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1 SAPTARSHI JEE/NEET-4 : Phyic Mark Time: Hour Note: For each wrong anwer, /4 th mark will be eucte. ) Two particle are releae from the ame height at an interval of. How long after the firt particle being to fall will the two particle be m apart? ( g = m - ) ) A car move from X to Y with a uniform pee Vu an return to Y with a uniform pee average pee for thi roun trip i VV u V V VV u u u VV V V u Vu V V. The ) A juggler maintain four ball in motion, making each of them to rie a height of m from hi han. What time interval houl be maintaine for the proper itance between them? (g = m - ) 4) A man throw ball with the ame pee vertically upwar one after the other at an interval of. What houl be the pee of the throw o that more than two ball are in the ky at any time? (g = m - ) Any pee le than 9.6m Only with pee 9.6m More than 9.6m At leat 9.8m 5) The acceleration time-graph of a particle moving in a traight line i a hown in figure. The velocity of the particle at time t = i velocity after will be 6m 4m m. The

2 m 8m 6) A rocket i projecte vertically upwar, whoe graph i hown. The maximum height attaine by the rocket i : km km km 6 km 7) A peron i moving eatwar with a pee of 5m an in, the pee change to 5m northwar. The average acceleration will be : Zero m towar N W m towar N W m towar N E 8) A ball i projecte upwar from the foot of a tower. The ball croe the top of the tower twice after an interval of 6 an the ball reache the groun after. The height of the tower i (g = m - ) m 5 m 75 m 8 m 9) A ball i roppe from the roof of a tower of height h. The total itance covere by it in the lat econ of it motion i equal to the itance covere by it in firt. The value of h in meter i (g = m - ) 5 8 ) A boy i moving in a traight line a hown in velocity time graph. The iplacement an itance travele by boy in 8 are repectively m, m m, m m, m m, m ) The velocity of a particle at an intant i After it velocity will become m. 6m. The velocity at before the given intant, will be 6m 4m m m ) A particle move along a traight line OX. At a time t (in econ the itance x (in meter) of the particle from O i given by x t t 4 How

3 long woul the particle travel before coming to ret? 4 m 4 m 56 m 6 m ) Two boie A (of ma kg) an B (of ma kg) are roppe from height of 6m an 5m, repectively. The ratio of the time taken by them to reach the groun i 5/4 /5 5/ 4/5 4) The iplacement of particle i given by x a t a t a what i it acceleration? a a a Zero 5) A boy traveling along a traight line travere one thir of the total itance with a velocity 4m. The remaining part of the itance wa covere with a velocity an with velocity 6m m for half the time for the other half of time. The mean velocity average over the whole time of motion i 5m 4m 4.5m.5m 6) The iplacement of a particle moving in a traight line i ecribe by the relation, t t 6, here i in meter an t in econ. The itance covere by particle in firt 5 i m m 4 m 6 m 7) A parachutit jump from an aeroplane moving with a velocity of u. Parachute open an accelerate ownwar with the groun with velocity m. He reache 4m. What itance oe the parachutit covere in the air?.5 m.5 m 4 m None of thee 8) A car accelerate from ret at contant rate for firt an cover a itance x. It cover a itance y in next at the ame acceleration. Which of the following i true? x y y x x y y x 9) Velocity time graph for an object in a uniform motion along a traight line i parallel to the time axi.

4 Reaon : in uniform motion of an object velocity increae a the quare of time elape If both an Reaon are true an the Reaon i the correct explanation of the If both an Reaon are true but the Reaon i not the correct explanation of the If aertion i true but Reaon i fale If both an Reaon are fale ) When a boy i roppe or thrown horizontally from the ame height, it woul reach the groun at the ame time. Reaon Horizontal velocity ha no effect on the vertical irection. If both an Reaon are true an the Reaon i the correct explanation of the If both an Reaon are true but the Reaon i not the correct explanation of the If aertion i true but Reaon i fale If both an Reaon are fale ) A balloon rie from ret with a contant acceleration g. A tone i releae from it when it ha rien to height h. The time taken by the tone to reach the groun i 4 h g h g h g g h ) A particle move along with x-axi. The poition x of particle with repect to time t from origin i given by particle i b b b b x b b t b t. The acceleration of ) A particle ha initial velocity iˆ 4ˆj acceleration.iˆ. ˆj 7 unit 7 unit 8.5 unit unit an. It pee after i 4) A boy i moving with velocity m/ towar eat. After it velocity become 4 m/ towar north. The average acceleration of boy i 7 m/ 7 m/ 5 m/ m/ 5) With what pee houl a boy be thrown upwar o that the itance travere in 5 th econ an 6 th econ are equal :

5 58.4m 49m 98m 98m 6) A ball i releae from the top of a tower of height h meter. It take T econ to reach the groun. what i the poition of the ball in T/ econ : h/9 meter from the groun 7h/9meter from the groun 8h/9 meter from the groun 7h/8 meter from the groun 7) When a ball i thrown up vertically with velocity V. It reache a maximum height h. If one wihe to triple the maximum height, then the ball houl be thrown with velocity v 6 9 ) Conier a rubber ball freely feeling from a height h = 4.9 m on to a horizontal elatic plate. Aume that the uration of the colliion i negligible an the colliion with the plate i totally elatic. Then the velocity a a function of time an the height a a function of time an the height a a function of time will be : v 9v / v 8) A car move at time of motion an at 8 kmh in the firt half of total 4 kmh in the later half. It average pee i 6 kmh kmh kmh None of thee 9) A bullet loe / of it velocity after penetrating a plank. How many plank are require to top the bullet?