S i * ... t r. -- p e o p le d id n t ~~ ^.v._.. "Oh dear,-.we ^--~_ =Sj t^;^ ^ p c a k c s " s a jd r* H e " ni 3 S

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1 v \ - - f e n ± = z : T :. : T 7 6 t h : y e q H ~ l S S * B a h o executve sute b a unv verau yh S P (,,U }e bac badn<ws that hs p re s-- t r t a l- f t- f o w W o c k s - o HJJnr-Brady hadrbpeo crt* --HouseJTuesday. here : was v no ques- JcpJly wount lunded.o the shootng an - lon who was boss. - tw olaw jbcn cnalsowereshct. Tlc. prcslcnt re ar sns the pres-, DuC.lo hs.surgery, the Presden ; -a e tn - llo - flldnottearn «tttmwul-nooft-tuesdav that r r y S p eak. B ra d y,.a secret setvtce agent and a. The. 70-yeac)d prcd dent snapped D strct of t C Coluba polcean had back Mpldly fro Mond day s surgerv albeensho t a t : S to reove a.22-calber sl sug.fro!hs VHte read eacton was.oh dan, oh 1 l e f t h y e s W f jhysftlanrandan;*and?l ndf*»gc3>cfl-w!lledt rt»th~ ~ r- o a s tn g :c o n c e 8 h l & : s f f : a h d n e a r s ;" s tf \ naton wth hs hor jnd ndstrcngth. Ja es B r Reagan norally cglns hs day.-b eaganal! ralso nqulredlf the bullet wth an OvarofflccTnMll Jtng of hs top - had gone nto ntc Bradys bran and was. ades - chef pf staff Jj Jaes Baker.toldthad., counselor Ed fleeso. c. and deputy "Oh dear," ar." the presdent sad, aod chef of staff Mchacl Dea> aver... asked,.what /hat s the prognoss??. r They walked nto Reags gansrooat Baker sad Lad Ruge told Ue p re s d e, ;. -G -c 0 c. g e -----, "There ay be Washngton Un-. : jboe weakoew verslty Hospllal=T;= f - n s d & tm P on the left ade., Tuesday for a and la s t nght - - bref- revew- of -- p e o p le d d n t ~~ v... p r C 5 S l n g a d - Ulnk-Je-wasrgo-v,nJ.str>fojL-.Ja ng4 o - ato -t-at- f c UP, As-thcj-went "Oh dear,-.we --~ =Sj t; " l d e r - h e a v v a e c ju r* rty. J o h h W.jW n c k les y J r.; s t a k e n to h s a r r a g n e n t w h e r e a p r e l n a r y h e a r h g w a18 s ts e t f o r 1 h u r s d a V n tfe-presdent, u» L - p r a.y r - " - ;wa s l» n g up.!- os l h o o t n g s p u f s h w ftaker quoted p c a k c s " s a jd r* H e " n c t t o r h a K l g r t t flgfflnarm y ea g a n sn u h 3 S /: was brushng hs teeth: c o n t r o l 8 - A 7. Later Reagan - : - T l y quckly- - -.! - e x c h a n g - p s -- - g o t:.w h al th e /:---S h o c k l r e n t e h [ re; r e ; wth-, h s-n u rse s: needed the a w y e r ( o r s o n ~ A5 5.and was vsted a s s a s -p-re-sr-d«-frt-"-s-r - - "W = o!fe r= rdarr--* p v. p re«efl W A S H N G T.( U P --:Anh7Wlvft ) - lnfnfun::= T K E J J B P n a e D S Sattorneysfflce-lave-? D,fl 1 r y P r c e - H s L g. V r o j A l L c x l s 18J G s. : eoj:g e B u sh.. ~ tto n T trft)re (K > o o tcett:j«jjcu»s5jnflxjave e n fh a?** ; asked e to say nothng ; a about-john W. Hncklev. Supoorl Bll, nec- d e f e n d e d A 6 : -; ; ; foundjx n h lg h : -bm nlhetnotvcofthenan charged wth attept- The sources salshnckley (ley checked nto the P ark. - B l-d a jd s b o a y J h aty j bave never et, spoken. for t to be " r sprts, r PrcBldenl- Reagan;- nvestlgaters sad Plaza Hotel for several days last O ctober several."" to o r «bcated ~w1tnave-ofltnrr~ -There w a sn o - WArkg-aflar.fhP nnrnufh - aa n d se nt her heavy fan- co ent a f ts - should b«> - - rt :n V ;-,-:;R ea g an - ; P 6 c o r g d e s c r l v e De&crfe3~as :& reclsh ove-drferrthe W ond.d: - - j o t e s h t r c j e t ber.thre nad d y easb H o lb f y4n,:.. >r.fn e w h a s u nr g e r v ; o u t l o o k A 6 := :r s to c k y -«B w lr J [ JacRrncRleyjr. 25..±:z r fccour?svum>tlzed- searc a r c j f n H o s f n g l o h rr*tk S rt V ttorpey- *vagr.-- - outln hsplahs ror the le ossassnalonplolna ~ hotel roonwherc Hnckley e y9a l a y l n U M t e f o e W atergate proseov-:o -.v-.tunng t!e. «T = B ab hrttougb (d ter to Jode FwterJa,, wl who played a 12-year-old -- -C arterd )nlstc, tf;?-c rsu - o pcrso n aly.± - z leg slah o n jo n = h L < u :b re ak ftlffant «rny;»<hp-vtr-prj>l<< pw enl or ed8(rafror wte-tax-drve f and a F M * & r S c c e a ;T a n d b e 5 e c :!o n o rpnnncys ltovouldfac H con3c}o,usr.or-lhecern roesalolthertrreagatfmut - Strpper n her ost n nt t fl fl role,- Cay.-" H ln g k lp y Ajnnrfnn rjn -lhbe-coo.o.photogcapb-of g J l& J o.p c s r :c o n v c {\( o n c h a rg e s f:a tl6 p lv n gsurgcal-ncson - n hyleftx fl d l l W JSy.U Md -grb solute cl l y LeeJl8o«y.0swaltJ &ssa, really looks good;.*- >«utny n nf Pwsrtpnt J< ( M sadtc.a.p rcsd ehtthp-nlgn C?c rhnrg fld.u lth A hnrf-gpont n ettncg s&lg)t4uu Bush-9adr4>t -Ht8-obeeks-arerosy.-Her--- r -FrKcnfl.ldrdnga guhra h d u n lf le J - w f lt ffen v M f a u l t n g afeceral agent t w th a p S tot T T -- : :. : ry ornng-undcr,4n w :.Dnver. Ro bbeftdenlro to ld lm K ~ cnsw;m.re, looks robust."- st. --:.7 \ - ateral oothmaasaaslnall nallors. Tbutater-wasJ)uoyedby p. - t/n ln g - tftv H - th» B.VlBbro-- - Poltcal laffakad el n Jq W r - presldehk V.Sourcerrsad- -Htnckey-.wrote-Mss : Tftere hasnt been a oad --rposteraeverawes taxecc ecent onthsrthreatcntng~ -Jttrlw ventt..s e a r c h,a ;. r r n n l* s % y r d e a r 6 n l! l l h-avm anbf clncal t>-hg-g j a n d r to le t a s - B e tf a tc j- r : e n t w a s rru n n ln g r rr y - n-ore-lcttcr-u) ch Reagan an for -what the woud-bc..-;murcemwa-jrrthr- r wrvhnntnrrresslafdrf \ - js r g g r n L C J e o f g F W a s hlneton! l r A d nrtnfnnv - dfferent, undlsclosod reasor sons.nothrlw*"** * rancttcrsfb Hcwey \ o nyurs acftteagan was abushed and shot n < c6ldllon --afljflcngk akes you thnk d be u nc Was a real or agln glned snub of MfsfFoster but!,ddnotrnfdrtrh CTB] F B r..-shetw asrconu clod= - real!hec?;saluraajl.nglt -- "1-thnk he s q u lt j ut that?" qupped the con- - M n b le ot P P y l-thc4ther,-accordlng4o A lnfftnnhntpt knjfdecslohs, nterac actng" estess presdent.-:... o v w e n un T O le d Jette r ---> p w jp t." sa d ;" " rwoutdnl ] b leary sad sal t should be several - a «e s r/t O a u b te «T l o y - t( H e:takedrbut-notbouu ut-theshoothg;dbno < cncourage:hl-to:puuln-a -an-j84our- onths-before fore-reagan-s-agan-cut>----- : - Poctfsourc&slnNewHav Haven. Conn.. lere Mss Mss Foster -ssued - he foloy /log-st cn. sourcerrwho-descrlbed-hlns lnckleyta8;nervou5rsy.lc::=j :ay.)uu.a sure-hacan attend t<mhethg-brush onhs-calforntaranch on- o r -;.h oster-s enrohed n college. sad Hnckley was so ~ j 1 :: H of rnv.1 ; : 1, podanl allcts of g( 1.govc<?nt..-rd{ne-horse6r-.... W t e e d n e s d q j. rr t r ; E ffspb. WASHNGTON.lUT- X-Avgorous today.? - 25~ -~Presss Secre respojn d s; t u t t j r e.:,! s s J b l e J f. 2 - w a SHNGTON---(.U l U P l r - < - D6ctbreere"* optllstl( stlctlues"; o v e r h s* s ntlaf prpgnbsls; * ~ O L o a rj-ssad. a l "He s teponslve day as Whte-Hou&epryp r,se cre :. a n d.s ovr vng the rght-de of hs fld *{". larjrjjrb rad y contjhu nued -to rc> body n resp sponse lo coand. Wc -credos - spend favorably to treat eatent for - -the head wound he recejy to prognoss but hs - [,v? - are guarded attepl on Presdents teagan s extraordnar ay. lfe.,vthe physcans attenc sad the rght hc-, : Brady. arep)eased.ej Brady s bran lol the 1 tnued:to±c:ndre>npon sdejtt sufferedarly though he-ls.secouslyul = - 5 g e - r o h e "B S optstc," Reagan s d-lheeft-slde. whcr Q.. --physcan; Dv Danel Rug l>ecch and oton, has -atatecnureeasod-sho nal aount of darh ---l-h 5p.rn.EST. n, la le afternoon. Brady, Bn was V sted by h s other, of >Ccnlralla. C But OLca cary sald \L.w d be v e ry specul, ;ulallvctt6.prcdct the K ; = Tt exlontofbrac Baker lold reporters: : "Brady s. "n.pate ] ke\ thfs, the - - H gong -to lve -... ts ncredble, spccl o3f t p6ssble outcoes s. They told us. when pe( people are very, v ery wl( wde, hesad....-brought n lke-that lh«they don t On Caplt ltdl Hn. S a e - R e - J J recover, and they held d ( out very lltle hope. Maybe our prayers publcan lead lader Howard Baker told hs colleagu< gues the outlook for S -havc-becnnswered;-* Brady-was: > not as~favor bl& J!- as l l = E a rlle r, -Brady s-doct octors had the prognoss for Reagan.- \; B,. T tsc fb c d th e -p o p u la rppress-seere*! "Hofcalv >vafhc «>nntntftlr---- B g..tarys condton as " "uch - proved snce Mondaynlgl nghl. "We beleve he s gong to lve. "He survved /edrbrgeb better than ost cxpected. He s at\least. selrespons nsvc to outsde su- B sad Denns OLeary, George lus. Accohll -dng lo..doctors.he J s Washngton UnlVersty s s dean of clncal affars, at J. Wht Wxlte-House betfer off tha hanany of us expected he would be e last le nght." edcal brefng Brfdy s sl surgmn, -Dr, Arthur r r r- AWe - afecautl6ukly-ot - opt stlo-k o b r n e *..ru».ro ; r s 0j - r o f - bul--we-have no dea-whe vhere>he ls neurosurg uy.-told-whte-froum - r tp to f lo c U p T h a s o d - f t p a l p X t S c J " lal Monday wcrepessu l8uc;llst* doesnu-know ow how uch-at ths H jn g - h s jn e d c a l p u lq pok..a8.nq X, t- fle nor wll! llbebeabetaknfwfqr g o o d " a n d h s c o n d ton n s as"v ery dulte Me Htn fne."-. c r t c a l.. Sen. wa lu. Rolh Jr., R-Del., gut after4 hours of delcate went to see E f g lr g trg e ry rofr Ptow w ere- -sefvejtt - ore optstc, and r tl they up- -a s s s ta n t, and d sad; "He s n g - - e d - t h e n ) r o g n 5 s l s -}-arkedly n an-arhazng-r g-red)very>hes aolng early T u a y.. extrabrdnarl rly well,buthesgbla -*Mrr Brady ff.ucluf ljjnprovf< ==:lonjts«y:to.t TJ-: O e t B U T y t o T H B S B T a d y t to T u z : ± : : z z ; y d.p la y s vlt t h s o n n rt* c.e n t p h o t o 1 P r ejs s d e n t f X " J T " -b y f< f a ly.. WASHNGTC GTON (UPD - Prwldent -eaga>4-f<e l h l d r s t l n f e t lhfjosptalxu< LXuesday* -They expres pressed grattude, relef. * drtd prtfg ttsr Bsnresalvrandstrong: 7-aftcr beng g slrclfcby.a-potenlw-:r.;-» s assassn s bulk Mllet. Reagans yo younger son, Ron. 22. sad he had "any feelngs at-thls>)lhl."- anly, "relef lef that y father s alve, acqutted hls self. PattD avls,: s, 2B sad she s "grateful h e a llv e an d strong an d a te f to Jvebhcwho: w ho= cxph»-thefr.con*= cern" for her father. fj ThQ-Reagan chlldrendropped-ev*----- cythngjdflew dnt torw lnon toj)e J. wththel[-fatl father.-aftetbearlng the----- : newste hfd- M-been-WbtJhdea*nlhe chest Monday lay and undergoe surgery. to reove theb bullet :.jron-arrved. /ed Monday n l l wth hs ; wfe. Dora. la. fro Lncoln. Jeb.. where he s s appearng a wlththe Jbfaureenr-Mlchael-and-hls; frey Ballet. T P att-m au wfe, Colleen,, flew n at dawn Tuesday " fro Callfqrn: :orala a a r - l l la r y.., transport., 8 F A Y P a e / ~ ~ ~ BSTTT......F l» 4 3 : l L - - C la» a «le [J< el d E C - o n tc s - 1=. :-.-v--d >7? D e a r A b b y.... C l -la a H b ;.--;. D 3 t t t : N o r t h Vdjle j2 y..... b l* n h r y O p T n u n...; M S p o r l s. --H ltf«>... ;. ; ; C» 3 Z - J T W e a t h e?r r.. f.... :.. A 2 - -:n y W -

2 ..* A-2TlBa-New8.Twn Fall r--: W.ASHNGTON (UP) ; W orv - onlon tne ber. ta tlv e contract w th ttn n than a 2-1 nrgln.slgnal felmke. - Shortly a fle r CFTOOp.n E ldorrc aen*tb!d repor lo ca!srrtlngrc T 53-v : lo n to 3 b, lh fa v o p 6 ftl : " t docsn ro b k lkfl- -:7ra-ddng-lhSnJM W.PrSa be on th e phone lo ndst -ton of talks. The pereenl rejec to ChurcH. who had sper.. Ue pact h a n elght*s : A ppalachan coal felds: - A spokesanfortheb l:-fa w nfnn had-no qf-thcagree ent The ratflcatlon-defea R e a p p o BOSE (U P) - C T holdng a -s p o c 3 l0 A. o r d s trlc l. re a p p o.untl p e c c ra u c r a d U e 1 - chore.-, ~ T heres vrtually no p : wll be n M ay. S enate P r. r-t erarr eed-b udge,-r -S od sad a fte r e e r n g frorr ;- fro a eetng wth Ho a n d to o y G eneral.d j a n d tw o o fh lsd e p u tle s.. F u rth er talks a re sch A prl 10 a t a Lcgslat\ J u d g e - r e s r a - P 0 R T L D, 0 r e - ( H elen F ry e h as ssued g alb t-the Unlted-Tra schedjkl a ajor =? = = ag ah 9 U n lo n P ac l R == z = r J u d P r y p s pt-a-heg for a peranent njunc V fad threatened a strke V.. ra lro a d s. 00dc(aplo3 nent rtjunctlon, th e"n -rl- N ato n al Ralway Adj =±= = S c ts & u e J v : BOSE Te cause c dagnosed as sc a r tssue - s e e n r 6 r «n te! «r s - C enter last week for r o, doctors found no evdenc H e S t»sng gven cortl y- : r u t e 8 p re a d ] n g r4 s s u "S tm h M d fe would re tu rn to h s ho e lo Gle B a t c a n e rb ERfclN - (UP ) - So a n e u n /e rs r c o h tln u 1..coasU -tfele ast-g er a - A.T u e s d a y ; T h e announce ent cor so u rc W n Brussels, Be; extended durng the Pol - -M o n d ay nght A D N.alM g av etnrh d t e x t e n d lastt fd a y woul l*he nevra agency sac T u a y a t ane utg e T w D ra n s T rb u F W Je ro e C d o d ld g a v u : P ero d s of ran.chngng today: D e c re e n g clo show ers tonght. P a h ly T h a y. W ndstvesterlj hph. H s n the low to. -Jo d a y M W d lc to u Thursday. Lows n the d C a a s -P ra lre, Haley,,-R verval; : P e ro d s " o f show todt T localy-h?avy--snow pos..h g h e r elevatons. Gusty \ t es. Clouds and show creaslngtonlghl. P a r tte! T hursday. H ghsn theupp low er 406today and low. to 40s on T hursd. Lows nea R anorsnow overn evad clearn g on T hursday. F snow show ers developn Ulahlate:-today.- and - eastw ard through-thursdt d e r ln both s ta t H tghs t fhp 4nt-n -N 8vad» a n-b U ta h : Lows tonght, n tl H ghst hursdaynthc40s...s y n o p s s :..... r Aprls arrval wll brng sprngstoch. Ths onc..ls expected t( = = u h e n r 3 d a» 5 a f y ran and snow at hgher eev J ta ln - W M J a llln g -n -c e n t : a a o n a U u.mm PC9. Abugu«rqu«tS V... AtUflU es M... - OMUon*!. «S o n - n * Hwwtuu r «w - r>oo*on -. - :7f. M -V - P ) - Strkng Unted Mne, bers Tuesday re leclod-a-tgn- rcbttcoal lndjatry.by b etter [nalng the posslblty of a long "pjo STTU M W TpolcM an" portershal wh-656-of vote3 wcre-aganst ralluca- >f thc contract. ;e r wll pass/*~ C allen M ld r saehrs a ChurchJr. would lustry offclolb-for a resup lecton dealt a ajor sctback pent f l days stu png for t-state w n g jh ro jg h.th e s.... Blulnoas Coal Operators!feat culd brng about a 0 r t o n t aho legslatve eetng, af burtu led 0Ut Grrwrds< lon-thls-sprng John Evaof jfa e n t, n-.specal sess sftadtplrw alt copllshth cje the dffcult ta sk of adj - - y..le g sla tv e 0 possblty lt~" trcts.! Presdent P ro B udge sal Soda-Sprngs, folthe-spec ro hs offcc ce ber. Le{ House leaders w orred thal. Davd Leroy convene the. -. conflct wth Bcheduled-for Leroysa( atye Councl. s c g l s l - J.[ J atns walfout!-(upy--:. U.S.Dstrct Ju ed a te porary restranng or rransportaton Unon;:whlch 1 walkout for Tuesday afterrn tearora prlrm.orargu e unetlon.agalnstjhe.uaon..w h ke by as any as one-thrd of jloyees. f she ssues the perr ; atter wbuldg6"t>erore Adjustent -Board,- w hch.l hurts StekrPs lun 5e of a luntrproble-flongred SSro3FW5lsnnB;KeTyfhes-»< sue.steen sad Monday. 1 St. Lukes Keglonal Medt< r tests. He,r sad M onday tl le n c f a algnnw... urtljone ed lcu td -lry (o a ssueafu yn Ueeft-lurgFt uld b a W y befeleased a GlenM Ferta a day or two. uvers reported Sovtet»tethW w P j f e S Jnulng-along-Polfl l*8-ba» TOan-rews!;:ageDcy-ADN::sa: contradcted reports by NAT Belgu, lh a t the ane.uvel Polsh labor crsshad ende /o d l d. ~ sad Polsh Jetflghters lande eran llltay alreld as pa jtano nu Jngto sn o w - > \ c! o u d s a n d!!.v. l l rtly cloudy. Y ery 15 to 25.. V : olddle40s ley, Wood.. s * MAnct: ly w n d s l lowers de -Tef.vEn jpper 30s to V. to ddle /adatoday. :. Ran o r J, up.weat png over. re a d n g - egon and Was sday. C o l- - te w n.-as-a s today n c n o n s o r v{be-50sn d aho r a t 1 the 20s.. h eavest ao s. Monday nght,. j e r te{ ng another -* ntorthe sta le stor,aloq gw to cross A nd w hle S( W M u cn l d p a W -rtju n slevatloos. of ra n and sn entral O r-,- d ay, decreas Un*k«Cltr - ep.l V*o u H 4J. SCBS S 2 =! S f f? = = r r : K s +!! S S S ! P,N««rort at S ; ; R S a 7 = v -V - POrtUO.Of» 46. F a lls. d a h o. W k e s d a y, A p 1 ne. lengthy, strke by the H rrn rw lth a potental of.ecll ler strk e th reey ears ago. Tl ng s trk e slnce last Frday, C hurch w as npt a t ur an ballots w ere counted nor 57 ble. " a- U. E xplanng the overwht the-rank-and-flle ners a, r tx Z o tl s J M jo l d : peoplepoltlckngoutlha P- H trsa d -th e - ners f..g re a te st support to ratfc ;k the w o n t rcceptloh4n th< ;r V rgna coal felds. le ptnucs h a y e bult lour.. tn the e v e b f a long walk rs C hurchput hs cadersl 10 fvfrdav swng through el p u s h fo r ra u n c a to n r- a He w as labasted by ent av -after whch legslatve le a d - H scusfft hrsu5jecrw rarg o:~ tns.-the governor ustcall V esslon M -leglalators can-ac- - TH Trequred once-a-decade adjustng tb e boundares of e and copgressonal ds- sad the ostlkeyll e now l>ecal sesson would be De- Legslatve leaders had b e e n hat they ght have had to he sesson by May to avod» - th daho electon laws, a d th e daho Consttuton. slatve canddate ust be a TVU7 KfTflTS n o f a radcal r e u ene y." Judge. E ast Bloc troop lorder : around Poland for ;h had aneuvers nvolv oon " and Czech troops. ofthe CAPECANA VE e r a - agency offcals T e the preparalohsfor he j.h a s and Rbbcrtcrppe: ~ A otlnfr spaceaget n a s w as expecled to a reco endaton thj cleared fortakeoftal * * «ftf= rt W ra3?n 6 h g T l. -. wa s S f heduled to ros? y r e a s? wa r n d p n f f T r a r s r a u r... A spok«flf for U B ut copjer-lndb chajgew ouldt ltsa / N E W Y Q R qp glt ATO a n undercover FB.a vefe Fordjrfo f5ance" nded senato r held a seen Tuesday: ; v«b - A H j atan[u:s.- fltfly th a t Wllas, anew ded use, hs nfluence w; part govern ent contracts TrST? \ l o ", l u e s, s n o w e x p e nrvtfather SERTCE FDHg C l l \ OW / N,.-.MtlllCAPOL EST- V. DAULASj ERATUfES - fx ATHER FOTOCAST *- lashlngton Tuesday af-»-w el-aa-ln - northern. t raalk K T fe central - h j untefjs recehred the thc nots of precptaton [ht and Tuesday. ten jnperatures wll ove, wh le n tfte-wake of the - 13 < g wth brsk wnds. 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The 1890 law...p f o c e of gat] \ - 1 conducted thou C r L r - -o p p o sn g partle. brngng the st / D epart ent r YOfjK vestgatlons. Ys 77 = Mosr~ drt5 cj acco plshed-b but turnng ove.... electon:;j]9jl?.would re q u n < ancnd ent/y s The de wa JPeayeyJ- atc Anybody who S - saw th at the b -1 stantal (on the" h.t T Tv»fF fnpera- 8? - w r a U n tr f p w l Publlh#l dolly Twn Fall warest.mogc Ve)Uy geran. sub*crtphon H. 5p«rW*lS onlyso* at:: 7pokljn.odvofts. -eofrl#rd*ttv«ry UT -SvndoV.only; : a...; (Twnlh $ ~. 0 - r o«h» *77 2 Mttog* pad Ol g Tl*.N«v» (UP «a ShtrfoTt,.,Qnd. 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"There s-no - hat every ctzen would be - hjn so edm rct;" - e legslature U P ) The daho ewll atte pt to rew rte r-old law that govenselec- <s.... c e n tly a d journed e - w h lc h e erged un- ro* a --cnlahy- essy lallengc ; se~two~too n th s ed.a sp w al coftcb to lectlon-challenge ssue and 1th a clcan".b1 to present legslature next vear. clcoesjn the wake of the y c x p lo sl vc h al g e 1st fall aganst thc narrow ~ 0 electon vctory of Carey - M turlceellsw ortht"- Ter{g<revenlually was dls the Senate State A ffars. 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On the other agan.",. hand, ths presdent lk< kes p p ] H e K w antsjo be clbsc tb peop R eganalsopralsedth the a g c n t S f r o H wore 5u11e ( p r o o f ~ V hs h.ospltal bed, sayng n g J h e y d d j ; a B H M ;-L h e v le w,.a-standa Jad.procedrtrB H B H -=vest ofte errbut rot t M o n ] d a y ~ a fte r every assasslnat aton atte pt. wll lnclude~lntervlewg... r WASHNGTON tuplj. P resdent -T gure re wc wll have reco njenda la: Servlp< agentsreyewlt Ttnesses, olher ; R e a n Often wore a bullet proof vcst tons fro j th es erv lce law enforce ent offcer ers a n v e r y. V. B durng the cepajgfh>t -Hjt-he-dd-not B uthed B declned topeculale onha a-~ other~ tewe cacono n c e l l y thl -,, r t1 B v e " 0 n e R th j5 1f6 new - steps " ay-be nvokedn-thc he bf, W a ersald.".. e n t when-a wouldrbe «assasaln fred future to oprotect p; the presdent. L S t lla r - n v e s U g a t - w e r e. a d e. anu rato p -ad eb ad Tu u rd a y. Whte House chef of staff Ja es B aker told-rcporters "tl "the p re sd e n t...! ; - obvously dd not have ve on a bullet. j. proof veathn-he-ww f! fstfllet c h w t-b y th e-g u n an a n-- u tsld e -th e... - ; Washngton.Hllton Hotel. ltd. But hcsad * B c a --L lw o re -o n e...sc cpvnrnl H<x - 1 T- durng the-ca pac T n -... fn -la rg e - rallt e whn t wasjlfflct : flcu tt( r the H e sad Reagan has.n S.not worn he v est slncc he.took offce ejan.,20. J) T h e C o u n try Ju n c to n * Wt s a e beautful F o r er Presdent G erald Ford - - l pl h o n e w th a c o u n lry look ok a n d. A -! wore a bullet proof vest afler two "* -... ru s tc co.untry c h a r : Grraf a f te d : woen ade atte ptsdr S7>n hs lfe. He - - wlw jth ratural o a k, a n d a n tan-... a r found t bullcy and uncon cofortable. 11 lqucd nckcl fnsh.. w as d e a rly vsble under] ler hs co at..... 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McC lown Washngton wllh hs K-9 :ccarlhy began hs Secre :r e - - Tl M cc arthy. w.;.r.. Corp.srnp dog, Krk. But the dog was 111 rth y )-9 lfy ed-n S ervc vce caree as >n agenl ;et A Whte -l louse cdlcahrotn nn Mlay - bctw een-thellneo offlrc.tled-at asslg Rnedrolhclrtclllgence seclfor ton ~.. s tf c-w as- ove ved oul o flh e a g n c R eagan." bdtohe d speclal" oratlons n Chcago, where h(l.acqulr 1 - r.. jd lenslvecarew grd. d-...dvson )n fc for the day: M cc arthy-w asj 5JlstcdTn- stable - oxporl crencc protectng poltcalcal He s lsted h (a far condton." - -P o llccand feood " - c ond cc-b poke8a=jowp>t=gen d tlo n -at George candd dates.: lhe.slatc enl sad. L - There-arc no *lllc sad...w a se n g to n. D elahanly -w as one of.. lverslly-h osptal. -M cc, ccarthy s-a graduate of the o y - plans as of today-t "totrcove the those L -e a rly T u e sd a jw! l- who whc hdped subdue the sus-. U n lvv ee r s t y o f - : l l l l n o l s a t - bulletfro hlsreck p ected-a:. Although M c:adhy -assallanl, JoH lncw ojc Joned the Chap pn6n-u rbana.w herehe.h e T he.son.ofa-ptl; tjsburgh p o lc e J r..e v e n t presdcnlal prote< lectve dvsfohjn. Jellere cnthoughhehadbeehshol. " red Jn foolbau: t offcer,.delahflro-.h Hfls on SfwcJal " h N F ebru ary 1979, avy veteran, Dejahanly lves he-.rotated oly H ea } and hs wfe have two young -duty:guardng the presdenl when wth Bs - Monday to the travdlng t fs w fe n -suburban detal chlldre ren., sx sh o tsran g o u l.. and.they have nb chldren:-- p S e e r c e s r j o d a / s = : 5 ) k M a y B t a tn a j l H0T/C0LD W B N o.f LEOQR... -.,0 r e tty S a r t a t t h e s e B ell r P h o n e C e n t e r S f o T " A l l T y p e s f o f t r u l n g S P B N K E E R oo Ll* e70.l E flj ««ch " T w F A L f s. 1n 1: 5 T h r d " A v e! E a s t.- 83:30 ; an tb 5:30 p. Meo n. - F r B S d n d w M ro v U Co qt l - A n d - =.H A F a r C o loc o d l t t e s, 1 : W asnevrelyl / apologze>nd " n c u d r0 S e oe d - r - V rhppathlsdoas nc not nconvenenco:. X?*!. l** custoew; p t d C E f ll ; te e s ta a - -We Vednesday,.AprM,flav "n..no3-waw3-..twnfa,ahoa-:»lu p n r t p e/e - dd-y- rts prol e c o \jy e e M o f t B rn gh on e s o e < coutygla t n n. -y o>ur u p ljd n e s e rv c e. A n d eve jv e n h o w to t u r n -.p h o n e s a nr d s e r v c e s n to - f s a r gftg ftsw lh ;B e l. 4 l ystc n-g ft c e r t f c a t e s.!. U.~. S o COl c o e to ~ - r th e B ell P C e n te r St< W hen you " 7 } - - -ts P re tty, S rh a f t. B r n g s W s : : : ; : :..T 3 : l a S T v l T S t - B - T w f w C T : q B a l M h a c t e J =.A.., \ \ - 1 fl«rvortotco.-coar73nt [nntnrraartrtttt M ratttnfr 7 -W1H1uTctftc 01a newuetgn rnwgrf Lne e Th.Aotrtct " nt lhe cnle telephone and (ccelveta e>a Ullrfwfltony, A alnenance aocrftncnllo tonnued Jetvcc :c b«boyono hcjutofonty, r - :

4 . - A - T l e a * N e w s,j w n nfallaldaho F. >WedB«sday,-/ y,-adfu 1. J- F.. " j f O * r r t S K S g n g a < u n c o r r \ybate j- :. D yu n led P rcssln nternatonal l \, rarvartlur L Unverstys D r. Ja es Gllllg llgan, a Wrensc "Th rhs tragedy re nds us that > v o le n t and U eeuy.r-t r..- «k at McLean Hosptal, sad fven though hc -ravallal lablty of frear s ake every ev( ctzen of h l or - - A U vocatcsofha landgun contjouppe to wn suj support for hoped the altc atte pt on Reagans lfe woulc uldbove people qw staton vulnerable to a urder derous gur," he sad. Uelr oveent t as a - rttbt o U e - o u>assnhllon a s ; lost rengthen en gun cdntg6maw8.~ltrs d eau al d y Sen aue ercylfpldred the pubct Tcto cocho tysenses ; -, at.cpt on Presd sdent Reagan, b ut ouers -s say : the s bent on vltfl tflencctt * -!Thc Phe whole world looks olaq. drcfanctlolencc * shootng.only og nagnfles. the lneffe< vcness :ss of- gun We have re a strdrg tradton of perse sonal volence. and asks w hy we cant fnd a wa: way to control t,sad - 1- ln w s :L-. J : lg;0thej h e ycs.t:rsjl9qlts;l wlnnlngvc J h e g u n f l t - a t, ; : e,!glslaton R cb ganr-press-a r w re ta ry Ja esb rady;::a u :a ;.S e c re l r O rc o ffa r:" l.-*tt.tw tl :t lfn&htj*... Scrvce agent-and-{ d-a polce-offcer w ere gunnc ed down Ult ately tely people feel helpless, po poleft and seek legslal :otors Ue naton cannot srv lryve flts cadors are M onday o u ls d e -a.a-w ashlngtonr a e hflel l-b y -a o - t. to protect Ucn hc selves wlu guns." hesad; ± r : constn tonu yndongerr =jssallaow ed ln ng-a g. -calber Saturday lay Nght D onald Feder, executve dreclor of ol the Second. The h e handgun proble s s ply ; b u t of CfntrbTln rfoundatlol- o - tu o ] t t r y T l d r D o n a W - L u r derfluthof-of-murdep- : d e " he gun, aw u tt o n c g r r r c a D r n n R B«y<Jfl»USr:ard>nlbr. y ; l.p U rc h a se d fo tm C~~? - " ~ ~~~ **Wg~arcsad saddcncm anaappalcdt[.b bdce a g Z lh c r re s e ard t ] a s s o C e.a t the.stanfc fordunversty.lawj. tthls latest atte tept on Ue lfe of a presden lent of the presdent of Un Ue Unted Stales has becoc n e a vct of a School, ol U;SrlsTot-onlyshcwl lockng, bul alsocvdenro thlatbntalr, polentally leuaramult. t s deplorable, le," Feder sad. "ho; hope th at people who have! been b<> sayng for a long senseless vjolencf- ceconunum to :b c a n as asp ect-o f n a state ent. fg u n s dont kl-peopleronly y p<x>ple kll people. A creanllfeandu that all sorts of unstable peop w p le h a v e.f e d e r.rc p presentng the foundatons 25( 250,000 ant-gun l U be s t ulated b y th ls event? n t reconsder hpp T~ - casytccess-to-handj aguhsru nedt ratoofker <er8un6rt n U u l re bersnatowb ldezsntdw a gapons~alwav f - o T o r...; Presdent Douglas s A F raser sad n >etrol. wll be~avalal llable lo desperate praple coc tted to Wlscc sconsln Gov. Lee S. Dreyfus was-repulsed \ b y tw ~ y, - 7 n New Jersey J tsday, news-of (he shootln tngs w as volence, shootn lngs- Ue product of a sck ckness n p u r so d o fy " lkely to heghten eotons at a legslatve hearngona Gun control supporte.ukc F raser, Cardnal Hu- ~ = T )unjuestoned-w n ] hethergun control.wold end such handgun ban fornev Mew Jersey... berto Medelro: lros of Boston and Sen. Ch Charles Perey, attacks, :ks... - r T dont needany ny ore sta tlstc srl don t need any- * R -l-r urged". d tghter-tcstrcu ons on handguns 1 to "T he here a re so any (handguns) s ) o u t 6 e rtf dbft>l s e e y- ore e otonal sent! se ent! -8 a ld.s e n a te -Presdent r eradcate futur ture tragedes., th at pas lassng a l<(w wll stop lhal, V] D reyfussald. - -Joseph llerljqojfl Q argung for hs bll. But t ( Charles M ederos,, archbshop ol Boston, n edjatejy n- -Jo hn n M. Snyder, chef lobbys jyst fo r t o Cl/zens v ;. rw jn rc o u n sel.tot [or. JrheCoalUon~for New.. Jersey. structed.spcca dal asses be held n Ue 4111 p arsh esjh Cot n ttee for th er ght lo K p and a f l r Ars, sad J. Sports en, sad Uat th even wlu a eun ban Jan. "Ue akeupu eb sboston c arehdoeese and urge p cd p rav cr for Ue-shO( --rtckoos wouldgfffs JH w lh e rtft-- a naton unable ble tocontnm tk! - * U atgun jun controls do not work.. P L N ew jottho eja dmbgmc r e a c. ; -.. P n q j. ~ b y,u n tc d F ress ner sn n onnl ttt> { o b ef... - n p e x p[)trlc>-ul-hflton-has-l e t s-undergono-n Uo...dolla lars.-now-wehavea ragfc ;Tc reason agan to cry out T he sound pof fjassam l u lle ts, whch n n thepast two assasslnat nalonsofue. pasl two dec e c a d e s those o f - ab o3ut u U e e x c o f dangerous har andgunslnjbscbuty. S ~ ThelfolQWlng arec: g,ff{«rpts frp.gdjgrlfll JLJ n Tuesday. d e c a d e s revert -ro ~ n n lln s P ro sld o nnt-john-fvken t y rs e n trrjlobert-k o l ennedyrd rr ratonah>«opl6 ustbsk-lta *taeadef-6nd tself, how ~ ornng new spapers on.uenltepted-assbssla snatlon of M ephs, L osangeles, f A Laurel, Md., & F.Francsco ond -.M artn.. L uther-k ng J r. - as-w» ell d l a s the.abortve uch d longer ust ths country lve under Ue cloud of a -Prfesldent Reagan: : = ~ S acra enl0-4«-las-now echped-n the st S tre e tt.o f thc~ nttn pts onre~llves ot ueorge n vw a a c s; F ssa u n t. 24-ho hpua-3ay a eay s-a-y eo ear r urea 01 publc and W a s h n g to n P a e tt. c a p ta l,- G erald F or d and clvlurghts leadefv fverfw rn JoMarrBnt pfvs val6 u rd er b f t a u hondgud gutfaregflsertoe«uan a s. b c X d s n g l y ffltllar j hnbjt, flt ULjppeolshcre-wULooLbcJ )t ; - a free :w g la s s o f water-and easer»r lo suse than a bottlebf - C e rta n lrth e! SecrebSenrlce Sc p y c a u tlo nsandu s e.~ ~ - s u d den tableaus aus ol oklcty forned n hoe nes and offloes- o n rchartgenu eoffce o f presdent. >L. lsff s arkedpolson:.:.. u rtv rc ra H v ~ rj6 o l rh ed lflenl-w lld ee B «d ]3 0 e...-,y e8 lcrd ay -afe An=fl.VM33lnon-s-fln-flct:; jg(tf-pgrtpj *r-ftlrag zefcwa lflcd n reaut auob to Us terrble.evenl B ttls televson to fnd thejalest detals oltle gun unllre vulnerabll blllyof w en n hgh offce!;to the*assaultrofnyjtnde le r a syste of-representauv atve goveeht.tall the, sdsorue afvbyh tannrta n r n r r e e b g ffatu atu erg-ls Th e vulnerat rablllty ofths atv.e.contn nental soccty:.. dsgn Ued o oc.dcented.prsowuta ta g Jnj ndahd y...-p eacc ceable apparatus erectedrfor l:for-the:expres8lon-bf.lhe :r ap o ln tjey o n d whlcht CtUh<pcQle UoDS annfltga go-t-r- - - f n nny-prngph d.addjcler{ncd.pcsoa-wt fl ftuua-gun.was- fxaton ; on 01 klljhg, t s a forcbly b relndeu.oleraz.peopl ple?s WlU s snapped wu a shot !. H as everythng ; be< been done that ust be done* neto l t = Tlnnn!ssed*assasslnaUon;-Uc ru ec onstanfu rearont; T th eo p p o rtu p ltlm -as a s- u c h -a s posslble?jv e wll v not -...to o, a re d e stru c tlv e o f Ueorderty erty process that should be /b elev e that t has been be< untl Uose da nabled th e - essento e o fk lf-rule, fortn the very achnery of Z - h a v c -b p e n ~put n u - t of!th a r e reach of every crlna! lt and :lons and consensus govern cr enl exsts to ake T.t - - potental crnal whh o M ts one lo wno-tl nher a r g r - l>nt Mnnt»t*ft«gnry. affccssblgnow. Al And8 0 l s Uwartec n UTe Te t ost repulsve, nsane, --=: a=ftecaptlqnn-fl n-lh lb-dreadjmlnlc ln resa ljn frth n t.a ercans as a.natlo tlon o r a people.are volent Lqrweak o.. ~.. - jt. The a g e r Uat cqes, s. wlu beng cheated, s cult to conlro. But Uat, too, ust be conlaned n : but th atsb e a ong n gus a r e and a r e a r o d. r t oflaw and sclf-dlsclplln pllne thattnakera ertca - n N e w -Y o rk T lttm ;: =rgtb C t:the=vet3spl p U» lt fa ]l Jh e :a U or hn t t. A l g n T hlcagdtrbude* N< No, no, no. AnoUer assassjns ns ddranged acts-wound>. r* law;*ohe thnks. Yet fet. even asu e thought, fon jr s, one, re alzes Uat-whle-a Hresdentard thffkkhtry: suls soeujnguat we Ac Aercans n u sllv e wth 7 " ~ o th e r cr es, t ght y be a tenporay obsl bstade to T "" accept, ths nsane ayhe le always lurkng near anyone wth such der e o te d busness n nd. d.. And as 1 ourle: leaders?" - r one loocs agan at the.nstant replays,.one sees s tt h a t u.a 5 l B k r P re sld e n fsjv e rlo Q-waltc w a ong usphe-could ha: hardly be ~ rla)do(fla.}sed U oestar:.. r~ guarded ore eloly y-". - W denee-n-a er-loa-s-o -c ; g B l K B B ~ ~ q u a r t r< t e r.... t s the one Ulng abo aboul our nauon that h u - rauddpb latoqu ln not "Goverjent-u; ust-eo on.-and wll.-the law - < Q 1 changed, sd clhlng that. f r anj anylhlng. grows.worse. 111 t s R sha e Uat a an wlu. 1th a n n hs hand can v tra g c ncapacty lo to change what s past, ust h M H B n g e -th e course of hstory. But Secre Servcecure can neverprevcnl ± = = rf( a rd r= a «L w lll.. J Yhe naton wt exatne, and w M g B S g g portec ecto n =.n o a tte r how securc -TTFexawlnert»conscl sclenpelaad JtsS lp acly to be g r-o a ln a nuu l-or-a poltcal fanatc-w lthao 1aoncealed n fro an-. and llle.falu re.o f lt ts-capadtyrto- assureeen t t n t O! j t f! 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Z Z :--tt: ang sh-we- r t e ora l s Jffl e thanany exjeral e ney..r eagan and o th A s -cut down next to a hotel ent n trancer, j B u tltls.a lso fo tu e deocrauc-process. e Once agan, g a n l o n )N d 6 n (UP) "E uropear [>ean newspapers,- wth. 1 ndvldual w lh a reac -eadlly-concealable weapon 1 h has fle; -. headl nnes ke "God save Aerca rlca fro tself," ponted cldcfl to a tte pt.toch. change.the.faleol the naton. on.and.to= today y tthhe-shootng-of-preslden dent-reagan as anoujerjt: 1 veto ebau ots cast by lllosbf hs fellow cfllze zens... brought n lo d ra n atcally hgh relef n thos lose frghten- thought long past, w h on,-as~ to= -=tfae=4»*-century. tt exanpleof p a n A ercan tradton lonofvldence. 0., "~t-au-of-our:lead< tadersra re -to -a p pear-enly-fl -flt-once ng- ontentswutsdeaw ashngtorrhotelrr:" rts-rcpcatedly-kll«njrc51der dents,-kngs, czars, Ho low long can ths country, so 10 U thnsuhg, so lberal, so ;..re o v e d a n d n at)ue)roo,sdaast:we-wlj d t w nr ve p H n c estan Jnd d pre-nslers; - af-en u ln e-g enefo slty as-u 8 -U ehclfp(» t» w ar- j - tukun u~1urg<4>stcp~t01-1oward"a"depersonaltzedr"tnl nnnran D U lut lne8m h l< e n l l l r n. a del deocalll h u d d y 11 h espw pedatly7cbrcttjbh! *WcstH renre TjpcTHrtesttfyto- xc and auuortaransoct x l e l y. "...f:..fr.--. t h a s happen M edoverand over agan nan Verlca.thls - - Uat Ue dru dn roll of such events ake lakes t ncreasngly the pt ltlless abyss of volence and nd destructon?" asked. s V ooung-om eaders, andjlbas-gone on for ore-lhan-a necessary y for leaders lo be sealed led off fro ther Lodo on s Dally Mal... A U antac tllutloo; loo:-,,.century, ev.ersnc lnceprk ldehl U ncoln was assosslnald consttuent: ;nts. Wbat ctzen cannot be 5 s sck a t heart at the n "West "V Ger any, the B onn ;nn newspaper General" ~ ~ U. There s a terrble Jle Uought n U l s,. even wth wl th e w hle attendng g Ue Ueater n Washhgton. n. D :C 7the T h o u g h tth Jarhls a presldenrcannorbcfre -free to appearn Ue AnzeJg lprheadneah essassnat< natton afept,- Alo6r tr- --p rcsentb elef U w lpresdent-reagan.wlllrccovc v cr-fuu y o l t of Aprl 14rS n s e s f r r r - v : openwuc W ufdanger, d alone walk abcoutthesttasa 18 Yea ja rs a fter U em urder orjohn- ahn-f.tcehnedy Anolher ~ H and sehfe o ut hs ter n tbe Whte House.-lere reffths - : Why h u t hap fappened once a n? t docsr shfsee to n or al ar H ngofau J. P d cn t." P,] Uocon8,der;-W e-ay-bave-arrved-ln-*-tt le e n. our happen th s w ay y n ouer dvllzedcountres..wv hy does t - e Dally-Mall-asked-whal-s 5 U( Ue v l u o f 5 { y ~ V country ahd oursocelj ety when t s ply s not safe fe for an happen h ere? We,-1 re,- certanly, do nol h e the a answers.. - P ortland 0d{O?e.)OrDOlan: < - " f v ldenl d death s a constant cop panlon" and sad once. A ercan presdent : to walk n crowds f l y n th Ue open."h storcally,, U the Unted Stales ahd the C Aercan Assasslr snauon shocks us. stuns 5 us, u for t s hc Reaga ;an h x o v e rs he st addres! ress hsef to Us, the k: a tr, a s P resdent Reag] agan was dong Just a fter he n ade a pedple have had the courager dete ntlo ton. and r e -. ult ate- re = =peeolhu>d1ertffwashl BtlDgtonlotalFltajcnotlMMS» sa re sencvmoendny P- o f Ual Ue terrorsts wh who have d sru p t usl n realze t s no lo n g era frentl ontler socety and-ove tlc p r o c - h g stofallucorobleras.whlcllfa t hjaceshscountrv e S S U E n s s r w a n f l j p[tu j a ar heuntedstales - : Ju stab o u t Ue last, st Ulng.thsoounU7 -n e e ds s-- - n d,- preval overth e srorf. Uere s anyung postvev eto b esad th sto re ccognze. -e t ls add (perhaps wu-a wl touch of vanglory), vuu ethe loday, Uatls t. - our presde denlal hstory-have never r ganed gt by gunfre- to cont ntrol guns, sad Ue perssten stence of Ue gun-lovhg lo st thng Ue \rorld d needs : s the urder ;r of an Otherwl r wwe e, are consued bv bou! faled to flchlpvp hy-pnllhflt fltpprsuflslnn p trflrltf fon s a sy pto of sckness. ss.!! : A w e rfc a jp re sld c ntk t L s F Q n g ro S a g E E slratloq. r.o u trag e. The J D1 ally Telegraph worred \ lhat U; the attack would w llh a. new drecton Ton on sh lcant doestc slc and. - K aosasc ClltyH ne*: now n ean t th at de ocratc Western leaders would h ave -5> nternatonal s s u e s., PJttsbur8bPD8t*< 6t*Gasette: - r The sho hoolng of Presdent Keaga agan s one ore to be fa fu rth erd o seted fo r d ro w>vn n safely. s... Ths ay be the Ud t e to consder securly leasures n e frst reacll cllon s a profound sen sex f relef (hat easu re of Ue volence bolng bel< below the sk n.o f T h ej London evenng pape;e-n e-new Standard called >: for th e presden of the Je Unted Slates Uat go fa r rbeyond b<. - P ldent Jteaggan escaped..deau n ye yesterdays A ercan 1 socety s d Ue ease wu Ul whch < t c a n.b e,-u e U.S.S. average of one person n fatally fo shot every 48 r anythng undertaken 1 n n odern t es. T hs ay ly bt e th e assassnaton atter te pt n Washngton, D.C... - loosed agal alnsl;ue nnoceahvhen Ue the nstru ents of. nute: tes - ore Uan 10,000 a y ear e a r a nght are U a t. neccssary t e for.guch securty precautons. Hs c h w t njury ujsshock enough after Ue devastat- deau llclac a c ro ssjh e.c o u a te tja r Uc askng.andjlfc«l.:-uslt>c a.te ended u s h Q >wn:sp jotlght :A L B y NORM M AND.SANDLER..!!..For two o onths,.bushs w as a low-pro jroflle atte p t, n -lts afe fer alh. Bushs r o le n tte B proverhnself.to beu"l -j- Unted Pn Pressjpteatlona] tea player.a nd, as...:... -exstence fnfrustratng lo so e for ts lacl a c k of rwhte House carrc! T es an added portance.. one Bush adesys, "f Uleres one thng the publc-alteflto ton, -but w se-n -avddlng g -lhe although Ue pres resdcnt s not dsabled n Ue. e.. R eagan peol<llke-»- n fact deand - ll s poltcal traps >s that could have dnshed h l s - c gal schsehew.w l jllrjouau least-a-t erbe- S rbfllg a tea player :. WASH f G T O N = «> u g h b lzar«rrttlx r of- cflecrvcdess a:. una Blb to tend to- o-any-of fldutfc p rlv a fd 2-.AsElfflffttaedJRea Reagans-trttstrBlsh has -"u n p red clj d a b le tragedy and careful ll cl desgn, ~ "T h a t slrateg *gy has bon fltjm Bwhl h h a s, a s w e lla s p u b llc. been placed nto ore re F publc roles repre-- - ; s closer s<m*n h s publ - e v Jn hls-absence.- Bush..w lllcarry Q n the- -:-sentng thead lnstrat traton Tddverrgfl-" 7 3 C «r V ~ r U h e presdency Uan wpuld haye ayebcen denced]>ylhe.r» rn J e v a lu ta llo n p ro v ld led by functonsof goverr fc ent wu whlch-ho h as -- nanclal assstance to -to -A tla n ta rrh e a d ln g ed Jst onus ago;. R M y ddays a ago.. beco e so accustc Lstoed slnra takng offce! ReaganjSlSSc force on n n regulatory refor and ohlay.- as-wod etfp resldenrr trtln rtn c H h a t+ w a n te d h l-as -ja n r 2 L = f= -s r-redngjht-s ecrelary-of- -of-slatealexaoderhalg: ZTv lay-on-ue U fr-rau ng-table-of-a Wash ashlngton - clo sd y nvolved /ed n the ad nstraton a»-v *vas B ush-beca e-vl :-!rvlce-presldcot-onlyafterr r r t b 6 :. e d d t e r loru f : j M fad lust-atlon s hosptal,, 1Bush, 56, suddenly found 1 h sd f posslbo,and Uat s 111 wfy he has a n offce J h e r c.g u r a ld F ord reje ejected Ue; Job.o t belng; c /lla a p a enttea aa.- -j: ::-shbuldern rng.jnaay of U eurdds of Ue Uu O val v:tt. cw hltejl( H ouse," Presldent.R cagan 1 sad- sj ---Reagan!aunnlng gate. n The tenson That Had r TThe crss lea apt appolnfent ddghled O ffce..-:. 4n an ntervew w wlu The W ashngtonpost. ;t.. - * exstonjetw M nbb u u and ReVgandurng Ue J Bu5K s - s r a f f jh d 8upp( upporfers," even though tw a3,.l r c j acu a scgnso n r. - And t s wor orkedyery wej, can t e U at. prlroareftcottlnu& n u a t t n a e g t- o U e c J flc to a -fn tc rcmlato-- d J Ue.- d e d s lo n - T z;,-: *..-ax-ele- "Ut;*b ay l \ partlcul&ry unease n awardng Ue post to- ~ - l a tedavlue ) eventsof 4he asmew-weeks. s ttthao-arlceprea esdent 80«loadyfnvolved he fem nrra D anar n e u e r Hafg o r nauo tr a s e c u r ts T a d v ls e r.. - M hebnet- eetogsand-l rt wthft---- w c " " - nrr o ctrr c H cn, KT noww cv ev«= T FB af 5ffH «W = Rfdw rdw hrn jsh,.w hp ca e on board Ue. R< Reag W aton.securl rlycouncjljneellnp. and.1 ; r. f j B G E 8 UU S H - - : d.ue - tea s y d-uey- eyarvw U - few exceplos But-ltdW solklryhlapr sp ro fo len W n lh ev lce- - S an-f-oulalde b as been- - havgtnebhed nto a cordlah- h presdencyrh -Job-U sn -... c lo s e r lo p.rc* a tf o r to e BflSMgdlg reu a n n cy asslrauate. ted lntou>eoncebosulecanp. p. T h a t *88 be t)ore Moodays assanostton. at f o r k n g rdauonsh shp. Most of all. Bush bas now herebutobscurty. V- S S S E

5 S S (te L j S e n d x o a d o e c >nl nsde party le-news confcr - - ~ You dont know how d o b tan - any.,-. ~O pport f llnoneng your new hoe. e agentrw old w o afovollobterorwoll-ut-coo e r v«ntlonal loan*avla1 a c te d..../ Wh«n ygu con»d«r th r n c tu d M e than you thought polble. age*, os well o» fhe hedge ogolntt nhfltlon. w hy» had contacted todoy ond fnd oul Whol xl assassnaton tors all records tra ln Me l thlx par of fne hoe*. h u c.ro o *. D O N T M S -dfcsroycdaner. S O P H H O U S 1-5 Pfe Jp a n y -. books >PB. 5 r t - roycd oll dmu j o u n j h,h e sad.. sp e n c lesn ozpahy - L v e. ; n unfor n a J O B C e n c e s S S S M s : h o r k e d p a r e n ts h re [B 3 C Jg M 5 :~ (UF - o n at QjTanoged the He wns ew rk e ( la n(l-outhong.n.. T. - h n W*.H H n l Jn h R h KcooL o o L \ s f e r fa re-a pa r t onts whor-o reservckl-w ;t-way-at-a-yo«l>-an<l-youg ~ ~ jp * ~ - nnr th» np he Hnckley U ved-jn -LL u bbock-fto-. - ah,.younft ung«u-kont)fh7tlan father ~Jaury. latytnthhc h crend-of-lhc -a ncnns- s-pla yng rnotrer. descrbed g-surroundedby ra s fro- o~ sprtngse esterrh crcb ce bcrcd the: s- peoplc- plc;of~g?n~vho. jp lc n d d " " ERGREEN C olo.-<«pl happcncdjw as ~l8ft c g sta u ra n ts and had a retue tpc youth u.th no affccton people" by ho thnslor of..ther >n and a gutar fordvcrson. -deeply relglou.s~w callhy y.avl.-t Jack stood for-.llcn 1. "E veryw here there w were bags ffd church. cy. 25, accused of shootng ts.oljflhd-waock Hnckley y concerned about-tlle.b. h a b u rg er jonts and 1 ( cartons of ce* J Fran ranees of Dallas, who coached t y W - l? nl7 Reaganand th re e ; other uesday solajoa tkesclves n sce edfh he-w ay.cyw : rtcr crea S wafford sad d.- Dozens of ~Hnckleyon aymca baskctbnlltca d T e x a s Tcch Uhlvety ouse of frends-ln -the-rocky y------concerned abouthls u n. ty c a rtons of co crea ahs lnk food -for nre-tcer Mn.. sad. "At the lo he jck on and off for seven years W outan- a foothlls, reportedly y Another faly fren bags, f h e place was a real trash heap, was one! oflhe t)cttcr p la y e r s lho broken over (he atte pt of >f BJork, treasurer of the adualng-fro lgland Pock- jc k - - Sw bffjrd-sod-h hc ckley-keatrno lea r-he-w e~ as popular "acng hs tooljn.daas.osl.c.\cluslve soh~lbassassna(c Presdent t E n e rc v C orpr Hhc o Lve~cooklngtcnsU s. no pers *rsonal les on cafs ates. tes.-boeed:lb bo-a-noral, - an.: : cxploratbrr panyrr -hffrdressertandacked- d:werythf;he: cutxujll Llj boyt not-at-th L = t < } = : ; who know h or were le palrol offcers, sherff s s H lnckleys n sadhef cre owned n a duffle bag wl whon he oved alcous jr-.or.0 a troubleaker, not a ofhs \vflll-to-do parens les.. FB ;and"secre S ervcey.h o e:.and.th e.house -n- a. e n.l heard tv c rg w e l scnlot>hlncklev a bout th( do- out. He sad the only clc :lcan.spotn~lhc bully. He le was asggrnnytffll a!: a - n a n - r a p l d l y - y r o r a y rr a g e n L - C :-jusLhcard.t-onJje n n p a r t e n t - a s - th r"bloversply n ju ste d H11(110-l)oy. lt l -who -obvouslr ls a l e s M O» G R c y o a K = -.7 :----: f a llr tw eause4t5 evcr-u 6sed, e becang<hcl< Hck-anddottntwl," "----- Swafford, how a landscape po --H e alw ays hl whch 1 they w ere stayng at the c thought 1 should tell hl h." Bjork ne-lasklnd-.o( nvosuga Hcalors sad l.appeared exclusve Hwan Country Cfbb sad. He just went tb the S tra n g. As-far as cou rado. He luld tell, the gu young Hnckley H ghl- have been really F3 onythn. dldn tavead etohln l." havng fna nancal troubles. He spent H n rk n y? -h o o r? / - y n. -B}ofk safd th ep ar< fu.h6 n ft a tv c r-d a y s.-:ea.-nearly M apchrfltra-otel -n: - attornej ley. wcalthtolan Jbhn W.. -- frevedand hearlorolc Oklahorna w th-hs far jlcenby.ths ajy-when he suburban, n. Jkewood and hocked a p - G l d ey S r...chcl offlcer.of th p e /. / ra g e d y " and reaffred w as 2, lved for 15 years ra n the faly g u ta r and nd ; a lypcw rltcrj a.d e n v e erblrb nergy:c 0T p;rand-hl3 jt fohthers-ym M ldsbttr r-r±,tnansod:n:hta1a landj?arkzz:.:paw nshop.fc jd 7 o r$ 5 0 o n Jy ra rc h ll..- ryg5=tfesp PJoann,-ad tted thor son n t h e -HlQcklcys-havc: >: tw 1 o.o th e r )ecn under psychatrc cat:~ sot.. scotj;.0, ad "the.evaluatlons dd not { o p e r a to n s, anager an ondjtvcb dassassh=- - anyone to the serousncm of, f -.p nalduntor ucfu ly fl d a u g h te r.. flane Ss,. E R (U P l - Ner Push. h f S g jte togbtfa jhnckjeysand another son., lves n lallas wth her sr husbnnd. j " /ce Vresdcnl George {lusn,.. t. 30, left th er S (j fnsurance an Stephen Sls, S; duckod M behnd -lhe coverof a cor-.seed POTAT ao E S. WALLA WALLA V ONONS porate bun ureaucracy Tuesday because -and-bss-rock.. t h w tevel l nvestgators-sad t t appeared h s.n o c. VEGETABLE c w a s lnked, to the older E.PMNNS JASEB.EB - - ; f j «[ and spent the nlght-au thb b. young Hnckley ght t have been b ro th er of o would-be presdental lal STRAWBERR RY PU N T S GRAPE»E VNES V ~ of neghbor WlJfa Sefls s havng fnancal troubles cs.h c spent assassn JohnW. Hnckley Jr. FRUT TRECr SHADE E Tl TREES. federal g enls searched for r16 days n early March 1 cat a otel. Repeatec led phone callslb the Denvecl, c t FtOWERNCG TREES W ALNUT JUT TREES Avhlch lahlhelp dstcrnc c n suburban Laltcwood and a hocked :. 6 c«.o)f r j Aoco-Ol-Co., whcrethe- e >. FLOWERNG SHRUBS RO SEBU! BUSrtES ted to the shootng, a guarand-a-typewatltcr T tn a - younger Bush. B 25. hclps-negolatc.oll. oll PA N SE S " NUMS ts left the hoe early n the e Denver pawnshop for $50 on M arch and gas pbrducton leases wth land*, d-. ~ B1D D 1N G T»U lants J J A H O J NJ NJ A S K E T S - > K f l ng carryng a flled plastc c ow ners, w< ere referred bthej.vwlsl BUKSOL-A AD - FERTLZE ZERFOT?-:----- r » H ge bag and a s all o v e lg h " thought h e was a nce g u y," - o u se p reess s: offcers of George Bush O K T H C f P R G 3DUCTS [ EVERY r 0< O C C A S O N ; ; - s e -.T h e y r c f u lo dlscss sad Stacey Aucourt. 7, a ad al Fnally, y. asslslahl t Busjprcss secre-; re*. ntents wth reporters k eep V lhe o te p o u wbuld nc nonhlnfr s rtarys hrle; rley-creej-ceascd a staten a ll-n l t vgl ousde the j:" NbWtSTHET rlm E FOR PRUNNGLAND w as th e knd of guy who 10 would try ent:abou wut the younger B u sh n d. DYARDCLEAN-UP Y despte bclow-freezng te-~ FORPROMPTSERV tvcellourgxpgrltwa-?pm to kll h e-p rw d enl- ll H e-w as HnekleyS -3-olderbrotheP; j g S re s and gusty wnds.-. perfectly nor al. He d ddnl act Nel et Scott Hncklcy.at.a.party, t y Brng uyojr«jue»ll tlo n... wet gve you frendly tervlee «end free edvte ghbors..andfrlends n. Col- j - werd. He was just shy.l. n Ja n u ary rj that hs (Nell s) wfe,.". C W P U ODSCAW S.SPKUBSVSEMS S > rob-s EDHS - -. wh6re the H ncklcykoved gaye.for h. A.lody.frlendof. 4, and o s s o c a t ln l > a s 5 S hcd llln ckleyjn l.ad~ a~ datc wlh Scott "and" d yskjo h rn d Kd (a r * n P h lfllp s -! they lved for 15 years, tred eals, b reakfast,,u h to the party. Nell has not lot - L F \. 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A ercan Naz party w h atled n u t. -.,... s w antcd~ to shoot-peopl Agent] - s a d H nckley "behaved th ln g su p rth eparty s-p r o ng -real-w eh H l-lhe-s l: -L ouls= C K LQ / sardttresoay: g a rbage bnt-late r * he-was-just - un L :H nckl6jw a«ropped su tcase ttonal, the cont Ve just faled lo rerlssue hls- - -ng an rajson J Nov. sta b le -a t t ft a n ± u t ~ \\ocsft yo bcparanoldr Allc a<ldr behavor, Mchael C. Alle perature lural to ake th e assupton "H e kept talkng ab<. - Neghl cr a nut o r a federal agent pcoplead-blowlng thng orado. w told a nows conference f alt groupe whe re th q u a rte rs on Chcago s Sot to c rlo v y o u r f u lu r s - "W hen soeone coc J O B C O R P S :~ ~ ~ : th at, tstlck sh y h ead. Two FB agents went :h you a skll. : T--rnnfdquarler8 a n c rlh c cncc to-talk to Allen.ard 3 rtu n lte s~ fo r e n - e n d - - f a l o h t a c K /rt h e j e n -b e tw e e n -1 S -a M rg -l = de-freet-~ ~ \ =... 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6 ; A-f T fea-n ow fl, T w n Fall -a ll, tja h o : " W ed rtesd ay. Ap prl 1.1SS1. P s f f F l l l e T s C h o w d e r" r Y C o l e s l Q w ~ -.-D r; D e n n s O LL e a ry s h o w s r e p o r te rs p o n t of ncson 7 u e E V- - BM M hro C-C Q U PMPMBn-*-9UPfUH t uy W» V = - WHNGTON - ah ar h J f o t \ He sad b be e d o rs fe thatrgan~* K S :.- tra c k.ofruw;bulletju>jja an unpsually 4 1 cd-th hroufdt ~surgery-andlw ro lll\., rugged coosttuton for a 70-year-old suffer.only y n <erale palh for several jan,.pcmdm;ronald RR eagan sur>. days. He wll d as well as they- yved a gunshot wound to 0 (t the lng and expect, 0 Leary L< sad, bmausehe s su rgert torepalrthb T lans nnage-vdm ranjphyslologtc glcauyveryyoung;** e x c d le n t progho8l3-for for=-coplete On th e key Myquestlonohvhen-Reagan zcrzzseee Tecovgy lcould«surn e -h rd o tls ra d e D tr-:- h-rrptheptoldcrl was able jftb t walk-lnto ;0L eary sald:thal:l!webellevo - h e < $ M W r a a d f 0 L S lv eralty h o - - would be abl< ble to do so Tuesday O ur-q Teat.new w.. enu fea>cfes.rnany:pf.y< )f.yo f a f o r te s :> ===r!al=herflro»l«th tv ew f: lotoehtelal k Heagan D octorssd wasvnot awft: v. h e had been snot tu lfwascapam oldblgj g 80 because h s lousne lne was on ts way fro the. S -. the bullet dd.nol strke 5 hs heart o r W aln g to n l Hllfontothehospal. - a J o r blood vessels n n ts.g * zag ; W hen t a arrved, th e p d en t got T AT409S.S H O S H O N E tr E ETSO- l Ak a S b u t th e c h e f s1 sdally. course through hs upper leftchestr lel - out-and-w a all lk nto the-eergency..t he lead slug enlered xl! th ep re8l,..area d er hs own power. Once -DOW NSTARS Jk jn ;heon-apecal ]- ~ < T betraled - t h : n sd e,. howe Bfever, he.was tnd by.the..bne-loch cbest wall and tn traveled lat- sta ff th at t was hosptal polcy n O ur ertlre staff vylll- c o n t n u e t o v s o r/ e.o u r c u s tp e r s..:erally 3 nches J>efore.8lrk rkng the to p --cases-o f:gjunshol u n wounds that-be-be =C ;thds6y entb.:rb::-rlb rlbdeflectedpaced-ont:«.8rctcher,-and:he-epra* A - fn -h e so rt e- o h n e f - a s - l n - t h o - p a s t r< c o te r l n g - t o - t h e. the slug nward, defornf lng t n the. pled. n e e d s p f r f a u rr a n t s, ~<rve-l n s, o n d lo u n g e s w th a process, slowng t andca causlng.lt to T h e hospt ptal s traua lmnt was c o p le te ln e - o>f f e q u p e n t,.su p pjlle l* s,- c h e c a ls, penetrate 3 ndm nto the te Q)per lobe w atng for rh h. One ntern who saw R O R S C. n. l q yto u t. r e p a r o n d s e rv U rfth&leftlungrr- -- ~" r : rr e a g a n a rr\ Tlve sad hewas"a Httle - v L ca JT njury to 1 col] f»p«a-qnh blood to pool n the botto jtto Of the -W thn n nnutes of the Presdent s c b W E J! L O U N G E - - resultng cavty. But the dajnage da was arrval.hls s w lfeancy, arrved n a... tw n - - U lted tfrthft track-af-the b -fro the-v lte H ouse. n FFalls preseutng a farly sn sple - and. about a le down Pennsylvana - zm O TEL Y t ; j \ - tralghtforwardsurglcal prc proble. A venue,j#he here.she had Just returned r lhehad a sple.pcnelral ratng bullet - -fro a lunche» jjeon wound nto hs left lung andjhajw as t,* d Dr. Dehna S. O U Lyay, d e a r f f l B B S a S. z n,wmhnonun*uyllm; tospltal. "A t ~ 0 FOBPHOGBAM - DQ t e -> -hc -n -an3 any serous * NFOBMATON g danger." \ Just before be was ane anbuctlzcd. B l l f l n»«u-734j"4od :?u:y E n F a u O -Leay-w pbr the-; 9 ~ P r e s ld o n l O j B B y EDOME sa7 S - f5 ;n M l N E A L E. f r l looked al tho assebled but] Burgeona.and-.-z : H h H : d r " p l c a s e tell-e that- at u!rct-!. n r 1 - DTO \;R epubllcans. l*r ;S 7 Y T j 2 > One of the doctors repled l : "Today - k N C H O L W everyone s a Republcan." S! M zm n :--E v c n -tb o u g h R eagan req redulrod fve untaoftlood-durng-lhe-cqu Cdureeofhls ~{WZFhou«s!5(wnlnf=Btt l = B u rg w y = = f l r t E K h f o r ore of the total bloo lood volue of-aj9 0 )o u n d - an -r-the-l e,blood loss Was-not-rapld-enough to cau M»usehl-to S H t o,l!loae...conscousncss.-<r.--.p.-.prccpltate s b o c k { -a -lfe -th re a te n n gj- -s s ta tg - tb a t- -,; n lead to da age to the le bru t n and ] R c; ta h a r d G e r e H 7 " pther-vtaloans. r a j r re e n j : u t t o n \ H 0 Leary, a nonsurgeon who was nol drpcuy~nvolvcd n the ; presdent s p care.-explalned at-ast the le reason-for; r -H o(an*vr rvf co»d)r, 3 p s h o w l n o -. erca ln Odva y n tu f of.th*.,.. :. rtbe-delay-ln-dlecloelng-deta eul5-of-tho g o la Presdrat s cohdlton;pr6 r6 r tb sur* Cln«n fo r gery, he sad, t was nec< l e c t r y lo pa v OWN.conduct preoperatve pn procedures, FRC H W W M ff J K - T?»T7aB T.- -,jch as /X :rflyslood.. tests : and. > ble nuddpkvleu - toopjn; Jltlhowhg---- U lctulluhfl SATURDAY r ~ T.E n d»th». - presdent j n t s nte al - Thu t o " H S S b »rdo*5:(r>: Hr -"! nlurles and the aount t o f.h e o ry - An>«<(w tw.ofs. A d ttflbns.o O. l T W *r9!00 l W S E - -Ttaglag;,- - Twlq-WlOotr. [J - Eor1hllo9"700 "T w fafana:-...- Dr. Ben Aaron, assocate l ep r o f r B M J!bQng Soddlvt" B B Dr. J asephj ~ : 9 s : ; ; f l B j B b e a d of the hosplsfltfraur auroatea, /% a d e a 6-nch ncson/n n t thepres- Jjlen t s d & t toren,ove.tej) ej)uu etjne nclon- ran"froj>ttu u n d e r-th e. prmldenrg-jefl-nlpplctton o n d e rls ~ r arnpu.- -p qnh ol Jof hs ajor arteres were Jn jnscathed A tu b e - n s e r tf d - n uxtl tb e -c h e s t Ly :*rennated the collapsed lung jo g a lo n c e, M g P y f t n u Q o n 9 ; Vand by the te.the Pres «8dent left. tl»m!lo-t<pm.>9 the surgey7frract. was che <akc sutf the daage was a s d o W e r Tferous than t turned of u rp v *!;",-! s 3! S ; O ry sa d. j y r r T s a...v./..... Bpl s r F S = d e s * WASHNGTON (fpl) >1) - Whte H ag had bccoe nt ately fall- l- would th e ;:d e f e : sec ecretary have nd, O Nell sad:,. just. lhnk. - House..chef of staff Jaes- j B aker a r wth the thc dules-and recjure ents.»ls.- been superor.. : th eyre all akng a ountan out of a j Tuesday endorsed Secrct rctary of SU te o f th e preslc dcncy n servng as chlef of H ag s tartled soe by )y sayng f the olehll." - 5supto n ~ o f sta f f ~ tnthe~lasftnonth5~of~rlchard~ c r d o u n a e d p rcbaenttad J to tut n ro v e r: n h T st suuatroftroo rlffllbayln [d!nlstra(jrwn?nm5pfs? 3 : w e. n a / u j e lne 01 sc c o y - loucn wtlt n f UKTvpe.prespen.onhls!] s u r r o u n d n g - t h e -j ;a 11 e p.t e.djdejtwas. aaprw cw pcdw ththe: te:;l.would:bft;hvce-presld :lr<»nf anrf thpnplaoc,prc: prcsldenlal counscl6r-:-eb S -assassnaton of Prfesden nt R eagan w atergate le scandal and threat of - n- the secretary dcstatc: M e e se Ca e f of staff Baker, a n d. ~ N 6 r dd the forceful 1 : Hag offend peach cnl A ctually.-that-succes! esson-was-up:-sotatrep R epublcan-leader-h ow ard R eagan loyalsts wth hs nallonal Aaofnn now, 1 a n control here n dated three decacles ago! 0 by legslaton B ker.. t J t - J. r broadcast slate enlll!! a Jjlouse pendng return of the - h lc h d «lg n ated that the speaker of "The pe portant thng to note oh th a t - n - h e r e n h e Whte House;" ~lha~wrthgff~rnrt tl1ffn ttn U qrcsldcntqjro=sqhbtnhe-v f e-wh!te=houseddto>n!klp.a---= l Wthout.denylrg th~af H le-for er four-«tor general Ql. tern of the.senate Joll )low.the-v ce. T)eat. -VSpc Speakes s a d " T h 6 gov- t a r y of Defense Caspar. ro co ander sald on na- 3. presdent-n the lne of successon, e enl dl dd not skp a-b e a t.-t h e - raay h av et llscu ssed delfc evson: -The-secretaryD f state no low bfouru rn- Whtc-Hbuse ousepcrfornetfefrcctvely:l -the operaton nvolvng a sad Hag rose to thw e Une. :7- - w as a copl = rty; both-bakettand-h ".S S S n a S k SU frthe.sen or-cablnet»offr r ljp a p S d wth Al thauho.jq H alg sre ark s,. 71,....: -a u to rty yw Vas 4 n lc p tcd,ll Sen. 07naptnl:.H ll,-spefl; sflke-tho as,. h erew T D ffv d crg en -d cn ed -n p e t. O N eu rsald h e l n o totbtfcndetf - by The thaln h of bf coand and the legal "ro w between the two < ~?!rvfa5 thcn5aud there >the pontof contact and he le -r : M:* now exactly.whal a t;h e had lnbakm sad. -» «g h l brtween.welnbergsr keoold reporters, w rg en sad f : B ak e rsa ld th e re w * n d the Whlte House faced rf. "Al H ag dbne-hell ol th ere and. w e really, tho forces alert. Hag strode tlo o : precatew Jarh edd " Gf H S g E " lw>fwm gnoruula»»- r- The offcals dsssed ta H a lg a t that pont felt s-portant-to4-cassur«our S s s E s z : - c f th e e x r a n c h 1wth w Reagan alllest at t there was contnuty of.. Woundbd and Vce Presd Jnt h e J n the U n lfh 3 ~ : r r * a K ableebj::: - B uhabseht fro the cty. ak en sald. -Rflther, they u l d e -j-shootng setz-.!he dd 1 0 so. Certanly we support h ls--- r - B M n l d H z : : V A NN-EAXON. o ff-a -s o o th,"p re -a rraa r n g e d W hlte~dold gso.~h H e w asln -co n tn H o fth e House crlsls-co and.sy s ste.w ttlt stu a to n roo. And w as by - H alg playng a v ta njle... j ; - -agree ent.. t..... Accordng to plan, Ha ag and other B aker sal sad Hag w as-rghtfully C abnet e bers nshed d edate- ahead o f We: Velnberger- n the coand ly to th e te H o u s e. --. sy ste -ann dnjy-n-a-specaj case.. NowN A ssocated Wth - g H -O S S j S B... { l ll ALL YOU? SKP S o f o o d C h lo 0 w d «t J J 0 0» = = : z B gbssesss 3 R F 0 t e ; D A Y t l T» E R S JNNDrSEEUS S O» rw w uo.7 n a.tj» =? B - V - T s s = dt e f e a j d % J E S e c o n ( Ave. W est Tv»n F a lls OALV 73MlS =HARl T "

7 ~ 5 h o o 1! -. : B y U n l P r e 8 s njauonal t - But yo 01 Speaker Thoas O Nell :lll - frears akes everv cten c of hgh restrctve handgun control laws n sad gun control hasnt a chance n or low stalon. vunc ncrable to a the U nlled! S tates, Snydersa R onald R eaganas S always opposcd.-congress; -urdenstb-gohttteahr Hrossald: T h e Ct :tl2as Colttee (or the le - T-n contro. but the attept nnhtb llfp PArcft -sonalyz:::foc:gun-control; l-the-handgun-proble )le-ft-«ply R lghthfckfffcflnd-bear-arsa- od - ;;.nas renew ed the hue C and a cry lo ban ONell told reporters n Washngton, n. out of control n ths country,! a sad, neber e group opposng gun. plsfols especally cheap handguns But -talkng-jbout th efacts o r Donald Lunde, author of M urder and control, reported rej: no peat ncrease n - vce lh e one used n the a saassn a tlo n -llfe.--d -do o n 4 -th ln l u n.c o n tra J-caan n Madness;LaCafor7la lla psychatrst teephdnec e c a lls. -try., : p a s s. " an.cl«nlo LJ:arcft ssoca te a t the~."we hav lavwthad that g n u t a rq: : r?l*yln8tohll Prcs rcsw crtllotgan. Gun McS n lro llu p rte * ct C ard 11- P Stanford Unversty Law wschool. sponse, 6U other tha bveracwomrn. hs faceless assalant toff course used a halh uberto b Mederos of Boston and d hoe that people wl who have been (foj. Reag agan)r" executve drector handgun.jlal sw hat al handguns a rc Sen. Charles -Percy, R-U,. urged.;,-rayng for a long tle. Gunsdon t G k ll-: M errll jjacobs a reported fro.the h e- jo r; they have ho other p u r p c h a n tg h ter -restrctons-on handguns-to- people;-only-peoplekl 111 people.--wlll -g ro u p s -B enevuer-w ash., head-.lo put hocde wthn the reach of -eradfcate te future tragedes be stulated by ths event to recon- quarters: ;<veryone." the Chcago Trbune sad -." T h ls; lr ragedy re nds us thal vo- sderlherposllon, Lun undesald. "O u r pe people are. stunned, upset, - Tn an edtoral Tuesday. jy. lence ard rd the easy avalablty of Df But gun-control ponc nents w ere not v e cohce ceed about the stuaton, swaye* B ut a s faa r as reacton to the ssue -.;::J}gnald Feder,xecutv tve drector of - tself; there TO sbeen very lttle ofthat.- P E N N G AA P R L 3 R D tho Second Aendent Foundaton n T he strongest tn reacton we fae - Seattle, sad gun contn trol w ould.do. w asw h enj 1 John Lennon was shot. nothng to prevent volent ntoutbursts. " P e te She Welds,, executve drector of H - T h C q u n t r y C ojlle lt c to n FederT- whose fouqda daton clam H andgun Control. C nc., wu 120, H " ; p g H e B o t h = =230;000-ant>gun contnt l*ncnbcrsta Tncnbcrs7~ >, reluctantly agrccd lt*3~ l a n d K r tc h e n W a nresrr o T O -R o o st sr; ; tlonwlde.sad-weapons-al always wlll.be a azng: ; A After thtljohn4.0foa-kllh- h W CnrH«n n H r hbr-uch- orc!. -Ljvalable-te-despefate- srpeoplc co* ng, thephb honeswcro offthe hook. 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M a j H a - 1 S p a b -V..... lold polce heand hej Esnor were. rcen*. -~a4dl dtton fo our-r«gular b actng the Re R eagan tsng" w hyuu e n a ~ gunwentoffa M d stcwasflorarbuhd a60p.fmon< 1-1 Patrolan an W lla McBrde lalsr = "... Monrthru n - S 0tr - l- l- 0 7 r - pt w ev!r;:thanned oyrw o -. Chldnn t n a Prc* rcenactlng~th rthe event"w hen he; 25 a y umr r up to f D went off..... Esnor was rushed to Cape (!cw DNNER =rhosptal,ln - n y a n n s d a t«r. <.- - = transferred d to U nlversly H osptallh. 77" jmon.thpj fu S o t. 4 :3 0 p.. 9 p.n J!!; j: L-Boston--when--physlclans r - b e c c o : concerned. al3 alx>ut possble nternal organ danage age.. p -fj.!/**" 2 SUNDAY - P L U S "...w bdn 0ng»dayrApflt4=98T=:~6V W e w p 3 S n 3 5 H - V M ju re d..y o u th!s o l h e r, Roth, sald-the boys were, b l n r * f r a ll d a y 11 a..» 9 p.>-, 1-. TlTe njur< t Sandwch Junor Maorecn Rott were best frends.- 5 students at S x l s a l a d.b a E ~ School and wet rh e r son had been qutwlco.and was fnder a * ~ DRNK BAR ~ - S )r- s a d1c htuesday c under a doctor s... = E S g E R T = toned by-polc - O F T " tlon at hoe T> = f N o t v y o ; f {- L Z J L - p>pontl3~" \ > o L k n d w - 7 ; H p ulders, a faly of b l. s t r a l a a th«south Se«Sr>-= Mound buld ron th e r eg g s f u l l y, natnftra and can fly a le ly e e rg e fro hatched. f T r ,feathered«nd B p aftcrbtlnghalc

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Douglas County o ---w as n d ~ The dtfaked,nea ry lv r h u a 5 T ) 5 a v o r ~ P j d V l3-year-oldtlothyltfu KU1. the-23rd -black-chlld (o be found tnd ssng o r la n rw a a dentlfledtuest lesday: Dr. John Feegd.aMul8ranl~Fultbn r o w w County edcal exalne ner, sad after - copleton of anautop; t sy that the WSjw jlw youu had been asphyx lyxalearsuf fo cated.lfv o u w ll...p crh erhaps a gentle asphyxlatoadm h.- - My-owp4w»upUon-Js B-ft-that-heAvas ;U,,ttphy}aa ted-lb«e4waywuhetvp y:j B S w Feegel sad there was /as no urllf ~ E B 8 B. Jto n nor any sgns of sexu exual abuse on th e body but lhat ths ddn d n o tru leo u la H B W. -M K ualfflbllve n thedeath ath.. Lttle boys n ther underwear arc n U elrnnderw ear bwuu: ~ bas-protwbly t n fobllng-j ng-aroundavllh "th e, don t you;lhlnk?.".he.hesad; Hfl nald rontklralkw- th r o u g h, v l8 u a l < = 7flngBrprlH lsrbfladentate rccorda. -. 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T w fttl M H fw tg = d lff. ter lne how long Rll had lad been d e.. MBw «ubs w Jh e body probably had d been n the rver a week, he sald, addng adc ll was flk dcad:sfd cel g?; g t b o d a y t c W a s r o ssng., H lls fa ly dd not coe to he, orgue to vew, the body and polce k ept reporters away fron n ther t hoe l < S 2 s S B n a publc.houslngprojcct. ct. : Polce-<;bef-G orge-n ap p er-to ld M- r a r ja C :, reporter here would be > no state ent. r=:bfroa:thc~faroly.;±they~a3 \ go-abont-youf b u s n g f sso o lhat they. - H [1. t. H ; can greve n peace, he le sad. 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J 5 W l?? ~ r z r lablng Bl Bull andslb sy S p a f e t a5 T lh o s c je s ra c trk S ~ ~ TwelovVyou.. j K «g h t:a U fra o a d «y ] D u tl. lll uc&~perforer er y ers. v - h o o r e d - f for - L - Award core tre ony that began wth r epcated p applause for a p]( V /T O t> 7 p T 6 M o [! slayng blograpjlcalrocs poj portraylog.lwo people who wcrat we M j a y g - far er acto ctor who could not attetd Pre: * resld C T j R eagy:~ ;7,ff; D h e audence 10 scc the n g get the awards..l&mm a aa n d S T o thly y Hutton, the,sucdalteen-a n-agcr of Ordnary co M untry slnger-lorettal ynn... 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11 T T 3 K B K S F B P T e N = = = = /caj?o5un*7ves !n gerflt, wh cldes-thev-regqlng-l g-to. ake du gcs llst-ftak nakes you c susceptlble-to he * ln,th.cjt«atnbhab tf tsthev hnvp tnnot t pt n f thff <ytrrrp f h e a r b r. Henry Jordan. talk, only ake changcs 5 n 1 theselves but f eatng lunchat work sjj pro;.detng g to lose weght s a waste ste of n others bccauscth there are so any b le 1 because of tae.-j/eadlng Ue., H s rw ertd ato n : eatl eatng- te ptatons setb b M to l achne hnes, brlngyour lunch. But p lace- - -wthout jut gult...- Qdraweraway-fro-you-sothatHt Det Jeters-tend td spend uch ch o f. becoes a test of a ssertlvcnoss, doesnt ntoffer.any dffcult terapta*... ther t l b e thnkng negatvely ab< b o u t n The Doctor Dr s Caldres-Plus tons. ~ f o o d. EE a tn g s a-nafural* huh luan D et" (Contepdrar; arybooks,»10.951, Anoll other woy-to break ojd habts s bohavo vort-w -ust-4>ccept-andl colragcdfferent respohws or : Wth t.* t T o rc.b c rla n d, Jordan J( Wrtes thafz aclvtcj tes n stuatons 11 whch eatng ~ W th lh lhat n nd, Jordan has co coe the only w8yto.ldse J welght.and u keep t s lkely <ely to occur.-thls; he sald s ; tthbelle lleve-lhat-eeceptng the foods ds we ofl-s-to-per anentl tly-change eatn g - p arcult cnlarly-nportant for those who fnd all allurng s the key to achlev levng habts; - e at out >ut of boredo. Jordan alm re thewe g h t we want,.--. T he frst step, h osad, u s to evaluate co tends on enjoyng foods that are EKnn ~ul ak! uuy food~forbdd ldden - c u rrcn t practlccs: To T do ths, people dffcult ;ult to cat but offcra odest frut, sad & Jordan. dfccor of-1 f- the ust understdfd wh vhy they cat what cdore le count. Foods lke oranges that nstltut :ute for BehavlorU Educatl caton they eat. n hs pracl jctlce, Jordon tells ust be peeled are bolter left on the a clncal assocate professor 5or of. patents to lst ther r 101 favorte foods, table.than shelled peanuts, for exa* la lry at the Unversty- :y- of He then asks thts whch of the foods pe. vanlaschat)tofl!lm lcnev». theyh flv eth et n o st rt dftculty-avod**----- Althou \ you u y uw w lf ull, lu3 rt t t h «r g ; - control ol sound s relatvely easy, he a d -r flrst week you dont thnk about t "T he pont s that t n ost people don t lts tha that h th e-v o l S tal beng because se youre-thrtlled that you-au -are p ay- uch attenuon- n -to ther eatng, overwelg velghl-lsoften a greal deal easer ; - a to ~..a n d so they a re uncc consclous o( w hat - than -bel beng the-proper weght.- The ouft t { and you- b e prcoccpl they a re dong to lak a e t dffcult on culprts a flrp nn nyprflhnrflnno nf f<w> H n w t h t t; :. A Uttle paln~and sufferln rng, the selves, and the fact f thalln the Unlted-Stales, aybe e 0 c bad ood, o r you are throv rown f there s one*pg parculary prob* only a 1; lted aount of physcal n to -ej-soeal- Btuaton-that preaen aents. le atlc food-fooou, u. don!t have t n - e n e [y s necessary for exstence. your favorte fa\ food. Now the confl nflct y our house. You can J h have t, b ut not n. - -A t : the heart of the atter s how B B. l n t c n 8 f 5fes..your- < wllpower.;crurfab nbesyour.house.:.k eep (eptng - foods..: w eght* t-consclons: people-are.o ur a n d you a re out of-contro. YbuJe u-eat.::jldden. Dont serve fa 1 ly slyjk A l bodes 5 a are so fnely tuned thal an very rap apldly and usually you eat a c lot. so calev en tt sray n! away fro th e e rro r of 100.calores a day wll be.you~8ufferfro -guu l a -an d > b u ffetr. C re a te -a g e g r aphlcal dls -enou -t< 3-torput-10-pounds-on-n-e>e~= B.. - tancebetw erayouahc Jah salte atlvess ple.. Why constantly tej lest yourself? You tu, Jordanshopeful. 1 reco end that y paten ents can ake t easer r on yourself by - hope lope to.seethree thngs happen: -the-foods-they-frkl-hard- d -td decreaslng-exposure.» to.te ptaton. u an -ncreas«l9waren ss.ot c nutr* 3,- blt they uslspecfy exact] actly and say there s nott Jthng wrpng wth ton. 2!)anln<reascdawarcnessdfthe ) ar When they a re gong to have t. They aklngthngseaserc ro n yourself." need for.physcal actvty and 3) an u s t- ssay a,-fo r exaple,-on-m ondj nday J o r d a n also- sugges ests cuttng-down ncreased sedvhw flreness"of-people ac: nght. 1 a gong to have that th th e a ount of t e you arc n th e O p tng g r rkponsblty for ther own V l J partculfl u la r food. Lke.plannng g a.:k tc h e n : People n 1 the ktchen a re health care. ca vovr. vacaton, p a rt-o f the satsfactlo c tlo r-s ttlh g n t h b a t Ma ne.". " ld olon t n thnk you can say a person w S p a g t ts a u c e n Teo w n s b w n c K o t ebr fr becocs es the antlclpatlonorknown wng f cocktal partes ; are dffcult for has 100 6! 7 l > u t t l g h l n > r o t e r r 0 percent lcked Ue proble for re g d ln g to enter~the~eatn atlng vou: sta y le sst e t h f l clpl M t T " \ Ana r re gong to use u control, lets constanll} tly changng. A chmge n your - now De fe~ fow lf prw H sat fl cnoa - guard= the=nu ber-o -of-8ltuatonstn:=llfo nflyp; Wlletta Warben sypryotflb-ffsllqauonfalcan rg b u ty ou a r e stll under control. whch.were gong-to lo lse t because causeth the e energy balance to be put out " ~ Modfyng our own eatng behavlc vjor ts fra gle stuff and t lt>golng.toj?eeak. o fkllter:t»f*n»»nyn ust My,«l thc;only factor-ln weghredu *duc- dosvn f te ste d -to or -r uch. -Jordan-:-re-evaluat lufltg y hflh»b» t roq.ht>«- tlon. Joft g a n y s, becauselwe cannt n n o lrsa ld r -T : n fe ltte t t u t soewhat persstent jg not tjc tlz e te l - T l - N e w s a a p o an d brown. Reove-g -garllc-frb ol heat;oven-o-350 F.-n -larg jllfflbllulltjnhlor e. a n d.ado ato csand d ( eggplantrcook J» PA A U L r M a : (U P ) - Peopl w p le a le y e a p k e. T O et state D e p a h e n tlll Z T TWN F A L L S --~Lbw b cholkterol, skllet, ; heat vegelb;e ol. Add onton, on, 30 nutes over-low. V heat, strrng -who Mat. arnated, locally caug ught. of H ealth, w lthreporte le d the n c d e n t s, -- HPROKaTS = r = ~ hgh proten dcllclousr lusnessl Those a re garuc., carrot, c celery, green - w p>or, e - occasonally. Str n pepjer, p olfv, sh wthout ether cookng tor. 0 sad th e tapewor n s found n rlor: paln jn a. w a llp O yrlng. tbe new spaghett ss sauces n town, ushroo roos, salt and pepper: conk tg-the raw fsh at-least-48 hour ours- -freshw aterga e fsh B eleve us.xocy ro Qnot a prank thlst over edu e heat 10 nutes, str* >. and on r*ntou.. pepper. Lower heat; cover skllet and areasklngfortrouble. n 1-..:. - M nnesota,-c anada,. Mchgan and B cbon day of trcks:- > <lon«o(mf7s«ntotlv«- rng. Stl Str n herb seasonng, toato cook 15 rutes longe ger, strrng oc*. Two nstances have bran reporte rted A laska Our-sauces a re p rqe pj for fl a fr««mltrnel*.. a re w lo rro fu T c Vr% j lfp -g fa te d -T O e S h ra a e e g g r twa v r T \d J - - a - t H ttle-w B tgr=;l{=??cecently ly < o f fsh tapewor-lnfestaton lons T h etw o -v lctls-hflf a d :e a te n frc sh ly = the-latest super arketk nco er to f u 5lr ln T n en(r not«t 5ng[n= r-- :- needed to keep u X lqud. & r v e - a n o n g M - n n e s o ta n s wlro - a te caught fsh that they»: a d j n a t e H - T g a g S g j B S S ls-an-orental-«oy rngr-pc P ntt -cdoked-spaghcttnto-a- r - a s c r f r n - b O T T go ffa SghUrHskCSf atedt araw r-northcnnrpla roj r= tjv e j tu n 6 tr M n n,,.checse,ocj)ealcnl Ladeby-folld a-quart t casserole;7»ur"sauce- over tfcr servngs.. fylng soy lk artf besldw beng an top, can arefu lly n lx frrto - dstrbute - - nexpensve source 5.o0: f,p ro te ln,-t!a s a u c e Sprnkle wtth re anng. lo g - T H S-W E E K S-BR.yr E a rk et, - p erfect -food fo r tneatless en d n n ers c h e e se.-: Bake S nutes, or untl nl BUYS: Tofu s readlj ly avalable a t z rz z n d u c jh tt s.te n tc n rz e..:~golden~.:l c:b ro w n r:o n r:to p M akesr: nost-supcr arkctsl 1 n - tho=m agc servngs. gs.- Valley and anagers report sales a re h a b e a g r e a ted d a y f. - - N E W OBHETT H - steadly ncreasng. Tof ofus hgh qual- / S A U C E N (TOWN g o u E U RM ETNBW SPAGHBTn ty -p ro te h rs:v C y T 5 a s c : \ ~ r ft cup.vggetame.ffh so n a B y T r. ~ S S u ee M JO W N o o d - b u y s -n -th e r e a 1 largnlon.j> & ledand d chopped cup p vegetableol v. w lrbe chcken andpork vesgallu,peel«danabllcea Locally produced raw wn DOtl B j 1 Jarg e carrot, pee l a n d ghrgdrmt r tnrpa. S9j6h:t0Q eloesrpee)ed-andjpped weeks,-due tu an nfectcfl nd tr57)nf1ne snejvesjor.r -perhaps-three g re e n..p ep p e r, allf ggplantrpoe lod and dced [} roast( stedgreenpeppersfsced.. w. - daho -apples hay9-gtvenw ay"tor::.. ~ vst und fresh usnro hroos, slced 10 ptted ted black olves, nced W an g to n ports. 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Z S f, N OOP r yduwflh- Bran roa roastng Juces -.TT--andserveceparatelyaaft a sauce atr: m T O L LSATAN fnely **N)ppw ctt o n o n - " ferasytwtj,gom efal, fat. or chcken..fat 10 lo -12 ~Junlp~berr«- s l g b t y l brused aod, f you w w,tle d n a... usln bag ~T~ T &»y f g f V W " f - =y NCT WECHT r 5 /4 OZ. DRAN WQCHT / ts U /. S x L S S S V Rhubarb, so dcllclouslnpes-and T W 100 CT. n 5 n AME j ; 9. M n n j K C p c l.\,\ * L * sauces.-orgnally was used only for l O r l B r W MHtV T s A T N " tnedlclnal purposes.-but wth the w a o zg E A B E R B - J l - B B J * V K P V C # U K V l w l ~ " f CT.-NO-NAME V j S-ROtL-NONAME ty v a rle tlc s ; t) d f b = h a s ljw f n e M r a - * e e = :=lk)uel:bolflnlcally- -vcaclablc. YOU S B S ( W l s B ; MAXWELL HO HOUSE 9LES W C O P F EEE - t/fs or Rock n Strasbourg, of of course. Uncle H f re was copletely f speak a word of Fren< - --1J. GcranwM.aJrolte okenjgood o.. fng" and " ja ja Ja?T r> w a s h ; fluentn. - J -G or an and just begr sgnnlng to speak a z " haltng, hgh school tool French, but bccause! was (bo-c ro-oldest of thoso rclatyesw how eolhf Jhesnuneronhlfll n a S b S s n r far, rw aa the one who ade the trps lo Strasbourg wt w th U n d o J ro J - - ddnt consder t a glo glorousopportunl-, * ty.. 1 LB.. TOM SAWV PfV E R ~. At age 141 just dldnl dnt care uch for the qualntbess of Sn Strasbourg or the. world-faous Alsatan food. But d d C E : P COUNTRY PRDE -! choucroute, or sauerl >ertayt.>we had l e n t y of -UaHTa whenever went wth lh Unde to. the JltU oadm lreelre r u r a n t a w ar - T H C H S5 - H eh w e b h ad ; \... 5a u e f l t 3 a t».netnfaw tathrtta«a ffl Z "sauorkrau w t p rtrdgeand then wth-qualreurppea: pean-quals " a re T atndsruft sftortfa ffa n k c o lsh S-AVE-TWN ---- B r g a n e h e n. n>ey-are\«t; wrapped n bacon APRL 7 tn.1 9 B a n d spced wlh Junlpfer berres a nd to ctheytastedbeave : Oft*a r l trp notccd-qaalawtflan an on the enu of. - - U Doe,, where M<Ded-.al o the sug- J M R k - gestlon of ooe df tbe e g great Aercan tt& M! V BO ONELES B o k r > f U w ru e s.= R o b e rt= = k H L aw rehc Balzer. You fou can be sure. HfR S N = e w nr c r n l H ; o r d c a x U b < u ll s b» lu 14nspred-;e-tOj work outbgoed Aer lercan verson of? B ffsbpro»ast S :choucr)ut&vjusauan.-f.-for-thls reclpo,,." ajthough qual,"paftrd rdge,and p h SB- onlcau K found t t e a r s a f w r r u g g o r ftcr Wartny-nvtTflltlA f e 1,>,V - -srhalrock colsh ga {ae hen. thnk t s uch closer to the tb large Euro-. a n q u al. than Ue tasty lttle. o ts d a w b a v fr re r - T r g O R A P t ~ st B o z. GOLDEN CRAN JUMBO ROX.OE -DEjA,, p t s j l r s a 4 -. BEEF OR CHCKEN P l t P e fet O W Ets. M M S?! jjlflt] o f l c b :. ROUND BON U K- J M s w s s W S f A K, v r a p - W r L B. - SS= V."... t 9.Ss5S== - qulrenchls wll be tender and free of. \ 1 LB. CHFFON l j a * - B u l «l d w o j s o * t-s * *-.1 = strngs when c o o ljlan.to -u su.th c » " 6 * C ~ ~ = M» l O Z. S r O U F F B : S CT. CURAD KRAFT- ; V r r? V 7 r. ~ T r r r r r S y HUNTS-: vt :...: : r rhudnpr you-purchas< 5-as-»on-as.- " RCARN#! lvw 25V esfsa V E FOR r B ; G a e L] n e n s L j o V WL H Q t A n e u lc STE: * b ; :b ~L B H H t L -S but flauorful cookng -. J, l J f y - \.;) o "SS3v,. ADM1M98 Ttes-Ncwr-Twn Falls. daho a-5 / servrf pln, as bread; buffed wllh.. B. r. S S 3 M S S. - U n o n s lr-ta fa l o o a k ln g p o w d e : u.. V tablespoonsvegelableshortenng " s " BEAUTPUL cup w ater,.,. 3 fc a s. 1. : and shorenlngand lx"ffll shorteft - - 6" ARCP AS«;0PTMPNT g s blended. Addwater and lx..l B P C M T - -. well. Tu oul onto a lghtly f l o u B r J K S S " $ l 9 B board. Knead unll sooth, about 2 p N T S.!? f? t e BO a u l s aesbac- - X : - - wf wf ase -..j r cu reouwrorkot d e H E E S L.. s o p a p a s - u 7 o r -S nnw n U E «- M k o o e PADS TSSUE - and May 4H*ak nonls Xor UHu W T..., : cbubarb, T Jore-ar-nu erous T T T. W f v W C B O B. rhubarb varetes, but the ony r -?-«5 M :: 9 B B B S B v b V B C W, M T tr:rb e lw e c n h e r{ (S ld f= a n < JT o tro u so V V 3 > < ) H 18V l8}.0z t»lllsbury.j. B r.. zntf X -- j w f S S - n c T A.. v a r e f le s f C " H T P ( jo R O N E L D E L T A /... 1 Slrtrrown rhubarb has dw p r«l W - f olks and green leaves. r h fls a MXES -.lvbc-sroufferslepperora - g r o w n ~ - r a v e :. a c a r o n - fshalrspray- &-CHEESE SAUCE r W M e : fr, crsp; s lr a ln t and farly thck B S J H V H K B S B stalks. Rhubarb eetng,hose re- f e M e ~ ~ ~ B 8 1 " B n 1 -s t -R p s - jojar --.-.ASSgggE h T n r M l l l l l B l n r r r a ~ T = r n f? f D - - B...- d.c s4tm aaal rubatb,..... B B P - J W y s J B cupfrucose) T :k. or 1 can : - y c h lc k e n b ro U W w a es : u e r j*".tzrlubarbls tg ndcrrftcavrcnn»no!--r ! -.,, nur r»tnf>w Snrf,. war nr. jlk l for, brcuklast.-lurcurdnjlt. * w W W B W H B B B B B B B B B W B B B B B P P B B H ( B P B B B B H B B B B B W B B B B W B ~ " ~ " Sservngs.

13 S c r a a b l e d e g gg s a r e " o r g n ea l s k l l e t PAKh. R L G ffll.- r - f 0?fsV n w O ;-ln ch -o elet-p an o r-sk llo l t e t S H H 4 rho e akera -wth-fa lh lo fe e d o v e r- e ed u -h eat c o o k -o n lo n -ln havng-a-rellable-colle ollecllon-ot-rec* - butter-u j n tll-te n d e r but not brow n. pe&-{or-wholesoerqu( quccrtojx an aboul.s 5 n nutes. B eat together eggs, dshes s absolutely css(!ssentlal.»/4cupof the so u r crea, taco sauce, There s-onc le tha that shduld.gojo.salt and d < cu n. Stlrjn checsc. Pour J l fhn fpnnt rorlpo lxture.oy l)cons...asjxtua -. e a s y -. an d nutrtous us e n lre e s = begns..to U w V gently,;draw.ao:lnr fter.jh(vn.--veh rflp -p an cak e-tu er-co p leely - t E r n f f e T w p pper.? across th tne botto and sdes of-pan, a o,.. Supper, lunch, break lakfast. anyt e, for ng g.-arge - sofl. curds..contnue th e y re s pleto ak< ake and-good t( cookng g unt! eggs a re thckened -T r -eatpt o dress the -up p and-yaty-lholr througho houl-burstllfolst;* H flavor.v o u -g a n -adg. [d-an-ncredt>le --A rrange g V4 - cup-leltuceon-each- nu be r o f~ ea5y~ e : Spoon abptt ru p s uch assh red d ed ot r ctbedchcesel - s c r a tb3 le led:cu. lx tu re.o y o r lettuce. choppefd leftover vegetables. o r o n eachh t< toslada. T o p w rto a to c sr eats, herbs, o r crsply crl: cooked, greer pe: pepper, olvesand re anng draned fresh vegetable bles. cup sou M)ur crea. B b 9 B You can-e v e n -g ve e th e e«rs a, tllsb 8 betle r to re ove sc ra bled : e d lttels6a"-fsr~eggkfro pan when they a re slghtly o n er-h eatretaned n -eggs g S - - orfu an dsh copasts of w p letw M he CMftlngprv 4. - scra bled -eggs servo rved atop crsp - toftada.shels and-shredded lettuce. - - = -= : oujcaj-buy-the pae jaekaged-or fry - * =- c o n (ohllas n about lt \ V nch df hof : ou untl crsp. To add ac authentc - - M excan flavor, the eggs are- -. flavored w lth-rjack : cheese, sbur A c re a, ground cu n dnd-asplasnof dr. VA tacosaucerc hopped torr toatoea,-greer p epper, slced rp e olves and a dollopof sour crea provde p trad- - " tlona to stad a topptn.* SCRAM BLED EG GTOSTADAS H ~ -cup chopped onon n tablespoons b u tter :r f 8eg g s: 1 cup d a ry sour crean Mtn ~ T ~ 2 tablespoons bottled t taco sau ce % -leaspoon garlc s a l t f..v 4-teaspooagroundcun :u ln K cup shreddcd-monte n lerey :Jack o r ~ - Cbeddar.cheese - 2 cups shredded cebe e r g le lu c e rs f a tm c h to s ta dj ass h e l l t " " cups chopped toato<es-(about at 2 - edu )- -: - v 2 cups-.ch o p p ed green pepper Swss-reut ben ( F alls. ld ah o W ed n esd ay, 7 V a tn T n P n f v lj:fa K» «tf t:< M j g r w FU u j e M R C A R E SBW p lpeolves~ f lm l Suave a «S5S = b = = -. Shewvar f e hyw.ppow T renfk ynogffpr X l B R D %M W~-- r fu 9 B y t N D > H «6 U r = 1 O CMcago Sun-Tos r r a S T EERlECtSS- rs h B R f l E Z L - A l O n e- o f e v e ry o n e s -fa v o r te T l S E C sandw ches s the rcuben. 3en. that taste- - * 1:! - u - c o b n a to n - o h c o w 9 < erkraurh Tdw lssrw eeser - thousand sland dressng - 30 OZ. Sze n asso rted d colors. c For those really thr. between slces of rye b t B a a A B o rtt o lo R jc h e O T ty.d rln k e rs., rr ruml nu rot, o rg 6n -. j : contact.- - Thoseeflter»wt>ft.gorge rgfd nn e d - R n R Dgw--Krtwpvp g H s s a s H ; ay. welcoe a sllvar >flrlflhnnvnfhv» - - n. o ; clam lcreubenrsw tssretb - nstead of corned beef, sf. hot t dogs are /C j th e eatngredent. And \n a-bun re- Z ~ - places the rye bread. sau e raut-fr plu p ju cy frankfurter an a a fe w B \»w** ---- ta b le sp o o n s of thouaa: laan d slan d dreaang. 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R U P E E T -Tk 1/2 b e a u t l f u l f - - uch- ore furgry,~ l e s rlrrobnl T s u n - - D E A R A B B Y ;have w e a essage for - y ears. t w as a second arrage«for s u p p w weburvvors" jatlcs-ls a s (ro 8:30 lo 9 :M ~ -beauu fulthanbefore.- trs" n"thexjngolfl]yd< do.andjro log- a..vmoc :3 S S N G SOMETHNC ENG who sad sbe both of fus..... sbouldbeb e grateful w ere alve, but londay through-frday at ; we.x Sl nastcs c l a s 1 et a w oan n th the b < lta l who shouldnt Washlngto ~~ felt lke balt.awean n " because she Wheo 0 started datng ths ladyj e t t be ade to feel that all gton E le entary School.. M ndoka County O she b a d -h a d a b l e d 20 -lo fllbothjjreaala-fdlow owdra l bout w th told e w ere eu Cou W tsg d - j e e s SO le t t she had had a double n ttleao ls survval. : ~. - T U calortt r::-: lo a onand nstctor s b le-:y ean H )eftjfe,-an d sbe» only recenuy -» - - tnastecto y ypnrn; bef o r e h>ho~kbew. e BEENTHERE thatths type o f (,-:.J:udoflfKnL7.to9 9 p. 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( no a ssu Reconstru Esure you, loved b e r and tructlve Surgeons, o r te ttfl tod BORN AGAN /N.MONTANA A ercan looger have c a r ell ether, whch s accepted: ed her a s ahe was, and we had d a an Medcal Assocaton, n " xnuch ore portaotl) tl) beautfulrelatonshlpa s.-a woan lan. -1 ss h e r terrbly: Sbe «of surgery s not fdr eve? T h ere:w rb ern~lnvllea7 fthe open J ou be be th e canfl-e r-d ld o o l- r e a d r w a s b -Open house fro 2 to tu lan d fulfllng rdau offllp. 0 obtan the na w of board*. : :jsoth j brthdavfetespl t= o gqp<to=ag4hou d>«rgeon8:!fsboald?8ddnnar XW4N FA LLS=TT - tow ard- eaolngful-re baaed e n tls y on your u "!boobs.".fso,- dledat justlu ed...but t has done wondere for o sp. ; Sunday T fo s te d by her daughter, M n. barely out. of recover ery when y any. n observance of the >e 90th brthday V lr n a 1 LU ough lller.-at Lazy J you oeed a coplete re reassess ent of. - N G WAS MSSNG JG. doctor su rted urgng S e to seek of M rs. G race Shlllnt ogburg. 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TWN FALLS -» -OnjyoDday 0 a c n - c a o ; N G = n e -u n v e rsty -T of=: )F ~ n e w r a F c a [ -s W f c g h l t = Y o u t l f - aa ct t tle s lncudesw l daboxoop loperatlvajxtenslonrservlce th e -J ff C A -fo r o no bert-and- lessonscs 3-5-;ar olds-and-grade s launchlns ng a M asterf od rprearver er.. ul-cnm. * n d u h o c progra n; selected countes ths year Adults c w s g o-upn ;; J )Mwfw sw co pettve ve sw strokes. tu bl~ to provde le nlecled-personw lh an lessonsrsw lrnnastlcs s r w e r e l n, ng,-judorlm rlrarale and so plus ; ln-depth.ls lutrcuonjnood preserva-- a-..-po O lm Pregnancy fll lnes, senor recreaton an H ~ U o n technq lques.- ~ *; * c llz e n -s w l -e x e rc l lusejnvoves - hours r of atz= r =daoce:clafsesr8ln8 t D t a l n l n g o voveo*x:w c eek8:for:a--fee o3f f - -tlo n -.td lap awllng, ff ooen rwnw pbrents an( nd th er pre-school ftsjreasufe:cfldnlngt ratec= - a t o n sw l -andfa llv c h l l l s salso a l. avau able.-: H b a t h - c a n n l n lng,-freengrja ] -and-jeh y- j : K a ra to -a n d -J u d o - w ss jrcasssaed o er - preparaton, :0n, pcklng, dryng and food- < aduus-nr<*-a!so--avall llable plus a a n d to s lfnpt... u g...~ storage.-tat ratght by local Cooperatve Extenson 1 s Servce hoe econosts, ; T E R E S A M b GS - 1,. - Z. l G Q S U R E - w es n : d y p e Y e r n : - : K A E L S p A& l h r - - tn clu d ed : S Hsts hojnor stu srecturesrrde onsralonsz; tudentse th e o n ly so p h o c ra ". andjrstrhandexperences... ar -1 -F A R F E L D Can, E a c h partglnflrf~wlll r receve.fl a as-c ountyrrk obncew ere- Hgh. 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Caldwoll. - M rs. Kennel nelh R. Spahr, s the, K- \ They a re sponsored. tant edlor "of th e y e arbddk- rt stal ; y;-ttls-«oltent w o u ld r by the K- bery deleg egate. She s student; body berly Aercan U glon Au) secretary-treasurer of the th Natlbnal d by answ erng, telephone lr M\)stery-c(. :oed/shted at Jeroe Auxlary Unt "- Wee preswe lenlrplaysrpanojnd flute, Hj onor Soccty, assstant t helpng begnnrg cnera - n the conce cer and P«Bband3. Edtor t leg ates nclude Wendj th e studen body, reporte dng n t o l l o n - a l - f a r ~ JE R O M E - f te JJero e e H g h " searclfo rth e g d e L e n. n f thp y h o n D ra a -De- Tho et t; l s t j n d belongs lo th e Z and belongs to Pep and H!« p a r t e n t w ll p rre e se n t-: th e "M arg le Man H a w a ; T a ra -C o a ls, J P e te re e g f,m u rtau rs She h s junor Pe"p cbts.shehm b lnvolv;;ln j -dayg e/>gretary. Pep Club a l s p - -partclpales-.:n= ;v D rc5ldont.--4.hw.sx - "vo ljbalfrr*..p a n c p a n S sr us r e lw.b y A p rn o r-. : th a u n a - J X: t TTu - a n l - J l - rse-to -be held n Goodng r - ~ ystery/coedy"w h( aod unltz!l: H cen Theus eusoh,;j :-M addoxr baske tba ll a nd track ll 28 and runs thph May- - by C.B.- Glford a rh Vshlgh l sdool B ecky- Wate altera, J Johansen: lreut s ltvdu Tr " ~ tu f- p ft.. rphnr<t4ny E ltectf O fc lu F or oro1nf( nforanon-arono-reglser n p la y -b e g n s-w thtft-aexander==fvgarlt;rsonr - Jll.. " ~ uuluut l y n r to rp o b y a rth B -G o o d A r l n g t o w d ystery: The play y.s good faly enter-,... hg CourlHou louse, 624 M a r s t~ G 6 6 a - "!a v.e o J? h e jc? a ln e tt, raa oc ro rd n g - to - o U le - - ng, " - told b s c au e of death th...urder, M cvetorug" UgTero rhgh-school A rlngto cu rtly,nf< for s th e A dvanced D ra a Depart ent.... angels th at h e sply y cannot be -. 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Enclosed p W e n n J e a n d l r - = * - -tvlap- " p 3cC h e c k o rm.o. t -AddreM-..; ;R y P E R T : 4-..-M ndoka- :a- Cobty ~ f75n.7 to 9 p...-yrs t a a a s wll be a t - County Educaton ~ead jad e rs: anr "E ast Ju fljw HHT tfe next sever at sses U» - C h U d - D e e\ v e J e n t r e e n t e r - n Soccer-for 9- lo-h*yearold«jld s-b eg n r R e r t; and the th«last class wll be a t Aprl g fro 6 to 7 p.ro. a a!!» Johosoo h e M ln n -ta t a fwslow.jttdam L.-; lh.terry Coons and c la s s r-o, w lth-c ou njhlan [a n o tu w tz lc w K e tte rlln lng t as nstructors. nstructo r; r~~ ~ ~ r : erelse.classes.w llljegln : : A four-weekflower v r a njtf c d a s r ~ A f? r T Satlvely l scheduled a re a b e n s Aprl 9 fro 7 lostso 30 p..a t c la ss fro 6 to «7 a.., ooe la te r n the E a st Ju n l9 r Hgh School wu #lh an 58- o lng.9 re!. frorn.4to.8;p. ft.,.and... fee. t ncludes both.fhss [resh and possbly one n. 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23 . V e S N e w s. T w fn Fa S. d a age 3 tc to -tb e p n c re a s-c a n -a lso. -b e n e flt-b -by-taklng-«06-of-tbe-enzy y - e- D ear Dr. Lab, capsules.01 3 or. tablets that provlde the :. re a d y our colu n al about he ak " essm llaler 0 enzyes to r e a c e te enx- who h ad p an c re a U to lor aly-avallahlft f t h e J n : a. a : y c a r e z : "!J? oldjandl,-loobad such a n attack fve c r e M s.tbesecdzy. 1 estbs b re a k y e a rs ago severe ab< bdonal pan, down the h e fa ts, carxbydrates aod-. hgh a ylase count, a Jadlced-con- jj pro telo to p per t better-dlgestlqn a o d. dton and dark urln&. absorpuon. jon A tpr gftt n nf lhe re 100 percen correct about w fe a a d d evelcf) a rjs d S "S ~ ays l ; all alcohol a t allu esj f you -d o n e w ondofsjor e a d enabled e have.pancn n c r U ts, re g a rd l o fw ta t to lve a noral lfe. - cau sed lh elotlal e l attack. -T h e k ponts of the det a re.-a ) D e a r BvXab, -,:fat-/ree -ow at-neglgb Jble-foods,-b> f - a pereoo has-balr-on-aoylpartof hlgh-carbohydrate and d lgh-proteln h e r bodyan jand then plucks t out, c an t foods,-c) papaya enzy e tablets wth cause canc lancer? s tb at.p artcu larly - e a ls, an d 4 ) no alcohol olofanyknd. tru e about )ut ) har around tbe navel or Because fat provdes s a large nurl- b reasts? ve ) beard t s especally tonal coponent n a sr s d l dackafje "dangerous1 u slo T lo d ro n th a lrsln tbe w ll t> rbf, 1 hov<» nose. s ther h e r.reason for ths?. ncreased Tny food volu Jue to aln-... MK.AN Nf)MRS. W. RANOA. n x o N tan y w e t. By analy ayzlng the food. M P, A N D.M RS..A R R Y.U U G E R... as cancer s coocened the. 1. ; p ack ag es,- we have < developed a, -vared,.ta s ty det. The e. c j l r n ger ght be fro pluckng :.A-==Gr nsnjojcfebpd con... g f L : ± quffjentswn powen ;-ro61otbere-u -8o e Vhcrftla 1 th a t rrtatng a ole can ". n o t.to.su b t to. the t( JEROM E An opcn.h.h ouse Wll be M rs. Georg U nrso net altyt froff to bbeoe4nallgnant J h a t t e }rgot. G lrsw oldofe re, P a. B U H L -C a ro l Lynetle le W ght and lghters. h eld at theho e - ofo f-m- cvn-and Full or-ls:. alcohol.-wlb p M autl oeltwhfew-gtbbragve s - - l8:the soo:ofmrs; MeJvJn-A Larry.Luger.w ere.unlted. xljn arrag e f:o llo w lnlng.lhcccreony.arecepuon g stantjy rrtoled wth a b r D g lo ra s F u ll p r frc 5 f andjhejatftju yjj:>}xoh- on-m arch-7rst-thbuhl-t L 4n{ed-M elh---h as-hejd-at -a M h h o e-o f-th e-w d es s tra p jo n rb HtUoD0c.0tn ewlvwed8 J. W. n l l D l x o n T M E " l «L j a e y. b 0 UotlLWork l n the church hsto» odst Church.. - parens.. Pluckng the har s ju st ~ T bank you for sh arn g : Carolyn Dorolhy Grsw swoldanddx- S f,??.? lc e -a n d a k e tfe rrh o c h p - r ;= T h e brde s the daughte jterof Mr; and - A- rehears; rsal dnner was h eld -al-h e- ences w lthothers and the rrlalo n.., o n. w e r e >» "»H F>h tcty M rs. Don C. Wrght of Buhl and the ho e of Mr. r. andm rs. BobGlelzen.. - deal o f e rt n your co] y t s. Y our Then th tbw s the-danger. of an * T b rld e g n w Jsh e son ofjk U le..a n d J to.d p e c la l> g u L ak e td S Te ple Feb;26; ; An - vltal BxM-au-gad lofuctloorsk 3»rtawwff<tfWVtT> ta to n s-extended to all C ;M.L gerof Lewston. M r. and Mrs. Dan CrafloTTandM r. T>A hrhn)«the daughlc {hterofm r.and Jen d sannd d ; t h as been so successful relalves; foryou. f( a re a.-s -partcularly p a troublesoe, A ttendng the bflde was her other, and M rs. S. L. Wrght.. T he pancreas s tbelajor a] source of T hat s beca tecause any ofectc n. B elly Lou Wrght. Lnd ndsy.w rghl.... The couph ple wll jesldcjnx ew lslon -enzy es fo f-p art-o f-uhe-dgestve.area, even-c zn fro a squeezed pple,.. n leceofth ebrld e.w as(hlenowe erglr. w hero -th e brde se ployed a s a proccss for fats, carboh: hydrates and ay be plck< jlcked up by thedrculatlon, M ark Lug e r of Denv(<r, ( r. brother of nurse a l S l.» ; r. ; Berg:San J n t..., ; t. Josephs H o.«:ptaljadjhc P n s..t a ts w h y when t j s n o t th ere end j taken to the large venots the brdegroo, sorved ns a; best an. brdegroo- -workstldahobanlc ahd! fctonlng properly,- a person has s lh u s n tb t he e r. -. Caleb Wrght, nephew of ol the brde, T ru st and attends a Lews-Clark C o l-. - -dffculty-dgestng"alos lost au foods. Otherwse, pluckng h a s not - ~ - S H O S H O N E -= -faa nyl yhn A receplu Jtlon was held at the Aerl- anff T ara Cantrell weree the caddlfr-lcgc..-: ts role s dscussed b < ore detal n lkely ta be a p r le and wll not Bergn and L a n n Lee rce Sant were can Legon Hall followng the cere- B eh ealthjl<ettecjunb b er-ll 4,-lle cause cancer ccr n lte d tn:narrlar eurthe:l herlbcof her. unyzgnestzbookz a nenagntz ffa s k d e n f e / e a SSoZbe-goodcc : n ) t s TV afar3rt he"f e~rev."jacs ShellcyT aft at rs h o sh o n e. The servng : o n s u e r s ~. P a n c re a s : Y o u r Enzy y e -O rg a n,.. whch a sendng you O lhersw ho., = ] f f p J D O e L w r j e w cted-the-ccre» -lable-w M s rorw Y O R K n t P l ) > - A ff nf Spventpen flgazng. w ant th<h wao run L71 7 S,centsjd th -r r r r h - o n y : : lc a J t f r s r.j f c E r d j r o y t e T M r: e b or k s V r l y : E nglsh teacher n Lafayel e lte, a l Js R «v M sstarted t thc class to help p a long, Sta ped, sell elf-addressed The brde s the daughle: h te ro fm r.a n d - Ted.Broyles, les. all of Haley, and cousns leachng hjssludents how W to be good- students de a l. wth the barrage o L. c n v e lo p e for t to e, h h care of ths CASTROVl OVLLE. Calf. (U P) - M rat Francs M rerglnfl n of S h o s h o n e f th e brde e...x consu ers. ~ r r r L T T r - r advertsnr tnew spaper»je.o jq xj551, 51, R a d o.c ty U n s ( n aably-w b j ar \w eathern-the and:the brdegroo s the son of Mrs.- -Servng-p [-puhchjw ereb arta ra-andt B ru ce~ R e e v esh a sth ec..droppng r den pcks Ua p; ro ducu orw lchacla n S taton, few Ydrc.-.Y:; YrlOOW. The a r t c h o kgrow e ng-areatjrtalfo la X. e la te E v e rts a n f., nrhlm h-pancake.-sya fnp,..dlppng~ h a s.b e e n -aa d e n h e e k ts c c u fa o-bowel co r begarh>rng Hngng-a-faeavy Supply -to ;:pefls nw aterandchew nj nb~b:-ar~ey~wu sn s a well and nakll lltyttoabsorb...- afk el3btadc30aays7»arletahanlhff:= D l length dttto o f Ht-aUuUA to -tcs ng-flcguracy-of advenlsers- a slu a e s -u usmjly-fsa s a b o u t o n H e n w r y fat soudle vj v JtatK and usual a k s e, n of Aprl 15-Hay 15. r r - g r H R r w h Wce ns T f s c r t O r h F Z = Z = = A?.; -. n e c k.. : la l s c c g rd ln g -to -a tv -artolfr4n-the :-quarteth>hh< r theashfefalae: ~!>sjy quuhtyshgh: : T v M ad of honor was f. M flu h p w s of B p Hp v u p. s «& b r lr f e - r B r ld e s a r d wa as C o n n e " / - : J e ro e o f Shoshone. : - : -z B est an was Rusty f Warbls and = g roo s an-r-w as - Doug- g-a su e--of - = 6 t e l t t e h r TT tfahemv59=donakt=befg n-of-botae; V b ro lh e ro fth e brdersdots lotsncas-mrs. R f e f t a w H C n d y J - B r o w r rt=>j*8htehones»* )! jx -landjm rs. John (Evelyn) :) Lalllss was f f l ; t; c c o panl6tr<. nr.obert Yo 3 u n g --- V ro D[T Ca p -dsturbesh her s s g ELSE T> CHOSOLM -? 5 u S = = = = "-TTBOcea y K oej.m9.aqdj>uued- gn 5 down tb e shades tlla ou ln la y b w a u s e - j tw antedtrdrnlralo D e: " " r w a s dhnmog a T cup w o f coffee. A nd w as afrad Rol)ert Y tv oung w as. gong to co ejn to ktchen and 3 say, Why. T ;se. w hat a ts wrong? Yourn<;>yMnu>»nyfp»ntpaf. yottsw ltch tox brand?", He does that, you toowv; rjgoes fro ~ th e a w to umo, s ljlag lookng.veryconcced,. gel gettng peo-. pe to swtch. You see, bad not-bad a acupofpeal c coffee a 2 0.y e a r3 u trsu d d v..tn 8 y e n to seu lltbod jold t r d ~ B " " t and g et R y nerves s U edq. r ju s t H p lan y ee M for a straght cq> wth H - al thflt blackness. You reeber.robert.yp: yo? W hen o u r chldre dren were J y o u n g e r, w osuffered d ~ b f o u g h ~ K l w t t» u t: c o f = H = = B P -UbLl. the te le v S r a tb t-» ( y o u r average fa ly. Only y Muld Tever fnd a fa ly lke the s; ; -.N Q w J w V ouaooklog.o rolder, sage a o d tw e e d y /w a ta.ln lo.a n a attractve --- lady-lawyers offce and teu »«hfrsbe W l3.a a --B. tlq u e and tells the nce lce w o an H. w bo w orks t h e r e s b e seen ee stod ot M v e l t all toflelfae r - that she so rtsan d ought to sw tch: O r u n c b..c o u n te r p e rs u adlng d lt ths handso e guy wbo doesa s a t see J u p y a t all tb at be real eally s a n e u sw R ck. -. :U 5 :a a a C 3 l0 6 t:0 f J h» e e» s e w l e M " l S ~ sw tch coffees, and Mr.--Youa to coe back tbe verynoext < and - B tl e y «U a g r e e 4 b e y «r e o 4aaM So you just don t know wb bm be U l y r th th to M y <? u -8 to ;.-M T [ )» f B d e n k y j H F C o d c to Jg -Z llt V l 0-xS2 x 1 S rh l ( alty 13 j occasonal. -1 f l e s..... L.H E X.T A BLl E \ J >B g>19!t 1 nnsp f *n wtpadt lhnalgnl Jonal-anct S q. 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24 .. j... ~...Vtfgd jdnssclayra pfrrm J e r rn r a c l e2 d r u g ; s a r e tb o t h hb l e s s ra g, c u r Te! ltos-now3..twn Falls, dahu C-3 - Edtors Note: nths u s the oh la a * sere s ol 15 auejes lesexplorng t The,.. NaUoa s-hcsth. n ths artcle..--n saunvbv&kjyj: jprestaentuod 7 M s s j h e.cofljrovers/a. ) l ssu essunvllng. t ode drugs and drug regulauon. Thl nusscres, wrtten X - s. /or Courses by N e w p aper.apa J a/n =3:.. olunverslly-exteos( osoorunverslty)( : Ca/Z/c/fl, San Dego ego, was funded by agrantlrotbenatt. atlonal Endowent e FDA of exccalve cauton. Poln lnt- though patents torttehanhtes: ay ask the rul thatsoe drugs beroe By DONALD KENNE )e pharacstforthslnfo NEDY S lto b ll foratlon sheer ble f other countres years by the Regents ot tl lars t s wrtten n techncal :al language, ard -lfl A }f the Unversty o f before ; t eyarejpproverf here., they trft«t p/vpp rtn nnt rnnu ; -.Calforaa r - QWJtCKstfc < r argue that regulaton s reducng :lng The FDA requres tf the ncluson o f... )F , - ; pdl»a1 ~ :al.nnovatlon and deprvng pap pa -patent nforalon -lea flets-w th tentsof ofneededdrljgs. drugs such as oral ( contraceptves Ths year,-a ercj rca s d o c to rrw r- Thehs hstory of our drag laws helps sto whch are taken by h healhy people j - = jvrte-over.lo -dnjg*p; prescrptons fo r clarfy f f ths d t e. The.flrst food and who, wsh to know abo bout-ther rsks.- 1 every, an, woan, n. and chld n the drug law [aws, passed n 1906,. protected ted and benefts. Recently ly, anufaclur~. J ]. naton. consue tners aganst purtes and d er sued the govern ent over ths 1 n dong so, th~ 11 releve false t labelng. They -outlawed /ed- re c re e n t, and4»6 TOA-hassotfght - -? = sy pto s, cure dsea ;ease, and prove thousand ds of-quacktcedes that to strengthen ts author lorly to requre f th e health of ost of ther patents; allegedly cured everythng fro n- n- patent labelng when approprate. { Eff e x a c tly hnw snnlatf a v e " o * M Unow c unforeseen t was- 5rnofunUr938raftera-3ufa- lfa ThesedffculUeshaw led to efforts ad v erse drug reactlor tons wll produce, drag prej reparatonjdlled over OO peo- to change the draglav aw sn rh e-a p ju3tthe.opposlte effect, ect. :.. pe. 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31 3 3 W e d n e s d a y. A nt ra a, O b tu a n T e s -N e w s. Tw n Fall alls. daho * C o c s 0 ; : / "ByBKKrSW lsher R M eetng ng n Bose Monday, the He B ut he sad, notng the Tes-Ncws wrter Legslature s J o e Wlla lla s and Secretary of-slotc tote..fu n d s could be carrcd B oard of overfof 0 useby and any >f E ducatlonadopled a resolu-. u*. nacton, "1 lake that as a strong P e te Cena / restoraton of the holdback jnarrusa. The board s.schod- lod- Jhe nsttutons. ton urgln {ng-gov. John Evans and th e, would le p re fe re n c e by the body ( autoatcally be credted to y epowered to uled to eet e Aprl 14/. T ha woud supple - other ea enl the fscal noxt fall s e bers of (hc Board of E x a n*<;:;;mt-approprlatons- tha la fth o y would- T he Sta s lax l blls. Evans sad. J 5tate B(raTd-oCEduMlon"wlll w ll- year1982 "approprao B O S E -T h e Statc-Bo lonto colleges f there BoardoLExa- ners to. restore thewhhhcld funds f ptef(y tocave tn pla )lace and ake eet Ap cre s a szable surplus-ho \ p r l forhearngs on and unverstes of $671 -::-;ners.basbeen:asked:u)l tolfl lm t:year6lt«er nsxx rev 7 llon,, whch property en u e surplus on JunfeTOr 0 r= J [sl b n l3 " lf anj"\» y taxpayer to: s entlled to soe.wnen ey re* w neter FToTalse t< colcge sldent fees ees ss5llontos6lllon short of ne, relef.".hodbackof$]s,5 cn on ln slleu n d s J h e e n d offth l escaly ear. hesad les. - tu rn next Ja n u a ry A n e x t.fa l- U -and-whclhor-tp dccl&rc-a c-a- h e sad f a revenue surplus occu ccurs. - T he da daho Legslature, whch ad- E v an s sad he w ( d lke todc- sta te Of fnancal exgency. Ju n o r colleges rccelv :vcds3.9llro 15.5 ltlpn stalo holdback wps T he acton could- atlc llevlatc funtung ou ed s last Frday, faled to pass 5S ler n e as soon as poss sb le w hcthera *.nftjrq.thc-lcgslature,- J bylhe-board ot Rxalners proble s n hgher ed H on that «surplushbc T nraltable llscal y e a r begnnng J July 1 by:pro:. approprlat ated the potental surplus 5ut-to-lncroase sluael*tets..g tt. crease tro. currcnl y< u.st:hpr«pnf.n pt)»ot. year slotc.sup- - sjs cran to t would be appropr ~ vldlng ar ex tra $2.4 rhlll tnjlhon ln funds, property Y tax 1 relef and the W ater ton Sall, executve drector por. ccnl l shortfall n revenue. The 5r B bard of E xa ners t< th e S ta te Board of Edca cator beleved. Eollutlon n Control C Fund. fce of the board of educaton. Superntendent of P was necessary to prevent a Publc sln,c. S r u StatfelBoard of.educatl< J U o tl JcrryE vansd.l f th e holdback s Kt lfted for publc Attorney ey G cnerard avlh C eroy.a a legslators on j whether the He sad dtltltngotnrehodbacku ould 1 -h e -w o ld - rg e - S S r e rm lu f n g partvjr all of lhe-s7 llon schools, the a ount woul OUld be credted e ber.o r.of the Board of Exaners,? L eglslalu tew q u lacc ccepc lhefe? p rovde.. S2.4~lllloh lo.lh e stales tes. holdback for publlc-s<..to property.taxpayers s rnext fall, ac- sad * csd sh flvht -w.rtlllaw nz schools, ho slnoe-(hc -then lax collectons Have fuujea Ull-,ufjbHrs!«vepa rratuuuu!,. jrsvm atr ndcnt of Publc d" n revewng the -Board"or nrawstanrtarftttrrtssron two other e bers of the lyersltles ss. and to the stale. s T hat shortfall, was abe up hy s predlclln, nstrucu onjerrye vans. n s. E ducaton on s request and any others. clng a.so llon surplus al - B oard of Exa ners a r e e stateaudtor ; two junor llor colleges. Sall sad lle the addlllonaldropcrtyta: laxeslasl J a ltho end ol ofthe h fscal year, Juno T O., J o l n.c p lq y ee-ahejv: w asav kffnapc ny7sh cqrqunlerx.r,,, T" v Jct -and-pol ce-shou Buld-be-Bu O reg o n-authortles-plan-to-seek -a oned.... extradton of 0 the Wellands and Gar- H n sh aw w a s t a k e;en fro a rson on kdn ddnap charges, accordng to B eaverton a rea reslder lence F rd jy, thcjvashlngl lngton.c ounly.s herff!s.d e nptrn rpunlv oarlenlt- - t daho: S tate-p olcc~sad~~ - t O r e ) SRerlfTSDepart rt entrldaho narcotcs a ~ a n d.conceatca~wcyuus S tate Polce sad sh ehad possdsalohof p. d g o 8 - aare-peodlnejocallv. r e. and a - h e r daughtera t the l e B c of Tuesday s.warrant authorzng autl scarch of thea rrests. ~ 7...plckup drve venrby-bobbywelland h a s fl wh>n thpy bechr(kr»pstt e ste d : arrv ed at the Travel elers Oass, D e te c tv vv e Ken. Engh of the H nshaw a n a h e r chld w( were about to W ashngton County Sherff s D e - leave (he scene n a cat :ar drven-by parthenl sad sal Hnshaw was at the - erry L.x W ellan d, 2 5,-Of. Councl hoe of-hec. her. boyfrend Frday n ght = = J u f fs. Jow a. f t s t Pror.. to t( W ellands when she.wasallcgedly-abduc wa; tc d J )y - - atternpted deparfure-wvh H{nsh aw the three en, two of who were and the baby,- the. Jcro roe -County acquanted dw wlththe boyfrend, S h e rff s - D e p a rl e nt t a rrflste d t went. downhll fro -there." w n a Garrson, 23, alsc so of Councl EngRsaa; r ~- en g. ta k e n..fro..th o... They sad Garrson, on )n foot at the Beaverton.ar l lo nauln**. behnd by Welland, who al atte pted to tell a frlpnd d of her crcuslances.-the - ~ S S rfg g at r a e n f leave the truckstop area;h ;hasuly-upon frend afered Hnshaws other; who the abducton to pollpc----- =r=war-ajl«nrt r: : :. H nshaw -anc -and~h o r~ ch lld -w ere n naauqffh S tate polce sad offcers rs haltearne cqslbdylsnh" f lh e laanou cpart ent of e - R A K M n t t r T u M W 4tobh=-7llow erganleo n l ln p ra > a rm o a p rq )rn g s~ CL T sb o y d so o n p t a r-bealtby b dose of-ranl-! cleanng: ng:tbe weeds and grass vehcle arrested Wellanc d and took Health and d VWelfare Tuesday nght, out ber blossos. Her T sbwp or*g""«b ~ accordln totw ay 8forecast.== l.- -custody, of Hnshaw and d" tne baby, accord n g-to - t h e Jeroe~Counly. both unhar ed. sh.c.rrr5dcp.j )cpart en:.-a, : a r d h e r E l * 3 a n k [recoend& s O l c n 5 z o n < g = G h a d t o L S f f - o J d B a c k = "O regon w ornrar rescued f e > e a A H yeaa S tte " lc l T a rrc ste d.t tllrd an other was n custody of welfare a lle g ly y n nvolved n lhe abducton, authorlles-t uesday a(l) der beng rcr Bobby.J.. Wcland,.50, o fs t. JoMph, scuedfro R erllegd at abductors.; Mo.TonPolc Pole bne Road north ofrtwn :::.;JdatflState-Polcesa( ad throeen F alls at about -10:30 a.. Tuesday. - Averrrested north oftwn F alls a f Polce Sa1d 5 a1d"3 abby-w ela-n d rt er 8:25 a.. Tuesday n con onnectlon wth W elland s uncle, was travelng n a t h e abductlon:of.shelbyj MfnshaWr44, pckuprtruc ruckn-offcerslghled-after U o L -B eav erlo n,-o re.jrhe c.a r r e s ts - a s...joshaw rovldgddgscrlpllnn... ro suted n w elfare autho jorlles-takng Pollcesak sad a large quanllty.of lc custody -of Hnshaw s s daughter, drugs, whc Ahch feld tests ndcated C fa s U to n a n polce*co confscaton hcffff] JfOJr~Cbcaner B D lt d guns and n a tlc s ; arjuana, la, w ere fo d n the, car S tate polce sad two o ofthe arresfsl.terry Wcllar sllahd <>pe aled af hc l e of" occurred outsde the T ravelers O ass hs a r r ltrpolcesad-bobbyw r P ejland truckstop at the junc tu re y o M ntersale. possess d tw (wo loaded pstols, nether. h e t t s f l j lpateee e n d Wdjjbdxuctqr: Ct - B y SlSAN GALLAGHER r landlords already hw h d-press,cdtokeepred enlalunts Chrstan JUes-News Wrter on C hltrdh o H of daho s..lh n th e b u s n c 5 s = = b! Rsedoncru duld allow a plan Dannedt-devdbp cn, - o frentlrgapf apart ents," Cook sad, Con: lssloner Jack Mflfer and Eery Peersen voted 1 R ealtor J -. Ja es M Koulnlk ter ed the proje ject socal- H e sad plans call foyv alley-v stav LVl[lage l -o feature ;,a{ln nsttheproposal.. " stc, and told cof fssloners they face an oblga gallon to do one bedroo > apart ents n buldngs csercd ro u n d fln «?= = fnther-busnesstthol nonthty-ecungrcos- TWN FALLS - Devel velopers of a-dsputed-scn enlor anythng you can do d o jo stop thegrow th of ths lls type of a actvty cent snter. An ad nslrator traned n eetng soner ers unanously recoenc nended the Cty Councr ctzens housng project Tuesday T won p rel naryjy ap - - c an cer n our cor unty. 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By MARTY TR1LLHAASE r of the aeteroratn tng 1918 porton of the focc o o l fuoctps-whchtakg kc-placo...jh artens-w as-; 5 lnns ths year s-asked-by-a-ctlzenb car because rcsdenla are T c s N c w s w r e r lool buldng agree on " Q th e hgh s o b l buldng and ds-. group to lootov ore aware.of e.ofthe exepton due to over thobulldlhg-and. E ngnec eers probles but dffer the cdnu nunue use of (hal porton.o.< f the ake reco et publcty as 5 well a.s.th e ta x -ln c re a se d ~ nendatlons on repars» ]4o anh cpatedllfeof O fthebulldng. buld Jldng as soon as possble." and future use --e»perenccd j by resdents who dd not of the structure. - - d ffe r o n l stu d y a t the Lhe request o f th e Fler r-hd< H ow ever,-g erald -W artens-j j-of th e School b q a nr j e l n aj bljc TWN FALLS - Passa jage of the apply for an 1 exc exepton. t - n o l School D strct, ct. E n g n eer John fr of E dw ards, Howard rd and eelng M onday llt., sad two rnore fl ho eow ners *exepllon"w w lll-b e n e ft- "Thoso who- /ho-ddn t-flle-and-do-ths- o f F le r sc hlys?y:prjcster-of--buhl- c hl-reco eods-stop- Mart< artens,-ef-twn F alls, calls fot ror.ore,::<»"«>»ej«*««p«ectons and studes of Twn F allsxounty resdents, ts,- but put-a -year-wlll-expe fxperlence-a conslderable-rr gap re edes at t an e s t a te cost of extensve repars and adds. " -. g R P a «2.. fnancal squeeze on county Jty assessor tax relef, hesad. s oporatonf : :- - -A lthoughjejj Ja sjd e q u a le -fu n to..j - T w n-f au s- ounty-a ss( - C lark says he s pleased the d a h o -a p p llc a tlo n srclark::sad-ho-dofesnt Legslalureextended-foranc otheryebr haveenough Bh-jnQaeYlnhl3 offce cxeplontofm.-perce centr=up=to budgcttto-pay.: )ay.:foo ppllcau on.for s. StO;000-Uf-u-h(.;& kt r t a ue,:f u r = a n d notfcaton toft alllng3.:~. tj tax n g.-purposes. h Tw w n "P a lls Aong the e opons he s cxplorng fb B ym /T Y T R L U A A S E 3 " A ccordng to th e w rt,, E Burgess says he has., No d ate has been schedule) led for a court hearng on. County, C the easure could J result n a get around th :hebudgctcrunchare: e t Tles-News wrler. suffered-attacks consstng- QgOf seve-headaches, ] y-:;.:.th e a ttc r.... total tax-savlngs of nearly y J l lotf R e q u tn lng g the state tax co- volungrbactpalnsand lrtn ess:6 f.b r ath H e-.- saaw fw reqested-u rsee see-a-<loctor-on4»tarchja: Twn Falls County- sherlff rff J Munn declned to for homwners, Clark*s sad. Non- sson for autl authorty losply extend rw d en tlal property owners.wn pck exe ptons for th o resdents who T W N P A L L S -A T v lntals F a County Jal n ate, but tbe. request vvas not.an. answ ered..untl Je. had. -J T s a y rs h e rtfrs T te p n tle s -are denylpghl=edlcal:=s «= su ffere<> -anat(ack-aterth - t h a t - y Bu rg g a -sa ld - T h e.a a r g e s durng tecbu o u r t h g M - a l w -up4heddltlonal taxbunlerl njte.6ald..ap p led n 1980>-Such.LjcllQnwould 1 ly erged p t&.j3 :qqure u j a opnon fro the " T tre a tra tn trr r t r c n g r t t r s c M a g r c z g neenednoasw hethctcr t o f f l s n n n T e s s a r te porarly allevated th ep rproble rt T7n 7 eabarexfl nat!onsln«rn gfn n g th ew rlt: ~ -?n G bv-johhevrnsslesk-w -w as-oneof AttoejHSener = a a a n - b a n d l t e t t H hjfh ) f abeascorpus-flled ~ -S x nxen.tonjalus-consder lercdjn-tlle?jlequestng. ng-localncwspapers-to: The:follow ng-day,burg K e s s c h M h e suffered M ooday n Stb D strct Court lurt, C ary Gene Burgess, Twn F alls County Chef ;f Dt eputy Proseculor J cglslatvcsesslon. le - pr applcallo lallon fors as a publc th e sa e sy pto s and was as t taken 16 the hosptals. 26. of Bose charged hs requests rec for a physcal M eservy sad daho Law w requres countes to Bul C lark sad the present n l lr e scrvce. e ergency roo w here he eau aj egeahew atedthree q: : e x a lh a to n b y a to to rb aavebeendenjed.,. v e. j j provde expenses-.necessar jaty for,.the support o f/ wtu be.costly lo.lrnplecnlnl because. Askng the e : slate tax cosson... hours before beng exa ned ledbyadoctol.:... -n ates.- - ho eow ners. u st.apply th hro u j hs toseck bds 00 oo applcaton fors for B urgess 18 belngheld d leu oja $5.W wnd... Burges3 addabl8 jrequesls jls fo M re d c a l a ln a T too-oqma wdt-m-andarolk g h : 2 3.w w rd entedm fl-ofr R ttv h P n H tta tn lhhgmuntymnhllgfltlf.ho g offce oj bym le srseveral ojflh f e ore? arwcountcs, tcstthctcby: reducng th~e~= burg lary n connecton wth vllh a b a r y a t B uhl"- B Mondayrhesajff he has not t s» seftydoctorr >-P rpflbftnw t. - lflwh\akers CO>t T.provdedulo ateexe ptk totarr SeeklngrSn r&n nstallent-payent P har acy/9 0 6 E rm alntpol Follbwnga p l n a ry. j the wrt, B staf tates hs fa llyltas a Obvously, f% e guy s"up there d y ln. e v e Roughly 9,000 counly resl sdents, o r schedule fro local busness for.... b a n 5thD 14rct Mla a stra te Court F rd ay,...*h hubtory o f b eart proble s an and h l.b lo o d p r e u re.; -. got to take actlon.-bul fthe e guy, up there s akng - GO percentrof those elgble, le,-appled -.p rn te rs,- th e re b y p uttng- th e B urgess w as ordered to ans answer a second degree. 1 H&adds b e beleves bs condlt dltlontob«s a a tte ro f fc fodllsb.de ands.. then ;n you ; have to use soe for the exepton last ycar, r,-he s a d. assessor s offce fflce n debt untl the slart. b u rg lary cbage n Sth Dstrc rctcourt. rfe l sn d d e a th.",. r,.ddscreton, he sad.... Clark sad he expects ore appllca- ofthel982lscal alyearlno clober.

32 Fa -* = f e : A n d r e w F. J : B4,or Goodns, ded Mol *; r : [Hosptal n Sou ta k e Cly. *-r * -"- He M -bo-oclr!5,-}9 T H e alcndcd schools n b ck an hs ltary c a > fve years servce wth t.! L c r v e.cosson. ln.u and was assgned tj r -rw llh4he4jfjlcdstale*lp W orld W ar. He was rtc He retfelved a B.A. snd J f ts P U» Unversty ofld s «neber of Ue-.*hl G = - - f t c r o t y r U w - P h Alph H onorab U)e d B s t and the Frth Dstrct Bar * Ho served for 16 years a s» lng Attoroey for Goodlof >w as a. p st-p re s d e n t-e f Proscc ng Atcor yt aa.;<> nflhcnn dlrcctor O f v-dlstrv:t-auo«y5-h\s8( jscrved cn the.law Enfon " fln g Cunlsslontchars* acade y for seven y ta ts. <. H e w as a e ber of th< < Ja e8.-hobdey and Var h e w as a e ber of Ueltf : : <N d. 89 of Goodlhg; l>..q urch. a c fa arte r- a n V Goodng Elks Lodge No =a?t<uy*ztd presdent of tbe"c r?;ry"ctub7r V l)errofu; Legon, at presdw t ol!oregon-neveda Appaloosa a elwr of-(he Goodng "g d lo g -R o d -a n d T G u n -C : G oodlnghlstorcal Soccty. T T J rw a s n c a c scounr Councl ot Boy Scouta-lor -, and receved the Slver Be -for butslandng servco to w as a p ast counly char yn lveralty.of daho Alun = a n dnlb ft-a;tx>!fcab oda -JobffDaughters B S n Survvors nclude hs wll Goodfng;-four sods, Drew Ja es, bot of Spokane, Aj of Kelchlun, and JoeyJa ng ro n e d aughter,-cathy-ol - e V ssters,m rs. MlkefM urva.. o f F a lls C hurch, V a.; grandsons. Ho w as precedec = S e ry Jc eftv y «:a A P = Q! tho-u nlted Frst-M ethodlst Goodng w th Rev. Rober Z 3 E H B U H l : rv lc -ter-h e r..r H a p " Hughw, 81.. cf, Buh; ~Saturday,w lll Uj at0 4.t. t< W hte M ortuary Chapel. Bur n Sunset M e rral P ark. F r c a ll a t the ortuaryunth.9 -fnnlly>u M «ts eorals to V alev j l t e t c f t O O l, ~ OAKLEY - rv lc e s for Butler, 86. of Oakley, who de =w Ja:*«d»k»:Pj sjoday-jn-tl LDS Stake Center. B u rla T DaW eyccetcry. undcrdrec Payne M ortuary n Burley avalh etlrc UC one o servces. :B U R L E Y - A f t e r creauo ~ rta lw rv lc c rfo rm a tje l E.-Ra BDWeVTtthTdled;sundayrwn.... G O O D N G C Ad E v ert Rogers and Mrs. Walt B urtona lnsw orthofh ager an. r D n a. Robe rt HoopyofGoodlngrMrar V g r.b EW " T f C o f e a n, F rank Hatbc Jero oa dolph Braun ofshoctxx." t" TDsl M rs. E doa Morton of GoQ dnsj X L-, BW A son w as bo to Mr. and Mrs CSSA M : L Ad n l. Sandra MartloeZr J y Hale L aura Johnsoo of M alta: Betly C arrp y..all o f Paul; Eleanore C T fle lngorr pejtrc ynthas cy Chervl Uscola. M ara Dnvlev. A. A lbert Anderson and P ear G a rre tt,a llo fp a u ];Ja n lc e C a n lu H to o,; V BM D aughters w ere bo to Mr. and - M r and Mrs.-fto ven Johnson of M )Fall»-M aho W ad n esd ay M Ce eyry B K L 2 B Pe nray f l fro 1 p.r e oral ther cholt TWN F cc.oftwfl followng 0 lf a ll8..s h C j - P ro le r. -fl H S h c r l f f. Sh - H g h % ho -leg e ln -M e H t o T w several ye. S, 1 Brown worked Jo J a e s : M arche n to Ju tel D S, tk Z S S Kw - lf ofce!urrg S S "-"- v- ld a h o.h e w a s a b e a t c T N B ar Assocaton,, nechapcl a s the Prosecu-.. lng County and ; H u < t-o f-thctldaho.l of the Nalonal of H eybu. Assocaton. - H e M e oral H forceent Plan- Servlcesn sro fle p o lc e a nnoun c e o rs. B urly... f the4aw-«r of a ln of Good n g - em asb n lcl b a lhem elhodlst F L E R - n e b er-.o f-o w.. F U c r,.d le d : lo (y ry lng Cllnlc~and >e-coodlng1te ta r r := f a lls rs h e J L f (he Aercan g rad u a tla g f t of the daho- also attenc osa Assocaton, Sdool n Lc eot B o a ra r tte AH.-a. - t9 tt - C lo n d ~he offce ana ely..c fnecjor.! D r v e d w te a th T S b e v kerr ly er-a rea M ethodst- C o r u r e e years chfpcr Beaver Award D aughters.o to boyhood. He * rothy y e a rs j lalr an of t h e. She s sut nl Assocaton Fler:. two.. atetguardlan.of.j.plcrosc of & Tof Goodng; e T W n w fe. Betty, of. F le r; two j rew and Seve ; W lla s ofj!. Ashley Ja es F sh er of K: Jaes of Good- chldren. She rvat S afof -.Scrvlc<»,wl a.; and tw o G race D rake xled ndeath by n the Fler T T nvrnlltl P::Frday-at------p:r-The far KflsTclurchol g Jv c T K n n e >bert Hefly of- nsttute o r t e-at~el\ ~ tal. Box 1830, B ls l w lllb e. n l y s e. Frends ay ade, to tl ll 9.a.. n t : c h u c c h o tu» e l8tathej4agfn B U R L E V - for la Clark dcson. 94, of,dus«lnal».q»m.y allon. e» Scars. B9. of B R auchrk,of w ll b e a l T T - w n - a n o " w an rcb flp e: g p S f l a : lw T V JE U O aa L.: d ltted Valter Gessford, bou of Goodn n. - t fbpfau : tbews,~rosaletar6ssback, alt hwje.. slsaed r 12 J d a rg u e rlle J e w s of Shosho<M, Blrtha - ; rs. BU Rossback of Jero e. k M E M O R la L r = = = = = = = = d ltted lale, U oyd Drscoll, all of Burle; Slty Fsk ;.Betty D raper and Pol pe Greaves of Heybu: McKern y rown-ofm urtaugh., l r e l a. " a r " o f " l w -Kortl Mehellft Korf-n w ry h tu of Heybur Hector Arteaga ( 31r(ha and M rs.paul Carney of Paul: an f M alta rapfl»-»r eryt T rcnds a y c Jra ru K S av 8 Thopson Chapel Thursday p.. to B p!. and r a d a y fro 9 ntl noon. F or those w how lrtln; f flflaar hb tfllly r f f ta.n rals bo ade to the church of tolce; J u n e P. B r o w n FALLS June P ra te r Brown, wn Falls, ded Tuesday ong glc. Valley Meoral Hosptal g a short llness. 7cj BsjhejJnu2Wcr.ofE; Forest -forl}c.-twln F n ls-c o u n ty -: She graduated fro Twn Falls ;hobl-and attended L lnllcld.c ok. l MeMlonvlle; Ore. She returned». Falla where she worted for years at ue loajw LKpartent nd rs-halc s Apparel Shop. On, 1972, sh e a rre d pewls R. a t Sacra ento. - Calf. Sho J o r 0 short t* at the Bon. n Seattle, Wash., and slncc k.(o-twhle p1 She w ortcd for Flowers. Sho was a charter of-the A ltnsa Club-and-the trofjllejllt ors nduce her husband o r lls: one son, Edwft P ra lcr of llshor other, Mrs. Hettle ASSteffeS- w ln F an srt r r ea.wll.bc.conduclcd.ala.pun y a t- RoyooMs. F w w rsf Q ap d V. Glbert M yers of the Frst Cturcb ornclatng. Bural.wUl.! Twn F alls Ceetery. Faly eorals to the date Youth FYlenrft-ay call thl e ln p rsday untl t oofservlccs.at - cl. F u g T. D u n h ff, OH N - Hflgtr T T D u n h a r M r. ded Tuesday a t the Cassa Hosptal * s :a rc -p e a d la g.a n d wll be s H y U w P a je M u tu a r et trhara UCobb BartanrHelen Cobb. 61, of a M o n d a y.fltjlf T w rl E a y?: d Hosptal followlng a short-- B lved n PUer M t of h e r llf e j r g fro F lc r H l S c f. She ended.woodbury Busness ~ Los Angeles, Calf., and was 942rtFHerrahghadw or«d a s - r - anager of Asgrow Research rbnyypa r8anduhlljkr:;::: e w as a e ber of the Fler. 1 t-c h u rch -th c j;e e r--o j:.s.:d -; o; w p.e.o. 5tsten»D{fAn r : r- s.o f the Nle and had spent X 8asa4-H teader:. 1 survved by b er husband bf - t u daughters. P a trc a.c cm. f Bose, and Vlckl J. Slorev of 5 r othertm n. K.A. ueero of" o ssters, Mrs. G.L. (Lols) < otb olse, and Mre. C.L. (Pat] J Klbery; and fve grand- -f She was preceded n death by n },w H lbfrat3p.n.todayatthe C ake offcallng. Bural wll be p ler GOF Ceetery. Frends - f BU gps tb T O orb lslxr=t U reountb lr StatcsTu or U )T the Vrgna Mason Hosp- N 30, t t l e, W a s h.» b r ~ tfadfty- ln - t h e -a u flc y - B re B - Church.--Arrange<ato-are.. g ggests any re e brance be *u the Burley P re-*-ttr~ b fc B u rte y P tftt fs ry h y -S ervcw -fw -LulftrAn- r -, of Burley, who ded Sunday,- l lp.. Thursday lo th e Burley S ;th-7lh Ward Chapel. Bural b and evenng and a t tbe church \.se ror to the servces. \ f S o rv w fw Sada V. *7. h f Burley, who ded Saturday. S l a l r t o d a t h f r E l b a L S R )ClrBnrtal"wl«-be-tn-Alblon a b f l p S S MN tdng: R a V l l o a u d A*(taughterw asboro MAOlC st or M rs. C olb Raodolpb, 1 M oore. R eae T ala ante K evn T ooer and r t v t a J K of Albon; M n. Ja c k H G eorge S th, both of Burton, M rs. Roger Oseo WayoelHodean Da... dfcasu eford; Mrs. Melvl = = = =! B g e rn u ::U d M rf c L e s rlc y. rlo e rb v lc 8 sb f"b n H ; Polju F ra n k B ucher aad soo. V enzle- Pe(er8ea;-B aby Boy WU U n d y Jensen, au of Tw ", J a s o a P ra per of Haybu tjsn Mrs. Wavn» Kt«oy JTWl B Sean flavcnscroft o f Hager a W l--" -. D a l e n e bo to : lnd M n. Robert Hodge, al and S o n s w ere boh) to Mr. a M r.an d M n.jac k H lra lo f - " L - ; E zan lccu? TWN FALLS - E la Nl N yssa. Ore., forrnery of ) n n w u u 8 j nunnuun. H e w as bo Feb. 4, ga O kla. H e w as reared lo the. o r H e farrocd n the He before ovng to Nyssa la 19 - H o s survved by hs wlf. N y ssa ;tw o sons, Marvn ; Calforna, and N orrs Ncc neapolls, Mfnn.: and three Florence of Portland, Ore.. A n]ta.w hefn yssa;or H oward Nlccu of Wendell;. Alce H ac k elto fx o rte. Co preceded n death by one son... Scrvlces-TWlbe rn y w a ~ ~ ~ T hursdnv. D e l a R d H o se h K M B E R L Y...- Dela R ose" Rosenbaurh, 73. K l bcrlyfar er.,dledear o ng a t Hazcldel Manor longlllness, ~ H fr-w asbo.july.28,jm 7 Sprng..Va. Hc attended Gt - schoola a n d. Dayldson C Davdson. N.C. He served n :.o f tho-klberly-chrstlan-c whch he w as treasurer for 2S ca p. n the Magc MounUl a n le d -M a ry Ellen-Hab: 1938, a t G lade Sprng. They daho n M8 and fared n V a l l e t h o f K h f r y J t n ear Knberly n 960 when becausc of poor health Survvors nclude hs wlf< bory; two daughters, Sar< J)B u.o L K l b e rly. andlm rs (Susan) Valla of Rochester. 1 e ra l brothcra and ssters of V F l o rd a r a onegrandchld S l w l l b e a t p..t )..W hlle..m ortuary wth. Rv.. L arsen of Ontaro, Ore.. ; J a M Keere~bf O o tt -G r bothoftlw C brfstladc hurebr ale..bual.wll.bejn tho T -----C w n rtfry P rl>nd>-ayea =rzn»9rtuflrr:ut5ranbrdmnndh and T bursday untl noon. Tl - progra a t the Kberly Church.,r r ~ OttoLobht-=.F ftlls Clnc and H oltal. -~ -- H e w as w rn -Mflfcn j r M nnesota. Ho oved to dal 1930s w here be was a buld tractor. Ho ca c to tbe Tw nf n t l y. 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35 j r " /, J : ~. U - W odno8day.a pflt Tos.Nows; Twn Falls. dah d8ho:.."- J. ktckft :ers~story l / o 2 By MKE DOWNED EY "... *. Nothng a about hs play was. Oh, sure, & 1981 Chcago Sun- >un-tcs Jre, lssnootng was an abs bsolute peak. f you take thc.. l-of-7 for tl e ga e aw ay fro the at th o frst half. But shootng snt everythng.. th a tppont. c t would really be dfflcuj w hch s wh; flcujltorecover tvhy Qunn Buckncr stepped fn fro hgh school to.the ndana to t le NCAAtourna ent-co tte 0 th e Mlwaukee Buclcs and l ntteecttvth th e unverr. d look teas to thc sty S S PHLADELPHA A T he kd <a e out of tl presdents p a fter the evenng s [ thc Chcago playoffs wh wherever he wenl. Thoas la ng sthrd-placc ga e and M f jll suburbs, full of gu hod four steals. He electw guts and b ran s and basketb led to proceed. " thnk the con tbflll ablty. adetw o b b askets that put the Hooslers co ttee w as absolutely, ahead :»-30 after rght, J h c y s a ld h e w a sth s the g rcalesfg u a rd to grow u\, ndana coach.bobby uptherc n a -they h ad led by only one pont at hafll Knght sad, laler. "O ur ftle. He scored 19 though. long, long t e. Thc They sad t when he took h s g h ts w erc wllh the presdent, s te a to lh e. p o ln tsn thh e second half< t. b but 1 knew these peootc state hgh school 1 fr fnals andthcy were stlllsay rpolse-on-the-sltu BttorrnrW nylng;» after ak«... ns rwashrsgtdnt j r t o l a jh ~ ~ b & b» d * g u k e d 4 n d k lu w W udo-ah er that war K B o n sh lp -. u w alcln p - an d ap p lau d 13 gaccv jn ng wam g- teeh h ey declded. w;*dk0-at0r ;lu»h-l00 tktfgck ~ use, w ear the net around hs s n neck and acknowl-. So, th 1 e show went on. And Kr knght won hs.s o n d, odge he w ass p re tty su re he would stay J M Fve years agort jrt-w as-thestoryofq unnfluc n school nstead natlo nal ttle n sxyeat. He dd d t w th one senor n thc pro: startln: w H l Monday, t w as s the stoo* of sah Thoas. Yc tng-lt:ap-(raytoldert77he"d H C -d w U T aleana Q H saw h score 23!3 p ponts Monday nght n ndl dlona s C3-50 Whereupo pon Qunn Buckncr, standng e v e n of ts frst 17 ga es. He g n a hallway, wos where le d: dd glssb- 11 n the sa e arena H wn over North Ca arolna for the natonal cha haplonshlp. told that a; naybe sah ght jon h e-b u ckncr ad a lneup tn Mlwaukee soe senors ofpperelassen o f (four H f a...you probably.hec h eard h announced as th e NCAA. d ay, snce hl th er c a r s h sd been paralgl, one junor) won the ttle ln n llflm far.-..j\jy V S fem tourna ent s ost t outstandng player, 1 hope not, Qunn qupped, " n lose r!y fret thought upon wnnng ng ths, Knght sad as se y jo b.", soon as a the gae ended, was, B W att o rsh o utld-havfrseen-was l h sact-after :, When does thc tournabaetto Phladelpha? " :e r-lh o.g a d B n ck n cra addressed hs-ala a terrp laycrsb e fo relh o ent-c< T lek ld lsso rae Uthng lr else. peccable annc convlttee-lnlend tu cotl Uagl ners, snappy g a e,re nlhdlng r the of thc pressure.. answers, cat-that- la t-ate-th ean ary s le, playtd-as-a. p ures and ptfalls of "Y o RcAA play. b u know K nght contnued, x, "sah has been sort of ly. He knew they hod ehougl K [ w.. - p u p p ybchavlor, ugh to thnk about the spokcs an for ths tea all J w thout won orrylng w hether the goew along, alo and he kept sayng -You should h&ves te seen the pnt-szed sophoo ewas ;golng lo be th o tjl lore, obbed nnvodal ar L -w as.agoodjca, th a r c v v H h h K ; - o j l b y h l d lre rs aashestrolled.offhecq s h urt afte a l l- t h e ga e havnvbeeh c f f they kept-w orkng to - - srulsea t.. a,e, n doubt because of prove, they could go w here we fteoonsshootlng of Presdent /e w anted to go. He n ever.d -A 4 A young lady asket ked for an autograph. sah, lent Ronald Rcogon lost sg ght of th a t fact; and th a fs nw ashlngto on. why wh] we won. T hat s what. a k e s. and sgned hs na e. e T he crowd sw ept H awa re Y T T T flrc a T T s rn ucjuer c f 5at(T tec Bwa «a y.t te n te c a S ra u s e o fth e slow start, ndan dlana wound up wllh the s a h T h o a s c e e b r a t e s t t l e b y c lp p n g n e t ookedbackovor-hls -hsxhouldexlaltheglr... u r country s guqcd down, r(; rghl n h e ddle w orst record r n the 43 yejars of th< ;.. of-troubled-tl r the tourna ent "Sorry t s slop foppy, h e s a d... 1-t csrand-here are these :e Mkds- about:lo.:pr John-V -Wooden s -lq -U C LA chapl - through the e bggest bl plonshlp tea s Jo s t a event of ther lves,.tt l h er anxety s at T OTAL L of nne ga es. =zbklade\ph\ harps=pac(. By Unted P ress nl.eatlo tlonal r ~., !..Z! r - s< e r e s - open-w ednesday- - n g h t - w l t h - H : P chlw g n n n rlu 01 tnn N 4 B A P la y o ff a - [ H g ouston.au Los.A ngecs.ana n d J C a n s - - basketbah -talen t around R ound ( B f S ) n; T he kere. takng the lono n g r o u t c l n l = a t-o u t-t u e sd a y n l g h t : - r a n E 5 5 H g f : r r. : r. -. Afler allowng New Yor; E a st. -sn f. cen96rt< rw n * b ack n o b forls - T ~ no~contronw e~n f s r;o rr ru ead ay rsr ew lts ttles, w o - o f fve ga taes fro an d eslab llsh a 2*poJnt cj? o 9 a r N c w -Y o rr -8 0 lh" o n a lu r c n g - th e.r «g u l( A rts G lrorc and the leads seres 1-Oh but therockets won the last st eetng,..chlcagos.powerfuurdnt-lj elpha. 124,-ndana Tn-:Lo5-Angeles.-rwlh.:Mosc ses Malone - -th o K ncks -nsde ga c j phaeadsscrles l-o. - outplayng K art A bdu-ja J a b b a r r rfg reenw ood-tossed-ln-h t n u rsd a y sgae S t llr - th c cha psflnlshed: d-secondto W h rd p erlo d - - p. J n J :z p a n ls:to sp a rk :th e 3 B u lso:as(wo= lls: a d c p3hlaallndlana,-6:05p: :----- Phoenx n the P acfc Dlvls v le to ry -ln -th e - o p e n c f-o M F rday s Gaes rcm rd and the chan Q o n s h p l of-urcg payat seres.- -~ ~ jrp tg lu j u,6 :M p.. =6( W e n t «Q j w } E g j -M aglc/johnson, who ssed loodays ~ C hcago can advancc to o th tl e E astern C onference M nlffnals hy j w nnng - - W «t jjurjn&.th,e.5eason.wlth a sov ;cvccc.knce. G a e 2, -w hch s schet :hcdu,=d ro r. Tonljght s Gaes " nlury, Chcago on F rday nght. stlosa ngclcs,9:35p..... T h e L ak ers aso have an aroused ;=ln:lhoh>lh r-easfefn playc 5 y o r f 5 p = s K - l ;tju»trh» andf9:3sp.to = A b d u a a b b a r.. - = =. = ~ **N ow we c n n e t down o~ ( 5cr!sas~ H, - Ju lu s E rv ng scorcd 32 poll ponts to lead 1- busness, A bdulabbar sal :ald.."n ow th c PhDadelpha 76crs to - trlu p h v cr thc ndana pq delphla, Bobby Jones and th e real season s ta rts- - New Y ork led wkhs added 20 apece to "T h e bfg fellal lsready to p la y, q u a rte r but Gl ore, wh ng,- who-scored 18 of hs sad sal assstan t coach P at R He j reb o uhds a nd two blot:kl e flrs th a lf -. wan ts the cha ponshp badl frst half, 6-9 % Greenwooc J ThC 7 to? s Sshot 64 percent fro the K an sas C ty -a n d Porta land, two S7:49.haftc lead and thc lgl lghtly regarded tea s whc llch ca e er got d o.than -Q the. PA on la te to qualfy, wll stage a battle of cllpplne l e to fa y th e a lf A - he-scressclfw JTjursday----- ThcKlngsl-slowdown-:lorT 3 Bpo~won r jjjg ll llanapols ov< ovor-p ortland s fast-break-n three n f f CKcago opened thc fh (n ap crld : w lth-clght-stralght-polnts! of 0 (.U0 (lnal lers-reco v cred -fro a n. th U>e e r fve regular-season eel jclngs but q u a rte r n d -th e -K n lc k e o nt-d eflclt-to -lakc-a-2 7 * 2 2K - an sas Clty-ay-stll-b&stag aggern g a cadonjohnn: d o s c c. th a n three polots.a M yd avslayupw th3:13 b t fro a r o u race for a n l >~aftcr-that. -a * he f R cky Sobers paced Chlcag frst quarter, but Jones *T " nt n ofafrat d to say we w a re a j ponl& Grccnwood added 17, ponts n a 14-2 tear a s the rag -tag te a and that s -why l ak- M - and Glore 13. v, s s ds, tured th e advantage, 36-29, ng th e playoffs eans so >jg u c h jo R ay-w llla rlctrn gttry of e,".fla d - j «pgshc<p t r 3 P ltzs ons, w hose. sque u ad.-sz l J T anctcarpy Russell hod 17.- T -Y ork? s -/«r-gur-m lct sd ndana*wlth:25-ponts s sses-lnjured P h llf o rd.- T T h lrcu b c h a rd so n sc o rc d only nne ] a n d D a v ls a n d M k arto added 19. " hha a s played h a holeal year," :r.-wllha]l MJk ".,. nepolnts. -,. 0 W este - Conference n- th ec a d v e rslty.". UPl P h l l l y s J ulus l E rvng b attle s Pac< a c e r M k e B a n t o u n d er t h e b o a r d s d u r g frt q u a r t e r p l a y.... t, L A 5 ; e r s = yas F p& 3 tls e p N V rrfb H ffpen } - ~ G a g e te rast=.., T-v startoepeat Ml tept Ses=s«veekrecc overy cl :ure - * NGLEW O OD,-Ca..;(U ;( P ) - - sx-t e MV VVP Kareen ABdul-"* "1" really thnk.lhe Lakers w would S E A T T L -R lc h a -N lx o o -w a sp re sd cnrbdlcvrtb8:fcakcrs= s?havj?e E r t [ p r ) ~ = sffa n n eran cn se was rdrhfcdtf ave«tberplaycd:c olden«ta) K Z E w O B s:y e a r.a t t a t e o r = = S c h u l r a a a -V etn a confllcfewasbegl layythenkrfdw v ns-are =ac fflfl p n p tn p tlv -p f tno-pnyong- wll p g KCnsaB an CUy, n c jg 5S!dr N6l lodody - para ount-a tu rn a natlonsour and youd drve -d e te r n e d t t-andenonnous""as-he a:a t n y ~ n te;cst~ lc h c te a 1- ~ nce- t e l l e r of th e Wej b:,;. th e play of th e u k Westphal for Denns k e s.to.d ea l.wth JMoses Ma lalone. begns rebulc Hdng thc:.scattle~su-.wl.. to aaolhct;s(atloajbcrore.p w nnng th e NBA caponsh e.payng.50 c o n s s t e n t l y shp. Johnson rade. lly sp e c to c u la r-r7-2 -r ant! n a C alvln=m uplyrthos«r!t u y s personcsrwwho have jst cxperr -- -.c e a tsfo ra sallo n o fg a so llo.w hatever lttle-.success, D e. center ; - - -scat 5care everybody becausc thc h ey re enced-one-of e c esln N B A lhsto 7 n a n ated f r w as satsfed wtl; a v e "every belef" of-the- ore-rapld de h haa d n lfc would:have-been-< V Wlkens sad lh e. T he y e a r w as t wv as a sth e a s t, " N o w w eca can g et down to serous can; capable of explodng at any tlr t e a te a successfully y defended b usness, Ab bduw abbar sad ear- - ts NBA cha ponshp. Thc The Boston -H er fhls..wet v eck. l N o w tb c a l " R ed,-w b o hot hand, led >d te Ju s t two yea -eare a h e r wnnng thc h h avng one success n a feld wll be healthy next - C eltcs d y n asty.ca e to a n end seaso n startg U. " lockeato*wrts-n fouro rhe; le la s l N BA -tltle.thej lesupersonlcs fnshed sal sad. " thnk wnnng urges y stphal snoa free... (h a t y e a r-a n e r-th e y -reepeated p e a s...n. la s t.yym e r s.:!tcal. season,-.. y ve ga es to clnch the pla layoff la st n the P»aclfc Dvson for the to w ant lo wn agan agan. S represented by the A bdul-jabbar a r co pletdy doe rs Avan Adatns te te f n» -w h n th flr tn gn fo fnr nn. 9nc v car afl after, settng a tea wnnng wl d esre:. Otherwse S u y S crth.sald t wascrlc~a] for h h t o... frst t e n hl th e cub sh slo ry : Just especally ] calls for a trete e S l S e H oward S?5 lusher who couldnt J Tonght..lhe.LoSjAngecs j K U k c r s ent wth Seattle ths begn th e r quest of th e 198G ack Slkraa~orS eattle tffehslve-rdw und or re tr e at t w th reco rd w th a regular-seoson snoudnt sh tx n e g a c. T -T vth- e orcsdf-m aglt» DawlUns oflhetsers. 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Heney V M.e, s. luner llun Alvarado BJ. ; TTe he M ets. tred 6f.--waHng lng fo r s x th co n sc c u tt tv e openng d ay B urley-h gh JchooLJ c T uesday af - rm U)!«.7., leoq) 1,-Heney (VJ VMS.6..wch (Bl reht-l terroon. ht-hander Juan. B ercnguer r to tc fg- assgn ent wth hs b cst outng of the t l e6 W t g h t e n s HO -. Whllccar (Ml 3: Bu M jd a.7.3. Correa (B) 1» ColllnrMl 19.1,.5,.. ly g T h e Mnco boys bc do nated-the :ts.0.-3,.blkl5er.{v)j:15.."4. Caperr "-j o u t how- lo -co n tro l lls s fery. sprng, helpng the le M ontreal Expos to erm l Clark V)19J. runnng events ts and fnshed wth ;l«.5.$;jota«oolb3:a.l ~ SO -. Kucran (V v29.». tw o n (B r f a stb a ll, T u e s d a y tr a d ebd d -th e a 1-0 vctory over r the t Oroles. Rogers TWlf WN FALLS. - Two flrsl-njund.ho -. OOMldxn (Ml 4:S3.6,1 A.. Lara Ll Dodllynn n o.l, 115 ponts w hle le Valley w as second n llww-ldlj».4,.5. < na anlan natve to the.ka ans a s. w a k e d jn e ju lastruck U out rve n sx wnner necfferebm cjl lnjhq second H r4!5j.t 5A U capnh rs:l;ofleal«fe PenBel(V»3J, w lh 71 talles, Cty. R oyals for lnor-league». Host Burley w as ;ue out-* nnngs. R ay Bur; rrs pcked up hs sesson Son of th e Magc V aey Church <ra> UJ»S:t2.0,J.Hcreod«MS;t7.l. 30o -l.aark(v S 3.«0.e.2.Wlllldl(B>MJ. th rd wth s 3,300-. * l.-donaten (Ml lotsst. l Akrtan r - 1 Correa (B «,», 4. Brun x w / r t l e y y ; :, d c r M arvell Wynne and pt tcher sccond vctory wt /th one shutout nn- League gue tourna ent Tuesday nght.... D on-p atton, 1, R andy U oyd and JJJ -} rll 0j3t.»,3. aayyl[md 11: R...UU ra. (V)J» n Sknner. ng....f rst rst U nted Melhodlst and F r s t. 4) ll;s(.7.9.tol«t>uraerkh 3;»,7. M arty Donalds- ldson w ere double / NeUon (Bl 7.< H.4. kwerraan TV) Bcrengrer, 26, h a s been n the A M ets Los A ngeles scor ored four runs n the Baptst jtst, bolh w nners Monday nght, - -RdavRvfflU 7l,e. 3, Cotlrn (D) 73,8. 4.Muaann(V»77,«, 4.1 organl w nngrsoe.thc6 anzatlon sncc 1978,. n 16 : ajor- botto of th e egh ;hth nnng and held bowed /ed to C hlrstlan C enter535.antl.-: c S p a rta n s... - r - = MD-ytfdU.-Bur«y-«C(utfCr«ne, Cank H atton won the OO and 200-eter gue ga es.-he haa a 1-4 record 3rd w th on to d e fe a fth e CndnnaU Reds 6-5, St. Ed w S y s = 4 6 r n n e - s e c o n 3 Konr jnrad 4».2.1 Mlnleo 40 Jl. 3. Valley.49A. 49X l.V ahh»um 2:J3.7.3rBartonlV) f a c E ffw hlle tt l nay r t l w l r l M l f r M l R ; r T 2:W.S.-3.-Whllebe>dad 9-WO.-4-Chtrte«(M=.7S-ERA f l t c d J Q r an Qver yerpow- TrnlHnp 4.2 <n th> p nd. F r s t Nazarpnu-posted.t.s T events-and-d gont l ( t e o -d o u b M -ln - M?]MLn!ep(DP.ltbn.McKlu <lmje.3:0l.5.glllele(dn(, n g g fastb 1 alr Berehguer has "alv/ays sco red runs on Stev eve G a rv jy n g e - ond-wr wn-of-lbcjqucnacnl by downg utnuf. K. U ral 2. Valley 1:40.3, W] r.«oo--.-tvefl-(v) )8:4«. 8 2, watoa (M... h a d thcl,600and3,20( p roble s w lth-controhtd-rthc d P e trg u e rrc ro s nfl nfleld h ltrffthrow ngr edeen leeerlutheran54*21, rley:4l«.4.dt<lol-44j 1-7-tp.8.3KnUyjBL7;20A4.4.Wnod«lMl7:43,9, M C MDqr--rMUUoo;(McXUul«rMauc M s, lf- a c<wcaflod. by. a n - ptressve T0F4w r 4)tchw J aff-lahu-and.aa«ld. a. T he-1 llle H M + -HMr*MHavetB(V r n the grls dvson desplle a Dufoo Kdn. Whllak«r 4: Valley 4:09.0. r4;27.7r3tk anb T f«n e n r r H j E B, v jvc e ry -b y -B o e -l e -a c e-c C r a g p l U h T -re es:w lb-actlon-lhc.o!leary stro n g perforr ance by Burley rley4:».,4.0eeto4j3.«. n, dccded to gve up on h and Steve T rout pt ltched -sx shutout and R oberl Stew art gy nasu s. MK -. Valley Taylor. Xency. Scwat -totayere W a look ; to the future, nnngs and the C]. sopho ore lre r e Nelson..who w o o - c<«chlcago- Whte Sox Thursd; ay.. rtcalfr3:4»,8.-2.mlnl«3:u.o, 3. Bur< Jurey - * )»«> - - Burley sy lalavarto, Ward. Wvn: y n n e, a 20-year-old speedster, ler. lasl the 40trnelere 5.anlongJu aj pand (nt.4 H.4.0*c0#:S. r -Wlton. MalUewt S \....anchored B urlej reys wnnng le S9.S. 4, Mnco 80.Z r s to le 30. bases an d, M ted tao T-V«lle>t-S«a hawvvr-uuuann...wth Cl C h a rlc s to a.o lth c J )Q u b lc!lsouth ju p"- ltuey (V» 3/4. J*. Hanen. Huaal J:0SA. 2. Burey 2:06.S. 3. AUantl tlc League. He had 20 double: b e s,5 Y T y r S trong wnds s slowed several of. «*«euoer (Ml lo-l. 3. MalUtewt B M M.. * > Declo2;06j.4.RanRlver2; the t es and forced the cancellavaul v.-3.? Arnold (Br4.-Canler D, S. Dlacke»c*er~-; - luje - - jrdurtey (Alv«jvtrdo.-WMtet>e»d. G arolr }lna U nversty and-was last lydml M,S.Sewart(V l(-7b. cs, 18 ho ers and 98 RB. Uekky -. Valley 2:12. Ultjut - t. Koer M M. 1 Sctwar UoaoLthepoleva an. Burley2:l7.2.4.Mlnlco3:20, :nner, 23. s a g raduate of r N Tuesday s resul a u lts : (Vj!.". -; Wlllld.Nettos4:».2. Vall aey4:s0.e. year fc for Jacksonvlle of the Doubl Trtpl rtplejanp - 1. CanJertDj 40 V Uoy f J o y d FMdEvea BOYSW eou Southe rsvahsny M l» 3M b. XTUley (V) 39-lH. 4. a rd er>b> r (B h eral eag u C,. Gbotpat - UCorrea B ]. Mlnleo tls,2. Valley 71, 3. l.».shwartw),3?-0. >M1 t j"..!;.. j nck V)a»ftS.Pca7»oolVj2W! gn.to the Mets Jackson, Ml.... n r S S 5 a -. loebhenc S S l M S rt M (V»7H.3.CohenlVl7M.4.4.ABtRee(V7t3. S e 1 Cnnt <Bt lfe. 4. KWd CDlTl.61. J. D to KU ; -. Keocy V S4. z Xal(M Kla ter T uesday, Dan N or an s solo H B. S.Hou«n(M7S-]S. Ploo<Vt , 10,3. PoMfflkk (Ml ltl4, 4. Crten (B <B HUb lup -. WhUd Uehead B * e ru n w tlh two out n thc e l " 11010!-nJoydM llm )t.l.2.k lo (V) tom.s: 4.5:Hfr»(vno$-TH: M atlh (B):s. Wton (B rb.-4.-w[chb,-s: - nnng g g av e-th e-m e ts-a 4-3-vlct rlctory XMtrtelUBj 17.7, l7.7,4.arlm-cb)18.4. Colrtn D ), o v er-u -the-s t.-l oul5-c ardnal6. (..R -1 ay aoo lrp*oof«t«ttonttsva R s L au JB D p -l.n elw q l J Me c»u.v)jt7,*.c» B f4,2.haftmn Scarag C noe8ju 4,.S.CoxcB. 1. Val ag e, who ptched two score sreless O T V (VMMWra.-Arenan (MMJ Deck) r ~ Go-e«to»S.s.nan Rver* W b.s. Egben (Ml 13-33/t g rro n w rh T rsk T rersrrh rg s -w " 2 H J U a nne,, pp lc k up the vctory,., "The e D ctrolt-tlgers ay be-runn unnng t of patence wth a ptcher cr 1too. H M f 9 n 1 ed eet at : Glenns Fe grry leads slate c h. the 1976 Rooke of fth e r fw N F A L y S = M agcv alley s " a n d HH ju n p lh g w h erelh e ax- lax- feren ce wlj run a t who T at T jw r battl g-a ;- a r track season gels ets underway on all u heghts and dstances wll be e T hursday for (he re le s ev er snce, gave up three r ~ * " fro n tffth ls -w e e lr- ledtogctherrt hereh jev few fc* onh.. -,1 rontfour hts-n-orennlng.n 4 h e... A to u S e a r05 a s already-bave h a d eyent ts forjust boys and Just grlf. s. - t a an o th er F rd ay r a L f r 5 J o s s to - P tts b u r r l ther.frst copet jettbn a t h e cmt P ar rtlc lp a tn rn th F rn e e C T tch- a w-ljt e n t e r t a n g h fla te d F d r y c h s Bpr M c o e u n dder e - fre-v by - th s ~ l> e d{nsat n Z -r T T w llbet C fly. B T astleford, Shoshone; le and F le r a t 3 tra n ng sta ts to 13 hts, 8 walks anc wead. odeu.-g lenns.ferry.fu er-and - p.,-w hlle4he-jero e-tlgere- l jn 15 nnngs for an ERA. EF??H!=8tage5lher?annuaH J 7. f e r e d fo r A-3 tean earns Frday~when l r N o r th C o n f e nee r e (onal....- G lenhs.f fsts erry a co-ed hcstjrelays eetet o f the season s.s late d for for. Twn F a lls leav es ; B B r u ln J ta d u : L TT- J a s t T s t - s a y srn r n r e a n r a n s n p to a a y Tp f o r th e flrs(. t e,, Coach < J e rry H -. l l H n - l l l - bfe c= lq ld u a o n = u ( te e the Klelnkopf taldng -the ~ *tpgn*j, lw»tnyg*>n n r ttg n r f - T h f a 1»gg n p trl g la r nclude(lscu?cus>.shotput.long Jn v ta tbd-tea SrThe-NorthsdrCon- on- a t Skylne T T E -2T osn ow 3,tu. Track R U P E R T -T w lnn Falls Hgh Sdoo e d als llst at T - n - T ~ l7 v - < s U t s l : - - B - q ~ - :won ts thlrdtrarsltjrf ty g o tr atch n a s - dako ho F alls won the Junor varst; a n y M ts T uesday. afternoon whle eet wtufa wl 347 whle Hghland w as a T»10?MlS2l=S.Meycrt> :rt»efrerrg:ct>o( 81. d j O? 2. j u? # l n. a y Un D. RBMaaenB2aauut : T he Bruns defeated LedJhg.seV eaots r,w ] tha MncQ.was s S h a t sr:Alt)rlgW tstk «;e l«a fftt c 8 ~ tfe T F H ----PocakUo R«ckow» «H a r R s n ( r e.- B r - J. -" T w n F a lls h a d a 329 te a sc o re Juno r v varsty wth p 91 whle-kr < lrk -.RoblM«.B.pcflcer90. w h le H ghland Hgh h O of Pocatello w as D ew ad ld had a 94. Bob Leazer ancn d. dabofasm - c. vaj ottrobln ns, J. - t --secbndraljsg.-m lnlco h ad a 358 te a D a v e CClausen h each had a 97."-=:; Rckard 83. J. Chrxleeno. sc o re for ffth place. T h e! (3. M. Wlltla <R. 0. eet Was oved up a day afte L,.S te v e - M e y o e f fer e r and ; G ary Coot - orjgnall lally-beng-schedul for todav ><?aytrw.pcwrst. - ~tted fo r th e low Twn r>fals F score a. T h e nexl ext acton fo r Twn F alls wll b -D ave~ras ussen had lad a 82 and-j F rd a y -ln - the-jero e-lnvh atonal. BlKkfMt - R. Archlbt btd «2. K. C a ern. F S * 6 P.Jacl»nBnW.K.Jacob»97 anos. T WlthL.ar{ a r f t r r otflrt a M b e Je re rot fkyy-t-fltt?r F t n r t e a Ts s - p o s r l - o u tla w vcto :to re s ~ ~ " V - r ~ " L r o rashespc lholeal1.< sby 21 F L E R - F our r ore te a s * o tfy w y e th o h e -secgu M ag c V alley-o utlaw tlaw B asketball.t o u n ta ent T uesday ly nght to co-, DAHC HO FA LLS An eght-run frst rst Mnco novnces 1 loo-nnngar-. P - - p l e te the frst round. - nnng ; fklhted the Mlnleo SpartaM s ttoo athop a gnlnj; Ru»lqy y S atunlav, Acles- lon wll s ta rt a t 7 a.n... S atu n lay at.te a.e l n a te d -when len t bowed to day..-the M lnlcodaond anc d run through 4 ;. -G e E qup ent n the fnal - - J e f f S< Schow and R ss-w r t col- Ml-, p.. t then wll swtch :h to Burley fro -ga e Tuesday. lectcd trlples tr to hghlghtthe seven- en- 4 p.. untl about.1 lp. * ; E a rle r, Buhl T re and a Aulo deol- h t s p r t h a t took al the suspense out T he arathon gae s ; beng held as sh ed tje F le r Outlaws WS 63-26, Qualty of th e } j gae. The vctorv rased a fu n d -raser for thebaseball pro T llef-ouu asted-n orthw (hw est -Plywood M ncos- > s-record-to-5-4verall-and-3*l- lsrb o(h~vaslty r , Hess Charolas downed d P rest n th e Ge 3e State Conference. a n d -la y v W p la v e rs wll ll b e used over ru c ld n g = J = a nfj-t d h p "A n d y g r : >TOe-g j-g u y H ta t reauyt=«bp1j5f «t tfte-14-m ur p e ro d? = r r - "to p pled the F llng Statc a to n S d. to d a y / " ( Coach Rck B a u sad, ld. - Acton resues-at 6 1p:. today a l = " E v e r yythlngoneyes. t h - ~ - loalee HMO -» ~ l h e F ler gynasu n,, the.fvegae.. Schow.lw.h lg h te d (he 2l-hlt attack daboralla... flot o o o» e -. 8 s 4 Becklead. Ferrn-151. Carr rr6~j7> an3<lanjt*. s l a te h g h l te d Dy H ouse of w th a 1 t two-run ho er n (he (hrd tr a uw nlnser. Walker.(2..Po(( tm(er 141 and~bee>. B eans-r a sey s Heatn tng collson at nnng, th (he ball clearnjg the 40R-foot JOt W r klead. UwnlnRer. 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Securty -nu bers a r - rocerllflcatlon < FAR MARKET VALUE OF LCENSED VEHCLES: Proposed (or aonden (o re-. Wthn he te lllu sp e e lfje d w re n y Person ru o a J n th e O H A d -., flonaladlnltrallve 0* f ~ dho-fa8.7copob:of«h«be fectedby W. rules s «n c o u n o a d la. Bu&U nlorallon. con-. earnng h a antcpated econoc pac o f e pro-. posed acton. All wrtten ust-be drected to the un- d a rlg n e d -and us-a e - T ~ : def8s*ned and poarted - t l o n r o r t f o» gove enunclude a stateent ol tne ~. drect nterests ol lhe petll-. loner(s) n the subject at w T w N S.tA HAM Coordnator. Ad-, lnslratve Procedure------* ; Bose, daho63<20/. 3 (Rev.2-e) BEFORE THE u Unlled arc«lservc«fled. Wllh daho- Publc Ullles. Cosson Suppleents n No. 6 and 7 to Local and x -Jont Parcel Tarff. 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Jl r Volk,- Bg W o Roally- -73y5005-jUo551: f WE HAVE SEVERAL nlce -, 7 UNT APT. Large lot, kl -NPfflr wljlod.-hc.lka- [ 020:.UoneyToLoan MONEYTOR NDVDUALS fotto.ooo FAST The equll/ln youfw rexsrr * be turned nto cash through. B f a s r Hooowners loan fro Transaerca Fnancal Sorvcos. Your oney can -beusea loconsodao b s r buy "bg tcket" tes, re-, odelng,.r put nlo - - g a - g a s y g a - - *fdorlgsgeltoee how uch - -fftw n Falls 7S3«44- t. lnjeroes ,lnflug{U 3M 7a N a.p b! h la :p rm y e n l. - - ( a a t M a d s a - (g 1 ttdoaywahad. - surod only ~ ~ - - : --Oa ; M u la w M QUrTAR4 BANJO Lessons- begnnng or advanced. 734h2...ORGAN LESSONSj Call. - - : nn»:m oa«k«n-n34028 =n a ller2o ~ j F S B E t f e -! F o r S a l e C9 Opef House*... /.a b lo, C o e jb e. a jl-- c.b rck.-3-bedroa,-3.bah hoe wllh 2 freplaces,.roo s galore, etc. etc TfQTrASSUMABLE LOAN d Fordealls.callFran: $ Aurora Caoltat Corp: y ~ HotnosForSla- 3 BEDROOM HOME, t198 <! = r - «d ;. " w 5 r 1 Fnance charge 9U%. For t -lnfo13flwalnutslre«l ATTRACnVEbflckhoo. 2 S vftrbplacos; LEASE WTH l O O N tobuyort R A D Efor 9 -s a llo rh o u serc a ljo h tn l- S Snako Rvor Roal Estate & g nyostonls Bodroo-counryhorne fully carpeled, cloan. Fnshed basoont. ru trees, lenced vard: ; Dr.. 3 Bedroos up, full B14.~r-=.-:-:A-- - GET THE LOW DOWN on n s sharp cape cod house nc on presdent sreel. Cenlral ur alf..splnklno. syste,.?, en cm. yard. a n d two -, S a r & e a t ov & - g?:o T o S n "l.& " * «- g z E tts A T E R C T -ADDSON OFFCE loosaddtsonavee M W HoeaForSale 030 e tt Bua/neuOpportuntes hed»p-,,000; r to Brck s wonderful Lovrcosl antenance lent 3BedrooUalyroo j w f u lfta ee fnent * to- EVERYCONVENENCE ny 3 Bathroos nd nraf-br, a Choce locaton OnlyS = r - rtow lnlorest rtnancno EASYTOBUY ; Seo-lhlloday! o AMLETT R f A L T 3 U ;!!- 3 3 Q 7 9 JoycoCoto..7..; n- Dave Halell..% j BY OWNER- large assunta-. ;0- -b o loan al 9.5%, lowpay- 2 enls, 2560 squsro feel, 4 82 "bodroo;2w balhs,ogantc lay roo, freplace. Jj -h o b b y H w, utlty roo. yard.aylo sprnklers, aulo garagetloor opener, cuslqp y*. J r a K s. 2- a r s old, prs - norrhbasllocatlonrhow O- 10 o t 5 o r?s 4 S * ; - N.- BYOWNER Alfordabe hoe for targe {aly-273sunrlse North. = Tr-evelwlth baseen. * bedroos. 2 baths. Allcarpetsrwalpaper; Garage hasaulo opener.. 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Poss- blty of 9 ore acres: Vew- t -w. oclu)uallly-«25, > 1500 sq.ft.-hoe. pluslull ] baseen, SW of Jeroe on t. 4 acres. Just beng co- { pletetfto wner-wlll carry." - -JMTflOOrfV* r - t Beaullful tvhevel hoe on 2 - -acres clone to Jero e w th: e any extraa. $74,900,181. \ JerryJacl(sonaU24>5922 -RearEatale-UnHled » V - LARGE-FAMLY WANTED 10 g ;;ove nto -a ~8~Badn ::Jj h.fjnjq!lcounw.jo.#oel -yotrtan qualfy for a FHA k UKE NEW, but landacaped and draped. 3 Bedroos, 2 baths, 2-car jarage. $55.o6o,- Fnancng < avalable. zretoanx.-:=.r ALrORS.-r HOJWEr pla1730 SF,--. K llreplaa. ptf.va. 0, XOTWrtlonat lnanctng oj Bvalable. W lease wth op- he lon lo buy o r-tra d e - o r (2 trn o u srm k c fsn r ov 734-O0eeafler(:00. g FOR 3 JM.dlPofl. btha.-ln.a -TOY-opod- locaton. Call FOR SALE 4 l dr house on p< Xent(nJrtf#7JW,bOffof-oKa For nfo call 1-<k9>-3% 8 TJ or e9.ttyowner. 0 S :- Z Z jj...,4 3 1 $ - tj.aw ltt>o «--- 2 Batht BCullM)rDl.*lng» F -- D n ln g R o e # C -.Ktchen. 3 C A U p je A P jlb p A Y ~~ f l W l l L l N C r t : r : ; : : 9r r : k.!." NCE TOO BeDnOOM,0H - - hoe on a fohced coer lo P Call n KlMrly, large counrv kllchon. colortablo lvng roo has Frankln lreplace y partlalr baseen has paneled den and frull roo Call Ed at MARKET. NQ ASSOCATES 734-4A7K O N L «41,SO O."-.. - for hls.hoe wlh -3 - n o B edroo s baths, 1-T. Jreplocer-lally-roo-wllh--- (0. bu-ln wel bar. prvate well lly and-septfc. Pato.has beon. enclosed. A MUST TO ~ AMERCAN. PEAL ESTATE. - S APPRASAL (A aoss fro H Douo Vollor. Broker A das tfong >905 MaryAkkeran S62 3 D ensv 0 0r,.::. 733-B199 " ~ OWNER-MUST SELL Perce t.suj-bedroost balhshu-----.base ent hoe,.garage,. Askng Msln West.- f T redo lh jt nlerosl? Assue ths V.A. loan n* woan dreas of havno. " bedroos, 2 balha. a - earthslove (or heal EFF- CgNcy, P n lae lenced.» f f l FALLS REALTY CENTURY21 040AddlsonAvenue *n TO BE re o ~ 4 cleared ol s. all debrs- one 2 bdr house»ppfdkatby~29xa" ptob " l o w s d e utlllly-roo. " 0 Locaed at M llet-lroad r r - - P d & F 0? - f t U t W - -. Mr. Buxton Mall bds to. Bean Growers W arehouse. Assoolatlon.- a nc., Box 604, Twn Falls, daho nol later than. - - V Apo.1981.,., ; Vary.neat a.bedroo bah TfOelfnTacTeTWrsq: ft wth atuched garage. -..Enclosed backyard ~w1h covered pale. garden spot, tf u n re e s.-s h e d s rc o rra ls - -Toncaa-pMtorf-flBqoarfoJ horse, calves, or.sheep.. wll tarry balance TBE0R6OMS, lw 8 q r( t.o r... ~ < h d «f e w e o f 5 l e S lor. ore bedroos. Extra - 3 s s f e. s r»31.800ea8r-owner8hp - S all-cash-dow n and-hs hoe-.ful baseen, large (24x14 Shop wllh~ 2 overneaa, ooora, p u s garage. f68-a. GEM STATE RFATY. ADDlSON EaCE ADDSON AVE E K0Q 4BEDRMM,2 «ory h o e -- r<m l-vlew-el--vanay«nd ounulns. Only W.OOO. 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39 4-YEAR OLO >HOME n UJofo«otLlol-*Hh.atuf8 tr«as. 3 tworoot. olectrc hm..8lpolo carport.-ou sloragfl sbc. SU.UO. Call g e Cook ;. GANYONSDEREALTY o r BEOROOM, now hoo, 3200 sq. (. a llos SE ol Tw2PL.2VA?fflBfCa S»fdSJ» «foa,4 berres. W.500 BEAUTFUL BRCK HOME-at-» fftuslc-prlcolt Bodroos, 2 baths, largo laljr roo w carousal lrepace. Wn convonlonal of al.orage, lull luso en. pallo, Urgo garden spol, double garage and large lovely yard. tfe -A. QEM~STAT EALY. -ADDSON OFRCE loosaodlsonavee, W, $73,500..EXCELLENTLY L0 6 ATE0 -«.E V H W ah O C oj«al afetln-.t vltt.ynrvllveable toor plan wth super faly - roo. 2 tagsono freplaces - wllh large lre boxos, 4 bedroos,-? balhs, lots of slorage. Ooublo" carport,. beaultfully land* a g e d and fenced yard. GEM STATE REALTY ADDJSpNOFFCE M». flv«% ASSUMABLE, no escalaton, 2300 aq.fl, faly neghborhood. pay- eftts7call734-fl tm,goouroe n ASSUMABLtLOAN Wllh lw * ntermt rale. Very lovely hoe n. pre NE area.- Loadod. w!llh~top-quallly- aenltlea. Only 1 yoar old, extra nsulaton, heat pup, 5 Bedroos.- 3\4 balhs. foral- dnng arear dnng area n klcten wth bay - wladow.. bullt-ln applances ncludlq "Ttlcowavo, c e n l r a Mcuu.-.;hd8r pround.aprlnwlnd on.tle n r - Targe baaulllullylandscapetft, yard.»6»&-a. = ( = ( M 0 f l 5 r H B t TOWNER;-----n#W 3. todroo, sunken..baaa ent, dou*le*garge.,= ;3 0 5.Q e rt D f... ja b a fly A-1 CONCRETE SPRNO.RATES - rrl>«y : Hou8e &b}slreassb. R«. - «e n e l : or atop n al B33 Blue Uk - B lvd.tf.-- AqrlculturalServlce We have backhoes, truck Jackhaers. copcree w & Hat lay personnel (o ( - r n r ln r r n " r -nl" tons, settlng pond excav tlon, saplc systes, et W ll U lffc., BACKHOE. - MohrESckhoeSTrvcoTTc aoll, rock, drt ovln, BACKHOE - -Hlne.Backhoe. Excavatlo drt haulng, soptc syste pravel haullno bjseent : Tree ~ a concrefs retnova Co plete. rough < BULO REPAR REMOOe T. Sall jobs a spoclaty. For - & T T» EMOBL&REPAR Heavy duly desel repar a...weldng ; CARPENTHV ~ ~.. Oually w orkteasonabl All phases. Concrete, fnlsl --. r- worv, reodelng, ete - na.76s<«nbfa COMPLETELANDSCAPE. MANTENANCE Pnnnorwevdtnarnownff "COMPLHTEYARpCARE ~ ~ - T rl * ft 4 S fs n M ffj ng* & edgng. Sue c l w. WorK guannleed Hoe* For 8«]a lala OJ Out ol Town Hoe. B r OWNER; FLER? nce3 ="l2 J4«.S ,8295lhSl.- BURLEYDroponyTorlow trade. * f o o hoa, lull TY t e " Handy Realty M*----- floso.-lncoln SACRESlnSWocalldnwllh walor sharos & power, ters avalablo, JS.OOS: b 5 U~A :res wllh 2 bedroo rgo hoo, walor sharos, targe sel -garage,-plus 3 bedroo al oblo hoe. tw,oop.. >nl, 3 BEDROOM HOME on qulo )0l, Slrool. VA-FHA olfers wll bo rge. conslderod. Mfl.500. "5 BEDBCJCllS T?0ME nqur Bfl assuablo foan/ t 20,000. Call Bov.. - O F F C E... 32M311 V f SuzannoW arr S669 2E "BovMorell... 3J4-Wa4 j r y - o h v K o ell... 30r Dot Handy no Jayno F fe ld s...32«-5836 ro s, ; KMBERLY " - Neal 3 bedroo nnwor T T B rrt T n n c w teth Freplace, faly roo, foncod backyard, rult rees assuable loan. eves days. ly St.OOO OOWN-solld aanor, LGHT BRCK HOME n nce ly B e? * o o 8? T b w! V Qarago, largo pato, J re p lk c e.. J50.8M w % J aasuable loan & ownor wll p carry contract s, NORTHWEST BUHL, od- g -e 3 Bedroos; 3 Acres, ly fenced, 9.knds-frul, at- S tachod solar groon>fouse.- b; stw g j ffe p a c e r rtn T fr! " - GN-44-ACflE--1lko-nawralf w t.. oloclrc, 4 bodroo (aslor 10x19), 2 balh, 10x24 rec - roo, over 2600 square foot OWNERS TRANSFERRED and uat!b ll lh alf 4 - Bedroo hoe, localed n -ador all ollora ncudlno -FHA-ana-VAT-PrcUnno n low S >1 SPRNG CREEK 1 Drectorycff CONCRETE & CAF Forlngnllflfl C O N S T R U CUEANUPZT ercffs 0,,of you. All conslrucllon, cle s p h n q S eanu CUSTOM WOOD n r r Cuslo cabnet rucks. Furnlturo rellns B.wa custo -.su ln-gla o d o..f re e esllates. EDWARDS. r.vcustomrototlll r r o T...EMPLOYMENTSER "W e Place SNELUNQ & SN aton w a Shoshono Stre< os. Twn Falla. daho. 73 EMPkOVMENTrSER PEROTNNEL-. W«Slreet Soulh < J QENERALCONTRA layrock toot Custo cl & roofng. ConUct B a n ffjm O aflarsp sew er rock. Nc r«r.d Crane and Rloglno. 7 HONEYDO COMPAN -.N eed A Handy Man? Do you have work yc nlsl L erart ev art Pf P?.?? prhracy E ~ o!57.*~ J0B 8H 0P»7no; North S MAflCVALLEY----- UPHOLSTERY, «ow Furnture upholstery er Hghway dd across eed,. Jerry* Oun Shop,.;: JohnMalnftv. une Z 3 \ Out ol Town Hoa* o 3 " b y OWNER. 3 bedroo n K(b«yFlrQplAeocoy<.. lan. ored palo: large lol. >- Assuable 6% nt. loan S17 eves& weehnds. PRCE REDUCTON ro c l l, *35,000 to»0,000 on hs 2. bodroo hoo locaod on t. aery of grdund n Fler. Ths (7ESS H / and Country Realtors, 733- wllh 037~T f~far sffr wftm BY OWNER- 120 acres, r-, rgaton far, 3 bdr hoe + b ajo en rc *tt(rarro w : roa crop sol up. Nco outbuld* ngs. 29>.dQwn.-wlll carry balance. deal for dary, 114 n f M FARMSANDRANCHES USACRES< Wood-lRvac- ME V a ll, row crojt. 4 pvols, A C R? : Grandvew, excollen row crop lar,- a ple wator, no rocks,, -ho ershoprra? f«ACRE& One ol ho bosl 669 row crop lars n soulhern 3 3 T f d r e n o n r n g a B r y 339 o u tb d s. T ACRES- Caslolord; row 1B0 ACRES- DARY- 4 on 1 sldo barn, lovely 5 bdr hoe, t). leo ACRES-Castleford,.row. crop & pasture. double..3 w. barn, 2 hoes. B32 choce row crop; good dary - n ACRES- Buhl. Crop & M. lvestock, hoe, loalng ty." -shods/assu ableloan: ~ -41-AC#ES-Twln-Fallsrcl03e- - 0 to low% all allalla. T35 lor -tay ground, platted, hol 10 w aerpotenllal. Bt 5 40AdRES E xc4ll#n-row --,111 crop, Caslelord. hoo, sheds. B6. 34 ACRES- Melon Valley, pasture, barn, corrals, lve» strea.ooodho e.blo ACr Es. Buhl, close to Pastufonhoenfreswae r Bt- 20 ACREST)AlfY,"Arn5r or double 6 H-B barn, corrals. 3 K. bdr-hoe.-.w endell, Cows - ot ncluded, aasue FHA loan. *1; -T J C H M 1 11 R o b artjo jss Reallv S- 7 3 M W o r 5 j 3 - a 2 l 2 = = A O T l w w h l w a u ndo t - culllvatlon. Ground pouto- r te#l«la6prlnklat3=w lth-- =t ~ n2/73s-3633r73r5eve3. - v a s - CARPENTRY - MASSAGE HOTSPRNC )N ~ WartrofSue. -. ke:s l a w e d o l pckng... levosf-w e l r Now-taKcr \2 n s to h a (? r. - N e e d - s l o r jnnshnq - - s.sc""< T S c fH bur M "r -, rtXlD47-3a n L L ln G. rdons, a n v - WALLPAPER ales. Call w nlor rale lervces ; - Rbl J SNLSnQ,, PANTNG RACTNQ. PROFESSKSN r»» l» rw a~ SECBETARlAt let Don or 24 hours. We fsp delver. Oor EDANOPTT. - spoclflcallons. - onrfed ROOFNG Northwest pease let us a n y : dryf-r epars, n? ::. :::-r ; re-roqf#, shngles, llle k you canl * shakes, roll ro<!-cata.f. l -,, cy ol your ROTO-TLUNO Perfonnl lawna.-own r Ploytf Oaar. «lter5o. ery. 2 W. OSS ro Shrtjba & tr* na* t a - Fars&RanehM rrt ~ s r OUTSTANDNG lan. s. LARGE GRADEA DAnV, now lkng ovor 400 head. ; } Hgh-producton. Ooublo 10-. f wln autoallc egulpsnl. j Cows & oqupont avalla ACRES AT BUHL..Oul- sundlng hoe. Dary call - -sat p Hlgh-devetopenl- -potentu. * "*" 6 T A C R r)w R Y rc o w r-r r-;,loedavalable, ne B a r n e s Realty L 1043 Blue U kes Nodh r?[- C POTATOQROWERS NEWUSHNG -BCTACRES- ono ohhttnosr y, n oaslorn daho. Sol s a. doop slt loa ond co- a p «t e - 1-ly fo ck -lf» «.. rrgalon-.syste ncludes.4 cenler pvots and handlnes, low T BaekfOOt Rver. 41WflCfea n7 allalla rotaton. Far has been lal fertlsed and chzel - plowed. Conlled Russott f - potatosoed-avallabloforloo- acres. Far has llvoslock, and rocroallonal potontlal. -T ar ""rm WENDELL- 40ANce large r - -hoffwr-ftorao tufw. Wfrsls. y - hay shod, achne -shop * l ln DARY SALES - R af gfrate Uned sells anyonoelmlnhonlej!* -W C O W O A n rrt d ro o -. houso, double 6 herrngbone barn. Freo auls. Hay. barn and-w tsrol provo-. onts.terms. > DOUBLE 4 HERRNGBONE - tb a - - w lh roo for expanslonrnlco3 bedrao - - -ho e; 20 acros cows,- equpent. Meadow Gold Grade "A" shppng rghts. RexKnode.,..7.! = o h n T o k = 7 := «4 1 - Jl-V*fley,,,,,, Jerry Jackson. J To Floyd -... : KayOtlbel ? z = - / E b & = z : /.UNLMTED - - r a u T c e Rosly snrasyour JEAT MRACLE S 3 ppolnt onlrca tl : bllf g -o rd e rr to d o ~Ca!* n : u p. l a w n,. 2 RAOE UNTS. Mob alorage---. sp K e?? ll,w - raes...centu * ve Machno. 7 s... TOP ; MECHANC g>j» servce. Call belw. PERNO. Je-qTrallly work, o «latos.. Donald 423-4; s z o. - t r e e J , - KON Trn - V w.p t wer-takdover r court UPKC MAERVCES C ft We pck up and urnlt D o n e - to your Sharo ons. MacNell En* C734-, - JHEE us helpkoep you /, Sl*h Mrs. new roofs. l, llle~rools! c «la r - W est roolng. You can jrow n alerlas R eeld teen»ht!uto"8=15===7=== M d c TMOWNQ Roo-t p. T «a n Va r d MP wng w B S d o le!- 55«71 Jntftl. 7Mr8»M cactt YARD trees tred p o w e r»g& reoval. The years ft4-67b6. estla *» to7. -F ar atr anchaa 80 ACRES- ln KlngHll - roa~wllh"no>th~slda C B u r Water. Would. ake y excellent dary, ru s ood? / M unroboblta"r? e! J l 9 Broadway N. Buhl. Call Johns or a f f l n w a w s,. bes, nce new 3 bedroo ll hoo. ncludes 200 cows 6,l achnery.o cu y.«40.0«l. &. 120 ACRES- NE ol Joroe. g o o d - 2-bdr -U «j o120 shares wator. S300,000. Call Ed ACRES- 540 rrlgaled, 1- crcles plus handlloo, ncl. longllne ol e o n t. Well CARL BUTLER REALTY 120 E. Man, Jero e D 324-8eedayornghl l re d F 6 ttt3 2 ««M s 145 ACRES, sprnkler r- * rlgalod, wheol lnos, low " -. cost waler, superbtowcrop ;J lar.s375.60o; 146 ACRES, e o -a c r e s -? pasture, loncod. Wll run 78 -h e a d - f-c a ltle,c lo s e lo * jc h o o ls... and jh o D p ln g.- secluded area, SV45.ooS. j Call ja c k McCall or Bob Brown, Far Specalsts ;> > Ed H. Bulls. Broker M arketlngassoclates* OM ActMfl<&Ua 3 LOTS n NORTH STAR - SUBOSON.-tH>.M each. ACRE only 4M les ro, - -TwnrTotal of 4 bedfoosdh ths aculalehoe. deal faly hoe plus ow-16x32. shop. Ths s a dandy.-call Everotl Andrews, or Town and Country RealtorSj j : : prlvlleges. Rocky Ml. Real- lys V.E., , BY OWNER- 140A.lrrlgated. TOA. cortlled wheat, TOA. alfalfa. $150,000. Easy down. 9% on balance ByOwner-lprOYedLot r - - le es pad. 733)471: T : - CHOtce-rTtfrosTtnterr - Beautllul vew. S12, J >hone: "COUNTRY t;vncr 6:70* ~ Acres wllh.corrals. Loalng. -shed.& JtnxajQ [tl9jorse - -yourchlda always w ahleat : : RealEslataUn1lllfld. ~ telephohe;. j -! \ >... \ )ENQ1NE REPAR g y c W l? < S 4 - = 0 ( ;c { ydu;f«r:& Bualnessr ; ll. «4 EHANDY-MAN,,.a >blle hoe sprng speclall " rj >PSOL. lvered-5 yards lnlfnu,. por yard wthn Twn Falls r lts. Sllgh addtonal---- o S E R V f c r z r r - r T T lnd;--toppng,.-ro- ( val &. atup rooval. -4T , EESERVCE r r : J N C E K, A nng,-reovng,-lbs - ** & lowered hyd(aullcal1y. H DOCTQH ~ ~ lo estates. *50S "-d S ; - n --S -.S.--C ltlen s-o n - - vce calls, Reasonable - h KOLSTERY -,. U lturer"** leatler. Ph! ron c -K reen & Bea are alll at t years exporencel or733<900. 0!3teCon8lfuclon o. ar ldenllal, Coercal, S< e l < a ll= B = M D tt= =W D to A BtlEN. J Wllng,, planlng Ml JOPPOPLE M S T r w eatln es.w e r»t»ufvourv ardrt = s= r DVTORK er raked & vacuued. 14 nt, s B l l B l W M P O at Pr Et T -324 «a 038 A cragall ol l COUNTRY LVNG cose-tn.» r 9;S2 acros s w ot T*n >*»h t e 1979 Broadoro Mon >d.hoo. 2 b e d ro o.t M n r..rec,.roe :aye(ed.m k> & 19.»nlfy. Many extras. Oardon bldga.. & -csrr5s.seeo b. DUPLEX or lpex o 6 Eastsldo ol Twn. Has curb, gujor.sflo, *fl!habwer. e. 24 ACRES 10 bulloon closo 20 to Twn. ll -5 CHOCE ACRES betwoon Fler 6 Twn.-Ooxfote-dtehr- - -Ters.-Maln-Wesl-Really J555; Joe Young :l. MSa MPROVED bulldnp lot on " y T jy e r n 7 : Byowh8r ~ «4TS TME TO SEE ths supdr acroago- hls nce 3 bodroo hoe s locaod on j acres vwlh a b a tn r ry. flnrt nklng.h«> Thp s ollorng good lors as ho has boon ransferrod and w needs 10 gel gong. Call J, - -Ronae Rustn } 5 M W -o f- Town and Counlry Roallors, , t (S ACRES on SnakVRwr >30,to>.Phono J -.OWNER FNANCED t to 5 or 14 Acros suubo lor buldng. Closo lo Falls.aroa. b , s p r n g x r eek : REALTORS 7344)600 ~ V al lorand S. of Jero e or Twn Falls, Landhas 1 water and elecl., use of pool, & hot bath. s above Terrace Lakes golf course. Or wll.«.1m J4M., WANTED: Unproved ca s % 1 p l? l n M R P 2 4.Rupert. D-Rolrod. r tv ACRE parcols n r Paradse Knoll EsM es., Blacktop dead-end road. jw drastrctlvo covonanls.-!" VACREnnowrsubdvtslon. llo.south of Twn, paved - road.ter> a.all. fm j fll4,- -r. "J10 00-OOWNp8AUNCE- -. ON CONTRACT.- *70,000 s ho low prce on hs 4 bedroo, 2 balh all elecrc hoe on 5 acres. Lve*.a lre a a h o p. ca lf b arn.- - to a fn g -S h o d -p o s a n y Qther-out-butldngs: Wll- - M n a d e g jd o on - Broadway- N, Buhl. John... ral, loalng shed, aprnklers. L ~Low-down..payenLtjCtlL: Rex or-h oal. aua- Z. n«ax..t»unt»on S75.W. Between 7o-t0ar~ 5 ACRE Vew Parce78, Buhl. arear67s0-down;call A CRES-«6 80utnefll j J o r o e s e s n pasture,, cash. $200nonlh or J l r - A ny/neafaf4p:734:2r~ 5ACRESwlhnewer3000sq. < ll.-hoe, 3-bathSrfreplaca,- 2V car shop, rull trees, rrgated waler. Reduced fro-«5;000 lo*75,000. Man»»ry* 2y \ Vlckl Chrsonsen c { rr-,-t;r-..v.w <c CMQlp-eotneTclal corner 1400 SO, T :bud;?r on 1 r acre prdsenlly set up as a offces. Could convert, lo -l accoodate ohor bus.- nesses. L-ocaled on.-busy. -hghway aouth.ol Je roe; 19 tow O los w/uwu. M or" :J,OMSaS..SHOpr" e.on an street n Fler, new a panl-boolh, good acce sa - - p doors, could be usod aa c warehouse. Sall aparton h ncluded. S26,500, Ters.» Ownerwlll-lnance.-Call Ed- -4: C 043--:- - V vtctw P roperty " 044 V CcfdoffllfluFT - MS..-..MobleHo(na}f6rSft: ARE YOU HAVNG TROU- h BLE sellng your oblo N hoe? Chock nlo Carter u Hoes, consgnent pro- n gra Wo cat sell your- J!. - noe. -x o ATTRACnVE 1280 Sa = S -Cfa«:-Washo7-4>dryer:-RE.: - K DUCED, prce.?m-8lto. S , - 1,1 CUSTOM MADE 14x70 r; oble, lke new, perfect - locaton. Flowsra, lawn. 2 fj; yard workrw o w lu ft 10x9" shed, alar wndows, S custo drapes, stove, rel, prvate parkng lor 3 cars. *- Reasonablo.-by owner. Call Tl dat8..733<a6. b FREEH! COLOR TV Of -WASHER «ORYER or MCRO-WAVE? r «. «r F s ; ; : % T - -S a n d -P 0 ln le rs lo n e tld g «r - ~ -W lngae=ot)l«-hoe n- ~- n g e Tr o~on~obrod~u c Ths oler good hrough -ll $100,000 oro to roach t do Mllon lo gelextra bonus he rolheanufacurerrollef y posltlvaly-ends FrWay.-Ap - «!. 5T»o HURRY NLWe have 8 W untenatock.butw ecano thla- -.<}n order, -also, gu - B R O C K M A N S :-.: -,9a MOBLE HOMES 2 - Phone 734<lfl7 or MOUMTANNOM& n( 550 Alrbase Road, < - f j>w nw -*»-ycnf.-w jpw - - a. down. M n e n v a R e a l. ler 4! n or cl«w odnos o rf; -045Mobllo.Hb»B For Sale luf T 0 BE MOVEDl 1981 llt, doublowldo 24x56 Skylne. >&."G reat. Roo", -.freo- on SUndlng, lreplaco, 3 lut- Bedroos. 2 bahs skrtng oal VAN OYKE 24«6f TxlS lol lfotcly caeled.cujofn rt). drapos. hero-pano wn- er dows. all eecuc. avlnqs. skrts, cooler, palo covor. 1 SO carqaraoq, WANTED TO BUY- oble on - hoe ales, r--r:;rr: -*~ 12x64 aolup n nce adull ty. pane; tarpon; sklredr Slorage shed, sor wln- - dows, AC. Musl sae lo on 1970 GREAT LAKES, 65 x12 6r w/14 ttpout~fu lshod,- 3 $ ovos. BC 192UEH2D1AN oblenr. hoe: 2x60 2 Bedroo, a s M N E r s S nleresled? Call fl 12x60SyDDYwllh tlpout & carousel. A-1 cond- * > tlon, 54W924 or , x70 CONCORD., 3 L.;Bdr-fnobllo.hoo Cooler 6akftlnQ,1-S37-6S BEOROOM, 14x68 unouojoor pan..fl08l,cloan S & edale possesson. four Seasons Realty,- * Jero e, GOVENOR. 3 bedr. 2 coolor. all olec. Lke new. 1 CONCORD 2 r wpdet all r,. elocrk). stor wlndnwh. H 7 balhrrnuch ot erz or 3,s Bodrooa. Order loday, 3 - M -week-local laclory delvery - e and set up. S 1 9. or no rade-ln- l16,m5r-open fl - days a week, closed Salur r ::f 0 B n :e -H 0 M e st n c tr a r - once tralers- 8x40 &:Bx Roasonable. Days J9, " EvftS a s V lo re V r 1:- Rentals, - - «0....FufT.HouM 3 BY OWTNER, for sale or rent x64* NEW MELODY Bedroo,:2 bath, e x c cond - ; n faly wk,733m CLEAN 2 bedroo hoe. ; Lvng roo & bedroo >* Jsarpood. Absolutely no.- pejal-st7s.l-fdeposll.-194 r - 6uwon(r e.* t3rge-tufftah«j-»-4>dr-. -STUOO. 2 roos wrshower. z r M M t S S S S r retred. S10dep,733=33tTr - -SUPER aludo ~tnturHousesPorflenjL- AHRACTVE 3 bedroo -. houae wllh partal base-.. ent. n Morn ngslda school - ~ -dlalrlcl Recenlly reodeled. S300 per onlh. Call Ken Rov, A -CLEAN-BEDROOWt-CWSd".8 CUTE. 2 Bedroo hoe A -.w/nfn«hed=.ba#.tpen:: ft near Haron Park, Jua " palnlbd, S230 onlh. Ken RoY.T3317. HOUSE n he country NEol. - -Buhla hdf All >l»fftfl,..<- -1- carpel. Sall pasture & garden apol. S250onth + w - -cleanup-depoalt. No pels, shed, ( ]u heat, no pels. $80 : =LARGE2tfedroofoyror -LARGE- 3 -BD RM,-llrepl,- c( woodburnng stove, gar. no nj. M8. Re j..±..(r e p o a L -.& y, Bedrooa, large dnng a area, new carpetng, freshly. g< carporta very clean aharp j, hoe. Prced rlghl lor quck sale. Realtor owned. T33-" l7 o r NEAT,-clar2-bBdrw>T!r2 H tlp-oul oble-ho e n - country near Curry. Slove, C -rofngrwatbrrbewer &-lawn 1 care-provded. Adulls,--T10- L sokers or nsde pota.-$2l0 - o n lh, $100 doposll. Refer- g ences ARER 6p. NEWLY reodelod tj roo -h o u se arpotod; oloctrc" * h e al,-8 tw relrlg o rb to r; - - NCEclean S e d ro o hoe n tp coutlptsw of-w en- -r e n t o h ~e a s e : o p tk)n - - ta r g e -5- bedroo--faly -J: ROOMY 2 bdr, oxcelonl,7 neghborhood."nce yard, -{J Natural gaa range & lurnaco.. SMALL 2 - B r house «for rent, kds & pela,a welcoe. Call: S TRED OF RENTNG? Then 83 buy a nom 3 Bedroo hoo fj] down, fnancng- hrough sl Farers Hoe Adlnlstra* e lon. For nloraton call u 324-«M0. S, - 2 BDRM-1 bath.-full bst,. J j - M t o 2 a s e s 8 o n. fj, -3.8D R M jolw o -fa -1 tho Clly- good tuny nsulated, uxlep< he8tel?w/e1eclll hwt*nrce R unfnshed -baso ent, Pt -fo[>cedyard.>276pefonlh - b «733-3l7r t - 3 aedr0qm.2balhgarager 733<t388~belweon loa-sp S2( 2 BEDROOM HOUSE.- lutly l ~-fffpetattr78-.f s t S «1 1. b«m6. After 5p, ~ Ju, - 2 BEDROOM counlry hoe,- -pl.aedroom-home..arge. - 2,6 lencod yard, just panted &» 0.cleaned, $325 per onth cla. dopoanfcs1ae75j5j36,.1 7 l s Httu«ferB»ffl 81 sbedroom HOM EToTre- 10. applances larnlshed, - e- edlalo occupancy. $265 3 por onlh B. 5 BEDROOM older hoo. $250 onth. Fedlan Roal- V OM Fu.ApL& Duplexes 1" A BRGHT clean apartent. 1 N 6vrcarpo-8rp»nr$2» " eeetrlelvr B ATTRACTVE rg sunny BD RM «,U130jf2M H L DU / " / So e ullles pad l! 0 33,5605.!,- CLEAN WELL-FURNSHfO- aludlo & 1 bdr aplsr, all Ul!HC8.,7?«W1.,-,.-1 1, EXCELLENT :NEKSHBORHOOD,Tfl«aL-<lu-- do,. $155.. Sngle nonsoker k.f.fteerent,.1st MONTH. - FREE RENTJST MONTH. APTS. HOUSES before noon, ask for Jance. JEROME: Ncoly carpolod 1 bedroo apl.j>oal w ater-. furnshed, laundry ladlllles, - avalaole. y66--$76-oaan! JE E?N dup, Eves dava LOOKNG FOR A HOUSE OR 1 APARTMENT? Call Oullcrs. -. s z s a NCE lurnlshed 3 roo, 1! - Bedroo apartent w/balh ft prvaleenrance, ,. NCE- l b d r. carpeed. ; waler pad, $175 onlh. 1 -.Evenlnos j NCE 1 bodroo lurnlshed 5 r Reasonable. 734". 1 NCE 3-roo apl. all ull. f - lurn. St65-f$35 dep, Newly [ paneled ft palnled, T O 19. j TWN FALLS- Two 1 bdr r J U naer New M anagaanu----- s 0L , 1 BDRM and STUDO, every- & Of734.S325; -? - 0 nentjocatlo -Sngtes-o -T : g j r p e «- p lu rapls-eafpoted.-t b d r - -A - s40rt3rgar--w rnrbp8c«7~ -p. S215, ncrudea.all-urulas.- c No chldren or pels < evenlnosorweek-davs....,7; ADUTSONjajr, 3 BBdfOOjn. " SUNRSEPROPEjJTlES- S U N E R B M f ld E a L S AfARTMENTS F o /R e n t-. A CASA-QRANDE.» APARTMENTS n a?=;«s F 3 ;F y waaher, dapoaal, laundry...falls Ap a r t e n t s «barbjrt wrw ar * M rtehdlh -t ob phtffr 2! Begnnng -$195 onlt. «.{ Dlahwaaher. garbage dls- r posal avalable, crose. 10. college, schools ft shop- j g lchlldren welcoe. 664 F o r~ n e n t:~ 2 " b e d r o o "WJ aparton. S165 onth, no Jo RTA O E HOMES ft S Jero e has aparenta 10 - renl for elderly and handl- <«cappoda-.fleot.;25% pf n- coe. Phone Houstno A uthony-o e" flk C ltyfjero e ~ -N.C0UNTRY..naw.3-bdr freplace, AYC; lencod ard, alorage, utllllos furn..-no J* p e ts.; Non-sokng adull. o fa75 per onth r LARdE - MSEMENT apart-?) jnenlchl!d(fn d.. pot&- LARGE 1 bdr, 165+d.l LARGE-- 1 -Bedroo-apart-.. K nnan,-rango.tfb~wa- t» :r :S 140.C all9652. dlos ft 1 BOR Aps, Hoal. ~ wator.8tovo,rofrg." ,- - W ~ MOOEPN 2-Bdr 4-plox near Magc Valley Hosptal. J :, W afer,-eanllatlon & klchen- -D* applances furnshed. $225 X, por onlh * depost. Avan, Aprl 15, D ays leave essage, evos call collect BE NEW ALL ELEC. 2 bdr duplexjnjero e-jncludos- -?2S slove, frg., ullllly area.n BO each unt, garage. No pols, GO $250 onth «- $150 doposll. V{e Now avalable, br NEW 3 BEOROOM Dupox acc lor renl sor Newer*9-bdr*2-brapt, g er f u fu n fu 2 - y r H o d - -CH NCE 2-bdr. duplex-lully. -P. «arpole< & draped.: W/D -Sf?, hookup. Oarage. Noar hos- 5? p jb j2!± fltto T S s n. " PAflTALLY.-fulanedr-.l- -R uc bedroo-apl.-of-renlrcon- U cljanlceatgm 644,.. fn Y 0 A.l-L 6 v e.n» --d o = S = = w t 2 bor. w ro hook-u, -aoa] washer, prvate lanceo -.. -Curl W O + l W O s l l...n o,{w * t BEDROOM APARTMENT. 51S.1U COU 2 BEOROOM.all electrc Duplex, darpet, drapes, ap- uns sllancea, carport,-. large os rard Waahlngon S, g nn f250dej.733,ll48 - LBEDROOM-Duplruu-slove...Furn onth.no pets. $100 8a- sd ay, Aprl 1, M -TQa-N OM Unlufl.ApUDupl*x* 1?. Y0U"DlSERVe THE MOST - for your renlal dollarj Coo 5 lot us show.you ono of our spacous apartents. -7 Swng pool, beaulfulty 7.landscaped. Call , Laurel Park Apartents.. e tm M U ftuplox. M carpoed, loncod, ullllly roo, waler & santaton T---- furt90-nontfr-n o-pols; $t00det>osll a BDRM dupox. Twn. flsntgftpvslovo. dshwashor. -, - dsposst rtcarpetearw ater M8 RoosForflBnr wth prvate balh. All ullllkos, KTCHENETTE $45: Roos S3o;, Chgun o t n u u r p d r - WORTnG M A frrent$7r+ doposll, Balh & klchon prlv- prlvflq entrance, *$OOMOVTH.?cudo8 utls, block fro CS or » 057 flanblmowehoes x55 (urn. 2 bdr w/llpoul. - ;jj. No pats-or-chld. $l95/o,. r Qg OffCBfBnlnBgflBnttl. AVAUBLE NOW... excollent 30x20 coercal p orrreo apa c r p n e n a u s-.,..trlal.agrlcu1lural locaton. $300 per onth. Warehouse w e e alao avalable. Call or lor ore nloralon.. fh O lcrrcf FC B "- SPACE, - greal locaon,,650 sq.ll., ~ -poaeble-warehoufle-elefape - - also7call7»-200qr~ For RENT or LEASE, eal- ahop wth olllce space on Shoshone Sreol South: $165 onh : OFFCE- AND SHOP, o r. W arehouse.coblnallon, sq.ll. olllce, 600 sq.ll. jfto o -C a ll ,. = FFlC6-aUL-01N6-for-fent S f c & F W a n J l ,-Man Ave East,Twn OFFCE SPACE (or lease, 144 aq;ft. C o n ta.j-u-b.enq!nfjufljnc.a.noth,pa» Offcesr MO Falls Avenue. -TwlnFallSr PRME-OFRCE -720 aq.ft..-,- Addson Ave, E. across tro Albertson8rPhr733<l PRVATE OFFCEwlth re-. - ceptldnlsf~arrd answerng servce avalable, Cal Bruce 3 o{em lonal- ofll w DentalX Approx. 700 aq.ll.. ~ P 8 ld.? J a 7 0 o! r JWAREHQU3EOR8HOP SPACE: Fro = squareteerwlbe-a-yallablo n new buldng located n a -»-pf»e-lndualral-coer- c arrea n -TwlrFfB-aboul. - Aprl 15. Space can be..u llored.lo.your.need8..call -Ed- - at - MARKETNG ASSOCATES S, 200 SO. FT oulcowlth park- ; nrtllttlettrr34»2338, 3 OFFCES avalable ft 1 evalora n downtown Fler. - -S27StoS550 o n lh * -" n ;. -Ranl/leaeeuglu uslb. Real EaUte Unlted or x60 wholesale. dlbnrr tlonor ahop. Hearted, truck 600 to 1500 SO. T. of cholco offce space, locked 1061 Bgg t a kes 8 VU No Cornor locaton wth good - acm88andjte~pa>k -j- RBa1ly, * * CotKhaForBent MoWtB Hoe Space MOBLE HOME SPAC -.Oflo;----- onlu.to 14x68, no pols. TRALER SPACED T rat ea.-- All electrc or gas, cable TV V pnoneflvjbow llfhahr de 14x70 trlr s-ft-s aller bolwoon 10a-5p. WANTED Prvate Mobllo-hoe-apaco* Merch~ahdlse..Off Merchandse L.H e " " "....nlbjpace boughtft pad lor by one of your bggest a d lrersl...burtreynolda -BEE BOARDS, now. ro- drlllod, used. Also traps ft beo tralers b o t q u e f u l l o f G00D1ES h Ave. West for hours. :... BRUNSWCK Pool Tables, accossorlos, - s a l e s ft servce, Ja os CUrk /..., -CHAN-LlNK-fenco-ater BtjrOsoOTsocondsraTBW: Doalera, anufaclurora, ft brokor8rpubrc~lnvtetf,-n---=--= -stallng nstructons.-propt-:----- devory. Toll ree nfo: l Western Fonce - S u l. ~. - ENGBERGS, speclaflngn ~ o ld wood lu/nluro. an-. - -neuncea «-8uperrsale-Buy :any-lable-6,-f-ade halra,. focovo ho-6h-char. too.. d«ft=»avedlnlngubl08-l o aoatuplo20poope,chlna&. > -CurloMftlMl3.Wa!tunU8-: foratereoalkw uor avona - o le s a o p r c W ; - counter jttoolsftoc. lurnlure. We restore.ft re- -. fnsh. A new servce-ros- -. denlla «r, coercal de- B lgnlng-.flljlx wood.call--.---;. Engbergs Handcrafted Eurnlluro 78-2U6. Hsyburn, - - 8a- to 6p, Sal. 1 to 5. Walct for opennn ol our 38-Nows. Twn Falla. daho E-5

40 087 MWBlUnMurF.Qf.8tle CHAN.nK renco. 38" hgh. S J u M f r M Ovef17vB«faln TwnFalls. " DELUXE PHONE. RE- CORDER, ho bol, brl J l ttm - A B tm la T S FOR SALE Tochna dls* GENEnATOn, Onan" 15K. - t wffecl.7?m GRL S S-aWM blcyc#;- Power lawn ower; $40 «>ch.c*ll734-72<:-j JAFCO eeculvs desk, cond. N e w - p rtc *..+. yjt S OF lurnture&clothe». : MUFFLERS.ftStalled.whlleyou-wall. Coplete Muffler Barvlea ncludng cuslo. d u ls for car and pckups. ABy T T 8 AUTO SUPPLY. NEW~N«C-OPEN-ARM- SEWNa-MACHNErStretclr - sttches. 2lg ugs,- das, onogras, n p llc as, buttonholes. etc. Sall onthly payents S10 onth orsju cash prce B7, askor.. CretfllMflr.- NEW SQ KADET MK RC plans Wt- OS ax, RC 40 eng-; y <uhlf,cost413f> ll- to f - OAK kllchen eat)ln<(lb, ealn- e» a ~ l«l 8lnM rcounler LP PHONOGRAPH reconjs used collectors llss Call - Wants 73S-2M7.-NO- RockRoll PCKUP-TOOL-BOXeS-for t«r*a pckups. JTOrRew chroe runnng boards lor romo ft c By- p e w ta r , =POO fc=ta aleb <r5x9rr:1. ROCKWELO 10" contractor 8aw.JV 4hp V eryoood. condton. U K. Rockwell otor.- nowrjjts.- ns-»l74 dav s p.. " S H F - -j ; J j N L r».u U!- R..hTo-fll Fun Run" T- 8hlrtr»-bfllnoM W 6y jhe" DepSften* for on S S E Hurry n a s the supply s - l l ltadlw-atjlhaya.lola.or-. a n e szes. Also Mveral ehffdf«n s - tr llu - n w z r e W S r l S f t S b V T l a w.dncsy r r» T ltrts n r W B s r-7 r rr - traller;38a-7*27. ( amatchlng lvng roo ] cty lra. exc cond; Stereo - eaefl*733sm!*" *** 1, 42" Magnavox stereo con-. sola, a-l rado, 8 tr., a a l3 [M 7 2 l9 7 a L : OTH W ntadt oljr At:FALFA LEAF -CUTTER- -Jl BEE BOARDS needed. Call- h c o l l e c t o n s,. - a a p t,... < -da onds,-etc, fd a h o C o ln --c Qallerlea, 302 N... Man. 73M5M.. ; MpBJL H0MEAXLgS,-wlttl--3J slces & wheels. Wll pay 180. :------wcftro?»wm.., NEEDED o ld -t to rs - o ; r z ~ wwon»~onv<heela773m«-: NOHTCRAWLERS V tdlate cash, 329 Addson 3V AwW eat.call734-w <. 6" HTCRAWLERS, nsunl OLO ORENTAL RUGS T WANTEOl Any elzo. lypo... g a. WANTED GoM used water swlno-vest»-*-9ktsr-ask-fof C T o r Dan or WANTED TO BUY TENT - -TRALER, ust b«lghl E s r M 7 < 4 7 8» : r T h rtflp W r -JlS t e " AnUques".g, AAOOlN LAMP cotledlon. fre 40>der«n-(apa-(or-aalar- ~ Seve Lynch, TlQ U -oakw a9h.atanl o 3 < 7 7. : M d d -:U bl«r~coverr~b * S r,.. e a n Phytfe chars to M tch. Best olfer RO af4 McJtoatntnwto n nkllo.tvtttsrm / U r g e SELEcrof of ; S c«ndllton«j TV s, slartlno at 100( n< afterte., 5 s s f K n & r c -JSW flrm urtaoolj,.. 81«- M T o a -N o w e.t w n f Slo 077 Rado, TV&Slere< ll PONEER recever & lurnl sple w e J 2 5 :«* g»!s :5 357T E N T A jfefff\(l6wn afo S?. N. CANS f.r, - - n ore Fu lturacw l COUCH & love seat, used.fo r- «celle n l. -Bu S T (Alrstrea). 5K.. - house lull olfurnllufol Oal -lvng r o o.s o k w h e U CJ? dryor (now), queen bedroon *40 set, a ore KNG szo vory lr suppor lak, Supr. Saars-6-Podlc at Herculon. Onlv C*ln»«Clearanco Conor »«- -ORENTAL-RUG-all-wool "O 12x18, very good ahape, O" > V "ROUND pedestal ube, -w rought ron wllh- wood - gran top & 8 vehret-uphol- M- slerod chars. < BAR stools, brown vnyl,,v wooden legs, S2S oacn; T, Brown vnyl swvel rockor, * 3-PECE dressng chesl, 8 drawer wllh rror & stool. ~ ;.5:p ECe;dlnotte;wood.flfan. fr. lablo wth 2 leaves &4lHoh ft- -b a c k Chars. Only 11».- Can s. Coaranco Center , -.. lf SO SQ. YARDS ol ulller colored orange us»dcarpo.~, - C T... DOUBLE OVEN slove lor = r FREEKkDrSS-fylre dn" p sa V T la V w aa h o f-jr r d7erpa1r,0lbson.t290;see 111 ~J Jf~ "> 227-.Mad(ona,v hlmor APPUANCE ro- - &ullderb>ropalr.4-racort<l4l> - alor applances. Malor..usod applances (or aale. ~ " u s t s e l l 1980 Ulton. Mlcrowavo Model Call, 734«88. Make O l l o r SNGER Touch-A-Sew sew* ng achno. Monograrhs, dvruhsmany"* * " "W Ehavo varous used r*- frjgeratora for aalo, M day g r a n t e e. UO on up. 7» COMPLETE slea heat unll, 10 radators & 0. coal or ojkmako ollor. fessaos. r 9Atgonwood-«ToatTjonP= = nfl stove. Savo enouoh to buy several cords o{ wood. -Sallxfowvllltoldun ar T rolurn. Hlchln Pfsl Sloves, Kborly ,Buld>oM«lBftal BULDNG-STONE* 34)lvers - Nevada ranbow, Montana - «a l,. leather-slone..alova. base alone, wall rock and docorallvtt alone, plus. S&OSTONECOMPANY- 140 Ralroad Avenue!.-, -73*.0217or.73»«e J CpOAR -1x10 4-1xrs.-«eo- «, a & l J NBUtATGN d =SPECA LS!r: - T* 3 W :x 1 5 "... $13.60roll [ 3W lx24:...s20.00aroll J 8 " x 1 5 "... V 2,7 0 aro «- 6"x 2 4 -T.T..-»1».Oaroll S V" nsulallon board y V - Vxa-jno M*?; U??l.1V 4"2xfl-Snoloa;..»3.50 t«2" 2x8Sno loa... (4.88 P ~ NORTHWEST L* PLYWOODSALES {B*t>lndVnH»a Ol) g R E S A L E STEEL B U LDNGS - - J! -fxtn-tnvenrerv~cf ngk " r S.da go.-m x40jc2- $o.47.: 20LL/20WLor.beUer..Cheap 1.trolghl. Local. Oon: -jt , ROOW EtE-tO con 7a~cor~ n5ttlolr-b0.oc?wer ROUGH, LUMBER. all 73 Wllldallvof Bl.. J l ; E j e a t o d» S S T s W S t l e T.Ej *<80. W 18. CORRAL poles S2.S0 S each. Wll oonsldar trade lor 40 rt Ffllla.-dflho W ednoadayr ~,Q ~ V QaraoeSale S - g S B B -2-Fally-Garage Sale beolrw raels 3PM rl. Aprl 3 thrusun.. Aprl 5: HO odel raln SP * layout w/lralns & ac- - ce aso rlm -JlT S -S u n lo a a: -steel-aquarlufftw/elandcsr- Msc. sk eqpt.. goll.clubs, o r 1BflH?aVls? uch.- oo = ~ W Frewood g g T O g o j a port, FnE W O O D rdfplhetyot cul. ts s per pckup load. 111 M.f evoa..?*- -G O O O -D R Y -pna-ot-cflu J,, tonw ood. Delvered and ool- - 8tackad.-Mlke»32*«g P«> teo.cord, cut to alove y (W~ - > M th T lw» S : O B - GoodTWToa Eflr! ONCNS 50 LB. bag: Fraah 0 s crsp A los- red delcous, () 83.95* bushelfm L or eel >61. S1.19 lb. a s lono a s ll lasts; CO. PorkJU 0b.cuU.w rapped. f or whole. Brng your &. «d S 2 5! L 2 S S ( «. PatsASupotlea 111. AKC Norw Elkhounds, (2) 4 e. onn o ld -to a lo s-w /sr ~ r AKC regstered Old Englsh AKC rtfllstered C o c k e r CHOW CHOW-Koeshond, < V,..lealo. Sonhs. For salo j 1! QhthOO.Cal324-73B ;V.COME TO THE ANMAL- * UMnTraM & seo.lhe largest, selecton 8. ost copet- 7 lvo prces Magle Valley \ - - -o n au p p llo slo r M S & c ats.. -7 Prolessonal. groolna * "* 0- DOBERMAN blaek..fanula hoe ONLY. S100. 0<» ~ =hou8«nclofl6d [ 2:douxoW rav«ltagv4hnt,-1-laf»r- - c L f MALfloldon-r-Cock*r 1 - Spanel, one year old, Qood~ S, -wllhchlldren.-mo.-noonor T. ovos FOR SALE.to-Dood.hoe, - f purebred F Salnl Bernard, d -F R E E! - r r r r - your lookng lor a peloc, f "s all Colld/Shephordcros* or Orltlon CroaarBolh ol ho- - ~. -abova.«(uuav».all.«hou-at- - C n o charge lo you. Slop today b< at tho ANMAL HOUSe, M s< 2nd Ave. S. BEFORE 8o. -tl-your-pet-becom ES* J. LOST bo suro to chock.our lon. W2 ol the.classllled ta secton. For all ol your lost u and found pot needs check s ho classn g sectkndall»fl.$3 Gr«)lng* *Poodloa *3 l o r n n e s - l M PUREBRED GerTn" *1.. STUD SERVCE, 7 year old yellow Lab, cnaplon AKC - P y llp rw ; E xchuntef. any- J jt: "tors, can assst laaollng f f S B W M o e. l. J jj t) 4 yoar old ale rsh Sete. neutered. FREE. Ph: 197 e 2 W davs evo. - w r <2r P u ro b r feale G e r T SnephenJ.,12 wks. Owner, S Ron Brady. Alter 8p Avlatkn ; AnCUF BENTAL 1 S l - «nstructon - lor prtvac a «a la.8. U7S ,... jy r A p H ll.g e r \?.;Bolt JS Manne fterrr CHRYSLER BOATS anc -otora.-calkjns- tralers, * -Jero e ploent Co., SS,------CLOSE-OUT ON 1980S The 81 a a re arrvng every-. d a n d he seteclons -GREAT.-rat-Toa-Martna 4 Spgntnff-O u a s. ley&u c l ;. Srldgo Ext. Burley ««-Jonnwn-outbbards.-Orrlon yy & Seaswlrf boals, EZ Loader!? & Shorelandr ralera. Magc y Marlna-2«t W. on.reduceaj?flcelfpntoon Sl = 22 pras, sll or row; Pars and- Brdwaro; SAL HAU6; 4S3S ve Locus. Twn »> SDEWNDER Sk Boat, 135hp M e rc a lle r-s «ft-lo appreclatol Cal alter 5M - o j a 72fraW0, t sk b o a *! c u b lc ftch r board, ttsoo or " B17-!, U,l<. r 13 WZARD boal & traler, al wnch, Evlnrude 18 hp s ; l2*2f., Oood condllon. \ jr 14 STARCRAFTSKorlsh- r -n o tx»atr60hp Seotl, flood }. - -trallorrjs alter T hp Soara Outboard, tank, a run onlv 10 hours, 733«4595. l a ~ BRAND NEW Wlnoastor ; s r. W K «, ;» shell. > COMPETE K avak-oullt.> r 4 5 l Copleto " sleroo- equp, USO: Soo Kayak, BL." Soortlnfl O oqdrb3442. ~ - -REMNGTOfUOe-BOL-aulo. - -W /V -Q p o ; 343-ADlrW/K4- - -xjt>;.stevans-12gau9a pup r =-!:.SA V A G E,110 LH 2M f. Varlter: Ruger SS.357 SA; Ruqor SS old Ary: Brown- ; lnflaejq«cm enl.j24-2t VARMr-Rllle, Rengton; 40XB, :25.08 w/stalnlesa 7 agnu " Weathorbv S j a rd ; - S c o p e :"» 2 7 * 1» f ltnlera Bly&SELLused recrealon TRAVEL trr. 21 Rod 4 Reel. rq ood= rcondnr-n ot sell-- - r«?<onu a(j; :«395:r r* 30 PROWLER 5lh wheel J -travel trr, aell/c.. A/C,- Exctfllont. Lola dcker, - S S ltc"2- sn"whee. -Sloops 4. Sell-contaned. a w l o d. Very clean.. ~ a CapOTSShells f.cam PER-for-aalUtrucka,. - bed, Ubo, ce box. Musl NSUUTED caper sholl!!, l o f l - wde bed NSU LATED lgass shell 2 - to f - LWB--Plckupr-»400.- Phono: S luke-new v4 Spo{t -J Kng capor, lully aelcon- Ulnod, hydra facks. * gaafolec. relrlgerator, PJ Bleeps 4. perfect condllon, 1«.S31O0..See at lnterountar;..cl M olor-ho es n Wendell.n S38<ao PRCE WAR rt ;BUYNOW Cj ty. Custo lopperand Leer. W ew onlbeundorsodl h u n t e a s a u t o t o w n 3R Addson Ave West - cp JSZL.EBEEWAY 8 allde-ln 5,0 caper wth ovarsnut. twd,- dnette, gas range.-oven. & eo rolrgoralor. $450 fr cu 1979 V CAMPER~W/lacks for 73; -co pact-plclnprtfrnaw r T c«-aa7-* PCKUP caper. S200 or cu best oler. - No rolrlfl. - o r -54: elovo gg " " " jj.. - n t Farersl Market F»t8t«f4Tc»So«. - J g ~MANUR FOR SACE : tu r r o S M j - - S g ALFALFA SED-W.pf1n(r "lof > r a f t 8 5 OM Far 8«a " / l a Seed- Sav~o~o, buy-lro.jrow f yaflous - varetes. Sae tesled.. 99.se: Call alter 4p.. OON--T PLANT llrscyear out when certlled.potato seod avalable. 00 readng. Clean " - -Calforna - faadlno.: Un Hlnlzo: Mackay D 5M Hgh le a l n r b k e r. - - Saranac, & Certlled Aoate- y l ,>. on FOR.SPRNQ PLANTNG we. have all tho noaujr publle 51- -Magc valley. Ranger, Lahonlon, 4 olhers. Also 7 Dekalbs new 187 brand. Twn.n- -f=8)l8-csj-aftknu{j»b a Jero e, Paul Beckan ; Muruugh. Frank t, Nebeker 432-S519; Wendell 10- RayM ccord-53m 02»;-or-»...B lackloot-john.shobo~e n" "G O O fy e f r ourrubsetr k- potalo sood. ts cwt. Cal >r LHLE ALASKAN pea seed r. excellent ylelder, oood lor p seedng do4vn. 50 S. sacks, V <15oerT)undrad.M7.491S.. -N /C -Ranaer r allala seed, V state tesred, purlly d G enn94,eobbag8:tr.3spb r r b.-wllldbtyorcall r " H slar?p.. PASTURE x grass seed $1.10 per b. U dak allala POTATO SEED.la year o u f of cartllcallon,- 8 oz-top, sorted.astrfall. :controle<l- slorago. Call or *.358-7TO.Roxbura.- = S E t E t 5 - ;.dolvar. Sulo lestj)n.detl--. naton 4 purty V. - SARANAC-ALFALFA seed, t t= B E E D POTATOES For sale lop ouay Russet...jl!.! - -Hrlrus-testod-foundatonrAr -w lthclaanldahocertleatlon- - readng & vory low vrus re8ang;" G row nln hgh atlludo solated seed area. Call (208)-35»-7574 or eves. (20a)j7838. T j» avaow r e ~T a ~ ~ y.g fln&fw T r rat;falfa43:tont2nd.-4uon... top dary hay. No ran. Lealy. lo e bales. 324><457.,Approx..4S lona.alfala..ts5 ton. Call Marlon Fsk, allof4p.Paul.ldaho. TENTOt* FEEOERSf- - Cuso lub grndng, sla-.tonary or transportng ol all 4 1 S 1 o r 4 *l~ f o r SALE 200 to 300 ons o T 8f 4 2nd cuttlno hay.car ~l FOR SALE, good quallly hay. 80 ons, 1sl, 2nd & 3rd - t cuttlnos GOOD HAY CLOSE-N; 1st 4 f 2nd cultno sol n 1 ton / tola orall..tm /ton v STRAW lor sale. tot bao; * anva ount.-c all543«7a.-- - J WANTED TO BUY: BARLEY F 1st, 2nd. 3rd culllngs. S.Clo8e-ln..also.slraw..So o.. 1. n, -.n,.u n l. - J g, 26 TONS-flood aafy-2nflt4-3rd cullns Allala hay. Take R alla tl5 5 /lo n :7 :0.. p, 3RD CUTTNG, 21.5 proten, «J eo ron hay. le t. 2nd. 3rd BTONofBrrleV:ft2».ah8~ Bl BO TONS oxcoonl hrd c - - j tng hay. Phono ornngs or y B v e n ln o s3 2 fr.,. PASTURE WANTEOl For 50. RoTflsaw rtfnsfw T O C a, WANTEO: To~buy or eaae" + a wu laooran. ol a n r u raa /VANTED! ltloam suer. aaature. W y Ho,099 "paature For Ron ey. - PASTURE for rent nes Quaj C aroy-(or-350w a4 calvos fld.,.al w elljenced , u.- Grandvew. WANTED Pasluro, would consder on oan bass. Call u n - WANTEDTORENT-suor S S L 33- AT STUD- Reg. Morgan Stallonr *200 purebrttf 4 we :* 50 Grade ATTENTON DARYMEN, You ay be able to rol your own gran for f7.00/ton or L -l#aa,-and pay-lor your own roller ll wllh the sae 47.00/(an..FrM.nforatlon.. fn* - g H e e d - R llo Syslos. bh a tte n to n OARYMEN or- -W ejave on hand top-qualty ) <. Holsten aprlr>flno hollers weghlnqfroa9lo1300lbs =that -w T -freshen-lrt-m w eeks. We wll delver lo your lar on approval. Also; - all classos ol younger. hellors on hand at.au Ues, Of For lurlher nloralon call a. or wrto; Donald Berry. Box 3, ah "CH*ROL-a.q. R.fvr* CHOCE Holaleln.seors..4- Heller*. 300 to 4001bs. Call [d 53e-2ll5. COLOSTRUM STARTED bull - calve»lorsale V -COMNO-3-year-oldZbl«elH angus bulls. *900. C a lt,f DARYMEN, CATTLEMEN: ll" T S l d u R f l = :bu& r.m lo.!! r r FOH:rSALE;:HolstelRspf*- nger hellora. cows, brood- ngbuls.- 4 open hollers. -CatDSn.H? {»at324:6e60. L HOLSTEN opoahelfers and. > eo head br hosten leeder HOLS-llN Sprlngerhollers 4 eows lor salo. Large r - a o e f f l o r n d - t - a r HOWARDS Angus Ranch -Regstered and coercal angusbulls, Call ~~ ~, J H t f l R O Q K S S O J Hazelton. daho. 82M018.82M174 :n3ooar3olrclo n. odorn - N pe. Refllsterod Angus < B u lls: 2~V Bar~~olds 4~ POLLEDHorelord Bulls lor sale. Ken-MacLood t, Eden. \ PRODUCTON. TESTED * Angus t>ull9. Brth weght, 3 wsg!**67u g*go ready" "S 1Q.Q0. Plonoor H erd, Sprng 4 ryoove R anch, " REG. ANGUS COWS,* -a f s 4 bulls or / M o r g a n brood are #1toal4l900;-fl :-A rab- 5 geldng S750. ju-74lo; s Haett. 9; REGHOLSTERflULLSJ Fro top sres of the breed b -*ndjlaa,wuw U =0 producton. Servce ago or x. y o unoar.-> rtooth far a REGSTERED-2 year old 7c. polled -herslord bulls,. 4; 8eenj.osted.PH: R P = U L 5 2 : :! year olds, rango ready. lorcattlobeddlno- C all... d «0 7 0.!* -Sufflored.on.oraaa-Fen*.. r SUPEROR red Angus bulls. 4 x S n«t* S -3-BREEONO>el2e-Hoaoln k - «a ta X -B A t:y s-s w n n r -M --.. :., Hor- r t g KaW-Dellafnaor~gradtae ol Oklahoa Farrers Col- a - S a* o o fs» o 5. "Sa Sood Mda horaea. Also WTOMAoeng. Denver Fne, W R«nl M Horses r GMDNG Lvestock Co- vos,- -lsstoncorannualouarte M72... Horao.. pant, appy, and orade horse salo. Sunday. ould l Solng taek at.10:30, Slud aucllon a lll:30 4 horses at 12noon or HARTMAN SSTABLES = -SrThorouflhbrodsrl-fluarfer. u. horse, Rogsterod and roady *! «- lor servce o r r n rajwlm; S ALL TYPES OF HORSES.twught, sojd, tfad.ed.plenly.!!, ANDY APBL FOOL, AOHA, or Grandson ol Doc )wn- Bar-Joe-Rood-4-.-Hancock-,ne troodng on fflo bolto o»w.?s?,-c elot* Dl9poslUofs 7,8,- -Ablllly*SzeTMoneywnner-. 1 n cullng, sundlng al T Roblnson-flanehrKlng-Hll-. daho. Ph; , ntro- ductory fee J400 plusaro: M - -ALSTLO-Vclorlo.J.C..8on w S so: 32»< «3r jo r AT STUD:.Reg. Appaloosa. ss, Rashy aorrel/whle. Hator»l & perfor ance. Lve loal/ lox color wrl. guar. 4-H. youlh Bln rales COMNG 3 YEAR old regls- g o. JfletlA/abGajlllylZXnaLQkC a.o W jslered JU ah lan jtu d. - l f sta llo n SERVCE AUCTON at Goodng Lve- ull stock Cosson Co., - - -H orse-8ale.-sunday,-apr- T Sth at 11:30a lealurng u d o r horso.-pant 4 Appy -aluds / = jr.- MUST- SELL! Rogsterod -PAKlT..Slalllnn,.«nl-< T» j,- 8 lg-man-r;om.-oulllngratll* ~AlterSprcala24-745a J PUREBREOARABAN - Stallon Sorvecc. Spectacular show quallly voarhnfls,.2 yr.old8.4.olde norsos. well brod 4 los ol -seort sos rrldlno d. -ffluo..oonue-lorjada tr 7348or Vt Ousrtor horso. V thor- s ouqhbrod yearlng slud coll. j».h alter.broke.flentle733-. HEGjSTERED Appaloosa fc STANDNG AT STUD at -Sl per:a ndoor.-r odeo ca:o, 8 * 6 " * pn stallon. Sre s Do Say, by. Powder Charoe STUD SERVCE- Sorrel guartor horso slud. Go Man Trple Chc 4 Beggar Boy breedng THOROUGHBREDS ll l Appaloosa gray aro. L t. 1 6 han& -hqh. $ FVE yoar old rm sered.. sorrel geldngs. Excellent youlh or 4-H show horsos. lm 0 a.e h.tll» K 0l. 3 YEAR Old Appy--broke,. -OQOd teapefa nnl. «n,, 4-H PROSPECTS BBautllul.3. "DankolW yoarlno POA -aulon. also---regl8lered./-s Aopaoosa yrlngs avgla- p 5 YEAR- O L D -R e g lsler Sorrel Geldng. SSM t 9501.: h zqhoraadllly. broke, gbtle ~ > fe. J <-yp nrt Pjlolnn-flqfllnn.: l! -very-well sta red -o tn o a rogl- on heels. *2500, ",7 vear.old regstered Ap- 7; JM- H Fqu)p»nl S CLASSC HORSE TRALERS at Kahn-Luclch Ford Tracor u 4 Eulpent Copany, ej ;new 2 jorse tralers coparable low prcea.on ,.h o rso.a n d alock ralera. " Kbarl! aaddlbs 4 Uck. Vcksrs -S g 7 t) / Swhw PUREBREDOUROCBOAR ~110 Poullrvtflbbta W B B ff PENS lor aalo.ys). J, ffoalon CALL------, A o lh M eg Products Gated Ppe* at PVC and Alunu ]» UndorgroundPVC 179 S G A T E D P P E - Alunu,Plastc,-- 4FlbBralrong - j r - - p n c e u re p b f otosanust t PPESALES rjp- -:2V»WOTtofHospta X PHASE CONVERTOR )c (rolophaso).o HP. lke now. :k - -b l& W O O USED turbne 4 centrlugal Jf* YOURHASTNGS " RRGATWN PPE DEALER n -Forlnoquaty.-O atedan t-.bn..rnbalunu..ppo Tex-llow rrloaton Supples.. BlLLMATHEfS r Rt. 2. Kberly 423W of 10 alullnu an fl lne wllh valvos. Exc. cond, 53M5S7, j n " F n taaa«t:: APPROr-60 p010joo-t2 - -lb.-223ono.-sulabolor-- - -n a y r loanng. achlhe - 1. " a tt e n t o n DARYMEN! Stalls 4 ppolno are n slock.. at.all-tl os, Magc-Vaoy L -DalrvSupo1v ,. FENCE POSTS, 8: Mnu- - 5"«lp, axu 8" Ull. r- Call Earlv AM. = nfljoffloany halllltn t. - - tslh o le A se w e u n a o..- ~ ECONOM O L N b H b ; ~ - - avbaou. latsng - lo r. " - -your-achnery acquslllon.- -. batter tax-advanugos.-we - - aso havo a lull lno ol all - akes 4 odels new 4 used ~ ~. r-. T f N D NASH 202~vacuu- pup - w/10 hp-c enlury- oor-- - recrculatng pup 4 ro- 1 ( =5 w/9 drop lor 42 se - C traler. New; Gran tarp V -w /llled oornorsrgood cor- ~can-3ee-7787,»- - STEEL BULDNGS, r Gralnory-:-8y5tos. Agrt--, syses producs. Freo bds. Call BUHL CQOP C -SUPPLY j 114 Falpl...n " j C-FARMALLr excellent r -eorrugators: Ofte-4TOTr 4 throe 2 row for he saller c tractors. All wllh 3 pont. 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T h ffrc-n rc-l ftfl-ty p G S - ugh to be able lo pan and rpp r e s ld e n ts. swd alth o u ejn a j a L c r s a ls o -6UBpeclbltlous. And the varous Q U C (U Uy jt aensc..! t-th a t-6o ew here-ln-hs w n b o s e «o b v jo u s ly g re s fw!fljpft)fhdllvlty. * rfllebcr e x a n e d H n clcy h c w o u ld At th e ver cry least, the presdenl. s. by UP Tuesday sad the le above pat-, sad. - flled wllh hale, overabl sp ecu fate bout so e ap; apparent n* th e sy b o lo oflaw n hs counlry. Qus psychedelc d ru g s, on he other sde, those SO who are Kerersald. ad.. r c B kng - thettk. WASHNGTON (U (ll P ) T H ere s the chronoc sogyof -- George,W ashl shlnglon Unversty H osptal. Two of other - 6:30 p the attack on Presde dent R eagan Monday:. - J w o u n d ed aro ealso a b ro u g h tth erc. X Dr. Dor :20 -R ea - to - lh e...2 :55-p... - V ce-presdent George Dush. on-a - tells re{ AFlrCO Buldng g ~ ; d C 6 h stn c llo n T ra d ccs s D e sp eak n g tour lur n T exas.-ls advls(<d lhe > presdent p has - " prognc r p a rt eht-at he-wash ashngton Hlton Hotel: r b e e n h o lu c lejlleshack J tojrvashlnglon. L L s e r2 S J 2: a p.. Keagt tagan e erges fro thehotb tb la n a n 5 p T r= lfe W hle HoserAlcn TrTlHo ntal. y n : g l n s w alkng towarw afatls lousne when, a! dst a cfaos repgrle< red lhal hc presdent w as s.nol.hl. n s a y s w hte H crow d.chccrtng and d rtjporlers sh o utlnqucstlon ons, slx " R caganw asst struckby a bullet n the lefl ct h c s. a gun shots rng out. W hle House P re ss. S eer crclary. 3:37 p.. - W hte House slaff dre lreclor Davfd - ncfov - -Ja e s B rady,-w ashlngton-pocc an -Thoa5 las D e -, G e rg e n le ls s a new s brefng th a l Secrctj retary of Slate lahan ty -and-a-s ecrc x re l-s erv lcft. agent T othy hv M e -- - A lexander Hal lg,j :r e a s u ry Secrel.ary-rcf, feganrdcfensc..." 8 : s p e a rth y arct t S ecretary Cas faspar W enberger and Aflorr orney General > Secret erel Serv ce agents, shove Rc R eag an W lla Frenc: nch Sltjare on hand, ut lh: n n o ro n n a l rlo the lousne wh hle o th er agenls. w th lhe a ald eo f tra n sfe ro fp olott c r w as conteplated., jjollce, overco e the suspected assalant, later jrlden - 4:25 p.ra.- 1 R eagan enters surgery aa t6 w B o sp lla l, p u p lllar p o ste3 rd U fedasjohn-w.h lncl nckley Jr.-2S,-ofEverfreenrOColo;-.\ - -rlc»ln g fren ddsr-l Don t w orry about c rl l ll rakell: / lls oyes ~ 2T2»p,&-MncKJc - H a g e p o r l r s, "A soof f r now, l a n jfo k e y e v e n ts,ts... w ho recen ty h as-b "becn7 e uhder p sy chlatflcc ar re, s. convtf*here g Q..lhc Wjc H ouse.pendng g return rt of the -, whsked aw ay lo DlsD strct of Coluba.polce } h e ad - * v lc e jr c s ld c nnl. l. and n close touch wth hjn,. - ll g q ualers. A~palccan an here.sald, HTlMked d A jo -car-p o llce o to rcad rade transfers :M-] llk e h e d ld n tk n o w wh hat-w ; asgong on; " a T B j B uzzards Polnl fleu leld offce for hearng * 2:32 p.. Reag lagan enters e ergency roo a a t questonng.. t -... $ r a % <... J-P; Hnckoy-appoars rs forjr4;- nute g ln.,u.s. Dstrct Court. He Ho s ordered held. - w llholt bond pendng arragnent ttt hursday. E O T U X jo ak r z s By FRANK W.SLUSSER T h e a rk et djd a lot belt 5ll e r t h a n l th e n terest ral rates they charge brokers!> followed, up /j lo U.-> wth h ablock of S e a c ra off A llturket c repot ta l ; D e a n fo r loans lust st one dnv n ftor nng l offer. S e a g ra -sto y k -, fto nnn Qhntv.c»> n t u f. H.asthlHt, -rto -55- w e f Reynolds vce presac lacn, sad. the, uup to24t after a block o n P :l ol 105,000 Sun Electrc, P a g e s F 2? F 4 hlnk lhot allyw as an e tre, whch has been volaganed 34 lo -2 3 r-t h c e otonal nvestors-w-w c erc-encouraged.by-thc - ss: h a r e s crossed al 25. N E W Y O R K - The D6\ Dow Jones = = = = = = = thl tle lately, n g b u f l also hlnk"reagj s report thal far prces ----<nrwtrb>< flw rgt» r rflrlw«h-t Engelhard Mnng & CC he L calsco pany saldj g e g flv e -b e c n -c a h a B ced ld J cauldnol explan.the L rcent ftlarch, w hch b l.o W levcl-tuesdav. v. th e ra d ln g flc ganed g n o & lu )c fo «U flogrs e a rl.v -M o n d ay-n l- < radlng-waa actv ty h rlts.sbootj)g4joul4lan-)gr8s8- ts3tock: t &4u4 sh o u d -h clp -to;easgrnnalon. Als o, ; nrafrengelhard r announce n U t - selllng rout down do now?... ced P la p s -K Natonal.Sc Seconductor added to. - trggered by doctors rcpo jp o r ts th a l whch h a p nned w when P reslden John H e noted that R eagan s e pahysad l plans td s e ll----- ecpno lc.f eb ru ary, ld dlcatlng*.the"monoy l fs,ee ngelhard, Corp..and Presdent-R eagan pulled Ur through an F. Kennedy was a assassnated on Nov. n J h lp p ts calcu lato p ro g ra rh o f t cu ts; and spendng 2 s l o w j n g. or r and a w atchjoperallons to -... a s 8asslD aton-al(e pt--j-e >-exce!enl -22,J B r o th e r s - : : N o v u s Electrof reductlonj s favored by os o sto fw a ll... tronljscqrp. Tj?rs were * ; s u k "... condton. The arket }t surged- s... AMc l t a f r C a n ; " a l : a t the outm l n S Sfwrnner" r noftfsclo scar tre tl..t h e,p ro g ra h as begun h ls lsted p n all U. U.S. exch w g cs and over T he- D ow -average., dnbod-4,71 JcaVy.tradng M onday, dd not trade at g n a d lsp la y of relef the- long t the co- A uto atlcd Journey hrough Congres css.. th e co u n ter at4 t4 p.tn. totaled 57, p c Dj ata Processng rose rv -p a p y ls. request. Aercan. ponts to 1, n farly actve presdent,-ae; egedy phot by a n,c an of- to.56/4. The.T he N ew Y o rk S to c k E 3 Exchangfe sh are s, cop co pany acqured D a ta. npared wth j37;554,100 :. fl flc a ls-sa fd th e y would dls wrfftv gn p<»hfl Oj jftto yy flnf t sclosc ncop:-.of (U h ap rca)rad ed -M o n d ay ay: V > - -.fo Aerca, whch provldw, for atorw ednesdnvtbh- -daytjg ta n e rto v M to rsle;arned a n that of sur rpflswl The>Aerca rt==sentc63rnnf rrtrah c an to ck- x changen rc llrwjllbhs lor theco pany Ty Duthls-duflsrro n f s cen ny.". r - S a c c o u n tsrj.a d v an c e s-tn p p etl:-ech j nea.-,dext oso-3.k to lu l nngflr s n tw ratlon; r :3 6 0.W arl(ttb e.p rlce.o " b e e n a t th e,ooo level fo rthne e Pc 8 s 1 4 w 5 = W 6 S E t Euor:Corp,.*addetLa-lo ) 50. The On,.-lhe Arn 1. 12«U21 a ong, th e 1,90 Aex, advcrces topped CaJssuM a s h a r e a d d ed22 d ccpts. J.: weeks.- ; - Newton Znd :-copany*has rcached.-anrflf nder, E :F rh u tto n vce -vtra) ;agcecroenl=ecqdf:3&q. d e d a t 2 p.. JH STr"" *228rabAg the809 s s u e r >... T h e - N a tob rh a..a sso clallo n - of- - -to acqure. 45. percent >of The-N Y SE and other * r arkets presdent, notet 3f St. Joe* traded*at:4 p. >ted lh& a r k e l. s l p l y * Bf({ B oard vou elotaled 5( p.;~vohueallbg!.lln?c. - salers NASDA ndexof. uruuhtout te u u n try, wh Whl6h hftd BTOvena-thB- t r u j d 11 lual n Mon* sns, M lcrala ; l «k f r. t f l - a. shflw» s l flnr fftt3lv<fntr U a f,q ftm lh e :3.S (».W alnedr.38to2o78;a ncw 7 co w plce -a erger on. closed eary Monday a fle r news lhat d a y s la te sejjlr Ung. The arket w as dr a tax-free w th 4.340,000 lr d u rn g M ondays abbrevlated. 8e s s lp n h g h bass. l R cag aa h ad teen shotrthc the ches, up over pror to the news of the wh< U nlled Asbe w hen th e ark et c l d a t -3:17. ksbelos: w as he Ml p,j l, O n th e raflln lng flbor. T exaco w as th e. J M p h g r a A & js - ;gg f c d.< u le a l 8 a...mst. j on:.r eagan*hootn 4 n g /--2 n d w -» «d.j! t. tollowng. 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C A B a.c H A S S S E P S s...g B N fb R/ A t-s E B V lc P fu nln ls tta B«nNA pgnpfbty n v B n M FEDERAL \L PROPERTY RESOURCES S SERVCE S AUfl BURNWASNC.TQR.9B0( QQQ2 o N C R eek RANCHWMACHNERY W A U CS H O M - -? 8 l - tndheml&lnda aopple - SAEM ANAGEC ED BY MESSERSMtTH AUCT CTON SERVCE -... r7dtcy:ah*n; {atl ~ =.= J l C l 0 l ( H B S u J «l» L n,n p «.., ClSRKtJ.W.MESSERU SMltH. TWN FAt lll Hadlock llock el Jero e, daho P au l. d. fl Yotr ttnuo /» o u r hun


A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th

4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n tr t d n R th n r t d n 20 2 :24 T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 4 8 N v btr 20, 20 th r l f ff nt f l t. r t pl n f r th n tr t n f h h v lr d b n r d t, rd n t h h th t b t f l rd n t f th rld ll b n

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Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No

Exhibit 2-9/30/15 Invoice Filing Page 1841 of Page 3660 Docket No xhibit 2-9/3/15 Invie Filing Pge 1841 f Pge 366 Dket. 44498 F u v 7? u ' 1 L ffi s xs L. s 91 S'.e q ; t w W yn S. s t = p '1 F? 5! 4 ` p V -', {} f6 3 j v > ; gl. li -. " F LL tfi = g us J 3 y 4 @" V)

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0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n. R v n n th r

0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n. R v n n th r n r t d n 20 22 0: T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 0 t b r 6, 20 t l nf r nt f th l t th t v t f th th lv, ntr t n t th l l l nd d p rt nt th t f ttr t n th p nt t th r f l nd d tr b t n.

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H NT Z N RT L 0 4 n f lt r h v d lt n r n, h p l," "Fl d nd fl d " ( n l d n l tr l t nt r t t n t nt t nt n fr n nl, th t l n r tr t nt. r d n f d rd n t th nd r nt r d t n th t th n r lth h v b n f

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46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th

46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l pp n nt n th n r t d n 20 0 : T P bl D n, l d t z d http:.h th tr t. r pd l 46 D b r 4, 20 : p t n f r n b P l h tr p, pl t z r f r n. nd n th t n t d f t n th tr ht r t b f l n t, nd th ff r n b ttl t th r p rf l

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Colby College Catalogue

Colby College Catalogue Colby College Digital Commons @ Colby Colby Catalogues College Archives: Colbiana Collection 1871 Colby College Catalogue 1871-1872 Colby College Follow this and additional works at: http://digitalcommonscolbyedu/catalogs

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Colby College Catalogue

Colby College Catalogue Colby College Digital Commons @ Colby Colby Catalogues College Archives: Colbiana Collection 1872 Colby College Catalogue 1872-1873 Colby College Follow this and additional works at: http://digitalcommonscolbyedu/catalogs

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Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2

Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork and res u lts 2 Internal Innovation @ C is c o 2 0 0 6 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. C i s c o C o n f i d e n t i a l 1 Agenda Rationale for ETG S eek ing I d eas ETG fram ew ork

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35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3

35H MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 3.5 MPa Hydraulic Cylinder 35H-3 - - - - ff ff - - - - - - B B BB f f f f f f f 6 96 f f f f f f f 6 f LF LZ f 6 MM f 9 P D RR DD M6 M6 M6 M. M. M. M. M. SL. E 6 6 9 ZB Z EE RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ RC/ ZM 6 F FP 6 K KK M. M. M. M. M M M M f f

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F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c

F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s i n E n t e r p r i s e F l a s h-b a s e d S S D s ( S o-s ltiad t e D r i v e s ) a r e b e c o m i n g a n a t t r a c L i f e t i m e M a n a g e m e n t o f F l a-b s ah s e d S S D s U s i n g R e c o v e r-a y w a r e D y n a m i c T h r o t t l i n g S u n g j i n L e, e T a e j i n K i m, K y u n g h o, Kainmd J

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o Alphabet Recitation

o Alphabet Recitation Letter-Sound Inventory (Record Sheet #1) 5-11 o Alphabet Recitation o Alphabet Recitation a b c d e f 9 h a b c d e f 9 h j k m n 0 p q k m n 0 p q r s t u v w x y z r s t u v w x y z 0 Upper Case Letter

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o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco

o C *$ go ! b», S AT? g (i * ^ fc fa fa U - S 8 += C fl o.2h 2 fl 'fl O ' 0> fl l-h cvo *, &! 5 a o3 a; O g 02 QJ 01 fls g! r«'-fl O fl s- ccco > p >>>> ft^. 2 Tble f Generl rdnes. t^-t - +«0 -P k*ph? -- i t t i S i-h l -H i-h -d. *- e Stf H2 t s - ^ d - 'Ct? "fi p= + V t r & ^ C d Si d n. M. s - W ^ m» H ft ^.2. S'Sll-pl e Cl h /~v S s, -P s'l

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'NOTASCRITICAS PARA UNA TEDRIA DE M BUROCRACIA ESTATAL * Oscar Oszlak OVí "^Ox^ OqAÍ"^ Dcument SD-11 \ 'NOTAS"CRTCAS PARA UNA TEDRA DE M BUROCRACA ESTATAL * Oscr Oszlk * El presente dcument que se reprduce pr us exclusv de ls prtcpntes de curss de Prrms de Cpctcón, se h

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Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea

Table of C on t en t s Global Campus 21 in N umbe r s R e g ional Capac it y D e v e lopme nt in E-L e ar ning Structure a n d C o m p o n en ts R ea G Blended L ea r ni ng P r o g r a m R eg i o na l C a p a c i t y D ev elo p m ent i n E -L ea r ni ng H R K C r o s s o r d e r u c a t i o n a n d v e l o p m e n t C o p e r a t i o n 3 0 6 0 7 0 5

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I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE

I if +5sssi$ E sr. Egglg[[l[aggegr glieiffi*gi I I a. gl$[fli$ilg1li3fi[ Ell F rss. F$EArgi. SEgh*rqr. H uf$:xdx. FsfileE (tl Sh*q +sss$!! ll ss s ;s$ll s ; B 3 $ Sest -9[*; s$t 1,1 - e^ -" H u$xdx fd $A sfle *9,9* '. s. \^ >X!l P s H 2.ue ^ O - HS 1- -l ( l[[l[e lff* l$[fl$l1l3f[ U, -.1 $tse;es s TD T' ' t B $*l$ \l - 1

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I;;"" I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5" i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT

I;; I _ t. . - I...AJ_ ~I 11 \_-., I. LIfI.l..(!;O '{. ~- --~--- _.L...,.._ J 5 i. I! I \ 1/ \. L, :,_. RAmE ABSTRACT 5 ;; _L_ 7 9 8 A Ll(;O '{ L _ OFFCAL RETURNS GENERAL ELECTON RAmE 98 9 w ;; (k4(ap 'A ' lee S'T'lTE 5'C TU AS c ; _ l6l>'

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Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law

Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law University of Michigan Law School University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository Articles Faculty Scholarship 1907 Humanistic, and Particularly Classical, Studies as a Preparation for the Law

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i;\-'i frz q > R>? >tr E*+ [S I z> N g> F 'x sa :r> >,9 T F >= = = I Y E H H>tr iir- g-i I * s I!,i --' - = a trx - H tnz rqx o >.F g< s Ire tr () -s

i;\-'i frz q > R>? >tr E*+ [S I z> N g> F 'x sa :r> >,9 T F >= = = I Y E H H>tr iir- g-i I * s I!,i --' - = a trx - H tnz rqx o >.F g< s Ire tr () -s 5 C /? >9 T > ; '. ; J ' ' J. \ ;\' \.> ). L; c\ u ( (J ) \ 1 ) : C ) (... >\ > 9 e!) T C). '1!\ /_ \ '\ ' > 9 C > 9.' \( T Z > 9 > 5 P + 9 9 ) :> : + (. \ z : ) z cf C : u 9 ( :!z! Z c (! $ f 1 :.1 f.

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necessita d'interrogare il cielo

necessita d'interrogare il cielo gigi nei necessia d'inegae i cie cic pe sax span s inuie a dispiegaa fma dea uce < affeandi ves i cen dea uce isnane " sienzi dei padi sie veic dei' anima 5 J i f H 5 f AL J) i ) L '3 J J "' U J J ö'

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Provider Satisfaction

Provider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction Prider Satisfaction [1] NOTE: if you nd to navigate away from this page, please click the "Save Draft" page at the bottom (visible to ONLY logged in users). Otherwise, your rpons will

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LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses

LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Louisiana State University LSU Digital Commons LSU Historical Dissertations and Theses Graduate School 1976 Infestation of Root Nodules of Soybean by Larvae of the Bean Leaf Beetle, Cerotoma Trifurcata

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The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table of Elements 8 Uuo Uus Uuh (9) Uup (88) Uuq (89) Uut (8) Uub (8) Rg () 0 Ds (9) 09 Mt (8) 08 Hs (9) 0 h () 0 Sg () 0 Db () 0 Rf () 0 Lr () 88 Ra () 8 Fr () 8 Rn () 8 At (0) 8 Po (09)

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Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name

Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, 2004 Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Each asterisk () is 5 points. There are 40 s, for

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APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids

APPH 4200 Physics of Fluids APPH 42 Physics of Fluids Problem Solving and Vorticity (Ch. 5) 1.!! Quick Review 2.! Vorticity 3.! Kelvin s Theorem 4.! Examples 1 How to solve fluid problems? (Like those in textbook) Ç"Tt=l I $T1P#(

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r 3 > o m > o > z m Z -< Z il r H O O H H i-» 00 a o x3 X M > I- > 1 n 0) l' 1

r 3 > o m > o > z m Z -< Z il r H O O H H i-» 00 a o x3 X M > I- > 1 n 0) l' 1 7J 73 Z -) r a c -< 0-73 - -0 -< C 73 FLE N. UC08-25454S - c X - a 0 TJ 0 TB - ;w - 70 () < r 3 a r w r r r Ō Z c a Z. < 7 C B D - -< a r Z J < r < < 70 TJ "s w 3 0 D < 70 -) 7) 0 TJ!! -( Z X - r 7) 77

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Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License

Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License Trn Up A Chld 2000 Pul Mrxhusen All Rghts Reserved Dedcted to Stu Tetz for 30 yers of Luthern techng mnstry Free Prse Lcense Ths lcense does NOT supercede or replce the rghts of the composer(s) under Unted

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! J*UC4j u<s.< U l*4 3) U /r b A a ti ex Ou rta + s U fa* V. H lu< Y ^i«iy /( c * i U O rti^ ^ fx /i«w

! J*UC4j u<s.< U l*4 3) U /r b A a ti ex Ou rta + s U fa* V. H lu< Y ^i«iy /( c * i U O rti^ ^ fx /i«w p ) X 6 @ / [ j t [ l C ^ h u M q f» -» - * / ---- ---------------- ------ - Muuuka y Um tq/z/h*. Ik M tu ^ t j a s ^ #/ Jjfif*.! J*UC4j u

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SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SCHEDULE H-6.1b NUCLEAR UNIT OUTAGE DATA. For the Test Year Ended March 31, 2009 Schedule H-6.lb SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR COMPANY SCHDUL H-6.1b NUCLAR UNIT OUTAG DATA For the Test Year nded March 31, 29 This schedule is not applicable to SVvPCO. 5 Schedule H-6.1 c SOUTHWSTRN LCTRIC POWR

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glo beau bid point full man branch last ior s all for ap Sav tree tree God length per down ev the fect your er Cm7 a a our

glo beau bid point full man branch last ior s all for ap Sav tree tree God length per down ev the fect your er Cm7 a a our SING, MY TONGU, TH SAVIOR S GLORY mj7 Mlod Kbd fr nd S would tm flsh s D nd d tn s drw t crd S, Fth t So Th L lss m ful wn dd t, Fs4 F wd; v, snr, t; ngh, t: lod; t; tgu, now Chrst, h O d t bnd Sv God

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30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu.

30 Zn(s) 45 Rh. Pd(s) Ag(s) Cd(s) In(s) Sn(s) white. 77 Ir. Pt(s) Au. Hg(l) Tl. 109 Mt. 111 Uuu. 112 Uub. 110 Uun. 65 Tb. 62 Sm. 64 Gd. 63 Eu. Enthalpy changes: experimentally it is much easier to measure heat flow at const pressure - this is enthalpy q p = )H : also nearly all chemical reactions are done at constant pressure. Enthalpy (heat)

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> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU

> DC < D CO LU > Z> CJ LU C C FNS TCNCAL NFRMATN CNTR [itpfttiiknirike?fi-'.;t C'JM.V TC hs determined n \ _\}. L\\ tht this Technicl cment hs the istribtin Sttement checked belw. The crnt distribtin fr this dcment cn be telind

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Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous

Thank You! $20,000+ Anonymous T D $20,000+ Ay $10,000+ Fll Fly Cbl T Ew & S Vbl $5,000+ Ay M. & M. T Fll M. Fl H. Hwz D. & M. G A. Ky $2,500+ M. Plp J. Bly, III J & Klly Bzly S T. & My C. Fll Mk & E G R Hy Jy & Ell Jll Fly Ly F Cy

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Atoms and the Periodic Table

Atoms and the Periodic Table Atoms and the Periodic Table Parts of the Atom Proton Found in the nucleus Number of protons defines the element Charge +1, mass 1 Parts of the Atom Neutron Found in the nucleus Stabilizes the nucleus

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Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m

Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Other Fr anchi s ee appl i cat i on for m Kindly fill in all the applicable information in the spaces provided and submit to us before the stipulated deadline. The information you provide will be held

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Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch.

Winnie flies again. Winnie s Song. hat. A big tall hat Ten long toes A black magic wand A long red nose. nose. She s Winnie Winnie the Witch. Wnn f gn ht Wnn Song A g t ht Tn ong to A k g wnd A ong d no. no Sh Wnn Wnn th Wth. y t d to A ong k t Bg gn y H go wth Wnn Whn h f. wnd ootk H Wu Wu th t. Ptu Dtony oo hopt oon okt hng gd ho y ktod nh

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Emigration The movement of individuals out of an area The population decreases

Emigration The movement of individuals out of an area The population decreases Nm Clss D C 5 Puls S 5 1 Hw Puls Gw (s 119 123) Ts s fs ss us sb ul. I ls sbs fs ff ul sz xls w xl w ls w. Css f Puls ( 119) 1. W fu m ss f ul?. G sbu. Gw b. Ds. A suu 2. W s ul s sbu? I s b b ul. 3. A

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PHYS 232 QUIZ minutes.

PHYS 232 QUIZ minutes. / PHYS 232 QUIZ 1 02-18-2005 50 minutes. This quiz has 3 questions. Please show all your work. If your final answer is not correct, you will get partial credit based on your work shown. You are allowed

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Made the FIRST periodic table

Made the FIRST periodic table Made the FIRST periodic table 1869 Mendeleev organized the periodic table based on the similar properties and relativities of certain elements Later, Henri Moseley organized the elements by increasing

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2.' -4-5 I fo. - /30 + ;3, x + G: ~ / ~ ) ~ ov. Fd'r evt.'i') cutckf' ()y\e.._o OYLt dtt:vl. t'"'i ~ _) y =.5_21/2-+. 8"'- 2.

2.' -4-5 I fo. - /30 + ;3, x + G: ~ / ~ ) ~ ov. Fd'r evt.'i') cutckf' ()y\e.._o OYLt dtt:vl. t''i ~ _) y =.5_21/2-+. 8'- 2. Statistics 100 Sample FINAL Instructions: I. WORK ALL PROBLEMS. Please, give details and explanations and SHOW ALL YOUR WORK so that partial credits can be given. 2. You may use four pages of notes, tables

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106 70/140H-8 70/140H-8

106 70/140H-8 70/140H-8 7/H- 6 H 7/H- 7 H ffffff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f f H 7/H- 7/H- H φφ φφ φφ φφ! H 1 7/H- 7/H- H 1 f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff ff ff ff φ φ φ

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[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.

[ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20: ,..,..,.., : /... ;. 2-. ISBN , - [ ]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34. .. - 2-2009 [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8) 35.20:34.2373-60..,..,..,..,.. -60 : /... ;. 2-. : -, 2008. 134. ISBN 5-98298-299-7 -., -,,. - «,, -, -», - 550800,, 240600 «-», -. [661.87.+661.88]:543.4(075.8)

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L...,,...lllM" l)-""" Si_...,...

L...,,...lllM l)- Si_...,... > 1 122005 14:8 S BF 0tt n FC DRE RE FOR C YER 2004 80?8 P01/ Rc t > uc s cttm tsus H D11) Rqc(tdk ;) wm1111t 4 (d m D m jud: US

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Ninth Marine Air Wing To Be Decommissioned. ment of the Transport Air Broup.

Ninth Marine Air Wing To Be Decommissioned. ment of the Transport Air Broup. N M W T B D $ R V /RNE M N 2 C O R R & F O T T O O N T TTON-CHERRY ONT NC B D OM O z C M H N M W O z M 944 T W ; N W j j C T q T N W T W z ; q q z - M 30 946 F T G O R [MR 252952 C q -C - T G VMR 252 V

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Linear Momentum. Center of Mass.

Linear Momentum. Center of Mass. Lecture 16 Chapter 9 Physcs I 11.06.2013 Lnear oentu. Center of ass. Course webste: http://faculty.ul.edu/ndry_danylov/teachng/physcsi Lecture Capture: http://echo360.ul.edu/danylov2013/physcs1fall.htl

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M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y-

M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware Y- Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Technical Overview 1 M Line Card Redundancy with Y-Cab l es Seamless Line Card Failover Solu t ion f or Line Card H ardw or Sof t w are Failu res are Leverages hardware

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single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2

single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2 single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides MC2 Period 1 1 H 18 He 2 Group 1 2 Li Be Group 13 14 15 16 17 18 B C N O F Ne 3 4 Na K Mg Ca Group 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Al Ga

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2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s

2. T H E , ( 7 ) 2 2 ij ij. p i s M O D E L O W A N I E I N Y N I E R S K I E n r 4 7, I S S N 1 8 9 6-7 7 1 X A N A L Y S I S O F T E M P E R A T U R E D I S T R I B U T I O N I N C O M P O S I T E P L A T E S D U R I N G T H E R M A

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X-Ray Notes, Part III

X-Ray Notes, Part III oll 6 X-y oe 3: Pe X-Ry oe, P III oe Deeo Coe oupu o x-y ye h look lke h: We efe ue of que lhly ffee efo h ue y ovk: Co: C ΔS S Sl o oe Ro: SR S Co o oe Ro: CR ΔS C SR Pevouly, we ee he SR fo ye hv pxel

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns!

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 5 (100 points) April 18, 2018 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal

M M 3. F orc e th e insid e netw ork or p rivate netw ork traffic th rough th e G RE tunnel using i p r ou t e c ommand, fol l ow ed b y th e internal C i s c o P r o f i l e C o n t a c t s & F e e d b a c k H e l p C isc o S M B S up p ort A ssistant Pass Routing Information over IPsec VPN Tunnel between two ASA/PIX H ome > W ork W ith M y S ec urity

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--- Deceased Information. A1ry't (Ay't olll n5. F\ease turn page ) lslamic Community Center of Tempe. Please print all information clearly.

--- Deceased Information. A1ry't (Ay't olll n5. F\ease turn page ) lslamic Community Center of Tempe. Please print all information clearly. A1y't (Ay't lll l uty ete ee lese t ll t lely. Deese t st e Mle e s t\e Lee De Bth Age Dte Seultv t\ube h :;;"' :;...".::.."'t ' ' ue uetttte ube use Deth Heste Als ( y); he t vle hve lll be use t etg

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QUESTIONNAIRE FOR WEST BENGAL Demand Side Management & Renewable Energy in India: Capacity Building of CSOs -- DREC PROJECT. Ešlc a pðå u LR abé

QUESTIONNAIRE FOR WEST BENGAL Demand Side Management & Renewable Energy in India: Capacity Building of CSOs -- DREC PROJECT. Ešlc a pðå u LR abé Ešlc a pðå u LR abé 1z Ešlc a l e j 2z Sm l e j 3z Ešlc a l WL e J k N k Nl hhle (NË j, b e, hôl, fe L X, j h Cm eðl CaÉ c pçf ZÑ b L A a BhnÉL) WL e g e eðl (STD Code pq) j h Cm eðl C- jm 4z Hm L - 1z

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FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012

FY 13 TDC Revenue Report 31-Dec-2012 CLLR CNTY TRST TAX RVN CAC January 10, 2013 V-1 Staff Reprts 1 f 18 Budget escriptin und Y 13 Adpted Budget Y 13 (5%) Reserved by Law Y 13 Net Budget Y 13 recast Variance t Y 13 Budget Beach acilities

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Chapter 3: Stoichiometry

Chapter 3: Stoichiometry Chapter 3: Stoichiometry Chem 6A Michael J. Sailor, UC San Diego 1 Announcements: Thursday (Sep 29) quiz: Bring student ID or we cannot accept your quiz! No notes, no calculators Covers chapters 1 and

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INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section

INSTRUCTIONS: Exam III. November 10, 1999 Lab Section CHEM 1215 Exam III John III. Gelder November 10, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 7 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and

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9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom)

9/20/2017. Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) CAPTER 6: TE PERIODIC TABLE Elements are Pure Substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical change (contain Only One Type of Atom) The Periodic Table (Mendeleev) In 1872, Dmitri

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Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics.

Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. I. Review: Comparison of ionic and molecular compounds Molecular compounds Ionic

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Line Drawing and Clipping Week 1, Lecture 2

Line Drawing and Clipping Week 1, Lecture 2 CS 43 Computer Graphcs I Lne Drawng and Clppng Week, Lecture 2 Davd Breen, Wllam Regl and Maxm Peysakhov Geometrc and Intellgent Computng Laboratory Department of Computer Scence Drexel Unversty http://gcl.mcs.drexel.edu

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m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e

m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e 131 m e m b e r s c o m e to feel less a m b i v a l e n t a b o u t t h e w o r k e r a n d r e l a t e p o s i t i v e l y to h i m a n d t h e i r peers. G r o u p m e m b e r s, f e e l i n g m o r

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Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each)

Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in the Columns! (3 points each) Chemistry 1304.001 Name (please print) Exam 4 (100 points) April 12, 2017 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this exam. Signed Date Circle the letters only. NO ANSWERS in

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On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes

On the number of regions in an m-dimensional space cut by n hyperplanes 6 On the nuber of regons n an -densonal space cut by n hyperplanes Chungwu Ho and Seth Zeran Abstract In ths note we provde a unfor approach for the nuber of bounded regons cut by n hyperplanes n general

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Analysis of Effects of Rebounds and Aerodynamics for Trajectory of Table Tennis Ball

Analysis of Effects of Rebounds and Aerodynamics for Trajectory of Table Tennis Ball Al f Effc f Ru Ac f Tjc f Tl T Bll Juk Nu Mchcl Scc Egg, Gu Schl f Egg, Ng Uv, Fu-ch, Chku-ku, Ng, J Ak Nkh Mchcl Scc Egg, Gu Schl f Egg, Ng Uv, Fu-ch, Chku-ku, Ng, J Yhku Hkw Mchcl Scc Egg, Gu Schl f

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12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development

12781 Velp Avenue. West County B Rural Residential Development U PL & EET E 28 Vel ee eded 2 P.. ) LL EET T E 2) PPVE E ) ET E ) e e e e eded eebe 2 Plg & g eeg b) Bldg Pe e: eebe ) PUBL FU ( -E TE): g be bg bee e Plg & g eel ll be de ll be e. 5) UEETFEEBK: ) be ll

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ORBITAL DIAGRAM - A graphical representation of the quantum number "map" of electrons around an atom.

ORBITAL DIAGRAM - A graphical representation of the quantum number map of electrons around an atom. 178 (MAGNETIC) SPIN QUANTUM NUMBER: "spin down" or "spin up" - An ORBITAL (region with fixed "n", "l" and "ml" values) can hold TWO electrons. ORBITAL DIAGRAM - A graphical representation of the quantum

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What is the periodic table?

What is the periodic table? The periodic table of the elements represents one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science that certain elements, the basic chemical substances from which all matter is made, resemble each

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Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano

Divided. diamonds. Mimic the look of facets in a bracelet that s deceptively deep RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE. designed by Peggy Brinkman Matteliano RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE Dv mons Mm t look o ts n rlt tt s ptvly p sn y Py Brnkmn Mttlno Dv your mons nto trnls o two or our olors. FCT-SCON0216_BNB66 2012 Klm Pulsn Co. Ts mtrl my not rprou n ny orm wtout prmsson

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Marks for each question are as indicated in [] brackets.

Marks for each question are as indicated in [] brackets. Name Student Number CHEMISTRY 140 FINAL EXAM December 10, 2002 Numerical answers must be given with appropriate units and significant figures. Please place all answers in the space provided for the question.

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Grade 11 Science Practice Test

Grade 11 Science Practice Test Grade 11 Science Practice Test Nebraska Department of Education 2012 Directions: On the following pages of your test booklet are multiple-choice questions for Session 1 of the Grade 11 Nebraska State Accountability

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What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ ated prov ides a point-fix for

What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ ated prov ides a point-fix for SMU 101 2 0 0 7 C i s c o S y s t e m s, I n c. A l l r i g h t s r e s e r v e d. 1 What are S M U s? SMU = Software Maintenance Upgrade Software patch del iv ery u nit wh ich once ins tal l ed and activ

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CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models

CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models CHEM 130 Exp. 8: Molecular Models In this lab, we will learn and practice predicting molecular structures from molecular formulas. The Periodic Table of the Elements IA 1 H IIA IIIA IVA VA VIA VIIA 3 5

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Nrer/ \f l xeaoe Rx RxyrZH IABXAP.qAATTAJI xvbbqaat KOMnAHT1. rvfiqgrrox 3Axl4 Pn br H esep fiyraap: qa/oq YnaaH6aarap xor

Nrer/ \f l xeaoe Rx RxyrZH IABXAP.qAATTAJI xvbbqaat KOMnAHT1. rvfiqgrrox 3Axl4 Pn br H esep fiyraap: qa/oq YnaaH6aarap xor 4 e/ f l ee R RyZH BXP.J vbb KOMnH1 vfig 3l4 Pn b H vlun @*,/capn/t eep fiyaap: a/ YnaaH6aaap eneaneee 6ana tyail CaHafiu cafigun 2015 Hu 35 nyaap l'p 6ana4caH "Xe4ee a aylzh abap gaan" XKailH gypeu"uzn

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`G 12 */" T A5&2/, ]&>b ; A%/=W, 62 S 35&.1?& S + ( A; 2 ]/0 ; 5 ; L) ( >>S.

`G 12 */ T A5&2/, ]&>b ; A%/=W, 62 S 35&.1?& S + ( A; 2 ]/0 ; 5 ; L) ( >>S. 01(( +,-. ()*) $%&' "#! : : % $& - "#$ :, (!" -&. #0 12 + 34 2567 () *+ '!" #$%& ; 2 "1? + @)&2 A5&2 () 25& 89:2 *2 72, B97I J$K

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l I I I I I Mechanics M 1 Advanced/ Advanced Subsidiary Pearson Edexcel P46705A II II I I I I II PEARSON

l I I I I I Mechanics M 1 Advanced/ Advanced Subsidiary Pearson Edexcel P46705A II II I I I I II PEARSON Write your name here Su rn ame Other names Pearson Edexcel nternational Advanced Level r Centre Number l Mechanics M 1 Advanced/ Advanced Subsidiary Candidate Number "' Wednesday 8 June 2016 Morning Time:

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Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard

Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard Hol Gd Chcllo Adld o Hdly Fdy d Sudy Nhs Novb Dcb 2010 7p 11.30p G Fuky hs Chss Sso wh h Cw fo Chuky Cusd Fdy Nhs $99pp Sudy Nhs $115pp Tck pc cluds: Full Chss d buff, 4.5 hou bv pck, o sop. Ts & Codos

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K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo.

K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. I t odu tio K owi g yourself is the begi i g of all wisdo. A istotle Why You Need Insight Whe is the last ti e ou a e e e taki g ti e to thi k a out ou life, ou alues, ou d ea s o ou pu pose i ei g o this

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STANDARDISED MOUNTINGS STANDARDISED MOUNTINGS for series 449 cylinders conforming to ISO 21287 standard Series 434 MOUNTINGS CONFORMING TO ISO 21287 - ISO 15552 - AFNOR NF ISO 15552 - DIN ISO 15552 STANDARDS applications Low

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(ril"s::lli '*Y, ,dr4{n. w.j. ",;:ii:{..._, I i,ai I. AOEP'IIICKOTO MyHI4TIUIIA.JTbHO O PAI,rOrrA nepmckoto KpA.fl TIOCTAHOBJTEHPIE

(rils::lli '*Y, ,dr4{n. w.j. ,;:ii:{..._, I i,ai I. AOEP'IIICKOTO MyHI4TIUIIA.JTbHO O PAI,rOrrA nepmckoto KpA.fl TIOCTAHOBJTEHPIE '*Y w.j TOCTOBJTEPE.MCTPU{ OEP'CKOTO MyTU.JTbO O PrOrr EPMCKOTO Kp.fl 26.02.20t3 e387 -l fo uecet Meellf [epe.rer 3eMeJrbbr ycrkb rrperr3ebr r pecrbjreg MferbM cembfl Mr ytbeprme r ctbjrerrem MrcTpr r

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Knowledge Fusion: An Approach to Time Series Model Selection Followed by Pattern Recognition

Knowledge Fusion: An Approach to Time Series Model Selection Followed by Pattern Recognition LA-3095-MS Knwledge Fusin: An Appch t Tie Seies Mdel Selectin Fllwed by Ptten Recgnitin Ls Als N A T I O N A L L A B O R A T O R Y Ls Als Ntinl Lbty is peted by the Univesity f Clifni f the United Sttes

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[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo

[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo [L D W W D k /%// / j } b w k w kk w b N b b k z w - k w k k b b b b b w k b k w S b b- K k D R w b k k kk k w w "b b z b bk b w wk w kk w w k b b b b q V /VSRN O R S R SON - H R VL 11 N 11 q HK NONL KONDON

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Fuzzy Reasoning and Optimization Based on a Generalized Bayesian Network

Fuzzy Reasoning and Optimization Based on a Generalized Bayesian Network Fuy R O B G By Nw H-Y K D M Du M Hu Cu Uvy 48 Hu Cu R Hu 300 Tw. @w.u.u.w A By w v wy u w w uy. Hwv u uy u By w y u v w uu By w w w u vu vv y. T uy v By w w uy v v uy. B By w uy. T uy v uy. T w w w- uy.

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- Prefixes 'mono', 'uni', 'bi' and 'du' - Why are there no asprins in the jungle? Because the parrots ate them all.

- Prefixes 'mono', 'uni', 'bi' and 'du' - Why are there no asprins in the jungle? Because the parrots ate them all. - Prfs '', '', 'b' a '' - Na: Wrsar 27 Dat: W ar tr asrs t? Bas t arrts at t a. At t btt f t a s a st f wrs. Ts wrs ar t. T wrs av b a rta (ra arss), vrta (ra w) r aa (fr rr t rr). W f a wr, raw a at r

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( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW)

( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW) 8 Conson o n & Ponn To Fo wll s quons w D B σ σ Fo bo n b sown (W) o s W w bo on o s l us n su su ul ow ns [W/ ] [W] su P su B W W 4 444 s W A A s V A A : W W R o n o so n n: [/s W] W W 4 44 9 W : W F

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8. Relax and do well.

8. Relax and do well. CHEM 1225 Exam I John I. Gelder February 4, 1999 Name KEY TA's Name Lab Section Please sign your name below to give permission to post your course scores on homework, laboratories and exams. If you do

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NAME: 3rd (final) EXAM


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Face Detection and Recognition. Linear Algebra and Face Recognition. Face Recognition. Face Recognition. Dimension reduction

Face Detection and Recognition. Linear Algebra and Face Recognition. Face Recognition. Face Recognition. Dimension reduction F Dtto Roto Lr Alr F Roto C Y I Ursty O solto: tto o l trs s s ys os ot. Dlt to t to ltpl ws. F Roto Aotr ppro: ort y rry s tor o so E.. 56 56 > pot 6556- stol sp A st o s t ps to ollto o pots ts sp. F

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Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2

Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2 Chapter 12 The Atom & Periodic Table- part 2 Electrons found outside the nucleus; negatively charged Protons found in the nucleus; positive charge equal in magnitude to the electron s negative charge Neutrons

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7. Relax and do well.

7. Relax and do well. CHEM 1215 Exam II John II. Gelder October 13, 1999 Name TA's Name Lab Section INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This examination consists of a total of 5 different pages. The last page includes a periodic table and a solubility

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WELCOME. O ne Vi si on Photography i s a award wi nni ng wed d i ng photographer & wed d i ng vi d eography i n S outh Wal e s

WELCOME. O ne Vi si on Photography i s a award wi nni ng wed d i ng photographer & wed d i ng vi d eography i n S outh Wal e s WELCOME HELLO O ne Vi si on Photography i s a award wi nni ng wed d i ng photographer & wed d i ng vi d eography i n S outh Wal e s I t і ѕ а k nоwn f ac t thаt i mages speak а thousand word аnd thаt і

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Remark: Positive work is done on an object when the point of application of the force moves in the direction of the force.

Remark: Positive work is done on an object when the point of application of the force moves in the direction of the force. Unt 5 Work and Energy 5. Work and knetc energy 5. Work - energy theore 5.3 Potenta energy 5.4 Tota energy 5.5 Energy dagra o a ass-sprng syste 5.6 A genera study o the potenta energy curve 5. Work and

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Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1

Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 Modified from: Larry Scheffler Lincoln High School IB Chemistry 1-2.1 The development of the periodic table brought a system of order to what was otherwise an collection of thousands of pieces of information.

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Erlkönig. t t.! t t. t t t tj "tt. tj t tj ttt!t t. e t Jt e t t t e t Jt

Erlkönig. t t.! t t. t t t tj tt. tj t tj ttt!t t. e t Jt e t t t e t Jt Gsng Po 1 Agio " " lkö (Compl by Rhol Bckr, s Moifi by Mrk S. Zimmr)!! J "! J # " c c " Luwig vn Bhovn WoO 131 (177) I Wr Who!! " J J! 5 ri ris hro' h spä h, I urch J J Nch rk un W Es n wil A J J is f

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SOUTH. Bus Map. From 25 October travelsouthyorkshire.com/sbp

SOUTH. Bus Map. From 25 October travelsouthyorkshire.com/sbp SOUT SFFIL u Mp F Ocb 1 N Sff p vb f Tv Su Y If Sff vuc/sp Sff u Pp - v Sff Sff u Pp cu w pv u w: u p bu w b vu c f u-p v Fqu vc ub f u Fw u c bu w w f cc v w cv f? 3 f-p p Sff bu Ipv cu fc b up % 0,000

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Come to Me, All Who Labor/ Vengan a Mí los Agobiados

Come to Me, All Who Labor/ Vengan a Mí los Agobiados 12079-Z Come Me, All Who L/ J. Cortez SCTB $1.70 USA Vengn Mí, Abi Mtthew 11:28 30; John 14:3 6; John 6:40 Keyd Gm7/C Come Me, All Who L/ Vengn Mí Abi in loving memory of Ry Dubeu (1921 2002) pr Asmble,

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Jacob Moves To Egypt Genesis 45:17-50:26

Jacob Moves To Egypt Genesis 45:17-50:26 Lesson 033 Jacob Moves To Egypt Genesis 45:17-50:26 MEMORY VERSE ROMAN S 8:28 And w e know that all things w ork together for good to those w ho lov e God, to those w ho are the c alled ac c ording to

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