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1 -102 EA S Y CL A S S ICS V O L 1 w w w.eas y karao ke.co m ) N ig ht & D ay 2 ) ) B u g A B o o 4 ) Y o u 're A G o d 5 ) O n The R o ad A g ain 6 ) If It H ap p ens A g ain 7 ) That O ld e D ev il C alled L o v e A g ain 8 ) L et Me Try A g ain 9 ) R ed A lert 10 ) W anted D ead O r A liv e 11) A d io s A m ig o 12 ) B lu e A ng el 13 ) I ll B e Y o u r A ng el 14 ) D o n't L o o k B ack In A ng er 15 ) B ills, B ills, B ills E as y C las s ics S eries E Z C Ko rb en P o rter S tep s D es tiny 's C hild Vertical H o riz o n W illie N els o n U B 4 0 H ay ley E v etts F rank S inatra B as em ent J ax x J im R eev es R o y O rb is o n R. Kelly O as is D es tiny 's C hild 1) Mack The Knife 2 ) S tep O n My O ld S iz e N ines 3 ) G o d O nly Kno w s 4 ) F o llo w The L ig ht 5 ) Tu rn O u t The L ig ht 6 ) D ro w ned W o rld (S u b s titu te F o r L o v e) 7 ) P art Tim e L o v er 8 ) It s A Kind O f Mag ic 9 ) E v ery d ay I Think O f Mo ney 10 ) Mo u ntain Mu s ic 11) L is ten To The Mu s ic 12 ) S u ch A N ig ht 13 ) G iv e Me The N ig ht 14 ) To nig ht's The N ig ht 15 ) Mack The Knife S tereo p ho nics B each B o y s Trav is D o n W illiam s S tev ie W o nd er Q u een S tereo p ho nics A lab am a D o o b ie B ro thers E lv is P res ley G eo rg e B ens o n R o d S tew art G areth G ates -107 EA S Y CL A S S ICS V O L 6 w w w.eas y karao ke.co m ) F o ls o m P ris o n B lu es 2 ) R o ad ho u s e B lu es 3 ) C heek To C heek 4 ) J u m p in' J ack F las h 5 ) J es u s To A C hild 6 ) Vo o d o o C hild 7 ) My G rand fathers C lo ck 8 ) H o key C o key 9 ) L et s G o C raz y 10 ) Many R iv ers To C ro s s 11) D o n't D illy D ally 12 ) C o u ld I H av e This D ance 13 ) I H o p e Y o u D ance 14 ) I W o n't D ance 15 ) C heek To C heek J o hnny C as h D o o rs R o s ie R ib b o ns R o lling S to nes G eo rg e Michael J im i H end rix P rince U B 4 0 A nne Mu rray L ee A nn W o m ack W ill Y o u ng F rank S inatra ) My B o nnie L ies O v er The O cean 2 ) W hy D o es It A lw ay s R ain O n Me 3 ) L ay Y o u r H and s O n Me 4 ) L ay A ll Y o u r L o v e O n Me 5 ) I W o n't L et The S u n G o D o w n O n Me 6 ) D o n't P anic 7 ) H anky P anky 8 ) P retty P ap er 9 ) Virg inia P lain 10 ) D ancing Q u een 11) C am p to w n R aces 12 ) I W o u ld n't B eliev e Y o u r R ad io 13 ) S traig hten U p A nd F ly R ig ht 14 ) The Thu nd er R o lls 15 ) B ed O f R o s e Trav is A b b a N ik Kers haw C o ld p lay R o y O rb is o n B ry an F erry A b b a S tereo p ho nics G arth B ro o ks ) H o t F u d g e 2 ) W ho 's That G irl? 3 ) U 16 G irls 4 ) F at B o tto m ed G irls 5 ) I L o v e The S o u nd O f B reaking G las s 6 ) B laz e O f G lo ry 7 ) B u m p N ' G rind 8 ) D o n't B reak My H eart 9 ) H and O n Y o u r H eart 10 ) H ead O v er H eels 11) Tw o O f A Kind, W o rkin' O n A F u ll H o u s e 12 ) C o u ntry H o u s e 13 ) E b o ny & Iv o ry 14 ) D ear J es s ie 15 ) H av e Y o u Met Mis s J o nes? Trav is Q u een N ick L o w e R. Kelly U B 4 0 Ky lie Mino g u e A b b a G arth B ro o ks B lu r P au l McC artney & S tev ie W o nd er ) C racklin' R o s ie 2 ) S am e O ld S cene 3 ) D o w n A t The Tw is t A nd S ho u t 4 ) W hen S m o key S ing s 5 ) S ecret S m ile 6 ) A C ertain S m ile 7 ) W and 'rin' S tar 8 ) I'm N o t Y o u r S tep p ing S to ne 9 ) B ed tim e S to ry 10 ) I S w ear 11) W hat It takes 12 ) H av e I To ld Y o u L ately That 13 ) A lm o s t There 14 ) I W ill B e There 15 ) I'll B e There N eil D iam o nd B ry an F erry Mary -C hap in C arp enter A B C S em is o nic J o hnny Mathis L ee Marv in Mo nkees J o hn Michael Mo ntg o m ery A ero s m ith R o d S tew art A nd y W illiam s B ritney S p ears S C lu b 7 w w w.eas y karao ke.co m

2 ) The Bar Tender And The Thief 2) I Wouldn't Change A Thing 3) Sign Of The Times 4) Love Me Two Times 5) You Sang To Me 6) You Do Something To Me 7) Come Back To Me 8) Downtown Train 9) Runaway Train 10) Good Hearted Woman 11) Honky Tonk Women 12) Harvest For The World 13) On Top Of The World 14) Man Of The World 15) Around The World Belle Stars Doors Marc Anthony Paul Weller Soul Asylum Willie And Waylon Christians England United Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac 1) Congratulations 2) Good Vibrations 3) Nothing Really Matters 4) Avalon 5) Rawhide 6) Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey 7) Jambalaya 8) Bent 9) Una Paloma Blanca 10) Boot Scootin' Boogie 11) Brazil 12) Cosmic Girl 13) Cars 14) Scatman 15) Writing To Reach You Cliff Richard Beach Boys Hank Williams Matchbox 20 Jonathan King Brooks & Dunn Jamiraq uoi Gary Numan Scatman John ) Don't get Me Wrong 2) My Next Thirty Years 3) But I Do ( I Don't Know Why I Love You ) 4) But I Do ( I Don't Know Why I Love You ) 5) Lyin Eyes 6) ) Kissing A Fool 8) Solid As A Rock 9) Alabama Song 10) Tulsa Time 11) Bird On A Wire 12) Spaceman 13) Again 14) What s My Age Again? 15) Original Si Pretenders Tim McGraw Clarence ' Frogman ' Henry Randy Ashford & Simpson Doors Leonard Cohen Babylon Zoo Blink ) Rescue Me 2) Bad Girl 3) Born To Hand Jive 4) You Give Love A Bad Name 5) It's Only Rock And Roll But I Like It 6) Hurry Up And Wait 7) Wayward Wind 8) It Was A Very Good Year 9) D.J. 10) Daisy 11) Pipe Dreams 12) In Dreams 13) Tied To The 90's 14) Dance Away 15) Ride Away Sha-na-na Various Artists Frank Ifield H + Claire ) Valleri 2) Please Help Me I'm Falling 3) Alone 4) Always 5) Wham Rap 6) Amanda 7) Ghost Of You And Me 8) Angel 9) Angie 10) Mr Bojangles 11) Fantasy 12) Nothing Ever Happens 13) Penny Arcade 14) Coming Around 15) What Am I Doing Hangin' Around Hank Locklin Heart Wham BB Mak Lionel Ritchie Del Amitri ) Summer In The City 2) Strange Days 3) Every Little thing She Does Is Magic 4) Don't Let me Down 5) Love Is The Drug 6) Livin On The Edge 7) Behind Blue Eyes 8) The Fear 9) Standing Outside The Fire 10) That's The Way Love Goes 11) If You're Gone 12) Ain't That A Kick In The Head 13) Angels Brought Me Here 14) Search For The Hero 15) The Hole Lovin' Spoonful Doors Police Will Young Aerosmith Limp Bizkit Garth Brooks Matchbox 20 Guy Sebastian M People Randy

3 ) Bennie And The Jets 2) She Caught The Katy 3) Somewhere Only We Know 4) I Walk The Line 5) U Got The Look 6) Let There Be Love 7) Man On The Moon 8) Something For The Pain 9) No Future In The Past 10) Lily The Pink 11) Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 12) Purple Rain 13) Through The Rain 14) Jailhouse Rock 15) Meat Pie, Sausage Roll Keane Johnny Cash Darius R E M Vince Gill Scaffold Willie Nelson Grandad 1) Do Something 2) Rendezvous 3) Deeper Shade Of Blue 4) Ring Of Fire 5) Fields Of Gold 6) Bat Out Of Hell 7) The Game Of Love 8) Cradle Of Love 9) Sweet Child Of Mine 10) Fever 11) Fiesta 12) Am I That Easy To Forget 13) All The Gold In California 14) Anytime You Need A Friend 15) Driftwood Macy Gray Craig David Steps Johnny Cash Sting Meatloaf Santana Billy Idol Guns N' Roses Engelbert Humperdinck Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers ) Please Stay 2) Picture This 3) There Is A Tavern In The Town 4) Sexual Healing 5) California Dreamin' 6) Shake A Tail Feather 7) Jeepers Creepers 8) Wuthering Heights 9) John The Revelator 10) A Spaceman Came Travelling 11) It's Nice To Go Travelling 12) I Can't Help It 13) Elvira 14) I Can't Deny It 15) Better Man 1) It's All Over Now 2) I Remember You 3) I'll Never Find Another You 4) Over You 5) Perseverance 6) Thunderball 7) I've Got To Be Certain 8) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday 9) Merry Christams Everyone 10) She Loves You 11) A Little Respect 12) Respect 13) One Sweet Day 14) Rocket Man 15) I Won't Forget You Blondie Marvin Gaye Mamas And The Papas Kate Bush Chris De Burgh Hank Williams Oak Ridge Boys -116 Frank Ifield Seekers Terrovision Wizzard Skakin Stevens Beatles Erasure Jim Reeves ) Sunday Morning Call 2) Sunday Morning Coming Down 3) I'm Coming Home 4) Thong Song 5) We Go Together 6) When The Lights Go Out 7) Grease - 8) Higher Ground 9) This Used To Be My Playground 10) From Russia With Love 11) Oh Yeah 12) Dance (With You) 13) They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! 14) Mad About The Boy 15) Beyond The Sea 1) Beyond The Sea 2) Riders In The Sky 3) Heaven 4) Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven 5) Midnight In Chelsea 6) Heroes 7) Sweet Home Chicago 8) Higher 9) Food For Thought 10) All Along The Watchtower 11) Heaven's What I Feel 12) Somethin' About You Baby I Like 13) All The Man That I Need 14) I Wish 15) Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) Oasis Johnny Cash Sisqo John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John & Cast Five Frankie Valli Lemar Napoleon X iv Dinah Washington -119 Will Young David Bowie Creed Jimi Hendrix Gloria Estefan Whitney Houston Outhere

4 ) Will 2k 2) Guitars, Cadillacs 3) Breakfast In Bed 4) Dragostea Din Tei 5) One In Ten 6) Rocky Mountain Way 7) I Believe In You 8) All I Want Is You 9) Wombling Merry Christmas 10) Let's Get Away From It All 11) A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You 12) Rat In Mi Kitchen 13) Please Forgive Me 14) Walk Away 15) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Will Smith Dwight Yoakam O-Zone Joe Walsh Bellfire Wombles 1) If You Ever Have Forever In Mind 2) Sing Our Own Song 3) More Than That 4) More Than This 5) New Kid In Town 6) Knock On Wood 7) Funky Nassau 8) Vindaloo 9) Until My Dying Day 10) Time is running out 11) The Long Run 12) Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) 13) Wasted Days And Wasted Nights 14) One Of These Nights 15) Dancing In The Moonlight Vince Gill Ami Stewart Fat Les The Muse Don McLean Freddie Fender Toploader ) Here I Am (Come And Take Me) 2) King 3) Kiss 4) Honky Cat 5) Angel Eyes 6) All Rise 7) Have I Told You Lately 8) You ll See 9) Best Of My Love 10) Gimme Some Lovin' 11) Gimme All Your Lovin' 12) Alright 13) Dream Baby 14) Y M C A (Millennium Mix) 15) Take Your Mama Out Blue Jim Reeves ZZ Top Supergrass Village People Scissor Sisters ) Three Lions '98 2) Innuendo 3) Cherry O Baby 4) Mama Told Me Not To Come 5) Hurt So Good 6) Show Me The Way To Go Home 7) Slave To Love 8) No More 9) Don't Come Home Too Soon 10) Live To Tell 11) Go West 12) Ev'rytime We Say Good Bye 13) I Get A Kick Out Of You 14) Local Boy In The Photograph 15) Why Haven't I Heard From You Skinner & Baddiel Queen John Mellencamp A1 Del Amitri Pet Shop Boys & Village People Jessica Garlick Aaron Bayley Reba McEntire ) Mary 2) Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For 3) Oh Look At Me Now 4) I ll Remember 5) Dy-na-mi-tee 6) Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm 7) Monday, Monday 8) Me & My Monkey 9) Private Emotion 10) The Locomotion 11) I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself 12) Uptown Girl 13) I Dream Of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair 14) Drinking In L.A. 15) Can't Help Falling In Love Scissor Sisters Crystal Gayle Gareth Gates & Zoe Birkett Ms Dynamite Crash Test Dummies Mamas & The Papas Ricky Martin & Maya Westlife Bran Van ) One Kiss From You 2) Automatic 3) Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone 4) Love Working On You 5) One 6) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 7) Need You Tonight 8) Theme From The 9) Monsoon 10) Chattahoochee 11) Minnie The Moocher 12) When I Said Goodbye 13) Just Looking 14) Little Red Rooster 15) Anywhere For You Britney Spears Pointer Sisters Smokie John Michael Montgomery U2 INXS Alan Jackson Steps

5 ) Anything For You 2) Especially For You 3) Strawberry Fields Forever 4) Work It 5) What About Me 6) Take This Job And Shove It 7) You Must Love Me 8) Don t Know Why 9) Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys 10) I Can't Sleep Baby 11) Bump Bump Bump 12) Jump Down 13) Spanish 14) Peach Beatles Nelly Feat. Justin Timberlake Shannon Noll Johnny Paycheck Norah Jones Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings B2K and P Diddy B*Witched Craig David 1) Beauty School Dropout 2) Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquais 3) Merry Christmas Everybody 4) When A Child Is Born 5) Everybody's Free 6) This Kiss 7) This Years Love 8) Pick A Part That's New 9) The Carnival Is Over 10) The Storm Is Over 11) It's Over 12) Bus Stop 13) Tell Me Is It True 14) When The Saints 15) Sandy Frankie Avalon Slade Johnny Mathis Rozalla Faith Hill David Gray Seekers Hollies John Travolta ) Big Spender 2) Shiny Happy People 3) It's A Long Way To Tipperary 4) Friends In Low Places - 5) Quando Quando Quando 6) Year ) Sir Duke 8) Back For Good 9) How Deep Is Your Love 10) All For Love 11) Dead Ringer For Love 12) Monster Mash 13) Some Broken Hearts Never Mend 14) When I Call Your Name 15) Praying For Time 1) Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee 2) Gangsta's Paradise 3) Traffic 4) Tragedy 5) Starbucks 6) One More Try 7) Reach 8) Heartbreaker 9) Beautiful Dreamer 10) Tower Of Strength 11) The Riddle 12) Thriller 13) New Orleans 14) They Can't Take That Away From Me 15) Stronger Shirley Bassey R E M Garth Brooks Engelbert Humperdinck Busted Take That Take That Meatloaf Bobby 'Boris' Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers Vince Gill -128 Stockard Channing Coolio Steps A Gloria Estefan Frankie Vaughn Nik Kershaw Michael Jackson S Club ) Runnin' Scared 2) Randy Scouse Git 3) Signed Sealed 4) Secret 5) Me And My Shadow 6) Sherry 7) Side 8) Pearl's A Singer 9) Okie From Muskogee 10) Smells Like Teen Spirit 11) Miss You 12) Baker Street 13) Pleasant Valley Sunday 14) Waterloo Sunset 15) Last Train To Clarksville 1) They Can't Take That Away 2) Take It Back 3) I Can t Deny 4) Get Down 5) Take It Easy 6) She's Got That Vibe 7) Who s That Girl? 8) Make It Good 9) The Heart Won't Lie 10) You Shook Me All Night Long 11) A Man Without Love 12) Desert Rose 13) Take A Giant Step 14) The Last Time 15) Take It Easy Four Seasons Elkie Brooks Merle Haggard Nirvana Gerry Rafferty Kinks -131 Laura Doherty Reba McEntire 3 Sl A1 Reba McEntire & Vince Gill AC/DC Englebert Humperdinck Sting Feat. Cheb Mami

6 ) You Wear It Well 2) Can't Stop This Thing We Started 3) Temptation 4) Auld Lang Syne (New Year Countdown) 5) Tears 6) Thieves In The Temple 7) Build Me Up Buttercup 8) So In Love With Two 9) I Just Wanna Dance With You 10) Anarchy In The UK 11) Let Me Call You Sweetheart 12) Think 13) Till 14) Superstition Heaven 17 Ken Dodd Foundations Mikaila George Strait Sex Pistols 1) One Vision 2) Big Yellow Taxi 3) Here We Are 4) Words 5) Justify My Love 6) One For My Baby 7) Light My Fire 8) Georgy Girl 9) Homely Girl 10) Penny lane 11) It's My Life 12) For Once In My Life 13) It's Only Love 14) Portrait Of My Love 15) Words Queen Amy Gran Gloria Estefan Seekers Beatles Dr. Alban Boyzone ) What Do I Have To Do? 2) I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) 3) I Just Wanna Make Love To You 4) Would I Lie To You 5) Run To You 6) Kryptonite 7) Little L 8) Turn 9) Well Did You Evah 10) Better The Devil You Know 11) If I Told You That 12) Mr. Blue Sky 13) Ruby Tuesday 14) Ten Guitars 15) Fattie Bum Bum Jay-Z Etta James Charles & Eddie 3 Doors Down Jamiroquai Whitney Houston & George Micheal Electric Light Orchestra Engelbert Humperdinck Carl Malcolm ) Always On My Mind 2) Hole In My Soul 3) Happy Talk 4) The Way You Do The Things You Do 5) And I Love You So 6) Anytime, Anyplace 7) There Goes My Everything 8) Fast Car 9) Blue Suede Shoes 10) Feeling Hot Hot Hot 11) Welcome To The Jungle 12) Avenues and Alleyways 13) (Is This The Way To) Amerillo 14) Japanese Boy Willie Nelson Aerosmith Captain Sensible Perry Como Englebert Humperdinck Tracey Chapman Elvis Bina Mistry Guns & Roses Tony Christie Tony Christie Aneka ) Runaway 2) Three Coins In A Fountain 3) I Want Your Sex 4) Act Naturally 5) Help Yourself 6) Express Yourself 7) Jealous Guy 8) Jerusalem 9) Cockles And Mussels 10) Don't You (Forget About Me) 11) Without You 12) With Or Without You 13) I Was Made To Love Her 14) Softly As I Leave You 15) Venus Buck Owens Fat Les 2000 Simple Minds Dixie Chicks U2 Bananarama FOR THE LATEST TRACK LISTINGS CHECK