Chemical and physical properties of pyrodextrins

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1 Retrospective Theses and Dissertations owa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations 1942 Cheical and physical properties of pyrodextrins Bernadine Brihall owa State College Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Agricultural Science Coons, Agriculture Coons, and the Plant Biology Coons Recoended Citation Brihall, Bernadine, "Cheical and physical properties of pyrodextrins " (1942). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the owa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations at owa State University Digital Repository. t has been accepted for inclusion in Retrospective Theses and Dissertations by an authorized adinistrator of owa State University Digital Repository. For ore inforation, please contact

2 i«ical A» &fmtt w wwm Subitted to tfj for tfci D g3pa itf' Paealty flaat ^««l.»ftie r' App^owtf Signature was redacted for privacy. 3Ba^, Signature was redacted for privacy. sir^r* 3^ Signature was redacted for privacy. fw itata 1942

3 UM Nuber: DP12597 NFORMATON TO USERS The quality of this reproduction is dependent upon the quality of the copy subitted. Broken or indistinct print, colored or poor quality illustrations and photographs, print bleed-through, substandard argins, and iproper alignent can adversely affect reproduction. n the unlikely event that the author did not send a coplete anuscript and there are issing pages, these will be noted. Also, if unauthorized copyright aterial had to be reoved, a note will indicate the deletion. UM UM Microfor DP12597 Copyright 2005 by ProQuest nforation and Learning Copany. All rights reserved. This icrofor edition is protected against unauthorized copying under Title 17, United States Code. ProQuest nforation and Learning Copany 300 North Zeeb Road P.O. Box 1346 Ann Arbor, Ml

4 i'77c it // >iy ^ tam»if i»ff t. isrroda G$1QM»*,. M* wt OTBiATuiii,$ w^ A«ij^rly «..»»-««1 B» Origin of the Ter *Pjr0dextriii» and ts Mtw Gteiio^ati«Q8»,5 l^versi of liio 9 t liih? D Attepts at Following the Course of SextrfeiEat loa, 18tS»lf 1 f B. 4lkaXi lability a a Tool in E^extrinisatloa Statis W F» Cto B i:tfiats!l M & Mnt Stttiies && s 3E%rlffl4i5&tlMi^! Work of 1* Stiiicta» «,»* * 11 1» t* 4«Cipl. f tte ^wixi^ Cttwv»i^ ap f«as» ffpds ^ Fiipddextrlw* S4 1* ********. ti t* «« * «. ti' 1»M Ki r Bs^win Wr&&%t t R la» tio tt Bt^rn **», *** 3t» A ia 5i 3» PsrtfOil «eit xidiitioa,..** 4«of S6 S» Di^^tttoility by y***** B%»«tibtlitf by f f» by P an^i'as *».*,»»»» ; Absorption coefficient of dextrinioside»«.* «. «* «,* «* Potentiaa trie titratiooa with iodise.*. S 10»?isce tti s f d-txlriai^ lt» a»tat«aaa»tbyliiti AQrivati-ws». S 11, rnthfltt aad asaaf*... S /S* ppopwea al ilar strhetor t fraction 30-70, S T7Ccy3

5 C. f of Stsilar, l ta^ adtd, WT&^tioted and lisoxgaaifm b M $ S 1. Description of laboratorir dtriu -BTt^T».,,.. *.,.«: 2, Prepxatlo» of aa^eylals it f» DiaoiJSSOl ft f. simait A ooiciisiois WX»- ia0xsowl*soc^^ss'ws' *» '.«! *- ««.» * *»»"> ; %.. *»»»»>» %».*.*. J«jXTSRATURFJ OXT&D *».«^»* -»»...»»»*».*»»»-»«-83 till. AFOTC...,»,..,»,'.,.

6 w w pi > i» & H St «* *f p 'f^' e r% 6^ ««t *i % n p p»!3f p w dk il j> r s i et A ^f* M tr' ft S H «?r fr^ fi «% i fit H & 9 % er 1^ a '*& t P g JW" & isf * if t i» W W ^ N y. 3 *» fttf f 1 PW R S?- 1 *i ii' S i. s f% i 9 f )* «w» f* w n. «* E *i i. kjl ft p ' JB<k 'p» ^di» <^ s* * i ipffr 'il w* i.» 0fw f"" M *i f* 4 t A jp* «i * H» f k isf SiJfe FT' 0p w 5. i«tt 4 i * ^ if. 'iw 'ff- 1(^1* (& M il 9 %» «*" H t 8 W i jn"

7 ^ l««mi4i^ tto «a»pt. f st.iir«te f rnwrnrnttrnim^ 11 BS l^slwks 'sipftsttii; li$f»ss'l^ was 'oaseflialbia K t iatirp»* tte» f p frmjit'i»t^ as wm &» & s^9 %&, pj.«s ta ^ s «^M«at tht swa -frntt'^f ir««m tf ^rg &»»pt«f itapob ltt%' wm i 1N>»f to» t tl ti»fci«*-irf $M ^Mi^. i 4 *tpla wrni-^»

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55 «. BQ eairv f? Bixtfta lite that &t glfsogea, shows, the ftbsene of any long sfefaigtat-eteaisi fspaettoa ti A of branebing in P xtan Q was nv a«say etliod a pag * of its &«%«%, am. ffl ipetifio vlsooaitl! of '^oiioa g0»70 aad ts, rtvttrm were is saitabl aolfo»ta at 30 0,' by- of aa tfcwalfi felaomlar w«iglita al- 0«lat A tbs ^ta toy ^nationi iol* itj* apteifio vtio «i%y x ^ ffae.pttttlt p«stoowa in fabl f 1» Thes aol«al«p w«igli% «i«,fal only for piloses of eopai»l.sob f&ltt» all th way ffoa'lo" to S x 10-^ fof feho %&wm K baw pi^opoaaa toy aathors. S i % to»»» i tooth hlgfci usa ol itsyefe proaa^ts (U, km%& to fcbls la tb aaoor* tainty involvta n applying, %h9»tb-o,. origiaally for 1 tte a l««iles,, to star^ ffaetioas with ^Ftly»iiif 1 A «.»

56 » si. * fable V S&i«l.ay f S&*f^ " i fise»iiy f f iffl ^ Fl««Soltat lorn (s6 oquds)»! wt Ylscosity- ' K s 10-^ Slueos ttnlts a M4 fp»» i* 1.»1 4«t ,000 -» tf'm «is f»»li M»«0 Mi TrSjnefchyl Derivative (p. 47) Q,Bi »' ' 4f, 0 Ml sp«:eifi vim'^s^' M wmtt ii* rn^hfltt & &j rnij w t A&i, ^ *»& ^itppl c2 : «4^ a» f ^wm. w» p&»ii $.wa a 1»P8«>.S &»&M 0&2* ^wx * fl«m»9i S tt» p«rim f hw»p a tetal of it «f «i»i ts at* «' attfeys. wip a.ii«at wtth a%.iwi«a. fte

57 i i i 0 M! i «8» i S M S s «s i a t-i to «fa» i*.' M "i it 9t h o ^ lis in s i 8 4 ii e g i " s i ^ s 11^ «) a o 49 t ' os s 4» g h o t3 4» es 6^ 1- < 3 4 i & a i n

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60 :f;0g. 1 f jri «1 «ti«a j ' ^'rnbw w $s^'w *^W % tf n jooad f M i ^ *fi»'f«t*t «t t*s f«f s gi/tf S4i if. «f/^t s t t. 'Ww gf sm pa«tatoapje-.ti s t) fs 800*1x9 ^^*8 t*9/e8 ''0 {*A»5 -ws 2S *0 ««seseogx *«t*f i^»tr t sik '<* >-''

61 WkA tfei paptt««rf -tfc».$ - t tii«s^lwa ^ ttoi U iwt«t s. p li glii a 'wimsi-f. a. tt M tiki pp'irt ^%w<i A 0 t ab««t t gli'iwt «t t teaa^,«ttoa af9'»g* S-4' «tsjlt«ta. l^ag:^ 1S S «4) t s Sf j t tktntil i gltt»s «iil.ts wl««i«ir fi? s te»i»«ftei *Later work (see pp. 65, 73) indicates that the distance between branches need not be the sae for the final dextrin as for the original aylopectin.

62 a rna. fniitttf «f tlito tb F«a3.%s iig«stl<a wj 'h. a^tafe Sl^ f WM t f w^r* *tl i6s> a? i4 t tfe«ffei * a i^s f t-s a-i^fts ff «fc %li" i»m«f5«ti0lag 'fte» «e»'iia^ t»» wait ai%ta^.at p«lnt of fep«aitog.i,, tta tto fir«. «f»-»«a'tiflfag s»s l.«s 'Z 4. antfcs ftoti* ajp' - «11 with -fcte lw fte i3r &l&l 9l& i tfcwi sf i t a ^«. a»: f six ow f!»» urtts t tei' wl aaif.i.i^. wtifct ts psw«f ir M»-.g»tlb4lttt f»-»- 43,. 4i» M - y wwtl tt %fe«s^p«t» Si tb p'^^edlng xpsfiaertla^l.

63 ^ ^ rnrnlar, tractioaated and BteiifgaMs4 flii8p'0«^ f %fc» pw» t ««%»% ttf U tttiltitwi i%.t ^ %» tfe- «f gra«il» sti«* few,, ti f tl Bi t i. a t -pp^fspi. ^% ta la»g» aall lafewat-w-f was as M f%» 1!il appsf&lltts wbssssss h ' ftss :s.1ij l» <ityl<yifl.*ii»j( t3e tawtoes ia fw f fitte wmmk 'st fertl-ea-l lidt'tiig, could %«. -^wa»f «1^ wmb «ai t wui w- wlflt & ffc cyliisiw *a» ^rn& f tb *irs»8tt 'w- a ati.iprt^ tb s- i' firti J»:» M h f,l.lli. with -0t%0-» piat t il tetfe: tt«««s»i«ll 0 ^iw -sf at tli t p anft With tm» a,tpfti»«ta«, qaaiiti* M w«.»ll t rnrnla.

64 4 p i f ft fr t* '3k i *! nl to gf> W '» ( «4' at-fc *--*> f*** ft ^ o >»s h* a»* ^---'.^dbw » ««St is^ er 0 M f!* * 0' Sf i w is '» 0 03 ll^ «t* p t ir s J h» 'h s tl* pill^ H w :p i*»f n «* 1 1 h * ^ ^» * %' * s «f *t»i ' s & t iwi r x$ * WTg n W p p. ff- ' i i % ef- a M % P «*» & a 0,p

65 fe'l.fv l w«tit' ««*. p»«r aat t* saw a*- %fc f fe^aa«fe»4 asl«w:l.* x -&t«ifl.y, '% lit.ili ia gwm f: *».i«this ii l3»-afe««y» tii fal,, wi titii-»igl.» gribb.! %. «si ^ «tt0r«hat fw*» t w»«tib %h» f»l.^:ip»» «"1^ p«*t *ll«wp^ -ifeaifij^ AT TTE«^t»«««T A-^ 'SFM!». a«»i^'l. 'O 'partt ws lft to frnttewr ^v stst-^ F»^la i? tftfougb t&t st^'r f fit WUt- aill- 111 M«ts«siE d A* flit y ea»»r»a as i )» to«t nf sti fe«ip«i hip Mw* a was j^ia uf %«f a &% «. t is t '^iwsflniity «ai $ rfflaia-» ^aiial stwi0ta»* ai««gnig «iar-«to ««p» lp4- a.^ i.ip-tt wilfe a tfca.«l pwti^ fete 4 --»h rni ^ th lily «il.l»»:.s.ehooh*s pr8.etf.l.%«.% ifll* fteis ta

66 1..s*»y wtoi^ la «.tfe $MA 1»% a wl^itiil. ^ l.a*^ 0e^ fitti «-««irr«l tlte«vitto. tie ^<% Ssi % -ffc^ w d«ta pi«*s «lw4 f «:t S M ^wrnrn^ f xm Aftiup «^«rlf aai f» % uw-»\p 1% w«a %f «% W^rn ft»- pr«:«iti.titt«w«' ti» with «lwita»il«wat»r ant iip'jy d, f feat 'tettt*!!. tte«a witfc f;s*l-lf to «t P'l«- MwiMt gem t^«gl Wil»f ill. if) 4^»b, 9t i the ffcis bt«te» tbif t«pfet«ii f witte a^lj a% «f stip«ig»-^te wttwtiil s, ji; a yw^siretnid tte,- iii«ip- fir'» *fct^ th teafi te a» t«. ly with «t«w ttiittlmtlffia ai. itft«r wta,i fe. t% w««rt«i..*at 4^9h rn* fs) %l«ts Mftw i &^l MM «f

67 ^ & glutwssi w. fte ffe %i a h i» f««* SO -ic w» fqq- al f fttfi M ilw *1 e»«sgit^ + eoo ffli,.. if ]!* fb lxtwp, *ftip staaaikg f«tbf««mot-'temi- at * «' was «irf *»stei4 witte witfe 4.ijitill d»«%» t was agaia w«ts>4 witli- w«t»'t %:fe i«a3te«salfat«fa. w W.» «p sto «pi»t» *&«(i.irtj-iptfugad, wssto wltta «s«l?!«, ttea prnrnd. lf% At ft t» ill 4S ga, r t4^.f wtaf-ife.* ffe ^^:^ isft^l i 3.ibllity M lt.» :^M thilltf* -to-s lt» pltfltei &gat»(t fei» f tta» w««4 t ti^.s,»t ipafe«triisati&is. it fituliws ttetf {1) Ctoistarch n the grajsl frn {*ita^ am p«' 36 for tjs with saller saples: 0*1 gja. saple was pla t» iia 25 l, of water am a 15-l, aliquot taken t vap-

68 - g«^at«r p% f t^h «lia.i^«rris witfe-m» % w ii'i» th pf' ii&«tosfsia* S f- th i«am tte t get a '.lag^r p«tl» f tt tetn %ii» stst,0 prii»w-is' witto gtw tifflsaltf* ffe «f- stariifet wfelffe ««i-j8fe M. ^i $M fel«t t. tfe»- M lj vwf sliwlf 'aisibrgattlnia % & *%.»»%M hw «sti^f ** fittts* 111, f ^ rnuft th at«*»^!.«. ia «a ls i»sasik- i waigri, l w is t t, slop -%te» w i» s%«wit ««wttii ib fb,t«4.««l* tie f iinirl p' feia, H»««j!» «8«l^nrM a* «woe^ ^wa tws. irtaiife: «!» «% 5/4 «f- -th 4) «f,ii» sw %»glm t «iyr3.y 1 ttet, f ^rnxtwirnt&tl& ita tto ikasa, «««it % ixt rials at t%» fh wfei^! Milai tal.b3. tfe HiWF «t t<00 fig- 1S>

69 ^ b%te liw «i t&v tfee im -itffi««sfc of wr ix» 1A i« pa a tsb i, aid. %»ft!» «^«jp««r.«*«%» f nabaivlst^ {p. 60) MA rff % s w% f isxtrlaisiwi 11""" " '" "''"""":'-"sl«iii'«f' ' s05 c^«y« U.3 x.o 49«S ft * 84 5 Fig,, ^ «!>«% liy Aextrtei^-iittsa «tit ffil la a <B- w«f«ii ip»is8a» 'rtletiii teafi, is* itextytaiset isisfeil irftli tfe»a«i A wb- if ta 'tittt".i: g*»' «r t38«d w& 4i«8 i-ifa in &&M 0»S V K., tlt«with Hd b amii^ the enzj* This pvodwt w necessary with sckr of feb fraotleras wbicto w re it tteor^lj di8px'8 4 bf k a watj!? batii.

70 s >04 o! f i g a ^ ^' * M : 11 s? s «s a J Sf 3 *s! irt ^ ^ t ^ f 1,«H( i 5» 9 M. g s r4 ^ *1. i o - o a «i 1 J. t i 1 i! 1

71 9t ih % ta %it towhaefet!, H ^i a '.tuh awny 4«Et-ria ff»6l fw» fcr*» % too C» (Fig Ef i»tt«m»ttey3jktd p» 51* Si* tl»- li^ir3.f«is «i «fei»ttitii^, gla.,, fi o 0»2f^ ip^* f' ^n gim ^rn- (a«94l/ *^ «$M.%t %t»li M ' ai wj sslt's*. SM %it s^aft.$»8 is ^.isisss» %«1* «al-«tl«ia 1,^, p&s tw fte f gittoos <0,s975/6.s s 4»^) %a^ tw j ti gis^ ^M. ttoi f all'»«wit«faaji»,t «a w& wwsm imt vrntrn- l i«ii^ p«is». i^a-«tsg: f %i wt0 i%- % tag MtwitM %tt -ftwi gtv«a

72 lil ordinary och*nstarcli 136 waxy corxistardb isnl-y b$ w^-9hl1 Aiaylopectin ws^ Aaylod xtrin S 4M i»i» wtttesa»- wg»20» far.«fl0t«^:i»ts. is4-.» iwrnw^ alf 11^ to la tte period, t etaa^is Mkl c«lar w %M f t t gl aatt;»«i*ag y^elsig p»«i«i». - f ftbot? t bl&«««tfc«t th«c&^l-- p»«fcia «a 41s»g«ft si. w»xy W-a « -itesa «a & t fcwt i ti^w rt,l.»l Btrn tto«tir fi»«^.l«s». la f w» undergo w WMt. fea p f aolubl,. ^ ^«avt t afe«i% /itte -tte-ir «%laal i that all *1«- *» w»«-.a l% % *» f fe»«%tag «t i^ ant tli» i^wei^ fw «yliia«. «^.» frnwlar «r««y w0i%a.ffci

73 - 200 ' wij at*!*!!* 0 1 t - s u t if s -ff gsa3 t Evolutioa -^apop iirlng tl» isirifeipto.» laf «tt«att a»w pfia % *& ^ *h«tfe tal aipo a «si. f«^- e-wg^ pl s M^ % a fl«s talb, irapops w«r found to wm ' «it t» *^ 'thf tt tte ftot ^V' f.«? tter fciww is t»%&» ae^ia tit* w wtfeh g»»lar waagr s%»^0. -^trn t w -jaiirfc i a 1 tef,p»«vta«asi/-p «v*«a* &% 11 a^-. ts^ w%w p r <»«f» 19 i «ijii». th«waaci' «% ««a fc. pi^a* viswsl,^ wttl «f ih t'te drying i^oala kw %1» tfee«''ttaii ttist' 'w ' '' ' ' '"'"

74 * i * f idt AigU ' i- 0% ^^ - f littl vala «t 'prittiftig t&llib, af tatsti»a»wt t«i pl. r C«gM a t.»» % ib t&4 %k ai l i/* k» «arila.r wa^ M^ (2 fitft ill l,l s^lsibl axfe-ip.t» ffe tte - ^Wfiiap^-ite i pi«ia»» fmt ( w ^91 M A with st oi^diry a^l s»^ «4 -ec broactei^ stfaigfcfe t Sw ito pfpiwpit t»»:ii as i^ ^»th9. p* 24 Wk Sextrtas aai f«ll«d t 9h 6i p- sf % ^ ^4a jr.i^t S-i^ «lttliiit M»»%»»%: tfe«i? tpogr««i^, stsf^ «x%.te».. aolafeilitf f liit sf ftfeto" i^*app«.!» tli ^trn Aarii^ i,:kfci^lmti«a '$ Wis* 1» tl %&^r &l&t ti* fc iri» a

75 t.l f tto s 1- til -^M S^ sllubl atlll. w» s shown ^ tt«wg^u ib«fte W «t S' Ms* w t H siipl» pig-» $at*i. st diff«r at l*!- f ta) Alkali labile valu» ffe. («tyiii wirn -tii»t ««pl«s w«ll«««tti t a stiidy of tfci«ait'sft is altslj. Mfetl l^ M ««r t :gt ife i ttw -am fail la allali smlt "valwa it i ^Mvf tkat s»3.3. iti «.]rt f acia lie preit 4ai»ljig: *!«p'»:s:.wwt turn wt A ast i^ li^l«a«3s:ti?4 wsi«p*:,at s pt^w%t &0 M allaali labil.iw» «?%»,. Mi 0 fers 4i.te,»8 2 hra., 27j 5 hrs., 20 M iawsstlg&fticatt^j & «trtais-t aatll. telwiil iftip *&!»«h w«i%it L Cp 68 * ffe atteit labil w«la«w^ irw^laylf fw* f &?» is M «t 5 li:-if% tea*.»k-9«a apfla* iit«r«aiea ia tiet pv^^v%t. tiait f feinting and p-»»«irmi iira«t «ftr til fiftte hw*

76 fl - ft) tptifiil rnxo^ i gljl & ttee. t 0l t'to iiaw tegi ta. -aarsale^rt!! *?fcf tw, %h 0fl^l gi»a»j.«8,>. Uewpp ta ifcat %toe:f pwt ta &WM p «fes ta glj«.ri» *<?at:ef «0ltation (see p«, S a «p.lltt ifltk '

77 'ft, wm&t % i «t«reb and ^ ^*8 t Mpltt. f %!» f^mtim.i,%'s. pp&»a t r fii.«^ risteqas ««fe i Stf ^iawle %f $w%i it wttto ia wumilw im^ le*vt g tta^i fli ^»:tllx wmsi,. -gk^xwim f»iip igat««haia lyt^ pa»ll«l t a.ii%b F C24j* Wh a 3ctrtiit««toy ftsatj a^ix*ip ji watwwill n iw lss g s%ibl tof' p»»wfl*,s» thsa ai ft ids n ht^ay i -gtrns «f«te^roljsis f its Ml th p i«% t tli«foraiatton of branched raolecstiles a3?li3g M h% i «ppl:i j, a glaeosldit' tatag is aafl th«t ewa t a!* «sts^ isi» af«.»% wm -.ifeiwi.ia tto rf

78 u t3»8 jc M& w ia «iftl Mtst^ si it iiir it»i^tii. &f ttf wc^d'^w //c?,?^// -o a ftf»i' «fi% w»j' ft»w^ * %% *'$^ ^ta» $«««i «f s«111» w$ **' '* &

79 fi CHiOH CHiPH \ CHj.^ CH-x-Oii y w SflKt ^ :!> 0 / <3 i ~ u ' ' M%.i w%%^ ik i pp% «stipttet«i* life 111 t %h wt iii / v, hf pyrolysig t L^ch2 ar«irftsti tfea th-sni te dextrl gmuaafaetttf in} s4 wwfc ^» that %% «^tteylat Lq^h ^chiph wt%te««* tte aia tt aigfrt b.{) fto fset that w»t«t gi*^. jp'f 4*trteiMa:*i 8tiatlats tb l3^ anhydrid»ni»' w frn'^- tmut Wvr, t& ap^ipeafcly tfcftt ill s% t f tf «ftf itsfeajjes

80 k f-$ fk i idufeail»pa»t«g «s» *» f aafefirm «ail«%0^m&0am%i ly tfc *%»v ^klf f 1 S f«tt» %' xplftts tl %s% t & ^apsi»lf t» tsbist glucose it tte «p (sifei at f -ta i»w wtt^- sa«^ t i'tirtteg t»«t a * wlt 1 wi%b!»'»*».fe i^aaoi^ fey»ttfe tte ' l» f pyrodextrins ««t % t th«srrl^til (i i^:i»lb t«36,, ci ffe» $M alte 'i %y «ts f»«p^ fc% M «' SiAg wilt A %» wtmsa t «'l» alkaii 't ^&y4r jy fr» dlu sotttt a is»t la tew»af wttli j'lit f tttoisiaw CS» fh : ateal.»tt ts A 1 h 1% fit tt w%wk til i^rir«tfe ls-

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82 49 0 u W f 'lip JO 1^ s J i tp^ *1 «p -j^iijt 49 M- 0 ' ^ i H.Z..M ft-jf $» r!^ ss ^ 1 i«i i ii 0 i 1^1» «$ W S3 < k ii '4 g «fl _.49 ^ '^ll^ ft p 40'»«< nt t-4 o fw 8 «h' f^ a $» M ^hf wf irti WH: * f jl *>l» i9.p» * &.ggw' -'... * f5 w *4 rt % « l» 4^ ft S«' '4 ci lk r«4 t ^(ni n...:-a «l s 'S M 0$^?"4» i**l t»k 4> *1 nr H 4a si S ig^ «'H r^ ffhi H «ft «** s ^r'f itf' o w' & w '1 «.ii 6 *«-.ji»» S «1 i f ^^-!> :f^ N» s W ht f^ i P' 9i» M 43^ P & p «i H *9^ 4il 1 w 48' W' «fe it M 4». -H ji i.9 wsf *r4 *4 s i> jd 4^ * M.f^ M». lt W9 1% %» «t p ri «,» 0 fsi 4i9 ^4 tt 49!* i JF^

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89 4 f J t,, ig» rup rn^ «ai %*^, iit (1924). f* %8«ani a». Star^j, its cheistry, t^^xjhi^logy «M W» iffl4 B^* lag pp. 101-S.. 1W;.» 20. SiP«M* «f tlis ^WEtwl f tb, s w fli«a»iffi»a M^t Mrnrnt t- fete i»te A3«i«t fciiiig, Atlaatl».»,,f tth* Sl^«and Hixon» S^«JS^»'.i»l. li 13» {1941). JUT- «1h wbt'iilbi na,, islt St -.nui"-liikiiliitii awn -ttatt ifit i in A. *t * f, ii tiws «is.,. «ia a^l, jr* Aa S»e» 1«S, (l.i4tj«. i4«m cwafeigatioo f tti eaf%aip tion of atr-efe am fcs erfst&llib presets* lte» published Ph.D. th^isis. owa Bt&te Oolleg titory, Mrn^ ows» 1942,»: W^hrnipg * M *» in* (1940), tf* ci ii», ei^%«^ 1S aiabe, Cereal * 44g (1942). fl,.ti«cis». * g9,»0», a.»g. il5^» ^ 86S citss). 5S.» Oftldw«ll am aim«g..!«brn -is 3343 (1940). 31 a..srf.. -J'. *»». ito««s e««ssf <.l.t3?')«st.*' Slrst sad Pleat, J".». S«e«. 3.g5S«tM SS, a aad»t,,..!«* ^*. Se«t,. t ii (Mfi

90 M iv* 4efe 1, fit iw}»!»ita, 4* * Mrn^, tii cifii :.». at, tg 6»i f». physlk, Oa. 184A. t (1939). Sf* l«gi!d SjSb03?g, 40 (1926) Hi llia asit Jait* S^* ^d»sp, M. t, 13 <1930). " Si.1«M»t fltlt) 4» f^llti* 0oMai3b rg, f* it» ',. ^ (i), 41 Foster and Eixon, 1. ^«S««tStl cs). * Uptag Z* M.,. t, g «««t 316 (19&3), MM W$j* &M telgte -pga-fasfs.» f^*»4:s» pp» M* S»f»lP- M A&w&na> % pp.lm lafcerseiaiic Pablisbars,!J w York. 1911* 45* yrnw sai MrnlW Otela* 34,. Sii.Clt4l)» ti» ^y«r itm, l lv» Oiis* ^«tit, 24, Sf (1941). it* Wsr%hta 'tlv ^^ta* Ats tit <1941), f«*&3*iiiag»ta?^ &1«f»4it ^*» t C1918K 0»iwt a-» Oia««sl;i»atlaB, <A4ai?a terizatl n aisd propertl jjaws Stat G^ll«g«MMvf* M*0!»«.* i41«it?arl»f M. ^l ^* f» liio), St. 'fftttt,, Ma f«flstg.

91 «8 5S» flp wm fpv angaftai if lifts» (Original not seen ; abstracted in Walton (73). M. $r»«trm* ti 5i Si»'^ i SAs fan li» Xork (a) p, (b) p gi Ce) p. 155 if* fiiii -Salt? Stafife-MilEiig. sai S0n. l4>mon* pp, S (19S6) Sf* Higginbotha i»t«ft, f- {iwsu SS» Mw f Axrn Cfei FhfS. Paris 50, 220 (1804) t Bu$ (751» i»* l lf., Stii App-ltot 13, flflsj, ^, tl Cii5f). 61». f-rn «64 Blitte,. it» a &at ww%p fs M. 1^* t «Ci033)» ^S4«]W» li,* li.» M, isl (1940), ^ ' 1SS «-S: As ^i «107 lldl! «7. st*aaiaf«3r A- ii. Sit, i%m }* is* ffl»,.»ai rt» A»l*- M St 6S..: f«fl«& rn'ip *«-ilea a iii il».j» ft» Tilda SSS l i,t.» fl %» «a4 fytaity St^ M asi St

92 'fs:» le frnt 3, 4i f t s by W«lt«ffSl fi» W«lta» A cph0rl^b Bva^vsr &t at»^ fti Atsiig lew York. t08. ft* S«p^tk* is4«$f (1941)% (Original % swts^l ta Cfee. Abstr. 56s3694 «ft WtoS,, 1^190)*?.i«.r,!:> (1936),

93 fill., wx.,?&^latiob in Teperature sat it Gtt witk fim vi t sai Sl S* i' D6xtriz»4 3. Pxoprti««f Wig* 4» f UextTl^ Fig. S. rif. i. wpti»f 101 '. f. Pa?^e3rtls of aoi Fig. 8.?ir»p«rttt» ef»e i fig. 10, 9. Vala «ia Stltotla *&!««* Ediiotog Pow.t3f* OaM-lattr asliitoiltty aft fif, Relationship Solubility «i t tif. 12. Solubility Diftfifctttt f Methagaol. ift fig. ^te«0f %Ar l»i» f 1. fiol at 3 0. fif. p.. P ir4c»ai0 MM l&llo «.»f St«e&i.Bgntst*,.. M fig. fig. starehj^ Dextrin aad Glyoogea,

94 rig* i?* imi T%t3 &ti s te and 01yoQgea. fig. 18«8«*$^lalsiRg toit Fig* S, Bats nf,aixtxtaitin ss ibdlc-atea ff S liimlity. Fig. 30. Sffect of DextrlaiisatlQn on the Digestibility of itaslia«aad Staxofe F» tioat witli fig, ta P diiring Dextrinisation,