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1 Thisdocumentismadeavailablethroughthedeclassificationeforts andresearchofjohngreenewald,jr,creatorof: TheBlackVault TheBlackVaultisthelargestonlineFreedom ofinformationact(foia) documentclearinghouseintheworldtheresearchefortshereare responsibleforthedeclassificationofmillionsofpages releasedbytheusgovernment&military DiscovertheTruthat:

2 ' c ooi4040l ' ' - TO VIA 1TIA SUBJECT ) ",f 1~ I Bluebird & '~~ :JC / ) For the r::st s~vcrnl months Bluebird: h~:o been : enda:1voring to ~ ' a::certain b? research, study, in:otruction end: some procticc whnt V:'lluc (ii nny) can be derived from Sl end H techniques when applied to war and specific Agcncy,problems Ther-e broad problem~; using kno\1l't Sl and H tcchni 1 ues, ~ay be classified ns follows: : A Con accw:-ate info:nnation be obtained from willing or unwillinc indi vidunls B Can Ar;cnc,};-pcrsonnel (or person~ of intcrc::t to this ne;en'ei) be ccnditionrd to prevent any out~ide power from obtnininc inforro tion from them by ony l:no-m m'::ons?, C Can we obtnin control or the future octi,-itic!; (phynicol ond mcntel) or nny r;i ven ~ndi vidu:ll 1 villi~ or unwilling t-v oppli ca tioo or SI,_ D and H techntqucs? Con \le prevent ony out1>ide power" f'roro cui nine control or!'uturc activitie:; (phy::;;icnl_ nn&-:tnenlal) of ngcnc:t personnel b\ n:-w ~nu ;m - Blucblru b<:llicvcs ih"'lt A {n~) cnn be nn:;werc:d it the offirm~tivc, u~inc SI nnd H -technique:;; Dlucbird is not fulj'' :::~lisfied with re:>ults to d~tc, but believe:; w-ith-continued -'Ol'!: ond study rcm~rlmule nnd profit::1blc "TF::lults con be oblninod rc[!ulnrly Ho"evcr, B, C, nnd D (nbovc) are a~ yet unon:;wereable oltho\1eh Bluebird i:; or the Opinion th:lt t~cl'c! ir :l \IOrthwhilc ch:lnco that nll ~ noy at future & lc be :ms~cred afriritl::l ti vely '!his opinion i:: sunported eencrolly 'r ' fi<:r: -:~ -< r!_t ; -~ - '-r IS

3 0 f ' C 0 0 i L numerous indi vidwi1s hovinc knowled~o of thc~c 1cchn5 que:; nncl b;' Dluch litcrnturc nnd intelligence in thir field Since an ofiinnativ~ pl'oof of E, C nncl Il would hc! of incr~tliblo V!lluc to this nccncy Bluebird' s ccncral probl~m i:; to : et up, conduct and corry out reseoreh (practicnl- not thcoretic~l) i~ thi~ direction Set out below is one specific pro~~nl nimeci at nchie't"ing our ends ns npidly as possible and with a W~Ximum of sec:uritj Through int~rnnl ncrency chllnnel:>, I\t,cbird vot given the rojnc - on individuol df vho hod been r;i v~n c'"r't,oin opcrntioml se~\a-i +y clt-oronce; :reported to hove done considerable vork in Sl and H and 'to hove nn unu~ual and interesting cenerol backcround JlllllllllllrCa: al~o r~ported_ ns being reliable, t;u~two:thy, a kno'\-m onti-communist In vier of the nbovc, nnd on the in::;tructiono ~ the Direc tor of I&SS, interviewed,_ lntcr-ro&ot'z'd und obscrv~d by lllucbird on 19, 20 ond 21 Februo:ry 1951 m3 ndedness ere j,p,prcssiw - pcrsonali ty /"tjbili ty, intelligeqce, since:ri ty ond arpnrcnt security or deviousness or yro-sovi'et interc~ts - Eiuebird officers were unnble to find ony indicrtions -durine thcse observut:ion::; only nppn1 ent oh't'iou::; weuknes!;e::; were h~s foreign b:lcjq;round and non-united Sto tcs citizcn~hip - AccordinG born in-:in --:-', rj11

4 C l ' i ; i ~ ' i~ : ~~\, ~ ~~ t7g

5 -c-o_o,i_4_0_4_0_l ~ I I " ' ~ '

6 C F II; _ di!';cusncd nt vnrious t:imes hi: vork nnd intcre::t in the Sl nnd lje Cll'iJned th~t l!lo~:t of ld~ prc:::ent work \o"a~ nlonc t,hc lin~:; of hypothcr~py which involv-::; post-h ::;ur-rc~tion, butpdmittcd thot his c:;rcricnc~ -~ ~ th drugs, cncc:;, etc, ±n conjunction vi th S! "nd H wos ~O:"''CIOh:l t l~i ted, although he wno fcunilir-r ldth much or the litcrnture (US nnd foreir,n) in these fields ; :1dmitted thnt since he had been in tue US he lmd indu~cd H ~onditions in at lcnst ~everal hundred individunls, male "arid!etnale (in all nee J;T up:;), successfully some of his operntine methods before the E officcrt on the a~ d~~onstratcd 19th, 20th and '21st FoT rmtte"c ol record~; ~:; bticfcd on th~ security n:;pccts of B vork and cnutioncd [\rninrt nll and nrw di~cussion ~utsido concctnin~ tlh!5c Ill GE:liiAL rnop05als e, -- On the rosi~ of ppatcnt nbihty, rclntivcly :::i;'pl~ t~nd C::l'-Y cover, h"lckz;:rour:d, pt:!rson~jity nnd interest, it ~ - ~ rroposcd th:"\~~ "bc oitlu:~r dir"'ctly employed or contrnct,_mlly employrd by ns:; for th~ srocific purpo:;e of : engegina in quidcd re:""cardi, te:-:tinr,, nnd ~: pe~imentati,?n nlonr; Sl nnd H linen Wldcr the gene nl-dircction of ~he Director of It,ss ~nd under the lj!vnrdinte direction of B IV S!ECIFIC!'TW!'' ~AlS A It iri propos~d that-~bc brc_u{;ht to hc~c1 1u"'~teTs im::lcclict':ly ond formally ~ntervj cwd b): : - ~ iev to include l'lllsis of nrrnnecmcnts, cover, locotion~, rnl11ry, operntion"ll!un~s, nnd secvrinc or PHS) D lt is propo:1~d thnt-t'c ei v~n c 1t full nnd tlct:'lil~d lloj)cr:"'lph cxnmimtion h~ - on ~terinl prepnr~d b:r J ' ' : It is proposed ~hot im:l~dintely a!llll!icld inve:;tic:tltion be St'lrt~d On :o include chcckin!; of nll nmncs, ploces, 11- :;quftdrons, etc, mentioned by him OllGII PRIORlTY) 'l jjq

7 -e:o o 14 o4o 1 bc::n Ci Vm full sccuri ty elesrnnce he will he thorouchl:-, brid~cl, civcn nll ncco::snty, fund~ And instructed to becin r~!;e:!tch nnd tcrting nlonc; lims at out in 5 (Qclow) : E It is proposed that ortcr ~ ml,~u:m of timc to perri full Cipr ortnnity tt~ s~tis!nctorily become or~rntjoml, E ofl"icerr nnd ' trninees _will (under ~uitnb~e cover)! nrticip:ltc in and os:-i:t with the rc~onrch Ancl t"stinc for purposes or trninint; :lnd experience,, V DlUEBinD - f,l''ecif'l C!"RC'~LEHS Set Oltt belo, nr~ ::pcci!ic problems \ lhich cnn only bo rr~ol vetl 1:1) cxperi:ment, tc:;tiufl and re: ~nrch es proposed in the rnrar,rnphs obovr:- Thc:;e are not in nrzy- sense ill of the probjczm:; J3 is considorinc, but are merely' tj:jfical nnd - point up the need for proeticnl rc::e&r~h l C!!n we ''eonnitl n" l: post-!! su!':rc:-t =on acenc; emplo:: ces (or persons of in~<::lrc:;t ~0 this ~!;CtlCy) to prevent them!r~ta Civinc infonr'lti<m to 011;:' U1i:lUthorized source or!or eorrimi ttinc njiy net on beh:~lf o! a foreit;n or domcrtic cncrcr7 2 Cnn "We in n m:lttcr of an hour, two hour:;, one clay, etc, induce nn H -- ~ condition in nn unwillina subject to such an Qxtent that he will perform an net for cur benefit? (Lo~ rnnce) - 3 Cnn we create py po::t-11 cbnlrol nn nction cont1 ary to nn indlvidu"ll's, b~~ic moral principles? 4 Cculrl we :ehc n ~ub,jcc t nnd in tha ::>J)OCe of nn ht:~ul" or two by pozt-h control hnvc him crn::h nn rdrplon"=j, wreck o trllin, etc?- (0hort, in:r:l<::!clinto ncth'i ty) : r : ~ : : \

8 ' C S Cnn we by :::1 nn<l n techni'1"c::; forco o =lll'j!cl (\lnwil Un-: cr olhcruise) to _travel lone distances, cptmnit ~:)eciriccl :~cts nnd return to u:: or brine I doeun~cnts or mntrrinls? Can n person aetinc Wider po;;t-h control succes~full:r tr3v~l 1on& dist~nec~7 6 Cnn we u;:e Sl nntl II to comb~t :f~tib\1~, ~rocluce c:-~tremo mentnl effort? ~ Can we cuarant~e tot:ll Dlt\nesi~ uncl~r al\) and all condi tirms? 8 Coo ve "alter" n person's PcrsoMli ty? How lot}{; vill it hold? c ~ _can We dcsi~n tests to detcnn:ij;h~ Whether or not nn oncmy B(pmt hos been comti tioned by Sl nnd H or nny other nethod7 10 C:1n,_,c dotnet Sl nnd ll by u~c or Sl :md H (rcr,ression) 7 ll Can vc m:1ke a 11 condi tioned 11 subi ret revenl b:1 ~1-uncl H spccific~lly ho'ij they were condition'!d (drucs, torture, rnticue, hos~ee pre:;:;ure, tiichniqucs)7 12 Cnn 'We tlcvise rt ~ system for moldrr; un1illill'; subjects into-'ijiljing - ar,cnts end then tran:;fer thot control to unt:-oimd cgency q;rnt~; in the field by use or codes or idcntif!ing ~iens or c~edcntinls? \ 13 How lon~ en~ 'We sustcin n po~t-h s~r,estion-unaided-with reirsorcement 14 \lh:lt w,,uldjt>e fostc::;t l'uy to induce SI nnd II condition:; - 'With drug~- - :-- or without any ~ochnnicnl aids? - 15 Co,n 'WC devise a :3 tanchftl simple reltlti vely fnst technique for indue inc -Sl nnd H conditions thnt Cl'lnoa u:;cd'h r untroincdnc;ents h1ith or \lithout dn~cs)7,, 16 l:; :it posr)bl~ to find e-r;~r th6t ern l:e li:>od to cain Sl control rrc-m n ens p~ncil; odorloss, colorless; one shot, ctc? 17 \-lh~t nr~ full ' ~tnils on "slet'p-inducinr, Jtncllinc"i ;_;, '

9 c 6'6' İ ' i ls How t:'ln ::odium A or P or any olh:r :;lcl"p inducinc occnt l:e h:;t conce:1led in 0 lloi'm"ll or COJIII!lOnpl~CO item, SUCh n:;, cnncjy, ciborctte:,, liqulor, wine~,: coffee, tea, beer, r,um wnt~r, aspirin ~1blets, common medicine~, coke, tooth p~ste7 I l9 How eff!:ctive enn the "carotid ru-t'=ry technique" be mde7 used "'hile subject is upconscio~s7 ls it!nstcr thon " crt,r~r techciquo:s7 20 Con we, usinc Sl nncl II extrnct contplic,tcd fornuln frcr~ Can it be scientists, engineers, etc, if unwilling? C:ln we extrnct dc1eil5 of rrun emplacement:;, landine fields, factories, mines? ' 21 Cnn we, while a subject is under SI c"nd Jl ccntrol, ~~ou them a lr'lp nnd have them point out :pccific items, loc:'ltion:;, etc, on the mapi Cnn we fll~o hove them make detailed drcwinr;s, sketches, plansi, Could any ~f tho nbove be dono under field conditions nnd in-a ver,r short space or time? -~ f -, - ~ ~ :: ~ ~