4 3 q G. 2,000 Attend Korea Night. May 28, 1976

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2 4 3 q G i 2,000 Attend Krea Night the Krean mmunity in the United States prir t Yankee Stadium. Banquets and entertainment will be held fr the Krean mmunities f Chiag and Ls Angeles n May 25 and 27. May 28,

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9 ' rm wi 7' Tl_ 1 Di 'R*m?1k w Ji iyi i 7j i ij,.i Sfi TT' Unifiatin Churh members rganize and marh t Federal Hall fr the Wall Street Rally. Attrated by the heering peple begin filling the streets. and musi 670

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11 .;#* t! ' j*w i.4 v 5 i r7:0 r. \. A \ 9 t n V /, '.: * ' t t.... m ; r, 'i,*\ Unifiatin speakers deliver bientennial messages t the lunhhur wds. 672

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15 Festival Ges t Newark The Gd Bless Ameria Cmmittee, with the peratin f a lal ivi gup, put n a bientennial festival appealing t the blak mmunity f Newark n May 18. Over 1,000 peple, mainly blak, attended. Plans fr the pgram hit a snag when the first latin baked dwn, influeneed by Gerge Whitfield and Alie Cheney, negative publiity. But prinipal rganizers f the event, persevered t find a new latin, the Terrae Ballm. The pgram nsisted f perfrmanes by Sunburst and the Ktean Flk Ballet and a Bientennial message by Gerge Whitfield stressing the imprtane f Ameria's heritage f religius freedm. "The thusand peple wh ame represent a substantial vitry," says Mr. Whitfield. "Newark has paid a tremendus amunt f indemnity. During the rae rits in 1967, peple died in the streets f Newark, but nw it has a great future. The peple are desperate fr truth. That is why they ame in dves despite the puring rain and negative publiity. Inreasingly, Reverend Mn is being seen in the blak mmunity as a kind f he, ahieving vitry despite perseutin. Many believe that he is nw r sn will be a majr religius leader." May 28,

16 Campaign Reprt : 3?5> Perfrming Arts Besides the "Gd Bless Ameria" Banquet perfrmanes, the New Hpe Singers and Krean Flk Ballet were able t attend sme mmunity pgrams and present invitatins t ur Yankee Stadium Festival. On April 18th, there was an Interfaith meeting in Chinatwn, jintly led by Unifiatin member Pastr Ensley and Chinese min ister Reverend Peter PS. Ching. On April 25th, the parishiners f St. Paul's United Methdist Churh in Jamaia, Queens were inspired by the Bientennial seletins f the New Hpe Singers. Befre a small gup f 2030 peple, Shawn Byrne gave a shrt sermn and invited evene t the Yankee Stadium Festival. The day befre, Krean Flk Ballet entertained at a Minister's Wives Tea in Harlem. The New Hpe Singers' first ut dr rally was spnsred by the Veterans f Freign Wars and was rganized by Mrs. Dthy Fks, publisher f the Murray Hill News. Exlusively patriti sngs were sung n the steps f the Federal Hall n Wall Street. Cwds f ver 300 peple ame t the rally. The enthusiasti sunds f Sun burst uld reah many audienes in the New Yrk mmunity as numeus engagements thughut New Yrk gave the pprtunity t shw ur message f hpe thugh musi as well as pmte the Yankee Stadium Festival. On many asins, tikets uld be dis tributed and annunements made publily fr the Festival. Sunburst perfrmed many pgrams in Chris tian Churhes: Marh 18, Faith Hpe Baptist Churh befre a ngregatin f 125 peple; Marh 28, Maednia Baptist Churh, Queens fr Reverend Len Braey and 45 peple; April 4, Antih Baptist Churh in Cna fr Rev erend Brinsn and 160 peple; April 9, Mt. Hreb Baptist Churh; April 11, Gspel Shw spnsred by Harlem CORE (Cngress n Raial Equality) in whih 16 Churhes partiipated and 2000 peple attended the shw; April 13, Reverend Hardman's Churh in Bklyn befre 50 peple; April 18, Gspel shw at Temple f Greater Refuge Churh in Harlem befre 400 peple; April 25, Garden f Prayer Cathedral whih was badast ver radi statin WADO. Bishp Billy Rbinsn annuned the Rally befre an audiene f 250 peple; April 27, Nrth Presbyterian Churh at Bnx befre 15 peple; May 1, Greater Bethel Churh fr 35 peple; May 2, Mt. Pisgah Churh fr Reverend Tysn and 65 peple; May 16, Frenh Baptist Churh. Reahing ut t the mmunity, Sunburst was able t stimulate interest amng many different types f gups and different levels f peple. On Gerge Washingtn's birthday, Sunburst perfrmed at a lunhen by Rabbi Baruh Krff. At this lunhen were many highlevel gvernment ffiials, inluding Se retary f Agriulture Earl Butz, several senatrs and ngressmen, religius leaders, inluding Guru Maharajji and thers. On the night f February 24th, at the pening f the ativities f CARP n Clumbia University am pus, Sunburst was able t give an uplifting perfrmane fr yung peple. On Marh 16, 1600 elementary shl pupils were able t hear Sunburst at PS #9 Elementary Shl. The pupils had deep insight int the pgram and were unusually reeptive. The next day, the 17th, there was a 90minute shw at Metpl itan General Hspital in Manhat tan. Staff members felt it was the best shw they ever had. 100 peple were able t attend the shw. A night shw n Marh 19th was perfrmed fr the Superir Age Club funded by the mther f a Churh member in Prt Washingtn. It was a predminantly blak audi ene f abut 200 persns f all ages. Sunburst gave a shrt talk n ur gup and Churh, urging everyne t attend the Yankee Stadium Rally. On April 7th, Sunburst perfrmed befre 100 Army Chaplains at the Ft. Wadswrth Army Base as a part f the Minister's PR speial pgram n the Unifiatin Churh. The haplains als saw the Madisn Square Garden film and videtape f an interview with President Salnen by ne f their wn haplains. Their respnse was enthusiasti. Frank Gw had an interview with Cirus Magazine n April 14th, and that evening at a Harlem CORE meeting, Sunburst was presented an award fr their partii 677

17 patin in CORE. A nert in Bryant Park fm 2 t 4 p.m. drew a large wd f mre than 500 during n the afternn f April 19. The respnse f the peple was very psitive and many tats were made. peak perid gd n On April 22, Sunburst entertained at a nn Rtary Club lunhen fr abut 150 mmunity leaders. Althugh we were unable t annune urselves s diretly, the Rtarians knw ur affiliatin with the Churh and were psitively impressed. Sunburst was presented with a speial Rtarian award. The Guardians, a predminantly blak plie sial lub in Bklyn invited Sunburst t perfrm befre 125 ffiers and wives. Gerge Whitfield spke t the audiene and invited them t Yankee Sta dium. The pgram was very well reeived. During May, they were able t perfrm at the Prt Washingtn Bientennial, the Farmingdale, Lng Island Bienten nial, the NAACP ExOffenders' Art Fair, and Newark Cmmunity Cen ter, and the New Linln Hspital. On May 27th, a taped pgram with tw sngs fm Sunburst was badast ver Radi 99X. The G Wrld Brass Band was the mst stimulating element f all massive rallies fr the leanup ampaign as well as the Wall Street Rally n May 26th. With patriti sngs that tuhed deeply the hearts f the peple n the street, the brass band was able t reate an atmsphere f jy and enthusiasm that drew wds like a magnet twards every ativity. During the shrt tw weeks befre the Yankee Stadium Rally they were busy nt nly with rehearsing 40 piees fr the Rally itself, but were partiipating atively in many rallies in the ity eah day. It was a great inspiratin fr members as well as the wds. Leading up t the day f the "Gd Bless Ameria Festival" itself, the Perfrming Arts was busy perfeting its mving pgram t mmemrate the deep Gdentered sentiment fthe Bienten nial arding t Father's heart, and were stimulating the hard wrk f the witnessers n the street wh t persuade were daily wrking peple t me t the Festival and trying t reate an atmsphere in New Yrk City that wuld draw many wds t Yankee Stadium. 678

18 estimate." An extrardinary revlutin f lve is taking plae in the Unifiatin Churh, and many remarkable things are hap pening. One men and wmen in lve disver the Priniple, they suddenly find that they have a muh greater lve t and all their frmer dates and lve affairs beme pursue, tasteless and heap. Yung peple an see a greater inten this teahing. Sun sity f lve in living Myung Mn February 13, 1976 Perfrming Arts Gups Attrat Cmmunity Witnessers in the Bryant Park area behind the New Yrk Publi Library had a windfall n Mnday, April 19. During its tw hur perfrmane, Sunburst attrated wds f ngenial peple reeptive t hearing abut the Divine Priniple, and the Bienten nial Gd Bless Ameria Festival. The lunhtime nert was but ne f many perfrmanes in the New Yrk mmunity by the New Hpe Sing ers, Sunburst, and the Krean Flk Ballet. While preparing fr Yankee Stadium, the three gups have p vided substantial witness t the Bien tennial Gd Bless Ameria Festival under the aegis fthe Cmmittee's Perfrming Arts setin. The setin is direted Hy Cl. Pak, wh is assisted by Mr. Jng Hyung Pak, diretr f the Krean Flk Ballet. The New Hpe Singers and the Krean Flk Ballet perfrm eah week at the Bientennial Gd Bless Ameria Cmmittee banquets at the Headquarters building. As a result f the suess f the teent Ktea Night banquet, they will perfrm at a similar banquet in Washingtn, D.C. n May 7 and again in New Yrk n May 23. Mre mbile, Sunburst has played all ver New Yrk at 30 events t ver 9,800 peple sine January 1. Audienes inlude the Cngress f Raial Equality, a Rtary Club, the Army Chaplains' Shl n Staten Island, a Baptist nferene f 25 hurhes, shls, hspitals and many hurhes. They are lking frward t playing fr the 44th preint, whih has jurisditin ver the Yankee Stadium area. Arding t Latry Mffitt, wh ds PR wtk fr the Perfrming Arts gups, the hlak hurhes have been mst reeptive ass rhe hard t Sunburst, t Yankee Stadium, t the Unifiatin Chuth. "They understand suffering and they undetstand spirit. The peple dn't read the papers s muh; they judge by the fruits. They lk at the spirit. Many f them have had spiritual experienes while we have been playing. Often the minister will hange his sermn tpi based n ur perfrmane. 1 feel nfident that the blak hurhes will me by the buslad t Yankee Stadium. One minister w perfrmed tr pmised five buslads, and that is ji nserva tive Aptil 28,

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20 681

21 i Natinal Parents Cnferene t Inlude Yankee Stadium A Mrs. Hillie Edwards Mrs. Edwards is the rdinatr f the Patents' Cnferenes being held in nine ities. The nine Patents' Cnfetenes held in lalities thughut the U.S. ate pviding an pprtunity fr parents t leatn f the natinal Parents' Meeting in New Ytk City, whih will ulminate in the Yankee Stadium tally n June 1. Already in Philadelphia, Washingtn, Atlanta, Chiag, Minneaplis, and Denver many parents have expressed interest in ming t the meeting and t Yankee Stadium. The purpse f the nine lal nferenes has been t give parents an pprtunity t air theit nerns, ask questins, and me t a new understanding. These meetings have been mst pdutive in bringing tgether parents wh are anxius with parents wh are seure. There has been a steady rise in the turnut at eah nferene. It has been vety rewarding fr parents t hear fm the Churh itself, as well as ftm theit sns and daughters, abut the Churh. Many parents have been psitive and have had that attitude reaffirmed. The new parents wh have been nerned ver the negative publiity have been relieved. Thse wh have been skeptial have had their feelings hanged r wrries allayed. "fjcation?3 JUNE The natinal Parents' Meeting will be slightly diffetent fm the lal nferenes. Althugh parents will be allwed t ask questins and exptess theit feelings, they will als have an ppttunity t hear the main pints fthe Divine Priniple. Als they may meet many natinal figures in the Churh and partiipate in a pgram f fellwship and entertainment. At Yankee Stadium, the patents will again share a new experiene with their sns and daughtets as they me tgethet t elebrate Ameria's Bientennial and the renewal f ur untry's faith in Gd. We hpe that thse patents ming t the nferene and t Yankee Stadium will understand the need Amerians have t redisver ur faith in Gd, ur taith in eah ther, and ur taith in urselves. They an understand the Unifiatin Churh best fm the perspetive that we really need t g beynd ur natinal nern t nsider the pblems f the wrld. We are different fm thet huthes; ur nerns are nt just fr membership gwth r selfinterest but fr Ameria and the wrld. Let us try t help ur parents unite with us and tally aund Gd as the entet f ur natin! April 28,

22 4 & Dr. William Bergman gives an ver view f the Divine Priniple t parents attending the First Natinal Parents' Cnferene. Cl. B Hi Pak addresses the many interested parents in the Terrae Rm at the New Yrker Htel. Parents enjy disussins and entertainment. 683

23 Cnferenes." Ppsal Fr Natinal Parents Assiatin I. Purpse: T reveal t parents f Unifiatin Churh members the atual nature f the mvement, t failitate their ative supprt f the mmitment f their sn r daughter and the right f the Unifiatin Churh t exist and ppagate its faith; and. mst imprtantly, t enhane the develpment f unity f heart between Unifiatin Churh members and their families. II. Gals: A. T rret negative impressins and relieve anxiety reated distrtin f fats in media and antiunifiatin Churh by gups, thugh: 1. Making persnal ntat with parents thugh lal and r natinal representatives. 2. Cnduting 3. Issuing natinal ffie. state r reginwide "Parent asinal infrmatinal mailings fm the 4. Pviding lear and nsistent answers t frequently raised questins. 5. Fstering mmuniatin between parents and their sn and daughter in the hurh. B. T enable parents t atively supprt r defend their sn r daughter's mmitment and the First Amendment rights f the Unifiatin Churh thugh: 1. Crreting 2. Clarifying Unifiatin gups. the negative and r false flw f infrmatin. the mtives, tatis, and gals f anti 3. Outlining the lngrange and universal impliatins f the attak n the Unifiatin Churh fr all religins. 4. Revealing the benefits f the Unifiatin Churh fr eah member and fr ur siety. 5. Establishing assiatin n the lal level. a fus (parent) fr a grassts, infrmal C. T generate a learer understanding f the hurh by sharing its perspetives and values: 1. The pratie f prayer. 2. Devtin t Gd, natin, hurh and family. 3. The develpment f a stng and upright harater. 4. The establishment f purpsefulness and diretin. 5. Cmmitment t the universal btherhd f man and the fatherhd f Gd. D. T enhane the develpment f unity f heart between Unifiatin Churh members and their families thugh: 1. Enuraging prayers fr and servie t their families. 2. Enuraging frequent mmuniatin between members and their families. Itinerary Fr Parents Cnferenes in Nine Cities Date 1. Marh Marh April 3 4 April April April 24 7 May 1 8. May 8 9. May 15 City Philadelphia Washingtn. D.C. Atlanta Chia Minneaplis Denvei San Franis I s Angeles C umbus, Ohi Persn t Cntat Mr. Jseph Stein Mrs. Judi Lejeune Mrs. Betsy Jnes Dr. Edwin Ang Miss Susan Hughes Mrs. Tshik Takae Mrs. Onni Durst Mr. Rihard Esselstyn Mrs. Keik Asai 684

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25 JZ r jz _ r ' a x 0 0 "a _r O C E w L w a; qj J Ja > C a x O! al C s is B v F 3 Z, f XI CO h= *?. <v d u TJ 2: 1/1 I/) 5 j a; [ S a s, E 3 a :> r i4 O "> QJ <U O ~ ax,y 3 R u jz u a; > CT)> n, s_ r CL 5 rn " f 0 LJ > QJ rv r <u u J fl ) a; Of ti'a. 5 3 td. " f n <". u P1,! & b ~ fa C QJ QJ CD C 5= rr fs JZ < 53 qj > n QJ 5 O.52 U * * > 3 e aj <u *= JZ CJ Q S 2 E _g qj u w CJ) E CO g u B b (Jl n u ffi 3 8 f C 0 u >, <L> C C,. &f a5 a3 LO i <0 (_; a; qj qj u QJ K2 " m.h= u a. QJ (S) U O g 01 r n n _q <u / i 2 qj C a? r u b *? ii d fl! LO u = LO i~ <v f _ (1 u9> n u E s m JZ CU O n z 3 & r jz 3 u <u a; 2p >

26 ,2'5 r ' _J, * r ] r < r _j?..sl! ' O _ r.j ( ( 7". <n 1 * ( r.fr r r ** 01 " ~ _y ' 1 r z _i= V i/i tl E J fl 3 rr] JF ; 1 j Xj., j J : l/l i' C s. x E.r 5 t Q TJ 3 O TJ s m Q >.x Ol O 8 5 iu S 5 u_ (Ll r, f TM D_ u. X x I'E '/) j=u j C O (Ll r, 2 g Ik L C ax: 1 t S K 3 Q. fr X If ~ TJ 1 5 (/) (Ll O j= 2 u i/i ft 1; a 5 m x ".= O. J QJ 3 *" u> TJ i/i R q ( 3 (Li TJ x 0 jz O Xj M ra ;u LJ "1 U 5 1, y jj 41 U r> (fl IT C TJ 6 '. >.(/) j 1/1 B qj L a J> 5 j ~D _ TJ C t TJ 0 t S TJ u ffi i/l UJ, n 22 "3. y. xj (Ll (/) r W raiju1 u i ifl u uj QJ 'ifl ffi Li Ifl </) i/> C 5 f J r/l k a u ifl ' 3 a Ol (Ll > x j &E QJ 5f 10 TJ <v x "2 (fl > rj (U QJ >. ra > (J O 0 J Q 5 x dj TJ : C (fl O QJ tj 5 E C * qj x jz <LI (fl (j (Li " ;= a; x E y ft * 11 _. si j5 ffi = x.iz x 5 'is 5 X " H a, 511, Tj JT v ir! r CJ 7 TD a; u If).y _y u "7 = II sz TJ aj "E aj O Q. 'fl 1 x: (j a. 'A aj, ifl r' l. rrke tfl rjj <L) C Xj ID CD u O O 0 X u (U > > JZ (IJ (Ll 5 E > 0 f 'j > zu 5 (L> J> V Oj :5 <v g z: I (fl e JO '(J (Ll k ' JZ (/) Q fr JZ Ir zz Cr O Ir a a >. (J JiT a; Q. Tj 3 0 JZ r a. JZ 10 (J u u ZJ u (JO u p 0 JZ 0 z 2 zz OT O "O Cl ll ZJZ r>i U r TJ 3 U t3 0 t ZJ 0 Lr L. 4 Ir ZJ 0 Jl a LJ Z) r 0 j y p 3 r!fl J 1 Jr 'Tj u J (0 *..9'? i i p S 5 V " "5 x Q d r Oi CJ ifl ft 'v zz (7) 'a; 0 21 u i'j,,, U w (0 ': *!? li :; s j XJTJ5 ii u a.2. l. ir v v. JZ * E. x? v x, <L : C <li O (fl qj 'fl _ L O 5 a ii jd i a; L T %% z. i ZZj sj ~ '/> a "bx C j xi u <J QJ _ 1,3 n ii 'fl (fl O raj QJ CJl fl J 'J /) (U!T. " * u CJ). V).fl n m <j a; = t f TJ 0 zj e t S TJ (0 m u : 11 xa 0 r. ; j u tz SJ Qj ij >1 TJ (Ll CD a; (O ~J I E E? = jj* TJ JZ 'fl O O CJ) il JS TJ IS C jz I'i v 7 r x w 'A x 5 11 'C O u CT)X x 5 3 Ifl "J O jz a (U Q_ U "' O *.JZ ; 'J' ; E C / JZ _ y!fl, C == v <u Ifl QJ yl.a O u qj t: qj n CX? 1/1 fr, " x v y U 3 0 tfl X Ll 'fl O O w * (fl r r ll Cl t u ' '.J 4' XJ (0 r r. ; j > ; ' : ; =J 0 5 jy 0 O TJ q3 O. (Z./) O) * QJ JTJU H ZJ "CJ fr G Qj QJ C "CJ. J y. 7; U J t;x E G CP C ZJ x Qj f T JJ (fl m J jz _,.5 i_!0 tj QJ t3 w CJ 3 : > f 0 < u 'M ' r a n j n 3 0/ CD XJ 'A 01 fl XZ r Ol XJ fr 'fl "i jz = u n (/' C X *' TJ u CJ TJ > i 1J ;, U ' ~ Z. rv V x u p S m Cl fl a C fr "a 31 a. ti "CJ (LJ Xr (TX * LJ _J O XJ U a JL 'fl fl ~ <U 7 TJ v', *J ffi CL. jz 1; >. \ _ r; TJ fr O = ji zz 'r 2 C x ifl JZ (L C fr CJ (JJ / 3 2 5x:aJuQiaj_= Zr N ~ 3 x: t O fl jz j _ X iz (Li Tl Q S U rz. ~ k /> fr = 0/ JZ XJ J O CO 7 > Ifl CJJ C 'j X) r Jrr rjj JZ ffi Ol V CJ 0 (0 E ' u 0 JC rjj 0 /) A a x: "? T3 5 4 CQ K73 Qj '/. O El UJ r V 4 QJ * U E t= 'J r<~! =. : i z r p jj; t L TJ Zl i jz i_ X /j 5 u 3 x P (D.. Cl "., TJ < V j O 0 01 Ol V C 10 O 1> 'LJ Oj 3 r j TJ z _l C Qj 3 > Ol (U C '1. 3 Cl) J. TJ > 3J (U 0 11 u Hi 6 (1/ L Cl (j a u (1/ 0 1) j O "j u M u (fl 1 (D I 5 u 1 J tz 0/ J. r C (JJ N / fl ' rs CQ TJ JZ V 3 P ii (ii ~ (/J ~ j fr * r TJ n 1 < i (I J!. J> j JZ 0) U 3 C u (fl a y 3 J t 0 zz 3 0 r C <li JZ y 2 u O L (Ll JJ iu QJ (fl C 1 sz fr O TJ (fl q aa 5 tj > g>" x x O Si QJ? a 10 i f E j & r V ifl Ifl u >w t X 'rr, ~a* S. E S E u 0 CD E >, C 0 01 JJ E (fl : 5 C Ll dj 11 SI'S J 0 (fl N ai? 01 _ ~yz < 01 a /i IE E " 0 a g t m. (O aj ( 2: i qj a lj m u i 'fr CD f0) I C (fl O x [ 01 '/I 01 r X 4' O ( X *j i l (Ll 01 '/I 5 3 y t (Ll E TJ O) (O O 4J fr= "S u C \ n _ i ft 0) 3 TJ V Ol X TJ r BE Q 1= TJ : C uj tn. (Ll ZL CJ.1 I 1 3 ri jz 1 1 'fr 01 (1) t: (IJ f r ft (JO i O f x u 3 X U k ** Ol O Qj Zj JZ Oi * X O :jz > qj E TJ ffi C X " z '2 O tfl QJ (fl (0 Q. ra iz sz ~ E <y., i P H C j u 'J a x tj u (/> a ZJ (fl 3 O ifl [ n h nj < Ifl a ffi 3 t: O Ojg TJ TJ 0/ _ U x Ei Ifl l_ 0/ Qj a '(fl C tn qj j " j z y B 5 2 E ~ 2 j J X!i T) Sjj. (fl 3 a (0 u.2 E ui j > u J= JX Ol QJ ' y x.2 E XJ 'J r (fl f r +i f! (fl fl) C f i E UJ tfl qj Ul C CJ j CQ tj v "i LL Q 3 O jj u >i C O 5, Qj x x xz. jj UJ uj C 3 > qj.5 QJ O a 1 fr X 3z TJ,0 > Ux ' jp X S 1 "a.2 qj aj >.5 ui ui i Ol 3 X 3 01 QJ u iax"0 ra qj ra iz "O x tn tm "O x 3 75 S2. QJ C X us p 10 ir. x E s= & V. (fl 5 r ' (fl C fr fr tn ; uj S Cl X TJ i_ n f.1 01 ui > i! TJ C.X_ ffi a '= x t tj <v lj O u (fl D O _ Z?2j C x Qj x qj > j j gj. 15 a B a ui <u n y, _ a.f E g 1X3 i E f u ja x.2 x ra Jjj ui ' 9 lj 5; 01 O. ; tn X JZ C.CJ,.frjl U ui 3 ( O m '\> a TJ t_ ai <a (0 l_ 01 a CL E X 0 u 0 F ( a X., i/i C >> 1/1 / ; ] O Ul U Ul X (1) 1 ui F 'V f I'I 0 (r_ u! 687

27 [Ra r\ a IWOTOQ /? r\ rs Vans frm a line as they leave Belvedere fllwing the final meeting befre the Yankee Stadium Rally. 688

28 Whatever happens June 1st, whether there is rain r shine, whether there is an earthquake r a hurriane, whatever the situatin, we are ging t determine t make this vitry happen June 1st! Father definitely has a message ready. Whether he delivers a gd message r a medire message, whatever Gd wants him t speak, he will speak. Yankee Stadium will be the day f delaratin. Fr Ameria, it will be the day f delaratin f the diretin fr the third entury f Amerian histry. Fr the wrld and fr the entire universe, the destiny f Gd's future is at stake. Indeed, this is an histrial meeting. Sun Myung Mn May 30, 1976 y. 689

29 J '3?? 690

30 Big And Beautiful The new Yankee Stadium is a lr mre than just a ballpark. Albeit, sme ut rhe 55 millin spent in it 3year renvatin went int gimmiks appealing mstly baseball fans a fiberglass smkestak sh;iped like a baseball bat and huge "telesreen" shewing instant replays wirh its millin f lightbulbs. Yet rhe renvatin has al reated a majesti, hrearhniking Jim J huge amphirhe;iter. The grandeur is mst ursranding ar nighr, when rhe hnlluinr whire f brilliant green f rhe field stand in ntrast its surundings. Father, rhe GBA staff, and a few members k in rhis sighr ar rhe first night game in rhe new stadium n Friday April 23, when they wathed rhe Yankees lse rhe Kansas City Ryals, 32. April 2H, 1976 rhe stadium wjjik, rhe yal blue f rhe seats and grandstands, and the MFT The impat f the "Gd Bless Ameria" Festival ampaign in New Yrk City ame thugh the effrts f bthers and sisters thughut Ameria wh struggled t veme perseutin and phys ial hardship t pvide the finan ial supprt fr Father's plans fr this ritial time befre June 1st. In a mst sarifiial way, ver 700 MFT members ntributed as the bakbne f the ampaign, p viding the resures by whih the publi uld be reahed thugh mass media, rallies, streetleaning pgrams and mbilizatin f many members fm Ameria and abad. Althugh they were far fm the atual atmsphere f the ampaign, they uld partiipate diretly in the spirit f the Bientennial with the selling f flags, flagpins, buttns and Gd Bless Ameria Zmers pvided by the Delsn Cmpany. On April 1st, great ntversy bke ut, espeially n the East Cast, surunding allegatins that the andy was ntaminated with pisn r razr bits. This attak was veme, with greatest vi try fr the Yankee Stadium am paign effrts. In the majrity f the states, members ntinued t sell the andy, bringing better results than befre. In New Yrk City itself, "White Huse" staff members partiipated in the ampaign thugh street leaning and witnessing three times a week. Shirley Griar testified: "I've used fundraising tehniques t spt peple and appeal t them t understand Father's great lve fr Ameria and his desire t see its peple unite in a deep heartisti bnd f respet fr eah persn's value. When ver 700 MFT members me t New Yrk in May, I feel that New Yrk will feel the impat fm these members alne. When I witness, mst f my pwer mes fm witnessing fr Father diretly and telling them a little abut his life. I say hw muh he lves Ameria and hw he is the nly hpe fr the deaying mrality " pblems here Due t the ativities f pineers in eah state wh pmted the Bientennial thugh parades and ther ativities, the atmsphere in sme small twns hanged, thus wrk. failitating Teams fundraising in Virginia, West Virgina, Nrth Calina and Ohi and Pittsburgh generally nerning Yankee Stadium. Sme West Virginians and peple fm Pittsburgh planned t attend the festival. Fur days befre June 1st, MFT members were alled t New Yrk, reeived a gd respnse where they uld partiipate in fr a shrt time. This witnessing was the ulminatin f many mnths f hard wrk taking fruit n the streets f New Yrk. During the Ameria" "Gd Bless Festival itself, MFT Cmmanders played an impr tant le in the ptetin f Our Father, and MFT members arried the full respnsibility fr ushering peple t their seats in the stadium. 691

31 ka vd) KJ rz a rz Rv Sun Myung We Prmrnm? OT 692

32 693

33 694

34 695

35 pa km? ) n\af 696

36 s %$ > <&% Campaign Reprt Gd Bless Ameria Festival Media Cverage June 1 6:00 p.m. Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 7 7:00 p.m. ABC Netwrk News 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. June 2 7:00 p. m Channel 5 Channel 11 Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 7 CBS Mrning News NBC Tday Shw 6:00 p.m. Channel 2 Channel 4 Channel 7 Wem**r*ttiaf 1 i gfbtessam 697

37 698

38 Jk I 3 NO l/'s AID 1AVE 7bVay we knw that the Unifiatin Churh is ging thugh a strmy perid here in Ameria. We are under a hurriane f perseutin everywhere as Satan's wrld attaks ur hurh. If we turn aund and attak them in the same way using the same methds, n ne will win. If we utilize Satan's weapns it wuld nly be selfdestrutive. In rder t win ver Satan we must utilize Gd's weapns; humble meekness. We will let Satan hit us, but we will survive; we will demnstrate the way f virtue and the true pwer f Gd's spirit. Even after he has dne his utmst and his pwer f perseutin subsides, we will still survive. In the sight f Gd then, he will have n exuse t ause us, and after that we will be able t d anything. Sun Myung Mn February 13,

39 700

40 The rainstrm n June 1 was truly the dispensatin f Gd. Beause fthe strm an even greater atastphe was averted; the rain hanged the minds fthse wh hadpltted smething mst tragi. Our enemies thught, "Well, Rev erend Mn has already faltered; this rain will stp his rally. Even Gd has anelled and he will be a mplete failure." Therefre they anelled theirplans fr disturbane, but we did nt anel ur plan. Sun Myung Mn Otber 4,

41 At that time I witnessed the pfund way that the law f indemnity wrks. I was nt aware that a strm had me, but at the very mment that the heavy rain began t fall utside a very mysterius thing happened. A huge pster with my prtrait was hanging in my waiting m, and suddenly it rashed t the flr. Nbdy had tuhed it; it fell fr n apparent reasn. There was has at that mment, and then I knew that smething extrardinary was happening utside. Sun Myung Mn Otber 4, 1976

42 703

43 sunshine!" M M But then anthermirale happened. In the puring rain the GWrld Brass Band struk up and all urmembers began singing, "Yu Are My Sunshine." It was a ptest t Gd, "Give us At that time ame the mst ardent, intense prayer ever ffered in human histry. Then what happened? Everybdy in Yankee Stadium respnded, even nnmembers, parents and guests fm Krea and Japan. Nbdy wanted t take shelter. In the puring rain everyne respnded, singing tgether. That paralleled the mment f judgment that tk plae in Pilate's urt 2,000 years ag, when Jesus was sentened t death. Sun Myung Mn Otber 4, 1976 I 704

44 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Chrus: Yu are my sunshine, my nly sunshine; Yu make me happy when skies are gray. Yu'll never knw, dear, hw muh I lve yu, Please dn't take my sunshine away. There is a meadw high n a muntain, Where skylark and wild se abund. Th' eternal hmeland my heart desires, Shines like gld at the rainbw's end. Chrus: (repeat) Thugh the lng winter, the harsh winds blwing, All reatures die n barren sil. Nw sunlight warming the ie t streamlets; Earth in spring is a garden f jy. Chrus: (repeat) 705

45 ?? U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Natinal Oeani and Atmspheri Administratin NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Enlsed is a ertified summary f the weather fr June 1976 inluding, f urse, the date f the 1 st. Rerds shw that.44 inhes f rain fell during the day. Bken dwn int hurs as fllws. Fm 3 Pm t 4 PM.01 Fm 4 PM t 5 PM.24 (Quite a saking rain fr that interval f an hur ) Fm 8 Pm t 9 Pm a Trae (less than.01) Fm 9 PM t 10 Pm.02 Fm 10 PM t 11 PM.09 Fm 11 PM t midnight.08. All times are in Eastern Standard time The lal time was ne hur later. Carl E. Wis tram 706

46 % fe G X 707

47 DDD