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1 Welcome to the Leader of the Faithful With the poet we sing- O, Spring, visit our land in this Season of Winter with all your flowers of variegated hues and sweet fragance and strew them in the path of our beloved one as he sets foot on the ground sacred to us: A decade and a half has passed since the holy presence of Khalifathul Masih IV was felt by the sacred homeland of the Mahdi Masih. Ever since then we have been in ardent expectation of the Second Coming of the present Ameer-ul- Mu mineen Khalifathul Masih V. Allah, in His unbounded grace and mercy has let it happen to us once again. Both at the end and the beginning of the centuries twine the irresistible stream of Divine beneficence has flowed in to our motherland with the glorious promise of deliverance. May the Most Merciful will it so that Hazrath Mirza Masroor Ahmad s message of peace and goodwill among men of different faiths and pursuits deliver this country from the gruesome clutches of terrorism and all brands of extremism. May He will it so that the glory of true Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance dawn upon this sub-continent once and for all. If the Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? asked the poet and our answer is, the Spring is here in the holy person of Hazrath Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifathul Masih V as he sets foot on our beloved land. May Allah, shower His unfold blessings on His true servant and enable him to carry out the tasks set on the divine track. Ameen. Nazim, Majlis Ansarullah Subai, Kerala.

2 hn j b hn h cw amkni Hcp A kmdp m {]kn- o-i-cww FUn- C Nm Pv: Fw. \mkn AlvaZv Unkw-_ P\p-hcn 1180 hr niw [\p Zp JAvZv Zp l v h^ølv kp lv BapJw am\-h-cm-in-bpss Imh m-c\v kzmkxw... 4 bpk-\mzw BZy ktω-f\ hnfw-_cw... 5 lkvdøv an km Kpemw Al-vaZv (A) hnip Jp -B kqd-øp lnpv x A w hymjym\w... 6 ka-im-eniw \ΩpsS ktω-f\w l p-t]mse... 9 lkvdøv an km _io-dp-±o alv-aqzv Alv-aZv (d) JpXzv_ AXn-Yn-I-fpsS IS-a-Iƒ ]pkvxiw 5 e w 6 hne 10 cq] SATHYAMITHRAM ANSARULLAH PUBLICATION Printed and Published by Majlis Ansarullah State Committee,Kerala at BRB Offset Printers & Publishers Thavakkara, Kannur-17. Ph: and Edited by M. Nasir Ahmad Manager: Muhammed Salim, Kannur Ph: tej\w lkvdøv an km akv-dq Alv-aZv (A-ø-Z-lp) `qi-º-ß-fp-ss-ta `qiºw ap\o Alva-Zv, JmZnw JmZn-bm, Zmdp Aam...18 auehn \mkn AlvaZv bqkp^v \_n(-a)s sfxn-lm-kn-i-amb IY F.-Iyp. alvzn sszhhpw Ahs kn^-øp-ifpw F. A p dlnw P\m-k-Km-bn_v \nkvimcw apl-ωzv Ckvam-bo F v.-f. hkn-øøv snbvx-h, hm Ø-Iƒ, Adn-bn- p-iƒ, Postal Address : Editor/Manager Sathyamithram bymonthly Ahmadiyya Muslim Complex, Fort Road Kannur-1 ap-j-nn{xw : lkvdøv an km akvdq AlvaZv

3 BapJw B[p\nIbpK-Øn Alva-Znøm Pam-A-Øn-eqsS BtKm-f-k-aq-l-Øn\v sszhn-i-{]` FØn- p alm-]p-cp-j\v kzmk-xw. Ncn-{X-Øns Xmfp-I-fn BZn-a-kw-kvIm-c-Øns \n[n-t]-s-i-ambn Adn-b-s -Sp al-ømb cmpyamwv \Ωp-tS-Xv. hmkvzø alvzo ako-lns P\\wsIm v ]hn-{x-amb aæn-te- mwv hmkvzø alvzo ako-lns IpSpw-_-]-c-º-c-bnse Cfw-X-e-ap-d-bn \n pw Jnem-^-Øns A\p-{Kl-hp-ambn bpk]p-cp-j-s\-øn-t -cp- -Xv. C ym D]-`q-Jfiw im n-bp-tsbpw kam-[m-\-øn-t bpw kar- -`q-an-bmbn temi-a-\- m- n-bn Ipfn sx- hoinb ]gbimew Htcm Ω-sØ- mbn \ΩpsS apºn-ep- v. At\Iw \Zn-Iƒ tn v Hcp kap-{z-ambnøocp- -Xp-t]mse \m\m-xz-øn GIXzw {]Jym-]n Hcp kwkvim-csø \ΩpsS a\- ns ASn-hm-cØn \mw Xmtem-en- p- p- v. hnhn[ ax-߃ ]c-kv]cw Ie-ln- m-sx, H m-bn- \n v Adn pw BZ-cn pw apt m- p-t]m-b-xns {]m \kvarxn \ΩpsS \mz-xmf hn]- n-i-bn \mw Bkz-Zn- n- p-ap v. ]t, h Ø-am-\-Imew Hcp Xos]m- -temss am{xta \ap v A\p-`-hn- m Ign-bq. `oi-c-hm-z- Øns Igp-I \J-߃ apdn- m-sp-iƒ kr n- \msv, Ahn-` `mcxw C y-bm-hs ]m n-ÿm-\mhs kam-[m\w \ -s v hnlz-e-am-b-xns timwn-a-bn Ie Nn{Xw \sω th -bm-sp- p. `qiºw XI Ø-\m-Sns knc-iƒ HSp-ßmØ thz-\-bpss {]`-h-ti-{µ-am-bxv \mw Adn-bp- p. aæn- -Sn-bnemb 4 am\-h-cm-in-bpss Imh m-c\v kzmkxw P\-]-Z߃ Nn n- n-x-dnb Ifn- m- -߃ t]mse InS- p- p. ]Ibpw hntzz-jhpw Bbn-cw-X-e-bp Imfn-b-s\-t]mse hnj-pzm-e-iƒ Db Øp- p. A - sø A w t\sm hymip-e-s -Sp a\p-jy ]cn-`-h-ß-fpss then-tb- -Øn c -In- msx Dg-ep- p. \ -bp-tsbpw km m -ni-x-bp-tsbpw hmxn-ep-iƒ AS- p-in-s- p- p. D]-t`mK kwkvim-c-øns hn{`m-a-e-l-cn-bn, ico-c-`m-j-bpss \ -X-bn, snip-øm \mk-cn-i-x-bpss ae-sh- - m- n-en kzbw \ -s -Sp Hcp P\-X-bpsS hnf Ø\ng-ep-Iƒ ChnsS shdpw ImgvN-I-fmbn \ΩpsS IÆp-Isf a fn- n- p- p. Cu hnj-a-k- n-bn Xulo-Zns Aa-c-i w tiƒ n- m, im n-bp-tsbpw kam-[m-\-øn-t bpw kulr-z-øn-t bpw kmtlm-z-cy-øn-t bpw ktµ-i-hp-ambn, [m Ωn-I-X-bpsS {]Nm-c-I-\mbn Ckvemw Alva-ZnøØns Jeo^ lkvdøv an km akvdq AlvaZv FØn-t -cp- p. Cdm-Jn P\n- pho-gp Ip n-t]mepw txm n-t bpw t_mw_n-t bpw ih-zm-l-øn sh v Xocp-tºmƒ, A^vLm-\nÿm-\n \n pw Xmen-_ms c -s mxn \njvi-f- -\mb Hcp tic-fo-b -bp-hm-hns\ Igp-Ø-dpØv sim p-tºmƒ bym Ckvem-ans\ {]Xn-\n-[m\w snbvxv Jn-em^-Øns t\xrxzw sfiy-øns am{ n- -I-X-bn-ems-W- -cpƒ snbv- -Xv, `oi-c-xbp-ss Im m-føw Ckvem-an-\-\y-am-sW- m-lzm\w snbvxv AlvaZnøm kmcyn C y-bn, AsX im n-bpss Hm Ω-Xo-c-sØ-Øp- p. B j-kw-kvim-c-øns {]`mh-imeøv temiwi ax-k-a-\z-b-øn Snh-c-bn v kvt\l-km-k-cx-ocøv km z-\-hp-ambn C y-bnse P\-ß-tfmSv sfiyzm Vyw {]Jym-]n- m am\-hn-i-x-bpss \ -{X-tim` h -W-bp- p. ]pxnb bpk-øn Xulo-Zn-t bpw kvt\l-øn-t bpw kam-[m-\-ønt bpw im- n-b-ptsbpw kmtlm- Z-cy-Øn-t bpw lrzbw t]dp am\-h-cm-in-bpss Imh m-c\v R߃ tnmc-sxm-sp a\-t mss kzmkxw Biw-kn- p p.- kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 224

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29 tej\w sszhhpw Ahs "kn^-øp-'ifpw (God and His Attributes) F. A p dlnw sszhw k -i- \pw (Omnipotent) k - \pw (Omniscient) k hym-]nbpw (Omnipresent) BsW- v sszhsø kw_- n Fs - nepw [mcw ]pe Øp F m-hcpw s]mxpsh hnizkn- p- p. sszhw kkp-w\mwv. sszh-øns KpW-ß-fn-eq-sS-bmWv Ahs\ Adn-bp- -Xv. ""GsX- n-ep-sam- ns D sb kw_- n \n Æ-b\w AXns KpW-ß-sf- p-dn- p \n Æ-b\w IqSmsX km y-a- '' 1 F v hmkvzø alvzo akolv (A) ]d-bp- p. \n Kp-W-\mb Hcp sszhsø k -ev n- phm\mhn. Aß-s\-sbmcp i n-bp-s - n AXv Ai- n-bm-wv. AYhm \mkvx-nbm-wv. \n Kp- W-\mb sszhsøs m v B pw Hcm-h-iy-hpan- -Xm-\pw. AXp-sIm v Ckvem-anse sszhw kkp- W-\m-Wv. sszhw tiƒ p-ibpw ImWp-Ibpw kr n- p- Ibpw kwl-cn- p-ibpw P\n- n- p-ibpw acn- n- p- Ibpw in n- p-ibpw c n- p-ibpw Bcw-`n- p- Ibpw Ah-km-\n- n- p-ibpw snøp- p. Ah Ahs Zmk-tcmSv kwkm-cn- p-ibpw Ahsc A\p-{K-ln- p-ibpw snøp- -h-\m-ip- p. \ bpw Xn bpw hkvxphpw Ah-kvXphpw ÿqehpw kq vahpw ÿehpw Imehpw Ccp pw shfn- hpw \ Xpw NoØbpw kpk- hpw Zp K- hpw kuµcyhpw sshcq-]yhpw ]Zm hpw iq\y-xbpw Poh\pw PUhpw F mw sszh-øns kr n-bm- Ip- p. \nd-ßfpw i -ßfpw cpnn-ifpw aw-ßfpw Ah kr n- -h-bm-wv. sszhw GI\pw \nkvxpe-\p-am-ip- p. Ah GIXzhpw aqe-im-c-w-hp-am- Ip- p. Ah H -bm-ip- p-sh- nepw F m FÆß-fp-tSbpw A -hp-am-ip- p. Ah Aaq Ø-`mh-\-bm-sW- nepw F m `mh-\-iƒ paxo-x-\m-bn- p- -h\pw Ah-bvs mw A p-d-øns A p-d- Øp- -h\pw BIp- p. sszh-sø- n hmkvzø alvzo akolv (A) C{]- Imcw ]d-bp- p. ""Ahs KpW-hn-ti-j-ß-sf mw A\m-Zyhpw A\- -hp-am-wv. Hcp KpWhpw \njv{in-b-am-bn- n-. Hcn- epw \njv{in-b-am-ip- -Xp-a-. Ah GI\pw Iq p-im-c C m-ø-h-\p-ambnøs bncn- p- p. Ah\v ]p{x-\n-, If-{X-hp-an-. Ah \nkvxp-e- \p-am-ip- p. Ah-s\-t mse Hcp-Ø\pw Fs - nepw khn-ti-j-kp-w-ß-fm {]txy-i-s -Sp-Ø-s - n- n-. Ah-t\mSv kmay-\mbn Bcp-an-. Ah\v A\p-Kp- W-\mbpw Bcp-an-. Ahs Hcp i n pw Ipdhp-]- p-i-bn-. Ah AI-e-Øp- -h-\m-sw- nepw ASp-Øp- -h-\p-am-ip- p. ASp-Øp- -h-\m-sw- nepw Ah AI-e-Øp- -h-\p-am-ip- p. Ah {]Xn- _nw-_m-fl-i-ambn "Iiv^v' Im v* kzbw shfns -Sp-Øp- p-sh- nepw Ah\v ico-c-an-. Ah F m-ønepw tase-bm-ip- p. F m, Ahs Iosg as -s - nepw Ds v ]d- p-iq-sm. Ah "A in'emsw- nepw `qan-bn-en-s v ]d-bm-h-x-. F m ]cn-]q Æ KpW-ß-fp-tSbpw ka-hm-b-am-wh. F m bym -Kp-W-ß-fp-tSbpw Dd-hn-S-am-Wh. F m i n-i-fp-tsbpw ti{µ-ÿm-\-am-w-h. F m A\p-{K-l-ß-fp-sSbpw \n -a-ÿm-\hpw Ah Xs -. F m Hmtcm hkvxp-hn-t bpw as- hpw Ah-\n-te- m-ip- p. F m Hmtcm cmpy-ønt bpw DS-a-ÿ Ah-\m-Ip- p. Ah F m ]cn- ]q Æ KpW-ß-fp-tSbpw ka-\z-b-am-ip- p. Ah F m Ipd-hp-I-fn \n pw _e-lo-\-x-i-fn \n pw AXo-X-\p-am-Ip- p.'' 2 sszhw tim]n- p-ibpw {]km-zn- p-ibpw kt mjn- p-ibpw snøp- p. F nepw Ah a\p-jys\-t mse hnim-cn-bm-sw v ]d- p-iq-sm. am\pjn-i-amb KpW-߃ Ah-\n kzr-iym-fl-i-ambn am{xw hne-kp p F - msx B KpW-ß-sfm pw am\p-jn-i-kp-w-ß-fp-ambn H pw Xmc-X-ay-s -Sp-Ømhp- -h-b-. Ahs Ahÿ a\p-jy v A\p-`h-s -Sp- -Xn\pw Adn-bp- -Xn-\p-ambn B KpW-߃ sszh-øn A]q Æ-cq-]-Øn A ym-tcm]w snøp p F p-am-{xw. sszhw tim]n- p psh v ]d-bp-tºmƒ a\p-jy-cn tim]-øns hnim-c-ap- m-ip- -Xp-t]mse sszh-øn hnim-c-ap- m- Ip p F w \evim-hp- -X-. IS tim]n- p p F p ]d-bp-tºmƒ IS-en\v hnim-c-ap- m- Ip p F pw a\p-jys\t]mse Hcp lrzbw AXn- \p-s pw Bcpw A -am- m-dn-. adn- v, IS-ens Ahÿ a\p-jy\v A\p-`-h-s -Sp-Ibpw Adn-bp- 1. Nivasb aavcn^øv lkvdøv AlvaZv(A) t] 197. * Pm{K-Xm-h-ÿ-bn-ep- m-ip Bfl-Z i-\m-\p-`q-xn-bmwv Iiv^v te. (2) A h-kn-øøv, t] 11,12. "hmkvzø ako-lns enjnx ii-e-߃.' (a-e-bmfw hnh: F. A p d-lnw, te. Alva-Znøm ixm n {]kn- o-i-cww Islam International Publication Ltd. Printed by Raqeem Press, Islamabad, Surrey (UK) 30 kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 250

30 Ibpw snøp-am-dm-ip- -Xn\v Hcp kt Xw D]-tbm- Kn- p- p-sh v am{xw. Cu kmzriyw ]t, sszhsø kw_- n- n-s-tømfw A\p-Nn-Xhpw A]q Æhpw BWp-Xm-\pw. ImcWw sszhw A\p- ]-a\pw A]-cn-ta-b\pw A\m-{i-bnbpw Bb-Xn-\m Ahs kø-tbtbm KpW-ß-tftbm Ahs kr n-bmb as m- n-t\mspw Xmc-X-ay-s -Sp-Øn- q- Sm. ]cn-an-x-amb a\p-jy-_p- n v B A]-cn-tab `mhsø Dƒs m- m\pw a\- n-em- m\pw BIm- Ø-Xn-\m, G hpw ASpsØmcp kt -XsØ B{i-bn- p p F p-am-{x-ta-bp- q. AXmWv Jp - B ]d-bp- Xv "ebvkm Ian-Yn-enlo ibv -D ' Ah H n-t\mspw kmzr-iy-ap- -h-\- (42:12) F v. sszh-øns 103 ]cw KpW-߃ Jp -B-\n ]d-b-s - n- p- v. Ah-bvs møv A{X-Xs t]cp-ifpw Ah-\p- v. F m, Ahs KpW-߃ Ah am{xa-. Ah-sb-Æn- -W- m- mhx-. "kl-{k-\m-a ' F v sslµ-h-{k-ÿ-ß-fn ]d-b-s - n- p- -t m. Hmtcm \mfnepw sszhw Hmtcm {]`mhw ssis m- p psh pw Jp -B ]d-bp- p. "Ip buan lphm ^o iav\n ' Hmtcm \mfnepw Cu \mfns Afhv A mlp am{xw Adn-bp- p Ah Hmtcm {]`mhw ssis m- p- p. (55:30) BI-bm Ahs KpW-߃ FÆn- -W- m- m-h-p X-. F m, Ah-sbm- pw-xs ]ckv]c hncp- -ß-fp-a-. 3 F m, ASn-ÿm-\-]-c-amb \mev KpW-߃ "kqdx-^m-øn-lm-'bn ]d-bp- p. Ah ki-e-tem- I-ß-fp-tSbpw \my-\m-wv. "d p Be-ao ' F - XmWv BZysØ "kn^-øv'. AXp-sIm- p-xs Ahs {]`mhw B F m temi-ß-fnepw hym]n- p-in-s- p- p. Ah-iy-ambpw hym]n- n-cn- -Ww. Ahs KpW-ßfpw Ahs købpw A`n- am-i-bm KpW-߃ D -bn-søv købpw købp- n-søv KpW-ßfpw hym]-cn- -Ww. Ahs Aaq Ø-ß-fmb KpW-߃t]mseXs Aaq Øamb købpw AZr-iy-am-Ip- p. "Im\- mlp_n Ip- n-ibv aploxzm' A mlp ki-e-h-kvxp- tfbpw hebw snbvxn-cn- p- p-sh v Jp -B ]dbp- p. (4:127) hmkvzø alvzo ako-lv(-a) ]d-bp- p. "Ah F m hkvxp- -tfbpw hebw snbvxncn- p- p-sh- nepw B hebw Fß-s\-bp- -XmsW v ]d-bm-h-x-.' 4. "Ip p iøn ' F -Xn ]c-am-wp- fpw (Atoms) kq va-i-w-ßfpw (Sub-atomec Particles) Dƒs -Sp- p. AXv Du -ambn amdp-tºmƒ B Du hpw Dƒs -Sp- p. AXp-t]m-se-Xs {_ mwvtism-l-tøbpw A mlp he-bw snøp- p. Fß-s\-bmWv hebw snbvxn-cn- p- -sx- Xv A m-lp-hns m\-øn am{xw Dƒs - -X-s{X. a\p-jy\v Np pw {]h Øn- p tdun-tb-j-s\- - n-øs AsX-ßs\ {]h Øn- p- p-sh v \ap- -dn-bn- -t m. sszhw k -i- -\m-bn-cn- -bm (Aem- Ip n iøn JZo ) sszh-sa- m-bn-søpw D m-bn-cn- m Ign-hp- -h-\m-bn-cn- -Ww. sszhw C mø Hcn-SsØ- p-dn pw Ah\v Ign-hn- mø Hcp Imcy-sØ- p-dn pw k -ev]n- p-iq-sm. At mƒ Ah k hym-]n-b- m-xn-cn- m Bhn-. Ah-\n bmsxmcp t]mcm-bvabpw Ign-hp-tISpw A]q Æ-Xbpw Btcm- ]n- p-iq-sm. hmkvzø alvzn akolv(-a) ]d-bp- p: ""Hcp kn^-øn sszhw A]q Æ\pw Ipd-hp- h-\p-am-sw v h m Ah F m kn^-øp-ifnepw A\ym-Zri\pw Xpey-X-bn- m-ø-h\pw Bbncn- m-h-x-.'' 5 A mlp k -hym-]n-bm-wv. F p-sh- m F m-bn-s-øp-ap- -h. k -hym-]n-sb- Xv Hcp kwkvir-x-]-z-am-wv. F m-bn-s-øp-ap- -h (Omnipresent) F px-s -bmwv AXp-sIm v A -am- -s -Sp- -Xv. A mlp hnim-e (hmkn-av) BsW pw k -km n (im-ln-zv) BsW pw ]db-s - n- p- -Xns kqn-\bpw AXp-X-s. A mlphn-s\- n tiƒ p- -h (k-ao-av) F pw ImWp- -h (_-kzo ) F pw km n (im-ln-zv) F pw {k mhv (Jm-en-Jv) F pw a pw ]d-bp-tºmƒ AhbpsS A -Øn \mw km n-ixzw Btcm-]n- p- Xv B KpW-ß-fpsS ]c-a-amb cq]-`m-h-߃ sszh-øn am-{xta shfn-s -Sp-Øp-I-bp q F p- -Xp-sIm- -s{x. sszhsø `mj-bn HXp- m-\mhn-. BIm-hp- n-s-tømfw Ahs\ Ah-X-cn- n- p- p-sh- p-am-{xw. `mj-bp-ss, Bi-bØns A]q ÆX sszh-øns ]q Æ-`m-hsØ Ah-Xcn- n- p-hm a\p-jys\ Ai- -\m- p- p. AXpsIm v Adn-bm-hp hm p-i-fn km y-am-ip- n- S-tØmfw Ahs\ hnh-cn- p-im- p-i-bmwv snøp- - Xv. sszh-øns KpW-߃ hnh-cn- p-hm Xmc- X-tay\ G hpw {]m]vx-amb `mj Ad-_n-bm-sW v hmkvzø alvzo akolv(a) ]d- n- p- Xpw AXpsIm- m-wv. 6. "d p Be-ao ' F ]Z-Øn Dƒs m- p F m A -ßfpw Bi-b-ßfpw as mcp `mj-bn as mcp ]Zw -ap-tj\ hyh-t -Zn- m km y-a-. "d v' F ]Z-Øn-\p-Xs F{Xtbm A -ß-fp- v. B F m A -ßfpw sszh- Øns kn^-øp-i-fn s]-sp- p. AØcw Hcp ]Zw temiøv as mcp `mj-bnepw C. AXp-sIm v sszhw k -hym]n F p ]d-bp-tºmƒ B hm ns Bi-b-]-c-amb A]q ÆX sszh-øns (3) Introduction to the Study of the Holy Qur-an. (4) eivn emtlm lkvdøv AlvaZv(A), t] 7. (5) eivn emtlm lkvdøv AlvaZv(A), t] 9. (6) an\-\p dlvam, lkvdøv Alva-Zv(-A) Favours of the beneficient, P kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 31

31 `mh-km-k-cn-i-ßsf shfn-s -Sp-Øm {]tbm-p-\-s - Sp- n-s - n AXv `mj-bpss \yq\x am{x-a- msx sszhn-i-kp-w-øns \ntj-[-am-bn-cn- p- n-.* iq\y-x-bn-ep Hcp tkmf-øn\v api-fpw Xmsgbpw ]n pw ap pw CSØpw he-øp-an. Bt]- n-i-ambn kao- -I\v AXv ap ntem ]n ntem tatetbm Iosgtbm BsW v ]d-bmw. {]] w (Universe) tkmfm-fl-i-am-sw- n AXns ]n nse Xv Fßs\ k -ev]n- pw? ]n n \n v F p ]d-bp- -Xp-Xs ap nepw Xmsgbpw aosxbpw CSØpw heøpw Np n-ep-sa- m-am-wv. Cu F m Zni- I-tfbpw AtXm-sSm w AIhpw ]pdhpw Dƒs - Sp-Øn-s m v Ahn-S-ß-fn-se mw HtcAh-k-c- Ønepw Hcp-t]m-sebpw Hcp i n AYhm Hcp hkvxp {]Xn-`m-kn- p- -Xns\ tzymxn- n- m-\p Hcp hm v Hcp `mj-bn-ep-an-. AXp-sIm v {]]- -Øn-\p-]n- nse pw AXoXsa pw a pw ]d-bptºmƒ AXp-sIm v A -am- -s -Sp- Xv F m Zni-I-tfbpw Dƒs -Sp-Øn-s m- p-x-s -bm-sw v a\- n-em- m {]bm-k-an-. Cu F m Zni-I-tfbpw Htc Ah-k-c-Øn Dƒs -Sp-Øn-s m- p Hcp ÿm\w k -hym-]iw Xs -bm-sw- Xv bp nhm-zn-bmb GXv sime-s m-º\pw kω-xn- m-xn-cn- m km y-a-. Fs - m bp n-]-c-amb hnnn- -\-Øns A\n-hmcy \nk-a\w (Inference) BWXv. AXp-sIm v {]]- -Øn\p ]n n-ep i n-bmwv sszh-sa v Hcp BkvXn-I ]d-bp-tºmgpw "{]]- -Øn\p ]n n-ep kt_m-[-nnøw' (Conscious Intelligent being behind the Universe) F v Hcp `uxn- I-im-kv{X- ]d-bp-tºmgpw, {]]- -Øn {]Xn- `m-kn- mø, iq\y-x-bn Asß-hn-sStbm A\yambn hn\y-kn- p Ft m H msw v A am- -s -Sp-t -bn-. ChnsS behind F ]Z-Øn\v ASn-h-c-bn- -Xp-sIm-s m pw _p n-bp- -h ImSp- I-b-dp-I-bn-. A mlp k -hym-]n-bm-wv. Ah F m-bn-s- Øp-ap- -h\s - n ]ns Hcn-SØv Hcp {]txy- I- -ÿm-\øv D]-ÿn-X\pw koan-x-\p-am-sw v ]dtb- n-h-cpw. k -hym]n F ]Zw tih-e-ambn AXns F m A -Ønepw sszh-øn-\p-am-{xta D]-tbm- Kn- p-iqsq F -XmWv kxyw. as m- n-s\- p-dn- mbmepw AXv Bt]- ni hym]-ixzw am{x-am-bn-cn- pw. {]] w Ah-iy-ambpw ]cn-an-x-am-wv. ÿe- Im-e-߃ A\- -ambn A\p-`-h-s -Sp- p-sh- nepw Ah-iy-ambpw XmXzn-I-ambpw km -am-ip- p. ÿew FhnsS Ah-km-\n- p- p? Imew Ft mƒ Ahkm-\n- p p? ÿehpw Imehpw Bt]- n-i-ßfm-wv. ÿehpw Imehpw A\- -amtwm? Bbn-cn- m km y-a-. AsX-hnsS Ahkm- -\n- p p F p ]d-bm km[n- m-ø-xp-sim- p-am{xw Ahkm-\n- p- n F p ]d- p-iq-sm. GXv bp nhm-znbpw ChnsS simºp-ip-øp- p. ImcWw bp n- ]-c-amb Hcp Zp -a-k n (logical impasse) BWn- Xv. Imehpw ÿehpw FhnsS Ah-km-\n- p p F Xv {]IrXnbpsS aqe-im-c-w-amb sszh-øns m\-øn am{xw Dƒs -Sp Imcy-amWv F hnizm-k-øn CXv ]tcm- - m-\-ß-fn AYhm "Kbv_n' s] hnizm-k-am-wv Hcp BkvXn-I Bizmkw Is -Øp- p. 7 Nn AhnsS Ah-iy-ambpw Ah-km-\n- n- p-ibpw snøp- p. F m, Ah-km-\n- p- n F p ]dbp- -h Ah-km-\n- m-bvi-bpss cq]w hnh-cn- p- X-cm _m y-ÿ-cm-wv. Imc-W-sa-s - m \ΩpsS _p n-bpss At\z-j-W-Xzc AhnsS Ahkm-\n- p- n-. ChnsS a\p-jys _p n ho pap- p- -Xp-sIm- mwv `uxn-i-x-xz- A pdw Nn n- m-\m-hmsx At -b-hm-z-øn (Agnosticism) c -tx-sp-i-bp- m-b-xv. {]]- -Ønse Hmtcm hkvxphpw km -am-wv. ]c-am-wp-hnse kq va-i-w-߃ sxm v AJn-emfi-tImSn{_ m-wvt-߃h-tcbpw Ah-sb mw Dƒs m- p hniz-i-sm-lhpw km -am-ip- p. km -ß-fpsS ka-hm-bhpw km -am-imsx Xc-an- m-sb- -Xp-sIm v {]] w AYhm {]IrXn Ahiy-ambpw km -am-wv. hnkvxr-xn-bpss Ah-km-\- amwv A\- -X-bpsS Bcw-`w. F m Bt]- n-iamb A\- -X-I-fp-tSbpw A p-d-øp- -h-\mwv A\- -X-bpsS DS-a-ÿ-\mb sszhw. AXmWv Jp - B ]d-bp- Xv "h A - Cem d n- ap Xlm' F m BXy- n-i-x-ifpw (Xp-S- hpw HSp- -hpw) \ns d n sn- -h-km-\n- p- p (53:43) F v. hym]-i-xz-øns BXy- n-i-x-bpw sszh-øn am{x-am-bn-cn- -Ww. AXn-\m sszhw k -hym- ]n-x-s -bm-wv. {]]- -Øn F m-bn-søpw A mlp Ds - p-]-d- m AYhm Ah k -hym-]nbm-sw v ]d- m, AXv "hlv-z-øp hppqzv' hmztam AssZz-X-hm-Ztam A. Ckvemw AssZz-Xhm-ZsØ AwKo-I-cn- p- n-. 8 apkvenw-iƒ sszzxn- I-fm-Wv. F p-sh- m Ckvem-anI Zr ym {k mhpw kr nbpw c pw c m-wv. {]] w thsd, {]]- -I Ømhv thsd. "Alw {_ mkvan' (Rm Xs bmwv sszhw) F v AYhm "A\ ljv' F p ]d-bp- -Xn\v kr nbpw {k mhpw `n -a-s - mwv * sszhw Omnipresent BsW v ]d-bp- -Xns A w A mlp lmfndpw \mfndpw BsW- m-wv. `mj-bn CXn\v k -hym-]n- -sb- - msx as mcp hm pan. Cw o-jn Pervade F hm p-]-tbm-kn- p-tºmgpw icn-bmb A -{]- XoXn D m-ip- n-. ]t, `mj-iƒ A]q Æ-ß-fm-b-Xp-sIm v AØcw GsX nepw ]Zw D]-tbm-Kn- p-i-b- msx a p am -an- -Xm-\pw. (7) X^vkosd I_o lkvdøv an km _iodp-±o alvaqzv AlvaZv(d). (8) AssZz-X-Z i-\hpw Ckvema-X- X-Xz-ßfpw a\- n-em- p- -Xn\v "Ckvemapw AssZz-X-Z i-\hpw' F ]pkvxiw hmbn- p-i. {KŸ-I Ømhv F. lman-zv {Ik v ]ªn-t -j. 32 kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 252

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40 h j-ß-fn "_Zv ' ]{X-Øn {]kn- o-i-cn tic-f-øn \n v hkn-øøv snbvx-h-cpss t]cpw ]nxm-hns t]cpw ÿehpw hkn-øøv snbvx Xnø-Xnbpw _Zv ]{X-Øns e \ºdpw Xmsg tn p p iaod Aivd^v w/o si.f. Aivd^v ] p-cpøn si.-ssh. iwk-p±o s/o si.-fw. bqkp^v Imht»cn ]n.-si. A p a-pozv s/o da-km IS-embn kn.-hn. A p-dlow s/o amapt mb IS-embn hn.]n.- \^ok w/o si. apl-ωzv ico^v IS-embn (40,41) kn.-hn. ap_-»nd w/o Fkv. AIv-_- timgn-t msv Fkv. AIv_ s/o F.-F. imlp l-aozv timgn-t msv Sn.-ap-l-ΩZv D mbn s/o Sn. apl-ωzv apdn-b- Æn si.-a-dnbw w/o Fw.-sI. sslz (-a lqw) aæm-d- msv Sn.-Fw. k o\ w/o Sn. Ip oxv apdn-b- Æn Sn. Ip oxv amã s/o Sn. timbæn apdn-b- Æn ssh. ^møna w/o kn.-si. _io hmwnbºew kn.-si. ^møna w/o Fw.-sI. _io hmwnbºew (42) ]n.-fw. apl-ωzv diozv s/o ]n. aplωzv tne- c Fw. ido\ w/o il hmkv hmwnbºew kn.-si.fw.a p K^q s/o kn.-si. Aehn hmwnbºew Fw. ap_m-d w/o kn.-si.fw.a p K-^q hmwnbºew Fw.-sI. ssk\_v w/o kn.si. aplωzv k^-dp hmwnbºew (43) kn.-f v. \Ko\ w/o apk^v^ AlvaZv IÆq kn n Sn. k^n-bm_n w/o hn.si. alvaqzv lmpn IÆq kn n Sn. _io AlvaZv s/o si.si. Ip pamen IÆq kn n kn. \^o-k w/o kn. A_vZp kmln_v Ae-s\ q ]n.si. AlvaZv Ip n s/o aplωzv apkvenbm Ae-s\ q (45) hn.si. ap\o s/o hn.-si. lk Icp-fmbn si.sn. lwk s/o hn. aplωzv Nmh- msv kn.pn. ico^v s/o kn.-]n. Ip n-t mb Ih-dØn kn. Jbvdp- nk w/o kn.-pn. ico^v Ih-dØn (46) (_Zv ]{X-Øns e w \º-dmWv Ah-km\w simsp-øn-cn- p- Xv. hknøøv AwKo-I-cn- p- -Xn\p aptº CXv ]{X-ß-fn {]kn- o-i-cn- p- Xv Fs - nepw Bt -]-ap-s - n AXv ti{µ-øn Adn-bn v Xncp-Øm th n-bm-wv. AXn-\m hknøøv snbvx aqkn-am Xß-fpsS hknøøv {]kn- o-i-cn- n- p _Zv ]{Xw t\m n X߃ Fgp-Xn-s m-spø tcj-iƒ icn-bmtwm F v ]cn-tim-[n- p- I. Fs - nepw \o m-t\m tn mt\m Ds n sk{i- dn _nlnivxn ajv_-dsb Adn-bn- p-i.) hkn-øøv snbvx-h {i n- pi hkn-øøv t^md-øn \n߃ tcj-s -Sp-Øn-bn- p kzøv hnhc IW- p-iƒ _Zv ]{X- Øn {]kn- o-i-cn- n- p- v. _Zvdn {]kn- o-i-cn- n- p IW- n Fs - nepw hyxymkaps - n B hnhcw ti{µ-øn Adn-bn-t - -Xm-Wv. \n߃ FgpXn tcj-s -Sp-Øn-bn- p kzøns hne km[p-hm-ip- Xv ti{µw AwKo-I-cn- p-tºm-gm-wv. AXn-\mbn kzøns hne \n Æ-bn- -W-sa- m-h-iy-s v sk{i- dn _nlnivxn ajv_d, JmZn-bm F hnem-k-øn {]txyiw At] \evti- -Xm-Wv. \nß-fpss At] In n- -gn- m \nß-fpss Pam-A- Ønse {]kn-u ns\ AXn-\mbn ti{µw \ntbm-kn- pw. Ah km y-s -Sp-Øp XpI-bm-bncn pw \n߃ simsp-t - n-h-cn-i. Ct mƒxs Cu \S-]Sn kzoi-cn- m ]e _p n-ap- p- Ifpw Hgn-hm- m km[n- p- -Xm-Wv. 261 kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 41

41 AlvaZ- nø apkvenw C ^ ta-j sk Xncp-hn-gmw-Ip v, ]me- msv Pn apvenkv A km-dp- mlv kwÿm\ kanxn AwK-߃ AJn-te ym kz auem\m ap\o - A-lvaZv JmZn-an-t\m-sSm w IÆq Su - I - q-smfn apven-knse AlvaZo bphm- ƒ {]Xym-i`- h - \ - nse At -hm-kn-iƒs m w s]cp- m-fns kt m-jm-hk - c - Ø - n 42 kxy-an{xw 2005 Unkw-_ 262

PpapA JpXzv_ 2011 sabv 20 lzvdxv Jeo-^-Xp akolv A Jm-ankv hnh Ø\w

PpapA JpXzv_ 2011 sabv 20 lzvdxv Jeo-^-Xp akolv A Jm-ankv hnh Ø\w Jeo-^-Xp akolv A Jmankv PpapA JpXzv_ 2011 sabv 20 lzvdxv Jeo-^-Xp akolv A Jm-ankv hnh Ø\w Fw. \mkn AlvaZv simsn-b-øq Xncp-\_n bpss bym t{]anbpw Zmk\pw Ime- Øns Camapw Xncp-\-_n- bpss {]h-n-\-{]-imcw BI-

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]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w

]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w sk]vxw-_ 21-27 ]mtw 13 hmkvzøw snø-s DW v: sszh-øns ZuXyw ]q Øn-bm- -s -Sp p i Øv kmbm w thz`mkw : aømbn 28:18-20; bmt m_v 5:7,8; skj. 10:1; aømbn 3:11; shfn. 18:1; 19:11 16. a\x]mthmiyw : ""F m ktlm-z-c-

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Copyright by E. Harikumar

Copyright by E. Harikumar 1979 Copyright C 2013 by E. Harikumar C Copyright of the sketches, monograms, logo and other materials used in this story to create pages as they appeared in the periodicals, belongs to the respective

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Xncs Sp s h. ]mtw 11. Unkw-_ 9 15

Xncs Sp s h. ]mtw 11. Unkw-_ 9 15 ]mtw 11 Xncs Sp s h -91- Unkw-_ 9 15 i Øv kmbm w Cu BgvNsØ ]T-\-Øn\p hmbn- pi: tdma 10,11 a\x-]m-t-hmiyw: F m sszhw kzp-\sø X n- -f- pthm F p Rm tnmzn- p- p. Hcp \mfpw C. Rm\pw bn{km-tb-ey-\t m; A{_- lm-ans

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D -S w 2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 4 {Kojva EXp... {KojvaNcy. 13 ]cn-c- -W-Øns ap K-W-\-Iƒ.. 17 GI-{[p-h-ssh-Zyw Btcm-Ky-ta-Je...

D -S w 2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 4 {Kojva EXp... {KojvaNcy. 13 ]cn-c- -W-Øns ap K-W-\-Iƒ.. 17 GI-{[p-h-ssh-Zyw Btcm-Ky-ta-Je... B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India March 2012 Vol.19 Issue 3 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal Printer & Plublisher

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5 apj- p-dn v. Iena: Jp -Bs kwt ]w lzvdøv AlvaZv (A) A\p-kva-cWw, hm Ø-Iƒ.

5 apj- p-dn v. Iena: Jp -Bs kwt ]w lzvdøv AlvaZv (A) A\p-kva-cWw, hm Ø-Iƒ. ]pkvxiw 78 e w 10 HIvtSm-_ 2006 CJmAv 1385 da-zm - - i m 1427 No^v FUn- auehn apl-ωzv Ckvambn FUn- G. Fw. apl-ωzv kenw FUn-t m-dn-b t_m Uv s{]m^. alvaqzv AlvaZv (sn-b am ) si.-hn. Cuk-t mb si. hn. l timb

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A[n-\n-thi kwkvim-cw ac- m- nse sxø-ß-fn

A[n-\n-thi kwkvim-cw ac- m- nse sxø-ß-fn A[n-\n-thi kwkvim-cw ac- m- nse sxø-ß-fn Nimmy Kurian Assistant Professor, Pavanatma College, Murickassery nimmyk9@gmail.com kw{klw (Abstract) DØ-cm-[p-\nI cn-bn-xmhmb Aw_n-Im-kp-X amßm-sns "ac- m- nse

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Jnem-^-Øns\ [n -cn- p- -h Pam-A-Øn-s\-b, Xs -Ø-s -bmwv \in- n- p- Xv

Jnem-^-Øns\ [n -cn- p- -h Pam-A-Øn-s\-b, Xs -Ø-s -bmwv \in- n- p- Xv 1 JpXzv_ 21-.5.2004 P Ω\n Jnem-^-Øns\ [n -cn- p- -h Pam-A-Øn-s\-b, Xs -Ø-s -bmwv \in- n- p- Xv t]m-b-xv. A{I-a-hm-gvN-bn-eq-sSbpw tkz m-[n-]-xyhm-gvn-bn-eq-ssbpw Jnem-^Øv IS- p. ]n osv app- ±n-zow-ifpw

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2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni

2 FUn-t m-dn-b 3 P\-d sk{i- -dn-bpss t]pv 5 sxmgn P-\y-k-Zm-Xp-cX. 21 DØ-c-] w Bbp thzw \ΩpsS ss]xr-i-kzøv. efn-xmw-_ni B]vX Bbp th-z-am-kni Monthly Journal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India May 2012 Vol.19 Issue 5 EDITORIAL BOARD Chief Editor Dr. Sanil Kumar 09946986421 Managing Editor Dr. K.V.Syamlal 09349944767

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aojm. BapJw I. Imt\m-\nse AXp-ey-ÿm\w III. Fgp-X-s Imew

aojm. BapJw I. Imt\m-\nse AXp-ey-ÿm\w III. Fgp-X-s Imew aojm 1046 1047 aojm BapJw ^e-{]-z-amb Hcp ktµiw Adn-bn- p-hm axn-bmb i nbpw ss[cy-hp-ap ]mh-ß-fpss \ -bv mbn {]h Øn- p- p. KW-\o-b\mb Hcp hy nsb Is -Øp- Xp KpW-I-c-am-Wv. Xs P\sØ hf-sc-b-sp-ødn- p-sim

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Reaching Out. Fs BSp-Ifpw Ah-cpsS Pohn-Xhpw: Nn{X]c-ºc 3. Acrylic on paper 16 x 24 inches

Reaching Out. Fs BSp-Ifpw Ah-cpsS Pohn-Xhpw: Nn{X]c-ºc 3. Acrylic on paper 16 x 24 inches Reaching Out Quarterly issue of Pain and Palliative Care Society, Thrissur VOLUME - 11. ISSUE - 4. DECEMBER 2015. Fs BSp-Ifpw Ah-cpsS Pohn-Xhpw: Nn{X]c-ºc 3 Acrylic on paper 16 x 24 inches skmssk- n-bpss

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]pd- msv. BapJw. I. Imt\m\nse AXp-ey-amb ÿm\w. II. {KŸ-I ØrXzw. III. Fgp-Xnb Imew

]pd- msv. BapJw. I. Imt\m\nse AXp-ey-amb ÿm\w. II. {KŸ-I ØrXzw. III. Fgp-Xnb Imew ]pd- msv 82 83 ]pd- msv BapJw sszh-øns c -Wy-{]-hr-Øn-I-fpsS A -h-ømb Hcp BJym-\-ambn sszh-im-kv{xsø ImWp- hsc kw_- n- n-s-tømfw thz-]p-kvx-i-øn ]pd- msp ]pkvxiw Hgn-sI-bp _m n-]p-kvx- I-ß-fpsS hnh-c-w-ßsf

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Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq

Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p. kwbp {]m \ G{]n 10\v. C UybpsS At mkvxe tum. t]mƒ ]n \nxyxbn. km n. ]m-ã kmw-ip- n Nm-t m \n-e-ºq Hcp bpkw Ahkm\n p ]m-ã sp ]m-ã si. Pn tpm-k-^v tpm- ap-f- p-g: N - v Hm-^v tkm- Uv C C -Uy ti-c-fm tã- v Iu -kn sk-{i- -dn-bm-bn ]m- Ã sp tpm-k-^v ho- pw sxsc- -Sp- -s - p. tã- v Hm-h -knb- d-h. kn kn

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sk v tkhygvkv s^mtdm\ N v, Idp-Ip n

sk v tkhygvkv s^mtdm\ N v, Idp-Ip n kvt\l-zqxv _p - n 1 kvt\l-zqxv _p - n 2 HºXphb-kp-Im-cn-bmb tdmk- p- n v Hcp kwi-bw. ""amem-jam-cpss cm n'' F m F mwv? tdmk- p- n-bpss AΩ Ah-fpsS kwibw Zpco-I-cn- p-ibpw IqSp-X-e-dn-bm ]cn. amxm-hn-t\msv

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]cn-ÿn-xn-hn- m-\o-b-]-c-amb hnzym-`ym-khpw Bflo-b-Xbpw

]cn-ÿn-xn-hn- m-\o-b-]-c-amb hnzym-`ym-khpw Bflo-b-Xbpw ]cn-ÿn-xn-hn- m-\o-b-]-c-amb hnzym-`ym-khpw Bflo-b-Xbpw 211 B{I-a-W-߃s -Xnsc AXns\ kwc- n- m\pw bym am\p-jn-i -h-f bv v cq]w-sim-sp- p Imcy-Øn-\-\p-kr-X-ambn hni-kn- n- m\pw Ign-bp ÿe-am-wv. ac-w-kw-kvimcw

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A MONTHLY PUBLICATION FOR MALAYALEES IN U.K. 1 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION FOR MALAYALEES IN U.K. Iv\m\mb {]hm-knbpss X\na Free. For Private Circulation Only SNEHA SANDESHAM VOL : 1 2008 NOVEMBER ISSUE - 1 Hcp {]`mx khmcn s{]m^. Fw. sp. txmakv (Xºn km

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THALASSERY ARCHDIOCESAN BuLLETIN `qanbpss AXn ØnIƒ hsc c FØn psimsp m P\XIƒ p Zo]ambn \ns ÿm]n ncn p p (Giø 49,6). hmeyw 07 Unkw-_ 2015 e w 12 Xe-t»cn AXn-cq-]Xm _p n THALASSERY ARCHDIOCESAN BuLLETIN H -{]Xn 10 cq] hm jni hcn-kwjy 120

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_neo-th-gvkv ss nƒ Ia dn

_neo-th-gvkv ss nƒ Ia dn hneyw aivsumwmƒuns _neo-th-gvkv ss nƒ Ia dn (]g-b-\n-ba ae-bmf hnh Ø\w) FUn- (-a-e-bm-f hnh Ø\w) t mw txmakv Im\U FUn- (Cw- ojv) B v ^ ÃmUv ]md-bn ]_vfn-t -j kv I n-t»cn Malayalam William MacDonald s BELIEVER

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km -z-\{]-imiw "km z-\-{]-im-i-ta, \bn- mepw' ]mem cq]xm _p - n Vol. LX No.10 OCTOBER 2010

km -z-\{]-imiw km z-\-{]-im-i-ta, \bn- mepw' ]mem cq]xm _p - n Vol. LX No.10 OCTOBER 2010 ""\n߃ temi-øns {]Im-i-am-Ip- p... a\p-jy \nß-fpss k {]-hr-øn-iƒ I v, kz -ÿ-\mb \nß-fpss ]nxm-hns\ al-xz-s -Sp-tØ- -Xn\v \nß-fpss shfn w Ah-cpsS apºn {]Im-in- -s.'' (aømb n 5: 14-16) "km z-\-{]-im-i-ta,

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{]m -\m-cq-]-߃. apkvenwi-fpss. Jp -B ]T\w F kzemøv A mlp AIv_ sx pw icn bpw. tni-\q aue-hn-bpss ZuXyw tni-\q aue-hn-bpss kzemøv

{]m -\m-cq-]-߃. apkvenwi-fpss. Jp -B ]T\w F kzemøv A mlp AIv_ sx pw icn bpw. tni-\q aue-hn-bpss ZuXyw tni-\q aue-hn-bpss kzemøv apkvenwi-fpss {]m -\m-cq-]-߃ Jp -B ]T\w F kzemøv A mlp AIv_ sx pw icn bpw. tni-\q aue-hn-bpss ZuXyw tni-\q aue-hn-bpss kzemøv _nkvan A hpw hymjym\hpw tum:fw. A_vZpƒ Peo, ]ps - msv Jp -B kp Øv skmssk n

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sszhw H m-{k-ln- p- p- F- m sszh-øns Zmk- m as m- m-{k-ln- p p!

sszhw H m-{k-ln- p- p- F- m sszh-øns Zmk- m as m- m-{k-ln- p p! sszhw H m-{k-ln- p- p- F- m sszh-øns Zmk- m as m- m-{k-ln- p p! IS B Ønc-ºp p Xnc-am-e-Iƒ B -Sn- p p I XI-cp-hm t]mip- p. F m I -ens ASnØ n KmV-\n-{Z-bn-em-bn-cn- p \o BcmWv? im X ( t]mti ÿew H v, F m

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Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw

Zp-cp-]-tbm-Kw A]-I-S-Icw ssj-pp txm-a-kv Rm-d-bv- I-gn- \q- m- n-s G- -hpw h-en-b {]-txy-i-x hn-h-c km-t - Xn-I cw-k-øv D- m-b Ip-Xn- v Nm- -am-wv. C- -s\- v A-[n-jvTn-X-amb km-t -Xn-I-hn-Zy-bv- pw A-Xns hn-im-k-øn-\pw c- v h-i-ßfm-wp-

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Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered

Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM. Reconsidered Executive Summary of Climate Change MALAYALAM Reconsidered Climate Change Reconsidered Lead Authors Craig Idso (USA), S. Fred Singer (USA) Contributors and Reviewers Warren Anderson (USA), J. Scott Armstrong

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Kh Æ-dpsS DØ-chv {]Im-cw. Un.-k-c-kzXn AΩ, AUo-j-W sk{i- -dn,

Kh Æ-dpsS DØ-chv {]Im-cw. Un.-k-c-kzXn AΩ, AUo-j-W sk{i- -dn, ticf k m kw{klw s]mxphn-zym-`ym-kw- -l-b sk- - dn hnzym-`y-kw Kh sa v/f-bvuuv kvipfp-i-fnse A ym-]i c m-i Ør-k-an-XnbpsS (Parent Teachers Association -PTA) {]h Ø-\-Øn-\p am \n t±-i-߃ AwKo-I-cn v DØ-chv

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k_vkn-unbpw Hm sse\pw

k_vkn-unbpw Hm sse\pw 1 k_vkn-unbpw Hm sse\pw {]my-ani hn]wn NqSp-]n-Sn- p p 2 C ybpw kmº-øni hf Zi-I-Ønse XmgvN-bn-tebv v 6 VOL. 8 ISSUE 1 PRICE Rs. 10/- hne- p-dhpw KpW-ta- bpw i n-bm n I kyq-a s^uv 11 2 {]my-ani hn]wn NqSp-]n-Sn-

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tbip: sszhw PU nâ tdmbv F v-te-\n-b³ kà

tbip: sszhw PU nâ tdmbv F v-te-\n-b³ kà tbip: sszhw PU nâ tdmbv F v-te-\n-b³ kà Ccp-]Xp \qäm- p-i-tfmfw a\pjysc AÛp-X-s -Sp nbh-\mbn-cp p \ktd pimc-\mb tbip. Ahsâ kvt\ln-x- mà Ahs\ kvt\ln- bpw a\p-jy-cpss ]m]- -fnâ \n p c n- p ]m]-cln-x-\mb

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Hcp a[y-th-\ {]W-b-cm-hv : B[p-\nI ae-bmf \ms-i-th-zn-bnse thdn Ah-X-c-Ww

Hcp a[y-th-\ {]W-b-cm-hv : B[p-\nI ae-bmf \ms-i-th-zn-bnse thdn Ah-X-c-Ww Hcp a[y-th-\ {]W-b-cm-hv : B[p-\nI ae-bmf \ms-i-th-zn-bnse thdn Ah-X-c-Ww Remyamol G Assistant Professor, Pavanatma College, Murickassery remyag18@gmail.com kw{klw B[p-\nI ae-bmf \ms-ikmln-xysø \h]co-

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Fw. F³. Imc-tÈcn. website:

Fw. F³. Imc-tÈcn.   website: Fw. F³. Imc-tÈcn apgp-h³ t]cv: aplvbp±o³ \Sp nbnâ. 1951 þâ timgnt msv PnÃ-bnse Imc-tÈ-cn-bn P\n- p. _m F³.-kn. apl-½zv lmpn. D½: si.-kn. Bbn-i- p-«n. ae-bm-f- nâ Fw.-F., Fw.-^nÂ., ]nf v.-un. _ncp-z- Ä.

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ImtXm-en-t - ns Imh `-S

ImtXm-en-t - ns Imh `-S am HutK _mh ImtXm-en-t - ns Imh `-S (Po-h-N-cn-{Xw) si. hn. amω {]km-[-i tim -bv ]ªo-tjgvkv amßm-\w, tim -bw - 18 hne: 50 cq] MAR AUGEN BAVA The Guard of Catholicate (Biography) By K. V. Mammen, Kottackal,

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KmUvKn IkvXq-cn-cw-K dnt m piƒ Hcp XmcXay Ah-tem-I\w

KmUvKn IkvXq-cn-cw-K dnt m piƒ Hcp XmcXay Ah-tem-I\w KmUvKn IkvXq-cn-cw-K dnt m piƒ Hcp XmcXay Ah-tem-I\w hn.- F-kv. hnp-b kmenw Aen ^ut -j Aø- Imhv tdmuv IWn-aw-Kew, Xr»q 680027 1 kmenw Aen ^ut -j ÿm]nxw : 2006 (C y {SÃv BŒv 1882) apjy-e yw ""ssph-ssh-hn[y

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sluvpv Hmlcn sk]v w-_

sluvpv Hmlcn sk]v w-_ sluvpv Hmlcn sk]v w-_ 2013 1 2 sluvpv Hmlcn sk]v w-_ 2013 Editorial September 2013 Volume: 3 Issue: 6 Price: Rs. 25 Company Management Managing Director Alex K Babu Chief Executive Officer N. Bhuvanendran

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{KmPp-th-j ]m nbpw t]c vkvtu BtLm-jhpw Pq 23 \v

{KmPp-th-j ]m nbpw t]c vkvtu BtLm-jhpw Pq 23 \v Patron: Arch Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathew Moolakatt Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. Abraham Mutholath President: Cyriac Koovakattil Secretary: Simon Abraham Muttathil News Editor : Jaimon Nanthikattu Cu h

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a\:km n-tbmsp hnizkvxx ]pe ØpI tbip-{in-kvxp-hns c m-i-c-amb ]oum-\p-

a\:km n-tbmsp hnizkvxx ]pe ØpI tbip-{in-kvxp-hns c m-i-c-amb ]oum-\p- Vol. 22 No. 5, 2011 May 15 a\:km n-tbmsp hnizkvxx ]pe ØpI tbip-{in-kvxp-hns c m-i-c-amb ]oum-\p- `-h-ß sf kva-cn- p hnip- -hmcw IS- p-t]m-bn v A[nI Znh-k-ß ƒ Bbn n -t m. B \mfp-i-fn Bcm-[-\bv pw [ym\øn\pw

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t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk

t\xmhv sh p-hn-fn-iƒ I v ]X-dn : dh.-si B tu-gvk - KERMAL / 2007 / 21096 PUBLISHED FROM THIRUVALLA hmeyw 7 e w: 09 sk]v w-_ 2012 Annual Subscription Rs. 100/- apf- pg: ti-c-f-øn-se s]- t m-kv-xv ssz-h-k-`-iƒ- v 100 h -j-sø ss]-xr-iw B-Wv A- h-im-i-s

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aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv

aivt]em Kpl bn{km-tb-en-tâxv 1 05 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2017 HtŒm_ e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com hmeyw. 22 e w. 19 www.marupacha.com hne `.4.00 Tel. +91 469 2634321 \yq-u -ln: F-s

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AM PUBLISHED BY GOSPEL VOICE PUBLISHERS SUVISESHANADAM. D -S w. hcn-kw-jym- \n-c v. 3 tã v Hmh kn-bdpss IØv... ]mã Fw. Ip n

AM PUBLISHED BY GOSPEL VOICE PUBLISHERS SUVISESHANADAM. D -S w. hcn-kw-jym- \n-c v. 3 tã v Hmh kn-bdpss IØv... ]mã Fw. Ip n FOREIGN REPRESENTATIVES USA N.Y. Abraham P. Abraham Ph: 718-343-7462 N.Y. Koshy M. Varghese Ph: 845-2678-373 N.Y. Prasad Mathew Ph: 585-467-4190 T.N. A.V. Daniel Ph: 423-899-3995 N.J. P. V. Mathew. Ph:

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sk^-\ymhv BapJw I. Imt\m-\nse AXp-ey-ÿm\w II. {KŸ-I ØrXzw

sk^-\ymhv BapJw I. Imt\m-\nse AXp-ey-ÿm\w II. {KŸ-I ØrXzw sk^-\ymhv 1076 1077 sk^-\ymhv BapJw {]hm-n-i- m-cpss clky Acp-f- m-sp-i-sf mw Hcp kw n]vx cq]-øn e`n- - W-sa- m-{k-ln- p Hcp-h sk^-\ym-hns Cu sndp ]pkvxiw hmbn- s am n _qsk (1528) I. Imt\m-\nse AXp-ey-ÿm\w

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MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn. A- pe- w t] 1 20 ka-im-eni ]{XnI www.marupacha.com MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA 2015 s^{_phcn e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 hmeyw. 19 e w. 04 hne `.4.00 Published from

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hmeyw 15 e w : HtŒm-_ 05 hne 4.00 ae-_m-dn \n pw XpS w

hmeyw 15 e w : HtŒm-_ 05 hne 4.00 ae-_m-dn \n pw XpS w ka-im-eni ]{XnI 1 -sim- p- m- {]apj s]s -t mkvxv k`bv v k`-i-sf- mƒ IqSp-X ip{iq-j-i- m F n-kvtim- k`iƒ v CS-h-I-Iƒ IqSp-Xepw CS-b- m IpdhpamWt m? MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com

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tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w

tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w 1 2 tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w 3 tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w AUz. h Kokv ]n. txmakv hnxcww kn.fkv.fkv. _p v tjm v Xncph 4 tkfn Hcp kpμc k o Ø\w (Malayalam)

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sxfna ipnnxz- BtcmKy- {]h Ø\]p-kvXIw

sxfna ipnnxz- BtcmKy- {]h Ø\]p-kvXIw \n -lw ta t\m w {io. si.- i-in-[-c tã v t{]mpivsv Ub-d-IvS (I/C), Fkv.-F-kv.F. ticfw tum. B. AP-b-Ip-am h Ω FIvkn-Iyq- ohv Ub-d-IvS ipnn-xz-an-j, ticfw tum. hnp-b-ip-am s{]m^-.&f v.-h.-un., IΩyq-Wn n saun-kn,

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-15/Pn- p-iƒ appm-lnzpisf FhnsS FØn pw? A- p laozv ss^kn Aº-e- -Shv. 20/s]m n- nf-cm -shºp \-Zvh-Øp-Im. APva A Xm^v. 28/Btcm-]-W-߃ Xncn- -Sn- p p

-15/Pn- p-iƒ appm-lnzpisf FhnsS FØn pw? A- p laozv ss^kn Aº-e- -Shv. 20/s]m n- nf-cm -shºp \-Zvh-Øp-Im. APva A Xm^v. 28/Btcm-]-W-߃ Xncn- -Sn- p p 8/Ckvemw t]sn-bpss tic-fob Nn{X-߃ Hcp \q m v t]mepw ]q Øn-bm- msx appm-lnzv {]ÿm\w XI t - ptam? 1920- -I-fn tic-f-øn XpS w Ipdn appm-lnzv {]ÿm\w Ign Hcp Zim- -ambn ISpØ {]Xn-k n A`n-ap-Jo-I-cn v hcn-i-bm-wv.

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AwK-߃ am n Xs AwKXzw ]pxp- Ww

AwK-߃ am n Xs AwKXzw ]pxp- Ww AwK-߃ am n Xs AwKXzw ]pxp- Ww 2014-2015 h jw Ce- h jw Bb-Xn-\m AwK-߃ Ign-hXpw am v 30\v apºmbn AwKXzw ]pxp- p- -Xn\v ]c-am-h[n {ian- -Ww. ]pxn-b-xmbn AwKXzw Cu amkw 31\v hsc tn m-hp- -Xm-Wv. \ne-hn-ep

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N w t`z-kxn ) N w 4 (F)(]pXn-bXv)

N w t`z-kxn ) N w 4 (F)(]pXn-bXv) N w t`z-kxn 2014 ticf kl-i-cw kwlw (2- mw t`z-k-xn)n -߃ 2014 F v Adn-s Spw 1) N w 2(-F-F) (]pxn-bxvv) tim -Hm- -td- ohv saº dneo^v ^ v F m 56(1) hip v {]Imcw cq]o-i-cn- n- p- -XmWv 2) N w 3: (t`z-kxn)

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hyxykvxamb kz`mhap hy nbmbn cq]m cs SpI! BE TRANSFORMED INTO A PERSON OF A DIFFERENT SPIRIT!

hyxykvxamb kz`mhap hy nbmbn cq]m cs SpI! BE TRANSFORMED INTO A PERSON OF A DIFFERENT SPIRIT! MALAYALAM Editor : S. SAM SELVA RAJ 16 Languages Associate Editor : Mr. Benjamin Moses Vol. XXIII YEAR OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, 2017 JULY No. 12 hnip thz]pkvxiw Zbhmbn Cu `mkw a\x]mtam pi I Ømhn\p kvtxm{xw

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sf.]n.kn. tã v I h j _p[-\mgvn

sf.]n.kn. tã v I h j _p[-\mgvn Annual Sub. 150 2011 \hw-_ 14 Xn ƒ Vol. XXXIV No.46 RN. 29559/78 t]pv 12 1737 sf.]n.kn. tã v I h j _p[-\mgvn \ne-ºq : C ym s]s t mkvxp sszh-k-`-bpss {]Ya tã v I h j \hw. 16 20 hsc ]mep \yqtlm v ss nƒ timtfpv

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ac-whpw hntzz-jhpw A na hm p-i-f IpSn-tb- - m-cpssbpw A`-bm n-i-fp-ssbpw 104 m-axv temi-zn\w ]cn-ip ]nxm-hns Rmb-dmgvN hnnn \߃

ac-whpw hntzz-jhpw A na hm p-i-f IpSn-tb- - m-cpssbpw A`-bm n-i-fp-ssbpw 104 m-axv temi-zn\w ]cn-ip ]nxm-hns Rmb-dmgvN hnnn \߃ Cw ojv {]Xnhmc]Xn ns ae-bmf ]cn`mj ]pkvxiw 10 e w 27 UNICUIQUE SUUM 01 sk]v w-_ 2017 Malayalam Version of the English Weekly Edition 16 t]pp-iƒ NON PRAEVALEBUNT H -{]Xn: hne 15 cq], hm jni hcn-kwjy: $550

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hnpbt`cn ae pdw Pn m ] mbøv hnzym`ymk] Xn A[ym]I p ssi pkvxiw aebmfw mkv - 4 Xømdm nbxv: Ub v ae pdw

hnpbt`cn ae pdw Pn m ] mbøv hnzym`ymk] Xn A[ym]I p ssi pkvxiw aebmfw mkv - 4 Xømdm nbxv: Ub v ae pdw hnpbt`cn ae pdw Pn m ] mbøv hnzym`ymk] Xn A[ym]I p ssi pkvxiw aebmfw mkv - 4 Xømdm nbxv: Ub v ae pdw 1 4 mw mknse Ip nifpss `mjm]camb ]n m mhÿ ]cnlcn p Xn\p Nne {]h Ø\ßfmWnXv. samøw {]h Ø\ßsf \mev L ßfmbn

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\yq\-]- -h-imiw ]n m- m-hÿ ]cn-l-cn- p-hm-\ ax-]-cn-h Ø-\-am-tcm-]n v ]mã-sd-bpw hnizm-kn-i-sfbpw AdÃv snbvxp Nmt m si.

\yq\-]- -h-imiw ]n m- m-hÿ ]cn-l-cn- p-hm-\ ax-]-cn-h Ø-\-am-tcm-]n v ]mã-sd-bpw hnizm-kn-i-sfbpw AdÃv snbvxp Nmt m si. ka-im-eni ]{XnI 1 ka-im-eni ]{XnI MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA www.marupacha.com hmeyw 15 e w : 08 e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com hne 4.00 ]p\-cp- m\ \mfn-\mbv... ain-l-bpss {]Xy- X ImØp-In-S-

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hn. aøm-bn-bpss kphn-tijw

hn. aøm-bn-bpss kphn-tijw hn. aøm-bn-bpss kphn-tijw ALPHA INSTITUTE OF THEOLOGY AND SCIENCE Thalassery, Kerala, India - 670 101 Ph: 0490 2344727, 2343707 Web: www.alphathalassery.org, Email: alphits@gmail.com D S w Title: Published

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{]nb _lp-am-\-s t{]mhn jym-f- \v tzh-amx IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-fpsS Xncp-\mƒ awk-fm-iw-k-iƒ... {]m -\-Iƒ \hw-_ 2

{]nb _lp-am-\-s t{]mhn jym-f- \v tzh-amx IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-fpsS Xncp-\mƒ awk-fm-iw-k-iƒ... {]m -\-Iƒ \hw-_ 2 {]nb _lp-am-\-s t{]mhn jym-f- \v tzh-amx IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-fpsS Xncp-\mƒ awk-fm-iw-k-iƒ... {]m -\-Iƒ 2009 \hw-_ 1 2009 \hw-_ 2 Congratulations to His Excellency Mar John Vadakel CMI New Bishop of Bijnor Diocese

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Pdp-k-se-an kam-[m-\-øn-\p-th n lrz-b-kv] inbmb Hcp Blzm\w. am ]m aym am-dn-sebpw _w m-tz-in-sebpw At±lØns ]cy-s\w A\p-kva-cn p

Pdp-k-se-an kam-[m-\-øn-\p-th n lrz-b-kv] inbmb Hcp Blzm\w. am ]m aym am-dn-sebpw _w m-tz-in-sebpw At±lØns ]cy-s\w A\p-kva-cn p Cw ojv {]Xnhmc]Xn ns ae-bmf ]cn`mj ]pkvxiw 10 e w 42 UNICUIQUE SUUM 15 Unkw_ 2017 XXvÿn-Xnsb BZcn pi Pdp-k-se-an kam-[m-\-øn-\p-th n lrz-b-kv] inbmb Hcp Blzm\w Unkw_ 6 _p[-\m-gvn, C{km-tb-ense bp.f-kv.

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2015 sk. s^{_p-hcn

2015 sk. s^{_p-hcn s^{_p-hcn- 2017 1 s^{_p-hcn- 2017 2 ]vxw-_ s^{_p-hcn- 2017 1 3 s^{_p-hcn- 2017 4 2015 sk s^{_p-hcn 2017 ]pkvxiw 19 e w 2 FUn-t m-dn-b 2 CS-bs i_vzw 3 Hm Ωn- m BN-cn- m 5 CS-h-I-bnse ka n-x 6 hnip- -cpss

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C.-l-cn-Ip-am kmlnxyw

C.-l-cn-Ip-am kmlnxyw 1 2 5 h jw 50 C.-l-cn-Ip-am kmlnxyw 2013 Ee Ormakal Marikkathirikkatte Cu Hm Ω-Iƒ acn- m-xn-cn- s (Essays and memoir of E. Harikumar in Malayalam) Author: E. Harikumar Electronic version published in 2013

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\nkms_ XAveow. `mkw H v. aplωzv \Po_v Jm. Xømdm nbxv. \nkms_ XAveow H mw `mkw 1

\nkms_ XAveow. `mkw H v. aplωzv \Po_v Jm. Xømdm nbxv. \nkms_ XAveow H mw `mkw 1 \nkms_ XAveow `mkw H v Xømdm nbxv aplωzv \Po_v Jm \nkms_ XAveow H mw `mkw 1 Nisab - e - Ta leem (Malayalam) \nkms_ XAveow H mw `mkw Prepared by Muhammad Najeeb Khan Assisted by Muhammed Safvan Typeset

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G. Pn. G hpw hf -bp k`m-hn-`m-k-ß-fn H v, k s

G. Pn. G hpw hf -bp k`m-hn-`m-k-ß-fn H v, k s sse^v th dntk pw Hu v dn v amk-kn\pw \S-Ønb ]T-\-{]-Imcw Ata-cn- -bnse G hpw hexpw hf -bp- - Xp-amb 100 k`m-hn-`m-kßfn G. Pn. k`-ifpw ÿm\w t\- Sn. H ]Xv G. Pn. k`-i-fmwv G hpw hf -bp k`m hn- `m-k-øn h

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P\-s -cp- -w. C y kz-]v\sø XInSw adn- ptam? tem-iv-]m - k-an-xn-b-pw- im n-`q-j -am-cpw- ti-c-fo-b - Ip-d-bp-tºmƒ- Pq - H- n-\m-bn- Im-Øn-cn- mw-

P\-s -cp- -w. C y kz-]v\sø XInSw adn- ptam? tem-iv-]m - k-an-xn-b-pw- im n-`q-j -am-cpw- ti-c-fo-b - Ip-d-bp-tºmƒ- Pq - H- n-\m-bn- Im-Øn-cn- mw- 1 P\-s -cp- -w tem-iv-]m - k-an-xn-b-pw- im n-`q-j -am-cpw- 2 ti-c-fo-b - Ip-d-bp-tºmƒ- 6 C y kz-]v\sø XInSw adn- ptam? PRICE Rs. 10/- VOL. 5 ISSUE 5 Pq - H- n-\m-bn- Im-Øn-cn- mw- 11 2 temiv]m kanxnbpw

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ss n-fn-te v FØn-t - Hcm-fmWv Rm : kn.-hn. _me-ir-jvw

ss n-fn-te v FØn-t - Hcm-fmWv Rm : kn.-hn. _me-ir-jvw 20 2017 sabv hmeyw. 22 e w. 10 hne `.4.00 txmakv Ipcp-hn-f, X tim bw: ss n-fn-te v asßn-sb-ønb Bf-, ss_-_nfn-te v FØn-t Hcm-fmWv Xms p {]kn km-ln-xy- Imc kn.-hn. _me-ir-jvw hnfn- -s - -h- At\-Iw, Xnc-s

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sszhni_ hpw ]m]hnap nbpw

sszhni_ hpw ]m]hnap nbpw AhcpsS lrzbßfn Hcp tcmkap mbncp p. ]ns A mlp Ah v AhcpsS tcmk߃ h n n p. Ah I w ]d p sim ncp ImcWØm Ah v thz\mp\iamb in e`n p XmWv. \n߃ `qanbn \miap m cpsx v AhtcmSv ]dbs Sptºmƒ R߃ \ {]h Øn p h am{xamsw

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tum.- n.-pn.-tim-insb BZ-cn p

tum.- n.-pn.-tim-insb BZ-cn p 1 lm-te-eqø 2013 Pq 15 400 VOL. 17 ISSUE 12 Pages 12 ]mã txmakv ap - Im\p-th, Zm{Zm \K lthen: aw- me s^bvøv Xntbm-f- Pn- ÿm]-i\pw imtcm s^tem-jn v N v {]kn-u p-amb tum.- n.-pn.-tim-insb s^tem-jn v 16-30

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A MONTHLY PUBLICATION FOR MALAYALEES IN U.K. 1 kvt\l ktµiw A MONTHLY PUBLICATION FOR MALAYALEES IN U.K. Iv\m\mb {]hm-knbpss X\na Free. For Private Circulation Only SNEHA SANDESHAM VOL : 1 2008 DECEMBER ISSUE - 2 AeIvkv IWnbmw]d-ºn {InkvXp-akv ]e

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].C m-øn-tbmkv At{^w ZznXn-b ÿm\m-tcm-ln-x-\mbn

].C m-øn-tbmkv At{^w ZznXn-b ÿm\m-tcm-ln-x-\mbn ]pkvxiw 7 e w 5 sabv 2014 Web:syrianchristianity.info/ kolosuriyoyo stmaryscathedral.manarcad user/manarcadpalli {]txyi ]Xn v KOLO SURYOYO ST. MARY S YOUTH ASSOCIATION MANARCAD k`-bpss \h-bpk CS-b³ ].C

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]cn-ÿnxn `oi-c-cpss. ap -dn-bn- p-iƒ \evin ]W-\bw 5. a kq `mkyamiptam? 10. C y v Bizmkambn {IqUv hne VOL. 8 ISSUE 6 JUNE PRICE Rs.

]cn-ÿnxn `oi-c-cpss. ap -dn-bn- p-iƒ \evin ]W-\bw 5. a kq `mkyamiptam? 10. C y v Bizmkambn {IqUv hne VOL. 8 ISSUE 6 JUNE PRICE Rs. 1 ap -dn-bn- p-iƒ \evin ]W-\bw 5 ]cn-ÿnxn `oi-c-cpss a kq `mkyamiptam? 10 Cc VOL. 8 ISSUE 6 PRICE Rs. 10/- C y v Bizmkambn {IqUv hne 19 2 ]n n ÿm]nx Xmev]-cy- m temi-øns hnhn[ `mk-ß-fn {]Xn-Zn\w 15 Zi-e

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`b-s -Sp-Ø kpc- n-x-xz-øn-\p am K-a

`b-s -Sp-Ø kpc- n-x-xz-øn-\p am K-a Cw ojv {]Xnhmc]Xn ns ae-bmf ]cn`mj ]pkvxiw 10 e w 39 UNICUIQUE SUUM 24 \hw_ 2017 Malayalam Version of the English Weekly Edition 12 t]pp-iƒ NON PRAEVALEBUNT H -{]Xn: hne 15 cq], hm jni hcn-kwjy: $550 k-a-{k

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tum. hn.-]n. KwKm-[-c

tum. hn.-]n. KwKm-[-c tum. hn.-]n. KwKm-[-c A m-cmjv{s {]i-kvx-\mb Im k NnIn- -I. Ccn-ßm-e- ps \mj-w sslkviqƒ, ss{iãv timf-pv, Fd-Wm-Ipfw alm-cm-pmkv timf-pv, tim bw saun- timf-pv, Hmƒ C ym C Ãn- yq v H^v saun- kb k-kv, AU-bm

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Sn. -si. A m-kv Aen. ]n. kptcjv

Sn. -si. A m-kv Aen. ]n. kptcjv Sn. -si. A m-kv Aen ae- pdw Pn -bnse s]cn- m- ncn-bn P\n- p. Imen- v k -I-em-im-e-bn \n v hnzym-`ym-k-ønepw ae-bm-f-ønepw _ncp-zm-\- -c-_n-cp-zw. Imen- v bqwn-th-gvkn- n-bn -\n pw "B[p-\nI ae-bmf t\mh-ep-i-fpss

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ae- ck`m-]-{xni ßsf IqSp-X {i n- m-\pw, t{]m m-ln- n- m\pw CXneqsS

ae- ck`m-]-{xni ßsf IqSp-X {i n- m-\pw, t{]m m-ln- n- m\pw CXneqsS ae- c k`-bpss apj-]{xw ÿm]nxw 2004 hm jni hcn-kwjy 100 cq] Vol. 6 No. 4 Reg. No. KERMAL 1248/11/1/2005-TC No. M2/42356/05 A Publication of the Public Relations Department, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

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Iv\m\mb ss\ v \hw-_ 10 \v

Iv\m\mb ss\ v \hw-_ 10 \v Patron: Arch Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathew Moolakatt Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. Abraham Mutholath President: Cyriac Koovakattil Secretary: Simon Abraham Muttathil News Editor : Jaimon Nanthikattu Iv\m\mb

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aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw

aebmfw a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw aebmfw 21-12-2016 a-ebm-f `m-j-bp-ss B-Zn-a-apJw bq-wn-äv þ H- v (1) {]-[m-\-s -«kn-²m- Ä: aq-e-{zm-hnuw, X-angv, kw-kv-ir-xw F- o `m-j-bnâ \n pw B-hnÀ-`m-hw t]- À 1 bq-wnäv 1.1. `m-tjmâ- - n-sb- p-dn-

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]m n-ÿm-\n {InkvXob Zº-Xn-Iƒ v h[-in

]m n-ÿm-\n {InkvXob Zº-Xn-Iƒ v h[-in 1 lm-te-eqø 420 VOL. 19 ISSUE 7 Pages 12 16-30 APRIL, 2014 Price Rs. 10/- Published From Thiruvalla on 15-4-2014 Reg. No. KL/KTM/209/2012-14 News Paper RN.No. 68759/96 ]m n-ÿm-\n {InkvXob Zº-Xn-Iƒ v h[-in

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Hcp- -߃ p Npa-X-e-h-ln- p- p.

Hcp- -߃ p Npa-X-e-h-ln- p- p. Annual Sub. 150 2011 \hw-_ 7 Xn ƒ Vol. XXXIV No.45 RN. 29559/78 t]pv 12 1736 9 4-hsc ip{iq-j-i- -cpss kω-f-\- hpw s-h- n-bmgvn cmhnse 10\p s]mxp-tbm-kw, c n\p ktlm-zcn-k-tω-f-\w, i\n cmhnse 10\p s]mxp-tbm-kw,

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]pwy-\-_n-bpss ]q p--bnâ

]pwy-\-_n-bpss ]q p--bnâ ]pkvxiw 03 2013 am v 20 1434 P. Due 07 13 e w 24 am su ISvPp C y³ P\-Xbv v e yw ]ng- -cpxv KpPvdm-Øns\ ]ptcm-k-xn-bp m- n-bxv Xm\m-sW v \tc-{µ-tamun hmzn- p- p- v. Aß-s\-sb- n "]ptcm-kxn F m F mwv? P\-Po-hn-X-Øns

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kzman! kmbo! _m_m! tl ]c- hm tl `K-h

kzman! kmbo! _m_m! tl ]c- hm tl `K-h D S w kmbn hmwn-iƒ... 2 {io kmbn kxvn-cnxw... 3 Ah-Xm-c-N-cnXw... 6 \n-ß-fpss F m {]hr-øn-ifpw Cuiz-c\v ka n p...9 kvt\l-kw-kaw... 11 A mxzm tx aløzw... 12 hn-iz-{]m]vxn... 16 tã v tim ^-d kv... 19 \ms-im

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H emt m I h j Int m^pw P\p-hcn 29 \v

H emt m I h j Int m^pw P\p-hcn 29 \v Patron: Arch Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathew Moolakatt President: Cyriac Koovakattil Secretary: Simon Abraham Muttathil Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. Abraham Mutholath News Editor : Jaimon Nanthikattu ]nxm-

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\n߃ butk- ns ] t]mip-hn. Ah \nßtfmsp ]d-bp- Xv \n߃ snøp-hn Dev]. 41: 55. thz-{]-nmc. a y-ÿ. Nß\m-ticn AXn-cq-]X. ÿm]nxw: sabv 20,1887

\n߃ butk- ns ] t]mip-hn. Ah \nßtfmsp ]d-bp- Xv \n߃ snøp-hn Dev]. 41: 55. thz-{]-nmc. a y-ÿ. Nß\m-ticn AXn-cq-]X. ÿm]nxw: sabv 20,1887 \n߃ butk- ns ] t]mip-hn. Ah \nßtfmsp ]d-bp- Xv \n߃ snøp-hn Dev]. 41: 55 thz-{]-nmc a y-ÿ Nß\m-ticn AXn-cq-]X ÿm]nxw: sabv 20,1887 hmeyw 90 e w 08 s^{_p-hcn 2018 D -S w k p-e Ref:3053/K-5/KCBC/OL/DS...

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The Evolution of Outsourcing

The Evolution of Outsourcing Uvy f R I DCmm@URI S H Pj H Pm Uvy f R I 2009 T Ev f O M L. V Uvy f R I, V99@m.m Fw wk : ://mm../ P f B Cmm Rmm C V, M L., "T Ev f O" (2009). S H Pj. P 144. ://mm..//144://mm..//144 T A b y f f by H Pm

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POURASTHYA SUVISESHAKAN Patron H.G. Geevarghese Mor Policarpose Metropolitan : CXfpIƒ

POURASTHYA SUVISESHAKAN Patron H.G. Geevarghese Mor Policarpose Metropolitan : CXfpIƒ POURASTHYA SUVISESHAKAN Patron H.G. Geevarghese Mor Policarpose Metropolitan : 0484-2527226 Editorial Board 1. H. G. Markose Mor Chrysostomos 0484-3241612, Mob. 9447826999 2. V. Rev. A. V. Jacob Corepiscopa

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]mã tp _v tpm simsp m mbn sf.]n.-kn. v ]pxp-bpkw

]mã tp _v tpm simsp m mbn sf.]n.-kn. v ]pxp-bpkw 1 No. 1 Christian Newspaper 2013 s^{_p-hcn 1 No. 1 Christian Fortnightly in Malayalam 390 Pages 12 1-15 FEBRUARY, 2013 Vol. - 18 Issue -391 ss{ikvxh sszzhm-cni Published From Kottayam Reg. No. KL/KTM/209/2012-14

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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kphn-ti-j-\mzw...... kphn-ti-j-\mzw 1 kphn-ti-j-\mzw 2 tã v Hmh ko-bdpss IØv "C -esø hnpbw C ns hnpbøn\v Dd- ' tbmip-h-bpss ]pkvxiw 6, 7 A ym-b-߃ hni-z-ambn ]Tn- p-tºmƒ sbcn-tlm-hn t\snsb-spø h hn-pbw lmbn ] -W-Øn p- -sx-

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IW- p-iƒ \nc-øn-b-h p sx n;

IW- p-iƒ \nc-øn-b-h p sx n; E s t d : 1 9 7 8 3 9 t h Y e a r Vol. XL No.39 RN. 29559/78 2017 Xn ƒ t]pv 12 ae-bm-fønse {]Ya s]s -t mkvxp hm Øm-hm-cnI shfn- msp]pkvxiw 12- mw A[ym-bsØ {Kl-\n-esb ASn-ÿm-\-am nhymjym-\n- p- -h \n an

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kzhwi hnhm-l-\n-jvtbv v FXnsc

kzhwi hnhm-l-\n-jvtbv v FXnsc 05 2015 Pq hmeyw. 19 e w. 11 hne `.4.00 MEMBER NEWS PAPERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA e-mail: maruppacha@yahoo.com www.marupacha.com Tel. +91 469 2634321 Published from Thiruvalla on 05-06-2015 ka-im-eni ]{XnI

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tbm ±m-\n sltcm-zm-hns sim m-chpw tim -bpw. C sk- n kv\m\-kr-l-øns cq]-tc-j. sltcm-zm-hns sim m-c-tømsptn p

tbm ±m-\n sltcm-zm-hns sim m-chpw tim -bpw. C sk- n kv\m\-kr-l-øns cq]-tc-j. sltcm-zm-hns sim m-c-tømsptn p E s t d : 1 9 7 8 3 9 t h Y e a r Vol. XL No.27 RN. 29559/78 2017 Xn ƒ t]pv 12 ae-bm-fønse {]Ya s]s -t mkvxp hm Øm-hm-cnI RN. 29559/78 Issue No: 2030 Price Rs.6/- tbm ±m-\n sltcm-zm-hns sim m-chpw tim

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{io]xn C Ãn- yq v Hm^v amt\-pvsa v & ssivt\m-f-pn hmh- q, ] m-ºn, ]me- msv

{io]xn C Ãn- yq v Hm^v amt\-pvsa v & ssivt\m-f-pn hmh- q, ] m-ºn, ]me- msv A ym-]-\hpw A y-b-\hpw -- hnzym n-i-fp-ssbpw c n-xm- -fp-ssbpw, A ym-]-i-cp-ssbpw ] v tum.-fw.-]n.-n-{µ-ti-j-c (ap Ub-d-IvS, F.-sF.-Sn.-tIm-gn-t m-sv, ap Uo AarX hniz-hn-zym-]otw, timb-º-øq ) C v tic-f-ønse

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SHARON FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, THIRUVALLA SECTION EXAMINATION Marks : 50 Class -X Time : 2 Hrs Marks : 50 Class -X Time : 2 Hrs I t]sc-gp-xpi (5x1=5) 1. thz-]p-kvx-i-ønse BZy-hm-Iy-Øns aqe-`m-j-bn sszhw F -Xn\v D]-tbm-Kn- n-cn- p ]Zw? 2. sszh-øns GIXzw ]nimnpw AwKo-I-cn- p p F p {]kvxmhn As m-kvx-e?

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2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn

2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 2 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 5 6 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 7 8 F. Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn F.Fkv.Fkv. timtfpv, cmpipamcn 9 1. Annual

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Early Years in Colorado

Early Years in Colorado Rp m H V I 6 p - Bb W M M M B L W M b w b B W C w m p w bm 7 Nw m m m p b p m w p E Y C W m D w w Em W m 7- A m m 7 w b m p V A Gw C M Am W P w C Am H m C q Dpm A m p w m m b W I w b-w C M B b m p W Nw

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Hm Ωn m. Xncp-\m-fp-Iƒ. D -S w

Hm Ωn m. Xncp-\m-fp-Iƒ. D -S w 3 4 Patron Mar George Madathikandathil Bishop of Kothamangalam Editor, Printer & Publisher Rev. Dr. George Thekkekara hmeyw 57 P\phcn 2018 e w 1 The Eparchial Curia Bishop s House, P.B. No.6 Kothamangalam

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Pq 30: B p-h w 13 mw Rmb cmpm. 19:16, 19 21; eq m. 9:51 62 tum. Ãm en amxnc n n tum. Ipcy hmep-]-d-ºn ^m.

Pq 30: B p-h w 13 mw Rmb cmpm. 19:16, 19 21; eq m. 9:51 62 tum. Ãm en amxnc n n tum. Ipcy hmep-]-d-ºn ^m. hn\t_m[n Pq 2013 1 hn\t_m[n: eøo Pq 30: B p-h w 13 mw Rmb... 03 1 cmpm. 19:16, 19 21; eq m. 9:51 62 tum. Ãm en amxnc n n tum. Ipcy hmep-]-d-ºn ^m. txmakv IpgnbSn nd Pqsse 03: txm-am-«o-lm-bpss Xncp-\mƒ...

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BapJw. F m Ip n-iƒ pw hnpbmiw-k-iƒ t\cp- p. si.-{]-`m-i-c {]n kn- mƒ Ub v, timgn-t msv

BapJw. F m Ip n-iƒ pw hnpbmiw-k-iƒ t\cp- p. si.-{]-`m-i-c {]n kn- mƒ Ub v, timgn-t msv BapJw 2016 ^n{_-hcn 20 \v \S- p F. Fkv.-Fkv ]co- -bv mbn Xøm-sd-Sp- p \memw Xc-Ønse hnzym n-i-sf-bpw, Ahsc hnpb ]Y-Øn-se-Øn- m ]cn-{iaw \S-Øp A[ym-]-I-scbpw Dt±-in p sim v timgnt msv Ub v Xøm-dm- nb amxrim

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tic-f kwøm-\ \yq-\-]- I-½oj³ B-Rv-P-t\-b, Sn.kn 9/1023-2, im-kv-x-aw-kew, Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw t^m : , , (^m-ivkv)

tic-f kwøm-\ \yq-\-]- I-½oj³ B-Rv-P-t\-b, Sn.kn 9/1023-2, im-kv-x-aw-kew, Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw t^m : , , (^m-ivkv) tic-f kwøm-\ \yq-\-]- I-½oj³ B-Rv-P-t\-b, Sn.kn 9/1023-2, im-kv-x-aw-kew, Xn-cp-h-\- -]p-cw 695010 t^m : 0471-2315122, 2318122, 2319122 (^m-ivkv) email: kscminorities@gmail.com Minority commission final1.indd

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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IÀ m-hnâ {]nb-tc, \n Ä FÃm-hÀ pw Pohn- p tbip-{in-kvxp-hnsâ \ma- n-epå hµ\w Adn-bn- p- p.

IÀ m-hnâ {]nb-tc, \n Ä FÃm-hÀ pw Pohn- p tbip-{in-kvxp-hnsâ \ma- n-epå hµ\w Adn-bn- p- p. VOLUME - 1 RNI Reg. No. TNBIL/2016/70171 JUNE - 2017 TAMIL & MALAYALAM ISSUE - 6 (Pma- m-c\ - nâ) ki-ehpw tim[\ snbvxv \ÃXv apdpsi ]nsn n³ (1 sxk: 5:21) {]tbm-p\ - a - p-åxp H pw ad- p-h- n-«nã (A.-{].20:20).

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tbip{inkvxp PohPeØns hmli


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Cu \yqkv _på-än-\n-eqss \n -tfmsv _Ô-s -Sm³ km[n- -Xn F\n v hfsc kt m-j-ap- v.

Cu \yqkv _på-än-\n-eqss \n -tfmsv _Ô-s -Sm³ km[n- -Xn F\n v hfsc kt m-j-ap- v. {]nb kplr-t, ]pxp-h-õcw 2014  Rm³ \n Ä v FÃm `mhp-i- fpw t\cp- p. Cu \yqkv _på-än-\n-eqss \n -tfmsv _Ô-s -Sm³ km[n- -Xn F\n v hfsc kt m-j-ap- v. R -fpss am\y CS-]m-Sp-Im-cp-ambn \nc- cw _Ô-s -Sp- -Xn\pw

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LSS EXAMINATION - FEBRUARY 2016 SET 1 1 amxrimtnmzyt] LSS EXAMINATION - FEBRUARY 2016 H hm n DØcw Fgp-XpI Paper II - Part A - ]cn-k-c-]-t\w 1. {Kma-hn-I-k\ {]h Ø-\-߃ N snbvxv Xocp-am-\-sa-Sp- p-, {Kma-]- m-bøp Xe thzn? A {Kma-k` C hnt

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IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF JESUS IN HIS PRESENCE UNITE YOUR PRAYERS WITH THE PRAYERS OF ESUS 9 I p m m 10 A I d m Ad m m m 11 H F p m b pw m m m m b w 14 I m wd d wd d m wd m I m wd 15 M p m wd b p m m 16 T wd I m 17 S m b ; wd 18 A m

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