I fmo~~~~in/fqm! ; * * * S' ! THE PRINCIPLE OF NON-VIOLENCE ~ e the difference between ourselves and our oppressors? S S $

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1 ~mmm~.rmdmm~m(ommmr(o}mmrffi'w,d~l'~-f9j'<9i'.ffi:0!'m~ S --. ~ fmo~~~~n/fqm! s S N. FRD... ',.9Tll MARCil, 1951, -R"h..r~.::~~; G.P5~x"r~N~ : aper. $ $- $ S $ ~ s $ S S! THE PRNCPLE OF NON-VOLENCE ~ S "Nn-vilence is nt a principle r a virtue t be brught S S int play naparticular ccasin 'r t be practised with $ S reference t a particular party r sectin. t has t S $ be~6me a part-and parcel f ur being. Anger shuld S $ disappear frm ur hearts altgether, therwis e 'what is S e the difference between urselves and ur ppressrs? S S Anger may lead ne persn t issue an rder t pen fire, $ ~ anther t use abusive language, a third t,use the lat6i. ~ ~ At rt it is-all the same.' t is nly when yu have ~ S becmejncapable f feeling r harburing a'nger in yur S ~ hearts that yu can claim t have shed vilence r expect ~ ~ t remain nn-vilent t the end.". ~ S -Gandhiji $' (frm "A Pilgrimage Fr Peace.") $ i S S $ S,'S :ut~l~l~l r~",id $ $. ":lltl!.1~1 2Jt iilc\1 ~!s r~",ict \ ~l:?j Vil \- ;;'~ :llt~!s tt"'trt fly ~~<tl >J.j~!s 'w } :lj~~ <l~.h ~'''1'~ $ ~i" ' ij'ltl.l~!s:(\ -tl!slll" ~ ~1'l1?11 ~1:(\ll.1 2>l!s ~'~l "1.{\ " ''ll.h\'cv'l. iil~ ~'l~l t~u,1.lit{\ ~~'ct~ tltz1~ S ~'c1 " ''ll hl'<1~! t~ ell :"u'l\?1l~i ~~ "'l1'l\?11'l",g'..1tt1.l H tl,,~i { t,,!s 1 1il~ 'l1'c1.ltl\:1l~~!t's!! S e :thtlq<t~1 ~!!l\ H'l.~, t>{\f'\~ f'\qi(~ QiLttl <t'l~'l.~ ~~ "'ilf'1\~ ~tln ~HH<t~'t~. ~<ll\[ al :i>l '«~~. ~ ~ ;i}jlllt(_ tl~. n1ml l!l'i.u,ld ""~l~ );l~-n ~1~1Q{l u,l't<t1 t ~ ~i~... nil. ~1«1;1 ~~!l~~1 ~~<{ ~=l :; ~ ~'ct ~~n '"'l~1~!1 ~"l ~lll.'r ~ ~ ~ll~~ S e (,,~ s S G S '{\~3{lil.fY ~l~ '{ ~"1.lit{l ) S S S ~ ~ ; * * * S' S~ S wmdmmr~mmrmmmmmrrmmmmmmmdrm~~j S

2 ... AN OrlMOH JUST. UNPACKED ceatest 51 LKS & SARlEES. 4-1" Or,\L GEORGLrTr. n nll,h.dcs 15'(; )<1.,4-1" ;M80SSCD G;ORGETTC lknullrul Flr"l 11< Duke! Oeslgll 12/6 ).1. 44" VCLVET CCNLC GEORGL- C 17[6 )d. 36" RNG Vf.LV[T uncrushable S )!. 36" COLOURED SATN DrAUn 6 )11. 36" COLOURED SATN 3 )d. ALL SHAD:S N STOCK. CJLDREN'S GCORGJ:TTE SMOCKeD FROCKS. C.XCEL.:NT WORK 21'. rth Sare. Drd~rs. J.rj Trlmmij;S A,a). n Stck. LA'f[!'>T ST\'iXS N MeN'S LADlrS' 11< CHLDREN'S CHAPALS. E JAR! WORK ::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:=---- GEORGEll. ct wide SAR ES. '11th nltr.l.0 b'den au,b:ldes. 5/10/- r'lo' rc~ 10 l'rl!'"teo VOLE.SAREES 1" Lllest J)eS1gn!! 5 Yd, Lenl:ths ls- ath. 6"., 30/- elcb. Phne JAYBlElE SLK HOUSE 39a MARKET STREET, JOHANNESBURG: P. O. Bx 5169_ BONES WANTED' We Pay 7 PER TON F.G.H. yur Statin r Siding BAGS RETURNED RALAGE PAD WT the.new l\'nracle DURA POWER MANSPRNG, ADVANCE 1950 MODELS KATZ &LOURiE LTD. Cr. Elff & Market Sts., JOHANNESBURG POl' Fllll Particulars lrue t: THE BULLBRAND FERT1LZERS LTD. SARNA, NATAL. Kasturbit (landtti memrlitl Number. Cpl ul Xaltnrba GaDdbl Memrial Number DaD be hll<l at thl' ffice l h. 3d. idcludldg pslal(e. '!naiet.l. (i)pin'lzl Phnix, ]fatal. 1're YOU. a subscriber t ndiall Opillin' f nt, -Wl)vJ nf?

3 ..-._._ -",._._ U _ ', h PHONE MASTER MANUFAClJRERS OF LADES' 6.. GRLS' STRAW &., FELT HATS WHOLESALE MERCHANTS 8. Offi.ECT MPORTERS HOUSE FOR KEEN CASH PRCES 33 West Street_ JOHANNESBURG. ~l:c:l~ ~tht~ 'itlel~el "'~~.~~ ~..~ ~l~~&~ ~~:;h... ~ '\l{\ nl\... tl~~ hl't-t. S-El'1,~~. "'«1"~1.~-il\lJ{\ 1>\111l~1 111~ (~ ""rt~1 1\1«. '(hl.( A't!ll1l\ "'ll,~l :UJl 11 «\5\~ 1\1~ ~'ltl~ ~i ~lt'lt rt'tl~ h,ql lllall\~l U. ':3 q~~ ~t1~, awt~\..n~t~~f. 'l71 : BROS. aa-~ ~~'t Cable & Tel, Md.: "HARGYAR". PbOD P. tjajrgovan & CO. (PTY.) LTD. WHOLESALE MERCHANTS A.ND MPORTERS.. --._.~.-._._... P. O. BOX Warwic~,Avenue DURBAN. NATHOO TMBER & HARDWARE MERCHANT & DRECT MPORTER Dr. \Vindws. CO'1'ugated 11'011, Cem:mt, l\n'1l'ch. [n DukE:. Bufii-tl, am E.lephant rand;; palllt (' nil)' ther huihling 1~lf\te'ial at easr.abl~ price. Established 1907, NATHOO TABHA, 107 Queen Street, Phne Tel~graph.. Mani/' DURBAN. HANNON'S DETECTVE: AGENCY (PTY.) L.TD. MANAGNG DRECTOR: O. namnon. seycd«n yea.. Ry.1 rish Cnll..bnluy and Crimln.1 nvestigatin Deprtment, S. A. Plice. Manl.r MNDEN PLUMLEY. " HendDn Plie" Cllege and Crimi. n..1 nvelugahn Deparlm~nt, New fcdtlllnd V.rd, Lndn. Crimin.~ Cmme-rci.l and Matrimnial ]nve.liglltln:l CeTried Out n Strictelt CnHdenct!. J/Z 'ul a...b.n. J.ppe Sm: 1'.0. B J...b g. rle,-lli,e: ZZ Al,r bn: Z M.. HEADACHES J. PATEL NTERNATONAL SPORTS COMPANY mprters & Exprters &. General Cmmissin Agents 10 P~king Rad 9 KilWOOl. liong 1(01)6. Special attentin is paid t indent rders Write T,Us Fr further Pal ticul~rs. QUCKLY RELEVED BY TAKNG TYSONO BRAND (PAlN. CURE) HEADACHE POWDERS FROM YOUR CEMST., 9d. 1/6. Z/6.d 416; r POST FRrE "RO~ ERNEST TYSON, CHEMST, TOLLGhTE, DU~BAN.! THE, NEW llnldha ASSURANCE --C01\1:PANY. LJ\1TED -- Lire, Fire, l\ltr ear, l\ttr Lrry, Mtr BU5, Plate Glass, Wrkmen's empcnsatin, Etc. Etc. 1'~k"UUk"''''~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''"'''''''' ~ Natal OtJice: : i 1!,.NATVAR MANSON" i 74, Vctria Street ~ ~ DURBRN. ~ i Telephne P.O Bx i - l Tel. Add: RUSTOMJEE., ~. ~L_ ~~~~.~.~.: ~ - JAlBHOV :l>tl ~1 \ <{\l\\.!l 't-fll\l ~'pno{, ~~l. lttt~.!ll~ illt~ ~htl, lllc!.ll. "l~, \~c!. ~l~l,.!:11\~i~l~ ~:l{ctl c(l1\t~, ~12{'U <{\:il.~.~.!l ett\n{l c(l1\~1 13cH:{l.Ul( ~. (,1 ~l'l~f ~ ~~!s ~l \-f HS-( ~.! T:.;;:~~ ~~;~l...;i; ;;~ ,! ROOMS NO. 12 & 13. i BARKLY ARCADE,, i.,! Oignal Strect_ ; ' i JOllntlNESBURCi. Telephne Tel. Add: "RUSTO~JEE" RUSTOMJEE Principal Representative Fr The Unin 01 Sntb Alrica i i JOlRtlNESCURCi.,

4 ,N.,AN OPNON 9th Mnrch, 1951 B.. S. N. CO. Ltd. S,S. Amra sailing fr Bmbay n 31st Much, taking nly 2nd Clan p,mengers with fd. P:1ssengers must colifrm with the V~ecillaliD ~nd Yellw Fever inncublin requirements and bula emilic.les frm their Qrest District Surgen. nncul by add certific.1tes frm private Medic.11 Practitiners will nt be accepted. FARES: DURBAN TO BOMBAY First Class single withut fd Secnd... 4~ nter Class Unberthed (Deck) withut fd 111-1>-0 Mu,lm Specl3l Fd Ordinary Fd Hndu Special Fd Ordinary Fd Bkings lr 1st, 2nd, nler CJS1 and Unberlbcd (Deck) C:D be dreeted by cmmuaic.1l1n wllh us by rcltgl':lm r tllers. Fr further particulars apply t- ' SHAK HMED & SONS [PTY] LTD. 390 P NE STREET, Telephne 20432, DURBAN. T~1. ~dd.: "KARAMAT." ""\ll ~~, ~\lr,,1~\1l ~~, ""'\101, 4\lltll\ ilu lillis' 6lu i"~~ ~U, ~t l~, lole, "" tl""11 ~\il "t~(l ts/,ll, ~n 'llt,~ e\~ ii"l!llli "... -~lb~, l.llq :tt~ &\21" 4'~\- ~ "'!.~ t'.l~ Q.lll1~lll l(,'4~. i\~1 ~ll~,,~. ai"lt.~ ~. au", ~Ul ""':\O(111~t1 ~u '1 :l\,il.1 "'l~ a.'m... 'l~ """ EVERY ~:7:;: ' "./ATA 'NDA ~ SUNDAY frm NAROB- A Cnstellatin U't11 fr K A RAe H and BOMBAY with mm. dlate cnnectn. fr all parts f and PAKSTAN This s the fastejt. molt dire" and m,t cnmfrtable rute. MMEDATE BOOK NGS AVALABLE. 1"\CAlGO ACCF.P'TED" AR../ N DA J~LTD. PO.8n NAROB. Cbl.....RNDA" F.. J,r., apply '0 {.".T A. A, r..,j,11,11... NDAN FL1\f RECORDS DARSAT 911ABSAM SAta NAMOONA UlTllAS DOL fadmn OULAR CHAR.DlN ClAND.Nl.RAAT ANDAZ. SOfA PARAS ANPdOL CllAD MELA DARD NATAK DLL.\G SAJNAZ SHAll lean MUN.K11EET PEHLE NAZAR NANANO BOA RATTAN Als Stcklsb Of Tamil And.uten nstrumentals. Phne 1)414. And A Thl/sand Mre Set,. KAPTANS BA CONY HOTEL, (KORNER SWOOXl'l.l:AT 1l0US ) 189 Grey Street, DURBAN. Tel Add "KAPTANS." r L. MSTRY 151 BREE STREET, BURGER8DORP. J'BURQ PHONE33 46J. BOX Fr QUALTY MODERN and ATTRACTVE PRNTNG We print anything frm Business Cards, nyleat, St:ltcment, Receipt and Cheque Bks, nvtatin Card., Letterheads, t Bklets and Pa'!lphleh, etc. n ne r mre clurs. COUNTRY ORDERS ReCEJVE OUR PRO'tPT Arr[t(J'ON. Fr putkulars write t PRNTNG PRESS, CO~STAL Cmmercial Printers, P. O. Duffs Rad, Natal. 4 BLADlS 6d FDR

5 t\. 10 VOL.-XLlX. FRO"'\', 9Tl MAl.C. 195' FnlD4Y 9TH MAnCil, 1951 The ndividual Or The System? THE 'Rmd!nil M.a.' f Feb ruary 28 pubhsbes.. srdid alld 12lber re'rolutj; picture f :an uictln f eighr clured balllies!tm la<b;w,wtled premises in Ft1hburg. The pielure is ill tw palls, The upper sbws the side walk in frnt f tbe premucs «cupied witb he evieted leaallu' be. C1lgitlg1. The lwer. ne f lbe ndian 0...0<:1'& f the buildicg ~paredlly beid: addressed by the M.yr f Jb:nnC$burS alld M. O. N. Murray, tbe City Dllectrf Sacul Welfare. The Mayr's inlerventin te. stille<!, it is $lalrel, in he evlcun hed!: p>tpded fr al least :lber mnlb. t wuld app(;lr tb.l tbe tea.1ou were given ntice Octber f.lst yur ad be grund, ~t tbe wuers f the t'rpemy "'.tlled t rebuld. Therc is DO sugscs'in f Jllegaluy Or irregubtlty abul t.be precedlcgs. Tbe mdjrd,...rre UuclSlg their cgal ngbls illjd llis S bu ne lfqulle " awnbcr f sulllla.r C2SCS, seve!>1 f which "ere reprte<! frm the Drn~ fcucln aru and in 91bli;b bt l1djrd:r happctled t be EUO. ~Ul.s, als anll.i,,~ 10 rcbwld. Th. 10"" f the ~w pictures ""brl$hed by the '~nd naily Mall'-dut f be bree persns n "cnsultaun' -prec:n($ 2D lllteksicg study, The ub.tppy hadlrd S ObVlusly belllg m.de t {.e tlul be t anther Shylck. The Mayr's ~nd Mr. Mumy'. pinia f him u elqullllly reflected ill he (s. prc3s1q1ls00 lheir far;es, The!try is llwle nne the l'tttticr b) ur bc.jnc tld tbat,me f lbe telzaalj evicted arc S sldlen. Nw. \l\'e wish 10 rue it clear at the OUSel, ~vd that wirh tbe sltngtst pulbl. emplu.." tha we ate cmpletely O\lt f S)'tllpatby W1th 12ck Tenters and heartlus plptrl)' wecs, be they ndwl, Eurpean r :my ther naull1l.!lty r,4~, n ur pinie, the selfish ex pliutin f OtbeD' leed.. is mrally...rg. We regard this as bell1g un;ve=lly true; as true f the grwer f bings, f tbe eli. ~riburf1 tbe tlecessarie. f Me, f he prducers f bse: neces sui." ~ f l.utdcd prprielrs ad prperty wners, generally. BUT-and the "bu" ails lr cxptesllin, s t $))', ill big apil.ll:s-it bu 10 be rer'llised in COlUaln airne:u tbat tls Jungle Law f living c each lher, uf fancbig neself at ~bers' expesc, f suing in each rber', nce<b but an pprtuity t lurn bse nreels t lbe greatesr pss,ble prfit. h.1s becme tbc prperly accepled "BUS;f'" f life. S Qlllch s is lbat be c~e lhat "Value" b1.5 acquited a purely mific:i.t QlUlig apur frm rcjl wrlh. The "Value" C 1l. C'<>/tlllldlY iuppraued at wbar il will fet.:b. A wha- thse wh Dud it go be made t pay fr it. The,0lrreslS f rhe cnsumer c,,'t COler DO lh. plcture:ll all i... husldess u,m rhat scati. ment can DO marc cmbt4e wnb busitless ha" il c.m mix Wllh "a et. "Susiness" haj becme,ynnytus 'witb "Mney_ making" and tbe bjeruve f...e<y bwies. man ;, 100 ":el int lbe Olj)Dey." Frm the m. g;ga.tic bljj,n= crpratin 10 he SQl.lllCS trader the firs! cata is salu; the ~1l.imPO'~Dt qucstitl, "Hw much ~a we get (r'tlus r llut COftll:t10,!ty we bav. fr.ald" n 01 btt wref" "Hw mucb em we make ut f be custmer?" Such are he principles tbal gvetrl. prduaitl and distributin, nw'.. days; the priciples cnl,lllng the ulisbcun r he pub"c's nerds, appehtt$ (afltn an,fiaally «<ated and slimujjltd) alld. nolmftequently, VietS.,., Service 7 The wrd 13 n lnller t be fund Ut 'b. bu." Dt5s m3c's vc~buljry OC~ $j~lly. ~ne des he~. rhe ficlin sth lldulged 10.' The avcrj&e busintss m~a wuld, hwever, m:et :lny such rdcrum: wnh ;; reminder b.t, as he \\ uld put it, "he is nt in busint>ll fr the c.>d f bis bejltb. ThrretiCJlly, il is s.ill true t h.t t>del's att gt"3nlrd "eencts $0 bal he requrement. f a cnsuming publc:.h,ll be sened. n pracli~, hwever, h.l h..s becme just analher phte fictn. Bwitless bas becme.. knd J aheep sburjlg; be cnsumd8 pu.blrc are tbe sbeep, Tha a tremeddus pr(lix'nid f th.. sbttp ~OO furni3h wl etlugh t saltsfr be demadds f,be vast ~rmy f prfireer.nr,fcts and OlGSeqnemJy h~ve 10 1;0 bungry a, well 3' shrc, 13 perh,p. uo{ollua.lr, bu rawl DOl be allwrd 10 idtufere wlh be re cgnised UlldalUeOtal prlatiplcs gverning "business. f. Tbse principles ate sacr' UOC, be rt PCtDcipie thc prfit mtive; the l~d,"g f tbe cmmny "'"th a. much prfir a, ' e.ut be m3de t beu. Tbe e!ect f his n the w<ll heml; f the pub1jc: cenerally is { rebuve unimpnadct. Thse are scti. medal cllsldeulns and musl Dt be allwed r >nlerfere with what is knwn ;u he 1...lw f Supply and Dema.nd under which lite prjuccr r purveyr is held t b. enuded t Ger the h,gh"l price bumable {r wbal he bu t sell. The cmplete it/techv.nes, f the feeble allempts made t recncile bis ')/51tm wilh Sme 'Orl f cnlrl i, evldctlctd by sucb an anlluly as muhe tabs at 3d. eachit! a mealie.prducltlg COUtluy and rhel valuablc fd. Sluffs allwed t rol whle wuld be custmers g hu~gry beca~se lhe price demanded by reraj/ets S mre han tbe avera". cnsumer <:an affrd t p.y. The fgelhly and lesur~ltll. tlt-ss 01 tbr ushr.1rcr~u b U~ljJJly equ.al t finding 3 way,ud mst f the h3lf hc.uld_:>tlempts 3t impslvg resuainu, Perbaps ~he mos bvous fact f allth'l emer~.s frm a sru~y f the wrki]; f this "Rugged indlv,du,\'sln," as he Americ30' slylc t, is th.! t Ocvll~bly crc,tes :l cnlhcl f UlcreSlS between b;cr and seller, prducu and cnsum~r, bndlrd :ld!"njdt. Billh :lrc ut 10 &e! thc largest po'slb:" relr fr ther mney. Tbe...uc.. f aytbin!l being cjl:ubled at \\hat it wtll fetch..scj.rccjy means 3 tts: in "vjjue,." i e. ;: rse in price. The b13to!y f "bus.nc..,",l1sc:lses quite.1 few <:~JQ\pJes f arhfic..uy e:ruled "scarclues" edglllecred fr h: purpse C incre:t:i,:; prfil!. ThS go~js yu pk:l,e prduc. rin and rstnbuun Wth th~ sle b/ecl f prfil"l:1kldl: re. suits 10 :l fut/her 3nrnaly. Al bs very mollleat, ne h31f f the wrld 'S literally Sl3'VOg fqr the aece>s.wes f hee f wh,ch he lber lulf b:>s. "gut" ad wul,.in all skeljhvd, b.we 10 destry, as in SUllar circudl"3nce., it d,.d ly " few maths 3g. f rr be.1:lked What re!311n r,0nncelln bas 0111 bis t the c..uc f the Frdsbu'l~ eycua, bc an...er S per{ccr!y Simple. Thts prp;rty O\Yaer r bndlrd ts bu ne f 3 du!;. He JS, tler 3.11, but pljydl: the gamc accrdlo& 1 the rccgnued rulej 01 the g.01e. Sedllng 10 Obl3111 thc brgest pssble relurn f~r hrs ",,'eslmc, rbe mst prfit 011!lis utl.:iy. J( llls p3rtlcutjr ne is ',n1llg, he is smnlg in,1 numerus cm. pany-mslly Eurp<.ln. ]b.esburll's llnhcrn sub. urb. are beemmg cancesred brush rhe. cre.lln f bue blcks f f13l.5, These Ore ad. vcrtlsed <1$ "Ju.~ury 11.1.:, 3t h,therlo unhc3rd t renrals. \Vher... eyet p3$'ible, the rentals f ccuplcd premses ;re bern!: ul$(d. n he elly prper, lj CSUbt1Shed shpkeepers cmplalll

6 thj hey are V;rlllJly being put ut f business hruch the ex. trtinj!c dcmjnds f tbelr bdleds. s, cbell, the A5i~tic sse mre 10 be cndemned.!un the Eurpe.1n CJndcf~ Or, is it the sysleal hn is.1t buh 7 Future Of The Clured Peple <1/\\ S we lrite these lines fll the fate f the Clured peple hangs in the balance The Clured Pranchise 1111, fficially titled. the [{epresentatin f Nn-Eurpeans Bill. is t be -intrclucc.d in,parliament t day (Thurs day), The Oppsitin is t raise <n bjectin at the very utset by challenging the cmpetency f Parliament t cnsider the Bill withut ajint silting fbth Huses ;S prescribed in the entrenched clauses f he Suth Afric."\ Act. Besides ths the Clured Defaming The Nlltin \..mrr}tnitr, as a whle, i, ThUS tbe 'Nalal!lelcury' ill strngl). ppsed t the the curse f a leadid(; arti cle entitled "De(amil: the Na. diminutin f itt> Jn~'estab- ti" i il5 ismej March 8. t lished rights and in that refm t tbe manifest issued by it hall the backing nt sme f Natal's leadig EUl,nly f all the nn Eur' pea citizens, appearig el~ NOTES 9ttl March, 1951 und pl.fjplc heir wnlt. d everything possible t a ase seemed t he the nelf h.:.mcu supprt. ThiS win it.nd t retain it We Bill rr the representatin r lll\.,ms truble fr the Gvernment-a truble f its perhaps a lille irenic that auch tbe Clured peple. t Wilt can surely d this by being mderate n ur speech and BlBil shuld be intrdced the wn sceking. ts prud bo:lst firm and determined in ur year befre the tercentenary 01 th"t it has the pwer 10 deal actin anti by evincing a Van Riebee~, lhe follllder f \\ ith it will be f n availa faci it shuld hardly ncld llept. "Fr Van Riebeeli en Eurpean Buth Arrica, m. spirit f sac:ifice, t be.'pprised f if it al all The questin f Clured curaged sme f hu fllwen fr"nehlse is just lhe beginning f a,(:'rcat strugg-e t t cntract mixed a:arriaief, cilrduljr fllws the pres(:nt and began the lg histry f wrld e\'cn!s, tbe Cape Clrcd peple. And cme. Atl the nn-eurpeans mcluding' the Cdlur 000 f his SUCCt:3srs, the sn f WlU nt Simn van dec Stel, 'fhe Clured peple have a strng case anrl a pwerful supprt t b,tc" it. They in ne C1.uldrn by the pre wman 1" Qite clearly alg ed peple Me being thrwn. Dutchmsn and an ndian shuld therefre be vcry sent Gvernment. We shall ejtabli.shed rigbt Bnd privilege all have 10 Slnnd uniled and was being takm BVay tm the careful n selecling their Cape Clured peple. Smethlg WlU beidg given in retu1ll. alfles lest they may alienate h(:lp ne anth~r. i\'eedtcss the symp.llhy f thse they t say the Clured peple but nne r the Clured peple have the fullest supprt and WlU alre'ldy have. t is a gre.lt cnviced that their lt sympathy f lhe ndian was l::eing imprved and their thlll;; t have the sympath'y cmmunity. \Ve have n privileges increased, Rather the and supprt f the Eur dubt whntsever that truth ctrary. "What.has been their peans f standing in fighting privilege and rigbt, in TOtillg and justce shall pr('\'3i! in n he cmmn rll lld ejying (sme) citizen rights, ur cause and we shuld the end. is being tuc away. N e pean rgani~atins but.f a "here ill tbis issuel vast m.1jrity f the EUr- "The Natal,Mercury" assciates itsell witb every wrd ill tbis peans and, what is mre, f timely add utspken prtest. the Eurpean inlelligentsia to. t i~ he first tcasin race unity, n the paramllnt - in he histry f Suth interest f hnur, gd faith Africa that the cause f and justice lhis newspaper urges peple, ther than the evcry Sulh African t ppse Eurpeans, has received by au cnstitutial!deads this Natinalist attempt t sablsge such an verwhelming,sup- tbe sacmd pact f Ui. trust sectin f the EurpelUl COm. munity wuld lke t be leaud.., tbe Clrd peple will be if the prpsed Bill is passed. t is therefre. dilly fr ad i Capetwn his alterc bse wh can t mbilise -a debate w1.icb ught Dever public pini agaist thu t have been frced upu th attacll 00 the tg-aj07cd cuntry. MllY right prevail. rights f the Cape Clred The Bill pepk 10 ding this we are Tbe Represetatin f Nn- true patrits. We wa.nt the Eurpeans Bill which has stirred nbme r Slh Africa t swd i be wble cunlry, is desiced. high i the jdgment f the t place the Clured vle,., f Dalins f the "\'frld. We ' the Cpe add Natal Prvinces shal1 nt add t ur pmtil(e ill n a cmmual rlllllld t give tho! sisht 0/ the ",arid bj them fur Eurpe.tJl rep(~nt- n the paramunt interest dlmilshing be rigblj f thse ~f ati,es in tbe 10use f ~emby wh sre at f ur race. h acd ne ill the Senee. t en- Mr. Grdn Walker'. Reply abes he clured Tlen f the T Dr. M.aQ'. CriticiJm C~~ t clcct tw reprc$elativc5 wb may be Clured 10 the Tbe S:crerary f Slllle fr Cpe Prvincial (-unei and it Cmmllwealth RelBtillJ. lit. tl!millll.lcs the Clured Pr- Patriclc (jrdan \Valhr, wh hs \-ineial vte in Natal. The gne back t Ld, bad ad Ovcmment claims tbat it e- dressell..600 ~ple lit a OTic prt by the Eurpe:m pub. add cnfidence are wand int lie. n fact lhe Eurpeans the fllbric: f his Uin f u". (ltutnls n ew deal fr he Cl. lu..ben in }hallesburg!lefr. have made the cause f the Withut tb~ characleri5tics ured peple. Tbe Uniled PlUty lellving the Uni. Mr. Gtd Clured peple t!leir wn there wuld have heen n crr. cnsiders that if placed n the Walkec is nprted t han laid: because lhey rightly feel illg tgether f the fur Peaviucu Statute Bk the Bill will be "We bejeve tbe Cmmn",ealth bu a uique pjrt t pa, ia that the hnur and pre. fully.ue yers ag. Withut trust the wble hnai, f gd b death knell f While lea- belpldg t keep the peat 01 the ' stige f the. Eurpeans f lld rderly gvernm'ent i. denhip in Suth Africa. wdd. We belie,e there i. Sulh Arriea ~rc at Stake. destryed. Withut cnndecl Dean Of Pretria On nt bing mr,mpewt ha. The Clured peple's cause what is left 01 raeilll huldy Clured Frll.Dchiae Bill the clse friendlhip ad c-,..is als being explited by Will ~wi{ljy disappear.lea.vig ill The Dean J Plclria the prnati f its members. Wb the disruptive frces which ill wake a sullen nd dagru, VClY Rev. F. A. Amn-, writing aelves tbe Cnmmwulth.,tTtj :re ut t bring :lbou chas :Dentment which can be held in tbis mtb'$ ',Killdm' lly.: als tbe cau... f wrld peate. jq check ly by <re hale/ul "Tber~ arc liales in the histry, Ucitllin is l <frld pwee d ~ in the cuntry and hey t frm 01 desptic plice rule. 01 a nat. n when tbe Chri.til'" bu mlly big respnsibilities ill 11 in rder t scn'e their wn These arll tbe renlthidgltht BlO jlldgment Oll plilical mailers tbe wrld. We are put f tbe ends h,\\ l. ffered the Cl.nt.take wben the dble btgin, mlut be plllialy si,~n" Such Atlllntic emalwlity; ",e lue.

7 9th Mltcb, 1951 M.AM OrNO~ 99 palt 01 Westcrn Eurpe. We,hall d ur dut)' in bth cn DectiJ. but we bau neter enter ita cmmitmentl. like a Eurpun luper-stllte, thllt wuld prevedt U playing ur lull pe.rt u a member f the Cmln01lwealtb. S lng BS Bll 01 in tbe COlDmnwealtb re COS uije thd there is nthing Cln: imprta.llt tbad tbe clse fnecdlbip and CQ.peratiD f membel1. bere i., believe, d chance f.avidg tbe "dd frm utber war. " CU nure JOu tbat] we, in Britain, will put fint thigl &nt.,we will play ur lull part in residing tbe menace f CmmUllist imperialism, and durnpti, add are happy t BUS OWNERS JUSTFY N FARES THE Omnibus Services (Ply) Ltd., which pe1'2tes a tleet d 21 buses lint the Victria Slreet-Wlggi!ls R01d, and VC "ru Slrcet-Newhnds rules, ill a Prus,tatement, strngly lup~tes tbe rrslutin ",hieb "u purprttd t luve bt:en passed at a Transprt Cnfcrena: beld during the wetlt-end in rcprd t a app(jctin by NOll.Eurpean bus wners!d1 incrusc in the fart'. The CQmpllly tw lin seven} ccasin, brm cmplimented by tbe L(':ll ~ TnmprUti Bud fr tbe cffiet manner in whicb he strvices ;re arried n. CDScqurntly it i5 in a psitin 10 speak witb sme authrity n the tr»!prt prblem f Nn Eurpean!. ne SQ-c:al1ed T1'2lSPOll Cllferena in passing the reslutin, has ukm n ateunt f tbe =y prbletj 2nd difficulties that ~t the bus wners. The Cmpany pinted ut lbat the we frm VicttU Slrcet t, Wiggins ROld termll:us is 3d ver a rute f six miles, a cnnc1enble prtilln f wbich is 10t =d211used. The ure frm VictOria Strtet t tbe NC'W- 1llld lerulinus-a tw;t:lnc': f 'l.llle miles-a cnsiderable prth~ f which is ;ltraua-is :-d. 1"bC$e. bres luve rtm<lined : _sutinery fr a pcrid f nurly. fifletn years, while dunng this rperid lhe m ( buses has )ruul by nudy 200 per eml, petrl :!O per cent,.pare p2rt~ h per «nt add tyra 400 pee l:tut. Twenty yurs ag the : l tbink bat,..e are clsely united nod-eurp~n transprt :lod re ~itb Sulh Africa ia bi. quested tb.u direct $udsidlcs ~ hjective." paid by tbe Gvernment t Apartheid Auurn Spiritulll future AccrdiDg '10 B Sapa reprt frm Rbertsn the Minilter f tbe nterir, Dr. T, E. Df:u il reprled t bave nid that the rpiritual future "ft' H KASHMR prlvjtc JS well.h publ.c tjosprt serviccs (llerm!: fr the lwer icme crups] DEADLOCK "be All:l meric8d blc: Kasbmir prblem," he cntinued, "lies in lbe fact tbat tbe aims at creating n barrier ill Kashmir..ilb n view 10 checkinl{ the nrush 01 Cmmunism. tbecracy is beinl: fugbt n the hallie betweeq secularism and ~idg auured by yearly id. Tbeir lupprt 10 Ppkssta n sil f Kashmir. f we lse the.almen's f th, Gvernmenl" be Kasbmir issue sbuld be fight, the lfty ideals fr which apartheid p61icy. 10 tbis respect the OlUTed (Da be s'\id, understd in this perspechve," Mahatma Gandhi fujtbl ad lid S'ttikb Abdulla'b, Chid sllcriliced his de Wll be deleat. was.imultaneusly gettinll;'a ed. But il we win-and win" quarer deal. "He was never l.!in.sler f Jammu Dnd Kalilmit, speatring at Gwalir. Cbar we sllllu-the thery f 'tw much inlerested in hi, vte, acted.ig the U.N. lis Us "hereu nw be i, lssured nf cck. natins' prpunded by the his fd. busilt pnd awn pit f inlernatinal intrigues," rlers r Pakista Will staed npresult-tin," the Kashmir Premier said tbat cndemned befre the har 01 his counll) mec did.001 epect wrld pinin," Ccludig, tbe ay jus'ice frm such an rgai. Kubmir Premier paid Q tribule NCREASE latin. Tbe peple f Kashmir t randit Nehru', leadership were the caplaids f their deshy Bnd uhrted the peple t tad Bd they wuld rt,ist 10 the last beir ustinled supprt t tbe man any sluticl f tbe Kash Prime Mlnhttr, ittncc due fr a bus Was tu than mir prblem 'l'hich might evisage the barterig a~ay 20. wbile at the prescnt mment it is 73. nsurance!lu f crrespndingly inc1'c2$cd. t their freedm, be declared. Re. wuld be appa;ent tlut tbe ferring, t he rle played by Mahatma Gandhi present bus fare is by BritalD i the Kasbmir tangle, Memrial Fund D~ mulls ecnmic. While every article Sbeikh Abdullah accused that We wish t thanl.: ad UO. f fd, cllhing etc., us so<red cuntry', Gvernment f "delileralejy distrting" the issues tin f [~-2- twards the knwn dodr lr tbe dca t the limits f lbe sq withut my l:lbjettin frm the Natal ivlved in the prblem and Mahalma Gandhi Memrial lndull Cngress, it is absurd t supprlig Pakista's aggressive Fuc'. ppse a silgbt and legitimate attid. Britain be said, bad... iacreascm bus farn. t is quite alwny. believed in the plicy f clear that tbe Cnferecce h.a.s "divide and rule" ad she, tbere. R. VTHAL delved int a prblem f which fre, wated t slve tbe Kashmir prblem by partitin. "We Bkkeeper, Writlg up Set. 01 it ha, nt the sugbtesl knwledge cr any pr.lctlcal experiencc. sball. hwever, resist such a sinistee mve," he warned. "The natinal imprtance f the [Re1011tillS ppsing tbe Clur-bar plicy f the Durban City Cuncil <S carried Ollt ill Muici~ bust3, lhe prpsed incruse in u.ra by private nn' Eurpcm busts wners add Cve1'2} thers reslutins were p3.ssed UWlimwly Lut SUDdJY when 71 delegates representidg 24 rganisatins put frward their view'j u a transprt cefer cne held at lhe Gandhi Lbrary H~, Queen Strict, Durban The cnference whch was c' vened under tbe :U3pCU f the' Natal ndun Cngress passed a reslutin strngly ppsing tbe prpsed icre1e in bus lares by privale bus WDers. The lwerincme grup f lin-eurpeans, tbe reslutins said, culd llaffrd any increase ill view f the high cst r living. Tbe C (trence als adpted by a un. aimu! vte anther reslutin wdeemlng lhe annu.qltlent!lut the Gvernment arc t subsidise Bks, Balance Sbeets, lceme Tax Returns. Apply: 306 Cmmiuinet 5t. Jeppe. Jhllnnelburg... Gld Medal" Quality lllt:ll Ca.. Display C ntt:. a ftdsb ~, Rtrrl~ Of Cunltrs., W. U.ll" rlsh rry... ;<ptl" FllinC'.,._ NCW LLUSTRATCRD CATALOGUES 0'" Ar'LCATO'l ASSOCATED SHOPFTTERS LTD, tto.p...lln~ f'rthl.r Slu>pfiUn. Ltd., S S""ph'" r... '. Ma.a r.d.-n!u.r t 1. a... D c., A de-al wlj M~da.l. Ra.M Utl ShDw 10. MA.RS" \LLST ~r&c c t:..r._ f ) J'~..nnr.(,lrf" P~. t2sl.j4l. r 0 n.1l tlso j' l

8 NelAN 'THE SUNDAY EXPRESS' FRESHENS UP OR. MALAN'S MEMORY FROM THE EDTOR OF THE 'SUNDAY LXPRESS' TO DR. MALAN, THE PRME MNSTER D[!AR DR. MALAN,-During the P1St week, my Slaff and, wh are Oletcsted nly in fjcs, have beed nvestigating yur statem:nt f 13St w~ek.rnd thll Britain, "acling 01) her OWD and WilhU colllullalin Wilh, r the apprvol f, ther memben, recenlly admilled ndia, Pakistan :lnd Ceyl 10 tbe Cammn weallh" Thi3 is what we foudd; Frm Canada came lhe albur anee that hey were fully cn!uhed. Frm AU91ralJa add New Z~bd came the as.5uunee tha, if they had nt been cnsulted. they wuld certainly have pr tested. Frm Lndn came the sutement lhat Cmmnwulth natins were undubtedly cnsul led 00 the admissn t tbe Cmmnwealtb f these tbree culrics, l W:lS pmted lnat yu, Dr. l\<ljbn, were presenl at be cnference f PClle MiDl3lers in Ld 1 n Apfll, 1919, at wb.ich unanimus agreement was reached tha ndlj be gwen be stallu f ;\ r~pu"llc add shuld rem.1in wllhlc th'e C",mmnweallb. Frm Sulh Afrit:l came he mst surpets ng reprt f allsurprising because t Vas pr' vld~d by nde elher thad ~urself. D yu rememher saying lhat the nly subjecl 00 the agenda \Vas the {ac that ndia was t becnle a republic and Wshed r remain Within the Cmmnweallb1 D you rememb~ Baying that he prblem tbe cnference" ba~ 10 decide \Va~ wbe,~er 10 5Jy n r "yes" t ndh1s request fr Cmmnwealth,'atus a. arepubhc? Dyu remember S3ying: "The questin lhat ccurred 10 us was: 1 we 1051 dla,, wuld we lse even mre? Everyne Wll agree lhal we wnuld bave ~t ldu's gojdn' if we l03e lhal, lhen no nly he Cmme-n wraith, but lhe anli-cmmunist WUlerll Pwen Wll l~ a. fool hld in Asi.,. D yu remember 3lying: "The decisin 10 allw ndia t remai a m~mbcr f be Cam mn..ealth will make the wrld real~e tbat lhe Cmmnwe.hb is sull a pwer in wrld afhils" D yu remember 3lying' "What bas been dne in tbis C1se Will nt result in the breakins up f the Cmmnwealth; n the clltrary, it Will build up the Cmmnwealrb," D yu reolcmber S3ying: "Smce th. declaralin f the cn ference W:lS receivcd wilh accla. mltiu i England., (and)., by tber members f tb. Cmmnwealth, hpe it will be / lssible t say tbe same thing f Suth Afria," D yu remember lhat tbe cnly bjectin yu raised at that cnference, accrdng t yur reprt t Parllamenl, Wn abut tbe King being referred 10 as head f the Cmmnwea(tb7 Nt nce hse furteen and a half clumns is there men tin f yur bjeclig t lndi;l's place in lhe Cmmnwealth. cannt qute yu id full be QlUe the rep'lrt ccupies mrc than fnrt(~n and a half clumns f Han'>Jrd's fficial reprts f What We have been unabk t prceedings in he Huse f find ut is tbis: f yu bjected Assembly. Out the reprt S.vall t ndu'j inclusin n h. CllDily f ~ble t yu fr refreshlds yur n'lins when yu were cnsulrd, memry. The due is M.y, wby dd yu Dt S3y s in LOndOD n April 27, 1949, instcad f waiting t say.0 r a reprter LD DO YOU REMEMBER SAY NG hen f the results f Cape TWn in February, tbe cn{erence: "t undubtedly Only yu call lell U tbat. meant a new milestne in the We awail yur reply Wth interest. bistry f the develpment f -'Tbe Sunday ExprCS.5' be Cmm..wclth." WANTED Gd and uperietlced all rud Mllsn, preferred AsiJtic, n permanenl slalt, required fr Cape Prnvince. Sal. wages, qual,6clins and wben able 10 cmmence. Apply r: Glbe (Registered) Plum b...,. Builders 8< Gene.-al Cntractrs, L3ingsburg, c..'1pc. OPNOH 9th March, g5, COLOURED VOTERS' BLL PROTEST BY LEADNG EUROPEA.!" CTZENS ON h. tve f be lirsl rudmg f he Represenutln f Nn Eurpw19 B,ll (the Calured VOlers' Bll) a manifest ra! issued by a grnup f leading Natal COUn!. Amng the signattieswere t'l'10 past members f the Judiciary, besides leaden f pldln in the relgius, idlurrial, cmmerwl :nd prfessnal sphern. Oe f the aulhrs f tbe m:ltllfest in a Press inlervlew said tha it Wa! a musure f tbe scriwnm "1l1b which the prpsed legllutln w:as viewed in re.pemble qujrlers that men f such higb suding and witb varied mlercsls hjd COlDe frward t make a cmmn prtcsr. He felt that tbe. gravity f lbe Siluatin tbat bld been "(,lcd, was DOt sufficlet.ly r~wed in Natal. The milt: nw raiscd. wlule it :affected the Clured peple, had the gravett illpilca. tins fr tbe Cnstitutin, be uiel, and il wa, fr thu rtn:ll hat Olen and wmen nt usually,1cttve in pliticalhfe ud felt it.beir duty t speak up. Tbe fllwing i:l the te:ltt f tbe manfest. "We, lb. undersigned cit~dj f N.ttal baving taken DOte nf be B,ll fr the Rcpr=tain f Nn.Eurpean!, as publshed in thc Gvernment Ch:elfe ExtrardllJty f Febru.tty 13, 1951, proltsr strngly agaiq.$t its prvision! and c:a1j uptl.til ur fellw Clium, regardlcss f pliuca.l POlny, t lin U9" ill ur prtcst. "The effeet f the Bill 013 nw published is nt clincd 10 the Cape Prvince. e will diminisb the rigbts f Clured vters bth ill the Qp. and Nal:ll; and ill the Cl.ge f Naal Will enlirely deprave the Clured wren f their fradchisc flgbts in PrvicUl Cauncu.l electins. "HlJldig the view tb.t the mral authrity f Parliament, thc uoly f the D8tin.nd tbe prspeet f paceful develpmedl depend upn the swet bservmce f the ""lemd agr~' ruent enlered it a Uwn and embdied i be Suth Africa Act, we belleve that an attempt 10 verride ne f the Entrencbed ClausCJ by a bare mjlrlty muse Bubvert the YCfT fundatins f ur public life. "Tbis Bill is.. vi1.ltinn f the mast binding pledges given t the cu.rry n varius cc:zsioj15 by leaders f all plitical Partics, includlqg meolbcrs f the present whinet. A delibcraie breach f pledges 50 SQlemaly made must debase ur public hfe and destry the cfidence u~ which all rdeled gvernment depends. "f lhe rigbts f any grup f citiun! n mailer bw weak. nliuedce r small n numben, arc cfuuinisbed in this arbir;uy m.tllller, n alll:en f ;lly grup can in future fed himself JlCcure in be CDJyment f hs wn rigbts. "The mnl and cnsciminal issues ciscd by tbis BU invlve questins f hnur ad gd faith :lod emt be dt nly 10 thse nrmally active ill POlrty plitits. They ~ the tncern f every individual citi:ed, and we believe that il is a JLl,tlcr f cnscience :lod public duty [,]r tvery cti.te:a, med r wmcn, t ppse tbe enactment f bis Bill by au cnstilutinal means." The fllwin!: are the signatties t the mj.llife:il;- Cuntry Districts \V.]. Christpher (Ladysmith); The Hn. RicbJrd Fcelham (Hwick}; Tbe Hn. A. A. Ry Hatbrn (Lidt:ecr); 1.!u.~ Hlly (Wmbug): D. A. J. McHard! (Dundee); J. W. Smclaif (Ladysmilh); ]. Emery Tully (Twecdil). Maritzburg W. M. Andersn; E. le3tdmre, K. c.; Hugh Bry2; Prfe$lllf f. B Burchell: B15bp C. J. PCT~Jl-DJvie; Le~ Fisher. Bshp f Naul; H. w,e. H1clall; Dr. W. J. O'Btlen, O.B.E.; A. T. Tatham.. Durban Mr. M. ~her; RiiaJd R. Butcher; Dr. Gerge C.tmpbcll; L. C. Grice; N"rm~n Henwd; ArclJduccD T. V. G. Lmun; Charles E Jame.; Hw:nphrey E Jnt:?; Pr fc;wj r 1. D. Kri~e' Mrs. A. M. G. MJytm: J. Mmmer MOlr; Dr. B. M. Nar~tb; Dr. Maurice G. ~can,. O.B.~.; G. C. Scully; Rev. Stanley B. Sudbury; R~bbl Rm3 SWft; Dugla~ Tilley; Rev. Hugh F. Yule. 1 '

9 il,th March, 9S NDAN OPNON NATURE CURE GUDANCE By Rbert Lawrcncc McKibbin (Crptatt Ml'lbc'r r""", 10,U.. r Nalunl Tbc'rup<'tlllcs And 11'1'110,1. (S.A.) tln S«rlAfy.Truwrt>r: lmcl' 'hl SdO ) r Suth Aftl"". [The fllwing s f a series f artides n Nature Cure, written by Mr. Rbert lawrence McKibbin. THE prblem f dlabelcs us 40 {Ol, Cmmlsslnu Street. Jh:anncsburg. Mr. McKibbin will be pleased t answer thrugh beed f tni;ic sii;nlfince t me. tbccu$e it tk the life f Sl:lmeODe...b wu very dear ia cked. t is such lsses 2nd sucb,riefs tb21 dri.\e us n=rd t seek ut tbe eter02 11\\'$ f he univtrse n rlulln wb2t authrilies;md cll1ldnly accepted ex pens may have t say. But lg befre llut,...blle 1 was stili a YOlUlgsler so C1Ued "l1edlc:ll. rcsejrc:b," ud rean 10 uke sp«ij nole f di2beles. 10 hse djys. Dearly 30 years a~, btld a very inslgtlifinl pesl that s::lmejmcs enuiled acttllp3)ing a senir fficial 10 cllect specimens frm a ccruin hspiul. AruDd b.t'llme. tbe tjuntin f bld-sugar ad the ute f ill3uhn w,s ncdvit: pardcubr 3l1enlln. and we...uld i;0 daily t get bld frm diabellc patients.! rememb~r p~llcubrly a little girl f "X yrars. n1med MujTJe. She bad hyslerics every time sbe $.JW ur "bite C02tS, fr they meant tlut bllw needles wuld be jabbed int hee veins :ldd sme bld sucked ut. Of alul'$c, he scientific expressin fr tbls peratin is mre pt t', bullhe result "":S tbe same. TDJ! is tbe buuly f scientific W1gwge in be medical wrld. t sftens the rude.mplic.llins f wlul S belg dne. t givu tbe pleaslg impressin tlf "rkig mirac1.....ithut infheling any.uffulng n humm beings r alliuuu. And tt 31s0 'l:11s evu)' hll': 10 a va;:ue m;st f ~rds hal elubles vasr vtsred nlerests t m~~e evcr lrger frlunes. And ittsuhn certaloly bas mjde frtuu Wthut ever curie evet> ne s,ngle se f diabeles, Just cnsidu rhe fllwing p\'~ extracted frm an up t. the minute sdellnc buuetia lyi02 0' my dci. t dul. with a wn d'lfu! Dew au-bitic. f which r<"icillm was tbe first discovetcd. The phrase is :a.s f,,1wl': "10 hl3.('omb",~n the (Bacilncin) b3ci.,raclo i. much less nephrtxic lun the sluble drug: Whar do~1 his mean? n pjin English loeans that the new stuff is n = damagng 10 he kidn ) ;! 'Therefre it means als tnn the ther Sluff was very dlmaging t the!udneys!! Hw d.hey knw? Obvlu.ly by.he re~u1ts n unfrtu2tc p.llienls. these clumns any questins the! re:lder may wish t zsk.-ed Ob. tf peple wuld Dly stp ;a mment t think, t cnsider tbe meaning f wrd., t re311ze wb3t lies under and behind s m30y f tbe ;hb statements braz enly brjd~sl by self rdlintd high priesls f knwledi;e Ayhw, pr mle Marjrie evenlu311y died. S did ~ tbe :her mle chlldre :lmlcted witb d'abetes. But ber sufferings and her fc.l's bad nude ;a dreadful impressin n me. ne thll made me shun all nhdll trejlment fr tbis fell cmplaint. When, nuny years uter. Dealh in lhe guise f d3be'''' struck dese 10 my wn heart, tbe irre parable 105s f e mst de:lr 10 me drve me 10 : keen and clse inlerest in be natural methds f dell109 with p.'lients hus afflicted. Nte carefully: d nt say methds at trealig he disease. There is tbe misulre. 10 reat a dl~case inste;td f a palient. t is the [latienl that m~1 be trejted, and e\'uy plt,ent is tlifferellt. S with dlabetcs One may bave a dze" sufterers frm this CQm pl3lnl and is quile po$slble tlut tach ne wuld need dlfferedt tcjlment. The lle may have had 30 injury. sucb as a kick in s!uch years befre. bu tn3y have surted lhe ruble. Anther may :c suffering frod sme gtc1t srr'v r lv< disappintment. A hlrd may beln~ t he wrry. ing tyre tlt3t can never rdalc. never frgel the jb fr five minutel. Why, d )OU bink, shuld it be that di1betes is ~ CQmma amng Je90s 1 f we cn~ider hw many Jewish business peple eat, hve, drink and brejtbe their bus;dess add wrry, wrry. wrry abut, we Cln h3ve : milch beller idu ;l.s t why they arc prne 10 get DABETES diabetes and als 3 prwy Ce:1 clue t t~e cure in the.. par',cul3r ClSe. And pecisely the nrne rc!'lurks apply t mady nd120s ~n~ tber Eastern peples. Again. t S very slglficjnt th:lt dubl'les is nrc amng uosopblhiclled AfriC3M hu is grwing ever mre cmmn ;lmng tbe "c,vj=ed" and eduled clement, l!jse wh becme le;lden f tbelr jnple. Let us cns'der Whll is cmmn amng 311 these C3SfS. fll he fi.'~f pbcr, nc f the ulslan,hng bld fulllrcs f lle mder CVlhutin is its intrse artficiality add ver-rdinemfd We have bispes wblch shw films f artificial peple mllalln ; artificial ways f hfe-.hldws f ; shadw. Wmen 'linl and pd"der hemselves 10 mllate he appe3r3nce f glwing hellthand are rully udhealthy. Our lcd is relided and duljlured unlil it is reduced t 3 stcrile, halfmineral cnditin. t hl$ nr maugh life in it t g bad. Tha is why while sugar. white flur and similar SUnS13DCeS keep s well. Whle whe:lt flur will nt keep beuse il j~ te full f hfe. Then "e j~ ur jaded Derves wltb all kinds f stimulants-and strng drinks arc by DO me.1ns be nly sllmubnls. Bbring radis etenully emilling he rauclls nises f mdern s called music, Delective and crime novels. Highly spiced fds and drmks. T m:lny danccs and panics. Speed. speed, speed. A thuslnd and ne hill!:s all cmbine r keep tbe nerves stretched add keyed up. S we see h.lt ne f he d,slitlgui~bldgfeatures f ur mdern CVilizatin is ver-excilement. ADd the peple f any race wh brcme 5\lbleCled 10 such ver' exciltmrnt tend t gel dlabetts. d Dt say that thi. way f hfe CJuscs just di3beles, becau~e ltat is nt s. A bdy breaks dwn al the weakest polor W,lh seme tt lakes t!: frm f hver trubles, with lh.r heau disease, Jnd Y>llh yet llters a brejk d"n f he nervus s~stem Cr CHn f he mlnu But what 1 lun 15 )'al diabeles c.1n SO fren be luced 10 ;l way f!tvlng where there is un. due fxcllemenl, fear, shed" gr er r lher nervus lensie-n, rlls a d lident r incqrrec d,el. Where he inh.rjljce frcm clher par. enls S bold, th3t S. "herc the (hild is brn with an l"h.r.tcd weaknfss, there is an addjlinal Slnlln n the normal funcllnjg f the whale bdy. 'The realment f dijbefes must, f COU''''', depend in each insla'lce n he pjrllculjr symplms and tenera! conullln f he p~llent. including her r her 0'" n persn31 3nd fjmlly hl\try. lubllq 3nd luits. \Vhal Wll cure cne '"..nl may be qllile useless fr anther. [nsulm S he grut s!jnd by f he meu'cj fnfunlly Dill n~ 91 dctr in his tight senses \\uld ever claim hat insulin is : cure fr diabeles. t is simply a pall.: tive. smething tl13t elses the dlslress f the mabdy and edables be patienl t keep go~c frm day t day. And he usc f insulin invlves ceruin "side effecls," as hey 3re plitely called :l'ld lher unpleasantness th.1t smelimess make Jfe nt wrlh living fr tbe p2licnt. 'T1t.11 is why s many end up with SUcide. As ; mailer f bcr, insulin is, tn my mind, a c1.1ss1c cx3mple f allpalhic medic.\1 methds. t WJS discvered by very clever SCientists cduclldg experiments n dc'gs. Sme f the experimeols dne in research bbr:ltries are bideusly cruel, devlh~h deeds dne ia the Dame f SCience and hununily. The sc'enllsls deny strngly tb.ll hey are cruel. but tbeir very ralnidl; \\3rpS the r utlk in his mmer. Thu is the truble wilh animal expcnments. They C3n smetmes plt the way t very mprranl dis. cveries. bu :ll 100 flen tbey le.1d t entirely wrng and misuke!'l cnclusins which really run rntr.uy t Natural bw. ThS, believe. is Olle f he rc3sm why mdem med":al researcb is such a farce and a failure, as is evidenced by the lemble tral f damage left by every new ""nder drug" put ut by be labratries. Gd S nt mucktd and the end des nt lu~ury the meads. We Qnt hpe t SC true health fr suffcnng humalllty by CreJltng hells n ealth fr animal \tctims 10 sclenufic bbralrles. l heahh S he result f tunsgrcssing ~lur~1 l:",s. Clear' y the cure mllst he n d'sc\ering, understanding 3nd beying D311lral bw, nr tn trylog t "cnquer Nalure" by deeds that arc inhumln add essen'buy tmmnl. n the C3se f Osuhn research, gljss U tubu \Vcre inserted int the liven f live dgs and then water was passed tllrugh. The water was gr.1dually heated ad 3t regubr intervals samples f bld were taken. When tbe lvater Gt twards boiling poo lle wretched dgs wuld clljpse-that Q, hey fainted wilh the [lain. Anyhw, insuln reslllted frm ~ h,s experlntentmg, and a great fll~s was made ver he dlscv..y. Msl C'lrJVJg1nt ebllns were als" made a! t ts Vlllll'S

10 92 They ~11V~Ys ~re m~de in the = f new dhcverlcq. Yel, nt nesilll:le Clse f (habetes h~s en' b:en cured by insulm. Furthermre, 3S he ble jlfe31 J, ElliS". Dnker us shwn D hs b~ "New LVes Fr Old," SlDt- he inlrdtlelin f insulm in 192\ the dlabeles duth r~le in Engbnd, rsr steadly by!ofll: 15 per eml nsulin, therefre, i!j bvlusly /lt be slutin t he,,(blem f dubctn. N~lulal hel3p<utisls usin\: ftmcapjlhy as ne r their instrument" f heal,ng have bad m3ny successes in the lle3lment' f dlabufs DC, f curse, plays :1 msl mprlanl par in rul~ menl, Jd here rhe Nalure Cure peple were experts 3t ; lime when it was :he fashin fr medl' 01 men t Jugh ~l he ntin f diet havlg lny bemnl: 00 ds' ease. Then, gjln, manlpul1tin and mssjge, uplc1jlly deep m=ge f he pancr~\lc regin, ~re mos useful. n rmt t:lses, ccruin herbal prcpjrjflon5 d uc&llent wrk. And. f curse. Hmep:thy h;, a gdly!ls f svereign remedes, ejch with 'S OWl: specific field ar.d funclin. Aq 3n islanct, prepr~ons f 19narla hve becn used with grejt success 10 C:lSCS where the di2 beles has bem fund t ~gin 3fler sme gricveus shck such :S 3 lve-dsappintment r the de:llh f smee de~rl)' btlved. 00 he ther h3nd, WJS d,s cvered tbjt wrke1'3 \?llh Uranfum mlr..fe were prne 10 d!wbj' diabetes. ThiS led te he u~e f Uranium rlllral, la hmepjchic dse, which hn cured m3ny 3 desp~rate CJ>e. Amg lher subsunces ~re Brynra, hac/lc acd. Sy:ygulm, Nalrum sulphur.' cum and Argenlum mcta,leum,,n uch se i spccl31 hmocopjlhlc prepj~lin :Jnd tndlc~lcd by cer 13m pecu!l3r symfllms lodivlduj 10 t:1cb remedy, Fr it mus nt be frgtl.n lh~r, in HmepJt hy, a :emedy S useful ly where ls "prvlngs" mjtch certal pjrticubr symp lms. EJch remedy has its wn pjrticul:jr symptms ~n.l f these symptms Jre nt preseut in a CJse, th3t remedy will be useless. S thl! principle thl! mjkes Hmcp~lhy he mst sc,cnllfic flrm f rtjlmto in the \VrldsmelUrlCS very Smple ad ejsy, :lad smwmes e~lrcmclydifficult. ncldtnljlly, HmOeOpJlby uscs : hmcjulhic; prcp:jrj1l00 f Osultn fr the lte~lment f dl3 beties wh hve been Jklng Osulin. BU r us betn fund hr 3 pjtlenl wh has Dever bjd insulin is :!W3yS much e)sler 10 cure h3n ne wh has nce becme ensbved by this drug n bc, f'~lienls wh h~ve hld mu~b ills"lin :lrc lsujly vcry dlllicu NHAN'OF'HOH indeed 10 trut. And, f cune wherever a palient i3 prepared ~ enler whleheartedly and cn..sclcnuusly int he prucribed OUR NDA LETTER (F\O~1 Oun OWN COan&SPOlfDNT) freedom - OF DDRESSNG the Cnvca. A tin f the Praysg lfabila Vidbynpilb, an ioltilute fr wm, Dr. Rajendra Pru:ld, President f the Jndian Republic, raid he codsidered tbe wr. within the spbere C tbe family t be mre imprtant ban in leca! r factries 10d thil wrk can ly be dne by wmtn. But, th'lt did nt mean that wmen sbuld be prisen with illibe fur walls f their bme!' ld sbuld bave 00 cntnct witb tber aspects C life. On be ctrary he held thai fr lcial evlutin add bealtb wrnfo needed freedm almuch as mtc. Freedm meat tbat a free per. 500 sbuld usc bis lime add tnlenu in the best pssible way 50 tbat all ivi~ beings f which he wa, ne, migbt benefit. Tbe true meafling f freedm, was Dt tbe freedm t lise e'l time Qnd talenls rr ne', wn benefit regardl~s 01 the ract wbether tbey beefitted r nt be peple at H~c. Tbis was rt freedm, the Prtsideat said, bllt aoblchy r licence. Tbere 101e. the bightst fr'edm f wmen meant a~ sbuld mean bat sbe sbuld bave cl1lplete pwer t mve tbe pbyucal, melal and mr.l cbaracl.r r h Cuture gclleraliq. We bave t bring abul sucb chanllts ia ur scial $tuctur as may f. mve tbe OMtacles Cram be path f wolde ud prvide tbem wilh neccsury facilities fr tbeir unfettered pr p~u. Our Scial Prblem "We Lave flel:juedlly i tbe recent past bee remlded rf tbe danj:(cr t ur cutry which i. likely t result frm C"ytJ-ppulltiD. t s dlfficulr, h"'ever, t cnvince the rdinary )' mill) f this danger. l'ocgmtulnte tbe ndian CreleD' e 01 Scilll Wrk n ils effrt t fcu, nltenlin n tbe ser;nu!_ ceu f tbe prblem," sys ~Bj'\ Mab81aj 8ingh, Gvernr 01 Bmbay in a message t tbe ndia Clerenee r Scial Wrk which rganised a 'Scial Wellue DlY' thrujlhut be cuntry. Shri Mngldu rale. va,, Gvemr f Madhya rra. curk r lleatmenl. whicb ltuy include bslicg add dieury discipline, very gd results mjy Cten be expected. Bmbay, Fdmury 240 WOMEN dc1b, aay.:. lbe fed prblem ha, bteme atrernely acule lld udlm it il prmptly dealt with,.igur ld fresight, it will glw il a calamily. }fre prnducti f fd luld len pr ductin f mutbs t leed ar t", r lhe remedies sugguted by expert,." Rajkurnllri A'Drit Kllur, Unin Minisler fr Be:allb, uy.: ". am aware bl)'l'" mly peple lue di,turbed at the iccre:!'e in ppulatin. Family pl9ndi~ is elsenlial, bul has,&0 be attaclted 'udamtl.tally u l:er than superlicially. Tbe raisig f.he iyig slandard 01 ~e peple will byiusly be a prent f.crr ill tbe ~bc{'kinl1 01 tbe grwlb f ppu!alilj. On tber necessary refrm...bich will COOtribute tw:lrd. tbe clulin 01 the prblem is tbe 'l'icing r he mllriag age 01 f lth girls ad be,s." ndia And Nepal lhe fuwin( rnesaagu wre achaged helwee the Prim Miisler' 01 Nepal and ndia, fllwing tbe inauguratin f tbe nw ~t-p in Nepal: The Prime UiDistcr f Nepal 011 Febru.\ry 18, " am mst bappy t infrm Ynr Esedlecy that Hi, lajest, the King made the prclamatin tday, lind tbe Dew Ceit r Minis. tll h:js been swm in, The Cabinet will hm ii' fint m~lil t tmrrw. ~n6dtllt1y bpe that under the new.et.up 'th Gvernmet and peple will,",rt in clsest /hnrmy leac! ig 10 he plgrw and ~rsperity f Nepal. With tbe <-'( p,essin f n:y higbest colidrralin and wllm penenlll rr/!llrds." The Prime MDi,ter ~r ld,a. 5'01 tbe fl!wil( reply t th Pllme MinislCf f Nepal: " ballk yur HigLncss (r yur meulird ilrmig me tbat Ha Mill" y 'be King bas issued p<tlbmatin add a new COUtc 01 Milli,teu has heed swrn ir. 00 th,s auspidus ccasin, sbuld hke ttl ccn,ey t yu ad t tbe ~ew Culldl f )to. i5ten my greeting and the greet. ing. nd tbe fzd wishes f ndia, We eullcsuy hpe that 9th March r 1951 the lew Gvernment will tt2d Nepal t prokress and!'roj. peri:,. shuld like pertllllaj,. t ller Yur ltigbneu add 1/1 he memhers f tbe aewcljllci1 f MinistefJ my tngr8tnlalicus OD the slccesscul way i wbiel all f yu bave 8urmOllDlc:f many dllecnljiu lind re.aebed ~rmiu.s enclsin. &lll cnfident that the spirit ill which the prblems 01 fday bue bun tac.led will enable be new Gverment t dc1/ with all tbtt dilecnltics t!ljt mayarise. can assre YDill' H~hne" ad yur Gnfme:1 f tbe deep friendjbip f Jdu fz Nepal," Lewt Menace Abnt t.warm!!tce ",Weru tlldtries had illn~ ndia dllting he Jut year tm:. ink a area f S.1lOQ squm miles int theu breeding rrd The fd Mini.ler, Shri K. 11'. J.ln,bi, wll stated thij in hil llddress 10 a c:ust cnretenee i: New Delhi, als ",aflltd bt tbe "inn'loq" hil Jar 1f'U feared,t be much baric:. "With the cc peratid.f ~ Slates c«fllerf, tbe CC!1l Lcst Olglllisatin was able ntrl the mjr bulk f 1e breeding" he sairf, which lr4s estimated t be Clpabief li~ rue t at least 10,090 lwar::r. Sb/i Mnsbi cifed be nteru 'linal Anti-LtUst Cnferee: rr the wamidg reglrding ~ yeat's feated "iva,i" Fer figbtilg the lcust menaa! 00 war basis, the fficial mac:ltilt:ry f all departmenl' f the Cenlnl add Slale Gvernments had t be geared t a vcry bisb let!l r efficiecy, he said. "rbit is s ~lti'lal prblem 10 ",hielt ~ bi.best pririty must be elm at tbis erili-::al junchlre in Cl'll lrd Silllll;. Ay slaclutll will ldelln i\ dlsasler heallll! e"cd i fu<ls ale...ilablt. ~ willl:e difficult 10 imprt fl frm rolci/i:u C"nulrit5 de t several C3 Ulrs ~itb "bieh 1tl are already familiar. Tbe <;0" ernmet f nda are.trenglh!lt iag the anlrlll rguis:shd which is respnsible ft tec!ln~ Cl WO(: in tb desert :rte<lisr tracu at a alit f abut R. 1 0 lakhs." PlacDiDg Cmmissin The Plime l. iu~.u, Sbil Jawaharlal Nehlu,...,id i w/iuen stalementln Parli.DlCll th t tbe planii! COlllmiuiOll'1 rel,rt wuld be preltnctd C1l tbe Gvefllrnent tw.. lcls tbetd f lay. The rt,rt OlllC:, ther tbid!!', wuld 1l1se.9 th collntry', resurces nd tlle 1' lel 10 whlcb they lllishl N develped. Befle tne pll~

11 9th March, 1951 udder prcpllrll.tin Will finalised, he said, it wa. hped 10 arrlnge 'r. codsullatin betwccn be PllllDig Cmmissin add Members 01 Parliament specially in. terested in plannitlg. Di~cus,ins with State Gvemmellts wuld. begin sbrtly add wuld nt~d. ver 11 lew,, eeks. Sbri Nehru.dded: "The Hse will recall that a few mnths 8F:0 the Cmrni5Sin requested Stales GvemmeDls t prepare plans 01 develpment fr the tw years, 19SJ.l9S~,.Dd 195~'1953, and, in brader utline, fr the perid 01 five years ending Develpment plall5 hue recent. y bfen received hm mst f tbe SlAtes Gvernment', and the. Cenlral!l.iis ries These plans, are beig tudied, and tbe CmlDiESi hpes 10 suggest detllil. ed pririties 10 the Central Ov. emmet alld tbe Statu, and ab 10 idicale the levels t which financial resurct$ may be raised during the next few years by the Cenlre and by tbe' vb.ri. us Part A :lnd ~.\(t B States tdwards tbe implernenlati f he natinal plll. Befre the Cmmissin makes its rtcm, mendatis t individual Slale Gvernments, it inlends t,bld, discussins wilh each f them 'i n the basis 01 its assessment t theu financial psitin and tesur~s and their prgra:r mes 01 develpment The plan under preparatin cven a perid f five yean, but it is pr(\p~e1 later tn ntend it t the sis:tb year, s as t crrespnd ",ilh.\ the perid 01 tbe Clmb Plan. lhe Cmminin's replt is likely til cver a wid.: dd., t will make an assessmet f be cuntr}"s re~urces, includ,ng :1 financial rtsnurces. BDd tbe u tent t whicll tbey may be dtvelaped. NEWS n-tdul NDEPENDENCE NU~BE~ Price 2/. NDAN OPNON N BREF Firsl ndian T Win Hnurs Mr. Sewpersadb randay, 01 Overprt, tbe uc1t tndilld in Sutb Africa t btain the D.A. hodurs degree cferred in absentia at Frt Uare n April 27. le will be preparing a tbe~is 00 pathl,!:y ill tbe h: dia cmmunity fr bis M.A. degree. lr. Pandey, wh is a matter lt Sastri Cllege, was tbe first ldian sludent 01 the ew University 01 "alai 10 majr in scilgy. Yung Girl Wins Nunin~ Priz.es A yuag girl, rni\!! "farj, rie Naid, received btb the malrce.in chief and tbe malr', prizet as well ls ber hspital certl6cat~ n lbe ccasin ef pruedtati day at tbe Dara!:"" 'lvllath Nn Eurpean 1'0s. pha\. Jamaca Asks Fr Ban On S.A. Gds Tile Jamaietn Huse f Representatives last weela is reprted by Sapa t have pa~ud e.,"lutin BSkifl~ tbe Gverment 10 ban th" imprt 01 Sutb African gds as a prlest agaist he treatmet 01 t;lured peple in the Unin. Mr. Ra.mcbBn~, ne 01 be direcl 101 tbe Demba}' Bazaar, Durban and Mrs. Ramcbad arrive~ lasl weel:l frm Jllia. HNDU DHARMA T bt hadjrm: 8y- M. K. Candhi Price 10/- 'NDAN OPNON,' P, Bag. Phenix, Natal Published as Special Number 01 indan ONSON t cm. memrate he attainment 01 Freedm by ndio. Printcd n art p.per )lad prfusely iluelrated. With hutric pictures cnnected with 10diR'S stru~ll:le fr Freedm and witb pbts 01 the late Dadabbal NarJi, Ttlall, Gkhs.le, Subash Bse add mlly tbe" wb have sacnliced their li..es i lighling fot freedm Bnd f Mab3tma Glndhl, Panwt.Jawaharlal Nehru Bd mally t\;.e~ "h bave hved t lee tbe fruit. altbeir labur. Als cntainin~ a hrief Survey 01 tbe ~r't c tbe ndi<\d Natillal COllgr~ rm the time f its inceptid. Bks Fr Sale 6eaina~Zll frm: ( nd,'i~n (')pinin' "R.13ag, 1)h~ni::r:, j'{ataz. 93 Shri Aurbind's teligius Bl{s LGHTS ON YOOA KAUDAS Bl{s Fr Sale SHA UPANSHAD THE RENASSANCE N NDA HERAOLTUS lde..ll AND PROGRESS THE NATONAL YALUE OF ART THE MOTHER Tagre's Literature Essay., Nvels, Pems and Plays SACRFOE (Nvel) OORA (NOH) h A811 (Nvel) LOVEn'S OFT (POEm.) CHTRA ( "by ) BTORES fro\! TAOORE (S lurt <itri ) BTRA'1 DnDS (ShrL "~['8 ) ned OLENDEtS ("lay ) HUNGRY STONES AND OTHER BTOllE3 TnE nome AND THE WORLD (ESUY8) OLUPBER OF BE~OAL (,J,rys) REmNSCE~OF.S POE~B OF RAmn rost OFFCE (Phr ) TDE KNO 01' TUE DARK 011,\\ BER ( Ph.y ) 6btainaH frm: tjndian Opinin' nankm-tlak-dayananda AUROBNDO MANDlR ANNUAl. 1!.l3.~ 1--1:'; COLl-EOTED roelib AND PLA.18 (rrrt 1.l.. :! 'l'fie RDDLE OF <fhe WORLD TRE BRAN OF NDA p.,bag, j?henix,.iyafa/. : G :\ :J :;! J 9 :\ 3 J 0 :\ 0 :J 0 :J G 10 G :!1 C :\ 'J 3

12 94 NDAN OPNOPll 9th Mmh, tq.51 SHORT STORY MAN AND HUMANTY s tbe cl night beett A tucbed his face, Ramlal (Trllntlatetl Frm Gularatl) (COTJtHlcd frm lj wck) b~~l t tbik calmly, Was it relly dilbllest me~? All bi. lil hp had led 00 bnest lice, be bad 10t run ita debts ld tbl'ugb pilot, ~e bad always been prud. Butlale had placed this mney within his Hacb, be hlld ntllljea it, hw culd it be di,hest mney? Tben he thught 01 Amh3. He bad never '!tll bee angry in authele yelm. Sbe had never cmpll.inecl. Sbe Will llwa}'s full f cfidece lind belaced lire witb cu[8!:e. Why Wal she Dllry tday? Why W' sbe nt happy t sec 50 much mne)'? \\ by did sbe use the wrd "disbn~t" luney?" Rllmlal fund bimsell befre bill ahp wilb clthes in tbe windw Wbat nice things' t wuld be s nire 10 be able 10 buy srnethinj( lem berel Ramlal mde up bis mid t g in and buy himself.melhing belee tbe shp clsed lac tbe night. He climbed tbe three 'teps and as bi, ft tucbed the furth step be stppe~-.\m Raing t wear cat bugbt C di~h~st mey p But wb sa)'s tha.lll is duhncst mne)'? Only Ambll J but what des she knw?- 'lui nil f 11 sudden 11 tbugbt 5lruclll blm, be remem beeed an incidet 01 tw days ag. A fnend f bis. wh was very n.v, just sat nnd smked au day. Ramlal said t him, why dn't yu wad;: bard lr the mnel' yu r gig t receive? yu d ct, thet! that will he dubd~t mey, earned disbnestly" Rememtering tbis incidet, Ramlal's tbughts chacged. Just s thai meeey was dl~htst, this was dishnest t. He turned Jan dwn the,tcp" tk ut tbe visitil( C4rd lind directed bis steps t tbe boule 01 tbe Owner DC tbe pcket.bk. He cme t a beautilul buse nnd enterinr tbe Katel, he walked up tbe steps and kncked lit the dr, He culd bear quite a lt 01 lise idjide, lit if sme s:t 01 celebralin was giab n. He kchd.gain. be dr pened add a t::irl f abut twelve l,ked at bim, and JaW bis siled clthes lind said, "cme later u:' Ramlal understd that the girl had takell him lr a begj(ar wh bad cme t ber. lie ire. mediately tk ut the pcket bk and said, " am nt a beggar. 1 hue cme t returd this pckel.b,k." "Pcket bkl" 5lid the girl alld snatcbed it fcm Ramlal's band,,ll\mmed the dr and ran inside. Ramlll! just std tbeee tbinklng 01 the Jude be. haviur f eicb cbildren, when tbe dr pened agbi, and tbe girl snid, "just walt bere, the pcket.bk bclged t my brtber." S sayingshe slammed tbe dr again. Ramla! std there thinking hw rude this girl ","at. Sl:e spke t bim witbut any respeet wbile yung men, ivin: eear hi, huse,always addr=ed him es "Uncle" Ath(r tbught carne t bim, tbat lurely tbese peple will reward him band smely fr relurnink such a larg., sum 01 mn:-. Wnlle be was hilud: thus tbe dr pened. Tbe girl bad R bas in ber had. t was 11 sweet.mrat bal "Heer," said the j(i,j "there is s"de i ber..," add sbe dammed tbe dr gin. Rlmlal WA.' disappinted and turnin~ hls stept 10'l'/'ard. tbe rad he bej1ad t pe tbe h?x add S1 w that tbere 't'ere the rem.it 01 " leah-llle leu ver~1 Ramlal', f;u;e wat pale and thod be lall~bed harshly. Sucb ricb peple, but they culd nt eyed liv!! him d~cent rdl He left tbe bl: in thc cm. pund an" walked ut. He began t feel prud f bimself whed be thullht f hw he, a pr mbd had teturned.ucb a arge.am f mey 10 a rich man wh bad '0 much t live, but wb bad n heart. Ramlal felt happy. Rama thugbt, what is tbe ute 01 tbis utwrd wealth wbe inwardly the minds ad h~rlj were 10 dirty. aiding bis head high, Ramlal walked hodle. Amba tat tbera thinking,er tbe h8p~0lngs f the evening. She was wrried-wuld ber hus. band retuld, aller tbe Rngry way ill wbicb he b:l.d lell? And wben.be saw ber busband pen tbe dr and cme ill,.be was happy nd wben sbe saw the happy smile n Ramla!'a lace abe tbul/hi, "Db Gd, this is au tbe wealth want." "AmbB," laid Ramla1. "1 haye tetl1lded it." "Retl1TlJed it?" asted Amba, at ahe Celt weight lift frm her heart. "Yel relurned,lbe maey," said Rambl with pride. "Wbat did they give yu, ' Dsked Amba xpectalltly. "The lelt nts fcm n least tbe)' wele havingt" "Che?" "fben whal? t left it in their crnpund and came bme," Bid RamW sining at tbe table, "Nw let us hne supper." Amba asked n mre ques tiods. She wal bappy that the mney had been retnrded. She went t the OYC arid tll ut the limple Deal th!lt be had tept "'linn. Ramlal'a eyes were tilled with aleetid. "Ycu bue Dt eatea yety' ht 'ttd. "Hw cnld eat wbea JO wnt ut Wilhut eatig. Yu wrk and eard tbe little molle,. we have, bw can eat ""itbeat yu?" Raml.t said (ldielly-"amhl n tbe ~e lt[e wrld. they may be greal, but as me". we are grealer tban them, They are all.like tbe l.ney sweet. meat bx they!rave rnt-:lut ward sbw witb dirt inside " (Cndudtd) ~ (!iti~~.tcl for SAFEn'S SAXE ~~ " b.ealdl1!llll skin n ~ '\.y n' fr 8"ftU1,\pply c,l:cur:l Omtm<nt-qukk!y. T npully rester ld4 b..utl T cmt lfctlob TO&1lJy 1Cft_ alld t ~!llll lpjry clnj:l &lid cllltrt:lhl...h&ltht!&.., JPR CUTS AND SCRATCHES ill ONlME, ; NEW MYSTERY COMC SERAL LESLEY SHANE

13 f ~ , ~~& ~~ ti~! \0. -l!i~l~ (\\. ~ 't\~~, tg:'t't. ~U ~Ht ~.n. ~. )f~.fl ~y,adl lut'l({(nl 111'( '11. (\{l-t, ~'~"i '<1<!la '1H~il' i:l 1)j"1.f1 ~: ~~({l ~'ir{jn1" il r~d ~!(/\ t~:l1.,1\ «"lli, tl<!l~-tl \<!ttl~ ~l{...~!t~l'fi'li ip\~il~ ltl'lfl ~"1i l{\!t,.~ ~~ai -{Ftc-t:! (;;> " "''rlli "'t.~ ~1l,1 ~1''\l~1 ~~~ ~) '\1~-t!~.f~ }(~Ql f\~~: "' ~ll'lli~il ~,.~ (;~~tl ~n..1~ {'~.n ~lll '1ll'<i l(~' :!Sfl' ~'l\" j,.. Y. ~en'l ~''l ' l!.<\''1~ ~C'\ "'til' "'l';lll;<\ ; :1l11"q, «l'l(~ "'l=l ",,('\il ~q1 ~~ WC'\ "'ltl.' "'tt '{~. ~.f'ltt, 'lr;~ HH';l ;llt 'H~""'\ ~{J.,t'!\>l ~~mil ll'lft':ll ~\t'1\1 "\'\tt'll.f\'l ~al~~ <(r~l\t H'\l! ~'a~ ~1~1""1 ~).\ ~1~ 11'l{\~ : ::t "'l,u &1 i$. <{\-\tl~ ~~ 'len, 0( il ~1'"'l1 ~!i.fl'\ttl ~u i li <lllll~ai ~. a tl ()tl "'\. q'(''1\ 'm ),;\;\11 2>tr{JH"'l j\:! ~u~ -f{. ~lrt. [l~lt c(\tl ~{ "'l::t "'t1~~c'\ ~U~~( "ll~l '1lill ~i\ OfU. 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22 N DAN BTATESMEN (Ptlll'Obll Bll BOOKS rrime?>fidl8ten With rrlrdlllj) NDAN JUDGES (BOj:!rpbical ud critical!~tlcbe~ witb,rtf1l[l) RMNlE~T AMBlCAN~,,"m1 NDA SHOU,D KNOW-Jllbct T. Sunderland TfJ nuagavad OTA-Tb Lrd'ft BUR- (t\ ~gli8b Trarllltln)-AnDia Bcu.nt WAT H WRONG W1TNDAN ECONOMC 1.FE? -Dr V. K. n V. Rs 1 TlE U.K.OO. AND NDA-A. N. Ag8rW1ll 6 OUR NDiA (ObildrcD'8L;ieJ b7 vari8 1'riterr, il118tfa l«l) -MDOO MQBllni 2 COTTAGE NDUSTRES ANn THER noj,fl LN NDAN ECONOMY-Prf. Ra 2 SlAW-WELLS-KEYNE.'l ON 8TALN-WELLS TALK (Verbtim kcrd) GOLDEN NUMDEROP"JNDAN OPNON", lljh (SnvcDir f the Putive Ret!istuucc Mvemellt in S.A., 1906 loll) THE DP.LVERANCE (A pictur f th palpitating lif r tbe 'OD~ f:unij) SllVEN 110NTS WTH MAfiATMA GANDH!kig 8D in~idc view f tbe NOD c-peratid Mvement ( ;-Krlilndall OANDfllJl AS WE KNOW HlM-llltirnte 80d delighteul illcideuul by,"(rioll~ ~,itct8 rudlc l-'nt\noe AND OUR POVF.HTY -J.C. KumnrapJl J HSTORYOJ-' THE REON Or' ~mal.1lum -n'. }'n1dldin THE UFE \)1' tamdrr1shnh-,\n ubartl\"c Bccnct f tb Muter's,,"Ollderfut hrr--rmaiu Rlland Hi NDAN STATES' rhoblg'\l (U.l\ndl'J"S Writingl lld UlLernllct.)-~1. K Gandhi 10 FOUN OATONS OF PEACE (Cri\C81 plnd, f the C"lOdltlCiR \ h'ell prl'cipl:let! ~'O wrld l'ltll-k. T. Sbb 16 NOlA SPEAKNG (VllrlOU8 cntributill OD ecnmic, phticnl, cultl'8l.d~locll prblemll f mderll Jdie) 16 l!ahatma GANDH ltbe Mlln Bnd bie Mi.el!i, atl clll'gd Bd p t date editin f QQdbiji'slife,) -Dy vanna 1''ntel'1 SUAKF.SPEARE'S TRAGEOES (King Lear, MacbeLh, amlet and Othell-Wilham Miller 2 SOVET ATTJTUnE TOWARDS OUlNA, Pacts And Feetli-3l.null'l Pwell 6 AMONG THE UREAT (CllVet'8llUOn with HOalin Rllalld, M..bBtm Oandhi, Bertrnnd Rlll2ell, nabindtllll4th T.g~e lind Sd Allrbid)-Dilip Kumll' R7 16 TWO lstorlcal TRALS N nc FORT -ADnnn~f tb LriDlt the m~n (lbe,n.'. 1-1 WHY CRlPrS FALED (Dcumcuted lcconl frm the ldigd Nlllinali8~ pint 0' vicll)-m. SabrllhmnlGn G.\N>1.JNNAll TAL{S (Telt C COrTCJJplldenCCl nd lber relvat wrtter) NDAN SnENTSTS (msr~phical Sk~Lchcs An Qccntr Lheir n:&"tlrehe~, di c'l'crics BDd nventins PRACTCE AND PRCOErTS OF JESUS -J. C. RUlDQftlPPll eta. inacl frm: 9th Marrh'19!1 - FOR SALE 6 [lou.ann AND TAOORE,lAUeraf tweldillel wrlten LFE AND OOSPE. OF VVEKANA.'WA -RDlllllln Rllalld WOMEN ANLl SOCAL NJUSTOE-1L K, OaDdbi 10 OANDHlJl'S CORRESPONDENCE WTH THE GOV'RNMENT (19t2.44)-M'. K. Oilldhi TUR STORY OF MY EXPERMENTS wltn TRUTH -Pl. K, Gandhi OlBSTAN MSSONS N NOlA (Their place in ndill}-m. K. &udbl 8TOR~ OF SATARA-Majm B D. BMO, (Uta) NDAN OHR8TAN8 Bigraphlcal nd critieal trlcbf.llf pet&, f.nblielatl f the Ohurb) THE STORY OF B!RDOL-Mahadc'' Deeei NON.VOLENOE N PEACE AND WAR -M. K. Gandhi 17 TALES FROM SANSKRT DRAMAT18TS ethe 'aaloo pllll1 r ShaM, SUdrab, K.l.idau, Sri HUth.a, Bbavabbuti nd ViJakhadat.ta) FAMOUS PARSS PLORlMAOE FOR PEACE-P,aret.1 HTRAY GLMPSES OF BAPU-KBka Kalelkar namana~a-m. K. Olldbi SE,EOTEO J,ETTERS-~. K. O"ldhi (1st. Seriel) FflOM yer...ada MANDR-M. K. Gandbi SELECTONS PROM OANOll-NtllW' Kmar Bte ml PAClFlSTS-Y. K. Ollllrlbi flet A~D DrET REFOlnt-M. K. (Jadbi OANDflANA-D. G. Oeebpande-(A Biblignpb, Dr Oalldbian Lit~ratlln) OLEA NJNOS-Mira UlNDU OiAHMA-!!. K. 08lldbi TlE DOTS WFE-Dr. ~en Gnpta OANDAN ETHlCS-Benl Opal RaJ DCLU DlABY-OlDdhiji BArU-Marrl F. Bur TO TilE STUDENTS-Y. K. O&ndhi SATYAOR\nA N CHAYPABAN-Rajednpruad MY,FE AND tsslon-vlvekaacd C.OYMUNAL UNTY-M K. Candhi TnE GTA ACCORDNG TO GANDH -lflhtdev D<!~i F'REEDO~! AND CULTURE-S, Radbakri1hDllU TUE EPO FAST-P,&rellli TOE leart OF HlNDUSTHAN'-RadhakriahDlJ TALES OF BENGAL-Salll.ll ~d Sita GhaUerji CftAl'ftNYA TO V1VSKAN..lNDA FOOD SllORTAGE-Gndbi G.HlDHl':) CHALT.ENOE TO CHRSTANTY -5 K.Gtrge NDA AND HER PEOP.E-S""lDl AbbedaDdanda KARMA YOG!.-VivtkllOlllda ro:~rs-r'ald~ AT TilE FEET OF GOD-Rzrndu THE SCEPTRED FLUT&-Sarlini Naidu "NDAN OPNON" PjBag, Phenix, Natal ,, - 0, 1! i ! & ( 0 1!S 0 b t~ 0 :\ 8 ~ 8 :! 6 8 8,, 0 1\ 0 8, « i 1-!

23 N.AN 'at. ~dd: "ehclfta,," :rqqph~: MANCHESTER TRADNG _ -c. LTD. ESTABLSHED 1923 """'...,"'''''~"~,,...'''"'~...-.._...,...,'V -- Wb~~~ Sh & Fancy Gds Merchanu -&- Direct mprters. ~~~~""~""""""""~~~""""" 47. Cmmissiner Street, JOHANNESBURG. OPNON ~, LFE NSURANCE Are yu Dd~quu,~ly ld,ur~t.1. Have yu prvided fr yur dependadts? Prepare fr the future Lite nsurance gives peace f midd fr the unbwd future. (alure with "THE OLD MUTUAL" yur friepd lt Lile The S,A. Mutu111 Life Aslurnnce Sciety. wbich bu ~t DODU recrd in tbe WORLD. Reprclt!1ltatit e:- DAYABHA PATEL P.O. BOl[ BUline JOHANNESnUHG. Phnel:-} Relidence \:ll. ~ 'Q-~tl ~l ~l ~~,: lt~~' ""~\~ 1l1\''''\1'''1. &,. Mil. ~&t"' " il,.."" \Dll a~w \lull Q.u.,,~'.,1Q ",\l tal",l(lii\ -'lit....l\. """..,...,. a'dl ~_. ~"t """" t\q",', " u, "tum (\11.\.",tt ~'M' ljt",eniil. ~il. ~alt 1l\',,\'1 \l,&, "'lltlll"t ~".,...u" """ '.,,""ct...r ",,,,-.n ~''llla JlO Pages The Epic Fast (BT PTAREL"U..' An accunt r Mahatma Gandbl's Fast n September 1932, and events leading up t the Yeravda Pact with all relevant dcuments. Price: fa, 6d Obtainable Frm: HONE 3S P. O. BOX THa'NEW DL-KHU8H SWEET MART. f(lnafan epfnin" ~ St,fti,Street c.n.t Diarenal St.. Jbaanull1D'C, '=========:-=======;:::::::========= P~Otl\ix, Natal. HEAD OFFCE: PHONE ' P.O. BOX 4889, TELl ADDRESS: uarvnd." 409. KRUGER ST., LOUS TRCHARDT. PHONE 64. PO BOX t 06. TEL. ADD: ukanjee." H. K. GOKAL, WHOLESALE GElSERAL MEROHANT AND DRECT MPORTER_ OUR MOTTO: "SERVCE THAT SATSFES." 43 Marke't S'tree1:, JOHANNESBURG. ll-tu~v"t. ll(\~utl. ~!,~\= ~,,\\ 't{(~. "1lf.~cQ~." tt:tl. ~. ~ -... ~ ~ll~ut, -u ~.~.,'U{l u- --c'm~a ~~:q t :ut~ ~l~ld!~~l~y, 'U~lt. ~t M~.(l~~Ji. ~! ~~~: '1-4-.!l~~~ ~[~, ~~~<"\O(~ ll'1: \Y. 'll. ~. i!\ut \_, ~~l\~!l ~b'\\: "H~~l!

24 !lth Mlltch, '~S' Whl d yu mean by a sa]e anriuplic?" BOO T POL:SH "$~~~r ~u-k.~war4" ". b p~ bright." mo..., pluling,hina. T be called ~fe nn antlseptic mu.1 be ~fe n «nn! ways. mlut be rclhble, t mlut be :enlle, it mlllt be nn pfjnus. e must help, nt hinder,!be D2tUral prcesses f hr:>lins and repair. '{klt]' bt mdern anilieptie, i, a highly efficlent de,trya J :erml, but t,,"rks n the j:tcrm,. nt 100l.. Dn-pllhOU'_ plc:l8:lnt, safe t haye &low D ETTO.L TH MODERN ~NTSE';'C uacm.. COl.tlAN «AUCA UMrTm '0 SOX 11m. CA", TOWN -1~ V.l>- 6. 1l-u.1ur hm dea", ntitl"ll ~. ----;1 '~ead~ SUNBEAM POLS" ~ FOR FLOORS AND FURNTURE f!/u-u... --t4~,,a-e/-dlck..u n, :li. f'llllll ~~l '1<11. ~~l:'ll ~i~l, 1tt1~ U<, u<t~ ~lljl. 1~ ''ll \!l.!l. ~)m U'll ~, 'W'lJ'l ill{fi,~~ f'1r\ f. ~ll~~ 'loll bj'l<{\~ ~~ al\~ ~~t~ll '(ll ~tliil ~~ ~~ (l1fi ~1~"1 lilt!,l\~t W1l1"t'~ ~'1" ~lj~, ill'lil rill ttlr:t 111'2 (1"11:. HNDUSTAN DALL &FLOUR MLLS p, O. Bx 38t Telegram: lhfndall" NAROB KENYA COLONY,