PLANNING & ZONING DEPARTMENT. Before the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting of 08 JANUARY 2018 PUBLIC HEARING SET NO.

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1 PLANNNG & ZONNG DEPARTMENT Befre he Plnnng & Znng Cmmssn Meeng f 08 JANUARY 2018 PUBLC HEARNG SET NO. 2 STAFF REPORT Applcn(s)/Engneer(s): Fg Lgun Frms LLC, Ken Brwn represenng Fle(s): DAMO , CUP , SPP Anlys: Rber Hbbs REQUESTED ACTON APPROVAL(S), LOCATON, AND HSTORY 1. Mdfcn f n Annexn/Znng Develpmen Agreemen (Decsn Requred: Recmmendn) A Reques T: Mdfy n exsng, cve Develpmen Agreemen memrlzed beween BB One LLC nd he Cy f Nmp nd recrded n 03/20/2006 s nsrumen N (Ord. n. 3554) by mendng, s necessry, Recls; Agreemen Terms; Cndns f Apprvl, nd, Exhbs heref s necessry ler generc requremens ppernng penl cmmercl develpmen n he Prpery referenced herefer n rder uhrze cnversn f he Prpery s ered belw, r, s fllws *; nd, 2. Cndnl Use Perm Apprvl (Decsn Requred: Decsn) A Reques T: [Furher] uhrze cnsrucn f/fr he Prjec referenced belw, r, s fllws *; nd, 3. Prelmnry Pl Apprvl Reques (Decsn Requred: Decsn) A Reques T: * Fcle develpmen f he Lgun Frms Subdvsn [312 dwellng un n 78 4, 8 & 12-plex wnhuse buldngs, 14 cmmn ls nd 2 cmmercl ls buldngs herenfer, vrusly, he Prjec, Develpmen r Lgun Frms Aprmens ]

2 2 Pernng : A cre prcel (herenfer he Prpery ) beng lced n GB 2 Zne dsrc currenly ddressed s Cldwell Bulevrd sued n he Secn 07, T3N, R1W, Bse Merdn, Cnyn Cuny, Nmp, dh (herenfer he Prpery ) Hsry: n 2006, he Cy pprved he nnexn nd znng ssgnmen f he Prpery GB 2 (Gewy Busness 2) fr qulfcn nd prcpn n Lcl mprvemen Dsrc h ws nended fcle he exensn f Cy sewer servces he Brch-Purdm Drnge re nd (bsed n he Develpmen Agreemen lnguge se frh h me), n ncpn f penl develpmen f cmmercl cvy n he Prpery. Snce h me he Prpery hs remned, effecully, undevelped. Ne: Nfcn f he Cmmssn herng ws dne n ccrdnce wh legl requremens. An envrnmenl mpc sudy (ES) ws n clled fr n cnjuncn wh he Applcn subml s such s n nrml requred sved when clled fr by Cy Engneerng under specl crcumsnces. Any exn sree frnge mprvemens lng he dh Cener Bulevrd, shuld he Applcn be pprved, wll be requred be emplced he me f Prjec buld-u per dped Cy plcy nd prcce. N kng f her pres prpery(es) wll be effecued shuld he Prjec develp. n Nmp s cse, sree mprvemens nd schl cnsrucn ccmpny nd fllw, respecvely, lnd develpmen. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT MODFCATON Crer gude he Cmmssn n mkng recmmendn Cuncl regrdng prpsed Develpmen Agreemen (DA) Mdfcn, nd subsequenly gude he Cuncl n decdng/decsn wheher llw Develpmen Agreemen Mdfcn, re bsen frm se sue r Cy rdnnce. Thus, pprvng -- r n Develpmen Agreemens nd prpsed mdfcns/mendmens here becmes purely subjecve mer/decsn n he pr f he Cy n recn hs DA cnrc mdfcn pplcn. Develpmen Agreemen [cnrcs] run wh he lnd. Herefer ched s cpy f Ordnnce 3554 (nsrumen N ) whch hs, s pr heref, he Develpmen Agreemen mbedded heren nd referenced by hs repr. As he prcess mendng Develpmen Agreemen s w-sep endevr, Sff wll prepre drf Develpmen Agreemen Mdfcn dcumen fr Cuncl s revew fer hey mke her decsn n he DA Mdfcn Applcn. Fnlzn f sd Agreemen wuld ccur prr he 3 rd redng f he rdnnce h wll/wuld enc he Develpmen Agreemen Mdfcn f he reques mde he subjec f hs repr s pprved. And, gven he nercnnecn f he enlemens ssced wh hs mer, f he CUP s pprved, hen wll n be cnsdered be f frce, nd n effec, unl he DA Mdfcn s frmlly pprved. Cmmenry: An pprved Develpmen Agreemen ssced wh n pprved speculve cmmercl pln s lredy ssgned he Prpery s fre-ned [gn: Ord. # 3554]. Th enlemen [sll] runs wh he lnd. A cpy f sd Agreemen s here ched. Als ched herefer s cpy f he elevn nd her pln vew exhbs prvded by he Applcn.

3 3 The Prpery s zned GB 2 (Gewy Busness N. 2) nd les n Cmmuny Mxed Use seng per he Cy s Cmprehensve Pln Fuure Lnd Use Mp. N cn s nended rezne he Prpery; nr s ny her znng enlemen r lnd dvsn prpsl knwn hs me be f neres he Applcn usde f h submed n cnjuncn wh he pplcn pckge mde he subjec f hs repr. CONDTONAL USE CONCLUSONS OF LAW Relevn Cnclusns f Lw (evlun crer) fr /hs Cndnl Use Perm herng em: A. Th he lcn, sze, desgn nd perng chrcerscs f he prpsed develpmen wll be cmpble wh nd wll n dversely ffec he lvbly r pprpre develpmen f bung prperes nd he surrundng neghbrhd, wh cnsdern be gven hrmny n scle, bulk, cverge nd densy, he vlbly f publc fcles nd ules; he hrmful effec, f ny, upn desrble neghbrhd chrcer; he genern f rffc nd he cpcy f surrundng srees, nd ny her relevn mpc f he develpmen. B. Th he lcn, desgn nd se plnnng f he prpsed develpmen wll prvde cnvenen nd funcnl lvng, wrkng, shppng, r cvc envrnmen, nd wll be s rcve s he nure f he use nd s lcn nd seng wrrns. C. Th he prpsed develpmen wll enhnce he successful pern f he surrundng re n s bsc cmmuny funcns, r, wll prvde n essenl servce he cmmuny r regn. CONDTONAL USE COMMENTARY Ces nd cunes n hs cunry hve fr he ps 100 r s yers dped nd hen dmnsered znng lws. Such lws, cllqully ermed cdes, re desgned, n pr, help ensure rderly cmmuny ppuln nd srucurl grwh, predcbly f develpmen rules, he uphldng f prpery vlues, precn f he publc s helh, sfey nd welfre, fr reguln f lnd use, nd s frh. The level f del f ny such cde, nd, s pude n blncng he vesed rghs f ndvdul prpery wners wh hse f her neghbrs, vres frm jursdcn jursdcn. dh, n he 1970s, dped se f lws generlly gvern lnd use nd develpmen n he se. Sd lws re cllecvely led he Lcl Lnd Use Plnnng Ac (.C e l). A he me f dpn, ws prvded h ces nd cunes culd chse enc her wn se f znng lws nd empwer plnnng nd/r znng cmmssns mke cern lnd use reled decsns. Nmp dped znng rdnnce mny yers g nd bh renewed nd revmped s rdnnce n Snce h me, vryng mendmens he sme hve been pssed n lw. Cmmensure wh her znng rdnnces, Nmp denfes number f pssble lnd use ypes nd esblshes he permssbly f hse uses whn gven lnd use dsrcs (znes) h verly he cmmuny. Uses hus my be deemed s permed/llwed by rgh, n llwed/prhbed, r, llwed upn ssunce f Specl r Cndnl Use Perm (N.C.C ).

4 4 Cndnl Use Perms (CUPs) re cmmn mplemen used by znng cdes nd uhres fcle revew f gven (r prpsed) lnd use n prpsed lcn scern he use s perceved [fuure] cmpbly wh neghbrng lnd uses s cnsdered frm vrey f vewpns nd bsed upn number f deermned fcs. Cndnl Use Perms cmmnly nvke sme frm f frml revew by cy r cuny, fen requrng les ne publc herng. Nmp requres publc herng revew hse lnd uses h requre Cndnl Use pprvl (N.C.C ). A herng llws veng f ny cncerns f he publc, he gvernng jursdcn s deprmens, r h f usde gences. Such herng s used n pr dscver lnd use reled mpcs h my sem frm he prpsed use nd, f necessry, levy ny resnble mgns perceved necessry keep he prpsed use nd he envrnmen rund n hrmnus cexsence. Cmes nw befre he Cmmssn reques fr pprvl f submed Cndnl Use Perm (CUP) pplcn whch seeks uhrzn fr he Applcn cnsruc 312 dwellng uns, 14 cmmn ls nd 2 cmmercl ls n 78 4-plex syle wnhuse buldngs. The se lyu nd lndscpe pln prpsed by he Applcn -- s well s cpes f he Prjec buldngs elevn nd flr plns -- re ched herefer fr revew The Prpery s lced whn he Cmmuny Mxed Use seng n he Cy s dped Cmprehensve Pln Fuure Lnd Use Mp n Gewy Busness (GB) 2 Zne. Sd seng cers mulple dwellng un cnsrucn n /he GB 2 Zne. Furher:Lnd he nrh s ls n he Cmmuny Mxed Use seng, he suh s Publc seng, he es Medum Densy Resdenl nd crss he dh Cener Bulevrd he wes he lnd s ermrked s Cmmuny Mxed Use. Cmmercl develpmen ( shppng cener) les suhwes f he Prpery, he CW cmpus he suh, nd, he nrh nd es n re f resdenl lnd develpmen wh he Phylls Cnl s n nermedry physcl brrer beween sd uses nd he prmens prpsed by he Applcn [n crss-cnnecvy s prpsed eher beween he Prpery nd djcen uses]. Whn ~ ¼ mle f he Prpery, prmen prjecs lng Brch Lne nd he dh Cener Bulevrd exs r hve been recenly pprved fr cnsrucn. Cy ules nd emergency servces re, r my be mde, vlble he Prpery. f he use s pprved, desgn revew f ny exerr fçde chnges wll ls be requred by Cy rdnnce. Prelmnry revew by Sff suggess ur ffce h he prpsed Develpmen wuld cnfrm relevn GB 2 Zne sndrds ncludng fuure desgn revew. Sff hs prvded he Cmmssn wh ll f he nfrmn we hve receved de (nn, Wednesdy December 19, 2018) regrdng he pplcn s derved frm wh ws submed/prvded ur ffce by h me/de. Any crrespndence frm gences r he czenry regrdng he pplcn pckge mde he subjec f hs repr s here ched. Agency cmmens re usully gered wrds recmmendng pprvl cndns r requremens shuld n enlemen pplcn such s he ne cnempled by hs repr be pprved. Sff hs n receved [by he me f hs repr s publcn] cmmenry frm ny surrundng prpery wners r neghbrs eher supprng r ppsng hs reques -- whch shuld be ne f he fcrs cnsdered s pr f evlung s mers.

5 5 Respndng Cy deprmens r usde gences nclude(d), de: Pneer rrgn Dsrc, he Nmp & Merdn rrgn Dsrc, nd, he Nmp Hghwy Dsrc. Addnl gency/deprmen crrespndence s expeced be submed ur ffce prr Jnury 08, 2019 nd wll lkely be prvded he Cmmssn (nd ler Cuncl) seprely frm he merls ffxed hs Sff repr. FNDNGS OF FACT & NOTES REGARDNG PLAT Ths mer befre he Cmmssn s deermne wheher r n he prelmnry pl, s prpsed, s ccepble. Plng f hs Prjec wll serve dvde he lnd. mus be dne n ccrdnce wh se lw, Nmp Cy Cde nd Nmp Cy Cde 10-08, nd, n cpern wh he Cy s currenly dped Engneerng Desgn nd Specfcn mnuls. Accrdngly, Pl revew ws dne nlyze he Prjec s cmplnce cde n he cnex f hs Prjec hvng lredy been nnexed nd zned. Overll Se Are cres Tl, Prpsed GB 2 L Cun- 94 Tl Cmmn L Cun- 14 Tl Cmmercl L Cun- 2 Tl Buldng L Cun- 78 Tl Resdenl Un Cun- 312 Regrdng GB 2 4, 8 & 12-un/plex Twnhuse Srucure Buldng Ls : Mn. Allwed GB 2 Mser Bldg. L Sze- A 4-un mulple-fmly resdenl srucure n n ndvdul l hs n mnmum l sze desgned. Mn. Allwed Avg. GB 2 Bldg. L Szen/ -- (N.C.C A(3)(e) Mn. Prpsed Avg. GB 2 Bldg. L Szen/ -- (N.C.C A(3)(e) Perphery Cmpbly Applcbly n/ Mn. Req. S. Frnge GB 2 Znen/ Mn. Allwed RS 6 Bldg. L Wdhsn/ Mn. Allwed RS 6 Bldg. Men L Dephsn/ Pl Develpmen D/Nes: See pl shees

6 6 FNDNGS OF FACT & NOTES REGARDNG PLAT Ths mer befre he Cmmssn s deermne wheher r n he prelmnry pl, s prpsed, s ccepble. Plng f hs Prjec wll serve dvde he lnd. mus be dne n ccrdnce wh se lw, Nmp Cy Cde 10-27, Nmp Cy Cde 10-4, Nmp Cy Cde 10-33, nd, n cpern wh he Cy s currenly dped Engneerng Desgn nd Specfcn mnuls. Accrdngly, pl revew ws dne nlyze he Prjec s cmplnce cde n he cnex f hs Prjec hvng lredy been nnexed nd zned. Regrdng he pl, Znng Sff fnds: 1. Mnmum L Ares: Th becuse he prpsed Develpmen s sled fr develpmen n cnjuncn wh GB 2 znng, here s n mnmum l sze requremen ll mser buldng ls [whch re, vrusly snd lne r w r hree c-jned 4-plex wnhuse buldngs] cmply, snce 4-un mulple-fmly resdenl srucure n n ndvdul l hs n mnmum l sze desgned n he GB 2 zne; herefre, he Pl s deemed cmpln n hs regrd; nd, 2. Averge L Sze: Th becuse he prpsed Develpmen s sled fr develpmen n cnjuncn wh GB 2 znng, hs requremen des n pply; herefre, he Pl s deemed cmpln n hs regrd; nd, 3. L Cmpbly: Th becuse he prpsed Develpmen s sled fr develpmen n cnjuncn wh GB 2 znng, hs requremen des n pply; herefre, he Pl s deemed cmpln n hs regrd; nd, 4. L Wdh: Th becuse he prpsed Develpmen s sled fr develpmen n cnjuncn wh GB 2 znng, hs requremen des n pply; herefre, he Pl s deemed cmpln n hs regrd; nd, 5. L Deph: Th becuse he prpsed Develpmen s sled fr develpmen n cnjuncn wh GB 2 znng, hs requremen des n pply; herefre, he Pl s deemed cmpln n hs regrd; nd, 6. Rgh-Of-Wy Dedcn(s)/mprvemens: Wll per Cy Engneerng requremens s pernng he Prpery s bumen lng he dh Cener Bulevrd; he lndscpng fr he cmmercl prperes wll be develped he me hse ls develp; nd,

7 7 7. Lndscpng: T be nslled rund he buldngs nd lng he dh Cener durng srucure buld-u; nd, 9. Ph/Trlwy(s): A greenbel phwy s prpsed lng he Purdm Gulch Drn nd nernl sdewlks re prvded llw fr nr-prjec cnnecvy; nd, 10. Msc./Crrespndence: Any crrespndence frm gences r he czenry regrdng he pl receved by nn, December 19, 2018 s herefer ched hs repr. (Agency cmmens re usully gered wrds recmmendng cndns fr he Prjec shuld be pprved.) Recmmendn: Apprvl wh cndns RECOMMENDED CONDTON(S) OF APPROVAL As pernng he requesed Develpmen Agreemen Mdfcn pprvl: Shuld he Cmmssn ve pprve he requesed Develpmen Agreemen Mdfcn, Sff wuld recmmend h he Cmmssn cnsder recmmendng h he Cuncl mpse he fllwng Cndn(s) f Apprvl n/gns he Prjec/pplcn(s): Generlly: 1. Th he Applcn, s Owner/Develper, [shll] ener n Mdfed Develpmen Agreemen wh he Cy f Nmp. The Agreemen(s) shll cnn such cndns, erms, resrcns, represenns, exhbs, cknwledgmens nd melnes s necessry fcle develpmen f he Prpery s cnempled by he Applcn nd greed nd cndned by he Cy hrugh s Cuncl r execuve deprmens r usde gences prperly nvlved n he revew f he Applcn s reques fr he Prpery s enlemen(s), ncludng nsern f cncep plns heren As pernng he requesed Cndnl Use Perm: Shuld he Cmmssn ve pprve he requesed Cndnl Use, Sff wuld hen recmmend h he Cmmssn cnsder mpsng he fllwng Cndn(s) f Apprvl n/gns he Prjec/pplcn(s): Generlly: 1. Owner/perr/Applcn(s) shll cmply wh ll pplcble requremens [ncludng bnng prper perms] s my be mpsed by Cy gences pprprely nvlved n he revew f hs reques [e.g., Nmp Fre, Buldng, Plnnng nd Znng (ncludng desgn revew) nd Engneerng Deprmens, ec.] s he CUP pprvl des n nd shll n hve he ffec f brgng requremens frm hse gences; nd, Specfclly: 2. Any [her] cndns mpsed by he Cmmssn. As pernng he requesed Prelmnry Pl Apprvl: Shuld he Plnnng nd Znng Cmmssn ve pprve he Lgun Frms Subdvsn prelmnry pl, hen Sff wuld sugges he fllwng s () cndn(s) f pprvl fr

8 8 dpn wh ny such recmmendng ve (ne: he Cmmssn my bvusly dd, subrc nd/r mdfy cndns s deems pprpre): 1. Applcn/Develpmen shll cmply wh ll Cy deprmen/dvsn r usde gency requremens pernen hs mer; nd, 2. Applcn s engneer shll crrec ny spellng, grmmr nd puncun nd numberng errrs h my be evden n he pl fce nd/r n he prpsed pl develpmen nes ATTACHMENTS Cpy f Applcn Vcny Mp (pge/exhb 9) Cpy f Applcn(s) represenve s nrrve (pges/exhbs 10-11) Cpy f Develpmen Agreemen Applcn (pge/exhb 12) Cpy f CUP Applcn (pge/exhb 13) Cpy f erl phs f he Prpery nd surrunds [ncludng ne wh znng lyers nd nher wh Cmprehensve Pln sengs shwng heren] (pges/exhbs 14-16) Cpy f Applcn(s) se nd elevn [ncludng pl] plns (pges/exhbs 17-25) Cpy f 2006 Develpmen Agreemen -- Ord (pges/exhbs 26-41) Cpy f ny gency/cy deprmen r dvsn/publc cmmen(s) (pges/exhbs 42+)

9 Buffer dh Cener Blvd (, z 58m 1704 f1, 'Enc $ [' * T RS8.5 G82 16f61 N E Achevernen Dr 0 N 55(0 U n r w \ s NAMPf.r/ dh Cener Blvd Lgun Frms Subdvsn Frelmnry Pl, Cndnl Use Perm, nd Mdfcn f Develpmen Agreemen fr 78 Fur-Un Twnhmes, 2 Cmmercl Ls n Gewy Busness Zne 12/r,Al2O1e spp Ws Plhnng & Znng cyfn*p-us fr mre nf. N 'd*::::;:l _* [ J UUnry Prces Z ng r;, - :r_': "'.r.,,.,,. :,.- 1': :, l'. -r,, L.RS 8S6 RS.5 l<:vn ng Exh bs\cl S All P &Z MAP S\PZ_Z nng_are dyn. mxd

10 \V KENTBROWN -- PLANNNG SERVCES l,) Nvember 16,2018 Nmp Cy Plnnn g & Zrung Deprmen 4l lthrd Sree SO Nmp D RE: Cndnl Use frlgun Frms Aprmens Cmmssners: On behlf f Fg Lgun Frms LLC, plese ccep he ched pplcn fr Cndnl Use Perm fr Lgun Frms Aprmens. The se s lced n he essde f he dh Cener Bulevrd beween CW cmpus nd Cherry Lne, jus suh f he Phylls Cnl. Ths new mulfmly nd cmmercl neghbrhd s djcen nd nrh f CW Cmpus. hs l f cres nd s zned GB-2. STE DESGN dh Cener Bulevrd s mjr rnsprn crrdr n hs re. Plcng w cmmercl ls djcen he dh Cener Bulevrd s very pprpre use. The ls nex he Bulevrd wll be hghly vsble nd shuld be very desrble fr fuure cmmercl use. Plcng he mulfmly neghbrhd behnd he cmmercl ls prvdes he mul-fmly resdens esy ccess hse cmmercl servces. ls prvdes gd sree buffer frm he dh Cener Bulevrd. The Fg Desgn Tem hs pu gre mun f effr n desgnng he mul-fmly prn f se. Ther gl s be rcve nd sensve he surrundng prperes. The Tem's desre hs been desgn nd cnsruc hgh quly mul-fmly neghbrhds. Sme enn he desgn cn be seen n specfc buldngs h hve been lced n he Lgun Frms neghbrhd. Fr exmple, surrundng ll f he Lgun Frms prks, re buldngs h hve been rened wh ll f buldngs frn drs fcng prk. Ths llws ech f he resdens hve n rcve prk envrnmen n whch hey lve. Frm her frn drs hese resdens re cnneced he enre neghbrhd, v cmmuny phwy sysems, whch cnnec he enre verll neghbrhd geher. Anlyss f he exsng mul-fmly develpmens n he surrundng re shws ll f he her develpmens hve chsen use rdnl mul-sry prmen buldngs. Trdnl mulsry prmen buldng plce ndvdul prmen's ne n p f nher. Ths desgn requres "ses" fsphl fr resden nd gues prkng. T prvde vrey, whle mnnng hgh negry n he syle f he neghbrhd, he Desgn Tem hs chsen use hree f her wnhuse syle buldngs n he Lgun Frms neghbrhd. The buldngs re mxure f w nd hree sres ll nd hve rer nd frn lded grges fr ech resden. Ths neghbrhd wll be well sugh fer becuse ech un wll hve s wn ne r w cr prve grge. L The Lgun Frms neghbrhd s prpsed wh he fllwng menes 3161 sprngwd Dr r Merdn, dh e Te

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13 +/6/s4 N^\MPA '\J APPLCATON FOR CONDTO lxr use PERvlrr 11 PLANNNG AND ZONNG DEPARTMENT 411 3RD STREET S, NAMPA, DAHO 836s1 P: (208) F (208) Nnrefundble Fee: $ (1 cre r less) Nnrefundble Fee: $ (mre hn 1 cre) Applcn Nme rc LAGLNA FARMS LLC Sree Address 295 W[:ST'CNTER ST STE 201 C,Y PRV LT Se g460 r ZP cde Hme Number lr Mble Number Eml y ESr(.DPJTA H.cM Prperv wner $Bn6nr rr-c Sree Address Hme Number ble Number 250 S BEECHWOOD c'y Brsr D Se g3709 Zp Cde Eml Applcn'sneresnprpery: ( )Own ( )Ren (X )Oher ADDRESS F SUBJEcT PRPERTY 6852 DAHO CHN-TE,R BLVD Plese prvde he fllwnq neeure cumenrlrrn cmplee he CUP A cpy f ne f he fllwng: D Wrrny Deed O Prf Of Opn D Ernes Mney Agreemen A skech drwng f he se & ny djcen prpery ffeced, shwng llexsng & prpsed lcns f srees, esemens, prpery lnes. uses, srucures, drvewys, pedesrn wlks, ff-sree prkng & ff-sree ldng fcles nd lndscped res, prelmnry r fnl buldng plns & buldng elevns. geher wh ny her nfrmn cnsdered pernen he deermnn f hs mer, Sgned & Nrzed Affdv f Legl lneres (ched). Frm mus be cmpleed by he leg wner (lf wner s crprn, subm cpy f he Arcles f lncrprn r her evdence shw h he persn sgnng rs n uhrzed gen) Orgnl Legl descrpn f prper$ AND legble WORD frmed dcumen. (Mus hlrc ur.lrrl recrjngloklrr llcghle lc ducuncns \\ll nccd h rcrlpcd n \'Ol) lrrrn*lcrlhrcunrenr. Prec Descrpn r Se [r ch leer sng) he resn fr he prpsed Cndnl Use Perrn Ded hs 7. '"' dy f.,1w. ng,e,r 20 *.,1 Sgnure Nrcu eppllcnrvr hs pphcrn wll be referred he Nmp Plnnrng Cmmrssrn fr rs cnsrdern Plnnrng Cmmssrn shll hld pubc henng n he pplrcn nd r shll be grned r denred Nrce f publc herrng mus be pubhshed ln he ldh Press- Trbune 15 dys prr sd henng Nlrce shll ls be psed n he prem,ses n ess hn 1 rv ek pflr he henng Herng nllces wrll ls be mled prpery vl,ners r purchsers f recrcl wrhrn 300 lee l he subrecl prpery Yu wrll be grven nce f he pubhc henng nd shuld be presen nswer ny queslns lf Cndrnl Use Permr rs grnecl by he Plnnng Cmmrssrn r shll nl becme effeclve unl fer n elpsed perd f 15 dys f'm he de f Plnnlng Cmmrssn crn Durrng hrs rme ny neresed p rsn my ppel he cln he Cly Cuncrl Yu wrl be nrfed f ny pendng ppes ne cndlln, use permrl ls denred by he Plnnng Cmmrssrn, yu my ppel he cecsn he Cy Cungl whn 1S dys rm he dle such cln rs ken by he Plnnng Cmmrssrn A he rme he'ndrnl use permr becmes effecrve yu w11 be senl dcumen whlch cnslues n lfcrl "Cndrrnl Use Permr". Thrs dcumen wll enumere he cndrllns hed he rssunce f he perm nd se he cnsequences f flure mmply OFFCE USE ONLY Flf NL,r[,4BER CUP Fl -20B PnlEc: Neur

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26 lv/ + ;,,..,j;,;r; :','l AOOO q q0 / \4,Lv ORDNANCE NO AN ORDNANCE OF THE CTY OF NAMPA, CANYON COUNTY, DAHO ANNEXNG REAL PROPERTY LOCATED AT 6852 CAN- A NA ROAD NTO TTB CTTV OF NAMPA, CANYON CONTY, DAHO, ZONNG THE SAME GB2 STJBJECT TO THE TERMS OF THAT CERTAN DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT ENTERED NTO BETWEEN THE APPLCANT AND TE CTY OF NAMPA, AND DRECTNG TTM CTY ENGNEER TO ALTER THE USE AND AREA MAP ACCORDNGLY. NOW, THEREFORE, BE T ORDANED BY THE MAYORAND COLNCL OF THE CTY OF NAMPA,DAHO: Secn 1: Th he fllwng descrbed rel prpery lced l6152cn-ad Rd, nd ll heref, be, nd he sme s hereby, nnexed *d*u. p*fhe CyfNmp, dh. Th he rel prpery hereby nnexed s descrbed s fllws, -w: see Exhb A ched here nd, by hs reference, ncrpred heren s f se frh n ful. Secn 2: zned GB2. Th he rel prpery s nnexed, s descrbed n Exhb A bve, shll be Secn 3: Th hs nnexn nd zne rdnnce s subjec nd lmed by h cern Develpmen Agreemen enered n beween he pres. Secn 4:. Tl he Cy Engneer s hereby dreced ler nd chnge he Use nd Are Mp f he cy f Nmp, d.h, cmply ru, rdnnce. PASSED BY THE CO.NCL OF THE CTY OF NAMPA, DAHO, THS 2h DAY F l4rch APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CTY OF NAMPA, DAHO, THS 20h DAY OF Apprved: By Myr :,,

27 Se f dh ) Cnyn Cuny ) { On hs br-r dy f 20Sq_, befre me, he undersgned, Nry Publc n nd fr sd Se, persnlly ppered Tm Dle nd Dn Lmbng knwn be he Myr nd Cry Clerk, f he Cy fn*pq dh, muncpl crprn, wh execued he fregng nsrumen. n wness Theree hve hereun se my hnd nd ffxed by ffcl sel, he dy nd yer n hs cerfce frs bve wren, J Resdng : Nmp, Cnyn Cuny,dh My Cmmssn Expres: Oslll/2}l XOTl4, -- Dulrrc OF

28 s rflb. PrJec: +u.144 De: Decernber 21, 1999 ExhlbL "A," dr^^b J.U-B ENGNEERS, nc. ENGNEERS. SURVEYORS. PLANNERS 212 Tenh Avenue Suh,Nmp,lD&msl 20846_5252 ' Fx: Z DESCRPTON FOR DENNS,\A" BAKER &, ASSOCATES ln GOVERN/ENT LOT 1 ANb T{E NE lzr NW /+, SECTTON 7 T.3N., R.lW., B.M., CANYON COUlTy, TDAHO A prn f Gvernmen L nd,he NE % Nry %, secn 7, T,3N., R.1w., g.m., cnyn cuny, ldh, mre pr:cury.scrue.rr* B'M., cnyn cuny; ldh nd runnng N. 0e38'38, E. 3z1. fee lng urewesery' ' bundry f sd l,r he TR E pofrf O AECf XN],d hencecnnungn.$,lg,,!:.ff.99feel,nghesd,weserlybundryf!.1 b: prnwl.fch bers 5. 0" 38'38" w. &.79 feefm he Nrrwes crner f sd Secn 7; hence s' 8919'01" E. 4. fee ng lne prre wh he SuherLy bundry f ' ' rn pln.n -ne hcfr s 1m ree, mlruej;ll;gres, surweserly-frm cenel lne f he purdm he Guch Drn; \ hence cnh'nung s. 89e19'01" E fee ng sd prllel ne' 5/g-nch hence cnfnung s- 89"19' 1" E fee ng lne prllel wh he sd sulrerly bundryr u, pn n le rll""rr* f he purdm clr,"blr; hence''s' 59014'21n E fee lng he sd cener ne f he purdm ' LLrrw! rr!!s ur u= Guch Drn pn; hence s' 59"33'02' E. 1r fee lng sd cener lne.f lre purdm rsv! n.nge pn r"s'v' urs rur heren; Gulch Drn. hence 5' 65"1.6'39 " E. ll.ggf::j 1ng. sd cenerne f he purdm Guch Drn ' herrce s, 7"29;7 w fee ng sd cener lne f he phys cn[ pn n he sd Suherly bundry f L 1, ec;;;.7 hence N' 89"19'01" w. 67.2g fee ng sd suhery bundry f L 1 6 5/8-rch rn pn *fl.l n._ee,.urrr.j urghl;ges, Surweserly frm he hence cnunung N. 89"1P01".w. 1,881.74fee ng L ' 1 sd suhery 5/8-rrch bundry rn pn; " rvls s' f

29 ru-w -F<-',fl Engneers Surveyrs plnners Prjec: 4O144 DEscRrpnN r* **n'ff L&ff [E'?3 ln GOVER].,{ENT LOT AND THE NE /r NW /r SECTTON 7 Pge 2 herrce N- 0ff38'38' E fee lng lne pre wh he sd Wesery bundry f L 1 5/8-nch rn pn; ' - r- hence N. 89"19'01'W fee ng lne prlel wh he sd Suherly bundry f L 1 5/8-nch rn pn; hence cnnung N. 8919'01'W. 4.OO fee ng lne pre wh he Suhery bundry f L 1 he pn f Begnnng. SUBJECT TO: Cn nlngz4.99cres, mre r less. E{sng rghs-f'wy nd esemens f recrd nd/r pperng n sd bve descrbed prcel. "r5 v'lr rr Prepred by: J.U.B ENGNEERS, DAK:de 4ll 44\egde\BkrGl Leg { l re! zm nl F z,d Denns E :{ &>Kng, Pl.s..-J,: '.=1-7 +D.J lyl? <) rrl u -n L) -! 3 -E Ṇ -n ln :r-. N) c2 O O O )


31 DEVELOP,MENT AGREEMENT ') (hs "Agreemenf'), s mde nd enered n hs -LO:" THS dy f (he "Efecve De"), by nd beween he Cy f Nmp, muncpl crprn, herenfer referred s he "C!rr" nd BB One, L.L.C., herenfer referred s "Owner/)evelper. " RECTALS A. OwnerlDevelper s he wner f pprxmely cres f rel prpery leglly descrbed n Exhb 6A'ched here nd mde pr heref (he "Prper5r"). B. OwnerlDevelper ppled Cy n Jnury 21,2005 (he "de f epplcn") fr nnexn f he Prpe(y n Cy nd fr reznng f he Prpery GB2 (Gewy Busness 2) n ncpn f he develpmen nd cnsrucn f cmmercl develpmen (he "Prjecf'). C. Cy, pursun Secn , Nlmp Cy Cde, nd dh Cde Secn A, hs he uhry rezne he Prpery nd ener n develpmen greemen fr he purpse f llwng, by greemen, specfc develpmen prceed n specfc re nd fr specfc purpses nd/r uses h re pprpre n he re. D. Cy's Plnnng nd Znng Cmmssn nd Cy's Cy Cuncl hve held publc herngs s prescrbed by lw wh respec he nnexn, reznng nd develpmen f he Prpery nd hs Agreemen. Cy hs pprved he nnexn nd requesed reznng f he Prpery GB2 (Gewy Busness 2) sulljec he erms nd cmmnens cnned n hs Agreemen. AGREE,MENT NOW TEREFORE, n cnsdern l he bve recls, whch re ncrpred belw, nd f he muul cvenns nd greemens hrlren cnned, nd her gd nd vluble cnsdern, he recep nd suffcency f whch s hereby cknwledged, he pres here gree s fllws: 1. Ths Agreemen shll n preven Cy, n subsequen cns pplcble he Prpery, frm pplyng new rdnnces nd regulns f generl pplcn dped by Cy n he exsrcse f s plce pwers h d n cnflc wh he pres' cmmmens pplcble he Prpery s se frh heren, r he znng desgnn pprved hereby s he Prpery hs been deemed suble fr he uses llwed whn sd znng desgnn.. 2. Ths Agreemen s nended be supplemenl ll her lcl, cy, se nd federl Cde requremens, rules nd regulns, nd s esblshed help ssure he cmpbly f he resulng lnd use wh he surrundng re. Prvded, hwever, h he exen hs Agreemen cnflcs wh ny prvsn f he Nmp Cy Cde, hs Agreemen shll prevl he exen permed by lw. BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - pge 1

32 j,1r, 3. The prvsns nd spulns f hs Agreemen shll be bndng n Cy, Owner/Develper, ech subsequen wner f he Prpery r prn heref, nd ech her persn cqurng n neres n he Prpery nd re, n n prculr rder, s se frh n he cndns f pprvl ched here s Exhb sb', nd by hs reference ncrpred heren. 4. Ths Agreemen my be mdfed nly by he wren greemen f Owner/Develper nd he Cy fer cmplyng wh he nce nd herng prcedures requred under dr Cde Secn ,4' rnmp Cy Cde Secn (D) r successr prvsns. 5. The execun f hs Agreemen nd he wren cmmmens cnned heren shll be deemed wren cnsen chnge he znng f he Prperly s prr desgnn upn flure f Owner/Develper cmply wh he erms nd cndns f hs Agreemen. Prvded, hwever, h n such cnsen shll be deemed hve been gven unless Cy prvdes wren nce f ny such flure nd Owner/Develper r s successrs nd/r ssgns fls cure such flure s se frh belw. 6. Ths Agreemen nd he cmmmens cnned heren shll be ermned, nd he znng desgnn reversed, upn he flure f Owner/Develper, r ech subsequen wner r ech persn cqurng n neres n he Prpery, cmply wh he cmmmens cnned heren whn w (2) yers fer he Effecve De, nd fer he nce nd herng requremens f dh Cde Secn hve been cmpled wh by Cy. Prvded, hwever, n such ermnn r reversl shll ccur unless Cy prvdes wren nce f Owner/Develper's flure cmply rvh he erms nd cndns f hs Agreemen Owner/Develper nd Owner/Develper fls cure such flure whn sx (6) mnhs f Owner/Develper's recep f such nce. The w (2)yer perd f me fr cmplnce wh cmmmens my be exended by Cy fr gd cuse upn pplcn fr such exensn by Owner/Develper, nd fer cmplyng wh he nce nd herng prvsns f dh Cde Secn Excep s specfclly se frh n hs Agreemen, he rules, regulns nd ffcl plces gvernng permed uses f lnd, densy, desgn, mprvemens nd cnsrucn sndrds nd specfcns pplcble he Prjec nd he Prpery shll be hse rules, regulns nd ffcl plces n effec s f he de f nnexn. Prvded, hwever, h he pplcble buldng cdes fr srucures shll be he cdes n effec when cmplee pplcn fr buldng perm s fle. Develpmen mpc fees, f mpsed by rdnnce, shll be pyble s specfed n sd rdnnce even fhe effecve de s fer he de f hs greemen r he nnexn pursun here. 8. s nended by he pres h hs Agreemen shll be recrded n he Effecve De r s sn s prccble herefer. The pres f,nher nend h he prvsns f hs Agreemen shll run wh he Prpery nd shll be bndng upn Cy, Owner/Develper, ech subsequen wner f he Prpery, nd ech her persn r eny cqurng n neres n he Prpery. 9. f ny erm r prvsn f hs Agreemen, ny exen, shll be held nvld r unenfrceble, he remnng erms nd prvsns heren shll n be effeced hereby, bu ech such remnng erm nd prvsn shll be vld nd enfrced he frrlles exen permed by lw. BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT -Pge2

33 10. Ths Agreemen ses frh ll prmses, nducemens, greemens, cndns nd undersndngs beween Owner/Develper nd Cy relve he subjec mer heref. There re n prmses, greemens, cndns r undersndngs, eher rl r wren, express r mpled, beween Ovrner/Develper nd Cy, her hn s re sed heren. Excep s heren herwse prvded, n subsequen lern, mendmen, chnge r ddn hs Agreemen shll be bndng upn he pres here unless reduced wrng nd sgned by he pres r her successrs-n-neress r her ssgns, nd pursun, wh respec he Cy, duly dped rdnnce r reslun f he Cy Shuld ny lgn be cmmenced beween he pres here cncemng hs Agreemen, he prevlng pry shll be enled, n ddn ny her relef s my be grned, cur css nd resnble meys' fees s deermned by cur f cmpeen jursdcn. 12. Ths Agreemen my be execued n cunerprs, ech f whch shll cnsue n rgnl, ll f whch geher shll cnsue ne nd he sme Agreemen. 13. n he even Owner/Develper, s successrs, ssgns r subsequen wners f he Prpery r ny her persn cqurng n neres n he Prpery, r n he even Cy, fl fhfully nd merlly cmply wh ll f he erms nd cndns ncluded n hs Agreemen, enfrcemen f hs Agreemen my be sugh by eher Cy r OwnerlDevelper r by ny suecessr r successrs n le r neres r by he ssgns fhe pres here, n n cn lw r n equy n ny cur f cmpeen jursdcn.. A wver by Cy f ny deful by Owner/Develper f ny ne r mre f he cvenns r cndns heref shll pply slely he brech wved nd shll n br ny her rghs r remedes f Cy r pply ny subsequen brech f ny such r her cvenns nd cndns. A wver by OwnerlDevelper f ny deful by Cy f ny ne r mre f he cvenns nd cndns heref shll pply slely he brech wved nd shll n br ny her rghs f remedes f Owner/Develper r pply ny subsequen brech fny such r her cvenns nd cndns. b. Nwhsndng nyhng he cnrry heren, n he even f merl deful f hs Agreemen, he pres gree h Cy nd Owner/Develper shll hve hry (30) dys fer delvery f nce f such deful crrec he sme prr he nn-defulng pry's seekng f ny remedy prvded fr heren; prvded, hwever, h n he cse f ny such deful whch cnn wh dlgence be cured whn such hry (30) dy perd nd herefer shll prsecue he curng f sme wh dlgence nd cnnuy, hen he me whn whch such my be cured shll be exended fr such perd s my be necessry cmplee he curng f he sme wh dlgence nd cnnuy, bu n ny even n exceed sx (6) mnhs; nd prvded furher, hwever, n deful by subsequen wner f prn f he Prpery shll cnsue deful by Owner/Develper fr he prn f he Prpery sll wned by Owner/Develper. c. ln he even he perfrmnce f ny blgn be perfrmed hereunder by eher Owner/Develper r Cy s delyed fr cuses h re beynd he resnble cnrl f he pfy respnsble fr such perfnnnce, whch shll nclude, whu lmn, cs f cvl dsbedence, srkes r smlr cuses, he me fr such perfnnnce shll be exended by he mun f me f such dely. BB ONE L.L.C. DVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - Pge 3

34 4 d. n ddn he remedes se frh bve, n he even f deful by Owner/Develper, r ny her pry clmng n neres heren, Cy my whhld buldng pemrs fr ny remnng ls whn he develpmen unl such me s he deful s cured. N WTNESS WHEREOF, he pres here hve hereun se her hnds n hs dy nd yer frs bve wren.,su3_u CTY OF NAMPA l Tm Dle, Aes: Dn Lmbng, Cy Clerk OWNER/DEVELOPER BB One L.L.C. M. Bker, Member BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - Pge 4

35 1 STATE OF DAHO )) ss- Cuny f Cnyn ) On hs fc. f n he yer f 2\#,befre me persnlly ppered Tm Dle, knwn r denfed me, be he Myr f he Cy fnmp, whse nme s subscrbed he whn nd fregng nsrumen nd cknwledged me h he execued he sme, nd ws s uhrzed d s fr nd n behlf f sd Cy fnmp. N WTNESS WHEREOF, hve hereun semy hnd nd fxed my ffcl sel he dy nd frs bve wren. Nry fr Se dr Resdng Cmmssn "A, STATE OF DAHO Cuny f Cnyn ) ) ) ss. On hs 4fuu, f.&,cenrr{.q, n he yer f 2005 befre me, &nrl. e- r J/ persnlly ppered Denns M. Bker, member f BB Tw L.L.C., knwn r denfed me, be he persn whse nme s subscrbed he whn nd fregng nsrumen nd cknwledged me h he execued he sme, fr nd n behlf f BB Tw L.L.C. N WTNESS WHEREOF, hve hereun se rny hnd my sel he dy nd yer frs bve wren. rd E 4 TA4* Punllc OF 19 Publc * Cmmssn Expres: f BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - Pge S

36 ,n1f0-b Prjec: 4144 De: December Z, lggg Exhlbr?rAr \7,ll,fu-4,1 J-U-B ENGNEERS, nc. rnrrysrs. sunvrv$s'. p4nruerc 2llTenh Avenue Suh Nmp, ld gg65l Fx:'.ff8rfr DESCRPTON FOR DENNS /\," BA'GR E ASSOCATES rn GvERNMENT Lgl! Ar,rDrnElrE / y,,secrrn 7 T. 3N., R.lw., 8.M., calyn cunt, ll A prn f Grernmen l 1 nd he NE!z NW /+, secn 7, T.3N., R.lw., 8.M., Cnyn Cuny, ldh, r" p..rrv d*.,b"d-", rr*, cmrrencrng fe suur^rcs crner f Gvemrnenll!, secun 7, T.3N.,, B.M., cnyn cuny; rdh n runnng x. e';rg;.'r.m fee rng ue wesery bundry f sd r- r, *," mue ;drfr'bf Ecxxr'r.c; hence cnfnung N. ff38'38" E; fee lng he md wesery bundry f lslj"fr plnwrch bers s. :E'r; w:64'.;;;;;", he xrlrwes crner f sd hence s' 89"19'01" E' fee llnc lne prl,e wh he suherly bundry L l,.secun 7 q 5/g.nch rn prn; hence cnnung s' 89"19'01'E fee rn pn ng sd prle n lne le S/g-nch {rch s 4.(rc fee,.."rrj;;;;l nges, cener lne f }re purdm Guch Drn; su}rwesery frm rhe ' hence cnnung s. 8919'01 " E.79.81fee lng lne prl,le wh he sd Suherly bundryf L 1 p"" n he *-..n"r ln. r [h,e purm Guch Drn hence s' 5P14'21'E' fee lng he sd cener lne f he purdm Gulch Drn pn; hence s' 59"33'02'E' 1, fee lng sd cener ne f he purdm Guch Drn n ngle pr heren; jrerrce s' 65"16139' E' 12'g9.1g:j pn lnr. sd cenerne f re purdm n he cenerlne-g pr,vrrl-ff;'ru usrleflle r ne Purd Guch Drn herrce s' 7"20'7 w' fee lng sd cener ne f he phys cnl pn n rhe sd suhery bundry f fr,'s*;";; 5/8'nch rn pn whch s n.m *,";;;#;ls#rges, suhrresrerly frm he sd cener lne f he purdm Cufn rn; ^r.:^- \r r^, ^.^r r l#f-;hjff,,n. 8e1e'01'w. 1,sl.74fee rng sd suherry bundry f A

37 qf ^? 1 Engneer-s Suleyls pluners... ^ ^**rypj! #[#*,#!e* rer rn GyERNnENT r.r 1 Ar{D eernrb?f THE He /"w /.-efrj Pge 2 hence N' 00'38'38" E. 32l.fee lng lne prllel ffh he sd wesedy bundry f L 1 SfS-nch rn prn; herrce N' 89019'01" w fee ng ne prel wh he sd suherly bundry f L 1 5/g-nch.n prn; hence cnnung N' 8r19'l' w. 4. fee ng ne prllel wh he suhery bundry f L 1 he-pn "gnnng. SUBJECT TO: Cnnng cres, mre r less. - Exsng rghs-f-vmy nd esemens f recrd ndlrpperng n sd bve descrbed prce. Prepred by: J-U-B ENGNEERS, DAK:de \Legld6\BkrG 1 Leg E ff 6 2ET T > -r- Denns 4., )> Kng, P:L.S. = :z ; rl d) : fj /) fl e? s) -.3.?._n l ::\,.j r\ c3 = O C3 (= q) &

38 1 x EXHBT 3'B" CONDTONS OF APPROVAL 1. The Owner/Develper gree h hey wll n ppse he frmn f lcl mprvemen dsrc fr he cnsrucn f ny nfrsrucure ssced wh he develpmen f he Prpery. 2. Prr he hrd redng f he nnexn nd znng rdnnce he OwnerlDevelper shll dedce ny ddnl rgh-f-wy, s defned by he cy engneer, djcen he sdes f he Prpery requred fr he ulme buld u f he djcen publc rdwys. 3. N ffrce r cmmercl use lced n he Prpery shll be pen befre 6:00.m. n he mrnngs r fer l1:00 p.m. n he evenngs. 4. Buldng nd Se Desgn: The fcdes nd se develpmen f new busness buldngs r cmplexes be cnsruced n he Prpery shll cmply wh he fllwng sndrds:. Srucure Plcemen: The "buldble" prns f prperes shll ccmmde nn-srp develpmen desgn. Prjecs shll be desgned use he les number f vehculr ccess pns, nclude lndscpng nd pedesrn benefs, nd mnmze ny negve mpc n djnng prperes. Deched sdewlks re encurged. b. Buldng Orenn: ' Buldngs shll be rened wh prmry cnsdern beng gven he vsul mpc frm rerl srees. The vew frm rerl srees shuld be dmned by he vew f he prmry r frn buldng fgde. Exernl vews f lrge expnses f prkng ls re srngly dscurged. ' Buldngs shll be rened fce he ms prmry, djcen rd he prpery upn whch hey re prpsed be cnsruced. ' Ldng dcks shll n fce he frn f he prpery. Als, ldng dcks shll n fce he frn f ny djcen prncple buldng when pssble, nr ny resdenl use r zned re. c. Buldng Exerrs: Fcdes shll nclude rchecurl chrcerscs whch re cmpble wh he djnng develpmen nd shll be cnssen n ech buldng fce h s expsed vew frm he publc rgh-f-wy nd/r djcen resdenl use r zne. ' Buldngs shll nclude chnges n pln such s crnces, bses, fenesrn, wnscng, fr les40/ f he exerr wll re. ' Buldng frnges greer hn 100 fee n lenglh shll hve ffses, jgs r hve her dsncve chnges n he buldng fgde. ' Publc ennces shll be esly denfed nd dsnc frm he remnder f he buldng, eher hrugh rchecurl frm r use f clr, merl, nd exure f he fgde. BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT -Pge7

39 1\ d. Exerr Fnsh Merls: Exerr fnsh merls shll be nn-reflecve nd shll nclude les hree clrs, exures nd/r merls. ' Exernl buldng merls shll nclude msnry (e.g., brclq sne, cncree), nd exerr nsuln fnsh sysems wh llwnces fr ccens ulzng lernve merls such s mel, spl fce blck nd glss curn wlls. ' Blck nd/r clrs re dscurged nd re llwed nly cver 25/ f he verll wll squre fge. e. Mechncl Uns: Mechncl equpmen nd ules shll be plced nd nslled n such wy s hve mnml mpc n djnng prperes, nd shll be screened frm publc vew wh eher prper lndscpng r by beng cnned whn n enclsure cnssen \ /h he rchecure f he mn buldng. ' Rf muned: Mechncl vens prrudng hrugh he rf nd smlr feures shll be pned s s mch he clr fhe rf. Expsed mel flshng r rm shll be ndzed r pned blend wh he exerr clrs f he buldng. Rf muned mechncl shll be screened frm publc vew frm ny sree bung he prpery by screen wll enclsure cnssen n ppernce wh he rchecurl remen f he mn buldng. ' Grund mechncl equpmen nd ules: Grund muned equpmen nd ules shll be plced nd nslled n such wy hve he les mpc n djnng prperes, nd shll be screened frm publc vew wh cmbnn f evergrcen nd decduus bushes nd rees, wh mnmum f 5' deph cnnuus rund uly, hese shll be rrged wh lndscpng fbrc nd grund cver, r, be cnned whn n enclsure cnssen wh he rchecure f he mn buldng. f. Overhed Drs: Where pssble, verhed drs fr seryce nd/r repr cves nd/r ldng /unldng cves shll be lced he sde f buldng whch les ppse ny resdenl use/zne unless sme frm f screenng such s wll, lndscpe berm r her brrer s used sepre he w. 5. Lghng Sndrds:. All exerr srucure lghng srll be shelded, screened, nd/r shuered wh nney degree (90) cuff lumnres nd shll be herwse dreced s s preven llumnn f djnng prperes, prculrly when lced djnng r crss he sree frm resdenlly used r zned prperes. ' The hegh f freesndng lgh fxure (e.g., n prkng l re) shll n exceed weny fve fee (25') r he hegh f he prncpl permed srucure, whchever s less. Prkng re lghs shll use nney (90) degree cuff lumnres ("dwn lghng"). Buldng muned lghs shll n be hgher hn weny-fve (25) fee frm grund level. ' Elecrcl feeds udr lgh fxnres shll be plced undergrund n verhed. All lghs n se shll be cnssen n syle, desgn, hegh, sze nd clr. ' Lghng hghgh r llumne rchecure nd sgns shll be rcve whu sgnfcn spllge f lgh upwrd r dwnwrd.. Pedesn crculn rues shll be llumned. BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - Pge 8

40 J q0 Fldlghs shll n be llwed. Mel hlde bulbs shll n be used. 6. Fencng/Screenng: Fencng f nyhng her hn mechncl r mnennce-reled equpmen r sred nvenry r rsh recepcles s prhbed. Trsh recepcles shll be screened wh durble merls s fund n he reled buldng's fcde. 7. Trsh Recepcles: Trsh recepcles shll be lced n servce res sde r rer yrds nd n vsble frm srees bung prpery. Recepcles shll be screened s ned n he bve prgrph. 8. Sgns used n he Prpery shll cmply wh ll f he underlyng prvsns f he cy sgn cde fr he pplcble zne. n ddn he fllwng shll gvem he prvsn f dversng sgnge n he prpery:. Only sgns fr buldng/busness denfcn, publc sfey nd wy fndng shll be permed. b. Busness sgns shll be rcvely llumned whu excessve spllge f lgh upwrd r uwrd. c. Sgns h re whlly r n pr elecrnc messge cener dsplys shll n be llwed nwhsndng ny her prvsn f cy cde h mkes llwnces fr elecrnc reder brd sgns. d. Nen lghng s n nd shll n be llwed. e. The clr nd merls used fr he sgns shll feure merls, clr, nd exure fhe buldng fr whch hey dverse. 9. Lndscpng: The fllwng lndscpe sndrds (n ddn hse lsed n Tle 10, Chpers 22 nd 33) shll pply new buldng cnsrucn:. Lcn(s) nd Quny f Lndscpng Requred: ' Generl Lcn Requremen: Lndscpng shll be emplced n se wherever srucure, pedesrn phwy r prkng l s n lced. ' Arrngemen: Lndscpng shll be rrnged n nurl pem desgned by lndscpe rchec nd shll serve hghlgh buldngs enrnces nd pedesrn plzs whu encrchng n publc rgh-f-wy s s mpede pedesrn nd vehculr vews r nrudng n requred vsn rngles. ' Arund Buldng Exerrs: Shrubs nd flwer beds shll be requred rund ny new buldng's exerr. They re ls requred n he frn yrd f he develpmen enhnce he ppernce f buldng when vewed frm rgh-f-wy h bus he develpmen se. ' Screenng: Needled evergreens my be used help screen mechncl equpmen nd servce res. BB ONE L.L.C. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT - pge e

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42 Sylv Mckrll \ 1,, Frm: Sen: T: Cc: Subjec: Achmens: Mrk Zrschky < > Frdy, December L4,20LB 2:35 PM Sylv Mckrll Mr Rdrguez; Krk Meyers CUP Lgun Frms CUP Mul-Fmly n GB-2 Applcn.pdf Sylv, The bve referenced nd ched prjec my mpc Pneer lrrgn Dsrc's Phylls Cnl nd he Bureu f Reclmn's Purdm Drn. The Phylls Cnl hs 20 f esemen frm p f bnk lng bh sdes f he cnl. The Purdm Drn hs 110 f rgh f wy, 55 fee frm he cener f drn n ech sde Per ldh Sues, , wren permssn frm Pneer lrrgn Dsrc, r he Bureu f Reclmn mus be bned prr ny encrchmen r mdfcn eher fcly. Shuld yu hve ny quesns, plese le me knw Regrds, Mrk Zrschky Supernenden Pneer lrrgn Dsrc

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