Borneo: We'll dance tomorrow, Bitterly or not Bitterly aiming to prevent Democrats dinner-dance

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1 Borneo: We'll dnce omorrow, Berly or no Berly mng o preven Democrs dnner-dnce By SERRY FGDORE EATONTOWN - n one Of he srnger qurks of hs elecon cmpgn seon, he Democrc muncpl leder here wll seek emporry resrnng order n freehold hs mom- ng o preven locl Democr from holdng her nnul fund-rsng dnce omorrow ngh John F. Berly, he offcl pry chrmn, s chrgng he locl Democrc Club wh noncompllnce wh se elecon lws by purchsng $75 emporry lquor lcense for hs fued o fle R-2 forms non s pry chrmn r. Borneo sd only 250 dore Lews nd Pul Ford. he dnce S. Dorohe's requred by he se's elecon lws ngh h "Berly or no, S. Dorohe's socl room no money hs been rns- on July S, declred ls people were permed n "Bu would venure h R.C. Church. r Berly sd he club The emp o seek n we're gong o hve dnce under borough fre lws. ferred from he club. All hs no me snce ls Aprl, njuncon o hl he dnce omorrow ngh." Tckes re usully sold ou cmpgn money hs o be even hough bylws cll for s he les skrmsh n n r. Berly s lso chrgng h he dnce, lhough lef over, would be vl- nd wh Jerry Fleschmn n dvnce, bu ny exrs pproved by he resurer, monhly meengs, nd he ccelerng ble beween club cnno hve leglly r. Berly nd lrge blled s n Eonown ble he door. s resurer, jus don' rnsferred he money for group of locl Democrs, Democrc funcon, s no r. Borneo, who s seekng reelecon o hrd Counclmn Jerome see h hppenng " he lcense for he dnce, ncludng he sx Borough beng opened o he Democrc pry membershp s erm, sd he hd no knowl- Fleschmn s servng s whch wll benef hree locl muncpl cnddes,, myor, who refuse o c- whole. edge of fnnces nd could cmpgn resurer. Councl members nd he whou meeng of knowledge r. Blerly's "Tckes wll be no be no commen on r. Blerly's chrges h money muncpl leder unseed Chrles Resch, he former les he club's execuve ledershp. sold he door," he sd. commee. Councl Presden " hve no been nved hd moved from he Democrc Club resury o he ger by r. Berly, s mn- r. Berly lso clms Rudolph J. Borneo, who led nd lo of oher Democrs know hve no been cmpgn ches for hm nd The curren cmpgn s he club hs been neglgen he dssden group n cllng for r. Blerly's resg- nved" hs runnng mes, Theo- See Berly, pge ] n s record keepng nd The Dly Regser VOL. 00 NO. 93 SREWSBURY, N. J. FRDAY, OCTOBER, CENTS Presden: Bgges rpoff n... Sene gnores Crer, se o kll energy pln A gle for you hs me The weekend ges off wh bng ody, hnks o severe cosl sorm whch moved up he cos ( dy ler hn orgnlly predced) nd s expeced o cuse dl dmge n he onmouh Couny res hrough he dy ody. And severe dl floodng s expeced from ns qun souh, ccordng o weher wrnng ssued by he Nonl Weher Servce The wnd whpped up by m ody nd begn rnng hevly by m Before h he des were dong some dmge n res of onmouh Couny, prculrly ls ngh n Unon Bech where he nersecon of Unon Avenue nd Fron Sree ws flooded A Unon Bech polcemn sd, "We ge whenever here's full moon or sorm comng " "There my be lo of bech eroson," sd weher servce spokesmn n Alnc Cy. "n couple of plces people wll hve o move her crs nd suff. my ge over he Bordwlk n some plce, bu no n ll." The spokesmn sd he des, expeced o swell o bou egh fee bove norml, could be ggrved by gle cener slowly movng norhwrd from he Crolns. The mn force of he offshore gle ws expeced someme ody. The news sn' compleely bd. Afer rns ll dy ody (so he forecs sys) s expeced o cler off omorrow, wh only 20 per cen chnce of rn Sundy, however, s scheduled o rn gn nd hen urn cool ondy nd Tuesdy. Rumson chnges s mnd, keeps hose federl dollrs By JULE CDONNELL RUSON - Borough Councl hs bcked down on s nnounced nenon o compln formlly o Presden Crer h he borough s geng federl funds doesn' need The own recenly receved n exr $(,000, over nd bove n orgnl $0,000 grn, n federl revenueshrng money. And Counclmn J O'Nell Duffy proesed he exr money, syng, "We don' need, nd we ddn' sk for." ws hs conenon, shred by severl oher councl members, h, wh he counry fcng $6 bllon defc, he federl governmen shouldn' be hndng bck money h wsn' sked for or needed. The funds, pr of n "An- Recesson" grn, re supposed o be used o preven lyoffs of publc employes, nd, s Gry Smmon, borough dmnsror, noed, he borough wsn' plnnng o ly nybody off n he frs plce. r. Duffy sd ws "jus pr of he old grvy rn" nd. mulpled by ll he oher communes n he counry recevng exr money, "'s no wonder we're n rouble." A he me, he oher counclmen greed wh r. Duffy nd ndced hey would drf leer o Presden Crer sng he councl's objecons. The counclmn's remrks genered^ consderble publcy n re newsppers, however, nd cused some commen mong Rumson resdens bou he ppropreness of he councl's crczng wndfll from he governmen. And so, Surdy workshop, he councl decded no o ke ny forml con nd le ndvdul members spek for hemselves. "Especlly snce we've cceped he money nd we're keepng, he councl fel should be personl semen," r. Smmon sd. (The money wll be used o py he slry of 8h borough polcemn, due o be hred shorly.) rs. elen Ress of Oyser By Drve, here, ppered ls ngh's councl meeng o queson he counclmen on her nenons. "Rumson's no perfec. There re mny hngs we cn do wh hs money," she sd. "f we receve ny money we should be hppy o ge " rs. Ress sd she fel r Duffy's remrks "were personl nd shouldn' reflec he ude of he whole own." r. Duffy ws ou of own on busness nd dd no end he meeng, bu Counclmn Frncs E.P. ccrer old rs. Ress h councl never nended o send forml leer o Presden Crer. " my wre leer myself," he sd. "Bu ny leers wll be wren s ndvduls, no from he councl." WASNGTON (AP) - The Sene Fnnce Commee, gnorng Presden Crer's ple for cooperon, s fnshng work on n energy x bll h klls mos of Crer's proposls. The bll, due for fnl voe ody, ncludes bllons of dollrs worh of x breks, bu none of he energy x ncreses Crer sys re needed o encourge conservon. n mjor voe Thursdy, he pnel pproved bg x cred o help fcores nd power plns conver o col. Crer wned nsed o x ndusres h connue o rely on ol or nurl gs The pnel's voe cme few hours fer Crer remnded nonlly brodcs news conference h he hs veo power, s well s he uhory o order gsolne ronng, f Congress does no pprove n energy progrm ccepble o hm. Crer cked he ol ndusry yeserdy, comprng o hose who rep enormous profs from he msery of wr. e sd removl of federl conrols from he prce of ol nd nurl gs could resul n "he bgges rpoff n hsory." Crer's remrks drew predcble response from he ol compnes Shell Ol spokesmn clled " dmned severe ck" nd lef key Republcns unhppy. owrd Bluvel, chrmn of Connenl Ol Co., clled Crer's remrks nempere. John Swerngen, chrmn of he Sndrd Ol Co. of ndn, ermed Crer's presenon "n emoonl ppel o defend x progrm h s no defensble." The Presden "ough o be he frs o relze h he hs urkey on hs hnds," sd Sene nory Leder owrd Bker, R-Tenn. Sen. Bob Dole. RKn, member of See Sene, pge 3 New publc sfey chef hs bg job hed By ANN BRENOFF hed he cy's publc sfey LONG BRANC - Frnk deprmen by n unnmous voe of he councl ls Llcr s mn wh hs Job cu ou for hm, councl members greed ls ngh. The rered se polce ngh. r. Llcr ws nmed o leuenn, who lves n E- The nsde Sory TE WEATER See sory bove, nd complee repor on pge 2. Or. Brkers nswers concerned secrery's frend lls Frm ese S Yks seek o eve seres ongh 2 Bbfeops-Wve: A se mer 22 Brdge Advce DALY REGSTER Busleu.25 PONE NUBERS Clssfed 27-3 n Offce 52 Comcs Toll Free 7- Crossword Pusxle Toll Free SK-8 Edorls Elerolme 6-9 Lfesyle,5 ke A De 7 ReUglousNewsZ.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'l Spors 2-2 Clssfed Dep S2-7 Crculon Dep 52-9 Spors Dep W2- dleown Bureu (7-225 Freehold Bureu Losg Brnch Bureu..222 l Se house Bureu (-2J2-J358 onown, replces S. rshll Roser Jr., he somewh conroversl fgure who hs served s Long Brnch Publc sfey drecor for he. ls 20 monhs. r. Roser submed leer of resgnon ls week, o become effecve Surdy. And on ondy mornng, r. Llcr wll ssume hs new desk nd he problems whch go long wh. Councl members, n ddon o welcomng r. Llcr, wshed hm "good luck." "You'll need," offered les wo counclmen. Counclmn owrd. Woolley Jr., who led he councl n publcly welcomng r. Roser's resgnon, noed h he polce deprmen s, "rcked wh problems." e prsed r. Lcr's bckground nd enhussm for "kng on he Long Clm u Two ( lb.) lobsers ongh, Brnch suon" nd offered hm "complee councl cooperon." "e s well wre of he exsng condons n he polce deprmen. pledge o pu wh hppened n he ps, n he ps. e hs ll my suppor nd cooperon o mprove he condons n he deprmen," sd r. Woolley. Counclmn Jmes Cofer, former cy polcemn, prsed r. Lcr's "srong personly" nd noed h r. Llcr s "que fmlr wh he Long Brnch polce deprmen nd he cy of Long Brnch from hs experences wh he se polce." r. Lcr's bckground ncludes exensve nrcocs FT.-Denlm-S. Long John's LTD, ghlnds. Godspell Drec from Brodwy. S., The onmouh Ars Cener Counclmn Jmes W. Denns sd he ws "overwhelmed" by r. Lcr's qulfcons nd lso prsed r. Lcr's "ude nd enhussm for hs poson." "All of us hve crczed he hndlng of he polce deprmen. Ths mn (r. Llcr) seems very humne nd undersndng. wholeheredly welcome hm," sd r. Denns. Rchrd G. Trvers, cy councl presden, sd h ws "refreshng nd rewrdng" o her r. Lcr's nlyss of he problems n our polce deprmen." " welcome o hs cy he knowledge nd experence See New publc, pge Fr ven Sdewlk Sles Fr.-S., Oc., 5. Rn de, Oc. 2,22. Bck from Vcon! Fresh oysers, mussels, clms. rry's Lobser ouse. Cnderell X 9 o keep kds wy: Owner By SERRY FGDORE EATONTOWN - lon ersnn, presden of usc kers Theres, sys jus sn' fr h hs "Cnderell," whch closed ls ngh he Communy There here, hs been n he hedlnes jus becuse he red "X". "Cnderell," sd he Rumson execuve, hs been red "R" n every mjor mrke cross he counry. The upbe, dul verson of he le of he nsn prncess nd her pumpkn s currenly plyng n Red Bnk nd n dozens of oher heres n he meropoln re. Bu here, r. erson sd, "We ckose o re 'X' o keep he kds ou. We hough wsn' suble for young chld re." Normlly, "Cnderell" would hve compleed wo-week run he R. 35 duplex here here. Bu usc kers hdn' couned on Eonown's own fhers, who cs collecvely frgd eyes upon dul book sores, "escor servces," nd "X" red moves, wheher loclly red or no. embers of Borough Councl were up n rms her regulr meeng Wednesdy ngh wh repors h n "X" flm hd come o own. Durng he meeng, Chrles Gershon, usc kers dsrc mnger here, frs clled r. erson home, hen conced Counclmn Rudolph J Borneo o ssure he governng body h "Cnderell" would be on her wy ou of own fer he ls show Wednesdy ngh nd h no more X-red flms would be shown. "We dd h n spr of cooperon," r. erson sd, "no becuse of y hres." Councl hd promsed o ke legl con f necessry o preven showng of X-red moves nywhere n he borough. "Ths move s no hrdcore pornogrphc flm," r. erson sd. " s no obscene. 's humorous sre wh LTON ERSON bou hree o fve mnues of nudy n." e descrbed he revsed le s " droll enernmen." "Our polcy s no o ply X-red moves unless hey re mjor flms wh nonl dsrbuon," sd he usc kers presden, "lke 'dngh Cowboy' or 'Ls Tngo n Prs.' " Councl members here, however, re sll under he ssumpon h hey hve some knd of c greemen wh usc kers h no X-red flms, homered or no, wll be shown here. yor J. Joseph Frnkel greed ls ngh h ws lle le o do nyhng bou "Cnderell," even f she dd ply round 2 hours longer hn expeced. Councl undersood h he flm would be replced ls ngh, bu r. erson sd flms could be chnged only on Frdys. "B we don' wn X-red flms n Konown," yor Frkel sd. "A f we're pu o ke es, we wll hve r. Booello (Rchrd L. Bonello, borougk orney) look no." "The here people sd when hey opened here h hey would ry o plese he czens of Eonown," yor Frnkel sd. See Cnderell, pge LONG BRANC - The Tuesdy reorgnzon meeng of he onmouh Communy Acon Progrm (CAP) Bord of Trusees ws "llegl," former rusee chrged n leer sen yes- eeng llegl ex rusee sys By ROBN (OLDSTKN CUrece S. Gle Unform Sle Now n progress. Shrley Shop, 37 Brod S., Red Bnk. Trde Wnds Cockl Lounge Fr. nd S., Phoenx nd Forever Rod. Sun., Grnd Cnyon. Se Brgh. erdy o he Communy Servces Admnsron (CSA). Clrence S. Gle, who, wh egh oher rusees resgned Wednesdy from he CAP bord, clled for he CSA, federl gency whch oversees CAP, o nvesge he meeng. " demnd mmede nvesgon of hese chrges nd, f hey re found correc, he nvldon of ny nd ll con ken hs nd subsequen meengs," r. Gle wroe. Among he cons whch mgh be nvlded would be Tuesdy's nsllon of sx communy represenves o he bord, nd Wednesdy's decson o rense CAP execuve drecor Wlber C. Bussell bu o pu hm on pd leve for hree weeks whle he bord nvesges hm. Accordng o r. Gle, he bord conduced n llegl meeng Tuesdy becuse; permed "non-ccreded former member" (former bord chrmn Relnldo $ Fll Specl, Every Fr. Semers. AU you cn e. nle Cfe, ghlnds o. Ngh Foobll Specl Free ho dogs. Boled beer e. Lock, Sock & Brrel, 2 Fr ven Rd Nzro) o conduc he meeng. - fled o comply wh he CAP bylws nd CSA gudelnes by refusng o perm quesonng of r. Nzro's sus on he bord he meeng, nd connued he meeng whou quorum fer en rusees wlked ou fer r. Nzro refused o sep down. Ls weekend, he Spnsh Frerny whdrew r. Nzro s s represenve on he CAP Bord. Edurdo Lun, Frerny presden, mnned h he hs he rgh o ppon or whdrw hs group's represenve o CAP. r. Nzro connues o mnn, however, h he represens he Spnsh Frerny on he CAP bord. The wlkou of en rusees from Tuesdy's meeng, nd he subsequen resgnon of nne of hem, ws precped when r. Nzro n- See eeng llegl, pge 3 Tke Gre Tl Frlew Tro Reurns o The Quy, Frdys nd Surdys. Lern 3-dmensonl cooke decorng nd receve cooke molds free. Prce $2.50 Royl Swee, 9 Whe S., Red Bnk, Srng Oc. 8.

2 2 The DfcflyRegfcer SREWSBURY N J FRDAY OCTOBER.977 People. Sm Ervn sys: Sex he mos mporn hng on erh, bu ERA no necessry The Nonl Assocon of Theer Owners hs chosen Sylveser SUUr. sr of he move "Rocky." s s 77 mle sr of he yer. The orgnzon, whch represens some heers n he Uned Ses, mde he nnouncemen yeserdy n New York Sllone wll receve he wrd on he fnl dy of he ssocon's nnul convenon, scheduled Oc. 258 n m Bech n ddon o "Rocky." Sllone's creds nclude "The Lords of Flbush " Upcomng s move enled "F S T" A spokeswomn for he ssocon sd el Bwks erler ws seleced s drecor of he yer nd Wun GUm. op 977 wrer. The op femle sr wll be nnounced ler ody Former Sen Sm J. Erv sys he hnks sex s mporn bu h he Equl Rghs Amendmen s no necessry " hnk sen s he mos mporn hng on erh." sd he Norh Croln Democr, remembered for hs counry humor durng elevsed herngs of he Sene Werge Commee, whch he heded "The ERA s no necessry becuse he Supreme Cour now holds h every lw n he lnd - federl or se - whch mkes ny dsncon beween he rghs of men nd women s unconsuonl unless he lw s bsed on resonble grounds for he proecon of wonwn," Ervn sd The mendmen wll de unless» ses rfy by r Thry-fve hve rfed so fr bu some snce hve emped o rescnd her pprovl Ervn spoke o bou 300 persons he Unversy of ssour-knss Cy. On he convcons of wo former Nxon dmnsron offcls for her roles n he Werge ffr - John chell, former orney generl, nd John Erhchmn. ex-whe Ss.Er. ouse de Ervn sd: " don' hnk eher one of hem would hve recognzed he Bll of Rghs f hey me on he sree n brod dylgh under cloudless sky " Former nneso Sen Egee J. ccrhy sys he my run s n ndependen cndde for presden n 980 f federl elecon spendng lws re chnged n speech Brown Unversy. Provdence, R... ccrhy, who rn for presden n 968 nd 972 s Democr nd ls yer s n ndependen, sd he wns o chllenge he spendng lws e conends h he lws fvor he wopry sysem, o he dermen of ndependen cnddes n del wh he prosecuon. rk K«dd. he suden frebrnd who becme fugve leder of he rdcl Weher Underground, pleded guly o msdemenor n New York nd wen free yeserdy for hs pr n he 968 suden rong Columb Unversy e sll fces felony chrges n Chcgo, however, semmng from he 969 sree demonsrons h becme known s he rr "Dys of Rge." e s free whou bl n he cse here. Rudd, now 30. surfced monh go fer seven yers s fugve e hs no explned where he ws n hose yers, nd he hs kep slen o he publc bou hs feelngs snce he cme ou of hdng e mnned h slence yeserdy When he reppered from hdng. Rudd ws quckly chrged wh crmnl respss n he Columb suden uprsng, nd bl-jumpng nd obsrucon of governmen dmnsron n s fermh All re msdemenors ernng ol mxmum jl senence of 27 monhs owever. Dsrc Aorney Rober orgenhu mde del whereby Rudd pleded guly only o crmnl respss, whle he oher wo chrges were dropped Three Amercns, poneers n he sudy of hormones nd her effecs on he humn body, won he 977 Nobel prze (or medcne yeserdy The wrd wen o Drs. Rosl\n Y- w, Rgrr (ulllrml nd Adrew S r h >, nd brough o fve he number of Amercn prze wnners n hs yer's compeon so Dr. RegrrG fr The prze for economcs wll be nnounced Dr Ylow. 56. of he Veerns Admnsron ospl n The Bronx. NY. s he second womn o wn he medcne prze, nd he frs n hree decdes The New York-born moher of wo chldren won hlf he $5,000 wrd for reserch n endocrnology, he sudy of glnds nd he hormones hey produce, nd for developmen of rdommunossys of pepde hormones "Ths ws poneerng work of he hghes level hd enormous mpc." sd he wrdng fculy, he Royl Crolne nsue of edcne n Sockholm Grzlell Orl 'llo. he fve-yer-old grndnece of Bolvn n mgne An enor Pno who ws kdnped here 0 dys go. ws relesed for rnsom of 2 mllon. Genev polce repored ody They sd she ws "pprenly n good helh." Resgned budge chef Ber Lee reurned o he Whe ouse yeserdy o be n overngh gues of he Presden nd rs Crer A Whe ouse spokesmn Sory of brve boy nd kdnper SDNEY. Oho (AP) - Nne-yer-old Jeffrey Srgen ws bck n school 2 hours fer n bducon so bdly bungled h by he me he kdnper mde hs ( rnsom demnd, he boy hd freed hmself nd ws sfe. Polce rresed 22-yerold former Unversy of Toledo suden who ws n cqunnce of Jeffrey's older broher, Jy. Shelby Couny Sherff Depuy John Lenhr sd Dougls ller of Toledo would be rrgned on chrge of kdnpng ody n Sdney uncpl Cour e ws beng held Thursdy n he Shelby Couny Jl n leu of ( bond As uhores reled Jeffrey's ccoun, mn pproched Jeffrey he school plyground nd old hm he wned Jeffrey o ccompny hm o mee Jy s surprse Afer Jeffrey go n he cr. he mn pu plsc rsh bg over hs hed so he could no see The youngser ws drven o he norhes secon of Shelby Couny nd ed o ree s bducor lef nd he boy worked hmself free e hen wlked bou hlf mle o gs son where he elephoned hs fher Wyne Wercuer. he servce son operor, sd Jeffrey "ws ryng o hold bck he ers, bu he jus couldn' hrdly do e ws lkng o hs dd. bu hrough he ers. e jus couldn' mke hmself undersood " ws only fer Jeffrey ws sfe, uhores sd, h Jeffrey's fher. John W. Weher: Sormy Cosl flood wrnng ody. Tdes round 2 fee bove norml my cuse modere or greer floodng mes of hgh de hs mornng nd erly ongh, lso some bech eroson s lkely Wndy wh rn ody endng ongh. ghs ody low o md 50s or round 2c. lows ongh low o md 0s Tomorrow, prly sunny hghs upper 50s o low 60s. Probbly of precpon, ner 00 per cen ody, decresng o 20 per cen overngh. 20 per cen omorrow Wnds, norhes 20 o 35 mph wh hgher guss ody, becomng norhwes 5 o 30 mph ongh Ocen wer emperures re round 60 TDES Sndy ook TODAY - gh 9:6 p.m. nd low 3:5 p.m. TOORROW - gh 0: m nd 0:38 p.m. nd low :0 m nd : p.m. SUNDAY- gh :07m nd :3 p.m. nd low :9.m. nd5:32 p.m. For Red Bnk nd Rumson brdge, dd wo hours; Se Brgh, deduc 0 mnues; Long Brnch, deduc 5 mnues; ghlnds brdge, dd 0 mnues. The Dly Regser The Sundy Regser Publshed by The Red Bonk Rnnler Elobluhd.n 7 by John Cook nd enry Cloy On«Rgner Plo. Shrewsbury, N J 0770 Brnch Of lce l?6 R 35. fodlown. N J 077 onmoohcowny Courlhoul, Freehold! N J 0777 J79 Brood wy, Long Brnch. N J O77«Slolehoue, Trenon, N J 0«6JS ' mr ol[he Asoed Pres The Aogfd Pren s enned euvy o he ue ol on he locl news prmle m he ne»poper m well os ll AP new nd d>poune ymor ol he Amercn Newspper Publshers Assocon, he Aufl Bureou ol Cruolom. he New Jersey Press Ajocon Second Clos posoge pd Red Bnk. U j 0770 nd ddle own. N.J. 077 Fullcd Sundy hrough Frdy n subsenphons poye n dvnce Term Dmy Sundy Dly nd One Yew UOO lsoo VOO' ome delvery by Corner _ Dlly nd Sundy 90 en) «eek. Sundy only.ucen, Sngle copy Couner - Dly Scenls. Sundy S cenl Srgen. receved fve rnsom clls The money ws o be delvered o women's dormory Bowlng Green Se Unversy, bou 80 mles norhes of Sdney. Regser ghlghs Comng ThcAn7 L Nonmou J lch gh rrly n. n nhn offlc, u round d comr from d Plc Theer where "n ol L»- nch" l hvng uccu revvl. Ar urner Crol Jcobeon cugh up wh > S u Brgh rn lor n no&fm Suncoy rspor. 'resden Jmmy ' Crer's reform pdug wou hur locl resurns bcu of pofjl crckdown on bulnesnn' pn ccoun lunch, rpor rk gyr r lkng wh reslurseun, bukwumn nd x sccoulle. The Spy OU l ub) ol N k'l mgulrw color covr elory. OT DOT C Bob Bf rnley locum on w Shol rbor uum nd k curor u Orlrud N.kWngr n nor xekjh lkjr on k onrnou Couny. Gme ol lh _J Wor Seres, plus lh usul hll de ol plgekln on he couny hgh school nd colleglee rons, wll ( spors secon h conbnu o provde speclzed columns nd eure sooes. News Th m m o chool lor onmouf Couny rhnn Prlncon Unbnfy km bn l ol surpr, om pn nd om unpln r' pdl Sundy repor on «Tlorown cmpus. CJ lfesyle Feure wrer Lnd Ells spolghs new onmouh Couny progrm lor dl pre-schoolers. T progrm, h repors, l one h l long on plns, bu shor on chldren who cn benefl rorn wh N hs oolfor h nrslng feures nd much mor b jur o rod The Sundy Regser onmouh Couny's gre home newspper. Cll , sk lor Crculon nd we'll sr hom delvery hs Sundy \ Rsly Ylew sd Lnce, whose resgnon -undt-frv becme elfecve Sep 2. ws ssgned o he Lncoln bedroom Crer hmself nnounced he vs ol he former drecor of he Offce of ngemen nd Budge whle lkng nformlly o vsng members of he Young Presdens Orgnzon. Lnce s o ddress he group ody The orgnzon s composed of corporon chefs younger hn 0 The Presden referred o Lnce s one of hs deres frends n he world one ofyou s 52 or over.. ovnmum ENTERPRSES Developers of Dsngushed Adul Condomnum Communes Proudly Presens he Bes Locon n ew Jersey! D 9 odels prced from $33,990 o $55,990 v Penn Cenrl R.R. drec o Newrk nd N.Y.C.! D Feurng 2-hour secury, mn-bus servce, free golf, swmmng, enns, bong nd fshng nd n exquse clubhouse. No more mnennce cres. New-found economy! DRECTONS: Rl 35 Norh hru Red Bnk o Nvesmk Rver Rd (jus norh ol N vesmk Rver Brdge), mke ughndle lef urn Nvesmk Rver Rd nd proceed o end, lurn rgh on Nu Swmp Rd o enrnce ol Shdow Lke Vllge on lef FRO DOLETOWN AREA Rl 35 souh o Nvesmk Rver Rd ( us belore Red Bnk), mke nghl urn Nvesnk Rver Rd nd hen s bove Pfvjr 7 dys week Adverse n The Regser R80 When you open o ColonolYour Gf Chr sms/nukkh Club $0 or $20 Club nd receve 0 eod crysl dsh. pw on cxnpfckl Cmlrm«/nufch Club Clu hallf ejod ou orlor o compleon wfl chrged!2x)rvlc cwg. Tl ofsr lmed whle supply. Openo$,$2. $3 or $5 Club nd ge o French crysl vs. FWeWr Unon Bemoonxfon Bnk mrfdc

3 r NEW TRUCK On hnd for he rdonl dedcon ceremones of he new,000-goon pumper flr ruck for Rumson re, lef o rgh, Chrles S. Cllmn, borough counclmn n chrge of he eeng llegl Connued sed on chrng Tuesdy's meeng despe he Spnsh Frerny's con, nd gveled ou of order severl emps o queson hs sus on he bord Afer number of rusees wlked ou, he remnng bord members voed o swch he order of he gend nd swer n he new rusees he begnnng of he meeng, lhough CAP bylws specfy h new members ren' o be nslled unl he end of he reorgnzon meeng. Accordng o CAP bylws, les hlf of he members n good sndng mus be presen or quorum. Tuesdy ngh, before he nsllon, here were 8 CAP rusees. Ten wlked ou Lous Cppe, who ws eleced bord chrmn replcng r. Nro on Tuesdy, sd ls ngh he beleved here ws quorum presen when he new members were sworn n. r. Russell mnned yeserdy h he lck of quorum wu no offclly brough o he bord's enon, nd h he voe o swer n he new members ws ken whle suffcen number of rusees were sll n he room. r. Nzro ws eleced vce chrmn of he bord ler n he meeng "The Spnsh Frerny cnno dce o us when we hve o c on her reques," r. Cppe sd ls ngh. " suppose we wll hve o consder some me n he fuure." The bord sll recognzes r. Nzro s represenve of he Spnsh Frerny o CAP, lhough r. Lun sd ls ngh h he Frerny does no. "e cn' spek for us... s fr s we're concerned, he's ou," r. Lun commened. The Frerny hs no plns o nme delege o CAP, 's presden noed. "We don' nend o replce hm unless we see CAP chnge s polces. We don' wn ny fflon wh CAP ll," he sd The Spnsh Frerny s concerned wh CAP's lck of servces o he Spnsh communy, r. Lun explned n hs leer, r. Gle sd h he lleged mproprees, ncludng r. Nzro's refusl o relnqush hs gvel, Tuesdy's mee- ng "s bu sngle exmple of he rregulr con wh whch hve dsgreed durng my enure on he bord " r. Gle's leer s ddressed o CSA senor feld represenve Alber Gonzlez e nmed r. Gonzlez s he "prncpl wness" o he lleged llegles he meeng, whch r. Gonzlez ended r. Gonzlez hd declned fer he reorgnzon meeng o se wheher or no he hough ws legl. Neher he nor oher CSA represenves could be reched for commen yeserdy on he CAP mer "'s chrcersc of he wy hs hng hs been gong," r. Gle noed ls ngh "y rghs s bord member were voled by dcorl ude on he pr of he chrmn. r. Gle nd he egh oher rusees who resgned wh hm clled for jon nvesglon of CAP nd s dmnsron by governmen offcls on he federl, se, nd couny levels. Couny freeholder Jne Clyon Joned n he cll for n nvesgon She sd she would sk he oher freeholders o jon her n refusng o gve ny more money o CAP unl ws clered n n nvesgon. The resgnng rusees lso sked h CAP be plced n he hnds of "Creker Commee" unl he nvesgon s compleed. The oher freeholders could no be reched for commen on rs. Clyon's suggeson. On Oc.. he CAP bord voed o suspend r. Russell whou py pendng n nvesgon no llegons leveled gns hm by he CSA drecor. e ws rensed ls Thursdy n conroversl elephone conference, whch CSA declred nvld, nd whch s under nvesgon by he couny proseduor's offce for lleged volons of he Open Publc eengs Ac. New publc sfey Connued h r. Lcr brngs. Afer ll hese yers nd yers of serchng, we re fnlly bou o ge compeen mn o hed our polce deprmen," he concluded. r. Lcr hd reporedly been offered he publc sfey drecor's job wce before. r. Lcr old he councl h he would "be on he job 2 hours dy" nd expec he sme of he men n hs deprmen. " bsoluely wn o be clled on ny mjor fre or polce developmen h occurs n hs cy," he sd. "f hve very srong chmen o hs cy," he commened. " ws cenrl supervsor (for he se polce n nrcocs) for hs re." r. Lcr, who wll be pd $2,000 yer, nd serve he plesure of he myor's erm, served for 25 yers n he se polce. fre depormen; egh-yer-old Joseph Wrd of Rumson, nd Elmer "Buch" Blumel Jr., he borough's fre chef. KEANSBUfG - The summer ws busy one for members of he New Pon Comfor Fre Co. For he frs me n four yers, he fremen fnshed frs n her nnul feld dy compeon. n ddon hs summer number of fremen compleed courses vrous frefghng schools offered by he couny nd he se. Joseph Cocuzz, George Kuffmnn. Rchrd emol. SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY, OCTOBER. 977 Rsewcz dms murder of noher son for cryng TOS RVER - Wllm Rsewcz, who ls week dmed murderng one son n lonmouh Couny, sys he klled noher chld wo yers ler n Ocen Couny or he sme reson he cred oo much Rsewcz,, yeserdy skd Superor Cour Judge Wllm uber o ccep no cones ple o he frs-degree murder chrge. uber reserved decson on ccepng he ple nd sked he prosecuor o provde more nformon on he crcumsnces surroundng he murder. Auhores beleve Bmonh-old John G. Rsewcz ws murdered n Februry or rch whle he fmly ws lvng n Lkewood, Ocen Couny. Wllm A. Rsewcz,, ws klled n (72 whle he fmly resded n owell Townshp, onmouh Couny. " couldn' ke no more," Rsewcz sd, descrbng he move behnd boh murders. Rsewcz sd yeserdy he spnked John "ll he hrder" becuse he 8-monh-old bby refused o sop cryng. e old he cour he red o revve he bby fer fndng hm ded n he crb. Bu when hs effors fled, he sd he dumped he body n recepcle wbch ler ws huled wy by grbge ruck. Rsewcz, who ws rresed n For eyers, Fl., er- Englnd's verson = «f Kren Qunln Phlp Bown nd Joseph enn compleed bsc rnng course he onmouh Couny Fre Acdemy. Rchrd Ssnngelo, Kevn cnuly, Vncen Gudo nd John Comskey were rned n n dvnced pump school offered by he New Jersey Se Fre College. Wllm De Golyer compleed he fre polce course gven by he New Jersey Se Fre College. Sene gnores Connued he fnnce commee, sd he only hope for Crer's energy progrm s for he Presden o rewre. Sen. Russell Long, chrmn of he fnnce commee, whch hs been hevly responsble for rewrng he progrm, s ledng congressonl forces who vew he Crer pln s oo dependen on conservon nd oo wek on ncresed energy producon. The Lousn Democr's commee wns o use x creds rher hn he x ncreses proposed by Crer o d conservon nd Berly Connued beng run round r. Berly, whom he cnddes hve refused o ccep s pry leder. r Berly sd he wll lso mke forml reques o John Forno, onmouh Couny Democrc leder, o exmne ll records nd repors from he Eonown Democrc cnddes for he ls seven yers, seekng ny rregulres. provde greer producon ncenves for he ol nd gs ndusry. The bg x brek pproved by he commee on Thursdy would sve n esmed one mllon brrels of ol dly by 985. cos o xpyers of more hn 6 bllon. n effec, he federl governmen would py hlf he cos ncurred by power plns nd fcores n converng her operons from ol nd gs-fred o col-burnng The compnes would collec he benef he me hey py federl ncome xes The x brek lso would be vlble o frms h re so unprofble h hey owe no x. s well s o schools, hospls nd oher x-exemp operons. "Ths could revoluonze energy use," Long old hs collegues. Lurence Woodworh, Crer's chef x dvser, sd f he commee s nen on usng x cus rher hn x ncreses for energy purposes, he col-converson cred s worhy of consderon. LONDON (AP) - Docors swched off he lfe-suppor mchne for young womn "clnclly ded" fer brul sexul ck, nd he con hs rsed complced legl ssue of Wheher her ssln cn be red for murder. n decson remnscen of he Kren Ann Qunln cse, he vcm's ngushed prens nd fnnce gve her permsson for docors o urn off respror nd llow her o de, he locl coroner n he norhern Englsh cy of Brdford repored yeserdy. Some legl uhores sd h, f nd when pprehended, her ssln could chrge h he physcns who dsconneced her lfe suppor were responsble for her deh Crol Wlknson, 20, ws cked ondy whle on her wy o her Job s bkery sles clerk n Brdford. er ssln flung her over wll, sexully ssuled her nd bered her bou he hed. er fcl feures were oblered beyond recognon. She ws robbed of one pound $.75. Docors sd ss Wlknson ws "clnclly ded" when she ws dmed o he hospl emergency room, bu he hospl sff ched her o respror h brehed for her nd drugs were dmnsered o d her her, kdney nd crculory funcons. Busnessmen ful Crer for no hvng f gme pln 9 lle Slver school pnel Unon gves o exmne noncdemes LTTLE SLVER - The suppor o Democrs TRENTON - The New Jersey Se Employees Assocon yeserdy endorsed sx onmouh Couny Democrs, fve of hem ncumbens, for elecon o he Se Legslure. The orgnzon, whch represens more hn 28,000 creer se employes, gve s suppor o Sens. Eugene J. Bedell nd erber J. Buehler for re-elecon o he Sene, o Assemblymen Rchrd Vn Wgner, Wllm E. Flynn nd Wler J. Kozlosk for reelecon o he Assembly, nd o former Assemblywomn Gerrude Bermn n her bd o reurn o offce. Sen. Bedell nd Assemblymen Vn Wgner nd Flynn represen he 2h dsrc coverng norhern onmouh nd poron of ddlesex counes. ^Cnderell' conroversy Connued "Ths sure sn' he wy o do." None of he counclmen dmed o seeng eher he R or he X versons of "Cnderell," nd r. erson greed udences hd been lgh. "ow do you compee wh he World Seres," he sked? Bu "Cnderell," red "R" plys on n Red Bnk nd pons norh. Red Bnk yor Dnel J. O'ern dened repors ls ngh h he hd sked oves V o cu shor he flms " don' know nyhng bou "Cnderell'," sd yor O'ern. " hven' seen. And don' relly beleve ny pornogrphc move could be shown n onmouh Couny wh he ps record of he couny prosecuor's offce." r. erson sd dvnce dversemens for he nex bll Communy, for "The Crhops," nd "Nughy School Grls," ws ll mske. Boh were red "R". nsed, ongh's feure wll be "Kenucky Fred ove." Red "R". Bord of Educon ls ngh pponed -member commee o sudy wys o" provde ddonl noncdemc progrms n he school sysem's currculum. The commee, known s he Currculum mprovemen Commee, wll mke recommendons o he bord for new progrms, especlly hose ousde he srcly cdemc re nd desgned o help sudens who my no wsh o go on o college. Apponed o he commee were rs. Regn Chmberln, rs. Judy Dorn, Dr. r Jcobs, former presden of he Bord of Educon. rs. Beverly Vn Wnkle, nd Jck Wlson, ll communy members. Also rs. Brbr Corell, rs. Delores wson, Phllp y nd Rchrd Newon, ll echers n he sysem; Thoms ckelvey, Snley Schrf nd Edwrd Pvlovsky, school supernenden. The bord represenves wll be Dr. Rober Leheny nd rs. rgre Bes. rs. rlon rro, bord member, ws lso nmed s n lerne member. The commee s scheduled o mee Oc. 8 he bord offces. Three-cr, R. 9 crsh es up rlboro rffc ARLBORO - A hree-cr ccden ed up rffc on R. 9 ls ngh for bou 90 mnues. A :38 p.m. vehcle drven by Rymond J. Rdzkowsk, Lkewood, ws sruck n he rer by cr opered by Thoms Deermnn, Englshown. Boh crs were rvelng souh on R. V by Unon ll Rod. r. Deermnn's cr spun round nd ws sruck by n uo drven by Jmes C. Shevln, Englshown. The mpc crred he Lncoln over he hghwy dvder nd no he norhbound lnes. The rer end of r. Rdzkowsk's cr ws demolshed nd spryed gsolne cross he hghwy. n ddon o polce nd frs d uns, he Robersvlle fre compny ws dspched o he scene o wsh wy he gsolne. Drlcne J. Shevln, rdng wh r. Shevln, ws he only person njured. She ws ken o Freehold Are ospl, where she ws reed for neck njures nd relesed. All ers were hevly dmged. Norhbound rffc ws lmed o one lne for bou n hour nd he suhbound lnes were compleely closed for bou 90 mnues. No summonses were ssued nd he ccden s sll under nvesgon. OT SPRNGS, V. (AP) Ledng busnessmen, predcng slowdown n economc growh nex yer, ody ccused Presden Crer of cusng busness pessmsm by flng o develop " long-erm economc gme pln." The Busness Councl, composed of more hn 00 corpore chef execuves, sd he economy should expnd re of.3 per cen nex yer, jus brely enough o keep unemploymen from worsenng. They predced 5 per cen growh for hs yer. A her wce-yerly meeng, he councl, whch for yers hs been source of economc dvce for presdens, urged Crer o expln hs dmnsron's economc gols n n ddress o henon. "A mjor cuse of pessmsm n he busness nd fndl communy ody s h he dmnsron hs no spelled ou conssen economc phlosophy or progrm," he busnessmen sd. Alhough prsng Tresury Secrery W. chel Blumenhl for presenng he busness communy's vews o he Presden, he councl sd s sll wng " defnve semen of he dmfnsron's long-erm economc gme pln." ler hs yer, pleded no cones Oc. 5 o chrges he murdered hs -yer-old son. e fces mxmum 30-yer senence s resul of he ple brgnng greemen. e fces he possbly of smlr 0-yer erm when he comes up for senencng Oc. 2 n onmouh Couny. Rsewcz old he cour he could no remember wh he dd wh Wllm's body, whch ws never found. Rsewcz's wfe, Brbr, hs been chrged wh concelng he murders. She hs no ye sood rl. er rl ws o hve begun hs week n onmouh Couny bu ws posponed unl December 2 becuse of he unvlbly of wness. n enerng hs guly ple ls week, Rsewcz cknowledged h hs son Wllm ws born wh cerebrl plsy condon nd ws underdeveloped. The boy ws chronclly sck, he sd, nd cred gre del of he me NSTANT PRNTNG Whle You w " wolf press me 70 onmouh Sow fed Bnk, fomly GfS You'll never fnd beer rvelng compnon hn... ASTER CARGE /JCENTAL JERSEY BANK <OU UXCSO UOOUT OC WON SCLOEDER CONSTRUCTON CO. f - Pler F. Schloeder EER FOC ANYTE NOTCE S EREBY GVEN Th he Bord o Educon of he wn Regonl School Dsrc wll hold Specl eeng on on., Oc. 7h, P.. he Admnsron Bldg., Brod nd Souh Ss., wn, N.J. eeng Purpose: Regulr Busness And such oher busness s my properly come before. Edwrd J. Scullon Secrery wn Regonl School Dsrc Bord of Educon Brod nd Souh S»., wn. N J 0777 AZZOLNA SENATE Se Senor from 97 o 973 Se Assemblymn from 965 o 97 ARNONE or ASSEBLY Red Bnk Counclmn from 969 o 973 COOPER.or ASSEBLY yor ol Old Brdge from 969 o 973 Trenon needs hs ledershp VOTE REPUBLCAN TUES.,NOV.8 2h DSTRCT RED BANK DOUTOWN KEYPORT KEANSBURG UNON BEAC ATAWAN ATAWAN TOWN CD BRDGE ONROE JAESBURG fk) lor by onmouh Couny RpubUcon Cmpgn f C. Knn. rur 2EfnS..Frhold

4 The DWlyRegser SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY OCTOBER U. 977 mml nun Obures lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnl Ul Chrles E. rndrrkfon SLAND EGTS - Chrles E endnroon of 0 Es Cmp Wlk ded yeserdy Communy emorl ospl here Born n Jersey Cy, he hd» Tkn KF.ASSBl'RC, - ss Tlc m Bedrossn. 79. of \U Bech Wy ded ondy h Arnold Wler Nursng ome. olmdel ss Bedrossn ws born n Dmscus. Syn She emgred o he ' S n 92J nd lved n Brooklyn She moved heren 93 She worked s democ < worker for 25 yers rerng n 958 Survvng s broher, Levone Bedrossn. here The John W ehlenbeck Funerl ome. zle. s n chrge of he rrngemens rs. O V r.m- RED BANK - rs Rose Lee Wllms. 63. of Rver S. ded Wednesdy n Rv- Survvng re her husbnd. Frnkln Rche; wo sons. ervew ospl She wsthoms A nd Jmes J born n Albm nd lved Rche. boh home; wo here more hn 5 yers dughers. rs Dne E ollnd, here, nd ss Khleen She ws member of he Clvry Bps Church, here A Rche. lso home: nd s senor chor nd se- broher. J Wllm ngel of lor mssonry socey seln. nd wo ssers. rs She s survved by wo Dorohy Blun of Bloomfeld grndsons, Gerld rk Wlbms. here, nd Jmes Wl- DenvUe nd rs elen Knuss of lms. Long Brnch, nd one The John W ehlenbeck gre grndson The rrngemens re under he drecon ol he Cofer emorl ome. here. COFORT WT FLOWERS For complee selecon o symphy flowers. cll your FTD Flons Your En Touch Forls" lved n Red Bnk nd Newrk before movng here wo yers go e ws rered nspecor for he sle Alcoholc Beverge Commsson (ABC), where he hd been employed [or bou 30 v ers e ws member of he Unversy of Psburgh Alumn Assocon Survvng re wo ssers. rs Jne ngls here, nd rs rguere Fores of Tnon Flls The Kedz Funerl ome. Toms Rver, s n chrge of rrngemens rs Frnkln Rche AZLET - rs Cherne Florence ngel Rche. 53. of 38 onerey Drve, ded yeserdy Byshore Communy ospl. olmdel s- rs Rche ws born n Newrk nd lved n rvngon before movng here n 958 For he ps four yers she worked s sleswomn for he K-r Compny, here Funerl ome, s n chrge ol he rrngemens Deoh Noces ROGE W'l'XOT S 99 v j' )" upflq D", U'Odl'Ow Oc 7 Beloved hubon<j of Benedc evo'efl loner o'#-o Arhur Wnne j So'urdv Rood New Wonmoun Vs o' Cvlf<on Buno ' r>e offered O S WoryV- RC Cu'Ch, Ne onmoun o 0 m nrmr V O<«e< Crnyc, J RUTRAUFF A.e ge mn Bourn, on Ocober '2 ", ol Emery nor Nufvng ome. o won N J Wfe o' ne >e. w.bof Bor orn Runrou nd moher o he o'e F Bourne Ruhrou She survved Dy f' dugher rs Jorn A Goodr.en of Cnnnul ll Won dougner n-low r F Bourne ulhrov F" ven, N J ner <» ldred W Bourne o ynnu ss l grond cfnoren Funerl fryc p'wole \n leu 0' flower COnlrDu'ons o your fvore chny m memory of her would be ppreced WLLAS Rose L. of u Rver S Red Bnk on Aednesdoy Rvervew ospl Devoed grond moher of Gerld rk ff>oms nd Jome Wllms Gre orondmoner o' Jomme Wllm Repsng Cofer emorl ome 20 Shrewsbury Ave Red Bnk funerl Surdy 0 m Clvry Bop Church Red Bonk Vson he church Frdy moke donon o Rose Lee Wllm Vsonry Crcle Colwry Bps Church. Red Bon nermen vvne rdge Cemeery Eonown John Vn Krk & Son ONUENTS UNKRAFT AUSOLEUS ONUENTS UTTERED (LEANED 85 COOPER RD., DDLETOWN (ol 35 ( e ddon s Corne) FLOWERS,.. blower r of Eonown AJOR CREDT CARDS ONORED EBER JERSEY SORE FLORST ASSOC. SEND FLOWERS WORLD WDE FOR ALL OCCASONS 8 BROAD STREET EATONTOWN The Adms emorl ome WLLA J.CONNELLY, Owner-.nger FUNERAL DRECTORS SNCE BROAD STREET RED BANK John E. Dy FUNERAL OE 85 Rversde Avenue Red Bnk C. SDUN, Drecor Dk Sffckk Sree sgn vndlsm mouns TNTON FALLS - Clm- ng h vndlsm of publc propery hs reched "epdemc" proporons here. Councl Presden Dle Shck ls ngh sked resdens o jon n n unprecedened con o recover solen propery "n he ls yer lone." r Schck old Borough Councl, "we've spen bou J 000 o replce sgns h hve been solen or defced " To comb hs rend. r Shck sked nyone knowng he wherebous of solen sree sgns o conc Jerome. Reed, borough clerk dmnsror Borough ll "A person cn even cll Fremen srcken scene of blze ASBl'RV PARK - For he frs me n 25 yers, pd cy fremn ded n he lne of duy ls ngh whle fghng blze he onuk oel on Frs Ave Nlle T Bruno, 56. of Fourh Ave, ded whle fghl ng fre he occuped onuk oel l 700 Frs Ave e ws pronounced ded Jersey Shore ospl. Nepune r Bruno hd been pd fremn n hs cy for 2 yers Fre Deprmen Cpn Alfred Slnger repored h he blze, whch ws conned o he neror of one room, cused mnml dmges There were no oher njures repored r Bruno ws n he buldng when he ws srcken There ws "defne suspcon of rson." (re deprmen spokesmn sd, ddng h he hoel hd been he scene of severl mnor fres nd cs of vndlsm recenly An unknown number of people sll resded n he buldng bu were sfely evcued, uhores sd A 30- dy condemnon order reporedly hd expred nd he buldng ws supposed o be unoccuped Auhores sd he fre sred 7 p m n op-floor sorge room nled shu from he ousde connng number of mresses There were no oher njures repored Ahlee's sucde shocks offcls NEW BUFFALO. ch (AP) Ferng noher bnshmen from he foobll felds he loved, -yer-old eghh grde hlee flly sho hmself " guess everybody's grspng for resons e'd be he ls kd you'd hnk would do h." Tom ller, cng prncpl New Bufflo ddle School, sd fer lernng bou he deh of Wesley Pper Jr "There were lo of ers n he hllwy hs mornng. 'll ell you. ws hrd dy here ll dy." ller dded Polce Chef Dle Sebenmrk. who doubles s coch, sd ws fer of nelgbly h cused he boy o shoo hmself Bu he chef sd he. oo. s uncern why- Pper fered loss of elgbly. " cn ell you posvely, he ws no off he foobll em hrough nyhng pernng o he school." he chef nssed. ller greed Boh men repored he boy ws pulled off he foobll em bou hree weeks go by hs prens Sebenmrk rs. Jmes urd KEANSBURG - rs Elenor urd. 7. of 2 Shdysde Ave. ded Wednesdy Byshore Communy ospl. olmdel Born n Newrk, she hd lved here 20 yers. She ws member of he Kensburg Frs ehods Church Survvng s her husbnd. Jmes urd; son. Edwrd urd. here; hree brohers. Orlndo Sole of Unon. Frnk Sole of Bloomfeld. nd Dne Sole of rvngon: hree ssers, rs Emm rod of here. rs. Ad S.effens of neol, L..; nd rs. Tosc Chse of Pompon Plns; sepsser. rs. Elver Brle of Bloomfeld; four grndchldren. The Lurel Funerl ome s n chrge of rrngemens rs. Khe Rzu DELRAY BEAC. Fl. - rs. Khe Rzu. 75. of 625 Souhwes 20h Cour, ded here Wednesdy. rs. Rzu hd been long-me resden of Red Bnk. N.J.. before movng here. She ws he wdow of Pul Rzu. Survvng re son, ermn L. P. Rzu, here; dugher, rs. Emle Prker of Lke Worh. Fl.; sser, rs. Llle ollnder of N. Plm Bech, Fl.; seven grndchldren nd hree gre-grndchldren. The Dorsey Funerl ome, Lke Worh, s n chrge of rrngemens. sd h ws for "home dscplne" rher hn nyhng nvolvng he school Bu Pper ws bck on he em before he klled hmself, hey sd A sser found Pper's body Wednesdy ngh hs home e hd been sho once n he ches nd smll 22-clber psol ws found besde hs body Dr. John Vlnejus. depuy Bemen Couny medcl exmner, ruled he boy's deh sucde Neher ller npr Sebenmrk could expln he mng of he boy's sucde They sd he hd conferred wh ller bou noon Wednesdy Red Bnk mn drws jl erm FREEOLD - Couny Cour Judge Thoms F Shebell Jr hs senenced Red Bnk mn o 90 dys n he couny jl, of whch 60 dys ws suspended, nd plced hm on probon for one yer on possesson of dngerous wepon chrge Nel les. 25. of Cherne S, Red Bnk, hd pleded guly o possessng knfe n Ocen Townshp ls rch 3 Anhony Young. 20. of Prln ws gven n ndeermne reformory erm fer he pleded guly o brek-ns n Freehold Townshp nd nlpn nd brek-n nd lrceny n l wn Young dmed brekng no he home of Leo ole. Derby Drve, Freehold Townshp, nd no he home of Frnk Clenello, Bunker ll Drve. nlpn. boh on Dec. 3. And he cknowledged brekng no he home of Joseph Dews. Onyx Plce. wn. on Nov. 26 nd selng ems worh more hn $200. Loery wnners TRENTON (AP) - The wnnng number drwn yeserdy n he New Jersey "New Weekly" loery s The orgnl number drwn, ws no sold so he Loery Commsson employed s usul prcce of pckng conngency number. The mllonre fnls number s The wnnng number n he Pck- Loery ws 982. The srgh be pd (0; he box pd $67. nd he prs brough $0. n he Pck-Four drwng ws he wnnng number The srgh pd $2,823 nd he box pd $7 50 nonymously Our mn ner es s n geng he sgns bck." r Shck sd n ddon he sked resdens who see someone sw ng-off sgn or defcng o cll r Reed Delng he exen of hs suon o councl. r Shck. who chrs s publc works commee, noed h severl of he new borough logos or nsgms h were ereced l borough bor ders hve been solen "n noher cse." he dded, "someone cu off wo-wy sree sgn, pole nd ll. few nches from s bse" The cos of reprng or replcng hese sgns rnges from 8 for smll sree sgn o J3(l for sop sgn o $50 for cross sreel sgn "Ths ll dds up nd n he end." r Shck sd, "he borough's xpyers end up foong he bll " n oher con ls ngh. councl unnmously voed 0 grn lng Counclmn Byron Ober Jr "excused b sences" for hree monhs of mssed meengs, lesl he hve hs se declred vcn. Ths resoluon ws mde necessry by sle lw h ses councl sel mus be declred vcn f member msses meengs on egh consecuve weeks, unless councl voes o excuse hm r Ober hs been bsen from councl sessons snce June 23 e hs been hosp lzed severl mes snce hen for vrous lmens Gven he councls resoluon excusng r Ober. S Thoms Gglno. borough orney, noed h he counclmn now hs n egh-week grce perod n whch he cn ren hs sel "f (he end of h lme he s sll unble o end meengs." r dghno sd, "hen councl wll hve o decde f hey wn o declre vcncy " r Shck noed, however h r Ober sd he hopes o reurn o councl s soon s possble The councl presden hen suggesed councl hold her meengs on he frs floor of Borough.ll rher hn n her secondfloor chmber o ccommode r Ober. who s now confned o wheelchr Erler, offcls of he onmouh Assocon for Rerded Chldren (O NARC) mde ple o councl o done $,000 lo he ssocon o defry mounng defcs W Roy Cown. ONARC'l ssoce execuve drecor, sd hs orgnzon hs RESTORE TE BEAUTY OF AN OLDER OE Cusom Remodelng & Addons TE DSCOUNT DEPARTENT STORE" 33V 3 % TO 50% OFF Flower Bulb Clernce mpored From ollnd 50% OFF Fll plnng sprng flowerng Tulps Dffodls Crocus ycnhs Plus ohers Whle Qunes Ls Sol Condoner Clernce 33V 3 % OFF All oudoor sol condoners n our sock, ncludng op sols, pes, mnures & mulches. lunched n unprecedened fundrsng drve n ll J] couny muncples lo mke up n esmed $2000 budge defc hs yer ONARC - whch s bsed n Shrewsbury hs n overll nnul budge of $,20,800. ccordng o John J Donoghue. Us execuve drecor r Cown noed hs group begn s ppel here snce conducs hree clsses dly for rerded chldren he Reformed Church on Tnon Ave. "Perhps you do no know h here re more hn 70 menlly rerded people lnng n hs communy." r Cown noed e dded h mny of hese people re mong he 250 who end dly progrms conduced by ONARC here To d he orgnzon n s work. Cown proposed» donon formul bsed nn populon e sked h muncples lke he borough wh fewer hn resdens conrbue $,000 nnully owrds ONARC'S operons Towns wh more hn resdens re encourged o conrbue en cens per person All such donons. r Cown sled, would be used o fund educonl progrms nd no for consrucon of ONARC'S new $8 mllon cener on Wysde od. off Wyckof Rod, here (Consrucon wll be funded by se mones nd con nbuons o specl fund ) yor Gbrel K Speclor sd' ONARC'S reques would be urned over o councl's fnnce commee for sudy Councl ler se Nov 0 for henng on proposed ord- nnce h would bn mopeds, rl bcycles, moor skooers nd go-crs from publc or borough-owned propery here The proposed ordnnce provdes for fnes of up lo $500 nd mprsonmen of up lo 0 dys for persons convced of volng hs lw mmond Lndscpe Servce nd Nursery Creve Lndscpe Desgn Pln erl Rlrod Te Consrucon Seedng Soddng Brck Pos Wll Our Nuury Ssurdf m - pm yn ll fud, Co«c SALE TODAY TRUSUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 FNAL CLEARANCE N OUR OUTDOOR NURSERY DEPT. ".K \ m o y nlls, ll nm >lrs flllll/r EVERGREEN CLEARANCE 50% OFF Every Evergreen Pln n Our Sock s Been Reduced. ncludng Conners & Burlp Wrpped Plns For Rock Grdens & Foundon Use. ncludng Txus, Junpers. olles, Cndn emlock, Azles, Rhododendrons Grss Seed Sle 33V 3 % OFF Seeds n sock ncludng: Scos Lofs Queen Turf Lmed Qunes GLORON Fll Ferlzer Clernce 33%% TO 50% OFF Fmous Gloron Ferlzer & Lwn Cre Producs n Sock. Oudoor Plns No Avlble n Alnc Cy, Blmore. Cherry, Dundlk, Gfleld, Glenolden, Jeney Cy, Keny. orr. Pln., Newrk. Nepune, New yde Pk, No. Bergen, Phldelph, Schenecdy, SyrcuK, Towon. nn WKOUNT ontwrt ow DDLETOWN RT. 35 OPEN DALY 0 A.. TL 0 P.. SUNDAY" 0 A..'Tl. 6 P.. Foe Slo Allowed By Lw c Two Guy nc., 977

5 Nme Freehold mn n morls ndcmen FREEOLD - A Freehold mn s chrged wh morls volons nvolvng hree young grls n n ndcmen hnded up by couny grnd Jury. Alber lnon, Throckmor on S., s chrged wh lewdness (or llegedly exposng hmself before he grls, wo ged S nd one ged, n Freehold on Sep. 5. e s lso chrged wh conrbung o he grls' delnquency nd debuchng her morls n he ncden Allen Greshm, 8, of Asbury Prk, s chrged wh robbng Cherne Woemer ol Long Brnch of her pockebook connng $7.9 n Long Brnch on Aprl. John Jule, 28, of Tenh S, Unon Bech, s chrged wh hreenng he lfe of rgre Jule, Frs Ave, Keypor. on y 8 n Keypor Blsco Brown, 38, of Shrewsbury Ave, Red Bnk, s chrged wh brekng no onmouh Chrysler- Plymouh, R 36, Eonlown, on July 7 nd selng hree res nd rms worh more hn 200 John mmond, 25. of owrd Ave, Tnon Flls, s chrged wh brekng no he home of Thoms Jennngs of Tnon Flls on Aug, 970. mmond s lso chrged wh forgng 5 check on Jennngs ccoun wh he Frs erchns Nonl Bnk n Nepune nd wh ssung he forged check o he bnk chel P Crlson of Asbury Prk s chrged wh brekng no he prmen of Joe Wlson. Rusc Drve, Ocen, on Aug 8 nd selng ems worh more hn 500 Prscll Smh, 22, of Asbury Prk, s chrged wh ssung forged f25 check o Brddocks, onmouh ll, Eonown, on rch JO. 5>he s lso chrged wh obnng Jcke worh $25 wh he check The check ws on he ccoun of Peer nd Jne Wes, Long Brnch, wh he Jersey Shore Bnk Jeffrey Booker, 22, of Rockwell Ave.. Long Brnch, s chrged wh ressng rres by chel ughes, Long Brnch polcemn, n Long Brnch on July. Frnk Sblnl, S. of Orlndo, Fl, s chrged wh ssulng Edwrd Sredl. Kensburg polcemn, n Kensburg on Aprl 2. Sbnl s lso chrged wh n emped ssul on Sredl nd wh ressng rres by he polcemn. Youh s rrgned GLEN BURNK, d. (AP) A -yer-old chorboy descrbed s " hell of nce kd" ws rrgned here yeserdy s funerl servces were held for hree grls he s ccused of sbbng o deh. Sur L Krener, he slgh bespeccled son of former rylnd lbor leder, dd no spek durng he fve-mnue herng before Dsrc Cour Judge Rober E ese. Krener s chrged wh hree couns of frs-degree murder flemngon nd s beng reed s n dul Polce L. Rober Russell, who heded he nvesgon of he slyngs, sd he nervewed number of persons who menoned Krener. nd "ll ndcons re he's hell of nce kd." A chorboy locl Presbyern church, he ws sd o hve voded drugs, lcohol nd cgrees nd hd never been n rouble wh polce. furs TE FOR GLOO - chel Adler, 8, ss ds grunledly n now-vcn pumpkn pch. s fourh grde clss ws growng he pumpkns for lloween presens o he hndcpped nd nursng home pens. Durng he weekend, heves sole 250 of he bes pumpkns from he pch, dshng he nnul projec. Twn sll crcl PLADELPA (AP)- A Smese wn, sepred from her sser n rre operon Tuesdy, remned n crcl condon yeserdy Chldren's ospl of Phldelph. The bbes, born Sep 5. shred common her. As expeced, he second bby ded durng he operon. The hospl hs no relesed her nmes. Dr. C. Evere Koop, who dreced he surgery, sd he survvng nfn hs 5-0 per cen chnce o mke. bsed on ps cses. NAE SPELLED WRONG Due o ypogrphcl error, he nme of Rn Gduml. senor wn Regonl gh School, ws msspelled n yeserdy's sory on resumpon of clsses n he dsrc. SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY. OCTOBER. 977 T h e Dbsy Regser 5 Fnlly ges hs fre ruck RUSON - Edwrd R Schwrz of Edgewood Rod, here, nd one of he owners of urce Schwrz & Sons Chrysler-Plymouh of Red Bnk, s now he proud owner of 98 nernonl fre ruck. r. Schwrz plced he ngh bd of (375 for he ruck n ucon conduced by he Borough Councl here ls ngh e opened he bddng 300. bul spurred on by bd of $350 by John O'r of Rdge Rod, he opped r. O'r's offer nd becme he owner of he frs fre ruck uconed off by he borough n 29 yers. The ruck sll runs, nd Counclmn Chrles Cllmn old r. Schwrz he could drve home ls nghl. n offer he new owner hsened o declne. r. Schwrz sd he plns o use he ruck for dversng, nd sd wll probbly be dsplyed n he show room of he delershp, loced on Wes Fron S. n Red Bnk Bu he hd senmenl resons for bddng s well: he rck, O-gllon pumper, ws he frs fre rck ever sold by hs fher, he founder of he busness. And here ws one oher reson: " lwys wned fre ruck." he sd, grnnng brodly ospl suppor s sough LONG BRANC - Communy nd cvc leders from number of muncples served by onmouh edcl Cener hve lunched n effor o seek brod-bsed suppor for onmouh's Lfe Suppor Cmpgn Fund rsng cves hus fr by oher segmens of he cmpgn hve resuled n pledges nd csh gfs of»5 3 mllon owrd gol of fl mllon ccordng o rs. Kenneh gery. Chrmn of he Communes Dvson of he cmpgn. rs. gery sd cve recrung o( commee members for he Communes Dvson, she sd, s $50,000. "The curren ol n our dvson s "rs. gery sd, "nd pledges re begnnng o come n que frequenly." The chrmn sd members of he commee re represenve of resdens of muncples served by onmouh edcl Cener nd whch le whn he nsuon's prmry coverge re. rs. gery sd he commee s "dedced group who undersnd he need for he new Lfe Suppor buldng nd who hve commed hemselves o nsurng h Nbje n/fled he quly of cre rendered onmouh s mnned." Consrucon of he Lfe Suppor Cener Buldng begn n rch nd hospl offcls re esmng h he buldng wll be compleed erly n 979. Sxh srgh me FORT ONOUT - Person Army ospl hs been ccreded by he Jon Commsson on Accredon of ospls for he sxh consecuve me ccordng o nofcon recenly receved by Colonel x W. Cold schmd. hospl commnder. n /««%<yrwnou/k sduaeum n TOUAO wvnem. new cu C/eejuvew UnoUu, xfw, nd C/oUy, C/» SSAWU, Z/mv. wvcle., Ucen, 0 JVw She's proud. She OV fshon. Apprece vlue. Th's why she res he Town A Counry Fshon Cnor mus vlsl^^ for he Unl n ouerwer. Sh knows h he selecon of luxurous domesc nd mpored fbrc s ncredble. Sh loves he ouch of supple lehers, onuous uede nd sherlngs. The Town Counry Womn s he ol womn. Sh«coms o h«remngon Fur Compny becuse Remngon's Town & Counry Deprmen s ol fshon world. A world h lso ncludes hose "Fbulous Fkes"nd excng fur he h cn mke wrdrobe ruly memorble. And he Town & Counry Womn fnds ll hs excemen RARE ' VALUE PRCES FRO $85 TO $895 Jvnve&n VUW n weny-nwd of U/ooo^- cuncl b Jewnu, ew&n o e^n-nvfo <> 'doc To mke reservons cll: The onmouh useum Benef Commee, or Senbch, (from Asbury Prk only 77-77) Plese mke checks pyble o: TE ONOUT USEU AND CULTURAL CENTER, Lncrof, New Jersey or yqu my use your Senbch chrge, Amercn Express, ser Chrge, Vs. Tckes lso vlble he Servce Desk of Senbch Asbury Prk, Red Bnk, Brck Town, nlpn (Your donon s x deducble) "\ femngon fur compny OPEN SUNDAY & EVERY DAY 0 A.. TO 6 P. NO 8 SPRNG ST, FLENGTON. NEW JERSEY One ol he World's Lrgesl Speclss n Fne Furs

6 The Dly Regser Esblshed n 878 Publshed by The Red Bnk Regser Thoms J Bly, Execuve Edor ARTL'R Z. KAN Presden nd Edor FRDAY OCTOBER 977 Wllm F Sndford, Assoce Edor A ough plce o do busness Sludge dumpng fgh There s encourgng news ou of Trenon on he se's connung effor o end he ocen sewge sludge dumpng h hs been blmed les n pr for some mjor recen fsh klls nd occsonl foulng of our beches. The se Deprmen of Envronmenl Proecon (DEP) hs sked ll sewge dsrcs now prccng ocen dumpng o presen plns by Dec. 3 for lerne dsposl mehods. Th dedlne s pr of schedule under whch se offcls sy New Jersey wll mee he 98 dedlne for he elmnon of ocen dumpng se by he federl Envronmenl Proecon Agency (EPA). Rocco D. Rcc. DEP commssoner, nnounced h consrucon of lernve dsposl fcles for hs se should begn n he frs hlf of 978. The ocen dumpng prcce, begun 50 yers go s n esy expeden, s hvng n ncresngly serous effec on offshore wers, creng n expndng re of conmnon whch mrne scenss cll "ded se." Th he dumpng mus be sopped hs been long recognzed by ll who re wre of he ocen's rreplceble resources nd he desrucve effecs of he dumpng. Bu correcve con hs been slled whle offcls mulled he dffcul echncl nd fnncl problems of lernves. New Jersey, whch hs sewer dsrcs now dumpng bou.7 mllon ons of refuse n he New York bgh, s movng deermnedly o mee s commmen o he 98 dedlne. Alernve dsposl fcles now plnned wll cos n esmed $35 mllon. s expeced h 75 per cen federl fundng for he purpose wll be forhcomng. The lerne mehod on whch he se wll lrgely depend he ouse s composng, process by whch he sludge s convered, by s own he nd nroduced bcer, no sol condonng produc. A mjor composng pln Cmden, dedced ls week, mrks he frs sep n he converson progrm. wll perm concree es of he mehod, whle ohers re beng nvesged. Bu our se s no he only offender. New York Cy, whch dumps bou.3 mllon ons n he sme re off Sndy ook nd s under he sme order o hl he dumpng by 98, s opposng effors o mke he EPA order federl lw nd hs no ye esblshed pln for correcve con. New Jersey s cng responsbly o hl n unconsconble prcce. We rus h our neghbor wll recognze he sme responsbly nd ke seps quckly o remedy he suon. f doesn', Congress wll hve o move o force con. Fre Prevenon Week Fremen hroughou he couny re performng exrcurrculr servces n brngng n mporn sfey messge o he publc durng hs Fre Prevenon Week. Emphss of hs yer's observnce s on smoke deecors, wh fre offcls urgng homeowners o purchse nd use he devces whch could sve lves. A number of fre compnes nd deprmens re feurng open house, progrms n her frehouses hrough he week. os re offerng Ocober's glory Now we ner Ocober's mdpon nd he. seson when our lndscpe pus on s brghes dress for Nure's fnl celebron of noher yer of growh nd renewl. Ths s he me of he yer's hghes glory nd chevemen; me of fruon nd pleny, nd he colors of he hrves he pumpkns nd pples nd ndn corn rvl hose of he hllsdes. he smoke deecors for sle. n onmouh Couny schools, fremen re showng Donld Duck croon nformon flm on fre prevenon nd wh o do n cse of fre. Posers commemorng Fre Prevenon Week re on dsply n mny publc buldngs. The observnce s one we should ll heed. We re greful o he frefghers, who do so much for us n he lne of duy, for hs dded servce n he neres of he publc welfre. The messge hey brng could be of lfe-or-deh mpor. d-uumn desgns clme o mch he beuy of s bckdrop crsp dys of ngled sunlgh o sr us ou of summer orpor. s me o be lve nd brod on he lnd. Bu we mus bhe n s splendor whle lss. The nex c of he nnul drm, lo less genle, s wng n he wngs. Red fces he Whe ouse y JACK ANDERSON d LES WTTEN Presden Crer, who dd hs shre of hnd-wrngng over he wreppng of he Nxon er, hs now found hmself n possesson of governmen hndbook on wreppng. Ths hndy, esy-o-red mnul could nsruc ny enerprsng snoop wh se of ools how o evesdrop on elephone conversons The Whe ouse s embrrssed The elephone compny s horrfed Sll, he Crer dscples re cugh n dlemm seems he xpyers coughed up (or he nsrucons on how o wrep s conrry o he presden's spr of cndor nd sense of economcs o deprve he xpyers of he nformon hey pd for The Offce of Telecommuncons Polcy, whch pd for he hndbook, ws ll se o relese for he enlghenmen of hose who mgh be neresed n he refnemens of evesdroppng Bu he elephone compny rsed howl. Amercn Telephone nd Telegrph, one source confded, "s scred o deh bou oo mny people fndng ou bou hs " The ggreved phone compny, herefore, urgenly lered Vce Presden Wler ondle o he dnger. By J BSOP The drk sn of scndl hs been scrubbed from he Whe ouse seps before The lonely nellecul. Thoms Jefferson, ded whou denyng h hs slve. Slly emngs. hd been hs msress nd h he hd fhered severl of her chldren e would no degn o deny The ll, sely redhed hd wren he Declron of ndependence he ge of 33 There ws no mounn of knowledge or phlosophy he hd no clmbed When he enered he Whe ouse n 800. hs clm brow ws bove nrgue. Jefferson's mske my hve been h he red one book oo mny ws "The Polcl Progress of Brn." by Jmes Cllender. The Presden ws delghed o fnd h r. Cllender. n mmgrn Amercn, looked upon Brsh sesmen s ruffns, swndlers, murderers nd mercenres. Thoms Jefferson sw Cllender s "mn of genus n hs corse wv " The By ROBERT VOAKl' Ts Sung Chng, cooke nspecor nd locl Communs pry offcl, fell from he edge of gn v of dough nd ws unconscous for nerly wo yers. One dy. when nurse plyfully used n cupuncure needle n n odd spo. Ts suddenly s uprgh n he hospl bed nd sked for e. rce, nd swee nd sour ducks' fee. The regon's mos fmous medcl men cme mmed- WASNGTON SCENE UWUUUUUUUUU llllll ATndT presden Chrles Brown wrned ondle n confdenl leer h he wrep mnul "ells how o nercep suburbn resdenl elephones, busness d communcon. nd he nerse long-dsnce nework ells he reder how o loce, open, p no, resel nd rebury our cbles for he purpose of nercepng cusomers' communcons." Whe ouse offcls, pung dscreon hed of cndor, hve plced he 3-pge, how-o-do- hndbook under lock nd key s now beng hndled wh he sme delce cre s nroglycehn. The repercussons, menwhle, hve lredy reched Cpol ll Rep John oss. D-Chf, who uncovered he mnul, s eger o know more bou he governmen's wrep wys. Apprenly, he governmen hs been so creless bou prvcy h plnned o publsh he wreppng nsrucons Ye oss hs been dened ccess o he phone records of ps nellgence wreps by he Whe ouse. Congressonl nvesgors suspec h some of hese wererellywerge-syle polcl wreps remns mer of dspue, menwhle, why he wreppng nsrucons were wren. An offcl of he re Corporon, whch produced he mnul, old us: "We were relucn o produce nyhng h could be lbeled s cookbook on wreppng recpes, bu we were sked o do by he Whe ouse." The Whe ouse elecommuncons chef. Wllm Thler, nssed he hd nformed re explcly h he ddn' wn how-o-do- book "There mus hve been some confuson he workng level." he suggesed Neverheless, he ws redy o relese he repor unl Whe ouse scence dvser Frnk Press urgenly nervened "Ths repor cn led o much mschef." Press old our ssoce owe Kurz. "The governmen never should hve sked for." Now Whe ouse offcls re ryng o fgure ou how o ge round he Freedom of nformon lws nd keep he pmphle secre owever, we hve obned copy of he hndbook, whch s smped "Conrolled Dsrbuon " We gree wh Whe ouse des h would no be n he publc neres o publsh he echncl ANDERSON dell. Bu here re some generl evesdroppng nsrucons h re worh prnng for her enernmen vlue. For exmple, n "nercepor" who mgh wsh o overher he elephone conversons n suburbn resdence, sy, "n Norhern Vrgn beween 6 p.m. nd p.m. ondy hrough Frdy" s gven seps o lke. Frs, he should "clmb pole." Upon hs lofy perch, suble lso for peekng no secondsory wndows, he wll fnd "ermnl enclosure " e s nsruced o jggle he ppropre wres; hen pe recorder srecommendedfor monorng he nerceped converson. Presden Crer's dmonons on economy, f no prvcy, re refleced n he nsrucons. To "sve pe." he evesdropper s dvsed h "he pe could be mnedely ersed f he converson ws no of neres " For he more mbous spy who mgh wsh o nercep Drk vens n he mrble llllllllllmlllllllllllllllll TE REPORTER Ullllllllllll lllllllkll sesmn me he muckrker r Phldelph nd nroduced hm o publshers Clender's frs Amercn book "exposed" Alexnder mlon. Secrery of he Tresury, s mn nvolved n corrup prcces, one who reveled n n llc, ffr wh rs Jmes Reynolds. The hrd. Presden of he Uned Ses red on hs vs ese oncello. Vrgn e ws surprsed h mlon dmed he "ffr." bu dened selng The hrd book clled George Wshngon " scndlous hypocre." one who hd "uhorzed he robbery nd run of hs own rmy " When Jefferson becme presden, hs proege demnded (o be pponed posmser of Rchmond, or he would "ell ll." The frendshp ended. Jefferson refused n 80. Cllender go job on scndl shee clled "The Rchmond Recorder: or l.dys' nd Genlemen's scellny " e wroe n rcle ccusng he Presden of beng nvolved wh wo or more women, one of whom ws slve. Slly emngs The wrer hd never been lo oncello. nd hd never me ss emngs. bu he descrbed her s "The Afrcn Venus" The Presden, he sd, ws no f o be n he compny of respecble czens No womn, whe or blck, ws sfe from Jefferson. Vrgn ws sunned The Presden refused o enern quesons bou hs conduc No newspper sen reporer o he Whe ouse or o oncello o prove or dsprove he sory. Among he mny slves on he plnon. Slly ws fvored When Jefferson ws mbssdor o Frnce, he sen for hs dugher ry nd ordered Slly o ccompny he chld Slly's moher ws Bey emngs She ws he properv of Colonel Wyles of Vr- BSOP gn Slves esfed h he colonel fhered mny chldren some sd by Bey emngs Jefferson mmed he colonel's dugher rh When he old mn ded. Thoms Jefferson nhered he colonel's slves f he Wyles sory s rue. Bey emng's chldren were hlfbrohers nd hlf-ssers o rs Jefferson Slly ws one of he chldren Scndl sns wh n unseen brush Jefferson's bogrphers mong hem he noed Professor John C ller - concede h Jefferson never ordered Bey emng's chldren o work n he felds All of hem, ncludng Slly, were household ser- u's u n Chn lllmmmn ANOTER n n ely o exmne Ts nd o sk hm quesons. Then Ts ques oned he docors "ow s he helh of our revered leder. Chrmn o'" "Chrmn o s ded." erblock s on vcon Kng of he hll one of he docors repled "Wh errble rgedy!" exclmed he srcken Ts. e shook hs hed sdly, hen dded: "And wh n wful blow o our beloved Chng Chng. he selfless wdow of our Gre elmsmn!" "Blow, schmow!" he docor sd scornfully "Chng ws one of he four md dogs who ploed gns Chrmn o even s he ly dyng. She s now n prson, long wh he hree oher revsons mggos " "Chng Chng n prson!" Ts looked sunned "y fll mus hve ddled me' Dd you cully sy h Chng Chng " "Enough bou h cpls-roder who worked hnd n glove wh crmnl elemens o undermne he se!" noher docor sd sernly "She should be crushed nd srngled, jus s he wll posers sy." "They sy h?!" Ts sked ncredulously. "Then who hs ken Chrmn o's plce? Comrde Chou En-l?" "No. Comrde Chou s lso ded." "From nurl cuses?" Ts sked cuously. The docors nodded. "Wh csrophe!" Ts moned. "Le's see, h mus men h our new leder s Chng Chun-cho, he Senor Depuy Prme nser. A good mn. The non couldn' be n beer hnds." "Does hyen hve hnds?!" sked hrd docor. "Chng s lso n he rorous gng of four. e conspred o urn our homelnd over o mperls enemes." "e dd?!" Ts cred ou, feelng dzzy. " mus be hvng hllucnons! Cn you gve me needle?" "You re no hllucnng," he frs docor repled. "There were mny YOAKU revelons whle you were n com. Remember he proverb: 'Ths mornng knows no hs evenng's hppenngs'" " cernly doesn'," Ts mcrowve rdo sgnls, he nsrucons recommend h he "cqure he use of smll frm long he roue " Then he should "se up rdo nercepon equpmen. ncludng suffcenly lrge nenn, n brn o vod beng observed " PENTAGON PARTY: A lrge defense conrcor s hrowng bsh for s Pengon buddes ody n rylnd. Wkns-Johnson nd Co l spendng up o $0,000. our sources uy. on n elbore ffr for bgwgs from he Defense Deprmen. CA nd Nonl Secury Agency The brss hs wll vew he compny's new equpmen s hey munch on ho hors d'oeuvres The frm hs even goen one-dy lquor lcense o keep he Pengon people n hgh sprs. Bu he execuves ren' jus beng frendly; her compny hs been wrded S mllon n defense conrcs hs yer. Wkns-Johnson chrged oken dmsson prce ls yer o vod crcsm h ws curryng fvor wh s Pengon benefcors Bu compny spokesmn wouldn' dscuss he ffr wh us. snorng: "Th s our busness nd no one else's " When our reporer Vlere Sruss sked one offcl how she could ge n nvon, he sd. "You hve o do busness wh us." he ws ryng o sboge - mumbled. "Tell me, who hs ken he plce of Chrmn "Th's enough lkng for o?" ody," he frs docor nnounced. "Comrde Ts "Comrde u Kuo-feng," he second docor sd. sounds red nd confused. Afer ll, he hs been uncon- "WO?" "The llusrous u Kuo-scous for nerly wo yers." feng s now Chrmn," he docor sd shrply. "Plese excuse my lmenble gnornce," Ts sd, "bu who s u? ws no household nme when fell on my hed. And who s Prme nser?" "Chrmn u s lso Prme nser nd hed of vns Whever he Presden's consumng psson for Slly, or lck of. he rsked he presdency n 80 by levng he Whe ouse s frequenly s possble o be wh "my chldren nd grndchldren " e brough some slves o Wshngon on occson, bu never Slly Thoms Jefferson ded slen n 86 A hlf-cenury ler. dson emngs old sory o newspper edlor h hs moher Slly hd old hm h he nd ll hs brohers nd ssers were he chldren of he Presden of he Uned Ses. dson ws ngry he world s skn ws ple; n whe neghborhoods he ws clled "colored"; n blck neghborhoods he ws shunned s n "lmos" whe mn. Slly dd no ell her son h she hd chldren by noher whe mn. Smuel Crr True? Unrue? sorns re unble o decde. The seps of he Whe ouse re snowy Anyone who sops momen o look wll see drk vens n he mrble... he rmed forces." "All of h?" Ts exclmed. "Then who s Vce Premer nd Vce Chrmn'' mus be he wse Wng ung-wen, who fhfully served s Chrmn o's pry depuy " "Wng, fng!" he frs docor shoued "e s noher jckl n he gng of four! The Vce Premer nd Vce Chrmn s, of course, Teng so-png." "Bu h's mpossble! Comrde Teng ws n dsgrce! The wll posers sd "And hnk goodness!" Ts hough. "d been conscous mgh hve been n rouble " A few weeks ler, when Ts reurned o work, he delberely slpped off he v. e s once gn sfely n com - hs me wh smle on hs fce. Tody n hsory By The Assoced Press On hs de n 066, Normns under Wllm he Conqueror defeed he Englsh he Ble of sngs. On hs de: n 6, he founder of Pennsylvn, Wllm Penn, ws born n London. n 890, he 3h presden of he Uned Ses, Dwgh Elsenhower, ws born n Denson. Texs. n 933, Germny nnounced would whdrw from he Legue of Nons. n 9, n World Wr Two. Brsh nd Greek roops lbered Ahens from Germn occupon forces. n»7, U.S. Ar Force Cp. Chrles Yeger esed rocke-powered reserch rplne n Clforn nd becme he frs person o fly fser hn sound. Jn 96, he Amercn cvl rghs leder, Dr. rn Luher Kng, ws wrded he Nobel Pece Prze. Ten yers go: U.S. plnes pounded shlpyred nd oher rges n he re of he Norh Venmese por of phong.

7 SREWSBURY, N j FRDAY. OCTOBER 977 The Drly Regser 7 Work of Pop Wrner grd orgnzon commended Red Bnk, NJ To he Edor: wh ',o commend he wor of he Pop Wrner Foobll Anodlon n Rumson, NJ. hnk lle enon hu been brough o he long hours h he coches hve pu n over he yen n rnng hee boys. hve hd he plesure of hvng son go hrough he enre progrm from over fve yers. e prcped wh gre plesure nd lwys looked forwrd o he prcce sessons s well s he gmes. vng seen mos of hese gmes nd mny of he prcce sessons, hs been rewrdng o ee hs group of men hndle he boys n mnner h would hnk mus conrbue very posvely o her developmen. No only do hese men spend gre del of me n physclly condonng he boys s esed o by he sngulrly ny ncdence of sgnfcn njures nd n he fundmenls of he spor, bu hey hve nslled n hem em spr nd wllngness o work whn frmework of he orgnzon. The mnner n whch hey hve kep hese boys' neress wh vryng echnques s ruly unque. n ddon her pproch o he boys l one of clm, drec, forhrgh cochng. There s no houed, nvecve, demenng, or nsulng ype of cochng bu symphec posve encourgemen nd undersndng wh sense of humor. n so fr s possble, n effor s mde o gve ll some chnce o ply. The emmes reflec mure ude owrd he spor nd n unselfsh sense of loyly o her em effor These boys re kep occuped n posve nd consrucve mnner whch should represen fvorble conrbuon o her overll chrcer nd personly developmen. wsh o regser pprecon for he fne work of such men s r. Brdley, <> ll s. O'Connor, Porgus nd Peers on he Vrsy Pop Wrner nd r. uner on he Junor Vrsy, r Perocelll on he Pee Wee Pop Wrner. r Sou nd r Schefer n he orgnzon nd mny ohers for her dmrble effors for he boys nd he communy n generl. P. E Glberson gc nfj LlUe Slver, NJ. To he Edor: On he ngh of lloween, s one egerly opens hs wrm home o he sounds of pper cosumes nd he cold "huffs nd puffs" emnng from he lle "ghouls" whose mohers hve proudly bedecked hem n her fnery, we know h only one fve leer word wll se hese slvng "mn-monsers: CANDY And one begns o ponder Lkewse, s one reds long he drk phs of hs neghborhood, guded only by he wnklng srs, he smlng Jck-o-lnerns nd he gs lghs seemngly "dncng" bou n ghos-lke fshlon-ne eere breeze h prevdes hs one myscl nd, n lrger sense, sprul ngh of he yer, one connues o ponder... Ths one ngh h succeeds n unfyng dul nd chld lke s we bd muul greengs md he crunch of uumn leves beneh our morl rcks. Suddenly, our.fh n he bsc goodness of mn s fully resored. Yes, hs s he one mgcl ngh when chld nd dul, who re cully one nd he sme, puse o consder he reles of he roubled world; nd, smlrly, "re" hemselves o he possble fnses of "noher, fr-dsn world." Could ruly be h wches rde broomscks cross he hrves skes? sn' f curous o envson ghoss scendng from cold, dnk grves o scre he dylghs ou of pssersby? ow comcl s o fhom gobln merrymkng "somewhere" n our very "mds." Now le's come bck o our senses! Every nellgen person relzes h hese rmblngs re pure nonsense! Neverheless, reurn o my orgnl premse s vew he clouded skes on lloween. enjoy he sense of fnsy wh whch we hve been endowed by fr greer Power hn lle urchn emulng Supermn. And, relze n very specl, unque nd posve wy h nyhng s possble hrough he creve nes of he nngble mnd; nd," more especllly on hs nlzng dy of dys Allhllows! rs. Eleen Snyder FRO OUR READERS lllor K «lf mul «lyr f wv w wrlr'l c»m««fl ^ -. » Tbr mn n cf wrf. NK' Donex dnglng fm.".!??. /T""" "»"" ««««"«"«««Cols Neck, NJ. To he Edor: n he repor on our meeng of Alened Cholcs here re few mnor n pcks we wouldn' boher your nce young reporer bou hmself n dmed lened Cholc. For exmple he quoes me s syng h Pope Thoms chnged he lnguge of he ss n R from Greek o Ln The de s 8 nd he pope ws Pope Dmsus here never ws Thoms on our ls Bu hese hngs re mnor. 's he closng senence of he rcle h leves conex dnglng nd wll undersndbly rle my frends of oher Chrsn rdons. 'd lke o foresll h. The closng senence, quoon, reds, "The Proesns cn sck he rel meblls, bu beng ble o do so hs s dvnges," Fher Busch poned ou. "Proesn mnsers hve o hnk wce before hey sy somehng h conflcs wh he vesed neress n he fron row, wheres Cholc press cn spek her mnds more openly." Acully, he conex o hs ws no bou press nd mnsers s such, bu bou he sysem he wo churches use n plcng men, he concluson beng h no sysem s perfec vs vs he people. For exmple: on he mnus sde, mny Proesn mnsers re clled by he congregon elders nd herefore s ofen dffcul for some o spek forcefully nd propheclly les hey rle he vesed neress n he fron pew nd ge fred On he plus sde, however, he people do hve some conrol over dffcul mnser nd hve n eser wy o dsmss hm On he oher hnd (he mssng conex) sd h Cholc press re pponed by he bshop o prshes The plus here s h he cn ndeed spek forcefully nd propheclly nd no be subjec o frng by hs vesed neress n he fron pew The mnus sde. ls, s h f he s n fc boorsh, nsensve, dffcul nd nsy he poor people re suck wh hm nyhow nd hve, no recourse o ge ou from under hm Concluson: neher sysem s perfec. Boh hve plusses nd mnuses, proof once more h we lve n n mperfec world. Wllm J Busch (Psor. S. ry's Prsh) PS. The meeng, "nuspcously"' begun ws by ll ccouns gre success. Fuure meengs on he frs Wednesdy of every monh prove o be s promsng Ol shppng Red Bnk. NJ. To he Edor: n recen edons you hve hd n rcle wren by r. hve been gong o se for 33 yers. know h he vs "The Con-mjory of merchn semen Kllprlck, servve Vew." You hve lso hd severl croons depcng sellou by he Democrc mjory nd Presden Crer referrng o he Crgo Performnce Bll R 039. You mpled h hs s polcl pyoff. n ll frness. beleve h you should prn he followng n order h your reders my be wre of ll he fcs. Ls yer Amercn (lgshps crred pproxmely 3 per cen of ol produc mpors, nd hs smll mnunl conrbued o. bllon dollr mprovemen on he blnce of pymen The dfferenon ced n he cos of Amercn nd foregn flg shps s ken up by xes pd by he Amercn compnes nd he semen n federl, se nd locl xes. The 8,000 job fgure whch you prned s msledng. The cul moun of men whch would be nvolved, drecly or ndrecly, f Amercn shps were crryng 9 per cen of ll mpors wou,ld be closer o Th s due o he fc h he Amercn shps would be sored n he Uned Sles. You cernly mus relze h no me durng ny wr hve Amercn semen refused o sl her shps. Ths cnno be sd of he foregn semen who repeedly refused o sl shps ou of Uned Ses pors wh mlry crgo desned for Venm A cos of one enh of one cen per gllon, we would be nsurng he delvery of ol producs o he Uned Ses n he even of noher Arb embrgo. ws wh wry musemen h noed h he crcs of R 030 bndoned he debunked fgure of bllon dollrs s sed by your columns, Sylv Porer. nsed, hey hve grsped he fgure of 20 mllon dollrs s offered o GOA s her numercl rllyng pon The bove sed speks for self re responsble fmly men We hve rsed fmles, educed our chldren, pd our xes, nd from me o me when our non needed us, gone o her defense. We mus hve vs pool of rned, experenced sesmen n he even of n emergency. mus be noed h foregn semen on foregn flg shps py no xes. A progrm reservng equble shres of ol mpors for he US shps wll ssure ddonl resury revenues from he consrucon nd operon of hese shps; hus lessenng he burden on he Amercn xpyer. The rpple effec: creed by ncresed employmen of Amercn workers would be fel hroughou he economy Affusnho onero Frog' Frolc Red Bnk, N.J. To he Edor: ee he Auhors Thoms Flemng "UKRTY TAVERN" r. Flemng hs wren hrllng, engrossng novel bou he Revoluonry Wrs mnly s reled o onmouh nd ddlesex Counes. There re severl very srong chrcers represened hroughou he sory nd how neresng s o rele wh hem n such plces s Cols Neck, Shrewsbury nd New Brunswck. r. Flemng hs wren 8 non-lclon books on Amercn hsory nd 9 novels. Rober logurdo "ONTY" Fve yers rvelng hroughou Europe nd Amerc on n nensve reserch msson preceded r. LGurd's wrng hs book bou ongomery Clf. The book s llusred wh 60 phoogrphs nd delves no he prve le s well s he publc creer ol he n fed "ony." Crcs hve sd ol r. L- Gurd. New York Cy nve, hs wrng "brnds on he reder's mnd rgc mge (ony) h wll be hrd o shke off." When COSS unforunely hd o cncel "Frogown Frolc" due o rn, nd chose o reschedule he nex dy becuse he wehermn ssured us of good weher (whch we could no be cern of he followng weekend), he Sundy Regser ws knd enough o run fron pge pcure nnouncng our chnge n plns Thnks o you, hundreds of chldren nd prens sw "r Frog" SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 from 3 o 5 p.m. he EASTERN BRANC LBRARY Roue 35, Shrewsbury Ths s he lrs n seres of "lernoons wh he uhors" nd prcpns wll hve n opporuny o lsen o ech uhor nd sk quesons of hem. The uhors wll sgn books nd mngle durng he coffee nd refreshmen hour. NO ADSSON CARGE You re nved o end s he gues of The Regser nd he onmouh Couny Lbrry. Coordnng he fll seres s rs. Jne Foderro, dy cy edor of The Regser nd Fred Oser, reference lbrrn The Esern Brnch Lbrry. Co-Sponsored By The Dly Regser nd The onmouh Couny Lbrry dncng n he rn nd knew enough o come on Sundy. On behlf of he gency, he chldren who cme, he hrdworkng commee nd "r Frog." we hnk you Lee P Klem. Drecor Publc Relons nd Developmen (COSS) Rumble ses Lle Slver. NJ To he Edlor: rguere enderson' musng whe-up of he fund rlng Rumble Se Bll freehold Rcewy recll: fond memores of oo mn; yers ps, when cue cou ple ws mkng he round! "'ve go he key!" Key^ccoun Keysone NEPTUNE ASDURY? der old Rugers Wre by rgre Fshbck. wenl somehng lke hs: Of rumble-se rdes gro» sedly werer. Due o he srn on my g ng poseror owever, wh ll due re sp'l o rgre, shnok-ur. rde n World Wr U.S. Army jeep ws consderbly worse. Then oo. remember he cusc commen of my fvore pre World Wr de. She never could respec mn who couldn' lgh cgree n full breeze n rumble se. Ths mde yours ruly, mnus lgher, feel NEPTUNE ASDURY PARK ANA.LAPAN APPLANCES-TELEVSON lke Rodney Dngerfeld As pr ol he curren noslgc b. fully expec he reurn of he nmble se nd he runnng bord, s mzng "new nnovons" n upcomng cr models Afer ll. n he words of Kng Solomon. he wse. There s nohng new under he sun " Averv Gles PUBLC EARNG TNTON FALLS RESDENTS The Tnon Flls Communy Developmen Czen Advsory Commee wll hold s 5h nd fnl publc rjeeng on ondy Ocober 7, 977 8:00 p.m. n Boro ll, 556 Tnon Avenue, Tnon Flls, N.J. The commee wll revew prores nd formule fnl plns for pplcons for Federl funds o sss low nd modere ncome persons resdng n he muncply, s per gudelnes esblshed by UD. Ann C. Ervn Tresurer 3-DAY SALE BEST BUYS N TOWN ON TV AND APPLANCES $ Reg. WW SOCQ95 Prce w New 00%»olld sl Xended Le chl s delgned o run cooler nd us les energy hn ny prevous RCA chsss. Acully cos le»«o opere on verge hn 00-w bulb! Super AccuColor blck mrx pcure ub glve you brlln color wh shrp conrs RCA sold vlue 9"d.. g on..xl-00 color TV now beer hn ever wh new Xended Lfe chsss BG FALY SZE 3 DAY Whrlpool WASER $ & DRYER 9 90 DELUXE AUTOATC WASER 3 cycles 3 wer emperures Cool down for Perm-Press $ VST WOLESALE WAREOUSE OPEN STOCK DEPT. Frlgdre 20 CU. f. 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8 8 The DkyR^gfcer SREWSBURY N J FRDAY OCTOBER U. 977 Byrne pledges fgh for renewl of se ncome x By TOAS f DONLAN DEOCRAT NCUBENT - Gov. Brendn T. glsses lus rgh durng nervew wh he Assoced Press. Byrne s pcured hvng some rouble geng hs won vcory for New Jersey yers before seeng n ncome x enced nd fces noher fgh, f reeleced. o hve he x exended ps June e sd he would consder hs reelecon o be populr mnde o he legslure o "c responsbly " " don' expec hem o TRENTON (AP) - Pledgng hmself 0 fgh lor renewl of he se ncome x nd o emp o rse he rles or upper ncome czens. Gov Brendn T Byrne sys he beleves he wll wn reelecon becuse he hs won he respec of he people n n nervew wh he Assoced Press. Byrne dscussed hs x polces nd hs polcl personly, wndng he wo mos-crczed specs of hs dmnsron no self-porr of n embled leder ls recevng he rewrd he deserves for mkng "ough decsons " Byrne sd. " don' hnk everybody's crzy bou me nd h's o be expeced when you mke ough decsons nd you ckle unpopulr ssues " Bu he dded h he beleves, from cmpgnng nd from polls, h he voers re neresed n he ssues of he cmpgn nobody does, bu expec cmpgn for n ncome x. "They're comprng my hem o solve he problem wllngness o ke on he re nd expec hem o look sponsbly of solvng he he lernve soluons.' se's problems n comprson o he wshy-wshy evsve ude of my opponen, nd hey respec me for," he sd The governor fough he legslure for more hn wo Byrne sd Dong nohng mens bllon dollrs bck on he propery x " Byme sd he would dvse he new legslure o chnge he res of he curren 2-o- 2 5 percen ncome x o n- Couny Brhs. llllllllllll nln RYERVEW OSPTAL Red Bnk r nd rs Rober Lemn (nee Pmel Ryn). 2 Rvne Drve. wn. dugher. Ol 0. r nd rs Rober Abbo (nee Andre urley). 79 Wes S., Long Brnch, son. Oc 0 r nd rs Rober ehe (nee Gl Robnson ). 66 Rversde Ave, Red Bnk. son. Oc. 0 r nd rs Ronld Pe rell (nee Josephne Blck). 5 Suon Drve. wn. dugher Oc 0 r nd rs Wler nsen (nee Ann Rebold ). 9 Cmpbell Ave.. Por onmouh, dugher. Oc. 0 Clfon Ave. Long Brnch, son. Oc.. r nd rs Kenneh Schwb (nee Brbr Jcob). 80 Bryn Ave. Ocen Townshp, son. Oc r nd rs Jmes Plumbo (nee Jns Benjmno). 70 Jckson S Long Brnch, dugher. Oc r nd rs Seve Becker. 523 Shrewsbury Ave. Ocenpor, dugher. Oc r nd rs John Jckson (nee LuLu uner). 29 Counry Rod. Clffwood. son. Oc 2 r nd rs Rober Bellno (nee Tor Thompson). 385 Ocen Blvd. Long Brnch, son. Oc 2 r nd rs Gene Vn Severen 9A ller, ghlnds, dugher. Oc 2 r nd rs. Pul Cole (nee Wendy Orno). 60 Brnchpor Ave. Long r nd rs. Br.urn bn (nee Lorrne Koler). 23 Normndy Cour. ddleown, son. Oc r nd rs Chrles Corsenno (nee Luclle Frm). 8 Brnch, son. Oc Revere Cour. zle. dugh er. Oc.. r nd rs Rchrd Vor- 2. Tnon Flls COP dem (nee Frnces Pen). 70 nrv Sundy Clffwood Ave. Clffwood r ^ / / Bech, son. Oc r nd rs Edwrd Lssk (nee Dorohy zze). 7 Sxh Ave. Nepune, son. Oc.. r nd rs. Gry mmell (nee re Crson). D3 Suon Drve. wn. son. Oc. r nd rs Ronld Rodrguez (nee Jcquelne Lerz). 80 Rvne Drve. wn. dugher. Oc. r nd rs Ronld Dwson (nee Theres Perry), 25 Fores Ave.. Kensburg. son. Oc.. ONOUT EDCAL LOOK Brnch r nd rs Lszlo sko (nee Crol Schofeld). 607 ccbe Ave. Brdley Bech, son. Oc 0 r nd rs Alfred Cohen (nee Sndr Ror). 22 By Ave.. ghlnds, son. Oc. 0. r. nd rs. George Commnder (nee Vrgn Bowe). 3 Byberry Lne. ddleown, dugher, Oc r nd rs Rober Soukup (nee Crolne Dege). 258 Open house omorrow AZLET - The zle Fre Compny s hosng n open house omorrow he fre house. 580 olmdel Rod, here, o cqun resdens wh he voluneer fre compny Among he rcons he open house wll be demonsrons of fre-fghng equpmen, free fre ruck rdes, refreshmens, poser cones wrds, frs d dsplys nd demonsrons, nd demonsrons nd sle of smoke deecors nd fre exngushers. embers of he compny encourge he publc'o end he open house, whch wll run from 0.m. o p.m., so hey cn lern how her fnncl suppor works nd why s neccessry o he compny. TNTON FALLS - The borough Republcn pry wll hold fundrsng cockl pry 3 p m Sundy he Rnney School gymnsum, off ope Rod Dgnres on hnd re expeced o be rs Rymond Bemn. wfe of he GOP's gubernorl cndde, vrous cnddes for counywde offce nd rs Ellen Brnn nd Wllm Brre, cnddes for Borough Councl, here crese he be on upper ncome xpyers nd ese he burden on mddle-ncome czens Specfc proposls, he sd, would w for he repor of commsson he pponed wh former se Tresurer Rch rd C Leone s chrmn Bu he governor sd he sll consders hs 97 proposl for grdued x res from 5-c-B percen o be fr x progrm e emphszed h he would no seek o rse more money from revsed ncome x. e sd. "When you sy lrger grdued x mos people hnk you're lkng bou more money beng rsed from he ncome x nd 'm no lkng bou h 'm lkng bou sofer mpc on mddle ncome people nd ny formul hey come up wh h would do h 'd suppor." On oher opcs. Byrne mde hese pons: -e would no fre or seek he resgnon of Rcng Commsson Chrmn Chrles Crell nd Loery Commsson Chrmn Reese Plley becuse hey hve busness neress n csno gmblng e sd he would supor legslon h would bn ll se employes from nvolvemen wh csnos bu would no "sngle ou" he wo members of hs dmnsron now nvolved Wh he sme resonng, he would no gve pledge o sy ou of csno nvolvemen hmself fer lev : ng offce bu he would suppor legslon o resrc ll ypes of busness cvy by former governors h could be consrued s n mproper use of former power e connued hs cks on Republcn cndde Rymond Bemn nd he G0P pln 0 xrf lhe ncome x nd replce wh budgery mnpulons, spendng cus nd ncresed revenue derved from helher se economy Byrne sd Bemn's pln cn' work more hn one ye.r mos nd hen would requre sles x ncrese h could double he presen 5 per cen levy or exend o food nd clohng wh lesser ncrese e sd he would connue deferred progrm o press muncples o provde her fr shres of housng for he poor, usng, mong oher ccs, hre o plce uncooroum's Why py hgh prces for WNDOW SADES!... when we crry full ln of shdes n sock. ol orders redy n O hour. os n sock up o 72 nches wde. Sold colors, scllop nd loop, scllop nd frnge, rpos, boud, more. AS ' LOW AS 980N YOUR ROLLERS 32 BROAD ST. RED BANK perve communes he boom of prory lss for unreled se d. such s sewer grns e dded, however, h he wns se housng pln h wll plce more emphss on renovng nd consrucng housng hn one he rejeced le ls yer e promsed o mnn src se proecon for he Pnelnds regon whle no foreclosng ll developmen A ppelne o brng offshore ol o refneres n he Phldelph re could be bul l were "crefully roued" no o hreen he underground wer reserves of he regon, he sd Alhough hs crcs hve mnned h Byrne fough offshore ol developmen unl sudden reversl ls yer, he governor sd he cully by nssng on creful envronmenl conrols for drllng. Once he ws ssfed h he se would be proeced, he sd, he fvored ol projecs. -e opposed he Publc Servce Elecrc & Gs Co. pln o buld wo flong nucler power plns nd nv oher plns for nucler recors, syng he se cn mee s needs for elecrcy for noher 20 yers. Severl mes durng he nervew, Byrne refused o nswer quesons bou wh he mgh do fer levng offce nd repeed h he expecs o be reeleced. lhough ndependen polls showed hm rlng Bemn by 7 o! percenge pons. " relly hven' looked hs cmpgn s one 'm gong o lose nd hven' bohered o hnk wh's gong o hppen f lose," he sd " hnk 'm gong o wn nd be round for noher four yers" When Byrne nnounced hs cnddcy for reelecon he sd he perhps dd no hve he del personly o be polcn. Eleced four yers go s non-polcn, he hd dffculy wh he legslure nd wh leders of hs prv. TE FRANKLN STOW BY U. S. STOVE CO. Auxnc weodbumln nole b uud or orm. beuy nd W STOW 30" STOVE ONOUT BULDNG CENTER JTTWKWSWf AV SWSW Unlke former Gov. Rchrd 've found hs wh lo of J ughes, "'m no n ougong, legslors h fer bck-slppng Dck whle hey develop respec ughes ype." he sd nd n denfcon nd even e ws sked how much h gve hm problems. Reflecng. Byrne sd he hough ook hm more me o wn confdence nd respec from polcns " hnk wh hppens here n ffecon for you Becuse you spend more me wh hem. 's no - he frs mpresson mke s no. 'Gee, hs s he knd of guy 'd lke o s nd drnk wh ll ngh." Bu hnk fer s h people sr off by syng.. h he's loof nd so forh." Byrne sd. "Bu hnk h fer whle - nd whle lo of he people n h legslure hve come o respec me. nd even lke me lle b." DO YOU AVE BOAT PROBLES? FULL FBERGLASS o»v. WOOD WORKNG REPARS CUSTO BOAT REPARS Red W or h our Shop FCOCAO~ n SOfAQ# TAfu ull Compounded nd Wd rdwr Rub Rls nslled ADE-TO-ORDER WOOD AD0C DOO RALS WW ATFO OW WlT TOC mon www rrc. ORBOAT, NC. K-O Tl l»-o»o curr mokso O 37 Cnor Av. Alnc ghlnd Tke he money nd one. UCTC prccl lons come wh prccl gfs. Now you cn borrow he money you need for whever you need nd choose one of hese gre gfs free from Uned Counes Trus Compny. Th's rgh. When you ge UCTC prccl lon of $2,500 or more you ge one of hese vluble gfs free. Your only problem wll be decdng whch of hese empng gfs s rgh for you. The ghwy Emergency K conns everyhng you could possbly need n cse of emergency. The Sdum K comes pcked n smr leher-lke vnyl bg nd conns blnke, hermos, umbrell nd rnco everyhng you need o ge you hrough he gme. Or you cn choose one of fve scrumpous-gourme gf pckges ech one wh rel vlue of more hn S8.00. So f you're n he mrke for home mprovemen lon, n uo lon, New Jersey Smll Busness Lon, secondry morgge or personl lon for some specl need, be prccl. Vs he UCTC offce neres you nd lk o one of our lon offcers. e'll see o your lon s processed mmedely. And hen you cn ke he money nd one of he gre gfs you see here bsoluely free. 'Offer Expres November 30,977. j) Uned Counes Ths Compny The prccl bnk for ll your bnkng needs. Servng you loclly n Bellord, Chpel ll, Eonown, Kensburg, Llncrol, lddleown, Okhurs, Por onmouh EBER FDC

9 SREWSBURY, N. J. FRDAY. OCTOBER.^77 T n P>j j Rl flll 9 CONFD FUY SATURDAY :3 A nl :3 l Rolynn, Jmmy nd ju pln good ole Georg folk Penu people gn\ cpure Wshngon By JURATK KAZCKAS Anccd Pr Wrer WASNGTON - Presden Crer hrew brbecue pry on he Whe ouse lwn ls ngh (or 500 Georgns whom he clled "my closes frends n ll he world The occson ws reunon (or he "Penu Brgde," he voluneers who fnned ou hroughou he prmry ses ls yer o ge her mn eleced o he presdency. " lwys knew we'd be here on he Souh Lwn of he Whe ouse eng boled penus nd brbecued chcken," sd xne Reese of Plns, G. s Olver Wlson of Sndersvlle, G., shoued, "Georg hs ken over!" n senmenl speech. Crer sd, "One of he chllenges of he presdency s o sy n ouch wh he peoplewxng bblcl, he sd. "When ws unknown nd lonesome nd hd no money o py for hoel expenses rs. Kelly: Won' ke cevlly se DDLKTOWN - Even f Rober J cevlly. Republ cn cndde for Townshp Commee, resgns hs se on he ousng Auhory s he hs offered o do. wll no be cceped by rs elen Kelly When rs. Kelly ws oused wo weeks go from he se she hs held snce he uhory ws formed. r cevlly old Com mleemn Rober J. Ecker. pn of he Democrc mjory whch replced rs. KeUy wh rs Gyle Rchrdson, h he would resgn hs uhory se f rs Kelly were pponed o replce hm. r. Ecker greed, bu no con hs been ken. rs. Kelly wll nob be pry o ny such del, however. n semen relesed o he press she sd: " hve red where r cevlly offers o sep down from hs poson on he uhory nd hs offered o gve hs se o me don' wn our senors o py for he rresponsble cs of he Democrs by losng such cpble mn s r cevlly refuse o ccep hs offer" rs. Kelly ws oused from her se whou pror nofcon by he Democrs nd n fc "o hs very de hey hve dded nsul o my njury by never concng me offclly or unoffclly of her decson " sred he ble for our senors nd wged he wr All ge now for h effor s remen lke second clss czen. hve fough long nd hrd for our senors nd ll mes hve bled o keep uhory busness bove he level of polcs Ths s he hnks ge for beng fr." rs. Kelly declred Three fce chrges n wo communes TNTON FALLS - Two men nd juvenle were urned over o owell Townshp polce yeserdy followng her rres by borough polce on chrges hey sole 700 worh of offce mchnes. Polce here repored h Rymond chell. 20. of 780 Food smp rghs los by sore ROBBNSVLLE - Angelo's Grocery Sore, Souh Sree Freehold hs been dsqulfed from he Federl Food Smp Progrm for volons, he U.S. Deprmen of Agrculure nnounced ody. The sore, owned by Angelo Ayl, ws chrged wh sell- ng nelgble non-food ems ncludng cgrees, pper producs, records, cookng uensls, groomng ds, nd vrous oher household clenng ems. e ws lso chrged wh reurnng csh s chnge n food coupon rnscons. The owner my pply for rensemen of he sore n he Food Smp Progrm o ke effec or fer Sepember 22,978, he end of he dsqulfcon perod. Bu unl he sore s rensed, he mrke my no ccep food coupons. Rver Rod, Lkewood, Dvd rsh, 8, of Rod nd Gun Club Rod, here, nd 7-yer-old borough youh were rresed 2:30.m. yeserdy s hey s n prked cr ner Fry's Grvel P, off Wes Prk Ave. here. The ro were chrged wh possesson of n B elecrc ypewrer nd n elecrc ddng mchne h hd been repored solen erler h dy from Jonhn Green nd Sons, owell Townshp. Sg. Wyne Whe nd Prolmn elvn ckeller who re nvesgng he hef esmed he mchnes' vlue s 700 owell Townshp polce could provde no nformon bou he ro ls ngh. SAVE UP TO L\0/ OU/O you ook me n." e drew lugher from he crowd when he sd, " never (eel lone. When cheve success, 's you. When mke mskes, 's you." Crer, werng pld flnnel shr, suede jcke nd corduroy slcks, posed for hundreds of cmers. As s hs cusom, he kssed nd hugged he women, remrkng. " wsh could do hs every ngh." Anoher Georgn geng s much enon from he crowd ws Ber Lnce, who sd fel "gre" o be bck n he Whe ouse where he ws spendng he ngh n he Lncoln Room The former budge drecor sd he ws busy reurnng elephone clls, nswerng ml nd helpng n he rnson he Offce or ngemen nd Budge Asked f he hd plns o run for polcl offce. Lnce repled, "We hve syng n Georg you sophsced Wshngonns probbly wouldn' undersnd. 'm runnng for he couny lne." Wh wfe Roslynn on hs rm. he Presden sd. "Ths s ngh o look forwrd" nd dded, "'m no mkng ny nnouncemen on he fuure, bu don' hrow wy hose sucses" The crowd cheered nd lughed. Guess s pcnc bles decored wh pumpkns, sqush, ndn corn nd cndles. They e chcken, drnk beer nd wne nd lsened o selecons from he muscl. "Your Arms Too Shor o Box wh God " ws chlly ngh wh emperures n he 50s. Some guess wore fur cos nd sk prks. Polce seek TNTON FALLS - Polce here re serchng for he drver of blue or green older model Ford who llegedly sped wy from he nersecon of Asbury Ave. nd Greengrove Rod Wednesdy fer hs cr sruck noher drven by Nepune mn. Polce sd h he cr drven by Lrry Schuser of Egh Sherwood Drve, Nepune, veered off he rod nd no he prkng lo of Joe Green's Gs Son he nersecon, fer beng sruck by he Ford. Polce repored h hey were gven "GDU" s he prl se lcense ple number for he Ford. Sg. Wyne Whe s he nvesgng offcer. N OE EATO COSTS Beer njben's TE FREPLACE f L. STOVE lluf b LTED TE V ONLY! '299 Ths unque combnon wood sove nd freplce cover pnel nslls n mnues whou msonry lerons, burns sesoned wood hroughou he ngh, wll hel your home nd cook your mels. Also gre or cmps, cbns. sk-lodges nd s n emergency un n cse ol power flures. Gve your mlly wrm & cozy wner whle you sve money on your fuel blls PUNT PLUBNG & EATNG 2 ST ST. FARNGDALE LUBER SPECALS STUD GRADE 2"K3"X7' ny uses SOP PLYWOOD 'xs'kv" ny uses Plywood no s New Jersey 2"x"x8' ECOGRADE 89 2"x"x6 50 2"x3"x6' 9 2"x3"x8' 99 " " 8' 59 "x2"x8 w 32 ALUNU JALOUSE BASEENT WNDOWS l»"«uv" FAOUS ANUFACTURERS WTE OR BLACK ROOFNG SNGLES sen Selng Q9 %0 ll SURFACE OUNT EDCNE CABNET CROE FRAE TE COODORE BAT VANTY WT ARBLE TOP 7"«" Culured mrble op wh whle fd gold velng FAUCET OT NCLUOCD J PRE- FNSED BOSTON ROCKER 2" hgh ndsome ddon o your home low, low prce REG " 'X8 f WALL PANEUNG 'x8' WALL PANELS.LOA " OUAOC UNDER COURSE NTEROR EXTEROR CEDAR SAKES TWN ANDLE LAVATORY FAUCET Beuful nd nlwb Glsenng chrome h Blu«-wh(») cryslml hnd J FLOTEC DRLL PUP Openn on ny Vb oclnc drll Sf-pnmes Drll nd ubng no ncluded PREFNSED COCKTAL TABLE Wlnu fnsh Accessores shown no ncluded READY TO ASSEBLE REC " 8 Jf90" WOO PANELS "T'CA WTE POLY FOA r< LAV- CELNG TLES WALL PANEL 5" WTE ALUNU GUTTER SYSTES Never needs pnng 0 FOOT O. UTTER SECTON AR CONDTONER COVER Cover m md ol hevy 0u0 "wncrzd" pllc. " WART CAR SULATED BRCK mr PREN, ENTERTANENT CENTER E Wlnu fnsh 9 25VVx8»5 Accessores shown no ncluded WVTDUWU REO ARDWARE & ATOOTVE f~v EAVY DUTV CAR RAPS W SDE BRACES One-pec hevy ouge e«l consrucon. Slp mnun ncln wh posve»l»«wop9". AZLET: FAOUS LEE OL FLTERS LF or mo Ford nd Chrysler producs: Toyo Crown " USKY f 9 PC. SOCKET SET Sx '/< Drve 6 p Sockes. Seven drve 2 P. Sockes; nd more. TWO SPEED JG SAW gh spwd (or wood nd composons, ow speed for mkng bevel nd compound mre cus. ""2 W ROUTE 35 AND POOLE AVE PERGAENT ANT-FREEZE PERANENT TYPE Equl n srengh o nonlly fmous brnds. TAY WOOD PANELS AGED WALNUT FNS TR "x3"x8" r Scn lumber szes f\ «; TE ALBU POTO FRAE 39. ELF-STCK RROR TLES. CLEAN-UP- COUPONS! PLASTC TRAS BAGS 25 PACK Of 0 PACK REGULAR PRCE AL-N FACTORY REBATE VOffl COST AFTER REATE $2.00 REFUND COUPON SPECAL OFFER Ju fld u h fom flo p '.o pc. ' SUN KKOll PL ASC TRAS BAGS»««[o»x) SW EAST BRUNSWCK CLE ALL. ROUTE S. E. RUNlCK. N J rwxr ro Of rs mur OKU mr f VC fufd ol? 00.l 0 fsscr PRODUCTS VSON b'wcn PO Bo. JfO D»( U A nj.zp Co< _ $2.00 REFUND COUPON SPECAL OFFER Ju) wnd u n ro pkxkd NdNon. pekkf. Ol BCSKR n-count LAWK j AD LEAF AOSelWONrCOO' nd > «WOj«'unO ol loo 0 SSRPfO DUCT! OVUeO BP Co -nc PO Bo. UN D.( S UonlgoTWr, A (D J nd 00 xhmf c _Z.pCod«_ \mmm

10 0 The Dly Regser SREWSBURY N J FRDAY OCTOBER 977 Power compnes defend nucler energy projecs JAESBURG (AP) - Top execuves l hree mjor uly compnes n New Jersey sked (or undersndng > yeserdy from opponens of nucler energy developmen Bu some people jus don' ke he me o ge he fcs, hey sd "People don' lke o beleve us becuse hey hnk we're self servng." sd Rober. Smh, bord chrmn of he Publc Servce Elecrc nd Gs Co. Sheprd Brnoff. presden of Jersey Cenrl Power Lgh Co.. sd opponens of nucler developmen ofen use "emoonlsm nsed of he fcs" o form her posons on fuure energy sources "'m no only prejudced n fvor of nucler energy, bu hnk 'm lso knowledgeble bou he lernves." Brnoff sd "The opponens sy hey jus don' wn o undersnd " John D Feehn. presden of Alnc Elecrc, joned Brnoff nd Smh n promong nucler developmen n wh hey descrbed s, "A Semnr for he Press " Wh color slde shows, college-ype lecures, nd deled repors pung pluonum n perspecve, op offcls from he hree ules bombrded med represenves wh enough sscs o ls semeser BeJr Lws begn n he fell Tm ngr»> Th mm \ cool Tn roos 0f Clunc 0 d>««p ffw om lofcs m ( lwn go looul now nd»ondf < > m rmm Kn, mong.., mj >l, «^ SgnnQ «Sc un,0m DlW «w Te. fely Bh«Grss The forum ws he Forsge Counry Club n meeng room overlookng (he 8h green The compnes flew n speker from Texs, nd provded free lunch o bou 60 persons, bu offcls sd he esmed cos of bou persons, bu offcls sd he esmed cos of bou $3,000 won' be chrged o cusomers "Ths money comes from he sockholders nd no he cusomers s below lne expense." Brnoff sd n hs kckoff ddress, Smh sd proponens of lernve sources, cn propose "he smpler lfe" whou worryng bou mjor brekdown "f hey urn ou o be wrong nd he lghs go ou. he polcns, he news med nd he publc wll vse PSEG o nves n energy sources oher hn nucler power or col. "A hng looks gre unl you sudy he dels," sd Goleb who drecs he lrges fuson energy lborory n he Uned Ses New Jersey s no prculrly sued for developng energy from he sun. plns, ocen he, wnd, or he from he erh's crus, he sd E. Lnn Drper Jr, drecor of he nucler recor lborory he Unversy of Texs, sd nucler recors re he "sfes" of ll energy sources. Snce 957. he 67 operng nucler plns n he Uned Ses hve no been nvolved n sngle rdon ccden. Drper sd e sd nucler plns provde bou 0 perjump ll over he ules fqr cej of he non's elecflng o pln for he fuure,^~"w< rdy. he sd By he urn of hs cenury, Dr elvn "Goleb, drecor however, here wll be n esmed of he Plsm Physcs Lborory Prnceon 'mversy, sd he wouldn' d- 500 nucler plns provdng percen of he non's elecrcy. EXPKlENTALS SECONDS LL fcnus OVbRUNS m SAT. 0 A-BOBS SOT Typ Vk» 6x9 Anque goulnd-oul 9. 6x9 Gcn grdn nd-ou 9. 9x2 Spnsh gold nd-ou 39. 9x2 Old BO nd-ou x2 Q(O lonm nd-ou 39. 2x2 Qrnnylgr : x66 Bck & red nvl gnu 89. 0x2 u grn npe nyl grn 59. 6x2 Rd nyl pern 59. 0x2 Blck & blu nyl gru 29. 8x2 QoUnylR/B x96 BluenylR/B 8. 6x6 Blue gf»en srpe nyl grss 29. 6x85 OrngnylR/B 9. 6x60 Green grss nyl x 8 Qrwn ones shg nyl 29 «. 2x5 Srpe gold comm 69 U. 62x ul bn shg ny 89 T. 0x2 Brn fblck nyl ws x.0 Gold nyl plush 69. 2x3 7 Gold poly nd-ou x2 Begenylsheg 99. 8x Godshgnyl x Bege shor shg nyl 99 TT. 2x99 Burgundy nyl splush ' Round Rus nyl splush 69. 2,x5 Gold nyl sculp 99. 8x2 Bege shg nyl 69. 2x36 Redvelwnyl 269, 06x09 Key lne plush nyl 99 l. 02x09 Army green nyl splush 32». 6x33 Rus & gok) shor shg ny 89. 9x2 Blue & gok) R/B nyl 99. 6x39 Ornge & brown ones nyl plush 39. 9x Bkeshgnyl 99. 7x9 Green & gold shor shg nyl 89. 8x22 Goldshgnyl 99 TT. x2 Auumn greens shor shg nyl 69. 9x2 Avocdo decron plush ^;v 9. ffhl D RWf QfWWD9fl 30 RENANT $ RUNNERS VALUES TO $ 20 EAC 00' EAC ncludl f r#<n»r» conrols md conrol pooucs W>«Up o 0OC n loo «v>g fs konl 000 w NUCLEAR ENERGY SENAR - Dr. elvn Goleb, lef, of Prnceon Unversy, lks wh Edwy R. Johnson, presden of E.R. Johnson Assoces, nc., nucler consulng frm, cener; nd Rober. Smh, chrmn of Publc Servce Elecrc nd Gs Co., rgh. All were spekers semnr for he press on nucler energy developmen. Nsf# > ^$#^+r«0+0 & on ll hngs "Pumpkns "PUPKNS" PUPKNS!! from 2 lbs. o 200 lbs. 00 s o choose from Wner Pooes 50 lbs. U.S. No. 2.9 USCES Open 7 Dys wy 36 ATUNTC GLANDS ATLANTC GLANDS - Democrc Assembly cndde Peer E Donoghue ody ccused John Dwes. one of hs Republcn opponens, of "ryng o be ll hngs o ll people he expense of sensble xon nd spendng progrm." Donoghue, Borough Councl presden here nd he Democrc nomnee n onmouh Couny's h Legslve Dsrc, sd Dwes hs "hopelessly conrdced hmself." The Democrc cndde sd he preferred, "he only relly fr nd equble wy o rse he money we need grdued ncome x. Anyhng else hreens o nfle propery xes sll furher, nd we hve o vod h ll coss." ' ' N ' CABN CRAFT'S LUXUROUS NYLON PLUS SAVE 0% 6 95 ARSTRONG SORT SAG NYLON-PLUS SAVE $ $ 6" F YOU'VE GOT ONE Of TESE, T'S FOOTBALL ASON. F YOU DON'T, T'S RAKE SEASON. A] Scupper mowers mee! ANS uley specfcon! TE SNAPPER "G VACUU" RDNG OWER. vcuums up leves, pne cones nd oher lgh ler nd crs off o your compos hep. Wh oponl Bg-N-Wgon h collecs bg 30 bushels before you sop o empy. See your Snpper deler for free demonsron. And ge bck o he gme. TE SNAPPERZER. Ths smply-nslled chmen o he Snpper V-Seres ower ges you ou of he yrd nd bck on he ffy-yrd lne. pulverzes leves nd urns lwn ler no fne mulch. See your Snpper deler for free demonsron. QEE BEE LAWNOWER SERVCE, NC. «J. T ) OWER EDC, NC. SALES SERVCE noun ATAWA..J 777 ERBTT LAWNOWER m CAC mt RD. N J 7T W.. POTTER SON, NC. BU.AD KP Dsrbuor! 5-S00 ONOUT OWER8, NC. WOW»T OOUTOW«.«J "< non GULSTAN VERY EAVY PLUS TREVRA STAR POLY SAVE $ 3 00 $095 RUG CTY 83 WY #35 DDLETOWN, NJ LE NORT OF SEARS CANNEL SERVNG N.J. OVER 50 YEARS DVSON Of AA-EERSO (0. EXPERENTAL^ SECONDS LL ENDS OVERRUNS -

11 Snuffy Smh FXN TO DOT V0fS,JU6AD-EPTy WORE POCKETS AN'GVE E VORE BRTCES VOU ~"FLAS- AT FLASLST/ U3rs AR FOR? ry Worh ALTN6(.y BUT ALOST COWUSVELY, KAREN TELLS SKW WAT RESULTED FRO TE LAKESDE RENDEZVOUS WV DPN'T XX R TE WONG AN? TAT WOUP JUST AVE BEEN ONE ORE STAKE.' E. LKE (E, WAS TOO >OUNG TO BE A PARENT.' ' WAJTN6 TO EAR YEA,BUT OW OFTEN DO PEOPLE DE UNDER COVERS? WEEL CAR CLOSER, KAREN' 50 CAN GET TO «Y CAR.' Denns he ence ' e v O GAVE E TS PRZE FOR SEN'TE FRST ONE TO LEAVE...AD TEN SO/EO E OUT TE The Fmly Crcus Bv Bl kene Y.NJ FRDAY.OCTOBERu. 977 TheDkfyReger Crossword puzzle ACROSS Undrsped 5 Affved 9 Somehng frl 3 Word of regre Kel, for one 5 Snger Pul 6 Fry le chrcer 9 Elec. un 20 Wes nd urry 2 Sch.subj. 22 Encrcle 23 Rsl 25 - publc 28 n good helh 29 Guevr D, n Spn 33 Pcfc re 3 edow 36 Gullver cpors 39 Orenl money 0 Fuure reveler Address o kng 2 Tble scrp 3 ss Lmrr Frend of Ahos 6 Towel word 7 Prs 8 Shore brd SO unchhusen ws one Yeserdy's Puzzle Solved R C A ( X u A s 5 K c J ~ u! A U w L> fhll " & [R R A 7 TB Y T VTT N f V 7 7 T m s f A 7 Y (JJA N AJl u F > w m J T A [ X A A A "R /". K 7 r 5 -Almos 5 Boy on rf 58 Slng word 59 Dd lorng job 60 s. 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Te K6W6TAPEK SAY'S A TERRORST &RPUP l& 0lX>lg<=» V A KK TE NO, 0 AR, OU KNOW A DY, AUW XAN» «WUB6 E FASW TT O OAN - ONASSS'S JOB AT VK6 A LOT OF TrlAT JESTER/ r ' YES LATBUY ( - BUT xer sonbs A lllsually PUS SAY mt/rume BOOK COPANY PKBABV f ANS ve SA N eeece! \ SUO0EN AKBVON TO BUY T! "ere, Dddy. 's your cke for dnner." requres physcl effor beyond Tors close o home where surely mke gns socl- wh s your dly soclmers re conly. Know your mbbng hb o pu forh. cerned. Don' emp o lmons. wn over one who s dsneresed GEN (y 2June n he process. 20) Welcome ny who SATURDAY, OCTOBER AQUARUS (Jn. 20-Feb. demonsre wllngness 5 6) ornng s he me o help wh he presen home LBRA (Sep. 23-Oc. 22) for fmly effor. Try o projec. Drec your The presen suon on rouse sleepyheds erly enon owrd he he home fron my keep you from mkng he mos of n opporuny o mprove your own poson. enough o ke dvnge of her know-how before noon. PSCES (Feb. 9-rch young. CANCER (June 2-July 22) - s mpossble o be boh mundne nd specl SCORPO (Oc.23-Nov. 20) Tke cre h he sme me. Choose 2) Conemporres look o you' for dvce nd suppor.don' preend o know more hn you do - bu don' be overly modes eher. SAGTTARUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 2) Gude young people long phs h cn brng hem o beer knowledge of hemselves endency o beleve everyhng you her does no led you no n unnecessry perod of pnc. ARES (rch 2-AprU 9) lsen o gossp f you wsh - bu don' spred wh you her. Ths s good me for consderng your nex move regrdng your creer. he nche you wsh o fll nd hen fll -nd only. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Fmly need my necesse your ernng somehng exr hs me. You cn wn ou gns n old dversry evenng. VRGO (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) An emergency suon sks more of you n he nd he work hey re TAURUS(Aprl 20-y wv of physcl nd menl cpble of. CAPRCORN (Dec ) - Go bou he busness of meeng new people lerness hn you re used o. Succeed hrough Jn. 9) Keep your ef- cfully nd you wll he force of wll. Your horoscope, brhdy FRDAY, OCTOBER - Born ody, you possess quck nd eger mnd, whch s n sse n whever you underke. s one hng o be good wh you do - whch you re - bu s n ousndng hng o be boh good nd enhussc. Whever s requred of you o succeed ny projec, you cn mnge o lern quckly. Wh cnno be lerned, however, s he nensy of neres n he nvolvemen - somehng you hve by nure. Your menl cvy does no necessrly mrror your physcl cvy. my be que he oppose, for here re sgns h you my be physclly ly. You re no quck o become nvolved n spors. You do no wlk when you cn rde. You would rher no prcpe ll f Shenwold's brdge dvce By Alfred Shenwold Forcng declrer o ruff s usully sound defense. The de s o shoren hs rumps nd cuse hm o lose conrol of he hnd. Somemes, however, declrer wns o ruff s ofen s possble; nd forcng hm o ruff n such hnds s lke hrowng Brer Rbb n he brer-pch. Es ook he op clubs nd led hrd club o mke Souh ruff. All very resonble, bu gve Souh he conrc. Declrer, onrel exper Rober Lev, led rump o he ce nd sw he dnger when he kng dropped. e cshed he ce of spdes, ruff) spde, ook he op dmonds, ruffed dmond n dummy ARE YOU NTERE5TEP N AVNG E TELL W SOETNG FOR JTOUROWN 600P? nd ruffed noher spde. By hs me Soulh ws.down o one dmond nd wo rumps, whle Wes hd hree rumps. Soulh led he dmond, forcng Wes o ruff. The rump reurn gve Souh he ls wo rcks nd hs conrc. ARD TO BLAE 's hrd o blme Es for ledng club he hrd rck, bu noe he dfference f he swches o dmond. Souh mus follow he sme lne of ply, wndng up wh dmond nd hree nsed of only wo rumps. Wes would hve hree rumps nd eher spde or club. Soulh leds hs dmond nd Wes ruffs. Now Wes ges oul sfelv wh hs spde or club nd ws for noher rump rck o defe he conrc. DALY QUESTON As deler, you hold: K : K ; A K963. Wh do you sy? ANSWER: Bd one club. Yuu would prefer o hve low sngleon n hers nd K-x-x n dmonds snce he sngleon kng loses some of s vlue, bu he hnd s worh bd s snds. (A POCKET GUDE TO BRDGE wren by Alfred Shenwold s vlble. Ge your copy by sendng $.25 o he Red Bnk Regser. P.O. Box 000. Los Angeles, Clf ) UJELL, F T LULL ELP VOU TO AKE UP VOUR ND... Es deler Es-Wes vulnerble NORT A Q <?A WEST J 5 7J932 0 Q 0 8 J05 SOUT None <?Q A K J 9 3 Q EAST K863 <?K 0762 AK963 Es Slk Wes Norh Pss 7 Pss Pss l' Pss 3 Pss 0 Pss "? All Pss Openng led J The Phnom W/'A (CK...^ r J AN RON f//»9 F LKE A V EDEVAL 7 TORTURE( j C^AflB R^j w Beele Bley WAT ARE YOU 60N6 TO PO WEN YOU6ETOUT OF TE ARY? Y LFE TO COPOSNG A FORTUNE COOKE ASTERPECE TAT WLL AKE E TE TOAST OF TAWAN LTERARY CRCLES d 3 W PEOPLE WONT TAKE k ( V PON'T KNOW" 'J FOR AN AN6WER / V- / ^ \ J^J- fv ^ v^ n /'

12 2 The Dy Regeler SREWSBURY FROAY. OCTOBER. 977 BE CONFDENT-SOP LAST DANCE Long me guess of he rlborough-blenhelm oel dnce n he hoel's bllroom n Alrflc Cy, le ls ngh, s pr of noslgc "Au Revor" weekend ls goodbye o n old frend. The old hoel, whch hs grced he Bordwlk for 76 yers, wll close forever on Oc. 25. vcm of he comng csno er here. Blly nufcurng Corp., he slo mchne mker, wll soon begn mssve renovons o urn he hoel no gn gmblng plce....nd hey ll grew old wh he hoel By PETER ATTACE Assoced P m s Wrer ATLANTC CTY - They grew old wh he rlborough-blenhem oel Now s loyl guess hve come home o bd frewell "'s been glorous nd beuful plce 'm sd becuse 's closng." sd Jenne Brownlee of Wshngon weekend, he "home of he newlywed nd nerly ded" clled brk s old frends for ' one ls drnk, dnner nd dnce Jenne crownlee hs been comng here for 65 of her 82 yers er husbnd. erber, proposed o her on he sun porch Sep. 99 Where else " she sd The Brownlees reurned for DC. "Bu ongh, 's elegnce Look round, where nd hve ever snce They l- her honeymoon h wner cn you see. elegnce lke wys sk for room endng hs?" wh "65 ' Only hose rooms The old hoel, whch hs hve fve wndows overlookng he ocen. grced he Bordwlk for 76 rs yers, wll close Oe 25. he Brownlee explned vcm of he comng csno "The rlborough-blenhem er here Blly nufcurng s lke n oss n Corp. he slo mchne mker, wll soon begn mssve renovons o urn he hoel no gn gmblng plce. Bu ls ngh, s pr of he noslgc "Au Revor" deser." sd Joseph orns of Rsng Sun. d "One me cme here for sx weeks nd never wen ousde 's lke beng on cruse shp whou movng " s wfe. Emlv, shook her Sy se unemploymen showed Augus declne NEW YORK (AP) - n wh he Deprmen of Lbor Sscs clled relve mprovemen over he ps yer, he New York-New Jersey over-ll unemploymen re dropped from 8.8 per cen n July o 8 per cen n Augus Th ws he lowes jobless re n 977 n he 8-couny re, he 0. per cen gn represens more workers employed compred o he 0.5 per cen jobless re n Au-' gus 976 Even so. here ws wde vron n he ncdence ol unemploymen n he sx meropoln-re regons whch he deprmen uses s he New York-New Jersey bse n New Jersey, relvely low joblessness re of 77 per cen ws recorded n Perh Amboy. nd 79 per cen re n Newrk Bu he re's over-ll re of unemploymen sll rn consderbly hed of he res of he non 23 5 per cen more hn he counrv s whole wh New York Cy's re 32 per cen hgher n Augus 976. he re's jobless re ws 38 2 per cen hgher hn h for he enre non, nd New York Cy's re ws 7 per cen hgher hn he nonl fgure Shrewsbury Twp. Englshown due for se d TRENTON - Shrewsbury Townshp nd Englshown wll receve ol of $3.0 n ddonl se d o help hem mnn deque muncpl servces under bll sgned no lw by Gov Brendn T Byrne Under he mesure. Shrewsbury Townshp wll receve S8.0O n d nd Enghshown wll ge 3,600 An erler verson of he bll ws lne-em veoed by Gov Byrne from he supplemenl pproprons bll ls yer subsequenly ws mended o mee wh!he governor's ssfcon hed " jus cll home." she sd "Bu. oh. here'll be slo mchnes- everywhere nd won' be lke used o be" Elsewhere n he huge lobby wh hgh celngs nd sof yellow lghs, he rlborough-blenhem Tro - pns, volns nd cells plyed "'m n The ood ' For Love " "Ths hoel hs personly." orrs sd "You feel home The lobby here s he envy of everyone. The secre of hs plce s he lobby" embers of he Whe fmly Josh. Fsher nd Krby mngled wh her guess, cllng mos of her frs nmes, nd cugh up on news of grddugher's grduon or broher's operon. Josh's grndfher. Jossh Whe. opened hs frs hoel here n 887. e bul he wooden rlborough Bordwlk nd Prk Plce n 90 n 906. he hred Thoms A. Edson o use new buldng mehod, renforced concree, o buld he lrger Blenhem cross he sree e joned he hoels wh n enclosed pedesrn brdge he nex seson The hoels look lke gn sndcsles o pssng shps For mny yers, genlemen were requred o wer uxedos n he lobby fer ( p Bu he dress code hs snce been relxed nd genlemen now mus wer jcke nd e Blly sys wll pour more hn 75 mllon no he new complex owever, s fnl plns for he rlboro-blenhem nd he djcen Denns hoel re sll ncomplee. Some expers sy he hoels cnno be sved. A ls ngh's frewell, he guess knew hey would never feel he wooden floors under her fee or her volns nd cellos n he lobby "Everyhng comes o n end nd, our ge, mybe we should come o n end," rs. Brownlee sd. "'m gong o go home o Wshngon on ondy nd 'm gong o weep" Ge srgh f C verge or no dplom for you NEWTON. N.C. (AP) - Fed up wh poor performnce from hgh school grdues, offcls n he Newon-Conover school sysem hve mde srgh C- verge he mnmum requremen for dplom, begnnng wh he clss of 980 Sudens whose grdes fll below h verge - even hose wh ll C's excep for one D - wll ge cerfces ndcng hey compleed fouryers of hgh school courses bu fled o ern dploms "We herd grpes from employers who were hrng hgh school grdues who couldn' red or wre," sd Wllm Zmbum, chrmn of he Newon-Conover school bord We wn hs o hppen less frequenly nd one wy s hrough he sffer requremens." n mos schools, grde of D s consdered pssng nd s suffcen o mee mnmum dplom requremens Some nonl offcls nd locl echers dsgree wh he con don' hnk you cn scre sudens no dong beer," sd Frnces Quno of he Nonl Educon Assocon n Wshngon. "Ths mehod s oo smple soluon for somehng h s relly complex " Chrs Ppho of nonl group clled he Educon Commsson of he Ses sd he hd no herd of smlr requremen nd clled "rher sff." "n fc." he sd, " lo of colleges re bckng off from grde-pon requremens lke hs for grduon." Ls sprng. 22 of he 87 grdung senors loclly receved dploms even hough hey hd D verges " hnk ll he sudens wll buckle down nd mee he verge They're ll cernly cpble of," sd Jerome ngle, prncpl of Newon-Conver gh School. Bu some fculy members he school hve reservons bou he progrm, nd some feel sudens who ge cerfces wll be dsdvnge when hey go job hunng. Bology echer Wler Pyne sd he hs wo sudens n hs sophomore bology clss who red on hrd-grde levels. " don' see how hey wll be ble o mke C verge." he sd. "n fc. hnk here'll be number of sudens who won' be geng hgh school dploms becuse of hs new polcy " mmmm 2,000 CUSTO COLORS NTEROR LATEX FLAT OR SE-GLOSS Lookng for specl shde o mch your fvore upholsery or crpe? We cn mx hundreds of cusom colors for you o choose from They cn be mxed n fl lex or lex sem-gloss. OLORS CUSTO COLORS m REGULAR 5.95 PER GAL WATERPROOF WTE CEENT WALL PANT edy o use on neror or exeror surfces ATX FlA' GA LATEX FLAT CELNG WTE For wlls celngs WALLCOVERNG SUPERART NTEROR ACRYLC LATEX FLAT WTE COLORS For wlls & celngs Clen up jus use wrm, sopy wef REG fgal ACCENT COLORS -.9 OAL BASEENT «GARAGE LATX WALL PANT Whe & colors REG 5.99 lonos' Wll-lex FABRC BACKED VNYL WALL COVERNG] SAVE 60% TO 70% ON SECONDS Sold n double rolls only FRST QUALTY " E 0 U L " PRCES TO V 8,,NOU AT... W-TD WALL COVERNG -TO VASAL rt OUUTV OULAl.TOr.S PA ARKED f KCAL SELECTON AZLET: 'GALLON NTEROR LATEX SE-QLOSS WTE COLORS SubbWe fnsh lor kchen nd bhroom wds nd woodwork REG O QOAL. ACCENT COLORS NTEROR EXTEROR FLOOR PANT Bleshp Grey FRDAY & SAT. 9:30 A TL 9:30 P NTEROR STUCCO TEXTURE WTE Cree your own succo fnsh on wells nd celngs. des mperfecons, crcks nd sems Esy o pply REG 8.95 NTEROR ACRYLC LATEX FLAT WTE COLORS^ For wlls & celngs pply wh brush or roller Clen up wh wer Fs dryng nd chp ressn REG 0.95 NTEROR/EXTEROR FLOOR PANT OL BASE del lor concree floors Prevens dusng nd resssol nd grese Avlble n populr colors REG 3 3 NO-WAX VNYL LNOLEU Goes nywhere whou cemen Esy o mnn SELECTED PATTERNS 9' WDT 2'WDT. NTEROR ACRYLC LATEX FLAT WTE For wlls & celngs pply wh brush or roller Clen up wh wer Fs dryng nd chp ressn REG 9.95 f AL 99 SQUARE YARD 3.9 q»«caulkng GUN ALL PURPOSE-- >CAULK 50 YARDS ASKNG TAPE» ' wde FLOOR TLES FRST QUALTY 2x2 VNYL ASBESTOS PLAN BACK Choose from splr & pebble desgns ROUT 35 AND POOL! AV SELF STCK Choose from sper & pebble desgns &[ >edf! mfj >-.- \ 3 PANT US SET PolyW Sundy Pn^ 7" SZE NT ROLLER «TRAV SET Armsrong CARPET SQUARES FRST QUALTY FOA BACK SELF STCK 2x2 CARPET TLE Decoror sold colors 39 NO WAX SELF STCK 2x2 FRST QUALTY VNYL ASBESTOS (Armsrong SOLARA ARVEST OESfON AST BRUNSWCK UCL ALL, ROUT,. WKK, NJ. (XT TO LOW TAT) ONnmrr

13 ndn me n Red Bnk \ school room RED BANK - s ndn me he borough's echnc Sree School hnks o he nvolvemen of he school's Pren Commee, whch provdes supplemenl educonl merls (or he sudens. n hs cse n empy clssroom hs been urned no lrge-scle dsply of he lore of he Norh Amercn ndn s pr of ffh-grde socl sudes progrm A op n he epee re, lef o rgh, Cludee Perry, nd chel Lomzzo, boh 0. nd sx-yer-old Shel Rmos, dugher of rs rre Rmos, chrmn of he progrm nd echer n he school sysem. A rgh s noher dugh-, er of rs. Rmos. Vrgn, 0, ffh-grde suden. She holds dred beef, symbolzng he me whch ws een he frs Thnksgvng nsed ul he rdonl urkey By DAVD SLVKBKR( Ad BARBARA KATELL FREEOLD - The Couny Prosecuor's Offce s sll nvesgng lleged mproprees by Thddeus J Scks, nlpn buldng nspecor. Yeserdy, n re newspper repored h he nvesgon of r. scks hd been closed. Bu Clnon Cronln, cng couny prose- _ Couny s sll nvesgng nlpn buldng offcl cuor, sd he repor semmed from confused drecves by Jmes. Colemn Jr., he couny's former prosecuor. "Apprenly Colemn n he hecc ls dys of hs erm s prosecuor forgo h he hd uhorzed he couny deecves o conduc n nvesgon h hd been referred o he offce by he se Aorney Generl's Offce," r Cronn explned yeserdy. The sequence of evens sred wh n Aprl repor by Kenneh rn, he nlpn consrucon code nspecor, who ws ordered by yor Rodmn Kober o conduc n nqury. s compleed repor ws sen o he se Aorney Generl's Offce, whch hen forwrded o he couny prosecuor. When ws receved n Augus by hen Acng Prosecuor Dpnld W. Pepper, he nofed Cpn Andrew nnng, chef of couny deecves. Cpn nnng ssgned he cse o Deecve Alber Wuesefeld. When John Kye, r. sck's orney, wroe o he prosecuor n Augus o deermne he sus ol he nvesgon, r. Colemn pprenly sen memo o John T ullney Jr.. frs sssn prosecuor, ellng hm o reply h he fle on r rn's llegons ws beng closed snce he compln hd been found groundless r. ullney sen such leer o r Kye Tuesdy "r. ullney hd no de he couny deecves were sll conducng n cve nvesgon of r scks." r. Cron sd. "Th nvsglonns beng pursued n he norml course of busness." r. Wuesefeld, he couny deecve conducng he sllopen nvesgon, hnd delvered n explnory leer o r. Kye yeserdy. n hs repor. r. rn mnned h r. scks hd negleced hs dues nd flsely repored hem s compleed. r. rn sd r. scks dd no perform w r > mm BOOKS DONATED Zee Jy Cooper, rgh, of Cols Neck, presden of he Nonl Councl of Jewsh Women, Greer Red Bnk chper, presens books from he chper o Chrloe Breu, lbrrn he Esern brnch of he onmouh Couny lbrry. scheduled nspecons, nd ws "very creless nd lx regrdng he supervson of consrucon Covered Brdge," new housng developmen. One llegon ws h r scks hd negleced o repor he lck of "fros foongs" n he pos Covered Brdge. These re concree moorngs exendng below he fros lne whch nchored pos despe chnges n emperure. Durng he ps severe wner les 00 pos crcked nd buckled. ws hs nd oher defecs n consrucon Covered Brdge h led o r. rn's nvesgon. The repor lso chrged conflcs of neres by r. scks, he ws lleged o hve busness delngs wh he conrcors whose work he nspeced. r. Colemn hd dreced r. ullney o close he nvesgon n he sme wy s "he Pk mer, reled nvesgpn," n reference o llegons gns yor Kober by Commeemn Seven Pk. r. Pk ws he commeemn pu n chrge of resdenl, commercl nd ndusrl consrucon durng 975 orgnzon of he ownshp commee. r. Pk ws srongly opposed o he pponmen of r. rn s consrucon code offcl. e hd proposed r. scks for he pos. e chrged r. rn, who supervses consrucon nspecon offcls, wh conflc of neres becuse of hs pror cvy n he consrucon busness. r. Pk, ccordng o one source, hd pproched he Aorney Generl's Offce The orney generl, ccordng o he sme source, dd no, however, nvesge r. Plk's chrges for lck of evdence. Cronn wns fundng whheld from CAP By BARBARA KATELL FREEOLD - Clnon Cronn, cng couny prosecuor, hs clled upon he federl governmen o whhold fund- ng for he onmouh Communy Acon Pgrogrm (CAP) "The ls 0 dys hve been n eye-opener o me nd o everyone n he couny," sd r. Cronn, who hs been n onmouh s cng prosecuor for only he ps monh. "Whever he crcs of CAP hve sd, hs no been enough. " l bou me he federl uhores dd somehng," r. Cronn connued. "Th federl offce n Wshngon (Communy Servces Admnsron) h sd would whhold money should The Dly Regser FRDAY, OCTOBER do wh sd woud do." r. Cronn sd, however, h hs offce lcks jursdcon nd probbly wll no nvesge ny ddonl llegons nvolvng he operons of he n-povery gency. r. Cronn noed h boh he se Aorney Generl's Offce nd he U.S. orney for New Jersey hve been nvesgn CAP's operons for he ps ly yers. " would be counerproducve for he couny prosecuor's offce o lso nvesge CAP excep n lmed res." r. Cronn sd. "'s no n our jursdcon." John T. ullney Jr.. frs sssn couny prosecuor, explned h CAP's sus s unusul. s prve corporon, regsered n New Jersey, h s funded by boh federl nd se sources. owever, he bulk of s money comes from federl grns. "CAP's sus n he ps creed jursdconl dspue, nd ws decded h s operons re federl problem," r. ullney sd. r. Cronn noed h hs offce hs nvesged only wo CAP mers snce he cme o he couny ls monh. The prosecuor hs looked no lleged rregulres n CAP's Sep elecon for communy represenves; nd he s currenly nvesgng ny possble volon of he se Open Publc eengs Ac (Sunshne Ac) rsng from elephone conference voe ken ls week mong some CAP bord members. r. Cronn expecs o decde by ondy wheher o ke CAP no cour for he lleged Sunshne.Ac volon Rumson councl pologzes bu sll dslkes exempon By JULE CDONNELL RUSON - Borough Councl ls ngh publcly pologzed o he fmly nd frends of he le Dr. Frnk Pgnro for ny "msnerpreon" concernng remrks mde by councl bou hs veerns dsbly x exempon. Bu, hey connued o mnn h "he lw s bd lw." The "lw" s se sue provdng h persons wh 00 per cen veerns dsbles re exemp from pyng locl propery xes. When Dr. Pgnro, resden here who ded severl monhs go, clmed propery OOLETOWN TOWNSP caon TRACT STATE OF NEW JERSEY DEPT. OF ENVRONENTAL PROTECTON WEEN ACRES PROGRA x refund bsed on hs 00 per cen clssfcon, severl councl members objeced, nd sd here should be some op lm o he moun of relef grned. The councl blked grnng he x refund reques from Dr. Pgnro's wdow, bsed on her reservons bou he lw, bu hen, ler meeng, greed o comply wh he lw nd voed he refund. n leer from Counclmn Chrles Perno,.D., o be sen o Dr. Pgnro's fmly. Dr. Pemo sd "s he opnon of he councl h enrely oo much enon hs been dreced o he personl specs of he problem. "A no me dd he councl nend o del n personles nd cernly hd no wsh o mpugn he repuon of Dr Pgnro or hs fmly." he leer reds. "s servce record nd professonl sndng n he communy re beyond reproch. f publcy led o hs unresonble nference hen he councl sncerely pologzes o ll concerned." Bu, he leer ses, he councl sll (eels he lw should be chnged. Dr. Pemo noes n hs leer h he lw kes wy he rgh of locl communes o deermne her own x srucure, nd does no besow benefs eqully o ll NEW PARK Aded by se grn under he Green Acres progrm, ddleown wll cqure hs rc n Es Kensburg for developmen s n cve nd pssve recreon re. veerns. "A veern wh 00 per cen dsbly ownng n expensve home s he recpen of much greer bonus hn one who hs n equl dsbly bu owns propery ssessed lower vlue," Dr. Perno sd. The councl hs receved severl leers n recen monhs from frends nd collegues of Dr. Plgnro, crczng he governng body for snglng ou he le docor councl meengs. Ls ngh, however, peon ws receved from rs. ldred E Knehl of Rdge Rod, sgned by 52 resdens, greeng wh he councl's snd gns he lw. "We do feel h dsbled veerns should be llowed percenge of her xes where hey cn show would be hrdshp for hem o py her full xes," rs. Knehl wroe, ddng h he peoners fel ws wrong for hose who re "fnnclly ble" o be grned n exempon. The peon wll be forwrded o he se legslure long wh leers from he counclmen urgng revson of he lw, he councl sd. ddleown ges fundng o buy lnd DDLETOWN - The ownshp wll receve 6,200 Green Acres grn from he se' Deprmen of Envronmenl Proecon for he cquson of he chon rc Alnc Ave. nd he Cenrl Rlrod of New Jersey rgh-of-wy n Es Kensburg. Announcemen of pprovl of he grn cme hrough he offces of Sen. Eugene J. Bedell nd Assemblymen Rchrd Vn Wgner nd Wllm E. Flynn, U D-2h Dsrc. The ownshp wll mch he grn o mke up he ol cquson cos of $232,00. Plns cll for developmen of he rc for boh cve nd pssve recreonl fcles. Pcnc res, bsebll dmonds, hndbll nd boccl cours, s well s prkng res nd lndscpe mprovemens, re scheduled. For unon goes no cour By J OSTROFF PLADELPA - Aorneys for F. onmouh. N.J., unon were o seek n njuncon n he Thrd Dsrc Cour of Appels ody gns mssve mnpower cubck he for, unon offcl sd yeserdy. erber Chn, presden of he Nonl Federon of Federl Employes, Locl 76, sd h chel Scholnd, Wes Long Brnch N.J., orney, would seek he njuncon on grounds h he cubcks could rreversbly ffec he workng lves of for employes. Abou 860 persons more hn 0 per cen of he for's work force would be ffeced by he cubcks. Specfclly, r. Chn sd he unon s skng he cour o hl wo plnned job cons. The frs s "reducon n force" he for's edqurers nsllon nd Suppor Agency (SA). Under hs pln. 5 persons of 995 employed by SA would be fred on Dec. 5. Anoher 202 employes would hve her job rngs downgrded severl pons, resulng n up o (.000--yer py cu. Eghy-egh SA workers would be ressgned o new jobs wh no resulng py cu. The second pln clls for he elmnon of he for's Elecroncs Commnd (ECO) whch would be replced by new orgnzon bsed n rylnd. ore hn 00 jobs would be elmned or rnsferred n hs move. n skng for he njuncon, r. Chn sd he unon's orneys wll conend he Army fled o consder he SA cubcks when drfng her Envronmenl mpc Semen (ES) on he ECO move. The SA job reducons were nnounced n rch, hree dys before he pln o phse ou ECO ws nnounced. r. Chn sd he njuncon ws vl o he unon's effors o hl he cubck nd preven people from levng SA jobs before he Dec. 5 mplemenon de. The unon leder sd hs njuncon reques s beng fled s holdng con unl FEDERATON NGT WANAASSA - The Junor Womn's Club of Asbury Prk wll hve s 50h Federon Ngh Nov. 0 8 p.m. n he clubhouse, 57 Wckpecko Drve. he Cour of Appels cn her n ppel of su lso med hlng boh mnpower cubcks. U.S. Dsrc Cour Judge Clrkson Fsher, sng n Trenon, N.J., hrew ou hs su hs summer, sng he Army dd no hve o ke he SA mnpower cubck no ccoun when formulng s plns for phsng ou ECO. n ody's ppel, r. Chn sd he unon would gn conend h job cubcks he for snce olng 9,000 jobs - hd cused mrked economc dmge o communes surroundng he for n New Jersey's onmouh Couny. r. Chn sd here re now 8,000 cvln nd,000 mlry employes workng he for. The mpendng cubcks ol bou 800 jobs.

14 Lfesyle The Drly Regrcr SREWSBUR> FRDAY OCTOBER. 977 'S Secrery snffs cuon By DR JOYCE BROTERS Der Dr. Brohers y grlfrend jus ook new job er boss s «very rch, no-oo-bd-look ng. mddle-ged mm Alhough he hs hree chldren nd wfe, he's ho o urn on my frend nd uses every mens he cn hnk of A frs she refused hs nvons o dnners nd pres, bu ls week, she cceped Afer dnner he offered her cocne nd my frend used She hd glowng repors e sd hs been scenfclly proved hrmless only hurs hs pockebook. he sd. The mn hsn' goen o her. bu hs drug relly dd 'm worred She's sd 's nonddcve nd h she knows wh she's dong -B.B Der B B shre your concern bou your frend. She's plyng wh fre nd s bound o be burned er boss s obvously kng dvnge of her nd once he res of hs gme, he'll hnk of some reson o ge rd of her n he menme, she my become psychologclly ddced o cocne Cocne s no hrmless drug Alhough he hzrds re sll uncler, we know sgnfcnly ncreses her re nd blood pressure Ths n self cn be dngerous, bu he grees dnger s he psychologcl dependence h develops wh ASK DR.' BROTERS so mny users provdes quck drug hgh, nd jus s wh ny oher mood-chngng drug, users urn o o escpe her problems The drug becomes cruch h lms he ndvduls' growh nd emoonl developmen. nsed of fcng problems, hey rech for he quck fx. doub h you'll be ble o proec your frend Ths my be somehng she'll hve o lve hrough nd lern he hrd wy LOW EXPECTATONS BREED DELNQUENCY Der Dr Brohers: hve 5-yer-old son who s nellgen, gfed nd srgh-a suden. Ls yer, we moved from he counry o he cy nd 'm frd he'll ge n wh bd lo n our neghborhood, mos of whom hve been rresed lredy for delnquency. We re proud blck fmly nd would brek our hers f we los our son now sy. los, becuse h's jus wh hppens once boy Jons gngs nd ges nvolved n crme. Blck youhs n our own don' gel second chnce. cn' fford o pu hm n dfferen school or o move. don' know wh o do o keep hm srong nd good. -S.W. Der S.W.: Ths s dffcul problem, bu your neres nd your on's bckground re gong o help hm sy ou of rouble. Don' hese o ry o enls he help of some of hs echers Ge o know hem nd le hem know h you cre bou he quly of your chld's educon. Become cve n pren-echer groups nd mke sure your vews re herd. Boys who ge no rouble wh he lw re mos ofen hose who feel h hey don' nd chnce of fnshng hgh school nd who expec o hold low-sus Jobs when hey're duls. Poor educonl expecons usully develop before chld ges n rouble wh h w Chldren who don' hnk hey cn ge hed n he norml wy. wh hgh school dplom nd good Job. urn o delnquency s subsue Your on s good suden nd probbly wll no develop hese fers. elp hm se hgh, bu relsc, gols. Buld hs self-eseem so h he hs he needed confdence nd courge o ress pressures from compnons Tequl spced chcken ARTS AND CRAFTS BAZAAR - ddleown Newcomers Club members prepre (or s hrd nnul Ars nd Crfs Bzr se for Nov. 5 :5.m. n Cobblesones, ddleown. Wh some of he crfed ems re, lef o rgh, rs. Cynh Wlker, membershp chrmn; rs. Jonno Rour, presden, nd rs. Judy Wolfe, co-chrmn of he even, whch lso offers luncheon for Newcomer members nd guess. rs. Crol Person, ddleown, s n chrge of reservons for he luncheon. ddleown Newcomers Club s open o ll resdens of ddleown who hve lved here wo yers or less. ngerl sklls s specfclly for NEW BRUNSWCK - "ngerl Sklls (or Women" s he objecve of hs yer's one-week resdenl semnrs sponsored by he Rugers Unversy nsue of ngemen nd Lbor Relons of he Unversy Exenson Dvson The frs of four sepre WEGT WATCERS OUSE! F YOU'RE NOT ALREADY A WEGT WATCERS EBER GET YOUR FRST "EOF OUR semnr weeks beng held he Se Unversy begns Sundy The ohers wll follow, begnnng nex Feb 2. Aprl 9 nd > 7 The progrm s dvded no wo phses, begnnng wh presemnr sesson ncludng redng ssgnmens nd projecs The week-long res- PROGRA AS OUR GUEST! BFSWRETE DOORS ARE OPBNG: EATONTOWN onmouh Shoppng Cener,N«w Jmy Room (Nl o Cllro Connrlbl) Surdy 0:00 A.. Ocober 5 Cl lo m ondys 7:30 P..»nd Wdndy«9:30 A.. 'For Regulr Cleeee ho 5 5S ^ SfUKL (oo) 22- WEGT WATCERS The Auhory semnr women denl semnr follows The semnrs re desgned specfclly for women snce women ody re fcng drmclly chngng roles embers of he fculy for he progrm re drwn from busness nd ndusry, s well s from Rugers. The week's evens wll encompss seres of meengs begnnng 8:30 m nd connung unl :30 p m. ech dy Evenng sessons nd ssgnmens wll lso be scheduled TheOO fee ncludes regsron, merls, mels nd lodgng.. Furher nformon nd regsron merl re vlble from Chrlne S Russo he Rugers Unversy ngemen Educon Deprmen. Clfon Ave. New Brunswck r By BARBARA GBBONS f you lke he se of exco, bu no he emperure, you mus ry ody's Slm Gourme chcken dshes, spcy bu no ho These esy oven-bked dshes hve ll he spces.nd sesonngs we enderongued Ynqus love, whou he ple-scorchng peppers Whou he excess clores, oo These recpes re srcly low-f, bu so flvorful h you'd never hnk o cll hem "de " ncdenlly, he lcohol n he equl evpores, long wh he clores Brvo. CCKEN TEQULA Sl'NRSE 2 pounds cu-up ryng chcken 2 onons, hnly slced hree-qurers cup ornge juce one-qurer cup equl clove grlc, mnced (or pnch of nsn)? espoons dred oregno espoon cumn seeds (or one-qurer espoon cumn powder) sl nd corsely ground pepper Spry shllow nonsck bkng pn wh cookng spry for no-f cookng Pu he chcken peces skn sde up. unsesoned Plce pn n preheed 25-degree (ho) oven for 25 mnues, o crsp he skn nd mel he f Remove from SL GOURET oven nd pour off ll he f Pu he onon slces under he chcken Combne remnng ngredens nd pour over he chcken Reurn o he oven for n ddonl 20 mnues, or more, unl chcken s ender nd crsp nd lqud s reduced o hck glze. Bse frequenly wh pn lqud, ddng blespoon of wer f he lqud evpores oo much kes four servngs. 235 clores ech CCKEN TGS ADOBO FOR TWO ("Adobe" s he Spnsh nme for sesonng h combnes oregno. cumn nd grlc ) chcken hghs smll bell pepper, seeded nd dced medum onon, peeled nd slced ounce cn sewed omoes one-qurer cup ornge juce 2 espoons vnegr one-hlf espoon dobo sesonng (or generous pnches of grlc powder, oregno nd powdered cumn o fll level one-hlf espoon mesure) Spry nonsck egh-nch cke pn wh cookng spry for no-f bkng. Pln chcken hghs n pn. skn-sde up. Bke n ho preheed 50-degree oven 20 mnues. Pour off f. Combne remnng ngredens nd spoon over chcken. Bke n ddonl 0 mnues. Pour of f bsng frequenly, unl chcken s done nd suce s hck Abou 280 clores per servng. Serve wh "sknny rce" f,desr«l SKNNY RCE FOR TWO (recpe my be doubled or rpled) slk celery, fnely mnced blespoons mnced onon (or espoons nsn) one-hlf cup wer one-hlf cup quck rce sl nd pepper o se Combne celery, onon nd wer. Cover nd smmer 0 mnues Sr n rce. Cover nd se sde unl rce s fluffy. Seson o se Serves wo. 00 clores ech Add spce o your de. For complee gude o spce clores, ncludng sodum conen nd oher nuronl nd cookng nformon, send smped, self-ddressed envelope nd 35 cens o SL GOURET SPCE GUDE, n cre of The Red Bnk Regser. Spr. N J ''ve lwys loved you bes' Der Ann Lnders: hs been hree yers snce you hve hd he rcle on n essy h pu ech chld n hs plce. ws sen o you by reder who found n he lbrry suck beween wo books hve hd on my refrgeror door nd 's prey ered by hs me Wll you plese gve rerun.! The de ws Sep ny hnks - rs R. n leh. Fl. Der Frend: Thnks for skng. The uhor of h lovely essy s my good frend - h lened ldy. Erm Bombeck. sn' she he grees? ere s wh plesure: Der Frs Born: 've lwys loved you bes becuse you were our frs mrcle. Csol Frms WOLESALE RETAL "FRESLY GROWN PRODUCE" "FAL SALE PRCE" SUGAR PUPKNS. 00 OE GROWN TOATOES 3 bs." GOURDS ^OT' 00 APPLES lbs. " POTATOES 0 lbs. 89 EGG PLANT Bu.h., 2" WATERELON...(Appro , 3»» PEPPERS 3 lbs.»" Frnh Grown LARGE PUPKNS W»/«o llur "Thound lo Cboou From" FRES CDER US NDAN CORN RT.520 """ Op»n dly 9-7; 7 Oy A Wlk ANN LANDERS You were he geness of mrrge nd he fulfllmen of young love. You susned us hrough he hmburger yers, he frs prmen (furnshed n Erly Povery), our frs mode of rnsporon (955 Fee) nd he 7-nch TV we pd on for 36 monhs You were new nd hd unused grndprens nd enough clohes for se of rples You were he orgnl model for mom nd dd who were ryng o work he bugs ou You go he srned lmb, he open sfey pns nd hree-hour nps You were he begnnng. Der ddle Chld: 've lwys loved you bes becuse you drew ough spo n he fmly nd mde you sronger for. You cred less, hd more pence, wore fded hndme-downs nd never n your lfe dd nyhng frs. Bu only mde you more specl. You were he one we relxed wh nd relzed dog could kss you nd you wouldn' ge DANCNG SANDY BEZANSON SDAUST DOROTY TOLAND DANCE STVDO 20 fc Bergn.. fhd Bonk sck. You could cross sree by yourself long before you were old enough o ge mrred. And you helped us undersnd he world wouldn' collpse f you wen o bed wh dry fee You were he chld of our busy, mbous yers. Whou you we never could hve survved he Job chnges nd he edum nd roune h s mrrge. To The Bby: 've lwys loved you bes becuse whle endngs re generlly sd, you re such joy. You redly cceped he mlk-sned bbs, he lower bunk, he crcked bsebll b, he bby book h hd nohng wren n excep recpe for grhm-crcker pecrus h someone hd jmmed beween he pges. You re he one we held ono so ghly. You re he lnk wh our ps, reson for omorrow. You qucken our seps, squre our shoulders, resore our vson nd gve us sense of humor h secury, mury nd durbly cn' provde. When your hrlne kes on he shpe of Lke Ere nd your own chldren ower over you, you wll sll be our bby. - A oher Der Ann Lnders: elp! DANG CLASSES ENROLL NOW! UT, TAP, TW, TWG CJOTKSAD GYKWASTC5 OOONJAZZ SKOAL CLASSS TO«TOTSlTOYS LEA AUER SCOOL Of DANCE FT $. l lek 've been nved o double weddng The brdes re cousns. know one of he grls very well. The oher s no more hn pssng cqunnce. Am expeced o buy boh brdes weddng gf? Plese nswer. 've sked severl people nd hve goen lo of conflcng dvce. Double Or Wh? Der D Or W: Boh brdes should receve gf, bu for he one you know slghly much more modes presen wll do. Der Ann: Ths s sucde noe nd f your recon o sucde s he sme s mos people's you hve probbly lredy slopped redng n cse you hven'. would lke o ell you wh s buggng me. m 25-yer-old mle who desperely wns o be mrred. y problem s h hve never hd de n my lfe. hve red every possble cc bu pprenly women fnd me dull nd unrcve. hve receved pole refusls, nsy urndowns, been lughed, nsuled nd rdculed. 've wched my frends ge mrred, ohers re ou hvng fun nd mus ccep he fc h somehng mus be rdclly wrong wh me nd wll hve o connue lfe lone. know you wll sugges counselng bu don' see how cn help. The problem s h m ugly, wkwrd, ouofsep. self-conscous nd uncomforble wh myself nd everyone s uncomforble wh me. would rher de hn lve my whole lfe lone forever Ths s my ls messge o world h vews me s creep. - No Nme. No Cy, Bu 've Go Counerprs All Over Der Frend: Your leer ws cry for help s mos sucde noes (nd emps) re. feel sure you re sll round nd hopefully you wll see hs reply The problem s no h you re ugly, wkwrd, ou-ofsep, ec. 's h you see yourself h wy Your poor self-mge hs kep you down ll your lfe nd 's me you pu sop o. Jus scn he socey pges nd look he people who re geng mrred every dy. Are he men ll hndsome? Are he grls ll beuful? You mus ge some counselng nd fnd ou why you hve such rock-boom opnon of yourself. Once you sr o lke yourself beer you wll fnd h ohers wll lke you, oo. urge you o ge no herpy. wll be he bes nvesmen of boh me nd money you hve ever mde n your lfe. And plese drop lne o me know you sw my reply nd h you're gong o gve ry. CATERNG TE R0TSSERE RESTAURANT ONOUT «OAD ST. RD ANK 2-55 Pmper your guess' "ppee wh vrey o Connenl dshes, mos sophsced nd ou of he ordnry For Weddngs, Annversres, Showers, Ec Abo Pry Ploers - Sndwches TEZED PRKE UST AVAABLE

15 n. PUe Adre Nee Dn Cross Anderson- Cross ORGANVLLE - ss Dn» Cross nd Phlp Anhony Anderson were mrred Oc. n Wcker emorl Bps Church by he Rev Clvn Wood. There ws recepon n he home of r nd rs. Jmes Cross The brde s he dugher or rs. Or Lee Brooks, 36 Church S.. wn, nd he le Clvn Cross. She ws gven n mrrge by Oscr Cross. The brdegroom, formerly of Clffwood. s he son of rs. Nncy Anderson nd he le Jmes Anderson Aendng he brde were Begns Dense Ehrdge. mron of honor, Selen Cross. Robn Pope nd Ven Perry Sondr Yvee Brooks ws flower grl The ushers were Clvn Cross, Rchrd Allson nd Prnk Bellmey. rs Anderson s grdue of Cedr Rdge gh School r. Anderson ws grdued from onmouh Couny Voconl School nd s mechnc BP Servce Son n Scolnd Neck. N. C. Auumn nupls R. AND RS. WLLA VENEZA Venez-Robns LAURENCE ARBOR - ss Jonn Robns nd Wllm Venez were mrred Oc. n S Lwrence Romn Cholc Church by he Rev. elvn J. Snczewskl A recepon followed n he prsh cener Prens of he couple re r nd rs Joseph Robns. 376 W Prospec Ave., Clffwood. nd r nd rs Wllm Venezl. 2 Sunse Blvd.. Clffwood Bech ss Crol Robns ws her sser's md of honor Rober Vgne ws bes mn The brde ws grdued from wn Regonl gh School nd s employed by Rdo Swch Corp.. rlboro r. Venez s n lumnus of Cedr Rdge gh School nd ended Rugers Unversy for wo yers e s wh Cenrl Jersey Plumbng Supply Co.. Perh Amboy r. nd n. Venez resde n wn. A ^ V k. A. '. LV A R. AND RS. JON STANKEWK Z Snkewcz-ulsr KEYPORT n S. Joseph Romn Cholc Church Ocl. ss Brbr ulsr. dugher of r nd rs. Andrew ulsr Jr., 6 Shor S.. becme he brde of John J. Sn- ewcz. son of r nd rs. John Snkewcz. 5 Beechwood Ave.. Freehold There ws recepon n he Shdowbrook. Shrewsbury ss Khleen ulsr. he brde's sser, ws md of honor. chel Prosel ws bes mn. rs. Snkewcz ws grdued from Keypor gh School nd Brymn School for Denl Asssns. Es Brunswck. She s employed by he lon nn. Tnon Flls. r. Snkewcz ws grdued from Freehold Regonl gh School nd receved BS degree n foresry from Clemson (S.C.) Unversy. e s employed by Arrow Exermnng nd Lndscpng. Freehold, nd s frs leuenn n he Army Reserve Roundble for ED clubs CLARK - "Double B oe- coordnor for he conferdown" s he heme of omor- ence. whch wll nclude workrow's fll roundble of he shops on workng commees. Evenng embershp Depr- such s communy mprovemens of he New Jersey men progrm led by rs. Se Federon of Women's Jmes ull. Asbury Prk, so- Clubs here n he Rmd cl servce. Amercn home nn. rs. Alln Whe. Ocen- nd crfs por, se projec chrmn. s coordnor of he dsplys Scrpbooks, newsleers nd slde presenon whch nd hndmde yerbooks wll wll be gven on he ED be judged. Wnners wll be se projec, he Bey Bch- nmed he luncheon. Gues rch Rehblon ospl, wll be rs. Anhony T. Z- The presenon wll be by nech, se presden. Se Rober Ford of he hospl. ED chrmn s rs. Crl ss rlyn Schnrs. Sprclo. who wll presde norhern vce chrmn s he conference. ARLBORO ^ ART SALE V NDEPENDENT ART CJLLEBV LARGE SOFA SZE ORGNAL OL PANTNGS NOTNG $ o r OST A OVER OO UNDER fcv OffSJo Tsrs owr JBSOumr NO <ununs' o srudurs won FRDAY, OCT. SATURDAY, OCT. 5 SUNDAY, OCT. 6 EAC DAY: 0:00 A.. -6:00P.. rs. Jwpfe Slrser Nee Doreen Novembre Snrsero- Novembre EAST KEANSBURG - ss Doreen Bemdee Novembre. dugher of r nd rs Jmes Novembre. 0 rmony Ave, becme he brde of Joseph. Snlrsero, son of rs Domnck Snrsero, SO Por onmouh Rod. Kensburg. nd he le r. Snrsero. The Rev. John B Cook offced he ceremony Ocl here n S Cherne Romn Cholc Church The honor endns were ss Debr Ann Novembre. sser of he brde, nd Donld Jmes Snrsero. broher of he brdegroom The brde, grdue of Rrn gh School. s employed by Prudenl nsurnce Compny. selln The brdegroom, who ended Seon ll Unversy. Souh Ornge, ws grdued from Rugers Unversy. e s wh he Deprmen of Nucler edcne ddlesex Generl ospl. New Brunswck The couple resde n Kensburg, fer weddng rp o Flord Lecure on Eskmo crfs ASBURY PARK - "Food Educon nd Women of Alsk." n overvew of he hree Amercn Assocon of Unversy Women's nonl opcs wll be he progrm omorrow presened here n he Aonemen Luhern Church. Frs nd eck Ave. by he Jersey Shore Brnch of AAUW Brbr Lpon. gues curor he Newrk useum, wll gve n llusred lecure on Eskmo crfs She s nnovor of PTA PROGRA ATLANTC GLANDS S Agnes PTA wll mee Wednesdy 8 pm n he school cfeer Pror o he meeng, prens my confer wh her chldren's echers n her clssrooms, srng 6:5 pm. NATURAL ERBAL Rl-EEZE... for Wessd r«ll from rhrs, burss, rheumsm, musculr pn. Why xperenc on mr slepless ngh or moher dy of sufferng? The remedy: RR-KZ! 2oz. mjor museum exhbon of Eskmo Culure nd crfs, whch s beng sged n vrous ses under grn of he Nonl Endowmen for he umnes Progrm chrmn s ss Crol Buerworh osesses re rs. Jck Bronfeld nd rh Ford rs owrd Welch. Del, s n chrge of membershp nformon DEBORA EETNG SREWSBURY - Red Bnk Chper of Deborh wll mee Tuesdy 2:30 p m n he Shrewsbury Frehouse. Brod S The publc s nved o end he even, whch merchndse wll be sold o benef Deborh er nd Lung Cener. Browns lls Refreshmens wll be served 3.95 VTAL ENERGY NUTRTON CENTER (SOUT OF SEARS SQURE'S ALL) DDLETOWN Noon Wed. Frl. ll«wouldn' be shme f you relly could fford home bu ddn' know? Fnd ou ody. Now wlh our exclusve O E' or elp On orgge Elgbly progrm you cn become pre qulfed for morgge frs Before you spend endless hours lookng lor h drem home fnd ou f you cn fford orgge nd bnkng represenves wll lell you f you qulfy for Convenlonl. VA. FA or GC morgge Are you elgble lo buy home wh no down pymen? Knd ou how lle you hve o pu down nd whl your mxmum monhly pymmls cn be Wh prce rnge ol homes cn you fford 7 You'll ge he nformon n wrng, nd complee \ wh your own personlzed D crd You're under no oblgon For more nformon cll on lo Fr 9 m. o 5 p m TOLL FREE, or wrle ome Progrm. P 0 Box 667. ddleown. N J 077 TOLL FREE ome elp On orgge Elgbly Dvson of Serlng Thompson Assoces, Relors SREWSBURY N J FRDAY. OCTOBER.977 The DlyRegser 5 Genlemn bker's p By ELOSE BEAR ELOSE: love o cook nd bke ere re couple of hns he used for lmos 0 yers n bkng bred nd rolls Somemes use buermlk, whou sod, nsed of he regulr mlk. mkes sy lof nd mrvelous os lso cook medum-szed poo n pproxmely wo cups of wer Then msh he poo nd dd enough mlk n mke he moun of lqud clled for n he bred recpe. NT S FRO ELOSE As mn m gld o see oher men's hns n your column - Rober R gn Bless you for shrng your hns wh us. We re proud of he number of people who red our column, ncludng he men elose DEAR ELOSE ere's hn o help overcome he chpped or dry skn brough on by he welher Ech nghl s bhe my wo young sons pu, plsc bole of hnd loon n he ub. beng sure he op s on gh By occsonlly urnng he bole over ( flos), he loon hes hrough Then spred soohng wrmh on legs. rms, hnds, nd cheeks No more chpped or dry skn our house' ry Leon DEAR ELOSE: Drnkng ho e cn become monoonous so mxed myself cup of ho nsn brekfs drnk esure he nsn brekfs drnk s dreced Then nsed of ddng cold wer, bol wer n your kele nd dd o he powder. The flvor s errfc nd s chnge from e. When chldren re sck hey usully don' lke o drnk ho lquds, so gve hem cup of he ho brekfs drnk Joey S. DEAR ELOSE When comes me o ke down he screens nd pu up he lumnum sorm wndows, rub he wndow rcks wh br of sop The wndows wll glde n much eser Jne Dorfmn DEAR ELOSE: Now h llowe'en s ner, here s lle hn. Oul of ll knds of used greeng crds mde some smll envelopes nd. n hese envelopes. wll pu n nckle for ll he lle chldren h wll vs me on h ngh, nsed of gvng hem cndes nd oher goodes. hve so mny lle chldren h come o my house feel h s sfe wy o gve hem res. F.B. DEAR ELOSE: Ths senor czen wns lo conrbue o he help of oher senors Ths s bou our love of plns nd flowers. fell n love wh hose brown beer boles. They mke such beuful flower vses 've been ryng o roo plns ll knds of wys No success. One dy pnched pln nd used he beer bole o roo n. Three dys ler roos Success ls wen wld pnchng They ll rooed from hree dys o week. Snce he sun evpores he wer fs, check ofen f, he boles re hrd o fll wlh wer becuse you hve los of plns n hem, use your urkey bser. For The flowers lso lke he green wne boles n fc, hey seem o love colored boles of ll knds Amel Blchuns LETTER OF TOUGT The bes me of lfe (n my judgmen) s when your chldren re grown nd lvng her own lves nd sll come home becuse hey wn o be here - A Reder And hen you cn sy you re "successful person"' cknse DEAR ELOSE: f you keep "runnng" grocery ls of hngs you need or run ou of. nd hen leve l home on he kchen ble, do hs: Tke common pper clp nd clp he ls o flp n your purse Nol only do you hve he ls, bu cn fnd when m gel u he sore. Jne Pul DEAR KLOSE: Anoher use for nylon ne... hve hree poed plns n floor-ype pos nd hve found n nepensve wy 0 cover he op of he dr rcvely nylon ne use n crumbled or mussed effec nd when fdes or looks dngy, 's esy o replce. usully use ween color lo blend n wh he leves of he pln bu color whch mches he decor of he room s prey, oo Annbelle TS COLUN s wren for you... he homemker f you hve hn or problem wre o elose n cre of hs newspper Becuse of he remendous volume of ml. elose s unble o nswer ndvdul leers. She wll, however, nswer your quesons n her column whenever possble. Bck o School Ngh for PTA "EALT-RELAXATON-EXERCSE Jon he ldet/weu WNTER CLUB CONSTANT AR TEP 82 CONSTANT POOL TEP 80 Unversl NEW CENTURON DYNAC VARABLE RESSTANCE 6Y ACNE WT 6 STATONS UfKf pwvvoa Of p.). n Nonl Amwrwng Chmpon. PORT ONOUT - The PTA of Por onmouh School wll hve Bck o School Ngh Wednesdy 8 p m n he school, where prens wll mee he fculy nd vew he educonl mlerls n he clssrooms Newly-nslled offcers re rlyn Tuohy. presden: Vcor Cusck. vce presden: Drlene lle. secrery nd Brbr Skrvnek. resurer. The frs PTA projec wll be Fle rke Oc. 22 from 0 m o p.m on he school plyground The rnde s Oc. 29 OLDE UNON OUSE RED BANK SS DORS School of Dnce Spclllllng n LNE NUBERS PRODUCTON WORK ON-BELT GYNASTCS CELLE & DENNS RODRGUEZ Amrd TT Combnon Clsses n Tp Blle Acrobcs Also Clsses n Jzz uscl Comedy Every hrd chld n he sme fmly FREE Age 3 lo duls All he rnng o mkednce creer Regser by cllng ler 7P LEAVE YOUR POUNDS WT US!!!!!! NEW EXERCSE EQUPENT NOW LUE AT NO EXTRA CARGE! We've gone ll ou o brng you he fnes exercse equpmen n he Shore re o help you keep slm And rm. 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16 6 The Dly Regser SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY OCTOBER U 977 Who bu Rener would presen Oh, God 9? By JEAN CLAl DE BOl S NEW YORK (AP - Crl Rener, he nervewer n The 2.0«0 Yer Old n" comedy recordngs, ws hm- ±e\l beng nervewed, bou hs new dm. "Oh. God.," nd hough nursng bd cold he ws eger o lch on o ny subjec "'ll ell you nyhng you wn o know bou bres feedng." he sd, hvng jus lerned hs nervewer ws n expecn fher "J used o gve lecures, m no kddng They'd sk me o go o ldes clubs, or used o hos hngs, nd lwys used o sy: Wh do vo wn You wn o lugh EVBY FR. f SAT. NTE or you wn o her bou nursng'... "y wfe used o love o wch he 'Dck Vn Dyke Show' when she ws nursng our hrd chld." sd Rener, who creed he elevson seres bsed on hs experences s comedy wrer for he "Show of Shows." srrng Sd Cesr nd mogenecoc "We were very close o our kds physclly becuse ws n cor nd we worked ngh." sd Rener.' whose cng creds n flms nclude -The Russns Are Comng. The Russns Are Comng." nd cmeo ppernce n "Oh, God. " where he s gues on he Dnh Shore TV CRB LOWB AND TE ALL STARS FAR DNNER SPECAL COPLETE PLUS OUR REGULAR ENU LUNC DNNER 7 DAYS A WEEK SUNDAY UNC KUffET SUNDAY DNNER 2 P.. c Le c Deuvlk c nn CO GULLY ROAD RESEN LL ROAD WALLTWP -SWRSKZ, show, dong n mpersonon of "The Porr of Dorn Gry" -'When Robbe Rob Rener. Crl Rener's son who plys he "mehed" on elevson's "All n The Fmly" ws bom. we were n Chcgo dong 'Cll e ser.' nd he ws on he rod wh us from he me he ws 6 weeks unl he ws 9 monhs y wfe nursed hen Nobody nursed hen, 30 yers go We hd o red bou n books Boy dd we hve o serch ou." sd Rener, who mrred hs wfe. Eselle. n 93 They hve hree chldren n "Oh. God'." whch Rener dreced, God porryed by George Burns - ppers s senor czen n snekers nd bggy pns o enls he sssn mnger of Clforn supermrke plyed by snger John Denver o be s messenger The messge: God s lve nd well Rener declned o sy wheher he beleves n God: "'ll ge oo mny leers, crzy leers The move s my semen on God "Don' worry bou God nd hs exsence. Lve good lfe nd f here s God you'll go o heven "Don' pry o God for forgveness f you've hur someone, sk he person you've hur o forgve you Apologze o hm. no o God ' n he flm. God behves lke vudevlle pro e drops mulude of onelners, such s: "The ls mrcle dd ws he 969 es. before h ws he Red Se." nd ressures he STEVETSEAFOOD SACK COCKTAL LOUNGE AND DNNG LOBSTER DNNER '.95 nclude soup ld French Fres Sek Dnner sc QR Soup Sed (French Fres Shrmp Prmqn '.95 Sld nd Spghe APPY OUR 5P-VP»0N.-F. DON! FORGET ONDAY NTE FOOTBALL V TE BUFFET OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND LOUNGE OURS ondy-thurs P-2 A f n-sundy P-2 A Kchen open ll A every ng Khny « Kensburg doubng Denver wh: "Trus me. lke sys on he money " n hs frs flm role, Denver uers such lnes from he screenply by Lrry Gelbr bsed on he novel by Avery Cormn s "Chemcls Everyhng hs chemcls We're urnng kds no grbge cns," n reference o pckged foods he brekfs ble Denver. J. whose recordngs ncludng "Rocky ounn gh" nd "Tke e ome. Counry Rods" sell mllons, s "perfec for he pr." Rener sd. "e relly s lke h: concerned wh he envronmen, bou he fuure of he plne nd he humn rce " For Bums. 8. who srred n rdo, elevson nd ngh clubs for 36 yers, mosly s srgh mn for hs wfe nd prner. Grce Allen, who ded n 96 hs s hs lh flm e won n Acdemy Awrd for hs mos recen role n "The Sunshne Boys" "Burns wen o one of Denver's concers nd he ws mzed, so mpressed he wy Denver commnded hs udence, kep hem enhrlled." sd Rener "Burns sd: "The kd uned hs gur for wo mnues nd nobody srred 'd hve o do sof shoe nd ell hundred jokes o keep n udence neresed, bu no John' " Denver's problems n he flm re no que Jobn. bu beng messenger of God s no TALKS ABOUT NEW OVE Crl Rener gesures durng n nervew bou hs new move. excly on he sme level s beng delvery boy eher Asked bou elevson nd chldren. Rener, who hs won Emmys. sd: "y kds grew up wchng 's good bby ser, f he prens monor You wch ogeher " ofen brngs up subjecs nd opcs h should be dscussed by he fmly bu h you mgh no ge round o s redly whou seeng hem on he TV." Rener, who n ddon o "Oh. God!" hs dreced such feures s "Where's Popp." he George Segl-Ruh Gordon comedy nd "Ener Lughng." bsed n pr on hs uobogrphcl novel, sd h whle he does elevson specls, he doesn' mss dong seres "Excep for he frs 'Dck "Oh, God!," whch he dreced. The flm hs comedn George Burns, 8, n he le role. Vn Dyke Show.' Th wsn' work ws hrd, bu ws plesure; ws dong show bou myself Vn Dyke ws me. we even lved n New Rochelle when wroe for he 'Show of Shows.' " e sd he chrcer of Aln Brdy, he comc sr of he "Dck Vn Dyke Show." ws no bsed on Sd Cesr "We ll worked n one room, ll he wrers nd Cesr We ddn' slp merl under hs door nd w for he verdc " "We were dong brekhrough merl on he Cesr show for hose dys, bu we hough he '7.000 Yer- Old n'ws oo fr ou "People sll quoe from he rounes ny hve old me hey lve her lves by he moo: 'You sve Frnce. 'll wsh up'" Johnny Rvers reurns wh h By PETER J. BOYER redongs of old hs; lke Sedk. Rvers frs found LOS ANGELES (AP) 's ofen knd of sd o see bg nohng dong nme rock n' roll snger cu s mny hs hd mde comebck record Too ofen hm mllonre, so Rvers he effor s eher n embrssng novely number or nnces "'ve hd so mny h wsn' worred bou f- wek-kneed noslg grb records n he ps h even Bu here re excepons. n f ddn' hve ny more pop. for exmple. Nel Sedk could probbly work unl 'm hs reurned sronger hn n old mn on h ' ever fer hs md-960s vnshng c. And now. fer hrough he '60s wh hs lke Bu he mn who swyed hese mny yers, who should pop up he op of he chrs bu fellow ls seen plyng he Vpors Club n lox, ss ' Johnny Rvers, h's who And he hs h record s 7h. Lke Sedk. Rvers woke up few yers go o fnd he mrke for hs musc hd evpored; lke Sedk. Rvers red o ese bck no he pop mnsrem wh some U/k COPLETE CAPTOL CATALOG SALE: The 'Crem of he Crop" Now A Bg Svngs CAROLE KNO STV LLER BOB SECER NATALE COLB TN SEATLES ELEN REDDY DR. OOK JON LENNON GEORGE ARRSON RNQO STARR PAN. CCARTNEY A WNGS AX! LTTLE RVER BAND T SYLVERS TE BAND... AND ANY, ANY OR O99 vur AU fur 8-TRACK & CASSETTE AT SLAR SAVNGS "Poor Sde of Town," "emphs." "ybelllne." "ounn of Love" nd "Trcks of y Ters" wsn' que redy o h he rod wh noslg our e fgured f he wed long enough, pop musc would come bck o Johnny Rvers e ws rgh s "Swyn' o he usc." ypclly mellow Rvers song h ddn' wse much me Afernoon se wh uhors N Lfebou cn be fun.when rn nexde whole shrmp, semers nd lo ore. Le Long John serve you our LFEBOAT AFKTZ ondy. Tuesdy Krdsy nd Sundy. B Sefood Bouny., for ll e oven. You don' hve o be sefood lover o en or Our FAOUS UFFET Wed. wl Thurv sjh Specl Surdy SEAFOOD AFPUU Complmens of Lon John course! SREWSBURY - The frs n seres of "Afernoons wh he Auhors." co-sponsored by The Dly nd Sundy Regser nd he onmouh Couny Lbrry, wll be Sundy from 3 o 5 p m he Esern Brnch Lbrry on R 35 The publc s nved o her Rober LGurd. uhor of "ony," he bogrphy of cor ongomery Clf. nd Thoms Flemng, uhor of "Lbery Tvern,' he hsorcl novel Ech uhor wll spek nd hen ke pr n queson nd nswer perod wh he udence. The uhors wll be vlble o sgn copes of her books nd for nforml dscussons wh he publc durng coffee nd refreshmens hour r LGurd, nve of New York Cy, spen fve yers rvelng hroughou Europe nd Amerc reserchng "ony." book h dels he publc creer nd prve lfe of ongomery cu. hrough nervews wh he cor's fmly nd frends n observon of hs moves r. LGurd, who hs been mkng he lk show crcu o promoe he bogrphy, sys he s lookng forwrd o hs opporuny o spek bou some of he problems he encounered dong he book, nd. perhps, bou he sgnfcnce of Clffs experence. Thoms Flemng s he uhor of egh non-fcon books on Amercn hsory, prculrly he Amercn Revoluon, nd hs lso wren nne novels. s "Lbery Tvern," hsorcl novel, focuses on wo srongmlnded women of he Revoluonry er who were frmer n her convcons bou ndependence hn some of her mle counerprs r. Flemng, n rsh-cholc whose ncesors cme here from Couny yo round 870, sys he s ryng o wre bou people whose fmly nd ehnc roos ffec her lves nd mus be del whn somewy "Lbery Tvern" hs jus gone o prn n pperbck for he hrd me, wh some copes n prn. Coordnng he "Afernoons wh he Auhors" seres s rs. Jne Foderro, dy cy edor of The Dlly Regser, nd Fred Oser, reference lbrrn he Esern Brnch Lbrry. nu. SAT. NTE clmbng he chrs And. he hnds. e recved hs good-lookln' blue-eyed boy Soul Cy Records nd wen from Bon Rouge ells us. o work on "Swyn'." he song s ll Rvers e sys he ddn' look up from hs h drough nd ry o me ny of he sluff h ws sellng. "Swyng, " he sys, "s Jus nurlly me 's Jus wh Johnny Rvers hs evolved no " Rvers 3$ sys he feels confden now s he dd when he ws prmng Amerc's orgnl dsco crze ollywood's Whskey A Go-Go n he erly '60s "Afer my conrc expred wh Uned Arss, wen o Nshvlle, dd n lbum here, whch ws no very successful." he sys "Then dd n lbum h ncluded elp e Rhond' wh Brn Wlson of he Bech Boys bu he lbum wsn' very successful The only good hng ou of ws h go Brn no sudo for he frs me n seven yers" Flure ws new gg for Rvers wsn' esy o ge used o "Th's when wen hrough my perod of doub." Rvers remembers "'d sk myself. 'Am sll urnng ou commercl merl? Am sll n he runnng? Am sll cung f' 'Bu knew deep down h could record commercl songs, h could hve success wh records. knew could sll do suff s good s wh herd on rdo." Th's when Rvers decded o ke mers no hs own -OO DNE N TALY TONGT y- lmrl (ml Cockl Loun/e W0., TUS., l. SPECAL STUFFED FLOUNDER 5.95 NOW SERVNG TLE FS $5.95 BLUE FS $ now QOO ) r. DORS 'N ED'S USkenfe. TALAN OPERA Every Wed. 7 o P.. Open 7 Dys GREATFOOD AND COCKTALS ON TE BAT... N U..VFS mu/c den ONOUT ALL ANAAPAN AL EO Op«dly lorhjwk llll Sn-77 A Fuk,

17 SREWSBURY. N J FRDAY, OCTOBER,977 The Defy Rcgr 7 ow o flm prosue for TV crefully By JERRY BUCK LOS ANGELES (AP) - ow do you mke elevson flm n whch he cenrl fgure s > prosue? Crefully, sys George Ecksen, who produced he sxhour, hree-pr "7 Prk Avenue" for NBC from he book by rold Bobbns " don' hnk people expecng llng sory wll fnd here," lys Ecksen. "'s n hones nd movng love sory, more of love sory hn bou prosuon We hnk we're hones n erms of he sexul sde of, bu hnk lo of people who my urn n (or he sexul llllon my be plesnly surprsed o fnd hemselves becomng emoonlly nvolved." The mlnlseres wll be seen on NBC (or hree consecuve nghs, begnnng A p.m. EDT Sundy. Lesley Ann Wrren srs s he prosue, rnne orgn. rc Snger plys Ross Svlch, her love neres nd ler her husbnd. chel Consnne s Ben Svch, he powerful gmblng fgure nd fher of Ross. Ecksen, who sd he frs sw ss Wrren n "0 n he Shde" n New York, sd here ws never ny queson h she wouldn' ge he role "There's lwys he feelng h we should ge somebody new," he ld. " would be somehow more exploble. Bu she hd he len She hd he looks, he fgure, he len, FUU COURSE DNNER SUPER SPECALS ncsud FruK Cup or Soup, S, Poo Vegeble, c. Cr or fn» lwr V rmfes -ll. W«'" 0«h Olcke WAmdoy: h le. ( S.. Ceres! eef C our: 3 P o 9 P nwee Specs Cnno fle ncludd nquer FdkN From 0 o2so v. Ale We Pckfn el UOSCUllUllrN %%l ghwy 35 Brodwy K.ypor, N.J. " K 3" " " Rusy Pelcn fne food r grog EARLY BRD SPECAL SRP COCKTAL lk wd of dwr WW. 5 pm? pm ENTERTANENT WED FB SAT SUN Sefood Seks Chops LUNCEON DNNER COCKTALS Opn ondy-sun. :30.m. 2.m. Ample Frm Prkng FRST AVE. ATLANTC GLANDS On block from rn DALY DNNER SPECALS Thn comp dnw nclude: soup o o> ne. bevenje nd dene Nw OrN Borbqud Chcken Floundf CroW Coq ou VnBK. Top Slom Seolc. nmooyo Swfood Cnps Regulr dnner m»nu lso vlble, plus menu lor lgher ppees. ENTERTANENT SANDY RUQQ TRO for your lsenng nd dncng everyhng we needed." There ws noher (lp bou he csng, however. Ecksen hd sgned Abe Vgod for he role of Ben Svch Bu he producers of "Brney ller" nd "Fsh" sd Vgod hd conflcng schedule. Vgod ws forced o whdrw, md hres of boycong hs wo seres. An mble selemen PORTRAYS PROSTTUTE - Shpely Lesle Ann Wrren s shown n cosume s she plys he pr o n expensve prosue n he upcomng mlnlseres "79 Prk Avenue." The seres, whch runs sx hours, wll be shown n hree prs on NBC begnnng Sundy. Televson Tody DAYTE OVES!T)OVf '" 'Fher Goose Pr l OVE Ky O :00 ) OVE T h U nsuspeced WS [JOUYWOOO CONNECTON fc OOO COUPLE UTER ROGERS r.m d C NEWS (J NBC NEWS (TlBBAOY BUNC (T) ABC NEWS (EBOWUNO FOR DOLLARS O CONCENTRATON (llookks 8 KOSWORLD UNCLE FLOYD 7:0 Jl CANNEL TWO EYE ON () WLD WLD WORLD OF ANALS Anml Fr' (, ) 00,000 NAE TAT TUNE ) CAW CAROL BURNETT AND OS ( ) FALY FEUD ( loonosow S NEWLYWEDGAE TATTLFrALES ( CKCAVETTSOW < ues-.archlecl Phlp Johnson 0ACNEL-LERER REPORT 0:00 (2) W0NDB WOAN FOW KD- NAPPNG TRY BY ODERN TQKOSTS (Jj JJ WONDER WOAN Sv Trvor uddnly dsppers fer levng lor vcon, nd hn n emp s mde gns Wonder Womn, n her poe s Trevor's sssn Dn Prnce. n n ppren effor lo knock ou he enre upper level ol he nellgence orgnzon ABC (J)(n 8ANFORO ARS PlP Pn' Phl wns o esblsh cockl lounge n he hoel, bu h cn' g lquor llcene becus he hs prson (T) CO8S WTS 9) CD WORLD SERES ABC Spors wll provde lve coverge of he hrd gme ol he he CLA UT CLAS STEAERS LOBSTERS SEAFOOD SCALLOPS STEAK on he Shrewsbury Rver he foo of Alnc S., Alnc ghlnds Open 7 dys for lunch or Dnner from :30 A Avlble lor luncheon or Dnner Pres World Ss ron cy o lh«nonl legue Chmpon ( OVE Psycho 900 Annony Perkns, Jne Legh., DNA Guess Jon Rver. Rlchro Dcon. Ld Gre. SrDuck, O / (B S «W WASNGTON PJ (XCsOOANOTEAN The Thrd Leer ERV GRFFN 8 B WALL TREET l (J)» LOGANS RUN el Ferrer guel slrs ()) TE ROCKFORO FLES The Second Chnce' (Ul EDCAL CENTER lskwv Of ENRY Vf fellh Kh. won n Emmy lor he porryl of he Brllsn monrch (XO SWTC Ple lkes on he role ol mowe sudo secury offcer whls c lolls before he cmer lo fnd srs wouw-s. murderer 'A Queson ol Tme' Oulncy's nvesgon no he myserous deh of pron helh sp ps hm gns sck lwyer nd phony docor, who re nnlous lo preven dverse NEWS DATELNE NEW JERSEY The Grden Se Prkwy nd s Ars Cener :00 S REVE FERNWOOD XUROFRLEY f) OOO COUPLE (f 9 U DCK CAVETT SOW Guess Snger-composers Crly Smon nd Jmes Tylor. :9 DCDNEWS :30 Oj S» TE CBS LATE OVE 'AS.' wkeye gns cusody of Koren grl durng poker gme. 'Kok: The Frme' A nel ccuses Kolk ol ccepng brbe. (R) (D(J) TE TONGT SOW ol: Johnny Crson. Ques: Brbr owr. (D OVE Blood of he Vmpre' Donld woll. Brbr Shelly. Op OVE 'Doomwlch' 972 n Bnnen. Judy Qeeon. A mn nvesgng se lfe on smll soled slnd dscovers h lrge chemcl compny s lleglly dumpng rdocve merls no he wer, cusng he gnorn nhbns o look lke Nenderhl mn. [ hr. X sm.) S ONEYOONERS VSONS np ye Den's 'Freemn' porrys he conflc ol blck mn unble lo fnd hl plce n socey of compromsed vlues, much o he dsress of hs fmly. Emmy Awrd-wnner Lous Gossn. Jr., Pulne yers nd Dck Anhony Wllms sr. :09 JJ OVE (BBARETTA 0) TWLGT ZONE 30 F.B.. m (B OVE 'our ol le Gun' 7 Jmes Gmer. Json Robers (2 h.) :00 (S CD TE DNGT SPECAL : ( OVE TSownhlll Rcer' Rober RedforrJ. Gene eckmj hrs. 3 mln.) OD OVE \m OB JOE FRANKUN SOW JJ OOOO NEWS NEWS l (D OVE Terec Frdy'»70 Ursul Anoros, Snley Bker. ws ler reched Ecksen sd he srucure of he book ws drsclly lered n urnng no mnseres. "The frs wo hours of he sx hours sck relvely close o he book." he sd. "Bu he ls (our hours ke off on her own "The grl n he book, o me les, ws no very symphec or neresng chrcer. She sor of reveled n wh she dd. Wh we dd ws hve her forced no prosuon We gve her more vulnerbly, more udence symphy. We lso mde no more of love sory." e sd. "Sex s orgnc o he pece nd would be hrd o do sory bou proson whou sex She herself s cve n he sory s prosue for mybe only one hour of he sx. Bu here's lo of cndor whou beng explove 's hndled well. s cernly more cndd hn usul. "She s grl who s dsdvnged n he sense of money, bu s very beuful, very sensuous nd men keep hng on her. She ges (orced no hs lfe." Bobbns' "7 Prk Avenue" covers 2-yer spn "When she s young, she s nvolved wh wo fellows who follow her hrough mos of her lfe," Ecksen sd "One ol hem s he son of mob-conneced fgure. And when she ges no prosuon, he prosuon s conrolled by he mob. And he one fellow becomes Bugsy Segel-ype operor." Ecksen sd he beleves Robbns cully wroe dul romn--clef. bsng he sory boh on Bugsy Segl. mobser klled n Los Angeles n he erly 90s, nd ckey Jelke, he plyboy who becme nvolved n prosuon n he 950s e sd, " doesn' follow dsnc enough sory lne o prllel one exclusvely." e ws sked f he hough elevson mgh urn o sex (or exploon now h volence hs been vrully drven from he r. " suppose here mgh be endency o do h," he repled. " hnk here's dnger, lookng for subsue for exploble subjec mer." e sd he hough elevson usully evded he ssue. "For obvous resons, 's never been ble o be presened wh ny honesy or explcness. And never wll' be Bu hnk here re boundres whch cn be pushed lle b o nclude more honesy. hnk he mnseres my ply role. "Cernly wh 'Cpns nd he Kngs' here ws lo TE DA STE ' DNNER TEATER TNTON FALLS "The ndoor Spor" A COEDY BY JACK PERRY OW SOWNG WfDNSDATS, ndavs, JATUDAVS, SUNDAYS RESERVATONS A pd drecory ol comng evens for non-prof orgnzons Res: 2.00 for 3 lnes for one dy..00 ech ddonl lne: 3.00 for wo dys. $.25 ech ddonl'lne. 5 for hree o fve dys. 50 ech ddonl lne: 6.00 for 0 dys: 2.00 ech ddonl lne Dedlne noon 2 dys before publcon. Cll The Dly Regser sk for he De Secrery. OCTOBER Demonsron by Fenn Vog of ools, rw merls nd echnques used n hnd-crfed copper wll sculpures. 8 p.m. Guld of Creve Ar. 620 Brod S., Shrewsbury. embers free. Non-members.00 donon. Crd Pry. Nvesnk Fre ouse, onmouh Ave., Nvesnk. 8:5. Admsson: $,50. Refreshmens served. Rummge Sle. 9:30.m. o 3 p.m.. Trny Epscopl Church Prsh ouse. Whe S.. Red Bnk. Benef onmouh Couny FTC.A. Lle Flower Chldren's Cener, loced n Trny Epscopl Church. Ryers Lne, wn wll be hosng s nnul "Open ouse" nd fund-rsng buffe, Frdy, Ocober 7:30 P.. he church. Rchrd C. Wenner, progrms drecor of C.E.T.A. (Comprehensve Employmen Trnng Agency) wll be he gues speker, dscussng CETA's nvolvemen n dy cre. Donons re.00 per dul..50 per chld. For furher nformon, cll Dee Cruso or P Connlly OCTOBER 5 Eonown. The Revuers of he Uned ehods Church of Wyckoff d.. Eonown wll led Senmenl Journey bck o he Fbulous 0's. Curn me 8:5 p.m. on Oc. -5. usc s under he drecon of Los J. Kehrer nd dncng under he drecon of Crmen S. Perchko. Tckes re 2.50 for duls nd Z.00 for sudens nd senor czens. They re vlble he door. OCTOBER 5 Ocober Fes, dnner, dncng, open br. 8 P.. unl A Dnner served 8 P shrp. Donon: 2.50 per person, sponsored by VFW Pos evenngs. Rummge Sle. Old Frs Church. 69 Kngs ghwy. ddleown. 9.m. o 3 p.m. Good used clohng, books, household rcles nd plns ddleown Pop Wrner "Grge Sle". 9.m. o 3 p.m. Belford ndependen Frehouse. ghwy 36. Belford Bres of Turkey Dnner. olmdel Communy Church. Fellowshp ll. n S.. 5 p.m. o 8 p.m. Aduls: $.50. Chldren: $2. Tke ou dnners vlble. For ckes cll Second Annul Polsh Ngh he Byshore Knghs of Columbus, R. 36, Es Kensburg. usc by J. Alexnder. Polsh Polk Dncers. Open br nd Polsh food. Donon 8.50 per person. For ckes of sexuly," he sd. "Bu hnk becuse ol he flk produced he pendulum hs swung he oher wy. Comedy cernly seems o hve more lcense hn he drmc showsjl Eckseln sd he hd more rouble wh he nework over volence hn wh sex. "We hve rpe n he frs epsode h s very frghenng." he sd. "And n he ls epsode here s fgh n whch Lesley prcpes h s very errfyng " Ecksen s lso producng wo-hour "Sunshne" for Chrsmsme rng on NBC. brnes bck he chrcers from he move nd seres, ncludng Clff DeYoung Elzbeh Chesre nd eg Foser lso srs Brbr ershey. P ngle nd Eleen eckr. e sd he ddn' se ou o relve he seres. "Bu would love o hve bck." So would lo of people. Ecksen lso produced he TV moves "Tl Gunner Joe," "Duel" nd "Amel Erhr" nd he seres "Nme of he Gme," "Srh" nd "Bncek." Enjoy lunch or dnner wh beuful vew ol pcuresque Shrk Rver nd mny bosl Fmous for over qurer of cenury for our Sefood Specles. Be sure o ry: FRES LVE CRABS ALASKAN KNG CRAB LEGS FRES STRPED BASS FRES BROLED RED SNAPPER FRES BLUE FS CLUB LUNCEON DALY Served from f JO lo f2.j0 For Lndluwr... Prme Rbs. Prme Seks nd gnons. Double Cu Lmb Chops nd Fresh Clves Lver Prve room lor Bord ol Drecors Prve Pres nd Bnques Sr Cllne 20% Dscoun 2:30-5:30 Tu«. hru S.. Gld To Be Bck 'Knmen, ke A De Grge nd Cke Sle o benef Chldren of Erly nervenon Progrm of olmdel. S., Oc. 5h, 0- p.m. n S., olmdel. Lle Slver PTO Grge Sle, S.. Oc o 2 p.m., rkhm Plce School Audorum. Lle Slver. OCTOBER 6 Tlnon Flls Republcn Club Cmpgn Cockl Pry, Sun., 3-5 p.m. he Rnney School, 235 ope Rd., Tlnon Flls. Donon 5 per person, ncludng wo drnks nd ors d'oeuvres. wn 2 le Wlk For unger, sponsored by he Assocon of Clergy,.under he uspces of CROP, srs p.m., S. John vnney gh School, Lne Rd., wn. Prcpe hrough your house of worshp. For more nformon, Vvn Smh, Prens Whou Prners, 6. Cockl Pry & Dnce. dewy Lounge. 2 Ferey Plce, orgn, 8:30 p.m. Lve musc. Free husle lessons. Cll QNWAT JJ AT SA V DOf NEPTUNE. NJ. Ul The nernonl Concer Seres of The Uned ehods Church. 27 Brod S.. Red Bnk presens Rene Sorgln. French orgns, n recl p.m. Old Frs Uned ehods Church useum, Locus Ave., Wes Long Brnch. Specl exhb Anque Clocks by Brry Jerolmon. 2-5 p.m. Admsson: Free. OCTOBER 7.8 The Epscopl Women of he Sn Jmes Church, Long Brnch re holdng her Fll Rummge Sle, n Prsh ll. Brodwy Slocum Plce, Long Brnch, on., Oc. 7h. 6 p.m.-8 p.m., nd Tues., 8, 0.m.-l p.m. Tues. s Dollr Bg Dy. OCTOBER 8 Belford Engne Fre Co. Ldes Auxlry h Annul Chnese Aucon. Buck Smh's, Es Kensburg, 8 p.m., Oc Donon $.75. Annul Luncheon-Fshon Show, gven by Womens' Guld of Trny Epscopl Church he olly Pcher oel n Red Bnk. Tckes: $7. Reservons my be mde by cllng rs. Wm. Brre, The Wysde Ldes Auxlry s hvng Chnese ucon on Ocober 8 8 p.m. he Wysde Frehouse, 900 Green Grove Rd., Wysde. Donon $.50. OCTOBER 9 Fshon Show & Luncheon. 2 noon. S. John's Prsh ouse. Lle Slver Pon Rod. Lle Slver. Tckes $5. Reservons cll Annul Crd Pry by er Del PTA, Buck Smh's. 8 p.m. Refreshmens, ble nd door przes ncluded n donon of $2. Reservons, cll , OCTOBER 2 ddleown Townshp PBA presens 's Annul PBA Bll. Shore Csno. Feurng Smokey Wrren, Second Comng, nd Comedn Greg Lews (from Lverne nd Shrley Show). For ckes cll OCTOBER 2-22 Wysde Uned ehods Church, 223 W. Prk Ave., Ocen. Chrsms Bzr, Fr, 5-9 p.m. S., Oc. 22, 0. Unusul gfs, kns, woodcrfs, plns. Bked goods, (S. only) Snck br, Fr. o buffe S., :30-2: S9. Sweer Sle Sweers, dresses, skrs, slcks ses. Kns for everyone. New merchndse, frs quly, les fshons. lf-prced or less. Free bbysng. Frs Unrn Church, 75 W. Fron S., Lncrof. S., Oc. 22, 0- p.m. Annul Fll Luncheon Fshon Show, held Four Lkes Counry Club, Lncrof. Fshons by The Joy Shop of Lncrof & Lle Vllge of Por onmouh. Tckes: Srs 2 noon. Sponsored by ddleown Elks No. 27. Red Bnk Chper O.E.S. ndoor Fle rke, sonc Temple, 52 ple Ave., Red Bnk. 9.m. o p.m. Spce 5. Cll Delers welcome. Anque pprsl dy, olly" Pcher nn, Red Bnk. S., Oc. 22,0- p.m. $3 per em. Admsson free. Sponsored by Communy Fmly Gudnce Cener. OCTOBER 2, 25 Nerly New Sle, Oc. 2, 25,.m. o p.m. Congregon B'n srel, nce Rdge Rds., Rumson. Gre brgns nd some housewres. OCTOBER 25 Prens Whou Prners 6, osply & Orenon Ngh. 8:30 p.m. Cobblesones, wy. 35, ddleown. Lve musc, dncng. Cll OCTOBER 26 Crzy Chnese Aucon, sponsored by Por onmouh Frs Ad Auxlry, o be held Buck Smh's, Kensburg, 7:30, Oc. 26. For nformon cll

18 8 The Dry Regser SREWSBURY, N j FROAY OCTOBER u 977 Surdy Televson AFTERNOON! 00 WACKO SAQGY CNTS ANO T TO Trouble kers ««B The Bowery Bo»l ABC SORT STORY ome- nd he Wcky Doughnu chne Soo ol ome who nm 0 help hs Uncle Ulysses VK bus" o hs smll c«e by nny he doughnu mchne bu ccfmy reverses gsrs so m he mchne goes «cy producng housnds o doughnus n mler ol mnues J OVE The GokJen Sulhon Roy Rogw D Evns SOUL ALVE 5 BLACK PERSPECTVE ON T WD ANO GANG CXAfcll S VCTOm :00,» SECRETS Of SS 'ppy Dys' here gn EATONTOWN - The ppy Dys Srng Bnd of onmouh Couny wll presen n hour concer omorrow. Oc 5 2 p m he onmouh ll The srng bnd, conssng o pproxmely 25 members, s under he drecon of nk Shermn As he bnd s lwys serchng for new members, neresed persons my spek o he drecor followng he performnce or cll hm WAT DO YOU DO? UNOO R AL SOUl TRAN Whle Spder 963 Jochm Berger Kenr 0o> f WOLFUAN JACK SOW. TOUR EN LAR' AND BALLET AOAOO Flmed n wo pns. he personl nd prolson lves ol rusdnd-end-wl dnce em re emned 0! TE CBS SATURDAY Fl L J WLD WLD WOULD OF AVALS OUR NCREDBLE GFTS SPEEC ANO EARNG Communcon Dsorders An nroducon f OVE The»ngr, Red Plnl 0 lerd onr Le emyne Spceshp reurnng rom rs. mes dsser nduced Dy n nellgence dreced gns erh people h Xmn CANNEL TWO TE PEOPLE O ngn n The Rn 2 Gene f ellv Debbe Reynolds.5 GOST AND RS UUR JJWUAUTY JJO J CANNEL TWO EYE ON J LOVE LUCY J OVE O Lms 9S3 BOD ope. ckey Rooney J BRADY BUNC OVE Blld ol Jose 9U Dons Dy. Peer Grves OO SQUAD ORANO PWX TENNS JJO 5 BG VALLEY J,r NCAA FOOTBALL ll plyed on me es cos gme»m r rom 330 o 700 P. l plyed on he ws cos, gme ll r em \2 X lo 00 P Dependng on locon ol he gme, lerne schedule wll pply 58 X YEARS TW om of Qu.lly S o l o o d ^ ^ f<l Kypor on h«by" ^^ FUU COURSE DNNER \, SUPER SPECALS "bcf. ffllb UA0 UC P OO nsnu SS uvllcl ^ 'BROLED U RS or Frd loso Scrod ACEl $ J AC FRED UTOf SOU SCAUOfS OYSTER WOU OAT BOOKK.7 J CLAS BOVEO"" OLED UV LOBSTER Urn Tf Ox T leedh unmn nxnw n S.TS n w «r.95 DNNER 9 W. FRONT ST. CEYPORT », hdn Resurn Com Try Our Delcous, omemde ln Dlh LASAGNE STAK PZZAOLA VAL PARGANA e SRP ARNARA AND SCAP AND UC UC OR NO ENTREE OVER '.95^ Also Try Our omemde Dessers Cockls Served We Also Serve Pzzs Opon :30 P.. DALY Clood Tuesdy [ 00 Nvesnk Av. «>n m; S»> ghlnds CEESESTEAK TS WEEK ONLY NTRODUCTORY OFFER OCT. TRU 23 ANGELO'S PZZA SPECAL BUY GET FREE SU OR WOU P 05 WY 35 WXNAASSA oo A'S SORTS OPLD T SAN SOW s 7 WOULD S ES Fourh gme EEfW CYON JO r 9 CBS SPOUTS SKCCULAF Chunch Cup men s nd women's gymaslk compllon. rom Ngoy. Jpn. Jocy Club Gow Cup. Sew runnng w J-yers-ow nd up rmle nd one-ll rom Belmon Prk. Elmonl. N Y. Work) s Slrongsl ' n Pr < CONCENTRATON { SSON POSSBLE J GREATEST SPOBTS LEGENDS EALT FELD T DANEL BOONE ftajuan 0 SANANA J POSTVELY BLACK S STARUABENS EVENNG :00 WORLD OF SURVVAL Wh kes Cs So Specl'! l»ne J».000 QUESTON RACNG FRO BELONT ARK STAR TREK n Whch, ALL-STAR SOCCER Crysl Plce vs Soke Cy 2 «CBS NEWS (TNeCNEWS TRUT OR CONSEOUENCeS OVE w u s 050 George ongomery. Tn Elg 7:00 J NEWS LAWRENCE WELK SOW J SWT ANO SOUND gh Clss gh A look he growng problem ol cocne ddcon n hs counry (f) PEOPLE. PLACES. TNGS O SPACE «Nw Adm. New EW 7:J0 TATTLETALES TPRrCESRKjT J) ASSGNENT J SPECAL EODON os Brbr Feldon repors on belly dncers, rdes s rn down h recherous Colordo Rver. vss he U S Army Burn Cener n Sn Anono. 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Jonn Woodwrd JL ARNESS RACNG FRO fonkers RACEWAY (JjOVE One ore Trn To Ro' 7 George Pepprd. John Vrnon. () TONKT PUYYS OSTS "UT- DAY NGT" e> SJJ) NBCS SATURDAY NO S OVE The en 090 rlon Brndo. Jck Webb 2hrs 5mn OV The ummy 02 Bor Krlo. CX«Kl nners r Xmml Of Bl :0,), SOUL TRAN (SOCK CONCERT Guess Floers. Andrew Gold Ed Bloesone. Vllge kos 7 OVE A New Knd ol Love' 003 Pul Newmn. Jonn Woodwrd [2 hs 25 mm :9 () OVE Anchors Awelgl' (S Sen Kelly. Frnk Snr :0 J OVE Rd The Tger' 0T Oorg ongomery. rshll Thomoson ( hr 50mn PROUDLY PRESENTS SWrnQ Dwno ufch L#v># RLSAT. 00.,S, r NOW W\ CURTA 8:30 Tckes $ $5 RESERVATONS SC rus On Frdf 33 lor SUn e Unlcr ClUm Group blo jr/ue 02 Av.. ol 2 B m 7323 Rumson OOD YOUR FORTUNE? GOOD DNG... LOW PWCES BUSNESSAN'S BUFFET NEW EXPANDED ENUS OUSE SPECALTY DNNERS ANG'S CNESE RESTAURANT 0 BROAD ST. RED BANK on-tnurs Sun. :0 o 0 Fr. sl XO «0 TE BRUNC S BACK.75 ADULTS 3.50 CLDREN flon's Chmpgne Brunch The lon nn > OT & COD BURET»CAPAGNE EVERY SUNDAY N OUR WNNERS OROE LOUNGE 0 A..-2:3O P.. X 700 OPE ROAD TNTON Al onmoulh Prk wy FALLS EXT. 2 Punk rock rrves n U.S! bu hve fns rrved? By JAES SON nhems s "Blnk Generon," sung. ronclly, by NEW YORK (AP) - Punk one of s mos vbrn performers, rock hs rrved n Amerc, bu nobody's sure wheher punk's rebellous, hgh energy musc nd oulndsh dress wll become he muscl sndrd of he le 970s or jon gler rock, dsco nd regge s muscl foonoe of he Rchrd ell. Old nmes grve owrd he CBGB club here, he brhplce of he movemen, n hopes of beng noced n he punk med glre, lke Peer Tor, once of he Von kees, nd Lnce Loud, decde Punk s mn opc of converson n he musc ndusry nd mos record compnes hve descended on punk clubs lke CBGB here, he R n Boson or he Whsky n Los Angeles he wy hey dd n Englnd o csh n on he Brsh rock groups of he md 960s Rock musc mgznes ncludng he bble of he rock world, Rollng Sone devoe ncresng enon o punk groups, even hough members of mos punk bnds gve he mpresson hey cn' or won' red nyhng more complced hn comc book Bu he bg queson s wheher rock musc fns who seem ncresngly o prefer mddle of he rod sounds lke Fleewood c, Seve ller nd Peer Frmpon wll embrce groups h generlly rejec melody nd nsrumenl fnesse n fvor of he ough, rebellous posure of Pl Smh, he Rmones nd he Ded Boys Punk sn' new. 's n equl mxure of he everlsng rebellous ude of youh nd he smple, hreechord musc populrzed n he md-960s by Brsh groups lke Who nd he Rollng Sones. The punk phlosophy holds "ny kd cn pck up gur nd become rock ' ' roll sr, despe or becuse of lck of bly, len, nellgence. nd-or poenl And he punk rocker usully does so ou of frusron, hosly, lo of nerve nd need for ego fulfllmen." wre John olmsrom. edor of New York's Punk mgzne. Despe he senmens, punk srs lke Pul Smh nd he Rmones look down on he new bnds rrvng lmos dly n New York o ply he cy's numerous punk plces. Gurs Tom Verlne of Televson hs blun ssessmen of hs peers: 'Wh mos of he CBGB bnds need s lo of prcce." s bnd nd mny oher orgnl CBGB performers now shun he punk lbel, preferrng no lbel ll or he desgnon "new wve" n he hope h downplys he punk ude nd sresses musc Becuse of h sress on mge nd syle over muscl profcency, punk bnds compee for he mos suggesve or ourgeous nmes hey cn fnd: he Dcors. Werdos. Zeroes, Vod-Ods. Sv Bors of he Ded Boys proudly sl.uws off wounds receved from fns hrowng boles nd hose h were self-nflced "Young, Loud nd Snoy" s he le of one punk lbum; one of he movemen's Smokes use CB's n non ( WASNGTON (AP) - oorss wh CB rdos re fndng more nd more Smokes equpped wh ers o help n emergences nd provde rffc nformon. A survey by nspecor Rober E. Ells, drecor of he DC eropoln Polce's communcons dvson, found only hree se polce deprmens no usng CB rdo n some wy. And he found, "Smll owns, counes nd lrge ces lke re nerfcng her polce nd oher publc sfey communcons fcles wh CB rdo users." n fc, Ells sd. "ore nd more publc sfey gences re mkng hemselves redly ccessble o he generl publc v CB rdo." Chnnel 9, he emergency chnnel, ws he frequency mos used 87 per cen of he me by he deprmens respondng o Ells' survey. Oher chnnels monored by se roopers ncluded Chnnel 9, he so-clled ruckers chnnel, nd Chnnel 23, whch s used by roopers n Albm. PUSrUj member of elevson's "An Amercn Fmly" severl sesons bck Severl punk clohng sores offer he fnes n orn T-shrs, zppered leher jckes nd chns for punk's predomnely whe, mle udence Whle Brsh punk groups lke he Sex Psols hve receved more enon hn her Amercn counerprs, hey cully re bsed on erler Amercn punk rockers lke he Rmones. The Psols exs n volen. "Clockwork Ornge"-ype mosphere n whch hey cu h songs delng wh nrchy nd nsuls o he queen nd ge cked on he sree by more cvc-mnded Brons. Punk s complee urnround from he rock musc exploson of he mld-nd le- 960s Po s ou, lcohol s n; horns nd synheszers re gnored n fvor of smpler gur-bss-drum lneup; exended gur solos re bnned n fvor of nense hreemnue songs As for he revoluonry polcs h fred so mny rock groups n he 960s, nohng could be less relevn o he bored members of he self-proclmed "blnk generon." "There's no longer he Venm wr, drugs or long-hr forble n such n envronmen s punk hero; Fonze. ough, sree smr nd cool. The mge s hrdly new; umphrey Bogr, Jmes Den nd even Elvs Presley found fme n projecng vryng degrees of rebellousness, cyncsm nd scornful lenon The hree-chord, gurdomned punk songs hve found fvor mong mny rock crcs brough up on smlr md-9us musc by groups lke he Who. Such crcs love punk, prse for s "mnmlsm" nd "reduconsm" nd eleve o n r form. Ohers sk wheher rock needs s own Ameur our ny feel ody's punk groups would hve gone he wy of he New York Dolls nd C5, groups h plyed punk-syle musc n he le 90s nd erly 70s. f weren' for rock crcs hungry for muscl rend o mch Elvs n he 980s or he Beles n he '60s. "The crcs nd he older crowd ge off on he concep of wh we're dong," sy pns Andy Shernoof of he Dcors. "Crcs undersnd nd love o wre bou he 0-yer hsory of rock musc nd s roos nd ll. People need lbels nd crcs gve hem one wh 'punk' " keepng people ogeher," wres olmsrom. "We grew up wh ll h nd ccep. Sure, here's smlry beween he 's nd 70s." os of elevson's 950s "ppy Dys" gng, however, would be very uncomforble wh punk rock ouf: ; W.Ay..ol (l fcf, Poo, Cob Slw Thursdy h d F Fred d Chkkn, P^ rolo, Cl C Sl Slw zppered leher jckes, Nz regl, orn T-shrs nd sfey pns ched everywhere even hrough he noses of some of he more commed. Frdy ', Surdy...RU of Fomdr, French Frs, Col Slw Cold D er Sundy... OmNs Propr An A Al Tlm The one "ppy Dys" chrcer who mgh be com- OW Thru Nov. 9 Cfe Porer s Bes "ANYTNG GOES" PoV. Tnure. vm NK, r«n»«d«hoe».»0»u. w jfow Xme wh ARLE CALL De. o De. f NEXPENSVE ELEGANCE A vrey of delcous crspes, quches nd omelees, nd new specl dnner menu. Sndwches nd sek, s well s our gre soups nd slds, nd fbulous dessers For lunch, dnner, supper or snck, dne wh nexpensve elegnce L Crepe Cll for pry rrngemens onmouh (uppr hvll 52X00 TE SPWRECK NN WAV. 36 KEANSBURO feurng ENTERTANENT 6 NGTS ^TUESDAY STEVE SUERS TURSDAY JOE P NORCA WED-FR-SAT-SUN SOOT SALNG LUNCEON SPECALS To>oy~J Turkey Sndwch, Fr.nch ( Col ALL AJOR CREDT CARDS ACCEPTED Your Choce '2.25 CLOSED ONDAY LA GROCERA GOLDpERG W» won me wr n "» ov»r rom 6 dys. Rche h won vel o L Grocerl hs ble wh he Goldberg lor he weekend, mos fbulous ln s Feuclnl Alfredo food nd nurlly h s good s hs mzoh fnes bllnzes from blls. You should only here n Red Bnk o ry 0 Tel Avv. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - Truly youn L Grocerl Goldberg BRNG YOUR OWN ER OR WNE on.-thurs. 9:30-9:30 Fr. 9:30-0:30 S. 9:3(rlun. 5:00-9:00 79 Brod S., Red Bnk "F YOU DDN'T EAT BY US, YOU PAD TOO UC"

19 SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY. OCTOBER u. 977 The Dly RegWer 9 's success, no money, h ppels o Oversree NASVLLE, Term (AP) Tommy Overree' ndn urn U uk V Ach A AUhw - mn who speks byong. cernly flu Oversreel, he descendn of n ndn prnces nd n honorry chef of he Choclw non, h AJESTCmm "WNOT GUS.--^ Connuo Noon JQQ hd fve No. counry musc songs nd 7 srgh crowdng he op of he chrs Perhps 's becuse he vlues success more hghly hn money nd remns unssfed despe hs ccomplshmens " hve never pu money s he prerogve of my creer," Oversree sd n n nervew. " doesn' ke lo of money o mke me hppy " s mbon hrves despe No. hs lke "Gwen Congrulons." " Don' Know You Anymore," "even s y Womn's Love," "Ann, Don' Go Runnng" nd "Jenne re. You Were A Ldy." "One of my gols s o wre song h wll lve beyond my me sndrd." he sd " lso wn o gel nvolved wh hree or four cs do some producng." e's one of he buses counry musc sngers. A reporer cugh up wh hm recenly durng bref sopover beween enggemens n Bufflo, NY. one ngh nd Aln he nex. " hven' hd vcon n 2 yers," he sd. " don' hve hobby excep r collecng. guess 'm knd ol borng" A he moves ATLANTC OLANDS ATLANTC CA- Frl, So One On One PGW f S ATONTOWN COUNTY - Prl. Sol Kenucky Fred ove R. COUNTY prl.j Sol The Lou Rmke ol Bou ATONTOWN DRVR N- Frl. Sol Rollng Thunder ( ' S. 0 ; The Ovll Wllljn r R» fl: lo T SPY Who loved o PO RT DV N.J Sol. Rollng Thunder D). 0 3 LpWcklRl 5 UANus COLOAL- Frl, So A Brdge Too For (PG L0NO... RANC OVUS - Frl uforby Don PG S. 0. Fun Wl Dck ond Jne PG S Sl urder by Ooh (PGJ, J S. 0. PW Wh Dck nd Jne PG) 3 30 OVS Frl The Spy Who Loved e PG) / 30 } So Th«Spy Who Loved e (PG) S 7:».» S ATAWAN CNA - Frl ; S Smokev ond he Bnd (PG) The Bod Nwl Beor n Broklng TrwnlnglPC 7. Sol Th Bod Nwl Ben n Brekng Tronlno PG 7 9 ATUNTK GLANDS ONU wm.5o TRATORR CNA - Frl, Sol Supr(R) 7 S. 5 NLOPARK CNA - Fr ; Sl Sr Wn (PG) S.. S, 9JO F. Sol Vlenno <R 0. S, 0, «S DDLTOWN UA DDTOWN - Fn Oh Cod (PG- 6,.0 Sl Oh God (PG 2,... 0 UA OD-TOWN Fn Th Lncoln Conjpocy G).0 Sol. Th Lncoln Con.plrcv (Gl 0. J JO. J 0. J JO. 9 JO ALL - UA DDLE TOWN - Frl, Sl. Th LOU R OllelPG 7 S,» X ALL - Frl.; Sl. Cor ops R 7 S. Nouohy School &!rn R " ' ALT b>r:lll-lel.kelf kot) ol mnn J Frl Kenucky Ffld ove (R) J 0. v 30 Sl Kenucky Fneo ovl R S ] S,S 5.7 S. OCEAN TOWNSP «AVe«SQUARE CNEA F Slor Won (PG 0 V S Sol Slor Wr (PG.., 30,9 DDLEROOK OVE - Frl. The Lncoln Consprcy Gl S. 30 S. Th Lncoln Con.prcy (G) 2, ' S. DDLEkROOK OVE - Fr Rollng Thunder (Rl.9.S Sol Rollng Thunde R>? 5..9 «' RD RANK OV- Frl Suplrlo R 7 9 S S Supll R S OVV- Frl Cnderell R) 7 J.9 JO Sol ClndrellR.S.S.? 0 REWSURY CNA Frl The Spy Who Loved e PG) 7 30,?S Sol The Spy Who Lowed e (PG.,;. v - CNA Frl urder By Deh (PG). 0 Sl urder by Deh PG> CNEA Frl Rollng Thunder (R So Rollng Thunder (Rl 3 0, 5 30, PAARATNOS O mrl»k» PO A ««(PoTll fu u e's wrong s r collecon, 30 ol pnngs worh n esmed $20,000, ses hm pr from Nshvlle's counry musc se The prooype counry snger mos comforble n rhneslone su sngng cheng song n Wes Texs - s n unlkely connosseur of r. e nd hs prens rn n r sudo on usc Row for bou yer. " ws lo of fun," sd Oversree, 3D. "Bu we ddn' mke enough Brookdle offers oper semnrs LNCROFT - For hose who re neresed n oper bu know lle bou, Brookdle Communy College wll offer four non-cred semnrs on Thursdys, Oc. 27 hrough Nov. 7, from 8 o 0 p.m. The leder s Juln Lvngson, composer of n orgnl oper, nd drecor of he Snfon Pro usc he Bleground Ars Cener n Freehold UTT UU A Cwmoy lol "TE KENTUCKY FRED OVE" m. Ad erenll.ndu cvelory rw "Tw Drver "A chllng poru ol un b^n ROLLNG TUNDER All SEATS 99 KOY BENSON "ONE ON ONE" AKUDG KX) FAR "TE BEST OF TE BONDS." NOW AT RED CARPET TEATRES money o hre ousde help so we closed." s fns were surprsed recenly when he reurned from 30-dy our of Europe wh berd nd gry hr. " dyed my hr unl jus recenly." he confessed. " ws gry 20. feel more nurl hn hve n long me 'm more relxed on sge " s srkng chnge n ppernce should help ler worrsome mge. " don' wn o be loo negve bou. bu my mge hs lwys been knd of nondescrp. So we wen o he posve pproch. go some new oufs, for one hng. We're gong wh he lored look " n noher recen creer chnge, he nd record execuve Bll Blckwell formed record compny h wll concenre on developng new rss. Oversree wll hndle rs reperore. 's noher pr of hs mullfceed creer e lredy Secres kep hdden for OO yers re now reveled. hs song publshng compny nd s usc Row propery owner And 0 yers go, he mnged Do Records' Nshvlle offce whle hs recordng creer rced enon eld Over 2nd BG WEEK A A rlaoswp TURE NA» YOU DOljBloOK OVES FO OOUf 5AU» KlAll CAU AW WWC AN, oor TE SPY WO 7:30-9:5 LOVED E " 7:30-9:30 pr»ne Am A Aum of "Tl Drn TUNDER "BABY DOLL" Plu 2nd Bg FANTSEX" From he urnr ol "Tx Dr\cr"A chllng podrl of mn obseucd ^Sv &2 VWLUA DEVANE A brgh nd funny flm rreverence. " porj of nun o ROLLNG TUNULK run - en wm r- e. 35 AZ.ET 2 l SO JCTRU35J36 bwdy good humor JUK our. N V PCS «/rsa heres u»» 'Gjfs- TE SPY Uned Arss, uum uumm '""luu" ncmn D mmmwu ^Bs! ESSB r«w<» «N SmKll Alkoll peun lawn GORDON PRODUCTON WLLA DEVANE u../'rollngtunder" KellKl b) KCJN rllnona PCURS ol.! TOY LEE JONES LNDA AYNES [»c»l>fpo<krla»b!ncc«)«oon Prnlucnlb NORAN ERAN DKblONrlN SnnnpUrlPAUlSCrUDRnlfnOODCOlD Sr» PAUL SC8AR rn b» BARr OWUW [^~» m»» ConrOELUU 9 Color prml brovelab BC Fo l "X J.'l^- '7 STARTS TODAY AT A TEATRE NEAR YOU ABOYS D.. Syevlle CRCUTWN Brckown UTONTOWN 0.. Eonown DDLEBROOK TWN Okhun PLAZA le POND ROAD Freehold ROUTE 35 D.. zle SREWSBURY 3 Shrewsbury "'ll ell you somehng h never cme ou. mde Adm seveneen. Eve ws ffeen. hough h would be lke mddle ge. Who knew people would lve so long!" 2nd BG WEEK! 7:5-9:5 George Burns nd John Denver k FOR GROUP DSCOUNT SALES CALL ANAGER AT (20) P^ sv^o» N ^ ^ A ROEKT CARTOFF-KWN VCNKLE l'««a KEN RUSSELL hkn RULX)LFNUREYEV "VALENTNO" LESLE CARON CELLE PLLPS^CAROL KANE,w.,..fl'n«l.«l-AKRY:NN V«(, KEN RUSSELL» AROK ARTN Dn «l l» KEN RUSSELL Pr.^.«ll>s RWN WNKLER nj ROBEK CARTO-- GENERAL CNEA'S ENLO PARK CNEA 2 EDSON :5,50,7:30,9:5, A dfferen lnd of love onj. (ED 7:30-9:5 3rd WEEK 7-9 JAES BONO OOT TE SPY WO A JERRY WENTRAUB PRODUCTON GEORGE BURNS JON DENVER "O, GOD!" TERGARR DONALD PLEASENCE Bsed on he Novel by AVERY CORAN Screenply by LARRY GELBART, Produced by JERRY WENTRAUB Dreced by CARL RENER GAGEENT ROUTE 36 PALER AVE.» Showm ON.hruTURS.-7:5 9:5 FB SAT SUN.-:30-3;-5:30-7:30-9:30

20 20 The Drly Regser SREWSBURY N J FRDAY OCTOBER u. 977 Congressonl delegon moves o scule for pln WASNGTON - The en lre membershp o he New Jersey nd rylnd congressonl delegons joned forces yeserdy n urgng he Defense Deprmen o hl Army plns h would rnsfer Jobs ou of F onmouh, NJ n leer o Depuy Defense Secrery Chrles W Duncn Jr.. he 2 represenves nd senors from he wo ses crczed he mn power reducons nd personnel mngemen prcces nvolved n relgnmen plns h would lso resul n job losses rylnd nsllons The congress members chrcerzed s unjusfed nd cosly Army plns o phse-ou F onmouh's Elecroncs Commnd nd form new Elecroncs Reserch nd Developmen Commnd (ERADCO) Adelph. d Some F onmouh jobs would be los or rnsferred n hs move, whle smller number of employes would be fred he rylnd lborory n plce of hs relgnmen pln, he represenves recommend he esblshmen of "Wshngon Reserch nd Developmen Cener" Adelph. nd "Communcons-Elecronc Reserch nd Developmen Commnd" (CERADCO) wh hedqurers F onmouh Bsclly, he congressonl pln would keep n plce exsng reserch groups he New Jersey for The rylnd members noed he proposl would preven personnel urbulence resulng from he Army's pln, nd preven loss of jobs o nsllons n Vrgn A smll number of employes Vn ll Frms Son. V. would be rnsferred o F onmouh under he Army's pln "Ths pln would cheve he consoldon he Army s seekng (or s reserch nd developmen progrms whou he dsrupon h would resul from he relgnmen nd rnsfers." sd Rep Jmes J owrd. D-NJ r owrd, who hs sperheded he drve o reverse he relgnmen plns, sd he congressonl colon's proposls would sve he Army money n he long run nd benef he nsllons hos communes economclly "We feel h consn delys, cubcks nd uncerny," he leer dded, "rn hve nohng bu dverse effecs on morle nd producvy." Specfclly, he colon recommended h CERAD- CO. F. onmouh. nclude ll exsng Elecroncs rlboro wll jon couny helh group ARLBORO - The Townshp Councl resolved o jon he new onmouh Couny elh Deprmen ls ngh "We never hd bord of helh." Sd ry Denon. ownshp busness dmnsror "Th mkes h much eser Towns h hve hd bords of helh re more relucn " The couny helh deprmen s beng creed n response o Chper 329 of he Locl elh Servces Ac. whch requres he provson ol publc heh servces for ll se resdens The mesure requres ll helh deprmens n he se o mee cern mnml sndrds J7 "core" or mndory servces h mus be provded These nclude helh educon progrms nd lborory, nursng nd emergency medcl servces. Elecve servces nclude ccden prevenon progrms, commercl snon progrms nd he conrol of rgweed Accordng o clculons mde publc when he couny pln ws frs presened. rlboro hd 977 helh budge of $55,00 f he couny helh deprmen s joned by couny muncples s projeced helh budge would be 826,992 Jonng 20 muncply helh deprmen would cos rlboro ( ccordng o he sme esme. An lernve o jonng he couny helh deprmen s for muncples o provde her own servces, meeng se requremens Ths ws rejeced by he councl, however, s fr oo cosly. "Wh he budge cp." sd s Denon. " don' know how we would do " A he sme meeng he councl cceped bds for \ on pck up ruck, chpper, sl spreder, vcuum sree sweeper, vcuum lef loder nd cch bsn clener nd sx wlke-lkes Bds were lso receved for reprs of curbs nd sdewlks A curfew wll be se for wkns Rod Prk nd lcoholc beverges wll be prohbed The me of he curfew hs no ye been deermned Ex-menl pen seekng o wn lcense resoron TRENTON (AP) - The se Dermen of he Publc Advoce wen o he oor Vehcles Dvson yeserdy o ry o wn resoron of former menl pen's drvng lcense. chel L Perln. drecor of he enl elh Advoccy dvson, sd he former Bered women sheler s plnned TRENTON (AP) - The se yeserdy nnounced prve sheler for bered women nd her chldren wll open before he end of he yer Greysone Prk Psychrc ospl. The nnouncemen sd n unused coge on he grounds of he hospl s beng lesed by he se for o Jersey Bered Women- nc, non-prof group whch hs been dng bered women wh counselng nd emporry housng n prve homes for bou yer n he orrs Couny re. Bered women s erm currenly ppled o vcms of domesc volence sd by nex Jnurry he Ths show ws h n Englnd LFORD. Englnd (AP) A professonl llusons nd hypnos ws demonsrng hs week how o drve cr blndfolded Only one hch occurred, uhores sy The performer rn no he bck of polce vn. Polce sd Ronld rkhm. 5, known by he sge nme "Romrk." ws ced Wednesdy for dngerous drvng As uhores ell, Polce Consble Wllm Cos ws drvng n he vn when he sw crowd Whle Coss prked he vn. nspecor Greh Jones wen o spek o he drver of prked cr. Bu before Jones could rech he cr, uhores sd, begn movng nd h he rer of he polce vehlde. se expeced o hve les four regonl shelers for bered women operng wh federl grn The nnouncemen sd Jersey Bered Women nc would renove he coge Greysone nd py ll he operng coss ncludng nsurnce. The group plns o provde 2-hour dy emergency sheler for women nd her chldren hreened by unsble domesc suons nd o offer ndvdul nd fmly counselng pen, denfed only s resden of Elmwood Prk, hs been ryng o ge hs lcense bck for seven yers e hs fvorble psychrc repors nd hd clen drvng record before he ws hosplzed. Perln sd oor Vehcles, however, never hd herng on he former pen's reques nd never old hm he hd rgh o herng. Perln sd "e hs been old by he Dvson of oor Vehcles h he s requred o obn regulr employmen for wo monhs before consderon s gven o resorng hs lcense bu he cnno ge job becuse poenl employers requre hm o hve drver's lcense." Perln sd The Publc Advoce's bref submed o he oor Vehcle Dvson lso sks h oher former menl pens n he sme suon be old of her rgh o dvson herng Energy: Presden Crer's No.l Prory- [ENERGY KT The Red Bnk Regser BOX 3, Teneck, NJ Enclosed s $ \ should be your No. prory, oo! The "ENERGY KT." offered hrough hs newspper, provdes vluble ops on how o sve money on hd, uly nd gsone s. The k whch ncludes comprehensve bookle on energy svng, w chr nd "score crd" by whch fmly cn chr s own energy use nd svngs, s vlble lor only $.75 plus 25 cens for posge nd hndng. Order your k ody. could be he bes S3 you ever spen! Plese send me. Energy Ks $.75, plus 25«for posge nd hndlng. NAE ADDRESS CTY _ ~l Commnd (ECO) mssons nd repor drecly o he Army's Developmen nd Redness Commnd As proposed by hem, he cves of CERADCO would nclude he Elecronc Wrfre Lb Corrbl Survellnce nd Trge Acquson Lb. Elecronc Technology nd Devces Lb, Communcons/ Auomc D Processng Lb. Amospherc Scences Lb nd ll ECO projec mngers TheCERADCO pln would herefore replce ERADCO. he plns for whch Secrery Duncn nnounced n July. ERADCO would relgn elemens of ECO nd resul n he rnsfer or elmnon of jobs "The New Jersey congressonl delegon hs been behnd me 00 per cen on svng jobs F onmoun." r. owrd sd "The ddonl suppor from our rylnd collegues cnno help bu convey o he Army he congressonl opposon o hs move, boh on he commee level nd delegon wde." Secrery Duncn could no be reched for commen ls ngh on he colon's leer. TOP BRAND NAE APPLANCES TVS STEREOS Cfern w. Dme 2" BUCK & WTE PORTABLE TV LGTWEGT AND COPACT 00% SOLD STATE PORTABLE WT UF/VF TUNNG AND A BULT- N ANTENNA FOR FNE RECEPTON UOVUU 82 B. CEST FREEZER COUNTU UCUD Af WUNUT GUOT $ 78 BRCK CURC Appfnce Federl funds ermrked UNON BEAC - Borough Councl nroduced wo ordnnces ls ngh whch ulze $3,000 of federl Publc Works money The frs ordnnce ppropres ( owrds buldng new wer sorge reservor, nd he second ppropres owrds new wer rnsmsson sysem, wer remen pln, nd wer servce meers New Jersey ome Owners CAN YOU USE UP TO 25,000 Csh? FOR ANY PURPOSE NO Brokerge fs, Commssons, Pons.] LOANS ALSO AVALABLE TO BUSNESSES - only loclly bese secondry orgge Compny ONOUT COUNTY NVESTENT CORP. wy lddl.own 7-SO6 condry Uorfg Acww DELUX 2" COLOR PORTABLE TV COPACT 00 SOLD S T ATE PORTABLE WT N- LNE PCTURE TUBE AUTOATC FREQUENCY CONTROL AND EORY FNE TUNNG (VF) OTPONT 30" ELECTRC RANGE (AST CEAN OVEN Un-Off DOO OVN N0 UCT AQUT OVN 98 J The wo projecs wll be pr of he borough's revmped wer sysem nd mus be presened for federl pprovl erng de for he ordnnces s Oc. l Unon Bech's new well, whch sruck wer hs summer, hs receved pprovl from he New Jersey Envronmenl Proecon Agency.' ccordng o Aln Flk, ssoce of borough orney Prck ely n oher mers, councl pproved pponmen of new polcemn, chel P Kelly of «B Prk Ave. n nnul slry of $9,923 r Kelly becomes he borough's h full-me polcemn on Nov Councl lso herd requess from resdens of he re of Fron Sree, Dock Sree, nd Second Sree concernng rson n, he re r Flk sd he mer ws currenly under nvesgon by he couny fre mrshl. Sf RVNG TE AREA FOR OVER TS YEARS" DAVS OVER 75 YRS OF SERVCE ANCE & DAVS 26 Shrewsbury Ave. Red Bonk OURS: on.-frl. 7-5; S. 8- P.. SKOND ANNVERSARY SALE 20% OFF rr "LOFTS PRODUCTS" Lwn Feed «^.<--)»U. $o.36 Weed & Feed ef.$s 6.36 Two m On Crbgrss Prevenve «. 9.$u.«s 9.5f Crbgrss (Tupersn) e$n Crbgrss (Bon),$ 6.7f Dndefon & Brodlef U.%S.7f nseccde ^us 3.98 A/F STEREO SYSTE JT-N TACK TA rum ACOumuur ATCED SKAKS ANDSOE WALNUT TODAY TRU SAT. ONLY! QUASAR 25" COLOR TV ANDSOE CONTEPORARY STYLNG WT A 00% SOLD STATE "SERVCE SER" CASSS. N- SAT-ATC COLOR TUNNG AND A ATRX PLUS PCTURE TUBE OTPONT BULT-N DSWASER SOn D DTOAl l CUSON COATED UNOUS Al DTRGENT $ WKNR 28 ALOST 5 0 TEARS OF SERVNG T PUBLC TROUGOUT NEW JERSEY. NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANA. STORE OURS l you c»n buy lor ew enywhre wh h nl N dey, we wn cheerfully rlund r dfference. Um SnfhW. Uffw Dl, km 0n pn W el Knd. ny», hmpu. lom.. n Crxw. QV UmleJ. l«l» lw w Trwophul ('ref - _ STATE ZP TOP BRAND NAE APPLANCES 9 OTER GREAT STORE LOCATONS OAKURST 22 ROUT! DDLETOWN 667 ROUT!

21 rn plys hunch, srs By ARK AGYAR LOS ANGELES - For he ''.brd gme n row, Blly rn, he New York Vn kee' embled rmblng gmblng mn, wll defy he expers nd ply hs hunch, rng rlghy ke Torre gns he Dodgers n Gme Three of he World Seres here ongh. Ron Gudry, he 6-7 Vn kee souhpw who hurled hree-her gns he Knss Cy Royls ls Thursdy, wll wch he le fernoon cones (8:5 p.m. EOT) from he bench "Gudry needs he exr dy's res more hn Torre," explned rn "When Gudry cme bck wh jus wo dys off o pch he ffh gme gns KC Sundy, hey knocked hm ou n he hrd nnng" Torre 7-J), who s hevy underdog o Dodger ce Tommy John (2-7), surrendered fve runs n losng o he Royls ls Frdy ngh, bu cme bck wh jus one dy off o hrow b'/, nnngs of shuou bll n relef of Gudry Sundy. Gudry wll ge hs chnce omorrow, whch s more hn cn be sd for Ken olz mn, he veern lefhnder George Selnbrenner s pyng $90,000 o collec splners. No sooner dd he cll come n for olzmn o wrm up o pch he nnh nnng Wednesdy hn ws superseded by noher cll hs one llegedly from Senbrenner o rn nd olzmn quckly s down gn, whle rn's fce conored no "(Bleep) hm" on nonwde elevson. "Ken developed sff neck wrmng up," rn sd ler wh no convcon n hs voce. "And s long s he hs hs sff neck, cn' pch hm." rn sd srcsclly. rn dd gmble on Don Gulle's sore shoulder n he frs gme, nd Cfsh uner's monh of ncvy n he second, hough, nd he Ynkee skpper broke even on hs bes. Gulle. who yelded four runs before beng removed becuse of shoulder soreness n he second nnng of he Spors SREWSBURY, N J FRDAY, OCTOBER, openng KC gme, emed up wh Ynkee relef ce Sprky Lyle o me he Dodgers -3 n 2 nnngs Tuesdy. Bu uner gve up hree home runs n he frs hree nnngs Wednesdy, nd LA cosed o (- vcory nd - spl of he frs wo gmes n Ynkee Sdum. "ow could he pch hm?" Regge Jckson demnded. "e hsn' pched snce Sep. 0. ow could he do nyhng? n World Seres, how do you mke decson lke h on guy lke uner? 's no fr o C nd 's no fr o us." Bu Lou Pnell. Ynkee lef felder, ssered h hng, no pchng, would be he key o he Seres. "We won one ou of wo wh crppled pchng sff, gvng Blly me o se up decen roon." Pnell sd. "Our pchng s. nd hs been, more hn deque o wn. "Bu f we don' h, we won' wn, nd we've'looked lehrgc b n he frs wo gmes." he noed. Ynkee cener felder ckey Rvers, who bs ledoff. s O-for-0. nd Jckson, frs bsemn Chrs Chmblss nd hrd bsemn Grg Neles. he Ynkees' hree bg RBmen, hve jus one h pece, gvng he four lefhnded hng Ynkee srers dsml 3 for 3 or.097 bng verge. Pnell. second bsemn Wlle Rndolph, ccher Thurmn unson nd shorsop Bucky Den hve hree hs ech n he wo gmes, nd rn s consderng srng Pul Blr n rgh feld ongh n plce of Jckson, s he dd successfully n he ffh gme Knss Cy ls Sundy. "Regge's hvng enough rouble n rgh feld o keep hm from second-guessng he mnger." rn sd. John's drems cme rue TEY'LL START - Los Angeles Dodger lefhnder Tommy ohn, lef, nd Ynkees rgh hnder ke Torrez pose Dodgers Sdum durng em workous. They were sled o sr he hrd World Seres gome ongh. Clubs spl he frs wo gmes n New York. LOS ANGELES (AP) - The ls me he Los Angeles Dodgers were n he World Seres, Tommy John ws mkng moves of. Frdy ngh he'll be before he cmers n srrng role s he Dodgers' srng pcher n gme No. 3 wh he New York Ynkees. "When ws lle boy used o come home from school nd wch he Dodgers nd Ynkees ply he World Seres on elevson," sd John. " lwys wned o pch n World Seres myself." Few Amercn youngsers such s John relze chldhood drem nd fewer mke no he spolgh wh he knd of dversy hs proud souhpw hs been hrough. Three yers go, on hs wy o probble 20- gme-wnnlng seson, John rupured lgmen n hs lef elbow. looked s f he would never pch gn. A unque operon ws performed by Dr. Frnk Jobe. who used endon from John's rgh forerm o reconsruc hs vluble lef elbow. Alhough he frs-of-s-knd operon ws successful, Jobe old John he would never ply bsebll gn nd dvsed hm o fnd new lne of work. Th ws Sep. 25,97. Bu drems de hrd. "There ws no wy could sy wy from bsebll," sys John. " ws deermned o ge bck n somehow, some wy." e ws he pcure of helplessness frs rms mumlfed by gn css. "Somemes hd no feelng n my hnds," John remembers. "Forge bou holdng bsebll. couldn' even hold fork. y wfe hd o feed me." And hs moher-n-lw hd o bhe hm. " ws funny sgh, ll rgh," sys John. "'d go no he bhub n my bhng su nd hold my rms up nd my moher-n-lw. God bless her. would wsh me." When some sor of feelng ws resored o hs hnds, he ws ble o lf move cmer nd kep n ouch wh he Dodgers durng he 97 World Seres beween Los Angeles nd Oklnd by shoong home moves of he gmes. L.A. 7-8 pck RENO, Nev. (AP) - The Los Angeles Dodgers re hevly fvored o wn he hrd gme of he World Seres, rrh's oddsmkers sd. The Dodgers were mde 0-7 fvore over he New York Ynkees for Frdy ngh's gme n Los Angeles. Th's 7-8 wh your locl bookmker, folks. Foobll weekend V: Pow...Zp... Crunch The sge s he sme s he one se ls yer The locon nd lo of he cors re dfferen. bu when you bol down 's ll he sme Th's rgh. Long Brnch (3-0) rvels o As bury Prk (S-0) n ble of FERCF. rvls The Wlson's. Grndlne's. lls'. Buler's nd Bond's re gone, bu here re he Bln's, ck ens', Whe's nd Kng's o ke he feld of ble hs seson The Green W»»" romped 22-0 ls yer. K^ 0 your hs omorrow Oher onmouh Couny ems h re pung unbeen mrks on he lne re Red Bnk Regonl, S. John Vnney. Shore Regonl nd ul dleown Souh The young Egles re hvng ed Ocen Townshp, 0-0 ls week They my no be unbeen, bu Shore Conference "C" Dvson clsh beween once been Kensburg nd olmdel should be super. wn Regonl, 0-3 whou hvng sepped ono he grdron hs seson, ges chnce o ge s unforms dry when rvels o wnless Wll Townshp ongh Gld o see you bck, Brry Rxzo Two of he hree Ocen Couny unbeens. Lkewood nd Toms Rver Norh, wll bump heds omorrow The hrd undefeed squd, Pon Plesn Boro, kes he bus o wnless rlboro. Oher wnless re ems re owell (0-),nd Freehold Townshp nd er De, boh 0-3 The Rebels wll ry o mprove her forunes gns Souhern Regonl The Pros rvel o Rumson-Flr ven Regonl nd he Serphs ke rp o Unon ll. Welcome foobll weekend V TONGT Shore Conference usqu (2-) Ocen Twp. (--) (7: p.m.): Blue Wrrors comng off ough ble wh Bshops. Sprns couldn' pu he bll n he end zone gns Egles. Ocen my dnce o 'Squn song "A" Dvson Norh Uwn Reg. (-3) Wll Twp. (-3) 8 p.m.: uskes unchned for he frs me hs seson. Would lke o 'srke' whle he ron s ho. Knghs hope o see he lgh. "C" Dvson Freehold (-2-) Pon Bech (2-) 8 p.m.: Colonls hven' been ble o sele on vcory under he srs. Gulls re - n he drk. Lghs, cmer, con. Okers er Del (-)) Unon ll () p.m.: Serphs srng o flp her wngs lle hrder Wll hve o fly hgh o ge over Unon ll S. John Vlney () S. Jw' (TR) (2-2) 8 p.m.: Lncers sky hgh fer vcory over RBC. Grffns wll hve hnds full S. John, S. Joe... you know he rules Come ou fghng. TOORROW "A" Dvson Norlh dlrow Soyh (2-) Nepune (2 ) : p.m.: Egles sll hven' sed defe. Scrle Flers would lke o fly n spoonful, or wo. RrU (-2) lddlelw Norh (2) : p.m.: Norh hd week off nd pcked up vcory o boo. Rockes should hve hnds full nd n' Lon "A" l)slon Sk Lkewd () l Toms Rver Norlh () : p.m.: No mny foobll fhful would hve beleved h he Pners nd rners would boh be enerng hs gme unbeen. 's mzng wh new coches wll do Brck Twp. (2) l Cenrl Reg. (-2) :3 p.m.: Drgons go red of beng sln nd bumped off Rms ls week. Egles hope o vod beng second vcm. Souhern Reg. (-2) l owell (-) :3 p.m.: Rebels' reelng fer four srgh losses. Rms hope o horn no owell nd come bck wh 2-2 mrk. Toms Rver Souh (2-) Jckson (-2) :3 p.m.: ndns pung ogeher hunng pry. The rbe s hungry for Jgur "B" Dvson P Br (3) l rlboro (-2) : p.m.: Pnhers should pounce on he chnce for her fourh srgh. usngs hven' been ble o ge ou of corrl Fre Twp. (-) Kumson-F.. Reg. (2-) :3 p.m.: Pros hope o wn wh Grce. Bulldogs no bou o be collred. nlp () l omolh Reg. (-2) : p.m.: The Brves bled o e wh Freehold under he lghs ls week. Flcons hven' flown vcory roue snce openng dy "C" Dvson Red Bnk Reg. () l Keypor (2) : p.m.: Buccneers slng no Keypor wh n eye on fourh n row. Rders low on mmo. Kesbrg (2) l olmdel (2) : p.m.: Tns rpped Serphs up n ough ble ls week. ornes wll provde more hn enough opposon omorrow. Ohers Ung Brnch (3) Asbury Prk () : p.m.: Blue Bshops would lke o pr he Green Wve. udson nd Glzer wll spre no expense for vcory. Red Bnk Cholc (-2) Shore Reg. (3) l:p.m.: The Cseys los n ough jous wh Lncers ls week. Wll need lle luck of he rsh o be Shore. The Devl you sy. Coch bes off frog heds! EAU GALLE, Fl, (AP) - The foobll coch Eu Gllle gh School sys he hs ofen boosed hs em's morle by bng off he heds of lve frogs durng pre-gme huddles, bu now he's been order o sop. "Our kds love," coch Lrry Cndy sd Thursdy. "They sy 'Look how wld he coch s, le's ge wld, oo.'" Cndy sd hs mn worry ws h hs ncs would be blmed for he em's -3 record hs yer, even hough he begn decpng frogs durng prcce wo yers go s wy o fre up hs underszed plyers. "Ls yer we were wnnng. People would hve loved," Cndy sd. "Bu now we're losng, nd cern nellecs wll use hs s n excuse o pck on foobll." Eu Glle ws 9- ls seson. "We ddn' hve kd over 200 pounds ls yer, bu we scremed nd hollered nd we be he hell ou of everybody we plyed excep err slnd," Cndy sd. Dly Regser sff forecss TONGT nsqun Ocen Uwn WU Freehold Pon Bech er Del Unon ll S. John S. Joe's TOORROW ddleown Souh Nepune Rrn ddleown Norh Lkewood T.R. Norh Brck Cenrl Souhern owell T.R. Souh Jckson Pon Boro rlboro Freehold Twp. Rumson nlpn onmouh Red Bnk Keypor Kensburg olmdel Long Brnch Asbury Prk R.B. Cholc Shore JONNFALK (22,.778) nsqun, 9-6 Uwn, 3-7 Pon Bech, 9 Unon ll, 2-0 S. John, -3 ddleown S, 3-2 ddleown N, 2-8 Lkewood, 6-8 Brck, 2 Souhern, -7 T.R. Souh, 203 Pon Boro, 20-8 Rumson, 26 onmouh, -6 Red Bnk, 20-7 Kensburg, 3-7 Asbury Prk, 2-8 Shore. 2-3 RC NCOLETT (--,.7) nsqun, 22-2 Uwn, 6-0 Pon Bech, 2 Unon U, 2 S. John, 20 ddleown S, 3-8 ddleown N, 2-0 Lkewood, -7 Brck, 2-7 Souhern,-0 T.R. Souh, 2-7 Pon Boro, 28-0 Rumson, 26 onmouh, 3-8 Red Bnk, 27-0 Kensburg, -7 Asbury Prk, 9 Shore, -7 GREG ENDERSON (-8-2,.fl) nsqun, 20-2 wn, 86 Pon Bech, 8-2 Unon U, 2-8 S. John, 2-2 ddleown S, -3 ddleown N, 2-8 Lkewood, 6-2 Brck, 8-2 Souhern, 8-8 T.R. Souh, 8-0,» Pon Boro, 30 Rumson, 2 onmouh, 9-2 Red Bnk, 2 olmdel, 8-7 Asbury Prk. 8- Shore. 8-2 RAY LENA (-8-2,.K7) nsqun, 2-7 Uwn, -7 Pon Bech, -3 Unon ll, 2-7 S. John, 27-5 Nepune, 2-7 ddleown N, 28-7 T.R. Norh, 20 Brck, 20-7 owell, -3 T.R. Souh, 27 Pon Boro, 2-7 Rumson, 27-0 onmouh, 20-7 Red Bnk, 28-7 olmdel, 7 Long Brnch, 2-20 Shore. 2- J NTELANN (JSU-2,.8) nsqun, 20 WU, Freehold, -7 Unon ll, S. John ddleown S, -3 ddleown N, 27-8 Lkewood, 20-3 Brck, 27-2 Souhern, 3 T.R. Souh, 2 Pon Boro, 28 Rumson, 26 onmouh, 3-8 Red Bnk, 27 Kensburg, U Asbury Prk, 20- Shore, 3-0

22 22 The Dffy Regser SREWSBURY N J FRDAY OCTOBER u 977 Wve-Bshops: A se mer! Asbury Prk gh School s no lunger Cenrl Jersey Group school s now CJ Group combn, nd f you don' hnk h h swch hs remendous mpc on he NJ Se nlerschulslc Ahlru- Assocon plyoffs, hen you ren' followng hgh school foobll The Blue Bshops.»ho [jhl lke he devl o mke he gre ls yer n CJ 'roup ws dened h chnce fer losng o RumsonFr ven Regonl Asbun. Prk wound up 6hnng he Shore Conference "B" Dvson chmponshp wh nsqun. bu ws nsqun who go he cll by he se o perform n he pos-seson ournmen gns Long Brnch ronclly. Asbury Prk plys Long Brnch (sll n Croup ) omorrow n cones whch could propel Ed udson nd hs Bshops speedly owrd Group plyoff gme ;p.n>! Red Bnk Regonl Whle hs s ll hypohecl now you cn be here s beer hn chnce of hppenng enwhle Long Brnch cn' fford o lose o Group em, even hough h em sred he seson s Group enry A wn for Group Asbury Prk wll look lmpres- ve o se offcls A loss by Group Long Brnch lo h Group school omorrow could be rel downer come le November when he plyoffs open ll seems rher unfr o Lone Brnch, doesn'. - RC COLETT penlly when you consder he fc h Asbury Prk s he number one em n onmouh Couny (s seleced by The Dly Regser) So. he sge s se Number one Asbury Prk plys hos o number wo Long Brnch n non-conference gme h now snds s he mos mporn gme of he yer o boh ems Long Brnch ws he couny chmpon ls yer under Frnk Glzer n hs frs yer he helm e ws chosen s Coch of he Yer" by he Regser, Glzer s one of he mos nense of ll he couny coches Foobll s everyhng o hm. nd he does no ccep second bes. Sll, he relzes h he s fced wh n omnous sk, especlly now h hs op qurerbck. Wyne Shuler. s ou for he seson "e probbly could hve been All-Couny. " sd Glzer of hs njured sophomore sgnl-cller. "And he'd never plyed before." Sll Glzer hs mnged o rech down nd pull up noher fne prospec n sophomore Kevn Dunn, noher nexperenced plyer who looked mpressve n Long Brnch's bg offensve showng gns Nepune week go. "e's never run he offense before Now cn' ell you he hngs h he cn or cn' do. bu he does look good Our heory Long Brnch s h we ply o wn wouldn' be much fun f we ddn', would '" Th semen looks nnocen enough on he surfce, bu knowng Glzer, you mus relze h he's go somehng cookng, nd n' ullgn sew Glzer s rels nd hs good foobll sense e hs been mpressed by Asbury Prk's speed nd remendous bly "They've (Bshops) go wo mjor college prospecs n he bckfeld 've been cochng for 3 yers nd 've only hd wo n my lfe udson hs wo n hs bckfeld now. nd h oher guy's heck of bll plyer, oo." Glzer s referrng o qurerbck Tmmy Whe nd fullbck Shwn Kng s he mjor college prospecs, nd Krl urphy s he oher guy. "ow do you sop lern h hs college qurerbck fkng nsde o hs college fullbck who runs he 0 n.8? You've go o hve somebody o sop hm Then you've go sprner gong ousde nd wo good recevers gong downfeld You cn' che nywhere You hve lo slop hem ll f you cn' run s fs s hey cn. hen you've go yourself some problems " Glzer dms h he doubs he hs nyone on hs em who cn run he 00 n beer hn seconds, bu hen, why should he dm o h, nywy? "They've go sprner who cn run he 00 n 9.5. e's n excellen psser, so you hve h dmenson, oo." Wh Glzer ddn' sy s h he hs Edde Bln. senor runnng bck wh fne speed fellow who comes from fmly of hlees fellow who ppers o be he bes of h fmly Wh Glzer ddn' sy s h he hs Rndy ckens pound senor lnebcker who should be good mch for he burly Shwn Kng No mer how you look. he wnner of hs mch beween schools goes o he hed of he clss n onmouh Couny Col hrrers wn 8h srgh dul mee Chrsn Brohers Acdemy rn o s 8h cobkculvc dul cross counry vcor, yeserdy defeng Toms Rver Norh 25- n double dul mee Toms Rver Norh oppled ddleown Norh 5-9 nd ddleown Souh. 6-6 whle ddleown Souh be ddleown Norh Jck Lwrence of CBA se ddleown Norh course record when he broke he pe n 5. The old record ws 5:59 se by Red Bnk Cholc's Pul oscello Second plce wen o Bob Snnello of Toms Rver Norh clockng 5:27. nd hrd ws he Cols John Fodor n 5:30 nlpn be olmdel 9-36 wh Blme Slvdore frs n 5 5 s he frs me h he frs rve fnshers fnshed under 6 00 on he nlpn course John ccrhy of olmdel plced second n 5 20 nlpn s 9-0 nd he Rockes re 8- Ken Nchols of Freehold se course record on he rlboro feld brekng he pe n 5:2 o led he Colonls o vcory over nlpn nlpn's Guy Emmons ook second n 5 57 Freehold s -3 nd rlboro s -6. Asbun Prk's Dve Truex crossed he lne frs n 6 23 bu he honor ws no srong enough o keep onmouh Regonl from beng he Blue Bshops 25-3! 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23 ROUNDNG TE CORNER - Bufflo Sbres' Rene Rober () chses he puck whle New York slnders' Bob Nysrom (23) res some hookng durng frs perod NL hockey bclon n Bufflo ls ngh. SREWSBURY, N J FDAY, OCTOBER,977 The Dfefy Regser 23 Rober's wo gols for Sbres spol slnders 9 opener, 3-2 BUFFALO (AP)- Rene Rober scred wo gols o pce he Bufflo Sbres o 3-2 vcory over he New York slnders Thursdy ngh n Nonl ockey Legue opener for boh ems. The Sbres ook he led on power ply gol by Rober on sho from he pon he 8:55 mrk of he openng perod. Bu he slnders cme rgh bck wh gol 20 seconds ler when chel Bossy scored from close rnge on Bryn Troer pss from behnd he gol. ws Bossy's frs NL gol. The Sbres dded wo gols n he second perod Jm Lorenz bed n he rebound o^ sho from he blue lne by Jm Schoenfe. The sho ws pped gole Blly Smh by Rck rn nd Smh could no conrol he puck. Rober'ssecond gol, hs one unsssed, cme 3:30 of he second perod when he pped he puck n from jus ousde he crese fer bounced off he bckbords. 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Slw on gol-chcgo 3-f 5-36 Phldelph G o 0 f -Chlcoo. Elolo. Phllodelphlo. Slcphenson. A helpng he Aln Flmes o 2-2 e wh he Boson Bruns Thursdy ngh n seson opener Ple, 6-foo-] forwrd, ws creded wh hs second gol of he gme :6 of he fnl perod when Boson defensemn Doug lwrd poked loose puck no hs own ne. Wh ke lbury servng roughng penly 3:3. he Flmes sruck o pull ou he e. Ple's sho ws blocked by Boson gole Glles Glber onrel Psburgh LosAngcn Dero Wohnfjon Bufflo Torono Boson Clevelnd Red Wngs J, ple Lefs 3 DETROT (AP) - Rooke Rck Bowness nd cpn Dn loney boh scored for Del rol n he ls /, mnues o gve he Dero Red Wngs 3-3 e Thursdy ngh wh he Torono ple Lefs n he Nonl ockey Legue opener for boh ems loney's gol cme wh :36 remnng on power ply wh Errol Thompson n he penly box for nerference. The gme mrked he NL cochng debu for Bobby Kromm of Dero nd for Roger Nelson of Torono. P Bouee scored wo gols for he ple Lefs nd Jck Vlquee sssed on hree. The Red Wngs ook -0 led :3 of he frs perod on gol by chel Bergeron. Bouee slmmed n hs own rebound wh n sss from Vlquee 3:28 of he second perod. Then he ple Lefs wen hed 7:0 when Jm ckenny ook noher Vlquee pss, he puck bouncng off gole Jm Ruherford nd ckenny jmmng n. NL sndngs WALES CONFERENCE Norrs Dvson T Pl OF GA NYRoner, f 7 Phldelph 0 0? 3 Aln NY slndr 0 > 0 3 Smre Dvson 0 0 Colordo 0 0 Chlcooo 2 S. Lous Vncouver lnneo Adorn, Dvllun Thurdr' Com Aln 2, Boson 3. le Bufoo 3, New York slnd) r Phldelph 5, Chcgo TOWONTO. Derol3.(«Fry'l Come. Plooroh Wshngon, J m. Vncouver Colordo, 9: JS p.m ourdoygom New York Rngers onrso OS Boon p.m. ] 0 New York londers 0 CAPBELL CONFERENCE Prck Dlvllen Phldelph Plburrg, 05 p.m. S. -oulo Alon, :09 p.m. Wmhlnon Clevelnd. OS p m Bufflo o Torono. OS p m Colordo Chcgo. : S p.m Vncouver o nneso, f:os p.m. Dero Los Angelw, 05 p.nv Chlcooo Bufflo, 7:«p.m. S. Lool Phldelph. 7OS p.m. New York Wonder Nw York Ronoen. p.m onrel Boon, 7 JS p m Psons wve former Rugers sr Sellers TE ASSOCATED PRESS DETROT - The Dero Psons NBA sked wvers on Phl Sellers, he em's hrd-round»7«drf pck, who hd been plyng boh.forwrd nd gurd. Ls seson Sellers plyed n gmes wh 5 scorng verge. n fve preseson gmes hs yer he verged.2. A ee-5 nd 200 pounds, he ws he ll-me ledng corcr nd rebounder Rugers. The Psons lso nnounced h forwrd Al Eberhrd wll be ou of con for les lve weeks wh frcured nkle ATLANTA - The Aln wks, cllng n economy move, nnounced he rde of 6 foo 0 cener-forwrd Joe erweher o New Orlens for he Jzz' 78 frs-round drf choce nd fuure consderons. EAST RUTERFORD The New Jersey Spors nd Exposon Auhory pssed resoluon pvng he wy for consrucon of $5 mllon mulpurpose ren o be used by he Nes of he Nonl Bskebll Assocon The rge de for compleon of he 20,000-se fcly Spors brefs he edowlnds Spors Complex s Jn.. (80, he uhory sd. The complex s he se of edowlnds Rcerck nd Gns Sdum. Gf SAN ANTONO, Tex. - Former sers chmp Chrles Coody. reurnng o he pro our fer hree-week lyoff, fred sprklng seven-under-pr one sroke shy of he course record o snre he. frs-round led n he $50,000 Texs Open. Coody, who hsn' won noher PGA le snce hs 97 sers rumph.compled egh brdes gns lone bogey over he breezy, sun-splshed Ok lls Counry Club course o ke one-sroke led over George Archer. Sedy rk yes heded group of sx plyers wh (7s h lso ncluded Lrry Zegler nd Bll Clfee. who wll celebre hs 28h brhdy Frdy. Soccer NEW YORK - The owners of he Norh Amercn Soccer Legue voed o ccelere he Amercnzon of her legue. The NASL owners decded o lm he number of non- Norhern Amercn plyers em s permed o feld one me n dmnshng scle down o sx by 98. Durng he 977 seson, ems were permed o hve 0 foregn plyers on he feld one me. n 978 only nne wll be permed; egh n 980; seven n 982. nd sx n 98, Commssoner Phl Woosnm sd ockey PLADELPA - The Phldelph Flyers hve rered he jersey worn by Brry Ashbee, he former defensemn nd sssn coch who ded of leukem ls y ws he frs me n he em's hsory h jersey hd been rered. A smll No. pch wll be worn on he lef shoulder of ech Flyer durng he regulr seson n Ashbee's memory. PTTSBURG - Sn Glberson. 3-yer veern of professonl hockey who plyed ls seson wh he Psburgh Penguns, hd hs lef leg mpued below he knee Thursdy. The 32-yer-old Duluh, nn., nve, who njured he leg n rffc ccden wo weeks go, ws n fr condon fer he operon, ccordng o spokesmn Presbyern Unversy ospl. Rugers gunnng for sxh n row T By The TV Ameled Ancled Ps scores of 5-7 nd 230, he Kosup. who pssed for 2 op Scrle Kngh rusher hs. wll be he 7h n seres nd rn for noher n h Scrle Knghs reeled off four srgh wns, ouscorng Rugers wll be gunnng for s ffh srgh vcory Surdy home gns Lehgh nd Prnceon wll hos ough Colge squd s he Jersey college foobll seson reches he mdwy pon. Twelve oher New Jersey colleges lso wll see con hs weekend. n n ou-ofse college cones Surdy Gns Sdum n Es Ruherford, Nore Dme nd Amy wll lock horns. Rugers, -2, comng off - wn over Conneccu, hs urned round seson h looked lke dsser fve weeks go. Afer losng o Penn Se nd Colge by opponens Senor qurerbck Ber yrds gns Conneccu, ncresed hs creer yrdge o 2.8S2, Rugers record. Fullbck Glen Kehler s he seson wh B8 yrds n 93 crres, 5.2 verge per run. The meeng wh Lehgh, - Group chnges mde ROBBNSVLLE - Key por gh School. Asbury Prk, Cenrl Regonl nd Pon Plesn Boro were mong he 3 schools h hd her group clssfcons chnged s nnounced by Jmes G. Growney, Execuve Secrery-Tresurer of he N.J. Se nerscholsc Ahlec Assocon. Keypor, formerly Cenrl Jersey Group school moves o Group, Asbury Prk goes from Cenrl Jersey Group o Group. TTe cnonqe n re group clrmlllcolon for le school yer ore OS lor low: OUT J Y UCTON ON Group 3 lo obokefl Group 0)- ndln lls (Oklnd); Group o 3 - verron Twsp ; nd Group 3 0 o " olt JY JCTO TWO 3 l E O G 0 Dv rru. CENTDAL J»»T Group 2 o 3 lohsown. lllsborouor nd Somer Pork nd Souh Brunswck; Group -. - Bernrd! nd Kpyporl. ond Group 3 o - nvlle SOUT JK Group 3 o - Arnegml Cenrl Regonl Bovvl ond Rncocl Vlley (l. olly), Of 0«p o 3 - Bnogeon, Lenpe edlordl ond Tron Regonl Burlngon Couny Regonl (Columou) ond P Plwon Boro. Group o 3 ~ " PAROCAL - OUT Group B lo A unon Cholc {Scoch Plln); nd Group C o B Orory Prep Summll). PAROCAL - SOUT Group C lo B - S Peer' (New Brunwlck); ond Group B lo C - S, ry (Souh Amboy) Werfowl oulook good Werfowl huners, especlly hose fer Cnd geese, my ge some prey good shoong on he frs Surdy of he seson omorrow, bu woodcock nd deer hunng wll connue slow. The wo resons re scrcy of brds nd hevy folge. wll be he second Surdy of he rchery deer seson. Through yeserdy only seven deer hd been repored he wo checkng sons n onmouh Couny, nd hree of he nmls were ken elsewhere n he se. A Guy's Spor Shop n Wll Townshp, Sl Ruggero of Frmlngdle checked n doe he ook n owell Townshp. Russell rned of Wll Townshp checked spke buck he sho n Sussex Coun- y- Cp. Edde's spor shop on Roue»n Gordons Corner repored Ronld cyp of Englshown go spke buck n nlpn Townshp nd Julus Crcheslo of Englshown lso go deer n nlpn Townshp. Anoher deer ws ken n llsone nnm Townshp by huner whose sgnure ws nelgble. Km Shoop of Fr ven bgged hree-pon buck ner gh Brdge on Surdy. dressed ou 00 pounds. Compound bows, declred ccepble by he se Fsh nd Gme Councl wo yers go, re beng crred by he gre mjory of deer huners hs seson. Accordng o delers, he sles re runnng 89 o 90 per cen compounds, s gns prcclly zero for he old fshoned wooden bow. The reson s mechncl superory. By s nrce sysem of pulleys nd cms ENRY SCAEFER nn compound bow cn be drwn o full power wh 25 pounds of pull s gns 50 for he old fshoned wepon. The compound cn be held m much longer nd fred more ccurely. Seve Tczp of Clfon, for-" mer member of he Se Fsh nd Gme Councl, reclls when h body ook specl con o declre he compounds ccepble s ''long'bows" long wh srgh lmb, reflex nd recurve. The dconry hsn' que cugh up o h lne of hnkng, nd ccordng o mne longbow s: ". A wooden bow roughly fve o sx fee long. 2. A powerful hnd-drwn bow, somemes exceedng sx fee n lengh, much used n edevl Englnd." New Rnge Open Jm Trdolo hs opened publc psol shoong rnge 2 Ocen Ave., Long Brnch, se of he old sporsmen's club. The rnge s open 6 o p.m. ondys hrough Frdys nd durng he dy on weekends. Trdolo dheres srcly o se nd federl frerms conrol lws. Shooers mus hve.d. crds n ddon o psol perms. Sw Useful A Swedsh bow sw s no lsed s oponl equpmen on four-wheel drve vehcle, bu now hve one, nd lso n x, sored under he se. The reson ws he cr of noher huner prked n he mddle of n ncen nd overgrown woods rod. leds o good brd cover, bu don' hnk he oher mn knew nyone would ry o rvel h rod ny longer. s cr ws jus off hepvemen. h des o 88 Rugers holds dvnge, wnnng ls yer gme, nd op vy legue rusher Bobby som, 06 yrds n 23 crres, wll hve o come up wh sellr perform- Prnceon, -3, wll be fcng s oughes opponen of knock off he Rders. nces f he Tgers expec o he yer when mees Colge, 5-0, Plmer Sdum. Person wll hos onclr n oher gmes, Wllm Besdes wnnng ll her Se Frdy under he lghs. gmes hs yer, he Red Rders hve won 3 of her ls wre Vlley, Rmpo ener- Surdy, Upsl hoss Del- 5. ns Sen, S. John's s The Tgers broke n eghgme losng srek ls week o S. Peer's, Seon ll s FDU, FDU-dson rvels when hey scored n mpressve 28;7 vcory over Colum- Jersey Cy Se nd Glss- Trenon Se, Ken hoss b. Qurerbck Krby Lockhr, who hrew one score n boro rvels o Towson Se rylnd. SREWSBURY OTORS, nc. SERVCE DEPARTENT SPECALS JS VOLKSWAGEN Z>, ENGNE TUNE-UP (FREE Sprk Plug Pons) BRAKES (0% K All Prs AU Lbor) UFFLER (0% Dscoun AU Pr. AU lbor) 00 PLUS EXTRA DSCOUNT WT ANY OT- ER REPAR OVER $20.00 TOTAL PARTS & LABOR SREWSBURY OTORS, nc Shrewsbury Avenue Shrewsbury, New Jersey 0770 PONE: DATE: Qc.-Nov.-Dec. 977 PAY RV nd 00/00 Dollrs S.OO TO TE ORDER OF PARTS nd SERVCE COUPON C.//...TOAZZA7-00 e»o«wdnj«l«gh (n mood lough Soon Wl>n«loyol Wous Wmn Whoo O U O. l '00 3.S3 Sondobml.00 8.N >.S0.» onpn SOO. 00.N Son lomood WOO S...00 S. CokmnBmh»» S. Pommou Bud»O0 0. SOO 6.98 Dnllvmd Woewol 00 O lloeov 00 S Smgooon lowmd S esm W G Ffl- Wood veneered Plywood 2x o 2x x x-2 2x x x6-3.9.o.79.o SPECALS 2xo-2.99 SPSON REDWOOD SPECALS 2x 2x6 35 FT. 5 rr. x6 27 n. 3x ARNE LUBER CO. AOGANY. TAK, OAK Alfl PLYWOOD CAS CARRY-ALL SALES FNAL- W RESERVE TE RGT TO LT QUANTTES 39 OCEA AVE. SEA BRGT SEA BRGT STORE OPEN FRL TE T».».00P«. SUNDAY A-2,00 NOON 9»»» ':» S:«P ROUTE WALL TOWNSP -USS nqr WALL TOWSr STORE OPEN ONDAY FRDAY TETLOP

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The br s lwys crowded There re prons drnkng beer; here re FREEOLD (AP)- Some people beleve 8 reporerwu fns sppng whskey, nd some re swllng beer nd whs sloop o ny level (or good sory One dy sl week. slopped o he concree floor 0 Freehold Rcewy sood up 27 0 rcher nd bon lde sooper "Slooper" s rcerck erm (or someone who pcks up he dscrded ckes of beors n he hope of fndng somehng vluble e hopes o csh n on he mskes of ohers whou rskng dme wlked wy from Freehold wh $27 0 n my pocke whou mkng one wger y expenses were l 50 for prkng. 2 for dmsson nd l for he progrm Arrvng he rck shorly before he fourh rce. begn combng he rl lookng for he unrshed ckes There remned for wo hours, unl he eghh rce ws hsory Then lef y ronle ws h he mos mpulsve mskes re mde ner he rl When people sr wlkng, hey sr hnkng There ws no room n my sregy for hnkers. People mke mny mskes rcercks There re counless sones bou people purchsng wn. plce nd show ckes on bes The horse wns so hey hrow wy her vluble plce nd wn ckes Somemes he "nqury" lghs flsh Th mens he rce s beng nvesged for possble nfrcons There re wo common mskes mde durng nqures The holders of ckes on he unoffcl wnner somemes oss her coupons when hey see he lghs flsh They re very dspponed mnues ler when her number remns on op And somemes he unoffcl wnner s pulled down nd he number wo hourse s eleved Unforunely, some of hose cke owners hve lredy dscrded her coupons n dsgus. The sooper nes o fnd hose mskes. Why re such errors mde A lo of people go o he rck whou boherng o lern he ground rules A mn brngs hs wfe long for he rde An execuve brngs clen for dy's enernmen. key decded o rrve he rck lle le - o llow he drnkers pleny of me lo do her hng nd mke some mskes No h don' enjoy n occsonl sp myself Bu busness s busness 's hrd work o bend over 300 mes. The sooper lerns o red numbers bckwrd. Th's becuse ckes seem o fll fce down The slooper cn bend over or he cn brng broom. Or he cn wer spked shoe nd sper hem. A vcuum clener would be vluble ool. found my lucky cke shorly fer he ffh rce. ws plce coupon on he frs rce on ongsho nmed Chsm ss. Chsmr ss s -yer-old mre who hs done lle n her recen rces Th's why she pd $27 0 o fnsh second dscovered he vluble coupon ner yellow wsebske "Wh re you dong wlkng round wh cke on he frs rce?" he grouchy csher sked when hnded o hm jus smled nd pockeed my $27 0 Prons of he rck seemed o look me wh combned humor nd dsgus Once when ws on my hnds nd knees redng slew of numbers, ll berded mn wh po belly pproched me. "Any ho ps." he chuckled. Agn smled nd connued my work Afer ll. wh could he know bou such ground floor opporuny Even he renowed Jmes A chener glorfed chrcer he referred o s "Super Sooper " "Do you ever fnd ckes worh rel money." chener sked he sooper. "Would wer nl n my oe f ddn'?" repled Super Erly n my projec decded lo mke one mjor concesson o he rck Every losng cke pcked up hrew n he wsebske The rck ws lle clener h dy. 's he les could do NTRODUCNG A NEW KND OF LUXURY COPACT. TE 978 AC CONCORD D/L. fclkcournj SCO'PQ Brn Ad>0> N ( F.lon Coun Thof Lohmever - PACE Pn U Clm, Rowlng Sree, Fho) 7 Roend Ld (lecouw 7-2 P'e/ Good G'Quere Boomngde Kng Jn - Fne Noe cgovern) 0- BPOU vonkee 'Loonev lj-l Blue Gum (Cufmonol -l N - PACE Peru.2 C m, Corky TooBrerononj Sun Devl Flonl Genoro (Donery Le Scunp Andop'o Jons Solen Tme (No On Srog Ook (Poguel WdO Epr (No Drven fuebrek (Rodoer<, «- PACE PVT WJ j.l r,«y Tom (No pnven,j Sruo me Br«ohn,. JockmonLobe F.,On - F Doner S'ordl S- Urchn Lmol 6 Pr»lco (DekOO'lcnl 8 Sudo Gn Cormen '0 Frrk Ann Greeo) ' 5. K - PACE PVT «Clm omfor«afer'o) S ] Por onomer N (Coel 7 j Legl.n rkey, 9 Bompm ''vonre 'DjpuS Word Egh Porodm Oor Wror BOVO jr.l E Poqup S, Pfep Almhurs! (COf» - Sp'ly LC 'ROSS Tony Fonln Commorw Deson Bresnohon; Selecons y) Edcn ec uch! Domnc nover (Gorg Frm Tmer D Dncer) rch Sreker (George)...' Woner Cnonero LprO Cnoe Fon) - PACE P>Kse U C l erbr, Andre Fhon Penny Royl laooeol - LChe < NO D',f f Grndmom orrs Bum, 6- Ooo Prmce (Sordl ' ' Bordwh ( 0' Boy Rum Roe (Wlby? l» VURhbone» F0W C Rnbone PT DuOmec Comon. 20 m-pace PkTS.S Sonne Chp (Cmdrm. 3 Form Troy D, Dncer) 7. Avon Ados Lucheno) ppy enry ( Rn 9 Green ree Bvd (Coe) 6 Bren Polom Looney P Serlng (GomDronc 2 Buckeye.lf NoOn»erl S _ PACE PrT U Power Boron (Donery) J SwplO Done en J T K Wlly ( Flonl Ae Jr ) s Bomber Bll (ofcerl 6 Sonr Dgneoul'l v Orem (Lohmever) 0 Andys Bye Bye Bum s ll»- PACE PwruUJ Clmf ounn Epo (Bresrwhonl ] ArmbroPepper ( F.hon l NuToTonel Bg Sho Sohpro Scg) S Judys Jolly (Dogneoul) 6 L T Alce (G'orqonn! g Kng Wke (FglQrone ; Nncy Bobv Turcole S - Chrle Sprks, Whe rves. l nbr 2- Rwlngs Sree. 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() The Se Suden ncenve Grn progrm (SSG): V whch he U.S. governmen mches he se's grns o sudens. SSG hs been vl progrm snce '72. Ths yer for he frs me, ll 50 ses wll shre $60 mllon ppropred, up (6 mllon over '7. The verge grn s 500, he mxmum hrough SSG s fl.s yer. Check your scholrshp gency n he se cpl on such quesons s: Cn prme nd hlf-me sudens ge wrds, oo? Cn wrds be used only prve colleges, publc colleges, or boh? Cn grns be used ou-of-se colleges? When s he dedlne for pplcons? Wh re he equlremens? (2) College Progrms: ny hve her own fnncl d funds hey gve s pr of her fnncl d pckges of grns, lons, nd jobs. Expensve colleges usully hve more money hn lower cos ones, so n he end, he hgh-cos school my no be so hgh. (3) Cooperon Educon: Ths complee educonl pln ncludes creer-reled work s pr of your currculum. ore hn,000 colleges he non over offer progrms under whch you lerne ech semeser or qurer beween full-me sudy nd full-me work. 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Workng n feld drecly reled o your course ow long do you hve o repy your lon of sudy s superb wy o ge prccl exnd wh wll your monhly pymens be? When perence nd ese your wy no beer hn do your pymens begn? ordnry job for begnner n he fuure! Cn you ermne he lon before your conrc expres? ow much noce mus you gve? For free copy of "Undergrdue ProAre here ny penles for hs? grms of Cooperve Educon n he U.S. nd Does he lon conrc conn "blloon Cu.u, wre o Nonl commsson for Co- cluse," under whch lrger pymen hn he operve Educon, 360 unngon Avc. Bos- res s cked on he end? on, ss Does he conrc nclude cluse provdng () Lons by Colleges: Colleges lso my be for "wge ssgnmens" or "grnshng," under ble o offer you long-erm lons low neres whch he lender cn sk your employer o ke res nd wh olerble repymen schedules, ou specfed sum from your monhly ernngs hough he moun of he lon my be much less nd send o he lender f you deful on your hn from oher sources. The lons cn be shor- lon? Turn down ny conrc h conns such erm, oo, or cn ke he form of posponed or cluse. Are here ny oher resrcons on he lon? deferred uon. neres res generlly com- YOUR ONEY'S X WORT The economy remns puzzle By JON CUNNFF NEW YORK (AP) - There re les wo sdes o every sory, s s very obvous n rckng he rl of he snl, s he economy s somemes referred o. Especlly when he wo sdes seem o come, from he sme source. s he economy growng sronger or geng weker? Tke your choce. Th pledge of blnced budge, low unemploymen nd low nflon very surdy economy, h s hs never been offclly whdrwn by he Crer people ever snce ws frs mde durng he pre-elecon cmpgn. Bu Chrles Schulze, he Presden's chef economc dvser, nd Tresury Secrery chel Blumenhl re syng x cu mgh be needed nex yer o spur slowng economy. Wll here be recesson? Begnnng few monhs go he word hs been pperng n lmos every sock mrke repor nd economc nlyss. Some dscoun he noon, bu he generl feelng lef s h, yes, somehng s comng by boh lnd nd se. errll Lynch Economcs nc., however, sees lle reson o cll ou he ml. "n our judgmen... recesson jus sn' n he crds," sys, nd goes rgh on o confuse us bou noher wo-sded ssue. sn' Busness Week gzne lmenng n s cover sory hs week bou he "dsressng" level of cpl nvesng, whch s you probbly know s nvesmen by ndusry n pln nd equpmen? Yes s. Bu errll Lynch mnns "we hve fresh evdence h cpl spendng wll move forwrd rpd clp n he monhs hed nd n 978." The les survey, sys, ndces srong pcure. Turnng o he sock mrke, whch s he oppose drecon beng ssumed by mny ndvdul nvesors, we spo wo opposng vews on he curren vluon of socks. Sys D Resources nc., wdely used numbers fcory run by former Whe ouse economs Oo Ecksen n Lexngon, ss.: As of Oc., prces of socks re "overvlued." Well, no ll, bu hree-qurers of he 8 groups suded were so ermed n relon o hs yer's ncped ernngs. And John Wrgh, professonl nvesor, dvser o bnk rus deprmens nd presden of Wrgh nvesors Servce, Brdgepor, Conn.: " s nescpble h on ny bss whch kes no ccoun hsorc vlue relonshps durng pece nd wr, prospery nd recesson, sock prces re ody severely undervlued." Unemploymen? Depends on how you look. A 6 9 per cen of he cvln lbor force, for exmple, he jobless re s hsorclly hgh. Yes, bu 's slowly comng down. n (75 ws 8.5 per cen, nd ls yer ws sll up round 7.7 per cen. Oky, bu oo mny people unemployed. True, bu we've lso go more Jobs hn ever n hsory. "The remrkble hng bou hs whole economc recovery hs been he remendous number of new Jobs we've been creng some hree mllon yer," sd Julus Shskn, commssoner of he Bureu of Lbor Sscs. 's dfferen sory lso f you re blck rher hn whe or whe rher hn blck. Blck joblessness n Sepember ws 3. per cen, down from.5 per cen n Augus. Whe unemploymen ws 6 per cen n boh monhs. Our nerpreon of he jobless sory mgh lso depend upon your belef n sscl formulons, whch s wh hese res re. Remember he concern when he blck re leped o.5 per cen n Augus? For once, ppers, here ws n ssue on whch nobody dsgreed. The sudden rse of blck unemploymen men h blcks were berng he brun of he slowdown, n nerpreon wh grve socl consequences. Or so ws sd. On revewng he fgures Shskln ler ndced he Augus lep ws of "dubous ccurcy." nernonl Pper sll hold ml mnm plus s Generl Crude, subsdry wh excellen longerm poenl. Acqured n Q m dspponed n (75, hs compny s engged he performnce of nern exploron, developmen nonl Pper (NYSE) nd operon of ol nd nushould connue o hold? rl gs properes. G.., New York The shres re down bou A Alhough second-qur- mmmmmmmmmmmm er ernngs rebounded some- lnerbord mrkes nd hevy 50 per cen from he 976 wh from poor frs perod, nvenores o newsprn. hgh, reflecng sles by nhe r e c o v e r y w s ds- owever, he pulp glu nd suonl holders. Abou 5 pponng one. n fc, ne oher problems should be re- per cen of he shres ouws 33 per cen below he duced n 78, ledng ner- sndng were held by he nyer erler perod. And, sec- nonl Pper ou of he suons erly hs summer, ond-hlf resuls my no be woods. Profs for 978 could bu ls coun hs ws prculrly good redng, surpss he pek reched n down 0 per c e n. nerwh wekness n pulp nd )7 of f S shre. Anoher nonl owns 8.5 mllon By DAVD R SARGENT SUCCESSFUL NVESTNG rke hs wo-yer low NEW YORK (AP) - The Dow Jones ndusrl verge h wo-yer low yeserdy s he sock mrke, bese by perssen concern over rsng neres res, posed brod declne for he hrd srgh sesson. The wdely recognzed verge of 30 blue chp socks dropped 5.8 o 88.7, s lowes close snce fnshed 86.5 on Oc. 7,,75. Over he ps hree dys he verge hs fllen 22.0 pons, srechng s declne snce he sr of 977 o more hn 88 pons. The dlly lly of New York Sock E x c h n g e s s u e s showed losers ousrppng gners by more hn 3- mrgn, nd he NYSE's compose ndex fell.35 o Bg Bord volume, runnng Us heves pce snce mdsummer, reched mllon shres gns 22. mllon Wednesdy. The mrke's les declne hs been scrbed mnly o nervous lk bou "dsnermedon" - flow of nvesmen funds ou of bnks nd oher nermedres drecly no shor erm secures such s Tresury blls. Wh hs promped hs lk s sedy uprend n neres res. Res on -dy Tresury blls, for exmple, hve pushed ps 6 per cen nd reched level whch nlyss sy could begn rcng money wy from oher nvesmens, ncludng socks. p.m. close o he NYSE; Fr Wes Fnncl o»%; Golden Wes Fnncl o 8, nd Gulf Republc Fnncl o on he Amercn Sock Exchnge. Socks of svngs nd lon compnes, whch would be dversely ffeced by dls- Sndrd & Poor's ndex of nermedlon, declned 00 ndusrls dropped.5 o brodly for h e s e c o n d 02.86, nd SAP 500-sock compose ndex los.58 o srgh dy. Gre Wesern Fnncl 93.6, wh boh posng new dropped o 2% s of he lows for he yer. Locl Secures Bnk sock quoons couresy Chrles P. Young Asbury Prk ndusrl quoons couresy Fonnesock f C o.. Red Bnk. BANKS B Asked Allre Sle Bonk 0% 7 Cenrol Jersey 0% Communy Sle Fdely Unon Bnk Corp ' Vl Frs ercnnls Nonl 0'% Frs Jersey Noonl 2} Frs Nonl T.R V Frnkln Sole l Jersey Snore >. Wl 5 Brunswck Bonk Trus New Jersey Nolonol Corp n Ocen Couny Nonl People's Nonl Lkewood Snore Noonl ] ] SUnwbury Sle Uned Counes Trus Co S Uned Jry Bonk OUTKAL Auodynmlc V BKkEngJrWrng'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','...'.'... 2% C.R.G. Corporon ' % Colonl Foods D e T o m o s o ndusres. Elecronc Asoclo,, EAC ndusres.lj, Foodorom k [n on KlngJormEkrcrr.l^".^".''.'.'".'.'.'':."..'.'.'.;"'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..' Lolrd ellurgcl n Uond Gloss onmouh Alrllnl onmoum Cpl Wor mouh Pork nmou K m Ese N.J. Nurl Go Perkln Elmer Precson Opcs Rdophone Corp Roy Comm rd. nc Servomolon Splrlel U.S. ome Uned Teleconrol l,, m 5 0/5 V, n m 7< & V cres o wooons nd hssocks nd bons owever, hrvesng rghs on noher he presen me sses re lz.f mllon cres. Cpl ex- lmos wholly nvesed n pendures hve been hgh n srgh nd converble recen yers nd should dd bonds o medum nvesmen o he compny's long-erm quly. The rsk n ownng growh poenl. would hold lower-grde bonds s grely hs ledng fores producs reduced by brod dvercompny for recovery sfcon whch would no be possble for n ndvdul nq A yer go, nvesed vesor. And, llows he fund 5,000 n Frs nvesors o provde hlgher-hn-usul Fund for ncome. ws old reurn o nvesors. Frs n he me h hs ws vesors h s c h e v e d n frly worry-ree wy o nbove-verge performnce ves, snce hd never held record for he ls fve yers socks or funds before. To s well s for he curren de, he fund hs gven me yer o de. see no reson per cen reurn plus subfor you o mke ny chnge snl cpl gn. Wh s n hs nvesmen. your opnon of hs fund? m 60 nd no workng (r. Srgen cnno nswer presen..r., Clforn ll mll personlly, bu wll A Ths ncome fund n- nswer ll quesons possble vess n boh dvdend-pyng n hs column.) AUCTON PUBLC LQUDATON BY ORDER ROBOT. RSCEl AUCTONEER WLL SELL ENTRE CONTENTS LOCATED AT 0 BOARDWALK OPPOSTE BfRKEUY-CARTfRET OTEL ASBURY PARK, N.J. ON SUNDAY Oc. 6,977 2 Noon Lrge ssonmen o rdonl nd modern cockl bles, lmps, ol pnngs, grphcs, crysl, chndelers, Orenl rugs, rre Orenl jde nd vores, Europen porceln, nque Brunswck pool ble, ec. Tll CJ - OCT - O AJO, CfWXT CC.U WT AlO TOAT AT l DWAu. u o n A mconunav rr

26 26 The Dfcfly Regser SREWSBURY. N J FROAY OCTOBER 977 The frus of ecclesscl group-smoochng By Rrv LESTER KNSOLVNG clean. V - "We re relly huggng congregon." explned (he Rev Gm- Pnder or he 3 yerold Lewnsvlle Presbyern Church Ths hd been obvous fve mnues erler he close of he 5 servce, when sw hm kss n elderly femle prshoner Sll erler, owrd he end o( he servce, he congregon ws sked o "Plese gree noher wh he rgh hnd of fellowshp" wh he response "Le us love one noher snce love comes from God ' y hnd ws hereupon cluched by n rcve nd smlng blonde - bu nohng furher, despe he Rev r Pnder up fron, who sw huggng vrous people wh wh mgh be descrbed s dvne relsh The hough of beng hugged by he smlng nd rcve blonde dd. dmedly. cross my mnd Bu m unble o conceve of ny convncng ronlsm h could resonbly defne hs plesn revere s worshp nsed, he whole epsode of hndshkngs nd huggngs now prcced n mny churches (s modem sequel o he ncen "Kss of Pece") seems o resemble he brup hlng of gre ply or symphony, n order for he drecor or conducor o order he udence: "Now shke hnds everybody nd le's be frends'" Pos-servce coffee hours re fr more effecve (nd less fleeng) hn wh mgh be clled "rlroded fellowshp." when ll worshppers re dreced o hug. kss or shke Wh re he frus of hs ecclesscl group-smoochng' Well, Lewnsvlle Presbyern n hs posh Wshngon suburb, he consnly hug- NSDE RELGON gng nd kssng psor snce 970. he Rev Wllm Tum. hs recenly come down wh nfecous heps A wrnng leer hd o be sen o ll prshoners snce Psor Tum hs bussed so mny of hem Then, on Sep 25, fer becme known h Tum hd decded o leve he psorl mnsry, he 950-member congregon held congregonl meeng o decde wheher o ren sssn psor Pnder Presdng over hs meeng (nd jonng n ll he lurgcl embrcng) ws he Rev Edwrd A Whe. Presbyern execuve of he Nonl Cpl Presbyery. Execuve Whe creed somehng of senson by rrvng cld n clercl collr wh brgh blue shr nd rdng moorcycle. " cn fll er up for 90 cens'" he nnounced rumphnly, n Openng hs. sermon (One rred prshoner noneheless noed h he ook n enre prkng spce wh hs wo-wheeler) Execuve Whe's nex senson cme n he mds of he congregonl meeng whch he modered no very moderely For when he sped me n he bck pew he boomed ou demnd h denfy myself (whch he hd lredy done) nd nme he newsppers for whch wre. ( would hve been delghed o dverse ll he newsppers whch publsh my column, bu hve never commed he ls o memory ) The Rev r Whe hen enerned resoluon o exclude ll members of he press Bu George Embrey, Wshngon Corresponden of he Columb Dspch nd conrbung prshoner, sked f he hd o leve oo And snce Rober Ames Alden of The Wshngon Pos s noher conrbung member (bu ws bsen), he resoluon ws mended o exclude "non-members who re from he press" Ths exclusonry resoluon ws pssed fer exended debe wh some skng Church hs counselng cener RED BANK - A< communy menl helh counselng cener hs been esblshed he Uned ehods Church on Brod S. The Uned Counselng Cener, under he drecon of he Rev Rollo chel, psor of he church, hs been esblshed o provde vrey of menl helh servces ffordble prces o ll who mgh benef from he servces regrdless of creed The cener lso s plnnng o presen educonl progrms ncludng lecures nd dscussons of menl helh opcs n ddon o he Rev chel, who wll serve s execuve drecor, he bord of drecors of he new Cener ncludes Dr Chrles Fcc. Or John Breckwold nd rs Emly Schopp. ll psychologss; rs rjore Squre, mrrge counselor; Cheser Apy. legl dvser o he cener: elvn Berdhl. chrmn of he Uned ehods Church rusees; Chrles Buesng. fund-rser; Dr. Lwrence Burdge. D.D S.. of Red Bnk; Lwrence Cron, orney; Dr Glor Chung, chld psychrs; he Rev Newon Grener. echer Brookdle Communy College nd psor; Dr Jmes Prker, physcn; rs Jmes Perle, resurer of he cener. John Posen. onmouh Couny Bord of Socl Servces socl worker, nd Rbb Jck Rosoff of Congregon B'N srel n Rumson RECTALST Noed French orgns Rene Sorgn, console bove, wll lunch he new nernonl Concer Seres of he Uned ehods Church n Red Bnk n recl he church Sundy fernoon. Church's concer seres opener se RED BANK - The nernonl Concer Seres of he Uned ehods Church. 27 Brod S., here, hs nnounced s frs concer of he seson The. noed French orgns, Rene Sorgn, wll be he nl rs Sundy p.m.. plyng he rdezky mechncl-con ppe orgn n he church. Rene Sorgn ws bom n Cnnes, Frnce nd suded he Conservory of Nce. n 95 he reurned here s professor of orgn nd ulr orgns of he Church of Sn Jen-Bpse e suded he Prs Conservory wh Durufle. Lze. nd Gllon, nd receved frs prze for hs work here e lso receved hs dplom from he Acdemy of Senn (ly) for sudy wh Fernndo Germn. Vcn orgns h me n 958 he won he Premer Grnd Prx nernonl J S. Bch he nernonl Compeon for Orgn n Ghen. Belgum A specls n orgn musc of he 8h cenury nd prculrly of he Norh Europen nd ln schools. r. Sorgn hs been leder n he recordng of hs musc n ddon o hs recls hroughou he world. r Sorgn s herd on boh he French nd he Belgn brodcsng neworks e hs been on he fculy of he nernonl Summer Acdemy of Orgnss n rlem, he Neherlnds e s lso orgn echer he Summer nernonl Acdemy of usc n Nce. r Sorgn opens hs our of he Uned Ses wh hs recl n Red Bnk The orgn on whch r. Sorgn wll ply ws bul by he Ausrn orgn bulder Gerhrd rdezky nd nslled n he church durng he summer of 975 The nsrumen hs rced vsors from ll over he world. Orgnss nd bulders hve come from pons s dsn s Venn. Ausr nd Tokyo, Jpn o see nd her he nsrumen Afer he recl, he udence wll hve n opporuny o mee r Sorgn n he church lounge. No ckes re requred for he recl. Relgous cves TEPLE BET RA Elberon Rbb Joseph Goldmn wll conduc Sbbh Eve Servces Leder of nuns urges chnges NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The leder of nonl Cholc nuns' orgnzon sys wns chnge n he rdonl gp beween press nd prshoners s well s he ordnon of women. "We would lke o see dfferen knd of preshood, preshood h s no so sepre from he people," sd Sser Khleen Keng, chrwomn of he Nonl Assembly of Women Relgous. ongh (Oc. ), 8:30 p.m., wh Cnor Wler Blzer sngng he lurgcl responses. rs. ermn Kz wll bless he Sbbh Cndles, nd Brn Kz wll sng he Kddush, followng he Englsh nroducon red by hs fher, Dr. ermn Kz. Rbb Goldmn wll spek on "The Jewsh Le Show." On Sundy, he en's Club wll hold s frs brekfs meeng of he seson, feurng progrm on enns On Tuesdy, Sserhood wll hold s frs workshop from 0.m. o noon OLD FRST UNTED ETODST Wes Long Brnch A "Gre Dy of Sngng" wll be celebred Sundy mornng wh specl servce bsed on he hymns of Chrles Wesley. The Youh nd Wesley Chors wll sng he.m. servce, when here wll be nursery cre vlble. There wll lso be n 8:30.m. servce. ST. AGNES Alk gklds The nnul Noven n honor of S Jude wll be conduced from Wednesdy, hrough Thursdy Oc. 27. The precher wll be he Rev. Juln Pheln, Cpuchn Frr from nerlken. NY. Servces wll be held 9.m. nd 7:30 p.m., nd followed by he Scrmen of Reconclon. A specl ss of Thnksgvng wll be offered on he Fes of S. Jude on Frdy. Oc. 28 CENTER OPENS - The Rev. Rollo chel, rgh, psor of he Uned ehods Church n Red Bnk, welcomes Dr. Chrles Fccl, psychologs nd member of he bord of he new Uned Counselng Cener loced he church. Church o mrk 75h nnversry TNTON FALLS - The Reformed Church wll mrk s 75h nnversry on Sundy, wh regulr worshp servce 0:30 m nd homecomng servce p.m. n he sncury A number of former psors wll sss he curren psor, he Rev. Arhur Lndon, n he fernoon servce The nnversry celebron wll lso feure he burnng of he wo (ou of hree) church propery morgges h hve been pd n full Among he former psors who wll prcpe re he Rev. sc C Roenberg, psor from 958 hrough 968. nd who s now secrery for Progrm nerpreon on he Generl Progrm Councl of he Reformed Church n Amerc, New York Cy; nd he Rev. Pul Ruer. suden sssn psor, who s now psor of he Bellevlle Reformed Church, Bellevlle. Also prcpng wll be he Rev. Nel Busker, who served here from now Es Cos Admssons represenve for Cenrl College. Pell, ow: he Rev. Dr. Rober Longker. who served s nerm psor n 972. nd s now rered. n 888. smll group of people sred church servces nd Sundy School n vcn sore on Shrewsbury Ave., Red Bnk, o serve s "msson" on he wes sde of Red Bnk. n 890, he "Chrsn Assocon of Red Bnk" ws orgnzed, composed of members from vrous denomnonl bckgrounds. n 902, he Reformed Church of Red Bnk ws offclly orgnzed, wh he Rev T. A. Beekmn servng s frs psor. n 955. he church congregon decded o move o s presen home 62 nce Ave.. Tnon Flls, nd he followng yer he new church buldng ws ereced nd dedced An educon buldng ws dded n 966. A recepon wll be held n fellowshp hll followng he omecomng servces. Bck women press SYDNEY. Ausrl - The Generl Synod of he Anglcn Church n Ausrl hs pproved n prncple he ordnon of women press, nd sked s cnon lw commsson o explore wh enblng legslon s needed o pu he prncple no prcce. The preprory process s expeced o ke egh o 20 yers before he frs women re ordned Women were dmed o he preshood n he ls yer by Anglcns n Cnd nd he Uned Ses, where hey're clled Epscoplns Bble Tlks he YCA 6 op A., ld lnk Wed. & Frl. 8 P.. A que hour whr JVS Or s upheld s lord, Svour, nd exmple fr ll. NO OBLGATON ALL WELCOE FRST PRESBYTERAN CURC rdng Rod Red Bnk YOU ARE NVTED TO WORSP WT US 9:00 nd :00 A.. WORSP SERVCES Sermon by Dr. Gerld S. lls: "ow o Wness n he Spr" usc by Crusder nd Tower ll Chor Jon us s we. Obey he Spr Beleve he essh Glorfy he Fher Rejoce n he Gospel "Wh hve we o hde?" sked: "Could we ge numercl coun before you hrow me ou?" bu ws urned down cold by oderor Whle, nd forhwh or- RSK CAPEL A E Church. 38 Fsk S. Ff ven, Sundy servces 0 30 A rschel A oley. Pel- ANGUCAN CATOLK $. AJb he ryr 2nd nd Bh Ave. Long Brnch (Seshore Dy Cmp) Sun n 9 30 A. Son School 0 30 A. FUST ASSfBY Of GOD Rev Oen rrson. Psor 220 Sycmore Ave. Shrewsbury A Sundy school. Sundy servces 00 A nd 700P Wed 8P ONOUT BAPTST CNC S..C. 25 wy 35. Eonown Rev Roger rve 9 5 A Sundy School Sundy Servces A & 7 P Wed pryer servce 7 30 P CALVARY BAPTST CURC Rev Rolnd ller Psor 305 Eonown BNd Ocesnporv A Sundy School. Sun A 7P (Bble our) er- Servces. Wed Pryer 7 30 P CALVARY BAPTST CURC Of D BANK Rev Smuel S Cmeron. Psor Brdge Ave nd Rver S 9 30 A Sundy School A Worshp. Wednesdy. Pryer eelmg 8. P 7-7OB CCTS NKK BAPTST CURC eeng l he Alnc Grnge. eyers ll Rod lor Sundy A Worshp 9 5 A Sundy school lor ll ges. Bble Sudy 7 p m nd Wed 8P Psor Rev Lndsey 5-32 RUST BAPTST CUKC Of long UNC 60 Bm Ave Sundy School 9 30 A ornng Worshp A Youh groups 6 P Eve worshp 7 5 UT BAPTST CURC Of D ANK Co' ple Ave nd Oklnd S Sundy School 95 A Worshp Servce A Assoce Psor Vmon A N Uohm NEW ONOUT BAPTST CUK Cherry Tree Frm & New onmoulh Rods. New onmoulh Rev Donld N Scoleld. Psor Sundy School lor ll ges 9 30 A ornng Worshp 0 5> Evenng Servce 7 00 P Wednesdy Pryer eeng 7 30 P 0U> fst CURC, DDlfTOWN Esblshed n Kngs ghwy. O dlelown Vllge Sundy School 0 00 A Worshp 00 m Arhur R Nmendor nser KT CNC Of CRST, SCENTST 2 Brod S. Red Bnd Church Servce & Sundy School Sun 0 A Wed Eve 8 5 P (Nursery Avlble Sun & Wed) Redng Room The ll. Red Bnk on hru S 0 30 A O3OP CRSTAN SCCNCE SOCETY emorl Prkwy. Alnc ghlnds Church Servce & Sun School A Wed Evenng Servce 8 5 P Redng Room Wed 7-8P All UTS, NAVfSWK Corner of Nvesnk & Locus Ave. Nvesnk Rev R Sorensen. Recor. Sundy servces 8 & 0 A Church School 0 A Nursery hrough 6h grde CRST CURC, DDETOWN The Kngs wy.. ddleown Vllge, or Dly Euchrs, ondy hru Surdy. 930; Sundy Euchrss. 8 nd 9:30; ornng Pryer, Nursery nd Sundy School. 9:30. CRST CURC, SREWSBURY Founded 702 Brod (Rl 35) nd Sycmore Sundy Servces 8 & 0 m Church School or ll ges 0. ST. GEORGES BY-TE-RVER, RUSON Wermn nd Lncoln Avenues ( ) 8 o'clock Euchrs, 9 30 Euchrs nd Church School. :5 mornng pryer (s Sundy Euchrs) ST. JON'S U n SLVER Pon Rood Sun 8 & 0. Wednesdys nd oly Dys 9:30 A. The Rev. Ronld P. Jynes ST. TOAS, ED BANK Corner Es Sunse & Brdge Ave, Red Bnk Rev Fr E.B Sco. Sun 9 A oly Euchrs, Sundy School 9 A.. Wed. 9 TRNTY CURC, RED ANK Cnon Chrles. Bes. Recor. 65 E. Fron S Red Bnk, Sundy Servces 8 nd 9:5A. nd A OY TRNTY ED ANK 50 Rver Rod 7-92/6007 The Reverend rold ornberger.. Psor. Sundy Schoolnd The Servce. 0 A.. Wed., oly Communon. 0 Bble Sudy 0:30 KNG Of KNGS LUTERAN CURC Cherry Tree Frm & rmony Rds., ddleown Servces 8 & 05 A.. Sundy School 9:5 A. LUTER EORAL LUTERAN CURC lourl Synod 88 Tnon Ave.. Tnlon Flls. The Reverend Donld Bggs. Psor. Sundv Worshp ' Servce 0:30 A... Sundy School 9 A.. dered from her mds, by voce vole whch sounded s f bou J o As lef, so dd some of he prshoners, ncludng my journlsc collegue from Columb looked bou for he rcve blonde who hd cluched my hnd n Presbyern fellowshp. Bu she ws Luhern Church n Amerc. ddleown Rd Crwford Corner Rd. olmdel Sundy School 95 A Worshp l 0 5 A LUTKAN UR Or l foratwn Brodwy Locus Ave. W Long Brnch Sundy servce el 9 5 nd A Sundy School 9 5 A ' CROSS Of GLORY LUTERAN CURC Cmbrdge Dr. wn 8 5 A Fmly Worshp wh Chldren's Sermon 9 5 A. Sundy School Nursery hru Adul :00 K Worshp Servce Communon wn be served he frs nd hrd Sundys CONGREGATON BET SALO 66 ple Ave. Red Bnk or Servce S morn 9 5. ebrew School Regsron Cn lfo UNTED ETODST Church S & Cempoel Ave John Koch nser Sundy worshp A Sundy School 9 30A CRST CURC UNTED ETODST 300 Rdge Rd Fn ven, n he beuful F Felds Rev Chrles Wlkm, Psor Church School 9 30 A ornng Worshp 6 30 P Ly Wness sson Dnner & Pgm OCEANPORT UNTED ETODST 50 m S Ocenpo Rev W Wnlek) Wes. Psor Sun ornng worshp 9 30 Thurrh School 05. Evenng bennce 7 30 UNTED ETODST CURC 27 Brod S Red Bnk Rev Rollo chel. meer Sundy worshp 8 30 A m chpel 9 30 &S A n Sncury Sundy Scogl 9 3O& A rwst UNTED ETODST, ATAWAN 78 Alnc Ave Rev Roo eu Chldren Aduls 95A Sundy School orrung Worshp Nursery ONOUT UURU Of TE NAZAENE 982 Sycmore Ave. Tnlon Flls Sun School 0 A Worshp A UNCO BBLE CURC Rev Jmes Persons Psor 209 W Fron S Lmcro Sun Bde School 0 A Sun Servces 8 5 A 7 P Wed eve pryer servce 7 30 AYSORE COUNTY CURC Jmes Grbrelh. DD Psor. 5 Ocen Ave. E Keensburg Sundy Servce A Nursery provded Sundy School 9 30 A Youh Fesowshp 6P Wed Bble Sudy nd Pryer 7 P OCEAN VEW COUNTY CURC Kenneh Gmble Pslor. Applelon & Burlngon Ave Leonrdo Sun School, 9 5 A ornng Servce A Pryer eeng 7 P Eve Servce 7 30 P Bble Sudy Wed Eve 7 30 P Bll BBLE CAPEL W Fron & Applege Ss. Rver Plz Red Bnk' Sun Lord's Supper 9 30 A. Bble our & Sun School 00 A Eve Sendee 7 00 P Wed Pryer & Bble Sudy BOO P CALVARY CAPEL Rev Rchrd L Shw. Psor ees n Nvesnk ehods Church. Nvesnk Worshp A Scrpure nd Lfe-shrng groups 6 30 P Prse nd mery 7 30 P Bble nd pryer meengs week nghs n vrous communes. FRST PRESBYTERAN Of RED RANK Tower ll. rdng Rod. Red Bnk. Or Gerld S. lls. Senor Psor Worshp Servces. 9:00 nd :00 m Church School. 9:00 nd :00.m. RST PRESBYTERAN AT RUSON Prk Ave nd E Rver Rod Sundy School 9:30 A... Church Servces 9:30 nd A REFORED CURC OF TNTON FALLS 62 nce Ave. Tnon Flls, Rev Arhur W. Lndon. Pslor B2-B638 Sun Servce 0:30 A. (chld cre provded) Sun. Church School 0:30 A REFORED CURC Of DDETOWN 23 Kngs ghwy, ddleown, Rev. Wm W Covenry Sun school 9:30 Servce of Worshp A.. CURC Of TE NATVTY Rev Donld E ckey. Pslor. Rdge & nce Rds.. Fr ven, 7-7 S. 5 P.. ss Sun. A., Servces 7:30, 9, 0., 2. ST. CATARNE'S CURC Rev. Jmes T Conhell, Psor, ddleown Rd.. okndel Surdy ss 5 P. Sun. A.. sses 8:30, 9:30, 0:30, 30 2:30 Weekdy ss 9 A. ST. GABREL'S Rev. Jmes T. Connell. Pslor, wy. 79, rlboro 96-B7, S. sses 5-7:30 P.. Sun-7, 8, 9, 0 & :30A.. 2:30 5 P.. Weekdy sses, 7 A.. 9:30 A.. OLD FUST CURC, DDETOWN Esblshed n 688, 68 Kngs ghwy, ddleown Vllge. Sundy School 0:00 A Worshp :00.m. Arhur R. Nmendor nser

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S03 Souh Lurel Ave, Wes f n over 600 Cll 777 3A77 Al he AUTO NSURANCE CEN rondmon Con be «n o 33 Elbrh Askng 673 TER. 65 wy 36, Kyporl. N J CO Kensburg Or-. Ocnpsr. VOLKSWAGEN BUS 70 ~- h PARE PhonlK Brokeror, F U L L T E~~E~CANC - E Kmechncl work, mn ell, wso or Low down pymen Open unl 9 p m USTANG -»66 Ouomon. on P O N T A C CAT AL N Solor perwced on bus engnes ond dleels vrble, power lrlng/ brke), new Wogor 970 Powr broke' frlng, b «l oer Cll oer j p m. 57^338 us hove own ools Apply n person, VOLKSWAGEN Wh newly brke. re. ronmnnon 00 or r, 77,000 orgnl 503 Souh Lurel Ave.. Wes Kcns7S Coll rebul 67 engne Need rns b«f ufer S3 ( burg oer 6 mlslon Aklngfrm JUNK CARS" GAL/GUY FRDAY - For Red Bnk OLDSOSLE 9 - Four door, PONTAC LEANS wo door VOLKSWAGEN 97 BEETLE engneerng offce E x e l l n l ypng power brke, lrlng. wlndow ond hrdop, vnyl roo, powr U e r n e, 000 sklls requred Send leer o: Box C wo. r condoned run well. S?, 03 powr broke. 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Wld rde-n llownces! Al db re resrced o her proper clssfcon nd o he regulr Dly Regser syle ol ype We reserve he rgh o ed or rejec ny clssfed dversng copy. S professonl uo slemen! All ds once clled m nd processed chrged 3 mnmum chrge o $ Free S dy vcon upon cr purchse! NEED A CAR? 0. Up o 60 mos. bnk fnncng!. All models & colors n sock! 3 Trucks nd Trlers DEAT NOTCES SORE OTORS nquon GET RE-ESTABLSED! 00% FNANCNG Cll r. Bnks 2 our Servce DSCOVER TAT BARAD /W Four nlghj nd one dy ofe 0.m. BOOKKEEPER^ Experenced Needed or commercol bonk. Send r«sume nd slry requremens o Bo> B-373, The Dlly Rglser, Shrews bury. AT l l DVE TODAY! FREE DNNER & NTECLUB f OW LATN CASNO! SEE TE FASB0S SAY DAVS R. SOW S78 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREE VST ONE OF TE SORE OLDSOBLE DEALERS AND XKNENCE TE ULTWATC N EUQANCE LUXURY A O-ZE CAR. A KAUTVUL WAY TO OT T LUX. V T O V LOOKNO FOR. CUTLASS A CAR BULT TO NO PURCASE REQURED J come n & rg«r on«o( our SORE OLOSOBLE SOWROOS There ww b«one wnner {wo lcku} per delershp, Drwng wn be held he w e o Nov. 7h hru h. NOTNG TO BUY! LTA, NCTV-UONT OCV, CUTLA C U R l l OUOA, CUSTO Cf. TOOAOO, AND Shore Oldsmoble Delers SORE OLDSOBLE DEALERS ARKETNQ QROUP BOOKKEEPER ^ P r - l m e, hour open. Send resume o BO 767, Leon rdo, N J BROLER PERSON EXPERENCED CALL CARPENTERS - ny permonen pollons v l l o b l f l o r f r m n g shehng, neror rm nd cornce crews. Also, severl hourly poson vlble or good eperlenced crper ers ond helpers. Good srng re Thee opporunes re vlble mny o our ob ses, loced hrough ou Ocen nd onmoulh Counes Coll CAR WA5 ELP Counry Sudser Cr Wsh wy.3s,lddlcown CERTFED ELEENTARY TEAC ER For supplemenl nsrucon wo hours per ny, fve dys week V> SO per hour Cll 76 OO CROPRACTC ASSSTANT - Wll roln qulfed person Evenng hours mnly. Cll for on ppon CLERK - For mdngh shf n con venlence food sore n Keypor. 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S E - S K L L E D nd ose neresed n enerng he rde - h e followng posons. 5 elp Wned 52 Bbysng Chld Cre 53 Domeslc elp Suons Wned Femle 55 Suons Wned le 56 Suons Wrned le Femle 57 Dy Ce Nusery School Busness Opporunes orgges one»to Lon oney Wned ACNSTS FRST CLASS SET-UP OPERATORS SEET AAETAL SPOT WELDNG FEL Offers rcve slres, nd comprehensve benllls pockog. Cll Collec. Or send r e s u m e f o : r. Thoms orel FREQUENCY ENGNEERNG LA 98Bflr9J? ES Frmlngdole. N J An Equl Opporuny E mployer AKE-UP ARTST uperlerced, prl me. on ond S xcluslve cosmec bouque Coll 77AECANCALLY N C L N E D P E R >ON To work n wosh fom For Shore's ledng lundry nd dry clenng plonl Experence helpful, bu no necfry. Srody poson, lull benef. Apply Sr Cleners nd Loun derer, yrle Ave.. Long Brnch. E C A N C A L E N G N E E R - For mechnlcl conrocon for sles nd desgns. Perochemcl nd ndurlol flelf Porl llm. Coll brwen 9:30- p m or 7K> 333 N U R 5 E S - R N S - One ul me, one por me, 3- shr One pr me. 7-3 shf. N w slry cle. 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28 28 T h e DlyReger SREWSBURY N j FRDAY. OCTOBER 977 FALY ADS Tell 00,000 Dly Regser reders! Sell! Qucker hn FAST! DAL TE CLASSFED ACTON LNE CALL TOU FREE FRO ATAWAN AREA elp Wned 5. elp Woned $3 Domesc lp SALESPERSON WANTED - Ok«roll»or for Chrsms sellng Oon Full or pr Urn Fn workng c»wdnon» E«prlonc no no Rpv gvng vomcoon o Bo E A rv orvnlv o lon on of he l Th DoRy RroshK «Counh, mol successful Arm Our f V k ncresed s ooywon n N J Bfl «# ps yer We ore now Openng SALESPERSON - Permnen pon lon Prefer person wh knwldg of brnch onv» Lnon ukuvown >ou wn be oogw he bos of Reel compnd nd ol pors us b l Todl. Bolng m l l Apply n Ese lh Cenury 2 rd»my o Puney mum E «el o rccv on-gong, n house rrn>ng We «roud pf mfn of Lno K n Shrwwr olmd SALESPERSON - Fg. or por m. Ok ll bu wn consder ll oppn kmxdd of gf fop Opr/ons hep.v w'f of lhou q w l A For fw Du wo essenl W r Qul cnfdno nvrvn roll Ln Cow fcon w r y mpcolom. c erf o fcnurv 3, Con Ancv. Bo O S S! The D o l l e o l l U r,? ol Wl o Llncrofl T«-0 Shrvwourv. N J 0TW REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON W or kano hy Se Assoce o SALESPERSON - S o v Sqwr l Ocon Townnp Full nd por fn our n n Prefer ome»p>- "»- bu «rn ncperlenced person un poflow O JONATAN ARTS AND CRAFTS' u b prlncd who ncnd We ofr hlgnwv >o.ols, fully equpped olc good n ll rn nd crfn nd n«dpo>r> (Smoo n Porfolo rqulrod Apjmnulon spl wh bonus nd plv oth Oc#n Couny o» Squor kongenlo mospr All nqulrk W kep onfwenkl Cll r o or O-SSS fro 77 W O J AFAfA AGENCY NC 7 TOO SALES. 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A complee pc x>" o v o n o ofpncw prrs S»ll d, ck rm r v l c TWO F A L Y GARAGE SALE - opormenl ok urned esel, hnd crved mrble Coll oer p.m., 7-W! condon 00 C o «6 - p m 7 -NO 77 Ocenpor A v e.. lojnong shop ncudlng lomlnc ror ulnvcdrlwf l c m c Solo Br jn. Cll 77-V7 Corner o Sch>»nck Av ond O A T REALTORS. Op dresser wh mrror. Erly Amerl press ond supples SW Gold oll rv ub»c o quollfl coon Col 7BRDAL GOWNS AND VELS Unn bles, dresers ond roll op ok S, oowon Surdy from o 5 Xonpor S O prnng mochln, lke nw, nc Slhxpolnnwn der cos Cll nyme for ppon esk Ol lmp ond Kerosene ove. ATLANTC G L A N D S - Beuused. so Coll Rev John Clvlgon. 5. elp Wned men 779-7X7 or l7o-3fo. runk, cool rnge, ools nd nque uly furnshed, fve room prmen TYPST Profukmol n ypl, A 777 bewn 6- p.m Two bedrooms, suble busness BUNK BEDS - Never used, wh bed SEE T E S E! -~Ches of drwers. form equpmen household Oc h elry mlcllonou Oc p.m. o o 3D p.m. wll prov rom- WELDNG BUSNESS - U yor rl Tnd 0 Roln or shne. 79 Lnden couple ules ncluded ecvo elec dng Complfe»e Frs Quly Fo l l 50. wooden cbne. U SO; elef? Glnmory Av, Leonordo W-93K Of Asbury Prk Locus Defnely no erly col fbrcon, owner. wll eoc No pes O) per monh Secury or? porng > m 3U-5n phone gble ond sool. 7 U. sewng pm VARO SALE - ClCrlc rrnf, olr VNYL FLOOR ECANC - us lred^79^m7 ^ _ ble. 6 SO, Csro ch.r bed.. CAERA - Penx Spomollc. F lonr. plngpong lb curon. know l nd on goods nsllon UGE PANO SALE cord ble U 7S, wn bed complee ATLANTC GLANOS - 35 Eos m. Skyllgr. lecronlc flsh wh h mr O d. S, fron )l> ATLANTC G L A N D S - Scenc Prm Cll 7-ofs O?, full sle bed. complee, 9. mod llgdl 62 orgges >rlve. que locon Three room rechorger un SU U-S7T7 W J!LG Corrog Rood. ole lof ddle ern sereo, US. Zenh block nd whe WATRESSES W - E«prenced lnonl. One bedroom, unfurnshed Rd. bwn wy U ond Poo Av N.J OEOWNERS CERAC OLDS - (0), Eccllen TV. U f, oover vcuum clener. US. Ov«r Apply n pnon bwn S PAY OFF klblo r sngle or couple No pen. oyv BLLS - Lowes ne condon. JS YARDALE~~ Four omll. furnr em nd elecrc c l l W One Opendo.v-l S.'S oo chn, glsswre nd brk--broc p m. Shor Pon nn. XO wy S es roes.all Governmen bcked ATTENTON ONE AND ALL - Po- ure. clohng, dshes nd brlc- broc G RSE BED Clen, lke brnd RUSCL S. 75 E Fron S Red Bonk EN AND WOEN monh requred Avolloble VJ n S nd corner o lon Ave -fl Cred proberm underood Cll >ourr sl. TV, golf clubs, bowlng Swn Oc. 9- «nchfer Av, Oc ) secury 763 Coll before noon. 77 CARS - Two u p h o l e r d. wh ol hree speed bke, boby equpmen WATRESSES AND DSWASERS 7700 nd ge New Sr"! Open Kypor Roln doe. Sun Oc n SONS COUC (BED) 75 Tlrrs, nd domes, ses J Rocker, furn /W - Apply loocon ll Counry dn A T T R A C T V E - Four rooms, ex 7b3, S Ncvr ud G E A / F ure, books, oys. Los more. S., SALE - F r l ond Sol. Oc. oellen locon oooj negnkornood Club- Aonfc flond. B TYPEWRTERS rodlo. l Never JSW Cso Coku Sun., 0-9 Wren Cour, lddeown. VARO us be les SO lbs S, 0 m o p.m Gkmwore. ools. Coll offer J p m. 777 K! WAREOUSE PERSON - Applcn 63 oney To Lon J pe recorder. US Clock of Bomm ollow, 0 0 heovy duy rler o l s-up. ond RENTAL$7.50permo, loor, overwegh CRAFTSAN mu b copobl. rcllobl ond hv rodlo, 0 7 W 7 brlc> broc. No erly cller ples EAST KEANSBURG - Bechfron. r ' Rdl Arm Sow. QO U7 W of sb work rcord h cn b vrlren wh opon o buy ? BASEENT SALE - Od- U o h, Dy Av. Es Konsburg. of Thomp- our rooms, ules LOAN BY PONE! 2 us be genunely snfld Lf ruck xprlnc helpful bu ws. secury. ovolloe, KNG SZE BED - ress ond bo SOFA ANO CAR - edlertoneon. O s scellneous > Lowre A v, nav. no fonol Apply f R Jonnsor cere nd wllng o o«ow sprngs. Wh shevf, 75 Co 7 greensh gold. 00 Alumnum sldng Wes Kenburg. Fs rvlce! Secondry morfgo glos door. ', SO Colonl cofe nc.. S wy 5. Kvypor, 0 m, ' VARO SALE - O c 3 h 25 Wolnu EATONTOWN - Tw bedrooms, ll 73.! AJESTC FNANCE CORP Dly-Sundy Elecons excly o p.m.. on hrough Frl. Fobe, pn. 30 Burlngon ouse CARPORT SALE - ousehold ms, S., Por onmouh Second lef of ules pd, sem fur nlshed. 7. owel Ak for r L n STATE RENTALS k r 77W LADY'S BLACK PERSAN COAT clohng, ec So. O d S. o J U n S, 0-:30. CALL US TOLL FREE. 3 us be ble o ord Wh mnk collr, sle 3-. US Nee Cedor A v. Rumson VARO SALE - O d S U. 0 JS ELBERON - Gre lor couple. el chl c-lr>g mchne. S SOweek 52 Bby Sng (800) W dy no OB SOFA COUC - Excellen condon, 3RVEWAY SALE - S.. O d S, 0 Smpson Av.. Alnc ghlnds LAWN OWER - Elecrc, Block nd 75 or bes offer Boy's bed. wo m m. o 5 JO p.m. Gre vrey o us be ble o end 2 Chld Cre Decker, wh bog. SO. Addng mo resve erns Kchen se, end obes, ors. Clssfed Ads FREEOLD - Threeslx bedrooms. -hour clsses dy or evechn. US SO 573 or S66 S073 exercser, gmes, sereo, mel l CANDSE SOFA - Seee nd chor. Colonl, clohes dosef ec. Somehng for ev BABYSTTER - Relkbe. or eoch nng, per week LEAF BLOWER - Seors Crosmn, gold, brown nd whe Scolchguord ryne. r nforr n my Lle Slver horn s low s 7 eodowxoofc Av.. Rum VARD SALE ~ S. Oc 9h 0-. used fve fwur, 30 Reorncel, rnporolon Begn Jo merl Pne rm nd rms 00 Nepune S., New onmo uh, Rerlg- OARAGE APARTENT - Two b U J0 eroor, 0x pool, kchen br. mony brng kks. W End,. 7 erchndse EATONTOWN - Frl,-So oher m Wlson Av,, o Chopmon rooms, STATE RENTALS Bkr 77 9 LVNG ROO F U R N T U R E DOESTC ELP - Llv-ln or dolly, Rdfern Rd Clohes, nfns o dul onepun Lmps, drpes, fmly room furnure. r one-yxr-old chld ond house per ln per d For Sle es furnure, CB nd nenn. 5' GLANDS - y Ave, One-sd Coll r. Pul o LA-Z-Boy rocker-recllner. Lulobye oplfg. Coll vnlng, S-7U decoroor c r e n, mscellneous YARD SALE - So.. Sun., Oc. 5- rom, second floor, he ncluded, 60 A UGE FALL CLEADANCE SAL cnopy crb ond mress, olr purfer h, 0 p.m. cckelmonn S.. per monh Coll Of none heup. ul clwr WORKNG PARENTS - Need re The USED FURNTURE CENTER For FAST RESULTS ond more All lke new Coll 3-?S Unon Beoch blor rlng wlhr lk bbyjr hx hree choo 97 Shrewsbury Ave. Red Bonk LVNG ROO SUTE - Bedroom FAR AVEN - Old runk, Vcorn GLANDS - Pour r o o m, plus ulchldren Rferencs preferred F Grmrem.» Sfof Blvd.. K «m LOW COST B ns. os-oe«m ond Why os sue. Weslnghouse Uprgh Ur re se, mrble op chesl. wooden YARD SALE - So, O d,.,0-. l es, 8S 0 monh f los sunny opor burg. 7D-WU J»lllSorS-OT Generl Elerfrc Wsher nd Dryer TREE-PECE - Lrge mohogony plypen, chrs, ook dresser, lrge orhorn Rd., Locu Chldren's rfl All A l condon Coll 7) 7S fer mrror, ond much more V o. Sol. 9 clohes, les 0 o 3. dnng room se, U0 6 f ll gs dls 530 p.m. o J. Sun. 9 ghlnd Av. VARD SALE - So. 9 m, Lu- GLANDS LLS - Two>sdroom, rel Av., Wf Knburg. Roln-doe, FAR AVEN Relocng. S, Oc. sove, refrlgerofor, wll o-wol. prlvoe enry, pool, own mrroetl. hs, TRES - Two RTOS. seel beled 5h Buen Vlo Ave Ou-door Sun, Od lef. Odds nd rvd Fresh or f r o e n, S SO lb Lobser rdl snow res, on wheels. Ponloc, furnure, mscellneous furnu/e. VARO SALE - So., 0-. Wdhr ho woer suppled, duls preferred Clssfed Ads pes. Secury ond references U 7 clows. 5 b. bog. U 77S one wner's use. Png pong ble, ools, bcycles, mscellneous em prmllng. 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OdcOer, p.m. TWO LAWN OWERS - One R e l EN'S - lrge, leher Elsen lddeown Prevew Oc., J, u Furnure, OrDOUBLE BEOROOW SET - Trple hower jcke, lesure su, por ck ond nory. Good runnng condon enl crvng, Closonne, voses, crysdreser. ches-o drowrs. wo nloh f, hlrh Coll oer 5.-3 One hogny rodlo cbne. ResonGARAGE SALE - Toys, domes nd serlng slver, Dromes, pnngs, GLANDS - Three room prbles. <290. E.erclse bke. 20 PorGo rn, png-pong (oble, wo mg l, ble prce. TeT. collecon of ems mode n BUSNESS ble dllkmnfer. SO Block lounge O D E R N C U S T O A D E SEC PACKAGNG yord nd prkng, references re G60, bby ems ond ms lewelrv. Occuped Jopn, ec. Coll Jje l men, SCELLANEOUS TONAL - Brown nd bege srpes cnolr, SO ognus ssond orgon, 5 65 phs ules Coll rlor 7. J7 ST5J ccllonous 5 opewood Or,. ddle DRECTOR"! UNPANTED SUPPLES Evenngs. l-jo. Erly Amercn coffee ble ond end 500 Kchen se, whe nd chrome, own Frl., S., O d., 5,9 o. GLANDS Thro rooms, nor ol US Junor le bke, S W or FURNTURE LGT AULNG - Ares ond go. CORRUGATED BOXES - Pockng obes, lomo, ec convnlnc GARAGE SALE - So, O d. 5, 0-77 Pes And Lvesock Lrges sock, on he Jersey Shore rgl clcnod. T r n cu nd roolll. Supples for ndusry ond ovng ond DRAPES - Dffodl Yellow Domosk. 7-7J3. ADDNG ACNES pulrd 0. p.m. 33 Dvson S., Kypor. No ng. Coll WJ53 or T-. S0TOO. Coll 77-W OT 63 7 erml lned, lke new '. ' 0. AKC REGSTERED Yorkshre Trerly collrsl scellneous ems TYPEWRTERS OnU. S. O«U, J5 Elecrc grll, rlers, seven weeks old, cromplor Colonl kchen ble OVNG AND AULNG - Nor or US or bes offer, Coll >7l-elel. sred 7S. Good home only) Cll 77 VENDNG ACNE Coffee, ho SARPNNQ ADOEBS - T y p n r n m. Cglnlo lor Ronbl ros GARAGE SALE - Frl. Ond So. ov. ro]. rpor] DRESSER ESSER - Flve^rower. ook, old, OVNG - Desk, S», coff ble, chocole, soup Egh-monhs old, ng o smller qurer Furnure, 7J SERVCE DSCOUNT Prlcn 75 l e d, sngle, ook. old. SO.Desk, 0. 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PLUBNG A 77 o n fer 5 p.m. room nd dnng room, rden cherry rnc l Cofnpl lln«of r«mod«l DRVEWAY DRUS Perls, full se, double BOXER Femle, hree yers old. couch, cnolr nd cockl ble, grss GARAGE SALE - Orgnl ol pneatng ng. Cll Rch Wlmbrg boss, used hree mes, cos moo. wll rum ond rogh ron pol frnure CONSTRUCTON ngs, glffs, mrrors, bcycles, wer AKC regsered, own ond whe. 7Servng ormou Couny y n r WCKER PLUS sell for U00. Cll -5U LCENSE NO. SSl - Bonded, nsurcooler, upholsery remnns, 50 cens. Bol offer. Boke, furnure, gls, on occe edlouoroned All phses of work. up. ore Frl -S 09 Seslr P., DOC OBEDENCE TRANNG - Be BULDNG ALTERATONS - Addllores. 303 wy. S, Wll, N.J. O" nd DRVEWAYS NbWfl. m rdror Fnncng Arrwd nner clsses, Oc. ond Nov. 30. off wh menon of od,?-b0. un od COrudlcm Co WSToT phol drves, concree wlks ond oyshore Componlon Dog Club, 7 PLUBNG AND EATNG - ReWNCESTER ODEL -, GARAGE SALE - O d. 5-6, 6 p. plo Freeeslmoes. FREWOOD - Sesoned hrd wood, Remngon pump, 30/06, model 760 Kchen s, f u r n u r e, clohng, CAKPENTER - Wll o lmn o u n ART-CO PAVNG 7VS7 polr ond rmcrg Gme er wlm hree e seven vr- household ems. Corner o Cener nd FREE Femle puppes, por Begle full cord gurneed. S cord. ble roes. 77 nore lm o mplemen ncom. rlc slorl Crorsmon U col. lusl ble scope p-of mouns. Sorlngleld Bellrvlew Av., Leonrdo.»»» l «l l j To good home. fn mmln. Coll %-Wl. r e b u l e o l n e. eodl ghls n d bol con, 30/06, wh scope ond PANTNG 77.OT F L O O R N G rdwood, ook, bou WlllgWs. V nom GARAGE SALE - A dle of everyroofng SDNG one Crlo sock. gouge double CARPENTRY - monfy. ponng n sq.f. Bundled. US. DECORATNG brrel Sevens odel 3 3 Guge hng S., O d. 5, Sun., 6h, from 0 FREE KTTENS - Well bred Rumson m mukrlon work. UST SELL CONTENTS OF OUSE.m. o p.m. Roln de. O d. 7, 73, kens, o good homo. ROOFNG AND SDNG. Free esl Wncheser pump, del 700 wh ven Cc X ucmn. r, SOU med rb. All guns n excellen condl m Leonordvllle Rd, Belford. OUSEPANTNG - om poner mes Olson Rooflr 3-0 Keyporl FURNSNG ON A LOW BUDGET? on Cll OE PROVEENTS - Acnl. wlrh nne veor experence nd red 53 lew Evenngs 7 GARAGE SALE - Sl., Oc S, 9-5. FREE TO GOOD OE Two ml Check he USED F U R N T U R E OFFCE FURNTURE - Secrery lon. oofrrwfl^oorog convrlom. my own bulnes. 'm lookng for sobkes, furnure, clohng, ond m l cols, boh lered. Lner rned. CENTER OF RED BANK. Fne hjrnl nnud blbwnn, rpon Fr««n l - lfed cusomer o esowsh o repudesk, execuve desk, chors. cllnous ems. 63 SovoT Rd., d TRUCK f AUTO 5&37S or 77-7 ure for les 7 Shrewsbury Av mom. l-u.. Cll W on or ouoy work ond resonble RENTAL prces. neror ond eerlor. for free FREE Wyeor-old smll mxed erwoodworkng A C N E R Y GARAGE SALE - Furnure ond ms- rer. Spyed, housebroken, loves smll nlmoes coll Sol. m U ASONRY FORD RENT-A CAR Powermolc owe low, olrer, hck cellneous ems. Lurel Sree chldren, m w w FARWAY FORD rws plner, olr compressor, rodll or Shrewsbury. S., Od.5 ond Sun, O d NTEROR PANTNG - And Dry. msw, bonhow U 7SW oer 5. Dolly - W k l / j r onhly 6. GENERAL ASON WORK - Specl o l repr Very reoonodle rol. Fre. esmes K llng n cnmny nd frpoc WURLTZER PANO - And bench, GARAGE SALE - Frl., So., O d.. J»l OOolrSpm seven yer old, very good condon 5,0-5 PANTNG AND DECORATNG OO. 3&-2U. 0 mlon ll Rood, Llncrof Crl B Jones Fully nsured GERAN SEPERD PUPS - AKC, fl" PEDESTAL OAK TABLE - Wh GARAGE SALE - S., O d. 5. ull, LANDSCAPNG LAWN For fre esmes coll n e - X clow legs, 250. fmly. Vrey o ems. 0 o 3 p.m bloc nd on. hevy boned, excellen GARDEN ANTENANCE PANTNG AND DECORATNG - n empermen. Good home only. 7 7? f Chesnu Rldg Rd., olmdel. erlor, eerlor. Free esmes Afer W TRY ARDER COUC Wh chr, gold Confem GARAGE SALE - S,, O d. 5, 9 o m. CLEAN YARDS! p m. l ousehold ems, move cmer nd G R O O N G E Q U P E N T FOR Clkr-olc groo p o r o r y 5 Ren Plymouh projedor, mny more 33 Tlnlon Av. mum Coll flr ] p.m. T l - l T SALE - Clppers, dryers, cooes, hydr or oher ne d oullc lole, dg nd col supples. 77 COPLETE LAWN ANTENANCE neror-exeror Pooerhonglng re By presenng hs coupon GARAGE SALE -»9 Dolby Ploc 72 Gorge/Yrd Soles - OpfooU work, rlkonkl, com Coll 77 7 ~s Kombur " mfelol Ovr S yfors fp«rl«nc«. No mer wh you When plcng your clssed d ORSE - Chesnu geldng, excellen AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA nlsclloneous R m. 7-nss. chld! or odull's horse, good on rons Fourh Annul Woods End Grge PANTNG neror, exeror E. (Sry, no good ownf Fmlj U hve o sell. Clssfed Sole Dy. 7 ndvdully loced sole GARAGE SALE - Ook ble, we br US Very resonble Free eslllanoscapno - Lo«n c n nd perlencd. or CoArcf Adnnn) n one developmen Sol.. Oc. 5, 9- dlhe, pcure frmes, humdfer ds do he rck quck! h- work n b v l l n n for 3S v n. mn Coll 7. le (Off Tlndoll Rd., lddleown). O d. 5-lh, 9-, Concord Drlv RS S E T T E R - For slud Fr l m. S O - m or 7 S n o ole O l ddle Rd. P A P E B A N G N G - Ponng ««Cll fer 7 Te D.lly Regser AAA YARD SALE - Frl., So., :X>< Wlp.m. _ ocros from Rorlon gh. Ren Cr or Vn rerlor/lnerlor. snee rockng, opn SJ7 p.m. Furnure, clohng, rugs, oys The S u d y Regser end plserng. Work gurneed. books, plns. 9 Obre Plce, Shrews GARAGE SALE - So., O d. S, ( KTTENS - Porl lrloyn, rlend vn. bury. Across from Shrewsbury School p m 79 Wllow Drve, SCELLANEOUS ly. luy. housebroken. U eoch. CLASSFED AO8 Rn doe. Sun. Lle Slver 67 6 WATERBLAJT - Beforep CYCLES AND TRCYCLES ll cvck o: Th Dlly Regser PONE BARN AND YARD SALE - Roln Of AZLET GARAGE SALE - O d. S N A T U R E C O L L E - Femle Prk ond n» o n dor Jl Pool Av. \ O Rglr P l m, Shrnwbury, N.J hlrw. Thursdy-Sl 6, o. ousehold ems, Beer nd AKC regsered, spyed. 75. Sx 2-OUR SERVCE monhs old Brrer, behnd Sroub Bulck. ll Rd., Cols Neck. ESV $3 RN'S ANPOWER s;; AOND" ORGAN WANTED ' SO OVERWEGT REGSTER 38 cens ^^^ ^o5r REGSTER BUSNESS DRECTORY A DALY GUDE OF BUSNESS SERVCES TO SUT YOUR NEEDS S VALUABLE COUPON AVS 50 CENTS OFF Your Nex DOT RfGBTER OASSflEO AD BUDGET AD UST BE PAD N ADVANCE Cll

29 GLAND - Two bedroom Tow n h o u Cendo, ocon v l w. fully quppd kllcwn, fully corpfd. olr coodulonod. V boh, u of nnl cour nd pool OO monhly. Cll JflKEANUURG - Cheer V» room u de, wh led bh, newly hxnlhed, loundrsmo on propery. fws per menrh All ules ncluded SuloWe )red p r o n TE ED ANK - Thrbrroom opr) mnf 73 p«r menn nd u l l l l l. wcurly nd r«frnc«rqulrd n ur«j» WoKoc U. Rod Bnk, fur Dp m ED SANK - Three bedroom, lvng oom. dnng room, kchen, full bh Ol hoo Excellen locon «27S mon Ules no ncluded No pe 77Se nyme D BNfc KEANURG - Wr floor, lore l r«wn pnmmn, hree bedroom ) Lncoln '.. U per monh plu ull e nd secury Col 3J J 7 p.m. K E A N U R O - odern one bed reom prmen, hll he bh Apr men A. n Grove P per monh eorlc. Secury Coll beween 7 A TENTALhr KfANSURG - Sn room modern pwmf S Slo Drlvr Rfrncn roqulrod. plu ullllc Rdy K E A N U - Two-bodroom, llv nf room, fclood porch, l ok, S p«r monh olu ullo On monh curhy Go o S3 Lncoln Cl K E A N U R G - Two one bedroom oprmen, «7J monh e ond ho wer ncluded New York bullne Reoronc requred 5 W 7 W wn you! hlp u keep ren of her owe By monllnlng ) W V occupncy w re effecvely keepng n down Sudo orlng ol l? 3 f on bedroom hgrlng %VK nd wo bdroorm orng of W5. h r bed oomolo SEA BRGT OCEANFRONT Two l l h SREWSBURY TOWNSP - One ond wo bedroom prmens vl ble Lrge r o o m, e n kchen One Sock o knppng oll ond b u S nlor Clllen proe/om vlble Cll uur T N T O N FALLS - T w e b e d r e o m, sem furnlhed. eoknf for couple, TATE RENTAL Bkr 77? WE ARE OW ACCEPTNG - Appll on or W fll nd wner renls bedroom from O Two-bedroom from 33 e ond ho wer up>lld Pool prlvlledg ncluded n ren KEYPORT - odern ll elecrc wo ll or pponmen,» 000 No bedroom Lvng room, klchen, boh W. CT monh. n r m LONG R A N C -~lmmedl~occu WEST E N O - Onbedroom opr pncv Unfurnlhed poclou wo oed men, ol ules ncluded U per room Second floor pormenl U o monh Coll evenngs only, 727 l pu»eerrlc O-ee WEST END T W D O F. K. V ll ul LONO B R A N C - Coy w<troom lle ree, ner sore, 30 ) 9 furnlhed eormen No wcurly or STATE RENTALS Bkr k. All ulllle ncluded WEST E N D " - ~ l S 7 furnshed, unfur LOVELY - Fve room, kd, p e l nlhed, full kchenee, olr Pool, r rce S5lol «3S o k. Long Brnch, won' los l l STATE R N T A L l f c r 7 U WEST KEANSBURG - Effcency, lwc bh nd klchen, clen, que, LUXURY G-RSE APART LUXURY G-RSE APARTENT - On rver Onebedroom U00 oe monh ms A AWANCROS5 ROAD ANOR One nd wo bedroom e, ho w er. cookng n. olr condoned A E m sf <J ATAWAN - Ken Grden, Wfl m nd wo bedroom prmens srlm O. Crpeng hroughou Ar con dmonn Lo porklng, Swlmmln pool n Tennl cour. Your ver own poo Wlk o hopolr>g ond N V Cy commung SU 00 Open. p m. o n ofrl STATE RENTALS Bkr 03 ouses For Ren A l R E N T A L S E R V C E S - Furnshed ond unfurnlhed home nd opor men vlble Shor or long erm OOS No ee l enns CAASSA AGENCY, Reolor. }5 Oce ' Ave, Wel Long Brnc 77? 00 F V E B E D R O O - Bl l e v e l, wo bhs, mny xr, lddleown, cll T E RENTALS BK GLANDS - Four bedroom home 330 per monh plu u l e s, o n monh secury nd one yer leo RVERSDE AGENCY, NC. W 77 e d r o o m bur A T A W A N - One be GLANDS No les, he, pe TS ok. wo bedroom, S0 " plu ull STATE RENTALS Bkr 7V # DDLETOWN - Seldom ovollobl O L D E L - Colonl Four bed One-bedroom, lrge modern por room, 7V bh Cnrol olr cond men l ) per monh plu elecrc onng, flrepoce lrepoce o ond d fmly fmy T c r grge One cre c p r l v o Secury requred W uh fenced n, beufully l n d s c d ODERN GAROEN APARTENT - Convenen o Prkwy. Rf. S Ond PrkeOOmonn Collf 00 er ll rofwporlon. hopplng O L D E L - F o u r spcous b e d eenr ond choel Coll beween " room, on 300 ocres. frepoc every O N O U T BEAC G A R D E N APARTENTS - On nd wo bed reorm e nd ho wer upp Poo, «eme wh ocen or rh«r " cmow! - Two bedroom. 77 K - O n he velnfc~ Rf 0 BANK lumpbrory P Penhouse prmen RED BANK - Three room prmen m Pr monh wh no ules Seo rly requred e pes 77 (l. RED RANK - Three bedroom opr men ClO o O» romporoon U l nqure o fe Ooklory) S» OT - O» O» «< STATE RENTALS Bkr 77-3 OWELL ~r«^loorn room, vlble now. ul J'S STATE RENTALS Bkr 77 f3 l ANS8UKO Three room house KEANSBURG - Very prve hree roomhou refy now. n s STATE RENTALSBkr Ul» KEYPORT/UNON BEAC AREA Two bedroom duple, p r l v o rncs. ully corpeed. fenced n yord Cll beween p m. J J n LEONARDO - odern wobedroo home or ren. D S per monh n eludng no ules Before p m, f r m Afer. 77 Tn No pe Sol e or couple LEONARDO - Three bedroom. ul ok. full cellr, pneled nd crpee Chn lnk fenced yrd. felqo JOO Col3 577oer S p m ke Yourself Chrsms gc! CENTURY 3 COZENS. Reolor ndependenly Owned Rver Rd. Fr ven ED BANK - Three lrge bedroom. EST A L L E N U R S T - T h r e e joclou bedrooms, nce re, low TATE RENTALS Bkr 77 UU 03 Renls To Shore WOULO'vVlDOW - Lke o shre her home nd pen«wh noher oc v wdow on penson? lddlownllon ghlnds or Coll p.m., 0 Wner Renol ALL RENTAL - Vocon home ocono. Perm Four bedroom chle. rlve bech club, lennl cour, poll ourse Weekend!, weekly, monhly 77WJ OCONOS - Weekend, week. ec. ew ronch, sleeps egh Freplce, wshef/dryer. dlshwoher. U mlle o Comelboch ndoor pool/un, lounge V )07 OCONOS - Wld Acre Lke Four bedrooms. Lokeron Alpne Cheu wh flrepoce All wner spors, noor pool Weekend or seson 7 mm A B R G T ' - Effcency ond moel un Weekly nd monhly res, md servce, ules, TV No lese Trde Wnds oel & rn 3' EA BRGT - Very lorge one-bed oom, modern pplnces, only $700 TAT6 RENTALS Bkr T7-W 'RGN SLANDS - Sophlc Beoch.,l Thoms. Wlerlron pormenl Uorlno, pools, ennl, scub 7 SJ 06 Furnshed Rooms RED BANK NCOE PROPERTY Two one-bedroom prmens, lovely re, mple prkng, p g wlkng dsnce b ^ n d s h oshoppln p p l n g. 32,500 Cll 5 p m. S3 S3 679 L T T L E SLVER - Two s ry res d n e. Forml dnng roor kchen, den, hree bedroo bh, ched g r g e, h 36 ndusrl Propery, Send l. B for ech pern. Add Kc for ech pern for frs-clss rml nd hndlng. Send o: Lur Wheeler, Needlecrf Dep., Red Bnk Regser, Box U l, Old Chelse S., New York, NY 00 Prn Nme, Address, Zp, Pern Number. NEW! 200 desgns o kn, croche, qul, sew, plus 3 FREE nsde NEW 77 NEEDLECRAFT CATALOG. Send 75c. ETTER TAN NEW CENTRAL AR our huge bedrooms, wo lluxury uxury bhs, forml dnng room, 77' 7' m«9 d, l l po Uly om, wo cr oroo Fores ELED REALTY NC 7-SS0 R ' C V " T 0 W N ~ T r ~ ~ C l e f l Lves K " nd you con ool Absoluely n condon rnch home on V o c r e Three bedroom. 30' lorpeed lv ng room, bemed cellng, wo plo Spcous kchen Ncely londfcoped A/FA buyers welcome Don' mls,»00 K R W A N R E A L T O R S, el Ee One. (SOU f f 3900 Toll e ( O l - m - OperWdoy_unll^. RCK TOWN - "Snuggle U p " long d hl cusom freplce n 70 fomy oom, lo feurng counry kchen, ll lo wll crpeng Wooded rogc OOO owrds pur l ecllnf sng co» See hs exng o qulfed quolllec onch lodoy VA no down o ycrs 0,90 K R W A N R E A L S>RS Rel Ese One, 20) ol free (B77» l l Open dys UYEf'SBEST (7,000 our spcous bedrooms, S' mser 'oom, forml dnng room, scence ren, uly room 09' londcoped AELED REALTY NC. 7 S» ~ l j Y ~ 0 T E L L "^~Vour~home hrough n fllllle of he lrges rel ese ompony n he world Cenury 7 Co Reolor, 7 7 ulple ls ngusto OES - S% down flnonc" g. From U.900 New locons nd ver sed los vlble ole nd lddleown or KEANSBURG - Furnlhed rooms ond urnlshed opormer - KEYPORT - One ond wo rooms, prl lege 3 RED BANK - Lrge room, cleon ond comforble Prve enrnce. del OCOllon Prkng?? o r W W ROOS ROOS ROOS y o m o p h e r e. neor r m porolon, very resonble 9S 7S3 TWO ROOS - Eher Sngle room o bed lng room. Ner ocen. 0 ech Wrlle flo< D 39. The Dlly Reg e Shrewsbury WEST LONG BRANC - Beufully furnshed room for ren by week or monh. nclude! mold' servce, ndl vduol conrol ol heng ond r condl onng, color T V, phone servce pleny of prkmg. ules ncluded No secury requred. oldy nn nn w Y U. Wel Long Brnch 779 yl TOO 08 Commercl Renls ATLANTC GLANDS - 3,000 o. f wrehoos'lgh mnufcurng spce Wh > ocre prkng on mn sree gh celkng. modern offce howroom. fully nued Wolk o bonk, polce, pos offce, recreon Wll oer Ne leoe, ll or por, m ATTRACTVF od»rn offce O 0 Sprng S, Red Bnk, wo o l«offce ulle. On premses prkng Ner shoo nd reouronfs. one blok from Rlvervlew ospl, bu wy from rofflc ms Low renl ncludng complee kmlorlol servces ond sup >lles Phone lor dels or showng o ' WW ATTRACTVE OFFCE SPACE - Ap prolmely.s00 Sq f Low renoll Wll dvde o ulle el nd olr con dlonlng ncluded Coll m EXCELLENT LOCATON - Adlocen o hevy rffc loundere 7O0 Sq F us see Cll 77 WOO AZLET - wy, sore or uob for offce 0 So F eo ond olr m dlllonlng 77 U30 ATAWAN Three modern okes prve enrnce, mple prkng R ESRABLE LNCROFT LOCATON US Porkvlew Terrce. Three-bed oom rnch wh cenrl r, mny e Close o Porkwoy ond commuer es. Gre neghborhood or chllen.900 Coll us ody. CENTURY 2 COZENS, Reolor "ndependenly Owned" 0 l le Rd. Llncro, 7 m NNG WT AN OCEAN VEW wo new cusom Bl levels Three bed ooms, 7" bhs, pneled nd crpel ed den wh flrepoce. cenrl r con lonlng, Andersen wndows, mny»rw.sblorn-37. kl PL ACT TRTES wee spcous bedroom, ' dnng om, super scence kchen, full wll ck freplce, bsemen, grge. Ap PROFESSONAL OFFCE SUTE Ground floor, suble or docor o dens JJJ Brod S. Red Bnk 77 J73Q, o n PROFESSONAL OFFCE SPACE Tlnlon Fols (Sycmore Ave ) E l ng buldng occuped by GP ond Den l. beng expnded del or m o medcl speclss, wll fnsh o ul for Jn occupncy f d 3 3 RED BANK - Offces ond showroom Frs floor. 3O sq f, second floor 000 sq f, hrd floor, 000 o f E cellenf locon Resonble 6>l O3J RED BANK - Sores, bouque shops o ren. o 700 per monh 6 onmouh Couny LAWLEY AGENCY wy 35ondNveslnl Rver Rd ddleown-rcolor-7-a262 PRCE CANGE - Owner nlou. hes commung nd o leve hl lovely cusom hree bedroom home Counry kchen, lvng room wh full wll freplce, house loded wh ex rov n-ground pool, lrge 700 f lol, much more Reduced lo V PAUL P _ B O V A J N C, Relor. 67 2S REAL ESTATE EXCANGE Ll nd buy wh member of on mouh Couny's lrges rely group- A one-yer wrrny vlble on ol homes lsed nd sold by member of he Rel Ese UO E(.chnge, Relors RED BANK -^juteduced. under sesd vlue Lovely neghborhood, wo bedroom. housewfe's drem kchen, dnng room, den nd lvng room (77xlS) wh flrepl c,900 RAY 5TLLAN AGENCY, 7 le) RED BANK"- professonl^ loned, cener hll Colonl Seven rooms, wo bhs,000. TWO STORY Convenen locon. 6 fmly room wh sone re ce, bul n br, modern e n wh brck wll oven, freplce fnlchen lvng room, S f dnng room, le bh, hree bedrooms, full bsemen Askng 57, ATTENTON - Renls Woned Yerly or Wner Coll 3 - e e, : 3 0 o :» WOAN ARTST - Seeks unfurnshed sudo wh lvng qurers. Very reo sonble. References. 2-77W Yours n Wnk! 3 ouses For Sole ACCENT on LOCATON TWO mn pern prs h's ll! Cu ou nd sch up hs glmorous Grecne gown n wnk. Rbbonhru csng crees sof drped effec. Prned Pern 9272: sses Szes Sze 2 (bus 3) requres 3" yrds 5-nch fbrc. Send $.25 for ech pern. Add 35c for ech pern (or frs-clss rml, hndlng. Send o: rn rn, Pern Dep. 20, The Red Bnk Regser, 232 Wes 8h S., New York, NY 00.. Prn NAE, ADDRESS, ZP, SZE nd STYLE NU BER. ow o ge ORE FOR YOUR ONEY? Send now for New Sprng-Sum mer Clog sve up o $00 on he clohes you sew yourself. Free pern coupon, oo. Send 75c now! Sew + Kn Book $.25 nsn oney Crfs $.00 nsn Fshon Book $.00 nsn Sewng Book. $.00 Coll ody o see hs delly locl rnch. ho huge rooms hrougho plus wo freplces, cenrl r cond lonng, lull bsemen, ond wo-cr oo rge, nd s vlble ody. 7,900. ' me (or con) Jus reduced 55,900 hs pclous egh roo home on elegn 00x7 forml pro ery, pleny of room nsde nd ou Sepre dnng room, hree be rooms, l</ bhs nd grge. Se OLD EVERYTNG! ere's o cnonce of lfeme. Spoclo rverfron condo offered n low 0's ho everyhng: corpelng, pplnces rverfron porch, bul-n br, bec mrn ocllles ond pool. Quck po l o n. cll u» ody. 38 oble omes GARD~EN~PARK OBLE OES Behny Rd, ole. Adul pork Wlk lo shoppng ond N Y bus 76 Jvll O B F L E OES 7K SO x Rlcrf Aduls only 500' from Newrk N Y bus sop Esy erms vlble 2-3. NEW YORKER 97-7»5S, wo bedrooms, crpeng, r, skrng, shed, po cover Rel Ese Wned GOOO OUSES NEEDED" ~~ One fmly uns from 70s lo 50 s n Norhern onmouh Couny, 30 dy servce, we py csh EL E D REALTY NC. 7 S» A FANTASTC BROCURE of horne n onmoulh Couny! ' yours yo wre or cll Bey Ross Agency, R. 5, Kcyporl..J Phon 76S6. A LTTLE ADDED ATTRACTON A lovely older home wh hgh celngs hree bedrooms, lvng room, dlnn room, recreon room bul for fmly. All pplnces ncluded n h prced o sell l,900 home. Ge sr ed. cll ody re Co Agency A NEW LSTNG n Red Bnk mos d e s r b l e n e l o h b o r h o o Grcous cener-hll Colonl wl hree-bedrooms, freplce, forml dl ng room, den, plus TV room. Rfv rghs.. Polbl moher-dugher or 5.0&Q. Sec ody CENTURY 2 COZENS, Relor ' ndependenly Owned" 30 or le Rd. Lncrof 7-6fW ASSUE ORTGAGE Two ye rnch. Three bedroom, ched orge. Bes resonble offer. ffs-252. A T L A N T C G L A N D S e homes, 8 level or Rnch Buy dre from bulder nd sve. Cll 2967, LSTNGS OF BETTER OES - n Kensburg lddleown le olm del T E SOLkO A G E N C Y SELLNG YOUR OE? - We're n leresed n buyng homes drec Coll r Crey WEBER R E A L T Y, 5e WANTED - Opon o buy. one or wo yers, lrge egh room house, grge cenrl r. yrd Souh Amboy de! re Coll fer 6 JO. 7? VE AVE BUYERS For busness, commcrlcl, ndusrl nd nvesmen properes Cll ody - Prkwy 7 Agency, ouses For Sle 52 Bos And Accessores BG DSCOUNTS On new bo rlers BOAT OUSE. Ocen Ave, Se Brgh 277 BOAT NSURANCE - Reoonoble rle d FLORDA CALLNG Now he me o buy for he fuure, horne, duplexes nd prmen. We wll ren or you unl you re redy o move down ^ d Conwy, A»oc, los Rely. 73 E Oklnd Pfc. F Louderdle, Flo 33306» S ERB READ ASSOCATES Relor DDLETOWN rme locon s he seng for hl hree bedroom, wo boh Rnch on Kre Rsed herh freplce, ook nd pogged. uge wndow e, wndow hghlgh lrge lvng oom Askng UOO ADAS AGENCY "Open 7dy 2hour servce" FLAGSP ARNE o Av of 7 Rvers Rumson RUSON New our-bedroom Colo nlol, decoror-desgned Bemed cell ngs, bookcnes, corpelng, mmede occupncy U9.9O0 Coll 7 S RUSON PARK AVENUE ADDRESS Three-bedroom rnch wh bse men. on lrge beuful lo. Neor school nd shoppng Gre srer or reremen home. WOO down o qul (led FA buyer Prced n he O's. CAASSA AGENCY, NC. Relors Eves: Open 7dys New Jersey's Complee rne Cener JONSON AAA SERVCE CENTER DSCOUNT SP'S STORE Alnc ghlnds 3. ouses For Sle ALLENURST Open J dys -3 hour servce" KEANSBURG New llng, Three bedroom, one young Rnch. A condon orge room for he lrge fmly Reor yord fenced Qulfed FA/VA buyers welcome Askng Own er onlou. mke on offer 2780 wy. 35, zle N.J Ave of 7 Rvers Rumson TALL. TALL TREES Frmed by lowerng rees ond loced on o 75 f mncured own, hs mn condon ronch hs rsed herh nrepoce, pneled omeroom. forml durng room, nd ol new wll-o-wll corpelng Secluded yrl whn wlkng dsnce o rnsporon, sores nd mm. TE REAL ESTATE EXCANGE Vcor on. Egh bedrooms, wo hll bhs, hree cr gor cres, JllS.OOO, l^ cres. f93, 77 LONG BRANC Flord bound, mus sell, wo fmly mn condon D D L E T O W N Send f o r our "omes For Lvng" brochure, pcs, descrpons, prces on vlble homes, APPLEBROOK REALTORS, WO R. 35, ddlelown DDLETOWN Jus'reduced. One block rom Byvlew School, Leonrd vlle Rd. Four bedroom Colonl wh kchen, dnng-lvng lmlly rooms ond grge U 5,900 0 \ dwn flnonc ng vlble. 77 S0 or DDLETOWN New hree-led room rnch, kchen, dnng room, lv ng TT,, o»h, uv room. Fronrr &O. Coll T D D T F T O W N Chrmng SO yerold cener hll Colonl. Excellen con dlllon. 6,500. Prncpls only. 73 0S. DDLETOWN NEW OES FOREST ESTATES FRO $3,900 RANC-B-LEVEL TUDOR-COLONAL 3- Bedroom w v j boms 6 excng new homes on cu-de-sc locons, n one of lddleown's fne res. All on oversled, wooded los wh underground ules. Once-7J9773 odel-95-wv DDLETOWN Three-bedroom spl, '/ bhs, lrge rooms, wll-owll hroughou, olr condoned, po, bove ground pool. Excellen condon. Prncpls only KEANSBURG - Owner movng. Twofomlly house. Two-bedroom prmen u p l n. One-bedroom dowmolrs. Smll yrd. Presenly rened. Owner wll provde C O. For nformon, pply 33 Lncoln C., downsrs prmen. Askng S7,OO0 or bes offer. OCEAN TOWNSP WKSldf Wood! nd Long Vew vlllogf. Elrpnl new honw from Cll S3-050S. 08. Commercl Renls UE NDUSTRAL SPACE Rven feel Tm ee «. prfrr perk ,» Kf 6 p.m. WALKER AND WALKER REALTORS Shrewsbury Offce lddleown/olmde ) WEST LONG BRANC Two-bedroom Colonl wh dnng room, wlk o schools nd shoppng 3,500 Own er. 977-OS. WY P A Y RENT - 95% new home feurng four lrge bedrooms, wllo-wll crpeng, wo one heng. 00 mp servce, lumnum sdng, full/ nsuled for lower heng cos Wll consder VA, FA ke ll offer! known. 36,900. F O U L K S P R E STON AGENCY, 2 Woodlnd Drve, lddleown. New Jersey JOSEP G. ccue Rumson ore Clssfed on Nex Pg 3. ouses For Sle Glor Nlson REALTORS "Any Sl ouf Gdmn Undr Th Sun... PARADSE FOUND Superb conemporry rnch sued on perfecly mncured lo n Olde Shrewsbury BR sue s ousndng w / s u n k e n ub, sun, gorgeous dressng Quker d cusom k., bsemen. 2 cr grge & cenrl r $89,900 LOVE YOUR FALY lnd re hem o hs gre fmly home. or 5 BR. 2V p h. 2 cr grge, lrge lovely propery on ded end sree Be he frs o see. Cll ody $69,900 TERRFC NEW END OF AN ERA Sely hsorc Colonl, crc 700. or 5 bedrooms. 2V bhs, remodeled kch en, lrge den wh bull-ns. Forml dnng room, lvng room wh freplce. Sll nd pddock on over 2 cres n one of ddleown's fnes r e s Askng S WNDFLOWER ESTATES COUNTRY STTNG Chrmng hree-bedroom -nch Rsed herh freplce n lvng room, dnng room, lull bsemen wh pneled J gme room, professonlly [ lndscped lo, new wll o wll crpeng, jus redecored nsde nd ou J83.50O You cn sll buy NEW home n nce neghbor hood resonble prce m wmdflower eses. Our colonl model s now open. We hve m n y plns o choose from Prces sr $5,900. B-leves. 3 nd bedroom C o l o n l s nd sprwlng rnches Don' dely, ke look ody URGE FALY? Only $2,900 wll buy hs our or lve-bedroom home Wllh 20 lvng room, modern klchen. plus den A fnsc moun o room, n lovely neghborhood n Rumson You mus see l o beleve! Cll us BOB WARNCKE rumson rely E. Rlvr Rd. 3 P CRYSLER OUTBOARD -rperfed condon, SO P. Evln rude wh 6 gllon lnk. S 3 SOULD YOU AVE BOUGT YESTERDAY? AUTUN'S AZE $87, Rdge Rd. WNTER STORAGE Low, low roes Fnes Servce FLAGSP ARNA Alnc lghlnds Wll no dm he myrds of mrvels of hs sprklng new bedroom Colonl sued on over n cre n olmdel Fmly room wh freplce, forml lvng nd dnng room, full bsemen, 2-cr grge, cenrl r, redy for your color selec lon Brnd new $89,900 $79,900 ADAS AGENCY 2 F T CRS CRAFT SEA S K F T Lke new 23 moor, needs some wood work O Cll 77-o»3 TOO GOOD TO SS - OulDoord } T L U R S D E S E L - P e r k n s 360 Sklf wlf 0 P Johnson n he wo P All f.wrgo Flybrldge, Spor Fshrrmn. slps sx EKcellen con ef dlllon. 3, Q-S ere's one you cn ge for yeserdy's prce $6,900 buys you 3 or bedrooms n hs mn plus r n c h home Fmly room wh elecrc freplce nd bemed celngs. 5 x 8 counlry kchen wh bemed celngs 20x20 deck overlookng wooded lo Wll nol ls DDLETOVVN A rel sleeper' Ese ore! Unque our bedroom Colonl wh spcous lmlly room ond dnng room! Decor ors delgh! Unherd o ' - -loooy 7 FT RENKEN - S Johnson wh rler ond exrs 69 wy 36. E l Keonbwrg ouses For Sle Power Bos Slbos Trlers Peceful n o y m e n of p r o p e r y, frendly neghbors, presgous re our-bedroom Ronc home loced n nd superor schools, wh hree bed room lke new ronch Specmen rees, one ol lddleown fnes re Qul shrubs 70 yerly he, low xes e. ree lned sree Gre home for prlvocy ond enernng Kchen s.600 down bou J0S monh or 9,00 down 37 monh o qulfed womn s delgh. n ddon o fre loce n lmlly room Gmeroom n buyer Coll Ul 766 xsemen odds o he chrm of hs house Askng 7,900 "RUSON V A L U E! " Colonloln O O T T lnt. mn condl on Four bedrooms, V; bhs, egh oom n ll Full bsemen Red 6 F T J E R S E Y S P E E D S K F F New flberglos hull nd moor, never n wer Fnl fnshng needed u sell Bes oer RELAX 973 NTERNATONAL - Flberlo Wh pece of mnd, when h.p ercury. roler nd c your bo, moor or ou- c o r l j e offer 739. drve s professonlly 3D CROWN L N E Slep hree, heod nd snk. 0 h.p engne, rler wnerzed nd sored mny eus 7300 or bes offer TWN LGT ARNE nd Cll 77 37J9 offer 6 p.m. 6 NBOARD - Wh rler, good ] condon, Olrm Tff-fTW U 7 «6 CRYSLER Spor Flhermon, cener console, h.p ercury overhuled 973, wh rler, ccessores n wer An del suburbn locon, s jus one of he mny benells hs lovely Duch Colonl hs o oler Wh egh bedrooms, gme room wh br, lvng room wh sone freplce, bemed celngs, one yer wrrny. Bech, cbns, enns cours re lso vl- ble ARNE ELECTRONCS SOW! CB'. RDF Y 2 Depm Flnder nd Recorderl. 7 VF'. ll dljcounnj So«opn 7 dys BOAT OUSE. 3! O c o n X n, So 6rloh U l f f l l W N T E R STORAGE - Ouboord. e m d r v e s, ond boos Why py more' Come o D N G Y S E, Skmmer. Oyer. BRY'S A R N E Summer, Zodc f you cn' llnd your R 35. Nepune 77S l new dnghy o BOAT O U S E, y o u don' wn dnghy 33 Ocen Ave W N T E R STORAGE "eoonote res. Pollen Ave r n. Pollen Se Brgh 2 fl. Ave. Long Brnuh S0Q Ousndng Kpln nd Gun elegnce prevls n hs "ldoenwell' Englsh Tudor! Only hree yers old nd prvcy h Spnsh explorers dremed bou Unprlleled vlue o 739,000! 52 Bos And Accessores Accessores K ^ADEYAGJNCY S5S Prospec Ave. 0. Rel Ese Woned 37 Los And Acrege RUSON N ESTATE! The Dly Regser 29 5?Bo»jAnd RESERyjLNCW ACREAGE - w o prcels ech hree cres plus, n counry seng. Prce negoble Owner wons fl sole be cuse ol purchse of new home R E D OEN A G E N C Y, Relor Evnlng, B U T L O E R ' S " S P E C A L - Three sel ered los n Kensburg nd ddle own, T e r m vlble 3 cres, prme developmen re. d dleown Townshp, 3S.0O0 KRWAN CO. Reolor, FLORDA BULDNG LOT n r. on cnl, neor For eyer - - T% l «7 Col TS AY BE T - Upper ^reenold Townshp. 39 ocres wh old brn, brook, nd pond Spo o buld your new home ond hve yourself h long sough frm nd prvcy per ocre AROLD L N D E A N N, Bro ker. Eonlown, S03 Lnden P. 77-0W7 RVER PLAZA - Four yer old Cpe n condon Three-four bedrooms, wo full bhs, full bsemen, lrge e n kchen wh dshwsher ond sell clenng oven Wlkng dsnce lo N.Y.C. roln ond buses 9,900 Prln clpol W;f2». RUSON AREA Sen for omes For Lvng" brochure, pcs, descrpons, prces on vlble homes AP PLEBROOK R E A L T O R S, 9 Ave Two Rvers, Rumson RUSON AREA - For ven! Se eluded spcous ronch 9 mles o bech), hree bedrooms, 7"J bhs, wo freplces, cnopy e r r c e, llousle porch, cenrl olr One-ocrc orlous grounds. Fne school sysem n condon ny exrs Prme re 29,900 TE STEPENS AGENCY. Relor no Woned To Ren A T T E N T O N - Ren o w o n nerly ol wner Coll o037 n dy hrough Frdy :30 ll :30, FRDAY, OCTOBER. 977 Brokers nved J STORAGE SPACE AVALABLE nbugroge Se-ElJ Eolonown Are GOOD OVE! GLANDS Colonl, hree bed BOWTELL AGENCY rooms, fully renoved Po. Low n nd ules Neor everyhng CALL Now. 7.SOD 900 cosh U monhly Fur TNTON FALLS-'RUSTC F E L D S " nlure vlble Owner New our bedroom Colonls, from KEANSBURG - Three rooms, bh, (79.9O0, off ope Rd.. beween Wycoff jo he. 5,900 Two bedrooms, Rd nd Wes Pork Ave S ened porch, grge, necd heo. T N T O N FALLS - Spcous lght" JOO. Three rooms ond boh, gs room rnch, on h-cre lo. Lvng RED RANK - Brood Sro Pro hel, W.900. Ten rooms, wo-fomlly, room, dnng room, modernled klchfslo needs he, S Fve bedroom en. Three bedrooms, lrge plyroom, flc Cpe Cod, gs he, S39.eo CAT- uly room Two bhs Full bsepe nd r 30 Sq F EAU REALTY. REAL E S T A T E, US men All mlr pllonces Aoched goroge. Beufully lndscped wh monh ncludng ol ules. 750 Sq F Ave.. Kenburg w S o 70 per monh ncludng ll u K T A N S B U R G " - V' fomlfy. by owner, shrubs, evergreens, fru nd nu rees Convenen o Red Bnk RR son e nmum one yer lee Col os Fr condon.oo Coll 77 nd Gorden Se Prkwy. Ashng owner, Wler Zlmmerer & Son. e ,000 Coll owner, (70) l or TWO-FALY - One"wo-bedroom" RED BANK - Brod S.,.0 Sq" LNCROFT - Three bedroom spl level Cenrl olr. new vnyl sdng nd nd one hree-bedroom oprmen. o F offce spce (SO per monh l olumlnum sorms nd screens. lrge wer bsebord he. Fenced!!) yord. eludes he 77 7 or lmlly room ond Flord porch, ex(5,000 0% down No closng RED"BAN~T '"fo~onmouh Sree Corner wy 3S. Sngle room, ground cellen locon on cul^fesc. Reduced cos. o S9.900 frm Cll for pponmen, floor Proeslorol offce Avobf UNQUE OFFERNG 757? mmedely Crpe, r, on se r Chrmng four-bedroom, wo boh served nd pron porklng )70 monl Ronch, l v n g r o o m, dnng r o o m, LNCROFT '- Three bedroom rnch, klchen, full bsemen. Tree shded lus ulllfle on mnmum one yec full bsemen, lrge screened porch, lo. All he menes ond 's n Rum"ocre,W9,«0 nfo. ee Coll owner, Wler Zl son! Prced o sell S63,S00. W L Son or 9 7J LTTLE SlUvER - Three -s or.~\ 90 LA D. RYAN, Reolor, Buldngs/Grges SREWSBURY. N J Lke new so,- f one-sory o molr nerchnge of he Grden Sle cen o Fr o uh 70 f clen llng. rcve offce re, prkng nd much more m m e d e occuponcy TNTON FALLS Rnch on U cre plo. Three bedroom, dnng room, gmeroom n bemen. wo bhs, mn condon. Gre vlue 57, TY NC OFFCE SPACE AVALABLE - New buldng. JO00 sq n, wll dvde o su heng nd r condonng ncluded ghlnd!, N J C n "OFFCE TO SARE Add sprkle, movemen lo ree wld new rng mobles Cree Chrsms mgc wh bone rngs of ll szes covered wh sprklng gold or slver hreds n esy sngle croche Pern 767: dgrms lor 6 hngngs or mobles 9272 e ncome Propery NXOUl our lorg oom. f _. forml dnng room.» ', «decored den Ullfly _«' polo Grge Fre lrm em Applnce! Corpelng Pro eulonlly londcoped Ffes ALTVlC 67 U U ATLANTC GLANDS - Smll ho le room for ren By week or monh Klchen prvlege. Cll f OO or n op professonl buldng Prned Pern 3. ouses For Sole S down o FA Qulfed LUXURY G-RSE" Overlookng he Novslnk Rlvr KEVPORT Grden prmen vl ob e One bedroom from 730 K V W R T GARDENS. JeJJll J - On rver. Two bedroom, wo bhs l per monh l B5 NEW LSTNG' - Rumon Colonl n sx bedroom, egh yer old ond superb condon jndllon Den wh rolled herh freplce ce d o<m d <. he lore e n kchen Dnng room All rooms ore ge Screened porch off en Adop floor plns, could provde fve oom, den plu home oflc ' Rver cce Be he lr RVERSrOE AVE KEANURC - Nw modrn hro room urnlhod lud oporlmnl wlh lenrl r ond he, g cookng, bolllod howor boh, of fr prkng onle. U hour doormn, TV curly. Prfr ddul 70 pr monh, ol u wlmmlng pool, %o<jn mrn, lo Uncludod TE LODGE W 03 underground prkng Renl offce K A N U K G - O n d r o o m wh open even doy o week Cod Bob Cu f prlor, hoo nd f l c r l c pd, jf OCUST - Edwordlon Woerron E e Scenc londcoped ocr wh boo. hree-cr grge, 33 f. lvng _... l-drom, l f monh Rr ce l e u, nd secury Avlble w, 77. U2Un ONG BRANC - Three bedroom n d l WO OLDER CAPE COD - Top Red Bonk locon Rver rghs Spcous lvng room, forml dnng room, den, our bedrooms, wo brns, flrepoce, un porch, orge Below ssessed volu on U.BR) 3. ouses For Sole 02. ouses For Ren - 0. Apormen. ASSOCATES-REALTOR LSTNG Lovely spl-level n nce re 3 BR. 2V b h. rn, room, 3 zone he, nercom & mny e x r s L w n s beufully lndscped us be seen hs weekend Only $5,900. LOVELY WEST LONG BRANC Wes Long Brnch s he plce & hs us lsed rnch s super. 3 BR. 2 bh. LR w.'fp DR. k., den & gme rm. Cenrl r, 2 cr grge, full bsemen & redwood deck overlookng your own prve cre S T FRST!! $69,900 ORSES!!! Ths n-own Rnch hs wo box slls Also, 0x5 pool 20x20 pool house. ome s lrge 3-BR Rnch wh lvng rm, dnng rm, kcherv bsemen on beuful 2Y cre lo See!' cll WY 3S SREWSBURY 300 wy 35, lddleown Rumson»m»r ULS GRAND OPENNG of he second secon of old rnch wh pormen n T C Flls. Three bedrooms, wo b h, for you, Two bedrooms, one bh, for her. Freplce, po ond huge ence yrd for o mere U,900. CENTURY 7 COZENS, Relor "ndependenly Owned" 70 lf Wle Rd. Lne rod. N. J. 7-69K 32 Condomnums Town ouses BRCKTQWN Two-bedrooms, lvng room, dnng room, e-n kchen, ll pplnces, wll-o-wll, cenrl r, much more or DO YOU REALLY N E E D A OUSE? For 7.5OO you cn hove he spce ond comfor o one-yer new house bu..e The BROOKFELD 8 SERES FRO $ 9 7, TO $00,900J The ANSFELD SERES FRO $ 9 3, TO $ 9 9, deck, errce, V bhs, pool, ennr beuful vew, new pplnces, wllo-wll, r. exrs. 7vT»77. SADOW LAKE Lvng rom wllh freplce, dnng room, Flord room, wo bedrooms, wo bhs, cenrl r, pplnces, corpelng, grge. 5,900. LVNG ROO - Dnng room, 0x kchen, wo bedrooms, wo bhs, hre blcones, ll pplnces, crpe- LAWLEY AGENC wy.ondnvlnk Rlvef UUown-R«lor-7» 33 ncome Propery The SUTTON S SERES FRO $9,990 o $02,990 KEYPORT DUPLEX - Fully B. neor rnporlon. 3,500. STERLNG UcC A N N. R E A L E S T A T E BROKER, SU-U. RED SANK Thrc-omlly Cll or pponmen oflef s The WNDSOR W SERES FRO $9,900 TO $98,00 ny dfferen elevons vlble Bul by T. Colon A Son, Known lor quly lor more lhn SO yers. 08. Commercl Renls 59 EAST A N ST. 5 BROAD S T, RED BANK rerr loced nf eoe. ( «e w, end OLDEL N.J , B-S. -50S6, «fwf e p.m. REALTY OLD WORLD SERVCE CONTEPORARY RESULTS EBER L S REALTOR

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NVTATON TO JUPPLRS proec bng funded bv fh U S Cl Ry nvmnco lock Loll ) Lourl Av Bd hn be consdered bv he Cy o The Borough o' Fr O.en oc- ne be responsve ner olo, only he bd Opormnl ol Commrc Economc Corwy Tlllyr nc Block S L o l.. plwod Av The Cy or me Engneer reserves cepfn OJl 'or ne 'olowng " NOfK'TO CONTSACTO " der ncludes he foregong nformon Dvopmenl Admnsron, undr bor Jon er ' «' Lo pwood Av he rgf o requre complee fmn One Ued Sree Sweeper Noce <s hereby gven mo eoled Pro ond ossuronce n he bd. fh Locl Publc Worfc Cpl Devl co nd experence semen rom Judl Slnl lck LOU 7.. p fw Ay) po wll be receved by he Cy Of ( One U TO Sp.n Sl & Snd ORDER OF TE AYOR AND opmn nd nvesmen Progrom ol Jo»«J.Coryn.C(cl«lok l.«ll<,5 7«l»hlndvd prospecve bdders snowng n hey Long. Brnch, onmoulh Couny New BY Spreoder ClTV COUNCL OF TE ClTV OF Spe'con my be oo'ned 'rom ho.e 'locory compleed work ol Jersey or Conrc D nd Conrc LONG BRANC Aenon l bddr porculerl Jor, Polk ock Loll» ) l. plwod A> he Borun Admnsror 7 Rver he nure requred before urmsmno 0 Appromolv 0 L F S Jn F, lck Lol U. oplwood Av colld o fh rguremns os o cond proposl lorms Or speccoons or Rood. Fr ven N J durng regulr R C P L F R C P O L F DR SAL J PREZOSO lens of mpoymn lo b obrvd Edwrd ry out'lon lock Lo!! Lpl Sy A... busness noun -» A V lo S DO beore wrdng he Conroc The «R C P ond p p u r e n n c e. 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QJ B N UV WW T l l «% «" C P Block Lol»< ) lobr. o rcec! ny nd or on bds he provson, ol he mnner deoned >n he Spec P Prevlng Tme he Cy of Cong Brnch, N J. or ' - o comply wh RovW NcUon coons " clous of f«cu Conlrocl Documens ond pln for he F U R N S N G S E R V C E S FOR A ck S f «yu Kennedy fpl. o Sobr Ub Ths proec s beng unded by he proposed work prepred by Chrles C AUTOATED PAYROLL SYSTE h luccssul bddr shll b r Thmo Oc Thomofry Knndy Blck 0 Los. 2 Soofl -. U S Depormen o Commerce Ceo W.ddn, P E L S. Cy Engneer FOR USE N TE F N A N C E DE Ord > comply wf he prvlllon Of fhomj TnndvlocflJLoll l o h l n J!» - : ".. : P A R T E N T. C T Y O F L O N G nomc Developmen Admnsron hove been fled m he offce o od En h Now Jrsy Prvollno Woge Ac 226 zle Thomo ov Kenndy Blk L ) ) lphlond Blvd under he Locl Publc Works Cpl oneer o 0 Weswood Avenue. Long BRANC. N J ond opened ond red Cnpr SO o' he Lew ol J c Developmen nd nvesmen Progrm Bronch, New Jersey nd my be n- n publc meeng o be held n me lv Jnury. or Scllon lo O Jom vfy" Donovon Blck } L l S7 Cener Av PUBLC EARNG speced by prospecve bdders durng Cy uncpl Buldng. J Brod P L 3 rorwng wog r, s d AJLET TOWNSP RESDENTS w y. Long B r n c h, N J on busness hours Th o'el Tonmp C 'en Pof OCTOBER >S. l7t, AT lermned by he Secreory of Lbor n Bokrmonlnc Block 7 L Bochwy pon Group null "O'c publc >e' j l he ousng ond Communy Deve Bdders wll be furnshed wh copy TUESDAY. ccrdo wh h provons ol he P PREVALNG TE!j Tuesdo. 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Av nd Cy Councl ol he- Cy o Long oddresed o he Cy Councl, nd BOARD OF COSSONERS OP Alr Cho Bll Blck L U K " Bronch ond mus be occomponed by mus be ccomponed by semen TE BOROUG OF O N O U T C u J Crnv Blck Ll... f -v" n-3 no ; For Sole semen o Consen o Surey from o of Conen of Surey from urey BEAC Bow Pfolln Blck L Ocnwllw Aw surey compny ouhored o do bus compny ouhored o do busness n SDNEY 8 JONSON. yor ~ P Blck Lo f Oc«>vl«Av ne» m he Se of New Jersey ond o he Se of New Jersey ond occep rord Un Do«rr Block A LOU»» BvvlCVr A.. BONNE O OORE Clrk cepoble o he Cy o Long Brnch ble o he Cy nd o cerfed check Ommlc l l l Blck f Lo Byvl Avf ond»d gurnee o he Cy of Long w csh or bd bond, drown o me order f DmC L Bll Block f L )> B>vlv/ Avf Bronch for no less hon fen per cen ol The Cy of Long Bronch lor no OC n C Png Blck f L[BYvlr» A v.. 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BOROUG OF O N O U T 3 bedroom older rnch, lvbeuful homes now oered TE BEAC ng room wh freplce, dnfor sle. spcous bedsdney B JONSON, dyor lchol Crlo Block 0 Lol l n S ng room, kchen, 2 horse BONNE G OORE. Clrk rooms, superb kchen, fmly lcholfprlclo Crlo Blodr 0 Lol 9 B oln S.., brn, 0x5 n ground pool, lcnoelfprc Crlo Block 0 Lol 9A oln S room wh freplce nd bul- Oc T Froncl f Jonel_onnlno Block 02 koj?p oln S "J^\ hs house hs gre poenns. 6 pnel doors nd sned EewordfGnvlve Londoc Block 0] Lo 26,7 Brlorwood Av.. l A mus see 69,500 Johnlrgorchmll Block 0 Lol Pork Av '.nuul~uu^l moldngs hroughou. Ths 238 Ocenpor Ju Vcor f Ann Pllg Block 0 Lo 2 BDorwood Av '" home s choce. Offered NOTC O DECSON WllmfEllblh Koch Block 05 Lo 7 n S O f BOARD OP ADJUSTNT UNQUE OTTERNG $»,500. WllllomfEllblh Koch Block 05 Lol oln S TO WO T AY CONCBN: PUBLC NOTCE hrby glvn o 8,500 FWNCWn A ll persons hoj o pvollc hgrlno wo nuffxud Block LO7 Lflwrw.f> Av. _ "".. ls hd on July, 77 of whch herng A rue Englsh Tudor 3 n Shlrly kr Block 07 Lo 7, Wllll Av.. T^ T on pplcon for voronce o Ann P COUNTRY F U K.,..,,«. ns Judfh Jllnkl Block 07 Lo U. U Wllll Av bedrooms, 2V bhs, lvng For o consruc n n ground swm John JoycfTrnbu Block 07 Lou jp, pl PorlAv..., pool ond po on Block 3. Los room wh freplce, dnng Tucked n he woods wh mlng 3A nd 3A on h Tx op of h Poul Shrley Slmpor Block llj) Lo, 0 Uonnln Ple. room, counry kchen, den. sweepng lwns, hs ds- Borough of Ocenpor. Nw Jersey Bfrrnd Oorolhv Pom Block O Loll 0,?l nnng Plo ". vord Tnocor C.. GlfOldln Colonoo Beufully kep wh mny ncve new beuy cnno be ws Sold pplcon wo dened nd h Block 0 L o l, 3! Frrcll P l o c..,, ^ <, l, u l l.. 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We promse 9 JO A ond on T uesdoy Ocober 'T o< y JO P n ne mlng room ownshp ll Jlv ddle Rood o 5 Recreonl 23 nsrucon e N j The C'nen Prcpoon Croup A TWO WEf ornng Reol E> Vehcles oe Lcnlng C o u n Del T Jl 'fqves's rh ml' l ownshp < rs»7s Cll onmouh nsue 07 dens lnd he publc horng o of r recommendons nd o sss n WV wl U W l Rd Bnk Rogor ne selecon ol p» o><e. >n he dee< l nduol lowng hlcn pmn of n n yer pplcon or JTORTNG - B» Crfl mlrror 7 7» or federl undne Bu sun l h Com y Scho muny Developmen Ac 7 TERLAE - TrovO rollor. Doled Ocober «?l or ol woohr comjno. Sllpl l. wh Dohroom. urnoc fnk, lov ARY DUGAN m l n bo. SSO 000 o. Chrperson r Accessores 5% LABOR DSCOUNT ON A L L CLEARANCE SALE ON ALL 977 ODELS (NSTOCK) GP.ADY WTE BOATS SLVEKLNE BOATS EVNRUDE OUTBOARD ftl OPEN ROAD OTOR OE E. l. n l condon, powf brok powr rlno.. olr condonng A F oro rlrlgoroor r m r r bhroom wh lu. wll l won cr p»ng. ll-conolnod 00 vm con «nu «u\ WNTERZE TERUjjTWAY VAN WNKLE ARNE SPECAL NOTCES 20 Los And Found FOUND - Rdfonfcre, m e l dog. Wcfc body ' ««od nd legs nure Aredol or Schnouer Dw»-< e o n o Jwv, Eqonown LOST - Al rne Prk. Cmn S h puppy nwn o Sr Fcellen np n wer Twn n- LOST - Bor long hored SwpKd nn «ed work m Coll 7 or md Wh Sr r Amwrs o Wlly flond V on P CRYSLER OUTBOARD - LOST - Boglf Brown ock Engne SB And Elgn 7» f p. nds nd wc Bege pllor Answers o very f work B offer Kons Borny Lo n on dd Rood burg TS7-97 NBW, Cfl >VfB. LOST - dlum hphf d pup. Lbrdor or, chofc collr gh n re Reword 7l m LOST - Whfv end ck femle k en A n w e r o he nme of "Snelley" ANmc ghlnds 7} S Recreonl Vehcle! ARSTREA BV ANCLL. 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UOC $50,000 mgke nne lrge rooms n Lle Sver ncludng -5 bedrooms, wo bhs, nd ul bsemen ny exrs A good buy $ Q Q. >cy\, N.J. 7 DAYS REALTORS OLDEL OFFCE SREWSBURY OFFCE VjmONT UV6 Chrm nd elegnce bound n hs ruly specl home wh 3 BRs. sunker lvng/enernmen rm w/we br Sepre lvng level ncludng LR lorml dnng room nd rsed deck 2 freplces. ' $5,000 So much more GATUY! - Loced whn wkng smeoschools s r>s lovely bedroom spl level home loced on lrge corner lo ome leures lvng room. dnng room nd gme room. 2 cr ched grge Cll ody! $55,900 CDEl COONA Brnd new home loced on over n cre feurng bedrooms. 2V bhs, cen- rl r nd cozy replce n lmly room lor wner enoymen 2 cr grge Full bsemen Don' dely cll ody $89,900 EXOUNT LOlON! Schools, rnsporon nd shoppng convenence Bedroom home wh lrge! mly room, prey porch off lrge dnng room, n d! kchen wh sel clenng oven Lrge prve bck- yrd wh rees S6500 m f h v u, r. B». < k vm W l l l l l V U < r RUSON AZELTON OLDEL STATELY COLONAL R.S.V.P r 59EASTAN ST. OLDEL, N.J.C Smshng... m OUR POWER S PLURAL Th's our own ureen Powers, who's hs monh's op producer, wh $290,000 n sles, nd h's power n plurl plus Buyng or sellng le our Powers pu her powef no your plns. We jus wned you o know. ureen, we know your power s sngulrly plurl "We beleve n beer prees srees n onmouh Couny ome offers 3- BRs, feurng mser-sue wh prve deck Cll lor dels l d S U WBJJAD. lvng." USON NUDDLETOWN fcrru ATAWAN WNw you cn fford hs luxury, you hve found your drem house REALTOR pl«a«. Red Bulk 77-35O0 Oc. "5 73 Tok Nolc h Edwrd. Slnoro ho ppld lor vorlonc o h Zon ng Berd of h Borougn of Ocnpor Bulkheded wh 00' dock. 2 for vorlonc o prml fh comlruc of o lnl-fomlly rldnc on swmmng pools, crculr lon lo wh nsuffcen fronge nd or drve, jus he begnnng of n h ofoprv dnlfld o Los W, D, d \V, Block U, Sogomore home offerng very specl A v nwu non h T x p o h wy ol e. 5 bedrooms, Borough of Ocnpor, onmouh Nw Jry. A publc herng bhs, 2 freplces, gme Couny. wll b hld :00 p.m. on h 3h room nd enclosed porch dy of Ocobr, 77 o h uncpl Buldng of h Borough o Ocenpor $25,000. All prom hvng on neres n hl monr moy oppor h publc hor ng ond xprs hlr opnon regrd Cll ng h proposed vorlonc. Edwrd. Snr NAvrwnvn RYANl pplebrook Agency fc.of!» f you re lookng for srer home hs 3 bedroom colonl s for you. Lvng room wh freplce, dnng room, kchen, bh, full bsemen. Prced o sell S^l.rr^.CkT^ J. D Cpuo Block 2S Loll SO. S Ocr r Fournlr A. ulorcbuck B Block S Lol S9 A, 60, 6 oron Plc,. Jom. Conly Block Lo oln Sf.,^Z"Z'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '»^^ w o^moj nv P V P, w u f o m o m l!sb!js.!. '!P. C» ' 7. L0llll..A. J5 Cor! Prn.rPoc A?cof.Vr SJJS' SJJS W?XSTA?cof.Vr '» ' Rswc Block ck Loll 6.. Blrchwood Av Av Chorln Jocqulln Collohon Block l l Lo! Lo!, SLovrnc'Av Donovonn Brboro Tr.von Blo Block Loll 6, 7 Loklwood Av. 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Shrewbury, N J The pplcon ovlob lor publc nprcon n h Borough Clrk oc n h muncpl buldng» 0 m o )0p m. ondy hrough Frdy xcpl holdy Addonl ppcon my b«lld by propclvf cble TV oprolor un n lflcnh dy pror o h publc herng JffOflW Fbry Borough Crh Oc u u 23 Shrewsbury Boro rouph NANCE T AN ORDNANCE TO AEND AN ORDNANCE ENTTLED BOND ORDNANCE PROVDNG FOB TE PAVNG AND RESURFACNG Of BOROUG STREETS TE N STALLATON OF CURBS. T CON STRUCTONOF NTERSECTON RAPS FOR TE ANDCAPPED. AND TE CREATON OF KEWAYSANO OTER PUBLC RGTS OF WAV TROUGOUT TE BOROUG OF SREWSBURY. N TC COUNTV OF ONOUT NEW JERSEY APPROPRATNG 0,000 TEREFOR. AND AUTOR ZNG TE SSUANCE OF )3.000 BONDS OR NOTES OF TE BOROUG FOR FNANCNG SUC APPROPRATON BE T ORDANED BY TE BOROUG COUNCL OF TE BOROUG OF SREWSBURY N TE COUNTY OF ONOUT. NEW JERSEY (no hn wo hrd of ol h mmbr hrol oflr mouvy concurrng), AS FOLLOWS We on Secon (d) hrby omrod o red lollow (d) No udlng ll.ooq on oc Coun of nere. ngnrng ond npcllon ou, go ond c counng «>pn nd h ol o Ulunc of old oblgon O lnd ond ouhorld by Son 0A» O ld Low. l ond hll chorgd por o h co of wd ourpo o b fnncd by h luunc of old obon Scon Th bond ordlnonc hn ke lc wny dy ofr h rl publcon hro flr lnl pog, provded by od Locl Bond Lw NOTCE Th bnd Ordfnnc publhd here wh no bn fnlly doped nd h 30 dy prlod of " whch ulf QUl none con o commneed o provldd n h Locl Bond Low ho begun o run rm h dle of h publcon ol hl omnl JonW Fobry Borough Clrk Oc U.U VU^ Y~ >VU Vr ' ' ll T T ll ch lull, con or procdn rlonng h vldy of uch ord K con commenced provde 232 Long Brnch AN ORDNANCE TO AEND TE CODE OF TE BOROUG OF SREWSBURY BY AENDNG CAPTER, ARTCLE XV. EN- TTLED SADE TREE COS SON, SECTON Th Chper, Arlc xvm. l omndd lo odd h followng prgrph lo Secon 3 From ond ofr Jnury, 97 h Shde Tre Commlon hll conm ol v S) rldn of h Borough of Shrewbury who hll b poolnd by h yor The presen hre (3) mmbr now n offce, or hlr uc cor n h evnl o 0 vcncy, hn rve ou her prn rm, whch plr on Dcmbr Dcm Or 3. ff nd Dcmbr 3, l0 Upon h eplrofon of old rm rel dn pponed lo ll h rpclv po on hn b pponed by h yor For full flv S) yer rm. lo pfc fk Jnury l One of he d olono wo mmbr hn b ppon d by h oyor or o erm ndlng O 232 Long Bronch 22 Shrewsbury Borough Ull OF LAND FOR UNPAD TAXS, EWR SVC CARO SNT ANO UNCPAL CAKO DU T CTY OP LOO ANC, N J Publc Noce hereby gven by Frnk J. Qurk, Coedor ol To«e of h Cy ol Lr rn. Couny «l onmoulh nd Se of New Jry, h h wll l l Puk Se h wnp k»n, ond Sever Chrge! or he yer ff, ll nd, onomonh, hroolmenn nd ro ese, herenfer men oned n lo or K lwm r of kroro. bu n no CO n»(» h permed bv lou fe# whch ny person or persons wll ogre«o oe he ome ond V w moun croofcl sjln old lnds on he ln dy of Jry 7;, Gher wh kerv on h old moun from he llr dy of July m. o he dole of o flxclve of he len or ower So/vce Chore! for h yor 97T compued, n he Sewer Servlc Chor Ls, lohor wh nvn on moun from h fr dy l Jonuory 77 lo he doe of wl nd co of ol The old l wll fc ploce o Cy ol. Brodwy. Long Brnch. New jr»ev on he dy of Ocober. f", of ) o'clock A.. TT old kjnr. enemen!, her ed lmen. rel clole nd ewr chore ndofer munlclpol chorpn o be sold ond me nme o he persons oooln wom h od nd wrwr choroe hove been pd on ccoun of me r follow vl 7 UNPAD TAXS f SW NAE RkhordW f Jn Ann Drok Ann Fredmn Olpy orn. ld fllno Flhor - Nonol So nv C Tl-Spo rbor rlm LTD Tel Sp CWr K Jmn BlkAOol nborg ln «Slly A John. on Anoslo AnfhonyJ Tonl Ann Pul odfnd ovlhon RT Rory Corp Edwrd Anoeo Shonopny fmk Jf Vlv«Oorrf Arm Cormoll Prve Sff EE LOT AOUNT 00 B lwul AUOTT sdw VRhr C«mssbsSzE V. TVo, «. Dnl.. url... lomulkrmlh Dun.»!»«! Joy Komon h n C VOTDlvCo lcnl CwmloOrefolo Ao l Kor ull lul UWWn Sonul KfOYll mrow oldng o K loll men VoWmo Wllllm F Tnuo E» o»r«o/«kl V. hrlvwo ugblvcovly. wffl JfcEllo sn UKXen l..y»fk«>c.ono.fl fuhc Cowndsr :. wthoo..-.. C Po eunlctroulmn VKlyCo JomF Vlvk» F«loV lllp Eunl Trcn Jonn COrn ElN... cho Pnfllngfon,,».<< Jorc«, e»m». norsorf Th roomlon nor m. orn... Nlcw Do u F L Sunmor V Cmo Jf L lmnl»» V Cur orowl. C«OwrgJr.JudlllAjnWlo ldmlsoom U l.osos J7«.7» urn 7.J S.U C, Fllp Troumon Abe Clohng nc <W WR SERVCE CARGES J^ KSllcoKlonr....(chord W. Joon Anne Drke 3 Edwrd R. Cec. Webb JuLlm ' Sl ly Aw 'ln.'.'.".'."'.'.'."'. - RfR f ry E. Newmn Lwrence rjorlo Schwr EnrcoR AurorC Pomlro Joe Yffn Sofo Snley. rlyn Slfo) Porlcfc G. Elfeen D. Conk- Elon. Cpmeron Vncen & Lynd Coroccl Crolyn R. Chrsopher.,. WTR Auoclo.'. Se Colony Lmed So Colony Llmrod John w. & Am Lenox Rchrd W. Jon Ann Drke Pul A. eln. Shrmn Frnk J. RuWl V. Lbombord Jooooh D. Judh Srollo rvey Adelne. Cohen Roborfocco.ofl Wo End n oll. nc UrcelCo-.lrK. Joph. Roe Socco onmouh Assoce Enr Rooly Co, nc Thome Lono F.hoV Joseph F. Swmmorreeol Ocoon Town ou. nc FredFonnleToronolo Throcfc moron eo Cerold J. delne ucor Teoboko V. & Josephne Grco Throdmoron e o ».,_.... L.J. Oomenlco; J. R Soeco Wrn V. Dorlm J. Dovlo Rchrd E Cldre Toy Evo Nll dhm VrSny rl'fokobr.'.v.v.'.'.'.'.v.'.'.v.. Vcor & CormnO- Co Bvwg Co John ]> ry Arm Fy JoPh Sclolo Shldon. Dlono okr CorolVolk SnN. Rnmory Clrolo L n W l grr Snlly Clus. nm. EW> Corol A. Flor Rlcord L. Lnd L. (ryon Wlbur Nlun Thodor R Jnnl Blllno Tnodor R Jnnl ollllno Lucy Froncnconl (Roppoll) Edwrd C. rn T. Swuo Tlmyf Brnlc. Clork. horln Jr. W.oh Z~~... Xnch Z. EOvrocd A. onny E jonnwn. jomn JonP Locklor Anlo Joon L. orong.llo WlKllr, Anno Nlklld RcKord oney Schwll RS. ors. Crlo.OojTJ.y»r«Sunlhr vlnl, Jon ood Brry, Bonlo Alxondr <C 3 f ) S ll 3 0 A 5» 0 E 7B s s JA 0 32 o n n 33 cmbr 3. fll ond oher ddonl mmbr hll b pponld by h yor lor r m ndlng Dc mbr 3 ] Thrlof, ppolntmnl o h wo ddllono ponon hol b md by h oyor for lull llv yor lerm, lo okl lc on Jonuory l h nnlon h o ch rm pr ulur ppommnl h! b lor llv ( yor rm, ch o lk lc Jonyry l ond ch o «pr n o drfrnl yr Any vcncy cud Oy deh ronoon. rmow or ohr- «hll b llld Oy h oyor or h unprdlrm SECTON Th ordnonc hll lok fel upon pog nd pu)"' con ccordng lo lw NOTCE Th ergolng ordlnonc w n- roducd 0 mulng of fr Borough Councl of Shrwbury on Ocbr. 77 nd wll b conldrd for fnl pog fr publc horlng h Councl medng o O hd Nowember. f77 l S pm n h muncpl buldng. Brood Sr Sycmor Av nu ol whch lme ll pron who wh lo b herd wll b gven n op porunlly o do o. JEAN w FABRY Borough Clrk Oc.. NOTC An ordnnce nlled An Ordl nonce o Amend h Cod of he Borough of Shrwbury by omndng Chopr 3. Arcle XV. enled Fre Deprmen' wo nroduced nd poed frs reodng on Sepmber nd wo fnlly doped ond op proved meeng hfld on Ocober Joseph F Dnnls yor Ale JonW Fobry «wou h Clerk NO K An ordnnce nlfled "Flood Dm op Prevenon Ordnnce " ws nroduced nd poed frs reodng on Sepember ], 977 nd wo fnlly odopd nd pproved meeng hedon Ocober 0,97,' Al: JonW Fobry Borough Clrk 7r Joph F Dnn oyor 26 Wes Long Brnch melng wll be hld on Ocober 977,:00 P.m. Rulr bune gend ond h Thorough ond Effcen Cool Sellng Procl nd he Educonl Gool or h W Long Bronch School! lo b dcud ond odop'ed Cop ol he Col moy b S cked up ol h Admnnron ol le Rober Toronlolo Bd Sc v-bu nger OC S Long Bronch Rchrd T. G OSulllvOn Cloronce Ell Velon... Loul & orlorl nrolo Jmn Fornno Rymond J. olroolly ud R. Pvron Rlchord Arln Crwford Knnh Doroy Schroedr Frnk Longdon K ng em nc... Frnk Lngoon Kng m nc.- JomcC. (JynKernon clnrnylwork. nc Rchord Levy Erho Pnron Terence & Crol O'D ThomosA ory Epp JoPphF Swmmonl of «oklh Jr A ccoklll Chr le & Dorohy Brwr Roborl KhrlnRupl rh Dornly Chr Te.l P Polk Sphn Pron DorwC WoryE Slrnmor Jllr lalenuol... Veonm of Forgn Wrs Como John scordlno Knoh Lofnborol..-. Lull A. Wo CUrro Juo Glorl Almn Ccr Johnn Rchrd Errprlm nc Abc Enr orlll Nopp omplm. Conjr Wllm Fodor wollh Jen B. Brry C L Scrno, JL ScorWno Ammo RloodlnSrvlc.. nc OTKlof or Ornoo Clro BWchl ll Sylvr Awl OO Wlllom A Phylll Torouhl. Jpnl Crol Prollo SREWSBURY, N J. FRDAY, OCTOBER,977 2TnonFolU OTC OF ANS, Plse oko noce h ppn con ho boon mod o h Pln nlno oord ol he orougn of Tn on Flls for ll pln pprovl for consrucon of Shoppng Vllge Properly whch h «ub ec ol h pplcon s loced s o lowsvcor- - Rood nd --. Flls, New Jery. ond l deslg noed on he T op s Lo No nd S nbochno 23 3 Th pplcon wll hve Publc orlng on Ocober P.. n h Borough ll, U6 Tlnon Avenue. A n ownr ol propery whn O fe of h you or hereby nofed h you ore prvleged o b presen sold herng nd lo presen ny ond ll objecons whch you moy hove lo h grnng of l pln GEORGE J SAY Aorney for SOSEnrprlm Sepember OC «25 Unon Beoch oe o Booug Couc ol Uon Beoch, onmouh Couny. New Jersey o rnsfer o Pr Andolpho Bobby cnel nd Edwrd Choleckl. prlnershp. rdng Colony nn for premses loced 0 Florence Ave nu. Unon Beoch. Nw Jerey he pe nry rel consumpon lquor llcene C. hereofore, ssued o Colony nn, nc. T/A Colony nn for h premses locd 0 Flornc Avnu. Unon Beoch, Nw Jersey Nme nd uddres of ll pres hov ng legl or bnfclol nre n h K opod pron lo pron rnfr of lquor lcene r s follows Per Andolpho Pergol Avenu Jmburg. Nw Jry 03 ' undvded neres Bobby cnel B d f Bobby cne Brndyvfn Drv Eol Brunswck. N Brndyvfn D v Eol Brunswck. Nw Jersey lo undvded nre Edwrd Choleckl Aldrlch Sree Es Brunswck. Nw Jery D6 j undvded neres Oblcons. ny. hould b mde mmedely n wrng o ry Sobk. Borough Clrk Borogh of Unon mmedey n wrng o ry Sobk. Borough Clrk, Borough of Unon Beoch. New Jry. Sgned Peler Andolpho Bobby cnel Edwrd Choleckl o prnershp C/o Pul Grn. Eq Aorney or pplcn 9Ae ghwy J ddeown, vw Jrsy 0"8 Oc..3 S) f 232 Long Brnch omul Krvl Arhur oy ESwomn Arhur oy E Swmn r W Lovll Gry.. ro W. Lowell Groy Oor l orgn Dnor Wrn Lovf Auroro Rlvro Eugn Burn John A. E Brnlc Cor eher» Roy D... Wlmbrly Oeore Shomy Lrwood F.AnnG Goynor oron. Glor L Popok....JleL. oel Thompson Oghv pry U. FlemJr> orvlnf. Cron Flpor lfe oymond ry Frrow LoL Toyor Frnkln So Bnk Rymond JudyAnn Prdpjn Frncsco An A onnc GoorofLdoon Rushng ColvnC cdowell Jophl.Shulf oroldj lemmoj Sovol RufhCoemn Alfred T Sr. Cm Epps V»»eom Admmlrolon Oor Porlclo A. oody C.S.W. Aocln. n. rkcpuofsotrlng owordw oroe V Be onoln GoroTcCsklll A.S.A. Rooly Co.. nc Edn o Adorns Esell Wllllorm., Cr L. rrs Joel J Berce L Sen Jome E Dors L. Johnson veern Admnsron Rchrd E l Edn. Reed Julon Dolores. Sewr Lesry, nc Lery. nc Clrence E Frnce! A. Brown enry Jr orlenc Lomwrdl Lery, nc Lery. nc George E Srh Brooks Loul Joephln Zvogl Joseph Rose Socco JocklC. WllmoCJoynor Cvlsopherf Jerrllyn Fsher Curs L Frnces L. Doon Cwrl L Frncs L Doon Choyce. Jr. elen Schwrz.. RoyL. Bornr onroe RoberfJoyce C. Sorer Rodney. Crolyn Tyler elen L Albers JomsC. Doly Evons Rymond B. Owens. Jmmy. Louse Perce Veerrs Admnsron juhneenn Frnk Cerplz LoulD. Ruh cclendon Nchols GGobllrc Theodore A. ccormlck Clornce & Anvlee ordng Collnh> Pur orrero John A. rgre Belllno Leonore A, Wy (Coy) Rober L. Prc Bole Rchrd A,f VelrwRed Edwrd orlne Den erber.f Chryslol Cer George W.f Llllle Pryor Elmer D. eo B, Smh Erly Sr Vol L. eeklns Adolphu C.f Johnn Lomn... George nne ccoln Lhrnne& Ernesl Jckson..., Loule Nwmon Levyf Florence nord Joseph Poumbo George nne ccollns Wllllom A. Bron Rober J. Elenor F. Wlckn... Vorom Admlnlrlon Wllm L.f Ernesne Jue Le lo Bell RDohme Jmes. Frnces Corr Addle PullenfCrrlneLec Grce T. Aloxonder Oscr R. orlorle Beer Ellen Lwrence Joseph D. onr Edgor A. Chrloe Wes Nchols noo Vron' Admlnlrolon Rober W.f Sndr Robnson... Llln Ambrose Floydf Rosorlo L. CundfT Auonderf d R. Dnels Aunderf dr. Dnels ermn! Loorl Dunlcn Wrren L.f Bey L. Dv Fred O. Ambrose Jmes.f Theres Coles V7 f.7 S B S.7 9S.7 S.U S.7 N Ronold T. A Lounn comrford.. Knnhf Emm Scond ro UdollsFrnnde Bnnyf Edh Roch Rober F. A Julln Ellwood NlcholofCrol ngo Alln F.f Bvrly Roymond Robrl, A Borbrgr/ulfl Leo J. fglorloccorron Andrewf orgor Wlon SBB OlonlloCpon. Eofe Frnk foryg. Tlerlco lun. _ w -^ ry f. Ryn, Any of wld propery moy be redeemed before wl by pymen of he moun heren wh neres ond cos ncurred up o he me of pymen, ""'VTNESSWEJEOP. hove hereuno w my hond ond ol hs 7h (oy FRANK J.QURK Collecor of Txes Oc. 7,, 2, 0N Old buldng s due honors KEYPORT - The sorcl Assocon wll honor one of he oldes buldngs n he borough, he Kerney schoolhouse, n ceremones Oc. 5 2pm The Kerney schoolhouse ws bul n 770 on he plnon of Thoms Kerney, nd ws orgnlly loced he curren se of he Amercn Legon Senor Czens projec on Beers Sree. ws moved nd s now prve home on 50 Kerney Sree. 2 onmouh Couny NOTC TO BDDEKS Noce hereby olvn h oed bc wll be receved by he Bord o Recreon Commonr ol h Couny ol onmoulh, Nw Jery. n h melng '««" f h Boord ol c reolon Commoner: ADNS- TRATVE OFFCES. Thompon Coun fy Pork, Nwmon Sprng.! Rod, Ln crof. New Jersey, unl 0 00 o m. prevlng me, Thursdy, Ocober V. V9/7 nd men publcly opened ond red or (he llowng. Kln ond Venlon ood Sgn n ng erl Conrc Documn. ncludng n ruclon o Bdden, Bd Form nd complee pln nd specfcons my be exmned he Admnllrve Ol fk of he onmoulh Couny Prk Sym. loced n Thompon Couny Prk, Nrwmn Sprng ood, Llncrof. Nw Jery. beween h hour of 00 m., ond JO p m. prevlng me, dolly ondy o Frdy, n ovlbe9 00 m Drwngs, pecfcons, bd form nd ll lorm requred moy be obn d bv qulfld bdders ol he PARK SYSTE ADNSTRATVE OF- FCE S el forh bove bwn h forold hour. Bds mu b mde on he sndrd proposl orrm n h mnner desgned nd requred by he peclfcolopes ber ng h nme nd ddre of he Bdber. de gn ng h nme o he bd on he ousde, ddressed o he Boord o Recreon Commssoner!. onmouh Couny Prk Sylem. New -non Sprngs Rood, froff, Nw Jr y 07r. nd delvered o he ploce ond before he hour bove nmed. ''Durng h prforrronc of hl conrc, bdders rc requred o comply wh he requremen! ol P-L V97SC. 7 ' Th owner rrv he rgh o wolv ny nformles n, or o re cf on» nd ol bds, nd lo wrd he con rcs n por or whole deemed o he be neres of he Boord of Recr lon Commssoners No lddr my whdrw h bd wllhln hry (X) dys oer hereof rd o Th onmoufh Couny Recreon Commssoners no reerv he rgh o hold bds or hry )0) doys pror lo wrdng he con rocf By order ol he Boord ol Recreon Commssoners of h Couny ol on- VCTOR, GROSSNGER Jorns J Truneer Screlory-DlrClor Oc. S 6 ONOUT COUNTV URROOATC'S COURT ESTATE OF ARV OLVA VOORS, DECEASED Pursuon lo h order o ANDREW ST. JR. Surroge o h Cun y of onmouh. hs dy mde, on he pplcon o he undersgned, John Thomos Voorhl. Acng E«culor o h of he sd ry Olv Voorhl, deceed, noce hereby gven lo he credors ol sd decesed o presen o h sold Acng Exculor hlr clqlm undr oh whn sx monhs from hs de Ded Ocober JON TOAS VOORS 37 Wndng Wy Gbbsboro, N J Acng Execuor essrs CrowllfOfen 9 Col Bercjen Ploce Red Bonk. N J Aorneys Oc. U» 250 omer Publc Noces LEOAL NOTCE Noce s hereby gven h he Boord o Trusees o Brookdole Com muny College wl receve seled bds n Purchsng Depormen. 765 Newmn Sprngs Rod. Llncro, New Jersey on Ocober m prevlng me, ol whch me ond plce, sold bds wll be publcly opened ond reod on he followng em: ROAD RESURFACNG Conrc documens my be om ned nd copes obned o he Pur chsng Deprmen o Brookdole Communy College 7AS Newmn Sprng., Rood. Llncrol. New Jersey on m fer Ocober,977 Bd secures n he form o o bd bond wh deque secury hereon, or cerfed check n n moun equl o 0' of he moun of he bd, no o exceed J wll be requred Bds my no be whdrwn whn 60 doys offer he ocul dy of he bd openng The owner reserves he unresrced rgn lo re ec ny or ll bds; ond o occep ny bd whch deemed mos lvoroble Prces quoed mu nclude ll fregh or delvery chrges. The owner oso reserves h rgh o re ec ny bd. n s opnon, he bdder s no consdered fnnclly or lechnl colly ble o crry ou he conrc s nended, or or ny ren n he owner s luogmenl, s no n he bes neresl o Brookdle Communy Col- 6 dders re requred o comply wh he requremens o PL. 975, C. 7 ondp.l 977,C 33 Oc Tke noce ho on he?bh dy ol Ocober o 9:00 A.., Leonrd Joel Koroonky wll mke pplcon o he onmouh Couny Cour, he Cour ouse. Freehold, New Jersey, or o judgmen ouhorllng hm o s sum h nme of Leonrd Joel Kor PUTTNG ON TE DOG The Byshore Compnon Dog Club of Red Bnk, whch sponsors shows by rned dogs, recenly enerned pens he olmdel Nursng nd Convlescen Cener. Demonsrng how he rereves s chhuhu owned by Vness DenOuden of lddleown. Benef wlk plnned n wn ATAWAN - O people re expeced o prcpe n -mlle "Wlk (or unger" he borough nd wn Townshp Sundy. The Wlk, whch s beng mrdned by Rev. George leger of Trny Epscopl Church, here, nd Rev. Rober Kedlng, chpln S. John Vnney gh School.olmdel, wu begn p.m. on he school grounds Wlkers wll sop ll churches nd syngogues n o he hgh school. CROP, The Communy unger Appel of Church World Servce wll receve 75 per cen of he proceeds for food, emergency servces nd ools for self-help for needy he borough before reurnng people n over 30 counres Ocl u NSTRUCTONS - Two sudens who recenly compleed he one-yer course he onmouh edcl Cener Rdon Therpy Technology,< School receve nsrucons from Dr. Erwln Tepper, drecor of WC's de- prmen of Therpeuc Rdology. Shown re elen C. Counle, lef, Pne- Bech nd Terlse Shelon, hrd from lef, Formngdle. Wh hem s Ar-vlene Nledwlecky, chef echncn n Rdon Therpy nd coordnor of of he school. Seek voluneer redng uors n ddleown DDLETOWN Townshp resdens neresed n becomng nvolved n he lves of schoolchldren wll be welcomed s voluneer redng uors n he school dsrc's Rgh o Red progrm, now begnnng s ffh yer. Tuors spend les wo hours week n he sysem's 2 elemenry schools helpng wh redng lessons nd sklls, usully wh one suden me. Abou 68 voluneer uors were n servce by ls June. A rnng progrm for redng uors wll be offered s pr of he Communy Evenng School progrm, meeng for wo hours one evenng week. Resdens neresed n voluneerng should pply o he currculum offce n gh School Norh durng norml busness hours. 22 Cols Neck 22 Cols Neck TAX SALE NOTCE OP REAL ESTATE N TOWNSP OF COLTS NECK FOR NON-PAYENT OF TAXES Publc noce s hereby gven h he undersgned, he Collecor ol Txes of he Townshp of Col Neck, Couny of onmouh, New Jersey wn l publc ucon n he Townshp ll Cols Neck. New Jersey on he Tf dy o' Ocober, 977 0:00 A.. he followng descrbed lnds. Sd lnds wll be sold o mke he moun of muncpl lens. K geoble gns he some of he frs dy of July 977 exclusve, however, of he en for xes for he yer 977 compued n he followng ls ogeher wh neres n sd moun for he frs dy ol July 977 o de o he lc nd cosl o sle The subscrber wll sell n fee o he person who bds he moun due sublec o redempon he lowes re of ner!, bu n no coe exceedng 3 % per nnum The pymen for he sle shll be mde before he concluson of he sle or he propery wll be resold. Csh or cer fled check only wll be cceped n pymen. Any prcel or rel propery for whch here shrll be no oher purchse wll be sruck o nd sold o he Townshp of Cols Neck for redempon o welve (2) percen per nnum nd he muncply shll hve he me remedes ond rghs s oher purchsers, ncludng he rgh o br or foreclose he rgh of redempon Th sle shll be mode nd conduced n ccordnce wh he provson of he sue o he Se of New Jersey enled An Ac Concernng Unpd Txes nd Assessmens nd Oher uncpl Chrges on Reol Properly nd Provdng for he Collecon There by lhe> Creon nd Enforcemen of Lens Thereon (Chper S Tde S of he Revsed Sues! A ny me before he le, he undersgned wll receve pymen of he moun due on ny propery wh neres ond cos up o he fme of py menf. The sd lnds so subjec o les, descrbed n ccordnce wh he x duplce ncludng he nme of he owner, s shown on he ls lx duplce ncludng he nme of he owner, s shown on he ls x duplce ond he ggrege o xes nd oher muncpl chrges whch were len hereon he frs dy of July 976, exclusve, however, ol he en for xes for or m rellsdr. BLOCK n33' J 35 S (97 Omllcd) 5(975 Omed). 976 Omlled) sm. so, pel.;. u low. LOT d b Q n u S S NAE G. bonny R Frmnc O. Sonny R Formnc Phlnx Developmen Corp rry & elen Rowlnd orrv & elen Rowlnd orry & elen Rowlnd rry & elen Rowlnd rv. Clr Lellch rv. & Clr Lellch Phlnx Developmen Corp Pholonx Developmen Corp PholonK Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp. Pholnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phoon Developmen Corp. Phlnx Developmen Corp Phln Developmen Coro Pholonx Developmen Corp Pholonn Developmen Corp. Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Pholnn Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Pholonx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Phlnx Developmen Corp Pholonx Developmen Corp Unknown Properly Rchrd & ureen ferodol Rchrd ureen Berodl Rchrd & ureen Berod Ann R Bobn Tn Collecor AOUNT S ,69 737, SlO.flO B6 36 l B 6 B 6 B 7 6 S9.7 SVl 37 59B0S S9 ] V 59. S9B S3S l l 6 l 6B B 3 68? 63 77? 39 2? 7< (6? 7 ANY TANKS FOR ANY YEARS - Those were he senmens of John K. Pwlowskl, Rlvervew ospl's Admnsror (lef) nd Frnk F. Blsdell, he hospl's Bord of Governor; Presden (rgh) s hey congruled delne oulhn LPN (cener lef) nd Ruh Snyder, RN, (cener rgh), boh of whom were honored for 25 yers'of servce o Rlvervlew he hospl's nnul employee wrds dnner. FUTURE NURSE - Col. (Re.) Or F. Robers, lef, presens $500 scholrshp from Long Brnch Pos, Amercn Legon, o rs. Jne Glng, Long Brnch, second yer nursng suden Brookdle Communy College,, lddleown. Tkng pr n he Felx. Pll, execuve drecor of onmouh edcl Cener, Long Brnch, where he nursng sudens receve her clncl rnng, nd rs. elores Yros, drecor of nursng nd lled helh Brookdle. Ths s he elevenh yer h he Long Brnch Legon pos hs wrded he scholrshp.

32 32 The Drly Regser SREWSBURY N J FRDAY. OCTOBER u. 977 A boomng me my be n sore for senor czens ANCESTER TOWNSP (AP - A developer en vsons cozy, relxng reremen vllge of bou 58C houses here bou fee from he boomng cnnon; on For Dx rllery rnge Even-Ry nc of Whng s seekng pprovl from he plnnng bord here o buld 92 cre developmen for mddle ncome senor czens The developer sys he senors he proposed Cedr Glen Prk won be bohered by nose, despe weekend reservss frng egh-nch cnnons nd 05mm nd Vmm owzers from pons ner he for's permeer o n mpc re deep nsde he for,;'you could compre he rllery nose o he slmmng of cr door." syd Lews Goodfnend. whose Cedr Knolls couscs consulng frm esed sound levels for he developer n rch 076 Bu he Army sys despe he Goodfnend's sudy, he developer hsn' herd nyhng ye U Col Donld W ndsen. legl offcer he bse, sys Goodfnend's redngs were no ccure nd were no ken when he reservss were frng her lrges wepons Dr. George A Lu. n envronmenl psychologs (or he Army, sd he nose vres.ccordng o weher con dons "These folks worked ll her lves nd we don' wnl hem o move n seekng pece nd que nd hen every Surdy nd Sundy bm. bm. bm." sd one Army offcer who sked no be denfed Edwrd Lson, Toms Rver orney represenng he developer, sd her ess "show h whle hose people would cernly mes her he nose, would well be whn he olerble lms esblshed by he federl governmen " e sd h poenl resdens would be wrned h (he rllery rnge ws nerby before hey buy propery "f he Army hs rendered our propery useless, whch hey re dmng o dong, hen we hve grounds for su gns he Army." Lson sd e sd he ssue could be seled Oc 23. when he Army hs greed o fre he rllery lor sound expers on boh sdes Nonwde nsurnce pullng ou of New Jersey TRENTON (AP) - The Nonwde uul nsurnce Compnes nnounced plns yeserdy o pull ou of New Jersey, mmedely hlng he sle of uo, fre nd commercl nsurnce n he se becuse of "chrome operng losses " The Oho-bsed frm sd never hd n operng prof n ny of he 25 yers dd busness n New jersey, wh mos of he loss comng n uo nsurnce The compny sd h hd 5 2 mllon operng loss on he 23 mllon of premums New Jerseyns pd n 976 for uo nd fre nsurnce lso sd h would need per cen ncrese n uo nsurnce premums on op of he 57 5 per cen ncreses receved snce 970 n order o brek even Se nsurnce Commssoner Jmes J Sheern sd Nonwde pprenly ws "unhppy" becuse he hs no ced on s pplcon for per cen re ncrese fled June 29 e sd he ncrese, becuse of compoundng, would hve more hn doubled Nonwde's 97 res "ny people would no longer be ble o fford nsurnce," Sheern sd "Wh's he purpose of hvng nsurnce f szeble segmen of he populon s pneed ou of he mrke'" Sheern hs ced slowly on recen re pplcons nd posed sff chllenges o he fgures compnes supply n her requess for re hkes Gov Brendn T Byrne sd n semen from hs cm pgn hedqurers h N onwde's cons ppered o hm o be "n emp o nmde se governmen no grnng re hkes." "The mng of hs n nouncemen s. he very les, suspcous." Byrne sd "Afer 25 yers of llegec losses, hs compny mkes decson four weeks before n elecon o whdrw The people of hs se wll see hrough hs rnspren emp o exrc new re n creses" The pullou ffecs uo nsurnce polces fre nd homeowners polces nd commercl polces now n effec n he se Nonwde's busness represens 8 per cen of he se uo nsurnce mrke nd 6 per cen of he homeowner's nsurnce mrke. The polces wll no be renewed, he compny sd, bu wll remn n force unl hey expre. Lfe nd group helh polces would remn n force, he compny sd. Nonwde lso sd wn lso elmne s! gens Plnned Prenhood hs dvce for men NEWARK (AP) - Plnned Prenhood, rdonlly denfed wh women nd he pll, s begnnng o ech men hng or wo bou brh conrol "ny men hve no ken he responsbly for brh conrol." sd eredh Bernsen, coordnor Plnned Prenhood of Bergen Couny "We ech h boh sdes hve o for hppy relonshp ' The Bergen offce n ckensck nd one here belong o hndful of brh conrol ceners n he non offerng servces o men The ckensck offce begn s mle clnc ls monh whle he clnc here hs been cerng o men snce November 975 n ddon o n nexpensve physcl exmnon nd blood es for venerel dsese, men who end clncs receve lecures nd prcpe n dscussons bou mle nd femle nomy, myhs bou pregnncy nd shrng responsbly n sexul relonshps "We go 3 men our ls meeng nd hey were exremely recepve." s Bernsen sd "We ge blcks, whes, spncs, professonl men. men who mke lo of money nd men who re unemployed." Plnned Prenhood urologs Dr Sephen Kz sys besdes gvng men generl exm, he lso checks her proses. e sys prose check s somehng men should hve done nnully, nd wce yer fer ge 0. Tnon Flls mn's jl erm reduced TRENTON - he Appelle Dvson of Superor Cour reduced he fve-o-seven yer prson senence mposed on Tnon Flls mn on mulple chrges of brekng no crs nd grges nd selng CB ses nd oher ems o n ndeermne reformory erm. A hree-judge pnel of he Appelle Dvson sd h lhough he prson erm mposed on Rcky Fowler, of ope Rod, Tnon Flls, fell whn he erms of he ple brgn, he senence ws excessve. n rechng h concluson. he cour poned ou h Fowler, now 20. ws only 9 when he offenses he pleded guly o were commed nd h no volence ws nvolved n ny of hem. lso cknowledged h Fowler hd hd pror conc wh he lw s juvenle when he ws found delnquen for selng bcycle, for runnng wy nd for shoplfng e ws senenced o he Trnng School for Boys Jmesburg on he ler chrge nd ler ws found n volon of probon for possessng lcoholc beverges nd reurned o Jmesburg. "Unquesonbly he senencng judge ws correc n h he offenses mer some hod of ncrceron," he " cour sd n s decson. "owever, he polcy ld down by our Supreme Cour s h youhful ofen der elgble for senence o he Youh Correconl nsuon Complex (reformores) should ordnrly be senenced here unless good nd subsnl resons exs for no so dong.. "ncrceron n Se Prson mus be consdered s ls resor when lesser lernve no longer s fe sble from ny sndpon,' he cour connued. "n he cse br we beleve h defendn hs he poen for rehblon under proper gudnce nd for hs reson n ddon o wh hs been sed hs nsuonlzon should ke plce n he Youh Correcon l nsuon Complex." The fve-o-seven yer prson erm ws mposed by Coun) Cour Judge Wllm T. Wchmnn fer Fowler pleded guly o four couns of brekng nd enerng wh nen o sel, hree couns of enerng whou brekng nd four couns of lrceny. All perned o he hef of CB rdos, ool boxes, pe recorders, rdos nd oher ems from prked crs or grges n Tnon Flls nd Ocen Townshp. The ncdens occurred n y 975 nd Sepember 976. nd 7 employees n New Jersey. Nonwde Presden John E. Fsher sd, "We hve concluded, wh consderble regre, h 's pruden o dsconnue operons n New Jersey, n re where fnncl resuls hve been conssenly negve nd re 30-33% off. coordnes by Alex Colmn $6-$2 sepres now Gre-lookng, gre-fng fshons bg svngs! Shr jckes nd vess, pull-on or fly-fron pns n solds nd perns some peles ool Shrs n perns nd solds, ncludng uncs, clssc looks, some wh scrves some blousons. Blck, brown, cmel, nvy n he group lkely o remn negve." Republcn gubernorl cndde Rymond Bemn clled gn for Sheern's dsmssl nd sd Nonwde offcls old hm res were no her only reson for pullng ou of he se "f chnges re mde, hey'd come bck," sd Bemn, ddng h he.compny old hm consders he Byrne dmnsron o be prejudced gns he nsurnce busness "They sy hey cn' communce. They jus wn o be reed frly, nd he nsurnce commssoner sn' dong," Bemn sd. ONE/SOP TOLL FREE 8OW (FRO ASBURY PARK AREA, 77-77) ASBURY PARK, RED BANK 0-5:30 WED. FR. TO 9 BRCK TOWN 0-9:30. SAT. TO 5:30. SUN. NOON-5 ANALAPAN ON.-SAT

Physics 201 Lecture 2

Physics 201 Lecture 2 Physcs 1 Lecure Lecure Chper.1-. Dene Poson, Dsplcemen & Dsnce Dsngush Tme nd Tme Inerl Dene Velocy (Aerge nd Insnneous), Speed Dene Acceleron Undersnd lgebrclly, hrough ecors, nd grphclly he relonshps

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4.8 Improper Integrals

4.8 Improper Integrals 4.8 Improper Inegrls Well you ve mde i hrough ll he inegrion echniques. Congrs! Unforunely for us, we sill need o cover one more inegrl. They re clled Improper Inegrls. A his poin, we ve only del wih inegrls

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Supporting information How to concatenate the local attractors of subnetworks in the HPFP

Supporting information How to concatenate the local attractors of subnetworks in the HPFP n Effcen lgorh for Idenfyng Prry Phenoype rcors of Lrge-Scle Boolen Newor Sng-Mo Choo nd Kwng-Hyun Cho Depren of Mhecs Unversy of Ulsn Ulsn 446 Republc of Kore Depren of Bo nd Brn Engneerng Kore dvnced

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A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W A L A BA M A L A W R E V IE W Volume 52 Fall 2000 Number 1 B E F O R E D I S A B I L I T Y C I V I L R I G HT S : C I V I L W A R P E N S I O N S A N D TH E P O L I T I C S O F D I S A B I L I T Y I N

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0 for t < 0 1 for t > 0

0 for t < 0 1 for t > 0 8.0 Sep nd del funcions Auhor: Jeremy Orloff The uni Sep Funcion We define he uni sep funcion by u() = 0 for < 0 for > 0 I is clled he uni sep funcion becuse i kes uni sep = 0. I is someimes clled he Heviside

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e t dt e t dt = lim e t dt T (1 e T ) = 1

e t dt e t dt = lim e t dt T (1 e T ) = 1 Improper Inegrls There re wo ypes of improper inegrls - hose wih infinie limis of inegrion, nd hose wih inegrnds h pproch some poin wihin he limis of inegrion. Firs we will consider inegrls wih infinie

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EEM 486: Computer Architecture

EEM 486: Computer Architecture EEM 486: Compuer Archecure Lecure 4 ALU EEM 486 MIPS Arhmec Insrucons R-ype I-ype Insrucon Exmpe Menng Commen dd dd $,$2,$3 $ = $2 + $3 sub sub $,$2,$3 $ = $2 - $3 3 opernds; overfow deeced 3 opernds;

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Motion. Part 2: Constant Acceleration. Acceleration. October Lab Physics. Ms. Levine 1. Acceleration. Acceleration. Units for Acceleration.

Motion. Part 2: Constant Acceleration. Acceleration. October Lab Physics. Ms. Levine 1. Acceleration. Acceleration. Units for Acceleration. Moion Accelerion Pr : Consn Accelerion Accelerion Accelerion Accelerion is he re of chnge of velociy. = v - vo = Δv Δ ccelerion = = v - vo chnge of velociy elpsed ime Accelerion is vecor, lhough in one-dimensionl

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Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License

Train Up A Child Paul Marxhausen All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to Stu Tietz for 30 years of Lutheran teaching ministry. Free Praise License Trn Up A Chld 2000 Pul Mrxhusen All Rghts Reserved Dedcted to Stu Tetz for 30 yers of Luthern techng mnstry Free Prse Lcense Ths lcense does NOT supercede or replce the rghts of the composer(s) under Unted

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Magnetostatics Bar Magnet. Magnetostatics Oersted s Experiment

Magnetostatics Bar Magnet. Magnetostatics Oersted s Experiment Mgneosics Br Mgne As fr bck s 4500 yers go, he Chinese discovered h cerin ypes of iron ore could rc ech oher nd cerin mels. Iron filings "mp" of br mgne s field Crefully suspended slivers of his mel were

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1. Consider a PSA initially at rest in the beginning of the left-hand end of a long ISS corridor. Assume xo = 0 on the left end of the ISS corridor.

1. Consider a PSA initially at rest in the beginning of the left-hand end of a long ISS corridor. Assume xo = 0 on the left end of the ISS corridor. In Eercise 1, use sndrd recngulr Cresin coordine sysem. Le ime be represened long he horizonl is. Assume ll ccelerions nd decelerions re consn. 1. Consider PSA iniilly res in he beginning of he lef-hnd

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f t f a f x dx By Lin McMullin f x dx= f b f a. 2

f t f a f x dx By Lin McMullin f x dx= f b f a. 2 Accumulion: Thoughs On () By Lin McMullin f f f d = + The gols of he AP* Clculus progrm include he semen, Sudens should undersnd he definie inegrl s he ne ccumulion of chnge. 1 The Topicl Ouline includes

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Midterm Exam. Thursday, April hour, 15 minutes

Midterm Exam. Thursday, April hour, 15 minutes Economcs of Grow, ECO560 San Francsco Sae Unvers Mcael Bar Sprng 04 Mderm Exam Tursda, prl 0 our, 5 mnues ame: Insrucons. Ts s closed boo, closed noes exam.. o calculaors of an nd are allowed. 3. Sow all

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Smart Motorways HADECS 3 and what it means for your drivers

Smart Motorways HADECS 3 and what it means for your drivers Vehcle Rentl Smrt Motorwys HADECS 3 nd wht t mens for your drvers Vehcle Rentl Smrt Motorwys HADECS 3 nd wht t mens for your drvers You my hve seen some news rtcles bout the ntroducton of Hghwys Englnd

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Advanced Electromechanical Systems (ELE 847)

Advanced Electromechanical Systems (ELE 847) (ELE 847) Dr. Smr ouro-rener Topc 1.4: DC moor speed conrol Torono, 2009 Moor Speed Conrol (open loop conrol) Consder he followng crcu dgrm n V n V bn T1 T 5 T3 V dc r L AA e r f L FF f o V f V cn T 4

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Temperature Rise of the Earth

Temperature Rise of the Earth Avilble online ScienceDirec Procedi - Socil nd Behviorl Scien ce s 88 ( 2013 ) 220 224 Socil nd Behviorl Sciences Symposium, 4 h Inernionl Science, Socil Science, Engineering nd Energy

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Variants of Pegasos. December 11, 2009

Variants of Pegasos. December 11, 2009 Inroducon Varans of Pegasos SooWoong Ryu December, 009 Youngsoo Cho Developng a new SVM algorhm s ongong research opc. Among many exng SVM algorhms, we wll focus on

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11.1 Exponential Functions

11.1 Exponential Functions . Eponentil Functions In this chpter we wnt to look t specific type of function tht hs mny very useful pplictions, the eponentil function. Definition: Eponentil Function An eponentil function is function

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A Kalman filtering simulation

A Kalman filtering simulation A Klmn filering simulion The performnce of Klmn filering hs been esed on he bsis of wo differen dynmicl models, ssuming eiher moion wih consn elociy or wih consn ccelerion. The former is epeced o beer

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MODEL SOLUTIONS TO IIT JEE ADVANCED 2014 MODEL SOLUTIONS TO IIT JEE ADVANCED Pper II Code PART I 6 7 8 9 B A A C D B D C C B 6 C B D D C A 7 8 9 C A B D. Rhc(Z ). Cu M. ZM Secon I K Z 8 Cu hc W mu hc 8 W + KE hc W + KE W + KE W + KE W + KE (KE

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Introduction. Voice Coil Motors. Introduction - Voice Coil Velocimeter Electromechanical Systems. F = Bli

Introduction. Voice Coil Motors. Introduction - Voice Coil Velocimeter Electromechanical Systems. F = Bli UNIVERSITY O TECHNOLOGY, SYDNEY ACULTY O ENGINEERING 4853 Elecroechncl Syses Voce Col Moors Topcs o cover:.. Mnec Crcus 3. EM n Voce Col 4. orce n Torque 5. Mhecl Moel 6. Perornce Voce cols re wely use

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THEORETICAL AUTOCORRELATIONS. ) if often denoted by γ. Note that

THEORETICAL AUTOCORRELATIONS. ) if often denoted by γ. Note that THEORETICAL AUTOCORRELATIONS Cov( y, y ) E( y E( y))( y E( y)) ρ = = Var( y) E( y E( y)) =,, L ρ = and Cov( y, y ) s ofen denoed by whle Var( y ) f ofen denoed by γ. Noe ha γ = γ and ρ = ρ and because

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Erlkönig. t t.! t t. t t t tj "tt. tj t tj ttt!t t. e t Jt e t t t e t Jt

Erlkönig. t t.! t t. t t t tj tt. tj t tj ttt!t t. e t Jt e t t t e t Jt Gsng Po 1 Agio " " lkö (Compl by Rhol Bckr, s Moifi by Mrk S. Zimmr)!! J "! J # " c c " Luwig vn Bhovn WoO 131 (177) I Wr Who!! " J J! 5 ri ris hro' h spä h, I urch J J Nch rk un W Es n wil A J J is f

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Modeling and Predicting Sequences: HMM and (may be) CRF. Amr Ahmed Feb 25

Modeling and Predicting Sequences: HMM and (may be) CRF. Amr Ahmed Feb 25 Modelg d redcg Sequeces: HMM d m be CRF Amr Ahmed 070 Feb 25 Bg cure redcg Sgle Lbel Ipu : A se of feures: - Bg of words docume - Oupu : Clss lbel - Topc of he docume - redcg Sequece of Lbels Noo Noe:

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Released Assessment Questions, 2017 QUESTIONS

Released Assessment Questions, 2017 QUESTIONS Relese Assessmen Quesions, 17 QUESTIONS Gre 9 Assessmen of Mhemis Aemi Re he insruions elow. Along wih his ookle, mke sure ou hve he Answer Bookle n he Formul Shee. You m use n spe in his ook for rough

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Use 10 m/s 2 for the acceleration due to gravity.

Use 10 m/s 2 for the acceleration due to gravity. ANSWERS Prjecle mn s he ecrl sum w ndependen elces, hrznl cmpnen nd ercl cmpnen. The hrznl cmpnen elcy s cnsn hrughu he mn whle he ercl cmpnen elcy s dencl ree ll. The cul r nsnneus elcy ny pn lng he prblc

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[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo

[Let's Do ToPolio What We Did To Tokyo [L D W W D k /%// / j } b w k w kk w b N b b k z w - k w k k b b b b b w k b k w S b b- K k D R w b k k kk k w w "b b z b bk b w wk w kk w w k b b b b q V /VSRN O R S R SON - H R VL 11 N 11 q HK NONL KONDON

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Version 001 test-1 swinney (57010) 1. is constant at m/s.

Version 001 test-1 swinney (57010) 1. is constant at m/s. Version 001 es-1 swinne (57010) 1 This prin-ou should hve 20 quesions. Muliple-choice quesions m coninue on he nex column or pge find ll choices before nswering. CubeUniVec1x76 001 10.0 poins Acubeis1.4fee

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PHY2053 Summer C 2013 Exam 1 Solutions

PHY2053 Summer C 2013 Exam 1 Solutions PHY053 Sue C 03 E Soluon. The foce G on o G G The onl cobnon h e '/ = doubln.. The peed of lh le 8fulon c 86,8 le 60 n 60n h 4h d 4d fonh.80 fulon/ fonh 3. The dnce eled fo he ene p,, 36 (75n h 45 The

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ieski. a n d H. A. Lange.

ieski. a n d H. A. Lange. G 34 D 0 D 90 : 5S D Vz S D NEWS W Vz z F D < - ;»( S S C S W C - z z! L D F F V Q4 R U O G P O N G-34 q O G

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Mechanics Physics 151

Mechanics Physics 151 Mechancs Physcs 5 Lecure 0 Canoncal Transformaons (Chaper 9) Wha We Dd Las Tme Hamlon s Prncple n he Hamlonan formalsm Dervaon was smple δi δ Addonal end-pon consrans pq H( q, p, ) d 0 δ q ( ) δq ( ) δ

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An object moving with speed v around a point at distance r, has an angular velocity. m/s m

An object moving with speed v around a point at distance r, has an angular velocity. m/s m Roion The mosphere roes wih he erh n moions wihin he mosphere clerly follow cure phs (cyclones, nicyclones, hurricnes, ornoes ec.) We nee o epress roion quniiely. For soli objec or ny mss h oes no isor

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Lecture 2 M/G/1 queues. M/G/1-queue

Lecture 2 M/G/1 queues. M/G/1-queue Lecure M/G/ queues M/G/-queue Posson arrval process Arbrary servce me dsrbuon Sngle server To deermne he sae of he sysem a me, we mus now The number of cusomers n he sysems N() Tme ha he cusomer currenly

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Arithmetic & Algebra. NCTM National Conference, 2017

Arithmetic & Algebra. NCTM National Conference, 2017 NCTM Ntionl Conference, 2017 Arithmetic & Algebr Hether Dlls, UCLA Mthemtics & The Curtis Center Roger Howe, Yle Mthemtics & Texs A & M School of Eduction Relted Common Core Stndrds First instnce of vrible

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Tuolumne River Regional Park

Tuolumne River Regional Park s c x w R C s uoh e Y e J 9e YEY Tuolumne Rve Regonl Pk u n z l u J L J CC F 4 l CF Y CCF C E Lll ECll k n A 6 7Ls ll G L j 7 LL 9 T u ll l Ll sf Y L L l l B L 3 J A l L nl Cn q T LJ d lx u J Y 4 J N J

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Problem Set 9. Figure 1: Diagram. This picture is a rough sketch of the 4 parabolas that give us the area that we need to find. The equations are:

Problem Set 9. Figure 1: Diagram. This picture is a rough sketch of the 4 parabolas that give us the area that we need to find. The equations are: (x + y ) = y + (x + y ) = x + Problem Set 9 Discussion: Nov., Nov. 8, Nov. (on probbility nd binomil coefficients) The nme fter the problem is the designted writer of the solution of tht problem. (No one

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TSS = SST + SSE An orthogonal partition of the total SS

TSS = SST + SSE An orthogonal partition of the total SS ANOVA: Topc 4. Orhogonal conrass [ST&D p. 183] H 0 : µ 1 = µ =... = µ H 1 : The mean of a leas one reamen group s dfferen To es hs hypohess, a basc ANOVA allocaes he varaon among reamen means (SST) equally

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GRADE 4. Division WORKSHEETS GRADE Division WORKSHEETS Division division is shring nd grouping Division cn men shring or grouping. There re cndies shred mong kids. How mny re in ech shre? = 3 There re 6 pples nd go into ech bsket.

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L...,,...lllM" l)-""" Si_...,...

L...,,...lllM l)- Si_...,... > 1 122005 14:8 S BF 0tt n FC DRE RE FOR C YER 2004 80?8 P01/ Rc t > uc s cttm tsus H D11) Rqc(tdk ;) wm1111t 4 (d m D m jud: US

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Solution in semi infinite diffusion couples (error function analysis)

Solution in semi infinite diffusion couples (error function analysis) Soluon n sem nfne dffuson couples (error funcon analyss) Le us consder now he sem nfne dffuson couple of wo blocks wh concenraon of and I means ha, n a A- bnary sysem, s bondng beween wo blocks made of

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Lecture 4: Trunking Theory and Grade of Service (GOS)

Lecture 4: Trunking Theory and Grade of Service (GOS) Lecure 4: Trunkng Theory nd Grde of Servce GOS 4.. Mn Problems nd Defnons n Trunkng nd GOS Mn Problems n Subscrber Servce: lmed rdo specrum # of chnnels; mny users. Prncple of Servce: Defnon: Serve user

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Your Thoughts. Mechanics Lecture 16, Slide 1

Your Thoughts. Mechanics Lecture 16, Slide 1 Your Thoughts I get dizzy with ll the equtions being shifted, spun nd switched so much in the pre-lectures. If the pre-lectures for, 3 nd 4 re like tht, I m pretty worried. Are we going to be rcing spheres,

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How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis Author: Fayez Fok Al Adeh.

How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis Author: Fayez Fok Al Adeh. How o Prove he Riemnn Hohesis Auhor: Fez Fok Al Adeh. Presiden of he Srin Cosmologicl Socie P.O.Bo,387,Dmscus,Sri Tels:963--77679,735 Commens: 3 ges Subj-Clss: Funcionl nlsis, comle

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Math 8 Winter 2015 Applications of Integration

Math 8 Winter 2015 Applications of Integration Mth 8 Winter 205 Applictions of Integrtion Here re few importnt pplictions of integrtion. The pplictions you my see on n exm in this course include only the Net Chnge Theorem (which is relly just the Fundmentl

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UNIVERSITAT AUTÒNOMA DE BARCELONA MARCH 2017 EXAMINATION INTERNATIONAL TRADE T. J. KEHOE UNIVERSITAT AUTÒNOMA DE BARCELONA MARCH 27 EXAMINATION Please answer wo of he hree quesons. You can consul class noes, workng papers, and arcles whle you are workng on he

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The Mathematics of Harmonic Oscillators

The Mathematics of Harmonic Oscillators Th Mhcs of Hronc Oscllors Spl Hronc Moon In h cs of on-nsonl spl hronc oon (SHM nvolvng sprng wh sprng consn n wh no frcon, you rv h quon of oon usng Nwon's scon lw: con wh gvs: 0 Ths s sos wrn usng h

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PHYSICS 211 MIDTERM I 21 April 2004

PHYSICS 211 MIDTERM I 21 April 2004 PHYSICS MIDERM I April 004 Exm is closed book, closed notes. Use only your formul sheet. Write ll work nd nswers in exm booklets. he bcks of pges will not be grded unless you so request on the front of

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Sph3u Practice Unit Test: Kinematics (Solutions) LoRusso

Sph3u Practice Unit Test: Kinematics (Solutions) LoRusso Sph3u Prcice Uni Te: Kinemic (Soluion) LoRuo Nme: Tuey, Ocober 3, 07 Ku: /45 pp: /0 T&I: / Com: Thi i copy of uni e from 008. Thi will be imilr o he uni e you will be wriing nex Mony. you cn ee here re

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Unit 6 Solving Oblique Triangles - Classwork

Unit 6 Solving Oblique Triangles - Classwork Unit 6 Solving Oblique Tringles - Clsswork A. The Lw of Sines ASA nd AAS In geometry, we lerned to prove congruence of tringles tht is when two tringles re exctly the sme. We used severl rules to prove

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Physics 121 Sample Common Exam 1 NOTE: ANSWERS ARE ON PAGE 8. Instructions:

Physics 121 Sample Common Exam 1 NOTE: ANSWERS ARE ON PAGE 8. Instructions: Physics 121 Smple Common Exm 1 NOTE: ANSWERS ARE ON PAGE 8 Nme (Print): 4 Digit ID: Section: Instructions: Answer ll questions. uestions 1 through 16 re multiple choice questions worth 5 points ech. You

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Name Ima Sample ASU ID

Name Ima Sample ASU ID Nme Im Smple ASU ID 2468024680 CSE 355 Test 1, Fll 2016 30 Septemer 2016, 8:35-9:25.m., LSA 191 Regrding of Midterms If you elieve tht your grde hs not een dded up correctly, return the entire pper to

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MATH STUDENT BOOK. 10th Grade Unit 5


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M/G/1/GD/ / System. ! Pollaczek-Khinchin (PK) Equation. ! Steady-state probabilities. ! Finding L, W q, W. ! π 0 = 1 ρ

M/G/1/GD/ / System. ! Pollaczek-Khinchin (PK) Equation. ! Steady-state probabilities. ! Finding L, W q, W. ! π 0 = 1 ρ M/G//GD/ / System! Pollcze-Khnchn (PK) Equton L q 2 2 λ σ s 2( + ρ ρ! Stedy-stte probbltes! π 0 ρ! Fndng L, q, ) 2 2 M/M/R/GD/K/K System! Drw the trnston dgrm! Derve the stedy-stte probbltes:! Fnd L,L

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N C GM L P, u u y Du J W P: u,, uy u y j S, P k v, L C k u, u GM L O v L v y, u k y v v QV v u, v- v ju, v, u v u S L v: S u E x y v O, L O C u y y, k

N C GM L P, u u y Du J W P: u,, uy u y j S, P k v, L C k u, u GM L O v L v y, u k y v v QV v u, v- v ju, v, u v u S L v: S u E x y v O, L O C u y y, k Qu V vu P O B x 1361, Bu QLD 4575 C k N 96 N EWSLEE NOV/ DECE MBE 2015 E N u uu L O C 21 Nv, 2 QV v Py Cu Lv Su, 23 2 5 N v, 4 2015 u G M v y y : y quu u C, u k y Bu k v, u u vy v y y C k! u,, uu G M u

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. The geometric multiplicity is dim[ker( λi. A )], i.e. the number of linearly independent eigenvectors associated with this eigenvalue.

. The geometric multiplicity is dim[ker( λi. A )], i.e. the number of linearly independent eigenvectors associated with this eigenvalue. Mah E-b Lecure #0 Noes We connue wh he dscusson of egenvalues, egenvecors, and dagonalzably of marces We wan o know, n parcular wha condons wll assure ha a marx can be dagonalzed and wha he obsrucons are

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Come to Me, All Who Labor/ Vengan a Mí los Agobiados

Come to Me, All Who Labor/ Vengan a Mí los Agobiados 12079-Z Come Me, All Who L/ J. Cortez SCTB $1.70 USA Vengn Mí, Abi Mtthew 11:28 30; John 14:3 6; John 6:40 Keyd Gm7/C Come Me, All Who L/ Vengn Mí Abi in loving memory of Ry Dubeu (1921 2002) pr Asmble,

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Physics 15 Second Hour Exam

Physics 15 Second Hour Exam hc 5 Second Hou e nwe e Mulle hoce / ole / ole /6 ole / ------------------------------- ol / I ee eone ole lee how ll wo n ode o ecee l ced. I ou oluon e llegle no ced wll e gen.. onde he collon o wo 7.

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USA Mathematical Talent Search Round 1 Solutions Year 21 Academic Year

USA Mathematical Talent Search Round 1 Solutions Year 21 Academic Year 1/1/21. Fill in the circles in the picture t right with the digits 1-8, one digit in ech circle with no digit repeted, so tht no two circles tht re connected by line segment contin consecutive digits.

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Advanced time-series analysis (University of Lund, Economic History Department)

Advanced time-series analysis (University of Lund, Economic History Department) Advanced me-seres analss (Unvers of Lund, Economc Hsor Dearmen) 3 Jan-3 Februar and 6-3 March Lecure 4 Economerc echnues for saonar seres : Unvarae sochasc models wh Box- Jenns mehodolog, smle forecasng

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( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW)

( ) ( ) ( ) 0. Conservation of Energy & Poynting Theorem. From Maxwell s equations we have. M t. From above it can be shown (HW) 8 Conson o n & Ponn To Fo wll s quons w D B σ σ Fo bo n b sown (W) o s W w bo on o s l us n su su ul ow ns [W/ ] [W] su P su B W W 4 444 s W A A s V A A : W W R o n o so n n: [/s W] W W 4 44 9 W : W F

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o Alphabet Recitation

o Alphabet Recitation Letter-Sound Inventory (Record Sheet #1) 5-11 o Alphabet Recitation o Alphabet Recitation a b c d e f 9 h a b c d e f 9 h j k m n 0 p q k m n 0 p q r s t u v w x y z r s t u v w x y z 0 Upper Case Letter

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How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique?

How do we solve these things, especially when they get complicated? How do we know when a system has a solution, and when is it unique? XII. LINEAR ALGEBRA: SOLVING SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS Tody we re going to tlk out solving systems of liner equtions. These re prolems tht give couple of equtions with couple of unknowns, like: 6= x + x 7=

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Chapter 9 Definite Integrals

Chapter 9 Definite Integrals Chpter 9 Definite Integrls In the previous chpter we found how to tke n ntiderivtive nd investigted the indefinite integrl. In this chpter the connection etween ntiderivtives nd definite integrls is estlished

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Continuous Random Variables Class 5, Jeremy Orloff and Jonathan Bloom

Continuous Random Variables Class 5, Jeremy Orloff and Jonathan Bloom Lerning Gols Continuous Rndom Vriles Clss 5, 8.05 Jeremy Orloff nd Jonthn Bloom. Know the definition of continuous rndom vrile. 2. Know the definition of the proility density function (pdf) nd cumultive

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Essential Prime Implicants

Essential Prime Implicants CS/EE 4/4: Comuer Aded Desgn of Dgl Crcus Chrs J. yers Lecure 8: rme Selecon nd UC Redng: Cher 4.-9 Essenl rme Imlcns Cube s n essenl rme mlcn of f conns mnerm no conned by ny oher rme mlcn of. f f All

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Executive Committee and Officers ( )

Executive Committee and Officers ( ) Gifted and Talented International V o l u m e 2 4, N u m b e r 2, D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. G i f t e d a n d T a l e n t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a2 l 4 ( 2), D e c e m b e r, 2 0 0 9. 1 T h e W o r

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Exponents and Powers

Exponents and Powers EXPONENTS AND POWERS 9 Exponents nd Powers CHAPTER. Introduction Do you know? Mss of erth is 5,970,000,000,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 kg. We hve lredy lernt in erlier clss how to write such lrge nubers ore

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Topic 1 Notes Jeremy Orloff

Topic 1 Notes Jeremy Orloff Topic 1 Notes Jerem Orloff 1 Introduction to differentil equtions 1.1 Gols 1. Know the definition of differentil eqution. 2. Know our first nd second most importnt equtions nd their solutions. 3. Be ble

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4. Runge-Kutta Formula For Differential Equations. A. Euler Formula B. Runge-Kutta Formula C. An Example for Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Formula

4. Runge-Kutta Formula For Differential Equations. A. Euler Formula B. Runge-Kutta Formula C. An Example for Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Formula NCTU Deprme o Elecrcl d Compuer Egeerg Seor Course By Pro. Yo-Pg Ce. Ruge-Ku Formul For Derel Equos A. Euler Formul B. Ruge-Ku Formul C. A Emple or Four-Order Ruge-Ku Formul

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The First Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. If f(x) is continuous on [a, b] and F (x) is any antiderivative. f(x) dx = F (b) F (a).

The First Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. If f(x) is continuous on [a, b] and F (x) is any antiderivative. f(x) dx = F (b) F (a). The Fundmentl Theorems of Clculus Mth 4, Section 0, Spring 009 We now know enough bout definite integrls to give precise formultions of the Fundmentl Theorems of Clculus. We will lso look t some bsic emples

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X-Ray Notes, Part III

X-Ray Notes, Part III oll 6 X-y oe 3: Pe X-Ry oe, P III oe Deeo Coe oupu o x-y ye h look lke h: We efe ue of que lhly ffee efo h ue y ovk: Co: C ΔS S Sl o oe Ro: SR S Co o oe Ro: CR ΔS C SR Pevouly, we ee he SR fo ye hv pxel

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Farey Fractions. Rickard Fernström. U.U.D.M. Project Report 2017:24. Department of Mathematics Uppsala University

Farey Fractions. Rickard Fernström. U.U.D.M. Project Report 2017:24. Department of Mathematics Uppsala University U.U.D.M. Project Report 07:4 Frey Frctions Rickrd Fernström Exmensrete i mtemtik, 5 hp Hledre: Andres Strömergsson Exmintor: Jörgen Östensson Juni 07 Deprtment of Mthemtics Uppsl University Frey Frctions

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Lecture 3. Limits of Functions and Continuity

Lecture 3. Limits of Functions and Continuity Lecture 3 Limits of Functions nd Continuity Audrey Terrs April 26, 21 1 Limits of Functions Notes I m skipping the lst section of Chpter 6 of Lng; the section bout open nd closed sets We cn probbly live

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Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics.

Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. Ch. 9 NOTES ~ Chemical Bonding NOTE: Vocabulary terms are in boldface and underlined. Supporting details are in italics. I. Review: Comparison of ionic and molecular compounds Molecular compounds Ionic

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What else can you do?

What else can you do? Wht else cn you do? ngle sums The size of specil ngle types lernt erlier cn e used to find unknown ngles. tht form stright line dd to 180c. lculte the size of + M, if L is stright line M + L = 180c( stright

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Formal Methods in Software Engineering

Formal Methods in Software Engineering Forml Methods in Softwre Engineering Lecture 09 orgniztionl issues Prof. Dr. Joel Greenyer Decemer 9, 2014 Written Exm The written exm will tke plce on Mrch 4 th, 2015 The exm will tke 60 minutes nd strt

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Riemann Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Riemann Integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Riemnn Integrls nd the Fundmentl Theorem of Clculus Jmes K. Peterson Deprtment of Biologicl Sciences nd Deprtment of Mthemticl Sciences Clemson University September 16, 2013 Outline Grphing Riemnn Sums

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Simplified Variance Estimation for Three-Stage Random Sampling

Simplified Variance Estimation for Three-Stage Random Sampling Deprmen of ppled Sscs Johnnes Kepler Unversy Lnz IFS Reserch Pper Seres 04-67 Smplfed rnce Esmon for Three-Sge Rndom Smplng ndres Quember Ocober 04 Smplfed rnce Esmon for Three-Sge Rndom Smplng ndres Quember

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Effects of polarization on the reflected wave

Effects of polarization on the reflected wave Lecture Notes. L Ros PPLIED OPTICS Effects of polrzton on the reflected wve Ref: The Feynmn Lectures on Physcs, Vol-I, Secton 33-6 Plne of ncdence Z Plne of nterfce Fg. 1 Y Y r 1 Glss r 1 Glss Fg. Reflecton

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PROPERTY DETAILS. ADDRESS Galleria Circle Bee Cave, TX 78738

PROPERTY DETAILS. ADDRESS Galleria Circle Bee Cave, TX 78738 PRPRTY DTAILS ADDRSS 13413 Gallera Crcle Bee Cave, TX 78738 FATURS»» asy accessbly o Bee Cave Road Hwy 71 RR 620»» ose proxmy o shoppng, resaurans major horoughares»» Two mle hke bke ral around he propery»»

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MTH 505: Number Theory Spring 2017

MTH 505: Number Theory Spring 2017 MTH 505: Numer Theory Spring 207 Homework 2 Drew Armstrong The Froenius Coin Prolem. Consider the eqution x ` y c where,, c, x, y re nturl numers. We cn think of $ nd $ s two denomintions of coins nd $c

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Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name

Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name Chemistry 126 Final Examination, Prof. Hanson, May, 2004 Section B or D (circle one) Seat Coordinate Name DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Each asterisk () is 5 points. There are 40 s, for

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Li An-Ping. Beijing , P.R.China

Li An-Ping. Beijing , P.R.China A New Type of Cpher: DICING_csb L An-Png Bejng 100085, P.R.Chna Absrac: In hs paper, we wll propose a new ype of cpher named DICING_csb, whch s derved from our prevous sream cpher DICING.

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CS 373, Spring Solutions to Mock midterm 1 (Based on first midterm in CS 273, Fall 2008.)

CS 373, Spring Solutions to Mock midterm 1 (Based on first midterm in CS 273, Fall 2008.) CS 373, Spring 29. Solutions to Mock midterm (sed on first midterm in CS 273, Fll 28.) Prolem : Short nswer (8 points) The nswers to these prolems should e short nd not complicted. () If n NF M ccepts

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t s (half of the total time in the air) d?

t s (half of the total time in the air) d? .. In Cl or Homework Eercie. An Olmpic long jumper i cpble of jumping 8.0 m. Auming hi horizonl peed i 9.0 m/ he lee he ground, how long w he in he ir nd how high did he go? horizonl? 8.0m 9.0 m / 8.0

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16 Newton s Laws #3: Components, Friction, Ramps, Pulleys, and Strings

16 Newton s Laws #3: Components, Friction, Ramps, Pulleys, and Strings Chpter 16 Newton s Lws #3: Components, riction, Rmps, Pulleys, nd Strings 16 Newton s Lws #3: Components, riction, Rmps, Pulleys, nd Strings When, in the cse of tilted coordinte system, you brek up the

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Section 5.1 #7, 10, 16, 21, 25; Section 5.2 #8, 9, 15, 20, 27, 30; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 13, 16, 28, 31; Section 5.4 #7, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29, 40

Section 5.1 #7, 10, 16, 21, 25; Section 5.2 #8, 9, 15, 20, 27, 30; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 13, 16, 28, 31; Section 5.4 #7, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29, 40 Mth B Prof. Audrey Terrs HW # Solutions by Alex Eustis Due Tuesdy, Oct. 9 Section 5. #7,, 6,, 5; Section 5. #8, 9, 5,, 7, 3; Section 5.3 #4, 6, 9, 3, 6, 8, 3; Section 5.4 #7, 8,, 3, 5, 9, 4 5..7 Since

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The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements The Periodic Table of Elements 8 Uuo Uus Uuh (9) Uup (88) Uuq (89) Uut (8) Uub (8) Rg () 0 Ds (9) 09 Mt (8) 08 Hs (9) 0 h () 0 Sg () 0 Db () 0 Rf () 0 Lr () 88 Ra () 8 Fr () 8 Rn () 8 At (0) 8 Po (09)

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3.4 Numerical integration

3.4 Numerical integration 3.4. Numericl integrtion 63 3.4 Numericl integrtion In mny economic pplictions it is necessry to compute the definite integrl of relvlued function f with respect to "weight" function w over n intervl [,

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Introduction to Mechanics Practice using the Kinematics Equations

Introduction to Mechanics Practice using the Kinematics Equations Introduction to Mechnics Prctice using the Kinemtics Equtions Ln Sheridn De Anz College Jn 24, 2018 Lst time finished deriing the kinemtics equtions some problem soling prctice Oeriew using kinemtics equtions

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Trigonometry. Trigonometry. Solutions. Curriculum Ready ACMMG: 223, 224, 245.

Trigonometry. Trigonometry. Solutions. Curriculum Ready ACMMG: 223, 224, 245. Trgonometry Trgonometry Solutons Currulum Redy CMMG:, 4, 4 Trgonometry Solutons Bss Pge questons. Identfy f the followng trngles re rght ngled or not. Trngles,, d, e re rght ngled ndted

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EP2200 Queuing theory and teletraffic systems. 3rd lecture Markov chains Birth-death process - Poisson process. Viktoria Fodor KTH EES

EP2200 Queuing theory and teletraffic systems. 3rd lecture Markov chains Birth-death process - Poisson process. Viktoria Fodor KTH EES EP Queung heory and eleraffc sysems 3rd lecure Marov chans Brh-deah rocess - Posson rocess Vora Fodor KTH EES Oulne for oday Marov rocesses Connuous-me Marov-chans Grah and marx reresenaon Transen and

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January Examinations 2012

January Examinations 2012 Page of 5 EC79 January Examnaons No. of Pages: 5 No. of Quesons: 8 Subjec ECONOMICS (POSTGRADUATE) Tle of Paper EC79 QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCE Tme Allowed Two Hours ( hours) Insrucons

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22.615, MHD Theory of Fusion Systems Prof. Freidberg Lecture 9: The High Beta Tokamak

22.615, MHD Theory of Fusion Systems Prof. Freidberg Lecture 9: The High Beta Tokamak .65, MHD Theory of Fusion Sysems Prof. Freidberg Lecure 9: The High e Tokmk Summry of he Properies of n Ohmic Tokmk. Advnges:. good euilibrium (smll shif) b. good sbiliy ( ) c. good confinemen ( τ nr )

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Background and Motivation: Importance of Pressure Measurements

Background and Motivation: Importance of Pressure Measurements Imornce of Pressre Mesremens: Pressre s rmry concern for mny engneerng lcons e.g. lf nd form drg. Cvon : Pressre s of fndmenl mornce n ndersndng nd modelng cvon. Trblence: Velocy-Pressre-Grden ensor whch

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Shape and measurement

Shape and measurement C H A P T E R 5 Shpe nd mesurement Wht is Pythgors theorem? How do we use Pythgors theorem? How do we find the perimeter of shpe? How do we find the re of shpe? How do we find the volume of shpe? How do

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Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard

Get Funky this Christmas Season with the Crew from Chunky Custard Hol Gd Chcllo Adld o Hdly Fdy d Sudy Nhs Novb Dcb 2010 7p 11.30p G Fuky hs Chss Sso wh h Cw fo Chuky Cusd Fdy Nhs $99pp Sudy Nhs $115pp Tck pc cluds: Full Chss d buff, 4.5 hou bv pck, o sop. Ts & Codos

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Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Homework Fundmentls of nlyticl hemistry hpter 9 0, 1, 5, 7, 9 cids, Bses, nd hpter 9(b) Definitions cid Releses H ions in wter (rrhenius) Proton donor (Bronsted( Lowry) Electron-pir cceptor (Lewis) hrcteristic

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