. NC whon you suo hls orgo gorda spu ondpohy. TtrtT odroo hoo n nlco aroa. A.? Ths btlck wo t locolod rlo n thjhotnnhos4 bod ppcoxlooly 2/3 boso on. 10 and nrvdd covurodpotlo; ond us sol, DONT MSS HTHEMONSy r.n(.wat.r...,}7 lulllalllr** *.. J HoolUo.l., Me* 733a7*S_. p.<k/»wan DUno < <*J7 V«kl.DcJu r..l»tw(rr...73«534J Bl, ,v 338 Bluo Lakos Blvd. N o rth o e r s... h o t th e r o C o x 3 k n o w n n th o u tu r e u o R S T R o b o r r a B o tty lu rc h o s o d h o l o t h e H o w o rd, B ro k e r r e s rt Vooh, hgh qualy sorvco w n th e ony y e a rs B o t o r s w ll ro a n o t na vo. E a s tla n d w ll and N ew Ho o C ons goodwlll a n d wll one b l s ta to n o o d s n Q tee. G ve us o coll Sncerely yours, J a c k & C o rle tta C o x REALTORS CX HocsForSje loly roo wth ull baoo >nl localud n ocullont NE T\ locaton. Youll lovo o F twosldot) llroqlaco and lloor plan $6V,000. LoM oyno PJ noally, Y( 2 3EOROOM. 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AnoclooOroko. D O W N T O W r r d / Hck Kn AOCloloOroku JEROM E E South FoySal V C A N A S S S ANSM LSP O N THESE G e S to to R oolty l R o a E s ta te Fr )n n o c t n o o th o c : o to s e r A s r o D o r s o nd T Jcrrth slco Multp w o c o n.h a n d l o y d a a r d l o s s o w b lc h k ls o d w th. u3t o s rn o b o rs o MLS, y o u o n Dd on y o u a y b o ntorc o G o S to to Roo rlg h tn o v ln n w o n c r.g.m E S S E R S A D M N S T T W ; ADDS t G e sta te t 13, cjaho Sundoy.Jobuary too HoojFoSalo..... l l..1 CX)UNTRYUVlNO n lovol/ J row 3 bodroo. 3 balh, nlly roo, ktchen wlh (.o a k c a b ln a U r UuUln applancos. 2 car OOOOO Much oro on ovor 1 acro ol r land. {SS,000 wlh?0s down t...(nancno. FOUR YEAH OLO 2 bolroo hoo, lovoy kltehor & lvng r roo. Laroo lol. Only , 5 THREE eeoroom 2 balh hoo, b a o o o n l. On Dpproxrraloly 1 aoro. Alao has MXOOshop. Flor Bon.. J ~y, prvrtmy*y Unrrlng. "Fnanconvalobo. L O W E L L W L L S, = = " "R E A L T Y " t R MLS 73<7W2or73M502 < * rj j S alespersons g F o r S o e th n g 1 S p e c a l 1 CAR 1 MSSON SPLTS 9 conlocl BorroMdzdontkl.. oanouca on rtl2 Mory ond lr>u o poo. B«your ow nbosw o botl wlh (jood larrpl ; FOR MOBLE HOMES ME STES E HOME STES 5S, nc. 733B91 * GNTO ] LFE! V O O N C E p EAL ESTATE FORU&, C uttaj" \ X P r o C a ta lo g l n lo g o F a r s, j a n c L an jjd co X s ] 1 b B s l l 1 l [ t R E L A T E c r O n o n o to S a le s " j ES BRANCH kos Blvd. N oltoron okor. Monogor W N B R A N C H d A v o. N. : , knghl. oku Monogor E BRANCH u th Lncoln Sabolo. ry O U wrrh 1 5 PROPERTY SE PAGES y s th o n u b o r o n o )n h o V olloy. r c o p a n y la o v o n O TSO tnct T /lnfq lls jtpo LJstlno S o r v o o o y o u r tr a n s a c to n ro* h b r o k e r t s a d v e r a s lo n g a s h o y a ro 3, n n d n e a r ly ou o ro l o n h o s o p o a tb t h a t o r e s t o d n, c all o n o =loaltys T o p O lcoa " * n k o tro th o ro. FSM TH BROKER. RATVE O FFCE D ls O N A V E.E.. te P o t For You" ry11, HocjForSo EXCEBTONAL ConB! ] porary Horty wlh oxcolon vow and oxra# oaorol p., Pjlco rodlcod lo 95,000. UMoyno Roally.733.Q874, FNANCNG AVALAOLE, (wb now hoo on laroo lo. 3 bodroos. 2 bals. bultn lcdlancoa dduqu. c a r,. (jaraoo allor 5 or wookondo. FOR SALS SY OWNER 2 bodroo houao. now panl. carpol. and nolou. s,750 Alh tors. Cal 73476;a. G...R R.. :.. on c F. J3C E,N REALTY 7M3200 J," ATTRACTVE 2 8T0RY HOMEwh 3 todroo srz balha, (aly roo, klchon 1 bulttlna. Vory nco yard wth covycd palo. Oood ocn lon. Largo aaauablo loan. S MMEDATE OCCUPANCY" Brand now copooly llnlahod aplllovo n CS oroa. Spacous ktchon and llnshod aly roo. 3 larlu bodrooa, 2V baths, Dou bo oaraoo. {52,100. O orolhyk clar ( Marlyn Wav C A N Y O N Fonloslc vow o Bluo Lak Booullul todor hoo alor 3 boll. a5vt rock (ropo ovotyllnq you ovor wontor plut ovor 3,200 sq. t. 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Mt X }. l..kkvpal>kk,., 191.SJ4C W l U«lKo><sn, T944M V100t>rtB«7.r=»»41*4 t ( 030 HoujForSJlOMOO tw N F A tl S. BrlC K ~~ Bodroonv Hoo, Odco. nrnly r o o, 2 baths, tnlahod banoon, douyb carport, closo to Harrson School. Ecnllocondttorr l JS _ CloarL akoa A(jbncy, : Mo Try C A N T AFFORD BRCK lo l05 O n. Y yo ca nonly (or o owatp 2 "lh droon nctorr utl j to o o o wuh huc«.1 carpotod (aly roo. Cov orod pnllo, (oncod yard and oro. Vo c,n atr.go lnanclno"3d hury! odlulo possesson. p AM;En"= R EALTY 73W079. n a NE Bl.noAndoraon..733 B47 Cu loycoc oo G7C7 co: Nool Drlltaln B b.! DAVE HAMLETT. lnoker 3«! _ 0l2 (ra D N R M Lakos 4 Fordnr) Drdgt. OL o.l now. 5 bodoon. wll >poc«. <uno.ahoul.>y *<l: totl n o hoo. 2 ocros ALE. 3 bodroo, oly Vat 31.H codyorr) leso J " 3 yoors old. Spocou 8. oours. S5&.70D. Ownor lar la u y T o " Ro lorylla botl 73T79J5 h _ OV (ar dr bu _ E A d d s o n A v c..e.. n T w n F a ls o n o n o lo w n to ro s l o r M k o,. a t b o l u ll b o s o o n, h o e. C o ll M k o T At S; n! Bulk o l, lo r g a s. C o u ld b o o lo n dt k c. y w th ro n lo g o o n St a n d L o cu st. D o u b le o n. C a ll M k e 324 F l 72 h o t th o o w n e r w ll d o w lh T w n Fols cly l ls. CA E o st p o r t o l tovv,n. C u rb, g d n a to n lo Con tr o c lo rs. T< ) N FLER? W o h o v e 0 2 /, t n. S u b o r d n o to n to C e n tre >RNG w h o n y o u s o o th s a n d p a to. T hs s o n a ttr la L L V lc kje O R D A N A.? T h s b rc k h o o s lo c a lo,h o 5 4 b o d ro o s. 2 b a th s, _ a n llo o r. A p p ro x a to ly } a n d p r v a to c o v o ro d p o lo. D O N T MSS THS O N E. j _ R E A L T Y ao Hoes For Sale OM N E E D M O N E Y? Aro you 0 hoo ownor? Mllh uo, wo tuvo 11 and wq D know wrat ToBo wth Jt. Aro * J KOO ovno? Do yo J nood Tonoy to ool you o your low hoo wth no whoro to lrn?whclt10rl>lj?.<xw.0 5,12,000, aak ua. Wo havo Tany ropnyonl plans vallabo to hoo ownora. yotoaoo rno too hlu?.j ; rylno to asauo an o.lsla Tortoaoo Dul short ol cast? o5slonal3., o crrcorp PERSON TOPERSON ~FRSRCAn;ENTER : 1025ShoshOoStroot TwlnFall* WSBO Z Aak(or.layMllar... orbobtayor M E vrnvo urrr com E a arck dupox. Each unl wth? bodrogxns. bnla, ;juln appl.ncoa. onraoo g 3un unlnshod b.soonl, S Ca Go Stato loaltv JEV; HOME. NE aroa. :u3lo oaluros, applan :o3, 3 Bodoo, 2balh, lull He j.sconl ot 734 ho Pu do N O TA C O TO G ESM A LL J " u3l onouob roo lor a nco po 320 laly. 3 bodroo o rao. 2 bshs. Frankln jj,,, oplnco. Only S t3. = ~ GEM S T A T E REALTY a. 525 Blua Lakes SnlN.?33«36 2 t DLDER 2 bodroo hoo 4.4 Mlh aldno, S3Q,000. n (n Klbory. 7338S73. 0 y OPPORTUNTY So Vacant and roady (or new. 2, lahyhbedoosrmwhsr lally roo, llroplaco, 2 ear Cal a a r a g o, lo n c o d a n d.by andscapod yard. 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T o r s lo q u a lljo d he. Ol Gl O 1 o c ro p a r c e l w th a lra c 4o r s, TERMS T O v,l ba Jn 1 la r g e o n c o d y a r d ttr o c tv o S b o d r o o j l P nlo d n a c h o c o N.E.,, lo r g o k tc h o n a n d 72 l y 2 b o s o o n, 2 O lo. O w n o r ra n s o r* P :. T S W ORTH T H «ol...: : a 8F,F r j r r... n SohWElrnh.,,.TS43650 Fl E K~vT.*o,.lrr., 73J.SMJ a OkkKohcon,. 7344SM lj...7j4..mh " torrogh.. nsm T v Olooolroglla»t*44r _Q j, ;h w M l l p l M OM Hwncj For Salo M7., l n t bo acr D M REALTY 1043 Bluo Lakos Blvd.N. Twn Fals. daho QY ? FOR THE NVESTOR. 34 unl apartont houso, choco,_, locaton n Tw Falls, Qn GOOD HOME on Conlor Strool n Klbory, gyj odalo podbobnlon. h o SMART.SJABT.n:. 3 2 bodroo startor hoo, elal applances, oas. hoal and Wl convonen locaton. Tors For avalablo lo quallllod buyor alk J55,000.»304. ~ G E M STATE REALTY ex 525 B lu a U te a BlvdN. 73J5338 tor... Kb TENNS COURTS CANYON RM AP Hontc hls now 4 bedroo dor hoo coplolo wth hoal cor pup. 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BULD YOUR HOME or put,, ralloron 70 aablo Acroa. Full walor. aoplc. walls, ahod, Locatod n good ar c. ng county. Francos.t HOBBOlhoM, q, Woalorn Realty, , g, :BY OWJER 240 BCOO, 210 rrloatod,4 bodroo bdorn ;hoo wth 2 bas, (aly dary pn bool ranch, largo 1 lelda; Locaod 15 les. Hoyottal o OgodnQ, 8S6) 0J7.F»s&R»nchoS 038 nyrtwt:lt.rn....lv < bo country hoo on.5.le acros, wlh 3 bodroos, 3 5,0 batsrllo eovorod pato. Pj ; lropaca, and andscapod, by 1 aehlna ahod. Darn aru3 ol J cotralslhowtcrappont. T w l onl ony. Phono goo QY jowner 75 ocros baro clly land wlh lull walor rghta. aval Phono32*4»34... al2c DY OWNER, 114 rock roo Acros vc aslo(qrd. rrlgatad wltvayphon luboa..;! Ono nce 3 padroo hoo, CO ono aall 3 bodroo hoo, par< g a ra g o & s a ll o u t Twl bulldnns , DARY FARM, 2 bodroo *21 houso; 6cow at barn, OA ptpolno llkor 3 DeLluvo pnc unt, eoc.gllon lk. bulk lonhrand.«uupup_all dary equpent lulshod. q R V/l handlo 70 cows lkng. Qro For oaso or salo, «3B37M, snj allor 7o.. lna F nnd... oar jjlu EXCELLENT opporlunly to PU/chase ar land on o x c o p tlo n al. la v o ra b o 1% tors, 000 acroa noar Kaa, $400,000. Excollont UV w ol. 200 h sp. pup. t ar Approxatoly 450 acroa un But dor cultvaon. A o 4 %P coentdch. Fan dov 320 ACRES Mlnor aroa, W l 5350,000. Two Glord H 34 pvots. 2 wells, tors Sl down, Boor wll carry balanco. V/l consder othor proporty or ncoo properly ntralo. Hor AURORA CAPTAL o«t.corporaton Twn Falla, dahg : Day EXCELLENT Dary soup. 15 Evo acrosdty land on hll close to 3 phaso powor,500" wol, p p. ncludos eao eol coonl (ood bunk wth O aprons, [ a v ala b le llo o T d Phono ,, EXCELLENT 300 Hoad clock Jow a o ttu p. good p a a tu ro 733. ground. 300 Acroa ol cultva t(td"otoun3: WOWO 3 Bedroo too..callv/alcr. 039 or.lohnattownandcountry RoaloO, *G/ ~ Du FARMS & RANCHES* wo havo ovor 50 (ars avalable ro 40 to over 1000.acroa_lnal2B..Al3O_3QV0r( choco ranchos. Cal Art Mnrtln or lack McCut. 734.Vl) 4875.yto, Markottno Asaooaloo,Roallora, MLS Mobor. Pl«385 FARMS AND DARES 120 ACRES Noar Buhl Top 125 locaton. Cull , / Eaa " Lak 286 A C R E S A E d o n... Sprnkler rrlgood. Cal.lory.B Dares, laroo and sall, ca Htnnnn, 97 acrnn, law d a w n. payent, ownor wll carry ev balanco.calltony 4235e88. Bartes Really co"? FOR SALE 40 ACRES NW o( bjq loroo, aero. 10 ACRE n? ols NV/.loroo, acro. Call NEW ON THE MARKET, Wl baro 35 acroa ch o co.ground, lull walodgh. OrJy lha/ql l_kollhlqy ,. Town and Counry laaora P la X L o ;.c o l. tm w alor coal. V/lll 3011 n Acro parcols. $ per r 0«rlgalotl ncro, Cal , Grandvew. CO 20 SCENC Unspoled Acros. Wlnulos (ro ntoralato. = $37,500. Sall Cattle Ranch Acrox~COCd~toD: JO = Acre# adlonng BLM. SJ.Tors. Eanc.Hossolhol, 1V Edna rsh Roa sw Eslale, 73477GS. ap WANTED: rrgolod lar wthn 25 les oltwn. Falls.! 60 acres or oro. Ksdao AT Dary, 201 Lowa Rd. San 12) ",lpso, CarD5n."Phono408 "S o , 3 TA WENDELL FARMS.car 280 ACRES 2 rroallon *63 "Wolla, 2 php O sprtnktgrsta " t cornera apnklod, Dooslc Q wo. Close lo Wondol, Only yo J1300poreero7T«rh 73; 200 ACRES pvot sprnkler. 2 ct wheel lnos., 150HP pup, tj,. Only boon n spuds ono yoar, $205,000. Tors. jj, W endell Really t « !2 EdChrlslOpherson ,,lohnW erl Be pl 038 Acroaoo&Lots..lo; 5 ACRES, Buhl, strea. $750 Me down, trado pckup or eor or lu down j r 3 ACRES wth odorn hoo 8 0 les ro Twn Falla, Now He woll septc lank, Ony ca Hurryl Ths wll nol lost long. Handy Roaty. tjn..joroo ; Anyto , , J4a_A C?E SScorlarnoa. _he Paradlao n H ager an Vaoy. V llo o, Snako 73, Rvor rontago. pasluro, spr. ngwator,.ponda, huntng nnd shng on propony. xcolon 3 bodroo. 3 03( bathroo hoo. Cal lack or Edordolals. ~ 48 ACRES: )n)pw ol. aoodoo to p a a u ro r n o w aupob 3 bodroo 2 bath hoo. 2 rock lroplaeos. Cal Bruco Olson lor dolalls S38 _2256 ater hours, 18 ACHES, Fal# Avonuo Eaal. planted n aaka, 16 aharoa Twn Fals wator. Ownor wants quck aalo or caah.. j M A R K E T N G ::, A S S X A T E S., REATGRS L 73MB75 B Acet9«&Lol9 OU VOWNER:5 er* lo ta...uke n o s o so rn u n rt ts dtjobt No nancng avala baths, to Y OV/NER Vory nco bld l J/aoy*OW lloa SE wlntalreactnottrunaon ood counly road. Eloetrl lly end toophono oaaly vallablo to each ol. Lots 20S tango ro 1 73,Acres ) 2.41 Acros. Buy now wth all down payent and ulldlolor MUS :OnONWOOD, 16 acro DrQh arcols avalable. Closo to skro wn Falla and.loroo. Full lot n loter ador 5 or asaun o e k o n d a. «lalry, 5.acroa wllt sall ndortock barn,;.doo3lc,. =01 (Ol, ond spol terobo oyrookap734to(m. CPM7 REAT LOT Great rscalon PWEW roal prcol Dupox or all a ngo, near CS. V/ help $145 p naneo tu = YOU LOVE ANTQUES, nd can uso 2 excollont NEW any day hooa on 9 Acroa. Moln lua any ruall ~OUt carpo ulldlngs. $85,000. Call oloctr rancoa Hessolholl, 537 tera. 630 or Edna rsh Real soo h.3tnlo, NOW VE STREAM. 3 and 5 Aco arcols. /J o south ol MoO luhl. Pavod road bordorng parcels. Covonanls, Twn H alls canal water. About 10% NEW lown, ownor carres. 734 up n two or answorlng nervce, Estat * REP Brlgh MOUNTAN AR ready AND down COUNTRY LVN 756 lores your chanco to ovo ut ond havo a lllo landl 5.crco (or wlh oaay c n n ERMS. Cnl Harold Frajor.rshowng. ROBERT./ONES REALTY, lays C a ll vonlngs TV/0 :EAL NCE 3 bodroo. Pooo hop, barn, a (onced. 1, 0 cros closo to lown, loss»au$5o.0c0. O w nct L rp tn ndu (or larger acreago or dovc all (ar. Cal.lon at n Ma own and Counry Realora, =! ,, TWO = = = = : = 2*04 rctrrlla 36 Bu»lnejPOpOr1) 8400 a nyn GAS STATON Property p _ luk dolvery, 100 x 125 ot. lorthsdo. V/rto lo Dox.1.14, :/OTlosNows,Twn. NDUSTRAL LOTS n nowj.abdlvlnon ot Ea5landr~, (rg )rvo South n Soulhoal wn Fa. New growlh ron,. call.(or 3:qs and qjj rlcos. : Alrac 85 FOOT FRONTAGE on: wth loulo 30 n Fler. Excollonl; doub vo3ont potonllal 5 aer<. $ FOOT FRONTAGE all dopo: lat Fvo Ponls on Buu ] 7PM. J z M A R K E T N G K A S S O C A T E S REALTORS.jF opo! pots, jx APARTMENTS. Located? n a thrvng (ronoy local. own. Ths s an deal n «! :oo tax sholor, and ownor 3 BE vould cbnador trado. $290 ; :oar Lak03 Alorcy Evonlnos, v,,h Dr,543,44ll, oo 3265: W VtMllonPjopeny hoe VANTED T O TFAOE Ot dryo 3eED 0ne lot n EkhoTns l jrostlnous MoadowRdgo dopo loar Sun Vulluy Call 7> or Bt pd upc M Condolnlueoslo 2 B CONDOMNUM (or sale lh Bod Rock Gardena. Ca bodr ar Marr bo : M5 MoblloHoojprSlo 1S73 ACADEMY 3 bedroo, 2 B V b a lh s, Applancoa, kllch swap cooler. $7300. Trallor pola, space could bo avaabo Bolw r/os o Bu, ado 2 BE 5p,..Nop: ATTRACTVE 3 Bodroo 3 {,0 12x00 seltup n adult pork. j225 SolOOrRont,73316tP, B255 3 l3ebroom 14 X DUH FAMARACK o lo c tr lc, (ul c :arpolng, aoo applancos. dope t6350or best o((or TTT; HorSPM. rd?! BROADMORE 14X60 1 pola. year old. Call Barnes Realty P tjoar, CLOSEOUT MODEL 26X60 Fnlla Taarack brand nowl A day. oloctrlc, 3 bodroos, H c baths, dollvorod, seup and ]a,qo akrted. 522,000, Galoway. rt«nc Traler Contor. Blako at Ad dson Wosl, , 1972 G LENBROOK. 3 hld Bodoo, llko now. skrtod 5" plus olhor oxtraal $0,950. WoBlPontRoally Horn plus 1071.VAN_DYKE.14X.70. :. Moble lurnlahod and aal ullut lup n Hagoran Valey. (.nnj $ Or " 8 X 35 Furnlshod Moble jwo Hoo al oloclrc. lully qoc carpeted. $ X 70 MARLETTE, 2 a bedroo, al oloctrlc. olr yvh condlllonod, , : n,gn X64 wlh 6X10 ox aalo pando BARRNGTON, 2 can b e d ro o.to a lo o e rlc r bsdt skrlng & swap cooler. For 734<1483. or Busneu Property 039 N V E S c o c ro s t o r d o r n l ts a rd s h o p p n g < r o o d s, u tlh o s. E x c o llo p o te n ta l a s t g r o w n g a L.& N. Real Esl S o u th Ll J rt) n a > l ; UoNlsHolMltuSaJt KE.NEW 24X00 Cholon 1 otbtrwldo. abwlroobrg a th s.. ully carpoled, all loctrlc. Cozy caroual roplaco, rolrgoralod a l.... nndltlonlntt" Stovo, ro.. rgb7aor«rbutn dl hvtlohor.c*l(orappolnt lonl to BOO MOBLE LOTS For Sale 7W 233 UST SLL X64.rghlon obllo hoo. Fully krod & sol up on ho bosl }t n ho courl, $8,000. or aauo payents. Soe lo oprocalo. Call NASHUA 12X64, llpoul. xcollont condlon. Call Lz 3361WT)o6ro epm;:nllor PMyjOJOS. lew 14x70 hroo bodroo " $1300. down. 145 payora. Devory and otup ncludod. Hoclonda looa733756a lew 24 Wldo 3 Bodroo lon Mora aor.vlndo.ws. arpotlng. dtshw ashor,#ll loctrlc, aoaless ran gut ora, applaneoa. You ust 00 le boovol Was $14,495,. low Ony $12,4S5 whle t )slal NO trades ploaso, >la0lc Valoy Moble Hooa, los Woat o( MV osplal on HlQhway j W12X56MobleHooael p n Ftondly Vllage Mobllo, statoa n.kberly , le P O S S E S S O N, 1874 Srghon 2 bedroo 14x64, oady (or occupancy. $500 lown, $150 onlh. Call , Hacenda Hooa.. T O PCA SH PA D FO R 8,1012or14W D E S lso travel rallora and lckupcapors. BROCKMANS M O B L E H O M E S lall collect, or V/O uaod oble hooa roaonly n stock, 12X55, 2X60, Both 2 bodroos. ood condltlon._low,d o w n ayona, 5125 onth. Wll ovor and sot p anywhoro 1 Magc Vaoy. Phono Ha londo Hooa WO BEDROOM Moble 2x64 a eloelre. ully urrllancc O )0CarTW :~; 4D0aaK(or Bud VAN DYKE 14x70. u r n ls h o d. c a r p o to d, ;ashor and dryor VAN DYKE Cuso lult 26X44 doubewldo, 2 lo d ro o. co p o o ly.upood. For ojojnlorn; roncal alor6. 50 Fu.4Unlu.H0yJ0#,, araclvo 3 bodroo hoo <th 2 replaces. 2 batha, loublo cor garago, pallo. On acroa wth water or slock. 400 por onlt.. $1M lopost. Coll allor PM. JEAUTFUL 3 bedroo 2 oorcdho o, Froplaco, u basoonl, oly roo, 350 $100 doposll >r , l_ledbqda(ally_hoo lopost. rooroncos, no >013, BEDROOM unlurnlshod. jhsoon; $175 4 dodoat. jo pota , BEDROOM wlh garago ;290 4 $75 doposll. 2l0 6h Vvo.E.Phono77B2a.~... t BEDROOMS, oldor hoo vllh lally roo, slorago oo don onlh beore 8AM or altor PM... BEDROOM. 2 balh obllo loo wth _ rlq, washor. rvor, datwashor, 5200 lorll plus ullllllua., jrao )opoall:ayblabombrch 1: Klbory. 1 BEDROOM hoo. $?00 3upbarjt007TJo pels, 734?404,? BEDROOM 5160* 2 a o d r o o $200 O no jodroo urnshed $185, Warrlod coupo or /esponal Jlo sngle. Rolorences, do :0sl NO pots, Erk Art Joaon.:733277Q. 2 BEDROOM Hoe largo dchon, nco basoont. No Dola, $200 * $100 deposl. 3olwoon 57p l BEDROOM too lh Buhl;... Mo oola J bodroo house n Twn. ( depost, no pels QUHL. Bodroo, W balh. lull carpot. $220 * securty JoposL HANSEN 2 bedroo. 30la. Phono slew REM ODELED 3 :oaroo.ulshedrntwt tla. Call Tuesday, Thurs Jav. or Salurdav , SMALL 1 bedroo houao, largo lot, $125 t $75daago jopoall SMALL 1 Bedroo Cottage c o p o tn g. d rap e s, no chldron/potl. $130 plus $50 dopoat SMALL FAMLY 3 Bedroo Hoo1 both, roplaco. $300 poadopoat ,j HREE BEDROOM HOME " ulllltoa nol ncludod. On. rontago road n Wendell, Call&360427allor6p,.. TWO BEDROOM Moble ol < oloclrc, ully (urnlshod. $175 onlh plua depoall askorb ud. ; WHY RENT? Whon (or no onoy down and poyonts oa low 09 $110 por onth you., canown your own 23 or 4 bsdoohoo n loroo. For nlorotor* call or ; 039 BuslnDuProporty ; T O R S ~ r r * K n g J o r o o C ly g c o n t o r,. OCCOS5 > llo n t s u b d v s o n g a r o a. _ Estate G o. L n c o ln : 2 4 * :!

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Avallablo now, J145 4dopoall FURNSHED APARTMENTS juol roodood, M or. 412MalnAvo,N.<2 FURNSHED 1 bodroo no aparlonl. clean, no poto or chlldron. J165.73<3811. FURNSHED 3 rooa, all car ulllllloa. Adults. Capood, yar oloectmt.llo0lacd,ln <jo Kbotly lEROME, 1 Bodroo ully ulll lurnlbhod. $150 plua JGO Co dopoalt. No oola _ LOOKNG FOR A HOUSE OH u, APARTMENT? Call Oulllcra. op, T332940: po (jn t EOROOM Fu(sh«d lur Apartonl cr ront. Non p_o aokor. no pots. Call 734 o ol ONE BEDROOM basoon M dlnkora Utllltloo ncludod. d " " USO. Phono allor 5, pp ONE BEDROOM Furnshod Sh Apartonl. no pols. J110 du Plua dopoalt. Call J2 ONE BEDROOM J doposll. Only aluro adults _ nood aoplv. Call ROOM plua BATH ucotalro a p o n o n t. RoodolQd. S a n lta llo n / h o o t p a d. Adutta. No Klda or pota R STUDO J80. 2 bodroo J U n lu r n la h o d 2 bodroo J160 ( + dopoalla) o!tor4pm. 5TUDO1.2. or 3 bujtoo..j60 J 2«,utllltloo tncludod Unlur.Apta.JDuplaJos a <s FALLS j APSRTHENTS d A Wo Fovo ofnctblro 2 bodoo apartonts (or b J235 onlh (nowly ro cl odolod) ond roally noot 1 «bodroo apartonta lor St65. Wolor and aantatlon ( lurnahod. Hoat s oloclrc,. All ktchen nppllancoa lu rn ah o d. C hldren wolcoo. Pola conslarod. Clojo to achool ond shopplna,conlor.. 4:6600 ] T~APAHTWENTS. AVALABLeT C 1 2 bodroo. Appowood. Aporonla. Coll Stovo. Partr7340l56. [ AT7HACTVE 2 Bodroo. brck duplox W balha, : lroplaco. drapes, carpot,, Bovo. dshw nahor. ar condlllonnq, apdnkllna, ayato, oaoo. Roasona { bo, adula. no pots. 733, ; 7, VATTAUrE t:uvotv 2 B o d ro o A p a r l o n l, opplancos. walor/aanltotlon lurnanod.nopota _... Call 6S0.2117olter 5p.. 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT.... odon.j225pqrrnon hplu8 dopoall. 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Call S43«g4. leas :ORHENTJ.ond 2 bodroo..1 *! nlurnlahod apat ona, ttlloa pad OR RENT 1 and 2 bodroo nlurnlahod. aport onta. lllhoa lurnlahd, DHaa, daho JkRGE STUDO Stovo. roro o a to r. s u tlltte a «a urnlahod oxcop Pocrcty. ; )33Sheshono SN Dl. OVELY OUPLEXrdoaloblo W rwn Fara 6tlon;T4rto PJ low ca>po: 3 bodroo, V. 355 saths. loplco. covorod Vl :arporl and pato. atoraqo. De 3244B89. WO M ODERN CAREFREE APARTMENT LVNG. Now 1 & 2 bedroo garden apart 067 o n ts a lt ap p lh tn ca s lurnahod neudna dl DL ohwaahor. Ront ro J134. ua KdO OK. No pota. 2 loca 73: tona. n Fllor. Casa Qrando u Aportonta n dc.loroo,.casa Del,, Prado Aparons nu J130 MONTH 4 J05 Dopoalt. w. Nco 1 Bodroo wth hool. co Nokds/potB NEW 2 BEDROOM.araoo 4 BC School. Extra nlco. No poto. lul Adults only, J265 onlh * pr tlodost.73444t1or , n NEW 2 bodtoo duplex. 32 la ra o o, 2 b a th a, d B s h w o s h o r. ran g o. ro pc lrooator,j275 plus dopoalt. n < no pols , S( d NEW 2 Bodroo Duplex Bl carpolod, a oloctrc. (oncod s yard. J250 onth plua SlOO B doposl. 734J pt NCE 2 Bodroo Hoo, al cc ulllllloa pad. Near Lynwood 8 Conlor. J Ft O N E BEDROOM U n C, lu r n a h o d A p o rt o n l E opplancoa. J175 plua do />j p o s t. W oor/oantalon o lurnlohodatura aduus.nt M polo E; ONE BEDROOM Aparlonl 7t all ulllllloa pad ncludno E cablo TV. No ctltdron/potb. o,covba part onl3.4a2_j\d.t. dlaonavowoat. PREFERRED LOCATON n n Slorra Eolatos. 2 bodroo d/plox. Garaao and carporl. 4; J245. e 3 bodroo duplox. 2 balhs, u ty roo. oaroq o. 7 corport. Noar schools and chopplnaj2a5_73431ll.&r5 No pots. Roloroncea to qulrod. " REDECORATED. duplox.r2_ bodroos, lull baaoont, «nr condltonno,j225 onth [ r TWO BEDHOOM Apart C on n. No pots. U urol Park <! Apartonts. 176 Maurlco N.; C TWO BEDHOOM all oloctrc. p rlv a to.o a p o l U rg o corport. alcrooo. oxcoptl 1 <spollycloan..adull3j_j250, ( alter Sp. 1 " T o t n o l n a w r t Appllancoa, drapos, woshor { 4 d ry e h o o h u p o, 2 bodroo all now. No pota or ehldon. Phono RooaloRonl W N TER RATES KU! chonotos and roos, all wlh cookng lacllltloa. 733 l Ronll Mobllo hooj 2 0 EOROOM TRAlEHr doposll. Foncod yard,.733 N CEjnoblloJo ojruc Q ut tn.loroo. No poto. Consldor proachool chld PER MONTH. War 4 colorlablo. 2 bodroo 4 atudy. Sunny & sonaual. Country vlow. Huntng 4 (shlng lnutoa away! TWOMODCEHOMES3 bodroo 4 2 bodroo lor ront. Call VERY NCE C arpeted 2..,Bod/oo12x50:. Quot.loco,., tlon n For. J140. NO pots. T O j0 V M l2 g OcBlBu»lno»8RlnUl FRST FLOOR 4 upalolra door apoco (or ront al Shoahono & Man St. Cal FOR RENT; 3ant( ol daho"~ ollco apoco. Avallablo otlatoly.cal:73330b3. HEATED WAREHOUSE to loaao : OFFCE SPACE lor loaso74 prvate olllcoa & rocoplton area Eosllond Olllce Contor. ocroaa ro now.lunlor. H(nh OFFCE SPACE FOR LEASE. 300 Sq. Fl. J150 por onlh Sq. Ft. J300 por onth o OFFCE SPACE FOR LEASE. North Plaza olllcoa. Lowor 1 lovol. 2 Bd)aeonl oldeoo. r Approxlatoly 320 ag.lt. 800 Fola Avo. Twn Fola. D.. Contac,1U.B.Englnoors, nc. North Plaza 0((cea / Mscollneou g c V o l l e y F a l e s a b l s h e d c r e d t. a l s o n o u r Progra n S t e r e o F u r n j u r e n «Or>ce&BujnojsRentl. P67 lcepon lst SERVCE MUFF K g n r s B r r a )uav downtown Twk/Falls duals lrool wth ota ol paklng. AB&C Wo aro roaaonabto ond 305Sh 6HblorCalt:O ont* O MULT lonnylcaayanudoaally. achl?2433s4. popor RETALS or odco apoco lor n ew loaso on tho al.eoo aquoro R nn loot, J250 po onth. 900 carat, squaroloorjsoo poronth: wodd Phono evonngs (o, d _ 2000 SQ.R. ol Man Stroo OAK storago n.joroo. daho. hlo Phono bod: 600.SO.FT. Choce oldco OFFK scaco (or loaso on Wosl 910 Falla Avonuo. Prvate park. Socr( lna.catl dard 1000l 9<lu»o loot, cholco MO. p(ol0sw daa..lcalonj34. r. u....qcor WAREHOUSE SPACE la PAN/ Downlown.area. 780 sq. ll. dock S, " S S SEA j 6T _MelUneo_u3_ DUCK DECOYS no longor SMA usolu? pay top JJJ. Phono aolo ador 5:30PM. yoar; MSCELLANEOUS good clean used cohno. Soo now. BlO 16. Coll, } 0 allor SPM. MM WATERSOFTENER n oooj Sllvc condlon. Wll sol very gold oasonablo.cal colc BOOKKEEPNG Burroulha Oalh E 1200 Coputor For Salo S J J lull lodgor keyboard and n prtntor. Sold stato oloctro ncs and oory. Llko now., altorop. Co BRUNSWCK AND LANCER pool tabos. occosaorlos. Nowand uaod.gae nbob, Sorvlco al akos. 8a H, 0p..laoa Clark BUY OF THE YEAH Al 0 BulldlnDa! S p o cal salo pttcoa wll ond SOONLPnlL collocl: Brggs "J Bonnoll Buldora. TwU GA Falls. Sal CAST ron wood alovo. 24" EZHoat wth nlckol ronl. /low, J425. Call !! DAL 4 SEW Sow no ~ o T o n T «n dllon! J200T RE EXECUTVE doav char J125. or trado lor desk? j>el. H l l FOR SALE ranot lovol wth tlpod, usod only 3 onths. 074 pad J230. wl aoll (or J FOR SALE OR THAOErUr.t (ongth Ranch Mnk Coal NE FOR SALE lororly Vtrl o. rotlotttrnttor n1 <" a c h n e, a n d w h o o l Taancor.J CS34. GOOD USED SHEETS J1.50 each. Rdgula olzo:sqo Alce at. houaokoopng. Holday nn. ca GOOD usod 15" aaddlo lor..tt aalo. J150. Call GRANDFATHER CLOCK. [ (; rlplo ctloc.aolld wanul. 733<a2. JOOO. vjj HOYEHHydrnullcCartoplKl bo lor ranolerrng palonlo cd (ro wtoo char lo car and oasy ravol or FCARPETSlookdulond ( doar, roovo opots os they ca. opplar_wth Bluo Lustro. o( Ronl ooctlc ahajppooor; gn Krongola. rc!lohn DEERE 212 garden q tractor wth owor. bado j 5 and.owoopo. Uaod vory nk lttlo. J3250. or ako odor. 73M001 MAHY CARTER CENTER o UNFNSHED FURNTURE. a\. Droasota, choata, dosks. cl rockers, chars, roll top n!,l_doakb, cdlos, loy boxoa. Btods,and "rnl3cblbnooua c, lo n a rzto A y o re T o sr o»eastland : SPOT CASH For. 1! Furnture & A p p la n ce s 21 BANNER FURNTURE q ,c STANDARD alowatorbod wllh (rao, usoa atandard shoots, noarly now. Baby car soat. 9 drawor drossor. : wth rror. To ooo call B."... TOOLS 10" Cratlaan table S saw* 10" Rockwo con ractob aaw* Hockwoll rnotorlodtorboxco, prol30r*~gunb/tosos ; USED M a lo atc Z o ro r _ Cloaranco (rothaco. For ] condton. J WE BUYSELL and TRADE ; tjoopnlhwandappllon Cantor T T WOOD B u n ln o o o r atandng cobln#lonh«al r ng alovo and (repaco. Eeclrc lan lor lorcod or crculaton, Jhor oatat con ~ ; rollod. novor usod, J , Musul nslndnj W T h o Flno g A p H lo rs, A n d " b e e th e G l a u d e B A n d R g h t N o v. L o w P r l S S B R S 7 Uscolnoouj \A UFFLER nstarod whllo uwat.;coplote,u(_llcr,z... 5tco tclutlng ouotonw. jas lor cv and pckup*. BSOTTS *UTO SUPPLY, 1 SShoshono S.Soulh. achno. CoplB9*nyero por. J2M, Phono EW Daond Engageonl ng Sot novor uaod,.40 uat, azo 6 w/atchlno oddng DjnB.J400Dosrol. r, boloro 5p : AK lalntno couch: Ornato hto ron 4 brass doublo od: lac FFCE EQUPMENT:. Full ro slandatd dosk. J160. ocrelory char. JOO. Slan S M ard * drawer lllocablnol 60. Conlrn OKlCO Equp, con, ANASONC car casaolle ock wtn powor apllllers. latchng cokla> spo,kors , leahs BEST loggor road lll, now condlon. Call MALL Cast ton Stovo lor alo good condton, Usod 2 oars,call WntodtoBuy MMEDATE CASH FOR: slver cons, slver dollars. 30d cons, actap gold,.con :olocllons. daho Con 3al0r N. Shoshono. St; 73385M. CC R E C Y C L E Y O U R U SCRAP METAL Coppor, Brass. Alunu atlorlo»&bmcardb Sr H.KOPPELCO. <5P l522nda ve.sojh h _ Hyc 072 Antlquoj h3 ANTJQUES/COLLECXBLES al your agc Swap Shop, gra 451 MalrAre.C..TwlnFall6..rt GANT HALE, Foa Market Sld Salurday. Fobruary 17th. c Haley Arory, 95p. Ad C ll BBlon J.50C. Buy or Sol. Clo Call Bac OAK (ang couch: Ornate Cra whto ren. brasa doublo j 18 Doo: l5ct7342u40. RED 9ARN 1056 North W a s h n g to n. D s h o a, lurnlturo. Prlltvo. Buy ond sell. Fj;, 074 Muslcllnlruonta.Pc LOWREY Qonlo 08 Eoclro Po nlc Qrgan oxcullo.co n d! lon. Call C n e v ; YAMAHA panos nnd organs. Usod panos, band Jnntruons. Solor. Conn. K n o," Q n ay V/ARNEH MUSC. 139 Norlt Shoohono. n TwnFalls. NEV/ SELMER Clnrlnot. = usod only 1 yoor wth naughahydo covorod caso. 0* Call73310BO. USED Wurttor Organ ox colonlcondlllon, oood look ng. good soundng; J595. Coll733<04B. WURLT2ER Uprght Con B< Boo Plano. n oxcocnl. q, " condlon. Phono , J, ~ Udld.Ty.SSlorDO pj MOTOROLA COLOR TW cablnol odol. J200 or boat odor. GE canlslor vacuu OB Cloanor.J , r RCA color track tolovlalon, oloclrc oyo, 19" wllh aland, j J550 or lako ovor pnyunls.,,, llko now Fulluro &Carpol3 j DUNCAN PHYFE Mshogony A dnng tablo, 3 loa(a, 6 " chars, bukol P. nabls.. ;< G E T BOTH Q uallly an d. PnnoTv n k lc h o n _J c«bn)to,olllco 4 roll lop s dooks. Round oak toblo3.40 b _jlyloallqtm lrajncludnbproas backed 4 rockng, b Chna huctos, walor bods, c choaloldraw ors.bnrstoos. ~ 1( a Wood, call Engborgs r Hondcradod Furnuro. 078, 2636, Burley. g GOOD Used Eorly Aercan ; CHARS Fro Jld.05. Cans? Cloaranco Conlor CHERSSON S c Clearance SalB : Chalra* Tabloa* Laps" > Plcuroa* A ccoaaortod FobrlC Rennants* "Cnrpo "t SaploaAndMorel c 12aWoslMan. F.loroo, ddho ( r ONE LEFT*" Boaulllu Pno Rolltop dosk. A sncrdco at F _ J 200. Call , _ 3 Pece Groon soctonal. SOFA worn but woll worth J50, Calno C loaranco ~ C o norr7337,... ~ TABLE 4 4 Chalra J100. Sw vbl rockoro S o r Convorllbo otjonn.akoa _ Undnlahod plno NGHT STAND, Now, 3 drawor. Only J32. Caln3 C loaranco Contor, , 074. Muscal nstujnu n o s t n G u ta r s, nd P.A. S yste s Q h e a t. Browns q low, A t S p e c a l. Q P rc e s.... wrnthrop 2.. Auctons 097 H AUCTON M A R C H 1 startng at 10:30a.. *EXC :O N S T R U C T 0 N & Hav U N D ER G R O U N D E Q U PT; Z Surplus Equlpontol Snoson Coponloa. nc. _ 601 W. State stroot tea ledrowooley.wash tnadocllrofub.20n lyd. Excavatora: (3) nsey 13000: Hopto 550; (2) Alled y ; 500 HooPac3.(3)Caao5e0B Vhol/ Loader/ OackhoM, :rawlor. Tractors: C.t D7F; Jnt DlCt..0:3MB;lntlT340 ldo Boo. Crawler Loador, 3" ;n 977K. (41 Whool oadors., :a r k 608B S k d d o r. _ :ovoland 190 CrawlorMld, NEE Jackllllor. (3) Hough Terran cult :ranoa, Warner Swaaoy ton; A.W405 12V> ton: P,. ttth rksrett Bull JUMP TRUCKS: (2)74 Poto 59A 1012 yd: 75 Ford LTS go,, MOO 1012 yd: OS Ford F<)M got 15 yd; 05 Ford F600 p.,, albqd_.w alor...fuol 4 a tb o d.t v u c k a : (24) Plckup3..025KW Gonor.;or. //o ld o rs. C o pressors, Pups. Ea.luarno(l Catntog. Contac Tho AucHonoors:. MAX ROUSE & SONS, NCORPORATED 30lS.R obortsonbvd. 1 Bo7oryHlls;CA TollreB (800) , C_a1 096 FarSood 12 ALFALFA SEED, Tp, 5 qualty. Hoarty or losh, ooo noculalod R.nanr. J Apex125, aoo reglslorod. * Wanod lo buy Lob Cutter Boo Boards S CERTFED Sood Poboobclean roadlng.vus tcetod. Harold Bell and Sons, 28 Darllnatonrldahore323Ca(l Jo Hay, Gran Food About 3 r " lo n ol naty ALFALFA hay, 2nd cullng, J30 ton. Mnu ano 10 ton. Call APPROXMATELY GO Ton Excolont qualty lat2nd3rd gg cuttlnn 7ahaY _ APPROXMATELY 700 lon *4 lat, 2nd. 4 3rd cuttng hay. Proten tested cr 800 Balos o( STRAW For 32 Snn Call B25S l 250 BALES poa alraw wllh «sucdlrto. nu ja n rto c baloa BaOBTJnooorcoan, BARLEY 4 WHEAT Straw. Cnl DVERTED Potalooo wanod <}c (or CBttlo loodlno H 4 A w Lond 4 Catllo or Fc al EXCELLENT HAY. green, oaly hoavy bolos, J2,50. Or t 35olon,Cloaoln BJ PXCELLENT Ouollty 2nd cuttng hay. Also aoo pou Straw wth now aoodng. Allalla. Call 54>6110. : PHESEASON DSCOUNT on "Aorcan Qln Bna. Or 10 dors uat bo pscod boloro Fobrunry 20th. Ullan J Conatucllon Copany nc., " Addlaon Avl_Wlal_Twn;.JJ Fnlls, st 4 *2nd Cuttno Hay. o Phono AucllOS T o p Q u R o w 4 : r o p M A U C T O loeoled ro W oler, daho Rood. 3 llo* lo PlngloRo to Sth Rood, then % llo W c c h o r o u c M o n tjo y, F o b ru o L u n ch tl S o lo J a r ts a T o r s : (. _jntactob8. Jol Dooo wdo ronl. Syvcro lll v HC 656 dool tractor w w llhhydohortor..snqlo ronl lor HC 656. lo ro n t ond w olgllj (or Soto! )55x38snopond T BU CK t 1960 Ford F60C wlh 16 ll.bool bod and 964tHC od«lllooj spood 22 t. Jtoc 30 lon host...,.e o «b l» # «1970 Coso 166 or. U lt.lu ad o r Cao 1660 cobln ll.hoodor. pckup Qtlochonts lor C Rock wood boon wndrov Farhand odol _250 to 2 row. Coco 3 row bool horvo 6 row ForhoncJ boot or. lno ol row crop equlp O wnor Charot an S P A R K S a B A K E F CuyS pork.n yttcro r Rolor Dokor, Ontaro, C U w c... " 17. Hjy.GralnFeod 1W _ AY WANTED and 78 BEEF rop. Can boloro9a or J405. tor 6 p. Stan Carter, holler ondcd EXCELLENT 3rd Cuttng lay. Tako a J50. Cal 733 lood HAY (or salo 2 lob orh ol Kbory. Can do..jj vor sall quanlltloa. call., C a. v;osl EAFY 2nd crop AKalla hay por b,o, J35.00 ton. 1: opon poun MARKETNGSEMNAR J.onrn what nkos nrkol novo. How arkos tocoo tagnjnt. Flbrunry 7th nt p.wod Calo. v/oa Man. loroo. jg JEED TO SELL 1st 4 3rd? g " j :ulng hay. Boll HopdJ. 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G M S o o u n d _ S y t o T T \, _ W P o w o r D sc Bra r o k o s, V6 E n q n o. $ 1 FREE OL CHAN ANGES FOR A S LONG W H Y g U R ju C K! BUCK RE EGAl 19 V 6 Engne,~A Ot to atc, P o w o r S to o rn g, AM R a d o, T n to d G< l a s s, P o w o r D s c Bn r a k e s, S to o l B o led Rc R a d o ls, D o lu x o n to r oo r W th Full Bonch SoQl l. ~ W H O S N o r 1 N M A G G VAUUEY? V Y O U T H E G U S T O \ d E R A R E A S e l e c t o n, Sa a l e s, S e r v c e, C Q u a l t y a n d L o w V P r c e, t s a l l hl e r e a t D c k D e y s O l d s E B u c k! H g h e s t T r a d e H n s o n. y < / o u r o l d c a r n o v w l A n d o l c h a n g e s o r ; a s l o n g a s y o u J co w n y o u r n e w c a r N o C h a r ga e! V, D ] C lk M A N A> V E. s T 6 3 9? r " 2 DOOR COUF JPE S : V.8 r A u o o lc, P o w c r S t c o c n g. B r a k e s, S tobol o B o le d R a d o ls, G M So S o u ld S y s to, D o lu x o W h( e e l C o v e r s, D o lu x o n ntc to r o r, T n to d G lo s s, M o ldd n g G ro u p. 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33 T w n F a lls, dc d a h o S u n d a y, F ebruc uar = 0 A t e r r e g g r o u p n g R u sssa n s 5 to p L all! s ta r s N W NEW YORK (U P) ) Followng an goals and nd a th rd early n the nal ebarrassng42 loss B at the hands o p lod toxcycnthoseres.:: e r.... the Nalonal HockeyLcj League AllStars Vlad: r Golkov nudged hoe a H n lhe seres opener,, the th Sovet tea rcwundo j o a Serge M akarov shot on a l ad e so eadjust e n ts and the twoonon( one break to sjjpply the wlnnresult was a 5H vctc ctory Saturday, _ ng goal 1 ater a scorcs 45 seconds apjrt_ V. b e tu n g u p W u lll aate rlcntlona by Bors rsm k h alo v rln d :"S o rg cl ~...conrontaton a wwnnertakeall Kapustn n ted th e score 44 n the showdown tonght. second pc perod. sad last Thursday lay that our tea The rc regrouped and deterned would do belter, Sovel Vet coach Vktor Sovets vrtually \ donated ther }lr., Tkhonov sad through >Jnan a nterpreter. NHL coun Dunterparts, outshootng the : Any coach has to learn a a lesson ro a deeat. n the rst ga g, e our rst Weknt knew they d be derent aler two lnes dd not play y.ve7 \ well, but hcystud Ldled the rst g a e and ound, nd. lo d ay tw asb clter." o u tw halh a e y dld, wrong,", sad N HL L,, 1.. The Sovets, playng g wthout njured orward d Bob E Ganey. They seeed ed :> V aler Kharlaov, ov( overca e a 42 U) work k a c lol d o se r together. They dect wth two late secondperod worked 1as a unt better than we dd. clnche ncanyorrlb ByRANDYFF FREY TlesNews s wrter shot to cut the lead back"lo three ponts. FL E R Coach VWayne Hu Fler went ah ead by ve wth jst phreys gae plan Satun lurday was to try two nu nutes to play when Scott and akpcclq_nnjwlu wllh,the_ball, but._h lnch& _w rj as_ouled,.n_lhe_acl_o_ } _.. th e aster hs W ldcats ts ; ran the ore " shootng. He ssed both ree throw out o control thngs gol. ;ol. attepts, but he g a b b e d hs o ra F > K. F ler was co ng g o < two rebound! and ar ollowed t n to cut the C * p nsslve;w lns nnd Hu] phreyshopcd lcadbad(l. J lo th. to wn convncngly agan, but Declo Todd Cu :rtls w as then ouled, and he le. Monte Anderson 3n o Bose (above) overca e soe hard punches ca e to play and the be; best Fler could ade one e ( o two to brng the Hornets s ro Red Dyke an o Pocatdlo to score J a techncal knockout do_was.a4037_ycury.. ry..whlch.wasn t w llh ln two. VOJ ler.had chances to p u t t_ t _ w hlar lduv das s qtwn F alls (rght) delv( lvers a rght lo Boses decded untl the nal th three seconds. aw ay, bu ut B ra n O chsner and d Loue Lopez n boxng acton Saturday ngh ght at the College o don tknowwhav!{ avswrongwthrrlchond: adrbothrlsscdouotstln n Southedaho: ths tea, but they Just lst see to play the nal nute. l well enough to wln Hur Huphreys sad, Wlh just 27 seconds to play, Curts s wshng he could nstl stlll that kller was ouled gong to the hoop and hc le nstnct upon hs players. Ers. went to th( the lne Wth a chance to te Wo Were up by se sevenand had the gae. le. The rst swshed through J plenty o chanccs to J put the ga e bul the secc econd d l short, aw ay, but nstead w e rel rd a x a n d te n d s The gat ew as stll not over, though, up a d o se gae. he sac sad.dedo~conl ontrollng"the"rebound a n d ~ Leadng 2 M 8,F Q er rbegan t to throw callng tl lle_out_wllh_19_seconds. to :_ Boxng act.ton r t[talesc :ores heball away whle Dcclc eclo began to put play. Te nc or one last shot, t n the basket. T hehloets orr re d e d o The Hor lo els elected lo go wth elghtunansweredpolnts lnt&totakea20 Darrlngton tonrwhohadearllerhllour lead wth two nute: utes to go n the long Jupe pers. B ut the senor guards wn v crknaup thrd quarter. shot was 5 short s nnd FUer went on, to 0 Tony Sth gave the h e lead back lo wn. TWN FALLS Da\ lave Trble o. pound. Geo leorge Knaup (TF) unan. dec..f ler when he sneaked?d nsde : or two Sth le< led all scorers on the nght t Bose won a unanous us decson over over Mar ark Thopson (Pocatcllo); ponts, and Je Rch chond ht a wllh20po 30nls WhUe Pancherl led the c M ark Knaup o Twn Falls Salurday 05pound,, C Chad Hckey (Vslu) unan. n..... B Juper to ake 11 a three ree pont lead. D edo attac tack wth 15. nghl n the eatured bo: Doxlng alch at dec. over jr Bryan Tubbs (Goodng); l Ja y _ D e c k e r._ E llc r a. r a_.68.centcr,.the wng n gves TPprn twygnnjpad d _ Jh ec ollegeos outhendaho. l p o u n d d,joe,, Whalan (T P)lll;dcc7T?C. r Tbanked n a Ju per lo 0 n ake t a ve n the Can lanyon Conerencewth Ju st!t The ght was nahed sd the dutstand over Rand; ndy Scolcs"(Lewston); 139 pont spread and thng! ngs oncc agan two gaes les lo play. The WUdcata can n ng bout o the evenng.». pound. Rlck d Adas,(TF) unan. dec. L" looked coortable. w rap up the conerence chaponshp P Mke Grow o Lews ston, who also over Loue le Lopez (Bose); 130pound, d.,. _. B ut back canje Deck eclo,.d ale D ar w llhaw lno n over Valley Frday. won by a unanous 5 decson over Je (Hanc ce (Lewston) unan. dec. c. rlngton httng a hghah ardlng ju p j t n o t.,.lhc_cbapldnsht tl U b e Chaney ReeseoVstar Jrtookhoe th c ~ o v e hluck Knapp ( u c Vst)r oueldlngbaxe &wan r d " " ~ poongrm Sr tlace Glenns F erry, n other results ro x the Magc by TKO 0 over R ed D yke an n., R cks be t shopng thecha Valley Boxng aubsponsored ghts: (Pocatdlo) lo);25poundrm lkeg row J plonshpw w ll bo wrapped up b y (Lewston) n)unan. dcc,over Chancy T sayng he s not too condent t 75pound, Steve Ware N orth d rd (Vsta) dec. R eese (Vs; daho /sla ): Joe Rose (lew lslon) a) lutlay s gae. Mkc Gerdon (TF); 115pound, 111 Rch dec. M ke :e : Fleng (W eser); and d REXBURG, daho (U P) C hrs Thal s 8 n not the best place to go and Anderson (Vsta) won tn by splt doc. D avet rbld(bolse) l unan. dcc, over or Owen and Todd Anderso rson ta ed up or 53 ponts to propel Rc Rcks Colege to 1 wn /n a basketball ga e," hee d. over Gus Hernandez2 (U w.) 148 M arkk nau] aup(t F ). Ool) txl jm ulrnnnew. a 90*77 vctory over the lhe North daho Followng ng the reg u lar Season coes s Cardnals Salurdav nrht {, the seasm M d ln g tournaent, and The Vkngs proved /ed ther.record" runphrcys expects, plenty odose. to 17.l.whlle;droppng.N< [.North.daho to...acton there ere, t shoul( Hdht be close these y s T H awr a le tad to Gree S torep Owen llpped_n_.28. ponts and would play e l?y capable B Andersoalchled n wth.wl 25 as the Playng, ;g, burthey 1 just havent done! HONO:UEU(UP) To Storey, DlegbTand d n Krst start o the year r Ony a stroke behnd was Dan Vkngs p u lledaw ayto a the or erlas Vegas song and danco he oled to<; loqualy or Phoenx. Halldorsot.llke Storey a probles. 5..lead n the second hall hal and an Th WU( VUdcats certanly werent 1 an who Joned the PG/? 3/U our at 34, H e wa s _lhe.holtc.«t.player_.snurday..., th y..._halldorson. GeorgeBu C y _ w j s a n o th e r who talnedldow ntheb tretch tchtt nvncble e Frday, bul then agan th e/ y " odc ~ Seveh~tracs n l 14 Toles on a c o urse neary unplayable ater r Zoeller started play Satur urday ted tor a * Me P progress the tlrd round, Gordon Herbert hnd d 27 : ponts to pace our Cahlnals n double dot gures, have won 1 r nne conerence ga es and j jw tjustone jne. Saturday to tc deendn. ng chapon Hubert G reen or the lead n the thrd an nch o overnght ran. Storey, started the le round at (Junderpar, our r the lead. T he e ld. o 75 s uarvlvors r w as The veterans started the day our shots tlb lend, d. t turned n 33 and added a ; RlckBledlwsartjnru trtlctpns ro u n d o th e ra n d d aayed$300,000 y ahotaoth theleadrandtu edn a5 delayedbylhreehoursr.a s,v o r k n tc r _ 3 12lQ gq _L L underpad The vctory let Rcks stay n a te B Hawaan Open. under 3 L H He ( ade hs sxth brde on n stru g g led to clear the W alalac tral l)y two ro shots. s wltheollegeo Southern jdlhoruhe j Storey, whose lotal jenlngs n thr» n th hn). lolt and hs.scvcnthonthe.0 C ounty. Club CoursooP, walerrtjey regonal basketball chase wth 21 ls SS! three y ea are only $26,.522, ade t 4th. w ere successul to a pon tnl.butlhcre AsonlHu 1 lunrcr ntvarlous stag es o records. N orth daho now low s 22, Rcks., 2. to the H aw aan Open by /survvngtho s pul S r Storoy n a le wth Green, 1, w ere stll puddles o water c r at the s tart the thrd ro round w ere Llndy Mller, travels lo CS or a 1 n regonal lead _.. cut last week a t the Crosb by. The week who lpd... showdown Thursday ngh ghl. S.:::::::::... n» beore he aled lo ake! Uthe cul ot San 13underpa oar. however, and there see :ed to be no Barber. n y h o u e y Magc s d e g u e l MAGC VALLEY Dcclo > wrcsu bcltcrth n second n ther dstrct.". cha ponshps and only y one had to started out Jt ] pretty slow bul we coe e thnk we could do t (ove /erhaul Buhl) alcles.but we lo.st soe atches n ng Coach Jay D an ggton U had Jusl DarHngto gton sad the Magc Valley settle or nnerup. Two 0 < o the others on p retty well ater a lttle w hle," he e wthout the wrestleback k ponts beng e lower weghts, w too. that people wtnessed hs charges pul on one o has droppe ped too a r behnd the rest o wound up thrd and wll 111 ght or a sad n a ll ad understateent, counted. we won tvl ll be the last aren t reen ne berlng." the strongest shows n ourth o dstrlcl the slate : to thnk about tea cha spot n sta le aganst tl: thrd dstrct. Coach Ha lanks also ponted out tla t.t e n any, any r oons. The hstory but he w asn t p: panung any plonshlps 1 or on a la rg e scale. He sad the co petton Saturday al a Mountan Stan W arr r nrepealed a surprse o last t pckngs any gettng p retl!tty sl," he "But you are gong lo get nto that roscypctu lo statc. ; a rc a u stced hdugh t h e... ndlvdualt lavcghl d a s s wnners, <*we won atches no 1one o expected d a s s ths Ue tl around unseedcd_and_ d our o r ve years beore rc were back reob. ber th at one o our stth ln k n ler so a ew / H o e... y ear.w arrr r went ntothe 122pound d contnued. t looks lke ;e t could te lypeotua, ang people,.you also havo H s UocB had w alked A3 dlsth ct wresungtou tou a enlby ThereJ r ju s t sn t the copetton u s to;"t3atlngton bcac T edt huay th e d e s lhated a " N o n re n ly or,.the e ag a n."... : w rratlersrw rwhopaced n s ta le o r u s losng a total o sx, count e, sx aundherc ere. Up thctc, he otoned 1 nlghl as he awated the trophy B olxats.hhe e oughl past the Nos, 2 and d Buhl Coach Je Ho Cowell could last year,, qut the tea durng our atd es. They won ther clr dlvon by toward Ea Sasten d, tea s lke >. presentaton..prou Dud o all o 3 seeds and d then knocked, o tca bascally only stand and nod r hs head (seasonope o p enn g ) n v ta to n a l," 36 ponts a n d.w e n t,llu U ugh helr F lrtlnrells tghungjustlosutrvve."...,. the but thnkl thel e happest or ate J 1 S Searle n thenals to wn n tg re c e n a sa n s and a coachos " g d d n gj ssad. a l He lost a otch and "... M a c Valley chal edu edule unbeaten b u a lack o su ld en t nu bers o Ron R ed an. Ths s the rst the chapc ponshlp. Last year he dd d ca e by to td l h whal lat he already th en d d n cc coe b ack out or th e at and untested. schools par )atldpatlng n the r t or toua ent he s ever won 3n." the sa e th: thng to a tea ate n the e knew t w as a tough wa> aytolose. or hs next xl o one. H e s asked to be re tu be derent nt next week, what?, Coach D ave Hanks, who w watched 98pbund da: dass: lastatod a a c( couple o t es bt he D onngton sad. suppos xjse th a t could be p art o ll," The trouble wth l}s,.burley Bobcats.sprc the 11 d eeat, _ co ach esco cadeagle.the 11 wasn n t th a t bg o a s u rp rse co rrectly to ld h h e :u r.:a n d lealaw v ath c.ex explanaton; p. Dartngton< onvahsw ercd,.!lb U sees how everr w osthat Buhl \ A»1 dd, wouldnt Tbe W osl a la le cou]dvt;wha d ra w rn to _ because_thc ;hcyj.ve.)ecnvery:.cl05e:nll_ Vhat that all eans, Wo wrestled Frthn n a dual last lke attund d here a j d d only gets! atch o r two anda coupl > coents about stale, y e a r," Cw cch Hanks sad. The last plo o seeded_s.jtqt.buh Buhl s lookng or a reason... week. F rth beat us 5212 and one o good and ] h he s th e b e s t So ho stops w restlers were dteated ed by le s s e r or losng.the three atches, we wc won w as provng.: g. n the other dstrcts, a kd J " don t predct," he!» ought a challenge ( atch),» dstrct to Jero e, they a d.. w r seed s. t caused soe lnj nger pontng couldsay becausc one o otr boys 3 w) w as sla ed etsdnlyso so g o and th a ts when he J Just go up th ere and try to c athl l0," y we w lost t n the rst d o u,o b c s. and A thletc Drector Je Jerry E n g d k w eckendod by oneoherl and could uldn t contnue b elter start woldng h ard to get a lol t w ecan." tt race was won by Jero e ) D ece ber. ng took excepton lo 11. andcoach h Sklp S Andrew really ddn t Only thln g know s that w e dpn t (gvng D edo the w n bj by deault)," better." The coach knew ho ha lad tho tea b d lev e t or orawhlle. ts easy to pont a t 6 one or t*o.o( have a kd d wl who goes out on thb ato., D anngton sad. " was vas pretty. Darngto gton b d eves he s n a 1 Utle n hand g dng nto the e nal round jd the le heavyweght alch had d our kds and say they los ost t because losralhh! thnk ath eth anbla e y pressed. Aterwanl ther ler coach told poston to J know because he qualed 1 but had wanted hs chargt rgcs lo take a. p ro p d ledh hs Tgers past Buhl by ve e they h a d the sortuneo o b eln g ln th e o o u rk lds sw we should be conatulat* e h e ddnt e d they coul Muld nsh any n n e ot hls 12 or d strctt ew ore ndvdual ttle t s. "We ponts, Coac >ach Andrew sad: ddn t t upper weghts and n tho dosng ng Jeroe le c or a heckova coeback. VP Valleyswrestl ng a r behnd [re s to :the sta ad t e.

34 tfttosvsrtwlnfallarlde daho GondayrPobuayJlr J.V?97l JEROM E Gordy Kerbs Tbs, who but two Kcrlcy ;y buckets dosed t lo Delr elrlch 40pont club,whch nc ndudes Bolh teas ssc sscd the ront ends o Rcheld, Rl whch was ht by ay su s V o lle y w o n th e p re l n a ry bcca c the rst Burley Bobcal K ltscvcr one. Then the JJeroe c r drought set n.,on Knowles. Leland Townc and oncandone stual uatons over Ueuxl pchs gototrbtrayers or dscpl ph nnry hanrllly. n o hltt.ooopolntsrnrcareorrwt rw rrrc o Junor " J c P"W T rlg h w n e la s t Rnhc ahcylxc to nae soe;"" DrcM cknlardocldcd... 5 ycconds bcorc reas easons two weeks ago, ell bch! K o v j«a._ y SS S l S v r, : throw wth 11 seconds let and d t was bucket o the rst n perod and opened t. n 1 Hb l rst cjuarter ond wos down vn3g l9 McKal 11 Durha TurTU * S 5 Just enough to let the Burley y Bobcats B the second wth h two t ore dd goals. The Blue Devls, juped, ahc head o For a long whle there t ddn t at t nter sson. 1«VoVo? s! _outlastthe_nsplred_jero e e. Tecrs L eln ln p crg o tap a par_o_rcc throws or the le wlnless Panthers 194 n tthe rst appear thnt K berly, ghtng or ncw cwldd snpjtp CaaCty 1! r a r 5 8 Saturday nght. Jero e to ake ke t 2015 but Burey hal and never looked " bade, Trelr secondspotnthe* Canyon Conerence, W l S K... 10! jjrtla j z r s u T 12 Kerbs, runnng hs threeyea ear start then reeled o the next nne ponts o bgge ggest eort was a 29polnt U thrd wasn l gong lo 0 have 1 lo ret uch, 10 htoj! ToUll 2131S>U u Totals.3016 swart......s Ol 51 ng c areer pont tqtnl to 1,005, )5, ssed the ga e to akt akeltlo o k llk earo u t. quart jarler whle stretched the lead to Wendell wenl the le rst quarter wllhout ohreon <onj...l5m445 S T.::::::::::: ;: two ree throws Just prevous )us to the t w as only ap appearances, Lennger * 5734; 34; scorng and ddn dn t get uch on the Uon SUwa lorroan clncher, but the succcssul one gave and Blevns stea«eaded Jero e and over board untl abou )out our nutes ro J s j j W o o d R v ce r 6 5, the Bobcats n threepont lead les ond lh cn e x tl2 playr yng nutes the T gers The wn clnched second place :e ln th e anod n the ) hal. At that t e To,a, olals G0U42 os», 3 Burley stood back and let ;l Gerald hung aboul nne te ponts back. Nort orthsde Conerence or D Detrch Kbcry h d d r a lead and cas :arnajcounty... J j G l e n n s F e: rnr y 5 2 lctlcd < L cngtrlcul,lt:rord nc_y l_w lthout_.l clnnger, Bl le v ln a n d K e rle y ands da s lar seedhg or the nsct al KhoghthcBull JuUdoganever.losl. _U....GLENN.S FERR :R R Y T he Wood rtppnglhnr. Kcrb;~ then.stoodr 0D cn H t~ th p TDurth~jacr:~ylthtn u.ncnrodcnngngoodnc ngfcb: Wendell tred very cryhard.to RcLlLback.J.1 bounds wth the ball and let t the.last Jero e ponts s to t cut the dect o Kberly ulphp u * a lle y b b, 55 re e th ro w aa tte p ts and a h o t V seconds tck o. three and then 1 cae c. the reply lurry t s s " y orty * rttlpllp Dllrch ; 24 toe C K shootng th rd qua: q u a r te r to dow n th e There was soe hectc strategy by K erbs and Funk F that took Burey ard l 0 4 Mlcnx V V3! 14 Un 90 5B S h o s h o n e 5 1 unxr Shaw! _ G lc n n sf c rry PPlols6552_Saturday. l! w ang n the closng second; )nds ater back out to a 534* 344 advantage. jus«jslcn 0 3 S 3 Kowcn! S2 Ovcracrr Daz Ttt T Perron * vs McKlnlay cnslcr 12 4 El EDENHAZELTON The Valley \ nlghl, Jero e, whch could trace ls sery The tea s traded tr two eld goals clon 0 0 Q XldlnRcr 5 J" Hanchcy 3 H (W»c ;, r!! s vk /k ln e s b roke a 13gae lo sn? g s S tre ak G le n n s F e rry, w h hch e nded up w llh to a twopont, ournute dro: drought n b eo re Kerlcy,. y,...b ob Adas_nn(l_._Kk«vlH Short l 4 0 S! Mc)e la tu rd a y n lg h tb y T d o w n lnng B h c 39 Qja a n d our stn s ta r te r s a n d tw o s u b s S :!S the second perod, hod eaten n u up a 14 Blevns agan 1 s slced the dect to,*,ro oslro G4 115 l«tolal. ShO hoshone ndans on th e b ench wlh th v e e ac h, sta y ed pont dect. Doug Blevns s c cu t. the three. Kerbs got ;ot one ree throw beore DtlJ 2313aM Total* 3 n 1717 a!...0 H 2B 45 ctth... Burley lead to 5856 and Kerl Cerbs Was Blevns ht hs ; 15ool Ju per to ake carry... * 4 S w ~ ouled. Jero eochp athhokethen o l lt585&:and«e{ etuplhe succewlonrpq L _. called our straght t eouts s to let the t eouts and rc( rec throw dra atcs. < E b e r y r r z T " : (nas Co L4140 tl The vctory let the two le a rn s w thn th re e ponts n o v e r th e rst hal, shar harng the cellar n lhe Can>on C: g y t th e th rd qu u a r te r W ood R v e r " ontscncc=as=thcyphl ho» e a n d h ls c v e n ol&atten p ls ro th e d d = o u n t y " ~ h oloe decsons to s p a r k a 23po 3ponl pero d w h le.... veteran thnk about the Job 3 at al hand. C O t twas a lght gae throughou 3U t,t he G le n n s F e r ry anagedjustouro n a 15. V e n d e l l 4 5 T hat worked as k e rb s shots \ Rcheld 51, u s 4 2 w ; bg )gderence was provded n th e T h a t took th e Wol d v e rn e s nto a 5134 and out but Jero e couldn t KMBERLY M ark Me cklnlay RCHFELD The Caas County thr hrd q u arter by senor 1 T r a c y le n d a n d they coaslc lasted ho e. ball down on that possesson, on. Kerbs n D e t n ccn n. pres: ressurcd through a ree thro row wth Mushcrs conlnuc lucd to rol through the Eng Sngllsh. He got n early oul tro u b le c.m c r r y gnvup agan was ouled and aw arded two hree seconds let to na! down n a tght Northslde Coner erence n undeeated and nd sat oul uch o the hal. But u t n l h e uon 45b K J W S S {ocr shots. He ssed the rst but then U got CAREY C, Quck M arc Perron 845 vctory or the Kr lberly style Saturday nlghl nl] by turnng back thr hrd quarter Englsh ran n p o n ts r n S2 \ tarkc the decsve one. staged a spectac tacular shootng exhb gjj lulck 2 s Sl hrta 3 n o n Julldogs over the rallyng MW enddl ther chddtlgers7442, tog.0 get Valley nto the lead, Crand.ll Shay At the outset ll appeared that h a t y our, tlon Saturday / nght t as he poured rojanssaturday nght. was the 14th th strag ht vctory or Slwshone S scrabled back to 0 > w th n Hunn« Mon;y totolo na e ddnt sta rt wth KE CER you through 42 po polnls n leadng the McKnlays J clnchng pont? nts gave Coach Lou Andersen s Mushcrs who.wo two pots wlh aboul three : n u te s s [ n» n 2201 w erent needed. K erbs ht 10.0 ponts p n D etrch Blue s Devls to an 8459 he Bulldogs j 5 UlKj* a lttle brealhn ng roo alreadyhave Lhe the No, 1 seed or the cl let n the gae but ree thro row s b y g V the rst perod whle M ark rk Kerley decsonoverthe lhe Carey Panthers. ter they watched a rsthal! l4ponl dstrct tournaent plus the con Ror Ron M etcal and Kelly S tle g le ToUls C M 51 C5 lepled wlh eght or the Tgers. At Perron ht on or an assort ent o. cod j elt to one wllh 20 seco nds let, crence ttle w appedup, ap; slar slaed the door, Cla Kerry one stage Burley oved ahead cad by ve ju pers and dr drvng shots to Jon the Moorehe ead setsn or wo( re 60n LOUlSVjLLE, K y.( U P )] Brenda B renda Webb o Ue U n lv erslty o Wc Webb led hroughoutvrtual la lly lh e J Moorehead set an Aercan :an ndoor Tennessee set t a eet record o 4:39,8 entr ntre race 5nd wthstood a strong.. record or the 60 eter dash sh wlh a n the woen s s le run to b etter the chal! hallenge on the nal lap ro Cndy t e o 7.31 Saturdoy nght ;hl n the ark o 4:41.7,7 set s last y e a r by Lynn Brer Jreser o WsconsnU nted Kl Track * MosonDbcon ga es and then len helped Jennngs o Bos loslons Lberty Athletc Club :ub, who nshed second n 4 ::4o,7.:4 l. c.r. r Tennts5secState 9800 eter terrelay Club. tea to another A ercan reco, Moorehead broke the nark S o l7.32 H O U S5 E C O L D? C o n v e r t yro o u u rh e a t robbng sb e sctla sty e a r trepla c D to a n l c o h e a t.eexchange j unt! n e secondplace nsher wth a Ue o 7.39 was C handra Chee heescboro. She also ran on the Tcnnesse ssee State nstalls Sn exstng SOOnctcr relay tea w hlch ch«tabll re p lac e ;ts*lv?c"po»c» shod an Aercan ndoor re record o p re s s urlzcd rl a r h e a t ~ r?38;5, breawng th e Aerc: :r!can and c rc u latlon tk J S M n b x o n ark o 1:37.9 set by.t h o rostal o s r control 1 Tennessee State last year. =.M.& 150"M ln. The recordbreakng 800 sw alslg o l / lay tea was rounded out wth Jones and Ernestne Davs.... :..._ c o n s truuc ctlo n Olypc gold edalst t H arvey.glance o_ Auburn won the ; en s 60 e te r dash wtta Te o 6.C6. Mke R o b e rso n o( Florda S tate was second G lass d d a a rs attractv tve a c o 1 3 ln rsh an Ray Flynn led ro the Ralwoy pbrrt to wn the (rpf ortlnnd F R EPP L A C E S, N C. other <EB MODELS AVALABLE Federal Mle n3:58.9. Flynn took the lead about J t 565 yards " b e o r e the halle ark \ n a eld B E S P E EC C A L. ncludng world ndoor le le rec o rd M ako Your oppolntc holder Dck Buerkle and slret( lvway: 48 BJ BATTERY1 ont o r a u n lquo retched hs advahlagq"to easuy w nth e a n 6,ENTLEH A N S S T Y Ull> N G E X P E R E t t event n the nvtatonal dvlsc son. Olypc hoperlm arty Lqt Lquor was S h a p ooo, o C u t, ur4s t... d o cked at 4:01.6 nnd Jerald rad.jones, runnng or the Santa Monlc; nca Track S ty le Dry 1Exchange WTH.. H H H EXCHANGE, [. Club,was thrd n t e o 4: ;0 R er s BUerlde, coplanng o~ o l~ sore j pl r? ln [ l> a d sl c e d.,l :e y e t± t5 ~TH6ardroppcdT3ut)M he racohcn n e e dss w a te r. F ts o s t U.5 U.S. sta n d a rd,. s z e c a r s ; S h o p a n d S3 a v e a t K a rt.. ~ th e h a l llc ark. F lynn," wh0 " 0n c c r a n ore t ast H alrr opaco K o o n t Tennessee Slate, sad hs tn: t e would l n l l FlHlng &Sty S ln g have been t>etler he h had been " 1 TRAN ANSMSSON COMPUTER * " Y o s lw o rr o c o p c n challenged harder. M onday thru J Sc S a tu r d a y! SERVC CES NCLUDE: FLTE TER CHANGE :; WHEEL BAUNCE } : would have gone astcr had soeone to push e," Flynn; nnsald. B a * * l E. S l 9 :0 0 A.M.5:0! Bun.1] 111 ntw trntlssa So Solo Prco Nb lo P a However, Flynn sad he ; was wj happy ll new pngnkol. g w lh the pace,, whlcl he : callcd c " a A sk U. A b o u t _j 1 and lellll wlut up ts 4.. \M S o /o PrCQ 4 F O R ,! r. : t n u rannlhgn Auto g ooa o o th p ace. o a lc ra n s! v. H ynn s peror ance was /atoly lhe RAND OPENNG SPECC A L "». ssor so n s only. M od ; Major Servce WVo o c o p u te r Cal second subour nute le n the J ,, ulat0. l»ycar hstory o the Mas asovdxon Most Cara pans, l l l 1 ga es. T he. otly other X M K E to.s...add..c>.o.a? Hour* Vary gncc rco e a c t w hcol. ol s. lud Rxra. M...lP lb a M C a lll... h 6 " " c a r." lo r o st! J:S rc o rsrs h o p n o w, r " s u b o u r k Y J M B nute le ca e two y ears ux ogo w hen : Flbert Bay o Tanzana set the eet 3 7 B l u e L a k e s B l v d. N... t w n F a l l s, d a h o record o3:57.2. J ; ~ S U s t u n s t w c r a v e r t r r r e s T e w r e c o e e r d a «ord sh C A L L N O W F O R F R E E E S T M A T E a e t o J O P E N D d a/ l y 9 : : SUNDAY POCATELLO, daho ( (UP) S enor guard L aw rence ce B utler swshed 41ponts os the daho ds State B cngals sezed a (hrllpackc eked doubleoverte baskelball all truph r o t h e sh o r t o r to the le v e r y c o p l e x. H & R B l o c k n c:o e ta x p rep arers r s a r e u lly t r a n e2d. d. ro NevadaLas Vegas s ; Saturday nght. n d v d u a l o r J o n t S a l e s seconds to ensure tho wn. Earler t C h ld c are,, s a le e x c h a n g e o p e rso n a l T ra v e l, e rte rta n e n t, oce n h o T e, n v e s t e n t c r e d t,, dc e p re c a to n, jo b tax B utlerand SU.centerloe Toe Fazekas ade two ree throws cach :h l n the last etn F a r e r s w as Butler s 15*oot Ju uper th a t.., r e s d e n c:e, e, r e n ta l p ro p e rty, te :ed lo d g n g, a u to leage, n su ra n c e, nvest 2s c r e d t, s a le e x c h a nnge, c se l e p lo y en t orced a second overte. A 25ool baselne shol by UNLVs d e d u c to)nn s s, R A, p ro t s h a rn g, l lu p e n t cred t, ccc o n v e n to n s, e tc. a x, p a y ro ll a x e s, t a x re e e x c h a n g e s, Tony S th H adllcd the scor core al 90W..su dstrb u to n s, d e p e n d e n ts, dv p g n e t o p e ra tn g lo sse >es, e tc. C o n s t r uec t o n W o r k e r s at the end o re la to n tle. ne. o rs n g le F e p a re n t d e d u ctons,!oc> n lhe rst OVcncrSUT UToUedttn.T rav el, lodgnc ng, seco rd h o u s e, a uu7o tc P a r t n e r s h p s, c o e ered d t, c re d t o r th e eld our pont wd when guard Allen derly, rngage su b sstenc;e, to o ls, etc. C o r p o r a t o> ns.corder.hll.two ree Ujtows. Bul UNLV n v e s lrn e2nl n l c re d t,, a c c c lc ra te 4.daepre e * c senor ccnler B rett Vroan lan tanked a c a to n b)en e n ets, c a p ta l g an s, c a su a ty R e t r e d 1 P e o p l e S u b S e le c to n, d e pr recato n, nvest ct stu sjot to pul the Rebels s ahead 102 c r e d t, j o b a x c r re d t, b ro th e r/sste r lo s s e s, e!tc.. T a x c re d t or o r lh e lderly, low nco c 100, settng the stage or Butlec s c re d t, nvestn" t enl p ro p e rte s, re n taa ls ]5 r u le s, le s o a ttrl rb u to n, ta x ree exs a vlngbaskct. S e l EnE p l o y e d c h a n g e s, p e r s o n a l 1,, hold n g co p an es, UNLV Forw ard E arl Ejvans v a E v a n s.. p e n s o n s, e tc,. led tho R eb d s w th 37 por jontsn th e " * " n c o e, exe x p e n ses, dcpecaton opt ptons; T a c c u u la e d e a ngs : ta x, etc. astbreakng nonconeronct cc contest. n v e st e2n n t c re d t, p ay ro ll ta x e s, jol ob tax s H ew asonow edbys lthww thsl. c re d t, sed l < e p lo y e n t ta x, lo ss c. QSJockson lsw.moln T hree Bengals traled d Butler! n J Twn Fols. d, Joro o. d.. double gures a s Brnd Rob loblson red o\>ers, retr jtre ert p la n s, e tc. H&R 1.17.LBulllan,.16500vDrtnntlAv. r.. n 22 polnls, F azek as drllc rlled 21 and Holoy, d. Burloy. d. B ryaab anks added 14. S upped ls record to whle THE NCdl OME TAX PEOPLE UNLV eu to 176. Butler w as th e sccon condleadlng scorer n the naton gong lng nto the JWEEK KDAYS 9 A.M. 6 P.M.. SAT l APPONTMENTS AVALABLE C.UTN0TNKE5SAJY D.Ul. ga cweha28.dpolntavcra l;j >S H H j r T H E 5A V NJG P L A C E O urbcg. J3.B8 A78X1 SX !b : O d S l8... : :!;;_ PlusF.E F.E.T..V..,.. j l l. 8 8.» M W 1.71 ach J, /W d e 7 R b D c a g n r s n s ; ; / B o lto d to R o d u c c Squr qu V M o d crn :S ty c W h lew a 1MDUHb HCLJDED HO~T 0 TPEH REQUKol All TW.C PlJFC.T. E VCTHOOBU L l l,.,m, TO 7:00 P.M. ythrusatuaday B E S SB W l 3 $ v e ~ S U N., ~ # We: can do any tax return, M O N., T U E S, F] FRE SA BELTED WHlTEWA FBERGLASS BEL1 0 2 ppolyester eord.. /lantenance ere11 WALLS 1 T S + D PLES }

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OF OA NWU. U. HralvSltnonB n t J... tk4ton...: NEDM.79.HWOUl.S7 Btjta n : 111 U U Do.rM 8 Rk) * X> Twola a ; a3 n «tre wo/r lon o< Ml cork to u w N«JSSX.SlSS:r" Nwr 71» r <9 U n MlwCNr r 0«n«r trwch TU1«1 Mon. ttn 5!!!!!!!!L_8*!utB. PooM Dtolga.CMW SOTl«tNlUettll),Nhl rblnl=">4*rkuw3onn»rt O««#waJ,BbHlTn7(0n 6*lt*l67.trtnltrChnMr nn.m.t us L n t OwSlT JtyGM* eenahwl.qro«crk.al»me» CvM<noAn.Cu««Vn7? n7? $unom.aucqlj.u. t SM HtlKxul n. NHL AlUn t Nn USutUlrMO r. K S. M. S K J. CtplUlH, sw OulAO 17. SE OUMnn otj Yort CautyHcnS CnSCWHUXWn.V, 1 r. LA reaches es agreeent t onx)lyp ~ 7... ARCADATt VTCal.~rTJPl) Fluores jt b c O U tto tlls country n Junt cent y t dc closed ro next to last As dc Copas was thrd anc d Pallon T ~ F ] C r w th a rush n the stretch to capture nshed ourth n Ue eld o ne. nl 0 C 3 1 k r * o th e 20thnnnr nlng o the $ 6 6, A rcada Fluorescent Lght raced 1 u»e V4 HjT)dlelp on.!,uk5.turat.santa. Anta njj les on Ue ransotened tu tur ln2;03 Saturday. 35. As thrd < lc e n the agerlng. w NEWVORKOJPJ) Atthelnls jb e _ U n lte d nsh,thevrnnerwasl% Stales Olypc Coltee ttee and the lengths n ront ro o Waya, Ue Syear Los Angeles Olypc 0 Organzng Coltlee Jontly approved /ed Salurday old are ron ro FYance who captured sx races last st year ater havng been Waya pad $3.80 and 3 wh! hllca sde Cc Copas was wo rth $3.60. w " the hstorc agreeent lo 10 hold the Gacs o the 2 Olyp npad nlos Angeles n Ater the agreeent was as approved by the USOC executve 1 b boanl, the announceent was ade by y R o b etj. j B H r Kane, USOC prraldent,, and John Argue, teporaxy chalrt an o the LAOOC. The accord was rcached a ter v e " H / 1 s wedctot negouauohs tod r d r a w u p a W contractbasedon the B prnclpall W agreed lo on Dec. 10. The le a agree ent l oeaaepnyortg T0B"B COndr A TPN Np_WSE e t E agreeent wth the nte ntotatlonal... * e Olypc Coltlec, assurng the ngeles o rlh e R e e be ber specal p eo p le on W ednej nesday,, rst te snce F ebruary 14 wth lovln.q Hall ark Val Booth Kane and Argue were wc pleased wth the acuonby the USOC executve Tl They ll love your or t! boanl. The agreeent now / has been a d e d to the OC headq adquartob n Tjtntannp, SwtZ<land to to eet the. 0 r/ _equljeracnl8 o the QC : presented p r n. a letter dated Jan. SO.Lord O Klanln, OC. presdlent, nstrucl n o te d both partles, t la pctatve s th a tlh e lo C. has s l t ot the pnxtsed 11 agree t ent between the USOC and the le LAOOC or K a. H H, T sudy prortoexecutlm. MarlcR tops lel ld Fluor )rescentlgl j h t wns &. [S> (HZ) 3 3 t S! D 3 3 l S DOOR PF >RZES*REFRESHM MENTS Thursday Eve enng, FebTlS, 5,7:30 P.M. JEROME MPLE EMENTCOMPA AHY South lt U n dec Ededaboul t patterns, V olcoorsj >? G o t a sp laceproble e? : Seet) onrcohectc osoonr superb palterns.each tn... jlzes and 3 dlerencotor rbnalons. S ow haever your r decoratng c style, heres a Calj Jllaway rug h a s just rght or you. Coe, s e e the leclon soon.~ sm l {ooounc H ond.o a. W C lloou.boldpo Orloro* All * ro»»1onl nc bocklno* _,o «lo r.v Mlecl» 0»u* c l (At Dealer s Store) y Lncoln J n rn e 32<33 <3311. r g s s : 3! S 3 G S S C S j l G 3 0 A / V c C S T Q E3 El": Srlpos ond ST. LOUS (UP) Mo Mark Roth o o n o d o /» d N < Arlngton, N.J., de deeated lopseeded MarshaU Holan n o ol Medord, Ore., , Satrrday n the cha* D o r.. pknshp gae o the joo.ooo?10 Pro n ceber e o n a l Bowlera Assocatl( atlonopen.. p.... Roth; 27,started tho tluej gae wth lewth nnestrlkes. THt o ore strkes P h n would have gven h a 300 gae and U locolates S X... ( U an addtonal 110,000 lo hs: Us 115,000 lop prze. However, he pulled d Ul Ue lou ball BDdletaSln., S) C a llaway u K F N» " Just ddnt get tout," V RoUMld. o knewlrghtaway.. _ n» vlctoywab Roths s (rst o Uo year.. He nshed sccond d to Holan v * = n e g. S 3 two weeks ago n the Grar rand Prare, T e x a s, tjuaraent ater ;r leadng 1( go.. J u nlo the televs nals..... TTVyO LO CATONS FOH YOURCONVENENCE YC S /x p a ll Exactly the so.thlng lng happened (0 h tlls weelc that hoppt 4>pened lo e., 3 lo o r s\ Jast nght,roth sad about outhola, J Roth.d e eate d Dan 3an Roche o:" XANN S PEDlsl B:W. Brow V nghy 11.9 J stna Musc Ftnture Downey, CaU.,s247TlW,, t o a a agqlnstholan., J jla W C lle Roche nshed thrd to e ah W.OOO.. b Hn a x n Btus L x u AU. LnWOOD.BHQPPNQ Ct» Be badqualn th and tdn: ovcdqlo B jj <gwneb AND OPWATEO BYPENNYWeetJhUQS O2;kMalJ wnf(m r\\\tvnn:3s the nals, by deeatlng Ma Ma] Acosta o j B "..Freont, Cal., , and G y H l [ S 3 S 3. Troup o Coluba, S.C.,,24: Troq); a orer chap Tpon eaned, s j l. S D g 3 l J ) J ~ 4! C 3 EEz[OS 2 ;»5,000 arolrth.,acosts 26/. akng t t e hghest nsh o ls cal c a ;p c k e d.. atszeheas l r l Z D C l B lae3(53(sl! C ; : 4,000 or takng lth.

39 .... ng 7 n r s j. rt Valley l Twn FaUs, daho S u n d a y, Februr u a r y 1 1, N p v V w 3 e... B v. J L O ld. d glass bottles crow )wd a useu shel _ M ks t o r 3 x > n : : e 3 h G S t t F g J TWN FALLS S r t s ce cold n tho M eanwhle, a long lst o valuable Twn Falls Counl lunly Hstorcal Museu relces re an oul n the cold or lack o r west o Twn Fall:!*alls, but the dues n space. thcshowcasesdon jon t see to nd. W(Thaye"a lotd5tur utscattercd all They are a ccusl uslo ed to cold and quet over the county," Hole es explaned. or sx onhs o each y ear because the T here s a lot o stu oul t behnd b a s n counly cannot aord to open the useu the weeds that would really lly be colleclors v durng the wlnlct. lte s j you h a a p ja to ;o p put the/; H. 3 1 _3 the ann nequlns, d ressed n The oldcryschool whchserves as aulhenttccnlya jra ercanclothesrhavr the useu nearc urry ry C rossng has reaned slent t about al ther accooda everythng ro the weddng c shoes o tlons, ebers s o the Twn Falls County M rs. Agnes Stronk, who arred her Hstorcal Socet; :ety have been Jusl as husband n 1900, to an 1 ee pty box o nrcbcarlng. McDonald s Betty Copson son Chocolates. On a skpy county budget o $5,000 a n the general store dlspl splay a re scales year, hstorcal ll sc socety enthusasts have ~ groccrsonccused_l L.welg /clgh.ood tes.. anaged lo kcc :cep the useu orderly., and n the cablnct s an old tn box whch antopen to the publc ] ro Aprl 1 to once conalned Pper Helds ldsleck Chewng. H B Sept. 30 each ye year wthout so uch as Tobacco. n the wnter showcase annequns gaze on a deserted useu hntng they need!ed 1 ore oney. An eary daho barbershop dsplay T htrtw ard o*th<rhstorcal3oclely) (o co pletewlth rrorrbar has been v e cooperatve n recognzng tolet te s advertses harcuts or 25 _lhe_{actthauthe therearcothccarcaso cent.s. sh aves o r 10 cents s each ej a nd a h ar k l ry_ aj[ b e. dedlcaedd as u. u lshlng s.ajjutcber. a J shop.and a shed. 1 ay_evcn get..a sllgh aghl_ Ul w hen the governent that h a t need oney, Twn rzz or 50 cents. 0«6otw>4h6lperccntl entstrlke:ttt.cg a lb.l ~zr~: r hlstorl( rlcal land ark F n lls CountyV Co lsslp n cr:_met U h c«ld8chool T nrnv ellkept r dsplays o antque a U ullhotrclel :lely needs ore roo. Counly, Leonard sad. d... stands a bedroo as 11 u nust have looked phonog n a r d s a l ographs, Clarence Blsbee e pholo "R would. be \x a layout we had a " t depends on what lat rones we have,,..,. Thouglthey/ hl have accepted_lherr n the cary years o hlsj ls century w h engraphs hs,:assbottles purpled by any buutlngabout >ut 200 eet wde byaooeev Leonard sald W cju 4urcgalngtobavcto re...r hstorcal socetj :ety e bers ad t the poneers w ere carvng ar land out o years s o < exposure to the ullravlole olelrays longw U abast laseenl n lso we could gel : prortze when the legslature gves us oney has bart )a rd y covered b ask ex* desert sagebrush to crealt ;ale w hat s now o (he le sun, a tool or puttng pe pleals n everythng n n t, Holes sad. " you the botto lne on how we are gong to penses o kecpn, png the useu open to the succcssul Twn Falls s T: ract. lades s d n sse s and yrads o c curous had a roo where wh you could set up each 1 have to pleent the h e 1 pcrcent. t s not. the publc. A ock bedroo dsplay: lays th e bedroo objects :ls ll the old school house J l< leavng one o these.dsplays t would be pretty,... our ntent, to throttle Jttle all w orthw hle We are nn! nnng rght down to bare set used by the Slrlckers :ers whose Rock no roor o or ether collected objects els whch g <. t s a shae : we don t have a enterprses, but perhap haps they could w ork.! skn," George B H Holes, oulgong presl Creek Slore was an eary ly stoppng place should dbedlsplayed, buldng bg enou enc lo dsplay n. w th a lttle less onc; loney. That s only a dent o the hslor slorcal socety, sad. "But along the Oregon Tral wh( vhch cut through Ouls; sde, the hslorlcal socety V has h se t But even sall captal proveents > projecton a t ths te :e, however; They a s long as we can ca g e r along the wuy wc Twn F alls County. The he old Streker up a ock blacksth s sho hop, an, lo the useu >eu are not lkely to. be ; are budgeted untl Octol ctober, :...are,.wo.wonlask ask or any jnore raoncy.! cabn,... 3vh!ch._sll.stan la n d s. south o.. authentc carjy Aercan cabn, wllthjuu..orlhcolnk.,a..and lhe barehones.budget Leonard sad expans janslon s needed al the useu, but that h a t updlng a y b e... = 1 dcult. ; The gro u n d " ls s not a v a la b le," U» n a rd sad, " woult ouldhopelandcould H v be acqured n the prcj present locaton. But ; J. you lghtsayllw ouldl ld be a dcult prce!... u or the to eet. * P a rt o the old 03 Leary L( Ju n o r Hgh j SchooTbuangrcccnt centlypurchasedby L J the county,could serv jerve lo house soe r p o r ta n t docuent! lents and p elu resh belongng to the hstorcal soclcty, Leonardsald... pr n th e nter,, ll lhe socety u st conunue to work wllh?u hlls TJucger About S2,500 o that Loney pays salares o th e two part te e caretakers, M r. and g B n K K M rs. M artn Harp p \ who lve on Ue!. useu property; T h e h sl o the budget helps p ayor utltes and olher ncdental e.\pense.s lke p ant and luber Ksrors allprojecls. ; J Hstorcal socety,y exjrs volunteer th er t e n work "partes a lo ready the useu cach sprng or. ts su ervstors. Adsson charges gcs o 50 cels por person and 25 cents s or o chldren. 12 to 16, brought n. soe rc revenue durng the useu s rst year o operaton, but vstors are not as nun nuerous and the Jee.s don th elp uch wthe expenses. W thout addtonal unds, annequns n th e useu wll probably be cold n. the w nter or years to t( coe w hle tes tod ruerous to ;o squeeze n to, the useu wll re an lln v where they are., " don t know what we a rc gong to do about roo. Bulld lldlng a buudng ls _., possble," Holes nes la ented. But we.... n e ore roo. The There sa lot o hstory, n ths county you )u get g( rght down to the n ltty llty..v. Tun rncthcccntury ladles uder garer >nts stand atop a dl dsplay case S o r y a yt KKen t Hodge P h o to s* a y Danne n Hagaan

40 ETlaaNQwa. Twn Fjllsk Sldao Sunday. Fobuaryl y1t,1q7p. A* H BrownBulcher H A L E Y M M arjean M are Brown o Haley and Mare. C, Bulchcr o Kr Kberly exchanged w eddng vows Jan. 27 n O urladyo thes le Snows Catholc Church n Sun Valley. The b rd c s s Uthe daughter o M rs, P e te le Brown 1 and the late Pete BrowT WT o Haley, and the brdegr egroo a parents are Mr. and Mrs, rs, Lous Bulchcr o K bcry Gven n larrage an by her brothers, the brde wore a W P H W c a _ n d le llg h t gow no sot satn enhancede d wth Pon de j tunyaeed p e g r l a T : : hed d ln ern tlcd lx x ceandjullel d sleeves: The ull lowng skrt swept nto a deep chapel ch: tran. Her vel was adoted e wth atchng la c e and d she carred a ( cascadng bouqu quct o whto roses and vy. Matron o hon lonor was Mrs. Harold Nelso >son o Bellevue. B ljl ; Brdesads we were Mrs, Rod G ra er o t Bo; Bose and Rhonda = Bulchcr o KlTbcrly. b : B s. B est an was as Trn.Moore o W endell. B ran r Schdt o..... Kberly and J Denns Keegan o Tw n FaUs F served as L j groosen Flower grls rwu ere KatherlrjearTd LAnn nnfr.ow nrnlcccs... o the brde. DDavd Brown, nephew o tj the brde, was r rlngbearer. Alta la r boys were Bran Brown, kn, nephew o the...brde, andpavld vldjohnovard. A chapagne no recepton was held al the Holday nn n " Ketchun. The brdes ta: table was centered w th a } ourtered cake \ topped wth whte roses, babys b reath Jl and ; greenery. ; Guests danced 1 to usc by the Joe M accarll rllotro. Jl:) Charlotte Hll nl o Pocatello was n charge o tho guest. j book. Specal guests 5ts were Mrs. M artha B ulcher e r and M rs. Lena ; M B. A N D M R S. S T E V E S T A N D L E Y M R. A N D M! R S D O N A L D Z U C K< Hatch o Klb. nberly, grand others o the th brdegroo. Other outotow] own guests attended ro Tw rwn Falls, Bose, Kalbach zhstandley O bendorzuck Deary, Spokane 1and Los Vegas. Followng a 1 l honeyoon to Jackson He Hole, Wyo.,. the o«,«couplewuresld lde north o Kberly w here e tj the brdegtm CALDW ELL ~ B K axalbachtnd l Steve standley o :t WNTA1 5 D Donna M. Obendor o P ar s o e a g e.n.a [arng, n R. A N D M R S r M A R K t B lu L C H E R.... _. Caldwell exchanged weddnj dng vows Dec. G a t 7:30 p,. r Donald A, Zuck o Twn Falls exchanged wedd lhe loone M eoral Presbyt byterlan Church n Caldwell, Jan. 27 n the Sterry Ty Meoral Presbyteran Cl Church n The brde s the daught t e r o Mr. and Mrs, Rob( obert Roswell. Kalbach nnd the brdegroo joo s parents arc Mr. and M rs. The brde s the daughter o Mr. and Mrs, No... Ha( adeld,..c oons tandloy o Kberly y Obendor o P ar a 1 and the brdegroo s the STMr so Housr ng costs The candlelpt cereony was perored by the Rc ev. and Mrs, Donald K.Zu( ZuckoTwn Falls, Srandt Don Frank and Bobb Donal >nald beore a backdrop o holl olly, The doublerng cand andlelght cereony was pero prncess pne, and red bows n a Chrst as thee. Solo olost Rev. Robert Ball o : stc Sterry M eoral Presbyterlat SrS contn ue up TWN F A U S Mr. and M rs. Dean J. Hadlleld ot Twn Tv Falls announce w as da M a x lt a n, nccpj :copanled by Sy]va Hunt. o s w e H andjhrev. e Medna o Sacred H eart The brde wore a gown o o whve satn peau eatur urlng C hur"n Para, SobswasTvrrs.M Sol argaretc. w a s h n g G: O N _ ( _ U E. H L2 tho. arrage? o 0 ther daughter _ e brodered net on the : yc yoke and bshop sleeves and accopaned on the pano by Mrs, Hester W a stad A o rlca n s p aad a edan prce o Vcke, to Stephen Chares Brandt o :hasc now, snglealy L Provo. Utah. enhanced wth venlse lace Bce on the bodce, hgh cro\ :rown O rganst was M rs. Frances Transue, A unty candl d lc w a s lll hoes durng ; Deceber a ull 16 k j An open house sc or c the couple wll be necklne and helne o gown gov whch swept nto a chaj hapel durng the cereony. ly. tran. Her ngertp vel was as t tr ed wth venlse lace.». She The brde wore a g gown o vory crytallne ov jv e r c r c p o P e rc e n t o re than a y ear beore, H h e ld at the hoe nc o ol the brde s parents carred a bouquet o redros roses wth holly, whte stepho >hotls enhanced wth reeb broldered alencon lace on 1ho tl c o llar e o w c n t stall tatstlcsshow. at 1099 Cedarwow wood Crcle on Feb. 13 and v dvetltrea erars he al alsoworoa pcarlpcndant, a gt andbodlce.and.accent rentedjvu lace on the skrt a and tlte d T h e D K c ber te 1977 rate edan ro 7 to 9:300 p.. All rends and ro the brdegroo, and her greatgrandothe cr s sleeves. The skrt eatured a dapel tran trln a c d wlul w a s. J» M l thccjaerce e D epart relatvo&arc nvt nvted.:: :...~... ;nd report sad Thurs M bloodstonerng, a gt ro h crgrcntannt. lacerh er ngertp doublhayered antllavclw w e d g o d "! 5! Jl=?E S 5... M ad o honor w as Cherry try Povey. Brdesad w as Bel Betty n lace and held wltl: wth a lace headband. She c a rre d a, Nchols. cascadng bouquet o vory 1 slk roses and sw eet 1 p npnc wth Th os ln( nexpensve hoes Enthusas as pays t peas wth _ were.1 e.ln the South, and new K B est an w as Dan Mathews. Andy Standley was w orgetenots and baby s breath. groosan, Servng as ushc shers w ere Bob Kalbach, Ml Mke Mad o honor was,as Brenda Ellott. Brdesa lalds were hoes cost consderably o re n n job seal aarch western states, cs, where the edan B Standley, Gary Kal bach Qar andjl Kaplcka. Dane Zuck and Janet ct JSanders. r;rt rp,j,/prcrw a9$7. 71,600. T he. p rc e. w a s _.. _._BARTLESyLL; LLE, Oklq, (U P) R lngbearers w ere Sean n and aj SaStandeyrsons o J th e...b cst anw as DaD avdzuck,groo s en,.w brdegroo. Flower grls rs were Allssa and Chels lelsey Ogbo and Joe Rasussen. Servng as ushc here were5c North CentralTcgon ; F ty recruter. ters ro p h llp s Kal bach. Candlclghte3 were K rs Schon and He) Kevn Steven, Ralph and WlllaObcndor, brothers o S t? b rd e and $62,000 n the (Northeast. l Petroleu vslte< sted 70 colleges and K al bach. C andlellters were cre SlHane Glenn andjane net c t HHarrs, a S s T h eje p o rtsa sadl7,000 new. sngle: unverstes n to ntervew 3,000, s were sold last y ear, engneers and scc scentsts. Less than 13 A recepton w as held d n : the church ollowjg g the cousns o the brde. langedrothe819,000 T p e c e h 3 8T 5w ere red, M d cereony: ~ A recepton ollowed th e cere onjln~lhc ne church purchased durn rng Dwght Boeslger ger, one o the n jeslstlngwlththereccp cepton werejosehonpbec Jecky FcUowshlpoonx F dbym st R rto bcndor, r.tmaxlne Morcnewho ho esweresoldnthe l tervlcw ers. Wendt, Bobb Rankn, Suzan zanne Standley, Lnda Kalbat bach, he cake w as servec KarenRce,D olores Labr nbrlght,.sandy.prentlce, Mtrt arth a Obendor and Gertru trude Obendor, aunts o the brde.. South and West sl last year than n any 9 What akes ;s a good prospectw B uttra, M y a Brer, Sharon Schwartz and Carol rolyn" Assstng were Wla naporecz, 1 Rose Sullvan, Kat athyzass, sngle year sr snce the govern ent l eployee? " look lool or grades rst," T w e d t. r... Ruth Robertson. Marv ary Ludy and Lols Scott, began collectnj.ng such noraton n sad tle resenrcl arch nnd developent 1DC3, the deparlr.rlentsald. M R S S t E P H E N B R A N N D T engneer." A lterfw eddlhg trp totc rnevada uv coople wll resde n H elen Obendor presl raded over the guest book, Caldwell where the brde s s eployed wth the,adult t a and An open house was as hostcdbytledrdegroos 3 parents, : Chld D cvelop cntccntcr tc ro the DepartentoHea lealth B etty ard Don Zuck, :, at ther hoe on Feb. 4, and Welare. The brdegroor roo s wth Arowest o Ontar taro, Ater a weddng trp to Reno, the couple wll ake ther hoe n Lewston. Ore. 11 ny..seattle tu P) The youngest dude youngst< asters lke Aaron, 14, wno dong honors work snce she eenrojed college student n the Unted ted Statcsls has taken loro crcdtsn one q u arter at at the unversty two years age go 1 sad to be 10yearold "Sa Say, a n Geran than any student n the They a re studyng under a 1 p progra y resh an a t the Unve lverslly o unvesty s h hstory: Greg, 15, who begun by Dr. Hal Robnson and others \ W ashngton who aong ng hs.other thnks the publ ublc school classes he had n nthe Chld Developent R esearch % ta le n ts las a vocabulary equvalent e beore were e "M ckey Mouse; and group. to th a to a 22yearold. Eva, 13, who ho says the UW s dance The progra s unn atched y 9 Sa y s one o 14 SoatUearea So classes " a rc e not n advanced enough or anywhere n the country, ry," sad j j C E J youngsters takng ull crcdl rcdtwork a e, b u tlsn ndng happness through Robnson, Rc notng t s based cd on the W j n \ [ww the UW under the E arly E Enrollent extensve stu( studes o GtQk, phlloso phlosophy that ablty docs d( not M n h W "arllaunched STr; 7 ;... p hyandtheclj c la ss c s... X...CO correlato wth age n. any youngst... ;. Hs 0to6year:Old class: ak ates n Then there s Beth, 14. Snes been ers. JUNORSJ SKJACKE ETS F a o u s b r a n d s sk ja c k e ts n o " v o re ty o sty les s ond colors. J u n o r s z e s S,,M M, L. R e g u l a r l y to $49.95 Mlgj Sp( leeah = F a t r e >usbrr< J Ml/A N o w {top< p o th e s ta r ) $c: c / / / g M j y V d 1 24 Ma /lan Avenue North; 1; Twn Falls. O pen FVday Fr tl 9 n l = = = = > 9 9 9).. ern M FOWEp N G p l y TWNFALlS BklUUBM.Monh 3 WVA nch Pot lydrangeas A d Eoclvo F«b..n, 12, l a PL A N ] C retara C J J o x M p t J l K alanchoe» MH us J V Persan V o le ts YOUR CHOK Q9«Cyclcrne>lu M...

41 By CONNE FLEH rrcher ore o l t can stll ce up the spnal ll house, she soetes jel ;ets the eelng tougl on (he n nerves Chcago SunTl Tes colun, that she snt alone, but ds dl; sses 11 OS j;wl!lc ; van d e Wcterlng, the A survval kt or wnter wl should Scollanc} Yard has had ts share o 3 gnorance o the cllc lckngs nnd or er DELL Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Buddhst onk, or er nclude a collecton _o u rd er h o rro r sb br«, and r _a hew, cre le ru blngs o an una lllr placc. A.Jtcrda ~~Mech& : cop and current rstrate n ow 1 endelannounce th c rj. r y stcres. You as s well pretend colleclbn V p r ts c n t Y recreatons u~ A (ndalnu aonerad ( t lc a n w h o cre novells cngagc ten t o ther d aughter, cllst. dspatches part o he J that your hands n rc a kklng and your o aous js Yard ysteres by non*_ n hdes n the ho es orj: trgolten bob A.sterda M are, to..r lckl eg rajd jplce orce to the coast, te c th attern g b ccau se ebru ehorror pahll crn re vtllers lke Julan n ~ shelterh as~ alrcnd}"c( cotted a om anc Vppern nnr, son o Mr. and Mrs. n "The M olcassacrc" slory you re holdng. Syons, En Elyn Wllas and Andrew w urder and usl leave the place even (loughton n Mln Ml Co., 58.95). ; _ Leroy Vlp{ pper an o.wendell.. _.. Several anthologtes JustTJubllshed see s co olcnow. bul a g reat deal ts over Aandas dcac rad body. V erj... should add to the c chlls. Alred G arve n 1 "Great Cases o Scotland Mss MN echa graduated ro? Htchcock presents a clutch o Y ard" (Rea leadersdlgest.j12.95). Wendcl] ] : Hgh School and Rcks Col *.* _. ghnrvptt; nr the SDs K thro** t h e Thp pn«a*l avhktnrps.ahowhchwcreexprekly.. x o r. ths. v o lu e e g c D {exburg?=shtttcnd«ponc t Bedght tscachl *?.present, called " ta lc s t( to Scarc You w r l J e. e s tce ra r t:d Y U H aw a,n d a t. St" (Dal, 57.95). Patr trck O K eees ra n g e ro j acwunta o skllul hests,. present s s attendng school a t BYU n short story "Vengeance :e on the Sub* lke that o Barclays Bank n. 1972, to Provo, Utx Utah. >M s our r ways. w ay"/should ake you U w ary 4j the closeups 3 ol o psychopals such a s the Vpper an graduated ro the e plator s edge Vctoran n posoner Nell C rea, who tlo Wendell 1 Hgh School and attended d n "Coe Back, Coe ne Back...," announced Just beore the drop cut Ut : r:r::~rrz r := :S c h o o l:at t R cks Colegeotne:year. Donald_.Wcstllke Jpta us sh are, a. h o,.!,._ a Jack o r Dr. r. At least.. He serve rved an LDS Msson n n harrow ng alernoon wjth w a an Crppen,. wlo \ burled hs artal Thaland, d. Whle on hs alo n he le conte platng hs le es stakes probles, along wth hs we. n the perored led wth a sngng group on n ro the vantage pont t o a wndow cellar. televson and beore the Kng o ) ledge sx stores up And nd, Ga es or.vthe lmanwhocacback,!. a by_ sy...l l l Thaland, d, At tho present tl c,he s. A dults," by John Lutz,.show s s a. cozy John Rossl sster (Houghton, J8.95) s a attendng! ng school at BYU. * couple who get ther thr hrllls ro th e thrller played out entrely nsde a The cou] :ouple plans a May 17 weddng g death throes o others.. 1 These and 24 ans bran. Alex ShutUer s a n th es altlakecty LDS teple. other stores ake cheerul w nter portrat palnler nvolved n a near r " readng,... atal c ar crash. He regans conscous Merle Anolher anthology, "The Shllng ness, but reco p zes none o the~ Fle. 2r classes Shockers" (St. M artn s,! 58.95) s even people who cla lo bo p art o hs le, Hll heaver onvthe horro ror than th e nstead, A lexls to r e n te d bs y Htchcock. Edtorschola lar P eter Haln shards o eory n whch he s qute te n luncheon W E N D E L L Mr. and Mrs. Krby p l r. ng has unearthed 10 ) Gothc tales a derent Mt an a World War. Hll o Wendell announc unce the engage ro the early 19th Cent ntury, the knd RAF plot and hs recollectons all ent and orthcong ng arrage o FLER :r Mebers o the classes o o stores n whch the e t e alw ays end wth h 1hs perorng a volent ther daughter, Merrlle TUee,to George 1933 and d O the Fler Rural Hgh see s to be dnght,, t the settng a urder.aa hauntng portrat. Brush, son o the late te Myrlel : Brush. School a. are nvted to a workng 18 runed castle or crypt, aj and w here th e Ursula 1 C ls s transor s an or }ro lyounsohowendejj. luncheon Dn Tuesday at 1:30 p.. at the C an character enters 8 cloaked and dlnaysub uburban hoe nto a House Ml&s HUl s a 1976 J78 graduate o Twn Fall alls Holday nn to help plan groanng wth the nwa /ard weght o H orrors r n "The Menace Wthn".TVcndeU;H!ghSchoolan«andl9 presently thereunlo nlon Bb; (Dodd,MeMead, (6.95). t all see s so. eployed at Kellwood. Addto tonal noraton can be ob* h* H e re s, the o ld cr. creakngdoor runothe lelll a t rst: A anda Brush graduated n n 1 19C9 ro Buhl taned b; by callng Dorothy Gentry varety o Gothc, wuth oversexed Morey hot houseslts or a hosptalzed Hgh School and s eployed at Olson, p phone ; Ely V. onks, ncarcerated nununs, and de aunt, takn kng care to eed the dog and Jero e ple ent Co.!o. Dayley Krkan, or Evelyn ter lned vrgns n varj rous stages O w ater the le plants. p The couple plans a Marchveddng, Ma: DavlsAn( d e rso n, 32S516G.,. dstress and undress.. Much o t As Aanda rables around the O n your way h ho e ro a tough atch, o r ater w orkng hard n n the garden, or ght ;htng heavy trac, S t o p by your Fe lexabed dealer and d dscover ( coort Resor rt wear< or 7 9 rdleetsyc 9ur dreas lkcyouveneve crcvcn agned,tr Trytheelectrcally gg adjustable Flex: abed today. M akes :es t all worthwhle. By CNDY BOHDE BC. seasde } nresorts. Unexpectedly brght h t Snappy lnens ake e s art suts wastbands and pleated ronts. Legs Chcago Son untles. shades ; appear n both casual and wth shawlcollared, lo( loose Jackets, always art are narxw. n the evenng, The days are long g and sunny, the evenng gww ear. T he Jackets can be wor o alone and slky nylon and classc crepe t close.. evenngsjush nd.ro oantlc. Theres.. Cool.cotton..casuals,.o sp o rt. brght t, cnched _wl,a_wde lee leather belt o r to thejlpj ps and ollow the leg* all the 5 FL( leo...an aro ao tro p c plants n the ar blucs, r a nnr grppn. Blue drawstr over a suery scar bl blouse, M a t * way to the heloor: Wann:weathecjasor: sorlw eajor lng_pant ants wth bold, red _blouson on "ng skhs are stagl :; n arro w ana The best tops or evenng p ants are 5 to U N C E j B E t r A X R E A D ( relects your drea s. 5. Jacketss x or a crsp, sporty look: s te d.::r* :: ~! loose sa ro rorgwrap blouses.. They re, Sot, slnky abrcs or and very bold Walkln d ng shorts have h wasts Slk oblong scarves are a new add*. boldly colored n crepe de Chne and o r very understated colors set the and wde wastbands. Pleats n ront tlons n resort tops. Yc You can w rap. heavy nylc,ylon and te around the w ast 1st ood. There s no "n betw een." o the ; s short shorts ake or easy the around your wast stan d te the o r on the 2 hps. Styles are coortab table but sophst* strollng, ng. Lnen and cotton are the thee SLEEP CEN NTER n ront. They ake slur unnlng accents, gjgy wrap*around skrts also are cal.t h cy ln clu d ecr j c r.lln e n suts,, ost con: nortabe abrcs., orsoldcolorcd sults.o o r.wth s h o rts,, pqpujaj. choces. Most o the barely. tvert TONMAHRESS FACTOR lory.lhc. bodyhuggng nylon 1 d dresses, "skrts Playln ;lng. shorts an:. napproprate andpants. w rap and d leave 1 ore than a hnt o a. wth slts up to therc. re, narrowlcgge o rtennl; s, volleyball and runnng. p a n ts andhlw alsted shorts. ~ o r ~ c dre6ser 8porlsw enr,t:the: JeSlacks h ave derent ;t 1looks orday slllthey y. re as approprate or.shopp. pp 3 2 8B.2ndJVve.So.,Twn /nfalls. The, lookssharply plytalored.bul ephasl: slsjs.on.shnrp,.polshedjlnen,_ en. and n l Dayte pan nu have wde ng as they ey arc or swsut coverups. 1 dentely enne. Brght splashes o color cc accent the textured c d cottons and slks. Natural shades s n bege tones a re the Lhe ; baly breezes and golden gol< bcachcstt avortea tes. pj ~ No low.at P For Your Valen ntne! Fo Maude Mecha 1 S 1 up wthgoo assarel :1e, "1 :v. V Sunday,, Fol)ruary TloaNo NoWa, Twn Folo, doho E3 y< stery TOTE> ABLES S" v " * / =... nr... H! h /. \ l ( / T..... WS»C eauu RTSWEAR G 0 S : t S SO M. J S20... P orky rod and w hto gngho chec<6 6 c accen tn g 100% polyot*.. to r cna brayl aylook k n t n c o o rtab a b le le p o ra to s ju t rght d r v o u r V alent onlne (let) Jackor$ Skrt, $ 3 4 kod.blouo,.0 134,00.. (rght) V Ve»t, $ P a n t, $32.C B loue $ Beautul Boc F ro o V a ltn tln e G ltwl raopn q * tfro Ropor..,. M Klghtl R l Y«atM Vnlln A a D.%j A llhl J Tho" "T otooblos" novly ashon lonod n S otlnossonco or a sonsc 8Gtlr>al now look. W hte tr. BHtorswoot, Tropp lcb lue W ht; to Tropc/B lue tr. DEM lasette. F tted cho or bodce w th a d ju sta b lo droww strng k o y h olo.oponng. ). Selabrc bkn. 13,00 SHOR )RTJ3.0 WN...Sol*ab2 lc,blkl klnl. olatl tlclzed a c ro s bach D0.... LONG JG G OW N. F tted c h o olrb r o d k o. Selc abrc bkn J SHOR 3RT ROBE; F ront z p p e r wh /th o d lu ta b lo d ro w strln g keyhc holo o p enn g. C oncoalod d ld : epockotb. B.OO LONG 40 ROSE. So e beautul stylng b os hort robe. o.a o ;o o. S! lynwood W r Shoppng C tn ltr. Op*nunll9..., Frday nlght.

42 ETloBNowsrTwlrrFnlsrl lsrwahosundayrflbruanr nr1l7l879. J.. H H D ear rabby. R ARV Ths s not a prank. 11 have heard there s n ByABGA] CALVANBUREN d e a r McrrtleRT T Y ouare U ledto es any way you On th e other!t h hand.rcouldco cupw trv rv c ry uw aus n Texas where coula sond r ccr rc a te a e sto be Chcago Trbun DuneN.Y. Synd. nc. wsh, but chldren who wt a re o age (and selsu supportng) couples n whlc hlch the woan s nae s s nentoned rst. have a r t to dete let«toloc ther own lestyle /les. you Naely:..... ade nl nto pottery. there.s such ch n place, ones ashes DEAR ABBY: Our daugh ughter. K ara. s 20. and Bll; l; her beleve a ch ch wed veddlng would be a ockery, y, t s your Bonne and Clyde would not have to be kept n a contane lnerandposslbyost. C?1 b o y M e n d J B jrh eylve VQ gone to gether or nearly two rght lo reuse to oot lot the bll or one. Franke and d Johnny My hus lusband and plan to be create nated, nnounwdthoflhey plan to) O v c _ 1ngggl~J andoals j. L : :. :.! r ~ 7 e a n w togetheror about a y c aarrthen.:l:they an!:cotnpatll rr. atlblc. : DEAR ABBY: So keono "askod yotrw hoso nat lao Bhould UcyUgclnuuTlDd. be lsted rst, the ; an s orthe woans, whe hen couples ;... EL ED N VAN NUYS BUls parents see to ) approve o ths, but do not. 1 sgn soethng. You sad Ladles rst,, but thnk the thnk t s ora] and that la t they would b e lvng n sn. n. My reverse s true. DEAR ED : V When you re rght, youre e rght. rl Beats e, one exst r and ths would be.1 cn»hnn nr nur reans., FPUhelpus.please?... MAKNG P L A N S R MAKNG: a not nwnre e o ol such a placc. B ut sls, ll surely be advsed., husband doesnt really opp approve o the dea, but says t ve adeallstosc )soe aous couples, and ound any Readers? doc t work outltw lllb eea l e r on y h M a dl vorct ree. oro nw hlchthean sn a a e coes rs t E xa.. A bby,say ( K arla a nd d Bll! love e ach other ond wan /ant to A da ande ve 4 " c ; l s s s " ~ " <=> lve together they should :d got g arrted nowl Karla s the Ro eoandjulet!t youngest o three daughters lers. Her sste rs bolh lad beaut autlul Sonny and Cler, t w a s t h e r st e M r. G o bd le e u s e d t h e n n n g c reunon phnvh wwlrlnp wthout wut, ony "co pollblllty, tests" Nap(leonandJDMp G l a s s J e d G r P l a n H s l : t e _ S s..o ld.. beorehand, and tley are re happly arred..prol sed Donny and M are O..., FLER M e bers o. the F ler K ah a a lovely church weddl xldng. too. b u t told her she lves 11 Anthony and aeoopatra p a t h e 7 d a y s. Hgh Schoo! g graduatng class o 19S1 wth Bll pr a year, a wcd veddlng would tx$ a ockcry. and t Wlla and Mary ry(the ( college) are plannng j a 25 year reunon ths 1 6 " D e w a lt R adjal Sow, o ld b u t very r p o w e r u l., not to expect us to gve hcj her one, A wrong to eel el ths PunchandJudy suer. tw o J.5 ;.b L q d _ e s ncluded. j $480 r. w ay? B u s and Allen A plahnngr g eelng wll be held nt... SYW CTSE MOTH H E R, Ja c k and JU! the hoe Nancy a Tews, P ole Lne T h a n k s G letu s G>oble o o r p ro v n g thlat a t G u a r a n t e e d Road, at 8 p.. T hursday, F eb. 15. All class e ber )crs arc nvted. Further ad s really do worl< rk. noraton < can be obtaned by H e w as g lade: es an _. call!ng733r(}40s 409or32G59. Actres >sspras( ;es Shak( espeare.. ByVERNONSCOT X)TT has been a proessonal Shakesp* C aesar, arng Feb. 14. anc,nd starrng HOXYWOOD (UP) Shakesp _ e a ty n or th the p ast 10 yeara, appear Keth K Mchell as Antony ad CJharles leare w a s l lades an, ad accordng to : tngn plays t h r o u g l the Brtsh G ray as C aesar. one o Englands leadng ng S h a k.sles. She sp< spent our years wth the A ctrcss Mrren s thrl rlled hol " r o le B A R L WALLS! earean actresses who says the B ard Royal Shakes cespeare Copany. Shakespeare s S coplete dra atc t e th e best parts or wocen wo n the Shokespear Bare n E n a n d draws works» wll be ade avallab! ble on tape * hstory o the theater. ore Aerc Tlcans and Japanese than to t< schools and nsttutons al o v erth e. M ostlovew oshakespea peare thnk n Brtshers; : she s says. The Bard has world. v, FNALDAY lys(?urmov VNGSALE. ter s o hs brllant ale roles: becoe one e o the che tourst Helen s a curous woan o Ha let. Lear, C aesar, n nchard, attractons 5 n B rtan. ndeter nate age. She bear ars a tattoo VV /V E M U S T C L E A R A,LL R E M A N N G M E R C H A N b l S E T O T H E B A R E H eny V and Macbeth. Aercan n audences ; wll have the on o her let hand whch appe: (c a rsto b e a But Helen M rren, a etchng opportunty ty to see H elen play double d X. She says she : ( dares not W AU L L S... W E D O N T T W A N T T O M O V E T T O O U R N E W L. O ( C A T O N Englsh redhead who has S a appeared n Rosallnd n oasyou Lke t va PBS _ re t v e a l J t a. jneanlp g J o r ee a c _ o L r e : A T T H EE B L U E L A K E S 5 H O E E N G X E N E B a dozen o Shakespeare s s dra atc Feb. 28 as pa p a rt o the osl abtous prsals P ro a secret socety 5ly. She also works, says, "H e wrote Qal! the b est Shakespeare rean project ever tackled. condes c she was lalloo ooed whle p arts o r woen. M ode n playwrghts Thecopl pltle dra atc works o the vstng v an ndan trbe n Mnnesota... don tb eg ln to copare. Bard are b«beng co lted to tape S h esp eare was eant t to be seen k \. _s$zzzr~j _ "An actress couldnt ask ash or oro undor the le o nbus ttle The peror F ed, not read, she» s sad. The than Julet, Lady Macbet :beth, Porta, Shakespeare re P lays to beproduced.. l 14nguage s so dcult get lost. ts a \ R o6alnd.c le(tra,g onhotlh nnd...overthejext ext.sx years n England by sha s e schoolchucren a reorcedjtot j V \ J l: ~ o r even Ophela. BBCTV and TeLe Televson or eorze r so uch o rb Better h ey ~ t s p M t (ur playng g t the wcked PBS n the Ur Unted States. sseetheplaysonstago, woen. enjoy w earng 3 a ctown and Cedrc Me M essna s executve proal! sx years o the project, banned t n school and the chldren. " thnk Shakespeare should s be havng everyone bow down dov when ducer or coe or stage, as,ha\ have playng ade possb sble by grants ro Exxon orbdden to read t. Then, sure, n H j Queen M argaret n Henr [enry V and Corp., Metb jthpollan Le nsurance theyd t su n lto u sly snea cok o wth, n. Lady.M acbelh. t s uch ch nlcct than Co.andMorgM orj G u a r ty T t Co._ copes t o tho plays to try to t dscover n JH p layngaservant." The seres les arks le rst t e that what they re all about. H elen beca e a Shakesp cspearejunkle pcrorcd._y l_versons_olajlthe pjoys "On the page, l sees pretty p; dead > V t t : jjj! a ta g e 13 when she ployed Calban n wllbe pres s e rv onelher l o r t to e a r n read spec *eechesrand "net e pesl n a aass3c s a atstrvldeotape. solated bts_ol,poelry_( _nnd_enjoy B ernard s Convent n England. She Frst o ) the seres s "Julus the t." " 1 RUSTVEtVETj B R Q W N V N ) B R O WV N V N Y to j )WN TWEED $ « d * _ * l t ;. V Wl / 1 X r, J r v \ \ Z Z Z / p 3 1 J t j l s r j * jj. 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43 T w n llzcaslej ord honor~r CASTLEFORD T he CasUeord Hgh School honor roll or the second nne weeks was recentl cntly announced. Senor wth a 3.5 to ;o3.99 average.was M ary Eastcrday. E:a a n nga3.01o3.49 w ere Scott Blck, P a l Colhe, Joe Gulck, Dave McC [ccreery, Debbe Tverdy and Mary Za aora. A 4.0 went to Junlo nor Donna Clark, Those wth a 3.0 lo l3.49 were Terr c anc B rc o th c rn r" Jayna Qr w r, Dudley enson;jule lltrmcgnlcjrand: To Qugley. ~Thc~sopho orow. lta..4.0 w as _. Laure GandlagaTPch F ehnyh oulrcnned a l 5 to 3.99, Wllh a 3.0 : to 3.49 were Krs pulkley, Becky Ky B1 urkhalter, Bll Knyon, Clauda Rul ulngand Rae Ann Sch und. Freshen wllh a c 3,5 to 3,99 were. M ary Clark and 1 M1 ke Rodgers. E arnng a 3.0 lo ! w ere Francle Clark, Scott Dxon, 1. JaJ n a Easterday, Brett Haley and John!.hn Zaora. A A / o a n : t o o r g a n M & g r o u ;.RROME A Je lero tt e woan who ultple BCle s h aslnvea. 7 other persons wth the dsease, to cantacl.her so_hal lal a group can bo ored to "gve each olher utual support." Kathy Thlee, 28, whose MS was dagnosed about ( our years ago, est ates there ay lay be as any as 50 ndvduals wth tl the chronc degeneratve dsease, e, * She sad two at a rea chropractc physcans have sad sal they would be glad lo address Buch: ch a group about MS...a n d.th e, related ps psychologcal probles o copng g w th a chronc :. dsease. nterested perso wns ay call h e r at A r t s t p b M a r c h e : TFals roll 1wants ze up )lans exhbt " HAGERMAN G errle Feustel, H agennan V alley.\ y.w ldle artst, s ovngupw ajrdsr She has been autl luthorzod lo exhbt 10 pontngs n the ne MdwestNatonal 1. W U d lle show MAoTch ar lg17 n lhe.. Crown Center Hotel n Kansas Cty, Mo. Her work was s accepted t or the show, sponsored by y : Ducks Unlted, atcrhavngbecnjuj jurcd. M rs. Feusteljvl jvh appear n the booth..ol.cactus : Pete s o Jackpot,.. Nev., a t.t h e anr annual Sports and RArTwnUAnll V hdes c l Show March. 5 H g h cd S c h o t SAVE % = US MAKE ER vlates FAAAO DORDN W o vo soloc >loctod so o o o u r o ous akor blo u ses CGRLS : 2 5% o Pro otty P lo aso jeo n a w lh so s ta r boc]< & p o n ls ond and p u ho on solb DT~V ~VV u... horry w h le... Fpocko nyggolarandslrt lrtr5rctrlogrsv4! SALE9J tho seoot ot losstrogt S 8S32; S SALE / A/ lso g rls 7 l 4 sold col o lo r turlt onock lshr rog. b;00. Mssos Coordnoto to s NOW > PRNTE ED POLYES rrer BLOUSxES V h 9 >9 = Tho to blou ouse ro H ukopoo, a g go o t w ard ro b e buslc; Lots o prnt: nts, to s d o lo c h o b lo. Szo: :os sl, Jr.T o p s JEASJ lo PS > W hot a so joloch k on W ovo go an( ndarn c o lla r,6 r sou c o lo r b u tto r Hon ro n t, ro g lan s bovo. V V* length sleeve stylos n ossortod od \ potorrs..szos 818. Mol Floor Bouses / ohstss se.. V \ S u n d z rfobrutrr <Jr<975T06NJ Q.:wowc;Ju;!n E3lls;ldaho r5 e s te r hlo n o rs CHL DRENS JE> ANS j TWN FALLS The Twn Falls H unter,.k,k_klbbe, Laure Kuken, Atkn. Davd Connelly,, 1Lynn Hanen, Gr Stall U n, J S to d d ard a nd d Wendy Baley, Mary Ell :lcnboldan,,.l a rs Hovey Dvey,.Steve Klenzle, Doug 1 Hgh Schpol honor roll rc or rst Cndy Lews, Le\ Ruth M urata,. Dcba a D arren Holan. Casey y Munger and Brcnl Whlt hltehead. K d ly.jre c r. Cathy Burton, K aren McClure., Mall Meyer, Doug Prce, se ester was recently /announced. ar O rr,k ell: 111 P elsley, Tonja Rabe, Slara a Randy Neal. Sophoorc glrs wllh a 4,0 were Connolly. Ka Hcn an. Ja e y EdwnShow, low, and Russ Yergensen. scnlo rg lrllw lth a. 4.0gradcpont D aw nrrongcr. " c Brenda S ayers, 3, A 3.5went lo S e v er d rh a rt, M ark C arol Do odd9;g ol!een F a r e;r, Jenkns, Kelly Krahn. LorM x uhanes, A 3,5was wasea ed bybua da s, j average w crcm aurlne ne A lle rrn s a PCHyTHJ S H anerrsasahs edleyrjona la Blaslus. Joel Boaz, Bran Boyd. T a y Florence, P ally Gablca, : a,.. Raylene Merrtt. Pltr trcla M l l e r,a l a n Bcrgc: ;rgcr, Mke B lllner, Brook Anngton, Lor Ashcnb jnbrener, Susan S th, Julle Steuland, Susan Swa* D arwn Boyle, Lloyd Cas asperson, Allen Shela Gerber, Marlyn Moseley, ;y, Cndy Reppcto, Krsly Scott.RS enes B o n d. R ot b e rt C randall, R o g e r Beckstcad. Raynette Dlcssn, D Barby ord, Mary Annc Toolson, Robn n Denson. Davd Joerger er, E rc Kahn. M are 011\ )llver, Julle Pence, Lynelte le Stephenson, Valere Urwl wn and Karen Hegreberg, :rg, Gary K ru, E rc C over,s hghl D ayrcc orecnag arey,..w alker,_j, _Djsta asden ond Paula Scotl M arron. J Me ylerkle, Wayne Pool. Barb rbara Rahe, Susan Shannon, )n. Walton. McManaa an, Ken MUler, W ayne Cndy Hasla, Lsa a Hendrckson, Wewers. 3. O rth c l, S h a w n _ r ;rk! n s, L ynn JanetSlall alley and Theresa Woods.. Sophoore boys wth a4,0 a w ere Bll Nussbau,! ;,DavldUuth,JohnRoycc, Letca Jccnez, Shc >herrl Johnson, Junor r boys wth a 4.0 w erej, Rod.sclh, Ron Ryan. SohrySpacckr Sc W llha: a3,5 weroberta_asdcyt JL_ n. Atknson, Steve Hnrrls, 5, Pete H arrs. RonSlewart vart and Paul W allace.. Julle Kng. Shar Mec recha, Sarlee!Mullla<> r.nrlpn n Kytl ece,.carol O rr. =zz B onnl0=par}cor,t:g5 n g 5 n? r e ~ B r r o d T t b s l Tan ryslanseh," JV/N alls Kand Sweet and Cyntha Lha Wendell. A 3.5 or above was! eavd by Lor / Bate an, Lnda Ben e ey, E lane / Bowan, Teresa Br< rady. Conne / SHOp \ h T B L ; Cllvert,_JuU ad arrnj rngton._c orna., Dowd. Alx F raer.g.gl lenda Hance,. DeeAnn H ansen, Ro obn H arrs, SUNDAY j Darcla Holbrook, Chrs rs Hunt, Luann \ Jensen LlU K n g, J,J ca nle K ng,\ J «SnD W B D aren Krbbs, Cyntha Ua L aals, Kathy L a n g, S u s a n M l n g o, J a n McManaan, Mchelle le McManaan, J...MoUy McRoberts,._C athy_n leld,. V alerc Olver, Jenny y Schabacker. Shelly Stephenson, Lynn Stoslch,, Ju la Strope, Susan Sv Sweet, Ta y Travellar, Terr Unde: nderwood, M ary...vanccr>cc. Ann WW aldra, Lor Walton. Debbe Wlll lllla s, B onne Wood, Kathy Woods, 5, K athy Woolen and Jula Yost. Senlor boys wth a 4.0 w ere Scott T L Andrus, Mark Durha la, Doug Hgh, R oger Ja es, Bran n M arro, Mke Newberry, Denns Nl pper, Stuart, j S tarry and Scott Stern lng. A 3,5 went to P a l t Allson, Robert Brce, Keth Brggs, S, B ruce Clark, RlchahJ Crowley, Je Denson, Doug SELECTE ED Gabrel, J Knecht, >t,! Ken Lundgren, SPF R N G Scott Malone, Brent McMlllen, scot N ass, Joe Ostcrkap, np, M ark Oyen, B rady Panatopoulos, S, Qunn Prce, 2... JSWEATE ERS pan; TSUTS Kevn Rowberry, Ken Savllle, Jerry Schwerleger, Mke Snodgrass..Steve Snc. ;W rschlngr Junor glrs wth a 4.0 were Ann J. Brockw ay,. Cndy C row. Nancy 2 0)%40 ) % o Sy \LE! J Donnelly, Prsclla Forbes Fo Lz Har ccllus. L rbon, D altlca : a n a la rc c l A g ro at,swoot.o_o.55.or.lcnloln.qvpj oltv stylos to chooso Mkesell, Mchelle Pe Peterson, Deca ro. Fll ou lut your swoolor wardrobe bo o torrlc savn g s P rce, Cndy Stansell and Pa now! ; Zebarth 1: M ts s e s S w o o le r& s Wth a 3.5 were L sa, A llred, Brenda / A spocal p u rch o se o justnt j oorsprng por ponsuts 1 Aln, Ruth Baker, T erry Barron r n now co lo rs ond stylos OS. C o o rd n o to d lo p s ond nd pants Debbe ao u sen, Te e r e s a Cowgcr; B renda DePew, M chele Doerr, Sheryl Doughty, Decna Ells. Cyntha E sllnger, Cyntha, CG arrson, Art {ardg rr~c athy Ho oovcrrc arre w lh h elo b k o sporlsw oc oar. n th e 3 Ms. A Bon Shop. BO E SBl& :CahllQ uld 9_ 3 ho sa lo ob rtlo n lq loons* o tn dc o n lrh a n d corduroy n a s s o rte d stylos. Rogulc p l a o n d T sl szos: SALE ( GRLS & BOYS : P o ch o n o oshon jo joons n * re t g u la r a n d sl szos. Ot O rgnally 13.00: SALE Novoy p o ly /coo n Knt t1op s4.99 Rog & Boys one nd G rls 47 SALE O;ONTNUES 5 tbc 3 s ~nrntt SHRT? 7 Boys 818 oshon knt sh s rts n on c sso rt o n t o strpes and solds. B. Boys W orld \,.99 s 7 Gl RLS SLE EPWEAl kr Szos 4 14 long seovo b b ru sh o d nylo n ashon gow ns ro Kd D uds: rog. $ G rls W ord N/n Q o n M o w a c J P ;

44 F8T?5Now3, Twn RUsT nbuho Sundov, Kobruary ll, 10/9* W t \ H e a l t h ByLAWRENCEE.LAM MBrMD: Consderng g whathappened to th e wlllnduce_perect wll charact cterlstlc s. counselng. one on( o the thngs the T here are other thngs besdes alcohol docs to to the body cansqd 50 D ear D r. Lab, Egyptan dyn lynasty, that ay not be a Both p arents ay have so 6 center* wul waa n tto know s w hat gc e n e s th a t aect the bnl hy The, cents wth a a JJong, staped, sel havo been dotng ; y sccond reconderol naton or such a practce. ret recessve genes that dont a ect ther dseases your ales have had n the othertobe who uses alco coholnay a d d rc s d. envel nvelope or Tho H c a ltr~ ~ 7 7 cousn and w were hnkj nkng ot nol, >n l h lhl kngdo, the way own ndlvduhl characterstc Jcs. These pasl. dc da age her baby, w hether s she drnks Letter nuber W. Address. your _ ; seeng each other anyore. rc. wc g et pure breeds 5 arc a produced, lterally. s recessve, re< dr secondary, ger [cnesay nally, yo you arry a relatve and too uch each d a y o r goes on a couplc request to Dr. T. LLab ncare o ths j ; s0u 3, w e would get artl rrcd dwe b y ln b rccdln dng."., by chance be atched n prod n, youcould, o couse, o bnges durng pregnancy, :y. Alcohol newspaper, P.O. > 0. Box 1551, Rado Cty /a ra c a n c rn g aboulajt ghc lh j r Chldren gr are always the coblna ol osprng. At that.ue, the u has other bad eects on your rheallh, Staton, New YorJc, NY , done durng your pre TMy o th er. lon orgcnes sro bothparentp nse bl«le trat n a jts u ra c e. O SEJW UQwanLoJcnowwhat (N e w a pc n t c r s e A ) te r l n e w h e t h c r o o r T sald haa heard o other le ta sca lk e * erlcd.d charactcrstlcadccr u lne. Theanswer, loyour questc h ealthy or lad adce c t tw s and the chldren were lne. Wns w hether a. chld d s bo wth any rests rc n genetc c o u n tns g g. S l d : ths Just luck? Please tell e the nherted dele eectsornot. Hendln and Joan M arks hay ye abook youlndout out durng the pregnancy chances o our chldren Jl bclne ro Theposlllvt ;ve sde o lhat s that these called The Genetc Connectl :tlon: How that the develop lopng baby has a genetc tabled o r havng other dclccts. del M y so e nhert jrted* characterstcs de Tc To Protcct Your Fa ly y A ganst deect, then : youre y aced wth a M a n d a th e r and hs o other are te ln e h ow w super the osprng ay H» Heredlta Dsease" whch n can ( gve second decson lon; w hether o r not you M ~ broujwm dsstctvthlssn t a"w rr"b0rto07 toll ollow sthatdtboth:parcnts_yo you soeuseul njoratlon n j (WUlla wsh lo contnue nue the pregnancy. The oecol buy h a ratonshlp ether. hove exceptl ptlonally good genes and Morrow M and Co., nc;rl05 M adson Genetc Cdnhe jectbn"wlllgv6 7 ou M A<enuerNewYorkrNYOOH 0 6r50:95): addtonal nor ohnatlonon how th e s e ~ b " " T r r l F c e rl y c d c a don l know whether :r you rt: a chldren shou lould turn out rearkably Thls.book T also contalns a lst 11: o the laboratory test ests _are done and the U student 43( hstory or not,, b u tn. well, gc genetc counselng centers n the tcj±nques avj avalable to help you K ; a n d e n t E gypt brothers and d s lslcrs ln The proble ble s that no one can V varous states, reduce lhe rsk sk o genetc dsease n ; ajroy Ja lly.arrled.cn each _othcr._.. guaranteeyo yqu.thnl nlj o ygur_penes you nnd your cousn hav ve genetc.ypurchudren. 1. t o A t W t s End Thos BYEMABOMBEC JECK re nd the ; o tns they would g v e books,hechlded.. t h a t s n1new,!18lghed. e Doyou. 1 My son cae hoe ro < college on the presents ;nts. Not bg ones, b ut lttle "Well, there was a t e when v you know that your )ur ather once bought a. H se ester break ths week >k a and asked renders yo you could use. got a phone book or eacl ch o the p T r o boctb 3 a and they cac wth a H. e /o ra ro a d a p o /lh e sstale. t For exa, aple, ths road ap was phones n your house. You de lld n lh a v e penkne n the leslde? went to our saety ~dcp depost box, u <rack n n aa servce staton and you to call o r anythng. know y youre too "Awc on,":,"h esad. took out a worn copy, and d cautoned, c could lake as os any as you lked.,.yo youn to re e ber, but you u sed to Ye8,ls goodbycloaersw g th H "B e careul wth ths. ts the only Dry clear eaners used to gve out go nto a.restaurant and not lot have to pennes n the U, goodbye ree ap we have. hangers and d sewng kts, banks gave aak as or w ater o ra toothpck." catalogues ror ro alorder houses, He handled t wth revere erence as he out ran bonne nnets and candy, and there "Y oure kddng," he sad, 1 " asked and so long [ cardboards c n shrts. placed t on the table. Tell e how w asnt a year car we ddn t get h u n d d: or a toothpck the other ngh jh t and the W ere lvng n a c t e o nlaton." H you got t agan? ho asked. o calendars rs ree ro nsurance cca a sh le ra sk e d,. How any ly do you "Speakngo. nlaton, Mo, used l. 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Soe z consderably less expensve ve 1than even odels have ve enough power to cut < o lveyearsago. replace woo vood. And saller odels D...nus s the rght te to 0 thnk about wth less pow ersell or as low as$35. o > wtat you t wont tb to buy n e x l. Soe o then e ost respected na es n rngorrghtnow. gatlen poww Arer equpent arket ths Gasollne?owered chan n l saw s have tnexpenslvec cost ro 1200 lo $300 or son so et e. r S ecod c o u s )se gcx)d1 old days ;s are go)ne ore\ tver tc D S ts T :3 o rg hle sej th e ragron o n c e lo w hch all th e p a s t w a s p relu e ] d e. "dowrn sns pconder an > arrag e a rn d ch e E M E N l 7 T H E S O ron _ :ke GL4> t cutlvo ans tylng talon. F o u r a n t a s t c s t y l s t s t o s o r v o y o u b e t t o r l )n.*sat. 9 a..>6 p K 227 Shohon St.. 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48 E10TloBNow8, Twn Fola, ll9, daho a r u n o Sunday, Fobruar; joryll.1879 " r F p o n r c B U R L N G T O N S. > L. _ o t T e a H p S y J Q JO] T ra»d M A N ~ decclg l tewater, pour ala lb tu aspccts. l bat bath can be a p o c t lcagosuntcs Perrle P water nto vour balh.. beauty treatent. er J h e Roans s pereccd the bath n F or Q lltte addtonal a ;osphero, ;vedd eddlng ansr 200 B.C., and j slnco s then t has been a lower c the lghts and llgh M a M endelssohns S "W eddng M arch avorte reed ledy or jangled nerves, candles. c. t w as certanly an ew tlve at a weddng or the rst rayed eolloa lots and a tred body. bath b; settng n the revval o A Star qj the arrage cere ony o Napoleon spent spc ost o hs t e n sb j orrt.,, QueenV ctora ra s daughter, the Pn " oxclo soakng ngln a hot tub, on hlscoendatlon. To ths. TuhTon a tepd shower or a nal cess Rbyal, to the Crown P rnce o doctor s recor rnse and a bt o added vllalll Jlty. Prussa on Jan. an. 26, B58. The axh day, doctors rs reco end baths W hether you take a practcal was coposed or Mendelssohns "A because o the therapeutc values o appro ach. or. dwell on ts sensual M dsu er N lghtsd rea. j water. ersng g yoursel y n a w ar balh T.( prootes rela: taxaton. Hot baths are H helpul.ln.relevng pan n so e ~ eases, whle : c< cold boths cx lprovc.c crculaton. _.. A lwaysstart rt wth a clean tub. you v _ L j wanl.lq.create te the p erect bath, use a bathter oneter to get just the r l t teperature, J. Start wth 90 degrees, then let_warr ar er w ater trckle n 1 r = S J= H E B E = = = r : gradualyun untl "thc~tc peraturc! reaches about )ut 108 degrees Fahrenh < 4 n eew w HOPE, elt. Anythng g 1holler wll be enervnt* FOR ng. ;U R A B LE>.. Fll the tab :ab nearly to the br, A t L * addtng*tjubblc DlC"bath; cry sta lso ro ll..the raance; wll notdnly scent your : b SS E A S E S?...sklnbutyourb rbarn o o asw er Don t be n n ; a hurry. Le back and ; W BLE..... relax or 10 to 1S.nutes. 1 You can bu> 3uy an nlatable cushon [ h L deslgnedortu tub nappng n coort, a u Ths reaxatl tatlon wll also gve you a 3 ANeKA 1 CRCtlLATO ATORY DSORDERS * STHOHE. 7 T 3 " Rl... lltue prebath h preparaton. The w ater \.. ;.../ a v... wll loosen sol a ll and body perspraton RODGER HARRS. M.t H.O.. ;"::./. on your skt Jcln whle casng taut O ln G HARRS. N.D. K., uscles and overexposed nerves, D octors ol HaturopaUlc McdlclnoM Soap up, usl jslng a washcloth, sponge 4 y ayyrln th o ro u g h ly, as 6j; n hoypcalcty "heart dsease.. soap can have a dry ng.eoct on y o u UJho >nuber n ono kller n our ojm _ Jn.lhB UnlcdSoto* J O1%o l ol doolhsorojro ordloc : : t :» : : ; r r s k n ; r : Thoooro ony tjlloon nl lypos o(. hoart.dlsardqr.2_bulll }ullh0tt0>l coon,,.,, t.. g S You ght,t w want to do a stretchng ond ot dlsoblng lypo < results ro o lock ol blood lb the t hoon usco and hlckonod, and.. : r : c T P L exercse to hel help releve tenson. St n loh. Tho reronory blooc >od vossel beco e hordenod an< tholr oponlng bocoo groduolly Qt narrow er, storvng tho jo heart uco or ( llt r the tub wth tl y your hands under your oxygon. The hoorl ro.pon ondsuch llko on rlgotod Hold lold rospands lo havknees, back : rounded, n head lowered. ng tj w ater shut ol. ll s ) not uncoon or o clot lo 10 plug up ono ol tho G a n t b r o p e n w c a v c s t r a w h a t t5 s h g h l g h t t h e B e t r a r s u e r c o l l eac c t o n nhale and roll ol your hcad Q w ard y o u r_ narrow ed hoo blood wo! /ossols. nslanlly»hullng ol 1 rght shoulder, ler, ltng your chest and producng o oorl oltack. )d by on ovorworkod tho blood lupply ond straghtenng your back. Let your ANGNA ll tho noo } c o( tho pon pattern produced b Koorl whch locks sulhc clont blood supply, ll occurs n tho 1 chos. s par. head roll bach ack. E xhale slowly whle oxysol and suocotlng, s ollon accopaned by a lool oolng o pendng W brngng your head to your shoulder, dooh. ond usuolly lollows exerton or okclloont, Styours u erj; ashons droppngchcs csran d T eta ln g to you \tks CCUlATOHVOtSOD DERS oteal»o;ol onylypo»nu suw j hoojoeon. orlnal posltlc ton. R epeat ths exercse corn 1» w llh hardonnt or and thckenng o lhe ortorlo s os doscrbod abovo, ve tes on e... noueslrr shstu ogordng tho hoort..tho 10 soo condton con rotull n n allng o blood supply n each sde. lo any ol ho portont ergons. or{ slplgcxerclse c a llso r S T R O K E J.o nndu n n whch hc btood}pplyl>5ud(.5uddbnly_cut.0.t0a_ c a t G GWhalpstraw.reclnng n the tub wth your knees up porllon ol tho, broln. Thor lorn aro tw o general vpos, ohho llhough ho rosultlng rowm and thlckonod. daoqo s oboul ho to jo lor bolh. n ono. ho norrow and your back lek pressed gently nto the blood vosol bocoo plugged pl up by o clot. n ho othor, othe ho vosjol bo. has never yelded d lls 1 place tub. Pull you our chn down onto your eoos ao ronllo t oak» k». lke 0 w orn oul tro blowng o out. n olhor case. N E W Y dr K D oyou y o uhave.the Thc.collec lecton ebraces bg ats,_ ashon blahs? llu ohats,a and nl>elween h ats; n elt " th 1 e su er sun, n o rh aasltlnuls s ccsl7t at a"d(3< p a b reathnoldrthcn tho osul t usually ddj aslr6u>7 W rh"doolhorp<jrttolpo porolyl*occwtlno. W l c l o n the way..yt a s t, oftown and country,*but Bt 1 ar collecton Frat; t7uerelre e x h a le n d 1 n. relax. H epeats everal THERE15NEWHOPeFC FOR AU OF THESE.CONDHQNS.. N.J\ lhb_twvlllt. The sot wnds o sur cr ashon ostly or r a "new you"; score n a. enchantng c salorshapes, 5, elucr the l s a Noturopolhlc Clnc.. Dr.).,j Rodgor and Feldng Horrl* ullllxo notuol oth. o d, ncludng detary one jnd nutronol ooohl. ond d tho th< hyperbarc oxy., a re stb tn e and soon wll wl brng a eelng o r 1 ennty and youtlu gentle ( round crown styl lylo or H e Tllon there s the sensuous bath, gon chobor, or hosu ) and c rootod condton. Ths trootonl approoch begulng a ra y o haltcdlc dlooksorthe chc. talored shapng o the new :wly popular soap s a sensuous sc servant to all hos roconly rocolvod nalonwldo n puollclty ovor Mlko Mk Wolloco "60 w ar onts ahead. Strong ashon dextorlly s the 1Englsh boater. deal cholccs tor jatlen, akl: akng the ore aw are o M nuloj" TV progra ob< jbout tho Longovlly Retoorch Conlor Cor n Calorno, :. Yes, grls, b creadydrn jr o reo lh at_ pratur. ur.ol heb ot arcojlectlons,. that specal occason/v n any casos, dlsqblod heart h polontt hovo boon ablo le lc lo return lo alost ther bodes, 3. Laterlng, hlblng and _noral octlvlty n o otlo loro aow w ooks. d e ll ttl heady" eelln elng as h ats and n thl< ths new groupng adrot Covered crowns v e a new n< ashbt "belngrercshc shed a rc all p a rt o a dauyr... o r oro oralon;c oord eonsuhohon wthoul chorgo o r oblgaton: : conunue to c b a s the le n ost por* varatons 3 on < ashon the es are denson to the casua ual natural rtual, accor cordng lo Dr. E rnest ta n t a c c c sso woan 1 can own., caturcd to acheve an a rra y o suer. straw s, rangng : ro saucy Dlchter, ou lunder o the nsttute o _ tren d 5 cttln g _ sh ap cs vlsorbrl slosharplydl dlppcdbrl MotlvatlonaU al R eseajxh.t hroughex_ e a l t suhouettk or suer X Us a v b rant. Toppng U these looks or sprng ahd., enchanters..tensve resea carch, Dlchter has ound andalveselectlonbyb,b etraorthat su ers the t lghtweght "lp o th e ng a ndrln sn g one sbody And, or th e grl who w WNFAL LLSHATUROPATHML lg h to p tly b en a ed"fouror br sh apt ape n elt,thcre sas aller LBody_culture that co es,. soenew zcstn hcr le; B R T. KMBERLY.HQAD F a o n." b rn ed e d o r a s h a p e o r th e arelsslstc sdlove and s group o gant br Vc w e a v a RODGER HARRS. N.[.D. J FELDNG NG HARRS. N.D. B et ar hats are th exe re just ; or the glrlontheg ego, and a genty slopng, by everyone, w h etn er straws. un and ashon ot t, and d are part and w der brlr tr or casual eyellne conscously ; or subconscously, parcel o the casuy sc sophstcated enchonten lent. The avalable colors Yes, these h ats wll be oul there n a u you woul rould lke to add a tngly look th a t au grls seek and authortes are as stron ong as a coand o r as sot,.burst o gla our that wl ll add cubts advocate. as a \rtlsper. to your ashon stature or r suer. Jjvench, ]y"5; ofhd s_subtle, skpy ByALNEMOSB )SBY overturned!d e sott, a ple look n Hayworths heyday. PARS d J E r T la _tbc_skl pylook.ll=ha=r= = n e rra s c n B tln g tn o tcbo\raa\th. Gvenchy show n the : Pars Pj sprng evolved as asa nostalgc look to the loatng rbbons were p prnted b n su er hgh ashon colu wllectlons was era a o o glaorous l stars n abrc n trope oel ashon nstead, " long har,_w wde shoulders nnd gure o beng re a l. Gvenchy ly showed a a S trapless tops, blouses jcs barng one hugglngclot :lothes. dozen sort lnen dayl e andlohj, shoulder, necklnes plunj [unng to the Gvenchy hy s verson s subtle and chon o r crepe gowns wth ths ollt.. pont o no rctu n ore Band a at. legs sk py: short,sl puy sleeves on Soe o lhe tro pe w oel rbbons 1 1 showng under slt skrts, halter gurehugg ggng dayt e dresses, were outlned n gltter be: Mjads. On one V J necklnes. Only woen n wth \ sknny clgarettesl sl suts wth dscreetly. purple chon gown, a r red trope gures and beautul ars rs, shoulders, wdened shoulders, evenng gowns oell rbbon turned nto a strap over B etcetera, need apply. wth drapcj pery or ggantc rules on one shoulder, on another U elted nto S P R N G T M E Ths s G lvendys verson o the each J hp(agan, sknny eales a halter neckllncj a.t truph o...rashonrevoluton n Pa Parslhal. h as...a p p ly l d d bare shouldcrs.os.ln R ta,._..handade hgh a.shlon gowns,... F L O R; A P R N T S P.tr/oc( or wnjnrj jornt] rna jlour. and lop». A jupnr v.tctv ol pll. tl. lols. V " 3 M.chne w«l Tull< l<dy Pct.ncnl P» rtrwk7.to6 Collnnr nnj ll DlVds p h BKB neg U L A R lv S l.19 A YARD ;o.. Me Car»6379! ; * T R G G t ES t r C T O T H j\_ clll0taj!ll! 5a )ry ollll ~ \ l \. G5;. DAcnoN ;c Pov»/35" Cotton Wde 5 Sol Rutow xaton S W U l.yod b o d yfashons 41M. o, w krlng O T F r a n c B A UslaJs. y o u h a v e a bo n K c a r d, y o u c a n h a v o a T or«l tla s C h a r g e C a r d..j d lo lo ly! y r j S... 1 LYNWO? 0 0 D S H O P P N G CENTE re U. 1 ThtBt t)r l)rr<:tu(:t7 Pkr rrottt5t. 1 0 D E C O R / A T O R S C R E E N.100" Culun M. Maclnnwasltllj VnnKnt Pc55 rt Wk REGULARLY S2.90 A YARD J U N Q U LTE T E D : M A N Y M1A A T C H N G Q U L T S \ A OonVrr T:p rtlajt For a 2 toll pncknoe \ \ 18 t toll 3G O. TV Coponlr JJlt 12 y.ds totbd 3 6 VARDS5XOTAL! THE FABRC STORE WTH rhstyle... ck l03<s. W H ll Tntl! (try negulanly! Y S A Y A n o?tg J O J N E R W k M PR N TS REGULARLY S<?.49 A YARD SAV W E OVER 50%... \ B l L U E L A K E S B L V D. N O R T H N T H E B L, L U E L A K E S S H O P F P N G C E N T E R TrW V N F A L L S $027 X y a r d 66


A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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Physics 123. Exam #1. October 11, 2006

Physics 123. Exam #1. October 11, 2006 hyscs Exa # October, 006 roble /0 roble /0 roble /0 roble 4 /0 roble 5 /0 roble 6 /0 roble 7 /0 roble 8 /0 roble 9 /0 roble 0 /0 Total /00 Free-Response robles: lease show all work n order to receve partal

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Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m

Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Other Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Kindly fill in all the applicable information in the spaces provided and submit to us before the stipulated deadline. The information you provide will be held

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M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal

M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal C i s c o P r o f i l e C o n t a c t s & F e e d b a c k H e l p C isc o S M B S up p ort A ssistant Pass Routing Information over IPsec VPN Tunnel between two ASA/PIX H ome > W ork W ith M y S ec urity

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F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c

F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c L i f e t i m e M a n a g e m e n t o f F l a-b s ah s e d S S D s U s i n g R e c o v e r-a y w a r e D y n a m i c T h r o t t l i n g S u n g j i n L e, e T a e j i n K i m, K y u n g h o, Kainmd J

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(T > w) F R = T - w. Going up. T - w = ma

(T > w) F R = T - w. Going up. T - w = ma ANSES Suspended Acceleratng-Objects A resultant orce causes a syste to accelerate. he drecton o the acceleraton s n the drecton o the resultant orce. As llustrated belo, hen suspended objects accelerate,

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Provider Satisfaction

Provider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction [1] NOTE: if you nd to navigate away from this page, please click the "Save Draft" page at the bottom (visible to ONLY logged in users). Otherwise, your rpons will

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PHYS 1441 Section 002 Lecture #15

PHYS 1441 Section 002 Lecture #15 PHYS 1441 Secton 00 Lecture #15 Monday, March 18, 013 Work wth rcton Potental Energy Gravtatonal Potental Energy Elastc Potental Energy Mechancal Energy Conservaton Announcements Mdterm comprehensve exam

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o Alphabet Recitation

o Alphabet Recitation Letter-Sound Inventory (Record Sheet #1) 5-11 o Alphabet Recitation o Alphabet Recitation a b c d e f 9 h a b c d e f 9 h j k m n 0 p q k m n 0 p q r s t u v w x y z r s t u v w x y z 0 Upper Case Letter

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Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea

Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea G Blended L ea r ni ng P r o g r a m R eg i o na l C a p a c i t y D ev elo p m ent i n E -L ea r ni ng H R K C r o s s o r d e r u c a t i o n a n d v e l o p m e n t C o p e r a t i o n 3 0 6 0 7 0 5

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Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2

Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2 Internal Innovation @ C is c o 2 0 0 6 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. C i s c o C o n f i d e n t i a l 1 Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork

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Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License

Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License Trn Up A Chld 2000 Pul Mrxhusen All Rghts Reserved Dedcted to Stu Tetz for 30 yers of Luthern techng mnstry Free Prse Lcense Ths lcense does NOT supercede or replce the rghts of the composer(s) under Unted

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M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y-

M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y- Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Technical Overview 1 M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware

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Class: Life-Science Subject: Physics

Class: Life-Science Subject: Physics Class: Lfe-Scence Subject: Physcs Frst year (6 pts): Graphc desgn of an energy exchange A partcle (B) of ass =g oves on an nclned plane of an nclned angle α = 3 relatve to the horzontal. We want to study

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L...,,...lllM" l)-""" Si_...,...

L...,,...lllM l)- Si_...,... > 1 122005 14:8 S BF 0tt n FC DRE RE FOR C YER 2004 80?8 P01/ Rc t > uc s cttm tsus H D11) Rqc(tdk ;) wm1111t 4 (d m D m jud: US

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Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution

Department of Statistics University of Toronto STA305H1S / 1004 HS Design and Analysis of Experiments Term Test - Winter Solution Department of Statstcs Unversty of Toronto STA35HS / HS Desgn and Analyss of Experments Term Test - Wnter - Soluton February, Last Name: Frst Name: Student Number: Instructons: Tme: hours. Ads: a non-programmable

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I;;"" I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5" i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT

I;; I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5 i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT 5 ;; _L_ 7 9 8 A Ll(;O '{ L _ OFFCAL RETURNS GENERAL ELECTON RAmE 98 9 w ;; (k4(ap 'A ' lee S'T'lTE 5'C TU AS c ; _ l6l>'

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On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes

On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes 6 On the nuber of regons n an -densonal space cut by n hyperplanes Chungwu Ho and Seth Zeran Abstract In ths note we provde a unfor approach for the nuber of bounded regons cut by n hyperplanes n general

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The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table of Elements 8 Uuo Uus Uuh (9) Uup (88) Uuq (89) Uut (8) Uub (8) Rg () 0 Ds (9) 09 Mt (8) 08 Hs (9) 0 h () 0 Sg () 0 Db () 0 Rf () 0 Lr () 88 Ra () 8 Fr () 8 Rn () 8 At (0) 8 Po (09)

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[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.

[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34. .. - 2-2009 [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.2373-60..,..,..,..,.. -60 : /... ;. 2-. : -, 2008. 134. ISBN 5-98298-299-7 -., -,,. - «,, -, -», - 550800,, 240600 «-», -. [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8)

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THE CHINESE REMAINDER THEOREM. We should thank the Chinese for their wonderful remainder theorem. Glenn Stevens

THE CHINESE REMAINDER THEOREM. We should thank the Chinese for their wonderful remainder theorem. Glenn Stevens THE CHINESE REMAINDER THEOREM KEITH CONRAD We should thank the Chnese for ther wonderful remander theorem. Glenn Stevens 1. Introducton The Chnese remander theorem says we can unquely solve any par of

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Bellman-F o r d s A lg o r i t h m The id ea: There is a shortest p ath f rom s to any other verte that d oes not contain a non-negative cy cle ( can

Bellman-F o r d s A lg o r i t h m The id ea: There is a shortest p ath f rom s to any other verte that d oes not contain a non-negative cy cle ( can W Bellman Ford Algorithm This is an algorithm that solves the single source shortest p ath p rob lem ( sssp ( f ind s the d istances and shortest p aths f rom a source to all other nod es f or the case

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Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano

Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE Dv mons Mm t look o ts n rlt tt s ptvly p sn y Py Brnkmn Mttlno Dv your mons nto trnls o two or our olors. FCT-SCON0216_BNB66 2012 Klm Pulsn Co. Ts mtrl my not rprou n ny orm wtout prmsson

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1 Definition of Rademacher Complexity

1 Definition of Rademacher Complexity COS 511: Theoretcal Machne Learnng Lecturer: Rob Schapre Lecture #9 Scrbe: Josh Chen March 5, 2013 We ve spent the past few classes provng bounds on the generalzaton error of PAClearnng algorths for the

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General Tips on How to Do Well in Physics Exams. 1. Establish a good habit in keeping track of your steps. For example, when you use the equation

General Tips on How to Do Well in Physics Exams. 1. Establish a good habit in keeping track of your steps. For example, when you use the equation General Tps on How to Do Well n Physcs Exams 1. Establsh a good habt n keepng track o your steps. For example when you use the equaton 1 1 1 + = d d to solve or d o you should rst rewrte t as 1 1 1 = d

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Lecture 16. Chapter 11. Energy Dissipation Linear Momentum. Physics I. Department of Physics and Applied Physics

Lecture 16. Chapter 11. Energy Dissipation Linear Momentum. Physics I. Department of Physics and Applied Physics Lecture 16 Chapter 11 Physcs I Energy Dsspaton Lnear Momentum Course webste: http://aculty.uml.edu/andry_danylov/teachng/physcsi Department o Physcs and Appled Physcs IN IN THIS CHAPTER, you wll learn

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Physical Chemistry I for Biochemists. Lecture 18 (2/23/11) Announcement

Physical Chemistry I for Biochemists. Lecture 18 (2/23/11) Announcement Physcal Chestry I or Bochests Che34 Lecture 18 (2/23/11) Yoshtaka Ish Ch5.8-5.11 & HW6 Revew o Ch. 5 or Quz 2 Announceent Quz 2 has a slar orat wth Quz1. e s the sae. ~2 ns. Answer or HW5 wll be uploaded

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You will analyze the motion of the block at different moments using the law of conservation of energy.

You will analyze the motion of the block at different moments using the law of conservation of energy. Physcs 00A Homework 7 Chapter 8 Where s the Energy? In ths problem, we wll consder the ollowng stuaton as depcted n the dagram: A block o mass m sldes at a speed v along a horzontal smooth table. It next

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Excess Error, Approximation Error, and Estimation Error

Excess Error, Approximation Error, and Estimation Error E0 370 Statstcal Learnng Theory Lecture 10 Sep 15, 011 Excess Error, Approxaton Error, and Estaton Error Lecturer: Shvan Agarwal Scrbe: Shvan Agarwal 1 Introducton So far, we have consdered the fnte saple

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Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name

Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, 2004 Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Each asterisk () is 5 points. There are 40 s, for

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INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section

INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section CHEM 1215 Exam III John III. Gelder November 10, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 7 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and

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9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom)

9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) CAPTER 6: TE PERIODIC TABLE Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) The Periodic Table (Mendeleev) In 1872, Dmitri

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Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch.

Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch. Wnn f gn ht Wnn Song A g t ht Tn ong to A k g wnd A ong d no. no Sh Wnn Wnn th Wth. y t d to A ong k t Bg gn y H go wth Wnn Whn h f. wnd ootk H Wu Wu th t. Ptu Dtony oo hopt oon okt hng gd ho y ktod nh

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General Formulas applicable to ALL processes in an Ideal Gas:

General Formulas applicable to ALL processes in an Ideal Gas: Calormetrc calculatons: dq mcd or dq ncd ( specc heat) Q ml ( latent heat) General Formulas applcable to ALL processes n an Ideal Gas: P nr du dq dw dw Pd du nc d C R ( monoatomc) C C R P Specc Processes:

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o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco

o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco > p >>>> ft^. 2 Tble f Generl rdnes. t^-t - +«0 -P k*ph? -- i t t i S i-h l -H i-h -d. *- e Stf H2 t s - ^ d - 'Ct? "fi p= + V t r & ^ C d Si d n. M. s - W ^ m» H ft ^.2. S'Sll-pl e Cl h /~v S s, -P s'l

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Eleonore Gold Mine Area James Bay Region, Quebec, Canada

Eleonore Gold Mine Area James Bay Region, Quebec, Canada 76 30'W Eeonore God Mne rea James Bay Regon, Quebec, Canada 75 40'W God Prospects (zm utan dp artn ers) ( 1g /tu ( 0.1-1g /tu Inex Prospect up to.9g /tu Chares Prospect up to 35.9g /tu Smey Prospect 4.24g

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database marketing Database Marketing Defined Loyalty as Competitive Advantage DBM is Incremental in Nature DBM is a complete framework for Marketing

database marketing Database Marketing Defined Loyalty as Competitive Advantage DBM is Incremental in Nature DBM is a complete framework for Marketing Database Marketing Defined database marketing DBM is a complete framework for Marketing Research, Segmentation, Contact, Measurement any activity which creates and exploits a direct relationship between

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Remark: Positive work is done on an object when the point of application of the force moves in the direction of the force.

Remark: Positive work is done on an object when the point of application of the force moves in the direction of the force. Unt 5 Work and Energy 5. Work and knetc energy 5. Work - energy theore 5.3 Potenta energy 5.4 Tota energy 5.5 Energy dagra o a ass-sprng syste 5.6 A genera study o the potenta energy curve 5. Work and

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Physics 201, Lecture 4. Vectors and Scalars. Chapters Covered q Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement.

Physics 201, Lecture 4. Vectors and Scalars. Chapters Covered q Chapter 1: Physics and Measurement. Phscs 01, Lecture 4 Toda s Topcs n Vectors chap 3) n Scalars and Vectors n Vector ddton ule n Vector n a Coordnator Sstem n Decomposton of a Vector n Epected from prevew: n Scalars and Vectors, Vector

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Physics 2A Chapters 6 - Work & Energy Fall 2017

Physics 2A Chapters 6 - Work & Energy Fall 2017 Physcs A Chapters 6 - Work & Energy Fall 017 These notes are eght pages. A quck summary: The work-energy theorem s a combnaton o Chap and Chap 4 equatons. Work s dened as the product o the orce actng on

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SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SCHEDULE H-6.1b NUCLEAR UNIT OUTAGE DATA. For the Test Year Ended March 31, 2009 Schedule H-6.lb SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR COMPANY SCHDUL H-6.1b NUCLAR UNIT OUTAG DATA For the Test Year nded March 31, 29 This schedule is not applicable to SVvPCO. 5 Schedule H-6.1 c SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR

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4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th

4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th n r t d n 20 2 :24 T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n

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Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous

Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous T D $20,000+ Ay $10,000+ Fll Fly Cbl T Ew & S Vbl $5,000+ Ay M. & M. T Fll M. Fl H. Hwz D. & M. G A. Ky $2,500+ M. Plp J. Bly, III J & Klly Bzly S T. & My C. Fll Mk & E G R Hy Jy & Ell Jll Fly Ly F Cy

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H NT Z N RT L 0 4 n f lt r h v d lt n r n, h p l," "Fl d nd fl d " ( n l d n l tr l t nt r t t n t nt t nt n fr n nl, th t l n r tr t nt. r d n f d rd n t th nd r nt r d t n th t th n r lth h v b n f

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Physics 201 Lecture 9

Physics 201 Lecture 9 Physcs 20 Lecture 9 l Goals: Lecture 8 ewton s Laws v Solve D & 2D probles ntroducng forces wth/wthout frcton v Utlze ewton s st & 2 nd Laws v Begn to use ewton s 3 rd Law n proble solvng Law : An obect

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MAP READING MADE EASY ORDNANCE SURVEY MAP READING MADE EASY 1 What is a map? A map is simply a drawing or picture (in 2D) of a landscape or area of a country (in 3D). It could be anything from a sketch map for a visitor to

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'NOTASCRITICAS PARA UNA TEDRIA DE M BUROCRACIA ESTATAL * Oscar Oszlak OVí "^Ox^ OqAÍ"^ Dcument SD-11 \ 'NOTAS"CRTCAS PARA UNA TEDRA DE M BUROCRACA ESTATAL * Oscr Oszlk * El presente dcument que se reprduce pr us exclusv de ls prtcpntes de curss de Prrms de Cpctcón, se h

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CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models

CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models In this lab, we will learn and practice predicting molecular structures from molecular formulas. The Periodic Table of the Elements IA 1 H IIA IIIA IVA VA VIA VIIA 3 5

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46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th

46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th n r t d n 20 0 : T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l

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> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU

> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU C C FNS TCNCAL NFRMATN CNTR [itpfttiiknirike?fi-'.;t C'JM.V TC hs determined n \ _\}. L\\ tht this Technicl cment hs the istribtin Sttement checked belw. The crnt distribtin fr this dcment cn be telind

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PHYS 1443 Section 004 Lecture #12 Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014

PHYS 1443 Section 004 Lecture #12 Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014 PHYS 1443 Secton 004 Lecture #1 Thursday, Oct., 014 Work-Knetc Energy Theorem Work under rcton Potental Energy and the Conservatve Force Gravtatonal Potental Energy Elastc Potental Energy Conservaton o

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[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo

[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo [L D W W D k /%// / j } b w k w kk w b N b b k z w - k w k k b b b b b w k b k w S b b- K k D R w b k k kk k w w "b b z b bk b w wk w kk w w k b b b b q V /VSRN O R S R SON - H R VL 11 N 11 q HK NONL KONDON

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Homework Chapter 21 Solutions!!

Homework Chapter 21 Solutions!! Homework Chapter 1 Solutons 1.7 1.13 1.17 1.19 1.6 1.33 1.45 1.51 1.71 page 1 Problem 1.7 A mole sample of oxygen gas s confned to a 5 lter vessel at a pressure of 8 atm. Fnd the average translatonal knetc

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Made the FIRST periodic table

Made the FIRST periodic table Made the FIRST periodic table 1869 Mendeleev organized the periodic table based on the similar properties and relativities of certain elements Later, Henri Moseley organized the elements by increasing

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Linear Momentum. Equation 1

Linear Momentum. Equation 1 Lnear Momentum OBJECTIVE Obsere collsons between two carts, testng or the conseraton o momentum. Measure energy changes durng derent types o collsons. Classy collsons as elastc, nelastc, or completely

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How does the momentum before an elastic and an inelastic collision compare to the momentum after the collision?

How does the momentum before an elastic and an inelastic collision compare to the momentum after the collision? Experent 9 Conseraton o Lnear Moentu - Collsons In ths experent you wll be ntroduced to the denton o lnear oentu. You wll learn the derence between an elastc and an nelastc collson. You wll explore how

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Main components of the above cycle are: 1) Boiler (steam generator) heat exchanger 2) Turbine generates work 3) Condenser heat exchanger 4) Pump

Main components of the above cycle are: 1) Boiler (steam generator) heat exchanger 2) Turbine generates work 3) Condenser heat exchanger 4) Pump Introducton to Terodynacs, Lecture -5 Pro. G. Cccarell (0 Applcaton o Control olue Energy Analyss Most terodynac devces consst o a seres o coponents operatng n a cycle, e.g., stea power plant Man coponents

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d. Event D = { RRL, RRS, RLR, RSR, LRR, SRR, LLR, LLS, LRL, LSL, RLL, SLL, SSR, SSL, SRS, SLS, RSS, LSS } Section 1 a Event A { RRR, LLL, SSS } b Event B { RLS, RSL, LRS, LSR, SRL, SLR } c Event C { RRL, RRS, RLR, RSR, LRR, SRR } d Event D { RRL, RRS, RLR, RSR, LRR, SRR, LLR, LLS, LRL, LSL, RLL, SLL, SSR,

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Least Squares Fitting of Data

Least Squares Fitting of Data Least Squares Fttng of Data Davd Eberly Geoetrc Tools, LLC http://www.geoetrctools.co/ Copyrght c 1998-2014. All Rghts Reserved. Created: July 15, 1999 Last Modfed: February 9, 2008 Contents 1 Lnear Fttng

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FE REVIEW OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS (OP-AMPS) FE EIEW OPEATIONAL AMPLIFIES (OPAMPS) 1 The Opamp An opamp has two nputs and one output. Note the opamp below. The termnal labeled wth the () sgn s the nvertng nput and the nput labeled wth the () sgn

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Chapter y. 8. n cd (x y) 14. (2a b) 15. (a) 3(x 2y) = 3x 3(2y) = 3x 6y. 16. (a)

Chapter y. 8. n cd (x y) 14. (2a b) 15. (a) 3(x 2y) = 3x 3(2y) = 3x 6y. 16. (a) Chapter 6 Chapter 6 opener A. B. C. D. 6 E. 5 F. 8 G. H. I. J.. 7. 8 5. 6 6. 7. y 8. n 9. w z. 5cd.. xy z 5r s t. (x y). (a b) 5. (a) (x y) = x (y) = x 6y x 6y = x (y) = (x y) 6. (a) a (5 a+ b) = a (5

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2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s

2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s M O D E L O W A N I E I N Y N I E R S K I E n r 4 7, I S S N 1 8 9 6-7 7 1 X A N A L Y S I S O F T E M P E R A T U R E D I S T R I B U T I O N I N C O M P O S I T E P L A T E S D U R I N G T H E R M A

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Least Squares Fitting of Data

Least Squares Fitting of Data Least Squares Fttng of Data Davd Eberly Geoetrc Tools, LLC http://www.geoetrctools.co/ Copyrght c 1998-2015. All Rghts Reserved. Created: July 15, 1999 Last Modfed: January 5, 2015 Contents 1 Lnear Fttng

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8. Relax and do well.

8. Relax and do well. CHEM 1225 Exam I John I. Gelder February 4, 1999 Name KEY TA's Name Lab Section Please sign your name below to give permission to post your course scores on homework, laboratories and exams. If you do

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Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics.

Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. I. Review: Comparison of ionic and molecular compounds Molecular compounds Ionic

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( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW)

( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW) 8 Conson o n & Ponn To Fo wll s quons w D B σ σ Fo bo n b sown (W) o s W w bo on o s l us n su su ul ow ns [W/ ] [W] su P su B W W 4 444 s W A A s V A A : W W R o n o so n n: [/s W] W W 4 44 9 W : W F

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Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No

Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No xhibit 2-9/3/15 Invie Filing Pge 1841 f Pge 366 Dket. 44498 F u v 7? u ' 1 L ffi s xs L. s 91 S'.e q ; t w W yn S. s t = p '1 F? 5! 4 ` p V -', {} f6 3 j v > ; gl. li -. " F LL tfi = g us J 3 y 4 @" V)

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Lecture 9: Linear regression: centering, hypothesis testing, multiple covariates, and confounding

Lecture 9: Linear regression: centering, hypothesis testing, multiple covariates, and confounding Recall: man dea of lnear regresson Lecture 9: Lnear regresson: centerng, hypothess testng, multple covarates, and confoundng Sandy Eckel seckel@jhsph.edu 6 May 8 Lnear regresson can be used to study an

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Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1

Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 The development of the periodic table brought a system of order to what was otherwise an collection of thousands of pieces of information.

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FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012

FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012 CLLR CNTY TRST TAX RVN CAC January 10, 2013 V-1 Staff Reprts 1 f 18 Budget escriptin und Y 13 Adpted Budget Y 13 (5%) Reserved by Law Y 13 Net Budget Y 13 recast Variance t Y 13 Budget Beach acilities

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I have not received unauthorized aid in the completion of this exam.

I have not received unauthorized aid in the completion of this exam. ME 270 Sprng 2013 Fnal Examnaton Please read and respond to the followng statement, I have not receved unauthorzed ad n the completon of ths exam. Agree Dsagree Sgnature INSTRUCTIONS Begn each problem

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What is LP? LP is an optimization technique that allocates limited resources among competing activities in the best possible manner.

What is LP? LP is an optimization technique that allocates limited resources among competing activities in the best possible manner. (C) 998 Gerald B Sheblé, all rghts reserved Lnear Prograng Introducton Contents I. What s LP? II. LP Theor III. The Splex Method IV. Refneents to the Splex Method What s LP? LP s an optzaton technque that

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Anycast Latency How many sites are enough?

Anycast Latency How many sites are enough? Anycast atency How many sites are enough? Presented by Ricardo de Oliveira Schmidt October 25, 2016 Madrid, Spain Presentation copyright 2016 by Ricardo de Oliveira Schmidt Reference: Anycast atency: How

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Animals and Behaviors. Templeton Biology

Animals and Behaviors. Templeton Biology Animals and Behaviors Templeton Biology Nueral- Nami Expl ai n t he behavi or s you see i n t he vi deo. Woul d t hi s be a gr oup or i ndi vi dual f eedi ng behavi or why? Video of Prairie Dog Communication

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Fuzzy Reasoning and Optimization Based on a Generalized Bayesian Network

Fuzzy Reasoning and Optimization Based on a Generalized Bayesian Network Fuy R O B G By Nw H-Y K D M Du M Hu Cu Uvy 48 Hu Cu R Hu 300 Tw. @w.u.u.w A By w v wy u w w uy. Hwv u uy u By w y u v w uu By w w w u vu vv y. T uy v By w w uy v v uy. B By w uy. T uy v uy. T w w w- uy.

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I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE

I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE (tl Sh*q +sss$!! ll ss s ;s$ll s ; B 3 $ Sest -9[*; s$t 1,1 - e^ -" H u$xdx fd $A sfle *9,9* '. s. \^ >X!l P s H 2.ue ^ O - HS 1- -l ( l[[l[e lff* l$[fl$l1l3f[ U, -.1 $tse;es s TD T' ' t B $*l$ \l - 1

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m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e

m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e 131 m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e p o s i t i v e l y to h i m a n d t h e i r peers. G r o u p m e m b e r s, f e e l i n g m o r

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7. Relax and do well.

7. Relax and do well. CHEM 1215 Exam II John II. Gelder October 13, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 5 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and a solubility

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Analytical Chemistry Calibration Curve Handout

Analytical Chemistry Calibration Curve Handout I. Quck-and Drty Excel Tutoral Analytcal Chemstry Calbraton Curve Handout For those of you wth lttle experence wth Excel, I ve provded some key technques that should help you use the program both for problem

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Line Drawing and Clipping Week 1, Lecture 2

Line Drawing and Clipping Week 1, Lecture 2 CS 43 Computer Graphcs I Lne Drawng and Clppng Week, Lecture 2 Davd Breen, Wllam Regl and Maxm Peysakhov Geometrc and Intellgent Computng Laboratory Department of Computer Scence Drexel Unversty http://gcl.mcs.drexel.edu

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Chapter 6. Operational Amplifier. inputs can be defined as the average of the sum of the two signals.

Chapter 6. Operational Amplifier.  inputs can be defined as the average of the sum of the two signals. 6 Operatonal mpler Chapter 6 Operatonal mpler CC Symbol: nput nput Output EE () Non-nvertng termnal, () nvertng termnal nput mpedance : Few mega (ery hgh), Output mpedance : Less than (ery low) Derental

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Linear Momentum. Center of Mass.

Linear Momentum. Center of Mass. Lecture 16 Chapter 9 Physcs I 11.06.2013 Lnear oentu. Center of ass. Course webste: http://faculty.ul.edu/ndry_danylov/teachng/physcsi Lecture Capture: http://echo360.ul.edu/danylov2013/physcs1fall.htl

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30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu.

30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu. Enthalpy changes: experimentally it is much easier to measure heat flow at const pressure - this is enthalpy q p = )H : also nearly all chemical reactions are done at constant pressure. Enthalpy (heat)

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Anti-van der Waerden numbers of 3-term arithmetic progressions.

Anti-van der Waerden numbers of 3-term arithmetic progressions. Ant-van der Waerden numbers of 3-term arthmetc progressons. Zhanar Berkkyzy, Alex Schulte, and Mchael Young Aprl 24, 2016 Abstract The ant-van der Waerden number, denoted by aw([n], k), s the smallest

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K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo.

K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. I t odu tio K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. A istotle Why You Need Insight Whe is the last ti e ou a e e e taki g ti e to thi k a out ou life, ou alues, ou d ea s o ou pu pose i ei g o this

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ONE-DIMENSIONAL COLLISIONS Purpose Theory ONE-DIMENSIONAL COLLISIONS a. To very the law o conservaton o lnear momentum n one-dmensonal collsons. b. To study conservaton o energy and lnear momentum n both elastc and nelastc onedmensonal

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LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses

LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Louisiana State University LSU Digital Commons LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Graduate School 1976 Infestation of Root Nodules of Soybean by Larvae of the Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotoma Trifurcata

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Physics 114 Exam 3 Spring Name:

Physics 114 Exam 3 Spring Name: Physcs 114 Exam 3 Sprng 015 Name: For gradng purposes (do not wrte here): Queston 1. 1... 3. 3. Problem 4. Answer each of the followng questons. Ponts for each queston are ndcated n red. Unless otherwse

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The Impact of the Earth s Movement through the Space on Measuring the Velocity of Light

The Impact of the Earth s Movement through the Space on Measuring the Velocity of Light Journal of Appled Matheatcs and Physcs, 6, 4, 68-78 Publshed Onlne June 6 n ScRes http://wwwscrporg/journal/jap http://dxdoorg/436/jap646 The Ipact of the Earth s Moeent through the Space on Measurng the

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AS-Level Maths: Statistics 1 for Edexcel

AS-Level Maths: Statistics 1 for Edexcel 1 of 6 AS-Level Maths: Statstcs 1 for Edecel S1. Calculatng means and standard devatons Ths con ndcates the slde contans actvtes created n Flash. These actvtes are not edtable. For more detaled nstructons,

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Grade 11 Science Practice Test

Grade 11 Science Practice Test Grade 11 Science Practice Test Nebraska Department of Education 2012 Directions: On the following pages of your test booklet are multiple-choice questions for Session 1 of the Grade 11 Nebraska State Accountability

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a v2 r a' (4v) 2 16 v2 mg mg (2.4kg)(9.8m / s 2 ) 23.52N 23.52N N

a v2 r a' (4v) 2 16 v2 mg mg (2.4kg)(9.8m / s 2 ) 23.52N 23.52N N Conceptual ewton s Law Applcaton Test Revew 1. What s the decton o centpetal acceleaton? see unom ccula moton notes 2. What aects the magntude o a ctonal oce? see cton notes 3. What s the deence between

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4r, o I. >fi. a IE. v atr. ite. a z. a til. o a. o o. 0..c. E lrl .',,# View thousands of Crane Specifications on FreeCraneSpecs.

4r, o I. >fi. a IE. v atr. ite. a z. a til. o a. o o. 0..c. E lrl .',,# View thousands of Crane Specifications on FreeCraneSpecs. i View husns Crne Speiiins n reecrnespes.m :: :r R: 8 @ il llj v u L u 4r,? >i C) lrl? n R 0&l r'q1 rlr n rrei i 5 n llvvj lv 8 s S llrvvj Sv TT [ > 1 \ l? l:i rg l n - l l. l8 l l 5 l u r l 9? { q i :{r.

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Topic 23 - Randomized Complete Block Designs (RCBD)

Topic 23 - Randomized Complete Block Designs (RCBD) Topc 3 ANOVA (III) 3-1 Topc 3 - Randomzed Complete Block Desgns (RCBD) Defn: A Randomzed Complete Block Desgn s a varant of the completely randomzed desgn (CRD) that we recently learned. In ths desgn,

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BALLADE TO THE MOON --- _ I _ BALLADE TO THE MOON Danel Elde (b 986) Adago Msteoso 66 3 '0# 3 5 S A T B On moonlt nght 7 ' Yg " 2 9 l 0 wan de fee : pp e 9 : n n l j j: 2 a 0 On moonlt nght wan de' fee my mnd to oam on thoughts of

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Physics 15 Second Hour Exam

Physics 15 Second Hour Exam hc 5 Second Hou e nwe e Mulle hoce / ole / ole /6 ole / ------------------------------- ol / I ee eone ole lee how ll wo n ode o ecee l ced. I ou oluon e llegle no ced wll e gen.. onde he collon o wo 7.

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Chapter 8 Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy Important Terms (For chapters 7 and 8)

Chapter 8 Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy Important Terms (For chapters 7 and 8) Pro. Dr. I. Nasser Chapter8_I November 3, 07 Chapter 8 Potental Energy and Conservaton o Energy Important Terms (For chapters 7 and 8) conservatve orce: a orce whch does wor on an object whch s ndependent

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APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids

APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids APPH 42 Physics of Fluids Problem Solving and Vorticity (Ch. 5) 1.!! Quick Review 2.! Vorticity 3.! Kelvin s Theorem 4.! Examples 1 How to solve fluid problems? (Like those in textbook) Ç"Tt=l I $T1P#(

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Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard

Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard Hol Gd Chcllo Adld o Hdly Fdy d Sudy Nhs Novb Dcb 2010 7p 11.30p G Fuky hs Chss Sso wh h Cw fo Chuky Cusd Fdy Nhs $99pp Sudy Nhs $115pp Tck pc cluds: Full Chss d buff, 4.5 hou bv pck, o sop. Ts & Codos

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Chemistry 112 Name Exam I Form A Section January 29,

Chemistry 112 Name Exam I Form A Section January 29, Chemistry 112 Name Exam I Form A Section January 29, 2013 email IMPORTANT: On the scantron (answer sheet), you MUST clearly fill your name, your student number, section number, and test form (white cover

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