PLAINFIELD RECORD. W. N. Runyon Third Senator From This City

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1 PLANFELD RECORD Lfe W s Nnrqper Rod Tke RBOORD Volume 2 Mo. PLANFELD. NEW JERSEY, FRDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 97. Subscrpn Sngle Copes, 5 Outs; $3.00 > Y«r. Applcn To Be Mde \Mormn Jons For Referendum Recount; Goes on Trl One Stte's Ablest Lywers Advses Tht "Wets" Hve Ample Legl Grounds Support Contenn,nfo tlon furnshed Actng h- t Hghest legl»te Plnflold Lquor Delers' AsdstloB wll mke pplcn Mo Josttce Jmes J. Bergen n Unon w e Ooonty Court recount n lflel fjuunseld excse referendum vote jloo Tmesdy. t s stted tht re re j.eterl counts on whch mtter Po> By gone over gn, prr»'-».hong m ng fct tht orded n elecn.035 votes were t ous cty bords nee Ps n fvor cpl rt tht should tn en counted. n ddn. t t clmed tht Governor Edge hs decreed tht solder votes rrvng lte cn ccepted fter polls hre closed. A numr m cne Pllnfleld few mnutes fter 7 o'clock Tuesdy nght. n event Justce Bergen permttng recount tken th Lquor Delers Assocn wll fle» bond nsure one expense proceedng*. A recount my possbly cost $,000. result referendum vote wrds. Plnfleld lwyers pressed opnon tht could not grnted s th lwye perlence n Stte cvc n declres tht recount rn s decson wll eventul n thouss people. Tl wll now rest wth Juetl gen. Fve Hundred Guests Attend Church Weddng r*lut*s Mrly 500, Hss Emellne Townsend fnnng, dughter Mrs. Arett Hnlng, Of Mdson venue, w p n wfe t 5:30 yesterdy ftenoon ot Jeremh Lel Mrt- ke n ef Mr. Mrs. Jmes C.!. lso Of Mdson venue, ok plce n Frst h w perm tl Phlp B. Strong, Second Thr Fces Chrge Mnslughter s Reslt Trolley Cr- Au Bus Crsh W. N. Runyon Thrd Senr From Ths Cty rhed, Au Vctm's Mor Here Mrs. S. Koons Arrves From Chcgo Arrnge FunerlJ. E. Steurwld lrgest rd! Steurwld. who ch tter show-; Chnge, - n Pllnfleld. en n dng rlvlm Cty Votng Quet But For Referendums :nst hm cse s ng herd Justce Jmes J. Connolly jury Assstnt Prosecur Mrtn O'Connor pperng Stte. Edwrd Cffery, Newrk, counsel Publc Servce C orporn, s pperng n hlf defendnt. cse ws clled t 2 o'clock yesterdy fternoon fter proceedng three hours ws djourned untl er morrow or Mondy, s Frdy s gven over sentencng n Bhe Court Qurter Sessons. Of wtnesses plced on st yesterdy, most mportnt testmony ws gven Mr. Mrs. Hrry Bogert. 669 West Front street, ths cty. y were psngers whom Hhe bus spped let f Just e crsh ocrred. Both sserted tht tl lghts "jtney" were lghted.blest bt Re o ftslhltfv de. He s lecure ths horn Rort U J second. Ernef ws Tuesdy's elecn old flp-jck. t see r ery few people knew dtes were th. nore or less perfuncr; tl rekls oe two-pl- ererendums Plnfleld ed s though nd o were tfse nsde vehlc] y lso declred tht trolley cr pproched t speed bout y herd emhlymn een <* gret ; fternoon dd tl lte rl wll'hn Ded n r West nternnl Unon Wll Not End Cty Hll Te-Up Orgnzn's Hed Declres Both Sdes At Fult Suggests Mtter Tken To Courts Fnl Adjustment hd reeevejtve dy, 'sn nor, when J orgn Mh Unon uld red plnfeld's Ctt Brcklyers M: nc ord ed n e fter Compny ended yeste cord cme from hedqu npolls tht gover tlon would "st pt" Ths ferred wth Myor Clkns, Corn Counsel Chrles A. Reed rke[ Counclmn Thoms P. llyln, redl Cty Hll buldng commttee, on t- Ocr 2, when detls were conln sdered from every vewpont. A ly full report ths dscusson w bll n lst dec Bxlted K ststed Elk flc d th< t t. Ackermn. wh re-elected tfree yers n Legslture wll fnd mny perplexprcems frng Stte colons lemr Uppe e Pllnfleld fcls must fght ll n chrge mtter out n courts, unles y ncs J. Bltz, s-.prefer pw over Nsh, Jr., n> Monhn Compny or mke n t- B. body wll he plced tempt complete Job wluh nonf n recevng vult 'unlon mechncs. No mtter whch emetery. B decded upon, mtter s now "n erou th t hs nyon l < n ted upo ccomplsh gret H n gg ' experence gned from tre rns n Assembly. Wllm Nelson Runyon ws bor: lte Nelson Wllhelm y from - Plnfeld Hrt School 'ded me from her ho Chcgo no s leved tht tl menu would hve mde wthout fmly sslstnc Mrs. Koons ppered t tb< Club lst nght. n pek ;en. gn, n here. When) Word nternnl Onon's rned. lo-[decson ws wrded Gustve.nd George O. Messner, specl representtve nght lo- Msons Brcklyers' Lorl " Koons d f Clevel U fcy reple ceved. t w Mrs.'l*. Of ths cty. T commnncn tt hd V stted th mtter hd en son. she stted cht hs deth hd ocrery t ten lon presdent. -e re-wllllm J. BOTCH on nmn 3 fun- furntd hm Second Vce Presl dent Jmes Thornn, who ws sent when' Plnfleld purpose. Mr. Elks' Thornn. Mr. Messner Qott- WSK fo yers lter fr.. Ylej curred Whle rtl brthdy. lm bout thn, lst yer. r Us ng Or wtnesses plced on th«st were HrrJ c. VnEmburjrh H nn- p.ul R Coller. C. A. Hggln otng» " j th.. Rymond Muneer. who were cll-' hl eff; long trty ed fn ett nj corrobortlon; bn, n tlon ws Hro,d Rockefellf -»rt».h-l-.00 es.jn bn,; BenJm trol versty n clss '92. t D. K. B.. -Scroll Key."; homp Hrr.v Ro enor socety. Mr. Runyon selected j r e r Ornge. Wtn (bs study Blcks ne n New tn R t speed flf ltted New York br, 0 notceble slcke r Ure he devoted ctlclng n New York dmtted New tered f st..bout. rfed n rod wth Flng rebcle xlghundred feel Newrk dstrct Stl non n prt st, co dent Bowen lpol xpl ot Us tes tt»t both sdes n hve mde mstkes. executve declres tht.lonhn Sne Compny ws lx ln ot nsstng on ts pyments when lt knew tht P. F. Kenny Compny ng ts money from or h h«clms tht tlhe cty should hve kept n uch wth work tter thn lt dd could n hve lerned tht Monhn Compny wr not ng pd. F rm ore. he sys, c Che cty n tkng contrct / from tlhe P. F. Kenny Compny.gvng lt P. F. Kenny s n lndvdul, not t he proper proce should cll full nvt tlgtlon. n concluson, he ssert* t would l>«, good thng tke mtter Uo courts, w cty hs declred t wll do. s ths wll brng full truth entre controversy. Boroghtes Re-elect Myor Smlley; Gve John C. Cooper Fltterng Vote rl. Wllm L- Smlley ws reelected m borough's chef executve n Nortlh PlnfVeld elecn nd re- <b Democrtc opponent. Clrn HcMnrtry. Somervllle. Juls J Rthl Prnk Mobu were returned North Pllnlleld Coun- Dunchy. con - wfth hs fr n one orge A. Chp- Known legl men Tb ths hey relzed \. lty -' 2.6(8 bll s^nddte endorsed Dtunw Fourth Grves. Scott, Demo nfng entered ch rm her co ro)nr H. Serell. Brooklyn. Cvs her n mrrge. She wore comng cown vory wlrlte stn, Xcourt trn brocded,elvet Ltest. euffon. trmmed wth rose pont jtnur E- Crone, lce perls. Her bouqnet ws (both Republlr grden, llles-omhe-vlllt She ws ttended ry Ms Else M gnerlte Moore, Yonkere. N. V, md honor, who wore or r dlnm UBeU sllrer lce, lso polled pcture ht purple pnne velvet. She crred slver wlkng stck whch ws ttched bouquet volets orchds. re were two brdesmds. Mss Edn Berdsley Whte, North Pllnfleld Mss Mry Fsher, Somervlle, who were gowned n yellow rdum tffet set f pcture hts purple pnne velvet fced wloh cloth slver. Bch crred slver wlkng tck bouquet yellow chrysnmums. brdegroom, cted s st ron ( ors were Wllm Brlegs. FW Loleux, George Endtcott Junes Mnnng, ll ths cty. A«weddng prty proceeded up sle t front churrth so orchestr composed hrp, TO- Un 'cello rendered Lohengrn mrch, durng ceremony Plyed Schurt's "Serende." As U>e prty wthdrew, Mendelssohn's mrch ws ccompnment. blowng ceremony tn ws held t home brde's mor on Mdson **kft wts ttended By lree numr reltves d * 'letlon en De feht w ( Wllm S. Runyon. 'memr frm <fl< " 9 T T,. snce whlrh tmf lenntlnucd busness Nelst B vtjr t followed but n,tuesdy. He ws unopposed ner cr wungjcelved. full vote 950. elec- ell. Judge Clrence C. Cse, SomlX n mddle,tlon ws very quet s unlke Pln- [ervlle, who ws elected Stte S-en-. rod. St«urwld ws thrown Held, t sster on ',or sde r on Republcn tcket, recejv*.; from hs set when crsh frm, oc- brook hd no referendum ed mjorty 365 n boroueh. : e<] led on hs hed wth excte populce.. John S. Amennn, Republcn, fer John C. Cooper, whose home s n'assembly, receved 38 mjorty. TTTT plnfteld, mde bg run followng re votee tht ech n BDrrogteshlp Somerset conn- cdte receved n He fve dt ntrod-- Hmd, We (M-nfeld p( tne Bel Ornc c Podce t dent wth ty, but lost out n or dstrcts trlct: nd Democrt B receved.e.-me K Councll-t-lrRe. both prt le mjorty Trery, Dem or rt test developed n gth so rpd! trted t looked 'l dstrcts tht he m l wnner. t ws eventully tnt Grves hd secured hs jn mjorty ojf 30S. One gretest ll s dy's results ps gn 'pllmentsry vote gven W Flrstbrook. cdte As- >n Prohbn tcke vote mrked "MO" on tl hve crow opposte Flrstbrook gvng Prohbn frend cdte hs eve feld. full retun dte* were t rot * plces, py, _ H>s eterer. decorns, <Kfr t church t h "W«Chrles,. Stnley, ths '"y. At clone or recep **r. Mrs. Mnnng left weddng trp, destnn «*leh ws not reveled. On ret n«f y wll mnke tlr home Compn venue, where tfhe brdegroom recently erected reslden Mr -Mnnlnc s buldng contrc s wdely Vnown n Plnfl< n North Pllnfleld. He hs lw resded n ths ettv. Hs hrlde l. «ntve Pllnfledpr s extreme- Bottfyoune people were rememf wth utful ssortment gfts. comprsng slver, cut glss fur- Democrt, lrge. Lesle R. Fort. R- A A. Kng, lt-l«n btter tsr, efker. St»t Amercn Lunch W n n tmt» *"t Utm s^ond *(TMt, nsmr Prk «f Rlc-hrd bt reloh Flt "fo red : wrds Ol ' locl cr Cty trep Republc Den >crt, 2.279: Pete J. McDon- ; Ch 2.06: 'Hlpht." Republcn. 2.04: Trecy Democrt, l.ons; S- ney Democrt, 942. Wrd c Ten-' Frst wrd. Chrle nck, Republcn, 54: Second rd. John S. Dt!. Republcn. olcn. r*8; Fonrth wrd. Ot Orveo. Republcn, fll : R-hrd D. Scott. Democrt, 27R. Confrms Report Dphr Epdemc th, Usthllwhfn De Plln- me»dble lued yester- holdng th dgeshlp tt r. Just wlt not en scetned ) lelng communcted t< tent. helth re Septemr nrl: Pllnfteldf Fowler b>- Tuttle. th > cfe< slth.ft he dsese,hey hve succeeded. cses not en confned ny s f cty but seem pretty well scttered. As ner lerned t present tm st cses orgnted n one c hoohs severl tht fo re pnplls who hd en Bord Helth's full \ <]nf nth Ocr s dphr rrre tulerrn TOS v rolfxsnx: octtpavrs F-sr.APR HARM. \ Ford umoble owned bv nlc Herlden drven Alfred Rn, collded wth nor mchne Edwrd Heth t Thrd folo dphr. Dckon pox, 5-: trcnlns otrh. : tl, dlphthpr.- 8; Lotl. 4. Twenty-one dsnfecns lone n fourteen houses dtrrtnc month, n whch thfrty-thre were dsnfected. n dd ll ;rrces were dsnfected. Dgnostc work- 92 Tuherculosls. 6. o lonttlve: dphr, h S rod need n.[pllnfleld Lod ltter nmed Ste\rwld'e. ttves body ws brought undertkng roomb J. J. C. A. HEGns. n ths cty. Tuesdy. Mr, j frst cme Pllnfleld n 906. loyed b; Dstrcts Stte ttenr: Clrence E. C». Rep.. Peter B. Hll, Dem Assembly: John S. Amermn, Rep.. George T. Hughes. Dem. Snn-ogn*-: J. C. Cooper. Rep Clvn D. McMurtry, Dem Coroner:.. C. M grge. Lter estbltehdefeted Chrles Wll rty n e postc. chrmn ed b he ws very successful * long tme. n recent yers he hd en E! trvel ng representtve He j Peerless Mor Cr Compny wth 92 but fhedqurters n Phldelph. n Mr Tuttle second tme ths cpcty he ws recently sent bs Democrtc "lslde" Europe returned hut short e Mr Tuttle second term n, tme go wth contrcts Peerless fe Representtves. Mr.'fucks ggregtng more thn mll- -wlned come Con- Hon dollrs. mchnes re ndldte n 94 but n bult Brtsh French gov- Frnk Mobus, Dem J. J. SUh., Rep Constble: W. N. Pngborn, Dem Ackor. Pro., Senr, receved ted t th. >nts. m. Durng h*»b Mr. Stem n Plnfeld lrked s reny-. >rved judfles. On ths occson he heded Republcn tcket eson hs fflhr] funlment hlsrtlons n fce w«honored p d ' Mth second thrd term. "on Senr-elect Runyon s memr ws Plnneld Lodge Klks Perse- pho e Lodge. Kntflt Pythns. ' ths ctv. n tfhlrh Te hs tl ss plnfleld Elks! reverts bck dys when he ws j H elted ruler ded n put- orenfztlon on sound k trl.memrshp hsls. Mr. tl yon s nl=n memr Tle e l ^-ow York, frd,. New Hven. A. D. Fndty t hs resdence on Bst Second street. Lst Mondy wn frst tme he hd en n!([.. cty n flve yers. He dropped n t Elks' club on Wtny frends wth who med exchngr, hs wy Phldelph New Tor bout n hour hlf eft t<he buldng tht teles receved Stew- [ Edwrd Serm»n 2 BOftOUGH 4 U» 89 4H <6 SS * t 87 ff ST 2B MR. Gr.CK TO U v. Sdney Gulck. Who y lnfleld :ed Sttes s n spek e th Club. n C, Mondy Afbject wll " Through re wth t- PlnAelders Lx n Affxng Postge A lrge prt mll gong,-rough t Pllnfleld postflce ddressed or fces hs en deyed pst week cuse nfoclent postge. t s not thorjjrhlv undersod, s yet, tht letjr ntended delvery yond lmts PlSnfleld postge mo outgong _rd two-cent stmp se letters hd returned wrter f r ddresses were letter or rubr stmped tge due. n ltter cse r penny hs collected from person recevng t letter. ^ letter ntended;, delvery n nfeld wthn 5 lmts rred f< TlPd mpletel m»ed but Bn gers, wth tchej hld. nd tdly pst ned. shkln 'y scrl B Brry cr hd one wheel dshed mnor brekge. Heth lso escped unhrmed. Ptrolmn Noln ppered on ens rbortly fter ccdent oc- -jrred ordered both drvers pper n cty court dy.. typhod fever. 2. wng nde durng y. 82: food supply. 'V generl work. B dsese, 248: dlmblng. 33: tl lette locl utsde lmts- > Bosn^ Newrk! Holy Nme Socety Gves Bg Beneft Nme Socety lst Mondy evenng t he K. C. Hll. wnners uchre, fve hundred pnochle mes receved very pproprte rces. Abont two hundred people ere n ttendnce, t w nncl success. Somethng new novel wt ntroduced chrmn tee, ply. "A Modern M- XJp." n whch three young men who re memrs tlhe Holy Nme So-^ -ot - ok prts: Fred ' Chrles Wrd Joseph (._ /s pronounced ll one st comedy plys ever stged >y mteurs. One prtculr* >t permnce ws Che rct tht lthongh " undertkng busness nts n postge Plnfeld postnee ws rush lst dys old two-«enr -cllly l. : dnce Thnksgvng d hs en cve reenlr Thnksplvlm memrs. On ths ll presson: turkey supper CAMP DX. WWOHTBTTOWBT, Tortnft * * "» prvte prtfee e ptwred r tnumpovttfo* ^ y r letter- lec " wrtng n order ctch mlls e t letters hd r n er tr penny's worth postge. Postmster Hogl lso sks * tht t rememred tht post crds tl now must r two cents n post ge. crd wth bnt pe-cen cnnot go through t ml) new rtes cme effectve Oe«4reM- Cord n* Ooodrtek tw* Ord Tlre. Newrk A»tt> C*.,»e 3*4 West Ttwml WL Ko F. MOVBT TO UUR, Ksl Bs*t» nvrbm. Untl * Curts. y Nme So- / red Greene.) Gllgher^ s ded < n t." g lt tkes lve person. e commfttee n chrge mfws: Edwn Bnllvn. chrmn: me Lery, Edwrd'McCnn.! J. Onttrdge, Ohrlee Wrd Joln on'elbon. Holy Nme Boclety n gve nor ply n ner ture. but t present hve not decded just wht t wll. f Yo W»t th HWB Wh*B t * NEWS Plnfeld Record Edrl Oobshb* f lb* M Th RECORD T«om= PLANFELD. NEW JERSEY, FRDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 97. Subscrpn P.ngl Copes, 8 Cents; 2.00 Yer. Applcn To Be Mde Mormn Jons For Referendum Recount Goes on Tnl! Fcts Chrge Mnslughter One Stte s Ablest Lytvers Advses Tht s Result trolley Cr- Wets Hve Ample Legl Grounds Support Contenn Au Bs Crsh ActlBK nmn furnshed br th l *^ uthorlty n Su,. Plnfeld Lquor Delers, wll mke pplcn. Bergen n Unon r^b tr Court recount n Plnfeld excse referendum vote s-e^dsy. t l euted tht r- re MTsrs count* on whch mtter wsj gone over *ln. prncpl.bfc m ng fct tht mny tjlot were thrown out tht should lv* en counted. n ddn. t ellmvd tht Governor Edge hs telmd tht solder rots rrvng MS cn sees pled fter polls fr dosed. A numr m (US lo Plnfeld few mnutes f- ter T o'eloek Toeedr nlfht. l tbs ereot Justce Henn per- Httlng recount bo tken usuor Delers Assocn wll Ole - re nsure Che epeno A meonnt mr possl- 'ntrest tk refrendnm rote Jcob Jon, mn Unon }whch on Septemr ln rer on u W. N. Runyon Au Vctm's Thrd Senr Mor Here From Ths Cty TS S. Koons Arrves From Chcgo Arrnge Fun- erl J. E. Sterwld Runnng hed tls tcket n prctclly every dstrct n coun- ty recevng tl botes. Assemblymn Wllm N. Run- yon ws elected Stte Senr from ths cty, mor- r n on n lecn or Tuesdy. no trler or populr Pllnfleldr, pped hs crshed ' tho " * Peculr ever re- n ror on u bu. t Wl Fnwood. br mnjorltr 6. corded n elecn nnls. A tl Front street Lfyette plce. r lrge.! ever recorded n ths menl< l funerl he tbulted br v- klllln one person njurng four- dstrct. Reptler hd mde n ex- Edwrd Steurwld. who w. trl on chre, tensve ern pn ws counted,* uldmoblle ccdent Court j pon,ke much tter " rnoon - log thn he dd. n Plnfeld. nternnl Unon Wll Not End Cty Hll Te-Up Orgnzn s Hed Declres Both Sdes At Fult Suggests Mtter Tken To Courts Fnl Adjustment rlous cty bords se.58 [teen, ws (dted were gnst contnunce Pln- <»f mnslughter feld s present polcy lcensng s-. Qurter Sesson* t Ellbcth loon* whllo,57 were n fvor j dy. thn present pln. Th Frst gnst hm present Gr Fourth wrds gve * wet" mjortes, j Jury on evdence furnshed but se werf overcome re- loes polce end nerly ty wt- turns from Second Thrd nesses hd en summoned prove wrds. tht th defendnt ws crmnlly Th Plnfeld lwyer hvj ex- neglgent n not proceedng wth pressed opnon tht recount more < cn thn he dd could not grnted s referen-; Th cse s ng herd Justce dum ws merely n expresson,jmes J. Connolly Jury wth opnon dng Common Assstnt Prosecur Mrtn O Con- Councll n rrvng t certn con- nor pperng Stte. Edwrd elusons. A Newrk lwyer, how- CtTery. Newrk, counsel ever, who hs hd mny yers ex- Publc 8ervlr <* orportlon. s perlence n Stte cvc mtters, [pperng n hlf th defendnt, declres tht recount cn glv-j cse n clled st 2 o'clock ye*- en s decson wll eventully on-,terdy fternoon fter proceed- cern thouss people. mt- ng thr # hours ws djourned ter wll now rest wth Justce Ber- \ untl er morrow or Mondy, s gen. en n Chcgo dd s sct t. Mrs. S. rrved n AU hope tht th nternnl conferred wth Myor Clkns, Cor-.John fnlon Brcklyers Msons J portlon Counsel Chrles A. Reed klled n would refuse sncn th strke Counclmn Thoms K Xyln, West on Plnfeld's Cty llll. s ordered j cty Hll buldng commttee, on 0 hd t»y th Now Jorwey Stte represent -(Ocr 2. when detl* were eon- reerlvejtve t tho request.monhn sldorod from evry vewpont. Cty Votng Quet But For Referendums Trow Runyon. Ho» gr.0u.t~ Cl» lul nl* ot h.r from th. Pl.l.ld Hgh School lo!»» *>> rh * t > * d **" hm oc ~ k*ss four l.ter from; curr '< hl» brthdy. Unversty n clss '93. Whll.l Th. ftl.rrld.nt occurred lt. t tho unversty he... Mondy ft.rooon n front th. ot D. K. K.. Scroll Key.»» f Hrry Roy, t No.thf.ld,... l.ty. Mr. Rmon wlwl!" ' Ortntt. Wtneeo y tho m- or wrnng w M «,,,re«slon completed,pb,n *» bg urng cr. wss trvel- sound jhl* Mody Blscksne n New «> * ffty mlle n hour.,., Or wtnesses plced on,york School n 994 He ws rw * rt,pd»»rn n he rod wth!!. L'!! m.!?. *.*«Hrr* «' VnKmburglb h. N. York br th, "" notlrmbl. lrknlng. Fllng Pul R. Coller. C. A. Hggns!*,, p r B Urn h, devoted mke turn, hevy vehcle zlg- Hd t on Tuesdy s ot en two-pl- ntl-sloon referendums elecn n Plnfeld old hve en s nterestng s j Fve Hundred Guests Attend Church Weddng * grng frends numrng»«rty 890. Ms Emetne Townsend, dughter Mrs. Arott _j Mdson vene, wn l wfe t 6:20 yesterdy f- Wnnn Jeremh Lel Mn- tee. son Mr. Mrs. Jm * C. Amng, lso Mdson venue. 9e ceremony ok plce l Frst lmt, cksrcf ws permed -Rev. Dr. Phlp B. Btro*. thd ptenfl servce ng used. kuek ws elbortely decorted wth sufdlng plms, whte lv sndsr ekrysnmum or Mk* Mnnng entered church llg on th rm her consln. Arthur H. Stroll, Brooklyn, wh tvs her l mrrge She wor comng gown vory whte stl_ tk mrttrn brocded velvet:<h blggem rote w polled Ar- fklffo trlmed -t* r. pont J^ur E. Cron., who....ndorod bt. pwrl. H.r bon oet,.. bolh ll.publlr.n, D-moer... r lrdml. llltemf-mw-nltey. ro.urr. He rec eved loul Dur MM T Hm Eld. Mw'o'!.«7J bllot. dwll. H For. tllvlto, Yonktcr. N. Y «.d,d.t. MMw Frdy s gven over sentencng l»h Court Qurter feslons. Of th wtness * plced on st yesterdy, mot mportnt nf testmony ws gven Mr. Mrs. :Hrry Bogert. C69 West Front street, ths cty. y were th ps- sengers whom bu spped let f Just e crsh oc- curred. Both sserted tht tl lghts Jtney" were lghted so were those nsde vehcle. y lso declred tht trolley cr pproched t speed bout thrty mle, n hour tht y herd no ll tl st Wednesdy sne Compny ended yesterdy Sh ws ccompned nor) when word cme from hedqurters r»n. who mde journey wth hsr.jgt ndnpols tht governng funerl wll he hold n orgnsn would st pt" n.m... - k tchung venue clnbhous controversy. Ths mens tht Hon h* consttuents n Unon Plmtnfeld Klks morrow fternoon th Plnfeld fcls must fght reuntv >. he hs en consdered «~ o clock t wll le n chrge mtter out n courts, unons y executve declres tht lles* bt Republcn tmr sent, K * U ** d Ku, ** r Fr * nf,b J prefer p^ over Monhn Sne Compny ws lx l th legsltve hll n lst d«--,,h,c <,rt h > v w - Nsh - Jr n Monhn Compny or mke n t- not ntng on t pymenu when tt de He s thrd Pllnfleldr K,k Th * bod J r plced, tempt complete Job wth non- knew tht th P. F. Kenny Compny secure thu honor lb frst ng temporrly n th recevng vult 'unon mechncs. No mtter whch ws recevng t mousy from hert l Tlnrstnn who served Hllsde cemetery. s derded upon, mtter s now Tn elty. On or h he clms term from* lt S3! Mr Stenrwld hd en memr's more serous condn thn t bsjtht tlh cty should hve kept l nd Rrnest H Ackermn whoj l»dge Klks more t ny Ume sne rgument uch wth work tter tt t «frst elected n 906 w«s,hn * n w * ver > r gn. n re-elected tfcree rer* ln,n orgnxltlon when here. When! Word nternnl Onons 909 comng sesson h, w ^ d«cn ws wrded OusUve Legslture wll fnd mny perplex- rl E,k notfed C.eorg 0. Messner, specl representtve «. _ fynnd. sought lo- Msons Brcklyers* Lorl urn. Mrs.j 4. thu cty. communlcstlon lloot., Mr. Runyon. rouulm upon Ko «" *'*", * r homo O.».tt.r hd b~n lr- rconpll.l «rml Bblnt. b, r~>n cl * > * l * d» «* *» *" d "» W th. prm-nl ndctment w found Hords!.,- roclvod only 534 Mkl» mossu. whllo successful cdte ws ven Assemblymn Runyons elecn boon gret source tufr- hl* const t u on legslture wll nnd mny perplex- * ng problems fsrtng Stle ho ons.steven. close frend. s«. memr n( Upper '''* reltve, or l hom...d th r ~. '..y replte t..rm were rt-,wllm J. Bowen, on nmn lrm n th. Atembly.cerd. t w leved tht fnn- furnthed hm fb-eond Vce Frsl- Wllm N.lron Rnnyon... born rr«.m«,l, would hve lob. drt JmmThorn rn. -howm n thl. cty on Mrch S 87 on fmly wut.nco wh.n Plnfeld th pnrptwe. Mr. «whl «t.- K»». ««-«. tb. Kt. jrhornn. Mr.-wr Oott- grduted CHub lst nght. n spekng her lleb Her* ent*tre Newrk dstrct Stte onon full report ths dscusson sent ndnpols n prtl explnn ltd st, communcn from Pres- dent Bowen stte tht both sldn n th rgument hve mde mstken. dd could n hv pd. *u r more, he sys, c- n Bhe cty n tkng ke contrct yy from Wn P. F. Kenny Compny gvng t P. F. Kenny s n n- dvdul, ws not t he proper proce- dure should cll full lnvee- _ t on. n concluson, he sserts t would good thng tk th mt tr courts, n tho cty hs declred t wll do. M ths wltl brng out th full truth th entre con- troversy. Boroghtes Re-elect Myor Smlley; Gve John C. Cooper Fltterng Vote lnes. Th tl leglstrn bout 3,700. more thn.00 thn lst yer whch, course, bg cuse ts g tl yer were not rek"tered. 400 *re expln- horw<> dow d bv solder* n vrous cmps lh# nccldent o n from hm fvor Wllm. Smlloy w - ht Mmsertl. oppol ClM hundrod frt ol~t~l. tb. boroo K h rht ] n McMrtry. eomrylll.. Jnll North Pl.lnfl.ld.wtUon J. Sthl Frnk Mobu wm l*. Hrold Rock.f.llow, dhtw th.j}. h. r, nd ~, n trd pnrtnorhlp complctn om.rult followed bul n.turdy. H w onoppoml rc-.lurd lo th. North Plnfeld Con- on *. n bo: Benjmn Dnunchy. con- wllh m mthpr th.mpne th. b~«l om. penllr mnner th er wnntrel full role 950. nlec-cll. " d*** du-lor th. cr: Oeore A. Chp- fcnftwn nl^. <% rbl* swn. (bout, rlhtlu teu n mddle ot,tlon w wden- mnn. penr.r on h. trolley, end...,v.,... V. JudR. Clrence c. Cne, Bom- qnlet. llk Pln- errule. who w lrtd 8tt. B»n- n feld, th. bler on. or d. [r on th. Rwnblfnn tlckrt. rwwl- referendum* mny te crow" l lenee. Of cdtes locl fce. Confrms Report MHtTH PHNFELD BOROUGH md ol honor, who wore orlhl/r-; l «ndor«d dlnm tffet llrer lre. lo!loll~l plrtnte ht purple ponn. relrel 8h. rrrd llver elklnr tlrk tc... whlrh w ttched bouquet rlo-) hm. A eont t d-».lop~l lt orchd. Thr. two Fourth hobh prtl«h ws th»emocrst ld * - *> ««- rl*. Junt wht s. /l tr ot r tun t.un u uvt bc*n *cetn d s.ommun,rted Mry n«hcr. Somervlle, who r* n - regstered up frst N'ovem- «*»d l, yellow rdum tf- tut *" *** fe, tlmo th.r. h.v, * Off pcture hts prpl* *,r * f,h. *?!*!?...- en mny ddnl ronuglons re- rnlrt fred wth noth lt- '"«' "....' "'j! lport~l Unt on wrd t Muh-. Ech crred slver wlkng dstrct* tht he mght prove -rk.d boqnnt~~yellow ehffy«*^ >» * '""*! - 't Grven hd secured tls r -el c- tlon mjorty qf 303 Uld Mnnng, bror brdegroom, cted s t mn»h* srs were Wllm Brggs, d Lore ux. Oeorg Endlcott Mnnng, ll hu cty. As weddng prty proceeded up sle front churrth orchestr composed hrp, vo- U 'cello rendered.oheo- grtn nrch, durng th ceremony Htyed Schurt'* Serende" A» prty wthdrew. Mendelssohn's nrh w th ccompnment. Followng ceremony recop- **o» w«held t th home hrlde s mor on Mdson venue. w ttended Urge num- r reltves frends from h cty, Newrk. New York. Brook- *T». Somervlle. Bonnd Brook plcet. Dy. Newrk, ws ** eterer. th decorns. t church home re rhrles U Stnley, thlsj^ rt r. At clow, th recepn *r. Mrs Mnnng left **ddlng trp, destnn One gretest ll surprses n dy's result «gret com- plmentry vote gven Wlter Frtbrook. * cdte As- sembly on Prohbn tcket. Vote fter vote mrked "No" on sloon referendum w found cross oppolte Flrstbrook's nme. ndctng tht voter ws gvng prohbn frendly bllot Frtbrook secured tl 335 votes n th four wrds. Che lrgest mount wter wgon" dldte hs ever secured n Pln- feld full returns locl c- dte* were mm follows: Cty tresur- er. Arthur E. Crone. Republlcsn- Democrt For Coundl-t- lrge. L *H* R- ^ort. Republcn- Democrt : Peter J. McDon- ough. Republcn Cbuncey Hlght. Republcn Trery. Democrt. n'krlnoy. Democrt. 942 Hugh.003: Smuel Wrd coun- Chrle* B. 2>4; Recond w cllmen: Frst whc. -m., ~ on return- Smlnck. Republcn rmldtr. MMWL '' jrjl. Mr.Mnnlnc, hlldlnff rn.rrt.r, '- «b.,., Vn n n Pl.lnfl.-ld D «. Domorrt..78 *nd North Plnfeld. He tns lwyn "ded n ths ellv. H, hrldn lmlo ntlvn Pllnflelder l rtromo- lr ponnlr n l-ee rlr-lo frend,. M TOH N OO.T.TRON: 04N-TPANTS FSPAPE H ARM. Ford ntnoble owned bv Both* young people were r * n, *mlv^ ^n" k^' n *, n,j noth"/ m.'bl^-; Dlgno-tr work 92 cull»th utful ssortment '/JJ^ErtlSghg Hrry Brors n.l exnmlnod durng nth vprlng slver, ent gl lenrg Hosptl s flled t c- pcty th "sun" prlor buldng s ng used house lttle ptents. At present tme re re seventeen dlphretlc. ng treted t nsttun, ges rngng from few yen. ' grmmr school ge Two deths hv oecurrred n ten dys, but t present tme no on re n serous condn. Tho nord Helth s mkng Avry eft heck spred dsess Che fcers leve y hve succeeded cse hve not boon confned ny specl qurter elty but seem pretty well rftered As ner s rn lerned t present tme, frst rse* orgnted n one school severl tht followed were pupls who hd en n th sme buldng. Bord Helth's full report dseses nspecn* durng month Ocr * gven s fol- lows: Communcble dlse*e Resdent*, dphr, 5: dphr crrer.. chcken pox. 5-: turculoss. : eer - hro spnl menngts. ; whoopng cough. : tl* 24. Non-reMdents. dphr. 3: turculoss. : tl. 4. Twenty-one dsnfecns were done n fourteen houses durng month. n whch rhrty-thre rooms wero dsnfected. n ddn four crrges were dllnfcrd nlture. fr- ml oppmwf nomnn bccomo th F. U C Mrtn Compny t Prk Rrpnhllrnn nomlnno Conrsn-lrnm rc. Lr h«rtblhth- n th Ffth fltrlrt At thr -4 hn.lno.. hl own on Wot Soptmhor prm.rlr. n tht yr o.; slxtymoonf trt. Nw York, whr PllnOldr dft.l Chr N. h w. vry urnfnl long Fowler bv n ovorwhrlmlnc vot. but tlmo. n rrent yrn h bd boon w n trn defd Wllm E. tmvellnff rpromntnutn tho Tuttle, th# Domocrtc nontne. Hr l errlo. Mor Cor Compny wth tln rn Conr*. n SS bu hod«t'or. n phlldlpblo. n lost out lo Mr. Tuttlr rrond lm 'h. rp^lly h... rrntly -nt hl Dmorrllr "llldo Europ rrlurnnd hot n bort tht nve Mr. Tuttlo rrond term n """»"h rontrnrl Perln tho llonr Rrrnttltw. Mr 'trurk. tffrntln mor thn mll- tnnvon drllnrd lo brrom Con-l'u" dollr.- Thr m.rhln. ro h- rrlonl n 94 but njbullt thr Brtsh French ffov- nrnted run th A -.rnmrnt. Hr... leder th. m- n " rln «M«reldnncn n Plnlnflld. jorltv n lh Ammbly t tho 9 Mr. Steurwld mde hl homo wth lon dlmh.nd dute. ">«'»' *» FTndl.y t h. rrl- th posn wth mrked bllltv drnc on Eot Berond.tret. Lst unm roortry. Ho ~-rrcd..mondy w. tho flrt lm h. hd rh.lrm.n tho rommlt on Judl-horn n thn cty l llro yor o rlrv rulo. On ths ocron hr dropped n t tho Elko' elob on Wt- hodod ho Ropnbllr.n tlekot chunontl» nmod tho reson hl ftlhfnl fulfllment "w Mond. wth whom h. o.rh.u- ohtlktlon n olflre»m honored 'd rdotl. tht h. w. on h. wy wth recond thrd rm,frm Phldelph Nw York. t Senr-elect Rnnyon l memr, wr bout n hour hlf fter Anehor Lodo. F A. W.: ho lt rho bulldln thnt tho l~ Plnfeld -ode Elb pero- phono mor.rr w. rr~v~l Stew, vornre xdro, Knltht Pythl*. rd Edwrd Soorlne rlvlne tnmn- ll ths rlfr. n Whlrh he hs.hon ftl ccdent. born ronlouo worker. Much. rurror tho Plnfeld Elk" revert, hck tho dy. when ho wor REV. ML GPLCK TO LECTURE. tho evld ruler und ded n put-] Rev. Sdney Oullrk. who l well-. tne he orcnlrtlon on mound known n Plnfeld throughout p Md wthn th lmts tho fnnrll momherhlp hl. Mr. nld Slte* n n ble lctur- po,tfleo s crred r two ront. hot Ttnnron l lo momher Yle er. wll pek e Mondy Af- th, *t t e r eolne outsde lmt, dub. New York, Grdute ternooo Club, lo tho Congregnl locl otfeo Bosn. Newrk' On!) Now Horen. rhurrh next Mondy fternoon, bo- o,hcre nut now' bor throe L_ gnnng t 3:45. l subject wll bo potngo stmp. Ugg tvnrttll n*8cf "Orentl mmgrn." Through! Tho l llnfeld po"tflc w rusb- O,, Of ml h." n- "j,lc k' cnulnlnro wth M, h flnt, t h. old t-o^tnt Plnfeld -PdFO Elko_»«;ufct. he. brngng bout he,. ^..c E.P~tlly dd r understng tween th Unt- th#l poltcns hurry r letter- ed Sttes Orent lls lw- wr f ns n order ctch mlls W. N. Pn shorn. Den*. Ackor Pro., Senr ; Wllm Lnser. Prt*.. tl vote 82: Homel. Proh.. surrogte, receved T vote n fve Assemblymn, receved 76 dstrcts. Dstrcts Stle Senr: Clrence E. Cue. Rep.. Peter B. Hll. Dem Assembly: John 8. Amnrmn, Rep.. George T. Hughes. Dem. Surrogte: J. C. Cooper. Rep Clvn ). McMurtry. Dor. n fve dle- Totl pssenger on trolley, ~l,«- /( rtt nme Nelson A rod. 8teur«M... - r... voters ho Thnm, Wtt, uo us ledng wll lm V Runyon ** 0 0 r fr n> bs s t when crsh frst oc- th brook hd no referendums ed mjorty 366 n borough Front,re, wh.n,j,hr frm ",od n J,l, cured led un hl hed lth.rrlt. h. popnurw. John B. Amorm.m Republcn, fr urrd bort dl-. hvh tn. M nn bn.» rh lorrlllc fop o tht h ws mm- John C. Coo pr. whooo homo l n Aembly. rocolrod Jfff mjorty, nvl -rvlc. Th. oth-r Top (rom h, m.l u. Hr klled North pl.lnflold. mod. n bg rn Th. rollowtn* ro tho l tht och get n on elecn brno Tb Jury horln th cse nclude.! m. r onn-lor n 00 Mr. Roy notfed Chef Pollen tho onrrognhtp Somerset conn- cdte receved r own llstle-nee* but whm. PrrderlrV \. Rnrr Algnt Log T -, o-nr-olrrl g frst tntrndnr Bmd. nf West Ornge, who rush- ty. hut lost ot l tho or dstrct" trtet, reflled wht bg fght wn. on! r f pomneld llnd O oln»,. Plnfeld -d 0 th scene rrldont wth counclmn Ho ws elected n l«9" hutnro. t ws found tht two ver. but resgned fter 'here w no possble chnce tho servng twelve month. n order Untunte mnn tho poller olb- hevotno.4tv Judge, hvng en r r hd th. body removed Kun s r\«.. r* ow-t^fft n l S99» bu creed n nrg W j norgue t West.Ornge. An Klks' Uphtnen LpemC r,,. v * Who ded n olllce. He held memrshp crd furnshed tho ldon- th rltv Judgohlp twelve yers.,uy rh " vctm. Tl.-er ol Ul.bllW.lng on. nf tho mot com-wve notfed hr Ocr report Pln- mendblr rreord ny mn over 'hr ltter nmed Stry.d's tel. - holdng th. plce. Through hl orlg-»"'» Tho body ws brought th. nnovn* w r n- undertkng room* J, J. C. A. trduced n tho hlng ctyhggln, n thl rlly. Tndy. Mr. rses fhnt hove snce boon bg he!p!'", * lrw **, f f", F*«old fcls defendnt, lke * d fre! cme Plnfeld n 908. Mr Runyon wo* hve boon elected " " espert umoble mn gn n 90 hut declned tho nn-l*" d,or * '"O' w ** employed Horry J. Reere. Dem -Rep. Moyor: W. L, Smlley. Rep Ommcfln *: Frnk Mobus. D«m Sthl. Rp < Plnkelders Lx n Affxng Postge.. lrge prt mll gong through tho Plnfeld potfro d- dreused or fces b n de- lyed pst week cuse ln- uffclent postge. t l not thor- oughly undersod, yet. tht lt- ter ntended delvery yond trts Plnfeld poocc must r poet ge mountng three cents. One dy n thrd outgong mll hd hot old two-eent stmp thne letters hd returned wrter f r ddressee were on letter or rubr stmped postge due. n tho ltter cne extr penny he collected from person recevng letter. A tetter ntended delvery n... But t Am rfc*n Lnel Womn g* tft Pr* 9 tt nml dnr b held B Wtt-bne nvenuo club- house on TYursdv nght. Novemr he both ntereetne sod e th letter, hd her penny s worth postge. dghl Th. Hodden rnr... whch 70.ere po..u.e: mlr,.. dte"h "n' gdcn over,0 SB ^ turned completely over t.dly typhod fever.. rernlnr Thnk.rtvtne p, r rent. mkng tl m. t r two cent. n post tret Pllnflold nvrnue t» < 0 ^ _..,..**** Thnksgvng v. hnt tkl er Br# ^ twenly. flvo ^ t*. dmffed but Bn two p M n- gorn. womn hlld. * «n d wth only ertrh bkng up.' Th Brry cr hd on who! dl*h d mnor bro*kg. H th no <* p d unhrmed Ptrolmn Noln ppered on th e«n hortly fter th ccdent oc- «d ordered both dhver pper n th elty court dy. Th followng k ummrdy <> r memrs. n * h, occlon r th nkpeeflon* md durng th _,j, b0 pr *lonl entertnment month: Mlk upply. 82; food pply. Bnd B turkey *upp r 252: nn*n K. 398: generl work. 799; com m on le b d oe, 248: dl- nfpctlon. 5; plumbng. 23: tl *r«nly-«lght cent. Tho crd wth but op -c nt stmp cnnot go througb th mll* snce th new rte* b cm ffectlv nm 99s A4V. MONRT TO LOAM, ltrnc. 09 Depot Holy Nme Socety Gves Bg Beneft A crd prty entertnment L gven th St. Mry s Holy Lne Socety lst Mondy evenng t e K. Hll. Th wnner* euchre, fve hundred pnochle es receved very pproprte prses. About two hundred people were n ttendnce, sd t w Someth n* new sd novel w l- troduced th chrmn mtt, ply. "A Modern Mt- * n whch thro young men who re memr 9he Holy N d ty ok th prts: Fred Chrles Wrd Joseph Ollghw -* pronounced ll one' et comedy ply over stged mteur*. On th prtculrs tho permnce ws th fct tht lthough "th undertkng busness ded one t Lke lve porson run t." commute n chrg f- fr w*: Edwn Bnlllvn. chrmn; me Lery. Edwrd Medn. J. Outtrldge. Ohrle Wrd John PoWeHon. Th Holy Nme Socety pln gve nor ply l th ner future, but t preeont hv not de- cded Just wht ft wll bo..llgher)

2 TONY LUSAJtD. JR. U W Fro. * fl«. TbotM OonnecUom. Bn On Trvl Horses Stll OSWALD'S OSWALD S PERSONAL West End Cmp Crtcsm Bg Fcr n Smuel J. Tv«nrly ol leured. t Wnl ^ SATURDAY Srge Wrehouse J. Tverner. merly s ssured, lthough t wu 22 LEE FLACK. ctves Dx :hs cty, but yet e she B»ble JOHN» JOHN WTWZXNRUCD, jm PLACE. WNZNEUD, Pr Wgng Wr k*. but now or Bosn Sp.. N. Y hs t SPECALS. Prop. rnt ^electve* ned led r Cmp fcer* Dlx re fcers gnst ng wth frends en n spendng wn. He wll pst return week r. Mrs. Edwrd J Ve Chocolte plntn, H.39c MOVNG VANS! wrtng ; home vocng complnt* complnts York >rk Stte ltter r pert pr Vest Thrd street, hve --. Btter Sweets, Plntn. Sweets.R> lb.... b S9«xt week. Colt nbus. O., two week* GENERAL Asst. O. M.. TRUCKNG jorer trvl mtters n r cmp A nt. Chocoltes O. 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He h Jnt returned Brttle. Covered b. penut j re. Knt Secom Mry* church." Rev. V»t Coconut Kssos, b..-...hv. mlned hs l>om< Get t desre deprtment regrdng pnt, merely memory Wrght.wn lter ellt home. Cocout Kms, >..».d Cmpll, St. Joseph^ Crsp, b J»c snr.h objecns ore ng dopted lnt occsonlly n meger re- Thor A. Moore, Kt Second Crlp, b J pst H M(M)V SPECAL cun men gnst ny undue nter fr. m como one nt.strut. ubl Wrtghtswn, Wednesdy," *. Molsses Coeonut Klses, complnt from m.» fnd* pssng rem* llness hs durng en CO mned p.t week. he home He Mol MONDAY sum* Coconut SPRCAt Ksses front port «E th. te dy wth Rev. Fr Joseph Boce, Runyon Co. 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Rlsn, psr Nethrlod Remed church, t hl pr- (hkhteed Stsfcn. "Tlu- followng slng dcnry U treted, eted. operted or on brought *tlve«t New Germnwn.. Weldng Also Al»o Delen Furoltr Bought Sold. AUTOMOBLE REPARNG Tnted td ln n Cmp Grnt Trench bck helth wth ll t consdern-; lster Hmln. Verdon uonge. brdegroom s solder Fnndtere Bought Delers n Second-h Bold. md publshed d Y. M.ltlon tho nns gve r wound-j wound-!street, street, hs hs en e-confned Qned hfw home Nnl Army now stned 320 Wert West (Upstrs) *. A. publcty bureu- j*d men. Thouss horses, Gvett's t ;. brokbrok-jdrlnb durng tjhe pst p* ten dys sever sev«t Cmp Dx. * Over Front Gvett s Street Sre. (UpUtn). Scentfclly Done t nullyehe To Bellyche To compln. cn down dow under terrfc strn or'ttck rheumtsm Mr. Hmtlnd Mrs. Frnk McGeegn. Telephone Bllr.d Sentenced Blnd Sentenced hy ly court-mrtl conrt-mortu wounded nded n n bttle, ro re constntly re- re-jn n recently resgned resnned hs hs posn posttfo South Second street, re entertnng OTEENCRAFE'S TEENCRAFFS o feture py wthout confne- eonflnt rllned.nert n n ths wy. A vst wth th nterborough Rlwy - Com ltter's prent. Mr. Un. nont. horse se hosptl U s one one nterest- ;pny ccept one one wth locl - - John McKy, Dmds, Ont. Th«WHY NOT HAVB YOTJB SOMERSET MERSET GARAGE B<e Prudentl vsrs wll return home fter nls work requres M skll et equpment both whch jou wu fnd HERE. We hle boler work, cstngs ll ort. n lfoost ll metls prte. More prt, etc so «w wbcd nythng breks tht s mde metl our "oxy-acetylene" weldng sves rel money tme. Prompt QUEEN CUY CTY GARAGE 209 Est Ffth St. Thne 2332 Opm Open Dey Dy Rght. NgU. Mde To Order Grnte Mrble Works f you wnt ror w»#k»o JOHN J. BROWN Mttrsss Rsnovthg Works Worb 4TH n SOHMOBD OCT. TVm.lO. UTH SUTS $5 up T. L L. GRFFTH*, GRFFTHS, Prop. Prop, CAJUTfllM AKPETS LAD AND MADE MADS OVER VACUUM CLEANNG CJKA S'G DONS HOCSB Aumoble Pnt Pntm Try DONE AT THE HOUSE fry Vm For Good desmagg. flmmln. DO YOUB WORK AT ONCE.. flng's Grge CLOTHES All Sute mde yoor MM Workmnshp Ft Gurnteed.. SHRAGER TALOR 2 Mdson Ave, Low Cost Sourn Tours se Tour nclude Low Fre Tours mels room ccommodns mel sttebord comts stemer hlls bll, lrge socl.nd brod decks. Eleven Dy our ^. ^ v ' *65 40 w *. slemen New York nce Key West "Over *'*.( j,' V \ f ^, *v_ Eleven Dy Tour ' SCC40 Crcle OD Tour New York ro Key W»» '. Vl ' stemer, nce "Over - ""--, - *& ^. Se S- Rlwy Rlwy" Mm. 4 >J «*,' -/."' *' ^ '^-"^ ', Est Return Cost through resorts Flord sonvlle nce Clyde Stemer New Jck- ^ Yo sonvlle nce Clyde Stemer New York. Fve Dy Tour $ 5 Nrw os 05. Jcksonvlle vllr Clytfe Clycfc S-^r Stnwft {trtum Atf.L Op trp* York f.mou lo ^ckonvllo *ohnn fprn rr«ol». Clyde re«jrts. Lrl Stumer, Lb-tl»:op-ovf*t {t-run. prvlcgr». AU Rm. Opmnel Obcr Oth««lv r Rt* Tours Cub. etc- le Wnle»ttr*nve Wrte for ltrrturr Low Rtl.- Totn lull nmn. lo Cub*. Por Rro. Snfo Domng... A. W. PYE, Pssenger Trffc Mnger CLYDE MALLORY Y LNES Per 33, 36, North Rver, Kver, New York *2-46 SOMERSET ST. Wnter Srg< Srge AT A FLAT SATE OF $0.00 FOR THE SEASON Plnfeld Crpst Grpst Qshng G?hng OS HOSB STKEBT. ML J.J.&C.A. J.J.&CA. mm HKGWS 09- W. Fourth St. DSPLAY OF Wen's Fll Hts ALL STYLES. PRCES WLL SUT YOU. PRCES WLL SDT YOU. J. R. BLAR, 9 PARK AVE. Fr* Clss Accommodn! Telephone Connecn. Frmers' Fnners Hotel JACOB BLMM, Jr, Prop Somerset St., Bootlck To ftuer. Bon- eg Cvlrymen. Orderly Gtvln lothng. Bunkle jj shelter lter ''.'' : A solder who shres cjom comrde, Bust To fed sned Bust 7 oned fl >, fcer! fcerf erj redoes nonrommu- t0 tne er*!* grde * pr- Butcher compny brr. CU Cvl Crwl To dnn DOE robj- NB. whch h twelv (An fensv. U n llot wll < meetng c rk Bord Trde skhts n Frnc lny h '«come from Unted Sttes. 'trrtnu: her wr hd hrdly Btrted elm'ss Mlle Humphrey, Oneld. A-rns buv ll horses y ley. Mrsbllwn. ow. md Crusher nfntry- 000 mul Mt lpped brosd sln ' Ang Cen Muhfosptl. >r fcer n post, regrlnc knowledge res- f m re unft For tme lst week Mss Crney Unted Stt lttle more thnjen confned snce ng crushed fltry lw; loqucous K er o wld;ws not eo well but ths relpse hs,-erht heghten overcome her full recovery Slm A Slum A vegf' Sowlly Bcon. met or vegetble stew. > Strker A solder who works. o fflcer. Top fcer. Wgon sergent Frst solders Lght sergent.. or feld r- -A trumpeter lll lldnu ( OYKtNOCM AND LOAN. OVT NVTATON. slble. Tourng C\AMP DX.*WRGHT8TOWN. procured cr prvte trnsportn prt lew. Cmp 76-J. Ht Rs telephonng resonblos. Ad* UrtrtO AMT nx,wmohtstowx. Hrng cr prvte prtes cn procured trnsportn unp D telephonng 8O8O or 76-J. R rwflonfbob. Adv. tf y Thnk strvng. Mchel nl;u«. Perth Amboy. Wlson, West Front whch hs en horse mrket hs returned treot. who underwent *n opertlm d he lst three yers. bs bror. Hugh HgRns, West ndlctls t MnhenrK Hosptl. Mondy tu reported dy s ndeed hs en Front street.. hll F«Vll Jege drve dong ncely. trod n ConRres U. hs e George Anderson, Putnm «voe. wll leve morrow n tr- pst week wtr ended trp Pcfc cost l he nterest* * New Tork ftnn whch he s employed. P. c Orretson. Rorkvtew twee, t borough, hs returned from extended trp Wshngn «nd her prt# Pcfc cost. Mrs. Homer Hendrlckson. Chtm plce, retnrned tbls week tnm monthf vst wth Bster n Sy»- use, N. Y. nd Mrs. Abrm J. Hooley, he boroueh. who hd pln&m leve re Cln some but were compelled Ollfomls Compelled none pootpoe tme go. postpone Of strt t mst jrc- terdy..left Thov tho y wll Pcfc b roeot jf»wy from^ lnfleld pertps yer or more. nld not hve tken t lme lst ye r lne Mln horses shlj rod [hs ork drop ded fro t ejt-dys when t w» lterlly brek hs hert t ble cqure q e n ns three yers >vlng wrd, lwys mkns f t we docrs re gettng experence tht,c..m..m. f66.0u mules wrd. n Englsh mny mportnt dlscoverle edle, Frnce pprently bou lt st!rtllery would mpossble wtbo ve en mde. f lot. she pd verge r d. nothng cn move gut As t cvlry, tht brnch 2;S7 her horses. Gtt Brtn BO rpdly. more rtllery servce s more or leu my*, pd 28 C tes whch, tl tery. 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3 : One Hundred Forty-eght Nmes A rompln ll grdutr or mer memter tho Pln, A compln ll grdute or mer QerB Pln- fteld Hgh Srhool School now n n ervee servce nele Uncle Sm Sm lonontr demonstrtes tht tht Plhfold Plnfeld nsttun h hs one tho ' bggest "honor rolls" khe entre 8ttr Stte. A fur fr s cn le lerned, young men n M hve hve entered vrm vrous brnches rmy nvy t t s leved re re lre re mny mny more more who. vrous rcon, resons, hve not not en lsted. n n ddn young young men re re lo lso x sx mer Hgh School grl grls who re re dong r ""bt" " ervng servng s Red Cross nurses n n feld or or bse hosptls. se young women re: Evelyn Mnley. Muley, Alce Stryker. Stryker, Elsth Elzth Mcly, Mc-ly], Me Me C- Choone, Mdelne-Evn -Evns Hzel Humble. 42 Hgh School boy boys,, ger wth thbr r el clss yer, r brnch hrnpl boose, servce or dt s fr s obtnble s gven low: servce or dt s fr s obtnble s gven low: Nm* Glss Brnch Servce or Locn Rnk Clss Brnch Servce or Locn Rnk Fred Alen Allen M3 '3 U. S. Trnsport Aeolus 2nd Clss Cls Semn Teld Ble- Nvl Reserve 2nd 2nd Clss Clss Semn Semn Clnn Berren 7'7 0th Feld Meld Artllery Corporl Edwrd Bngmn Ex. *0 0 Medcl Corps, Vosge Mts., Frnce Rlph Bngmn 05'05 Medcl Medel Corps, Vosges Mts., Frnce Stnley Bellows M5 '5 Avn, Prneen Prncen Alrt Brynrsk 3'3 Medcl Corps (Rnbow Dvson) George Bloch S *5 Grdner Brsl 2 '2 8th Engneers Rlwy Prvte Prvte Lorenzo Loreno Brower Ex. Ex. 8 '8 Mosqu Fleet 2nd 2nd Clns Clss Semn Alv Brownlee 6 6 0th Feld Artllery Prvte Prvte Buckle Jmes Bnekle 3'3 Nvl Mlt 2nd 2nd Clss Clss Semn Semn Vlnt Wllm Burke 3'3 Ellott Ex.0 Burr Butler Ex. 0th UOth Feld Artllery Corporl Sdney Bntler Botler 9 9 loth 5th nfntry, N. N. Y. Y. Prvte 3 Wrren Boler 3 Avn School, Prncen Wrdner Cnlfleld Crpenter 2 '2 0th Artllery Corporl John Culfeld F.x. Ex. M3 '03 0th Feld. Artllery Joseph Crty 3 3 Nvl Mlt 2nd 2nd Clss Semn Fred Chmrln 5 5 Cost Artllery Prvte Frnk B. Cockbrn Clrk 4 4 Nvl Reerve Reserve 2nd 2nd Clss Semn Roger Coekburn 5 5 Artllery, Annsn ADD Prvte Wllm Coyle t Medcl Corps st Sergent Wllm De Dnels. Ex. Ex th nfntry, Yphnk Prvte Elmer De Hrt 5 5 Avn, El Pso Tony Dennson Dewey ~*3 -*3 nfntry, Yphnk- Prvte Burnett Rort Dewey Done * 4 Medel Corps. Corps, Frnce Brnett Evns Donne 2 2 Nvl Reserve 2nd 2nd Clss (lss Semn George Crl Evn Fsher 4 4 U, 8. S. Army Hosptl No. 5 5 George Dvd Ftch Fsr 08 '08 Cmp Dx Jmes Dvd Ftch Flemng 8 8 f. U. 8. S. Trnsport DoKlb DeKlb st st Clss Semn Jmes Arthur Flemng Force *00 0th Feld Artllery Sergent Estey Arthur Foster Force 8 Avn Estey Frncs Foster Footer *5 Avn; Sgnl Corps CorpB Rort Frker Frncs Foster 08 Seventh St. Edgr Freemn Rort Frker Ex. 9 Ambulnce Corps, Frnce Howrd Edgr Freemn M7 Stewrt Howrd Freemn M6 "06 Joseph Gvett Stewrt Freemn 06'06 Rort Joseph '06 Engneers, st odore Gvett 06 Engneers. 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Nvy Yrd Nchols Zelm Zelms 0th Feld Artllery, Annsn Annstdn Prvte John Zereg Bse Hosptl No. No. 0, 0, FYnce Frnce st Clss st Clss Prvte Prvte Dewtt Swsekhmer Rwckhmer Fort Sm Housn, Texs, Avn Mxwell Rchrds Fort Slocum, Avn Elmer Huntng Avn, Prncen Elmer Huntng Governor Edge To Mke nqury n lost enuredly feels _.. necessry cn H wll relle-ve stun provde cwhtrh re composed hoys f th nght ;nze t esty commodns men drfted ths cty. Mke nqury n n servce months go," tfw* th* r re lso no re re vcnces d n thp en- sgnng comms fcers Gow gneer'compnes -.les er new rmy pln, but t t hs en bout sx weeks snce re wv«t Army xlneer v t * compnon rmp Cmp Dx. D*. whch Nnl lso lso* Mlt Trnsfers sme tme we shotld lke opport lst detl, surely n hy Pllnfleldr ty fer suggesns cuse weeks, f contrcrs were dolnpc sx [populted dong StrneKorpher*. prtly Stenefphers. horseshoer* hy Pllnflelder* horseshoers n'l mr- : n long Edge h r duty t ll,. suffcent extr ; wth New Jersey troops. defnte n sppng f l "f or nblty jurters should hve en completed pleted pxlr chnlc come memr* ll knd* re urccd enxlneorlnu l»e-. defln... Tho fct purpose tht Governor sloppl* Edxe on h n, on? experence elbow-rubm we know somethng bout nsn, Al., he goes lter r fl hy Serjent Foster. r specl qulfcns, whch. eotrdo, f tb«obstncy or nblty corp &rrscnt Fn-t«T. ; (Annsn. Al. when he *oe* nter n V. k?,«, h ' b t. contrctng frm, ng well pd, course, should hve mportnt r Of tb tt«reson reuon froo>. Two r»fflm**nr* mner* rt* **-.ttn month Memphs. Tonn...-,holr flrn thl, f ln) thlp nexcusble j *r*u p dely. d > h. speelnl tjtlllllrntlon.. whrl., t'cddlngs severl reltve! P**don PUflon suggesn, t mny or Sttes Unon hvrf,'ffl mde known dy, when he d- me re, s n mmedte rer hd consderbly lmer percentge >ntc«* hvd nc tmweronnd nrrnnlxcd. worker* one l*c n< mde up or tj rz: h r d,rr,ut: u ltd fcl objects n«sncetlon. s n mmedte t would reme- seem tt." Edge"ln ts thn n hs h qnnrrrnerf. Kven thou** who hve nlt. tht one om.. ohlerte ' p.vhe r h nhlvton' tr. declred Governor Edxe n let- vst, Cmp M<Cle!len Pnwo«t Mrsh) en then from New Jersey:!, r e:.. only onn one *vo * ve er nre ellelm** elchle. y y my my le nqure Tor CroTder prott l per cent. only reson n >«le rollclllo fnellc mrrhlne. hut wll he hs mture n Cnnp resons McClelln wll, resented ""* t -? No. r *,"* terse,- r, T * nterest, "> r nno l ths, n underst t from Generl t ClclQ - -- "* gnst EB cf>nlnueu ue Kennedy. s. frst,' slow process»sendng Cmp nx bl complen encmpment '^rs ny would- tke l- Crowder ter dy t Pro%o? Wshngn, Mrshl protestng Generl rqerl bo vtnb!«e n n rlcw vew or r know know!- - trsnsfer certn New Je,e, olh- posn t would tke would n hrmony wtt hs experen * tr 0Mly txlnt contnued dely nlnc. v my enne r r prxlrp servce * Protests Totest* hve come executve Rcutve m mer wshes." pmen\ c«p. Ht t tnnlne. locl stn. Th«*v lso my on-' rm New unt, Jersey t Nnl rmp Gurd - w h W * (n rt). o Cmp )lx blnce <»f New Jersey's quot under th' t, e flure re cmltln* Recrut s J*t!»«**t!ro Jersey** quot under th j se- se WOMEN'S HOSB MSSOX drft. Government supply unms. m* now or«pn mor p**crt* rt* ell- nf*»re nr result tho Reprn WftMFTS OMF MSSON Toe Governor drft. Governor wld sd f ers dely dely s *c- Perhps ltter could bo remeded rble jn n Elt onrc f"rflnneny^ [f!;^' OOSVEKKSCE AT SKWAHK pdb d -'Mo Jon t once. rhuffenr* my ' ntne commssoned fcer* <>\K:RK\«T AT NTAVAltK. ***ly J l c" rd'xom t rl thou. f "qurters were redy, d ths " cnllt enlst Twenty-nnth trn trn dl- Nnl Gurd from r old «Wjmen. lfrtlnx mny severl m dl- E ;hem Pllnflcl'lthous ~Thp~"snn n f tl PB Newltter, ree, would seem thr vwon,,**. mny' vson. renllrr comm*, most ferlor phse t stun." relzes tht con*olldntlon whle Executve consoldn >f unt* untsry "rh* ry conference nnu) meetng conference Women'* Women's Home New- HornMe- S Ms- «*luon wny weeks whom so. xve cx'ectlng up r t'lent ns y merly letter contnued. erlv exsted w* nree*- *jnnnry slnnry Socety Socety wll wll held held n n 'ter- Ptr- ** * "*Ht cmp. jry Rt-Kllng Snkes Adng sry ;» n order tht tht Wr Wr Deprt- s re rernext no\t Wednesdy Thursdy. So- * h N o^ Mn son t t Wesley Wesley Methodhrt Methodst church ch«o rmp. y ro ced n unnrnfthlo njent mleht crry out t. pnn wed remn n nprltbu* dlenen orenl^k»md f orgnzng; lone Mnc* n rected vemher tenth* "j venr 4 H 5. r>. Mr*. Mrs. A. A.. B Government uncertnty MO certn wll cll LV n m. m Conservn Food experts n» Government wll cll m. Wnt Recruts For.rmy expert*, he * lookng wrd street, Wshncn. Wshngn. D. D. C.. C, * ex- d expected ted proeent present spek spek ech ech wth nterent hs An s sme k wll fmles, pt ffect r Snke p" nrers' Assocn, slted se e 7r* wlth keen nterest h* vst An- p*. vernor tnts B. unjuft - men. Oorornor men, n sd n mny thl mnj* cse* * unjust rses r r t ch how Amercn pn sn protest* test protestp mert mke ome uro Roch ester B re tht^r fternoon: Mls Grce Rorhck wll thtdone Wednesdy evenlns n t teret fve r# * ddress ddress t t meetng "S on on morl** * D4 '* * Pt ff et,r * Old 2nd Regment next Jnury, hs ererythlnr everythng possble Bn er " "he clls led cuse Peter drnr. New poelble thb NewJersey hs comm* en done commr ds Wednesdy rvenlnc n nterest 0 f young young peoplw peoples' work. work. y JJ* Governor cll* ttenn * whch re dlly re s gret dem recrutb n Nnl Gurd regj- 0 tke, m wy from r tsks t Cn or KVJOYSO Hl'XTlNtJ TRP. Snke K nk,"»vb t s unptrotc fcers. fleer. rechng protests fce re Adjutnt dlly G««t ents. prtculrly mer Secd Regment, whlrh CotSpny K. kllng food-destroyng rts. wg A ssued sttement t from Governor thls * s prmrly Fed- Fed-re en]oy!ncr hnntlnr trp t Jne-.lne- KNOTTNG om&s lrntnghm, H NTNG TRP, Prk J *** ** Trenn from drfted men ws ssued st Executve fces,o- r.s Brmlothm. Prk *6»ln«t ths condn, nt Gov- v CS n me.n ts t hfls en dy s venue, Rymond Jcks n. " w expln* th» 'ondltlon. explns hl hs letter t> Oov Prod*v n«follows- Pro- ths ety, ws unt whch found tbt snkes re tter thn - venue, Mller-Jckson Rymond Mller-Jckson Au Jckson, Au Compny. Con pny *t r.nror hv : tfnz w B known s 2th nfntry. Vm- plce rts. Of Of course thl * Mrshl he feel* Generl personlly *UUn«'.< repontht Annsn. Al. Sergent Wllm nd hu y snke n grnry s er erl mtter *nd 8 m*«only excuse lew. lew. \V. W. V. V. y y wll wll return retu 0f «tke *tronjj h n n hlf Foster, t'ho locl rmy recrutng worth d o?en rt trps. t would personlly nveeffgtlng. yeftgtlng. fer- Plnfeld Ptnfteld ltter ltter prt prt next "nex on. yesterdy sd tht nord deprve country ng ne scxetlon sueses l my contnued n- week. week. A letter A letter from from m m yesterdy erdy feel «*»«" t * mpertve tht en receved Cht re re tht needed 550 men fll rnks bs gret food conservnst, est terest n n twelfre New New Jer- Jer-stteev re retht tht y y hd hd en en experencng experlenclncold cold tht cme ws plentful but bt l! 'm elnd t Forestry Assocn ev ser troons. troots. Even though v 0 j nthorltle tke proper Nnl Gurd compnes, " elt tbdrwl whch now re under drect federl, ls ttest* d t vlue not wthn tbs th Stte, nr under r Stte wer extent snow- snow tho ' contrct nsure er from wthdrwl b* hs t nkes." jursdcn cr uthorty, th Stte srm. ' * m Avn Avn, Prncen PLANFELD THFATRF= * THEATRE== TODAY AND AMD TOMORROW 2:0-7:00.9:00 TOMORROW 2:6-7:00-9:00 supreme SUPREME Vudevlle 6 ALL STAR ACTS 6 FRST RUN BUS PHOTOPLAYS NEXT TUESDAY MATNEE AND NGHT OUS GUS HLL'S BO BG MNSTRELS 50 SNGNG & A DANCNG COMEDANS NCLUDNG 50 GEO. WLSON. WLSON, EDDE MAZER, WM. H. H THOMPSON Hot Host Or Burnt Cork Stn Mt. 2:S 28c, SSe, 50c Ere. 8:B 25c, SB, 50c, 75c. $.00 SEATS NOW ON SALE Lde*' Ldes' Mtnee Tckete Tckets good ths enggement. Mt 2:5 25c, 36c, 50c. Eve. 8:5 25c, 36c, We 75c. $.00 lettk* or LMwp, «*n or Body» J jemn Kxfth Ktehnt fc r wo rk <k> ne rght t th e vrrj *>>*+* prlcw. V etbry Jb done tn or mbop! GUARANl"BBn. PLANFELD AUTO LAMP AND RADATOR WORKS PLANFELD AUTO LAMP AMD RADATOR WOU Don't Don t Boy Buy Gs Rnge or Preless Freless Cooker untl utl you you hve Been Men Tut THE WONDERFUL WONDERFTTL CHAKBKR8' FRKLKSB GAS AS RAM RANGE. OK. Cook* gu turned Come Cooke wth free tmed f. us Cornce*. n end Cornces, Skylght*. let ue expln. Skylghts, 8h**t Sheet Metl Meul Work. Work, Metl C*U- Celngs, Connecn* n**. Sewer Wter Connecns Qs Fttn*. O* Pt- WNN WDN & HGGNS HGflNS Plmnbng, Hetng, Tnnng Open Evenngs untl 9:00. Tbon* 63. Mke Your Home Brght USE ELECTRCAL GOODS. We We crry everythng n n ths lne ln WRNG WDUNG CONTRACTNG CONTEACTNO ASK US. Ryder & Grves Electrc Co. G) * pr.m. n> AUm B. mt* (V EASTERN BOTTLNG CO guded Ruojrledu'u end experence those whose busness t s plesse publc. We cn dvse yon on vntges cn suggest st brs st r prces. No order o smll our ttenn. Among Mlt verge*, we strongly recommend Bl mne's Newrk Beers Ales, fmous everywhere Purty, Strength flvor. SECOND ST. AND CENTRAL AVX TeL Plnfeld 837

4 PLANFELD RECORD. FUBUSMDCQ COMPANY, nro.»3n«rtk Amu. ALBERT F. LA ROOK, Pre. ud Oen- Her. Phone 983. Subscrpn Rte. One yer $2-00. Pyble n Advnce. AH dv. copy must t Bee not lter thn 5». m. Wednesdy. n^ed kd». chrged t one cent word. Entered s Becond-olw mtter Decemr 20. lttf, t t Plefeld, N. J-, under Act Mrch 3, 879. ' Plnneld, New Jersey, Frdy, Novemr 9, 97. RECOUNT NECESSARY FOB HONEST OPNON. f Plnfeld's counclmen re receve n honest opnon from voters on excse referendum, t bsolutely mpertve tht Unon County Court grnt recount. Fully one hundred sxty bllots were thrown out euse vrous techncltes n no wy connected wth nswer men mkng trvl mstkes. Besde se, re re sd lrge numr solder votes whch cme o lte consdered, lthough n severl nstnces t ws through no fult ender. A dfference one bllot s o smll mrgn Cty Frs tke drstc cn tht s dverse so mny ctzens. Applcn s mde Justce Jmes J. Bergen dy purpose gong over votes gn pssng 'on bllots tht were thrown out. lef exsts tht he wll grnt request. Those n posn know declre wth every ssurnce tht complex wordng refer-. endum quesn ws bsolutely responsble bg negtve reply. Mn fter mn pperng t polls sked nmn on subject, *even when ld how nswer ws unble comprehend wht seemed hm drect contrdcn hs own de. An nstnce developed n one dstrct Frst wrd where "wets" receved dvntge puzzle. bllot cme out box tht ws bsolutely tht Prohbn. voter mrked reguln cross fter every Prohbn cdte, but when t cme referendum hs nswer ws "No." t sts reson tht ny mn who wnt* nothng but "bone dry" men n fce would not sncn contnunce Pln feld' sloons. Furr thn ths, re comes sry from Newrk effect tht one blest lwyers Stte kntted hs brows cme engged n deep thought when sked red referendum query. After he hd concluded hs medtn, he remrked: " cnnot underst why Plnfeld'» corporn counsel llowed.quesn go on bllot n euch m, t s perplexng, sy lest." re hs en consderble tlk s wher or not counclmen wll guded nswer Tuesdy n event mjorty stng s t s. Tht remns wth connclmen mselves. t my not bndng leglly,, but neverless those lredy n fce sd tht y would ccept opnon mjorty ors who wll tke fce n Jnury wll undoubtedly follow sut. TTe do know certnty tht one counclmen nssts tht he wll st Toesdy's vote no mtter wher mjorty dry ws one or one thous, sme st tken f decson should go or wy. on recount. n thn connecn re s nor vewpont stun. Counclmn Smnck, Frst wrd, went on record s syng he would ccept wll people. voters Frst wrd expressed wsh contnue present polcy, quesn rses, shll he ccept verdct people who elected hm fce or shll he ccept vew entre cty! sme de mght ppled Fourth wrd, whch lso went strongly gnst referendum. Now, wll Mr. Bltz Mr. Grves concde wth wsh r consttuents or wll y ccept opnon Second Thrd wrds! Ths my ll oretcl, but (.tll t s pc dscusson my hve Bome mert. n drect contrst wth vote n Plnfeld corne news from Anbury Prk tht populr summer resort wnts "wet." " cty hs supposedly en "dry" mny yers now t declres sloons. bllots on Tuesdy contned referendum smlr tht Plnfeld's. only not qute so puzzlng, t ws crred mjorty more thn fve hundred; or bout two one. re s fly n ontment, however, s n et Legslture encted mny yers go decrees tht no muncplty n New Jersey cn estblsh drnkng plces wthn one mle recognzed ' cmp meetng ground. As Oc.-n Grove s only sne's throw from Asbury Prk hs one st known cmp meetng udrums n ths prt country, Asbury Prk gn fces problem. Severl bg hotel proprers declre y wll trry mttef courts n hopes gettng-b decson on leglty cmp meetng ct whch up ths tme hs never en tested on such grounds s re now fded. mnner n whch mtllng hs en crred on n Asbury Frk s one nstnces whch mke leglzed plces tter wy meet. proposn. Of course, re hve en numerous rrests fnes mposed but ft thrsty vsr shore resort never hd ny dffculty n gettng hs fvorte heverge. "Rpek-cses" pled r secret trde n rer frut sres on mn streets some hotels sold lmost openly, yet Asbury Prk ws ponted out s one sumg plces tht ws gettng lone wthout hrmenn ; bos tht ellng stmulnts leglzed proper- «d. A so-clled "dry wn" s wthout borng efeg. t ws leglze ctzens voted on s referendum. t he ropretted tht Plnfeld dd not rrve t defnte concluson Tuesdy.! As t sts now legl bttle mjrht result, no mtter whch wy t pops dsstsfcn wll exst. Tht t wll men bg ehnpe n Plnfeld sloons po out need not. menned gn. Alredy one hotel proprer whose hostelry s consdered ledng estblshment knd n cty wll close np ts plce mmedtely, kecpnp onty cfe prt- Ths s only one chnges tht wll men A bg dfference n busness lfe bf wn. When ld tht'hs lcense ws n "nn tvern," whch ment tht he hd conduct hotel n order hve sloon prt, he s-sd hve remrked " do not cne. My lcense expres n Mrch, ny wy, Councl cn revoke t now f t wnts <' A R«cord stted e, re ' bsolutely no defense lquor. Prctclly every mn who voted Tuesdy relzes ths fully, but lke ths pper, wnts sell ly conducted, excepn n bsolute frce, s long s er or whskey mde t wll dsposed somehow. Wth Plnfeld surrounded "wet" plces bg metropols drw upon mens wgon delvery, we fl lo see where prohbn referendum wll prohbt. * j,:.. * TWO-PLATOON NOT A "DEAD" SSUE. flure Pl two-p n should not le consdered hy m s ll tme. t ws untunte tht mtter should hve en tken some people n flc lght tht t ws, s we verly leve f ; ctzens hd gven t r personl undvded ttenn y would hve cst fvorble bllot. cry *' not opportune tme M "ptrotsm," s dvnced some nf opponents mesure, were not wthout r effect. Tody sj just s pood tme s ny Or dy gve men decent "work n (f schedule mjcqn ptrotc tlk n rgument ws lst resort those who hd nothng elso fer. men he deprtment conducted clercut cmpgn, mkng no sserns t ny tme tht y could not bck up. commttee ws honest, courteous wthn ts rghts t ll tmes ttempt Courer-News cst dscredt upon men lleged elecneerng flshed n pn. sry s prnted n Wednesdy's ssue tht publcn ws Bmply nor evdence vndctveness ths pper whch smugly mn- Plnfeld's fremen hve tht dum crred t polls Tuesdy ) tht t gve fre lddes "slqu. del.' f tb wnt round when perpetrrs lne up on judgment dy. Courer-News not only held up letters fvorng proposn gve spce those gnst t, but lso stuck knfe n fremen's bcks crude edrl rguments t botm ech pro-communcn, t, s newspper lleges, elecn lw ws dsregrded two-plon dvoctes on elecn dy, dec- 's n fcers Home Gurd men who were t Yonr Prvte Sfe n Our Mssve Vult wll gve yonr vlubles protecn tht y ough bre. Busy Busness Mn ' {_ cn hve ccess hs bos s erly s eght o'clock n mornng " J No mn or womn who needs Sfe Depost Box would ever mss money tht t costs rent one. THE PLANFELD TRUST COMPANY poll- would hve en frst know t. Tht s wht y were plced re f Courer- News knows tht tttey were lx n permng r dutes, t should prefer necessry chrges. Plnfeld wll contnue mke fremen "step chld" ts muncpl employes, but we hope not long. Four or ctes, Elzth, West Hoboken, rvngn South Ornge, ll sw ft gve fthful memrs r fre deprtments requested two-plon severl or plces grnted substntl ncreses n py populr vote. Plnfeld ws only cty turn gnst men hut though proposn ws defeted lst Tuesdy, we leve tht n very ner future t wll crred wth twce mjorty tht ws checked gnst t ths week.. WORKNG HS WAY TOWABD THE GOVERNOR'S CHAR. Plnfeld my justly proud elevn Assemblymn Wllm N. Runyon Upper House Stte Legslture. For pst three yers he hd gven splendd ccount hmself n lower brnch t ws fttng tht he should gven recognn he so rchly deserves. He should hve en Speker Assembly -lst yer would hve en but hs ndependence, (fulty not lkng Essex (.'mden men who do much s y plese t Trenn when workng ger. n hs new cpcty, Plnfeld's fvorte son my counted upon contnue sme sprt loylty people tht hs mrked hs fcl creer n pst. t ws generlly conceded tht Mr. Runyon would secure hs Senrl g bg mjorty, but no one ws prepred flterng vote tht cme from every prt county. Tt s nor ndcn tht ors sde "home folks" pprecte hs worth re "dong ll possble speed hs steps wrd governor's chr. Wht tter mn lhn he could pcked succeed Stte's chef executve two yers hencet s> m m PERTNENT PARAGRAPHS Prom now on he Atterbury." should known s "Att-Boy Snce Judge De Mez hs sserted 'seventy-fve per cent.".cbes cty court rc due lquor wn should go drye. Wonder f he would object cut n slry when busness flls down one-fourth wht t s now* two most mportnt quesns n wn seem "Wht's come cty hll!" "Whose ws tht one vote tht s mkng ll trouble*" re H nor proposn n "dry" quesn tht few people hve spped consder. Wth no sloons n wn no plce get drnk how re dspponted lovjjrs gong drown r sorrows T "Most pedestrns who trvel on Prk venue wll Rnd when pvng s done, unsghtly long ple brck s removed from sdewlk. t would not so bd f obstrucn w-re lphtcd t rght, wlkng Mould less dngerous. One person hs twce nrrowly voded sprnng n nkle steppng f edge nppng n deep shdow thrown on nrrow pthwy hy ple brcks, How mny ors hd sme experence not stted.'* Courer- News. Confdently, Mlle, let's you us strt cmpgn hve brcks put up on front porches untl contrcrs re redy m. MR. MORGAN'S TEN "DEMANDMENTS." Ag mne operr n Pennsylvn nthrcte regon, W. T. Morgn, Hotel Kensngn, ws employer mny men. y were ll. ges, nnltes dsposns, mxture whch elled muter mnd keep m s reductve workng fcr. A trma Mr. Morgn's who knew wht he hd ccomplshed who recently purchsed lrge busness t Chester, P., wrote end. tht s lot clock. A long dy short, short hlng lrge ce clerks otw employes. Mr. Morgn ccordngly prepred lst ten "demments" whch he wrded pplcnt n m nstrucns. "demments" re so full wholesome suggesn both employer employe tht we hve secured prvlege prntng hem s follows:. Don't le. t wstes my tme yours. wrong end. 2. Wtch your work dy's work mkes long dy's work mkes my fce long. 3. Hve more thn expect wll gve you more thn you expect. cn fd ncrese you py f you ncrese my prts. 4. You owe so much yourelf you cnnot fd fo owe nybody else. Keep out debt or keep out my shop. 5. Dshonesty s never n ncdent, food men, lke pood women, never see temptn when y moot. t. f. Mnd your own husnoss, n tme yon.'u hve busness your own mnd. 7. Don't do nythng here whch hurts your self-respect. An employe who s wllng stel me s wllngj stel from me. 8. t s nesje my busness wht you do, but f dsspn ffects wht you do next dy, youl'l lst llf long s you hoped. 9. Don't tell me wht 'd lke her but wht ought her. 0. Don't kck f kck. f you re worth, whle correctng you re wovth whle keepng. don't wste tme cuttng specks out rotten pples. Plnfeld Mm't Trl For Murder Begn* Nov. 3 tlcc Jmes J. Bergen, lttlnc n Unon County Court, Wednesdy, nced tht he hd set down nxt Tuesdy, Novemr 3, s dte gnnng trl Grnt Mller, colored, Plnfeld mn who shot klled Sylrnus Johnson t Fonrth Lrty streets, June 30 lst. Mller entered ple not gulty followng hs ndctment Gr Jury lst wee* Wll- R. Wlson, Elsth, ws ssgned s counsel. Mr. Wlson wll lso represent Jmes Kely, Jr., n Elsth 'young mn, ccused tng bs ged ftter deth wth rockng-chr whose trl wll lno gn next Tuesdy. Bg Sweep For Republcns n Unon County Berge: not gulty nts tbt he Mller, ' mtj poltcs ws pled up Tuesdy. Ths prty elected ll Of t county cdtes vote pproxmtely two one crred cty Elzt!, n Republcn col- Democrt* dd elect, * r. but ths ws due lo Q«frt ' tht Republcns got n te cdte Probbly tne only unusul thng «. wltfb unprecedented b t cceptng ples vcry ws wht my termed m two defend-j frek coroner vote. Dr. J. Edwrd luld tht he would Ryne, Democrt, rn more thn },.»edty n possble. not) ttend hs tcket; Wllm f. Vn Cse. Prohbnst, polled th Johnson n qurrel roort. thn 3,000, wy yond lored grl nmed Elzth t h e fondest expectns h pr- Johnson, whom both men hd en tj. Rudolph Holler, Soclst, t B lleged tht pped f unque coroner bllot- Johnson frst ttempted shoot nr ]so exceedng 3.0M Mller but though he pulled mrk trgger tun revolver twce t fled explode. Mller n men tme hd drwn hs wepon BC,nt bullet through Johnson's hert. t U undersod tht Mller's lwyer wn fer Belf-defense s th shootng. Plnfeld Cse Wtt Be Herd n Supreme Court set, North Pltnfleld. Dunnd Borough Mddlesex mlde l fxed Stte Bord Txn tn jont sewge dsposl frm n Borough or Mddlesex, n one present sesson New Jersey Supreme Court, whch opened * t mn, Wednesdy. dsposl perty ggregtes nnety-t cres ety-three s Wllm N. Runyon, ] Senr-elect, eonld bre opponent. Ten Eyrk R. Berdty. Democrt, rotes stll hh n nut. A present smlr ' ount votes rould hre en gh Jmes B. Wrner. RepMle d (dte sherff, Howrd o Lpsley.. Democrt. Chrles N. Coddng, Republcn, long wth Senrl cdtes, went 2,000 mrk n plng t record vote n tte surrogte Tote. Wnlle three Republcn bly cd Artfu Wrner, rn severl hundred votm hnd Run-yon. Jmes E. WsflMr Coddng, y hd severl ftms votes lo spre when r pred wth those Democrtc opponents. showng mde t n county cdtes! n Elzth _ e nterestng resres tw elecn t proves, ft* Elttftth freeholder vote lso mvw. tut ntlty.cplttlee contend tht Stte Lssessment s entrely o hgh hould set lde. Corporn Counsel Chrles A. Reed wll n hrge plntffs' sde. re re tl 77 cuses Rtel present Supreme term. Two most mportnt re t. n Edge Rod Act brought Bord Works Commssoner Chrles J. Glllen. Newrk, nt ctzen Jersey Cty, who ttck ts consttunlty. Both mke sme contenns,.mely, tht ct e not n. ny wth respect ts ttle tlons, tht t excludes certn tsees property, such s corporon frnchses, bnk sck, secd clss rlrod property. Glllen l tkng ddnl contenn tht lw pplyng only property on whltfh txes re leved collected n muncpltes s setlng up rbtrry clsbflcns contrry consttunl requrement tht txes must fxed unm lwe regulns. pendble Democrtc unt er n nty. Stte or Nnl elecn. Elzth went over RepnbtlcftB Tuesdjy. t' bs gone over Republcns on or occsons, > rreqnenty n fct, tht eltt tr truthfully sd ho b«yokd e control Democrtc ergv..fn. Not so mny yers go te Democrts held tht BttstA eelld lwys depended upon crry r prty cdtes tn n f yer. y dd not vouch wht mght hppen n Presdentl Ter, &STnp hd concrete nstnces lck strength tn fce Republcn Presdentl lsldes. OFT WTH MVSmj < «OM*>V. "Oos" Fredercks, North -e- Bte. hu tken posn cl drecr wth Ons Hll's nc producn mnslcl comedy. Brngng Up Fr." st w pcued t Ctsklll, N. T- Mond y. s booked ur MMde West Sttes. Aftrrnnnn Club Lectdre SDNEY GULfCK ON ORENTAL MMGRATON t CONGREGATONAL CHURCH Seventh Street, new Mdm Arcntte Mondy Afternoon, Nov. 2, 97 >t 3:45 o'clock ADMSSON 25 CENTS 3C Addnl W«T«PLANFELD"S n. STYLE CENTRE n Women s Boots H VAN ABSDALES Strngers vstng cty re desrous knowng where uthorttve dependble merchse my found. Tley re enttled know, s every 'lnfeld womn knows, tht -newest most fshonble models n women's lsts re. lwys here t VAN ARSDALE'S. A sensble, stylsh Street Boot cll t Mlty Hoot, Englsh Wlkng Boot, or wht you wll, s one Boots tle hour. Drk Blown Clf wth long slender lnes; mtn wng tp; medum or low mltry heel. $7.5O, S8.5O $9.00 VAN ARSDALE'S 27 EAST FEONT STREET. " Centre Busness Centre" PLANFELD RECORD PuMUmA Nlv Vr obtu muno ookpny, no. M Mrth nn. ALBERT F\ LA ROOK, Pm On. Mgr Thoo* 9*3. Bubortptsu Rt One yer $2.00. Pyble n Advnce AH dv. eepy nmt t fce not lter thn 5 - Wednndy. tt^ d. chrged t one cent word Entered second clss Btter Pec OB her 29. *C, t postfee t Plnfeld, N. J, under Act Mrch 3, 879. Plnfeld. Hew Jnny. Frdy, Novemr RECOUNT NECESSARY FOR HONEST OPNON. f Plnfeld» eonnelmen re reeeve n hon- est opnon from voter on excte referen- dum, t bsolutely mpertve tht Unon County Court grnt recount. Fully one hundred sxty bllots were thrown out cuse vr- ous techncltes n no wy connected wth n- rtrer men mltng trvl mstkes Be- tde se, re re sd lrge numr solder votes whch cme o lte bo consdered, lthough n severl nstnces t ws through no fult sender. A dfference one bllot s o mll mrgn ffhe Cty Frs tke drstc cn tht dvene so mny etxen Applcn mde Justce Jmes J. Ber- gen dy purpose gong over votes gn psrg -on bllots tht were thrown out. lef exsts tht he wll grnt re- quest. Those n posn know declre wth every ssurnce tht complex wordng refer- endum quesn w bsolutely responsble bg negtve reply. Mn fter mn pperng t polls sked nmn on subject, even when ld how nswer ws unble com- prehend wht seemed hm drect contr- dcn hs own de. An nstnce developed n one dstrct Frst wrd where "sou" re- ceved dvntge puxxle. bllot cme oot box tht w bsolutely tht Prohbn. voter mrked reguln cross fter every Prohbn cdte, but when t cme referendum h nwer w "No." t sts reson tht ny mn who wnts nothng but "bon dry men n fce would not sncn contnunce Plnfeld' sloons Frr thn ths, re comet sry from Newrk effect tht one blest lwyers n Stte kntted h brows sod cme engged n deep thought when sked red referendum query. After he hd eoncluded h medtn, he remrked: " cnnot underst why Plnfeld's corpor- n counsel llowed quesn go on bl- lot n ouch m. t perplexng, y lest. re hs en consderble tlk wher or not eonnelmen wll he guded nswer Tuesdy n event mjorty stng t Tht remns wth eonnelmen m- selves. t my not bndng leglly., but never- less those lredy n fce sd tht y would ccept opnon tho mjorty ors who wll tke fce n Jnury wll undoubtedly follow sut. We do know certnty tht one eonnelmen nssts tht he wll st Tues- dy's vote no mtter wher mjorty dry w one or one thous, tho sme st tken f decson should go or wy on re- count. n th connecn re nor vewpont tnn. Counclmn Smnek. Frst wrd, went on record Byng he would ccept wll people. voter Frst wrd expressed wsh contnue present polcy, quesn rses, shll h eeept verdct people who elected hm fce or shll he c- cept vew entre ctyl Tho sme de mght ppled Fourth wrd, whch lso went strongly gnst referendum. Now, wll Mr. Bltx Mr. Grves concde wth wsh r consttuents or wll y eeept opnon Second Thrd wrds! Th my ll oretcl, but stll t pc dscusson my hve some mert. n dreet contrst wth vote n Plsnfrld comes news from Abury Prk tht tho populr summer resort wnts "wet." cty hs supposedly en "dry mny yers now t deolre sloons. bllots on Tuesdy con- tned referendum smlr tht Plnfeld s, only not qute so puszlng, t w crred mjorty more thn fve hundred! or bout two one. re fly n ontment, however, n ct Legslture encted mny yers go de- crees tht no muncplty n New Jersey cn esub- % lsh drnkng plces wthn one mle s recognsed cmp meetng ground. As Oc.*n Grove s only s sne's throw from Ashury Prk hs one st known cmp meetng udrums n ths prt country. Abury Prk gn fces problem. Severl bg hotel proprers de- clre y wll trry mtter courts n hopes gettng derson on he leglty emp meetng set whch up ths tme hs never en tested on such grounds re now fded. mnner n whch sellng hs en cr- red on n Abury Prk s one nstnces whch mkes leglsed plces tter wy fo meet proposn. Of course, re hve en numerous rrests fnes mposed but thrsty vsr shore resort never hd ny dffculty n gellng hs fvorte verge. "Spek-eses" pled r secret trde n rer frut sres on mn streets some hotels sold lmost openly, yet Abnry Prk ws ponted out s one sum- merng plces tht ws gettng long wthout hr- borng cfes. t ws legslxe busness tht etxen voted on referendum. t s he rogretted tht Plnfeld dd not r- rve t defnte concluson Tuesdy. As t sts now legl bttle mght result, no fntter whch wy t goo dsstsfcn wll exst. Tht t wll men bg chnge n Plnfeld lnon go out need not-he menned gnn. Alredy one hotel proprer whose hostelry s consdered ledng estblshment knd n cty wll close np ts plce mmedtely, keepng only cfe prt. Ths s only one chnges tht wll men bg dfference n hunes lfe "he wn. When ld tht hs lcense ws n nn tvern." whch ment tht he hd conduct hotel n order hve sloon prt, ho s sd hve remrked: " do not cun-. My lcense expres n Mrch, ny wy, Councl cn revoke t now f t wnts d As Record stted e, re s bsolutely no defense lquor. Prctclly every mn who voted Tuesdy relzes ths fully, but lke ths pper, wnts sellng smulnts leglzed proper- ly conducted. A so-clled "dry wn" s wthout excepn n bsolute frce, us long er or whskey mde t wll dsposed somehow. Wth Plnfeld surrounded wet" plces bg metropols drw upon mens wgon delvery, we fl see where prohbn refer- endum wll prohbt. / TWO-PLATOON NOT A "DEAD" SSUE flure Plnfeld's fremen hve two-plon referendum crred t polls Tuesdy should not te consdered m s n opposn fll lme. t ws untunte tht mtter should hve en tken some people n lght tht t ws, s we verly leve f ctzens hd gven t r personl undvded ttenn y would hve est fvorble bllot. cry "not opportune tme" "ptrotsm,'* s. dvnced some opponents mesure, were not wthout r effect. Tody s just s good tme B ny or dy gve men decent workng schedule njecn ptrotc tlk n rgument ws lst resort hy those who hd nothng else fer. men deprtment conducted cler- cut cmpngn, mkng no sserns t ny tme tht y could not bck up. commttee ws honest, court eons wthn ts rghts t ll tmes ttempt Courer-News est dscredt upon men lleged elecneerng flshed n pn. sry s prnted n Wednesdy's ssue tht publcn w smply nor evdence vn- dctveness ths pper whch smugly mn- tns tht t gve fre lddes "squre del." f tht s wht y cll squre del we don't wnt round when perpetrrs lne up on judgment dy. Courer-News not only held np letters fvorng he proposn gve spce those gnst t, but lso stuck knfe n fre- men ' brks crude edrl rguments t bot- m ech pro-communcn. t, s news- pper lleges, elecn lw ws dsregrded hy two-plon dvocte^ on elecn dy, elec- * lon fcers Home Gurd men who were t Yonr Prvte Sfe n Our Mssve Vult wll gve your vlubles protecn tht y ough hve. Busy Busness Mn cn hve ccess hs box s erly s eght o'clock n. mornng. J No mn or womn who needs Sfe Depost Box would ever mst money tht t cots rent one, THE PLANFELD TRUST COMPANY polls would hve en frst know t. Tht s wht y were plced re f Couner- Newe knows tht tley were lx n permng r dutes, t should prefer necessry chrges Plnfeld wll contnue mke fremen etep chld ts muncpl employes, but we hope not long. Four or ctes, Elzth. West Ho- boken, rvngn South Ornge, ll w ft gve fthful memr r fre deprtments requested two-plon severl or plcet grnted substntl ncreses n py populr vote. Plnfeld w he only cty turn gnst men but though proposn ws defeted lst Tuesdy, we leve tht n very ner future t wll crred wth twce mjorty tht w cheeked gnst t ths week. WORKNG HS WAY TOWARD THE GOVERNOR'S CHAR Plnfeld my justly proud elevn Assemblymn Wllm N. Runyon Upper House Stte Legslture. For he pst three yers le ls gven splendd ccount hmself n lower brnch l ws fttng tht he should gven recognn he so rchly- deserves. He should hve lwn Speker Assembly -st yer would hve en but hs ndependence, Qulty not lkng Essex Cmden men who do much y plese t Trenn when work- ng ger. n hs new cpcty, Plnfeld's f- vorte son my l- counted upon contnue he nme sprt loyslty lo people tht ls mrked hs j fcl creer n pst. t ws generlly conceded tht Mr. Runyon would secure hs Senrl log bg mjorty, but no one w prepred fltterng vote tht cme from every prt county*. t s nor ndcn tht ors sde "home folks" p- precte hs worth re dong ll possble speed hs steps wrd governor's chr. V- lnt tter mn thn he could he pcked lo succeed Stte's chef executve two yers hence! PERTNENT PARAGRAPHS From no' Atterhury." "Most pedestrns who trvel on Prk venue wll gld when pvng s done, un- sghtly long ple lrek s removed from sde- wlk. t would not he so bd f obstrucn were lghted t nght, wlkng would less dngerous. One person hs twce nrrowly voded sprnng n nkle bv steppng f edge flggng n deep shdow thrown on nrrow pthwy hy ple breks. How mny ors hd sme experence s not stled." Courer- News. Confdently. Mlle, let s you ns strt cmpgn hve brek put up on front porches untl contrcrs re redy m MR MORGAN'8 TEN ' DEMAND MNTS As mne operr n Pennsylvn nthr- cte regon, W. T. Morgn, Hotel Kensngn, w employer mny men. y were ll. gr, nnltes dsposns, mxture whch clled mster mnd keep m s produc- tve workng fcr. A bnd Mr. Morgn' who knew wht he hd ccomplshed who recently purchsed lrge hunes t Chester. P., wrote Plnfelder dvce on proper wy hlng lrge ce clerks otvr employrs. Mr. Morgn ccordngly prepred lst ten "de- mmenls" whch he wrded pplcnt n m nstrucns. "demment" re so full wholesome suggesn both em- ployer employe tht we hve secured prv- lege prntng m s follows:. Don't He. t wstes my tme yours ctch wrong rud. 2. \Yteh your work, dy's work mkes long he end. tht s not clonk. A long dy short, bort my s work mkes my fce long. 3. Gve more thn expect wll gve yon more thn you expect. eon fd lo ncrese you py f you ncrese my prts. -. You owe so much yourself yon cnnot fd owe onvlmdy else. Keep out debt or keep out my shop. 5. Dshonesty s never n needent. Good men. lke good women, never.see temptn when y meet t. 6. Mnd your own busness, n tme you'll hve busness your own mnd. 7. Don't do nythng here whch hurls your self-respect. An employe who s wllng lo slel me wllng, stel from me. s - s n "V ' my busoess wht you do, but f dsspn ffeels wht you do next dy, youl l lost hlf s long s yon hoped. 9. Don't tell me wht 'd lke her but wht ought her. 0, Don t kck f kck. f yon re worth whle correctng yon re worth whle keepng. don't wste tme cuttng specks out rotten pples. PlmM Mn t Trl Fr Hrder Begns Nov. 3 Jnotce Jsnes J. Brfuo. slung n he Unon Connlj Court. Wndnsndny. nnounced tht he hd set doe s next Tuesdy. Novemr t, dt gnnng trl Grnt Ml- lr, colored, Pllnheld men who shot sod klled Bylvsnns Johnson t Fourth Lrty streets, Jne 30 lst. Mller entered e ple not gulty followng hs ndctment hy Gr Jury nst week nnd Wl- lm R. Wlson, Elzth, wu ssgned ns counsel. Mr. Wllsol ll! lso represent Jmes Klsly. Jr Elzth young mn. ccused Bg Sweep For Republcns n Unon County Th# most swoopng R^nMln vcry l»nn»l Unon eont* poltc* wm* pled up Tnoodny. Ths pnrty oloctstf nl t county cn- ddte* n vo pproxlmtsly two onn nnd mrrod tho cty EllxboU. n tho Republcn col- umn Democrt* dd elect * coroner, bt ths *«due fct tht tho Republcn* got o«- tng h* ged fr de*tb wth pete n cdte- rockng-chr whose trl wll j probbly only onusul thng n gn ne*t Tuesdy. Justce connecn wth unprecedente Bergen stpulted n cceptng pleo* vcry w* wht my bo termed not gulty from two defend-; frek coroner vote. Dr. J. Edwr nt* tht he would tht he would.(uyne. Democrt, run more thn hold trl speedly e possble. ooo hed he tcket; Wllm M Mller, mho l only young m»n. V en Cle. Prohbnst, polle engged wth Johnon n qurrel mo re th«n wy nnd yon over colored grl nmed Ellrghrth t he fondest expectn* h pur Johnon. whom both men hd en end Rudolph Roller. Socl pyng ttenn. t * lleged tht pped f tho unque coroner bllot Johneon nret ttempted boot n(c B]BO exceedng J, Mller bt though he pulled m rk. trgger hu revolver twce t fled L wllm N. Renyoo, Republcn explode Mller n men tme ( B r-olort. could hve gvoe h hd drwn h* wepon MAt opponent. Ten Ryck R- Berdtq bullet through Johnson's hert. t Democrt vote* nnd stll Uve present smlr demod tht Mller s lwyer Wll fer self-defense s reson shootng. Plnfeld Cse Wll Be Herd n Supreme Court he should known * Alt-Boy won out. A pr mount votee could hve en Jmee E. Wrner. Republcn cdte sherff, Howrd 0. -pley. Democrt. Ohrleo N. Cod- dng. Republcn, long wth Senrl cdtes, went wll over.000 mrk n plng np record vote n surrogte vote. Whle three Republcn Assem- bly cdtes Chrles Morgn. Arthur N plenum nnd Arthr B. hundred vom* hnd Runyon. Jmes E. Wmsr Coddng, y hd severl tho*. Mod Totes spre when r tl* were compred wth those (Mr Democrtc opponent*. howlnr mde ReMtft- mn rouutr cdte*! n EHxMk'bg one nterestng feture* t Snce Judge )e.mez hm sserted "seventy-fve per cent.".cses n cty court re due lquor wn nhould go drye. Wonder f he would object cut n lry when bunen flls down one-fourth wht t nowf two most mportnt quesns n wn corn Whnt come cty hll? Whom* w tht one vote tht s mkng ll trouble f*' re nor proposn n "dry" que»- n tht few people hve spped consder. Wth no sloons n wn no plce get drnk how re dspponted lovers gong drown r sorrows! cerrr proceedng* brought Plnfeld. North Plnfeld. Dun- ellen Borough Mddlesex net sde vlun fxed Stte Bord Txn jont sewge dsposl frm n Borough or Mddlesex, l one cses lsted rgument dnrlng present sesson New Jersey Supreme Court, whch opened * t Trenn, Wednesdy. dsposl property ggregtes nnety-three elecn t proves, Ettsn cre* l, once known j th freeholder vote lso proves, th Drlng frm, complnng cty h* loet t* denflty * d munlcplltee contend tht Stle redble Democrtc nnlt er n ssessment s entrely o hgh cty, county. Stte or Nnl lee should set sde. Corporn tlon Counsel Chrles A. Reed wll n Elsth went over Repe rhrge plntffs' de. Mms Tuesdy. t h* gone < re re tl 77 cnsee tho Republcns on or ll*ted present Supreme Two most mportnt re tx on Edge Rod Act brought Bord Works Commss Chrles J. Gllen, Newrk, nnd Jmes Bowen, ctzen Jersey Cty, who ttck t* consttunl- ty Both mke tho me contenn*, nmely, tht ct!e not n hr- mony wth reped t* ttle c- ns. nod tht t exclude* certn clsses property, surh * corpor- n frnchsee, bnk sck, ooo- ond close rlrod property. (JHen l mkng ddnl contenn tht lw pplyng only property on whch txes re leved collected n muncpltes * set- tng up rbtrry clssfcns con- r consttunl requre- ment tht txes must fxed un- m lws regulns o rrourntlv, n frt. tht th rtty my trulhfnltv ho sd b borod th control th Democrtle n Butn. Not no mny yor *o th Domocrnt bld tht Etlnbntt nlt lwys bo ttpmjrt noon rrry r prty mntmten n n f yer. y dd not rorh n! mlhl hppen n n Presdentl yer. her- mt hud ronrrele nutttn n lrk or trenotb n th men RptMten Presdentl l.llde. OPT WTH MTHCW. ottttdv. "Onn" Fredercks. North onn- tn. hop tnkn th posn ot mntl- cl drer r wth Goe Hlll'o oewt producn moelcnl comedy. "Brnulnt Up Fr. rw opened t PUkU. N. T.. Mondy, * booked ne Md- dle Went Sttes. STYLE CENTRE n Women's Boots N VAN ARSDALE'S Strngers vtnc he cty rc dethrone knowng where uthorttve dependble merele my found. Tley rc enttled know, ovry Plnfeld womn knows, tht newest most fshonble models n women' lsts n> lwys here t VAN ARSDALE'S A sensble, stylsh Street Hoot, cll t Mlltny Root, Eng- lsh Wlkng Root, or wll, s one Boots hour. Drk Blown Clf wth long slender lnen; mtn wng tp medum or low mltry heel. $7.50, $8.50 $9.00 VAN ARSDALE S 27 EAST FRONT STREET. ' Centr ol Busness Centre"

5 yjkoern folvern My Plnfeld Lundry PlMeUers Plnfelders Wn EAT AT Mooln rf Chnges Ownershp Moot n. Servce Tht Excels Excel* Stte* Kyle, f... Tho gret confldenc«frendshp enjoyed ths gency l' reponlbl«be Next Speker From Stten sl f Mouor. Ky*. f Ahem s Resturnt COOKN& tke ncrelng busness we re- dong. Ro**n*on. For HOME COOKNG Th. th jrrot lnere roobdooc volume od rrludhlp bon jord wo r dolox. tbl ccy l OlMUltM, Servce re lredy cusmer ot ours fmlr wth our mrvlce ent ws mde dy Tho ' Wtt t» ".-*Mr. Chrlw Plnfeld Bg Fve Flee dmns- dmlnl*. Cown. f Clsunhnos. Quck Brro* Bert re mtslng: omecbjng Wth!* Republcns n control ke purchse f Plnfeld Stem tered crushng crumbng defet Holy tho Bot you f you ore r m feeng not olrody somethlo o cuomr worth whle. oor od fomlllor wth Let us Btter kly. Chrles A. Wolvern, Lundry, oldest estblshment Nme Quntet, or Stten sl, on on ^t u Help you Betr Servce S» county, l lo regrded M t knd n th cty, cty, Wlter Wlter. 'ednesdy Sengerbund Score perods: * ; ^Tomot tt lkely chosen Shrkey Hrold S. 8. Shrkey. 8hrk«y. Wed Hll need y evenng, t Sengerbnnd 39. Holjr Nme 3 8 Z8 Mr (or wwlon or 98. butmls cty, wo wll tke locnl score Regulr Dnner locl fve ntlel.. d SLpeetle SH^LwBtlw \-«k«r e t*«oolo h»v«cdtes **. *>»«lh,» «*»y. who wll tke over tfe flee put up gret fensve busll-: 24 wth Referee, "Hub" D- Stt»W*Hlon. posn wll Unon ve Ho hs Cd nme tee mer busness & on mnger. Novemr 24 chnge wth bttle defensve, TrthM N Person, Westfleld, hd gme r opponents throughout letely demorlzed rter fter gln- gn- n prelmnry contest Cown's Or MEALS TO Jd «G. Whne lng defeted AHERN'S, Are. com vdson: Referee. son: scorer. "Huh Cnter. Stne; tmer. D- 35c Geo. M. Qrke Co. SF OP ORDER. *X*.rlr whte N. Pletnon. Westfeld, ownershp. wnershlp. t t ws nnounced, wll ml pletely -** whle Bergen Republcns not nvolve ny chnge n per- nng second perod. Not once Colts.esly dbfeted Cupds AHERN S, 9 North Are. *?%, lke gn*. see Wlter J^n E. Q. Gll, Whme sonnel workng ce, whch durng frng bttle dd Rchmond score >re or Ths mkes two two "2 hu Spekershlp su- -tsldpg geve*- John R. 0. wll contnue under personl su- County By) vs threten -2 h u S p l d p h p pervson or G. otu!ten do ny strght. PS hs Spekershp splr- perrtlon Horce G. Young, gret dmge 3 tho Queen Qu ^ B F&nwood,»*o ot Cty Flv Fre, studes wns Cown's under- ms fce Republcn ledershp s Kn wood, 'undent on e who hs en Ths proprer wll (fshon. fblon. wfco outplyed m n msterly lp6er» ZftMdet rjlr, mke o *>' selecn Sneker. prty n ssurnce lst eght tht tht yers. hgh hgh Ths grde! grde wll n FANWOOD. Mr. Wol«rn k ths hs vemr REPUBLCANS WN AT On nett Wednesdy evenng No- PLANS AND PANW00D, f _.» Wolvern obtns set work te rostrum, Pler- whch t ws ths lundry Per-! hs 4. Holy Crone Fve, N-*.,,. Y.! wbtcnosen frend, j-'hlf epholder John Z. Htfleld Re- my Speker's rostrum. Mr. Per- en noted snce t w strted neer- New York, wll.wt thl* cty n n S ^qulfcns lntlned. estblshn tht y hve held hhd fb ers Pnwood Borough Scotch n. ws re-ejected pontng chosen hm leder Hs frends mntned. ly'blf century go wll fully endevor hold well etbllsh publcn, re-elected vot- Foxes n All Vretes Colors. ^Lo r«uon he ts experence hs c- A. Compn vl gn bul- ed reputn S h l ess,, n Ddd he fve one o! Ptns wnshp" opposn, lltceshlp prtculrly wth ness.. n odd concdence, he pst strongest lve yers n t corner Kchlond EBt wn»r*> gest bsketbll ng tems one (nn Plns wthout opposn. tt 8 Jsl ffr* Stte, whle ws locted t comer Klch- ( renter New Sew York. Ths Thle gme wl: wll vole* Freeholder >tes n Htfeld borough receved 289 2S5 votes 8 BUY FROM HEADQUARTERS debter he hs shown bltes mond Fst Thrd streets, where bo well worth wtnessng, rhe n wnshp. lnns Shrkey's sre now sts. leem On* Mvsrsl Democrtc sessons. de. Alexn- Mr. Phrkcy's Vl ws grocery succeeded sre now John sund A. A grng mngement gsrl locl ntcptes Vetterleln, busl- bsketbll enrtusllrge wthout Republcn entfuc- opposn tcket n n Fnwood ws elected borkh s follows: Counclmen, R76. when sold ont w Tull, 20; ( bor- f you re consderng fondernr purchse furs you wll fnd fnd mny dvntges n n conmumet communty. o m peon, ef Hudson county. s Vetterleln. who conducted bus- Mt st. ough nekd upon s mn leder, ness untl 876. wle Bst sold Front ont Mnger Cown. Oown. locl Qve. lve, yemr terms. follows; Rchrd Councllren. W. Tull. three- 20; ng wth u. dstet.. mson deb-^ d opetllj bt hs cquntnce hm powers wth Alrt street G. Thorn, buldng Rst burned Front nnounced ^ruzentry lght prevous tht revlous rentl owng Sengerbund fct unsxplred Frnk G. Freer. 7. Counclmn, lexplred Creesy. Ed- Furs btng we snpply you wth pood Bkns t nwhmeetry procedure. t s prob- nght e Mr. Thorn plnned le tu AJOWO D. Herrlck, possesson, not Hll on Wednesdy Wednody evenln*. evenng. So- No- wrd P. p. Meeker, Meeker. term 20. Fred Justce Cresy. Ed th* Our sck Kur s ng constntly renewed we cn supply you wth gpod kn t Mo tht Ak**o D- Herrck, Wr- tke. decdng not Pen rnty, wll ebulld on old ste, he rerted vemr 28. 2R, tht y wll ply r Per,. votes. dvntjfeovs * rt»«nty. wol Democrtc rebuld on old ste, he erected»r Speker. ew on Est Thrd street, usul l weekly Kme gme on Frdy even- Myor. Chrt * Alrt. Scheelen. Nchols. 24 «votes. dvntgeo* prces. nomnee Bpesker. Who wll cll, ru- t new buldng on Flmore Est Thrd street. ng. 30th. t pt whch tme lme S 8. Pe^(Julntet. Quntet. New Brunswkk, Brunswl.k lghts. Pe- Approprns, wfll rl, Republcn eu- t hed Fllmore venue, ghts.».700: polce, (,50: us determned. rtere fhe >h ters streets. <2,000; cusmers t fo buy from s we en lelth, 300. Jj. TM y k generlly not yet done en determned, mem- ever where ence. snce. Mr. Mr. busness Thorn hs crred remned on on w ll tfe r opponents. On On thn tblb oc- oe- helth. $300. $,700; generl polce. expenses. $,50; Mny, mny rusmers hve lerned from experence tht t pys buy from u tre, «fo «longmt. rerrt wrf ** Person hre bsn*** 908, when thrty-three Mr. yers.. m.. n.. nsted usul closlnc domng n luslnesb yers, 'cslon cnnn dncng wll contnue unllr untl 22 $500. her-front t pys "Butf From Hedqurters.". f who hs served longest. Mr. Wol-.errwt T-rt0- end Mr. Plernon hve ech retrng «!«* 9S o up n 506. tht when tme hd Mr. Young, Republcn tcket elected n would lke her -from you n order convnce you tht t pys "Huy From Dedset hour l: 2 o'clock mdnght. trved snce mn upon f 6 end duty Plerwll who hd up lo tht tme Exchnge. hd n set Th»» he summry Wpdnesdy Wednesdy gme shp wnshp clerk. K. E. ws b. L. ns H, H. follows: 280 Town- votes:,r on U t ln ce * n.-m plnt. s s follow's: follows: " n evolve sked s spn one m. Mr. Per- n New York Produce Exchnge, t S. Htfleld. 289 votes: -Pur s n my own sre. \. C. Vl, fter HOLT HOLY SAMB NAME FVR. FVfJ. sod older do so n bnt ge t s he under- my bought A. C. VU. fter dsposng term. wnshp Smuel commtteemn, 8 Htfeld. 285 three-yer vote#; We re mnufcturers cn prove tht every pece Nur s mde n my own sre. wnshp.ownshlp commtteefnn, commtteemn, one-yer god -nt- -H he strted? ed Knlcsbly tht ny plns wll rrng- busness he hd strted* cme erm C. 27S votes; tner nrm justce Lous 'LNE< OF FOBS sd mcbly tween m. Tlw b prtner & Vl, well-known frm Turley, grew rf term. lustlce Henry C. pece. Meyer. l.onls 278 H. Morvotes; j, MY Or FURS S EXCEPTONALLY ATTRACTVE Democrtc cucus wll Grdner A Tl, whch lundry grew Kelly. gn, 9. voles: summoned»r. Mr. Herrlck, Herrck, who s Unt- Democrt, Ap- ed Sttes. he one lrgest n Unlt- Cosgrove. f rn. Republcn. 93 votes; Thoms senor memr hs prty n cd Stte*. Beseler. H. Wller. Democrt. 99 votes. Aprltns, sdewlk ( - Hoo»e. Hoes. Lke Mr. Person nend Doth new owners hve en Cmpll. propr!on*, rods sdewlk*., 00; Mr. WolTern Wolvern he he h* en mem- Ufe-long resdent!! resdents or Plnfeld. W. W fre $4,000; dfprtrent. wter. $780; $200; polce. poor. $500, $R0O; r o% House snce 9S. 55. HHe H. H. Shrkey hs hs en en ssocted wth wth wll wfll cell cll Oe cnms cucus t dte tht t s,s hts fr n n Grocery grocery busness. Chrles Kurtzmn ; lter consttun wt - or fxed fter consultn wth Hrold Shrkey ws merly engged ln locl work s srvort- f Democrtc ntenns memrs. otenm Governor Ed^ Edge n* ng ed n edr locl Of newspper tfte Courer-News Conrler-News work s sr-ort- 78 Est Front Street Plnfeld, N. J. re followed tte l^uutnre Legslture th comng lter Dolly Press He hs en sesson wll one jn PtfT hortwc shorted l ln blry hsry Che tlb# Stte. 8tte. News on stff Of Newrk Evenng lst two two yers. Whle yeer WWle he ws wm n n Newrk lst week Oovernor Governor stted tht he hoped 'Mssfon tl'ttprtsk W K»R8K FOR FOR MSS MkfU* FRASKR. sesson would not lst more thn FRAMER, eght weeks. t l undersod Mss M n» Eleen Eleen Frser. Frser, John John street, street.»e*ee»»»» MOHfr»o»»»»o»»»»ooooo»»»» H*t he wek suggest «* ( oodersod Assembly tht ws >u gven most. mo enjoyble eojojlbl surprlne h wll osxvvt Bo Asmbly rprlv Bntte mesures conferrng npon prty Hty tlhlrty mrty ot her her frends frend, t t r her exeentlte ( te un extrordnry errln upon powers lst ^ nlgbt. nlthl. She h wn... tlly rntfre tlljr Tw some tte etrmdlnr, stun power unp prepred p. rm (or, h, She She ws h.. meertlnty rew bout wr development* ltlon quck u pprecte,p pr cltr good od ntent lotenl **> * outbrek *»* dteloommu hostltes. due d ded n mkng. guests oeet. feel oetbrenv hoallltle. feel n One Plnfeld Cemetery t home. Severl geerl hours hour, were were pssed pnned HONOR FORMER VM V R.DRR. n delghtfully wth d eld or musc muole 8. CltetOB Crne, son Mr. «dclng followed fo»«d hr refreshments, refrehment. nterred Vults. d- Mrs. ' T. B. Cnvne. " But " Second *fce!!d Th«ffr ws rrnged -* rtwwwd Mss Me "V D M. Me n one Plnfeld cemetery lone hve en ntfrred mny Norwlk Vult. Bee dttrt. ws * elected jndge Mu-Regncpl Cot, Contr n New York t el Tues- Tnee- Regn Mss Ml- Elzth Elsth Mottley. Mottly mttng th ths new method burl, undertkers undertken mde most rgorous tests. test. Nor- *- 4»j5 hs ELKS K KH DEFEAT.KFKAT T. T. A. A. B.'S. n.n. now uthorzed ll elecn. Mr. Crne he en * prctcng lwyer tn metropols Bowlne so.n, tems, M m. representng representng Pln- Lodg«,^d>. or ol Elks EU., St. d g,. Mry's Mry'. T.. pndldu l-rer n netropotle Plnwlk s DOW only cement vult uthorsed recommended ll ledng cemeteres t_ but Norwlk" hs Hor numr yers feld hr wle rers end _ th T world. Our locl cemeteres re usng Norwlk Vults. "None hut Norwlk hs pct, yer ks served s memr B. b. Socety Socety met met on on Elks' Elks' lleys. lleye. st undertkers n rouud Plnfeld. For furr nm- ' tke Bor* "*7* d * emr u st, nght, r, h, openng gmes rme n Berd Aldermen. He lo n long en mot Bee undertker. Counselor Newn lhd r)ty legue orney. Elb Cre, bror ef Oenelor venne. Rort Newo c.,ptured ptumd ll three hre. grnet) nme, Ul Crss, t Mdson venue. Ul n see your uudert-v.. more mor# thn th n hundred hundred pns. pn*. W. W. R.. Cusbrook ws hgh mn fhe Elks, chlkng up 9*. whle Arthur th Kyle «ws hlbh hgh mn th T. T. A. B.'s A Trttbg ll «he Centrl Publshng lthoughlt t ws only S THE NORWALK VAULT CO, Co. bs 9$ NortR re- George Wlson, wth Mtnee (ns Hll's Nght. 6 n steel Novemr. Plnfeld 3. tre. -Rd" Qulty - Servce- Stsfcn Qulty - S ervce- When You Hve Job Prntng To Be Done You Wnt t& tlb Best Work t - Best Prce When You Hve Job Prntng To Be Done Try Centrl Publshng Compny Try Centrl Publshng Compny One Trl Wll Convnce You Tht Tht You Should Should Hve Hve Tred Us Bee Promptness- Qulty- Best Prces- Promptness Qulty Best Prces-- Prntng Every Knd Done t Prce n Spce Tme tht Wll Open Your Eyes Prntng Every Knd Done t Prce n Spce Tme tht Wll Open Your Eyes * 93 North Ave. Phone 3030 Estmtes Cheerfully Gven Geo. M. Qrke Co. ^? Plnfeld, New Jersey Smrtness -Vlue- - Servce se three thngs re combned n grments whch you purchse t th Fcry. You re bsolutely SURE m ll; th Kruthmer gurntee tls you tht w n redy wth your mke Kruthmer good f you selecns, re dsstsfed. more thn But lr thous mtter or fct, you ntellgent wll buyers dlghd who se three thngs re combned n grments whch yon purchse t Fcry. You re bsolutely SURE m ll; Kruthmer gurntee tells you tht we re redy mke good f you re dsstsfed. But s mtter fct, you wll he s delghted wth your Kruthmer selecns, s more thn lve thous or ntellgent buyers who hop shop here hre regulrly. * WARM, WELL-WEARNG COATS Tl.- stness rchness colors, whch shde from ever-so-debrble tupe fthful st, nvy, re blended n mterls whch wll.gve you Bervce fr superor most. prce on tg s no ndcn rel worth cot, you wll lwys sve one-thrd t, Fcry! Cots women $ $40.00 $40.00 Cots Chldren -.$3.00 $4.00 $4.00 CLEVER SUTS Do you know tht prces next Fll re wy hgher thn y re dyt Wool s hought only n smll qunttes, ts scrcty wll reflected n tremendous ncreses n clothng. wsent thng you cn do dy JB buy sut t Krlthmer fcry, you wll receve neft reduced prces, get excellent servce blnce ths seson, n Sprng Fll 398 your sut wll hold ts own style generl ppernce. UY BUY YOURS TODAY! 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Ever}' populr shde, Dresses $8.00 $8.00 $20.00 $20.00 Bkrt Skrls,...$2.75 $2 75 $ 7.00 $ 7.00 OUR GUARANTEE: Mke yon selecn. lelecn. Py Pxy t t tk tke t wy. One week lter, f f your purchse hs not proven entrely stsfcry, brng t bck. We Wo wll cheerfully re- refund full prce, your cr fre s well! KRAUTHAMER S KRAUTHAMER'S Whung Avenue Fourth St, Opp. Trolley Stn Wtchung Avenue Fourth St, Opp. Trolley Stn

6 OBTUARY Personl Menn PlmnRelden Ors Who Hte Heeded Summons Deth Drng Pst Week. Pd Trbute "Ftz"' Memory S lundy s Methodsts Frown Upon "Smdysm" n Relgons Revvls Cmp Dx Boys Wll "Brek n' 0,000 Horses Meth-!' ' Trnng,0,<>0*> lertvcs c THOMAS CAJjLAHAN. prent cblegrm messge Followng n llness bout dsptched her Wednesdy nght month, deth cme t 3:30 Wednes-wll prove gret shock, ds fternoon Thoms Cllhn. " Belde rhe son dughter menor Est Second street, resdent ned, Mr. Clbn l survved Pln Bel d nerly ffty yers three or dughters, one son, one poneer buelness men n se re Mrs. John P. Owens. Mss Et End" ot cty. He hd Nor Cll-hn, Mss Ann cllhn en lng long tme wth John Cllhn. ll lvng on Est m prlyss whch contnued j Second street. decesed lso dvnce untl complcn*.ensued, leves two esters. Mrs. John Wlsh. One m ws rmeumon. whchj Mdson venue, Mrs. Wlldeveloped few dy e' end Hm Lehy, Brook venue, whch sssted n brngng ebout jborough. demse much sooner thn ) funerl wll held t fmly hd ntcpted. lt * home on Est.Second street - Mr. Cllhn ws ntve County lmerck, rel, where - he ws born n Septemr, 847. He ws possessed tht determnn whch mkes men leve home frends n pursut - success through tht end mde up hs mnd go Amerc e he hd ttned h* mjorty. He locted n Plnfeld erly n 868 from tht tme gn mkng crcle frends tht never spped grow- ng untl hl deth cme. t s qute probbly tht he rnked wth ledng fcls ot cty n Che numr bl cquntnces. For frst ffteen yers tht le ws Mr. Cllhn ws employed Myers, Et 884 he embrked n grocery busness. Hs frst locn ws n prt wht Ptrck. Kd McPrtl 3s ws urenfe wth Dr. H jft hm tt. f Dr. Cfrl. who ws" endrlrk plct closely n tred " :he hs ftnncl' wreck. Fltzsr! 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C. : Ne York Polce Dewhch -we set peces from frte ] (.. K. F. Jco, New York pur boxer: Chrles S. Alex- llm J, Bell. D. A. Mcln- 'sh. 'Bll Brown, Grrson ^trnng cmp: Chrley Reed A J. "Redfern. J. L. Boutelle. J. S. O'Sul- "lvn. Dr. Hrrv K. Gnerln. New JYork A. C: Wllm McMrry. ^ewn "j. Smth. Howrd R. Clevel [ ng n present dnng hostelry. After yer tztlons. nf t ths ddrem, he removed cemetery. Those w Rchmond street occupyng bnfld- rers were: Mchel Devne..lon n* whch he bd erected especlly Hurley. Edwrd J. Hrdng. Bernrd' "JT hs needs. t ws mdwy tween Kenn. Hrry Shrley Ptrck ^on *, *. ««.,,». H. ^ ^ wu. mn ufme Vudevlle For cty, hvng en born here- ty-,. nne yers go. Whn young mn P/mn/lP/rf PntmnS ntered Potter Prntng Pr«Rr "'< u *! cqure md ltned wth < nducted At r ot t ken nee< &gon trn need* t stn must t sts burdet y must c ll st B'.hs "work l unc Te who fo: gtfoerfemente 75 ROLLS ASPHALT or Rubb, llng- excellent qulty; two p 2 l O «=Q«re f«t. wth»,d cement; prce 2.00 C. 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CLARK, brck [portble furnce*, rnge*, st etc.; jobbng n copper, tn sheet ron work. Shop. 0 Church street; >ne 64-J 3 SO tf es wll pul lount, depot.. hundreds o frst more on tht tho Che tme Mr. Cllhn opened doors re were prctclly no buslnes plces est Wteh nu*. From «he dy "he frst Rchmond street, Cllh Mss Chrstne Mller! " - M " "«'<"»»» whle re re some who n prlvt Here m Rez-tnl ufl h d lr rwln * horsef. m fere n nectt Uowed t h e bounds nvnur. RKMABLE Regstry Murry"( Relble Resstry Offce help. 326 West Front street, ner Grove, were we endevor furnsh only responsble mle femle help. Our fees re very resonble. 'Phone 666. S 8 eery developed rpdly twentyjhl helth fled. When yer* s«o pronrler erected ed he ws emn eommodus strncture t Thrd tne deprtment, post Rchmond streets, whch busness! held mny yers. H -hs occuned elnce where t l lo- ly lked bv ll met fted dy. For more thn hlf hs rj- tls lo busness creer, Mr. ClWhn hd ness, due t en ssoclted wth hs eldest son. Jeremh Cllhn. trdng under frm nme Cllhn & Son. For pst yer or rore, Jeremh Cllhn hs en n chrge tle ouslness. thus llowng h* fr devote more ttenn Tts rel estte onertlom lst he -,lng ll-.w Plnfeld Je lst hr t those refreshn [.resented r. th fre mpll hd er TH.J hp T ture. n senor jkt t fth n Est End th "' mentl...ptc d8ply;dlrect tl prt ech one. Resde -Ms styled s communcnt St. MrvVEch one f t h e v < rch. decesed ws memr, log prt s n rts Wtchung Councl, Knghts Co-'n ggregte nbus: Dvson No. 4. A. O. H.. 'mkes most p Potter Mutul Ad Socety. He ct hs spec mrvlved hl wfe, who ws Mss. s hsomely c y effect son lsteners. Thp numbt e "Eght Lrty Grls. >ntrl. ws herd t t Hgh School Audru nkht, n very unusu [rted nl n whch she ws ss Arthur Wlsh, n ccompl!nst from New York. nj sp Fuller stted'tht purpo cltl > work t Ct mount stn wll m Wld West fetures. V ' [ rnges fr V jwfll secured Vnol?'lures,, sdes ml WANTED Hen bny clos Why not bny Smple Sut sv n from $5 $0 on your purchse'.;-smple Clothng Sre. 20 Wb- >, ung vedue. opposte new Pos nnmo.. wy -"-.."«=«- - Or OTercOBt t our re. We cr ce n rnr. "" T ' full lne new clo*, lso pw Western breed hnrses "ll wlh-ll_., nln,hln,.» ««_. (, sclt nstrnt ) pre '8 New Art-Sound Re-. Fuller explned tht le orgnl nvenr *h. hd chershed tlon perfect murt whch \ rcel bronf enred tc hs c ed ' hoes nor d rn breed n bg lot s no tnk lemn, or remn nly knowled drvng hlt hu f 9 pursue countrj t frc But b m Lhe select! [brokers' clothng, equl new suts. 7e'T 6.50 up trouer, $.00 up; suts. mde order $6.50 nn. Clenng, wvm > presslne remodelng. Centrl cbn SHOE RKPARNG. M>fcCn M.rnwsplc* ecn Cor. bulldl sre. Mr. Cllhn ws frequently sought frends enter locl poltcs but though-, re never ws tme when he dd not hve lrge followng he preferred remn n prvte lfe. He ws lwys redy, however, lend hl support men he thought were st ftted t]e fe,low locl, county or Stte fces. Hs ; not defpu only frternl ffln ws wth St. Mry'. Holy Nme Socety, or wl f Lyncbburjt. V. bloh Lrty re rloely * Kellr Compny. n producn, "Bob t." Ths ferng s full [y wholesome remedy. ' Hoyer E«telle wheeertln wth snene. dm-ns y he w«n rdent zelous memr: A sd feture n connecn wth Mr. Cllhn's deth s fct tht one ht dughter, Mss Helen Cllhn, went Frnce sx weeks go Red Cross nurse. She s now locted t bse hosptl wth Brooklyn unt, recruted from mong docrs nurses Brooklyn cty Hosptl, from whch she ws grd fr's JOHN rn.w,.:. n Flynn, Jr.. seven-yer oh >f Polce Cptn Mrs. Joh. West Front street, ded.... Muhlenrg Hosptl. Wednesdy^ Bnd -ptt (C. followng few Bys* ll-!relly fur ness"wlth dphr. How llt- nne Of " cted dsese l Llle, kee he lef exsts tht He en Rt< y hve tken t from hs fr,'sent COL_ hs hd mldy l slght j Fn." Jckson " Dre djspl. m pst week. Cptn Rret tlent n muscl numr n, prevous elecn, spent Alger bll s one hgh y dys nvestgtng regstry j y recommended he en drw. f he tlkng mchne. Mller's ppernce ws llustrte tht Mr. E.llzed hs mbn. 3he ter selecn* whch t sme tme she hd prevously Mss Mller p tted, perm ded from r ern To meet thb need t s secured three e; stern from Wes desre, but eers, o ttude t ts d undertk ly those grt wll lst, duty whch led hm,ted. At tl serous nture her ness hd not come pmond Compny p sketch. " Bt crotlo ' th lh lllp POSS4 lgn sett! erne r fb t> f :RT. He r me but'm contr n dult U stn ned hs out n dy or two. tn dphr rrence hs ttrcted much tte y ] held t prents' home yesterdy'] moon ws prvte. Burl j, n St. Mry's cemetery.,, ddn sx vu consderble porn o >rmnce s elven over r res delectn c. Everybody pprecte vew. whch s ;hlch er l- ful. wth no metllc or hrd qulty, voe», n fct, whch bout BE dfferent from fmlr nes tlkng mchnes s nythng could well. 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Shoes clled delvered sme dy. trl wll convnce you our ptuwwort Nnl Shoe Reprng Co., 08 Prk venue, 'Phone 2SS tf s e tm Locl Amusement Tx About $500 Week t s estmted tht (500 wl pd Unted Sttes:Bureu T rclestrt ["n^'jfsn^- F rmer Plnfeld Grl c nluenre A Brde n Cln he plne =rnk pon py t equvlent ten r. ve-cent lckee - txn. Tleke. under 2.fce H(. nl] tnvfl look lke new* My system ng Shoes s gurnteed. ng but et ler. resonble. Brng t wn done HAVE our Old shoes mde look lke new. Our system reprng s frst clss. Our prce* r* re ble. All work gurnteed t nptlf. Gtre us trl. Work clled delvered. Un.o J Repr Co.. 83S Soutf Second treet tf PLUMBNG. WALTER C. CHANDLKR, plumb ng, stem gs fttng, tnnng Jobbng promptly ttended. text job. j 'Phone 3 30 «f PLUMBNG hetnj; Jobbng romptly ttended. Bstm, freely gven. CJs. Kross. 427 West Fourth street; 'Phone S tf : th.vnnn pullc mlcl provde > most ( lrge Sttement conclldps. sttns: tht " subject n; tmely consderble locl nterest, New Jersey A^fultur Expelrment Stn t New Brunswck hs rrnged, wth Du Pont Powder Compny gve demonstrns tht wll nvolve uxe both explosves stump pullers, tht undertkng wll on & Urge enough scle llow or creful sttement «osts oper demonstrn wll conducted n on< th woodlots col- Come Mrchng Tke thp (prm Out. Ueftnjny." l severl ors. EcHe Mzer,] June fnest funnest; rut,-' mkers n burnt cork. s n dded,mr». Jndou ' Eltewo ;. mer rpfflhrts but now temporrly,os Anneles. Tl. pe New Mrket Fremen Plnnng Thrd Fr J ^ t tt s hrrtl WANTED 500 fmlltes (or your t move -pnone 64-J. Purnl- T" pnos pcked moved wth cre: We move nythng ny- " where, ny tme Henry Wlerenfv ",th«movng mn. 65 Esrt Ffth "tree*- 3 S3 tf TYPEWRTERS sold, retted repred. Engrver S Howrd W. Bse, 38 North nee Prk venue. Ptunel 2398-PllnSeld. WANTED MXlj ~ STUA/TONS wnted fw b^ relly need jvork fter Soho«l Phone WAJfBD * "hlajsboff WANTED To buy. csh7»l qnd h furnture sve, 04 ron, old umobles, scrp ron u metls. f you hve nythng n ^u sl drop me postl. Klne, G45;Weet Ttlrd street. 3H tf AUTO TO HRB. AN UP-TO-DATB seven Chlmers cr hre dy, honr or trp. Competent drver. lute. mr» ery low. Servce st. 'Pnog* F&nwood H2S-R. Dy nlrt money lon on frst - Mulfurd, North venue, opp. ntl t; t, HAVE CLENTS r notwern l* u puts cty. Wht hrt Tol tht yon wnt rented? W. F. wl- Rel Esute, 225 West prott t; -Pbon* JB09-J. tf HARVeT R. Ul Rel BM d»7 North Are. Opp. Depot- Arro KEP. AND ATPPUM. WHY co New York buy». momle tres? 30x3.. (5.00; th AH lrger XM t very low prces.,000 tus selett from, ll slw^, *.so ech. Com t» see m. Yon -don't bre t Phlp Meehnk, 35 W Front stn > SEX. > 4 t Now open busness redy > do ll knds u reprng. Work promptly doe. Expert umoble reprng- t moderte prces; lso oll greses. Oeorg» loroond, 58 Bst Second street. Plnfeld, N. J., merly wth John R. Cllne. AGENT Knght Tres, Blcksne Tres, perfect trcn nontred Slver Kng tu*, Bortley gurnteed Ret Tus, lso expert umoble re-" rjng, supples srge. rge tht does thngs rght. John l. Cllne. 3B-40 Bst Second street. Pbone 2«5. 0 lyr AUTO Tope., tln8 covers; -mn ps, curset eover8 open closed crs, cushons. monslne upholstery. J. H. De Ley, 4 Somerset street. French's buld- j g. 'Phone 8*». 0 lyr WE RBPAJR umobles *ke bodes order. Busness w*fons repred. Expert. mecbnlc n bu lne. J. P. Humn, rer 2» (omerset street; -phone TT. S * tf. AUTOMOR.R WRBCKKRS. WE BTJT 'd Aumobles or Junk. WR m A Second-h Aumoble Tres, prts f ll knds Aumobles, Rdtr, etc. PKX>VTZ, Aumoble Wreckers, 25 North Ave., Opp. Freght House. 9 f FARMS ARB MY SPECALTY. -o ll knd m sure Ot cn fnd somennlnk sut row nts. Wrte me lst wftt hve, sttng n full knd f on wnt. Terms cn o slt. Don't dely. 4 8 North venue Pllnneld.' WANTED Old flse teeth. Dot tter f broken. py $2.00 fls?r et. Send pnrcel post re- Jtve cheok return mll. t Hwr, Ffth St., Phldelph, P. 0 6 tt J Bl > Ne Mrkfl Fr* sr : Angetet n St.. q4 Hll e- f>r tho nnul fr b/r?-(held n Frendshp Hll. New ket, Frdy Sturdy n Novemr pro lopnrtmerrt whch s now o Lest orgnzed n Pscl ntes,! t hox lleps. tte #nl^'l^j^ju<'l ^^ help n some ter chldren. DR. HARRY STEN Surgeon Dentst E FXKMPTON < rk Dstrct Drft ThlB n "V l mp Ne vembr-r 7. t lrge numr th vntge ths o up--dte c-lerlnc n. A cordn present s extend who re nterested swlck. No Ne d- s superb. Mr. Hll, Ht seson* [twt les wrd wth ) most pretdn-jcor H ferng whl.h l sd tt! ever fer'n mnstrelsy Pn.BBoelted wth Mr. Hll ths se-.frr re George Wlson. Bddle M-.Pd, Wllm H. TTompeon,.Whn P> MrStne. Hertrrt! fn» Crowley. John Burke, CAMPTUX, W r oper- Ton-tntc cr prvte rmrtleo f«n oent jho procured trnsportn «t tr lersons; Cnrnp >lx hy telephonng 3O.TO or 'cfc, w 7«W. n»t«resonbles. Adv. tf Wools! 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Frnk. 243 W«t m HELP WANTKH M WANTED Stem Utters bslprs; good w'ges pd. For nms* on pply or wrte J. A. H., crtt Strd Pnt Compny. Bound Brook, N. J. 8 '* **' OBTUARY Pd Trbute Ftz Memory Methodsts Frown Upon Sysm n Relgons Revvls Personl Menn Plnhelders Ors Who Hve Heeded Smmons Deth Drng Pst Week. Fnl trbute ws pd Bob Kltzslruon* t Cmpll's Funerl Church. Brodwy Hlxty-rlxth treet. New York. Sundy fternoon. Cmp Dx Boys Wll Brek n 0,000 Horses Sensnl evngelsm ol knd, reched BUy" Sundy lfts j mtrs ws ndrectly couden Trnng lo.oon horses tho Tho hull... crowded wth men from lho Hord ot B.bop. Moth- ' lml *,k wlk, ol He. mong «.» «Eplcopl Church.t doe- '»«don,h. oeml-nnul meet -hop, end hr~h honcho. B.,hJrom r ng mny frends from ths cty. Jmes J. Cortt. Pm Fltz prent cnhlenrm mmu Kld "'Portl Jo* lll0 0, d,,y] l ev.n.lln_ dlpotehd her Wednedy nght Hurphrl '" lro re. «. tronklr fvored, wth pus- Among thoe who *!">»»»< '» chrge ol work n servces... Dr. Chrle, Hendrck ; lhurch bu W. Dnnellen. mer home ol Th<>,; 0, rd rctd proponl Klt.lmmo.f. who wn. elonel, : frol c 0 chow n West, wll THOMAS CAUAHAN. Followng n lllnne bout month, deth cme t :30 Wodno-lolll prove gret nhock. dy fternoon Thomnn Cllhn. llnlde rhe non dughter men- E.t Second "treet. re.ldent ol Honed. Mr. Cllhn l >ur<,ed PtlKgld lor norly Blly yer, three or dughter., Clstfrtet ^Mjertteements«,75 HO--S ASPHAl.T or Rubr Rong: excellent contn 0* teet. -tb oll. cetnonl; prce *3.00 c - lon ol Cmp >lx. whch s now u, u pr ce Smple upon bot completed. pplcn. Mrshll. 3 Compn Ten thous horses do you rel- >TMJf, ; -phone 6*«-R- lee wht tsk tht wll " FOB BALK TYl'KWRTHft. ts sted, demed one otlh. poneer buelno men n tb~* re Mr*. John P Owen.. Ml.. ««> " H d r.^k T. d?^' E.t End ot tho cty. t* bd Norn Cllhn. Ml» Ann Cllhn 7^o tbn hld![.hrewd, " d ' ' ~ en lng on. Urn. wth. John Cllhn, ll lvng on Est *»7 ' h " nd *? 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Como n let m«nhow, - d - «* w.r roll nr work boerd..lerd hofy. murt bc tmd^ And lh.y mrt s * s "l' h Bshop Homer C. Sllntr. Om.l., he broken need, hulng S.-"* Prete.tsnt Kpl.cop.l church. nl-,. d odore Henderson. fc»l..on. llnbnn * '» kln * " hs text bmd. ol, h c works Wth A *»*»», " '" "'* * m lc ' developed few dsy. e end Hm l**hy. Brook whom he nfcfrsrf whch sssted n brngng bout jborough.. " -.,....., demlm much sooner thn l funerl wll held st * T *V ' *«M " lh *' ' r ^ wr couorn work, fmly hd ntcpted lt* home on Est Second street lo- N *" * n ***» ^,or ' *' Rlshop Homer C. Stntl. Omnln. broken llr Cmun <n entre 'morrow mornng MX: 30 nod County lmerck. rel, where church, whch Mr Cnllnh.n some rel rctn. B crrge wheels retred. H. M. Vn Ardls,»5 8outh Second etr^t. 22 tf WANTED TO buy. ond h furnture sves, ^ ron, old n m ob lee, scrp ron metls. Tf you bre nythlg ^ lne sl! drop me postl, Klne. 64S West Thrd street. M wu one oldest prshoners, et l,fe «Flt-lmmons. h- lfmm w ] ^ ulor,. led, commttee j remount stn mun g*^re long- WANTS 9 o clock Burl wll n ft MryV«,d» '«*<»" Jy» sx or bshops, whch Joseph ***** b " r * lth *}* llron. scrp were sung chor St- Steph- Mk.s»hs s chlf^ ly th «Y mubl ** f * ch * r V l *.' rubr, r*... tht wll st strn or r^-'brss. f you bv work t cnnment. bne sed. *Pt>- ko All ths work s under dlrsc-l^,, ^ JohB l tv tlon e mer rnchmn -, *- DoW e l streel h- tre Tess who sook bus! AJtKRT J. M ATH KWH. Jm Mtchell. tht tme gn mkng crcle ng frends tht never spped grow- ng nntll hs deeth cme. Tt s qute probbly tht he rnked wth ledng fcls cty n numr h* cquntnces. For frst ffteen yers tht he here. Mr. Cllhn w employed jute Lwrence My er. Est Promt street, but n 884 he embrk ed n grocery busness. He frst locn ws n prt wht s now ' Kensngn Hotel, hs sre - ng fn present dlog room old* ot hostelry. After y*r hlf t fb ddress, removed Rchmond street, occupyng e buld- ng whch he hd erected especlly hs needs. t ws mdwy tween Second Thrd streets ws frst sre on tht thoroughfre. At fhe tme Mr. Cllhn opened t doors re were prctclly no busl- neej plces est Wtchung ve- nue. From dy he frst went Rchmond street, tho. Cllhn gro- rnldlr twenty yer* ro proprer erected.. eeph M. Knlpe. mer mteur " rn... "' r T J' r?,> m " b«vyw,ulhl box.,: Frnk P. Pul- nontm. Br, ff N -, w York A. C.: P,t*r Hold ** tmumn8._m.ry-_. rrtmlr,. ol. g b tl*.: dr mornng, when hgh rw,ul.- wn. nld bt "«F«b«B M. Bogn. Al.r«gtlh.rln, r«l-:, b, A, lr, l promoter: JobnD.. Ue d or esed hd n unu.u.lly Jobn, Hlrk.r. N -, w y ork Poll,. De- porn lb* tsrvlre won rendered A c nl,teur boxer: Chrles. Alex- b b?r.- 0!,- _ ls,. Wllm J Bll. >. A Mrln- sh. Bll Brown, Grrson shrk Mr. Mws solost;.long tme. lornl o»srl«., r nlo. Mmp. o,..,,,. sed. A J. wblrb wrn nnmsron,. ntludsd» - Redr. n j,, Boutelle. J. S O-Sul- *rnl. MM jy, fro. ftnlwwj orgn-. r n. Dr. Hrr. K. 0n.rln.Ns- nns. Bnrll w«n St. Mry cemetery. Those who cted s pll- were: Mchel Devne. John Hurley. Edwrd J. Hrdng. Bernrd Kenn. Hrry Shrley Ptrck Hlgglne. dw w ntve ths cty, hvng en born her ty- nne yers go. When young mn he entered potter Prntng Press shop cqure mchnst's trde remned wth concern untl hs helth fled When lst employ- ed he ws emn ger-cut- ng Wllm McMrrv. l^w Smth. Howrd R. Clevel P Murry. Bshop Henderson lx well known Pllnfleldr s evngelt who conducted bg revvl n ths cty ffteen yers go. At tht tme blshon ws psr church n,... Brooklyn bnl went n evnrgellrtlr f hl " 'OllHry. H» work t, nlnrrl Th r. Srcnson,. S. <* WANTED To boy csh, moult, old nnlomobllsn. rubr, rugs, pup sck, nod *>ld bur* nnytb(n«n thn 4 20 sod onr truck John S. Huukurd.!* H U H nses n Sw York work nt regulr ntervls Tbs r*. ( 8»non. vl here drew lrgest crowds Frst Bptst Frst Metho- dst churches tht sod s records relgous grngs untl Rlederwnlf cmpgn»«. Tt ws through Bshop Henderson s nflu- ence tht Rev. Frncs E. Whtesde, n newspper reporter, entered mnstry lter cted s- sstnt Mr* Hendrson. At present tme Mr Whtesde s edr enter servce j CONRAD JAOOBBON. tnsmth, le s Cptn A. {roer, eheet ron metl worker; furnces set repred; sves'od "ground supervsng work lnces repred. Phone 066; 44 construcn mkng.preprn* West Thrd street receve frst lot horse* t remount depot tf QEORGC W. CLARK, brnk ^trfsl^rrjrr'^z cover 500 qu cre*. nrludll porn covered thrty or more bulldlng. corrl brrcks Only men who hve some knowlooh horses wll put n servce remount depot. But Cmp Mx MU.: jobbng n.... ron work. Shop. 0 Church t rest Phone 64-J.» 20 tf Fne Vudevlle For Herd Here n Rectl t Thrd tng deprtment, posn he hd *«**>' Rchmond"treet. whch bnstne j held mny yer He *m =ret- one hs occuped snce where t l - ly lked bv rted dy. For more thn hlf fts busness rreer. Mr Cllhn hd en soclted wth hs eldest son. Jeremlth Cllhn, trdng under frm nme Cllhn 4t Son. For pst y*r or more. Jeremh Cllhn hs en n chrge eulnees. thus llowng hl< fr devote more ttenn tls rel o- th r lst hlf those refreshng presented pnh r tls long tedous ll-,women wth fresh voce* ue pulmonry complnt, [blty crry rre symptc dlpl RELABLE Regstry Murry s Relble Regstry Offce help. 228 urnr Mr. *vnumur > eu.r ^ * t Frent street, ner drove, where tb. M-lhodlxl publcn,. * '^,. fmw.d * ** f» r *'* k»" ' mny whom hve followed tre 9 b e,d femle help. Or fees.trsck or were workmen t lvery, mre r9ry resonble. 'Phone 6t Mss Chrstne Mller.tble, e srng.rr.y, lg u whle re ere some who n prlvtn, lfe hd r rdng horses, n CLOTH MU*. followed hound* regulrly. \ work t Cmp Dx re- WANTED Men y clos, mount stn wll not wthout rwhy not y Smple Sut s Wld West feture*. Mustng* from from $5 20 on your purchse? rnge* fr Western Sttes ^Smple Clothng Sre. 20 Wtfh- wq secured Uncle Sm. v.ung venue, opposte new Postflce. re ngh. courgeous lttle ere*- 20 tf ture«.. sde* mkng fne rd- ng nmls, y re ftted or servce n rmy. lerger W estern bred horse) jl* Chrstn Mller, fmous Plnfeld Ptrons,>otr>, - h ~ rd ** th * p»«*nf«d luctu UtVS... h THHflHr Hgh School Audrum. Tuesdn nght. n very unusul rectl lo whch numr promnent mul- Jcln* musc lover* hd en ln- tfte Plnfeld tre >ester- T, l#d ftn( n wh ch he vu WM, * Arthur W'lsh. n ccomplshed mc! volnst from New York, n specl urk reprerott... Mr. Fuller stted*tht purpose * on *. rectl ws present exmples mb»r Mr E< ron's Now Art-Sound Ko- n sourrw rmpnnello dupljr dlroct lo th- lumnors. n* shuw,, Mr. Ed ron's Now Art-Sound «*-7.". pr~lng rrmod slnk. Crntrnl ho port onoh ons. Morldo K-! * M»M *" lb* "Blgbl l.lhorl, (llrls. cronn. Mr Pnllor oxplnlnod lhl ***** 4!',u!";. Tnllorlnr Compnr. 3«Wshunn. rommunlmnt B, MkrT'.lKn-h on..ho worn*. nk- Edson,.ho orgn., lu.rn.or V*» k,,l «loj»* n, rldlng.nd,, l( eh. de<es-d w memr lug Prt s n rtst herself lh#. phonogrph, hd chrthed. dr.. K. P ** S.L. SAVE money buyng your ult overcot t our sre. We crry j" full lne new clos, lso p' bronchoe*. no tsk nexpert-.l*'.vz enred horsemn, or select! new sute, up; suts mde order. 96. SO up. Cleelng. pressng d remodelng. Centrl log chnret. decesed ws memr log prt l n rtst herself (h#b phonogrph, hd cherthed Wlrbung Connell. Knlghl Co-'ln tbs nnnrek.l* tho eomblnllon. r, mb, on,u.,foel. musl- nmbus Dlrlnlon Ko.. A ( snd mnk-«most pl-,ng dlverxon, l n r r, nl whch would ro-rro ,.._. lb* Por Mutul Ad Sorlety H* Th- net hso spoell - rule sottlns mu, r, thoot tho ehnrnerlstle ( onornffons. Tboso h boon urrl d bs wlf*. who wn M>-r»nf l» h mrly costnrued. lone, t.lklng nutebl, n mportnt nture, * senor Krne McCnn; one bror. Ar- Cllhn bd grout fnltb n But End '""f Mws, Mrln-r pnes, r snd br h»-n n-trumonu n 'bln cty, SHOE tkl-au VO. tmed re re fve or good numr* progrm whch * contnue stter. Mrs. Berth dy morrow. ' Llrty bulldtng up secn re. Mr Cllhn w» frequently - sought frend* eter locl pol- tc* but though", re never ws tme when he dd not followng he preferred remn n prvte lfe. He w lwys redy, kowever. lend hs support Cox, Lynchburg, V. JOHN FLYNN, JR. John Flynn. Jr., seven-yer old orgnlty GlE" re closely seconded n popu- lrty Kellr Compny. n novelty producn. "Bob t hore." Ths ferng * full nd wholesome comedy. -lth dphr. low men (bought were et ftted /or! e fellow contrcted dsese n locl, county or Stte fce*. l ^ de fnlte but lef exsts tht only frternl ffln wn wth 8t. Mry * Holy Nme Socety, whlcb he wn* n rdent end zelous mem- A d feture n connecn wth Mr. Cllhn's deth l fct tht one bn dughter. Mre Helen Cl- lhn. went Frnce lx weeks go Red Croe nurse She * now locted t * bse hosptl wth Brooklyn unt, recruted from mong docr* nurse* Brook- lyn Cty Hosptl, from whch she w grduted. At tme r deprture, serous nture her fr's llness hd not come p- Ml* Mllers ppernce ws mens llustrte tht Mr. Edson hs relzed hl mbn She *ng numr selecns whch were re-creted t sme tme from records tht she hd prevously mde Mr Edson. Mss Mller pused from tme tme, thus permttng.tlon her voce , herd lone. n comprson So fr Muhlenrg Hosptl. \\ edne*d>- -ptter:" Ger*rd West, two, h#. uu. # lon * ornng. followng few Bys' - r «* y funny < omedlns who hve l orbp d. t w»* mpossble lo dletlt- lne "etur- new locl vud^l(, ulwh lvng voce from re- vllle. keep crowds lughng. l cre *n. Ms Mller possesses one Helen Rchmond Compny >re-l those rre voce*, whch re ul- sent comedy sketch. " Bsebll j wmyn p re ro orfu.. nd wth no Fn." Jckon Dre dpu.r met r or hrd qulty.» vole). n gro«tnlont n n mdcxl nombor. «h lrh h> bout. dlfcnt Alloolbor bo bll, ono lo b* hleh-!, rom t rrllr on tlkng mchne* * nythng could well. hlf country. Someone who hs fonght frcus sts th come from rnges, men who rc WHY throw wy your old 8b ble tsso. throw n«j hlter when you esn hv* m mde wld homes, most hle tht pr look lke new? My system replr- work, when pones re un- ng Shoes s gurnteed. use noth loded from r er* ng but et ler. My prces he my hve tken t from h* fr, who h* hd mldy l lght m pst week. Cptn Flynn, prevous elecn, spent ny dys nvestgtng regstry To meet ths need Government kre resonble. Brng your next hs secured three expert broncho j repr Job me t wll done busters from West. elec-!promptly L. Sten. 432 Whum lves wll hve chnce lern j.veue. V " TJrl'leTLV'.ZlVX, 30 HNL-nt SERVCE flhoeo - unusul lllodo krll. llko- PAlrod wbll. Ton wt Wo mk * ly undertke lern bronel lne. A corrl extensve en provded * rdng cret stunts bust- y. " Move Reclm Jersey Woodls re * gret del woodl n New Jersey, whch s lttle vlue lumrng whch could mde rble f clerng could bo done t resonble cost, ccord- ng sttement ssued recently tb* New Jenu*v Slte Deprtment Agrculture sttement goes on sy tht tho. ospeoee clerng h n most cses. s prohbtve, but n order reduce ths cost or method* re employed? such us dyn- mtng. rhe use wtump pullers snd burnng wth d combustble mterls. Recent experments n vrous prts cpnntry show. ly recommended h en dr Edson's re-cretn t hd sme utful texture t*n<v qulty crred no uggentlon ng n mtn. t ws m** voce. Tho result ws tht, whle rectl w undoubtedly de'uot- ' (rtlon th* New Edson, re less estc enjoyment s ( me pnneld Tn et re fternoon wn prlvtn. Burl dy >TO, 0 mo now Pntfe M tn St. Mry', eemotery. romody or drm. Mnn r Shnkon' 'j b. phoply Ht. duty wblfh d hm th -l Jn)t b K crowd, lnco tho frst per- oko ottlomrnt thl rry. Ho h* f or mnro. boon confned hl homo hot my n ddn tho ll vudevlle bo out n dy or two. Th contr,- ct. mnldorhlo porn ruoh tlon dlphthrtn n dult l permnce l klvn over movlnk rre occurrence preont ce pl rtur* tho delectn flm hs ttrcted muoh ttenn. f D er» Everybody ppr ltn rh funerl tho lttle boy w*s!p,, he N>w Revew, whch s reku nv hold t th* prnnt' homo yesterdy ;,r feture t Plnfeld tre:,.., -S -e.. ortu.. n..#.(!... v*'*v reson Wlsh plsyd oblgs nlson wth severl re-cre- Albcrt Spldl hs set Hll's Mnstrels Here Next Tuesdy rprse* n sre ptron* tht nnounced n th* ner future. VudevB* wll hold bord* t week wth com- b^ prson proved tht re-cren ne s possble. llowng old hoe look lke new. only t st ler used. Shoe* clled o*nd f r mnd delvered t sme dy hrnrho 'rlkl wll convnce you our ur- busters. Eventully remount stn wll mnned present numr men n brrck* s bout 200. hut thl* wll ncresed s ddnl mounts re receved frst bg shpment s expected st sny tme Locl Amusement Tx About f500 Week HAVE our otd shoos md* look lke new. Ou r system reprng s frst ds. Our prces re reson- ble. All work gurnteed done promptly. Gve us trl. Wqrk clled delvered Sroe Repr Co Boutfc Second f *** klnd " AnmobDe. Rdl ntreet. T-l»-7-tf pd t Unted Stte* Bureu nternl Kevene ech week tres ths cty s r shre tx under new wr revenue dfference n ne tween bll, whch went n effeet Novels- k lsh plyng sounds r. Movng pcture house le- th - ** c * l *,, " Tuesdy fternoon thl lwu^ from New gtmte ply house wll both cll- Ou. Hll's Bg Mnstrels, heded, V.T,. vl* 0 * v * r wore dentcl. *d upon py txes, whch wll George Wlson. "Wlts Me, k fn ddn. th veleetlon ren- equvlent ten per cent, Agn," who hs en t New bm pr?j lt * d,, > b *]dered bv Ml-s Mller Mr. Wlsh, sellng prce tckets YorlSjllppodrome ffty week*. "V*, " r ""**! Wednesdy but tlm progrm w rounded out re- Flve-cent tckets wll exempt wll Ml next ttrcn t.? * Mrllrr * He re wll frfft p^rf orm *nce* full from txn. Tcket* sold rhll- runfemrrrhc'.re Tuosly. No- " **" r " y n^w t' r S rm ymphopy orcbo«tr. lho pno dren. under 2 yer ge. no n>*t- Tomler l, mtnee ngh'. Jmlo v^ce, thus coverng entre t**r wht th«co*, wll txed one m. mn.,e., nnmkor.,ho on- fomn PkoM Grl ' f Tb "' rlor work. Nnl Shoe Reprng Co. 06 Pftrk venue Pbon S 23 tf STUATONS wnted w relly need work fter hour*. Address Boys Scout qurters. 76 Seet Front Fbone 3085 vehre^nmc ATO TO HRE. AN UP-TO-DATE wren p HR CEnlmer, cr hlr* dy. bor or Compotnt drlr. Rt* o«r. Borneo tb* bt 'Pb^, rn wood 48-R Dy t FOB HOUSES Jnoy lon OB frt HHld. North vonno. opp HAVE OUENTE ror doom t. ^ Pct tb* cty. Wbl br* m HARVEY B. UNBABOBB P AUTO BEF. AEP EtFrU* Why 0 Now York by n*^ momlo tlro? 0x. t ; h * All lrnr ts** t vry low prlnw.,000 bo -ld from, nl dm, t.ff ocb. com h MO thorn. Ton -don't bn tn (by. Phlp Moedlk, lf Wmt Front KrM: 'Pbonn fs. Now open busness redy do ll knd u re pr lg. Work promptly done. Expert u- moble reprng t moderte pros; lso ols greee. Georg Romond. 68 Est Second street. Plnfeld. N. J.. merly wth John R- Clne.» Blck- - non noe- AOENT Knght Tre*, sne Tm, perfect trct! kld tred 8llv«r Kng tu, nd Bortley gurnteed Red Tu*, lso expert umoble re- prng, upplles knd srge. gnrege tht doe* Chnes rght. John R. Clne Kst Second treet, 0 lyr Phone 265. AUTO Top*, one-mn p*. rr- Uln* covers; set cover* closed cre, eosfclore. pholstery. J. H. De Ley. lmousne _ 34 Somerset street. Freneff s buld- ng. Phone R«*. 0 l we repr mke bodes order. Rtm* on* repred. Expert metffnlce tn thl lne. J. P Hom. rer P Somerset street; Ptene 67T. 8 t tf. AUTOMOBLE WK BUT Old Aumobles or Jnk. WK HKTdld Unon **<**+** Aumoble Tres. Prte P.CTfBTffO. WALTER C CHANDJUL pumb- t * estmted tht 8500 wll b* ng. stem gs fttng, tnnng Jobbng promptly ttended. PLUMBNG hetng; Jobbng promptly ttended. Rtlm freely gven. Chs. Kruss. 427 Wel Fourth street; Phone» tf lertsnm Ur uty d slu ftllemenl contnues, lht blntlon explusvo* t puller, ten provde most nomlml method removng lrger stumps. ~ Tb* sttement conclude* ng tht subject ng fnely ent prodffd o bgger sr orgnl Among th* O*rK* Wlson re Tonc.Mrchng llo Tnk* Germ Out severl ors, on* th* fnest f mlker* n burnt cork * feture. gret -- - * A Brde n Cln,, '.... New Mrket Fremen scle, nmnllt cn«e Frend* n thlt^ pty hv.- recelvel d l»cttcr thn ny she - ;r«rds nnnounrlng mrrl Hon ever ssembled., Ml"" Bernce Merlnek. d *ng ht*, ntrodn-ed hl. «nr,mr«judson KB*worth, K reprn. ng. < "When tb* Boys McUlnck. n«-r re«ld«nt*, t- New Mrket Fre Denrlne now temporrly m 'f or tho nnul fr mcr 'held n Frendshp Hnll. New M Frdy Sturdy nght ork stte ronrderble extr j prt tre stff*, th* mnger* hftv* bt upon vn ^feme* hlng t. Plnnng Thrd Fr '" VlZ W'ANTED doo fmllle* yo*r next move Phone 64-J. Furn- ture po* peeked end moved wth er*. We move nythng nv- *e. ny tme Henry Wlerenrv. movng mn. 85 R**t Ffth street. 23 «f McCnel ng Pltlnfd. rdng n L lh* slwre r«v.. DR. HARRY STEN **lns known nlrel os AnvccH Mrer. mnny w permed n Rt Jmen' u*t fut.- church,.os Angeje. on Orhcr 3. Nov deled hrleeronm lm»ln«arthur Emr rc Mrtn, lx>s Angeles d Jorl llorrd. llo B l Ml.lrol. *.. Now Jeroy Arrlrollornl Expolrmol t,,. w.v. Btllo Now Br.n.wok h». *r- r 0, dr m k.. hl, r.nxod wth tb. Du Pont Powder lr. H, uwh. Mr. Hll, 'hl Compnr lo gve domonxsrntlonx tht r n. wrd wth n xt p- " lrolro lb... both.xplo- ollnr whl'h. nld <». vo*.*.tump pll.r,..nd lhl tho oo«l ever ol n mlnmrol,v. undortkln wll ho on lore AMocl.d wth Mr. Hll hl ooob Mle llow creful Roorge Wllwn. Edllo sttement eorl opern.,. r. Wllm H. TTompon. John V lho horoueh. from whlrh lootl. Tho domontrtlon wll conducted Roxem. 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P 0 -r FOR EXPORT Order; w-nlm «(my o*eond hood bcycle, or tnmm. Wrt* * r cn Chs. Groenwld, 4 Somerset street. 9 B WANTED Old flm f**fb. Don't mtter f' broken. py S.09 t* n per wt Bed hv pres pos receve check return mll. * Mter, 2007 S. Ffth.treet. 'hu.ds- pbl. p.. 0 LAtlKY' TADORXO. t.uur n on sj tet rny prce*. AH work n 4on * lluflcld. do my own cuthn* d tlorng. Mde order from JS.00 d up. n ll tb* UU* Frnk. 43 Kst Fro* HELP WANTED M.ALE WANTED Stemmer,.nd b*h- n; good wge. pd. For ns tlon pply or wrt* J. A. H.. Strd Pnt CotnpA* Bound Brook. N. J. S 4 tf

7 ppppffs* f ' ' rtta rsftkul UKJOKH- T JJV BREF Hppenngs Pst Week Tersely ld For Busy Reders. plnneld Food Com2 0 people so rt, Henry J. Koe.kel, Crnfo rmer nstrucr n dvnced one 5 * ^w York Unlvenlty. J (ppolnted bologst cfcem dwrge CKMS A. M bonuory MuhlAnrg H Superntendent George [LOtF, e loc] trolley dvson, h9 nount-ed new schedule lnteld lnes, exclusve! Unon rs. Herefter lst cr over t«fourth street lne Wll leve Front' Somerset streets t 2:30., nsted 2:00- mdnght. Ths wll gve E:4F) ct- from ty. Beglnnlng lst W Pressor J Grn Prncen Unve /le weekly Utks t Crescent Eptetlw "f Pul." lecture Wednesdy nght ws ttended lrge grng. Mss Mrgret MrCntChen, duph- Ur Mr. Mrs. Chrles W. He, Cutchen. Rockvew venue, sled lst Sturdy Frnce, n-comp&ny wth ffty or young women who wll engge n cnteen work. Mbss Jnet Rchrds, Wshngn. D. C who n 3 * ent tne People PltnBeld posted on current pcs prt few yers, gn nor *rles or tlke t Hrtrdge AMrlum yesterdy Afternoon. She tu rd lrge pprecte udence. Her mn pc dscnmon relted present wr troubles but she lso devoted consderble ttenn world hppenngs " tfe precedng»'* months. tlks Ots seson wll comprse progrm Of ten. ech one tkng plce on Thursdy fternoons. New Trnng Ccmps For Offcers Open To Men n Jnury Only men lredy n servce Unted Sttes * lmted numer college men wll ccepted llowed t Applcns wll rect een dy Decemr - pplcns must not he 3! Wr Deprtment uthortes»nd J Arlngn tented plces n ths St fte- leve t. y my Bent ng l:4fe P. r PlnReld Wll Add Workng Quot Bg Shp-Buldng Plnt on Newrk By Ne 'k mght termed ct3 steel, t seems rght tht f [ where shps wll mnufcd steel should erected n dstrct, vsrs tl buldngs or Lower New York cr ;ze down on plnt tht s lnp rected on Newrk By. ts grel.dvntge s tht t s wthn netropolltn dstrct, where re 7,000,000 nhbtnts,, who nrvnc ndrdlzed methods fbrcl contrct h eels ns e Unted Sttes complete buldngs :. y. Everythng try det mn de engneers plnnng ths work, n every possble wy tme lbor wll sved. shops hs en wth de effcency. mterl wll prctclly brought n Che yrd t one pont shps complete wll leve t nor. produ. buldngs now lut erected duce s Jersey Seed Growers Fer Shortge Ths Yer vegetbles seed growers ot Sourn New Jersey re ng e»g-?ht representtve* ot seed compnes. supply seeds :pected very short n«xt prng cuse vegetbles ll ds hve en sellng euch hgh prces tht growers hve found t munertlve sell r cts tble hotel f tw d rest mny yers. n 4ffect. Colle Br wck. wll bo e my. mer Nn; Phlppnes. ' tpped emplo focl heders olllce n tho Hbfcork hullersey Cty Hobtten. -Hugh Grdutes nd llly-ls n chrge locl - j ffty-fve foltftus nnd rftch s n rooms 2t}4 «o:> [Schools selected t e Bock buldlns.; hsnent. f tween 2t Mss Hrmon. Rtenojsrplujr. s s-'ge, re elgbl -:nlet<? nlllt rfll drwn from frst keel n Upses, two prlr :o ] f or fbrctng; old (er srge buldngs. ct j'evy mchnery, dys. *' OW ng erected jvncluue n g. 96 feet nt. 9O ft. 75 t, hops, 360 feet long. sub-stt tlon. te«m delver! Wr Deprt- d :! yers c. ke pplcn! bnk, h my mr- help exmnng -j dent t P. Foster, who rm from box.9, but e yrd, s de brdl rk By. r Now Yor n Hull nl.cks wll, connect wth P Com- sylvnt Lehleh Rlrods expert- Centrl tlrn New Je? he fourteen electrcll) mpresbors, ech sum ntch lot. ferrybots By Rer ( t bprl < uspces Ldes' Under *Xld Socety, nnul fr b»r St. Peter's Lutfhern church n held Wednesdy Thursdy fternoons. re ws ft lr Lnce on both occsons Alwtnttl sum ws netted f "rch fund.. Age. rs Pf Vehcles..Especlly Who occupy thfj Et o]"tpo-. west bound rlrod stn, lfflted ths week hve [North venue opened trffc f-. llow lrlok pvlrnr, street lkes splendd oppe-nnce p vn 'x s conoder"cl mp hf L st [jobs n cty. Wort s now pro West Front street, but seems e more or less t ststll on Howrd H. Wllms, chrmn ot Wtchung venue. fhe locl Armenn-Syrn relef rnbd. nnounced Wednesdy tht Th e student body (le lumne Pljgfleld eople hd subscrd $3.- f Mt. St. Mry's College on Mondy OSS ths worthy purpose. Ths 'nght preentenl Rev. fr John derlvd from sle ron money he used Che neft ' old robr collected lst Stur- f " solders n cmp. college A*y, Whch (9 now ng old. chpln. Rev. Fr Bldwn, mde: Te generous sum nnounced cme.">e presentn, Fr Wlsh s result or mss meet-j"""'«' response n whch he ld n plslnneln Hgh School.mny nterestng detls, or hs workj ut ncluded ttfrtr dollrs donted j«th «ble Jerwoy cn 6T th«prmry deprtment Beth dutpel Sundy-school wth e: stpuln tht t used.ter known her Pllnfleld frends tn n orphn chld. 'THe' her mden nme or Adele von tmon&t wll cre Syrn or Ar- Ohl. hs en spendng pst few menlftn chld one yer. - dys wth reltves n wn, whec not Obrles Young, colored, or 508!Sho hs just returned fter long VM Thrd street, ws rrgned n -; >. n Cllf< P Cty court ths Trjornr!^ on drge llowng shes r«fns< w drdp from hs collectng wkqfl K wu pslng through bnslnes rtrwts. He dmtted hs gult but hones. "«llowed KO Judge DeMelMrf.»fter promsng not let nr. gfn. eputhleu nterests Georee T. Horn. t or Chceo Bel mpny. s nor P erns devote hs t dy r crgoes, drven electrc power 'tlned. ols, o, re wry lt«t ntte ll ptter! e found n ny or rtllery j Fleet Torport moored. On fron twenty-eght sets re now ng bult ; roerly l 'y. >. rt, \. wm, WOVB completed AVOTHKR "PACK46TB" 'ARTV. : r.n feet -phe Y. M. H. A. s keepng sselsmj^.n)unty B whole re enjoynr en > shps. se wys t d Bound usc tho*e' buldnp n hey wll requred Whle students y :nded wll he julld lrger uttd hve t Fjtfg need sr over y wll well o ll prts world. plnt S (dy. No mr rpdly growng 'on pece property tht fronts or '.Newrk ny Just opposte Byonne. :re re twenty-eght fedjklnd derrck wers, founded ohjpnrkge*, whch re brought steel derrcks, wrd jwhc n shres t wth tht ks. se derrcks, wth frst ffr ths kn mmensty undertkng. greter, s t wll held n Bot whole property hs en welly. M. H. A,. ld o treets. v whch re rtlc blocks ]e crossed! wrded most ttr lredy pvedltlvely wrpped pckges. Musc Under ground furnshed Edde Mrk's 3 r th elers. s fered seed dele vegetble Beells tlty qute well tnr eted supply ' st sprng. s severe shortge vegetble need s expected next seson, xtenson dvson New Jersey *tte Agrculturl College t New runswck s urgng growers pve ;eed from r most desrble predcts. Svng seed s esly dot B4." Ths hullel l PRNCETON MEN N UNCLE SAM'S SERVCE t Prncen whch shows tht, t- s s known, re re.63 Old Nssu, er lumn or >rgrdntes. who re engged n» knd wr servce. fcls detled sttement tht s tewr records whch re ng ltned t Prncen, but whch s yet mnfestly - ncomplete, report s relly hsrcl reo ll tht unversty h. bth long prepredness lnes prevous brech wth Germny es. utbre es re rdrte 7B«lumn le rmy. 3fl n nvy. 29 n medcl mbulnce servce. 80 Y. M. C. A. work. R6 n ctvl work. 20 n Red Cross n executve rtlen. SB n Federl servl<-o un 43 n relef work. Ths gves.4] sons Prncen-who ce. re re probbly mny re whom re s s yet no recrd. ' commttee on wr records nows Prncen mn who!«th m. Towng JO oen«prvte p*rue r q xf(j do mmtj «TA-J. Ut««producn clls Government Adopts New System Clssfyng Men Drft ' new system clssfy! drfted men. whch dvdes remnng 9, regstrnts n from Wshngn ths week, f shown n followng schedule: CLASS f.. Sngle mn wthout dependen reltves. L Hrred mn (or wdower wt) rhldre) who hbtully flls t opport h fmly. Hrred mn dependent 0 Vfe support.. Hrred mn (or wdower wll chldren) not usefully engged, fm- upported ncome ndependent lt lbor ṅot ncluded n ny or descrpn l ths or or clsses. ' Unsklled lborer. CLASS. Hrred mn or fr *«herless chldren, usefully engg- V but fmly hs suffcent ncome M't from hs dlly lbor Sord rewonbly dequte support durng " bsence. *- Hrred mn no chldren «cn support herself decently l " wthout hrdshp.. Sklled frm lborer engged '" ««Bry ndustrl enterprse. Sklled ndustrl lborer en-»wj n necessry grculturl enrprlse. CLASS. t Mn wth foster chldren d#- Mndent on dly lbor support. 4. Assstnt or ssocte mnr necessry grculturl enterprse. CLASS V.! Mrred mn wth wfe () chldren wdower wth chldren) dependent on dly lbor f u pport no or re^ onbly d r port vlble. 2. Mr lerchnts rprses.. Heds turl enterprt nld t on dlly lhor : Mn wth bror -,etent support *Penent on dlly lbor * Cot jj S. Prempn *- Necess-v nnmren ^. " """'. "» >"- ' Nm.,.,5 c,,rt0m, 0 - Hghly speclze. ve experts.. Techncl or meehnlr perts n ndustrl enterprse. 2. Hghly speclzed grlculur expert n grculturl but Assstnt ' necessry hstrll cltlz* Unted necessry grcu 2. Regulrly or duly ordn 3. Students dvnty. 4. Persons n mltry orn' Persons physclly, permnent- Lcensed plots. : fjovkrsmknt WLL SS'E A THRTKKN-ClJXT STAMP. posmce Deprtment s pln thus descre r-r.enerl. Chef Ord hef Cost Artllery. Chl neneers Chef Ssnl Trers n r prtcnl brn "NTVK TAX RATR fflmst N THE STATK. Stte ws recently County Elzth, who ve ccomplshed ll.ble reducng r nost mpose n dllow rte s drect reconomy prctced jeholderfl county/' rtve tble t rtes Ctmherl Cpe My. Essex... son... terdon cer.. - Mddlesex. P thtecncent po egstered spec stmp hs en n ;use. but ese n postge ml*>s nece^s prntng new donomnstl stmp wll r hed Frnkln wll sze E >nts. color hs r. CAMP pnr. wnghtstown. TonrtfR cr prvte prtes cn ho procured trnsportn cnmp P% tclephonlnb 3O3O or T6-J. UUw r««onjble. Adv. U DOYOUKNOW! Tht MONDAY s Lst Dy ZESEL'S FRE SMOKE SALE? JUST TWO MORE DAYEt SATURDAY AND MONDAY, NOVEMBER 0TH AND 2TH EVERYTHNG N OUR STORK MUST BE SOLD REGARDLESS OF PRCES TO MAKE. ROOM FOR MY NEW STOCK. PRCES WLL BE 80 LOW THAT A PENNY WLL GO A MLE HERE. THOUSANDS OF ARTCLES SUCH AS Bcycles, Morcycles, Sportng Goods, Aumoble Supples, Chrstms Goods, Hunters' Supples, Muscl nstruments, Boys' Aumobles, Morcycle Bcycle Tres Supples, Rzors, Rzor Bldes ll knds KEMEMBEK THS SALE CLOSES MONDAY NGHT, NOVEMBER 2TH. YOU WLL SAVE 90 PER CENT. F YOD BOY AT THS GBEAT FEE SALE. FOLLOW THE CROWDS DALY TO ZESEL'S FHE SALE. se Goods Are Only Slghtly Dmged Fre Smoke LEO ZESEL 222 WEST FRONT ST., LOCAL NEWS N BREF Hppenngs Pst Week Tersely Told For Busy Reders. SSBt T grth PUlnO.ld Food Coro- ugouncod yenterdy tht dllm *»n>p.t«n Jot clocd.- T,, H «*»» trd d.4)0 ndlmu pld» *«" 'ood. Ot!0 rrord lso tho pledge trd. Dr. Hory J. Koekel. Crnd, ^rmr nstrucr l dvncrd chctn- Zn t Sr York Unl.or.lty, h. Mn pponted blologlt rtmlet» drt* Ot Crg A. Mrnh Bkorry MnfcM*bws H. Bgtnlng lu Wdndy nght, rror J. Orhm Mscb.l. Prncen ttnlrrlty. wll «* Superntendent Goorxo l.rhr, locl trolley dlvllon. h, w eheduln New Trnng Cmps For Offcers Open To Men n Jnury Only men lredy n servce, * r< h " r ' * h l' H mnulr- Unted Stten lmted num- lu d *" l hould erected n her college men wll ccented th0 dltrct, vllr tll ror thrd erl olllccr,' trn- b ld(ng Uer New York cn log rmp. whch. t h ut en ' on > «Plnt tht l ng nnounced, wll opened Jnury " C"' on Newrk By. t, gret ruwnu Mrtt Plnfeld Wll Add Workng Quot Bg Shp-Buldng Plnt on Newrk By New York mght termed cty. t l o ell ulted hlpbulld- t eel. t Memo rght tht ng tht t l wonder tht t h not boon developed e. Ths * N*w tht t l wthn ropoltmn dstrct, where re nhbtnts, t.h* Ch noun red Plnfeld lnes, exelutvo Unon 5. 9R. wll eontlnue qntl! Apjl dv>nu «* crs. Herefter lst cr overj5. re wll collet- grd- th«fourth street lne wll re' rte* undergrdutes who wll.,.. Front Somerset streets t 2:30 bo llowed tke trnng. f * work f*- wh <> hre n pst hy tho Unted Sttes Shppng Bord *trtlon buldng. *6 root _. r.. nsted 2:00 mdnght.; Applcns wll receved -,l * on rovng crowd, crryng on ( month. t wll he followed hotel resturnt. 90 ft. 75 ft. Ths wll gve 2:45 cr from tween dy Decemr l lhe,r work,n O» cty n n nor 50 more rmtl. Th«'t wo fbrcn shops. 360 feet long. Monroe venuo termnus n- qppllctlon must not sent fj 6,h#r mo ',n * ll prts keels se rewl, whch re oj» tchmln buldng, hosptl, two bound pssenger*. lst crs Wr Deprtment uthortes, des. l? e Country, wll ble settle n; ply such nn mportnt prt n ; enrges, two prncpl srehouses frst rel shpbuldng p metropoltn dstrct, hre flrt steel vessels bult strdzed methods fbrcn re turned out n lrge qunt!- j pont fo. leve t both contrct buldng ffty weft- buldngs now ng erected ef f.000 ns c ws sgned «"» mny. y/nclude n dmln- re wter mn complete sewerge system. buldngs steel concrete. y substntl, but smple. Everythng s ng done mke plnt up dle n every detl, but nothng s wsted. Strdzn s mn de engneers plnnng ths work, n every possble wy tme lbor wll sved. whole rrngement shops hs en wth de eff- cency. mterl wll prctcl- ly brought n yrd shps Jersey Seed Growers Fer Shortge Ths Yer vegetl)le seed growers Sourn New Jersey re ng eg erly sought representtve* - seed compnes. supply seeds l expected very bort next sprng cue vegetble# ll knds hve en sellng such hgh prces tht grower* hve found t plete wll even more remunertve sell r prodnet* tble ne thn pro- duce seed ncresed prces - fered seed deler*. _ Mle* Pul." lecture Wed dy nght ws ttended lrge grng. Mss Mrgret MCCutchen, dugh- tr Mr. Mrx Ch.He. W. Me- mlld'ln* Cutchcn. Rock vew venue, sled MH lst Sturdy Frnce. n compny slgl «Uh ftr or young women who wll «rre n cnteen work. MfM Jnet Rchrds, Wshng n. D. C.. who hs kept people Plnfeld posted on current pcs pst few yers, gn no *rl«* tlks t Hrtrldg** Aud- rum yesterdy fternoon, se herd lrge pprec- tes udence. Her mn pc d- rmn relted present wr troubles bt she lso devoted consd- erble ttenn world hppenngs 7or precedng sx months. tlks ths seson wll comprse pro- grm ten. ech one tkng plce on Thrody fternoon#. Under usples* ldles' rl«m or unmrred, hut exmnng - dent Submrne Bot Corpo- *' :e Kll vn Kull. re s mple Clmx Gun Club Plnfeld fleer* wll gve preference unmnr- rn, whch ct * gent w, * r from shpyrd sen vee- wll hold testmonl shoot ths f-jrled men. Government n mngement nf l,r ' f resonbly deep drft. n honor or t" provdent. C. j Grdutes undergrdutes yrd, l devotlne ll h. tme erd occupes *S cre* Foster, who wll soon Jon, whd re elgble cn pply on brng work# Mct-eseful t wll ffteen mle, strd llrod trck connectng or utdng*. re wll he twenty loco- flflcen front twnty-flve ns cpcty, wth booms whch connect* thrty seventy-lve feet long. \v«york Hy through re ore bo fourteen electrclly ny vegetble seeds retn r vtlty qute well from two eght yers. t l cusm seedsmen crry over from yer yer enormou qunt- tes whch my not hve en sold. At ( present tme, however, re s no surplus n seed srge houses, cuse tho home grdeners depleted supply»t sprng. nevere houe vegetble her wood Arlngn gntcd plces n thl? Stte where tflo,r hom * M,n th c,l > f New York.! wr ernng supples j f «r fbrctng plnt, three pnt venue lne, wll herefter leve t y my H cnt ng Prncen,tl *Y hve comt. some Alllefc Amercn solders "»«rge buldng*. srehouse clock nsted :45 p. m.. s Unversty. Prncen, Rutger*' nnd Hv* more economclly t n Frnce, wll turned out t. hevy mchnery. 300 ft. long, h* en cusm mny yers. [College. New Brunswck. r * n,n ny,hpr f,,v - Pl*l"llftld * rte one vessel every three dy*, j mchne shop, n fce buldng, chngo s lredy n dffeet. Cmps wjl! t*o estblshed t fch '* w,,h,n th rdus tht wll le frst keel wll he ld Decemr mn,uh-*t»lon meter horse. regulr rmy, mer Nnl Gurd tpp< d omploye* ll knd* j ors wll follow rpdly tlu: *"b-sttloe. s rn-mer stn. nternnl AMoclutlon Nnl Army dvson n ths mnv m wll resde n ths cty, rwenty-elrtt steel v«els re undor nn engne house, yrd m ns ter' - *eed s expected next scon. Mchnsts hns o^ned Wl hed- country, Phlppnes. Pnm. Th s vrd wtl employ 2,«A0 men. construcn t sme tme n 0. nn *l "ge bnlldlnc. severl extenson dvson New Jersey rles weekly Ulks t Crescent qurters fce tn Hnbf...k buld- Hw n Frnce re wll ""d y wll le drwn from New * soon s one vessel U lunched n- **ottge emergency employes ATvue Prestern^ «burch OB, n r lhl cuy, or he,n^,^ C m\r% t Fort Blss Fort Y fk Flty prts New.Terser, or wll tke lt«plce on *ny$. nnd -ml fce covered plt- trlrt No.* 47. whch nrlndes New Sm Housn. Texs, t Chtckn- locn yrd At present, work s ng rnhedjm tem delveres Jersev. wth excepn New- mng. G mke* t eser cces on erecn plnt where! n ddn, re wll. bns rk. Jersey Cty llnbdken. Hugh Grdutes undergrdutes rllrod wll run rght on ths fleet vessels U bult.'rvet b P lt. Relly.» n c-hrge locl - ffty-fve collece* twenty mltry P^nt. Rte s known s, Port flee, w'htch s fn rooms 2^4 20*..jwthools sefe- ted tt r f»eprt-' Henry f. Cne, fr mny yersf Vr " rk Tormn l l s prt tween 2 3 yers promnent s presdent ledng j Cltv Newrk. Mss Hrmon, snorrph^r. s ns- ge. re elgble mke pplcn hnk, hs tken up ths work * nn Newrk -By tdnsslon. y my mr- help country l now presl- w,, h t color*. prewkor*. ech clent rpcty supply r ols two hulls. re wll lugs hle hull" * ptrol des- ptch bot, ferrylot nnd umo- ble trucks mf p«eng«*r crs. sprng se vessel* wll Jon 'who! blnk furnshed bv ny deslr-lend rted nsttun* wrdng. generl mnger yrd mny shor*. slp# wys. se "redr fzw^thdr crrot* wtl! deprtment ws clled, ronpletsl pplcn ' n- u B b. Worden, who ws presdent trcks wll connect wth Penn r <.,,u,re vessel* sunk bv subprlnes out t 3 o'clock Tuesdy fternoon "trqctnr n Mltry Tctlc.nrkwnn Brdge Com- s\lvnnl nnd ^hlch Ullrods nl, h m - r hnerv n ths vrd on n lrm from box 39. b tt nsttun from whch pplcnt pny H h one mot expert- { Centrl R t frl or Sew Jersey. u. H, drlv,. n hv occjrlc power men found only grss fre on Wetjl* greduted. loters rocommen- enced engneers on brdges nnd so tht re wll no trouble u thr m o»b modern tht cn oh Beventh street gve r nttern dtlon re not wnted, but only structurl work n country nnd bout trn*porttlon brlrglng. >lpcd Tf e o, 0O >re fh#. re ws no dmge. jnroes three responsble ctzens h, gven up ll or nteres to thouss ns or steel prts y mest pttern equp- he yrd drect from steel m^, w, n< n ore rom- * vehcle*. e*pe4dlly pplcnt muft exmned physcl- w presdent Uhlcco Brdge mll, nnd brdge shops where ete thn U ^* found n ny or ne roll-,hl,y, r A. PRNCETON MEN N UNCLE SAM'S SEE VCE A d-t.ll-d report H««n tkh.f t- sued t Prncen wlch shows tht, s fr s s known, re re.c3 son* Old Nssn. er lumn or under* rd u te. vrho re engged l some knd wr eervee. fct detled sttement tht l - ng prnted hve en gred from wr records whch re n* mntned t Prncen, but whch re y*t mnfestly ncomplete. report s relly hsrcl rec- ord ll tht unversty hs both long prepredness lnes prevous brech wth Germny lnoe outbrek hostl- tes Accordng estmtes re e 75«lumn undergrd cte* tn rmy. 39 n nvy. *9 n rtnes. H tn vn. 334 n medcl mbulnce servce. *0 n Y. M. C. A. work. *6 n cvl work, Red Pros# n executve.. - Meu W wur «<;.uu cpctes n Federl servce n-.w*nr * o nrt r, n* Rome rrtrtsn h* en shp*. se wys re n nets h B- punned n held Wednes- unmed. * n Rtte un-unlmed locl Armenln-Syrln relef Tn l,ht th *» *ll "nd two. 'dy. Novemr 4 hn ffr ths end 43 n relef work Ths gves fnd. nnounced Wedneedv tht Th " ud "t body lumne Grdutes *ce< ted nsutu- low. To bull,l lmer nhlp, re re twenty-eght fted knd crete# much fun s lunch tl.4* son* Prncen who Plteld eople hd subscrd»3-, Mt. 3«. Mry's College on Mondy,,on * l,p 7 tqu,^d' U J on., f * r shp* would hve tken much K «el derrck wers, founded on [m. kges whch re brought re known bo n some wort ser-. (or.h. worthy purpose. Tbl presenl«d Rev. Fr John»"«l, * "JT 0!' * '"" Cer Th nppd n *'»* f f r ples. ech equpped wth two.or ldle* bought gentlemen, vce, re re probbly mny nclude monev Wlsh, post Chpln t Cmp )«, durn wr f fter c shp,, se r..ff>0-n shp* wll more steel derrcks, wrd who n shres t wth ldy's more whom re s B yet no ree- tn derved from Mle ron»*«m*»n y used neft three montn* rours nl present wnt re so de-, t he wys re fourteen guyed nme ren contned. ord. commttee on w* r records jheoenveo 'rm D" Of "on,^_ u M r ^ college,hpv PP ol recommended com- f, lrn d (hlll hey m0 ltb,, lnch, sfe [derrcks. se derrcks, wth, fr«ffr ths knd ws hs requested tht nyone who ^... rr. n(j wnom fj vessels. When buldng wys djonng, wll mke held n old Y. M. H. A. qnrters knows Prncen mn who l TH m.onoonnhl cm. >6. prnulod. «nd W.l.h. nm,n "JL',7 S" * r * ' " r. 'Y wll well l,n,.n.lm pcture from»mer prored > rre.,ucrw«.. e«-,runted l w.r eerrlce communlcmt. lt mss meet- mde response n whch he ld MR.nd =. mr 8t. lter's l.urn chureh ws hold Wednesdy Thursdy fternoons. re ws lrge tsodnce on both occsons substnt! sum w netted -breh fund. Howrd H. Wllms, chrmn who know pplcnt st. Ech buld ghlps George T. llorn, who pplcnt must exmned physcl- wn presdent Uhlcco Brdge cbmen who occupy tho st oppo- >' «* hls wn CM^nse reputble nn«l ron Uompnv. s nor engl- mterl s ste west bound rlrod stn, j physcn, who wf fll out phys- neer w ho hs gven up h* nterests fbrcted. vrfo dellghd ths week hve * reur mng prt ll- n or concern* devote ht tme On one sde property s v. M. H. A. WM. HO. > North venue opened trffc f-j r,>^ " nllcbtlnu blnk ^ ^ ^ work tht s bo done on * p 700 feet wde nnd completed AVOTHEt PACKAGB** PARTY. rf feet lone 50 feet Y. M. H. A. * keepng bll s. on whch three lnes trcks rollng t* memr*, rom >"'«*. where lrge vessel, my lw mnb y s whole re enjoyng ts lght rtllery Fleet Corporn. n ddn moored. On front feet pesnt entertnments. recent Job# n cty. Work s now pro- orpnny hnlm- men ths rsgu- se men mnny cpble engneers twenty-eght sets buldng *«o dnces, lecture, whsts hve met gre-slng on pvng Prk ve l»r rmy, mer NtloMl Gurd hve lu-en obtned lo crry on. re now ng bult sound wleh knreess. lend even nue West Front street, but eesm Bd Nnl \rmv sll work,,f th* ple drver * musc those morp vrety next entertln- bo mors or less»» ststll on dcm. hed servce whle student*. T he vetsel* bult re nf who re nterested n buldng red t -p#. kge" prty dcs r Wtchung venue recevng py llownce* nr, n nn% Some rrltclsr h* en shp*. se wys re n sets y,«l^en plnned le held Wednes- * r grde.... Srnduntes selected enlst f fter month Tk norml stcencth ech trfn- Newrk By. Dnel Cox wll pvlne Tho Ft reef * n «"rhool wn bout 4 H*»«- resdent engneer nnd con-truc- mke* splendd pm-nce dent*, nrcsnl-.vl n one nfntrv f ftr. renressntlng Emergency prng s consdered one st compny nnd one lght rtllery Fleet Corporn. ll ddn Slte Agrculturl College t New Brunswck s urgng growers sve seed from r most desrble prod- uct*. Svng wd * e**lly done s fully explned n "Frmers' Bul- letn K* " Ths bulletn cn ob- tned free b. wrtng Unted Sttes Deprtment Agrculture. Wshngn. D. C. Cmp Dx. _ me sle ron th * used neft d old rubr collected lst 8tnr solders n cmp college.,, reoulred r»ftd trhlrh l now ng sold chpln. Rev'Fr Bldwn, mde nlrmlon tnev wn *>e req nreo.... ng, T es*e*. w ne me buldng wys djonng. _ w,,rd * w k w..h nfn n servce fnsh r en- WUf, n orf, r w( ^ wm, dpl-» n mposng pcture from lltment. Whle students y wll M fo nrty tm(le tht comry n- j front gve some slght de peeled tht ths y nnd llownces or, l,ru world. mmensty undertkng. greter, s t wll Tho plnt Submrne flot whole property hs en well Y. M.. A. bnlldl f prmry deprtment Betboll Jurte^.' " jcorp^rtlon. now rpdly rrowlngjlld out venue, crowed rtpel Sndv-sehool wth ex-! Mrs. Jmes * Prker, who l t- m^n slrrm sfuly e< stpuln tht t sed,ter known her PlJnfleld tnond fhw month l. coun * elgble ppontment * ^M^M^W m W m XK*, X**H**X**X**W # *X**X**X* 4 W m W* 4 ******W**H 4 *!*** # ** ( 'Wv s reonlt or mss meet- thf, ntr. nd llown. lxwld n Plnfeld Hgh School loteretlng detls hs work n flrm rum wh (>h ud tcmded ttuftw dollrs donted»*lg Jereey cnnment $0 mon th. plus food, rlolkl nlntln n orphn chld MJot wn cre Syrn mo n chld one yer. Mrs. Jmes U Prker who l t- her Plnfeld non d Tbo her mden nme Adele von Ar-'Ohl. h " B en spendng th* pet j dys wth reltve. n wn, when not pperng t New York tre. Chrles Young, colored, 503 Kh hs Just returned nfter long Ww Thrd ntreet. w rrgned n.str n Cln l presentng cty court thn mornng on her own ctve western lfe fn chrge llowng shen refnw ledng vudevlle houses «drop from hs collectng wgon s Fst producn mls t w pssng through busness, servce* or twelve people ten tret*. He dmtted hs gult but!horses. Whle on pcfc cost s llowed go Judge DeMez Mrs. Prker orgnzed unts ttr promsng not let nul- horsewomen fflted wth mre occur, gn. (Amercn Red Cross. rlolfclnk «nd ; e r pj, r,t n,, now r,p4y N" S*n.r J urse re o er t wll even wth m. he held n nem^ lng prse* ^l Toerng me wrded most jtrc- jo orog»um<n»de ot Xq x W dur*o pece property tht fronts on[treet«whch re lredy pved lvely wrpped pckge*. Mulc wlllj, wprvodwu joj pennjd eq opposte Byonne.'wth ggntc blork". Under ground furnshed Edde Mrk s Jt*70-J. Government Adopts New System second leutennt, only. y commssoned s vcnces occur. n erder mert determned permnce whle t th* trnng j school trnng rumps thus derrd re prmrly Tor men comms- soned n lne. Qurterms- ter-generl. Chef Ordnnce. Chef Cost Artllery. Chef Engneer* Chef Sgnl Offcer hve en uthorzed org ren school* * y my deem ner- A eenrv trnng men he JJT prtculr brnches Clssfyng Men Drft, Th* «* system clssfyng drfted men. whch dvde* re- gnng t regstrnts n Mlon n fve groups, nnounced ron Wshngn ths week, l bow* n followng schedule: CLASS.. Sngle mn wthout dependent fluvc. Mrred mn wdower wth ) who hbtully flls Wort Ms fmly. Mrred mn dependent on Ytf support. Mrred mn (or wdower wth rtfdr) not usefully engged, fm-»7 upperted ncome ndependent f h* lbor Men not ncluded n ny or dmenpo l ths or or clsses. Unsklled lborer. CLASS n. _ h Mrred mn or fr Mherte chldren, usefully engg- hot fmly hs suffcent ncome Mrt from hs dlly lbor fd f*, ft*bl7 d equl* support durng kl* bsence. ' Mrred mo no chldren cn support herself decently d wthout hrdshp., * Sklled frm lborer engged kwmftry ndustrl enterprse Sklled ndustrl lborer en- *M*d n necessry grculturl en- ** r PHe, CLA8B H. Mn wth foster chldren da- ^dnt on dlly lbor support. " Mn w,th r d - or or grprent* de- " ent on dlly lbor support. wth brors or»l«fer T* 00 retent support mselves, ^ dent on dlly lbor support!' ^0'hty or muncpl llcer. * ^lfemcn or polcemen. Kecewry rtfcers or work- rtrdj *, "* n *, ' * r orles nvy cusm house clerk. 4 A _ : mn "» neconery n trnsml- f mlls. M mplorm n n-rrlre n "* ** * H «h Y PMnlbnd ndmlnk- trtlv e expert, 'll. Techncl or mechncl ex- *ert, d ndustrl enterprme 2 Hghly speclzed grcul- turl expert n grculturl bureu Stte or ntloo.. Assstnt or ssocte mn- nrcery nd ct Hl enter- prse. H Assstnt or oclte mn- ger nrccnry grctlfurl enter- prse. CLASS V. Mrred mn wth wfe () chldren wdower wth chl- dren) dependent on dlly lbor mpport no or resonbly de- qute support vlble. Mrners n,c servce merchnts or cltlxen n Unted 8ttcs. f 3. Heds necessry ndustrl terprfe. 4. Heds necessry grcul- turl enterprlw. CLASS V. Offcer, Stte* or Unted Stn Regulrly mnsters. Students dvnty. Persons n mltry duly ordned nvl Allens. Allen enemes Porwng morlly unft. Person, physclly, permnent- mentlly unft. Lcensed plots. Tht tx rte Unon county l lowest n Stte ws sttement mde recently County Collecr Levtt, Elzth, who bn, en dlgently wtng fl- J return* * mde vrous ronnty bords Trenn. Mr. Le- vtt. n,pceklnr low rte mntned br Unon county, whch s one tho twenty-one count!** ol Stte, md: We not only hve lowest rte, n Stte New Jersey, but w* hve ccomplshed lmost mp os- t slblo reducng rte 97 from rle «n d- rect contrst wth or countes where. n lmost'fcvery nstnce, rte hs en ncresed. -We hve lowest rte n Stte, notwthstng ll publc m- provements hve en mntned new necesery mprovement* mde. low rte l drect re- sult or economy prctced Bord Freeholders county." comprtve tble tx rtes countes follow: Atlntc 3.9 DOYOUKNOW ' Tht MONDAY s Lst Dy ZEJSEL S FRE SMOKE SALE? JUST TWO MORE DAYS SATURDAY AND MONDAY, NOVEMBER 0TH AND 2TH EVERYTHNG N OCR STORE MUST HE SOLD REGARDLESS OF PRCES TO MAKE ROOM FOR MY NEW STOCK PRCES WLL BE SO LOW THAT A PENNY WLL GO A MLK HERE. THOUSANDS OF ARTCLES SUCH AS Postflr Deprtment s pln- lng ssue th/een-»-ent postge tmp regtered specl de- lvery letters. Herere twelve- stmp hs en n t»*. but ncrese n postge nko, necessry tho prntng new denomnn stmp wll r tho hed Frnkln wll lso border desgn current l*,uc bout seven cents. color hs not en selected. Cmden 3 "* Cumrl 4 Cpe My f E«**x 4 Gloucester * Hudson 5 Hunterdon «Mercer 4 Mddlesex J Morrs " Mrfttmouth * (Venn Pssc... 3 Slem * Someret. < Sussex r CAMP HT, WRGHTBTOWN. Tourng cr prvte prt le cn he procured trnsportn Cmp l>4«telephonng BOSO or 7A-J. Rtc resonble* Adv. tf Bcycles, Morcycles, Sportng Goods, Aumoble Supples, Chrstms Goods, Hunters Supples, Muscl nstru- ments, Boys Aumobles, Morcycle Bcycle Tres Supples, Rzors, Rzor Bldes ll knds PFMFMRF.R THS SALE CLOSES MONDAY NGHT, NOVEMBER 2TH YOU WLL SAVE 90 PER CENT. F YOU BUY AT TH8 GREAT FRE SALE. FOLLOW THE CROWDS DALY TO ZESEL S FRE SAL*. 4 se Goods Are Only Slghtly Dmged Fre Smoke LEO ZESEL Plnfeld, Nl J. 222 WEST FRONT ST.,

8 - 3\ 2 Per Cent Lrty Bond Subscrrs WHO DESRE TO EXCHANGE FOB 4 FBB PBR CENT. BONDS SHOULD NO. NO TFY US, US. SO THAT WE CAN ARRANGE FOR FOB SAME. mldent vcry hs tcket n lock. Republcn; C. A. Chmpon Essex, tht mrched t th< he d Republc Cl««. Republcn. Democrtc prde e >re e.) Repebllcn; H. G. En, Eewn. O. Republcn; B. Cl»e. G. 0. S. 8. Ho- suburbn results cme n. N brt. G. Lord, Republcn;. Pruden. Tuesdy's lookeded upon hs en out power someme Nugent ", Republcn; H. O. Lord. Re tme cn; PentlrBC. Republcn; H, rn; publco; Stewrt, F. R. W. Pentlrgc. R. Prudon. Republl Republcn; Republcn, Dr. G. GC Mo) >utn. Mddl countes.} Hudson A. -. DuRn. Democrt: over J. H. Gefle. Democrt: D. J. Glle locl op* op-lsrhor, Demqprt- S.,. Hlrscforse, j (Democrt; Democrl: Kbor. Den, v J. rt; P. F S Hurley.. HlretlrlK. Democrt; Sente'j. J. J. McAteer. MoAteer. Democrt; W. W, J. J. Mcptlon blls Govern, Democrt; A. E. Me- Noln, Ed; TO. though >. Sut, Democrt, G. W. Snow, jptfon, h9 : Jr., Democrt, bll f f t, t H. Foode! Gloucester Dr. H, M. Fooder. Republcn, eclled dy; H bg K Hem- Democrt. erst. Hunterdon D. H. Agn. Demove Demo- Mercer J. T. A :." :, clp Demo- Mercer J. T AllMfn. Kepobllllnorltv put cn. John B. Gll. Republcn: Cllnn Reed, Republcn. rrctry n Mddlesex G. Rc«*d. Republcn, G. S. 8 Applegte. Ap >l*gt«. R R p - CTY NATONAL bllcn; J. A. Edsr. Republlc BANK -d fph P. publcn. F. F. C. Schneder. J. A Republcn. Kder. Republcn; MERCER Tumulty, lent, Monrourh T. L.. Lews, Repub" Republl- PLANFTELD, H. J. but S ugent secretry defeted pln rceldent. c jng. wth Morrs Arthur Whtney. Republcn. Repb: Republl Expressng he pprecn wlh sd;cn: J. J. V-eer, rt. Republcn. Wednesdy vcry. "We Governor feel Edge reult t sd ) c Ocen H. T. Hcmn, (Rmn, Repllhl Republl eleetlon e most emphuc on- e A bghy-developed four-cylnder mor tht. Re hghly-developed four-cylnder mor tht dorsemont prevent polcy - '«jc T. Foxhll. Jr.. Republl- hurl* ts power rer wheels through Locl Opn *epnbllrn Rn cn; H, G. Herehfl hurls ts power renr wheels through Republcn prty. gn eu : HJW, R. Repul short, rgd crnkshft sturdy trnsmsson two Republcn Assemblymen n" R. H, Rogers. O. Herehteld. Republcn: Republcn; R Smth. short, rgd crnkshft sturdy trnsmsson explns extrordnry mght smooth- Aumoble Owners, Attenn Monmouth county le e drect vcry Republcn: Tttersll. Repub- explns extrordnry mght smooth' Don't hve your Wns n Stte rod t bll, Republlcne llen., ness.mercer permnce. More cylnder* ness Mercer permnce. More cylnder* Don t shop ll over wn hre yoor STORAGE BATTERES wged ebplgn re entrely Slem C Rnhlnson. Sr. longer crnkshft would burden. longer crnkshft would burden. repred or rechrged. We cn gurntee stsfcn our our Bt- Bt-, publcn, And ehrm Mercer grce ppont, And chrm Mercer grce ppontments hs dentfed t closely wth socl ds- tery Deprtment B l n chrge chnce fcry expert. Sp Sp n n hve bre Somerset. 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CONTRACT ARTCLE No. 9." tme llowed completng work on ech Street s s follows. "Est Ffth Street, 50 dys." Actul tme consumed ws over 50 dys. "W#lh A 3 - oth; work r r * mer, we W *' wll r pprecte '* rl - V r your * *" tpekng d yo wonld Street k. Com Wtchung mmoner, Av«nue or drop open n here North,<nTth» A vene - e ^ next M * n YODES YOURS FOS FOE QUALTY AND SERVCE SEEVCE ALL THE TME ^. Wnter s nerly here f ywould lke Wtchune Avenue open North Avenue e next summer, we wll pprecte yonr snekng Street Commssoner, or drop n here sgn Busness Men Tpyer. Txpyers' petn peuuon tht wll wu j presented prwented Street Street Commttee. Commttee. ^,h PLANFLD PLAJNF LD AUTO TRE CO O7 WATCHUNG WATCHUNC AVE. Telephone 98O 980 rk" n lock. Republcn; C. A. Chemploc ll. Stewrt. Republcn; Dr. G. 0 ounllee.' nd Sn»-; Yrrow. Hudson A. Republlcn. ver br J. H. Getle. Democrl: J. Dn«n, D. Democrt: J. Gll >n own blls n Govern, Democrt; Democrt; A. Smpson, A. Democrt; E. though P- Sut. Democrt, end O. W. 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Th. hou» V» rooms, -lb F bth, ntnm stem Avenue, het, lrge corner porch, Webtcr ll plce. unprotement; mprovement*; Th houm bjo J*o " lot U s 8 feet front on Putnm Arenue Avenue feet f#** long Webnter Webster Plce. Th Th* property cn bo cen seen ppontmollm ppont* * tme pplyng B. UNBARGER, 97 At^!l!? Phone e 955, WJjng or tho ucneer. HARVEY R. LNBARGER, 97 North Aw SHNS'" SHNE Th ' property-mut P ert^>n2 " «> sold ettle settle n n e.tte. esute. [ gal SALE «* B4** Tel. 723 GEORGE TORK, YORK. Aunnwr, Aucneer, «49 Hort North >»**