Twin Falls, Idaho. !LW c,hopc-lliauai-xoon-i B a n a ic a d e r Jim iny_pfice_v. us. '

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1 p y n p ~ / <? r >! r w? v c * r o \A foyer- ored E oe: h pushe; for hrr - C l a s s F C - d DoarSons, 1/7 balh n H anson. D. avalablo Nov..1. U 35 * Ooposll. C al P W j, k cl p lscc V Your- r ~ G Henal =S v 1 1 hcagjgl l - F f p S D The Assocaed Press Anoher jol lkely ;ly-soorr--a 2 - S A N re A N C S C p, Frccwaj:survyor BaH adco f Buck Hel honon ore onsluaoo n - D5rj B uck H el proved d N onday bu crcw s- Thc Assocaed Press J n a v... e S an F ra n c scp an. rn c c.j 9.- : Your hear s pull lullng us hrough, searchng he :d hghway where hc...-popped o f bcd-a.6 -a.. ou (Sunday)- < -ud" "Our hopes c d dowd. b u y o u shelered,, was rescucd gave up hope hof ohers would bc -.S A N -rr A N C S C O grf nf franlcnlly LpuUcd p on v usc pape per, ll. "Opcnwl our eyes cs o oorrow. Herc was good news. however, ho\ for Hel. T f oundallve. B u ck,h el wa&; w nspred fro on hgh. "Four day» d o T he ob. ~ H e wa?;"n r 1 )n pe r rr~p p a n r lls k d n e y ; T h c d e a h lo ll rc fro las w k s n s p re d by h e logsl g sh o re a n s Hs sory really oved nc."p ncc c s sad. LookTg n he 1face o fdoo. fn c o n c o n lu e d y ) n prov ev rdls carhquak:.clrfbcd by h.h rre lo raclous fcscuc.fronlfe rubble n of ds Everybody ly s bends w ere dow n afer fer lhc Ther ha sall lbea b< oflgh, condlon w;s upgraded fror fro crcal o very Bay area co ucrs, ;rs. afer conquerng carhquokc-flalcned ftcway. y earhquake, ;, aj»d hen w c had Buck Hel H d cvcyhngv gwould be all.rgh. all. serous. Dr. Floyd-Huen sud. sucl heavy ornng raffc and an rough seas on hc - -, us.!lw c,hopc-llaua-xoon- B a n a c a d e r J nypfcev frs full workday, sncc.h hc.quakc,.faccd few rttw aspluccdsaurday fo B y so Ja T D oon v worry, be h appy, wll bc down o scrcus," Hu afernoon (ffc angles, :s. n Congress, relef B aro f d o f Buck. H e l " fo r a, = = o l E «d S secon o f nersae 8800 a afer "Bu roublo cae n e o 1 shake us around, J h c 57-year-old longslon horcan. who spen le g s la o n w o rh S2.8 5 b llo n oved onday a he-new Orleans 5 R Roo o flh c 90 hours bel >eand he wheel o f hs par: rally Tlcn hrough lha ha darkness before he four days rapped under he freeway nbble, oward a voe oday. Far oun Hoel, and he also so planned o, cvrole Sprn. lgh, n hs Chevrole Sprn befo: Kjfore beng rcscucd l!w efc v ery-cernn n r nobod y s up here c rccord c he unc. > The lyrcs: :s: "You showed us 8 ha h hngs would be all S au rd a y, w as aw a k e und w as g v e n a alve. W e ve searched,. scj scarcc], ro.scarched, llc dea cac lo e lne e a llush." sad ;Hey, Due uck, w crc puungor you", 1 rgh, all n p p "w rllnjt ablcranr-pcncl"?:! -?:crhrcoua stuf! 1 rp lc-scarch ed," sad Oaklad O polcrlr.. respondng..oq.u;cspn o n s W h le o n a ; K rs W raa, referrng o he cru pled VV W h rescue effo rs suspend d cd. crew s e x re e ly dc! a n g e ro u s. G v en h e rg h Sunday bccausc : of fcnrs hnl orc of he 1respraor. le srcch o f nersae ae 8 K0 where, l uge bcg gudsnvvnlrg l shaky-looy )yardsccon..*condlbns"bl bfr afd wnurrcould.l kl:,lave~ hghw aycould fall. Thousands have been Hs fo n n er w fc.,l orrlc, c H el ; has read--- edhlkh fh offc : allap-j-l," h: sad, : l»f hnor»:c hy h wql-ll-.. ~ ~ ~.1 h accouns,,ofls ]h he---- : Asked f offcals had lad gven ujthope o f Kyle Nelson of hc C alfo a E Deparen Near he 2 1freew ay, a u h o res o lo n d ay. "W e were all scar ;carcd."sad Charles Bus. -! sees o undersand, she sa sud.. fndng anoher survvor, /or. she sad. "T h a s o f Transporalon. r w hos job s lc lo ake hc evacuaed addonal ac ho es afer ordc rderng w ho carred a Bbl ble and oher books o a Hs love for us and our love for h j.far wordng. sruc ucurc wus sfc for rescuers,crs, called 150 resden? s of a housng-projec o 0 leave ddle school whe /here, cvacuecs were beng See Q UAKE oj n P g o A 2 H u n g s a r y a r k s K T d s H Twn Falls, daho T u e s d a y, OC c o b o r2 4 -, age olls f[r p Bay ALrea quake rse X 84Th h y e a r. N o r r r l S l.! j rs gry sur rvvor ; The Assocaed Press W ASHNG1 3T 0 N Secreary o f Sae Jaes A. Baker 111 called on Dnday for a new lary rela elaonshp wh he B U D A P E S T,-.-H u n.rrr - H j Sove Unon n o sharply rcduc he "frsl srke" nuclear weapons ha could bc devasang h aslq surprse aack. o n d a y, 33 y e a rs afl fle r Bke r.-n hr 1 <p.«vpk nl»;nrrh ro o p s cru sh e d nn an -S a ln s a relucan Co ongres.s.o approve W he House Hc requess for \ / uprsng..und.chanls of."r "P ussnnfo: r o e!" - and - C o nr uns n o jj... T funds o produce oble dgean s* ssles. Oherwse, -h csad. Ke Soves co u ld e x p lo dffc: ffcrenccs c l w e o re! ro se fro a, a cro w d o f, Cupol Hll-and lhc Bush adlsralon;" n "U ned we /c sand; dvded w c fall,"." 1B aker sad n a Hnguran flags o f red. ed. whle und... spch o h( hc p rv a e C o o n w ela a lll llh C lu b o f San FrancscorC opcs o were dsrbued n Wn Washngon by he green waved over hc lr hrong, whch. ;. ;. J * Sae Depanc en. overflow ed he Parla en e square People chcered wldly n-he o rch : B akers ej phuss on reducng US. >. a: nd Sove frsll plazq.w hcn p ancp pans a n lhc * L r f J weapon ons;"suchas Sove S S -18 rs nerco ncnal --7? -* balsc-ssle lcsrsgnnls-hctncgy-hru ru nlcd1>ae5 wll uprsng nvoked e orcs o f s r. - * J. pursue n ryn ng 10 conclude a reay wh hesove Unon < " n Geneva. " ook 33 years for h hose behnd V.. Tlere, U.S. and Sove negoaors began bc{ w ork n hc he hck w alls o hear hc crcs for AP Urphou Reagan adn nsraon o cu arsenals o)f f sraegc weapons de ocracy, Jchoc Fona )nay old he annng bo bers, ssles anc and sub arnes, rally, referrng o he rec rccenl offcal Flan laes, soke rse fro che c: cal plan n P asa adena, Texas, afer cxpl <ploson here on ondo by 30* percen!n o 50 p ercen. C rc:s, s. such as fo r er change o f hear abou hc naure of Secreary of r Sae 5 Henry A. Kssnger. ;cr. have urged he hc 12-day revol hal beg >egano c < S ee BA K ER on P age A 2 T h e S o v e b lo c s. o r e s h u r, l s s n g n b l a s u p rs n g w as co u n errev o lu o n unl l early hs d K r e rln adr s year, whcn he offcal descrpon Tlc Assoca cd Press. [akc e Sseveral ore hours lo cxg gush. sad.woschanged.o a popular: 14ruprsng-n e C hef Jav Coyer. o n e o f h e d ra a c c o v es- p 7V ; E >ENA, ] T e x a s Exploson?, C elly aw lyfalpcfnor H u n g a ry s p /o g rc sss s o w a rd c k c U.a Ph ru n so hllps Pcroku.Co. pusjcs f a s. sad d he h e a rd h ssn g fo r ab n?ac deocracy., planl onda fday, hurlng chunks o f ncal R o b y d e o n s nu lulcn. hensaw a whe cloud.- ud As any as 32,000 pe 1. old a safey an 1 saw " " crdlebrs ch les away and creang nohng bul The Assocacc led Press j» a n e r a n c e w o r k e r klled n 1956 und abou 30U 200,000 ;. j Tlen exploded. 1 ran. Tle rerc were a blc for 15 les, fled hc counry., -. lo ofo f people runnng and scrca lang o gel OSCOW one worker ded, orc han OC T he K re ln u d le c d o n d ay hc Gyula O bcrsovszky., a wrer and n ju re d w ere b en g re l a e d fo r b u rn s,.. s j, lke nohng ve fel n y lfe.. edor who was senence aced o deah rcd and 23 w erc uaccouncd led" jreahngt rdbrcs ah hl cus fro flyng : r, radar saon volaes he J Sc Sove-U.S. AB crly sad. b ul la e r p a rd o n e d, sa d : a for;auhorllc lc.s sad " d e b rs reay ffcrcd.10.negoae, an end 1 o.h c N ATO a n d...; Tn real lucky. Tlunk God for lhal. k e e p n g y fn g e rs cr ro ssc d fo r Fla es and nense heal kep rescue Tlc blass buckled ; a cclng and blew lary allances, sad. Gorbachev. The crowd vd called ou workers fro p geng close enough o he oul cafcera w ndowvs s a an ele enary lanenance w orker Roby C le ons, ajo o r fo re g n p o lc y sp c e:ch c h n hc, S o v e "Corbyl Gorby! plan o look )0 k for workers, sad Dr. Paul >al school abou a le uwuy. a None of he d. a w arnng essage was s \ broadcas l=sslalure Fo, oregn nser Eduard A.. Shevardnadze also "Hsory has augh us JS ha ll as long Pepe, he dn drecor o f Houson eergency orc han 7(H) pupls was njured and hey g v er e r c decson by Leond. Brezl rczhncv n o h e p la n s e erg ency :y.y raou rado 2u 0 send Sove os oscow s no free, wc canno bc edcal scrvn rvces. w ere all sen ho e, a school e ployee solders no Afghansan. Hc He sad nvolved onds before he exploson, ffec elhcr." Obcrsovszkysad. "W c rc ben Jeng heres a lol of faales, :es, sad. 1 never saw people run so 0 fas." sad "ero- vola ons of our own laws, nra ra-pary and cvl He~exprc55ed cettaln> n y -h a r-h e jsfbccause- le-of-hclureof-hcexploo lon------a -lhe-ph lfukn ng gas-nnd-brokcn noland-clu lcsl* ons:: = suppresson o f hc rcvolul oluon would and where happened." Pepe sad. "WW e c w aer lnes.ha pered :d frefghers, sad 5 olz, sad he exploson wa wus caused ha had very serous cons onscquenccs for our! no have aken place f f khal S. d o n h nk k h e r e s anybody a lv e ; n - Phllps envronenal drecor Bll Sollz.. ade behnd he buck.of f l hc.pary..and h c... Cl a seal blew ouon an chj G orbachev, he Sove c leader w ho here." who was a he scenc. Frefghers F puped lad cor. releasng chylcne-sol sobolanea chonpons refor, and P rcsdcn Tweny Phllps eployees and a leas easl w aer fro a sewage reaen plan and lary allances, Shevardr rdnadze sad; "W c n pound used n akng pla. Jlasucs T h c, p.p j d, rb osh-had lcdnhc~supcr crpowcrfrnrrrrlltcxhrc c-workcrk-wcru-unaccouncd ed lu: ncarby-houson.slj :hp.clanncl-o-fgll lo head oward he d ssoluo o n o f h e lary- n anufacures plascs- lkcl le hose used po,c bocs 1956, fo r o re lh h a n eg h h o u rs a fe r he e he blaze, :s n Europe on a uual bass ass.",bu adcd lhal G y o e rg y K ra sso, a v o cal explosons. F Phllps Peroleu Presden len S e v e ra l fre s w ere rc v s b le.)c n c a h nlk jugs and oys. all o u r o blj lg ao n s re an n fo rc: c d e sp e recen opposon fgure jajed d for f hs par Glenn Cox sad lae onday. c o lu n s o f d e n se sn n o k c n h c plan Phc chc cal co pound s s flaable changes n Eas asern Europe. n h e u p rsn g, drew V d o ne o f lh c C ox snd- d -l0 9 w orkers w ere akcn-o -o co plcx-und-pulches ; c of gras.soldered 1 c x p lo s bu a vey oxc, xe, sad J Poland and cl. Hungary have oved away fro onc-pany s ro n g e s o v a o n s w> h en hc hospals. o vlorc han 30 were adlled? and d ousde. Prcc. drecor o f rescarcrfof 5fhe T exas "Cb uns ru rule n recen onhs and hc S ove Uon h as ;.d eclared:."w e ve had d enough c o f fv co sx.wwerc e lsed n serous lo crcal cal T f[rc w as brou ugh u n d e r c o n r o l, A rg Conrol Board n Ausn. ade no ove vc o sop he. Shevardnadz adze sad hc Sove Russan occupaon! c o n d o n.. E a rle r; o ffc a ls.sad he abou 7 p.. DT. b bu was expeced lo See BLAST on PageA ca 2. S e e RADAR on Page :A22., Healh surveyjlups Aercc ans jnoj only 2 The Assocaed Press Th r h c su rv e y found a sz a b3lc le g ro u p o f undcrsocxl." added ark Brckln. cdl Jlor o f arc lkely o have vc a collcge d cg rcc, hgh arc slghly below average n educaon d pcopl Dplc who wjn o bc healhy y bu b lack he Prevenon, nco c and d prof rofcssonal o r anageral ncoe and any hold unsk nskllcd jo b s.- W ASHNGTON An Arc you "healhy and rcsourccs, boh personal and fnan nancal, whle T he survc; cy caegorzed A ercans no job. T h e S e d e n a ry bul u S rv n g arc - N/calhy o r "young and d-rcckless? any y ohers know wha o do-o -lo he-lcalhy - Hl= low ns lg groups; The Safe and d 5 Sasfed end o have a overwegh c bu wan o d:o o b< beer. - P erhaps: : sc d c n a ry y b u s n v n g s a bu r lack ovnon. sud Tlorna.s Dybdall, --.T l calhyandw ealhy arc op j J n. healhy lfesyle, bu show lle nclnaon rcy Kve good records f for-avodng sal. beer de.scrplon, or " fa : and frusraed. drcc healh and nuron behavor. ebc bers o f o d o c r. 1fa a n d c h o lc s c ro 1)111 ; sll havc se ro u s... c c o ro f hc Sludy. ; T h o se a rc a o n g h c c a lc g o re s o f j rh c S lu d y, based on a survey v c v n f Sn> P» ore careful wlh her des, l Tlcy l he fa, sal and sugar n lcr w egh proble s, w h 77 pcrccn o f hc Aercans developed n a survey ha found ke sure hey ge cnolgh fber, d d b u are below average n w ach n g group j overwegh. They kn< know, and abou d o ly scle c c d A c rc Sle n a ns s, w as an ddle-aged vrjcn w: w h collcge degrees nduced. nd nerals. T hey ge reg cgular choleserol. Ths group gn has hc bcs rccord half j are ryng o lose wcgl; egh. Tlcy exercse by Lous H arrs Assc.ssocales for lead hc healhes lfes; csylcs, w hle w hle, s..alnlnn proper wegh. w ear for exercsng, and d doeswcll u ananng lle, however, Tls group docs gel edcal :venon agaznea survey o -- alc.-bluc-collur-w orke rkers hove ho w ors y of lhal sze scabelu and,d c x crcsc... he properw egh.. Tlcy cbelow average chcckups..drnks llc.and.h fd.has good rccorls has?a a argrbf error ot abou3j 3 prccnlose T h s s h. he gro u p o s"lkcly To",d r dfhk "for dcal vss, sleep scc ljsy han oher groups healh habs. for hoe und auojafey Thr.lnrgr.:! fp, &ou 68 llon, drnk n-s. alcohol, bul nu n o excess. jt and have hgh sress levels, however. N early-w o-hf/s o f he e llllonn less and cxcrcsc ore hun h he average, bu pay lnle aenon ohe cr de, accordng o-jcca cd o d e lv e r h e a lh nforrn: r alof n a han h alf arc c woen and he group.s. la largcy nl os half-n n d -h a lf b e w e e n e} n hs group are woen. H Tlcy e arc older han hc repor "The F andale -h&-fal," teh ;h o d ~ ha can bc b o h T h e a rd a n d rtlhe ddle 11c ages. ebers of hs 5 group wofcn. Thc larges {cs slarc arc over SO. Ucy ~ rscc SUKVEY bnl 5nPfgeA W.V."... : ; ; c T r l. Bak er look ung frs sr rke pons-sl f l. f o r Tle Assocacc led Press g r p s Coorr0 - BOO U*glc V»ll*y nc. s: F an( a s * : fa \- l. S.

2 = c a l The Assocalcd Press A n o h er jollkel kely so o n - A STfN TR-A N C SC)~ O {Tecw;~>urvvor Balad j s - g U y L S U orcdt sluaf ao n - C> Buck H el proved :d onday bu crew s The Assochcd Press...P rc e. 59. a n av e S an F rancsca can. Y our hear s pullng us lrough, searchng hc collapsed cd hghway where he popj)cd oul lu o f bed a 6 a.. (Sunday! ay) and "O ur hopes were dow n, bu you shelered was rcscucd gave up.. hope ohers would bc SA N FRANCSCO The Tc grl o f beefy fr.nclly y pulled oul y usc pap aper. "Opened our eye«:yes o oorrow, There was gxd news..s. however, for Hel, "B ucfch cl -w as-cxollcdby -by-n-balljdeet w.vs lke [ vw as nspred fro on hgh, j, Four d ays down n he ob,..he w as n o lo n g e r, n fp a n, hs k d n e y - ~ r~ ~ T h g. d.n f< r~ T rff n s p rcd rfay rrfaczd o!; nry jlly oved e-ledc. c e j n d. Lpqldng n jhc-facjydoo c.f j funcon \ -onnucd.o lo-. provc-a n d.h s canhquakc c l» by hrclo~62. l ~ nrpllnk T. V n p frnfn hr r n h -n f an " E V c? : y s feahs w ere dow n afe frefle " r r r a n a s n l b e a Q f e h. condon w as p.racd dfror.cru..q-y(. -.. Buy area co uers ers. a le r conquerng earhquake-flaened freeway. j y c a n h q u a k c and hen we E adb uck k "Hel 1 S o d everyhng g would bc all ngh, all serous. Dr, Floyd Huen ll sr sad. heavy ornng raffc : and ar rough seas on he )US." rgh. "W c hope hal a*; soon ;oon as oorrow, hc B an d lead er J y P rcc / c w ro l. "Tlc frs full workday snce :e he quake, faced few 5 7, w as plucked Saurday ly ; fro Bobby sad. n w orry, be happy. wl bc cfown lo serous." s. f Huen sad, afernoon raffc funples. n Congress, relef B " a lla d o f B u c k H e l " fo r c ro o n n g Kwd secon o f nersae afer "B u rouble co u n e o shake us around. The 57-year-old longshc gshorcan. who spen le g s la o n w o rh S b llo n o v ed onday n hc New Orleans Roo 1 o f he 90, un behnd b. he wheel o f hs par )arally Then hrough 1 ha darkness before hc four days rapped under cr l he freeway rubble oward a voe oday. Far oun H oel, and he osc so planned 10 o shcdc::hcvrole h Sprn, lghl. n hs Chevrole Sprn be: before beng rescued "W e re very ceran ;n n o b o d y s up here rccord re hc une. The lyrc cs: You showed us lha hngs would be all S a lu rd a y. w as aw ake <e an ; d w as g v en a alvew clvc-k cardjcd, cfn-h*!]. *T>-dcn cnrnc o e lke ce a flash, sad Hev. Bu 3uck. w c repul pjor.yq U\, rghjallrfh/; wrng lblcl and pencl lc so he could, sar rplc-scarchcd. sad d ( O akland polcc L. re sp o n d n g o q u eslc so n s w h le o n u Krs W raa; rcferrlng r o.h c cr jcd ~ W u c e ffo rs.suspeo le n d cd. c rew s- c x rc c Jx y -d a n g e ro u s; "G v c n he e rg h S unday bccuuse-<,e-of-fe»rf-h-nu)re-of-lhc le rc.spralor..., nlc srech o f nersa sale 880 w here huge beg Jg dfs anllnga shaky 0)0 0 -{yffrd sccon. condons s o f ran nnd w nd, could ld have lglw ay could [ far. Thousands have been n Hs for er w fe. Lorr! orre H el, has read slabs o f concrce eeered :red n he ran. offc ffcals sad, collapsed." 1hc sad. lef hoeless by lh he quake, h new s accouns ol)f f hs ordeal and hc ?sked-f uffuals->tn frad n j up pc nf K; fndng anoher survvo vor. she sad. "T h a s o f T Transporalon, whose job s o ake he evacualed addonaro ; cs afer or orderng who carrcd a B ble and oher books lo! Hs love for us and d 01 our love for h s.far-wordng." sru* Tucure w as safe for rescuer.s...callcd 150 resden :ns o f a hausngprojec o cavc ddle school where, cvacuecs \ere benge S ceq U A K E= on o n P a g c A 2, H u n g c arks uprs >ng h f a f y H a o coe: jhusje eaorja Vg\ 5nT TT... Twn Falls, daho JelUono» h y e a r, N o acd Press >f J The Assocaed Press WASHN( NGTON Sccrear> of Sa Sae Jaes A. Baker " n l,1! n * called e vonday for a.ncw.l[ur>, rcl relaonshp wh he B U D A P E S T. H ur Sove Uno on o sharply rcduce he 01 frs srke" nuclcar Hungary declared self f a deocracy weapons lha la could >e devasang n a s surprse aack, o n d ay. 33 y e a rs a fe r S o v e - Raker, n roops cru sh e an an n -S a ln s uprsng, and clans6 r lr l as B b ~ E 1 l hs frsl ajor annsjconrol ro speech, : also urged a relucan Congress C o approve W hle House requess for ; = Ju n d caa:p roduchtobc-ldgettnarr rlsse?.-*ofcrwts5: honed" und : G on n u n s - n o ,. he sad, he e S oves could explo dfferences df bew een o re!" ro se fro a, at crow d~ ot Cplul Hllf lfdh(rbu!:flnf:r.lon: lon: p Uned we «sand: dvded we fall. all," B aker sajd n a Hungaran fags o f red. whle and sp e e c h o lh e p rv a le C o o n wv ce a lh C lu b o f S an green waved over he h hrong, whch - Francsco, Copes were dsrbulcd n Washnglon V by he ovcrfow cd he Parlaa cnl square,. Sae Dcpan ncn. ; - -..,5 - e phass on reducng U.S. J.S. and Sove frs* People cheered wldly y n he orch-». p o u c h -a s:s o v e 5 S)-18-8 Herconncn a r.l H...lrplDZU~when"parrcfpc p a n s - -h c balsc ss ssles. sgnals he sraegy hc UnedSacs w ll.... u prsng-n;okc.dcnn oncs O f.s -, 4 * * ± p unue-nry ryng-oconcludc--lrel)rl- wh-he-sove-unon leaders. n Geneva. " ook 33 years for r l hose behnd ll w Tlerc, U.5 J.S, and Sove negoaors b began work n he he hck walls o hear r he cres" for - APUfphoo * Reagan ad nsraon lo cu arsenals s of f sraegc weapons de ocracy. Jcnoe Fo onay old he rally, referrng o he recen offcal Fla e s, s o k e rse fro n ch e c al p la n n P a ss sadcna, Texas,.afer ex[ xploson here on ond d a y occan-sp; pannng bo bers, ssles ;s and subarnes by 30 percc ccn o 50 p ercen. C rcs cs, such as for er change o f hear abou l hc naure of - Sccrcary of Sae Henry A. 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"Now wc know ha / ANDREW S AR FORCE :E b a s e, Lee Trevno, H-louse o nory Leader golf pro Doug Sanders. W e wlped ou j lvrs Accordng o hc survey vey, salespco- ATV dealers :rs arc sll sleadng hc e d. 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Soldary opposon. G er an cud ;uder. Gorbachov Sov >ovel polcal scens sad hs n Poland, accord. ordng o Rakowsk. W hen hc Hungaran r Sc s c s " ackjow lcd JgcdlhllTonTcsce ~ w ee PcckT W hyhould-wrdcfcnd- d gorbachev-s-cneou leouragng-boldness le.counryjs... W orkers Pary, a produc cl o< f Sove develop en Sal: >aln.s? lary occupaon as U uch as p f deologcal evangelzng goflhehe c counres ax 3X "he rasco of socals. o f he very-l /-dea o f socals." argu,rguc. w lh grea effec, ha h he as a es ground d fc for fuure Sove refors. no a pany o f socal dec :ocras n socals s opu 0 response lolhc scfc ocalsfgove c.afcrw/orld o: And n-roana,. na..aong.hqse., - he Wesern Europcn od lode, Sove challenge ofh e es."e old \ WVar was a polcal error by y Saln socal.s counres whose w rgd cocaq3.applaudcd. cd he ove B r d. who [10 s now presden o f h ha should bc corrcccd. orhodoxy has ue j ed he no whp - J LS a pgsvc refor 1ha h oscow SocaJslnle nlernaonal. ade up o f B s f he Sove Unon s unsure whal has been called he e "rcjecons - sclf. gh sudy , socal, dcoc locrac pones. onsllules socals. Ea.sTET njpcan fron. C orbaclen vhr? r rf~... And when Easl Geran nany was nhcr developen o f o aders now ask;-4y w can her denounced by Prcs resden Ncolac slow n assessng onn nng sree socals should.she bc vsualzed n he. cour ounres bc crcsed for pol cal Ceauscscu as "hc 1C al abandonen o f deonsraons here and a surge o f conex o f he lh< ovcll dcvclopcnl and econo c cxpcrcnlaon? socals " and cap capulaon o...-.rcgon..ransfor cd,scfj clfjhs onh -We ore : Srvng o fnd eslal slablshcn o f her one-panj ny egrans n recgnl weeks cks. ofcone po porary cvlzaon. n pollcal enns, Gorbachev s capals." Gorbachev rly rendc( dcd hs alles should pool 3l all c hc benefs lha can loo Bokg for alles: oher leaders who "The G orby facc facor s an enrely n Eas Berln ha "hose se > who arc be found n n he l experence o f oher l HKHAL GORBACHEV see ce he acheveens and faws vs o f new eleen n our plannng. a lae are punshed.".socees and Jld oher polcal Ye se agans he paerns TS o f The Sove Unon, ancpang soc; ex:als as he does, and who 3 ulso senor SoveLdplon Doa sad, Eas G er an leader Erch oveens." S." poswar hsory, he changn{ ng boh ha he Eas as-wcs see n poenal as a pollcal ll and "W hen we encou councred n l«honccker, 77, rered 100 d days laer Ts, along 3ng wh an nense relaonshp beween oscov ow and. confronaon w! wll fade and lha ccor conoc syse and share hs Wes, wc consderec lered l a plus ad expecaons lha hs naon, preoccupao: lon wh ls own doesc s alles and s plcac ons s NATO and he e WV arsaw Pac soon pg ragaac brllancc. good crowds ake kc good { elevson. one o f he saunches o fsf S< ove proble probably explans he ndeed nc draac and reflecs S he wll begn reduc ucng her huge - H Hc beleves he hus found son oe - and good elevson Jon akes good alles, also was aboul o 5 plunge no he aelsro o f change 5e n Easern Sove Unon on s cal acccpancc o f developen: :ns n Ease Europe ha fundaenal fu polcal and ecc :conoc shfs sh; under way hroughou J sandng ares. ;s. launched a dscusson hs > onh on lhc fuurc kndred n Hungar> and Poland d and hou lough hc had n Chna wh Z Zhao. pol.lcs. "Bu n Bejng, g. a and hen n Europe: n h e oas-w would have precpaed socals. so of he W arsaw / Pac P; os a polcal Zjya lyang, w ho was subsequenly Berln, we realzed :ed ha l has an n he convenonal wse vsdo o f enaonal al crses. n sraegc ers, ne o vvcl ruhef an u ll nllntycnpns: ovcdas gcncnl~scury cnc ol pacrsocnlso Wesern pollcal coen nenaors, all A couple le o f years ago, hs would Unon Ur s ore han loosenng g ls Equally o he pon s a debae Chr "hnese Couns Pjny. and ha s soehn, hngw c are sll hs adds up o he falure rc < o f socalst. The C old W ars over. have nleres :sed e a grea deal," a Sove offc cal rearked o a ron grp on Ease Europe: oscow s conscously pro ong whn Coccon, on, he socals radngbloc, abo bou s fuurc as lhc "Despe he roubles and dff ffculcs. wc are no losng o our evaluang. To brng hope o soe capals counry, y. has OK. bu hey have argued, and cap. :apals s Wesern dpl ploa hs week as he he hc renegraon o f hc conr nen. n uch larger Eure uropcan Couny ar n g u jd e. o rb a c h ey pld Brand,.,whcnjhcj:ounfys B y js socals andl!d., hc clear vcor, H ungaran 1parlaen p aended he -pan-fro he recognon lhal lal hs. -negracrs eco conoc.;. jjpta peakng drecly of hc Sove : by a fraernal pany, ny. hen G o rb y, : They beleve he Sove vc saelues. counry s cor consuon o e n d... -be; -becr hnn a lary alloncc cc. wll - And wha Sov ovc rcfocrs say. rcfo ;fors and ore broadly of he h Gorby s an ebarr. barrassen.", hose "capve naons," arc fnally Couns rule r here. "Bu now ensure s own secury and 1n pan o hey hope wll cr eerge around changes hroughou socals spnnng ou o f oscow w s conrol. a ore o norej,]erescd n rade assure as; self of a place hcrc B n he oscow wll be x. a socals "W h all he dversy of dc leas chael Parks wn : w n7cs/or73cx os..: YcrforJOTbachcvrhc h.;hanges.., wh SpU< 1 Korea." 21, 2 s ccnury,. coonwealh," ljkng hc Sove and,vews aboul he slualon n our... Angdcs Tes. Reaga legac] :y: The r BALT ORE Twel velve." - " Lel s assu cfurhcrha r ren offcally poor" >r" fa lys onhly- for hc l rch, lower nflulon und d he "offcally rch" :h declared - housand nney-wo dolla )llars a y ear s D an Rodrcks an and probably no a orgage e budge, and wc c haven h ncluded.ner eres rales for he ddle cla lass, by he Federal Reser eservc conrol 68 wha he U.s; govce "calls paycn pa; cocs p ul o f hc e ake- - clohngrshocs. s. ransponaon. and- and aybc-a-few-choce ;;ub; bsr/or percen o f hc.haon lonls weollh..!.- kz:.--r:;upovcny-level lvng for a faly o f hers arc chldren (39.5 hoe pay. Le us also assu e a any oher blls and sall cxpcnse.s lhc 1C underclass. So hc rch beca :ae hc super-rch. fooft -safc-assupon1rpo5r:rcab -Tljc-gap-bewecn-rch-and-po Hjor and-he-Kuper.rclJjc,.. pereen o f all he counrys p ro r are Dvdng ha by 52..h hec c o c o f slash-he-gvcaways Acrca ca ha Who knows? d? now has opened no hc wdes :s Tle poor ulpled. led. All o f whch or perhaps senor czcns an offcally poor" faly nly of four, ] o.9 percc he ren s no subsdzed, or r gljl 1 aybe even poor pe people lke lo chas has ever. akes The Reagan an Lcgacy :n o f hc poor are over cocs o S232 weekly. recenly have lo,s s subsdz zaoh. ren vdeoapes s and a buy an Auhor Vance Packard foun nd ha appropraely sple nplcu ). Dvdng no 12 pono lons, nnd l c, n Balore, hcre arc rowhc houses occasonal cc crca cn conc for hcr h1c ee cuulave wealh o f hc 400 Less had ore. on ore hud less. ssue hal he head-of- J" assu ng lha such afal :ly pays no works. Half o f all lha cos S300 a onh. kds. rchc ches Aercans now equals >he l ncoe axes such an Tlal leaves our "offcally y poor" And half o f he hc people work o savr avngs he res o f us have n Dun Rodncks vr vvrt/ for he r 1 Aercans l lvng below hc povcny assu pon, o f coursc, be: bcbfn.uel.. Aercan faly wh S700 ) a onlh ake hs good KxJ. Therc.s a re conn unercal banks. Ten percen o f Dallorc Evenng n gsun. - ploycd. accordng o hc wlh dangers n pos-reag; :aean-supply- Census Burc reau. for clohng and shoes; ga.s ar and uneployed, dsj lsablcd. or lazy. sde Acrca hen hc. They arc e k known as lhc "workng eleclrc; ransponaon. whcl ch can Cobnc boh h groups, and wc onhly ncoe o f an "ofl run no soe dollars for urb: ban pexr have 6.9 llon 3n "offcally poor" poor." Y o u nghl have heard o f poor" faly co es lo abo jboo. 51,007. l, (, c cull a l vaguely lha hey who lo nol own auoobles; cs; fales n he Uned Ul Saes. Tfa s wha R onald Rc; Reagan Wll sscd brefy durng he cdcal blls no covered by y eher 1 a s c o n ujcs a lolal povery ake every sx nucs.d (lnells o nresdc prvae or publc heallh behef cfts. jxpulaon lhc Povcny Naon nal elecon, durng a VVllll.n E. How.k r Wlllb C. Blak 3lakc nnnjy up lu Jap an..., cap bew een: :n llag-bungs and P ; hhlh-r Advcnsng DlrC Drecor W e n>gh assu e ha s» fuloughs.) Even wh food.saps, le c us say Tha s accord dng o he 1988 faly s headed by a won-.oan. (Tlc lhal,h she spends S50 ou o f he cr own Census Bureau J r repor relexscd las Sl;plcn Allen Wllwnn os recen Census Burea reau repon had slghly ore lhan hall half lhc naons poor fales w vh a feale By now, h hc pcurc looks lke hs; Workng woan, brngng ho es232a! a week o feed, clohe pocke po on gre>ccres each wee eck. Tl. Tla s S20() a onlh. Ga.s a d clecrc s a leasl S50 a onll nh. A week, now )w 8 llon orc "offcally poor r" people han here jruflng Edor Tlc ebers of he Crcubllon jnsgcr and wrers of fc edorals head-of-housclold.) W c ul al.\o ghl and sheler herself and hree,, ph phorclsa leas S25a rnonh, lh. W c were a dccadcago.before Ronald.rc Sephen H Hcjrlaen nnd Wlla E. Howar ward assue ha he hree reanng dependens. down do lo S425 a onlh n hc 1C Reagan prosed scd ncreased rches. * Bay area quake shov arc o f lessons. )er A. J o n e s Cc Evx:ry.eanhnuakc-ha-u.rc-hc-ajor-rcoKonK-la-Go ov T he San Frar rancsco even a lso lkel; kely-wllpq.lrccjnonlswl ho ssng wndow.s. George Dcukcjan has been n forced deonsraed ha :ha even hough nau aural ga.s. and resoraon o f l he And he dsaser cr h cre suggesleel All week long, hundreds o f o lo Cconsder rasng he gasolr lne ax. eanhquakes he eselvcs are no frecv ecw ay syse wll ake years, s. ha f you are hun n o r rapped by an cs ologsls and canhqua quake..... Large ear eanlujuakcs wl! ake,, A repeon u f hose dsasl scrs,,,.predcable, hc c localon 1( o f severe Pcu curc a Los Angeles w)ere h he.... canhquakc. your os lkely rescuer.,.j.., engneer have poured no o he San C alfo a paj pay a heavy prcc for could bc avoded n Los Angc gelcs. daage can bc ; p prc.dccd wh Sanj ana onca and Hollywocxl wll be your neghbo ;hbor. Francsco Bay Area, look,kng for allowng s s publc p nfrasrucure o and l wll be neresng lo sc sec f frghenng accur :uracy. coes down frcev eew ays have been rendered Fnally, here was *as hc phones. Thc : c lu e.:.-l hcy-wu.bc ohs uhs n dccronert rtlc Nz Freeway and ha happens. osol yprs Tlr.rn. wn- hll unus usab]c,for18.raonus.,orjong nger. pay.phon:s.nevcr-w rw en-dow n and h e lkng lhc fne dsncon ons, bu he he Enbarcad :adero Freeway n San * One canhquake engneer 11 alked on fll; so was hc he Cypress vaduc Tlls Tl e delay s responsble.)le; n whole syse cae back 1 wh... ajor revelaons already y ; arc Francsco wer vere nol upgraded wh ade a quck es ae ha on hc Nz. and he Pacfc all pan, an. for he cvcr-cscalang doll llar rcarkabc speed. l l s as f Pacfc becong apparen. bccause of he hc cos. So dozens ded, upgradng hc Nz alone w would n Sanla Cruz wxs a bul on sofl. csn aes of oal daage. 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(AT AP) A New Y orkcoupk pte u g c n e capus and cfar a ed.sheand her 60-year- ology n Soulhapon Hh o sp a l o n N ew Y o rk s charged n u phony se: sex research schee plcadec jed old husband w ere condu nducng research no he Long sland a erh e ncdc d e b c ca c p u b lc, guly o prosuonon oday and were fned led "scxuaj poenal o f he aure feale. Tley aoey Rchc ard U rru la sa d hs S2.500 each. w ere ced by polce.sep- ep. 16 a a Eugene hoel.- o ng ha hs clens,, w h o lv e n S o u h a p - Rodney Thorp Wooc osa and Nancy Seffen Wood )od The couptcnlfrldpk pleas"lhs blg-ro lj nc nw C T nrrrevcrhcnacd w ere uccu-scd of payn yng college en a he Un- n coun o f prosuon cac each. Lane, C ouny Crcu sad hey hud "suffered ur unde*r he exlrordnury vcrsy-of Orcgon-lal ahuvo-«cx.w h- sr-w ood xkj J u d g Ju ck uson y posed he scncncc rcc* sensaonal press and clcv: -, whle her husband rcc recorded. he encouners.und d ocndcd-by-proswuor lo-undhe couples aor- - Polcc 5ald-h!y-had -ev; evdencclho votblc n* - gnder o cnrry on her "rc: :re5ean:n procc a on- 1 s. Wood, 44. approached young en on he Wood was suspended ;d as c drecor of aneshes- er > Wes Coas capuses. Panel pro obed, backgrou L n d s of jurors n 6 4 JACKSON, ss.. {A (AP) A for- er offcal on a def efunc scgregaonsj pajel says fln n v e sg a ed ;. backgroundsof ju rors who were se- eced for a 1964 ral of a an ac- : cused o f kllng cvl v rghs leader edgnr Evers. Ere Johnson Jr.. he lhc forer execulve drecor of he sssspp Soveregny Cos: nsson. whch sped on cvl rghs s groups l he s,,snysjhn.whlc hc revew, o f,,, poenal jurors backg kgrounds n he frs,of o rals "was unehcal... w asn pdry) lanpcrng ng.... Johnson also sad n a newspaper nervew onday here crc was nohng. n he co sson s s slll-secre rccords ha could bc! used f he case wcrc reopehcyrfgaljsr jsrb y ro rd e-d Beckwh, he an cha :harged wh hc urder. Beckwh was red wce n by-all-w hle-jures-for b r he June f N, - - ;l963.-slayng.afevrs, (rs.-fldd.secrc- ~~~ -...lary o f lc sssspp p chopcr o f he Naonal Assocaon n 1for he AdfdTdOpeTEreS vuncccntofcolofc TT ll. H was gunned down ous ulsde hs Jack- son hoe. \ Boh rals ended n deadlocked j A % / - S e n jures. Prosecuors conlcnje dcd lha Beck- wh s fngerprn was on he sgh... of a gun found n-bus 3ushes ne.r he S J slayng. Wnesses placcd B eck-.. pj Aercan rad adon holds ha Fyou re f hones, work hard, and keep a, you ll succeed. w hs car near he scenc :enc ha ngh. ; A federal judge : wl decde Tha s a rad lon we ve aken o) hear a Farers Naonal Bank snce :e we frs opened o l he urn d;- : w heher lo ake acon n regardng he ; of de cenury. fndngs o f an FB nvcs vcsgaon nlo - r - -o L jn v n h Over hc years ars, Farers- has worl rked hard o gve ge cneraons of dahoa oans wha hey os 3ur doors around he Sound, fro sssspp Sover veregny,c o : hones producs. Dependable servces es. And a personal coen o cuso joers and coun owned, r- sson rccords. The FB sad here : was a reques full-servce bank ll lke ours could ake. wan n n bank. So by U.S. Dsrc Judge ;e \ W lla Barbour Jr. o look no 0 a <1 repon ha ( r T h e > u e s O; ny only a locally-ow P a s Co )oc T o P r e wern J J a y T Svn 1... soc nforaon ay ly have been rcpanel was crc- -~ - Farers Naonal al Bank offce n T\v Avn Falls. F a lls. leased... Now, hc bes ;s of w ha ndepend den bankng faf o 0 > offer reaches ou ; o c anoher coun Tle segregaons pa aod n 1956 and nfllraled cvl rghs groups unl ls s de se n Farers Bank lk ( cordally nves yo ou o parcpae n he Grand Openng g celebraons c a our nly, wh a new locaed V. 1973, when hcn-gov. )v. Hll W aller --j- a 890 Shoshone e Sree N orh. (To b serve you beer n he fuure, we ll 11 be consrucng a on.) r r - h n a Be-surc-o-reg egser-for-an-cxc n g - 4 ] l > «x p c n 8 f 8 > pad-rp-for-wp o~ o - o - H a w a a ne%v buldng soon, veoed ls fundng. Jon us for fre* Tee refreshens. V ee he people w vho ll be servng yo OU. eporary offce, loc N x o r d e l a y s- And whle yo /ou re here, ge acq ;quaned wh a ba >ank ha s op-ranke ked for capal srer y, and r p f o r l a e 0OcobCT - lqudy. Farers s 1Naonal-Bank, wf herc you ll-fnd he le bankng radons ha-really coun; s s, - a n d -,- W OODCLFF LAKE. N.J. (AP) a personal co a en o you. :ngh, asse qualy, Fonner Presden 11 Rchard. u T N D n s gong.o..clf Chna 10 nec, : safey, soundness, wh goveen leade aders lue hs ;.v onh on a vs delaye lyed because o f j : -lh c dc.dly-- crackdow n. on pro-... deocracy denonsr; sraors las sprng. W lr E R S Nxon s spokesan. 1. J John H. Tay- - - lor. sad hc forer er presden s - eengs wlh offcals als n Bejng would begn around Ocl. Del. 30. For sc- T " s a A l cury reasons. Taylor r sad, s: hs prc- se ravel plus were no no dsclosed. Tayjor sad Nxon had dscussed hs plans wl *rcsden den Bush and wh Bren Scowcrofl. Df. he pres- *-- AKTK\ dcnls naonal secury y advser. "H e wll gve lls asse!5scn- en of-hc lead-... crsv her polces a and Q nese- D e - Aercan relaons n general n wrng,10 Presden. B.ush Bu ujwn hs ~ "A Tradon Yo )u Can C( :oun On" rclu." he ade sad. Thc rp wll be Nxon s sxh H o u r s : 9 : 3 0 a p... / le o n d a y - T h u r s d al y 9 : 3 0 a p r./ snce, as presden, le re-opened : u:s.-rcbfsw U jua ;ana5ar.05lna:. ;?:::; GRADO.PE n T aylor descrbc c d a s sole- 3.., F r d a y ly a fac-fndng rp" wlh no sgh-. seeng or socal even: cns. He.sad r [czplead gc plyn se: ;x resean 1 -Sj :-»V. O. V K " F l Bob expplodes-as... F r a r x h c a j s e : jd n s.c Syjfffl #6Twn-rallfrrWaho-A-S CAN l -!4EAg P o s e r s -.. a e s f o r P c u r e s , : o Q, ; H e r l o o s p E o s r H e r W f l l - p o r - r a e «G a l l e r y, 175 Blue Lakes N. 7 school : EOCYT :: P

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D E N N SS E - E N A C THE-FA ra L V -C lr C U S /2 l D w f u A J P j : lq - 2 J a r S. p j - / y \ 3 W horos he ld o y sane jandwlch?" lu H A V ElX lk W O W l A K f SHEKAS ASlO.CDNSl URNOVER.* -jn \&S A 7ANlEfZoU5 / SSOlJ. 1 ( A \e OUT WANlT You <?AueA =AVe OW / he HE \. HE. ) u h w a n y H r g YV c C e H a n l u T l n o w \ T h e g a r h o s e l / a b o u h e! J. n g s u n d e r h e 1 5, r <k S WFREN1 ENOS/ggygf-* WETUR 3 jj \\\\S *!R S S S. O R,,. J. l /ll\ TVlolruf \ ) A HA! J UP TOpa l o s -. - [gffly fll- V v ( ATUSASr WAn X FlUlSH, N /w/ s E E V f r a jr l [ SC W. SES y?ouhc OK -. CH? fo OL.).l TGERS COKT \ y \ - CHUCKLE TO WEWSeWES.. T 7 T VROO (A ug. g.: 23-Scp. 22); Lunar pos- hrough provng self. And addng, lon hghlghn pc pcrceplvcncs?. dlscrna- sales. lon, ably 10 ch( choosc (lu-lly. Aggressve A relave sees ncn c on argung over ool- B C T Q. W hu -on o3f f lquor le do hc Scos n h alers. a >aan halcc. :p1ub. H T D Scoland drnk osl losly? sense of huor. )vously 5ur-... 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PSCES (Feb. 19-arch 20); Aenon U N FNSHED PY R A D To fcl "Boyd s s-curo.y Shop by renrr nnl s spcfhl n-lfnnshp.jnclud: - Q c, On h c back of he S 1 b h r Hl- S2 lu "BayTs ng pa;ner p u and arrage. Y oull bc noe, he Grea Seal pyrad, was lef Book." CnDvn SynJcnre, nc., POB n-observng -asked quesons J -whch-rrqurc-drec -««nunfnshed. W h y? Seale. \VA9SJ99. A! Vwcn. Ue prcpar T>ared. don be evasve. A. T o sugges hs counry wasn 1 Aquaran pays roll role. n r W O J o z z z r ALLTHS f L A / e S l A - c A e s z z Z s B a " <avy,.1 -

8 - V ran nks-hos yage. J -release U o frozen1 asses - Pla orkersgfoud H "H.... Tuosday. Oco :lobor QD Tos-Nows, s, T» Twn Falls, daho A-7. W ork o : A fersh o ck [ 1h s C h n ese q BEJN G ( A P ) - A srong af«sljocl< onda day h nonh Chna v- lages hul surfexdlea heavy dnge lf x Seres o ft eanhquukeq sl weck. : ~- un offcal repon snd, ld, bu l dd no enon new casuales. nc-jcnhua News-, vs-agcney snd he afershoc ckk. easurng 5.2 on - hc.r cbcr scajcsn sruck.n nonhe Shanx and a Hcbc provnce.s, D Bj fhn f wes S < nf Rrjnp l sad sesologs!! ;ss predced hc afershock :k carcr < n he day. bu - - dd no s a y f any-prc precauonary -oasurcs-wcrc ere.ordered. any res- H g dens o f hc area whos hose hoes reaned nac afer ul he earler quakes" had been sleepng oulc )udoors for several nghs n fear f o f ore reors. X nhuas repon dd no -say f any ore bld.dngs collapsed. Abou ho es were ; rcponcd collapscd n las weeks w quakes, leavng B ; people hoelc; cless. Tweny-nne people wc were klled. \ ; Tle frs quake, e easurng 5.7 on he Rchl ;hlcr scalc, h hc area W ednesday ngh. was w followed n he nex 24 2< hours by fve orc regserng above 5.. n ncludng one ha ca.surede d 6, 1. / 6 2 V ena ese re fu g e e s n BERLN (AP) Severa ral hundred onday dea ondng u orc deo- Offcal eda have carrc red calls grow despe hc 1C frsl sgns ha soe!..cnpoya:s of a n Eas G e un.fuco-.. -cncocc Cy Luheran Churchfo Jo u cfo u sn cc-h u D cckcl!5,dcpa;;-,..chnj;c.n yoc.e e her hoejand. J ry have fonned.n n ndependen sourccs sad.. And for lhc frs e, a lure, bu opposon spokcs wcn re- Krenz las accep ccped c nvaon o : TEHRAN.-ran (AP)-,P) > Pnrsd -ncws-confcn fcrencc-allcndcwl- abou unon.., aw orkcrapokca : nansadc alhoc.churd rdw aa. ndc.avulablc jnan;..5kcplc],nbolkn;z;! z swl--.-vl.lh;.sovelur L U non.und. ec.wlh Hashc Ra(!,anjan on londy of- 50 foregn 1 n eda represenaves s- onday, srrng corc; cs o f Sol- o acvss fo for- lhc weekly de on- ngncsk nj o pleen ho ) knd o f Prcsdcn khal lal S. Gorbachev, and, : fcrcd help n gcr ng Wesern sued vsas ; specfcally sf for he even. dury s «challenge u dccude lc ugo o un sraons lud ralles n lennd of rc- broud ch.uge undc.*r way or conlc- c< Eas Geran ed cdu suggesed ovcr ; hosages freed n Lcb. -cbanon f he Slng bchr hnd a sall lable n he equally se Polsh rege. 1C. for..: plaed p elsewhere n Euse E Europe. hc weekend ha la.s.soehng ghl be Uned Saes releases ;.bll bllons of do- hch<clnge gcd.hall of he Rsdcn- Workers a hc Wlhcl el Pcck Polce dd r no nerfere wh he 1 onday s edons of ol hc learned fro hc 1C Kreln leader s rc- lars n frozen ranan 1asses as: or helps lol offcclrt dc)wnown Tehran,-RoP Z dcronc-s facory n Tclo lo.w.n sub-., deonsraors rs ns hey paraded pcacc-. Co uns Pary daly Ncucs fors. No dae for ha vslrhasbccn - -sclle he cases of hrc hrcc kdnapped sanjan spoke n a sof voce, slng urb o f E.s Berln, call her unon fully hrough gh Lepzg s cenral Deuschland Dc devoed four p; p.gcs o.nounced. ranans, frequenly us hc played wh a srng. Refor. srees, he so sourccs sad. orc-han dscussons-of cs refor -gong un all On he ndcpc cpcndenunon, he " Rafsanjan sad, hosa jsagc-akng s o f worry bea >cads. s he frs ndepend aden labor 120,(XK) people pc flled Lepzg srees across ac hc nalon." Krenz govecn ncn renuned slen. an "nhuan acon 11 ha can pro- Respondn dng o a queson fro a unon n couns s Gerany, a week ago o 0 d deand refor. Dscussons su agan ln" and Es G e anys 8,6, lljon workers duce no posve pol olcal resuls. U.S. rcponer er, Rafsanjan sad hc had as > Soldary was he frs n he So- Pro-dcocra :racy supponcrs sud "crcal "c dscusson arc gong lg on ev- have been represer escned by he offcal Egheen Weserners, ncludng egh proposed wo f ehods" ha hc ve bloc, and ncludes hc ;hc rgh o here would bc deonsraons Tues- erywhere." er> sud n a coe enury. fedcnon, whch s n by a eber Aercans; are bclevcc :ved o bc held Uned Sae; [les could use o faclae sslrkj: aong s deands.. There 1 was day when he pyla c eleced n 1 Bunn, offcals sad on unduy he of H; Co uns! lsl Pany Polburo. by pro-lraran groups n Lebanon, release o f lc hosages: ~ ro CbnlllcFnTOnTlegover KrwTTTCprhad agreed lu c v-ch-wll-ean-ls Whle-Rafsanjan sad ad hs pove- T h e frs s s hal as asgnof good- ZD F elevson n Wes Gerany look over Wcd ednesduy as Co uns 100 1(X refugees a hc Wes ( Geran "leadng role," evenf refor cdes, en was anlannb lg ndrec con- wll, you rcl< our asscls. Ths s quocdar Q efor spokcsn a n c rs.y ~ P a n y chef, replacng Erch Honeek- En Ebassy n Prague, Czcchos slovuka, ard ha ngouon ons wh hc oppos- lacs wh Washngon. n, hs offer and soehng : hal you. wll have o do, ng j enre secons of planl workers er. hs 77-year-< ar-old enor. jo: jon 2,000 Eas Geans gon ng o hc on nre unnccc. ce.s.ry bccausc he ; deands were no new. and sooner cr or laer you wll bc had resgned fro lhc sale- c-run Free Honcckcr, w! ho had led he naon W< es fro W arsaw, Polar land. On naon has enough lugh offcal orgunza- Whe House press ; secreary sc( ar- forccd o do lo. So do now. Deusche Gewerk.schafsbu bund labor for 18 years,, was w forccd fro, power e onday, a plane carryn ng 154 ons for d.scussnj sngrefonn. -. ln Fzwaer sad Rafsa fsanjans co- "Secondly, lly, f you do no. wan o federaon. sad workers :rs had ap- by growng unres al hoe and he refugees lef Warsaw for Wc Vcsl Ger- appeared cena renan he governenl enu>.dd-nu-dan:.ll :.le.uj-pos:gvc-uso.ur r oney, a leas you can pcalcd P o corades n oher cr facores flgh o f ens S of housands of Eas any. u would ry o preve even he ndependen lon g c -y o u r.. agcnsr yonr nckry n osntcadlhcncwnfton. (vf w :;oupg( Tlw -nu bcr-of-eas-g cr Tnans-uT onjro-gann! nng. hc- ass-suppor "We do no lnk he c l ranan asses Lebanon o :o release our hosages. f n Lepzg, ens o f ho ousunds o f sklled w orker :ers, o freedo n he rvng a Wes G er anys cra :bu5ses ha evcnuully carrcd Soldary o o he hoslges and we ve do < no rnake you say hey arc no alve, a leas people P arccd hrougl gh srees Wes. n Eusc Europe has conr nucd o polcal power n Poland. \ deals for hosages," he e ld. you can gve l.s back her bodes or ~Rarsan an s[k1cc ul n u hrcc-hour ahow us hcr crgravcs." r e s c u e d g H B WHEN HARRY SNGAPORE (AP) P) Sxy-wo Venaese esc refugees arrved n - ET SALV (K) ) 7 :1 5-9 : Sngapore-ufcrbdng-her crpjled boa was a delberaely lowed uway fro alaysan v/a- H r "!o o p n l 7 (PC p 3). n f - a - s e a for S2 daya-d T-durfg-whdHljey-sy* -111 g j r o r ers. refugee,offcals s sad onday. Sx o f hc group ded whle her boadrfc fcd near alaysa und B R ;e a o f l o v e (r) R) 7 :0 0-9 :2 0 Sngapore, accordng lg o a saeen fro he off Dffce of he Uned Na- lons Hgh Cosson for Refugees n Sngapo pore. LOOKW HOS lohnny Tho-rcfugees-w«ro-b ro-broughuhcn:-byul5.greck :k-owncd vessel Ancz- TAKNC (PC 13) HANDSOE (R) na. flyg lhc Cypro flag, on Sunday, he sac ccn sad, any 1 fad BTO L..,rpho, : «>.n n N L V o be asssed, and 12 were aken edaely O Sngapore General p Ronald Reagan shares 2S a laugh wh Japanes CSC Prc nlsto )shkl sh Kafu n Tokyo o londay Hosplal. where one ; pregnan woan n her hn lnes reans n crcal conlon, l.sad ; w o an s 4-yca ;car-old daughcrwas n sas lsfacoy condlon. hc jj sacenladdw, Rgagan2r< eceves hlqh Japa anese hon o r - j g p y Sxy-cghrrefugccs ccscfrc ro g nouhwvesrvca-otrsqjrr e; n a 46-fbo boa whos lose engne broke down afer hrcc days a sca. TOKYO (AP) Forer r Presden lo have been awa warded," Reagan sad. Reagan R rcccved lhc award fro he Tle refugees repon oned hfy.survved on ran n v waer. bu on Oc. 14 Reagan Rc had lunch wh Epcn eror Akh- Akho and Epress chko Jup: lapanese governenl for pro roong BUCK RAN (R) :20 one rpan ded o f d( dehydraon and sarvnor on. Thc nex day a, lo onday andrccevcd one o of Japans looked on a.s palace Grand aser of pea :>eace nnd frendshp wh Japan: n and for. alaysan vessel spol poed he group and brough ghl he waer, boled op honors he Grand Cord rdon of he Cereones Kyc yosh Suya prcsenled worl workng o prolccl hc free rade SEX/LES & rce and vegeables,, hl he repon sad. Supree Order of he Chrya unlhenu he award o Reagan, palace offcals Jurng dur hs egh years n offc 7 :3 0.,:3 0 VDEOTAPE { (R) -r--fucnung fn («rade and on frencj- sad, Nancy Rc Reagan, Crown Prnce cal* rals wd, The las and only olu her U.S... shp vh,japan. Naruhlo and A \ba.ssador chael Ar- pres jresdcn o reccve he hone nor was LOOKW HO S. Offcals sez< ze arju an a nn d r u g s w o o p l~hc-award-cereon.y.j nd...lunchcoracos also-acn fnflcd lyldw Jwgh Ebcnlower TALWNG-(PG3)- j ) :30 OSCOW (AP) Polce and lary uns n Krghza carred a he peral Palace n ccnr ral Tokyo luncheon, hey y ;.sad on condon of Lacr n he day, Reagan, wh vho S n OU a seven-day narco rcocs operaon and need d ; 352 pounds of arllcy, hc an narcocs he lac Eperor Hroho, n January couplc n Oclo :lober 1987 whcn lley Japa lapanese govcen, cl wh Pre was he frs eeng beween en he wo anonyy, Japn lapan a he nvaon of Fuj ujsankc / AN NNOCENT juana, Tass sad ond nday. en snce Akho succeeded 1 hs faher. Tlc Reaguns S las cl hc peral Con Councaons Group a d he 7 :0 0-9 :2 0 AN(R) Tle operaon was s carrcd c ou n hc Chu vallc; producng,arennkh Chrgza, 1,600 les.souh hcas of oscclvv. uc- n and snc e Rcag.n relred o Cal ralfoa, ade an offcal :al vs o lhc. Unled. n vlnscr ToshkKafu and ac. HONEY cordng o he offcal news agency, " a hubled and deeply honored Slales. dnn nner held by Kafu n hs honor * d u» S 2 SHRUNK THE K D S $ 1 KDS(PC) Tass sad hc enre valley was sealed o ff and d : spccal lary unls 7:30 ONLY fored o fgh organz nzed cre ook pan n hc e operaon. # JOHNNY. H A 6 w e K rs Tass dd no say f f any a arress were ade n-he he rad, and ore han Chna, dssdens urnng c o Eas bcu C HANDSOE (R) -(R) cars were search rched. 9:30 ONLV 9:30 ONLY Drugs are produced cd and processed n he rcpub lublc. hen dslrbu6cd BEJNG (AP) Conder lencd by! perals class op] opponenls." soe dssdens belef hu hc hroughou he Sove cl Unon, Tass sad. e os capals counres for r crushng < A successon an o f Sove and Easl he con.servavcs, wll cvc cnually r a d a s al~dv vson has">een sc*up"jyr -hc-republ.-neror proencfcracy pn proess. Ch 3hna ha.; Europcan~sccn cnfc cducaon3l or.prev nsry o coba h hc spread o f drugs." nclud jdng a school-lo ran r.. -uod-o hc Kocals-world d for-sup Counf-on?ony delegaons have [- j... D O O D Q D P o o a -.. dogs o snff ou narco colcs. pon and cofon. So have s now»s- vsed Bejng, any expressng leu lenced proesers.... agreeen wh lh Chna s poson ha C K ller w h alee a p p e a rs o coo u r f e r r y Sncc hc Junc ary aack ;ck-on-su- refors are ncn ended lo srenghen so -E - V d e o c sa a b l e ] den-led proesers caused Japan und cals. no loppl PPlc-.. C AALESUND, Norw rway (AP) A kller whale le has been swrng lhc hc Wes o hal hgh-le level ex- Bu back n hc vsng delcga- c alongsde a Norwegar jan ferry for he pas week, ;k, n wha he capan changcs. ch; Chnese dploa! las have lons hoe cap upluls. changes arc oc- C SUPPORTS sad onday looked lke a case o f whale counsh] ;hp. bused bu: heselvcs wh ce ;lngs wh cunng ha can n bc of lllle co fon o p "s hard o say wh who fell n love w lhw ho n,, sad Olav undal. Easl Ea. bloc and Tlrd W orld cn envoys. Bc Chnese gove venen bu w ar he r E DRUG AW VARENESSl WEEK capan o f le feny B-F Voksa. Passengers and crcw arc os aken wh Chnese < Vcc Preer Y Yuo Yln hears o f he dss ssdens. Thc wdenng C lhc black and whe : whale wl a.s hc whale s wh lh hc black and w he vsled Easl Bern n Ocober erand ex- o f peresroka 1 n r he Sove Unon. S r shp. ch changed condolences wh l hcn-eas lc rejecon ojf f counsrh n Hun- : undul sad by radc do elephone he whale scldc do leaves hc ferrys Geran Qc Presden Erch H Honcckcr gary and Poland and lhc ass cxexlus c j, H E * sde as sals a 12-k nlc roue hrough a fjord nea ear Aalesund. ovcr ov< her uual probles fn fro "- of Eas Geru ans have renforced E!c~hugsrhcTshps~hull, soe ogansl l, and oflen n s sprays passengers wh w; waer. School cla.sscs H j... have been buyng ckc :kcls o n h e ferry, 10 see n P-coplcarc vey. neresed. So e es whcn we dock here s a crowd o f people wahj ng on hc w harf ro rn hc s: Tlf counshp doesn endanger he whale o r he shp, h e s a d. E Q S Z -FR ED! CHC CKEN- * TUESDAYS 5-9 P... ncludes: Soup p ( or Juce, ossed salad, rolls and d buer, ashed poaoes & gbg blo gravy and ce crea. PECfwrCH c w -! D H H E AVAfLABl d C -1 $ j U o r q u a k e a r e a n j n g j : Shoshon* S. S. J -TheTes-News regres le follo erarswhcl-we ade n he Cenennal Squa advelsenen wl appeared n e- Sunday, Ocober fle Blue Cros Blue Sheld lsng sh( lould have read, "ed Servce Bureau,"."and H H j ""KrrKlfe"Was nadveenly lefl he enan raser are sorry for any -ngonvbblenaal ay have caused dhe. -ar-fherjalued -cusoers. o l ] :c C L., j B r f v * HOW ytqralse A DRUG3 FREE CH ARYTYLEO n T p p p S w a y z e 3 NEXT g = 2 E r K s T o s r r r H ~ W e c n e s a n V k «H r ~ O ay? p.. arca Lanng,, Twn Falls School ol Dsrc 1 Dsrc D rug, 1 Educaon Coordr dnaor a o o o o n n o D D a D D a : e! B

9 A-0 - Tloo-Nown, Twn F. aon Wase J 5SS garbs age, sfso recycl [lug exp eced ffo )r. 1990s U d o r. w e f-yc ;vcrywo days, recyclng > s g f g 10 bc pan h e : nang groundwaer. Abo ou 80 pcrps do no A cncuns ;ccr:l:ln} :os l llon culural fsrc o f socey. sud ~ cc o r he nalon sdu pounds o f gaxgc. Thc, dups f;/r BruL«Wc /cddle. drecor o f EPA s: f have l;\ers. no longer hold :ll. Vls s one of: uncpall sold wase progra, Allough ull hs ake.v L-ecyclng perodc seres o f n ucles. -n c "People %v svll bc separang ou al 1 look 1 ore aracve, o.s los garbage 90s." lookng nlad lo O he prose boles, ca cans, newspapers, plascs,,."pccalss say recyclng ; alone wll BV - 3 = r e e - a c nnd pen! o f lc uko o; dvcuk. leaves and d ] gro-s.s clppngs nsead o f : rnol solve lhc garbage crss n flc-wnchrcc nej//c-;nc.-/fr/t-hrowng-lh -he-n one cn They-f c sec Un ced o kk e q a b nology d soccly. Tle nr nnson wl no occur lshng 1 new du ps, espec ecally ses overngh, 1. he ll expers say. Bu ".even servng cnrc regons, and d lhc buldc proporon ] HyThcAsKalcl Pfcss rcss wh he : rccalclnnl ones." sad ng of ore ncneraors.. Low rance.. "when hs her p(kkc- Federal offcals say he By llc end )f le lyyos, 199 you ay xrok. hey y n are gong o becoe recy- q o f hc naon s garbage lo 10 go up n W h e v e r y p a d p r v a e p a r y c l a s s f e d a d p l a c e d n o W w u n l N o v e b e r 2 4 h. be p:yn?; hy <le p u d o ge rd o f clcrs. soke fro ncneraors 4 could rso - your.parbugo. 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" l s s o e h n g h n w serously. buhl Polcc O el -K d.-w c-w an-o-glva Hagc -jcco endajoffha we can: ayor erle O w sley.sal Councl ewrs wll ee and he o h er polcc chcfs revew lh c eg h npplcalc nvolvec T w n -F : Rowland, " hr daho Slae Polcc confldcnc f sho a sh e rff s..the rc 10 a burglary call nvcsga anng course and Law Enf rear s, he sae coun d h e sh o o n g he accd fro hc ho slae polce n Rchardsc ghsoa heenvu \N aa SuFd nr he churc. conlanj ;e says he d wash Tlc clu vould ake o gel We lu rrfoa cup.tnd our own cbet}, As a resul o f hs ong he Rupen Uned he Sund o lh er ehods Encour ng p la s c foa church, C U n ed son of Roger and conferenc ecae concerned Hs ch -schod l"5clcnre 240"Urfc sprng, C uns sp o do on"foa vacaon y parens waned four dap e.. y uypc-ull w an o d o. 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11 Qbu - L S S : Eugene Jensen TWN FALLS - lurerc Twn l-ak hl.lo; c.h S;.lr.lj. Oc.. - Valley Rcpcule.lcal Ccn Jensen u.-l lnrn Sep. : Kearnev, Ncl. c novsl d when le je.r old hch jchool here, le a UnverNly of hlho. reurn Fol,! wlh conlfuclon frc l W>l. u hc fored h own huncjj Jensen Bldnj Conrocor. J.... n lle fncwunn-wofu?., n T-*n Falh. "Jcn\6 wavteberrf l ~ llt7lctyt g rw T rfc r: Lodfe No, 94 AF and A. ; Free asonry. E)Kor A.A.O.N..S.. Twn FalUSh: he aj!!-- Fjrol. Survvng are h» wfe; ur cucnlluncjlauslcfj- all of Twn Falh: onc er. J o f Look Bcuch. Culf.. prandchulrcn. Hc w.> prcce - by wo nfan rf-uphlen nv Wednesday. Rcynolcls Fun?, T w n.f jh u h h c.rev. To hc Frs Uned elhd orfcan;. Elural wll folk eoral al..twn.falh. call a he chapcl fro p.. loljy.l fro U a.. Wcdnc lc of llc funeral. Thc far eoral v<nhulos ay hc af!cv.,llcykc!cnal.( Cener or lo le Shrner Chldren s Hnvpl.l. Cdlrhu lefl 111lhc funeral chapel. Dean C. Sh, nuhl. ded.sauraay. Ocl. 21. ho cofasudden llnesv He W3 born Fch. (>. 9<K hc «on of Roy and Ua l oved lo daho n ss Anny dury World War 11. dary fa for several year v where hc lvcl wh hs sc laer rered and oved no yean as?.h w a ejcr- Chrsan Church and he Huhl le was prcccded n deah 1 and f.lcr and s scpohcr. «The funeral wll bc n 10, hc F.rer Funeral Chapel n Rev- Ar Freund offcallns follow l Sunse Neoral F Falls, Cal-Klngean HANSN - Cal Klne; Lake, Wash., and fonnerly of Salurday. Oc yk9, n. A rasesdc sence wll V loday a he Tw n -alu ner en w ll.h e a hc Ceelery. John Lara TWN -A l.l.s -John Lara Falsrrfe Sunday. O c T w n Falls ClnLand Ho>pla ---- llcjbon. ay 16..1WJ SlnnT V c rt nanrt re.rtc<l Anln Lunn n l*j21. hcn oved lo Calforna whc years, hc worked as a cec hoe conslrucon. Upon h aoud 24 years ao. he o Falls.,ara-waw-a chcr o f! Calhohc Church Tvs n alls. Survv.n,; arc lus «fc of hrec sons, -cd l..ra of Wh; Servcc PA U. - The funeral f Hana. 63. ol aul. ssl»> ded - w ll.b e.a l-ll a.n. loday.a! Payne.eoral Ch.pcl. 221 Sl. n Hurley, ssh her hruh PrcsRyon.sul.c urav, nernen wll h<-, Re»bur; Cceers. l-ncnds n 10 hc lervcc a he *aynr r JHROF The funenl fc Spencer P.dncr.. ol Jcron Frld.y. wll be a 1 a.. Fores Se D A H O FALLS (A P) - F o re s S c rv c c lus resc a p p ro v u l o f-w o b e r,: -- easern d n h o s T arghcc f F o rc s l un e n v ro n e conend s p o ran grz; habal Regonal Foreser San 1 O gden. U lah hns reversed d e c so n fro las Febru = w 6 uw :luvd7allovvcd-joggn! J.W -u cre lllcls salvage ber-sale a sland Hc"lsl> rehcded.1 ay < by B o b W lla s, h c n Targhcc fore-.,supervsor 6-2 Tos-Nows, Twn Fall: uares s s s s s a o f s a s Vlr and Rr uvccao. Herrera and C. J(Kc. Caf.. an( s BW SB86 w!b Rreararulchk A VJTScr eccd a 6;3C Funeral Chape Chrsan Elurs a., Wcdnesda X Church wh h j celebfanl. Hur % : eoral Park call a he funen ul he le of " u r a o o r : ded o / g r e -V 72. of Treonl,. Jero e, ded... "sv":;;-:; " " - " " f unll9697w hen of-he nos. EuKcne W. or. ese «r>cd LDVTln" c crjo n of T rfhctwn F.U-. Scosh Rle Jcfon, arear.. T Whe, boh of Toof Sal, Vda Jensen of r. Kllryn, ejcd Jc» l, T l.c.crv,«. d wo vller TcQlon.SlaJ " l l~n orn u»,ral a» p,l n TAon fro». To TocKer o hud Church Ceeery Tre ollow. Sucl f D /O y r,\ dnesday unnhe C.KKlnp. ded S,.. OrnxJnj! eor B.".; w :" 0 rhulons ay bc anended school oved o Alasl; fcluned lo Clel xn,f» Wash. They e 9. n lnj»b. lln.slh. 11=»>; *. -ll, l,. fal,=, (.1 f n be shpyardr-. ulh of luljl.. ll... - worked fo 1 * npcrj or.-l oounah.u. p c ru -h c rl rs..." " Duhl Grange.... lng. urb w.ll al Park n Twn dearby-hnnf :.. onc-».»c... - Tlc eoral Wcdnclaj-.aLfJ n,. o o,» «" l««= v -0 n o y L s w l r., l n, n U K L E V -.11 Cd clcrv Bul=y-Jc<l Sa. T.,.-,h Sprnpvllc. Ul and ary al» : KU.,B. c,o. arredsally n. T ; f r - n d.v l? 5!? shc-e for sever., l =r volcn/e. ccn :.son n 11 hs rereen *>;Donald.3ou. y sshen he oved ove, o w o s. - L j,.., j. - " ; "... aler her de.h h ; of Twn -alls; W >?es ll for chko Hose-RolKrso.hcd Wednesday, wh Hshop l< >-al. lhc Jucph Durul \sl luv 221 Wcs.san rlher, luddhs k, o fflc.ln>! Dl hc WS 1-ALQ s as call pror for Ln/y T, Gnl ru-n-, - ded Saurday. V Sunsc eoral l for Honne F,- h e - R e v Ol roc. who ded Arranpccs a T, lod.y a he Whle oru.ry ervce res - Tlc U,S. approved he 6.culcl s fnbcr sale so c r.s a lc.., >unans. :e N aonal F o re s,sj e n a ls Shverdecker rzzly he.r h.s nd been sak e n 1 n T.xer n ssc ssn e n. cd h-s own T le an >ruaryha -spcccs felkh gnpron r w l F flan Nor-h.-,sesur(). d Park. The rescsso ay decson- he assess cn-acn g c sad, sor. w h ch Wllas ha -ols. daho Tuo&day. OcoBbr 2 Rao Lara, bohof Phc "Clur aukllcr.-aryl LcJUcly.----S». bnh of Twn F«H». Kae son, odcslo. C ajf.. and C ecela Ulah J Caren Ruz, bolh of San Sal ajd several [;randhljren and of F, hldren, Wd Jcrvcew lhkosary vjtfe one ;3U p.. oday a Reynold* prcc aper T--Palls; ajn o f -pru«ural wll be celebraed al Tl sday a S. Udward Caholc a h 1 hc Kev. Seve Rukuv U5, Ave. ural wll follow al Sunse llur uk n Twn Falls. Frends ay Frer neral cbajcl fru 3 p.. loday Chap :o fb c «rv c e. unll hour 3 B. Peerson ---- atgnrr-buuf-pclcnon. G u onon, Ulah. and forerly of W d Frday. Ocl.2(l, J9H9. al Wcn Hospal n Ogden, flal, of a Alph... Hos. a eber of hc Treonon T h Ward. She had served a Tbur Socely Predcn and wa» a Hur: lhc Sakc-Hrafd of-he-relef- Cex he Prary. She had also eple worker n he Ugan. J o cnplc for he.pas o years.- ll :a7e h «luband. Eler-QJ. ded f Treonon. Ulah; jcven Valle loan Henderson of Rcxhurg. anc«garel Ann HuTlon and LHTnn HrJ o f Treoon. Uah. Blle was of lford. Neb., and Jule ove all Lake Cly. Uah; one scr. hs d; of Bear Rver Cly. Uah; wo Su Hard and Heber Buller. boh of Hugl ah;-34 g f ;-jaw c-av d-12 ado hldren. T :e wll bc a p.. loday a he orn lake pacf.. Frcnd-ay call. -a>c.u onuafy. 111 No. Frs Fjs n Chap ro 11:1. a., o 12:30 p,, ncnl wll be n he Hvervcw H fl: Treoon,..... Dl lurl n) orrs cass 3 - J.n. (Hen) orrs. K9. of- Sh d Saurday. Ocl, H9. a Arro Toral Hosplal. Anh lorn June , n Tro, an ca on of Sheran and Fa c H faly oved o Chelals. scl.x :n hc was (> years old. Hc on Ju x>l nchehals and n 9l«,hc hcg aska for a shor e. He.c., lho :hehals where e woked for wflrk l-cb, «.*.lvu].nvancorv c Vl oved 10 he Wcndell area -rs ared for aboul 10 years/ lu Su rked as a senor uard for he of W nger Slaloa. e also worked Jal. rds durng r l d War,- n and T lurned lo W endcllwcclc prccc e Grange for a shol e. He p,en for daho osscr as a power H r,-ln- X.S.he cd fro hc a hc r Plan and l.d snce resded luh as a eber ol hc Guudg TTnr; lurc. Good a n» o sons. J orns of o laho. and Jack orrs of ro 0-: fve grukhldovand wo pror hldren. He was preccdel n W J ral servce wll le a 11 a,. Wc! Dcnrav GnohnKTh.rcl hoe. Davd Whe orcang, Hc o.. anford n..n - Ray., Sanlord. 7K. of Ara Salurday, Ocl, 21. O-;. n c.n y. Ulah, hc s born Feb, n enn Jnl, he son of Cyrus Glber Hc sj lalda Wheeler Sanford, le Valle; wh hs la ly o Paul n Ul allcnded H rgha Young xard 1 rov. Ulah. fo wo years anl» ; n lhc cns Glee C lbrlc -utc - rk u T g H T rrw frll Los Vllo; T. /ejn hc daho -alls LJS (.on wus a desgn drafsan for Can;u: Jougla Arcraf unl grand cd lo Paul where he facd egh dly S,forl ded n 1976, He U k Dorohy Ols n 77. and -o hc Anlon n Crcn Twn *as a eber of drecl,on l-uncral Ch, cl n Jeroe TW Hoh R.)hnso offc..hng, CouK lluw-lhc Jcr\>pe Cceleo- nd.y Frs V w h wll f< LLS - 1 he gr:ve \lc scr% cc Frcd Jnbf, K9, Clf Twn -alls, who l.xlay, wll he a 1 p.. Unlay a one h. ral ark n Twn alls wh G l. yerr- n d e a n p T h c s arc under he drcclon of conn ry n Tw n vlls. Rehab scnds 2 ew Xkcre W alkng Fsh 2 " soulh o f he Cenennal ess Su.sp o k es an - W a lly C er sad T.xer changed cull :cau se o f a procedural o 1 h c e n v ro n e n a l j cha a n a g e e n n d c a o r d goshawks) w eren gon h e (e n v ro n e n a l r - s r n v C T d c c lx r - * on had nolh n g o do foj- :ss eu.on grzzly-bcur. Coa E had sad he Suaon Ch rr 2 J r lurctwrcnr hc was a ph pnes, uvvng a;e ns wc ol l>ulc;,on, Davd Ksy Sanford o f K ay Jlah; WO daughlen..vy Eve c; >all Lake Cy. Ul.h. and Sharwl Va )f Farrgon. Ulah: onc sser T Ader of Paul: s* grandchldtc ne Y re al-g radenra U g ~ a f Kcceded n deal y w> brojcn a u«lv>n Tle funeral wll l<c al 3 p., Wcd he Hurley 11 lh W.rd Chapcl. 242 \ve. w Ushop T relon olflc ural wll be n he Paul Ce rcnds ay call a ccuoh F.hapel, 321 B. a n Hurley fro l»:30 p.. oday and al hc chun lour pror n he funeral. Gwen-r-Teague WENDELL - Gwen. Teague. Vcndell. ded Sun<jay, Oc, \lphonsus Regonal.edcal Ccn losc, Thc servcc w ll hc a 1:30 Tjursday a Denfaray s Wendell C ural wll follow al he leasan reelery n Hurley, Janes N. Wlson HUHL - Jn=rN. W!7;Sr).rSf led S3lurday.~Ocl,~7lrl9K7.-.d he /alley Regonal cdcal Cener loll exended llness, H e -w a s -b o rn N o v -, nrdn-lg. K j,. a f.r-.eveal vas a vnyards n Lod, Calf, l noved 10 Buhl several years ago lo b ls daughler. Survvng arc hs daugher. l.; lugev of Buhl: one broher, wo ld one graujson. Tc gravesde sers ce wll 1< u ong n Lod. C.df, Uv:l arrange rr /rr F lrl uf Rc) uld l :hnpcl n Twn -alls. azel L Taylor.. BUR.FY..Ha/el Lobela a)lor, lurley. ded Sunday. Ocl. 22. <! :ass, e«ral Hospal 111 Hurley, She was xrn July 14, 1 f., n H urow. O kla,. he daugher of l. nhur and Laun ;ll, Hr,h. R,nk n early age. she noscd wh her f,n 1CHa/cllon-Elen area where she al d.xls. She arred Rc\ Rayond n July , n Jeroe, Hcy lan le G(«xlng area unl ovng o Hu where she ha<l snce resded rkcd for O F..uK f.u sc cas..l, l,y.r.llcd n 07-),; :-J--la>>c uf llc-l rsl Hapls Curch, Survvng arc onc son, Dor,d R, f W asulcr. W so,: nnc sscr, / aer of Goodng: hcc grandch rcccdcd-n-rcah-by-one dufhlc,enls, one half-holhcr and hrce ss He luneral wll v: al 11 a,n. hu hc-jqscph f-ync-eoral Cha lulcy wh P,sor H,G. ;»lu T?rHa5rO rnnnx-nn.-< ? loodng- Frends ay call a llc 1 lorluary. 221 Wes a.s, H o (> p,n, ll H p.. Wedncsd.1; loro hefuncra rhursd. v aro/d-es<es WJ:ND-:. - Har.l.l -s. - >cdcll. ded Sund.y. <Vl. 22, S, oe followng an llness He sasl.r June l».. Ln o.. hc s.n ol rhnas and hopson Eses. He allended scho.rcada. O e.. and Jeroe, c.r. a of h..rscs or he Users ban an 1C school w.gon. c arred 1 ellgll on l>ec. 10. JK. 111 Sosl :c spen 69 years farnp n Ore allcv. rs, l;scs ded n 1>S1., Eses «as charan ol he los,al s Hard, was a c>cr ol e hghway d was acve n he Grange. Hc an fcdnncd-e-and-nrrt c-orr Hlloy Cnngc. -S urrt S -np-nr-lw.-jauuu lcj.,.t-lrrsuncrlan.l, Hrlllsh Colu an;kla, and rene ol Cldwcl andchldrcn; 13 greal-grandvbldcr gh greal-geal-gan.khlden. n e gravesde servce wll c jl 2 londay a he W endell Ccc calon.k>k pl,cc al Whle.uu, >s alls. Arrangccns arc ne rcclon of Whle oru.ry TWN.LS - The funeral for.ula, SO. of Tw.n als, who, d,ly.,wll C al.l.p,y a rs Ward LDS Chapel on :l/al<ell lh Ushop K Slscn ollcang. H ll follow.11 he Twn als Cene cfds ay eal Uo. p.. unlfk Jay al Whe or.arj.11 Tw ll. c hour pror lo e luneral a (he eh C fary- sppc er nnbuons ay bc ade o fc ;habllaon Hpal Hose. ber sal< 2 " d esg n ao n n he area Lssenal h a b a or g rz / Suaon would nr. 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Wehser Slaugher or aa- Treslan. who 1had been under frc Erc clcalf and he Cleveland Brown do n he wo weeks 1 as he Browns scorcd. fense. jus 17 pons n jus wo defeas. And rc r r e a g r e kc a day o f reckonng no ) a lcced Kosar, wlo las week \ hrew four ng ~ ct vjnt nnrt T r7-n R o-p ns ret C1«v>l>nd 77. Chcago 7 Dlka ufler e r Kosar hac copleled 22 ;,"f 0 "ll was a crcal call."," sad Carson, whose 29 for yards, ncludng a 97-yard Tl pled crlcsn ol Tres resan had conrbupass 10 Slaughlc her and a 3-yard loss o c cd o soe of hc dssas ;asfaco calf, who also 0 ran 7 yards for a ouchdown, a p.. Chauxl U. Lgh Jgh-KoelKh hoslnj: Vcjl he,l such srcakfor he njury-nv Slaugher, who had : c egh caches for 186 lllll Jne Klnchcn aged Bears, who saned four rookes on dc yards, sad soe of f Clevelands succcss H ~ f v n s c, sncc-nu Nov Kl,.hc-year.b 1,.. seed fro confusc uson n.hcchcagq secondary, where Loren renzo Lynch, a lulcfore ook uok over and. lued hc lear no one o f he le NFL s h os donanl las, used hrd-ycar an was replacng Vcscc,,, Jackson, who walked 1 oul ou of cap n proes n cr 4-3 rccord drops he gae behnd nnesoa n he Nl-C Cenra fll when hc w us benched. ;d. J Jackson enered he = - F u U e r V n j w u r v - a v e hcylvctbecf- o u ln a -p la c «ae n he hrd quaner rer and was bcacn on ll. 1 " b e a s b a d a s f e a r e d STANFORD, Cul :nlf. (AP) Jeff 1983 season, 85 gaes ngo. "They were confused scd a lef coerback Fuller could ove hs rgh a a lllle Bu las week, wlen he cxpfodc Jcd "fh Jackson ou. Tfjc he gu) v»ho Ws here bcer onday, and d docors were cau- afler o Houson and suggesed he ddn play very well,.vel." Slaugher.sad, lously opsc hal lhc wors o f he Bears gh nol wn agan, he was ore op cp. nen when hey brouj roughl Jackson n. wc San Francsco 49ers* njures.was no as 4 sc, prasng hs defense, whch has al ; - w ore -Sll able o ake ;e a. a couple o f plays." bad as orgnally feare ared. -,1 lowed 102 pon ons he pas hree weeks afc fer C hcago s only loucl ucldown cac on a 5- - ; Four9cnrnelKKlng-suffjulloF-and lr surrenderng jus Jur 61 n he openng four yard pass fro J Harbaugh o Wendell PavfcAvU 3:47 lut - quancrback Joe on lonana, were njured Sunday durng a vcory over New " beleve.n n he and beleve we ca :an K ojl Jlrsslnln n --l-l F -B ro «n.?3 England. u nd, sad Dlka. whose ear a yards n 14 plays 10 gve g> Cleveland a 7-0. "s a berswee ; ; ype o f suaon, nu pays. s Angeles Ras al hoe nex ex lead wlh 28 seconds lef n he frs quaner. f - queson aboul, Co "Coach U eurge SeTTrl week ra gae e ha could have huge play ay- He copleed 7 o f 8 W for 56 yards, ncludng sad. Wc had so ; any players hur. B U B B B nl l ons for a ea lws ade K rrt hct D cae o n j Sj rr* looked around ard was lke a bale-...playoffs he las las fve years. " noro cn en- yard llrd-dowlpa-: o ccfllft who. - couraed loday.l ly han 1 hnvr hren.hgjxs wo stcppjsl no ltlel coer con of lhc end zone Held, onana was carcd cl off wr;rkhe<tn- - * weeks." for he scorc. >, S They also hav> lave respccl. Tha was hc lone of a frs falf n whch jury. l looks lke Joe >e wll v ss one gae "W hen you J b< bea a-eun lke Chcago on n a each ea had he ball ll sx es and puned and possbly wo," Sefer sad. "Bu onday nghl. :hl. has soehng." sa ad fve es, lle only e he Browns ddn Uerc was no lgaen er danagc." H B B W lla Dean n P Perry, who led he defensv ve was on her ouchdown 1drve; he only e effon for Browns, who broke hcr ow: wn lhc Bears ddn was when whc hey le he clock APUrphoa wo-gae losnj sng sreak and oved nlo J a rn ou al hcr own 11 as ar he half ended. B u h l b e a s W bo e o d R v e r o,,,ro \ hree-way e! a a 4-3 wh Cncnnal an nd Chcago puned agan ;an on hc openng scc l a d s r c J V \ o u r n a e n C le v elan d s W e b se r S S la u g h er, rg h, b o lecs s C hcago s S h au n Gay y le ( 2 3 )..HouoLn.lheJ lee C C cnd l rcs-of-lhc-.ccond-hall -halfbul-uc- Browns HALEY Buhl hl won hc Dsrc 4 and onohev player r for f< a pass ha fell ncc co plee n hc frs qu: lu arer prry, whose orc celebraed broher dfdn 1,..Clnss.A-2 junor.vafs afsy, hgh school vol- leyball ournaen over c hc weekend, beang W ood Rver n he llc ach. Taglab lue close3 o cno )ugh voes for cross so n e r:: A second chapon )onshp ach was re qured afer W ood R Rver.lK he hulans. - By DAVE G OLDBERG hs relreen 2177 days ago al hc wner ee P a l. n n he frsl chap- Tlc Ass>c;ra lrcss Desen. Calf,, o uovc lu fro he New York ho he onshp gae. has lecn slayng s snce lhc season began and j wfe Buhl had beaen W ood Rver, he No. CLEVELAND Tlc, c.four-nonh f deadlock ha la has Carre n Rancho Sana Fe.. Calf., near San Deao l-sc«jcd -e n.-n lh e keprpele"ro/ce fosage ;e v whle he owners R ckcr over on a The las e ; he owners e. wo wc sefnals. new cossoner, ay fnally f be broken lls weel :ek by Grapevne. Texas, Fnks and Taglabue cach, voes wlh wo abslenlo ons. So far, here have been cn r n Z Z ] " w n F a l l s a dl ul r b a s k c B a l l he canddae o f he ousder ers, 2K hours of eeng ngs, wh Fnks 16 on hclh r T r b a 1 ( 5 r h ~ H p l a n s e e ng g f o r N o v e b e r ~ Wlnc1 rcre.u nu gunr unrn ecr-fha-lhe-w orsl-nj npassc hgh-w;cr-.arkjur Jur.anyeanldae. TWN FALLS An organzaonal uong he owners snce l ook 23 ballos o clec Ro o /elle Bul hose w) abscnons ay prove he c~ k" kc7 1 n~ccv(r~ c lnp-hc-t w n-f; -Ful!s-Deparcnp f nearly 30 years ago canlw l)c ended hs week, sgns are n- land. Parks and Rccreaon on s Adull Baskebal cnjasnjr llf enough "owner neyarrw llng-o-co pron c-lo ney-beongod-l l-o -D an -Rooncyof Psb shr h nnd Al League wll be held d Tlursday. Nov. 2. provde Taglabue wh he lle 19 voles he needs,o bee lecone Davs o f he Los A Angeles Raders. Each was vas orgnally a Tlc 7 p.. sesson s scheduled for he cossoner. Fnks supporer and ud each was on one o f hc r selcclon co councl-chubcr --G -G H lall " hnk he e s rpe now o do soehng." sad lees Rooney Ljy on he all-"01d Guard" coee ha Tlere wll be A. B and C ens ke Lynn o he nneso: soavkngsrolernhc-c.nflc flcrrrnf choc-fnk-d-onl only-fnks-duu-aruhc-scca: leagues and a woen nens league ns year. lh c o-called- Nc%\~<juard- rd rcvol-ha-lench-jn-f -Fnk?.: Lollcera-can :a<»e-u >-wh-four-canddau:.. r.j»olpru - f here s enough h neres. lcrc wll he presden of he New Orleans Or Sanls. he voes he : need- r nen anong he Fnks and Taglabue. ulso bc a slow-break k dvson. ed July 6, when le was expe xpeced lo bc eleced, Bolh Rooney and d Davs shfed a Grapevn rvne. bolh wll- P A U L T A G U A BBUE U l Sponsor fees lue re $150 and S25 for f ha happens, would d allow : Ro/elle, who anuu luced SlS ee N F L o n P n g e C2! C anddae of ousd sders cach player. 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Elas Spors Bureau. Bu san sans. nnngs, earned ng perod, an off )ffcal o f he ajor survey for he frs le le hs l season., League Bxseball Players Assocaon ON Kan (AP) Tlo lop loas l lo 11.0 NCAA D. Gubcza. nlcd a on a scale ; oc f k run average, saves und ThcB roncos adv; jdvanccd fro sevklnd kh Sephen F. xcu o ouo" Ol *. olal pols anojsl ooto.-n poa wnn pucr vo pnr vcr fro Boson rgh-hand dcr -y- snk srkeous for pchers. sad Sunday. enh lo sxh, ovng 0 P.». Roger Cleens cns. who led all players n la ke Sch d s Under he Basc y Agrcc enl. players Ausn, whose only los loss o f he season, n A R K 2 years rankngs. gs, :ghl-ycaj regn as hc elgble for frcc agenc ;ency can fle n he 15 cae a llc hands o f Bose Sae earler 3. W llc kc o f de Naonal League chan G U B C Z A nnl s op hrd basean days followng he le fnal gae o f lhc hs year, World Seres. Under he new schedule. non r. 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Lou U B rowo S h r a s shnc n searchrfor Redds anags e r k n o c k s rb e a rs s odund, sa] ly engneers llc Assocaed Press "Clas ass-wse, heyre nol hand ndlng hs very wc vcll." he lold Tle Cncnnal na Pos, n By STEVE E B ERKOW lv. dlesck Park s.snclun clurally sound, CNCNNAT To )y Hels says an ne crvcw publshed onday, ly. Tlls s Uc Wushn fnnon Pos To e. here were no n surprses," sad he s hur.and angry a he way he Cncn- suppose sed lo bc a frs-class org; rganzaon. cy archec Nor Karasck. "bu u G o o d e a S s w n h r e e n na Reds have gnored 1 h durng her bunley ey re no lookng very.good )dnow. SAN FRA RANCSCO Allhough a f- no a srucural engnee neer. wll bc up o search for a new anager. ;r. "fh: hs goes on lke hs. ll sl Slll bc a fan nal and dcf cfnvc word has ycl o bc : s- he ayor lo accep h he repon, rejec a r o w. 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Each reporedly would Taglabue f ha s wha soner n fac, Rooney prose canddae unl he S e r e s C onnued fro F proble s," spokes an Sc sad, "bu hc.(a gnos) wll ng lhc repon very careful K arasck sad he repo on he condon o f hc canopy and he srucur supporng. He noed ll) spen " llons o f dolla pos fve years on repar. areas. " h asn been jusl ha he sadu s n su shapc. X arasckjad. P o sseaso n SfTU AxUd Pr«ATCJT PlAYOfFS Affl*ne*flLou«Tudr.oa-3 0«KU«7,,Toeonlo3 w«>ndr.oa4 OahUnd a,t&>ono3 Fddr.cao Torono 7, OAkJnd 3 O»dv.0er OaUand 0. Toono S Bay.oa.8 OulAnO *. Toono 3, OwUnd w w NsflonalCuou* Wday, OcL4 Son FAnOKO l. CUQO 6 Thgry.OXS Ccooo 9. San Frraaco Brr.OcLT - Sj>n Funcuco 9. Crv>»go aunsy. O 8 9an Frano 3. Cncsoo 2. San Fnn WORLSCERES Snr.OcLK OaUana.!n Fanaco 0 Ounr.Od 19 OaklAnd 6. San Froncnco. OsXU/xl Tuy.Oar OaJJand al San Francsco, ppd, arfx OaUnd al San Francsco,, aaon FHd«r. OO. 27 Oakland a San Franosco. 62# p. Sbxy. Oc 28 Oauand al San Frano»eo, 028 p. Snky.OazB OaWand a»n Franoseo, 028 p. e T««(Hy.Oc31 San FranoKo al OallanO, 0 20 P, f *** Wadndn. Hor. 1 San FancCO al Oa*land p. lary.. A.L rankngs.... NCWYOnK(*f*) TDa WWWA* loaou* rarvono*. copj«l Oj Uw Cluu CUTU, WB«l«nnn«wna! af cfoc* (h«aor Laagua UaOal Fnajrer An nn and «du TT«(an*jr(j ahs. usod 10 C0p4/«par«f» Th«> (»»n lab-c* a» Oa avwaoa. pu paaancva. ho«luru and run h»rs. and u. wuno*,*art»»dyn Donaad Hn, FVa 5S Oufl»f» APUy ,l*».c.r*<w*««,p K<Dr Puckaa 01.4BC J. J Canjo, 01 OO 5 {>>rbe «j(»0 0 Cla 5S!4*** 0 Dnan Oowno, W nawls«na.04s9s 11.GoorBoO<»a.l4 «Don anol, Danny TarUOul. 01.3S1 14. Ceona Da. 00 Ol S.ChBayn.OO 10 Oar* Haron. 70 4Sg 18 ncy Hondaw Fr»dl*B KanlHwH Dav«>an.o< : P Daar DanOdcn rvancavon. Cfl (HO 20 ea/gayor.ea 100 W. Jose Bar.ek) <> 30. nak Dun. 03 S4. Oo Jacuon, OPSayw* 2 K r e s JoaOrsKlak.01 C22 35 Hja.OOQ C-2 To3-Nowc;Twn Fall: ess - lree frs-f -OlWH>l»e-g g n college R oundng o braska. c four-spou 10 burgh. ll 6 -A s6 0 cacd SouU c -ea s-n fcng-n----- d lc P sb becausc Te vcory over f c ea 1 T ennessee he P anher ) rccord nnd = Jc placo n ho " h lc Ark.n :rcncc. T hc by T c! von h o SEC P cs» No ;lnch a leas llnos ro lonshp w follow ng a sl hree con- chgan S ju p ed fve nonen s Nn beang Aub has won fve ng he seas s opener o Senolcs h; H ojso n. f a very cu yards la coach B ll Souhern : have o ge No. 16 o ground and follow. >ah-ho s go Vrgna :o bea Penn B ngha N onh Crol led No. 1 fol- W es Vr r-hrh n d? R - 6 x-anzqn hen C alfor- Sae 23-21, ;-place voes Roundng ne of spons Texas A& :rs. on Sale, Tc receved na. 1 fch Pa«J C l le olhcr o f he older owners a-t-oglabu-bu-atlkrder s lke Seale Kenneh Jones and New England s ho has been n he league 1 lldbe wllng o shf o,. lakes lo ge a cos-, cy was consdered o co- hc dsavowed any neres, 1 1 Pago C l Hc sad ref Sco Shafer fx "spallng. wll bc sudy- occu ;d n rfglly. "" cgn- ajorc por focuscd llc sarways hc sadu s He sad he c :lurol syse nlow he sa 1 De cy had o f break, n a llare n hc for ed s l rs o hose a.s T uesday, us plan luck Traffc co such dcccn vanablc n see ed lc H 30 37. r«4>. Oavo Galao>«>, Pola lnc«vv>a.57»7 1, a:k K S S *s!s, ]. 45. Ol«n<O>«09*-04e 48. Fr»d rnn L4 47. Nh»Euky.SS.5S0 w. Pola Oban. 5S S 49. Jonroylaonan), 55 4W SO.PalTaDW. 55 S 7 S. OaaOColas. 5S.3S n»a.»»4-l 54 D««n W.», 5243? C Pl* u* 15 Uoyd UOsebT. S 022 L4 50. DanPasoua.SO 57. Oanny H«*p. 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W ashng- Texas and Souh Carol- csl Ouk 111 JOB oreover,.rozelle hxs bc!e pusrvu weekg: soehng ha sccs o bc, 48-ycar-old Taglabuc; he W forer Georgeown baskclbal one o f he cossoners ck. 10 years. Whle owners lke Wellng York Gans. Uar Hu of odcll o f Cleveland, who c repars had been ade o «lg," or crackng, >hal had an n hree o f he sadu s ca r- cxpaw T orrnf»-a H n-- lys ha run above he, cc e expanson jons, whch bu sadu o ove, nsead co n an canhquakc, hud per- lo hey w ere supposed lo sc ly. p.r congeson a ajor 1 h e S eres resu pon hc [ j o b less o f a proble 1 a s OCarn«L«l0/0 11 Kavx &«/«r, 7! OrooKJcob* 7-»7 16 L "vx,uvr 7* JsOHo»ro«; fcon Flaefor. 7 g 0<*Scnoad. J 20 Ha<o*d Rayr>o«H 0 21 Org Cagna, G9 405 K. JodR. O / 24 ary OarraaOO j«0uO«n. «.? 20 Oanlr%er, 65 ; Playon 27 Wa.1 W««s, 64 G ann. 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Arjora l. 2, Ouk* 1, Oragon 1. been workng by lelc- no KsrTrglg coprot ub bc gong lhc xcay of he O Wu!hngon lawyer and co ball playcrwhrrharbcer.- on- ; closes advsors he pas f nol lngon ara o f he Ncw sl o f Kansas Cy and A n an) o connues lo nss. " ro» onduy~ onnnlha offc ancpaed. Bu her opl cauous bccausc hey f a y - w eaer ah lhe=gc closurc o f sone downlowr buldngs ay have propc co ucrs o say hoe. 1 lon, all re anng Scres ga schedulccf lo begn aroun p.. locally, when evenn uer raffc usually s ex h e a v y.. N evcnhclcjn an qvl; lora* noqj S & r S bv nn.-g locrss *», ro Crag s 74 asr *-Toodor, CocK ad Savo r>o«)s B 2«Cre P; a ; S T. OPavw 27.**,aOOW3 20 0«nnr w Oo«~ r, n«*a Cl Oavol ungof, Ou3«T.* Dava rns.54 2fl0 35 T6G nan ar\, Doo J a,Crog: a Chu:k ad DoO& - r S S lun Frank, (J.«Lo noa ark f 0.472S3 47 Oavo! 1, Sn« gnjl«l 1, Paul C 51 K<ny S3 w o a r e N.L fjcwyor JS. a. 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Beck s on earns Bg SKj lana nnnng back Tony Rc d Erk Helgeson and ona pf[.»r< n.1 hr» R[j l.-y r n nfcfc layers o f hc Week Ron Sephenson announced pgun d f.<u ffb pressve 3K-4 ro ad,wnc llf quaners o f play. Rce nshc Lns o f one, seven and 10 yard: 72 yards o oal 156 yards-<!3l-pound junor fro Bose. 10 wn over onana Sae. H( cs.-"nc!udng hrce-and-a-hal ses oalng 35 yards. He also e Sa defense n allowng N :ll below her Bg Sky lead : gae. und senor fro Bg T hrd sragh-wcch n-helpng Arzona. Hc was creded w Hudng one for a loss o f four y H!RF61fFp?f!Fnnn75pTlnTCTCU he weekly award ncluded Bo : Easlen W ashngon fullbacl Varon Hansen: d.ho runnng kle ke Zeller; onana Sla ker Rob Hach; Nevada-Reno vc ackle Nel H ulbcn, and f lk Pollack and lncbackcr Dan ln0lnap0.s 4 3»rs Cnc>nna, 4 3 DclanJ 4-3 Houson 4 3 OUBoa 2 j. Denver 0 Kansas Cy 3 4 LA flacas 3 4 San bego 2 5 NATONAl.< Ph-adapnj 3 2 Wahngon 4 3. rnescla 5 2 Cn-cago A 3»r» Green Oay 3 4 Tapa Oay Dor. 6 N»wOr*«nns 3 4 AUanla 2 5 h Kansas C 36. Dallas: a.23,dro.r.aa»2c ndlarupols 23, Cnclnn >12 phad*lpa 10. Los Ar> n*soa 20, De/0<7 Duflak)34,Nffw(UrkJe w* Houson 27. Pns>urgn< Wash«>olon 32. Tapa San Francsco 37, New Phoen 34, Anaa Denver24,Saanlo21,< Now Orleans 40, LosAr New York Gans 20.5a. Ue> CevaUnd 27. CcagoJ n Aanla a N*w Olaans. Oewvs. Green Day a llouson a Cleveland KfarCT7«n>sbu-9 Los Arees flas al Cl adunao. la New England a noana, PKenlalOalaB. a Tapa Oay al Cncnnal San Franosco al New Y ues?>a al &»y*? sn Dogo a Sea*. 2 ( n-snrn;;r? S?: N.F.L box sc S Cl»-*cal( 3 pass fror n C»-a(Unr3,624. Clo acaff 7 cun loah Foo Cle Slawghar 97 pass ua.1, :----W-DJVl»5«nfSffl y-*l.ll.l3 A-70,722.. S r Cop.A n SackadYanJsLos Puns FuCesLos Pena»*s.Yarda Tl«of Possesson > HDrlOUA nushwo-chkago. A/ 100w<y2.22. Han 3 Cnzano, Uecalf 12 Uano4 4-lO,KJonn2. 2-4,W«a1.1. CEfV-Oucaos,!«n 3 37, OanUy224.usJ R NCe 31,Th0frl0ol-23,Or** o. 5«yow**o-6o,ec»> r pa. PF PA»w>«; KCDFfElD GOALSaHan-dubhc llalan baskcl-,- oalc a deal whal cnow ledgcd-hcrc-;- a oho belongs ca cla cd h ; expanson draf. ly sand a 5 0 per-! alofn.,afprcrj son. Los-Angeles -}- oun by Phlps :rs, er Rolando Fer- londr-bound-for-an oo-ou )-off and won lhc ; hc elrose Club. ; :o Davd Fros on! 1,000 cash and a! e.-bowcd ou-n-a: kvcd wl Q grea ] veccha w hdrew s ough o send ck sad; ~~ - > k y honor. Rce, along wlh ana free.safey fcencn O ffensv e red he selecons le n h Den d, O n, r n e n n d lc lp c d novcr N q n h c r jshed 84 yards n-," ards. He d s o had ds-of all-purpose, sc. daho, led he ; He was creded -half quanerback-- - so rccovcrcd one lg onano S a le. radng average of T r, on., ; jlh"g hcgnzzlcs, 1 wlh 19 ack le s,... ur yards. He also ; Bose Sae run- ] back Greg Saun* ng back Daon sno runnng back d N onhe Ar- V Darrell Jordan, , l J4*.S0., CannJ V - 1 S,S r S » l l3*4 S S X NALCONFEnENCe r o V S c- 4 0 V l?7\u : Cenral la 8und«/aa«~ U»20 dnnaor os Angles nawera 7 * jrkjes3 : lurgno paday28 New EngUnd 20 J»20 x>sar>oeles Ras 21».5anOego13 3nd*T-aaa* Snd.OcLrB S E n, alulllajn Jew York Jes, 2 p.. 1Aflgeles Rader*. 2 p. nver, 2 p.jwc.-ocaq ToOaru. 7 p, c score T-ncrT0= FVnOua*»sroKosaf(D*>fUek), TTHOuarv Oahrkgj. pass ro Kosar (Oa«;TfSfflK4f61flf(jle«~: Ol Clo,. 3l-4B # w) ; # 2931 DUALOTATlffnca go. Andenon 1S40, Uuar >.Har»ugh3-7.3<ncrsl-»lf12-10,0lphanl a, P1-4.nn»Oo, UcKWon 3-40, Dvla- uslr 3-12,An)*non]- Or*«>1-2. CvUnd. «ec»«4-8.l«noho«327...

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GfondA >. $10.50Q.-736-q = *11 J sodan ,, ; c o n ra c... a o o f. 87-S10 oxondod cab, j 3 J Buck Conlury, AC. ll, W csclaed ha he )79 Ford 4x4. F -150, 4 1 " / 0 0. A /F sso o, was afrad souh holds: 1, oxc cond. AC. Afl - - o lead hearsb ccausc h< he feared 4, A 3 Aollo. 5 cod ?Aulo Doalors 175-/ -Aulo Dealers 175-Aul -Aulo Dealers h a -S o u h hnd h c n c c Ea<! coun..1f.j JL 9 f 2 18 Slvwado Chovy 4x L o a. o a c a c - ered halhe.would have e n ffc d h c - rdoft Q orwrx hrd JcarU L S Q U h.hadj djelda :X.. j u j s z -joufrcncrokorcnor Whcre:d6ryou;placc hrbla bla e? soulb N o rlr,1, )8 4 x4,4 spd. Ford 1 on, 1, rboll owno. quadra- Class* E as ges hc de ers s on hs 1 1 V wr h 10 1 Woso WWornoss :, AC, ) PS. re, (oo dock. 2 2fpwn. 1 2 Can cap p o r, a c h n g o n, rn 7 one. The defense becoes nes easy f obort. brown and lon. all oxcallon hc defenders cooperae by use of a ANSWER: Tw rw o hears. Acually cond odlon. Can Joop Grand Wooonoor. 1 } Auos-ChrysUr losllc condon. 60,000 su-preferencc sgnal. On Dn hc club wo-and-a-half llf hears. 1 Conservave x4 Toyoa, 5-spood, }7 Chryslor LoBaron urus soll $7600/olor. ace. E as s co rrec n followng bdders w ll bd wo hears; aggres- png ng-box, oxcollon cond- 2-dr, lko now. $8700. don, n aflor 5. l olor6. whhe:.dcuc.e,0.njhej kng, E as s vc bdders wll wl lean oward hre 37G CSe aosc 7 >e-ford-bn50oorus-6jo BW U W onuojnadod:: should now knoy ha Wesl Ves has Re hears, -STUor(3SOerv T V8, }, 0ouo lranslssk)n,.ac, p w lro s, a pprox A.y nnnfl N qw h e shoul ould follow os, $10,795. -T: Ur wlh hs jack an unne k a p u " w r >oggrl6/flaans ubzer Towng Rocelver o j 3UDGETRENTACAR hgh card, askng Wes o lead he,uped wlope «orrrply. W» 4 Chovy Barof, SO, 6 A/F Cassolo or ; - h lg h c r r a n k n g d e - s u : ; ceps.. >ood, V6. rocon robuf on-.jr- g «no. o,; jgsbarcollssa-jbb. 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H a lo n h ad on u : LOS A NGELES A Ua Jlah lelevson As Hcrna nandez ad w o o h e r off ffcers ngelcs sreel cr c. Aong oher hngs, b bullcprbor ves ha fcu :nule offcer hud O r h e h hero.wos «n news crew w as lookng for o r vsuals and were nves sgang. a sol rang ou 1 and a a hey had vsled: : dc doped-up crack cocane loaned her. sound bes aboul he ean 1 srees s o f Los hullel wz; z/ed passed H ernandez h head, users n a noorou;.ous drug-dealng alley; a K uru ada sud hc w as s a azed a hc s a r l n g. a g uunan r n Angeles.-W n hal ley-cane aw uway wlh was llng a wa *all, polce sad, " llc sho lo was drve-by shoong g.s.scene w here a 13-year- c enory o f he gang and drug dru. proble und so e lh n g fa r b e e r her.own aboul wo fcc above y head." 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A ngclcs gang ebers W h L os -A ng c lc s -sp a w n e d gang s u r e, p eo c P e ;n n a g a n g -p la g u e d a rea so u h o F le ebers rc re aned pnned d ow n rot~2 fo [) are ovrng lerc TrurTX ftnnrrc l r d r u g ~ proble s on he rse n Sal Lake C y. dow now n area. H arulon, [1, 29. and her nues. un l back up offcers and a p( polcc arkel. l o u g hled. e ca era an, D enns Kuruad ada,.16. fro helcoper arrved o search he sunoun lundng lronc:lly. he : vslg news crcw was Halon sad she wll ell vewers ha f AE ABC nelwork afflae saon n Kh T V X.w ere area. al lon and K uru ada sad,. N o ore prepared for or hc snper alac); han our cly doesn do sochr rhng-now, whle rdng along wh Sg. 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V She says her Oglvy and J F Prncess Alexandra, soee aflervvard. rd. slaccn sr ssued. cd n ndusral srengh plasc, judgng lg hy all he nose parens are de andng lhey n arry now or Hc affar lr ook on bgger densons )ns las ss O glvy sa s: d n an n erv ew K lroy-slk duly oblged cd by \ askng one e,rnade. have an alxron. onday wh.hon ss O glvy, cluchng hc publshed Oc. 9 9n T o d a y, a L o ndon ol of hs alk show guess, a royal-w rc achng For an enree, he chose he popular ub s a sad and co onpl. p la c e a le o f hand g f boy yfrend Paul owa. br)ad adcas ablod, lhal her parens pa had red o rck journals who know s Oglv; jlvy, o gve her o f popcorn seared n 1lalon n buer o d ern o ra ly, bul s llso an a earful ple: lea 10 her olherover BBC-1 TV. her no an abonon, on, dsowned er, and cu p; parens hc phone nuber. and a loud sde order «)r )f hard prezels. unco only publc roygl scandal: scr ss " wanly you o really sand by e ne and off her S GO.pOO 10. ru s fund and S4. 50 Tle p a re n s a re n j n g an a offcal our He washed down wh a gan Peps O g lv y js 24jrle o he.,.hrone, her love e as u oher, sle sad n he ; : aped onlhly allowance. ;c!... lblo lnda-anak c:paracr-lhs hs week and "a flled wh cnshed ce. 7 w E d H r» u n d oher b eng lctfrs cous jsn o f Q ueen nlcrvcw w #lh hos Robcn Klroy-Slk; k; Her parens, n n bref sacens fro hhc oen he our has o procccd," sad lke a glacer breakng ofl off n he rgh Elzabeh. We bele- evc w e are dong hc rgh hng l her offcal S. Ja Jun es s Palace resdence, h her spokeswo an. Thc royal fa ly recenly suffered he and ls wha la w c wan o do." ss Oglvy dened beng "cu of ff fro hcr daugher, B u c k n g h a P a la c e, 1h c q u e e n s oulh. Hs wfe apparenly was on a d d. s breakup of he arr;ge of Prncess Pr Annc,sad.. Tley also have a son, J:es. reresdence, declned o coc cn, - P rn c e s s A le x a n d ra, 5 2, re c e v e s all she had were wo box > o x e so fp o n [ s: S an n u ally fro n h c oney hc Pos. kep walng for hc c l; heaer anager S e e Q U E E N o n 1 P a g o D 2 o rush up and say: "Wou /ould you folks lke,osee,lledessen carl can? W c have a pancularly.oly Uooben cre hs evenng, along w soe unusuall jally creay lk Duds." oneyr hs fell lke lunng aroun junu and sayng: - " " Hey, buddy, ha.s wha la hey have 7- Elevens for." Pers.naUy,,! ddn sec h o w a n y o n e,,, coulc ca wlh cl Gbso :)son and D anny... A s r c Glover dong all ha lase aseful kllng up The Assocaed Press on he screen. Call e squeash, bu bul w h e n a g u y s,, B O ST O N F or a bre f o en, a ar goes salng hrough g h h 1 e ar, he flnl an w as Sl llon rcher :hcr. unl polcc Uoulacners. y. -arrc!ttc{=h=prt:-larccn c cnychargc fo r-: - could go for.soe JuJub Jules!... - allegedly runnng o ff w J a bag of oney Bul lhc bl(kxl and gore,»re sure w a sn lh» fell-fro-an arored car, ca lunng lhc appee o" he guy behnd. "H e sad hc hough w as a b ag o f e. n fac, when he bad )ad guys go blown laundry," sud polcc Offccr leer Paul Panen, away n he clacc sce cenc, hough hc was gong 10 whp ou a h ha sandwch. w ho wh an ar ored car guard j arrcacd f lhc caers d on drve you nus al hc hc an T uesday abou [ 100 yards fro oves hese days, he alkers wl. ge where dozens o f oney baj bags fell fro a he feelng lhal n any y h households, a ruckono hc Broadway Brdge, lypcal greeng s; "Hone ney, les go see Panen sad he whe lc bag, abou hc sex. les and vdeoape e so s can ell you j sze.of a pllow case, was s arked Bank of abou y day." Boson n black ccrs. A \ seal ndcaed Why would you plunk :k dow n S5 and up j held S 1,040,000. fcjr a ove and spend lhc wo hours Af>UTpn«w O ffcals es aed ha a : SS llon n K»bbyjl y u.lp -* - rca d u p e d cash was n he bags bcnr ng ransxned by P e o p le w ac "chng H arold for T o n y?" he B erkshre A ored 1 C ur S ervce of. f youre ha hard up p fc for conversaon. ake o a sngles bar. Or call Lany An u n d en fled srollc llcr w alks burockflfcllcr-( r-csner-s paned-wuh-l h-u fc-llkc-fgurcs,-surroun lunds h c pool a re a Psfeld. F A fo rk lf h ad o b e us sed o re lo a d - y S cej 1 0 V!E*rr: -* lu u o n o u ld ln g W edncd n e sd a y -n N ew Vork. -T: The-wedl. curen unde d e rre c o n sn c o n. :...., : ha pers ojj;,ash bagb, O ffcals-snd q1! he oney was recovered. j a j a - 1 S a r r Vally lfe D 4 Tuesday, Occ Cobor24, 1989 b E a r b q u a U c - D & loxa r...,1 TloE-Nowo, wo. Twn Falla. daho len c c s! ganglvarfare frshar nd

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T hc ow er w en uch n o f a lfe aferward b wcause o f r - B lj-d avs-h cs-qu-k- ;k-enogh lha - rgh over r., jl ju.s havng w o legs, we e could pu 1, 1 back 10 usng h wlh he cale. H c w as S ju s o o n le s s h e re h h o sleep laer. H e c a n run aro u n d hc he and ge u n d ern eah. b leed n g b u sll T h e v e e rn a ra n sad h- n. alve. ll ell vou, l was lke runnngsurvved lhc accden beca R usy learned (o run n on h.s w o over your r 0 ow n JTd. Well, alos. y e a r-o ld re d h e e le r was ut good r g h leg s acer a h, hay o w e r abou ade e sck. s shape al he e, a c c d e n July 1 nearly klled he Davs 35. raced o hc offce of B u.he bgges facor an al and lef hs lef 1 legs dglng veernaran an D r. Ec C hrsanson, dog j las a real wll 10 lvj;, of as useless subs. Thc e subs sw ng w h o agree e s h c re c o v e ry w as f l l B H D T a lo o f c h a ra c e r. os an als APLarpholo back and forh when he oves, bu rearkable, would have gven up, Ch :hrsanson hey don louch he groun ound, - Yeah, l.s s a azng. s no lke we sad. Rusy, a red heeler owned by Bll dav lavs of Suar owa, learned zd how o walk, run an d ju p w h o n ly 2 le g s j* Davs s aazed, as ; are an vsors 10 have physc scal herapy n veernary hs fann. edcnc,, Bu E jus he fac ha he.. C o o elvhnk-oflrnh nhc-only-hng-- s u rv v c ds-so -r chng.-consderng r J J L e can do ha he cou nuld before s how bad hc was hur. $1.3 l lllon loo cke oundnfeoofee N E W Y O RK (A P ) - N ew o n }>a ny lu b e rs, w en hrough sweees rea of all dre.ssers,, 1d ra w e rs, u n d e r he *a le boo o f hs cook ooe ja f a ~ a fe.s s 7 w e n l rough~rb ag long-forgoen-loery / cke w onh where hro row all y losng ckes," S 1.3 llo n h a wc ouw h a v e h fsal. b eco c w o rh less jujs s fo u r day.- -n, lazcl sad hc go a feelng l r r-n n ry - j."j nb-vn? -rtt - sn ha soehng: s? T hs was- 1;;:" 3u; "T here was. all by d ow n o he ny gr) " y -.sdf." week and would hve-l Wnners s hlvcore K year o produce cuchcn. N.J.. corrcc cc.on offcer ccs. H a z e ll sh o w e d up sad Hazell. 58. bough he,hc New York W ednesd.y. ay. w h ju s 96 hours o Loo cke for hc Oc. ) c o c ry sp o k e s a n B ll draw ng a a delcaesser ;sen on Slalen K ow l[on 1 sa s, d w as he longes sland, selecng he sa a n y h o h aad d ever waled o cla a hc pcks every week 7,,., prze. Tw3 o oher o people also pckcd 3 4 and-43. He du ped.ed he L.ekc n u b e rs n h e sa e n o h s co o k e ja r a al h o e and an d. boh, had a lre a d y never chcckcd 10 see f hc,, claed het ler shares o f a S4 llon. "1 ju s.u e k l n and.»> jackpo,n.-5 "sale]; abou," sad Hazell, who w orksa. whose w nnng nu bers he Arhur Kll Correco: o al F achly hs, brhday, annversary. on Saen sland. s ag e and lcense plae Las week. Hazell was 1back n,he sad h e w n d fall w o n l d e l w hen he.n o cc f S " have any n: edae effec on hs encouragng Loo player ycrs 10 chcck, hcrckcs-bccause a, S l l - " ; l > - g o n g o rere, n a p rz e WHS sll u n c k, gon g on 25." hc sad. new spaper sory pnned d 1 c T. V h e y «" " e 5» e sg n sh o w e d h c ssn g c k e n gong o r slay very aclve," conaned,tbal s.w h e " ] [ s l k e c a drea. s wonderful. Hazell began o search. All o f a sudd rdd«f, rd o n kbw r r lo o k cd-evcryw lcfc, :rc,-because-1--a.celcbry or no.". ~ H o GonnueHYroT W hen Capone ade he h hoel hs hcndquarors. he occuped.ed he founh afd ffh floors. Pan o f he hc hoel was bahyoulk ZClponva-Z four-roo sue, He plans S o f a h fu lly re so re C aponc e, n c lu d n g s conencd.lul/llvj.-.akl aul here was lavender bah u b, bu w o n l he a new ork o f undergrour ound unnels rcnca ou o o guess. nsead, lctl and secre sarways. be a ours aracon. T he Lexngon was rena re ed he, 1" h e L e x n g o n drew- N ew chgan H oel afer af W orld W ar n. A borh ello and d fn ally a :«cnon wh vhen elevson s Geraldo R v e ra bla; se d o p en a se a le d flo p h o u se, w as closed scd by cour b a se e n c1 h a b e r b lle d as "order n V sv a b la ra h y says lllle s salvagahle nsde c,\ep cep for soe C apones secre vaul n a lve TV broadcas. All ha was found were a few e py ; wv hskey holcs and an jlelloorng fron he ballroo and o ld. jp Q u e e f - Connued fro P, P a g o D l e ber o f he royal faly has ever S lae gves he queen,. and a ( pays ng as bller as lhs," anly for ofdcal dues, CS. Oplvy. a Harold l.o kooks-b aker. publshng co oner busness an, n. refused a- he B rlsh bluebloods ro y a l le w h e n, he a rre d bble. B u rk;e s e; Peerage. sa\j he wa-; Alexandra n l )63. dsayed by»y ( O glvys publc ancs, ; owar. f -2f-year-od ld rtc-lancf, :ngh-ol he royalfaly phoographer, says he dd.ld 1101 know, ve alw ays closcd ranks O gvy had royal connec lecons unll H-k < 1o g e h e r," hc sad, afer her affar cgan., Oj Ogvy says D.sagreencns e alw ays happened lha w hen she and ow >wa vsed behnd palace ce walls." her parens a her Rchn ;hord Park ""- nlh bed Prncess Alexandra as n n wes Londo lo jn.s e p l. b a b jy h e os 29, lley ssued a ula au "ha c o x ssonac n ; futrsor h e ro y al you bolh ge arred bc efore vou r produced,... No chld h a v e h e c h ld o r you h ave an ould ac lha ll: w ay even ow ard a b o ro n. f you d o l d. ha.w 10 are less perfec hnn - d o n really w. ayh.h n g o d o hesllheogl )glvys) are." wh you," "She h as s e x p o sed he A ch lles e-royrh -an-rfy-v-hc r c T p e c f c d e c o s.s....,1 sad. "f w ere gong o w haever decson yuu,1 cno 10. wan you o know wc \ll 4ll s.ul by,,j.very ;ry sngle hu an obje.. lhal people n n lhc roval falv have >oj sle sadr a d dec de~n fofger-.ardrew onon; ahor o seven books on royaly, w.s uo ole<l n He Sunday Tes as sayg ; Ogvy C) hal coed "an ac o bera; ;ray.l.... No useful, he o nonarchyw ll d p p c a rr~ "ls of grea real nea-s 10 hc publc bu no 111 hc h: publc lcresl." he s.d. oves 2A o «fl A n o w e :.a acc sl N e " F P e n C o o (R fh r) C la ss sc C o f o r. S u c n c r n G a r n e w r h C h a rc o n,\\ l»rcy a n d h c c c o n rra ra s s $ p an n w o o l w rh so f p lc a c d f r o n r $ , bo.scs o.v: a)d a c h p r c c d roo n $ rs. ja c k c s a n d w o p cc c e s w e a e r se.s lsc) n r h s col llccron. S,, L, S ( B e lo w ) S n a o n a l s u. A la.srnj n v e s e n n p u re w o o l, J ja c k c $ , S k rr $ , $ n C h a r c o a l G r e y a n:d d W ld P lu plucl, c w c c Js»S S. so ld s, a n y d fle re:nn r s y le s o - y x S u c h S rjs-.-, - k «C k f y [TZJj U L d l e o yrd n a <} f. > g v : u a y /.J JSFy 124 an Ave Norh, Downow 1 1 \ \ \ 1! fc\ - \ \ W n es Z v 7 ~ ~ / W n f w l F F a f s Cl B H k f l H r f f f f > 1 f / ; f f l A S all CDown P a y en ~ H s Yo Ur S elecon n O n Layavway /! C harge 3 (r Use your Parl rs c h arg e Connud frontp Pagd D l Kng. ayl>e he wors ype ofl.lker s JolvJrTlTKrT;. c.sldos lha guy! Uh. Gl, he sho h h! Look, he s gonna hoo he olher guv. oo! WHY he person who nsss on g.1 D O l-s N T D3A1 A.AN DO runnng accoun o f whal.s,-s happenng on he screen. 1 had one of hose K-hd ld e SOHTHNC C!" n lell vou >u Vwha Baan should when.saw Baa. a\.lavv: hn guy hough he plo was < so coplcaed ha hs arhea anan sho lould have Juped n nalohe. le. There sho hould have pu he pedal copanon couldn follow Qw he floor, raced dow o he udulqulrall heaer and lap apedjhsguv;s; u)lh, e, hough l wa.s he 1C s sple sory of a broodngjddle- de-agal nrovcr-wlo d ressed n a g o o l.woll.have lye pu.down.y.junor -co.<;uc-evcn-hough Hallo llowccn - -.ns and help ;l >ed hn:----- wa; week?; nw.y. Bu hs guy nssed on >1 playng,, whcnl wres for Tlc Waller Wnchel:" Oh. look. ok, l s he H lnworv Lvc»en/» Sun r"- T K e P e n d l e o n S h o p " * 4 " r r?1 J "., T - f.. : - x j ,. p -. : / - a. : * J. k

26 : ANCHORTTOErAlask askat A l»r=----- No-;onc-;- c s s\rc - h o v - h e ad advunc of-w nor and s? possble j - Y p <; W P A hu ngbrd ha y yserously h u n g;b b rd, w h p lu a g e.o f lol ll on he h u n n g b rd d a fe r ended up housands of f n les norh green and Vole, Vc go o Alaska. lngered w c6k afler week a 2 0 have c o f s nor al range wll bc akng Dense Gllen, G: a San Dego Zoo fc fee b e h n d h c r h o e,, so : h ey he rp souh by arplane, ne. bu s fae hu ngbf b rd sp e c a ls, sad h e ca) callcd n he U.S. Fsh and d Wldlfe uon n s slll unceran. brd os lkely was ushercd norh Sc Scrvcc. The 3-nch C osas, bcl beleved lo bc by a w eal eaher syse. O lher Brucc Baen, nfonnaor offcer a.y e a r.o ld, sp en hc su er and p o s s lb lc les are " so e k n d o f a a hc agency.s offcc n A nchoragc,.. early fall feedng on fuchsas fu( a a hoe on he edge o f Ancl nchoragc. O her, y p e s o f h u r.n g b rd s,hng gong on n hs body." ah already had plans o head d hrough and heres? even c a reoe chancc he Sc Seale o W.shngon, D.C h, perodcally goes no a sc senar and decded lo ake cc he brd j 9 ake hclrrw ay OTAlaa aw as-on-n~househdl<l al -along n a -shoefox-sfctoh lalcr C osa s breeds n hc so Jhw csc U ned S aes and usual! ally heads lo p lh»l So go packed for a journey o Hc sad he wll rclcusc hc C osas ff- o-««dr ; rr -n c a n le f a relay Hgh un and escon - exco ns hnu: Of~yc*U nor ally ravcls.only as B sf f» rn o n h o rs.-b cr rg and h c r-h u s b n h d. jq o a pon -farh er nouh-ca cannol-b c Sacra eno. Calf. D crr, grew cw concerncd-abou h e - jn lned up. Tlc Balore r Evenng E Sun T rey he c n -b e -u s e d -fo r w n. ulow foun<l-n-a-cax-ca ncal-co cr panel dspl: splay. lk. whch fclurcs a full-color flag over BALT ORE E f you warn o " 1 v e ry d e v o e d lo ) h c w h c h "a p ro u d A ercan eagle go lo lhc neher er w orld decked ou rau d o n al fu n e ra l serv ce r sands guard or one nc na 1 revew. : : lke K ng Tuan lankha en. you can Ae crca," says W lla O. W -Vlson Tlc P aro s avalable n 18- fh>w d e p a r v ~ a lu u n -g o ld Jr...u r:loucs.g3uge,ce- l lr sunl Unless hlecl and n reproduclon «>ll f he kgs nneros for he dcccascd lo wear.. an A ppalachan Oak n-k versoncallcd s ~ - r0ophlgt?rtj Jodc--4hr-wordWl»on- " T T u T R c c c.- - o Pyra d En: nlcrprses o f G enoa, o deserlk. lc clohcs woen o h e r o w n fneral.s. " h S Vork-Go>kcl;-c. V1cKercher-say»;,-s... } S O r you could polshed gold nr pancd dcalng. ] K 1 lard w o o d cask e ld ch eck o u n h c n ;pklnes, k l long sleeves, deure cl«cc,.""" odel wh he hand- prop pper p e a rls, lle b o w s,j d re ss anufacurng acl cly n he Uned-. g. fully sculpured 16 crep epes and sheers characerze ztf js ales:*! lrdwoodc )dcskcs-akc-up lle shape of he e R-year-old pharaoh cloho l e s abou 17 percen c o f he n ao n al o f he ancen Eg; [ gyplans, padded and T T h eyre all full gar ens. s." Hc arkcl. eals 68 pcrccn pe and clolhlned, coplee e wh-crook. w Hal and wv rls a n e g lg e e aro u nd d lo covcred coffns 155 percen. p headdress, for jus S9.S50. ;(srae. le dearly depane led. o f York Caskes does ocs no lke o lalk KngTul!b.bun. arcophanus s pclaps cour-rad lo n al o ru e eer a r r e s l ~ " T h c f e s ; l-)llon -6 alu)hcf"largc anf nufacurer suggess lursc, wear neglgees durng g her prces. 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Lnda LS B U R LE Y HU# P E H T - B U H L bl! uld fall asleep n class.", bank cards. ge pad and 1 ry lo b uly y y r broher school and ndronysluu pl Rley, who ecouged her daughler c L lrw orklg scl he hngs he w an s," say- ays Anono, dens fro ;hcr al fales who sacrfce on o repea lh grade, hs e 1C whou j 18. a serous and frendly young an grounds ay playe workng. for a job. Su- Rl all socoeconoc back- o ly "becoe so ersed n wo Takng ca phoos ] no ST. LOUS, o. (AP) ) - Takng For a look easy ask p l c u r c s o -cs requres pn pnenceand Bruon, who ( v plannng, says Jon B. Bru ruon, a pro- son Purna jk of surprse or wonlcr, felsunal calphuographcr. :r.... les,rng: O lakcs phoos for Rnbruon says.canud sho5 los arc oen, hlender. -or : ca ; food boxes, sn;- bcsl. 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Tckels wll n.- sold sole al he door for ndvdua c hee as Bckcl Elepanls can play all ngh f for f S5 per person. Thc publ 6 p.. o 9 p.. Frlual gaes, or panc- - C l o v e r s c h o > oo l o h a v e h a r v blc ( s nvled. F L E R.Clover-LuU:.uUcra-dLuLllJjuldls day lo rase oney for r a nevv vden.-.ssellc rccordc v e s f e s v a l,lo r for he scho< : cv even, sponsored by? scho 5 Harves Fesval Fr-. League, wl begn wlh a ; chl supper served fro der and a slde prbj-c- Gaes, bwlhs and bnge ngo wll x; feaured fro 6 hool.s p. Parenl-Tcacher 5:30 p.. lo 7 p.. C u b S c o u s p l a n p a n c a k e bp.. o 9 p.. ear AbEj pv hodays, e! carnval = TWN FALLS Cub :u b Scou l,ck 7 plns a fu o f pancakcs. eggs and 1 sausage s;) run S a.. lo 10 ba r e a k f a s Harrson LDS Slake Ccn: renler, 667 Harrvon S., acros; fund-rasng breakfas eenlary School. Cos wll be S3 per person or SO Da.. Salurday a he ross fro Harrson El- ThcTcs-Ncws wco ccocs a f coury 10 per faly. r;;j (o lcs-ncws Vl nlley U:p}vns. 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28 -.. ;. J-r?TPRS...NOTE E.. -T he w ors so r o f-h e seaso n -F ran< a n c s c o -O a k la n d B a y -B3 r rd g c hrough l;.lcan-o.-only-gc beer. hs hearh o worjc slalon look k 3K lo go nlo slow o oon." she sad. Cav llers r cd nany unf falar sruck jus an hour before ens o f durn rng las T uesdjy s quake, c. w as c a n p c u ch b.w orse," sa d an hours. 1 used o~3o n"45 nu n/ev. T la nchdct-ah he cbo ser; ! fpufv o hcr John n SU ~Tr.csco r. lousands o f rcs(len5 n A la eda wce w ha w as expcc e37. askcn-faced John 1 T row brdger27;of A he he wharf. red o cnch-ncr b le E lena P ern ro f-o n k ln d > 2 >!on\ly-assocacd fcssr [rcponcr and Cofra Co; ro u n cs CQ5l.ofThc T h cjrp lerd cck onohaul.p, pullcd.. A la eda, whq car :ae ono hc deck car no dow now n, only o fn nd recalled lakng ferres res O Berkeley us. Hch C n rcrc a d e h s s way b y San F ra n c sco c o b egan h e rc k.lo.away a y fro- he dock 40 nue- es lalc. o allcvac sea sck ckncss. shu dowrt! dc, a chld. She rclvcn d lluse eores fcrryd Hed Uvs accoun. f. work. because o f w eaher w orres ana d a 1 hovcd up o 3 : he bow. where a walked anoher seven block. :ks n onday ong. Ths 127-fool o ocean vessel, one o f low w f passen g er coun. T he ca] rapan g an sw ell drcnc nched e. Snce he drenchng drc n and caugh a cy T h s akes up p f» for all he bad 14 beng run. on o: roues unused by anno n o u n c c d so e b o a s gg hl be was downwnd. 1 fgured would bc bus lo owork. h n g s h a cae e o u o f h e B y R C H C A R T EE R RE ferres fo r dec c c a d e s. e b lu sery uted e back. A bg groan. bes o rean her crc n case 1 los y Rou] loughng across he bay d ld n eanh uake." sad lhc hc San Francsco A sso cfk d -p rarwv nn B w nds, gan sw ells h al O h c d artjvcd-ockfdc-bcfore d a w n,.-breakfas dapencvcjylxklys.sprls. pc, Gcncrl Hosplal rese: csearch nurse, \B O A R D T H E. C A-TALN T ; A - ncross he b o wv-ard a w aves ha sen lu vc e ly lh h k n g l c o u ld re rc lv e Tle ferry, wl h a ; capacy of 700 "Co C o n s d e rn g e v e r y h n g.-n., y lljl eah er was sryng l lor Dck e p r e s s (AP) Doardn lng one of. c o n sa n ly lrc jrchng fro sde o dyll y llc b ay c ro ssn g s cre a e d by p e o p le a n d c arry n g w us con nule has really gone snool loh. S p so n, v ce p re s d e n o f jl;c frs fe rry b o a s prcss :ssed n o - sde. Thc song 5 o f he jou cy slould wrer ers lke Jack London and n such supposed o dock al a he Unon Ferry sad d agge F a u lk n e r. 4 6 j.. o f arkeng for Crow) ley ar e, cncrgcncy scrvcc onday o carry b e. " L ef j y S o ach on S an c laa ssc o v e s as H upp h rc y B u ld n g n Sun n F ra n c s c o. B u Oaklu eland. w hch operaed he e ferres. fc Hc rode jo n u c rs acro ss S an F ra n n c sc o Francsco Bay. Boga )gan s "Dark Passage. w av es c ra c h n g 5 h ere fo rc c d h e Kn lren. ey er, 42, o f O akla n d, h e C a la ln a E n p p re ss. w h c h fa y, c x p c c c d a ro ana n c rd e T he n u c v o y a g e, ad e -w wasn alone. b o a s o d v e r o F s h e r a n s used d o k work on Long sland, N,Y,, n o r ally o p erales rs bewb een L ong -)Jro u j;rh c -fo 8:-RcaHy-fc y-farough ncccssarytjccnn: Tnse gf h e CDllap5e~of l*vt l*x just w erhrofglrhcn jrrb u r Wharf l$"ch~tt~can n r T.~l s atd T a 50-foo sec :o n o f hc val San h eck,, h a v e o a d a ladc l Alogeher y / co ue fro "Ev( Everybody s jus gong o have Souhe Calfoa. a. jausca, n s : ; B E Q S! b u ld ] g proc - SAT T W TA T T R U Z ; Calf.-(A -P) P ) l.k ovr.s rccl~agah arshe-s dr r ayo y o r ard W o r h o u d h ad llal help s n l e cdae. l s nol plannc nned a pany lhs fall n he h hean gong lo do any go( ood. T h ese ure o f her er cy. * people lha canl.say Slay shul sx lo 12 - y 1 lu-now no )>c l e for n?v ;vclry Honhs.-ll s 10 be bcnow :." j ll u b b le-an d ju n j;urrourtdhcrr-. -.-l-1e->yoonyc>c Thh e d o w n lo w n o f h s coa; lasal 10 P resden Bush h and a H eallh and! co uny s lllcred wh cave< cd-n H u an S erv ces So S ecreary L ous buld dngs, shaered w ndow s and ; Sullvan, who ade je s separae rps o p c :sofbk s o slurk jesjnonj ny lo Sana Cruz n recen nl days. -fv evccondrof c naure V fu ry : B u s c e n d c crs n r a r r c a d y O>ne w eek ag o, he earlhqu; uake alkng aboul sellng up e porary ruck W u lfn; -w! jrrrrtnnnrq n ru.. l flljlu! o v e:r, r. h e p a n fu l re a ly s. jus " T here s a lol orc lo re c o o p e ra v e ngnn-for he ayor s p r - h c h -f h e rc v a s l s really hurd und ges lar arder hc day before he quake, qu; sad Loue j H Q B H - e a c h --j(rl-sect*hc-kadrhcrc -eyes R c n h o jse ; p re sd e n o f h e S 5 B p 3 5 B - b f nna-wlh leurs as-he-survo ove d D ow n 10 w/v A ssoca o n o f S a n a. he ravaged Pacfc Garden all, \\. lhc CTJz, "Evcrybody has pullertjher downf /nfbwn busness dsrc. probles behnd he c." T h s w eek p eo p le are rea e a lly Bu anxey reans.- ospecoh y akng care o f each oher." she s sad, a ong so e sall 11 n errhons near H U g l p H."Nex :x week, w e re no lhc ed ;das he all. "W e w ere a flea on he ; favor jrc. her 15-second sound ble, hde o f lhc elcphunl, nl. Lllan Snh. ] Everyc ryone wll go away. A nd w w e ll K a s e r sa d 10 ex :x pl lan h e r u sed T P J - s e l e le-n - he long haul-pullng- back booksorcrclalonsh b nshp-ohe- all ogehc rhcr." " N o w he elep h an a n. s g o n e. >Vl : J R eb ebuldng s a far cry f r o wha people co e back? 1- WV hal wll h ey h - h s c o u n y o f (TOOO *hucl co e 5cKT67" plannee ed for hs fall. n a few wee ceks. The ull, along wlh hc whorf, S a nllu a C ru z w as su p p o se d o 0 be beach and boardwalk, nlk, arc a ong he cclebr; :bralng hc 2 0 lh unnversury ry o f any araco n s n u co u n y he ull, several blocks o f shops s and hul evokes ages s of ol hc 60s. ls l- o f f cc--n c c -rcn o v n ed w ood- -a. n d no-unco on.ose 3 -sec-p o n y j(lcd APUfplHXD CO buldngs. en n e-dyed shrs lrs or a ranbow- Th: rh s was u dyng downown,, 1hs paned Volkswagen ;n bus crusng he lorkcrs use lu ber o shore up a quake-da la agcd buldng n S an n 1Francsco s arna du lsrc Sunday o preven a collapse ; a d o w nlow n lha fad los S ls slrecls. - v ajly y. " h c ayor sad, Peo :o p le - W e re a e-w a arp ed kn d o f -! r had crc Congres? s s s h < les o-pr< rovdc-q [uakercele \1 creavy and vson." rebuld dn g ow n." sal resden Russell Kuoc. V renovang. addng greenery y and ; s also a unvcrsl crsy co uny, esran-only-areus.-benches» und wlh he U nversy ;y o f C alfo a a oudoo loor cafes. Sana Craz. and polc >llcally acvc. "W A SH N G T O N (AA P P) Appropraons S C oncc. ore 5re odes S2.5 bllon pacv,ckagc. o f fc c r sa d h h e y e x p e c c d a nsc sead o f celebrang, lhc clj ly s "Tlere s a proles Sl gong on all he G Jforna-lfwakorfr-proB robsed-fof S w f-s o n> aav-acon-w af-alk o nclu* orv-or coprofcc-lo-bo-v o-workelou ou jng-hc-4hrc«-f>eople-who-l -led e - h ercr sad - J 1 S.8 b llo n -n c a rh q u u n k c ad ancpaed, bee: ecause he oney was hghw hway repar and no specal 3l fund "1 h n k h c e a d n s ra o n here : a week ago und ryng o ass ssess "W haever your cause luse s, l s OK." N Jn d a y, ore han S bllo lon above a a c h e d o a b ll h a needs for he h presden. ul ulely hus go o suppor hs hc da da: age. T hry pcrccn of f he A nd he all was no only he l l W le House fgure, as federal enacen befor fore Tlrsday o aver Tlc re adnsraon sad C alf lfon knd o f p ackage. ;. sad Rep. Leon sores c s ay be los n hs busn ness b u s n e s s c o re, b ul a s o c a l,rcf!c g s la o n c jnn n. a race a governen shudown. sho u ld l u se lo c a l,oney y and P anea. D -C alf,,. f,. he c har an o f dsrc rc. par of w hch s cordo oned congregang spo, ljough Congress.... The proposal ;al ncludes S l bllon nsura lurancc. when approprae, c o pay h c H o u se B udg d g c C o e e. offwwh l yellow polce upe. s hearlhrcakng cng," sa d L aura A ll s d e s sad h ey ex e x p e c ed " f or hghway rcp repar. S l.l bllon for for pan o f he roadway coss nsead n: w hose dsnc nclu eludes he epcener Tha hal.s jus p an.o fle devau uon. ann. "So e o f us Ub wll bc forccd co pro se, w h relalvel v e ly llc he FeJJraEe Tergency Tanageenl o fhh a n g h<rtcderal govern ncn o f he eanlquakc. T o a al nquake da age fn SnlC ru z ~ h lu rblallylew lfes fesylct h g g ln g a b o u a oun )u n s o r A g e n c y. S 1.2,2 b llo n fo r S all cover vcrhc enre ab. " T h e y ay no n o kc all o f h e has bc been es aed a S160 ll llon " c e ra n ly w/ll n e v e r bc lhc nru cns abou w here he oney B usness A d nsraon dsaser n a: d d o n, he a d n sn rao n oney n hs frs nslallunl.... abc aboul w o -h rd s o f p rv ac su e. all h o se wo o n d e rfu l llle wqod coe fro. a sss a n c e and d SOO llon for sadr oney could bc shfed j fro h n k h s packag age w ll be a frs propen x -n y. sores." sad Slh 1 K Kaser, "Thc old ThL H o u se w as cx pre cc e le d o loans o low-ncc ncoe people. oher cr accouns o p.ny for pan o of he sep." S lll l l. h e a y o r s e r v nng a lady w o n hc c re c o g n z a b le approve he easure Tucsd :sday afer The prcsden len would be gven a daaj age. Rep. Jeny Lews vs, he charan o f roan ln g o n e - y e a r e r fro Cy anyor!. Shell gel ;l a 1new dress. o n d a y s c o n s d e ra ojn n o f h e S400 llon ds Jscreonary fund. Bu Calfornans fro boh pancs p: hc House GOP Co Conference, sad hc Counc ncl s c o n fd e n h e c ly y can < Bu h a s nol nec ecessarly b ad. C Jforna reques by b> hc Tle Whe House was proposng a and d hc l presden s chcf bu 3u d g c ad nsraons S2.5 S! bllon fgure reboun 3 und a n d h e b u sn e ss c n re c can 1 sa d R lenhose-.-s ;-.W ho-los fo u r wa.s an early nunber b rcachcd before bo reb he da age es. escalaed over crlcul hc weekend. " arfqunake COl unes r< elease r e b u l, Bul s h e s a d l nng g s buldngs n he qu;ke, :ke, cul. The all." he sad, sal "s gong o s g o n g 10 lak e uss.s v e co e hack b gger and bellcr. T hc Rchard Daran lan. he drccor o f nfusc son o f asssan ce fro ev very ajorly o f he ( erchans) are h c O ffc c o f ; a n a g e e n -a n d level rl of o goveen o gel he : cy prey lough people. o p o SAN FRANCSCO (AP) >) - Here elssa axw xwell. 32. Burlngae 2d Ed K a w a z o e, 6 3. S an J o s e. Q A s ls o rh c d e n n e d deac lead ln he Gerald ckcr Cennu. 42. San Rosa suffen fcrcd a hean aack h alf an n hour... Hay area earhquake, repored red by he ary ckeov :own, 32. Berkeley afer quake. q n r a d u [ c e s o u r o p n e r s offce n each co couny or T ohy oss ss. 40, San Franc.sco Fr( rc s " F r z T re g u s.. 7 7, P lll! c o u n y s o ffcc o f c e ergency Y o la n d a O ro z c o, n o ag e, C upe penno. had hear falure a he Cjvces. T h e ls ncludes les deahs Rchond chcck e cked on a n e g h b o r a flcr c r h e [* S u j d e n D s c o ul n fro rau ac nju res on ly, no Vnh Phu Oakland quake, ake. fr<p lean alacks, excep n he case chelle Rch; chard, 19. Hayward SANTA CRUZ C O U N T \ o f.s an la C lara C ouny wh vhcre h e Juan Rub. 28. San Francsco o Fou u rd ealh s. coa fro he eergency y aj agenccs a rg a re S S n g h, 2 1. Jo sh u a D ale D c B e n e d e.,5, R a e s s ulodds wh ha o f he corc :oroner..c asllo s ohe her. Oakland sonvlle, klled n auo acc :cdcn H H j w o c o u n e s arn -o -h e.... 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