Thursday 7 June 2012

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1 Thursday 7 June :30 AM A033 Combination of Multi-component Streamer Pressure and Vertical Particle Velocity - Theory and Application to Data P.B.A. Caprioli* (WesternGeco), A.K. Özdemir (WesternGeco), A. Özbek (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), J.E. Kragh (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), D.J. van Manen (WesternGeco), P.A.F. Christie (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & J.O.A. Robertsson (Schl 8:55 AM A034 Time-varying Sea Surfaces from 3D Dual-sensor Streamer Data O.C. Orji* (PGS / UiO), W. Söllner (PGS) & L.J. Gelius (UiO) 9:20 AM A035 Joint Estimation for P-P and P-S Residual Statics D. Le Meur* (CGGVeritas) & G. Poulain (CGGVeritas) 9:45 AM A036 Five-dimensional Vector Data Interpolation A. Stanton* (University of Alberta) & M.D. Sacchi (University of Alberta) 10:30 AM A037 N. Qin* (China University of Petroleum), Z.C. Li (China A Velocity Tomography Inversion Method of Elastic Vector University of Petroleum), F.Q. Chen (China University of Wavefield Petroleum) & K. Zhang (China University of Petroleum) 10:55 AM A038 11:20 AM A039 Improved Imaging at Clair Field with Mirror Migration of OBC Data Piceance 3C 3D Survey - Processing of Converted-wave Data in an Area with Azimuthal Anisotropy J.C. Mathewson* (WesternGeco), M. Ibram (BP), N. Zimmerman (WesternGeco), D. Underwood (WesternGeco), A. Dawson (WesternGeco) & G. Alexander (BP) A.P. Shatilo* (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.), R. Bansal (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.), J. Hefti (ExxonMobil Exploration Co.) & C. Rochette (ExxonMobil Production Co.) Pure-mode SS-wave Reflections from P-wave Sources in 11:45 AM A040 J. Gaiser* (Geokinetics Inc.) & R. Verm (Geokinetics Inc.) Azimuthally Anisotropic Media 1:30 PM A041 Separation of Blended Data by Sparse Inversion Utilizing Surface-related Multiples 1:55 PM A042 Only Dither - Efficient Simultaneous Marine Acquisition 2:20 PM A043 Blended Acquisition with Optimized Dispersed Source Arrays 2:45 PM A044 Room A Multi-component Seismic Blended Seismic et al - Acquisition & Processing Source Separation by Iterative Rank Reduction - Theory and Applications P. Doulgeris* (Delft University of Technology), D.J. Verschuur (Delft University of Technology) & G. Blacquiere (Delft University of Technology) H. Wason* (The University of British Columbia) & F.J. Herrmann (The University of British Columbia) A.J. Berkhout (Delft University of Technology) & G. Blacquiere* (Delft University of Technology) M. Maraschini* (Fugro Seismic Imaging Ltd), R. Dyer (Fugro Seismic Imaging Ltd), K. Stevens (Fugro Seismic Imaging Ltd) & D. Bird (Fugro Seismic Imaging Ltd) 3:30 PM A045 Separation of Blended Data by Iterative Denoising C.Q. Tan* (Jilin University), L.G. Han (Jilin University), Y.H. Zhang (SINOPEC) & W.B. Deng (Jilin University) 3:55 PM A046 Separating Simultaneous Source Data Using Weighted Tau-P C. Zhang* (SeaBird Exploration) & B. Olofsson (SeaBird Transform Exploration) 4:20 PM A047 Simultaneous-source Acquisition in the North Sea Prospect B. Szydlik* (WesternGeco), C.J. Beasley (WesternGeco) & I. Evaluation Moore (WesternGeco) Distance Separated Simultaneous Sweeping, Providing 4:45 PM A048 Record Breaking Productivity on BP's Risha 3D Seismic Survey J. Stone* (BP)

2 8:30 AM B033 8:55 AM B034 Improving Subsalt Imaging by Incorporating MT Data in a 3D Earth Model Building Workflow - A Case Study in Gulf of Mexico Multi Measurement Imaging Using Seismic CSEM MMT and FTG Data for Salt Dome Evaluation in the Nordkapp Basin 9:20 AM B035 Subsalt Optimal Survey Design with Dipping Scatterers 9:45 AM B036 Broadband Seismic for Sub-basalt Exploration 10:30 AM B037 10:55 AM B038 11:20 AM B039 11:45 AM B040 1:30 PM B041 1:55 PM B042 2:20 PM B043 Variations in Seismic Properties of Flood Basalts from Shallow Refraction Seismic Analysis Seismic Attenuation of Flood Basalts in the Brugdan and William Wells and Stratigraphic Correlation on the Faroes Shelf Seismic Imaging and Interpretation of Salt-trapped Prospects in the Dnieper-Donets Basin, Ukraine - Case Studies Joint Inversion for Improved Sub-salt and Sub-basalt Imaging with Application to the More Margin Full Wavefield Migration - Utilization of Multiples in Seismic Migration Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multicomponent Streamer Data Combined-harmonic Analysis of Seismic Data Acquired with Two Vibrators Driven at Different Frequencies Assessment of a Marcellus Prospect Using Seismic, Microseismic and Completions Data 2:45 PM B044 3:30 PM B045 LWD Quadrupole Dispersion Characteristics of a Prestressed Formation - Numerical Simulation and Field Data Example E. Medina* (WesternGeco), A. Lovatini (WesternGeco), F. Golfré Andreasi (WesternGeco), S. Re (WesternGeco) & F. Snyder (WesternGeco) F. Ceci* (WesternGeco), A. Lovatini (WesternGeco), L. Masnaghetti (WesternGeco), K. Hokstad (Statoil) & V. Antonsdottir (Statoil) H. Djikpesse* (Schlumberger), M. Prange (Schlumberger), M. Khodja (NorthEastern University), S. Duchenne (Mines ParisTech) & N. Moldoveanu (Schlumberger) C. Spjuth* (Statoil ASA), P.B. Sabel (Statoil ASA), S.K. Foss (Statoil ASA), P. Dromgoole (Statoil ASA), C. Friedrich (Statoil ASA), J. Herredsvela (Statoil ASA), A. Day (PGS), P.E. Dhelie (PGS), S. Hegna (PGS), T. Høy (PGS) & K. Koch (PGS) U.K. Petersen* (Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate), R.J. Brown (University of Stavanger) & M.S. Andersen (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) J. Schuler* (University of Cambridge), P.A.F. Christie (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & R.S. White (University of Cambridge) O.M. Tiapkina* (Tutkovsky Institute), O.I. Okrepkyj (Tutkovsky Institute) & V.G. Kolisnichenko (Tutkovsky Institute) M. Jordan* (SINTEF Petroleum Research), J. Ebbing (Geological Survey of Norway), M. Brönner (Geological Survey of Norway), J. Kamm (University of Uppsala), Z. Du (SINTEF Petroleum Research) & P. Eliasson (SINTEF Petroleum Research) A.J. Berkhout* (Delft University of Technology) & D.J. Verschuur (Delft University of Technology) M. Vassallo* (WesternGeco), K. Eggenberger (WesternGeco), D.J. van Manen (WesternGeco), K. Özdemir (WesternGeco), J.O.A. Robertsson (Schlumberger) & A. Özbek (Schlumberger) X.H. Campman* (Shell Global Solutions International BV), B.N. Kuvshinov (Shell Global Solutions International BV) & T.H.J. Smit (Shell Global Solutions International BV) S.W. Singleton* (RSI) & M. Suda (RSI) C. Hei* (China University of Petroleum), Y.D. Su (China University of Petroleum) & X.M. Tang (China University of Petroleum) 3:55 PM B046 Analysis of Water Column Complexity in OBN Data C.R. Udengaard* (FairfieldNodal) & K. Craft (FairfieldNodal) R. Slatt* (University of Oklahoma) & N.R. O'Brien (State University of New York at Potsdam) 4:45 PM B048 Room B Sub-salt & Sub-basalt Imaging & Analysis Innovative Technologies Microfabrics Related to Porosity Development, Sedimentary and Diagenetic Processes, and Composition of Unconventional Reservoir

3 8:30 AM C033 8:55 AM C034 Seismic Methods in Mineral Exploration - A Case Study from Flin Flon Mining Camp, Canada Recent Experience with Use of High Definition Seismic Reflection for Nickel Sulphide Exploration in Western Australia 9:20 AM C035 Development of a Multistreamer 3D High Resolution System 9:45 AM C036 High Resolution Interpretation of Broad Bandwidth 3D Seismic Data for Shallow Geohazards M. Malinowski* (Institute of Geophysics PAS), D.J. White (Geological Survey of Canada) & E. Schetselaar (Geological Survey of Canada) P.K Williams* (HiSeis Pty Ltd), M. Urosevic (Curtin University), A. Kepic (Curtin University) & M. Whitford (Independent Group) P. Sack* (Sound Oceanics LLC) & T.A. Haugland (Sound Oceanics LLC) J.I. Selvage (BG Group), C. Jones* (BG Group), C. Scotellaro (BG Group), J.A. Edgar (BG Group) & H. Crook (BG Group) 10:30 AM C037 Ultra High-resolution Reflection Seismic Imaging of Quick-clay Landslides in South-West Sweden A. Malehmir* (Uppsala University) 10:55 AM C038 Monitoring Hazardous Open Pit Mine Slope J. Mrlina* (Institute of Geophysics ASCR) 11:20 AM C039 Iterative Development of Stress Models for Deep Geothermal Reservoirs I. Moeck* (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences) 11:45 AM C040 Geothermal Exploration of Paleozoic Formations in Central S. Weides* (GFZ Potsdam), I. Moeck (GFZ Potsdam) & J. Alberta, Canada Majorowicz (University of Alberta) 1:30 PM C041 Utilizing SMTI to Characterize the Behavior of Fractures During Hydraulic Stimulation of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 1:55 PM C042 Comparing Energy Calculations - Hydraulic Fracturing and Microseismic Monitoring 2:20 PM C043 Modelling of Fracture Strength Distribution in Elastically Heterogeneous Rocks 2:45 PM C044 Crack-tip Stress Field, Coulomb Failure, and the Spectral Characteristics of Tensile Rupture 3:30 PM C045 3:55 PM C046 4:20 PM C047 4:45 PM C048 Room C Mining, Geohazards & Geothermal Microseismic Interpretation Distribution of the Vp/Vs Ratio within the Basel 1 Geothermal Reservoir from Microseismic Data Simultaneous Microseismic Event Location and Anisotropic Velocity Model Building in HTI Media Applying a New Full-waveform, Migration-based Deconvolution Approach to Locating Microseismic Events in Canada Microseismic Elastic Full Waveform Inversion for Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring T.I. Urbancic* (Engineering Seismology Group), A. Baig (Engineering Seismology Group) & S. Goldstein (Engineering Seismology Group) N. Boroumand* (University of Calgary) & D.W. Eaton (University of Calgary) C. Langenbruch* (Free University Berlin) & S.A. Shapiro (Free University Berlin) D.W. Eaton* (University of Calgary) J. Kummerow* (Free University Berlin), A. Reshetnikov (Free University Berlin), M. Häring (Geothermal Explorers Ltd) & H. Asanuma (Tohoku University) S.V. Yaskevich* (Novosibirsk State University) & A.A. Duchkov (Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics) N.J. Brooks* (READ ASA), J.B.U. Haldorsen (READ ASA), M. Milenkovic (READ ASA), M.B. Farmani (READ ASA) & C. Crowell (READ ASA) A.B. Droujinine* (Shell Global Solutions International BV), J. Winsor (Shell Canada Ltd) & K. Slauenwhite (Shell Canada Ltd)

4 8:30 AM D033 Room D Building & Updating Subsurface 3D Models An Integrated Approach for Building Geologic Models Consistent with Seismic Data M. Nasser* (Maersk Oil Houston Inc.), P. Walshe (Maersk Oil Houston Inc.) & M. Cleveland (Maersk Oil Houston Inc.) 8:55 AM D034 9:20 AM D035 9:45 AM D036 10:30 AM D037 10:55 AM D038 11:20 AM D039 Integrated Workflow for Consistent Model Building from Depth Conversion to Flow Simulation - North Sea Field Case A Strategy for Effective Local Updates of the Geological Structure in an Earth Model during Drilling A Data-restoration and Model-reconstruction Workflow for Simultaneous Seismic Interpretation and Model Building Aptian Relative Sea-level History of the Northern Maestrat Basin, E Iberia Characteristics of the West Greenland Margin in the Southern Baffin Bay Provenance, Sandstone Composition, and Seismic Facies of Paleocene Wilcox Sandstones, Gulf of Mexico Basin 11:45 AM D040 Analysing Magnetic Components of Samples from Svalbard 1:30 PM D041 1:55 PM D042 2:20 PM D043 Thin Bed Reservoirs Formation Evaluation without Bimodal Sand-shale Assumption Influence of Sediments Consolidation on Predicting P-wave Sonic Log Measurements Tight Precambrian and Paleozoic Reservoirs in the Light of Petrophysical Analysis 2:45 PM D044 Extrapolation of Water Saturation Using J-Leverett Functions and Bivariate Analysis 3:30 PM D045 3:55 PM D046 4:20 PM D047 Elastic Properties of Lochaline Sandstone - Numerical Experiment vs. Measurements Pressure Sensitivity of the Joint Elastic-electrical Properties of Carbonate Reservoir Rocks Change of Static and Dynamic Elastic Properties due to CO2 Injection in North Sea Chalk 4:45 PM D048 Xu and White Revisited Sedimentology & Sedimentary Analysis Petrophysics Rock Physics - Elastic Properties J.A. Skjervheim* (Statoil), X. van Lanen (Statoil), D. Hulme (Statoil), V. Røine Stenerud (Statoil), E. Zachariassen (Statoil), S. Liu (Statoil), J. Hove (Statoil) & G. Evensen (Statoil) E. Suter* (IRIS / University of Stavanger), E. Cayeux (IRIS), A. Escalona (University of Stavanger), T. Kårstad (University of Stavanger) & E.H. Vefring (IRIS) S.A. Petersen* (Statoil / Delft University of Technology), Ø. Hjelle (Simula Research Lab), S. Hustoft (Statoil), M. Houbiers (Statoil) & R. Rasmussen (GEUS) T. Bover-Arnal* (University of Fribourg), R. Salas (University of Barcelona), J. Guimerà (University of Barcelona) & J.A. Moreno-Bedmar (National Autonomous University of Mexico) M. Block* (BGR), V. Damm (BGR), A. Ehrhardt (BGR), K. Berglar (BGR), M. Schnabel (BGR) & T. Altenbernd (AWI Bremerhaven) S.P. Dutton* (University of Texas at Austin), A. McDonnell (University of Texas at Austin) & R.G. Loucks (University of Texas at Austin) C. Beyer* (CB-Magneto) & F. Riis (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) G.A. Bordakov* (Schlumberger) & D.F. Allen (Schlumberger) J.L. Martins* (Ministry of Sciences & Technology) J.A. Jarzyna* (AGH University of Science and Technology), P.I. Krakowska (AGH University of Science and Technology) & E. Puskarczyk (AGH University of Science and Technology) J. Vargas* (Chevron) & J. Munoz (Chevron) M. Pervukhina* (CSIRO), V. Shulakova (CSIRO), M. Lebedev (Curtin University of Technology), S. Mayo (CSIRO), M.B. Clennell (CSIRO) & B. Gurevich (Curtin University of Technology) L.J. North* (National Oceanography Centre), A.I. Best (National Oceanography Centre) & J. Sothcott (National Oceanography Centre) M.M. Alam* (Technical University of Denmark), M.L. Hjuler (Danish Geotechnical Institute), H.F. Christensen (Danish Geotechnical Institute) & I.L. Fabricius (Technical University of Denmark) M. Sams* (Fugro-Jason), T.J. Focht (Newfield Peninsula Malaysia Inc.) & N. Azuairi Che Sidik (Newfield Peninsula Malaysia Inc.)

5 8:30 AM E033 8:55 AM E034 9:20 AM E035 9:45 AM E036 10:30 AM E037 10:55 AM E038 11:20 AM E039 Technical and Geological Review of Carbon-dioxide Geosequestration along with Analysis of Various Monitoring Techniques Geology and the Effects on Filling Pattern in CO2 Storage Sites Geologic Model and Fluid Flow Simulation of Woodbine Aquifer CO2 Sequestration Time-lapse Analysis of Sparse 3D Seismic Data from the CO2 Storage Pilot Site at Ketzin, Germany A Novel Method for CO2 Injection that Enhances Storage Capacity and Security The Effect of Coal Rank on the Wettability Behavior of Wet Coal System with Injection of Carbon Dioxide and Flue Gas CO2 Brine-rock Interactions in Reservoir Chalk Rock An Experimental Evaluation at Reservoir Conditions 11:45 AM E040 CO2 Storage Atlas of the Norwegian Part of the North Sea 1:30 PM E041 1:55 PM E042 2:20 PM E043 2:45 PM E044 3:30 PM E045 3:55 PM E046 4:20 PM E047 4:45 PM E048 Room E Carbon Dioxide Sequestration & Rock Interactions Well Bore Data Acquisition & Analysis Numerical Simulations for Acoustic Reflection Imaging with FDM and FEM An Effective Data Processing Flow for the Acoustic Reflection Image Logging The Potential of Single-well Acoustic Imaging for Detecting the Direction and Distance to a Target Borehole Multipole Seismoelectric Logging while Drilling (LWD) for Acoustic Velocity Measurements Analysis of Sensitivity of Array Resistivity Log to Fresh Mud Invasion and Inversion for Oil-water Recognition Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Permeability Comparison to Image and Production Data in Secondary Porosity Conditions Fracture Characterization in Tight Carbonate Reservoirs of Kuwait through Advanced Borehole Imaging Approach Seismic Solutions for Drilling - Real-time Pore-pressure Estimation Ahead of the Bit P. Saptharishi* (School of Petroleum Technology) P. Frykman* (GEUS) O. Akinnikawe* (Texas A&M University) M. Ivandic* (Uppsala University), C. Yang (Uppsala University), S. Lüth (GFZ Potsdam), C. Cosma (Vibrometric Oy) & C. Juhlin (Uppsala University) S.M. Shariatipour* (Heriot-Watt University), G.E. Pickup (Heriot-Watt University) & E.J. Mackay (Heriot-Watt University) N. Shojai Kaveh* (Delft University of Technology), E.S.J. Rudolph (Delft University of Technology), K.H.A.A. Wolf (Delft University of Technology) & S.N. Ashrafizadeh (Iran University of Science and Technology) J.F. Zuta* (GEUS) & C. Kjøller (GEUS) E. Halland (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), F. Riis (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), W.T. Johansen (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), I.T. Gjeldvik* (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) & C. Magnus (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) H. Wang* (China University of Petroleum), G. Tao (China University of Petroleum), K. Zhang (China University of Petroleum) & J.X. Li (China University of Petroleum) J.X. Li* (China University of Petroleum), G. Tao (China University of Petroleum), H. Wang (China University of Petroleum) & K. Zhang (China University of Petroleum) M.A. Jervis* (Saudi Aramco), A.V. Bakulin (Saudi Aramco), T.L. Tonellot (Saudi Aramco), I.A. Ghamdi (Saudi Aramco), A. Shabbir (Schlumberger) & H. Yamamoto (Schlumberger) Z. Zhu* (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), J. Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology) & N. Toksöz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) S.G. Deng* (China University of Petroleum), Q.T. Sun (China University of Petroleum), H. Li (China University of Petroleum) & N.N. Huo (China University of Petroleum) C. Smith* (Halliburton Energy Services), J. Borell (SandRidge Energy Inc.) & L. Ziane (Halliburton Energy Services) B. Khan* (Kuwait Oil Company), S.K. Singh (Kuwait Oil Company), R. Abu-Taleb (Kuwait Oil Company), A. Abu Ghneej (Kuwait Oil Company), S. Bader (Kuwait Oil Company), D.B. Roy (Schlumberger) & A. Aviantara (Schlumberger) C. Esmersoy* (WesternGeco), Y. Yang (WesternGeco), C.M. Sayers (Schlumberger), C. Parekh (WesternGeco), M. Woodward (WesternGeco), K. Osypov (WesternGeco), S. Yang (WesternGeco) & Y. Liu (WesternGeco)

6 8:30 AM F033 Room F From 3D/4D Seismic to Reservoir Flow (EAGE/Europec) Adjoint-based History-matching of Production and Time-lapse Seismic Data G.M. van Essen* (Delft University of Technology), A. Conn (IBM), G.D. Sippe (Shell International E&P), L. Horesh (IBM), E. Jimenez (Shell), J.K. Przybysz-jarnut (Independent) & P.J. Van den Hoek (Shell International E&P) 8:55 AM F034 Predicting Productivity in the Eagle Ford through the Integration of Seismic, Geologic and Engineering Attributes T. Royer* (Global Geophysical Services Inc.) & R. Peebles (Global Geophysical Services Inc.) 9:20 AM F035 Assisted Seismic History Matching in Different Domains - I. Sagitov* (Heriot-Watt University) & K.D. Stephen (Heriot- What Seismic Data Should We Compare? Watt University) 9:45 AM F036 K. Osypov* (WesternGeco), Y. Yang (WesternGeco), C. Geohazard Prediction and Real-time Updates with Esmersoy (WesternGeco), R. Bachrach (WesternGeco) & Uncertainties I.A.S. Buendia (Schlumberger) 10:30 AM F037 Assisted Seismic History Matching of the Nelson Field - K. Stephen* (Heriot-Watt University), A. Kazemi (Heriot-Watt Managing Large Numbers of Unknowns by Divide and University) & F. Sedighi-dehkordi (Heriot-Watt University) Conquer 10:55 AM F038 Towards Joint Interpretation of CSEM Surveys with 4D O. Salako* (Heriot-Watt University), C. MacBeth (Heriot-Watt 11:20 AM F039 11:45 AM F040 1:30 PM F041 Seismic for Reservoir Monitoring Reducing the Dimensionality of Geophysical Data in Conjunction with Seismic History Matching Use of Field-wide Seafloor Time-lapse Gravity in History Matching the Mikkel Gas Condensate Field Integrated Reservoir Studies, Karachaganak Field, Republic of Kazakhstan University) & L. MacGregor (RSI) J. Rezaie* (NTNU), J. Sotrom (Statoil ASA) & E. Smorgrav (Statoil ASA) J.N. Vevatne* (Statoil ASA), H. Alnes (Statoil ASA), O. Eiken (Statoil ASA), T. Stenvold (Statoil ASA) & F. Vassenden (Statoil ASA) A. Francesconi* (Eni E&P), C. Albertini (Eni E&P), F. Bigoni (Eni E&P), C. Catalani (Eni E&P), A. Cominelli (Eni E&P) & V. Tarantini (Eni E&P) 1:55 PM F042 Coarsening Criteria for Reservoir Upscaling C. Preux* (IFP Energies nouvelles) 2:20 PM F043 Phase Trap Damage in Hydraulically Fractured Tight Sand Gas Reservoirs - An Example from Perth Basin, Western Australia Tarantini (Eni E&P) 2:45 PM F044 3:30 PM F045 3:55 PM F046 4:20 PM F047 4:45 PM F048 Reservoir Simulation III (EAGE/Europec) The Impact of Low Throw Faults on Fluid Flow Along a Layercake Reservoir New Flattening-based Methodology for More Accurate Geostatistical Reservoir Populating A Novel Approach for Combining Multiple-point Statistics and Production Data in Reservoir Characterization Asphaltene Deposition Study and its Effects on Permeability Reduction - A Case Study Assigning Boundary Flux from a Groundwater Model for Simulating Coalbed Natural Gas Production, Powder River Basin, USA A. Francesconi* (Eni E&P), C. Albertini (Eni E&P), F. Bigoni (Eni E&P), C. Catalani (Eni E&P), A. Cominelli (Eni E&P) & V. M. Welch* (Rock Deformation Research Ltd), V. Woods (Rock Deformation Research Ltd) & R.J. Knipe (Rock Deformation Research Ltd) M. Poudret* (IFP Energies nouvelles), C. Bennis (IFP Energies nouvelles), C. Dumont (IFP Energies nouvelles), O. Lerat (IFP Energies nouvelles) & J.F. Rainaud (IFP Energies nouvelles) Y. Melnikova* (Technical University of Denmark), K. Lange (Technical University of Denmark), J. Frydendall (Technical University of Denmark) & K. Mosegaard (Technical University of Denmark) S.M. Razavi* (Schlumberger), R. Kharrat (Research Center Lab) & Z. Zargar (Sahand University of Technology) A.R. Dutton* (University of Texas at San Antonio)

7 8:30 AM G033 8:55 AM G034 Complex Three-dimensional Surface Representation and Linearization for Full Waveform Inversion Seismic Full-waveform Inversion of Salt Geometry Using a Level Set Approach 9:20 AM G035 Full-waveform Inversion in the Data and Image Spaces 9:45 AM G036 10:30 AM G037 10:55 AM G038 A Scattering-based Reparameterization of Sensitivity Kernels for Full-waveform Inversion Improving Well Cementing Quality with an Environmentally Preferred Multifunctional Polymer Reducing Interfacial Tension to Improve Clean Up Efficiency of Hydraulically Fractured Wells - Does it Really Work? J.W.D. Hobro* (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) W. Lewis* (WesternGeco), E.W. Starr (WesternGeco) & D. Vigh (WesternGeco) W. Weibull (Norwegian University of Science & Technology) & B. Arntsen* (Norwegian University of Science & Technology) D.L. Macedo* (State University of Campinas), I. Vasconcelos (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & J. Schleicher (State University of Campinas) A. Brandl* (Baker Hughes), W.S. Bray (Baker Hughes) & C. Magelky (Baker Hughes) P. Ghahri* (Heriot-Watt University), M. Jamiolahmady (Heriot- Watt University) & M.S. Ramli (Heriot-Watt University) Oilfield Scale Management in the Siri Asset - Paradigm Shift E. Mackay* (Heriot-Watt University), W.R. Ginty (DONG E&P 11:20 AM G039 Due to the Use of Mixed PWRI / Seawater Injection A/S) & T.J. Jones (Merlin Oilfield Consult. Ltd.) Application of Integrated Production and Asset Modeling for 11:45 AM G040 A. Alkindi* (PDO) & S.J. Linthorst (PDO) Sour Field Development Planning 1:30 PM G041 Determination of the In-situ Polymer Viscosity from Fall-off Tests 1:55 PM G042 Improving the Water Injection Strategy on the Norne Field 2:20 PM G043 2:45 PM G044 3:30 PM G045 Optimization of Fluorinated Wettability Modifiers for Gascondensate Carbonate Reservoirs Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Performance of Gas-oil Gravity Drainage at Different Miscibility Conditions A Comprehensive EOR Study of a Highly Fractured Matured Field - Case Study 3:55 PM G046 4:20 PM G047 4:45 PM G048 Room G Full Waveform Inversion III Sustainable Development (Europec) Recovery Optimisation - EOR/IOR III (Europec) Foam Stability in the Presence of Oil - Implications for Foamassisted Enhanced Oil Recovery Effects of Reservoir Parameters and Operational Design on the Prediction of SAGD Performance in Athabasca Oilsands Understanding the True Potential of a Major Reservoir Sabriyah (Upper Burgan) of Kuwait Oil Company T. Clemens* (OMV E&P GmbH), A. Gringarten (Imperial College London), A. Laoroongroj (Imperial College London) & M. Zechner (OMV Austria) S. Atabay* (Statoil), O.M. Dronen (Weatherford), A.R. Fawke (Statoil ASA) & J.M.F. Hvidsten (Statoil ASA) J. Fahimpour* (Heriot-Watt University), M. Jamiolahmady (Heriot-Watt University) & M. Sohrabi (Heriot-Watt University) A. Ghasrodashti* (Delft University of Technology), R. Farajzadeh (Shell International E&P BV) & V.S. Suicmez (Shell International E&P BV) D. Ghorbani* (Blade Energy Partners) & R. Kharrat (Petroleum Research Center) R. Farajzadeh* (Shell), A. Andrianov (Shell Global Solutions International BV), R. Krastev (NMI) & W.R. Rossen (Delft University of Technology) B. Wisup* (Sejong University), T. Chung (Sejong University), V.D. Lu (Sejong University) & H.X. Nguyen (Sejong University) H. Al-Shammari* (Kuwait Oil Company), A. Bora (Kuwait Oil Company) & B.B. Singh (Kuwait Oil Company)

8 8:30 AM H033 Application of Injection Fall-off Analysis in Polymer Flooding 8:55 AM H034 Pressure Transient Analysis in Multiphase Multi Layer Reservoirs with Inter Layer Communication P. Van den Hoek* (Shell International E&P BV), D. Brooks (Shell International E&P Co.), H. Mahani (Shell International E&P Co.), F. Saadi (PDO), S. Sen (Shell India Markets Private Ltd), K. Shuaili (PDO), T. Sorop (Shell) & M. Zwaan (Shell International E M. Mokhtari* (Colorado School of Mines), A. Hashemi (Petroleum University of Technology) & E. Nikjoo (Islamic Azad University) 9:20 AM H035 Applications of Harmonic Pulse Testing to Field Cases P.A. Fokker* (TNO) & F. Verga (Politecnico di Torino) 9:45 AM H036 Efficient Field Development Planning of Well Locations M. Le Ravalec-Dupin* (IFP Energies nouvelles) 10:30 AM H037 Complexity of Wettability Analysis in Heterogeneous Carbonate Rocks - A Case Study M. Mohammadlou* (NTNU) & M.B. Mork (NTNU) 10:55 AM H038 Fracture Characterization through Rate Correlation Analysis K.J. Heffer* (Reservoir Dynamics Ltd) 11:20 AM H039 11:45 AM H040 1:30 PM H041 1:55 PM H042 2:20 PM H043 2:45 PM H044 Vector Scanning - Hydro-fracture Monitoring with Surface Microseismic Data Improved Determination of Gas Rate from Temperature Profile along the Well Determination of Minimum Calculation Ranges for Finite Sized Gravity Models Comparing Two Methods for Gridding and Honouring Gravity Gradient Tensor Data Invariance Rules in the Regularized Inversion of Gravity and Magnetic Fields and their Derivatives Depth Extent - An Overlooked Parameter in Magnetic Depth Estimation 3:30 PM H045 3:55 PM H046 4:20 PM H047 Room H New Integrated Methodologies for Reservoir Monitoring & Management (Europec) Potentail Field Methods II Depth Extent - A Practical Example in Magnetic Depth Estimation Egregious Euler Errors - The Use and Abuse of Euler Deconvolution Applied to Potential Fields Euler Deconvolution in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinate Systems 4:45 PM H048 Resistivity Modelling with Topography Y. Zhou* (GNT-International), B. Liang (Independent), L. Ma (Shengli Oil Prod. Tech. Research), Y. Shen (Independent) & L. Wang (Shengli Oilfield) P. Bedrikovetsky* (University of Adelaide), I. Abbasy (Santos Ltd), E. Barrett (Santos Ltd), C.R. Wu (Santos Ltd) & Z. You (University of Adelaide) C. Mueller (Terrasys Geophysics), P.L. Smilde* (Terrasys Geophysics) & M.H. Krieger (Terrasys Geophysics) D.J. Fitzgerald* (Intrepid Geophysics), R. Paterson (Intrepid Geophysics) & H. Holstein (Aberystwyth University) S. Ialongo* (University of Naples Federico II), M. Fedi (University of Naples Federico II) & G. Florio (University of Naples Federico II) G. Flanagan* (ConocoPhillips) & J.E. Bain (Bain Geophysical Services) G. Flanagan* (ConocoPhillips) & J.E. Bain (Bain Geophysical Services) A.B. Reid* (Reid Geophysics Ltd), J. Ebbing (Geological Survey of Norway) & S.J. Webb (University of the Witwatersrand) G.R.J. Cooper* (University of Witwatersrand) S. Penz* (Mines ParisTech), H. Chauris (Mines ParisTech), D. Donno (Mines ParisTech) & C. Mehl (Mines ParisTech)

9 8:30 AM I033 High-resolution Moveout Transform - A Robust Multiple H. Masoomzadeh* (TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Co. Ltd) & A. Attenuation Technique Hardwick (TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Co. Ltd) 8:55 AM I034 Elimination of Seismic Multiples by Anisotropic, Pre Stack Depth Migration and Filtering R.J. Ferguson* (University of Calgary) 9:20 AM I035 Improved Fast Wave-equation Based Multiple Removal D. Lokshtanov* (Statoil) 9:45 AM I036 H. Wang (Geotrace), Y. Sun* (Geotrace), S. Boyer (Geotrace), Enhanced Shallow Water Demultiple with Water Bottom G. Yu (Geotrace), J. Stein (Geotrace) & S. van Reenen Reflection Modeling (Geotrace) 10:30 AM I037 Application of MWD for Shallow Water Demultiple - Hibernia Case Study 10:55 AM I038 Ground Roll Suppression Using Optimum Weighted Stacking 11:20 AM I039 11:45 AM I040 1:30 PM I041 1:55 PM I042 Multidimensional Land Noise Elimination Technology - 5D Semblance Based Algorithms in Exploration - Theory and Practice Case Study - Residual Scattered Noise Attenuation for 3D Land Seismic Data Estimation of Interval Velocity and Attenuation Anisotropy from Reflection Data at the Coronation Field Minimum-phase Property of Memory Functions in the Wave Equation 2:20 PM I043 Flow Properties in Saturated Soils from Differing Behaviour of Dispersive Seismic Velocity and Attenuation 2:45 PM I044 Flow Properties in Saturated Soils from Dispersive Seismic Velocity and Attenuation - Test on Field Data H. Jin* (CGGVeritas), M. Yang (CGGVeritas), P. Wang (CGGVeritas), Y. Huang (CGGVeritas), M.J. Parry (ExxonMobil) & Y. Paisant-Allen (ExxonMobil) O. Tiapkina* (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), M. Landrø (Norwegian University of Science & Technology) & Y. Tyapkin (SE Naukanaftogaz) R. Wojslaw (Geotrace), J.A. Stein* (Geotrace) & T. Langston (Geotrace) P. Bilsby (WesternGeco), D.F. Halliday* (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & L.R. West (WesternGeco) J. Behura (Colorado School of Mines), I. Tsvankin* (Colorado School of Mines), E. Jenner (ION Geophysical) & A. Calvert (Maersk Oil) K.N. van Dalen* (Delft University of Technology), E.C. Slob (Delft University of Technology) & F.C. Schoemaker (Delft University of Technology) R. Ghose* (Delft University of Technology) & A. Zhubayev (Delft University of Technology) A. Zhubayev* (Delft University of Technology) & R. Ghose (Delft University of Technology) J.G. Rubino* (University of Lausanne), L.B. Monachesi Do Seismic Waves and Fluid Flow Sense the Same 3:30 PM I045 (CONICET, UNLP), L. Guarracino (CONICET, UNLP), T.M. Permeability? Müller (CSIRO) & K. Holliger (University of Lausanne) 3:55 PM I046 Bounds for Effective Stress Coefficients in Poroelasticity T.M. Mueller* (CSIRO) & P.N. Sahay (CICESE) 4:20 PM I047 4:45 PM I048 Room I Seismic Noise & Multiple Attenuation Attenuation, Poroelasticity Frequency-dependent Effective Hydraulic Conductivity in Randomly Layered Porous Medium - Strong Contrast Approximation Monitoring Seismic Attenuation Changes Using a 4D Relative Spectrum Method in Athabsca Heavy Oil Reservoir, Canada E. Caspari* (CO2CRC / Curtin University), T.M. Müller (CSIRO) & B. Gurevich (CO2CRC / Curtin University / CSIRO) A.H.D. Shabelansky* (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), A. Malcolm (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & M. Fehler (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

10 8:30 AM W033 8:55 AM W034 9:20 AM W035 9:45 AM W036 10:30 AM W037 Revealing Velocities - From Time Imaging to High Definition Tomography Anisotropic Model Building in Complex Media - Three Successful Strategies Applied to Wide-azimuth Automated Salt Body Extraction from Seismic Using the Level Set Method A Workflow and Case Study for Adaptive Geobody Imaging in the Nile Delta Improved Pre-salt Imaging in Kwanza Basin by TTI Model Building with Geological Constraints S. Depagne (CGGVeritas), K. Wabara (Total), N. Deladerrière (CGGVeritas), P. Guillaume (CGGVeritas), G. Lambaré* (CGGVeritas), J.P. Touré (CGGVeritas), C. Ayong-Mba (Total), X. Zhang (CGGVeritas) & Y. Lafet (CGGVeritas) O.K. Zdraveva* (WesternGeco), R. Hubbard (WesternGeco), M. O'Briain (WesternGeco), D. Zhang (WesternGeco) & C. Vito (WesternGeco) J. Haukas* (Schlumberger), O.R. Ravndal (Schlumberger), B.H. Fotland (Schlumberger), A. Bounaim (Schlumberger) & L. Sonneland (Schlumberger) M.E. ElBadry* (WesternGeco), C.J. Cunnell (WesternGeco), O. Zdraveva (WesternGeco) & M. Benson (BP Egypt Exploration) O.K. Zdraveva* (WesternGeco), M. Woodward (WesternGeco), S. Hydal (WesternGeco) & R. Derbala (WesternGeco) Practical Aspects of Subsalt Tomography Using Reverse Time Y. He* (TGS), K. Yoon (TGS), J. Cai (TGS), A. Yeh (TGS), B. 11:20 AM W039 Migration Based Angle Gathers Wang (TGS) & Z. Li (TGS) C. Zhou* (PGS), D. Whitmore (PGS) & S. Brandsberg-Dahl 11:45 AM W040 Tomographic Model Building with Angle Gathers (PGS) 1:30 PM W041 1:55 PM W042 2:20 PM W043 2:45 PM W044 Faults and Fracture Detection based on Seismic Surface Orthogonal Decomposition Fracture Delineation in a Carbonate in the Case of Signal Distortion from Overlying Sediments Fractured Reservoir Detection Based on Full-azimuth Seismic Data - A Case Study in South-West China Technique for Recognizing of Fractured Zones Based on the Analysis of Amplitude and Frequency Attributes of the P-P Reflections 3:30 PM W045 Hydrodynamics and Seismic Attributes 3:55 PM W046 4:20 PM W047 4:45 PM W048 Auditorium 10 Velocity Model Building II - Case Histories 3:10 PM Fracture Detection Based on Seismic Data BREAK Seismic Interpretation - Case Histories Fast Leveraging of Seismic Information over Large Areas - A Central North Sea Case Study Occurrence of Werrahalit Pods in the Southern North Sea - Implications for Trap Geometry and Gas Reserve Estimates Seismic Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Valhall Formation, Danish Graben, North Sea I.I. Priezzhev* (Schlumberger Information Solution) & A. Scollard (Schlumberger Information Solution) I. Khromova (Lukoil), R. Shafikov (Naryanmarneftegas LLC), A. Rusalin (Naryanmarneftegas LLC), B. Link (Tetrale Group), N. Marmalevskyi* (Ukrainian State Geological Research Institute) & S. Gorbachev (LARGEO Ltd) D.S. Sun* (BGP-CNPC), Y. Ling (BGP-CNPC), J. Gao (BGP- CNPC), X. Li (BGP-CNPC), X. Zhang (BGP-CNPC) & Y. Bai (BGP-CNPC) I.I. Semerikova* (Mining Institute UB of RAS) R.E. Swarbrick* (Ikon GeoPressure), S. O'Connor (Ikon GeoPressure), K. Waters (Ikon Science) & M. Millwood Hargrave (Ikon Science) M. Beller* (Maersk Oil), S. Lacaze (Eliis), F. Pauget (Eliis) & M. Mangue (Eliis) A. Hinestrosa Gómez* (University of Edinburgh) & J.R. Underhill (University of Edinburgh) M. Vidalie* (Maersk Oil), F. van Buchem (Maersk Oil), I. Schmidt (Maersk Oil) & A. Uldall (Maersk Oil)

11 8:30 AM X033 Land Seismic Data Acquisition Using Rotation Sensors 8:55 AM X034 Non-uniform Optimal Sampling for Seismic Survey Design E. Muyzert* (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), A. Kashubin (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), E. Kragh (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & P. Edme (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) C.C. Mosher* (ConocoPhillips), S.T. Kaplan (ConocoPhillips) & F.D. Janiszewski (ConocoPhillips) 9:20 AM X035 Random Demodulator Seismic Array R. Ferber* (WesternGeco) 9:45 AM X036 10:30 AM X037 Bandwidth Support Map for Non-uniform Spatial Sampling of Geophysical Data Testing Different 3D Acquisition Geometries for Reducing Back-scattered Surface Noise 10:55 AM X038 11:20 AM X039 11:45 AM X040 1:30 PM X041 1:55 PM X042 The Feasibility of Permanent Land Seismic Monitoring with Buried Geophones and Hydrophones Observations of Surface Vibrator Repeatability in a Desert Environment Buried Sources and Receivers in a Karsted Desert Environment Broadband Full Waveform Inversion by Shot/Receiver Refocusing Increasing Illumination and Sensitivity of Reverse-time Migration with Internal Multiples 2:20 PM X043 Least-squares Reverse-time Migration R. Ferber* (WesternGeco), M. Vassallo (WesternGeco), J. Hopperstad (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) & A. Özbek (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) C. Stork* (Landmark Software / Halliburton) A.V. Bakulin* (Saudi Aramco), R.M. Burnstad (Saudi Aramco), M.A. Jervis (Saudi Aramco) & P.G. Kelamis (Saudi Aramco) M.A. Jervis* (Saudi Aramco), A.V. Bakulin (Saudi Aramco), R.M. Burnstad (Saudi Aramco), C. Beron (CGGVeritas) & E. Forgues (CGGVeritas) C. Berron* (CGGVeritas Services S.A.), E. Forgues (CGGVeritas Services S.A.), M. Jervis (Saudi Aramco), A. Bakulin (Saudi Aramco) & R. Burnstad (Saudi Aramco) P. Haffinger* (Delft University of Technology), A. Gisolf (Delft University of Technology) & P.M. van den Berg (Delft University of Technology) C. Fleury* (Colorado School of Mines) & R. Snieder (Colorado School of Mines) G. Yao* (Imperial College London) & H. Jakubowicz (Imperial College London) 2:45 PM X044 Least-squares Migration of Full Wavefield with Source N. Tu* (University of British Columbia) & F.J. Herrmann Encoding (University of British Columbia) 3:30 PM X045 3:55 PM X046 Reverse-time Imaging of Dual-source 4C Marine Seismic Data Using Primaries, Ghosts, and Multiples Source and Receiver Illumination Compensation for Reversetime Migration 4:20 PM X047 Broadband Depth Imaging from Separated Wavefields 4:45 PM X048 Auditorium 11 Land Seismic Acquisition Depth Migration II Mitigation of Artifacts in RTM with Migration Kernel Decomposition I. Vasconcelos* (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), J. Robertsson (Schlumberger Cambridge Research), M. Vassallo (WesternGeco) & D.J. van Manen (WesternGeco) X. Du* (WesternGeco), R. Fletcher (WesternGeco), E. Mobley (WesternGeco) & E. Yarman (WesternGeco) C. Lameloise* (PGS), W. Söllner (PGS), S. Hegna (PGS) & N.D. Whitmore (PGS) G. Zhan* (KAUST) & G.T. Schuster (KAUST)

12 8:30 AM Y033 8:55 AM Y034 9:20 AM Y035 9:45 AM Y036 The Glaciogenic Reservoir Analogue Studies Project (GRASP) - An Integrated Approach to Unravel Genesis, Infill and Architecture of Tunnel Valleys Reservoirs Depositional Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of Upper Ordovician Glacigenic Deposits, Illizi Basin, Algeria The Seismic Architecture and Geometry of Glacial Groundingzone Wedges from Greenland and North Africa Changing Extent of Lakes and Permafrost on the North Slope of Alaska A. Moscariello* (University of Geneva), J. Moreau (University of Copenhagen), P. van der Vegt (University of Cambridge), A. Janszen (Delft University of Technology), M. Huuse (University of Manchester) & P.L. Gibbard (University of Cambridge) J. Lang* (Leibniz University Hannover), R.J. Dixon (BP Exploration), D.P. Le Heron (Royal Holloway University of London) & J. Winsemann (Leibniz University Hannover) C. Decalf* (BP), E.M.G. Fugelli (BP Norway) & J.A. Dowdeswell (Cambridge University) P. Christoffersen* (University of Cambridge), J. Dowdeswell (Scott Polar Research Institute), T.J. Benham (Scott Polar Research Institute), R.I. Mugford (Scott Polar Research Institute), A. Consonni (Eni S.p.A.), R. De Paulis (Eni S.p.A.) & J. Craig (Eni 10:30 AM Y037 Governance, Risk, and Environmental Baselines in the Arctic M. Bravo* (University of Cambridge) 10:55 AM Y038 Unraveling the Neogene Glaciation History of West Greenland s Shelf W.F.P. Kouwe* (Wintershall Holding GmbH) 11:20 AM Y039 The Marine Geophysical Signature of Past Ice Sheets J.A. Dowdeswell* (University of Cambridge) 11:45 AM Y040 Basin-scale 3D Seismic Imaging of Quaternary Reservoirs and J. Huuse* (University of Manchester) & M. Huuse (University Glacially Dominated Palaeo-environments in the Northern of Manchester) North Sea 1:30 PM Y041 1:55 PM Y042 2:20 PM Y043 2:45 PM Y044 The Latest Sleipner CO2 Injection Monitoring Using Dual Sensor Streamer Technology An Engineering-consistent Inversion of Time-lapse Seismic Data Time-lapse 2D Seismic Steamflood Monitoring - A Case Study from Offshore Republic of Congo, the Emeraude Field Gannet F - Unexpected Fluid Flow between Reservoirs Identified from Time Lapse Seismic Data A. Furre* (Statoil ASA) & O. Eiken (Statoil ASA) S. Tian* (Heriot-Watt University), C. MacBeth (Heriot-Watt University) & A. Shams (Heriot-Watt University) A. Benguigui* (Perenco), G. Roberts (Perenco) & M. Shaw- Champion (Perenco) G.J. Lynn* (Shell UK Ltd), A.C. Ellis (Shell UK Ltd), J.P. Brain (Shell UK Ltd), R. Parker (Shell UK Ltd), G.J.M. Lortzer (Shell UK Ltd) & S.M. Michelet (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.) 3:30 PM Y045 Effect of Lithological Uncertainty on the Time-lapse Pressuresaturation Inversion M.S. Shahraeeni* (Total E&P UK) 3:55 PM Y046 Dynamic Cluster Analysis for Updating Simulation Model Using V. Rukavishnikov* (Heriot-Watt University) & S. Kurelenkov Time-lapse Seismic (Heriot-Watt University) M. Bourges* (Geovariances), J.L. Mari (IFP Energies 4:20 PM Y047 Geostatistical Processes for 4D Monitoring Nouvelles), N. Jeannée (Geovariances) & J. Deraisme (Geovariances) 4:45 PM Y048 Auditorium 12 Glaciations Past, Present & Future - Impact on Resource Exploration & Development Time-lapse Interpretation II Impedance Analysis for Methane and CO2 Discrimination in Coalbeds D.J. Lespinasse (University of Calgary), C.R. Clarkson (University of Calgary) & R.J. Ferguson* (University of Calgary)

13 8:30 AM Z041 Properties of Polygonal Fault Systems - Fluid Flow, Aligned Arrays and Simple Shea 8:55 AM Z042 Unravelling the Injected Nature of a Paleocene Sand System N.R. Goulty* (Durham University) J.B. Svendsen* (DONG E&P), E.V. Esmerode (DONG E&P), H.H. Hansen (Qeye Labs ApS), M. Lykker (DONG E&P), H. Friis (University of Aarhus) & T. Stærmose (DONG E&P) Sand Injectites - Implications for Overpressure and 9:20 AM Z043 P. Imbert* (Total) & S. Ho (Cardiff University) Compaction Devonian Sand Injections and Volcanism in the Murzuq Basin - J. Moreau* (University of Helsinki) & J.F. Ghienne (CNRS / 9:45 AM Z044 South-West Libya Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg) J.M. Verweij* (TNO), J.H. Ten Veen (TNO), G. De Bruin Shallow Gas Migration and Trapping in the Cenozoic Eridanos 10:30 AM Z045 (TNO), S.N. Nelskamp (TNO), T. Donders (TNO), G. Delta Deposits, Dutch Offshore Kunakbayeva (TNO) & K. Geel (TNO) 10:55 AM Z046 11:20 AM Z047 11:45 AM Z048 Auditorium 15 Fluids & Fluid Flow - Detection, Calibration & Mechanisms - Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration, Development & Seismic Characteristics of Gas Migration Structures on the North Atlantic Margin Imaged by High-resolution 3D Seismic Geophysical Characterization of Shallow Fluid Flow and Gas Hydrates in the Southern Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola - Implication for Hydrocarbon Migration and Thermal Modeling Monitoring Subsurface CO2 Injection and Security of Storage Using Muon Tomography O.K. Eriksen* (P-Cable 3D Seismic), C. Berndt (IFM- GEOMAR), S. Buenz (University of Tromsø), F.N. Eriksen (P- Cable 3D Seismic) & S. Planke (Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research) C. Serie* (University of Manchester), M. Huuse (University of Manchester), N.H. Schodt (Maersk Oil) & M. Hertle (Maersk Oil) J. Gluyas* (Durham University), V.A. Kudryavtsev (University of Sheffield), N.J.C. Spooner (University of Sheffield) & M.L. Coleman (California Institute of Technology)

14 8:30 AM P251 Seismic Interferometry Using a Generalized-phase Approach F. Poletto* (OGS), B. Farina (OGS) & G. Böhm (OGS) 8:55 AM P252 Virtual Source Redatuming of Synthetic Land Data Acquired D. Alexandrov* (St. Petersburg University), A. Bakulin (Saudi with Shallow Buried Receivers Aramco) & R. Burnstad (Saudi Aramco) 9:20 AM P253 Continuous Passive Seismic Monitoring of CCS Projects by S. de Ridder* (Stanford University) & B. Biondi (Stanford Correlating Seismic Noise - A Feasibility Study University) 9:45 AM P254 Relocation of Local Earthquakes in North-Western Iran F. Amiri* (University of Tehran) 10:30 AM P255 Fluidization and Liquefaction Structures in North-West C. Brandes* (University of Hannover) & J. Winsemann Germany Caused by Weichselian Late Glacial Seismicity (University of Hannover) 10:55 AM P256 11:20 AM P257 11:45 AM P258 Moho Depth Retrieval from Waveforms of Micro-earthquakes in the West Bohemia/Vogtland Seismoactive Area Transform-domain Sparsity Regularization in Reconstruction of Channelized Facies Geologic-to-seismic Modelling for Eldfisk SOA Reservoir Characterization - An Integrated Study P. Hrubcova* (Institute of Geophysics Academy of Science), V. Vavrycuk (Institute of Geophysics Academy of Science), J. Horalek (Institute of Geophysics Academy of Science) & A. Bouskova (Institute of Geophysics Academy of Science) N. Kazemi* (University of Alberta) & H.R. Siahkoohi (University of Tehran) X. Zhu* (ConocoPhillips), C. Mosher (ConocoPhillips), J. Brewer (ConocoPhillips), A. Gundersen (ConocoPhillips), C. Scheepens (ConocoPhillips) & J. Cao (ConocoPhillips) 8:30 AM P261 Mode Interaction in Time Domain Marine CSEM B.S. Zinger* (3DEM-Services AS) 8:55 AM P262 Performance of a Fast Approximate Solver in Identification of S.A. Bakr* (Uni CIPR), M. Lien (Uni CIPR) & T. Mannseth (Uni Electric Conductivity Changes from Time-lapse CSEM CIPR) M. Wirianto* (TU Delft / Shell Global Solutions International 9:20 AM P263 Incorporating EM Inversion into Reservoir Monitoring BV), W.A. Mulder (Shell Global Solutions International BV / TU Delft) & E.C. Slob (TU Delft) 9:45 AM P264 Seismoelectric Interface Response at Dipping Layer B. Kroeger* (University of Bonn) & A. Kemna (University of Boundaries Bonn) 10:30 AM P265 Cross-hole Electromagnetic Inversion and Applications N.C. Guo* (China University of Petroleum), S.X. Wang (China University of Petroleum) & W.B. Sun (CNOOC Research Center) 10:55 AM P266 Csamt with the Long-range Action of Thousands Kilometers A. Saraev* (St Petersburg State University) & A. Shlykov (St Petersburg State University) 11:20 AM P267 11:45 AM P268 Thursday 07 June 2012 Posterbox 1 Seismic Interferometry - Earthquake Science - Synthetic Seismic Profiles Posterbox 3 EM Methods III Determining Reservoir and Rock Physics Parameters with a Petrophysically Coupled Joint Inversion of CSEM and AVA Data Synthesized 2D CSEM-interferometry Using Automatic Source Line Determination Posterbox 5 Depth Migration A. Swidinsky* (GEOMAR), C. Scholl (Fugro Electro Magnetic GmbH) & M. Jegen (GEOMAR) J.W. Hunziker* (Delft University of Technology), E. Slob (Delft University of Technology), Y. Fan (Shell International E&P), R. Snieder (Colorado School of Mines) & K. Wapenaar (Delft University of Technology) 8:30 AM P271 Adjoint-state Reverse-time Migration for 4C Seismic Data - C. Fleury* (Colorado School of Mines) & I. Vasconcelos Application to Marine Seismic Imaging (Schlumberger Cambridge Research) 8:55 AM P272 Reverse Time Migration with Source Wavefield Reconstruction in Target Imaging Region C. Tang* (Jilin University) & D. Wang (Jilin University) 9:20 AM P273 Anti-aliasing Filter for Reverse-time Migration G. Zhan* (KAUST) & G.T. Schuster (KAUST) 9:45 AM P274 Acoustic Finite-difference Prestack Reverse Time Migration Y. Liu* (China University of Petroleum) & H. Yan (China with Adaptive Variable Length Spatial Operators University of Petroleum) 10:30 AM P275 Demonstration of Full Wavefield Migration in 2D Subsurface M. Davydenko* (Delft University of Technology) & D.J. Models Verschuur (Delft University of Technology)

15 10:55 AM P276 11:20 AM P277 11:45 AM P278 Normalized Depth Image Amplitudes from Reverse Time Migration Pre-stack Reverse-time Migration Using Triangular Grid Based Finite Difference Method Reverse Time Migration Using a Non-reflecting Recursive Algorithm under Complex Surface Conditions G.C. Alves* (Petrobras), A. Bulcão (Petrobras) & D.M. Soares Filho (Petrobras) X.D. Sun* (China University of Petroleum), Z.H.C.H. Li (China University of Petroleum) & J. Wang (China University of Petroleum) M. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum), Z.C. Li (China University of Petroleum) & X.D. Sun (China University of Petroleum) 8:30 AM P281 8:55 AM P282 Posterbox 7 Seismic Modelling II - Time Methods Traveltime Parameters for Vertically Heterogeneous 2D TTI Media Two-point Paraxial Traveltime in Inhomogeneous Isotropic/Anisotropic Media - Tests of Accuracy P. Golikov* (NTNU) & A. Stovas (NTNU) U. Waheed* (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology), T. Alkhalifah (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology), I. Pšenčík (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), V. Červený (Charles University) & E. Iversen (NORSAR) 9:20 AM P283 A New 3D Eikonal Solver for Accurate Traveltimes, Takeoff Angles and Amplitudes M.S. Noble* (MINES ParisTech), A. Gesret (MINES ParisTech) & N. Belayouni (MINES ParisTech / Magnitude) 9:45 AM P284 Seismic Illumination with Incidence Angle Estimation V.F. Silva* (COPPE/UFRJ), A. Bulcão (Petrobras), W.J. Mansur (COPPE/UFRJ), G.C. Alves (Petrobras), D.M. Soares Filho (Petrobras) & L.A. Santos (Petrobras) 10:30 AM P285 Kirchhoff Migration Using Band-limited Ray-tracing C.E. Yarman* (Schlumberger), X. Cheng (Schlumberger), K. Osypov (Schlumberger) & D. Nichols (Schlumberger) 10:55 AM P286 Gaussian Packets Modeling and Migration H. Li* (Tongji University), B. Feng (Tongji University) & H.Z. Wang (Tongji University) 11:20 AM P287 Single-diffraction Approximation of the Feasible Green s Function in Geometrical Shadow Zones A.A. Ayzenberg* (Russian Academy of Sciences), A.M. Aizenberg (Russian Academy of Sciences), N. Zyatkov (Novosibirsk State University) & F. Andersson (Lund University) 11:45 AM P288 Modeling of Cascade Diffraction in Terms of Propagationabsorption Matrices - Realization and Optimization for GPU N. Zyatkov* (Novosibirsk State University), A.A. Ayzenberg (Russian Academy of Sciences), A.M. Aizenberg (Russian Academy of Sciences), A. Romanenko (Novosibirsk State University) & F. Andersson (Lund University) 8:30 AM P291 Multiple Observables 4D Monitoring and Compensation B. de Cacqueray* (CGGVeritas), P. Roux (ISTerre) & M. Campillo (ISTerre) 8:55 AM P292 Acquisition Footprint Removal from Time Lapse Datasets E. Zabihi Naeini* (CGGVeritas) 9:20 AM P293 Posterbox 9 Time Lapse Processing Application of Diffracted Waves Analysis to Edge Detection on 3D and 4D Seismic Data Research and Analysis of Land-4D Seismic Consistency 9:45 AM P294 Technology Differencing of Time-lapse Survey Data Using a Projection 10:30 AM P295 onto Convex Sets Algorithm F. Alonaizi* (CO2CRC / Curtin University), M. Alshamry (CO2CRC / Curtin University), R. Pevzner (Curtin University), A. Bona (CO2CRC / Curtin University) & B. Gurevich (CO2CRC / Curtin University / CSIRO) D. Wang* (BGP), B. Liu (BGP), D.W. Yang (BGP), H. Tian (BGP) & H. Zhang (BGP) M. Naghizadeh* (University of Calgary) & K.A. Innanen (University of Calgary) 8:30 AM P301 Posterbox 11 Improved Oil Recovery Asphaltene Flocculation Inhibition with Ultrasonic Wave Radiation I. Najafi* (Texas A&M University at Qatar) & M. Amani (Texas A&M University at Qatar)